Elizabeth City High School - Spotlight Yearbook (Elizabeth City, NC)

 - Class of 1935

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 —— Published by the Student Body of the Elizabeth City High School Elizabeth City, North Carolinaspotlight §§ DEDICATION LORIMER WILLARD MIDGETT Although he has been with ns only two years, his co-operation ami active interest in the advancement of our school, his earnest devotion to the problems of student lifeT and his thoughtfulness for us hate made him dear to our hearts—to him, with genuine and growing appreciation, we dedicate this THF SPOTLIGHT of Nineteen Hundred Thirty-fiveTHE SCHOOL «$ -THE FACULTY Edgar E. Bundy Duke University A. B. Degree Superintendent of Schools Ruby Elizabeth Adams William ami Mary, Williamsburg A. B. Degree English Catherine S. Albertson St. Mary’s College Physical Geography, History Julian Edwin Aydlett Wake Forest College A. B. Degree Latin, Mathematics Hilda Gordon North Carolina College for Women A. B. Degree History, Mathematics .t A k Hunsucko George Eugene Hunsuck North Carolina State College B. S. Degree Science, Physical Education Geneva Clyde Martin Bowling Green, Kentuck A. B. Degree Commercial Work Lorimer Willard Midgett University of North Carolina A. B. Degree English Elizabeth Chappell North Carolina Stale College B. S. H. E. Degree Domestic Science Grace Pendleton State Teachers College, Fredericksburg B. S. Degree History Elizabeth Coley Bowling Green, Kentucky A. B. Degree Commercial Work Katie Pierce: Eton College A. B. Degree English Bertha Cooper East Carolina Teachers’ College A. B. Degree Mathematics H. B. Pritchard North Carolina State College B. S. Degree Science, Mathematics Fred V. Davis University of North Carolina M. S. Degree Chemistry, Science, Mathematics Lawrence W. Ross University of North Carolina A. B. Degree French, Latin 3 0 — ahe SPOTLIGHT =— n£%, y THE SPOTLIGHT STAFF Jack Sawyer, Edit or-in-Chief Maude Turner, Assistant Editor C. H. Robinson, Junior Business Manager Alice Cartwright, Business Manager Eleanor Foreman, Assistant Business Manager ADVERTISING STAFF: Clara Ewald Alice Bundy Mary Elizabeth Upton Sponsor—L. W. Midgett V X AJ SENIOR CLASS 0 • F - ‘ »inr iti‘4. tJ tZ2t VIRGINIA WORTH Vice-President SHELTON STEVENS President BILLY PRITCHARD Secretar) and Treasurery HOOVER ALEXANDER "Mingle a little nonsense with your wisdom, A little nonsense now and then is pleasant. Vocational Club, 4; Dramatic Club, 4. EDWARD BELL "Long may we seek his likeness, long in vain.' MINNIE BELL "For patience, sovereign o’er transmuted ill.” Commercial Club, 4; Glee Club, 3. WOOD BOYCE "Better late than never.” Commercial Club, 4; Monogram Club, 4; Football, 3-4. CORA BREEDEN "Courteous tin’ coy, and gentle tho retired.” Commercial Club, 4; Glee Club, 4; Dramatic Club, 4. MILDRED BRIGHT "But so fair, She takes the breath of men away. ’ Basketball, 3-4; Glee Club, 2-3; President of Dramatic Club, 4; Literary Society, 3; Commercial Club, 4; Student Council, 4; Latin Club, 1; Public Speaking Club, 3. ALICE BUNDY "Her modest answer and graceful air Show her wise and good as zhe is fair.” Perquimans High School, 1-2-3; Chaplain of Girls’ Hi-Y, 1-2-3; Secretary of Class, 3; President of Chaminade Music Club, 2; Glee Club, 3. MARVIN CARMINE "A wit with dunces, and a dunce with wits.” Boxing, 4; Football, 3-4; Commercial Club, 4; Monogram Club, 4; Glee Club, 4.Ohe- S P otligHT ALICE CARTWRIGHT "Happy am I, from rare I’m free. Why aren't they all contented like me?" Literary Society, 3; Dramatic Club, 4; Girls’ Hi-Y, 4: Cheer Leader, 4; Commercial Club, 4; Business Manager of Spotlight. 4. LOTTIE MAY CARTWRIGHT "Patience is the best remedy for every trade." Literary Society, 3; Dramatic Club, 3; Glee Club, i t 3-4; Chemistry Club, 4. ELIZABETH COHOON "White there's life there's hope." JAMES COOPER 'Content's a kingdom, and I near that crown." Football, 4-5; Basketball, 4-5; Baseball, 4-5; Latin C'ub, 2; Glee Club, 4; Monogram Club, 5; Higit School Orchestra, I. HELEN COPELAND "Wisdom is better than rubies. Home Economics Club, 4. JUANITA COPELAND "This maiden has no tongue, but thoughts. Literary Society, 3; Vocational Club, 4. IRMA COPPERSMITH "Whose little body lodged a mighty mind." Weeksville High School, 1-2; Public Speaking Club, 3; Glee Club, 3; Secretary of Dramatic Club. 4; Tennis Club, 4. C J. CORBETT, Jr. "He is one on wlxim one may safely depend.’ Traffic Squad, 4. £The ELIZABETH CRAWLEY "Her presence lend its warmth and health To all who come before her” Glee Club, 1-2-3; Literary Society, 2; Chemistry Club, 4; Vocational Club, 4; Girls’ Hi-Y, 4. spotLIGH ODESSA CREEKMORE "These lovely lamps, These windows of the soul Perquimans High School, 1-2; Edcnton High School, 3; Glee Club, 1; Commercial Club, 2. ' to TOM COX 'The heart that could never deceive DOROTHY DANIELS 'Be to her virtues very kind; Be to her faults a little blind.” MARIE DIXON "A mistress of herself tint' China fall.” Commercial Club, 4; Glee Club, 3-4. BILL DUFF "With a jest on bis tongue and a smile on his lips. He’s bubbling with fun to his fingertips.” Public Speaking Club, 3; Literary Society, 3; Art Club, 4; Cheer Leader, 4; Dramatic Club, 3. MAC DUFF "History repeats itself.” Public Speaking Club, 3; President of Art Club, 4; Literary Society, 3; Assistant Cheer Leader, 3; Cnee. Leader, 4; Dramatic Club, 3. GARLAND DUNSTAN "An arc light among the ladies.” Yellow Jacket Staff, 4; Captain Traffic Squad, 4; Class Physician, 4; Commercial Club, 4; Public Speaking Club, 3; Dramatic Club, 1-2-3-4; Chemistry Club, 4; Latin Club, 2; Literary Society, 1-2-3-4. 7lu •itr I . . aaEttu jiffi SBB yJVWV SPOTLIGHT jsjMi' VIOLA EMERY "Her stature tall— I hate a dumpy uoman!' Glee Club, 2; Dramatic Club, 4; Girls’ Hi-Y, 4; Public Speaking Club, 3; Commercial Club, 4; Chemistry Club, 4. GLADYS ETHERIDGE "Blushing is the color of virtue Glee Club, 1-2-3-4; Literary Society, 2; Girls' Hi-Y, 4; Dramatic Club, 4. MARY FEREBEE DORA EVANS , make women.” 4; Dramatic Club, 2-4. 4; CLARA EWALD in stature, hut large in esteem.” of Girls’ Hi-Y, 4; Annual Staff, 4; Glee 3; Librarian, 3; Sanitary Inspector, 4. "Thi‘ Glory of a firm capacious mind.” Glee Club, 1; Literary Society, 2; Girls’ Hi-Y, 4. COLUMBUS FORBES " T i grievous parting with good company. ELEANOR FOREMAN "For hers is one of those attractive faces. That when you gaze upon them never fail to hid you look again ” Orchestra, 2-4; Yellow Jacket Minstrel, 4; Assistant Business Manager of Spotlight, 4; Art Club, 3-4; Monogram Club. 4. CAROLINE GREENLEAF " V truer, nobler, trustier wart, More loiing or mare loyal, iV a er heat within a human hr cast.” Lanier Jr. High School, 1-2; Miller Sr. Fligh School, 3; Student Council, 1-2-3; Glee Club, 3; Dramatic Club, 2-4; Girls’ Hi-Y, 4; Sigma Mu Beta, 1-2-3.MARJORIE GRIFFIN "Fair tresses man’s imperial race ensnare. And beauty draws ns with a single ba:r.” Commercial Club, 4; Dramatic Club, 4. ALMA HARRIS "A smooth and steadfast mind. Gentle tho'ts and calm desires.' Girls’ Hi-Y, 4; Hiking Club, 4. EDWIN HASTINGS "His motto seems to be: ’Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remote all doubt.” Vocational Club, 4. GLORIA MERLE HEGY "Music hath charms to soothe the sarage breast.” Loretto Academy, 1-2-3; Yellow Jacket Minstrel, 4. DAVID HILL And I would witch sweet ladies with my words and looks.” Football, 4-5; Baseball, 4-5; Monogram Club, 5; Latin Club, 3; Baseball, 5; Glee Club, 4. EDWARD HUGHES ”True to bis word, his work, and his friends.” Debate Squad, 4; Art Club, 4; Traffic Oii'.cer, 4: Mayor Room 2, 4. ESLE HOBBS " ’Tis as well said as if I said it myself.” Wecksville High School, 1-2; Basketball, 1-2-3-4; Dramatic Club, 3-4; Commercial Club, 4; Monogram Club, 4; Student Council, 4; Yellow Jacket Staff, 4; Captain Girls’ Basketball, 4. KATHRYN HURDLE ”A face of lily beauty and a form of airy grace.” Girls’ Hi-Y, 4; Chemistry Club, 4.SPOTLIGHT iiL'is y- ' NELL INGRAM "You look innocent—correct that mistake Basketball, 3-4; Literary Society, 3; Dramatic Club, 4; Glee Club, 4. ETHEL IVES "Good humor is the health of the soul.' Glee Club, 3; Public Speaking Club, 3; Literary Society, 3; Dramatic Club, 4; Chemistry Club. 4. "Silence is sureter than speech." Secretary of Literary Society, 3; Glee Club, 1-2-3; Vocational Club, 4, CLARENCE LANE "Not too sober, not too gay. But a real good fellow in every way." Reporter Yellow Jacket, 4. LOUVENIA LANE "Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind." Glee Club, 1; Literary Society, 2; Girls’ Hi-Y, 4. ELIZABETH LISTER "Life is not life at all without delight. ENOCH LUDFORD "He is a man. take him all in all; I shall not look upon his like again.’ Football, 4; Commercial Club, 4; Athletic Association, 1-2; Science Club, 2.spoTLIGH ALBERT LUTON "The heart of honor, and the tongue of truth. Bell Boy and Announcement Carrier, 4. LUCILLE MANN "And still the words flow on." Public Speaking Club, 3; Glee Club, 3-4; Chemistry Club, 4; Dramatic Club, 4; Literary Society, 3; Commercial Club, 4. MILDRED Me COY "There is no wisdom like frankness. Vocational Club, 4; Hiking Club, 4. sam McPherson "May you Hie all the days of yohfr life. Commercial Club, 4; Glee Club, 3-4; Dramatic Club, 4; Manager Football, 4; Manager Boxing, 4. KATHLEEN MIDGETT "Charm strikes the sight, and merit wins the soul." Glee Club, 2; Pianist Boys’ Glee Club, 4; Orchestra, 1-2-3-4; Band, 4; Public Speaking Club, 3; Girls’ Hi-Y, 4; Dramatic Club, 4; Testator, 4. CHARLES MILLER "Thus speaketh a. man. I bus speaketb a. man. NANCY MINTON "I have a heart for every joy." Glee Club, 2-3; Commercial Club, 4. MARY LILLIAN MITCHELL "Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit " Chemistry Club, 4; Commercial Club, 4; Glee Club, 3-4. PHILIP MORRISETTE "Nothing great was ever