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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1971 volume:

THE 1971 VIKING Staff Editor-in-Chief: Ka-Esbia Phillips Associate Editor: Sharyn D. Stinson Design Editor: Ludford Etheridge Photographer: Dehon D. Boyd Editorial Assistants: Verna L. Burgess, Gloria J. Davis, Lawrence E. Epps, Leander J. Harrison, Samuel King, Donald E. Liverman, John T. Spencer, Robert E. Ward Table Of Contents Introduction 4 Organizations 10 Sports 34 President 42 Administration 43 Departments 46 Coronation 60 Seniors 66 Juniors 82 Sophomores 86 Freshmen 91 ECSU Experience 97 XIZABETH CITY TATE UNIVERSITY 1 A -1 ■ni l I 1 7 f : h j - Reflections V - «i ' F O U N D E R S D A Y EIGHTIETH ANNIVERSARY Dr. Helen G. Edmonds, Founders Day Speaker Dr. Marion D. Thorpe Dr. Floyd B. HoUey Dr. Thorpe congratulates Dr. Edmonds RECEPTION fS MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR FOUNDERS H O M E C O M I N G II L S ■flnMaUu H Hv kK. • Presidenl Thorpe and MISS ECSU 1 Mr. Willie B. Spence. Presidenl of the General Alumni Association, crowns Mrs. Emma Spence. Mi ' ss Alumni Virnola Poole MISS ECSU Commencement Dr. Leonard H. Spearman Comnieneenient Speaker Miss Queen E. Moore, highest ranking senior, receives diploma from Dr. Thorpe 4 Student Council Student Government President, Eddie Davis Student Government Association Officers 1970-71 Calvin Nunnally, Vice-President; Demetra Tyner, Corresponding Secretary; Ka-Esbia Phillips. Recording Secretary; Eddie Davis, President Demetra Tyner. Corresponding Secretary 10 Student Court - p w " Men ' s Government Association Representatives Women ' s Government Association Representatives Alpha Kappa Mu Who ' s Who 1970-1971 Kappa Delta Phi United Christian Religious Fellowship Dr. R. Irving Boone. University Minister Viclcie Lawson, retiring president of UCRf ; Robert Ward, the new president Student Christian Association UCRF Receptionists Dr. Boone presents Loving Cup to Mary Daniel and Finnia Sutton SMENC - .ii iSB E. A. Johnson Swinger 14 University Choir Choir Concert 15 Phi Beta Lambda sssl ■■US! A Ipha Phi Gamma Industrial Arts Club Modern Languages Club Social K ff fti lB VH P- BIJl Sciences P " " . " Club i. 1 ■■■■itfHi ■■ Vt l | H 5jBMv j HF ' 17 M(2 z cS: Science Club University Band Mr. David W. Williams, Band Director Symphonic Band in Concert at Raleigh ■iMMI The Marching 100 19 SNEA Elementary Education Majors 20 Dormitory Counselors Junior Counselors 21 Veterans Club Thalia Sorosis Club Modern Dance University Players Julius Caesar MacBeth r M i GREEKS Pan- Hellenic Council 24 Zeta Phi Beta Prophytes Zeta Neophytes Omega Psi Phi Prophytes i ' .« ' j i- Omega Psi Phi Neophyte 26 Delta Sigma Theta Prophytes Delta Sigma Theta Neophytes 27 ■ - i..«fc i Alpha Phi Omega A Ipha Phi Omega Sweethearts Iota Phi Theta Sigma Gamma Rho 29 Alpha Phi Apha Prophytes Alpha Phi Alpha Neophyte Alpha Kappa Alpha Prophytes Alpha Kappa Alpha Neophytes 31 Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, Inc. Groove Phi Groove Neophytes 32 Kappa A Ipha Psi Prophytes ..■■ " «; - r « ' " T " ,T ' :..4irv i.v% .; Kappa Alpha Psi Neophytes Football Team Won 6 Lost 3 Samuel T Holmes. Offensive Coach; Roy F. Knight. Line Coach: Thomas L. Caldwell, Head Coach Torian Williams. All CIAA Offensive End. 1970-1971 Marion D. Mendenhall (left). Offensive Coach; Alvm T. Kelley. Defensive Coach Cheerleaders ' ' m: ' : : M:»] l 53 54 90. ' m kTIBJ r f 5 W m ' a- V | t 1 ' 4 f I S -;t| 1 . m m ' i « :- « Basketball Team Won 25 Lost 9 CIAA Southern Division Co-Champions NAIA District 29 Champions Third Place in the NAIA National Tournament in which the top 32 teams of the nation participated. Assistant Coach, Alvin T. Kelley and Head Coach. Robert L. Vaughan I Hubert Moorer. Co-Captain Coach Vaughan (right) discusses the finer points of basketball with Big Ten official " Red " McHafl ' ety, during the NAIA Tournament in Kansas City, Mo. Leonard Carmichael scores against Fayetleville State University Michael Gale co-captain (right) drives against Indiana State University during the NAIA National Tournament at Kansas City, Mo. Walter Carter (00) blocks the shot of Atlantic Christian College Center ■ ;■ -i : ' is.LicilA7 x . Tennis Team i i • .. Jm Charles R. Penrose, Coach ;Vv, ' l — f. S t- . — - — 5=1- ■ o ff • -• .. 