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,',1'.'L'+O'7" 'f"149,f5fgn':'E:'fj?,' Z' Q-'5,:3nQf',. A 9511122 ',1'f-,gy N24 f ,v-,' x': f',,,,0- 1. .. Q-if-'.'ff5f??-:Qef:'9I ..'1."'.f. ...- ' ,. ,. ,. PUBLIC LIBRARY of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County l 4' U """'f!: 'i:U':XYf3' Y :"w'?"'."'i7i'Xf'IWPEW: W "X'1?XE,YC'T,,Xv' X M. " " 'J' ' '1wfv:X 'X'.X'f', If-'X ' 'v X. X X X XX X ,HMXXX .X X X XX ,XXXXXXXX XR .QXQXW XXX XXX, XXX, X 1 ,- . ,XX . X.. X X . XXX- X X, XX-X XX X X-,X X .XXMXQXX .- QXX. -,XXX IX- ,Xy X. i ' A X X ' 'V' 1' 5fi"I9'X XXX' XX IX! X QNX' i" 1XX,4XX" fXX,XIXX " X M4 4 sX fl? X ' 3 XX. , 1 X .xl Y ' XX X X . X XX X X ,X P .X.,. al' " :X ' ' X if ' X' ' X" X X X . .X X X..j, . ' x xh . 4 . LX 1 VK' X I A: f ,L ,. XX., X .. . X X X XV., X! ,fp . 7 X -XX. X X X X -' X XXX. X 1 .X X 4 I XX X1 J I X ' . I 'X ', XX X "fa r sq I ' X I XX Xfmf' X 45X ' X . , .TX 1. X , X 1' 7 ' , X. X "MF XX ,, X X' X X Xf-.,g 'X'iQ,2? X X,X ,X X- 15 , - -X ' -. -, , X ,. X ff ' XX' ' X X. XfXfX' 'QNX W' 31: 3 'X I X , 4' J" X ' uj' ., X1 f- " XJLXXQQ . X X XX . WXXXXXS X XTJXX' XXXX, X - X "lg X, XXX . . .XXX X ' X., .-X' X . XXX ' ' , ,X . ,X X . X X XL n 'T'-Q-, X 3' ' "J, .V ' ',f. ' X A X ' V' Xfvf - X X 'Q X X X 3 HJ X .' I ' 7'- 'XMPQL "FY: X f ' X X?.XX11XfX XX X , 'N' ' ' ' ' ' 1 X ' ' "X X X 4 - XX Q X . N.X'IfX'iJf11' X X I I f X 5 . ' X 'I X .JJ X X X X X XYXXX 'JXXXXX Q ' ' AX , 4 ' ' X -hy, Xg un X X I - ,Jin X'.X X XX X. XX X ' V fX- a,XXjgX'.,' ,X X, 1 X' wg' Xu 4 X, X XX . .fin 'XX' ' X, ' X X X Y n' X ' ' "UW '97,-., 1 . X X X X , T XQX- ' X. VX X X . gf if - X ,J X X X X X 1" .X,., X, vu. X X"X-fx -'X X X X l.aXX X 4 D' 'Xu ' - X vm ' A M X' ' 'KE -X XXX X1 'X X X I .X XX . XX ' " X '.' - - 'XFX X X X X XXX 'X X . ' " ' . X X 'wif' , AXXL- ,XXI X- ,1J'41 'F1Uj. .XX , XXX 1 ,X 'X . . ' - X X -L -:XX X, 13.-' 1 'X ' 4 ,, Xi Y ' +X1fX,qX-.'- XX XX ,. , X 'fXX3?'f'Qi'gXfX"f N?-1 T' ' ' X, X X an A X- XXL:-XTX X4 .:X X T ?.XXXXXb.X X X, X .H ' api. XXXXQXQX XXFXX-fi XXX X X X ,mx-1 X QQ X25 ilk gXX 3 . A X X - PM X X X 1-X 5 ' , .MX Xfq 'X , X , e k., 4 -X -X fb- A HQ , 'X .Xff V . X X X X X .,, ,XX ., X X X XXXXXXXQ-XX J., X ,X X .X,XX. X XXX .X ,Xi A Xm. .X L XXX XX ,X XX I NQFQXX XXQTXW XAXXX X' 'A ' A X ' ':, f:3Q,.-Q91 XSS ' X ' X ' X ,LX.XX-'f,.5X X 1, X.X-AQ: R,-4' :A X .X 3.3.5, JxfnX1fX'X, X. X -5 qi 1'XX .X AX- Q -J EX' , - X ,x5.X X.-., 'V 'mvf , QXX 1 XXX . Ju R2 X 'XX Xggjn XX XX-X., X -, ' X , ' 'XNXA X X311 X'-if Xf,XXXX.X . X X,X.-95 -P , XX-,ff 'I ' Xl 4 ' fi' ,X, t I' 'W ' 'O X' ""X' X' 2 ' '1,Xf3,E ,X?1XfEjX- lg' .XX ,X f LX, fX- " .X ' J X X" 'X"Qx XX-':g'.XXf 3f1g"f.X , QX X41 4 g yixvh XX, 'X' "5 X . ' ' 'X .X "" X, MH ' 'L gf' 'il -V' ' ' .' X Q' X ' 1 X 'I 4 - V - X, 'f- ? -' - ' in Q 'X 7' ' 1 ,X .XM MX MX Xcgfg' X 'EQQZYIEXXQX 'f'1sf??'?GF5:j-.,3:X XX?" ,X , ,X X X ' XX1"f4',.Q,'yfFf?f':f 'Xg, X E. X. gf ,' ,-RXQXXXX. - g' - . X . . X .. X XX u, - . I-.XX ..XXX , ,,,,,,-Xw,X,XQ, X Mg- XX , :,,X,,XXa,XjNX yxililm Q, Mi XXXXXMXXLXX5 XX, XXXXXXX - IEP 3 Ii ahvthan Www Edited by ye students of ye Elizabeth College in ye year Nineteen hundred and eleven of Volume VIII FRONT VIEW MAIN BUILDING, ELIZABETH COLLEGE I - L-"'3 l Erilimiinn To the Elizabeth Girl of the Past-Her M6m0ll'Z.65 To the Elizabeth Girl of the Present-Her Rm!z'rz'ef To the Elizabeth Girl of the Future-Her Dreamy iliarulig CHARLES B. KING, A. M., D. D. President Professor of Greek, Philosophy and Psychology G. D. BERNHEIM, D. D. Chaplain IRENE B. PALMER Lady Principal Professor of History and Political Science RUTH WOOD RICHARDSON, A. M. Professor of English Language and Literature MARGARET VINTON WILLIS, A. B. Professor of Latin Language and Literature FRANCES HAMNER JACKSON, A. B. Professor of Mathematics and Natural Science R. L. PATTERSON, A. M., D. D. Professor of the English Bible and Sacred Literature MARTHA REID ROBINSON, A. B. Professor of Modern Languages and Literature JENNIE FRANCES CATTRELL, B. O. Professor of Expression and Physical Culture CLARA CARPENTER Athletic Director ETHEL RANDOLPH, A. B. Principal of the Preparatory Department MAUD SCHAEFFER, A. B. Preparatory Department FERN FRAYER ' Professor of Commercial Branches H. J. ZEHM Director of the Conservatory of Music, Professor of Piano, Organ, Theory, Chorus KATHERINE A. GAINES Professor of Piano ELMORE WATSON Professor of Piano EDITH VAN GILLUWE Professor of Violin CYNTHIA E. SESSIONS Professor of Voice RUTH LILLARD Accompanist to Voice Teacher CORNELIA E. EARLE Director of Art M. ALICE KERR HOUSTON, A. M. Librarian NITA BRYANT Assistant Librarian CHARLES A. MISENHEIMER, A. M., M. D College Physician and Lecturer on Hygiene J. P. MATHESON, A. B., M. D. Lecturer CEye, Throat and Earl NETA J. UMBERGER Matron, Trained Nurse MRS. MARY SEAY Superintendent of the Boarding Department 3-.S X.,---" gk fv Q fy SL 1 -.., , , , ci ij N1 'SQ .,.- if E-in .qs- . Q, ,,.,,..,..,,,. .. ... ..,,,, . 01.2 .ff ...wa 'nm sit! -an -o qw? Fd V491 75 V2 QP- fd on F' G52 P': 600' aww 4- mfg? f. svn 90 Ayn vv"f' uP F-'fx : Q.: ' f ' is as 'ff cf U ,,. Us gpm' ,"' 'iv' 'V ff- ,- B,-fs' if! QI: 3 Q 5,- YW J Lg 2: 'E ni 1 ?'Z! s-f,,.,d C- EL- r ,J f , rn' M Q11 U.-f fa 1' 2, ff: .5 La ai 46 ga. - 3 3-fr f sz! 5-M5 ... M 4' fn 'f'1fi'5r 0 'U 'G' 7' 3'.a ...J CG2'.T::'z,.ww 2.1 "Yun-qwl'f.A 'iiim f . "Elizahrth'a igrngmm From the World of Ignorance to that of Knowledge Delivered Under the Similitude of a Dream BY THE ELIZABETHAN STAFF 10 flhr Anthnrz' 2-Xpnlngg fur thvir Bunk mhvn at thr tirzt me tnnk unr pm in hanh Ethan fur tn tnritr, mr hih nut 1I1lilP1'5fEII1h Zlnzt what tu Hag, an mb uxrntv it in this mag: Hun think it ia an Annual, all, what mv iilizahvthh lgrngrraa tall. "1Mnnlh5't than hiuvrt thguvlf frum nnelanrhnlg ? 1Mnulh5't thnu he plrasant, gvt far frum fnllg? 1BlInnlh5't thnu rrah rihhlvn anh their rxplanatinna ? QD1' star hr hrnmnvh in the rnnternplatinn ? mnnlhxft reah thgavlf, anh rvah than knnmvat nut what? QB, thvn rmnv hithvr, Anil lag nur hunk, thg heah, anh thg hvart tugvtherf' 11 13 0 , ' 4 lrgahrih 5 lgrngrvnn I A S I walked among the ignorant of this world, I lighted on a certain campus and I laid me down Ill to sleep, and as I slept, I dreamed a dream. I dreamed and behold, I saw a girl with a burden upon her back. I looked and saw her open a Book and read therein, and as she read Q she wept and trembled and not being able to contain herself she broke out with a lamentable cry, "How shall I acquire knowledge ?" Now I saw upon a time, when she was walking in the field, that a man named Parent came towards her and asked, "Wherefore dost thou cry 7" And she said, "I see by this book that I am condemned to go to Elizabeth College." Then the Parent said, "If this be thy condition, why standst thou still? Do you see yonder Wicket Gate ? Do you see yonder Shining Light? Keep that Light in your eye. Go up directly there, so shalt thou see the Gate. It shall be told thee what thou shalt do." And I saw in my dream that the maiden began to run. So in the process of time, Elizabeth came up to the Gate. Now over the Gate was written, "ELIZABETH COLLEGE," on the left side, "Porta, Scvlentae Artis et Lfitercwumf' on the right side, "Lumen Lucis Liber Tatisque. " She knocked therefore more than once and then said, "May I enter here L?" At last there came a grave person to the Gate, named Classification Committee, and asked, "Who is there and what will you have ?" Elizabeth-"I am a poor ignorant girl. I come from the City of Know Nothing, but I am going to the Mount of Knowledge. I would therefore, sir, sinceI am informed that by this Gate is the way thither, know if you are willing to let me in." C. C.-"I am willing with all my heart," and with that he opened the Gate. l2 ,- W "' v PNK - -ra lip s e fr - 3. Q ' -12 aff 1. ff- ? l ' .1 - "-' ,. W3 5 l r y if -Q ff , l f 11 3,3 75443 -, f u' li J VV . V. .1 ., A .,,,, ,, , ,. 5 Q .l f Sip- 3 . A, I Svnphnmnrv lgrngrrnz Then I saw in my dream that Elizabeth had left behind her the Freshman Class and had come upon another band called Sophomores. They cry aloud with joy and I see that they harness her from head to foot with the armour of Sophomore Self-Conceit, which was proof against all assaults along the way. And playing and singing they pass on. 18 Q 1, x QT ' 1-ll k fri! W . 1 :' 2---' 4' f' I f-sr-'f..,' 1 4. 2 XX 'lik ' -W 'H ::....Q ,. , I 4,-fl-f Y FII., 19 Svnphnmnrv 0112155 MOTTO : Excelsior COLORS: Green and Wlwfe FLOWER: Lily of the Valley ibflirrra z KATHERINE VOLLERS RUTH KEISTER . . CHARLOTTE RUCKER AILEEN DREW . Aileen Drew Ruth Keister Virginia Lillard Sara Moseley Gean Robinson . . illlvnihvrzz 20 . President . . Vice President Secretary and Historian . . . Treasurer Charlotte Rucker Lillie Sharpe Jessica Vann Katherine Vollers Trula Watkins ,..? -l .J A Tlnazt in the Svnphnmnrrz Here's to the years so quickly passed 3 Here's to the dear old Sophomore classg Here's to our friendships not a few 3 Here's to health and happiness too. Here's to the girls of White and greeng Here's to the fat ones and the lean, Here's to the short ones and the tall, Here's best Wishes to one and all. Here's to those who are shining lights, Here's to those Who fight for their rightsg Here's to each and every task, And all with the love of the Senior Class. By 01, Senior. 22 Miatnrg nf Ihr Svnphnmnrr Qllana The second mile stone has been past ! We are Freshmen no longer l While there are many more hills to climb and we know not what the next turn of the road may bring, yet the journey seems not so long, nor the Way so steep, as We stand at the vantage point of Sophomorism. In the fall of 1910, we returned to Elizabeth to take up once again the duties, as Well as the pleasures of College life. We were joined by eight other Sophomores and we became the class of thirteen in number as Well as in name. The Sophomore year is usually looked upon as a year of "grind," and in this We are not disappointed. Truly the way of a Sophomore is hard! But our sister class has held out the helping hand, and nothing in our year has been enjoyed so much as the reception given to us by the Seniors in March. We Worked hard to uphold our class during the Basket Ball Tournament, and did succeed in winning the Fresh-Soph game. But we were no match for the Senior and Junior teams, and since we could not have the cup, We are glad to know that it Went to the Seniors, our sister class. And so, chanting lustily our class yell : Thirteen, Rah I thirteen rah I Nineteen thirteen, sis, Boom, Bah! Green and White Wah, who, Wah l Nineteen thirteen Rah! Rah I Rah ! We march along the Way, hoping that "the best is yet to be." HISTORIAN. 23 X N . fl H V ! Q I a M if A , 5 F to I s F, , N Q gw -' f if PM VL' . - e 1FscT""""'-ef l FC'-, Xt F W NN Pmfvs ,A T ,xy -g' v 'Yr-x'E?:3b,?g'I-lgvjxri-,Qi V2 affhgijiilrlwqb A1 y xv. -X l F cg 1 'Iwi' RN TT ' - 5 FFP if. x ,J -'EJ' X ,miie xi sk ,J . a w . , W K 'Q lb- Zluninr Idrngrrzz Then I saw in my dream that Elizabeth presently drew near to a place Where was kept a Fair, and the name of the Fair was Vanity and the persons that kept it were called Juniors. And at the Fair was sold all sorts of frivolities, such as dances, teas, feasts and "slippings" and whatnot. And I saw that they paid for these Vanities With reprimands and demerits. 24 .E fX f jf X MX, X K X! 1' f N45 1, N F 1 f f i X ifgk 25 Qllazz nf 1912 MOTTO: Scire Quam Simulafre COLOR: Cardinal and White FLOWER: Red Carnation YELL Whoop-la-rahl Whoop-la-ree! Walk up, chalk up, up to dee Razzle, dazzle, sizzle, zazzle, sis boom bah, THERESA KING - KATRINA GOSE - - ETHEL WEBB - - MARGUERITE BRITTIAN RUTH DoWD - - - Willie Anderson Nita Bryant Marguerite Brittian Ruth Dowd Ethel Durham Annie Belle Dowd Katrina Gose Narvis Haigler Laura Hearne Rosalyn Hipp Juniors, Juniors Rah-Rah-Rah ! Qbffirera flllrmhvrn 26 - President - Vice-President - Secretary Treasurer - Historian Theresa King Joe Kinard Gretchen Kime Rosamond Lucas Alma Maultsby Natalie Rugheimer Blanch Simmons Cora Stansill Verner Summer Ethel Webb Z X gf A 3luninr5 55112151 Oh, we are jolly Juniors now A dignified lot you see, A cherished hope of cap and gown Adds a weight of dignity. For we mastered Math and Terrence, And now we have agreed To likewise conquer Physics- T'will be a mammoth deed. At tennis too, and Basket ball By way of recreation, We surely will win out in all- Such is our reputation. In society and class assemblies We move with stately grace, For we are Juniors of naughty twelve And we would take our place. The days of our lives pass quickly There is work for all and more, Until at last our "dip" is won, And our college life be o'er. -F. B S Eiainrg nf Thr Eluninr 0112155 Probably some five thousand, nine hundred and twelve years after the creation of the world, accord- ing to Biblical records, to-wit: the fall of nineteen hundred and eight, there strolled up to the halls of "old Betsy" the memorable class of 1912. Some of us were talking of home, of friends, or of sweethearts left behind 3 but such thoughts were of short duration, for with surprising swiftness to the Sophomores, we at last adapted ourselves, and launched out upon the troublesome sea of Freshmanhood- ' 'Troublesomen is the proper adjective to use in this case. Really until one is a Freshman, she never realizes the numer- ous little things, which to the poor "Freshie" seems purposely placed in his path. But we surmounted all obstacles with pluck and grit. Our Sophomore year was one of great importance from a social standpoint. To begin with, the Seniors did themselves proud by a Senior-Sophomore wedding in which the two classes were formally united. Our bride, for the bride was chosen from the Sophomore class, was given a grand reception by the Seniors, to which of course the whole Sophomore class was invited. The wedding cake was cut and all other fes- tivities which pertain to a Wedding were indulged in. Then came our turn to entertain the Seniors, so we decided to give them an automobile ride, followed by a progressive luncheon. Of course we all had a fine time and every thing turned out well, as indeed every thing does in which our class takes part. Then came our Junior year. In this our athletics played a great part. Our Basket-ballTournament was especially interesting, for our team easily won all the games until we came to the Senior game. In this game we tied with them until the last few minutes in which time they scored on us and as fate would have it, the whistle blew at the self-same second and thus the Seniors carried off the cup. Loyal to "Old Betsy," loyal to our class, and loyal to our friends, we approach to don our Senior togs, feeling that the many great things we have achieved in the past are mere beginnings to those which we are destined to perform as 1912 of Seniors at Elizabeth. RUTH DOWD. 25? l I " 1 53, . ,. W , ft-ff . '-X, l . If ' :TW , 1 'K E I ' -.. f ' I L -' M, , , I ' -3' .. 'f wx 2 A I 1 . 'f -2. -W2 f l A . Ji' If'-.1 'NV V f ' E . . - . I . .f ,L ,J M , A I ft' ..f- f 5 3 z. 1 E , pf ,. ' , '3 gif, VV ,V - V I I . . , AIYKCM' 4 ,V ,WV -3 L .V , I , n ,,., . . V! ,, A V , I """ ' A .:' f15,:g.,:..., 5 ld' "" ' 4' XV V I WU. .. -1 ' . if I, 4.5 ' is P .. - g ,.qf4 ' " -' . V. .. f W' A 2' 'V' 75'i'.'12'fT32:1'.-7 1 5 - 2l5:9w"?fvEw51gi,iQ'f . ., V: VVVMVVV , . 4. ,L f fy A .45 Vf.V,,,V.VV,1 I., ', , x- ,N - - H A ' - .'- fa "- .g..i9'?iv,1 ' 1- me V ,,,,:.:.:,V,:,3JL-15'lH-"'j"'7',f'f5 V 1 yV,,:,1:f1 l im L ----- -.f.--.- ,......aa-..-...--..4.e. - -.,..,w -. . .. W, ,-I: , -L Ml.-,-H - - ' - ' ' "' L"' ' W"""v'W4v'H- Svminr Hrngrrza Then I saw in my dream that Elizabeth had left the Fair called Vanity and had joined herself to a smaller band, aged, weary, groaning grievously, and these persons were called Seniors. Now Ilooked and I saw that Elizabeth and her companions had become entangled in a mesh called the Net of Senior Dignity, from which they were a long time in freeing themselves. And along the Way they Were taken by the giant, Despair, who kept the Dreadful Castle of Thesis: And they went on until they came to the foot of a high mountain, on the top whereof there were many persons, clad in White, singing a loud hymn of praise. "What meaneth that?" asked Elizabeth. And a man named Faculty said, "That is the Mount of Gradua- tion, and the shining ones are Graduates, who have passed over the River of Examinations, and the Branches that they Wave are Diplomas. The path is steep that leads thereto but the Reward is great. Gird therefore your loins and prepare for the journey." And behold I saw Elizabeth begin to toil up the Mount of Graduation. 30 g VX 5" 2- X I XIX ix N I by f Jjl - f W ..b, . Y ,ll x, J-I-, 3 1 Svrniur Ullman MOTTO : Esse Quam Videri. COLORS : Light Blue and Gold FLOWER : Forget-Me-Not. HAZELL ALBRIGHT . ALMA OATES . . WILLIE BICLAUGHLIN . MARGARET DEWOODY . HAZEL MACNICHOLS . BESSIE PEERY . HAZEL CHERRYMAN . Hazell Albright Hazel Cherryman Bessie Crockett Gbftirrru illllrmhvra Margaret Dewoody Jennie Kroeg Willie McLaughlin Hazel MacNichols Elizabeth Van Poole 32 . President . Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer . Poet . Historian Prophet Annie Moseley Alma Oates Bessie Peery Laura Reilley Mary Taylor Sasser Nell Saunders Myra Washburn ug- Y CHARLES MCDONALD, CLASS MASCOT 33 HAZELL PATTERSON ALBRIGHT, A. B BURLINGTON, N. C. "Uncle Henry"-"Pat" O, that this too-too solid flesh would melt" Common sense is, of all kinds, the most uncommon 34 TES A. NORA ALMA OA f , CHARLOTT E, N. C. QLMY a A true Wom "Alamo" B. h' of the past. " mbition is a t mg an, modest, simple a nd sweet WILLIE MCLAUGHLIN, A. CHARLOTTE N. Q. "Bill"-"Billy Bounce" "It would talk-Lord! howit t "The Sprightly wit, the lovely eye, The engaging smile, the gaity That laughed down many a summer s And kept you up so oft 't1l one. B. alkecl " UH MARGARET COWA N DEWOODY, Graduatein Expression PINE BLUFF, ARK. "Thinking is "Her 71 "Mot" but an idle waste of thought." e, too, dwells simple truth d an plain innocence." BESSIE NELL PEERY, A. B., and Graduate in Expression BURKE'S GARDEN, VA. "Bess" ' 'Peery " "Self-distrust is the cause of most of our failures." "True as the needle to the pole, OI' as the dial to the sun." 38 LAURA HOLMES REILLEY, A. B. CHARLOTTE, N. C. "T0tsie" "At the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder 3 0 "A faithful friend is better than gold." 39 'S 'I' 'likp MARY TAYLOR SASSER, A. B. DURHAM, N. C. "Sasser" I am resolved to grow fat and look "Thou who ha st the fatal gift of young until forty beauty. " MYRA INMAN WASHBURN, A. B. CHARLOTTE, N. C. ' 'Kidn "Yet will she blush." "What e'er she did was done with so much ease In her alone 'twas natural to please." HAZEL IRENEjCHERRYIVIAN, Graduate in Piano GRAND RAPIDS, MICII. ' 'Cher1'y" 'II arn in earnest I I will not retract a single word! And I WILL be heard I" "The warmth of genial courtesy, The calm of self-reliance. " 42 raduate in Piano BESSIE CROCKETT, G TAZEWELL, VA. "Daddy" "Behold a child by Nature's kindly law, ' a rattle, tickled with a straw." Her m Pleased with usic washes away 43 from the sou l the dust of eve ry day life 1, ff v-, ,Q Qu rf ' R, JENNIE KROE 'Then floated G, Graduate in O CHARLESTON, S. C. "Kroeg" For I am noth from the organ, music, rgan and Piano ing if not critical." soft as a murmur." HAZEL DINSMORE MACNICHOLS, Graduate in Piano CAMDEN, N. J. "Hazel Mac" "Is not music the food of love." "How far that little candle throws his beams." 