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f 'N ho's Who-and W EDITED BY THE CLASS OF NINETEEN-SEVEN ELIZABETH COLLEGE CHARLOTTE, N. C. L -- J This volume is lovingly dedicated to t Mviihzxrht B. Mvrnhvim, B., E., Dean of the Faculty, andglzjrofewssorgpotlBiblelandg Sacred Literature in Elizabeth College and Conservatory of ' Music for Women. Doctor Bernheim was born in lserholm, 5Westph'alia, Germany. He received his literary and theological education in Americag has been in the ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church for more than fifty years, was President of the Mount .Pleasant Female Seminary, IS66-70, President 'of North Carolina College ,l883g author of the "History of the German Settlements in the Carolinas," "Success of Gods Work," 'Localities of the Reformationf' "The First Twenty Years 3" and for a number of years editor of the Magazine, "At Home and Abroadfmi his work bears the stamp of the scholar and the profound thinker. He is still a diligent' student, and histable sermons and lectures are deeply interesting and edifying. He is greatly beloved by all the students and teachers, and especially so by the class of '07. G. D. BERNHEIM, D.D , jg 'Ni R --N n 'ffl' . ff' , M f L 3 fll. I A X I is Q 5 , X y , - Annual Emi KX , .- f ff 4 Editor-z'n-Cbz'ef, JOYCE MARIE DECKER - s . Associate Editors ZELIA CORRII-IER AGNES PHIFER MARGARETTE ERWiN ADA STIREWALT MARGARET MARQUIS CLARA VOIGT MARIE YEAGER Business Managers GRACE GERMAN BERTHA E. BEAZELL 4 ANNUAL STAFF - WHO'S WHO - AND WHY '-liilitnrial ' O YOU O gentle reader most hearty greetings With the printing of the ff Who s Who-and Why We feel some trepidation We fear our mlstakes will Mir? show up only too vividly 1n prlnt Nevertheless We hope you will con- ' Xi' sider the fact that sometimes the poor printer makes mlstakes and they ,ml 9 9 ' X: , u a Q .i T , , , , - , TT ig' 2 . . i . . may be his, not ours. . , We would beg a not too critical state of mind for the perusal of this little book, and that you Will give it your most kindly interest. We have tried faithfully, but this is our first attempt at such an undertaking. Through the entire book We have kept our motto, "Esto quod esse videris" before us, and have tried faithfully to portray ourselves as We really are. ' We hope you will enjoy these pages over Which We have toiled so carefully- Again begging your most kindly consideration of our Work, We Would sign ourselves,- Most sincerely yours, t THE EDITORS 6 ilklrnlig Rev. CHARLES B. KING, A.IVI., DD., Rev. G. D. BERNHEIIVI, D.D., CI-IAPLAIN Professor of tlze English Bible and Sacred Literat Rev. W. C. SCHAEFF ER, jr., A. M., Professor of Philosophy ana' Psychology. IRENE B. PALMER, LADY PRINCIPAL Professor of .History ancl Political Science. HELEN TOPPING FRENCH, A. IVI., Professor of the English Language and Literature PRESIDENT Professor of Greek. MARGARET WILLIS, A. B., Professor of the Latin Language and Literature TE CATHERINE B. ELY, A. IVI., Professor of the French and German Languages ana' Literatu e NAN IVI. LEWIS, B. S., Professor of Mathematics ana' Natural Science. CATHARINE WALTER, A. B., . Professor of Expression, Physical Culture, and Physiology. g 8 MARGARET E. GREEVER Principal of Preparatory Department. MAMIE K. RICHARDSON, Preparatory Department. MARY IVICDOUCIALL, Professor of Commercial Branches. IRENE BENNETT, B. S., Professor of Stenograplly. Y SADIE I... WALKER, Professor of Violin. CYNTHIA SESSIGNS, Professor of Voice. I-IERIVIINE. SCHEPER, Professor of Piano. CORNELIA E. EARLE, Professor of Drawing, Painting in Oil and Water Colors, Clzzna Painting, Glass Painting, Applied Design for China and Glass, and Pyrograplzy. H. J. ZEHM, , - CI-IAS. A. IVIISENHEIIVIER, A. IVI., IVI. D., Dzreotor of tlze Conserifatory of Music. Professor of Piano, Organ, Theory, Chorus, College Physician and Lecturer on Hygiene. CAROLINE E. LEINBACI-I, A. B., NETA UIVIBERGER, Professor of Piano. fllatron, Trained Nurse. HELEN T. FRENQIEI ' X IRENE B PALMER CATHERINE ELY MA RGAR ET VVILLIS CHARLES B. KING MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY 7 ? "Z, NAN M. LEWIS G. D. BERNHEIIVI CATHARINE WALTER CYNTHIA SESSIONS HERMINE SCHEPER CAROLINE E. LEINBACH H. J. ZEHM MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY I Ccmfnuedy SADIE L. WALKER CORNELIA EARLE MARGARET E. GREEVER 1 ,lj . if ,511--1 lf . , .'1'f:j,.g1' . W' -1, X Q R 1 Ja. J' 4 R ,-Hi , I fl' '1'-ff-f-v 1 in ,' if . 1. -x, I 3 :iii -1-Ii,5'2:1:p:.'i1ff ' ,Lv , lmfybf .1-Y , 4112.3 .15435241411?,Q2"'f'kP5':1i', W JL: '14VEggMiiiaigiw-"vLgQ',zZ:4?' IRENE BENNETT NETA J. UMBERGER , ' K fr V VV. C. SCHAEFFER, 4jR. MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY ' " ' MAMTE K- RICHARDSON fcpnmmdj MARY MCDOUGALL C. A. MISENHEIMER f 1 y ,ls f' f N M NUM? I f I E I w Vx l W l R CLARA ANNIE KING Senior Class Mascot Svninr 0112155 Gbrganizaiinn Motto .'-To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. Flower .' -Red Poppy. Colors .' - Red and Blue Yell .' - Hoop-la ! Rah! Roo! Razzle-dazzle! Red and blue! whoop, la, rah! Sis, boom, eleven! We're the girls of I907! PRESIDENT HISTORIAN Grace German ---- Allentown, Pa. JOYCR Decker ' ' POET VICE.-PRESIDENT M U Y - , , ea er - - Zelia Corrlher - - - China Cirove, N. C. ane g MEMBERS SECRETARY Bertha E. Beazell - - Margaret Marquis - - - Chester, S. C. Margarette Erwin - - TREASURER Ada Stirewalt - Agnes Phifer - - - Charlotte, N. C. Clara L. Voigt - Marion, N. C - Charlotte, N. C - - Pittsburg, Pa Charlotte, N. C China Cnrove, N. C Mt. Pleasant, S. C ZELIA CORRIHER. Recording Secretary of Diatelean Literary Society, '06-'07, Vice-President of Senior class, 2nd terrn, '06-'07, Treasurer of N. C. State Club, ,06-'07g Athletic Editor of Elizabethan, '05-'06. "Bedelia" is one of our hardest working A, Bfs and also a musician of note, for her name is foremost in every Students' Recital. She is noted for her "Big l'leartedness," for she has such a large amount of love that she scatters it not only among the students but also among the teachers. She is untiring when worlc is mentioned. With all this she is always smiling, al- ways bright- Bedelia, she's alright. jOYCEDECKE.R, Presi- dent of Sophomore class, '04-'05, Vice-President of Junior class, '05 - ,06g Treasurer of Euchrestian Literary Society, lst term, '05-'06, lst Critic of Eu- chrestlan Literary Society, 2nd term, '05-'06, Vice- Presldent of Senior class, lst term, ,06-,073 Corres- ponding Secretary of Eu- chrestian Literary Society, lst term, '06-,079 Recording Secretary of Euchrestian Literary Society, 2nd term, '06-'07, President N. C. clubg President S. S. S. , club: Class Historiang Editor-in-Chief of Annual for 2nd termg Treasurer of Missionary Society, '06-,075 Local Editor of Elizabethan, '05-'06. Joyce is considered not only one of the best students but also one of the most popular girls in college. She is sweet and kind, and always ready to lend a hel in hand to some oor soul i . P g p cl mbing up the hill of knowledge. She says that she intends to stay at home with papa and mama, but, needless to say, we all doubt this very much. W 16 Zelia Clare Corriher Joyce Marie Decker GRACE MILLER GERMAN. Secretary of Junior class, '05-'06, Critic in Euchrestian Literary Society, '05-'06, President of Senior class, '07, President of Euchrestian Literary Society, '06-'07, Business Manager of An- nual, ,06-,O7g Captain of Senior Basket Ball Team, '06-'07, Captain of Collegiate Basket Ball Team, '06-'07, Captain of the "I-looligansf' "To know her is to love her." "Nigger," yes, we love you, for you are always bright and jolly. Grace carries sunshine wherever she goes, and its rays are so bright that even in the winter the little "jay" birds come out to sing. Generous and good-humored is this President of our class. Without her our class would have been void of one oi its brightest rays, and Charlotte hopes to get her back some day. MARGARET MCCON- AUGHY MARQUIS. Treasurer of Senior class lst term, '06-'07, Secre- tary of Senior class, 2nd term, '06-,079 Editor-im Chief of Annual, l st term, ,06-,073 2nd critic of Eu- chrestian Literary Society, Grace M. German '06-'07. "Never say man, but men. The world has thousands of men Never say women,but woman. And only one woman." Here's a toast to "Marcus," and indeedqshe is a noble woman. By her kind and loving ways she has endeared herself to all her class-mates fand many M. Dfsy. in fact she is one of our college favorites. Always happy, always true, Ah! Marcus, "we wish Elizabeth had more girls like you." Margaret Marquis 17 -+ .x, Marie eager MALZENA lVlARlE. YEAGER. President of Freshman class, '03-'04g Vice-President of Sophomore class, '04-'05g Treasurer of Junior class, '05-'06g First Critic of Diatelean Literary society, Znd term, ,06-,075 Class Poet. Marie stands out pre-eminently as one of our 'brightest Seniors, and by her lov- ing ways she has won the lasting friend- ship of all her class'-mates, and also the faculty. She has graced her class by two scholarshipmeclals. She has proved herself so efficient in all ways that we cannot see how the college can exist without her. Ir is our wish that in coming years she will Qve to others as much joy as she bas given us. ADA STIREWALT. l-lada IS our greatest mu sician, and some day we expect Paderewslci to be driven from the stage by this rival. She is a dear old girl, cute and attractive and always meets her fel- low students with a smile. She is Proffs pet and he has been heard to say that she is one of the most effic- ient ofthe graduates from the Conservatory of Music. She is a combination musician of great promise. She plays well the piano and violin, and has a voice of exquisite sweetness. Her career will' be thatkof a professional teacher. There is a college position waiting for her now. Ada Stirewalt 18 BERTHA BEAZELL. President of "Ellen Terry Dramatic Club," ,07Q Secretary of Athletic Association. Now let me introduce you to"Buzz." She is one of our Expression Seniors and is always jolly except when corrected by our able faculty. Then she throws her head to one side and says: "Thats what I call down-right meannessf' She's alright, - and we hope in the near future she , - will reach the height of her ambition, s and have "Boots" to black. She is y ' ' the athlete of the college, and one of our most attractive girls. Everybody loves her,--even the faculty, including the administration committee. MARGARETTE HIL- TON ERWIN. "Peg- gy" or "lVlonl4ey', is the p baby of our class, though q by this you must not infer that she is less brilliant V than the other illustrious members. "Peggy" is the wittiest and most s original girl of our class, as well as one of our finest students. What would We do Without Bertha E. Beazell her? Uiespecially "Nig- gerv and "lVlarcus"D for she is a true friend indeed as well as in need. Margarette is a Star Expression student: Ambitious, brilliant and independent, she allows no grass to grow U under her feet, nor straws to lay in her pathway. Margarette Erwin 19 'K 4 ,Q . " 1 ' 1 - rrirwzl.-1 1 - 2-5 ,- 5 f Q--fi-'sf ,451 -1 v ff ' y f a s Agnes Phifer AGNES Pl-IIFER. Treasurer of Freshman class, '03-'04g Treasurer of Sophomore class, ,04-'05, Vice-President of Euchrestian Literary Society, '06g lst Critic of Euchrestian Literary Society, '07g Treasurer of Senior class, 2nd term, 06307. Here is a girl who 'tends strictly to "biz" and wastes very little of her valu- able time. Agnes has already distinguished herself in Mathemalics and Science and we expect to hear great things from her unless she ???? Well, we all feel our class would have been like a wagon with three wheels without her. Sheis a vocalist of local note, leader in her church choir, and never misses a religious service. Agnes "does things." You can rely on her. CLARA LOUISE VOIGT President of Missionary So- ciety, '04-'05g Secretary of Y. W. C. A., '05-,063 Re- cording Secretary of Diate- lean Literary Society, lst term, 055063 President of Diatelean Literary Society, Zncl term,,05-,065 President of Missionary Society, '06- 'O7g President of Senior class, l st term, '06-'07g Pres- ident of Diatelean Literary Society, lst term, ,06-,07, Behold our wise Senior! Clarisse is always digniheclg yes, she shames us with her dignity. She is consid- ered by the faculty to be one of the most intellectual students. So after that, it will not surprise you when l say she is a monstrosity-for she is-she loves Psychology. Clarisse is made of good material, and will he heard from in the future. The posthumous fame of the class of '07, will have Clarisse's name recorded in gold. 20 Clara Louise Voigt GEORGIA CROCKETT. Certificate Art Student. She's bright, she's witty, Shels pretty, it's trueg And we wouldn't swap her For fifty like you. Georgia is our artist, and Miss E.arle's "Heart." She will be immortalized by the illustrations which illumine this inimi- table volume. Three cheers for Georgie! Blefs her heart, when she gets married we will have a "House-party." Georgia Crockett VERNER DELLINGER. Certificate Art Student. Verner is one of the most popular of all girls. During her short stay with us she endeared her- self not only to all of the Art students, but the entire student lnocly. Ve,-ner Dellinger 21 Come hack Ruth, dear, and finish ,wwe-sf Ruth Snyder' FRANCES LOUISE NEAL. Certificate Student in Theoretical Music. Fannie Louise is loved by every one, especially her "cousin." Admiring eyes follow her wherever she may he, and all are perfectly happy when in her presence. 22 Music. There is a career ahead ol you. RUTH SNYDER. Certificate Student in English. Ruth is honest, that's no doubt. Perhaps you all have found it out. For when she pays her bills she puts Down the cash, and "Over-cash," in fact. Frances Louise Neal Svvninr Qllaaa Ignvm Hurrah for the purple and orange! Hurrah for the red and the blue! To these may hearts beating within us, Never fail to be loyal and true. Four long years have we striven F or the goal we at last have attained. We have ever sought for the highest, Tho' the end has not always been gained. Timecomes to bid each other farewell, Qur hearts fill with sorrow and pain When we think that we now leave "Betsy,' Perhaps never to meet again. How oft in the years to come Shall we think of the dear old ten ! And say within our "heart of hearts," "Oh, l wish I could see them againf' Dear Bertha with her smiling face And Joyce so studious and fair, Zelia with her winning ways, Margarette Erwin with never a care. Then Marie looking so thoughtful And Clara her head thrown high, A Margaret Marquis so stately and tall, And Grace never known to sigh. Ada, our musician, so sweet and so kind, And Agnes, whom all of us love, Thus shall we think of the class of '07 When far from Betsy we rove. Now, as we each one take our leave Of Betsy and her dear old halls, , - May nothing but pleasant mern'ries linger Of the time passed within her walls. So, one more cheer for old Betsyg One more cheer for the red and the blue, Thro' the toils and cares of life just begun To these we would ever be true. lVI.M.Y Svvninr Qllaan lgintnrg SliTt.Zi2112lti?Ef5VET We W ES, we are the class of l907, the most brilliant, most distinguished, most intellectual, most conceited class which yy, has ever passed the portals of Elizabeth. As we are such a wonderful class, you must expect our history to be ' 'l one of the greatest works of the world, and that it will withstand the test of ages. Of course we feel very sure that this will be the case, although we may never be able to prove the latter part. . I ' This most wonderful class first saw Elizabeth on September I7, 1903, when our names were entered on the books as Freshmen. We were homesick, and overpowered by the austere faculty, just as Freshmen always are. Nevertheless our qualities were seen even then, for we were never subjected to the ignominy of being hazed. This first year away at college proved to be helpful for we were very studious. Our geometries and Ovids were our closest companions, and the lessons learned then have never been forgotten. Our Sophomore year was the hardest of our full four. Strange to say there were only four regulars. True, some of our Freshmen class returned, but to be Specials. This year we had many new and hard studies. "Trig,,' Plautus, and Zoology were a few. Many were the mornings we had to crawl sleepily from our warm, comfortable beds to go out under the hall light to study. Nevertheless our hard work was appreciated for the faculty spoke of us only in very high terms. The Secretary of that body was told to frame us as she seemed to think us too good for every day use. Nothing of interest took place until the spring, when we assisted the Seniors of '05 in hazing the Freshmen. These behaved very well indeed, quite as they should in the presence of their higher classmen. Truly they have always possessed a good share of meekness and respect which is so requisite for a good class. The fall of l905 found us well over our hardest battles. Physics and Analytics might well be taken as the bane of our existence. Everything moved smoothly, although the faculty never seemed to pay so much attention to us now. lr must have been because we had formed such a high reputation and they were not at all surprised at our upholding it so well. This year' there were ten Juniors and under the guidance of a naturally quick and capable president, we won the respect of all the other 24 classes. Our one important event was our reception in the form of a banquet to the class of '06. This was a decided success and everyone was willing to ascribe to the class of '07 social as well as literary ability. Of course this last year is the best of all. Sometimes we wish the faculty would encourage us as kindly as they have in the years gone by. Scarcely ever does a word reach our ears of our brilliancy. As yet we have been too busy trying to get a few Senior privileges to have a good time. Needless to say we have failed in almost every case and have finally decided to make the best of the few we have and no more come in conflict with the Administration Board. You may think we are not so important as we have been portrayed. We are glad of the fact nevertheless that we know how to appreciate ourselves. However each year since our class entered Elizabeth, the scholarship medal has been awarded to some member of the '07's. At least we are very sure that some day you will discover our names on the "roll of famef' lt may be as an entire class you will find a reform in the "Table of Measuresf, or you will read a book of "Criticisms,' from our literary member, Clara. Sometime, perhaps, you will listen spell bound by music and find it is Ada, a rival of "Meister.,' ln the near future if you will look on the list of noted readers you will see Buzis and Margarette's names prominent. It is a little hard to say what will be the great work of Marie as she is gifted in so many ways. However at present it seems very probable she will write a book on "Infinite Series" which will be used in all progressive colleges. Zelia has already decided her forte is in Chem- istry. Some new and wonderful compound will undoubtedly be concocted under her skillful hands, which will make her name famous. Many new ways of proving geometry propositions are already being devised by Agnes, and eventually these will be substituted in all geometries of any renown. Sometime Margaret will be the greatest physicist of the day. Grace is destined to to be a great poet. Her book entitled "Class and College Songsl' will be on the shelf of every library. These girls compose our wonderful class with the exception of the historian. You already have her masterpiece, and she will trouble you no more with her qualities. As we look back over our four years, We can say we are glad We have been here. We feel that we have improved under the guidance and watchful care of Elizabeth. The thought of leaving these halls makes us sad, for we do not like to think that our schooldays are over. The class of 1907 will ever hold pleasant memories for us, but high above everything else is the love for our dear "Alma Mater." May she ever prosper! M. D. 25 W X QW V Q Q !J X Q 5 W Motto .'