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 - Class of 1955

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Foreword On September the eighth, voices filled the halls of E.C.H.S. ringing up the curtain on a new school year. Each day brought forth a new act with students and faculty finding their rolls in the complicated plot of school life. This edition of the Spotlight is presented as a program which you may keep forever to remind you of the personalities and scenes which have made this year's drama great.We dedicate Every Broadway production would play a one night stand if it were not for the genius of its director. One member of our faculty has been an outstanding influence in the productions which E.C.H.S. turns out—its students. Because of her deep understanding of human problems, because of her vivid interpretations of Shakespeare and Tennyson, because of her theatrical guidance our Junior year, because of her friendly tips on health, which have endeared her to our hearts; we do dedicate this 1955 edition of the Spotlight to MISS MINNIE JOHNSTON 6Administration To the members of the board of trustees we extend our expressions of thanks and appreciation. Although we seldom have direct contact with these citizens, their wise and skillful planning makes our daily life in school more pleasant. Seated, left to right: E. Wilson Smith, Mrs. 0. F. Gilbert, Jr., Howard Graul, J. P. Kramer. Standing: J C. Sawyer, Chairman; J. C. Abbott, W. F. Thompson, E. C. Funderburk. 8Earl C. Funderburk Superintendent B.A., M.A. University of North Carolina Fred J. Eason Principal B.A., M.A. Wake Forest College To Mr. Funderburk, Mr. Eoson, Mr. Wagoner, and Mr. Turner, we chiefly owe the excellent working conditions of our school. By their many nameless deeds they have evidenced their sincere interest in our welfare, and it is to them that we look for our inspiration, our guidance, and our stimulation to achievement. William Wagoner Assistant Principal B.S., M.A. Wake Forest East Carolina John Turner Guidance Director B.A., M E. Duke University University of North Carolina 9Faculty First Row: HORTENSE BOOMER t Librorion. B.A., Host Corolino College; B.S. in L.S., University of North Carolina IDA BROCK BOWERS Commercial. B.S., S.A., Woman's College of the University of North Carolina ROBERT BROOKS Physical Education, Social Science. B.S., Woke Forest College SCOTT CALLAWAY Instrumental Music. B.A.E., University of Mississippi; M.M., University of Michigan MAGGIE DANIELS CANNADY Commercial. B.S., East Carolina College Second Row: PAULINE MOE CLINKSCALES Social Science. B.S., State College, Eau Claire, Wisconsin MARY SUE COOK Home Economics. B.S., East Carolina College BERTHA COOPER Mathematics. B.A., M.A., East Carolina College ESTELLA J. COX Secretary. Barrett's Business School WILMA WILLIAMS FLOOD English. B.A., Atlantic Christian CollegeFirst Row: MARIE HODUL Chemistry, Biology. B.S., Fordhom University NORMAN HODUL Industrial Arts. B.S., in Forestry, North Carolina State College ANNIE MARIE JACKSON English. B.A., Meredith College JOHN W. JOHNSON Physical Education. B.S., N. C. State College; M.A., University of North Carolina MINNIE JOHNSTON Engish. B.A., M.A., University of North Carolina Second Row: SUSIE JONES Physical Education, English. B.S., East Carolina College MARY OWENS Latin, Mathematics. B.A., College of William and Mary GEORGE STARLING Music. B.S., East Carolina College BARBARA ANNE SMITH Spanish, French, Journalism. A.B., Greensboro College; M.A.T., Vanderbilt University and Peabody College REBECCA WEBB Mathematics. B.A., Wake Forest College, M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University FacultyTHE SPOTLIGHT PRESENTS . . .SilOINSCSENIOR OFFICERS Claude Burnham President Peggy Swain Vice President Dot Jones Secretary Arlene Turner Treasurer 14 OUR MASCOTS Frankie Williams Janet PhelpsSENIORS JACKIE DONALD ABERNATHY 7 think it a very happy accident.” ftny graduating) Audio Visual, 2; Key Club, 2,3,4; V-Pres., 3; Treos., 4; S.C. Chr. Safety Patrol, 4. NATHANIEL TAYLOR AYDLETT, II “He was the mildest mannered man." Glee Club, 3; Band, 1,2,3,4; Music Appreciation Club, 3; Closs V-Pres., 2; S.C.H.R. Rep., 1.2,3,4; S.C. Com. 4; Golf Team, 3. CONRAD ZIEGLER BAILEY, JR. 7 hate nobody; am in charity with the world" Band, 4; Officer, 4; Loudspeoker Staff, 2; Hi-Y, 3, 4; Junior Play Staff; Travel Club, 1,2; Com. Chr., 3; S.C. Com., 4; Science Club, 3. WARREN CULLEN BAINES "As full of spirit as the month of May.” Band, 1,2,3,4; Officer, 4; Dramatic Club, I; Science Club, 3. MAXINE LOUISE BAKER “My wants are many, and, if told, would muster many a score.” Glee Club, 1,2,3,; Dromatic Club 2; Junior Play Cast; H.R. Treas., 1; F.T.A. 3. ROSE SAWYER BASNIGHT “A rose by any other name would never be so sweet.” Spotlight Staff, 4; Tri-Hi-Y, 3,4; Nationol Honor Society, 3,4; President, 4; Marshal, 3; Dromatic Club, 1,2; Treasurer, 1; Junior Play Stoff; G.A.A., 2; H. R. V.-Pres., 3; H. R. Sec.-Treas., 4; S.C. Com., 3,4; Science Club, Secretary, 3; Outstanding Senior. GLENWOOD GILL BAUM “What need is there for words.” Varsity Football, 3; Monogram Club, 3; Travel Club, 1,2,3. CARIETTA BLADES "Who is it that can tell me who I am?” Glee Club, 4; Band, 1,2,3,4; Officer, 3,4; Spotlight Staff, 2,3,4; Advertising Manager, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 3,4; Dramatic Club, 1; Sec. Commercial Club, 2; G.A.A., 1; F.T.A., 2; H. R. Sec., I, 2; S.C. Com., 3, 4.SENIORS VIRGINIA LOU BLEDSOE “She does little kindnesses.” Library Staff, 1,2; F.H.A., 1; F.T.A., 4; Homeroom Officer, 3; Program .Chairman; Tri-Hi-Y, 2; Millington High School. LULA NELL BOYCE “As upright as a cedar.” Commercial Club, 2; Monogram Club, 2; Art Club, 1. ALINE YVONNE BRAY “Here is a lady sweet and kind.” Glee Club, 1,2,3,; Tri-Hi-Y, 3,4. EDWARD THOMAS BRITT “Young in limbs, in judgment old.” Travel Club, I, 2; Senior Science Club, 3. THIMOTHY ROBERT BROOKS “The Divine Swoon.” Japan, I; Californio, 1, 2; Hi-Y, 4; Varsity Football, 3,4; Varsity Basketball, 3,4; Co-Captain, 4; Speech Club, 3; Pres., 3; Outstanding Senior. HERMAN LAVERNE BUNCH “The first twelve years are the hardest.” Dramatic Club, 1; Junior Play Staff; Varsity Football, 4; Jayvee Football, 3; F.T.A., 2,3,4; S.C., 1; Science Club, 3.4. PATRICIA ANNE BUNCH have been in such a pickle since I last saw you. (Haywood)” Glee Club, 2; Pianist (osst.); Band, 1,2,3,4, Majorette, 3,4; National Honor Society, 3,4; Marshal, 3; Music Appreciation Club, 3; S.C. Com., 3. CLAUDE FRANCIS BURNHAM “As true as steel.” National Honor Society. 4; Dramatic Club, 2 Pres., 2; Junior Play, Cast; Key Club, 2,4 F.H.A., 2,4; Class Pres., 4; H.R. V.-Pres., 2 S.C. Com., 4; Chr. Com., 3; Safety Patrol, 2 Mr. E.C.H.S.SENIORS DOROTHY JANE COMMANDER “Fire in each eye. and papers in each hand (as typist for the Spotlight)” Glee Club, 1,2,3; Spotlight Staff, 4; Commercial Club, 3; Bible Club, 4. OS IE LEE COOPER “Never say more than is necessary.” Audio Visual, 4; Vorsity Football, 3; Jayvee Football, 2; S.C. Com., 3,4. ANNETTE COPPERSMITH "You have a merry heart.” Band, 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y, 3,4; Junior Play Stoff; Commercial Club, 3,4; H.R. Treas., 3; S.C. Comm., 2; Spotlight Staff, 1. ROBERT FAIRCHILD DARLING “Action! Action! Action!” Varsity Football, 2,3,4, Copt., 4, Joyvee Football, 1; Vorsity Basketball, 2,3,4; Junior Vorsity Basketball, 1; Baseball Team, 1; Mono-grom Club, 3,4; V-Pres., 3; Travel Club, 2; F.T.A., 2; H.R. Sec., 2; Golf Team. 3,4. Chocowinity High, 1,2,3; Football. 1,2,3,4; Basketball, 2,3; Beta Club, 4; Monogram Club. 4, H.R. Pres., 2; Class V-Pres., 2,3; S.C. Treos., 4; Debate Club, 4. ANNE CAROLE DUKE "All this, and Heaven too.” Washington High, 1,2; Band, 2,3,4; Treas., 4; Tri-Hi-Y, 1,2,4; V-Pres., 4; National Honor Society, 3,4; Junior Play Staff; H.R. Treos. 