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Text from Pages 1 - 116 of the 1975 volume:

•X3 W - - •VT ' iif.:---: ■ ' :?: .i " , 1 ■ f ■ ■ " ■ ;■■J •• P»iii Elizabeth City State University Where Youth And The Future Meet EVELYN A. JOHNSON HALL iji New Faces — Class Of ' 78 Freshman Candlelighting Sei ice Out Of Darkness Comes The Light Freshman Reception ALMA F. JENKINS Miss Elizabeth City State University To Live Is To Learn i EDNA HARRIS MITCHELL and EVA J. LEWIS HALL MAMIE BEDELL CAFETERIA TIMOTHY H. WAMACK HALL ,1 UB " " ijJi 10 MARION D. THORPE. SR. ADMINISTRATIVE BUILDING ADMIN ISTRA TION FACULTY STAFF Dr. M. D. Thorpe Chancellor Pamela Thorpe Mrs. Lula G. Thorpe Dennis Thorpe 12 From Left: Mr. Thomas Evans. Jr., President of the ECSU General Alumni Association: Mr James E. Swimpson. First Vice-President: Chancellor Thorpe Chancellor Thorpe: Dr. Thomas E. Carter. Assistant to the Chancellor: Dr. Eloise B. Norton, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Chancellor Thorpe: Dr. Craig Phillips. North Carolina State Superintendent of Public Instruction Chancellor Thorpe {center) with members of the Fund Raising Drive for the ECSU Foundation From heh: Rev. J. R. R. McRay. Drive Chairman: Mr. Fred P. Markham. III. Trustee: Mrs. Mary Gilbert, Trustee: Mr N. C. McNair, Jr. Director of Development Dr. Floyd B. Holley, Vice Chancellor — Academic Affairs Mr. Edward I. Clemmons. Director of Office of Recruitment. .Admissions, Registration and Records ■ ■ i 1 1 BPv J n. -4...,„. ■m J lI -. BP ? u Mr George F. Bowie, Jr., Vice Chancellor — Fiscal Affairs Dr Eloise B. Norton, Vice Chancellor — Student .Affairs Dr. Thomas E. Carter, .issistant to the Chancellor 14 Dr. Benjamin F. Speller. Jr.. Assistant .Academic Dean ■ Special Programs Dr. Kdyth B. Cole. Director of Summer School Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins. .Assistant .Academic Dean — .Administration o i I Mrs Gwendolyn J. Midgette, Acting Librarian 15 Mr. Nathaniel C. McNair. Jr. . Director of Development Mr. Joseph S. White. Director — Data Processing: Mr Walter R. Winborne. Director — Regional N. C. Health Manpower Center: Mrs. Catherine B. Gardner, Recruiter: Mr. Tommy M. Foust. Director of .Admissions Mr. Edward A ' . Smith. Assistant Business Manager Mr. Roger A. McLean. Comptroller Mrs. Rae E. Williams. Associate Director. Student Services — Women FRONT: Mr. James R. Spence, Assistant Director of Development Alumni Relations. BACK ROW: Mr William T. Davis, Administrative Assistant: Mr Robert J. Jones. Acting .Administrative and Purchasing Officer: Mr Albert C. Robinson. Personnel Officer: Mr Hershey J. Williams, Occupational. Safety. Health and Engineering Officer: Mr Winfred E. Simpson. Coordinator — Long Range Planning SEATED: Mrs. Alma M. Newby. Director of Financial Aid: STANDING: Mr. James E. Taylor. Financial Aid Intern: Miss Vivian L. Sawyer. Clerk Stenographer: Mrs. Juliette C. Zachary, Financial Aid Assistant: Mrs. Barbara F. Simpson. Assistant to the Director of Financial .4id Dr. James H. Townes, Administrative Assistant Mrs. Nancy M. Lee. Research Assistant: Mr Leonard R. Ballou. Director of Institutional Research, Archivist-Historian: Mr George F. Bowie, III, Assistant Director of Institutional Research Mr. Willie B. Spence, Associate Director. Student Services — Men Mr. Hezekiah W. Cooper, Director of Faculty Program, ECSU Temple University: Miss Valerie F. Villines. Coordinator of Cooperative Education Program: Mr. Joseph A. Dempsey, Director of D U O Program: Mrs. Addie G. Midgette, Coordinator of D U O Program: Dr. .Andrew L. Roberts, Director of Five College Curriculum Program: Mrs. Yvonne B. Fluker. Reading Specialist in D U O Program: Mr Naomi A. Morgan. Director of Basic Education and Enrichment Program DEPARTMENTS Mr. Eugene O ' Neal, Instructor; Mr. Dan M. Pearce. Instructor: Dr. .Vincent J. deGregorio, Professor and Chairman: Mr. Mohinder S. Gill, .Assistant Professor Biology Art Dr Jimmy R. Jenkins. Associate Professor: Mrs. Dorothy E. Thomas. Associate Professor: Dr. Herman G. Cooke, Professor: Dr SekenderA. Khan. Professor and Chairman: Mrs. Helen H. Muldrow. Assistant Professor. Dr. Curtis D. Turnage. Assistant Professor Business FRONT ROW: Mrs. Evelyn H. Roberts. Instructor: Mr Ramanlal P. Patel. Instructor: Mrs Mumtaz B. Khan, Instructor: Mrs Lona G. Wilson. Instructor. BACK ROW: Dr. Rudolph Jones. Professor and Chairman: Mr HanifM. Hafiz. Assistant Professor: Dr. John H. Carson. Professor: