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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1963 volume:

i i he 1963 PIRATE Editor-in-Chief: John W. Jordan Editorial Assistants: Jackie Baker, Margie Baker, Helen Brown, Jean Darden, Jane Home, Thelma Howard, Ella Ivory, Brenda Jenkins, Louvellia Johnson, Velma Johnson, Vivian Lynch, Louise Pearce, Martha Reid, Faye Salley, Roxanna Smith, Jean Weaver. A Ugtsfiafe UoW THE HONORABLE HUGH GALE as a Representative from Pasquotank County to the North Carolina State Legislature, introduced House Bill 383 in 1891 calling for the establishment of a school of higher learning at Elizabeth Gity. BECAUSE of HUGH GALE this school could open its doors on Januan- 4, 1892, to those who looked to their Future. Sixty-nine persons entered. In 1962-63, many others came through its doors, likewise to explore possibilities for a Future. These are some of them Tb tfce Futuytfi The process of making Today a good foundation for Tomorrow sometimes obscures original sources. But to look at ' esterday may gi e guidance to Today, may gi e better direction to Tomorrow. The Pirate looks therefore to an original source — HUGH C; A L E — to whom we dedicate this book. Co ifewfe Dedication The Governor X ' isiting Officials Administration StafT Faculty Seniors Juniors .Sophomores Freshmen X ' ocational-Technical Institute Organizations .Activities .Senior DirectoiT Governor Terry Sanford speaking at the College September 4, 1962 F U T U R E " The work of this College is fundamen- tal — fundamental to all the dreams and hopes this State has — to make North Carolina a better place to earn a living and to have a better way of life. " — His Excellency Terry Sanford lll E U:U.EMA TKHH) l Hmil Governor. Sloleo yorlh Canilma I The Chief Executive enjoyed the Choir, Our Presi- dent smiles approval. I Left to Right: Odell Harris, ' 58; Charles Harris, President Ridley, Gover- nor Sanford representing The Alumni — Future Students — The Col- lege — The People. W W nj HoiioW wttfc VtSitt ig OjjlfjOlOtk jard of Higher Edui jur President speak uf the fut Smiles from members of the Trustees and President. State Senator N. Elton Aydletl Congressman Herbert Bonner, The Governor and the President pose with STC students. Trustees C. B. Jones, Sr and L. T. Randolph. Major L. P. McClendon, Chm., Board of Higher Educa- tion, Dr. William C. Archie, Director of Board of Higher Education, Dr. Ridley, McDonald Dixon, Chm., Board of Trustees. The Board of Higher Education receives a report Congratulations to the Class of ' 63! Se -enty-two years ago The Honorable Hugh Cale looked to the Future and en- visaged an institution of higher learning for the citizens of Northeastern North Carolina. Today. Elizabeth City State Teachers College stands as a monument to all those who have helped translate that vision into reality. You are a part of the vision. Your education is yoin- investment in the Future. Remember the traditions of the past but look forward to the promises of tomorrow. Continue to strive for greater personal and professional gi ' owth. new depths in judge- ment, spiritual concern and a willingness to accept the responsibilities that lie ahead. Through the year we will expect to see and hear of your contributions to the world. May God bless you always is the hope and the prayer that Mrs. Ridley and I send with you. Wftfeft Nfttfujiaefi Ruifeij TU Rjifi PiesujUwfc A(i tt tK ta£ajt O j jiom (W Asstrfawfe Dr. George H. Walker, Jr., Acting Dean of the College. Mr. Kenneth R. Jeffries Business Manager and Budget Officer Mr. Taylor E. Jones Registrar and Director of .Admissions Gox) Us Com dli OMul PcmtuJl Gto if ses Mr. John R. Maben Director of Student Personnel Mrs. Rae E. Williams Dean of Women Mr. John D. Marshall Dean of Men Dormitory Directors (clockwise) : Mrs. Glass, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Normant. Dean Williams, Mrs. Walker; Mr. Knight. (Not shown: Mrs. Oden, Mr. DeLaine.) Mr. Arthur B?gley, Director, Dr. James Eaton, Dii Vocational-Technical Institute. ligious Activities. Re- Mrs. Edna Mitchell, Director Dr. William Hofflcr, Director, of Publications. Health Services. The Library StalT: Mrs. Agnes Jones, Mrs. DcLainc, Mi. Hobson Thompson (Librar Mrs. Midgette. Nurse Wamack and Mr. Royle of The Health Service. (Not shown, Mrs. Murphy. ) Advice to a student from Mr. Harvey Thomas, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. Miss Mamie Bedell, Fixjd Se ice Supervisor and Mr. Foxx. Mrs. Henrietta B. Ridley. Chm. Board of Management. Lighthouse College Center. Mr. Edward N. Smith. Asst. Busi- ness Manager and Purchasing Agent. -e Mr. Thurston DeLaine, Supervisor Housing and Stu- dent work. 9 Breather in the Business Offiec (Clockwise): Mrs. Clementine