achieved without imagination." Basketball, 1-2-3; Baseball, 1-2; Football, 4; Monogram Club, 4; Literary Society, 3; Alternate Basketball Captain, 4. SHIRLEY MORRISETTE "Of manners gentle, of affections mild. In wit a man, in simplicity a child" News Flash Staff, 3; Yellow Jacket Staff, 4; Glee Club, 3-4. GEORGE OWENS 4 "Who says in verse what others say in prose." Class Prophet, 4; Football, 4. ELIZABETH PEED "Holy, fair, and wise is she; The heavens such grace did lend her That she might admired he." Glee Club, 3; Debating, 3-4; Student Council, 4; Assistant Editor of Yellow Jacket, 4; President of Girls’ Hi-Y, 4; Secretary and Treasurer of Monogram Club, 4; Manager of Girls’ Basketball, 4; Orchestra, 2; Annual Staff, 3. WILLIAM PETERS "A gentleman and a sc olar.” Football, 3-4; Basketball, 2-3-4; Monogram Club. 4; Public Speaking Club, 3; Boys’ Hi-Y, 4. MADELINE PINNER "Talking is more or less a consumption of energy. Student Council, 2-3; Girls’ Hi-Y, 4. BILLY PRITCHARD "Graced as thou art with the power of words, Should he known and honored at the House of Lords." Student Council, 1; Winner American Legion Oratorical Contest, 1-2; Triangular Debating, 3; Glee Club, 3-4; Secretary of Class, 3-4; Monogram Club, 4; F'ditor-in-Chief Yellow Jacket, 4; Baseball Squad, 4; Football Squad, 4. CELESTIA SCARBOROUGH "The miltlc t manners, ami tin- gentles tear ." Glee Club, 2-3. ELIZABETH SKILES "In her tongue is t! e law of kindness." Latin Club, 3; French Club, 3; Mclver Literary Society, 1-2-3. WILLARD SAVIN "He Jares Jo all hat may become a man. Who Jares Jo more is none." Boxing, 2-3-4; Orchestra, 1-2-3; Glee Club, 2-3. SARAH SEELEY " Tis better to be little and shine. Than great and cast a shadow." Glee Club, 2-3; Girls’ Hi-Y, 4; President of Chem istry Club, 4. LOUISE SEYMOUR "A smile is the same in all langn Sewing Club, 4. LESSIE MAE SIMPSON "Whose heart is like a mountain; W Ixise thoughts like merry rivers sing." Vocational Club, 4. 9 44. EMILY SAWYER "The one worth while Is the one who can smile When everything seems to go wrong" President of Class, 1-2-3; Vocational Club, 4; Basketball, 1-2-3; Science Club, 4. JACK SAWYER "His duties well prepared. His days well spent." Basketball, 2-4; Dramatic Club, 4; Boys’ Hi-Y Club, 4; Editor Spotlight, 4; Monogram Club, 4. JESSIE SKINNER "The windy satisfaction of the tongue." Assistant Business Manager of Yellow Jacket, 4; Chaplain of Girls Hi-Y, 4; Dramatic Club, 4; Glee Club, 3; Co-Captain of Girls’ Track Team, 4; Basketball, 4. %. m UC OTHY SPENCE re fa a ilyt will talk,—ye gods, bow s e u ill talk. NS SHELTON STEVENS "Style is the man bintse Basketball, 1-2-3-4; Baseball, 1-2-3-4; Glee Club, 1-2; Football, 4; Monogram Club, 4; Commercial Club, 4; President of Class, 4; Student Council, 4. KATHERINE TAFT "She’s one that doesn't make a fuss, Nor one we scry often see; But just the same she's a Rood old scout. That's nuiet Katherine." Sewing Club, 4; Hiking Club, 4. LIZZIE BELL TARKINGTON "Her uays are ways of pleasantness." Glee Club, 1-3; Literary Society, 2; Girls’ Hi-Y, 4. MAUDE TURNER "Wit and beauty, truly a rare combination." Dramatic Club, 4; Glee Club, 2-3-4; Literary Society, 3; Reporter of Commercial Club, 4; Assistant Editor Spotlight, 4. LINDA UPTON "An open hearted maiden. True and pure." Literary Society, 2; Girls’ Hi-Y, 4; Basketball, 4; Captain of Girls’ Field Day, 4; Glee Club, 1-2-3. MARY ELIZABETH UPTON "Of me you may write in tl e blackest of ink, ' say what I mean and I know what I think'." Basketball, 1-2-3-4; Glee Club, 2-3; Treasurer of Literary Society, 2; Girls’ Hi-Y, 4.Ohe spoTLIGHT PEARL VOLIVA "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance 4-H Club, 1-2; Literary Society, 2; Secretary of Vocational Club, 4; Glee Club, 1-2. CARLTON WEST "Oh, for the sight of a hashful maid'.” DORIS WHITE "Modest and simple and sweet.” Basketball, 4; Vocational Club, 4; Literary Society, 2; Glee Club, 2. GRACE WHITE "She is ever a good sport and a true friend.” Glee Club, 2-3; Girls’ Hi-Y, 4; Commercial Club, 4. GEORGE WILLIAMS "It is Rood to live and learn.” Orchestra, 4; Debating Squad, 4; Public Speaking Club, 3; Glee Club, 4. HELEN WILLIAMS "She's one of the quiet kind whose natures never vary.” Girls’ Hi-Y, 4; Vocational Club, 4. WILFORD WILLIAMS "He never tastes the joy that springs from labor.” Newsflash Staff, 3; Co-Editor Yellow Jacket, 4. VIRGINIA WORTH "With voice so gentle and eyes so bright. She moves before us, a guiding light.” Student Council, 1; Glee Club, 3; Annual Staff, 3; Debating Squad, 3-4; Yellow Jacket Staff, 4; Monogram Club, 4; Girls’ Hi-Y, 4; Cheer Leader, 4. J 7 I 1 )+ ' b rLAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE SENIOR CLASS 19 3 5 WE, The Senior Class of ’3 5, knowing that "The old order changeth, yielding place to the new," do, after manifold strivings and struggles, give up our place to those who follow after us. The Senior Class hereby bequeath with sorrow and regret (?) the following articles: Article I. To the Class of ’36: 1. Our reputation for dignity and conducting ourselves properly at all times. 