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ELIZABETH CI ■ I -.- ., tJJ ' JiJth.i . A.JUL m WW e ik ' H dh ' ■¥ -. ♦v Elizabeth City, NC THE VIKING 1983-1984 The Department of Modern Languages and Yearbook Staff proudly present the 1983-1984 edition of THE VIKING. This edition of Ttie Vildng is a special one. In these pages, one will find activities which are representative of the unity and warmth generated throughout all of Vikingland. Not only will one find within these captured memories the growth of our University, but the beauty and pride that are projected by all who are associated with Elizabeth City State University. Algie H. Mabry, Jr. Editor-in-Chief Cornelia Y. Combs Feature Editor Tammye Y. Jones Sports Editor Rick L. Jones Advertising Manager Bill Parson Photographer Table Of Contents Dedication 4 Campus Life 6 Administration, Faculty. And Staff 12 Martin Luther King. Jr. Celebration 42 An Evening Witti Alex 50 Sctiolarcade 1984! 66 University Ambassadors 73 Get Down Baby Jam 82 Albermaie Awards 94 Seniors — Congratulations 96 Coronation 1983 — " I Am Love " 107 Tt)e Inauguration Of An Alumnus 113 Chancellor ' s Message 120 Freshmen — Welcome 129 Sophomores — Just Over The Hump 134 Juniors — One More To Go 138 Who ' s Who 145 Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen 150 I Pledge My All 160 Athletics 172 Homecoming 1983 182 Spirit Boosters 186 You Are Cordially Invited To Attend 196 Senior Directory 204 Campus Life 210 Those Who Did Their Part And Others 217 Advertisements 224 This Special 1984 Inaugural Edition of the Yearbook is dedicated to Chancellor Jimmy Ray- mond Jenkins. Chancellor Jenkins — an alumnus of Eliza- beth City University, the Students ' Chancellor — has awakened in us faith in our University and ourselves, hope for the future, and a strong sense of love and togetherness for our University fam- ily and community. Firm but fair; a hard task master, for himself as well as others; ambitious but not reckless; suc- cessful, yet caring and concerned — Chancellor Jenkins is our role model. 1983-1984 YEARBOOK DEDICATION DR. JIMMY RAYMOND JENKINS, SR. CHANCELLOR CAMPUS LIFE -v: - - ' 1 » ECSU HONORS RETIREES Then said a teacher. Speak to us of Teaching. And he said: No man can reveal to you aught but that which aiready lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge. The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple, among his followers, gives not of his wisdom but rather of his faith and his lovingness. If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind. The astronomer may speak to you of his understanding of space, but he cannot give you his understanding. The musician may sing to you of the rhythm which is in all space, but he cannot give you the ear which arrests the rhythm nor the voice that echoes it. And he who is versed in the science of numbers can tell of the regions weight and measure, but he cannot conduct you thither. For the vision of one man lends not its wings to another. And even as each one of you stands alone in God ' s knowledge, so much each one of you be alone in his knowledge of God and in his understanding of the earth. Kahlil Gibran These twe ges The Viking are in Vikings who fought a bi conquered their oppressor. ward, eternal them b the Hfe. No fauli Because of tl our fellow sailed the seas of life with their waving high — are without of ' - Jlk; « ' t. ' ners misery and strife. Peaceful eternal security is theirs. Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me! And may there be no moanin WKen I pul iii , a. e bar, evening bell, that the dark! 1 When I em no s, such a tide as Iffoving seems asIWp, bo full for sound and foam, en that which drew from out the boun rns again home For though from out our bourne of Time and Place The flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face When I have crossed the bar. Alfred, Lord Tennyson BOARD OF TRUSTEES (seated left to rigtif) Isaac A. Baffle, Elaine Williams, Levin Culpepper ■ Vivian Burke. (standing left to rigfif) Fred Riley, Augusta Aydlett, E. Renee Anderson J. Sam Roebuck, Andrew Williams, Willie Riddick, and Kermit White. Cfiairman, and SGA President, 14 Ms. Jeaneffa Hick Secretary c H A N C E L L O R o F F I C E Ms. Melvona Griffin Secretary Ms. Marion Pierre Public Relations Mrs. Jean Sims Administrative Secretary 15 Office Of The Vice Chancellor For Academic Affairs Dr James H. Townes 16 Mrs. Linda Mitchell, Secretary . Floyd Robinson. Asst. Vice Ctiancellor for Academic Affairs Mrs. Bennie Lewis. Secretary Wfm mm 17 Mrs. Shirley Jones Mr. A.C. Robinson, Jr Mr. Roger McLean Vice-Chancellor For Fiscal Affairs 18 THE OFFICE OF FISCAL AFFAIRS 19 The Division of Student Affairs is organized and administered by ttie Vice Ctiancelior for Student Affairs to augment, strengftien, and support ttie University ' s commitment to the total development of its students. The wori of this division is specifically concerned with student needs and student v reifare. Student Affairs assist with the adjustment of students to the academic and non-academic environment of the campus. The central purpose of Student Affairs is to create and promote the Icind of environment in which students may develop into mature, well-rounded citizens, who are seif-discipiined and aware of the life-long process of education and individual fuiiliment. The Student Affairs Program is designed to foster student initiative, responsibility, and the rights of students to plan and execute. The program also strives to provide opportunities for involvement, creativity, innovation, accomplishment, and a climate which is conducive to intellectual stimulation and growth, happiness and productivity for the maxium development of each student. It also provides special services for those students who have academic and non-academic difficulties through guidance and counselling from trained and experienced personnel. STUDENT AFFAIRS Dr. Harry Ghee, Vice Chancellor REGISTR AR ' S OFFICE MR. TOMMY FOUST REGISTRAR 22 — DATA PROCESSING - 23 UNIVERSITY DEVELOPMENT AND PLANNING Dr. T.V. Beasley Vice-Chancellor 24 GENERAL STUDIES DIVISION Dr. Helen Caldwell Director 25 EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT Dr. Edyth Cole Chairperson 26 Mathematical Sciences Dr. Sohindar S. Sachder, Chairperson Physical Sciences Dr. Md. Ashraful Alam, Chairperson 27 28 MUSIC DEPARTMENT Dr. Edna L. Davis, Chairperson MILITARY SCIENCES ARMY ROTC Major Roosevelt Adams 29 MODERN LANGUAGES DEPARTMENT DR. ANNE M. HENDERSON CHAIRPERSON 30 31 GEOSCIENCES DEPARTMENT Dr. Wiley Rogers, Chairperson SOCIAL SCIENCES DEPARTMENT Dr. Melvin Murphy, Chairperson 32 OF WORK BY KAHLIL GIBRAN Then a ploughman said. Speak to us of Work. And he answered saying: You work that you may keep pace with the earth and the sould of the earth. For to be idle is to become a stranger unto the seasons, and to step out of life ' s procession, that marches in majesty and proud submission towards the infinite. When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to mu- sic. Which of you would be a reed, dumb, and silent, when all else sings together in unison? Always you have been told that work is a curse and labour a misfortune. But I say to you that when you work you fulfil a part of earth ' s furthest dream, assigned to you when that dream was born. And in keeping yourself with labour you are in truth loving life. And to love life through labour is to be intimate with life ' s inmost secret. But if you in your pain call birth an affliction and ttie support of ttie flesti a curse written upon your brow, then I answer that naught but the sweat of your brow shall wash away that which is written. .