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DM ]Wv A ■ ' " I 9 5 7 v LOG tP Elizabeth City State Teachers College Elizabeth City, North Carolina ROBERT L. VAUGHAN We, the members of the Student Council, in grateful re- cognition of his untiring efforts, his interest in the betterment of us as students and his enthusiasm which so inspired us to undertake this task, dedicate the 1956 Pirates ' Log to show in a very minute way our appreciation for the essence of his guid- ance. Autog fiS PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE GREETINGS! On behalf of the members of the Elizabeth City State Teachers College family, I wish to express our sincere appreciation to those who have conceived the idea of a Yearbook for 1956-1957, and who through diligent application to the task, have seen its fruition, A yearbook represents more than a collection of pictures and words; it is the embodiment of cooperative effort on the part of a large number of persons. This Yearbook will tend to grow in value to all of us in the years to corne and finally will be a priceless treasure. As we grow older, we shall look back upon its pages with a nostalgia as we recall the faces of the people who are included in this edition. Many inci- dents and personalities will be recollected with a large degree of pleasure. Then there is the joy we will have in remembering staff members who contributed much to whatever suc- cess we may be enjoying at the time. Likewise, many will relive some incidents of happen- ngs of the years when we were students here: the choir, the dramatic group, the athletic teams and their victories and defeats, our social hours, lyceum programs, lectures, and all activities which have contributed to your growth and development. How frequently will we look at the Yearbook and say: " I remember !!!!!. We are proud of the work which the college has done and look forward to even greater bchievements. The outlook for the future has never been brighter, and you can take joy in the knowledge that you have contributed much to its growth by publishing the Yearbook of 1957. S. D. Williams President AD UfMf£TR ATfON GEORGE L. DAVIS Dean SIDNEY D. WILLIAMS President W ' . ' tF ELIZABETH YOUNG Dean of Women KENNETH R. JEFFRIES Business Manager GWENDOLYN J. MIDGETTE Librarian THOMAS L. CALDWELL Dean of Men MISSING TAYLOR E. JONES Registrar Aufeg af fiS ? WILLIAM B. HARRIS TAYLOR S. JACKSON Physical Education Education EVELYN A. JOHNSON SAMUEL J. JOHNSON Music Guidance FACULTY ARTHUR M, BAGLEY WINSTON A. BELL Indu strial Arts Music HELEN M. CALDWELL EDNA L. DAVIS English Music ESTELLA A. EATON CHESTER W. GREGORY Education Social Studies JULIA M. HOFFLER IRENE D. JACKSON English Education FA CV LTY CLARA G. JONES Education GEORGIA L. SMITH DOROTHY E. THOMAS Health Education Biology ROBERT L, VAUGHAN TIMOTHY H. WAMACK Physical Education Social Studies JOSEPH]. WHITE Biology ETHNA B. WINSTON English and Reading Missing: MAE A. ROPER Home Economics EDDIE SMITH Art EDNA MITCHELL English WILLIAM J. MULDROW DOROTHY PASCHALL Physical Education AUDREY M. PRATHER H. LEON PRAT HER Social Studies ADMINISTR ATfVE ACQiQTANTQ MAMIE BEDELL Dietitian MARY E. KEELS Secretary to the Dean ALMA NEWBY Secretary to the President OSSIE M. ROYALL Dining Hall Hostess Missing: MADELYNT. CARTER Directress, Bias Hall AGNES H. JONES Assistant Librarian NANNIE H. SMITH Directress, Symera Hall EDWARD N. SMITH HARVEY L. THOMAS Budget Officer Superintendent of Buildings KATIE S. WOMACK College Nurse i o ARTHUR M. BAGLEY HELEN M. CALDWELL ROBERT L. VAUGHAN MISSING EDDIE SMITH I ' Wi KuJboq h LYDE GWENEXDLYN ANNIE BEATRICE BAILEY ESTELLA LEE BLACKWELL ARRINGTON Newsletter Staff Dramatic Club; shers Guild; F.T.A.; F.T. A. ; Choir. F.T.A. .M.C.A. C NIOJ C MARIAN WILLETTE BOOKER Yearbook Staff; Cheering Squad. BERNICE STANDFORD ZZIE MAE BROWN BURTON ROSA MAE CARNEY T.A. Vets Club; Sphinx Club. Intramurals. i BEULAH MAE CARRAWAY MARGARET COLEY Thalia