Marshall, Mrs. Ida Smith. Mr. T. H. Shields, (not shown Miss Jerolean Watford) Mrs. Jean H. Gilkey, Registrar ' s Office Mrs. Anna McL Bluford Public Information Assistant and Mr. Harry E Freeman Program Directoi Lighthouse College Center. At work in the Registrar ' s Office: Mr. Theon Smith and Mrs. Maude Ballou. Mrs. Lillie C:. Perry, Secretary Mrs. Alma Newby, Secretary to Mrs. Rita R. Scott, Asst. Sec- Mrs. Lestine Coles, Faculty to the Dean. the President. retary to President. Secretary. Dr. Rudolph Artis and Mrs. Dorothy Thomas, of the Audio-Visual Center. lliJ D yCtAJbnA JlM Mr. Arthur Bagley supervises an Industrial Arts class. Mrs. Ernestine Maben gives two students their reports from the Mr. Luther Burse, Industrial Arts. reading Clinic. The Modern Languages Staff seems pleased (clockwise): Mr. Lance JcfTcrs, Mrs. Edna Mitchell, Mr. Bernard Peterson, Mrs. Julia Hoffler, Dr. Johnstone, Mr. Cleary F ' Piere. (Not shown: Miss Dorothy Apalian, Mrs. Helen Caldwell, Dr. Dudley, Mrs. Pinkie Lane.) Dr. Coragreene Johnstone, Chairman, Modern Languages. Driftwood into Art. Student designs, " Captain ' s Cabin, " Dining Hall. H I flk(y Ufc U$ Skota TW Ut Acfeow ' li; -U BuStness 9 litc itio i Mr. Leo Rochon, Business Education. Miss Ethel Hardeman and Chairman C;arl FrankUn, Business Education. Mrs. Ethel Fo.xx, Business Education. SocioS Scie«tce M Hk A fll LiLL iChJlk i Hr wN ' s ' ta -Hi Mrs. Vivian Taylor, Business Educati( Social Science Staff (clockwise): Mr. Rudolph Artis, Mr. John Mabcn, Mr. Pere- ira, Mr. Timothy Womack, Mr. Reuben Braxton (Not shown: Dr. Nagindcr Dhillon, Dr. William Robinson, Dr. Charles Simmons, Dr. Chi Kao Wang.) Mr. Frank Pereira, Chairman, Social Science. nealth Physical Education Staff (clockwise): Mr. John Marshall, Mrs. Georgia Smith, Dr. Maude Yancey, Mrs. Valerie Vaughan, Mr. Vaughan, Mrs. MoUie Beas- Icy. (Not shown: Mr. Thomas Caldwell.) Mr. Robert Vaughan, Chair- man, Health Physical Edu- cation. PfujSiCdi AjiCdfout Education Staff (clockwise): Dr. George Walkn . Mis H. inietta Rid- ley, Mr. Ulysses Lane, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Clara Jones, Dr James Ea- ton, Mrs. Irene Jackson, Mr. Lawrence Sugg. (Not shown: Mr. Wil- liam Muldrow.) E D U C A T I O N k Mr. Taylor Jackson, Chairman, Education. Practice Teachers at Work Mis Lillian Walker in the Nursery School with futuie collegians. Ill -« " Mrs. Ducrs shows how. Staff of the Vocational-Technical Institute: Mrs. Lillian Duers, Chairman Bagley, Mr. Robert Gunncll. Vooofo ujA TecWtOdA Mr. Waverly Jones in ac- FUifi A j Miss Evelyn A. Johnson, Chairman, Fine Arts. Mr. William Ryder Mr. Gregory Ridley Miss Edna Davis Mr. Hu.gh Bullock Mr. Wandell Wilson demonstrates Mr. Leonard Ballou leans over to check Dr. Louise Sutton, Chairman, Science-Mathematics. Science — Dr. Sutton, Horrington, Mathematics Staff (Clockwise): Ann Franklin, Dr. Herman Cooke. (Not Mrs. Dorothy Thomas, Dr. Emily shown: Mrs. Helen Muldrow, Mr. Hobson Mr. Leslye Stallworth, Mrs. Mary Thompson, Dr. Abraham Wei). Scte u - U(it{ieniatiO Ce«uMS STREATA BARNES A MAMIE ARRINGTON MAE BAKER OLITH BATTS JERRY BELTON ROBERT BAKER EVELYN BODDIE ALBERT BOND WILSON BRYANT I FRANKLIN BOONE WILLIAM BAUM IRENE BULLOCK ROSA CARMACK CHARLES CHERRY CATHERINE BRYANT JULIA CONGLETON NORMAN CHERRY CAROLYN CLEMMONS FLORENCE COOKE ELESTA DANCY GERALDINE CLANTON JEAN DARDEN MARION DAVIS AXXIE EATON MARILENE ELLIOTT MARY DAVIS ANNIE DICKENS SHIRLEY EDWARDS JASPER EVANS LEAMOND DOWNING FLORA GAYNOR MARY FAISON WINTON FENNER RAY FENDERSON SADIE FOYE VALGENE GIBBS DOROTHY GRAY GEORGE GRIFFIN LAVERNE HALL LOISTEEN HARRELL DESADRE HASSELL JAMES HAND ARTHUR HARRELL AGNES HASSELL VIRGINIA HASSELL HAZEL D. HARRELL EVELYN HUNTER JEANETTE HAWKINS DELLA HERRING DOROTHY HILL JoANN JACKSON MARY JENKINS SAMUEL HUBBARD BRADY JOHNSON Ml RENA JOHNSON JUDITH JONES GEORGE JORDAN VELMA JOHNSON ALICE JONES PEGGY JONES JOHN JORD. N DANIEL JONES LOUELLA LEE GLORIA JOYNER JOHN KENNDALE ' I MARY LEAVENS MATTHEW LEWIS, JR. SHIRLEY LOWE DORIS LYNCH ■X9£: 5 - MAMIE MALBON JEAN MANLEY VIVIAN LYNCH ERNESTINE LYONS JANIE MANLEY JIMMIE MANLEY JESSE MAJETT EMMA MAYE ERNESTINE MAYE FRANCES MOORE :: GLADYS MERRITT BARBARA MORTON RUTH MOYE OTHA MUMFORD f ' S ' ALICE MYRICK JANICE PIERCE -. DOROTHY McQueen .EORGE PATTERSON LILLIE PITT SrSIE REDMOND VONDA REED ROBERT PEEBLES JAMES ROBERTSON ERNESTINE REESE PATRICK REESE SYLVIA REID ALBERT RODGERS OTIS ROUNTREE W -f : I LUCIUS REY-NOLDS GEORGE SADDLER ALBERT SCOTT CYMERA SKINNER I EDNA SCOTT ROBERT SHARPE LENORA SLADE LEONARD SLADE IRMA SPRUILL MITTIE SHERROD DAVID TROTMAN ROSA STOKES EDDIE SYKES MILDRED TROTMAN KENNETH TURNAGE BERNADETTE SYKES CATHERINE TROTMAN 31 BARBARA VAUGHAN SUNNY VICK LETHA WATFORD RACHEL WEEKS