2. The Senior privileges, which were promised to us by Mr. Bundy, but which we never received. 3. The honored rooms I and II. 4. The privilege of being shown respect by the student body’s standing when the Seniors march into Chapel. Article II. To the teachers the problem of finding better students than we were. Article III. Mildred Bright leaves the honor of winning first place in a beauty contest to Helen Cooper. Article IV. Kathleen Midgett’s power with Mr. Ross to any fortunate French student. Article V. Mac Duff’s emphatic French pronunciations to Noah Morrisette. Article VI. Doc Lowry’s preference for Miss Gordon to Selma Watson. Article VII. Viola Emery leaves her dainty feet to Elaine G.viderson. Article VIII. Article IX. John Spruill, and Article X. Article XI. Article XII. Article XIII. Article XIV. Lane. Esle Hobbs’ sneeze to Dorothy Williams. Shelton Stevens and Philip Morrisette leave their athletic ability to Luther Mann. Caroline Greenlcaf’s gift of gab to Barbara Hite. James Jackson’s wavy locks to David Stick. Albert Luton’s privilege of ringing the bell to Bill Parker. Sarah Seeley’s height to Kathleen Jackson. Elizabeth Peed leaves the path to S. B. Seymour open for Bertha Article XV. Jack Sawyer’s title of "King of Romance” to Emmett Sawyer. We hereby set our hands and seals to this our last will and testament on this day, March 13, 193 5. KATHLEEN MIDGETT, Chairman WITNESSED BY: ELIZABETH PEED Mr. Bundy’s Detention Hall JESSIE SKINNERPROPHECY It must have happened when 1 was crossing the intersection of our foremost street, that I was suddenly hit from behind by some fast moving vehicle. The years pass by and I see the year I9JJ. The first scene shows the interior of a big hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I see Dr. William Peters, now a famous specialist, at work. Assisting him is Nurse Emily Sawyer. The picture fades and in the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore I see Elizabeth Craw-ley. Mildred McCoy and Pearl Voliva, other nurses, hard at work. Next door to the hospital is an undertaking establishment run by Charles Miller. Again the scene changes and I see Glorious Gloria singing her way to fame in a Broadway vaudeville. Merle Hegy has changed her name and so has Miss Creekmore, now Mme. Dessa Odessa, famous accompanist and pianist. My eyes glance up to upper New York where I see Shirley Morrisette. designer of gowns for La Parce Modiste Shoppe. As his models he has selected two girls from Elizabeth City, Kathryn Hurdle and Linda Upton. I see in another shop such models as Mildred Bright, Virginia Worth, and Clara F.wald. In Greenwich Village I sec Eleanor Foreman and Edward Hughes painting their pictures. The scene changes to the spacious Madison Square Garden, where the big Barnum and Bailey Circus is exhibiting. In a side show- I sec the Duffs posing as the Siamese twins, and their announcer. Marvin Carmine. Proceeding on through the show, I see Chick West, the wild man from Borneo, and Doc Lowry, the wild and wooly cowboy from Texas. Turning my gaze again to a place of peace and comfort, I see Roger Shannonhouse married to a beautiful blonde and living happily. Elizabeth Peed lives in the city of Washington with a tiny shriveled up man who looks as though, in spite of his size, he still bosses her. James Cooper is a bachelor and has a good government job. Hello, Billy. Folks, this is William Pritchard, a prosecuting attorney in Washington, D. C. Again my gaz.c travels further, and 1 find m self in the continent of Asia. I sec Sam McPherson, assisted by Tom Cox, giving American haircuts and shaves to the natives of China. James Jackson has married Fu Manchu's daughter, and it’s said this marriage has quieted all of Europe and Asia. My eyes travel to the small country of Japan where Wood Boyce is the peace delegate from our own country. Phil Morrisette is at last the captain of a man-of-war and is fueling at the port of Tokyo. While glancing around Asia 1 sec, in Northern Siberia, Enoch Ludford and Columbus Forbes acting as guards over the chain gangs. Glancing again toward the west, I see in the Hawaiian Islands Hoover Alexander running a drug store for tourists, with his assistant, David Hill. Leaving Asia and going into the fair country of Europe, I find in Italy, on a world tour. Alice Bundy. Nell Ingram, Viola Emery, and Caroline Greenleaf all in search of foreign husbands with titles. My gaze rests on the country of Switzerland with its grape vineyards. George Williams is resting after his big clearance sale in America. I find that the peace meeting is taking place in Geneva. Our representatives are Minnie Bell, Cora Breeden, and Jack Sawyer. Let the women talk. Jack. Leaving