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I ' tJ HK 1961 Presenting Elizabeth City State Teachers College Elizabeth City, North Carolina THE PIRATE JAMES SWIMPSON, EDITOR WILLIAM CRUDUP, ASSOC. EDITOR 1961 Contents Dedication 6 History 9 Faculty 29 Activities 44 Organizations 59 Athletics 71 Seniors 76 Underclassmen 84 Patrons 100 Board of Trustees FIRST ROW: Dr. Walter N. Ridley, President of the College; Dr. C. B. Jones, Elizabeth City; Mr. McDonald Dixon, Chair- man of the Board, Elizabeth City; Mr. O. Roy Symons, Vice- Chairman, Elizabeth City; SECOND ROW: Mr. A. Pilston God- win, Gatesville; Mr. Martin L. Wilson, Alumnus, Selma; Mr. A. J. Jones, Tillery; Mr. Lunsford Long. Warrenton; Mr. Albert G. Byrum, Edenton; Mr. Carrol Abbott, Elizabeth City. THIRD ROW: Mr. Roland Garrett, Elizabeth City: Mr. Roger G. Jackson, Harrellsville; Mr. John M. Moore, Elizabeth City. To the 1961 Graduating Class: I greet you in behalf of the Board of Trustees of Elizabeth City State Teachers College and bring to you their best wishes for your happiness, success and contribu- tion to life in our nation. Numerous sacrifices have been made in order to give you an opportunity to de- velop a rich background of knowledge and understanding. I hope that each one of you has qualified by study and self-development to become leaders of this nation. Your work will be measured in terms of your contribution. The trustees, adminis- tration, and staff of this college will look forward to hearing of your successes. May I congratulate each of you and wish you the best in life. McDonald Dixon, Chairman Board of Trustees DEDICATION . . . s- ' ' - " ' ' ' V- hi It is with great appreciation, respect and affection that we acknowledge our debt to our parents. Your unfaltering faith in us, your encouragement in moments of doubt, your many sacrifices, your boundless love and your ceaseless prayers shine as bright stars and the darkness of the passing years will never dim their light. We proudly dedicate THE PIRATE of 1961 to you our beloved parents. The Class of 1961 TO OUR PARENTS , : S The Pirate ' s Chest THE NORMAL LIGHT, published in 1925, is the first yearbook of our college. From its pages, we have been able to share with you some of the institution ' s history as recorded by the first yearbook staff. A classroom, 1906 " they were tall men — very tall men so tall they saw beyond the horizons . and prepared for our future . . . " Dr. Peter W. Moore " if we would be tall . . . we should stand on their shoulders . . . and build a foundation for the future of tomorrows youth ... " — Walter N. Ridley at Greensboro, N. C, Nov., 1960 Dr. John H. Bias Seventy Years of Progress Seventy years ago on March 3, 1891, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a bill introduced by Hugh Cale, a Negro legislator from Pasquotank County, empowering the State Board of Education to " establish a state normal and train- ing school for the colored race in the town of Elizabeth City. " On January 4, 1892, State Normal School began operation in a rented frame building on the campus of the Baptist Normal Institute located on Roanoke Avenue with two teachers, Professor P. W. Moore and his assistant, Professor John H. M. Butler; 69 students, and a budget of $900 for maintenance. n ailmw ■ ■■JL ' JJk OLD ADMINISTRATION BUILDING BOYS ' INDUSTRIAL BUILDING After operating one year in this location, the school moved to Shannon Street, now Euclid Avenue, in a larger structure which became known as the " Old Normal Building. " As the enrollment increased, homes in the vicinity of the school were used for the primary grades and also to house out-of-town students. As the school continued to grow, efforts were begun to raise funds to purchase a school site. A friend donated five acres of land on Southern Avenue Extended and eighteen acres were purchased at a cost of $2000. On this site two brick buildings were erected with state funds. One of these buildings which is now Lane Hall was used as the adminstration building. The other, Symera Hall, was used as a girls ' dormitory, dining hall, and kitchen. I MGemSA - ' " -f %r r- EAST VIEW of CAMPUS. 1921 proved a banner year for the Institution. The North Carolina General Assembly appropriated one half million dollars for the erection of buildings at the three Negro teacher-training institutions in the state. Although this appropriation was greater than previous appropriations, it was not adequate to erect and equip the needed buildings at the three institutions. Dr. N. C. Newbold, Director of die Division of Negro Education in North Carolina, secured from the General Educa- tion Board of New York $125,000 which was added to the appropriation made by the General Assembly. From these funds Mcore Hall, Butler Hall, an Industrial Arts Building and two faculty homes were erected and equipped. Dr. Moore retired in 1927 and was made President Emeritus, the first such action to be taken in a public institution in the State of North Carolina. aL r«i BOYS ' DORMITORY State Normal School became Elizabeth City State Teachers College by an act of the General Assembly on March 28, 1939. During this same year the State Depart- ment of Public Education accredited the college as an " A " rated institution which entitled the graduates of the four- year course to class " A " certificates. Dr. Bias remained in office until July 15, 1939. Dr. John H. Bias succeeded Dr. Moore as President. During his administration a library was erected and addi- tions were made to the administration building and Butler Hall. The college program was changed to a four-year teacher-training program. GIRLS ' DORMITORY NO. 2 : u::l:, - ' ««ilwa H -I 3 »J - ' mmm .. mHlT h 1 Bj ■r ifi flH " , Tj mnp VTv H pS ' | j ££ ' - 1 L ' iEka 1 3 ' JM — — mi v :.s:;,... ... rj Bnl 1925 NORMAL LIGHT STAFF " It is indeed fitting and proper that we should show our appreciation for this in- stitution for which the leaders have so nobly striven, an institution that has led aright the footsteps of so many, that has helped them to climb from obscurity up the ladder of fame and honor. We hope that this torch once lighted will grow brighter and brighter as the fleeting years go by. May we who tread where it sheds its radiant beams, hold up this ideal of the Normal Light. " THE EDITORS Reprinted from the 1925 Normal Light 1925 SENIOR NORMAL CLASS Reprinted from the 1925 Normal Light 1925 FOOTBALL TEAM Reprinted from the 1925 Normal Light li O k fW . £ . TPa 3p. S 3 SSs rj ' jffc-iJI L Jwirl ' B £jj5 ifcJIUis ' fe First Class to Receive Degrees Under The Four-Year Progr Let the scroll Fill as it may as years unroll; But when again she calls her youth To serve her in the ranks of Truth, May she find all one heart, one soul — At home or on some distant shore — ' ' All present, or accounted for! " — Edward Everett Hale From November, 1939, to December, 1945, Elizabeth City State Teachers College moved forward despite the de- pression and World War II under the able leadership of Dr. Harold L. Trigg. Under his administration the faculty was strengthened and the offerings of the college were broadened. Plans were made for improvement of facilities and future expansion. Dr. Trigg resigned in 1945. Dr. Harold L. Tr i Dr. S. D. Williams, the college Dean, was elected in 1945 by the Board of Trustees as the fourth president of Elizabeth City State Teachers College. The college experi- enced phenomenal growth during Dr. Williams ' adminis- tration. Appropriations from the General Assemblies of 1947, 1949 and 1951 provided funds for the erection of a girls ' dormitory, a physical education building, an infirm- ary, a stadium, several faculty homes and a science build- ing. Other buildings were remodeled, paved roads and walks were built and the grounds were landscaped. The faculty increased as did the course offerings. The Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools recognized the college as an " A " rated institution. A pro- gram of evaluation under the supervision of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education was also begun. Dr. Williams retired August 31, 1958. Dr. Sidney D. Williams r Look not mournfully into the Past. It comes not back again. Wisely improve the Present. It is thine. Go forth to meet the shadowy Future, with- out fear, and with a manly heart — Longfellow. The Present AERIAL VIEW OF CAMPUS ELIZABETH CITY STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE WHERE YOUTH AND THE FUTURE MEET Elizabeth City State Teachers College offers : 1. Accredited four-years degree courses for training of teachers and other workers in : (a) Business Education, (b) Elementary Education, (c) English, (d) Fine Arts, (e) Industrial Arts, (f) Physical Educa- tion, (g) Science, (h) Social Science. 