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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1964 volume:

UmUM Iffil AooHj yM L sb UM p mi 1 ' ' " ifi li»iJiJI« nl»» I I ■ lijii ■ If! J I ' iMiiBilyi- lii i 1 i; BuO ycM 0)JuijuM-yoii( ij iMlFi ' U i boMS Hots ' ih Vt Xag Contents Dedication 2 Administration 4 Faculty Staff 8 Classes 16 Organizations 54 t i Student Activities 83 1 Wl Senior Directory 107 • X 64 Editor-in-Chief: Louise Pearce. Associate Editors: Helen L. Brown, Jane M. Home, James C. Joyner. Editorial Assistants: Margie Baker, Barbara Bynum, Godfrey Eason, Raymond Gibson, Thelma Howard, Barnelle Robinson, James Salisbury, George Skinner, Sandra Trotman, Joyce Watford, Jethro Williams. FOR EDNA HARRIS MITCHELL: Through her dedication to people she shaped fine adults from a formless mass called Youth. Through her dedication to purpose she knew not of time ' s relentless passing. Through her dedication to progress she moved little beginnings to great endings. Through our dedication to her she will live on into immortality. EDNA CORNELIA (HARRIS) MITCHELL December 10, 1901 — August 8, 1963 Educator TO THE CLASS OF 1964: As you go forth from these halls, many things tra el with you: the faith and sacrifice of parents and guardians: the confidence and work of instructors: your own knowledge of whether you discharged as best you could the privileges and re- sponsibilities of stewardship during your undergraduate career. If you reflect ujson and assess these things as you seek and attain more maturity, )ou will enter upon the true significance of a Commencement : a point where thinking youth start their journey into a future of thoughtful resourceful, con- structive adulthood. But this is no easy process. Orderly, constructive, positive thought processes perhaps represent man ' s most difficult endea or. Conflicting issues buffet the intellect. Choices of loyalty strain the psyche. Exigencies of daily living present ostensible cross-currents to the canons of ideals. Yet the thoughtful person, the positi e, constructive, clear-headed person who would seek how best and most he can be of help to his fellow man has constantly these problems to overcome; has constantly to seek the wisdom, and consult his God, for strength to find partial answers. That person who fails to do these things fails his heritage and his supporters: worse, himself. It is the sincere hope of Mrs. Ridley and myself that the Class of 1964 will recognize some of these basic problems of our time; will want to cope with them; will ultimately be among those citizens of our State and Nation most highly re- spected because of the truly creative and entirely honorable methods of problem- alleviation which they helped to develop. I extend a salute to the Class. I speak a prayer for its safe, good journey through the larger life. President WALTER NATH, NIEL RIDLEY FIFTH PRESIDENT ydJin JMJ nJO C) j J MJ (W ASSirfttiife MR. KENNETH R. JEFFRIES Business Manager DR. WILLIAM E. ANDERSON Dean MR. HOBSON THOMPSON, JR. Librarian 4t MR. REUBEN A. BRAXTON Director of Student Personnel MR. TAYLOR E. JONES Registrar DR. GEORGE H. WALKER, JR. Director, Education Area (Not shown: Dr. Kermit R. Brown, College Physician) JS MR. EDWARD N. SMITH Assistant Business Manager MR. HARVEY L. THOMAS Superintendent, Buildings and Grounds ' ' T , MR. THOMAS H. SHIELDS, JR. Assistant, Business Office MRS. ELOUISE T. DcLAINE Circulation Librarian MRS. GWENDOLYN J. MIDGETTE Reference Librarian MISS ODESSA A. WILLIAMS Library Clerical Staff MRS. RUTH M. CARR Recreation Aide, Lighthouse MRS. HENRIETTA B. RIDLEY Chairman, Lighthouse Committee of Management MISS ARLENE M. PIERCE Program Director, Lighthouse MRS. RAE E. WILLIAMS Dean of Women MR. JOHN D. M.A.RSHALL Dean of Men (Not shown: Mrs. Clementine M. Marshall, Cashier: Mrs. Esther B. .Anderson, Catalogue Librarian) r MR. WARD S. WINFIELD Chairman, Industrial Arts MR. LUTHER BURSE Instructor MRS. LILLIAN DUERS Instructor MR. ROBERT A. GUNNELL Instructor f N D U T f A L A R T D P T A N D V c A T f C N A L T C w N f C A L P R O ( R A DR. EMILY M. HORRINGTON Chairman, Biology f O L O Y D E. P T DR. HERMAN G. COOKE Professor MRS. HELEN H. MULDROW Assistant Professor MR. WAVERLY T. JONES Instructor MRS. DOROTHY E. THOMAS