Sorosis. Vice-President Student Coun- cil; Dramatic Club; Year- book Staff; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society; Y.W.C.A.; Women ' s Glee Club; Who ' s Who. StMrOR C MILDRED RUTH DANIELS Y.W.C.A. JANICE SCOTT DREW Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Thalia Sorosis. MARION ELIZABETH DAVIS F.T.A. JOAN DELORES FLOWERS CATHERINE FREEMAN tei- . £.d n HRISTINE GARDNER rt Club; F.T.A. JO ANN GATLIN Intramurals C NlOll ' C SEPHINE M. GRAY !ta Phi Beta Sorority; gma Rho Sigma Honor ciety; Thalia Sorosis; pha Kappa Mu Horor ciety; Who ' s Who, WILLIE ROGERS GIST Pan Hellenic Council; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity: Football 1,2,3.4. IRVIN DONALD GORDY President Student Council; President Senior Class; Editor Yearbook; President Varsity Club; Vice-President Vets Club; Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society; Co- Capt. Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3. EPHRIAM CLARENCE GREEN Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Varsity Club; Football 1,2, 3,4; Choir. MARY ELEANOR GREEN Dramatic Club; Ushers Guild; Band; Art Club. ' IT. ELMA DORETHA HALL DOROTHY E. HAMMONDS ODIE CARLISE HARDY Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; F.T.A.; Choir. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; F.T.A.; Miss S.T.C. Thalia Sorosis; F.T.A.; Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society; Dramatic Club; Yearbook Staff. C NIOJ C DELLA EVERLENA HARRIS Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; F.T.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society; Ushers Guild; Thalia Sorosis. FRANCES CAROLYN ALBERT MANLEY | HAWKINS HORNE ThaUa Sorosis; MYRTLE VIRGINIA Choir; Vets Club; Archonian Club. HINES F.T.A.; Y.M.C.A. RY VIRGINIA HOWARD ELIZABETH LOUISE HUNTER MAXINE ISLEY ers Guild; Art Club. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; F.T.A.; F.T.A.; Newsletter Staff; Choir; Thalia Sorosis; Pan Y.W.C.A.; Thalia Sorosis; Hellenic Council. Dormitory Council. CtMfCR S WILLIE LEE JENKINS Choir; Y.W.C.A.; News- letter Staff; F.T.A. ALLENE REMELL JEFFERS Thalia Sorosis; President Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; President Pan Hellenic Council; Yearbook Staff. VERNON LEE JONES Vets Club; Lampodas Club; Basketball 1,2,3; Band; Intramurals. fcji VONNIE HARRIS JOHNSON ALELIA LEANNER KOONCE VIVIAN SYLVIA MANLEY Dramatic Club; Ivy Leaf Newsletter Staff; Thalia Ushers Guild; Women ' s Club. Sorosis; F.T.A. Glee Club. C MfOR S LILLE ARIMENTA MATTOCKS CAROLYN JU ANITA MITCHELL Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Thalia IVIE LINWOOD Sorosis; Sigma Rho MITCHELL Sigma Honor Football 1,2,3; Society; F.T.A. ; Vets Club; Yearbook Staff. Intramurals. SHIRLEY SALOME M MOODY m Delta Sigma Theta | Sorority; ThaUa Sorosis; Dramatic Club. dik m MA LUCILLE MOORE MARTHA MURRAY Y.W.C.A.; F.T.A. Thalia Sorosis. S NfCR C UISE PHILLIPS HELEN ODESSA PICKET Women ' s Glee Club; Y.W.C.A.; Ushers Guild; Dramatic Club. ESSIE LEE MUTTS Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Thalia Sorosis; Yearbook Staff; Dance Group. MARY LUVENIA PARKER Vice-President Y.W.C.A. Ushers Guild; Newsletter Staff. MARGARET PITMAN Choir; Y.W.C.A. . C ANNIE MARIE RIDDICK Vice-President Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; President Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; President Thalia Sorosis; Who ' s Who; Yearbook Staff. BETTY JANE ROGERS F.T.A.: Y.W.C.A. GEORGE SCOTT Vets Club. C NIO C JUNE RAY SETZER Dance Group; Dramatic Club. MARY ELIZABETH SHARPE F.T.A. MARIE ANTOINETTE SHARPLESS Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society; Thalia Sorosis; Year- book Staff. WILHELMENA SMITH Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Student Council; Who ' s Who; Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society; Thalia Sorosis. V- CE MARIE SPELLMAN LILLIE BEATRICE SPRUILL MARGARET ANN SPRUILL ta Sigma Theta F.T.A. jrity; Band. MARY MAGDALENE