1 m «l " " • MK «i n .f r MJlMM aMMMMiAiiW fc = ' Track Team Samuel T. Holmes, Coach Wrestling Team Won 12 Lost 5 NAIA District 29 Champions Second Place in the CIAA Roy F. Knight, Coach, receives Tournament trophy Outstanding Athletes Elijah Thompson, Defensive Back Signed as a Free Agent by the Boston Patriots He joins Michael Gale and Ronald Leigh in the 1971 list of college players selected by professional teams. Michael Gale NAIA All American All CIAA and District 29 All State Drafted in the fifth round by Kentucky Drafted in the third round by Chicago Signed with a cash bonus with the Kentucky Colonels of the American Basketball Association 41 Ronald Leigh, Defensive End Honorable Mention NAIA All American Drafted by the Boston Patriots of the National Football League M v THh THORPE FAMILY Pamela, Mrs. Lula Thorpe. Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Denni.s Officers Of Administration Mrs. Alma M. Newby. Administrative Secretary to the President Dr. Floyd B. Holley Academic Dean Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, President SSi Mr. James H. Townes Assistant to the President Mr. Arthur L. Jefferson Business Manager Mr. Whittier C. Witherspoon Director of Student Personnel Services Mr. Nathaniel C. McNair. Jr. Director of Development Ur. bnicsi . Finney Director of Summer School and Student Teaching Dr. Andrew L. Roberts Assistant Dean and Director ol ' the Five-College Curriculum Program mI 4 m r . iniiiii Mr. Edward N. Smith Assistant Business Manager Mr. Jeff E. Smith Director of the Office of Rrecruitment, Admissions. Records and Registration Mr. Tommy Eoust. Director of Admissions; Mr. Albert C Robmson, Jr., Personnel Officer; Mr. Joseph S. White, Director of Data Processing; Mr. Thurman J. Andrews. Jr., Coordinator of Institutional Research; Mrs. Maxine R. Andrews. Federal Programs Coordinator: Mr. David T. Hales. Purchasmg Officer. Mr. James Saunders. Director of Financial Aid; Mr. Hobson Thompson, Jr., Librarian i ! ) Mr. William A. Pierce Director of Career Counseling and Placement Mr. John T. Williams Public Information and Communications Specialist. Mr. Benjamin F. Speller, Jr. Director of Self-Study Mr. WhinierC. Witherspoon. Director of Student Personnel; Mr. Willie B. Personnel for Women; Mrs. Gladys Trotman, Director of Testing and Spence, Associate Director of Student Personnel for Men; Mr. Curtis A. Guidance; Mr. Milton Kent. Director of Housing; Mrs, Jean Hayes, Sloan, Counselor; Mrs. Rae E. Williams, Associate Director of Student Assistant to the Director of Student Personnel Art Department Dr. Vincent J. de Gregorio. Professor and Chairman of the Department; Mr. Dan Pearce. Instructor Miss Jacqueline A. Merritt. Instructor Industrial Arts Department Mr. Graham A. Trent, Inslructor; Mr. Bi.shop M. Pallcr.son. A )(.