Switzerland for France, 1 sec in Paris a reproduction of the 'I wo Sisters, Alice and Lottie Cartwright, now famous singers. C. J. Corbett is their business manager. Traversing France to the West Coast, I stop at one of the great wineries, where 1 sec Tom Dail intensely at work. England looms big in my vision and what a fervent prayer escapes my lips to hear the old language again! I see Garland Dunstan, a representative of the Boy Scouts of America, on an errand of friendship. My eyes are tired of foreign countries. The Panama Canal looks good to my far away vision, and I see Edwin Hastings and Albert Luton busy at work for the Government as engineers. Good luck, fellows! Ahoy! Mexico ahead! And look—if it isn’t Shelton Stevens, a general in the Mexican army, and Wilford Williams, the General’s secretary. Off in the distance, somewhat pathetic but still humorous, Charlie Morris, an old prospector. Good luck, Charlie. Leaving Mexico, my eyesight weakens. Still I can see on the Mexican border a chorus of girls consisting of Elizabeth Cohoon, Dora F'vans, Mary Fcrebec, and Alma Harris. Dance on, girls. My gaze encounters a meeting in Kansas City, an Old Maid meeting, including such officers as: President. Irma Coppersmith; Vice-President, Dorothy Daniels; Secretary, Lucille Mann; and such members as Marjorie Griffin, Eslc Hobbs, now divorced, Ethel Ives, Hazel Lamb, Louvcnia Lane, Elizabeth Lister, Nancy Minton, and Celestia Scarborough. Still nearer home I stop to get a look at Kentucky. I see Louise Seymour, Lcssic Mae Simpson, Dorothy Spence, Lizzie Bell Tarkington, Maude Turner, and Doris White at a Kentucky Derby with their husbands. Make your husbands look at the race, girls. Inspecting the landscape with my eyes, I knew I must search the hills of North Carolina. Helen Williams, Grace White, and Mary Elizabeth Upton are enjoving their vacations in the hills. Kathleen Midgett. Katherine Taft, and Mary Lillian Mitchell arc working together on a book called "Bewitching Mountains of North Carolina.” Slap, slap. I sit up and look around. There the doctor is slapping his hands to awaken me from unconsciousness, and I’m still trying to be a poet. GEORGE OWENS. spoTLIGHT 51 SUPERLATIVES Most Original Alice Cartwright, Marvin Carmine Best Looking Maude Turner, Winfred Dail Cutest Sarah Seeley, Shelton Stevens Most Popular Virginia Worth, Wood Boyce Most Intellectual Kathleen Midgett, Billy Pritchard Most Athletic---------------------- Esle Hobbs, Roger Shannonhousf. Best Dressed Katherine Hurdle, Edward HuciiisJUNIORS Jack Allen Virgie Hughes Alice Riggs Billy Alexander Earl Hurdle Gertrude Riggs Leslie Armstrong Lula Jackson Pearl Riggs Gladys Armstrong Madeline Jackson C. H. Robinson Camilla Bell Margaret Jackson w (Jtatfna. Sawver Genevieve Boyce Kathleen Jackson Emmett Sawyer Alvcrta Bray Bill Jones Maude Sawyer Dorothy Brock Elizabeth Jones Margaret Sawyer Elmer Brothers Nellie Jones Louise Sawyer Nathan Caddy Robert Lamb Bill Seymore Helen Cartwright Bertha Lane Elsie Seymour Virginia Cartwright Clarence Lewis S. B. Seymour Helen Cooper Carlton Lister Gladys Sherlock Violet Cohoon Willie Livcrman Ray Simons Edna Crawley Billy Love Margaret Spruill Norman Dowdy Katherine Love David Stick Eula Dozier Dorothy Midgctte Elbert Taft James Emery Oma Midgette Al Ward Herman Freeman Woodrow Midgette Allie Mac Ward John Thomas Forbes Lorene Miller Charles Ward Johnny Forehand Bill Miller Palmer Ward William Gard Virginia Morris Dan Watson Letty Gaither Mack Morrisettc John Wells Jack Gard Noah Morrisettc Eva West Junnic Garrett Edward O'Neil Sybil West Miriam Grcgson 1 lelcn Parker Alice White Edna Gridin William Parker Idell White Clara Hale Harry Perry Sidney White Cader Harris Velnor Price Marshall White Melvin Henderson Birdie Pritchard Dorothy M. Williams Virginia Hollowell Randolph Provo Dorothy E. Williams Billy Hooper Robert Pugh Sarah Williams Norman Hopkins Ruth Reid Kenyon Wilson Mary Frances Hughes Atta Lee Richardson SOPHOMORES Maude Albertson Clay Fere bee Frank Kramer, Jr. G randy Richardson Iva Alexander Marjorie Ferrell Madge Lambert Lillie Mae Russell Horace Ambrose Mary Fodrey Ivic Lister Aubrey Sawyer Frances Anderson Ruth Forbes Richard Litchfield Billie Sawyer Mayo Armstrong George Frisby Floisc Long M. C. Sawyer Gaither Aydlett Sam Godfrey Luther Mann Bill Spence Frances Barkeley Vernon Gore Richard Mansfield Alma Seymour Novella Bray Fdward Gregory Buford Mason Horace Seymour Alva Brown Francis Grice Levina Mcckins William Sexton Mary Frances Brown Fdward Griflin Aydlett Meiggs Louise Simpson Henry Brown Gaynell Harris Lona Meiggs Jean Simpson Graham Bunch Roy Henderson Flizabcth Meiggs Mary Simpson Doris Bundy Howard Hettrick Tommy Miller Evelyn Skilcs Charles Burgess Helen Hill Fdna Minton Elizabeth Spence Hazel By rum Barbara Hue Mary Morrisette Robert Stevens Frances Cain Graham Hollowed Katherine Murrell