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1 in , i X N .1 . r. , . fl, , gp ,.', '1' -J-, F: ax -I A 'J . 5. . , T 1 r ' 1 ' , . ,q- 1 1 i w .,', E . 1 . ' Q fl .I-'7 l -. , ' ' Q . - 1 -6 , , - 3 "ev A H. . -12 1.3 . , 1 . . - ' .r V, I 1 , , - . 1 f bs .' 'if , 3 ' ' ..-:fs ,f 9:-, J 1' wing .5 :wt 53. , ., ...Y .JV r . , - . . YL. ' ' ' . - 411' ,IE ' w , I . 1 b ,, . xi i'. - 3 '.+...4 f. .-Wm' ' ' V .X .,,. ' .4 Ss, 1 ,lj ,Q gf., ' 2 1 g 'W-:'Pi-?,pJEgfs..,'s?3.f'f!f -- A 5" . .' 54. 'f 3.1 ,--f -. . -v. 'H A . - ,-.fur ' , ' J - ' -1 .-L Mfw., , -., .. I fa-. ... 31' SAA. 1 1.53.1 ' ' W? - QUE IJ v' riff 3' Y f-1 .45',:..i4 ' -:ggi at I . 4 ' . -5, . "'1gg..f'f,: . .. 6 , ..,.. I gf - 4:1 5' QI 1 1 3 " 'SJ vm. J- if '--V ' -g,,'- . . e 5, ce. Q- Vg' Ax' ' fi I 1 U - , . . 4 Y I 1 ' Vg! 4, ti ,1n?':lQ Iv s A 'V , ilivpflgnvi 12 , I - ,Q 1 ' 5- F 1 ' R'H:'!J:?t " ' ' 2 . . ,ff f W355,3:g 1 . s . -L1 'r H 2' A k' V1 'Qi' '21 'I : U' . 1 -Q ' Y, " . . . , ' 'A I . ' T Li, . . ,. . . ' "fr: ' 4--'-33 ixffigifmf '- ., n . 3?:..fgF.12Q'f' . . z Z.,-,. :..rg1-IPL., , .1 -' V--rr, .1 2, pg Q cg. 1 .44 ' 'Y ,1 'Siren' f .'.,.' gm , T, .. ,, .. -A I 1ey.g'4-r-Ns--f Q 4 , .f ,Qi I -- I ,N 1: "'.', ,- . . . - , .1 ,. ,, -, 4- . 4.1, '- ' V-,' J- .- -an nf "v.-..1.':- hav.-Q,:- MM' .umm g f.....,...,5 4:51. . . 1 1 -4u-1.n-A-.1:- .1.:.,..: 1. 4 .gre , an-Au Lv-Lgunnur NO vw? VL Y, XQ THE V RO VEYJYY OF Q 'Q ,ni WS O ks, V X Q W x N WSH fj !VfN jxff H X, X yy! 26" X fhfffkgi! g jx fgiflgklfi-jg X Mo - Q QNX Q- I wc.-. J 0 XXLY Qs " t 'J 05 f S cm A 2 V ix X f-ICLJJ, X X X 'lf1l'Xf'H 'I'M Hx kv 2 " + N gg mi :JW xg 'W Q M, av""' if XW W wp I f 0l"2lfU0l" Hi Friend, My name is Betsy and I want you to know that I am really excited about this new job of mine. You see, I have a job that no one has ever had before, for it is my pleasure to acquaint you with 'Eli-Menu. 'What is Eli-Mon?' did you say? Why this is the very first edition of the very first yearbook in the history of Elizabeth High School! Even in the name of our book we have expressed our feeling of pride in our school and our town, because, you see, Eli-Mon stands for 'Elizabeth-on-the Monongahela'. As most of you know, the Monongahela River has played a large part in the development of Elizabethg first, in the historic boat building activities, and now in the erec- tion of our fine new bridge. Then, I want you to see how our school has also grown and expanded with the town and surrounding community. Now, prepare to travel with me through the pages of Eli-Mon while I show you some intimate glimpses of Eliza- beth High School l952. You will meet both faculty and stu- dents, and you will see the part they have played in the growth of their school. You can help me in my guided tour by turning the pages one at a time as we come to them. Shall we go! If-ox ' fffsy E !Hxm 1952 1923 3 '?'3:gf.... Q. 'TW f-J K cl. . gba Lcafzon l. sl., S- ge Mr. Bernard McNish 435 Miss Marjorie Scott Miss Elsie Bodnar To express their appreciation to the sponsors who gave their time and effort to make possible the publication of the first yearbook of Elizabeth High School, the Class of 1952 proudly dedicates the Eli-Mon. 5 x ' ' "" 4 f E .... 'f""",' , , i 3 ,, . 1 qwuqg . K . Q V' fu fi, ,qt -Quay x .. A xt wk A rx V! A Y ,R , Nun... .V ,N A ,, . V' . x -QMK Pi, 5, , 'ZW' K ,K V N ng.. - ' , v f f ' 4 fx K r Q .rf 1 , W X X Q' .L H '-.NA A, 'Si IN. . - Sv' WH, gi X ww, , :Q of U"'M ' we 335253. KN. Q' K 6 1---- ADMINISTRATION f '71- z. .xgclminidfrafion LEFT T0 RIGHT Mr. Gustave Eckhardt, lr. Davzd Morrison, Dr A Ig uonhei-my Drs I0 E0 Mr JOBBPII Leckie Mr Orrie Rockwell. These hard working gentlemen compose the Elizabeth Bor ough Board of Education, all of whom sacrifice much of their time in order to direct the destiny of the local schools Dre CMBQ so st0I'6I', Elizabethg U. of Pgh., H. Ed.: Supervising Principal. urs Joao Nevin, HOHOD' gahela, R. D. lg Kest- minister College A.B.3 ug of no School Principal. 8 HCM fy... fs., mms A. -, V,- Xi Now this time- QA I if 9 S QW J he e'9'8"6'6 Really 1 There is no doubt ln my mlnd Nice?--huh 1 Girls 1 Understand? 9 You sick? I hope Move along .Q-QA ee' A V Cheese S e5 physicsg senior sci- E1s1e E, Boanarg Mon- ongahelag California S.T.C., B.S. in Ed,g Penn State, H,Ed,g H.R. 2063 Eng. III- Ivg sponsors Senior Thespians,stage crew, Class of '52, and Eli-Mon, R. I 15 Burnell Carlsong McKeesportg Mans- field S.T.C., B.S. in Mus. Ed.g band director. Melinda W. Davisong 4,. We Elizabethg Normal ' is School Degreeg H.R. . I 155 Jr. Hi. history ii. Q bwrf arithmetic. 4 - 4, ., H . U Joseph R. Furnog Floreffeg Westmin- yqgg , sterg B.B.g U. of Pgho, MoEd-as HgRg N 4 2105 chemistryg enceg Hi4Y sponsor. .og Edith H. Gibbsg Poo owe , A.B.g H.R. 301 Latkm I-II-world historyg Language Club sponb sor. . 0' 3 ..- 10 Jean B. Browng 0' 3 Elizabethg Westmin- ' -h 1 BQPQSQMQS Mu' "5 ' sic Supervisor, chorus director H a R, Paul Fleischauerg Elizabethg Slippery Rock S.T.C. , B.s. in Health Ed.. 11.11. 3035 phys. ed.g healihg basketball coach' ass't foot ball coach. charity G. caulkett Elizabethg U. of Pghog A.BoS HpRy Jr. Hi. history and arithmetic. Helen Ganyug McKess- portg Carnegie Tech B.A.g U. of Pgh., H. Edg H.R. 20hg voc. and gen. Home Ec.5 F.H.A. sponson Mary Gilmoreg West Elizabethg U. of Pgh., A.B.g H.R. 13 Jr. Hi. Science geography. Pauline Holmesg West Elizabethg Slippery Rock S.T.C. B.S. in Health Ed.3 H.R. 2075 phys. ed. healthg sponsors G.A.A. and cheer- leaders. Agnes Lauderg Eliz- abethg U. of Pgh., A.B. and M. Ed.3 librarian, Englishl Frenchg Library Club sponsor. irginia W. Red ang Hlson College, A.B.5 dgh school secretary Alice 0. Keelerg Bostong Indiana S.T.C., B.S. in Com. Ed.5 H.R. 1025 c0m- mercial subjectsg sponsors Class of '53. Bernard McN sh5 Eli- zabethg U. of Pgh., Bases HCR' bio' logy,general science Science Club sponsor Bus. Mgr. of Eliyggg 11 Jane S. Jenkinsg Pleasant Hillsg California S.T.C., B.S.g H.R. 1015 general science, algebrag sponsors Class of '55, ..nlllll. ef Regis Mazanetg Char- leroig Duquesne U.g A.B.g U. of Pgh., Mo HQRQ general science, civics, Eng. I, football coachg Jr. Wallace Kotouchg West Newtong Kent State U., B.A. in Ed.3 Art Supervisor and instructor. H. R. 2083 historyg 8015 Hi. basketball coadm i n SE .Q F 1, , N. Dean Reedg Mt. Lebanong California S.T.C.3 shopg base ball coach. hx John D.Parryg N.Ver- saillesgDuquesne U., A,Bgs U.of Pghg,MlEdo P.0.D.5Warrior Spon- Batty T. Rothey,R.N.5 Elizabethg Mckeesport Hospital School of Nursingg School Nurse Marjorie B. Scottg Elizabethg Wooster Col1ege,A.B.g U. of Pgh. ,Memo S Eng.II-III3Tri-Hi-I sponsorg co-sponsor .Eli-L129 Mhry A. Rubinog Eli- zabethg Us of Pgho, AQBOQ commercial subjects sponsors cIass of'5L Frank Stonerg Alver- 'J Q p,' tong Penn State,B.S 5 p in Ag.Ed.g H.R. 306- qg voc.ag.3F.F.A. spon e K' sor. . 5 - Too much socializing! Solid! 1.1 U .ll.Y.ilI'Tf? lil 4 Birds and Beeslll Q Smile pretty 12 Twenty laps! .lf M' A J James N.Shaver5E1i- zabethg California S.T.C., B.S.g U. of Pgh. , Mo me I algebra, geometry,gtrig3fac- ulty athletic mgr.5 visual aids direc- tor Quiet, Please' Watch the birdie. Next .bzaff . S'x"E,a .A L... M ,. -9 vs. , 5 'Nw N' sew' " 9:3 V. Q3 - - f-"-"-as Bav- im. x v. -.Ns ffl I. Barbara Ann Amore 'Barb' GENERAL COURSE Donald Huey Barker "Butts" GENERAL COURSE Basketball Baseball Thomas Barns Nfrommyll GENERAL COURSE Football Baseball Hi-Y John Donald Beeler "JoruU" GENERAL COURSE Stage Crew Basketball 'lhespians Hi-I Thomas Beeler "Tom" GENERAL COURSE Stage Crew Basketball Thespians Hi-Y G: It a 3 Richard Paul Beissel "Dick" GENERAL COURSE J. Lorraine Bonnell "Toady" COMMERCIAL COURSE Thespians, G.A.A. Tri-Hi-Y, Majorette Senior Secretary E11-Mon Staff Warrior Staff Marian D. Bonnell "Blush" COMMERCIAL COURSE G.A.A. Nancy Louise Briggs limliggsll COMMERCIAL COURSE Senior Secretary G.A.A. Band Norman Eugene Cain "Karak" ACADEMIC COURSE Eli-Mon Staff Thespians Robert J. Cheskawich "Check" ACADEMIC COURSE Thespians Baseball Elizabeth L. Clarke "Betty" GENERAL COURSE Raymond Alfred Coltcn 5 nnayn E COMMERCIAL COURSE Q Nancy Joan Collins NNhncyN COMMERCIAL COURSE Senior Secretary Thespians Betty Jean Coulter "Shorty" GENERAL COURSE Thespians F.H.A. A ig S .etbliy ..t - i O , 1 Z 't 1. 