6 Sec., 3; Pres., 4; S.C. Com., 4; Science Club, 3; Journalism Club, 1,2; Latin Club, 1,2; Sec., 2. PATRICIA WAVERLY ETHERIDGE “The social smile, the sympathetic tear.” Dramatic Club, 1; Commercial Club, 3; Music Appreciation, 3; Speech Club, 3; Treas., 3; Intramural Basketball, 3,4; Art Club, 1; Mixed Chorus, 3; Manteo High School, 2. .9 r s JOSEPrff ftARCE EVES, III “ know you are laughing in your sleeve Spotlight Staff, 2,3; Loudspeaker Staff, 2; Junior Play Staff; Key Club, 3,4; Sec., 3,4; Jr. Travel Club, 1; Sr. Travel Club, 2; S.C. Rep., 1; S.C. V-Pres., 3; S.C. Chr. Com., 4; Boys' State, 3. FRED ALSTON FEARING "All thing come round to him who will wait.” Band, 3,4; Hi-V, 4; Dramatic Club, I; Junior Varsity Basketball, 1,3; Baseball Team, 3,4, Monogram Club, 4; Travel Club, 1,3; F.T.A., 2; Varsity Basketball, 4. FRANCES CRUMP FISHER “If glory comes after death, I am in no hurry” Glee Club, 1,2,3; Northwestern High, 1,2,3; Spotlight Staff, 4; Tri-Hi-Y, 1; Mixed Chorus, 4. ANNIE LAWRIE GARD “Do you know I am a woman? When I think, I must speak." Glee Club, 4; Bond, 1,2,3,4; Officer, 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y, 3,4; Pres., 4; Junior Play Cast Jr. Commercial Club, 2; Music Appreciation Club, 2; Pres., H.R. Sec., 1; S.C. Com., 3,4. CECIL FRANKLIN GARRETT “Knowledge is power.” Junior Play Staff; Varsity Basketball, 3,4 Junior Varsity Bosketball, 1,2; Key Club, 3,4 Pres., 4; Travel Club, 3; F.T.A., 2,3,4; H.R Trees., 2; V-Pres., 4; Safety Patrol, 2,3,4 Senior Science, 3. SHEILA GIBSON “A good name is better than precious ointment." Cape Hatteras High School, 1,2,3; 4-H, 1,2,3; Sec., 3; F.H.A, 4; Class Sec., 2; Class Pres., 3.SENIORS OPAL LEE HACKLER “The hand that hath made you fair hath made you good.” Bond, 1,2,3,4; Majorette, 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y, 3,4; Treos., 4; Junior Ploy Cast; F.T.A., 1,2,3,4; H.R. Pres., 2,3; S.C. Com. 3,4; Commercial Club, 1. SHARON GAYLE HARDISON “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” Dramatic Club, 1; Junior Play Staff; Travel Club, 1; Treos., 1; F.H.A., 2,3; Sec., 2; Pres., 3; H.R. Sec., 2; Office Staff, 4; Bible Club, 4. ROBERT ALEXANDER HARRINGTON "A man, he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows.” Band, 1,2,3,4; Officer, 2,3,4; Dramatic Club, 2; Junior Play Cost; Key Club, 3,4; Chaplain, 4; Music Appreciation Club, 2,3; V-Pres., 2; Sec., 3; F.T.A., 3; Jr. V-Pres., 1; Sgt.-at-Arms, 3; S.C. Rep., 2; S.C. Com., 2,3; S.C. V-Pres., 3; Outstanding Senior. CECIL IRVIN HARRIS “Once a gentleman, always a gentleman.” Travel Club, 3. WILLIAM AUBREY HARRIS "He, from tvhose lips divine persuasion flows.” Spotlight Staff, 2,3,4; Junior Play Stoff; Library Staff, 3,4; Pres., 4; Audio Visual, 1; V-Pres., 1; Jayvee Football, 2,3; Junior Varsity Basketball, 2,3; Baseball Team, 1; Manager, I; F.T.A., 2,3; Jr. V-Pres., 1; S.C. Com., 2,3,4; Homecoming King. 4, Northeastern Carolina Annual Staff, 4; Historian; Outstanding Senior; Hi-Y; Varsity Basketball, 4. GEORGE CLIFFORD HASKETT "Live and let live.” Glee Club, 4; Band, 1; Spotlight Staff, 4; Typist; Library Staff, 4; Music Appreciation Club, 1; Sgt.-at-Arms; Art Club, 2. RICHARD CARL HELMKAMP, JR. "Have mercy upon us miserable sinners.” Bond, 2,3,4, Officer, 2,3,4; Music Appreciation Club, 3; Treos., 3; Travel Club, 2; Sec., 2; H.R. Pres.. 1,2; V-Pres., 3, 4; Golf Team, 3; Art Club, 2; V-Pres.; Outstanding Senior. JULIUS A. HOOKER, JR. "As good luck would have it.” Hi-Y, 4, Varsity Football, 3,4; Co-Captain, 4; Joyvee Football, 2; Varsity Basketball, 3,4; Junior Varsity Basketball, 2, Monogram Club, 3,4, Travel Club, 2,3; S.C. Com., 3.SENIORS DOROTHY JEAN HOPKINS 'Friendship is to be purchased only by friendship.” Band, 1,2,3,4; Majorette, 4; Tri-Hi-Y, 3,4; National Honor Society, 3,4; Marshal, 3; Dro-motic Club, 1; Junior Play Cast; F.T.A., 1,2,3,4; HR. Treas., 1; S.C. Rep., 3; S.C. Com., 1,3,4; G.A.A., 1. CAROLYN DAWN HURDLE 7 am bigger than anything that can happen to me.” Glee Club, 1,2,3; Tri-Hi-Y, 3,4; Junior Play Staff; Commercial Club, 3; G.A.A., 1; F.H.A., 2,3; Historian, 3. MARION L. JACKSON “Life is a dusty corridor. I say.” Safety Patrol, 4. PATRICIA ANN JACOBS "No one knows what he can do until he tries.” Glee Club, 1,2,3; Dramatic Club, 1; Commercial Club, 3,4; Art Club, 2. SAMUEL JERRY JOHNSON “The pen is mightier than a sword.” John Garrie Junior High, 1; Robert E. Lee, 2; Glee Club, 2; Junior Play Staff; H.R. V-Pres., 1; S.C. Rep., 2; Sr. Science Club, 3,4; Pres., 3. DORIS RAYE JONES “There is no substitute for hard work.” Glee Club, 1,2,3; Junior Lib., 3; Tri-Hi-Y, 3,4 Notional Honor Society, 3,4, Junior Play Staff Commercial Club, 3,4; Pres., 4; G.A.A., 1,2 Class Sec., 1,4; Class Pres., 2; H.R. Pres., 1,2 S.C. Com., 3. GRACE LORRAINE JONES “A sweet attractive kind of grace.” Glee Club. 1,2; Dramatic Club, 1; Junior Play Staff; Library Staff, 2,3; G.AA., 2, F.H.A., 3. HARRY EUGENE JONES “He that mischief hatchcth. mischief catcheth.” Varsity Football, 3; Joyvee Football, 1,2; Outside Safety Patrol, 3; Office Staff, 4; Jr. Varsity Basketboll, 1,2; Vars:ty Basketball, 3.SENIORS IRIS ANN JONES "AW a right with the world.” Glee Club, 1; Dromotic Club, 1; Junior Play Staff; Commercial Club, 2; G.A.A., 2; F.T.A., I; Office Staff, 3, Bible Club, 4. NANCY ANNE JONES “Here is a dear and true industrious friend." Glee Club, 1,2,3,4; V-Pre$.f 2; Pres., 4; Junior Play Staff; Sr. Travel Club, 3; Treas. Speech Club, 1; F.T.A., 1,2,3; V-Pres., 3: H.R. Treas., FELBERT GILL LAMB "He is the very pine-apple of politeness .” Glee Club, 1,2; Band, 2,3,4; Drum Major, 4; Dromotic Club, 2; Junior Play Cast; Music Appreciation Club, 2; S.C. Rep., 4; Safety Patrol, 3. LORA LORETTA LANCASTER “ ’II speak in a monstrous little voice.” Glee Club, 1,2,3; Spotlight Staff, 4; Junior Play Staff; Audio Visual, 4; Speech Club, 3; Benvue High School, 1; William R. Davie School, 1; Gaston High School, 2. ANNETTE LEARY “You have to believe in happiness. Or happiness never comes.” Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; Sec., 4; Notional Honor Society, 3,4; Junior Ploy Cast; Debotor, 3; Speech Club, 1; F.T.A., 1,2,3; Representative to NEA, 3; Treas., 2; Pres., 3; H.R. Pres., 4; Sr. Science, 3; Bible Club, 4. IRIS JENNETTF LEARY “Ambition has no rest.” Tri-Hi-Y, 3,4; V-Pres., 4, Notional Honor Society, 3,4; Choploin, 4, Marshal, 3; Dramatic Club, 1,2; Junior Play Staff; Library Staff, 4; G.A.A., 2; Travel Club, 3; Pres.; H.R. Sec., 2; S.C. Com. Chr., 4. JOYCE TOLER LEE “Speech is great, but silence is greater." Spotlight Staff, 3; Dromotic Club, 2; Junior Ploy Staff; G.A.A., 1,2; Speech Club, 3. CAROL ANN LONGENECKER “The ripest peach i highest on the tree.” Glee Club, 4; Junior Play Staff; Library Staff, See. Treos.; G.A.A., 1; V-Pres.; F.T.A., 2,3,4, H.R. Treas., 1,4; V-Pres., 3; S.C. Com., 3, Safety Potrol, 2.GEORGE MIDGETT “He’ armed without that's innocent within.” Bond, 1,2; Officer, 2; Loudspeaker Staff, 1,2; Business Manager; Hi-Y, 3,4; Junior Play Cost; Library Sfaff, 4; V-Pres.; Travel Club, 3; F.T A., 3,4; Class Treos., I; Pres., 2; Safety Patrol, 2,3. JAMES CARROLL MILLER “You are a devil at everything, and there is nothing in the whole world but what you turn your hand to.” Glee Club, 4; Junior Play Cast; Library Staff, 4; Reporter; Audio Visual, I; Sgt-at-Arms; Junior Varsity Basketball, 2; Travel Club, 3; Speech Club, 1; F.T.A., 3; HR. Pres., 2; Safety Patrol, 2; Varsity Basketball, 4. MARIETTA ANGELYN MOORE ”To the boys, however, wc girls do praise ourselves.” Glee Club, 4; Band, 1,2,3,4; Majorette, 3,4; Junior Play Cast; Dramatic Club, 1; G.A.A., 1; F.T.A., 1,2,3,4; Sec., 3; H R. Rep., 1; S.C. Com., 3; Safety Patrol, 2. ROSE MARY MOORE "Genius is the power of lighting one's own fire.” Band, 1,2,3,4; Majorette, 2,3,4, Chief Majorette, 4; Loudspeaker Staff, 1,2; Social Editor, 2; Tri-Hi-Y, 3,4; National Honor Society, 3,4, Marshal, 3; Junior Play Cast; Debator, 2; G.A.A., 1; F.T.A., 2,3,4; S.C. Trees., 4; Com. Chr., 3; Press Club, 2; Science Club, 3; Safety Patrol, 1,2; Outstanding Senior. MARGARET ANN MUNDEN “Tain’t no use to sit and whine.” Glee Club, 1,2,3; Sec., 3; Junior Ploy Staff; G. A.A., 1,2; F.H.A., 3; V-Pres„ S.C. Com, 3,4; H. R. Sec., 3. BARBARA NEECE ''We're born to be happy all of us.” Band, 1,2,3,4; Officer, 3,4, Spotlight Stoff, 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y, 3,4; Junior Play Cast; Debator Club, 2; F.T.A., 4; S.C. Rep., 2; Com. Chr., 3; Com., 4; Bible Club. JANNA RANDAL OVERTON "We have seen better days.” Jr. Dromotics Club, 2; Travel Club, 3; V-Pres. PATSY LOU PARKER "Peace be to you.” Spotlight S.‘aff, 4; Editor-in-Chief, National Honor Society, 3,4, Dromotics Club, 1,2; Junior Play Cast; Audio-Visual, 2; Class Sec., I; HR. Pres., 1; Sec., 2.SENIORS RUTH ESTHER PATE “Quietly contented.” Glee Club, 1,2,3; F.H.A., 1,2; Bible Club, 4. JOYCE RAYE PERRY “The world is my oyster.” Glee Club, 1,2,3,4; Senior Librarian, 4; G.A.A., I; F.H.A., 3; Bible Club, 4. KAY FRANCES PHELPS “This news is old enough; it is everyday's news.” Band, 1,2,3,4; Officer, 2,3,4, Spotlight Staff, 4, Ad Staff; Loudspeaker Staff, 1; Homeroom Reporter; Music Appreciation Club, 1,2,3; Spotlight Stoff, 4. SHIRLEY RAE POWELL “The possessor of much wit.” Audio-Visual, 1; Travel Club, 1; Art Club, 2. AUDREY RAYE PRITCHARD “Well done is better than well said.” Loudspeaker Staff, 1; Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; Library Staff, 3; Commercial Club, 3; Class V-Pres., 1; H.R. Sec., 4; Bible Club, 4. JAMES MATHEW RHODES, JR. ‘He is a cheery old card.” Audio-Visual, 4; Travel Club, 1,2,3. SARAH ELIZABETH RIDDICK “Hold the fort! I am coming Band, 2,3,4; Trees., 4; Spotlight Staff, 2,3; Dramatic Club, 1; Commercial Club, 2; Audio-Visual, 1; Music Appreciation Club, 2; Senior Science, 3; Spotlight Club, 3,4. RONALD GILL ROUGHTON “Mischief, thou art afoot.” Band, 2,3,4; Officer, 3,4; National Honor Society, 3,4; V-Pres., 4; Dramatic Club, 2; Junior Play Staff; Key Club, 2; Travel Club, 1,2; Class Treos., 2; Pres., 4; H.R. Pres., 2,3; Outstanding Senior.SENIORS CARLTON DOXEY