BARBARA WALLACE ANNIE WARD JAMES WESLEY PEGGY WATSON LULA WARD ROSCOE HAGER JOHN WILLIAMS CURTIS WHITAKER m ALISE WILLIAMS THOMAS WILLIAMS DOROTHY WHITE VICTORIA WILLIAMS ELSIE WILLIAMS ANNIE WIGGINS JOYCE WOODRUFF JtuuO FIRST ROW: Malonia Alston, Carolyn Armstrong, Barbara Ashe, Lillie Atkinson, Margie Baker. SECOND ROW: Catherine Bogans, Marie Britt, Bernice Brown, Ruth Brown, Juanita Buffaloe. THIRD ROW: R uben Buggs, Shirley Burden, Hattie Burton, Helen Burton, Bonita Carr. %2A% M£A imtim llSfil imm FIRST ROW: Celeste Carr, Parris Carson, Nancy Clark, Rallie FOURTH ROW: Thomasine Fuller, Viola Garris, Theresa Hall, Clemmons, Lucy Coburn, Delores Collins, Mildred Gumbo. SEC- Billie Harrell, Delois Hassell, Mary Hathaway, Myrtle Hill. OND ROW: Dorothy Gotten, Broadus Cox, Farry Dalton, Carl FIFTH ROW: Mary Hockaday, Ernest Holley, Barbara Hopkins, Davis, Zella Dunn, Anna Evans, Doris Fagan. THIRD ROW: Thelma Howard, Shelby James, Brenda Jenkins, Sanford John- Georgianne Faulcon, Nettie Faulkner, Doretha Finch, Marcell son. Forbes, Norris Francis, Erma Frederick, Joseph Freeman. FIRST ROW: PrisclUa Jordan, Sarah Jordan, James Joyner, Cynthia Kent, Patricia Kent, Geraldine Kidd, Arthur King. SECOND ROW: Norman King, Dorothy Knight, Mary Lamb, Louise Langford, William Langley, Oliver Lasley, Margaret Law- rence. THIRD ROW: Lindel Lawson, Annie Lea, Vashti Leary, Joe Lee, Herbert Littlejohn, Justine Livingston, Loretta Lovelace. FOURTH ROW: Clara Lovick, William Madrey, Louvenia Ma- gee, Nathaniel Malachi, Donald Maske, Spencer Mayfield, Carl- ton Melton. FIFTH ROW: Colbert Minga, Colin Minga, Janice Mitchell, Deloris Moore, Judith Moore, Lonnie Moore, Roy Mooring. FIRST ROW: Marjorie Morlngs, Annie McDaniel, Irma Mc- Smith. FOURTH ROW: Shirdella Smith, Violet Spruill, James Kenzie, Bess Palmer, Alfred Pearson, Juanita Person, Dorothy Sutton, Joann Taylor, James Terrell, Lindell Wallace, Carol War. Porter. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Porter, Mary Purdy, Ruby Red- drick, Mayvola Richardson, Brenda Ricks, Albert Robinson, Ber ry Samuel. THIRD ROW: Mamie Scott, Doris Simmons, George lene Jones Simpson, James Slade, Queenie Slade, Edna Small, Roxanna FIFTH ROW: Ernest Wilkins, Elwood Williams, Joyce Wilson, Phyllis Wright, Roosevelt Wright, Raymond Yarborough, Mary- r. f . Copkcmcms FIRST ROW: Lawrence Alford, Isaac Askew, Emma Bailey, Dorothy Baker, Jacqueline Baker, Doris Barfield, Shirley Barfield. SECOND ROW: Lenora Barnes, Brenda Beasley, Ulysses Bell, Luther Bembry, Mary Biggs, Laura Bish- op, Althea Blackwell. THIRD ROW: Vaughan Bond, Isabelle Booker, Joyce Boone, Delorise Bowe, Joyce Boseman, Clifton Boyd, Janette Boyd. FOURTH ROW Edward Bracey, Marion Britt, Brenda Brown, Eloise Brown, Helen Brown, Joseph Brown, Carol Buffaloe. FIFTH ROW: George Buffaloe, Bar- bara Burnett, Barbara Bynum, Belinda Carroll, Horace Chapman, Alton Cheek, Joseph Cherry. ZMl t ijLaa i l M 2I FIRST ROW: Roy Cherry, Claude Clark, Agnes Cloyd, Alfred Phillippa Duke, Delores Durante, Percy Eatmon, Emma Ed- Cobbs, Carole Golden, Thelma Coley, Ruth Congleton. SEC- wards. FOURTH ROW: Lucy Edwards, Endy Farrow, Walter OND ROW: Ray Cooper, Eula Cordon, Shirley Corpening, Fields, Phillip Flood, Gloria Forbes, Ava Foskey, Willie Francis. William Cox, Barbara Davis, Robert Deloatch, Ernestine Dew. FIFTH ROW: David Freeman, Matthew Freeman, Willie Gaf- THIRD ROW: Theresa Dildy, Ruth Dugger, Willie Dugger. ney, Luther Gibbs, Ethel Goddette, Wilson Goode, Mary Gore. FIRST ROJV: Mary Grant, Nathaniel Grant, Betrantez Green, Hood, Jane Home, Evangelene Hudgins, James Jackson. Ethel Gregory, Alvin Griffin, Barbara Griffin, Shirley Hagans. FOURTH ROW: Van James, Charlie Jeffries, Doris Jeffries, SECOND ROW: Dorb Hall, Joyce Hall, Maurice Hall, Carolyn Carolyn Johnson, George Johnson, Gloris Johnson, Janie John- Harris, Fannie E. Harris, Odell Harris, Janice Harrison. THIRD son. FIFTH ROW: Marie Johnson, Elsie Jones, Gloria Jones, ROW: Celestine Harvey, Delois Hines, Mary Holmes, Henry Hattie Jones, James Jones, Melvin Jones, Callie Joyner. AlMil m M , FIRST ROW: Yvonne Joyner, Alvin Kelly, Shirley Kiser, Lyn- Gloris Mobley, Bonner Murrell, Alexander McCain, Phil McCoy, velt Lane, Ethel Langley, Dorothy Lashley, Esther Littlejohn. FOURTH ROW: Frank Neal, Maxine Outlaw, Beulah Parker, SECOND ROW: Jacqueline Long, Jayne Long, Claudie Mackey, Henry Parker, Louise Pearce, Lossie Peele, Clara Perkins. FIFTH Patsy Marable, Alfred Marville, Stephen Mayo, Delia Melton. ROW: Ruby Perkins, Armenia Perry, Arthur Perry, Ella Perry, THIRD ROW: Gloria Melton, Mary Mitchell, Mary Mizzell, Wilma Perry, James Pierce, Betty Poole. FIRST ROW: Joe Porter, Kenneth Porter, Carrie Reaves, Jollye Sawyer. FOURTH ROW: Lloyd Sawyer, Fondella