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za.. ,ac ...- ,. -7- 3'-1? 2:- fs- L vw.. 5:51 , 11-B., fa A.: - u L r F i W, i F i I E r E A 4 E I n H I F c i u A . I I . E l V i I 5 L 1 I I E E S 1 ? V F u 1 H 1 1 E Q 5 I i E e i f 1 L r I I nuimxpv mw1nm'xvw.:mmrw:.w,vn1gm-u:rxwnnc.unnmm.z-wmmnn mmwwxum-ur.-nmavur-.mnvun1m.mw..f.L nmwm'uu,.u gfmnms.-.u -:x.n. 1-,rn "1 u-mm.mu4..v.'n...1,u- mm rl rv ww-s-nu-n n. v-J nun-4 '.. ,.. ,Uv .-ww. .4 .X 11 a ufr1.n.1u-uw:-r I I I I I I I I I I 4 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I : I I I 1 I I I I s I I I I I i I i I I I I I I v- M- -' 1, H- I fm-rmuu--m.fffuu4muv.vvn1um1.mnn.umLua-qnnmumu: 11112 3 lizuhvthan ff' Q '19 EDITED BY THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND NINE ELIZABETH COLLEGE, CHARLOTTE, N. C. Q! 1909 lj U VIEW LOOKING FROM MAIN BUILDING TOWARD THE CITY III Cl TD Elgruf. Qarrg 31. Zrhm TI-IIS VCDLUIVIE IS IVICDST' LDVINGLY DEDICATED FDR I-IIS F'AITI-I- FUI. WORK AND UNSVVERVINCS INTEREST IN DUI? CDLLEGE 8 Y' HARRY J. ZEHM Director of Elizabeth College Conservatory of Music 4 'ilihitnrizll O ALL those Who shall open this book and glance through its pre- cious contents We extend a hearty greeting. We would pray you be mild in your criticism and bear in mind that this is our first attempt at such an undertaking. We have always kept before us our motto: "Palma non sine Pulvere," and thus have produced our little volume, full of mistakes, perhaps,-but the result of most careful toil. Again, Reader, extending most hearty greetings to you, We Would sign ourselves. THE ED1ToRs. W sw fi so li M X i Q- fffflllk a. , Q , if 14.-j'1q'.k ' i Q gesamsf . '- l 4.4-T -f 'Y' 5 THE ELIZABETH AN STAFF ifihitnrz Edna Oliver Harper, Editor-in-chief Agnes Chalmers, Literary Editor Chattie Usher, Social Editor Miriam Gryder, Joke Editor Lois Lucas, Athletic Editor Bessie Bryant, Art Editor Alice Kerr Houston, Religious Editor Zelia Corriher, Expression Editor Grace Barnhardt, Music Editor Martha May Carr, Business Course Editor 4 Louise Miller, Club Editor Zula Frank Hedrick, Business Manager Beatrice Mae Boyd, Assistant Business Manager - ' if W V Q, Q Bti? i s , E kip ofa I Elkrrulig CHARLES B. KING, A. M., D. D., PRESIDENT Professor of Greek, Philosophy anol Psychology REV. G. D. BERNHEIM, D. D., I CHAPLAIN Professor of the English Bible anol Sacred Literature IRENE B. PALMER, LADY PRINCIPAL Professor of History and Political Science REBECCA ADELLE ALLEN, A. M. Professor of the English Language and Literature MARGARET WILLIS, A. B. Professor of the Latin Language and Literature ROSE M. CHAPPELEAR Professor of the Gernian Language and Literature ANNA DOTGER, A. B. Professor of the Modern Language and Literature FRANCIS H. JACKSON, A. B. Professor of Mathematics and Natural Science CATHERINE WALTER, A. B. Professor of Expression, Physical Culture and Physiology MARGARET E. GREEVER, A. B. Principal of Preparatory Department MAUDE SCHAEFFER, A. B. Preparatory Department 8 GRACE M. BOYER Professor of' Coinniercial Branches H. J. ZEHM Director of the Conservatory of Music Professor of Piano, Organ, Tlieoryg Clzorils KATHERINE H. ROSS Professor of Piano JULIE KLAGER Professor of Piano CYNTHIA SESSIONS Professor of Voice ROSE M. OHAPPELEAR Professor of Violin I CORNELIA E. EARLE Professor of Drawing, Painting in Oil and Water Colors, China Painting Glass Painting, Applied Design for China and Glass, and Pyrograpliy CHAS. A. MISENHEIMER, A. M., M. D. College Physician and Lecturer on Hygiene NETA J. UMBERGER M atron, Trained N arse ZELIA CORRIHER, A. B. Tailglit Latin First Term in tlie Absence of' Miss Willis 9 lrene B. Palmer Margaret Willis Charles B. King Rebecca Aclelle Allen G. D. Bernheim 10 f . Anna Dotger Katherine Ross 1 3 ,i 1. Julie Klager 3 Q af, 2 iv 5, - fl QNX N N Q- X xg M: gr!! H :R Q , ff-P --- 7 X 5- X , .f , i Gin!--P . 1, " 'Ill -Y v iii A -Y gi- 4 - Si - : 14 Ai., s-A-,Am.W,,1 1 , ,QV ..w.,,,x 53433. 1,'Wfs HHOMOH Mascot of the Senior Class 15 '54 Gilman nf IEIHH MOTTO : Palma non sine pulvere COLORS : Green and White FLOWER : Snow Drop ALICE KERR HOUSTON, President OFFICERS : ZULA FRANK HEDRICK, Vice President Mirian Gryder, Edna Harper, Agnes Chalmers, Zula Hedrick, Alice Houston, Lois Lucas, Louise Miller, EDNA OLIVER HARPER, Secretary AGNES CHALMERS, Treasurer - Canc - Canc ic ic - Cancic - Cano. - Cane, - Cane, - Cane, ic ic BEATRICE BOYD, Historian GRACE BARN HARDT, Poet ZULA HEDRICK, Prophetess MIRIAM GRYDER, Corresponding Secretary QMEMBERS: ate for A ,ate for A. .ate for A .ate for A ate for A. icate for A ic. ate for A Bessie Bryant, Beatrice Boyd, Martha Mae Carr, Chattie Usher, Grace Barnhardt, Zelia Corriher, Anna D. Kincaid, Cancic Cancic Cancic Cancic Cano ic Cancic Cancic ,ate for ate for ,ate for ate for ate for ate for ate for Piano Piano Piano Piano Piano Piano Piano AGNES CHALMERS, Treasurer of Class '08- 'O9g Literary Editor of Elizabethan. Our recitation hours are often brightened by Agnes' Wit. Her bright face is an inspira- tion while her sulphitic remarks impress one With her originality. She is especially gifted in the art of introducing for discussion, topics which are foreign to the History lesson. She is a splendid student and her fondness UD for Math. is great enough to please even our strict Professor. Agnes Chalmers MIRIAM GRYDER. Corresponding Secretary of Class '08-'09g Joke Editor of Elizabethang Member Diatelean Literary Society. What shall we say of Miriam, with face full of smiles that won't be controlled, and eyes that sparkle With mischief 'Y She is always ready with a joke and never fails to impart fresh knowledge on any subject connected therewith. Without her our Class would never be complete. Behind all this mischief-making there is a loving heart and sympathetic feeling for everyone. Miriam has elicited the admiration of the whole Class and especially Dr. King, on account of her excellent memory. Miriam Gryder Edna Harper ZULA HEDRICK. Pres. Class '05-'06g Pres. Missionary Society '08-'09g Pres. Athletic As- sociation '08-095 Rec. Sec. of D. L. S. '08-'09g Lieut.-Gov. Tar Heels '08-'09g Vice-Pres. of Class '07-'08 and '08-'09g Vice-Pres. of Cotil- lion Club '08-'09g Captain Regular B. B Team '08-'09g Page D. L. S. '05-'06g '06-'07g Sec. of Class '06-'OTQ Captain of Class B. B. Team '06- '07g '07-'08g '08-'09g Varsity Team '06-'07g Sec. of Y. W. C. A. '07-'08g 'OS-'09g Cap. Collegiate Team '07-'08g Captain Varsity '07-'08g Treas- urer of Tar Heels '07-'0Sg Vice-Pres. Athletic Association '07-'08g Poet of Class '07-'08g Treas. Cotillion Club '07-'08g Treas. D. L. S. '07-'08g Business Manager Elizabethan. "Witty and Wise with merry blue eyes A ruler is our Zula and no one can fool her." It is useless to introduce Zula to you, every one knows her. She is one of our favorites and I'm sure we should be lost without her happy disposition and bright witticisms, EDNA HARPER. Vice-President of Class '06- '07g Sec of Palmettos '06-'07g '07-'OSQ Vice- President of Missionary Society '06-'07g '07-'08g Historian of Class '07-'08g Rec. Sec. of D. L. S. '07-'08g Sec. of Class '08-'09g Vice-President of D. L. S. '08-'Oily Vice-President Of Palmettos '08-'Oily Sec. of Athletic Association '08-'09g Historian of D. L. S. 'OS-'09g Editor-in-Chief of Annual '08-'09. f "Here's to our Well-beloved Editor-in-Chief That Edna will become a genius is our firm belief." We do not forget her literary genius, her untiring efforts for the Elizabethan and we feel that her influence has not been entirely lost, though We were a long time realizing tllat material was needed for the Annual. Zula Hedxick ALICE KERR HOUSTON. Vice-President of Alice Kerr Houston LOIS LUCAS. Secretary of Class '05-'06 Treas- urer of Class ,07-'0Sg Librarian of D. L. S. '08- '09g Athletic Editor of Elizabethan. What should we do without "Locus?" Full of enthusiasm and never failing to be inter- ested in everything concerning the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Nine. Dance? O, yes and quite the best in school. She leads you around so nicely that you most think there is "someone's" strong arm guiding you through the mists of darkness into light. Without Lois the Class of Nineteen Nine would be lost. Class '06-'07g Page of Diatelean Literary Society '05-'06-'06-'07g Secretary of Y .W. C. A. '06-07g First Critic of D. L. S. '07- 'OSQ President of Class '07-'08 '08-'09g Secretary of State Tar Heelsg President of Y. W. C. A. '08-'09g President of D. L. '08-'09. Religious Editor of Elizabethan. "A, K." or better known as "Sweet Little Alice" is beloved by everyone. She has a ready sympathy for anyone and anything. She is very much interested in the Y. W. C. A. and though, she thinks not, we iirmly'believe she will be even greater than Miss Anna D. whom she is-- about. Let us say this of her: "The smiles that win, the tints that glow, But tell of days in goodness spent." Lois Lucas Louise Miller GRACE BARNHARDT. Class Poet '08-'09g Music Editor of Elizabethan. Grace, always sweet-tempered and wish- ing to please has had a good influence upon us as soon as the secrets of "Naughty Nine" were un- folded to her. Full of wit and ideas--such ideas that are simply full of originality and ingenuity! Grace makes a good man as many of those ghostly beings who attended Halloween will testifyg but some day We can see the conditions reversed and Grace will be presiding over a nice little breakfast table for two. Before this hap- pens however, she, with her wonderful music, will have elicited the admiration of' everyone. LOUISE MILLER, Secretary of Class '08-'09 President of Euchrestian Literary Society '08-09g Club Editor of Elizabethan "Charms strike the sight but merit Wins the soul." Louise is our most quiet, member and although she says little,her kind and sweet influ- ence is always felt. She ever smiles and believes that, "Silence is Goldenf' So firm is her belief in this saying that she remains silent even when Miriam practices her latest jokes upon her. Grace Barnhardt BEATRICE BOYD. Historian of D. L. S. '07- Beatrice Boyd BESS BRYANT. Censor of Diatelean Literary Society '05-'06-'07g Corresponding Secretary of Diatelean Literary Society '07-'OSQ Vice-Pres. of Missionary Society '08-'09g Atty. Genl. of N. C. Club '05-'06g Lieut.-Gov. of N. C. Club '07-'08g Gov. of N. C. Club '08-'09g Corre- sponding Secretary of Diatelean Society '08- '09g Manager of Basket Ball Team '07-'08g Vice-Pres. of Athletic Association '08-'09g Sec. of Cotillion Club '05-'06g Art-Editor of Eliza- bethang Pres. of Cotillion Club '08-'09. "Bess" or "Becky" is quite a favorite, not only among her class-mates, but with the whole school faculty included. ' We are quite sure that in a few years she will rival Paderewski and Win for herself the fame of the whole world. '08g Historian of Class '08-'09g Asst. Manager of Elizabethan. "Bea" is a valuable member of the Class. As her name signifies she flies around with quite a busy little air, but is never too busy to help you in any Way possible. Everyone loves Bea's music. It has such an entrancing air that We are compelled to stop and listen "willy nilly." We know she will bring many admirers to her feet with the same Won- derful music. fm, Bess Bryant Martha May Carr ZELIA CORRIHER, Expression Editor of the Elizabethang Attorney of Class. "Zeke, always so nice and polite Never fails to do things right." Zelia, one of four most promising musicians has always held a warm place in our hearts. She won distinction for herself by teaching Latin during Miss Willis' illness. We love and admire the only one of us who can combine musical genius With such great literary ability. Her music holds one enthralled and we are sure she will be accompanist to some great singer. . MARTHA MAY CARR, Business Course Editor Elizabethan Martha May has won her way into all our hearts. She is quite a musician and interprets her music in such a Way that you can hardly fail to understand the most difficult passages. When Bhe lifts her large blue eyes upon you, you feel that she reads your inmost soul. The fortunate one who reads those eyes aright, how happy he will be! Zelia Corriher CHATTIE USHER. Social Editor of Eliza- bethan. 'Tis true andfpity 'tis, 'tis true Many are the hearts broken by Chattie Sue. The bewitching graces and wonderful music of Chattie are known to all who know her. And so great is her attractiveness that even the merest strangers are enthusiastic. The latest however became known a few days ago, and we are very much afraid that instead of becoming one of the Worlds' greatest musicians her time will be given to making attractive a nice little home in Richmond. Chattie Usher LJ 5- . --4h1f ?4 :5i?- ?',. W ' -5" '1L"""E2f NH 1- ' ? 11 5' " , - ,T - 6,1 'aaa-fsffz .-ffsgp--Q3 7' if-' ' " "fl ' - -i5 1 vf ,f'T'-v-ff ' ft'-Z'-,L 'P - ' ,f'-.--.-S- W 4 -- -.- -. : -- -5:51 ll 6.514104 'll' fkud CVVU7' fbi dw Wfivw 4,0-c!6MZ1 ff-rfaf.,, 23 0112155 Harm Four years ago we came, Filled with ambition and life, To begin our work at Elizabeth- A work of joy and strife. Then, we were timid freshmen, With only a dream of the time When we should finish our work With the class of 1909. Meanwhile we've plodded upward, Climbing the hill of fame, Striving to win for ourselves A loved and honored name. The path was steep and rugged, But bordered by flowers rare, Which blossomed to help us onward And make our pathway fair. We have striven with every effort To make a record true, But now that we've reached the summit We feel little honor is due. But our hearts are bound with love, And friendship claims every oneg It grieves us to think of parting, That our work at Elizabeth is done. Like our colors strong and true May our lives forever be, Like the snowdrop pure and fair Full of sweet simplicity. Far out in the glimmering sunshine A brilliant future there shines, Brightened by tho noble efforts Of the class of 1909. CLASS Pom. 24 Miztnrg nf Gllazz nf 'HH N WRITING a history of this kind, one is apt to exaggerate and make mountains of A mole hills. Nevertheless, Ishall not thrust the greatness of this class upon you, but let you see that some of us were born great and the rest have achieved greatness. Four short years ago, we left our homes to enter Elizabeth College. Some of us had never been away from home before-for such a long while, so we suffered dreadfully with the "melancholy" and the "homesick" So many strange faces! Not one familiar. Oh! It was hard. Then, those bells! Every few minutes a bell would ring and we would rush out into the corridor to find the meaning of the bell. The Faculty! How we stood in awe of them scarcely daring to look them straight in the face, lest we should displease them, or do something green. How ambitious we were!