■lalc Professor and Chairman of the Department; Mr. William R. Gibson. Instructor Biology Department Mrs. Helen H. Muldrow, Assistant Professor; Dr. Herman G. Cooke, Professor; Mrs Dorothy E Thomas. Associate Professor; SEA TED: Dr. Sekender A. Khan. Professor and the Chairman of the Department the 48 Business Department Mrs. Rulh G. Reaves, Instructor; Dr Rudnlph Jones, Professor; Mrs, Lona G. Wilson, Instructor; Dr, Yina Hsin, Professor; Dr. Mildred Glover, Professor and Chairman of the Department; Mr, James A. Creech, Assistant Professor; SEATED: Mrs. Joyce J. Bryant. Stenographer Physical Science And Mathematics Department Dr. A. Latif Choudhury, Associate Professor; Dr. Delawar Hussain, Associate Professor; Mr. Thomas I, Sharpe, Instructor: Dr, Louis N, Sutton. Professor and the Chairman of the Department; Mr. Hobson Thompson, Jr.. Assistant Professor; Mr. James H. Townes, Associate Professor; Dr. Md. Ashraful Alam, Associate Professor; Dr. John R. Richards, Professor Education Department i . -. - ' lyA. Mrs. Margaret H. Holle . Assislanl Prorcssor, Mis. M. Elizabclh Crawford. Assistant Professor; Mrs. Gertie F. Wilds, Assistant Professor; Dr. Thelma H. Anderson, Professor; Mr. William J. Muldrow, Associate Profes sor; Mrs. Gwendolyn J. Midgetle. Reader ' s Service Librarian; Mrs. Valerie W. Vaughan, Supervisor of the Laboratory Nursery School; Mr. Donald W, LaHutfman, Director ol Educational .Media and Instructor, Mrs. Eh- abeth T. Sessoms. Assistant Professor; Mrs. Clara G. Jones, Assistant Professor; Mrs. Mildred P. Jones. Assistant Professor; Dr. Rosaline M. Edwards. Professor and the Chairman of the Department 50 Professional Laboratory Experiences Health And Physical Education mjiKi mm Mr. Roy F. Knight, Assistant Instructor; Mr. Samuel T. Holmes, Assistant Professor; Mrs. Mollie M. Beasley, Instructor; Mr. Thomsa L. Caldwell, Assistant Professor; Mrs. Georgia L. Smith, Assistant Professor: Mr. Alvin T. Kelley, Assistant Instructor; Mr. Robert L. Vaughan, Professor and ihe Chairman of the Department Modern Languages Speech Laboratory English Majors STANDING: Mr. Bernard L. Peterson, Jr., Assistant Professor; Mrs. Julia M. Hoffler. Associate Professor; Mrs. Carol C. Jones, Instructor; Mrs. Hazel G. Spellman, Supervisor of Reading Laboratory and Assistant Professor; Mr. R. Edwin Duke, Instructor; SEATED: Dr. Walter Blackstock. Professor; Mrs. Helen M. Caldwell, Assistant Professor; Mrs. Denus E. Deonanan, Instructor; Dr. Anne M. Henderson, Professor and Chairman of the Department; Mr. Lawrence E. Sugg, Assistant Professor Reading Laboratory Writing Laboratory M J U D S E M I P C A s ■ R T M E 1 M TV nil T Miss Evelyn A. Johnson Choir Director Choir Ensemble in Concert STANDING: Mr. Wesley M. Gragson, Associate Professor; Mr. Ronald W. Marshall, Visiting Instructor; Mr. Leonard R. Ballou, Assistant Professor; Mr. Wendell J. Wilson. Instructor: Mr. Charles R. Penrose. Associate Professor; Mr. David W. Williams, Assistant Professor; SEA TED: Miss Evelyn A. Johnson. Professor; Mrs. Rachel W. Gragson. Assistant Professor; br. Edna L. Davis, Professor and the Chairman of the Department. Mrs. Rachel Gragson. Pianist Mr. Charles Penrose (extreme left) and Music Majors Social Science Department Mr. C. Jerome White TEACHER OF THE YEAR Dr. Louis V. Nadeau, Professor; Sister Helen S. Marx, Assistant Professor; Dr. Woo J. Ju, Professor; Dr. Melvin L, Murphy, Associate Professor; Dr. R. Irving Boone, Assistant Professor; Mr. Cottee Jerome White, Instructor; Mr. Timothy H. Wamact,, Associalt Prolessor, Dr. Naginder S. Dhillon, Prolcs.sor and the Chairman of the Department 55 Faculty Enrichment Institute An intensive faculty enrichment program involving the departments of Art, Education English, Music and Social Science. Dr. Ethelyn R. Strong. Norfolk Stale College discusses an issue. Dr. Richard W. Buiz Department of Crafts Virginia Commonwealth University Dr. Vester M. Mulholland Department of Public Instruction Dr. Timothy A. Gerber Music Specialist Philadelphia Public Schools Mrs. Miriam Bryan Associate Director Education Testing Service ECSU Faculty and Staff Participants Library Service STANDING: Mr. Benjamin F. Speller. Jr., Technical Service Librarian; Mrs. Marlha Poole, Catalogue Assistant: Miss Odessa Williams. Non-Book Media Director; Mrs. Gertie F. Wilds. Curriculum Materials Director; Mr. Daniel M. O ' Quinlivan, Serial and Document Librarian; Miss Lace Lewis. Reference