SANDERLIN "It must be done like lighting!” Trovel Club, 1,2; Science Club, 3. LUTHER JAMES SANDERS, JR. "The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you can not do." Bond, 1,2,3,4; Officer, 4; Junior Ploy Staff; Junior Varsity Basketball, 2; Music Appreciation Club, 3; Travel Club, 1; Pres.; Speech Club, 2; H.R. Trees., 3,4. ROSE MARY SAWYER "Not always smiling, but at least serene" Glee Club, 1; Tri-Hi-Y, 3,4, Dramatic Club, 1; Junior Play Cast; Library Staff, 4; Monogram Club, 2,3; Varsity Cheerleader, 2; G.A.A., 1; F.T.A., 3; S.C. Rep., 2. HAROLD CARTER SMITH "His madness was not of the head, but heart." Audio Visual Club, 1; Varsity Football, 3,4; Jayvee Football, 1,2; Junior Varsity Basket -ball, 1,2; Boseball Team, 3; Monogram Club, 3,4; Travel Club, 2,3; Chr. Safety Patrol, 4. REBECCA LOUISE SMITH "Afraidf Of whom am I afraidf" Glee Club, 1,3; Marshal, 3; Dramotic Club, 1; Library Staff, 4; G.A.A., 1; F.T.A., 2. JO ANNE SNOWDEN "I have more zeal than wit." Band, 1,2,3,4; Officer, 4; Travel Club, 3; F.H.A., 2,3; Bible Club, 4. PHYLLIS PRITCHARD SPENCE "If there were many like her, the stock of halos would give out.” Band, 1,2,3,4; Majorette, 3,4; Spotlight Staff, 2,3,4; Business Manager, 4; National Honor Society, 3,4; Treasurer, 4; Marshal, 3; Junior Play Staff; Commercial Club, 2; F.T.A.. 2,3,4; Treasurer, 3; H.R. Pres., 1; S.C. Social Com., 1,3; Senior Science Club, 3; Outstanding Senior. RODNEY WAYNE SPENCER "This is the long and the short of it." Bcnvenue High School, 1,2,3; Football, 3; French Club, 2; F.F.A., 1; Hobby Club, 3.SENIORS KAY FRANCES STAFFORD "I’m nobody! Who are you?" Glee Club, 1,2,3; Dramatics Club, 1; G.A.A., 1; F.H.A., 3,4. MARGARET ETTA SWAIN “Youth, beauty, graceful action seldom fails." Band, 1,2,3,4; Majorette, 2,3,4; Spotlight Staff, 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y, 3,4; Junior Play Cast; Commercial Club, 2; G.A.A., 1; F.T.A., 2; Class V-Pres., 4; H R. Pres., 3; S.C. Com. Chr., 4; Dramatic Club, I; Outstanding Senior. MARTHA ARLENE TURNER “It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness." Glee Club, I; Class Trees., 4; H.R. V-Pres., I; Trees., 2; S.C. Representative, 4. ALMA AUGUSTA TWIFORD “Have a good heart! ’Tie the secret of your looks." Glee Club, 1,2,3; F.H.A., 2,3. MELVA MARGARET TWIFORD "Give me your hand, let me feel your pulse." Glee Club, 1,2,4; Spotlight Staff, 4; Junior Play Staff; 'Commercial Club, 3; G.A.A., 1,2; Trees., 2; Travel Club, 2; Closs Sec., 3; H.R. Treas., 1; S.C. Rep., 2. NAOMI ADELE WALTER “I shall laugh myself to death." Glee Club, 1,2,3; Spotlight Staff, 4; Tri-Hi-Y, 3,4; Chaplain, 4; Junior Play Staff; Music Appreciation Club, 2; F.H.A., 3; Bible Club, 4. TERLIEN VIRGINIA WATSON “My heart is like a singing bird." Band, 1,2,3,4; Loudspeaker Staff, 1; National Honor Society, 3,4; Junior Play Staff. ANN LOUISE WHITE “A little nonsense mom• and then is relished by the wisest men. Glee Club, 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y, 3.4, Dramatic Club, 1; Commercial Club, 3; F.H.A., 2; F.T.A., 2; Bible Club, 4.SENIORS ELIZABETH ANN WILLIAMS “Great actions speak great minds.” Notional Honor Society, 3,4, Sec., 4; Chief Marshal, 3; Junior Play Staff; Class V-Pres., 3; H.R. Pres., 4; S.C. Representative, 3; Senior Science, 3; Cape Hatteras High School, 1; Outstanding Senior. FRANCES LOUISE WILLIAMS “The best way to keep good acts in memory is to refresh them with new.” Band, 1,2,3,4; Spotlight Staff; 2; Tri-Hi-Y. 3,4; National Honor Society, 3,4; Dramatic Club, 1; Junior Play Staff; Commercial Club, 2; G.A.A., 1; Closs Pres., 1, Trees., 3; S.C. Rep. 1; S.C. Sec., 2; S.C. Pres., 4; Homecoming Queen, 4; Miss E.C.H.S. HERBERT RANDALL WILLIAMS “Make 'em laugh; make ’em cry; make 'em wait.” Band, 1,2; Speech Club, 1,2; H.R. V-Pres., 4; Fork Union Military Academy, 3. LOIS KAY WILLIAMS ”Of that which once was great, is passed away. (Our returning to E.C.H.S. in the fall.) Glee Club, 1,2,3,4. Picture Missing: SUE BOYD WINSTEAD “Fair words never hurt the tongue.” Both High School, 1,2,3,4) Girls; Class Pres., 1; F.H.A., 1,2,3; Sec., 1, V-Pres., 2; Cheerleader, 1,2,3; Beta Club, 2,34, Pres., 3, Trees. 2; Basketball Team, 2; Junior Play; Marshal 3; Asst. Editor of Annual, 3; Class Sec., 4; Editor of Annual, 4. 26LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!FRANCES WILLIAMS Win c. C.J4.S. of ’55m,£.c.jj.s.,of55 CLAUDE BURNHAM a r J Bill Harris Rose Basnight 303133UNDERCLASSMENFRESHMENJUNIORS OFFICERS Cecelia Hodges President Mike McGee Vice President Carolyn Bunch Secretary Alice Spencer Treasurer Joyce Allen James Archbell C. B. Barkley, II Henry Berard Betsey Blades Al Blount Buddy Boyce Bill Brockett Jo Anna Brothers Carolyn Bunch 36Hubert Bunch Harry Bundy Myrtle Chappell Billie Chaudron Harry Collier Loretta Collins Charles Commander Earlene Culipher Ocie Ann Culpepper Sally Cunningham Barbara Jo Daniel Carroll Davis Gloria Davis Miles Davis Tommye Dawson Freddy Decker Carolyn Dickerson Barbara Edwards Bill Edwards William Elliot JUNIORS 37Millie Fary Pat Fearing Charlotte Fitchett Samuel Forbes James Gaskins Kent Haney Herbert Harrell Jane Harrell Charles Harris Hazel Hassell Jimmy Hathaway Cecelia Hodges Peggy Hoover Ann Hurdle Vernon G. James Frances Jennette Carolyn Jennings Gloria Jennings Jerry Joseph Rita King JUNIORS 38Ellen Lacy Helen Lacy Earlene Lane Roy Lane Ethel Lawrence Sylvia Long Bob Luther Jennette McCain Beverly McCullen Jerry McGee Mike McGee Peggy Meekins Douglas Morris Donald Myers Barbara North Bruce Otvos Jane Overman Dianne Owens Barbara Palmer Sheila Payne JUNIORS 39Jerry Peoples David Perry Jimmy Perry Ruth Ellen Perry Joe Pool Doris Powell Mahala Powell Douglas Prescott Ronald Price Maxine Pridgen Rosalie Raper Mary Riddick PICTURES Charles Clark Jollish Clifton Irving Cohoon Douglas Roughton Victor Roughton Gordon Sanders Jane Sanders Paul Sawyer Sam Sawyer Winona Sawyer Sylvia Scoff JUNIORS 40Mae Scarborough Jimmy Scott Mac Seymore Barbara Simpson Mike Singletary Elmer Smith Alice Spencer Ernest Spruill Mitchell Spruill Lois Stallings Richard Stevenson Jo Anne Swain MISSING Vincent Mercer Charles Overton Pete Smoak Virginia Tarkington Allen Tillett Faye Todd Jean Tucker Billy Tunstall Grace Wallace Essie Ward Jim Weeks 41 JUNIORSOn stage, Juniors!Sophomores OFFICERS Claughton Miller President Mike Bell Vice President Barbara Jennings Secretary Jerry Singletary Treasurer Ann Alford Virginia Baker William Baker Mildred Ball Michael Bell Weymouth Betts Charles Berry Ellen Brown Evelyn Brown Helen Britt Ella Ruth Bunch Paige Bunch SOPHOMORES 43Helen Burch Nancy Cole Carrie Croy Becky Davenport Gregory Davis Dennis Echols Connie Fearing Carroll Fisher Martha Freeman James Gard Mary Gibbs Sammy Gibbs Peggy Goodwin Thelis Gordon Dennis Griffin Phyllis Hardison James Hare Betty Hodges Melvin Hooker Rodney Hooker Patricia Horner Charles Hotchkiss Grover Jackson Gene Jarvis SOPHOMORES 44Barbara Jean Jennings Lyle Jerome Mack Jones Shirley Jones Robert Kelly Kaye Knott Joseph Kramer Geneva Lane Claughton Miller Gordon Minton Grace Morse Giles L. Newsome Hugh MacDiarmid Thomas McKimmey Jacquelyn Midgett Barbara Ann Miller Faye Norfleet Roy Maurice Onley Barbara Ann Overman Martha Overton Carl C. Payne Charles Porter Fredrick Poulos Mickey Powell SOPHOMORES 45Edward L. Pritchard Radcliff Reel Douglas Rogerson Marian Rose Lillian Roughton Vivian Rudd Ann Sanders Joyce Sanders John A. Sawyer Pat Sawyer Rosalie Sawyer Joyce Scoff Jane Seeley Jerry Singletary Herbert Smith Richardson Smith Mildred Speight Mackey Swain Mabel Todd Connie Toler Edna Turner J. Francis Tuttle Dawn Twiford Louis Twiford SOPHOMORES 46Pot White Margaret Williams Yvonne Williams Tolson WillisOFFICERS Wayne Wilkerson President Ann Wright Vice President Barbara Sawyer Secretary Beth BonDurant Treasurer Ann Carolyn Abbott Lawanda Abernathy Johnnie Allen Gene Alligood Sandra Archbell James Armstrong Jennette Armstrong Melvin Armstrong James Ayers Barbara Bailey Juanita Ballance Rodney Ballance FRESHMEN 48Phillip Bates Richard Beals Joyce Benton Wallace Biggs Letitia Blount Beth Bondurant Florence Box Yvonne Braddy Gail Brickhouse Donald Brothers Joyce Brothers Deborah Bulliner Betty Burch Bill Burgess Gloria Clark Lynn Cobb Doris Copeland Sandra Coppersmith Essie Crank Donna Davis Anne Driskill Bill Dunstan Eleanor Edwards Ann Etheridge FRESHMEN 49Helen Etheridge Sobro Eubanks Gwendolyn Evans Bill Felton Eldon Finney Joan Ford Wesley Foreman Eunice Fowler Herman Freeman Ann Fulcher Gail Goodwin Lavonna Hare Marion Harris Maxine Harris Roy Harris Dean Hassell Nick Hilgert Alfred Hill Gwen Hill Louise Hobbs Vickie Houlthouser John Jennette Vicki Jennette Beth Jennings FRESHMEN 50Jean Jerome Bobby Jones Dot Jones Sidney Jordan Bobby King Betty Kramer Evelyn Lacy Pete Lacy Lib Lancaster Mildred Lane Gaston Lawrence Ken Leary Pat Levy Annette Long Sandra Longenecker Yvonne Lowry Richard Lupton Ann McCabe Mary Glenn McPherson Vivian Mathis Almarie Midgett