-to always have our lessons well prepared, and in the distance catch a glimpse of ourselves as dignified seniors, wearing the cap and gown. xWe entered Elizabeth as "Freshmen, " but why we were called "Freshmen," we could not understand, for our greenness was thrust upon us every day. Until, three very meek and mild Seniors aided by the Sophomores tried to initiate the poor little "Fresh, " We in our greenness turned the tables and made our tormentors appear ridiculous. After that we were recognized as "real spunky rats. " We were of little importance as Sophomores. We did nothing great that year except in athletics. Our basket ball team was fairly well worked up, and how proud the "Sophs" were, when their center was chosen to play in the match game between the Presbyterians and Elizabethans. As Juniors, however, we became quite important. We had increased in number, making eleven in all. In the class room we had won favor in the eyes of the faculty and were much envied by our fellow students. As Sophomores we were told of our vanity and conceit, but as Juniors, we were more so. CSO the "Sophs" said. 5 This year we won laurels on the basket ball field, winning every game we played thus claiming the champion- ship and banner. How proud we were when the green and white waved high on the flag- pole-telling of victory! Passing from the "prim and precise" stage of J uniorship tothe real dignity of Seniors, our ideal fancies were realized when we iirst appeared in our caps and gowns. Two more members were added to our class roll, making the unlucky number of thirteen. But what care we if "lf-3" is unlucky? It has not proved so with this class of "naughty nine." For have we not continued to win laurels in the class room and on the basket ball field? Again We were triumphant, not losing a single game and for the second time winning the cham- pionship and a loving cup. This, our last year has been our brightest and happiest, but the saddest year at Eliza- beth. We realize how soon our school-days will be over and how soon will be the parting from our faculty, class-mates and school friends. These four years have been the brightest ones in our short lives and when we are old and gray, we will look back upon them with longing to live them over again. We have studied hard and long, and we have tried to make the most of our opportunities. We feel we have been benefitted by these four years of study and close companionship with each other, and the lessons we have learned here, may every one of us strive to take them into our daily lives, and so live that we may always be an honor to our dearly loved Alma Mater. O5 HISTORIAN. H . R Pbfgf A Elnzmt in IEIIIH Here's a toast to you-1909 We'll soon bid you adieu, But just before you go dears Here's a double health to you. Here's a sigh for those who love you And a smile for Juniors' hate tif? For you're the best and the sweetest And We'll toast you early and late. It's hard to say good-bye And we'll drain our glasses to you. Here's a toast to 1909 Here's our love to you-and you! A. C. W. 4 IHYHPHPIQ WAS a brilliant day and I, with a party of friends was having a trip in an air ship, we were sailing along for some time when I noticed we were going over a pretty town-why! It was Charlotte and there was our own dear Elizabeth-Our Alma Mater, how my heart leaped as I saw the old familiar stately building and the girls Hitting about on the campus-surely I must see one familiar face-but time flies and though it had seemed to 'me only a short while--could it have been live years since I had gone out from those walls into the world. Look! Coming there from the Laboratory with that old familiar Chemistry Book was a sweet faced girl-no not a girl any more but the most dignifled and learned Professor of Science at Elizabeth. Alice-my room-mate of old. How I wanted to have one more long talk and take a walk to the old loved places but the campus was already in the past and we were nearing Charlotte. A large crowd of people were hastening to the Academy of Music. What was the attraction? Looking at the board I saw "Mlle Edna Harper, a graceful woman, with a wonderful soprano voice with clear enunciation, great range and beautynfcould this be our Edna? but there was more on that placard-"Mlle Harper is accompanied by Mlle Carr whose excellent interpretation of music is the only thing needed to complete Mlle Harper's fame and glory," and Ithought how often their thoughts must, too, wander back to the Gerard Conservatory of Music where they had been started on their career. Followed a long while of sailing forI was in deep meditation and forgetting time and space-but I looked down on a large city, streets were full of the bustling, hurrying crowds, we seemed to be over the slums and there making her life so happy and useful was the figure of one of the members of "naughty nine"-for four years she had been "to other souls the cup of strength in some great agony"-Need I tellwho it was?-Agnes-I strained my eyes for a last glimpse but the little figure was lost in the crowds of those around her and we were passing rapidly on. My companions began talking of the latest inventions-the wonderful additions to Science and of the genius of the twentieth century who had given to the world such com- fort-but my thoughts were dwelling on old memories and I was oblivious to those around me until I heard again the-wonderful invention of Miriam Gryder- which had given the greatest aid to colleges of all centuries. A clock that alarmed with such force at the proper moment that all the day students would now catch the 8:35 car. The old times now came crowding back and in my mind I was back in "62," twas a Senior Class meeting and I was living over the old heated discussions of Senior Privileges, Bess's last frat pin, who should print the Annual, opals or pearls in the class pin, but my attention was called, we were in the city of Baltimore and there going up the steps of Johns Hopkins, was a familiar face of "Doctor" and by his side was a beautiful young woman with black glossy hair and who else could possess that smile but our Bessie?-that smile told me the story-her heart had been won and she was the first of the class of 1909 to let Dan Cupid hold full sway and despite of her great power for swaying the world with her music, had decided to play to only one. The many hours we had spent in getting "ads" and "endowments" came back with sweet memories, but time was flying and we were in Boston and there on the corner of? street was an excited hurrying crowd. What was the attraction? Just then came the 2 shrill tones of an enthusiastic voice proclaiming Woman's Rights. No one else could possess that voice but our enthusiastic, freedom loving Lois. I could but remember how val- iantly she had stood up for Senior Rights, for instance in her demand for the trophy cup of '08-'09. Her righteous indignation at the unreasonable demand for no celebration on All Fool's Day. That brought back the feasts in the gym and the early morning dances. But my attention is brought back to my companions who are discussing the latest books. "One of the most beautiful of American books-a collection of sketches of the well known authoress, Louise Miller. The name of this volume "Golden Silencesf' It is one of those pure, sweet, exquisite stories that are so true and genuine that it appeals to people of all ages. " That glorious old class of "naughty nine" was indeed "making undying music in the world,breathing beauteous odors that control with growing sway,the growing life of man. " We were now sailing over New York and there was Columbia University. Who was that graceful girl walking with that distinguished looking man? Could that be our ambi- tious Zelia? Yes, she was back at Columbia but not as a student this time but was known by all the students as Professor "---" helpmeet, and with them was a light haired, fair faced girl-where had I seen that smile? Why that was Chatty. How long had she been in New York-I wondered-but I heard Zelia saying "Yes, I read of your brilliant success at the Metropolitan last night. The New York World says that you rendered with a fire and dash the most difficult solos that demand brilliant execution." The old times all rush back again but what else was Zelia saying, "Yes her compositions are wonderful, her symphonies and overtures have a great depth of sentiment, a high sense of beauty and a noble human breadth. Her piano quartet is a genial work of great spontaneity that has taken America by storm." Who was this brilliant composer? I was thinking when I heard one word "Grace" How time flies, it had only seemed yesterday we were all together-the Class of 1909 and one by one I was thinking of the good each had done. "Yes, she is a splendid intepreter, she leaves tomorrow for Europe where she will study under the best musicians." My companions spoke again, "Yes, Miss Boyd leaves tomorrow for the 'old Countryf " This then was the work Bee had selected in the world-she completed the Class of 1909. My thoughts were again at Elizabeth-this was the future of all my class mates. They were all doing "deeds of rectitude and sending out thoughts sublime that pierce the night like stars and with their mild persistence urging the world's search to vaster issues." But what was that awful sound, was the air ship sinking? I was falling, falling, falling, The world was getting dizzy there was a crash,and opening my eyes I saw the car turning the corner and Bess was pulling my sleeve. I had been asleep under the "Popular Tree" at the foot of the campus and here was Bess calling me to get up quick-the car was there and we must get "Ads," ZULA FRANK HEDRICK. 1' 'T 1 I mg A . ix ' 28 0112155 ill ELIZABETH COLLEGE, CHARLOTTE, pn MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. S mr. ilu Srninr Glass of college, city, county, and State aforesaid, being perfect in memory, understanding and all other mental faculties, but realizing that the days of our existence at the aforesaid college, city, county and State are numbered, do hereby make and declare this our last will and testament in the manner and form following, that is to say: First, we hereby appoint and constitute the Sophomore class our lawful executor to all intents and purposes to execute every part and clause thereof of this our last will and testament without bond according to the tone intent and meaning of the same. Item 1. We will and bequeath to our much loved Alma Mater our lasting respect and undying loyalty. Item 2. We hereby will and bequeath to the Juniors our conceit, our surplus brains, and our extraordinary and unbounded conception of Psychology and Chemistry, which they sadly need. At the expiration of said class the above-named and described property is to pass to their invaluable co-workers, the Freshmen. We further will to this supercilious and prematurely important class, a tin cup as a consolation. Item 3. We will to the Sophomore class our prevailing popularity with the faculty, also our valuable aid and influence which we have exerted over our under-classmen. ' Item 4. We will to the Freshmen a pacifier and a bottle of soothing syrup for each member of the infant class. Item 5. We will Alice's executive ability to the President of the Sophomore class. Item 6. We will Grace's poetical genius to the most precocious member of the Freshman class showing talent in this line and a book of her poems to the library of Eliza- beth College. Item 7. We will all our note books to our English teacher, Miss Allen, realizing that they are worthy to be kept as models. Item 8. We will to Miss Palmer all of the current events of the next two years. Item 9. We will Agnes to the student body to intercede Miss Palmer in its behalf on all occasions. Item 10. We will all our musical compositions to be dedicated to Professor Zehm as a tribute of gratitude. Item 11. We will to Miss Jackson the pleasure as well as the privilege of doing all Chemistry experiments without our unparalleled assistance, also our permission to blow up or set on fire the laboratory at any time desirable to herself. Item 12. We will to the music faculty all our discords and metronomes so they can keep up with the time. Item 13. We will Lois Lucas' enthusiasm to the Junior class poet. Item 14. We will Louise Miller's gentleness and angelic disposition to Bert Dotger. Item 15. We will Chattie's "peachy" complexion to Mr. Waddey to win the Richmond girls. Q 29 Item 16. We will Martha May's teaching ability to Mamie Lewis. Item 17. We wil. Beatrice's genius for writing histories to Gertrude Smith, historian of the Sophomore class. Item 18. We will Bessie's detachable hair to Sarah Houseal. Item 19. We wil. our superfluous ideas to the walls of the annual room. Item 20. We will. to Miss Willis all Latin text books, Caesar and Terence inclusive, bound in the new pea Item 21. We wil Item 22. We wil team and her heart to Item 23. We wilf Item 24. We will. -green binding of Infinite Accusatives and Periphrastics. Miss Ross, the guardian of the green and white, to the class of 1913. Zula's basket ball spirit to Hazel Albright, Captain of the Sophomore Miss Willis forever and ever. Edna's annual manuscript to the class of 1910. Miriam's mischievous spirit to the shades of Elizabeth College. In the presence of this illustrious assembly gathered together at our request, We, the Senior Class of Elizabeth College, do hereunto set our hand and seal on this the twenty-first day of May, in the year nineteen hundred and nine. ' Codicil 1. We wi store to the Freshmen Codicil 2. We wi night feasts. Codicil 3. We wi Hints to Presidents." THE SENIOR CLASS Per Zelia Clare Corriher. ll our seats at table 23 in the northwest corner of Jordan's drug so that they will be able to behave in a dignified manner. ll to the special students all chicken bones and other remains of mid- ll to the President a volume of "Sherlock Holmes," and "Valuable QEZALLL f T W . l X X f f -- - uw Y. Y Y 235 30 J G Nj EQ N g Q 'X-D 'N f Lil? , J 'N 1 3 , A lflk A 7 4 Q ' , A SX-'l, fxj Y QT? Q P M F 'f 'NN J 'S 'Sf 5 S' MXN P' Wx Em' QN N1 i :XXX xx - f x I y Q E' X XA fri X XWBXN QI .NI . 3' K Xxxi I X iluninra MOTTO: Nous sommes toutes loyales COLORS: Black and Gold Fl YELL: Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Reel Junior Class, don't you see? Nineteen hundred and ten are We. I Greatest Class of old E. C. LOUISE HIPP, President OFFICERS: ERNESTINE GRAICHEN, Vice-President EVELYN LEE, Secretary BERTHA DOTGER, Treasurer Sarah Houseal Ernestine Graichen Evelyn Lee Addie Hinson Evelyn Rucker Mamie Lewis Ruth Lillard MARY KING, Poet ETHEL NORTHEY, Hisiorian CLASS ROLL: 32 HAZEL ROBINSON, Bertha Dotger Louise Hipp Ethel Northey Mary King Hazel Robinson Lucy Keister Ruth Bradley owerz Black-eyed Susan Artist .5 .N , A 4 Q.-,K ? 