Associate Professor itiC()tio t D t. MR. TAYLOR S. JACKSON Co-Chairman, Education DR. ISAAC C. BRACEY Co-Chairman, Education MRS. IRENE D. JACKSON .Assistant Professor MR. WILLIAM J. MULDROW Associate Professor DR. THELMA H. ANDERSON Professor MRS. CLARA G. JONES Assistant Professor MR. ULYSSES S. LANE Associate Professor MRS. HAZEL G. SPELLMAN Assistant Professor (Not shown: Mrs. Henrietta B. Ridley, Instructor; Dr. George H. Walker, Jr., Professor; Mrs. Lillian D. Walker, Supervisor, Nursery School) Ftiifi Atfe De|)t. MR. CARL M. FRANKLIN Chairman, Business Education MISS EVELYN A. JOHNSON Chairman, Fine Arts MISS EDNA L. DAVIS Assistant Professor MISS ETHEL A. L. HARDEMAN r Instructor MR. HUGH D. BULLOCK Instructor ,1R. LEO E. ROCHON assistant Professor % MR. ALBERT F. LEE 4 - MR. LEONARD R. BALLOU Professor MR. WILLIAM H. RYDER Instructor MRS. ETHEL H. FOXX Instructor MR. GREGORY D. RIDLEY, JR. Assistant Professor (Not shown: Mr. Alfred D. I MR. WENDELL J. WILSON Dr. Gloria B. Merchant) MISS EUNICE L. WILLIAMS Instructor y Mv OMui P jSiCOiS AjuJboilb Dfif)fc. MR. THOMAS L. CALDWELL Assistant Professor MRS. MOLLIE M. BEASLEY Instructor MR. ROBERT L. VAUGHAN Chairman, Health Physical Edu MRS. GEORGIA L. SMITH Assistant Professor MRS. VALERIE W. VAUGHAN Instructor (Not shown: Mr. John D. Marshall; Dr. Maude J. Yancey, Professor) MRS. M. RYANN W. FRANKLIN Assistant Professor DR. LOUISE N. SUTTON Chairman, Physical Sciences Mathematics DR. T. H. ABRAHAM WEI Professor MR. LESLYE N. STALLWORTH Assistant Professor MR. JAMES H. TOWNES Assistant Professor (Not shown: Mr. Hobson Thompson, Jr., Assistant Professor) f Jbi iMj LaaguAgGS Dfi t. DR. CORAGREENE JOHNSTONE Chairman, Modern Languages MRS. HELEN M. CALDWELL Assistant Professor MRS. JULLA M. HOFFLER Associate Professor MR. A. C:LEARV F- pi ERE Assistant Professor DR. FRANCIS J. MERCH. NT Professor MR. BERNARD L. PETERSON, JR. Instructor MR. LAWRENCE E. SUGG .Assistant Professor :f • i DR. GLORIA B. MERCHANT Associate Professor MRS. DOROTHY J. LEE Instructor MRS. LAURA S. IRVIN Instructor (Not sliown: Dr. William E. Anderson, Professor) MR. HAROLD L. GAMBLE Instructor Cocloi Scte tces V jpt DR. RUDOLPH D. ARTIS Associate Professor DR. NAGINDER S. DHILLON Chairman, Social Sciences DR. WILLL M P. ROBINSON MR. CHESTER W. GREGORY DR . CHARLES W. SIMMONS Visiting Professor Assistant Professor 7T Visi ting Professor W@ . - ' 1 t rf ' l A 3Mi BlJ fe DR. CHI KAO WANG Etm MR. FRANK PEREIRA MR. TIMOTHY H. WAMACK Assistant Professor Professor Asso. ciatc Professor (Not shoun: Mr. Reuben A. Braxton. Assistant Pr ifcssor) y MoQm)i06 (Not shown: Mr. Fenton Royle, Orderly) MRS. KATIE S. WAMACK College Nurse foodOmfi M MRS. LILLIE H. MURPHY Nurse ' s Aide MISS MAMIE BEDELL Supervisor MR. JULIUS B. FOXX Dining Hall Supervisor F- Food Scnices Staff MRS. MARY H. LEAVENS Faculty Secretary MR. THURSTON P. DeLAINE Supervisor, Student Work MRS. ANNA M. BLUFORD Public Information . ' ssistant D vthuttvuj VlAMdbbnJ MRS. SARA F. NORMANT Cale Hall MRS. ELOISE S. GLASS Symera Hall MRS. HATTIE F. WALKER Doles Hall MRS. ROSA S. ODEN Bias Hall MR. ROY F. KNIGHT West Lodge QM»Jd[(udXtlQ!to! MRS. JEAN H. GILKEY Registrar ' s Office , J . yj MRS. MAUDE L. BALLOU Registrar ' s Office MRS. JEROLEAN W. MOORE Business Office MRS. LILLIE C. PERRY Dean ' s Office MRS HELENE S. TAYLOR President ' s Office MRS. SHIRLEY F. JONES Maintenance Office MRS. LILLIE P. CURTIS Dean ' s Office ' l. ' .M ' ' M N R Hattie Burton Helen Burton s.iiJ Doretha Finch Marcell Forbes Doris Fagan G.eorgianne Faulcon M i Theresa Hall Delois Hassell Mary Hathaway Myrtle Hill rf± s Shelby James Doietha Jefferson Sarah Jordan William Langley Margaret Lawrence Annie Lea Joe Lee Matthew Lewis Tony Ricks ' aii;« J Percy White Alise Will ' iams Elwood Williams Shirley Miller Williams Joyce Wilson Kareen Windley J u N r c Dorothy Baker Shirley Av Shirley Barfield Lenora Barnes FIRST KOn-.