SPRUILL Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Newsletter Staff. S NfCR S MARVA MICHELE THOMAS Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Sigma Rho a MATTIE LOUISE Sigma Honor Society; k 1 TAYLOR President Y. W. C. A. ; LGGIE RAY Student Council; Alpha Kappa Mu SQUIRES Cheering Squad; Honor Society; Who ' s ilia Sorosis. Yearbook Staff. Who. M SraRLEY JEAN UZZELL JAMES CLERSIE WHITAKER CLEO CAROLINE WHITE Alpha Kappa Alpha Vets Club; Football 1, 2; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Sorority; Sigma Rho Sigma Varsity Club; Baseball; ; Choir; Art Club. Honor Society; Who ' s Who; Yearbook Staff (Business Y.W.C.A. • Manager); Intramurals Student Director. PAUL JOE JAMES ELBERT WILLIAMS Manager Football 1,2,3,4; Manager Basketball 1,2,3.4; Varsity Club; Dramatics Club. i WILLIAMS EVELYN LOUISE 1 Vets Club; WRISBY m MAHALIE PEARL Varsity Club; Ushers Guild; fl WILLIAMS Umpodas Club; F.T.A. ; Drama- Ushers Guild; Co-Captain tic Club; Thalia Y.W.C.A. Football. Sorosis. AmJtoqrunJjph M. Adams J. Alexander Junior Class N. Andrews J. Arrington A. Baker I. Banks T. Bare lifts E. Baxter J. Bazemore A. Bembry M. Boyd R. Branch R. Bryant M. Collins J. Cooper A. Cross P. Daniels C. Dantzler Junior Class M. Draushan J. Foreman R. Godfrey L. Gorham C. Granby M. Harris O. Harris J. Haynes E. Harvey R. Harvey S. Hemby A. Holloman M. Howell M. Jennings (yr a n 1 .-t A v 9 20 .if? " Junior Class F. Johnson C. Jones H. Joyner T. Leary J. Leathers S. Lennon V. Loyd L. Majette M. Marbley A. Martin S. McNeill R. Moody R. Morgan P. Ore M. Palin B. Pritchard J. Purvis M. Reaves Junior Class C. Robertson J. Rogers n C. Sawyer V. Sharpe J. Spellman E. Stallings R. Tootle F. Treadwell R. Tucker L. Turnage E. White P. White S. Wiggins P. Williams R. Williams J. Wilson A. Wright to k Autog af){iS W. Dean " Jk ' ]|, C. Artis D. Askew J. Eason V. Eason J. Eddings G. Barnes E. Battle D. Exum J. Ferebee N. Fennell S. Brickers A. Brown A. Campbell H. Fields J. Flood E. Foreman E. Cash S. Chamblee A. Cheston S. Gadson C. Godard B. Gray R. Colwell H. Cooper O. Cooper W. Gregory E. Harris R. Hart J. Cooper N. Cousin R. Cuffee 23 • Sofihomone A-m. r E. Peele A. Pope S. Heckstall O. Hill C. Hocutt A. Price J. Roundtree R. Hodges L. Hallowell B. Howard J. Simmons J. Small D. Smallwood J. Hines L. Houpe E. Johnson P. Smith I. Spruill Q. Stephenson H. Kates M. Little V. N4arkham B. Thornton E. Yelity I. Vick H. Melton C. McArthur D. McCray L. White J. Wilson A. Wright I. Moye M. Neal (J. Pattrick 24 Clai a yuJboqrunJIph 3fieihman . v Jl ' ii L 9,111 a m NO ■ PICTl „.. 4 Jf V- ' NOT PICTURED s t .1 .1 3 a.l y E. James D. Jenkins M. Jenkins 25 Cla d. C. Bartlett I. Batts P. Blakey R. Blakey S. Brown C. Bryan J. Buggs C. Burnett M. Burrell E. Byrd P. Carney B. Cart T. Carrington R. Cash C. Chamblee R. Cherry P. Cheston N. Collins N. Combo R. Cox Q. Dukes S. Elliot F. Exum V. Ferebee W. Ferebee O. Fiddemon S. Cause J. Gooch J. Good H. Gordon B. Gordon O. Griswell F. Hall R. Hare J. Harrell M. Harris J. Harvey T. Hawkins M. Hoffler J. Holley E. Howard M. Humphrey Jne hman - », ' r A Q ' ' L. Parker W. Ponder J. Purvis E. Pruden J. Strayhorn M. Spivey ClaiA T. Johnson C. Jones R. Joyner M. Lawrence E. Leathers M. Lewis G. Long J. Majette W. Matthews C. Mattison E. Moore B. Moye C. Murphy O. Outlaw S. Whi taker B. White C. Williams R. Williams M. Wilson E. Winston A. Woolard J. Ramsey B. Ransom C. Respass A. Riddick R. Rinehart W. Saunders P. Simmons H. Simms A. Simpson A. Vinson S. Thompson L. Swain R. Suggs D. Suggs KuJtoq h THE BAND FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mable Harris, Ruby Joyner, Joseph Scott. Vernon Jones, Dezretta Exum, SECOND ROW: Janice Ramsey, Peggy White, Carol Respass, Randolph Tootle, Edna Prudens, Annie Bembry, Celestine Skinner and Iren Spruill. THIRD ROW: Saluda Brown, H. Leon Prather (Band Director), Mary Green, Raymond Williams, Juanita Harrell, Christing Artis, James