45 ANNIE ELIZABETH MOSELEY, Graduate in Piano PROSPERITY, S. C. -f "Mose" " ,jg "There was never yet fair woman but she made mouths in a glass P "It Wlll dlscourse most eloquent mus1c." , ,J , , ,fly 46 N ELL SANDERS, Graduate in Expression CHARLOTTE, N. C. "Flip" "You look Wise-pray correct that error." "A true friend is forever a friend." ELIZABETH it 43 VAN POOLE, Graduate SALISBURY, N. C. "Dixie" "Van Poole" in Expression She is a Winsome wee thing." "Here is Wisdom." ff' F g-3,11-'j N.--::.i .ff Q ltiatnrg nf Srninr Qllaaa As the year is divided into four seasons, so our college life may be divided into four periods-the dreary bleak winter of the Freshmen yearg the fresh budding spring of the Sophomoreg the beautiful, joyous summer of the J uniorg then last the triumphant reaping of our labors-the glorious autumn of the Senior year. In the winter of 1907 seven leafless, rather insignificant little sprouts were planted in Elizabeth College, the ground of learning, with the hope that they would grow into luxuriant trees of knowledge. We, timid little Freshmen, enshrouded in mists of bewilderment, chilled by the frosty looks of the austere faculty, and blown by the blasts of homesickness, with the heavy cloud of dread of what might be hanging over us, were often almost overpowered. Awed by the many strange things around us and the sneering counte- nance of the "old girls," we scarcely dared to turn around lest we should violate the rules. And being constantly reminded of our "greenness," we at least took hope in this fact that others recognized there was life in us. Yet, in spite of these lowering clouds, upheld by the strong root of determination, and self-confidence, these little sprouts grew and flourished in this new ground. Then the next season how these sprouts burst forth and blossomed in all the freshness and glory of the spring time! For were we not Sophomores? How our hopes rose when we realized we were no longer poor little Freshmen-We had now forgotten our bleak winter season and delighted in making the Freshmen realize our superiority. This was our hard year of workg we had many new and hard studies, such as 49 "Trig," Plautus and History B. Yet, how we delighted in conquering these hard studies, we were ever noted for our faithfulness if not for any marked degree of brilliance. Always true to our motto: "To be rather than to seem," we at least can be true to what we think is right if we cannot startle any one with our marvelous talents. We had little time for social features this year except when the Seniors were kind enough to invite us to go on an "auto" ride with the Juniors. Now we come to the bright summer of our college life, our Junior year-the season of our highest hopes, our jolliest times and the period in which we felt our importance most. We were sorry to miss Gertrude from our class, but being in the summer of our life we ever looked on the bright side and rejoiced to welcome five new girls into our ranks. This was our care-free and social year, First, we gave a banquet in town in honor of class of 19103 here we had a jolly good time, for besides the good things to eat, we had special music and toasts. In return for this the Seniors gave us a box party at the Academy of Music, and as is usual with school girls, we all went "crazy" over the idol, Paul Gilmore. Yet we would not have you think we spent all our time at playg for we did some solid work this year and remembering our aim in life, we ever tried to "follow the gleam." Now as we come to the glorious autumn of our college life-our Senior year, the time of the harvest- ing of our four years labor, it is with a tinge of sadness we realize we will be school girls no more but must go forth into the larger school of life. This is the time when most of our hopes are realized, when we feel the responsibilities resting upon usg the time of determination to make the best of these golden opportunitiesg the time for preparing our- selves for the great battle of life, realizing with the immortal bard that : "He that made us with such large discourse Looking before and after, gave us not That capability and God-like reason To fust in us unused." Of course this last year is the best of ally we were glad to have five more join our class this year, yet we were slorry to give up Ina after she had been with us a half year, for she, in her own quiet way, helped us so muc . - We have had the hard work, and the usual trials and the responsibilities that beset a Senior class, and although mentally we may not be the strongest class that claims dear old "Betsy" as an Alma Mater, no reflections can be cast on our physical presentation, for in the basket ball contest our team showed its strength by winning the loving cup from the Juniors. So you see in several ways we might be termed a distinguished class. Just turn to the statistics if you want to find what our fellow classmen are noted for-there is Mary, the most sentimentalg Nell, the 50 laziest, and "Cherry," the most original, and We think she justly deserves this, for her one ambition is to be "cute and original." Now We take up the social features of the year, first was the banquet given our team by the class in appreciation of their hard Work in winning the loving cup. We sang our class songs, had refreshments, then the loving cup Was passed around and toasts were given by each member. From the first of Feb- ruary on, we scarcely had breathing space. First Miss Palmer entertained. the Senior class, followed by many class receptions and music and expression recitals. Truly the Senior year is a full one. And now, We wish to express to our honored President and Teachers our appreciation for the truths, the hopes and the inspirations they have given us. As We think of the four years spent at Elizabeth, we can truly say that We are glad to have been here. With sadness We think of leaving dear old "Betsy" which we are proud to claim as our Alma Mater. May she ever prosper! As historian of this class, I hope the members of this class will be transplanted to larger grounds of usefulness, realizing with Festus that : "Life's more than breath and the quick round of bloodg It is a great spirit and a busy heart. He most lives Who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best. Life's but a means unto an end-that end, Beginning, means, and ends to all things-God." BESSIE PEERY, HISTORIAN. f n-f-wf""f" .. F lNl 51 fivvninr Ullman Itlnrm In this great old world Where the sun does shine, And little birds sing all the time, It would seem to one, Things never were wrong, 'Where the strong grow great And the weak grow strong' But does one realize where all this began ? 'Twas at the beginning of life and man. So it is that you and I Our characters mould until we die. We've tried to heed our duty's call For four long years whether to rise or fallh Some dropping out and others sticking by, Determined to win or else to die. We'd toil, we'd worry, we'd work, we'd pray, Hoping that things would turn our way. And so it was we waded through, Our college life eager and true. And now we feel stronger the while For reaching the goal and joining the file Of those who have conquered, and those who have won And are ready to do their life work 'till done. So now dear Seniors, one and allg Whether we rise or whether we fall, May our college days be ever dear, And our friends once made ever sincere. And to you, our Alma Mater dear, In whose halls we have loved to roam, May we ne'er forget the welcome, In the place we've long called "home" HAZEL D. MACNICHOLS. 52 0112155 Idrnphrrg I HE most astounding revelations are expected of the prophet of that August Body, the Senior A gg I Class of 1911. Thus it is with fear in my heart that I try to bring forth out of the dim and eb f distant future the fortune of those most fortunate ones who wear the cap and gown and the "'A"E" Q class pin of Elizabeth College, naught eleven. If prophets in general wrote honestly what they expected some of the class to be, I fear prophecies would be done away forever. I would hate to tell what I think some of this illustrious Class may be. So I will try to picture things as pleasantly as possible for all concerned. Thus when the -""""""""" . i invitation came from that wierd and most mysterious picture man, Professor Seay fvtr Q 1 to take the class of 1911 into his room of mystery and to permit them aglanceinto his Lense of Future years, the girls were all joyful and verily the heart of the Af ,Lg , v prophet waxed lighter. vrqrgg We were ushered into a rather small room where there shone forth, seem- WSETEN ingly from the wall, a fiendish red light, which cast strange shadows on the faces. In the wierd glow there were no objects discernable from the place, save large white sheet entirely covering one end of the room, while at the other end stood an odd-looking machine on wheels, from the front of which projected a , long cylinder. P-'t'lae.., The silence was broken by the deep tones of Professor Seay's voice announc- ' ing that the first forecast would be made. There was a moving of the big mach- ine, then a brilliant light shot out from the cylinder and cast a strong and pow- erful ray upon the sheet. We watched it with hearts pounding and breath sus- pended, for the thing seemed almost human as it danced about here in one corner and there in another. Gradually it became steadier until it finally reached the middle of the sheet where it remained stationary and slowly but surely a figure arose gradually taking form and shape until almost the entire space was used. It couldn't, no it could not possibly be-that stout big person I Did our eyes deceive us ? No, too true, it was Willie McLaughlin, upheld in front of her was a large sign bearing the words, "Votes for Women." The years have added many pounds to her avoirdupois. The cost of high living had evidently not disturbed this suffragette. 53 i JSR Q By her smile and expression she seemed most happy, which meant that she had been allowed to talk as much as she desired, there being no surer way to health and happiness in her opinion than by finding good listeners. Gradually she faded away, her size making it impossible for haste, and the next figure appeared coming slowly along, head on one side as if ever listening for harmonies or discords. She carried upon her back a queer shaped box and lead by a string a monkey. What I one of our class had become a street musi- cian ? An organ grinder! Truly her rise in the musical world was phenominal. 'Twas Jenny. She, whom we had expected to hold concert audiences enthralled, was playing for crowds of children on a street corner and her monkey gathered their pennies, while she ground out "Every Little Movement Has a Meaning of Its Own l" She was followed by a hurrying figure dressed all in black and wearing a small bonnet tied under the chin with white strings. , From under the bonnet peeped a face which looked as if the care and responsibility of the world were resting upon her. Sho carried in each hand a basket, one of fruit, and one of flowers, and we quickly recognized in this Deaconess our little serious, grave-eyed Bessie Crockett. We all knew she was good, but little did we know HOW good. What tricks old Father Time plays with us all anyway. The light went out for a brief moment then flashed on again with unusual brilliancy and the scene changed again. 'Twas in some large city, the street was wide and spacious, and wealth was shown in every detail of the picture. A carriage rolled up before a handsome stone residence, and quickly the coachman climbed down and held the door open. Who should alight but a tall, fine looking man and after him came a woman, the object of our interest. She was dressed in the height of fashion in a beautiful evening gown with handsome coat and furs. 54 l been a school teacher. How fate was twisting things ! .. of all our class but she was light enough and small enough to trip the light fantastic ? But another caught our gaze and this time 'tis that of little woman, fat and round, standing before a table. She is almost enveloped in the huge dimensions of a cooking apron, evidently trying to keep her Sunday clothes clean. Her arms are plunged in a bowl of-what we do not know, but it must be some- thing good. When one sees the smile they recognize the little senior, whoin her last year was always working so industriously-Hazel MacNichols. The picture was not needed in this case, as we all knew she would be a cook and housekeeper. 55 It needed only one look at her to tell that it was Mary Taylor Sasser turned into a society woman, when by all the divine ordering of the gods she should have Who was this figure pirouetting along ? A ballet dancer 'P Was lt possi ble that an Elizabeth girl could so far deviate from the straight and narrow path to seek the crooked one of a dancer of the ballet 'Z She whirled wildly in the air skirts and dresses in a flutter We were unable to see her face until she bowed as though acknowledging ap plause, and we saw with consternation that it was Bessie Peery Of all un believable things V But then who out VW NTED APOSVHOU A S K INDERGRQN'-lillfliil I SHEETS EDCPEYKEPICE TUV Hmm lift addfzsg 'Box 2.5 in Biting-K W ' .f-, , ,- 17,9 .. , ,yy ,, , A I gg - 4- A ' . ' f , 5' 1 ., 1. ,. N '. I .. .s ' 4 Q- . 1 But, oh I the courage of that man to risk his life at the expense of an inexperienced cook. But what was this queer thing coming ? It was not a figure, it was an advertisement. And we readin con- sternation : "WANTED-Position as Kindergarten Teacher by one of ten years experience. References. Address M. Dewoody, Pine Bluff, Ark." So the bril- liant future that we had mapped out for her asa Reader was false. One could not imagine her an old maid, for- saken by all but her Kat. Her disposition has soured too, I fear, for ten years as a teacher of small children would destroy even as sweet a disposition as we know Mot to possess. The next picture flashed and showed a farm-yard, and in the midst of a lot of chickens stood a tall, thin, angular Hgure. It was diflicult to rec- ognize in this tacky looking individual Hazel Albright, but as soon as she threw back her sunbonnet from her head, we saw who it was. She was in her proper sphere at last I No school teaching for hers, but the simple life simplified, as a farmer's wife. Who in the world would guess that one of the 711 seniors would be so crazy about dignity, solitude, and peacefulness that she would become a nun ? Can you imagine it ? This heav- ily draped figure in black who walked in such a quiet way was none other than Laura Reilley. We might have known that of all of all the girls, she would be the most likely to do a thing of that sort, as there is none so dig- nified as she. But what surprises I And who was this old Apple Woman standing on the corner hailing all passers-by, and hold- ing out her apples in exchange for pen- nies ? It was Nell Saunders. What a brilliant future I If she had but looked ahead while she was grinding away on English and Psychology she might have taken a correspondence course in "How to Sell Apples and Make Money I" Do my eyes deceive me or is that Myra Washburn sitting there trim- ming hats '? It is she. One could not fail to know that little square, chubby person, her hair still worn around her head as in the prevailing style at Eliz- beth in 1910-11. Fashion and years had not changed her even though she was making "Fashionable Hats for Fashionable People l" One could al- most imagine one saw the blushes come and go as of old. -I i f The next picture showed a Nurse hurrying along with a small vafise in her hand. She was a comfortable looking person and from her stature and in the neatness of every detail of her appearance we could not help but recognize Elizabeth Van Poole. Her ambition was reached then-to be a perfectly good nurse. At least one of us had climbed to the top of the dizzy ladder of ambition. There was a roar of laughter when the nurse disap- peared, only to be followed by the prissiest, funniest figure imaginable, with little curls clustering around her face and a cat in her arms. It took us some time to 57 ff discover in this little old maid Alma Oates. Surely the 1 A fl , g A fates were kind to her, nothing to think of all her life ' 1 'T' 1 f but cats. fp - A Every one heaved a sigh of relief when the next ,Tiff : picture came, as it was the last-this looking into the . , y V future of fifteen girls was rather trying on one's nerves. ,Q , 5 ' A There was Annie Moseley posing, and if it were not U, V . . 1' for a moving picture man, He was taking her picture 1 and Winding the film around. How queer! but when . we go into moving picture shows ten years from now " 4. and see one of our girls looking at us, we will not regret f , our nickel, I know. At least she is original and always 1 . , .1 -,"' Cute' 7 ...P 2 l"'i ff', kirvif' The light went out and with a groan the class filed - out, silent and awed with their future staring them in the face. What brilliancy had not this wonderful class shown to have such a collection of celebrities ? Truly it was an illustrious class. The prophet's task had been done for her with a sigh and with a heart full of thankfulness that there was no really disastrous futures shown, the curtain was rung down on the future of the class of 1911. N. B.- "One moment, young ladies," called Prof. Seay, as we gathered ourselves together for our depart- ure, "there is just one more picture," and the curtain rose upon the picture of a poor little mother, sitting beside an humble cottage, with her darning basket in her lap. Near her stood a baby coach, and at her feet played two sturdy little children. Who can this be ? And as we look at the plain little figure in its 58 simple gingham frock, We recognize our class prophet, Hazell Cherryman. Who should have destined the bright girl to such a life of drudgery and self-sacrifice ? After having given such a brilliant recital, we naturally expected her to teach at least one year! But one can plainly see the influence of man over the weakness of Woman. Still, who knows, perhaps Hazell has chosen the wiser part ? "Out, out all the lights, out all," and silently and softly We crept out into the daylight. 