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Architect ' s Drawing of New Dormitory Doles Hall Architect ' s Drawing of New Library K I N G CONTENTS Dedication Administrative Officers Faculty Staff Classes Organizations Student Activities Governing Board College Services Senior Directory 2 4,7 8 16 59 81 103 104 107 STAFF Editor-m-Chief: Jethro Williams Assoc. Editors: Butler Sharpe, Ella Ivory. Editorial Assistants: Avon Chapman, Bettie Davis, Bettye Dowdy, Ingrid East, Barbara Fearing, Shirley Fleetwood, Carolyn Hall, Richard Hart, Miriam Johnson, Wilveria Lo- gan, Alma Ormond, James Salisbury, Verna Salisbury, Vivian Thornton, Sandra Trotman, Mildred Ward, Shirley Williams. Dedication In Honor of Dr. Ernest Linwood Hoffler To a man whose greatest ambition was to assist others in what- ever capacity he could; to one whose life was devoted to the upHfting of his race; to an individual who had love for humani- ty, honesty and gentleness, we dedicate this, the 1965 VIKING Cardwell-Hoffler Infirmary r ' m ERNEST LINWOOD HOFFLER 1883 - 1963 College Trustee and Benefactor CONGRATULATIONS, BEST WISHES, AND SIX QUESTIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1965: You have reached a point of many beginnings and hopefully have girded yourselves for ultimately providing answers to many questions. These are some of them: You are at a beginning which reflects your being a beneficiary of the American system of higher education. Through you, will it be revealed as a system rife with inadequacies or one amply justified for being in existence? You — more of you than in the past — approach the beginning of that task which deepens and refines your knowledge of subject matter, through matriculation in a graduate school. Will your advanced knowledge and skill wither on the vine for want of usage or will a prized advanced degree be for you and others a vibrant and pro- ductive thing? You are at the point of putting into practical usage your training for teacherhood. Will you eventually earn the honored cognomen. Educator? You soon will begin an existence during which the privilege of decision-making and your responsibility for having made decisions will both be greatly expanded. Will your " grade " in this assignment be a high one? You are beginning a wider citizenship amid one of the great revi- sions of society during human history. Shall it be recorded that you scored favorably with your constructive contributions to citizenship? You are at the beginning of wider and more varied opportunities to demonstrate personality and morality. Will it be said of you that these were like flowers whose loveliness remains ever an adornment? We pray that you will gain the strength and wisdom to provide answers to these difficult questions which will reflect high achieve- ment. Mrs. Ridley and I wish for you collectively and individually Godspeed and good fortune during your future lives of providing answers. We extend our heartiest congratulations for having thus far answered so many questions so well. Very sincerely yours. Walter N. Ridley President ■v « WALTER NATHANIEL RID LEY Fifth President Commencement 1964 tB WBBIP P Students ..« Alumni " On behalf of the Faculty fhe President .iiul Speaker Wendell P. Jones ' 40 Alumni President Battle ' 53; " Welcome! " Our Dean to the forefront Administrative Officers Dr. William E. Anderson Dean of the College Mr. Kenneth R. Jeffries Comptroller Budget Officer Mr. Edward N. Smith Property Personnel Officer Mr. Taylor E. Jones Registrar Director of Admissions Dr. K. Rupert Brow College Physician Dr. George H. Walker, Jr Director, Area of Educatio Faculty ABOVE, from left: Dr. Thelma H. Anderson (Psychology) Dr. Rudolph D. Artis (Social Science) Mr. Leonard R. Ballou (Music) Mrs. Mollie M. Beaslev (Physical Educi Mr. Jacob K. Bent lev (Physical Edu y FROM LEFT: ' ifessi tM Mr. A. Denis Brown (Music, part-time) Mr. Hugh D. Bullock (Art) Dr. R. Irving Boone (English; Dir Religious Activities) BELOW. FROM LEFT: Mr. Luther Burse (Industrial Arts) Mr. Thomas L. Caldwell (Physical Education) Mrs. Helen M. Caldwell (English) Dr. Herman G. Cooke (Biology) Faculty FROM LEFT. CLOCKWISE: Dr. Edna L. Davis (Chairman, Music) Dr. Vincent J. de Gregorio (Chairman, Art) Dr. Naginder S. Dhillon (Chairman, Social Sciences) Mr. Lindsey D. Draper (Education) Mr. Robert E. Duke (French and Spanish) Dr. RosaUne M. Edwards (Education) FROM LEFT. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE: Mr. Carl M. Franldin (Chairman, Business Education) Mrs. MaryAnn W. Franklin (Physical Sciences) Mr. Harold L. Gamble (Social Science) Mr. Chester W. Gregory (History) Mrs. Gwendolyn M. Hall (History) Miss Ruby G. Hayes (Business Education) Faculty FOLLOWING THE " S " : Dr. Anne M. Henderson (Chairman, Modern Languages) Mrs. Julia M. Hoffler (English) Mrs. Irene D.Jackson (Education) Mr. Taylor S. Jackson (Co-Chairman, Edt Mrs. Ethel H. Johnson (Business Educ Miss Evelyn A. Johnson (Music) Mrs. Carol C. Jones (English) Mrs. Clara G. Jones ( Edu Mr. Waverly T. Jones (Industrial . rts) Dr. Sekender A. Khan (Acting Chairman, Biology) Mr. Albert F. Lee (Art) Mrs. Dorothy J. Lee (English) Mr. Kun-tsung Liu (Mathematics) Mrs. Helen H. Muldrow (Biology) Mr. William J. Muldrow (Psychology) part-time from Norfolk FROM LEFT. CLOCKWISE: Mr. Bernard L. Peterson, Jr. (English and Dr Mrs. Henrietta B. Ridley (Educat ion) Dr. William P. Robinson (Social Sciei Division, Virginia State College) Mr. Leo E. Rochon (Business Edu Mr. William H. Ryder (Music) Dr. Charles W. Simmons (History, part-time from Norfolk Division, Virginia State College) FROM LEFT. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE: Mrs. Georgia L. Smith (Health) Mr. Michael L. Smith (English) Mrs. Hazel G. Spellman (Education) Mr. Leslye N. Stallworth (Mathematics) Dr. Robert K. Stuart (Co-Chairman, Education) Mr. Lawrence E. Sugg (English) Faculty iJ ABOVE. FROM LEFT: Dr. Louise N. Sutton (Chairman, Physical Sciences and Mathematics) Mrs. Dorothy E. Thomas (Biology) Mr. Robert L. Vaughan (Chairman, Health and Physical Education) Mrs. Valerie W. Vaughan (Physical Education) Mr. Moses S. Walker (Business Education) FROM LEFT: Mr. Timothy H. Wamack (Geography) Dr. Chi-Kao Wang (Social Science) Dr. T. H. Abraham Wei (Chemistry) BELOW. FROM LEFT: Mr. Wendell J. Wilson (Music) Mr. Ward S. Winfield (Chairman, Industrial Arts) Dr. Maude J. Yancey (Health) Mr. P. Bernard Young, Jr. (Lecturer: Journalism) Personnel Area ill Mrs. Rae E. Williams (Associate Director, Student Mrs. Lasse R. Alston (Dormitory Director, Symera) Mr. Howard H. Brown (Dormitory Director, Butler) Mrs. Elizabeth F. Davis (Dormitory ' Director, LEFT: Mr. Thurston P. DeLaine, Jr. (Supervisor, Student Work Pro.i am) LEFT: Mr. Roy F. Knight (Dormitory Director, WesI Lodge) BELOW. FROM LEFT: Mrs. Eloise S. Glass (Dormitory Director, Symera) Mrs. Sara F. Normant (Dormitory Director, Cale) Mrs. Mamie C. Reid (Dormitory Director, Bias) Mrs. Soissette S. Rogers (Dormitory Director, Bias) Staff FOLLOWING THE " S " : Mrs. Maude W. Ballou (Asst. - Reg. Off.) Mrs. Vivian B. Bullock (Bookkeeper) Mrs. Ruth M. Carr (Recreation Aide) Mrs. Jean H. Gilkey (Clerk - Reg. Office) Mr. Preston Gurganous (Data Processor) Mrs. Gladys T. Henderson (Secretary) Mrs. Shirley F. Jones (Clerk - Maintenance) Mrs. Mary H. Leavens (Sec. for Faculty) Mrs. M. S. Lewis (Key Punch Op.) Mrs. Alma M. Newby (Sec. to Pres.) Mrs. Lillie C. Perry (Sec. to Dean) Mrs. Myrtle R. Rivers (Cashier) Mrs. Rita R. Scott (Stenographer) Mrs. Mildred N. Stacy (Nurse ' s Aide) Mrs. Helene S. Taylor (Sec. - Pres. Off.) Librarians Staff f ABOVE, FROM LEFT: Mrs. Elouise T. DeLaine (Library Asst.) Mr. Guy C. Craft (Catalogue Librarian) Mr. Hobson Thompson, Jr. (Head Librarian) Miss Odessa A. Williams (Library Clerk) Mrs. Gwendolyn J. Midgette (Reference Librarian) LEFT: Mrs. Anna M. Bluford (Pub. Info. Asst. LEFT: Mr. Thomas H. Shields, Jr. (Asst. BELOW. FROM LEFT: Mrs. Katie S. Wamack (Coll. Nurse) Miss Mamie Bedell (Sup. - Food Service) Mr. Richard J. Henderson (Mgr. - Data Processing) Mr. Harvey L. Thomas (Sup. - Bldgs Grounds) Mrs. Lillian D. Walker (Sup. - Lab. Nursery .School) Laura Bishop Althea Blackwell Catherine Bogans Marion Britt Ruben Buggs OliNia Bullock Robert Chesti Claude Clark Gilbert Clark Ray Cooper Eula Cordon Shirley Corpenine; X Claudine Cotton William Cox Barbara