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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1962 volume:

62 PIRATE Todotxj W IT IFIi iliriiiiiiMBB VkMMOnji Four years ago, the graduating cla s and Dr. Walter N. Ridley joined the Elizabeth City State Teachers College family. Today, we view with pride the phenomenal giowth and de elopment of our college during the past four years. The 1962 PIRATE records in words and pictures tliis " Spirit of Prog- ress. " mmmm Cowfe ifc Dedication Administration Faculty Seniors Underclassmen Vocational-Technical Students Organizations Activities Atliletics Features Panorama of Progress V Alboiimj TO ELIZABETH CITY STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE ALUMNI For the sincere interest you have exhibited in the growth and development of your Alma Mater, For the encouragement you have given the administration, faculty, stafT and students. For the many contributions you have made to the institution. For your faith and pledged support for the future, We dedicate the 1962 PIRATE — our ssmbol of appreciation. For the members of the Board of Trustees I bring to each of you our hopes that you have seen the growth that has taken place at Elizabeth City State Teachers Col- lege since you have been here, and have taken advantage of every facility and ex- perience in your efforts to become an educated person. The last four years have seen much work in building the college, in teaching, and in providing for your living and comfort. Your lives in the years to come will be the rewards for the efforts that the State of North Carolina and the Staff of the college as well as your families have put into your education. I eak for the entire Board when I say that we hope for you many years of serv- ice to humanity and the satisfactions that can come only when one does the best he can in and with his life. M 3 " i w McDonald Dixon, Chairman Board of Trustees Board Members : Mr. J. Carroll Abbott, Mr. Albert G. Byium, Mr. Roland L. Garrett — Vice-Chair- man, Mr. A. Pilston Godwin, Mr. Clarence Griffin, Mr. A. J. Jones, Dr. Clifford B. Jones, Mr. Lunsford W. Long, Mr. Louis T. Randolph, Mr. J. C. Sawyer, Mr. Mar- tin L. Wilson. Du WcJUt u N. RX ffey llij Pmidj In September 1958, the Class of 1962 and I came to Elizabeth City together — and now you leave. I hope that you have found these four years as challenging and exciting as I ha ' e foimd them. It has been an inspiration to have been a part of your life and to have had you in mine. May you have fond memories of these years. I trust you will remember them best because they helped you to develop and to find your way toward your goals as a contributing member of our society with skill in )our work, happiness in your living, love shared with others, faith in God and your fellowman, and character built on intearritv. A [«MX«tt$t?tdtio«t DR. CHARLES LYONS, JR. Dean of the College and Director of Academic Area MR. KENNETH R. JEFFRIES usiness Manager and Budget Officer MR. TAYLOR E. JONES Registrar and Director of Admissions DR. GEORGE H. WALKER, JR. Director of Area of Education MR. ARTHUR M. BAGLEY Director of Vocational-Technical Ins MRS. CARRIE PAYTON BELL Librarian MR. JOHN MABEN Director of Student Personnel MRS. EDNA HARRIS MITCHELL Director of Publications [ AoOudj JlndO DR. C. JOHNSTONE Chairman Modern Language Dept. MRS. D. THOM. S Acting Chairman Science Dept. DR. C. LYONS Chairman Social Science Dept. DR. G. ANGUIZOLA Associate Professor Social Science MR. T. BHARGAVA Associate Professor Mathematics MRS. H. CALDWELL Assistant Professor English MISS E. CALHOUN Instructor English DR. H. COOKE Professor Biology MR. C. GREGORY Instructor Social Science fl nmj MRS. J. HOFFLER Associate Professor English MRS. E. MITCHELL Professor English y MR. L. STALLWORTH Assistant Professor Mathematics q - MR. L. SUGG MR. T. WAMACK DR. C. WANG Instructor Associate Professor Professor English — French Social Science Social Science MRS. M. FR. NKLIN Assistant Professor Science MISS L. W. TKINS Instructor English DR. T. WEI Professor Chemistry MRS. S. BHARGAVA Associate Professor Sociology MRS. H. MULDROW Assistant Professor Biology MR. C. SIMMONS Visiting Professor History DR. G. WALKER, JR. MR. R. VAUGHAN Chairman Health and Physical Education