59 Glvrtiiimtv Svtuhrntz GAY WILLIS Certificate in History and English and Bible 60 If , MARGARET BOMAR Certificate in History iF1lIa5tPr'5 Bvgrrv ALICE KERR HOUSTON, A. B., 1909 Greensboro, N. C. Qlhv lflnng ilraf Efginv How dear is the land of the long leaf pine, Where the dogwood blooms and the redwood vine, Where the Spanish moss and the J essamine mate Neath the whispering pines of the Old North State 'Tis the land of the cotton blossom white, Where the scuppernong scatters its perfume at night, Where the mocking bird sings in the old apple tree, When the winds blow softly from the hills to the sea. The land where lovers delight to roam, But are watched through the pines by the silvery moon Where the sunset renders a beautiful glow, No fairer land does this country know. To her country we know she is as true as steel, This means no other but the true "Tar Heel," Of the near land, of the dear land, this land of mine, Whose emblem is the long leaf pine. A. A. C. I Ihr 'als nfa 'uh I gl ' ETTY was a new girl-tall and dignified, but hopelessly stuck up. We Sophomores stood her ' .6 high and mighty airs just about as long as we could. And one day when she passed Tot Gray in the hall without even saying, 6'Hello," we decided that we simply had to take some of the starch out of her. "Girls," I said to two or three who happened to see the "cut," - ' "come on to my room and lets decide what must be done to that girl. It simply can't go on any longer.', "Oh, I have a perfectly lovely plan. Come on and I'll tell you all about it. " We had more fun that day talking it over. "Its going to work of course." "I speak to be bottle," said Tot. "How'll you get her out ?" "Suppose she screams." But finally all plans were laid and we could hardly wait for Saturday night to roll around. Well, it came at last, and I was sent out as scout to see what Miss Betty's plans were for the night. I went in and made the nicest call, and after hours of waiting she kindly let fall the desired information that she was going to spend the night with Lil, who happened to room at the other end of the hall. And loaded with this, I hastened away to tell the girls. "We'll hide under the stairs, opposite the bath room," I said, "for its the grandest place of all." And accordingly four of us stole along the dark hall and crouched there waiting. We waited perfect ages, and just as we had given up all hope of settling with Betty, and when I was blessing her out for telling me that story, her door opened. "Here she comes," said Tot, and we all peeped and knew that the tall figure approaching could be no other than the guilty Betty. She came nearer and nearer. We rushed forward and grabbed her. She gave a faint cry, but Bess stuied a towel, that she had brought for that express purpose, in her mouth. I grabbed her feet and somebody her head and we bore her swiftly towards the bath room. There was something about her that was unlike Betty, --but pshaw, of course it was she. There we ran with our burden, and deposited her in the tub-full of water. Duck, duck, duck, three times we held her under. And as we brought her up the third time,-I looked and "Caesars Ghost !"-we gave one terror-stricken glance at each other and then turned and fled, never speaking, for girls it was the Lady Principal! We hastened to bed, but not to sleep, for we trembled for what the morrow might bring forth. The next day a Student Body meeting was called to investigate a "very unfortunate affair on the Drevious night." but the meeting was in vain. No traces could be found of the guilty persons. But the Lady Principal was sick in bed and her clothes were hanging on the line. 63 Skrtrh nf lgrnfraanr Zrhm Just ten years ago-in 1901-a new era in the Conservatory of Music was marked by the coming of Harry J. Zehm. When very young, he showed such remarkable talent as a church organist, that it was decided to send him abroad. He studied there for seven years, in Leipsic, in Germany, at its famous conservatory, and with G iilmant in Paris. Coming back to America he made his debut as an organist in New York in 1897 at a recital given by him in Mendelsohn Hall. Since then he has given many recitalsin the Middle, New England, and Southern States, and was the only organist from North Carolina engaged to play the large organ in the Festival Hall at the St. Louis Exposition. Since coming here, Mr. Zehm has occupied a prominent place in the musical life of Charlotte. In the May Music Festival within six weeks, he successfully organized the Festival Chorus of one hundred and twenty-five voices and directed it, as well as the orchestra, through the "Stabat Mater." At various times, under his direction, the Choral Society, consisting of mixed voices and the College Chorus has presented such works as Gounod's "Redemption," Sullivan's "Golden Legend" and Haydnts "Creation," As for his pupils here in the college, you only have to mention "Professor" to hear enthusiastic remarks on all sides. The girls not only realize his great ability, but know that they can count on him always to give interest and assistance in both their work and their play. It is in this that he has won for himself a place in the heart of the Elizabeth girl. May his next ten years be as full of success as these just past. Here's to you, Professor! 64 6 . Mr. Harry J. Zehm, who com pletes ten years as Director of the Conservatory of Music, receiving his appoint- ment in 1901. "iSliza1hrIh'5 Idrngrrzz Now, as Elizabeth was walking solitarily by herself, she espied one afar off come crossing over the field to meet her, and their hap was to meet just as they were crossing the way of each other. The gen- tlemen7s name was Mr. Worldly Wise Man, and then he spoke to Elizabeth: "Now whither, my dear maiden, after this hasty manner ?" "I tell you I am going towards yonder Mount of Graduation, for I am informed that I shall be given a Diploma." 'Then I will advise thee how thou may enjoy thyself upon the journey and have pleasure along the way." . And I saw that Mr. Worldly Wise Man led Elizabeth to a large room in which there were gathered many other maidens. Some wore grave and serious looks, and one striking upon a table with a mallet called "Silence," in a loud voice. Others dressed in gay clothing danced joyously together. Some sat feasting and drinking by the light of a small candle. Some, with tin cans upon their heads, were acting as if possessed by evil spirits, while still others with faces covered with soot, played upon various instru- ments. "What means these strange things ?" then asked Elizabeth. "These are Clubs and Organiza- tions, " answered Mr. Worldly Wise Man, and they are the most important part of the college career. Let us go forward, and you shall duly pass through the Initiation thereof." 66 xff wp' ' 4 ' fwxx f M 'QA f F ax X N r x , . L 7 f f'6l 0 XJ1 vx Q 1 : if f f 'E 0 f 1 Q X 4 f L I xg xxx 'gi U I .9 ff Q 1 ' X4 X ... A w " I V 1 ' w 1 L '- 1 f.a. A 1 ' 1 I 1 x 1 I nga' ifriif-EQ 'f .iw -1 A , . - 1 ., I 'r 5' , f' R A ' ' ',.'. if - -5 1 ,-, 1 ., . ,. , . .YI X VI . V .I 1 I I V , . - . I ,J , .. L 7 4 r , -' W f- ' ' ' ' If . ' v , . ' ' O V Y . . :f . f ' ' 1 1 ',. , I- D . . , L , ,ff , , ' ,A Q, 'Q W N i I ff- . f , , .Y 1, ' j.,vf 5 , 'J 3 .' ' 1 'hx x - - - - r :,. ' 'ff f , ' :J , , , -, N I ,N I , zgrvf' , Y 'I .5 , l ,, rl g '77 ' 1 ' -' Q I X fd,-5,1:,f:f'x",.f,fI, -' L' 27 , , x 1 ., ,, 4, ' 3- 1 5 Ny . K'9sF'a'i1i. ""'1i' -1Q',""3"'?f-3'-'P 3 9 'V ,,3iQ,1g:"..g,"-.izvr .gg-542.1 ,jp -:V , gf K' fog?"--' mg' 1:"f".: L .' 'D :Mr W jgxqlj ,gpm in J, . I. '- : H, "' 3: '.' 3. ,, wx " . ?f2'uL": 4 ,vt ' " "1 ff, -1" ,.,, , ' N' 1 1' ' ' 'k C' I v- ff -xii.. . ' 'L V P2 tQ?43,.f?MYL,,!,' , 1- L, ,X ' , 4 ,. ,...' ' 1 '15, . :, - - Y f V .4 7 , ' flu' w ' ' N 1 N, , --'C . Y , , K I-WAgQ1:?mui-Q"Lg J-f ,, ,T 557- "fl 1 , . ' - "'5Z"'iW""1' 'T T-tfw-'T' ' j':"'P'i- ."""' " "x"'L'A" ' 7' a g---f W-:LAM '. . W ., , , , - - . ' Fqfet- J: Ep Y IV: k 3 U: H- ,rfv-1.1 N -,fZ...: -, V 3- -7 1 -W-..-,-:i,,p ,B-'wnemh I li 3:0 A ' Y mn fHQ7',:.:vff' .5 'N ' ' ', ' ' b I f " V' ' ' 5 'i44iif'i.Li".. ,1.:...: - . . 11 Q V 1111 1,1 yy 1 . 1 1 1 ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1a V 1 11 1- V , 1 1 1 ' 1 1 .. 1 V 11 ' ' 1 nf, 1.1'1 5 1 ' I . 1 1 ' 1.1111 '. -V Q 1 11 1 ..,1 . 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Q EUCHRESTIAN LITERARY SOCIETY MOTTO : Esse quam 'Uid6'l'i COLORS : Green and Gold Hazell Albright iinrhrrniian Eitrrarg Svnrirtg FLOWER : Mdrechod Neil Rose STONE : Emerald Second Term . HAZELL ALBRIGHT . ALMA OATES MARY TAYLOR SASSER MARGARET DEWOODY . BLANCHE SIMMONS . MYRA WASHBURN WILLIE MCLAUGHLIN . GAY WILLIS MARY KING THERESA KING SUSIE WOOLLEY DOLLY LEE QBftirrr5 F irst Term HAZELL ALBRIGHT . . President ALMA OATES .... Vice-President MARGARET DEWOODY . . Secretary . . HAZEL MACNICHOLS . Corresponding Secretary . BLANCHE SIMMONS . . . Treasurer MARY KING .... First Critic WILLIE MCLAUGHLIN . . Second Critic LAURA REILLEY .... Censor. MARY RHYNE I RUTH HEARNE s . Managers ofthe Hall . ANNA MCLAUGHLIN lb ANNA THOMAS 5 ' ' ' Pages ' ' Bull nf Qlilmnhrra Anna Thomas Alma Oates Gay Willis Willie Anderson Elizabeth Cole Flora Jeffries Jennie Kroeg Marie Lentz Hazel MacNichols Annie Moseley Lucille Polvogt Mary Rhyne Blanche Simmons Hallie Covington Daisy Carpenter Ruth Dowd Margaret Dewoody Mary King Gretchen Kime Willie McLaughlin Mary Morgan Myers Bertie Phillips Katherine Pegram Cora Stansill Katherine Vollers Ethel Webb Jennie Watson Bertha Wolhford Elizabeth Donald Augusta Giechen Laura Hearne Ruth Hearne Theresa King Dolly Lee Anna McLaughlin Vida Mauney Harriet Orr Laura Reilley Mary Taylor Sasser Lucille Satterthwaite Myra Washburn Susie Woolley -19.1 i .l.:..:SA:.. ..11.f-41.-tJ.S' "f. ' at-1?f5v-af :iii -pk 1. f - . H fu. M -I , x J ., , w --v L. ,.:.,v3 - , -w.?' Q14 ..' 4.,s..' 2.1 I 4,4-. z . .wb h .,,w, , - X i . X Y. f , ,Ur , , V -c , , , gl. -B ' I 1 1 Y M ,Jgpx me-3-:.' bi, Z if 2 , , -if-1 ,,, I Y ,X .. T.,-X V ,A x ,, . I ,I V, ., ,wg- ' s 'll fs' 1 9 , 1 . x .. Y ,' ., ,i Av Y. .,' I .R f X ,N . K, ,., 4. ,, YJ F., 1. V A.,.f V .-,1. S", " 3 .I ,gf vi- U , SQJY .1 L 1 ' , V. K - x x My 1 ' l 1 . . Q .MAN -4 1, . 4 ' if 02 frm P- .. -- ,,, qi A 3 , Q 'S x1 H 4 '1 1 X 1. 1 1 . . A V1 1 , 1 11 1,1 1 4 1 1' .W A1 .1,., 1' , 1.1 1 11-11 11' I ' 1 1 1 111 111,,!, I -1 1.11 tw . ",1.q'1 . A1 1 1 1 ,'f'1 1 1 11 '1 11 .v J. r ,,. ,. I, 15 W. sf 1. I 511.15 '..,, 1 1, 1 1 .1-1-1, 1..'- 1 111,11 1 ' M11 -131- v' 4 .-A r ' TL- 4 ' -M11 -I ' .1 v. 1 V: ., '1,, 1,- 5 11 1, ' :Tig .14 n 1 - 1111 11 N ,1 1 1 P, 11-uu' . 1 1 X.,-xy-3.-..1 ' 1 ,rt E 131 . .1 1, 1 1 1 1- -M 4 1 "1 'L 1-' 'li .11 'M 11.4- 1 ' -"1.'.r ,1 11 14 qi - yr H if 'V kay? 'Hawk A , , ' 3 . x ay, 1 xm-4 ,rp l DIATELEAN LITERARY SOCIETY Bessie Peery Sarah Akard Eiatvlvan Eiivrarg Snrivtg FLOWER : Violet. MOTTO : Ad astral per aspera. First Term HAZEL CHERRYMAN BESSIE PEERY MARCUERITE BRITTAIN ROSALYN HIPP NITA BRYANT ALICE HOUSTON VERNA SUMMER INA PARSONS AILEEN DREW lb JOE KINARD l MARJORIE ELIOTT MARY HARRIS V Mary Stuart Alexander Marguerite Brittain Margaret Bomar Nita Bryant Hazel Cherryman Hilda Conyers Agnes Council Bessie Crockett Aileen Drew Cornelia Drew ', l Marjorie Eliot Qmiirvra President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer First Critic Second Critic Librarian Managers Pages frHrn11hvr5 Joe Kinard Second Term HAZEL CHERRYMAN BESSIE PEERY MARGUERITE BRITTAIN NATALIE RUGHEIMER NITA BRYANT ALICE HOUSTON ELIZABETH VAN POOLE NARVIS HAIGLER .l SARAH AKARD ' ROSAMOND LUCAS I MARJORIE ELIOT I MARY HARRIS Emily Etheredge Katrina Gose Narvis Haigler Mary Harris Rosalia Hendrix Amy Hewes Florence Hewes Rosalyn Hipp Isabelle Horne Marie Jahnz Ruth Keister Carolina Koopmann Margaret Lloyd Rosamond Lucas Lucille Mason Alma Maultsby Irene McLeod Louise Moore Miriam Parker Ina Parsons Jessica Vann Violet Rankin Annie Rogers Annie Belle Roper Natalie Rugheimer Nell Saunders Lila Summer Verna Summer Elizabeth Van Poole Trula Watkins Bettie Wiehl Eiatvlran Snug Come now, Diateleans strong, Every one join in the song, Of purple, lilac, colors true, Forever dear to me and you. REFRAIN Oh, Diatelean, name so dear, Which vve'll forever love to hear l With filial love our bosoms swell, We'll ever guard thy safety Well. Our motto should us each inspire A higher, truer life to acquire. We love to hear its words proclaimed "Ad astra per asperaf' REFRAIN The modest violet so pure, Which for our Hower we procure, Is teaching us on bended knee Of innocence and purity. REFRAIN 77 , Q Hiianinnnrg Svnriviy OBJECT: To promote Intelligent Active Interest in the General Work of ff ' r- . . ,gtg lyffgfdjs, , Mission s. ,geiflqgsgfgg-if NQQ ifbiiirvrm t-'7'-J: -Fw Aw"g2Qf1"'1wg' H '-X00 Brass PEERY President I . I-et4.:,',A, 2 e5D 1 5 fffif' i. ROSALYN HIPP . . Vice-President !'Q"'4lil1Q, ' fnw -F , wi 1- MARY TAYLOR SASSER Secretary AW, 4 " .Q v,f Q-in Y-'YFJ QIIQNW MARGUERITE BRITTIAN . Treasurer ' l qsyi D.:-.11 T' 1- , .ll B557 ' ,X ,Jf W 'A s f " , .A it cs-:fre Q , , 1 , fl 1 rv -' If ff ,J ff I keef .'. I if r Lay. 'E fi! fb ' ,fx I, gl! 7,4 ' N ,ifrg 1. A . - . 1 X, ' 1 - nl., x, V L. i1y --""'1 ,rn I ,gi lv Y " Y Y lj ,,, 78 HAZELL ALBRIGHT MARGARET DEWOODY . ANNA THOMAS NITA BRYANT . Olhairnwn nf Qlummittrva NITA BRYANT . MARGARET BRITTAIN VERNA SUMMER . MARGARET DEWooDY MARY TAYLOR SASSER . Presicl c 'nt Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Financial Sunday School Inter Collegiate . Devotional . Social .1 1 1 ,1.. -11,11 -- 111 1.1 ':.,gj . ,Wg gn'-11 1 1 1 1 W 1 1. 1 1.1- 1.111 C -a'1-14.111f'f:- 1 1 1,,.A11 1 -nl 11 1 , 11y11. .1 1 4 1 11 1 'A' 1 W 111 X '11 .Q 1e- 311111 ' 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 WJ1 1.1.1111 1 "1 1111 11- 11 ,1 M '1 'Jw-' ' 1' 111'1 11 1' 1' .' ...n 1 V 41" 1' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1111 ' - 11'1 .1" 111. 1 11 1 11.1.1 1 1 .111 f1 1' '. ::.11' .,1'1 1 11--1 - -1 11"1'111119s 1. 1.1 1. 1 1 . 1111 1 I '.. , 1.1 . 1 1 -r -1 1 1 1l.' 1 11 ..-1 111-"VA, rg: 1 Hp Ln' T , 1.1-lV1."IL.1,f' '11 w'h"1gw -.fu 1 .11b3N1'1 MW' "' -52.-.1 1"11 11,-11' 1113 U 114 .X 1. .11-1 '1-.1101.u' " W'1"1.'1 -.1' 11' 1"1.,11I'.11'1g 111, 11 111,71 1:1 1. 6.1 - IQ:-2' 1' .11 1 1r' '4' 11 'W1'1"1 -1 11.: 1711 111 '13 . 41 1 1 11 1 ' W 1 1 4 -11 111 1L1 1 131 ' ' 11' 1 1 1 1 '11 1' ' ,.1 11 1 . 1 1 11 11 1 '111 ' y fl' 11 ' ' W ' .1 1,111 '1-. 1'11.1 ' '- 1' -1 .1 . 1 1 1 1.1. 11 11 -1-1 1 A- 1 1 1 .1 '1-"" : W. .11:::-fqvw111Ng ,g.1' 1 Q 11' 1' LF, f lg" V In 'Ad'-11 '11 1x"'114i113.3. .1 11'-'fri ,,11"'1i1, 1'I1 1' 1-':. 11 1 -.11 Svnuth Qlarnlina Qlluh will llggmu K lla l 'ill i ,Q i llt E. l.f1l'ii'1' f ' li i 1 1- m e i S S 1 ,Q j o J, .se S e X 4 P S i X ,X JENNIE KROEG . . President VERNA SUMMER . . Vice-President NATALIE RUGHEIMER . . . . Secretary ETHEL WEBB ...... . Treasurer illlrmhrra Elizabeth Donald Annie Moseley Rosalyn Hipp Jennie Kroeg Verna Summer Joe Kinard Emily Etheridge Blanche Simmons Lila Summer Marie J ahnz Narvis Haigler Bettie Wiehl Bertie Phillips Natalie Rugheimer Ethel Webb Rosalia Hendrix Louise Moore 81 North 'Glarnlina Glluh GOVERNOR . . . LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR SECRETARY OF STATE . TREASURER . . . ATTORNEY GENERAL . STATE AUDITOR . Alice Houston Mary Taylor Alma Maultsby Elizabeth Van Poole Mary Rhyne Lucille Satterthwait Agnes Council Margie Asbury Katherine Vollers Daisy Carpenter Augusta Geichen Lucille Polvogt Annie B. Roper Dolly Lee Hhmhrra R2 . Hazell Albright . Marguerite Brittain . Mary Taylor Sasser . Irene McLeod . Cora Stansill . Nell Saunders Nell Saunders Laura Hearne Ruth Hearne Marguerite Brittain Theresa King Elizabeth Cole Hallie Covington Anna Thomas Jennie Watson Jessica Vann Rosamond Lucas Vida Mauney Violet Rankin Nita Bryant Qcx 132 CEirl5W nf 09121 liirginia FLOWER : AI'b'll1L'ZlS. SONG: "Carry Me Back to Old Virginia AMBITION .' To live up tothe stcmdafrdji,ved by our Ancestors-the Colonial Dames of Virginia. llbftirvra RUTH KEISTER . . . President GRETCHEN KIME . . Secretary MARGARET LOYD . Treasurer fflllvmhrrs Biazssua PERRY BESSIE CROCKETT TRULA WATKINS MARY HARRIS KATRINE Goss RUTH KEISTER GRETCHEN KIME MARGARET LoYD fblnzwt Here's to Virginia, the old Dominion State, The home of men true, noble, and great, The land of Washington, Jackson, Lee, The land of men who made us freeg Our home-and wetll love her forever and aye, For her We'll always fervently pray, God bless Virginia. 84 .J YE GIRLS OF OLD VIRGINIA Uhr Hniivh QRITPZ Glluh We, the members of the United States Club, in Order to form a more perfect union establish con fusion, upset college tranguility, provide for the innOcent's defense, promote general Welfare and secure the blessings of "Lizzie" College to ourselves and our followers, do Ordain and establish this the United States Club of Elizabeth College. HAZEL CHERRYMAN . . MARGARET DEWOODY CORNELIA DREW . AILEEN DREW . . SARAH AKARD . MARJORIE ELIOT . . HAZEL MACNICHOLS . . ANNIE ROGERS AMY HEwEs . . . FLORENCE HEWES S5 Michigan Arkansas . Florida Florida Tennessee Florida New Jersey Texas Louisiana Louisiana .1 f .,l J ENNIE KROEG . VERNER SUMMER . KATHERINE VoLLERs . ETHEL WEBB . . Sarah Akard Margie Asbury Marguerite Brittain Nita Bryant Hazel Cherryman Daisy Carpenter Elizabeth Cole Hallie Covington Bessie Crockett Aileen Drew Margaret Dewoody Elizabeth Donald Emily Etheridge Augusta Giechen iiEarEnlnPll illluair tlmiirvrz illllvmlwm Narvis Haigler Amy Hewes Marie J ahnz Ruth Keister Theresa King Carrie Koopman Jennie Kroeg Hazel MacNichols Vida Mauney Annie Moseley Louise Moore Bess Peery Bertie Phillips Violet Rankin 88 . President Vice-President . Treasurer Secretary Annie Rogers Annie B. Roper Natalie Rugheimer Blanche Simmons Cora Stansill Verner Summer Anna Thomas Elizabeth Van Poole Katherine Vollers Jennie Watson Trula Watkins Ethel Webb Bettie Wiehl Susie Woolley IE: Q xfb W MXL-J , X Q X x W A X NK L r ! Lf X N ARTISTS' CLUB Ariizia' Qlluh COLORS: Red, Yellow cmd Blue MOTTO : "Art is long." A'E2QJI'P55iIJlI5 Nita Bryant- "These are mine". Hilda Conyers-"Get to Work". Cornelia Drew-"What colors shall I mix ?" Mary King-"Miss Earle, can you show me just this 'P Joe Kinard-"Tiekled to death." Ruth Dowd-"I just naturally can't." Mary Morgan Myers-"I'mdiscouraged". Susie Stearne-"It is fine". Jennie Watson- -"Well, I declare." Anna McLaughlin-"I'm working, Miss Earle". Violet Rankin-"She was here yesterday". Annie B. Roper-"Do you think this will do ?" Mary Harris-"Well, that's the lirnit7'. Louise Moore- "Oh, I bet Illl have to rub this Agnes Council-"Iv'e finished". Eugenia Riteh-"Wherels Miss Riteh ?" Verner Summer-"You don't say so". Dolly Lee-"I'll never get this on". Frances Oshorne-Silence- Katherine Johnson-"Well, I Want to do it'. STUDIO BABIES : Susan Srnithw'4Did you do that ?" Vinton Liddell-? ? 'Z ? '! Virginia Ivey-"When will I graduate." 92 OU. ' ' I 15,-ef sr as f X RE X' ir Qs, Q45 amen its in QFM v 5 f xx X I 1 W - J :L K, 3 G in V 1 .,,v V K 3 3 'ix ,lf-X G W- WV? ,irfyfi A K1 wgfr N ' I V ,.g!.Xg7pf"Vy ,r ffll NN , , 7 , E - 1 EV K ll milf? l igxbgj at 1 irrii - L Z MoTTo : BESSIE PEERY Whatever you are, be that 3 Whatever you say, be true ' Straight-forwardly act, be luonest, in fact, Be nobody else but you. iihiirvra 1 MARGARET DEWOODY AMY HEWES Jon KINARD Minnie Conyers Narvis Haigler Margaret Loyd Irene McLeod ifllmnhvra 1 Emily Ethridge Gretchen Kime Vida Mauney Annie B. Roper Elizabeth Van Poole 923 President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Augusta Geichen Ruth Lillard Ilavvese McCausland Nell Saunders DRAM ATIC CLU B DRAMATIC CLUB DRAMATIC CLUB 5 EUNICE STEWART ADELE HENDERSON ROSALIA HENDRIX EVE HORNER CORNELIA DREW KATIE SAINE r Qlnmmerrial Evpartmvnt ROSAMOND LUCAS 98 BERTIE MEDLOCK FLORENCE HEWES RUBY HOOVER BETTIE WIEHL ELIZABETH DONALD AILEEN DREW 'IQ'-All if v .