-Fides ad finem. Eluninr 0112155 Colors .'-Cardinal and white. Yelffiel-lurrahl Hurrah! with all your might, For the dear old cardinal and white l Wave 'em early, wave 'em late, For the staunch old class of l908! Flofwer:-American Beauty Rc se, Qbilirrra lliirat 'tirrin Srruuh Urrmu President - - - - Mamie McCann President - - - Willie Young Vice-President - Willie Young Vice-President - Rosalyn Summer Secretary - - Fannie F. Shaw Secretary - Vera L. Mauney Treasurer Vera L. Mauney Treasurer - F annie F. Shaw Historian - Willie Young Poet - Rena Austin illlrnnhrra uf the Ehminr Gllaas i Rena Austin F annie F. Shaw Ola Du Kate Lola Smith Berte Hutchings Rosalyn Summer Vera Mauney Ruby Watson Mamie McCann Willie Young Blanche Roberts 27 Zluninr Will you lend us a few minutes of time, While we attempt to make a silly rhyme, Telling how a few faithful lasses l-lave dug through the perils of three classes? We have toiled early, we have toiled late, And oft' times been "knocked outl' by F ate. But at last welve almost reached the goal, Which to us will mean happiness untold. We have been called care-free and jolly, But what's the use of being melancholy? You had better learn from juniors to be gay, And laugh with the old world while you may. Our jolly junior class is one very rare, None with it can ever compare. ln it we have scholars and musicians All who'll aspire to high positions. First we would have you know The six old regulars who follow below. They are faithful seekers of knowledge, Who hope to be HA. Bfsu from old Betsy College. Gllwaa 13112111 There is Mamie, so stately and fair, Who is fond of filling Madame Presiclentls chair She is the big lass so full of fun, 4 Oh! l tell you, Mamiels a hun! Next appears little Willie, so bold, ' Who possesses ambitions untold. She has lots of brains, for such a tiny lzass, Perhaps, a lot for our whole class. Now this is F annie, so dignified, as a rule, She is considered the best student in school. Fannie is a girl worth having you know, With her, everything must be "just wwf Who is that little bundle hobbling along, A Latin book tucked under each arm? Why it's none other than our "Veracity," The one who holds on with such tenacity. Now we have Rena, our jolly, old girl, Q Who,ll carve out a name in this old world, For besides following the HA. Bf' profession, She soon will pose a graduate in Expression There goes Rosalyn with her head so high, F or she trys to soar to the sky! A fitting rival to Psyche, so lair, With her wavy, curly head of hair. We have in Ruby a precious gem, Who is a wonder even to Mr. Zehml She is a natural-horn musician, ln the world of music, she holds a high position. There is Blanche, so lively and meek, After more music she will always seek. You'll find her perched always on a stool, So very, very patient as a rule. Next We find Franke, with her majestic tread, Who makes every man how his head, With her sweet little voice, she will command Attention, from the best of every land. Here is Berte, what a wondrous lass! Wondrous in music and wondrous in mass, With her accomplishments the whole world she can sway, Of her mankind linds words too few to say. There has been lately added to our class A very talkative, Hindividualu lass. This is Lola, who possesses great nerve. Even her hair has its own set curve. Now What this talented class can do When it pleases you to bid them adieu, You will see, if you will only wait For the Seniors f Seniors ! of l908! 'i ff' Q ES X L XL J . Jfxff 1 , 29 Elnllg .Unninra The care-free, jolly Juniors! just past the age of Sophomoric greatness and conceit, and not yet troubled by Senior responsibility. Laugh, joke, and be merry, for next year, We'll-never mind What, you just Wait and see! But lest you should think we are too jolly and not careful enough, I will tell you that we are gay only when We should be, for we believe, as the old proverb says, "work While you Work and play ,While you- play." l defy you to show me a Junior going around during recreation period with a long, sober face, a book under her arm, bemoaning her heavyzcourse, and saying every other minute that she must go and study. But that is no sign that she does not study. just look at Vera and Fannie! These two alone are enough to uphold that reputation. They have "achieved greatnessf, While Rena, our poet, Franke and Berte, our singers, and Blanche and Ruby, our pianists, "were born great." The rest, be it said, have had "greatness thrust upon them," for that quality is such a natural one to the class of '08, that it falls upon those who do not even strive for it. Suf- fice it to say, that we think our class great, and are ready to turn ,With it, in nineteen hundred and eight, from jolly Juniors to serious, hard-Working, dignified Seniors. ' To the next historian lleave the last chapter in the history of our dear old class, with only the Wish that: "O, that I had a magic pen That I might 'the more clearly write The history of that dear old class, Wearing the cardinal and White! But you will see if you will only wait, What can be done by the class of 'OSF' WILLIE YOUNG, Historian. 30 JUNIOR CLASS X .7Vf0tz'o.'--Palma non sine pulver. President - Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer Poet - Historian Svnphnmnrr Ullman Color:--Green and white. Tefl'-Rall! Rah! Rah! Rali! Rah! Ray! What is that l hear you say? Who are fine? We are fine! WC,fC tl'1C class of I1iI'l6tCCI1 l'1il'1Cl Q'9Hirrr5 Hllvnihera - - Alice Kerr Houston - - Edna Harper - Zula Franke Hedrick - Mary Lois Miller - - Jessie Scott Julia Marquis 33 Pearl Baker Victoria Goree Miriam Gryder Edna Harper Zula Hedrick Flower .'-Snow drop Alice Houston Lois Lucas Julia Marquis Mary Miller Jessie Scott Snphnmnrv Qllaan Eiainrg We entered Elizabeth in the fall of l905, ten strong. Greenness is generally supposed to be the chief characteristic of Freshmen, but although some of our upper class friends tried hard to discover some in us, they soon found it to be almost a minus quantity. But the Seniors not being content to leave us in peace, thought it necessary to test our wisdom, however, it is needless to say that since that little affair in the chapel, which turned out so differently from what the Seniors and sophomores expected, our position in college has been assured. X Since in our Freshman year we lacked this green quality, we selected green and White as our class colors, so that it might never be said that a Fresman class was entirely minus the "green.,, Now those troublesome days are over, and we are glad of the fact that we are Sophomores. We have no cause to feel ashamed of our class this year either, as we have all been true to our motto. The Freshmen are greater in numbers than we, but they have all behaved very well indeed, and we have had no trouble with them. One of the most exciting events of the year was the class contest in basket-ball, and we were very happy to have Won two out of the three games played by our team. Yes, we are proud of the green and white, and hope its colors may wave triumphantly through our two remaining years of college life- JULIA MARQUIS, 'o9. 34 "Now Honey, you stay in your own little room, And Honey, clon't you break no rule. You go out at ten as much as you please, So you be back at ten fifteen." 35 ZULALICE. W' iw I . -., Alf Xb 1? " X. S If . x Clzorux 'Eigatwih Tune of 'LWould You Carefl' 'l..izalJetl1, We love you dearlyg 'Lizaloetlr We love you Wellg Tho' We are simply Sopluomores You have round us Cast a spell. We intend to come back next year, But take care. Donlt your Clare, F or you see We,ll be Soplfrnores, But believe us, Juniors fair. -,Lizabetln when We shall leave you, Will you care when We depart? Will you care when some one tells you That we feel We are too smart, To return to clear olcl Betsy Anal be taught what We shoulcl do? Will you care? just a little? Tell us ,LizalJetl1, will you care? J.R.s 36 X4 16' 4' .. Q yf fiigrll, Hg-' Win lv w5f:fTfl'5' il l ' 11:1 , l.z5.,. fig SOPHOMORE CLASS ff- , 1 ' 3 be-f 5 , I X, I , W ffl f ig fx lil YZ 1 -is - 7 ,f, QQ ' xl . -ef 74. xxx YW - ' ls N lp, ' . I A M f- A . ' 1 111 I Q-wif. ,fvx f, Ta ' 'I I , , V 5 1 I ' X E, A gs- . dl .., S ' N Y !' V' N X Q- Q V - X? , I . -Emi 1 - L 5 ' v N A - ' 'M -i g: ' . xx 12:14 fa,-f ,J-F11 - 'J iX""f-Zislln f ' wepf-. F2255 'P at Ellrvhnman 0112155 Q9ftirPr5 President - - - Madeleine Rollwage Vice-President - Ernestine Graichen Secretary - Louise Hipp Treasurer - Sarah Houseal Historian - ---- Mamie Lewis i Motto .'-Nous sommes toutes loyales. Colors .'-Black and gold. Flower .'-Black-eyed Susan Y'eU.'-Rah ! Rah ! Rah ! Where! What! When! Freshmen ! Freshmen ! Nineteen ten! ' Members Ina Parsons Lucy Keister Bertha Dotger Evelyn Rucker Addie Hinson Hazel Robinson Carlotta Muegge Ethel Northey Mary Rebrnan K 39 Ilfreahman Gllaaa Eiatnrfg From the high school with all our dreams of great achievements in the world of letters, we came to the Freshman clas s To our surprise we found things very different from what we had expected. But after a time we became accustomed to the new routine, and began our worlc in earnest. Most of our studies were those which we had in high schoolg but in spite of that fact we found pleasure as well as profit in learning more about the subjects with which We were somewhat familiar, and in taking up new ones. Some of us may not have done our best, but all have gained something from this yearfs work. And even if a few of our efforts have resulted in failure, we have not given up in despair, but have gone on with renewed energy. Uur class is not an exceptionally brilliant one, but one that by perseverance will accomplish much, and in the end realize many of the drearrs of former days. ' MAMIE LEWIS, 'IQ- 40 'N-N. W0 9' MQ, FRESHMAN CLASS -illrnzzhmaln Gilman Glhararieriziira "On her cheek Blushes the richness of an autumn sky, With ever shifting beautyf, Safall HOUSCal. "Her eyes were large, and full of light, And on her lips there played a pleasant smile." lna Parsons. "Her gentle manner and winning ways Made her the friend of all." Made "Be just as You areg 'tis better so "Refined and reserved at all times." leine Rollwage. Mary Rebman. Mamie Lewis. "But thou dost make the very night itself brighter than day Carlotta Muegge. "Each look, attitude, and gesture Made her beautiful beyond the reach Of mere external beautyf, I Louise Hipp. "A loving smile and a kind word for every one she meets Ernestine Graichen. "Bright flower! for by that name I call thee Sweet, silent creature." Hazel Robinson. "A pleasing countenance is a silent recommendation." Addie Hinson. "The bloom of opening Howers, unsullied beauty, "What she wills to do or say softness, and sweetest innocence, she wears, IS WISCSL VIYYUOUSCSL CIISCFCCYCSL best. And looks like nature in the worlcl's first spring." Mary Kmg' "As fresh as is the month of May." "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, an excellent h. . ,, "Of softest manners, unaffected mind, Lucy Keister. Ethel Northey. t mg In Woman' Lover of peace, and friend of all mankind." Evelyn Rucker. 1, W 1 pp ft 5 ba .fx 43 Bertha Dotger T ' If Xxfx 1 f W X N u!X'I Q A11 N Y fy XXX W Vi JN 3 N N X Xl H " NWI , f . f- , W vw A 1 1 xl x W, X X X X Xin H 'w sw v' M1 X ' 5 X H XQN1 Qi . 1 tvi vfgsxb in 1 , L- X J N I xg- I "XX 4 NN I 3 IJ K IM! , , X X- 1' ' X , X V . 5 XIX ' f N' 'Q A , N L. X Nu -4 ,, XLXL Q X M ,f Qi K V X 1 X ,,,'N ff: QX 'ff W X ,.-I' "S X X if U I Lucille Abraham Nina Anderson Lila Asbury Hallie Benton Mildred Beckwith Elsie Baxter May Benson Addie Black Allene Black Flora Bryan Lucile Bondurant Bessie Bryant Ruth Bradley Annie Buchanan Nanwa nf Spvrial izatuhrntz Elizabeth Bomar Margaret Bomar Elizabeth Bryan Clara Carpenter Lula Carpenter Georgia Crockett Cora Deck Ruth Dowd Ethel Durham Freda Dotger Margaret Everington lnez Foster Bessie Mae Exley Elizabeth Gilreath Sadie Hayes Edna l-lipp Julia Houston Flora Jeffries Gerard King Elizabeth Lincoln Lochia Lowery Anna McLaughlin Lola Mann Francis Louise Neal Alma Cates Marjorie Osborne Annie Owen Laura Reilly Blanche Roberts Geave Robinson Cammie Rodman Mary Kate Riley Marjorie Richardson Mary Rose Ruth Snyder Mercedes Sola V Etta Skipper Nellie Stuart Cecille Stuart Rosa Stack Sara Tanner Annie Tiencken Louise Vollers Gay Willis Louise Wilkes I .u 1 ,api .1594 5- -,H , - 9, 2:31 W "Nxt: 'w' -.N nW,.ggV t x -K A f J, ff mfg . -- fx-1"f'5-y 1- ww A-+ ,:- . GERARD CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC 55 Hlluair 91112121115 Louise Atchison Martha Carr Sarah l-louseal l'larry Asbury Miriam Cline l-lallie Key Lila Ashury Eva Covington Kate Krueger Elsie Baxter Joyce Decker Lucy Keister Grace Barnharclt Miriam Dumville Gerard King Bertha Beazell Ethel Durham Charles Banks King lrene Bennett Ola Du Kate Seldon Leisch May Benson Ethel Delaney Clyde Leisch Lucile Bondurant Margaret Everington Marie Lentz 1 Beatrice Boyd Philip Esley Ruth Lillard l ' Bess Bryant Franke Folk Elizabeth Lincoln Flora Bryan Bessie Mae Exley Lochia Lowery Ruth Bradley Grace German Lois Lucas Annie Buchanan Elizabeth Gilreath Lena Lipe Margaret Bomar Ernestine Graichen Lola Mann Mildred Beckwith Miriam Grycler Vera Mauney Elizabeth Bryan Mrs. Green Carlotta Muegge l-lallie Benton George Hartman Mary Lois Miller Clara Carpenter Zula Hedrick Louise Miller Cuyler Chalmers Edna l-lipp Frances Louise Neal Zelia Corriher Bertie Hutchings Pauline Orr Georgia Crockett Daisy Hunt Annie Owen Nell Curlee M. Hunter W lna Parsons ' 47 Corinne Puett Ruth Snyder R053 Slack ' Mary Rebman Lula Sloan Annie Tierlclierl Blanche Roberts Etta Skipper H. Theiling Marjorie Richardson Mary Smith Mary Toclcl Geave Robinson , i Franke Staley Louise VOHCIS Cammie Rodman Frances Schultz Annie E. Wardin Julia Rudisill Cecille Stuart Acla Stirewalt Marion Washburn Lila Russell Nellie Stuart Ruby Watson Mary Kate Riley Rosalyn Summer - Alma Willman Madeleine Rollwage Lola Smithe Louise Wilkes Jessie Scott Bessie Steere Willie Young ,ff ' i l , gl '55 of saw 4 as . i X5 N 48 PROGRAM R E C IT A L PIANO DUO-Walzer - 1 , - . . - Misses Zelia Corriher ancl Beatrice Boyd BY STUDENTS OF . PIANO I..'Arabesque - - - 1 Bu . , - - . I. P t I - . . ' Elizabeth College Conservatory of Music Q. Villageeslcgliistival . . - l Miss Mary Rebman CHARLOTTE, N- C- souo-on the wud Rose Tree - - - Miss Elizabeth Lincoln Monday, February II, I907, 8:30 P. M. PIANO-Caprice Mcloncholique ---- - Gglyr Miss Grace Barnharclt VIOLIN-Northern Song ---- Mr. Cuyler Chalmers , PIANO--Fruhlingsrauschen ---- ' Miss Cecille Stuart I a. As the Dawn - - - SONGS- - X, - ' lb. Springs Awakening - - - I .4 Miss Bette Hutchings PIANO - Polonaise ---- Miss Blanche Roberts I sa. SI'1ephercI's Dance - - QUARTET - I Ib. Au Moulin - - - I Violin, Miss Walker Viola, Miss N. Stuart II Violin, Miss Stirewalt 'CeIIo, Miss C. Stuart PIANO-Second Mazurka ---- 49 Miss Bette Hutchings Kirrbner rgmuller Sclzmoll Rotoli ilowitfch Roger: Sinding Cantor I-lafwley Chopin German Gillft Godard rle - Teacher 50 lin this Ewalm uf Art Lila Asbury Elsie 'Baxter Elizabeth Bornar Bess 'Bryant Annie Buchanan Lula Carpenter Georgia Crockett Mildred Beckwith Ruth Dowd Freda Dotger Annie May Delaney Margaret Everington Elizabeth Gilreath Bessie l-learne Anna McLaughlin Hallie Key Ari Stithrnta Frances Louise Neal Lola Mann 5 Ola Du Kate .Verner Dellinger Hazel Robinson Fannie Shaw Etta Skipper Ina Parsons Mercedes Sola Eleoise Sloan Mary Kate Riley Annie Owen Mrs. C. B. King Julia Houston Louise I-lipp Lucille Abraham VIEWS FROM THE STUDIO W e an Svrhnnl nf Exprvnziun CCATHARINE WALTER, A. B., Direct Lucille Abraham Elizabeth Bryan, cfipecializing in Physical Cultureb Margarette Erwin CGIHCIUMS. 