Mr. Rajnikant M. Patel. Instructor Education f ,1 " FRONT ROW; Mr E. Earl Manley. Assistant Professor and Director of Student Teaching: Mrs. Elizabeth T. Sessoms, Assistant Professor and Kindergarten Supervisor: Mrs Gwendolyn J. Midgette. Instructor: Dr Ethelyn H. Harper Professor: Mrs Mildred P. Jones, Assistant Professor: Dr Edyth B. Cole, Professor and Chairman. BACK ROW: Mr William J. Muldrow. Associate Professor: Mrs. Margaret H. Holley, Assistant Professor: Mr Ellis H. Smith. Instructor: Mrs Valerie W. Vaughan, Instructor and Supervisor of the Nursery School: Dr Thelma H. Anderson, Professor: Dr Allen M. Schmuller Professor: Mrs. Clara G. Jones, Assistant Professor; Miss Elizabeth M. Crawford, Assistant Professor Health And Physical Education FRONT ROW: Mrs. Joyce J. Bembry. Associate Professor: Miss Ola Goss, Instructor: Mrs Mollie M. Beasley, Assistant Professor. BACK ROW: Mr Robert L. Vaughan, Professor and Chairman: Mr Thurlis J. Little. Assistant Instructor: Mrs. Georgia L. Smith. Assistant Professor: Mr Thomas L. Caldwell. Assistant Professor: Mr Alvin T. Kelley, Assistant Instructor: Mr Samuel T. Holmes. Assistant Professor Industrial Arts Mr. Bishop M. Patterson. Associate Professor and Chairman: Mr Henry Foskey, Jr., Instructor: Mr. Graham A. Trent, Assistant Professor Modern Languages FRONT ROW: Mr. Lawrence E. Sugg. Assistant Professor: Mrs. Betty J. Egan. Instructor: Dr. Anne M. Henderson. Professor and Chairman: Miss Addie M. Hoffier. Instructor: Dr Walter Blackstock, Jr.. Professor BACK ROW: Mr T. L. Hsu. Assistant Professor: Mr James J. Worsham. III. Instructor: Mrs. Helen M. Caldwell, Assistant Professor: Mr. R. Edwin Duke. Instructor; Mrs. Carol C. Jones. Instructor: Mrs Julia M. Hoffler. .Associate Professor: Mr Bernard L. Peterson. Jr. Assistant Professor Music ■ FRONT ROW: Miss Evelyn A. Johnson. Professor: Mr Francis W. Thomas. Assistant Professor MIDDLE ROW: Mr Floyd L. Robinson. Instructor: Dr Edna L. Davis, Professor and Chairman: Dr Rachel W. Gragson, Assistant Professor BACK ROW: Mr Charles R. Penrose, Associate Professor: Mr Charles W. Finley. Instructor: Mr Leonard R. Ballou, Assistant Professor Physical Sciences And Mathematics FRONT ROW: Dr. A. Latif Choudhury, Professor: Dr. Sohinder S. Sachdev. Associate Professor: Dr. Louise N. Sutton. Professor and Chairman: Dr. Md. Ashraful Alam. Associate Professor. MIDDLE ROW: Dr Thomas E. Carter. Associate Professor: Mr. Thomas I. Sharpe, Assistant Professor: Dr Woodford M. Garrigus. Professor: Dr Kumar K. Chatlergee. Associate Professor: Mr All Imam. Assistant Professor BACK ROW: Mr Henry E. Crank. Assistant Professor: Miss Georgia A. Stallings. Instructor Social Sciences KNEELING: Dr Melvin L. Murphy. Professor and Chairman. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Patricia M. Gibbs. Secretary: Miss Mary M. Wallace. Assistant Instructor: Dr Woodford M. Garrigus. Professor: Mrs. LulaG. Thorpe. Assistant Instructor: Mr William T. Davis. Instructor MIDDLE ROW: Miss Emma V. Burke. Instructor: Mr George N. Reid. Assistant Professor: Mr Rochelle Vann. Instructor BACK ROW: Dr Naginder S. Dhillon. Professor: Dr Woo J. Ju. Professor: Mr Dale E. Henderson. Assistant Professor: Mr Harry J. Ghee, Instructor: Dr Floyd B. Holley, Professor Data Processing Educational Media SEATED: Mrs. Clemmenette B. Bond. Key Punch Operator: Mrs. Ella C. Nelson, Key Punch Operator: Mrs. Ziner J. Reid. Data Processor. STANDING: Mr. Jerald I. Perry. Sr. Data Processor: Mr Joseph S. White. Director of Data Processing Mr. James Blount. Educational Media Center Assistant: Mr. Ellis H. Smith. Director of Educational Media Center Student Affairs Library Services FIRST ROW: Mrs. Gertrude L. Pierce, Assistant — University Center: Dr. Eloise B. Norton. Vice Chancellor — Student .Affairs: Mrs Enid S. Smith. Guidance Counselor. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Katie S. Wamack. Supervisor of Health Services: Mrs. Rae E. Williams, .issociate Director. Student Services — Women: Mr William A. Pierce. Director of Career Counseling and Placement. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Gertrude T. Bonds, Nurse ' s .4ide: Mr Otis Fluker Acting Director of Guidance, Counseling and Testing: Mrs Lillie Y. Lewis. Nurse ' s Aide: Mr Joe P. Scott. Jr. Orderly FOURTH ROW: Mr Willie B. Spence, .Associate Director, Student Services — Men: Mr Charles L. Foster Program Director University Center: Mr Milton R. Kent. Director of Housing FRONT ROW: Mrs. Gwendolyn J. Midgette. Acting Librarian: Mrs Jutta K. Choudhury. Acquisitions Specialist: Mrs Mildred P. Jones. Catalogue Librarian; Dr Ethelyn H Harper Acting Director of Curriculum Materials Center BACK ROW: Miss Freida A. Burke. Stenographer: Miss Odessa A. Williams. Readers Services and Non-Book Media Librarian: Mr James B. Law. Reference Librarian: Mrs Shirley B. Perry, Library Assistant 23 Mrs. Cynthia M. Walker, Administrative Secretary to the Chancellor: Mrs. Genevia S. Kellogg, Secretary — Chancellor ' s Office; Mrs. Ethel F. Cox, Secretary-Chancellor ' s Office Office Personnel Residence Counselors FIRST ROW: Mrs Vera B. Storey: Mrs. Marva C. Hollowell: .Mrs. Deloris G. Griffin. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Juliette C Zachary: Mrs Gladys B. Bartlelt: Miss Hattie L. Bell: Miss Linda C. Mitchell. THIRD ROW: Mrs Florence B. Hinton: Mrs Lots G. White: Mrs Dorothv S. Johnson: Mrs Sandra P. Hendricks: Miss Nettie O. McPherson. FOURTH ROW: Miss Grenda M. Mullen: Mrs Brenda F Sawyer: Mrs Evelyn B. Poyner: Mrs Mavis C Ward: Mrs Mary G. Harris: Miss Vivian L. Sawyer FIFTH ROW: Miss Cynthia J. Spence: Mrs Fannie G Williams: Mrs Clennie C Razor: Mrs Mary H. Creel: Miss Freida A. Burke Mr Samuel A. Harvey; Mrs. Jereline S. Lynn: Mrs. Dorothy B. Newby; Mrs. Shirley F. Barnes; Mr Kendy W. Cooper: Mrs. Elizabeth F. Davis: Mrs. Bertha M. Sudderlh; Mrs Nancy B. Eggleston: Mrs Beatrice B. Hughes: Mr. George H. Roberts, Jr. 24 Maintenance FIRST ROW: Mr, Harvey L. Thomas. Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds: Mrs. Carolyn S. Privott: Mrs. Carolyn H. Dickerson: Mrs. Beulah J. Lumsden: Mrs. Matlie G. Davis: Mrs. Louise Williams: Mrs. Deloris G Griffin: Mrs. Helen H. McMurren: Mrs Lois G. White: Mrs. Vertley S. Woodhouse: Miss Rosa N. Williams: Mrs. Delois Ragsdale: Mrs. Carolyn G. Johnson. SECOND ROW: Mr Joseph P. Sayles: Mr. Joseph H. Bryant: Mr. James Turner: Mr William Barclifl: Mr. Melvin L. Hunter: Mr. Charles W. Miller: Mr Joe L. Taylor: Mr Artis L. Boyd: Mr George G. White: Mr. Willie H. Burke. THIRD ROW: Mr Clarence E. Whitehurst: Mr. Paxton Bartlett: Mr. Carl Hawkins: Mr. Willie Taylor: Mr James Lewis: Mr. James Wynn. Jr.: Mr. Lee E. Beamon: Mr. Arthur E. Catling: Mr Joseph E. Spence: Mr William R. Turner, Sr FOURTH ROW: Mr Joseph H Sutton: Mr Ervin H. Brothers: Mr Thord Hocutt: Mr William T. Rice: Mr. Cardwell L. Cowell. Jr.: Mr Elmer C. .Arnold: Mr. Joshua Dawson. Jr.: Mr. Butler L. Sharpe, Jr. Security Officers FRONT ROW: Mr Cecil R. Perry. Senior Security Officer: Mr George N. Bonks: Mr. Franklin D. R. Felton. BACK ROW: Mr George W. Johnson, Jr.: Mr. Ernest E. Hoskins: Mr. G. Archie Newby: Mr James M. Haggard Mr. James W. Sterling. Bookstore Manager Central Supply Officer Food Service Mr. Johnnie D. Harvey. Jr.. Assistant Manager of Food Service: Mr Curtis L. Dance: Mr Benjamin F. Patterson: Mr. Bobhv M. Turner: Mrs. Louvenia S Melton: Mr Hughie C. Simmons: Mrs. Doris O. .Moore: Mr Harry P. Felton: Mrs. Carolyn B. .4llen: .Mrs. Ruth I. H ' hitc: .Vfrs. Grizzelle Miller: Mrs. Helen Britton: Mrs. Ernestine P. Munden: Mr. Samuel Shannon: Mr. Raymond Hawkins. Jr.. Manager of Food Service CLASSES Belly Adams Shirley Atkinson Joseph Avant Paula Backus Cheryl Basnight Jauntee Beamon Gailher Beatty Marilyn Becton Jonah Berry Lamm Bond Samuel Boyd William Branch Wanda Brimage • ' i !IH!|J MISS SENIOR CLASS Christine Brown Eva Britl Marshall Brothers Christine Brown 28 ■ ; i Delia Bryant Elisha Burke Priscilla Burrus Regina Butter Anthony Chalmers Janice Chamblee Fabian Chase Joseph Cobb Jeraldine Cole Charles Cooper w CLASS OFFICERS: Olivia Thomas, Secretary: Frank Williams. President: Joanne Jones, Treasurer Paul Lee. Vice-President Jannette Cooper Robert Costen Patsy Crutchfield Lillie Curmon 29 Christine Deloatch Lula Deloatch Gloria Doss Delores Edwards Larry Ennett Florelta Fagan Carolyn Felton Carlnello Fere bee Yvonne Ferebee Hilda Forbes Reginna Ford Carolyn I. Freeman Carolyn L. Freeman Dennis Catling Gloria Giddings Joel Godette Deborah Godfrey 30 Lois Greene L ' Tange Greene Ronald Griswell Gerald Gunnel! Brenda Hardy Brenda Harris Charlene Harris Queenie Harris Johnnie Hindsman Hester Holland Ralph Holloway Valerie Hopkins Vivian Howard Alberta Horton Willie Howard Alma Jenkins Mary Jennings Myrtle Johnson Joanne Jones Cleve Jordan Donnell Kent Angela Lacy Harold Leary Paul Lee Diane Lewis Madie Livingston Sharon Lumsden Valerie Lumsden Carolyn Lynch Ollie Mallory Dianne Manley Ary May Brenda