-Q-,sf-2 Yllflfi ,.,.,1-I-' li,-ll, Y 7 - Z-1 Ellatii Glluh ROSAMOND LUCAS ELIZABETH VAN PooLE VIDA MAUNEY LUC1LLE PoLVoGT Behold the Fatti Club Composed of little chubs, None of us are filled with pride, But all of us are pretty vvideg And tho' We have but little hair, We think will give you some "hot-air A look from Rosamond so haughty Can make us all feel very naughty, But when We look at little Lucille, We'll like to be right good, we feel. When We at Vida steal a glance, We only can but look askance, That she was made so very pretty And granted the gift of being witty. But when we see Elizabeth shy It makes us feel like We must cry, And Wonder as the air resounds to the boom Why on this earth she takes up so much room 100 Elkltti Glluh -in-F 101 Uhr Bw Milne IMA PARSONS ETHEL WEBB ROSALIA HENDRIX ROSAMOND LUCAS DAISY CARPENTER BERTIE PHILLIPS gi ""'-" A B y gifgx I-I 3 Q -5 . ,gs M l l- ff, f -A '-fi ' I -L.. Doctor Bee JENNIE KROEG Busy Bee Queen Bee ALICE HOUSTON Jolly Bee Drone Bee ELIZABETH DONALD Flying Bee Laughing Bee MARGIE ASBURY Bumble Bee Talking Bee DOLLY LEE Baby Bee Honey Bee LUCILLE SATTETHWAIT Stinging Bee Sleeping Bee. EMILY ETHEREDGE MOTTO : I be, you be, we all bees. OCCUPATION : Eating. TIME OF MEETING : When the honey is in Hzecowzb. PLACE: ROQfGcwden. SONG : When. the Bees are in the Hive. 102 EIITPI1 Bin, Zlfunf fav- ' Maxx? I Q , 3 M 5 L5 F33 My , 'Q 1 ' ' if , EQ Q. - V77 key" ey" kv 5,4 J Al 5 AISY ----- "Nin , ILE ----- - "Baby Donke UX ----- "Blondy Don AT ----- "Balky Donk ANGIE - - - - - - "Kickf-v Don 2 cv QCJL'7f-C2 N Uhr Elriplria Just we three from that dear old "City by the Sea" fW1Qlm'iwgt0nl. CILEM- "Kat"- N "GUX"- They say that she is shallow They say she's but a coquette They say she's just a heathen And a flirt, and rather fly With a thirst for bleeding hearts And a heretic confessed And you'd best beware the magic And a reckless Way of killing And she scorns the silly worship Of the l in her eye. With the d ' t' ' f d ' ain iest 0 arts. Of Dan Cupid and the rest. NICKNAME LOUIsA MOORE- 'Coat' MARY PHYNE-"Mikey ANNA THOMAS-"CzLtey 7 iE. li. E. MOTTO : Slip and Slide. Chief Occupation : - - - Scandalizing Chief Delight : - - Time Of Meeting: Time Of Departure : - - - Stufling Sunday nights - - Sunrise illmnhvra FAVORITE EXPRESSION "Shet your mont" - "For JOhn's Sake" - "Well, I declare" JENNIE WATSON-"Hitt" " - - "Hush, Woman" NIOKNAME HALLIE COVINGTON-HBZLCIW' ANNA LEE-"DUNN - - - " LUCILLE SATTERTWAIT-HJCICIIJ' LIZZIE COLE e"MeasZes" - FAVORITE EXPRESSION Peter Jinks Gee I" 'Its a fact" 'Grab' sSake Erin Qlanal Olluh ANNIE ROGERS ....... . . Admmral BESS PEERY .... Rear Admwal LIEUTENANTS LOUISE MOORE- First BESS CROOKETT-Second ENSIGNS 'ANNA THOMAS NARVIS HAIGLER KATRINA GOSE MIDSHIPMEN TRULA WATKINS LIZZIE COLE MARGERE1' LOYD JENNIE WATSON SARAH AKARD HALLIE COVINGTON MARY RHYNE ALMA MAULTSBY MARIE JAHNZ AGNES COUNCIL NATALIE RUGHEIMER STE WARD ELIZABETH VAN POOLE 106 ,gin - .. .. Af.. .wg .fy , L -, Ay , -,. gg.::,mz,::-,b:J' . ERIE CANAL CLUB VT QOQQ im X XM Ki j 13,6 f ll ALMA OATES minkin, Iilguhin anh Nah MYRA WASHBURN WILLIE Winkin, Blynkin and Nod one night Studied 'til half-past two Trying to shed a little light On studies not a few. What are you doing, and what do you wish ? The candle asked the three. We are here to fish for the wisdom fish That live in the English sea. Our nets are crammed and so are We, Said Wilkin, Blynkin and Nod. 109 MCLAUGHLIN EHPTEI 1311i :Hin MARY KING MARY TAYLOR SASSER BLANCHE SIMMONS CORA STANSILL HAZEL MACNICHOLS HAZEL CHERRYMAN H0 Q ez 5 .EP UE! oy-n g-,- 2 1 A HEARNE LAUR HWOODY TD E ARGAR M .-1 1 -4 -.-1 -.4 .- .., P ..J 'E w s-1 J ni rg L--4 v-4 - f-4 .I r-4 VD ,, .. li FN Q 'C 2 -I 'S 3 2 E V + ' E . , I , , , 5 . 5 f 2 2 C , , ., ,,,, ,.,.v,w ,,,.,, .... x- IS' :I .- V , an s ! i I f 5 Q , e f s ffwwfezffmwgavfw if 1 f. ww Epiritreall Glluh L MOTTO : Smile and be slender. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Ham Sandwiches, Pickels and Divinity. TIME : All the Time. SONG : Every day is a full day. icllvnnhrrz 1 Alma Oates Gay Willis Laura Reilly Myra Washburn Willie McLaughlin ll3 Maha 'ifianh NITA BRYANT, . . DIRECTOR frllrnllhvra Mary Taylor Sasser Ethel Webb Cora Stansill Annie Rogers Blanche Simmons Annie B. Roper Katherine Vollers Bess Crockett 114 HOBO BAND EP Eligahrlhan Zflallah I wist shee was a gileless Miss, For she to please her Ma 3 She left her home of perfect bliss To seeke ye schoole afar. l And in ye towne which she forsooke Arose great lamentation, That ye olde stupid college booke Should end ye sWain's flirtation. She left ye manye gallant beaux Without a tearful quiver, - Ye tender hearte upon ye clothes Ye doating Ma did give her. And when she came unto ye sehoole, 'Tvvas this that caused ye paine, Ye Weare and teare unmerciful Upon ye little braine. llli ,C- I -3 -Y-,aj J V 2? X ' .fl 57:3 7' f af Q.: ,ll 'F - Z uf 4 C 'N , ,JJ i f IH I 6 1 gg V Glniillinn Glluh BLANCHE SIMMONS HAZELL ALBRIGHT . MARY TAYLOR SASSER LAURA HEARNE . Ruth Hearne Miriam Parker Dolly Lee Violet Rankin Ruth Dowd Vida Mauney Marie Jahnz Katherine Pegram Hilda Conyers Laura Hearne Mary Harris Sarah Mosely Margaret Bomar Cornelia Drew Hazell Alloright Louise Moore Nell Saunders Emily Durham Harriett Orr Ethel Wehh Bertie Phillips Daisy Carpenter Augusta Gretchen O FFICERS MEMBERS Laura Hearne Nita Bryant . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Margaret Dewoody Amy Hewes Agnes Council Verna Summer Annie Mosely Theresa King Mary King Willie McLaughlin Laura Reilley Cora Stansill Aileen Drew Annie B. Roper Annie Rogers Margueruite Brittian Ruth Keister - Gretchen Kime Irene McLeod Elizalieth Donald Jennie Kroeg Lucile Satterwhite Jessica Vann Katherine Vollers 118 XX -in 4 FOTILLION CLUB EP Ennligana DE CAPTAIN-Blanche Simmons HAPPY HOOLIGAN-Hazel Cherryman GLooMY Gus-Mary King MONTMORENCY-Clara Carpenter FRITZ- Nita Bryant MA KATZENJAMMER-Mary Trylor Sasser JIMMY-Irene McLeod HANS-Margaret Dewoody ALPHONSE-Marguerite Brittian KATIE-ThQT9S3 King SI-Cora Stansill GASTON-Hazel MacNichols UNCLE HEINEY-Hazel Albright MAUDE4L3UT3 Hearne ME LONDON FRIENDSwMayme McCann and Bess Bryant YELL Hee Haw! Hee Haw! Hee Haw! Hee! Never get caught in deviltry Hee Haw! Hee Havv! Hee Haw! Hee! Hooligans, Hooligans, Rah! Rah! Rah! SONG QTo the tune of Hiawathaj All the Hooligans are here Give a cheer, what's to fear i For all the policemen are far away! CHORUS ' NOW the Hooligans I-any in the G- T. alley We'll ever follow fast our brothers dear Hurry Jimmy, don't delay. The cops vve'll never fear A Oh, vve're up to excitement OUT Capfdm always H9313 Neler relent, ne'er repent With Happy, Gl00TT1Y, Jimmy 30W For everyloooly's already down on usg H-3115, FI'itZ, Ma, Monty Show Never mind Hooligans, vvhofs to care for all their Maude ifl the F9316- fuss? 120 4 DE HOOLIGANS Aihlrtir igrngrrzz Now I saw that Elizabeth was come unto a large field where there were many folks running hither and thither. And behold, one of their number, who held in her hand a whistle. Whereupon she blew continually, disengaging herself from the midst, come towards Elizabeth. And the name of this person is called Coach, and Coach cries out: "Come out Elizabeth, and I will show thee how to become an Athlete. An Athletic Maiden does not have to pass along the road of Hard Work, but travels the path of Popularity in her College Career. See those persons fighting together, and the ball that they strive for, they are Basket Ball Athletes. Those that strike with the small bats are Tennis Athletes." "Now then, thou must pass through a period of Preparation called Training. During which time thou shalt not drink black coffee, nor shalt thou partake of the sweetfdainties, nor even visit the Little Store 3 but shall live upon oatmeal and meat until the time called Tournament. Then thou may feast to thy heart's content. Now remove thy superfiuous clothing and prepare for the fray. " And I saw in my dream that Elizabeth rushed forward, and in a moment I beheld her grasping one maiden by her hair, and giving another a blow with her fist. And I said within my soul, "Verily, Eliza- beth hath become an Athlete." 122 Z 1723, Q 9' I MK .,, ff fi z EQ!! -. f" '1H?QJ" - , ,1'3i.bi-,vf77r:f" , fc-641.1 iw. lfe1E'f531Q"51ff?ef,'Q ffm. .1vuQ-..A:5+,f-'J-.i-fZ-Iwr -R '2'-:'a.' 'nil-,glf"5rffa??Y:','! '- .i. 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SASSER . . SOPHMORE VOLLERS fCaptainJ A. DREW . . COUNCIL . . KUESTER . RUCKER Athlrlir Aaanriaiinn Obiiirrra Goal Forward Center Guard Guard Goal Forward Center Guard Guard . Goal Forward Center Guard Guard 1213 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer SPECIAL fCaptainb DREW . HENDRIX . . LEE ASBURY . . WATSON JUNIOR . ANDERSON BRYHNT . . . GOSE . . . HAIGLER I Captainb STANSILL FRESHMEN . fCaptainl WOOLLEYJ . . ASBURY . . . RANSON . ROPER . SUMMER ! WJQ , N r COLLEGIATE BASKET BALL TEAM ,v 45, .IQ SPECIAL BASKET BALL TEAM I fa 0 mtxh-n-,KV ,,, s .ww . 4 W 'uv 1 cg' lv ' -W , ,filml 15,9 -- ' 1 ' 'fl 'F' 1 C' 1. . .wjjq ,4 'gym 4' , Qflffww 'fi-fa, -.,,. f , . M in - -funn, ""f,.Lw-1 ' ' ' W .1 ,fs K 4. - f an-iff 4 ' V'7 ' ., N ' at , pq W " 1-1 "h""'y 1, 4' Y K -345 , 1 A if . A' '.,f's.?.A V ,, ',- Fw- ' . In 'A 7- "our-f -ff . A . .K f . fl v-w.',1i,9 1 -an ...gr L 1- 'MN R Mijn, SA mf' "5 .Q .pf 45 , , wp 1 M u. ,, fu I f , i, " M ' cf, ,ABT Av. ,Y :ff he 63 s SENIOR BASKET BALL TEAM 130 fy, .,Wk'f f?'i!""'XWf"'f WW 1 ' X D I Z A .4 x A Eff . g if' ,Q 8' A me 1 7 K 'W' " f H 1, A JUNIOR BASKET BALL TEAM I SOPHOMORE BASKET BALL TEAM 1 1 FRESHMEN BASKET BALL TEAM 4: , 1 r Q Tl' ,- If ii? W ' f fa: 1 ' nf-f' LLan.:f,C-1W17.',1-, mf ,LCLZWQ :f 11. Q. Ara, ,f-, - f H1 , af A ' fig, 222 1 .2 .3 3 71? , ' 1 V. f 2: W, L43 ' y , Q2 4 , . ZZQQ ' 25+ yy f QF? - .- X rg 6 1, 'fhijyvi J f If'Zzcf',j'Q, JMZQW ,ga MQ' ,2 FE. 'Q-H4-X' . IF. fn, f. A' if fa ,f f fy 1 Uhr iflaaket 152111 Ciluurnamriit The tournament at last! For days we had gazed at the schedule anxiously awaiting for Dec. 2nd. Each girl thought, of course, her team would win, and boasted loudly of her teams' prowess. When the Freshmen and Seniors walked out upon the field every one was silent. But as soon as the ball went into play the nervous tension was broken. Freshmen! Seniors! the rooters defiantly yelled. It was seen in the beginning that the Freshmen were surpassed by the Senior teams' work. They played well individually, but in basket ball as in other athletics, team work is what counts. So the score at the end of the second half stood 35 to 7 in favor of the Seniors. The second game of the first series was next played by the Junior-Sophomores. The rooters and the players were already worked up and excited by the other game. So the players fell right into the spirit of the battle and worked with all their might. But the Sophomores, too, lacked team work and were no match for the strong, united Juniors team. The score ended 22 to 6 in favor of the Juniors. A few days later the second series was played. The first game was between the Seniors and the Sophomores. One-sided games are never very interesting, and in this one the Seniors far excelled their sister team. But the work of one of the Sophomore guards kept up the interest and enthusiasm. At the end the score stood 16 to 2 in favor of the Seniors. After a short recess the second game was played. The Freshmen knew the strength of the Juniors, so they settled down to earnest hard work. For a few seconds it was a veritable tug-of-war, Neither side was able to score. Finally the Juniors made a goal and then the rooters yelled themselves hoarse. Both teams played hard and fast and at the end of the second half were worn out. The score stood 21 to 15 but the Freshmen were proud to be defeated by such a team. Now came the last of the series, played Monday morning. The first game was the Sophomore-Freshmen. The teams were evenly matched and the game was exciting from start to finish. The ball went flyingin all directions. The players like a whirlwind, flew from one part of the field to the other. At the end of the Hrst half the score stood 7 to 7. But in the second the Sophomores gained and the score ended 13 to 11. The last game was between the Seniors and the Juniors. This decided the class championship, so enthusiasm and intense excitement reigned. With muscles tense the players stood ready to catch the flying ball. For awhile neither side scored. Then the Seniors made a goal and the rooters went wild. The first half ended with the score 4 to 4. The second half was quick and fast. When time was called tne score was a tie. And then by a clever field throw the Seniors won the day. So by fast work hard work, enthusiasm, and perseverance, the Light Blue and Gold won the loving cup and class championship. 135 EM X ,Pl is XX A?4-wil' 1. 'L BASKET BALL GAME IN PLAY 'Hia Y . i4'.,,,vQ ' L47-fr! ,:, 11 2 071 39 " -. YQFT I QM! 'II I .. 1' X I f fx' S qi gray! I 41 m 2 Qt' f I lx ,L ' ,410 HHH? , '41 - -Eiqllgiil 1 .. l A L ,,..l:ilI. ::,l'l!,I ' W - ilql -'.I'n ."- f 5 ,s"ill,i',1'lln " .I - g' 'lg llI!I 7 ' -RFEIEIIEL' 5 J I Q 5' j.gIgE!:i 'EH' 0 Y MIEEEII fain!" . - - , I I - . 6 ' ll .3 'Q an I, il., fe' 4' 7? 4' X -iq ' ,' -ri--v-il ililiillr I-l--I' -I 'I 'V .irgsaaaaaag-' : f .-"l"i'll:": I I A I--la--IQ! ' A, ' -' u 'll'-"" 5 -I 0 ::- I--I-:II . 11,55 , -E--Usllggnu 4 H, -gf -S , J92o.'h ll? EIEIEUIL 152253325 ' '!5i"" f : --gg-1-u f4If'o' - ' 9 I ilg' - ' .I 'Z If X Y . 'il . -Wig" mga' , aff" ,We . f 0 I ,401 .. ' 1 f,9a9ff99:'?" I ao' on lf!! I.. I X I ' I I , :M '. ,pq 1 . f ?1'?' A ,nwfvtg 'MV 1 lf' dl igwijfeelfk if l' , .lltggg O I O 6 5. .if Y ' Obi' 5: 4 hffqwg .eh boo " oofeim bo vhs , 0' W' 00233, 4653" ...QW 30000 b 0 4 4 MZ, Q 0 oem W' o6"'a0 47 OQQQQ oomn ooo Qu .Mfg 00:23 ikfaxk' to f' rr: e"1' . 43 J 5 in M . ,ff ff I- frvf, TENNIS GAME IN PLAY V..-, MARGIE ASBURY, CHAMPION - . ...my -fy? ,Q , x 1 "2 2 . 5, 3, Ffibfiiw ,M If .f -W, W -94" . 1 'M , .,.:,,j, an fx . dffqw ,,,v7"""','!,-ri, Bm? 'z w 'Yr lf? 1 fi? 'b s r 2. i., .M wi ff 'Q' Nunzenzr Anthnlngg The college world is sighing now Exams. are at the door, And many folks are Hunking now Who never Hunked before. fQWith apoligies to Mr. Stevensonl. Some like Bg Some English A tryg Others take C, But not I. Some take Art, Some His-to-ry, Others Delsarte, Some say '6cinch,' Some say "rot," Some take a pinch Some not. Some give a laugh, Some give a sigh, Some try to chaff, There was a young lady, whose name was Theresa Who was so very shy, She made a dare with Marguerita, And now has cause to sigh. Her long black eyelashes have gone away, And it sure looks like they've gone to stay. There are meters iambic and meters trochaicg There are meters in musical toneg But the meter That's sweeter And neater Completer, Is to meet her But not I. But not I. Poor little Senior Heavin' awful sigh, Poor litle Senior Jus' a going to cry, Poor little Senior Ready for to die, Poor little Senior A-taking' English I. By the moonlight alone. I never saw a Mushy Heart I never hope to see one, But thus I'll say ere I depart, I'd rather see than be one. 141 Svilhnuviivz Svilhnnvitrz V 4, 10? J af? , ,, W X ,f .N-www if if if Z if ff 1 Q .aw .2'.......,.A'f .,,.., ..,,..Jf'i,,,..,, ..,., ,,,...,,,,,..,,,..,...3, A.W,.,,,,,.w,,. , ...,,..4, ,,,,,W.,.n..1 , fs:,:4W4fA8" , 'L , :L ,',.1 ' " ' " - 41 'Q , 'J I ,r i C1 OQC9QQ9CQQQ OQ900q 111-111-'s 111 1111111'ts, 14lY1'15' 1111111'ts, 111-11114 111 11l'il1'1S, 111-111' 11Q111'ts. 11l'1ll'tS 11111 111111 111-11115 1-11111- 'l'11 1111- 111111'1'y 111111 11111 S2111 11111154 11k'2lF1Sf2l1l11 111111 111-111'ts 1111111- 'l'11 tl11-Q111111 11111-s 111111 t111' 4212111 11111-s- 1111415011 11'11111y 111111 111 l'l1111111111. .11111 1112111 1111- 1111'111y 111111 11111-s. 1, l'1111s1'11 S1Ilg'1yH1' 111 11111111-111. gh 4 G CDCDCDCDOGCDCDCDCDGQ ,1 pil - i 7 111 1 1 1 1 111 X111 - 15 .11.111' 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 111111 11X 1 1 1 1 11 1 11, .11 1 1 Q1 f'1 1111 1 1 '17XX.1 1 1 1 1 1 "'111 1 1 1111 1,'1. 1 .1 1 X, 111 . .l' X 1 XX . ,,.,,-1 1 1'1'Xf. f 11 'S' ' 12' X1 -, 311111111 1.1 11 5 11k '19 1121?-" 1 11, X- 11 'X X Xfy .. 33:1191- 11 1 111,111 1 1, ' F1151 11 1 1 1 1 11 .1 . 11 - 1 1 X 1X 11 ,'1jXQ 1 ' 'V X , 1:1 1?11 1 .1 11.-111' X X1X1, XX 11, X111 X13 ,111 1 X1. X XX X XX 1X11X11X 11 1 1 ,X X X .11 1.1 . X11 X XH1111111111 X111,,5XX ' 11 -X ,111 f1X , 1 X X XX11111' 1 11.115 1 - 1 X 1 11: PV' ' - '1111111 n 1 X 11 1 1 11 1fX. X31 '111'XX1X '1'.1 11, 1X X 1X X.: 11 X1 1. 1 . 1 1 1 1 ',1 1" 1-1X' 1 ' ,- 11111 1 '1 111 - 11.. 1 X 1 1 XX 1 11 - 1 .111 1 XX "'.11'1 X 1 11: ,U 111 1 7 " U 1 Y 1 f 1 '1 "1 ' 1 1 c W-1 ,,.4 1 1 1 '111 f lf' 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 'S.l'i.15. '..13:-111 11. 11 1 Q 441. 1.11 1 1111X 1 1 .1 XJ.1 . .I 1 1 -11-11251111111-1 1 111 11, 1 11 X -'1 1 X1 1.n11x XX, X 11 , 1 11311: X11X1 1 1-411' . 11 XXXg1 XX 11 , 1' 'Q 1: 13'-1"'5:'-" '11-1-" ' 1" .1111X ,111 .111 11'g" "1- Q' 11.1 - 1 1 1 11 1 11112.-X X "111 '11 11 1 1, X'1.,1.1 XX.11XX 1 1 111 11 11XX -11 ' 1 '11 111111 .f ' ' f1XXYX "'e:-N91 1 1 nl' Hlhrfz wha at iilizahrth BRIGHTEST . WITTIEST . JOLLIEST . CUTEST . . BIGGEST FLIRT SLOWEST . . BIGGEST T. W. . MOST SENTIMENTAL PRETTIEST . . MOST AFFECTED HANDSOMEST . . BEST ALL AROUND GIRL . MOST ATTRACTIVE . . LAZIEST . . BIGGEST HEART SMASHER . NEATEST . . SWEETEST . . MOST CONCEITED BIGGEST BOSS . BIGGEST BLUFF . BIGGEST TALKER BEST DANCER . BEST DRESSED . MOST ATHLETIC . T Myra Washburn Elizabeth Van Poole Elizabeth Van Poole . . Mary Harris . Mary Harris . Gretchen Kime . Mary Rhyne Mary Taylor Sasser Lucille Satterthwait . Nell Saunders . Hazel Albright Hazel Albright . Gretchen Kime . Nell Saunders Mary Taylor Sasser . . Ethel Webb . Nita Bryant . Annie Rogers . Annie Rogers . Gretchen Kime . Cora Stansill Blanche Simmons Blanche Simmons . Margie Asbury if 6 7,7 ,ff ,if x 1 I - Q15 4:-an H , A ' 2 .- FQ! ' .1,. - ,m.2'i-Zilgig A' f - - 1 , , + ,cxwfw ,, 2 '--+131 5 'A "Q 4-. 5 I 'fl f 2 - ' e':'?' - ,4-i, -4-'25-5 ' , ,nf 1 .ax 1 , I ' 5' f "fs ' wa' 2iI5"'2'Y4? 2 .gay fn' kr, ' - fi , . 2 7 QI ' -Lf f'::f,13 ' :7 ' ' 1:1 ' f ' .-.