'WJ Ernestine Graichen Mary King Annie Owen Roll for 1906--1907 Rena Austin Elizabeth Gilreath Zula Hedrick Lola Mann Mary K. Riley Mercedes Sola 52 orj Bertha Beazell fGraduare Mildred Beckwith Bertha Dotger Victoria Goree julia Houston Frances L. Neal Julia Rudisill iKi2riial Etvrital BY MARGARETTE HILTON ERWIN BY BERTHA E- BEAZELL ELIZABETH C01-I-ECE, CHARLOTTE, N- C- ELIZABETH COLLEGE, CHARLOTTE, N. C. M0UdaY'AP1Tl2Zf1df 1907, 8130 P- M- Thursday, May iam, l907, 8230 P. M. The Fifst Qlaffel ' ' TWUYSOU Trick vs. Trick ----- Phelps Aunt Pgggyis Visit to the City - Wood A Corner in Women, His Second Choice IVIasson The Tenor I - A - 1 Bunner A Dehutante ---- Piner Merchant of Venice, Act IV. Scene I. Shakespeare Hamlet, Act III, Scene IV' - Shakespeare An Incident of the RevoIution - Phelps Watchin' the Courtin' ---- Anon My Ships A F 1 - Wilcox Under TWO Flags fcigafetteis Ride and Death-J Unida A Page from a Little C1irI's Life - Anon He Tried to His " ' ' Anon Laddie, A Motlhefis Love Hagar - - - Nicholson The Sleep - - Browning 53 C5112 Ellen Elerrg Eramatir Gllnh r Qbiiirvra President - - - Secretary and Treasurer Stage Director - Committee on Properties flHPI1IhP1'5 Rena Austin Bertha Beazell Mildred Beckwith Elizabeth Bryan Bertha Dotger Elizabeth Gilreath 54 - Bertha Beazell Frances L. Neal Catharine Walter Bertha Dotger Mildred Beckwith Elizabeth Bryan Ernestine Graichen Victoria Goree Mary King Zula Hedrick Frances Neal A I vy 4. Q , of 1 W .4 '2'Sf"' .. ,Vf'c: 1 fi fa. K V fy ,- -.Q .W Y' I 1 :',qQig:,2 ,R ' L . ,, A . ,f, .1g.f1,s.,'ff- 'WI . .,,. 2 .iv , 1 .lf-It VL V,-- V ,,.M.m4, Ah., .,. WW y , V " 1 H-mf 14,31 A '-wg'-M., , - 1 ELLEN TERRY DRAMATIC CLUB S 1 .U ' fa 5 1? YC N ,jx "' Q MM if-.ff 'S ff nb X 7415 GQ Q uv , Q ff I Xg f Q-5 .jf 1 A illitvrzliurv wp, fm QM x QQ, W 43 3 , fx - - fig V J. 'Q - . . I xv J I 5 157' avi.: X 3 "4 ,xx 'W W I xii ' . , -'N . :- I ww X , E112 iilnpvmvnt ml T was Saturday night, and a crowd had assembled in l..urlene's room for a feast, after ,which they told stories, Wg jokes and experiences of the past week. As some of the girls were about to leave Lurlene said, "Don,t go, ' 'l let's plan some things for the next week to create some excitement. Everything has been so dull since we came back. No one has broken any rules and the teachers have all the new girls scared to death. Why, they even get down to breakfast before the bell stops ringing! lt's too dull for me. I'll die with the blues if l have to live through another week of it." The girls, anxious to have some fun, at once made up their minds to try to do some- thing exciting. Presently lsabel said, "Girls, I have an inspiration. l..et's plan an elopementln All were delighted at this idea and urged Isabel to explain how such a plan could be carried out. "Well, one in this crowd must elope," began Isabel, "and Elsie, you must be the one. l..et's tell a few of the girls that you will elope on Wednesday night with-who shall it be? Oh! l know, your cousin, Sam Lincoln. It must happen at ten o'clock, as you come from practice." With a dozen girls eager for some fun, the plan worked well, for in those few days before Wednesday there was more excitement than there had been during the whole fall. You could hear of nothing else in the hallways, girls were in groups everywhere talking in an undertone. Finally Wednesday came, E.lsie's supposed last day at Elizabeth, where she had spent nearly four years, and in a few months would graduate with honors. Soon she would part with her friends so dear, say farewell to her dear old friends and go with the man she loved. "Would she not regret it 7' "Why not wait just a few months ?" "Does her diploma mean noth- ing to her ?" "One can never tell where love will leadf, These were a few of the remarks heard on all sides. By three o'clock Wednesday afternoon Lurlene had learned the entire faculty knew of it. The President of the Col- lege had ordered Elsie to be taken prisoner to the Lady Principals room at seven. The campus was to be guarded and her father was telegraphed to in great haste, At seven poor Elsie gently submitted herself to the care of the Lady Principal to await her fate. The hours slowly passed while policemen guarded the campus for the bridegroom. At ten E.lsie's father came and with his smiling daughter at his side allayed the fears of the college authorities. Elsie declared she was glad it had happened for then she saw her father. Nevertheless a few nights later to the same crowd of girls she said thoughtfully, "lt has been fun but l believe next time you better find some one else to be the heroine." C. M. C. 57 POPULAR TREE ON GROUNDS NEAR ENTRANCE A Emma illrnm Eval llifr ACT I. Time: 8:45 A., M. Place: Math. room. CMiss Lewis seated in her chair before her desk, reading a letter. Enter Marie and Joyce, arm in arm carrying on a conversation in an undertonej Marie: Joyce, how many ol these "measly" examples can you work? Joyce: Oh, two or three. Marie: fDejectedlyD Well, l can't work one. Do letls get her to explain. Miss Lewis: fl-Iaving finished her letterj Joyce, while I was home l intended to see if l could find any material on your thesis, but I was so rushed while there, it escaped my memory. foyce: fSmiles sadly to think what she has missedj The library here is so poor, l can find but very little. .Vlariez It certainly is, but l have gotten some very good articles on mine already. .Vliss Lewis: Well, this is not Algebra, and our time is almost half gone. ioyce: O, by the way, Miss Lewis, have you your picture for the Annual? We want it by the end of the week. .Vliss Lewis: Yes, but I arn not at all pleased with it, and Mr. Ei-A certainly charges enormous prices:- but we are off the subject again. ls there anything in to-day's lesson which you, girls,,clon't understand? fBoth girls look at each other.D Joyce: Ccrathering couragel There was something about the l6th that I don't exactly see. . Miss Lewis: Well, I will do that one on the board. Marie: And lsimply cannot see when a series is diver- gent and when it is convergent. , ' Miss Lewis: There is nothing so hard about that. It is convergent when the ratio of the Cn -1- l D th term to-- K Bell rings.l Well, you all don't seem to know much about this lesson. l guess we will take it over. fcurtain falls.D ACT II. Time: 9:40. Place: Laboratory. V Enter ye brilliant chemists. Clara studying Psychology, Margaret reading a letter, and Marie, Zelia and Joyce discussing the Annual. All are seated and engaged in their various tasks. . Miss Lewis: flinteiing, late as usualj Girls, we are a little late this morning and must hurry. Marie: fAside to Zeliaj ' l'm going to ask herabout the candle flame and get her off. Miss Lewis, when you put a copper spiral over a candle flame, the book says it should smoke and go out, but ours didnlt. Miss Lewis: Well, you all must do that experiment over again. fClara cannot find wire, Margaret has lost her matches, but finally all is settled and work beginsj Marie: fAs if she has made a brilliant discoveryj Copper wire must be a conductor of heat, it burns my fin- ger. Zelia and Joyce: fwho work together, Ours did ine for a change. fThen they proceed to do other experi- ments for the benefit of the classy Miss Lewis : Now l have collected a bottle of ethy- lene. Look, while l put a lighted 'match to it. fThe gas should ignite but nothing occurs. Gf course all giggle.D Miss Lewis: O pshaw! l donft think it worth while to spend any more time on this experiment. It is not necessaryany way. Zelia, name three "serieses', of hydro- carbons. fzelia finally guesses themj Miss Lewis: fContinuingj Now, ethylene is a poison- ous gas, but what? fno answerD its presence can be easily detected by what? its odor, therefore what? it is not so dangerous as carbon monoxide, but what? fBell rings and all malce a hasty exit.J fcurtain falls.D ACT Ill. Time: l0:35. Place: Room No. 9. Mr. Schaeffer : Good morning, young ladies. lsn't this a glorious morning? Let us have some of the pure, fresh air. fflaises winclowj fE.nter Clara, Marie, Zelia and Joyce shivering from the cold "fresh air."D Mr. Schaeffer: Ah! Good morning, good morning. Nowl believe we are all here except Miss McCann. fTakes out small red book and marks her absentj This is a beautiful lesson we have this morning, and l am sure all found it very interesting. James gives it a very unique treatment and not only makes his statements so concise, but he connects this chapter very finely with the preceding ones. I am sure there can be no doubt in your minds now of the importance of these distinctions. Joyce: flu an undertonef I am sure there is nothing but doubt in my mind. Margaret M: Mr. Schaeffer, are we not going to have our Psychology class picture taken for the Annual? Mr. Schaeffer: l am so glad you spoke of it now. Of course we must have them, and you, ladies, just go on and take them any afternoon when it is convenient for you. Chorus: But we want you in it. fDoor opens and Mamie entersj Mr. Sceaeffer: Good morning, Miss McCann. Mamie: Good morning, Mr. Schaeffer. Mr. Schaffer: As l was saying, this chapter we have for discussion to-clay is one of James' best. Miss Beazell, isn't that wind too much for you? fSteps up on chair and lowers window from topj Now, Miss Corriher, in this perception of space, there are several divisions which are really very important. By way of illustration, if I should want to find the circumference of the campus, what should I have to do? Miss Yeager, may I have your book ? Zeliaz The first thing you would have to do would be to find the radius. flgromiscuous giggles? Mr. Schaeffer: Well-yes-not exactly. You would have to have some unit of measure, Wouldn't you? CAII nod their heads and look wise.D Now Miss Beazell give me something else which is essential to the construction of real space? Buzz : Well -er - -some objects er-Mr. Schaeffer, I know but I cannot express myself. Mr. Schaeffer: Well these smaller objects must be discriminated within it. Now, Miss Voigt, will you give us a synopsis of James' treatment of this chapter. fBefore Miss Voigt has half finished the Iast bell rings. Exeuntj fCurtain fallsj ACT IV. Time: I I:-40. Place: English room. Margaret E: I say, girls, I don't know an earthly thing about this blooming lesson. Don't even know when Keats was married. Clara: CWith a horrified expression? Well, I think you don't know anything at all. Keats was never married. Margaret E: Well, as I started to say, Iet's all ask Miss French about our theses to get her off the subject, you know. Chorus: Good, we'II do it! fEnter Miss I:rench.j Miss French: We have this morning the life and criti- cism of Keats. Joyce: Clixcitedlyj Miss French, can you teII me where to find some radium for my thesis? Miss French: ,Why, Miss Decker, that is in Miss Lewis' sphere. Ask her for references. But, Miss Ger- man, there is an excellent article on "Child Labor" in the "American Review of Reviews." I think in the February number. By the way, if you look in PooIe's Index, I think you will lind valuable information on the subject. flinter Agnes out of breath from Math. Fifteen minutes late as usuaI.I I Agnes: Whew! Miss French, Miss Lewis kept me ate. Clara: I think Iwill be compelled to change my sub- ject again. It seems to be an utter impossibilityfor me to obtain any material whatever. Miss French: Well, Miss Voigt, have you looked in PooIe's Index? But your subject is "Browning and the Monodrama," is it not? Well, you could find nothing there, of course. But you all must have your outlines finished by the first of March. We must get back to our lesson. Zelia: Miss French, I don,t know how to make an outline on "Roman Manners and Customs." It seems im- possible to me to make an outline of a description. Miss French: Yes, indeed, Miss Corriher, that will be easy enough. Compare them with manners and customs of to-day. You must have an outline. Clrirst bell rings? Marie: I have found several articles on mine in the church paper. Agnes: fvery much interestedj Did you see any- thing about "The Panama Canalw there? I havenlt had time to look, and anyhow, it is too much trouble. Miss French: We have only a short time for our lesson, so l will read and let you take notes on Keats. CShe proceeds to read. Ruth and several others on front row take notes. Elsie draws pictures. Grace Writes poetry for the Annual. Buzz reads love letters from Bev erlyin the Philippines. Margaret Writes letters and Zelia studies Math. D Curtain falls. ACT V. Time: lZ:35. Place: Gracels room. Annual Staff Meeting I! ! ! M. 1v1.Y.Z.c. c. J. M. D Sig MQ W' New X if Glhr Barr xx HRQUGH the gathering twilight a carriage .approached the plantation of Col. Davis. As it entered the avenue, 35, T a yell. rent the air, for .was not "Miss linnie, the Colonel s only daughter, coming home from college? Was ,A , not this her twentieth birth-day, and had not there been a great rush and commotion going on at the "big house" ever since dawn, preparing for the coming-out ball of the young mistress? The mouths of the pickaninnies had ' Q been running water all day at the visions of pies and cakes, roast pigs and turkeys. The avenue was lined with darkies, each one trying to catch the first glimpse of their young "missis.', Mothers with babes in their arms and children dangling around their skirts, rushed from their cabins to behold the Colonel, his face beaming with joy as he beheld his young and beautiful daughter speaking, smiling, and nodding to each and every one. When the car- riage stopped in front of the tall old porticoes, before Virginia could spring lightly to the ground, Aunt Nance, her old mammy, had caught her in her arms. With the freedom accorded to these old mammies she kissed her, held her off at armls length, and exclaimed, "Bress yo, heart, honey, ef yo' ainit cum back puttier dan eber to yo' ole nigger mammyf' - Arm in arm they ascended the steps, Virginia flooding her with questions and talking as only school girls can. ln the hall they were met by Aunt Maria, warm from the kitchen. Virginia greeted her in the same familiar manner and jokingly said, "Why, Aunt Maria, l know exactly what we are going to have for supper." "Dat yo' don,t, honey. But I knows w'at yo'll git to-night at yo' daybo' party I" And with a knowing wink she waddled back to the region where she reigned supreme. Virginia still chattering blithely, ascended to her room to prepare for supper. Aunt Nance came puffing after her. "Yo' had better be a-savin, yo, strength chile, fur yo, know Mars Henry ,ll mek yo, spin dis night," grinning as she cau ht u with the oun irl. g fii the centelf of gh? room, Virginia discovered upon the table a bowl of American Beauties, her favorite flower. "Oh! how lovely ln she blushingly said, as she read the card, "Henry E. Lee, 'zl..or' chile, Mars Henry bin er lookin, fur yo' eber sens Chris'mas, an, yo' jes' wait-H 63 "Now Aunt Nance, you just hush and go down stairs and hurry up supper, for l am as hungry as a wollfi Aunt Nance very reluctantly left her young mistress and went to the kitchen where Aunt Maria was waiting to hear all about "Miss Jinnief' "Now, Maria, hustle roun' kind o' libely like, and git sump'in fur ma' li'l lamb to eat. She say she am hungry as a wolf. "Sho 'nufl? Waal she sho will hab a good supper dis night. Did she 'pear kind o' s'prised like when she seed de roses w'at her finance sent herg or did she cry for joy? Bress herheart! But say Nance, yo' heah wat Jim wuz er tellin' us while ago? He sez dat dat crazy Bob has gone and got loose fum de 'sylum agin, an' dat he am loahn' iroun' heah sumwhar. I jist tells yo' wat, wid de hanted cabin an' dat crazy Bob, we does hab a time, donlt we Nance ?" g "We sho does. Wat's bin an happened at the hanted cabin? l ain't heered nuthinf H "Dere's bin cur'us tings happenin' dere, so dey tells me. l ain't seed nothin' myself an' don't intend to nuther. How- sumeber, l must git dis supper on de table fur Miss Jinnie, cause she must be nigh about famished out by dis time." U, J, 4, .y, ,y 4, .-, cv, tu tr, 4. cg, ,,. 4. fb ,,. .P ,,. qc 4. 4. 4. fp ,P "Virginia, you can't imagine how glad l am to see you again. I have waited and longed for this moment to come, and now that it has come I hardly know how to express what l wish to say to youf' said Henry Lee as he drew Virginia into a little nook screened from the ball-room by a tall row of ferns and palms. This was his first opportunity for a private interview with her since her arrival, as she was the belle of the evening and of course was demanded by every one. But at last he had managed to take her away from the dancers and bring her to this quiet little nook. "Yes, l am glad to be at home once more and see all my old companions and play-mates. l heard some news this afternoon Henry, do you remember the old cabin we used to steer clear of during our moon-light hide-and-seek games? Well, Aunt Nance was telling me that there are some rumors going on among the negroes that queer things are happening there. Of course there is nothing in them, but wouldn't it be fun to stay there some night and scare the negroes P" said Virginia, who for some reason only known to feminine minds, wished to change the course of the conversation. "Well as you say, there is nothing in all this, but at the same time l don't think there are many persons who would like to pass a night in the old cabin. You know it has been considered haunted ever since we can remember, and is, therefore, a place which every one shuns," replied Henry. "Nevertheless, I would like to spend a night there just for the fun of the thing," said Virginia who had an adventurous. disposition. "l dare you to do it ll' 64 "Taken! I will sleep there this very night." Before I-Ienry could reply a young man came up and exclaimed: "Miss Virginia, excuse me, but this is our dance, isn't it ?" f'Ie led her away while I-Ienry was ready to kick himself for having spoken such harsh words. "Now, Aunt Nance, this may be a school girl's folly, but you know it is no use begging me to change my mind, for have you ever known a Davis to turn back when they have been dared ?" said Virginia as she led the way, candle in hand, from the house to the dark and dismal looking, haunted cabin. Aunt Nance followed reluctantly, bringing wood to make a fire, to drive the dampness out, she had explained when questioned as to its purpose. Behind her came Jim, his arm full of quilts and things. The whites of his eyes were the only identical objects by which one could tell that he was following. "Fur de lub o' Moses, Miss jinnie, what wuz dat? Didnlt yo, see nothin,? I ain't gwine a nudder step!', emphatically said Jim, as they drew near the haunted cabin. 