Elizabeth City High School - Spotlight Yearbook (Elizabeth City, NC)

 - Class of 1953

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H .f ..SKi...L9 h lu 1-,.lCnl-',1'f f- '-!""xA.S.2.al 5 C3 1 Q 1 Steps fo and 5,-.-Q......IJ ,L P F 2 E N w-U' 1 35' C IVICS Cuss 1 N .Q U' x H, - 94 I l 'Fsrisig Ri - - - N- G I Teachers Lounge OFFace 'T i O lllllllllllll C5013 4,0u.'l:SiJe N Steps LLP g fc l ll X - 31 I Vg 5- Q 4 .J-+,J. -' 4 by Six 54 VIYC. 4 La E Jrance I I I as 'I A ICIH Hbior-7 E I I I I I -REI va -.: 0 N- 2 4 Ig :rf m 'F-I ,+-T1.A:.. 71:7 XVI? ' ' 'Tlf'4'. n S h Sftfs 1: VOM Hl:g51ScHooL oLJ 6u.iLJinQ V 34 9 N4 IIIHIII-lllx .1 All!! 'llmlllmlll' I ' I 'llllll Cl' 2 2 0? S- ' , fwfr o'wa ,. ,Ill A - - ' . , . ., 1- fair yur vw - " . ' 'N .L '.A.z'- -' ."-I "H '--v np' 1. ., X- l. ..u,ku -, uLA'x.- n u .ff lui - '- StepS A I In - C Q A NL? III 0 5 Hissll A 2: 5 ' -I 5953- :E I: 2, 'PHX 'Y 5--5 E E : ' V: IQ' v Q - : 21.3 3 5 5' E I S E "' ,. 3 QD E Wi 'TE Elm- ' I : : Bela E E is T, -E -111111-lll ' llllill lllllll vx1.e-1.+- 1-4. 4- L J. 0 O 'I :I P u o 3 9 K S kk I I ' llllt::: ' lflxlf I lllll Tl ba 3 I 3 Io V5 Q 0 O' ri' ' ln E 0 i flak N W N vw 2 5 F3 -2 N' r + Q S ' X1 is rv hool. Sieve -'IJ' 2 dw bi Q 1 1535" ""' H5 X- W A v A. ' - 131.1 ew M' W .fc Nag' 1: ' 1 f , .SV ' . 'wi' 'J- lf .43 -J, ,.. W., 1 ' ' ' ,v i:'l'fi'1' ' A Ai' .SQA " "13lFfR'N- ,. '1'y',1',' I 'I , , M. ns ' . 1 JJ fled -.. 1' i., ,J- .4L.,: W W v f'A A A ,A ,.,, A ,v x 'll w f , I .-wil, -. C -fin A' N Q?-,fl fx .ij 5-QM YN, 3? ix if -3.571-pdf fi X JZ aww , 14 aaa' ,"f ' fxgn f , riff-TA i,,j iw ' M , Y' Nw L fr. wb ,.,, 53f .1 vi ,, tv ' - , f f , 'f,!!'f',lJ35?fVwY!.ArptI TH X I, G- ish! f fzfv ifwgfg ,. !:qgt1v,-be ,W A ii 2 Xa "mix vl fffglff 2-', ,Hx . f fff' - f f , . ,Xin 3' I W ,N fi ,' . .. 5 fp . V , .,'. -4 , ,',. V Y 1 , I ,L . X, , . , . , . ,M - X l x if l 5 wwf D275 llll 1953 SPIIHIGHI OF if vue, nr'-r ii ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. Posquolonk-Camden Librory Ec1sTAlbemorle Regional Librory Ellzobelh City, NC 27909 252-335-2473 fi al, . ' 'r 'Q-:W .5 fr' F Z""-"'. " A U ,.Q,1a,.vQ- K' M .iw P " ,ft 19' Q 1' . ,"'f n J , -prawn. ,VII A . 1 e 4 4 , I ff 4 ' Ax ' Z1 A'A. A , 1 5 " Vg-'2f: ' 'qv' V V' 1' . sg g j gggg , A ' 1' ' ' ' "-' - ' ,,-. f. Navi.: if' . .za.:'f:' -: - nf .-f2.:,m I 5 ,1 .. .,., A Am -I -5. ' :if if 5 5 f I Q-jj .' f' ,k,- , b ,,, ., , -E b 2 . - .S er .,., T ' I b " 'A"A A E533 A ' fl-iff R H .- 4 .4 Q b ' -4 , . ' " v N V . , Q '? , " , - ,- 'f f fy " -my 5. L' , V . ' A V 'LFJW 4 V 3 Y vi B A 9-I 0 n A .3 , .mg -. o Y . -U, ' '. , H ,1,.1., ,Hs-x , 4,.' -M .L.YJ,"iM Q-1. ' iz 061 ' .. ... ,mm .. ,Mmm n .QL ,W -..M .f 4, 1- o "" Q W ' y- -B-a+m+w-wb , ' I s r . iw. . I? I 1 1 b an .vw- Qx 4 Q X .Q 5 , if Q, ,- M...-ff pf" ,..,,.... ,.,.,.,,..,, " 'M .1 1 1,1 .' -m:..4:4,,' 1 Y ,4.,,..,.,..,...,., +afJ1Hsb2-rre?Fzzir,q2 -QM , ., f9'fN4w::r. . . ' 1 C24 ' M 4Y'. 'fyf u i. I 5 0 n 'xg . f. , 0 - -'14, 1 , ,D ,. ,,, Q, Q 1 , , ......M--..H,-...W 7 . 1.. . . 3.1.1-, 1-4 , -, Mgt 45 rj ff 1 2. ..,,,., V M,.,.-...,.-,.-......... . Z N s f 7 E- gf. Z .A V, Q35 " -' ' V 'Nfl- 4:-2 40. Y , 1. I .4-:r 'V 1 .1 f '-:fv ,. : ,- 1 , ,W-,. ,:M',c,.-.L 1 9' V . .1-I f V 'ff' . 1 1 42. an wg as . 7 z,:.f2"'Z '- 'wg' , 4, an i ,, r 'iwiff .. .,,, .c,,,.:."-' ".v ff 2,11 . 