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A Transformation Has |RA ?KihJGS Approached Viking Land 4 , . S - - ' ' ' ' ? .■ ' ' , ' ■ -. i . : ' ;-; ' . ELIZABETH CITY STATE UNIVERSITY 1978 ECSU ' S PRESIDENTS Dr. Peter W. Moore 1891-1928 Dr. John H. Bias 1928-1939 iiffiaj ' " ' ( V., ' ' i ' Dr. Harold L. Trigg 1945-1958 Dr. Sidney D. Williams 1939-1945 Dr. Walter N. Ridley 1958-1968 ft Governor James Hunt came to Elizabeth City to heip Chancellor Marion Thorpe kick-off ECSU ' s Advancement 200 cam- - - f, . CHANCELLOR Chancellor Thorpe listens as the Governor projects about the future of North Carolina and its Black colleges and universities. .5 1 n Everybody listens to the Governor of North Carolina. I ' ' - : MARION D. THORPE ■■■; -V JiM 1 i mm i J |HH I J— I i -l 1© IP V-J El : z ' l z lyf Elizabeth City State University ' s choir, under the direction of Billy Mines, sings " I like calling North Carolina . . . Home. " Dedication to Dr. Herman G. Cool e Bro. Cool e was born on November 28, 1918, in Petersburg, Virginia. He crossed the sand on April 15, 1936 through Mu Chapter at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pa. He received a B.S. degree from Virginia State College in 1934, a M.S. degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1939 and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin and Maxplanck Institute for Limnology at Plon, Germany. Prior to joining the faculty of Elizabeth City State University, Dr. Cooke had taught at Hampton Institute and had served as an Entomologist for the U.S. Research Center in Washington, D.C., and as an Histologist at the Children ' s Hospital of Philadelphia, PA. Many honors came to Bro. Cooke during his all-too-short tenure at Elizabeth City State University. He served as Acting Chairman of the Department of Biology during the academic years of 1968-69 and 1969-70. In 1970, he discovered a new species of animal life that was later named " Abbabesmyia Cookei " in his honor. The General Alumni Association of Elizabeth City State University honored him with its Distinguished Service Award in 1976. His publications list is long, and the list of his professional affiliations is even longer. This is a statement dedicated to Bro. Herman Glenn Cooke by the people who loved and ad- mired him very much, the Brothers of the Lambda Gamma Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. Bro. Cooke went to the Omega Chapter at 1:50 p.m. on June 30, 1977 and left a pair of shoes that will never be filled. He discovered a new species of animal life that was later named " Ab- babesmyia Cookei " in his honor. TRANSFORMATION OF NICKNAMES ff Pirates 1947-1963 PIRATES VIKINGS m .- , jb VIKING 1964 fe-. Look not mournfully into the past. It comes not back again, wisely improve thie present NEW SPORTS ARENA It is thine. Go forth to meet the shadowy future without fear, and with a manly heart. — Longfellow NEW INDUSTRIAL ARTS BUILDING Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adveF- sity. —Aristotle NEW MAINTENANCE BUILDING Model of Campus Development 10 GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF 1978! Although Chancellors or Presidents often Include statements in yearbooks of graduating classes, I have felt that our yearbooks can and do speak for themselves in capturing many of the inerasable memories of our sojourn at Elizabeth City State University. We are all acutely aware, however, that a multitude of changes are ever with us— in the world-at-large, in our per- sonal lives, and here in " Viking Land. " Since this is true, 1 feel we might pause for a moment in this our 1978 Yearbook, to note some of these changes, and also seek to glimpse a bit of the future. It is a significant time for BOTH of us:— for you, commencing into wider worlds of opportunity for service; for me, completing my first decade of responsibility as President and Chancellor of our beloved institution. For these reasons, I ' m enclosing my first yearbook statement since my arrival. What are some of the significant events which have occurred? For one example, as of 1978, we have produced graduates in fields of study which once did not exist here. As another, we have rather cheerfully endured in- conveniences necessary to accomplish significant physical expansion of our campus and its facilities. Further, we have seen our faculty and staff grow in size and strength— though we have also regretted losing some who gave so much of themselves in order to help us become what we are, and what we will be. We have seen our student body grow steadily in size, quality, and accomplishments. This is perhaps MOST signifi- cant because as time moves inexorably onward, YOU, the students, and YOU, who become the alumni, will be the ones in the final analysis who let others, locally or worldwide, know just what the essence of ECSU really is. And so, ultimately upon you rests the responsibility of showing that ECSU, your Alma Mater, is an excellent place to enter, maturate in, and depart from— then to demonstrate to the world that being a " Viking " is a lifelong asset. THIS, I feel confident, the Class of 1978 will do— just as its worthy predecessors have done and those who follow will do. And what of TOMORROW,— Class of 1978— having spoken of the past and present? None can say for certainty what tomorrow will be, but we can sketch what we HOPE shall be, and collectively seek to become. We feel we will grow larger and stronger, as we work toward our goals in togetherness— you as alumni, and we who continue to be here. We feel that we will have greater resources: in terms of increased good will, increased financial support, increased student services and especially in the strengthening and broadening of our existing and future academic program— which is what we ' re all about, in the first place. In academics, for example, there are plans for new majors and degree opportunities. We anticipate this phase of growth in the fine and practical arts, in certain technological and scientific areas, in the area of planning for better living— environmentally and otherwise, and in op- portunities for graduate study. Also as a part of tomorrow, as new students, faculty, staff, and administrators come to us, we anticipate enhanced quality and cohesiveness among all of them. We look to these types of resources and the kind who will join with the many fine persons already here in helping to achieve our and their plans, goals, and dreams. To do less than these things would be in discord with our role within The University of North Carolina System; would abort the expectations and labors of our Founders and those who have so arduously sought to implement their dreams; would subvert our own pride and sense of worth to the world— ECSU sentiments so aptly expressed in our Hymn— our " Alma Mater. " I feel that such MUST not, WILL not, be the case. Instead, MY glimpse into the future says that, working together, we SHALL achieve; that we shall achieve an ECSU of a nature beyond even the fondest dreams of our predecessors. I know that we have ample foundation upon which to build in order to make these things come true— that we CAN create an even greater edifice for learning, personal growth, and service to others. Finally, and in summary, we have worked together for the continued growth of ourselves and our institution. Together, we have experienced good moments, proud moments, and sad moments. But for ALL our moments, now and in the future, may we remember that there is a Divine " Compass " — to guide us into and through all worthy things which we would achieve. And so, Class of 1978, I remind you of just a few of the many words in that Divine Compass, which we should recall as, together, we journey into tomorrow. The Prophet Isaiah tells us (40:31): " But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. " Mrs. Thorpe, our family and I commend these words to you, congratulate your achievements and wish you Godspeed as you walk from these halls into the bright promises of tomorrow. Most cordially yours, Marion D. Thorpe Chancellor 11 BABY VIKINGS 77-78 ' Clinton Wllkins III August 12, 1977 Shericka Nicole Sawyer August 22, 1977 Trequita Overton September 14, 1977 N Kristy Monique Poyner March 25, 1978 Jfc Angela Christine Billups June 8, 1978 Ervin Herbert Brothers, Jr. May 8. 