3 A Wu. Class of 1910 33 "Uhr Elaniing nf thv Svhrrtnzn ITH MUCH joy at the thought of entering college, we began our Freshman year, "A Comedy of Errors," on the eighteenth of September, nineteen hundred and seven. It did not take us long to perceive that our joy was changing to fear and trepidationg for we soon found that it was not so great to be a freshman. After this long and dreadful year the same "sweet sixteen" fairly jolly girls reached the distinguished eminence of Sophomores. It is auniversally accepted rule that this isrthe year when there is "much ado about nothing." However, at the completion of the year when we learned that one of our class had won the highest honor of the school, by cap- turing the scholarship medal, we found that there were exceptions even to this rule. We then knew that the attainments of this class are certainly worth prominence. It was during this year that our sister class, the Seniors, entertained us at a most delightful german. We entered into our Junior year anticipating this as being the time when everything would be "As You Like It." However, as our vacation is drawing near, we realize that "The Winter's Tale" has revealed to us our regretful mistake. Our hearts swell with pride when we realize that in a few more weeks, our vicissitudes will be at an end. Then after a vacation of three months, we shall return to be the un- disputed possessors of caps and gowns and enter the victorious year when "All's well that ends well." ETHEL NORTHEY, Historian. fi ef-if r V g i 34 A Eluninr Cilnaat Now here's a toast to our college! Which is loved by great and small, And here's one to our school-mates, too, But the dearest toast of all- Is one that We cry again and again "To the dear old Class of 1910!!' We are 'loyal and true to our colors The Black for the courage bold, In basket-ball field, and class room, And the Yellow for hearts of gold That beat with love again and again, For the dear old Class of 1910! We have struggled and toiled in our college With purpose true and strong, Success is our ideal banner, We will Wave it high and long, For Work we must again and again To reap the joys of 1910! And no matter where We may wander From the doors of our College, so dear, And though many miles divide us From the friends who are gathered here Yet our hearts will turn again and again To the dear old Class of 1910! 35 f 17 X Z QL?-' 2 x,,, "1 4 Q I' 150' N. W fws. ,qfgig ' :. 1 X7 ,X I , ,. 1 v I 'iff' f X cf -X 24 Q N I X f ff L, Rf X . K , N 9 Jn 3 Q .- L , XXX J I XMQJ ' if I1 7 f ,J 57" ' I! ,,J x A N I f ff V1 A I5 . V -fl - iii- 1 1 , - fff ' ff, x if - 3111- ..,- ff. L- , f ,NY T, V 'Y ,-L f u- A--Lf Z," jf 'fi' ,er -W Z 1: -- -F N r -' --a '- pjffyf, lrnri- H, , : .:..-,..i1-FP Q ,f f-'fum - -ii -TL? -- f" H -'i-'- i- I 3 , , ---' Y :S .1--1 1 2 Q .-fl Snphnmnrr ilinll 012111 MOTTO : Ease Quod Simus COLORS : Light Blue and Gold FLOWER : Forget-me-not YELL : Hullabaloo Rickety-roo A For the gold and the blue Sophomore I HAZELL ALBRIGHT, President WILLIE MCLAUGHLIN, Vice-President ALMA OATES, Treasurer MARGARET DEWOODY, Class Poet CLASS : Hazell Albright Willie McLaughlin Alma Oates Mary Taylor Sasser Gertrude Smith Margaret Dewoody 37 Class of 1911 38 Svnphnmnrv Gllwaa Eiatnrg AVING PASSED the green age of Freshman We have now attained the height of I Sophomoric mightiness and high-mindedness, We look down upon our lower class- men and call them Rats, " quite lgnorlng the fact that We were such-only a short time ago. We quite over-awe them by our supreme disdain. To our sister class, the Seniors, We will ever remain loyal, and Wish them a happy Voyage in life when they leave the portals of dear old "Betsey, " Our class is capable of many great and noble deeds which We hope to be able to prove to you when the happy year nineteen hundred and eleven comes. Now you just wait and see. Here's to the class of 1911 Full of force and ire. Here's to the valiant loyal seven Whose efforts never tire! S T Wig, 1 , " 1 .4 , ll 9 -f ax J 39 Gilman Sung Our Freshman year is past and gone, Our Sophomore almost o'er , As trembling we stand, the Junior dawns And of childish frolic we think no more. Though task were hard and lessons long We've striven ever on, We've done the right, shirked the wrong "With try, try, again" as our song. A toast to the class of 1911 The glasses, raise them high, A toast to our class, who have so faithfully striven To become Seniors by and by. We,ve curbed impatience, don't you know, Though in number We're only seven. But just you Wait and you'll find it so In the class of 1911. 40 xX wr xk Q X LJ' M Qi QZWJ X Qllazm nf 1912 motto, scire Quam Simulare, colors, cardinal and White, flower, red Carnation. YELL : whoop-La Rah! whoop-La ree! walk Up, chalk Up, Up to Dee, razzle Dazzle, sizzle Sazzle, Sis boom Bah, freshmen, freshmen. rah, rah, rah. OFFICERS I president erosalyn hipp, vice-president-laura rielley, secretary-willy anderson, treasurer-eleanor alexander, historianflaura rielley, poet-florence burkheimer MEMBERS! laura reilley hanna constable ruth dowd eleanor alexander florence burkheimer myra Washburn willy anderson eunice stewart rosalyn hipp , rg B ,Y 'S' In x . ' s X Qi, 1 ,Q qv ,. 4 , 74", , ig, J f 42 Class of 1912 43 Eiztnrg nf Elirrahnian 0112155 O 'LONG honey, doan cum axen me if I seed dem young ladies wen dey dun cum in FE on dat er 'spress train 0' cyahs, corse I seen em. Want dis niggah stanen rite dar E wif bofe feet an' a-lookin' at em wif bofe o' dese heah eyes stretched to de limit ? Wal, I just lowed dat a bee hive hed dun been turned loose, wen all dem gurls cum swahmen out 'o de cuah an' jes a-jabberin' buzzin' Ht to kill. Wen dey see dat great big depo dey surtenly looked sum, an' also looked fo' de president. He want dere case de wuz late agin he tuk heself back to de cemetery. Den dey see de purple an' gold ribbins hangin' on de, doah, a few spruce up sum an' axed de man if dis wuz de place whar dey sees 'bout de trunks. I jes wish ye cud hae seen em wen dey seen de lectric cuahs. Dey axed wot dat air box wuz a-doin' a-runnin' by hitself? De spress man den tole em dat hit hauled de ladies to de college. An' wen I see em a-makin' fo de cuah dis heah niggah dun got a hump on heaself so I jes hustled to get a seat in de cuah whar de niggahs set, and shore nuf I haint git deae too soon, fo dem gals cum a-runnin' wife de boxes an umbrels. You jes ot to heah one gal yell wen dey started! De odders wuz too skeered an' turned jes as white as dis heah aprin o' mine. Chile dem gals neahly tuk a Ht wen dey see de squah wid all dem keraiges an otomobils an dat great big sky-scraper. Dey set still den tilldat cuah hed stop stone still rite at de college, den dey curtainly did pile out ob dat cuah. A lady met em at de doah an' tuk em to dere rooms. In a few days dey hed dun got dat school malady. Dey wuz suah humsick an' dey wuz jest a-cryin' dey eyes out. De nex' few days dey had on long faces. Den onc day de Junior hed all de gals wat wuz called Fresh to git togedder in a room. I dunno wat dey dun in dere, but purty soon dey cum out a-sayin' dey hed elected de officahs fo' de insuin' yeah. HISTORIAN. lfifss 44 Gllzwz Harm We have entered "Elizabeth" you can see First as Freshmen we are destined to be. But the goal we will win by toil and care As we grow wiser and greater year by year. Now a timid lot we are banded together By mutual ties that can never sever, And the banner so regal of "Cardinal and White" We will ever honor with all our might. To do our duty day by day In whate'er manner as best we may. Will win for us the fame we seek And crown with glory our efforts meek. To be "College" we must have a rhyme A class poem with metre and time Now really, we quake in our boots The thought is more awful than "College spooks. " For surely we're not a poet And by our rhymes we do not show itg So mighty Seniors! We humbly crave Your criticisms please, kindly save. Some future day we hope to wear A Senior cap, a proud head-gear, So may each year with honors fast Crown our efforts with the past. Now here's to the class a hearty toast May our friends be numbered by a host. May joy and happiness ever dwell Among the girls of nineteen twelve. FLORENCE BERNHEIM BURKHEIMER Class Poet 1 45 Qlvriifiraiv Svtuhrntz X EVA COVINGTON EDNA HIPP Theory English and Theory MAYBELLE GREEVER IRMA KILLIAN English 46 English ?f X X1 1 1 Q - , f. '1 1 1 1 T 1 1 -X ,X V Q 1 1 1 . 1q'1 11 1 ' 1 1 If 111 1 111 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 11 .,, 1!l!Q xl 11 11 1 11' 1 1 111 1 ,N .11 A X .1 11 ,X1 1 '11 1 1 '11'1 1 ,IN 1 1 1. 1 1111 X' 11 x11 ,M 11 f Z 11 11 1 1 111 1 X 1 - :Q 1- :iff 1jj,.,--'4Q,,5jf1f ' 49 illiuzir "The man that hath no music in himself Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, Is fit for treasons, strategems and spoils: The motions of his spirits are dull as night And his affections dark as Erebusg Let no such man be trusted." -Shakespeare. Many theories have been advanced in regard to the origin of music, both mythical and historical, but we think the good Coppelmeister Wolfgang Kasper guessed the true source of its origin when he boldly declared the author of music to be God himself who made the air to transmit musical sounds, the ear to receive them, the soul of man to throb with emo- tions demanding utterance, and all nature to be filled with sources of inspiration. There is absolute proof that music has charmed the soul of man since the beginning of the worldg that it has grown and developed as the instinctive and creative powers of man have developed. It is a true reflection of the soulg the spiritual and material parts of music appealing to the nature of each heart, influencing it according to its capacity. Carlyle says: "Music is a kind of inarticulate unfathomable speech which leads up to the edge of the Infinite and impels us for a moment to gaze into it." While Mazenni writes: "Music is the harmonious voice of creation, an echo of the invisible world, one note of divine concord which the whole universe is destined some day to sound." The tones alone are scarcely capable of such an inspiration but when combined, rich with melody, are a power forcing us to see the necessity of making our lives brighter and nobler, full of harmony, and preparing us for a better and happier world where music is the language of angels. Goethe says: "A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry and see a fine pic- ture every day of his life." There is nothing that so greatly influences the strong instinct of another world. We have a wonderful number of compositions, enough to fill a whole life with study and pleasure. A wonderful variety of style. Bach has given unsurpassed compositions, fugues and counterpoint, while Beethoven, Chopin, and many others are delightful and instructive. All these go together in the making of a grand and nobler art with an unknown origin and one that will last throughout eternity. 50 . ZKPIIIIII BY THE FACULTY OF Eligahrih Qlnllrgr Qlnnaerhaturg nf illlluair CHARLOTTE, N. C. Monday, October 19th, 1908, 8:30 P. M. lllrngrzinl ORGAN PePrelude and Fugue on B A C H, - - Liszt MR. ZEHM VIOLIN-Scene de Ballet, ------ - de Beriot MISS CHAPPELEAR t Cl Pastorale, ---- ' Scarlatfi PIANO- - i b Air de Ballet, - ' - - - Moslcowski MISS KLAGER VOCAL-Parla, ------- - Arditti MISS SESSIONS Q' cz The Swan ----- - Saint-Saens ORGAN- -. Q iq b Allegretto, ---- - Foote MR. ZEHM ' PIANO-Scherzo, B-Flat - - -' - - Chopin MISS ROSS VIOLIN-Romance, ------ Svendsen MISS CHAPPELEAR PIANO - Polonaise, ------- Moskozlzski - MR. ZEHM VOCAL-Beloved it is Morn, ------ Aylafrd lViolin Obl. Miss Chappelearj MISS SESSIONS ORGAN-Grand Processional March, ---- - Gomzod-Eddy fFrom "Queen of Shebanh . MR. ZEHIVI Under Mr. Zehm'S direction the Choral Society has been doing excellent work. The attractiveness of Several music recitals has been added to by numbers given by the College Chorus, and on the 29th of January the Choral Society rendered Sullivan's magnificent "Golden Legend" a cantata adopted from Longfellow'S poem of that name. This recital sustained the reputation it has held Since its organization. On the 8th of April the following program was given: Farmer'S Mass in B-Flat Love'S Old Sweet Song, ----- J. L. Molloy The Lost Chord - ------- Srztllirziaofz The Heavens are Telling - - - Hayden 51 T ' .umm .-Q -Lug, .14 4 i 1 5 1 i 5 1 a Elizabeth Bomar Lula Carpenter Cornelia Drew Minta Fowlkes Louise Hipp Irma Killian Mary King Marie McKinley Ari Stuhrniz Marie Raabe Georgia Crockett Mabel Lau Pearl McCrackin Anna McLaughlin Corneille Parsons Ina Parsons Hazel Robinson C Etta Skipper W l . fig E . X? Xvy VX 63 BREW TE RRY illl3A3RsMl5fli LQ M6323 Srlinnl nf iixprnminn KCATHARINE. WALTER, A. B., Directory Eleanor Alexander Lillian Boyer Ethel Burke Margaret Dewoody Bertha Dotger Ernestine Graichen Zula Hedrick Helen Hunter Mary King Irene McLeod Alice Rahn Nell Ray Nell Saunders Emily Wright ig ' 54 -us' 'W Scene From "Per Telephone 55 iiuainrmi Brpartmrnt QMISS BOYER, Instructorj Ethel Burke Lois Trotter Cora Stansill Annabelle Finger Mary McCoy Sadie Hayes Faye Polk Annie Davis Lorena Fitts Rebecca McCoy LOUISE MILLER President of E. L. S. ALICEfKlf.RR HOUSTON President of D. L. S. Euchrestian Literary Society Obffirerz zmh liull OF Eurhrvaiimr Eitvrarg if-vnrivig MOTTO: Esse quam videri. FLOWER: Marechal Neil Rose COLORS: Green and Gold. STONE: Emerald FIRST TERM OFFICERS SECOND TERM Louise Miller . President . . Louise Miller Mary King . Vice-President Bertha Dotger Hazell Albright . Recording Secretary . . Hazell Albright Bertha Dotger . . Corresponding Secretary . . Flora Jeffries Evelyn Lee . . Treasurer . . Evelyn Lee Flora Jeifries . . First Critic . . Gay Willis Mary Sasser . Second Critic . Lena Beck Lula Carpenter . Censor . . Mary Sasser Etta Skipper I, ,S Eulalie Walker Rosalie Philpot N ' ' Hall Managers ' I Blanche Simmons Katherine Vollers ily Pa es -l Katherine Vollers Margaret Devvoody l ' ' g I Margaret Devvoody Hazel Robinson . . Historian Hazel Robinson Lena Beck . . Librarian . Cora Stansill iKnll Eleanor Alexander Hazell Albright Lena Beck Allene Black Flora Bryan Ethel Burke Lula Carpenter Katherine Carpenter Hannah Constable Margaret Devvoody Bertha Dotger Ruth Dowd Minta Fowlkes Addie Hinson Mary King Evelyn Lee Willie McLaughlin Louise Miller Corneille Parsons Rosalie Philpot Laura Reilley Minnie Rogers Mary Taylor Sasser Blanche Simmons 59 Cora Stansill Katherine Vollers Louise Vollers Eulalie Walker Gay Willis Flora Jeffries Etta Skipper Sadie Hayes Ruth Lillard Hazel Robinson Sarah Tanner Margaret Marquis Biutnrg nf th? Eurhrvntian liiterarg Svurivig VER SINCE the organization in 1898 the Euchrestian Literary Society has hada splendid record, both in its literary work and social affairs. Girls from many States have from time to time been enrolled: but this year its members are principally from North and South Carolina, although Arkansas is well represented. As our brightest girls leave us others at once come in and take their places, so that the society is never without enthusiastic members. The programs for the literary meetings are always well planned and executed with an enthusiasm that does not fail to make every meeting interesting and instructive. The topics cover a wide field. S Now an evening is devoted to the discussion of some great movement in medieval history,-now to a review of the questions of the day, -or again to the study of some great writer's life and works. Each member enters at once into the spirit of the occasion, and, by performing the part assigned her to the best of her ability, gains for herself valuable training that can be secured in no other way, at the same time interesting all those present in the subject for the evening. The reception given to the new members at the beginning of the Fall term was an ex- cellent proof that the social side has developed as well as the literary: and in fact, every reception that has been given has been called a success by those who attended. And yet all this is but the outward demonstration of the Society's good training. Ever before us is our motto, "Esse non videre," prompting us to a true life. And our Society shall indeed have accomplished its highest purpose if those who wear its little pins shall learn to "live to be useful." HAZEL ROBINSON, Historian. n f 1 ' f fa? f 3 r ,V 60 Society TY Litera Can Diatel Biatrlraxi Eitvrarg Svnrirtg MOTTO : Ad astra per aspera. COLORS : Purple and Lilac FIRST TERM Alice Kerr Houston Edna Oliver Harper Zula Frank Hedrick Bessie Bryant . Eva Covington . Irma Killian . Louise Hipp . . Ernestine Graichen Lois Lucas . . Edna Hipp lu Mayloelle Greever l Nita Bryant ln Willie Maude Taylor S Edna Harper . FLOWER : Violet. OFFICERS . . President . . Vice-President . . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . . Treasurer . . First Critic . Second Critic . . Censor . . Librarian . . Hall Managers . . . Pages . . Historian . Hhmhvra Pearl Boger Beatrice Boyd Margaret Bomar Bessie Bryant Nita Bryant Eva Covington Georgia Crockett Zelia Corriher Agnes Chalmers Cornelia Drew Allene Drew Annie Davis Rachel Fay Ernestine Graichen Maybelle Greever Miriam Gryder Edna Harper Zula Hedrick Edna Hipp Louise Hipp Rosalyn Hipp Sarah Houseal Alice Kerr Houston Irma Killian 62 SECOND TERM Alice Kerr Houston Edna Oliver Harper Zula Frank Hedrick . Bessie Bryant - Eva Covington . Irma Killian . Louise Hipp Ernestine Graichen . . Lois Lucas -l Pearle McCrackin l Cornelia Drew Nita Bryant Willie Maude Taylor . Edna Harper Lois Lucas Mabelle Lau Pearle McCrackin Irene McLeod Alice Rahn Marie Raabe Marjorie Richardson Verna Summer Nell Saunders Annice Siler Willie Maude Taylor Emily Wright Qi.-atnrg nf itliatvlran EifP1'EII'Q Svnrivig HE work of the Diatelean Literary Society for the year 1908-'09 has been very suc- cessful, intellectually and socially, as well as financially. We have always held our motto, "Per Aspera ad Astra" before us and feel that it has helped us wonderfully in all our endeavors. The reception tendered the new members in the fall was voted quite a success by all those present, thus bringing the new and old members more closely together by this social intercourse. The Bazaar given before the Christmas holidays turned out exceedingly well, so we renovated our Hall, and now it is even more beautiful and attractive than ever before. However the most important function of this Society is that of accustoming its mem- bers to express themselves in an easy and graceful manner. This, therefore, is the reason we lay so much stress on the delivery of programs, which are prepared with this end in view. The subjects are varied, now some historical subjectsg now the lives and works of men of letters, or some special current event. Once a year we depart from things of serious intent and turn one meeting into a great discussion of the tender passion-Love. This however occurs only on St. Valentine's day. Then Cupid reigns supreme. After this we return to a dignified body once more having felt refreshed and enlivened by this departure. The name Diatelean means one who has a high purpose in life, and with relentless energy is perfecting this ideal. To line up to this would mean to be almost perfectg nevertheless so long as we keep this end in view we cannot but live a noble and righteous life. Even our little flower, the violet, inspires within our breasts the ambition to be as pure, and tells us by its color to be true blue to our friends and ideals. EDNA HARPER, Historian. W1 4 ff 1 fr: . V 2'f?? 7 ' ,N gel, Met' if X is dxf un, . ' '40 63 64 Huang lminmmfa Glhrintian A55HIiEIIiDl1 MOTTO : "Not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord of Hosts." AIM : To bring girls to Christg to train up girls in Christg to send out girls for Christ. The Young Women's Christian Association of Elizabeth College exists to serve the highest and best interests of the College, to develop the social as well as the spiritual side of a girl. It is a great part of our College because every girl in college, with one excep- tion, belongs to the Association. Our devotional side consists in a public meeting once a month in the chapel, conducted by the President: missionary service once a month, mid-week prayer meetings conducted by the girls: morning watch on Sundays during the year and every morning during Lcntg and then the many meetings of the various committees in which they pray for and discuss the work. I Now for our social work. The membership committee sends a letter of welcome to each new student during the summer months and several of the cabinet members come back early in the fall to welcome the new girls and plan for the opening reception to them and the faculty. OFFICERS PRESIDENT--Alice Houston VICE-PRESIDENT-eLouise Hipp SECRETARY-Zula Hedrick TREASURERwErnestine Graichen Cabinet Members Sunday School Committee Alice Houston Zula Hedrick H-HZ9l Albright, Chaifman Sarah Houseal Hazel Anbright Katherine Carpenter Ethel Burke . . . Lena Beck Alice Rahn Louise Hipp Bessie Bryant I I Evelyn Lee Ernestlne Gralchen I I . i Social Committee 'Finance Fommmee ' Bessie Bryant, Chairman Ernestme GPH-ICYIGH, Chalfmafl Marjorie Richardson Minta Fowlkes Irene McLeod Nita Bryant Willie Maud Taylor Rachael Fay COI'I16ill9 PHFSOTIS Inter-Collegiate Committee Margaret DeWoody Pearl Boger Sarah Houseal, Chairman Mabel Lau Cornelia Drew Efnily Wright R0SalYl'1.HiDD Devotional Committee Aileen Drew . . Etta Sklpper I I I Annie Davis Louise Hlpp, Chairman I I I I I I Missionary Committee Anmce Siler Cora Stansill . . P 1 M I I I Zula Hedrick, Chairman ear e cCrack1n Irma Killian Edna Hipp Blanche Simmons Edna H9-FDGI' LOUISE Vollers Lula Carpenter Maybelle Greever Mary Taylor Sasser Minnie Rogers Marie Raabe 155 IS' i : V T al fi--,f"i',,i AN l A lll?ki5ili9?, lla 'bXXXXX x N Q XX . ' ' X ri ii l. - X l 51' l , .. sl? . ji. . 4,4 iliiinzinnurg Svnrivtg OBJECT: To promote an intelligent interest in the general Work of Missions. PRESIDENTeeZula Hedrick SECRETARYB-Bessie Bryant VICE-PRESIDENT-Ernestine Graichen TREASURER--Edna Hipp MISSION CLASS The Mission Classes have proved to be interesting as well as profitable. Miss Houston leads a class in the study of "Islam: A Challenge to Faith." Miss Hedrick's class studies "The Unfinished Task." Miss Greever's class "The Home Land," Miss Louise Hipp's "Effective Workers in Needy Fields," While Miss Harper's class studies, "The Social Evils of the Non-Christian World." CLASSES Islam: A Challenge to Faith." Leader, Alice Houston. A Annice Siler Rachel Fay Sarah Houseal Miss Greever Ethel Burke "The Unfinished Task." Leader, Zula Hedrick Bessie Bryant Hazel Albright Lula Carpenter Cornelia Drew Margaret Dewoody Emily Wright Katherine Carpenter Eva Covington "Effective Workers in Needy Fields." Leader, Louise Hipp Miss Palmer Aileen Drew Blanche Simmons Rosayln Hipp Ernestine Graichen 64s "Home Land." Leader, Maybelle Greever Mabel Lau Catherine Vollers Etta Skipper Louise Vollers Nita Bryant "Social Evils of the Non-Christian World." Leader, Edna Harper Edna Hipp Willie Maud Taylor Marjorie Richardson Cora Stansill Pearl McCrackin Smnimg Svrhuul Our Sunday School is taught by Miss Palmer who is an interesting as well as an instructive teacher. The Inter-national Quarterly is used, and the girls do not lose connection with the lessons at their own homes. The majority of the girls attend and much benefit is derived. 67 U ilu I uumu -llhmuw -illnuuu -LUE1:-l1l11u1t U Ev 0 pw Q N 8 r fv' - ., ...uf... IW 0 9' D G9 GH 68 BP Zfiallahr nf HP Igrekfaate 162112 CWith Apologies to Chaucer.J Whan that ye brekfaste belle is loud y-runge' Then up sterte al ye damsels fro' her bedde', And shouten out wi 'al her strength of lunge'. "Hold ye the doores, 'til that We been al redde', ' Next khitch ye hair upon ye frowsy hedde', Splash once ye face, grate up ye one-piece dresse . And fare they forth in grete untidynessef ! I Then meet they husting maydens in ye halle', Al shrieking fierce and making grievous dole'. As clatteryng down ye steppe's fast they falle', lLike a half-back stryveth for a goale' And tryppyng on ye field is like to rolle',l And reach the dooresee0h! then is Wretchednesse'! The doores been closed! Was ever such a messe'? J. H. warning! Sallie Carrie had some freckles on her pretty nose. "This the reason is," she said "that I have no beaux. " So she Went into the city on a shopping tour, And she asked a clerk politely for a freckle cure. Then the clerk looked wise and witty said he'd soon be back. And to the pharmacist he tore, that he his brains might rack, For something, that effectively would freckles brown remove And with all neatness and dispatch poor Sallie's nose improve. They hit at last upon an ounce of stuff they thought would do- It did the Work all right-but oh-it took the skin off too! A. C. W. 69 E BYE ETQ CQ Q N , EP 1 'Qi fa 64 f X A If , X., Z - 5 'f an E w N Q V 3 ' M , ,Ji ' I I C MY w LEW J s , E A-Z Athlrtir Ammriaiinn OFFICERS : PRESIDENT, ----- Zula Hedrick VICE-PRESIDENT, Bessie Bryant SECRETARY, - - Edna Harper TREASURER, - - Louise Hipp 7u Jin Mvmnrmm The Varslty Team aged two years two months and slxteen days departed thlS college llfe at 8 30 p m Monday October 19 1909 At post mortem Sp8C1allStS agreed that the Varslty Team was worked to death by neglect and starvatlon The Varslty Team wlll always be remembered fondly by those who The famlly and mournmg frlends have the sympathy of the entlre com munlty ln thelr sad bereavement In the cold molst past we lald It when the forests shed the leaf And we wept that the dear old Valslty Team should have a llfe so brlef Yet not unmeet It was that th1S great team of ours So splrlted and sklllful and plucky should perlsh Wlth the flowers A Frlend of the Deceased A C CApolog1es to Brvant 5 9' o , . . . 9 7 7 : . ., . , . - . . , . 7 , . . witnessed its prowess on field, and victories over P. C. in the Spring of 1907. 7 'U 7 9 , ' ' - . . W. 71 Srninr Basket Ball Gram INTER-CLASS CHAMPIONS Line Up HEDRICK CCaptainD - - Centre LUCAS - - - Forward HARPER - - Goal GRYDER - - - - Guard BRYANT - Guard Class Tournament DATE TEAMS SCORE Nov. 1908 Seniors vs. Freshman - 32-2 - Nov. 1908 Juniors vs. Sophomores - 9-12 - Nov 1908 Seniors vs. Sophomores - 27-24 Nov 1908 Juniors vs. Freshman - 32-2 - Nov. 1908 Seniors vs. Juniors 10-9 - 72 IN FAVOR OF Seniors Sophomores - Seniors Juniors Senlors iluninr Ezmket 152111 Timm I McLeod Graichen Houseal Lee - Dotger - Hipp Center - Goal Forward Guard Guard Manager Svnphnmnre Eaakrt mall Gram Albright CCaptainJ Sasser - - C. Drew - Lau - Burke Centre Guard Guard - Goal Forward Eirwhman Igzuikrt Ball Grant Line Up E. Alexander - Forward W. Anderson Goal L. Burkheirner - Guard R. Dowd CCaptainJ Center R. Hipp - - Guard ilivgltlara---?,Baakr1 mall Gram 1 ine Up Hedrick C Captain 1 - Centre Albright - Forward Harper - - Goal Sasser Guard Bryant - Guard T6 Svprriala---'igaakvi mall Efvmn N. Bryant L. Vollers - R. Philpot C. Parsons - M, Fowlkes - Maybelle Greever Centre Forward Goal Guard Guard Manager Nnhitiatv Eaakvt Ball Umm MOTTO: Always be victorious. Line Up Burke - - - Goal McLeod fCaptainJ - Center Parsons - - - Right Guard Philpot - Forward Stansill - Left Guard 78 Hazel Albright Lena Beck Bessie Bryant Nita Bryant - Pearle Boger Miss Boyer Ethel Burke Pearl McCracken Zelia Corriher Lula Carpenter Georgia Crockett flvnnia Ollnh Minta Fovvlkes Earnestine Graichen Mayloelle Greever Miss Chappelear Edna Harper Zula Hedrick Edna Hipp Louise Hipp Rosalyn Hipp A Sarah Houseal Irina Killian 1' Irene McLeod Corneille Parsons Rosalie Philpot Majorie Richardson Mary Taylor Sasser Blanche Simmons Etta Skipper Annice Siler Cora Stansill Willie Maud Saylor Katherine Vollers Margaret DeWoody Mabel Lau Louise Vollers Aileen Drew Evelyn Lee Eulalie Walker Rachael Fay Lois Lucas Miss Walter Miss Ross 5. L-,,,Qf iffy-:za ., . V. fn xig ifrlgjin ii " Misa 'bl m gilfgz V HIV. .fi ar, V' V0 J -1Lv"f.x Mem ,ie-ex 4 :, 5 , 'lf : Ei if p Jxlfil --l 'l gl' 'l Y- -' - 'I 1 .Y Ii li ,i I .TTA - A 'Y-Q, If i J' 'V' .X If ' . 'ik Q, its ll- lm V' x ' 'I i V 'I A I 'I' fi K.. r'Ej,, .. '.1.QM',,, ' I 1 f. X A in ' IAZZIX: skit V ,,..-r 41 jgfyfk'-'lv . gf' 4 vlkgl ur grfff 5 f , "' ' - Jiri, ' ' ' na .L JF! -lpffi '-' Q' fr" gi- .Ria . .Alf ,y -M 4 A fain., if-.:,,.:if'.7fa, 1-...f" , yi' - r 'wt ,if 'il sin, aff5U'!Lf-g1- A fe' . ' 'z " ,fa HZ '19'il:za:1+if'f' Q' E ' lf:-3 f5':l u . i 1 ill11"l"?-V A X7 ' V- li - "' .':T'Y""".vQ' J 75i51FQ5Pi1l?j- 5 - L 1 L- , 19 Elahlva Ulurnvh Three-thirty! hurry, scurry. Bell rung, girls in flurry, Gym suits on, faces bright. Match Game. Hard iight. Three-forty-five! Umpire in place. Seniors against Juniors. What a race! Centers jumping, forwards throwing, Goals aiming, guards blowing. Whistle blowseeven four. Girls shout. First half o'er. Who's ahead? What's the score 'K Juniors smilingetwo to four. Four-ten. Up! Play! Seniors determined, must win today. Juniors fighting-never give up. Rooters breathless. Who'll win the cup ' Four twenty-four. Such fighting! Opponents even. How exciting! One minute more decides the day. Look at that ball! What a play! Who's ahead? Who's won? Juniors' hearts weigh a ton. Good fight! One point will win. Seniors Champs! Nine to ten. Z. F. H. 83 'ik f -E X N ,TC 4 ' 21 , .. 'LIZEZZKX E2 52: ar 3 , li A ' X I X X' X X. . I N Q ? W ll K Vw l x X , a ! 