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TYRON V . EASOM CLASS OF 1986 COLLECTION ■t K m: m f p ! V( R4r ■ ' J ' ri Q. tr a Dl ST , .. ' " • " • W ' S 1 i i p i IN MEMORIUM Mr. Archie Newby Charlie Harrell Sunset and evening star. And one clear call for met And may there he no moaning of the bar, When I put out to sea, But such a tide as moving seems asJeep, Too full for sound and foam, When that which drew from out the boundless deep Turns again home. Twiiight and evening beJI, And after that the dark! And may there be no sadness of fareweJJ, When I embark; For though from out our bourne of Time and Place The flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face When I have crossed the bar. Alfred Tennyson The 1981-1982 " Viking " Yearbook Staff dedi- cates its yearbook to one who has reiidered endJess services to the Elizabeth City State University family, proven that hard work produces great success, and that involvement gives birth to unification: Dr. Edna Davis TABLE OF CONTENTS Message ftom Sta. In Memorium Dedicatiqn Table of Contents Chancelor Adminiftration, F ici hy, Staff Student Life Theme 1 2 3 4 Trustees „... . 5 Fresh Orgar Stude Who ' l 3ting iJubs, it Association han Class Izations am It Governrne Who oeih Ck StuAnt Life.... ThdArts E v nts With The Of ••:: 1 4 182 Cifronation Bail J jmecomii lindergarten Cc tommencementl Senior Directori lAlma Mater. ' Yearbook Staff. Note from " Thd imencemenf. j it? 183 199 205 234 236 238 248 .249 .250 : X , Hi V " " ' { ' [ M H u ■ ' Uf ' . ' ' 1 «■ - 1 ursf - g • ' ri • i ' ' 4 r i - -J if r 0 ' HBBH UBSSESIf ' V " ' I Mr. Sam Roebuck Mrs. Naomi Hester Mr. Andrew Williams Mr. William Jones BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mrs. Elaine Williams Mr. Levin Culpepper Mr. Leroy Fraiser Mr. W.C. Harris Mr. David Beatty Mr. Isaac Battle Mrs. Augusta Adylett Mr. Willie Riddick ' 4 B ' «H»-(). l»0. i». ) » ' () ' () ' () ' 4Bi» ' ( ' ELIZABETH CITY STATE UNIVERSITY IN PROGRESS Durir.g your sojourn here at Elizabeth City State University— just as we have done before you came here and will do after you have left to serve others— we have striven to make " Elizabeth City State University in Progress " stiJI more of a beautiful and meaningful reality. We have been about the business of becoming THE MAJOR UNIVERSITY OF NORTHEASTERN NORTH CAROLINA. As you know, there are many ways we have tried to do this. For instance during your time here, new majors and minors have been avaiJabJe to you, with others on the way. We have constructed new buildings and improved older ones; still others are on their way or planned and soon our stadium will be complete. We have upgraded the faculty and staff and enlarged op- portunities for your participation in student groups and University commit- tees. You have witnessed the advent of graduate and continuing education programs as weJJ as ROTC. We are proud of achievements you have accom- plished in academics, athletics and other opportunities for seJf-expression. We have welcomed growing interraciaJism and internationalism on campus, including our first FuJbright Artist-in-Residence, and we take pride in our greater community invoJvement. Now, as you complete your sojourn, you have before you many opportuni- ties—some of them not possible just a few short years ago, for example, the graduate program. Take advantage of these goJden opportunities! JVIake the most of the years ahead of you! Try to make real the bright future you de- serve. And remember, as you accomplish that aim, also you will justify all the great efforts which you, your family and friends— and we— have made to prepare you for now, and your future. As you leave this greater university, now approaching a century of service to ViJiings and others, the entire EJizabeth City State University family, Mrs. Thorpe and I wish for each of you Godspeed. All of us iooJt forward to your success and happiness and to your giving constant support to your Alma JVfater and visiting it frequently. Best wishes to each of you JWost CordiaJJy yours, Marion D. Thorpe Chancellor CHANCELLOR ' S OFFICE Mr. Webster Rogers, Administrative Asst. Data Process- ing 5? % ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Dr. jimmy }en)cins, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Ms. Linda Mitchell. Secre- tary Mrs. jean Sims, Secreta 10 mmm m Dr. Floyd Robinson, Asst. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Administration Dr. Louis Nadeau, Asst. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Special Programs L to R: Mrs. Bennie Lewis, Secre- tary; Mrs. leanetta Hicks, Secre- tary 11 Mrs. Lovetta Holmes, Word Processor Mr. Floyd Horton, Administrative Assis- tant Mrs. Elizabeth Saunders, Word Proces- sor Mr. Robert Thomas, Student Teaching Teacher Education 12 GENERAL STUDIES Mrs. Vivian Lllley, Secretary Dr. Helen Caldwell, Director General Studies Mr. Ronald Peterson, Counselor Ms. Sherry Bryant, Counselor 13 ACADEMIC SKILLS CENTER Sitting: Mrs. Doro- thy Smith, Coord- inator Academic Skills Center Mrs. Vivian Armstrong, Writing Special- ist Mrs. Clydie Spence, Secretary Mrs. Rhodell Mc- Fadden, Math Spe- cialist Standing: Ms. Deborah Mos- ley. Speech Spe- cialist Mrs. Rosa Sawyer, Secretary Mrs. Alice Nad- eau, Reading Writ- ing Specialist REGISTRAR Mr. Tommy Foust, Registrar 14 Special Programs Sitting: Ms. Maxine Baskerville, Counselor, Mrs. Addle Midgette, Upward Bound Coordinator, Mrs. Izila Mourlng, Tutorial Coordinator, Mrs. Valarie Lumsden, Secretary, Mrs. Bonnie Ghee, Reading Specialist Standing: Dr. Louis Nadeau, Director Special Program, Ms. Valerie Villines, Coordinator Cooperative Education, Ms. Jeanetta Hicks, Secretary, Mr. Joseph Dempsey, Director Special Services Upward Bound 15 Mr. Claude Green, Head Librarian L to R: Mrs. Patricia Hines, Circu- lation Librarian Mrs. Berthel Penrose, Library Assistant (Circu- lation) Mr. Donald Bradsher, As- sistant Reference Librarian Mrs. Barbara Young, Media Director THE G.R. LITTLE LIBRARY STAFF L to R: Mrs. Juanita Combs, Library Assistant (Acquisitions) Mrs. Mary Williams, Library Assistant (Technical Service) Ms. Rebecca Ware, Serials Librarian Ms. Kathy McCullers, Tech- nical Service Librarian Mrs. Rosamond Panda, Technical Assistant (Circulation) Mr. James Law, Refer- ence Librarian Mrs. Brenda Sawryer, Secretary Ms. Odessa Williams, Ac- quisitions Librarian Mrs. Jutta Choudhury, Technical Assistant (Cataloguing) Ms. Burnella White, Li- brary Assistant (Technical Service) Mr. Claude Green, Head Librarian 16 ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS ART Dr. Josiah Baird, Chairperson L to R: Mr. Eugene O ' Neal, Assistant Professor Mr. Dan Pearce, Assistant Professor Dr. Jenny Mcintosh, Assistant Professor Dr. Josiah Baird, Associate Profes- sor 17 BIOLOGY Dr. Curtis Turnage, Chairperson, Professor Mrs. Forence Hinton, Secretary Mrs. Helen Muldrow, Assistant Professor Mrs. Dorothy Thomas, Associate Professor Mr. Lavern Jones, Laboratory Technician Assistant Dr. Ashraf Alam, Assistant Professor Dr. Bobby Lewis, Associate Professor Dr. Ashraful Alam, Assistant Professor Dr. Sekender Khan, Professor 1 r i 19 BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Dr. John Carson, Chairperson Mr. Lawrence Noyes, Assistant Professor Mr. Hanif Hafiz, Assistant Professor Mrs. Evelyn Roberts, Assistant Professor 20 IJU l ' ARE BERRY tM BENEFICIAL H Dr. William Lane, Jr., Assistant Professor Ms. Demetra Tyner, Instructor Mr. Harold Barnes, Visiting Lecturer Mrs. Vera Storey, Secretary EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY Mrs. Barbara Young, Instructor, Mrs. Elizabeth Sessoms, Assistant Professor, Dr. Andrew Roberts, Professor, Ms. Rebecca Ware, Instructor, Mrs. Faleese Jenkins, Lecturer, Dr. Lois Green, Associate Professor, Dr. James Agazie, Assistant Professor, Mr. Claudie Mackey, Assistant Professor, Dr. Thomas Jones, Assistant Professor. MODERN LANGUAGES Dr. Anne Henderson, Chairperson, Professor Dr. Venus Deonanan, Associate Professor Dr. Duane Bruce, Associate Professor Mr. Bernard Peterson, Jr., Assistant Professor Mrs. Carol Jones, Assistant Professor Dr. Robert Thome, Associate Professor Dr. Carlton Deonanan, Professor Dr. Helen Caldwell, Associate Professor Mr. Haywood Gillikin, Instructor Dr. John Rosenman, Professor Dr. Edwin Duke, Instructor Mr. Cyrus Harrison, Assistant Professor 22 MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES Dr. Sohindar Sachdev, Chairperson, Professor, Mrs. Viviankey, Acting Secretary, Dr. Louise Sutton, Professor, Mrs. Linda Hayden, Instructor, Dr. Tesfa Haile, Assistant Professor, Mr. Webster Rogers, Lecturer. PHYSICAL SCIENCES Dr. Ashraful Alam, Professor Dr. James Townes, Acting Chairperson, Professor Dr. Vadim Raskin, Assistant Professor Dr. Latif Choudhury, Professor Dr. Ali Khan, Assistant Professor Mrs. Antionette Clark, Secretary 23 INDUSTRAL ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY Mr. Henry Foskey, Jr., Assistant Professor, Dr. Ellis Lawrence, Associate Professor, Dr. Davis McFadden, Asistant Professor, Ms. Lubertha James, Secretary, Dr. Bishop Patterson, Chairperson, Professor, Mr. William Gibson, Assistant Professor. PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH Mr. Alvin Kelly, Instructor Mr. Samuel Holmes, Assistant Professor Mr. Robert Vaughan, Professor Mrs. Mollie Beasley, Asistant Professor Mrs. Georgia Smith, Assistant Professor Dr. Curtis Williams, Chairperson, Associate Professor Mr. Thurlis Little, Jr., Instructor Dr. Trina Talag, Associate Professor Mr. Johnny Walton, Lecturer 24 SOCIAL SCIENCES Top: Department Chairman, Dr. Melvin Murphy Bottom L. to R.: Dr. Naginder Dhillon, Ms. Barbara Wyche, Dr. Lorenzo Newby, Ms. Valerie Villines, Mr. Dale Henderson, Mrs. Lula Thorpe, Mr. James Leathers, Mr. Stanley Lee, Dr. Woo Ju. 25 GEOSCIENCES Dr. Wiley Rodgers, Chairperson, below Dr. Debabrata Basu, Bottom Left Mr. William Porter, Bot- tom Right Dr. Maurice Powers. 