Maggette, Harry Lancaster, David Smallwood and Minnie Lawrence. FOURTH ROW: John Spellman and Joseph Purvis. NOT SHOWN: Willie Dyer, Carlton Hocutt, Harold Melton, James Wilson, Freddie Johnson, Charles Sawyer. STUDENT COUNCIL STANDING, Irvin Gordy SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Margaret Coley, Helen Kates, Mary Marbly, Mattie Taylor, Leon White, Robert Moody, Joseph Purvis, Carlise Hardy, Josephine Gray, Sterling Lennon. OFFICERS Irvin Gordy President Margaret Coley Vice President Mary Marbly Secretary Robert Moody Treasurer Future Teachers of America Newsletter Staff r t±M N iWm gt iK W K mJm --..... The College Choir jr BOTTOM ROW: Mary Howell, Mary Pallin, Vilma Lloyd, Larree Swain, Naomi Collins, Pecola Simmons, Lizzie Houpe, Alburah Brown, Mary Coffield, Lottie Claude, Shirley Winnins. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Hunter, Annie Bailey, Elsie Winston, Elver Peele, Vivian Markham, Inez Russ, Beverly Thornton, Mary Harris, Edna Pruden, Ruth Cuffee, Doris McCray, Dorthy Hammonds, Cleo White. THIRD ROW: Margaret Pittman, Priscilla Williams, Shirley Wright, Helen Kates, Carolyn MacArthur, Nettie Combo, Catherine Bartlett, Willie Jenkins, Alea Vinson, Dorthy Jenkins, Ruby Joyner. FOURTH ROW: James Gooch, Ivie Mitchell, Phillip Smith III, John Spellman, Raymond Williams, Curtis Godard, Tran Barclift, Willie Dyer, Linwood Edwards Jr., Adolph Humphrey, Ephraim Green. FIFTH ROW: Sannie Chamblee, James Purvis, James HoUey, Simon Hemby, Hard Melton, James Harvey, Albert M. Home, Joseph Purvis, James Majette. Dramatic Club HP ' ' A a «|» f - f !!i .- a I Thalia Sorosis Al ill©. FRONT ROW: M. Danieis, V. Johnson, I. Spruill, H. Kates. BACK ROW: I. Russ. I. Powell, V. Markham. R WO Sigma Rho Sigma Honorary Society FRONT ROW: M. Thomas, J. Gray, S. Uzzell. M. Sharpless. SECOND ROW: M. Coley, D. Harris, C. Cooper, C. Hardyi W. Smith. THIRD ROW: R. Branch, J. Purvis, 1. Gordy, C. Gregory, ADV. Sunday School Junior Conselors Ushers Guild SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Reaves, Shirley Wiggions, Amieen Wright, Katrina Johnson, STANDING, Mildred Horton, Vilma Lloyd, Shirley Wright. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gwendolyn Arrington, Delia Harris, Mahalie Williams, BACK ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT : Nannie Andrews, Helen Pickett, Ronald Wright Evelyn Wrisby. w FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. D. Thomas (Sponsor), Mary Harris, Martha Murray, Mildred Daniels, Estella Blackwell, Mary Parker, Marva Thomas, Delia Harris Mahalie. SECOND ROW: Phefi Ore, Mary Howell, Adele Cross, Mary Coffield, Betty Pretchard, Lillie Gordon, Shirley Uz- zell, Maxine Isley, Helen Pickett. THIRD ROW; Margaret Coley, Inez Russ, Ida Powell, Queen Wilson, Marion Jenkins, Doretha Hall, Betty Roges, Lillian Turnage, Rhoda Hodges, Christine Garner. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Pittman, Shirley Wright, Carolyn Reaves, Pauline Daniels, Priscilla Williams, Gwendolyn Arrington, Elsie Battle. FRONT ROW: Levon Garland, Jimmy Good, Frederick Hall, Joseph Purvis, Leon White, SECOND ROW: James Maggette, Rev. Stephens (Sponsor) Curtiss Wright, James Purvis, Henry Fields, James Harvey, Ramon Rhine- hart, Albert Home. M J p Fine Arts Building Administration Building Moure Hall Infirmary ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY DELTA THETA CHAPTER " So let my soul like the Ivy be, A help to man and a wreath for Thee " STANDING: Margaret Coley, Ivy Leaf Reporter, SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marva Thomas, Basileus; Doretha Hall, Parliamentarian; Marie Sharpless, Anti-Basileus; Carolyn Mitchell, Dean of Pledgees; Carlise Hardy, Grammateus; Janice Drew, Essie Mutts, Tamiouchos; Shirley Uzzell, Epistoleus. 