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I hle Oj Conien(s Testing For Excellence Dedication HEW Demonstration Freshmen Orientation Memorium Library Dedication Chancellor Marion Thorpe Fiscal Affairs Security Academic Affairs Student Affairs Freshmen Class Sophomore Class Junior Class Senior Class Bathing Beauties Cheerleaders Miss ECSU Queens Homecoming Band Intro to Sports Football Softball Basketball Lady Vikings — Basketball Wrestling Track Kindergarten Commencement Intro to Organizations Little Vikings Commencement 1979 Senior Directory Alma Mater Patrons Ads Acknowledgements Letter from the Editor 3 4 8 10 12 14 18 22 27 28 42 54 62 74 84 114 116 118 120 150 161 177 178 188 194 208 214 220 226 240 301 304 310 315 316 317 326 327 Vti aheth QUfi State Vmifersi(ii kjngs ECSU Testing for Excellence by Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins A review of the history of ECSU reveals that this university has always produced a high calibre graduate. Our graduates have been able to take their places in their respective chosen professions and demonstrate their skills and proficiencies. The record is replete with our graduates who have become " Teachers of the Year " , " Citizens of the Year " , lawyers, medical doctors, high level political leaders, and top educators (this list could go on and on). There is, however, a serious threat to the continuation of this success record appearing on the horizon, of selecting who shall be given the opportunity to demonstrate acquire new skills. The threat being identified here is the National Standized Test Program. I refer to the National Standardized Test Program as a threat because a review of the history of black people reveals that we simply do not perform well on national standardized tests. The conflict is, these tests supposedly serve as predictors of success of the applicants to perform well on national standardized tests. The conflict is these tests supposedly serve as predictors of success of black people in the real life working situation. However, since it appears that national standar- dized tests are here to stay and since we are committed to providing our graduates with equal access to immediate jobs, graduate schools, and professional schools, we must break the syndrome that has been historic with our people, of perfor- ming below the national norm on such tests. Our graduates will, according to their chosen vocation be exposed to such tests as the NTE, GRE, LSA T, MCA T, and Miller Analogies, to name a few. We recognize that more and more, they must cross these hurdles (successfully performing on these tests), before they will be given an opportunity to participate in whatever program they are applying. No matter how proficient they might be once they are on the job, these tests could prevent them from ever having the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. Our " ECSU, Testing For Excellence " Program is, therefore, an effort to continue to do all of the fine things we have been doing historically, while also ensuring that our students will, in fact, successfully cross the hurdles mentioned above upon graduation from this institution and as they seek post-graduate opportunities. This means that our classroom procedures will change, our regular class testing methodologies will change, and other procedures that we employ will change. However, the ultimate success or failure of our program will depend upon the performance of our students on national standardized tests. DEDICATION Mrs. Katie S. Wamack On behalf of the Student Affairs Division, I am very pleased to express our appreciation for the years of dedicated service that Mrs. Katie Wamack has rendered to Elizabeth City State University. She has always been sincere, loyal and concerned about the welfare of the total university. No matter how early in the morning or how late at night her services were need- ed, Mrs. Wamack was there! I will repeat what Dr. Thorpe, the Chancellor, has said on many occasions in reference to Mrs. Wamack, " we can fill the position but we will never be able to replace the person. " Mrs. Wamack, we sincerely thank you! Dr. Eloise B. Norton Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs x x x There is only one man in the world and his name is All Men. There is only one woman in the world and her name is All Woman. There is only one child in the world and the child ' s name is All Children. Carl Sandburg DEMONSTRATION . . . H.E.W. i 1 4r »fi»iifia oft ifittUHoa 10 UEUOHE 11 LARRY JEROME SHARPE August 21, 1957 to May 25. 1978 JOE CECIL RUFFIN November 22, 1958 to August 4, 1978 REST IN PEACE Your gentle face and patient smile With sadness we recall You had a kindly word for each And died beloved by all. The voice is mute and stilled the heart. That loved us well and true. Ah, bitter was the trail to part From one so good as you. You are not forgotten loved one Nor will you ever be. As long as life and memory last We will remember thee. We miss you now, our hearts are sore, As time goes by we miss you more. Your loving smile, your gentle face, No one can fill your vacant place. t4 ,MEMORIAL 12 13 ededication Of Q. R. Little Library It was said on this day that: " We rededicate this building, the G. R. Little Library, in the name of all who will pursue knowledge through the use of books and materials in the years to come. " I— ilfi IP w w • W P Foreground, left to right: Mrs. Helen L. Wood (daughter), Mrs. Eva Caroline Reel (grand- daughter), Lenyer H. Little (great grand- daughter) Back row, left to right: Lenyer H. Little (grandson), George R. Little, Jr. (son), George R. Little III (grandson). 15 CLUSTER PROGRAM COMMITTEE 16 oAdtninistration faculty Staff 17 fE. C.S.U s Chancellor and First Family 18 tennis fDn Thorpe Pamela Mrs. Vhorpe • ¥• 19 20 21 FISCAL AFFAIRS Mr. George Bowie, Jr. Vice Chancellor of Fiscal Affairs Mr. Edward N. Smith Assistant Business Manager i Business Office Personnel Mrs. Helen Mercer — Switchboard Operator, Mrs. Gail Butts — Secretary ' Comptroller, Mrs. Man, ' Creel — Data Coor- dinator. Mrs. Shirley Johnikins— Cashier, Ms. Hattie Bell— Clerk, Mrs. Judy Cooper — Accounting, Mrs. Sonia Gregory — Clerk. Mr. Roger McLean — Comptroller Mrs. Shirley Jones — Assistant Comptroller 22 «A Mrs. Shirley Johnikins Cashier Bookstore Personnel Mrs. Debra Stokely— Manager Mr. Jimmy Sims — Clerk Ms. Rosa Johnson — Mailroom Clerk Mrs. Barbara Turner — Laundry Supervisor Mrs. Marvis Ward— Personnel Assistant Mr. Albert C. Robinson— Personnel Officer Mrs. Louetta Holmes — Secretary 23 PURCHASING OFFICE: Ms. Marilyn Harris, Secretary. CENTRAL SUPPLY: Mrs. Lillie P. Riddick, head clerk. Glendale Moore — Storeroom Manager. Harvey L. Thomas — Maintenance Supervisor. William Turner — Mechanics Supervisor. Mrs. Deloris Griffin, secretary to maintenance. Ms. Cynthia Spence, secretary to OSHA office. Mrs. Lois White, secretary to maintenance. 24 MAINTENANCE PAINTERS: William Barclift, Joshua Dawson and Earl Bryant. CARPENTERS: Willie J. Taylor and George White. GENERAL UTILITIES: 1st row, Clarence Whitehurst, James Ellis, Thomas Reid, Joe Taylor, Arthur Gatling. 2nd row, Willie T. Rice, Willie White, Van Nixon, Cardwell Cowell, Hercules Cole. 25 MECHANIC PLUMBERS: Melvin Hunter. Willie B. Moore, James Willis, and Willie Sylvester. HOUSEKEEPING: Willie Dunbar, supervisor, and Michael Fairry, assis- tant. CAFETERIA STAFF: 1st row. Louvenia Melton, Minnie Aydtett, Doris Moore, Ernestine Munden, Ossie Myles, Food Service Director. 2nd row, Mary James. Betty Smith. Lillian Brothers, Juanita Eason. 3rd row. Curtis Dance. Bobby Turner. Annie Sylvester. 4th row. Assistant Johnny Harvey, Daniel Weeks. Mrs. Beulah Brothers, secretary. 26 James M. Haggard— Director of Security and Traffic. SECURITY OFFICERS: 1st row, Cecil R. Perry, Ernest E. Hoskins, Carolyn B. Allen, Archie G. Newby. 2nd row, Franklin D.R. Felton, George N. Banks, Erscell James, Wilbert Shannon. 3rd row, Ermon Powell, Hazel Banks, George W. Johnson, Jr., Myrtle Johnson — Secretary. 27 ACADEMIC AFFAIRS I idj Mr. Claude Green Head Librarian Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Mr. Charlie Johnson— Director of Educational Media Mr. James Blount— Media Technician Dr. Edyth B. Cole Director of Teacher ' s Education Director of Summer School 28 Dr. Louis V. Nadeau — Assistant Academic Dean Special Programs Dr. Beemon C. Patterson — Assistant Academic Dean — Administration ■ ' l i f ' Ms. Valerie W. Villines — Coordinator of Cooperative Education with Mr. David 0. Lanier — Administrative Assistant to Cooperative Education. The DUO Program staff with Mr. Joseph A. Dempsey as Director. 29 Mr. Arthur Morning is the Budget Analyst and Administrative Assis- tant. 30 (right) THE ADMISSIONS STAFF: Seated Mrs. Doris G. Sawyer— Clerk, Ms. Wanda Jones— Acting Director, standing Mrs. Mary A. Winborne — Stenographer, (not pictured) Ms. Luberta James— Secretary. (Below) Recruiters Kit Elmore and Lake Liverman (bottom right) Harold H. Murrill— University Administrative Represen- tative. THE REGISTRAR STAFF: Ms. Nettie O. McPherson— Clerk, Mrs. Fannie G. Williams — Stenographer, Mrs. Mary B. God- frey—Records Clerk, Mrs. Emma H. Galling — Secretary, Mrs. Susie Shipley — Data 31 €. ft. IiiUU liibrarn 7|y tan G.R. Little Library Staff: Standing, Odessa Williams — Acquisitions Librarian, James [Law — Reference Librarian, Mary Williams — Library Clerk, Charlie John- Xson — Educational Media Director, Rebecca Ware — Serials Librarian, Claude Green — Head Librarian. SEATED, Jutta Choudhury — Technical Assistant. Bumella 1 White — Library Clerk, Deborah Mayo — Reference Librarian, Berthel Penrose — Library j Clerk, Brenda Sawyer — Acquisitions Assistant, Kathy McCullers — Technical Services Librarian, Patricia Hines — Circulation Librarian. 32 BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT - r ' ' ¥r ' Other members of the Biology department include: Dr. Md. Ashraful Alam — Associate Professor, Mr. Thaddeus V. Beasley — Assistant Professor, Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins — Associate Professor, Dr. Sekender A. Khan — Professor, Mrs. Helen H. Muldrow — Assistant Professor, Mrs. Dorothy E. Thomas — Associate Professor and Mr. Lavern Jones — Laboratory Technician (below). 33 BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Dr. John H. Carson— Chairman Professor of the Business Department (left), Md. Hanif Hafiz — Assistant Professor (below). Dr. William H. Lane — Assistant Professor (bot- tom). NOT PICTURED: Dr. William H. Billups— Assistant Professor, Mrs. Mum- taz B. Khan— Instructor, Dr. Saseed A. Nizami— Associate Professor, Ra- jnikant M. Patet— Lecturer, Ramanlal P. Patet— Lecturer, Mrs. Evelyn H. Roberts— Instructor, Ms. Demetra Y. Tyner— Instructor, Mrs. Lona G. Wilson — Assistant Professor. k • h H 34 EDUCATION AND PYSCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT Dr. Edyth B. Cole — Chairman of the Education and Pyschology Department. INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT i£mM Henry B. Foskey — Assistant Professor, Scott D. McCombe — Instructor, William R. Gibson — Assistant Professor, Dr. Davis L. McFadden — Assistant Professor. 