2 Senior Secretary j gg Y X ff M V Sl W ag- L,,k, .,-,h x .A Ioigsglnggmg Cox ACADEMIC COURSE Eli-Mon Staff Thespians F.H.A. G.A.A. Joan L. Craighead "Jeanie" ACADEMIC COURSE Thespians, G.A.A. Tri-Hi-Y, Chorus Eli-Mon Staff Library Club Louise M. Dachille "Louise" COMMHICIAL COURSE Senior Secretary GQAQAQ, Tri'Hi'Y Cheerleader Thespians Gloria Deane Davis Nsughli COMMERCIAL COURSE Senior Secretary Jo Ann Fekula NJON ACADEMIC COURSE Tri-Hi-Y, Chorus Eli.-Mon Staff Warrior Staff Thespians Elaine C. Fenton 'Bean Polen ACADEMIC COURSE Eli-Mon Staff Thespians Ramo Fontanesi "Remo" ACADEJIIC COURSE Theapians, Hi-Y Student Council Eli-Hon Staff mgene I. Gaublommo "Nuch" GENERAL COURSE Basketball Football Baseball Dorothy Jean Gazdich llnotn GENERAL COURSE Thespians G.A.A. FJ-LA. Bernard George "Question Box" GENERAL COURSE Baseball Edmund Goettel "Eddie" AGRICULTURAL COURSE F.F.A. Michael E, Graycar 'Mike' GENERAL COURSE Baseball Football Brenna Lee Hartman "Feats" ACADEMIC COURSE Tri-Hi-Y, Chorus Thespians, G.A.A. E11-Mon Staff Warrior Staff Cheerleader Clara Mae Hobaugh "Smoke" GENERAL COURSE F.H.A. G.A.A. Shirley Ann Homer "Shad" GENERAL COURSE Library Club, G.A.A. Thespians, Chorus Eli-Mon Staff F.H.A. Donna Jean Hough 'Hough' GENERAL COURSE Warrior Staff Thespiana Chorus F.H.A. G.A.A. loward L. Hutchinson 'Hutch' ACADEMIC COURSE Eli-Mon Staff Basketball Thespians John R. Hynok 'Johnn N COM ERCIAL COURSE Baseball Helen E. Irons 'Helen' ACADEMIC COURSE Eli-Mon Staff Thespians Chorus G.A.A. William E. Jackson HBi11W AGRICULTURAL COURSE F.F.A. Leo Janolewicz 'Leo' ACAIEMIC COURSE Thespians, H141 Student Council Eli-Mon Staff Baseball Esther Ruth Jenkins WEstherN COMMERCIAL COURSE Senior Secretary Eli-Mon Staff Thespians Band Melvin Richard Joll 'DuckW AGRICULTURAL COURSE Basketball Baseball F.F.A. Marion Jo n Kasick nQueenieN ACADEMIC COURSE Eli-Mon Staff Thespians Chorus F.H.A. G.A.A. June Marie Kassick nJuneW ACADEMIC COURSE G.A.A. Dorothy Jean Kemp 'DotW ACADEMIC COURSE Eli-Hon Staff Thespians Tri-HiJ! Chorus G.A.A. Roseann E. Kettering Ilsisfl ACADEMIC COURSE Eli-Mon Staff Thespians Tri-Hi-I Chorus GOAONAO Joseph Lewis Kibe NJoe ll GENERAL COURSE Gordon E. Kirkman 'Kirkn GENERAL COURSE Warrior Staff Hi4Y Genevieve H. Kohut 'GeneU COM ERCIAL COURSE Senior Secretary E11-Mon Staff Warrior Staff Thespians Band Betty Jane Lewis ngettyn ACADEMIC COURSE E11-Hon Staff Library Club Chorus G.A.A. Boyd Edwin McCork1e mgoydn GENERAL COURSE F.F.A. Florence J. McCork1e ll F10 ll ACADEMIC COURSE Student Council Eli-Mon Staff Thespians Tri-H141 G.A.A. William C. Morris Wweaseln GENERAL COURSE Basketball Baseball Francis A. Obusek WChi-Ba-Ban AGRICULTURAL COURSE F.F.A. lUB.A. Il ACADEMIC COURSE Cheerleader G.A.A., Tri-Hidi Chorus, 'Ihespians Warrior Staff Eli-Mon Staff Library Club Arlene M. Panizzi 'ArleneN COMMERCIAL COURSE Senior Secretary Eli-Mon Staff Donna Jean Poziviak llposeyll GENERAL COURSE Chorus F.H.A. Rodger Jalni Roach WElbowsn GENERAL COURSE Basketball Football John E. Rosensteel If GENERAL COURSE Ruth A. Satterfield 'Ruth Annn' COMMERCIAL COURSE Senior Secretary Chorus G.A.A. Mary C, Scarry 'MaeN ACADEMIC COURSE Thespians G.A.A. F.H.A. William L. Schomer Wwillien ACADEMIC COURSE Baseball Margaret E. Sedon WMargn ACADEMIC COURSE Chorus, Tri-H141 Thespians, G.A.A. Eli-Mon Staff Warrior Staff Library Club Arlene F, Sherwood WArleneW COM ERCIAL COURSE Senior Secretary Student Council Eli-Mon Staff Thespians G.A.A. Oren Sinko WOrnieN ACADEMIC COURSE Basketball Dorman Gene Smith ll Fats ll GENERAL COURSE Warrior Staff Basketball Thespians Baseball Hi-Y Elwood Eugene Smith I1 Tim!! ACADEMIC COURSE Marilyn G. Smith n Smittyn ACADEM C COURSE Cheerleader G.A.A., Tri-Hi-Y Chorus, Thespians Student Council Warrior Staff Eli-Mon Staff Elaine D. Stanier WElaineW ACADEM C COURSE Thespians, GQAQAQ Tri-Hi-Y, Chorus Eli-Mon Staff Library Club .lik 'ie I 11l,t G5 i A tlrl elk ii. Clyde Stearns as Clyde n ACADEMIC COURSE Basketball Hi-Y James W. Stewart WJimmieN ACADEMIC COURSE Thespians Baseball Marion R. Supernovid If ll ACADEMIC COURSE Chorus, G.A.A. Eli-Mon Staff warrior Staff Library Club Thespians Edward Talbert nJimW GENERAL COURSE Mona lee Tekavec WMbna' GENERAL COURSE F.H.A. Aquilla T. Tignanelli nLuxn GENERAL COURSE Thespians F.H.A. V. Michael Tognarina nTogn GENERAL COURSE Edward Earl Topper "Ted" ACADEMIC COURSE Eli-Mon Staff Football Hi-Y Beverly Jo Trainer ngevn ACADEMIC COURSE Eli-Mon Staff Warrior Staff Tri-Hi-I G.A.A. Band Maxine Marie Weaver "Muss" ACADEMIC Eli-Mon Warrior Chorus, Libr 917 The spians COURSE Staff Staff G.A.A. Club Joan K. Wiggins ll "Jo COMMERCIAL COURSE Senior Secretary Go A l A O Joy L. Wilkop "Shorty" ACADEMIC COURSE Student Council Eli-Mon Staff Thespians Tri-Hi-Y Chorus G.A.A. William B. Williams "Snooky" GENERAL COURSE Eli-Mon Staff ilhespians Basketball Band Hi-Y Betsy' a Senior Pals nw.- enior L add heard ww-:. , ,. .1 ,W ,. v SPONSOR-Miss Elsie E. Bodnar, VICE PRESIDENT-Marilyn Smith, PRESIDENT- Ramo Fontanesi, TREASURER- Roseann Kettering, SEXIRETARI-Arlene Sherwood. Hay I present the Class of 1952, the seniors. In their first three years the usual events happened. During their freshman year, under the sponsorship of Mr. Bernard M::Nish, they had a "Get Acquainted Partyn, bake sale, and dance, called the "Cotton Caperng the sophomore year, under the sponsorship of Miss Evelyn Harhai, featured a bake sale, skating party, swimming party and Promenade. In their junior year came their dance, "The Rodeo Roundup, " and the never-to-be-forgotten prom, "Spring Garden." Boseann Kettering was chosen queen with Margaret Craighead, Donna Hough, Margaret Sedon, and Elaine Stanier serving as her court. At last the Class of 1952 reached the end of this twelve year strug- gle. Advised by Miss Elsie Bodnar, the seniors were ready for the bustle of name cards, pictures, and rings, a tour to the Bank of Elizabeth, the Christmas Dance, and the Senior Play. The most important events were left for last, the Senior Banquet, Baccalaureate, and Graduation. Yes, the Class of 1952 has achieved their goal and now leaves ALL to the Class of 1953. 24 NAME rw vnu-vw v .. - ---a,,-- Amore, Barbara Barker, Donald Barna, Thomas Beeler, John Beeler, Thomas Beissel, Richard Bonnell, Lorraine Bonnell, Marion Briggs, Nancy Cain, Norman Cheskawich, Robert Clark, Elizabeth Collins, Nancy Colton, Ray Coulter, Betty Cox, Lois Craighead, Joan Dachille, Louise Davis, Gloria Fekula, Jo Ann Fenton, Elaine Fontanesi, Ramo Gaublomme, lmgene Gazdich, Dorothy George, Bernard Goettel, Edmund Graycar, Michael Hartman, Brenna Hobaugh, Clara Homer, Shirley Hough, Donna Hutchinson, Howard Hynok, John Irons, Helen Jackson, William J anelowiez , Leo Jenkins, Esther Joll, Melvin Kasick, Marion FAVORITE EXPRESSION LAST SEEN DOING AMBITION 'What's the matter?' Giving current event Job 'How's that?' Dancing Hobo 'There it isn't' Refereeing a noon Football coach game 'Gosh darn, arnfhow' Flirting Diesel mechanic 'Gee whiz.' Working on the stage Job 'I like it.' Tallclng 'lb own a new Pontiac 'Jesureezl' Going to typing room Marriage 'No 1cLdding?' Blushing Marriage 'You're 1ci.dden.' Writing Jack a letter Secretary 'You say it, but you Driving a hotrod hgineer won't do it' 'Wow Wowl' Telling coon stories Business man 'Well?' Laughing Job 'Oh, dear' Walking to the Secretary Commodore 'Hubba-Hubba' Dancing with Joy Office work 'That's a joke' Reading about how Nurse or marriage to grow 'Oh, heck.' Sleeping in 303 Marriage 'Honestly?' Talkingsto