McCoy 32 Patlie McDowell Robert McKenzie Edward Mercer Wilber Miley Cynlhia Mitchell Cynelhia Monteria Brenda Moore Sherwood Muinford Iresteen Newborn Marcus Newsome f% re ' .. ' » James Newton Lawrence Parker Zelma Peele Hazel Powell Ronnie Powell Glenda Pruden Ruby Pulley Jane! Purington Juanita Purvis Deborah Riddick Palricia Roberts Ronnie Russell Edith Seymore Phyllis Shivers William Simons Rita Skinner Janet Smith Janice Smith Davenia Solomon :h Calvin Spratley Jerome Spruill Lillian Spruill Lee Suggs Clementine Sutton 34 Patricia Sylvester Janice Taylor Janie Taylor Olivia Thomas Barbara Threatt Bertha Vann Larry Vaughan Mural Warren Mervin Watford Cynthia Wells Barbara White Larry White Phillip White Annie Williams Francyne Williams Dorothy Wilson Margaret Wilson Linda Woodard 35 Delores Armstrong Denise Boston Kelvin Ballard Jerry Bradley Sundra Bray hr. Class Officers STANDING: Tyrone Williams. President: William Green. Vice-President: Otis Strong, Treasurer: SEATED; Linda Miller. Secretary Ernie Burns Valerie Cheek Mary Cherry Janna Clemmons Regina Covington Waverly Creecy Mary Dance Doris Demery Geraldine Eason 36 Beverly Ensley Cir ' -w 1 V Ir I, • Perri Green William Green Judith Hurdison Valerie Hardy Deborah Hill Christine James Shirlev Jenkins Mable Johnson Jacquelyn Jennings d Charmavne Jones John Jennings Joyce Jones Butler Lew Francesco Lezzi Relha Lvnch 37 Patrick Jennings Vincent Jones Richard Mahan. Jr. Carolyn Johnson Willie Koonce Patricia Mercer Almeta Mitchell Diane Moore Elmer Norman Luther Overton Sylvia Powell Calvin Rasbury Delsey Riddick Maniynn Shaw Wallace Shields Jerry Spruell IW- ' xiiJ Celestine Stephenson Otis Strong Hattie Sutton Linda Swain Marion Sykes Gregory Turner Bernard Vereen Yvonne Walton Leeora White Roosevelt White 38 s o p H O M O R E S Class Officers Goldie Britl, Secretary: Anthony Eason, President; James Goodie, Vice-President; Melvin Norman, Treasurer Joanne Baker Anthony Ballard Luther Banks Ricky Banks Ruby Basnight Mamie Batchelor Jackie Baum Emma Beasley Macon Boston Ronald Bowser Susetta Bowser Goldie Britt Owen Burney. Jr. Marjorie Canady Selma Carver Lois Charleston 39 Julia Douglas Jennifer Dove Willie Duncan Helen Eason Thomas Clark Janet Cooper Maxine Cooper Shirley Cooper Valerie Coslen Jocelyn Eley Helen Elliott Phyllis Etheridge Nathan Felton Oliver Felton James Finch Randolph Foxwell Karen Gilliam Richard Grayson Carolyn Hill Alfred Holmes Edith Horton Patricia Hughes Charlene Jackson Juanila James Vanelle James Avis Davis De lores Davis Harlee Davis Helen Dillard Carolyn Dixon Fowler Jasper Reginald Jennings Henry Johnson Saundra Johnson Barbara Jones Denise Jones Gladys Jones Barbara Jordan Cassandra King Debra King Valerie Knight Linda Lassiter Carslell Lennon Curtis Lewis Zann Lewler Cynthia Lilley Lake Liverman Portia Manley Terry McCarry Verlene McDowell Donnell Mclntyre Natalie Minor Cecil Mitchell Phyllis Mitchell Raymond Morgan Don Marring Melvin Norman Loney Parker Walter Paul Wendell Parks Debra Piltman Doris Powell Lance Pugh Patricia Rankins Jean Roberts Cornelia Robinson Juanita Robinson Richard Robinson Benjamin Rhodes Mary Ruffin Gwendolyn Sanders Girma Seifu Theresa Simmons Charlotte Smaw Faye Smith Miranda Solomon Judy Spencer Annie Spruill Daphine Stephenson Greg Slurdivanl Jimmie Tatem Joyce Terrell Patricia Turnage Carlminter Tyner Lonnie Walton Marilyn Webb Rosa White Gerald Williams Janet Wilson Calvin Worstey F R E S H M E N KNEELING: Barron Riddick, President. STANDING: Beverly Spruill. Secretary: Virgie Shannon. .Assistant Secretary: Ida Holley. Treasurer: Alvin Jones, Vice-President Class Officers Nathan Alston Jasper .instead Haywood Arringlon Ora Baker Jimmy Baylor Freda Bazemore Margaret Bazemore Vanessa Be as ley Joseph Beck Linda Bennett Annie Best Danny Blackmon Harryetle Blount Priscilla Bond John Ballard Deborah Banks Gloria Banks Ozella Barner Otis Barrleil Develyn Basnight Carmen Batten Edith Battle Barbara Carney Hubert Carroll Jr. Karen Carver Nancy Cherry Ruby Bond Ronda Boone Sheryl Brite Doris Brown Curtis Bryant Dorenda Bryant Cleveland Bulluck Lois Burke Michael Burnette Sherlyn Butler Wanda Cherry Sarah Clark James Clemonls Gloria Collins Robert Cooper Annetle Council Albert Co.x Gloria Crenshaw Patricia Dabney Peggy Dancy Linda Davenport Ann Delrow f ' ebna Dickens Cecil Doyle Linwood Dozier Debbie Drew Donna Durnell Thomas Ealmon r Eugene Edmonds Hi I lie Edmonds Harriet Ellis Svlrie Elheridge Keilh Evans