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TYRON W. EASON CLASS OF 1986 COLLECTION ELIZABETH CITY STATE UNIVERSITY THE VIKING 1986 - 87 Lane Hall, believed to be the oldest building on campus (erected 1909), once boutted the entire academic and adminis- trative operations of the institution. EXCELLENCE WITHOUT EXCUSE dkiui IN MEMORY OF Addie G. Midgette (top left) Hattie Bell (center) Darrin Cole (center right) Flora Hider (not pictured) One short sleepe past, wee wake eternally, And death shall be no more; death, thou shalt die. John Donne jf ' V TF?W £iiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniiiiiiiiiLH liiiiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniijiirn T H E GOOD TIMES - WE SHARED FRESHMEN PARTICIPATING IN ANNUAL FALL CONVOCATION AND CANDLEUGHTING SERVICE (LEFT TO RIGHT) CUFTON COOLEY, ROGER FIELDS, AND EDMOND WILUAMS. (LEFT TO RIGHT) FATINA UTTLE, JVANITA DVNSTON, AND TONYA UTTLE. « ! FRESHMAN CANDLEUGHTING SERVICE ON SUNDAY OCTOBER 5, EUZABETH CITY STATE UNIVERSITY HELD ITS ANNUAL FALL CONVOCATION AND FRESHMAN CANDLEUGHTING SERVICE IN THE R. L. VAUGHAN CENTER AT 10:00 A.M. THE SPEAKER FOR THE EVENT WAS HERMAN VALENTINE, PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER OF SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT AMERICAN CORPORATION. SMA, RANKED AMONG THE TOP 100 BLACK BUSINESSES IN THE NATION, IS 273RD AMONG AMERICA ' S 500 FASTEST GROWING PRIVATE COMPANIES. THIS IS ELIZABETH CITY STATE UNIVERSITY CAMPUS MAP lAwaCI HALL I Vll.L HS F HAS l MS. PUBLIC HCLATlONS S(C l fDuC ' ' 0 " . S«C1 L tOuCATiOPt r(Ot«Ai »i • emtal Houil • (HI»L -OOSI HdtKOON H«Ll JlRHV HOTC CCH ' UTCC SCK-CI CE»»t£« L€» ' S h I huOhCalC " »IL t DO.f S H LL I itoCwL H LL c ' rr( " i I I iOl(» HALL U- («SlT C(N ' E« S RL V»UCM»«t cttiin r IOOTm )I RCNTAI housi U REMtAL HOUSE )« E lT Cx ' LOhOOO lOuCATiOM RiMOEaOARTCM. k 11 (DUC TI0H »««0«»C-Ol{ GT iU ' LO ' WO U ThOW S JfM ' IMS ■uhD ' NO V GII«t U E aMO COKTiNUiNC EDUCATION IUilO-Ni M RENTAL MOUSE «0 CAMR ' t AND saw ■OtIUCI STADIUM i ChANCEllO " S ES ;)|nCE 41 NEW STUDINT MOUSlNa «1 M THOK ' t ADMio STMATIVC OFFICt SUIltHNO M Caif ' IN A ' Ai ' l ' MEMTS " " " " 0€:Al» ■ Bltat.t •.J( «%• •■lla ! ' »r ' t .: ' i i.o( ' ' e A === ■ WOOAt ■•»(,, TMM t -m. Ltl ' l D..l « -ill. 1 !(■,• Cai,.0-OOe f»WCA ' fM D,c.. C30l» • ■ ••■A19 « fkMOBAI ■ .v( m;a. ■ • ■ -Al ■ I • i.t. ,o ' , ' THE ' ' YARD ff f 10 For ourselves in this society of the truths that accepting with gladness the high office of thought that seeing clearly and feeling deeply, we may go forth to serve. Amen PHI BETA LAMBDA Seated (Left to right} MARY UTON— Treasurer, DELORES ELMORE— Vice President, WALTER CARTWRIGHT— President, KIMELY ARMSTRONG— Secretary, PATRICIA DANCY-Miss Pbi Beta Lambda 2nd Row Standing (Left to Right) Kim Hall, Delores Woods, Shimale Daniels, Antonio McDaniels, Kimberly Reid, Roy Hyman 3rd Row Standing (Left to Right) Mr. Hafiz, Dr. Oriaku, Dr. Ivory Lyons, Kenneth Cartwright, Vincent Morton, Reba Twine 11 ART GUILD (Left to right) Nancy Sewell— President, Tracey Winbome, Mr. Eugene O ' Neal, Prof., Dr. Jenny C. Mclntoab, Prof., Virginia Bamett, and Matthew Coates Elizabeth City State University Choir 12 Elizabeth City State University Gospel Choir 13 ELIZABETH CITY STATE UNIVERSITY MODERN DANCE TROUPE 14 «f 1 EUZABETH CITY STATE UNIVERSITY MARCHING BAND 15 ESQUIRES I m «„ mm .. .. MSA Clockwise (starting left) Jerry Dortcb, Michael Chapman, James Cameron, Leon Hester, William Robertson, and Vincent Morton THE PSYCHOLOGY CLUB 16 ELIZABETH CITY STATE UNIVERSITY PLAYERS 17 BIOLOGY CLUB O M O M U D WISH YOU WERE HERE! ,. f w 19 -, -. .. M WITH ALL THE COMFORTS OF HOME! 20 AROUND AND ABOUT 21 A SPECIAL TRIBUTE I SHALL BE TELLING THIS WITH A SIGH SOMEWHERE AGES AND AGES HENCE: TWO ROADS DIVERGED IN A WOOD, AND I — I TOOK THE ONE LESS TRAVELED BY, AND THAT HAS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. THE ROAD NOT TAKEN " ROBERT FROST 22 Poarb of tKrustccg LEVIN B. CULPEPPER, Chmn. Eiizabetn City, N. C. ISAAC A. BATTLE, V. Chmn. Gatesviiie, N. C. ELAINE WILLIAMS, Sec. Elizabeth City, N. C. ■ MAUVICE W. BRETT Ahoskle, N. C. CARL A. BYRD Wilmington, N. C. mt SHIRLEY MAYS Elizabeth City, N. C. WILLIE D. RIDDICK Windsor, N. C. FRED J. RILEY Elizabeth City, N. C. ( ,A WILLIAM D. RICH Elizabeth City, N. C. ARTHUR E. TEELE Miami, Florida ANDREW H. WILLIAMS Elizabeth City, N. C. JOHN GILLIAM WOOD Edenton, N. C. LEE E. OVERTON S.G.A. Pres., Ex-Officio 23 administration; STRIVING 24 FACULTY, AND STAFF TOGETHER 25 liLl AtStTII CITV. NORTH CAROLINA 2740 ' ) OFFICE OF THE CHANCELLOR i919l 335 3230 Dear Members of the Class of 1987: You have achieved a significant milestone in your preparation to become a productive contributor to our American society and the world. Commencement is not an end but a beginning of a new plateau in your efforts to achieve higher goals for yourself and your family. We, the administrators, faculty and staff, sincerely hope that your matriculation here at Elizabeth City State University provided you with quality experiences that prepared you for the challenges you will face as you move forward in the world of work. As we approach the Centennial of your Alma Mater, this administration is continually progressing with plans and strategies to realize the mission this university has established. It shall be our purpose to reaffirm our goal of making this institution achieve its full fruition as the regional university of northeastern North Carolina serving the educational needs of all the