35 MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES DEPT. 36 MODERN LANGUAGES DEPARTMENT (Above) Dr. C.R. Deonanan, Mrs. H.M. Caldwell, Dr. D.E. Bruce. Dr. J.L. Cobbs. (Left) Dr. Anne M. Henderson is chairper- son and Professor of the English Modem Languages department. (Below left) Mrs. V.E. Deonanan, B.L. Peterson, Ms. A.M. Hoffler. RE. Duke, Mrs. C.C. Jones. (Below right) J.J. Worsham, lU, Mrs. H. G. Spellman, Ms. P. Moylan, Dr. W.M. Shipley 37 MUSIC DEPARTMENT Dr. Edna Davis (right) is the chair- man of the music department. The faculty of the department include Mrs. Frozine Green and Mr. Billy Mines (below), Mr. Wendell Wilson (bottom left) and the secretary (upper left). Mr. Wesley Gragson and Mrs. Rachel Gragson (upper right) along with Mr. Robert Thomas and Dr. Floyd Robinson. 38 DEPT. OF HEALTH PHYSICAL EDUCATION 1. R. L. Vaughan — Professor and Athietic Director, 2. Mrs. G. L. Smith — Assistant Professor in Health, 3. T. L. Caldwell — Assistant Professor and Assistant Athletic Director, 5. Mrs. M. M. Beasley — Assistant Professor. 4. Dr. Ronald Brown is the chairperson of the department of Health Physical Education. He is also an Associate Professor within the department. 6. S. T. Holmes— Assistant Professor, 7. A. T. Kelley — Instructor, 8. Ms. 0. A. Goss — Instructor in Health Physical Education, 9. Mrs. A. W. Grif- fin — Secretary to the department. ■M PHYSICAL SCIENCES DEPARTMENT Dr. James H. Townes is the chairman and professor of the Physical Science department (right). Pictured below is Dr. Md. Ashraful Alam — Associate Professor and Mr. A. Latif Choudhury — Professor. Not pictured is Mr. Henry E. Crank — Associate Professor, Ms. Sultana A. Khan— Assis- tant Professor. Dr. Leslie C. Speller— Project Coordinator, Cooperative Physics Program Mr. Arthur N. Thorpe— Project Director (Howard) Cooperative Physics Program. I 40 SOCIAL SCIENCES DEPARTMENT (above) Mrs. V. Kebede, J. E. Brown, G. A. Jordan and Dr. D. Basu. (below) D. E. Henderson, Dr. N. S. Dhillon and Dr. F. B. Holley. (bottom left) Dr. B. C. Patterson. Dr. R. L. Newby, Dr. W. J. Ju and Dr. L. V. Nadeau. (above) J. Leathers, L. Robinson, Ms. V. W. Villines. R. Vann and Mrs. M. Agazie. Dr. Melvin L. Murphy is the chairman of the department (left), (below) Dr. J. Marshall and Mrs. L. G. Thorpe. 41 STUDENT AFFAIRS Mrs. Rae E. Williams Associate Director of Women Dr. Eloise B. Horton Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Mr. Jerome H. Fitch, Director of Student Actiuities with Ms. Debra Campbell, Secretary Activity Assistant. Mr. Willie B. Spence Associate Director of Men 42 Mr. William A. Pierce Director of Career Counseling and Placement Mrs. Alma Newby Financial Aid Director and Staff Rev. Albert C. Robinson Director of Religious Activities 43 Mr. Charles L. Foster Program Director of University Center Mrs. Audrey Ferebee and Mrs. Gertrude Pierce (center) are assistants at the University Center. Mrs. Brenda Creecy and Mrs. Cathy Gardner are the Guidance Counselors. (Below) Mrs. Willa Lamb is the secretary Mr. Milton R. Kent Director of Housing for the Student Services Per- sonnel. Mrs. Flora Hider is the secretary for the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. Ms. Linda Schain is the secretary for Stu- den t Placement. RESIDENCE COUNSELORS Mr. Charlie E. McCoy, Mr. Kendy Cooper, Mr. Donald Long, Mr. Samuel A. Harvey, (not pictured) Mr. George Roberts, Jr., Mr. Billy Whedbee. Women Residence Counselors: Ms. Cymera Banks, Mrs. Nancy B. Eggleston, Mrs. Ellen Kent, Mrs. Jereline S. Lynn, Mrs. Jean R. Mouring and Mrs. Dorothy B. Newby. A V„ l i 45 Mrs. Hildra P. Taylor is the secretary to the Administrative Assistants to the Chancellor. Mr. Ellis H. Smith is assistant to the Chancellor, Dr. Marion D. Thorpe. Mr. James E. Brown Legal Administrative Assistant Mr. George A. Jordan Legal Administrative Assistant 46 Dr. James Townes is an administrative assistant (above) with Mr. Gerald Tyler as an administrative officer (left). The secretarial staff to the chancellor ' s office is: Mrs. Genevia Kellogg, Mrs. Cynthia Clayton Mrs. Sandra Hendricks (upper left corner). Mr. Joseph White is the director of data processing and his staff inc Mr. Jerald Perry. Mrs. Ella Nelson, Mrs. Lena Lawrence Mrs. Ziner Reid McCoy. 47 Mr. Thaddeus V. Beasley University Planning Director Mr. James R. Spence — Director of Development with Mrs. Gloria Sawyer — Secretary. Mrs. Marian B. Mitchell Director of Alumni Affairs Mr. Leonard R. Ballou Archivist — Historian and Director of Institutional Research 48 DIVISION OF GENERAL STUDIES I Mrs. Vivian Armstrong (left) is a writing specialist in the Academic Skills Center. Ms. Deborah Mosley (right) also works in the Academic Skills Center as a speech specialist. Mrs. Helen Caldwell is the director of the General Studies Division (above center). The coordinator of mathematics is Mrs. Faleese Jenkins (above). Ms. Dorothy Smith (below) is the director of the Academic Skills Center which is a part of the Division of General Studies. Seated with her is the secretary, Mrs. Clydie Spence. Not pictured is the secretary of the General Studies Division, Mrs. Shirley Perry. Above is Mrs. Bonnie Ghee. She is a reading specialist in the Academic Skills Center. Mr. Paul Wolff II (below) is a programmer also a part of the Academic Skills Center. 49 MY MAGIC BOX Open up my box It ' s full of magic! See There ' s happiness, love, success, prosperity! Enjoy it while it ' s open Happiness is always sensitive to your needs It never lets you down. Love is free and flowing from my box. Success is always trying to help Prosperity . . . is so full of pleasure. Enjoy it while it ' s open Because after it closes See There ' s sadness, hate, failure, poverty. Please, PLEASE, don ' t close it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Alexis Denkins Class of ' 80 j K, i W,M 1 ■k»» F m C. " !fc J M i i4g vlBjifri .a ' ■f 1 50 51 52 53 ?res uveiv Carol Arrington Rockv Mount, N. C. r i «t •■fit : n Mildred Barnes Rocky Mount. N.C. Annie Barnett Elizabeth City. N.C. Alma Banks Elizabeth Citv. N.C. Corliss Barnard Moyock. N.C. c: • -- £ J • mssi David Beatty Salemburg. N.C. Harry Bell Leland. N.C. Preston Bell Clinton. N.C. 54 NAR PT IN BIAS HALI PWi " iv4 ' ' nSr Prentiss Benston Engtehard. N.C. Sherry Blanks Riegelwood, N.C. Bernadette Carver Elizabeth City. N.C. Diane Chauers Hampton, VA. Sonya Columbus Bath, N.C. Valerie Cooper Rocky Mount, N.C. Wanda Crump Lumberton, N.C. Witma Dance Elizabeth City, N.C. 55 »pl h Anthony A Davis Trenton, New Jersey Cedric Demery Enfield. N.C. Martha Edmond Concord, N.C. Cynthia Edwards LaGrange, N.C. Gloria Everett Robersonville, N.C. Wytella Ford Rocky Mount, N. C. J Marion Frazier Kenly, N.C. Harle Frink Shalleote, N.C. Yvonne Gallman South Carolina Bonita Gallop Elizabeth City, N.C. Keith M. Gibson Washington, D.C. iM ftam MM m 1 v- " LeVora Gibson Elizabeth City. N.C. Francine Godwin Camden. N.C. Orlando Gregory Washington. DC. 56 Rodney Gross Maryland VO Douglas Gupton Louisburg, N.C. Rhetha Halcomb Creswell, N.C. Deborah Hardy Elizabeth City, N.C. Steven Holloman Ahoskie, N.C. Delia Hooper Goldsboro, N.C. Harris Lee Jenkins, Jr Selma, N.C. Virginia Jenkins Leland, N.C. Betsy Johnson Louisburg, N.C. Oral A. Jones Freeport, Bahamas 4 Claudia Jordan Elizabeth City, N.C. Cynthia Jordan South Milts, N.C. Gail Jordan Ahoskie, N.C. Terry Jordan Currituck, N.C. 57 Clarence Joyner Bertie, N.C. Lamar Keneison Washington, D.C. Lee Knight Ernel, N.C. Ida Marie Leary Edenton, N.C. Carlos A. Lewis East Orange, N.J. Glenda Lister Elizabeth City, N.C. Flora Mackey Bahamas Shirley Manley Trenton, N.J. Michael Mason Bridgeport, Conn. Valerie McLean Elizabeth City, N.C. Wanda McMillan Wilson, N.C. Maruella McPherson South Mills, N.C. 58 Holley Moaney Spring Lake, N.C. Carol Montague Norlina, N.C. % :.vi?%.t Marie Montgomery Leland, N.C. Alonza Moore Columbia, N.C. Karen Mullen Elizabeth City. N.C. Craig Neal Winston-Salem, N.C. Sandra Myers Creswell. N.C. V. I ! Maria Newton Sumter, S.C. i n 1 1 1 R Mary Nixon Roper, N.C. Ronnie Norman Plymouth, N.C. Antonio Overton Elizabeth City. N.C. Veronica Peterson Greenwood, S.C. 59 Angela Pettiford Nashville. N.C. Juarez Pierce Edenton. N.C. Rodney Pierson Mount Holley, N.J. Michael Pittman Enfield, NC. i I i Carolyn A. Poole Camden, N.C. Robin Price Elizabeth City, N.C. Sandy Proctor Elizabeth City. N.C. Charles Ray Riddick Ahoskie, N.C. Francine Roach Elizabeth City, N.C. Barbara Robbins Leland, N.C. 60 !BI5IIB[ B ?!S! L 1,- 1 Greta Rodgers Creswell, N.C. Kelvin Sanders Enfield, N.C. Christy Shaw Camden, N.C. Elizabeth Smalts Rocky Mount, N. C. h Dora Smith Sunbury. N.C. Michael N. Smith Norfolk, Va. Sheila Smith Greenwood, S.C. Elizabeth Spencer Columbia, N.C. A ' Dreck Stancell Galatia, N.C. 4f Sheila Standi Middlesex, N.C 61 Clarence Stanfield Waltersboro, S.C. Pamela Stanley Waterbury, Conn. Aaron Suggs Wilson. N.C. Anthony Swain South Mills, N.C. " ■ X „.-.n-,-.v.,.,.il - Tony Sykes Norfolk, VA Vera Sykes Columbia, N.C. i Terrie Taylor Elizabeth City, N.C. i •: Debora Todd Elizabeth Citv, N.C. Pamela Vail New Bern, N.C. Vanessa Villines Hurdle Mills, N.C. Cornell Watson Windsor, N.C. Sylvia Webb Roper, N.C. Gloria Westry Nashville, N.C. Lorraine Williams Macon, N.C. Monica Willis New York, N. Y. 62 63 Virginia Baker Maysville, N.C. Helen R. Beasley Elizabeth City, N.C. s Joyce Berry Winston-Salem, N.C. Glenda Black WilUamston, N.C. Linwood Boone Hampton, Va. Marian Bowe Camden, N.C. Patricia Boyd Elizabeth City, N.C. Ronnie Bradley Dover, N.C. Alan V. Brent Brooklyn N. Y. Darlene Carter Louisburg, N.C. 64 Wander Carter Elizabeth City, N.C. Tyrone Cartwright Newark, N.J. V Richard G. Carver Elizabeth City, N.C. Chris Cobb Wadesboro, N.C. Angela Culberth Roseboro, N.C. LI ' . ' - Hr ' Juanita Davis Spring Hope, N.C. Quindetl Doyle Elizabeth City, N.C Daniel Earl Dunn Spring Hope, N. C. Emily Edmond Concord, N.C. Susan Fitzgerald Elizabeth City, N.C. 65 James Foreman Doreen Fuller Roper. N.C. i i AnniP Grimes Kinston. N.C. Urania Harrell Gates. N.C. Bessie Henderson Henderson, N.C. Amanda Hooper Goldsboro, N.C. Ralphell Howard Engelhard, N. C. % Rodrigo Hyman Plymouth, N.C. Donna S. Jefferson Murfreesboro, N.C. Willette Jones Elizabeth City. N.C. 66 Denise Joyner Rocky Mount, N.C. mfMi Joanne Kay Washington, D.C. Thornton King Kinston, N.C. JIfefet , i i -« Tammie T. Lamb Elizabeth City, N.C. Lorraine Massenburg Suffolk, Va. Brenda McNair Roper, N.C. Solneather McQueen Miami, Florida Sidney Denise Miller Warsaw, N.C. Sheila A. Moore Waco, Texas 4: 1 1 Annette Murden Elizabeth City, N.C. 67 Brenda Newsome Ahoskie, N.C. Katrina D. Nixon Elizabeth City, N.C k- " Darlene Norman Roper, N.C. Sandra Overton Edenton. N.C. Ronald Parker Elm City, N.C. B Lillian Powell Hallsboro. N.C. Sheila Pugh Windsor, N.C. i ¥ HH n I h Nt A " i , 4 1 1 yil 1 Shirley Randolph Bolivia, N.C. Jerry Renfrow Wilson, N.C. Silva Reynolds Winton, N.C. 68 -. .», Joyce Ann Rhodes Roper. N.C. Marian Roberson Washington, DC. Chary ' t Rountree Wilson, N.C. ■M 9 Mr Ernest Simmons Plymouth, N.C. Geneva Simpson Trenton, N.J. Rosna Skinner Elizabeth City, N.C. ' «•« ♦»««., ■ .