26 MILITARY SCIENCES Top Left: Sergeant Major Jake Carter Bottom Left: Captain James McDaniel Right: Sergeant George Turner 27 FISCAL AFFAIRS Right: Mr. Roger McLean, Vice Chancellor Fiscal Af- fairs Below: Shirley Jones, Comptroller Below Right: Mrs. Patricia Porter, secretary 28 Top Left: Ms. Pauline Hinton, Secretary, for Mr. Edward N. Smith, Business Manager (Asst.) Top Right: Mrs. Judith Cooper, sitting. Institutional Trust Fund, and standing, Mrs. Brenda Overton, Payroll Bottom Left: Mrs. Sarah Winslow, Administrative Assistant Bottom Right: Mrs. Leona Simons, Student Accounts Re- ceivable 29 Top L to R— Dorothy Walton— secretary; Ruth Ann Williams— Pur- chasing Officer. Bottom L to R— Gail Butts— Accounting Clerk; Pearl Riddick —Clerk Typist. y A ji 30 Top L to R Rosa Johnson— Clerk II; Darrell Lewis— Central Receiving Officer. Below: Deborah Stokley — Bookstore Manager; Pedro HoUey— University Stores Manager. 31 SECURITY Front row: Myrtle lohnson, Cecil Perry, Carolyn Allen, Deborah Cowell, George Johnson, Franklin Felton, James Hoggard. Second row: Wilbert Shannon, Ercell James, Wayne Barcliff, William Gibbs, Ernest Hoskins. MAINTENANCE Left to Right: Mr. H. Thomas, Director of Physical Plant, Mrs. Lois White, secretary, Mrs. Deloris Griffin, secretary. Helen Mercer, receptionist, Ms. Cynthia Spence, secretary OSHA, Mr. H. Cooper, Director Safety and Health OSHA. 32 HOUSEKEEPING Left to Right: Mrs. Alma Boyd, Mrs. Helen McMurren, Mr. James Wynn, Mrs. Emma Williams, Mrs. Vertley Woodhouse, Mrs. Mary Smith, Mrs. Delois Ragsdale, Mrs. Carolyn Johnson, Mr. James Turner. Second Row: Mr. Carl Hawkins, Mrs. Carolyn Dickerson, Miss Edna Williams, Mrs. Carolyn Privott, Mr. William Gregory, Mrs. Ella Brown, Mrs. Mattie Davis. PHYSICAL PLANT Left to Right: Mr. Arthur Copelin, Mr. Willie Moore, Mr. Joe Taylor, Mr. Willie Taylor, Mr. William Barcliff, Mr. Melvin Hunter, Mr. Clarence Whitehurst. Second Row: Mr. William Turner, supervisor, Mr. Hercules Cole, Mr. James Lewis, and Mr. William Rice. 33 PHYSICAL PLANT CON ' T Left to Right: Mr. Wesley Felton, Mr. Glendell Moore, Mr. Joshua Dawson, Mr. James Ellis, Mr. Thomas Reid, Mr. Albert God- frey, Mr. Arthur Catling, Mr. Wayne Taylor, and Mr. Cardwell Cowell Mrs. Barbara Turner, Laundry Supervisor Ms. Gladys Bartlett, Copy Center 34 STUDENT AFFAIRS « 7 - ' 1 Jb J -J P. . ■ i r «»»» «8|I!S iiiiiflfitiiiifliiiiiiiii ' . Dr. Harry Ghee, Vice Chancellor Student Affairs i«» Mr. Willie Spence, Asst. Vice Chancellor Student Affairs Administration Mrs. Treva Thomas, Asst. Vice Chancellor Student Affairs Pro- gramming 35 Ms. Willa Lamb, secretary Mrs. Flora Hider, sec- retary Ms. Cheryl Walker, secretary (along with Mrs. Thomas) Right, Mrs. Starr Williams along with Dr. Olive Wilson Coordinator Counseling Ser- vices 36 Top Left: Mr. Donald Long, Director of Student Housing. Top Right: Reverend John Trotman, University Minister, Bottom Left: Mr. Charles Foster, Program Director— University Center. Bottom Right: Mrs. Lenora J. Mackey, Coordinator Living Learning Center. 37 Cafeteria B? Left to Right: Mr. Johnnie Harvey, Mr. Curtis Johnson, Manager, and Secretary; Below, the Cafeteria Staff 38 Financial Aid Silting: Mrs. Barbara Simpson, and Mrs. Alma Newby, Director; Standing: Ms. Ruth Richardson, and Mrs. ]uHette Zachery. Mr. James Taylor Student Aide Assistant Mrs. Charlotte Williams University Center Assistant 39 Residence Directors Mrs. Cymera Banks, Mrs. Shirley Barnes, Mr. Kendy Cooper, Mrs. Nancy Eggleston, Mr. James Harris, Mr. Samuel Harvey, Mrs. Jereline Lynn, Mrs. Dorothy Newby, Ms. Mary Berry, Mr. Ken Roberts, Mr. Billy Whedbee, Mr. Herbert Williams, Mrs. Spellman. 40 Infirmary Mrs. Emma Mullen, Nurse Aide, Mr. Joe Scott, Head Orderly, Mrs. J. Robertson, Staff Nurse, seated, Mrs. Gilbertine Griffin, secretary and Mrs. Gertrude Bonds. University Planning Dr. Thaddeus Beasley, University Planner and Mrs. Diane Winslow, secretary 41 Institutional Research Bottom Left Corner, Mrs. Nancy Lee, Assistant Director Bottom Right Corner, Mrs. Mable Riddick, Clerk Left: Mr. Leonard Ballou, Director University Archivist 42 Development and Alumni Relations Left, Mr. James Spence Director of De- velopment and Ms. Marian Mitchell, Di- rector of Alumni Relations Federal Programs Mr. James Swimpson, Coordinator Public Information Mr. John Williams, Information Communications Specialist 43 ) .•veiSSS ' ' ! ! ' ' • WP ' ■ ' ' •fl PP ' HMlll - ■ 01. a : 4»,« i J • ; • ■• . -i. ' % ' - M - I 47 fiG ■ if ■ ' t. ' -- ' -w .i? ' , ,. X EE " 77 !-»vagw ;3 . vya;.y .. rfgiA :.. atv. .:- i ' :j ' ...- ' ' :»m. sef.tifik. ■: % ' IS The College Hymn We sing to thee, ECSU, We Uft our voices high From shore to shore, thy famous Jove, Doth hearts of men inspire, From North to South, the East, the West, For thee we ' iJ always give our best. With hearts as full as Eden ' s tree, , We ' ll give our Jove to thee. t We hail thee, we praise thee, we love ECSU. From dark and everJasting night, We came to seeJt the Jight For in your haJJs there is no night, The light of truth shines bright. Beneath the tree of JtnowJedge here We ' JJ find our strength, ive ' JJ Jose our fear, With learned might, we ' ll fight for right. We ' ll go and spread thy Jight. I We haiJ thee, we praise thee, we love ECSU. With courage and convictions deep, Thy haJJowed waJJs vve ' JJ Jeave, To take our place in life ' s great race, To make and set the pace, ' Gainst ignorance we ' ll wage great war, The light of learning we ' ll spread far, With faith thy honor, we ' ll defend Ne ' er will our Jove e ' er end. We haiJ thee, we praise thee, we love ECSU. Seniors 1981-1982 Duane Banks Geology Mildred Barnes Sociology Annie Barnett Special Education David C. Beatty, III History Preston Bell Political Science Sidney Best Business Administration Darlene Gallop Special Education Levora Gibson Early Childhood Debbie Gilliam Criminal Justice 4 ,y - Margie Pulley Early Childhood Education Lila Jeanette Quick English Lorraine Ratliff Soecial Education Janie Reddick Early Childhood Education Dorothea Respass Riiciness Administration ?■■;■ j: ie Rhodes Business Administration Special Education Patricia Riddick Criminal Justice Barbara Robbins Sociology Ronnie Adams I Anthony Aibright Stanley Baker Theldene Baidwin Zita Caldwell Jeffrey Clark Calhy Cloyd Phyllis Carlton Peggy Etheridge Tim CoUins Folks round here say you ' re gonna be nothing, just wasting time away But I shaites may fist and teiJ them, just wait until some future day. So next spring when dogwoods blos- soms, and the bees begin to hum I ' ll he waiting for to see you, when you bring that college home. —Author Unknown Trod Harold Cedric Demery Alex Griswou d Keith Hamilton Urania Harrell Arthur Hobbs Pamela Johnson Derrick McLean Annette Mitchell Reginald Powell GivendoJyn Rayner Leolious MeJton K KS Hi 1 Timothy Rodgers Yulonda Proctor • imsiaiaL-ii., Naresa StalUngs Delores Simpson Damon Smith m 1 George Terry f 1 Felix Ward Lynnette Watson Dwayne Whitfield Lawrence Wright Gregory AJbrilton essie Allen Renee Anderson Marieta Becton Renee Blount Connie Boone Rachel Boone GJadys Brickhouse Pamela Bright Inez CampbeJJ Andrew Carter Mark Couiter Lisa Farrow Laurie Jacobs Theodore Jacobs Sanyo Koonce ' .?;■■ i ; ' ■•, Ja5 Yvonne Lucas Vernadine Martin Alonza Myers f AJfreda Norman Leon Pickett Troy Richardson Elouris fioberson Frances Robinson Orvin Simpson Debra WiJson FRESHMEN Vanessa Alston foe Anderson It- Stuart Anderson Tammy Askew , 1 deJJ Barrett Donna Bell Shirley Bazemore Chuck Berry Jeffrey BJowe i Derrick Branch Rennie Breeden Duston Brooks Yolanda Chandler fPW " ■ V V Tony Ciayton Denise CooJte Michael Emmel Bridgette Craddock Vera Klheridge Darren Enoch PauJa Ewing Terry Cross Bonnie Crump a ♦ 1 1 ; . ■■ Pamela Forbes Charles Forster Charles Hall Andrea Harrell Anthony Ford Joyce Groomes Cora Hall L. VE -- Olfifl Calvin Harrell ' Tracy Hester ■•f Robert Hinton Darleen Holley Charlesetta Holden Herman Tones Rickey [ones Theron Jones Kim ohnson Jackie fohnson Tyna ohnson safipi-Ti fa fWS. Susan Lamb Kenneth Lanier Sylvester Lawrence Jerimiah Ledbette Kennelh Lewis Mark LinsJey MeJonie Locus effrey Lightfoot Cynthia Liverman Michael Logan « Jeffrey Lyon Algie Mabry X 1 ' " . Gregory Mallory ( i Elaine McClain I Timolhy McLendon Gerald Mitchell Celeta JVIann Donna Mclntire Dunham McManus Angela Moore Barbara Moore Clarissa Morgan Tefera Muche Darnell Parker Marv Pettaway Brenda Phillips Selina Pittman Barry Polile m VHH „j 4 K D wight Pope facqueJine Porter Vincent Preister C Forrest Pugh ' ' ■?S ' T.., ' ». MeJvin Rawles VaJgena Respass KqthJeen Raynor % . - -i- - ■ -«»- fc Angeia Robinson Frederick Ross Terence Rountree I vA Rosa Rowe Gary Savage Sheila Simmons Vincent Ruffin Curtis Selby Rochaei Smith y • m Tyrone Speight Craig Stepney Curtis Taylor Herbert Thames Myra Spencer Ronald Steivart Edith Tayior Michael Tyson Kathy Vann .