Shirley Minton Anne Moore Doris Ann Morse FRESHMEN 51Ormond Otvos Yvonne Owens Tommy Perry Richard Powell Jo Ann Roberts June Rogue Mary Roughton Margaret Russell Barbara Sawyer Lary Sawyer Mary Belle Sawyer Tom Sawyer Carolyn Scaff Jimmy Shannonhouse Delores Shearin Mavis Simpson Diane Sparks James Squires Priscilla Staton Art Stevens Marvin Stone Mike Sullivan Lena Tarkington Ronnie Tillett FRESHMENSusan Tillis Martin Trueblood Douglas Turner Kathryn Turner Ray Twiddy Bill Twiford Richard Walter Pat Waters W. A. Weeks Marie White Wayne Wilkinson Sherry Williams Frances Winfree Joe Winslow Ann Wright PICTURES MISSING:Activities55Frances Williams President Billy Tunstall Vice-President Jane Seeley Secretary STUDENT COUNCIL It never fails! There are always these few pages set aside for your faithful Cooperative Government. If you read this little verse you will understand more clearly the Student Council of the Elizabeth .City High School. Rose Mary Moore Treasurer s is for the students — yes that means you C is for Council—it's always sure T is the task which we love to do 0 is for ornary, we don't want this U a little word which unites us all together u is for "U"—we'll someday miss D is the duty done in good or bad weather N is for neat that's our council room E is for effort put forth by all c is for Conrad who's there with the broom N is for never, 'cause we're always on the ball 1 that's industriousness shown by you T is for trust, which is so pure L is for love for our school so true. Bertha Cooper Advisor Kent Haney Sergeant-at-Arms COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Frances Jenncttc, Social; Jimmy Hathaway, Finance; J. P. Eves, Elections; Annie Laurie Gard, Standards; Peggy Swain, Calendar; Iris Leary, Publicity; Bob Luther, Citizenship; Donald Abernathy, Inside Safety Patrol; Carter Smith, Outside Safety Patrol; Conrad Bailey, House and Grounds.CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE Charles Harris Bob Luther, chairman; Joe Pool, Allen Tillet. INSIDE SAFETY PATROL Rodney Spencer, James Gaskins, Cecil Garrett, Gerald McGee, Kent Haney, Mike Singletary, Gene Alligood, Buddy Boyce, Marion Jackson, Claughton Miller, Michael McGee, Ronald Price, Douglas Morris, Donald Abernathy, chairman. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Grace Wallace, Frances Jennette, chairman; Betsey Blades, Jane Sanders, Millie Fary; Jo Ann Swain, Cecelia Hodges, Jane Overman, Pat Fearing, Jane Harrell, Loretta Collins. HOUSE AND GROUNDS Carlton Sanderlin, Glen Bourn, Ocie Lee Cooper, Conrad Bailey, chairman.CALENDAR COMMITTEE Peggy Swain, Chairman; Opal Lee Hackler, Mildred Ball, Ruth Ellen Perry. STANDARDS COMMITTEE Annie Lawrie Gard, Chairman; John Jennette, Barbara North, Carietta Blades, Grace Morse. ELECTIONS COMMITTEE J. P. Eves, Chairman; N. T. Aydlett, Rose Bas-night, Robert Harrington, Ann Duke, Jean Hopkins, Bill Harris, Claude Burnham. OUTSIDE SAFETY PATROL James Rhodes, Carter Smith, Chairman; Mike Bell, absent: Freddie Poulas.PUBLICITY Betty Williams, Iris Leary, chairman; Margaret Ann Munden. FINANCE Jimmy Hathaway, chairman; Angelyn Moore. Absent from picture: Gordon Sanders, Gordon Minton. HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES First Row: Myrtle Chappell, Arlene Turner, Pat White, Betty Kramer, Ann Wright, Sondro Coppersmith, Gwen Hill. Second Row: Claughton Miller, Felbert Lamb, Ronald Price, Jollish Clifton, Mike McGee, Mike Bell, N. T. Aydlett. 6061KING AND QUEEN Bill Harris and Frances Williams Billy Tunstall, vice-president of Student Council, and Sylvia Long; Pete Smook, co-captoin of the football team, and Carolyn Dickerson; Claude Burnham, president of Senior Class, and Melva Twi-ford. 62Gordon Sanders and Cecilia Hodges, president of Junior Class, Claughton Miller, president of Sophomore Class, and Martha Overton; Ann Wright and Wayne Wilkerson, president of Freshman Class. 63PHYLLIS SPENCE Business Manager PATSY PARKER Editor-in-Chief BUSINESS STAFF First Row, left to right: Shirley Minton, Koy Phelps, Phyllis Spence, Cecelia Hodges, Barbora Jo Daniel. Second Row: Sarah Riddick, Peggy Goodwin, Betsey Blades, Carietta Blades, Frances Fisher, Billie Chaud-ron, Charlotte Fitchett. CARIETTA BLADES Advertising Manager -T Yvonne Williams, Ethel Lawrence, Rose Basnight, Potsy Parker, Alice Spencer, Lois Stallings, Myrtle Chappell, George Haskett, Naomi Walter, Jane Commander, Melva Twiford, Jimmy Hathaway. Absent: Mabel Todd. EDITORIAL STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS Mack Jones Radcliff Reel Richard Stevenson Bill Harris ADVISORS Mary Owens and Barbara Anne Smith 65NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row, left to right: Millie Fary, Peggy Swain, Miss Boomer, Alice Spencer, Jo Ann Swain, Jerry Peoples. Second Row: Phyllis Spence, Grace Wallace, Mike McGee, Rose Basnight, Dot Jones. Third Row: Frances Williams, Jean Hopkins, James Gaskins, Rose Mary Moore, Patsy Bunch, Sylvia Scaff. Fourth Row: Beverly McCullen, Erlene Culipher, Iris Leary, Betty Williams, Dianne Owens, Claude Burnham. Fifth Row: Cecelia Hodges, Billy Tunstall, Annette Leary. Sixth Row: Ronald Roughton, Jerry McGee, Ronald Price, Ruth Ellen Perry, Doris Powell, Myrtle Chappell, Patsy Parker. Seventh Row: Richard Stevenson and Loretta Collins. PICTURES MISSING: Anne Duke, Pat Fearing, Jane Overman, Terri Watson.The officers of the Honor Society ore Rose Bosnight, President; Ronald Rough-ton, Vice President; Betty Williams, Secretary; Phyllis Spence, Treasurer; ond Iris Leary, Chaplain. At an assembly program, the Honor Society inducts new members. Members at o typical meeting discuss Honor Society business. work for Honor Society mem-ore shown here at a weiner in the fall. All is not bers who roost heldTRI-HI-Y Left to right: RoseMory Moore, Ruth Ellen Perry, Pot Feoring, Annette Coppersmith, Iris Leory. Carietto Blades, Cecelia Hodges, Myrtle Chappel, Yvonne Bray, Rose Basnight, Ann Duke. Left to right: Barbara Neece, Frances Williams, Ann White, Peggy Swain, Naomi Walter. In back, left to right: Annie Laurie Card, Mrs. Flood, Dionne Owens. Left to right: Opal Lee Hackler, Annette Leary, Jean Hopkins, Dot Jones, Carolyn Hurdle. 68KEY CLUB OFFICERS: Cecil Garrett..............President Kent Honey............Vice-President J. P. Eves.................Secretary Donald Abernathy...........Treasurer James Gaskins.......Sergeant-at-Arms Robert Harrington...........Chaplain Claude Burnham Senior Board Member Billy Tunstoll Junior Board Member Mack Jones Sophomore Board Member The boys are building today the habits and attitudes which will prepare them to lead in the community of tomorrow. Key Club members perform many tasks for the school, church, and community, both individually and as a group. Some of the club projects this year have been; checking hats and coats at civic clubs, selling tickets at ball games, decorating lunchroom during Christmas, contributing to the TB Association ond the Salvation Army. Left to right ore: Mike Bell, Jerry McGee, James Gaskins, Billy Tunstall, Donald Abernathy, Robert Harrington, Mac Swain, Richardson Smith, Jodie Kramer, Bob Luther, Mack Jones. Second Row, left to right: Mr. Turner, advisor, Gordon Sanders, Mike McGee, Richardson Stevenson, Ronald Price, Bill Edwards, Douglas Prescott, Kent Haney, Claude Burnham, Cecil Garrett, Joe Pool, J. P. Eves.First Row, left to right: Buddy Boyce, Billy Tunstall, Julius Hooker, Pete Smoak, Harry Bundy, Cloughton Miller. Second Row: Cecil Garrett Third Row: Douglas Prescott, Bobby King, Henry Berard, Douglas Roughton, Coach Brooks. Fourth Row: Fred Decker, Douglas Morris, Jollish C ifton, Carroll Davis, Kent Haney, Sam Sawyer Fifth Row: Ronald Price, Allen Tillet, Tolson Willis, Bill Brockett, Carter Smith, Charles Commander, Roy Lane. I The E-Men ore the othletes who hove brought honor to our school. Boys who participate in any school sport become members of the Monogram Club. This organization plays a vital part in making the othletic program of the school. MONOGRAM CLUB 70SCIENCE CLUB The purpose of the Science Club is to stimulate interest in scientific pursuits ond teach scientific methods of procedure in thinking out experimental projects. The club held its first science fair in the spring of this year and sent its winners to State Science Fair. First Row, left to right: Grace Wallace, Secretary, Jerry Peoples Second Row: Mrs. Hodul, Gwen Evans, Barbara Sawyer, Jo Ann Swain, Mildred Ball, Gloria Davis. Third Row: Joe Pool, Jodie Krammer, Paul Sawyer, Billy Tunstoll, Conrad Bailey. Fourth Row: Sam Johnson, Vice-President; Gene Jarvis, Ernest Spruill, Mike McGee, President. Fifth Row: Carl Payne, Allen Tillett, Laverne Bunch, Barbara Jo Daniels, Treasurer; Douglas Prescott. Sixth Row: Carlton Sondcrlin, James Rhodes, Eddie Britt, Bill Edwards, Michael Spruill. Seventh Row: Gordon Sanders, Richard Stevenson, Jerry McGee. Pictures missing: Sylvia Scoff, Douglas Morris. Standing, loft to right: Mr. Turner, advisor; James Rhodes, Maurice Onley, Freddy Decker, Joe Pool, Gene Alligood, Grover Jackson, Chorles Commander, Bill Burgess, Donald Abernathy, Ervin Cohoon. Sitting: Joe Winslow, Mitchell Spruill, Freddy Poulos, Eddie Pritchard, Glenn Baum, Tom Mc-Kimmey, Alfred Hill, Gordon Minton, Richardson Smith, Herbert Smith. Bill Felton, Eldon Finny, Nicky Hilgert, Martin Trueblood, Weymouth Betts, Skipper Hooper, James Armstrong, Ocie Cooper. AUDIO VISUAL HHHUHH H ViSeated around table, left to right: Peggy Hoover, Paige Bunch, Barbara Jennings, Shirley Philips, Carolyn Jennings, Shelia Gibbson, Kaye Knott, Ann Hurdle, and Peggy Meekins. First Row, left to right: Lena Tarkington, Kay Stafford, Marion Harris, Eunice Fowler, and Hazel Hassell. Second Row, left to right: Mary McPherson, Gail Brickhouse, Margaret Ann Russell, Gloria Clark, Helen Etheridge Mary Roughton, Vivian Mathis, and Doris Copeland. OFFICERS Peggy Meekins, President; Paige Bunch, Vice-President; Barbara Jennings, Secretary; Shelia Gibson, Treasurer; Kay Stafford, Song Leader; Carolyn Jennings, Parliamentarian; Peggy Hoover, Historian; Kaye Knott, Reporter; Miss Cook, Advisor. Cooking, cleaning, and other domestic arts are the concern of Future Homemakers of America members. Citizenship, leadership, and worthy home membership are also promoted. The club members participated in the Red Cross Drive and White Christmas activities. They brought joy to the people at the hospital by making trays for them.OFFICERS Opol Lee Hackler Jeon Hopkins Bill Harris Donna Davis President Secretary Vice-President Treasurer Tomorrow's teachers learn today about the fine ort of directing others like ourselves. In addition to having informative programs about the teoching profession, they get actuol practice in teaching by substituting both in the high school and grammar school. Left to right, first row: Joan Ford, Ella Ruth Bunch, Pat Sawyer, Helen Burch, Vickie Houlthouser. Donna Davis, Sandro Lonenecker. Second Row: Maxine Harris, Gwen Hill, Ellen Brown, Joyce Brothers, Florence Box, Jean Hopkins, Opal Lee Hackler, George Midgett. Third Row: Jane Seeley, Helen Britt, Maxine Baker, Carrie Croy, Annette Coppersmith, Claude Burhom, Jimmy Miller. Fourth Row: Bill Harris, Ocie Culpepper, Evelyn Brown, Jacquelyn Midgett, Louise Hobbs. Fifth Row: Mr. Wagoner, advisor, Mahala Powell, Ange-lyn Moore, Carol Fisher, and Cecil Harris.DRAMATICS CLUB First Row: Helen Burch, Pat Waters, Carroll Fisher, Helen Etheridge, Ann Sanders, Ann Fultcher, Sobra Eubanks, Ann Wright. Second Row: Thelis Gordon, Susan Tillis, Ann McCabe, Joan Ford, Yvonne Williams, Ann Moore, Florence Box, Mildred Ball. Lost Row: Roy Twiddy, Bill Dunston, Gail Goodwin, Chorles Hotchkiss, Letitia Blount, Robert Kelly OFFICERS Ann Wright Treasurer Mildred Ball President Miss Minnie Johnston Advisor Letitia Blount Secretary Yvonne Williams Vice-President These aspiring Barrymores study the skills of both acting and staging. During the school ear they produced several plays which bring delight to the student body. PICTURES MISSING: Beth Bondurant, Ella BunchLIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS Bill Horris-----------------------President George Midgett Vice-President Carol Longnecker Secretory-Treasurer Jimmy Miller-----------------------Reporter These book locators help you in finding a copy of Shakespeore's works or information for a research paper. They perform many other services in the library. As a group, it encourages students to choose librarianship as a a career. Left to right: George Midgett, Bill Harris, Pee Wee Goskins, Becky Smith, Ruth Winslow, Ann Driskill, Faye Todd, Carol Longenecker, Rose Mary Sawyer, Louise Hobbs, Miss Boomer, Advisor, George Haskett, Essie Ward. Jane Harrell, Erlene Lone, Jane Sanders, Jimmy Miller, Iris Leary. Picture missing: Jo Anno Brothers.Seated: Lucille Hodges, Ann Toylor. First Row: Larry Jarvis, Dorothy Mizelle, Mary Lee Clark, Frances C urles, Clara Curies, Judy Spruill, Anita Russell, Shirley Sawyer. JUNIOR LIBRARIANS OFFICE STAFF First Row: Phyllis Spence, Tim Brooks, Ann Alford, Terri Watson, Mrs. Cox Second Row: George Midgett, Harry Jones, Mac Seymour, Corter Smith, Sammy Forbes, Al Blount, Cecil Garrett, Joyce Lee, Marion Jackson. Third Row: Jollish Clifton, Mr. Eason, Sam Sawyer.BIBLE CLUB HI-Y First Row, left to right: Fred Fearing, George Midgett, Rodney Spencer. Second Row: Bill Harris, Conrod Baily Horry Jones Picture Missing: Tim Brooks. Front Row, left to right: Freddie Decker, Naomi Walters, Margaret Williams, Joyce Sanders. Second Row: Faye Todd, Roye Pritchard 7ard,sop' Yvonne Owens, Shirley Minton, Carolyn Scoff, Barbara Neece Third Row: Lo.s Stallings, Rita King, Pricilla Staton, Mildred Lane, Annette Long Fourth Row: Sammy Forbes, Doris Powell, Ethel Lawrence, Jo Anne Snowden, Joyce Perry Pete Smoak Carrol Davis, Ruth Ellen Perry, Mary Belle Sawyer, Pat Waters, Susan Tillis. Fifth Row: J.mmy Perry, Jo Anna Brothers. Earlene Culi-pher, Louis Twiford Allen TiMett, Douglas Prescott, Sam Sawyer, Jollish Clifton, Frances Tuttle, Vivian Rudd, Letitia Blount, Ruth Pate, tdna fcarle Griffin, Ann Wright, Eleanor Edwards. Pictures Missing: Roy Harris, John Jennette Becky Winslow, Iris Ann Jones, Annette x4CClry' j P ?Vos' Jar e Commander, Ann White, Bill Dunstan, Ellen Lacy, Virginia Tarkington, Tommy Perry, Myrtle Chappell, Melva Twiford, Alma Twiford. Look it over good, Bond members! OCTOIIKR SUN MON TUE WED THU 1 FRI 2 SAT :t 4 5 8 7 8 8 10 II 12 i:i 14 15 18 17 18 18 20 21 22 28 24 25 28 27 28 28 :io :n Hep to the jive boys—let's skin 'em olive! NOVEMBER SUN MON TUI WED THU FRI SAT 1 2 3 4 5 8 7 8 8 IO 11 12 13 14 15 18 17 18 18 20 21 22 28 23 30 24 25 28 27 28 1 Alt Ml SUN MON TUI WE u THU FRI SAT 1 2 3 4 5 8 7 8 8 IO 11 12 13 14 15 18 17 18 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 28 27 28 28 30 31 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay!" AI’IIIL SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 1 2 3 4 5 8 7 8 8 IO II 12 13 14 15 18 ■ 7 18 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 28 27 28 28 30 Ready for that last Senior fling?From us to others at Christmas. Go-o-o! Jackets, Go! Don't be afraid—they're only exams! DEI EMKEII SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 1 2 3 4 5 8 7 8 O io 11 12 13 14 15 18 ■7 18 IO 20 21 22 23 24 25 28 27 28 20 30 31 JAM A 111 SUN MON TUE WED THU 1 FRI 2 SAT 3 4 5 8 7 8 O IO 11 12 13 14 15 18 17 18 IO 20 21 22 23 24 25 28 27 28 20 30 31 FEIIIII All Y SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI 1 2 3 4 5 8 8 O IO 11 12 13 15 18 17 18 IO 20 22 23 24 25 28 27 T I L E HI AY SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI 1 SAT 2 3 4 5 8 7 8 O IO 11 12 13 14 15 18 17 18 IO 20 21 22 23 « »• 25 28 27 28 20 30 JUNE SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 1 2 3 4 5 8 7 8 O IO 11 12 13 14 15 18 17 18 IO 20 21 22 23 24 25 28 27 28 20 30 Clean out your lockers boys, it's just about over. Our wise seniors say farewell . .81 A great asset to our school and community is the Elizabeth City High School Band, directed by Scott Callaway, with the assistance of George Starling. The band is sponsored by Miles Clark. The band participates in many activities during the year. Boosting the school team, they were present at the football games and pep rallies. Representing the school and community, they participated in the Moth Boat Scott Callaway Director Regatta, the Shrine Parade, the Oyster Bowl Parade, the Wright Memorial Celebration, Christmas Parade, and Azalea Festival. Miles Clark Sponsor Charlotte Brockwell SecretoryFelbert Lamb Drum Major The highlights of this year's band were the trip to Philadelphia for the V.F.W. Parade and the trip to Washington, D. C. for the game between the Washington "Red Skins" and the Philadelphia "Eagles." George Starling Assistant Director Robert Harrington Coptain The band also plays several concerts each year, here and out-of-town. They participated in the District Band Contest at Greenville and the State Contest at Greensboro. Operated in a military manner, the band practices co-operation and discipline throughout the year. 83Left to right, first row: Felbert Lamb, Patsy Bunch, Mickey Powell, Charlotte Fitchett, Almarie Midgett, Evelyn Brown, Al Blount, Douglas Turner, Warren Baines, Ellen Brown, Gordon Minton, Peggy Swain, Rose Mary Moore Second Row: Mr. Starling, Sylvia Scoff, Ann Alford, Fran Williams, Maxine Harris, Ann Moore, Barbara Neece, Ann C. Abbott, Yvonne Lowry, Gail Goodwin, Annette Coppersmith, Ronnie Tillett, Mr. Collawoy. Third Row: Annie Lawrie Gard, Ann Sanders, Dianne Owens, Marian Harris, Becky Davenport, Jane Harrell, Sarah Riddick, Jane Seeley, Letitia Blount, Eunice Fowler, Betty Kramer, Sandra Coppersmith. Fourth Row: Ann Driskill, Joyce Brothers, Carolyn Dickerson, Fred Fearing, Ronald Roughton, Dot Jones, Helen Britt, Ruth Ellen Perry, Peggy Goodwin, Gwen Hill, Yvonne Owens, Grace Morse. ELIZABETH