people of this region, state and nation. Your Alma Mater needs your support in order that it can continue to grow and become self-sufficient. If the University is to become the most attractive institution of higher education in our state and on the eastern seaboard of our nation, it will do so on the support of its alumni and friends. By the Centennial, with your cooperation, you will see a University that has transformed in every positive way imaginable. We look forward to your full support as dedicated alumni in helping Elizabeth City State University to fulfill its mission. Then, we can truly say . . . " if you look to the East, you will see a star and that star is Elizabeth City State University. " Finally, Faleese and I wish for you a bright and prosperous future and Godspeed. Respectfully yours. Jimmy R. Jenkins Chancellor 26 DR. JIMMY R. JENKINS, SR AND FAMILY 27 £ 5 Mrs. Vivian Armstrong fRight General Studies Dr. Treana Adkins (Below) Teacher Education Dr. James C. Agazie (Above) Division of Education Mr. Leonard Ballou (Center) Institutional Research Archives Mrs. Doretha Banks (Right) Institution Research 28 Ms. Gladys Banks (Left) Copy Center Fiscal Affairs Mr. Vincent Beamon (Below) Registrar ' s Of f ice Academic Affairs Mrs. MoUie Beasley (Above) Physical Ed. Health Mrs. Loraanne Barclift (Center) Math Specialist ASC Ms. Robin Beamon (Left) Lang., Lit., and Communication 29 £ S Mrs. Lemlem Breatbwaite (Right) Computer Programer Dr. Ulysses Bell (Below) Vice Chancellor Development and Planning I Mr. Tesfa Bocraye (Above) Mathematics Computer Science Mr. Bruce Boyd (Center) Housing Student Affairs Ms. Fredia Burke (Right) Library Academic Affairs 30 Attorney Alice Bynum (Left) Adminiatrative Assistant Legal Dr. John Carson (Below) Business Economics Mrs. Jutta D. Cboudbury (Above) Library Academic Affairs Dr. Helen Caldwell (Center) General Studies Mr. Tbomas Caldwell (Left) Physical Ed. Healtb C 5 31 « 5 8 i Mrs. Mary Creel (Right) Accounting Fiscal Affairs Mrs. Brenda Clark (Below) Secretary Chancellor ' s Office m f ' 4 m a- Mr. Ihomas Clark (Above) Admissions Acadetttic Affairs Mr. Charles Cullen (Center) Physical Ed. Health Dr. Glenda Manning Davis (Right) Lang., Lit., and Communications 32 Dr. Carlton R. Deonanan (Left) Lang., Lit., and Communications Capt. Alan B. Fisber (Below) ROTC Dr. Henry Foskey, Jr. (Above) Chairperson Industrial Arts Technology Dr. Venus Deonanan (Center) Lang., Lit., and Communications Mrs. Joyce Dorsey (Left) Secretary Div. of Education 33 Mrs. Mary Godfrey (Right) Registrar ' s Of f ice Academic Affairs Mr. Tommy Foust (Below) Registrar Mr. William Gibson (Above) Industrial Arts Technology Mr. Cornelius Goodwin (Center) Acting Media Director Dr. Lois Green fRight Chairperson Div. of Education 34 Dr. Vincent de Gregorio (Left) Art Dept. Mrs. Gilbertine Griffin (Below) Secretary Financial Aid Ms. Frances Hardiman (Above) Preventive Maintenance Clerk Mrs. Addie Griffin (Center) Secretary Physical Ed. Health Mrs. Bumella Griffin (Left) Library Academic Affairs 5 5 35 s Ml. Barry Herring (Right) Accounting Fiscal Affairs Dr. Ann Henderson (Below) Chairperson Lang., Lit., and Communications Dr. Dale Henderson (Above) Dept. Social Sciences Mrs. Patricia Hines (Center) Library Academic Affairs Mrs. Florence Hington (Right) Dept. of Biology 36 Mrs. Pauline HoUey (Left) Accounting Fiscal Affairs Mrs. Miriam Jackson Accounting Fiscal Affairs £ S Ms. Lubertba fames (Above) Secretary Industrial Arts Mr. W. Lane Hudson (Center) Lang., Lit., and Communications Mr. Handsel Ingram (Left) Library Academic Affairs 37 G 5 Ma. Myrtle L. fobnson (Right) Security Fiscal Affairs Mrs. Faleese Jenkins (Below) Coordinator Laboratory School Mrs. Carolyn . fackson (Above) Supervisor Housekeeping Mr. William Johnson (Center) Computing Information Systems Mr. Lavem Jones (Right) Dept. of Biology 38 Mrs. Genevia Kellogg (Left) Secretary Admissions Mrs. Vivian Key {Below) Registrar ' s Office Academic Affairs Mr. fames Leathers (Above) Dept. of Social Sciences Dr. Sultana A. Kban (Center) Dept., Physical Sciences Dr. Sekender A. Kban (Left) Dept. of Biology 05 39 £ S Ms. Valerie Lumsden (Right) Special Programs Div. Dr. Bobby Lewis (Below) Dept. of Biology Mrs. Sherry Lewis (Above) General Studies Dr. Debra Lynch (Center) Physical Ed. Health Mr. Claudie Mackey (Right) Physical Ed. Health 40 Dr. Gerald McCants (Left) Director Academic Development Mr. Roger McLean (Below) Vice Cbancellor Fiscal Affairs Ms. Wanda McLean (Above) Director BEEP Mrs. Ziner McCoy (Center) Computing Inf ormation Systems Dr. fenny Mclntosb (Left) Dept. of Art £ S 41 05 Mr. Glendelt Moore f Right) Physical Plant Ms. Nettie McPberson (Below) Registrar ' s Of f ice Academic Affairs Mrs. Marian Mitchell Director Alumni Relations Dr. Samuel Moore (Center) Lang., Lit., Comtnunications Mr. Willie Moore (Right) Physical Plant 42 i i F Mrs. Emma Mullen (Left) Infirmary Mr. William Oats (Below) Federal Programs £ S [ ■1 1 1 : I ■r « J K ?«»« m »!