2 X , ...,..,..,...,.,.,,,.....,......., ff 16' , wi- 1 1 - ,-ffm' . 1 , , I 521,13 vj',EQfQ3'5 5ggLfk?i,j',,1fQ,Qf.,Q, , 1- 'div-2 f5f5f,?h75j,Z?T:1f,"' -ff..-VM ,,.v,.,,,,,.vV,,,,:,,W.. ' ..,:....,....-....v...,-.I W' .,f2 fi gg , ' ' WW .1141 W W, ,, f.., F,-.,., .,,,,,,.,,,,: ,, M f x . -En.. fn -., 29. - Ag,g.55:g,.:', , ,V . 4 .3 . f 1 2' ef f.: . .rf x ,wif 3 ' V 4 ,f kgf 34' 1,1- 4 1, Q V-n,,4 1, H av ff, Q94 'V J 4' f . Mw..., IIHIIIIAIIII His genuine interest in the welfare of the students of Elizabeth City has endeared him to the hearts of all. The many hours of working and planning which he has spent that we might have the new high school annex has earned him the respect and admiration of the citizens, as well as the students of Elizabeth City. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel towards EARL C. FUNDERBURK 4 For five years the people of Elizabeth City have been working hard for a new building for the students in high school. Our new High School Annex is the re- sult. It was completed in time to be used for the first You are acquainted with the general plan of this of this book will make you more familiar with every activities carried on in its various parts. We want you time this year. new building but the pages part of the Annex and the to become familiar with the new, but we would not forget our old high school building. We still love it and enjoy our classes and clubs that still meet here. IAIHI IH IIIINHNIS Administration Faculty Seniors Underclassmen Activities Sports Music Features Junior High Advertisements Statistics 5 BIIARII Ili IRIISIHS -i f ., -.-...-.-. ,,,.,, , , ,, I ..--...,.....,.....-.. , .44 Seated, left to right: E. Wilson Smith, E. C. Funderburk, Secretaryg I. C. Sawyer, Chairmang Dr. W. H. Davis, Ir. Standing, left to right: Dr. I. H. Bonner, Howard Graul, I. P. Kramer, I. C. Abbott. Absent: W. A. Worth, Vice-Chairman. ELIZABETH CITY BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Elizabeth City Board of Graded School Trustees are the men in the background of our school life. We owe our deep appreciation for their hard work and long hours of planning for our new high school annex. We, too, are indebted for their excellent choice of our fine faculty. In appreciation of their tireless work, the students of E. C. H. S. owe their respect and love to each of them for a fine job. 6 AIINII ISIRAIIII EARL C. FUNDERBURK SUPERINTENDENT A.B., lVl.A. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, N. C. It is really unusual for a school to have a superin- tendent as interested in the welfare of the students as Mr. Funderburk is. He has done much to make our schools a better place since he has had this important position. He is endeavoring to help us to prepare a place for ourselves in the community and to help us to become useful citizens. In the seven years he has been with us he has made our school a much better place. I U FRED EASON 4 AB., lVl.A. Wake Forest College Wake Forest, N. C. Mr. Eason is known by his cheerful smile and friendly manner. In the few years that he has been here he has done much to guide and help us, the students of Elizabeth City High School, in work as well as in play. We will always remember him for the effort he has made in making us better citizens of this community. 