CITYFifth Row: Sandra Longenecker, Jo Ann Snowden, Deborah Bulliner, Joyce Scaff, Pat Fearing, Martha Freeman, C. B. Barkley, Kay Phelps, Sabra Eubanks, Donna Davis. Sixth Row: Dianne Sparks, Mack Jones, Lavonna Hare, Ray Twiddy, N. T. Aydlett, David Perry, Carietta Blades, Gloria Jennings, John A. Sawyer, Melvin Smith, Vivian Rudd. Seventh Row: Dickie Helmkomp, Francis Tuttle, Herbert Harrell, Charles Porter, Luther Sanders, Charles Harris, Barbara North, Beth Bondurant, Barbara Palmer. Eighth Row: Weymouth Betts, Radcliff Reel, Robert Kelly, Robert Harrington, Vernon James, Conrad Bailey, Roy Harris, Larry Sawyer Majorettes on right: Mildred Ball, Jean Hopkins, Anne Duke. Majorettes on left: Earlene Culipher, Loretta Collins, Phyllis Spence, Angelyn Moore, Carolyn Bunch, Opal Hackler. HIGH SCHOOL BANDOFFICERS: Left to right, first row: Barbara Palmer, Sylvia Scoff, Charlotte Fitchett, Rose Mary Moore, Barbara North, Carolyn Dickerson Second Row: Ann Duke, Annie Lawrie Gard, Jo Ann Snowden, Carietta Blades, Barbara Neece, Sarah Riddick, Annette Coppersmith, Kay Phelps, Fran Williams. Third Row: Grace Morse, Peggy Goodwin, Gloria Jennings, Pat Fearing, Jane Harrell, Ruth Ellen Perry, Diane Owens, Vivian Rudd. Fourth Row: John A. Sawyer, Weymouth Betts, Charles Harris, Robert Kelly, Herbert Harrell, Al Blount, David Perry, Mac Jones, Radcliff Reel. Fifth Row: Dickie Helmkomp, Ronald Roughton, Conrad Bailey, Luther Sanders, Robert Harrington, N. T. Aydlett, Felbert Lamb, Fred Fearing. Rose Mary Moore MAJORETTES: Center line left to right: Phyllis Spence, Angelyn Moore, Patsy Bunch, Opal Lee Hackler, Earlene Culiphcr. Center line, top to bottom: Loretta Collins, Carolyn Bunch, Patsy Bunch, Peggy Swain, Rose Mary Moore, chief.Seniors, left to right, first row: Felbert Lamb, Ann Duke, Opal Lee Hackler, Patsy Bunch, Phyllis Spence, Peggy Swain, Angelyn Moore, Jean Hopkins, Rose Mary Moore. Second Row: Annie Laurie Gard, Fran Williams, Jo Ann Snowden, Sarah Riddick, Barbara Neece, Carietta Blades, Annette Coppersmith, Kay Phelps. Third Row: Dickie Helmkamp, Fred Fearing, N. T. Aydlett, Ronald Roughton, Robert Harrington, Luther Sanders, Conrad Bailey, Warren Baines. FLAG BEARERS, left to right: Jean Hopkins, Ann Duke, Mildred Ball. 87 PONIES: Patsy Bunch, Peggy Swain.GLEE CLUB Edna Earle Griffin MIXED CHORUS. First Row, left to right: Carolyn Jennings, Nancy Jones, Kay Stafford, Lawanda Abernathy, Kathryn Turner, Paige Bunch, Sylvia Long, Edna Turner. Second Row: Edna Griffin, Sherry Williams, Annie Laurie Gord, Maxine Baker, Pat Etheridge, Frances Fisher, Pat Jacobs, Philip Bates. GIRLS' CHORUS, first row, left to right: Doris Morse, Sharon Pierce, Doris Powell, Edna Eorle Griffin, Maxine Pridgen, Dean Hassell, Jennette McCain, Paige Bunch, Sylvio Long, Jerry Peoples Second Row: Vickie Jennette, Vivian Mathis, Nancy Jones, Mary Riddick, Rita King, Doris Copeland, Barbara Ed-words, Barbara Bailey, Melva Twiford Third Row: Connie Toler, Jo Ann Swam, Joyce Perry, Winona Sawyer, Hazel Hassell, Lois Kay Williams.Seated: Edna Turner, accompanist. First Row: George Haskett, John Jennette, Phillip Bates. Second Row: Jimmy Miller, Tolson Willis, Gregory Davis. Third Row: Carietta Blades, Lavonna Hare, Pat Levy, Doris Powell, Joyce Perry, Barbara Edwards, Winona Sawyer, Kay Williams. Last Row: Jo Ann Roberts, Richard Lupton, Julian Commonder, Wallace Biggs, John Jennette, Francis Tuttle, Mickey Powell, Weymouth Betts, John A. Sawyer, Gregory Davis. Nancy Jones President Joyce Perry Vice-President Paige Bunch Secretary Sylvia Long Treasurer 92Athletics Bill Brockett Tim Brooks Allen Tillet Jollish Clifton FOOT Pete Smoak Bobby Darling Elizabeth City 33 0 Jacksonville Elizabeth City 6 6 Washington Elizabeth City 21 6 Roanoke Rapids Elizabeth City 19 6 Edenton Elizabeth City 7 7 Greenville Elizabeth City 26 6 Kinston Elizabeth City 13 13 New Bern Elizabeth City 26 7 Chowan J.V.'s Elizabeth City 12 7 Hertford Elizabeth City 6 7 Durham County Mike McGee Buddy Boyce Laverne Bunch Julius Hooker Jimmy Wilson Jerry McGeeSam Sawyer Carter Smith BALL Paul Sawyer Mac Seymour Hurricane Carol started off our 1954 football season in a big way by causing a postponement of the September 10 game with Durham High. The following Friday, however, the boys went into action against Jacksonville and were victorious by a score of 33-0. Then on to Washington! A crowd of E.C.H.S. supporters followed the teom there to see the 6-6 tie. During the next two weeks the Jackets mowed down Roanoke Rapids and Edcnton. Hurricane trouble again, this time in the form of Hazel, caused a delay of the Greenville game until Monday night. This time we had a 7-7 tie. In our Homecoming Game, Kinston went down to defeat 26-6. Our chance for the conference championship depended on beating New Bern, but the best we could do was a 13-13 tic. The Jackets ended the season with wins over the Chowan College J.V.'s and Hertford and with the season's only defeat in the Durham High game. Billy Tunstall Douglas Rogerson PICTURE MISSING: Claughton Miller Elmer Smith Ernest Spruill Henry Berard Douglas Prescott Ronald Price Charles Commander Douglas Morris ond Tolson Willis, Managers Coach Johnson Coach Brooks First Row, left to right: Pete Smook, Bobby King, Mac Seymore, Claughton Miller, Laverne Bunch, Buddy Boyce, Julius Hooker, Paul Sawyer, Carter Smith. Second Row: Douglas Rogerson, Jerry McGee, Henry Berard, Elmer Smith, Donald Myers, Billy Tunstall, Jimmy Wilson, Ernest Spruill. Third Row: Charles Commander, Bobby Darling, Mike McGee, Ronald Price, Bill Brockett, Douglas Prescott, Jollish Clifton, Tim Brooks, Allen Tillett, Sam Sawyer.ELIZ.CITY HIGH v."' Bobby Darling Ronald Price Boots Hooker Cecil Garrett James Gaskins Pete Smoak Bill Harris Jollish Clifton Carter Smith Fred Fearing Tim Brooks Buddy Boyce Kent HaheyZOiCoach Branch CO-CAPTAINS Nickie Hilgert Johnny Allen J. V. FOOTBALL Front Row, left to right: Richard Lupton, Grover Jackson, Bill Burgess, Connie Fearing, Lynn Cobb, Nickey Hilgert, Johnny Allen, Sam Gibbs, Bill Felton. Second Row: Eddie Pritchard, Rodney Hooker, Jimmy Shannonhouse, William Baker, Dennis Griffin, Macky Swoin, Tom Mac McKimmey, Melvin Hooker, Carl Payne, Gregory Davis, Martin Trueblood. 104■ fli Vl IL J. V. BASKETBALL Front Row, loft to right: Eddie Pritchard, Jerry Singletary, Artie Stevens, Bobby King. Back Row: Melvin Hooker, Williom Baker, Tom McKimmey, Gregory Davis. GIRLS' BASKETBALL106WILLIAM P. BRANCH B.A., University of North Carolina Eighth Grade JARVIS RAY HARRINGTON B.S., East Carolina College Seventh Grade RUTH HOYLE B.A., Lenoir-Rhyne College Supervisor of Elementary Schools AUDREY HEATH McMULLAN B.A., Mars Hill College East Carolina College Seventh Grode LOUISE J. MORRISETTE B.A., East Carolina College Eighth Grade ANNE ONLEY Chowan College B.S., East Carolina College Sixth Grade EUNICE OVERMAN B.A., Greensboro College Eighth Grade JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY NADA PUGH B.A. Greensboro College Eighth Grade VESTA REEL B.A., High Point College Sixth Grade MARTHA SAWYER B.A., W.C.U.N.C. Sixth Grade LINDA TAYLOR B.S., East Carolina College Seventh Grade ERMA TURNER B.A., M.A., East Carolina College Seventh Grade JEAN WILLIAMS B.A., East Carolina College Sixth Grode CATHERINE WINDER Art Diploma, Chowan College East Carolina College Seventh Grade 108OFFICERS Left to right: Bruce Sawyer, Sergeant-at-Arms; Patsy Rochelle, President; Joyce Smith, Vice-President. Second Row: Jeanne Mizelle. Secretary, Claudia Chesson, Treasurer. Third Row: Mrs. Winder, Advisor. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES First Row, left to right: Diane Pritchard, Standards; George Little, Finance. Second Row: Carolyn Miller, Social. Third Row: Virginia Vennel, Calendar; Judy Stott, Publicity; Jean Morris, House and Grounds. Fourth Row: Billy Mcckins, Traffic; Pot McDowell, Elections. Absent: Albert Gard, Citizenship. First Row, left to right: Coran Masscngill, Howard Hodges, Cas-tel Parker, Bobby Weeks. Second Row: Roddy Lupton, Sally Bell, Diana McPherson, Barbara Overton, Darien McPherson. Third Row: Janice Ferguson, Earl Jennette, Eleanor Yarborough. Absent: Stephen Rohrkemper. 109MR. BRANCH'S EIGHTH GRADE ROOM First Row: Nathan Arnold, J. D. Aydlett, Sally Bell, Sally Bett Bowers, Ellis Bright, Dexter Chadwick, Linda Coppersmith, Ronald Davis, Ted Groy, Myrna King Hayes. Second Row: Nancy Hooper, W. T. Jackson, III, Mary T. Jennings, Terry Jones, Norman Lamb, Jacquelin Lee, Billy Meekings, Shirley Meiggs, Sandra J. Minton, Alva Jeanne Mizelle. Third Row: Dorothy Ann Morgan, Martha Jeon Newbern, Susan C. Powell, Diane Pritchard, Bradley Raper, Frazier Roach, Jerry Sawyer, Donald Saunders, George Seymour, Roy Simmons. Fourth Row: Ann Morie Stafford, Ann Carole Symons, Clifford T. Torkington, Virginia Vennel, Billy Williams. MRS. MORRISETTE'S EIGHTH GRADE ROOM First Row: Louis Anderson, Marylee Barron, George Boyce, Betty Lou Campbell, Viola Chaudron, Gloria Collier, Neva Curies, Paul Daver.port, Janice Kay Ferguson, Joe Gibbs. Second Row: Larry Green, Roy Griggs, Margo Gail Hagerty, Bill Hand, Barbara Jean Hansen, Lois Ann Hewitt, Lucille Hodges, Mary Louise Hubbard, Larry Jarvis, Harry Jones. Third Row: George Little, Charles Mahaffey, Alvin McPherson, Jean Morris, Warren Pierce, Wayne Price, Charles Pritchard, Shirley Sawyer, Fred Smith, Linda Snowden. Fourth Row: Marty Spencer, Alma Squires, Eugina Ann Toylor, Betty Lou Williams. Picture Missing: Susan Singletary. 