- Brcnda Bcaslcy, Ulysses Bell, Mary Biggs. Althea BlackNvell, Isal)clle Booker, Joyce Boone, Janet Boyd. SF.COND ROW: Marion Britt, Carolyn Broun, Carol Buffaloe, George BufTaloe, Barbara Bynuni. Cleo Byrd. Belinda Carroll. FIRST ROW: Horace Chapman, Alton Cheek, Clarice Cherry, Joseph Cherry, Roy Cherry, Clande C:lark. Agnes Cloyd. SECOND ROW: Thelma Coley. Marie d.llins. Ruth Congle- ton, Melvin Cooper. Ray Cooper, Eula Cordon, Shirley Corpcning. THIRD RO] ' : Claudine Cotton, " irginia Cox, William Co.x, Ray Daniels, Barbara Da is, Charles Da is. Ruth Dagger, %1 tA ' FIRST ROW: Willie Dugger, Phillippa Duke, Lucy Edwards, Endy Farrow, Ralph Faulk, Phillip Flood, Gloria Forbes. SECOND ROW: David Freeman, Wilma Gainey, Luther Gibbs, Wilson Goode, Moses Gordon, Esther Grady, Mary Grant. THIRD ROW: Maurice Hall, Joyce Hall, Shirley Hagans, Alvin Griffin, Ethel Gregory, Betrantez Greene, Nathaniel Grant. FIRST ROW: Fannie Harris, Odell Harris, Janice Harrison, Jo-Cile Harvey, Evangelene Hudgins, James H. Jackson, James T. Jackson. SECOND ROW: Van James, Chariie Jeffries, Jimmie Jenkins, Gloria Johnson, Janie Johnson, Marie Johnson, Randolph Johnson. %lMt FIRST ROW: Ziner Johnson, Elsie Jones, Gloria Jones, James Jones, Willie Mae Jones, Gallic Joyner, Yvonne Joyner. SECOND ROW: Christine Kirkman, Dorothy Lashley, Lindel Lavvson, Thurlis Little, Andrew Littlejohn, Esther Littlejohn, Essie Long. FIRST ROW: Jacqueline Long, Jayne Long, Mary Long, Glaudie Mackey, William Matthews, Delia Melton, Gloria Melton. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Miller, Mary Mizzell, Erma Moore, Alice Murphy, Alexander McCain, Phil McCoy, Kenneth McLaurin. THIRD ROW: Frank Neal, Maxine Outlaw, Beulah Parker, Louise Pearce, Clara Perkins, Ruby Perkins, Arthur Perrv. aaak %m FIRST ROW: Ella Perry. Wilma Perry, . shley Porter. Joe Porter. Kenneth Porter. Melvin Privette, Jethro Pugh. SECOXD ROW: Carrie Reaves. Jollye Register. Horace Reid, Martha Reid. Ruth Renfrew. James Reynolds. Carrol Rhodes. THIRD ROW: John Richardson. Helen Riddick, Isaac Roberson. Barnelle Roliinson. Ethel Rodgers. Ralph Roland, Lcroy Ross. FIRST ROW: John Roulhac, Jean Rowlett, Faye Salley, Betty Sawyer. Bcrnadine Sharpe. Susie Sharpless, Lionel Shropshire. SECOND ROW: Dorcthea Sims. Mary Skinner. Bobby Sledge, Dorsie Smith, Lottie Smith, Lubertha Smith, Winnie Smith. 15 FIRST ROW: Pearl Spaulding, Doris Stanley, Ersel Stanley, Arzie Sutton, Gwendolyn Sut- ton, Geraldine Sykes, Wilder Taylor. SECOND ROW: Robert Thomas, Lossie Turnage, Barbara Via, Ernest Waiters, Mary Walden, Lorrine Walker, William Wallace. FIRST ROW: Laura Walton, Vernon Ward, Joyce Watford, Eddie Watson, Percy Watson, Samuel White, Thelma White. SECOND ROW: Claudine Whitehurst, Virginia White- hurst, Argle Whitfield, Florence Whitefield, Mary Wiggins, Betty Wilkins (N.C.). THIRD ROW: Betty Wilkins (Va.), Charlie Williams, Leroy Williams, Maggie Williams, Patricia Williams, Corine Winstead, Lucy Wright. O P w M o FIRST ROW: Bettie Ashe, Carol Ashe, Lawrence Alford, William Alston, Lonnie Anderson. SECOND ROW: Peggy Avent, William Aytch, Artis Beatty, Bessie Beckwith, Doris Bell. THIRD ROW: Ella Bell, Helen Bennett, Alton Blount, Hattie Bond, Cora Bonner. m m a FIRST ROW: Emma Bonner, Beulah Boone, Mary Boothe, Georgia Brooks, Eddie Brown, Joe Brown, Peggy Brown. SECOND ROW: Mable Butts, Sylvester Bynum, Thelma Bynum, Bessie Carr, Vernon Cartwright, Charles Caudle, Pauline Cherry. FIRST ROW: Robert Chestnut, Romanza Claiborne, Carole Golden, Shirley Cole, Ronald Coleman, Roy Cotton, Cynthia Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Harold Daniel, A. O. Davis, James Dickerson, Allison Dildy, Barbara Dildy, Evelyn Dixon, James Dove. THIRD ROW: Piccola Etchison, Mozella Faulcon, Wilma Freeman, Ethel Fulford, Mary Fuqua, Vivian Gatlin, Juniustine Gee. tm a FIRST ROW: Moses Gilliam, Earless Grant, Marion Grant, Patricia Greene, Andrew Hamlet, Fannie Harris, Emma Hart. SECOND ROW: Vivian Hassell, John Hazel, Mary Herring, John Hicks, Sheila Hicks, William Hill, Peggy Hooper. THIRD ROW: Laura Hopkins, Hattie Howard, Carroll Hurdle, Roger Ingram, Fannie James, Sandra James, Lenora Jarv-is. FIRST ROW: Shirley Jefferson, George Johnikins, George Johnson , Helen Johnson, Nellie Johnson, David Jones, James Jones. SECOND ROW: Shirley Jones, Pattie Jordan, Elonza Joyner, James Kent, Mildred Lawrence, Randolph Lee, Clifton Lewis. %M% imM FIRST ROW: William Lewis. Rockzal Lockhart. Rol.crt L.Tiist, Audrey Majettc, Dianne Manloy, ' v nnc Manlcy. Brcnda Mattison. SECOXD ROW: Stephen Mayo, Catherine Mel- ton, Lorraine Melt.in, Mattic Modlin, Maxinc Moody, Klhcrt Moore. Faleese Moore. FIRST ROW: Gloria Moore, Glorious Moore. Murdly M..ore. Patricia Morgan. Robert Mumford. Hannah Myrick, Arnetha Neukirk. SECOXD ROW: Benjamin Neukirk, Katherine Outlaw, Robert Outlaw, Thelma Peele, Peggy Perry. Portia Perry. ' ernon Perry. THIRD ROW: Melvin Powell, Wallace Riggins, Bobby Riley, John Robinson, Eunice Rogers, Carrie Ruffin, William Ruffin. m 19A FIRST ROW: Joyce Scott, Mary Sharrock, Ruby Simmons, George Skinner, Mary Slade, Frederick Smith, Lee Smith. SECOND R ' OW: Mary Smith, O ' Neil Stephenson, William Streeter, Gary Stubbins, Evelyn Sutton, Peggy Sutton, Jean Sykes. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Taylor, Jane Teel, Barbara Thompson, Carolyn Thompson, Eugene Thompson, Doris Thur- man, Alexander Thweatt. FIRST ROW: Richard Todd, Sandra Trotman, Magaline Turnage, Elois Turner, Vema Wallace, Jean Weaver, Mary Welch. SECOND ROW: Julia Whitehurst, Annie Wilkins, Luby Williams, Mildred Williams, Wilhelmenia Williams, Doris Woods, Ervin Wortham. FIRST ROW: Almeta Aiken, Dorothy Allen. SECOND ROW: Brenda Anderson, Carolyn Bailey, Ethel Bailey, Thomas Barber, Joyce Barclift, Irma Barham, Gloria Barnes. THIRD ROW: Rosa Bartlett, Heddy Basnight, Delores Bcamon, Wilbert Beatty, Alice Bell, Joycelyn Berry, Ruby Best. FOURTH ROW: Charles Billups, Hattie Bishop, Belladonna Blackwell, Eddie Bland, Sarah Blount, Ada Bond, Ann Bond. FIFTH ROW: Betty Boone, Jo Ann Bost, Robert Bovvden, Harold Boyd, Bessie Brandon, Leroy Brickhouse, Mary Brimage. 3 Cf W» FIRST ROW: Ruth Brodks, Douglas Brmvn, Earl Broun, Edna Brown, Elncr Bnnvn. Lula Broun. Magnolia Brown. SECOND ROW: Geneva Bryant. Peggie Bryant, William Bryant, Jean Bullock. Edvita Burrus. Carolyn Butts, Lula Campbell. THIRD ROW: Frances Chadwick, Doris Cherry, Virginia Clarida, Bettie Clark. Violet Clark, Linda Coefield, Olissa Coeficld. FIRST ROW: Lillian Coggins, Helen Coley, James Coley, Judy Congleton, Marian Coward, Amelia Cox, Joetta Cox. SECOND ROW: Joyce Cox, Melvin Croslan, Brenda Crump, Betty Davis, Clementine Davis, Louise Deloatch, Bonnie Dew. mA mm FIRST ROW: Luester Dixon, Carolyn Dorsey, Bettye Dowdy, Doris Duggins, Tunasia Duggins, William Dunk, Daisy Eason. SECOND ROW: Godfrey Eason, Curtis Elder, Ives Elliott, Grover Eure, Brenda Evans, Lillian Faulk, Barbara Fearing. FIRST ROW: Hazel Felton, Carl Fennell, Jean Fenner, Veria Flanagan, Annie Flythe, Elea- nor Foreman, Mable Forte. SECOND ROW: Wilma Foskey, Ervin Francis, Mary Frederick, Judy Freeman, Marilyn Futrell, Katie Cause, Joy Gee. THIRD ROW: Raymond Gibson, James Gilchrist, Jonny Goddard, Velma Godette, Ansol Graham, Jimmie Graves, Bennie Greene. i FIRST ROW: Chelsie Griffin, Horace Griffin, James Griffin, Willie Hagans, Bobby Hairston, Annie Hall, Martha Harper. SECOND ROW: Joan Harrell, Loretta Harrell, Flora Harris, Sarah Har ey, Gracie Hicks, Carrie Hill, William Hill. THIRD ROW: Doris Hilliard, Mel- vin Hines, Raymond Hines, Ella Holley, Florence Holley, William Holley, Willie Beatrice Holley. FIRST ROW: Wayne Holmes, Johnnie Horton, Lillie Hunter, Doretha James, Melvin Jessups, Joseph Johnson, Minnie Johnson. SECOND ROW: William Johnson, Edith Jones, Peggy Jones, Barbara Jordan, John Jordan, Cordelle Keene, Willie Lamb. nslii FIRST ROIV: Leevon Lansden, Carole Lassiter, Lois Lassiter, Reva Lassiter, Robert Lassiter, Sallie Lawrence, Francene Lawon. SECOND ROW: Barbara Lee, Eleanor Lee, Fannie Leigh, John Lister, James Lloyd, Curtis Lofton, Winfred Locke. FIRST ROW: Lue Lynch, Dolores Lyons, Nellie Madrey, Ronald Mann, William Martin, Ella Mason, George Mason. SECOND ROW: Rosa Mathis, Ethel Matthews, Ada Mattocks, Gail Mayo, Yvonne Milliner, Darlene Milton, Randolph Mitchell. THIRD ROW: William Mitchell, Evelyn Mobley, Phyllis Modlin, Mary Monk, Farney Moore, Jesse Moore, Leonard Moore. 