Librarian; Mrs. Mildred P. Jones, Assistant Professor in Library Science; Mrs. Christine W. Williams, Circulation Librarian; Mr. Hobson Thompson, Librarian; SEATED: Mrs. Choudhury, Acquisitions Assistant; Mrs. Brenda C. Sawyer, Library Clerk; Mrs. Gwendolyn Midgette, Reader ' s Service Librarian; Mrs. Bond, Catalogue Assistant Basic Education And Enrichment Program Tuloring and supportive services for all Llniversitv students Mrs, Addie G. Midgetlc. Counselor and Tulor-Trainer; Mrs. Naomi A. Morgan. Coordinator of Basic Education and Enrichment: Miss Florence I. Bailey. Stenographer Five College Curriculum Program A curriculum development pro- gram in cooperation with tour other institutions M r. T. V. Beasicv advices a student Dr. Andrew L. Roberts, Assistant Dean and Director of the Five-College Curriculum Program; Mrs. Vinod P. Manglik. Assistant Professor; Mr. Rochelle Vann. Instructor; Mrs. Jeanetta Hicks. Secretary; Mr. Thaddeus V. Beasley, Instructor; Mr. George Reid, Assistant Professor; Dr. Sohindar S. Sachdev. Assistant Professor; Dr. Carlton R. Deonanan, Assistant Professor; Mrs. Phyllis T. Simmons. Counselor; Dr. Kumar K. Chatterjee, Associate Professor 59 Coronation Miss ECSU. Virnola Pole, passes the symbol of authority to Carrie Graham Carol Ann Hawkins. First Runner-Up and Escort The Royal Procession 60 The newly elected Miss ECSU, Carrie Graham, views her subjects in song and dance 1 iLH dr i A ' rfinyyn TUOEMTS STAFF " Mi ' 61 University Center Staff Food Service Director STANDING: Mrs. Ruth M. Carr, Assistant Director; Mrs. Gertrude L. Pierce. Assistant Director SEA TED: Mr. Paul L. McClinton. Program Director IBM Staff Mr. Raymond Hawkins. Director of Food Service Mrs. Ella C. Nelson, Key Punch Operator; Mr. Jerald I. Perry, Data Processor: Mrs. Ziner J. Reid, Data Processor Secretaries And Stenographers FRONT ROW: Mrs. Saundra Hendricks; Miss Nettie McPherson; Mrs. Marva C. Hollowell; Miss Florence I. Bailey; SECOND ROW: Mrs. Leona G. Johnson; Mrs. Dorsey; Miss Linda Mitchell; Mrs. Gladvs B. Bartletl; Miss Demelra Tvner; Mrs. Lois White; Mrs. J. Hicks. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Bond, Mrs. ' Rachel McClinton. Mrs. Juliette Zackery; Mrs. Joyce J. Bryant; Mrs. A. Griffin, Miss Flora M. Harris Educational Media Mr. Donald W. LjHutTman, Dia-tlor ol Educational Media Center Health Services } Mrs. Katie S. Wamack. Supervisor; Mrs. Mildred N. Stacy, Nurse ' .s Aide; Mrs. Gertrude Barnes. Nurse ' s Assistant 63 Maintenance Department Mr. Harvev L. Thomas instructs ecretaries FRONT ROW: Mr. Harvey L. Thomas. Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds; Mrs. Lois White, Clerk — Maintenance Office; Mrs. Helen McMurren; Miss Rosa Williams: Mrs. Verlley Woodhouse; Mrs. Beulah Lumdsen; Mrs. Jessie Franklm; Mrs. Mattie Davis; Mrs. Carolyn Privott; SECOND ROW: Mr. Walter Simons; Mr. Melvin Hunter; Mr. Willie Burke; Mr. Joseph Brvanl; Mr. William Rice; Mr. Herman Gibson; Mr. James Wvnn. THIRD ROW: Mr. Joseph Savles; Mr. Joseph Spence; Mr. Charles Miller. FOURTH ROIl : Mr James Lewis; Mr. Thord Hocutt; Mr. Pa.xton Bartlett; Mr. Carl Hawkins. BACK ROW: Mr. Joshua Daw.son; Mr. William Turner; Mr. Willie Sylvester; Mr. Butler Sharpe. Jr.; Mr. Joseph Sutton. Security Officers Mr. George Banks; Mr. James Hoggard; Mr. Erscell James; Mr. George Johnson; Mr. Cecil R. Perrv, Senior Secunlv Officer. NOT SHOWN: Mr. Franklm Helton Seniors Shirely M. Alexander 805 Fleetwood Street Elizabeth City, N.C. Elementary Education Hattie H. Anderson P.O. Box 169 Cove City, N.C. Elementary Education Joyce O. Baker Route 1, Box 122 Gates, N.C. Elementary Education Elmer A. Beasley 127 W. Carter Street Cartersville, Ga. Music Odell Battle General Delivery Kingston, Ga. Chemistry Lmda V. Britton 604 Factory Street Elizabeth City. N.C. Business Education W. k -. Ida F. Blount Route 