2. Vocational-Technical Training (two-year programs) in: (a) Auto- Mechanics, (b) Brickmasonry, (c) Radio-Television Electronics, (d) Secretarial Scienc e, (e) Cosmetology (one year course). The Institution is accredited by the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction, the Southern Association of Colleges and Second- ary Schools, the National Council for Accreditation ' of Teacher Educa- tion and the Association of Teacher Institutions. Tuition, board, lodging and laundry costs are very moderate at Elizabeth City State Teachers College. Cash grants, Work-Aid grants, and National Defense Student Loans are available for students having high academic ability, special talents or abilities in extra-curricular activities, and those having ability and need. Elizabeth City State Teach- ers College also offers a wide selection of extra-curricular activities, a dedicated faculty, small classes, and modern well equipped buildings on a beautiful, spacious campus. ELIZABETH CITY STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE ELIZABETH CITY, NORTH CAROLINA OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT May 1961 To The Class of 1961 : Seventy years ago the North Carolina legislature established State Normal School at Elizabeth City. Today that institution has become Elizabeth City State Teachers College with a physical plant now valued at almost three million dollars, a staff which this year, for the first time, exceeded 100, and students registering who this year, for the first time, exceeded 700. You leave this institution on the crest of a most significant wave in its history. The colege ' s history of progress is significant and inspiring. The vision and diligent work of all who have made the history here through the years are beacons flashing on your paths to light your way. Each flash is a challenge to greater achievement. I greet the members of the Class of 1961 and, at the same time, admonish you that you leave at a significant time in the history of this college — a time when much will be expected of you. I believe sincerely that you will meet this challenge through your contribution to the State of North Carolina, to the nation, and to the world. Mrs. Ridley, my family and I congratulate the Class of 1961. We shall anticipate hearing of your lives and living during the years to come. May your actions and attitudes continue to contribute to the progress of our college and of mankind. Very sincerely yours, Walter N. Ridley 24 President 4 » t ■ 4 ■i Dr. Walter N. Ridley President THE PRESIDENT ' S FAMILY — Don LeRoy, Yolanda, Dr. Ridley, Mrs. Ridley Mrs. A. M. Newby, Secretary to the President 26 Mr. J. H. Bias, President of ECSTC Alumni Association, Inc., greets the 1961 Graduates. To the 1961 Graduating Class: The Elizabeth City State Teachers College Alumni Association, Incorporated, extends greetings to the Graduates of 1961. After four years of preparation at ECSTC you stand at the flood tide where great opportunities await you. We hope that you will be alert to them and choose wisely. The love and loyalty developed as a college student have no doubt strengthened your belief in your Alma Mater. May you, with this inspiration, go forth to join the host of graduates who are preparing youth to serve future generations. There is no greater challenge. In accepting this challenge, you are not only building a better ECSTC, but a greater Alumni Association. May you be " faithful and ever true. ' Sincerely, ECSTC Alumni Association, Inc. Mr. Bias confers with Miss Q. Ferebee, ECSTC Alumni Association, Inc. Secretary. ECSTC Alumni Executive Committee and President Ridley Li f , 1 1 Bi r i r r If 1 [I ■ I JH W BSS i i Hugh Cale Hall Dr. Charles Lyons, Jr., Dean of the College U1ULM Secretaries In the Dean ' s Office Mrs. J. C. Newsome, Mrs. L. C. Perry, Miss C. B. Bryant Mr. K. R. Jeffries, Business Manager Mr. E. N. Smith. Assistant Business Manager Mr. M. W. Coleman. Cashier - Mr. Taylor E. Jones, Registrar Secretaries in the Registrar ' s Office Mrs. E. Gilkey, Mrs. D. M. Robinson To Keep Us Poised Student Personnel Area Mrs. E. S. Glass, Mrs. H. M. Walker, Dr. J. A. Eaton, Director of Area, Mrs. M. T. Carter, Mrs. R. Williams, Miss. M. Isaac, Mrs. S. H. Brothers (Inset). And Happy Lighthouse Staff Mr. T. DeLaine, Jr., Mrs. M. T. Browne, Assistant Director, Miss M. Isaac, Mrs. H. Ridley, Director of Lighthouse College Center. A Teacher Affects Eternity; wvi Education Mrs. I. G. Jackson, Mr. T. S. Jackson, Head of Department, Mrs. R. D. Lyons, Mr. W. J. Muldrow, Dr. M. M. Caldwell, Mrs. E. A. Eaton, Dr. G. H. Walker, Director of Area of Education, Mrs. C. G. Jones. He Can Never Tell Where His Influence Stops. — Henry Adams English Mr. L. E. Sugg, Mrs. H. M. Caldwell, Dr. C. John Hoffler, Mrs. E. H. Mitchell. Head of the Department, Mrs. J. M. Curiosity Is One of the Permanent and Certain Characteristics Mathematics and Science Mr. L. N. Stallworth, Mrs. M. A. Franklin, Mrs. D. E. Thomas, Acting Head of Department, Mrs. A. Prather, Mrs. H. H. Muldrow. of a Vigorous Intellect. — Samuel Johnson Social Science Dr. C. K. Wang, Dr. C. Lyons, Jr., Head of Department, Mr. C. W. Gregory, Mr. T. H. Wamack, Mr. A. P. Simpson. One Man with a Dream, at Pleasure, . ; Health and m Physical Education Mr. A. W. Browne, Mr. R. L. Vaughan, Head of Department, Miss R. Raines, Mr T. L. Caldwell, Mrs. G. L. Smith (Insert). Shall Go Forth and Conquer a Crown, — W. E. O ' Shaugnessy t Fine Arts Mr. W. H. Ryder, Miss E. A. H. D. Bullock, Sr. Head of Department, Mr. J. A. Daniels, Mr Education Should Be as Gradual as the Moonrise, Business Education Mrs E. H Fox . Mr. C. M Franklin. Head of Department. Mrs. V. B. Taylor Perceptible Not Is Progress but in Result. Geo. John Whyte-Melville Library Mrs. A. H. Jones, Assistant Librarian. Mrs. C. P. Bell. Librarian. Mrs. G. J. Midge Assistant Librarian. Industrial Arts j ° Mr. A. M. Bagley. Head of Department and Director of Vocational Technical Area, observes students at work. Mr. L. Burse instructs his class. Radio-Television Electronics Mr. W. T. Jones explains a problem. Students repair a television. Secretarial Science Mrs. V. B. Taylor, instructor, is seen in left backsrrounc Cosmetology Future beauticians at work. Mrs. L. E. Duers, instructor. Auto Mechanics Mr. R. Gunnell, renter, supervises the work of future auto mechanics. Brick Masonry Mrs. J. K. Jones, extreme right, watches the process carefully. Nursery School Mrs. R. D. Lvons, Director, likes to work with children. Reading Clinic Audio-Visual Aids Reading Clinic students and Dr. M. M. Caldwell, Direct Audio-Visual Aids students receive instruction from Dr. Caldwell Dr. W. W. Hoffler, Director of Health Services and College Physician. Mrs. K. S. Wamack, College Nurse Health Services mr Mrs. C. P. James, Nurse ' s Aide, and a patient in the college infirmary. Mr. H. L. Thomas, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, gives di Maintenance Miss M. Bedell, Dietitian, checks accounts with Mr. J. Foxx, Dining Hall Supervisor. Food Service SfV 1 ACTIVITIES " " H - V h 9 ' A. ' « Lula Roberts Miss S T C 4 Activities in Lighthouse Activity Committee makes plans for the y the Lighthouse Game Time Players Plan for Their Big Production, The Night of January 16th Physical Fitness at S. T. C. [ ' iron iriia 5 •f 4 1 r » ■ c ' - Mwmc i s m English Majors Language and Books Preservers of the Past CE , m4$ q « $ a | T3 J 1)1 u Si lj.fi II s. u »£ 4 ' I M I The College Band and Mr. W. H. Ryder, BACK ROW, center, Conductor. ,f T!?fi v Mr. J. A. Daniels, instructor, demonstrates with the Batons. Majorettes Mrs. V. W. Vaughan (Inset), Dance Di: Dancing — A Beautiful Art ) f t f til Mrs. I. G. Jackson, standing at right, observes a student teacher. A student teacher and her class. Knowledge Exists Mrs. E. H. Foxx discusses problems in business ed ' 54 This problem is not difficult according to Mr. L. N. Stallworth, math To Be