37 STANDING: C. Revelle, S. Lennon, E. Green. SEATED: W. Gist, R. Williams, R. Branch. BETA ZETA CHAPTER OFFICERS President Willie Gist Vice-President Ephriam Green Secretary Sterling Lennon Treasurer Clarence Revelle Dean of Pledges Raymond Williams Sergeant-at-Arms Richard Branch STANDING: J. Carson, R. Morgan, E. Blair. SEATED: B. Burton. O. Hill, W. Dwyer. k Delta Chi Chapter Officers President Allene Jeffers Vice President Marie Riddick Secretary Daisy Barclift Treasurer Wilhemina Smith SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cleo White, Allene Jeffers. Wilhelmenia Smith, Mary Spruill. SECOND ROW: Marie Riddick, Ernestine Knight, Shirley Moody, Daisy Barclift. FRONT ROW: Shirley Wright, President; Georgianna Barns, Carolyn MacArthur. SECOND ROW: Vivian Sharpe, Katrina Johnson, Vice President; Naomi Cousin, Mary Marbley, Secretary. Pyramid Club Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy White, Grammateus; Delia Harris, Tamias; Josephine Gray, Basileus; Elizabeth Hunter, Dean of Pledgees; Cleo Robertson, Associate Member Epistoleus. SEATED: President, Allene Jeffers STANDING. LEFT TO RIGHT: Joseph D. Purvis, Carolyn Mitchell Josephine Gray, Willie Gist. Pan Hellenic Council ose? pui Ba eu LAMBDA ( AMMA CWAPT R LA UPODAS CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Roland C. Wright, Robert Hill, Sannie L. Chamblee, Levon C. Godard, Vernon L. Jones, Robert W. Moody, and Charles E. Sawyer (missing), P. Williams (missing). f I MISS S.T.C. DORETHA HALL m I Autog a| fcs ' •ir 4m i ' ' ? IW - . ' - V II I 2 " H FRONT ROW: J. Buggs, C. Murphy, G. Long, C. Williams, Co-Capt R. Tootle, S. Elliot, J. Scott, A. Cheston. BACK ROW: Coach R. Vaughn, R. Moody, T. Carrington, B. Carr, H. Fields, J. Eddings, Co-Capt. R. Morgan, M. Body, Asst, Coach V. Jones. LEFT TO RIGHT: lona Vick, Marietta Ponders, Dezeretta Exum, Marion Jenkins. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mattie Taylor, Lottie Gorham, Willete Booker, — iHL We, the senior class, having stood the test of time and completed the requirements of " Ole STC now must leave the se revered, hallowed walls and venture up the mountain to help some helpless child find his way into the light. In the true spirit of brotherhood we do have a few last precious items to leave to our Alma Mater and our struggling sisters and brothers. We. the seniors of ' 57 being of sound mind and body, do make our last bequest in the hope that the fortunate parties will become a dignified and as honorable as the seniors of " 57. The senior class wills to the school a large enrollment of school spiri ted students To President Williams, the seniors leave a prayer that he may continue his work ' as our president We leave all juniors the road map to practice teaching and graduation. We leave to next year ' s sponsors of the Pirates ' Log a yearbook staff which will be as competent as the one of ' 57. MARIE RIDDICK. MARVA THOMAS, and JOSEPHINE GRAY will their abilities to become mem- bers of Alpha Kappp Mu Honor Society to Robert Moody. Beverly Thornton, and Katrina Johnson MARGARET COLEY, MARVA THOMAS, JOSEPHINE GRAY, WILHELMENA SMITH SHIRLEY UZ- ZELL and MARIE RIDDICK will their scholastic abilities to all underclassmen MATTIE TAYLOR, WILLETTE BOOKER, and HELEN PICKETT will their college spirit to lona Vicks, Saluda Brown, and Mary Marbley. JAMES WHITAKER. IRVIN GORDY. ALLENE JEFFERS and MARGARET COLEY will their leader- ship abilities to Mary Marbley. Robert Moody, Annie Bembry. and Helen Kates IRVIN GORDY. PAUL WILLIAMS. EPHRAIM GREEN. IVEY MITCHELL, and WILLIE GIST will their athletic abilities to Dick Morgan, Al Baker, Eugene Stallings, Richard and Phillip Smith DAISY BARCLIFT. MAUDE RICKS and HARRY LANCASTER will their artistic abilities to Catherine Gramby. Nannie Andrews, and Eva Baxter. CARLISE HARDY. CAROLYN MITCHELL, and JIMMY WILLIAMS will their dramatic abilities to Hezekiah Cooper. Sudie Gadson, and Alice Pope. MYRTHLE HINES. DEE DABNEY. ELEANOR MURRAY. DORTHY HAMMONDS LINWOOD EDWARDS, and ALBERT HORNE viIl their seats in the choir to seven very talented freshmen. DORETHA HALL wills her crown and standards to Miss S T