•i ' f fi Aims-f I 4fi.i. j|i4-j.ijr,,vi..i. | Bernadine Smith Scotland Neck. N. C. Roslyn M. Smith Newport News, Va. Sybil Stanley Tarboro. N.C. Miham Umozurike Nigeria 69 Lillie M. Vaughan Murfreesboro, N.C. Dennis Washington Wilmington, N.C. Carson Watford Colerain, N.C. Feenice White Moyock, N.C. Norris Wike Aberdeen, N.C. Bronia Williams Murfreesboro, N.C. Rodney Williams New York, New York y M V Linus Woodard Wilson, N.C. Paulette Woodard Wilson, N.C. S U ;. Chris A. Worrell Goldsboro, N.C. — " W ! k ' 1 ■ - ti. ' ' ■ j KtSRSi Wf r Tmrna •-im r ' 9i9 flMHH tfi 1.-= — » mm 70 71 cried for love No one would listen If I cried for fear Truly someone would listen If I cried for joy, only My heart could feel the Sensitivity!! But If I cried for fear of fear The whole world would know my True Blackness! By Anthony Wiggins Class of ' 79 72 73 . i Lynette Adkins South Mills, N.C. Peggy Boyce Txner. N.C. Carolyn Britten Jackson, N.C. 333 Candance D. Brown Bronx, N. Y. Roberta Brown Williamston, N.C. Jerome Bryant Engelhard. N.C. Thomas Buffaloe Gumberry, N.C. Cornell Bynum Wilson, N.C. Phyllis Carroll Enfield, N.C. Joseph Carson Orangeburg, S.C. Deborah Cherry Ahoskie, N.C. 74 Jimmy Clark Ettrick, Va. 1 JoAnn Clark New Bern, N.C. Milton Cobb Pinetops, N.C. Gloria Cooper Brooklyn. N.Y. Willie Cooper Rocky Mount, N.C. Josephine Copeland Tyner, N.C. Sheila Craig Windsor, N.C. Evergreen, N.C. Avis Dale Edenton, N.C. Darryl Davis Louisburg, N.C. Carolyn Deloatch Jackson, N.C. Alexis Denkins Winnebow, N. C. 75 Garland Doughty Williamston, N.C. Roosevelt Ewell Tarboro. N.C. h Bobby Fonville Buffalo. N. Y. Thelma Galloway Margretsville, N.C. Terrie Gibson Monroe. N.C. i Michael Griffin South Mills. N.C. Nancy Griffin Rocky Mount, N.C. Edith Hardy Bolivia, N.C. m H 1 :=r= = iiiiii f 1 ;■ 1 P r " J b i: ;i k r ■t ■ ' ! H " TP? r Wayne Hardy Rocky Mount, N.C. Maria Harris Roanoke Rapids, N.C. 76 William A. Harris Bunn, N.C. Sheila Holley Tyner, N.C. Debbie James Elizabeth Citv. N.C. Denise Jamison Greensboro, N.C. Brenda Jones Garysburg, N.C. Mary Kay Jones Bethel, N.C. A PISH WOULD - OT GET , CAUGHT IP HE " ' S MOUTH SHUT Vickie A. Jordan Edenton, N.C. Vanessa Knight Tarboro, N.C. Godfrey Lamb New York. N. Y. Wilhelmina Lamb Elizabeth City, N.C. 77 Leora Lane Edenton, N.C. Rita Leigh Creswell, N.C. John E. Lewis, JR. Carrie. N.C. Faith Long Garysburg, N.C. Donna Mallory Garysburg, N.C. Jaruis D. Massette Winton, N. C. Betty McKnight Rocky Mount, N.C. Ronnie McNeil Erwin, NC. Marvin Mervin Goldsboro, N.C. Walter Minor Edward. N.C. 78 Belinda Mitchell Freeport, N.Y. Chinita Mitchell Ahoskie, N.C. Diana M. Monden Newport News, Va. Paul H. Neely Dallas. N.C. Gerald F. Newby Wilson. N.C. Jewel Newby Queens, N.Y. Angelene Norman Roper. N.C. Ronar E. Norman Roper, N.C. i Zillie Norman Roper, N.C. Sharon O ' Neal New Bern, N.C. 79 Gloria M. Paxton South Mills, N.C. Anita Pellum Leland. N.C. Minnie Pender Enfield, N.C. Joaney Perry Harretlsville. N.C. {L Loretta R. Perry Elizabeth City. N.C. Sandra Reed Elizabeth City, N.C. ! ' ' m Sylvia Richardson Stanford, Conn. Tyron Richardson Washington, D.C. .y ' . Junior Wayne Hard Linda D. Riddick Williamston, N.C. Wesley Riddick Edenton, N.C. Larry Robinson Garysburg, N.C. Randa Rountree Elizabeth. N.C. 80 Terry Satterwhite Raleigh. N.C. Samuel Smith Plymouth. N.C. John Spencer Wilmington. N.C. Garnett Spruill Columbia, N.C. Roderick Taylor Tarboro, N.C. Wayne A. Toxey Camden. N.C. Zaragona M. Tuggles Plymouth, N.C. Vicky Waddell Elizabeth City, N.C. Joseph Webb Roper, N.C. Cheryl White Elizabeth City, N.C. Harry L. White, Jr. Plymouth, N.C. Johnny E. White Edenton. N.C. 81 Lawrence M. Wiggins Kinston, N.C. Diane Williams Goldsboro, N.C. Kathy L. Williams Murfreesboro, N.C. V. Fred Wilson New Haven, Conn. 82 " Sometimes What I Feel is Unreal " We just met an hour, a day, a week ago Even though the vibes I feel are very real! I ' ll remember December for it ' s the time of year when the " Star of David " shines bright across the star glittered sky, to mark the birth of the one person that would eventually win the heart of an ambitious, strong-willed " Blackman " such as " I " !!! I ' ll recall the moment we met, I ' ll even bet that the smile you bore, will still be ever present. Expanding far beyond the limits of the happiness that was felt in our hearts when we are together, " But " somehow apart. My love, " Sometimes what I feel may prove to be unreal " , but the love I possess in my heart for you will always be Real!! by Anthony Wiggins Class of ' 79 emocs Douglas Almond Art Education Atlanta. Ga. DeRamous Anington Scorpio Business Administration Enfield. N.C. Vanessa Dale Ashford Scorpio Intermediate Education Wilson, N.C. Lillie Ballard Virgo Sociology New Bern, N.C. Vanessa Ann Cancer Biology Maple Hill, N.C. II t Brenda Barkley Pisces English Palmyra, N.C. F ' ANY TIME Ig . ' T iiNk . r J IJ , " ,JB ' , w - i «r ■T r 5 V v w " B i JJI KBKtitk lt.g»-||H| 1 1 1 [fc »» B 1 R Harvey Battle Business Administration Hollister, N.C. Room L. Beamon Aquarius Business Administration Elizabeth City. N.C. Eleanor Beckwith Scorpio Business Administration Engelhard, N.C. Deborah Bell Scorpio Intermediate Education Elizabeth City, N.C. Diane Benston Taurus Business Administration Washington, N.C. Debra C. Bowe Carolyn Eloise Bowser Katrina F. Bowser Leo Gemini Scorpio Capricorn Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education Business Geology Gates, N.C. r Camden, N.C. Administration Accounting Somerset, N.J. Elizabeth City. N.C Robert Cornelius Branch Scorpio Industrial Arts Education Bronx, NY. Santoria Brothers Libra Business Administration Edenton, N.C. Vera Bryant Pisces Early Childhood Education Columbia, N.C. Wanda Rena Bullock Libra Mathematics Manson, N.C. Sharon Denise Bunch Taurus Early Childhood Education Edenton. N.C. Sylvia M. Burgess Aquarius Sociology Hollister, N.C. Paula Burrus Terry Burrus -1 K ' : ' Phyllis Ann Burum Harriett Lettitia Bynum Sagittarius Scorpio Virgo Leo Sociology Business Administration Political Science English Speech Pathology South Mills, N.C. Elizabeth City. N.C. New Bern, N.C. 1 Merita Charity Capricorn Early Childhood Education Winton, N.C. Theressa Chamblee Virgo Early Childhood Education Ahoskie, N.C. Shirley Denise Cherry Glenn Cole Taurus Libra Comprehensive Business Education Business Administration Aulander, N.C. Cofield, N.C. Annie Coleman Scorpio Early Childhood Education Wilson. N.C. Darvin Comer Marketing Elizabeth City, N.C. Sandra Cooper English Nashville, N.C. Julia Collins Comprehensive Business Education Engelhard, N.C. Millicent Cooper Virgo Art Education Woodland, N.C. r Leo Biology Brooklyn, N.Y. ' onald Curry Capricorn Business Administration Elan College, N.C. Sharon Corbett Aquarius Sociology Atkinson, N.C. Aries Early Childhood Education Gates, N.C. Byron Davis Health Physical Education Jamesville, N.C. Christine Davis Capricorn English Speech Pathology Elizabeth City, NC Everlena Dawson Capricorn Business Administration Grifton, N.C. Fredia M. Days Libra Early Childhood Education Morehead City, N.C. Richard Delamar Industrial Technology New Bern, N.C. Timothy Dickens Business Administration Whitakers, N.C. Eleanora Pecola Doane Leo History Social Studies Camden, N.C. Amett Dove Leo History New Bern, N.C. Marva Senecia Eason Libra Early Childhood Education Sunbury, N.C. James Perry Ebron Virgo Health Physical Education Belhauen, N.C. f Clifton Parker Ervin Rickey Euerette Carol Lee Farrow i Scorpio Capricorn Leo Comprehensive Early Childhood Education Business Administration Music Education Business Education Ahoskie, N.C. Edenton, N.C. Philadelphia, Pa. Oriental, N.C. Barbara Arm Fletcher Biology Camden, N.C. Wanda Demerrice Floyd Cancer Early Childhood Education Youngsville, N.C. Aquarius Biology Elizabeth City. N.C. Cancer Business Administration Fayetteuille, N.C. Sharon Gibbs Sagittarius Business Administration South Mills, NC Jacqueline Denise Gibson Social Science Elizabeth City, NC Paramjot Gill Libra Biology Elizabeth City. NC Marvin Godfrey Health Physical Education Elizabeth City, NC Libra Business Administration East Elmhurst, NY Libra Comprehensive Business Education Elizabeth City, NC legmai Aquarius Industrial Arts Elizabeth City, NC Sedric L. Griffin Industrial Arts Elizabeth City, NC Milton Hagans Health Physical Education Rocky Mount, NC Ann Louise Halsey Pisces Business Administration Edenton, N.C Dorothy Hardy Taurus Math Wilson, NC James Quinton Hams Libra Political Science Elizabeth City. NC ., Thomas Hastye III Capricorn Sociology Enfield. NC John Hall Aquarius Business Administration Gatesville NC Joyce Ann Hannon Cancer Comprehensive Business Education Scotland Neck. NC Patricia Ann Harris Capricorn Early Childhood Education Edenton. NC Sadie B. Harper Sociology Pre-Social Work Engield. NC Carolyn Louise Harrell Sociology Pre-Social Work Tarboro. NC Cynthia Faith Hawkins Cancer Early Childhood Education Halifax, NC Virgo Sociology Pre-Social Work Corapeake, N.C. Eddie Hewlin Libra Business Administration Enfield, N.C. Scorpio Business Administration Warrenton, N.C. David Allen Hill History North Wilkesboro, N.C. Ruby M. Hendricks Leo Early Childhood Education Weldon, N.C. Linda Dons Highsmith Taurus Early Childhood Education Tomahawk, N.C. Phyllis Haggard Libra Early Childhood Education Windsor, N.C. Gullie Hoggard Pisces Biology Cofield, N.C. Inez Hoggard Leo Business Education Merry Hill, N.C. Doris A. Holloway Gemini Sociology Pre-Social Work Fayetteuille, N.C. James L. Holmes Taurus Music Education South Hill. Va. James David Horton Political Science Brooklyn. N.Y. Daniel Demorise Hooper. Jr. Leo Sociology Goldsboro. N.C. Sandra R. Houston Libra Business Administration Maple Hill. N.C. Alan Hughes Sagittarius Reading Education Elizabeth City. N.C. Shcu-on Hughes Aquarius Business Administration Shiloh, N.C. Dorothy Marie Hurdle Aquarius Sociology Pre-Social Work Hertford. N.C. Reginald A. James Capricorn Industrial Arts Windsor. N.C. Carolyn Waller Jennings Biology Elizabeth City. N.C. Jean Renee Johnson Aquarius Business Administration Elizabeth City. N.C. Joseph Rodger Johnson III Intermediate Education HaUfax. N.C. Joyce E. Johnson Business Administration Elizabeth City, N.C. Kathy Johnson Cancer Business Administration Scotland Neck, N. C Lauanda A. Johnson Leo Business Administration Bolivia, N.C. Zachary Johnson Cancer Geology Elizabeth, N.C. - ' Denese Arnez Jones Gemini Early Childhood Education