1978 i Think: All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride. —Sophocles 13 Wfr v •■ .-. . 15 I burn my candle at both ends; It will not last the night. But of my foes and oh my friends It gives a lovely light. —Edna St. Vincent Millay 17 18 19 Black women Sun sisters, we are the sam we move under love whether it be tjfk cold city sundownor high rise twilight kente rainbows of palm leaves laughin day night under the rise of love we move under the blues of love we cry need, under fluid love we are the Nile bending rhythms of love yes. dance, move under pstream rivers of love acks stretched bow tight nder the wait of love night - under the rise of love :■ ' : ' ■■love !-e the same we are the same Sun blessed.women irilSve ndeir love e move ing sambas on the sun move under: love ism ' giving birth t nvers move under love chanting joy joy listen. ove ros|)wnds of timp rf ' ' ■ ' .we move undejiftove whe r we be born frbm the dqo wah blues or from a thousand drums sbundirf blood and bones binding we move .i v to a fluente song. love. I by Rhonda Mills® 1975 A - ■ 20 ' mjm 21 J 22 kitt i A i vN -: 23 24 25 26 27 jKi- -w ! tiff 29 30 31 32 I ' ve never met anyone lilce him, I like him TOO much! I don ' t show enough effection for him, ' I like him TOO much! ;| He says I ' m mean, he ' s meaner, that ' s why I like him TOO much! He pushes me away and tells me to talk to others, I like him TOO much! He puts me down all the time, I like him TOO much! He tells me not to love him because I w get love in return, I like him TOO much! hers tell me he ' ll hurt, use, abuse me, I like him TOO much! Behind close doors we share beautiful moments, I like him TOO much! Sometimes in public we hardly know each other, I like him TOO much! -,; He treats me like no other man has, I like him TOO much! , He gets away with things that hurt me, .: I like him TOO much! We are afraid of each other in away that our relationship will " ■■ never go any further, ,,.v, .. I like him TOO much! : I ' m not the only women in his life, I like him TOO mucrh! I ask him things I shouldn ' t, I like him TOO much! He says things that upset me, I like him TOO much! We have long, involved talks, - I like him TOO much! Somethings I ' m afraid to talk to him about, I like him TOO much! He asks me what I ' m thinking, I say n knowing that there ' s something, I like him TOO much! I ' m trying my best not to fall. Just trying to have myself a ball, ' He ' s fine but not mine, | I wish I could have him all the time, 1 He visits me when he thinks the time is i The right time is always for me, for this I LOVE him TOO much! 1 He says he likes me a lot, he shows it iff ' a beautiful way, I WANT to LOVE him TOO mi " " " ' Lisa Marie ' ' ■5yNCoke m 33 ENiORS ' • ' , , ' .m T Ml, - CD 6 k fet % ' . . ' • :-. :•- " ■ ' V ' c. m ' :-- % ■•5 ' •■.s ' ■ifci ' v .; t :S ' :r. i. ?x.v ; ' ■fe ; ' " :, W ' A: i 1 -1 -. .;• ■ . :i=i- ' ; • ' -• ' : " y ' -o. Q 3 ' ■I £3 R PR ' Wi ' at ? ' ' ; " :?7. 17 i•. ' .■■ - J .A .-n- •Hi? m • • .■I ' :U} } T V K! x 4. v-,r ojA] ■ • " . i .■• ' • ' ; ■?t:: ' m r T» »;.. 4 ■ 4 ' ■-. :. ' H [ IL 1 ■1 ■ m ■ ' ' Hr ' ' ' ' ' ' V3 ■ WSmS - ' W V B 3KK Jl BS«D • ' ■ ' ' - - • ' •■ ' -i? ' ! ' ' -- ' BJflawsEKtv ' ' ' -■ ' ■ ' .-. ' ' ■■ ' ,• ■•■ ' i»SHfi3Wwpi U ' tv- , .;!; ' ' ;? " --.■•. »f?:: . ' v ' H:v: H ra ' - " ' ' " " ' ' ' ■ ?i KI|»Wf l - , ' twill live in your heart forever! ! tm 4 MONTHS mmin i 0m %s ! H il K7 H ' « ■ s - ■ v-i.- ■ .c -V ' c ' V ; V - . • . ;A yr y ■♦ v --V ' .■ " ! -. iK ji • f ' " ;; ' ' 7:v-;%:- .. r ' v -iv ' ■ ■ ' ' i ' - H S 1 liii - Cs ' 1 -Ati ' BH HH S||ir. 1 imIHH £ - ' " F m i B ' " p- f ' - ' " % " V ' .r- k - m % :■ }:, t1 i ' fc- T: ! ?■ ift ' ' ' ..V ' . ' ' f- ' - ' i ■- ' •J- ' - m f. 4i: fi M " J ••«.• v S I ' V-J ' . -v W3 ' r- sai? y;v- S? ' ' " .: v. iL- .: •|. " I .■ ■ ! ;,:? ' ««F«I Sociolooy Intermediate Wilmington. NC AqutT ' us !ri!ermediate Greenville, NC Sagittarius Vi! ' ' ■i ' . ' -.i ;M, L ■■■. i . J ■ i B V- ' J ' 4 t • ' 5f; ' i 7 -vs ' ' . ■ i i ' iV ' -3...i ' ;.-. te -fSJi AdmlnielrattI ih City, NC Si mm. fclUMIfc,?, - -i- l k- ' ( U r E |S. i ' SrJTT ' v ' . . S, J ' f 1 ........ I r ■ ' : ' ■, - P Ns " 5 W a ...•v ' .r H " f l .■■■-;- ! ■ ' .t- ii iia ■m IS?- .., I ■■?.■ ■ P ' . ' w r f ' ' M f " ;: Ui: 1 tjtfr v K mi ; " ' V ::4l y T ' ■H- ' - ' s !!5.v ; ' » ' - Wk Wilson. NC ' m ■ •iIVa [ J ; y-t ,¥ : X 3 I,- ,■•••,■ . .. ' -.i: ' rfl . ' L i ' ' -•; i•;!?l: ' v ' • rf : LjT ai ,r- w t •■1 K 1 p .If- • l- ' - li4ii ■ ' : :}ri». i ' F 1 K fO» H t " Hr 1 B|(iii i ' W ' m m K r 1 ■ ™ ' e ' i B jR V 1 tt t ST) F i Ly K ,- w s A»%iii. Hi I ' .. : ' . ' ' mm ' ct-? . ' J. t :. f m. -.v:: .. rJgjag;.jL .:.-: M " ' f - ; . ' «i ' v V V ' : ■:rt • ' KifM " V ' ' ir iiMkii frnw iSie ' p i i . ••• ?■ ' ts, " ' I ,i U ' Ci ' - f • J« ' V( ' , o JS?; j iK ? lA ' 1 ■M rV H .■J« ' : a. . ?r » ?ti ' ' j - : ' . i ii S ' -; • ' -N!, : . ' V; i v 1 • ,i.ju : |L 4£ «k u Eh 1 B nk " " V E 1 Kf- ,.- -4 4 ' w - ■ 9sa Stokes itfy Childhood Educalloil ashington. NC Taurus mmm !• : H Ri -y. t- U m HHBl (K pHF F " - .-.■ i ; M PV. w2 r ■k r A • X w ammii -n i • J iflfe- - r • i «-,s ■ 1- i . F ' T H ik?illi j ' - ■?ci- K; ' r a F .- ' ••ft ' -; ' ' ;S. ' i h ' :■■rJ - " uP: -KI--v: ' ?C 1 1 FOUNDER ' S DAY 65 What ' s my grade now? Ha! Ha! I don ' t like to sleep alone. 66 JUNIORS DeRamus Arrington Richard Ashe Enfield, N.C. Ahoskie, N.C. Scorpio Capricorn Brenda Berkley Scotland Neck, N.C. Pisces Harvey Battle Rocky Mount, N.C. Aquarius Robin Beamon Elizabeth City, N.C. Aquarius I took you out of the ghetto . Carter Bing Melinda Boone Wilmington, N.C. Gates, N.C. Aries Leo Katrina Bowser Elizabeth City, N.C. Capricorn Nancy B. Briggs Elizabeth City, N.C. Capricorn 67 Vera Bryant Columbia, N.C. Pisces Rickey A. Bryson Sl yland, N.C. Virgo Wanda Bullock iVIanson, N.C. Sylvia Burgess Hollister, N.C. Aquarius Phyllis A. Burum Edenton, N.C. Virgo Odessa Chamblee Ahoskie, N.C. Virgo Oops! Not Theressa Chamblee Ahoskie, N.C. Virgo Shirley Cherry Aulander, N.C. Aquarius Darvin Comer Elizabeth City, N.C. Aquarius Terrence Cooper Elizabeth City, N.C. Libra , ' .-»;i i i- .i ■ ' X Brian Copeland Brooklyn, N.Y. Leo Sharon Corbett Atkinson, N.C. Aquarius Rita Cross Gates, N.C. Aries Bryon Davis Jamesville, N.C. Virgo 68 Fredia Days Morehead City, N.C. Libra Eleanora Doane Arnett Dove Camden, N.C. New Bern, N.C Leo Leo Jt w too much. m 1 i ' Si Rondald Downing Roper, N.C. Leo Marva S. Eason Sunbury, N.C. Libra James Ebron Long Beach, Calif. Virgo Icy D. Eley Gail T. Foster Jacqueline Gibson Robert Graham Ahoskie, N.C. Fayetteville, N.C. Elizabeth City, N.C. Southern Pines, N.C Scorpio Cancer Aquarius Sagittarius Thomas Graves Milton Hagan Joyce Hannon Sadie Harper East Elmhurst, N.Y. Rocky Mount, N.C. Scotland Neck, N.C. Enfield. N.C. Libra Virgo Cancer Gemini 69 John Hargrove Camden, N.J. Sagittarius Cynthia Hawkins Scotland Neck. N.C. Cancer Michael Hedgepeth Rocky Mount, N.C. Pisces Dianna Hendricks Eddie Hawlin Norlina, N.C. Enfield, N.C. Scorpio Libra Linda Highsmith Doris Holloway Tomahawk, N.C. Fayetteville, N.C Taurus Gemini Merrily we go along. Trequite Hooper Phyllis Howell Sharon Hughes Roanoke, Virginia Tarboro. N.C. Shiloh. N.C. Gemini Taurus Aquarius 70 Joyce Johnson Elizabeth City, NC Capricorn Daisy Jones Cofield, NC Gemini Denise Jones Tarboro, NC Gemini Michael Jones Creswell, NC Pisces Teddy Keyes Jamesville, NC Taurus Aaron Lacy Sidney Lasslter Plymouth, NC Edenton, NC Taurus Aries Wilmon Lee, Jr. Chiquita Lewis Murfreesboro, NC Portsmouth, VA Libra Gemini Thomas Lewis Chapel Hill, NC Leo Diane Little Hamilton, NC Scorpio Marvin Little Williamston. NC Goldie Jones Tyner, NC Capricorn Kim Lucas Newport News, VA Sagittarius 71 .