-sS I r»» ' Dr. Ebere A. Oriaku (Above) Business Economics Mr. Harold H. Murrill (Center) Admissions Dr. R. Lorenzo Newby (Left) Social Sciences i 43 IS Mrs. Bertbel Penrose f Right) Library Mrs. Patricia Porter (Below) Fiscal Affairs Q Mr. Bernard Peterson (Above} Lang., Lit., and Communications Dr. Dan Pearce (Center) Chairperson Art Department Dr. Bishop Patterson Riglit Industrial Arts Technology Dr. Vadim Raskin (Left) Mathematics Computer Science Dr. Maurice C. Powers (Below) Geoaciences Dr. William A. Porter (Above) Geosciences Miss Jennifer Privott (Center) Computer and Information Systems Ms. Sandy Proctor (Left) Computer and Information Systems 45 fe s Ms. A. LaVeme Roberts-BIassengale (Rigbtf MSEN Pre-CoUege Program Dr. Sobindar S. Sacbdev (Below) Matbematics Computer Science Mr. Kenneth Roberts (Above) Housing Mrs. Jean Robertson (Center) Infirmary Mr. Reggie Riddick (Rigbt) Media 46 Mr. Joseph Sanders (Left) Preventive Maintenance Mrs. Barbara Shannon (Below) Accounting Fiscal Affairs Mrs. Barbara Simpson (Above) Assistant Dir., Financial Aid Ms. Vivian Sawyer (Center) General Studies Dr. Dipendra C. Sengupta Mathematics Computer Science £ S Q 47 5 5 Mrs. Dorothy Smith (Rightf Academic Support Center Coordinator Mrs. Jean Sims (Below) Administrative Secretary Chancellor ' s Office Dr. R. P. Sinha (Above) Geoscience Mr. Shawn Smith (Center) Lang., Lit., and Communications Mrs. Sharon Spellman (Right) .Speech Specialist 48 Mrs. Cynthia Spence (Left) Secretary OSHA Mrs. Rosa Talley (Below) Pre-College Program Mrs. Vera B. Storey (Above) Secretary Business Economics Mr. James R. Spence (Center) Assistant Vice Chancellor Development Mr. Willie B. Spence (Left) Housing 05 Q 49 £ 5 Dr. Robert E. Thome (Right) Lang., Lit., and Communications Mr. fames Taylor (Below) Financial Aid Mrs. Gloria Thomas (Above) Academic Development Mrs. Queenie Turner (Center) Chancellor ' s Office Dr. James H. Townes (Right) Asst. Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs 50 Ms. Demetra Tyner (Left) Business Economics Sergeant Vick (Below) ROTC Mrs. Valerie Villines (Above) Director CO-OP Mr. Robert L. Vaughan (Center) Physical Ed. Health Ms. Magdaline Vick Admissions S s 51 £ s Mr. Joseph White (Right) Computing Information Systems Ms. Shirley Weaver (Below) Secretary Div. of Education Q Ms. Anne White (Above) Federal Programs Dr. Leon White (Center) Vice Chancellor Student Affairs Ms. Lois White Rigfat Physical Plant 52 Mrs. Sandra White Secretary Mr. Roland Williams Security Dr. Olive Wilson Director of Counseling Services 53 Mr. Robert William Diviaion of Educatioa Mrs. Doria D. Winalow Secretary Development Planning Mrs. Rutb A. Williams Director Purchasing 54 Dr. T. V. Beaaley Biology 55 i 1 Mrs. Shirley Jobnikina Cashier NEW FACULTY STAFF Mr. Felton Dr. El- Assy Dr. Klutz 56 iiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiHimimimimiiiiiiiLir " iuimiui 3mi (E JR Ii mmm 57 Adams, Darrin Allen, Stephen Bazemore, Kenneth Blount, Sylvia Boone, Alvin Boone, C. Boulding, Stephine Boyd, Gabriel ■ 58 ' tiiiiimiiiiBtn tf ' ' r ,r V ' ' T Brown, Carol Butler, Twanna Bynum, Brian Carr, Gerald Carson, Reginald Carter, Toni Cbamblee, Carolyn Cbamblee, Donnie 59 Cbamblee, Ronnie Cbesaom, Sharon Coleman, Trina Collins, Kevin Collins, Sbelia Crowell, Dontel Davis, James Davis, Tracey V i ' g. 60 Davis, Yvette Deloatcb, Anita Demps, Minigue Emmert, Sbannon Epps, Raymond Fields, Roderick Fennell, Keitb Franklin, )oy Fulton, Marlon Gamer, Janet Garrison, Laurie Catling, Reginald Gibson, Russell Godfrey, Antonio Godfrey, Frank Goodman, Richard 62 Gordon, Jeana Grant, William Harding, Ronda Harrod, James Henley, Bridget Howard, Kelly Howard, Michael Howard, Tracy 63 Hunt, Jo Anne Jobnaon, Timothy Joyner, Cassandra Knight, Valeria Lewis, Alva Little, Fatiaa Mallory, Timothy Mason, Beulah A " J 2 64 X: w L £ Mayo, Wayne Mc Crimtnon, Richard Mc Gee, Lynda Moore, Michael More, Connie Murray, Levi New, Romona Norwood, Hazel 65 Onnand, Wesley Overton, April Owens, Ronald Person, Usa Price, Phyllis Proctor, Greg P ruden, Paula Purvis, Sabrine 66 , ■ . .;v% v: f RichdrJsoii, Karen Robbins, Anthony Robbins, Hayes Rodgers, Stenie Rowe, James Royster, Lessie Simpson, Sandy Singletary, Tonya 67 Smith, Eric Soutberlaad, Ronald Spruill, Tony Taylor, Jill Taylor, Tammy Taylor, Tina Thomas, Eicbler Topping, Calvin I SJf f5 68 Teter, Susan Townsend, Ron Tumage, Cipporab Vaughn, David Vaughn, Melvin Watts, Michelle Webb, Barbara Weeks, Ricky 69 Washington, Mona Williams, Epbram Williams, Jeffery Williams, Kevin Wilson, Denorris Woodard, Melia Woody, Karen Young, Kim 70 Young, Sberrie THE FALL FRESHMAN TALENT SHOW ATTRACTED A FULL HOUSE IN THE MOORE HALL AUDITORIUM. STUDENTS SAW THEIR CLASSMATES MODEL, SING, DANCE, AND EVEN PLAY THE PIANO. Edward Padeau, left Reggie Carson, center " frosty " , right James Hardy William Bridges 71 . . . AND MANY TO WORSHIP BEFORE WE GRADUATE 72 iniiiiiiiiiniiiifiiiniiiiiiiimiiiiminiiiiiH ll OL ' E ' ' ' ol: i 0 fP0 C§?Rf, mnmn Bateman, Peggy Allen, Melissia . W ?m L W ' " ■ -. r K, " J at Banks, Devell Bailey, Kimberly Bentball, Bonnie Babbit, Angie Boone, Calvin Boston, Tammy 75 Boyce, Felicia Brackett, Melody Brewer, Katberine Brock, Carloa 76 ■ ' » ps- Brock, Donald Capebart, Doris JJ •» tit l Copelaad, Ronald Corprew, Anthony 77 Currie, Herman Council, Lavee S L: ' Hkld Dowliag, Yvette Covington, James 78 Dublin, Carolyn Darbatn, Sallie Ferebee, Sonya Ferebee, Tonya 79 ■ ' V • :. i Gibaon, Catherine Green, Ann Crenshaw, Cbarleae Gregg, Akina 80 Gunn, Alvera Hardy, Marie Henderson, Pequea Howard, Cleveland 81 Jennings, Charles i Jackaon, Tiajuanna k ii kklkiL Johnson, William Jackson, Yvonne 82 Lewis, Yvonda Logan, Tim Melaon, Adrieaae Minor, Stevie 83 Murphy, Cbarlene Mudd, Stepboa Nixon, Diane Murphy, Darlene 84 I ' - .4S . . . ■iiii» ' ' i»N Norfleet, Sbelia Oneal, Tedra Norman, Kevin Peart, Deneen 85 Scott, Carol Y Rivera, Terrell Tucker, Brian Scott, Andrea 86 V atson, Mecbele Williams, Clinton Williams, Germine Williams, Valerie 87 WE ARE ALL Williama, Wayne TRUE VIKINGS Wynn, Katrina 88 