Tarboro, N.C. Goldie Mae Jones Sociology I Pre-Social Work Tyner, N.C. Hunter Jones Capricorn Political Science Henderson, N.C. Michael Gene Jones Health Physical Education Creswell, N.C. Robert E. Jones Leo Intermediate Education Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Capricorn Sociology Pre-Social Work Washington, D.C. Arinerei Virgo Sociology New Bern, N C. Charlie Lawrence, Jr. Sagittarius Chemistry Rocky Mount, N.C. Scorpio Comprehensive Business Education Washington, N.C. Kim Luckes Jeanette Lyde Shirley Lyons Carolyn Martin Sagittarius Virgo Capricorn Business Administration Political Science Biology Intermediate Education Garysburg, NC Newport News, VA Chapel Hill, NC Lewiston, NC ifT Annie McClarin Scorpio Business Administration Goldsboro, NC Darlene McCoy Jerry G. McPherson Pisces Scorpio Business Education Business Administration South Mills, NC South Mills, NC Alice Jean Meluin Cancer General Business Administration Jackson, NC Annie Louise Miller Linda M. Miller Alton Lee Mitchell Keith Mitchell Capricorn Leo Virgo Leo Early Childhood Education Business Administration Business Administratior, Industrial Arts Elizabeth City, NC Elizabeth City, NC Elizabeth City, NC Durham, NC Audrey Mizzelle Scorpio Early Childhood Education Ahoskie, N.C. Toni Gail Monroe Intermediate Education Red Springs, N.C. Thomas Martenio Montague English Franklinton, N.C. Janice L. Moore Business Administration Elizabeth City, N.C. Vandalyn Moore Aries Business Administration Accounting Elizabeth City, N.C. Phyllis Ann Moore Libra Sociology Pre-Social Work Hertford, N.C. Jacquelyn Earline Morris Aries Early Childhood Education Elizabeth City, N.C. William Thorner Morris Capricorn Health Physical Education Colerain, N.C. Wadell Moses Leo Health Physical Education Margarettsville, N.C. Elnora Regina Moye Aquarius Political Science Edenton, N.C. Darlene Laura Murden Leo Business Administration Elizabeth City, N.C. Marguerite Murphy Capricorn Intermediate Education Tomahawk, N.C. H Marion R. Nelson Biology Hertford. NC Ida Murray Sagittarius Intermediate Education Engelhard. NC Ella Vanessa Murrell Capricorn Business Education Dover, NC Carolyn Ann Myrick Taurus Early Childhood Education Scotland Neck. NC Carolyn Nixon Leo Early Childhood Education Roper. NC Ronald Quinton Nixon Virgo Music Education Elizabeth City. NC Elaine Overton Aquarius Sociology Waterbury. Conn. Lillian Overton Comprehensive Business Education Hertford. NC ■- ( James Ersell Oweris Business Administration Elizabeth City, NC Charolotte LaVem O ' Neal Aries English New Bern. NC Janice Loretta Parker Social Science Windsor. NC Dolline Paxton Aries Early Childhood Education Elizabeth City, NC Jerry Eugene Parker Business Administration Tarboro, NC William Payne Libra Business Administration Asheville, NC Brent Adolph Peek Libra Business Administration Williamston, NC w-nV} ' W: Sylvia L. Peele Taurus English Stanford, Conn. Hurley Perry Pisces Industrial Arts Hertford, NC Patricia Pickett Gemini Sociology Pre-Social Work Willard, NC Accounting Enfield. NC «•. LaSandra Pierce Sagittarius Early Childhood Education Roanoke Rapids, NC Debora Renee Pittman Leo Secretarial Science Suffolk, VA Jacklyn Powell Aquarius Early Childhood Education Moyock, NC Marilyn Ametta Powell Virgo Sociology Pre-Social Work Fayetteville, NC Libra Early Childhood Education Wilmington, NC Patricia Ann Pugh Business Education Windsor. NC Anthony L. Rahming Chemistry Freeport, Bahamas Sophia Rainey Libra Business Administration Enfield, NC Patricia Ann Rascoe Leo Early Childhood Education Windsor, NC LuVerne Ray nor Cancer Intermediate Education Colerain, NC Shirlene Reese Taurus Sociology Pre-Social Work Conway, NC Ronald Richardson Aries Intermediate Education Nashville, NC Cynthia Riddick Leo Sociology Ahoskie, NC Debra J. Riddick Pisces Sociology Elizabeth City, NC Frances Pauline Riddick Taurus Early Childhood Education South Mills, NC Gloria Riddick Aquarius Basic Business Education Hertford, NC Margaret L. Riddick Business Administration Elizabeth City, NC Theresa Jean Robbins Business Administration Edenton, NC Clifton Warren Roberts Gemini Art Education Elizabeth City, NC Joyce Eyvonne Roberts Leo Sociology Pre-Social Work Edenton, NC Gary Mitchell Rodgers Health Physical Education Creswell, NC Mosette Rountree Taurus Early Childhood Education Wilson, NC Wanda Rush Aquarius Sociology Pre-Social Work Trinity, NC Milton Basil Satchell Aries Health Physical Education Belhaven. NC Willie D. Satchell Aries Health Physical Education Belhaven. NC Connie W. Sawyer, Jr. Virgo Accounting Camden, NC Maurice Boyd Sears Scorpio Sociology South Mills. NC Darrell Sessoms Business Administration Cofield. NC Hazel Teresa Simpson Scorpio Comprehensive Business Education Hertford, NC Ronnie Rico Sharpe Art Education Tarboro, NC Linda Slade Virgo Intermediate Education Pantego, NC Barbara Ann Slaughter Capricorn Business Administration Ahoskie, NC Robert M. Smith Shirley Ann Spellman Cancer Scorpio Sociology Sociology Pre-Social Work Middlesex, NC Elizabeth City, NC Barbara Jean Speight Libra Social Science Whitakers, NC Clotine Spivey Capricorn Business Administration Aulander, NC Jessie Teressa Spencer Aries Sociology Pre-Social Work Columbia, NC Niagara Spencer Libra Business Administration Columbia, NC Joseph Gordon Spruill Capricorn Physical Education Columbia, NC William E. Spruill, Jr. Aries Industrial Technology Norfolk, VA Barbara Ann Stephenson Gemini Early Childhood Education Conway, NC Peggy Darlene Stanley Sagittarius English New Bern, NC Clematis Menina Stokes Pisces English Roper, NC Tony Lajoire Story Sagittarius BiologylPre-Medical Elizabeth City, NC Brenda Sutton Leo Early Childhood Education Elizabeth City, NC Shirley Sutton Sagittarius Business Administration Elizabeth City, NC Susan Ann Taylor Scorpio English Edenton, N.C Thressa Taylor Math Garysburg, N.C Henry Timothy Tharps Libra Art Education Plymouth, N.C Beverly Thomas Cancer Early Childhood Education Elizabeth City, N.C Glenice Thompson Leo Early Childhood Education Elizabeth City, N.C Antonio Timmons Taurus Sociology Pre Social Work Burlington, N.C Sheila Tyler Capricorn Sociology Pre Social Work Ahoskie, N.C Deborah Ellen Trapp Business Administration Wendell. N.C John Dempsey Twine Industrial Arts Elizabeth City, N.C Patricia Umphrey Early Childhood Education Fuquay-Varina, N.C Loisteen U Scorpio Social Science Margaretsuille, N.C Aquarius Early Childhood Education Seaboard, N.C Virginia Vines Libra Sociology Raliegh, N.C Mary Walden Pisces Early Childhood Education Woodland, N.C A : Kent Vinson Taurus Health Physical Education Ahoskie, N.C Karen S. Walton Scorpio Business Administration Elizabeth City, N.C Jerry Laverne Watford Leo Early Childhood Education Powellsuille, N.C William S. Westbrook, Jr. General Business Administration Winston-Salem, N.C Diane Westry Sagittarius English Nashuille, N.C Patricia Ann Waters Scorpio Health Physical Education Faison, N.C Teresa Alethia Whidbee Scorpio Sociology Pre-Social Work Elizabeth City, NC Janet Whitfield Virgo Business Administration Engelhard, NC Trudy Utise Whitaker Early Childhood Education Enfield. NC Robin White Leo Social Science Edenton, NC, Carolyn Whitehead Cancer Art Education Whitakers, NC Anthony Wiggins Pisces Political Science Washington, DC Balarie Denise Wike Aries Intermediate Education Aberdeen. NC Karen Wilder Virgo Sociology Beaufort, NC Joyce Ann Wilson Aries English Shelby, NC Katherine Elaine Wilson Leo Early Childhood Education Henderson, NC Anthony Earl Winfield Virgo Physical Education Brooklyn, New York Sarah Margo Wills Libra Health Physical Educatioi Edenton, NC Elverlene Williams Sociology Scotland Neck, N.C. Brenda Williams Scorpio Social Science Garysburg, NC renda G. Williams Pisces Sociology Pre-Social Work Elizabeth City, N.C. Derek Williams Sociology Norfolk, Va. Juanita Shannon Williams Cancer Early Childhood Education Elizabeth Citv. N.C. Kathy Cecile Williams Capricorn Music Murfreesboro, N.C. Shioban Francine Williams Aquarius Early Childhood Education Williamston, N.C. Shirley M. Williams Aquarius Business Education Williamston, N.C. Denise Wright Aquarius Political Science Roanoke Rapids, N.C. Betty Ann Yelverton Capricorn Political Science Wilson, NC Douglas Young Libra English Speech Pathology Franklinton, NC Althea Yvonne Wright Capricorn Business Administration Hickory, NC A: % ' EXPRESSIONS Vibrating, pulsating, imaginative, Creative thoughts of the many splendid variations of mind and matter of all mankind! People — Intriguing, fascinating, generating the desires to be fulfilled in what so ever form the conscious mind can relate the " truth " in opposition to those things that are un-true. Beautiful people — Are those in which can except, appreciate, and manifest from within the inner-spectrum anything that is " real " , for reality is the one concept that all mankind must adhere! Expressions, in Essence is the " beauty " sisters and brothers of the many splendid variations of our people, " Black people " in which we are blessed with the power to determine " reality " from those things that are " false " , through the penetrating force of our " Natural State of Being " , Expressions!!! by Anthony Wiggins Class of ' 79 On the campus of Howard University 113 Look What We ' ve Qotn 1. Ms. Geneva Simpson Cokes 10. Ms. Solneather 2. Ms. Debbie Pittman " Miami " McQueen 11. Ms. Maria 3. Ms. Holley Moaney Newton 12. Ms. Alverta 4. Ms. Sandra Woody Patrick 13. Ms. Donna 5. Ms. Rosa Underdue Jefferson 14. Ms. Verna 6. Ms. Pamela Stanley Battle 15. Ms. Wanda 7. Ms. Darlene Gallop Carter 16. Ms. Carol 8. Ms. Denise Jamison Arrington 17. Ms. Sheila 9. Ms. Lisa Smith h 15 f - k x . 1, CECSV Cheerleaders 1. Mitzi Hightower Co-Captain 2. Doris Holloway 3. Phyllis Moore 4. Nancy Griffin 5. Damon Smith Gymnist 6. Wanda Carter 7. Peggy Stanley 8. Verna Battle 9. Kim Lucas Co-Captain 10. Geneva SimpsoT .c , K 4 ■ ■- ■- ■? m ... yit 9HI ▼ J J ▼ CI ■5 B m W ' K 1 ■ MB- " ' 1 I Miss fECSU rhgrgssa Chamblee ¥ik) 118 % 1 H 1 1 119 ■ ' ■ ' " i$ ' i ' Z- 1 i Ms. Lola Yelverton Miss UCRF i( 120 B 1 1 B i r 1 1 m 1 u Ms. Peggy Stanley Miss Cheerleader 121 Ms. Veronica Koonce Miss lota Phi Theta 122 Ms. Diane Little Miss Beautification ie 123 tfOtia. .« j..i i y Ms. Balarie Wike Miss Groove Phi Groove 124 •X- Ms. Linda Highsmith Miss International ' ¥r 125 n ?M Ms. ?. « m Ms. Faith 0. Long Miss Compass 127 • Ms. Amanda Hooper Miss Industrial Arts m 128 J p - •• f ' m Ll i Kr j HE tfiw M . - wt JJ K jitoi! v ' 1 IT 9Ey. iM fe ' -- ' ' -.: ' y j j pMK " . -aHWBI »; 1 r - ' ' W Bjli ' - - 1 B - ImM h 11 ,% -.. ; r ' : .., ■ ' " ' f 9| i ' H . A ; , ■ [1 H ' %r M, r8 ■ ■ - - . 1 ■ iS .... ... Miiiiiii imi " " " vB c Ik " : y 1 " S - fr I Ms. Lynette Cooper Miss Pre-Alumni iz 129 - ' I ' mS f T f% 1 - v .7 - n- :; . .1 i p» i ' i H •I V Efififli Miifi Ms. Sylvia Freeman Miss Mathematics Ms. Barbaina Houston Miss Young Democrat 131 Xll ' •II - i . : ■X r-. .y, ■III •ill •III • III •••I • Ml •Ml i ' ll Ms. Susan Taylor Miss Mitchell-Lewis ), -:y ' mm ' j 3? a Viuvv ' ' ' Ms. Letitia Bynum Miss Omicron XI Epsilon 133 «• % ■ .