(, . . 1 1 At • W You have been told also that life is darkness, and in your weari- ness you echo what was said by the weary. And I say that life is indeed darkness save when there is urge. And all urge is blind save when there is knowledge. And all knowledge is vain save when there is work. And all work is empty save when there is love; And when you work with love you bind yourself to yourself, and to one another, and to God. And what is it to work witti love? It is to weave the cloth with threads draw from your heart, even as if your beloved were to wear that cloth. It is to build a house with affection, even as if your beloved were to dwell in that house. It is to sow seeds with tenderness and reap harvest with joy. even as if your beloved were to eat the fruit. It is to charge all things you fashion with a breath of your own spirit And to know that all the blessed dead are standing about you and watching. Often have I heard you say. as if speaking in sleep, " He who worlcs in marble, and finds the shape of his own soul in the stone, is nobbier than he who ploughs the soil. And he who seizes the rainbow to lay it on a cloth in the likeness of man. is more than he who makes the sandals for our feet. " But I say. not in sleep but in the overwakefulness ofnoontied. that the wind speaks not more sweetly to the giant oaks than to the least of all the blades of grass; And he alone is great who turns the voice of the wind into a song made sweeter by his own loving. Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only witti dis- taste, it is better fhiat you stiould leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take aims of those who work with joy. For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter bread that feeds but half man ' s hunger. And if you grudge the crushing of the grapes, your grudge distils a poision in the wine. And if you sing though as angels, and love not the singing, you muffle man ' s ear to voices of the day and the voices of the night. 40 liliittmtmlmtotummmm ••AMaBk » vM ' nM» " aMw ' la 4 CAMPUS HIGHLIGHTS 41 ECSU REMEMBERS 17 i 42 REV. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. 43 ECSU BLOODMOBILE 44 CAREER DAY 1983 The military, local businesses, and firms, were pre- sent to give students insigtit on thie job market and wtiat to expect in ttte " real world. " Also represen- tatives of campus departments were there to assist students in selecting a major. Career Day ' 83 was sponsored by the Office of Career Placement. i i£p ECSU CELEBRATES ANNIVERSARY Algie H Mabry, Jr. Each year Elizabeth City State University sets aside a day of tribute and praise for our founding fathers. March 2, 1984 marked the 93rd Anniversary of our beloved institution. The guest speaker for this momentous occasion was the Honorable Daniel T. Blue, Jr. Blue is an alumnus of North Carolina Central University and is a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives. " The Quality of Lead- ership for A Current Generation " was the topic Blue spoke on before a capacity filled auditorium. To highlight this year ' s Founder ' s Day was the naming of a building. " McLendon Hall " was the name bestowed upon the Early Childhood Building. The building was named in honor of the late Lucille M. McLendon who was a believer in education. In keeping with the University tradition, the annual Anniversary. The Honorable Daniel Blue, Mrs. Jenkins, and others share in with the University Family at the naming of the Early Childhood Building. ECSU ENTERTAINS ALEX HALEY 50 ' r I 1 51 DR. JIMMY R. JENKINS AND ALEX HALEY 52 SMILE YOU ' RE ON CANDID CAMERA The next three pages contain pic- tures of those who nnal e up our Univer- sity Famiiy. Some pictures were pianned whiie others were tal en by surprise. Nevertheiess. the camera took what it saw! 57 TO THEE, DEAR ALMA MATER « »1. ■ If A TRIBUTE SONG J WE SING 58 OF THY TRUE WORTH TO ALL OF US O MAY WE HONOR BRING 59 so NOW WE ' LL JOIN TOGETHER FOR THEE, O STATE, TO WORK LET NONE OF US BE FAINT AT HEART NOR ANY DUTY SHIRK, 61 HAIL TO THY LOVELY HALLS ECSU 62 WE ' LL HEAR WHEN DUTY CALL ECSU 63 FAITHFUL AND EVER TRUE WE ' LL BE TO YOU 64 FOR IN OUR HEARTS WE ' LL STILL LOVE THEE ECSU 65 SCHOLARCADE 1984 If if " o 66 67 FASHION SHOW MODELS 68 FACULTY ON PARADE 69 f ' m f li btal leamina environment. lifTbtal leamingenvironment, students at ELIZABETH CITY STA TE UNIVERSITY respondWtt Impressive accomplishments In their fields of le axp. ECSU In more recent years tias expanded its scope to Include programs that prepare students , for rewarding arsit mUenging careers in dreai pther than teaching. It ' s hard to decide on what to really ioolc for in i college or university. The decision is so great. Etnobeth City State University will open a lot of possibilities for anyone Located in Elizabeth City, N.C, this four-year university, a constitutenf institution of the University of North Carolina system, has over 1300 students enrolled in its day and st gjjjjed day classes. The campus is a olqrful mixture of educational bi gs, and living facilities of Georgian and modern ' oreMectural designs, parklike setfirfgAatbeltiQffields, and outdoor cla XDms. Students will find a well-rounded blend fjm ties ranging from cultural pJb0fngfi:af by campus organizafons and off-campus gi l fi to intercollegiate atf n I i ■ " mf Ummmtmummm MIMMMMMM ze halh educa: zked by mo, land rounds a University offers degre all students can proa demcally andsocia muti respect ' enc ' e near the liBfS general ediici facilities Qnd ©8 it e total leafnini teactiing and non-teactiing areas in its academic program. Coi, s are ' iff} the changing times T e cQQfOi ttfred can tielp students make it gettier the students and teachers char Bfls and solve University problems ern The campus has been designed ta ake learning easier gnd more classrooms, and recreational areas. m, and service-learning programs ' open up the possibilities " for each ment the integrated and internation faculty enhances the learning environment at ECSU. T, " " " ytK l; UNIVI AMBAS 1 ksriY 4DORS 1 UNIVERSITY PLAYERS FOUR ONE ACT PLAYS The University Players, ECSU ' s drama organization enjoyed its second success- ful year under ttie leadership of Shawn Smith, director of theatre. Audience attendance increased sharply from pervious seasons, and the press, as well as the public, praised the Players ' productions for their quality, talent, and polish. Growing student interest and involvement, both on stage and off, created a demand for more plays; therefore, four productions were staged throughout the year: a musical comedy (another first for the Players), a Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, and two workshop presentations. % 7f 74 The Players opened their season in November with the rousing mus co Purlie, staged in Moore l aii Auditorium with the cooperation of the Department of Modern Languages and the Department of Music. Band director Wiiiie G. McEi- roy assembied an impressive, fifteen-member orchestra to bacl up the out- standing singing of the piay ' s principai characters and chorus, smoothiy guided byBiily C. l-iines, ECSU ' s choir Director. Shawn Smith ' s direction, sophomore Steph- anie Ailen ' s choreography, and the scenery designed by