1 "Honey, ef yo, lubs yo' po, ole mammy, fur de lub o' I-Ieben, Iet's go back. !'se scared. Don't sleep in dar. Wat would yo' po' pappy do ef he knowed it ?" , Aunt Nance, how many more times must I tell you that I am going to sleep in this cabin? If you are afraid, go back to the house, and as to papa's knowing it, he is too busy with his guests to think of me till morning, and you promised you would not tell-" "I..or honey wat yo' tink I is? I-lab a whole house full on my head? Dat I ain,t !" "Well, you had better not tell, for I think everybody is asleep, except us, and we will be in a few minutes if you will only hand me the keyf' As the door opened- H0, Lawdyf' as a bat flew by Aunt Nance-"Whar yo, Jim? Lawd ef he ain't done and gone! Good lands! Why derels Mars Henry, yo, ies' in time, sah !', said Aunt Nance with a relieved air. "Virginia, what do you mean 'by this madness ?', said I-Ienry Lee as his broad shoulders appeared in the door. I-Iis handsome face was pale, and his voice trembled as he watched the haughty poise come over the girl. ' "Mit Lee you dared me to sleep in this cabin and I have taken the dare. The question is not to be reconsideredf' "O, but Virginia, I did it on the spur of the moment. Suppose! take it back !" "Then you are not the man I thought you weref' "Very well, Virginia, you know this is all foolishness, but as you will. I was in hopes you would see the sensibleness of my offer. Aunt Nance take good care of your mistressf, and with wounded pride he faded into the darkness. 65 "Honey, why don't yo' do like Mars l-lenry Wants yo, ?,' i "Aunt Nance, are you crazy? Henry might have known I was going to do it. Now, is all ready? You may go. Good-night, Aunt Nance. Everything looks so cosy, the fire feels good. Come at six in the morning !" I "May God bress de lambf, Virginia heard as the key turned in the lock, and she was left alone,-alone in the haunted cabin! She did feel a little queer, but in a few minutes all was forgotteng for Virginia was in the Land of Nod. ry. .-, .1, .c cg. cg, .g, .-. 41 gg gg ,,. ,,, ,,. ,,. ,,. ,P ,,, 4. ,,. , . With a start she awoke! What was that? All was darkness. She had that feeling which cannot be described-of knowing that some one was near. What was she to do? Scream? O, no, that would never do. Perhaps it was only a fancy, but no, for what was that pulling one side of the bed-clothes? What could she do? F or an instant she was frozen with horror, but for only an instant. Her quick mind was again working. She could not lie there and attempt nothing. There, she had it! If she could only reach the old curtain! She heard the hard breathing as it came closer. lnch by inch she crept silently and stealthily from the bed. just as she reached the cover 'of the curtain the smouldering fire blazed up, and there sitting upon the side of the bed was a poor, crazy negro boy, jabbering and motioning at every object he saw. Imagine her horror when she remembered the terrible tales she had heard of the haunted cabin I She held her heart to silence its beating. Could she raise the window and call? Could she make any one hear her if she did? or must she pass the remainder of the night in this haunted cabin with this crazy beast? l-le began moving around. Had he heard her heart beating? With a cry he sprang towards the window. Her heart leaped to her throat. He seized something from the floor and returned to the bed. A sigh of relief escaped her. Ah ! but too soon! The burning eyes of the lunatic met those of the frightened girl. .v. ay, -5, cg, .g, cv, .u, J, ,,. .P ,P ,, ,,. 4 ,ic ,F Would six o'clock ever come? Aunt Nance had been up and stirring ever since the first faint streaks of day, doing this thing and that to pass the time away before she could go for her young mistress. She chanced to look out of the window and saw Henry Lee approaching. She hurriedito meet him and exclaimed- "lVlars Henry, l'se so glad youis come, caze l'se gittin' anxious about Miss Jinnie ln "Come on then, Aunt Nance, we will go and open the door so as to 'calm our fearsf, said l-lenry soothingly, although deep down in his heart he was a little uneasy. ",Tain't six o'clock yit, an' she said l mustnit come till denf, ' "lt makes no difference, Aunt Nance. It was all foolishness in Virginia to do this anyway, andl will not feel easy until l see her face again. Come on, Aunt Nance, and bring the key." "All right, Mars Henry. Jes' as yo, sayf' 66 Aunt Nance followed Henry to the haunted cabin, took the key out of her pocket and gave it to him to open the door. As they entered the door-way what a spectacle met their eyes! Cn the bed sat poor old crazy Bob jabbering away over a dainty little lace handkerchief, but where was Virginia? Henry moved a step and behold, there lay the proud beautiful girl on the Hoor in a dead faint. "Water, Aunt Nance, and quick too," ordered Henry paying no attention to Bob who likewise took no heed of them but murmured something about the Hkerchief of some purty young missusf' ln a trice Aunt Nance had brought some water to Henry who dashed it in Virginia's face while Aunt Nance rubbed her hands and called to her to wake up. At last she opened her eyes and murmured indistinctly- "l-lenry-why-did you-dare me to do it P" "Virginia, dearest, l take it all back, every word. Won't you tell me that you forgive me ?" Virginia started at the sound of his voice, moved a little, then by a great effort she sat up, looked at both Aunt Nance and Henry in great surprise. Almost instantly she recollected all that had occurred, and with tears in her eyes, she said: "Forgive me, Henry. Will you ?" ' "Will l? Need you ask that my darling ?" E. O. H. F. F. S. 0 . fy A I , jf! V' 1' U MXN 67 An 1' Ivririr Shark, One spark, two sparksg Oh, do take care You'll put too many sparks in there. I've done it nowg I do believe I've rubbed that old knob with my sleeve. Now, Jean, you hold Ceceliais hand, And, Mid, be careful where you stand. Oh, I'm afraid: oh, donit let's try! If I get shocked, I'll surely cry. Now touch the side and hold on tight. My, what is that? and what a fright! Do please be quick! I'm so afraid, I just wish Physics had ne'er been made. Goodness me! you,re awfully scared, I'd touch that knob, if I but dared. Ready? Well, hurry, now begin, You'Il lose the sparks that We put in. Now, Ida, ready! Let it start. Oh, we!!! miss the nicest part: Well, Mid, you touch the Leyden jar. Just wait, the circles spread too far. Now! Ready, go! Oh, my poor wrist! My stars! It got an awful twist. My elbow too, that was a spark! l'll try again, it's quite a lark. ELIZABETH LINCOLN iltarulig Hltaegnggivh. 22, 19117 The President enters No. l l followed by the rest of the Faculty. With her usual dignified composure "Miss Secretary" takes her place at the Presidents left. Miss French requests Miss Greever to occupy the seat in front of her, that in case her mind should become diverted, it be not too conspicuous. Miss Palmer creates a certain cozy atmosphere by bringing her knit- ting, while Peter plays with the ball of yarn. The emotions of Miss Richardson are concealed behind the "Richmond News- Leaderf, Prof. Zehm has a retrospective light in his eyes. He is thinking of last Sunday night's collation at the Selwyn, owing to the forced adjournment of the "Daughters of Ham." "Miss Secretary" reads the list of last week's absentees, as follows: "Miss Walker, Miss Walter 3" Miss Walter's name is, however, cancelled, as she was keeping study hour for Miss Walker. Apologies are then offered to the shade of George Washington for the non-observance of his birthday. The BIN- sisters are reported as absent from eighteen classes during the past week. A committee is appointed to consult with them as to the propriety of type-written excuses in mimeograph copies to be turned off in sufficient numbers each week, and handed to the faculty in advance. A prominent basket-ball player is reported by her teachers as hovering in the zero region. The Faculty is exhorted to leniency on account of the frail constitution of their pupil. It is proposed that students of restricted means be allowed to tender in payment of funprovidentialj absences such barter as apples, pears, pecans, etc., in lieu of ready money. The subject is postponed for further discussion. Miss Palmer remarks that she has received this year but one quarter, which she is keeping as a souvenir. Motion is made by Miss Walter and seconded by Miss Sessions that Faculty be allowed to borrow bell-boy's night-key at stated intervals. Matter put to a vote. Yeas l2, neiglzs l. Bell-boy refuses to abide by the decision. It is moved by Miss French that a Faculty spelling class be inaugurated, but there is no second. Motion is made by Miss Sheper that a restraining order be sent to the cook regarding promiscuous serving of blanc mange. Motion is seconded with fervor by Miss Lienbach and unanimously passed by entire Faculty. Remark by Dr. IKing: "Most people are anxious to live as long as possible." . Miss Walker moves that the third-Hoor members of the Faculty be furnished with chafing-dishes and wood alcohol to insure hot baths, as Miss Richardson's "Valentine" is already overworked. The motion is over-ruled for lack of precedent. A gentle admonition is given the Faculty on the subject of too great hilarity after l0:30, the most violent noises seeming to emanate from Miss Earle's and Miss French's rooms. Miss Earleis excuse is that she was "firing, fshe does not say what.j Miss Frenchis, if any, is not given. Miss Ely gives a general exhortation to more frequent Sunday evening calls upon the new girls, thus evincing a kindly interest in their welfare and occupations. The rest of the session is taken up with remarks and discussions by Miss Lewis. A motion for adjournment being then in order, it is made and seconded with great alacrity by Miss Richardson and reluctantly passed with reproachful glances at the instigator by the rest of the Faculty.---C. B. E. and S. L. W. j 69 r Uhr Zinaril nf Ehitnra They sit beneath the bright light's glow, They think, sure, yes, they thinlc. They strew the place with scribbled sheets Themselves they strew with ink. Great masterpieces How from pens Whose ends are chewed to rags. Some shocking language also flows From lips when tired brain lags. The midnight oil had long been spent, ' Except that ,tisn't oil, lt's now electric lights you know, That pave their way to toil. They twist, they squirm, it is no use The spring has all run dry. Although to catch one poor idea Theyld gladly do and die. "0 pshaw, let's shake this, one cries out, None such to me appeals, Sandwiches l smell in Buzz's room, There letis cool our heelsf' A shout! a jump! a dash ! a bang! The classic sanctum's still, ln other halls its devotees Are eating Et to kill. CHARLES E. JEFFORDS, '05 En JHEIQ Halvntinr As l have no "Heart," l-low can l impart Any beautiful thoughts to him? I think I'll spoon With the Man in the Moon, Though my prospects are rather dim. As he passed last night ln his heavenly Hight, I thought him rather swell. l-lis face was round, His glance profound, What he said, I'll never tell. C. B.E Q , mv 2 f s X "K ! A 'J- -Dlitvrnrg Svnrivtivn m, l? W 0 W5 DIATELEAN LITERARY SOCIETY E' Eiaivlvern iflitmrrg Svnrirtg M0ff0,'-Ad astra, per aspera. Ffofwerf-Violet. Colors .'+Purple and Lilac Q9i1irvr5 President - - - Georgie Crockett Vice-President - Ruth Snyder Recording Secretary - Zelia Corriher Corresponding Secretary - Franke Folk Treasurer - - - Victoria Goree First Critic A- - Marie Yeager Second Critic Vera Mauney Censor ' I - Bessie Bryant Manager - Cecille Stuart Pages Zula Hedrick 8 Alice Houston' 73 I..l.lClllC Abraham Sarah Houseal irlivmhvrz ti N f X f lla lr X Pearl Baker Bertha Beazell May Benson . Beatrice Boyd Annie Buchanan Mildred Beckwith Elizabeth Bryan Eva 'Covington Leola Du Kate Elizabeth Gilreath Ernestine Graichen Edna Harper Edna Hipp Louise Hipp 74 Lois Lucas Lola Mann Carlotta Muegge Frances Louise Neal Ina Parsons Annie Owen Mary Kate Riley Blanche Roberts Madeleine Rollwage Julia Rudisill Nellie Stuart Rosalyn Summer Clara Voigt Lola Smith Eiatvlvan Eitrrzrrg Svnririg It is assumed that every college girl has an ideal, and that no matter what particular form this ideal may take, yet always underlying it is the desire to become a broad-minded, well-poised woman. ln college life there are many forces which co-operate in producing the desired result, but among them all, none, with the exception of the regular curriculum, is of greater importance than the literary society. Such a force is the Diatelean Literary Society of Elizabeth College. The object of this, our society, is three-fold: to instill in its members the desire to know, to point out to them what they should know, and to teach them how to express to others that which they know. With this end in view the programs for the meetings are arranged, the topics for discussion being now some important movement in history, now the lives and works of men of letters, or again some special feature of current news. A lively interest is ever taken in the rendering of these programs, which proves that the society is successful in bringing to the attention and interest of its members those things of which every broad-minded woman should have a knowledge. But, as stated above, the Diatelean Literary Society has another function, namely, that of accustoming the members to express themselves in an easy and graceful manner, in other words, it is a part of its aim to give them poise. This power of unconscious, easy address is perhaps the hardest thing that the college girl has to acquire. Yet, it is essential that the modern woman should have the ability to express herself without difficulty, whether it be merely to a group of friends or to a large audi- ence. It is for this reason that our society lays so much stress upon the delivery of the programs, and any of our Diateleans will testify that, since her membership in the society, she has lost much of the embarrassment which she formerly felt on speaking before a body of people. We feel that the Diatelean Literary Society is aiding her members in the attainment of the perfection expressed in her motto: "Per aspera, ad astraf, May the influence exerted by our society become wider and stronger with each successive year of her history! And may her members continue to develop according to the principles learned from her, and thus, each one, grow into noble and cultured womanhood! 75 EUCHRESTIAN LITERARY SOCIETY 1 1 41 iliurhrvztian lflitvrarg Qnrivig Illofto .' Esse non videri. Flower: Marechal Neil Rose. Color: .' Green and Gold. Stone .' Emerald President-Grace German Vice-President? ElsigsBaxter Recording Secretary-Joyce Decker Corresponding Secretary-F annie Shaw Treasurer-Clara Carpenter First Critic-Agnes Pliifer Second Critic-Margaret Marquis Censorel..ucile Bondurant Hall lVlanagersflVlary Miller and Elizabeth Lincoln Pages-Margaret Everington and Julia Houston 77 Hllvmhrrz Nina Anclerson Lila Asbury Lula Carpenter Cora Deck Margarette Erwin Pearle l-lege Daisy Hunt Flora Jeffries Hallie Key Mary King Lochia Lowery Willie Young Julia Marquis Louise Miller Mamie McCann Pauline Qrr Lila Russell Jessie Scott Etta Skipper Annie Tiencken Louise Vollers Ruby Watson Louise Wilkes ras qrf fa -- Lf Sip l l V, , l -' - .XX li Lgiatnrg nf thi, iiurhrwatian Elitvrarg Surivtg Euchrestian Literary Societyfa-show our hearts thrill with love and pride when we say these words. The Society was formed on February 9, l898, and now in 1907 it is a bond of love and sympathy between its members. Cur motto, "Esse non viderin has ever been our arnbition. We have kept it before us and in our thoughts in trying actually to be rather than seem. Our literary work has been very interesting, and especially has it been so in the last few years. This fall U we have studied many subjects, but all have been interesting and helpful. Une evening was spent on the live questions of the day, not only those of America, but of Russia and Japan and other countries. Another evening was passed with the Confederate Gen- erals in the Confederacy. The girls have worked hard this year and have written many good essays, which have shown much originality of thought. To be an Euchrestian not only means to be gifted in a literary way, but it means to have success in social affairs. This was shown conclusively by the reception given the new girls soon after the college opening. Among the Euchrestians this year are numbered many of the most attractive and brightest girls at Elizabeth. lllore than half the Society are taking the collegiate course. Five of the Senior Class are members. All are loyal to the green and gold, not only the girls who are here now, but the ones who have gone out from the College. We love the name Euchrestian, but the little pin which we wear is upholding the highest and truest standard of lifegafor the letters mean "to live to be usefulf' 79 mmg mnmrna Olhriatian Ananriatinn ix i N the year 1902 a small banclof Elizabeth College girls felt the need of A an organization which wouldldraw them J, Vg I 2 closer to each other, both spiritually and socially. The Y. W. C. A. was just what they were seeliing, and ln gg g April of the same year they organizediwith twenty-three charter members. 