■ •»-iX -. ' i- J»-T A5?«i fe °C5 ' ::ja. .; " ■kiL.gt tyjgr r ' i T.y. ' rM.-.i . .f ; : - n:»£; a ' ; r ' lv¥ Y ' m: ' V ' yy ' V. ' .0 ' :.: i i Ms. Katrina Bowser Miss Geoscience 135 m t- - . •rr.-l ' V ' .WW " s I - ' ■ - ' f . ' • H . • •t;M1 m Ms. Denese Jones Miss Thalia Sorosis m 136 « Ms. Cherral McWilliams Miss Yearbook ! 137 MW ' ■J J 4 .-1 ii Ms. Angela Best Miss Political Science i( 138 ¥ -i ■•- !6,. ■ 1 m m 1 1 H 1 M l Hk. ii ifc I 1 HH| ll « 1 H Kkf ' ' ' " H M Hh H 1 HH f ■i4 m 1 1 B4 " jtoT i t V ' IBP ' 1 1 I Ms. Shirley Spellman Miss Delta Sigma Theta 139 A Ms. Denise Jamison Miss Social Science A 140 Ms. Patricia Roscoe Miss Alpha Kappa Mu 141 . i i j -«f ' [ Ms. Gayle Plummer Miss Zeta Phi Beta ! k 142 : =:- S ' M f ' , : ' Ms. Mozette Roundtree Miss Swing Phi Swing Ms. Venessa Villines Miss Freshman 144 ■ f ' . ' - " Ms. Joyce Roberts Miss Health Careers s?r Ms. Belinda Mitchell Miss University Center 146 Ms. Jeanette Lyde Miss Math Science N; ij .. Ms. Joyce Wilson Miss Alpha Phi Alpha 148 % Ms. Wanda Bullock Miss Kappa Delta Pi 149 Everyone was excited with homecoming activities which pep rally, a mock funeral, dance, and bon-fire. this year ' s included a pre-dawi m 150 151 152 • " . ' . , • •• M f - ■ ' i tW n £ ' S ■.. M KVy J m bM • . ' ART mriMf - - rRATEKNAi ........a i iMAaM i a M rt iiii 153 154 " ™s TECHNOLOGY 1 mm «llill n « Wli»tr in»lf» i r) w liiW« M IW 1M, i i l M )|] tf OI I I W Ki T ! " V IMI IIT I I ff " ' » " ■» " »« ' ' ' ' ' W ' » I ' 155 RAMS ' 4 • ' S . w " 3 ' 3 ' t-- - - - " k -- - ■ ■ i ti rr ' ■ J . 1 k 5? ■1 158 159 160 THE VIKING BAND 161 THE MIGHTY MARCHING BAND HJ S. rpjj CONCERT BAND " ' ' 162 James Stanfield James Jones getting off. (below left) James Holmes (below right) John Ward. STUDENT DIRECTOR STUDENT ARRANGER - nm 163 1 OUR FABULOUS FRONT LINE MR. DRUM MAJOR THE BANNERGIRLS John Spencer THE TWIRLERS Lisa Cokes, (not pictured) Vickie Waddell i Ti: j . tir- Qbc Wanda Donna— The McMillian Twins THE MAJORETTES v. -- THE FLAGS Annie Grimes, Barbara Slaughter, Balarie Wike, Bar- baina Houston, Icy Eley, Elizabeth Smalls, Emily Edmond, Audrey Shields, Theressa Chamblee, not known. 164 ECSU ' s JAZZ BAND 165 PSYCHO ALPHA DISCO I FLUTES CLARINETS BELLS ' • ' - : SAXES 166 BETA BIO AQUA DOLOOP BRASS MAGIC TROMBONES POISON BASSES ' ' P. M % H ■I II - ri 167 ECSU ' s SENIOR Angela Best Icy Eley Ricky Everette I Gail Foster Charlotte O ' Neal Reggie Griffin 168 BAND MEMBERS Sharon Pugh Patricia Rascoe Boyd Sears .:4HI. 4 ' li.M -, i |; 1 Barbara Slaughter Trudy Whitaker Balarie Wike 169 GET OFF!! GET OFF!! ' fm 170 Sinn«itin« HlaUmfiURS " ■r r-Vti Vii ' CtiXAalttiM »«»M i«i!Esa ttmm ttmni v • : l yw 171 172 Vmm ummmm. ??? J he Summertime} m jj 173 CHORAL ENSEMBLE, THE 1 II " THE CHOIR IN ACTION WrnS ' ' sss 4 " " . V 1 i 174 SBiiAC 175 II pPHP JU ?a t ■ J xinx « K 176 178 FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL Alvin T. Kelley Defensive Coordinator Defensive Backfield Coach Jerome H. Fitch Assistant Coach Chief Scout Lafayette Robinson Defensive Line Linebacker Coach Thurlis J. Little, Jr. Assistant Offensive Coordinator Line Coach FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL 179 vi V ' The 3ist Annual Fish Bowl Classic was held in Portsmouth, Virginia. For the last four years the Vikings have played the Spartans of Norfolk State College. This year the Vikings were the victors by the score of 13-9. 180 HUM 23- i N iiM 1 NWI 2 2 i mm TISTIN HL ' J As the time was ticking away, the Spartans realized that they couldn ' t stop the " MIGHTY VIKINGS!. ' ! Quarterback Johnny Williams gets ready to start a play. The cheerleaders were on hand to cheer on our beloved team. 181 182 ' ■v - : ; r " ii;ite. 2K-ii V ri Si ' ' Ai ' ; s w»;r « ?jBiiii :ae: % jtf mua . .? ' L - fc. , .lfi C % ■■ . ' ' v f . THE THRILL OF VICTORY 183 184 185 % l | i.. M, v SiL »2S 1 , E€ B Yiii»€» 186 L» ' ' - ♦..• ». feetball Uan . V 1919 187 WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL 188 189 190 p ' V mm tmi f •!§it . - -»- 4Uk ' 191 192 itiff thd4 IMiU 193 BASKETBALL BASKETBALL BASKETBALL BASKETBALL BASKETBALL ti. 1 .A w% - 1 hon u ir-%1 U ' 5r ■ BASKETBALL BASKETBALL BASKETBALL BASKETBALL BASKETBALL 194 Head Coach Bobby Vaughan Assistant Coach Claude Mackey Assistant Coach Aluin T. Kelley Assistant Coach Jerome H. Fitch 195 Senior Joe Wright Sophomore Arthur " Boo Boo " Gaskins Junior Keith Stith Junior Ernest Buffaloe Junior Mike Gale Senior Donald Richardson 196 Freshman Pierre Bland Freshman Caluin Maddox Freshman Larry Edmonds . .■«!...■• ■ , - Freshman James Hardy Freshman Marion Frazier Junior Johnny White 197 This was year no. 2 for Arthur " Boo Boo " Gaskins. Boo Boo was no. 1 vote getter and also the leading scorer in the CIAA. He lead the nation for 4 weeks as leading scorer. He was voted MVP in the Bull City Tournament and All- | Tournament in the Chicago Invitational Tournament. j?:« v.. " - ' - 9 198 4« A 199 Jlt A ' CIAA ' » Sfiftt 200 I 201 202 203 1st row, left to right— Mike Gale, Donnie Carter. Pierre ' Bland. Calvin Maddox. Ernest Buffaloe. Donald Richardson, Roderick Williams. Joe Wright. Arthur Gaskins, James Hardy. Kenny Morgan. LuVeme Whytch, Ivory Groomes. Ronald Parker. Keith Stith. 2nd row, left to right-Theresa Whidbee-statistician. 204 .mei XiP.vMm team 2978-297$ Johnny White, Larry Edmonds, James Norton, Dennis Washington, Reginald Brown, Dave Meyers, James Simmons, Marion Frazier, Dennis Boone — manager. t ' . ' . 205 206 H i ■ fr ' 207 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL 208 ■- T 209 Deborah Togle 210 211 v« A A ECSU Vfomens 212 fBas football i:eam ' 79 213 WRESTLING WRESTLING WRESTLING WRESTLING WRESTLING Coach Thurlis " Moose " Little, in his eighth year at ECSU, will be looking forward to another outstanding year. Little, who played his collegiate football here at ECSU, has produced 5 CIAA championships, 3 runner-up teams, 1 NAIA championship and 3 NAIA District 29 runner-up teams. Little was noted CIAA Wrestling Coach of the Year 4 times. The Chapel Hill native is currently working hard to move the Viking Grapplers back on top. Little is hopeful that he can continue to recruit well on the east coast. ECSU offers what no other college in North Carolina can, the opportunity to wrestle in the CIAA, NAIA and the NCAA Division II and a quality education at a great location. WRESTLING WRESTLING WRESTLING WRESTLING WRESTLING 214 Joe Carson— (126) a native of Orangeburg, S. C. is one of the most outstanding wrestler in the schools history. Joe is the defending CIAA Champion 1978 and 1979. A T Invitational Champion, Pembroke Takedown Champion and holds the schools quickest pin record — :10 seconds. 215 fiftArnsft 216 NOSU k.JLl ft i 1 ■ iStr j— - 5- 5r V 217 The 1978-1979 Viking Wrestling Team. Back Row left to right: Dennis Battle. Charles Jones, Willie Mangel, Matt Wiggins, William Hassel. 218 Kneeling left to right: Michael Davis, Percy Bunch, Michael Sharpe, Joe Carson, Keith Mitchell. 219 TRACK TRACK TRACK TRACK TRACK nnn 220 TRACK TRACK TRACK TRACK TRACK WOMEN ' S RELA Y TEAM: Sybil Stanley, Cheryl White, Mitzi Hightower and Jewel Newby. 221 -.i; Oa Air Harb, 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 fl njf interesting??? 231 1 . V ' ir ' :! " !!!1 ' ! ' 232 233 ' Oh IS " 234 235 AN fife fs essentiaf y the contributions that eome from compromise m ' sh I linew how it would feet to be free! {. £. Cummings " " know that spring is hard because you wait for summer and fall is hardest of them all because you must not be alone when winter comes. Rod McKuen 237 238 ••tv ■ J Ih iu. 239 Mr. Senior Mr. Thomas Hastye, III 241 The S.G.A. are students elected to various positions and offices. Thomas Montague was the president for the 1978-1979 school year. Vice president Eleanora Doane is not pict ured. Ms. Marguerite Murphy, who u not pictured, was the recording secretary. Michael Vail was the treasurer. Ms. Shirley Williams was the business manager with Ms. Amanda Hardy as assistant manager. • Student Qoverntnent ¥ c4ssociation - John H. Lewis, Jr. was the attorney general. Ms. Terrie Gibson and Ms. Sybil Stanley were volunteers to the Stu- dent Government Association. Ms. Theressa Chamblee was Miss Elizabeth City State University for 1978-1979. She worked very closely with the S.G.A. The student government association is for the students. Support your S.G.A. J 242 I 243 k. ■ ' H ■te i ' i 1 H ? ■ : vS I Hk f ' 1 H i b P Hltei l H ' i ' Ti H 1 ■A » vV i B nik H ■jT { r ' P H KC 1 ° 41199 i t " " ' =jP HBf ■■■i » w i " " 1 ' ' ' « f l - z- ■y jtt- ' -T. ' ' ' ..- ' JLi ' i. ' " . .■ .!?» ,•: ;;. ' J jL igj Miss Sophomore Miss Cheryl Fennell 244 1 H M m» ' wtf " i ' " « « ' ' Miss Omega Psi Phi Miss Mary Little A 245 Senior Class President— Ronnie King. Junior Class Officers: Ms. Alexis Denkins, Treasurer, Ms. Gloria Parker, Secretary, Frankie Bordeaux. Vice President, and Ms. Josephine Copeland, President. 246 Sophomore Class Officers: Norris Wike— President, Ms. Darlene Carter— Secretary, Thomas Denson— Treasurer, Ms. Lorraine Massenburg — Parliamentarian, Tyrone Cartwright — Vice President. iqpp .| m i m, Freshman Class Officers: Ms. Vanessa Villines — Miss Freshmen, Ms. Elizabeth Small — Treasurer, Ms. Carol Arrington — Secretary, Ms. Pamela Stanley — Vice President (Acting President). 247 NEOPHYTES Flyin ' High with Iota Phi ' ' ' President Joe Carson and Officers 7 ! «%5 Mr. Ed and Renee of the Old School. The Silver Express " The Stepping Squad Getting Down ' warhocli T JUriisti eiih tA{eQlease ' w It was indeed a pleasure to have such a fine and talented artist on the ' 78-79 VIKING staff. Keith has a definite career as an artist and he will be working with the VIKING for two more years. All artwork in this book is by Keith C. McClease. 250 INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB: 1st row, Stephen Lee, Keith Mitchell, Amanda Hooper, Ernest Simmons. 2nd row, Paul Neely, Katrina Bowser, Wagner Grier, Chris Owens. 3rd row, Gerald Honeyblue, D. Manley, Harry White, Reginald James. 4th row, Shelton Spence, Dr. D. L. McFadden, Mr William Gibson, UNIVERSITY CENTER OFFICERS: Jerry Parker-President, Jerry Renfrow-Vice President. Belinda Mitchell-Secretary Treasurer, Valarie Hicks — Recording Secretary. 251 PROPHYTES Jerry Parker DeRamous Arrington Garland Doughty Kelvin McKinnon Alpha Phi Alpha FOUNDED 1906 FirsI Fmlernily Inc Ms. Geneva Simpson Miss Black Gold ooao a o o oooooooo eeeov NEOPHYTES Jerry Renfrow Tim Spencer Ricky Sharpe Thomas Lewis Norris Wike eooQeeoQ 9«99Q 909QoeQeoGeeeieeeoe6 eeoeaoeoooaooooooooooeoooooeooeooooen cooe««Gc«iCi c«oo« oogc eoa|0 Of 11 254 I • m i Young Democrats Club: 1st row, Avis Lynch, Phyllis Carol, Barbaina Houston, Norris Wike, Lamey Shepherd. 