David Raper rounded out the vatired theatrival elements that made Purlie an audience favorite. According to the Daily Advance review, the musical comedy " ... sliowed outstanding effort on tlie part of ttie actors and ttie musi- cians as it sweiied with good teamwork be- tween ttie two. " A workshop production of Neil Simon ' s The Good Doctor, based on CI iel hov ' s comic stories of 19fh century Russian life, was offered by ttie Players in December. Two performances were staged in the Little Theatre, and a special dinner theatre presentation, sponsored by the Elizabeth City chapter of the National Epicureans, Inc.. was given in the Kermit White Graduate Center. Audi- ences roared with delight and gave special praise to senior Zelene M. Bunch ' s direction and junior Mary J. Knighton ' s period costumes. " If you want to experience the magic of the theatre. " laughed a newspaper critic, " forget the TV and make a call on The Good Doctor. " The comedy was again presented in March to the students at Northeastern High School, and " The Seduction, " one o ' The Good Doctor ' s sto- ries, highlighted the inaugural dinner for Chancel- lor Jimmy R. Jenkins, one of the Players strongest supporters. 77 In February. Charles Gordone ' s No Place To Be Somebody, the first play by a black playwright to win the Pulitzer Prize, served as the Players ' major Spring semester offering. This adult comedy-drama was praised for the strong ensemble work of the seventeen-member cast, headed by Gary Wayne Savage and Kenneth L. Lanier Audiences again filled the Little Theatre for each of the play ' s three performances. 78 79 80 The workshop production of student-directed one-act plays rounded out the Players ' drama season with two per- formances In April. The four short plays Included Tennessee Williams ' Talk To Me Like the Rain, " directed by David Rop- er; Mark Medoff ' s " Doing A Good One For the Red Man. " directed by Marsha Lynn Williams: " The Second-Story Man, " directed by John Gibbs; and Leroy Jones ' " The Toilet, " directed by Richard Forte. 7 7e Four One- Act Plays brought a wealth of new talent to the stage of the Little Theatre: novice and veteran actors combined their skills to create a highly entertaining evening of comedy and drama. The organization of production stage manager Rick L. Jones and the Ingenlousness of technical director David Raper contributed much to the success of the one acts. A family within the Viking family, the University Players brings together students, staff, faculty, and community in mutual efforts of creativity and enjoyment. If all of the world Is a stage, as Shakespeare said, then there can be little doubt that the theatrical stages on the Elizabeth City State University campus are not only alive and well, but continual- ly growing and contributing to the cultural fabric of the school and the community. THE ELIZABETH CITY STATE UNIVERSITY MARCHING VIKING BAND % 3MALL BUT POWERFUL P-O-I-S-O-N Get down baby jam! P-O-l-S-O-N! This is section No. 1, where is section No. 27 The ciarinet section is the best section! We ' re not finish frealdng yet! All of the above are chants which added to the school spirit and morale of the ECSU Marching Viking Band Under th ' e new leadership of Mr Willie G. McElroy, the Marching Vikings were second to none and defeated all who challenged them at any half- time show. They were marvelous! They were daz- zling! They were ' flashy! They were the best! From drills to dance routines, the Marching Vikings captivated all of their audiences. Their half time per- formances were a sign of devotion and hard work. Their excellent performances, both on the field and off, exemplified the unity that is transmitted throughout the organization. Many thought that it could not be done, but nev- er underestimate the powers of a Marching Viking. Norfolk State thought otherwise; North Carolina Central thought otherwise; Winston-Salem thought otherwise also, but the ECSU Marching Viking Band did more than think. The Vikings used their thoughts and perfected them. This enabled them to become the pride of North Carolina and the CIAA confer- " y ' ,VJ £:iiM How grand can one band be? AND THE PLAYED ON ND STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION 1983-1984 THEME: TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE President Edna Renee Anderson V ' Treasurer Anthony V. Washington 92 Vice-President Timothy C. Okeke Recording Secretary Vera V. Patillo Corresponding Secretary Algie H. Mabry, Jr. =«%• Miss ECSU Inez C. Campbell 93 ALBEMARLE ATHLETIC BANQUET 94 95 SENIORS Gregory Owen Albrifton Business Administration Jesse Linwood Alien Criminal Justice Edna Renee Anderson Computer Science Jotin A. Andrews Ptiysical Education Health Cynthia Dinese Art is Special Education (K- 12) Wanda L. Battle Business Administration tyianagement Lisa Michelle Batts Sociology (Non- Teaching) Marieta Janette Becton Sociology (Non- Teaching) Anthony Edward Bell Industrial Arts Education Sharon Lynne Best Psychology (General) Connie Frances Boone Business Administration Ervin Lee Boone Physical Education Health 97 SENIORS Daryl Bernard Brown Criminal Justice Garfield Leon Brown Business Administration Steptranie Ann Denise Brown Sociology Pre-Social Work Sharon Denise Bryant Business Administration Inez Charleen Campbell Special Education (K- 12) Antonio Carter Accounting Gwendolyn Chaney Business Administration Curtis Ctiesson Patricia Clark Special Education (K- 12) Cathleen Cloyd Business Administration Edward Sebastian Cost ley Physical Education Health Mark Steven Coulter Music Merchandising 98 SENIO RS Janice Elizabeth Cummings Special Education (K- 12) James D. Dance Jr. Computer Science Gwendolyn Alicia Datcher Biology Non- Teaching Erin Joyce Davis Industrial Technology Jessie Mae Davis Business Administration Angelia Renee Debrew Mathematics Non- Teaching Linnora Marie Dunton Business Administration William Edwards Business Administration Peggy Delaine Etheridge Industrial Technology Lisa Yvette Farrow Special Education (K- 12) Phillip Clay Felton Industrial Arts Education Johnny Lee Finch Biology Non- Teaching 99 SENIORS Pamela Beatrice Forbes Business Administration Alene Gallop Sociology Pre-Social Work Earlene Gallop Sociology Pre-Social Work Darren Dwayne Garnetf Criminal Justice Willard G. Garrett Geology Angela Denise Greene Biology Non- Teactiing Pre-Medicine Pre-Dentistry Roger Allen Griesinger Industrial Arts Education Erica Harmon Business Administration Kelvin Eugene Harney Criminal Justice Letitia Marie Hendricks Special Education (K- 12) Sonjie lyiahe Hilton Criminal Justice Stierry Jane Hollo well Business Administration 100 SENIORS Shirley J. Hopkins Criminal Justice Yvonne Howard Special Education (K- 12) Sheila Andrea Humphrey Criminal Justice Elsie Carol Johnson Early Childhood Education Regina Johnson Biology Non-Teaching Angela Denice Jones Criminal Justice Anthony Jones Mathematics Teaching Juanlto Joselito Jones Art Education Tammy e Yvette Jones English Non- Teaching William Jones Mathematics Non-Teaching Darlene Norda Keene Special Education (K- 12) Cathy Denise Kent Business Administration 101 SENIORS Debbie Jean Koonce Special Education (K- 12) Deborah Ann Koonce Special Education (K- 12) Sanyo Renee Koonce Sociology Pre-Social Work Yvonne Lucas Sociology Pre-Social Work Charles Jerome Macklin Criminal Justice Vernadine Martin Business Administration Livia Fay McCabe Business Administration Pamela