Dept. luuCiCdtlM DR. M. CALDWELL Associate Professor Education Director of Audio- Visual Center MR. T. CALDWELL Assistant Professor Physical Education MRS. E. EATON Associate Professor Education Co-Director Reading Clinic DR. J. EATON Professor Education Chairman Religious Activities MRS. E. FOXX Instructor Business Education Not Pictured: MRS. V. TAYLOR Instructor Business Education mju MRS. G. HARRIS Instructor Art MRS. I. JACKSON Assistant Professor Education MRS. C. JONES Assistant Professor Education MR. L. McDonald Assistant Professor Music MR. J. MARSHALL Instructor Physical Edu MR. W. MULDROW Associate Professor Edu MRS. G. SMITH .f ssistant Professor Health MRS. V. VAUGHAN Instructor Physical Edu DR. R. WILLIAMS Professor Psychology MR. W. WILSON Instructor Music MR. L. ROCHON Assis tant Professor Business Education MR . W. RYDER Instructor Music MR. J. MARSHALL Dean of Men MRS. R. WILLIAMS Dean of Women DR. W. HOFFLER Director Health Services College Physician MRS. H. RIDLEY MR. T. DeLAINE Director Supervisor Lighthouse College Housing and Student Center Work Program MR. E. SMITH urchasing Agent and Personnel Officer MR. H. THOMAS Superintendent Building and Grounds MRS. K. WAMACK College Nurse IS. M. BEDELL MR. H. FREEMAN Supervisor Assistant Food Service Lighthouse MRS. A. NEWB - Secretary to the President A MRS. J. NEWSOME Secretary to the Dean MRS. R. LYONS Supervisor Nursery School MR. T. SMITH Assistant Registrar ' s Office 9.Ci MRS. G. MIDGETTE MRS. A. JONES MRS. M. CALDWELL Reference Librarian Catalog Librarian Circulation Librarian MRS. J. GILKEY MRS. L. PERRY Clerk Faculty Secretary MRS. L. COLES MISS P. WILSON ,g Faculty Secretary Clerk MISS G. WALLACE Bookkeeper MRS. L SMITH Assistant Business Office MRS. H. WALKER Dormitory Di MRS. S. NORMANT Dormitory Director MRS. M. CARTER Dormitory Director Not Pictured: MRS. A. BLUFORD Dormitory Director MR. J. FOXX Supervisor Dining Hall MRS. C. MARSHALL Cashier MRS. E. GLASS Dormitory Director MR. T. DANIELS Dormitory Director Vo X)il(mjoJlT fustttufe MR. A. BAGLEY Director Vocational-Technical Institute MR. R. GUNNELL Instructor Auto Mechanics MRS. L. DUERS Instructor Cosmetology MR. J. JONES Instructor Brickmasonry MR. W. JONES Instructor Electronics (Ctees MAE BAKER Greenville, N. C. JOHN BARCLIFF Elizabeth City, N. C. FRANK BRITT Ahoskie, N. C. ELSIE BROWN Graysburg, N. C. RANDOLPH BARNES Murfreesboro, N. C. WILLIAM BAUM Creswell, N. C. CLARENCE BIGGS WiUiamston, N. C. WALTER BIGGS WiUiamston, N. C. Q idOn 0f ERMA DANIELS Manteo, N. C. THELMA DILLAHUNT Dover, N. C. HELEN FOYE Selma, N. C. HARRY FREEMAN Norfolk, Va. 1962 MILTON GAINEY Fayetteville, N. C. MARION GIBSON Elizabeth City, N. C. 1 JAMES GLOVER Bethel, N. C. NANCY HARRIS South Mills, N. C. KATHERINE JOHNSON Roxboro, N. C. SAMUEL JOHNSON Williamston, N. C. iii WILLIAM MATTHEWS Washington, N. C. WILLIAM MELTON Ahoskie, N. C. ADRON JONES Ahoskie, N. C. JOHN JONES Beaufort, N. C. CHARLES KING PolIocksviUe, N. C. HENRY LAND Williamston, N. C. = AILEENE MODLIN Winfall, N. C. MARGIE MONK Goldsboro, N. C. HERBERT MOTT Atkinson, N. C. OTHA MUMFORD Elizabeth City, N. C. SHIRLEY MILLER Warsaw, N. C. MARY MIZELLE Robersonville, N. C. MARGARET MOORE Portsmouth, Va. NATHANIEL MOORE Goldsboro, N. C. JOYCE RESPASS Elizabeth City, N. C. JACOB RICE Garysburg, N. C. » SADIE McNeill Wagram, N. C. BERNICE OUTLAW Kenansville, N. C. f ELLA ROBERTS Edenton, N. C. DAVID ROGERS Zebulon, N. C. ALICE POMPEY Kinston, N. C. BARBARA PROCTOR Elizabeth Cit -, N. C. RUDOLPH RUFFIN Aulander, N. C. MARGARET RUSSELL Gastonia, N. C. ?r T - , f DOROTHY SAUNDERS KATIE SCOTT Stokes. N. C. BARBARA SHAW Camden, N. C. PRETLO SOLICE Dudley, N. C. L FLONLA SELBY Engelhard, N. C. JOE SHAMBLEY Colerain, N. C. FRANCES SPEIGHT Norfolk, Va. JAMES SWIMPSON Williamston. N. C. MARVIN TROTMAN Elizabeth City, N. C. BARBARA VAUGHAN Murfreesboro, N. C. JOYCE WELCH Halifax, N. C. JOHN WILLIAMS Elizabeth City, N. C. ALEA VINSON Smithfield, N. C. RACHEL WEEKS Elizabeth City, N. C. Ujufc icJaSSiMfia ABBOTT, GERALDINE, Freshman ALSTON, MALONIA, Sophomore ASKEW, ISAAC, Freshman ARMSTRONG, CAROLYN, Sophomore ASHE, BARBARA, Sophomore ATKINSON, LILLIE, Sophomore AVENT, SHIRLEY, Sophomore BAILEY, EMMA, Freshman BAKER, DOROTHY, Freshman BAKER, MARGIE, Sophomore