Imparted — Emerson Religious Emphasis Highlights Aristid Von Wurtzler Fine Arts Festival PIRATE Staff Ina Lennon. Martha Purvis, James Swimpson. Editor. Thelma Dillahunt. William Hager. William Crudup. Associate Editor, is not shown in the picture. Publications r COMPASS Staff fi J» Student Council Student Government Men ' s Government Associ; Women ' s Government Association 60 . WEST LODGE Dormitory Counselors Junior Dormitory Counselors f M • • • | Ushers Guild Sunday School ALPHA KAPPA MU Wilson Bunch Joe Willie Shambley Honor Societies SIGMA RHO SIGMA SEATED: Henry Pickett, Lula Roberts. Robert Wynn. STASDIXG: Edmund Johnson, Robert Knight, David James. Thalia Sorosis Club English Club Pan-Hellenic Council Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Lampados Club 66 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Qt § © © a q it Pyramid C1l 67 • m Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Sphynx Club nWu, J UjII wm j Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Zeta Phi Beta Sorority i. . Archonian Club 70 i $%% . ' : thletics Football Football Coaching Staff Mr. L. N. Stallworth, Assistant Coach, Mr. A. W. Browne, Head Coach, Mr. T. L. Caldwell, Assistant Coach. ;: 1961 Football Team Co-Captains T. Liverman and P. Smith Basketball Mr. R. L. Vaughan, Basketball Coach and Athletic Director. 1961 Basketball Team mi a?i mm: " For in Our Hearts We Still Love Thee, Dear S. T. C. " Marching Band wm$ Classes Seniors 1961 ETHEL BAILEY Whaleyville, Va. 4«fe FRANKIE BALLANCE Windsor, N. C. CAROLYN BRANCH Hertford, N. C. JEAN BROTHERS Elizabeth City, N. C. RUBYE BROWN Williamston, N. C. MARY BURKE Roduco, N. C. SHIRLEY CASH Virgilina, Va. MARY CATES Falkland, N. C. DONNA CONGLETON Williamston, N. C. WILLIAM CRUDUP Zebulon, N. C. BEATRICE DELOATCH Jackson. N. C. CHARLES EVERETT Elizabeth City, N. C. LENDORA FINCK Williamston, N. C. RALPH GLOVER Henderson, N. C. YVONNE GOULD New Bern, N. C. WILLIAM HAGER Belmont, N. C. LILLIAN HOWELL Elizabeth City, N. C. INEZ JONES Jamesville. N. C. GEORGE KITCHEN Belmont, N. C. ROBERT KNIGHT Scotland Neck, N. C. INA LENNON Evergreen. N. C. MARY LITTLE Elizabeth City, N. C. I ' ' V i THOMAS LIVERMAN Elizabeth City, N. C. MINNIE LOWE Winterville, N. C. DELMA MOORE Ahoskie, N. C. JUANITA MOORE Ahoskie, N.C. MARY MOORE Washington, N.C. LAURA McTOOTLE Scotland Neck, N.C. HENRY PICKETT Morehead City, N.C. MARTHA PURVIS Rocky Mount, N.C. MARY PURYEAR Virgilina, Va. MELVIN RILEY Newburgh, N.Y. LULA ROBERTS Edenton, N.C. JAMES SMALL Williamston, N.C. PHILLIP SMITH, III Newport News, Va. » ' THORNTON SMITH Plymouth, N.C. DELORES STEWART Hickory, Va. ROSA TURNAGE Enfield, N.C. VARAH WALLACE ROBERT WYNN Goldsboro, N.C. Underclassmen 4 Mil to ALLEN. ARTIS, Senior ALLEN, IRENE, Freshman ALLEN, NORRIS, Freshman ALSTON, MALONIA, Freshman ARMSTRONG, CAROLYN, Freshman ARRINGTON, WILLIE, Freshman ASHE, BARBARA, Freshman ATKINSON, LILLIE, Freshman AUSTIN, SHIRLEY, Freshman AVENT, SHIRLEY, Freshman BAILEY, EMMA, Freshman BAKER, MAE, Junior BAKER, MARGIE, Sophomore BAKER, ROBERT, Sophomore BAKER, SHIRLEY, Freshman BANKS, ROBERT, Freshman BARFIELD, DORIS, Freshman BARNES, RANDOLPH, Junior BARNES, STREATA, Sophomore BATTS, OLITH, Sophomore BAZEMORE, CASSIE, Junior BELLAMY, THURMAN, Freshman BIGGS, CLARENCE, Junior BIGGS, WALTER, Junior BLACK, JESSE, Freshman BLAKENEY, JOHNSIE, Freshman BLOUNT, DORA, Freshman BLOUNT, JEAN, Freshman BLOUNT, MINNIE, Fresh man BODDIE, EVELYN, Sophomore Underclassmen BOGANS, CATHERINE, Freshman BOLTON, OTTO, Freshman BOONE, BARBARA, Sophomore BOONE, FRANKLIN, Sophomore BOONE, HELEN, Junior BOONE, ROSEMARY, Sophomore BOOTH, DEVORA, Sophomore BOSEMAN, JOYCE, Freshman BOTTOMS, MIN.NIE, Freshman BOWSER, BARBARA, Freshman BOWSER, KELLY. Senior BOWSER, WILLIAM, Sophomore BRIGGS, ANNA, Freshman BRITT, LUCRADIE, Freshman BRITTON, CLARA, Freshman BROWN, BERNICE, Freshman BROWN, ELSIE, Junior BROWN, JOYCE, Freshman BROWN, RUTH, Freshman BRYANT, AMAZA, Sophomore BRYANT, BERTHA, Junior BRYANT, BEATRICE, Junior BUFFALOE, JUANITA, Freshman BUGGS, RUBEN, Freshman BULLOCK, IRENE, Sophomore BURDEN, SHIRLEY, Freshman BURGESS, JULIA, Freshman BURTON, HATTIE, Freshman BURTON, HELEN, Freshman CAPEHEART, CHARLES. Freshman m Underclassmen CARR, BONITA. Freshman CARR, CELESTE, Freshman CARMACK, ROSA, Sophomore HAMBLEE, CLARA, Freshman CHANCE, MARVIN, Freshman CHAPMAN, ETHEL, Freshman CHARLES, JOYCE, Freshman CHERRY, CHARLES, Sophomore CLANTON, GERALDINE, Junior CLAYTON, GLORIA, Sophomore CLEMMONS. CAROLYN. Sophomo COARD, MARY, Freshman COBURN, LUCY, Freshman COLE, MARGIE, Sophomore COLE, RALPH, Senior COLVIN, JASIE, Freshman COMBS, NORMA, Freshman COOPER, MELVIN, Sophomore CORDON, EULA, Freshman COTTEN, DOROTHY, Sophomore COUNCIL, MANSON, Sophomore CRAIG, ANGELO, Freshman CRAIG, GEORGE, Sophomore CUMBO, MILDRED, Freshman DALTON, FARRY, Freshman DANCEY, ELESTA, Sophomore DANIELS, ERMA. Senior DANIELS, ROSA, Sophomore DARDEN, JEAN, Sophomore DAVIS, CARL, Sophomore Underclassmen DAVIS, JOAN, Freshman DAVIS, MARION, Sophomore DAVIS, MARY, Sophomore DEBERRY, JUANITA, Sophomore DICKENS, ANNIE, Sophomore DILDY, DENISE, Sophomore DILLAHUNT, THELMA, Junior DORSETT, HEW, Sophomore DUKES, HAZEL, Sophomore DUNBAR, WILLIAM, Junior DUNN, RUSSELL, Sophomore DUREN, PATRICIA, Sophomore DYER, MARGARET, Senior EATON, ANNIE, Sophomore EDWARDS, MAE, Freshman EDWARDS, PHYLLIS, Freshman EDWARDS, SHIRLEY, Sophomore ELEBY, GEORGIA, Freshman ELLIOTT, MARIE, Sophomore ELLIOTT, MARILE NE, Sophomore EVANS, JASPER, Sophomore EVANS. THEANCIES, Freshman EVANS, THERESSA, Freshman EXUM, BARBARA, Freshman FAGAN, DORIS, Freshman FAISON, MARY, Junior FAULCON, GEORGIANNE, Freshr FAULKNER, ANNIE, Freshman FAULKNER, NETTIE, Freshman FENDERSON, RAY. Sophomore £ £ Underclassmen ■AMUldh FIELDS, WALTER. Freshman FINCH, DORETHA. Freshman FONVILLE, MARY, Freshman FOSKEY, AVA. Freshman FOYE, HELEN, Junior FOYE, SADIE, Senior FRANCIS, NORRIS, Freshman FRANCIS, WILLIE, Freshman FRANKLIN, STANLEY, Freshman FREDERICK, ERMA, Freshman FULCHER, RUTH, Freshman GAINER, BARBARA, Junior GAINEY, MILTON, Junior GARRIS, VIOLA, Freshman GIBBS, LUTHER, Freshman GIBBS, VALGENE, Sophomore GLOVER, JAMES, Junior GODETTE, ETHEL, Freshman GORE, MARY, Freshman GRANT, NATHANIEL, Freshman GRAY, DOROTHY, Sophomore GREENE, CATHERINE, Sophomore GRIFFIN, GEORGE, Sophomore GRIFFIN, JAIME, Freshman GRIFFIN, LOUISE, Senior 2£ HACKLEY, AUBREY, Junior HAGAR, ROSCOE, Sophomore HALL, LAVERN, Sophomore HAMS, CARRIE, Freshman HAND, JAMES, Sophomore Underclassmen HARPER, JOHN, Junior HARRELL, ARTHUR, Sophomore HARRELL, LOISTEEN, Sophomon HARRIS, ANNIE, Freshman HARRIS, IDA, Freshman HARRIS, NANCY, Senior HARVEY, CELESTINE, Freshman HARVEY, FLORENCE, Senior HASSELL, AGNES, Sophomore HASSELL, DELOIS, Freshman HASSELL, DWARD, Sophomore HASSELL, VIRGINIA, Sophomore HERRING, DELLA, Sophomore HESTER, MARY, Freshman HESTER, ROBERT, Sophomore HICKMAN, KAY, Sophomore HODGES, ESTHER. Junior HODGES, THOMAS, Junior HOLMES, MARY. Freshman HOPKINS, BARBARA, Freshman HOWELL, JOEL, Freshman HUNT, ANNIE, Sophomore HYMAN, JO ANN, Sophomore IVORY, ELLA, Freshman JACKSON, GLORISTEEN, Freshm; JACKSON, JEROME, Freshman JACKSON, MORGAN, Senior JACOBS, ROSA, Junior JAMES, SHELBY, Junior JEMISON, ALDRICH, Freshman Underclassmen tflt-i (% l 2A 1M JENKINS, NAOMI, Freshman JOHNSON, ELIZABETH, Freshman JOHNSON, GLADYS, Junior JOHNSON, HELEN, Junior JOHNSON, KATHERINE, Junior JOHNSON, RENA, Sophomore JOHNSON, VELMA, Sophomore JONES, CARLINDA, Senior JONES, GLORIA, Freshman JONES, HORACE, Freshman JONES, JERRY, Freshman JONES, JESSIE, Sophomore JONES, JOHN, Senior JONES, MARYLENE, Freshman JONES, SHIRLEY, Freshman JORDAN. JOYCE, Freshman JORDAN, KATRINA, Freshman JORDAN. PRISCILLA, Sophomore JORDAN, SHERALDINE, Freshman JOYNER, ELONZA, Freshman JOYNER, GLORIA, Freshman JOYNER, JAMES, Freshman KELLEY, ALVIN, Freshman KENT, CYNTHIA, Freshman KIDD. GERALDINE, Freshman KING. CHARLES, Junior KING, NORMAN, Freshman KIRKLAND, NORA, Freshman KIRKMAN, CHRISTINE, Freshman RISER. SHIRLEY, Freshman Underclassmen LAMB, MARY, Freshman LAND, HENRY, Junior LANGFORD, LOUISE, Freshman LAWRENCE, MARGARET, Freshman LEARY, VASHTI, Freshman LEE, JOE, Freshman LEE, LOUELLA, Junior LEIGH, WALTER, Freshman LEMON, PAULINE, Freshman Livingston, justine, Freshman LONG, WILLIAM, Junior LOVELACE, LORETTA, Freshman LOVICK, CLARA, Sophomore LOWE, SHIRLEY, Sophomore LUCAS, AL CLIFTON, Sophomore LYNCH, DORIS, Sophomore LYNCH, VIVIAN, Sophomore LYONS, ERNESTINE, Sophomore MAGEE, LOUVENIA, Freshman MANLEY, JANIE, Sophomore MANLEY, JEAN, Sophomore MAYE, ROBERT, Sophomore MELTON, CARLTON, Freshman MERRITT, GLADYS, Sophomore MILLER, SHIRLEY, Junior MILLS, EUGENIA, Freshman MINGA, COLBERT, Freshman MINGA, COLIN, Freshman MITCHELL, JANICE, Sophomore MIZELLE, MARY, Junior Underclassmen m?