Bright McCoy Accounting Michelle Miller Physics Non- Teaching Debbie Elaine Mills Biology Non- Teaching Patricia Ann Moore Special Education (K- 12) Michelle Lynette Murrill Criminal Justice 102 SENIORS Angela Luvel Norman Special Education (K- 12) Margin Louis Norman Accounting Eptiirman Howard Ogiesby Criminal Justice Douglas White Perry Biology Non- Teaching Judy Mae Perry Biology Non- Teaching Leon ?. Pickett Political Science Naomi Louise Roberts Art Education Frances llene Robinson Business Administration Kimie Robinson Accounting Ricky Round tree Chemistry Non- Teaching Daniel Sanders Jr. Early Childhood Education Cynthia Devon Sawyer Business Administration SENIORS Rosa Marie Sessoms Business Administration William Henry Sharps Business Administration Perry Lee Skinner Criminal Justice William Arthur Smith Political Science Elton R. Stallings Business Administration Dianne Stokes Zina Lynn Story Early Childhood Education Anita Elaine Swain Business Administration Vera Mandia Sykes Business Administration Jennifer Irene Taylor Business Administration Sandra Elaine Tlllery Criminal Justice Gloria l ae Tillett Psychology (General) 104 SENIORS Lavonne Tillett Sociology Pre Social Work Teresa Anita Turnage Special Education (K- 12) Jacquelyn lona Turner Sociology Pre Social Work George Kalvin Vass Business Administration Marinda Delphine Vinson Business Administration Robert James Walker English Non-Teaching Felix Recardar Ward Music lylerchandising Annette Combs Whidbee Crimindl Justice Marie Whitaker Business Administration Tangela Yvette White Business Administration Willie Edward White Social Sciences Teaching Lora Ann Wilkins Special Education (K- 12) 105 SENIORS Craig O Williams Criminal Justice Evangeline Deloris Williams Special Education (K- 12) Martha Ann Williams Art Education Vickie Regina Willis Mathematics Non-Teaching Debra Denice Wilson Geology Eyvetta Marnita Young Political Science Renee Anderson. SGA President, full of humor Senior John Andrews meditates with a good book 106 CORONATION 1983 Coronation 1983 was witnessed by many people wtio were dazzled and marveled by the splendor of ttie elaborate decorations. In sheer beauty Miss ECSU 1983-84 stepped into a gymnasium that was turned into a royal palace. o N C E U P O N A T I M E 107 1. Mr. Miss COMPASS Da Via Purnell RJ. Wall er 2. Miss Groove Phi Groove Jennifer Phifer escorted by M. Donnell Manley 3. Miss Inferfraternal Council Frances Leigh escorted by Joseph Everette 4 Miss Psychology Club Sharon Che Best escorted by Linwood R. Burton 5- Miss Wine Psi Phi Stephanie Brown escorted by William Watkins. Jr. 108 Burdette Johnson and Tecia Murriel serenade the onlookers with a selection from " Purlie. " Both young ladies represented the University Players and did an excellent job enhancing the splendor of the affair. Mr. Miss Freshman Michelle Johnson Linwood Johnson Mr Miss Sophomore Kimberly Eason Tyron Eason Mr. Miss Senior Erin Davis Darryl B. Brown 109 Queens from other campuses throughout the state were present to witness Miss ECSU ' s dream come true Those present were Miss St Augustine College. Miss Shaw University, and Miss North Carolina Central University 110 MISS ELIZABETH CITY STATE UNIVERSITY 1982-1983 Lynnette Lorraine Watson 111 MISS ELIZABETH CITY STATE UNIVERSITY 1983-84 INEZ CHARLEEN CAMPBELL 112 113 SYMPOSIUM " Towards Its Centennial And The Year 2000: A Changing University " 114 DR. JIMMY RAYMOND JENKINS, SR. On October 14, 1983, Dr. Jimmy Raymond Jenkins became ttie seventh ctiief executive officer and ttie second ctiancellor of Elizabetti City State University. Dr. Jenldns ' selection by Ttie University of Nortti Caroiina Board of Governors marl ed the first time that this Board has named an Elizabeth City State University chief executive. A 1965 graduate of Elizabeth City State College, Dr. Jenkins returned to his alma mater in 1972 as an assistant professor of biology and Assistant Academic Dean-Administration. Following his promotion to associate professor in 1973, Dr. Jenkins continued his outstanding teaching and administrative service: and in 1977 he became Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty and was promoted to full professor. Prior to his return to Elizabeth City State University, Dr. Jenkins taught general science, biology, and chemistry in several Centre ville, Maryland high schools. During this time, he realized the importance of additional scholarly work and matriculated in the graduate program at Purdue University where he received his M.S. in biology in 1970 and his doctorate in biology education one year later. While at Purdue, Dr. Jenkins served as a teaching assistant, a graduate research assistant, and a supervisor of student teachers. It was as a research assistant that he jointly developed (with Dr. Gerald Krockover) the mini PATT Approach to Individualized Instruction used by thousands of teachers in various applications. Dr. Jenkins did not rest on his laurels after completing his Ph.D. He continued his commitment to the pursuit of excellence in education through his membership in learned societies, educational and professional associations, and through numerous honors and publications. During his distinguished career. Dr. Jenkins has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards. These include memberships in the scholastic honor societies of Alpha Kappa Mu, Phi Delta Kappa, and Beta Beta Beta Biological Society: selection as one of the ' ' Outstanding Personalities of the South " and as one of the ' ' Outstanding Young Men in America " : and a myriad of awards, citations, and certificates for service to Elizabeth City State University. He also served as a church trustee and is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Dr. Jenkins is the son of Mrs. Alma Jenkins and the late Willie Jenkins of Selma, North Carolina. He is married to the former Faleese Moore, a 1966 graduate of Elizabeth City State College, of Darden, North Carolina. Dr. and Mrs. Jenkins are the parents of three children, Lisa, Ginger, and Jimmy Raymond, Jr. 115 ALUMNI RECEPTION ' THIS IS YOUR LIFE ' ' 116 RECITALS, CHORAL CONCERT, AND ART SHOW 118 TO THE EDITOR AND STAFF OF THE 1984 VIKING AND TO THE CLASS OF ' 84: cannot express fully the honor I feel by your dedicating this edition of the Viking to my Inauguration. Thank youl My family and I shall always cherish this special document. My thanks also go to all students who truly used their days and years at Elizabeth City State University to make of themselves persons eminently better able to serve Man in the name of God. My renowned and lamented predecessor — the late Chancellor Marion Dennis Thorpe, under whos administration you began your journey through this institution — would be very happy that you gave your best to your undergraduate education; and no less, so am II Beiing Chancellor of ECSU still has newness forme; the daily pressures of even a short tenure in office relentessly remind me of my new service role-one in stark contrast to my times as an ECSU Freshman. In those days, I lived in a campus building which no longer exists: a Quonset hut called " West Lodge. " In those times, my classmates and I often focussed on such lofty concerns as the cafeteria food (and as you know, ancient student tradition says that such cuisine has been simply awful since the first cafeteria opened on the first campus). It is an entirely different ballgame now. Not only was I installed as Chief