BAKER, ROBERT, Junior BAKER, SHIRLEY, Freshman BARFIELD, DORIS, Sophomore BARFIELD, SHIRLEY, Freshman BARNES, CARRIE, Freshman BARNES, LENORA, Freshman BARNES, STREATA, Junior BARTLETT, LENNARD. Sophomore BASDEN, WILFORD Freshman BATTS, OLITH. Junior BAZEMORE, CASSIE, Junior BAZEMORE, JOSEPH, Freshman BEASLEY, BRENDA, Freshman BELL, THELMA, Freshman BELL, ULYSSES, Freshman BELLAMY, THURMAN, Freshman BEMBRY, EDITH, Freshman BEMBRY, LUTHER, Freshman BENSON, JANIE. Freshman BERRY, JUANITA, Freshman BIGGS, MARY, Freshman BISHOP, LAURA, Freshman BLACK, JESSE, Sophomore BLACKWELL, ALTHEA. Freshman BLAKENEV, JOHNSIE, Sophomore BODDIE, EVELYN, Junior BOONE, ANNIE, Sophomore BOONE, FRANKLIN, Junior BOONE, HELEN, Junior BOONE, JOYCE, Freshman BOSEMAN, JOYCE, Sophomore BOSEMAN, LOIS, Freshman BOWE, BERTHA, Freshman BOWSER, BARBARA, Sophomore BOWSER, WILLIAM, Junior BOYD, JEANETTE, Freshman BRANCHE, MAUD IE, Sophomore BRITT, MARION, Freshman BROCKETT, NATHANIEL, Freshn BROOKS, MARY, Freshman BROWN, BERNICE, Freshman BROWN, BRENDA, Freshman BROWN, CAROLYN, Freshman BROWN, EDDIE, Freshman BROWN, ELOIS, Freshman BROWN, HELEN, Freshman BROWN, JOSEPH, Freshman BROWN, JOYCE, Sophomore BROWN, RUTH, Sophomore BRYANT, BERTHA, Junior f1 C ' fl m BRYANT, CATHERINE, Junior BRYANT, WILSON. Junior BUFFALOE. CAROL. Freshman BUFFALOE. JUAXITA. Sophomore BUGGS, RUBEN, Sophomore BULLOCK, IRENE. Junior BURDEN. SHIRLEY. Freshman BURGESS, JULIA, Sophomore BURKE. ELLA. Freshman BURLEY, MARGARET, Sophomore BURNETT. BARBARA, Freshman BURTON. HATTIE. Freshman BURTON. HELEN, Freshman BUTTS, SHIRLEY, Sophomore BYNUM, BARBARA. Freshman CARMACK, ROSA, Junior CARR, BONITA. Sophomore CARR. CELESTE. Sophomore CARROLL, BELINDA, Freshman CHAPMAN, ETHEL, Freshman CHAPMAN, HORACE, Freshman CHERRY, CHARLES. Junior CHERRY, NORM.A.N, Junior CHERRY, PAULINE. Freshman CLANTON, GERALDINE, Junior CLARK, NANCY, Sophomore CLAYTON, ELVIN, Sophomore C.LEMMONS. CAROLV ' N. Sophomore CLEMMOXS. RALLIE, Sophomore CLOYD, . GNES, Freshman COBBS, ALFRED, Freshman COBURJ J, LUCX, Freshman GOLDEN, CAROLE, Freshman COLLINS, DELORES, Sophomore CONGLETON, JULIA, Junior CONGLETON, MARY, Freshman CONGLETON, RUTH, Freshman COOPER, RAY, Freshman CORDON, EULA, Freshman CORPENING, SHIRLEY, Freshman COTTON, DOROTHY, Sophomore COTTON. CLAUDINE, Freshman COX, BROADUS, Sophomore COX, VIRGINIA, Freshman GUMBO, MILDRED, Sophomore DALTON, FARRY, Sophomore DANCY, ELESTA, Junior DANIEL, HAROLD, Freshman DARDEN, JEAN, Junior DAVIS, BARBARA, Freshman DAVIS, JAMES, Freshman DAVIS, LUCILLE, Junior DAVIS, MATTHEW, Freshman DAVIS, MARY, Junior DAWKINS, JOHNNY, Freshman DAWSON, KAREEN, Junior DELOATCH, ROBERT, Freshman DEW, ERNESTINE. Freshman DICKENS, ANNIE, Junior DILDY, THERESA, Freshman £f DOWNING, LEAMOND, Junior DUGGER, RUTH, Freshman DUGGER, WILLIE, Freshman DUKE, PHILLIPPA, Freshman DUKES, HAZEL, Junior DULA, EVERETTE, Freshman DUR. NTE, DELORES, Freshman EDWARDS, LUCY, Freshman EDWARDS, SHIRLEY, Junior ELLIOTT, MARIE, Junior ETHERIDGE, K.ATH.ARINE, Freshman EVANS, ANNA. Sophomore EVANS, JASPER, Junior EV. NS, THEANCIES, Freshman EXUM, BARBAR. , Freshman FAGAN, DORIS, Sophomore FAISON. MARY, Junior FARROW, ENDY. Freshman FAULCON, GEORGIANNE, Sophomore FAULK, RALPH, Freshman FAULKNER, NETTIE, Sophom FEIMSTER, BOBBY, Freshman FENDERSON, RAY, Junior FENNER, BILLY, Freshman FENNER, WINTON, Junior FEREBEE, VIVIAN, Freshman FIELDS, WALTER, Sophomore FINCH, DORETHA, Sophomore FLOOD. PHILLIP, Freshman FORBES, GLORIA, Freshman FORBES, MARCELL, Sophomore FOSKEY, AVA, Freshman FRANCIS, NORRIS, Sophomore FRANCIS. WILLIE, Freshman FREDERICK, ERMA, Sophomore FREEMAN, DAVID, Freshman FREEMAN, MATTHEW, Freshman FULCHER, RUTH, Freshman GAFNEY, WILLIE, Freshman GAINER, BARBARA, Junior GALLOP, LYCURCUS, Freshman GARRIS. VIOLA, Sophomore GARRISON, MARY, Junior GARY, DEMETRICE, Sophomore GASKINS, BLANCHE, Freshman GAY, HELEN, Freshman GEORGE. DORA, Freshman GIBBS, LUTHER, Freshman GIBBS, MARTHA, Freshman GIBBS, VALGENE, Junior GOODE, WILSON, Freshman GORE, MARY, Freshman GRADY, ESTHER, Freshman GRANT, MARY, Freshman GRANTHAM. PECOLIA. Freshn GRAY. DOROTHY. Junior GRAY, WILLIAM, Freshman GREENE, BETRANTEZ, Freshman GREENE, CATHERINE, Junior GREENE, LEROY, Freshman GREGORY, ETHEL, Freshman GRIFFIN, ALVIN, Freshman