- Gary Mansell Greenville, S.C. Gemini mm Carolyn Martin Jerry McPherson Annie Miller Garysburg, N.C. Camden. N.C. Elizabeth City, N.C, Sagittarius Scorpio Capricorn Audrey Mizzelle Ahoskie, N.C. Scorpio i -m Toni Monroe Red Springs, N.C. Leo Phyllis Moore Hertford, N.C. Libra Ella Murrell Dover. N.C. Capricorn Carolyn Myrick Scotland Neck, N.C. Taurus Kerry Norman Roper, N.C. Aquarius Charlotte O ' Neal Elaine Overton Jerry E. Parker Dolline Paxton New Bern, N.C. Waterbury, Conn. Leggett, N.C. Elizabeth City, North Carolina Aries Aquarius Cancer Aries 72 Shirley Peebles Brent Peele Rich Square, N.C. Williamston, N.C. Cancer Libra Sylvia Peele Stanford, Conn Taurus Hurley Perry Hertford, N.C. Pisces Patricia Pickett Willard, N.C, Gemini Sophia Rainey Enfield, N.C. Libra LuVerne Raynor Colerain, N.C. Cancer Ronald Richardson Nasheville, N.C. Aries Shara Richardson Nashville, N.C. Taurus Joyce Roberts Edenton, N.C. Leo Gary Rodgers Creswell, N.C. Scorpio Vernessa Ruffin Gates County, N.C. Cancer Milto n Satchel Belhaven, N.C. Aries Connie Saw yer Camden, N.C. Virgo 73 Darren Sessoms Niagra Spencer Ahoskie, NC Columbia, NC Cancer Libra Williann Spruill, Jr. Norfolk, VA Aries Larry Stanley Ahoskie, NC Libra Patrice Umphrey Raleigh, NC Leo Loisteen Underdue Margarettsville, NC Scorpio Rosa Underdue Seaboard, NC Aquarius Karen Walton Elizabeth City, NC Scorpio William Westbrook Winston-Salem, NC Taurus Diane Wastry Trudy Whitaker Balarie Wike Brenda Williams Nashville, NC Enfield, NC Aberdeen, NC Garysburg, NC Sagittarius Gemini Aries Scorpio 74 Juanita Williams Elizabeth City, NC Cancer Shioban Williams Williamston, NC Aquarius Joyce Wilson Shelby, NC Aries Katherine Wilson Henderson, NC Leo Korty Wilson Camden, NC Capricorn Anthony Winfield Brooklyn, NY Virgo Douglas Young Franklinton, NC Libra 75 Drifting on a memory Finger-licking Good! 76 EUZABETh . RIVER Hey man, no swinnming! m n 77 SOPHOMORES Al Bailey Elizabeth City, NC Leo Alice Barnes Plymouth, N,C, Gemini Name that tune Carolyn Britton Jackson, N.C. Cancer Jerome Bryant Englehurd, N.C. Capricorn Thomas Buffaloe Gumberry, N.C. Scorpio 2 vl Carnell Bynum Wilson, N.C. Gemini Phyllis Carroll Shirley Cherry Enfield, N.C. Lewiston, N.C. Virgo Saggitarius 78 Not me!!! Gloria Cooper Brooklyn, NY Aquarius Willie Cooper Rocky Mount, NC Gemini Josephine Copeland Tyner, NC Cancer Avis Dale Bertie, NC Pisces lexis Denkins Sabrina Eason i ilmington, NC Ahoskie, NC irgo Cancer Roosevelt Ewell Wade Ford Tarboro, NC Chadbourawr, NC Aquarius Capricorn 79 Amanda Harding Garyburg, N.C. Aries Dorothy Hardy Wilson. N.C. Taurus Wayne Hardy Rocl y Mount. N.C. Libra Anita Hasty Laurinburg, N.C. Virgo Ronnie Henderson Minneapolis, Minn. Saggitarius i%r.: Selinda Hinton Julius Holloman Johnny Hurdle Denise Jamison Elizabeth City, N.C. Ahosl ie, N.C. Hobbsville, N.C. Greensboro, N.C Virgo Pisces Gemini Leo NO PICTURE AVAILABLE Charles Jones Pollocksvllle, N.C. Libra Not Pictured John Lewis Johnny McCoy Carol Minor Wilmington, N.C. South Mills, N.C. Aurora. N.C Pisces Gemini Pisces 80 Si ta. ' ilil Willis Minor Chapel Hill, NC Libra Vandalyn Moore Elizabeth City, NC Aries Jewel Newby Queens. NY Virgo Angeria Norman Roper, NC Sharon O ' Neal New Bern, NC Gemini Denise Outlaw Leo Parker, Jr. Gloria Paxton Sandra Reid Lewiston, NC Edenton, NC South Mills, NC Elizabeth City, NC Leo Aquarius, Virgo Gemini Sylvia Richardson Larry Robinson James Satterfield Garnett Spruil Stanford, Conn Garyburg, NC Edenton, NC Columbia, NC Aries Virgo Virgo Taurus 81 Lee Stephenson Mufreesboro, N.C. Cancer Marilyn Taylor Roanoke Rapids, N.C. Saggitarlus Michael Vail New Bern, N.C. Taurus Joseph Webb Roper, N.C. Pisces Bobby White Norfolk, VA. Aries Cheryl White Johnny White Elizabeth City, N.C. Edenton, N.C. Libra Cancer Mom cooks her BEANS like this Anthony Whitehurst Belvidere, N.C. Capicorn Marguerite Williams Lewiston, N.C. Virgo Jessie Wrighten Elizabeth City, N.C. Virgo 82 " I ' VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR YOU " Sit Down PLEASE! I ' ve been searching for you in the invisible tingle of a sweet tongue stuck in my ear, under night time ' s black dress, down deep inside moaning wild fire isn ' t it funny i would find you in a timid, moist handshake? by David Jackson® 1977 Maybe next time. Some guys have all the luck. 83 FRESHMEN Nicholas Akinkuoye Nigeria. Africa Pisces Loria Askew Ahoskie. NC Libra Helen Bailey Enfield, NC Leo Valarle Banks South Mills, NC Taurus Victoria Berry Manteo, NC Pisces Joel Bonds, Shannon, NC Saggitarius Patricia Boyd Elizabeth City, NC Pisces Ronnie Bradley Leo Yvette Burrus Cheasapeake, VA Cancer f .X " ' L iaiina Byrant Englehart, NC Taurus Wanda Carter Elizabeth City, NC Saggitarius Tyrone Cartwright Newark, NJ Libra Richard Carver Elizabeth City, NC Aquarius 84 Maurice Casey Greensboro. NC Saggltarius Noel Clark New Bern, NC Virgo Lisa Cokes Portsmouth, VA Saggltarius i Jerry Culbreth Roseboro. NC Aquarius 4 1 « s 1 1 M m 1 I 1 H 1 WkWj Leonard Davis Mabel Davis Paula DeShazo Lauvinia Dickerson Pinetop, NC Elizabeth City, NC Bridgeport, CN Murfreesboro, NC Capricorn Leo Cancer Saggltarius Daniel Dunn Emily Edmond Felicia Eure John Evans Spring Hope, NC Concord, NC Ahoskie, NC Hallsboro, NC Cancer Libra Gemini Pisces S5 Peter Ezuma Nigeria, Africa Libra Doreen Fuller Roper, NC Scorpio Annie Grimes Kinston, NC Libra Patty Ferebee South Mills, NC Virgo 7- rr,ht.ti } Donnell Ford Goldsboro. NC Cancer DO (LDRF ! I ' LOVE THEIR MOTHFR S ( Carolyn Hall Gatesville, NC Saggitarius Timothy Hampton Murfreesboro, NC Pisces V. ♦- ' " Shirley Harris Norlina. NC Libra William Harris Ellizabeth City, NC Virgo Johnny Harvey Elizabeth City, NC Saggitarius 86 Amanda Hooper Donna Jefferson Michael Johnson Goldsboro, NC Como, NC Suffoll . VA Aries Pisces Capricorn Charles Jones Leo Tammie Lamb Elizabeth City, NC Pisces Cecil Lawrence Queens, NY Virgo Frank McAllister Wilson, NC Gemini Kevin McKinnon Solneather McQueen Lorraine Massenburg Hampton, VA Miami, FL Suffolk, VA Capricorn Libra Aries 87 Katrina Nixon Darlene Norman Paul Norman Elizabeth City, NC Roper, NC Roper, NC Cancer Leo Leo Godwin. Onyebuchi Nigeria, Africa Pisces Sandra Overton Edenton, NC Scorpio Michael Price Washington, DC Capricorn TEMPOR.1RV ' " SSS Lutricia Peed Aurora, NC Virgo Jerry Renfrew Wilson, NC Virgo Joyce Rhodes Charyl Roundtree Roper, NC Wilson, NC Pisces Leo Michael Sharpe New York, NY Pisces 88 iH I Kw ' r Jj Kij Jj J ■UtIK 1 ■ntfTa Belinda Slade Bernadine Smith Roslyn Smith Sybil Stanley Ahoskie, NC Scotland Neck, NC Newport News, VA Tarboro, NC Cancer Scorpio Aries Libra Frederick Sutton Elizabeth City, NC Leo Joe Tate Charlotte. NC Saggitarius Pamela Tann Rich Square, NC Pisces Urania Taylor Gates, NC Gemini .J rt l .mm Rohanda Thomas Lillie Vaughan Charles Veren Karl Ward Henderson, NC Murfreesboro, NC Tabor City, NC Washington, NC Saggitarius Taurus Capricorn Pisces 89 Sandra Waters LaGrange, NC Leo Carson Watford Ahoskie, NC Pisces Clyde West Whiteville, NC Saggitarlus Gwendolyn Whedbee Hertford, NC Aries Johnny White Edenton, NC Saggitarlus Geraldine Williams Elizabeth City, NC Capricorn Gloria Wills Hertford, NC Leo Always and Forever Linus Woodard Wilson. NC Scorpio ' n Paulette Woodard Wilson, NC Virgo 90 Together To unfold the future, So often I ' ve wished to be able. Wondering always, Where will we be Ten years from now? Oh, let me see our lives together, Lasting forever, it only for a day. To give you a day, All the moments I ' ve wished you were here with me- Just to know. We ' d run through the woods And lie on a deserted beach Just waiting for sunrise, ? i And get lost in a crowd And be happy. r- ' - Together, forever. " - w -s.c. 91 LOOK TO THIS DAY Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision. But today, well-lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. 