Executive Officer, but more significantly for me, I was honored with the title, " Students ' Chancellor " That welcome but heavy responsibility reinforces my aim to provide the very best learning-living environment of which my colleagues and I are capable. That golden opportunity is summa- rized by our Freshman Candlelighting Service, which exhorts students to be " Bearers of Light, " for only in this way with students as the Bearers of Light, will the institution become a brilliant " Light, " in itself For this to hap pen, there are some other circumstances which must prevail: all must help ECSU to become a trailbrazer, especially for this section of our State; to become a paceset- ter and provider of expertise; to provide solutions and perhaps even invent problems so their solutions are ready when needed. All personnel of this University must unite in a mission to dispel darkness and ignorance. Alumni must turn their flame of loyalty into a blazing torch whose light illuminates shadows wherever they may be. Every campus activity must comple- ment the aim of providing rich, vital educational experiences. As Chancellor, I must seek maximum enhancement of your and my Alma Mater as, together, we forge an institution serving as a laser beam which destroys the night apathy, animosity, ignorance and inepti- tude. In this way shall your light and mine " so shine before men. " This is my message to you. Mrs. Jenkins and I join in our prayers that each of you, through having been at ECSU, will have a life marked by happiness, good health, prosperity, and rewarding service to your fellow human beings. Most cordially yours, Jimmy R. Jenkins ' 65 Chancellor DR. JIMMY R. JENKINS, SR. AND FAMILY 121 INAUGURAL CONVOCATION yA Y if€-Mt (i ' yc f n- ' 6a ta,, 122 J i Reception immediately following R L Vaughan Center W I r 124 INAUGURAL BALL 128 I%v. Class 1987 FRESHMAN ORIENTATION General Studies Placement Testing CANDLE LIGHTING FRESHMEN FRESHMAN Arleen Paige Arnold Tracey Denise Arnold William Robert Ashe Jr. Dierdre Verna Bacote Elaine Clarissa Baker Mary Alma Ballard Pebble Wafusi Barrett Harry Baskerville Debra Kay Bell Louwanda Bembury Constina Renata Berry Roland Spencer Bevans Marilyn Bond Tess Veronica Bond Winston Curtis Bonner Kenneth Brooks Jr. Larry Brown Wayne Bryant Anthony Lee Butts Debra Michele Chapman Michael James Chapman Alisa Ann Cherry Arlander Cherry Jr. Jimmy Cofield Robin Denise Colson Cornelia Yvette Combs Andrea Darlene Cordy Anthony Valdez Crosson Anita Crump Glendale Daniels 130 FRESHMAN Shirnale Daniels Dwayne Elliot Davis Eric Lemard Davis Alexey Gerlach Dillard Brenda Lee Douglas Phillip Bernard Eugene Amelia Denise Fanning Kenneth Kelvin Fulmer Vonda S lina Gafling Andre Green Sfacey Yvonne Green Terry Lamont Griffin Rodney Hoggins Denise Maria Hardy Timothy O ' Neal Hardy Debra Harris Leon Edward Hester Bridget t Hollis Sheila Hughes Lisa Yvette Hurdle Elyse Danine Jenkins Tony Johnson Wanda L ynn Johnson Ivory Jordan Jonathan Ukpai Kalu Shannon Denise Kegler Tony Edward Lassiter Kimberly Jean Lewis Theresa Ann Lucas Margaret Maria Mardis 131 FRESHMAN Bryant McCrorey Cynthia Letitia Meeks Steptianie Celeste tylixson Cam lie D Moore Valory Joycetynn tyloore William N. Moore Kennetti Moore Jr. Tecia Murrell Lisa Gayle Myrick Darrie Gene No well Ronnie Overton Dallas Sherwood Peele Tyrone Joseph Peters Horace Miles Pugh Barbara Jean Reddick Wayne Anthony Reid William Richardson Jr. Valrie Sharie Riddick William Robertson Russell Robinson Brenda Saunders John Selma Sessoms Lavleeta Devette Sloan Emanuel Lorenzo Spain Alfreda B. Spruill Mark Steven Stepney Connie Dorthel Sutton Joy Stevenson Tadlock Candace Anita Teel James Charles Thompson 132 FRESHMAN Robert Tiller Alvin Trotman Carlo fta Jean Tyner Ukaegbu Uma Fitzgerald Warren Jacqueline Whitehead Veronica A. Wilder Georgia Marie Williams Jamie Marie Williams Michael Antonio Williams Ronald Andre Williams Willie Williams Yvette Crystal Wynn 133 Class 1986 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Linda Mae Ashe Juan Marichal Atkinson Carrey Banl s Jr. Arnita Cassette Barco Len Dougias Baum Cliristoptier Baum Vincent Lament Beamon Belinda Gail Belfield Ctiarles Ashley Berry Calvin Jerome Bo we Frances Louise Bowser Queen Ann Boyd Kelvin Bridgers Shunda Marline Bynum Hope Darlene Carter Anthony Carver Deborah Denise Chesson James Edward Cooper Anthony Clifton Creecy Anne Davis Louis Henry Davis Virginia Anne Davis Daphne Vanessa Dixon Wade Patrick Doyle Darlene Olivia Dubose Tyron Wallace Eason Ivtichael Uzochukwu Ezike Xavier Farmer Tammy Ann Fleming Robert Forbes Jr. 135 John Phillip Ginyard Cheryl Renee Graham Charles Lionel Griffin Melody Beatrice Griffin Jerry Wayne Harris SOPHOMORES Albert James Harris III Henry Joal Hathaway Mavis Colleen Hill Tammy e Veola Hill Isaac Daniel House Valerie Howard Ear nest ene Howell Jerome Ingram II Mary Lillie James Henry Patrick Johnson Reginald Kevin Johnson Paul Steven Lawrence Mary Lower y Duan Mabane John Derk Mack Michael Lewis Mann Orlando Marshburn Rhonda Deshild Mixson Debbie Renea Moore Angela Louise Morris iki .iL Godwin Dickson Obikpe Debbie Jean Parker Matthew Reid Peele Kimberly Perkins Constance Phillips 136 SOPHOMORES Sanetfa Denette Price Venice Caralynne Price Davia Maronna Purnell Alfred Earl Rayam Jessie Mae Rice DaVene McCoy Rutledge Angelia Deneen Sanford Victor Edward Saunders Stephanie Sawyer Belinda Jean Scott Melinda Dean Scott Curtis Lee Selby Donna Sue Sharpe Ricky Junior Stioulars Everett Silver Shawn Smith Christopher Starkey Joseph Reginald Taylor Emea Ogba Uma Jeffery Upshur Johnny Watford Jacqueline Weddington Irene Delols Wilkins Rochelle Williams Thomas Edison Williams Micheal Woodruff Arthur Lee Wrighten 137 Class Of 1985 Juniors We Are: Seniors We Will Be! JUNIORS JUNIORS Ronnie Autry Reginald Devon Banks Sherol Bass Jr William Beatfie Jr. Dora Mae Bennett Steve E BIy Elaine Braxton Kevin Anttiony Braxton Denise Sandra Ctierry Denise Ann Cooke Bridgette L. Craddock Hdllie Yvonne Crump Karia Crump Julia Raquel Dawson Angela Lavlta Doles Darren Lynn Enocli Joe Everett Jr. Anttiony Lanard Ford Rictiard Earl Forte Randy Wade Gallop Jennifer George Alesia Michelle Griffin Calvin Ray Harrell Cedric Donald Harrell James Edwdrd Holmon Jdmes Nelly Howard Jr. Teresa Howington Laurie Robin Jacobs Angela Burdette Jolinson Linda Faye Johnson 139 JUNIORS Willie Allen Johnson Priscilla Vanne Jones Ricky Lee Jones Pretlo Valeria Knight Kenneth Louis Lanier Jeremiah Ledbefter Kenneth Earl Lewis Tarone L. Lindsay Algie Harris Mabry Jr. Beverly Renee Mackey Celeta Maria Mann Johny McCoy Pamela Anita McNeil Juanita Midge fte Sharron Ann Miller Gerald Mitchell Bertha Ward Moore Jennifer Bonita Murphy Timothy Okeke Cordelia Osuji Jonathan Kerry Parker Vera V. Patilto Selina Pittman Barry Polite Larry Turner Rascoe Melvin Anthony Rawles Valgena Respass Clara Dorine Riddick Wayne Rogers Felice Lemoine Sawyer 140 JUNIORS Jerry Earl Sexton Wanda Denise Seymore Tommie Lee Slade Rachel Marie Smith Harvey Spencer lyiyra Cathrae Spencer Kenneth Wayne Squire Dwayne Stallings Craig Allen Stepney fi lark Stevenson Herbert Anthony Thames Horace Mark Tinsley Gail Suzanne Toole Evelyn Iris Tyson Kathryn Lorraine Vann Barbara Jean Ward Amy Laverne White Angela Darlene Williams Lisa Ann Williams Faye Denise Wills Johnny Woodbury Joyce Ann Wright 141 COMPUTERMANIA HITS ECSU A JOURNEY WITH COMPUTERS A TYPICAL DAY IN THE COMPUTER LAB 144 WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Edna Renee Anderson As SGA President, Renee was instrumental in ttie ad- ministrative operations of our University. Stie served as a member of ttie Board of Trustees and as a member of the Search! Committee. Renee was eiected Vice-Presi- dent of ttie North Caroiina Association of Biacl Student Governments and is a member of Alpha Kappa t Au Na- tional Honor Society. Elaine Braxton Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society is among the many activities Elaine was involved in this past year Be- sides her high academic achievements, she is also active in the Political Science Club, Student Government Asso- ciation, the University Players. Elaine is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Chosen by the student body to represent them as their ambassador, Inez proudly wore the crown as tvliss Elizabeth City State Univer- sity 1983-84. Besides her role as Campus queen, she demonstrated her talents and skill as a member of the Viking cheering squad. Inez is also a member of the Special Education Club. Inez Charleen Campbell Alene Gallop Earlene Gallop Throughout her years here at ECSU, Alene has been on the move. From a banner girl of the ! larching Band to participation in the Debutante Bali she has shared her talents with us all. Alene Is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Just like her sister, Earlene is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She has been of great service to her community in assisting with the Big Brother-Big Sister Day, Sickle Ceil Amenta projects, and many other charitable causes. An academic scholar. Tahira has been an honor marshall for Commencement since her Freshman year. She has also served as a honor marshal for the Freshman Candle-lighting Ser- vice. Very active in her department, Tahira, Is a member of the Math Clu b and In her leisure time she tutors her fellow students. I Tahira Hanif Hafiz Algie H. Mabry, Jr. A member of Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, Corresponding Secretary for the Student Government Association, Editor-in-Chief ofihe Viking, and Secretary for the Marching Band, are just among the long list of activities and organizations that Algie has been active in over his years here at ECSU. He also has served as Secre- tary for Miss ECSU ' 82- ' 83 and Miss ECSU ' 83- ' 84. Algie is also Executive Editor and Production Manager for The Compass. JoAnn Murphy A native of Kinston, North Carolina, JoAnn has main- tained throughout her years here what is takes to be a scholar. She has received several awards for her aca- demic achievement here at ECSU. JoAnn is also a mem- ber of the Library Club and Criminal Justic Club. As this years Vice-President for the Student Govern- ment Association, Tim worked on many projects and committees. He also served as President of the Interna- tional Club and was a member of the University Choir. Tim is a member of both Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society and Alpha Chi Honor Society. Timothy C. Okeke Vera Valerie Patillo An actress indeed. Vera has been an asset to tt)e University Piayers. Her performance botti on and off ttie stage fias been outstanding. An tionor student. Vera served as Recording Secretary for the Student Govern- ment Association for this year. She is also a member of Aipha Kappa Mu Nationai Honor Society. Evangeline Williams As Second Runner-Up to l 1iss ECSU ' 83- ' 84, Evangeline played an important role in the leadership of our Universi- ty. She served as a member of the Student Advisory Committee for the Student Government Association and Vi as active in the Special Education Club. Evangeline is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. CONGRATULATIONS ALSO TO Ronnie Eugene Bryant Janice E. Cummings Angela Greene Vernestine Kent Michelle Miller Anita E. Swain 150 want to be a member of: Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha Kappa Alpha PsI Sigma Gamma Rho Zeta Phi Beta Phi Beta Sigma Delta Sigma Theta Omega Psi Phi Swing Phi Swing Groove Phi Groove Wine Psi Phi Beta Phi Burgundy Alpha Phi Omega lota Phi Theta " 151 ALPHA PHI i ALPHA FRATERNITY INC. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INC Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was founded Janu- ary 5. 1911 at Indiana State University, " me DREAM " of Elder Watson Diggs was to assist Achievement and Broth- erhood in every field of human endeavors. It ' s purpose is to shape a group personality unique in the annals of college greek letter organizations around the idea of achievement. GROOVE PHI GROOVE KAPPA ALPHA BURG ZETA PHI BETA WINE PHI ALPHA PHI KAPPA BLIA ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA ALPHI GAMMA PHI RHO OMEGA SWING PHI SWING DELTA SIGMA THETA I PLEDGE MY HEART, i HONOR, 160 LOYALTY AND ALL. 161 IOTA PHI THETA MEN OF THE RISING SUN ALPHA PHI OMEGA i GROOVE PHI GROOVE SOCIAL FELLOWSHIP INC. ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY INC PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY I INC. THE BROTHERS ( BLUE AND WHITE SIGMA DOVES DELTA SIGMA THETA Presents " PUTTING ON THE RITZ " 170 171 w s . September 10, 1983 marked a new era in the history of Elizabetti City State University. Ttirough the efforts of Mr. Sam Roebucl . alumni, administrators, faculty, the commu- nity, and friends, the ECSU Viking football team was able to play its first home game of the season in the new football stadium. 174 175 ATHLETIC VIKINGS HOMECOMING 1983 R e t u r n O f T h e V 1 k i n g s 178 Homecoming is that time of the year every- body lool s forward to. Alumni, friends, and facul- ty reunite to stiare fond memories and to ex- change new experiences. From the scheduled activities, to the parade, and to the football game, this is a day full of excitement. 182 ff:: ifc " .. 183 MORE ATHLETIC VIKINGS!! Football Basketball Tennis Softball VIKING 186 CHEERLEADERS 187 THOMAS CALDWELL AWARD Male And Female Athlete Of The Year SHEILA Y. PARKER SUFFOLK, VA. H. CHRISTOPHER PENDERGRASS CHESAPEAKE, VA. ' • ' i 4- i " imW «« " PWt. ' J riii n i n i c— i— rip PORT Physical Echication s ttj ttU ' BISps ilr.kl! extend a special thank you to Coach Vaughan and Mrs. Addie Griffin for sup- plying pictures for this section of The Vi- king. am grateful to you both for your cooperation. " Algie " Dr. Jenkins greets faculty, staff, and tfie Class of 1984 to ttie annual outdoor picnic field on tfie Chancellor ' s lawn. This outing is a part of the many Senior Week activities sponsored by the University and Senior Class, tvlrs. Jenkins and son, Jim- Jim, assist Dr. Jenkins in welcoming everyone. 192 Inez Campbell, Miss ECSU 1983-8 . and Renee Koonce take time out from a finger ticking good meal to pose for tlie ptiotograptier. Um-Um GOOD! 193 Roger Griesinger puckers up one on the jaw of outgoing SGA President Renee Anderson. Senior Kathy Kent and others congratulate and thanl t rs. Jenldns for her l ind hospitality for allowing the Senior Class to picnic on the Chancellor ' s lawn. 194 ANOTHER L-O-N-G LINE SERVE YOURSELF FULL! ill C ' ' . S -., - = 1 i . : - -asss. ■ , » eun ncunee- Commencem: Dr. Jenkins presh Music Mercliandi be field in the ni With so much forget the highin family members continued. Dr. Alvin Poussainf delivered the annual commencement a A ffairs at Harvard f 4edical School An active person, he 1$ a on in Boston. ;«, Poussaint has worked along the side with many civil rights l ders Board of Directors for Operation Push. ■ the first graduation in which ' usic Department had its first the first commencement to those present can never dministrators, graduates, and mencement exercises were ihe •ussainf is Dean for Student JFaffat the Children ' s Hospital He is currently a member of the COMMENCEMENT 1984 ROEBUCK STADIUM « -p . THERE GOES THE RAIN • , • -it ! A T T FFP BUCK iST £4- A ' ' i3 %Si AGAIN!!! 