11 6km iMl Ii FIRST ROW: George Morgan, Ernestine Morris, Glennie Mumford, Brenda Murphy, Shirley Murphy, MagelUa Mclntyre, Patricia Newsome. SECOND ROW: Alma Ormond, David Pair, Betty Parker, Geneva Peanort, Willie Peele, Geneva Pettiford, Barbara Pollard. THIRD ROW: James Powell, Jesse Powell, Hedy Pugh, William Purkett, Dorothy Rankins, Dozine Ransom, Bettie Rasbury. FIRST ROW: Richard Reid, Geraldine Respass, Hattie Revelle, Henry Rhoulac, Crystal Richards, Willie Riddick, Gwendolyn Riggins. SECOND ROW: Peggy Riggins, Jimmy Roberson, Paul Robertson, Waris Rogers, Mary Roseboro, Ernestine Rountree, Bonnie Rushing. FIRST ROW: Joe Scales, Marian Scott, Bettye Settle, Dorothy Sherrod, Delma Skinner, Bettie Smith, Joan Smith. SECOND ROW: Joanna Smith, Karen Smith, Oscar Smith, Sarah Smith, Sennie Smith, Ennis Snipes, Marvin Spaulding. FIRST ROW: Lenora Spence, Fred Squires. Shirley Stancil, Elizabeth Strickland, Frances Sutton, Minnie Swinson, Alvin Sylvester. SECOND ROW: Clarence Thomas, Deloris Thomas, Marjorice Thomas, Patsy Thomas, Vivian Thornton, Ronald Thorpe, Willie Thurman. THIRD ROW: Harry Tillery, Annie Toler, Carolyn Trotman, Lawrence Tucker, Curtis Turnage, Lonnie Turnage, Myrtle Turner. FIRST ROW: Earl Tyson, Geraldine Vaughan, Charlie Vaughn, Julius Walker, Priscilla Walker, Maryella Ward, Melvin Ward. SECOND ROW: Dora Watford, Norman Watkins, Gloria Weaver, Julius Webb, Wiley Welch, Eula White, Carolyn Wiggins. THIRD ROW: Jethro Williams, Johnnie Mae Williams, Margie Williams, Mil- dred Williams, Patricia Williams, Shirley Williams, Shel- ley Willingham. FOURTH ROW: Etta Willis, John Wil- son, Kay Wilson, Minnie Wilson, Larry Winbome, Johnny Woodhouse, Charles Wynn. FIFTH ROW: Izola Young. Sf)fiCi(3tjE SWfi ife f. Julius Foxx Voccilo T d fKStitufe SWfi ife Malinda Brumsey Edward Bry ' an Norine Carter Pauline Chapman FIRST ROW: Norman Clark, Willie Cooke, Edward Creecy, Edith Deloatch, Grover Edwards, Harold Everett, Donald Forbes. SECOND ROW: Donald Herring, Mae Hines, Mary Hoggard, William Horton, Jacob Isler, Nancy Jefferson, Ira Jerkins. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Jones, Daisy Johnson, Wilhelmenia King, Virginia Latham, Melvin Lee, Macie Liverman, Shirley Majette. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth McKiver, Martha Powell, Sandra Price, Rita Rad- cliffe, Collin Ransom, Joshua Rascoe, Edith Sawyer. FIFTH ROW: Janet Smith, Robert Stephenson. Prymas Tabron, William Vaughan, Ruby Vincent, Martha Webb, Albert Whitley. M I iMiM k M m O geiiugftttoiiS TU SWewfc CouwM JuwX(Vt Donjin JtonAj i H Us(i«ftS GuM u K mm r-- 1 wSM 1 wStrnw E " H B ft Hi Aa i ' -v I y ,- ' I " ■ Qujdoxj Qckod OjJtceAS Canvioxj Cckooi C.N. A. Stuiewfc CA isti ui Assoctdfeott Co tce tfc Cfiot t n as P ■sH H - M ri I M f « » H l- E Gmj AjoJL CiiJOiA o e . •ii ia i miii. ittfi CoMege B(W Afif fu3t Kotjjpjpcu Hoiuvt Sootebj Befak Befa Befat Wo uvt Sociefaj lA IiO ' s WIkp 1 1 Afr ie ticaM CoMeges omjI Untu tties Kotppcu DdUtcu Pi Tfce Ciicwfe« A fi w{ e« Eh Ccs CU) Ewgfosfc Majors S6Ct iie. Scte«M CW) Qbuuianh oj Cci tn CSuh UU Ju itidhou Q(MAt F(we«iStC ' Sociefcj VocciiMUil! %h A It KOtpfyOuAllpi C(M uiij mm Hk .aJHEa K B V fl 1 k ' ■4 ' -n 1 k. fwj UsiJ Ckb i i HA l %f V HjOu Ql tn JOult dCu QcMnJihj z T A P y f B E. T A Ai ' C(u) ita« CJub PaM HeMe uC C(M utCi{ A L P W A P W f A L P W A KHpinO Cw Hi OJiJb C P W f N w T U A T ' ' " TP 1 i ,, - m I K y Otwfigo Pst PU Ptofeuuttj 0»M d CiueetWAjt c L U B L A M- P A D B T U B A T llo iL kkouJ The Lighthouse program is designed to aid all students in tlieir development of cultural interest and intellectual maturity. It provides opportunities for students and staff " to make new friends and to par- ticipate in group activities. Through these experiences, students are aided in gaining self-discipline, recog- nition and pride in and for their own accomplishments. Concomitantly there is the possibility for development of true appreciation of the accomplishments of their fellow students. In its broadest sense, then. The Lighthouse seeks to help develop better human relations amid the College Family. Lighthouse Staff and Board of Managers. Lighthouse Program Director chats with a committee chairman, and the Lighthouse president. Lighthouse Receptii Lighthouse Director And Staff Members (Fron left: Mrs Bluford, Mrs. Carr, Miss Pierce) CuMmj ( CmmJo ' ' THE LIGHTHOUSE , . . THE COLLEGE ' S LI ING-ROOM- End-of-Scmester Bingo Party. " VifeUig " Sfa ' 64 (Clockwise: George Skinner, Jane Home, Helen Brown, Raymond Gibson, Jethro Williams, Louise Pearce) MORE STAFF MEMBERS STANDING: James Joyner Barnelle Robinson SEATED: Sandra Trotman Margie Baker Thema Howard °o » K E D I i «r5r»- " - Jt (Around the table: George Skinner, Janie Johnson, Louvellia Johnson, James Salisbury, Ulysses Bell, Barbara Fearing, Gloria Forbes, Vivian Thornton, Ethel Gregory, Clara Perkins. STANDING at right: Jethro Williams.) Editor Bell, Emma Bonner, Carolyn Thompson. Sports Editor Melvin Riddick committee. Mr. L. !