1 I I X lil I I Uhr Glnmmg nf Htrginm. HEY were gathered around their shanty discussing the most important event that had happened in twelve years-namely, the coming of Miss Virginia Abbicrumbi, of Richmond, Virginia, who was to visit her brother, the owner of the ranch on which they were employed as cow-punchers. "You fellers kin suit yourselves," spoke up Shorty, an aggressive little fellow who hailed from Hampshire, "But I ain't going after the lady. It ain't enough I have to ride into,Cheyenne and give a lady there a little slip of writing from the boss, but now I have to go trapsein' around meeting the sweet young things when they goes traveling. No sir! not much I don't. Why can't Jim go? It's more to his trade." This was the acknowl- edged lady killer of Northern Wyoming. But here Bud Hardee came to the rescue, "No, boys, we have done decided that the Englishman shall go. So git agoin', Johnny Bull, and don't stop to smell violets. Bring the little black broncho-that'll do for the lady to ride. He's been broke a week." He addressed a tall young fellow who came forward and said, "Yes, I'll be most happy to meet the lady and introduce her to this bunch of cultured and refined gallants. But boys, don't drink too much, because the old man will get hot if his sister finds a lot of drunken galoots here. You had better get the stray cattle in and behave yourselves"-saying this he swung himself gracefully into the saddle and smiling down at the scowling cow-boys, he raised his sombrero mockingly, put spurs to his horse and galloped out across the sunlit prairies, leading the still half wild broncho. As his horse swung into the slow easy gallop of the Western horse, his thoughts were busy with the past and it seemed years since he had come to this God-forsaken country. Leaving old England in search of health he had drifted to the West and finding the rough life of the cow-puneher suited to his slender purse, he had remained among the rough, though kind-hearted, men of Sunset Ranch. But even the casual observer could know the gentleman of elegant manners and patrician blood beneath his disguise. And strange indeed would have been the person who failed to look twice into the handsome blond face, as he rode along with the air of a cavalier. As he approached the one-roomed station house he was conscious that he was look- ing forward, actually looking forward, to the coming of this lady, that unlike the other 81 boys who resented the invasion of their masculine quarters by this feminine creature, he was hoping to find in her a companion. He knew the boys did not like him for he had heard them say so. He had also heard something the night before that had caused him to load his revolver with unusual care. When Bud Hardee in talking to Jim Evans, mentioned that John Bull was to go after the lady, Jim had laughed and whispered something, of which Tom caught the words "at the Turn Around." This was a place so called on account of the numerous hold-ups that had occured there. Putting two and two together and not knowing how much the boys might drink, he had grown a triHe uneasy. While thinking of the boys he heard the train from Chy-as it blew for Sunset. So spurring his pony into a fast gallop, he drew rein, just as the cars stopped. A slender girlish figure, neatly gowned in brown, alighted. Seeing him she smiled engagingly, and Tom felt the blood rush to his face, feeling like a school-girl when caught at a midnight feast. He came forward, raised his sombrero and said, "Are you Miss Abbicrumbi?" "Why, yes," said she, "and you are one of the boys, aren't you?" "Yes, ma'am,JI am Tom Percy, sent by your brother to take you to Sunset Ranch. Can I help you with your baggage?" "O yes, indeed you can. There are four grips and twelve trunks, so how can we get them there?" "I'll speak to some one about getting them out. Will have to send to Cheyenne for a wagon. But how are you going to ride to the ranch?" "Who ride! I?" exclaimed the surprised Virginia, "I have never been on a horse in all my life and I could not stay on that prancing thing." "Well," consoled Tom, secretly delighted, "You will have to ride on behind me, and hold to me good and tight to stay on-so we might as well start." Virginia demurred, but it was of no avail. Tom lifted her to the horse and swung himself up and grinned pleasantly back at the uncomfortable girl. As the horse loped easily along, Virginia forgot her fright and every now and then Tom looked around to tell her to hold tighter, she could not help telling herself that his was the handsomest and most engaging face she had ever seen. As for Tom, he had entirely surrendered the moment he felt those arms around him. They cantered along in a silence which neither cared to break, and reached the Turn Around just a little before sundown. A Hardee and his gang of cow-punchers, hidden behind a clump of sage blushes, had rigged themselves up like Indians and were going to make Tom "show the white feather." Just as Tom and Virginia reached the point almost to them, Bud Hardee gave the signal. They charged out yelling like mad-men and shooting in the air. Virginia screamed pite- ously and Tom, infuriated at the thought of those great strong men frightening a woman, fired point blank into the gang-Virginia slipped from the horse and Bud, angry beyond reason at Tom, returned the fire. Tom's broncho reared and plunged and Tom fell head- long in a huddled heap on the alkali sand. Virginia never knew how she reached his side but when she came to herself, the cowboys had improvised a stretcher and were taking Tom home. Three weeks later as the boys were talking it over, Bud remarked, "Don't see no sense in her nursing him no how. He's well enough to be initiated into our gang. Slip up there. Shorty,-take a peep through the crack and sail this beer bottle at him." Shorty took the bottle and crept up to the window. But he came back crestfallen. "It ain't no use," he said, "He wouldn't know it if you took his whole head off-sittin' there with his arm around her. ", MINN1 ROGERS. 32 Building ain -M College zabeth Eli "Uhr white :RUBY Mainz" ARAH was in a great hurry that morning and she walked briskly down the violet WMM bordered path of the rose garden, stopping here and there to gather the very pret- tiest roses for Mary Virginia's graduating basket. In the farthest corner of the garden was a rose-bush of a very common variety, although very pretty, that had been set aside as being old-fashioned. On the bush there were two tiny rose buds that had partially grown together. They were exactly the same in their wax-like appearance. They were of the purest white and looked very beautiful with the morning dew fresh upon them peep- ing out from behind the green leaves to catch sight of the morning sun. They seemed to be well pleased with this world, but did not care to be plucked from the mother bush. As the rustle of skirts was heard their little heads wavered as if they were trying to conceal themselves under the leaves of the n1other bush. But they looked so pretty peeping from behind the green leaves that they attracted Sarah's attention as she glanced at the bush. "Twin roses! they will be just the thing for the handle of the basket to mix with the ivyf' The twin roses seemed to say, "mother protect us," but with all their mother's efforts they were soon lying in the basket with the American beauties and other beautiful roses that seemed to resent their presence. When the tvvin roses were elevated to their position on the handle of the basket the other roses eyed them jealously, wondering how those common roses happened to hold that position of honor. The roses attracted the attention of the marshal when he came to deliver them. They were not securely fastened to the handle of the basket and as he approached Mary Virginia they fell at her feet. She stooped and picked them up exclaiming, "you dear little roses, and twin roses, too." Yes, Mr. Grier, you may accompany me home" Sarah heard her friend say as she passed out the door, and looking up at the sound of the voices she saw her friend with her manly escort and noticed that the roses had been broken apart and onelittle bud was pinned to the lapel of his coat, while the other lay snugly nestled in her hair. The roses had a message to tell, what it was, I do not know. But five years later as Mary Virginia was reading the Bible to the family circle she came across the little bud. It was faded now, but it had told its story. Mr. Grier stepped to the book case and from the highest shelf got a book that was very worn, but on the inside was the mate to the rose. He laid them side by side and the roses seemed to be satisfied that their mission on earth was a good one. MARGARET DEWOODY. S4 .7-X Sung The melody fell lightly on the air, A singer's voice was hushed almost to silence, Then suddenly burst forth in glorious song That told of naught but joy and gladness. At first it fell unheeded by the throng But soon the sweetness of the notes, the wonderful Cadence of sound, drew the unwilling ear To listen, and be held in an unbroken charm. On, on, the singer's voice rose high, Some thought it was the nightingale, But soon it dropped to lower tones And made one feel the strength of song. It told of sorrow, grief, despair, Of days full of longing and pain. Then suddenly a human sob was heard That rent the unresponsive air. E. O. H. mvarg 1B.Hillir "Weary Willie" Had a habit When he drank To order "rabbit." Habit grew Will grew paler. Friends alarmed, Suggest a jailer. One "rabbit" too many Willie felt faint. We could not revive him So now he's a saint C ?l A. C. W. 85 of Music rvatory le 011 C erard G Svvninra, itrahal Juniata, Elaila! On the car that comes at three thirty-five Franklin with camera did arrive, For that was the selected day serene To photograph the Senior Basket Ball Team, Now at Elizabeth in the tournament of nineteen nine The Senior Team did play so line That they the trophy cup did win From the striving class of 1910. This the Juniors never could forget And in their minds they would ever let The one aim be "To get ahead" To kill the team of 1909 stone dead. The trophy cup was placed in the hall Where it was seen by great and small. The Seniors of their victory were justly proud And "slams" from Juniors never allowed. The Seniors now their pictures with their prize Were to have made right before their rivals' eyes But this was more than the Juniors could stand So they stole the cup and away they ran. The Seniors then and there began To turn the joke and they thought of this plan- Franklin must their pictures pretend to make, But not a single shadow should he take. No. Not without their cup so dear They must have that, if they waited a year. The photographer entered at once in the scheme And he pretended to take that Basket Ball Team. The Juniors stood by in high glee But "behind the camera" they could not see, They were happy, and thought for ONCE Of the Seniors they had made a dunce. But the Seniors such a thing could not permit And on this cunning plan they hit. But the Juniors never knew Until this Annual they read through That day the picture was not made Or for this Annual they ne'er would have paid. One week passed, and the cup did stand In its regular place-put there by a Junior hand. Then the Seniors the cup did take And up to Franklin's their way did make And the picture of the cup with the Team On the seventy-second page of this Annual will be seen. 8? '-Qwnnlhvhz Elhat mnnmu Man Enug Bair auh Shari 3lhvz1a. Negative In considering so momentous, so grave, so weighty a matter as that now before us, it is necessary to use great prudence and deliberation. And so, since the wisest and most prudent thoughts are generally, though erroneously, ascribed to men, it seems fitting that the testimony of men upon this important question should be set forth. J A certain famous writer, a man, has called woman "man's contrast." Now it is a fact well known to woman, at least, that man has both short hair and short ideas, hence his "contrast," woman must of course have both long hair and long ideas. Again, all men since the world began have written, talked and sung of women. Would these brilliant and intellectual beings waste their valuable time on creatures whose only assets were "long hair" and pretty faces? No, indeed! Beauty does not draw man "with a single hair" as Pope says, but brains and "long ideas" attract them. , It is also held by mankind that womankind loves to get the last word. This saying itself proves that woman's idias are much longer than those of man, since without ideas we cannot argue. No man dares to say that the New Woman, the product of the Twentieth Century, the suffragist, the ruler of nations, has short ideas. And yet this woman lives in an age of wigs, switches, "rats" and "short hair." To conclude:-We have seen, that through the unbiased and sometimes unwilling testi- mony of critical mankind, woman has been pronounced "Not Guilty" of possessing "Long Hair and Short Ideas." May I add that the writer of this paper is the exception that proves the verdict. J.H. f f A 'ff l - ix ,A -We fi 4Z,,mQ-M s ? va, XJ L nfs-if ,-3 s -' ' HE ', . I ' X ' I . N -I V V i f -L1 88 ,K f+ M if Ca Q1 'A 6 4 AL eagiy l B5 X N ,N SS XXX Nw North Carolina Club Alice Houston Zula Hedrick Lois Lucas Evelyn Lee Bessie Bryant Nita Bryant Eva Covington Zelia Corriher Elm' 152215 Irene McLeod Lula Carpenter Hazel Albright Lena Beck Minta Fowlkes Cora Stansill Corneille Parsons Louise Vollers Here's to the Land of the Long-leaf Pine The Summer Land where the sun doth shine Katherine Vollers Katie Carpenter Mary Taylor Sasser Marjorie Richardson Pearl Boger Honorai y Members Miss Willis Miss Dotger Where the Weak grow strong, and the strong grow great Here's to down home, the Old North State." 91 l COLORS : Red and black Uhr igalmrituz EMBLEM : Cotton boll POET: Henry Timrod. ARTIST: Miss Earle Edna Hipp Pearl McCrackin Rosalyn Hipp Miss Earle 15211 We're from S. C. We ! We ! We I From' the old Palmetto State Don't you see ? We're leaders l We're seceders I We're always first, We! We ! We! OFFICERS PRESIDENT-Edna Hipp VICE-PRESIDENT-Edna Harper SECRETARY-Louise Hipp TREASURER-Etta Skipper Members Sarah Houseal Etta Skipper Blanche Simmons Edna Harper Louise Hipp Emily Wright Honorary Members Miss Marquis 92 OQXRDS Ng X W 7 ff 662 ,lf xo eggs Ovfgftyy f,,, aol, Q W e il ir? Kiss 0,03 B gulf? m ol , A of O v O 05 ll f I Q Q . M0 50 tw in Irgmm Qllnh on f ', :X, g ' il? fl C Representatives L, V .' 6 ,533 Irma Killian Ernest Graichen gear Maybelle Greever I E I ll f ako .1 .KM3 !06iSD GOVENOR-M. K. Greever Il'I Hiatt SENATOR-E. Graichen 0 l CONGRESSMAN--I. Killian Governor's Veto: "I hereby veto the line which affirms there is any other State besides Virginia. " Representative: - "I propose the line namely: 'I will NEVER leave the State of Virginia' " Senafor: V Amendment-"I will leave the State of Virginia provided I can find a better one." SUPREME JUDGE-Miss Palmer ASSOCIATE JUDGES-DF. King Miss Umberger Miss Greever MissCrockett Mm- -A . nxt!! 1 93 Arhanaaa Gluh MOTTO : Sleep, eat, and live to see P. B. COLORS : Red and white FLOWER : Apple blossom. TIME AND PLACE OF MEETING : Most any- old time in Arkansas Alley. Margaret Dewoody FAVORITE SONG Three more months-and I'll be free From this awful misery No more beef steak, no more hash, No more Charlotte boys to smash. Take my trunk to the railroad station, Buy me a ticket to civilization, Put my grip on the railroad track And I'll beegif I ever come back. OFFICERS CHIEF BOSS 1 Eulalie Walker Members Rosalie Philpot Honorary Members Mr. and Mrs. Zehm - ,f f up 'Z -I f If-L, s H I " f' it M P I I ifllll, Li if W 3 'I I. II, W I' ' X5 . IH 5- ' ,, , n lr lyvc 'I lx ,N I, ,wy fc I W its - Aldgrl --f-1' ' ' 'QQ-AW V -I I I W . R., -4 i :-+, . ,,.