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Text from Pages 1 - 114 of the 1967 volume:

New Classroom Building Model of Future Campus THE 1 9 6 7 " : J l Contents Ded cation 2 The President Adm Dep inistrative Officers irtments 5 6 Clas Orga 5es nizations 15 54 Acti ities 75 Seni ar Directorv 107 VIKING Elizabeth City State ' College Staff Elizabeth City, North Carolina Edito Cecel East, Carol lotte r-inChief a Baker, Patricia E yn Hall, Riddick, J Butler L. Sharpe, 1 Marilyn Bryant, Fi ckles, Barbara Fear Vlarjorie Harris, Jo ethro Williams, Ma II. Editorial Assistants: ances Deloatch, Ingrid ing, Shirley Fleetwood, sephine Pruden, Char- ggie Wilson Bebication Elizabeth City State College, like all educational institutions, is in the process of dramatic change which is being brought about by increased knowledge, mechanization, specialization and professionalism. Facts and trends indicate that the educational preparation needed for the various professions grows more rigid yearly. Auto- mation and specialization require dif- ferent and more demanding skills. The 1967 graduate will join in a work-directed society which places great emphasis upon mental capabihties, high educational attainment, versatility and adaptabihty. He must marshal and direct his energies toward preparing himself to live in a s ociety that becomes more and more demanding. The 1967 VIKING is dedicated to THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE. Our President Dr. Walter N. Ridley GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF 1967: These are days for standing rail—and all of us must stand taller than we have in the past. The requirements for entrance, progress and graduation at Elizabeth City State College have been and are being heightened. Will you— Fresh- men, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors—siand tall enough to complete the course? The requirements for colleges to continue to serve society are higher now than in years past. Will Elizabeth City State College-its Trustees, Staff, Students and Alumni— meet the challenges to stand tall in these times? It is my estimate that all of us can. if we will. It is the hope and prayer of Mrs. Ridley and myself that each member of the Class of 1967, and of our College Family, will want to scale the heights. May it be said of every one of us, in the years ahead, that we " STAND TALL! " Very sincerely yours, Walter M RiHlo,, ' Walter N. Ridley President The President and His Family ' i- Presidential Greetings for Mrs. Thorpe and Mr. Felton . . . former presidents. Chmn. of Trustee Board, and 75th Anniversary speaker r iNr tc Administrative Officers Dr. William E. Anderson. Dean of the College A.B.. Morehouse College; Ph.B.. University of Chicago; Ed.D., Colorado State College .- " m Mr. Thomas E. Carter Asst. Dean; B.S.. M.S.. Virginia State College Mr. Edward N. Smith Acting Business Manager; B.S.. Agricul- tural Technical College Mr. Taylor E. Jones Registrar Director of Admissions; B.A., Virginia Union University; M.A., Columbia University 1 Dr K Rupirt Brown CollesjcPhNMcian BS Hampton Institute; M.D.: Mcharrv Medical College Dr. George H. Walker. Jr. Director. Area of Education; B.A. Virgin- ia Union University; M.A. Columbia University; Ed.D. New York University Education Department The Department of Education offers a major in Elementary Education leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. It also offers professional education courses needed by students in various other curricu- la. Courses in Education, and in Psychology are administered by the Department; many of these may be elected by students in various disciplines for their cultural and professional enrichment. The professional education courses may be divid- ed into three emphases; The Pupil, The School, and Teaching and Practicing. A laboratory nursery school represents an additional resource. Mr. James F. Foxa, Sr. Asst. Prof, of Education and Coor- dinator of Student Teaching; B.S., Winston Salem Teachers College; M.A. New York University Dr. Rosaline M. Edwards, Prof, of Education and Chmn. of Department, B.S. in Ed.. Fordham University; M.A., Ph.D., Fordham University; Ed.D. George Washington Uni- versity. Dr. Thelma Anderson Prof, of Psychology; B.S. in Ed., Langston University; M.S. in Ed., University of Kansas; Ed. D. University of Oklahoma Dr. Robert Stuart Prof of Education; B.A.. Williams College; Ed.M., Boston Uni- versity; versity Ed.D.. Columbia Uni- Mrs. Clara Jones Asst. Prof, of Education; B.S. Elizabeth City State College; M.A. New York University Mrs. Gertie Wilds Asst. Prof, of Ed.; B.S., Fayetteville State College; M.Ed. North Carolina College Mrs. Hazel G. Spellman Asst. Prof, of Education B.S., Elizabeth City State College; M.S. in Ed. University of Pennsylvania Mrs. Henrietta Ridley Instr. in Education; B.A., Macalest- er College Dr. Roshan Aziz Asso. Prof, of Educational Psy- chology; B.A., University of the Paniab, M.A., Ph.D., University of Washington Mr. William Muldrow Asso. Prof, of Psychology; A.B. South Carolina State; M.Ed. Duquesne University Business Department The Department of Business, which offers courses in Business and in Economics, has as its primary