3 Although there is little Written regarding its progress, We know that it exerted a powerful influence for good 4 which it is doing today. However, We have still much room for improvement and many difficulties to overcome, nevertheless, we are thankful to say that our association this year is .stronger than ever before in many respects. Out of sixty-four students, fifty-eight are members and all the faculty with the exception of two are members, most of them giving cheerful service and valuable aid in serving on committees and assisting on programs. Most of the committees are doing good work, holding meetings regularly once a month. Our cabinet, which is com- posed of the officers and chairmen of the committees, meets every Saturday evening. On Wednesday night of each Week at ten o'clocli, We have a short prayer-meeting led by one of the girls, This is Well attended and much interest is taken in it. Our regular devotional meetings are held on the fourth Sunday of each month. To give some idea of the nature of these meetings we insert one of our programs :i ' A Uhr CEUIIPQP Cfsirlfa Zlhvala Vocal Duet ------ Misses Creever and Snyder V SCRIPTURE READING Prayer College lcleals ------ Miss Ely Violin Solo - - - lVliss Walker The Ideal Friend - Miss Hedrick The Ideal Student - - Miss Summer HYMN f The Ideal Christian Worker - - - Miss Folk A College Girls ldeal for the Future - - - - Miss Gi-aichen SILENT PRAYER November l8th, l906, 7 P. lVl. A 'so IH. IM. QT. Ps.---QD1'tirPra President: Vera Mauney. A Vice-President: Ruth Snyder. N Treasurer: Fannie Shaw. 7 Secretary: Alice Houston. Brhntinuztl Glnminittre Chairman : Ruth Snyder. Hflriiihrra Rosalyn Summer, Clara Voigt, Zula Hed- rick, Clara Carpenter, Corinne Puett, Vera Mauney. 3h1tvr-Qinllegizlte Glnmmittrv Chairman : Alice Houston. illlrmhrra Miss Lewis, Georgia Crockett, Miss Um- berger, Mary King, Elsie Baxter, Victoria Goree. Elliliunre Glnmmiitvv Chairman: Fannie Shaw. irllemhnrz Sarah Houseal, Louise Hipp, Elizabeth Gilreath, Joyce Decker, Nina Anderson, Annie Tiencken, Louise Vollers. 81 Svnriul Glummittve Chairman: Frances Louise Neal. illlvnzhrrf- julia Marquis, Edna Harper, Margaret Everington, Bessie Bryant, Ernestine Graichen, Miss French, Zula Hedrick. fllllrnxherahip Olummittre Chairmen: Cecille and Nellie Stuart. flllmnhbrs Blanche Roberts, Bertha Beazell, Edna Hipp, Franke Folk, Mamie McCann, Annie Owen, Miss Greever. Sunhag Srlinul Qlnmzniitrr Chairman: Ada Stirewalt. imlenilwra Miss Palmer, Margaret Marquis, Annie Buchanan, May Benson, Etta Skipper, Madeleine Rollwage, Grace German, Zelia Corriher, Elizabeth Lincoln, Ruby Watson. ' , , i f ' X 2 xii". REIZT X XX X X h ' X NSN Xi' xx x Wiki Y i R l r V1 1 'N' 'X .X XXX X X 'fl il' 1 l' lj ' 4- xx. l R- 4 ' L X X ll: X 1 N XXNN X Q x XX ,i X xg -, X frlflimainnarg Svurivig Object-To promote an intelligent interest in the general Work of Missions Gbftirera President-Clara Louise Voigt Vice-President-Rosalyn Summer Secretaryf-Nellie Stuart Treasurer-eejoyce Marie Decker Membership- ee Fifty-eight 82 Athlvtir Annnriaiinn Bealell C. Stuart Carpenter ' ' N. Stuart Baxter , , J 'liarzitg Eaakvt 162111 Gram YELL : Hey ho! Hi ho! Rip, rah, ree! 'varsrtyl 'vareityl Of, old E. C! 84 Forward Goal Center Guard Guard 'VARSITY BASKET BALL TEAM Winners in thellnter-collegiate Championship Came BeaZell' Hedrick German Dotger J Corriher Harper Goree 'Glrrllrjfzrilag with-rh Flrfatn r fcaptainj E h A . 5 . YL Who for? What for? Who do We yell for? Who do you suppose for? Collegiates ! e Collegiates! 86 Goal Forward e ' Center - Guard Guard Substitutes Beazell Voigt German Corriher Baxter Swniuur ZBMRQIP iiall Efrarn fCaptainD - Yellzalfurrah for the blue! Hurrah for the red! h -Hurrah for the Seniors! ' "Nuf-sed !" 88 Goal Forward Center Guard Guard SENIOR BASKET BALL TEAM McCann fcaphj DuKate A - Mgungy - Boyd A Folk '- Shaw Summer Zluninr Iflankvt Ball Gram r ' YELL: ' 1 Al-lurrah! Hurrah! With all your might F or the dear old cardinal and white! Wave 'em early, Wave ,em late, F or the staunch old class of l908! 90 - Goal FOI'WHl'Cl Center Guard Guard Substitutes JUNIOR BASKET BALL TEAM 91 Lucas Harper Hedrick Goree Miller Marquis Scott : Snphnmn1fP'If5amk2t'4 Ball Gram fflaptainj Y, x Yqzz Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Ray! What is that I hear you say? Who are fine? We are flue! We're the class of nineteeu-nine! 92 Goal Forward Center Guard Guard Substitutes SOPHOMORE BASKET BALL TEAM I-lege Graigzhen Rollwage ilfrmlymann Eankvt 135111 Gram Dptger fcaptainj Houseal ' Hipp - Tellfw-Rah! Rah! Rah! Wherea? What? When? - Freshmen! Freshmen! Nineteen-ten ! 94 Goal Forward Canter Guard Guard Substitute FRESHMAN BASKET BALL TEAM 95 Nea! Carpenter Stuart, C. Wilkes Carpenter Stuart, N1 Baxter Bryant l !..inco!n ! Svprrial igirkrh 'Gram fCaptainj fell:-Boom-a-lack! Boom-a-lack ! Boom! Boom! Bah! - ' special! ! Champions ! Yah! Yah! Yah! p 96 Manager Captain Goa! Forward Center Guard Guard Substitutes SPECIAL PICKED TEAM Igemkvi mall. Elnnrnamvnt Collegiates vs. Specials, sl5-l l, Nov. 29, '06 Specials vs. Collegiates, 9-5, Dec. 4, '06 , Specials vs. Collegiates, l4-8, Dec. 5, '06 Referee: Miss Bennett. Scorer: Miss Willis Umpires: Misses Walter and Lewis W Time-keeper: Miss Creever Zlnter-Glnllngiate Qlnntegt ' The first game of a series of inter-collegiate games between the Presbyterian College for Women, and Elizabeth College, was played on the grounds of the former, April 8, l907. Miss Whitam, of Winthrop, acted as referee. The umpires were Misses Critchett and Walter, the Directors of the Physical Culture Departments of the respective Colleges. As Miss Carpenter, the Captain of the Elizabethans, was injured in one of the practice games, Miss Hedrick substituted as center. ln this game the entire team played extremely well, making many good throws and doing fast work throughout. The score at the end of the second half was I0 to 4 in favor of Elizabeth. The second game of the series was played on the Elizabeth grounds, April 13, Miss Cooper of Columbia College for Women, acting as referee. There was more excitement, if possible, over this game than the previous one. Once more the Elizabethans carried off the honors by ascore of I0 to 7. g As the first two games were won by Elizabeth, the third game was called off by the Presbyterians. 98 CflPn11ia Qlluh Manager :-Vera Mauney iHI.'llIlJP1'Er AI1ClCIS01'1, Nina Exley, Bessie May Baker, Pearle Folk, Franke I Baxter, Elsie Frengv M155 G B ll, B h erman, race I eaZEWanfrtB1SSie ciifearh, Elizabeth' Carpenter, Clara Clorezirxxlatorlali t- Corrilier, Zelia M3332 Jlggjfelne Crockett, Georgia Todd, Mary Decker, Joyce Walker, Miss Everington, Margaret Walter, Miss Ely, Miss Wilkes, Louise Entnling Gram Manager :-Elsie Baxter iiilrmhrrs Anderson, Nina Deck, Cora Shaw, Fannie Asbury, Lila Decker, Joyce SHYCICY, Ruth v Baker, Pearle Neal, Frances Louise Swag' Cecil? H, Beazell, Bertha Owen, Annie ugigglmef lgosal n Bryant, Bessie Parsons, lna Scotia Jessiey Carpenter, Clara Rollwage, Madeleine Walker, Miss - Corrilier, Zelia Richardson, Miss Walter, Miss Crockett, Georgia Rud1s1ll,Julia Wilkes, Louise 99 A l I n lx ll , v iQ xl ll ix, iii ll ll 'I l in . I li is l 1 la l l w 'l I f y 1 I. W, ilil iq , . l 1 T 1 I M 1 l 'il 'HI X.,-.fi W 2-8 V if Q S 'N 3--in 4 ' xo lik QQ9x Lx -QSPNO Q Niyiff M Q 36,1 Wrfjteflffb - 01,10 Pau AHA l ' ff OM' W my ,rind f if el mtl t e MJ e W QW MWA ' 'fi gem Wim M lx Qqefv 54,0 l W'DN,WW.l7fgwbJI" V I XXXKD N ' X Taken from "The Charlotte Evening News," April 12th, 1907, on the eve of the Championship Basket Ball Game between the Presbyterian College and Elizabeth College, in which the Elizabeth College 'Varsity Team won the two games played on April the Sth and the 13th, with a score of 20 to 11 in favor of Elizabeth. lAbove drawing was made by Mr. Andrew Hutchison, Artistl Z B 'w ' 'Nl 'S ,7 The Second Basket Ball Game between the Presbyterians and the Elizabethans on the Elizabeth grounds, April 13th. Score 10 to 7 in favor of Elizabeth 101 CELEBRATING THE VICTORY OF THE INTER-COLLEGIATE BASKET BALL CONTEST Athlrtir Aimnriatinn President :-Clara Carpenter Vice-President:-Vera Mauney l Secretary :-Bertha Beazell V , Treasurer : -Elsie Baxter Athletics has attained a position at Elizabeth which it has never held before. Early in the fall, through the active interest of Miss Walter, our new physical culture director, the Athletic Association was organized, with a present membership of sixty, including several members of the faculty. Under this new athletic regime Tennis and Bowling Clubs, 'Varsity and Class Basket Ball Teams were formed. The preparation of grounds for field hockey is being favorably considered and we hope to add this great college game to our list of out-door sports. I, V There have been two Basket-Ball Tournamentssfirst, a series of six games between the class teams, the Senior-Junior game being the far more exciting, as it decided the championship-the Juniors winning g second, a.. series of' three games between the Collegiates Ka picked team from the class teams, and the In Specials. Much enthusiasm was manifested at each game, especially at the last one, as each team had won one game. It was the closest and most exciting of the. series, abounding in splendid field work, and fast playing throughout. Each team' came prepared to carry ,off honors, but when? time was called at the end of the second half, the Specials had won by a score of l4s to 8. A I s On Saturday, December I5, a meeting of the Athletic' Association was held in the college auditorium .for the purpose of presenting tothe association a loving cup, the gift of the welllwishers af this organization, Drs. C. A. Misenheimer and P. Matheson, Mr. W. C. Schaeffer and Mr. David Ovens. After several talks on athleticstby .the members of the faculty, the cup was formally presented by Mr. Schaeffer, who imposed this condition :' that it should remain in the hands ofthe Athletic Association until it had been won by some team for three successive years, and that the 'Special Basket Ball Teamy as champions this year, might therefore claim 33 I'-3a per cent- ownership. ' A ' ' s - The purpose of the cup has certainly been accomplished, viz: to awaken more interest in athletics, and iwith this interest and spirit the Athletic Association' of '06 and '07 leaves the wish for a still stronger and larger association for the year of '07 and '08. 103 CAMPUS VIEW, LOOKING TOWARDS THE CITY - W I Cigv , V Iuhz zmil Cbrganigniinnn . . Wy? , fx E- 'A "' L4 A f ,.. , K x 1 ,. X ' 5279! , ,' ,gn X i I 1 A X fl '. e X I x. -,-Lgxi ,yy'fif2- jg M X x 1 ,f ffl X -, fm QS l e f l to f , . I I I 1 I f -L-I I ' U l Q 7 i f l X Nnrth Glarnlinat Stair Gllnh Motto .'-Esse Quam Vicleri. Colors .'-Sky Blue and White. Flower .'-Pine Cone. Dz'.flz.'--Opossum ancl Sweet Potatoes. Drink:-Persimmon Beer. Song:-The Old North State. Yell .'-Rickety-roo! Rickety-roo ! North Carolina, White and blue, Toot her, root her, she's first rate, North Carolina,Old North State ! Qbiiirvrz Governor :-Joyce Decker Lieutenant Governor :-Frances Louise Neal Secretary of State :-Mamie McCann State Treasurerr- State Auditor :-F annie Shaw 106 -Zelia Corriher Attorney-General: -Bessie Bryant Um' 162215 PEARLE BAKER BEATRICE BOYDV BESSIE BRYANT CLARA CARPENTER LULA CARPENTER ZELIA CORRIIIER JOYCE DECKER VERNER DELLINGER MARGARET EVERINCTON PEARLE HEGE ZULA HEDRICK LOCHIA LOWERY LOIS LUCAS VERA MAUNEY MARY 'MILLER CARLOTTA, MUEGGE MAMIE MCCANN FRANCES LOUISE NEAL INA PARSONS BLANCHE ROBERTS CORINNE PUETT JULIA RUDISILL ALICE HOUSTON DAISY HUNT FANNIE SHAW ADA STIREWALT MARY KING FRANKE STALEY ANNIE TIENCKEN LOUISE VOLLERS Qnnnrarg illlmnhera MISS BENNETT MISS LIENBACH MISS ' MCDOUGALL MISS WILLIS 107 xr f N ai eff l 1 fi NH Wil? Q AK ,, W Z 55 Q Qi .4 X X I I , I 'X . lr L 1- 'bl'-l www r , fy ,f , " , f - :fe 1 ,S ' f tw Walt-v a 12?-fe' 5 7 f X 7 iif? ' 3 X X X ol? 'rd lg ' , "'- Lids? l 1, Uhr lgalmvttnz T - -T N ,.. Motto.'-Dum Spiro Spero. Colors:-Red and Black. Emblem:-Cotton boll. -3 Poet:-Henry Timrod Artist-Miss Earle E Yells:-Zip boom ba! Zip boom bo! ' We're from S. C. Z' South Car-o-li-na We, We, We, " Ho, ho, ho! From the old Palmetto State, I Wave the palmetto high in the breeze, Don't you see? ln the Sunny South where you never freeze. We're Leaders, Three cheers, three hos, We're Seceders, F or the Palmettos! We're always first, We! We! We! ng 0911irerz 4 2 . PRESIDENTIEL-FI-llgxiiirivce Folik VICE.-PRESIDENT:-Rosalyn Summer SECR :-E na Harper TREASURER:-Ruby Watson - itltlmnhrrs Franke Folk, Rosalyn Summer, Edna Hipp. Louise Hipp, Ernestine Graichen, Etta Skipper, Julia Marquis, Elizabeth Bryan, Lola Smith, Sarah l-louseal, Hallie Key, Mary Todd, Margaret Marquis, Ruby Watson, Clara Voigt, Edna l-larper. I-Ionorary fllembers:-lVliss Earle, Miss Scheper. rx tx XA , J- ' f ' I x r I 1 M X est YI I ll X l Z' 5X l I if N if - f I -f'-S-ei-,J .. .,f- , X ff i 1. ,, xt ff ' y 0 W M if I ,I N A ' I fugnlaf, "., f ,, ,Ee iff . 2 1 , - ' , an , . 7 ,, A 1' N ' 'CZ 51155-'r' 5f5Z , -5 :ff- f.,cf: 2:2--M124-,Mr 1 -ffau'a.'.A-2 Maw..--if 1 fa fry!!-1. fl, , --an . ff? , ' ffeff 'L . I I Id? if .5 , .- f75- H ,..:!-dffrgef f fy I Q - . - I :11 fl! ' 'f f' sex 1 ff---L Q u -,f"'I'.n'e'4f'. fff f I -f ,fQff,arll'Z.Qf J I ffii LN X '-'13-3 1,,,,.,i, ' ,'i'l f f' if Q ' 7 f f fl I if - - f -' JL 'I Z:1if 'f ,ffl I f' :gg Jf?2.Z's , ,f f .' Z V 'e f ' Hrrgrnm Glluh CEftirvr5 jmpnihprg Eunnrarg Members President: Georgie Crockett Ruth Snyder Nina Anderson Dr. King Miss Umberger Vice-President: Ruth Snyder Cecme Stuart Jessie Scott Miss Palmer. Miss James Secretary: Nellie Stuart. N H. St t G . C k tt Miss Richardson Mrs. Anderson Treasurer: Cecille Stuart - e le uar eorgle me e Miss Greever The roses nowhere bloom so bright As in Virginia, The sunshine nowhere shines so bright As in Virginia, The birds sing nowhere quite so sweet And nowhere hearts so lightly beat- For heaven and earth both seem to meet, . Down in Virginia. "IN VIRGINIA" The days are never quite so long As in Virginia, Nor quite so Filled with happy song As in Virginia, And when my time has come to die, just take me back and let me lie I Down in Virginia. There is nowhere a Iand so fair As is Virginia, So full of song, so free of care As is Virginia. And I believe that Happy Land The Lord's prepared for mortal man Is built exactly on the plan Of old Virginia. 4- . 41 41-4 ' A if ,X l T I l ng- i-1, faAl,x ',1 J.,-1-l Arkanfmn Ollnh c Flower .'-Apple Blossom. Colors :ARecl and White. M otto:-Regnant Populi, Tefl.'-Welre from Arkansas! ' What's our sign? - Red ancl White. Arkansas nine! President: Mary Kate Riley Vice-President: Annie Owen Secretary: Annie Buchanan Treasurer: May Benson ' illlvmhvrn May Benson Lola Mann Annie Buchanan Annie Owen Victoria Goree Mary Kate Riley Julia HOUSYOH Madeleine Rollwage Louise Wilkes 110 Uhr State jnf Single Iglmzrhtwaa Wfotto .' E Pluribus Unum. ' Ffo'we7'5.'YNasturtium, Lilly-of-the-valley, Carnation, Sweet Pea, Wild Rose, Sweet Willia MILDRED BECKWITH ELIZABETH GILREATH ELIZABETH LINCOLN BESSIE MAE EXLEY LUCILLE ABRAHAM OLA DU KATE - MERCEDES SOLA Slvvpg Qiullniu 2-'fvlvrpvrn Motto .'-Sleep ancl grow beautiful. Colors -Midnight Clslackl, Starlight fyellowj. Snoozing Time 1, A All the time. Song Z-"Please go away and let me sleepf, Sayingi-"Outen the light? Favorite Dish .' Candiecl yams Cyawnsl Cofors .' Gold, Gray, Blue, Olive, Pink, l..ilac, and Garnet m, and Forget-me-not 1?lHP11IhP1'5 Florida - Alabama - Indiana - Georgia - Louisiana - Mississippi - Porto Rica Slveprrz in the Slrvpvr ' UPPER BERTH Bertha E. Beazell, fSnoozerD - - - Pittsburg, Pa Grace M. German, fNapperj - - - AHCIITOWH, Pa. LOWER BERTH g Elsie E. Baxter, fSnorerD - - - Baltimore, Md. Lucile A. Bonclurant, fNoclderD - - Hickman, Ky. 111 I REAR VIEW OF GROUNDS SHOWING MAIN BUILDING AND CONSERVATORY Favorite Drink :-Alcohol. Qlhv iExpPrimP11tP1'5 .Queezz Bfe.--Miss Lewis. Zelia Corriher-Chief taster Favorite saying-"Of course mine has done wrong." Joyce Decker-Grand mixer Favorite saying-mls this right, Miss Lewis ?" Margaret Marquis-Chief smeller Favorite saying-"What's she doing now 9" Clara Voigt-Bottle-washer Favorite saying-"May I ask one more question ?" Marie Yeager-Bottle-breaker Ilflotto:-Let Miss Lewis do the work Favorite saying--"Oh, l've discovered something new I" When in Chemistry do gather the Five, They act as in a regular bee-hive, And supreme above reigns the renowned Queen Bee Who buzzes and says, "You sure tickle me l" And lirst comes along our dignified Joyce, Who thinks she will make mixing her choice. What's she making, is it HNO3 ? Miss Lewis only says, "You sure tickle me I" And next comes our member who's sure to break Everything that she wishes to take. You'll now recognize our stupid Marie, And Miss Lewis cries, "You sure tickle me !" Then comes in Clara with her chin tilted high, As if to assure us that all things are nigh Unto her who desires all things to know, And then Miss Lewis cries, "You tickle me so !" Margaret comes next with nose tumed to sniff All gaseous odors that come in a whiff. All things about Chemistry she strives to know, And Miss Lewis cries, "You tickle me so !" Then last but not least little Zelia appears, Who'll taste everything without knowledge or fears. "Chemistry's a bore," says she so low, As though afraid Miss Lewis will say, "You tickle QUEEN BEE'S SONG. "You tickle me so! You tickle me so That oft' I wish you were way down below, Where there are nothing but 'bases' and where gases ignite, And with your aid will bum all the more bright." me SO 132 Erie Glanal Etnellerz Landlord - - Rosalyn Summer Banquet Master - l-OUISC W1lkCS Deed Recorder. - Madeleine Rollwage Sentinel - ' MISS Palmer Rent Collector - - Cecille Stuart ,lanitor - A Nellie Stuart Most Honorable ludge - - - Margaret Marquis ,44atro.'-Work while you work: play while you playg eat while you eat. Orcupation:-Studying Colors:-Red and champagne. Favorite pastime.--Talking out of the windows. Flower.--Night-blooming series- Familiar Cana! Saying:-"ls Miss Palmer in her room P" Sozzg.--Where's the "Canal"? Where's the "Canal"? Don't you know? Can't you see? Ten little offices, The most popular corridor All in a row! ln old i'Betsey" ! Ofiice Number 42 Office Number 43 Office Number 44 Oflice Number 45 Office Number 46 Madeleine Rollwage Louise Wilkes Victoria Goree Julia Houston "Tenant wantedf OFFICE SIGNS OF THE " CANAL" ROW HDealer in reprimandsf' -UE.xpert lessons given in 'slipping' N -"Sleep to be had here." -"Expert lessons given in practice skipping." Office Number 47 Office Number 48 Office Number 49 Office Number 50 Office Number 51 YE CANAL DWELLERS Louise Vollers Mary Todd Annie Tiencken Rosalyn Summer Margaret Marquis May Bgngon Julia lVlHfClUiS Annie Buchanan u "Alarm clock for rentf' L4 as A4 Thoughts sold cheapf' Lessons in correct laughing." Walk inQentertainment free Wanted-express packagesf Nellie Stuart Cecille Stuart Blanche Roberts Carlotta Muegge Uh? 