Scott, Berna- Register, Horace Reid, Martha Reid, Ruth Renfrow. SECOND dine Sharpe. Susie Sharpless. Brenda Sheppard, Dorethea Sims, ROW: Ahon Respass, James Reynolds, Carrol Rhodes, John David Skinner. FIFTH ROW: Mary Skinner, Willie Skinner, Richardson, Helen Riddick, Isaac Roberson, Barnelle Robinson. Audrey Slade, Bobby Sledge, Florine Smallwood, James Spauld- THIRD ROW: Ethel Rodgers, John Roulhac, Jean Rowlett, ing, Winnie Smith. Dazzerine Rouson, Faye Salley, Teaesther Saunderson, Betty k... MI IS FIRST ROW: Dorsie Smith, Lou Spruill, Arzie Sutton, Ella Sutton, Gwendolyn Sutton, Geraldine Sykes, Maude Sykes. SECOND ROW: Efton Taylor, Robert Thomas, Albert Thweatt, Lossie Turnage, Lorrine Walker, Mary Walden, William Wallace. THIRD ROW: Joyce Watford, Vernon Ward, Rudolph Wat- kins, Percy Watson, Percy White, Samuel White, Thelma White. FOURTH ROW: Claudine Whitehurst, Thelma Whitehurst, Virginia Whitehurst, Argle Whitfield, Florence Whitfield, Mary Wiggins, Betty Wilkins (N.C.). FIFTH ROW: Betty Wilkins (Va.), Carolyn Williams, Leroy Williams, Patricia Williams, Co- rine Winstead, Doris Woods, Geraldine Wright. Pies{uMjew FIRST ROW: Juanita Alston, William Alston, James Anderson, ROW: Edith Bembry, Helen Bennett, Juanita Berry, Addie Betty Ash e, Carolyn Ashe, Peggy Avent. SECOND ROW: Wil- Bess, Alton Blount, Hattie Bond, Cora Bonner. FOURTH ROW: Ham Aytch, Carrie Barnes, Agnes Bazemore, Coralean Bazemore, Emma Bonner, Beulah Boone, Mary Boothe, Thomas Bradley, William Bazemore, Bessie Beckwith, John Bellamy. THIRD James Bragg, Earlie Brooks, Georgia Brooks. l iMl FIRST ROW: Carolyn Brown, Delores Brown, Dorothy Brown, Eleanor Brown, Gloria Brown, Mary Brown, Peggy Brown. SECOND ROW: Edward Bryant, Edvita Burrus, Thelma But- ler, Mabel Butts, Margaret Butts, Peggy Bynum, Sylvester Bynum. THIRD ROW: Thelma Bynum, Mary Campbell, Bessie Carr, Brenda Carr, Vernon Cartwright, Charles Caudle, Patricia Chance. FOURTH ROW: Clarice Cherry, Robert Chestnut, Romanza Claiborne, Ruth Claiborne, Theressa Coates, Mary Coffey, Shirley Cole. FIFTH ROW: Ronald Coleman, Lois Col- lier, Earthel Conyers, Melvin Cooper, Claudine Cotton, Roy Cot- ton, Marian Coward. FIRST ROW: Virginia Cox, Claudia Crosby, Cynthia Cunning- ham, Henri Daniels, Hallie Darden, Thomasine Daughtry, Charles Davis. SECOND ROW: James Davis, Jean Deloatch, othy Felton. FOURTH ROW: Billy Fenner, Donald Forbes, Ethel Fulford, Mary Fuqua, Vivian Gatlin, Helen Gay, Junius- tine Gee. FIFTH ROW: Kay Gibbs, Moses Gilliam, Daisy Josie Dickens, James Dickerson, Allison Dildy, Barbara Dildy, Glover, Esther Grady, Earless Grant, Marion Grant, Pecolia Evelyn Dixon. THIRD ROW: James Dove, Doris Dupree, Joan Grantham. Eason, Mimi Edwards, Piccola Etchison, Rosetta Etheridge, Dor- pMi FIRST ROW: Patricia Greene, Patricia Griffin, Gladys Hall, FOURTH ROW: Leonard Hill, Doris Holley, Peggy Hooper, Andrew Hamlett, Caldean Hardy, Fannie Harris, Emma Hart. Laura Hopkins, Willie Howard, Rodger Ingram, James Jackson. SECOND ROW: Vivian Hassell, Carolyn Hawkins, Carolyn FIFTH ROW: Fannie James, Lenora Jarv-is, Shirley Jefferson, Haynes, John Hazel, Deloris Heckstall, James Heckstall, Esther Jimmy Jenkins, George Johnikins, Charles Johnson, Harry John- Hendrlx. THIRD ROW: Mary Herring, Doris Hillard, Anita son. Hill, Shelia Hicks, Lacie Hicks, John Hicks, Gracie Hicks. FIRST ROW: Helen Johnson, Nellie Johnson, Nettie Johnson, Locust, Irv-in Long, Bertha Love, Nellie Madrey. FOURTH Randolph Johnson, Ziner Johnson, David Jones, Florence Jones. ROW: Charlie Mangi ' m, Diane Manley, Fannie Matthews, Wil- SECOND ROW: Shirley Jones, Nettie Jordan, Pattie Jordan, liam Matthews, Catherine Melton, Helen Mercer, Eula Mills. Elonza Joyner, Patricia Kelly, Louis Lamb, Gloria Lee. THIRD FIFTH ROW: Eddie Minis, Mattie Modlin, Phyllis Modlin, ROW: Wilbert Lee, William Lewis, Rockzal Lockhart, Robert Maxine Moody, Carrie Moore, Elbert Moore, Faleese Moore. IMM 221 1 M n FIRST ROW: Geneva Moore, Gloria Moore, Glorious Moore, Catherine Outlaw, Thelma Peele. FOURTH ROW: Peggy Per- Matthew Moore, Murdly Moore, Patricia Morgan, Catherine ry, Portia Perry, Vernon Perry, Thomas Pickett, Ronald Pierce, Moye. SECOND ROW: Robert Mumford, Alice Murphy, Wy- Catherine Pittman, Ed Plummer. FIFTH ROW: Melvin Powell, lie Myers, Hannah Myrick, Janet McClain, Olivia Mclllwain, Minnie Rascoe, Joan Reddrick, Albert Richards, Eva Riddick, Fannie McKnight. THIRD ROW: Kenneth McLaurin, Arnet- Wallace Riggins, Bobby Riley, ha Newkirk, Benjamin Newkirk, Leroy Newsome, Charles Oden, FIRST ROW: King Roberson, Lynwood Roberts, Edward Rob- Frederick Smith, Lottie Smith, Howard Solice, Doris Stanley, inson, John Robinson, Ralph Roland, Esther Ross, Leroy Ross. Ersel Stanley, O ' Neil Stevenson, Robert