objective training students in the basic business, technical, and general education subjects in order that they will upon completion of their courses of study be qualified to teach business sub- jects in secondary schools; to render junior level ac- counting and managerial services in industry and government; and to render secretarial services and perform routine office services. Futhermore the Department has structured its program to provide instruction which will serve as a foundation for those students aspiring to pursue graduate and professional training. Miss Ruby Hayes, Asst. Prof, of Business and Acting Climn. of Department, B.S.C. North Carolina College; M.B.A.. New York University. Dr. Carl M. Franklin Prof of Business and Chmn. of Dept. (On Leave A.B.. Howard University; M.B.A.. Ph.D., New York University Mrs. Mumtaz B. Khan Asst. Instructor in Business; B.S.. Elizabeth City State College Miss Lillie Weston Instructor in Business; B.A. St. Au- gustine ' s College; Ed.M. Boston University Mr. Moses S. Walker Instructor in Business A.B. Shaw University M.S. North Carolina College Mr. Leo E. Rochon Assistant Professor of Business (on leave); B.S., M.Ed., Texas Southern University Mr. H. C. Mushangazhiki Instructor in Business; B.S., M.S. Southern Illinois University Mr. James A. Creech Instructor in Business; B.S.C, M.S., North Carolina College Mr. James F. Kofa Assistant Professor in Business; A.B. Clark College, M.B.A. Atlanta University Industrial Arts Department Mr. Graham A. Trent Instructor in Industrial Arts; B.S., Agricultural and Technical College Mr. Bishop M. Patterson, Associate Professor and Chairman of Depart ment; B.S. Virginia State College. M.A.. New York University Mr. Luther Burse Instructor in Industrial Arts (On Leave) B.S. Kentucky State. M.S. in Ed.. Indiana University Industrial Arts is that part of general education which deals with the materials, processes, and products of in- dustry. Studies of the changes made in these materials to increase their value, and the problems related to these changes, are of major concern. Physical Education Department Mr. Alvin T. Kelley Asst. Instructor in Physical Education; B.S. Elizabeth City State College Mr. Roy Knight Instructor in Physical Education and Dormitory Director; B.A., Allen University Virginia State College, M.A. Columbia The Department of Health and Physical Education offers both service and professional courses. The service courses attempt to meet the needs and interests of the general stu- dent body. The professional courses are intended for students who are preparing to become teachers of physical education. Mrs. Mollie Beasley Instructor in Physical Education; B.S. North Carolina College, M.A., New York University Mr. John Turpin. Jr. Instructor in Phy. Ed. B.S. in Ed. West Virginia State College Mr. Thomas Caldwell Asst. Prof, of Physical Education; B.S. Houston-Tillotson College M.S.P.E. Indiana University Mrs. Georgia L. Smith Asst. Prof of Heahh; B.S. Blue- field State College; M.S.P.H. North Carolina College Mrs. Valerie Vaughan Instructor in Physical Education; B.S. ' State College irgin Art Department % m Dr. Vincent J. de Gregorio, Asso. Prof, of Art and Chmn. of Depart- ment; B.A., American University; M.A.. Catiioiic University; Ph.D. Ohio State University Mr. Chester Bolden Mr. Albert Lee Instructor in Art B.A.; Hampton Instructor in Art; B.S. in Sec. Ed., Institute; M.A., University of Alabama State College The Department of Art offers a balanced program intended tor the elevation of artistic standards, widen- ing of esthetic culture, and the provision of service courses required by other departments of the College. Biology Department The Department of Biology prepares students to teach Biology and to enter professions, such as Medi- cine, Dentistry. Pharmacy, which require a background in the biological sciences. The Department also offers a course in Biological Science for non-science majors. The Department also provides a concentration in its subject for Elementary Education majors. Dr. Sekender A. Khan, I of. of Biology and Chmn. of Department; B.Ag., Dacca University (Pakistan): M.Ag., Dacca University; Ph.D. Louisi- ana State University Mrs. Helen Muldrow Asst. Prof of Biology: B.S.. M.S., Howard University Dr. Herman G. Cooke Prof of Biology: B.S.. Virginia State College: M.S.. University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D. University of Wisconsin Mrs. Dorothy Thomas Asso. Prof of Biology; B.S., Livingstone College; MiS., University of Michigan Modern Languages Department Mrs. Carol C. Jones Instructor in English; Howard University Dr. Anne M. Hepderson, Prof, of English and Chmn. of Modern Lan- guages Departme ' fit; B.A., New York University; A.M.. Columbia Uni- versity; Ed.D.. George Washington University Mr. Bernard L. Peterson, Jr. Instructor in English and Drama; B.A.. Virginia Union University M.A. Atlanta University Mrs. Julia M. Hoffler Asso. Prof, of English; B.A., M.A., Fisk University Mr. Alexander W. Washington Asso. Prof of Eng., B.A.. Natchez College; M.A. Ohio State Uni- versity; B.Sc. in Ed., Ohio State University The Department administers courses in English, Drama, Speech, and in foreign