C of ' 57- ' 58 ERMA MOORE, MARY HOWARD, KATHRYN TORRENCE, and LILLIE SPRUILL will their slowness to Mary Marbley, Eva Baxter, Joyce Alexander, and Annie Bembry JOYCE SPELLMAN. SHIRLEY MOODY, and MARY GREEN will their abilities to frequent the Pirates ' Den and still maintain more than a comparable place in class to Fred Brown Jesse Ar- rington, and Vivian Markam. SHIRLEY UZZELL. WILLIE GIST, and MARIE SHARPLESS will their beautiful personalities to Joseph Eddings, Ramone Rhinehart. and Vivian Markham FRANCIS HAWKINS, ANNIE BAILEY and BETTY ROGERS will their petiteness to Mary Palin, Geraldine Eason, and Pauline Carney ESSIE MUTTS JULIA JENKINS, and LOUISE PHILLIPS will their shortness to Yvonne Hare James Harvey, and Joseph Eddings. CARLTON CHERRY and MARY SPRUILL will their A in practice teaching to Tran Barclift and Sterling Lenon. ° MILDRED DANIELS, JANICE DREW. ESTELLE BLACKWELL, CHRISTINE GARDNER will their positions as campus models to Beverly Thornton, Joyce Alexander, and Alvis Campbell MARGARET PITTMAN, MAE BROWN, and ELIZABETH BIGGS will iheir martial status to Mary Jennings, Adele Cross, and Inez Russ. MARY SPELLMAN, LILLIE GORDON, CATHERINE FREEMAN, and MARY SHARP will their M H , p°wr!V!i ' ' c 0 ' ° ' ™ ' ' ' ' ' ' - ' ' ' " - g " ii ' g . phmip smith, Tor c t u " t ' l- ' ' ° ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ° CATLING, MARY PARKER and LILLIE MAT Phe i Ore ' " ' " " ' ' ' ' ' ' to Betty Pric hard, Margaret Adams. Carolyn Reeves, and WILLIE JENKINS, EVELYN WRISBY and MARTHA MURRAY will their places as first prize dancers to Janice Lewis, Lillian Turnage and, Alvis Campbell ro r wtr " ' Tl ' ' - .° ' ' ' " ' ' " ' ' ' ' " " ' ICE BURTON leave their sense of humor to Cookie Williams, Ruth Cuffee, and Al Baker. .e.Z l ' 1 ' " ' ' ° ' 5 ' , ' ' °;°l ' " ' y ' cl ' e this to be our legal will and testament signed and ea ed " he year of our Lord nineteen hundred and fifty-seven in the city of Elizabeth Cit State 01 North Carolina. CLASS PROPHECY It ' s 1967, and I have just completed my fifth successful teach- ing year. Though I have faced many financial problems and started my family, 1 have managed to save some money. With it 1 am going to make an extensive tour to find out where some of my classmates are and what the future has brought into their lives. Well, I am off and my first stop will be right here in the south, in tne state of North Carolina. In Woodland who do 1 run across but Mrs. Janice Drew and husband. There are six additions to the family. Believe me the males are dominant in her house. Also residing in Wake Forest, and giving Mrs. Drew a run for her money in additions to the family are Reverend and Mrs. Leon White with five little Whites. In passing through Elizabeth City, North Carolina the grape- vine is ringing loud and strong. Misses Mary Sharpe, Mary Parker, Maude Ricks, Ethel White and Elizabeth Hunter have joined the local school system. And just how does this strike you? James Williams is head football coach at P. W. Moore High School, and with a winning teaml 1 1 ! As I cross the North Carolina and Virginia line and stop in Ports- mouth 1 got the news of Mr. Irvin Gordy and his fabulous home. Junior is the spiting image of Dad. Guess who ' s rich now and has a winter home in Elizabeth City, North Carolina and a summer home in Virginia Beach, Virginia — Miss Joyce Spellman and her husband Mr. Melvin Boyd. Mr. Ephriam Green and Henry Porter are teaching and coaching football and basketball respectively, at Booker T. Washington, Norfolk, Virginia. From society columns, 1 found out these things: Shirley Uzzelle and Maggie Squire are happily married and have two children and are successful teachers. Also from the society column, I see three humble young ladies have dedicated their lives to the education of our youths. In addition, they have families governed by the laws of good living. They are none other than Margaret Coley, Martha Murray and Elizabeth Biggs. The