GRIFFIN, BARBARA, Freshman GRIFFIN, GEORGE, Junior GRIFFIN, LEONA, Freshman HACKLEY, AUBREY, Junior HADDOCK, ROBERT, Freshman HAGANS, SHIRLEY, Freshman HALE, ANNIE, Sophomore HALL, DORIS, Freshman HALL, JOYCE, Freshman HALL, LAVERNE, Junior HALL, MAURICE, Freshman HALL, THERESA, Sophomore HAND, JAMES, Junior HARGETT, HAROLD, Junior HARRELL, ARTHUR, Junior HARRELL, LOISTEEN, Junior HARRIS, CAROLYN, Freshman HARRIS, FANNIE, Freshman HARRIS. IDA, Freshman HARRIS, LONNIE, Freshman HARRISON, JANICE, Freshman HARVEY, CELESTINE. Freshman HASSELL, AGNES, Junior HASSELL, DELOIS, Sophomore HASSELL, VIRGINIA, Junior HERBERT, PHILLIP, Freshman HERRING, DELLA, Junior HICKMAN, KAY, Sophomore HILL, DOROTHY, Sophomore HINES, DELOIS, Freshman HOCKADA ' , MARY, Sophomore HOLMES, MARY, Sophomore HONABLEW, CHESTER, Freshma HONABLEW, OLI TA, Sophomore HOPKINS, BARBARA, Sophomore HORNE, JANE, Freshman HOWARD, HATTIE, Freshman HOWARD, THELMA, Sophomore HUDGINS, EVANGELENE, Freshr HUNT, ANNIE, Junior HYMAN. JO ANN, Junior HYMAN, MARJORIE, Freshman JACKSON, JAMES H.. Freshman JACKSON, JAMES T., Freshman JAMES, SHELBY, Freshman JAMES. VAN, Freshman JEFFERIES, DORIS, Freshman JEFFRIES, CHARLIE, Freshman JENKINS, BRENDA, Sophomore JENKINS, JIMMY, Freshman JENKINS, MARY, Junior JOHNSON, CARLMINTA. Junior JOHNSON, ELIZABETH, Sophomore JOHNSON, GEORGE, Freshman JOHNSON, J. NIE, Freshman JOHNSON, MARIE, Freshman JOHNSON, RENA, Junior JOHNSON, VELMA, Junior 2 1 JOHNSON, ZINER, Freshman JONES, ALICE, Junioi- JONES. DANIEL. Junior JONES, EDDIE, Freshman JONES, ELSIE, Freshman JONES, GLORIA, Freshman JONES, HATTIE, Freshman JONES, JAMES, JR., Freshm, JONES, JESSIE, Junior JONES, JUDITH, Junior JONES. MARYLENE. Sophomore JONES. MATTIE. Sophomore JONES. WELTON, Freshman JONES. ZELLIA, Sophomore JORDAN, GEORGE, Junior JORDAN, JOHN. Junior JORDAN. SHERALDINE, Sophomore JOYNER, CALLIE, Freshman JOYNER, GLORIA, Junior JOYNER. JAMES. Sophomore JOYNER. YVONNE, Freshman KELLY, ALVIN, Freshman KENDALE. JOHN, Junior KENT, CYNTHIA, Sophomore KENT, JAMES, Freshman KENT, PATRICIA, Sophomore KIDD, GERALDINE, Sophomore KING, ARTHUR, Freshman KING, NORMAN, Sophomore KIRKLAND, NORA, Sophomore KIRKMAN, CHRISTINE, Firshman RISER, SHIRLEY, Freshman LAMB, MARY, Sophomore LANE, lA-NVELT, Freshman LANGFORD, LOUISE, Sophomore LANGLEY, ETHEL, Freshman LANGLEY, WILLIAM, Sophomore LASHLEY, DOROTHY, Freshman LASS ITER, WALTER, Freshman LAWRENCE, MARGARET, Sophomore LAWSON, LINDEL, Sophomore LEARY. VASHTI, Sophomore LEE, BARBARA, Freshman LEE, JOE, Sophomore LEE, JOSEPHINE, Junior LEE. LOUELLA, Junior LEWIS, MATTHEW, Jr., Sophomore LINDSEY, FREDDIE, Freshman LITTLE, THURLIS, Freshman LITTLE, WILLIAM. Freshman LITTLEJOHN. ANDREW, Freshman LITTLEJOHN, ESTHER, Freshman LITTLEJOHN, HERBERT, Sophomore LIVINGSTON, JUSTINE, Sophomore LONG, IRVIN, Freshman LONG, JACQUELINE, Freshman LOVELACE, LORETTA, Sophomore LOWE, SHIRLEY, Junior LUCAS, AL, Junior LYNCH, DORIS, Junior LYNCH, VIVIAN, Junior LYONS, ERNESTINE, Junior MACKEY. CLAUDIE. Freshman MADREY. WILLIAM, Freshman MAGEE, LOUVENIA, Sophomore MAJETTE, AUDREY. Freshn MALBON, MAMIE. Junior MAXLEY. JAXIE. Junior MAXLEY. JEAN. Junior MAXLEY. JIMMIE. Junior MANLEY. JOE. Sophomore MAXLEY. YVONNE, Freshman MAXXIXG. MARY. Freshman MARABLE. PATSY. Freshman MASKE. DONALD. Junior MATTHEWS, WILLIAM. Freshman MAYE. EMMA. Junior MAYE. ERNESTINE. Junior MAYO, STEPHEN, Freshman MELTON, CARLTON, Sophomore MELTON, DELLA. Freshman MELTON. GLORIA, Freshman MERRITT, GLADYS. Junior MILLER, COURTINE, Freshman MILLER, CYNTHIA. Freshman MINGA, COLBERT, Sophomore MINGA, COLIN, Sophomore MITCHELL. JAXICE. Sophomore MITCHELL. MARY, Freshman MITCHELL, THELMA, Freshman MIZZELL, MARY, Freshman MOBLEY. BETTY, Junior MOORE, EARL, Sophomore MOORE, ERMA, Sophomore MOORE, GEORGIA, Freshman MOORE, GLADYS, Freshman MOORING, ROY, Sophomore MORINGS, MARJORIE, Sophomore MORTON, BARBARA, Junior MOYE, RUTH, Junior MUMFORD, ROBERT, Freshman MURPHY, ALICE, Freshman MURRAY, ERNESTINE, Junior MUSKELLY, MARGARET, Sophomore MYRICK, ALICE, Junior McCAIN, ALEXANDER, Freshman McDANIEL, ANNIE, Sophomore McKENZIE, IRMA, Freshman McKISSET, THELMA, Sophomore McLAURIN, KENNETH, Freshman 1 4ll McMillan, PEGGY, junior McQueen, DOROTHY, junior NEAL, FRANK, Freshman NEAL, SYLVIA, Junior