lan- guages. It offers a major in English, a minor in that subject for students in other disci- plines, and a concentration in English for Ele- mentary Education majors. Mr. Dudley O. Sims Instructor in English; A.B., More- house College, M.A., Atlanta Uni- versity Mrs. Helen M. Caldwell Asst. Prof, of English; A.B ginia State College; M.A., York University Mr. Lawrence E. Sugg Asst. Prof of English; B.A., Virginia Union University; M.A., New York University Mrs. Dorothy J. Lee Instructor in English; B.S.. M.Ed., Alabama State College Mr. Emanuele P. Di Pasquale Instructor in English; B.A., Adel- phi University; M.A., New York University Mr. R. Edwin Duke Instructor in French and Snanish; B.A., M.A., University of North Carolina Social Sciences Department Mr. Melvin Murphv Instructor in History; B. North Carolina College Mr. Dale Henderson Instructor in History; B. University of Maryland f .f Mr. Timothy Wamack Asso. Prof, of " Geography, B.A. Morris Brown College; MA. Columbia University Dr. Chi-Kao Wang Prof, of Social Sciences; B.A., Ohio State University; A.M. Uni- versity of Chicago; Ph.D. Columbia University Dr. B. V. Subbiah. Prof of Sociology and Chmn. of Social Sciences Dept.; B.A., University of Madras; M.P.A.. Ph.D.. New York Uni- versity Mr. J. Alphonso McCoy Asst. Prof, of History B.A., M.A., North Carolina College The Department provides curricula for Social Science majors concentrating in History or Sociology (Both teaching and non-teaching programs.) Mr. Chester Gregory Asso. Prof of History; B North Carolina College Dr. R. Irving Boone Asst. Prof of Social Science. A.B., D.D. (Hon.), Shaw University; M.A., North Carolina College Music Department The Music Department aims to meet the musical needs and interests of all students in the College. The general objective of the Depart- ment is to prepare students for various professions, especially teaching and supervising Music in the schools. Mr. Wendell J. Wilson Instructor in Music Mus.B., Mus.M.. Howard University Dr. Edna Davis, Prof, of Music and Chmn. of Department; Mus.B., Oberlin College; Mus. Ed.M. Oberhn College; Mus. A.D:, Boston University Mr. David Williams. Jr. Instructor in Music; B.S., State College Mr. Leonard R. Ballou Asst. Prof of Music; B.A., Fisk University; M.A., Virginia State College Miss Evelyn Johnson Prof of Music; B.A., Fisk Uni- versity; M.A.. Columbia Uni- versity Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics Mrs. Mar ' A. Franklin Asso. Prof, of Physical Science B.S.. University of New Hamp- shire, M.Ed., State University of New York (Buffalo) The Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics includes Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. The Department offers a ma- jor in General Science, Concentrations within this major being either m Chemistry or in Mathematics. Elementary Education majors are offered Concentrations in Mathematics, or in Physical Science. Dr. Md. Ashraful Alam Asso. Prof, of Chemistry; B.S., M.Sc, University of Dacca, Ph.D. Louisiana State University Dr. Louise N. Sutton, Prof, of Math and Chmn, of Physical Sciences and Mathematics Dept., B.S., Agricultural and Technical College; M.A., Ph.D., New York University Mr. James Townes Asst. Prof of Chemistry: B.S.. Vir- ginia State College; M.A., Mar- shall University Dr. Abdul L. Choudhury Asso. Prof of Math and Physics; B.Sci., M.Sc, University of Dacca; Dr. Nat. Sci., Free University of Berlin Library Services Mr. Leslye N. Stallworth B.A.. Paine College; M.S. in Ed.. Indiana University Miss Odessa Williams Library Clerk; B.S.C.. North Caro- lina Collese Mrs. Gwendolyn Midgette Reference Librarian; A.B., Virginia State College; B.S.L.S.. Hampton fnstitute Mr. Hobson Thompson. Jr. Asst. Prof, of Library Service and Librarian; B.S.. Alabama State College; ' M.S.L.S., Atlanta Uni- versity Mrs. Esther Anderson Instructor in Library Service and Circulation Librarian; B.A., Fisk Universitv; M.S.L.S., Atlanta Uni- versity Mrs. Christine Williams Library Assistant; B.A., North Carolina College J.; Student Personnel Mr. Charles A. Ramsey Instr. in History and Director of Student Personnel Mrs. Mamie C. Reed Dormitory Director Mrs. Alma M. Newby Sec. to President n Mrs. Shirley F. Jones Bookkeeper Mrs. Rae E. Williams Assoc. Director of Student sonnel Mrs. Sara F. N Dormitory Director M Mrs. Adele Russell Dormitory Director Mr. George Roberts Dormitory Director Stajf Mrs. Helene S. Taylor Sec. to President ' s Office Mrs. Lois G. White Clerk, Maintenance Office Mrs. Maude Ballou Asst. Registrar ' s Office Mrs. Mayme E. Davenpor Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Davis Dormitory Director Mrs. Bettye McCullough Dormitory Director Mrs. Myrtle Rivers Acting Cashier Miss Willie Bullock Stenographer Mrs. Anna Bluford Program Director, Liahthouse Stajf Mrs. Ruth C ' arr Recreation Aide Mrs. Betty J. Ramsey Asst. Data Processing Mr. William Pierce Instructor in Audiovisual Aids Mr. Arthur Worthy Mgr. Data Processing Mrs. Willa Majett Stenographer Mrs. Katie Wamack Sup. of Health Service Mr. William Mock Accounting Clerk Miss Sarah Cooper Typist Miss Ziner Johnson Asst. Data Processing Mr Charles Caudle Clerk. Registrar ' s OlJit - , T? " 