200 COMMENCEMENT 1984 CONTINUED R.L. VAUGHAN CENTER 201 : ■ PH v Kp - - Yj E 1 « 4 1 4 -1 - £: . " IM Jl 203 SENIOR DIRECTORY Valerie A. Alexander . Jesse Lin wood Allen . . Enda Renee Anderson John A. Andrews Benjamin F. Anthony . . Cynthia D. Artis Sharlette Atkinson . . . . Doris A. Bailey Wanda L Battle Marieta J. Beaton Mary B. Belden Anthony Bell James Best . Sharon Best Connie Boone Ervin Boone Jerry Boyce Kennedy Bras well Darryl E. Brown Stephanie A. Brown . . Doris Bryant Ronnie Bryant Sharon Bryant Calvette Buffaloe .... Calvin Buffaloe Zelene M. Bunch Ameche L. Burns Domifa Burrus Lindwood Burton, Jr. . . Inez Campbell Kaye Carpenter Antonio Carter Glen Chesson Cathleen Cloyd Merrill Copeland Janice Cummings .... Avis Dale Anthony Davis Jessie Mae Davis Milton Davis Bryan N. Diggs Charlene Dixon Linnora Dunton William Edwards Peggy Etheriedge Lisa Farrow Phillip Felton Karen Ferrell James Fields, Jr. Johnny Lee Finch Pamela Forbes Alene Gallop Earlene Gallop Rf. 1 Box 138, Columbia NC 27925 Rt. 4Box 12-B, Windsor NC 27983 P.O. Box 10, Newburg MD 20664 Rt. 2 Box 145-A Henderson NC 27536 709 E Stokes St., Ahoskie NC 27910 Rt. 2 Box 44, Fremont NC 27830 610 E Walnut Alley, Wilson NC Rt. 2 Box 335-B, Columbia NC 622 Hill Street, Rocky Mount NC 313 S. Wooten St., LaGrange NC 1119 W. William Cr, Elizabeth City NC Rt. 3 Box 41-A, Enfield NC 27823 704 Morris St., Snow Hill NC . . 106 Galveston St. SW 11, Washington DC Rt. 1 Box 79, Corapeake NC 27920 Rt. 1 Box 160, Gates NC 27937 Rt. 3 Box 374, Elizabeth City NC 404 Geddie Ave.. Tarboro NC 27886 ........ 1832 Clayton Dr., Oxon Hill MD 20745 ..601E. Rockspring St., Henderson NC 27536 707 Third St., Goldsboro NC 27530 Rt. 2Box 236, Elizabeth City NC 1105 HYWA Y 70 E, New Bern NC 28560 P.O. Box 84. Gumberry NC P.O. Box 84, Gumberry NC 27838 Box 188. Williamston NC 27892 PC. Box 543, Robersonville NC 27871 Rt. 1 Box 74, Scranton NC 27875 5302 Stokes Lane. Richmond VA 23226 .. ..305S. Seventh St., Wilmington NC 28401 ....404W. Main St.. Elizabeth City NC 27909 86 Hillside Ave., Freeport NY 11520 P.O., Box 405, Roper NC 27970 162 Momouth St. Apt. 903, Trenton NJ 08618 Rf. 6Box 121, Elizabeth City NC Rt. 2Box 371-B, Columbia NC 27925 Rt. 2Box 4, Edenton NC 27932 315 Lamberton St, Trenton NJ 08611 Rt. 1 Box 921, Macclesfield NC 27852 Rt. 1 Box 733, Macclesfield NC 27852 .... 1428 34th St. S.E., Washington DC 20020 413 Davis Ave, Elizabeth City NC 27909 . . 108-G Herrington Village, Elizabeth City NC 521 Brown St., Elizabeth City NC 27909 1123 Southern Ave., Elizabeth City NC Rt. 1 Box 203-B, Kinston NC 28501 1002 Wood St, Elizabeth City NC 27909 Rt 2 Box 752, Elizabeth City 27909 128 Sheppard St, Charleston SO 29403 . . . 1305-B Lincoln St, Elizabeth City NC 27909 Rt 1 Box 245-C, Camden NC 27921 Rt 5Box 228, Elizabeth City NC 27909 Rt 5Box 228. Elizabeth City NC 27909 Darren Garneff . . ; Willard G. Garrett . . . . Jacqueline J. Godfrey. Jerry L. Gooding Antoine Gratiam Angela D. Greene . . . Roger A. Griesinger . . Gordon T. Handord . . . Kelvin Eugene Harney . Elaine Harrell Letitia Hendricks JoAnne Herring Thalia Hicks Sonja Hilton Doris Hinton Rosalind Holloway Shirley Hopkins Rose Hofchkiss Yvonne Howard Sheila Humphrey Linda Jackson Lloyd B. Jackson Annette Johsnon Elsie Johnson Regina Johnson Angela Jones Anthony Jones Sandra D. Jones William Jones Darlene Keene Cathy D. Kent Debbie Koonce Deborah Koonce Sonya Koonce Kerry Krauss Venetta Lamb Vickie Lane Gloria Laws Aleta Leary Pamela Liverman Yvonne Lucas Calvin Maddox Brenda Markham Vernadine Martin Oscar G. Mason Livia McCabe Angela McCowan Pamela McCoy Iris Meekins Amanda Miller Michelle Miller Debbie Mills .1301 N. Linwood Ave., Baltimore ' Rt. 1 Box 175, Haw River NC 27258 . Rt. 4 Box 149, Elizabeth City 27909 Rt. 3 Box 15, New Bern NC 28560 1513 Parker Ave., Kinston NC 28501 Rt. 2 Box 84, Battleboro NC 27809 Rt. 6 Box 229, Elizabeth City NC 27909 P.O. Drawer D, Grandy NC 27939 826 Price St., Elizabeth City NC 27909 P.O. 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Seward William Sharpe Kenneth Simmons Perry Skinner Billie Sloop William Smith Arlester Staton Stephanie Stewart Eva Stokley Zina Lynn Story Michael Stuart Anita Swain Vera Sykes Jennifer Taylor Paula Taylor Sandra Tillery Bobby L. Tolson Teresa Turnage George Vass Robert James Walker . . . Rosemary Wallio Gerald Walston Erwin Washington Kenneth Waters Valerie Whidbee P.O. Box 136, Fountain NC 27829 Rt. 1 Box 199, Merry Hill NC 27957 ■ 350 Dogwood Ave., W overly VA 23890 .... 106 S Tenth St., Wilmington NC 28405 - Rt. 1 Box 864, Kill Devil Hills NC J Box 68, Powells Point NC 27966 . . P.O. Box 1051, Elizabeth City NC 27909 P.O. Box 282, Roper NC 27970 .... Route 1 Box 781, Roper NC 27970 I. . 704 W. Church St. 102, Elizabeth City NC . . : 1025 Cogic Square, Suffolk Va 23434 824 Drawbridge Dr., Chesapeake Va 23323 Rt. 2 Box 189, Gates NC 27937 ....412 Perry St., Elizabeth City NC 27909 I Rt. 3, Box 12-48, Ahoskie NC 27910 . . . . . . . . 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Columbia NC 27925 Rt. 2 Box 4, Columbia NC 27925 Rt. 1 Box 181, Aulander NC 27805 ...Rt. 6 Box 151, Elizabeth City NC 27909 Rt. 2 Box 80, Elm City NC 27822 Rt. 3 Box 184, Hertford NC 27944 Rt. 1 Box 130-A, Halifax NC 27839 ...455 Merriman St., Henderson NC 27536 I Rt. 2 Box 157-A, Fairmont NC 23840 ; . . ' 1717 Wesley Dr.. Elizabeth City NC ' .... 1212-A Byrd St., Elizabeth City NC 27909 .....913 Bethume Ave., Goldsboro NC 27530 . . 1567 Hermesproto Dr., Sharon Hill PA 10979 . . 1800-B Elizabeth Manor, Elizabeth City NC Barbara White .... Douglas C. White . Erneil White Elma Wikins Lara Ann Wili ins . . . Craig O. Wiiiiams . . . Evangeline Williams Martha Williams . . . Vickie Willis Debra Wilson Roy Lee Wilson . . . . 120 Coke Ave. P.O. Box 120. Eden ton NC 27932 Rt. 5 Box 109, Elizabeth City NC 309 Culpepper St.. Elizabeth City NC 1000 Wood St., Elizabeth City NC 27909 Rt. 1 Box 71. Roper NC 27970 Rt. 1 Box 213, Wallace NC 28466 P.O. Box 11, Harrellsville NC 27942 Rt. 2 Box 378, Windsor NC 27983 Rt. 11 Box 126, Greenville NC 438-A Andrea Court, Riverheod NY Rt. 1 Box 236, Tyner NC 27980 s i. ' ' . k JN? 210 211 O 3 3 ? a r O O Si 3 3 O c n n m n c 3 3- OJ m in m m 2fe m O 5 m a m O H 2 - " 1 rig O m O O O G n n m m tnXO Lo m CO O o z 9 P Z o m 2 H m m m m n 925 H H rn H 7 m m 1?3 rn Z m u en n I ? r| oa ZL : X n O J 2. ?0 [—1 m [- ' ?3 ?d o o 212 213 214 Hi! My name is Cornelia Y. Combs. I am an advanced Sophomore major- ing in Computer Science. My sign is Pisces. I am a native of Elizabett) City. Nortti Carolina and I graduated from Norttieastern High School in 1983. As you know, I am a member of this year ' s Viking staff. I am the manager of the underclassmen and senior section of the yearbook. I have enjoyed working with The Viicing and I do hope that you enjoy looking through the pages of it as well After getting my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, I plan to go to graduate school with the Viking love, Cornelia Yvette Combs Cornelia Yvette Combs J Rick L. ones