NEWKIRK, ERNESTINE, Freshma. ODEN, CH.ARLIE, Freshman OLDS, CHRISTINE, Freshman OLDS, JULIA, Freshman OUTLAW, MAXINE, Freshman OUTLAW, ROBERT, Freshman OWENS, MARY, Freshman PALMER, BESS, Sophomore PARKER. BEULAH, Freshman PARKER, HENRY. Freshman PATTERSON, GEORGE, Junior PEARCE, LOUISE. Sophomore PEARSON. ALFRED, Freshman PEELE, LOSSIE, Freshman PEELE, MLN ' NIE, Freshman PERKINS, CLARA, Freshman PERKINS, RUBY, Freshman PERRY, ARMENTA, Freshman PERRY. ARTHUR, Freshman PERRY, ELLA, Freshman PERRY, FR. NK, Sophomore PERRY, WILMA, Freshman PERSON, MILDRED, Sophoi PHILLIPS. JAMES. Junior PIERCE. JANICE, Junior PITT, LILLIE, Junior PITTMAN. CATHERINE, Freshman POOLE. BETTY, Freshman POOLE, LESSIE, Sophomore PORTER, ASHLEY, Freshman PORTER, DOROTHY, Sophomore PORTER, JOE, Freshman PORTER, KENNETH, Freshman PORTER, LLOYD, Sophomore PRIVETTE, MELVIN, Freshman PUGH, JETHRO, Freshman PURDY, MARY, Freshman PURKETT, DORIS, Freshman RE.-WES, CARRIE, Freshman REDDICK, JAMES, Freshman REDDRICK, RUBY, Sophomore REED, VONDA, Junior REESE, PATRICK, Junior REGISTER, JOLLYE, Freshman REGISTER, SELMA, Sophomore REID, HORACE, Freshman REID, MARTHA, Freshman REID, SYL TA, Sophomore RENFROW, RUTH, Freshman RESPASS, JEAN, Sophomore REY.XOLDS. JAMES, Freshman REYNOLDS, LUCIUS, Junior RHODES. CARROL, Freshman RICE, ROSE, Freshman RICHARDSON. JOHN, Freshman RICHARDSON, MAYVOLA, Sopho RICKS, BREND. ' , Sophomore RICKS, TONY, Sophomore RIDDICK, DORIS, Freshman RIDDICK, EVA, Freshman RIVERS, TYNCIE, Freshman ROBERTS, F.ANNIE. Sophomore ROBERTSON. JAMES. Junior ROBINSON, ALBERT, Sophomore ROBINSON, B. RNELLE, Freshman ROBINSON, HERBERT, Freshman nm 9M RODGERS, ALBERT, Junior RODGERS. ETHEL. Freshman RODGERS, MARIE, Freshman RODGERS, PEARL, Sophomore ROGERS. EUNICE, Freshman ROLAND, RALPH, Freshman ROSS, LEROY, Freshman ROULHAC, JOHN, Freshman ROUNTREE, OTIS, Junior ROWLETT, JEAN, Freshman RO VSON, DAZZERINE. Freshman SALLEV, FAYE, Freshman SAMUEL, BERRY. Sophomore SAUNDERSON. TEAESTHER. Freshman SAWYER, BETTY, Freshman SAWYER, LLOYD, Freshman SCOTT, FONDELLA, Freshman SCOTT, MAMIE, Sophomore SELBY, GENE, Freshman SHARPE, BERN.ADINE, Freshman SHARPE, ROBERT, Junior SHARPLESS, SUSIE, Freshman SHEPHERD, MARTHA, Freshman SHEPPARD, BRENDA, Sophomore SHERROD, MITTIE, Junior SIMMONS, DORIS, Sophomore SIMMON ' S. MIN ' XIE. Sophomore SIMMS, BETTY, Freshman SIMPSON, GEORGE, Sophomore SIMS, DOREATHEA, Freshman SKINNER, DAVID, Freshman SKINNER, MARY. Freshman SKINNER, WILLIE, Freshman SLADE, IRMA, Junior SLADE, JAMES, Sophomore SLADE, LENORA, Junior SLADE, LEON.ARD, Junior SLADE, QUEENIE, Sophomore SMALL, BARBARA, Sophomore SMALLWOOD, FLORINE, Freshman SMITH, LOTTIE, Freshman SMITH, SHIRDELLA, Sophomore SMITH, WTLMA, Junior SMITH. WINNIE. Freshman SPAULDING, JAMES, Freshman SPENCE. AUDREY, Freshman SPENCER. OLIVIA. Freshman SPRUILL. LOU, Freshman SPRUILL. VIOLET, Junior STALLWORTH. LESLYE. Freshman ST.ANLEY, CECELIA, Freshman STANLEY, ERSEL, Freshman STATEN, JOAN, Freshman STOKES, ROSA, Junior SUTTON, ARZIE, Freshman SUTTON. ELLA. Freshman SUTTON, GWENDOLYN, Freshman SUTTON, MARTHA, Junior SUTTON, SARAH, Sophomore SYKES, BERNADETTE, Junior ti2 9 SYKES. EDDIE, Junior SYKES, GEARLDIN ' E, Freshman S ' KES, MAUDE. Freshman TAYLOR. WILDER. Freshman TERRELL. JAMES, Sophomore THWEATT, ALBERT, Freshman TURNAGE, DOROTHY, Sophomore TURXAGE, KENNETH, Junior TURNAGE. LOSSIE. Freshman TURNER, RUBY, Freshman USSERY. ROBERT. Freshman X ' AUGHAN. BARBARA. Junior VAUGHAN. JOYCE. Freshman VICK. SUNNY. Junior WADDELL. ISABELLE. Freshman WALDEN. M. RY. Freshman WALKER, LORRINE. Junior WALLACE. BARBARA. Junior WALLACE. LINDELL. Junior WALLACE. WILLIAM, Freshman WALTON, LAURA. Freshman WARD, ANNIE. Junior WARD. CAROL. Freshman WARD, LULA, Junior WARD, VERNON, Freshman W.ATFORD, ERNESTINE, Freshman WATFORD, LETHA. Sophomore WATFORD, MAGGIE, Freshman WATSON, EDDIE, Sophomore WATSON, PEGGY, Sophomore WATSON, PERCY, Freshman WELCH. JOHN, Freshman WHITE, DOROTHY, Junior WHITE, PERC ' S ' , Freshman WHITE, SAMUEL, Freshman WHITE, THELMA, Freshman WHITEHURST, CLAUDINE, Freshman WHITEHURST, THELMA, Freshman WHITEHURST, VIRGINIA, Freshman WHITFIELD, ARGLE, Freshman WHITFIELD. FLORENCE, Freshman WIGGINS, . NNIE, Junior WIGGINS, MARY, Freshman WILKES, LINWOOD, Freshman WILKINS, BETTY N., Freshman WILKINS, BETTY V., Freshman