■: Sul: , C ' hanman of Publications Co Jimmy Salisbury, Student Publications Photographer MuOihkl 86 10. 1963-1964 VIKINGS From left: Co-Captains Elvvood Williams (Honorary), Norris Francis, Thurlis Little, Alfred Pearson (Honorary). Head Coarli Calduell Backficld Coach Marshall Line Coach Knight Mr. Stalluorth, Sc FootboE R )rfeAt l u. Name Position 10 Johnson, Randolph SB-QB 11 Pearson, Alfred QB 12 •Francis, Norris QB 14 Francis, Ervin QB 18 Hodges, Benny QB 21 Chadwick, Theodore SB 22 Streeter, William SB 23 Watson, Percy SB 30 Croslan, Melvin SB 31 Sydnor, Otha SB 33 Holmes, Wayne SB 34 Gilchrist, James G 40 Thompson, Eugene SB 41 Harris, Odell SB 42 Horton, Johnny SB 43 Cotton, Roy SB 44 Williams, Elvvood G-SB 45 Bland, Eddie SB 50 Roidhac, John C 51 •Little, Thurlds C 52 Williams, Jethro C 60 Byrd, Cleo G 61 Littlejohn, Andrew G 62 Elder, Curtis G 63 Faulk, Ralph G 64 Waiters, Ernest C 65 Roberson, Isaac G 70 Griffin, Alvin T 71 Riley, Bobby T-G 72 Goddard, Johnny T 73 McCoy, Phil T 74 Perry, Vernon T 75 Pugh, Jethro E 80 Williams, Leroy E 81 Jackson, James E 82 Whitfield, Argle E 83 Snipes, Eugene E 84 Watkins, Norman E 85 Bynum, Sylvester E 86 Griffin, James • Co-Captains E-T ,T - - p. =r. 1= 4 1963-1964 VIKINGS BASKETBALL SQUAD Efegotetii City Stefe CoMege Ne White No. Blue No. Ht. Mackey, Claudie .Stubbins, Gar) ' Williams, James Lewis, Clifton Cox, Broadus Davis, Charles Carson, Parris Robertson, Paul Lansden, Leevon Reed, Lawrence Daniels, Ray Francis, Willie Thweatt, Alexander Todd, Richard Neal, Frank 6-2 5-10 5-8 6-3 5-11 5-9 6-2 6 6 6-6 6-3 6-6 6-4 6-5 6-4 200 145 136 175 170 140 170 164 155 175 197 184 180 180 185 Class Junior Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Senior Junior Senior Freshman Freshman Freshman Junior Senior Sophomore Sophomore Junior High School Davis New Albany J. E. J. Moore P. W. Moore Ligon Peabody East Suflfolk Peabody High JefFersonville Peabody B. T. Washington Hayden J. E. J. Moore Sanders West Martin Hometown Engelhard, N.C. New Albany, Ind. Petersburg, Va. Elizabeth City, N.C Raleigh, N.C. Petersburg, Va. Suffolk, Va. Petersburg, Va. Jeffersonville, Ind. Petersburg, Va. Suffolk, Va. Franklin, Va. Disputanta, Va. Laurens, S.C. Oak City, N.C. Coach Robert L. Vaugha LI; Tennis Coach Marshall THE 1963-1964 TENNIS SQUAD Frcim left (TOP): Albert Richards, Luther Gibbs, Ralph Roland, A. O. Davis, Fred Squires; (BOTTOM): David Lee Jones, Eugene Thompson, Leonard Hill. Matsman in action Wiestling rcster: Curtis Loftin. Leonard Hill. William Cox, Leroy Ross. Chailes Oden Julius Webb. Horace Griffin. Wayne Holmes. Argle Whitfield, Jcthro Pugh, Johnny Goddard, James Griffin, Warren Davenport. mll Jf , f y S ' ' - . f i «m ! n MARCELL ELIZABETH FORBES, Belcross, N.C. Coronation Tii Her Majesty Speaks Coronation Ball for the Queen ' s Court and Her Gi Alumni Assn. Pres. Isaac Battle crowns Alumni Queen Ber- nice P. Flood. Miss State College Reigns ' ELCOME BRONCO: A President salutes the Queen ' VtfeUigs JUM ilo Buma) Voum vI ' Cceaes at CW thiOS l ' o a ui PCay " Scufee. Wftwtots " D«uj fff: 4P t s m fl 3. 1 I JANUAR »•» 234 6 7 dniOi] h ' undreds 7 1 ■r % :.i 1 1 - %l l.w «. SWfiw;6Te(3tcW CMyuiiJ 041 LIONEL HAMPTON THOMAS W. YOUNG FRANK G. JENNINGS JOANNA OWENS GRANT REYNOLDS OuA 03tHl[3US HIS EXCELLENCY TERRY SANFORD H Ub J .] 1 IBr - l ' « hK « AKI M I wLt i JOHN HOPE FRANKLIN LUnOA j m fKctuSt tl(3tE Atfc A J diJOtMJ R (Jufeo -7fife ;ttio i Cos wfite y S of s Atou ui CoiKfDtis Co u¥ie tce iie tfc YovJdi Po t6k iS tfift fuJtwv Q ji lon DlAJ dtc CAROLYN ARMSTRONG Dudley, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; WGA; Ushers Guild. BARBARA ASHE Littleton, N.C. Social Science Sigma Rho Sigma: WGA Social Science Club. LILLIE.MAE ATKINSON Rocky Mount, N.C. Business Education Ushers Guild; WGA FBLA; Vocational Club. MARGIE REE BAKER Farmville, N.C. Elementary Education College Players: SNEA Year- book Staff. EMMA L. BAILEY Woodsdale, N.C. Social Science Sigma Rho Sigma: WGA Social Science