7t? Mr. Harvey Thomas Supt. of Buildings and Grounds Mr. Thomas Shields Asst. to Business Office Mrs. Lillian Walker Sup. to Nur. School Mr. Fenton Royle Orderly-Health Service Miss Mamie Bedell Sup. -Food Service Mr. Julius Foxx Dining Hall Sup. CLASSES 1967 Nl ons Joyce E. Barclifl Carolyn R. Bailey Almeta Aiken Heddy D. Basnight Peggy A. Avent Delores M. Beamon Phyllis M. Ballance Doris H. Bell Ruby O. Best Laura H. Britt Brenda M. Brown Dempsey Bond 19 Betty F. Boone Earl M. Brown t Ruth H, Brooks Robert E. Bowden Carolyn W. Magnolia Brown Edna F. Brown Carolyn A. Butts 67 Lawrence A. Brown Geneva Bryant Lula Campbell f? Norine J. Carter 3 Judy K. Congleton Roy E. Cotton if ' 19 Theresa Coates Virginia Cox Earthel H. Conyers Mary L. Coffey Elvia L. Dunk Bettye T. Dowdy Thomasine Daughtrey Godfrey Eason 67 Luester Dixon Doris J. Duggins C Grover T. Eure Brenda V. Evans v Carl D. Fennel! Barbara O. Fearing Wilma Foskey 19 t Diana D. Felton Dorothy Felton Marion E. Grant Velma Goddette Vivian I. Galling 67 Marian C. Gibbs Solomon J. Graham Robert T. Graves Chelsie M. Griffin 1 James E. Griffin Martha J. Harper Carrie M. Hill Willie M. Hagans I 19 Donald R. Herring Melvin Hines Loretta Harrell Deloris M. Heckstall Katie L. Johnson V- Wayne Holmes Raymond E. Hines 67 James W. Holley Minnie B. Johnson Shirley Johnson John T. Jordan Wilhemenia W. Joyner Francene Lawson Charles F. Keye: William Martin 19 Willie N. Lamb Darlene Milton Diane W. Manley 10 Janet McClain Glennie B. Mumford Randolph Mitchell Magellia Mclntyre 67 ! " Jessie A. Moore Kenneth McKiver Shirley A. Muiphy Ethel B. Oden Gabreell Payne James B. Powell Geneva B. Peanort 19 Willie C. Peeie William E. Purkett Jesse L. Powell Barbara A. Pollard y L. Riggins Minnie P. Rascoe Bettie L. Rasbury Paul R. Robertson 67 Joshua T. Rascoe Hattie R. Revelle Joycelyn Robinson Rachel A. Robinson 4 Ella M. Roland f% Bonnie L. Rushing Mary L. Roseboro 19 Ernestine Rountree Jutler Sharpe, III Shirley A. Sauls Carrie L. Ruffin 4 Marvin J. Spaulding Dorothy Sherrod Shirlev D. Stanci! 67 Delma. M. Skii Cecelia Stanley V " Elizabeth Strickland Prymas Tabron Willie O. Thurman Clarence Thomas Benjamin F. Toney 19 Marjorice Thomas Vi xm Lawrence Tucker Patsv A. Thomas Rubv G. Vincent Earl L. Tyson Curtis D. Tumage 67 Lonnie Tumage Geraldine Vaughan Julius Walker Lillian C. Watson Maryella L. Ward Myrtle T. West Kay F. Wilson Carolyn T. Woodhouse L. Eula M. White Margarene Worsley 1 9 67 Tyree Wilkins Charles J. Wynn Larry V. Winborne Izola Young Juniors Barbara A. Allison Walter C. Alston Lonnie L. Anderson Mamye J. Anthony Gloria E. Arrington Celestine T. Ashe Bernard W. Bailey Gloria S. B ailey Yolanda C. Baker Hazel M. Battle Sarah H. Blount Walter C. Blount Booker T. Bond Curtis C. Bond Willie E. Bowe Joyce A. Brinkley Bettie D. Brooks Rudolph Brown Marilyn L. Bryant Theodosia Bryant Nina B. Bullock Phillip M. Burnett Raymond W. Carmicheal Margaret A. Carr Avon L. Chapman Jerome Chance Wilma C. Clark Richard S. Copeland Hattie R. Coston Kenneth M. Cox Alton R. Daniels Carrie M. Davis Charlene S. Davis Linda S. Davis Raymond M. Davis Carolyn R. Demery Bernard Dickens Novella Dickens lliiS Ingrid Y. East Bernell Ebron Ethel R. Ebron Carolyn Edmond Evelyn L. Ellis Jeannie R. Ellis Thomas Evans James C. Everette Shirley M. Fleetwood Melvin Futrell Harry J. Ghee Henrietta Gorham Josephine Grant Joyce A. Grantham Joyce M. Griffin Carolyn A. HaU James W. Hall Marjorie Harris William D. Hill Sandra V. Hinton Sarah G. Hinton William C. Hoggard Mildred W. Hopkins Tyrone H. Hopkins Melvin L. Jessup Mary L. Johnson Miriam T. Johnson Norma L. Johnson Patricia F. Jones Paul L. Jones mai :i r-i ,! r m: mm f r rw ' .T ' r Lillie M. Kinney Billy K. Kirkpatrick Allen L. Lawrence Harold V. Lawson Melvin D. Lee Elizabeth E. Leonard Mildred S. Love Settle L. Lucas James E. Lyons Beverly A. Mallory Eulah P. Manley Clanne H. Melson Joyce V. Mills Freddie L. MitcheU George D. Mizzelle Willia B. Montague Vonnie S. Moore Joyce C. Morgan Hilda Morning Bettye J. Myers Gloria McKinney Oliver E. McNair Leo McNeil Connie E. Ne Garland Outlaw Sonnie P. Penn Alice F. Perry Fay A. Pickett Ralph B. Ransom Johnnie G. Reid 1 1 r 1 r -n t IsL [ f iL Its Rosa M. Riddick Gwendolyn P. Riggins Vera L. Robertson Arlease G. Salley William S. Settle General Soulars Eunicetine Smith Lila G. Smith Willie A. Smith Paulelte Spellman Leroy A. Sutton Cassie B. Swimpson Evelyn L. Taylor Sylvia A. Taylor Leroy J. Thompkins Wayne Thompson Lula M. Turnage Juanita Vereen Celvin Webster Frances E. Welch Betty P. White Mary J. White Beatrice Whitfield Virgie Whitehurst Albert L. Whitley Luvella C. Wilkins Phyllise Wilkins Joe Anna Williams Shirley Williams Maggie I. Wilson 0 Sophomores Thelma Barnes Viola Bazemore George Bell Barbara Billups rj ' ' ' ' S Its f ■A A Missouri Blair Deloris Blount Roy Bond Shirley Boyd Lovie Brimage Savanah Bryant Dorothy Bunch Eula Bynum Dorothy Canady Samantha Carter Aaron Chapman Marion Claude Comellia Connell Brenda Cox LiUie Cox Corinne DeLoatche James Diggs Leroy Douglas Patricia Eckles Betty Egleston Frankie Ethendge Carrie Evans Bertha Fields Daniel Flanagan. Joyce Flythe Joan Friend Arenetha Garner Bettye