Davis f w ■- ? «- Mavvola Davis Willie Dugger Phillippa Duke Percy Eatmon Lucv Edwards Endv FaiTou Ralph Faulk Walter Field: David Fi Matthew F: Thomasine Fulb Alfred Griffin Robert Haddock Anna Hager i Charlie Jeffries Jimmv Jenkins Gloria John Sanford John XV ' ¥ ' m f ■Mwiw M Ziner Johnsi Elsie Jones Margaret Jo Willie Jones Lillian Jordan Mary Jordan d%M Dorothy Lashiey Lindell Lawson Geraldine Lewis Nathaniel Malachi Spencer Mayfield Gloria Melton Cynthia Miller Alice Murphy Alexander McCain Phil McCoy Clara Perkins Rubv Perkins Carrie Reaves Ernestine Reese Jollye Register Horace Reid Barnellc Robinson Rachel Robinson Ethel Rodgers it ft Ralph Roland Faye Salley Betty Sa " ver Fondella Scot Susie Sharpl. Winnie Smith Pearl Spaulding Lou Spruill Ethel Sutton Gwendolyn Sutt Geraldine Svkes Maude Sykes Wilder Taylor Albert Thweatt Lossie Turnage Marv Walden Lorraine Walker % William Wallace Joyce Watford Percy Watson Percy White Bettv Lou Wilkins (N.C.I Bettv Lou Wilkins (Va.) Charles Williams Maggie Williams Corine Winstcad Juniors Ashe Carol Ashe Pegg ' Avent IMK Vlkj ' H l on ■Sav- M V Hl ' ' kfl B P " r V « 1- ik L Virginia Co Harold Daniel James Dickerson Barbara Dildy Allison Dildy Evelvn Dixon «afa James Dove Ethel Fulford Mo ses Gilliam Earless Grant Andrew Hamlet Fannie Harris Odell Harris Tward Hassell John Hazel James Heckstall Laura Hopkin Hattie Howard Cleopatra Ivey Fannie James Lenora Jarvis Shirley Jefferson Helen John Nellie John David Jone Shirley Jo Pattie Jordan Elonza Jcn-ruT James Kent Mildred Lawrence Barbara Lee Wilbert Lee William Lewis Rockzal Lockhart Robert Locust Rosa Madr Audrev Majette Diane Manley Yvonne Manley Stephen Mayo Catherine Melto. Gloria Moore Glorious Moore ' n n f • K. 1 nk Robert Outlaw Katherine Outlaw Arnetha Newkirk LeGrand Newman fA % Wallace Riggins Eunice Rogers John Robinson William Ruffin O ' Neil Stephenson William Streeter % f Jane Teele Barbara Thompson Eugene Thompson Ronald Thorpe Doris Thurman Alexander Thweatt Sandra Trotman Magalene Turnage Eddie Watson Julia Whitehurst Annie Wilkins Luby Williams Mildred Williams ilhemenia Willia Sophomores Hattie Bond Betty Boone Jo Ann Bost Comellia Bost Evelyn Boyd Leroy Brickhi Ruth Brooks Douglas Brown Earl Brown Edna Brown Lawrence Bro Lula Brown Magnolia Ere Geneva Bryar Jean Bullock Carolyn Butts Sylvester Bynum Thelma Bynum Lula Campbell Norine Carter Pauline Chapman Doris Cherry Bettie Clark Norman Clark Violet Clark Theresa Coates Lillian Coggins Ronald Coleman Helen Coley Judy Congleton Tunasia Dugg Elvia Dunk Daisy Eason Godfrey Eason Graver Edwa Curtis Elder Ives Elliott Grover Eure Brenda Evan: Barbara Fearing Carl Fennell Mable Forte Wilma Foskey Veria Flanagan Ervin Francis Judy Freeman Willie Gafney Kaitie Cause Joy Gee Velma Godette Ansel Graham Jimmie Graves Patricia Greene Chelsie Griffin Sallie Lawre Melvin Lee Fannie Lee Clifton Lewi H, J°hn Lister Bertha Love Curtis Lofton William Martin George Mason Ma Mitchell Randolph Mitchell Evelyn Mobley George Morgan Glennie Mumford Shirley Murphy Janet McCIa Kenneth McKi ' Gabreell Pavne Barbara Pollard James Powell Jesse Powell Louise Rasbury Geraldine Respa Gwendolyn Rigp Peggy Riggins Bobby Riley Paul Robertson Bonnie Rushing Dorbthv Sherrod Joan Smith Mar in Spaulding Shirley Stancil Elizabeth Strickland Carolyn Taylor Clarence Thomas Deloris Thomas Marjorice Thomas Carolyn Tr Lawrence Tucker Lonnie Turnage Shirlev V augha Marvella Ward Julius Webb Martha Webb Wiley Welch Eula White Albert Whitlev Johnnie Will: Margie Williams Patricia Williams Shirlev Williams Larry Winborne Johnny Woodhouse 31- 5 1 1 I! Barbara Alford Bernadette Ali reshmen Celestine Ashe %wm Ina Adkins Walter Alston Mamye Anthot Gloria Arrintrto Randolph Arrii Geraldine Attmore Bernard Bailey Ella Baker Yolanda Baker y yi |3 frHB Booker Bond - H J V Curtis Bond J eJl Wt Doris Bond Toni Baucom George Bell Walter Blount Willie Blount Sandra Boone Robert Bovvden Roudolph Brown Joyce Bryant Marilyn Bryant Thelma Bryant Theodosia Bryant Nina Bullock Phillip Burnette Gladys Burrus Lancy Butler Eula Bynum Dorothv Canady Raymond Carmichael Harry Carr Margaret Carr Agnes Cartwright Clarence