2nd row, Keith Urquhart, Francine Montague, Jerry Renfrow, President — Donna Jefferson, John Ward. Ushers G uild: Sheila Standi, Celina Lord, Faith Long, Vanessa Villines, Michael Vail, Lynette Adkins, Roosevelt Ewell, Gwen Price. 255 A p a) appa 4A p a Tounded 19S4 VSii ri{ and 9y Culture NEOPHYTES: left to right, Cynthia Irving. Cheryl Hicks. Paulette Woodard, Roberta Brown. Annette Brockington. Feenice White. Shirley Cherry. Marion Robinson, Daphne Moore, Brenda Hill, Cheryl Fennel. Marguerite Williams, Carol Minor. Nancy Griffin, Geneva Simpson and Hasty Foreman. oror X , Y c. We stand for; Life Long Friendship Shared Ideals and Spiritual Values Social Grace, Poise and Graciousness Leadership Training in College and Community Good Scholarship and Good Times!!! OFFICERS: front row, Maria Harris— Anti Basileus, Pattie Byrum — Hodges; back row, Joyce Wilson— Treasurer, Mary Kay Jones— Grammetus, Belinda Mitchell — Philacter, Cynthia Anthony — Epistoleus. PROPHYTES: back row, Joyce Wilson, Cynthia Anthony, Pam Fennel, Evelyn Hayer, Mary Kay Jones; seated, Belinda Mitchell, Menina Stokes, Angela Best, Pattie Byrum, Maria Harris, Virginia Vines, Terrie Gibson, Icy Eley, Peggy Stanley, Marilyn Powell and Artherelle Keyes. Chapter ■ ' ■ ■• : ' »-- ---a.J-|«y-i, i— « --.f- ' - Fraternal Council: 1st row, Jackie Sheperd, H. Lettitia Bynum, William Payne, president. Rick Sims, Keith Mitchell. 2nd row, Shirley Randolph, Darlene Carter, Paul Johnson, Harvey Battle. 3rd row, Lawurence Wiggins, Lynwood Waters, Timothy Dickens, Joe Carson, Leon Knight, Julius Holoman. Pan-Hellenic Council: 1st row, Kelvin McKinnon, Menina Stokes, Fred Wilson, Jasper Richardson, Michael Vail. 2nd row. Vice President, Garland Doughty, DeRamous Arrington, Mary Kay Jones, Gary Hathaway, Sharon O ' Neal, Barbaina Houston, President, William West brook, Roosevelt Ewell, John Lewis, Jr. 258 259 ' ' yi WwIt 7e oU)s vp, OFFICERS: President— Carolyn Catling, Vice President— Mitzi Hightoiver, Secretary — Diana Monden, Treasurer (not pictured)— Verna Battle. he Swing I 9 c t o n g««» E.C.S.U.-JAYCEES ' J yce¥Creed 1 rti l c I,. hufn«« M. I lir -. - I ,r- v ' " ' ' ' ' ' « »•• " ■ ' . " hr.4 hr •- . I ••• - K» ' gr« rfi — I J,„ »» ..f 1 B •■ »«h t than of tn n jL zL— ' THEUIITEP ' ' " 4 262 263 ftroobe 9Wv roobe. Coming Together — is the Beginning Keeping Together — is Unity Thinking Together — is Cooperation Working Together — is Progress by Larry Faison per. ■♦ « Paul " P.J. " Johnson Pres. James " Starchild " Greer V. Pres. Michael " Dubaby " Jones Secretary Ronnie " Snake " Harrison Treasurer Willis " Slick Wiir Minor Sergeant-of-Arms Larry " Paper " Faison Lavosier " La La " Smith Ronald " Dog " Curry One t l ati ton ocloX ?e oU)s xvp, nc. .f William " Shiloh " Payne Terry " Slick Slack " Satterwhite Jerry " Spank " Caulde George " Skimmer " Brown Allan " Silk " Warren Bobby " City Slicker " Fonville Rodrick " Deep " Taylor Tyrone " Kool " Richardson James " Chops " Harris VndcrJJi Groove Campus Beautification Committee: 1st row—Selinda Hinton, Balarie Wike, Shioban Williams, Diane Little. 2nd row— Mrs. Linda West, Mr. George Bowie, Jr., Wallace Richmond, Rev. ' Gerald Tyler, Mr. Tommy Foust, Mr. Milton Kent, Jerry Caulde, Norris Wike, Donald Richardson, Dr. Eloise Horton. Student National Education Association: 1st row— Mrs. Gertrude Pierce, Margo Wills, Balarie Wike, Diane Little, Linda Highsmith, Shioban Williams. 2nd row— President Margie Murphy, Mary Little, Shirley Williams, Ida Murray, LuVeme Raynor, Theressa Chamblee. 266 LYCEUM 267 I Jackie Sheperd " Adam Termite Ant ' Spring 78 Most Prominent Scrooge ' tiaegaa W amma ?V eta Chapter P fr O v MVvl !9ESW« " ja Carolyn Whitehead | " Big Bird Goodie ' Spring ' 78 Parliamentarian 4 r ■Tfl H I 4 % L H. Lettitia Bynum " Mad Cat " Fall ' 76 Presiding Elder S E w X tVtV r H,. ; Millicent C. Williams i " Too Cool 2 " iFall ' 76 Elder Qmicrod Xv ps oa Crown Heights Affair Spring 6oneer{ ix 7» tV t SaiiJH Trailer Tor Two)} ' 270 LYCEUM SERIES ' JLflJUmJULgJUL B . O 9 9 9 - 9 . 9 8 » « II « .«-«■«.» « S 9TT 271 i xv 5 s e v fBlacIt brotherhood c4 LYCEUM SERiES A Left to Right: Timothy Dickens, Gary Rodgers, Connie Sawyer, Alvin Lewis, Darvin Comer, Ersell Owens, Keith Downing, Rickey Everette, Tony Story. Kneeling: Hunter Godette The purpose of our fraternity is to assemble young college men and unite them into a common bond based on Leadership, Friendship, Service, and the spirit of Brotherhood. Our fraternity boasts over 601 chapters with some 150,000 members. The fraternity was founded at Lafayette College on December 16, 1925. The Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega wear the colors of Old Gold and Royal Blue. w t . ' S ' - fe- 1 -vA I Ife-i . „ m ' it HSK., Advisor of Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Inc. Mr. David Lanier and NEOPHYTE Tyrone Cartwright. pvi . i m L -- ' 1 Kneeling left to right: Sandra Houston and Toni Monroe. Back row left to right: not known, Stephanie Brown, Vanessa Bannerman, Brenda McNair, Marva Eason, Angeria Nor- man and Amanda Hardy. C4LPHA (PHI OMEQA FRATERNITY, ine INTERNATIONAL WE EK DINNER 278 t ll{r. tA{ les SiaJJ Tn JiefionV. • •• 279 WOMEN OF VISION DARING TO VENTURE Delta Chi Chapter Chartered: Elizabeth City State University Susan By rum Kim Luckes Alexis Denkins Shirley Spellman Janice Fields Patricia Rascoe Carolyn Pugh J ' rudy Whitaker udrey Mizzelle herral Mc Williams anessa Ashford heila Pugh lent ' se Jamison Annie Coleman HONORS CONVOCATION THE HONORABLE JULIAN BOND 282 283 195 OMEGA PSI PHI ' ' hI L LAMBDA GAMMA - ' 5 ' .iw. ■■ ' •B fe uin Bonds Charles E. Brown i James Clark, Jr. ■ Byron Davis .....„,.40ft 4 Eric Davis William Harris i m 1 tl lA ; 1 MANHOOD SCHOLAR- SHIP FRATERNITY, INC. 19S0 CHAPTER Gary L. Hathaway Paul H. Neely Darryl Sessoms John M. Spencer Larry Stanley FredH. Wilson PERSEVER- ri ANCE £}T$ UPLIFT Our Eighty-eighth Founder ' s Day Program was held on March 16, 1979. In a statement found in the program, Chancellor Thorpe expressed that the institution was moving " Onward to a Refounding. " ounder s ay SSth c4nniversary Our speaker for the occasion was Mr. William J. Kennedy, III, President of the North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company. After the program, the Pilgramage was made to the gravesite of our founder the Honorable Hugh Cale and past presidents, Dr. P. W. Moore and Mr. John H. Bias. 286 287 WELCOME 0, -- I ' i ' .JJiJUk. N - : MAN C4MONGST MEN Lu iOv XXjMWWtatJMWwtXjWMldtildtjtJt « dG H (G € oa t 289 Ih« Baa«i fireiBSJ Elizabeth City State University Dance Group wishes to thank all who made it possible for such a rewarding year. The members are as follows: Cynthia Anthony Pat Cheatham Jerry Culberth Elvira Futrell Robin McNeil Gerald Newby Veronica Peterson Shelia Smith Cynthia Speight Ivy White Willa Williams Henry Thorpe Choreographers: Carol Minor, Geneva Simpson Advisor: Ms. Ola Goss l Hiiife J H Hh 5 d m i IF ' K % rf. S3i «9 (j!r«R 5 CJ«D »OOOSOQ 5 SiSOOOQOSC GOSOSOS S SCOCOeOOSiOOOQC The Pom-Pom squad was formed this year to entertain the half-time crowd at our home basketball games. ■s: ; ! 294 ' % 295 1 •-■c Rahmi. Michai Vail. L Hawkins, George G. ■? Hill. John Lewis and Roosevelt Ewell KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRmmRNITY, INC. The noble clan of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., was born in January of 1911. Here at E. C.S. U. in the year of 1961, the Epsilon Alpha Chapter was established. Our Til Ine Day chapter is better known as the " Boast of the Coast " , a We Die name we well live up to. t " ' m:--: rh cr, • 7 " 7 W V kf ft V Scrollers Club at Homecoming ' 78 John Lewis, Jerry Hawkins, Roosevelt Ewell and Michael Vail scrcritH inc. Aurora Club Aurora Sandra Waters Sorors Betty Yelverton, Leona Simons, Florence Hinton and Aurora Sandra Waters f r p J THALIA SOROSIS SOCIAL CLUB Members: Ms. Brenda Cofield (right) and Ms. Saundra Sutton (left). « so ? 300 . Raronzee J. Hinton " Little Willie " October 2, 1978 Mrs. Florence Hinton Brian Levonn Sawyer December 30, 1978 Mrs. Gloria Sawyer HWN WBC BBK 3B; Babj) LaMont Emell Butts August 15, 1978 Mrs. Gail C. Butts 301 HM In Afitien: Jldvisor Qantphell 3 Organisations Editor tMiehaet tfones The yearbook staff would like to thank these people for their assistance in the production of the yearbook: Phyllis Carroll, Ed Spruill, Jr., Patricia Waters, Carlos Lewis, Wilton White, Ralphell Howard, Valarie Mitchell, Silva Reynolds, John Ward, Ms. Mildred Allen, Joyce Hannon and Mr. Jerome Fitch. Special thanks to the Daily Advance photographers Jim Reid, Charles Gupton and Pete Williams. J r(isi ifh t IH Qtease %aii Out Editor Qaroliin Rafting 7 i .SJ % ' »»!l» «rt --— - 4 e toil? tl ' Hb r- ' « JSds ssisianiJUmanda Vardij VSditor 7ii 3hie « Sports Editor a V nald Qurrii Vhofpgraphcr JUlan Vrenl Qopn Editor tJIH rva ason Chancellor Thorpe talks with Ms. Carolyn Felton as Dr. Raymond Dawson looks on (above). Dr. Eloise Horton chats with Mr. George Bowie, Jr. before the start of the commencement program (below). ! w t4lh. Qarotiin Tet(pn VBearer Of T ' hc t ll{aee " xCait io ihii tcuelii halts, Tg5V? t s. Tureen k Vfr in our hearfp we ' tt siitt love ihee, TCSVi l« I Dr. Raymond H. Dawson, Senior Vice President in the University of North Carolina General Ad- ministration. 306 A ik j A -k A Ms. Deborah R. Pittman received a certificate in Secretarial Science. She will be the last student to receive this certificate. 