Ruth Swain Ray Carter Frank Hollowed Evelyn McClcnny Wilbert Taft Janet Cartwright Fenner Hopkins William O’Neal Claude Tarkington Kathryn Cartwright Hazell Hopkins Oscar Owens Thalia Tarkington Melvin Cartwright Mary Hopkins Bobby Ownlcy Mary Temple Bradley Cartwright Flton Hurdle Melba Parker Leland Thompson Pauline Cartwright Wesley Hurshman Carlton Perry Marjorie Trueblood Wallace Chappell Jeff Ingram Shirley Perry Martha Twiddy Alvin Cox Whitman Jackson Jackie Price Charles Walston Keeney Crank James Johnson Alva Pritchard Selma Watson James Davenport Miriam Jones Clarice Pritchard Jarvis Ward Morris Davis R. C. Jones Lucy Mae Pritchard Emory White Sam Dulin George Jordan Marion Pritchard Marian White Bobby F'lliot Richard Kendrick Katherine Ralph Jerry Wilcox Kathleen Fearing Joe Kirby Fdward Reid Fvie WinslowFRESHMEN brucc albert son mild red fcrrell thomas madrm paul lee scott jeanne armstrong celus forbes thomas markham doris sevmour margaret askew marion cook foreman audrey meads billy scymour edwin aydlett john wood foreman dick merritt joseph seymore ida baliard bobby foreman wanda miller kathlecn shannonhoute ann bailey john frisby, jr. vance midgett harry sheep fletchcr bailey elamc ganderson jessie morris john spruill george bailey shelton ganderson norma morris joe simons mary lee barnett raleigh gritftn Calvin morrisette mary thompson elizabeth barnes margaret hanna elizabeth morrisette carlton thorn ton audrey bateman marjorie hardison bobby munden billy tillett alice barnard mary alice hastings james mcharney marjorie turner phil bauer criinc hayman trances newbern russcll turner william bell roy Ice henderson bessic new by jeanne tuttle julian bray mamie hollowell bobb overman elizabeth umphlcti gladys bri.k house beat rice hollis ida bland overman fred upton margaret brothers melvin hooker carl overman carol vanture edward brothers elvie hopkins martell overman beat rice voliva winifred bunch hilton hudncll bcdic palmer maisie waldorf mayo burgess elizabeth hughes roy perry carol walston donald burgess katherinc hughes julian perry ray west ralph burgess clarence jackson hilda perry roy west cli abcth bycrly jack jarvis juanita perry mary west marjorie caddy jack jordan murphy phclps rath weston thomas commander lyda jones hazel reichle r. 1. whaley. jr. marjorie caswell edna mac jordan george reichle mary whitchill leroy copciand helen kendrick csthcr rhodes miriam white elizabeth copeland ruth kight dasscy roughton madclinc white henry crank norman kight clsic sanders annie wilder helen cutrt lester knight bascom sawyer, jr. dorothv williams annie davis zelma kirby raymond sawyer wilma williams julia dixon vivian lane thelbert sawyer ruth williams george folsom luther lassiter tom sawyer aubrey winslow pratt fearing james lat ham martha ann scott florencc woodley willis wrightSTUDENT COUNCIL Girls’ Advisor, Miss Pendleton Boys’ Advisor, Mr. Midgett Freshmen—Bruce Albertson, Jack Jarvis, Juanita Perry, Billy Seymour. Sophomores—Henry Brown, Richard Kendrick, Bill Spence. Juniors—Dorothy Brock, Bill Miller, Randolph Provo, C. H. Robinson, Gladys Sherlock, Palmer Ward. Seniors—Mildred Bright, Charles Glover, Eslc Hobbs, George Owens, Elizabeth Peed, Roger Shannonhouse, Shelton Stevens. tYELLOW JACKET STAFF t Editors Assistant Editor Junior Assistant Editor... Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Art Editor Sports Editor Advertising Manager ....... Humor Editor Columnists T) hists Advisors............. Billy Pritchard and Wilford Williams ---------------------Elizabeth Peed ---------------------Dorothy Brock Virginia Worth Jessie Skinner ................. Shirley Morrisette Roger Shannonhousi- ............ Shelton Qanderson .....................Tommie Miller David Stick, Carlton Lister, Garland Dunstan Esle Hobbs, Viola Emery Misses Adams and PendletonspoTQGjfT HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Director Assistant Director Violins: Bobby Elliott, Madeline White, Helen Kendrick. ’Celi.o: Marion Cooke Foreman. Bass: Eleanor Foreman. Clarinets: Jean Armstrong, Frank Kramer, Edward Griffin. Cornets: Katherine Love, John 'Spruill. -------------------- Miss Minnie Nash -------------------------Bobby Elliott Alto: Bob Overman. Trombone: Willis Wright. Saxaphones: Jimmie Johnson, Edwin Ayd-lett. Drums: Maurice Spruill. Piano: Kathleen Midgett.ahe SPOTLIGHT aiiLis BOYS’ GLEE CLUB Tenor I Philip Morriscttc Cader Harris Earl Hurdle Randolph Provo Bobby Elliott Tommy Miller Tenor II Billy Alexander Bobby Foreman Francis Griffin Carlton Lister Sam McPherson C. H. Robjnson Baritone Henry Brown Jack Gard Luther Mann Oscar Owens Bill Spence James Johnson Bass Junnie Garrett Shirley Morriscttc Billy Pritchard Sidney White Accompanists Kathryn Love Kathleen MidgettMONOGRAM CLUB Mr. Julian Aydlett, Sponsor Bruce Albertson Sam McPherson Frances Anderson George Owens Wood Boyce William Parker