Cartwright Jerome Chance Avon Chapman Juanita Chapmai Wayne Church Wilma Clark Linda Coefield Irving Coggins James Coley Sandra Coley Joyce Collins Norma Combs Willie Cooke t!kfX Robert Copeland Hattie Coston Dollie Council Billy Cousart Joetta Cox Joyce Cox Kenneth Cox Johnnie C Melvin Cros Joan Curry Alton Daniels Mary Daniels Norma Daniel Gwendolyn Davenport Warren Davenport Carrie Davis Charlean Davis Dorothy Davis Linda Davis Raymond Davi f S t Thomas Davis Frances Deloatch Carolyn Demery Novella Dickens Marjorie Dildy Bernicc Dixon Duggi. M M. St% 3 Carolyn Edmond Evelyn Ellis Jeannie Ellis Pattie Ellis Frankie Etheridge Thaxton Etheridge Thomas Evans James Everette Deloris Pagan Freya Faulcon Shirley Fleetwood Lois Floyd Andrea Folk Carolyn Forbes Hattie Forbes Eleanor Foreman ' Katie Freeman Shirley Fuller Blannie Futrell Melvin Futrell Wilbert Gallop Glender Garner Earlena Garrett Ernest Green Marv Greene Minnie Gn Man- Griffin Carolyn Ha James Hall Loretta Harrell Hattie Hargctt Curtis Hargrave Flora Harris Mariorie Harris Martha Hathaway Maxine Hawkins Fannie Hcmby ' George Henderson William Hill Jesse Hi Pearl Hockaday Bonita Hoggard Jackqueline Hoggard William Hoggard Ella Holley John Holley Roberta Holmes Jovcelyn Honeyblu TvTone Hopkins Herman Home Cathrynn Horton Pegg - House . Mildred Hunter % Raymond Hyman Lynwood Jefferson Norma Johnson Wynette Johnsor Annie Jones Patricia Jones Paul Jones Ronnie Jones Howard Joyner Rosa Joyner William Keller James King Johnnie King Patricia King Lillie Kinney Billy Kirkpatrick Emma Lamb Reva Lassiter Allen Lawrence Jerry Lawrence Paulette Lawrence Francene Lawson % Sk t af .23 Carolyn Lee Elizabeth Leonard Frederick Lewis Lela Little Levon Little Phyllis Liverman Bettie Lucas Arnetha Locust Wilveria Logan Mildred Love Zlt% Earl Lumsden James Lyons DAniel Mackey Edward Manley Paulette Manley Gerald Miller Joyce Mills Darlene Milton Otis Minor George Mizzelle Mary Monk Willa Montague %i 2 rM Margeria Muntford James Moore Joyce Moore Leonard Moore Malinda Moore Alfred Morgan Joyce Morgan Hilda Morning M I S J Mk . M ' Robert Myrick Phadiona McCarther Carolyn McCloud Peggy McMillan George McNeill Willie Newell Ethel Newkirk Virginia Newsome Vinnia Nicholson dlM h Curtis Proctor Margurite Raynor Geneva Reynolds 11 %tl £ )K Xi J j Loretta Riddick Rosa Riddick George Riley Janice Roberson Vera Robertson Ethel Robinson Waris Rogers Herbert Ruffin Ralph Ruffin Lillian Rutledge %1 ' William Settle Hazel Shannon General Shoulars Maggie Simpson Marienna Simpson Charles Singleton Moses Skinner William Skinner William Slade Carolyn Smith Eunicetine Smith Jane Smith Karen Smith Lila Smith Mary Smith Naomi Smith Oscar Smith Polly Smith Willie Smith Paulette Spellman Coreatha Spencer Eleanora Spruill Flonnie Spruill Vailoree Stevenson Vivian Taylor Lauraetta Teel Leroy Thompkins Wayne Thompson Edward TiUery Lula Turnage Patrick Tyrance Delores Tyree 1 1 Lucy Vaughan Patricia Vaughan Saundra Vaughan Juanita Vereen Julius Walker Roosevelt Walker Phyllis Walton Mildred Ward Minnie Ward Bobby Ware Edwin Watson Celvin Webster Frances Welch John Welch Irene West Jacqueline Whitaker Betty White Clara White Dorothy White Mary White Robert White Roberta White Ruth White Beatrice Whitfield Judy Whitley Clinton Wilkins Phyllise Wilkins Tyree Wilkins Carol Williams Joe Anna Williams Mildred Williams Robert Williams Sadie Williams Shirley Williams Shelley WiUingham John Wilson Linda Womack Annie Woodard Judy Wooten Soisette Words Carolyn Worrell RGANIZATIONS c Student Council Otha Sydnor, President Members of Student Cou . Women ' s Government Association ?««! Junior Counselors Men ' s Government Association Q Dormitory Counselors Compass Staff Ulysses Bell - Editor M f? th Marie Johnson Gallic Joyr af i Student Christian Association United Campus Christian Association Ushers Guild Sunday School General Choir I tf-f i fe fe ' iM u- J ' . iJ " « " ' ? » V ' ' ' ■ ■ " iii n i " 11 -1 1 t umrBTir-i—T ! i . ., ,».«,.»«.