% MOBLEY, BETTY, Junior MOBLEY, GLORIS, Freshman MODLIN. AILEEN, Junior MONK, MARGIE, Junior MOORE, DELORES, Freshman MOORE, EARL. Freshman MOORE, EMMA, Sophomore MOORE, LILA, Sophomore MOORE, MARGARET. Junior MOORE, NATHANIEL, Junior MORINGS, MARJORIE. Freshman MORRIS, HOWARD. Junior MORTON, BARBARA, Sophomore MOTT, HERBERT, Junior MUMFORD, OTHA, Junior MURRAY, ERNESTINE, Sophomore MURRELL, BONNER, Freshman MUSKELLY, MARGARET, Sophomore McCATHEN, JOHNNY, Sophomore McDANIEL, ANNIE, Freshman MrKENSIE, IRMA, Freshman McKISSET, THELMA, Freshman McMILLIAN, PEGGY, Sophomore McNEILL, SADIE, Senior McQUEEN, DOROTHY, Sophomore McZORN, JOSIE, Freshman NEAL, SYLVIA, Sophomore NEWTON, BERNICE, Freshman OLDS, CHRISTINE. Freshman OUTLAW, BERNICE, Junior Underclassmen PALMER. BESS, Freshman PALMER, MARTHA, Freshman PARSON, THELMA, Freshman PEARCE, LOUISE, Freshman PEARSON, ALFRED, Freshman PEARSON, PHAIRLEVER, Freshman PEELE, LOSSIE, Freshman PENDER, MARY, Freshman PERRY, ARMENTA, Freshman PHILLIPS, JAMES, Junior PIERCE, JAMES, Freshman PIERCE, JANICE, Sophomore PITT, LILLIE, Sophomore PITTMAN, JAMES, Sophomore POOLE, BETTY, Freshman PORTER. DOROTHY, Sophomore PORTER, LLOYD, Freshman PRICE, GEORGIE, Freshman RANEY, GEORGE, Sophomore RANSOM, JEANNETTE, Sophomore REDDRICK, RUBY, Freshman REGISTER, SELMA, Freshman REID, SYLVIA, Sophomore REYNOLDS, LUCIUS, Sophomore RICHARDSON, MAYVOLA, Freshman RICKS, TONY, Freshma.. ROBERTS. ELLA, Junior ROBERTS, FANNIE, Junior ROBERTSON, JAMES, Sophomore ROBINSON, ALBERT, Freshman Underclassmen E% ft t$ RODGERS. DAVID, Junior RODGERS, ETHEL, Freshman RUSSELL, MARGARET, Junior SAMUEL, BERRY, Freshman SAUNDERS, BENJAMIN, Senior SCOTT, EDNA, Sophomore SCOTT. FONDELLA, Freshman SCOTT, KATIE, Junior SCOTT, MAMIE, Freshman SELBY, FLONIA, Junior SHACKLEFORD. EMMA, Sophomore SHAMBLEY. JOE, Junior SHERROD, MITTIE, Freshman SIMMONS, DORIS, Freshman SIMMONS. MINNIE, Freshman SIMONS. LaCURTIS, Sophomore SIMS, SHIRLEY. Senior SKINNER. DESADRE, Senior SLADE, IRMA, Sophomore SLADE, JAMES, Freshman SLADE. LENORA, Sophomore SLADE. LEONARD, Sophomore SLADE. WILLIAM, Freshman SMITH, EDWARD, Sophomore SMITH. DORSIE. Freshman SMITH. ROXANNA, Freshman SNIPES, JOHN. Sophomore SOLICE, PRETLO. Junior SPEIGHT, FRANCES. Junior SPENCER. OLIVIA. Freshman Underclassmen SPIVEY, JAMES, Sophomore SPRUILL, BARBARA, Freshman SPRUILL, VIOLET, Sophomore STRAYHORN, GEORGE, Freshman SUITER, CAROLYN, Freshman SUTTON, ANNIE, Freshman SUTTON, HAYWOOD, Freshman SUTTON, MARTHA, Sophomore SWIMPSON, JAMES, Senior SYKES, EDDIE, Sophomore TERRELL, JAMES, Freshman THOMAS, MILDRED, Sophomore THOMAS, WALTER, Sophomore VAUGHAN, BARBARA, Sophomore VICK, SUNNY, Sophomore WADDELL, ISABELLE, Freshman WALKER, MARY, Senior WALLACE, VERNA, Sophomore WARD, ANNIE, Sophomore WARD, CAROL, Freshman WARD, LULA, Sophomore WARREN. LaFOREST, Freshman WATFORD, DORA, Freshman WATFORD, LETHA, Sophomore WATSON, LILLIAN, Freshman WATSON, PEGGY, Sophomore WELCH, JOYCE, Junior WHITE, DOROTHY, Sophomore WHITE, MARGARET, Sophomore WIGGINS, ANNIE, Sophomore ££21 Underclassmen WIGGINS, JOHNNIE, Freshman WILKES, DORIS, Sophomore WILLIAMS, ALISE. Sophomore WILLIAMS, ELSIE, Sophomore WILLIAMS, PATRICIA, Freshman WILLIAMS, THOMAS, Junior WILLIAMS, VICTORIA, Sophomore WINSTEAD, CORINE, Freshman WOODS, JAMES, Sophomore WRIGHT, ROOSEVELT. Freshman WRIGHT, VERNICE, Freshman WYNN, MILDRED, Freshman YOUNG, EUNICE, Freshman MASKE, DONALD, Sophomore MATTHEWS, WILLIAM. Senior MAYE, EMMA. Sophomore MAYE, ERNESTINE, Sophomore JORDAN. JOHN, Sophomore SHARPE, ROBERT. Sophomore Students Whose Pictures Do Not Appear in the Yearbook 1961 Graduates BARCLIFT, VELMA BROWN, ELMER BROWN, SALUDA BUGGS, JOSEPH BUNCH, WILSON FEREBEE, VERNELL FOWLER, HELEN GAUSE, SNOWREE HALL, FREDERICK HARDING, CHARLOTTE HILL, MACIO HOCUTT, ANNIE HOCUTT, CARLTON JOYNER, FREDERICK PEELE, ELVER POPE, JAMES WINFIELD, SHIRLEY Underclassmen ABBOTT, DORIS, Freshman ABBOTT, GERALDINE, Freshman ASKEW, DAVID, Freshman ASKEW, JOHN, Sophomore BANKS, DAVID, Freshman BANKS, MAXINE, Freshman BARCLIFT, JOHN, Junior BARNES, GERTIE, Freshman BARTLETT, LEANDREW, Freshman BARTLETT, LENNARD, Freshman BAUM, WILLIAM, Junior BELTON, SAM, Freshman BIGGS, ROBERT, Sophomore BISHOP, ANDREW, Freshman BLAND, HAMPTON, Sophomore BLUE, JOANNE, Freshman BOND, HORTENSE, Sophomore BOONE, ANNIE, Sophomore BOYD, CLIFTON, Freshman BRACEY, EDWARD, Freshman BRADSHAW, LOUIS, Freshman BRANCHE, MARY, Freshman BRANCHE, MAUDIE, Freshman BRITT, FRANK, Junior BRITT, MARIE, Sophomore BRODIE, EARLIE, Junior BROWN, BRENDA, Freshman BROWN, JAMES, Freshman BRYANT, WILSON, Sophomore BURGIN, FREDERICK, Junior BURKE, ELLA, Freshman BURLEY, MARGARET, Freshman BURRUS, GENEVA, Freshman BUTTS, SHIRLEY, Sophomore BYRD, SADYE, Freshman CARSON, PARRIS, Freshman CARTWRIGHT. GLADYS, Freshman CHERRY, BARBARA, Freshman CHERRY, NORMAN, Sophomore CLARK, NANCY, Freshman CLAYTON, ELVIN, Freshman CLEMONS, RALLIE, Freshman COLLINS, ARDELLA, Freshman COLLINS, DELORES, Freshman CONGLETON, JULIA, Sophomore COOKE, FLORENCE, Sophomore COOPER, IRENE, Freshman COOPER, PEGGY, Sophomore COX, BROADUS, Freshman CREECY, MILFORD, Freshman CURTIS, CAMERON, Junior CURTIS, JOYCE, Junior DAUGHTRY, CATHERINE, Junior DAVIS, A. O., Freshman DAVIS, JIMMIE, Freshman DAVIS, LUCILLE, Sophomore DAWSON, KAREEN, Sophomore DEANS, WILLIE, Senior DELOATCH, ROBERT, Freshman DOWNING, LEAMOND, Sophomore EASON. HENRI, Freshman EASON, JAMES, Freshman EDWARDS, JoANN, Junior ETHERIDGE, CARLTON, Freshman EVANS, ANNA, Freshman EVANS, DOROTHY, Freshman EVANS, PERCIVAL, Freshman F ELTON, EDNA, Freshman FELTON, WILLIE, Freshman FENNER, WINTON, Sophomore FORBES, MARCELL, Freshman FORD, BERNICE, Senior FREEMAN, JOSEPH, Freshman GARRIS, JOHN, Sophomore GARRISON, MARY, Junior GARY, DEMETRICE, Sophomore GEORGE, CHRISTINE, Freshman GEORGE, DORA, Freshman GEORGE, OLIVER, Senior GEORGE, YVONNE, Freshman GIBBS, DOROTHY, Freshman GIBSON, MARION, Junior GORDON, HORACE, Senior GRAMBY. MARTHA, Sophomore GRAY. LOIS, Freshman GREENE, STANLEY, Sophomore HALE. ANNIE, Freshman 97 HALL, THERESA, Freshman HARDESTY, HAROLD, Junior HARGETT. HAROLD, Junior HARMON, CARLMINTA, Junior HARRELL, BILLIE, Sophomore HARRIS, ERNESTINE, Freshman HARVEY, CONNIE, Sophomore HARVEY, ZELPHIA, Freshman HATHAWAY, MARY, Freshman HAWKINS, JEANETTE, Freshman HENRY, JAMES, Sophomore HERRING, SHIRLEY, Sophomore HILL, CECILIA, Freshman HILL, DOROTHY, Sophomore HILL, SYLVIA, Freshman HOCKADAY, MARY, Sophomore HODGES, BOBBY, Freshman HOGGARD, GLORIA. Sophomore HOLLEY, CECIL, Freshman HOLLOMAN, BARBARA, Sophomore HOLLOMAN, NANNIE, Freshman HOWARD, JOHN, Freshman HOWARD, THELMA, Sophomore HUBBARD, SAMUEL, Junior IVEY, HILDA, Senior JACKSON, BETTY, Freshman JAMES, DAVID, Junior JARRETT, CHARLES, Freshman JEFFRIES, CHARLIE, Freshman JENKINS, MARY, Sophomore JOHNSON, BRADY, Sophomore JOHNSON, CAROLYN, Freshman JOHNSON, CLARENCE, Freshman JOHNSON, DENNIS, Freshman JOHNSON, EDMUND, Junior JOHNSON, HELEN J., Freshman JOHNSON, JOSEPH, Freshman JOHNSON, LeROY, Freshman JOHNSON, RAYFIELD, Freshman JOHNSON, SAMUEL, Junior JOHNSON, SANFORD, Sophomore JONES, ADRON, Junior JONES, ALICE, Sophomore JONES, BETTY, Sophomore JONES, CARLINDA, Senior JONES, DANIEL, Sophomore JONES, JUDITH, Sophomore JONES, MATTIE, Freshman JONES, MELVIN, Freshman JONES, VERLON, Sophomore JONES, ZELLIA, Freshman JORDAN, GEORGE, Sophomore JORDAN, SARAH, Freshman KEARNS, ROSA, Freshman KENDALE, JOHN, Sophomore KENT, PATRICIA, Freshman Students Whose Pictures Do Not Appear in the Yearbook KING, ARTHUR, Freshman LANGLEY, WILLIAM, Freshman LAWSON, LINDEL, Freshman LEA, ANNIE, Freshman LEAVENS, MARY, Sophomore LEE. JOSEPHINE, Junior LEE, NORMA, Sophomore LEE, ROBERT, Freshman LEWIS, ETHEL, Senior LEWIS, MATTHEW, Sophomore LITTLE, MIRIAM, Senior LITTLEJOHN, HERBERT, Sophomore LONG, GEORGE, Senior MADREY, WILLIAM, Freshman MAJETT. JESSE, Junior MALACHI, NATHANIEL, Freshman MALBON, MAMIE, Sophomore MALLORY, JAMES, Sophomore