■« " ?1 Rita Vaughan Pauiette Ward Kym Wheeler George White Angeia Williams Juan Williams )t Sieve Williams m M A ll ' Vickie Wiiiiams Wayne Woodard Joyce Wright , you here the forerunners of tomor- row ' s hopes and dreams . . . . your goaJs, ideas, and aspirations may well shape much of our to- morrow . . . look carefully at the past . . . study . . . learn from it . . . . mix in your todays and the best kind of examples you can find . . . . . . all that you are . . . together, your yesterdays and todays wiJJ determine the image you dis- play in the mirror of tomorrow. —Shipley Look at the expression on Dunham ' s face and then gJance at the students in the audience— the guy with the hat is iaughing, the two fellas on the front row are having their own conversation, and the guy on the end of the third row is trying to do homework. This is the typical atmosphere of all class meetings. The atmosphere of the meeting does not, however, portray the characteristics of the freshmen class. The class of 1986 has been enthusiasti c, entertaining, energetic, and dedi- cated workers. r 92 o N O . " . o b i - Tn ALPHA PHI ALPHA " First of all, Service to all, We shall transcend air is the belief held by the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. Alpha Phi Alpha was founded at Cornell University in 1906 and their colors are black and gold. President: Alvin Martin, Vice-President: Daryl Hamilton. inOOOOOOOOOOOOOCOOOOOQOQQOQQOOl Members Raymond Mackey Cedric Demery Wytella Ford Norn ' s Wike Dreck Standi Lonnie Elliott Anthony Swain Alvin Martin Danny Jones Anthony BeJJ Carey Green DaryJ Hamilton Stanley Baker Tony Evans Leroy Beatty I I 8 ' B ' ayr nnrBTroTrrrrgTTnnnr8 6 ' in ) ' irB 94 J OOOQOOOQOOOOOOOOOOOj ff pilOOgo. The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was founded in 1908 at Howard University. The motto, " Service to all Mankind, " is learned as a Ivy Leaf, hut practiced once one becomes an Alpha Kappa AJpha. President; AJberta Sutton, Vice President: Bridgette Bordeaux Ida Leary Carlisle Abbott Elaine Wiggins Alberta Sutton Renee Tyrance Darlene Gallop Bridgette Bordeaux Linda Blue Alethia Leary Aleta Leary Pamela Vail Veronica Peterson Sheila Smith Kathy Fennell Grace Bell Patrice Hogan Eula Woodson Francine Godwin Elizabeth Smalls Gloria Westry Celina Lord Maria Newton Angelean Williams Particia Ferebee Robin Price Wendy Franklin Ora Johnson Sandy Proctor BgoooooooobooboSflSfiSfiSBSSOS ' SB ' ' ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA m mm m III ' f I EST Hi. 4 - yj T --;-. ' f W-;.- i- KAPPA ALPHA PSI Crimson and cream are their colors and Scrolls is the name of the pledge club. Who are they? None other than the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi. Kappa Alpha Psi was founded in 1911 at Indianna University. Their motto is: " Many are called, but few are chosen. " The officers of the Epsilon Alpha chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi are: President: Anthony Davis, Vice-President: Tommy Sanders. f poOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQQI Members feffery Cooper Oral Jones WesJey Stokes Hamon Leggett Mike Stuart Andrew Williams Harry Lewis David Bell Richard ones DonaJd Moore Tommy Sanders Micbeal Pittman Thurman Lewis Anthony Davis " San I f fa a 6 a 6 B a d ' o Baa n ' B Tnr B b b ' u ' uti b a a i 96 noooOQOOOOOQOOOOOonnnnonoono Sigma Gamma Rho was founded at Butler University in 1922. " Greater Service, Greater Progress " is the belief held by the Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. As an Aurora, one learns that the fundamental purpose of the sorority is achievement. The officers of the Delta Tau chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho are: President: Vice-President: Lindora Bond. Members Lindora Bond SwRTSTfVTrrinnnnnnrrffTTrrrrrrjn SIGMA GAMMA RHO ■i ' br ' iTF4 r- . ■ ,lt-; :Mk m ' .-- : I ' ' ' - ' hfdk ' I A h- OMEGA PSI PHI go oooooooooppooooooooooQO Manhood, Scholarship, Perserverance, and Uphft are the four cardinal principles of Omega Psi Phi. Omega Psi Phi was founded in 1911. The pledge club is called the Lampodos and the motto is " Friendship is essential to the soul. " The officers of the Lambda Gamma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi are: President: Calvin Johnson, Vice-President: Howard Pipkin. % Members Carlos Lewis Kelvin Sanders Michael White [ohn Simmons CaJvin Johnson Walter Tanner WiJIard Garrett MichaeJ Mason Howard Pipkin I 98 " Intelligence is the Torch of Wisdom " is the strong belief held by the sisters of Delta Sigma Theta. Delta Sigma Theta was founded at Howard University in 1913. Their colors are red and white and the name of the pledge club is the Pyramids. President: Robin McNeil, Vice- President: Delia Hooper. OjUULfl BaOOgOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOqn O.ffJ.ff Members Sharon Bailey Jacqueline Bower Dianna Chavers Bererly Cooper Wanda Crump Gwendolyn Dancy Angela Greene Sherry Hollowell Janice Hooker Bernadette Jerkins Matilda Jordon Pamela Liverman Michelle Miller Gwendolyn Reddick Tamara Wright Robin McNeil Cynthia Hardy Brenda Willie Evetta Young Teresa Turnage Pamela Stanley Mamie Farrar Judy Perry Delia Hooper Dianne Smith Sherron Simpson Nadine Rivers Janie Rhodes Lynetta Waston Gwendolyn Pickney Nadine Owens Charlotte Cooper Phyllis Campbell Vallarie Mitchell Juantia Davis rra ' a ' a ' fl ' a ' aya ' ftTDTa o a o " o ' o a " o a a ii o ' ot Dnnnr DELTA SIGMA THETA y 1 ■ " ' ' . -s. I ?4m kvl • .■ ; ■ •r - •••■rfV WINE PSJ PHI ooooQQOQOoooooooQoooooooooooQq The Nu Viking Chapter of Wine Psi Phi beJieve in service. Their motto, " A Man Amongest Men " , is strongly practiced among the brothers. Burgundy and blue are their colors and Grapes is the name of the pledge club. President: Steve Smith, Vice- President: Ronald McGill. Members John Drew Steve Smith Johnny Oates Ronald McGill Jerry Culbreth gOSBSSSSS flSS OSBSSS ' ieSBSSSSO ' V 100 In 1970 Beta Phi Burgundy was founded. Their colors are pink and burgundy and the Rasinettes is the name of the pledge club. ooeoooopoooooooooooooooooqo Members TheJdene Baldwin Sophia Lamkin X OS0fifiS8SSSAAefiA8(IS8Sa8A8 ()( BETA PHI BURGUNDY L MMkK MUMfwA • DEO PHI BETA SIGMA In 1914 on the campus of Howard University, Phi Beta Sigma was founded. Service, brotherhood, and scholarship form the philosophy of Phi Beta Sigma. Royal blue and white are their colors and the pledge group name is the Crescents. The motto, " Culture for Service and Service for Humanity, " has become the objective of Phi Beta Sigma. President: Harold Neal, Vice- President: Arthur Hobbs. 0Q00000000Q00Q00Q00000OOOOOeo( Members Roy WiJson Ronald McDaniel Arthur Hobbs Harold Neal Cornell Watson Johnnie Williams Roy Robinson Dennis McLaurin Samual Ashe Antoina Graham ' tn S8SBBflSfiAA8fl8fiS888b8B8SfiiS 102 Alpha Phi Omega, a service organization, was founded in 1925 at Lafayette College. The Trefoils is the name of the pledge group and blue and gold are their colors. " To he a friend, To he a leader, and To he of service " is the motto of Alpha Phi Omega. President: Tim Collins, Vice-President: Derrick McLean. - B g O.B- . 9 B g g.O.O g B 9.9JLSiSiSLSLSSS . V " 4 ' Members Ernis Lee Waiter Harris Tim Collins Chris Johnson Derrick JVIcLean Tim Rogers I I Yr8 ' Tra ' TryyinrB ir8Tn ) ' i) ' i) ' e " a ' fl ' fl ' o ' ir B a 6 ft " ff ALPHA PHI OMEGA The Zetas enjoy dazzling the audience. ! —1 =4 Renee makes sure that her sorors are in I position. 1 Hi «Mi i m The Deltas demonstrate team work. ,rhe Swings magnificently display their italent. ;i The Alphas strangely excite the crowd. F M BBSS The AKAs fascinate the spectators. , i z ' % . f High moral standards, academics, hard work, and unity are characteristics of Greeks. At Elizabeth City State University, Greeks celebrated National Greek Week. Picnics, dances, games, and spJash parties were planned and executed as a means of bringing everyone together as one. " Greek " means . . . . . helping others, . . . reaching out, and always active. ' " MdUffS 107 CRIMINAL JUSTICE Left to right: Theodore Jacobs, Agnes Hall, Patricia Riddick, Jessie Allen, Lindora Bond, Lindsey Boone PHI BETA LAMBDA First row: Doreen Sharpe, Cynthia Sawyer, Bersada London, Margin Nor- man, Gwendolyn Swain; Second row: Sharon Swain, Ora Johnson, Carolyn Suggs, Sherri Blanks; Third row: Clyndell Godfrey, Cedric Demery, Antho- ny Swain, Elton Stallings, Lawrence Wright, David Spruill 108 Industrial Technology Club First row: Michael Mullens, Andrew Williams, John Krauss, Royal Peterson; Second row: Kenny Morgan, Clarence Stanfield, Sherrie Midgette; Third row: Dr. Ellis Lawrence Sitting: Charles Forster; Standing: Timothy Okeke, Dr. Louis Nadeau, Mrs. Alice Nadeau, Daniel Nwabufoh International Cluh 109 KAPPA DELTA PI Members: Alberta Sutton, Alma Banks, Laura Forbes, Raynell Vesselles, Margie Cooper, JoAnn Mercer, Franclne Montaque, Sylvia Roberts, Marcia Davies. Members: Wanda Hoggard, Willa Williams, Preston Bell, Donald Moore, Robin Price, Reola Harvey, Francine Montaque, Levora Gibson. ALPHA KAPPA MU no United Campus Religions Fellowship First row: Lillian Harrell, Yvonne Howard, Sheila Stancil, Robin Gaskins, Raynell Vesselles, Alonza Moore; Second row: Brenda Clark, Ronnie Norman, Jessie Allen, Helen Bailey, Leon Pickett; Third row: Darren Enoch, Patricia Clark, Veatrice Duncan, Jonathan Parker; Fourth row: Anthony Ford, Ronald Dawson; Ora Johnson Left to right: Sophia Lambkin, Theldene Baldwin, Charles White, Dora Hart, Gail Toole Fraternal Council 111 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION President: Mr. David C. Beatty, III ' ' The Time Is Now ' ' iit Vice President: Thurman Lewis, Recording Secretary: Rob- in McNeil, Corresponding Secretary: Darlene Gallop, Trea- surer: Alberta Sutton. Governor of External Affairs: Dalantry Trafton, Business Manager: Francine Montaque, Assista nt to Attorney General: Gary Savage. Below: Darlene Gallop, Robin McNeil, Francine Montaque, Alberta Sutton, Tburman Lewis, Gary Savage, and Delantry Trafton. 