%» y " . ' i " p " ' y y " - — Concert Choir Marching Band lir ji[! ' i{!kj!n!!! Concert Orchestra English I Club Science Club it cS ' cs o ' Art Guild English Majors U ' Zeta Phi Beta Archonian Club m. Kappa Sweetheart ' ij 0 . IV- ' 1 W :Jtl " " .rJ| B i|9Cx£ [I ' " mmm ■HBH I BraHr Scrollers Club Scrollers Sweetheart Elizabeth Strickland Delta Sigma Theta Pyramids J y f Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities SliS f Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society Thalia Sorosis Club w n w. m -.2 1 1 IB MjSBk H L B ik|D HM K 1 Mral .■r:ix. .-« 3kv i Pan-Hellenic Council Jean Rowlett, Pres. Lighthouse Stude Activities Committee. ' ' Uege un o ' ' CTIVITIES 1964-65 VIKING Basketball Squad 1964-65 Basketball Roster Ht. Robert L. Vaughan Coach Athletic Director 12 5-8 14 5-8 Name No. Mackey, Claudie 00 Stubbins, Gary 4 Williams, James 12 Lewis, Frederick Davis, Charles Lamb, Willie Lansden, Leevon Lewis, Clifton Robertson, Paul Brown, Douglass 40 6-7 Smith, Oscar 44 6-7 ' j Thweatt, Alexander 50 6-4 Todd, Richard 52 6-5 Neal, Frank 54 6-4n: Co-Captains Coach: R. L. Vaughan Trainer: Alvin Kelley Student Manager: Rud Bell Statistician: Ronald Coleman 30 6-3 32 6- Richard Todd All-Holiday Tourney Selection All-CIAA Forward Oops — Subito! 3 1964-65 VIKINGS Football Team Thomas L. (Tom) Caldwell Head Coach Leslye Stallvvorth Chief Scout ' jljlll Thurlis Little, Capt Percy Watson, Co-Ca FOOTBALL ROSTER The roster for the 1964 football team is a. follows: NO NAME POSITION 11 Greene, Ernest Qb 12 Roulhac, Henry Qb 14 Francis, Ervin Qb 18 Hodges, Benny Hb 20 Johnson, George E 21 Little Levon Fb 22 Streeter, Bill Hb 23 Watson, Percy co-capt. Hb 30 Croslan, Melvin Hb 31 Shropshire, Lionel Hb 32 Singleton, Charles Hb 40 Harris, Odell Hb 41 Thompson, Eugene Hb 43 Hood, Henry Hb 44 Snipes, Eugene Hb 50 Roulhac, John C 51 -Little, Thurlis Capt, C 52 Williams, Jethro G 60 Davis, Raymond G 61 Littlejohn, Andrew G 62 Elder, Curtis G 63 Faulk, Ralph G 64 Waiters, Ernest G 65 Jeter, Samuel T 67 Ware, Bobby N. G 70 Griffin, Alvin T 71 Riley, Bobby T-G 72 Webster, Celvin T 73 McCoy, Phil T, T 74 Perry, Vernon T 75 Pugh, Jethro T 80 Williams, Leroy E 81 Jackson, James T. E 82 Whitfield, Argle E 82 Bond, Lincoln E 84 Watkins, Norman E 85 Bynum, Sylvester E 86 Griffin, James E-T 24 Bland, Eddie B 33 Byrd, Cleo G 42 Etheridge, Thaxton G 45 Cotton, Roy G s J ' ' Jethro Pugh, Pro Draftee (Dallas, NFL) All CIA.A Selection Bobby Riley, Thurlis Little, Ralph Faulk, Jethro Pugh, Percy Watson, Leroy Williams, Phil McCov. 1964-65 VIKING WRESTLING TEA.M Roy (Butch) Knight Roster NAME CLASSIFICATION WEIGHT DIVISION 1. Warren Davenport Freshman 123 2. Curtis Lofton Sophomore 130 3. William Dorsey Hill Sophomore 137 4. O ' Neil Stephenson Sophomore 147 5. William Bryant Sophomore 157 6. Willie A. Smith Freshman 157 7. Julius Webb Sophomore 157 8, Wayne Holmes Sophomore 177 9, Billy K. Kirkpatrick Freshman 177 10. Horace Griffin Junior 194 11, Argle Whitfield Senior 228 Argle Whitfield CIAA Heavyweig ht Champion yf iJ,M Hi Modern Dance Group Drum Major — Drum Majorette Hnini HH B H n a BlnRI S H H 1 • ' -. ' rmr 1 1 . mmmm ■ wriw m . y- Miss ECSC Betty Lou Wilkins, Suffolk, Va. The Beginning of a Reign Miss Alumni Miss ECSC Mrs. Mary Jordan Betty Wilkin The Queen Ar Pres. Rudolph Jones, President of Fayetteville State College Presents Bouquet to Queen. - resident Congratuh The Queen President Walter Ridle Queen Betty Escort, Isaac Askew •f ' oiC " 1 » JM W4? i .1 ig ' K -- ' i iiili!!! iiiii IS mi II! !i! ri i . ! IS! ! I ! ! I i !! -I I f f li i» i Scenes - m Xmas Talent Night ' ' ' ' ' ■ i •! Mil n t? if tmtt I ,i„. » i - ? ::■ . College Players I I Music Hath Charm « . j Departmental Activities Mr. Hugh Bullock - Art In- structor and Students Discuss Wire Sculpture Life — Drawing Class with Live Model Doris Captures Landscape Miss ECSC (Art Major) and Classmate Cox Ponder Art Probh Celebrities on Campus Dr. Thoma-s E. Hawkii Dean of Men Hampton Institute = i4 ' P w. Mrs. Angela Chri; Cultural Attache Embassy of Gha Dr. Howard Thurman Dean of Chapel Boston University Mr. Victor Ryder Piano Instructor Fisk University Dr. Wendell P. Jones Assoc, Professor of Education University of California at Los Angeles Caught . IBM explained to high school seniors BELOW: At faculty-staff reception ABOVE: Dr. J. E. Jones ' 15 presenting Charter