MANLEY, JIMMIE, Sophomore MANLEY, JOE, Sophomore MATTOCKS, SYLVESTER, Junior MAYFIELD, SPENCER, Sophomore MAYE, ROBERT, Sophomore MELTON, GLORIA, Freshman MELTON, WILLIAM, Freshman MILLER, COURTINE, Freshman MOORE, ERMA, Freshman MOORE, ETHEL, Freshman MOORE, FRANCES, Sophomore MOORE, LONNIE, Sophomore MOORNING, ROY, Sophomore MORGAN, DON, Senior MOSLEY, CAROLYN, Freshman MOYE, RUTH, Sophomore MULLEN, BRICKHOUSE, Freshman MULLEN, FRANK, Freshman MYRICK. ALICE, Sophomore McLEAN, JOHN, Sophomore NORMAN, DOROTHY, Sophomore OVERTON, THELMA, Sophomore PARKER, RIDDICK, Junior PARKER, STANLEY, Freshman PATTERSON, GEORGE, Sophomore PEACE, LEONARD, Freshman PEEBLES, ROBERT, Sophomore PERRY FRANCES, Sophomore PERRY, FRANK, Sophomore PERSON, MILDRED, Sophomore POMPEY, ALICE, Senior POWELL, JUNE, Freshman PROCTOR, BARBARA, Junior PRUDEN, EDNA, Senior PURDY, MARY, Freshman RAMSEY, GEORGE, Sophomore RAWLINGS, SAMUEL, Freshman REDDICK, NANCY, Freshman REDMOND. SUSIE, Sophomore REED, VONDA, Sophomore REESE, PATRICK, Sophomore REID, HORACE, Freshman RESPASS, JEAN, Freshman RESPASS, JOYCE, Junior RICE, RONALD, Sophomore RICHARDSON, JOHN, Freshman RICKS, BRENDA, Freshman RIDDICK, JAMES, Sophomore RIDDICK, MELVIN, Sophomore RIVERS, CHARLOTTE. Sophomore ROBINSON, HERBERT, Freshman RODGERS, ALBERT, Sophomore RODGERS, PEARL, Freshman ROUNTREE, OTIS, Sophomore ROUSON, CECIL, Freshman RUFFIN, RUDOLPH, Junior RUSSELL, DELLA, Freshman SADDLER, GEORGE, Sophomore SAUNDERS, DOROTHY, Junior SAUNDERS, WILLIAM, Senior SCOTT, JAMES, Freshman SHAW, BARBARA, Junior SHAW, MYRA, Freshman SHAW, WAVERLY, Freshman SHEPPARD, BRENDA, Freshman SIMMONS, JOHN, Senior SIMMONS, WILLIE, Freshman SIMPSON, GEORGE, Freshman SIMPSON, WINFRED, Freshman SKINNER, CYMERA, Sophomore SLADE, QUEENIE, Freshman SLEDGE, BOBBY, Freshman SMALL, BARBARA, Freshman SMALL, EDNA, Freshman SMITH, LEE, Freshman SMITH, SHIRDELLA, Freshman SMITH, WILMA, Sophomore SPELLMAN, EVORA, Freshman STOKES, ROSA, Sophomore SUTTON, JACKIE, Freshman SUTTON, JAMES, Freshman SUTTON, JIMMIE, Freshman SUTTON, SARAH, Freshman SYKES, BERNADETTE, Sophomore TAYLOR, CAROLYN, Sophomore TAYLOR, EFTON, Sophomore TAYLOR, EFTON, Sophomore TAYLOR, WILDER, Freshman TEEL, WILLIAM, Junior THOMAS. OLIVER, Freshman TROTMAN, DAVID, Sophomore TROTMAN, MARVIN, Junior TURNAGE, DOROTHY, Freshman TURNAGE, KENNETH, Sophomore VAUGHAN, BARBARA, Sophomore VIA, JEANETTE, Freshman VINSON, ALEA, Senior WALKER, BARBARA, Junior WALLACE, BARBARA, Sophomore WALLACE, LINDELL, Sophomore WALTON, NANCY, Freshman WARDLAW, ELOUISE, Freshman WATFORD, JOYCE, Freshman WATKINS, RUDOLPH. Sophomore WATSON, EDDIE, Freshman WESLEY, JAMES, Sophomore WEST, BARBARA, Freshman WHITAKER, CURTIS, Sophomore WHITE, PERCY, Freshman WHITE, VERNA, Freshman WIGGINS, CONZETTA, Freshman WILKINS, EARNEST, Sophomore WILKINS, KITRINA, Freshman WILLIAMS, BARBARA, Freshman WILLIAMS, CALVIN, Senior WILLIAMS, CAROLYN, Sophomore WILLIAMS, ELWOOD, Freshman WILLIAMS, JAMES, Sophomore WILLIAMS, JOHN, Senior WILLIAMS, JOSEPH, Freshman WILLIAMS, MARY, Freshman WILLIAMS, PATRICIA B., Freshman WILLIAMS, SONDRA, Freshman WILSON, JIMMIE, Sophomore WILSON, JOYCE, Freshman WILSON, MARY, Freshman WINFIELD, SHIRLEY, Senior WOOD, BARBARA, Sophomore WOOD, BETTY, Freshman WOOD, ESTHER, Freshman WOODRUFF, JOYCE, Sophomore WORTHAM, ERVIN, Freshman WRIGHT, PHYLLIS, Freshman YARBOROUGH, RAYMOND, Sophomore YOUNG, DORETHEA, Freshman WEEKS, RACHEL, Senior The 1961 PIRATE is finished. Its pages contain a brief record in words and pictures of seventy years of progress at ECSTC. It represents the Past and the Present. It is a challenge for the Future. The Yearbook Staff and Yearbook Committee wish to thank the col- lege family and our many friends for helping to make this publication possible. The Editors Patrons Mr. Edward Adams Plainfield, N.J. Mrs. Savannah Adams Greenville, N.C. Mrs. Sylvia Allen Virgilina, Va. Mr. Mrs. Alfred Alexander Newark, N.J. Mr. Mrs. Leroy Allister Botecasi, N.C. Mr. Mrs. C. C. Alston Louisburg. N.C. Mrs. Marian Ames Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Leondias Anthony Virginia Beach, Va. Mrs. Alice Armstrong Farmville, N.C. Mrs. Theresa H. Arnold Norfolk, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Clifton Arrington Richmond, Va. Mrs. Mammie Parker Arrington Holland, Va. Mr. Clarence Artis Farmville, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Rudolph Artis Winton, N.C. Mr. Selby Artis Stantonsburg, N.C. Mrs. Lenora Baggett Warsaw, N.C. Mr. Louie L. Bailey Washington, D.C. Mr. Albert Baker Pantego, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Ashley Baker Portsmouth, Va. Mr. Mrs. Ashley Baker, Jr. Portsmouth, Va. Mrs. Marion Baker Portsmouth, Va. 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Brown Durham, N.C. Mr. Mrs. C. F. Brunton Kinston, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Ralph Brunton Jacksonville. N.C. Miss Marian C. Bryant Columbia, N.C. Miss Bertha E. Bullock Enfield, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Carlton Bullock Oxford, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Floyd D. Bullock Spokane, Washington Miss Irene Bullock Enfield, N.C. Miss Mary A. Bullock Enfield, N.C. Mr. Mrs. William Bullock, Jr. Enfield, N.C. Mr. Ross Bunch Pantego, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Oscar Burch Robersonville, N.C. Miss Essie Burden Murfreesboro, N.C. Sp 4 Harold Burden Fairbanks, Alaska Mr. Mrs. Wilbert Burden Goldsboro, N.C. Mr. Mrs, William Burden Goldsboro, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Willie Burke Elizabeth City, N.C. Mrs. Lessie Burton Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mautni L. Butts Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. James E. Byrd Edenton, N.C. Mr. Mrs. James Byrd Edenton, N.C. Mrs. Lizzie Byrd Rocky Mount, N.C. Mr. George Campbell Washington, D.C. Miss Shirley Campbell Spartanburg, S.C. Mr. Willie Campbell Cincinnati, Ohio Miss Ida Bell Carmack Bethel, N.C. 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Mr. Mrs. Leon Cooper Winton, N.C. Mr. Mrs. R. S. Cooper Pantego, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Isaac Corbett Newark, N.J. Mr. Mrs. Russell Costen Sunbury, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Russell Costen Sunbury, N.C. Mrs. Sarah Costen Sunbury, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Winfield Costen Sunbury, N.C. Mr. Wallace L. Crandell Danbury, Conn. T Sgt. Mrs. L. Crocker Suffolk, Va. Rev. Joseph Daniels Manteo, N.C. Mr. Leon D. Daniels New York, N.Y. Mrs. Mary E. S. Daniels Manteo, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Alfred Davis Rocky Mount, N.C. Mrs. Bemice Davis Rocky Mount, N.C. Mr. Mrs. V. G. Davis Portsmouth, Va. Mr. Mrs. C. Deloatche Scotland Neck, N.C. Mr. Floyd Davis Murfreesboro, N.C. Mr. Lee Davis Edenton, N.C. Mrs. Lila T. Davis Winston-Salem, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Lonnie Davis Henderson, N.C. Miss Mary E. Davis Rocky Mount, N.C. Miss Josephine P. Dickens Washington, D.C. Mrs. Hattie Lee Dixon Robersonville, N.C. Sgt. Mrs. Booker Dorgon Springfield, Mass. Mr. Heniy Dove Kinston, N.C. Mrs. Edgar Douglas Washington, N.C. Mr. James E. Downing Portsmouth, Va. Mr. Charles Drummond LaCrosse, Va. Mrs. Ruth Dudley Rocky Mount, N.C. Miss Hazel M. Dukes Ahoskie, N.C. Mrs. Thennie Dukes Ahoskie, N.C. Miss Tinnie Dukes Ahoskie, N.C. Mr. Cobie Dunn Washington, D.C. Mrs. Ruby Dupree Norfolk, Va. Mrs. Elsie Eason Stanford, Conn. Mrs. Chyntia Eason Windsor, N.C. Mr. William H. Eason Robersonville, N.C. Mr. James A. Eaton State Teachers College Mr. Mrs. Lloyd R. Eaton Portsmouth, Va. Mrs. Martha Knight Eaton Whaleyville, Va. Mrs. Elena Edwards Hookerton, N.C. Mr. Mrs. James A. Edwards Walstonburg, N.C. Mrs. Willie Eggleston Elizabeth City, N.C. Rev. Mrs. J. D. Ellis Williamston, N.C. Mrs. Bessie Evans Oxford, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Claud Evans Elizabeth, N.J. Mr. Mrs. Edward Evans Elizabeth, N.J. Mr. Hurman Evans Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. John H. Evans Oxford, N.C. Miss Raye A. Evans Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Steve Evans Elizabeth, N.J. Mr. Mrs. Charles Everett Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Walter Exum Kenly, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Charles Fayton Edenton, N.C. Mrs. Sadie N. Fayton