112 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Each year Elizabeth City State University selects thirty-five outstanding students as WHO ' S WHO. Community service, leadership ability, above average academic standing, and future potential are the qualities by which selections are made. Congratulations Ms. AJma Banks Mr. David Beatty Mr. Preston BeJJ Ms. PhyJJis CarJton Ms. Wendy Deonanon Ms. Barbara FuJton Ms. Darlene Gallop Ms. Patricia Gibbs Ms. Jean Gray Ms. Saeeda Hafiz Mr. Eddie JacJtson, III Ms. Ora Johnson Ms. Teresa Kent Ms. GJenda Lister Ms. Robin McNeiJ Ms. Cheyenne Mitchell Ms. Carol Montague Mr. DonaJd Moore Mr. AJonzo Moore Ms. Jane Newkirk Ms. AJverta Patrick Ms. SyJvia Roberts Mr. Timothy Rodgers Ms. Elizabeth SmaJJs Ms. SheiJa StanciJ Ms. Carolyn Suggs Ms. AJberta Sutton Mr. Anthony Swain Mr. Casey Townson Ms. RayneJJ VesseJJes Mr. Vernard ViJJines Ms. Tamera Wright Ms. EJaine YeJverton for being selected as Elizabeth City State University ' s 1981-1982 WHO ' S WHO! 113 114 115 fe ' " -; ' ' ' REGISTRATION BLUES " Not all students feel the " Registration Blues, " some find some satisfaction in knowing that the process is over and classes are almost ready to begin. Students become standers in lines, waiters, and confused people during registration. All in all things turn out pretty vveJJ. Below, Freshmen choose courses for their first adven- ture into the academic life. ' J««3 1 119 THE KINDERGARTEN r (i I n n e r E X P r e s s 1 o n s TALENT SHOWS 123 Talking It Over! Students, faculty, administrators, and staff gathered to discuss and solve university problems at the seventii annual retreat which was held in WiJiiamsburg, Virginia. The mayor ' s wel- come created an atmosphere of relaxation which enhanced the quality of the retreat. 124 m,, ' " ROTC ON THE MOVE ' The ROTC Staff held a recruitment session for stu- dents and other interested persons. The staff and other members of the program an- swered questions of curious students. AJJ were interested in the beneficial elements in- volved in a career in JVliJitary Sciences. ok: J- A At the left top, a student signs the session. At the top right, Color Guards prepare J for assembly. At the bottom left, students trade infor- mation about ROTC (Arthur Hobbs). At the bottom right, students chat with Mrs. Treva Thomas, Assistant Vice O Chancellor Student Affairs. I 129 We seek knowledge to enhance our inner beings 130 ... to strengthen our awareness of life, and to discover paths unknown to others. 131 Even though time quickly progresses, we never forget where we have trod . . . 132 .and not once do we acknowledge a profound regret for ever traveling that route. 133 We remember the conversations that we shared . . . 134 . . . the times that games were played to pass away the long winding hours . . . 135 . . . and the moments spent in solitude, gathering thoughts, get- ting in touch with ourselves or just recalling the newly passed day. 136 Above all we rememher the faces, the smiles, the tears, the laughter, and the people that made our journey worthwhile. 137 138 139 140 The University Players 142 DRAMATICALLY SEIZING THE MOMENTS " The University Players combined their talents to create ciiaracters who possess reaJ life qualities and plays of good caliber. This year, the University Players presented three one-act plays, The Sandbox by Edward Aibee, Happy Ending by Douglas Turner Ward and Family Portrait by Ben CaidwelJ. Also presented were scenes from You Can ' t Take It With You by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. Pictured on the left top page, Tracy Haggard, Brenda Johnson, Gary Savage, and sitting, the cast from The Sandbox. BeJow on the same page, Kel- vin Harney, Kimberly Cannon, Brenda Johnson, Gary Savage, and Gregory AJbritton from the play Family Portrait and scenes from You Can ' t Take It With You. To the left, Gregory AJbritton, Yolanda Chandler, and Stephanie Wright, the cast of Happy Ending. BeJow, the same. The Universi- ty Players are under the direction of Mr. Bernard Peterson. 143 I Alumni and friends join the Choir in singing the Alma Mater. David Spruill sings " I Got Plenty Of Nothing " from Porgy and Bess. Accompanist: Mrs. Vendetta Sutton Director Conductor: Mr. Billy Hines. tfci:iriri Other than perform at many of the university and community func- tions, the Elizabeth City State University Choir takes an annuai spring tour. This year, the choir toured southern areas such as South Carohna, Georgia, iVIississippi, and Alabama rendering music for churches. high schoo s, and even in parks. The tour lasted about eight days. The Choir ' s concert con- sisted of ciassicaJ pieces, contemporary seiections. and a group of Negro spirituals. The Ensemble performed songs from the opera " Porgy and Bess " by Gershwin. The Ensemble performs upper right corner and below in Cen- tral City Park in Georgia. m I 1% Director of Bands: Mr. Henry Duncomhe dMtTVClTYSTATF( |te VIKINGS BAH i V The Elizabeth City State University amiJy iveicomed a new Director of Bands this year. Along with him came a new styie of marching, a new sound, and new peopie. T e begin- ning of the maTc n% season brought a few gripes, but the new " band- buiider " and (he band brought to the field excitement, magnificent music and a promise that the band is grow- ing bigger and better. The Marching " Vikings " Band 147 Symphonic Band The S y m phonic Band rendered their annual spring con- cert in Moore Hull Auditorium. The band ' s reperloire was V e r y varied with a saxophone ensemble piuying ' Kb EiJington Por- trait ' composed by i- ' ioyd Werle. 148 149 The Dance Group at Elizabeth City State University presented a spring siiow carrying the theme, " Lets Get Physical. " The performers exhibit- ed different styles of dancing and music featuring a guest band and soJoist. The Dance Group is under the direction of Dr. Trina TaJag. Tiie Dance Group consists of: Ricky Adams, Inez Campbell, Carol Crossin, Pamela Johnson, Kenneth Rodgers, Wayne Rodgers, Elizabeth SmaJis, and SheiJa Smith. DANCE GROUP 150 " Ar %S ' »« . -K ,. J Guest Speaker: Hon. John Conyers, Jr. HONORS CONVOCATION Above: Joyce Hunter receives Spanish Cer- tificate 1 Thurman Lewis presents plaque to Conyers for outstanding achievements. 152 Sonja Wilson, left corner, receives award from Biology Department. Bottom left, Terry Jordan receives a num- ber of awards from the Business Depart- ment and a scholarship. Many students were honored at the annual Honors Convocation this year. The guest speaker for the oc- casion was the Honorable John Conyers, r. a U.S. Representative from Michigan. Awards were presented from each academic department to students whose grade point averages exceJJed the others in that department. Other awards were presented to students by cJubs, organizations and corpora- tions. Reserved seats for honorees were filled while faculty members, admin- istrators, and staff attended the pro- gram. 153 ' 91st Anniversary ' Founders Day The presenting of colors by ECSU ' s Arm} ROTC opened the 91st Founders Day program in Moore Hall Auditorium or. Wednesday, March 3, at 10:00 a.m. The guest speaker for the program was Mr. Asa T. Spauiding, [r.. Vice President of Administration of Durham Life Broadcast- ing, Inc. Spauiding recapped some of the progressive factors that have aided in building a bigger and better Elizabeth City State University. " It ' s not where you are, but where you ' ve come from ' . " he stated. After the program, the annual pilgrimage to the graves of the " founders " proceeded as scheduled. 0 ' «H» ' ( ' «i»-( ' «H»-()-« - M»Kl These two scenes reflect the tradi- tional placing of the wreaths on the graves of the founding-fathers. Thurman Lewis and Donald Moore served as escorts to the cites. ( 4i»;) (Mi » vS»(H SHIRLEY CAESAR The Student Government Associ- ation sponsored the presence of Shirley Caesar, famed gospel sing- er, on the Elizabeth City State Uni- versity Campus. To the right, Ms. Caesar sings. 156 i KH Also on the program was 21st Century, a choir from Elizabeth City, and the children of Albert C. Robinson Jr. The Black Move- Lment Choir from Eliz- abeth City was also on the program. 1 i 157 THE SECOND ANNUAL s» On a Sunday evening, February 7, 1982, Williams Hall gymnasium was the scene oj the second annual SchoJarcade, the entertain- ment extravaganza, that featured dancing, singing, comedy, and fashion. It was performed by the Elizabeth City State University faculty, administrators, and staff before a capacity audience. Through the efforts of Dr. Jimmy Jenkins, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Scholarcade ' 81 was presented Jast February as a means of establishing special academic schoJarships at the uni- versity. The effort financed two four-year scholarships that will be awarded in August, 1982. Scholarcade ' 82 is the second annual presentation. 