- '--- , - 11.2 .- 94 Eulalie Walker De Hooligans 95 Er ignnligun iliamlilg Der Captain Ze Cop - Happy Hooligan - Gloomy Gus - Montmorency Jr. - Ma Katzenjammer Hans Katzenjammer Fritz Katzenjammer Jimmy - - Katie - - Alphonse - Gaston - Montmorency Sr. - Me London Friends Bess Bryant - Miss Palmer Bert Dotger - Mary King - Sarah Houseal Mary Taylor Sasser Margaret DeWoody - Nita Bryant - Minta Fowlkes Corneille Parsons Ernestine Graichen Eulalie Walker - Clara Carpenter Lil Satterthwaite Bland Schoolfield 2 Mamie McCann CTO the Tune of Hiawatha: All the Hooligans are here. Give a cheer, what's to fear? For the Policemen are all far away! Now the Hooligan rally in G. T. Alley Hurry, Jimmie, don't delay. Oh, we're up to excitement Ne'er relent, ne'er repent For everybody's already down on usg n Never mind, Hooligans, who's to care for all their fuss? We'll ever follow fast our brothers dear The cops we'll never fear Our captain always near With Happy, Gloomy, Katie, Jimmie slow Hans, Fritz, Ma, Monte show Maude in the rear. Hee Haw! Hee Haw! Hee Haw! Hee! Never get caught in deviltry. Hee Haw! Hee Haw! Hee Haw, Haw! Hooligan, Hooligan, Rah! Rah! Rah! Ihr iinhn Zfizmh DIRECTOR: Miss IRENE MCLEOD, lSIGNOR COCORINIJ T HE HOBO'S BAND, a comparatively new organization for Elizabeth College, is I composed of some of the best musicians. It gave its first concert on February 20th before a large and cultured audience and received liberal treatment by the musical critics of the several papers. "The Morning Star" has the following to say: "A high-class concert was given last night by the world-renowned Hobo's Band before a large audience including the best musicians of the city. " The program opened with the Lust spiel overture by Keli-Bela, in which Signor Cocorini showed his skill as a director, having under splendid control the various sections of this perfect band. The Band- was assisted by Miss Lilly Putiam CMiss Willie Maud Taylor,l lyric soprano, who charmed the audience by her delightful singing of the "Schriefrity" Aria, after which the applause was so immense that she favored the delightful audience by singing a modern English love song. Monsieur L'Herbier, who was to appear on the program, it was reported, "missed connection at Greensboro, having arrived there by the June-bug express too late to catch 23, much to the disappointment of the audience. " The Band has booked several engagements and it is rumored that it will give a grand concert at the formal opening of the new auditorium. ,424 ,J -5 .6 Jr -.. at 1 ,Suf i : , ,.,da.L.t me fl" U ii fyifi '5i" ' A ., 159- . . IW n., "--- " ' - ' tw-. ." -'Z' . ,Q 3' 'fm , 1 "sim, X -V f i' A -rf-: ,3!I+'f ,,,. '-- , ' ,,,. L " .er .,:.:.3 1 ' " iv-,W ' 4 4. ,F -NK . . 7 1- ,Q -ig, .gif E qi-gl G M, --1- 'fgiwg W' -if p ei 'T - ,C -f -1 , 1" T f-:, tt ' 97 The Hobo Band 98 Glnnrvri hy tlpr fzuunua S Wuhan' Mann Srignnr Cinrnrini, Birrrinr Glnllrgv Ggmnanium, Saturhag, Zllvh. EH, 19119, H 13. HH. 1gI'17lQlI'ZlI1ll1iP Lustspiel Overture - Kela-Bela Echoes from Italy Corcorini Soprano Solo - - - - Selected Signora Lilli Putiam Serrtette, from "Lucia di Lammer moor," - Spagetti fBy requestj Bottelophone Solo - ' Selected Q Monsieur Victor l'HerIoier Triumphal March ----- Coonod sian Rvntnhul nf illlaaka unh Bunting NOTE : No dancing will be permitted before concert programme is over. By order of ' 99 THE COMMITTEE. Uhr 11522 Mihr MOTTO: Ibe, you bee, we all bees. OCCUPATION: Dispensing sweets. TIME OF MEETING: When the honey is in the comb. PLACE: Any old cell. SONG: "When the Bees are in the Hive." YELL: Drone -. Honey Bee Busy Bee - Bumble Bee Jolly Bee - Sting-Stang-Stung The bell has rung- Hold the Door! THE BEES: Queen Bee - - - Edna Harper - Lula Carpenter Sleeping Bee - - - - Aileen Drew Laughing Bee - Hazell Albright Talking Bee - Evelyn Lee Stinging Bee - - Cornelia Drew Flying Bee - l00 Pearl McCrackin - Ethel Burke - Lena Beck - Lois Lucas Verna Summer and green. Purple . Q COLORS Parma Violet. ER FLOW s you. ble trouble trou Never trouble trouble till OTTO M MEMBERS .E E05 L-,E QPU ,Jo U05 2.2 .QE :E gd Q L4 geo ,JC Q53 me-es C654 E2 E63 S-1 CD 'U Q CYS F24 33 4114-2 has OO Q C1143 " Elhr Elnllg Zlmpa " AMBITION : OCCUPATION :. To laugh and grow fat. Doing polite stunts MOTTO 1 Whoever may come and whoever may go, we go on forever. Nita Bryant-Cutest. Margaret Dewoody-Best all round. Pearl Boger-Jolliest. Rosalyn Hipp-Best natured. Aileen Drew-Mischief-maker. Irene McLeod-Wittiest. J xc 'l' I : . P CS ,el .: XI :- Uhr EK. QBV5. MOTTO : Cross your Heart and Body. "This was a hopeless case in view Four maidens held the mystery true But still the mystery grew and grew Why all they knew was to be K. Q's." THE INCOMPREHENSIBLE-Emily Wright. THE INDECLINABLE-Katie Carpenter. THE IMPENETRABLE-Lula Carpenter. THE INSENSIBLE-Edna Harper. Once a school-marm haughty and trim Caught in mischief and whipped little Jim. Jimmy wept sore, then with the might he could muster A Back of his ''geog'gaffy''-he-well--well-ehe custer l A. C. W. 102 KD 552 yt Earn Banrr Qlluh i MOTTO: Dance while you may. FAVORITE SAYING: Step Lightly. FAVORITE OCCUPATION: Eating, drinking and dancing President - Vice-President - Secretary - Treasurer - Night Watchman Leaders - - Floor Manager Mischief Maker - Social Manager OFFICERS: Marshalls - COUPLES: B. Simmons with M. T. Sasser with A R. Philpot with S. Houseal with P. Boger with Dr. Fay with M. Richardson with 103 Blanche Simmons - Mabel Lau Minta Fowlkes Willie Maud Taylor Sarah Houseal - ll R. Philpot Miss Walker M. Richardson - Mot DeWoody - M. T. Sasser 1 P. Boger 41 C. Stansill l O. Parsons I R. Fay Miss Lau Miss Fowlkes Miss Walker Miss Parsons Miss DeWoody Miss Stansill Miss Taylor A 4 Glnnng Olluh "As lovely as the flowers of May" So the Conny Club will say. OFFICERS: PRESIDENT, Miss Minta Fowlkes VICE-PRESIDENT, Miss Mary Taylor Sasser SECRETARY, Miss Sarah Houseal TREASURER, Miss Corneille Parsons Soo1AL MANAGER, Miss Cora Stansill Favorite Expressions KID-KKMY Sweetheart Says So. " SAILOR SASSER- "Gee! You ought to be President of the Conny Club." BERRY-"Did NOT hear from J-." NEAPOLITAN-6lTl1Q Post comes today. " CoRA HR. E."-"Will JUNE ever come?" l 04 , T X CfI.3B.Gllnh TIME OF MEETING : 9:45 to 10 nightly. PLACE : Spigot Parlor. O MOTTO : "N ever miss U COLORS : Pink and White. SAYINGS Evelyn Lee-"Come on." Pearle McCrackin-"You all here ?" Lena Beck-"Do you know it ?" Ethel Burkea-"Lor', children, let me tell you. " Verna Summer-"I forgot T. B. You'll have to excuse me this time. " Hazel Albright-"Wait a minute. " Flhe Zlinur .Saints GD S-is for Saints the jolly four, and - A-is for above C the bath-room doorl I -is for innocent, the forced smile that We make, when caught out of one corner in hours that are late. D N-is for the noise that We make up the hall. ' T-is for the trouble that pays for it all. S -is for Saints bold and bad, did you Say. Yes bold and bad, but good in a way. MOTTO: Be still sat heart and cease repining. Miss Greever's light will soon be shining. MEMBERS: Bess Bryant Ernestine Graichen Irene McLeod Nita Bryant 106 E FOUR SAINTS fcontinuedj TH f-X 3 0, Q I Name Better Known E Oizxgrtin E Favorite Sayings i Highest Ambition ln Love With - I ' Bess Bryant .-.. . Blacgegiaded 5 Practicing I "For John's Sake" To play like Miss Ross The Moon 4 r . . .. ,, i W h' 11 "T-k b kt i . Ernestme Graicheni J ap 33135 er dei glint-ieoigriau 2 To go to Georgia l 'B W A B B B B BA BBB BB B ffiiwiwii ii Bi B B B B hi f. BBB BBB 'ii BB Irene McLeod .. .. .W "Jimmy" Writing poetryl "Get off the earth" y To marrgqgnmllltary Everybody . . - , i - i "Bessie, you must - B Nita Bryant. . B111 1 Bowling 1 be foolishn i To hear a good Joke i Nobody C? 107 33. 19. HH. Olluh MOTTO : "Memory's U leaflets close shall twine round our hearts for Aye , COLORS : Old rose and gold. OFFICERS PRESIDENT--Bertha Carolyn Dotger VICE-PRESIDENT-Mary Elizabeth King SECRETARY-Flora Grey J effries TREASURER-Mary Taylor Sasser Members , Martha Howell Cora Stansill Camille Durham Sarah Houseal 108 CHIEF COUNSELOR SPIRITUAL ADVISOR Uhr Sviatrfri Glluh Big Sisters Edna Hipp Louise Vollers PEACE-MAKER - - Bessie Bryant FAMILY PHYSICIAN Cornelia Drew MIDDLEMAN - - Louise Hipp Little Sisters' GRAND AUTHORITY ON HBOSSINGH Rosalyn Hipp DISTURBER OF PEACE - - - Katherine Vollers DENOUNCER OF HLEGITIMATE AUTHORITY" - Nita Bryant NON-RESPECTOR OF ELDERS - - - - - Aileen Drew MOTTO : I am my Sister' S keeper. OBJECT : For the Welfare of each individual, and more especially to get some of the con- ceit out of the little sisters. DAILY OCCUPATION : Big sisterse'-"Trying to train up the little ones" in the Way they should go. Little Sisters-Bossing their "superiors " Regular meetings held on Sunday night at the "House of Correction" lRoom No. 399 conducted by the Spiritual Advisor. Erie Glanal CAPTAIN-M. K. Greever. PURSER-C. Stansill. GONDOLIERS-M. Fowlke PILOT-R. Fay. PHYSICIAN--I. P. Killian. ENGINEER'-Tsam Siler. S and C. Parsons. MATRON-Miss Elvina Covington. MOTTO-Beware of Palmetto Rock. CHIEF SAYING-Is Miss P--'S doo FAVORITE OCCUPATION-Sailing. FLOWERMS63 weed. DISH-HQFOH a la Tomato Sauce. shut ? EP 'Q Q F45 5 'Zz' Pk! Q 5:5 A N E ' E .,, La cvs L4 2, . 5 Pc 2 o is M C Q cd L4 .M U2 Q I Q.. In C6 CD '-,gg O 8 8 4-' 'Q up V2 E L. Q L' +5 Di gg -Ei E 'E 5 3 5 gf O 2 s. H CD C cn gg 'U 3 E LL. fc Lo 3 .Q U cv C-- QJ ' 4:3 Q if E E 3 3 E UE C6 A cw 'E E 3 4-1 o :Ts P: cvs cu as 'D "" Ja E Ei, -E Q -Q 5 3 Q 2 SE cu o o cvs 4 Q" O 3 CG 94 Q an 94 'cs 45 s. CU 4: N H 2 Q O Q H cv Q E1 Q P+ o E4 .S 3 E , I7 Qj 2 Q9 45 m 4.1 'Q C3 C 2 Q-1 as ..-1 L. ,U 4-2 gg L4 9, ,,.,, .-CI Q1 C SZ! Lo CU un 'U :':', 3 4-E cg 5 LD 4'-E C C D ., O gf, O FG as 5 N 2 --' 'U E N E Q CD CD ,g 2' 'Q C -S as -Q 3 fl' E bo I-' 2 C5 "CS 210.9 -w C5 3 Q "" L. Q. GS AU C C1 bn ,S m Q Cn GJ C6 .v-1 W C CJ E --' n-1 P11 5 2 3 i Lf: A, Q l gv, ,Q O 3 n FG E4 E 'f' Y :saw O Pa ,Y Y I-9: ' flu' O 4-7 O G5 : w CU cc fc: vb C6 60 5 ck- ... 0 4-w O --' o 4.: v. O ,Q E .-C2 5'Q 'S 'U-4.2 'Q 'H CG ' cu cu 'D' Q: O 5 "" Q' " an 3 E ,Q E 2 Q' W s-. 453, O 'gf 'E ,E +2 .... fn 5 cv ,cz-Q o 5 5 P C3 3 4-2 CD O 5 4-' Q' B C6 'U I3 U1 3 N 'x E S 5 PG 3 5: O v E L. 3 GS N- 'L-2 bu E o oh Z .. 4., QQ o E - an : :A .C 5 O 3.5 . 2 A, Q .Q CD :J ig g E 3 E L2 3, 4 E O 5 z N O Q Q 3 U3 15 cs cd cd cd G 5 cig- '- 'O O 0 as - 'S :J 2 4-' 43 2 CD U2 cvi Q E "" .v-4 H O DA D 5 fu : 5 , 45 : 2 4: . as 3 O - 1 1 2 i ai E S I 5 Us Pu CD .C -- 4.2 zn O N GJ 2 Q' 'D O DQ N , 2 2 -E 1 50 Qi U, Us 5: 0 ' .2 CD L. U2 -Q L' 2 QQ .-. ,Q C6 ..-1 2 E QJ .. cv: 2 ed "" .Q G5 4" S5 2 v-1 m C6 E Z 2 5 O M v-J 5 .3 Di H fl L! G56 V l 1 if , wislifllffb' f , H t wif P l If XX "af . Q Q W Qllllllllllli V fy, 1' l Z ll 5,f1,f I OFFICERS: My ff! ' 1 . 0 X if f President-Bessie Bryant 'SQ' ' 'ax X Vice-President-Zula Hedrick ., X iiiliiiiillilliiililiiiiiff l L - Bessie Bryant Nita Bryant Ernestine Graichen Irene McLeod Eulalie Walker Rosalie Philpot Pearle Boger Margaret DeWoody Blanche Simmons Marjory Richardson Willie Maud Taylor Etta Skipper Louise Hipp Catherine Vollers Zula Hedrick Lois Lucas Hazel Albright Lena Beck Aileen Drew Ethel Burke MEMBERS Sarah Houseal Mary Taylor Sasser Mabel Lau Irma Killian Maybelle Greever Eva Covington Minta Fowlkes Corneille Parsons Cora Stansill Georgia Crockett Edna Hipp Louise Vollers Rosalyn Hipp Emily Wright Rachel Fay Evelyn Lee Edna Harper Cornelia Drew Zelia Corriher Pearle McCrackin 111 Elph auth mhiiv FLOWER - - American Beauty FAVORITE BOOK - - "Red and White" OCCUPATION - - Writing Letters AMBITION - - To get a "36" MEMBERS Zula Bess Louise 'r . l..'U. -ffzf' ,.q...- 112 Nrinhrrrg Isaacs " IN NEWBERRY " The moonlight falls the softest "In Newberryg" The summer days come oftest "In Newberryf' Friendship is the strongest Love's light glows the longest Yet wrong is always the wrongest "In Newberry." Life's burdens bear the lightest "In Newberryf' The sun shines ever brightest "In Newberryf' While players are the keenest, Cards come out the meanest The pocket empties cleanest "In Newberry." The breezes whisper lightest "In Newberryg" The people treat one whitest "In Newberryf' Plain girls are the fewest Maidens eyes are bluest Their little hearts are truest "In Newberry." YELL What did you say ? Where are you from ? Newberry I Newberry ! OH on a bum I FLOWER : Forget-me-not. COLOR Blue Cslightlyl FAVORITE OCCUPATION Watching for the mall FAVORITE SAYINGS : "There's no place like home MAYOR: E. Hipp. TOWN CLERK: L. Hipp. Aldermen Ward I. S. Houseal. Ward II. P. McCrackin. Ward III. R. Hipp. 113 Hpprr sinh Elnlnrr Errth SONG It looks to me like a big night to-night Big night to-night Big night to-night For when the old "cat's" away the mice like to play It looks like a big night to-night Horror- "cats' ' Dish-' 'cat' '-fish. Sarah Houseal Mary T. Sasser Ernestine Graichen Nita Bryant - Irene McLeod Bess Bryant - MEMBERS 114 The Sleeper - The Loafer The "Boss" Mischief-maker It's hard to tell - The "Flirt" Chnuh llurk Glluh Favorite Expression First Petal-Have you saw my specs? Second Petal-Mama wouldn't approve of that. Third Petal-Darn that mouse! I Fourth Petal-I Wish I'd get a letter from Paul today. Flower-Clover. Meeting Place-Any old place at any old time. Song-Four Leaf Clover. Occupation-Telling jokes and using Words. Here's a toast to you old Lucky Club Whose ship holds but us four Which Way the Wind may Waft our tub May she land on Fortune's shore. Members Eva Covington Zelia Corriher Maybelle Greever Irma Killian 115 The Athletic Club 116 -4. Ellen Elvrrg Bramatir Qlluh PRESIDENT -E-Mary E. King. VICE-PRESIDENT-Bertha Dotger. SECRETARY AND TREASUREREEN ell Ray. Members Alice Rahn Zula Hedrick Eleanor Alexander Ernestine Graichen Ethel Burke Emily Wright Nell Saunders Irene McLeod Lillian Boyer ll8 .7-Xlunlnav .7-Xaanriatinn PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER - HISTORIAN - - - Miss Erin Kohn Prosperity, S. C. - - Mrs. C. S. McLaughlin Charlotte, N. C. - Miss Gertrude Cappelmann Charleston, S. C. - - Miss Margaret Willis Charlotte, N. C. - - Miss Lula Habenicht Columbia, S. C. 110 A Chueztinn If I should hold your hand awhile Would you withdraw it ? Say ? If I should steal a kiss one day, Would you turn your head away 'Z If I should send you violets Would you be as true as they ? And always keep yourself as pure And ne'er to me say nay ? E. O. H. iiligzihvth Elizabeth, to thee we offer Loving tribute, thro' all days. In our hearts is ever burning Zealous, earnest, loyal praise. As we ever journey onward Be it sunshine, be it shade Ever bearing sweetest memories That Old Time can never fade. Here's to Elizabeth I Our Queen Mother, Elizabeth I Z. F. H. 120 Aa Elhrg Sag Lula C.