iiiiiiiiiiiiniifiriiiiiiiiiiNiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH ilUUUill a3a 3i(3©?R mmiD Bazemore, Doug ass Askew, Loretta Bell, Deloria Barr, Tamara 90 Brown, Victor Byrd, Ellis Carr, Deborah Cbamblee, Michael 91 Dortcb, Jerry Clemmone, Patrica Fenner, Jane Coats, Mattltew 92 |K iv f ll 1 1 MM Franklin, Al 4,. vi Giles, Renita Goodman, Robert Gorbam, Kevin 93 Hill, Gerald Graham, Kevin Hodgea, Melvin Gray, Andrea 94 Horton, Adriene %» ' J Howell, Elaton Jackson, Deniae Jobnaon, Ronald 95 McNeil, Emmanuel Joyner, Shell Mitchell, Monique Knigiit, Marion 96 Moody, Robin Nixon, Anthony Morris, Darrius Oakley, Eddie 97 1 Sawyer, James Pinkard, Rita Sessoms, Stephanie Robertson, Keitb 98 Sbarpe, Sean Simmons, Darlene Spence, Ryan Taylor, Glen 99 i d Turner, Marcus Twine, Teresa V i J Webb, EzTOe Twine, Sharon 100 Wiggins, Minor Williams, Marcine 7i I il Wilson, Valeria Yarborougb, Rhonda 101 WE ARE PROUD! ! ! ! WE ARE SERIOUS? 1 ? ? 102 FUN HAS MANY FACES. 103 DO SHINE 104 MISS ELIZABETH CITY STATE UNIVERSITY SHELIA HUGHES 1986—87 i MISS SENIOR Connie Sutton MR. SENIOR Stacy Tyler MISS FRESHMAN Tina Taylor MR. FRESHMAN Reggie Carson CLASS QUEENS MISS JUNIOR Lola O ' Neal MR. JUNIOR Shawn Curtis W H R O N N ■S MBM HI HH 1 1 f m 1 r, 1 W 1 1 m 1 MISS SOPHOMORE Ann Greene MR. SOPHOMORE Derrick Norman 8 6 8 7 A NIGHT TO REMEMBER MISS EUZABETH CITY STATE UNIVERSITY 1984—85 Miss Shirley Ann James Miss Alpha Phi Alpha Wanda Eure Miss Alpha Psi Omega Edith Perkins 108 • . Miss Band Tonya Little Mr. Miss Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society Kenneth Sawyer Teresa Twine as m Miss Bias Hall Gail Hall ■HI Miss Biology Club Andria Edwards Mr. Butler Hall Vincent Ruffin Miss Cheerleader Elrena Rawls 109 . ,;-, «7 )-5 i ftv ' Tt 1 Mias Cbemistry and Physics Club Tonya Blue Mr. Miss Criminal Justice Darrell Marsbail Monique Mitchell Miss Compass LaVette Washington Miss Delta Sigma Theta Atleacia Stokes Miss Division of Education Sharon Bunker 110 Miss Doles Hall Sheila Norfleet Miss Gospel Choir Tamtnie Lee Mr. Miss Groove Phi Groove James Jennifer Louwanda Bembury Mr. Miss Health Careers Johnny Reid Rhonda Harding Miss Health Physical Education Debbie Parker Miss Hugh Cale Sheila Collins 111 Miss Matb Computer Science Kimberiy Lewis Miss Mitchell Lewis Cyntbia Williams 112 Miss National Student Business League QuRita Midgette Miss Omega Psi Pbi Vicki Boone Miss Pep Club Debra Lewis Miss Pbi Beta Lambda Patricia Dancy Miss Political Science Janice Pillman Miss Pbi Beta Sigma Doris Rountree 113 Misa Pom Pom Squad Portia Jackson W ' T ' ' ' TO d H HH ft J I HHI w 1 Wft l IKtKm LJ ' ■ A " " .• . " Z ' Miss ROTC Bessie Hugbea Miss Sigma Gamma Rbo Sydell Greene 114 Miss Social Science Tracy Arnold Mr. Symera Hall Dwayne Collins Miss United Campus Religious Fellowship Crystal Godfrey Miss University Center Joan Moore Miss University Players Renita Giles Miss University Cboir Phyllis Price 115 Mr. Mias Vpsiloa Phi Upsilon Carol Jones Deneen Peart Miss Yearbook Lynda McGee Miss Zeta Pbi Beta Vairie Riddick 116 ' . . . and Swan lake does not compare . MR. ART GVILD TRACY WHINDBORNE ■NOW IT IS HER TURN 117 G O O D B Y E BEST WISHES 118 J Vx .V ENTERTAINERS DEUVER. YES, AND ANOTHER FINE PERFORMANCE. SHEILA ' S PARENTS APPROVE . . IN THE MIDST OF A WONDEROVS EVENING, AND WE WANT MORE 119 ! A TIME FO 120 COMING HOME 121 SHOWING 122 OFF ■ -•n «K - " 96, V ». v ' ' .v,, ' . :« :, -y! 4 cr - ■ « 4. I l i 123 IT LOOKS LIKE 124 rvaiit A WINNER!! 125 t J ' .1.M VICTORY 1 1 ! ! ■- FISH 1986 126 » i BOWL -87 VICTORY ! I 127 HALF TIME €«7-V, 128 - SHOW DOWN 129 WINNERS AND IT WAS WORTH 130 liiiiiiiiiiiniiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiH ATKINSON. IVAN MARICHAL ROBERSONVILLE. N.C. BUS NESS ADMINISTRATION AYDLETT, DWAYNE ANTHONY SOUTH MILLS. N.C. COMPUTER SCIENCE BAKER. ELAINE CLARJVA CORAPEAKE. N.C. SOCIOLOGY, SOCIAL WORK CURR. BELL. KAWARDA HOPE OAK CITY. N.C. GEOLOGY BENVON, .V(;E EUZABETH CITY. N.C. ACCOUNTING BERRY. CONSTINA RENATA WILMINGTON, NC. SPECIAL EDUCATION (K-12) BLACKWELL, MELVIN THOMAS EUZABETH CITY, N.C. COMPUTER SCIENCE BOBBITT, lACQVEUNE FAYE ENFIELD, N.C. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION 132 BOND, MARILYN N. PHILADELPHIA, PA. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION BROWN, BARBARA SEAN TEANECK. N.I. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION BROWN. VICKI EUZABETH CITY. N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUTTS. ANTHONY EUZABETH CITY. N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION " r CHAPMAN, MICHEAL BALTIMORE, MD. CRIMINAL IVSTICE CHESSON, DEBORAH DENISE HEMPSTEAD. N.Y. COMPUTER SCIENCE CHIFF. MARGARET MARIE ELIZABETH CITY. N.C. CRIMINAL IVSTICE CROSS, CHERYL lACKSON, N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DANIEU, GLENDALE WILUAMSTON, N.C. ACCOUNTING DANIELS, SHIRNALE WILUAMSTON, N.C. ACCOUNTING DIXON, DAPHNE VANESSA COVE CITY, N.C. ACCOUNTING DUBOSE, DARLENE PHILADELPHIA, PA. CRIMINAL JUSTICE ELMORE, DELORES CAMDEN, N.C. ACCOUNTING GIBSON, AMY MARIE ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. ENGUSH (TEACHING) GIBSON, TRAVIS LATHRON ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. BIOLOGY (NON-TEACHING) A gr GLASPER, PATRICIA LANDOVER, MD. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 133 CODDARD. SONY A WILLIAMSTON. N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION GREEN. STACY WASHINGTON. D.C. CRIMINAL JUSTICE GREEN. SYDELL BERMISE EDENTON. N.C. MARKETING GRJFF , DELORJS B. SOUTH .MILLS. N.C. SOCIOLOGY SOCIAL WORK CURR. fiRJff N, KERMIT LEROY ELIZABETH CITY. N.C. MUSIC MERCHANDISING GUYNN. RETINA ANGELA NEWPORT NEWS. VA. SOCIOLOGY (NON-TEACHING) HAGGINS. RODNEY THEODORE GOLDSBORO. N.C. CRIMINAL JUSTICE HALL. JOHN ELTON EDENTON. N.C. CO.MPUTER SCIENCE 134 HAKRIS. IX NNA MARIt ELIZABETH (ITY. N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HARRIS. ERV N CHUR HVILLE BELHAVEN, N.C. CRIMINAL JUSTICE HESTER, LEON EDWARD WILMINGTON. N.C. COMPUTER SCIENCE H .VES. CHRISTOPHER EUGUENE WILSON. N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION y s E " HOLLEY, WILUAM EDENTON, N.C. ENGUSH (NON-TEACHtNG) HUGHES. BESSIE ELVESE CAMDEN. N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HUGHES. SHEUA CAMDEN, N.C. SOCIOLOGY SOCIAL WORK CVRR. HYMAN. ROY ESPERANDA PLYMOUTH, N.C. ACCOUNTING HYMAN, TONY DEREK PLYMOUTH, N.C. INDUSTRIAL ARTS EDUCATION INGRAM, II, lEROME ANTHONY SOUTHERN PINE, N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION lACKSON. lAMES THOMAS PLYMOUTH, N.C. INDUSTRIAL ARTS EDUCATION lOHNSON. PAULA INEZ ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. ACCOUNTING lOHNSON, VANESSA GWYN CHARLOTTE, N.C. (RIMINAL lUSTICE lORDAN, IVORY SLADE AHOSKIE, N.C. SOCIOLOGY SOCIAL WORK CURR. KEETER. FRANCES PERRV ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION LAMB, WILLA FAYE ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 135 LASHLEY. EVELYN DELORES GASTON, N.C. INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION LAWRENCE, PAUL STEVEN PATERSON, N.I. INDUSTRIAL ARTS EDUCATION LESLIE, TONY LAMAR WASHINGTON, DC. COMPUTER SCIENCE LEWIS. DEBRA KAY CURRIE. N.C. SPECIAL EDUCATION (K-t2) LEWIS, KIMBERLY SEAN FRANKUN, N.C. (OMPUTER SCIENCE MANLEY, RICHARD EARL AULANDER, N.C. CRIMINAL JUSTICE MOORE, lOAN TERESA EUZABETH CITY, N.C. CRIMINAL JUSTICE MOORE, lOHN K£NN£TH AHOSKIE, N.C. CRI.MINAL WSTICE 136 MOORE. KAREN DIANNE ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. CRIMINAL WSTICE MORRISON. PRECIOUS BROOKLYN, N.Y. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION NANCE. SHIRLEY LEE HERTFORD, N.C. BIOLOCV (NON-TEACHING) NOWELL DARRIE GENE lAMESVILLE. N.C. fOAl PITER SCIENCE m OVERTON. CHUCK EIXIS COFIELD. N.C. GEOLOGY OVERTON, III. LEE EDWARD EUZABETH CITY. N.C. BIOLOGY (NON-TEACHING) OWENS, PAMELA N. lENNINGS ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PEELE. MATTHEW REID WINDSOR. N.C. INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY PERK NS, EDITA DENEEN DANBURT, CT. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PILLMON. lANICE AULANDER, N.C. HISTORY (NON-TEACHING) RAY. TERESA ANN RALEIGH, N.C. CRIMINAL lUSTICE RIDDICK, VALERIE SHARIE GATESVILLE, N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ROACH. FRANCINE RULAY EUZABETH CITY, N.C. SOCIOLOGY SOCIAL WORK CURR. ROBERTSON. WILUAM ALFRED NORFOLK, VA. CRIMINAL lUSTICE ROBINSON, DONNA KAYE GASTON, N.C. BASIC BUSINESS EDUCATION A r RODGERS. MARY MAGDALENE CRESWELL. N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 137 SAWYER. KENNETH MOYOCK, N.C. PRE-MED (BIOLOGY) SELBY. CURTIS LEE BROOKLYN. N.Y. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SIMMONS. MALCOLM WADE PLYMOUTH. N.C, INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY SPELLMAN. MARCIA EUZABETH CITY. N.C. CRIMINAL IVSTICE JPENCER, ELONA MANTEO. N.C. SPECIAL EDUCATION (K-12) iP;VEy, DEVONDA KAY GATESVILLE, N.C. SPECIAL EDUCATION (K-12) SPRUILL. ALfREDA L ALLENTOWN. PA. CRIMINAL lUSTICE STEPNEY. MARK STEVEN EDENTON. N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 138 STANLEY, ALEXIS ELIZABETH CITY. N.C. ART EDUCATION SUTTON. CONNIE DORTHELL WALSTONBURG. N.C. CRIMINAL lUSTICE TADUtCK. lOY STEVENSON EUZABETH CITY. N.C. BIOLOGY (NON-TEACHING) THOMAS. CARLTON F. PORTSMOUTH. YA. PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH CTrj TURNER, DANA LORRAINE ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. COMPUTER SCIENCE TURNER, lAMIE LOWELL EUZABETH CITY, N.C. CRIMINAL lUSTICE TYLER. STACEY D. ELIZABETH CITY. N.C. MUSIC MERCHANDISING TYNER. CARLOTTA lEAN WOODLAND, N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WALKER. iTEVEN LAMONT FAIRMONT. N.C. MUSIC MERCHANDISING WARREN. CORNEUUS FITZGERALD GOLDSBORO, N.C. ENGUSH (NON-TEACHING) WEAVER, CECIL AHOSKIE, N.C. CHEMISTRY (NON-TEACHING) WHITEHURST , RENEE DENISE EUZABETH CITY, N.C. CRIMINAL lUSTICE WILKINS. IRENE DELOIS UWISBURG. N.C. PSYCHOLOGY (GENERAL) WILLIAMS, CARLTON SMITHFIELD. N.C. COMPUTER SCIENCE WILLIAMS. lAMIE RENEE WILUAMSTON, N.C. CRIMINAL JUSTICE WILUAMS. RONALD ANDRE PHILADELPHIA, PA. CRIMINAL lUSTICE 139 WILLIAMS, THOMAS EDISON WINSTON, N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WILUAMS, VICTOR GARLAND TRENTON, N.C. CRIMINAL JUSTICE WYNN, yV£TT£ CRYSTAL PHILADELPHIA, PA. CRIMINAL lUSTlCE WILWN, ANGELA SARA VERONICA BALTIMORE, MD. SOCIOLOGY SOflAL WORK CVRR. WOOD. FAWN DEIVEEN MURFREESBORO. N.C. BIOLOGY (NON-TEACHING) 140 ARNOLD, TRACY SMITH REIDSVILLE, N.C. SOCIOLOGY SOCIAL WORK CVRR. BACOATE, DIERDIE VERNA PARKTON, N.C. ACCOUNTING CONNIE AND MARY DISPLAY ARTISTIC TALENTS. BILLVPS. lOAN ANN EUZABETH CITY. N.C. ACCOUNTING EFFIOM, ROSEMARY ENE NEW YORK, N.Y. INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY 141 £nk;nj, elyse deer park. n.y. flIlS NESS ADMINISTRATION MYRICK. USA GALE GATES. N.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PRICE. ANGIE PHILADELPHIA. PENN. CRl.MINAL IVSTICE PLUMMER, GWENDOLYN LORRAINE EUZABETH CITY. N.C. SOCIOLOGY SOCIAL WORK ClIRR. PORTER, lACQVEUNE ROCKY .MOUNT. N.C. SPECIAL EDUCATION fK-12) 142 SAUNDERS, BRENDA PATRICIA AHOSKIE, N.C. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDVCATION SAWYER, BRENDA F. CAMDEN. N.C. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDVCATION SNOWDEN, GLADYS LAVERN ELIZABETH CITY. N.C. SOCIOLOGY SOCIAL WORK CVRR. SHA W. CUETON £( e£NE CRIMINAL lUSTICE SLOAN. LAVLEETA DEVETTE ORLANDO, fLA. ENGUSH NON-TEACHING 143 SNOWDEN, MEUSSA FAY EUZABETH CITY, N.C. ACCOUNTING SVTTON. CONNIE DORTHELL WALSTONBURG, N.C. CRIMINAL WSTICE Debra Lewis enjoys reign as Minti Pep Club. )44 MEMORIES MEMORIES 145 TIME FOR 146 SENIORS H 147 -M " " . « - -- ' V xr .- 148 WE TOOK THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED BY, AND IT HAS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. PARAPHRASED i ,%it. M ' jP; 149 150 I] miiamemmHaSi mmtSSmmikm ELIZABETH ' STATE UNIVERSITY 151 WANT TO BE A TRUE VIKING 152 iiiiiiiiiiiiniiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiH 153 (Above) Vivian Perrimon installs officers of Southeast Region in Williamston, N.C. (Rights Elaine Perry, Southeast Regional (Left) Vivian Perrimon talks to alumni in Hen- derson, N.C. SOME WORK mmmmmatm (Left) Vivian Perrimon installs new officers of Edenton Alumni Chapter (Bottom left) Henderson Organizational Meeting (Bottom Right) Alumni fill the stadium 154 OME PLAY (Right) Perquimans County Alumni Cbaptera (Right bottom} Washington D.C. Metro Chapter (Bottom Left, INSERT) " Miss Alumni " , Lenora Mackey and Court (Above) " Miss Alumni " , Lenora Mackey poses with Vivian Perrimon, 2nd Vice-president, Alumni Association (Left) Marian Mitchell, Alumni Director, left and Elaine Perry, Regional Director of South- east Region, wave to crowd, while Robinson, seated, smiles at spectators. j jNCilltl ' • ' • i " ' ' ' 155 -er ALUMNI— MEETINGS, (Left top) Mr. Melvin Roantree takes notes. (Center right) Dr. feanette Evans, President, General Alumni Association (Left bottom) Mr. Robert Harvey makes a point. I r 6tete University I MEETINGS, » MEETINGS . . . (Top rigbtf Dr. Ulysses Bell, Vice Chancellor for Development and Planning dis- cusses long and abort range fund-raising plan. (Left) Executive Committee Members bard at work. (Top bottom) Marian Mitcbell, Alumni Director poses witb William Oats, Direc- tor of Federal Programs. 5 T Avj . ' NOT ARROGAt AWESOME ' .-j IOTA PHI THETA " 1 AM ALPHA... AND PROUD! " 158 DELTA StaUA THETA ZETA PHI BETA! " YOUR WILDEST FANTASY! " ...SO SINSATIONAL!! ...I WEAR IT WELL!! " 159 160 DELTA SIGMA THETA Delta Sigma Tbeta was founded on the campus of Howard University on Febru- ary 18, 1913, by twenty-two industrious black college women. Delta Sigma Tbeta bas branched out to all parts of the Unit- ed States and to several otber parts of tbe world wbicb include Haiti, Liberia, West Germany and tbe Bahamas. This prestigious sorority to date boasts tbe largest membership of any pan- hellenic council organization (Fraternity or Sorority). 161 ffh J u TEAB 8 6 VEAT A A )62 OMEGA PSI PHI TOP LEFT (spring 86) Left to Right Anthony S., Darin C, Anthony H., James G., Antonio B., Whalen ]., and Dewey B. STRAIGHT ACROSS— (Bros, cbillin for a quick picture) BOTTOM LEFT (fall 86) Pledging their hearts to Omega Psi Phi TOP RIGHT— The Omega and Delta BaU (spring 86) Manhood, Scholarship, Perserver- ance, and Uplift are the four cardi- nal principles of Omega Psi Phi. Omega Psi Phi was founded in 1911. The pledge club is called the Lampo- dos and the motto is " Friendship is essential to the soul. " The Bros, stepping for Brother Tyron Epson ' s wedding guests. 163 Alpha )pht Alpha Jirat rmt , 3lnt. 1906 Brothers of Beta Zeta Chapter Dwayne Anthony Aydlett Michael Chamblee Shawn Aaron Curtis Travis Lathron Gibson Robert Thomas Goodman, Jr Roscoe Frankhn Hager, Jr. Jeffery Hinton Melvin Maurice Hodges Douglas Ray Howard Richard Earl Manley Darius Rochelle Morris Edward Earl Myles Derrick Jerome Norman Lee Edward Overton, III Darryl Alan Sansbury Kenneth Lee Sawyer Kenneth Darnell Sumter Victor Garland Williams Tracy Lamonte Winborne IF UNIQUE IS WHAT YOU SEEK, THEN . . . ALPHA PHI ALPHA Alpha Pbi Alpha, the first Greek-Letter Fraternity, was founded December 4, 1906, at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY by seven men: H.A. Callis, C.H. Chapman, E.K. Jones, G.B. Kelly, N.A. Murray, R.H. Ogle, and V.W. Tandy. Since then, over 100,000 men have passed through our ranks in chapters throughout the U.S., and abroad. Our fraternity consists of such notable brothers as Andrew Young, Thurgood Marshall, Ebony Jet Publisher, John H. Johnson, and late Brothers Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesse Owens, and Duke Ellington. Some of our national projects include the Boy Scouts, teen pregnancy, education, and voter registration. DEFINITELY MEN OF DISTINCTION 165 KAPPA ALPHA PSI Crimaon and cream are their colot and Scrolls is the name of the pledg club. Who are tbey? None other thai the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Kappa Alpha Psi was founded in 191 at Indiana University. Their motto it " Many are called, but few are cho sen. " (Kneeling) Left to Rigbt Eugene Harris Fred Spencer (Left to Rigbt) Standing Derwin Overton T. Hunt Tburlinton Harvell Graig McCoy 166 ZETA PHI BETA Kimberly Reid (left) Valeria Riddick, Baselius (center) Anita Holley (right) 167 SIGMA GAMMA RHO (Left to Right) Jammet Smith Wylia Slade Tammy Calrke Shimale Daniela Elaine Baker Sigma Gamma Rho was founded at Butler University in 1922. " Greater Service, Greater Progress " is the belief held by (he Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. As on Aurora, one learns that the fundamental purpose of the sorority is achievement. 