Galling Johnnie Grant Mary Griffin Gloria Hall Gwendolyn Hall Edna Hargrove Elizabeth Harrell Teresa Hathaway Wilbert Hawkins Roxie Herring Alice Hicks June Hicks Jeffrey Hines Pearl Hockaday Barbara Hodges OUver HoUey. Jr. Joyce Horton Gayl Hubbard Raymond Hyman Carolyn Ingram June James Floyd Johnson Yvonne Johnson Charles Jones Harvey Jones Felton Keyes Billy King Carolyn King Milicent Knight Sherman Lassiter Wilveria Logan Rosemary Lotharp Marian Mitchell Mariea Montague Delores Morris Harold Murrill Shirley Myrick Candis McKnight Lacy McLaurin Peggy McMillan Dorothy McWilliams Willie Newell Carolyn Parker at t ' ' ' ' -1 JB« ' Md J( ■ r 1 p Ray Parker, Jr. Brenda Pearson Bemice Peele Betty Pender Wheeler Pickett Constance Prichard Terry Quinlan Shirley Raigns Johnnie Rascoe Charles Ray Annette Richmond Charlotte Riddick Cheryl Riddick Ralph Ruffin Carolyn Saunders Grady Sessoms Robert Sessoms Lillie Sharpe Pearl Shepard Kay Skinner Mary Slade Etta Smith Shirley Smith Brenda Spence Joseph Stanley Janice Terrell John Thatch Sandra Thomas Priscilla Tillery Annetta Turner k J id Z r . fm n C-1 vL m V3 " M r.ma James Vaughan Saundra Vaughan Bobby Ware Jacqueline Whitaker Clara White Clinton Wilkins. Jr. Alexander Williams Edward Wilhams Linwood D. Williams Linwood L. Williams Timothy Williams Rosenna Williams Lola Wilson Victoria Wilson Jacqueline Wolfrey Freshmen Evelyn J. Adams Christine A. Alexander Andrew A. Allen If l w Valeria Alston Vernetta Alston William Andrews Grover Armistead Gladys Badger Leonard Badham Ida Balmer Harold Barnes Stanley Beale Roy Belfield Ernest Bell John Best Lydia Best Cynthia Bethea Ida Blount Shirley Blount Gloria Boone Gladys Bond Shelton Bond Whitman Bond IPK p Ilfl . r. M%% Ella Bowe Lila Bowen Gloria Bowman Wendell Bowser. Jr. Lynn Boyd Martha Branch Marion Brewington George Bridges Ernest Brooks Evelyn Brooks Janice Brothers Javon Brothers .Anderson Brown Carlisle Brown Dorothy Brown 11 Lillie Brown Lorraine Brown Alfred Burton Rosa Bynum Deloris Cardwell Alfred Carter Betty Carter Angela Chapman Frederick Chapman Thomas Chavis Carol Cherry Doris Clarke Marva Clark Glenda Clemmons Evelyn Commander Grace Cobb Calvin Colson % ' ' ' f£M Barbara Curtis Alonzo Custis, Jr. Russell Dancy Carol Daniels Archie Davis James Davis Bemadette DeBerry Charlotte Deloatch Charles Dickens Florence Dickerson Johnnie M. Faison James Farrow Ethel Ferebee James Flood Joyce Forbes Gary Foster Ronald Freeman Theodore Freshwater Ella Gatling Patricia Gentry IMtt Beverly Gerald Dollie Gibbs Clara Gibson Melvina Gilmore Brenda Galloway Angela Goode Brenda Goodman Leatrice Grandy Darrell Green Margaret Gregory Lela Griffin Walter Hamlin Mary Hardie Lucy Hargrove Marion Harmon § ' I ' f ' ' fMif: Bonnie Harp Alameta Harrison % f l t Mattie Harrison William Harrison Arthur Hassell Donald Hassell Anthony Hathaway Clarence Hawkins Leonard Hedgepeth Brenda Hill Cassandra Hines LaVem Hines William Hicks Evelyn Holley Everlene Howard Brenda Hughes Saundra Humphrey Mildred Hunter Olivia Jenkins Carolyn Jennings Elmer Jennings Alice Johnson Loretta Johnson Louis Johnson Reginald Johnson Sandra Johnston Agnes Jones ' . .■ r %Pa . Diane Keyes Eric Keyes Patricia Jordan Linda Joyner f. a ta Mae King Barry Knox Otassa Lacy Willis Langley, Jr. Arvilla Lathan Calvin Lawrence Clarence Lawson Lawrence Lawson Shirley Lee Harold Lewis Samuel Lewis Julius Lindsay Myrtle Link F l §.fm Delores Locke Iris Lodge Jacquelin Lofton Rachel Long Juanita Lovelace David Lyons Estella May Sandra Melson Annie Miller Glenwood Mitchell Linda Mitchell Claudette Moore Darnell Moore James Moore John Moore Willie Moore Daries Morris. Jr. Fridea Morris Patsye Mooris Carolyn Meyer Robert Mullen Johnnie McCoy Carolyn Mcllwain Harris Mclntyre Gloria Mclver Edward Newsome. Jr. Christine Nixon Cheryl Norman Deloris Owens Michael Payton Geneva Peek W W V M Janie Peele a €%% IW ' S Delois Pickett I Mf Willie Purvis Earnell Purington Valene Prescott Josephine Pruden Edward Rascoe Doris Reddick Billy Reid Henry Rhodes Lillian Riggs Audrey Rodgers Mary Roundtree Velmar Rountree David Rucker Anthony Russell Lois Sawyer William Sawyer Bemtony Scott Faye Scott Albert Sessoms Esther Shannon Geneva Shannon Samuel Shaw William Sheppard Eamestine Simpson Sandra Singleton Robert Slade SLtl ' f ' S iilLS i. Pamela Smith Madeline Spady Linda Spell Janett Spellman Edith Spence Jerry Spence Oscar Spence Odell Spencer Shelia Solomon Lester Stallworth Charlene Stark J P g V Beverly Steele Willie Stewart Mercedes Summers Denvell Sutton Lillian Sutton Jacquelyn Taylor Leo Taylor Bettie f eele Addle Tharpe Mack Thompson, Brenda Toxey Albert Turner Carl Turner Evangein Turner Gloria Turner Jean Turner Clifton Tyrance Malachi Vaughan Stephen Vaughan. Jr. Jean Walston Addie Walton Johnnie Waltor Joyce Watford James Watson Golden Webb Barbara Whittaker Ann White Annie White Carolyn White Charles White 1 r 1 r 1 Gay White Jimmie White Shirley Whitehead Alice Whitfield Pearlie Wilkins Amy Williams Charlyne Williams Martha Williams Robert Williams Robert J. Williams Joseph Wilson Willie Wilson, Jr. Gwendolyn Worrell Macie Wright Tonie Wynn u D N C O u N C Jethro C. Williams. President Kay Wilson. Sec: Avon Chapman. Vice- Pres.; Arlease Salley. Rec. Sec; Bettye Dowdy, Treas. MEMBERS AT LARGE Carolyn Moyer Betty Pender Men ' s Government Association Women ' s Government Association k A Social Science Club Science Club American Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Club Student NEA Ushers Guild SSr i: Thalia Sorosis Club » .A •T S» " English Club Phi Beta Lambda Junior Counselors Dormitory Counselors Art Guild SMENC College Choir mm o 1 rt It ... ifsii ' i iMi i V H Concert Band Dance Band College Band -f -l?j; ' ? -» I i siw: i!i?5?