-f.:-' ' V . .1 ' iff 3 ? as if E3i1:':f1.f2 ' . x ' ,rf 'Z 7 " ' f - A " ,,,5'f' ' 2: ' y '- A ' ii - ,f , . i:,LLlj"5?. f 3152 5ZL,'12'f5fi"r',v' 'V 1 , ' f 3'2" ' 563.227 Ifagi j,1"f ' . ' ' , V' ,fa,,f,:, :M-Lv ., 1 ,,-5,71 W H Y is Washburn fond of Oates? Why does Mary Sass'er heart? Did not Peery reach the pole and Bess Crockett gain her goal. Is Hazell always All bright, or d o e s s h e sometimes get Reilley like? Why does Willie eat whi le Nell Saun- Ctjers? Why d o e s Annie Mose'y to k e e p away from the Poole? I S J e n n i e always in the Clouds CMC? And S HEUQEI' O93 Q-WS.. KUOOSQ4 N 0 gg FD SD mmmimzfffffq I "Um F399 mglfmffdmww. laws: Ui wg 'QZCD '63-amz? D.. cn CDCQW U31 Q4 'Q SEN I OR Bunk Don't take everything in this annual seriously. Don't ask what the Seniors do at class meeting. Don't forget to have Websters Unabridged on one side and your lead pencil on the other, While studying, if you want to be an ideal student in Dr. King's eyes. Don't ask where that noise is-on third floor, of course. Don't laugh when Gretchen comes in late to everything. Don't mention Laura Hearne to Mary Sasser. Don't ever let Miss Cattrell hear you say that Gym. is a "Cinch." Don't feel badly if you get "Sat upon", for such is College life. Don't be surprised if you and "Your heart" fall out of bed and break your neck sometime. Don't ask what Was in the sandwiches and punch served the new girls in the Gym. 150 Enrfta Don' tell me those girls couldn't sing the laundry lists to the tune of "Home, Sweet Home." Don't disturb "Connie" and Simmons during study hour for their course is so heavy that they can't lose one minute. C 'PJ Don Don Don Don Don rip it off. Don' Don' 't try to get ahead of Bomar in telling marvelous tales--she is sure to beat you. 't play hands at the table if you don't want it discussed in the Etiquette Club. 't come to breakfast without washing your face and combing your hair! 't make your dates for spending the night out from the window, for you might speak too loud. it sew your beading on your waist if you intend leaving it on the hall rack-too much trouble to t bother your head about itejust ask Willie McLaughlin, she knows I t dare mention the loving cup to the Juniors. 151 ,f"'TN I XX 'I' fx N. SlliwllwlllllwllwllWMI!! vwW lul!llNllllI1lldI Is 1Mnm HIlllUMIHINi 4' iII::? l l ww W www. www UNNI!NN x 'NME unnunruunif L. 4 .E ' -I Q XV VI: Q -,r xv Wy, , if Z X Q X nnmuwn- 1 w "1 W m 1 ' mf-:zQF f 1 Z x l'W"EWl S H ' Elm I' R ' if l 6115 ' I I 6:30 1, ml ' lii1illWll? 1 7""lfllllHlIViWU'VHl"" WIN F75 1 L Q 1 ' VR ' 3 X iii am . A , Q 3 -V MI WINIHWIIMHMHMWI11'Hw"'WK - MII! l' ll Q " HWlNllW1lNVl!ll1Hl P5 . 'lllfllllllnigagllillll A ' Stock" Mp J , E-:-2' VX 5 :pg - J Ab", N9 Sj4..l,Xx wini- 'W' , mz u.1 mlnIv " f" ' 'fvn l ' 'L.g.v, W' 6100 Ezwket 132111 Svnnga TUNE : "Wlzat's the Matter With Father? Oh, What's the matter with Seniors ? They're all right. Oh, What's the matter with Seniors ? They can fight. The Juniors will never Win the cup The Senior team will never give up. Oh, what's the matter with Seniors? They are all right. 77 TUNE : 6cHCL7"V1iQCL7'2f. I' Seniors, Seniors, Seniors, true are We We're the only stuff at Lizabetsky, Betsky, We can put it over all the restsky, restsky. Seniors, Seniors, Seniors, true are We, We're trying to get through a college On a little bit of knowledge. Seniors, S-e-n-i-o-r Cspokenl That's me. TUNE : HJO?'Z,tlfL. ' ' Oh who, oh who, oh who will win the game, game, game, game ? Oh Who, oh who, oh who will win the game, game, game, game ? Oh Who, oh Who, oh who will win the game, game, game, game ? Who will Win the championship ? The Seniors willy I say they will, I believe they vvill, I KNOW THEY WILL, Win that game, game, game, game. Win that game, game, game, game. Win that game, game, game, game. Who will be the champion? Who will be the champion? 153 TUNE: "Casey Jones. ' ' QOn defeating the Juniorsl Seniors, Seniors, what do you mean Taking that trophy from the Junior team ? We know they are around us But we are still game For Within this very hour We will win our fame. CHORUS : Junior team with orders from the Seniors Junior team may now disband Junior team with orders from the Seniors Take now your farewell journey to the Promised Land The Junior class will soon be crying For with just one look then see their team dying With defeat in their system And orders in their hand Take their farewell journey to the Promised Land. YELL : Work, work, make the ball fly Keep up the rep of C. M. X. I. 154 Gllznaa will ELIZABETH COLLEGE, CHARLOTTE, I MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. ,i We, the Senior Class of Elizabeth College, city, county, and state aforesaid, being perfect in mem- ory, understanding and all other mental faculties, but realizing that the days of our existence at the afore- said college, city, county and state are numbered, do hereby make and declare this our last will and testa- ment in the manner and form following: First, we hereby appoint and constitute the Sophomore Class our lawful executor to all intents and purposes to execute every part- of this our last will and testament. Item 1. We will to Elizabeth our undying love and loyalty. Item 2. We will to the Juniors, our good name, our ability to play basket ball and our intellect. Item 3. We will to our sister class, the Sophomores, our everlasting love. Item 4. We will to the Freshmen Myra's sense to be divided among them, and in case they could not make use of so much, the remainder must be carefully preserved in alcohol for the next Freshman Class. Item 5. We will to the Faculty a "happy thought." Item 6. We will our English I and History F note books to those who have to go through the agony. Item 7. We will Mary Taylorts, Willie's. and Myra's back seat in Psychology to those who desire to study United States History or take a little refreshment during class. Item 8. We will Bess Peery's ability to teach Psychology to Dr. King. . Item 9. We will "that look'7 of Miss Richardson's to any who desires to smile or think out loud. Item 10. We will the pounds that Hazel, Mary Taylor, and Willie lost studying this year to Theresa King and Katrine Gose, knowing they will need some extra for the wear and tear of a Senior's life. Item 11. The music Seniors will the piano in the chapel to the "gym," Item 12. We will Miss Palmer's daily lecture on Virginia to the Freshmen, in order that they may get a four years7 course and at least learn part of the wonderful history of this popular State. Item 13. We will the curtains in the annual room to all the succeeding classes, on condition that 155 they close the window when it rains, tie back the curtains when the heat is on, and put them away with moth balls during the summer. Item 14. We to the Junior Class. Item 15. We Item 16. We Item 17. We Item 18. We class. Item 19. We Item 20. We them so much. will the minutes of the Senior Class, especially those written the first term, as a model do nereby will our new oflice, namely critic, to the Junior Class. wil.. our ability to get out an annual to the next class, that desires to get out one. wil. the trophy cup to the Juniors, on condition that they win it by luck. wil., all chemistry experiments to be done with a Bunsen burner to the next chemistry wil, our ability to speak French so Huently to all remaining French Students. wil, to the Juniors our good looks-no conditions attached, for we know that they need In the presence of this assembled body, we the Senior Class of Elizabeth College, do hereunto set our hand and seal on this the sixteenth day of May, in the year nineteen hundred and eleven. THE SENIOR CLASS. Per Willie McLaughlin. 1545 rv , ff 4Kf 1-1--fx: 1 2 O O X , lx EP T Iizzahrihan Q-Tlvntvr I 4. X J , YE TIME, YE PLACE, AND YE GIRL z V H ' ' T X we T BRWE I BEAUW P1-xmzsmw Xgflh X His ' N R5 ON X X X 1 Z 4' A 1 L f xx X " ' , 2 A D , L y S2553 509 f A f NN A my 5. I -2 T I " -UM f ix llf' - f f g!1f'f Suggs f ' 'L' "Mt I .' ,E by r eefovsf-v 5 M Q 'eh Q - X1- '- 9 f " "i xy :sang A . , KING 8: BRITTAIUN, FAMOUS BEAUTY SPEclAl.ls'rs ' FIFTEEN YEARS SUCCESSFUL EXPERIENCE Why be Wtinkled? Why Ee freckled? Why have your beauty marred 'by ill-formed proboscis ? Why have scrawny necks? Why be without eyelashes and brows? Why not enjoy wavy tresses the rest of your life? ' LOOK INTO THE FUTURE. MAKE SUREAOF PERFECT BEAUTY. , ONE FREE TRIAL 'IEO ALL MAY 21st, 22nd, AND -zgrd. E1 if f j, . v B P - , N nw. 1 "THE MOB OF LADIES WHO WROTE THIS WITH EASE."-Annual Staff ' This is the advertisement that Violet read with eager eyes. "Now that is just the place for me. " "Here, " point- ing with her iinger, "they speak of im- proving noses. Now there is Harriet Orr's nose-it has been made shorter. That is the place she Went I am sure. I'll seek information, there's no harm in trying, and too, this is a "special day."- Entering the room, whom should she see, among others, but her dearest friend, Aileen, undergoing the painful operation of having her eyes enlarged? It would have taken far less than this to convince Violet, who proved a ready customer. In another part of the room perched in a high chair, was Miss Richardson, having the eternal Wave pressed tightly into her tresses. Then she saw a won- derful transforrnation--yea, it was ghastly-for Florence had experienced the all-powerful bleacher and now her nose possessed a rare quality of white- ness. Of course there have been others who have received various treatments along this line. There stood Mary Taylor, a dream of beauty, with no freckles and a faultless complexion. Here was Ruth whose greatest ambition was to be a second Venus, as to form, having her - I bony neck vigorously massaged. She passed on into another room where she witnessed ia rather unusual sight-a fat-reducing rollercoaster--a number of f1'lends:Trula, Mary Taylor, Hazel, Louise, Bettie, Agnes, Eliza- beth, Rosamond, and Jennie, were securely bundled in white sheets rolling in order down the inclined floor. Three hours later found Violet resting uneasily in the Specialist's chair and a Wire' hair pin bridge had taken the place of her nightly cocoa-butter treat- ment. This successful operation was encouragingenough for hopeful Violet to indulge further. The next objects for consideration were her lashes, which she gladly submitted to be shorn to the quick. ' Six months later was heralded from paper to 'paper the announcement of the approaching wedding of the now beau- 'tiful daughter of Mrs. R- RENDER DUE CREDIT TO THE KING AND BRITTAIN BEAUTY SPECIALISTS. 1? -4- - i D0 YOU WISH T0 BE' A Beautiful Dancer? I X 1 N 'A at ' N- F V Xl 'li W 1 x IX ' fw,l:ig c I I 0.144467 v izgilf x You can learn to be as graceful as a gazelle in two Weeks time if you will join our Private school. We teach all the fancy dances, "High- land Fling, "Skirt Dances," and also the latest waltzes and two-steps Quick results and low. prices Come and See Us H Profs. PEERY 8: GOSE Gymnasium Hours: 11 P. M. to 1 A. M. x . .I I O f. X ' I ,' . iw , H":..2j.f'-X 'ik IQ il. r. ' 3,,vf'l ", '2..123l..l'llli f V' I . V . ' W., x, - '- w WE ARE 'HO 6URSELVl3lS',A CROWD."-Mgfry Tagllofrll cmd Miss Willis. ' w FSR RENT T, .. V. .Myambition-Alma Oates. A few hours of recreation.--Lillie Sharpe: -W ' ' . if Parliamentary.-uApply tol Senior Classj, ' ' g Love letters by T. Especially desirable ,on rainygafternoons. ' A , THRILLS. fApply to Jessica Vann. if . ' To 2 LOST A AA roommate. When last seen was Wandering around room No. 40.' Was subject to- "heart trouble."' Any in- formation will be gladly received by Clara Carpenter. t ' In lVIy heartbn third 'floor near Diate- lean Hall.-f Reward if .returned to Margaret'Willis. ' The Carolina-Virginia game on May 10?The Virginia .Girlsf i ' " 1 ' .. lx-'Q " .. u ' 1 . There is a man in our town And we have tried to chase him down, But While he often comes around He'll ne'er be caught, 'so We have found. A more delightful, genial soul Coulclgiot be found 'mongst young or . .o,.,l .His numerous virtues wil1ne'er be told' He's easy to catch, but hard to hold. Many maidens, fond and true, Have tried to catch this fellow too. What will become of the lingering few Who yet this hopeless chase pursue? W r Who's this wonderful man, Do you know? Ah, any one can tell you, he's The College Beau. 1. ' , 'a 1 Look at Gretchen, watch her run, She,takes the cake for going some. Besides this, she's a little sporty ' Her snvileg so sweet, the boys all court. , .y , I QHeard in Senior Class meeting.J Oh, Willie! oh, Williw We've heard enough, How long will you spiel forth that stuff ? You've talked an hour on the square, But not a word you've said, I swear. 4 f' I 4 '-iii-'fs..Lv.-Lw I f , gg . . " X "THERE'S MANM A SLIP TFWIXT THE SECOND AND THIRD FLOOR." m .gl ' 4-'--,N I I fi"w,,-M' .Q . . its .f- , -,', V W A 7 qseen in the Bulletin Boardy-Wanted , l N by the Senior Class the prayers of the I I A T studentbody from 9230 to 10:30. Cause- . -fl 5 To know why Miss Palmer chooses Enghsh I Test- ' N Miss Palmer Cin Historyj: "Who led certain nights to visit the girls.-All the Israelites out of Egypt ?" the Girls. Information as to how Trula manages Bright Young Freshman: "Solomon." " it- . Miss Palmer: "My child, ,go and get To To know how many hours aday Annie , ' the Bible- H o . I and Jennie practice.--Bess Crockett. A Chaperone to take Mary R. to the K --5 U dentist. Most constant Want Ad. in 'Emilyz "Why do you reckon they N To know how books Walk out of the our columns. have ai welathercook on the top of the 1 libraryy-Miss Richardson. ' house, why copldn t they have a when o, I, I " A pull with the weather man. so that Just as W511 'EK i I A new pain for Boss Crockett- She he will provide rainy Sundays and fair Marglei' It Would be most t00 ln: V , has had all she ever heard of. ' Weather Mondays' ' Convenwnt to go up and get the eggs" . M' P 1 ' t lk d To know whether Miss Robinson's There are many things lost, camfs uaozlellogsinigfai vgjolgorjttigy diamond means anythin serious - And many things found, . . . ' ,g g ' . . on the railroad with pencil and paper in Everybody, Some things of great cost, H h d . ol. ,,,, 5 W some not Worth a pound. nland, kllg at are you oingu izabeth. A I M ' f . . . S e as e . . Q T0 be 3 Psychology teacher--MiSS anal? Wanted Igam and again, "Why I am Writing a composition," I Peery. a a a ies want-is a man. was the reply? I - "This is a funny place to write a Perfectly good .jokes for Annual. composition, why didn't you write it at Ones with points preferred. the college ?" inquired-Miss Palmer. xg ' Experienced fashionabie modiste. "Because Miss Richardson told me one real hair braid to match my Embroidered gowns especially. Take to write a composition on ,a railroad." Take Work home. V. RANKIN ' ld t .-M t D d . ' -' go en resses O ewoo y Alice: "Did you know Annice Siler Chamber maid. Strictly reliable. had gone abroad ?" 5 - To know "has any one seen anything Teachers' rooms a' specialty. Refer- Natalie: "Oh, no she didn't ,go of Miss Richardson ?"--Miss Schaeffer.--ences. Telephone 'iMRS, SIMMONS." abroad, she went to Japan." p 5 . , I 'wg A . .5 1,-1 'Ji' ' X I 3 ' H I . . . L K.. 1 ' X I P by 1 I 1 '-. 1 6 U. 'fs ' , 1 Rlrfw' Eyfii -I' i Q ' h yo fp ' 4 1- ,'.,'i glfiviml. wifi, 9 ' ,- 'sllsi-I A1 i" . 'A' lL' v X . v- .Aj . ' . .1 ,K . ' I ' ,O J 4' ' 7 J '. VV. 1, ' ,- 1. , lu .vw . ' H -q,.tf..1' - W' 1, ." 1 -,l 5 f Q55 J gWE HAVE FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT,O WE HAVE FINISHED THE COURSE." LET TPQEXTRUE ' INNNARDNESS OF LOVE f PENETRATE TO YOUR W Z Suecomclous BEWQ- ' AND f-xs.x.'wn.1. 'BE , NNELL v H X W Q5 Y NX-ff wi 54552 fx 5 ' iff ' 1 4 ZX, Orffx N X SX Ljij fY fwfyge SK H A, 1 " wx: L 'gp qmi K5fEz5'4r :M I I f r" N . "FOR OUR VOICES WE HAVE LOST THEM SINGING CMARTHA IN PARTICULARJ3' ' Books by Prnminentj I I ."Betsy" Writers "A Life of Ease."-Nell Saunders. Cloth. Price 31.50. One of the best sellers of the season. The work of 'a most experienced and trustworthy author Who is quite capa- ble of handling such a subject. "Platonic Friendship." Mary Taylor Sasser. Bound for home. Cloth. Price 75c. U. C. criticises it .thusz "She seems to have gotten to the heart of life and can describe it with artistic appreciation. ' ' an "Woman's Rights." By W. Mc- Laughlin. Bound in Calf, Deckel edge, 8 vol. Price 33.50. These essays treat of a brilliant array of subjects from woman's right to be beautiful toher universal suffrage. ' I "Why Girls Should Not Marry Min- isters." Bess Peery. Cloth. 81.50. A very forceful and brilliant Work on a much needed subject by "One Who Knows." "Beauty Talks." T. King Sn Brittain. Cloth. Price 51.48. This is a collection ,L n of their splendid lectures given during the year to college girls and a book no college girl should be without. "Wild Animals I'Have Tamed." By Martha Reid Robinson. Alligator Hide. Price 35.00. Thrilling stories of birds and reptiles brought from the jungles of Florida to the third floor of Elizabeth College. Interesting anecdotes of Jack the Crocodile in the swim With the Spotted Gold Fish. Wonderfully told by this versatile author. "How to Drive a 'Tandem of Hearts." By "One Who Knows." Dedicated to M. V. W. No reason Why the least ex- perienced may not become the most successful drivers, if the instructions of this experienced author are closely followed. "Aftermathf" by F. H. Jackson. It contains the graphic life-story as never before told of nthe struggles and triumphs of a Math. teacher. Three full page drawings. Illustrated from life by Susie Woolley. ' i Geane Robinson's Opinion of lt.- "This book leaves a vivid mental picture and presents apojtrait of life that no student of Math. can afford to miss." Bound in limp leather, gilt egde. Price 33.50. Send for this book at once. Money refunded if not satisfactory. 5 Delicatessen Shop 1 RooM No. 19 ' J. XY g ' X 'W5"x as i.. I' . 4, , p' C gmi'i?J,: w XV. 1 A ...Qin T U Mayonnaise While you wait f i Consomme ala pat i , CHEFS: MISSES SIMMONS 8z STANSILI. 'Excellent Cuisine . . Prompt Service n Hours: From 11:30 P. M. to 2:30 A. M 5 w 1. X,,,. 1'4.f... T1 l. 1 'i. .Il l . l V.f.' '. .F., I, I. 'rfb-4. L-,ni 1 II K ,. a'1'1Q-1-in Q'-'32 - " 1 "ffl i I pv3'n'i'lf'i .Lg ,int 1... ' . in f I C x Q W 4 - I 5 THERE ARE QTIMES THAT TRY MEN 'S SOULS."-Exams. I Jokes Miss Jackson: "Miss Robinson can you explain the term 'heat expands, cold contracts ?' " ' Jean: "'Well, in the summer days are longg-infthe winter they are short." Miss Balmer: "What is a pauper?" Mary R.: "Why that's a kind of sea animal." 