92 FACES TODAY MAKE FACES OF TOMORROW TODAY MULTILATED " on this country road yesterday covered by snow i travel today only to the knowledge of so. the road clear and clearly trampled by the industry of automation; yet the sections mentally marked " Do Not Disturb " arouse my attention and these unmolested sections that are only manipulated by The sun; is all the beauty left. on this country road yesterday covered by snow. Carter C. Dozier Class of 77 FADED GLORY If yesterday Was A pair of jeans; i wonder; would i feel better if i put them on? i wonder; are the thoughts in the pockets as fresh as the realization of the actual? Will the jeans have faded? Do they need cleaning? Should they remain dingy? Are they still new? If yesterday Was A pair of jeans, then I ' ll never know when yesterday Is then one thing must be done immediately, and that ' s to extend the cuff Carter C. Dozier Class of 77 96 Leave me be, Hulk! " IN CASE YOU FORGET " A spectacle of evening color Binds me to you Tender I touch the teasing tan Slick glimmer of perspiration I like you when you sweat. by Jodi Braxton® 1977 The Incredible Hulk??? 97 Football Football Football Football Football Football Football : A I .x! 99 VIKINGS REBOUND FOR 4-6 MARK It was head coach Tommy Holmes ' rookie season and an impossible early season schedule caused the young Vikings to drop five games in a row before they rebound- ed to win four of their last five contests. Only CIAA Champions Winston-Salem State beat the Vikings as they cruised through the second half of the season behind a strong defense led by All-CIAA middle linebacker Lester Farrington and cornerback Tony Thompson. That defense recorded two shutouts to aid the offensive unit. Tightend Fred Hargrove reaped All-CIAA honors by leading the league ' s tightends in receptions with 33. Wide receiver Mike Hill caught five touchdown passes from junior quarterback Johnnie Williams who was injured dur- ing mid-season, missing two games. Freshmen fullbacks Vander Thomas and John Norris joined junior tailback Darrell Rodgers to lead the Viking ground attack. ECSU 6 NC Central 13 ECSU 13 Virginia State 31 ECSU Norfolk State 37 ECSU Hampton Institute 31 ECSU 7 Virginia Union 21 ECSU 41 Fort Bragg ECSU 9 Winston-Salem State 23 ECSU 7 Fayettevile State ECSU 17 Shaw 7 ECSU 21 St. Paul ' s 19 RECORD: CIAA 3-5 Overall 4-6 Coach Holmes paces during his first career win over Ft. Bragg, 41-0. Tony Thompson (43) dives to intercept pass against Ft. Bragg. Lester Farrington (51) and Mike Barnette (19) watch play. 100 FARRINGTON. HARGROVE MAKE ALL-CIAA SQUAD Lester Farrington (51) intercepts Fayetteville State pass. He picked off two in 7-0 Homecoming win. Tightend Fred Hargrove (80) evades Fayettevile State defenders before large Homecoming crowd. 101 Tony Thompson (43) deflects Hampton punt as Fred Wilson (5) follows play. Senior cornerback Vernon Miller (7) cuts down Hamp- ton receiver. Sophomore linebacker Anthony Whitehurst (90) gets an escort from middle linebacker Lester Farrington (51) as he returns an in- terception against Hampton. Freshman runningback Ray Robinson cuts upfield in 41-0 romp over Fort Bragg. 102 Freshman fullback Vander Thomas (33) bulls up the middle against Hampton. Statistician Charles Smith (foreground) keeps charts on Viking offense. Vikings defenders Tony Thompson (43) and Lavert Adams (89) close in on Hampton runner as Fred Wilson (5) scrambles to get into the action. 103 Line coach Thurlis " Moose " Little shouts instructions. Linebacker and defensive line coach Lafayette Robinson checks his troops. Freshman runningback Mike Patrick (35) lands in front of Viking bench, courtesy of the Virginia State defense. 104 Miss E.C.S.U. ■ : ' s V Defensive coordinator Alvin Kelley watches liis unit shut out Fayetteville State. Cheryl Gallop Viking cheerleaders l eep the crowd alive at homecoming. 105 Viking trainer Kenneth " Tidewater " Lawrence repairs player ' s equipment (left photo) while Bill Holmes, the head coach ' s son and team mascot, prepares to enter the game some day. Tackles Waddell Moses (78) and Ronnie Jones (73) zero in on Hampton fullback. 106 Senior quarterback Johnnie Williams unloads a pass under a heavy rush by the Hampton defense. • Wide receiver Mike Hill (44) cuts V, back for a pass against Fayettevllle secondary. 107 Linebacker Anthony Whitehurst (90) forces a fumble at Hampton. Coaches Kelley and Robinson brief Fred Wilson, (left photo) 108 v f f ' mf - Viking specialty team takes down Hampton runner kickoff return. Fred Wilson (below) cuts down Hampton receiver. Tight end Fred Hargrove (80) is brought down atter a catch. 109 pn? pg 1977 ECSU VIKINGS. 110 111 WOMEN BEGIN NEW VARSITY SPORT The inaugural year of women ' s volleyball at ECSU was one of hard knocks as the Viking netters came up with just one win in 20 matches. The lone win was a thrilling come-from-behind five-set match against Hampton. Coach Joyce Bembry ' s girls suffered from lack of height and experience as they tackled an ambitious schedule. ll wU II 113 basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball basektball A year of championships NCAA Division II South Atlantic Champs CIAA Northern Division Champs MEAC Invitational Champs ]r r e l s ]r r l The win that was a loss against Virginia State. 115 The old and wise .4-time All CIAA Thomas Blue. 116 The young Turk •tif. rHaK «w w ffmifenJ! .freshman sensation Boo Boo Gaskins. 117 Finesse .Senior sharpsiiooter Martin Towe. 118 Power .Senior co-captain Jeff Jones. 119 - Defense Senior defensive leader Doug Hudson. 120 Offense playmaking pointguard Ricardo White. 121 The super sub Senior 6th man Juan Johnson. (i ' ..... V, .«. im The mack attack. 122 Nate Harris harasses N.C. Central. K Roderick Williams pops in a free throw. 123 Joe Wright stuffs a shot. wJl ' fli 1 Donald Richardson dribbles Boo Boo Gasklns rebounds 124 . » iv w7!«; w?M through Shaw defense. Keith Stith drops in two. to ignite Viking fastbreak. 125 Gaskins puts up a jump shot against Central. Blue (54) and Johnson (42) Ricardo White sets up the offense. 126 Assistant coach Claude Mackey. show Castleton State defense. Blue gets two for 2 ' f21 career total. 127 REJECTIONS (left) Johnson blocks Shaw attempt, (center) Blue denies Castleton goal, and (right) Jones slaps away Shaw field Goal try. Blue pops in field goa l against Norfolk State. 128 iteif By— " Special thanks to DAILY ADVANCE Sports Editor, Pete Williams. 129 Hudson feeds White. Richardson runs the 4-corners. 130 Towe hits from outside. Jones wins tap at Towson State. White attacks Union defense. 131 ' %. White drives for basket at Towson State. rr- 3C-- - - , ClAA Player of the year, Carlos Terry, slips past Juan Johnson. Mackey watches defense. 132 1 Williams gets up for a bucket. t Jones soars for tally. Hudson pressures Hampton guara Gaskins looks for the open man. 133 Kelley. Vaughan, and Mackey have a halftime session. 134 Vaughan gets his point across during timeout. The ClAA ' s best dressed squad a point of pride. A moment to relax after a great season. 135 BLUE 2121 career points 1431 career rebounds South Atlantic Regional MVP 4-time All-CIAA center. 136 LUCKY 26 and Hearing 400 Head basketball coach and athletic director, Bobby Vaughan came to Elizabeth City State fresh out of college in 1948 and now, after 26 years of coaching, is just 12 wins short of the 400 win mark. The 1977-78 Vikings were about the best on record. A 20-8 record and a top 10 finish in Division II attest to that fact. Vaughan is 16th on the active list of win- ningest coaches on the collegiate level. He should pass the magic 400 win mark next season with a very young team. r% Vaughan cuts the nets after Vikings copped NCAA Regional (above) and with assistants Kelley and Macl ey. 137 basketball womens basketball womens basketball women ' s basketball womens basketball women ' s basketball womens basketball women ' s basketball womens basketball omen ' s ■ I ■ ■ ■ Lady Vikings struggle through season. Vikings finish second CIAA Commissioner Bob Moorman presents 2nd place troptiy to Viking coach Tliuriis Little and members of his runner-up squad. ECSU ' s Matt Wiggins tries to escape a takedown against Hampton Institute, (right) %Afr otlir A i in CIAA Tournament. Joe Carson claimed an individual crown and the Viking team rallied to nail down a second place finish in the CIAA Tournament won by host Livingstone. Thurlis Little ' s charges rolled to their seventh straight winning season behind senior Pete Horton, junior Mike Davis, and sophomore Matt Wiggins. 