latest Advertisements, in Dry Cleaning, " Bring them to Home Dry Cleaning Service " , Mr. Albert Horne- Proprietor, Mr. Clarence Revelle, Manager. It was brought to my attention by mail that Miss Myrtle Hines is still the captivating doll she was in " 57 " . What a personality! ! ! Here ' s the most shocking news: Two fine specimens of the female sex have hooked Vernon Jones and Ivey Mitchell. Believe me they are new people, no jiving, no flirting, or running around. I saw Shirley Moody or should 1 say Mrs. Harry Freeman: they have a basketball team and a few Spares. Yes, they have eleven boys. In the society column there was an article which read: Mattie Taylor and Raymond Williams are really in the money. Running the race with them are Erma Moore and husband. From one of the newspapers it was announced that Mahalie Williams and Helen Pickett are planning for a dou- ble wedding and they will be known as Mrs. Mahalie Leathers and Mrs. Helen Hoggard. They will honeymoon in Paris at the Paradise Hotel, Bernice Burton manager. I received a letter from Doretha Hall and she and Will Gist did marry and have three husky boys. Dig this Willie, Jr. received a punch from his baby brother, similar to those his Dad gave on State football team. She mentioned in her letter that Mary Howard, Lillie Spruill and Olivia LxDvett have jobs modeling in Washing- ton D. C. Listed under " Social Whirl " was Mr. and Mrs. Hector McNair are preparing for a dinner engagement with the dynamic Democratic Chairman, Mr. Carlton Cherry. Mrs. McNair is formerly known as Miss Janice Clawson, the president ' s secretary is Miss Lillie Mattocks. By the way of the grapevine, I heard that Willie Jenkins has finally accomplished her greatest ambition, to direct the Glee Clujj and teach the fourth grade at R. B. Harrison School in Selma, North Carolina and her principal is Maxine Isley. My eyes are tired from so much reading but 1 am now landing in New York City. Appearing at the Ap- polo Theater whose name do I see in lights, Miss Dee Dabney rising to fame as a blues singer and calypso dancer. On the margrue of the Savoy, I saw where Mary Spruill, Alelia Koonce and Evelyn Wrisby are working as chorus girls. As I walked down Broadway I see a fabulously dressed couple, and they are Mrs. Margaret Pittman and her husband, Edgar, they told me that they are living next door to Eula Burns and family. Over in the Bronx lives Lillie Gordon as Mrs. McCoy who has taught a spell and is now spending her time with three lovely children, in the apartment next to them lives Miss Vivian Manly, two daughters and husand Billy Sims. After a day of exploring around and upon entering the hotel door, 1 bumped into Mildred Daniels who is doing extensive traveling. We chatted for awhile and she is residing in California. She let me in on some of the latest. Betty Rogers received her Masters from New York University on May 31, 1958 and married June I, 1958. Quick work, huh! ! Gwen Arrington is opening a fine Beauty Saloon in Tacoma, Washington. 1 decided to go to Canada from New York City, and I stopped in up state New York in the city of Syra- cuse; there I toured on of the Junior High Schools and saw Paul Williams as Principal. About a block down the Boulevard, 1 saw a beautiful red and white shingle which read: Social Dance School-Choreographer Willette Booker Williams, Instructor. In a fabulous bungalow about a block down the street. Dr. Marie Riddick resided with her husband Al Wright and three lovely sons. On my extensive trip, my next stop was Schnectady, New York and at Union University 1 found head of the English Department, Mrs. Allene Jeffers Brown and husband D. Brown, head football coach, also in the home Economics department was Mrs. Estelle Blackwell. When I boarded the plane in Schnectady, there I saw a very attractive and neat young lady as stewardess; and it was Miss Daisy Barclift and guess who the co-pilot was, Mr. Fred Brown. When we reached Canada and