WILKINS, ERNEST, Sophomore WILLIAMS, ALISE, Junior WILLIAMS. BARBARA, Freshman WILLIAMS. CHARLIE. Freshman Mm WILLIAMS. DIANNE. Freshman WILLI.AMS. ELSIE. Junior WILLIAMS. HAROLD. Freshman WILLIAMS, LEROY. Freshman WILLIAMS, MARY F., Freshman WILLIAMS. MARY H.. Freshman WILLIAMS. PATRICIA. Freshman WILLIAMS, VICTORIA, Junior WILSON, BRENDA, Freshman WILSON, GLORISTEEN, Freshman WINSTE. D, CORIXE, Freshman WOODRUFF, JOYCE, Junior WOODS, DORIS. Freshman WORTHAM, ERVIX, Freshman WRIGHT, LUCY, Freshman WRIGHT, PHYLLIS, Sophomore WRIGHT, ROOSEVELT, Sophomore V.ARBOROUGH, RAYMOXD, Sophomore YOUXG, DORETHEA, Sophomore YOUXG, JAXET, Freshman Qtuhiflh NotPijdtuAj ALLEN, BUFORD, Sophomore ALLEN, JAMES, Freshman ALSTON, AMOS, Freshman ANDREWS, ERNEST, Freshman ASKEW, JOHN, Sojihomore BAKER, JACQUELINE, Freshman BARTLETT, LEAXDREW, Freshman BELTON, JERRY, Junior BELTOX, SAM, Sophomore BERRY, MARTHA, Freshman BLAXD, HAMPTOX, Junior BLUE, JOANNE, Junior BOND, HORTENSE, Junior BOND, ' AUGHN, Freshman BOONE, ROSEMARY, Junior BOWSER, KELLY, Senior BOYD, CLIFTON, Freshman BRACEY, EDWARD, Freshman BROOKS, EARLIE, Freshman BYRD, GLORIA, Freshman CARSON, PARRIS. Freshman CHAVIS, THOMAS, Freshman CHEEK, ALTON, Freshman CLARK, CLAUDE, Freshman CLARK, GILBERT, Freshman CLARK, WILLIAM, Freshman COLE, MARGIE, Junior COLE, RALPH, Senior COOKE, FLORENCE, Junior CRAXDELL, ELLA, Freshman CR. NK, DORIS, Freshman DANIELS. ROSA, Sophomore DAUGHTRY. CATHERINE, Senior DAVIS, CHARLES, Freshman DAVIS. MARION. Junior DUREN. PATRICIA. Junior DYER. MARGARET. Senior E TMON. PERCY, Freshman ELLIOTT, MARILENE. Sophomore ETHERIDGE. CARLTON. Sophomore EVANS, CHARLES, Freshman EVANS. DOROTHY, Freshman FLOOD, JAMES, Senior FORD, BERNICE, Senior FOSTER. MERDICE. Junior FOXX. JULIUS. Sophomore FOYE. S. DIE. Senior FRANKLIN. ST. NLEY. Sophomore FREEMAN, JOSEPH, Sophomore GEORGE, OLIVER, Senior GIBBS. DOROTHY. Freshman GIBSON. SAUNDRA. Freshman GODETTE. ETHEL, Sophomore GORDON. HORACE. Senior GORE. RICHARD, Freshman GOSS. JAMES. Freshman GRANT, EMMA, Senior GRAY, LOIS, Sophomore GRIFFIN, LOUISE, Senior HAGAR, ROSCOE, Junior HARRELL, BILLIE, Sophomore HARRIS, ODELL, Freshman HARRISON. JAMES HARRISON, JAMES, Freshman HARVEY, FLORENCE, Senior HASSELL, DWARD, Junior HATHAWAY, MARY, Freshman HAWKINS, JEANETTE, Junior HEDGEBETH, JOSHUA, Freshman HOOD, HENRY, Freshman HUBBARD, SAMUEL, Senior HUGHES, MARJORIE, Freshman JACKSON, MABELEEN, Freshman JARRETT, CHARLES, Freshman JOHNSON, BRADY, Sophomore JOHNSON, CAROLYN, Sophomore JOHNSON, CHARLES, Freshman JOHNSON, GLORIA, Freshman JOHNSON, LeROY, Freshman JOHNSON, RANDOLPH, Freshman JOHNSON, RAYFIELD, Sophomore JONES, CARLTON, Senior JONES, HORACE, Sophomore JONES, MELVIN, Freshman JONES, VERLON, Sophomore JORDAN, SARAH, Sophomore KEARNS, ROSA, Freshman LANGLEY, DOROTHY, Freshman LEA, ANNIE, Sophomore LEAVENS, MARY, Junior LEWIS, ETHEL, Senior LITTLE, MIRIAM, Senior LONG, JAYNE, Freshman LOVE, BERTHA, Freshman MALACHI, NATHANIEL, Freshman MARXTLLE, ALFRED, Freshman M.A.YFIELD, SPENCER, Sophomore MITCHELL, MARY, Senior MOBLEY, LEONARD, Freshman MODLIN, DONALD, Freshman MOORE, DELORES, Sophomore MOORE, FRANCES, Junior MOORE, JUDITH, Special MOORE, MAR ' . Freshman MORGAN, DON, Senior MORRIS, HOWARD, Senior MOSLEM ' , CAROL ' N, Sophomore MYERS, ROBERT, Freshman McCOY, PHIL, Freshman McILWAIN, OLIVIA, Freshman McLEAN, JOHN, Junior N EWTON, BERNICE, Sophomore OVERTON, THELMA, Sophomore PALMER, M. RTHA, Sophomore PEARSON, PHAIRLEVER, Sophomore PEEBLES, ROBERT, Junior PERKINS, REVIE, Freshman PERRY, AUDREY, Freshman PRICE, GEORGIE, Freshman PRUDEN, EDNA, Senior PUGH, LUTHER, Freshman RANEY, GEORGE, Sophomore REDMOND, SUSIE, Junior REID, PEARLIE, Freshman RESPASS, ALTON, Freshman RIDDICK, HELEN, Freshman RIDDICK, MELVIN, Sophomore RIVERS, CHARLOTTE, Sophomore ROBERSON, ISAAC, Freshman ROUSON, CECIL, Freshman SADDLER, GEORGE, Junior SAUNDERS, WILLIAM, Senior SCOTT, EDNA, Junior SHROPSHIRE, LIONEL, Freshman SIMMONS, JOHN, Senior SIMMS, HELEN, Senior SIMPSON, WINFRED, Freshman SKINNER, CYMERA, Junior SKINNER, WILLIAM Freshman SLEDGE, BOBBY, Sophomore SMITH, LEE, Freshman SMITH, ROXANNA, Freshman SPELLMAN, JULIUS, Freshman SPENCE, GEORGE, Freshman SPRUILL, FLORENCE, Freshman STATEN, JO. NN, Freshman SUTTON, JAMES, Sophomore