Club. DORIS J. BARFIELD Snow Hill, N.C. Elementary Education WGA: Ushers Guild. EDITH O. BORDEN Hertford, N.C. Elementary Education Newman Club. BERNICE BROWN Pantego, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; WGA; AKA. HELEN L. BROWN Weldon, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; WGA; Yearbook Staff ; Hospitality Committee. RUTH BROWN Oxford, N.C. Elementary Education AKA Sorority; WGA College Choir; Thalia Sorosis WILSON BRYANT Elizabeth City, N.C. English College Choir; Band. JUANITA J. BUFFALOE Gumberr) ' , N.C. Elementary Education Ushers Guild; SNEA. SHIRLEY BURDEN Goldsboro, N.C. Business Education WGA; FBLA. HATTIE L. BURTON Virgilina, Va. Elementary Education Pyramid Club; WGA. HELEN L. BURTON Virgilina, Va. Elementary Education Ushers Guild; WGA. BONITA E. CARR Wilmington, N.C. Elementary Education College Choir; WGA Thalia Sorosis CELESTE A. CARR Wilmington, N.C. General Science Thalia Sorosis; WGA. PARRIS D. CARSON Suffolk, Va. Science Omega Psi Phi, Basketball. NANCY ANN CLARK Robersonville, N.C. Business Education Ushers Guild, WGA; FBLA. RALLIE M. CLEMONS Ahoskie, N.C. Business Education Ushers Guild; WGA; ELBA. LUCY COBURN Greenville, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; WGA; Ushers Guild. DELORIS COLLINS Englehard, N.C. Elementaiy Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Ushers Guild. DOROTHY L, GOTTEN Greenville, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; WGA; Ushers Guild. BROADUS COX, JR. Raleigh, N.C. Elementary Education Basketball: Track. MILDRED E. CUMBO Murfreesboro, N.C. Elementaiy Education WGA ; Thalia Sorosis. FARRY Y. DALTON Mayodan, N.C. Elementary Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Modern Dance Group College Band. MARION V. DAVIS Rocky Mount, N.C. Ek ' uientaiy Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. DORIS E. FAGAN Maple Hill, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; WGA. GEOGIANNE FAULCON Newport News, Va. Elementary Education Drill Team; WGA. NETTIE V. FAULKNER Bladenboro, N.C. Elementary Education WGA: Band. JAMES N. FELTON Hertford, N.C. Elementary Education MGA. DORETHA FINCH Lucama, N.C. Elementary Education NEA; WGA; Thalia Sorosis. MARCELL E. FORBES Belcross, N.C. Business Education Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority: College Players. NORRIS E. FRANCIS, JR. Franklin, Va. Physical Education Alpha Kappa Mu Honor So- ciety: Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. ERMA FREDERICK Warsaw, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; Ushers Guild. JOSEPH H. FREEMAN Yonkers, N.Y. Social Science; Sigma Rho Sigma; Omega Psi Phi Fra- ternity; Forensic Society; Social Science Club. LOUVENIA MAGEE GAFNEY Gar -sburg, N.C. Science Thalia Soiosis Club; AKA Sorority; Beta Beta Bqta Honor Society. VIOLA GARRIS Jackson, N.C. Elementaiy Education Delta Sigma Theta $orority; Ushers Guild; WGA; Who ' s Who: Thalia Sorosis. RICHARD M. GORE Brooklyn, N.C. Business Education Phi Beta Lambda; MGA; Who ' s Who. LAVERNE HALL Ahoskie, N.C. WGA; Elementary Educa- tion. DELOIS HASSELL Williamston, N.C. Elementary Education WGA; Ushers Guild; SNEA. MARY E. HATHAWAY Edenton, N.C. Elementary Education Ushers Guild ; SNEA. MYRTLE H. HILL Gates, N.C. Elementary Education NEA; Yearbook Staff; WGA. ERNEST M. HOLLEY Washington, N.C. Science College Choir; Ushers Guild: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; MGA. MARY D. HOLMES Maple Hill, N.C. Elementary Education WGA: SNEA. THELMA J. HOWARD Kinston, N.C. English English Club College Players: Yearbook Staff. SHELBY J. JAMES Roper, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; WGA; UsheiB Guild. DORETHA I. JEFFERSON Elizabeth City, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA. BRENDA N. JENKINS Greenville, N.C. English English Club; Thalia Sorosis: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. HORACE R. JONES Capron, Virginia Physical Education Football: Physical Education Club. MARYLENE JONES Snow Hill, N.C. Elementary Education WGA. SeaXivi Di teoi(vuj ELIZABETH L. JOHNSON Lewiston, N.C. Elmentar) ' Education SNEA; WGA; Ushers Guild. JAMES C. JOYNER Conway, N.C. Science Yearbook Staff; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; MGA; Beta Beta Beta Honor Society. PATRICIA