'QI Gretchen Creturning her proofsl: "Take the old things, they are hideous." Mr. Seay: Clocking over his glasses at herb "Well, what could you expect, mum I" STUNG!!! Jenny: "Margie, don't pull Peter's tail. He'll bite you." ' Margie: "No he won't, either. This ain't,the bitin' end." ' 0 W'-"-' -r 'fWhat is there," asked Miss Palmer "in connection with George Washing- tonulshat distinguished him from all other Americans ?" "He always told the truth," replied Mary Taylor. Hazel Mac holding forth'to "CherKry" 4 I I1 ,i ' about Wedding trips. "I'dT like to go to the Great Lakes for minel I think Lake Champlain is so pretty. " fLa1fra Hearne and Aileen in hall.J -L. H.: "Oh, for a hot bath." A D.: "No hot water never is. Don't see why they don't have it sent out.on Monday with the rest of stuff from town." FURNISHED HUUMS Large room. Well heated and furn- ished. All conveniences. Kitchenette. Apply to UMR. SIMMONS." Fnunn . FOUND-A black pocketbook of me- dium size. Contents consisting of a number of short pencils of unusual quality and crayons varying from 1-3 to 1-2 in. long. Owner can get same by calling at room No. 41 with nickel. FOUND-A drove of loose horses wandering around in the halls 'of "Lizzi" College. The- authorities of the college will be glad if owners will claim same and put them again in safe keeping. EOUND-A driver with a brokeii neck. Reward of 31,000 offered by ifogner employer for the murderer. ,I RARE EXHIBITION OF ANIMALS ON AT THE ZOO + --igg, Tiger cats and the wonderful species of the genus Home. C ONSERVATORY A 1 1 if HSTRAINING HARfSH DISCORDS AND UNPLEASING SHARPSN'-Hobo Band. A WANTED T WANTED-Time Table to find out the schedule from Charlotte to Petersburg, Va. Prefer to make the return trip in six hours. ' WANTED-A Specialist and private room in the iniirmary for those suffer- ing from dog bites. ' WANTED-A-Some' more teachers to express their opinion of "Current Events" to its Editor. Object-to fill up space in the "What Teachers say of Current Events." PHISTORY STUDENTS. WANTED--Fewer rivals.. L. HEARNE. WANTED-Another Way to kill time. NELL SAUNDERS. ' WANTED-A sure cure for a broken heart. MARY SASSER. WANTED-A new room-mate on a four days' approval. The last five proved unsatisfactory. ANNIE B. ROPER. WANTED-A grant from the Facultyg a five days' holiday for the honeymoon of "Mr. and Mrs. Simmons." The neighbors earnestly petition forw a peacemaker to make right the fuss in the Simmons family. ATTENTION 1 ATTENTION ll If Advice in Love Affairs Consult "TRUE LOVE"i The Wonderful Magician Through her fascinating arts she causes the course of true love to run smooth SUITORLESS IVIAIDENS to become the objects of MASCULINE Now is Your Chance 1 Buy Y0urHa1'11ess AT HALF PRLGE . er- ' ' ' r A perfectly good second-hand ' outfit for driving in tandem. Dealer has gone out of busi- -ness. : : : ' f : DEVOTION and AFFECTION N X . ' 2-4 A Lost love may be revived and stimulated ' i -TF APPLY TO She thoroughly understands Cupid's g , 4 , wiles, so come to her, Sweethearts, if P If U G A R P E N T Wives and Widows, if you are in trouble 'Q N , X Gi , w. . X l . ' i' '0 1 l- . i 5 ifwgiztrr nf Svtuhvntn nf l9l0:ll NAME HOME ADDRESS NO. YEARS HAZEL PATTERSON ALBRIGHT Burlington, N. C. 4 President of the Senior Class, President of the Euchrestian Literary Society, President of the Student Bodyg President of the Y. W. C. A. 5 Governor ofl the North Carolina Clubg Captain of the Senior Basket Ball Team, Captain of the Collegiate Teamg Euchrest an Team, Hooligang Elizabethan Staff, Cotillion Clubg Missionary Society, Athletic Association. MARY STUART ALEXANDER Charlotte, N. C. 2 Diatelean, Cotillion Club. WILLIE ANDERSON Charlotte, N. C. 2 Euchrestiang Junior Classg Junior Teamg Euchrestian Team: Athletic Association. MARGIE ASBURY Albemarle, N. C. 1 Euchrestiang Athletic Associationg Freshman Team, Special Teamg North Carolina Clubg Y. W. C. A., Mission- ary Societyg Bee Hive, Nine Donkey. x SARAH AKHARD Blountville, Tenn. 1 Diateleang Y W. C. A.g Missionary Society, U. S. Clubg Erie Canal. DALE ALEXANDER Charlotte, N. C. 1 FRANCES ANDREWS Charlotte, N. C. 1 ETHEL ADAMS Charlotte, N. C. 1 NITA BRYANT Laurinburg, N. C. 4 Treasurer of the Diatelean Literary Societyg Junior Classg Treasurer of the Y. W. C. A., Chief lVla1shal Com- mencement 19llg Missionary Societyg Cotillion Clubg North Carolina Club: Hooligang Director of Hobosg Elizabethan Staffg Artists' Clubg Junior Teamg Diatelean Teamg McDowell Club. MARGUERITE BRITTAIN Salisbury, N. C. 3 Recording Secretary of the Diatelean Literary Societyg Treasurer of the Junior Class: Cotillion Clubg Member of Cabinetg Y. W C. A.g Missionaryg Treasurer Hooligan: Secretary of Athletic Association, Lieut.-Governor of North Carolina Club. BERTHA BARNETT C Charlotte, N. C. 1 im NAME HOME ADDRESS NO. YEARS OLIVE BRICE, Charlotte, N. C. 1 Secretary Freshman Class. HILDA CONYERS Charlotte, N. C. 1 BERTHA CLINARD Charlotte, N. C. 1 HAZEL CHERRYMAN Grand Rapids, Mich. 2 President ofthe Diatelean Literary Society, Hooligan, Beta Phi Mu, Senior Class Prophet, United States Club, Elizabethan Staff, MacDowell Club. ' BESSIE CROCKETT Tazewell, Va. 2 Diatelean, Senior Class, Y. W. C. A., Missionary Society, Virginia Club, Member of Cabinet, Erie Canal Club. MINNIE CONYERS Charlotte, N. C. 2 Dramatic Club. DAISY CARPENTER Kings Mountain, N. C. 1 Euchrestian, Bee Hive, Y. W. C. A.,Missionary Society, Cotillion Club, North Carolina Club, Athletic Associa- tion, Nine Donkey. - ELIZABETH COLE Rockingham, N, C. 1 Euchrestian, Erie Canal, Y. W. C. A., Missionary Society, E. L. D., North Carolina Club, Athletic Association. HALLIE COVINGTON Rockingham, N. C. 1 Euchestian, Erie Canal, Y. W. C. A., Missionary Society, E. L. D. , North Carolina Club, Athletic Association. AGNES COUNCIL Wanannish, N. C. 1 Diatelean, North Carolina Club, Special Team, Sophomore Team, Diatelean Team, Erie Canal, Y. W. C. A., Missionary Society, Athletic Association. JULIA CALDWELL Charlotte, N. C. 1 LENORE CHRISTAIN Charlotte, N. C. 1 ETHEL DURHAM Charlotte, N. C. 5 EMILY DURHAM Charlotte, N. C. 7 MARY DURHAM Charlotte, N. C. 7 Cotillion Club. 168 NAME HOME ADDRESS NO. YEARS MABEL DABBS Charlotte, N. C. 2 CARRIE LOUISE DAVIDSON Charlotte, N. C. 2 MARY DIXON Charlotte, N. C. 2 CORNELIA DREW l Tampa, Fla. 4 Diatelean, United States Club, Commercial Club, Captain of the Special Team,Y. W. C. A., Missionary Society, Athletic Association, Cotillion Club. AILEEN DREW Tampa, Fla. 3 Diatelean, Treasurer of the Sophomore Class, Cotillion Club, United States Club, Y. W. C. A., Missionary Society, Commercial Club, Athletic Association, Sophomore Team. MARGARET DEWOODY Pine Bluff, Ark. 3 Treasurer of the Senior Class, Secretary of the Euchrestian Literary Society, lst term, Vice-President of the Y. W. C. A., Elizabethan Staff, Cotillion Club, United States Club, Vice-President of the Dramatic Club, Hooligan, Phi Sigma Pi, MacDowell Club, Senior Team, Athletic Association. RUTH DOWD Charlotte, N. C. 4 Euchrestian, Historian of Junior Class, Cotillion Club. ELIZABETH DONALD Charleston, S. C. 1 Euchrestian, Commercial Club, Bee Hive, Athletic Association, South Carolina Club, Y. W. C. A., Missionary Society, Cotillion Club. EMILY ETHERIDGE Elloree, S. C. 3 Diatelean, Dramatic Club, Athletic Association, South Carolina Club, Y. W. C. A., Missionary Society, Bee Hive, MacDowell Club. MARGIE ELIOT Tampa, Fla 1 Diatelean, United States Club, Missionary Society, Y. W. C. A., Cotillion Club, MacDowell Cubl, Athletic Association. MRS. FETNER Charlotte, N. C 1 KATRINA GOSE Burkes Garden, Va. 1 Diatelnean Literary Society, Y. C. A., Member of Cabinet, Missionary, Vice-President of the Athletic Association, Vice-President Junior Class, Junior Team lcaptainl, Collegiate Team: Captain of the Diatelean Team, Virginia Club, Erie Canal Club. 169 NAME HOME ADDRESS NO. YEARS AUGUSTA GEICHEN Wilmington, N. C. 3 Euchrestian, Athletic Association, Wilmington Triplets, Dramatic Club, MacDowell Club, Y. W. C. A., Mis- slonary Society, Cotillion Club, North Carolina Club, Nine Donkey. CATHERINE GILMER Charlotte, N. C. 2 ADELE HENDERSON Charlotte, N. C. 2 Commercial Club. LAURA HEARNE Albemarle, N. C. 3 Euchrestian, Junior Class, Phi Sigma Pi, Hooligang Treasurer of the Cotillion Club, Y. W. C. A., Missionary, Athletic Association: North Carolina Club. ROSALIA HENDRIX Leesville, S. C. 3 Diateleanf South Carolina Club, Commercial Club, Bee Hive, Athletic Association, Special Team, Y. W. C. A., Missionary NARVIS HAIGLER Cameron, S. C. 1 Diatelean, Junior Class, Junior Team, Erie Canal, Y. W. C. A., Missionary, Athletic Association, South Carolina Club. MARY HARRIS Petersburg, Va. 1 Diatelean, Virginia Club, Cotillion Club, Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., Missionary, MacDowell Club. RUTH HEARNE Albemarle, N. C. 1 Euchrestian, Freshman Team, Athletic Association, Noi th Carolina Club, Cotillion Club, Missionary, Y. W. C. A , MacDowell Club. AMY HEWES Jeanerette, La. 1 Diatelean, Y. W. C. A., Missionary, United States Club, Secretary of the Dramatic Club, MacDowell Club, Athletic Association. FLORENCE HEWES Jeanerette, La. 1 ALICE KERR HOUSTON Greensboro, N. C. 5 First Critic Diatelean Society, Elizabethan Staff, Y. W. C. A., Missionary, Athletic Association. IRENE HALL Charlotte, N. C. 1 ROSALYN HIPP Newberry, S. C. 3 Corresponding Secretary of Diatelean Literary Society. lst term, President of Junior Class, lst term, Vice- President of the Missionary, lst term: Treasurer of Athletic Association, lst term. 170 NAME RUBY HOOVER BETTIE HATCHER MARIE HUNTER ANNIE MAY HAWKINS WILLIE MYRTLE HAWKINS VIRGINIA IVEY HOME ADDRESS Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Monroe, N. C. Monroe, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. NO KATHERINE JOHNSON RAYMOND JONES MARIE J AHNZ Diatelean: South Carolina Club: Missionary: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Erie Canal. Charleston, S. C. GEORGE KING Charlotte, N. C. GRECHEN KIME Salem, Va. Euchrestian: Dramatic Club: Secretary of Virginia Club: Athletic Association: Y. W. C. A.: Missionary: MacDowel1 Club. CLARA KING Charlotte, N. C. THERESA KING Albemarle. N. C. Euchrestian: President of the Junior Class: Hooligan: Cotillion Club: Athletic Association: Y. W. C. A,: Mis- sionary: Artists' Club: MacDoWell Club. JOE KINARD Ninety Six, S. C. Diatelean: Treasurer of the Dramatic Club: Athletic Association: Y. W. C. A.: Missionary. Junior Class. JENNIE KROEG Charleston, S. C. Euchrestian: Senior Class: Bee Hive: Elizabethan Staff: President of the MacDoWell Club: President of the South Carolina Club: Athletic Association. RUTH KEISTER Pulaski, Va. Diatelean: President of the Virginia Club: Sophomore Team: Collegiate Team: Diatelean Team: Athletic Asso- ciation: Cotillion Club: Y. W. C. A.: Missionary: MacDowell Club: Vice-President of the Sophomore Class. 171 YEARS 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 5 1 2 4 3 3 1 NAME HOME ADDRESS NO. YEARS CARRIE KOOPMAN Eutawville, S. C. ' 1 Diatelean: Y. W. C. A.: Missionary: Bee Hive: South Carolina Club: MacDoWell Club: Athletic Association. MARY KING Charlotte, N. C. 1 Euchrestian, 1st Critic lst term: Artists' Club: Beta Phi Mu: Hooligan: North Carolina Club, Cotillion Club: Y. W. C. A.: Missionary. RUTH LILLARD Charlotte, N. C. 5 Euchrestian. VIRGINIA LILLARD Charlotte. N. C. 2 ROSAMOND LUCAS Charlotte, N. C. 3 Diatelean: Fatti Club: MacDowell Club: Athletic Association: Y. W. C. A.: Missionary. DOLLY LEE Waynesville, N. C. Euchrestian: Bee Hive: Athletic Association: Sophomore Team: Special Team: Y. W. C. A.: Missionary: E. L. D.: Cotillion Club: North Carolina Club. JULIA LOCKHART Wadesboro, N. C. 1 . Euchrestian: Erie Canal: Y. W. C. A.: Missionary: Athletic Association:North Carolina Club:MacDowell Club. MARGARET LLOYD Lynchburg. Va. 1 Diatelean: Dramatic Club: Athletic Association: Treasurer Virginia Club: Erie Canal: Y. W. C. A.: Missionary. NANCY LONG Charlotte, N. C. 1 VINTON LIDDELL Charlotte, N. C. 1 Artists' Club. MRS. J. F. LANEY Charlotte, N. C. 1 ANNA MCLAUGHLIN Charlotte, N. C. 5 Euchrestian: Artists' Club. WILLIE MCLAUGHLIN Charlotte, N. C. 4 First Critic 2d term of the Euchrestian Literary Society: Secretary of the Senior Class: Elizabethan Staff: Epicurean Club: Phi Sigma Pi: Athletic Association: Wynkin, Blynkln and Nod: Cotillion Club, North Caro- lina Club. 172 NAME HOME ADDRESS NO. YEARS CATHERINE MCLAUGHLIN Charlotte, N. C. 2 MARY MORGAN MYERS Charlotte, N. C. 4 Euchrestian: Artists' Club. LUOILLE MASON Charlotte, N. C. 3 DOROTHY MASON f Charlotte, N. C. 2 IRENE MCLEOD Lumberton, N. C. 3 President of the Athletic Association, lst term: Diatelean: Director of Hobo Band, lst term: Hooligang Senior Class: MacDowell Club: Senior Team: Treasurer of the Cotillion Club, lst term: Dramatic Club: Y. W. C. A.. Missionary. MILDRED MAXWELL Charlotte, N. C. 2 BLANCHE MILLERSHAM Charlotte. N. C. 2 GRACE MILLERSHAM Charlotte, N. C. 2 BRYTE MCCALL Charlotte, N. C. 1 GEORGE MARTIN Charlotte, N. C. 1 HAZEL MACNICHOLS Camden, N. J. 2 Corresponding Secretary of the Euchrestian Literary Society: Senior Class Poet: Hooligan, Beta Phi Mu: Cotillion Club: United States Club: MacDoWell Club. ALMA MAULTSBY Whiteville, N. C. 1 Diatelean: Erie Canal: North Carolina Club: Missionary: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association. VIDA MAUNEY Cherryville, N. C. 1 Euchrestian: Fatti Club: MacDoWell Club: Dramatic Club: Y. W. C. A.: Missionary: Athletic Association: North Carolina Club. LOUISE MOORE Bennettsville, S. C. 1 Diatelean:Athletic Association:MacDowellClub: Artists' Club, Y. W. C. A.: Missionary: Erie Canal: E. L. D.: South Carolina Club. BERTIE MEDLOOK Charlotte, N. C. 1 Commercial Club. lTZi NAME HOME ADDRESS NO. YEARS ANNIE MOSELEY Prosperity, S. C. 3 Senior Class: Treasurer of the Euchrestian Literary Society: MacDowell Club: Athletic Association: Y. W. C. A.: Missionary: South Carolina Club. SARA MOSELEY Charlotte, N. C. 1 Cotillion Club: Vice-President of the Sophomore Class. ILAWESE MCCAUSLAND Charlotte, N. C. 1 Dramatic Club: Cotillion Club. MARY MCCAUSLAND Charlotte, N. C. 2 RENA MCRAE Charlotte, N. C. 1 CHRISTINE MCRAE Charlotte, N. C. I F. H. NEFF Albemarle, N. C. 1 ALMA OATES Charlotte, N. C. 4 Vice President of the Euchrestian Literary Society : Vice-President of the Senior Class: Elizabethan Staff, Phi Sigma Pi: Wynkin, Blynkin and Nod. HARRIETT ORR Charlotte, N. C. 2 Euchrestian. MADELINE ORR Charlotte, N. C. 1 FRANCES OSBORNE Charlotte, N. C. 2 BESS PEERY Burkes Garden, Va. 2 Vice-President of the Diatelean Literary Society: Historian of the Senior Class: President of the Dramatic Club: MacDowell Club: President of the Missionary Society: Y. W. C. A.: Member of Cabinet: Erie Canal: Vir- ginia Club: Athletic Association. LUCILE POLVOGT Wilmington, N. C. 2 Euchrestian: Athletic Association: Fatti Club: North Carolina Club: Y. W. C. A.: Missionary: MacDowell Club, Cotillion. BERTIE PHILLIPS Gaffney, S. C. 1 Euchrestian: Athletic Association: Bee Hive: MacDowell Club: South Carolina Club: Euchrestian Team. 174 NAME HOME ADDRESS NO YEARS KATHERINE PEGRAM Charlotte, N. C. 1 Euchrestianq Cotillion Club, Athletic Association. MIRIAM PATTER Charlotte, N. C. 1 JANIE PATTERSON ,Concord, N. C. 2 GEANE ROBINSON Charlotte, N. C. 4 Sophomore Class, Cotillion Club. LAURA REILLEY Charlotte, N. C. 6 Euchrestian Censor, Senior Class, Cotillion Club, Athletic Association, Epicurean. ANNIE ROGERS Fort Worth, Tex. 2 Diatelean, Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., Missionary, United States Club, Erie Canal Club. VIOLET RANKIN Gastonia, N. C. 1 Dfallgelean, Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., Missionary, North Carolina Club, Cotillion Club, MacDowell C u . MARY RHYNE Mt. Holly, N. C. 1 gflcgirestian, Athletic Association, Cotillion Club, Missionary, Y. W. C. A., Erie Canal, E. L. D., MacDowell u . GRACE RANSON Charlotte, N. C. 1 Freshman Class, Freshman Team, Athletic Association. CHARLOTTE RUCKER Charlotte, N. C. 2 Secretary of the Sophomore Class. ANNIE B. ROPER Laurinburg, N. C. 1 Diatelean, Dramatic Club, Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., Missionary, Cotillion, North Carolina Club, MacDowell Club. NATALIE RUGHEIMER Charleston, S. C. 1 Corresponding Secretary Diatelean Society, Junior Class, Y. W. C. A., Missionary, Athletic Association, Sec- retary of the South Carolina Club, Erie Canal, MacDowell Club. HANNAH RODMAN Charlotte, N. C. 1 175 NAME HOME ADDRESS NO. YEARS EUGENIA RITCH Charlotte, N. C. 1 Artists' Club. HOWARD ROGERS Charlotte, N. C. 2 MARY ROBINSON Charlotte. N. C. 1 KATIE SAINE Charlotte, N. C. 4 Commercial Club. NELL SAUNDERS Charlotte, N. C. 5 Censor of the Diatelean Society: Senior Class: Y. W. C. A.: Missionary: Athletic Association: Senior Team: Cotillion Club: State Auditor North Carolina Club. MARY TAYLOR SASSER Durham, N. C. 4 Recording Secretary of the Euchrestian Literary Society, 2d Term: Secretary of the Cotillion Club: Y. W. C. A. : Member of Cabinet: Beta Phi Mu: Hooligan: Hobo: Secretary North Carolina Club: Secretary of the Mission- ary Society: Senior Class: Elizabethan Staff. VERNER SUMMER Newberry, S. C. 4' Artists' Club: MacDowell Club: Diatelean: Junior Class: Elizabethan Staff: Y. W. C. A.: Member of Cabinet: Missionary: South Carolina Club. LILLIE SHARPE Charlotte, N. C. 3 Sophomore Class. BLANCHE SIMMONS Greenwood, S. C. 3 Euchrestian: Treasurer lst term: President of the Cotillion Club: Secretary of the Athletic Association: Junior Class: Y. W. C. A.: Missionary: Beta Phi Mu: Hooligan: Hobo: MacDowell Club: South Carolina Club. REBECCA SNYDER Charlotte, N. C. 2 CORA STANSILL Rockingham, N. C. 3 Euchrestian: President of the Athletic Association: Hooligan: Hobo: Beta Phi Mu: Vice-President of the Junior Class: Captain of the Junior Team: Attorney General of the North Carolina Club: Collegiate Team: Euchrestian Team: Y. W. C. A.: Missionary: MacDowell Club: Cotillion Club. EUNICE STEWART Charlotte, N. C. 3 Commercial Club. 176 HOME ADDRESS YEARS NAME MARY STARR Yorkville, S. C. H. A. STIREWALT China Grove, N. C. MacDoWell Club. LUCILE SATTERTHWAITE Waynesville, N. C. Euchrestian, Bee Hive, E. L. D., Cotillion Club, North Carolina Club Y W C A Missionary Athletic Association. LILA SUMMER Newberry, S. C. Diatelean: South Carolina Club, Vice-President ofthe Freshman Class Freshman Team Y W C A Mission ary, Athletic Association. MARY SAMPLE HELEN SCHOLTZ CHARLOTTE SMITH SUSAN SMITH PAULINE SMITH KATHLEEN STERNE SUSIE STERNE GEORGE SNYDER ARABEL THOMAS ANNA THOMAS Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Rockingham, N. C Euchrestian, E. L. D., Secretary of the Y. W. C. A., Missionary, Erie Canal Athletic Association Cotillion Club, North Carolina Club. J ECCICA VANN Wilmington, N. C. Diate1ean,Diatelean Team. Collegiate Team,Athletic Association Y W C A Cotillion Club Sophomore Class, North Carolina Club. KATHERINE VoLLERs Wilmington, N. C. President of the Sophomore Class, Euchrestian, Captain of the Sophomore Team Treasurer MacDow ell Club Wilmington Triplets, Nine Donkey, Cotillion Club, Y. W. C. A., Missionary Athletic Association North Caro lina Club, Hobo. IT7 NAME HOME ADDRESS NO. YEARS ELIZABETH VAN POOLE Salisbury, N. C. 1 Second Critic Diatelean, Dramatic Club, Senior Class, MacDowell Club, Erie Canal, Fatti Club, Athletic Association. GAY WILLIS Charlotte, N. C. 8 Censor lst term, Euchrestian, Senior Special, Epicurean. MYRA WASHBURN Charlotte, N. C. 4 Euchrestian, Senior Class, Elizabethan Staff, Wynkin, Blynkin and Nod. ARTHUR WOHLFORD Charlotte, N. C. 3 TRULA WATKINS Lynchburg, Va. 1 Diatelean, Virginia Club, Erie Canal, Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., Missionary. JENNIE WATSON Rockingham, N. C. 1 Euchrestian, North Carolina Club, Erie Canal, E. L. D., Y. W. C. A., Missionary, Athletic Association, Special Team. ETHEL WEBB Charleston, S. C. 1 A Euchrestian, Treasurer of the South Carolina Club, Secretary of the Junior Class, Y. W. C. A., Missionary, Secretary of the MacDoWell Club, Bee Hive, Athletic Association. BETTIE WIEHL Aiken, S. C. 1 Diatelean, South Carolina Club, Bee Hive, Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., Missionary. SUSIE WOOLLEY Salisbury, N. C. 1 Euchrestian, President of the Frechman Class, Captain of the Freshman Team, Y. W. C. A., Missionary, Athletic Association. BBBTHA WOHLFORD Charlotte, N. C. 1 Euchrestian. EMMA YEAGER Charlotte, N. C. 17S I Now reader I have told my dream to thee See if thou cans't interpret it to me, Or misinterpreting, for that instead Look upon the advertisements ahead. 