of Alumni Association to Alu President Isaac A. Battle ' 53. Our Board of Triistits (Not shown: Mr. John C. Bias ' 26 and Mrs. VV. Ar CIAA Council of Presidents The State Board of Higher Edu Lt. Col. Keeton and Col. Manooch speak of ROTC possibilities. College Sen Mr. Fenton Royle Orderly - Health Ser Donald R. Herring ' 66 Projection Booth Operate George E. Johnson ' 66 in the Campus Post Office «Pv ' Mrs. Gladys B. Bartlett Lab Nursery School Attendant George Johnson in action in the Campus Bookstore ices Our Maintenance Staff and Security Offic Mr. Curtis A. Melson Asst. Sup. - Food Service The Food Service Staff Mr, JuUus B Foxx, J, Dining Room Supervise The Lighthouse Canteen Staff FROM LEFT: Miss Joyce F. Tat- . 11BF " ' " ' ' ' Gen e O. Pettiford (Can- teen Operator), Mrs. Beatrice B. Hughes, Mr. Redell J. Lacey. Preparation Mb i Attainment BELOW: Alexander Peace ' 64 (Biology) of Henderson, N.C.: " B.S. with High Honor. ' I Recognition ?! ■ Senior Directory ternity; MGA. LILLIE M. ATKINSON Rocky Mount, N.C. Business Education Phi Beta Lamba; Ushers Club. Deha Sigma Thcia Sorority; WGA: Thaha Sorosis Club; Phi Beta Lambda; Alpha Kap- JACQUELINE L BAKER SNEA. LENORA H BARNES Suffolk, Va, Business Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Phi Beta Lambda; Thalia Sorosis Club; WGA; Dormi- top, ' Counselor; SNEA. BRENDAJ BEASLEY Elizabeth City, N.C. Social Science Sigma Rho Sigma; Social Science Club; WGA. The COMPASS Staff; Student Co ga Psi Phi Fraternitv; Phi Bel FBLA. MARY L BIGGS WGA; Social Science Club. ALTHEA D. BLACKWELL Portsmouth, Va. Elementary Education Cheering Squad; WGA; Lightho JOYCE BOSEMAN Dudley, N.C. Elementary Education College Players; Ushers Guild; WGA. Drill Team; Indus- OLIVIA H BULLOCK Washington, DC Business Education BELINDA L. CARROLL Four Oaks, N.C. Art Education Art Guild; WGA; Fine Arts Comm.; Drill BERNADINE S CHAPMAN Harrclsville, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; Thalia Sorosis Club; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Lighthouse Activity Comm.; Student Council. HORACE J. CHAPMAN New Bern, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Studen ALTON LEONARD CHEEK Durham, N.C. Health and Physical Education Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Drill Team; Stu dent Council; WGA. ROBERT T CHESTNUT Wilmington, N.C. Industrial Arts RUTH E. CONGLETON Robersonville, N.C. Elementary Education College Players; WGA; Ivy Leaf Club. Psi Phi Fraternity. EULA M CORDON Jamesville, N.C. Elementary Education Lighthouse Hospitality Comm.; College Pla ers; WGA; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. SHIRLEY A CORPENING Morganton, N.C. Social Science .ir; WGA. CLAUDINE COTTON Seaboard, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; W ' GA; Social Dance Co Guild. WILLIAM COX, JR. Warsaw, Va. Art Education Wrestling Team; Omega Psi Phi. Thalia Sorosis CARL D. DAVIS Louisburg, N.C. Biology College Players; MGA; Science Club. MAYVOLA R. DAVIS Newark, New Jersey SNEA; Thalia Sorosis Club; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; WGA; Honors Comm. RUTH H. DUGGER Robersonville, N.C. English Club; College Players; Thalia Sorosis Club; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; SNEA; WGA. PHILLIPPA S DUKE Dormitory Counselor; Lighthouse Fine Art Comm.; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Thali; Sorosis Club; Phi Beta Lambda; WGA. PERCY K EATMON Enfield, N.C. Business Education LUCY A. EDWARDS Henrico, N.C. Social Science Forensic Society; WGA; Delti Sorority; Social Science Club ENDY L FARROW New Bern, N C. Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Thalia Sorosis Club; SNEA; WGA; Usher ' s Guild. GLORIA A FORBES Belcross, N.C. Dramatics Club; Thalia .Sorosis Club; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; English Club. Ushers Guild; FBLA. WILMA S. GAINEY Baltimore, Md. Elementary Education LUTHER O GIBBS Washington. N.C. Elementary Education Tennis Team; WGA. RAONA B GODFREY Chesapeake, Va. Elementary Education Ivy Leaf Club; WGA. WGA; FBLA MARY P. GRANT Ahoskie, N.C. Elementary Education BETRANTEZ GREENE Williamston, N.C. Elementary Education Pyramid Club; Thalia Sorosis Club; WGA. ALVIN GRIFFIN Beacon, N.Y. Health and Physical Education Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Football Team. ROBERT HADDOCK Kinston, N.C. Social Science Student Council; Sigma Rho Sigma. Elementary Education Ushers Guild; WGA; Lighthouse Social Comm. MAURICE M. HALL Winton, N.C. Elementary Education Ushers Guild; Dormitory Counselor. ELLA P. HARDY Dover, N.C. Elementary Education WGA. FBLA; SNEA; VGA. JANICE E HARRISON Robersonville, N.C. English Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; College Play- ers; Forensic Society; Lighthouse Forum JO-CILE P HARVEY Newport News, Va. Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; WGA. THOMAS C. HODGES Warsaw, N.C. Elementary Education SCA; Dramatics. JANE McNEIL HORNE Rocky Mount, N.C. Elementary Education WGA; Yearbook Staff. ELLA M. IVORY Halifax, N.C. Choir; English Club; NEA; WGA; Yearbook Staff. JAMES H. JACKSON Fredericksburg, Va. Elementary Education Pan-Heller.ic Council; Student Council. JAMES T. JACKSON Suffolk, Va. Health and Physical Education Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternitv; Beta Beta Bet; Honor Societv; Football Tiam; Track team MGA; Student Council. VAN LEE JAMES Jamesville, N.C. Elementary Education CARLMINTA R JOHN.SON Windsor, N.C. Elementary Education •SNEA; WGA. GLORIA F. JOHN.SON Elizabeth City, N.C. Band; Choir; Thalia Sorosis; Alpha Kappa Al- pha Sorority. MARIE L JOHN.SON Enfield, N.C. Biology The COMPASS Stff; Science Club; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; WGA. ELSIE M. JONES Cofield, N.C. Elementary Education Student Council; SNEA; Alpha Kappa Mu; Kappa Delta Pi; Dormitory Counselor; Thalia Sorosis; Lighthouse Activity Comm.; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. MARGAROT J JONES Gastoma, N.C. Elementarv Education Ushers Guild; WGA; SNEA. Delta Sigma Theta .Sorority; Thalia Sorosis Club; Phi Beta Lambda; WGA; The COM- PASS Staff YVONNE JOYNER Emporia, Va. Elementary Education Thalia Sorosis Club; Lighthouse Activities Comm.; WGA. ALVIN T. KELLEY Suffolk, Va. Health and Physical Education Manager of Football and Basketball Teams; Drill Team. CHRISTINE KIRKMAN Kinston, N.C. Business Education WGA. DOROTHY M LASHLEY Gaston, N.C. English English Club; Forensic Society; Dramatics Club. LINDEL D. LAWSON Kinston, N.C. Elementary Education Ushers Guild; Pyramid Club; WGA. THURLIS J LITTLE Elizabeth City, N.C. Health and Physical Education Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Football Team; Track Team; MGA; Physical Education Club. ESTHER M. LITTLE Creswell, N.C. Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Ushers Guild; WGA; SNEA. ESSIE L. LONG Laurel Hill, N.C. Business Education Ivy Leaf Club; Lighthouse Activities Comm.; WGA; FBLA. JACQUELINE E LONG East Brunswick, NJ. Elementary Education Junior Counselor; WGA; Who ' s Who; Delta LORETTA L LOVELACE Java, Va. Eleme ntary Ed ucation Dorm torv Counselor: NEA Alpha Soro WGA, NATHANIEL MALACHI Englewood, NJ. Health and Physical Educatio WGA SPENCER MAYHELD, JR Suffolk, Va. Industrial Arts Basketball. FBLA; WGA. MARY T. MITCHELL Windsor, N.C. Elementary Education Ushers Guild; Lighthouse Social Comm.; WGA. Thalia Sorosis Club; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Dormitory ' Counselor. CELESTINE H. MORGAN Hertford, N.C. Biology Cheering Squad; Science Club; WGA. GLORIA MELTON Elizabeth City, N.C. General Science Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Science Club Beta Beta Beta; SNEA. MARJORIE M. MORINGS Ahoskie, N.C. Elementary Education Ivy Leaf Club; WGA. ALICE R. MURPHY Goldsboro, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; Ushers Guild; WGA; SCA. ALEXANDER B. McCAIN Roxboro, N.C. Elementary Education Ushers Guild; SNEA; WGA. PHIL McCOY New Bern, N.C. Biology Alpha Phi Alpha Beta Beta Bet; Wilmmgto Social .Scie Student Council; Dormitory Counselor; So- cial Science Club; Sigma Rho Sigma Honor SADIE L M. McPHATTER Wagram, N.C. Elementary Education FRANK WALLACE NEAL Hamilton, N.C. Health and Physical Education Basketball; Physical Education Majors Club; MGA. CHARLES M. ODEN Washington, N.C. Social Science English Club; Social Science Club. BEULAH