-.sg Majorettes ' lip f - Gloria Hall, Delores Little, Shirley Murphy (Head Majorette), Linda Johnson. Bernell Ebron Drum Major James W. Hall Pan- Hellenic Council Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity f ' 1 ' Sy i anrf Crescent Club Omega Psi Phi Fraternity --7 fiii i ' iir ' ' - ' ivfi ' ' " ir- - 7 - ' T? ' ' - Lampados Club § 5 t yiffdmids tt9 ip 5 . ? f-9-% ' n ' vy Let C wZ? !! Jo © i: f w Miss Cordelia Allen Phi Beta Sigma H E A R T S Miss Bemadette Allen Omega Psi Phi N. Miss Shirley Sauls Kappa Alpha Psi Miss Carolyn Hall Alpha Phi Alpha ACTIVITIES ' u vari z a rij . r-) Mr. William A. Pierce Mr. Butler Sharpe and Miss Carolyn Hall (Students) Yearbook Staff Butler Sharpe Editor-in-Chief Yearbook Adviser, Mr. L. E. Sugg, instructs Editorial Assistants Barbara Fearing Editor-in-Chief Compass Stajf Ingrid East Associate Editor Mm ®-a5-M Mrs. Henrietta B. Ridley, iRn lu) Chairman of the Light- house Management Committee and wile of Dr W N Ridley, President, serves Mrs Mamie B Williams (l efl) wife of former President, Dr. S. D. Williams . iM Lighthouse Activities Committee N Mrs. Anna M. Bluford, Lighthouse Program Director, left and Mrs. Ruth M. Carr. Lighthouse Recreation Aide - Jr ■ j j y H ' 1 Social Dance Committee with Mrs. Carr MISS ECSC DORIS DUGGINS Williamston, North Carolina 5 ' Home coming Miss Barbara A. Stinson, " MISS DELAWARE STATE COLLEGE " , second from left, and ATTENDANTS Mrs. Jean W. Boone -55, " MISS ALUMNI " ■ ■ ' l k 1 ' ■ ' ' - fr MM ii J, g ljj tl F fir ic . 1966-1967 FOOTBALL SQUAD 4. i i Roy (Butch) Knight, Line Coach; Alvin T. KeUey, Backfield Coach; Thomas L. CaldweU (kneeling). Head Coach; John Turpin, Jr., Backfield Coach; Benny Hodges, Assistant Coach. Leslye N. Stallworth, Scout ..- - f: Left: John Turpin, Coach 1966-67 Vikings Tennis Team m 1 il i ' ' 1 m mSS SA -..g m ;4 3 w Vikings Track Team . Modern Dance Group Mrs. Valerie Vaughan Director Gymnastics Cheerleaders Drill Team Departmental Activities Student Teachers Audiovisual Education Reading Laboratory Education Department w.. Human Anatomy ,(mi r-. ( . Communication Skills Modern Speech Languages |l!l!lf " li| Advanced Composition Music Department fl « Figure Drawmg Sculpture Seventy -Fifth Anniversary Celebration Clarence Mitchell, Convocation Speaker, Director of Washington Bureau NAACP, Washington, D. C. Former President, Sidney D. Willii President, Harold L. Trigg President, Walter N. Ridley, Former George R. Little, son of former Board Chairman for whom G. R. Little Library is named. Mrs. W. Arthur Tripp. Board member, McDonald Dixon. Board Chairman Citations McDonald Dixon, Board Chairman Board Members, Mrs. W. Arthur Tripp, John C. Bias, Fred P. Markham, III, Martin L. Wilson. Roland L. Gar- rett. Not Shown: John W. Bond. Albert G. Byrum. A. Pil- ston Godwin, Jr.. Attorney Clarence W. Griffin. Dr. CUtford B. Jones, Louis T. Randolph Thomas S. Cooper, Former Board Member Miss Evelyn A. Johnson, Faculty Member Herman G. Cooke, Faculty Member Paul Jones, Bearer of the Mace Academic Procession SkliiL-v D. Williams (left) former President M Isaac A. Battle, former President of General Alumni Association Marion D. Thorpe (extreme left) Symposium Speaker, Assistant Director of Higher Education Audience at Drama Production Actors in Drama Production " The Little Foxes " " Jethro C. Wilhams, President of Student Council Notables Who Visited Our Campus Howard E. Wright, Developing Institutions Section, U.S. Office of Education r i James C. McDonald, Director Com- munity Support, North Carolina Fund Joseph H. Jackson, President of National Baptist Convention, ff USA, Inc. William Ryan, Lecturer James Felton, Author McHenry Boatwright, Bass Bari- tone Robert T. Siegel, Lecturer Argle Whitfield Drafted by Dallas Cowboys. NFL Special Recognition Henry Fields Director of Physical Education and Basketball Coach, Monoco Jethro Pugh Defensive Tackle, Dallas Cowboys, NFL t ■ S i i: " H V 1 i? James GriflSn, Signee St. Louis Cardinals, NFL 4 : ■t ' f ■ • ■■ IT I 1 r- ' ,- . : ' • r 1 ii F-nnis Eugene Snipes - f Sylvester Bynum, Signee. Pittsburg Drafted by Atlanta Falcons, NFL Steelers NFL At A Glance The problem must be solved " TiUie " - Willing but weak ' In My Solitude " Top Echelons How very mterestmg ' Say " cheese ' How is this pose? Sketching Bon Voyage Mrs. Mildred Stacy, Nurses Aide, takes temperature James Swimpson, I96I Yearbook Editor An afternoon chat 1 iS III l ' ' ' « .. ' 7 ' imgfmm For the cameraman ■r-rm- € ■ Congratulations V I M--, i T.?jF--OlJ - ' All of us agree " C K ll J 7? " Bloodmobile receptionists It needs an extra touch Commencement 1966 f -f Senior Directory WILLIAM L, ALSTON Spring Hope. N. C. ElemJnlarN Education EDITH J ARMSTRONG Hertford, N. C, English Club, WOA VIVL N T. ARMSTRONG Elizabeth City. N, C. English Compass Staff; Yearbook Sla Sorority: English Club; WGA .