168 IOTA PHI THETA (Left to Right, Back Row) Dairy Marshall Craig Peele Christopher Hinea John Vann 169 OFFICERS CARL JONES— PRESIDENT ANTONIO L McDANIEL—VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER SEAN JONES — ADVERTISEMENT DAVID TROY — SECRETARY LEON HESTER — ASST. SECRETARY WILUAM BROKENBERRY — RECREATIONAL OVERSEER BELOW (LEFT TO RIGHT) LEON HES- TER, WILLIAM BROCKENBERRY, DAVID TROY, CARL JONES, AND ANTONIO L McDANIEL 170 iUb The idea of Upsilon Pbi Upsilon Fraternity Inc. was conceived in Sep- tember of 1982. The Organization ' s structure was not initiated until November 1985. The foundation of Upsilon Pbi Upsilon Fraternity was paved by William Brockenberry, Carl Jones, Antonio L. McDaniel, Sean Jones, Henry Wilkins, David Troy, David Stewart, and Stanford Gatlin. The sole purpose of tbe Brotbers of Black and Red is to promote uni- ty and service. Black identity is germane to tbe orientation of Upsilon Pbi Upsilon. 171 t€ Wi: torp of Struggle, cftiebement anb excellence Elizabeth City State University was founded on March 3, 1891 when House Bill 383 was enacted by the North Carolina General Assembly, establishing a Normal School for the specific purpose of " teaching and training teachers of the Black race to teach in the common schools " of North Carolina. The Bill was sponsored by Hugh Cale, a Black representative from Pasquotank County. The institution was elevated from a two-year Normal School to a four-year Teachers College in 1937. Its name was officially changed to Elizabeth City State Teachers College by an Act of the General Assembly on March 30, 1939. In addition to the purpose of " teaching and training teachers of the Black race to teach in the common schools " of the state, the training of elementary school principals for rural and city schools was added to its mission . The first Bachelor of Science degrees (which were in Elementary Education) were awarded in May, 1939. The Association of Colleges and Schools, an organization of Black institutions, recognized the college as an " A-rated " institution in 1948. A Vocational-Technical program was organized in 1957. Curricular offerings were expanded between 1959 and 1963 from a single Elementary Education major to 12 additional academic majors with a multi-choice of minors and concentrations in ten departments. The College was granted full membership in the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in December, 1961. Its accreditation has since been reaffirmed. The name was officially changed from Eliza- beth City State Teachers College to Elizabeth City State College by the General Assembly in 1963. Effective July 1, 1969 the college became Elizabeth City State University. In 1971 the General Assembly redefined the University of North Carolina system, and under the terms of that legislation all sixteen public senior institutions, including ECSU, became constituents of The.University of North Carohna, effective July, 1972. When it first began operation on January 4, 1892, ECSU had 23 students, two faculty members, rented quarters, and a budget of $900. By 1987, as we approach the centennial year of 1991, the University is fully integrated, with a student body in excess of 1600. The faculty is well prepared and, like the students, is international and inter- racial. The library contains 110,000 books and over 30,000 microfiche titles and non-print items. There are 829 acres of land (of which 87 represent the campus proper, 68 comprise former farm land, and the remaining acreage in properties in Utah, Virginia and Currituck County. More than some four dozen buildings, including eight residence halls, eleven classroom buildings and the Graduate and Continuing Education Center comprise the Physical Plant. The University ' s current approximate budget is $18 million, exclusive of capital outlay. Elizabeth City State University looks forward to the future as it moves toward its centennial. 172 =1835: 1910 = FOUNDING FATHER The Honorable Hugh Cale (no photograph thus far located), a seasoned politician, frequent office-holder and veteran state legislator, was representative from Pasquotank County, North Carolina when, on January 26, tS91, be introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly, House Bill 383, to establish this in- stitution of higher learning to be named the " Elizabeth City State Colored Normal School. " Representative Cale saw the fruits of his labor and his colleagues ' confidence when his proposed legislation became law on March 3, 1891, effective January 1, 1892 (Chapter 265, Session Laws of 1891). The result of Cale ' s vision is represented by our institution currently entitled Elizabeth City State University, a constituent of the University of North Caroli- na. ' = $eter Mebbicfe jHoore = PRINCIPAL (FIRST PRESIDENT) - 1 891- 1 928 It fell to a young Shaw University alumnus with teaching ex- perience at Plymouth (North Carolina) Normal School to nurse to adulthood the new educational creature sired by Hugh Cale. Dr. Moore became chief executive; John Henry Manning Butler, his assistant. On January 4, 1892, Messrs. Moore and Butler, con- stituting an administration and faculty of two persons, opened the brand new institution. 