'JOHN TURNER B.A., M.E. Duke University University of North Carolina Although this is Mr. Turner's first year as assistant principal, we all are already acquainted with his under- standing of students and his untiring ellforts in promoting audio-visual in the classroom. First year or tenth-assist ant principal or teacher-he will always have a place in our hearts. 7 ROBERT BROOKS PHYSICAL EDUCATION, SOCIAL SCIENCE B.S., Vlfake Forest College SCOTT C. CALLAWAY INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC B.A.E., University of Mississippi M.M., University of Michigan ELIZABETH CHAPPELL HoME ECONOMICS B.S. I-LE., Woman's College of the University of N. C. PAULINE MOE CLINKSCALES SocIAI. SCIENCE B.S., State College Eau Claire, Wisconsin MARY BLANE AYDLETT MUSIC A.B., East Carolina College HORTENSE BOOMER LIBRARIAN B.A., East Carolina College B.S. in L.S., University of North Carolina IDA BROCK BOWERS COBIMERCIAL B.S., S.A., Wo1nan's College of the FACIIHY University of N. C BERTHA COOPER MATHEMATICS B.A., M.A., East Carolina College ESTELLA COX SECRETARY Barrett's Business School WILMA WILLIAMS FLOOD ENGLISH, FRENCH A.B., Atlantic Christian College IACIIHY MARVIS ELAINE HOBBS COMMERCIAL B.S., East Carolina College MARIE HODUL CHEMISTRY, GENERAL SCIENCE B.S., Fordham University ANNIE MARIE IACKSON ENGLISH BA., Meredith College SARA PACE JACKSON SECRETARY TO BAND B.A., Wake Forest al V , MARY OWENS LATIN, MATHEMATICS B.A., College of Williarn and Mary ERMA TURNER BIOLOGY B.A., M.A., East Carolina College ANNE ELIZABETH WARREN ENGLISH, SPANISH B.A., East Carolina College REBECCA WEBB MATHEMATICS B.A., Wake Forest College M.A., Columbia University 10 JOHN W. IOHNSON PHYSICAL EDUCATION BS., North Carolina State College M.A., University of North Carolina MINNIE IOHNSTON ENGLISH B.A., M.A., University of North Carolina PAUL R. LITTLE INDUSTRIAL ARTS BS., University of Maryland AUDREY MCMULLAN PHYSICAL EDUCATION, GIRLS, HEALTH B.S., Mars Hillg East Carolina College IACIIHY we , ' 1 wad P . I Z .rv F ME Sk 4 gy. 5 U I gg- . '-1 ,, fi r " . -s -x, C , fry :ai f Sv- F4455 ' 4, W if--4? il -'F '-. P' . W4 . 5- 1155-ig ' V' r, if A .Lax ,- :UL gmc . 25 41-, alia kigb f' is iff-fi at Ek I Vs. .--QW I U , .2 -,N M livi 4 vi M1 ., -, P A gg , 5 .F I - . V. 'gli' . . .1 , QQPX 13.1 . - 1 .1 V . 5 ,'g'.. . 2:1-gg 4 - G, liif m 6555! 1- -gaggz I ifx.-aff ' if . :ja-P.-.xiax H "5:?-S557 1 Q55 -www, 5' 5 Lgg M W n - " af 25' l. Sx . , W -is K IIIR IH REID CARLETON PRESIDENT JUNE I-IAYMAN A VICE PRESIDENT TONI CILL SECRETARY SHIRLEY LEARY TREASURER 12 "What cha say there, cat?" RONALD EUGENE ACKERMAN RONNIE '37 blue Ford ELWOOD CHARLES ARMSTRONG Foorsns "What say!" Large feet ab' JAMES I. ARMSTRONG JAMES "AW, No!" MARY PATRICIA BAILEY PAT "All is lost" Her counting ability 13 Audio-visual expert HARVEY WAYNE BAKER Muscuss "Oh, Mother, it doesn't take much gas to get home on!" MARGARET ANN BAKER BAKER "Gee Whiz!" Navy bracelets SYLVIA FAY BARKLEY SQUIRT "NVebb and I broke up again" Little in stature-hut oh! that mouth WILLIAM PRESTON BARTLETT WILLIAM "Why shore!" Our Elections Committee Chairman I , J' I 15. . ff .Aff 36 .,.1 , '15, DONALD EARL BAUM DON "Dad gum it!" Mr. Turnefs right hand man MARILYN JEAN BOSTON MARILYN LA ROSE "Oh, my golly!" Her poise and dignity 3' 14 AVERY KEITH BRACE , KEITH "Gosh!" His questions in Physics JOYCE ANN BRADSHAW SI-IADY "I-Ias anybody seen Allan?" Won't she ever catch on? V EDWARD MANNINC