Soup in College the 8: lO 'I-Ionestly?' Helping Miss Redman Secretary 'Oh joy' Arguing about a foul Typist 'Oh,,dear.' Painting posters Nurse 'Dog darn.' Painting ties Dress designer 'You do not like ms' Reading college College bulletins 'How's that?' Flirting Engineer 'You think, huh?' Walking to Betty'e Beautician 'wowl Wowl' Asking questions in President of the English class United States 'Oh, yeah?' Holding Marion's hand Go to Alaska in 303 'How's that?' Going into the pool Alaska bound room 'Nuts.' Tormenting Ramo College 'Oh, heck' Reading a mystery L-Lr Force 'I 'm going to knock Arguing Marriage you in the corner' 'Drop deadl' Cracking gum Air hostess 'H:l., Fats.' Carrying a crate from Manager at Murphy': Murphy's stoclcroom 'Heck' lrbrking at Goldstrohms Baseball player 'Sayl' Riding in her car Job what do you say boy' Working on the car Engineer 'Play it cool' Trying to ask a girl College to dance 'Oh, heck' Talking to people Secretary 'Hey, Marie' Cowboying in his Pilot Lincoln 'Hery, boy' Tallclng Airline work 25 tylqsvr sayyqgq 0NILaUJU NAME FAVORITE EXPRESSION LAST SEEN DOING AMBITION Kassick, June 'Hard to tell' Swooning over Kiner's Medical secretary picture Kemp, Dorothy 'Christmas early' Walking the detour Job Kettering, Roseann 'Love it-Love it- Riding in convertable Marriage Love it' Kibe, Joseph 'I like it' Running his dogs in Mechanic Kirkman, Gordon Kohut, Genevieve Lewis, Betty Jane McCorkle, Boyd McCorkle, Florence Morris, William Obusek, Francis Pancoast, Barbara Panizzi, Arlene Pozivak, Donna Roach, Rodger Rosensteel, John Satterfield, Ruth Scarry, Mary Schoemer, William Sedon, Margaret Sherwood, Arlene Sinko, Oren Smith, Gene Smith, Marilyn Stanier, Elaine Stewart, James Supernovich, Mario Talbert, Edward Tekavec, Mona lgnanelli, Aquilla Tognarine, Michael Topper, Edward Trainer, Beverly Stearns, Clyde n Van Fossen, James Weaver, Maxine Wiggins, Joan Wilkop, Joy Williams, William 'I-Iow's that?' 'Holy Cowl' 'Gee, willikers' 'Oh, I don't know' 'You're crazy' 'Settle down now, settle down' 'Ye gods' 'Bully for you' 'Oh, no' 'You know' 'A roach was here' 'Oh, nv' 'For Pete's sake' 'BY EUNIS' ' Um-m-m boy! ' 'Fiddle-dee-dee ' 'Nan-cy' 'Oh, come on ' 'Howl' 'Oh noi' 'Mole' 'Oh, babe' 'Gosh' 'You're a mole' 'Hey, there' 'I could have died' 'Hey, boyl' 'What did you say?' 'Big deal'J' 'Um-m-m boy' lAh1l foh, Marionl' 'You don't know do you?' 'The staff room is always therel' 'Um boy! ' 26 the woods Roaming the halls Typing Dusting in Murphy's Pestering people Dancing Sleeping in class Drinking milkshakes Waiting for Homer Studying Flirting Making a tackle Driving cars Walking with Fred Arguing about noon G. A. A. Bragging about Bunola Talking to Teddy Avoiding Mazanet Conducting a meeting in 208 Dancing with Flo Hl1T1'.Y'-U18 Teasing Boyd McCorkle Orating in P. O. D. Giving excuses Putting up her hair Sleeping in P.O.D. Hunting for a book Smiling Talking-KHa1J Making eyes at Marg Mailing letters to Danny Sleeping Fighting for front seat in cars Catching a bus to work Maintaining order in G. A. A. Giving driving lessons billionaire playboy Newspaper reporter Join the service Own a television station Job with good pay College Dairy farmer College Secretary Model Professional football player Mechanic Receptionist Study economics Stay out of the Army Air hostess Private sec retary Cadet Own a drug store Secretary Physical education teacher Navy Air Force Nurse Job Ty'pist Fmterpriser Truck Driver Own his own garage Nurse, marriage State Cop College Singer or reporter Nurse Dance band leader gm uafion 1 1' fi 1 ,A I . F" I jf gl f r 9 if W - M-if f A 1 ' , , , , ,,s,L,., .Rf 51 .,::,Q,,, i,h, K s K : - - ff fsvfvfw- 7- f z.. , f " A Listen, dear seniors, listen, we pray, Four years of high school have now passed away: Wonderful high school, wonderful days, Hark, while we sing a song in thy praise, Sweet are the thoughts of our dear old high, Sweet are the memories of the seasons gone byg Voices of school friends heard in the hall, Friendships of classmates we'll ever recall. Cheers for the old times, nothing regret, Wonderful school days we'll never forget, Wonderful school days we'1l never forget. 27 M2211 M L,L HW L we X.. 0 it Q5 W H WW T f W.. ' 25 ,, cs. 'ow' 4, 3' A Q.- Here Hoseann Kettering, Senior Prom Queen, crowns the Junior Queen, Delores Sutter. This event is one of the highlights of our high school social season. 'Q , 5. 11,4 H E f . J , unzor add O Zcem AKD ' f l . Alice Keeler, sEcRErAR!-Derenny Jeanltrris, K Earl Tanner, TREASURER-Angie Di Liberatore, PRESIDENT-Delores Sutter Having led you along the pathway of the Seniors, I would now like to present the runners-up, the Juniors. I, Betsy, was on hand when this uneducated group of anx- ious scholars entered Elizabeth High School. Let me show vu what they have accomplished, First, Mrs. Alice Keeler was chosen as advisor, and in December a party was held for the Freshmen. Another occasion, occuring in the spring of the year, was their N- first dance, 'The Irish Jig.W At the beginning of the second year, the students were promoted to the rank of Sophomore. Dances under their sponsorship were WPirates' Paradisen and the WProm- enade.W These students found subjects much harder with the addition of bio- logy and plane geometry, but they survived, and the second year came to 4 close. During the present year, a very successful event was the production of the WTurkey Trotn, the annual class dance. The most outstanding event of the year was the Junior-Senior prom, WStairway to the Stars.W Highlighting the evening was the crowning of the new queen and her court. 30 1 U N IUHB IST. RUN- D. Morris, D. Thayer, N. Stragand, M. Stewart, A. Kelly. HID. ROW- J. Williams, J. Smith, H. Thompson, M. Sickles, D. Young, L. Mathias, D. La Frankie. BRD. ROW- J. Loss, II. Monaghan, F. Powell, A. Schick, J. Talbitzer, A. Merlin, F. Jobb. IST. ROW- C. Towaend, S. Strutt, S. Barlow, G. Lewis, S. Mayhugh. ZND. ROW- F. Smith, J. Morrison, H. Opfar, J. Yuhas, D, Roll, R. Stockdill 3RD. ROW- J. Sparks, F. Smith, B. Ritter, J. McNeil, E. Meyers. 31 Jumuno 1ST. ROW- B. Clarke, R. Hixenbough, R. Covelli, A. Covelli, R. Hamilton. ZND. RO - K. Favre, D. Blakely, P. Bernadowski, D. Hough,.A. Gephart, L. Dandoy, B. Chomaa. 3RD. ROW- E. Flowers, A. Di Battista, E. Masar, E. Hynok, R. Gahagen, P. Barker, 1ST. ROW- W. Firchak, J. Criswell, J. Kline, R. Butcher, J. Grenfell. 2ND. RGW- N. Kamp, D. Cherepko, J. Homa, F. Kerr, C. Hubert, D. Holmes, B. Fi e 3RD. ROW- L. Masag, R. Folk, D. Homa, A. Handley, J. Cresmanowski, C . Large. 32 IUNIQRS 1ST. ROW- V. La Frankie, S. Holliday, D. Hema, A. Di Liberatore, M. Jenco. 2ND. ROW- J. Householder, A. Bartrug, B. Cox, M. Hatalovich, D. Goublomme, S. Harris, J. De Marco. 3RD. ROW- M. Grimes, P. Chutis, K. Elko, D. Arbuckle, T. King, L. Gamble. 1ST. ROW- D. Shivley, M. Maple, B. Sinko, D. Sutter, D. King. 2ND. ROW- J. Stevenoski, S. Pavich, J. Monturo, M. Umbel, D. Withers, D. Stirbis, B. Withers. 3RD. ROW- E. Thornton, P. Neeson, B. Kuch, L. Zimmerman, E. Tanner, A. Sneed, R. Pryzbylski. 33 N.-Quit' SOPHGMCDRE 1 Q ---H---'fi bl0ll0l'Yl0l"6 6156 Ufhcerd ', .' ,: l 4- A-y ' -' J o :Q ,Noi 1 I TREASURER- Donald Williamson, PRESIDENT- Thomas Cain, SPONSOR- Miss Mary Rubino, SECRETARY- Janice Gahagen, VICE PRESIDENT- Albert B ddle. Now I present those singular symbols of suppressed superiority, the Sophomores! Armed with birth certificates to prove they were born, the class of 'Sh' entered as Freshmen at E.H.S. with M ss Rubino as sponsor. Starting their Freshman year with a 'bang' was the Freshie Get-together. Then the hot dog sales at the basketball games,their rumble-tumble Skating Party, the Bake Sale with the messy fudge, their Round and Square Dance, and, finally,their greatest achievement of the year their Freshman Dance.With their amusing and talented entertainment and 'School Daze' for their theme, their dance was a great success. But, do you realize the relief of ascending from the lowly status of Freshman to the proud position of Sophomores? As Sophomores, they left their marks, footprints and dirty finger- marks, in many fields. As usual the scholastic challenges they were expected to encounter, were met with determination and eagerness. Their activities were fewer in number this year, but just as successful. In- cluded among these were their salt water taffy sale, another Bake Sale, the Sophomore Dance in February, and last but not least, the Promenade. By this time the class had been exhausted of ideas but have finished their first two years with a mark of accomplishment. 