143 144 145 ..- -«- j- ' im If ■■ , . ' J ' 7 m ,- Srat : ...pi " ' ' t ' WSmW MU fy MST s . - " B p, ' ... : ' m - ■ •- :-- " •-■ ' •■■ - .,: n Sim i atia yi " m.:. ' J. :i . IP SM ' ws» wSJMMIk : fE Vk. - m " «!i — S! l ■sSga 147 The 1977-78 Wrestling team. (standing) Willie Mangum, Mack Wiggins, Rock Hassle, (seated) Charles Jones, Bob (Butter Bean) White, Michael (Hulk) 148 Davis, MacHarge Clark, Michael Sharps, Joe Carson, Keith (Cockroach) Mitchell, Peter Norton. 149 ECSU ' s Relay team. I t :IIIU . ' - |K!H , .:: Hte afeSi, ' i sb . ,« ! ad5i :2fe: , «■ ■- " W Roderick Williams set school record in the triple jump. ECSU relay teams were highly competitive. ' " k 151 Chris Cobb helped pace ECSU sprinters and relay teams. fr»«l 152 1ST ANNUAL Women champions, Love Unlimited, accepting trophies. Our speaker was Johnny Walton, a member of the Philade lphia Eagles. He is also part of the Health Physical Education department. 154 INTRAMURAL BALL The championship men ' s team, the Apples, pose with their counterparts, the Applettes, which placed 3rd in women ' s play. The Que Dogs accepting 4th place ribbons (above). Intramural commissioner, James P. Ebron, presenting team trophy to the coach of the Apples, Lorenzo (Sleepy) Holloman. (right) " 9 K ii. -s B wmf »■ mlto - " »» . ' PBP -- 155 Refreshments were being served (above). Divisional winners. Wine Psi Phi. accep- ting trophies from Willie D. Satchell. coach of Love Unlimited (right). The Lady Bulldogs after accepting 2nd place trophies (below right). They were coached by J. P. Ebron who also coached the 2nd place men ' s team. Dynamite Bulldogs. Charles Foster tells of Activity Day at Norfolk State College. 156 WOMEN ' S DIVISION GIAA TRACK AND FIELD 4 meets all GIAA 0-4 record Head Coach: C.J. Mackey WOMEN ' S DIVISION CIAA BASKETBALL MEN ' S DIVISION CIAA BASKETBALL ECSU 85 St. Augustine 61 Shaw 108 Hampton 89 N.C. Central 41 Coppin State 66 Bowie State (OT) 83 SUNY-Old Westbury 66 Coppin State 97 Castleton State 84 Fayetteville 103 J.C.Smith 79 Va.Union 76 Winston-Salem 80 Va. Union 98 St. Augustine 107 Livingstone (5 OT) 83 St. Paul ' s 76 Norfolk State 79 Hampton 98 Va. State 88 St. Paul ' s 109 Shaw 105 Va. State 78 Norfolk State 85 J.C.Smith 64 N.Y. Tech 84 Towson State 71 Eastern Illinois CIAA: 12-4 Overall: 20-8 Head Coach: R.L. Vaughan ECSU 59 Va. State 39 Va. Union 82 N.C. Wesleyan 31 Va. State 45 St. Augustine 50 N.C. Wesleyan 45 Atlantic Christian 55 Norfolk State 44 St. Paul ' s 63 Atlantic Christian 83 65 Methodist 65 51 Norfolk State 101 38 St. Paul ' s 83 45 Hampton 42 71 Fayetteville 57 35 Methodist 75 68 Shaw 60 80 St. Andrews ' 57 61 Hampton 69 82 St. Andrews ' 84 69 Conference: 1-11 83 Overall: 4-16 80 Coaches: Ola Goss Joyce Bembry 90 108 76 WOMEN ' S DIVISION CIA 73 ECSU 84 14 Va. Union 99 14 Va. Union 72 9 Va. State 73 6 Va. State 97 2 St. Paul ' s 74 3 St. Paul ' s 89 5 Va. State 62 Va. State 73 10 St. Paul ' s 84 6 Atlantic Christian Conference: 2-7 Overall: 2-8 Head Coach: Ola Goss 89 84 45 104 102 49 58 101 77 90 90 93 72 88 93 41 60 41 92 41 15 13 14 21 88 6 6 10 9 7 MEN ' S DIVISION CIAA TENNIS ECSU 3 St. Paul ' s Va. Union 2 Gayuhoga Community College (Ohio) Va. Union 9 Shaw 6 9 7 9 ECSU 5 St. Paul ' s Va. State CIAA Northern Division Overall: 2-8 4 9 9 Coach: C.R. Penrose 157 t o 00 o o o o Homecoming is a traditional activity lieici during the fall at Elizabeth City State University. It is to provide the op- portunity for former graduates to return, get together, pay homage and respect to ECSU. Here, we have several events during Homecoming;our parade, a football game. Coronation Ball and a special guest. For the last few years ECSU has used commercial floats in the parade, hoping to add beauty and dignity to ECSU. The floats are chosen by the Central Homecoming Committee, consisting of students, faculty, and the alumna. For the past four years we owed our homecoming success to Mr. Ellis Smith. Thank you Mr. Smith. For each year our Homecoming has been a success. The following pages contains a small sample. 160 Mrs. Sylvia Freeman Junior, Mathematics Major Homecoming Editor Dr. Billups gives Sylvia new ideas. Sylvia and co-worker, Van. Vandalyn Moore, Junior Co-Worker to Sylvia 16) The Heart ot ECSU— Ms Cheryl Denlse Gallop Ipn ' t she lovelyl Ms. Cheryl Denise Gallop was our 1977-1978 Miss Elizabeth City State University. She was 21, a senior, Business Administration major from Powells Point, North Carolina. Cheryl found being Miss ECSU an educational, exciting and most challenging experience. She looks forward to returning to Elizabeth City State and presenting the crown to Miss ECSU of 1978-1979. Cheryl says Elizabeth City State University will always be a part of her. Her roots are here 163 " Queens Forever " I see you standing there Shaking from head to feet I can hear you say to yourself " Hey! Is this crown really for me? " Yes! It ' s for you You won that round You represent ECSU without Having to utter a sound. When I say represent ECSU That includes all of us Student body, Greek and Social Fellowship as much. The next year may come And there is someone else But you should have no fear; Remember, you were once there. As far as we are concerned. There ' s always room For all Black queens to Stand on the throne by Priscllla Bond Senior — Business Education " TO YOU " My Beautiful Black Sisters To you I give these words With sincere thought of mind. You ladies have made the day For men from miles around. You are the Black queens of today. Your daughters will be of tomorrow. If you have personality behind that smile, Your man won ' t ever be sorry. There are women in all conditions That can hold this position. But none that I have seen That can touch the beauty of our Black queens. So keep up the beauty and the brains. For we all are so proud of you. For there ' s no better school you can Represent with your love than ECSU. by Priscllla Bond Senior— Business Education EGSU ' s most beautiful Black young ladies, 1 p 1 i i 4 1 k 1 Miss Yearbook Bonnie Battle i Miss Modern Dance Wanda Fulwood Miss Young Democrat Elaine Overton Miss Joint Council Marguerite Williams Miss S N E.A Vanessa Ashlord Miss Delta Sigma Th«ta Eunice Qay Misn liiiiinicllnjiiri. i lub Patricia Rascoe Miss Mitchell-Lewis Cynthia Anthony Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha Gloria White Miss Doles Hall Joyce Wilson Miss Health Physical Education Jennette Boyd 167 Miss Alpha Kappa Mu Carmen Batten Miss Choir Belinda Mitchell Miss Bias Hall Sheila Pugh Miss Compass Alexis Denklns 1 6a Miss Freshman Solneather McQueen Miss Groove Phi Groove Balarle Wike Miss United Campus Religious Fellowship Carol Minor Miss lota Phi Theta Veronica Koonce Miss Senior Sarah Bowser Miss Zeta Phi Beta Ida Holley r o Miss Health Careers Club Bessie Henderson Miss Industrial Arts Club Ernestine Freennan Miss Sigma Gamma Rho Sharon Corbett Miss Omicron Xi Epsilon Jean Turnage 171 Miss Cheerleader Phyllis Moore Miss Swing Phi Swing Lolita Peebles Miss Kappa Delta Pi Lowenda Norman Miss Wine Psi Phi Sadie Harper 172 Miss Alpha Phi Alpha VIrgie Parker Miss Hugh Cale Marilyn Powell Miss Phi Beta Sigma Glenda Alston Miss Geo-Science Club Katrina Bowser 173 Miss S.M E N C Sharon Thomas A sneak peep view of ECSU ' s Homecoming. 175 5 mn ' «, m.: . 176 More exciting floats in the parade. -n HELLEKIC COUHCL i CUSS PRESIDEKTS QUEENS ■ - ' ' ' ' f mt aa 177 malted excitedly, talkatlvely, and a little chillingly to see the homecoming parade u H kjiiyi 9tC %f]Si ' K «TIAL 180 ECSU ' s parade was " Dynamite " with the foliowing bands. 1 1 , r « J iSF s QL-fcT ■■ - yfgij Ifr 4 4 4. vw- n 1 r wi WW ' n Different organizations also added success to the parade. 182 FLOATS ajiiHL; 1it4 f . v1., 1 liFTlfi ' hir i kiLMJiii Don ' t miss ECSU ' s parade next year, or you will miss gorgeous floats like the above. 