'i6ru'lw11-Erartvh Qlluh Hlottox-Be at rest oh, weary heart !! ixgl Qeff fiKl'l'07'ifE Ormpnti0n.'-Moon-gazing. Colorxs-Bloocl-recl and black. Ffou er Hearts ease Efanuritv Sungff Duke's-"What's the use of loving if you can't love all the time Pais-'Ll wonder where you are to-night, my love." lVlike's-"I canlt tell why l love you, but l clo-oo-oo f'Iir1nl1v1'5 There are only three, but thats enough. If any one knows of a' cure fo broken hearts please 1' in k - Q45 Q. '-Wg ,gp , 4 M A' ,4 I' X notify the following mvahds: 'i r Ola M. Dulfate Georgia Crockett X 4- X Franke Folk .13 5 5 r 'I r 1553 J 115 Beloxi, Miss. Tazewell, Va. Bamberg, S. C Uhr Ennligan illamilg Der Captain: Grace German Ze Cop! Lucille Bonclurant Happy-Hooliganl Mamie McCann Gloomy Gusi Mary King i Montmorency I-looligani Elizabeth Lincoln Ma Katzenjammeri Lila AsburyS Hans Katzenjammerl Elsie Baxter Fritz Katzenjammeri Louise Wilke Jimmy! Mary Lois Miller Maucli Clara Carpenter Me London Friends : Beatrice Jinkins and "Lasses', Wyse Teh!-I-lee Haw! Hee Haw! Hee Haw! Hee! Never get caught in cleviltry. Hee Haw! l-lee Haw! Hee Haw ! Haw! Hooligans, Hooligans, Rah! Rah! Rah! SONG : ' fTo tune of Hiawatha, All the I-looligans are here, r Give a cheer, what's to fear? F or Policemen are all far away. Now the Hooligans rally in the Cr. T. alley, ,Hurry Jimmy, clon't delay I Oh, we're up to excitement, Ne'er relente ane,er repent, S' F or everybocly's always down on us, Never mincl, Hooligans, who's to care for all their fuss Cfzorus I-We'll ever follow fast our brothers clear, The Cops Weill never fear, Qur Captain always near 3 With Happy, Gloomy, jimmy Slow Hans, Fritz ancl Monte Show, Maucl in the rear! HOOLIGAN FAMILY i 155 ljhgairizia Requirements for rnembershipi Be brilliant, adore Miss Lewis, and believe all that Bluff tells you. iHHvn1hv1'ia President Secretary and Treasurer Vice-President Simpleton Dummy Bluff M. Mc. R. S. W. Y. Motto I 'Be not what thou seemest, or else there is something 1I'1 Zi l'l3l'I'lC. Mascot ZelVliss Lewis Favorite Expression and Favorite Color :-With the excep- tion of the first letter our favorite expression and color are the same g given the colonggarnet. Qccupationzf Acting so that the sum of all our acts and words+0. Time of Meetingl aal2Z30 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Place of lVleetingZeRoom Number l8. 118 "Come, girls, let,s go and study some," Says Mamie our Simpleton, "Uh, no let's clon't,,, says Bluff Who is certainly not made of the right kind of stuff. But study we must for anon comes 'long Dummyaea Who ceases afor Physicseto be so funny So Dummy with her ears stopped and Simpleton, reading loud, And Bluff acting like she knows it all, thro' Physics We do plowla efor a minute ! No doubt we pause every now and then 011 things on which Physics does not depend, On plans and on scraps and on things which would doom Gur minds to unstable equilibrium, ls it a wonder then that wherever We turn We hnd old Physics so hard to learn? Hloftoz Uhr U. EH. Qlluh To strive, to seek, to hide so as not to be found. Place of l'lfIL't?fl'71gZ Chattolanee Springs. Chief Oc'cz1jmZz'o11: Tripping the Light Fantastic, after the lights go out The Lamp-lighter Total Ahstainer - Chief Catcher Chief Biter Chief Spectator Those who move obsequiously Master of Ceremonies Silent Partner mP11lhP1'5 119 Patron Saifzfsz Thirteen F air Damsels P Franke Corinne F annie Ina t Zula l Edna Alice Miss Bennett Colon:-Blue and Gold. Membefs ' Lucille Abraham Franke Folk - Mary Kate Riley Lola Mann - Ula Du Kate Annie Buchanan Madeleine Rollwage Elizabeth Gilreath May Benson Lois Lucas - Georgia Crockett 66 Svkihnu Qllnh Flofwerrf-Forget-me-not. Motto!-Silence is Golden Cfzaracz'erz'sfz'cs "lf silence is golden, then you are bankrupt - - "She is a jewel the world cannot buy A good, strong character with independence and force. A most unspotted lily. "A little Qieen of Hearts. "To know her is to love her. A "A heart of a lover is never at rest "Grace is in all her steps. "How sweet and fair she seems to he. "Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are "The daintiest last, to make the end rnost sweet. 120 SKIDOO CLUB Uhr Zliamilg "Pawn - ' 'tlVlaw" "Bud, - Li 7! "Uncle Abe" - "Heart" - - - - 'Little Qrphant Anniei' - - - - - Elizabeth Bryan - Joyce Decker - Fannie F. Shaw - Edna Harper Elizabeth Lincoln - - - Lula Carpenter - - - - Clara Voigt Wal, l suppose you want me to tell you all about our family. There ain't much to tell but, it you will keep still a few minutes and not get frggity in the least, l'll tell you what is wuth knowing about us. ln the lust place, Paw and me, we fell in love at lust sight. His good looks attracted me and my nat'ral beauty, for I was always considered hanisome in my day and time, quite attracted him. Of course we kep' on lovin' each other harder and harder and right now we think a heap of each other. Thatis what makes us appear so lovin'-like to you peop' Now you must admit that Bud is the brightest thing a-g looks,-and everybody says he is just like his Maw. But Ed, one mornin' announcin' he had a Sweetheart? Now you like then, that shows you don't know him. Sweetheart is a cute little head to fall in love with her. Of course as Ed is the baby the oldest. Gh, wal they are both the very best, the Very nices But now to come to the most wonderful part. Brother he is my long lost brother, and the wonderful stories he does te so many narror escapes from cannibals and baboons and all su But you can wal imagine our joy at receiving him into our faml Annie. Ain't it funny as how she come to us one day, but you t C. oin'. All the gals is crazy about him, on account of his good -well can you imagine how sulprised we was when he come in gy think him too young and innercent to be much on gals,-but ittle trick and we was mighty glad he took it into his dear i suppose he is spoiled, but not any more than Bud, because heis and the brightest children I ever seen. Abe come back from Afrikey not so very long ago. You know l makes me feel rale kind of nervy like and scary. He has had ch wild animals as you can find in any of them foreign countries. ,y, and now there only remains to tell you of poor, little, orphant know that story,--and now she helps me so much that I shouldn't never know how to get along without her. She is rale bright and witty too, and is so good to the children. She humors baby Ed in everything and ofcourse thafs what Paw and me wants her to do. Wal this is all I kin think of that would go to prove our family is the happiest one in all Amerikey but dear me Bud and Ed are having a hght right now and I've got to act as peace-maker. l suppose Itll give 'em both ai gingei cake arid tell 'em to make up and be good. Dear me, what times we do have! 135 Ilinur sinh Nu More NEWBERRY LASSES Q What did you say, Where are we from? Newberry! Newberry! Off on a run! Object'-To get all that's coming our way. Zlffoffof-Be merry while you may. Color!-Blue fslightlyy. Fafvorzte Sayz'1zg.' "rl-here's no place like home Eiiima, Iilarvs auth Gutihitiurxa uf Ellvetiuga ln room number 33 on Sunday nights from 8 to IO, when Edna has tooth- ache and a bag of apples and Louise has a box of I-luyler's. ln room number 48, at I0 p. m. on any night when Mrs. S. kindly sends a box of dough-nuts, or on any occasion when the HN. Lf, club is kindly I'CfI'1Cl'I1lDS1'CCl. ln room number 5, at all hours on all days, when Sarah's mama sends a box. ln hallway, on second floor under light from 5 a. m. to 6:45 a. m. on French test days. Q?fRrP1'5 President - - - Rosalyn Summer Vice-President - - - Edna Hipp Secretary - - Sarah l-louseal Treasurer - - Louise Hipp I 123 Place of Ilffeetingf-Sneak-alley, No. 23. Time of Meetz'ng.'a Saturday night. M0tl0.' A stitch in time saves nine 5. 57. 13112111 There is so much to be saicl of our S. S. S. That I scarcely know how to begin, I confess, But will begin by saying it's heaps of fun To trip to "Sneak-alley" when our week's work is done. F or then, at least, We can have "Joy" with us, And hear clear Zezie her Math book cliscuss, And the Deacon, too, who of Pol Econ preaches, Ancl the all-wise Markie much Wisdom teaches. Then there's Veracity. Tall? Goodness, no Why in the world would you ever think so? And Ecl. Who is voted a perfect tease, Especially by Monk, who has "Heart" disease. There is only one other and that is me, Snooks l won,t begin, it would hll books ancl books ?? But please don't judge the others by this poem, Becauseaoh, really, you don,t know 'em. S zituiieiirz fur the S. Sf. 1 AGE g DESCRIPTION r-'AVORUE SAYING OCCUPATION i .HORROR . g2gEf,EllQ3S,85 AMBITION 1 ' A f t l ' e Vera Mauney I IQ A jolly roly-poly O Rorneo! GoinggaEQii:.C.A. Bugs Latin Skgliimlllzyiigr in , A. 5 h s l D' ' ll ti A' e ' Fannie Shaw Ogigeeofgpnyi mgsl Sxiilyigir ' O Juliet! Mencling Stockings Rising bell Pol Econ l Finish Physics Edna Harper AlWiZiIfeaClYt0i A perfect tease l:annie's off Making Slippers Dignity l St. George ,lioril-git aniinlor - l Pearle Baker Sweet Sixteen iAs. sweet as she looksl I am going to see'Verner Fancy Work Talking to boys OJ? Verner lTo be with Verner Verner Dellin er A Decreasing A heart breaker I am going to see Pearle l Drawing Sketches To be an olcl maid, Carl To sta at home 3 l I Y julia Marquis i Guess Very particular 'How Cloes that look now? Studying Spiders Soph. class history 'Pass on Geometry I i 1 P V . S I y ' ' i i , Blanche Roberts- Q 2 AP P P A Vogif jfajfjll I am geing to do it Writing Poetry English Miss W. and Miss K. Finish Music . A i Zena Corrihgr I--2 Yletzra E255 in Noiexgyerybilgggiidbul TI-1at's a funny one Going to thircl floor Being a bore, 1 Hearts ' 3 N Igexvgfygik - Q f- T ' cl i Joyce Decker ,Too olcl to ask WTO krilgxrlllzi lf ,to l wish l could clo that thargllgitgosgglggir Cabbage So much Work To get a letter I one person to do . - l from Emma V I 126 , '4 "WHITE HOUSE"-Presidenifs Residence Uhr Perpetual Earns fllatto.--Take all you canii get. Song.--What's the use of eating if you can't eat all the time? Colors:-Turnip green and apple red, flflfeting Place:-Cupid's Bower and l..over's Lane. - flltlemhvrz a Leola May Du Kate - - - - Chief Cater Edith Franke Folk ----- Chief rumager for food Lucille Beulah Abraham ---- Chief chafing-dish washer Georgia Ethel Crockett - - - Chief borrower of cooking utensils Eiztnriy nf the ':lHvrpgtue1'l ikiatvrz If you promise not to tell this great secret, l will "put you next" to theorgargization of the Perpetual Eaters. It was a dull Sunday afternoon during the time usually devoted to meditatiri'giilirr:pne's own room, that we four girls met in Cupid's Bower, no l..over's Lane. Instead of spending our time in devotional thoughts, we gathered around the table on which was placed some choice fried chicken, hard boiled eggs, pickles, olives, crackers and other goodies, and on these did we meditatetlong and j-oyfully. Q ' The next time we met was the day after Thanksgiving. Ola had just received a box from home, and Lucille was in a "seventh heaven of delight" when she spied all the good things contained therein. The club met many times after this, but the next very exciting time was l:ranke's box. One evening Franke approached Cupid's Bower giggling hysterically. Ola immediately inquired the reason for this unusual mirth, whereupon the delighted Franke told her that she had just received an immense box, and she also remarked that we seemed to pass our lives eating. Crockett, who had been silent until now, said: all that is true Franke, we are perpetual eaters." "Yes," agreed Lucille, Hand that is equal to eating all the time, and things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other." Hence our name. . Eliziuuritv Eislpzu nf 1132 lgrrpeiual iiatrrn Crockett-Cantelope fwho can elope from Betsyl. Lucille-Gumbo fshe's a mixture anywayj. A Franke-Hot chocolate fshe always was a warm memberj. Cla-Artichoke fshe ought to chokel. 128 X gffffis 'V ' t tot V ill, - s e- Wllllllllluuq lx Q ,Za , - S S 5-Illeiatefz iiruntg tguarha auth Qlnunaellnm illotto :-Rest easy while you may. Time of meeting :-Any old time. Place of meeting:-Any olcl place. Favorite rotor:-Green Favorite Plant :-Rubber. Favorite lounging-plate:-The great green chair. Favorite orezzpatiorz.-'Walking in on the unsuspecting. Favorite saying :-K' No talking! Girls, to your rooms E" Qmitirvrz Director - Miss Neal Chief Counsellor f Miss Nellie Stuart A Assistant - - Miss Crockett Treasurer - Miss Cecille Stuart Writer of Reports - - Miss Summer Chief Inspector - - - Miss Roberts F Hflrinhrra sinh what Glheg Diane Even Hiearh tu Sag Blanche :-"What must I do about it?" Fan Louise:-'KMay I take this to Bess 9" Crockett :-"Ain't it a mess ?" - Rosalyn :-"Who is on the sick list P" "Lellie" :-g'May I practice with Miss Walker this hour ?" Patron Saint :-"Meister". - "Teetie" :--"Rosalyn, clo you know how to turn on the lights?',' Patron Saintess :-Mrs. 4'Meister". fJa,w,,,m. Memberg 3-Miss "I-loneyu Miss uBantam" Miss "Toomey-Wootseyn Miss "ls tha'rso P" Thatis all, turn on. 129 E512 Cllrrrlr Eittmtirrz Le Cercle Litteraire girls organized themselves into a club November the thirtieth, for the purpose of reading and discuss- ing the latestnovels and the magazine stories of the day, as well as to have a good time socially. These girls always look forward with much pleasure to each Saturday night, when they can be together and express their own opinions upon this or that heroine and particularly upon this or that "I-lerof' illivmhrra Lnaiie Abraham Georgia E. Crockett Elsie E. Baxter Franke Folk Bertha E. Beazell Grace M. German May Benson Y Mamie McCann Annie Lucite Bnnanrnnr Mary Lois Miner e Annie Buchanan Mary Kate Riley ,130 LE CERCLE LITTERAIRE. Af. 'E' , Q if .gas K - ' ' rg? Cfv' Leig5 W, Glnttllum Qllnh 1 , N V ' 'fr 1 ' r X , P W 1 ' Colors:-Blue and Pink. Flower:-Sweet Pea. sf 7 I D W President-Georgia Crockett Q I 2, , , Vice-President-Ola Du Kate K ., X K X X Secretary-Nellie Stuart wi f t4,' X 5 P Treasurer-Cecrlle Stuart I V , ' t ' 5 1 lp X Mamie McCann -Hg M Marshals 4 Franke F0114 if-.. ,. ---- 4 'lr ' N ., . L , 132 Glntillinn Glluh, wmuimwh Htlmrllrvra Lila Asbury Margaret Everington Lochia Lowery RCUE1 AUStlH Helen T. French Caroline E.. Lienbach Lucille Abraham Victoria Goree P Lola Mann Bessie Bryant Elizabeth Cilreath Vera Mauney . May Benson Grace German Mamie McCann Annie Buchanan Ernestine Graichen Carlotta Meugge Beatrice Boyd Sarah Houseal Mary Lois- Miller Elsie Baxter Berta Hutchings Frances Louise Neal lrene Bennett Pearle I-lege Annie Owen Lucile Bonclurant Daisy Hunt i Marjorie Qsborne Bertha Beazell Louise Hipp Mamie K. Richardson Mildred Beckwith Edna Hipp Blanche Roberts Zelia Corriher Julia Houston Cammie Rodman Clara Carpenter Zula Hedrick Laura Riley Eva Covington Edna Harper Mary Kate Riley Ruth Dowd Flora Jeffries Madeleine Rollwage Ethel Durham Mary King Fannie Shaw Bertha Dotger Lois Lucas Rosalyn Summer Ola Du Kate Nan Lewis Ruth Snyder Franke Folke Elizabeth Lincoln Cecille, Stuart Nellie Stuart Louise Vollers Louise Wilkes Annie Tienchen Anna Catharine Walter Willie Young. Mary Todd Sadie L. Walker 133 Uhr 1Kuma1n lnh HOeellu5 es meus, tuus sum alzlmnux, mel meumf' 01351 nf Glharartrrz The Guardian Angel: Edna O. Harper Shortie: Alice Kerr Houston Middlie: Vera L. lVlauney t Longie : Fannie F. Shaw l Time .'-T-he wee, small hours of the dawn. g 1 h' I V Place .'-Upon a trunk in "Parad1se.', As the curtain rises a tall, sleepy looking girl is reposing upon a trunk in "Paradise" She slowly opens a book and attempts to read. A stately guardian angel' hovers near. Longie: fYawning? Oh! if they would only come! CA knock? l-lerethey are now. Come. Middlie: fpausing to catch a breath as she pokes head in door? You up, Longie? Canyou read this awful thing? Where,s Shortie ? Longie: Come on in, she will be over in a minute. l am so sleepy! Don't you think Plantus is fierce? llVliddlie: Do I? Don't you wish we could have a-- l-lere's Shortie! ' V flinter Shortie, a knowing look on her face. She is greeted with ecstasy by Middlie and Longiel Shortie: O girls! Longie: fWith a tragic air? O ye goddesses and little fisheries! Now we'll-- .The Guardian Angel: fWho approaches with a stately tread? My dear, remember the hour! The time has not come. 'Shortie: fReadingl - "You are the apple of my eye, l am your pet, mah honey,--" Middlie: Y Hconfouncl you! Come out from those pots and pans, you scalawag--" 'Longiez' ' f,'What in the mischief makes you ask me what to do ? Drink! The"Angel:A.ff fwith holy horror? What! Such language in Paradise? H l Longie: "What do you mean standing out there, brawling, before this door-'-' Micldliez i 'fwhat am l. any Way?" f , V N Shortidigu Q "Afxdirtyfhouse without a roof--,i X . . ' A 'Middliez . "How :grandly we are getting along! l , Loiigier "'f!What-sa good hath l have had. l do believe l am thoroughly scoured-- .2 The.'An'ge!: ' This must be stopped l -All:-.-,Whatl'mu1nbIing wretch is this which aloides in my 'house ?" 1 V l ' fBell rings., , Mitldlie: ' There, .and we are not over yet! l know :be will call on me for the part we l'aven't read. Shortie: She always calls on me for that-- Longie: 'Not you, but me! A - . , A . . QAs they disappear the Guardian Angel breathes a sigh of relief, saying-- Dear girls, they do have a time!! 134 Lake Views in Independence Park Joining College Campus ifihitura nf Thr Zlilizahrthan Qbuarirrlg Editor-in-Chief: Miss Helen T. French. Associate Editor and Business Manager, Miss Charles E.. Jeffords. Amuiriatr Ehttnra Miss Emma Boyle 2 " Clara Voigt - Literary Department " Martha Klenli 5 cE?!:mI3uBIiZiZr Literary Societies 'Z Zelia Corriher 5 " Ruth Snyder Athletics l' Mary Spencer " Gertrude Cappelmann, AlumnaeiEditor 44 Myrtle Smyre . Frances Louise Neal MUSIC 4: iss Georgie Crockett Elsie Baxter Art Joyce Decker L Franke Folk V Local and College Beatrice Boyd l A 'Hd 1 sarfflimiiiofflifs is Y- W- C- A- mgygsggp Business Department Bryte Baker l Ex ression Depa Lula Hahenicht p Allie Gray Buchanan ' Grace Schaeffer E h Vera Mauney XC ange Irene Cowan A Lottie Wyse Beatrice Jinlcins A College F un Bessie Graves S Notes rtment September l 8, " 22, Qctober l , H s ff 29: November 4, at " I 9, " 29, December 3, ff s at " 15, I7, " 21 9. Glnllvgv iihvnia Elin-51 Errm l ' March '06, College Opening. 