35 -.L .,. -.4 1ST. ROW- 2ND. ROW- 3 o SQPHCDMORES E. Metts, A. Vay, M.A. Balog, S. Albright, G. Hobaugh,B.Guffey J. Bonnet, N. Kohut, N. Clarke, M. Aitken, D.'MbCready. D. Caird, B. Firczak, C. Pierce, R. Riden, L. Kerr, R. B ooks, D. Matheny, M. Gephart, V. Stragand, J. Kampert, C. Poziviak, D. Sheldon. C. Fleming, M. Dugan, G. Obusek, A. Biddle, E. Saccani, D. Smart, R. Sofran, D. Williamson, A. M. Jackson, I. Kapuska. 1ST. ROW4 2 ND 0 3RD. ROW? R. Stone, B. Kelly, J.Homer, M. Piper, D. Martinelli, R. Hines J. Joll. S. Slavick, S. Douglas, H. Smith, B. Chutis, N. Crosbie, D. Fisher, F. Oates, J. Puryear, L. Williams, J. Grilli. , E. Semenoski, L. Demalon, A. Gatto, J. Armstrong, F. Urban, H. Armstrong, W. Leckie, W. Lewis, G. MbKernan, J. Firczak, T. Cain. Members absent: J. B ewer, V. Falkenberg, H.Hysmith L. Pershing, L. Walch. 36 1ST. ROW- ZND. ROW- BRD. RCW- Werner, A. Vidil, D. McKay, S. Holmes, P. Hicks, E. Large, L. Schieber, SOPHOMCDRES Anthon , H. Culley, J. Jarvis, D. Kibe, S. Riden Smith, E. Kline. DeRosa, L. Speroni, E. Pritchard, J. Baskitas, Supernovich, L. Hutchinson, N. Conner,E.Brunazz1 Francesconi. Elsie, R. Matthews, E. O'Hara, J. Pietershanski, J. Bohlander, L. Zimmerman, R. Firczak,C.Sherwood Gillis. Member absent: H. Kasick. lST. ROW- M.A. Korona, J. Gahagen, J. Kelly, M. Piper, P.Graham, E. Opfer N 2ND. RUN BRD. RUN Hempfield, J. Charles, J. Sterling. Adams, S. Homa, R. Rollins, M. Monaghan, AAScurfie1d, Bedsworth, A. Harcoff, A. Volpe, B. Apfelthaler, D. Thompson Dobrich. Fisher, G. Holliday, P. HcKernan, H. Cain, D. Constable, Pritchard, F. Kirkman, R. Elko, R. Slavick, M. Jenco, Boissin, V. Hynok. Members absent: G. Smith, N. White. 37 Q QW. Q E x ' Q im JUNIOR BUDDIES OF BETSY 3' on f or 4 30,9 omore " ff S7 1. rej men in '-if 5 K, M - uni or 1 X A .gredlzmen 01:56 A6015 4 I .4 --: -,C-U VICE PRESIDENT- Ode Morris, SPONSOR- Hrs. Jane Jenkins, SECRETARY- Key Opfer, PRESIDENT- Norman Barr, TREASURER- Donna Joll, Now let's take a look at the Freshman Cless,the smallest in stature but certainly not in number as they have one hundred and forty students. The first joint problem of the class and its sponsor, Mrs. Jane Jenkins, was the selection of the officers pictured here, The second undertaking was a Freshman Get Aoquadnted Party, whose object was just what the name implies, to get the Freshmen acquainted with each other. Shortly after, a bake sale was conducted to raise money for their prom which will be held when they are Juniors. 'lhen came the biggest event of the year, their first dance, in March. Its success, I know, was due to the co-operation of all Freshmen. 40 k'H1j5HlV11jN 1ST. ROW- Sutter, Joll, Behanna, Williams, Martinelli, Aitken, Davis , 5510? Lipp, Kassick, Gephart, Jenco, ZND. ROW- Janolewicz, Rowe, Codeluppi, La.Frankie, Wise, Tekavec, Morrowfialfffe, Meyers, McCork1e , Stirbis, Lees,Thomas, Westwood,Stewart, 3RD. B-QU,-Large, Amore, Bickerton Guzanich,Cain, Lulcach,Fo11c,Girt,Boulet,Sm"a'1:t, Randolph, Piccini, Sheldon Opfer, LAT!-I. ROW- Sowa, Thayer, Comstock,Allsopp, Forman, Schick, Amore, Folk, H?5Eer:'C'1arke, Gamble,Price, Cherepko, Mcliown, STH. EOE- Celesky, Van Fosson, Crocci, Clark, Strotman, Cveton, Buck, Fefdetein, Wiegel, Sohwaed, Members absent: Brown, Hunt, Yustince. 1ST, LCE- Cheskawich, Williams, Clark, Sinko, Dachille, Bonnett, Biddle, Fifterson, Lewis, Himmenger, Payne, 2ND. 50-LI-Hannering, Hysmith,Russe1l, Laverick, Price, Opfer, Burkett, StoY1'5','Gogoe1,Jenco, Cherepco,Sharpnack, Walters, Crosbie, Beadling, BRD. BQWJ- Richardson, Obrien, Megogney, Peters, Rack, Swindell, Fine, Eiwart, carutners, Bernadowskl, Fekula, Brown, Somerville, White, LLTH. ROW- Wawrin, Crandall, Kadar, Kuch, supernovlcn, Kettering, culle3f'j"srE'Iing, Higgs, McClintock, Mon-is , LaFrankie, Thomas, Mendicino, Umbel, STH. ROW- Love, Jeffers, Luckowslci Satterfield, Williams, vaira, Barr, VEB, Hum, Albin, Powers, Neal, Swisher, Opfer, Fellabaum. 41 ci N, ,X 2 JU ICR HIG - - :M V - 4 'TL ' L' ...iq -ff W ' .4,,:i1. J . , '.-M F . ..,. 4 , 'f 1. ""' 1 :54 45a-ww , , Q x fv..1f .. . .Mr 1. , 1rC'5i'.'i7.:'? A !.- ' 1 1 if - ,ffm Hd:-. 43 -f",,.f -W' ---v-"'-vi-vu.-u.aq,r" U -' I U: . ...W A H. ' - i.. L Ll n for 1ST. ROW4 L. Barker, C. McKenzie, G. Ekaitis, R. Powell, Y. Riden, J. 5-'love E J. Atkinson, L. Williams, J. Silberman, M. Piper-,.1smizn, 11. Gillis, E. Vidil, C. Hebel, QED, RQW7 T. McNeil, R. Holmes, D. Weigle B. Rowe, J. Stragand, R. Neeson, J. Stone, V. DeMarco, R. Schwirian, S. Krasheski, J. Grajcar, D. Neal, G. Abernathy, R. Vance, Q-RQ. R-lj-A. Langford, J. Rohrman, J. Stanier, J. McClure, P. Clark, J. Beveridge S. Batch, W. Booth, M. Adams, J. Rebel, R. Rothey, J. Stone, L. Bowers J. Krasheski, A. Harris, ILT-Ill. FQ- J. Smith, R. Francisconi, C. Lees J. Nolder, C. Batch, W. Apfelthaler, D. Moore, J. Hester, L. Bowers K. Snith, R. Adams, J. Cresmanauski, J. Caird, G. Payne, J. Nevin,5-E. RQWf S. Craighead, R. Brown, R. Schick, O. Rockwell, R. Wright, K. Hunt, H. Morrison, W. Schivley, T. Adams, M. Pierce, D. Satterfield, S. Sigler W. Schwaed, I. Silberman, C. Rothey, R. Morris, Members absent: T. Blanc E. Sterling, C. Stidard, D. Patterson, R. Neal. Here is the junior high, made up of seventh and eighth graders who are the future students of the high school. Once a week they have re- gularly scheduled meetings in their home rooms, with their own elected officers taking charge. They change rooms for classes and twice a week come to the high school for special work. As the seventh graders look forward to becoming eighth graders, so the eighth graders look forward to becoming a part of the high school. gy Z Q4 74 ZZ W W 7 N 5 ?' g X GQ C9 OXX Xxxmf- 001Q . of-9 CB 0 YV? X 67 fm C- N x FN Xg?xmV"f'NfN fw A P 3 X JW! J LEFT TO RIGHT- Mr. William Brslcins, Mr, Bon Haigh Bet-sy'a Busy Bees Bon and B111 44 .1 I , -A 3 qi K ,Arif .. Wig V,-fn ' u .fW""' Q 3 .N Q L , f ,fl I - ,L ,N K, Mm S .A ' - , h J-. . f'?u1+',b f z.-fi:-.9 .iiffvf-Y. H9-'A' L ' ' " ' X H' Lf 7 " 'fu - 1 w wf H fic" 19: ." .. X ,ML iff' X5 s pink g 2 , XJR Y .Ex Q13 ...I I .gg ,zz '! M ,,.,,,4- , - 5 c""Y.sf . , stuojim t Ibm 1,7 3 2 Coluvcq -Q f 5 xx ef STUDEN C o UNCIL1 ii, lST. RCW- R. Fontanesi, J. Wilkop, SECRETAR!-TREASURER- D. Williamson, PRESIDENT-F. HoCorkle, VICE PRESIDENT-R. Gahagan, H. Smith, Hr, Gordon Nevin-SPONSOR. 2ND. RCW- M. Piper, C. Smart, D. Bickerton, D. Schivley, J. He Neil, B. Chomas, L. Elesie, A. Scurfield, H. Balog, O. Morris, R. Dachille These serious looking people are members of the Student Council, whlch is one of the newest school organizations. It governs the actions of the student body and carries the great responsibility of arranging the noon activities and student assemblies. The various homerooms are represented in the Student Council by their vice-presidents, who are the contact people between the council and the students. Since its beginning three years ago, Student Council has been under the supervision of Hr. J. Gordon Nevin. 46 N uni' ll H' 'll , mu ILIUIIII all ,fi-:::., 4 A l"5"""f 0 C 0 ,hillluy SEATED- SPONSOR-M:i.ss Pauline Holmes, VICE PRESIDENT-Minnie ff,-1 Gephart, PRESIDENT-Joy Wilkop, SECRETARY-Phyllis by , , Bernadowslci, TREASURER-Barbara Chomas. X I STANDING- Class Representatives X Noreen Stragand, Barbara Pancoast, Nancy Conner 3 J Marion Supernovich. Q Y l li N ' , l . 