Edenton, N.C. Mrs. Woodie Fearing Manteo, N.C. Mr. Jessie Feison Winton, N.C. Mr. Abe Feldman Ahoskie, N.C. Mr. Cladeen Felton Winton, N.C. Mr. George Felton Scotland Neck, N.C. Mr. Joseph Felton Hertford, N.C. Mr. Mrs. E. Fenner New Bern, N.C. Mrs. Verna B. Fenner Columbia, N.C. Miss Queenie Ferebee Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Willis Ferebee South Mills, N.C. Mr. Willie Ferebee, Jr. South Mills, N.C. Mr. Clarence M. Fields Farmville, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Clayton Fields Washington, D.C. Mrs. Hulda Fields Farmville, N.C. Mrs. Eddie Finch Lucama, N.C. Mrs. Ida M. Finch Lucama, N.C. Mr. Mrs. James Finch Williamston, N.C. Mr. J. T. Finch Kenly, N.C. Miss Lendora Finch Williamsto n, N.C. Mr. Willie D. Finch Wilson, N.C. Mrs. Louise Fleetwood Murfreesboro, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Douglas Fleming Eureka, N.C. Mr. Bubble C. Flood Conway, N.C. Mr. C. Flythe Rocky Mount, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Lawrence Forbes Belcross, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Sharper Forbes Greenville, N.C. Mrs. Mary P. Ford Goldsboro, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Thomas Foreman Greenville, N.C. Mrs. O.D. Foxhall Washington, N.C. Miss Doris M. Foye Selma, N.C. Mr. Edward Foye Washington, D.C. Mr. Mrs. John C. Foye Pollocksville, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Leroy Foye Selma, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Willie Franks Pollocksville, N.C. Mr. Henry P. Frederick Warsaw, N.C. Mrs. Mable A. Frederick Warsaw, N.C. Miss Valeria Frederick Warsaw, N.C. Mr. William S. Frederick Warsaw, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Charlie Freeman Kinston, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Chester Freeman Belhaven, N.C. Mr. David Freeman Colerain, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Elbert E. Freeman Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. Ethel Gainer Greenville, N.C. Mrs. A. D. Gaither Williamston, N.C. Mr. Lonnie Gandy Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. E. Curtis Garrett Newport News, Va. Mr. Mrs. Linard Garett Norfolk, Va. Miss Margaret Garett Philadelphia, Pa. Miss Betty Garris Jackson, N.C. Mr. Mrs. John B. Garris Jackson, N.C. Mr. Mrs. John R. Garris Jackson, N.C. Mr. Matt T. Garris Jackson, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Luther Gatling Sunbury, N.C. Miss Barliara Ann Gaulden Washington, D.C. Mr. Willie Gee, Jr. Washington, D.C. Mrs. Hattie George Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Clarence W. Gernigan Edenton, N.C. Miss Annie B. Gibbs Greenville, N.C. Mrs. Ella G. Gibbs Belhaven, N.C. Mrs. Ercle V. Gibbs Pantego, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Hubert Gibbs Belhaven, N.C. Mrs. Mamie L. Gibbs Pantego, N.C. Pvt. David Gilbert Germany I HI ' Mrs. Daisy Glover Henderson, N.C. Miss Jewel Glover Brooklyn, N.Y. Mrs. Ruth Glover Bethel, N.C. Miss Margarette Golden Washington, D.C. Mrs. Audrey P. Goode Murfreesboro, N.C. Mrs. Jenola Goode Macon, N.C. Mr. Ben Gorham Farmville, N.C. Mr. Mrs. John L. Gorham Farmville, N.C. Miss R. H. Gravtham Goldsboro. N.C. Mr. Robert Lee Gray Portsmouth, Va. Mr. Mrs. Bill Green Belhaven, N.C. Mr. Bruce O. Green, Jr. Disputanta, Va. Mr. Bruce Greene, Sr. Disputanta, Va. Mrs. Cora Greene Disputanta, Va. Miss Jewel J. Greene Rocky Mount, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Josephus Greene Newark, N.J. Mr. Richard H. Greene Macon, N.C. Mrs. Annie Gregory Long Island City, N.Y. N. H. GREGORY GROCERY STORE Shiloh, N.C. Mrs. Maeola E. Gregory Oxford, N.C. Mr. Leroy Griffin Pantego, N.C. Mr. Thomas Grimes Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Matthew Hale Suffolk, Va. Mr. Mrs. George Hall Winton, N.C. Mr. Herman Hall Edenton, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Lozarus Hall Philadelphia, Pa. HAMILTON ' S FUNERAL HOME Goldsboro, N.C. Miss Elaine Harding Washington, D.C. Mr. J. F. Hardy Woodland, N.C. Mrs. Olga Hardy Franklin, Va. Mr. Mrs. Robert Hardy Jamaica, N.Y. Miss Effie Mae Harper New York, N.Y. Mr. Arthur Lee Harrell Norfolk, Va. Mr. Mrs. Richard Harrell Sunbury, N.C. Mrs. Cherry B. Harris Farmville, N.C. Dr. F. N. Harris Franklyn, Va. CADER HARRIS SON Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. James Harris Washington, D.C. Mrs. Lizzie Harris Stantonsburg, N.C. Mrs. S.R. Harris Newsom, Va. Mrs. L. E. Harrison Durham, N.C. Mr. Mrs. G. Harvey Hertford, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Roosevelt Hassell Williamston, N.C. Mr. Mrs. C. E. Hayes Atkinson, N.C. Mr. Colon Haynes Whiteville, N.C. Mrs. Elvora C. Height Tarrytown, N.Y. Miss Ruth Hemby Greenville, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Everett Henderson Portsmouth, Va. Mrs. Edna Henry New Orleans, La. Mr. Joseph E. Henry Raleigh, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Tim Herring Washington, D.C. Miss Mary J. Hexstall Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Clyde Hicks Conway, N.C. Mrs. Gladys G. Hicks Waverly, Va. Mrs. Naomi V. High Middlesex. N.C. Mr. Alexander Hodge Williamston, N.C. Miss A. M. Hoffler Winfall, N.C. Miss Mary L. Hoffler Berlin, Maryland Mr. Mrs. H. Holiday Enfield, N.C. Mr. William Holmes Williamston, N.C. Mr. Mrs. R. R. Holland Franklin, Va. Mrs. Annie J. Holley Edenton, N.C. Miss Hester Holley Colrain, N.C. Dr. O. L. Holley Edenton, N.C. HOMEWOOD ACRES Charlotte, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Honeyblue Williamston, N.C. Miss Cora Honablew Creswell, N.C. Mr. Richard E. Home Rocky Mount, N.C. Dr. Horton Edenton, N.C. Mr. Calvin F. Houpe Goldsboro, N.C. Miss Beverly Howard Elizabeth City, N.C. Dr. Davie Howell Wilson, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Emerson, Howell Sunbury, N.C. Mrs. Thelma Howell Wilson, N.C. Mrs. Irma. B. Hudgins Franklin, Va. Mrs. Connie B. Hughes Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Marion Huggins Walstonburg, N.C. Mr. W. A. Hunt Jarvisburg, N.C. Mrs. Callie Hunter Wilson, N.C. Mr. Mrs. George T. Hyman Williamston, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Alfred Ingram Brooklyn, N.Y. Mr. Mrs. Charles A. Irons Jamaica, N.Y. JACOCKS PHARMACY, INC. Elizabeth City, N.C. Mrs. Annie B. Jackson Elizabeth City, N.C. Mrs. Florence Jackson Washington, N.C. Mr. Mrs. L. M. Jackson Williamston, N.C. Mrs. Lizzie M. Jackson Portsmouth, Va. JAMES RADIO T.V SHOP Plymouth, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Charles Jones Wilson, N.C. 103 Mrs. Eliza Y. Jenkins Ahoskie, N.C. Mr. Herbert Jenkins, Jr. Aulander, N.C. Mr. Leroy Jenkins Richmond, Va. Mrs. Sallie Jenkins Ahoskie, N.C. Mrs. Bernice D. Johnson Newsoms, Va. Mr. Mrs. C. Johnson Scotland Neck, N.C. Miss Emily Johnson Long Island City, N.Y. Mrs. Leolia Johnson Hickery, Va. Mrs. Odessa Johnson Greenville, N.C. Mr. Raymon Johnson Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Ronald E. Johnson Elm City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Stanley Johnson Murfreesboro, N.C. Mrs. Thelma S. Johnson Roper, N.C. Miss Towanda G. Johnson Murfreesboro, N.C. Miss Velma Cleo Johnson Murfreesboro, N.C. Mr. Willie Johnson Norfolk " , Va. Mrs. Abell Jones Snow Hill, N.C. Mr. Alexander Jones Morehead City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. A. R. Jones Williamston, N.C. Mrs. Blanche Jones Hodgood, N.C. Mrs. Carlinda Jones Williamston, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Charlie E. Jones Walstonburg, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Eddie L. Jones Hookerton, N.C. Miss Emma Jones Manhasset, L. I., N.Y. Mrs. Emma Jones Washington, D.C. Mr. Mrs. Fenson Jones Laurinburg, N.C. Miss Flossie Jones New York, N.Y. A12C Hughes F.Jones Topeka, Kansas Mr. Mrs. John T. Jones Newark, N.J. Mr. Mrs. Johnnie Jones Snow Hill, N.C. Mr. Johnnie Jones, Jr. Newark, N.J. Mrs. Josephine Jones Snow Hill, N.C. Mr. King S. Jones Snow Hill, N.C. Miss Livoria Jones Staten Island, N.Y. Miss Lola Jones Royslin, N.Y. Mrs. Lula B. Jones Hookerton, N.C. Mrs. Ruth B. Jones Rocky Mount, N.C. Mr. William N. Jones Washington, D.C. Mrs. Annie B. Jordon Elizabeth City, N.C. Mrs. Mary Jordan Windsor, N.C. Mr. Elonza Joyner Murfreesboro, N.C. Miss Evelyn Joyner Wingdale, N.Y. Miss Gloria Joyner Greenville, N.C. Mr. J. Archibald Joyner Farmville, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Junius