SUTTON, JACKIE, Freshman SUTTON, JIMMIE, Freshman SYDNER, OTHA, Freshman TAYLOR, JOANN, Sophomore TEEL, WILLI.AM, Senior THOMAS, MILDRED, Junior THOMAS, ROBERT, Freshman THOMPSON. CAROLYN, Freshman TROTMAN, DAVID, Sophomore WASHINGTON, MARY, Freshman WATFORD, JOYCE, Freshman WESLEY, JAMES, Junior WEST, BARBARA, Freshman WHITAKER, Junior WHITEHURST, VIRGIE, Sophomore WILLIAMS, CALVIN, Senior WILLIAMS, ELWOOD, Sophomore WILSON, JIMMIE, Junior WILSON, JOYCE, Sophomore WILSON, MARY, Senior WINSTON, ELSIE, Senior WOOD. BARBARA. Freshman WOODHOUSE, SUSANNE, Special WOODRUFF, JIMMIE, Freshman CttuWts ALFORD, LAWRENCE ALLEN, NORRIS ASKEW, D.A.VID ARRINGTON, WILLIE BAILEY, TIBERIUS BEATTY, ARTIS BESS, VIRGINIA BIGGS, ROBERT BLOUNT, DORA BLOUNT, JEAN BLOUNT, MINNIE BOGANS, CATHERINE BUFFALOE, GEORGE CHANCE, MARVIN CHARLES, JOYCE CHERRY, CLARICE COOPER, PEGGY D.WIS, JAMES M. DORSSETT, HEW EATON, ANNIE EDWARDS, EMMA EDWARDS, PHYLLIS FREEMAN, HOWARD GREENE, BETTIE JACKSON, MARILYN gl 2L JONES, SHIRLEY JORDAN, OBEDIAH LEE. NORMAN LEE, ROBERT LEIGH, WALTER LIVINGSTON, AILEAN MOORE, LONNIE MOORE, STELLA PARKER, STANLEY SMALL, EDNA STRAYHORN, GEORGE SUITER, C. ROLYN THOMAS, PATSY VICK, MARIAxN WATSON, LILLIAN WHITE, LILLIAN WIGGINS, JOHNNIE Ptil)fecafe ms Mr. L. E. SugR, Yearbook Committee Chairman, discusses layouts with members of the PI- RATE Staff Editor Clarence Biggs and the COMPASS Staff PIRATE Staff at work QbujikiKb Nathaniel Moore, Student Council president, SEATED second from left, and Council mem- bers W ' f Men ' s Government Association Women ' s Government Association ,7 ; i« " «- ' « QoimMJi vu Dormitory Counselors Junior Dormitory Counselors ivW !-:«« V ' . Alpha Kappa Mu Wo uvt Societies Sigma Rho Sigma n V Vft i i ' f -iL ;; ' QtvJ tdbNBA ENGLISH CLUB FORENSIC SOCIETY -- t4 SCIENCE CLUB THALIA SOROSIS CLUB R iOuS Leonard Slade SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT Dr. J. A. Eaton, Chairman of Religious Activi OFFICERS right, and SUNDAY SCHOOL Lloyd Sawyer, DISCUSSION LEADER 1 1 AdtMii6 SUNDAY SCHOOL USHERS Father Clyde Beatty, SEATED extreme right, and CANTERBURY CLUB STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Father Moses Anderson, STANDING extreme right, and NEWMAN CLUB USHERS GUILD v h(Lcmo PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Janice Mitchell Afif ftO Sw eiWytfc SPirk ' NX CLUl ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY IVY LEAF CLUB DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORIl • PYRAMID CLUB Catherine Greene OfrM O Ciu etiie WMI A. OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY LAMPADOS CLUB ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY ARCHONIAN CLUB PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY CRESCENT CLUB Evelyn Boddie fG)tf)|3a Cu et Ai KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY SCROLLERS C.LUl - 4 utsssrc STUDENT ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE UgtifWse 1 mv ' " TWWe£«fiS$ " Mr 1. C; M,l),,„aKl. rxlrrnir Irft, IROXT R ) l A, ..nipani-l and Mivs E A Jo extreme right, FROM ' ROW, Director CoMege CA Mr. W. H. Ryder, STANDING extreme left. Director OMfii n BdMi V Wm DomjO iOuJlp % PfujStcojE ' E fu;Oafeo« AdtMils , t« 4 iV ENGLISH MAJORS LIBRARY ACTIVITIES mmm! f a 5? - 1 LANGUAGE LABORATORY AUDIO-VISUAL CENTER NuASfiUj Qckoolly Ctujiktit TeoicWs Scie tce CHEMISTRY ■ rc ■ " ] MATHEMATICS Vo«attO(iaiB 7ecWtm£ fKStttufe L .fillip SECRETARIAL SCIENCE COSMETOLOGY RADIO — TELEVISION ELECTRONICS BRICKMASONRY AUTO MECHANICS liJjucsbJUjifi MECHANICAL DRAWING A WOODWORK X v i In . . U M Q wic i AHMu I T9 ' Li ».».«.•, t,« J I ' : k l BoskeihcM ■n : ' y i 1 1 llL ! TRACK TEAM Fe 3ttuA Mr. Harry R. Jefferson, CIAA Commissioner, congratulates Marvin Trotnian, AU-American, who was the second highest scorer in the nation in the NAIA, third highest in the nation in the NCAA, elected to the NAIA AU-American 1st. team, elected to the Associated Press AU- American 2nd. team, the third draft choice for the St. Louis Hawks in the NBA, and the second draft choice for the New York Tapers in the ABL. Trotman ' s CIAA season average was 31.5. Cw OUieCO«MXRC| ' rMl - r WoM NEW YORK ALUMNI :;z:s -«•! p iffMl - W l i MISS ALUMNI Unveiling of Portrait of Dr. J. H. Bi: Fouacfe«4 Dou Mr. R. L. Garrett, Trustee, Dr. H. L. Trigg, Founders