3, Box 310 New Bern, N.C. Health and Physical Education Lindora Boyd Route I, Box 408 Elizabeth City, N.C. Biology 66 Bettie L. Brooks 2615 Seminary Avenue Richmond, Va. Elementary Education Willie L. Brown Route 2, Box 31 Roper, N.C. Mathematics Vema L. Burgess Route 2, Box 243 Washington, N.C. Social Sciences Peggy Bryant 1105 Highway 70 East New Bern. N.C. Elementary Education Saundra S. Copeland 1512 Cavalier Blvd. Portsmouth, Va. Elementary Education Prentice A. Christian Wardtown, Va. Health and Physical Education ir» Betty E. Carter 230 N.C. Inn Road Franklin, Va. Business Education 67 Geraldine Cox P.O. Box 3 Roper, N.C. English Alma R. Crawley Route 2. Box 145 Nashville, N.C. Elementary Education Emily M. Cross Route 2, Box 214 Gates, N.C. Business Education Herbert L. Davis P.O. Box 405 Jameville. N.C. Biology Charlotte A. Deloatch Route 2, Box 55 Conway, N.C. Business Education Myrtle L. Davis 402 Brooks Drive New Bern. N.C. Elementary Education Hattie S. Drew Route 1, Box 277 Rich Square. N.C. Health and Physical Education John A. Dixon, II 413 Davis Avenue EUzabeth City, N.C. Social Sciences Laura E. Dixon Route 1. Box 674 Chocowinity, N.C. Business Education , 68 ' V Carolyn E. Eason Route I, Box 89 South Mills, N.C. Social Sciences Rodney G. Edmundson Route 1, Box 210 Fremont, N.C. Elementary Education Richard T. Francis 391 Dewey Avenue Hampton, Va. Business Education Vivian A. Fisher 1503 Lmcoln Street New Bern. N.C. English William A. Gaines 344 W. Washington Street Paulsboro, N.J. Art Education Diane Futrell Route 3, Box 230-D Ahoskie, N.C. Business Education Harold L. Frierson Route 2, Box 92 Hertford, N.C. Health and Physical Education 69 Addie L. Gatling Route 1, Box 266 Murfreesboro, N.C. Art Education I - " WC ' 1 Melvina D. Gilmore 703 Polk Street Lynchburg, Va. Business Education RolonJa D. Gilstrip 4344 Chaplin Sl, S.E. Washington. D.C. Lois M. Gooch Route 2. Box 202 Oxford. N.C. Elementary Education James L. Gregory 607 Cale Street Elizabeth City. N.C. Industrial Arts Delores L. Graddy 1105 Bndge Street Washington, D.C. Elementary Education Audrey L. H arris Route 2, Box 224 Edenton. N.C. Social Sciences -o» Pricilla A. Grissett Route 2, Box 110 Supply, N.C. Social Sciences n V Ann W. Handy R.F.D. 1, Box 192 Parksley. Va. Business Education 70 Michael L. Harrison Route 3 Nashville, N.C. Social Sciences Sansberry A. Harvey 2503 BuUahock Road Chesapeake, Va. Health and Physical Education Anthony Hathaway, III Route 2, Box 20-B Edenton, N.C. Social Sciences Gerald K. Hill Route 1, Box 96C ScoUand Neck. N.C. Business Education Beulah M. Hemby 3740 Hollyspring Road Raleigh, N.C. Business Education Eva M. HoUey Route 1, Box 128 Roper, N.C. Elementary Education V Nathaniel R. Heyward, Jr. 34-03 21st Street Long Island City, N.Y. Business Education 71 Juanita Home 667 Rocky Run Road Midway Park, N.C. Elementary Education Ellen C. Johnson Route 2. Box 314 King George, Va. Business Education Joan Johnson 401 Pilot Street Durham. N.C. Elementary Education 1 Juha E. Johnson Route 3. Box 168 Hertford. N.C. Elementary Education Washington A. Johnson 504 Eisenhower Circle Portsmouth. Va. Mathematics Louis R. Johnson. Ill 506 Queen Stfeet Beaufort. N.C. Industrial Arts Milton R. Kent Route 3. Box 307 Kenly. N.C. Elementary Education I Bettie J. Jones Route 4. Box 494 Elizabeth City. N.C. Mathematics .