Joyner New Bern, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Junius Joyner, Jr. Washington, D.C. Mr. Mrs. Richard Joyner Conway, N.C. Mrs. Rosa Joyner Edenton, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Willie Joyner Greenville, N.C. Mr. James T. Kates Newport News, Va. Miss Aurie M. Keene Winston, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Theodore R. Kidd LaCrosse, Va. Mr. Vernon Kidd LaCrosse, Va. Mrs. E. L. King Pantego, N.C. Miss M. King Greenville, N.C. Miss Kazel P. Knight Washington, D.C. Mr. Mrs. James L. Knight Scotland Neck, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Johnnie L. Knight Washington, D.C. Mrs. L. B. Knight Robersonville, N.C. Mrs. M. B. Knight Henderson, N.C. Mrs. Sarah E. Knight Scotland Neck, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Victor Knight Rocky Mount, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Hattie Land Williamston, N.C. Mr. Henry Land, Jr. Williamston. N.C. Mr. Willie Land Greensboro, N.C. Mrs. Elizabeth Landcaster Scotland Neck, N.C. Mr. Alphonza Laudis Oxford, N.C. Miss Eliza Lane Goldsboro. N.C. Mrs. Sara Lane Goldsboro, N.C. Mr. Henry Lassiter Sunbury, N.C. Mr. Hubert Lawrence Franklin, Va. Mr. Mrs. George W. Lee Lewiston, N.C. Mr. Mrs. John H. Lee Williamston, N.C. Mr. George L. Leary Ney York, N.Y. Mr. Harry Lee Lennon Whitevi Mr. Mrs. Walter Leonard Rocky Mount, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Arthur Lewis Elizabeth City, N.C. Mrs. Delia Lewis Elizabeth City, N.C. Mrs. Mamie Lewis Cincinnati, Ohio Mrs. Matthew Lewis Greenville, N.C. Mr. Ernest Lindsey Poplar Branch, N.C. Mrs. Celia Little Greenville, N.C. Mrs. Evelena R. Little Ahoskie, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Lenon Little, Jr. Greenville, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Willie Little Hookerton, N.C. Mrs. Belle Liverman Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Julius K. Liverman Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. James W. Logan Salem, Va. Mr. Mrs. Luther Lovick Grifton, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Luther Lovick Washington, D.C. 104 Mr. Mrs. Isaac Lowe Hertford, N.C. Mr. Mrs. James Lowe Wintervi ' lle, N.C. Mr. Mrs. James Lowe, Jr. Washington, D.C. Mr. Mrs. Lindsey Lowe Washington, D.C. Mr. Mrs. John Lucas Oxford, N.C. Mrs. Alice Lynch Enfield, N.C. Rev. Mrs. A .G. Lynch Oak City, N.C. Mr. Burnette R. Lynch Oak City, N.C. Rev. Lorenza Lynch Greensboro, N.C, Mrs. Lorine E. Lynch Greensboro, N.C. Mr. R. C. Lynch Robersonville, N.C. Mr. Louis C. Lyons Oxford, N.C. Miss Ruby C. Lyons Ahoskie, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Cornelius Mabry LaCrosse, Va. Mr. Mrs. Thornton Majette Garysburg, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Henry Mallory Hertford, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Willie Mallory Hertford, N.C. Mrs. Maynard Maugum Moyock, N.C. Mrs. Ruby J. Manley Ahoskie, N.C. ELBERT MANN ' S TRUCKING AUTO REPAIR Elizabeth City, N.C. Miss Mary Marable Franklinton, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Thomas L. Maston Elizabeth City, N.C. Mrs. Eleanor Maye Washington, D.C. Mr. Mrs. Lelena Maye Kinston, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Nicholas L. Meekins Manteo, N.C. Miss Mary Jane Melson Elizabeth City, N.C. Rev. James Melvin Goldsboro, N.C. Mr. Sam Midgett, Jr. Manteo, N.C. Mrs. Cleatrice Mitchell Ahoskie, N.C. Mr. Eric Mitchell Ahoskie, N.C. Mr. Harold E. Mitchell Ahoskie, N.C. Mrs. Lula Mitchell Ahoskie, N.C. Mrs. Mattie Mitchell Ahoskie, N.C. Miss Patricia Mitchell South Mills, N.C. Miss Peggy Mitchell Ahoskie, N.C. Mrs. E. H. Modlin Edenton, N.C. Mrs. Mattie Modlin Winfall, N.C. Mrs. Evelyn H. Monk Ahoskie, N.C. Mrs. Alta Moore Pantego, N.C. Mr. Mrs. D. E. Moore Enfield, N.C. Mrs. Eugenia Moore Washington, N.C. Mr. General Moore Brooklyn, N.Y. Mr. Mrs. Jessie Moore Robersonville, N.C. Mr. Joseph Moore Washington, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Marcus Moore Watha, N.C. Miss Marsha L. Moore Watha, N.C. Mrs. Mary Moore Greenville, N.C. Miss Mary Lee Moore Washington, N.C. Mr. Cornelius Morton Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. S. P. Morton Franklin, Va. Mr. James Moses Goldsboro, N.C. Mr. Mrs. B. J. Mott Atkinson, N.C. Mr. Gurney Mozingo Goldsboro, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Amos Mumford Trenton, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Lawyer Mumford Kinston, N.C. Mrs. Marie M. Murphy Newsoms, Va. Mr. James McCall Roper, N.C. Mr. Mrs. J. McClease Manteo, N.C. Mr. J. E. McCowan Louisburg, N.C. Mrs. Ruby M. McCoy South Mills, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Matthew McCoy Elm City, N.C. Mrs. Geneva McGee Scotland Neck, N.C. Mr. Mrs. C. C. McGlone Greenville, N.C. Mr. Mrs. C. McGlone Lewiston, N.C. Mr. Mrs. A Mclntyce Williamston, N.C. Mr. Wilson, McKenzie Whiteville, N.C. Mr. Mrs. S. McLendon Morehead City, N.C. Mrs. Mable McNeal Scotland Neck, N.C. Mr. Mrs. E. McNeill Lauringburg, N.C. Mr. Mrs. L. McNeill McCain, N.C. Mrs. Gladys McTootle Scotland Neck, N.C. Mr. Mrs. S. McWilliams Enfield, N.C. Mr. Mrs. I. McZorn Marston, N.C. Mrs. Lulanger H. Neal Spring Hope, N.C. Mr. Jarvis Newby Winfall, N.C. Mr. B. C. Newsome Elizabeth City, N.C. Mrs. Marie S. Ore Washington, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Outerbrid Jessup, Maryland Mr. Watson, Outlaw Windsor, N.C. Mr. Charles Overton Hertford, N.C. Mr. George D. Overton Brooklyn, N.Y. Mr. Mrs. E. L. Owens Williamston, N.C. Mrs. Irma A. Owens Washington, N.C. Miss Odessa Owens Columbia, N.C. Mr. Mrs. C. Patterson Spring Hope, N.C. Mr. Mrs. B. Peele Lewiston, N.C. Mr. William W. Peele Lewiston, N.C. Mr. Sullivan Peele Wingdale, N.Y. Mrs. Elnora H. Pearce Kenly, N.C. 105 Mr. Mrs. Geraldine Peace Kenly, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Alfred Peele Lewiston, N.C. Miss Etta Mae Perry Spring Hope, N.C. Miss Geneva Perry Spring Hope, N.C. Mrs. Lester Perry Kenly, N.C. Mrs. Ruina Perry Spring Hope, N.C. Mr. Willie A. Perry Spring Hope, N.C. Miss Carrie Pender Virginia Beach, Va. Mrs. Mary L. Pender Scotland Neck, N.C. Mr. Willie Pender, Jr. Virginia Beach, Va. Mrs. Lillian Perkins Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. John A. McPhatter Wagram, N.C. Mrs. Cassie Phillips Greenville, N.C. Miss Emma Pickett Newburg, N.Y. Mr. Mrs. Henry Pickett Morehead City, N.C. Mrs. Essie Pierce Woodland, N.C. Mrs. Lessie Pierce Ahoskie, N.C. Mr. William E. Pierce Ahoskie, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Algie Pitchford Newport News, Va. Mrs. Sadie Mae Pitt Rocky Mount, N.C. Mr. Berry Pittman Scotland Neck, N.C. Mr. Leornard Piatt Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Ruben Porter Murfreesboro, N.C. Mr. Mrs. R. Porter Winton, N.C. Mr. J. A. Powell Clarkton, N.C. Mr. Joseph Pridgen Whiteville, N.C. Mrs. Modenia Proileau Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. H. L. Proctor Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Major Proctor Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. B. Purvis Williamston, N.C. Mr. Joseph D. Purvis Rocky Mount, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Leonard Purvis Rocky Mount, N.C. Mr. Mrs. L. Purvis Newark, N.J. Mrs. Hallie Puryear Virgilina, Va. Mr. Mrs. Noni Puryear Virgilina, Va. Mr. James T. Rayland New York, N.Y. Mrs. Cora Whitaker Ramsaw Como, N.C. Mrs. Pattis E. Ramsey Oxford, N.C. Mr. James Roscoe Baltimore, Md. Mr. Mrs. H. Reaves Ayden, N.C. Mrs. Mary Reddick Williamston, N.C. Mr. Mrs. R. Reddick Greenville, N.C. Mrs. Amanda Reid Princess Ann, Va. Mr. John Thomas Reid Pikesville, N.C. REX CLEANERS Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. J. B. Rhody Goldsboro, N.C. Mr. Mrs. R. Richardson Portsmouth, Va. Mrs. Thelma Richardson Franklin, Va. Mr. Mrs Eugene Ricks Brooklyn, N.Y. Miss Doris Riddick Eden ton, N.C. Mr. Mrs. W. Riddick Suffolk, Va. Mrs. Cora D. Roach South Mills, N.C. Mr. Mrs. A. Roberson Williamston, N.C. Mr. Donald L. Roberts Edenton, N.C. Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts Edenton, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Leon Roberts Edenton, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Leon Roberts Edenton, N.C. Mrs. Irene Robertson Macon, N.C. Mr. Albert Robinson, Jr. Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. C. H. Robinson Elizabeth City, N.C. Mrs. Virginia Roberson Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Carroll Rodgers Portsmouth, Va. Mr. Clerance Rodgers Williamston, N.C. Mrs. Doretha Rodgers Williamston, N.C. Mrs. Katie Rogers Newark, N.J. Mr. Vernon T. Ross Williamsburg, Va. A3C Curtis Roulhac San Antonio, Texas Mr. Allen Rountree Grifton, N.C. Mr. Mrs. George Rowson Columbia, N.C. Mrs. Carrie P. Saunders Waist onburg, N.C. Mr. Jessie J. Saunders Plainfield, N.J. Miss Mary Sounders Morehead City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Oscar C. Saunders Sunbury, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Joseph B. Sawyer Elizabeth City, N.C. SCAFFS GROCERY Elizabeth City, N.C. Mrs. Ida E. Scott Ahoskie, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Roe Scott. Jr. Elizabeth City, N.C. Mrs. Lizzie Mae Scott Robersonville, N.C. Mr. Mrs. James Scruggs Plainfield, N.J. Mr. Mrs. Arthur Selby Englehard, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Willie R. Shambley Colerain, N.C. Mr. Leroy Shannon Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Sam Shannon Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Butler Sharpe Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. John E. Sharpe Suffolk, Va. Mr. Mrs. William T. Sharpe Pendleton, N.C. Miss Climitine Sharpless Hampstead, N.C. Mrs. Essie Shearer Cincinnati, Ohio Mrs. Carrie Shearin Macon, N.C. Mr. Mrs. A. Shepard Hampstead, N.C. Mrs. Bernetha Shepard Hampstead, N.C. Mr. Mrs. L. Sherard Selma, N.C. Mr. Johnny Sims Smithfield, N.C. Mr. Karl A. Sims Smithfield, N.C. Mrs. Annie W. Simmons Winton, N.C. Mr. Henry L. Simmons Pantego, N.C. Miss Mattie L. Simmons Manteo, N.C. Mrs. Serena Simmons Elizabeth City, N.C. Miss Christine Singletary Kenly, N.C. Mr. Dan Singletary Whiteville, N.C. Mrs. Carrie Singleton Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. G. G. Singleton Petersburg, Va. Mrs. Carolyn Slade Rocky Mount, N.C. Miss Clarice Slade Woodland, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Clifton Slade Washington, D.C. Miss 1 Elizabeth Slade Conway, N.C. Mr. Emanuel Slade Conway, N.C. Mr. Leonard A. Slade Conway, N.C. Mrs. Mary E. Slade Conway, N.C. Mr. Milton Slade Conway, N.C. Mr. Mrs. N. W. Slade Robersonville, N.C. Mr. Robert E. Slade Conway, N.C. Mr. Mrs. K. T. Slade Williamston, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Vernon Slade Washington, D.C. Mr. Washington Slade Woodland, N.C. Mr. Mrs. W. V. Slade Woodland, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Eddie Smith Greenville, N.C. Mr. Emmett Smith Norfolk, Va. Mr. Mrs. Ezekiel Smith Newark, N.J. Mr. Mrs. George Smith Plymouth, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Henry Smith Halifax, N.C. Mr. L. W. Smith Elizabeth City, N.C. Miss Lemira Smith Newark, N.J. Mr. Mrs. Tony Smith Brooklyn, N.Y. Mrs. Virginia Smith Ayden, N.C. Mr. James H. Snowden Elizabeth City, N.C. SOCIETY PRESS Winton, N.C. Mr. Mrs. J. T. Speight Snow Hill, N.C. Mr. Vollie Speight Wilson, N.C. Mr. Daniel B. Speller Windsor, N.C. Mr. Robert L. Speller Brooklyn. N.Y. Mr. Thomas Speller Brooklyn, N.Y. Mr. Mrs. R. Spellman Elizabeth City, N.C. Miss Helena Spencer Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. K. M. Spencer Pantego, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Charlie Spruill Williamston, N.C. Mr. Charlie D. Spruill Stampford, Conn. Miss Christine Spruill Williamston, N.C. Rev. Mrs. Dallas Spruill Columbia, N.C. Mrs. Ida Spruill Elizabeth City, N.C. Mrs. Sarah B. Spruill Suffolk, Va. Mr. Ted Lee Spruill Williamston, N.C. Mrs. Mamie Stancil Portsmouth, Va. Mrs. L. E. Sugg Elizabeth City, N.C. Mrs. Priscilla C. Swartzell Washington, N.C. Mr. Eddie Sykas, Jr. Hickory, Va. Mr. Bobby Taylor South Mills, N.C. Mr. B. L. Taylor Scotland Neck, N.C. Mr. Daniel W. Taylor Scotland Neck, N.C. Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth City, N.C. Mrs. Harriett M. Taylor Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. John Taylor Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Lonnie Taylor Ahoskie, N.C. Mrs. Mary Taylor Wilson, N.C. Mrs. Minnie Bess Taylor Hertford, N.C. Mrs. Willie Mae Taylor Elizabeth City, N.C. TENEY ' S FUNERAL HOME Spring Hope, N.C. Mr. N. Thomas Farmville, N.C. Rev. Mrs. William Thomas Raleigh, N.C. Mr. Mrs. J. R. Thompson Morehead City, N.C. 1 CPL. Ashley Tillery, Jr. San Francisco, California Mr. Mrs. Ashley Tillery, Sr. Williamston, N.C. Mr. John R. Tillery Enfield, N.C. Mr. Clifton Toueblook Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Joseph Turnage Richmond, Va. Mr. Mrs. James E. Turner Durants Neck, N.C. Miss Lelia Turner Franklin, Va. Rev. Mrs. J. E. Trotman Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Tyner Williamston, N.C. Mrs. Annie C. Tyson Norfolk, Va. Mr. Mrs. Rochell Vann Winton, N.C. Mrs. Amanda Vines Farmville, N.C. Miss Gina M. Wallace York, Pennsylvania Miss Gloria Wallace Everetts, N.C. Mr. James Wallace Everetts, N.C. Miss Lauy Wallace Everetts, N.C. Miss Linda Wallace Everetts, N.C. Mr. William Wallace Everetts, N.C. Mr. E. T. Walker Edenton, N.C. Mr. Mrs. William Walker Elm City, N.C. 107 Mr. Elisha Ward Stantonsburg, N.C. Mr. Joseph Ward Selma, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Walter Ward Rich Square, N.C. Mill Hilda Warren Snow Hill, N.C. Mr. Julian A. Warren Brooklyn, N.Y. Mr. Mrs. M. Warren, Sr. Snow Hill, N.C. Mr. Mrs. M. Warren, Jr. Snow Hill, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Robert L. Warren Newark, N.J. Mr. William Warme Snow Hill, N.C. Mrs. Ethel Washington Rocky Mount, N.C. Mr. Mrs. James E. Waters Norfolf, Va. Miss Lucille W. Watford Pollockville, N.C. Mrs. Tamatine VVatkins Newark, N.J. Mrs. Bessie Watson Ahoskie, N.C. Mr. A. L. Weaver Winton, N.C. Mrs. Donia H. Weaver Ahoskie, N.C. Miss Ethel E. Webb Oxford, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Abron Wells Bloomfield, Conn. Mrs. Mary S. Welch Edenton, N.C. Mrs. Ross Wheeler Aulander, N.C. Mrs. Lizzie Whidlee Hertford, N.C. Mrs. Alice White Ahoskie, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Floyd White Suffolk, Va. Mr. Frank White Colerain, N.C. Mr. Mrs. James E. White Elizabeth City, N.C. Miss Jean E. White Wilson, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Joe H. White Aulander, N.C. Mrs. Sophia M. White Columbia, N.C. Mr. Wesley White Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Mr. Mrs. Willie White Farmville, N.C. Mr. John Whitted Scotland Neck, N.C. Mr. Eddie Wiggins Grifton, N.C. Mrs. Ethel P. Wiggins Rocky Mount, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Marvin Wiggins Grifton, N.C. Rev. Addison M. Williams Ahoskie, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Andrew Williams Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Arthur Williams Williamston, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Augustus Williams Morehead City, N.C. Mrs. Beatrice Williams Portsmouth, Va. Miss Bennie L. Williams Selma, N.C. Mr. Curtis Williams Greenville, N.C. Mr. Dowell Williams Clarkton, N.C. Mrs. M. Williams Edenton, N.C. Miss Priscilla A. Williams Williamston, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Robert Williams Hookerton, N.C. Mr. Robert Williams Virgilina, Va. Mr. Roosevelt Williams Williamston, N.C. Mr. Spencer Williams Scotland Neck, N.C. Mr. Mrs. T. W. Williams Rocky Mount, N.C. Mrs. Willa G. Williams Greenville, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Willie Williams Williamston, N.C. Mr. Ernest M. Wills Enfield, N.C. Mr. Jeany Willoghby Farmville, N.C. Mrs. Ellem Wilkins Enfield, N.C. Mrs. Bessie E. Wilson Klamath Falls, Oregon Mr. Mrs. James H. Wilson Elizabeth City, N.C. Mrs. Laura Wilson Scotland Neck, N.C. Mr. M. L. Wilson Selma, N.C. Mrs. Nancy G. Wilson Rocky Mount, N.C. Mrs. Corine Winstead Elm City, N.C. Mr. Governor Winstead Elm City, N.C. Mrs. Iola P. Winstead Roxboro, N.C. Miss Mary L. Wise Elizabeth City, N.C. Mr. Mrs. Carlton Woodard Wilson, N.C. Rev. Mrs. Eddie Woodard Wilson, N.C. Miss Alice Woolard Everetts, N.C. Mrs. Cora Worsley Scotland Neck, N.C. Mr. Mrs. James S. Wright Fort Deuens, Mass. Mr. Ralph Wynn Elm City, N.C. Mr. I. H. Yencey Virgilina, Va. Mrs. H. K. Yeates Ahoskie, N.C. Mrs. Sidney Corine Young Panteaio, N.C. .$ I 9 7 MV» ; ;f : -

Suggestions in the Elizabeth City State University - Viking Yearbook (Elizabeth City, NC) collection:

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