47 girly Jqlhbfica In the G.A.A. we have a club that is set up to give the female set of E. H. S. a better understanding of sports and sportsmanship, and to develop physical abilities. Any girl can join the G. A. A. as long as she can maintain a "C" average and can pass the initiation successfully. This is the test of dll tests! This year's activities included weekly Wednesday meetings, where the girls played mush ball, volley ball, soccer, and basketbsllg the noon basketball gamesg and the annual G.A.A. Dance. The theme for this dance was 'Indian Sumner" and Bud Mu.rphy's orchestra provided the musi- cal entertainment for the evening. All these activities were carried on under the sponsorship of Miss Pauline Holmes, who is also the girls gym and health teacher. lST. ROW- C. Hobaugh, M. Kasich, L. Bonnell, L. Dachille, S. Homer. 2ND. ROW- B. Hartman, M. Smith, H. Irons, M. Sedon, M. Weaver,E.Stan:Ler D. Kemp, B. Lewis, M. Scarry, F. McCorkle, B. Trainer, R0 Kettering, Je craigheadg BRDQ SQ wmv, Rgcovem, Se Aim- Iliberat0re,JQcri.8we11 M. Sickles, R. Butcher, L. Dandoy, D. Stirbis, D. Sutter, D. Morris, B. Cox, S. Pavich, D. Withers. hTH. ROW- J. Monturo, L. Mathias, L. Gamble, D. Hough, P. Chutis, M. Piper, M. Piper, F. Videl, J. Gahagen, B. Chutis,D.Sheldon A. Scurfield, L. Hutchinson, B. Apfelthaler, J. Sterling, My Koran!-Q STH. Row' PQ Ram, DQ mckerbon, Kg Opfer, Go R0 S. Bennett, N. Barlow, H. Sharpnack, P. Cheskawich, C. Price, D. Kibe, S. Randolph, S. Jenco, H. Hester, G. Girt, J. White. my DQ Opfsr, LQ CQ Smart, Ag DQ Jol.l, Sobel J. Sheldon, A. Janolewicz, E. 0'Brian, E.Gogoe1, S. Patterson B. Lukach, M. Westwood, J. Schwaed. 7TH. ROW- J. Mcliown, M. Boulet, P. Cveton, D. Fekula, H. Sutter, L. Bernadowski, P. Stewart, H. Hemminger, I. Clarke, P. Lipp. Ufko, M0 Ka-sich, DQ 48 enior ecre iarie 4 STANDING: N, Collins, E. Jenkins, ADVISOR-Alice O. Keeler, G. Kohut, R, A, Satterfield SITTING: J. Wiggins, J, Hynok, L. Dachille, G. Davis, L. Bonnell, N. Briggs, A, Panizzi, R, Coulton, A. Sherwood This group of efficient students compose the Senior Secretaries-- a service organization sponsored by Mrs. Alice Keeler. All of these students are secretarys to one or more teachers for whom they type tests, outlines, and other class materials. They also assist the school office with special work. For recreation, these boys and girls take trips to Pittsburgh and visit such places as the courthouse, crime laboratories, telephone companies, and other business offices. THE! TRANSCRIBE IT mszuu: EFFICIENT THE! FII IT THE! rips IT 49 language lub SEATEDz SECRETARY D. Sutter, PRESIDENT R. Hamilton, SPONSOR Mrs. Edith Gibbs, VICE PRESIDENT N. Stragand, TREASURER J. Grenfell STANDING: H. Maple, A. Di Liberatore, R. Butcher, M. Boulet, D. Holmes, B. Cox, F. Kerr, J. Lees, B. Chomas, E. Meyers, L. Dandoy, D, Withers, M. Sickles, D. Morris, K. Yuhas, J. Monturo, S. Barlow, ABSENT H. Ufko YNY? - ,ww 31 + J lx, . v I ff ' 5 .N f if ' A 'N ' J! I v ff' ,lj 4 ,J HBon jour. Parlez vous Francais?' I'm sorry, but that is the extent of my French vocabulary, so I'll just have to tell about this Language Club in plain everyday English. WBon jour. Parlez vous Francais?U I'm sorry, but that is the extent of m French vocabulary, so I'll just have to tell about this Language Club in plain everyday English. I feel pretty close to this club and to its sponsor, Mrs. Edith Gibbs, because, you see, this is the first year here for all three of us. This club is open to Latin or French students who have at least a WCW average. They stud the culture of the Romans and the French through such activities as the Roman banquet and the French play. The Christmas Assembly which featured NChristmas in Other Landsu was produced by this group. As we prepare to continue our journey, NAdieun and NValen to our French and Latin friends. 50 TRI SEATED: SPONSOR- Miss Marjorie Scott, SECRETARY- Florence Mcflorkle, PRES IDENT- Elaine Stanier, VICE PRESIDENT- Mary M. Sickles, TREASURER Nancy Conner, STANDING: J0y Wilkop, Barbara Pancoast, Marilyn Smith, Margaret Sedon, Brenna L. Hartman, Joan Craighead, Delores Sutter, Dorothy Kemp Barbara Chomas, 51 Uri -.Ni-y Under the leadership of Miss Marjorie Scott the Tri-Hi-Y has become one of the most active clubs of the school. Forty five girls make up this club, and every year fifteen Freshmen are selected to take the place of the retiring seniors. These girls work together to create,maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and community, high standards of Christian character. They can be seen ushering, conducting devotions, and doing other jobs around the school and community. The annual social events consist of the Christmas party, the mother and daughter tea, the all-school dance and senior banquet. The tour in May brings to a close the Tri-Hi-Y whirl. Q LEFT TABLE, M. Piper, R. Rollins, B. Apfelthaler, M. Piper, A. Scurfield, L. Bonnell, J. Fekula, F. Vidil, R. Kettering. RIGHT TABLE:D. Hough, L. Dachille, A. DiLiberatore, D. Schivley, J. Gahagen, B. Cox, J. Monturo. STANDING: B. Guffey, J. Charley, A. Anthony, D. Sheldon, E. Brunazzi, B. Chutis, L. Gamble, D. Morris, D. Withers, S. Harris, J. Grenfell, D. King, V. LaFrankie. 52 FN HI- '5 1:- ' T! ' 4 -'17 SEATEDgSPONSOR-Mr. Joseph Furno, VICE PRESIDENT- Ronald Gahagen, PRESIDENT- Gene Smith, STANDING: COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN- Edward Topper, SECRETARY- Basil Sinko, TREAS URER Biddle 53 Jn'-y Ae we walk down the halls of E. H. S. we find the boys on hall patrol keeping order and quiet. It is to the Hi4Y Club that we owe thanks for this service. The Hi4I consists of fifteen boys from each of the classes, who are voted in at the end of their Freshman year, and are permanent members for the next three years. Besides hall patrol and other services that they perform for the school, the Hi4Y also finds time for fun. Led by Mr. Joseph Furno the boys also join in community affairs such as the Halloween Parade. At times the H141 and Tri-Hi-Y have joint affairs such as the annual picnic and school dance. LEFT TABLE: R. Fontanesi, J. Homer, W. Lewis, E. Tanner, L. Demalon, J. Pietershamski, T. Barna, G. Kirkman. RIGHT TABLE:T. Beeler, L. Janolewicz, J. Beeler, J. Williams, V. Stragand, D. Gaird, K. Favro, C. Stearns. STANDING: R. Hixenbaugh, A. Bartrug, C. Sherwood, L.Elesie, G. Obusek, A. DiBattista, W. Williams, A. Merlin, J. Householder, J. Stevenoski, C. Townsend,J. Morrison, A. Sneed, N. Kamp, Members absent- D. LaFrankie. F? if 9, 54 enior jAe4pz'ano LEFT TO RIGHT MAKE-UP CHAIRMAN--Genevieve Kohut, PRESIDENT--Leo Janolewicz, SPONSOR--Miss Elsie Bodnar, VICE PRESIDENT--Howard Hutchinson, SECRETARY-TREASURER--Lois Cox, READING CHAIRMAN--Marilyn Smith. These aspiring young dramatic artists may not have their names in lights on B oadway, but they compose our own Senior Thespians. The purpose of this organization, sponsored by M as Elsie Bodnar, is to develop a spirit of active and intelligent inter- est in dramatics. The Thespians take care of practically all of the dramatic productions of the school year. The most outstanding, however is the annual Senior play, which requires hours of hard work and man headaches on the part of the members and the sponsor. But the applause of a delighted audience serves as an aspirin for those headaches, as another senior play takes its place among other happy senior memories. 55 enior mespiano 7ff7'jffHf' ' ff' W W S W JWWW! ff! Ulf flfbw Ml v"""o' ff ' ' vie XX X- f . 7 X J of X qi N X I Au - I xv of , in 1 I 0,711,111 I J , N D fix xl QL! lan,-n If ,I iff!! 2 L -C5-rain cw m'hw'm?n'rw-EN PD, 1 LSE: B-Q-Vi-J. Craighead, B. Pancoast, E. Jenkins, L. Bonnell, M. Supe novich, M. Weaver, D. Hough, QQQ. QQQ7M. Craighead, R. Kettering, A. Sherwood, N. Collins, H. Irons, D. Kemp, E. Stanier, J. Fekula, M. S L Dae 11 h W B Har R edon, . .hi e, M. Kasic . 