M. PARKER Hodgood, N.C. General Science (Biology Concentration) Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society; Alpha Kappa Mu; Beta Beta Beta Honor Society; Who ' s Who; Thalia So- rosis Club; Science Club. LOUISE PEARCE Kenly, N.C. English Club; Yearbook Staff. Major: English. CLARA PERKINS Morganton, N.C. Elementary Education Compass Staff; College Players; WGA. RUBY PERKINS Bethel, N.C. English Club; Dramatics; Forensic ! Junior Counselor; Delta Sigma Theta Elen Edu JOE E. PORTER Murfreesboro, N.C. Physical Education Physical Education Majors Club; MGA. KENNETH L. PORTER Orange, N.J. Art Education Omega Psi Phi Fratcrnitv; College Players; Fine Arts Comm.; Art Guild; Band ' CARRIE E. REAVES RobcrsonviUe, N.C. Elementary Education Ivy Leaf Club; WGA. VONDA E. REED Burlington, N.C. HORACE C. READ, JR Hertford, N.C. Physical Education MGA; Physical Education Majors Club. MARTHA M. REED Rich Square, N.C. Elementary Education Thalia Sorosis Club; Lighthouse Student Ac- tivities; WGA; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. RUTH RENFROW Lucama, N.C. Elementary Education WGA. JAMES REYNOLDS Cofield, N.C. Health and Physical Education CARROL J. RHODES Washington, N.C. Elementary Education Thalis Sorosis Club; WGA; SNEA. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Thalis Sorosis Club; Phi Beta Lambda; Social Dance Com- mittee; WGA; Student Council. ETHEL R RODGERS JOHN L. ROULAC Ahoskie, N.C. Health and Physical Education Physical Education Majors Club; Football. Thelia Sorosis: Lighthouse Comm.; Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society; Delta Sigma The- Phi Beta Lambda; Alpha Kappa Alpha Soro- rity; WGA; Thalia Sororis Club; Lighthouse Student Union. FONDELLA SCOTT Robersonville, N.C. Business Education Future Business Club; WAG. FLORA G SHARPE Rocky Mount, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; WAG. SUSIE L. SHARPLESS Chinquapin, N.C. Elementary Education Thalia Sorosis Club; WGA; h BRENDA F. SHEPPARD Phi Beta Lambda; Ushers Guild. DOREATHEA SIMS East Orange, N.J. Business Education Cheering Squa Phi Beta Lambda; Social Comn DORSIE ETTA SMITH Elm City, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; SCA; WGA. Ushers Guild; WGA; SNEA. WINNIE SMITH Gates, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; WGA. LOU F. SPRUILL Williamston, N.C. Elementary Educatic WGA. ERSEL M. STANLEY Engel Hard, N.C. Business Education Ushers Guild; WGA; Phi Beta Lambda; So- cial Dance Committee. ETHEL G. SUTTON Elizabeth City, N.C. Elementary Education Compass Staff; Thalia Sorosis; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority: SNEA; WGA. GWENDOLYN M. SUTTON Hallsboro, N.C. . ' Vlpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society; Thalia Sorosis Club; English Club; Who ' s Who; Alpha Kappa Al- pha Sorority. MAUDE L. SYKES Chesapeake, Va. Sociology Ivy Leaf Club; WGA. LOSSIE M. TURNAGE Enfield, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA;WGA; Social Comm. Phi Beta Lambda; WGA. LORRINE WALKER Rocky Mount, N.C. WILLIAM L. W.ALLACE Portsmouth, Va. Social Science Social Science Club; Sigma Rho Sigma Hon- or Society; Choir; Alpha Phi . lpha Fraterni- Theta Sorority; English Club. PERCY W. TSON Chapel Hill, N.C. Physical Education Physical Education Club; Football Te SAMUEL WHITE Plymouth, N.C. Physical Education Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; Physical Edu SNEA; WGA: Choir; Thalia: Sorosis Clu ARGLE WHITFIELD Brooklyn, NY. Elementary Education Football; Wrestling; Track: MGA. FLORENCE L. WHITFIELD Portsmouth, Va. Elementary Education Alpha KaiDpa Alpha Sorority; Thalia S Club. Kappa Delta Phi; WGA. THELMA R. WHITEHURST Club: NEA; WGA. Pvxamid Club; WGA; SNEA: Ushers Guild BETTY LOU WILKINS Suffolk, Va. Art Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Choir; WG.- Junior Counselor; Student .Adjustment Con SG. ' l . Guild. ALISE Y. WILLIAMS Washington, D.C. Dance Group; WGA. Dramatics Club; Foren Social Science Club; College Playe Phi Beta Lambda; WGA. Architect ' s Drawing of New Dormitory • m M Symera Hall Doles Hal l Architect ' s Drawing of New Library H 1 '

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