KENT South Boston, Va. Elementary Education SNEA. GERALDINE KIDD LaCrosse, Va. Business Education SCA; WGA; AKA Sorority. NORMAN G. KING, JR. Suffolk, Va. lousiness Education Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; MC.A: Who ' s Who. r)OROTH - KNIGHT Halifa.x, N.C. Elciucntarv Education SNEA; WGA. M. RY A. LAMB Wmfall, N.C. Social Science Social Science Club; WGA; Dramatics. LOUISE LANGFORD Rich Square, N.C. Elementar ' Education W(;A; Delta Sigma Thcta. OLIVER P. LASLEY Ahoskie, N.C. Elementar - Education SNEA. MARGARET LAWRENCE Edenton, N.C. Elementary Education WGA; Zeta Phi Beta Soror- ity; Ushers Guild. ANNIE R. LEA Mebane, N.C. Elementary Education WGA; Thalia Sorosis; Delta Sigma Theta. lOE C. LEE Aulander, N.C. Elementary Education Drill Team; MG. ; Forensic Society. MATTHEW, LEWIS, JR. Snow Hill, N.C. Industrial Arts MGA; Alpha Phi Alpha Fra- JUSTINE LIVINGSTON Louisburg, N.C. Elementary Education Ushers Guild; SNEA. CLARA J. LOVICK Grifton, N.C. Business Education WGA; FBLA; Ushers Guild; Vocational Club. WILLIAM MADREY, JR. Edenton, N.C. Physical Education MGA; Physical Education Club. ANNIE E. McDANIEL Pollocksville, N.C. Business Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; Vo- cational Club; FBLA. CARLTON C. MELTON Ahoskie, N.C. Elementan, ' Education L ' shers Guild; Choir; Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. COLBERT L. MINGA Spring Valley, N.Y. Elementary Education Choir; Dramatics; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. COLIN K. MINGA Spring Valley, N.Y. Elementary Education Choir; Dramatics, SNEA. JANICE F. MITCHELL Ahoskie, N.C. Elementary Education AKA Sorority; Thalia Soro- BETTY L. MOBLEY Stokes, N.C. Business Education WGA; FBLA. DELORES L. MOORE Washington, N.C. Elementary Education Ushers Guild; Thalia Soro- JUDITH MOORE Rich Square, N.C. Art Ivy Leaf Club; WGA. LONNIE M. MOORE Williamston, N.C. Industrial Arts MGA: Vocational Club. ALEXANDER PEACE Henderson, N.C. Biolog) ' Kapp a Delta Pi, MGA; Alpha Kajjpa Mu. ALFRED L. PEAR.SON, JR. Newport News, Va. Elementary Education Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Football. LOSSIE M. PEELE Villiamston, N.C. Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta Sororit)-. LLYOD T. PORTER Winton, N.C. Elementan- Education Band; Preachers Club. RUBY D. REDDRICK Wilmington, N.C. Elementary Education WGA; AKA Sorority. TONY RICKS, JR. Suffolk, Va. Social Science College Players. MELVIN G. RIDDICK Hertford, N.C. Elementary- Education SNEA; Compass Staff; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. ALBERT C. ROBINSON Elizabeth City, N.C. Biology Band; SNEA; MGA; Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. MAMIE H. SCOTT Ahoskie, N.C. Elementary Education Choir; Thalia Sorosis; AKA Sorority. DORIS G. SIMMONS Pantego, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; SCA; WGA; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. JAMES A. SLADE Washington, D.C. Industrial Arts MGA; Lampados Club. OUEENIE SLADE Woodland, N.C. Elementary Education Pyramid Club; WGA. VIOLET SPRUILL Williamston, N.C. Elementar) ' Education SNEA. BERNADETTE S KES Elizabeth City, N.C. Social Sciences Social Science Club. JOANN TAYLOR Locustville, Va. Elementary- Education WGA. JAMES L. TERRELL S]3ring Hope, N.C. Elementary- Education Band; Alpha Phi Alpha Fra- ternity. MILDRED L. TROTMAN NcNv-ark, N.J. Elementary Education Band; WGA; Thalia Sorosis; AKA Sorority. CAROL B. WARD Rich Square, N.C. Elementary Education WGA; Pyramid Club. ELWOOD WILLIAMS Elizabeth City, N.C. Physical Education Football. SHIRLEY M. WILLIAMS Warsaw. N.C. Physical Education Dance Group; Drill Team; Cheerleader; WGA. JOYCE WILSON Elizabeth City-, N.C. English English Club. KAREEN D. WINDLEY Belhaven, N.C. Elementary- Education FBLA; WGA; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. PHYLLIS M. WRIGHT Newport News, Va. Elementary Education WGA; Compass Staff. ROOSEVELT R. WRIGHT, JR. Elizabeth City, N.C. Industrial Arts SNEA; College Players; Lighthouse; Fine Arts Com- mittee. UmUM Rll:iM --- fffit ' - m 1 1 ocHj UcM iMt yall II ' ■ ' , , ' hi lillfi n III! " Hi r iliJlsiyilyL III i M ii I 1 r; Bu;fe Ha CWw Ho fK U u t f 1 1 : I lA tffiia HS HoE

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