Rickey Everetle Joyce Faison Marcellus Farmer Ernestine Freeman Arthur Gallop Treva Gallop Melanie Glenn Michael Goodson Doris Griffin Reginald Griffin Agnes Hall Carol Hall Ellen Harding Alfred Harper Charlie Harrell James Harrell William Hartley Thomas Hastye. Ill 45 Marian Herring Arisona Hill Vaughn Hill Theresa Haggard Ida Holley Pamela Holley Portia Hollo nan James Holmes Peter Horton Sheila Howell Cathy Hubbard Annie Hughes Marlon Hunter Cynthia Jackson Gwendolyn Jackson Margaret Jenkins Barbara Jennings Linda Johnson Miriam Johnson Delores Jones Jeffery D. Jones Jeffery L. Jones Lillie Jones Ruth Jones Vickie Jordan Reginald Keene Teddy Keyes Larry Kimble Mickey Kirby Marlene Knotts Patricia Lanier Carol Lee Donnell Leigh Lillie Lennon Jane Lewis Dora Liverman William Long Sylvia Manley Stanley Marshman Rulh Mallhews John McBryde Grover McDowell Linda McMillian Alice Melvin Annie Miller Linda Miller Vernon Miller A Ifred Mitchell Arthur Mitchell. Jr. John Montgomery Cynthia Norman Lowreda Norman Mickey Overton Horace Palmer Thomas Palmer Phyllis Parker V ' irgie Parker Delthia Patterson Janice Patterson Kimberly Penns Palricia Raynor Annie Reddick Denice Reid Harold Renfrew Wanda Peppers Evelyn Finder Carnetta Porter Joan Porter Verretta Porter Carlton Powell Sharon Pruden Darhyl Pulley Isabelle Purvis Cela Ray Joyce Ren wick Mary Rhines Dwight Ricks Margaret Riddick Velveeta Riddick Sarah Ridenhour Cynthia Robbins Floratin Roberson Patrick Rounlree Daisy Sampson Willie Salchell Lavern Saunders Brenda Selby Mary Sessoms Virgie Shannon Ronnie Sharpe Margaret Sims Larry Sipe Dallas Skinner Jennifer Staton Velma Stephenson Carroll Swain Wayne Sykes John Taylor Winnie Taylor Esonjia Thomas Blanche Thompson Douglas Thompson Christine Tyson Annie Vaughan Sandy Walden Owen Waller Ronald Washington Shiryl Waters Robert Wells Anton Wesley Darlene White Gloria White Marita White Marion Whitley Andrea Williams Debra Williams Elaine Williams Tyrone Williams Violet Williams Robin Williamson .mrsTf -aegmjj ORGANIZATIONS Student Government Association OFFICERS: (From left) Joyce A. Hargrove. Secretary: Eva P. Brit!. President: Marcus J. Newsome. Vice-President: Ceceil C. Gallop. Treasurer Women ' s Government Men ' s Government Wi W " Mervin A. Watford. President Melvin Norman. Secretary Sundra F. Bray. President: Linda D. Miller. Vice-President 51 Alpha Kappa Mu H O N O R S O C I E T I E S Kappa Delta Pi 52 Elementary Education Majors Club Students Of Science Club Phi Beta Lambda Club 53 Social Science Club Thalia Sow sis Ushers Guild Veterans Club 54 Interfraternal Council 55 Ivy Leaf Club Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha 56 Sphinx-Club Delta Sigma Theta Omega Psi Phi . i mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm prow r j fT WM wr Pyramid Club Lampados Club Zeta Archonian Phi Club Beta Crescent Club Phi Beta Sigma 58 ' : hm Sigma Gamma Rho Aurora Club Kappa Alpha Psi Scrollers Club 59 Gamma Sigma Sigma Omicron Club Alpha Phi Omega Trefoil Club 60 Xi Psi Chi Pawns Swing Phi Swing Ladybugs Iota Phi Theta Swanxmen tmssitm Majorettes Twirlers 62 Mr. Floyd L. Robinson (extreme left) Bands Director: Mr. Charles W. Finley (extreme right) Assistant Bands Director B a n d Concert Band Jazz Ensemble Brass Ensemble 63 Miss Evelyn A. Johnson retires after 42 years of service to ECSU 9J ? ? gg, COA ' C£ ?rC 0 ? EXTREME LEFT, FRONT: Dr Rachel W. Gragson. Accompanist; Miss Evelyn A. Johnson, Choir Director CHORAL E.XSEMBLE 64 ACTIVITIES University Center RIDLEY UNIVERSITY CENTER Mrs. Ruth M. Carr, Assistant: Mr. Charles L. Foster, Program Director; Mrs. Gertrude L. Pierce. Assistant Charles White. President of the Center The Hearthstone Of The University 67 Homecoming if1f - ji f ' Si 11 IIITi 4Ui. ••■ r- ■ MiALllMW . i:, „.:... liAM MISS HOMECOMING Janevie McCrea MISS ECSU Alma Jenkins MISS ALUMNI Valerie Cox Davis Founders Day The Founders Day address, delivered by Mr. Maceo A. Sloan, member of the Board of Governors, presentation, dedication and naming of buildings on the University campus and placing of wreaths on the graves of Hugh Cale, Peter W. Moore and John H. Bias, the founders, highlighted the Founders Day Commemoration. Mr. Maceo A. Sloan Founders Day Speaker Presentation, Dedication And Naming Of Buildings MARION D. THORPE. SR. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING EVEL YN A. JOHNSON HALL ' O 1 LUCILLE McLENDON HALL EDNA HARRIS MITCHELL and EVA J. LEWIS HALL 70 MAMIE BEDELL CAFETERIA McDonald dixon hall TIMOTHY H. WAMACK HALL WALTER N. RIDLEY UNIVERSITY CENTER Placing Of Wreaths Hugh Cale Peter W. Moore Fine Arts Festival THE BAD SEED A Play in Three Ads — Modern Languages Department Faculty FESTIVAL OF THE GODS Society of Modern Dance FASHIONS ---£7 EXHIBITIONS Religious Emphasis Week Theme: ' ' Reaching Out To A Superior Force That Is Higher Than Man " Guest Minister Dr. Richard A. Council! Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church Norfolk. Virginia Reception honoring Dr. Councill Dr. EloiseB. Horton: Miss Linda Miller. Miss UCRF: Mrs Rae E. Williams; Reverend Richard L. Newby. Acting University Minister and Director of Religious Activities International Week Theme: " Our World of Words " A week of social, educational, cultural and recreational activities sponsored by the Uni- versity Center Dr. William P. Robinson. Speaker. Director of the Division of Social Sciences. Norfolk State College, and a member of the Virginia House of Delegates Dr. Robinson and ECSU foreign students Cornerstone Celestial Chorus performs during International Week Program Mil 1 1 Ml Learning . To teach is to open minds, to challenge that which may be dormant, to sustain an early enthusiasm and nurture it. Kindergarten Nursery School Student Teaching — Typing Biology Health and Physical Education 76 . . . and it is books that change us most. They are the everlasting teachers by which the human race has got its education. — Mark Van Doren Student Teaching — Mathematics Educational Media Research Industrial Arts Student Teaching — English 77 Visitors Dr. Craig Phillips ( fourth from right). Norlh Carolina Slate Superintendent of Public Instruction, guest speaker for the fall Student Teaching Conference Area educators and administrators attending the fall Student Teaching Conference Mr. John Z-ucai (left), 1974-1975 President of the North Carolina Association of Educators, chats with Dr. Rudolph Jones. President of the ECSU chapter of NCAE. Mr. Lucas was guest speaker for the American Education Week Program sponsored by the Student National Education Association of the University. IB Gil Scoit-Heron. Musician and Composer Claude Brown, author of Manchild in the Promise Land. Women ' s Government Association Speaker Dr Walter N. Ridley, former President of Elizabeth City State University. General Alumni Association Speaker Mr. Thomas Evans, Jr, General Alumni Association President 79 Dr. E. Lavonia Allison. Director of N. C. Health Manpower Program Mr. Walter R. Winborne. (second from right) Director, Health Careers Recruitment Counseling Center, with ECSU students Thurman E. Evans. M. D.. Executive Director. Health Manpower Development Corporation, Washington, D. C. Language Disability Workshop Consultants m w Area Counselors atlend a regional College Entrance Examination Board meeting High school jen ori (above and right) learn about Elizabeth City State University on High School Senior Day Special guests at Founders Day Program Outdoor Classroom At righl, Mrs. Dorothy E. Thomas. Associate Professor of biology and planner of the " Outdoor Classroom " at ECSU, watches Barry V. Pavlina. an official of the Union Camp Corporation, demonstrate the use of an increment borer, a device used to determine the age of trees. The borer and $100.00 were donated to ECSU by Union Camp Corporation. -J Miss Linda E. Neal (Front row, extreme left) Director of the University Year for .Action Program, and ECSU volunteers ' r . University Year For Action U Y A is a program designed to give ECSU students interested in volunteer work opportunities to earn academic credit while working on poverty-related human, social and environmental problems in community agencies participat- ing in the U Y A program. ' -%. r V LV.. 82 The Youth Motivation Program directed by the Office of Career Counseling and Placement and sponsored by the National Alliance of Businessmen gives ECSU stu- dents a look at the real world of work — its opportunities, expecta- tions and problems. The NAB Task Force is headed by Brice Purnell of the Springfield, New Jersey Western Electric Facility. Mr. William A. Pierce (Front Row, extreme right). Director of Career Counseling and Placement, with members of the NAB Task Force and Chancellor Marion D. Thorpe (Back Row, third from left). Youth Motivation Program 83 Honors Convocation Program 346 ECSU students were honored for outstand- ing achievement and significant contributions in the arts and sciences at the Honors Convocation Program. The speaker for the occasion was Judge Garland W. Watt of Chicago, Judge of Cook County Circuit Court of Illinois. Judge Watt is the grandson of Dr Peter W. Moore, one of the founders of Elizabeth City State University. Judge Garland W. Watt Who ' s Who Selection to membership in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities is an honor posi- tion at ECSU. The VIKING proudly salutes the 1974-1975 in- ductees and their Department Chairmen, pictured at the right, and presents on the following page the names of students achieving this honor from 1955-1956 through 1974-1975. 