Day Speaker, Miss Ella Roberts, Miss STC UoMn Nfgfcfc The Honorable Peter S. Ridley, Honors Night Speaker, Mrs. E. A. Eaton, Chaimian of Honors Night Committee, Dr. W. N. Ridley, Pri-.sidr.it Bimh Ut CANDLELIGHTING SERVICE STUDENT LEADERS DISCUSS BOND ISSUE LEAVING FOR REGION IV ANNUAL STU- DENT UNION CONFERENCE, UNIVER- SITY OF VIRGINIA INFORMAL CHAT WITH DR. S. E. PRIESTLEY, WORLD TRAVELER, SCHOL- AR AND LECTURER. Seated, Extreme Left. OuA Uim RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK LAWRENCE WINTERS PARENTS ' WEEKEND COLLEGE BOWL { GISI K- IbkMY- LMAGht-W Langli ' I KAH k . I THE NIGHT BEFORE HOMECOMING JUDGE DIXON, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA FOOTBALL STAR, SHARES EXPERIENCES WITH STC PIRATES DRILL TEAM IN ACTION JOHN BARCLIFT, PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE FOR A DAY MISS STC. standing, CHATS WITH HER SUC- CESSOR ADRON JONES, DE.A.N OF THE COL- LEGE FOR A DAY LIBRARY WEEK ALUMNI PRESIDENT, left, AND SUCCESSOR FACULTY VARIETY SHOW AT MEETING OF N. C. CONGRESS OF PARENTS AND TEACHERS ALUMNI BANQUET Accent ' ow F ' iess Dt i You Kmm ? Elizabeth City State Teachers College was elected to full membership in the South- ern Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges in December 1961. There were 385 students enrolled at Elizabeth City State Teachers College in 1957- 58 and 826 in 1961-62. There were no students enrolled in the Vocational-Technical Institute in 1957-58 and 70 in 1961-62. There were 296 dormitory residents in 1957-58 and 694 in 1961-62. There were 89 ofT-campus residents in 1957-58 and 132 in 1961-62. There were 99 students enrolled in summer school in 1957 and 243 in 1961. There were 119 students enrolled in the freshman class in 1957-58 and 313 in 1961- 62, the largest freshman class in the history of the institution. There were 33 members of the Faculty, 5 members of the Administration, 10 As- sistants in Administration and 24 members of the Staff in 1957-58 and 58 members of the Faculty, 5 members of the Administration, 23 Assistants in Administration and 24 members of the Staff in 1961-62. There were 3 members of the Faculty with Ph.D. degrees in 1957-58 and 14 in 1961-62. Two additional members were completing the requirements for the Ph.D. degree. The budget for 1957-58 was $420,000 and the budget for 1961-62 was approxi- mately $1,000,000. $300,000 was spent for renovations to Lane Hall and Moore Hall in 1961-62. West Lodge, a temporary dormitory for men, was erected in 1 960-6 L Four new faculty homes were built in 1961. A Language Laboratoiy and a Reading Clinic were installed in 1961-62. An automatic dial PAX Intercommunication Telephone System was installed in 1961. Elizabeth City State Teachers College awarded B.S. degrees in Business Education, Social Science and Science for the first time in 1961-62. A Maintenance Building and an Auto Mechanics Shop have been completed since 1957-58. An addition to the Library has been completed since 1957-58. Twenty-five parcels of land, in the icinity of the college, for expansion purposes, have been purchased since 1957-58. The grounds of the college have been landscaped and beautified since 1957-58. The lighting on the campus has been improved since 1957-58. The Lighthouse College Center program was inaugurated in 1959-60. An annual Fine Arts Festival, a series of programs presented in the spring as a culmination of the activities in art, the band, the choir, dance, drama, and literature, was established in 1959-60. The first public performance of the Intercollegiate Music Association, whose mem- bers are Delaware State College, Maiyland State College, Virginia Union Univer- sity, Virginia State College, Elizabeth City State Teachers College, A. T. College, Livingstone College, and Saint Augustine ' s College, was given at Elizabeth City State Teachers College in 1961-62. iNiiii MtM READING CLINIC 1961-62 FRESHMAN CLASS " -Ao. ART EXHIBIT AT THE FINE ARTS FESTIVAL COLLEGE CHOIR, MEMBER OF IMA Qj ' lddo Co«iUvie«tCe M6«t BEARER OF THE MACE, JOE WILLIE SHAMBLEY HONOR GRADUATES MRS. GENEVA BOWE, BACCALAUREATE SPEAKER 1962 GRADUATING CLASS DR. WHITNEY M YOUNG, JR., COMMENCEMK.M Sl ' I.AKER " ' ' -Lr 1 :: M iii i

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