3 i " Y. W. C. A. Reception. l l April Euchrestian Literary Society Reception. " Diatelean Literary Society Reception. l " Music Faculty Recital. g l-lalloWe'en Party. l " Recital by Beryl Rubenstein. l May Music Students' Recital. p i " Thanksgiving Day. Psychology Class entertained at Country Club , " Senior Class entertained by Miss Palmer. l Miss Walters, Expression Recital. l Presentation of Loving Cup. Music Students, Recital. Christmas Holidays begin. 7 r . January 7, '07, Christmas Holidays end. y February l l, Zlarruaiy IH, Svrrunh Urrm Brgina l Students' Recital fMusicl. l " I8-22, Mrs. Cordan Smithis Lectures. L . 137 4 ll 25 I I8 22 29 6 I3 9 7 Music Faculty Recital. Literary Societies, Reception. Students' Recital flixpressionj. Students, Recital Q Music D . Lecture by Rev. Bomar. Subject: Taste. Miss Margarette Hilton Erwinis Recital flixpressionj. Miss Ada StireWalt's Recital I Musicl. i Mythological Comedy Clixpressionl. , Shalcespearian Plays on College Campus by Ben Greet Company. l6, bliss Bertha E. Beazells Recital flflxpressionj. l9, Morning, Baccalaureate Sermon by Rev. ,A. G. Voigt, D.D. l9, Evening, Address before Missionary Socie- ty and Y. W. C. A., by Rev. Harris Mallinclcrodt 20, Monday afternoon, Reception and Art Exhibit. " evening, Annual Concert. 20, 21 , Tuesday morning, Senior Class Day. " evening, Graduating Exercises. Zl, Address by l-lon. D. A. Tompkins. CAMPUS LOAF ERS -Specials Mutual Admiration Society "Sam, why don't you talk ?" Big Four Midway Hangers on , PINE GROVE NEAR THE COLLEGE Recreation Limit on Elizabeth Avenueuin Sight pf College Qlharurivriatir Smgingz Elsie B.---"Oh, for lohrfs salce l" Elizabeth B.-"For hea-ven's sakef, Grace G.-"I was 'fraid of all thatf, Miss N. U.-"Well, what you Want ?H Clara C.-"Ain't it cute ?" Miss Earle.-"Theres always something to be thank Annie B.-"I just worship herf, ful forf' Lois l..."'HSZiy, l got something to tell youf, A Miss Bennett.""'Well, Lor' you all-in Mary K.m"l-li l Lune." l Miss Lewis.-"'But what T' Joyce D."'Annual Staff Meeting lv Miss French.-"Of course, of course." Fannie S.-"I was getting hostile." Marie Y.m"l-las Miss Palmer a class 9 Zelia.g"l'm going to see my heartf, Miss Mac.-"Well, that's the limitf, Elizabeth G.-"I did that for pure down meanness Miss Walter.m"M-e-o-u-W lu Eva.m"Well, ain,t it the truth 7, Agnes P.i"Zelia, can you Work these originals ?" Ola D.-"Oh, I have the cutest littleenn Prof.A"Students will be disciplined if-" Lucille A."'There goes that blooming bellf' Mr. Sfc"'Good morning, good morningf' Franke F.'ce-"Well, Patfcj' Miss Walker.g"You don't mean it." Madeleine R.-"Sure" Mr. K.?"To come to the point-" Mildred B.""'5ay, liiddolv Miss Palmer.-"Get to your rooms, young ladies ln 142 '-- 242 " ---, vf fT"N k,,.. uf E 5 511' Zi!" 4 .QK ' fx jf X522-A f E 2'7" K 'f " ." .2 E-E 1, Y 5224 W LEM K '-5f4 15'E? f J qw , QYFKF fl xl A DREAM OF THE FUTURE ffl, Eimvrirka nn Zliarnltg Miss Sessions calls everyone "Honey," But we think that not at all funnyg She's bright and she's witty And will sing you a ditty, Even though you give her no money. Miss Lewis wears a Peter Pan hat, She often tries to mash us flat. On every spot She says "but what ?" But still she's entrancing with all that. When in trouble we go to Miss Earle, Who to comfort beats all the world, She paints all day long With a smile and a song, And never was known to be in a whirl. Miss Richardson is a jolly good fellow And teaches "preps" down in the cellar. If you hear a noise late, She's there, sure as fate, And by her laugh you'll be sure to tell her. Miss Palmer, our Lady Principal, always chances When anyone for a moment drops in on the sly, She sends her home With a sigh and a groan, And says, "You're the pest of my life, oh my V' Miss Neta J., a nurse by profession, Has completely won all our hearts this session By curing all ills With little White pills Which she gives in rapid succession Miss Ely is calm and serene And oft wears a dress over green. On the campus with a book You'll find her if you look Enjoying the beautiful scene. Our English teacher, Miss French, the fair, ls almost devoid of hair. What's left on her head ls a beautiful red, But she has little of that to spare. by llimvrirk nn Zliarultg oinnnmwn Miss Leinbach is quite a musician, Who often has the "on-duty" position. She is very harmonious And also parsimonious ln granting the smallest permission. ln Miss Walter's room, if you peep, Cften shell be found asleep. Cupid's dart Has pierced her heartg So her, I fear, long we can't keep. Miss Scheper makes a melodious sound, When on the piano she does pound, And, as every note X Doth o'er the air float, All her hearers stand spell-bound. Miss MacDougall is never a bore, She has admirers by the scorei She is very hue And we all shall pine When she departs to return no more. Miss Greever is a fair "prep" teacher, Who is very fond of a preacher. When she lifts up her voice How we all do rejoice At her beautiful music,-Oh, none can List! do I hear the voice of a linnet? Oh! no, it is only lively Miss Bennett, Shell play and she'll sing Till our ear-drums will ring With her music with no tone at all in it. Miss Willis we all think so dear Will leave us soon we do fear For she's beaux to her string- A terrible thing F or an Elizabeth teacher-we hear. The jolliest one is Miss Walker And she is also the biggest talkerg ln ul-learts" and in fun She's the very first one, And she plays the fiddle like a corker. And now to the poets we would confess That mistakes in our meters might have been less. We know our rhymes Have been forced at times, But we have tried our thoughts to express. Q. E. D. 145 reach her li RECEIVING NIGHT Sviuhenfa Iliullrtin Eunarh LOST l l l L BASKET BALL A ALQST, MY LUNCH l An iclea, if found please return to C H , t If any one has taken my lunch, please return The Annual Staff O egla es vs. same to me, as l am in sad neecl of it. b Specials " M. H. Erwin Collegiates Line-up Specials A K, Q V 1 . Beazell Goa! C. Stuart FOUND l H - lgjxiiillfliih edu? f f geclriclc CC D Fcorwarcl C gfill-lei A reprimancl in the Conservatory. il 1 erman, apt. enter arp nt r a t. Dotger Guard e e Baster --. .l-- Corriher Guard N. Stuart Harper - Br ant v-'-gli? Goree l Subsmute l Linbcoln Mauney - Asbury 1 Shaw l Lmgsmen l Snyder Q Referee: MISS Bennett All Freslimans willl meet in No. l l at l2:30, . l M' W l A Umpifesl E23 M112 Leif' Thufsday WANTED!!! Scorer: Miss Walls A last line for limerick Time-keeper: Miss Greever 147 mlnfa wha? Is the best student? Fannie F. Shaw Is the broadest minded? Grace German ' ls the most popular? Elsie Baxter ls the greatest bluff? Willie Young -ls the hardest io rattle? Bertha Beazell ' Has the most attractive personality ? Louise Wilkes ls the most original? Elizabeth Lincoln ls the biggest jollier? Lucille Abraham 1 ls the most dignified? Joyce Decker ' A - ls 'the cutest? Mary Lois Miller A ls the most ambitious ? Clara Voigt I th ' ? It g 4 ..,. s e prettiest . lVlary? King M gp -"ls 'the most sentimental? 1 Ruby Watson I ls 'the most, inliuential? Alice Houston , .ls the. greatest talker? Mildred- Beckwith ' ' ' 1 I g I vhgg t ls the most enthusiastic ?r C. and N ., Stuart k .. n ' pls the -best athlete? Claraflarpenter g ls the bestall round? I , gl . X , . 7 . .. 1 . 5 if 1 "J K ij, A , - .N ff i f l ' 3' if I l""l" .N . i figs., ,.WdL,f,i 'V b if ff' "as-rg, ggJ, -,L . '--- EEF! . .L - V, g. gf' 's -- 10 T'- - ' ,f 5 ' -Ji ff y Q f with fa ,' 2- :gif 4' 1 iii! -J-.J 148 , ,f -3, -U-, .- - -,.. ...Q 1. . Vera Mauney A COSY CORNER IN REAR OF MAIN BUILDING The President's personally conducted Washington party during the Christmas holidays SPECIAL, BEFORE gf! v w , . , 1 p--+-- I ' ANUAFATER, ON THANKSGIVINC. DAY F. S.-" 1 ilnkva his head." Z. C.--fAt the grocery store,-HI Want three crackers please." I. S.-"It must be true because I read it in the paper." Teacher in Physiology.-"What is a vertebrate ?" E. I-I.-"A man I" New cure for a sty: E.. I-I.-"Pull lid out and it will get well." E. G.-I'She was a widow and her husband was dead." . G. G., fReading in French classj-'IA fidelity dog" ffaithfulj. ' L. A.-"Oh, girls I' this is receiving night. I wish I had some one to L. IVI., Lucille cleve ICIeveI to to-night." Un drug storeI-"Can you give me a two and an eight dollar bill for this ten ?" A., IA study in grammarl--"Oh I girls, I made the most awfullest break to-day." Expression teacher.-"When you are natural, what are you Miss V. Go Goree P" Q ree.-IIn her usual voice-Ioudl "SimpIe." Buzz.-'Say you aII, every time you hear a joke just jolt fjotj it down for me." I B. B.-ICensor of Diatelian Societyl, when asked for her report of the evening, said: "Considering the crowd fthe facultyl, the order was very good." I know a man who is so bald that he hasn't a drop of hair on t R. S.--:There is only one bill lBil1l I don't mind, and that is the one that comes the first Saturday nightf' IReceiving night.I Miss G.-"I am very fond of a certain kind of 'Sachetfn Buzz has her heart in her Ubootsf' Miss F.-"Who brought Christianity in Babylon ?" Lucille A.-"Jesus Christf' Elkf-"Miss Palmer, does community mean an acre of land ?', Miss E.-"Any Elizabeth girl can have tender meat if she choose. Ichews.I New construction in Latin-Dative of Course. IVIauney. Bee.-"Isn't it funny how they call it 'Welsh Rabbit, and there isn't any rabbit in itf' R. W., IAbsenl1nirrdedIyI-"Do you know I don't like people that are Teedy-Cblushingj, oh, I mean greedy." ' G. C.f"Isn't my 'Jay' a bird !" Buzz.-"Well, I should say he was a jay-bird." J. IVI.-"You know you can't kill a dead man." S. I-I.--IA FreshmanI "Does Napoleon come in English I-Iistozy ?', J. R.--"Oh!-Ada has two mighty nice side-boards in her roomf' Imeanmg wardrobes.I ' E. S.-K'The death of a deceased." A. Senior.wEight pecks in a bushel: Jlnkvz, Gtuntinneh Miss Ei 'ul-lomo is very playful when he gets with Miss Walker, or some other dog." Mary M.-"They had the ambulance come out there to get the drunken man the night he disturbed our peace of mindsfl Dr. Bernheim lln Bible Classl-"Miss Bryant, name three of Christ's apostles with Him at the transfigurationf' Bess B. lVery emphaticallyl-UMoses, Peter, and Abrahamfl E. H. and F. S. lThe Poetsl "The sun was shining bright, on a rainy moonlight night." Miss P.-"Why was geometry studied in Egypt ?" Z. C.-'LSTO build pyramids." Mamie-"Are you going to the dress parade tonight ?" lMeaning German.l Elizabeth-"I think this hall would be more attractive if there were more Archie'slexcuse me, I mean archesl in itf' ii i' ' F. L. N.-Eva have a 'Kbanana?" Eva4"Oh Fan Louise, where did you get them?l' F. L. N: -"From the Mr. dagof' Eva-"From Mr. Dago, how'd you know his name? I'll declare you beat all for finding out namesf, i Some girls accused F an. L. , of kissing her cousin, in reply F. L. says, "Why 'tain't no harm to hug and kiss that man: Why, V girls, he' s - a - cous-in - of- m-i-n-e." 153 Eng. Teacher-lspeaking of Rosa Alymer, in Landor's Poem of same name,l "she died and went to lndiaf' Teacher-Where was John Paul Jones first interred?" Class-"ln Paris." Teacher-'LAnd where is he now?"-A silence and then a giggle. Dr. Bernheim-"Name one of Davids descendants." Miss D.-"Goliath" The teacher in asking a pupil in History class to give some facts con- ceming the hrst voyage of the discoverer of' our continent, was informed that, "Columbus became very uneasy when he found that his ser-cum-frence didn't point to the North." l Cn grammar test the following sentence was given with instructions to K the class to give rule for the use of underscored pronoun: "Even a fool when he holdeth his peace is accounted wise." One answer was amusingly severe on the sterner sex. It read: "Because we usually think of a fool as having masculine qual- ities." Miss French:-i'What figure of speech does Shelley use extensively in his poetry?" Miss G.-"E.pitaph." l 4-Jeff Q-:PQ -X , 4--5 32.39 If s.-, X! .A -ff w f W l xv , ef-ff ' X f' 1 L, 4 ,Z f w w , , E-Ag ' ' A-.A Yvun 71 f HT , fl I ' n 1 FACULTY'S IDEAL COLLEGE GIRL COLLEGE STAND-BYS-fQuarantined Against the H00lig'anSJ COLLEGE CAMPUS, LOOKING TOWARD THE CITY ' I ' nl. COUN'l:RY Cius I igrnfrazinnal Glarhz LINCOLN 6: IVICCANN - S N Y D E. R Lessons on art of Philandering -BecI-MaIcers- G' O h Hours: 7 to I0:30 . wen ver-Cas Rollwage, Manager No charge Hours: I2 to IZ CROCKETT st FOLK CORRIHER - Rising-Bell - Confectionery. Fudge a Specialty Hour: 7:20. 1 H NO Charge Satisfaction Guaranteed I Ask Crockett and Folk for Testimonials T W 1 N s I Musical Instructors, 30 Lessons Per Month Violin, Cello, Mandolin, Piano, Cruitar OFFICE ON 3RD FLOOR I-Iours: I0to I0:I5 M A U N E Y - Latin Translator - Better than a pony. Sure to please I-Iours: Sunrise to Sunset DECKER 61 YEAGER Mathematicians Special instructions in Integral Calculus Charge: S3100 per Lesson Lessons i A Q T A M P A n Flirting Stuclents' Patronage Numerous Floral Testimonials Solicitecl Banks Snnn tn hr Elguhliahvh hg the Seniors HOW TO PUBLISH AN ANNUAL-By the editors ofthe "Who's Who,-and Why T' I333 pp. Sl 333.33. Ideational Publishing Co. The principal theory is 'never do yourself what you can put off on somebody elsef PSYCI-IOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF LOVE.-By Bertha E.. Beazell. 2l2 pp. 31.50. Published by Jennings ZS: Co. Only the wise and experienced can comprehend this treatment of this profoundly interesting subject, the author having written it after many long years of study and experience. A SERIES-By Marie Yeager. 9 pp. 59. Differential Pub- lishing Co. . In this treatise the author has endeavored to show how a series can be both convergent and divergent at the same time under the same conditions. The proof is entirely original. ODE TO A JAY BIRD-By Grace M. German. 200011. 31.13. Feather-bound. , ' Imitation of "Ode to Immortalityn. By the use of many anomato- poetic words, the author imitates the notes of this well-known bird, thus contributing much melody to her inspiring work. A NEW ELEMENT--By Joyce Decker. 5000 pp. 3520. Cyanogen Publishing Co. This valuable book gives a glowing description of the properties and uses of this wonderful element just discovered. The author has based her opinion on the following chemical equation: CI-I3 COOC2 I-I5 4- HC2 I-I5 SO4 + K2 Cr, O1 : PbClO4 I-IS -i- MnAl2 Fea Ca., HEARTS-By Zelia Corriher. 300l pp. 32021. Published by Love Sz Co. Contains all possible information on this all-important subject, the author having had sufficient experience to enable her to treat it in a very clear and interesting manner. The first three thousand pages are devoted to the discussion of the number of "Hearts" possible to have at one time. The last page proves that "Hearts" are not worth while. RECIPROCITY OF AFFECTION-By Margaret I-I. Erwin and Margaret M. Marquis. 300 pp. Free distribution. Emotional Publishing Co. ' Loolc at the authors. That explains it. I'-IALLUCINATIONS-By Agnes Phifer. 500 pp. I0 cents a copy, 3 for a quarter. Concomitant Publishing Co. An illusory description of hallucinations as discriminated from pseudo-hallucinations, proving the existence of peripherally initiated brain-processes as a result of exteriorized stimuli. CRITIQUE OF WHO'S WHO AND WHY-By Clara Voigt, l75 pp. SL00 Standard Publishing Co. The author shows many ways in which this famous book could be improved. It is hoped that this criticism may prove very beneficial to other classes intending to publish an annual. , FAMOUS COMPOSITIONS-By Ada Stirewalt. 50 pp. 34.00. I-Iarmonical Publishing' Co. This volume of beautiful selections, composed especially for the students of Elizabeth College, rivals those of the most distinguished musicians. TN 'M f X IW E D lb fa w f I ff w X .. 4 --x iii W X x 4 Mix , , C2 qs, NXGDDQ1 K Ample facilities for the production of highest class 1 f V ' ' We make a specialty .of Fine Half-tone work, Printing 1727 t X jd- 1 v, -' l'rinting, Binding, and Flat Opening Blank Books , , and designing Catalogs, College Annuals, Booklets, etc. . 'tq V 0 Z ,f Q t . . S, :1 i,lgI. "R A. H. WVASHBURN, President CHAS. M. RAY, Vice-Pres. and Manager hhvrtinvmvnta , Ti? Ck ZL : ' Nfiwfjur is - 1. - J WHO'S WHO - AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS Stief Pianos used exclusively in Elizabeth College The mere possession of a STIEFF PIANO puts the seal of supreme approval upon the musical taste of its owner. It may cost a little more but the recolection of quality 'remains long after the price is forgotten. Ch M S ' ff Manufacturer of the d Arti ti St' fl, Shaw an as' ' Stiefll Selfftlnlaying Pianos SOUTHERN WAREROOMS 5 West Trade Street Charlotte, N. C. 4 C. l-I. WILMOTH, Manager i E - --.,. .4 5 , E. 5 E E .., S- - 5- -5 - 2 - " " Ei ig T ' - '- 1 - :R E5 ? ie :ii k - 5- Z ii - 'g E :" ag ' - E 5 ,Q - , -'Ai E E E E ig E "At the Sign of the Golden Harp" L. E. GREEN, Pres. HARVEY S. BRYAN, Sec. and Treas. L. WALDO AMES Mgr Charlotte MUSIC Company We sell the World Renowned MASON 81 HAMLIN CONOVER, CABLE and KINGSBURY PIANOS, MASON 81: HAMLIN and CHICAGO COTTAGE ORGANS. Lyon QHealy's Famous "Washburn" and Other Stringed Instruments. A EVERYTHING IN SHEET MUSIC Columbia, Victor and Edison Talking Machines and Records. : PRICES RIGHT : TERMS TO SUIT Look for the Sign of the Golden Harp 26 North Tryon Street Charlotte, N. C. WHO'S WHO - AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS Jo1'dan's on the Jquare KE Seats for 75 people Where you can wait in comfort for a car and be welcome. The h e st equipped Drug Store in the South, both as to furnishings and stock Agents for "Huyler's" Celebrated Candies M E ' J We Never Close R. H. Jordan G Co PHARMACIJTJ' WHO'S WHO-AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS NORTH CAROLINAS STORE on REPUTATION The Lzttle-Long Compelhy In the launching of this great enterprise years ago it was our greatest aim to make it a place of trade that- could be relied upon for its honesty, cleverness and fairedealing: We believe We have carried this out to the letter, as our Wonderful growth testifies. Merchandise of all kinds is to be had here at reasonable profits. Specialties in fine Dress Goods, Silks, Millinery, Coat Suits, Floor A Coverings, Jewelery, China, Men's'and'Boys' Clothing, Shoes, etc. Men's and Ladies' Furnishings, ' Freightpaid on all purchases of 35. 