84 ( Elizabeth City Slate University ' s Students selected to Who ' s Who Amone Students in American Universities and Colleges for 1955-56 throueh 1974-75 1955-56 Coley. Margaret Exum, Irene Maggette. Mary Josephine Riddick. Annie Marie Smith. Wilhelmena Thomas, Marva Michele Uzzell. Shirley Jean 1956-57 Hardy. O- Carlise Leathers. James Edward Mitchell, Carolyn Juanila Purvis. Joseph Debories White, Cleo Caroline 1957-58 Chamblee. Sannie L Johnson. Katnna Markham. Vivian Synette Sharpe. Vivian White. Leon 1958-59 Bartlett. Catherine Marie Burke. Barbara Ann Chamblee, Sannie Lee Johnson. Katrina Kates. Helen Delois Ransom. Barbara Ann Wright. Alfred Thomas 1959-60 Bryan. Curtis Eugene Bunch, Wilson Byrd. Evelyn Louise Eiddemon, Ogden Leon Hare. Ruth Yvonne James. Barbara Ransom Johnson. Thelma Trumillia Jones. Bar bara Ann Burke Parker, Lois Annette 1960-61 Biggs. Clarence Earl Bunch. Wilson Congleton. Donna Bell Jackson. George Morgan Kitchen. George Edward Knight. Robert Lee Pickett, Henry Bell. Jr Purvis. Martha Annette Puryear. Mary Hester Roberts. Lula Gertrude Shambley. Joe Willie Swimpson. James Earl Welch. Joyce Amelia 1961-62 Biggs. Clarence Earl Evans. Jasper Devey Hager. Roscoe Eranklin Jackson. George Morgan. Jr. Johnson. Gladys Elizabeth Jones. Alice Beatrice Jordan. John Wesley Leavens. Mary Josephine Moore. Nathaniel Patterson. George Alexander Shambley. Joe Willie Slade, Leonard .-irvie Welch. Joyce Amelia 1962-63 Cherry. Charles Deberry Evans. Jasper Devey Francis. Morris Earl Gray. Dorothy Marguenia Griffin. George Redden Johnson. Rena Mae Jones. Peggy McMillan Jordan. John Wesley Kidd, Geraldtne Leavens. Mary Humphrey Manley. Jimmie Lewis Myrick. Alice Patterson. George Alexander Reese. Patrick Alfonso Ricks. Tony, Jr. Slade. Leonard Arvie. Jr. 1963-64 Baker. Dorothv Mae Bell. Ulysses Carr. Bonila Elaine Forbes. Marcell Elizabeth Francis. Norris Earl. Jr Garris. Viola VonSeria Gore, Richard Mack Kidd. Geraldine King. Norman George, Jr. Long. Jacqueline Ethel Melton. Carlton Cecil Parker. Beulah Mae Peace. Alexander Ricks, Tony. Jr. Rowlett, Jean Carolyn Sydnor. Otha Lewis Sutton. 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Crutch field. Patsy Jr Fenner. Liltie E. Frazier, Bonnie Hathaway. Edna R. Hollev. Leonard Holley. Pedro Jenkins. Alma F. Johnson, Stephanie D. Mitchell. Carolyn F. Mitchell. Mary P. Montague. Franklin D. Harris. Queenie Picot. Viviane Newton, James Williams. Roselyn Henderson. David Jr. 1974-75 Atkinson. Shirley J. Bond. Lamm C. Beatty. Maxine G. Bray. Sundra F. Britt. Eva P. Brown, Christim P. Burke. Elisha Ford, Regina Z. Godette. Joel E. Giddings. Gloria G. Hardy. Brenda A. Harris. Charlene O. Holland. Hester J. Hopkins. Valerie Jenk ins. Alma F. Jordan, Joyce J. Koonce. Willie L. Miller. Linda D. Mumford. Sherwood D. Newton. James R. Purington. Janet M. Roberts. Patricia A. Skinner. Rita D. Spruill. Lillian H. Suggs. Lee E. Threatt. Barbara A. Research ' Dr. Herman G. Cooke Dr. Kumar K. Chattergee, Associate Professor of chemistry at ECSU, will direct a research project which will study " the various physical and chemical factors which catalyze the disintegration of a water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen, through the use of solar energy. " The study is being made possible by a grant of $24,933.00 to the ECSU Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia. Dr. Herman G. Cooke, Professor of biology at ECSU, well known for his entomological research un- der provisions of the RIAD Project which resulted in the discovery of a new species of Chironomidae which now bears his name, Ablabesmyia Cookie, has recently been successful in arresting malignant tumor growths and cancerous lesions ' ' in a highly susceptible strain of rats. " Details of his success were reported during the Third Annual Biomedical Symposium at New Or- leans, Louisiana. 