307 308 i J.. J. 309 Senior Directory 310 Douglas Almond 174 Locust Street. N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30301 DeRamous Arrington Route 3, Box 191 Enfield, N.C. 27823 Vanessa Dale Ashford 200 Tuskegee Street Wilson, N.C. 27893 Lillie Ballard Route 3, Box 48 New Bern, N.C. 28560 Vanessa Bannerman Route 1, Box 54 Maple Hill, N.C. 28454 Brenda Barkley Route 1, Box 73-C Palmyra, N.C. 27859 Larry D. Barnes 16 Smith Plaza Raleigh, N.C. 27601 Harvey Battle Route 1, Box 68 Hollister, N.C. 27844 Robin Beamon 1024 Butlers Lane Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Eleanor Beckwith Route 1, Box 139 Engelhard, N.C. 27824 Deborah Bell 1207 Winston Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Diane Benston 1034 Pierce Street Washington, N.C. 27889 Angela Best P.O. Box 633 Warsaw, N.C. 28398 Charmin Beverly Route 1, Box 87 Winton, N.C. 27986 Melinda Kay Boone Route 2, Box 347 Gates, N.C. 27937 Debra C. Bowe Route 1, Box 315 Camden, N.C. 27921 Carolyn E. Bowser 19 Phillips Court Somerset, N.J. 08873 Katrina F. Bowser 201 Shepard Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Robert C. Branch 2113 Belmont Avenue Bronx, NY. 10457 Santoria Brothers 500 North Oakum Street Edenton, N.C. 27932 Vera Bryant Route 2, Box 337 Columbia, N.C. 27925 Wanda R. Bullock P.O. Box 14 Manson, N.C. 27553 Sharon D. Bunch Route 2, Box 16 Edenton, N.C. 27932 Sylvia M. Burgess Route 1, Box 252 Hollister, N.C. 27844 Paula Burrus Route 1, Box 2-C South Mills, N.C. 27976 Terry Burrus 1401 River Road Elizabeth City. N.C. 27909 Phyllis Burum P.O. Box 46 Edenton, N.C. 27932 Geraldine Butts 102-B Herrington Village Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 H. Lettitia Bynum 1126 G Street New Bern, N.C. 28560 Lewis E. Carter 212 Coke Avenue Edenton, N.C. 27932 Thressa Chamblee 107 East Monoco Ahoskie, N.C. 27810 Merita Charity Route 1, Box 81 Winton, N.C. 27986 Shirley Cherry Route 2, Box 142 Aulander, N.C. 27805 Glen Cole 1015 Hunter Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Annie Coleman 1007 Elvie Street Wilson, N.C. 27893 Julia Collins Route 1, Box 65-C Engelhard, N.C. 27824 Darvin Comer 1707 Brookridge Drive Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Sandra Cooper P.O. Box 585 Nashville, N.C. 27856 Millicent Cooper Route 1, Box 173 Woodland, N.C. 27897 Brian Copeland 528 East 54th Street Brooklyn, N.Y. 11203 Sharon Corbett Route 1, Box 157 Atkinson, N.C. 28421 Rita Cross Route 2, Box 115 Gates, N.C. 27937 Ronald Curry Route 3, Box 45 Elon College, N.C. 27244 Byron Davis P.O. Box 1 Jamesville, N.C. 27846 Christine Davis Route 1, Box 646 Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Everlena Dawson Route 1359 Grifton, N.C. 28530 Fredia M. Days 1205 Bridges Street Morehead City, N.C. 28557 Richard Delamar 714 Old Cherry Pt. Road New Bern, N.C. 28560 Timothy Dickens P.O. Box 413 Whitakers, N.C. 27891 Eleanora P. Doane Route 1, Box 248 Camden, N.C. 27921 Amett Dove T 2340 Craven Terrece New Bern, N.C. 28560 Marva S. Eason Route 1, Box 53 Sunbury, N.C. 27979 James P. Ebron 732 County Road Belhaven, N.C. 27810 Icy D. Eley 200 Burden Street Ahoskie, N.C. 27910 Cifton P. Ervin Box 245 Edenton, N.C. 27932 Rickey Everette 608 Jackson Street Philadelphia, Pa. Carol Lee Farrow Route I, Box 293 Oriental, N.C. 28571 Carolyn Faye Felton Route 1, Box 929 Hertford, N.C. 27944 Yvonne Fennell Route 2, Box 84-B Ahoskie, N.C. 27910 Gregory P. Fenner Route 1, Box 107 Columbia, N.C. 27925 LeRoy Ferguson, Jr. 165 West 4th Avenue Red Springs, N.C. 28377 Barbara Ann Fletcher Box 47 Camden, N.C. 27921 Wanda D. Floyd Box 74 Youngsville, N.C. 27596 Charles Foster, Jr. 1200 Southern Avenue Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Gail T. Foster 7324 Hyannis Drive Fayetteville, N.C. 28304 Sherman C. Freeman Route 1, Box 297 Ahoskie, N.C. 27910 Sylvia W. Freeman 402 Walnut Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Wanda G. Fullwood Route 2, Box 58 Bolivia, N.C. 28422 Rosa B. Gaskins 123 East Gale Street Edenton, N.C. 27932 Sharon Gibbs General Delivery South Mills, N.C. 27976 Jacqueline D. Gibson 1201 Mitchell Drive Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Paramjot Gill 103- H Herrington Village Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Marvin Godfrey 1310 Lincoln Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Janet L. Graham 1229 Anne Street Rocky Mount, N.C. 27801 Robert S. Graham 424 South Gaine Street Southern Pines, N.C. 28387 Thomas F. Graves 27-42 Mcintosh Street East Elmhurst, N.Y. 11369 Wagner B. Grier 2100 Syracuse Drive Charlotte, N.C. 28216 Addie W. Griffin Route 6, Box 233 Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Reginald D. Griffin 1322 Haggard Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Sedric L. Griffin Route 5, Box 232 Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Milton Hagans Route 5, Box 45 Rocky Mount, N.C. 27801 Ann Louise Halsey Route 2, Box 33 Edenton, N.C. 27932 John Hall Route 1, Box 73 Gatesville, N.C. 27938 Joyce A. Hannon 1617 Poplar Street Scotland Neck, N.C. 27874 Dorothy Hardy Route 3, Box 454 Wilson, N.C. 27893 Sadie B. Harper Route 3, Box 370 Enfield, N.C. 27823 James Q. Harris Route 6, Box 197 Lot 11 Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Patricia Ann Harris P.O. Box 142 Edenton, N.C. 27932 Carolyn L. Harrell Route 1, Box 328 Tarboro, N.C. 27886 Thomas Hastye III P.O. Box 151 Enfield, N.C. 27823 Cynthia F. Hawkins Route 1, Box 103-D Halifax, N.C. 27839 Evelyn P. Hayer Route 1, Box 44-A Corapeake, N.C. 27926 Ruby M. Hendricks 102 Dogwood Drive Weldon, N.C. 27890 Diana Hendricks Route 1, Box 106 Warrenton, N.C. 27589 Eddie Hewlin Route 3, Box 233-A Enfield, N.C. 27823 David A. Hill P.O. Box 915 North Wilkesboro, N.C. 28659 Linda D. Highsmith Route 1, Box 99-A Tomohawk, N.C. Gullie Haggard Route 1, Box 2- A Cofield, N.C. 27922 Inez Haggard P.O. Box 4 Mary Hill. N.C. 27957 Phyllis Haggard P.O. Box 876 Windsor, N.C. 27983 Doris A. Holloway 5131 Courtshire Circle Fayetteville, N.C. 28304 James L. Holmes 519 King Street South Hill, Va. 23970 James D. Horton 223 Ten Eyck Walk Brooklyn, N.Y. 11206 Daniel D. Hooper, Jr. 404 Pear Street Goldsbaro, N.C. 27530 Sandra R. Houston Route 1, Box 57-A Maple Hill, N.C. 28454 Alan Hughes 1216 Mosely Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Sharon Hughes Route 1 Shiloh, N.C. 27974 Dorothy M. Hurdle Route 2, Box 234 Hertford, N.C. 27944 Reginald A. James Route 3, Box 113-C Windsor, N.C. 27983 Carolyn W. Jennings 1118 Park Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Jean Renee Johnson 501 Lane Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27979 311 312 Joseph Rodger Johnson III P.O. Box 214 Halifax, N.C. 27839 Joyce E. Johnson 914 Southern Avenue Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Kathy Johnson 1310 Poplar Street Scotland Neck, N. C. 27874 Lauanda A. Johnson P.O. Box 18 Bolivia, N.C. 28422 Zachary Johnson 1217 Southern Avenue Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Denese Arnez Jones 641 South Main Street Tarboro, N.C. 27886 Goldie Mae Jones Route 1, Box 78 Tyner, N.C. 27980 Hunter Jones 424 ' 2 Hamilton Street Henderson, N.C. 27536 Michael G. Jones P.O. Box 32 Creswell, N.C. 27928 Robert E. Jones 112 Creekside Court Roanoke Rapids, N.C. 27870 Wendy A. Jones 1134 4th Street, N.E. Washington, D.C. Teddy J. Keyes Route 1, Box 94 Franklinton, N.C. 27525 Dwander L. Kilpatrick Route 1, Box 440-B Dover, N.C. 28526 Ronnie L. King 506 Madrin Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Ella Koonce Route 1, Box 365 Dover, N.C. 28526 Merlin Kornegay 901 Park Street Goldsboro, N.C. 27530 Sidney Lassiter Route 3, Box 199 Edenton, N.C. 27932 Charlie Lawrence, Jr. 916 South Washington Street Rocky Mount, N. C. 27801 Fannie Lawrence Route 4, Box 399-B Washington, N.C. 27889 Lawrence C. Lee 6329 Linwood Avenue Norfolk, Va. 23513 Wilmon H. Lee, Jr. 306 Boyette Street Murfreesboro, N.C. 27855 Alvin A. Lewis Route 1, Box SP 34 Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Chiquita M. Lewis 212 Median Circle Portsmouth, Va. 23701 Diane Little P.O. Box 231 Hamilton, N.C. 27840 Marvin Little Route 2, Box 523 Williamston, N.C. 27892 Mary E. Little Route 2, Box 159 Rockingham, N.C. 28379 Hattie Lucas Route 1, Box 65-H Engelhard, N.C. 27824 Kim Luckes 107 Jenness Lane Newport News, Va. 23602 Jeanette Lyde 751 Pritchard Ext. Apt. D-4 Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514 Shirley Lyones P.O. Box 187 Lewiston, N.C. 27849 Carolyn Martin P.O. Box 245 Garysburg, N.C. 27831 Annie McClarin 113 North Georgia Avenue Goldsboro. N.C. 27530 Darlene McCoy P.O. Box 157 South Mills, N.C. 27976 Jerry G. McPherson Route 1, Box 208 South Mills, N. C. 27976 Alice J. Melvin P.O. Box 575 Jackson, N.C. 27845 Linda M. Miller 1204 Winston Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Annie L. Miller 1204 Winston Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Alton L. Mitchell 107 Speed Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Keith Mitchell 1210 Kent Street Durham, N.C. 27707 Audrey Mizzelle Route 4, Box 349 Ahoskie, N.C. 27910 Toni G. Monroe 221 Philips Avenue Red Springs, N C. 28377 Thomas M. Montague Route 2, Box 51 Franklinton, N.C. 27525 Beverly Moore Route 1, Box 92 Colerain, N.C. 27924 Janice Moore 616 Cardwell Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Phyllis A. Moore Route 3, Box 480 Hertford, N.C. 27944 Vandalyn Moore Route 5, Box 263 Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Jacquelyn E. Morris 14 Calvert Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 William T. Morris Route 1, Box 258 Colerain, N.C. 27924- Wadell Moses P.O. Box 123 Margarettsville, N.C. 27853 Elnora R. Moye P.O. Box 652 Edenton, N.C. 27932 Darlene L. Murden 803 Richardson Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Marguerite Murphy Route 1, Box 91 Tomahawk, N.C. 28465 Ida Murray Route 1, Box 63 Engelhard, N.C. 27824 Ella V. Murrell Route 1, Box 283 Dover. N.C. 28526 Carolyn Myrick Route 1, Box 73 Scotland Neck, N.C. 27874 Marion R. Nelson Route 1, Box 921 Hertford, N.C. 27944 Carolyn Nixon Route 1, Box 258 Roper, N.C. 27970 Ronald Q. Nixon 1205 Mitchell Drive Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Charolotte L. O ' Neal 306 Elizabeth Avenue New Bern, N.C. 28560 Elaine Overton 59 Ives Street Waterbury, Conn. 06704 Lillian Overton Route 4, Box 108 Hertford. N.C. 27944 J. Ersell Owens 404 Bell Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Janice L. Parker Route 4, Box 240-J Windsor, N.C. 27983 Jerry E. Parker Route 2, Box 90 Tarboro, N.C. 27886 William Payne 136 Shiloh Road Asheville, N.C. 28803 Dolline Paxton Route 3, Box 427 Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Brent Peele Route 3, Box 529 Williamston, N.C. 27892 Sylvia L. Peele 74-A Merrel Avenue Stanford, Conn. 06902 Roscoe Pender 216 Hannon Street Enfield, N.C. 27823 Hurley Perry Route 2, Box 233 Hertford, N.C. 27944 Patricia Pickett Route 1, Box 8 Willard, N.C. 28478 Gertrude V. Pierce 1627 Brookridge Drive Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 LaSandra Pierce 230 Wyche Street Roanoke Rapids, N.C. 27870 Debora R. Pittman 239 Pine Street Suffolk, Va. 23434 Jacklyn Powell Route 1, Box 190 Moyock, N.C. 27958 Phyllis Powell 1214 B Byrd Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Carolyn E. Pugh 707 South 3rd Street Wilmington, N.C. 28401 Patricia A. Pugh Route 4, Box 44-A Windsor, N.C. 27983 Anthony L. Rahming Freeport, Bahamas Sophia Rainey Route 3, Box 372 Enfield, N.C. 27823 Patricia A. Rascoe Route 4, Box 61 Windsor, N.C. 27983 LuVerne Ray nor Route 1, Box 4 Colerain, N.C. 27924 Shirlene Reese Route 1, Box 108 Conway, N.C. 27820 Ronald Richardson 1029 East Washington Street Nashville, N.C. 27856 Cynthia Riddick Route 3, Box 237 Ahoskie, N.C. 27910 Debra J. Riddick 515 White Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Frances P. Riddick Route 1, Box 124 South Mills, N.C. 27976 Gloria Riddick Route 2, Box 244 Hertford, N.C. 27944 Margaret L. Riddick 1304 Winston Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Theresa J. Robbins 209 East Gale Street Edenton, N.C. 27932 Clifton W. Roberts 405 Massachusetts Avenue Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Joyce E. Roberts Route 1, Box 103 Edenton, N.C. 27932 Gary M. Rodgers Route 2, Box 78 Creswell, N.C. 27928 Mosette Rountree 504 Spaulding Street Wilson, N.C. 27893 