00 or more Within a 500 mile limit. Sole agents for "Centemeri" Kid Glove, Ladies Home Journal Patterns, "Sorosis" Shoes, HDilWorth,' 32.50 Hats. Q S The Lz'z'z'!e-Long Company Charlotte, N. C WHO'S WHO - AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS J' tone 6' Barringer Compan gg f-4..,...... Sigh., fy, 15532. fiiuhitlrli F X by Q7 ff x g fN,f'1:, ? O' 9 xx yygirfb al... 1 Q3 sf 4 125134 if ...Ai W A Af my 61 -1-JY-0 Y My-f Pi1JUiUf "1 'fllYE5!YIi?3?4ibi2iUf1HRilh1i'75f,ll, K , .. M ..Q. ..,,, .E W' 'ww f' Q 54 N, ,. L -N 'QQ ' , agQL, ' fkffLg, ,fsfz ' fy 55 ' I ,J 5 .sci 5' ' :Sw J 6 Qi.. . :LX 'G '- Y 'x. 'X2J'ff' K, Q, N N, Q 5 Q .162 '- "rw f Q5-.g.., .+.,,. ' f"'5 Eff' v w- V. we 9 4 V ., v,. ,. Aw- . 'f f' fa 2x ,,,x."::y2f'fv , ,pix Jill, . ,, M.,.,.,.,vW .. O gg.: . ' E ,. 2 .-Li " aft, .- fl My . ,S-Q Wu xi' - -wif f- J , fi T ' 1 X 5211 f , 5 , 5--W E. . ,X-,.W,f ffm, TU SE VU 5- 7 ' i 'f3 '55 f 5 W ' ' 1.2, 1 E r W i f mf QQ x f .1 V f sf ' xr' A , H f Q ? , v , W . 3 g L, N V- lg ' ' 1 fy Q g N 4 I .za ' , 1, QQ? Y , iii? Book, Jtationery and Art Jtore 22 Jouth Gryon Jtreet Clzariotte, N. C 'A M H .. .,w,,9 ff i1? gfF'TjM4s. . av ' Q' FIRST FLOOR - RETAIL DEPARTMENT WHO'S WHO- AND' WHY ADVERTISEMENTS .4 Perfm' Drug Sfore That's a very common remark of visitors and customers Who visit' our establishment. We do not claim as much, but We do aim to supply every Want in drug medicine or toilet line and to furnish nothing harmful or of uncertain character. In visiting Charlotte don't forget to drop in and see us. We have one of the iinest Soda Fountains in the South. Sole Agents for Allegretti. : : : : : : : : : Afkifeson Drug Company WHO'S WHO - AND WAY ADVERTISEMENTS C05 CCD IFF. GB. igahllvg, Elf. PHRARMACIST AND DRUG GIST Drugs, Stationery, Toilet Articles, Smokers' Supplies, and V Candies. A Well equipped Drug Store with' an up-to-date Soda Fountain li ' Call and Visit Us CHARLOTTE - - V - NORTH CAROLINA WI-IO'S WHO - AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS N Ii The Pictures in this Book are made by Jerzy 6' Eutsler The Up-to-now 4 tographers , New Painless Method Used No Either, Gas or Chloroform Given WHO'S WHO-AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS 9 WE E 1fglEZX6Q!C55'QXQ1?QQQ1XE1iZiQEJEZEvXEXZEEE1!EnZiQliQXQXgi5 C5 THE WORLD'S K6 NEW ART1sTlc Q L2 P I A , STANDARD QW R R ' QS CHICKERING sy The gs IVERS af POND gi Q KNABE , . 45 TheBest the World Makes Q R Uta h Q 'SM Qi --. 9 19 T FURNITURE Sir K3 QW me CARPETS -rr P. ig CURTAINS 3 iano - . R K5 Q Largest Dealers lnthe State WRITE FOR CATALOGUE 1' 1 THE W. C. COLEMAN PIANO 60. SJ Q W e Qi 215 NORTH TRYON ST. Parker-C ardner C0 tg, CHARLOTTE, N. c. 43 J - gg ss D N ,t., 611 :42 QQQTQ2tQQttQtfEQiQ1IQi lQJLQt4E E9T mWHO'S WHO - AND VVHY ADVERTISEMENTS X5 ' If I I . . 55 I! Matchless Spring Display lf: p -ff EE EEE 1 gm, In uma 5 - - K T' 93.214 A Superb showing of Spring and Sum- XX Z -3 mer Goods' of all kinds, selected by an X 2 experiencedibuyer expressly to meet the ' ' demands of this section. The stock: in- . 4 5 .,v, ',V, I ,. S rl l I , cludes the most fashionable weaves-the : Q-an . -4' lIulnll..Z.-11, f Work of the best makers-and We pride 9 A Wani- ourselves on the dependable qualities represented. Model Millinery Jtore. This depart- ment now at its best, and no more brilliant display will ever be seen in this city, no matter what the occasion. A careful look through this department Will convince you of the economy of our millinery. A. R. Willmanli Co PLUIVIBING, HEATING, GAS FITTING WE FURNISH AND ERECT WINDMILLS, VANES, ACETYLENE GAS MACHINES All Work Guaranteed for One Year. Wholesale and lletail Baths, Lavatories, Water Closets, Terra Cotta Pipe, Wood and Iron Pumps, Etc. CHARLOTTE, N. C. WHO'S WHO--AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS 11 The Long-Tate Clothing Co. The Charlotte National Bank CHARLOTTE, N. C. QI You are cordially invited to open an account with us. We promise all the courtesies and accommoda- tions expected from a modern progressive bank W. H. TWITTY, Cashier You will derive great er satisfaction Season by season from Wear ing HOURVCLOTHING7' Because it looks right when you buy it, and stays right after you Wear it. Q The Long-Tate Clothing Co. cHAR1.oTrE, N. c --, . I , ,, az ' --i- 1 l ,M-1 1 4. , 4 lpn "Pa f' - ,J 9 E . 'SA-:W g if i .ftir 1t'2 l xptthliiv mm , R '?xi'S X Jug ? hw ts? My ' it J 311 r at tt .Em 1 - ,. .. .. ' .. A-gil Q' U 'af ' 1 X ' s. N 1 ,-A-4 1.1 Q X 'W 1 f ff, L -P415 1 i, I E? J ZW at at lr , 5 f 4 . - o J K X 9 ' mln? ,W 'E 4, K Ae Em Xian W 0 wi ill' .I -.5 :'5,.h EIL?-v -1- , 'Lx' I ffl , 7 l X x J Q L , ff ,, .. -A G, 4 4 521 YEL f 2-41 fziw 'f ' H fy' ' -1 v ia - l QI' I lln Xu l lx.: ! ll 3 'ilifi q lil '41 H' I I . f 2 1 fr... 1 f i .N l fn., 1 , :-'-4'-n pr 'fs L Vgsqa 'fifty I wgls ws ' 4, v9 'M f 1 f 1-It 1 4 vi 0 ' 'll' r 5 . l ' W' X f' , 1 it - M lf ' ju, 1, ,, H, 12 WHO'S WHO - AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS Jlllen Hardware Co. We-ddingfon 10170165612 and Refdil I Hardquare Cofnpany 30 East trade St' Charlotte' D' C' 29 East Trade Sf. 4 I Charlotte, N. C. We keep the most complete and up-to-date stock of Hard- I ware to be found in the city. You will find almost anything you Wish in this line by calling at our place. Some of our specialties are: L : : STOVES, RANGES REFRIGERATORS BUILDER'S SUPPLIES POCKET AND TABLE CUTLERY, RAZORS, Etc. We are exclusive agents for the celebrated Buck's Stoves and Ranges, the Oliver Chilled Plows fbest on earthl The Hagey King Heaters, and lots of others of the very best specialties on the market. Call or Write us for prices. ' WE GUARANTEE PRICES THE LARGEST sToCK OFA- A GENERAL HARDWARE CUTLERY . SILVER PLATED TABLEWARE HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS KITCHEN UTENSILS AND TOOLS OF ALL KINDS ---IN THE CAROLINAS BASE BALL AND FOOT BALL GOODS ' IN LARGE VARIETY I SEND US YOUR ORDERS Weddingfon Hardware Co. Inc. WHO,S WHO -AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS PURCELL'S Arc You Particular Charlotte's Only Exclusive READY-TO-WEA K STORE FOR MISSES AND woMEN Cloaks Suits Skirts Waists UNDERWEAR, HOSIERY. GLOVES.CORSETS We Give the Best of Service in Our Lines Expert Filters. Courteous Sales Ladies YOUR PATRONAGE SOLICITED 16 N- TW011 Sf- Charloite, N. C. About your Laundering? If so, have' it done the "MODEL WAY,' ' where you always get a bundle of satisfaction. Noth- ing leaves our establisl ment without critical inspection-the result is satisfied customers. Phone 160 brings a wagon. 55,5 -' MODEL LAUNDRY co 14 WHO,S WHO - AND WAY ADVERTISEMENTS F. C. ABBOTT a Co. Can put you in touch with the best investments in this rapidly developing section of the South. North Carolina State 4s due 1910 and 1913 North Carolina State 6s due 1919 Municipal, County and State Bonds, Alto 6 per cent High Grade Industrial Bonds, 5, 6 and 7 per cent High Grade Preferred Stocks 6 and 7 per cent Southern Cotton Mill Stocks 6, 8 and 10 per cent Southern Bank Stocks 6, 8, 10 and 12 per cent 1st Mortgage loans on Improved City property 5 and 6 per cent 1st Mortgage loans on Improved Farming lands 6 per cent High Grade Investments in City Real Estate Rapidly Increasing Investments in Suburban Real Estate Special Investments in Timber and other lands in various parts of the State Sole agents for the Suburban Realty Co. properties in Charlotte F. C. ABBOTT Sz CO. OF CHARLOTTE, N. C. I. North Carolina Bankers Association M mbers of I American Cotton Manufacturers Associatio Charlotte's Lowest Price Store for High Class Merchandise Eiird's Department Store High Class Millinery. The Newest and Best in Dress Goods and Silks can always be found here. One price to all, no commissions or rebates to any one. The trade of Elizabeth College Stu- dents and Faculty is earnestly solicited at The Busy Store. EFIRD'S DEPARTMENT STORE Cor. Trade and College Streets WI-IO'S WHO-AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS 15 Everett- addey Co. RICHMOND, VA. The Largest Engraving Establishment In the South. ESTABLISHED MORE THAN A QUARTER OF A CENTURY E. A. WRIGHT Specialist in COLLEGE STATIONERY Art and Commercial Engraving and Printing, Steel and Copper Plate Engraving, Photo Etching on Steel, Half Tone Photo En- graving .......... 1108 Chestnut Street Entrance to Works, 1105 Sansom St. PHILADELPHIA I nte rcolle glate Bureau co1'REu. si LEONARD A Don't guy a pair ofhShoes 'andy A ever , n ' gg' Albany, N ' Y' do tlilus gggmenili youvif 1E1rcingy?uyou want itsi ,Q '-:,f:'f5f fair and just equivalent. QQ if ' 7 , Wholesale Makers of the YUU WILL NEVER FIND IT IN FULLER, OR NIURE ,X 'AI 4 ., . . s. GENERUUS MEASURE THAN AT THE HUB SHUE I STORE, 9 I-2 WEST TRADE STREET. f ,,:!i':7'Qf a G N S Many New Styles await your approval. S' The Good New Styles --The Good Old Ones 7 To the Advanced Institutions of Learnings ILLUSTRATED BULLETIN, SAMPLES, Etc., Upon Application THE HUB SHOE STORE Berryhill-Suther-Durfee Co. I ,gl 91 2 West Trade St. CHARLOTTE, N. C. I H" 16 WHO'S WHO - AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS We M3012 Agents fo' When you need anything in the Jewelry ' L0WneY,S Candies or Optical line see us or Write your Wants. . ffNa'me on-gvery p Medals, Class Pins and Rings a Specialty. High Grade Repair. Work. You will The Equal of any Candy on the Market find our prices wright. T A 60 cts. per pound - - N S ea. r. lawn 'Sc mn., Eruggiziii W T M Cor. College and Trade Streets y 5 Nerth Tryon Street, Charlotte, N- C- DR'NK1 ' T Uhr Snuthvrn Euan 8: Sahingn Ilank . 5 A Invites you to become one ofits patrons And you will always be happy. CENTRALLY LOCATED ' Courteous Treatment It both refreshes and invigorates 4 pe' cent' on Savmgs De""S't But Beware of Imitations Uhr Glnra-Glnla ifinttling Gin., 1U Sglflh Qlllm-gh gympfg P. M. BROWN, President w. L. JENKINS, cashier LUTHER SNYDER, Sec'y and Trees. e R- A- DUNN, V-President WHO'S WHO - AND WAY ADVERTISEMENTS 17 Joe Garibaldi Will Burns Harry Dixon GARIBALDI Sz BURNS Watcbmakers: Jewelers: Engravers 14 South .Tryon Street Charlotte, N. C. TEII. illllvllnn Olnmpang Clothiers F urnzslzers and H artery 'S and 10 West Trade St., Charlotte, N. C. OUR CITY SHOPS 'L The D A Tompkins Co. MANUFACTURERS ENGINEERS and CONTRACTORS J MS Qlqm llllllllll FJ 52 . . Iglglrlgl I 21- ' e . llllllltl hm F Machine Shop and Roller li ff SJW? -: tlgl zlzl. 11:15. gg Elliiffgi 5 Eiiiigiiiim . """-'W CHARLOTTE, N. C. Glnllrge Svnpipliez Stationery, Pennants,'Banners. Text Books, Etc., Society and College Stationery. 'We engrave Visiting Cards. Monograms made to order. Charlotte Souvenirs and Post Cards. Books and Bibles of All Kinds. You are always welcome at our Store. We take pleasure in showing you our goods C. H. ROBINSON 85 COMPANY 300 - 304 North Tryon Street, - Charlotte, North Carolina 18 WHO,S WHO - AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS CHARLOTTE BRICK CO. S. S. IVICNINCH, Pres. and Treas. Manufacfturers of I-IIGI-I GRADE BUILDING BRICKS Works: Grattan, S. C. Shipping Point: Fort MiII, S. C. W. C. HINSON, Manager Sales. Ofiices: Piedmont Building CHARLOTTE, N C. When in need of Up-to-Date SHOES AIWays CaII on Us We I-Iave Them. POREMAN 61 MILLER Corner Trade and CoIIege Sts. THE 1907 COLLEGE TIE The handsomestrof them aII. Welt and Turn Sole P R I C E 3 3 . 0 0 GILREATH 85 CO., 16 South Tryon Street. FELIX HAYIVIAN Fresh Meats of all Kinds Calf Brains, I-Iog Brains, Pickle Pig Peet, Fresh Tripe ALL KINDS or SAUSAGES Phone I52 ' 25 East Trade Street CHARLQTTE, N. C. ' WHO'S WHO - AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS 19 The Wargaerife Shop EXCLUSIVE STYLES FOR WOMEN MILLINERY, CORSETS , UNDERWEAR, SKIRTS SHIRTWAISTS, BELTS AND ALL SORTS OF ATTRACTIVE ACCESSORIES Redfern, La Grecque and La Marguerite CORSETS Lubin urnifare Co. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Complete House Furnishers Deduction B9 Jlnaiogp "Mamma, I'se got a stomach ache," said Nellie Bly, six years old. "That's because you have been Without lunch. It's because your stomach is empty. You would feel better if you had something in it. That afternoon the pastor called, and, in the course of conversation remarked that he had been suffering all day with a very severe headache. "That's because its empty," said Nellie. "You'd feel much better if you had something in it. A Logical Deduction-The place to buy insurance is headquarters for it. See. C. 12. H. Butt at Company INSURANCE HEADQUARTERS Jewelry n Watches Diamonds Cut Glass Silverware, SCC. to suit your taste in quality, design or price. All first class, fine quality goods - all guaranteed just as represented. Fine Watch and Jewelry Repairing W. E. Linebaok, Jeweler, 221 N. Tryon st., Charlotte, N.c. Svrhtuartz ltirinin 8a Eli 211155 "If we made it for gold, it's gold" 42 Barclay St., New York 20 WHO'S WHO - AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS Qburen Glitg Steam Egeing mth Gllrnning mutha The Only Complete Dye House in this state. Dyers and Cleaners of Ladies' and Men's Clothes, Curtains of all Kinds, Furniture Coverings, Blankets, Window Draperies, Etc. Ladies' Silk Waists, Laces, Kid Gloves, Slippers, and Gowns of all Fine Fabrics Dry Cleaned. Dyeing and Cleaning of All Kinds. MRJ. J. M. HEJTER, Proprietress Phone 246 209 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte, N. C. Drs. H. C. Henderson 81 L. I. Gidney I Denfzsts 2035 North Tryon Street 'Phone 816 E F. C WELL, Pres. and Gen.,Mgr. CLARENCE W. TODD, V P - Joi-iN W. TODD, Sec. and Treas. Gem Restaurant Company Dining Room, I7 So. Tryon St., Lunch Room, I9 So. Tryon St., Charlotte, C. D'ning Room, Best in the City Private Banquet Hall A Lunch Counter Unequalled Open 6 a.m. to 12 m. Seating Capacity 120 Persons in the South F' L' C'g Sp l L d s' Lunch Always open lf you Wear Shoes remember any one can have "Fits" at TI-lClVlPSCN'S CHARLOTTE ill Always something new to show you in Fancy Dry Goods, Ladies' Dainty Neckwear, Belts, Gloves, Hosiery, Etc. We keep in close touch with the markets that supply all the late novelties, and are receiving them constantly, J. B. IVEY 8. co. , 13 WEST TRADE STREET Drs. Bland 81 Robey I . , . . Denfzsfs 21 N. Tryon Street Phone 434 WHO'S WHO - AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS 21 GgSSSS 'wS'uS 3Q9SSSSG.GSSSS SSS? C C . E Q WE BEG TO ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF 6, 3 OF ALL KINDS, AT ALI.. SEASONS 67 59 ca 7 5 69 Eg Weinake aspecialty of handling only the best in cut Howers, and 8 6 we are In a position to execute any order on short notice. 5 Uptown store 35 Tryon Street. 3 8 Local and Long Disrance Phone. AT THE CORNER or MINT AND TRADE STREETS 23 . 65 And Invite Your Attention to Our Line of Eg D 1 l W O I' t l'1 F l O I' G a 1' C1 e n S 6 Z W. G. lVIcPl-IEE, Pro rietor. 9 G7 P 3 P. O. Box 127 9 69 ! Q I 1 I I Druggrsts Sundries, Perfumes, Toilet Articles and 23 Merchants 81 Farmers Natronal Bank Z C I G A R S 23 A OF CHARLOTTE, N. C. 6 E5 5 Capital, S200,000.00 Surplus, 3100,000.00 49 The officers of this bank will he pleased to meet or correspond with , QA: 6 those wh0 contemplate making changes or opening new accounts. 4' ,Z I I -FOUR PER CENT. PAID ON SAVINGS , Our Prescription department is in the hands of competent ? A AND TIME DEPOSITS 9 9 A 23 and careful pharmacists, and our deliverv service irreproachable- Officers: Geo. E. Wilson, Presidentg Jno. B. Ross, Vice-President: gg W. C. Wilkinsonr, Cashier. gmsssmw-0-sssseeeeemgegwegmgs959559559595 Directors: W. I-I. Berk, I. I-I. McAden, w. I.. Bums, w. C.. McLaughlin C. B. Bryant, D. E. Rhyme, W. F. Dowd, S. M. Robinson, J. M. Harry Jno. B. Ross, O. P. Heath, J. H. Wearn, Vinton Lidell, Geo. E. Wilson. 22 HO'S WHO - A D HY ADVERTISEMENT , . ...any u , A , I I 4- 'f 1. if ' . . if ft , - - 1 41 ,27 I ,4 I ,4 , J , W ,M as . , - .. y. 1 f . 2. V I' Y . ,.,...,.-4.-I . ' .. ' , - ., -'-4...11.,,. 4- - W-1-A .: . - f ' .V ' .1 , - 1 ' f f . -- .... 5 ., - 1 y I, , , ., i , , it mx. .,M,,,,,,, it ,., :, .,: :.,,..,:.3g.g1 ,,-,,x.1-.4-',,1.1,-:.., r, .:f.., H ,, .,,.,:,.u,.,:,-.mi Q:-1.:,:.:.-yy .,.4:,.-f.,-:ig-r.:.mggwcek.:,:.:.:aaz:,z4:::,m:-,:4-f-M::gan-.::fg-:.: W.: - :J-.-4: ::-:,::.:.:.t:-:,.x A- "" , - Q ii --'-"' I .. -'J . A. '- W A f A ? 1 W ff ff f ff f' g f -f-Q, , '- " -mrsi-1s::f'r'-2rfi12e'1"",y K'-' -4519 1:2i:,ffff?-ff2'1 .+f-ef .-.aw ff" gf: V.-::12e::wh:M4f'4-'1-W - .- ' f Vffgaxff B-'-vs awww- X'-U - f W A " ' Q 't'-::2'1:1--eiraf j s4iii:,g.wi1'ffSs3ws, ' ',':j5gzggg-1:2 any .W..?QzAzSy4,,gQgfp..-a2bff1ww2',.....w' -df L3:K 445+S:eEaf::a:3A:-,-xf,,1g.:, M 1 .ff - J, -,, Q. v,3,,,,?,ygm,STg,,4,, ,mg1.-z,13,gW,74Mq:Q:i.4Qw,:f.c1-vfrw5v:wn7fgffo.44v4f,:?Q.m:g5g,,x Q4 .1 - , A--fu: f- .1 Qygf y iw, f"f,f1f:,,--we-.-1, fi.:-rf ffwigf--ff2a:922'2Zf ,. ,. -'-'-sf - , i:::. .,t W -V .5 5.5i:3,g:za,fgaf. - - .Mg-,. .. if ' we-W-"W f p.fzv?5gg5' 'lwfgfiif - ' "2-ffzgy .' ,, '---.i:w+-1g:.w-M-f:. .Q-rv f':4W':-.w:1x.,zz1',:fww -f.---V-.fvwz.:f-Magic:-:,:f,-:-:fpaf..-ff 22:5-1+--M , -.-H ' ,. - -.-'unws1:sv, " 2 .Aw- ma-f-+.f N 1 W.-.134 .5 ,-:4.' ,f,5.,,-Q, Q: f ,V e - - ,gy -f H I Cata ba Station Southern Power Company POWER A D LIGHTING Furnishes Electric Light 61 Power for Elizabeth College WHO'S WHO - AND WHY ADVERTISEMENTS lqntvl Srlhlgn Charlotte, N.C. HARVEY 8: WOOD Managing Director

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