-I don't give a c-t. Alice H.-I hain't got none. Agnes C.-Bosh! Eulalie W.-Well, let me tell you. Edna O. H:sO-ey. Edna Hipp-Neighbor, go slow and hold the door. Crockett-By Hookey! ' V. Summer-I thought to my soul I would die! Bess B.--What time is it Jap? Irene McL.-Hello, what you doin'? Zula H.-Don't Worry, it will all come right in the end. Lois L. -Well that's n-e-W-s to me! Minta F.-For Pete's sake! Cora S.-G-o-s-h! Q K. Carpenter-S-a-y! Miss P.-Girls, girls get to your rooms. This noise MUST be stopped. M. R.-Oh, it's BEASTLY boring! A. K. H.-Miriam have you heard from the pins? N. Bryant-Oh, mercy! I. K.-Well, for one thing-. E. G.'--Ain't it the truth! M. R.-Wait for me darling. Agnes-Miss Palmer, make them stop laughing at me. Zula-Will T is -. A. K. H.-Has ANYone ANYthing else to say. L. L.-I'm going to tell Miss Ross. Miss R. --How perfectly funny! M. T. S.-Have YOU seen my heart? G. B.-Where IS Bess? J ap-Shorely not! Bess B.-Oh! mercy! Don't sit on my specs. Cornelia D.-What's the m-a-t-t-e-r? Pearle MCC.-17:35 a. m.7 Aileen are you up? 121 llliinvrirka When the Editor-in-chief said she neeeded a few more pages To complete this book which is to last for ages I had great times To make a few rhymes And I beg mild criticism from all the sages. Alice is our little Senior girl Who in all things is surely a pearl: Look all around, None like her is found, Even though you search the whole world. Edna comes from St. George, S. C., She is always as busy as can beg She loves mathematics, And even hydrostaticsg Such a line girl you never did see. In room seven if you chance to peep There you'll find Bess fast asleepg But she'll soon awake And say "For John's sake, Your voice almost makes me weep." Nita is her little sister dear Whom everyone wishes to be nearg She loves to please But often will tease, In fact she's about the best one here. Have you ever heard anyone drum the piano like Grace? Not even Paderewski can with her keep paceg She plays just so Presto! fortissimog Her playing is only surpassed by her face. Then Chatty with the peachy complexion- Mr. Waddy thinks it is perfectiong But it's only paint, Oh! she's no saint, But wasn't she wise in her selection. 122 Zula is great in basket ball, She never lets a good play fall, She's studious too And will stand by you, Even though you're forsaken by all. The Richardson family, Majorie and Willie M., Always appear so proper and primg But Mr. is the boss And makes Mrs. cross, Did you ever see anything equal to them? If there's anything doing at all gay, Mary Taylor's there at any time of dayg But Miss Palmer was her match And Mary Taylor was her catch, So on the campus for six Weeks she'll stay But on the campus she Was not alone For Minta had also Hgnavved the boneg" But said Minta, the jolly, "It may have been folly, But I had a good time and novv I'll not groan." Eva has a voice like a mocking bird, All, by her notes, are deeply stirredg From out her throat Will burst the loveliest note That by mortals has ever been heard. Now, her chum, Irma, let us hail, Who has the voice of a nightingaleg What do you suppose? She has scores of beauxl Do you think she is as slow as a snail? Georgia is our artistic friend Who falls in love now and theng But why such a blush? Is it a paint brush? If I'd tell, 'tvvould be an end. Sarah is our noted fashion book, Which can be found out at one lookg At breakfast she's late As sure as fate, And has to hang her excuse on the hook. 123 From Arkansas came demure Eulalie And with her, her room-mate Rosalieg They're never snappy But always happy, And both love Arkansas devotedly. "Mot" comes also from this far away state. And talks about Pine Bluff at a very great rate, Does she love Fred? It mustn't be said, Only in the stern decrees of Fate. Have you seen Pearl with the curls of brown And on whose face has never a frown? But isn't it sad That she loves her "dad," Better than anyone else in Concord town. Another Senior is Lucas Lois the fair, Blessed with abundance of hair, She is enthusiastic And sometimes sarcastic, Taken as a whole, she is quite debonair. And the Hipp sisters have you seen them? First and third broad, the second very slimy They hail from Newberry And are never contraryg What else would you say about the sisters prim? ' On Aileen's face always beams a smile Which can be seen for almost a mileg She's very neat And always sweetg Her disposition-one could not rile. Cornelia is her dear big sister Who is very fond of a certain Mister, He said "I love you." She replied "Me too," And then fainted when he "kister." Irene is our hilarious one, Did you ever see her not full of fun? She's very dramatic And also emphatic, But by Jimmy her heart has been won. 124 Lula is the lone King's Mountain maid Who has always had Art for her tradeg She is a K. M. boomer And you never heard a rumor That she fixed her hair with a false braid. A haughty Junior is Ernestine, or "Jap,'l For the opinions of others she cares not a rapg She's not a fake, Her part she'll take, Even though it leads into a scrap. You know appendicitis has long been the style So Cora thought she would try it a whileg But now she'll say "It doesn't pay," ' And goes along with a song and a smile. Next on the "Canal" is our dainty Corneille And do you suppose that she could steal '? Only Minta's heart And she Won't part, From it in spite of War and weal. 125 Kodak Scenes 126 Ahhvrtizrmvntz WANTED FOR SALE Originality by the Seniors. Stamps for postage on "Red and White."--Z. F. H. A Sexton.-B. g A -mouse-trap.--Irma K. Miss Willis forever. -Z. Class Pins.-Seniors. Freckle C re a m.-Corriher and Crockett. A husband.-E. H. Some Sense.-A. K. H. "Ads"-Zula. Self-confidence. - L o ui s e Miller. Business Ability.-Edna O. H. A Letter from Clara. -Lula ll- A LLL. . T i m e-For Note-books.- Seniors. The Championship by Jun- iors. Drinking Glass for Third Floor. Time! Time! Time! Give me time ! 6 1 i l l l l l l i l l Keys. -Eva Covington. Book of Figures. Price 35. P Corriher. Answers to questions at Eti- quette Club.-Miss S. Practice Hours. -Zula H. Curiosity. ALois L ' At a great bargain, all text- books.wSeniors. English note-books at a great sacrifice UD All superfluous dignity ac- quired by Seniors during the past year. Price rea- sonable. All Juniors should apply. TO BE GIVEN AWAY! FREE ! Note-books. -Seniors. Ability WJ to manage An- nuals.-E. Harper. Consolation to Business Manager of next Eliza- bethan.-Z. Hedrick. Eightksii-A. KTTH. P Conditions:--Dr. King. Flowers for interest.-A. K. H. All debts accumulated dur- ing past year. LOST as H ' Specs - Eva Covington. A Hair Puff. Reward offer- ed by Miss K. gg Sleep-by Lois. W gg J Thinking Capacity.aE. O. H. English Reference Booki A Water-cooler on Third Floor. FOUND A Bunch of Violets by Miss Sessions. wCay TtoPtease Edna.-A. A point to ajoke. -C. Drew. An original idea by P. MCC. A Prima Donna for Third Floor.---Mlle A. Drew. For once--Enthusiasm by Louise Miller. 127 Iilizahvth Ifrnmihiunz I. Don't smile-Miss Palmer will hear you. II. Miss -- sat on me today. III. Isn't Professor the SWEETEST thing? IV. How many letters in our box? I'll die if I don't get one. V. How much do you Weigh? I've lost six pounds. VI. After I'Ve shampooed my hair, I can't do a thing with it. VII. Isn't the campus BEAUTIFUL now? VIII. Have you got anything to eat? I'm starving to death. IX. i Oh! do hold the door for me! X. Doesn't time fly? It's only - Weeks before We go home XI. I just know I flunked on that test. XII. I saw the best moving picture show today. XIII. Is the Water hot? XIV. Has the bell rung? XV. I'm just CRAZY about her. XVII. Saturday bromidian-I hope it will rain tomorrow. 128 0 0 ' 'Ucaz if f A , nf 3 ! - is f -V -, ' Y - 1 iT ,: - ,N,-- , . 1 I, 'ri-+I 'h-w- T " Zmixaw MM , 19 Similar E. L. CJuniorl-Who is John Charles McNeil, anyway ? C. C.-A Poet, who died recently. E. L.-Ol yes. I know who he is. He's Uncle Remus. I P. B.-I declare he looks like a dead corpse. E. W.-I am going to play a solo by myself. P. B.-What time does the thirtv-live minutes past five car get here Y Bee B. -Everybody loves a story-teller. Dr. King.-Take an insane mad dog for instance. A. H. -Look at the beautiful skies I B. B.-Where ? A woman's reason is like the wind- "thou canst not tell whence it cometh or whither it goeth." A. H.-Look for my slippers in the bottom of my closet. Z. H.-Well, where is the bottom 'Z L. V.-Has that kind of fish got both eyes on the same side ? L. L.-I have all the characters of "A Tale of Two Cities" in my note-book except Sidney Carton. E. O. H.-I always put the heroines in first, so I've already fixed him. A friend in need would be a friend indeed if he'd keep your address to himself. Miss U.-How old are you A-'? A. D. -I'm very well I thank you. How are you ? Miss R.-Cduring music lessonj-Didl give you anything else ? P. B. - Yes'm. You gave me a chro- monic scale. A woman often marries a rich man for same reason that she goes to a summer re- sort-change. L. C.-When is Taft's imagination ? In March 'I E. L.-Who was Marco Polo ? .. M. T. S.-He was the fellow that went to Cuba. E. B.-Does Thanksgiving come before Christmas this year ? An engaged man is like a ship sailing into the wind with all sails set. After mar- riage he is obliged to come about and run before the gale, and the rest of the journey is spent in watching the canvas disappear. Miss P. -Who was Constantine ? Miss L.-He-er-was-er-the first king-er- of France. A. C.-Browning was lucky in one thing-to get a wife. If "familiarity breeds comtempt," money must be the exception that proves the rule. Miss L. L. -The British were kept from fishing on American soil. E. G. H.-The play at home was given for the benefit of the U. D. C. S. H.-Oh! I thought it was for the "Daughters of the Confederacy." The man of property is sought after because he's landed, and "landed" because he's sought after. Prof. Z.-CThursday dinnerj-I am re- quested to announce that Miss W- will speak to the Y. M. C. A. this evening in the chapel. P. Mc-Miss Boyer, will you send off this package for me ? Miss B.-Yes. Do you Want to send it C. O. D? P. Mc-Er-r-r-yes'm but here is fifty cents on it. Dr. K.-Young ladies, this is a book I Want you to read AFTER life. When Miss E. entertained her art class, she asked each girl to write some quotation on art. Pearl won distinction by writing, "Art thou Weary? Art thou languid?" L. L.-Going to see Levv Dockstader?" G. C.-Who is she? I never heard of her before. Miss C.-CTranslating German 5. When Siegfried stabbed the dragon, its blood flevv down the hill. Pullman Conductor WN "All asleep in Number Nine? Miss C.-Yes. Why does Eva read MATTHEW so much? E. H. -Such is life Without BEING a Wife. Clerk-This is the best silver-"Rogers " QPurchaser-JuniorD-- Oh! Roger and Galet's? E. G. -Has the cat mewed yet? ,WWW Miss W-. was sufering from headache and af-ter taking a dose of phenacetine, said "My head feels so much better since Mrs. M-. gave me a dose of antiphygis- tine." Editor-in-Chief-Girls, I will lock the Annual room key and leave the door in my room. L. L.-Why couldn't We put A. C. S. for Athletic Association? "A Game of tennis I would love To play with you," said she. The game was love. ' The set was love. The match was love you see. "The game of life I'd more than love To match with you," said he. The game was love. The set was love. The match was love you see." -Exchange. A. K. H.-Why did Antony go to Egypt? E. H.--To conquer Caesar. L.--There's lot of PLAGUERISM in my Thesis. What's the use of a secret if you can't tell it? S 1 5 hprlngel 'Q KT'-. . .I x t-' fgizilivgx. 'T Q?" E X 1. 2 T 'CXELQ ' xml .f ' I, 'R , -J.- , I. - " Wh .- - . 'QW f' VJ' 131 IT'S ALL OVER NOW. Arm 1 Ta Q W3 AX w Ale 'SXGXU NC wx vii K 0 V . . Ni 0 nhl M wx XXX e XQXXQ wr yn Cx QHOXQ sl -ji 'Q KK YELLXS XO Elma YXSQ xvx. xixcxe. f, A 4 C1i'z aEf QiYNx. 3. Yx. . , , ig L M P!" W .fl fl' 133 W 004 004 004 004 Q04 004 004 3512 Q04 004 404 004 004 Q04 Q04 004 004 004 W 004 004 004 404 004 004 204 304 W 004 054 W 404 004 004 004 004 W 004 T04 Q04 004 004 004 W QE Z5 15235 mugs. Qu gfumgmmguggug HEART TI-IROBS lib ,EP 3 Words of Praise for the Artistic Stieif Piano Come from the Hearts of Great Artists ef. Ta , 30 Q5 SlGNOR CAMPINARI, the incomparable baritone: A beautiful piano in every respec.l' U lVllSS CLARKSON, Signor Campinarfs magnificent pianist: "l have played on hundreds of instruments, but never on a finer one than this." U MADAIVIE STARK STANLEY: "l am perfectly delighted with the Steiff piano, with which lhave hitherto been unacquainted. lt is a first-class instrument in every respect, possessing a fine, even scale all through, a splendid volume, a wonderful singing tone, and a special action." U lVll..l..E ElVllVlA CALVE, Soprano JOSE MARIA AUGUNA, Pianist HERR FRANZ lVlElSEl.., Violinist "We are delighted with the piano, it meets every demand of an artist." ll Elma 1. 33' t4 .4 Q4 J E 5 CHAS. M. STEIFF Qs . .S Manufacturer of the Artistic Stieff, Shaw and Stieff Self-Player Pianos SOUTHERN WAREHOUSE 5 WEST TRADE STREET, CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA C. H. WILMOTH, Manager ' . .Q,Q.Q.Q.inQn2.inQfQ.2- ,ieisiai-Quia -Q-Q-iniln . Q' tts all QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ9 EVERETT, VVA D D EY CO. RICHMOND, VA. -MAKERS OF- COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS ENGRAVED CALLING CARDS, Etc. COLLEGE ANNUALS A SPECIALTY USHER BRQS, Stephen Ezine Fliulger Established 1892 T it ' ate ' ,iq FINE H illanufarturing Vilmnrlrr i - QUIIII Elllh Qillllrgl' Igilw, igillgii, Gull! Silurr, auth iirnntzriiirhala .1513 'ste' Phones: 34Iand4I6 : 225 East Trade St. 180 Broadway : : New York Oldest -:- Largest -:-Best tg Launderers -:- Dyers -:- Cleaners F. D. LETHCO, : Manager I I g 219 South Tryon Street A ' I L. E. GREEN, President H. S. DODENHOFF, Sec'y 81 Treas CZREEIXVS PI-IARIVIACY "THE QUALITY STORE" Drugs, Stationery and Toilet Articles Our lce Cream and Soda Water Department, which is the most sanitary in the city is in the hands of an expert attendant. 'll Our prescription Department is in charge of graduate pharmacist of unquestioned ability and experience. We use only the purest drugs in this department, thus insuring to each patron accuracy and purity. Upon the above bases we earnestly solicit your patronage OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE """ CHARLOTTE, N. C. fTHOMAS J. BECKMANL COLLEGE ENGRAVER AND STATIONER Qlnmmenrement Enuitatinnn Menfzs, Dance Programs, Stationery, Class Day Programs and Infuitations, Calling Cards Q 924 ARCH STREET PHILADELPHIA Southern P wcealrf Gompgy Power Heatz'ng Lighting We Furnish The Lights For Elizabeth College ?SLZ'?hE35d?22 CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone Your Orders to Number 19 or 72 FOR I' . ICE A GCDAL STANDARD IGE AND FUEL CUMPA NY K J ED. IVIELLON CUMPANY High Grade Groceries --AND-em CLOTHING' HATS Fine Table Delicacies lVIEN'S FURNISHINGS TRUNKS and LEATHER GOODS N Tiff' S. R. Lentz 8 and I0 W. Trade St. - - CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone Fred Cochrane, Mgr' D R I N K QUEEN GINGER ALE I For sale in all GROCERIES and DRUG STORES C. VARLAEIQ ECDTTLING VVCDRKS CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA 204094094044000OOOOQQGOQOQOS 8SSSSSSSNKSSSSSSN?n' S3 O 6, G9 E DR. B. C. JONES 3 ? DR. C. M. BEAM 8 E 4 . g Dentist 3 5 Dentist 4 4 . Eg E Rooms 412 and 413 E gg INLAYS, UHUWNS and BRIDGE WUHK 5 . . 