185 People at the homecoming game. Everyone in town seemed to be there! Were you? The rains came but no one left Everyone agreed it was a good game, we woni Coronation Ball is when Miss Elizabeth City State University is crowned. This year it was Ms. Cheryl Denise Gallop. She com- plemented her theme " Isn ' t She Lovely " . The following queens, escorts, and decorations added vigor and quality to the 1978 corona- tion. Q) n CO Q- C E en CO GRADUATION NIGHT Giner walks down the aisle of success. Students enjoy others involvement in the play. Nursery students demonstrate their talent. Surprised? We follow instructions also. 1 T " ' ' " I ' M Mrs. Diaz, music teacher, plays different instruments tor the children to recognize. NURSERY: Alysia Billups Keisha Bobie Renita Griffin Rogelyn McLean Katrina Overton Tara Rice Patrick Mines Verlon Jones Phillip O ' Neal Jason Pearce 190 Alysia, an angel, recites her part in the play. Graduating class of 1978 William Annire Blllups Pamela Elaine Brothers Karl Vishnu Deonanan Giner Jenkins Katyna Brenay McLean Melvin Lee Murphy, Jr. Deborah Arisona Ramcheran Mina K. Sachev Treadle Lamere Thomas Troy Winslow Amire is first to receive his Bachelor of Rhyme degree. Principal— Mrs. Valerie W. Vaughan Kindergarten Supervisor— Mrs. Elizabeth T. Sessoms Nursery Supervisor— Mrs. Valerie Vaughan Presentation of Degrees: Dr. Marion D. Thorpe Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins Farewell speech: Dr. Lois Green Thanks to all of you from all of US. 191 NURSERY AND KINDERGARTEN ACTIVITIES Mrs. Valerie W Vaughan D ance Group 196 197 Iota FhiTlieta fratirnity, Inc. We ' re building a TRADITION, not resting upon it! t : ' rf 1700 ivvno: dlvdJ I.D.G.A.F. . «% ' , V y . - S WINE -.1 . IIW- f. ' 19 Amongst itTAyj l ' - ' , • -fsVv PSI PHI ll ' Uil ' .. ' f t kimr ' " ' ' ' Industrial Arts Club «l ass f Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. ■ " JO. - Junior Class Officers MANHOOD SCHOLARSHIP R. Sharpe B. Davis J. Clarke R. Wells (K.F.) R. Brothers R. Lucas J. Clemonts D. Sessoms F. Wilson L. Stanley G. Hathaway J. Spencer W. Sykes (K.R.S.) P. Neely Front Standing O. Strachan (Bas.) K. Bonds (V. Bas.) The Brothers of Omega Psi Phi Frat. Inc. - ' fftNt - PERSEVERANCE UPLIFT hi Beta Sigma 206 1 1, V. Sonja Covington Vice-President Linda Highsmith— Volunteer Ruby Bond— Recording Secretary 209 Compass Staff 210 Student National Education Association ECSU Choir WM- . ■: ' . Biology Club 211 FACULTY AND Dr. Jimmy Jenkins Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Tfiomas Carter Assistant to the Chancellor Dr. Eloise Morton Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs [ 1r. Thaddeus Beasley University Planning Director 212 STAFF Mr. George Bowie, Jr. Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs Dr. James Townes Administrative Assistant yvy Mr. James Brown Administrative Assistant Mr. George Jordan Administrative Assistant 213 Dr. Beemon C. Patterson Assistant Academic Dean, Administrative Dr. William H. Billups Director of Student Activities Mr. Willie B. Spence Associated Director— Student Services: Men Mr. Leonard Ballou Director of Institutional Researcti 214 Mr. Edward N. Smith Assistant Manager Mr. Claude Green Head Librarian Mr. Frank Heard Registrar Mr. James Swimpson Title III Coordinator 215 Mr. Tommy Foust Director — Admissions Ms. Marian Mitchell Director— Alumni Affairs Mr. Roger McLean Comptroller Mrs. Shirley Jones Asst. Comptroller 216 Mr. James Spence Director— Development Secretary Mr. Johin T. Williams Public Information Communications Specialist Mr. Albert C. Robinson, Jr. Personnel Officer Mr. William Pierce Director— Career Counseling Placement 217 Mr. Gerald Tyler Administrative Officer to the Chancellor Student Personnel Counselors Mrs. Mary Godfrey Assistant to the Registrar Mr. Smith and Mr. Blount Director of Educational Media Center 218 Mr. Walter Winborne Director— Regional N.C. Health Infirmary Mr. Joseph White Computer Operations Manager Mr. Gilbert Davis Accountant Mr. Hezeklah Cooper OSHA Officer— Director of Safety Health 219 Data Processing Staff Clerical Workers 220 Financial Aid Staff . Registrar Office Staff 221 Health Physical Education Department Academic Skills Center 222 Social Science Department Englisti Modern Languages Department 223 Library Staff 224 Special Services Education Psychology Department Biology Department 225 Social Science Department Geo-Science Department 226 Dr. John Carson Chairman Professor Business Department Dr. Harry Ghee Director— Student Teaching dk Mrs. Helen Caldwell Director— Division of General Studies Dr. Edna Davis Chairman Professor Music Department 227 Dr. Melvin Murphy Chairman Professor Social Science Department Dr. Anne Henderson Chairman Professor Modern Languages Department 1 i 228 Dr. Edyth Cole Chairman Professor Education Psychology Department Dr. Louis Nadeau Assistant Dean— Special Programs Ms. Debra Sutton Mr. Jimmy Sims Ms. Rosa Jofinson— Mail Clerk Ms. Ferebee, Mr. Foster, Mrs. Pierce University Center Staff 229 Ms. Debra Campbell Ms. Lois Sawyer .1 We Believe in Work!! Ms. Marylyn Harris Student Personnel Services Mrs. Flora Hider, Mr. Milton Kent, Ms. Willa Lamb Mrs. Mavis Ward Personnel Assistant Ms. Cynthia Spence Secretary— Personnel Office Mrs. Faleese Jenkins Coordinator of Mattiematics 230 Clerical Workers— Admissions Ms. Linda Mitchell Mrs. Jean Sims Secretaries— Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs m- ' 231 Basic Education Enrichment Staff Mrs. Hildra P. Taylor— Secretary " 4 Mrs. Ruth A, Williams— Purchasing Officer Mr. Arthur Mouring Academic Budget Analyst 232 Education Department Secretaries The Art Department 233 %. liW Cafeteria Staff Mrs. Doris O. Moore Snack Bar Operator— University Center 234 SECURITY GUARDS I J0O. JL 235 MAINTENENCE DEPARTMENT 236 The Backbone of the University. 237 238 COMMENCEMENT THE SPEAKER COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM THE PROCESSIONAL-Crowning Glory Alfred Reed The University Band LaPointe M. Davis, Director HYMN— Faith of our Fathers Feber THE INVOCATION The Reverend Albert C. Robinson, Jr., D.D. Acting University Minister MUSIC— Lord, We Give Thanks to Thee Undine S. Moore The University Choir Billy C. Hines, Director REMARKS Raymond H. Dawson, Ph. D. Senior Vice President The University of North Carolina General Administration INTRODUCTION OF THE SPEAKER Marion D. Thorpe, Ph. D. Chancellor of the University THE SPEAKER .Mr. Benjamin Ruffin, M.S.W. Director, North Carolina Human Relations Council Raleigh, North Carolina MUSIC— " Hallelujah " from The Messiah G.F. Handel The University Choir Billy C. Hines, Director Margaret C. Diaz, Organist PRESENTATION OF THE CANDIDATES Jimmy R. Jenl ins, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs THE CONFERRING OF DEGREES The Chancellor THE AWARDING OF PROFESSOR EMERITUS STATUS .... The Chancellor INDUCTION OF GRADUATES INTO THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Thomas Evans, ' 67, M.Ed. President, General Alumni Association Elizabeth City. North Carolina MUSIC— The Alma Mater Brown-Johnson THE BENEDICTION THE RECESSIONAL— Pomp and Circumstance Elgar Leonard R. Ballou, Organist 740 243 Sylvia Allen 1212 Mitchell Drive Eliz. City, NC 27909 Lorene Anderson Rt. 1 Box 286-10 Greenville, NC 27834 Nathan Alston Box 372 Hunter Hill Rd. Rocky Mount. NC 27801 Haywood Arrington Rt. 1 Box 1278 Cove City. NC 28523 Jasper Anstead Rt. 1 Box 44 Castalia. NC 27816 Annie Best Rt. 1 Box 33 Princeton, NC 27569 Kenneth Binder, Sr. P. O. Box 157 Roper, NC 27970 Irving Blanks 117-121 E. 130 St. New York, NY 10037 Thomas Blue 906 Birch St. Wilson, NC 27893 Larry Bond Rt. 4 Box 224 Windsor. NC 27983 Barbara Carney P. Box 215 Bethel. NC 27812 Deborah Carr 207 Speed St. Eliz, City. NC 27909 Hubert Carroll, Jr. Rt. 3 Box 20-B Enfield. NC 27832 David Carter Rt. 1 Box 59-F Havelock. NC 28532 Larry Chamblee Rt. 1 Box 354 Colerain. NC 27924 Donna Armstrong 1607 Dellaire Drive Eliz. City, NC 27909 Sadie Baldwin 714 W. Chestnut St. Goldsboro, NC 27530 Priscilla Bond Rt. 1 Box 361 Windsor, NC 27983 Ruby Bond Rt. 4 Box 65-N Windsor. NC 27983 Helen Chapman 1105 Thompson Ave. Washington. NC 27889 Wanda Cherry Rt. 2 Box 142 