■ lpha Kappa Alpha Thalia SoroMS; UC RF CAROLYN R, BAILEY Woodsdalc N. C- Business Education PHYLLIS M. BALLANCE Aulander, N. C. Elementarv Education SNEA; Lighthouse Committee; WGA; Who ' s Who JOYCE E. BARCLIFT Elizabeth City, N. C. Elementary Education Choir; WG.A; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority HEDD " ! D BASNIGHT Columbia, N. C Business Education Delta Sigma Thcta Sororilv; WGA CORALEAN V BAZEMORE Merry Hill, N. C. Elementary Education DELORES M. BEAMON Elizabeth Citv, N. C English English Club DORIS H. BELL Goldsboro, N. C Art Education WGA; Art Guild, UCRF; Lighthouse Comn- RUBY O. BEST DEMPSEY BOND, JR. ANNIE R. BOONE Elizabeth City. N. C. Elementary Education ROBERT BOWDEN E Goldsboro. N. C. Health and Physical Ed- Physical Education Majors Club. MGA; Gyn LeROY BRICKHOUSE Creswell. N. C, Elementary Education MGA; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; College Pla Band LAURA H. BRITT Farmville. N. C, Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; WGA BRENDA M. BROWN Pantego, N. C Elementarv Education DOUGLAS N. BROWN Stantonsburg. N. C. Physical Education Varsity Basketball EARL BROWN UCRF; Scrollers Club; Social Science Club; MGA EDNA F. BROWN Biology Beta Beta Beta Honor Socictv, Science Club; WGA Thalia Sorosis LAWRENCE A, BROWN, JR. Henderson, N.C. Sociology MGA MAGNOLIA BROWN Behtel, N C. Chemistry Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Science Club. WGA; Pan Hellenic Council GENEVA BRYANT Warsaw, N, C. Elementary Education Phi Beta Lambda, WGA SYLVESTER C BYNUM Chanel Hill, N. C. Health and Physical Education Phys. Ed, Majors Club; Audiovisua: LULA CAMPBELL Wilmington, N. C. Social Science WGA; Student Council; Social Scie Club; Zeta Phi MARY COFFEY MARIE J, COLLINS Louisburg. N, C. Social Science Lighthouse Committee; Social Scie Beta Sorority EARTHEL H, CONYERS Williamsburg. Virginia Social Science Lighthouse Committee; Social Science Club. WGA ROY E COTTON Chapel Hill, N, C. Physical Education Phys. Ed. Majors Club; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternil Audiovisual Team; Lighthouse Committee VIRGINIA COX Kinslon. N. C. Business Education THOMASINE L, DAUGHTREY Suffolk. Virgmia Social Science WGA; Lighthouse Committee; Social Science Club BETTY L, DAVIS Nashville. N. C. Sorority; Thalia Sorosis Club Alpha Kappa Alpha English Cluij; WGA LUESTER DIXON Nathalie. Virginia Elementary Education SNEA; Lighthouse Committee BETTYE T DOWDY Washington, N. C. English English Club; Delta Sigma Theta Sororilv; Thalia So- rosis Club; SCA; WGA; Band; UCRF DORIS DUGGINS Williamslon. N. C- Elementary Education SNEA; WGA; Thalia Sorosis; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Dormitory Counselor ELVIA L. DUNK WGA; SNEA Phi Beta Lambda; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, UCRF CURTIS E, ELDER Freeman. Virginia Health and Physical Education Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; MGA; Physical Educa lion Majors cfub GROVER T EURE Corapeake. N, C. Industrial Arts Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Indu.strial Arts Club; MGA; Superintendent of Sunday School BRENDA EVANS Petersburg. Virginia Health and Phsvical Education WGA; Cheering Squad; Phys, Education Majors Club; Dormitory Counselor BARBARA O, FEARING Elizabeth City, N. C, English Editor of Newspaper, Yeai Who Among Students m Colleges: Delta Sigma Thcta Sorority; UCRF; English DOROTHY L FELTON Hertford, N. C. Elementary Education WGA; SNEA Stati; WGA; Who ' s Lampados Club; ERVIN FRANCI WILMA FREEMAN Bailey, N, C. Elementary Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; Thalia Sorosis Club MARY R GLOVER Siler City, N. C. Elementary Education WGA; SNEA; Thalia Sorosis Clu Business Education PATRICIA A GREENE JAMES E GRIFFIN Industrial Arts Club; Football Teai WILLIE M HAGANS Rocky Mount, N. C. Health and Phy. Education MGA; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity MARTHA J HARPER Rocky Mount, N, C. WGA. English Club. Art Guild LORETTA HARRELL Windsor. N, C. Mathematics Thalia Sorosis. Pyramid Club DELORES HECKSTALL Merry Hill. N. C, Elementary Education WGA; SNEA Industrial Arts Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Lighlho SNEA MELVIN HINES Plymouth. N C. Elementarv Education Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; Pan-Hellenic Council M(5a JAMES HOLLEY Elizabeth City. N. C, Art Education WILLIE HOLLEY Merry Hill. N. C Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Thalia Sorosis Club; EVANGELENE K. HUDGINS Williamston. N. C, Elementary Education DORETHA JAMES Jamesville. N. C. Elementary Education WGA. SNEA. College Players MINNIE B. JOHNSON Falkland, N. C. Elementary Education WGA; Lighthouse Committee; JOHN T. JORDAN Seaboard. N. C. Elementarv Education Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity; MGA; UCRF Choir. Tutorial Pro- Dance Group; L.ght- Social Sci Social Sciem house Comn- CHARLES F. KEYES Jamesville. N. C. Social Science Social Science