1.3 I ' f '- Hy f rf Z V Z J, L.x'Q"A5f 'ATX V ,Xi X. , ' A v 'fm 13,1- ' if xg WW XQXMQXWM' ! fhg mf?-ff gm, E11'l'T'V 180 1 X ' 7?-A 411 E31 W' A,-f4 f Q.,- a ,nf 1 X f' ' A f 1 ll .fj , . Q . 1 4 ,f I - s,N ,- -. X 'ss I x ! 1 ,i:x - i 'N 1 I . J If 'qu Q. l ...gig ' 4 '34 .X ,X -1' -1 ff ' "V" ,Jn ft fx. V5 - . Q. f' t- I ' '- 1 V 'X 'W N ' Fixx. ! " - .M .-f-1' 33" T ' X 5 ff X tl 1-'AY' .'.' ' V V' X? . tg ' b IFN 'MK' : . -::::::::--"X N . Z ' -,Q I- f vfiiiinff' 'L . mf '. . ' ' , g ', "FH -r . Nlasaaaaaaef 5 1 ' nh, g , X- ' . "" 'Q ' Y. X" Yi -V ' - '-'- Q 1 I , , 4 i A. -.st Q G 1' ,L qi 0 Ati' V "a k ilr ffii S-TA fx.. , E Fig... ,..na. ' " lip . U QQQ-QU- 'I A fl: H 4 uf A -ff,-'f Q . v ..-fi if 5 'ff' w , Eg E, ,.. 5. P' Init! ,L ' 1 N gfffff .45s!3' 181 Y ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Y+++++++++++++++++++++++++ -1- 4- 3 53 5 R. H. Jordan 81 Company 5 Z Clncorporatedj E: -2- -1- 5 DRUGGISTS 5 I5 Qs Q 3 jg ON THE SQUARE Q5 FQ 3- -2- -a- ff-2' Headquarters for Everybody EI 2 BIGGEST STOCK Leon Ernest Seay 5 -2- -1- EZ BEST PRICES The 4 tographer if 'P -K- E QUICKEST SERVICE Made the pictures in this book 33 If-P Try our DERIVIAL BALIVI. It makes the Skin E Z Smoothasvglvgt 'Z' -2- '53 :z -e or EI 3 AgentsforHUYLER'S CANDY 33-Z fi 3 M N, -ig -1- H? -1- -2 -z- "WE NEVER CLOSE" E Phone 9 and 993 Zig i++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4+++++++++++++++++++++++++i ' 182 -Q-'id-+'lr-'i"lr'-IMI'4--lr'-I'-I--I-'i"l--i"i-'IMI''IMI'-lr-4"l-'lr-'i"l"l"lr'1"i'4-'i-'l"i"i'+'lf-'I-+'l"l"i-'i-'i'-'!-'i"ir"i-'1"l' An Example in Arithmetic, and also in Suburban Real Estate Nut llI'3Wl'l fI'0m lhe llllilglllallllll, lllll IBKEII lfllm lllB I'8COI'l'lS Bl 018 MECKIBIIDUTE UOUl'l House In Nov9mber, 1e01, A bought a lot for -..............................4.-- S 600 In June, 1902, A sold his lot to B for .--4---- H --------- ---,. 8 00 In August, 1902, B sold his lot to C for .--- ,-... 1 100 In July, 1903, C sold his lot to D for ----------------4A- ----------- - -A 1250 In October, 1904, D sold this lot to E for --------------..-------------'-- 1500 In June, 1908, E sold this lotto F for .......---,- .-...- ---'---,---.-,---- 1 8 75 An increase invalue from S600 to 551.875, over three hundred per cent. in ' t' seven years ime. ANOTHER EXAMPLL. In 1900 A bought three suburban lots for 55900. He did not sell. He was wise, for today his lots are valued at 51200, 31000, 51000. a total of 953200 from a 58900 in- vestment REMEMBER these are not fairy tales, but actual facts regard- ing Charlotte Real Estate. We will show you the very property and give you the book and page number of the Mecklenburg rec' ords if you would like to verify the facts. We will give you the benefit of twenty years' experience in real estate if you want a good investment of this kind. In view of the very bright prospects for still larger and more rapid growth of the City ofCharlotte, our advise is, first, to buy now 1 second, to hold on to what you buy 1 third, to buy the very best, direct from the owners by dealing with the Suburban Realty Co. F. C. Abbott 85 Co., Sole Agents "Everything in Real Estate" Trust Building, CHARLOTTE, N. C. Send for maps and prices -I"I'+-'X '1'++4"I'+4'++-P-4'+'4'+++'I'+-I-+++++ fords and Pumps are exceedingly smart, yet per- fectly comforta- ble and Very du- rable. Sorosis women of taste 5 The sorosis ox- SHOES Shoes appeal especially to young , discrimination and an appreciation of the truly best. We have them in all the latest styles of cloth, suede, tan and patent leather. Agents for "ONYX" Hose in silk 500. to S2 a pair Sole agents for "Linen- wear" Hos- iery w i t h linen h e e l a n d t 0 e , double s ole and garter top, 25c. and 35c. H. C. LONG COMPANY Clothing, Shoes and Haberdashery CHARLOTTE, N. C. 'I' 'K' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'K' 'l' 'K' 'i' 'Z' 'K' 'Z' 'I' 'Z' 'Z' 'l' 'I' 'i' 'I' 'K' 'Z' 5' 'I' 'Z' 'I' 'I' 'S' 'Z' + + 'Z' 'i' 'Z' + 'Z' 'I' 'K' 'I' 'I' 'i' 'i' 'Z' 'i' 'Z' 'I' 'I' 'Z' 'Z' 'K' 'Z' 'I' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'i' 'Z' 'Z' 'I' 'l' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'I' + + 'I' 'l' 'Z' 'I' 'l' 'I' 'i' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'fi 'I'4"l""P'l"P'P4"I"l'4'-I'-I'4"P'l"l'-I"P'P'l'-l'+'l'"f'+'l'+-14''l"l"I-'l'4'-'I'-I"l'-I"l"I"1"l'+'I"'I"P'l"l"l"I' 'P+ 'I' ' +++++4"l'+'I'-I"!"'I"l-'I'-IN!-'I"I'+'I'4'+-i'-P-I--lWl"I"I"-7'-I'-I"l"Z'-1'-4"I'-IW'-JE'-I'-4'-5'-I"I"l-'1'+ 'E- '!"4"lr"IMl"lf--lui-3 'K' 'K' 'K' + 'K' 'K' 'K' 'P + 'K' -9 'K' 'Q '9 'k 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' -K' '? 'K' 'K' 'K' 'Z' 'K' 5' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' '9 'K' 'K' 'K' 'E 'F 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'S' 'S' 'K' 'K 'K' 'K' 'K' 'r 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'Z' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 'K' 4"l"l"l"l"4"l"f"K' Trees of ih5lSouth 'K' Z OU, whose stately homes in tne South are set among majestic and venerated trees3you,who 'K' 41 love the mystic beauty of the great out-of-doors, tne trees of which bespeak its crown- 'K' in ing glory: you, to wnose care the trees were given by generations long since passed '? -21 away, to keep in health and beauty for those which are to come-learn of the needs of these 'K' Q1 trees- E: IS DAVEY TREE EXPERT COMPANY, ig. ,P KENT, OHIO I .g. 'P' DEAR DIRSZ Referring to the Work done on the trees of Elizabeth College Campus by your 'K' 'P' Company, under the supervision of Mr. John J. Twomey, 1 beg to :ay that the work is very 'K' 'E' sauslaciory. lour men seemed to know their business. They W01'kSd on ab0l1t twenty USES 4' 'f' in the campus, including white, red. and black Oak, . oplar, H ckory and Elm trees- 1 believe '5' 'E' that by this means 1 have perpetuated the life of some of the large white Oak trees possibly 'K' 'I' lilly years. 'lhe large Lreesnear the Coll ge entrance is a standing advertisement of the 'P 'P style and character ot the work. I hope to have the boys do more work for me next Fall, on 'I' jf' the other side Of the f2amD11S. Very truly yours CHAS. B. KING, President. 2 -rv Z A beaurifulbook- jj .F let with illustra- -Z. ,El tions awaits your K. ,Pl call. Write us at + ,P once, stating the + 4' number ot your 4. + trees, the kinds and 4, ,F their location. We 4, may be able to send a special rep- resentative With: -ut cost or obligation to you to make a thorough examina- +'lr+'i'+ '4"l'+'K"'I-' :Z tion of your trees. E: 'l' 'K' ,P THE DAVEY TREE EXPERT 4, -2- GUMPANY, Inc., 'K- Z KENT, OHIO. 3: -If C0perating the Da- -5 'I' vey Institute of 'P 4-+'wl' 'P+-JE' Tree Surgery.J 'T'-T"l'++'K"K'+'T"T'+++++++'1'4"P4'+4"T'+-T''T'++-K''T'+-I'-T'-l'++++++'T'+'l'++++'K'4"T"P'P++45-l"T'+++++-T'+++4'+'T'+'P++++++ 184 'K' 'Z' 'Z' 'I' 'K' 'I' 'I' + 'P 'I' + 'Z' 'I' 'I' 'K' 'Z' 'I' 'Z' 'i' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'i' 'r 'I' 'I' 'I' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' + + 'Z' 'I' 'I' 'K' + 'I' 'I' 'Z' 'I' 'Z' 'E' 'F 'Z' + 'I' + '? 'Z' 'I' 's' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' + 'I' + 'I' 'Z' .g. 'F ,g. "r 9 'Z' 'I' 'I' 'i' 'P 'I' 'I' 'Ni' -1- -Q. -1- .5- -4- + o , 0 f X + + Bullders Supplles 2 E YF , ,QUT WE WANT YOUR E l I Ae E 2. out -,T a 1 PATRoNAGE E 3 Q Ekgigff 51: ' 'Q 4 'I' 32 1 iff' -WHY? E -2- 25 Because We sell nothing but the Ei E We Carry in Stogk newest and best of E -1- -1- 'E ' 1 f ' 'f' E me em, T 0 m Women's and Ch1ldren's ig :Ig Foundatlon to Roof W , A 1 -iq: E Ready to Ship Now earlng ppare -2- . -4. EE If yoljl are golng Try Our Store Service, You'll Want More E gg to bulld a house 33 -2- 1 . . -Q- E get In touch Wlth The Floyd L. LITCS Co., E + D g Q g 4. 3 Charlotte Bullders Co., Charlotte s Authority on Wcrmen s Wear fl: jg 17 and 19 WEST TRADE ST. -I-1: E Charlotte, N. C. Phone 776 5,2 -2- 23 +44-544''P4'++'f'+4'-I'++++++-P+++++'I'-Fl'-'P+-'I'++'4-+44-I'-l'+'?'++++++'P'4'-P+ +++'P+4'++'!'++'I'-E--5--4--!'!"!"5'-P+-JE'++4"P 185 ,gl-::"? may ii +4++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ We UO. UO. CD M F Wm C fc. CD Sat in Qc-r QF? 3 hliil -.CD DI Ori 5 H go cr: Poo. E? Q-C CD Eh HG -4. O EU -3533 -:D SD D- CD +++++++++++++++++ E Ready-to-Wear and Millinery Departments always complete with the late -if E New York Creations. In Coat Suits, Street and Evening Dress Costumes, if 2,2 Capes, Skirts, Coats, Kimonas, Shirt Waists, Muslin Underwear, etc. Also as iz E2 full line of Children's and Infants' Wear. if EZ? Silks, Wash-goods, Woolens, Linens, Laces, Eniloroideries, Gloves, Neck- E E wear, Ribbons, Hosiery, Underwear, Notions, Jewelry, Handkerchiefs, and if 3 Art Goods. if E E 3-Nothing Shoddy-ONLY THE BEST AT? 4' if 35 EI + + 'I' THE LITTLE - LONG COMPANY gg + + + + +++++++++++++++++++++++++4+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++I++++++++++++++ 187 ++++ + 4 4 + + 4 4 4 + + 4 4 4 4 4 4 + 4 + 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 + 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' ++++ O I Z Phone Your Orders to Number Flshlng fgr Easy M 31-ks 3: '5' Many are the Ways to extract money from "easy marks " 'I' 4' or for Some person has tested the advertising of "sharks"who had bait '9 'Q' set for the guilelesslwith this result: + 4' He sent stamps to a Chicago firm for information as to how to 4' Z Zlnakehan impression. The answer was: "Sit down on a pan of 3: ou . 'E' Ife paid S1 to learn how to live without work, and was told on ii Ig a postal card: "Fish for easy marks as we do." ,QQ 'E' If he had sent S1 to Insurance Headquarters to know which Z 9' was the best Insurance Agency in the city, the answer would K. Z have been hi. 'F C N G BUTT Sc C0 "' 'f' o 0 0 o E: :PP Iusurance Head uarters 'Z' + 4 'Y' A n d 21 E. Fourth St., CHARLOTTE, N. C. I ,F 4' ++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++ +++++++ 'U C rn Pill G 5 'U sn: I3 o gi 523' G 'JU Er go sqft ge 'Sz 6. S7 +++++++ CQ Charlottengiipply Co. XY Everything ig CMi1l Supplies. Ro .ov- Standard Ice and ermg a Speclalty ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 188 +I' 'I 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' + 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'F 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'P 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'F 'I 'P 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'P+ 05. ' ' 0 o + :E Lutheran Board of Publlcatlon 'GM u S 1 C 3 1 E S S 6 nt 1 3 1 S99 E :E-2' W. H. GREEVER, Manager 3: '51 The official publication house of the United Synod PRICE 31.00 5: Z of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Sauth. 4, Z Publishers and Printers A Compilation of Musical Knowledge fl: ++++-1- Pi Ef U2 S o I1 'T' bil 0 U2 o l"'h El 0 CD U2 FY' it sv E CD 4 ii s CD 4--M-++ Distributers of Bibles, Books, Hymnals, Church and Sunday School Supplies. 3 Lutheran Board "fP'1"'1"'f1"1' to every student of music. The au- 32 15 1626 Main Street thor has endeavored to include what ig 2,2 P O D wgOLUMB1AfS-C- every student should know, and the 23 :ig ' ' mwer ' presentation of the rudiments of Mu- 22 gg , , sic Notatlon IS so plain that one who 22 E aldeslan Nurserles has no knowledge of muslc can under- '33 ,, stand. The historical information 4. ig BOSTIC, N, C, makes the book a most valuable one 32 1,2 f N S k to more .advanced students. Thls 31 15 Growers 0 ursery mc should be 1n the library of every one EZ fg for Wholesale and Retail Trade who loves 1'I1L1SlC. E 'I' E SPECIALTIES: Published by if 'I' . 'I' + California and Amoor River Prlvet, Shade and Or- 'I' :Eh namental Trees, Grape Vines, Berry Plants, Cannas The John Church Comlyany :FF and Peonies New York Cincinnati London '? 'I' 'I' 4' 'I' 4'++4'++-P4'4'-I'++'I'+'7'4'-I'+4"I"I'4'+'I"f'+'l'+'IWI''I'+++4'+4'+++++++++'I'+++'lf'-I--'Pl-+4"I"I'+'l"I"P+'f'++++++++++++++ 189 'l"I"i"l"l"!r'+'i"l"l"l-+'i"t-'l"l"wlr-'lr-'l-'!'+'l"l"ir-"l"If' -X'-!f"!f"i"Il"i'+-l"i"i-'l"l"1t"l"ir-'k"l-'i"i"i"i"k'l-'i"ir"i' The SanitaryWay OUR CLOTHES are really dis- infected by our process, and are clean, sweet and pure. We also make a specialty of laun- dering LADIES GARMENTS. No matter how sheer or delicate they are, we can launder them Without injury. TRY OUR SERVICE Sanitary Steam Laundry Charlotte. N. C. OINILIVVOINI TOILET PAPER Here is an offer you cannot afford to miss. We make this ex- ceptionally liberal offer, altogether on the make-good basis, sim- ply to convince you on the superiority and the economy of the Onliwon System. With 16.000 sheets, worth 32.00, we will send you one of our handsome Two Dollar cabinets. without charge. We ask you merely to pay the price of the paper and express charges, 500. Q in other words, our proposition is 16,000 sheets and one cabinet for the sum of S2. 50, express charges prepaid. A. P. W. PAPER COMPANY, ALBANY, N. Y. Y Hi h CI BREADS, CAKES, S Y etg Adddrding to Pure Food Furnish Elizabeth College. Laws- West Fifth Street. C. Valaer Bottling Works. C"ii12ffe' My Queen Ginger Ale is the BEST. A. H. WASHBURN COTTON MILL MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT Everything needed for the manufacture of yarns and woven fabrics of any kind. Estimates furnished and contracts made for complete plants, including Power Equipment. soo REALTY BUILDING CHARLOTTE. N. CAROLINA Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'P 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' + 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'P 'P 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 1+ 4 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'K' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 4 'E' 'E 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'I' 'I' 'Z' 'I' 'F 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'P 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'E' 'Z' 'Z' 'Z' 'I' 'I' 'Z' 'Z' 4 'Z' 'Z' 'P 4"Z' 4'4'+4'4'4'4- 4'-I' 444' 4'-4' 4-4'4'4'4'4'+ -P+ 44'-I' -54' 4"-4'4-' 4-4' ++'f"l"IWI'4- 4'-T' 44+ 4'4- 444' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4- 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4'4' 'I' -1- 'I' ' EVERYTHING IN E Mlller - an Ness Co. -z- + o 0 5 F 1ne Grocenes HARDWARE 'ZZ E We solicit the College trade and I E S 4-13 carry a line of Delicacies for Lunches 'I' and Parties that will satisfy the most -1- 22 fastidious. Three phones-68, 688, Charlotte Hardware Co' fl: 118. 27 North Tryon Street. PHONES NOS, 73 and 343 -1- -1- H ' ' . -1- utcluson Sehorn X: Hlpp - E High-Grade Plealsure and Business Vehicles 4. All styles. Harness and accessories. V Z Rubber.T1re work a specialty. Ngw Effggts .51 Farmmg toolshevery kmd. ' I Z F e r t 1 l 1 z e r s I xx-:EI it 211 and 213 North College Street in 'I' ' I 3 5, 1 ' 22 1X.Er51.E..t.Tfi1tt31i.F:s2.'2i.0:s..::.f 521 glrls Ei.: E,-1 gitll: tge liest Iijatiire anddVgesterg1h Meatls, f if ' , , I - i"' - 3 ia eESaffor3cIZ.er5pectia1lafglzglrritionaglcirenezgalor- ' -If GlIm6r'MO0T6 C0. .3 ders and accounts. 0? o E A' W' AUghrEIEji22'g'2?d all Tryon St' Trunks, Bags and Sult Cases Ii-I--tr-I--fexwrwxr-1-'xr4-++++++++M-4-++-I-+-I'-1'++-Pr!--I-+-I--M'-M-M-+-I-+++++++404-++++4-rl-++++++++-I-++-I-+-r+++++ 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' '9 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'P 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'P 'I' 'I 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'P 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Z 'I"I"I"'l"I"I"l"I"'l"l"I"l"I"I' :I'?'I"I"l"P'I'-I''l'+'I"I"I'+'I'-I'-I"'I"I"l"I'-l"I"I"I'-I'+'I"I'-I'+'I"l"I"l"l"f'++'l"I' ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + 4 + + + 0 + 3 Our Store IS Yours P U R I T Y 5 + + + , + IZ We Appreciate Your Trade In the home and in education produce EI 122 noble men and Women. EZ QE Sheet Music,Artist's Materials, Books, Om' greater Colleges Use STIEFF Elf 3 Stationery and Art Goods, School and PIANOS eXe1Ue1Ve1Y, beeallee 5,3 3:5 College Text Books, College Rings, they are mueleeuy PURE- , 5,3 -1- Class Pins, Pennants, Sofa Pillows, In the home 3- STIEFF, PIANO 15 an 3 35 etc. Pyrography and Pierced Brass emblem Of Pmelty m mUS1eHl + 25 Goods and Outfits. refinement and proof 1 IZ of an Artistic 22 Z PICTURES FRAMED TO ORDER taste EZ E CARDS AND INVITATIONS Only Artistic Standard sold direct. 5:3 341- E N G R A V E D Write today for prices and terms. E + 0 + + + EE Correct Styles and Correct Prices C h a S - M - S t 1 e f f E is-I' A MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HOME Manufacturer of the piano with the 513 E sweet tone. 33 gg C- H- HOBINSUN 84 C0-9 SOUTHERN WAREROOM: if Z 30 West Trade Street 5 West Trade St., CHARLOTTE, N. 2 E CHARLOTTE, North Carolina o. H. WILMOTH, Manager SE + + 9 + ++++++++++++++++++m+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4+ 192 'P+'i"!"-1--lr'ink'-P4-+++++'i"k++++'i-+'ieX-+'i'-k-I-4"i"!--P'lr'1r++++'i"i"lr++-I-'lr'if-'i-'i'+'4r-'!r"iMi+'i-'i-'i-'Pdf-'i-++'i'+++'4r'++-k+'lr"k'Q-'i'-4+ -24-+-i-'i'+'i'+4'++'i'+-i-'i'+'iA4-+++'i'4"i'+-I+ 'id+'i"i-'i-4-'i-'ic'-lrlr''i'+'i-'i"i"i"!f-'ir'-Q'-k"i'+'i-+-X -I- P U R C E L L' SPECIALTY STORE Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Garments of Quality Suits, Cloaks, Waists Skirts, Hosiery, Un- derwear, Ne e k w e a r Corsets, and DRESS ASSE SSORIES You eau depend upon finding here courteous treatment and very best service, as well as best values in our line The Cloak and P 119 The Cloak and suit store llrfje S sun sim THE PLACE TO WAIT FOR YOUR CAR USE US PHONES 203-457 Bowen's Drug Store IS THE PLACE OPTICIANS We are prepared to do all your op- tical Work, carrying all styles of mountings and frames. We grind our own lenses, can duplicate your broken glasses. Call on us for anything you Want in our line. Registered Optom- etrist in charge of our retail depart- ment. Phone 833. THE PUETT- SOUTHERLAND Co., 39 N. Tryon St. + -21 'P 'E-f 15' W' if 6' -E' -if 'I' -If 'E- -I-1 'E' 4' -5' 4' 'E' -E' if 'E' 'E' '2- -2' .S- 'I' -2' 'E' 'E' -E' -I- 'E' -2' 'E' 'E' -I- 'I' -5' -P' 'E' 'E' -I-1 -2' 'Z' 'Z' 'P -5- -I-1 'I' 4' -E' -P- 'E' -5' -E- '21 4' 'E' 'E' -2- -E- 'E' 'P' -E- + 4' 4' -if 'E' -I' 4' 'E' -P' I? 4' '4"'l'+++'4'4'4"?'4"f'JF"?'+'4'+'t"f"5"f'+4"F'I'+'f''F'4'+'f"7"'1"f"l"4"4'+'l"f"7"P'I"'1"F"7'4"P'?''