Stewart, William Streeter. SECOND ROIV: Dorothy Scarboro, Joyce Scott, Gene Selby, FIFTH ROW: Gary Stubbins, James Sugars, Evelyn Sutton, Blanchie Seymore, Mary Sherrock, Ruby Simons, George Skinner. Sandra Sutton, Kellis Sylvester, Prymas Tabron, Carolyn Taylor. THIRD ROW: Mary Slade, Nellie Smallwood, Ernestine Smith, I il lllM FIRST ROW: Peter Taylor, Jane Teel, Barbara Saundra Wharton, Joyce White, Julia Whitehurst. Thompson, Beatrice Thompson, Ronald Thorpe, FOURTH ROW: Annie Wilkins, Charles Williams. Doris Thurman, Alexander Thweatt. SECOND James Williams, Luby Williams, Margeret Williams, ROW: Richard Todd, Saundra Trotman, Betty Mildred Williams, Wilhemenia Williams. FIFTH Tune, Magaline Tumage, Ruby Turner, Catherine ROW: James Wilson, Margarene Worsley, Barbara Tyner, Esther Vincent. THIRD ROW: Mary Wash- Wright, Lewis Wynn, Carolyn Yarborough, Johnny ington, Maggie Watford. Jean Weaver, Mary Welch, Young, Carrie Ruffin. SIXTH ROW: Charles Pope. VocciUmjoJlT f KSfttufe SttuWfe FIRST ROW: Tiberius Bailey, Artis Beatty, Barba- THIRD ROW: Arleen Moore, Stella Moore, Collin ra Bellamy, Jesse Black, Lillian Coggins, Deloris Eg- Ransom, Joshua Rascoe, Minnie Simmons, Robert gleston, Carrie Evans. SECOND ROW: Howard Stephenson, Jean Sykes. FOURTH ROW: Evelyn Freeman, Joycelyn Griffin, Donald Herring, Jacob Watford. Isler, Betty Jackson, Eddie Jones, Obediah Jordan. Cjp j Qbuudj Gloria Brooks Eugene Thompson Ptii)fec rft ms Y E A R B O O K S T A F F C O M P A S s T A F F TU SWe i CouwM The Student Council, an administrative group represents the enure to promote faculty-student cooperation, to provide a training op- college student community. The purposes are to coordinate student portunity in democracy and democratic procedure, to develop leader- activities on the campus, to effect a centralized student government, ship, and to promote good citizenship. D(Vthut(VUj CjOixMSdonS UsUt« QuM f m i f-f o uvt Socteties Stg w Riuv SigtviO llij CuJIhq CkoVi iP- ih ' -ri m ' ,4 f?. %$ The Choir is composed of selected students interested in singing. This group is the singing organization which represents the college at all official programs. During the spring the choir goes on tour throughout the Eastern section of the country. itiJ OJlkq BOMdy The Band plays at football games and is available for other activities on and off campus. Costume and Lighting crew at work gQ laefegiows Acfoj fe SiWay QctujooH 8w wwwm CJU jU Tlos Pcutj-ltMstwO Cotmiilli Exerting influence in every walk of Greek life at Elizabeth City State Teachers College is the Pan-hellenic Council which serves as the law-making body and control center for frater- nities and sororities. The following organizations have chap- ters on the campus: Sororities — Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, and Zeta Phi Beta; Fraternities — Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, and Phi Beta Sigma. G efifes yljjpkou Kodjpjpou Kdjjpliou QcmnJih fuy Ui CW) R.B«»fcer R. FaulK I. T ' AfcCiS U;.UMlQC€ 19 XH ni .. I 1 PtJ antUt CJub KapjpcuA liouPsi QcnMm Owego Pst- PU fi (f5l A ' liuytt. ' Z P{u Befei ScwMity Atctioataw CW) % Phi Beta Sigma Sweetheart — Ernestine Maya 71 M H i V r: ■- J p -1 d 1 wr ' ' KKKK r W g SSj ' ' JH l Y .1 Omega Psi Phi Sweetheart — Delia Herring 72 Kappa Alpha Psi Sweetheart — Evelyn 73 Alpha Phi Alpha Sweetheart — Bcrnice 74 Tktfot SfviostS Thalia Sorosis is a social organization composed of women students possessing scholarship, personality and character. llifi UgfitftOuS The Lighthouse College Center is the community center of the college. In this function it serves as the " hearthstone, " the " living room " of the college. It is for all members of the college family — students, faculty, administration, alumni and guests. It is not just a building: it is an organization and a program and represents a well considered plan for the community life of the college. The Lighthouse Student Activities Committee is the overall planning committee. Its members are the chairmen and co-chairmen of the five program-planning com- mittees of the Lighthouse. These are: Fine Arts, Social Dance, Hospitality, Forum and Recreation. The Committee of Management, appointed by the President of the College, recommends for approval policies related to the total operation of the Lighthouse College Center. Members of the faculty and students serve on this committee. The Lighthouse program is designed to aid all students in their development of cultural interests, intellectual maturity and social responsibilities. Student representatives and staff member house leave for the meeting of the Regi ,f the Light- IV Confer- of the Association of College Ui , North Carolina. ons at Greens- 71 ComiOtee. CUmjifMrn Wigli Qckod Q