• James Kelley 502 W. Southside Street Tuskegee, Ala. Social Sciences 72 Felton R. Keyes Route 1, Box 276 Plymouth, N.C. Biology Samuel King P.O. Box 513 Grifton, N.C. Mathematics Cleo Lancaster Route 2, Box 136 Scotland Neck, N.C. Biology Dorothy F. Lamb P.O. Box 2 Winfall, N.C. Social Sciences Elmer L. Leary Route 1, Box 112 Vanceboro. N.C. Industrial Arts Vickie L. Lawson Route 1 Woodsdale, N.C. Social Sciences Deloris M. Lawson Route 1, Box 27 Woodsdale, N.C. Busmess Education 73 Ronald M. Leigh 104 Beechwood Ave. Elizabeth City, N.C. Social Sciences vj kk .1 William E. Liverman 1312 Winston Street Elizabeth City, N.C. Chemistry Horace Lyons, Jr. Route 1, Box 87 Battleboro, N.C. Mathematics Elois B. Maske P.O. Box 313 Seaboard. N.C. Social Sciences WiUiam C. MizzeU Route 3, Box 138 Ahoskie. N.C. Mathematics James C. Midgette Route 2, Box 383 Elizabeth City, N.C. Health and Physical Education Deloys Moore Route 4. Box 145D Ahoskie, N.C. Biology Charles H. Moore Route 4, Box 352 Ahoskie, N.C. Social Sciences Freda L. Moore 520 W. Rosemary Street Chapel Hill, N.C. Elementary Education 74 Queen E. Moore 320 W. 6th Street Washington, N.C. Social Sciences Hubert Moorer 84-16 Rockaway Blvd. Rockaway. N.Y. Health and Physical Education Z " " Patricia A. Moseley 1211 Sycamore Road Kinston, N.C. Elementary Education Freida C. Morris 329 Rhue Street Ahoskie, N.C. Social Sciences Adetunji Okunyade 202 Southern Avenue Elizabeth City, N.C. Biology Anita D. Myers 1814 Burke Street, S.E. Washington, DC. Elementary Education William E. Moseley 1206 Sycamore Road Kinston, N.C. Mathematics 75 Ella M. Parker 1306 Washington Street Washington, N.C. Business Education V l li J h Levi Parker. Jr. 303 Spaulding Street Wilson, N.C. Social Sciences Clifford E. Patterson Route 2, Box 311 Cleveland. N.C. Social Sciences Iva G. Pittman 320 Holmes Drive Weldon, N.C. Intermediate Education Virnola J. Poole 712 Jefferson Street Elizabeth City, N.C. Intermediate Education Tina L. Poole 504 Walker Street Roxboro, N.C. Social Sciences Elma Porter Route 1, Box 85-B Murfreesboro, N.C. Mathematics Vickie D. Raynor 1402 Carolma Street Wilson, N.C. Social Sciences Brenda E. Reid Box 469 Myrtle Ave. Berlm. N.J. Early Childhood Education ■3t T Richard L. Reid P.O. Box 131 Garysburg, N.C. Business Education Willie D. Riddick 105 South Cherry Lane Windsor, N.C. Social Sciences Jacqueline G. Sessoms Route 2. Box 8-B Edenton, N.C. Social Sciences William M. Sawyer Route 1, Box 192 Shawboro, N.C. Health and Physical Education Ervin C. Simons P.O. Box 246 Powellsville, N.C. Instrumental Music l - Genevia Shannon Route 1. Box 68 A Elizabeth City, N.C. Business Education James Smith, Jr. Route 4, Box 156 Wadesboro, N.C. Art 77 Mary L. Smith Route 7, Box 390 Kinston, N.C. English Naomi E. Smith Route 4. Box 37 1 Oxford. N.C. Social Sciences Shirley A. Smith Route 1, Box 272 Garysburg, N.C. Social Sciences Alfred L. Solomon Route 3. Box A-342 Enfield. N.C. Art John T. Spencer Route 1. Box 153B Bath, N.C. Social Sciences Eugene M. Spellman. Jr. 304 Tatem Lane Elizabeth City, N.C. Business Education I Dorothy A. Staton P.O. Box 412 Bethel, N.C. Business Education Clifford E. Stephenson Route 1, Box HI Pendleton, N.C. Social Sciences 78 Sharyn D. Stinson 13305 Bea-Kay Drive Silver Springs. Md. Intermediate Education -- w Saundra G. Sutton 525 Brown Street Elizabeth City, N.C. English Beverly A. Taylor 811 Second Avenue Suffolk. Va. Business Education Katrena D. Taylor Route 1, Box 570 Elizabeth City, N.C. Social Sciences John D. Teel 300 Greenfield Blvd. Greenville, N.C. Health and Physical Education i Carl L. Tay lor Box 169 Meredithville, Va. Health and Physical Education Nora S. Taylor Route 3. Box 82 1 Elizabeth City, N.C. Social Sciences Elijah J. Thompson 1939 Laigh Road Portsmouth, Va. Health and Physical Education Rossie L. Tyler, Jr. 134 Maple Street Suffolk, Va. Business Education 4.. Demetra Y. Tyner Route 1. Box 222 Woodland, N.C. Business Education Ellen C. Walston Route 1. Box 83 Belcross, N.C. Business Education ArBrenda L. Watford Route I, Box 305 Colerain, N.C. Social Sciences Shirley Weaver 279 Henderson Street Maxton, N.C. Social Sciences Gwendolyn Weaver 7 Stokley Street, Apt. 4 Cartersville, Ga. Health and Physical Education Ernestine White Route 2, Box 213 Gretna, Va. Mathematics V» Katherine D. White 815 Bunnells Avenue Elizabeth