110MRS. OVERMAN S EIGHTH GRADE ROOM First Row: Marvin Armstrong, Clate Aydlett, Robert Beals, Charles Betts, Diane Bray, James Davenport, Verna Dicker-son, Albert Gard, Sarah Garrett, David Gibbs. Second Row: Dolma G bson, Nancy Grant, Frances Hackel, Robert Hare, Jimmy Hurdle. Hattie Jones, Ernestine Lupton, Pot McDowell, Jimmy Mothews, Donald Powell. Third Row: Michael Powell, Ray Raby, Neva Norfleet, Amy Randall, Roymond Richmond, Benny Riddick, Bobby Roughton, Anita Russell, Betty Lou Speight, Howard Simons Fourth Row: Judy Scott, Rose Marie Stroud, Carole Thompson, Bobby Umphlett! Mildred White, Shirley White, Eleanor Yarborough. MISS PUGH'S EIGHTH GRADE ROOM First Row: Alvin Ambrose, Tuck Blanchard, Thomas Cobb, Ronnie Cooper, Jean Faye Davis, Donna Dunwell, Larry Elmore, Ann Evans. Brenda Henderson, Sandra Hill Second Row: Bunky Hoover, George Jennings, Ray Johnson, Mary McCullen, Hazel Meekins, Carolyn Miller, Bruce Overman, Castel Parker, Vance Porker, Sandro Porter Third Row: Patsy Rochelle, William Sadler, Charles Sawyer, Harold Simons, Judy Spruill, James Spruill, Linda Swain, John Tatum, Darryl Toit". Barbara Trueblood. Fourth Row: Phyllis Twine. Marcella Weeks. Picture Missing: Mane Brickhouse Raymond Newbe.n, Henry Simons. 1 1 1MRS. TAYLOR'S SEVENTH GRADE ROOM First Row: Michael Aydlett, Gary Berard, Ray Bunch, Billie Ann Carter, Claudia Chesson, Jack Chesson, Richard Clarry, Kenneth Cobb, Glenn Collins, Joe Cram. Second Row: Kay Etheridge, Larry Freeman, Linda Gaskill, Ronnie Gray, Errol Jennette, Mary Frances Jones, Gayle McPherson, Buddy Mahaffey, Roger Melton, Hilda Pell. Third Row: Eva Pittman, Joan Pyshny, Angie Raby, Jimmy Sawyer, Edrie Virginia Scott, Joel Scott, Susan Stocks, Velma Twiford, Chris Weeks, Lindsey Willis. Picture Missing: Barbara Lane. MRS. TURNER'S SEVENTH GRADE ROOM First Row: Carole Barclift, Frank Boyce, Bonnie Bunch, Roy Coppersmith, Peggy De Lorenzo, Marvin Edwards, John Fitchett Glenda Holmes, Gayle Kovanaugh, Donnie Lane. Second Row: Sonny Lane, Darlene McPherson, Marion Markham Terry Owens Eva Joe Pierce, David Powell, Ann Rogcrson, Shelby Sawyer, Margie Simpson, Tony Spruill Third Row: Jo Ann Stafford, Linda Stallings, Frances Stanton, R. C. Todd, Ston Tillett, Joe Twiddy, Wally Twiddy, J. T. Twiford, Terry Vann, Jimmy Williams. Fourth Row: Jule Wood, Patricia Yarborough.MRS. WINDER'S SEVENTH GRADE ROOM First Row: Elaine Belangia, Roberta Bunch, Don Davenport, Wade Doxey, David Dunstan, Jean Gibbs, Mary Lee Glenn, John Gurganus, Kenny Houtz, Ivins Hunt. Second Row: Rita Jackson, Carl Johnson, Betty Lacy, James Lotham, Pauline Leary, Diana McPherson, Bill Montgomery, Delores Onley, Mary Ann Onlcy, Lyle Paradise. Third Row: Lee Phillips, Don Powell, Tommy Powell, Clifford Price, Frank Rogerson, Lucy Salters, Brodford Sanders, Bruce Sawyer, Edith Smith, Sam Smith. Fourth Row: Jack White, Jean White. MR. HARRINGTON'S SEVENTH GRADE ROOM First Row: Betty Arnold, Fred Ayers, Shirley Ballance. Viola Baum, Doney Butler, Juanita Commander, Shirley Cox, Patsy Cur mgs Diana Cutler Bill Davenport. Second Row: Jimmy Elliott, Herbert Harris, Joan Harris, Mary Kavanaugh Linda Leake, Thomas Long, Garnet Miller, Ronnie Newbold, Norman Norfleet, Barbara Overton. Third Row Janie Par-,k®r Al"en Rou-ghton, Dennis Sawyer, Charles Smith, Joyce Smith, Frank Snowden, Dianne T.llett, Carole Walter Charles watts, Dudley White. 113MRS. McMULLAN'S SEVENTH GRADE ROOM First Row: James Bank, Dallas Bnckhouse, Walter Bulliner, Jane Chory, Woodrow Clark, Clara Curies, Jerry Dellinger, Barbara Duke, Scrdra Elmore, Pattie Forbes. Second Row: Frances Fulcher, Carolyn Hilley, Stanley Hughes Sharon Jordon Carolyn Lacy, James Lacy, Frazier Miller, John Milier, Dorothy Mizclle, Billy Perry Third Row: Mary Ann Perry, Linwood Potter, Ann Riggs, Meredith Rudd, Lindsey Sexton, Bobby Shannonhouse, Gene Simmons, Virginia Smith, Jim Sparks, Carolyn Taylor. Fourth Row: Bobby Weeks, Patsy West. 114MISS ONLEY'S SIXTH GRADE ROOM First Row: Betty Lou Betts, Richord Boyce, Joyce Copelond, Frances Curies, Bobby Dovis, Carol Davenport, Lottie Evans, Joyce Ford, Jo Ann Harris, Howard Hodges. Second Row: Barbara Jennings, Doris Jones, Donald Jones, James Lane, Lindsey Lee, Londer Lotham, Janice Price, Paula Rose, Monty Ross, Patricia Russell. Third Row: Virginia Sadler, Francis Sawyer Joseph Sawyer, Arthur Sexton, Janice St. John, Nancy Tarkington, Arnold Tolson, Henry White, Grade Lee White, Odell White. Fourth Row: Floy Whitley, Robert Wilson, William Wright. MRS. REEL'S SIXTH GRADE ROOM First Row: Claybert Basnight, Terry Baum, Patricio Dunbar, Ada Harris, Cindy Jackson, Ronnie Jones, Pat Lindsey, Kathryn Long, Phyllis Ludford, Alma Mann. Second Row: Rose Meigas, James Merritt, Becky Neece, Kay Newbern, Jean Norfleet, Pamela Oncy, Glenda Onley, H. O. Owens, Woyne Owens, Carl Picked. Third Row: Teddy Porter, Stephen Rohrkemper, Beverly Savin, Douglas Sawyer, Jimmy Sawyer, Douglas Simpson, Thelma Spruill, Charles Stone, Judy Thomas, Julian Toxey. Fourth Row: Lynnett Twiddy, Larry Wall, Louise Waters, Marleen White. 115MRS. WILLIAM'S SIXTH GRADE ROOM First Row: Bobby Bell, Betty Bright, Morlyn Brothers, Bobb.e Bunch, Melvin Bunch, Betty Jo Chappell, Lillian Creef, Billy Driskill, Paul Dunwell, Oliver Etheridge. Second Row: Sanoma Everton, Derwood Forbes, Evan Harbottle, Billy Heath, Ruth Hobbs. Archie Hooper, David Hurdle, Doris Lee Ivey, Earl Jackson, Susar Jester. Third Row: Rebecca Jewell, Alice Jones, Patricia Lacy, John McDearmid, Coran Massengill, Geraldine Overman, Judy Owens, Marie Owney, Phyllis Paradise, Sidney Riddick. Fourth Row: Roy Wilder, Joyce Wilkins, Roger Williams, Joyce Winslow. Picture Missing: Alice Faye Godfrey MISS SAWYER S SIXTH GRADE ROOM First Row: Betty Boyce, Jerry Brothers, Frances Burnham, Mary Lee Clark, George Copeland, Carolyn Davenport, Linda Davenport, Wayne Dunbar, Mary Ann Gibbs, Janet Haskett. Second Row: Van Johnson, Winford Lane, Roddy Lupton, Dennis Midgett, Martha Midgett, Ted Moore, Billy Morris, Joyce Overton, Byron Perry, Novella Pierce. Third Row: Joyce Powell, Carolyn Scott, Oliver Simpson, Sandra Spencer, Brenda Stafford, James Staples, Mary Stocks, Hershell Stone, Dorothy Weeks, Samuel White. Fourth Row: Joan Winslow, Barbara Wood. 116Our SupportersCC.' TEXAS COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF Harry W. Bundy ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. 121BEST WISHES CRYSTAL ICE AND COAL CORPORATION ICE — COAL — KEROSENE — FUEL OIL — GASOLINE Remember Your Ice Cold Drinks Phone 2591 SCOTT AND HALSTEAD Growers and Distributors Cabbage — Snap Beans — Potatoes Sweet Corn — Soy Beans — Milling Corn PHONES 669S — 7991 OUR FLORIDA PLANT OPEN JANUARY 15 TO MAY 15 TELEPHONE 130 HASTINGS, FLORIDA 123ELIZABETH CITY ASSOCIATION Furniture Appliance Dealers PERRY MOTOR COMPANY Elizabeth and Martin Streets Elizabeth City, N. C. PHONE 4359 124Tooth Paste Ad Frances? Watch 'Em Fry The Office? $85 Peek-a-boo We Stuff the Boxes! 125 HowdyCOPELAND'S CONFECTIONARY AND GRILL Parsonage and Hughes Boulevard Phone 9877 SHEEP'S STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP 403 West Main Street Elizabeth City Dial 5890 Let Us Photograph YOUR Special Glamour Soon ROBINSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY Ladies' Full Fashioned and Seamless Hosiery Carded Cotton Yarns • Operating ELIZABETH CITY HOSIERY MILLS ELIZABETH CITY COTTON MILLS Elizabeth City North Carolina The First And Citizens National Bank Elizabeth City, N. C. "The Only National Bank in the Albemarle" Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve System Established 1891 126WILLIS S. WRIGHT AND SONS DODGE—PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Phone 2983 "FOR THE BEST IN FUN AND FATS, GATHER WHERE THE GANG MEETS AT" THE CIRCLE PERRY PAINT GLASS CO. GLEEM PAINTS — WALLPAPER PLATE — GLASS — WINDOW MIRRORS Your total food bill is less when you shop at SERVING SOUTHERN HOMEMAKERS SINCE 1910 127Telephone 4690 P. 0. Box 274 BALL FERTILIZER COMPANY Ball's Quality Fertilizers "As Vital As Sunshine" Elizabeth City, N. C . BELK-TYLER CO. "THE SHOPPING CENTER" Elizabeth City, N. C. THE DAILY ADVANCE THE DAILY NEWSPAPER OF ALBEMARLE For Over 30 Years WHALEY'S 128COMPLIMENTS OF MY SWEETIE GORDON SHEET METAL COMPANY Chrysler Airtemp Year 'Round Air Conditioning CITY VULCANIZING COMPANY Distributor of GENERAL TIRES and WILLARD BATTERIES 311 South Road Street Phone 6492 — 2511 Compliments of