ido Day . . . ' r ' Hello! Welcome to S.T.C. Registration ' s Not ' You must further your education " Dean. Choir Sings for H.S. seniors. Players do a skit. Now for a tour of the College ! ' M . TwAOugw (4 , « % ab C,T, C. .4 f - « ■-ail .? r Q» i WJC f, X ' « ' 1 i m C l M c50» ; jg[il ■5, ■- CS «4 • .1 rr } " -a ' I N v THE PIRATES No. Name Position Wcigl t Class Hometown 10 Johnson, Randolph QB 165 Jr. Williainston, N.C. 1 1 Pearson, Alfred QB 155 ]■■• Newport News, Va. 12 Francis, Norris QB 165 Jr. Franklin, Va. 18 Thomas, Bradley QB 180 Fresh. Washington, D.C. 20 Gafney, Willie B 165 Soph. Corsicana, Texas 21 Wilson, Ronadl B 165 Fresh. Suffolk. Va. 22 Streeter, William B 180 Fresh. Newburg, N.Y. 23 Watson, Percy B 165 Soph. Chapel Hill, N.C. 30 Shorpshire, Lionel B 160 Soph. Lancaster, S.C. 31 Sydnor, Otha B 180 Soph. South Hill, Va. 32 Horace, Jones B 185 Jr. Copron, Va. 33 Su ars, James B 190 Fresh. Suffolk. Va. 40 Pembcrton, Charles B 180 Fresh. Princeton, N.J. 40 Stewart, Robert B 160 Fresh. Washington, D.C. 41 Harris, Odell B 185 Soph. Heath Spring, S.C. 42 Samuels, Berry B 170 Jr. Detroit. Mich, 43 Hood, Henr ' B 170 Soph. Lancaster, S.C. 44 Williams, Elwood B 185 Jr. Elizabeth City, N.C. 50 Griffin, Jamie C 225 Soph. Detroit, Mich. 51 Little, Thurlis C 200 Soph. Chapel Hill, N.C. 60 Moore, Lonnie G 212 Jr. Williamston, N.C. 61 Littlejohn, Andrew G 225 Soph. Suffolk, Va. 62 Baker, Robert G 212 Se. . Portsmouth, Va. 63 Faulks, Ralph G " 190 Soph. Windsor, N.C. 64 Mayers, Wylic C 180 Fresh. Lancaster, S.C. 65 Roulhac, John C 165 Soph. Ahoskie, N.C. 66 Roberson, Isaac G 240 Soph. New Bern, N.C. 67 Bellamy, John G 190 Fresh. Suffolk, Va. 70 Griffin, Alvin T 225 Soph. Beacon. N.Y. 71 Riley, Bobby T 215 Fresh. Princeton, N.J. 72 Perry, Vernon T 212 Fresh. Suffolk, Va. 73 McCoy, Phil T 280 Soph. New Bern, NC. 75 Pugh, Jethro T 238 Soph. Windsor, N.C. 80 William, Leroy E 190 Soph. Nashville, N.C. 81 Jackson. James T. E 190 Soph. Suffolk, Va. 82 Whitfield, Ars le E 215 Soph. Portsmouth, Va. 83 Brass, James B 175 Fresh. Washington, D.C. 84 Mobley, Leonard E 185 Soph. Williamston, N.C. 85 Bynuin, SyKcster E 195 Fresh. Chapel Hill, N.C. Young, Johnny B 106 Fresh. Hendersonville, N.C. Cotton, Roy B 160 Fresh. Chapel Hill. N.C. -9 r % ■ ■ 1 • ■ — • • jP SM) ? ■ Jul .. » ' JiL« cJQ H?, O o S O -J g - - -- II y cS 2 Q h-1 0- O 5 go og flS rtrt .e.oJ.oJj oJi.oiJJJJ o o o Oj O CM O -t- w CO CM CM -t- z ' r- 3 JJ u:: C « 2 o j " ' " .2f - r J I |:§ " l OMviVlMJ S.T. C Uiss StafeTeacW CxMm MISS ALICE MYRICK ' 63 Como, N.C. Elementary Education Major, Member of Alpha Kappa Mu, Delta Sigma Theta and many other Organizations Activities. .-. w Hi fS ' ■] n (■n !in ..11!! ir i ' ' ! ' M ii m ' »p } " " " ' Jpiill Harmon .1 ti t|.M-| ' 1 HAlgMONt - ■Hr ' i ' PoAj jifih y wuPmihjifiJb D OMV WlJIhOM Al UJ lS Cu Ott6SttO l etuitewfe Pamd M. mm. Sg Mattiwilda Dobbs — Opera Star I 1 Johanna Owens — Soprano " The Book of Job " — A drama with voice choir. - - - . , - Tom Castigan C.B.S. News Analyst Atct J J iUmS tfie Attets Miss Dobbs is greeted by all of us. Mr. Costigan answers . . . some questions Go lftX 4nu U AJ T( y Aj ctM i T Ufififc tfifi FuiuA MAMIE P. ARRINGTON Rocky Mount, N.C. Elementary Education SCA ; Women ' s Government ; Ushers Guild ; SNEA. MAE BAKER Greenville, N.C. Elementary Education Women ' s Government ; Junior Counselor. STREATA M. BARNES Scotland Neck, N.C, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority ; Thalia Sorosis Club; Women ' s Government. WILLIAM H. BAUM Creswell, N.C. Elementary Education JERRY J. BELTON Colerain, N.C. Science (Biology Concentration) Thalia Sorosis Club; Women ' s Government; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Students of Science Club. EVELYN G. BODDIE Nashville, N.C. Science (Biology Concentration) Students of Science Club; Alpha Kappa Al- pha Sorority; Thalia Sorosis Club; Women ' s Government. FRANKLIN L. BOONE Hallsboro, N.C. Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Psi. HELEN BOONE Gates, North Carolina Elementary Education Junior Counselor; Delta Sigma Theta So- rority; Thalia Sorosis Club; Dramatics Club. IRENE BULLUCK Enfield, N.C. Elementary Education Women ' s Government ; Student Union. ROSA M. CARMACK Robersonville, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA: YWCA; Dormitory Counselor; Women ' s Government. CHARLES D. CHERRY Hallsboro, N.C. English Dramatics Club; Kappa Alpha Psi Frater- nity; Men ' s Government; English Club; Jun- ior Counselor; Student Council; Band; " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. " NORMAN CHERRY Lewiston, N.C. Elementary Education. CAROLYN CLEMMONS Washington, N.C. Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Ushers Guild. MARGIE A. COLE Four Oaks, N.C. Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Thalia Soro- sis Club; Junior Counselor. JULIA N. CONGLETON Williamston, N.C. Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Thalia Soro- sis Club; Junior Counselor; Student Coun- cil; Cheerleader; Student Union. FLORENCE COOKE Weldon, N.C. Elementary Education Thalia Sorosis Club; SNEA. ELESTA R. DANCY Scotland Neck, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; Ushers Guild; Thalia Sorosis Club; Compass Staff; Pyramid Club; Dormitory Counselor; Women ' s Government. JEAN E. DARDEN Ayden, N.C. Elementary Education Usher ' s Guild; Year Book Staff; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; SCA; Women ' s Government. CATHERINE E. DAUGHTRY Suffolk, Va. Physical Education Drill Team; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Dance Group; Thalia Sorosis Club. MARY E. DAVIS Rocky Mount, N.C. Elementary Education Thalia Sorosis Club; SCA; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Ushers Guild. ANNIE DICKENS Conway, N.C. Elementary Education YWCA; Ivy Leaf Club; Women ' s Govern- ment. LEAMOND DOWNING Roper, N.C. Physical Education Band; Choir; Canterbury Club; Junior Counselor; Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. ANNIE BELL EATON Louisburg, N.C. Business Education Vocational Club; Women ' s Government; Ivy Leaf Club. SHIRLEY EDWARDS Henrico, N.C. Elementary Education Dormitory Counselor; Pyramid Club. MARILENE A. ELLIOTT Hertford, N.C. Elementary Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; Thalia Sorosis Club; Compass Staff ; Women ' s Government. MARY L. FAISON Rocky Mount, N.C. Elementary Education College Choir; Forensic Society; SCA; SNEA. RAY M. FENDERSON Beaufort, N.C. Elementary Education Dormitory Counselor; Ushers Guild. WINTON R. FENNER Columbia, N.C. Science (Biology Concentration) Students of Science Club; SCA. VALGENE GIBBS Greenville, N.C. Business Education College Choir; Dance Group; Thalia Sorosis Club; SCA; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. DOROTHY GRAY Baltimore, Md. Elementary Education Thalia Sorosis Club ; Pan-Hellenic Council ; Junior Counselor; Alpha Kappa Alpha So- rority. GEORGE R. GRIFFIN Pantego, N.C. Science (Biology Concentration) College Players; Students of Science Club; BSU; Student U nion; Student Council; Omega Psi Phi. LAVERNE HALL Ahoskie, N.C. Elementary Education Dance Group; Women ' s Government. JAMES E. HAND Belmont, N.C. Elementary Education Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Men ' s Govern- ment; Basketball; Baseball; Counselor; Compass Staff. ARTHUR L. HARRELL Ahoskie, N.C. Science (Biology Concentration) Students of Science Club; Dance Group; SCA. HAZEL D. HARRELL Ahoskie, N.C. Elementary Education College Choir; SNEA; Dormitory Counse- lor; Women ' s Government. LOISTEEN E. HARRELL Ahoskie, N.C. Science (Biology Concentration) Ivy Leaf Club; Students of Science Club; Thalia Sorosis Club; Women ' s Government. AGNES D. HASSELL Columbia, N.C. Business Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Women ' s Government. DESADRE S. HASSELL Elizabeth City, N.C. Elementary Education Women ' s Government. VIRGINIA F. HASSELL Columbia, N.C. Business Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Pan-Hellenic Council ; Women ' s Government. JEANETTE C. HAWKINS Conway, N.C. English Dramatics Club; English Club; Dormitory Counselor; Ivy Leaf Club; SCA. DELLA HERRING Burgaw, N.C. Business Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Thalia Sorosis; Junior Counselor. SAMUEL W. HUBBARD Lynchburg, Va. Elementary Education Basketball; Men ' s Government. JoANN H. JACKSON New Bern, N.C. Elementary Education Pyramid Club; Ushers Guild; Women ' s Government. MARY B. JENKINS Weldon, N.C. Elementary Education Ivy Leaf Club; Women ' s Government. VELMA C. JOHNSON Murfreesboro, N.C. Elementary Education Majorette; Drill Team; Yearbook Staff; Pyramid Club; Women ' s Government. ALICE B. JONES Jackson, N.C. Physical Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Junior Coun- 107 selor: Thalia Sorosis Club: Dance Group: Health Phy. Ed. Majors Club: SNEA. DANIEL JONES Belcross, N.C. English Men ' s Government GEORGE A. JORDAN Edenton, N.C. Science (Chemistry Concentration) Phi Beta Sigma; Student Council; Pan- Hellenic Council; Football; Track. JOHN W. JORDAN Edenton, N.C. English Modern Dance Group; Alpha Kappa Mu; Omega Psi Phi; College Players; Yearbook Staff: Compass Staff; " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities and Col- leges. " JOSEPHINE P. LEE Macon, N.C. Elementary Education Choir; Ushers Guild; Dormitory Counselor; SCA. LOUELLA V. LEE Gates, N.C. Social Science Women ' s Government. MIRIAM F. LITTLE Elizabeth City, N.C. Elementary Education Women ' s Government. SHIRLEY