1 1 - " 1 iW t L i 158 SCHOLARCADE Scholarcade ' 82 was made successfuJ by the tremendous effort and cooperation of the Elizabeth City State University faculty, ad- ministration, and staff. Mrs. Dorothy S. Smith, academic advisor of the university, and co-host of Scholarcade ' 82 expresses her feelings of the event. " It was really a great team effort; everyone successfully did his task. We also received lots of help from many individuals who lent their expertise. The program as a whole was truly a pleasure to be involved in. " So, what are we waiting for, bring on Scholarcade ' 83! " 159 PIPPIN »-0 ' W-( ' (). ()4 I Circus, ballet, magic show— that ' s why Pippin is so long-lived and im- mensely popular. It is the saga of I ' | an emperor ' s son and his search c I c for totaJ fulfillment. He discovers m 2 t that there is no light path to happi- = I - ness and no completely perfect sit- 1 1 uation through his quest. Pippin— a c I o funny and finally, moving ceiebra- I : I tion of one hoy ' s passage into man- hood. I I a SI ■.)- am-(i- ) ' mm-() ' o- t O ' m-0 :) ' «H ( - ( ' ( - ' S I -f¥f " i ' w It » n B ■IE if ' ,tu iNTjr ' Mi i I I THE SOLOMON COMPANY DANCE GROUP i i i- m-o-i J »-( ' 4ai»0 ' - ( ' 4 ya- m n { The Solomon Company group is composed of eight people including the director composer who performs with the group. The company has performed in the Clark Center Festivals in New York City, has toured widely on the university circuit, and iias its own self- produced concert series. The presence of the company at the university was made possible by the Lyceum Committee. L i 161 K ' B» ' () ' «i () () ' ( - 0 ' ) ' 4 »(H y() ' am-0 ' o- mm-() 162 I Thanks to the Lyceum Committee, the university was very honored to acknowledge the | I presence of Mrs. Coretta Scott King, President of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center For r I Social Change. | O ' O ' O- O ' l » ' ( - ( ' H» ' ( ' « ()- () ' ( ' 4 0- ) ' aW- ) ' H» ' (H f DeJphin and Romain, duo pianists have toured every region of the " I United States for recitals and played with major orchestras and | f svmoiionies. The university acknowJedees tiieir presence here. S M ' ( ' () " Below, Delphin and Romain sign programs for students who went backstage to greet them. The o A pianists gave a small workshop to students interested in piano and any other form of music. I 163 I ifmm-ii-mm-O ' c :) H» ' ' «a»() ' i» ' ( I INTERNATIONAL WEEK A time for exchanging, a time for sharing, and a time just to get to Jinow one another, was the occasion during Jnterna- fionai Week. Students from aii parts of the world joined to- gether as Elizabeth City State University came together as an international family. They shared forums, food, and dis- cussed current world issues. On the right, CharJes Forster relaxes a bit from the festivi- ties while below, the whole group gets together for a chat. i I I I t r 1 NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK " Libraries wiJJ get you through times of no money better than money will get .1 I . • r !•! -■ F» an outstanding statement made by the guest speaker at a program ceiebrating National Library Week. A number of students attended the program and en- joyed the musical selections by the Cho- ral Ensemble and a saxophone ensemble from the band. The topic of the speaker dealt with the growth of computers in li- braries. 4 D O ' O - c v!C-i4v;.»»« ww]M; ' n At the National Library Week program, students and others were honored with certificates for their services to the hbrary. Ebony Fashion Fair: " A Look of Elegance " I ! I Sponsored by the Elizabeth City I I Chapter of Epicureans Incorpo- j i rated, the Ebony Fashion Fair | ' was brought to Elizabeth City j I State University. With a full I I house to view the beauty of the 5 I occasion, the models glided I ' across the stage as if on air to 5 I display the loveliness of their at- | fire. 5 I : - i)- o-mJ 1 . . . We kept on giving . . . . . . They kept on pumping. Here, the students, faculty, administrators and staff members are givers. Because we are givers at Elizabeth City State Uni- versity, the Blood Mobile had no difficulties getting our bJood. | The blood truck backed up to the door of WiJJiams Hall Gym, 2 took out all of its gear and the workers tested and pumped | bJood all the day. One hundred and fifty pints of blood were 2 coJJected and one hundred and eighty-three people came to | donate. Those who weren ' t able to give didn ' t leave sad 1 because they still used their opportunity to get the juice, coffee, | coke, and cake. Z Special " On your mark! Get set! Go! " More, more, and more people found necessity in attend- ing and rendering services at the Spe- cial Olympics vvhicii was heJd on the football field of Northeastern High School. Yes! Eliza- beth City State Uni- versity ' s Special Education majors, the Marching " Vi- kings " Band, sorori- ties, fraternaties, clubs and otiiers as- sisted in providing encouragement and iiugs to the partici- pants. The surrounding counties were re- presented by fiieir schools who aJJ turned out to wit- ness and participate in this event for special people. The smiles, the laughter, and the happiness was aiJ evidence of the spe- cial meaning that this day and event carried. An event for love! An event for care! An event for special people! The Special Olym- pics! Olympics 170 ' ' To Give Is Better Than To Receive ' ' I sc The following pictures are i scenes from the Thanksgiv- I ing Vesper sponsored by | the United Campus Reli- | gious FeJJowship. Many | cJubs and organizations | gave baskets for the needy c people in Elizabeth City. I 171 SENIOR NIGHT Senior night — a night to be remem- bered, a night to cherish, a night to be together— OR— A night to be Jaughed at, a night to laugh with, a night to laugh. The Class of ' 82 ren- dered their Senior Night program in Moore HoJJ Auditor- ium. The theme was " Do You Know Where You ' re Going To, " sung by Cynthia Edwards, right. Be- low, the Seniors dance to a nightcJub number. 172 ? »- Among the outstanding acts during the show was Baron Dandrige, top left, stepping in honor of the Seniors; Darleatha Smith, RayneJJ VesseiJes, and Eiaine YeJverton, top right, singing a medley of tunes; and Leroy Beatty, Left bottom, ministering about the Seniors through the years. 173 BLACK-EYED PEAS FOR DINNER " I The United Campus Religious Fel- I lowship presented " Black-Eyed Peas For Dinner, " a play written g by a student here at Elizabeth City (State Univeristy, Leon Ray Pickett. The play dealt with the hardships (of slavery and the meaningjulness of a meal when everyone came to- c aether to celebrate the end of the I harvest season. I - » «r 174 Cast Phyllis Carlton Robert Walker Sheila Stancil Ronnie Norman Debra Wilson Jessie Allen Elsie Johnson Shirley Underbill L Tracy Hester Dorothy Wilson Jonathan Parker Steve Bly Alfreda Norman Peggy Young Anthony Ford Angela Johnson Gary Savage Vera Patillo Pamela Williams 175 ROTCS FIELD DAY Hundreds of people came to par- ticipate in and observe the first field day sponsored by ROTC. The day was magnificent! The drill team was fantastic, the parachutist immobilized the crowd, the hand played beautifuJJy, and the games were fun. The field day was a success and enjoyed by aJi. May 1, 1982 went down in ECSU ' s history as ROTC ' s FIELD DAY. INTRAMURAL GAMES AWARDS BANQUET r I The Intramural Banquet was held in honor of students who participated in the intramural games. At the right, Intramural Commissioners, Barry Wallace and Sidney Best. Directly he- low, Mr. Foster presents Anthony Swain with a trophy. At the bottom, a shot of the intramural participants. 178 -0-«l» ' -4 »0 r At the right, Sidney Best presents Diana Chavers with an award. Below, Coach ThurJis Little adds to the program. Bottom left, Brian Morings and Daryll Brown congratulate one another. Bottom right, students pose with the President of the University Center, Lonnie Elliot and Mr. Foster, University Center Staff worker. 179 om ) Elizabeth City and Elizabeth City State University I give students in high schools and college the op- o portunity to explore the majors on campus and tne I businesses in surrounding areas. DispJays are erect- f ed in the gym section of WiJJiams Hall for infor- | mation-giving which creates awareness among stu- | dents and others. x Career Day and Career Awareness Day 180 Demonstrations prove to be the best information- | givers. The Physical Sciences, Mathematical Sci- f ences, and and Geosciences Departments thrill the | students with explicit displays. i ' - »-( - ( -« 04 181 Out with the Old . . . The old Industrial Arts building was put to rest in the earlier part of tlie 1981 I academic year. It had previously served as a wash-room for male sludents. Even more important historicaJJy, the building was one of the oldest on the campus of Elizabeth City State University. Even though the building will be missed, others will be improving the landscape. ELIZABETH CITY STATE UNIVERSITY ' S ROYALTY Vallerie Cheyenne Mitchell Miss ECSU Wanda Flemming Miss Saint Paul Cheryl Fennel Miss ECSU 1980 Zenobia Nelson Miss Winston Salem State Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there ' s a land that I heard of once in a JuiJaby. Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. Someday I ' ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me. Where troubles melt like lemondrops, away above the chimney tops that ' s where you ' Jl find me. Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly If birds fly over the rainbow, why can ' t I? Coronation Theme Song " Somewhere Over the Rainbow " Attendants Carol F. Montague Patricia Sawyer Guests of Honor Miss Senior, Lorraine Ratliff Mr. Senior, Kevin Burns Miss Sophomore, Frances Robinson Mr. Sophomore, Christopher Cheek Miss Junior, Jacqueline Bowser Mr. Junior, Johnnie Williams 186 Greta Rodgers Miss Alpha Kappa Mu Campus Royalty Veronica Peterson Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha Frances Leigh Miss Alpha Phi Alpha Brenda Myers Miss Alpha Phi Omega 187 188 Sheila Smith Miss Cheerleader Sheila Stancil Miss Chemistry and Physics Mary James Miss Choir Phyllis Carlton Miss Circle K 189 190 191 Shirley Hopkins Miss Iota Phi Theta Elizabeth Smalls Miss Inter-Fraternal Council Vernadine Martin Miss Hugh Cale Vivian Ellis Miss Industrial Arts Club 192 Jean Mills Miss Kappa Alpha Psi Beverly Cooper Miss Mitchell-Lewis Jo Ann White Miss NAACP 193 Teri Oarden Miss Phi Beta Sigma Gwendolyn Reddick Miss Pan-Hellenic Council Tamara Wright Miss Omega Psi Phi 194 Lila Jeanette Quick Miss Pre-Alumni Association Christy Shaw Miss Political Science Vanessa Ward Miss Psychology Club Lindora Bond Miss Sigma Gamma Rho 195 Gale Denise Jordan Miss Social Science Club Sharon Bailey Miss Special Education Club Cecilia Johnson Miss UCRF Wanda Faye McMillion Miss Swing Phi Swing 196 Ellon Stallings Mr. Womack Lisa Batts Miss Wine Psi Phi Clarissa Morgan Miss Yearbook Rachel Boone Miss Xi Psi Chi 197 Sheila Gore Miss Zeta Phi Beta Wiila Williams Miss Phi Beta Lambda Alverta Patrick Miss Mathematics 198 HOMECOMING ' 81 Even though times have passed and people have left the university, they all flock hack to the " Viking " yard for Homecoming. The Viking football team played to victory, as Fayetteville State did its best to outdo them. " Victory is always in the air at Elizabeth City State University and no matter how hard one tries, he can ' t rise without a struggle to victory over " The Vikings ' . " The College Hymn We sing to thee. ECSU. We hft our voices high From shore to shore, thy famous love, Doth hearts of men inspire. From North to South, the East, the West, For thee we ' ll always give our best, With hearts as full as Eden ' s tree, We ' ll give our love to thee. From dark and everlasting night. We came to seek the light For in your iiaJJs there is no night. The light of truth shines bright, Beneath the tree of knowledge here We ' ll find our strength, we ' JJ Jose our fear. With learned might, we ' ll fight for right. We ' ll go and spread thy light. With courage and convictions deep. Thy hallowed walls we ' ll leave. To take our place in life ' s great race, To make and set the pace, ' Gainst ignorance we ' ll wage great war. The light of learning we ' ll spread far, With faith thy honor, we ' ll defend Ne ' er will our love e ' er end. Refrain; We hail thee, we praise thee, we love ECSU. o fy O ' . . . Magic! on the Sidelines ' «i ( - » ( «i» K aH »-( -«l ()-«H» ' ( - Wanda Crump is a senior from Lumber- ton, NC. She enjoys swimming, tennis, Softball, and dancing. Sonya Koonce, a sopbomore from Kinston, NC, enjoys dancing, skating, cheering, and drawing. 206 Pamela McNeil is a freshman from Bal- timore, Maryland. She enjoys skating, dancing and drawing. }anice Scott is a freshman from Hampton, VA. She enjoys dancing, singing, and meeting people. K) ' «i ) ' ( ' «i» ' () ' « () ' « » ' - H »( - i ( ( - ) ' ( ' «H ( ' « (H Elizabeth Smalls enjoys dancing, singing, reading, dramatizing, and drawing. ■ m ' O-mm-iymm u Pamela Johnson is a junior from Fayetteville who enjoys dancing and cheering. »- ' »-0-4i () ' « )4M» ' ()- H Sheila Smith is a senior from Oxen Hill, Maryland. She enjoys dancing and cheering. M o- Inez Campbell is a sophomore from Wil- mington, NC who enjoys singing, playing the piano, swimming, dancing, and gym- nastics. - )- ( ' 4 M-0 ' 4i ( -«H 0 ' 4 »-()-«W ' 0- M-()-4 207 . . On the Field ' 4 Ricky Jones Juan Austin Brian Maddox Cbiis Pendergrass James Holman Robert Hinton Robert McPhatter ■s hnny Woo( u. John Robinson Bryan Morings Edward Costley Jobanie Frierson Ralph Eagleton Deliy White Ricky Browner Marvin Jackson James Best Willie Thames Gary Sneed Greg Watford Ben Anthony Tony Hyman Andrew Williams Reginald Langhorn William Turner Bruce Butler Andra Smith Danny Jones Barry Pohte Bobby FutreJ] Reginald BanJ s Coach; ohnnie Walton Barry Wallace Elbert Parks Joe Everette Curtis Franklin James Tillery Kevin Braxton Steve Cook Lloyd Jackson Jerry Sexton Howard Oglesby Vincent Eason Timothy Harold George Terry Dwight Taylor DorryJ Brown Kenneth Rodgers Calvin Vaughan James Booker Calvin Johnson Elvin James Joe Hayes Anthony Hinton Jerome Pryor Kevin Adams Darren Garne f Michael Diggs David Strickland Dunstan Brooks Steve Pope Jeffery Gatlin Wytella Ford Tim Holt David Miles Ernest Bell Robert Porter Juanito Jones Kytiwa Watson David Vann Richard Watson Howard Pipkin James Hamilton Greg Henderson Dwayne Whitfield Nk :!: t:. . n . .ri- ' C - ' iSt « ' A. - 1 Price, Doris Boone, Dennis Franklin, Curtis Harrell, Calvin Lee. Mike Mitchell, Gerald Pendergrass, Chris Rodgers, Kenneth Stewart, Ronald Stevenson, Mark Thomas, Wills Vaughan, Mike . . . on the court ' i«a y-M ?» Jf. ' w f£ K HV i mS Atfl ' :p ♦ ■ ' !»■ |k ■A ■ 4 i i1 - i agg • " ' - 1 k . lr% L § ' fc m . Hmton, Lance Frazier, Marion Bland, Pierre Maddox, Calvin ■ Brown, Benjamin Carter, Donnie Brown, Darrell Burton, Rudolph [oyner, Chris Hardy, [ames SpruiJJ, Gregory Brown, John Groomes, Ivory Wyche, Robert Morgan, Kenny Franklin, Curtis :.J i - It ' r 1 J. r . . . on the court h X M ' i I ' :;- Y? rl8 - ... -f -. S 219 1 m ■ K «M v ' m 1 I J i ' W h m mmmmm » . 4 M . iL. " F ' - ' , H 91 v BH I • — ««M liS AHH | B bgj B . ' -— . " ■ " " ' ' is, • ■ m 7 r¥ ' X - " ,- t la. Patricia Sawyer Valerie Croker Rosalinda Spencer Grace Bell Deborah Madison Eula Woodson Vanisha Gray Deborah Fogle Selena Freeman Diana Chavers Sheila Parker Francine Godwin Sherri Riddick Pamela McCloud Kathy Fennell Coach: Ola Goss 220 . . . On the Diamond 221 1 V i : jt -mf -- i - I i ■ ■ I I .«i. ' y ' y . v ' i : i ' ' .-•■ ■ Lit 5 it lif V t? fe • • • on the mat ' ' )C4al ' o ' -j - : m Name Allen, Michael Andrews, John Barnett, Dennis Bell, Ernest Booker, James Day, John Hines, Errol Hyman, Tony Johnson, Quinten Jones, Juanito Joyner, Roger Murray, Robert Pannell, Larry Pope, Dwight Scott, Stephen Tyler, George Vass, George Hometown Wilson, NC Henderson, NG Roanoke, VA Atlanta, GA Roanoke, VA Roxboro, NG Lindewold, NG Plymouth, NG White Plains, MD Portsmouth, VA Farmville, NG Baltimore, MD Roanoke, VA Wilson. NG Pine Hill, NJ Roanoke, VA Henderson, NG 226 oor Bailey. Anila Elizabeth City. NO Bordeaux. Bridgette Burgaw, NC Cook, Denise Hampton. VA Lumberton. NC Crump, Wanda Crump, HalJie Lumberlon. NC Hicks, Ester EnHeld, NC Hilton, Sonjie Charlotte, NC Johnson. Barbara Elizabeth City. NC Perry. Judy Gates, NC Reid. Janie Elizabeth City, NC Stanley. Pamela Waterbury, CT White. Gwendolyn Berlin, MD 1st Alternate Sonya Leary Colerain, NC 2nd Alternate Coach: Ola A. Goss . . . ON THE COURT yx X -» 1 ♦ • t. -rvgriBTf ' iWiinnirT r-es- L to R: Jay Jones, Thomas Commings, Craig Stepney, Tommie Slade, Dallas Dunbar, Duane Banks, Kevin Burns. 230 Dallas Dunbar Tommie Slade 231 Craig Stepney 232 Kevin Burns Thomas Commings 233 ' Wb $! The Kindergarten shared a special moment recently with family and friends. That moment will always be remembered by those who attended the Kindergarten Commencement ex- ercises. Not only was the singing and dancing very well done, the graduates gracefully received their diplomas. Kindergarten Commencement 1982 COMMENCEMENT obs hard to find, U. S. District Judge Richard C. Erwin, tells Elizabeth City State University gradu- ating ciass. As he addressed the 223 graduating seniors he warned " ;obs are not being created; some are be- ing cut bacJi. " He urged the " future leaders " to aJways insist that this country aJJow free expression oj thought. Til klL 236 237 Ahhot, Carlise Rt. 1, Box 200 Camden, NC 27921 Allen, Jerry 404 Pinelake Drive Elizaheth City, NC 27909 Amanchudwu, Joseph 808 Parkview Drive Elizaheth City, NC Arringlon, Carol 908 Shepard Drive Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Artis, Ronald 636 Stephenson Street Wilson, NC 27893 Ashe, Samuel 111 Locust Avenue Hampton, Va. 23661 Askew, Sharon P.O. Box 72 Powellsville, NC 27967 Bailey, Helen Rt. 3, Box 1 Enfield, NC 27823 Bailey, Sharon Rt. 6, Box 229 Elizaheth City, NC 27909 Baker, Glather 1819 Lejuene Blvd. Jacksonville, NC 28540 Ball, Lawrence 1017 W. Main Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Ballance, Betty 500 Dehry Street Elizaheth City, NC 27909 Banks, Barbara 702 Cale Street Elizaheth City, NC 27909 Banks, Charles Rt. 3, Box 204 Hertford, NC 27944 Banks, Duane 1632 Peartree Road Elizaheth City, NC 27909 Banks, Terry 207 Roanoke Avenue Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Barcliff, Russell 603 Bunnells Avenue Eiizabetii City, NC 27909 Barkley, Janice Rt. 2, Box 205 Jamesville, NC 27846 Barnes, Mildred 101-F Cokey Apts. Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Barnes, Sandra 1115 Herrington Road Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Barnett, Annie Rt. 6, Box 231 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Beatty, David P.O. Box 44 Salemburg, NC 28385 Belcher, Charlenzo 5029 Osage Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. 