!"F"K'4"'s' -bi-++++++++'k++++++++'i-+4--I-+++-lr'4-4'4-'P+4-4-++'i-eb-i'++'i-+4-+-k++-l"l'+++++++4'+'i'++++'i'+++++++'i'-Q'-k+'i"i' 'I' 'I' E Visit the Store that Gives Satisfaction- 44 G et at H a W1 C Y 9 S n E + is - S E "The Little Store with the Big Stock" on :iff EE West Trade Street, near the Square E 5 L I N E B A C K 85 E L A M Drugs, S't3,liOI1CI'Y, Toilet A1'tiClCS E -I' 9 H I 'I' E popular Jewelers Smokers Supplies, Candies -5 'I' E THE LEADING scuooi AND TEACHERS BUREAU OF THE A Well Equipped Drug Store with an Up-to- 53 ,F soum AND SOUTHWEST gg 3 J. w. Dim zsfd Yeary CARLTON JACKSON Date Soda Fountain. Call and Visit Us. 5 fl' 4' NATIONAL 'BUREAU OF , EDUG AT1oN Z Wilcox Building, Nashville, Tenn. Z If Superior facilities for assisting schools desiring I .5. teachers, and teachers desiring positions. .g. :I-I' CORRESPONDENCE INVITED E: 'I' 'I' 'E' 'P 'I' li' Sth L Fl ellaigcturglfewelg gel' Hawley's Pharmacy i4-+++++-x--x--x- 3-11- -I-500 :QC -1-in I1-'23 -1-gm 31-'ln' 5,1-E5 -1-:if it 75' is E-- 22 :Z -PIZ ISF! 'Ill -E2 25'-4 I"-So :ti ,pr 5-1- is-4' -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- I? +G 'P' 9. EE Z 5 'PE jg L: -1- sw ca En. '11 -1- -- .Pl'h 2 EF -1- 93 'I' R Ea- Z1-2' -1- -1- -1- Zi ++-M-I--1-+-I-++ 2d++++++I++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + :Ig tfresb Bomelflnade candies at WORLD-CHALLILNGING BARGAINS + 3 , BELK BROTHERS -1- CHARLOTTE,N.C. 'I' HA H 'I' Z Tang great DE-partmeng Store dis riow lallllaglow wit argain o erings o most azz ing ri iancy. ff. 2 9 N 0 7' f ff G 7' .9 9 71 J t 7' 3 3 t Bargains such as only this great establishment '-II: wighgts ldozen far more stores agiroughgut Norah an out Caro ina can give. e c a enge t e IZ TR Y OUR world to match our prices, or show a more varied 'I' stock of Spring and Summer merchandise. Our ff, 7' C S d stock Embgaces every known style in Coat Suits, in Dress oo s, Trimmings, Notions, etc. IPI' 0 a IDRY GO0DbS :IND NQgTI0NdSHon first Hoor of our eegant new ui ing. econ oor, Coat Suits and E glillinegy, the liilost eleganlt dlfipartmlent Soluth. C 3r5l' "' -M' 00r, arpets, atmgs, an ouse urnis ing :oo s Z Cotrell 8 Leonard ith and5thiio1o1g1s,bWholesale Departmenit. All can -1- Alban N Y e easl y reac e y taking our electric elevator, 'I' y' ' " which is constantly running. Z I "-- Makers of CAPS and GOWNS Clothin? and Sligo Stores, two Siparage Lind distinct -2- , T th A inc ll sf ., tl, All . stores, n ours oe store you'l fin al the late 'I' 5 I, 0 B mm-125010 31ecf'2ci5c:n e an styles in shoes-Queen Quality for women, Ralston, Z L-, -. . Class Contracts H Specialty Fellowcraft, Piedmont and Selwyn for men--stand- -2- ard makes. Clothing and Men's Furnishing. Schloss Z . , Brgsb Clothing is grnown all oveiil the coiantiry-latest .5. l I ' I an' est sty es. ents' Furnis ing inc u es every- : thlgg sggt lzelonis to this clseilpaligtrrzena lgail orders .P in 'ar men. s receive e es a en ion.. - 'I' We study the wants of the Ladies exclusively. . when In the clty We extend you 9' Speclal mvlta' 311- M ll OISIR SEFCIALTIES . tion to cali and see us, whether you buy or not. .3 i inery, uits, C oaks, Skirts, Waists. :I-2' Agents for the celebrated Trefousse Kid Gloves. Ben! Bros' Great Department Stores ,,, J. B. 1vEY CONIPANX' Charlotte, N. C. .Q +'I'+'l'+4'+'I'++4'+-!'++++-I-'I'++'I'++-1''P+-l'-I'-l"l'++'I'++-I'++-l'++'P-I'-l'++'l'+'WI''I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 4' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 4' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 4' 'I' 'lvl' +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Y++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 'E' 'I' 'E' 'I' -1- , , -1- 5 Efrrd s Department Store S C I-I Q I ' Z 2 'E' ' 'C' 'E' 'Z' fi HIGH-CLASS GOODS AT POPULAR PRICES E EE S THE FLORIST 5.5 if Best Millinery Department in the Carolinas 33 EE E Ig We sell everything in G 53 H-Z' EE notions. Fine White 31 'Z' LZ Goods, Silks, Dress Vance Park jj E Goods, and Colored 'E E W a s h G o o d s o f if EE every description if E D 33 E Charlotte, North Carolina E 'E' n 'Z' gg Ef1rd's Department Store PHONE 1443 5 -2' 'E E Corner East Trade and College Streets N i g h t C al I 1 1 4 6 -I if 4- 'Z' 'P 'I' ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4+++++++++++++++++ 196 4-+'Jr4-'ini'4'4'-i-'i-'i'4'+-l-'k++-k'i"i"i"i"i"i-'i-'i'+'i"i-+'i"i-4--Ir'+-I''lr'4'-I-'i'-lwir-if'lv'i''i'+'i'4''ld'-1-'I-'i'4''i"i"P'i'-l--k'i-+'i"!r'-b'i"i"ir--I--1"i'+-k'i'+'i-'l' 'P 'I' 'I' 'I' 'P' 'I' 5 A NEW GET THE I-IABIT gg E WEIEEIER S OF TRADING WITH E 'I' ' 'I' INTERNATIONAL N Y E DICTIONARY CI'laI'1O't126 S Newest E fi THE MEREIAM WEBSTER fi E The gnly lgew unabridged dictionary in E 'Y' An1E1nnyfoagZ'ia. C n insth im d 'Y' YQ 3?Ef1,Eee13Zf3ni:fE,5fE32f?f3Z2?fY' ONE PRICE TO EVERYBODY E 3 Thiygizgpiifgongrx 52121323 gffguliff T M B C -ad: E Jg1vgE.g:1.t?oe1?s?e?5ost252100003-Zlaiiiisn E 22 f 'EEEE HEELIDZSQZ 31 and 33 EAST TRADE ST. E 3 9 xg X ,AR N '3f:f5z?i:1i:2 sg fi T ,QT G R E S H A M ' 2 2 'ixvxx mvmmm XX tcnlars - Z Z X Q ummm Name tht . , i 3 ' B Realty Bulldmg 3 -P+ -4' oy X . :E Qi?-'T'--"ip - " ' ,Hs WEg: "fei1n'P..,, T'."fq, - , 4+ v -R T11 -I ,bl I.-56 X W TQ. .,,. , In W Vx , ,4w,,n-K1 , ,nf F -- J wx c5Qfa,.4,, fe: W' ,, , I M, A , mf, ' XL' 'P , xl. ,, 'wtf' 5 XX, J -...ni Xxid- s . 1 - Ae --'- ' 'I 'Q-Ag,+ogx'x1 4, fix. Q-T5-Q XX X X P399 nd if,50Qw2,v" w we will Qc' 4 ja. jiri 'ff X uenarnzz J ., 4. ff f-REL. ,mn X .X in 'M-R1 -X A set of fl! U ' .' e 'K fn- 'Tr ' , ' ' ,ff - ljfzfi 23:11 ff! I if ' .jd - , ,li - Jw, f V- I fr.-K + ' 'HL"'Qi L' ,- - .3 , ' xh xfw. . . C0- , -. . . . .M- I5 ff Q RegulaEfZ2f1hS5'cl1fQ to 230 fx E Dinner 6:30 to 8:30 if 2? .,,,E.,fi.E 'l'f.'I'1'L A 50 cents 3: 'Y' Ala Carte Service 'Y' -I' ini' '11 -I' 'P -P' -I- -I' 'P -2' -I' 'E' 'Z' -I' -E' 4' -E' 4' -7' 'I' -5' 4' 'I' -I' -I' -E' '21 'I' -2' 'I' 'E' -Z' 'E' -I' -I' -2' '5- 'I' 'I' -5' 'il 'X' 'E' -I' 'I' 'E' -I' 'P' -I' 'E' '21 'I' 'E' 'E' -5' 'E' -5' 'E' 'E' 'E' 'E' 'E' -I' 'E' -E-1 6 '2- 'E' -E' 'E' if 6' 'Z' 'E' 'Z' Z -I-4'-'P r-1 CS -Cl -1--1--1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1 -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1--1 -1- -, o n . a e rug o . ,- Z h S Bl k D C R fs "ON THE SQUARE" G . O . T H E I 52 Z Full Line Hudnut's Toilet Preparations t 21 gg Agents for wH1TMAN's CANDIES Dealer In 5 f 11 P 1 C 21 H d F a H C Y gg -2- Drink at Our Fountain G R O C E R I E S -1- -1- . . -1- + Everything Samtary and Up-to-Date. , 4. EE Phono Phones Nos. 119 and 2116 E :I-P Corner Torrence Avenue and East Fourth St. 'I'-I: + -1- zg John S Blake Drug CO. CHARLOTTE, N. CAROLINA. 3: -1- + -1- -1- -1- 2 The Ben-Vgnde CQ, Weddlngton Hardware Co., Ino. E03 ff- Expert Dyers and French Cleaners Allkinds Of Hardware for the 32 -1- house, the farm, the garden, -1- jj Office and Works, 18 W1-S1 Fifth sf-1-1-1 and the shop. 1 1 1 : 4-13 'iii PHONE 1165 29 East Trade S191-1, - CHARLOTTE, N. C. QI -1- E No Home IS Complete Wlthout MUS10 We carry everything in E Z Pianos, gfiqlins, Cggftarsgganjos, Mhandolgnsii Metgo- the Sporting Goods 11116 fi: in nomes, trmgs, lson onograp s an ecor s. -1. -1- 1 1' f SHEET MUSIC' Ch 1 . 1 -, 13:1 1:15553 113,21 0111.111 goods 1,11 11 321:11 MYERS HARDWARE 1 255 loss if you buy before s e e i n g m y s t O c k. and Sporting Goods Company Z Z F. 1-1 ANDR1-:ws,21a NORTH TRYON sr. 18EastTrade Street, - CHARLOTTE, N. C. 44: -1- -1- 'I'-l"P+++++4'+++++++++-P+'!'++-1'+'!"P++'I"I'+++'P-1'+++"P+-I"!'+'I'+-1'-!'+'I"1"-1' +++++-!"P'l'+-P++++++++++++++'f-'X' 198 'i"i"i'-1-'i"i'+'i'4'+++'i-'i'+'i'+++'-ki-+++'X'4c'i"i-'i'-hir''ini'-P+fi-'i--l"i"i'-'i"l-'ffl'-If-'I''i"ir-'i"i"i"!-'ir-+-k'i-'i'+'i"u?r-'i'++++++'i"i-+-k++'i'+'1--lui' -I-0 'I' -2-4 1+ -z- ., 4, L . - -1- gf 1 OUR PLR CENT Woodall 8z Sheppard, Inc. 5 + O O + 'f' Th F' t B t E ' d D 'Q' EE Banklng Mall e mes anim Elsie Sciuliglpe rug Store E '54 'I' ff 4 per Drugs, Soda Water afld Ice Cream, Fillf! COI1f9C- 3 .5. . . . . tlons. Sole agents for -1- is-2 on Savmgs IS just as easlly accom- y 53 -1- pllshed through our Bankmg by Mad NUNNAU-Y 5 FINE CANDIE-5 4-4: Ii System as though you lived close service Unsurpassed. 53 E ?U0Ugh to this Strong bank to deposit Sky-Scraper Building - CHARLOTTE. N. C. -:- 1n person. -22 -5- , , , Phones 69 and 166 wr gg Wrlte for mformatlon. 23 4' 'K' . . n + E Speolal Sawlngs Department Ivers and Pond Pianos Q2 Interest Compounded 3: jg four times a y e a r UMADEIN BOSTON" jj 'E' fi' 'P' X4 w r w Used in the reiined homes of the 'I' Z' Q! HYA I' cl V1 1 E United States. Over 3,000 made E E NAIIONAI, an-d sold every yeer. iz E BANIQ Wrlte us for catalogues and prlces E 'I' 'Z' 23 5? -ui-4' Q I D' FU 'll 7-s E '-E P1 Z O IP w O F' Pi Z 3' "U S3-5 FS BPT' rw 'T CD N v-s Q-Q D m '-e C5 O I 514' EEF? Eu: rear? 25' 51 +4 '+'f"I"P'1'+'P+'1'++++'!'++++'P'I'++++'l'-I'4"I-'3'+++++++++-4"'P'!'-T'-I'-P+"!"'!'-'Inf'4'-4"4"F-'I'++-5'-f'-I"l'+4"P+4'+4"l'+++-I'-44+'P+ 199 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + + + + + 0 9 E Tgrrgngg P31111 CQ, E E 7 t p D t On or about July lst vate will movg E n ry f Q ora 0r5 into our new Store, num ers 10 an E e 0 C 12 South Tryon Street, one door above E EE' wall paper our prkeselnt Stand, Whege We will have E . , . one o t e argest an most up-to- E 7""S'S "2f"f""" date JEWELRY STORES in the E E PAINTS Fon EVERY PURPOSE Song- ,il Eff gill bescarigeciated- E + + E 10 North Tryon Street, - Charlotte, N. C. ariefgelgg anlgluglft Goodgxon 4 + 25 S R L E N T Z 5 6' 0 o + E Dealer in Faultless Canned Goods EZ Heavy and Fancy Groceries Tell XOUF SFOCGY' R0 Send 3: Z 315 North Tryon sm-en, cHARLoTTE, N. C. You FAUMTLESS Brand 21 Z Sianneg Fliulits and kVe6gr?E1- 33 'P' QS. 011 3 6 H0 TIS . e 'I' fi W, I, Van Nggg 8f CO., goolds with thi lasting taste. " E gf 23 North Tryon Street Of er t mug your grocer' 'fl-I 15 FOI PICTURE FRAMES, KODAKS KUESTER-PHARR CO., Wholesale Agents 53 -2-1 , , 'K' :sf Kodak Supphes, and Art Novc1t1es CHARLO VTE, N. C. 3: + + 4++++++++++++++++++++++++4++++++++++++++++++++++++++i4++++++++++++++++++++++++ 'hir-+'i"i'++++-i-4r'+++'i-++'i'+4--!-4"i'+4-++'i-'ici-+'i-si-'i"i-'i--P-X--lc ll. ll. llllLLlllllNN GOMPANY Plumbing, Heating, Gas Fitting CHARLOTTE, N. C. We Furnish and Erect Wind-Mills, Vanes, Acetylene Gas Machines. All Work Guaranteed for One Year Baths, La EVQNL S KU' if X M . T' l l 7 fj ' f' X . - fiibw 5 Qzgqp LN- E N '54, T ' - 5, "'? f .I l L73 gi: E se Qi 2 . ff in.- 2 Q it lv :Il .-Q 'nw-F, K 'X Z Eg ' ml " ll , . i l A ly N 4 L Lf, ul 1 f i i : t. ,,f l -fl .ill fF'fM""'L'p K ll. Q,,. . vatories, Water Closets, Terra Cotta Pipe, Wood and Iron Pumps, etc. 4- +4-+-i:--l'-l'-lr"X"'i-'l-'l--l'-l-'I-'i'-l-'i'+-l'+-i"l-'I-4'++'i-+4-'k++++-k-I' WE PROTECT YOU AGAINST Flies and Mosquitoes J. H. WEARN CO. CAR O LI NA R EALTY COMPANY Real Estate bought and sold, ex- changed or sold on commission, rents collected, loans, general insurance. C. J. THIES ......... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......... P R E s I DENT B. R. LEE ......... ...... ...... . . ...... ...... . .. ECRETARY W. D. WILKINSON... ...... TREASURER AND MANAGER 211 N. Tryon St. Phone 609 'f"'l"l"!"'!"!'+'ll'+'P+-I''P'P+'P'P+'I'4''I''I'++'P+4'++'f'+4'+++'f"'F+-!'++++++++++++++'X"P+'l''i'++'!"P+4'++'I'+++++++'l'-7' COL L HEQGHTS A, Iicflnf fflflmy ww:-: , lrfll R EJ 1 .LTV C0 fr f"- ' ' - 4- x W W .,. , . . , ,,-, - -, - ' ,mix fx f:'J'7:' Z"'ali.Q'3ff1-'-if g-pu,-i,-gl-', mzgsgggf f,.w5.,5.w5f-an-gg gy. vg,g'3g4q' jeff I -f-, 31 if? f I. .fn ,J ,gp-,, V. , V A,A,:V,, A,,.,.,.,,, , . . ,,,, V , ,,.. WN, 4 'ir'-ul-'al''i"i-'ir'4r"i"i'-If-fb'ir-'Q'-i"i"i"i-fi-'ir'lr'i--i"i"!r"i"i"ir-'i-'i"i'+'i'++'i-'i'+'i'+'i-'lr''i'-l-'i-+-Iwi'-l"u1r''Xml-'I''f'4f-'i"i'-lf--l-'!-'i"l"l"i'-i"l-'i'-1'-'lui-'X-'lr--k'i"i'-If-'i"i'+ J' N' Mccausland 81 CO' lillilllllllll-liilllll lG6 illltillll llll. Furnaces, Slate , and Tin Roofing Neapolitan Bricks, fancy forms of all kinds for Wedding receptions, card 'i"k'i'+'i"i'-l"i"k-fi-'ir'+'l'4r-4' T rr- O 41 CD in 'JU 99 5 UQ CD U2 G E DP FU E Q Pi P6 pd Z Q ++4'+++++'I'+++'P+-P 6' IZ Grnamental Galvanized Iron Work parties, and entertainments. Fruit E E Mantels, Tiles, GI-31393, Punches, etc. Special attention to if gg out-of-town orders. Write or wire. gg E 221 South Tryon St., CHARLOTTE, N. C. Postoflice box 25. E 'ir' -T' 9' -9 gg? R. G. AUTEN THE ioomrv PLUMBING and HEATING COMPANY, mc. 3 4-9 'P Plumbing, Heating, Gas Fitting, Expert 'Z- E sanitary and HEATING E N G I N E E R s. EI Z CONTRACTORS 235 south Tryon street - CHARLOTTE, N. o. E 3 And Dealers in Electric Fixtures, Tungsten Lamps, I '7' Holophane Shades, Blue Bell Batteries, Pocket 1 A L W A Y S 4' E Flash Lights, etc- CEc Beduflful 595 Gggg if 4' Z AND SATISFIES THE MIND. Our Wall Ifapers Z .gi are of this kind. The cheapest, the most artistic and .g. Z Phone 1307. ghe filngxst on ghe market. Call and see them at 225 fa: I out ryon treet. Z 24 West Fifth Street. Tomlinson Furnishing and Decorating Company 2 -P'ulr'ulf' 'Z' 4' -E' 'E' -2' -I' 4' -5' -P' -5' 6' -I' -if -1' 'E' 'E' -E' 4' 'P 'E' 'I' 'I' -I' 'E' -E' -5' 'E' 'E' 'I' -2' 'E' 'E' 'E' 4' -2' 'E' 'I' -5' 4' 'E' 'E' Q' 6' -if 'Z' 'I' -2' -2' 'E' -2' -2' 'E' -P' -5' 'E' 'E' 4' 6' -E' 'E' 'E' 'I' 'E' 4' 'E- -E' 'E' -5' -5' 6' -E' -2' 'E' 'E' IS 4 'P+ IO O CO +4--I-+'i-++'I"k++'i"i'-I'+++'I--I-+++'I"i"I"i''ul'++'i'+'i--Iwi-'I'-1-'lr+'i-'l--I-'ir-I'4-'I''l''ir'i"i'4"i'-lr'i"k'i"l''i"k'I"i"i'++'I-'I-'i"I"ir'-k+i"l"i'+'I"k'i'-k T R Y 0 N D R U G C 0+ Get Your Shoes at Thompson's NO. ll North Tryon Street 'i"-I"i"I'-I"l'-l- +++4'+-I' + fi: Prescriptions Carefully Prepared. A complete line Z 4, Toilet Articles. Phone US your next order. 4, Z PROMPT SERVICE 3: ,P P. O. Station 1 Phones 21 and 1043 4, -I"I"i-+'i"i"ir"i"l"lr- -I-'I'-I"-I'-l"I"I"I'-I'-'E' DR. BENJ. C. JONES CHARLOTTE. N. C. +'l'-1"1'+'i"I"l'+-X' 'U I 2- U m ?U O D1 I" F' UI '-U SD "S sw- S O S E C-' no ""' r' Ii O "" I-I 2. I 'E iz m . 5 O 'O S-I I3 -4 'I'-P-I'-I'-P'!"I"I'-'I'-I' DEN TIST ELEVATORS AND PUMPS :I-I' OFFICE. 15 WEST TRADE STREET J. C. ----- Manager 31: 4. CHARLOTTE, N. C. , I. ?-? PHONE 495 RESIDENCE, Y. M. C. A. E -1- -I- Z DR. H. C. HENDERSON DR. L. 1. GIDNEY KEEP IN TOUCH WITH 2 'i"k'i'-IDI' 'I'1'4'+-P we TEACHER'S DENT ISTS INTERSTATE AGENCY NACHECA BUILDING 'I' HUNT BUILDING CHARLOTTE, N. C. , , NEW ORLEANS, LA- 31 3 Special assistance offered schools desirmg teachers, 4. -5- PHONE 816 and valuable aid to teachers desiring positions. 4. 'I"i"l' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 4' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 6' 'I' 'I' 4' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 4' 'I' 4' 4' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' -I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' I? 'I"l"F' N O I-Sk 'l"i"'i"lr"i"l"i"i"i"i"i"i''i"i"l"'l"'T"T"i"i"i"'T"'i"l"Tr"i''i"l"i"i"i"'l"lc"i"l'4""T"fr"T"i"'i"i"'l"i"i''lr"i"i"'l"'T"l"'i''l"'i"i"'l"'i"l"T''l"i"ir"f"i"4"i"'i"i"i"i"l"'i"l"'l"'i"i"i"i' The Hub Shoe Store FELIX HAYMAN 'lr-'i"i"i:-'l-'it' +'l"P'Wl- .F DEALER IN Z :fi 9 1-2 West Trade Street FRESH MEATS E - -z- ET For Style and Low Prices Come to See Us , of an kmfis' , , EI gg Calf Brams, Hog Brams, Plckled Plg gg 3 Have the finest line Ladies' shoes in the city. We Feet, Fresh Tripe, all kinds Sausages. gg -is 8- 95 'U 'U '1 CD Q. FD ef CD 'si O Cl '-1 rr '-1 FD Q- SD N Z3 Q- rn CD 'I-' Us CJ' O CD cn N m 25" O 5 CD y.A CTI IND 'lrwi' i O 2 97 U1 5. o O 5 rn .-. U: et- CD 5 er 5. Cf 5" 'T' 'I' E Goon MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP 225 Eeet Tfede Street jg E IAS. KER, Jr., Pres. H. H. SUTHER, Mgr. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA E- -11 'I' 4. Trade G -1- ff. THE EDISGNIA with J. Fasnaol1t8c o E 44 'E' Movin Pictures -. - . P - A' 4' -1- S age- ,f In f -, . .A -1- 3 Best in town for the money. ' i AL 'f Eg E N o R TH T R Y o N S T R E E T 4? iw! 'EE ff- ' ?lf,' ijiizy 1 it Ehzabefb Berybfs t E Cbarlotte's most Beautiful Suburb f ri if Z More beautiful than ever. Lots S500 to 552,500 L A Z 'P Southern Real Estate, Loan and Trust Company af' "Sei - '- -Er .. - ' r h + 3 4 South Tryon Street wh Q - V i Z ,F A en you want the BEST Bread, Ples. Cakes and Rolls 4. -5' 'F 'P+-1'4'+'P'f"I"f"ll'-T"!'4''I"I'+'5'-I-"I'+-l'--I'+'4-'feel' '5'4'+4'4"F'+-T-'I"!'++4++-!'4'+-!'++'f'+'7-++-it 'I'+++'E'+'!"f"P-!'+++-T-T'+++++-'I-"7--'X"I'-4'-te 205 'if''kfi-'ide'-1''1'+'i'+'i"++'i"i"i-'Q'-l'+++'i'++'k+Mir-+++'k'i-'kfi-+'i'4'++'i'+'i-'i-'i--P'mic-i'-'i-'i-'uiwgf i'4-'i-++++'i-fi-+4-'i'++'i"i-++'i"i'+-if-+'i"i'+ -2- -z- -2- -z- E I D BEI U ARTIS1'IC FRALNIING is E -2- , E -3- 5 Telephone 298 YOUR E E -2- 4 .a -1- 2 Q 4' CHARLOTTE 5 KODAK MAN gg 5 5 TRANSFER NSUSSMANM if gg E C O M P A Y 223 Park Ave., Baltimore, Md. E -2- I . ' .P 4 r Q Y Q 1 Y 1 Q 4. E Baggage Transferred Anusuc 1- RALNIIBG .gi -2- -4- -2- -2- 4'-'ir 'P-I' 4 ca 2-s ca Si 93 Q-I Q4 ca 14 CD 9 'E' 9 4' 'Y' 'I' . . l . + if Photo-Engravlng, Deslgnmg, Hlgh- 2 'ir' Q na U7 In 'U H. 5. E. U5 w :1 n- W o Q ur' if z: Q1 5 U9- 'T' 4- 'P Z Visiting Cards, Wedding Invitations, Society Work E: .5.. Menus, Programs, and Engraved Work of Q. iii' every description. E Zi LARGEST ENGRAVING ESTABLISHMENT in the SOUTH E: -2- , -z- :E-P A 1105 East Main Street E 'P' 'iv-i-+ ++4' RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 'P-l"P++++-!"P+-1'+++++++4-154+-l"7"1f"P'I"'P-4'444+-I'+++-P+-P'f'++"P+++++++'i''PQI'-I'-I"I"P'I"T"4"4'+4"'I'++'Z'++++'?'+4"4'++ 206 1 +++++++++++++++++++++++4+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 'i Ii zxhvil-HD Qlnllvgv Qlnnnrrimtnrg nf uair A High-Grade Institution for . illlll ,' Literary, Music, Art, Expression Q!!! Young Women Z and Commercial Courses wx-aw'-f W rite for Illuytmted Catalogue ADDRESS ELIZABETH COLLEGE CHARLOTTE, N. C. +++++?++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MB +++++++++++++++++++4++++44+W++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 + 4 4 4 4 + 4 4 -Z- 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4- 4 4 4- 4- 4- 4- 4' 4- 4- 4' 4- 4 4' 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4' 4' 4- 'ff ++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++ +++++++ 4 I 4 pf + 4 -2- - V, f 'I' -1- ' FP , a--DM gg ff- f + gk++++++++++++ 4' -P 4' +- 4' -P 4' -P 4+ -P -P 4' +- -P 4- -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P 4- -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P 4' -P 4- -P -P -P -P 4- -P -P -P -P 4' -P -P -P -P -P -P 'P -P -P -P -P -P -P -P 3 ++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ -1- A-4- Z 3 WASHEUEN PRESS jg QRAY PRINTING 00.3 Q1 -1- .-.- -z- Z -' CHARLOTTE,N.C. ' '- Z Z 3 2 - 2 E SCHOOL AND COLLEGE STATIONERY if -1- -4- 52 COLLEGE ANNUALS ,P . E EMBOSSED SOCIETY INVITATIONS if -z- E AND ANNOUNCEMENTS I ++ +P!- Z ' Z E -- WASHBUHN PRESS Tl -5- -1- E 28 West Trade Street E Z CHARLOTTE,N.C. 3 Z - 3 -2- -1- -2- -1- 3 I is +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ .14.-' 11. 1 q ,1f 1 ,111 11' 1 . 1' 1 1':1 1 ' 1. 111' ' 4 1 xj ' ' 1 l,1 ' ' . V, 1 ji 11 ,v 11 Y 'ui -1 MJ I' 'S 1 '1M 11. 11 1,5 : 1 1 I 1 , 1' 3- . H - 1' 1 1151 V 1 ' I 1 1" 'r 1 1 5 1 gif 11 1 A1 ,L- V' 1 111 1 N A ' 0' 1 1 1 1 XA ' ' Nu' 1 1 . 1 f X ' 11 1 Q 1' v'1U"' ' M ' 1' ' 111 Y fx ' 1 11.1 . 11 ,1 If 'p ' 1 J, 'mf ' 1 - 'E 1 1 1 1 1-,. 1 , ,N it 13" p, . 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