ELIZABETH CITY BRICK CO. Phone 2965 Builder's Supplies 129A LIFT FOR LIFE! CULPEPPER HARDWARE CO. South Poindexter St. Phone 4329 CAROLINA AMUSEMENT CO. Carolina Love's State Center ROCHELLE CLEANERS 130Albemarle Automotive Supply Co., Inc. WHOLESALE 303-305 N. Woter St. Phone 4377 Ports — Supplies Shop Equipment Elizabeth City, N. C. GLOBE FISH COMPANY WHOLESALE FRESH FISH Elizabeth City, N. C. 1040 N. Road Street Phone 4494 Elizabeth City, N. C. Chicken in the Box Shrimp in the Box Sandwiches — Sundaes — Shakes — Malts Call 4494 and Your Order Will Be ALBEMARLE AWNING COMPANY 131MILDRED'S FLORIST SHOPPE Phone 5590 South Rood Street Hotel Virginia Dare 110 Rooms — Modern — Fireproof Air-Conditioned Coffee Shop Connecting Garage On Ocean Highway U.S. 17 Ray S. Jones, Manager MOTOR CO. M? DOWELL McDowell Motor Co. 24-Hour Wrecker Service Specializing in Body and Fender Work Dial 2919 Culpepper Motor Co. 412-420 Elizabeth Street Elizabeth City, N. C. Dial 4331 132THE TOXEY GROCERY CO. INC. Distributors FAMO FLOUR Heorfiest Congratulations to Senior Class of '55 PELL PAPER BOX Elizabeth City, N. C. AUTO BODY AND FENDER WORKS 1240 on Your Dial MUTUAL BROADCASTING SYSTEM Pioneer Radio Voice W C N C Of the Albemarle ALBEMARLE BROADCASTING CO. Elizabeth City North Carolina 133Williams Furniture Co. Furniture, Stoves Refrigerators 220-222 W. Poindexter Street Elizabeth City WOODLEY GROCERY COMPANY Distributors of KING FLAKE FLOUR RICHARDSON SMITH THOMAS CRANK FISH MARKET CAROLINA FOOD SHOPPE D. C. PERRY GROCERY MAIN STREET GULF SERVICE MEL ED'S SERVICE STATION 0. B. WEST CO. D. WALTER HARRIS GREGORY PRODUCE STANDARD DRUG CO. THE HOUSE OF HURDLES PRITCHARD'S MARKET BELANGIA'S ESSO SERVICENTER A. W. TOLER GROCERY HURDLE HARDWARE CARRIE LEE'S BEAUTY SALON "LET" SPRUILL'S PURE OIL SERVICE STATION LAMM'S SANDWICH SHOP NEW FOWLER STORE JAMES SHOE REPAIR DR. J W. SEUG WASH-O-MAT COZY GRILL B. B. DAWSON N. J. WHITE GROCERY JACKSON'S SHOE SHOP MARTIN'S DECORATING SHOP BAILEY SERVICE STATION 134ALBEMARLE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION E. Colonial Avenue Elizabeth City, N. C. Dial 2786 WEST LAWN CEMETERY Perpetual Care Perpetual Beauty Elizabeth City, N. C. Horace Lynch — Developer Compliments of FOREMAN DAIRIES CO. WARD AND SON 310-12 S. Pool Street Compliments Machine Work of Forge Supplies Welding Plumbing Heating Mr. fir Mrs. Vernon Janies Buy ot Your SCHOOL STORES Annex and Old Building Run by Student CouncilOverman Cr Stevenson PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 512 E. Main Street Elizabeth City, N. C. FORT RALEIGH RESTAURANT Sea Food ond Sizzling Western Steaks "Our Specialty" East Main Street SPRUILL'S SHELL SERVICE STATION Hughes Boulevard PERRY TIRE STORE Goodyear Tires — Tubes — Batteries Toy Headquarters Elizabeth Street Elizabeth City, N. C. Phone 6882 TWIFORD'S FUNERAL HOME Elizabeth City, N. C. Manteo, N. C. Hatteras, N. C. Hertford, N. C. Norfolk, Vo. GUARANTY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Capital and Surplus $2,100,000 Established 1901 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone 2798 Compliments of P. W. MELICK COMPANY Garrett Hardware Co. The Hardware Hustlers Phone 4375 Duo-Therm Stoves 136 M. A. Hooper M. A. Hooper, Jr. HOOPER BROS. Complete Office Outfitters Virginia Dore Arcade Elizabeth City, N. C. Phone 4894 Compliments of RUCKER AND SHEELY COMPANY "Efizobeth City's Best Store" Specializing in Ladies' Ready-to-Wear ELIZABETH CITY CENTRAL RESTAURANT "The Best in Seafood" FREEZER LOCKER We Thank You for Your Patronage Louis Florence Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Senior Class of "55" ATLANTIC DISCOUNT CORPORATION SOUTHERN LOAN INSURANCE CO. Carolina Building Main Street Elizabeth City, N. C. Phone 5991 THE APOTHECARY SHOP A Rexall Drug Store Phone 4327 Compliments of S E L 1 GS BARR BROS. BAUER SON Elizabeth City Jewelers' Association 137 Texaco Products R. T. Orr Sales Cr Service CHRYSLER—PLYMOUTH Corner Ehringhaus and Martin Streets Elizabeth City, N. C. LEWIS' DRIVE IN West Ehringhaus Street Phone 9844 DIANA'S GIFT SHOP 110 East Main Street A Gift For Every Occasion Russell Cr Holmes Shoes "Where Shopping Is A Pleasure" Nationally Advertised Shoes for the Family 510 Main Street Elizabeth City, N. C. McPherson bottling COMPANY PEPSI COLA 7-UP ORANGE CRUSH Dial 4355 Ehringhaus Street Extended Compliments of TOXEY, BERRY, AND LYNCH FUNERAL HOME Phone 4412 DAVENPORT MOTORS Your LINCOLN-MERCURY Dealer USED CARS Elizabeth City, N. C. Enjoy . . . Bottled IT'S THE REAL THING 138R. C. ABBOTT CO. Elizabeth City, N. C. JOHN DEERE FARMING IMPLEMENTS Phones 4338 — 4337 Compliments of SANDERS, CO., INC. Mill, Marine and Plumbing Supplies Manufacturers, Machinists and Founders Compliments of Best of Luck Motor Bearing Parts Water and Elizabeth Streets ■ Compliments of Carolina Printing Company Designers and Makers of Distinctive Printing CITY MOTOR PARTS Elizabeth City, N. C. Midgett's Texaco Service Hughes Boulevard Elizabeth City, N. C. G. C. CULPEPPER MOTOR COMPANY CADILLAC—OLDSMOBILE Sales Service 139Compliments of SAWYER COMPANY Compliments ,- J a C S. P. SMITH— DISTRIBUTOR A) GULF PRODUCTS V" VA 7s Compliments I of JENNETTE'S J MEN'S CLOTHING V s 1 Compliments of ;y COMSTOCK'S JACOB'S PHARMACY "YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT WALGREEN'S" BRIGHf JgV ELRY CO. GQjfflAM STERLING HAMILTON WATCHES Aj HAVILAND CHINA CALL—HAL PAYNE RED MEAT MARKET FRESH MEATS—GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS—COUNTRY PRODUCE Free Delivery 714 So. Rood Street Dial 6190 Compliments of AMBROSE FURNITURE COMPANY MANN'S NASH AND SERVICE USED AUTO PARTS—WE BUY WRECKS West Brood St. Phone 2148 Compliments of J. WINTON SAWYER, MEMORIALS Auhorized Dealer For ROCK OF AGES MONUMENTS N. W. DAILY AGENCY Mrs. Lessie W. Morgan GENERAL INSURANCE E. Moin Street Phone 5186 Elizabeth City, N. C. BON TON BEAUTY SALON Sally E. Davis, Proprietress Phone 7759 WESTOVER AMOCO SERVICE Westover Blvd. Elizabeth City, N. C. GARLAND SCOTT, Owner Phone 5507 Compliments of ECONOMY TYPEWRITER COMPANY, INC. Congratulations to the SENIOR CLASS OF '55 HOME BEAUTIFUL 140Green Shoes for June Corn GUILFORD Like the Rings Girls? 141 Honor Society Hello! Looking for SomethingCompliments of SOUTHERN HOTEL BARBER SHOP Compliments of MILLER T.V. Compliments of J. PAUL HASTINGS' GROCERY Compliments of MAOLA MILK AND ICE CREAM CO. Hughes Blvd. Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of HARRY W. GARD SERVICE NEWS COMPANY 106 North Martin Street Compliments Compliments of of TRAVELER'S REST MOTEL CAROLINA COFFEE SHOP MR. AND MRS. J. L. STOTT 0. R. SYMONS Compliments of WHOLESALE, FRUIT AND PRODUCE RIGGS MUSIC COMPANY Compliments of PINE GROVE MARKET ISAAC P. PERRY WATCH MAKER 105 E. Main Street Albemarle's Newest And Finest ROOKE SCHOOL SUPPLY WILLIAMS' CLEANERS Model 70 Cr 76 Electric Duplication 200 North Water Street Hcyer Conqueror, Grandpapa of All Demonstration on Request CLEANING - PRESSING - ALTERATION Sales Supplies - Service DYEING Box 318, Phone 4761 Greenville, N. C. 142TUTTLE HARDWARE COMPANY HARDWARE - SAPOLINE PAINTS • VARNISHES SPORTING GOODS Phone 7186 108 S. Poindexter THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. Ill South Water Street FARMERS SUPPLY CO. MOLINE—J. 1. CASE FARM MACHINERY GARDEN SEEDS FORBES RADIO AND SUPPLY COMPANY RADIO AND TELEVISION IS OUR BUSINESS DAY AND NIGHT PHONE 4484 THANK YOU FOR THIS PRIVILEGE OF BEING YOUR FLORIST CLARA-ANN FLORISTS PLEASE CALL US WHEN ANY OCCASION CALLS FOR FLOWERS WHISTLING PINES MOTEL AND RESTAURANT 2 MILES SOUTH ON U. S. HIGHWAY 17 Compliments Compliments of of KENYON BAILEY PRODUCE COMPANY AYDLETT'S PRODUCTS CO. Compliments Compliments of of MILES JENNINGS JENNETTE FRUIT PRODUCE CO. Compliments Compliments of of JAY-TEE CLOTHING CO. NORTH STATE BEVERAGES Compliments Compliments of of THE ALBEMARLE SPORT CENTER DARIETTE Compliments of "LET" SPRUILL Telephone 8125 J. A. (MICKEY) HOOPER CO. Distributors FISHING TACKLE - LILY TULIP CUPS 8ATTERIES WHOLESALE PAPER NOTIONS DRUGS SCHOOL SUPPLIES 107-109 N. Water Street Elirobeth City, N. C. 143J LOWRY OIL COMPANY KEROSENE - FUEL OIL Phone 4283 CARLTO 50 Phone 6385 Compliments . of V N WHITE'S GROCERY Z South Rood Street j j j . W Elizobeti On —4 HOPKIh I yT Compliments of IS BROTHERS, INC. Phone 4592 HILL S J MAGAZINES V CONFECTIONARY PET ICE CREAM • NEWSPAPERS — SUNDRIES (ODAK SUPPLIES ME 514 Elizol Compliments of RIT SHOES W. Main St eth City, ti C J Compliments of —(JWENS' SHOE STORE Compliments of COBB'S GULF SERVICE Corner of Ehringhous Cr Rood Phone 9827 Elizabeth City ALBEMARLE LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS E. S. CHESSON b SON DEPARTMENT f TORE —w Elizabeth City, N. C. 7 j Compliments of TURNER'S SODA SHOPPE COTTAGE SERVICE STATION W. F. BAKER, Prop. Phone 9820 Elizabeth City, N. C. PURE OIL PRODUCTS TIRES, BATTERIES, ACCESSORIES Compliments of SUNDRY SHOP 144 

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