landed, who to my surprise had gotten stranded and had become president of the Canadian Bum Association-none other than Mr. George Scott. And buying his lunch was a very softhearted and understanding young lady. Miss Francis Hawkins, who is doing extensive work in the field of reading. Mrs. Wilhelmina Smith Hill, Mrs. Mae Brown and Miss Marva Thomas are working on their doctorate there. What dynamic young ladies. While in Canada I decided to keep house for myself. I went to the market and whose name do you sup- pose was listed as proprietor James Whitaker. He ' s about to closeup because he is eating up his profit. Later 1 heard the voice of Linwood Edwards saying, " May 1 help you. " Well, 1 have had a wonderful trip and as usual I must get some magazines to read on my way back home. Gee! I know I want this Hollywood issue because here on the cover are pictures of two of my classmates who are Carlise Hardy. I must say 1 feel so much better after finding out what many of my classmates are doing and the usual and unusual advancements they have made. When I get back to North Carolina, I shall have one week to rest before going back to school. CLASS FLOWER: White Carnation CLASS POEM If we have gained much knowledge. At dear State Teachers College, Then we can uplift our race And always raise a proud looking face. If we have much originality And a pleasing personality. Then dignified must be our bearing And we must watch what we are wearing. If we are never superficial And know all lessons are beneficial. If our aim is training some child. Then we must be enthusiastic With tempers that are always plastic. And Dear S. T. C. as we pray. Some child we shall greet on his first day. You have taught us to always try To guide the searching youth ' s eye. So we must leave with regret and trust To do those things you ' re expecting of us. CLASS SONG CLASS COLORS: Maroon Gold Did you ever watch the class of " 57 " slowly marching through the years. And we know deep in our hearts there is nothing that we can do, to make us stay, to turn the tide, we have to say goodby; Yes, we must say good-by. When the dean says its over and done, then we simply must face the fact. So we leave and think it over; but we won ' t come hurrying back. Hoping we ' ll meet some day again, praying we ' ll all come back; but like the dean says, tha ' t all there is to that. (Repeat from - When the dean says its over and done) We have found the golden key that opens the palace of knowledge — • We enter with alacrity CLASS MOTTO 50 Albert Home Carlton Cherry Irvln Gordy Bernice Burton James Williams Harry Lancaster Carlton Cherry Paul Williams Vernon Jones Irvin Gordy Albert Home James Whitaker Carlton Cherry James Williams Irvin Gordy Ephriam Green Ivy Mitchel James Whitaker Henry Porter Irvin Gordy Albert Home James Whitaker Ephriam Green Albert Home Willie Gist Linwood Edwards Willie Gist Clarence Revelle Linwood Edwards Harry Lancaster SUPERLATIVES MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST STUDIOUS BEST LEADERS MOST PROFESSIONAL LOOKING BEST MANNERED BEST PERSONALH Y BEST WRITERS BEST LIKED THE FLIRTIEST BEST ATHLETE BEST SINGER WITTIEST MOST CYNICAL MOST COMICAL MOST POPULAR BEST DANCERS BEST DRESSED THE SHORTEST THE TALLEST THE SKINNIEST THE FATTEST MOST TALKATIVE THE FASTEST THE SLOWEST BEST LOOKING MOST CHILDISH MOST MODEST MOST BUSINESS LIKE THE NEATEST MOST ARTISTIC Margaret Coley Marva Thomas Margaret Coley Wilhelmina Smith Frances Hawkins Wilhelmina Smith Marie Riddick Doretha Hall Mary Howard Rosa Carney Cleo White Essie Mutts Carolyn Mitchel Shirley Uzzell Mattie Taylor Vivian Manly Estelle Blackwell Elizabeth Hunter Essie Mutts Mary Green Annie Bailey Mae Browo Rosa Carney Annie Bailey Carlise Hardy Marie Riddick AUene Jeffers Mattie Taylor Ethel White Dee Dabney QTANBACK CTVDIO 1710 Fayetteville Street Durham, North Carolina Specialist in School Photography % d YEARIOOKS

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