City, N.C. Social Sciences 80 Terry R. White Route 3, Box 82 Williamsburg, Va. Business Education Leiia Wilder Route 1, Box 560 Trenton, N.C. Social Sciences Beverly M. Williams 713 S. Martin Street Elizabeth City. N.C. Social Sciences Ella L. WiUiams 1530 Wool Avenue Portsmouth. Va. Social Sciences Torian C. Williams 1300 Leggett Rd. 25 Rocky Mount, N.C. Social Sciences Senior Class Officers Washington Johnson, President; Verna Burgess, Secretary; William Moseley. Vice-President 8B I Martha J. Winslow 802 Southern Avenue Elizabeth City. N.C. Intermediate Education 81 James W. Young, Jr. Box 323 Kingston, Ga. Mathematics 82 f h m AK r Roosevelt Armstrong Emma Askew Lonme Barfield James Barnes, Jr. Vemetta Barnes Brenda Blackwell Johnny Bond Paul Brown John Bryant Cheryl Chavis Brenda Clark Linda Copeland Edith Cox Tommy Cox Valerie Cox Leander Crawford Debra Creecy Bemitta Crews Gloria Davis Helen Davis Miriam Dukes Clayton Eatmon Doris Edwards Lynette Edmonds David Etheridge Barbara Hall Parthenia Hardy Leander Harrison Ronald Harrison Elsie Harvey 83 Carol Hawkins Jacqueline Hawkins Patricia Hewett Charles Hopkins Betty Howard r I Major Jenkins Jacqueline Johnson Sadie Johnson Wilhemeina Jones Janie Keyes £Z Nancy Keyes Ruby Kennedy Phyllis King Madie Livingston Lutricia Lynch Hazel Martin Lendo Melvin Ginette Mitchener Malinda Montague Lloyd Moore i Murray Morning Felix Morton, III Robert McKenzie Robert Newton Clara O ' Neal i. i Eleanor Parker Cleo Peele WiUiam Peele Ka-Esbia Phillips Eugene Reddick mult 84 £t i Pauletter Reid George Richardson Melissa Sampson Ruby Sessoms Erma Simmons Barbara Simons Hilda Smith Thomas Smith Wilma Solomon Finnia Sutton Barbara Taylor Brenda Taylor John Thompson Alice Turner Robert Ward .::-..J Viola Watford Edith Watkins Carolyn Whidbee Annie Wiggins Ruth WilUams Richard Wilson 85 s o p H O M O R E S •M V i n 4 S f ■) Angela Abbott Alean Anderton William Backus, Jr. Rochester Baker Sandra Baker 1 Linda Banks Marilyn Barcliff William Barnes . Margarette Birth j| Veronica Blackwell f Clinton Bond Stvron Bond Gemaine Bowe Jean Boyd Jewel Bntt L 86 Harlee Brown William Brown Joseph Bryant Margaret Bryant Essie Burney a Carol Byrd Gwendolyn Cason Orris Clarke Teresa Cobb Brenda Coker •- w Sharon Combs Jimmy Copies Carolyn Dance Brenda Davis Barlender Deloatch Dennis Deloatch JuUa Dews Hezikeigh EUiott Warren Faulkner WiUard Felton Wilbert Gallop Janice Galloway Patricia Gantt Damella Gaskins Dorothy Gibbs Alvin Gibson Carolyn Gill Mervin Gilmore PauUne Goza Brenda Greene X I i 87 Nathaniel Gregory Napoleon Griffin Earlene Harkley Curtis Harrell Renna Harvey Frances Hathaway Armelia Herndon Lois Hines Carrie Hoffler Hattie Honablew Mary Howell Carl James Leonard Jarvis Alicia Jenkins Linda Jenkins - Eg " M 9- (A L I " " m lA vl J 1p r- ' « Carolyn Jones Deloris Jones Minme Kain ,V. Rhonda Knight VH Candis Lassiter Willoree Lawson Donald Liverman Milton Liverman Issac Martin Rosa Monroe Beverly Moms Jennett Morris Shirley Morris Blondell McKnight Carolyn McKnight U L 88 Carl Neely Richard Newby, Jr. Jimmy Overton Glennis Owens Lala Parker Willie Parker Ross Privott, Jr. Mary Pulley Herman Rankins Ruby Reddick Clydia Rooks Virginia Rosco Shelia Rountree Rodney Saunders Reginald Seaton William Shaw Brenda Smallwood Maricia Smith Anita Spiller Linda Spruill Maurice Stephenson Gloria Swain Wilbert Tatem Brenda Thomas Mildred Thomhill ti Milion Respass Julia Riddick Naomi Riddick Connie Roberts Jacqueline Robinson ' • " -| 89 Antonio Toney Gail Turner Jestine Tyson Ellen Underwood Janice Vail f M h. . r. f .e Aubrey Vinson Joseph Ward Ruby Webb Sarah Webb Sonny Webb Wilbur White James Whitfield Carolyn Williams Edward Williams LaRuth Williamson ' ■f ' j " ■•■ ' ■- ■i WSi. I r; ■- ,-..