173 =3o )n J enrp Pia£f= SECOND PRESIDENT - 1928-1939 The second chief executive, John Henry Bias, born 1879, Palmyra, Missouri, was a teacher (1905-1910) and Vice-Principal (1923-1928) under Dr. P. W. Moore and thus knew both that founder, with whom he worked closely, and Representative Cale. Accordingly, Vice-Principal Bias was the person " most likely to succeed " when Dr. Moore retired in 1928. The Board of Trustees concurred and named Dr. Bias, President — the first chief execu- tive to have that title. =,8S3=j|arolt) ileonarb tEriss THIRD PRESIDENT 1939- 1945 President Trigg ' s administration, which some may call transi- tional, was thus far the shortest in the institution ' s history. It was also significant. It was Dr. Trigg, elected President by the Trustees in November, 1939, who kept the school alive during a turbulent period for the nation at large. He weathered the weary years of World War 11 and sought, often with success, to reinforce faculty and curricular matters and to the extent then possible planned for or sought to implement capital and equipment improvements, along with other facets of institutional upgrading. 174 FOURTH PRESIDENT - 1946-1958 When President Trigg resigned, the Trustees named as presi- dent the incumbent Dean of tlie institution and in a sense its dcting prcsiiJent. Dr. Williams bad been Vice Principal (1929-1930 then Dean, beginning 1930. Dr. Trigg sought expansion of curricular offerings and capital and equipment resources as welt as general college upgrading, including the first catalogue re- cognition of a collegiate-level academic development. Academic ranks were also instituted. ' ' =3!lalter Jiatftaniel Eiblep FIFTH PRESIDENT - 1958-1968 President Ridley (bom 1919, Newport JVews, Virginia) was the first chief executive to arrive with an earned doctorate fthc first Black to receive an EdD from the University of Virginia). Dr. RiJIey rapidly sought enlargement and upgrading of existing curricular resources. 175 =,932= Marion IBennis tKt)orpe = " " = SIXTH PRESIDENT - 1968-1972; FIRST CHANCELLOR - 1972-1983 Effective faly 1, 1968, the Trustees elected one of the youngest chief executives in the nation. His name vras not well known locally, but that situation was removed in a short period of time. Dr. Thorpe addressed excellence, accountability, tfae " communiversity " concept, and change. Spectacular expansion and enrichment in all institutional contponents resulted, from computerization to added majors. The school gained its largest federal private support since its inception as it moved from " state-supported " to " state-assisted. " The State initiated change by renaming the school " Elizabeth City State University " (1969f, thus designating it a " regional uni- versity " as part of the sixteen-campus University of North Caro- lina system. President Thorpe thereupon became the school ' s first Chancellor. ' =5immp Eapmonb 3renfeing= SECOND CHANCELLOR - 1983- PresiJent William C. Friday on May 1, 1983, and the UNC Board of Governors of October 14, respectively appointed and elected Dr. Jenkins first as Acting Chancellor, then as 7th chief executive officer of ECSU. During Chancellor Jenkins ' administration capital outlay for building renovation and new construction, including comple- tion of some earlier projects, has approached S17 million. Pro- grammatic improvements include a concentration in Correction- al Recreation, an Honors Program with leased apartments available to the students, and there are plans to institute a Computer Cartography concentration. 176 (Left) John Bias, Jr. places a wreath at the tomb of bis fatber, John Henry Bias, the University ' s second president. (Below) The daughter of Jobn Henry Bias, Lillian Bias Abron. (Left) John Bias, Jr. speaks at Founders Day. 177 (Rigat) The Honorable L. Douglas Wilder, Lieutenant Gov- ernor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, addresses ECSU Faculty, Students, and Guests at Founders Day convoca- tion. (Top and Riglit The Honorable L. Douglas Wilder greets guests. 178 FOUNDERS DAY 1987 179 FOUNDERS DAY 1987 IN PRAISE AND TRIBUTE 180 WHAT ' S UP?? 181 o 182 WILD! ! 183 VIKING 184 SPORTS 185 ALVIN SMITH MVP FISH BOWL Wi. P " - - 186 187 188 Coach Claudie Mackey Lydell Lucas Center Antonio Bellany Center Sean Mosely Forward Milton Williams Guard Kelvin Dickins 189 Ernie Griffin Guard Kenny Hilton Guard Danny ones Guard Denorris Wilaon Guard 190 Anthony Butts Guard famie Turner Guard LADY VIKINGS 191 r 192 VIKING GRAPPLERS 193 194 N AT« W« 195 «» ' • ■ 196 VIKING SOFTBALL Team Captains: Mary James, Constina Berry, and Carolyn Price Head Coach: William Haggard, Assistant Coach: WiUiam Brockenberry 197 Karen Woody Jeana Gordon Rhonda Yarborough Paula Johnson Rose Riddick Carolyn Price Catina Williams 198 Melvin Hodges Ron Townson Doug Howard Robert Mclntyre Robert Goodman 199 200 20) dLit abdtfi Citi} State Unmersiti? (One f undred ourti? Commencement Coni ocation 202 SunOai? morning, IHai? Ccntf? nineteen f unOreO igf?ti?-seDen at (ten D c(ock Koebuck Stadium 203 204 Srwr W. ' t ' i S y-r ' ! ' ' 205 206 207 «« 208 SM .1 ■ %1P! ' ' ' i; W 5 . •• ' tf ' i r ,-4 « ' t I 209 310 t ,»- ,• • ' ' yifmf$fi --%hJi ' IK ' .;,. ' . •« ., , ■ • . 211 212 [ • ; »f i li v ' ::J 213 214 ,. ' 17 ' - ;•-..» mi -fzi ' .: " 15.; • ,i 215 216 M i Ik Mi t 1 ■ til t 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 C(?c Hima IHakr To thee, dear Alma Mater, a tribute song we sing Of thy true worth to all of us Oh, may we honor bring. CHORUS Hail to thy lovely halls, ECSU We ' ll hear when duty calls, ECSU Faithful and ever true, We ' ll be to you For in our hearts we ' ll still love thee ECSU So now we ' ll join together For thee. O State to work Let none of us be faint at heart Nor any duty shirk. 228

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