86 Dr. Kumar K. Chattergee Lyceum Series Margaret Tynes Metropolitan Opera Soprano The Honorable John Conyers, Jr. U.S. Congressman 87 Purlie Victorious Dorothy Goffigan — Lutiebelle Hubert Edwards — Purlie A Scene From The River Niger A fl! ' 1 ■ ' ■-;.7 jg 1 1 ?HHir! ' H ! 1 - " V 1 1 ■1 3 Count Basie SITTING: COUNT BASIE. STANDING: Mr. Floyd L. Robinson. Director of Bands ai ECSU: Mrs. Elizabeth T. Sessoms. Chairman of the Lyceum Committee 89 People Greek Lines 90 91 " F • 92 ?5 r» t f -ip ' i 93 SPOR TS Wrestling 1975 CI A A Championship Team Coach Thurlis J. Little adjusts a helmet 95 Football Mr. Thurlis J. Utile. Line Coach: Mr. Alvin T. Kelley. Defensive Coach: Mr Thomas L. Caldwell. Head Coach; Mr Samuel T. Holmes. Offensive Coach r.::m. . TNivR ?. ' n A»:is- ii 4 ■■■,T».- . » . " .z.- ;. . r r ' ' w 96 - I t y f- " 7 " T ■ ' -■ .-jT.aafcf,. 97 Basketball Mr. Robert L. Vaughan Head Coach Mr. Alvin T. Kelley Assistant Coach i i rT r 98 Mr. Claudie Mackey, alumnus and former member of the ECSU basketball team, presents a trophy to Coach Robert L. Vaughan for his accomplishments in basketball Charles Carr 1975 CI A A Player of the Year Some members of the Alumni Basketball Team 99 Thomas Blue Most Valuable Player in the 1975 CIAA Basketball Tournament V:» ; 100 AT LEFT: Architect ' s Drawing of New Gymnasium wXO»;- XNS»i? ' K »B HiMMM mimmA mmd 101 L a d y V I k I n 8 • . Women ' s Basketball Team J i H " ' ' 1 ■1 s J 102 COMMENCEMENT Mural Lee Warren Bearer of the Mace The Mace is the symbol of authority of the University. It is borne by the graduat- ing student with the highest academic average who has been in attendance at Elizabeth City State University for four years. FROM LEFT: Chancellor Marion D. Thorpe: The Honorable Joy J. Johnson, Commencement Speaker; Mr. Clarence Griffin and Mr. Fred Markham. University Trustees Mural Warren, Summa Cum Laude. Highest Ranking Graduate Alma Jenkins. Summa Cum Laude, Second Highest Ranking Graduate ■ ? Alumnus of the Year Mr. A. C. Crowder Mrs. Dorothy Thomas presents a check for SI. 000. 00 from the senior class to Chancellor Thorpe for the establishment of the Dennis Cornelius Catling Memorial Scholarship Fund. Magna Cum Laude Graduates Retirees Chancellor Thorpe awards plaques to retiring faculty members for outstand- ing services to Elizabeth City State Uni- versity at Commencement. The retirees received other honors at ECSU and recognition from President William C. Friday and the Board of Governors at Chapel Hill, N. C The combined years of service to the University total more than eighty-five. Miss Evelyn A. Johnson. Professor of Music and Director of the University Choir Mrs. Gwendolyn J. Midgetle, Instructor in Library Science and Acting Librarian Dr Thelma H. Anderson. Professor of Psychology Dr Rudolph Jones. Professor of Business and Chairman of the Business Department Publications a ,K Mr. John T. Williams, Public Information and Communications Specialist: Mr Lawrence E. Sugg. Chairman of the Publications Committee and Yearbook Advisor; Mr Dale E. Henderson, Sr.. Assistant Professor of Social Sciences: Mr James J. Worsham. Ill, Instructor. News Media: Mr Leonard R. Batlou. Archivist-Historian and Director of Institutional Research: Mr Nathaniel C. McNair Jr. Director of Development Compass Stajf P u b I i c a t i o n C o m m i t t e e Rita Skinner: Sundra F. Bray. Associate Editor: James Finch: Barbara .4. Threatt. Editor: Joyce Terrell Viking Stajf SEATED: Geraldine Eason. STANDING: Charmayne Jones: Elmer Norman. Editor-in-Chief Leeora White 75 VIKING Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Elmer Norman EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Geraldine Eason Charmayne Jones Leeora White Elizabeth City State University is a constituent institution of THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA : ' : ' " ' x ' »: -mk V. v:.J£ 11.: ,%.;: ■.: ■ r r si ' - ' .:- S ■ -s ' - ' ' tiN ' - ' ■ ' B aHB , i: n . . : K ' y ' l i n SE j B SSfKffOf rS r ' ' yv ' . XjSKfKSr SBBBJL MM ' v jm I - (V )c ' ' " S C? !?] ' ' Ip « ■ % " ' ' ' " ' ' . ' ' -diM KOH ' ■■ " " V ■ ' " ' -. ' V ■■K ' iPWnM l " ' o 7i;:;:-.; ' ' ' rV5 -;:v m:. ' • i- ' V: ■■;.. N ■ ' . ' ■. ' . ' : ? ' I ' V .: ' ' :;ij5 ■ " •ti . aS t--i . ■. ■: : i ' ' .NVj ' ■ - . 944 X. ■ ' -.s 4(a QXS ' . . ■N l v Ual : ' ji vi| - " . ' • ' 7S S]! ,.; ;- j3 ' ■■ ' ' ■ ' . ' ' r 4 ; - r .v. ' f.- vv . - 3 •4 ' fB...V. ii-

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