19143 Bell, Grace 1814 Burke St. S.E. Washington, DC 20003 Bell, Preston 1000 East Railroad St. Clinton, NC 28328 Benston, Prentis Rt. 1, Box 77-C Engelhard, NC 27824 Best, Sidney 409 V2 NC St. Goldsboro, NC 27538 Bland, Pierre Rt. 1, Box 209-C Bryans, Road, MD 20616 Blanks, Sherri Rt. 1, Box 215 Riegelwood, NC 28456 BJount, Jr., John 713 Roanoke Avenue Eiizabetii City, NC 27909 Blue, Linda Rt. 3, Box 239 St. Pauls, NC 28384 Bond, Lindora Rt. 4, Box 65-N Windsor, NC 27983 Boone, Dennis Rt. 2, Box 93 Cates, NC 27937 238 Boone, Lindsey 19 Lucas Drive Hampton, Va 23669 Bowe, Charlie 401 Delaware Avenue Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Boyd, Evelyn Rt. 1, Box 164 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Boyd, Samuel Rl. 4, Box 706 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Brickhouse, Allan 54 Woodstock Apts. Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Brickhouse, James Rt. 2, Box 353-A Columbia, NC 27925 Bright, Maryland 119 Lowry Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Brooks, Vanessa Rt. 1, Box 4 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Brothers, Eva 1106 Highland Avenue Elizabeth City, NC 27909 I Brothers, Grace Rt. 2, Box 12 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Brown, ]ohnny Rt. 6, Bright Trailer Park Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Brown, Michael Southgate Manor Apart- ments Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Bryant Doris 707 Third Street Goldsboro, NC 27530 Buchan, Peter 201 E. Cypress Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Bunch, Percy 603-A Waiter Avenue Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Burgess, Alma 1201 Riverside Avenue Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Burke, Freida 1111 Southern Avenue Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Burns, Kevin P.O. Box 612 Lawrenceville, Va. 23868 Byrum, Barry 212 N. Dyer Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Campbell, Phyllis Rt. 1, Box 569 Waterloo, SC 29384 Carlton, Phyllis Rt. 1, Box 176-F Rocky Point, NC 28457 Carpenter, Kaye 404 W. Main Street E lizabeth City, NC 27909 Carter, Jake 3411 Cranbrook Drive Fayetteville, NC 28301 Carver, Bernadette Rt. 5, Box 223 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Chavers, Diana 605 N. Michigan Drive Hampton, Va. 23669 Cherry, Cheryl 631 McNeill Street Spring Lake, NC 28390 Chigozie, Uwaezuoke 900-C Brooks Avenue Ehzabeth City, NC 27909 Cole, Raymond 1015 Hunter Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Cook, Stephen 7 Valley View Lane Greenville, SC 29605 Cooper, Beverly Rt. 2, Box 169-A Whitakers, NC 27891 Cooper, Kathleen Rt. 1, Box 250 Oriental, NC 28571 Cooper, Lois Commerce Court 6-D Aulander, NC 27805 Cooper, Robert 239 Rt. 1, Box 262-E Windsor, NC 27983 Cooper, Victor 1919 Boaz Rd. Raleigh, NC 27610 Copeland, Merrill Rt. 6, Box 121 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Covington, Artelia Rt. 1, Box 298-E Norlina, NC 27563 Cross, David 406 N. Broad Street Edenton, NC 27932 Crozier, Charles P.O. Box 97 Powells Point, NC 27966 Crump, Wanda 223 Front Street Lumberton, NC 28358 Culbreth, Jerry Rt. 1, Box 640 Roseboro, NC 28382 Dance, Wilma Rt. 2, Box 533 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Dancy, Gwendolyn 1100 Bradley Avenue Tarboro, NC 27886 Dandridge, Barron nil Tribbit Avenue Sharon Hill, Pa. 19079 Davies, Marcia Rt. 2, Box 61-A Moyock, NC 27958 Dawson, Ronald 819 Park Drive Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Deonanan, Wendy 1707 Aydlett Circle Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Doyle, Rondey 105 Celeste Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Dumond, Howard P.O. Box 237 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Eagleton, Ralph 610 Jasper Avenue Richmond, Va. 23222 Edmond, Martha 544 Old Charlotte Road Concord, NC 28025 Edmondson, Vanessa Rt. 2, Box 432 Scotland Neck, NC 27874 Edwards, Cynthia 201 Phillips Street La Grange, NC 28551 Edwards, Debra Rt. 1, Box 295 Union Hall, Va. 24176 Eichler, Thomas 116 East Broad Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Elliot, Lonnie Rt. 1, Box 856 WiJson, NC 27893 Ellis, Vivian 909 S. East Avenue Ayden. NC 28513 Fennell, Kathy P.O. Box 254 Carland, NC 28441 Ferebee, Patricia Rt. 2, Box 21 Moyock, NC 27958 Fogle, Deborah 2017 First Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20001 Forbes, Laura 1811 Sanford Drive Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Ford, WyteiJa Rt. 2, Box 247 Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Frazier, Marion P.O. Box 606 Kenly, NC 27542 Frederick, Pearline 301 East Bryant Street Enfield, NC 27823 Frink, Jr., Harlee Rt. 1, Box 329 Shallotte, NC 28459 Fulton, Barbara Rt. 1, Box 14 Holly Hill, SC 29059 240 Gabriel, Marie 1257 North Avenue Plainfield, NC 07062 k Gallop, Bonita P.O. Box 224 Camden, NC 27921 Gallop, Darlene Powells Point, NC 27966 Gaskins, Arthur 105 H Bond Street Windsor, NC 27983 Gaston, Robin 5212 Kildare Drive Charlotte, NC 28215 Gaylord, Debra 406 Spellman Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Gibbs, Patricia 504 Roanoke Avenue Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Gibson, Levora 1201 Mitchell Drive Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Gilliam, Debbie Rt. 3, Box 35 Windsor, NC 27983 Gillikin, John 221 Dobbs Street Hertford, NC 27944 Godwin, Francine Rt. 1, Box 120 Camden, NC 27921 Godwin, Sheila Rt. 1, Box 120 Camden, NC 27921 Gooding, Jerry Rt. 3, Box 15 New Bern, NC 28560 Gore, Sheila Rt. 2, Box 476 Supply, NC 28462 Gray, Jean Rt. 1, Box 31 Camden, NC 27921 Gray, Vanisha Rt. 2, Box 226 Pantego, NC 27860 Griffin, Marcella Rt. 5, Box 85-B Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Groomes, Ivory Rt. 2, Box 640 Wilson, NC 27893 Gross, Rodney 133 Sansbury Road Friendship, MD 20758 Gunter, Leisa 319 Tammy Lane Mechanicsville, Va. Gupton, Douglas Rt. 2, Box 56-W Louisburg, NC 27549 Hafiz, Saeeda 102 Hunter Trail West Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Halcomb, Retha Rt. 2, Box 121 Creswell, NC 27928 Hall, Agnes Rt. 1, Box 98 Rose Hill, NC 28458 Hardy, Deborah 101-C Boston Avenue Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Hardy, James P.O. Box 204 Kelford, NC 27847 Harrell, Lillie Rt. 2, Box 5 Aulander, NC 27805 Harris, Dorothy 508 S. Road Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Helvig, Stephen 20 Forest Circle Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Hemingway, Herbert 908 Flora Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Henderson, Gregory 3401 Wickham Avenue, Apt-B Newport News, Va. 23607 Hicks, Ester Rt. 2, Box 186-A Enfield, NC 27823 Higgins, Jr., Ralph Rt. 1, Box 44 241 Ahoskie, NC 27910 Hogan, Patrice Rt. 3, Box 579 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Haggard, Joan P.O. Box 4 Merry hill, NC 27957 Hoggard, Wanda P.O. Box 476 Windsor, NC 27983 Holloway, Patricia 503 Salem Drive Elizabeth City, NC 27909 James, Elvin 521 Craven Street Beaufort, NC 28516 Johnson, Betsy Rt. 5, Box 58 Louisburg, NC 27549 Johnson, Calvin 931 Patton Circle Henderson, NC 27536 Johnson, Norman P.O. Box 24 Buxton, NC 27920 Johnson, Ora 250 East 113 Street New York, NY 10029 Jones, Danny Rt. 4, Box 567 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Jones, Larry Rt.3, Box 198 Edenton, NC 27932 Jones, Vicki 1101 Goodwin Avenue Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Jordan, Cale Rt. 3, Box 232-K Ahoskie, NC 27910 Jordan, Larry 903 Tuscarora Avenue Eiizabeth City, NC 27909 Jordan, Terry Rt. 2, Box 261 Moyock, NC 27958 Kent, Teresa Rt. 1, Box 156-A Lucama, NC 27851 Kepler, Patricia 290 Gulfstream Drive Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Knighton, Mary 1119 Herrington Road Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Krauss, Kerry P.O. Box 40 Camden, NC 27921 Lawrence, Vicki General Delivery Youngsville, NC 27596 Leary, Ida Rte. 1, Box 100-C Edenton, NC 27932 Lee, Howard Rt. 3, Box 12-K Ahoskie, NC 27910 Lee, Sharon Rt. 1, Box 157 Wendell, NC 27591 Leggett, Barbara Rt. 1, Box 149 Washington, NC 27889 Lewis, Stanford 403 Davis Avenue Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Lewis, Jr., Thurman Rt. 1, Box 320 Rocky Point, NC 28457 Lister, Frank 101 Beechwood Avenue Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Lister, Glenda Rt. 1, Box 604 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Lofton, Veronica 840 Henley Street Southern Pines, NC 28387 Logan, John P.O. Box 224 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Lord, Celina 159-C Delmar Lane Newport News, Va. 23602 Mackey, Rickey Rt. 1, Box 93 Swan Quarter, NC 27885 242 Mackey, Jr., Raymond P.O. Box 3 Slantonshurg, NC 27883 Mahaffey, William 308 Dogwood Trail Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Mallory, Jacqueline 1110 Shannon Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Mansfield, Joan Box 312 Shawboro, NC 27973 McDonald, Denise 806 Dohhs Street Hertford, NC 27944 McLaurin, Jr., Rufus Rt. 1, Box 88-C Wilson, NC 27893 McMillion, Wanda 524 Lodge Street Wilson, NC 27983 McNeil, Robin 111 Old Fairmont Road Lumberton, NC 28358 Miller, Amanda 1120 W. Williams Circle Elizabeth NC 27909 Mitchell, Charma 705 Hunter Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Mitchell, Cheyenne Rt. 2, Box 235 Wilmington, NC 28401 Montague, Carol Rt. 1, Box 107-B Warrenton, NC 27589 Marshman, Oliver 1002 S. Brake Street Nashville, NC 27856 Martin, Yvette Rt. 1, Box 356 Oak City, NC 27857 Matthews, Katherine 