Greetings Vikings, My name is ffick L. Jones and the position I undertook on The Vilcing staff was that of Advertising Manager. I am a senior English News Media major and a native of New Bern. North Carolina. The position I held gave me much pride, but most of all, confidence to be tenacious to overcome numerous obstacles that are set before me. And, in overcoming these obstacles, I have acquired valuable kno wiedge that will enable me to be successful in allot my endeavors. Upon ending. I would like to express my embrace of empathetic appreciation to Dr. Anne Henderson. Ms. Robin Beamon. Mrs. Carol C Jones. Mr Bernard Peterson. Mr. Shawn Smith. Mrs. Diana Gardner, and to three close friends: Robert James Walker. Zeiene Burch. and Bur- dette " BJ " Johnson. A member of the Modern Languages Department Family, Rick L. Jones Say Cheese! For those who may not know me, I am Bill Parson. This year I had the priviledge of serving as the photographer to - The Vilcing. in holding this posi- tion, much was learned about myself, our university, and other facets of life. As the yearbook photog- rapher. I strived to produce quality pictures. The pictures throughout this edition repre- sent lots of effort by me to produce the best for you. I truly hope that the fond memories captured in this edition will be a part of your life always. The Camera Man, Bill Parson Tannmye Jones Well Hello Vikings. A native of Kinston. North Carolina, I am an English News Media major. By the way , my name is Tammye Jones and I served as Sports Editor for this year ' s yearbook. A lot of turf is covered when it comes down to organizing a sports section of a yearbook. From ballgame to ballgame, I have enjoyed gathering the necessary items needed to complete the section assigned to me. In addition, I would like to thank those who contributed in any way to this section. Let ' s go Vikings! Sincerely, Tammye Jones Bill Parson 215 Exactly where do I begin? Producing a yearbool of any quaiify is not an easy tasl . There is an abundance of hard worl . The long tedious hours spent on preparing lay-outs, developing pictures, and numerous other things are among the foundation stages of a yearbook. During these production stages, an idea of the final product can be envisioned. Now that this edition of The Viking is published, I feel as though I shall miss working with it as Editor-in-Chief. This book has meant so much tome that it has become a part of my life. In working withJhe Viking, I have gained knowledge, and acquired experience and other qualities needed for survival in reality. In addition, it has contributed immensely to my social life. In having the title, ' Editor-in-Chief " I have come in contact with many interesting individuals. Doors have been open that were not already standing ajar. The exposure which ac- companied the title has definitely been an asset to the maturing process of my life. Like any other Editor, I experienced moments of joy and sadness. I learned to deal with those who felt as though my job were petty and insignificant. I appreciat- ed those who respected me for who I was, Algie H. Mabry, Jr. — Editor-in-Chief of The Viking. focused on the type of book I wanted to produce; I dreamed of publishing one of the best books ever I sf rived to make a liar out of the so many who said that this edition would not be up to par. I believe that I have accomplished my goal. The many headaches, argue- ments, sleepless nights, and other states of anxiety which I encountered have been uncountible. But I survived I Thanking people who have been very helpful throughout the production course of this yearbook is something that I must do. Without such fine people as Tammye Jones, Yvette Combs, Ricky Jones and Bill Parson, none of this glory and splender would be possible. Two special photog- raphers, Mrs. Diana Gardner and Mr. Pe- dro Holley, stepped in and were there whenever I needed them. A special thank you goes out to our yearbook ad- visor. It is Dr. Anne Henderson who saw to it that my deadlines were met and insist- ed that everything be perfect. I cannot go any further without thank- ing my parents, sister, and other family members who have stuck by me since February 28, 1963 and especially since my first day here at ECSU. There are many others that I am so grateful to, but I find it impossible to name them one by one. One particular individual, among the latter, has given me joy in times of sorrow when I felt as though this book were impossible. Love can substain any hardship! I cannot finish without extending thanks to the man who made all of this possible, my Saviour. From my thoughts, my pad, my pen. 216 217 HOW DO I SAY GOODBYE TO WHAT WE ' VE HAD THE GOOD TIMES THAT MADE US LAUGH OUTWEIGHED THE BAD. I THOUGHT WE DARE TO SEE FOREVER, BUT FOREVER HAD GONE AWAY IT ' S SO HARD TO SAY GOODBYE TO YESTERDAY I DON ' T KNOW WHERE THIS ROAD IS GONNA LEAD TO ALL I KNOW IS WHERE WE ' VE BEEN AND WHAT WE ' VE BEEN THROUGH. o : % Ll-iS; ; -;. - ' -; ' . ■ ;-:v .t.c . " JOHNNV WALTON n IF IT TAKES ME THROUGH TOMORROW I HOPE IT ' S WITH ALL THE PRAISE IT ' S SO HARD TO SAY GOODBYE TO YESTERDAY. IF I TAKE WITH ME THE MEMORIES ' , . -H : v i i Sm J i „ ...•i . . r« «5 - •: .... .. -. -;• " ....■ 1:. In W ' ir " j? H JMIi ■ ' § SP y , - ' " - J : ii:i . TO BE MY SUNSHINE AFTER THE RAIN IT ' S SO HARD TO SAY GOODBYE TO YESTERDAY. Congratulations! To The Class Of 1984 Frora THE GENERAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF ELIZABETH CITY STATE UNIVERSITY We Hope This Will Serve To Remind You That ECSU And The Association Need Your Active Participation And Loyal Support. HOLLEY- FONVILLE Photography Speciahzing In Wedding Photography 1504 Herrington Road Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Congratulations! To The Class Of 1984 From The Department Of Modern Languages Congratulations! From ROCHELLE CLEANERS, INC. Congratulations From Robin Beamon Pedro HoUey 338-1706 Wille Fonville 330-2640 222 Yvonne O. Parks 335-1921 Mary P. McLendon WHEN YOU THINK REAL ESTATE THINK 335-2504 Terry Saunders 335-5171 Richard Regan 338-6033 " A Complete Real Estate Service Serving The Albemarle Area " L The Rich Company 1146 N. Road Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 919-338-2183 Todd W. Rich 330-2624 Sarah H. Ward 338-8561 Diane H. Ferebee 232-2778 PhylHs R. Nixon 330-4677 southgate malli- " The Center Of Your Life " W. Ehringhaus Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Carolina Coach Company GO BIG RED Ray Spoon 701 N. Hughes Blvd. Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Congratulations! To The Class Of 1984 From Lawrence Catling 223 A.C. ROBINSON AND SON FUNERAL HOME , ,tatmg 30th Year Anni Offers The Following Services: Limousine Service Photography And Video Taped Services Shipping Monuments Burial Insurance From To 85 Rodney Robinson 1977 ECSU Graduate Funeral Director And Embalmer 709 Park Street Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27909 338-6348 If No Answer — 335-4224 224 Compliments Of ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE Ms. Leona Simons Vincent Beamon Congratulations Gerald McClease Walston Class Of 84 From Ms. Pamela Turner Congratulations Linwood! Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Salutes Alpha Kappa Muan Graduates Of 1984 Best Wishes THE COMPASS Compliments Of THE UNIVERSITY PLAYERS 225 AUTOGRAPHS FROM . . . • • THE END 228 PATENS I

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