« Sophomore Class Officers Rochester Baker, Treasurer; Phillip Pitts, President; Elaine Coslen, Miss Sophomore; Alberta Spence, Secretary; Mervin Gilmore, Vice-President " ' C F R E S H M E N Freshman Class Officers Stanley Everett, President; Debra Williamson, Charmaine Forriest, Janet Miles, Secretary; Mario Booze Ronnie Alexander Gerald Ballen Ellis Barnes Julia Barnes Cheryl Basnight Louis Battle Ronald Becton Vickie Bell Dorothy Best Jeanette Boone Mario Booze Helen Borden (. James Bradley Deborah Brown Jannette Bryant Mary Bunch Aaron Butler William Carey Johnny Carmon Larry Clemmons Edward Cooper. Ill Saundra Costen Deborah Council Madrey Credle Ronnie Cumbo Iris Curry Mary Daniels Alvin Darden Ernestine Davis Jonelle Davis Linda DeBerry Leonard Deloatch Joyce Dillahunt Ronnie Dillahunt Paulette Draughn Weldon Egerton Phillip Elliott Larry Elhs Ludford Etheridge Devora Evans Stanley Everett Chris Felton Carol Fields Chartnaine Forriest Bonnie Frazier Lillian Freeman Mary Freeman Ohvia Garmon Shelby Gorham Mary Gray Jelean Grimes Joseph Grimstead, Jr. John Harrell Claude Harris ( ,i±. %ML L«V.-.. ..!t-. . Patricia Harris Gloria Hartsfield Edna Hathaway Albert Hawkins Mary Heath Quincey Hester Tony Hickman Fayetha Hill Vivian Hill Fredia Hinton Charles Hodge Stephen Hoggard Missiouria Holley Pedro Holley William HoUoway Larry Horton Julia Hunter Marian Hunter Doris Jackson Vivian James Nelson Jennings Goldie Johnson Dexter Jones Earlene Jordan c Evelyn Joyner Katherine Joyner Retha Lacy Willie Langhorne Yvette Lanier Harold Leary Joseph Lewis Roman Locke, Jr. John Lynch Deborah Lynn Chrystal Mallory Delores Mann Janet Miles George Miller Carolyn Mitchell Franklin Montague Brenda Moore Floyd Moore Gary Moore Mable Moore Aranetta Morris Joseph Moye Ruby Murchison Melba Murphy Linda Myers James McClam Charles McDaniel Loretta Navarres Robert Nichols. Jr. Vivian Picott Sandra Porter Linda Powell Jacqueline Powell James Price Glenda Pruden Lillian Punngton Robert Raynor Carloyn Reid Jimmie Reid Michael Rice Elizabeth Ricks Kay Rjddick Cynthia Rome Maggie Saunders Beverly Scott Kelvin Sellers Linda Sessoms Alice Sharpe Mi . ' I . O tl I 94 Christine Shaqse Geneva Simmons Claudia Sledge Harold Smith Janet Smith Arnethia Solomon Christopher Spence Lester Stanley Lena Staton Lenda Staton Vivian Stephenson Jeryl Stewart Hattie Sutton Frazier Taylor Samuel Thomas Carol Turner Walter Vaughan Marion Wallace Cynthia Wheeler Carolyn White Carolyn Wiggins Linda Wiggins George Wilcox Ella Wilder kflks . Patncia Willdns Gloria Williams Tawana Williams Debra Williamson Gloria Winslow Shirley Wright 95 THE ECSU EXPERIENCE Si«ri Campus Queen MISS ECSU Virnola Poole Elizabeth City, N.C. Campus Guests Valter Poole Norlh Carolina Svmphonv Guesl Conductor Cornell E. Tally Religious limpliasis Week Speaker Natalie Hinderas Pianist Dr. Helen G. Edmonds Founders Day Speaker Dick Gregory Rod Loomis and Judith Hink In NSC ' s " Oedipus Rex " Robert Harvey (right) HEW Representative 99 Students At Rest !i ■- ' :• - S V. And Students On The Move riKS SBSS Campus Fashions University Center A ctivities " ff f I Slyron Bond Operator of the University Center barber shop Herbert Davis President of the University Center Senior Class Luncheon James Sterling Manager of the University Center Booic Store Publications Committee Mr. Lawrence E. Sugg. Chairman of the Puhhcalions CommiUee; Mr. Leonard R. Ballou, .Adviser lo THE COMPASS; Mr. John T. Wilhani;.. Public Information and Communications Specialist: Mr. Whittier C. Witherspoon. Director of Student Personnel Services Sharyn D Stinson, K.a-Esbia Phillips Recipients of the Publications .Award Yearbook Staff Ludford Etheridge, Design Editor; Ka-Esbia Phillips, Editor-in-Chief; Sharyn Stinson, Associate Editor " J iv Mr. Lawrence E. Sugg Adviser Delton Boyd Photographer Compass Staff Carolyn J. McKnight (seated) Editor ?f I 1 108

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