108 East Academy Street Hertford, NC 27944 Maynard, Claire 202 South Elliott Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Maynard, Dennis 314 Richmond Avenue Burlington, NC 27125 McClease, Linda P.O. Box 492 Edenton, NC 27932 McPhatter, Robert 272-D Phritz Street Laurinburg, NC 28352 McPherson, Marvella Et. 1, Box 208 South Mills, NC 27976 Mercer, Joanne P.O. Box 970 Shawboro, NC 27973 Mercer, Linetta Rt. 1, Box 157-A Camden, NC 27921 Mervin, Gloria Rt. 10, Box 141 Goldsboro, NC 27530 Metcalf, Wallace Rt. 1, Box 208 Shiloh, NC 27974 Moore, Alonza Rt. 1, Box 247 Columbia, NC 27925 Moore, Mary Rt. 2, Box 381-A Colerain, MC 27924 Moore, Jr., Donald P.O. Box 2071 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Moore, Jr., Paul 434 First Street Ahoskie, NC 27910 Morgan, Kenneth Foster, Va. 23056 Morhard, Robert 313 West Main Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 McCoy, Johnny P.O. Box 6 South Mills, NC 27976 Midgette, Sherri 1704 Brookridge Drive Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Morings, Bryan Rt. 3, Box 1247 Ahoskie, NC 27910 243 Moss ]r., William 116 Chappells Garden Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Mullen, Jerry 410 Davis Avenue Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Mullen, Michael 400 Maryland Avenue Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Munden, Jr., Winfred 506 Hemlock Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Myers, Sandra Rt. 2, Box 128-C Creswell, NC 27928 Neal, Harold 118 Kildare Court Winston Salem, NC 27105 Newkirk, Jane Rt. 1, Box 199 Garland, NC 28441 Newton, Maria 506 West Oakland Avenue Sumter, SC 29150 Nichols, Pamela 113 Grove Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Nixon, Ronald 1205 Mitchel Drive Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Oates, Johnny Rt. 3, Box 330 Wilson, NC 27893 Ogbuefi, Michael Box 203 ECSU Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Oliver, Tamara 433 Fulton Street Burlington, NC 27215 Owens, Nadine Rt. 1, Box 48-A Kingstree, SC 29556 Palmer, Dwight P.O. Box 252 Garland, NC 28441 Parker, Alverta Rt. 1, Box 277 Belvidere, NC 27919 Parker, Michael Rt. 6, Box 298 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Parker, Jr., Valerius Rt. 2, Box 458 Jacksonville, NC 28540 Patrick, Alverta Rt. 1, Box 108 Roper, NC 27970 Patterson, Cynthia 1313 B. Lincoln Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Perry, Thomas Rt. 1 Eure, NC 27935 Peterson, Royal Rt. 1, Box 337 Oak City, NC 27957 Peterson, Veronica Rt. 1, Box 55-B Hodges, SC 29653 Pickett, Leon Rt. 1, Box 149 Maple Hill, NC 28454 Pierce, Juarez 208 W. Albermarle Edenton, NC 27932 Pinckney, Gwendolyn Rt. 1, Box 66-C Garnett, SC 29922 Pittman, Michael 322 Hannon Street Enfield, NC 27823 Poole, Carolyn Rt. 1, Box 286 Camden, NC 27921 Pope, Jr., Benjamin 1821 Augustus Drive Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Price, Anthony 123 White Oak Blvd. Jacksonville, NC 28540 Price, Robin 802-D Elizabeth Manor Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Proctor, Sandy Rt. 5, Box 5 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Pulley, Margie Rt. 2, Box 363-A Spring Hope, NC 27882 244 Quick, Lila 404 E. Columbia Avenue Hamlet, NC 28345 Ratliff, Lorraine Rt. 4, Box 531-B Rockingham, NC 28379 Razor, Anthony 102 Pinewood Avenue Ehzaheth City, NC 27909 Respass, Dorethea Rt. 2, Box 328 Columbia, NC 27925 Rhodes, Janie Rt. 1, Box 368 Roper, NC 27970 Rich, Sehrena P.O. Box 75 Salemburg, NC 28385 Richards, John Rt. 3, Box 495-A Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Riddick, Patricia Rt. 2, Box 248 Edenton, NC 27932 Bobbins, Barbara Rt. 1, Box 156 ' A Leland, NC 28451 Roberts, Sylvia Box 59 Shawboro, NC 27973 Robinson, Roy Rt. 1, Box 71 Leland, NC 27451 Rodgers, Timothy P.O. Box 161 Creswell, NC 27928 Rutledge, Jean 109 Persse Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Sawyer, Patricia Rt. 1, Box 192 Shawboro, NC 27973 Scipio, Emory 403 North Curry Lane Florence, SC 29501 Scippio, Ronald 114 Richardson Avenue Red Springs, NC 28377 Shannon, Angela 517 South Road Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Sharber, Cathy 717 Greenleaf Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Shaw, Christy P.O. Box 10 Camden, NC 27921 Shaw, Levieta 406 Grant Street Box 203 Badin, NC 28009 Simms, Derrick Rt. 3, Box 342 Ruther Glen, Va. 22546 Simpson, Delores 708 Adams Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Simpson, Ronald 808 Robinson Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Simpson, Sheron 1311 Moore Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Smalls, Elizabeth 508 Smith Street Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Smith, Darleatha Rt. 1, Box 13 Teachey, NC 28464 Smith, Dora Rt. 1, Box 26-A Sunbury, NC 27979 Smith, Michael 904 Parkview Drive Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Smith, Sheila 7505 Harpers Drive Oxon Hill, MD 20022 Smith, Steven P.O. Box 176 Princeton, NC 27569 Smith, William Box 212 Universal Park Moyock, NC 27958 Snowden, Bonnie Box 386 Maple, NC 27956 Speller, Carl Rt. 4, Box 402 Windsor, NC 27983 245 Spence, Bernadine Rt. 6, Box 136 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Spencer, Elizabeth P.O. Box 453 Columbia, NC 27925 Spivey-Sneed, Jr. Gary 21-B LuUwater Greensville, SC 29607 Spruill, David P.O. Box 925 Nelson Street Robersonville, NC 27871 Stancell, Dreck Rt. 1, Box 180 Pendleton, NC 27862 Standi, Shelia Rt. 1, Box 127 Middlesex, NC 27557 Stanfield, Clarence 403-A Lincoln Apts. Walterhoro, SC 29488 Stanley, Pamela 230 Cooke Street Waterbury, CT 06710 Stephenson, Joyce Rt. 1, Box 216 Conway, NC 27820 Stephenson, Louis Box 120 Shiloh, NC 27974 Stokes, Wesley P.O. Box 128 Roper, NC 27970 Stokley, Cynthia Rt. 5, Box 270 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Strickland, David 934 36-A Newport News, Va. 23607 Suggs, Aaron P.O. Box 171 Stantonsburg, NC 27883 Suggs, Carolyn Rt. 1, Box 268-A-24 Farmville, NC 27828 Sutton, Alberta Rt. 2, Box 462 Walstonburg, NC 27888 Sutton, Pamela 707 Franklin Street Goldsboro, NC 27530 Swain, Anthony Rt. 1, Box 119 South Mills, NC 27976 Swain, Willie P.O. Box 21 Harrellsville, NC 27942 Sykes, Wanda 104 Coke Avenue Edenton, NC 27932 Talkington, Percy 51 Alton Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Tanner, Walter Rt. 1, Box 56-D Wadesboro, NC 28170 Thach, Harrell Rt. 2, Box 12-A Hertford, NC 27944 Toliver,Celeste 810 Park Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Turner, Pamela Rt. 3, Box 446 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Twiddy , Dawn 108 Emily Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Vail, Pamela 420 Sutfon Avenue New Bern, NC 28560 Vaughn, Venetia Rt. 1, Box 469 Hertford, NC 27944 Vereen, Charles 433 Queen Street Tabor City, NC 28463 Vesselles, Raynell Rt. 3, Box 19 Hustle, Va. 22476 Villines, Vernard Rt. 1, Box 167-B Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 Walker, Dyrral 726 Warren Drive Pomfret, MD 20675 246 Ward, Tarrie Rt. 2, Box 493 Stantonshurg, NC 27883 Ward, Vanessa m. 5, Box 193 Wilson, NC 27893 Watford, Christopher Rt. 2, Box 158 Colerain, NC 27924 Watt, Barbara P.O. Box 291 Mount Ohve, NC 28365 West, Sandra Rt. 3, Box 12 New Bern, NC 27856 Westry, Gloria 123 East Vernon Street Nashville, NC 27856 White, Anthony 311 Flushing Street Burlington, NC 27215 White, Kelly 208 N. Oakum Street Edenton, NC 27932 White, Larry 122 River Street Winfall, NC 27985 Whitehurst, Linda Rt. 3, Box 12 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Whitfield, David Rt. 1, Box 59-A Englehard, NC 27824 Whitfield, Dwayne 900 National Drive Goldshoro, NC 27530 Wiggins, Madeline Apt. 1, Davis Place Edenton, NC 27932 Wike, Norris P.O. Box 682 Aberdeen, NC 28315 Williams, Andrew 235 Breckenridge Ct. Hampton, Va. 23666 Williams, Angelean Rt. 2, Box 248 Castalia, NC 27816 Williams, Cornell Rt. 2, Box 202 Jamesville, NC 27846 Williams, Elizabeth Rt. 2, Box 299 Moyock, NC 27958 Williams, Gwendolyn 700 Hamilton Street Williamston, NC 27892 Williams, Terry Rt. 5, Box 85 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Willie, Brenda P.O. Box 183 Lewiston, NC 27849 Wilson, Bettie Rt. 1, Box 159 Sunbury, NC 27979 Wilson, Sara Rt. 1, Box 159 Sunbury, NC 27979 Wiison, Sonja Rt. 7, Box 63 Waldorf, MD 20601 Winhorne, Janice Rt. 1, Box 4 Harrellsville, NC 27942 Winslow, Billy 721 Grubb Street Hertford, NC 27944 Wright, Drucella Rt. 1, Box 238 Hallsboro, NC 28442 Wright, Tamara 2421 Portsmouth Blvd. Portsmouth, Va. 23704 Wyche, Robert Rt. 1, Box 68-H Broadway, NC 27505 Rt. 3, Box 260 Wilson, NC 27893 247 ALMA MATER To Thee, dear Alma Mater A Tribute song we sing Of thy true worth to all of us O may we honor bring. Hail to thy JoveJy halls ECSU We ' ll hear when duty caJJs ECSU Faithful and ever true We ' ll he to you For in our hearts we ' JJ stiJJ Jove thee ECSU So now we ' ll join together For Thee, O State, to work Let none of us be faint at heart Nor any duty shirk. 248 THE YEARBOOK STAFF woa Stanley Baker Tyrone Speight Larry Jones Cornelius Stanley Frank Yoder, Jr. Anthony Ford Doreathea Respass Clarissa Morgan Raynell Vesselles Jeff Cooper Advisor: Ms. Cheryl Walker 249 From the Editor: I would just like to express my sincere gratitude to all of the people who made this yearbook possible. Special thanks to Rodney Gross for all of his patience and dedicated service to the yearbook staff. Editor, e:i dfexy v Ij Wfif Elaine YeJverton

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