Mildred Bright Elizabeth Peed Alva Brown William Peters Alva Brown Billy Pritchard Violet Cohoon Ruth Reid James Cooper C. H. Robinson Keeney Crank Jack Saw'yer Winfred Dail Maude Sawyer Eleanor Foreman Willard Savin Mary Leigh Gaither S. B. Seymour Jack Gard Roger Shannonhouse Charles Glover Jessie Skinner Cader Harris Bill Spence Howard Hettrick Shelton Stevens David Hill Linda Upton Esle Hobbs Mary Elizabeth Uptoi Edward Hughes Charles Ward Jeff Ingram Palmer Ward Nell Ingram Allie Mae White Theotis Lowry George Williams Bill Miller Virginia Worth Philip Morrisette FOOTBALL TEAM Left to Right, 1st Row—David Hill, E; Palmer Ward, T (Captain); C. H. Robinson, G; Henry Brown, C; William Peters, G; Charles Ward, T; Bill Miller, E. 2nd Row—Bruce Albertson, B; George Owens, T; Creeper Crank, B; Winfred Dail, B; Philip Morrisette, B; S. B. Seymour, B; Vance Midgett, E; Roger Shannonhouse, B; Bill Jones, T. 3rd Row—Cader Harris, B; James McHarney, B; Enoch Ludford, E; Clarence Lewis, G; Murphy Phelps, T; Jack Gard, C; Noah Morrisette, B; Harry Sheep, T; Elmer Brothers, T. 4th Row—Sam McPherson, Manager; Dan Watson, Ass’t Manager; Doc Lowry, T; Bill Spence, E; Graham Bunch, B; Buzz Glover, Manager; Dick Kendrick, G; Coach George Hunsucker. Mascot, Billy Tillett. Absent from picture. Wood Boyce.GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM Left (down) to Right: Violet Cohoon, G; Ruth Reid, C; Maude Sawyer, F; Nell Ingram, G; Esle Hobbs, G (Captain); Mildred Bright, G; Linda Upton, G; Allie Mac White, F; Jessie Skinner, G; Miss Hilda Gordon, Coach; Mary Simpson, G; Alva Brown, G; Frances Anderson, F; Janet Cartwright, F; Ma:y Elizabeth Upton, F; Doris Bundy, F; Kathleen Fearing, F; Elizabeth Peed, Manager; H. B. Pritchard, Coach.BOYS’ BASKETBALL TEAM Left to Right, 1st Row—William Peters, C; Creeper Crank, F; Shelton Stevens, F; Philip Morrisette, G; William Parker, G. 2nd Row—S. B. Seymour, G; Cadcr Harris, C; Palmer Ward, C; David Hill, F; Doc Lowry, C. 3rd Row—"Buzz” Glover, Manager; Kenyon Wilson, F; Roger Shannonhouse, G; David Stick, F; Coach George Hunsucker. Absent from picture. Jack Sawyer.SPOTLIGHT IS BOXING TEAM Left to Right, 1st Row—Jeff Ingram, 95; Earl Midgett, 108; Buford Mason, 108; Creeper Crank, 115; Red Hooker, 120; Howard Hettrick, 12 5. 2nd Row—Jack Card, 12 5; Willard Savin, 13 5; Bill Spence, 145; Bruce Albertson. 145; Woodrow Midgett, Trainer. 3rd Row—Sam McPherson, Manager; L. W. Midgett, Faculty Manager.SPOTLIGH BASEBALL TEAM Left to Right, 1st Row—Coach George Hunsucker; Nathan Caddy, Catcher; David Hill, Inficlder; Tom Dail, Outfielder; Palmer Ward, Outfielder; Richard Ken drick. Infielder; S. B. Seymore, Outfielder; Kdward O’Neal, Outfielder. 2nd Row—Sam McPherson, Manager; Dan Watson, Infielder; Lcland ThomDson, Outfielder; Cliff Sawyer, Infielder; Bill Parker, Outfielder; James McHarncy, Infielder: Joe Kirby, Pitcher; Hoover Alexander, Catcher; C. P. Harris, Infielder. 3rd Row—James Emery, Outfielder; Ray Simons, Infielder; Billy Love, Infielder; Henry Brown, Catcher; Charles Ward, Infielder; Edwin Aydlett, Outfielder; Wilford Williams, Inficlder; Harry Sheep, Infieldcr. Back Row—Graham Bunch, Outfielder. Mascot—"Sparky ' Bunch. Not in Picture: Shelton Stevens, Infield; Richard Mansfield, Pitcher; James Cooper, Pitcher.v SPOl n LI Rl H 11 i i i 1 WHILE LEARNING LEARN TO USE TEXACO PRODUCTS THE TEXAS COMPANY All photographs in this annual through courtesy of Frisby’s Studio. COMPLIMENTS ...of... THE FIRST CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE BANK FINANCIAL HEADQUARTERS SINCE 1891 I | 1IV- spqTLJGBJ S 5=5 5 D. WESLEY MORGAN ( ? "Phone 2 56 P. O. Box 318 RETAIL AND STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES Cor. Church and Poindexter ffi ELIZABETH CITY NORTH CAROLINA CRYSTAL ICE AND COAL CORP. Wholesale and Retail Dealers In COAL AND ICE • Commercial Cold Storage Elizabeth City, N. C. Phone 16-716 : Miss Gordon: ' Did you say 1 was a learned jackass, Philip? ’ Philip M. "No, ma’am; I said that you were a burro of information.’ ELECTRICITY ...for... COOKING WATER HEATING REFRIGERATION New Business Department PUBLIC UTILITY COMMISSION DENWOOD CONFECTIONERY COLD DRINKS CIGARETTES HOT DOG CIGARS »i Curb and Delivery SERVICE Phone 69 S. Martin Streetnine SPOTLIGHT 1- W. C. GLOVER Buyer of HIDES—FURS—WOOL SOY BEANS—EGGS Top Market Prices Spot Cash Phone 30 D. M. JONES COMPANY HARDWARE AND PAINT George O. (during final exam.): "Are you sure question six is in the text?” Mr. Ross: "Certainly!” George O: "Well, I can’t find it.” GULF REFINING CO COMPLIMENTS ...of... STEVENS TIRE STORE INCORPORATED S. P. SMITH Distributor Corner Fearing and Water Streets | M. G. MORRISKTTE CO. I FURNITURE Cash if you have it, Credit if you want it! GARDEN SEEDS FARM MACHINES INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS VIGORO | I | FARMERS SUPPLY COMPANY PHONE 136 Mr. Davis (during Chemistry exam.): "Will some gentleman who isn’t using his text be so kind as to let me have it for a few moments?” A. B. HOUTZ SONS, Inc. BARRELS ami BASKETS COMPLIMENTS ...of... COLONIAL OIL COMPANY Distributors for PUROL PRODUCTS Phone 262 Elizabeth City : North Carolina I I .................................................................................... .GRIFFIN-COPPERSMITH FUEL CO., Inc. HEAVY GROCERIES COAL—FEED—WOOD Distributors for SCHLITZ—THE HEER THAT MADE MILWAUKEE FAMOUS Phone 1009 COMPLIMENTS ...of... CENTRAL CAFE EAST MAIN STREET James C.: "This match won’t light.” Clarence L.: "Thash funny. It lit all right a few minutes ago.’ COMPLIMENTS ...of... RUCKER SHEELY CO. ELIZABETH CITY’S BEST STORE Call GARRETT HARDWARE CO. for FLOOR WAX—FLOOR MOPS BROOMS—COOKING UTENSILS "4-Hour” Enamel Phone 970 SAWYER HARRIS READY MADE CLOTHES FCR THE FAMILY SHOES Compliments of E. S. CHESSON SON DEPARTMENT STORE Elizabeth City North Carolina GIFTS OF ALL KINDS MELICK’S COMPLIMENTS ...of... S. GANDERSON SONS —ELIZABETH CITY— —EDENTON— —WILLIAMSTON— With Best Wishes of Compliments of OVERMAN STEVENSON CARRIE LEE’S DRUGS WITH A REPUTATION BEAUTY SHOPPE 412 East Main Street Phone 373-W Mr. Midgett: "Sam, if a number of cattle are called a herd and a number of sheep a flock, what would a number of camels be called?” Sam McP. (nonchalantly): "A carton.” Compliments of ELIZABETH CITY BRICK COMPANY BUILDERS SUPPLIES Compliments of VIRGINIA DARE BARBER SHOP NEW SOUTHERN HOTEL BARBER SHOP COMPLIMENTS • ...of... A Shave Without Pain A FRIEND Or Whiskers Refunded The High School’s Choice I I Ohe SPOTLIGHT X S. G. SCOTT BROKER AND PRODUCE DEALERS | CAR-LOT SHIPPER i ! i IRISH AND SWEET POTATOES Established 1882 LOUIS SELIG 409 E. Main Street Elizabeth City’s Leading jeweler Fine Watches—Diamonds—Jewelry I 1 FRISBY’S STUDIO QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHS AT MODERATE PRICES 202 Kramer Building COMPLIMENTS ...of... McCLELLAN’S 5c TO $1.00 Kathleen M.: "Ah, Cherie—je t’ adore.” "Doc” L.: "Shut the door yourself; you opened it.” ; COMPLIMENTS ...of... QUINN FURNITURE CO. POINDEXTER STREET COMPLIMENTS -°f" | WHITEHURST CLEANING ' COMPANY Phone 376 Water Street ALBERT T. KRAMER MUTUAL INSURANCE Phone 103 5 Kramer Building COMPLIMENTS ...of... 5 TO 10 CENTS STORE MAIN STREET Mr. Shepherd Compliments of Com piiments of POWDER PUFF DUDLEY’S GROCERY PHONE 1022 PHONE 486 Compliments of Compliments of } KRAMER BROS. D. WAITER HARRIS LUMBER MILL ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Phone 208 TIDEWATER REALTY MORTGAGE COMPANY LOANS, INVESTMENTS, REAL ESTATE Flora Building East Main Street 1 ELMER BROTHERS CORNED HAMS SMOKED HAMS | COUNTRY SAUSAGES Phone 166 Southern Avenue CHESSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Inc. "Everything In Lumber for the Complete House" LUMBER, MILL WORK, WINDOWS, DOORS, FRAMES, SHINGLES, LATHS, Etc. Elizabeth City : North Carolina COMPLIMENTS ...of... TWIFORD’S FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE ARROW GROCERY J. Connery FANCY GROCERIES 990 — Phones 991 MILDRED’S FLORIST SHOPPE "FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS" HURDLE’S "WHERE THE BEST STYLES ARE FOUND” 8 South Road Street Phone 842 ,rSSS5?S?S S? S«»! Compliments of DR. H. A. THORSON CHIROPRACTOR Sawyer’s Realty Exchange | J. Cliff Sawyer y 323 CAROLINA BUILDING f. Compliments of DR. J. D. HATHAWAY OPTOMETRIST I Com pliments of G. M. WILLIAMS | Compliments of JOHN H. HALL 1 Compliments of « G. J. SPENCE | Compliments of DR. S. W. GREGORY G. R. L ITTLE FIRE INSURANCE {j Phone 5 5 Carolina Bank Building 3s | Shelton S.: "When I dance with you, I feel as if I am treading on clouds.” J Irma C.: "Don’t be figurative—those are my feet.” S y Compliments of | SEDBERRY’S DRUG STORE Com pliments of y R. B. W. STORE PHONE 59 Compliments of F. W. STORE Com pliments of J. V. MANN PHONE 483 ! V Com pliments of MARGUERITE SHOP Compliments of y WINFALL SERVICE STATION Compliments of O. B. WEST Compliments of GRIFFIN BICYCLE SHOP Ijj he SPOTLIGHT CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 193 5 SOUTHERN ENGRAVING COMPANY, Inc. 115 WEST CHARLOTTE STREET Telephone Norfolk 26846 Norfolk, Virginia Garland D.: 'T spent last night in the company of the one I love best. ’ Caroline G.: "Getting to be quite a hermit, aren’t you?" I - i Compliments of ANDERSON RADIO ELECTRIC COMPANY RADIOS and REFRIGERATORS Compliments of Pritchard’s Beauty Parlor IS BOTTLED FOR YOUR PROTECTION Every Hot tie Sterilized COMPLIMENTS -of... CAROLINA ANI) ALKRAMA THEATERS COOPER CLEANING WORKS QUALITY CLEANERS Phone 280  3he- SPOTLIGHT oiiLi) A OUR BEST WISHES and HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS to the SENIOR CLASS 19 3 5 I PELL PAPFR BOX COMPANY INCORPORATED Elizabeth City 1 This Annual "Printed by Pell”HP? ; t r-V..: • fe-1? • j fy -. m »»

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