Wanda Rush Route 4, Box 174 Trinity, N.C. 27370 Milton B. Satchell 408 Palm Street Belhaven, N.C. 27810 Willie D. Satchell 408 Palm Street Belhaven, N.C. 27810 Connie W. Sawyer, Jr. Route 1, Box 256 Camden, N.C. 27921 Maurice B. Sears Route 1, Box 207 South Mills, N.C. 27976 Darrell Sessoms Route 1, Box 94-F Cofield, N.C. 27922 Ronnie R. Sharpe 902 East Wilson Street Tarboro, N.C. 27886 Hazel T. Simpson Route 3, Box 216 Hertford, N.C. 27944 Linda Slade Route 1, Box 223 Pantego, N.C. 27860 Barbara A. Slaughter 509 Troy Street Ahoskie, N.C. 27910 Clotine Spivey Route 2, Box 193 Aulander, N.C. 27805 Jessie T. Spencer P.O. Box 522 Columbia, N.C. 27925 Niagra Spencer P.O. Box 453 Columbia, N.C. 27925 Joseph G. Spruill Route 1, Box 31 Columbia, N.C. 27925 William E. Spruill, Jr. 232 West 27th Street Norfolk, Va. 23517 Peggy D. Stanley Route 6, Box 365 New Bern, N.C. 28560 Barbara A. Stephenson Route 1, Box 216 Conway, N.C. 27820 Robert M. Smith Box 427-A Middlesex, N.C. 27557 Shirley A. Spellman Route 3, Box 101 Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Barbara J. Speight Route 1, Box 239- A Whitakers, N.C. 27891 313 Clematis M. Stokes P.O. Box 128 Roper, N.C. 27970 Tony L. Story 402 Delaware Avenue Elizabeth City. N.C. 27909 Brenda Sutton 815 Walkers Avenue Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Shirley Sutton 806 Dance Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Susan A. Taylor Route 1, Box 124-AA Edenton, N.C. 27932 Thressa Taylor Route 1, Box 10-A Garysburg, N.C. 27831 Henr y T Tharps Route 2, Box 6 Plymouth, N.C. 27962 Beverly Thomas Route 2, Box 418 Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Glenice Thompson 805 Newby Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Antonio Timmons 1308 " B " Beaumont Apartments Burlington, N.C. 27215 Deborah E. Trapp P.O. Box 628 Wendell, N.C. 27591 John D. Twine 618 Cardwell Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Sheila Tyler 502 Catherine Creek Road Ahoskie, N.C. 27910 Patrice Umphrey Route 3, Box 215 Fuguay-Varina, N.C. 27526 Loisteen Underdue Route 1, Box 67-A Margaretsville, N.C. 27853 Rosa M. Underdue Route 1, Box 104 Seaboard, N.C. 27876 Virginia Vines 419 South Haywood Street Raleigh, N.C. 27611 Kent Vinson 116 Snipe Street Ahoskie, N.C. 27910 Mary Walden Route 1, Box 173 Woodland, N.C. 27897 Karen S. Walton Route 6, Box 233 Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Patricia A. Waters Route 1, Box 341 Faison, N.C. 28341 Jerry L. Watford P.O. Box 177 Powellsville, N.C. 27967 William S. Westbrook, Jr. 2225 East 22nd Street Winston-Salem, N.C. 27105 Diane Westry 123 Vernon Street Nashville, N.C. 27856 Teresa Whidbee 402 Davis Avenue Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Trudy U. Whitaker P.O. Box 264 Enfield, N.C. 27823 Robin White P.O. Box 132 Edenton, N.C. 27932 Janet Whitfield Route 1, Box 59-AlO Engelhard, N.C. 27824 Carolyn Whitehead Route 2, Box 137 Whitakers, N.C. 27891 Anthony Wiggins 513 Sheridan Street, N. W. Washington, D.C. 20013 Balarie D. Wike Box 682 Aberdeen, N.C. 28315 Karen Wilder 709 ' 2 Pine Street Beaufort, N.C. 28516 Sarah M. Wills 111 Open Circle Edenton, N.C. 27932 Joyce Wilson Route 1, Box 106-E Shelby, N.C. 28150 Katherine E. Wilson Route 1, Box 256-A Henderson, N.C. 27536 Anthony E. Winfield 1011 Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, N.Y. 11226 Brenda Williams P.O. Box 237 Garysburg, N.C. 27831 Brenda G. Williams Route 5. Box 207 Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Derk Williams 2850 Chesapeake Blvd. Norfolk, Va. 23509 Elverlene Williams 804 South Greewood Street Scotland Neck, N.C. 27874 Juanita S. Williams 524 South Road Street Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Kathy C. Williams 1120 East Main Street Murfreesboro, N.C. 27855 Shioban F. Williams Route 4, Box 85 Williamston, N.C. 27892 Shirley M. Williams 502 West Chruch Street Williamston, N.C. 27892 Althea Y. Wright 431 1st Street, S.E. Hickory, N.C. 28601 Denise Wright 117 Charles Creek Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 27870 Betty A. Yelverton Route 3, Box 260 Wilson, N.C. 27893 Douglas Young 406 South Chavis Street Franklinton, N.C. 27525 314 315 Mr. Mrs. William Perry would like to extend their congratulations to the Class of ' 79. Congratulations to the ' 79 graduates of ECSU. Hurdle Hardware Congratulations Tony, Words cannot express the happiness I feel and wish for you. Remember wherever life takes you, my love is with you. Marva The Student Activities office would like to wish the best of luck to the many ' 79 graduates of ECSU. i The yearbook staff would like to congratulate and bid farewell to the graduating members of the " VIKING " staff: Marva Eason, Ron Curry, Joyce Hannon, Letitia Bynum Ed Spruill, Jr. Lettitia and Marilyn, May success and happiness follow the golden road that leads to your future. While traveling that golden road to success don ' t forget the great times we had in 3-D and 3-J Hugh Cale Hall. Katrina and Patricia 316 Sawyer ' s House of Furniture, Inc. 300 N. Hughes Blvd. Elizabeth City, N. C. 27909 G. E. Westinghouse RCA Calvin S. Sawyer William S. Sawyer 338-3901 Perry Paint Glass Co. 306 E. Ehringhaus St. 335-4353 Art Supplies-Mirrors Picture Framing ' ' We Got A Feeling your GoiitiaUkeUsr Culpepper Hardware Co. " The Town ' s Tool Box " Edgewood Shopping Center 335-4329 Serving you with quality for more than 50 years. KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN " It ' s finger lickin ' good " America Loves What The Colonel Cooks Kentucky Fried Chicken Fish — Shrimp — Barbeque Extra Crispy Chicken Buy it by the: •Box •Bucket •Barrel Open 7 days 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 335-5050 116 S. Hughes Blvd. 317 112 cN. Voindexter EHz, City, NC Rex Cleaners Expert Cleaning, Pressing and Alterations 700 Herrington Road W. T. Mouring Owner Ph. 335-4439 Elizabeth City, NC 318 The Men ' s Shop David S. Houtz Owner Suits, Sportcoats Slacks by MERIT Shirts by SERO Slacks by HUBBARD Casual Wear by Jockey Danbury 115 N. Poindexter Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Telephone: 335-7291 319 Thornton Furniture Co. Complete Line of Home Furniture, Appliances Floor Coverings Credit Available 207 N. Poindexter Street Phone: 338-4111 Carolina Printing Company Designers and Makers of Distinctive Printing Beautiful Wedding Invitations 514 Cardwell Street Phone: 335-5792 Ydu Asked For It Ydu Got It m m f prrg ll0t0rH Snjjnta. Int. m Phdne Wayne M. Perry Bus.: 335-4301 President inoa W. EHRINGHAUS ST. ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. 279D9 i i Phone 335-4319 (I mM ' £(My FLORIST SHOP 710 W. Ehringhaus St. ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. 27909 320 Tuck ' s Bar-B-Q Restaurant " Excellence in Dining " 404 S. Hughes Blvd. Elizabeth City, NC Ph: 335-1509 Jordan Company Eastern Carolina ' s Largest Distributor of AIR CONDITIONING PLUMBING— HEA TING ELECTRICAL APPARATUS Elizabeth City, NC Congratulations To The Class Of V9 if rom The Yearbook Staff Compliments of Pepsi- Cola 335-4355 Pepsi- Cola Bottling Co. of Elizabeth City, NC 321 Southgate Mall Shop Northeastern North Carolina ' s largest and most modern department store for the now head to toe fashions . . . 322 Golden Corral Steak House 512 W. Ehringhaus Street Elizabeth City, NC Ph: 338-1550 KEEPSAKE DIAMOND RINGS Silver — China — Crystal — Watches Jewelry Repair — Engraving — Silver Replating 335-2991 Quality, Service and Dependability for 97 years ' THE QUALITY JEWELRY STORE OF THE ALBEMARLE. " 601 E. Main Street Elizabeth City, NC Ph: 338-3966 Rucker Sheely Department Store Office: 515 E. Main Street 335-2392 Ladies Ready -To -Wear 515 E. Main Street Elizabeth City, NC Ph: 335-5694 323 Always you have been told that work is a curse and labour a misfortune. But I say to you that when you work you fulfill a part of earth ' s furthest dream, assigned to you when that dream was born, And in keeping yourself with labour you are in truth loving life, And to love life through labour is to be in- timate with life ' s inmost secret. Kahil Gibran 324 ►?w AS Is A 325 ih AfitaeaUd||«in«AU J The 1978-1979 VIKING was published by the Yearbook Staff at Elizabeth City State University. Printing was done by INTER- COLLEGIATE PRESS, located in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. The copy is Century Schoolbook Italic. Point size is 8 point to 60 point. The paper is Baskerville I. The cover, manufactured by ICP, is Special Hot Stamp with French Line grain and custom designed. The books are trimmed to 9 x 12 inches. Again special thanks to Mr. Robert Lawson, out of Durham, NC, for his guidance in the production of the ' 79 VIKING. We would also like to thank INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS for their hospitality when we visited the plant in November of 1978. A r ' 326 GREETINGS FROM THE EDITOR Our Viking staff is organized with dependable and responsible students. Without these factors the 1978-1979 Viking yearbook would not have been a success. The Viking yearbook is a very young and growing product of Elizabeth City State University. We, the Viking yearbook staff, are striving to make each edition a cherishable treasure filled with memories of ECSU. The main goal of the staff is " perfection " . Each edition of the Viking yearbook is more diversified in its content. The 1978 edition is no exception. We, the Viking staff, have attempted to produce our annual that highlights the events of this year. As Editor-in-Chief, my sole responsibility is organizing, directing and coordinating the production of the yearbook. I was born on September 9, 1958. Later in my adventurous life, I was graduated from Hugh M. Cummings III High School in Burlington, NC. A junior Early Childhood Education major, I entered Elizabeth City State University in the fall of 1976. At birth I was given the name Katrina Denise Burton, however, for various reasons became known as " Trina " . While attending ECSU, I have become active in several campus organizations. Among them are: Layout Editor of the yearbook, Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook, a member of the Concert Band and a member of the cluster program com- mittee. My parents, Mr. Mrs. Bowman K. Burton, have inspired me to strive hard for the many things that I want in life. I thank them for their encouragement and supportiveness of me during the 21 years of my life. In closing, I would like to send my special thanks to the following people for their cooperation: Ms. Debra L. Campbell — Yearbook Advisor Mr. Jerome H. Fitch — Director of Student Activities Dr. Eloise B. Horton — Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Mr. Robert Lawson — Yearbook Representative Sincerely yours, j(aZzc - J J , a - ' C Scc Jr 0 Katrina D. Burton Editor-in-Chief ' 78-79 VIKING 327 iril r ' ,t)lloc)icilo press, inc. ■mm ' : ' -:j ' mmmmmm ' fW n

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