23-Q. fiQ- . tman, . Fontanesi, N. Cain, G. Smith, E. Fenton, M. Scarry, J. Beeler, S. Homer,L.Tignane11i lim. EQ-nj-J. Stewart, J. Wilkop, R. Cheskawich, E. Topper, W. Williams. 56 .Qfage S. -Q- N'-1 LEFT T0 RIGHT - Norman Kamp, Tomm Beeler, Donald Williamson Earl Tanner, Basil Sinko, Johnny Beeler, John Grilli, Joseph Williams, Norman Cain. Lights--Curtain--Action-- as an expectant hush falls over the audience and the curtains part, the efforts of the unseen heroes, the stage crew, sponsored by Miss Elsie E. Bodnar, are revealed. Few know, or at least recognize the amount of work the stage crew does, so that's what I'll try to convey to you. Most important of its jobs are the operating of curtains, lights, sound effects, and props for all school plays. Records played at noon are also taken care of by the crew. In addition at dances and outside activities, along with assemblies, they have full responsibility for the stage. In consideration of all these jobs I think you'll join me in saying to the stage crew, as the curtains close on their work, NHats-gffln 57 PGLU lqobj 1 14 ' HDV' J KLQJ :v"'3u J ff!!! A SN 0fff1f! fi f lffywff STANDING- . Aitken, TREASURER-J. Gahagen, M. Hester, L. Gamble, VICE PRESIDENT- . Withers, S. Homer, H. Cain, D, Sutter, D. Morris, SECRETARY-J. Monturo D. Bickerton, B. Chutis, Miss Agnes Lauder, N. Conner, V. La Frankie, J. Grenfell, H. Supernovioh, H. Sutter, M. Weaver, B. Pancoeet, J . Lees, M. Sickles, P. Chutis, E. Stenier, H. Sedon, C. Price J ini-I? SEATED LEFT T0 RIGHT-B. Cox, PRESIDENT-J. Craighead M D Have you an overdue book? If so, then hurry to the library and give it to one of the student librarians who is af Library Club member. With the help of their sponsor, Mies Agnes Lauder, the members eoon become efficient librarians ready to help with am of your library prob- lens. 58 fs 352.4 gg-A-X wx 'NNXN -'Z XXNNNQNNN welll f M .-Y X VICE PRESIDENT: Francie Obusek, SECRETARY: Melvin Joll, TREASURER: Ed ward Goettle, PRESIDENT: Harry Opfer, SENTINEL: William Kuch REPORTER: Anthony Di Battista. ADVISOR--Mr. Frank Stoner. Absent-Arnolzl Handley: ATHLETIC ADVISOR. 59 fl. Ll. A. Now, here is a club that exists only in certain schools such as ours where there is an interest in agriculture, it is composed of all the voca- tional agricultural boys in the school. This club does all the work needed to keep the school grounds in good shape, and trains boys to be better farmers. This year the organization consists of twenty-six members, seven Wgreen hands' or beginners, and nineteen Hchapter farmersn, under the su- pervision of Mr. Frank Stoner, the agricultural teacher. Most of the boys are either from farms or have had some farming experience. The F. F. A.'s yearly activities included the annual seed sale, the F. F. A. Father and Son Banquet, a trip to the State Farm Show, particip- ation in regional contests, and the Halloween Parade, in which they won first prize. IST. M- D. Horns, H. Monaghan, J. Bonnett, C. Wise, A. Higgs, ZND, RUN- 'FT Powers, E, Luckowski, R. Brooks, F. ones, L. Williams, E, TSMTB, McCork1e. 3RD. ROW- W, Jackson, K. Elko, A, Handley, J, Talbitzer, F, Jobb, C, Flefnfngf-H. Zimmerman, H. Monaghan. 60 SU! i u - 'S 'N f7Z455?'4Qff SEATED AT THE MACHINE: SPONSOR- Miss Helen Ganyu, VICE PRESIDENT- Patty Barker. STANDING: SECRETARIZTREASURER- Donna Hough, PRESIDENT- Margaret Craighead. K 61 flJ.l,4. These busy sewers are the officers of the Future Homemakers of America. Just as the F.F.A. trains boys to be better farmers, the F.H.A. instructs girls in the art of homemaking. This club is made up of junior and senior vocational home economic students, and is sponsored by Miss Helen Gan u. At the beginning of the year these girls elect officers from the junior and senior members who serve the entire year. The main activity of this group is a banquet which is held at the end of the term when the junior members honor the senior girls in the club. '5 Aj 1ST. ROW- V. LaFrankie, B. Coulter, D. Poziviak, S. Holiday. 2ND. ROW- J. Criswell, B. Clark, C. Hobaugh, S. Homer, A. Tignanelli, D Gazdich, L. Mathias, S. Harris, P. Chutis. BRD, Row- L, Cox, F. Smith, E. Flowers. Members absent- M. Tekavec, A Kelly, B. Withers. 62 64062105 C7145 W W lm :Inav 5 B h-'+h' f ?? Q K Q - : 5 1 3 A wx 5 ,E E Ou q - f- L-Ig .Z ...ao - ,. --Us i Z' '-no -. - I-5 'W 5'- x 1 I - I? 1 X 2 l D ,Q QXX LEFT TO RIGHT.. REASURER- Barbara Chomas, VICE PRESIDENT- Harry Ophar, SECRETARY- Mary Martha Sickles, SPONSOR- Mr. Bernard Mcllish, PRESIDENT- Donald La Frankie 63 -aycicn ce gag Here now are our future Einsteins and Madame Curies. Pho can tell, maybe right nov they are on the verge of s great scientific discovery. At ary rate, they have banded together :Ln order to increase their scien- tific knowledge, to study the achievements of famous scientists, and to supplement regular science work. With their sponsor, Mr. Bernard Hcllish, they travel each year to such places as the Flower Show, the Bureau of Mines, Buhl Planetarium, Allegherv Observatory, and Racoon State Park. lST. ROW- D. Sutter, W. Firchak, D. Morris, R. Hamilton, A. Di Liberatore, D. Schivley, J. Gshagen, J. Cline, H. Maple, M. Piper, H. Piper. ZND. ROW- N. Crosby, L. Demelon, R. Cahagen, E. Tanner, A. Sneed,A.Bartrug H. Hatalovich, B. Sinko, B. Chutis, J. Monturo, D. Withers, S. Harrie, J. Grenfell, M. Balog. 3RD. RCW- A. Merlin, A. Biddle, B. Ritter, J. Jobb, A. Di Battista, G. Obusek, A. Handley, AL. Schick, J. Householder, K. Favro, P. Neeson, M. Grimes, F. Kerr, B. Cox. , Ve, "if, b 64 'X ,,,, Q .,,, 1 Yi vi 19 I 'if as 1HEE1IZHBE1H1UHH11IUH ELIZABETH HIGH SCHOOL'S OWN STUDENT PAPER Vol. IV No, Z ELIZABETH JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, ELIZABETH, PA. November 21, 1951 SENIORS WI YEl1llBO0K SEATED- L. Dachille, M. Weaver, H, Supernovich, H. Sedon, B. Pancoast, B. Hartman, M, Smith, L, Bonnell, B, Trainer, D. Hough. ZND. ROW- D. Morris W, Firchak, M. Kasich, N. Kohut, C, Pozivialc, J. Sheldon, M. Hester, D, Schivley, S. Harris, L, Mathias, D. Williamson, M. Ufko, Mr. J, D. Parry. 3RD. ROW- A. Di Battista, G. Kirkman, G, Smith, E. Topper, J. Householder. These bright-eyed, intelligent-looking people are the hard- working students who produce our "eyes and ears of the school'--our own student publication- The Elisabeth Warrior There has been great progress during the development of the newspaper from its beginning in 19148, as a mileographed booklet to its present form as a regularly printed paper which is distributed monthly to eager subscribers. SENIOR NE WS "Something new has been added' is what Elizabeth High students will be saying next May when they receive the long-sought-for and finally won year books. Heading the staff are Joy Wilkop, editorg and Marilyn Smith, assistant editor with Miss Elsie Bodnar, Miss Marjorie Scott and Bernard McNish acting as faculty advisors. Pictures of classes, clubs, and other organizations to be included in the book were taken on November 7 and 14. After much debating 'Eli-Mon' was the name chosen by the staff, and the colors will be blue and white. As everyone knows, never before in the history of Elizabeth High School has a year book been pro- duced. While le a f i ng through the "Yough-a-Mon" from McKeesport. or the "Clairtonian" from Clairton, we have often yearned for the day when we could see Elizabeth High's own student publication. Well, the dayis here, and we should recognize it by subscribing. Since the book is two months late in progression, it will take the co-operation of every- one for it to be a success. Seniors will have individual pictures in the book, while under-class-men will be classified in special groups. It is the hope of all the seniors that this will be just the beginning and that all senior classes following will make the "Eli-Mon" a part of their class project. 