Aulander, NC 27805 Pamela Ballance P. O. Box 63 Harbinger. NC 27941 George Balmer P. O. Box 24 Weldon. NC 27890 Ronda Boone Rt. 1 Box 157 Pollocksville. NC 28573 Sarah Bowser Rt. 1 Box 838 Hertford, NC 27944 Thomas T. Clark 636 Fernwood Farms Rd. Chesapeake. VA 23320 Darrell Collins P. 0. Box 7 Manteo, NC 27954 Deborah Banks Rt. 5 Box 37 Eliz. City. NC 27909 Donna Banks Rt. 2 Box 296 Moyock, NC 27958 Gloria Banks Rt. 1 Box 138 South Mills. NC 27976 Jennette Boyd 2445 Lynn Rd. Raleigh, NC 27612 Curtis Bradham 344 Green St. Laurinburg, NC 28352 Sheryl Brite Rt. 1 Box 256 South Mills, NC 27976 Gloria Collins Rt. 1 Box 143-A Engalhard. NC 27824 Lucy M. Curmon 316 Slade St. Williamston. NC 27860 Peggy Dancy Rt. 2 Box 14 Battleboro. NC 27809 Hazel Banks Rt. 4 Box 429 Eliz. City, NC 27909 Otis Bartlett. Jr. Rt. 1 Box 138 Belcross. NC 27918 Develyn Basnight Rt. 2 Box 179 Roper. NC 27910 Teresa Bateman 1309 W. Main St. Apt. B Eliz. City. NC 27909 Carmen Batten Rt. 1 Box 330 Smithfield. VA 23430 Georgia Bazemore Rt. 4 Box 230-B Windsor, NC 27983 Mary Beasley Rt. 1 Box 14A Lot 8 Eliz. City. NC 27909 Deloris Brothers Rt. 2 Box 40 Eliz. City. NC 27909 Ronnie Brothers Rt. 1 Box 265 Belvidere, NC 27919 John L. Brown Rt. 3 Stewartsville Rd. Laurinburg. NC 28352 Dorenda Bryant Rt. 1 Box 61-A Engalhard. NC 27824 Cleveland Bullock Rt. 3 Box 2 Rocky Mount. NC 27801 Lois Burke Rt. 1 Box 174 Belvidere. NC 27919 Michael Burnette Rt. 1 Box 86 Pittsboro. NC 27312 Linda B. Davis 812 Mechanic St. Florence, SC 29501 Vicy Davis Rt. 1 Box 195 Pantego. NC 27860 Shirley Dixon 413 Davis Ave. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Cecil Doyle 703 Hunter St. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Walter Dozier Rt. 1 Box 31 Shawboro, NC 27973 Maggie Driver 104 Juniper St. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Donna Durnell 151 S. Adams St. West Chester. Pa 19380 Dorine Benston Rt. 1 Box 187-A Engalhard. NC 27824 Vanessa Berry Rt. 1 Box 1516 Manteo, NC 27954 Jeffrey Cain Rt. 1 Box 182 Kenly, NC 27542 Larry Carey Rt. 1 Box 36 Rich Square, NC 27869 Willie Edmonds P. O. Box 5 Halifax. NC 27839 Harriet Ellis 625 E. Walnut St. Wilson, NC 27893 244 Sylvia Etheridge Rt. 1 Box 163 Camden, NC 27921 Donald Farmer 117 Kenneday Circle Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Marcellus Farmer III Rt. 2 Box 472 Wilson, NC 27893 Leo P. Farrow, Jr. Rt. 1 Box 218 Eure, NC 27935 Brenda Felton 411 N. Granville St. Edenton, NC 27932 William Hartley 1802 W. Conley St. Greenville, NC 27834 Arisona Hill 305 Hill ' s Ave. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Ida Holley Rt. 1 Box 190 Tyner, NC 27980 Pamela Holley Rt. 1 Box 94-A Tyner, NC 27980 Lorenzo Holioman 2070 3rd Ave. E. 114 St. New York, NY 10029 Alvin Jones 609 Hunter St. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Gerline Jones Rt. 1 Box 152-B Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 Gwendolyn Jones Rt. 5 Box 452 Washington. NC 27889 Ingrid Jones 1613 Lincoln Drive Greenville. NC 27834 Jeffrey D. Jones M-122 Trent Court New Bern, NC 28560 Rickie Felton Rt. 4 Box 358 Eliz. City, NC 27909 Roslyn Felton 301 Shepard St. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Sharon Forbes Box 111 Grandy, NC 27939 Peggy A. Ford Rt. 1 Box 15 Winton, NC 27986 Percy Foxwell, Jr. 130 E. Cale St. Edenton, NC 27932 Ernestine Freeman 118 Avant Drive Wilmington, NC 28401 Margaret Fulcher P. O. Box 83 Coinjock, NC 27932 Treva Gallop Rt. 5 Box 83 Eliz. City, NC 27909 Eunice Gay Rt. 8 Box 385 Greenville, NC 27834 William T, Godfrey P. 0. Box 68 Eliz. City, NC 27909 Ozella Graves Rt. 3 Box 557 Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 Joseph Gregory, JR. 537 Cardwell St. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Reginald M. Griffin Rt. 1 Box 101 South Mills, NC 27976 Louis Grooms Rt. 2 Box 640 Wilson, NC 27893 Ellen Harding 808 Miller St. New Bern, NC 28560 Alfred Harper 5802 Branch St. Portsmouth, VA 23703 Thomas Hooper 105 W. Ehringhaus St. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Kathy Hoskins Rt. 5 Box 292 Eliz. City, NC 27909 Margie A. Howard Rt. 1 Box 66-A Harrellsville, NC 27942 Carol D. Howey 3232 Burbank Drive Charlotte, NC 28216 Wanda Hughes 1501 College St. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Winifred Hughes 702 Roanoke Ave. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Marlon B. Hunter Rt. 1 Box 357 Whitakers, NC 27891 Clarence Hyman P. O. Box 63 Hamilton, NC 27840 Cynthia Jackson Rt. 3 Box 106 Eliz. City, NC 27909 Gwendolyn Jackson 503 Benjamin St. Fairmont, NC 28340 Margaret Jenkins Rt. 1 Box 349 Murfreesboro, NC 27855 Barbara Jennings 1324 Hogagrd St. Eliz. City. NC 27909 Carleta Jervis 69 Rum Cay Hawkins Freeport, Bahamas Gerald S. Johnson 5506 Richwood Court Fayelleville, NC 28309 Juan W. Johnson 1207 Newport Ave. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Sheila Johnson F-2132 Freeport, Bahamas Jeffrey L. Jones 715 E. 13th St. Scotland Neck, NC 27874 Montina Jones 908 Park St. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Paddie Jones P. 0. Box 10001 8 mile rock Grand Bahamas Quay Jones P. O. Box 411 Whitakers, NC 27891 Ruth Jones Rt. 1 Box 167 Bailey, NC 27807 Warren Jones 1101 Goodwin Ave. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Vickie M. Jordan 410 Persse Street Eliz. City, NC 27909 Mickey Kirby 322 Finch St. Wilson, NC 27893 Angela Knight 223 Chestnut St. Plymouth, NC 27962 Robert Knight Rt. 1 Box 55 Aulander, NC 27805 Kathy Krainiak 905 Tuscarora Ave. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Rhonda Lamb 211 Oak Grove Ave. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Joyce Leake P. 0. Box 35 Currituck, NC 27929 Carol Lee 108 Beechwood Ave. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Lillie Lennon Rt. 1 Box 413 Evergreen, NC 28438 Catherine Lewis Rt. 1 Box 299 Eliz. City. NC 27909 245 Tony Lewis 709 Walker Ave. EliH. City, NC 27909 Zann Lewter 108 South Lloyd St. Suffolk. VA 23434 Bethsheva Lightbourne 8 Mile Rock Freeport. Grand Bahamas Marlene Little 507 W. Cypress St. Eliz. City. NC 27909 Dora Liverman 809 Virginia St. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Richard Lucas 3141 Greenfield Drive Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Isaac Mabry 4727 Eliz. Harbor Drive Chesapeake. Va Prisca Martin P. 0. Box F-1026 Freeport, Bahamas Ruth Matthews Rt. 1 Box 127 Alberta. VA 23821 Juliet McAllister Alford Rd. Box 26-A St. Pauls, NC 28384 John McBride, Jr. 203 E. Sunset Drive Red Springs, NC 28377 Arthur Mitchell, Jr. 6203 Arthur Ave. Portsmouth, VA 23703 Sandra Mitchell Rt. 1 Box 309 Castalia. NC 27816 John Montgomery P. O. Box 151 Bethel, NC 27812 Nettie Moore 306 Stokes Drive Hertford, NC 27944 Gloria Myers Rt. 1 Box 112 Roper, NC 27970 Judith Nelson Rt. 1 Box 314 Whiteville, NC 28472 Philip Newby 712-A 30th St, Newport News, VA 23607 Lowreda Norman Rt. 1 Box 225 Roper. NC 27970 Myrtle Oliver 513 White St. Eliz. City. NC 27909 Katherine Overton 110-D Herrington Village Eliz. City, NC 27909 Phyllis Parker Rt. 2 Box 331-D Murfreesboro. NC 27855 Virgie Parker 913 Park St. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Delthia Patterson 217 E. Sunset Drive Red Springs. NC 28377 Anita K. Peebles 2627 Davis St. Raleigh, NC 27608 Lolita F. Peebles 2627 Davis St. Raleigh, NC 27608 Sandra Peele Rt. 3 Box 531 Williamston, NC 27892 Kimberly Penns 96 Aldine St Rochester, NY 14619 Wanda Peppers 1308 Queen St. Wilson, NC 27893 Ronald Perry 1625 River Rd. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Gloria Crenshaw Pete P. O. Box 251 South Hills, NC 23970 Estella Picot Rt. 1 Box 156 Como, NC 27818 Evelyn Pinder P. O. Box F-81 Freeport, Grand Bahamas Joan Porter P. O. Box 241 Winton, NC 27986 Carlton Powell P, O. Box 93 Moyock, NC 27958 Sharon Pruden P. O. Box 2 Winton, NC 27986 Olivia Pugh Rt. 1 Box 122 Lewiston, NC 27849 Darhyl Pulley Rt. 2 Box 363-A Spring Hope, NC 27882 Isabelle Purvis Rt. 1 Box 122 Hobgood, NC 27843 George Racette P. O. Box 463 Lenoir, NC 28645 Patricia Raynor Rt. 4 Box 113 Ahoskie, NC 27910 Annie B. Reddick 409 Darden Drive Greenville, NC 27834 Denise Reid 319 Culpepper St. Eliz. City, NC 27909 James Reid, Jr. 609 W. Cypress St. Eliz. City, NC 27909 Harold Renfrow Rt. 3 Box 207 Kenly, NC 27542 Mary Rhines Rt, 1 Box 122 Columbia. NC 27925 Ezziline Rhodes Rt. 1 Box 116-B Roper, NC 27970 Dwight Ricks P. O. Box 144 Severn, NC 27877 Barron RIddick Rt. 1 Box 314 Ahoskie, NC 27910 Jesse RIddick 408 Lane St. Eliz. City, NC 27909 William Robinson Rt. 5 Driver Sta Suffolk, VA 23434 Curtis Rodgers P. O. Box 281 Roper, NC 27970 Darrell Rodgers 1340 Mt. Vernon Ave. Portsmouth, VA 27707 Loretta Rodgers Rt. 1 Box 18-F Jamesville, NC 27846 Vanella Rodgers Rt. 2 Box 381 Williamston. NC 27892 David Rorie 1201 Fairmont St. Charlotte. NC 28216 Patrick Rountree Rt. 1 Box 570 Eliz. City, NC 27909 Garry F. Russell P. O. N-3858 8 Mile Rock Grand Bahamas Daisy Sampson Rt. 2 Box 193 Creswell, NC 27928 Loret ta Satterfield Rt. 3 Box 21-B Edenton, NC 27932 Brenda Selby Rt. 1 Box 101-B Engalhard, NC 27824 Virgie Shannon Rt. 1 Box 68-A Eliz. City, NC 27909 Margaret Sims 228 Pine St. Snow Hill, NC 28580 246 Annie Skinner 607 Herrington Rd. Eliz. City. NC 27909 Sandra Somerville Rt. 1 Box 13-B Manson, NC Letitia Spellman Rt. 2 Box 290 Moyock. NC 27958 Rebecca Spivey Rt. 1 Box 51 Belvidere, NC 27919 Beverly G. Spruill P. O. Box 121 Roxobel, NC 27872 Larry D. Speller Rt. 4 Box 242 Windsor. NC 27983 Clementine Spencer Rt. 1 Box 11 Engelhard, NC 27824 Othland Strachan P. O. Box 4146 Nassau, Bahamas Carol Sydenstric Rt. 1 Box 296 Columbia, NC 27925 Wayne Sykes Rt. 2 Box 371 Columbia, NC 27925 John H. Taylor Rt. 3 Box 450 Edenton, NC 27932 Winnie Taylor Rt. 3 Box 43 Tarboro, NC 27886 Gerald Teel 1205 Highway 70 East New Bern, NC 28560 Gerry Tillett Rt. 4 Box 236 Hertford, NC 27944 Ann A. Towe 225 Blaine Court No. 199 Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Martin B. Towe 225 Blaine Court No. 199 Virginia Beach. VA 23462 Velma Turnage 312 Pine Shoal Drive Snow Hill, NC 28580 Elizbeth Twiddy Country Club Road Edenton, NC 27932 Susan Twiddy 1901 Rivershore Rd, Eliz. City, NC 27909 Annie Vaughan Rt. 1 Box 147 Murfreesboro, NC 27855 James Wallace P. O. Box 101 Everetts, NC 27825 Shiryl Waters 1806 N. William St. Goldsboro, NC 27530 William Watt 1639 Withersea Lane Reidsville, NC 27320 Reginald Webb Rt. 1 Box 10-A Deico, NC 28436 Robert Wells RT. 3 Box 74 Petersburg, VA 23803 Anton Wesley 2131 Marshall Ave. Newport News, VA 23607 Darlene White P. O. Box 172 Powellsville, NC 27967 Gloria White Rt. 1 Box 124-A Edenton, NC 27932 Juanita White Rt. 5 Box 206 Eliz. City. NC 27909 Marita White Rt. 2 Box 341 Moyock, NC 27958 Marian Whitley P. O. Box 156 Dudley, NC 28333 Doris Winslow Rt. 1 Box 68-B Eliz. City, NC 27909 Ella Wilder 118 S. Pearl St. Williamston, NC 27892 Marie Wilkins 306 Poplar St. Weldon, NC 27890 Gladys Wilkins P. 0. Box 84 Jackson, NC 27845 Addresses Not Known: Deloris Armstrong Parker Askew Luther D. Banks Revie L. Banks Jimmy L. Baylor Vanessa S. Beasley Sandra B. Billups Myron Bogues Wanda I. Brown Janice F. Chamblee Mae Belle Chappell Denise M. Cherry Phyllis D. Cousar Donald M. Dawson Delores A. Deloatch Ronald I. Falton Cheryl D. Gallop Naomi B. Goree Ray D. Gray, Jr. Gilbertine W. Griffin Andria G. Hoskins Katie B. James Joella Jolley Gladys M. Jones Iris H. Jones Larry D. Jones Marlene D. Knotts Fannie J. Langston Swight La-Mon Lawler Herbert J. Lessane Larry D. Lucas Raymond B. Morgan Mary M. Newbern Jacqueline H. Poole Angelina S. Price Joyce V. Renwick Ruth M. Richardson Ester M. Rouse Julian B. Russell William C. Shiver Evelyn D. Smith Alfred L. Solomon Hattie Y. Sutton Ronald W. Sutton Sylvia E. Taylor Blanche Thompson Verna J. Tillery Owen W. Waller Dorothy B. Walton Lassie T. Ward Linda M. Wardle John E. Whitaker Kennis E. Wilkins Donnell R. Williams 247 j lj lj jj i ' f Editor, LaVern Raynor. V v :% ' : lSfcs? i«a Freshmen Class Editor— Denise Jones. f OUR YEARBOOK ' 1 dK - •- j SII « J i). Assistant Editor, Thomas Lewis. k tMSU Si k SSi M 1 Photographer, Curtis Bradh 1 punched). am, (gettin ' ! b.yy Til % A special thanks to Ms. Campbell for helping us with the annual. i liki Photographers Ed Sprvill and Mike Davis, Creative ones. Editor Assistant Editor converse with Dr. Billups, Advisor. Lay-out, Katrina Burton tries to steal car. Staff members tackle advisor. Other members of staff: Layout Editor— Hattie Lucas Photographer— William Spruill Business Editor— Cherral McWilliams Sports Editor— John Stallings Artists— William D. Robinson William Johnson Advertising— Gladys Wilkins Faculty Staff— Ann Best Patricia Pickett Activities— Sylvia Freeman Vandalyn Moore Senior Class— Bonnie Battle Junior Class— Katrina Alston Sophomore Class— Cynthia Speller Copy— Marva Eason Patricia Blunt Organizations— Carlton Alston Devoted helpers— (left) Darryl Sessoms, (right) Keith Mitchell. Both try to be coolir Congratulations to the Class of 1978! " Please Keep in Touch " Your university is interested in knowing where you are and what you are doing. You are valuable graduates. Marion Mitchell Director of Alumni Relations Congratulations! It has been a pleasure to assist you in your efforts to finance your education. Alma Newby Director of Financial Aid Congratulations at graduation to Paddle, Carleta, Prisca, Sheila, Evelyn, Sheva, Six True Bahama Mamas, not to forget Bedell, Gary, and Ottie Captain " J " Congratulations Class of 78! James Spence Congratulations Class of 78 Best Wishes in the Future. Judith Cooper Mr. Thaddeus V. Beasley extends his Congratulations Best Wishes to the Class of 78. 7 Congr Keep on keeping on! ' Rae E. Williams 1 I Congratulations Martin — Anne fT owe Think of Tomorrow ' s Dream today— Reaiizing the Beauty of Yesterday. Debbie Chops Congratulations Z ' (Gladys), jd isn ' t enough to say what I wish fo you on this special day. Knowing no matter whether you are near o My love is with you, 7( ' " i Congratulations to Gladys Wilkins, my lovely daughter on her completion of college. I love you! yy Lillie Maif ilklns Good Luck Class of ' 78! Gall C. Butts s. Marilyn Harris Would like to extend her congratulations ( UiiX Gladys Wilkins Congratulations Gladys Wilkins ember Yesterday, Live for Today nd Dream of Tomorrow. Debbie Congratulations to the Class of ' 78 i I Best of Luck! Viedra Taylor 250 Mrs. Ruth A. Williams Id like to extend her congratulations to the Class of 78. Congratulations Best Wishes Class of 78 Atty. James Earl Brown Congratulations to my lovely sister, Sonja Covington for her completion of this institution, ECSU. Clennie C. • T Congratulations to the graduating brothers of The Black Brotherhood of Xi Psi Chi. Congratulations and succe graduating " Gentle Roses ' Omicron Xi Epsilon. Love f Your " Omio " Sisters ■ y y TO us, CLASS OF We have jndergone the impossible. We have tackled unbelievable obstacles and, in our eyes, we have come out victorious. Along the way, people have helped, others hurt. But there are no hard feelings. We have reached our goal. We are glad it is over, but if we tried again, it would still be fun. We could have done better, but it is too late now. We don ' t ask for sympathy or appreciation, only employment. Gladys Wilkins ,. V Congratulations Class of 78 Carolina Furniture Co. 251 a o CO • I c» O 9 rn o m 03 O W CO 3 CO — 3 r- O -• CD ' CD = -0 CD ?:§ i 3 , ' :r oi C 3 O o 0} Q. OI S Q. O) 03 " CO? CD CaJ !, V cji 3 t 0 m CD CO : ro m CO B. o CD CO 33 c o CD 252 SIMAC, Inc. PARADISE GARDENS SOCIAL CLUB Worm and Cleon Entertainment On A Private Basis 907 S. Road St. - Elizabeth City, N. C. 27909 Phone 335-0778 " IT ' S NICE TO PARTY TWICE! AT PARAOISE! " JOHN Q. McLEAN, Jr. WINFRED E. SIMPSON Owner - Manager Owner - Manager PHONE (919) 338-3507 Hours 10 AM til 6 PM Mon. Thru Thur. Fri. Sat. 10 AM Til 9 PM SHIRLEY ' S FASHION GALLERY Specializing in Ready Made Constructing Garments Edgewood Shopping Center Shirley Winfred Parkview Dr. Simpson Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 Owner Manager 253 AUTOGRAPHS 254 AUTOGRAPHS 255 AUTOGRAPHS 256 A Transformation HaEl |RA fKl JGS Approached Viking Land 4

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