L. LOWE Enfield, N.C. Elementary Education Women ' s Governmient; Junior Counselor. AL C. LUCAS Spring Hope, N.C. Physical Education College Band; Physical Education Majors Club: Drill Team; Men ' s Government. DORIS J. LYNCH Stanley, N.C. Elementary Education Choir; Pyramid Club; Drill Team: Year- book Staff: SNEA: Ushers Guild; Newman Club. VIVIAN L. LYNCH Oak City, N.C. Elementary Education SCA; Ushers Guild; Yearbook Staff; Women ' s Government. ERNESTINE LYONS Rocky Mount, N.C. Elementary Education Choir; Forensic Society; SCA; SNEA; Py- ramid Club; Dormitory Counselor. JESSE MAJETTE Woodland, N.C. Science (Biology Concentration) SCA: Baseball; Students of Science Club; Men ' s Government. MAMIE J. MALBON London Bridge, Va. Physical Education Cheering Squad; Modern Dance Group; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Thalia Sorosis Club; Physical Education Major ' s Club. JEAN H. MANLEY Cofield, N.C. Elementary Education Ushers Guild ; Dormitory Counselor. JIMMIE L. MANLEY Halifax, N.C. Social Science Social Science Club; Kappa Alpha Psi: Men ' s Government. EMMA L. MAYE Greenville, N.C. Elementary Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; Thalia Sorosis Club; Dormitory Counselor; Band. ERNESTINE D. MAYE Washington, N.C. Physical Education Cheerleader; Drill Team; Dance Group; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; Women ' s Govern- ment. FRANCES I. MOORE RobersonviUe, N.C. Physical Education Dance Group; Compass Staff; Women ' s Government ; Physical Education Majors Club; SCA. BARBARA MORTON Durham, N.C. Elementary Education Women ' s Government; SNEA; Ushers Guild. OTHA F. MUMFORD Tr enton, N.C. Elementary Education Men ' s Government. ALICE MYRICK Como, N.C. Elementary Education Dance Group: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Alpha Kappa Mu ; " Who ' s Who Among Students In .American Universities and Col- leges " : Miss STC. JANICE D. PIERCE Ahoskie, N.C. English Thalia Sorosis; Junior Counselor; Student Council ; College Players. LILLIE M. PITT Rocky Mount, N.C. Business Education Choir: An Archonian; Women ' s Govern- ment. SUSIE REDMOND Williamston, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; Thalia Sorosis Club; Iv7 Leaf Club. VONDA E. REED Burlington, N.C. Elementary Education Archonian Club ; Women ' s Government : Band. SYLVIA L. REID Jackson, N.C. Elementary Education Dance Group; SNEA; Women ' s Govern- ment. ALBERT L. RODGERS Williamston, N.C. Elementary Education Student Council; Band; Men ' s Government. GEORGE SADDLER Elizabeth City, N.C. Social Science (History Concentration) Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity; Student Coun- cil: Social Science Club. EDNA L. SCOTT Princess Anne, Va. Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority: Thalia Soro- sis Club; Women ' s Government; Cheerlead- er. ROBERT E. SHARPE Statesville, N.C. Science (Chemistry Concentration) College Players: Science Club: College Union. CARLENE SHERROD Selma, N.C. Elementary Education SCA; SNEA: Women ' s Government. HELEN L. SIMMS Wilson, N.C. Elementary Education SNEA; Ushers Guild. LENORA C. SLADE Williamston, N.C. Elementary Education Choir: Thalia Sorosis Club: . lpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. LEONARD SLADE Conway, N.C. English Alpha Kappa Mu ; Student Council; " Who ' s Who In American Colleges And Universities. " IRMA C. S. SPRUILL Woodland, N.C. Elementary Education Dance Group: SNEA; Pyramid Club; Women ' s Government. MILDRED T. TROTMAN Nashville, N.C. Business Education Progressive Club; Band; Women ' s Govern- ment: Compass Staff; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. BARBARA J. VAUGHAN Aulander, N.C. English Student Council; Ushers Guild; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; Thalia So rosis Club; English Club. SUNNY S. VICK Louisburg, N.C. Science ( Biology Concentration ) Compass Staff; Students of Science Club; Student Council. BARBARA J. WALLACE Williamston, N.C. Elementary Education Pan-Hellenic Council; Junior Counselor; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Women ' s Government. LETHA B. WATFORD Colerain, N.C. Elementary Education Ushers Guild; SNEA; SCA; Women ' s Gov- ernment. PEGGY L. W.ATSON Kelford, N.C. Elementary Education Ushers Guild; Cheerleader: SNEA; Women ' s Government: Ivy Leaf Club. ANNIE RUTH WIGGINS Grifton, N.C. Elementary Education Ushers Guild; Pyramid Club; SNEA; SCA; Women ' s Government. ELSIE M. WILLIAMS Spring Hope, N.C. Dance Group: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Thalia Sorosis Club; Women ' s Government. VICTORIA K. WILLIAMS Williamston, N.C. Elementary Education Ivy Leaf Club; SNE. : Women ' s Govern- ment. v

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