Club; Scrollers Club; MGA NORRIS W. LAMB Burgaw. N, C Health and Physical Education Omega Psi Phi ' Frat cil; Phys Ed Majo LEEVON LANDSEN JeffersonviUe. Indiana Sociology Social Science Club lily. MGA. Band, Student Coun- CAROLE LASSITER Portsmouth, Virginia Social Science WGA; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Thalia Sorosis Science Club; Thalia Sorosis Club, WGA Elementary Education WGA; Usher ' s Guild, Band; An KENNETH E. McKIVER CLEOPATRA I. McRAE DIANE W. MANLE Ahoskie. N. C. Elementary Educatic WGA; SNEA; Zeta Club; UCRF Phi Beta Sorority. Thalia Soro GEORGE O. MASON Henderson, N. C. Elementary Education Head Trainer for Athletics WGA; SNEA; Sci. RANDOLPH MITCHELL Enlield, N.C. Elementary. Education Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; SNEA; MGA GEORGE MORGAN Kinston, N. C. Health and Physical Education SHIRLEY MURPHEY Tomahawk. N, C. Elementary Education WGA; SNEA. Band. Alpha Student Council SNEA, MGA, Tennis Team; Phi Beta Lambda LeGRAND NEWMAN MGA Dormitory Counci GABREELL PAYNE Charlotte, N. C. Elementary Education WGA; UCRF; Ivy Leaf Club; Thalia Sorosis FLORENCE H. PRICE Elizabeth City, N. C, Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Thalia Sort HEDY L. PUGH Windsor, N. C. Business Education Lighthouse Committee; WGA; RCRF nglish College Players, English Club; UCRF BETTIE L RASBURY Greenville, N. C. Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta Son Group; SNEA WGA; Modern Dai tary Edu SNEA Mu Honor Society; Kappa Delta Pi i RACHEL A ROBINSON Chesapeake, Virginia Social Science Social Science Club Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; WGA; Phi Beta Lambda PEGGY L RIGGINS Atlantic City, New Jersey Elementarv ' Education WGA; Lighthouse Committee CARRIE RUFFIN Kelford, N. C. Elementarv Education Usher ' s Guild; SNEA; UCRF; WGA BONNIE L, RUSHING Marshville, N C, English -a ' Thaha Soro: SHIRLEY A, SAULS Wilson, N. C. Elementary Education Thalia Sorosis; SNEA DOROTHY A SHERROD Hobgood. N. C, Social Science Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Elementary Education MGA; UCRF. Senior Counselor JOAN C SMITH Hertford. N. C. Elementary Education lb; Light! ty; SNEA Sigma Theta Sorori SARAH J SMITH Scotland Neck. N. C, Elementiu-y Education Thaha Sorosis Club; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority SNEA; WGA SHIRLEY D. STANCIL Selma. N C. Lighthouse; WGA CECELIA V. STANLEY Beaufort. N. C Elementary Education WGA. SNEA ELIZABETH E, STRICKLAND Sprm Hope.N.C. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Universities; WGA; English Club; Art Guild; Cheering Squad; Lighthouse PATSY A. THOMAS Roxboro. N. C. Elementary Education College Players; WGA; SNEA ANNIE P. TOLER Roxboro. N. C. Business Education Lighthouse Committee; WGA; SNEA; Lambda; Archonian Club BENJAMIN F. TONEY Spring Hope. N. C. Elementary Education Crescent Club; UCRF Lighthouse Commitle CURTIS D. TURNAGE Scotland Neck. N. C. Biology Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Science Club. M LONNIE D TURNAGE Richmond. Virginia Elementary Education SNEA; SCA; MGA; Student Council EARL L TYSON Farmville, N. C. English Usher ' s Guild: MGA. Kappa Alpha Psi F English Club GERALDINE VAUGHAN Franklin. Virginia General Music Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; WGA; MENC RUBY G. VINCENT Roanoke Rapids. N. C. Business Education WGA; Phi Beta Lambda; Thalia Sorosis WOA; Archonian Club. Band. Phi Beta Lambda MELVIN M WARD Jacksonville. N. C. Elementarv Education SNEA; MGA LILLIAN C. WATSON Windsor. ' N. C, Health and Physical Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Cheering Souad; Phys. Edu tion Majors Club; Dance Group; WGA JULIUS O. WEBB Roper. N. C. Sociology MYRTLE T. WEST Beaufort, N. C. English Alpha Kappa Alpha Thalia Sorosis Club EULA M. WHITE Tarboro, N. C. Elementari UCRF; Th ' alia Sorbsis; Yearbook Staff ' JAMES H. WILLIAMS ersburg, Virg ' sical Educati ikelb Petersburg, Virginia Physical Education MGA; Basketball Tcair English Club; WGA; Phys. Ed. Majors Clu English Club; Football JETHRO C WILLIAMS Elizabeth City, N. C English President of Student Council; Team; MGA; UCRF; Lighthi Phi Alpha Fraternity; Veterans Club; Compass Staff; Yearbook Staff JOHN T, WILLIAMS Elizabeth City, N. C. English Veterans Club; Ambassadors Club; English Club Compass Staff; Athletic Public Relations WGA; SNEA KAY F. WILSON Grimesland. N. C. English Delta Sigma Theta Soroi CAROLYN T WOODHOUSE Student Council; WGA; SNEA; W ' GA; Lighlho WILLIE C PEELE Williamston. N.C. Elementary Education MGA; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; SNEA; UCRF MGA; UCRF; Amencan Industria JESSE L. POWELL Scotland Neck. N. C. Social Science Social Science Club; MGA CLARENCE E. THOMAS Industrial Arts As- Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Pan-Hellenic Thalia Sorosis, Pan-Hellenic Council; Alpha 1 Alpha Sorontv; An Guild; Who ' s Who Among can College dnd Universities; Band; Junior Co New Classroom Building 4 ' m s .1?i ' ; Mil Mil p9iW ' ' " " " " TTiHli «»- ' ■ ' 1 ms A ii»« i . " tat --•— ' -«- ' ' ' " ' ' r I ?= »ai sr.l!s S ' »te««s Si New G. R. Little Library Model of Future Campus

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