65 ORCHIDS Gr ONIONS ORCHIDS to students who cheered our Warriors in the snow and cold. ONIONS to those who came to the games and showed poor sportsman- ship toward the r e fe r e e s and the opposite team. fAlthough there have been only a few.l ORCHIDS to Miss Bodnar, Miss Scott and Mr. McNish for acting as advi- sors for the yearbook. ONIONS to the students who write on the walls and show no respect for their school or classmates. ORCHIDS to the Student Council for the fine assembly that was presented to us on November 2. ONIONS to the students who always depend on s 0 m e o n e else for their homework. 'A 6'6I'4C1J6f'5 R. Rollins, J. Monimro, B. Ghutis, P. Chutis, S. Pavich, L. Mathias, M. Smith, B. Hartman, B. Pancoast, L. Dachille . court. bundles The skirts, and white "Isa, team, fight, fight fight P' "W-A-R-R-I-O-R,-Sf" is the oh eer. f the gayly the foot f eld, basketball and even ow eann t keep these cheering team . orms this year were the white rned e big red E. Now I would like to reverse things a bit and give a big cheer from Betsy for these girls. Wargoolf N X '+ X H' w llivnnt l-1-ii: f xx FN 179 X - if 'cf fb fxg f 1 -+ - -" - i: " s - Z ,. Kiwi SEATED- R. Fontanesi, E. Fenton, M. Sedon, M. Smith, M. Smith, J. Wilkop, F. HcCork1e, L. Bonnell, R. Kettering, J. Fekula, L. Janolewicz. STANDING- A. Sherwood, S. Homer, Miss E. Bodnar, Mr. MoNish, Miss M. Scott, B, Hartman, D. Kemp, E. Stanier. 67 r1UUul'Bl"4'KlUlU...LL.llUBi ll J- VU'UyU""ssvw.u-s.-Luvs, as vw- .-. uv- - --1-..--, make-up---deadlines, typing---deadlines, and at last distribution, that has been the life of this hardworking group. This all began with a spark of ingenuity of a few seniors, who felt our school needed a yearbook. After hearing the pros and cons, obtain- ing the a proval of the Stud nt Council, selecting sponsors who were Elsie E. Bodnar, Marjorie B, Scott, and Bernard HoN1eh, the Eli-Mon staff was chosen. Then the real work begang the business staff worked on the funds, and the literary staff on the actual book, Now their work is com leted and the first Eli-Mon Staff relaxes as you follow me through these pages. 1 B lST. ROW- M. Kasich, M. Weaver, P. Rowe, A. Msnnering, A. Panizzi, W. Firchak, D. Schivley, D. Morris, J. Mbnturo. 2ND. ROWB G. Burkett, E. B unazzi, G. Kohut, ML Supernovich, J. Craighead, D. Stirbis, M. Sickles, B. Pancoast. BRD. ROW- B. Cox, H. Irons, W. Williams, B. Chomas, N. Cain, E. Topper, D. Williamson, D. Caird, L. Cox, B. Trainer, T. Beeler, H. Hutchinson. ABSENT- D. Withers, Nancy Conner, Styna Pavich. -fight my 4-1 rg IZOI' LL 6 1ST ROW-M. Craighead, M, Sedon, J. Craighead, S. Homer, U. Kemp, M. Weaver, H. Kasich, E. Stanierg ZND ROW-D.I-Iough B. Pancoast, R. Kettering, M. Supernovich: "If, Irons, D. Poziviak, J. Fekula, M. Smith, BRD ROW-J, Grenfell, D. B. Di Schivley, J . Honturo, L. Gamble, DIm"15F:Mrs. J . Brown Chonas, E. Meyers, B. Cox, P. Bernadowelclg 14TH ROW-A. Liberamre, s. Holiday, s. nm-ia, w. F1rcnak'f'F."K3rr, Butcher, D. Morris, N. Stragandg STH RUN-D. Sutter, D. R King, P. Graham, D. Sheldon, L. nuwhEoiTJ. csmgen, D. Thayer, S. Barlow, gg ggyx-F. vim, B. surrey, J.Jou, J. Baskitis, M. Aiken. "Do-ri-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do, "Quiet for the roll call! Pancoast, Kemp, Monturo, Grenfell,- - - ,N with these familiar sounds mother chorus practice begins. You have heard the results of these practices when the chorus appears in their black slcirts and white blouses at the American Education Week Program, and the Christmas Assembly. But their big night is in March when in their fluffy pastel gowns they present, in conjunction with the band, the annual Spring Musicals, g6U'l6! DRUM A. Kohut, D. Weigle , D. Constable, J. Homer,R.Schiok M. Sickles, J. Cresmanauski, C. Sherwood, Mr. B. Carlson. Nevin, E. Brunazzi, H. Korona, N. Crosbie, D. Thayer. Kassick, J. Sterling, J. Talbitzer, D. Mathen , STH. ROW-P. Bernadowski, J. Erica, V. Stragand, H. Dugan, K.Pritchard H. Smith, W. Booth. 6TH. ROW-J. Stanier, E. Jenkins, B. Trainer, E. Scheiber, A. Biddle, B. Lewis, D. Moore. These are our instrumentalists who,under Mr. Burnell Car1son's direction, provide the pep for athletic contests, play for the Christmas Assembly, and combine their musical efforts with those of the chorus to produce the Spring Musicals. 70 a 'oreifea S. W I LEFT TO RIGHT- Mary Maple, Lorraine Bonnell, Marlene Aitken Left, right, left, right, as down the field the majorettes go in their pert white uniforms these girls can be seen marching in front of the band as they perform during half time of the football games. They help in the formations of the band, and add to the enjoyment of the Warrior fans. Led by M . Burnell Carlson, these highstepping girls also perform at the pep meetings where they go through their drill formations and boost the school spirit of the entire student bod . 71 Lx., ff' ,WN wx N ,wwf 1 Kw- 5, S flofdaf Y .il be 'fi - wg f' 1: f Q.. gi 1ST. ZND 3RD hm Sm ROW- ROW- ROW- ROW- ROW- R. Roach, E, Topper, H. Grayoar, E. Gaublomme. A. Sneed, D. La Frankie, A. Gatto, H. Thompson, W. Kuch, J. Forman, J. Morrison. G. Sterling, R. Matthews, R. Gahagen, O. Morris, J. Stevenoski, R. Pryzbylski, G. Love. J. McNeil, L. Demalon, N. Barr, A. Bartrug, A. Handley, J. Householder. R. Mazanet CGoachJ, P. Fleishauer CAesista.nt Coaohj, W. Gillis, J. Williams, R. Stockdill Cllanagersl, J. Shaver Ulthletio Directorj Here are the boys who with their coach, Mr. Regis Mazanet, hold late summer practices in order to open our sport schedule as soon as school starts. Although the Warrior's record of wins for 'Sl is not too impressive, the students are proud of their fighting spirit, and they know that the lessons learned on the gridiron this year will be of great benefit when the Warriors again take the field in '52. The four senior boys who leave the team will be watching for bigger and better things from the '52 Warriors. 73 j.?a45Lef6af LEFT TO RIGHT-E. Masar, A. DiBattista, W. Morris, D. Barker, E. Gaublomme, A. Merlin, R. Gahagan, G. Smith, W. Williams, D. LaFrankie, J. Stevenoski, J. DeMarco. COACH--Paul Fleischauer. ABSENT--J. Armstrong, A. Gatto. These are our warriors of the Court who take up when the gridiron warriors complete their schedule. These fellows, coached by Mr. Paul Fleischauer, played man hours of hard, fast basketball, and gave up many more hours in practicing for the games. They deserve credit for work well done and our best hopes for '52 successes. Elizabeth ----- - 4Elizabeth ----- - Elizabeth ----- - Elizabeth- kElizabeth----- Elizabeth ----- - E1izabeth---- iElizabeth----- HE1izabeth ----- - Elizabeth---w 4E1izabeth ---- - The 'Sl-'52 Basketball Schedule 33 Monongahela 37 Swissvale ------ - 31 Ea1dwin--------- 51-C1aiPt0n--- 57 Rostraver-- 35 Donora ---- ------ 348 Snowden--------n 52 Snowden--------- P43 Pitcairn 117 E. Pittsburgh--A 59 E. McKeesport-- anion' M1 Elizabeth ----- T 52 tmzabeth ----- - L17 Elizabeth ----- - 57 Elizabeth ----- - 112 Elizabeth ----- - lN5iE1izabeth ----- - h6 Elizabeth----- h? wEJ.1.zabeth ----- I 110 ELI.zabeth------ 67 esElizabeth------ 37wE1izabeth ----- - iibme Games 74 57 Trafford ------ 116 31 Glassport ---- - 36 36 Edgewood ------ 79 35 Wilmerding ---- 37 146 P1tta1rn------ 59 bl E. Pittsburgh- 57 hl E. McKeesport- 51 38 rrafford ------ 39 39 Glassport ---- - 63 26 Edgewood----M 57 119 Wilmerding-M 67 51166561 ROW 1: T. Barns., R. Cheskawich, J. Stewart, L. Janolewicz Row 2. R. swekdin iMgr.J, A. camo, J. Hynok, w. schoemer, G. Smith, COACH-D. Reed, J. Pietershanski QMg'r.J ROW 3: D. Home QMgr. J, A. Merlin, E. Schieber, E. Tanner, E. I-hmok, E. Gaublomme, R. Roach, A. Sneed, M. Dugan fMgr.l From gridiron to court to diamond we go. This time we meet the boys who, under Mr. Dean Reed's coaching, bring new glories to Betsy High with every new spring baseball season. They point with pride to Jackie Brown their '51 no-hit, no-nm star, and look ahead with hopes of adding other stars to our own Baseball Hall of Fame. 75 Allegre Service Station Mr. Harry Apfelthaler Mr. W. J. Apfelthaler Mr. 8: Mrs. Andrew Bagan Mrs. Margaret Balsinger Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Bernadowski Mr. J. L. Best Mr. 8: Mrs. Earl Bickerton Mrs. Albert Biddle Miss Elsie E. Bodnar Rita Bohlander Braum Brothers Miss Clara C. Braum Miss Helen Braum Mrs. William H. Braum Mary Ellen Brown Hannah Carrick Christy's Confectionery Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph Collins Mr. Claude Clifford Craner Coughenour and Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. John D. Cox Bessie V. Crandall Craighead, The Florist Mr. 8: Mrs. William Dowlin Mr. 8: Mrs. Phineas Davis Dr. Herbert Dewar Mrs. Robert Eberhardt Edna's Beauty Shoppe Elizabeth Appliance Elizabeth Electric Co. Elizabeth Tailors Miss Helen Ganyu Mr. Joseph Glants Mr. 8: Mrs. John Gogoel Goldstrohm' s Market Miss Rose Gracek Grand Theatre Mrs. John Grelo Mr. G Mrs. Walter Grimes Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Hatalovich Herron' s Department Store Mr. k Mrs. George Hitchens Mr. 8: Mrs. Clarence Hobaugh Anthony Hema, Commissioner Homa Service Station Homer Nursery Hotel Elizabeth Miss Pauline Holmes Mr. 8: Mrs. Rex D. Hough Mr. James Jacobs Mr. 8: Mrs. William Jenkins Mr. 8: Mrs. Peter'Kasich Mr. 8: Mrs. James Kollias Latta's Market Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Leckie Mrs at Mrso John Lewis Harriet McDonald PAHONS 76 Mr. 8: Mrs. Nathan McDonald Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank McKenzie Mrs. Nellie McKown Mr. 8: Mrs. A. L. Merlin Model Clezners Mr. 8: Mrs. Leroy Morris Mrs. Louise Muir G. C. Murphy Co. Mr. Louis Novak 0pfer's Barber Shop Mr. 8: Mrs, William Pancoast Mrs. Katherine Osbourne Mr. Harold Pearsol Mrs. Charles L. Pierce Miss Marybelle Pierce Pietersham ski' s Confectionery Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell Price Queen Elizabeth Shop Wilma Grace Roberts Rothey Service Station J. Rubino Shoe Shop Ruth's Confectionery Satterfield's Welding Service Mrs SC Mrso Allen Io Schwartz Mr. Morris Schwartz Mr. J. Schonberger Sebben 8: Brunazzi Coal Co. Mr. George Sedon Mr. Thomas Sharpnaok Mrs. R. A. Shaver Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Sherwood Si1berman's Home Furnishings Mr. P. B. Silverman Mrs. Julia Sinko "Bee" Slepki, Signs Mr. G Mrs. Jack Smith Mrs. Joseph Smith Mrs. Kenneth Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph Smith Stanier' s Hardware Rita Stirbis Mr. 8: Mrs. George Tarr Mr. James B. Tbrtorice Mr. 8: Mrs. Clifford Trainer Fay Louise Trainer Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Turner Mrs. Thelma Iykonas Ullrich's Bakery Videl Barber shop Wander's Market Western Auto Associates Store Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Wilkop Ira William Mr. 8: Mrs. Melvin Williams Wylie Brothers, Inc. Carol Jean Young Mrg Q Mrsg FQ A0 Rexall Drugs Mr. 8: Mrs. William Atkinson Miss Donna Biddle Mr. Anthomr Bruno Miss Molly Caird Mr. Theodore Chomas Mr. A. P. Clark Mrs. Mildred S. Davi on Miss Nelle K. Duke Miss Edith Ray Mrs. Norman Feldstein Mrs Norma Filewich Mrs Mints. Eberhardt Glass Mr. William Graham Mr. Kc Mrs. Bryce Hawkins Mrs Alfred Higgs Mr. John Houseman Mr. Norman Jaskol Mrs Jane Jenkins Mr. Duane Jenkins Mrs Frank Kampert Mrs Noreen Kelly Mr. Myron Kerr Mr. Edward Lee Mrs Frank Knezovich Miss Helen L. Lynch Miss Virginia Mzcorkle Mrs., Mable Mannering Wesley 8: Marilyn H. March Mrs. Lucy Marraccini Mr. 8: Mrs. B. F. McNish Dr. A. I. Monheim Dr. L. M. Monhbim Mrs. F. F. Mowry Mr. J. Gordon Nevin Mrs James Wayne Piggford Mrs. Steve Plauchak Mr. Francis Pomilio Miss Virginia Redman Mr. David Ritter Mr. John Roberts 84 Mrs Rex Roller Hr. . Mrs. Betty Bonney William F Rubino Mr. . Miss Marjorie B. Scott Hr. Hr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter B. Scott Joseph Sebben, Jr. James Shaver 8: Family Miss Kathleen Smith Mrs. William Stirling Mr. Hr. Mr. John Rae Thompson Richard V. Thompson Robert Nevin Welty Miss Patty White Miss Clara Mae Williams Mr. John P. Withers Miss Ptwllis Wright 77 CLFBUIE My wasn' t that an interesting and enjoyable trip through those pages packed with memories and excitement? I think we owe a big vote of thanks to the advisors and staff who have helped to make our journey possible. As even good things must come to an end, so must this, our first trip thru,E,1,L:LQ9. Any time you want to come along again you'11 find me waiting at the front of the book to guide you, ,E f "z, WEN 1 Be seeing you, Betsy H1 78 5i3'l iF'?"5 in--wwf W- ,, 4, gi., 4 'U ,,,,WN. Ni" Qwflzfi, fem. 'li i 4, 4 .fm-'Fe xx- f . ' 'iii Fi? 1 -1. i 4 -1 rffam :wif f-2 .5 .,...,' -1 -' QM41?-1' ' . rule- 1. ar- , ' M, M . ' "Mil -1 , W .T ,mm fffi ks, MH? E' We I 'hge-. . - 'X A ' if W f Xa '. ' Haw- mi.. fivf : We K 3+ " I Q, W, 7' a ' ,-,..,,. -,. 1 I , 1 J ! .- - --v-...km .Nw X -1 N ,Af .4 -'--ani! L,--qv-pw lu--www 03.1505 'C--.f"'if""5. 123 915 - N- nn., .. .N NV + 'V, V 5' , " ' V: " Qs... 1. ,Jw V , .V I 3 . f, ,E U V E1-re-ij!-y2+g.,w 4. V, J - 4 ,4 -53.5. , F35 fi. - ,L Q -V .-Sgt. V 4 if .Jw -an. . Q.. 2 .V ,H..,.,... V. V V., V V V. '. - ,, uf ,, fi' ' f f I V411-r V 43? 'V Vp' 1 V -?U"'f " ' V .V ' 6 . A , '- . :V'Vfw--.- A ' ' "L A V. . V, V ..+ . ' 'V r. x "W -, 'Q -, ' 1 ., . -4 I f ' lt'- V - f 6, 4 . .f . ,gf -6- fV1VV 'J-V 'M ' 4. .V . '- J ,iiil .7 , -. " g" if - V -fr V f K' I f i 'K 'n ' g V K' A Vg nf 1" .114 .. . , g.,'l'f , A . - fl ,gf -' J Q . w13?,ea:.aw-555-A 4' .2 f - 3 A A ' " ' 51 '. . Vz.f!' I Vieff V ' ' " 51 -r ff Q... . "R, - ', . Q - - f . V, . , f V is +V . j 45 ,if V ,sf .CQ-1' ', rj .' 'Q' ,. A M Vr'-' ' V if 121' -,af ., .. ".. 1' . 1 4-5 iY...V,,Q " ' Fat, ' .4 I.. ,V .f V al- - Z' ,V ',. v ' . -f' " .I -.- V V . ' IV ' ' '.,' 1: - ,MQHETTSHP . ..,- V - N, - .. by ., 'T TYQV - in n Lg! ,Q 1 ' 5' , Ve' W kv . , , . ff- A ,Q -' - ful V tsf. My 'V A V V "fn f f if . iv- .f f . 'i f -- ef' ' gf. -1 M8123-y:..V4 4 ,, I I is ,.- N V at fi-1, VV ,.-V .V V .- ' ' . -rv., V13-jf ,. V . V ' . ' - -f " J fi, V " , 'Q- af' A' 4. -4. . .V "' ' " 5' a, '...V V. M :A .- Vw . If FN.. , 1 'mf Q V I '- ' P ' ,J .. --q4.:' ' ' . , , ' , . .- w. - . 5 , M ,f x ' Vf'-Fw 535.35 .4 V ' 'L . Rx ' . ' ' 1 , V. "Vi . ff- xi' ."-Nf-L V, f ' ' r ' ' .gfljig Y 'f . I ' , kd V- 4 'I 4, ?H..a-ik-134 " V- A, V K -1 .."- ' M' '- .,A x Q . , I-L . .lx 'L , Q. I 44 'K -1' 1 . if 'Si' 'iw ' 'Vw 1' N ' ' v ' YQ!g5.r-:EW xjpb- , H . 5-Gig' ' ' V -mg . . V4 " ' 'V .. ' A' A 1' ', ' X-VV. L . ' -Q 'ff VV V J , v f V . V-V V XA- , .fr . X X x if -v x A Y K ff- . J . 'an fvgg' .3 , X" . V , X 0, I 4' 'Q -.I r Sr' 'V . X . A - gk- . V ' X V .-s - ,fr L - if v xgm, 'gm 'VVVM' . L rf. PM - if -12: V I I . V VV V 1 1 04 . M V V V V I V... V , . H ,fx VV I 4-Q.. ua. M -.155 fn., vu' K V V 'f ,,, 1- . V," . " J f ,f Q. K ' V n',-.hw A ,..." lf' , Q R ' ff ' . mn X " .Af .Gul I , g,gf:V J K W. ,Z 0 , .E -,V 1. .. V V X. - AQ.. if . - wi . 'ui 'sg' V .52 5 , 1 'u ' L-R E V in K -e ,sr SIU - T ff 'A A4-.4 'R- A. 5, L ,K is -, , l XV-1. fix , fl- h , ' ff X, ,-..- f . . 1 7 , - .asf V V:--ff' - V,-,L -,V " 31' az 95' . . 5 ' , V5.5 . ., . , L '-- x 'EJ ,Qiq .E-f V- , 1 'Y E, .Q V fiV.w.'iw- +A' ir '-1 T 4. TQVQ' E 4- A., wing -I Aff .av f wa. v J 136-56. f - . H , . V MJ, v. - V ii?-1 f - A' W. V .f , ' I Qxf , -6211? - ', ' .Q-. Qfivr 'ff ' a- . Vf - J, Q F Q-1 .74 'L ' V :ff ' . V' , - 1 I - I gi 1" SP' J ' , - ' - .ixxf A R ' U V. u' ,ugl -0- fha: V ' 3 79114 5,. . , fl x. x , ff q - fx ,V :W 4 .-g4,.:V " TQIEQQVV.. -f ,J V iv, .- A V. , 1. A N .if Q fQ'g , 4.jv . 1 ' il. . + ,r Q- . ""'f'i-T Jfff. N I 15 , 141,33 WV A 1. f vel ' 4' . L Vs- - - , . " -f ... .-' VF , ,, , A! ,?I,,.,. .,.V-. - .- . V 1+ 'KW-3.2: , ' ,i. -'..-

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