310-11 R lt B 'ld' 5 gf Realty Building 3 23 ea y ul mg 2 2 T I h N b 1224 2 Lady Attendant 5 E e ep one um er E 25 'Phones -Office, 233g Residence, 1025 4600-090946444-0194-900046000900 25S'Cg!i'GSSSSS'Q,S',S!i!.Y',XQ5Q'5S5QSg CAROLINA REALTY CO. Woodau gl Sheppard Drugs, Soda Water and lee Cream 3 Fine Confections Sole Agents for Nunnally's Fine Candies The Finest and Best Equipped Drug Store in the South Service Unsurpassed Phone 609 211 North Tryon St. SCYSCRAPER BUILDING CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phones 69 and l66 Charlotte, N. C, PARK lVl'F'G. CO. THE EDISONIA ELEVATORS and PUMPS MQVINQ PICTURES J- C' CROWELL. Manager BEST in t0Wn for the MONEY' CHARLOTT E, : : North Carolina North Tryon Street f 599555 'Q??f17?i'9Fs?i3lT'??f'f2l+7fQ ' T Nl ilfggw ' :fLi?fK'CfUlf : K: 52' ' , wr,-i2fEgU: ral' :lfzig : 'fi glayuj, ' . . can .YT fri CQ V 5 aff ,, 'w' -Q, 'B M Eel WCW rg ,la - -Val Qs, f-X ,- Q, 'CTW ., . ,:,, I ' g,. We 5 P 525 fig- all Qing lgrinting Gln. CHARLOTTE, N. C. s Q Designers, Printers ,Manufacturers Q-2' ef School and College Stationery Magazines and Annuals Blank Books Reports, Blanks, Society and Fraternity Booklets, Invitations, Programs, - Announcements E22 5 fi l'. , Q92 r ggi :PW THQ , WRITE Us YoUR WANTS E355 Y Q Q e i I Samples and Prices on Application QQ, rip? Y The Little-Long o. BJ UR IMMENSE BUSINESS, covering six floors, has t,,,m,,,, grown to such proportions that we have had to remodel '-556223 . 96 26365313 the different departments to better accomodate the ever increasing multitude of buyers. A ill We have placed every department on a higher plane, and good management and courteous treatment, coupled with alert gpg and experienced buyers have forged us to the front, and the Little-Long Co's. Stamp carries with it the assurance of desir- able and dependable merchandise. , 26 iffy fxf fi- ,f A qt' -Tsfe pf e ,XX ' - ff N. f' -ff svz-' ' 1 ,. -- .4 A I' . .X ,W ,' 1,94 x,.f if Ile-,7 IF - H 7:4 ff, Xi 1 , Y . x Q K 515 Our Most Popular Departments Are Our Immense Ready-to-Wear, Millinery, Silks, Dress Goods, White Goods, Embroidery, Ribbons, Laces, Ladies' Furnishings and Jewelry We Extend to All Ladies the Comforts of 0ur REST R0OlVI On Third Floor Trade Street Store se 651 ee ee s e a ee ee as ee ee a ee as ee seeewawalfaeemese 2626262626 26 29426 26 36 26 3 53. 3 S6 33 3 2,6 E-gig - 9+ 3,3 S6 S6 3 523. . S6 Stone A? Barringer Company Firft Floor-Retail 'Department Book, Stationery and Jlrt Store 22 Soutb Crpon Street Charlotte, l2ortb Carolina f Q 925555 V. V f, 1,7 - 32 5 ffm 1 I ff, , -5' ,, , , ,mx , , . , ,I gf in ,Q if glggix fsiffw' be SELWY EDGAR B. MOORE, Proprietor CHARLOTTE, Nf1RTH CAROLINA QI Located in the heart of Charlotte, convenient to railroad station, street cars and the business and shopping centre. 111 Caters to high class commercial and tourist trade. ill Table de hote lunch l2:30 to 3:00. fill Table de hote dinners 6:00 to 8:30. QI Music every evening 7:00 to 8:30 EUROPEAN QI Without Bath, SL50 per day and up. With Bath, 82.00 per day and up. The Most Modern and Luxurious Hotel in the Carolinas. One hundred and fifty elegant rooms. 75 private baths. X 'X 7? 'Y ' ""' 'N 4 1 if . 4. 1. I n teroolleglate Bareaa Cottrell E6 Leonard Jlbany, N. Y. Q ll I XX Wholesale Makers ofthe Caps ana' Gowns To tlze .ffdfvanced Institutions of Learning Illustrated fgulletins, Samples, Etc., Upon Application Svrhnli P THE FLORIST 306 NOR7' TRTON STREET CHARLOTTE, N. C. 1 'Q Qsgf ll ll fa .z XI 2- Carnations, Roses, Violets, 'Bridal fffoquets, Funeral 'De- signs, Palms and Pot Plants fDecoratz'ons Solis it e d Store Ph ne 1443 G h Ph 1137 1146 CEHI RLCJDTTE SU PPLY EVERYTHING IN MIL L SUPPLIES ROLL COVERING A S P E C I A LT Y Charlotte, N. G. Birmingham, Ala. Felix Hayman Fresh Meats of All Kinds, Calf fBrains, Hog Brains, CPickI e Pig Feet, Fresh Tripe, All Kinds of Sausages 152,-T.. 25 E. Trade St., Charlotte, N. C. R. H. JoRDAN at co. A DRUGGISTS 4. Headquarters for Everybody Biggest Stock Best Prices Quickest Serfviee -+- Try our DERMAL BALM-it makes the Skin Smooth as Velvet Agents for HUYLE.R'S CANDY "We Never Close" F. o. HAWLEY, Jr. Pharmacist and Draggisf Drugs, Stationery, Toilet Articles, Smokers' Supplies, Candies 1-ll A well-equipped Drug Store with an Up-to-date Soda-Fountain age. CALL AND VISIT US SEESEESSEESEEEEEEESS 88 88 ,We Appreciate Your Trade .Ab ES E8 88 55 55 55 EQ College Gracias End! Supplzes gg glass Pzns Eg ,QE V Pennants f qwzzm 55 E8 55 55 We Erzgrave Wsiting C d Irfbitations cPictz1res gram rder Arfist's Goods ana' aqrf Supplies 22 C.H.Robins0n8zCo. ii Thane 318 I2 N. Tryon Street S8 EE EEEEEEESEEEEEEEEEESS Qlharlnttv unit Gln., ROBERT BARR, MANAGER Pianos, Organs, Talking Machines. Headquarters for Sheet Music and Musical lnstruments 'H' f Tl,'f,eQ'lf,fl'lfflf,IiFf'Qp I y 307 W. Trade St., Charlotte, N. C. Da. H. c. HENDERSON on. i.. I. GIDNEY Q- at Bvntinin E -5 HUNT BUILDING CHARLOTTE, N c. The HUB SHOE STORE 95 WEST TRADE ST. I J' .99 FOR STYLE AND LOW PRICES COME TO SEE US at 'Al I l-lave the Finest Line Ladies Shoes in the City We appreciate Your Trade and sell Shoes as Low as is consistent with Good Material and Workmanship HUB SHOE STORE O O O O O O Nothing adds more to a lady s dress than n1ce us for your next pair Cbompson barlotfe K stylish shoes. We show all the new things. See h l lmrlotte zzfiomzl awk You are cordially invited to open an account with us. We promise all the courtesies and accommodations expected from a modern progressive bank .94 J C02 GD W. H. TWITTY : : CASI-IIER Miller-Van Ness Company F1916 Groceries Zi l05 fill We solicit the College trade and carry a line of Delicacies for Lunches and Parties that will satisfy the most Fastidious 27 N. Tryon Street Phones 68 and 118 J. LUBIN, President E. R. SMITH, V.-Pres. 6: Sec. IAS. T. PORTER, Treas. 61 Mgr LUBI FU NITURE CO. CHARLOTTE, N. C. KZ ly, E ui ...,5- ,. 7 X ' ,,,-1,5 - Q1 4 U I j-, F U, -ff I 0 4 N We Furnish Homes Complete : . : See Us Before You Buy L G-RIT "Grit malces the man, the want of it the chump. The men who win, lay hold, hang on and hump." "'Tis easy to inherit or accept a gift, much smarter those who boost than those who asl-I a lift. Thrice rich is he who other help adjures, lays hold, hangs on, but Iirst of all insures." just so,especially if his policy was procured at insurance headquarters- C. N. G. BUTT 8: CCJIXIIPANY cimconroimrianm Insurance Headquarters Fresh Home-made Candies I-IAI-IN'S Try Our Ice Cream Soda QMPPN llliIQi' Strain Bging amh Gllraning mutha The Only Complete Dye House in this State. Dyers and Cleaners of Ladies' and Mens' Clothes, Curtains of All Kinds. Furniture Coverings, Blankets, Window Draperies, etc. 111 Ladies' Silk Waists, Laces, Kid C-loves, Slippers, and Gowns of all Fine Fabrics DRY CLEANED DYING and CLEANING of all KIN D S Mrs. A. G. Craig, Proprietress PIIQHC 236 West Fourth Street FOR PHOTOGRAPHS L,0F-l HIGH GRADE AND Low PRICES -co To- RADER'S STUDIO SPECIAL STYLES AND PRICES FOR COLLEGE GIRLS l'. H. Butler Thos. I. Donnelly Washington Dairy Co. Wholesale and jobeers of BUTTER, EGGS AND CHEESE HIGH GRADE BUTTERINE COMMISIONHWERCHAN TS TELEPHONE MAIN 593 940 Louisiana Ave. WASHINGTON, D. C. The Ladies' Store 'U' 'Z9' 'ZS' G39 GQ 'HQ We study the Wants of the LADIES' EXC LUSIV ELY Our Specialties: Millinery, Suits, Cloalcs, Skirts, Waists. Agents for the Celebrated Trefousse Kid Gloves J. BIISEVIESTSEIXDFQ' CO. J. N. lVIcCAUSLAND8zCO. Stoves, Ranges, Furnaces, Slate and Tin Roofing Gite Sanitary Steam Laundry M. H. EPPJ, Proprietor Charlotte, N. C. Ornamental Galvanized Iron Work, Mantels E213 Tues' Grams Domestic Finish on Everything -t- 33 221 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C. PHONE 800 Hotel Buford College Headquarters C. E.HOOPER, Proprietorf6"CHARLOTTE ADAMS GRAIN 8z PROVISION CO. 300 East Trade Street Wholesale Flour, Grain, Provisions, Etc. Young 'J Bakery High Class Breads, Cakes, Etc. ACCORDING TO PURE FOOD LAWS EL ZABFEUTRHNCSOHLLEGE W' St' We carry Everything in the Srorting Goods Line MYERS HARDWARE 8: SPORTING GOODS CO. 18 East Trade Jtreet Charlotte, North Carolina Our dopt of the Q e al ty Shoe for one of our lead ng I e of Wo e Foot ear at S2 50 S3 00 and S3 50 n the lme of progress ever h r cterl tic of th s st bh hme t The ert of uee Qu Ilty Shoes h ve been s h that for years they ha e e joyed by f r th I ge t sale of Il omens sho 1 the world We co cl ally ite a visit t ou Sho St re tom p ct our ue n Qu llty assortment It is co plete style exhibit n ltself All le th rs are included We are the sole gent for this line ln th city and you cannot g t them nywhe e else BILLK BROS Progressive Sboe Dealers Charlotte l2ortb Carolina "Queen Quality" S a ion ue nQu i i in s mn's - w . , ,isi ' caa 's' i e a 's n. m is "Q n a' " a uc v n' a ear s a w ' es'n . r- i inv' " o r e o 'se "Q e a' " . ' A a m "i ' . a e ' . a s - ' ' ' is ' , e a r . i 7' Y . . , 1 IVERS 8z POND PIANOS "Made in Boston" Used in the refined homes of the United States Over 3,000 made and sold every year 'M . Yr Q 5 Write us for Catalogues ' and prices Parker-Gardner Company State Agents -:- Charlotte, N. C. Real Estate in Charlotte According to the records of Register of Deeds, has advanced in value fifty to two hundred per cent. during past few years. Ill With the still larger growth of Charlotte now going on values will continue to advance. l-ll Through our Real Estate Department we have the exclusive sale of the fine building sites of the Suburban Realty Co., at Wil- moore, Piedmont, Hill Crest, and Colonial Heights, at price ranging from 3400.00 to 3l,500.00 according to size and location,and on very favorable terms. Ill No better lots in Charlotte for home or lor investment. 'll Send for maps and price list. F. C. Abbott 8: Company Trust Building - - Charlotte, N. C. Wbmwe also sell Southern Mill and Bank Stocks, and Bonds. W! lgrgsaessaasasesssesssassassign ,faeiesseeeesseeseseaesse-9983, W , , , th at "When zgnorfznce zs blzss :lt 22 lf"-w 3: 3 'tis folly to be wise." Zi ru for vu ru w nl ni to, tu fox lt! ru ru fo in W Nl .F ltr W 3 3 Y :ff But tis not folly to be wise qi qs ll, 0, . in for tu it to the fact that with us it sl ' .. W our dollar does its dut . I" SQ "' tb t: ,tx iz 5 h W h tu for ra ru ru an al ru in for fox tu to for 'sv to 5 SELECT GROCERIES 222 at C-. S. I tu for for 5' m W nl 7: "' :gi Tliverythmg in-1 :tg it Q., HARDWARE NOVELTIES :,5 .. -- ll THIES 8: BURKE 35 35 'l' na m for to ith ft! R! it: W Ph ll9 2ll W T a s 533 h 1 H d C 'l' te r est fa 6 L ... ,. C ar otte ar ware o. tg wi! N W vs -15' .sseeseasse-:sa eseeaeaaeaa- lb Wg- ,, --,-,..-,.-,-.-. .-.-.- .df FGQQSCQSCSSYSSCQSSQQUQQE Elam 85 Dooley BOOK and JOB PRINTERS 207 East Trade Street CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA W. I. Van Ness 8: Co. 23 North Tryon Street ole -FOR- Picture Frames, Kodaks Kodak Supplies and Art Novelties 'Iflfl Eg1g9gO QW COLLEGE TIE The Hand- Price S3 Gilmer-Moore Co. form Ewing iltnnm Glharlntte, N. CII. . Best in The City Always Open SPECIAL LADIES LUNCH SERVED AT ALL HOURS Atlanta Hotel Supply Un. Atlanta, Ga. Hotel Meats R. H. McLaughlin Denlirt Catering Exclusively to Hotels, Restaura ts, I7 E' Trade Sl' Colleges and Schools. Write us OW, Belk'-5 For Contract Prices. Phone38o Charlotte, N. C. WE ARE MANUFACTURING OPTICIANS Making a Specialty of Filling Prescriptions, Adjusting Classes TORIC LENSES, LENTICULAR LENSES You should try a pair of TORIC Lenses fitted in a FINGER PIECE Mountingg it has a rigid bridge, adjustable guard, and put on with ONE HAND. PUETT-SUTHERLAND CO. 39 N- TRYON ST- A. H. WASHBURN mv COTTON MILL MACHINERY STEAM AND ELECTRIC POWER PLANTS CHARLOTTE, N C CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED C05 QD CHOICE CUT FLOWERS AT ALL SEASONS "QUALITY, SERVICE, PROMPTNESSU . iifrsffgstzzaziggsfnfsr si Photo Stud1o show you how lt "works." Favor us with your next order. W 145 N. Tryon Street , Charlo e, N. C. Drlwnrth floral Gardens W. G. McPHEE, Propr. . , . B lncrgsrryojigrgeglmzsl CHARLOTTE, N. C, Speclal Price to College Girls PURCELL S SPECIALTY STORE PURCELL S Ladles Ready to Wear Garments of Quality C r AND DRESS .iCCE.SbORlES T'35.S5Ef?'2.'T.Ed PURCELI-'S T'3Er?LS-filed o 1 e Suits, loaks, Waists, Skir s, Hosier , Underwear, Neckwear, Corsets You can depend upon finding here Cnurteous Treatment and the Very Best Service as well as THE BEST VALUES IN OUR LINE an an EDU-W f'nf fn eff!-f4ff-fmne - - -Mf UUE DD QQ D D Fraaalia ,5 Staa'io I Charlotte, N. C. I I 1 Qgiii' I ,5-'. 1 I IiIIIIiI 1 Oabf Ono Kino? of Photography I THE BEST D D QU DU UUE f ULD EEE It east to to I " ' DSE N ' D I A. R. WILLMANN LOMPANY I PLUMBING, HEATING, GAS FITTING I CHARLOTTE, N. C. I f I I ,111 - I 55-1:4 1111111u11uz1 lmllllll:::'::HlTt1iqm1IIIII I p llmm MW, 1 1 IteQeAA-IwWMII+11 . New f 1 III,1I I I H U I . 1 WI I I I'I11 111111211 1 1 1 B I , 1 1'1111l111"'e:1s:1s: ' i n, ,MIHIZL I 1 -+I f 11I1 1I!IIIIII ff. 1 f f if ' B I 4111111111111111111111111111I111n11111I11I mm I Q 1 1 . 111 a --t' I I"'1" I 1 1 1 I'f?1'111'111sAs 'IIIII''I"MII111111111111. I .,Itf 1 eeI1sa!5???g?fei?Le Qaa I .ELECTRIC -ff if 'I We Furnish and Erect Wind-Mills, Vanes, Acetylene Gas Machines I I All Work Guaranteed for Une Year I Baths, Lavatories, Water Closets, Terra Cotta Pipe, Wood and Iron I Pumps, Etc., Etc. U ED A UUE U UU ULU - rs te re it sa E432 Gerard Conservatory , I . ' Q A of Music ' . , Conneeted with ' f '53 ' C Elizabeth College For Women nh.: K 4 The Conservatory of Mu5z'e ., H ay Four Dzktznct ' - Ad 1 .- van ages - 'll lst--lt is not merely a well organized Department of Music, ' but a separate, well-equipped Conservatory Building, devoted ex- ' clusively to Music. 2 ' I fill 2d-The Conservatory has a distinct individual life, having a separate Faculty under the management of a Director of eminent Y 'Q Q abilities. : 1- r' 5.5 , r ql 3d-Every Department in the Conservatory is in charge of a . I. .qi 1, H 5 Specialist of extended experience in that Department. 4 Ill 4th-The Conservatory is associated with the College, and its 5 students live in the College atmosphere. ' E51 GR: 1:3 D . ill It follows that the Students have the llff'l2dl1fIl.,Q'E of in: -- structzon under Specz'al1'st5, and of the refirzing influence of College lzfe.

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