BROTHERS ED HO yeah!! A career in the movies PATSY MAE BYRD PAT "Heck" Her love for the Air Force l REID PAUL CARL ETON Wms "What say, President of Se BEAR "How Yah Doing?" Co-Captain Football Team FRED GOODWIN CASTELLOW Cat?" nior Class CLIFTON CHAPPELL CLIFF "I hate people!" Trumpet blowing CEORCE T. COLE, JR. Cnoncn "Shucks" Sleeping on class W GRACE COLEY GRACE "I wish Ben would write!" Quick-wittedness IAMES ROLAND COOPER Lou "Ler's see that boy!" Deep voice 1 PAYE ELLEN COPPERSMITH SNooz1E , "Shucks!" Love for the youngsters LITTLE RED VAN WILLIAM CUTHRELL "Boy! That's cool!" Our shifty little quarterback it gi 16 SHEILA BELLE DAUGI-IERTY SMUDGE "Check that" Whizz at Latin PATRICIA ANNETTE DAVENPORT ANNIE MAE "Oh-Shame!" Her southern drawl and jimmy Ru PAU LA DEAN DAVENPORT PEBBLES "So, who cares!" Silence is goldeng so Paula is a pauper ANNIE RAE DAVIS ANN "Shucksl" The old favorite, Glee Club FANNIE MAE DAVIS FANNIE "Silence is the best policy" Glee Club-old faithful of mine LEMUEL LESLIE DAVIS, JR. 'si Liss "Man, some stuff" His leanness 1 7 MARY DILLON DAVVSON DILLON "Any mail for me?" Her blonde hair VIRGINIA LEE EDWARDS LEE "Anybody seen Ernie?" Her loud voice RUTH WILSON RUTH "My Frienclll' Nothing could loe Hner than to be in Carolina ANTOINETTE GILL TONI "Aw heck" Head inzzjorette FERRELL BESSIE JANET GLENN JANET "Do ou know vour French?" y 1 . Animal lover-horses, that is! BENJAMIN HARVEY GOODWIN, IR. BEN "Georgia Tech" His personality 18 OLIVE ANNE GRAY PEANUT "Got a Iong distance call today?" ERNEST LINWOOD GREGORY, IR. EARTHY "Some stuff" Model A JAMES MARVIN GREGORY HOLLY "I'll stick to you like wall paper!" Sense of humor 1 DORIS MARIE GURGANUS NUTTY "Let's not get sentimental now" Dry sense of humor I A , w I I I I DOROTHY MARIE HALSEY DOT "Coll din Y 8 Diamonds are a girl's hest friend BILLY PETERS HASKETT WEE WILLY 'Til be john Brown" Loves his hunting 19 IUNE HUNTER HAYMAN SLEEPY "Y'All'I Activity editor ROSEMARY HEATH Posv "Spanish, ugh!" Her enuncintion Jo ANN HILL Jo "Now Really!" Her 701117171855 I3 I in bookkeeping assignments BESSIE ADELIA HOPKINS HIPS "Shin-ney!" Pretty complexion JOHN WESLEY HYATT, III WES "I got Z1 little mixed up!" Talk! Talk! Talk! JOHN THOMAS JAMES "What did we do in American History?" Sarcastic remarks 20 WILLIAM JANSSEN BINKY "Did the Yankees win today?" Headed for the Big Leagues? ALVIN KEITH JOHNSON ABBIE "Is that so?" Rapid motion ELEANOR AVERY JONES ELEANOR "I've got to hurry to meet Reid" Strutting majorette ELIZABETH LEE JORDAN .BETTY "Quit talking so much!" Her drumming ability VVILLIAM KAHLBAUIXI, IR. BILL "Aw shucksn Deep 1 ozce SHIRLEY LOUISE LEARY LEARY "AnvbocIy want to go to the store upstairs?" Her twirling ability 21 CI IARLOTTE ANN A I ADRIN Pima' "IVImt ii motIicrf" Friamiii' VIRGINIA CR.-ICE IXIKTIIIS PINKY "Kiss mx' foot!" II'i:1mI at typing DONNA RUTH MEEK COPHER GAL "I tell you, boy!" Practical joker MYRTLE IEAN MILLER MYRT "I know I failed that English test!" Our Editor DORIS 1 "Check that!" EAN MOORE Doms Her black convertible DOROTHY MARIE MOORE DOTTIE "Well, Va dor1't say!" Wonder Woman at typing 22 JOSEPH MORSE, IR. Ion "By gollyn Love of sports GABRIELLA VAN PATTEN MCDOWELL BILLY GAY "Well, let's get it done" As she rushes madly down the hall with an armloaol of hooks to her next class MARSHALL LOUIS NEWBERN Louus "Hi Ya!" Walgreens MILDRED MAE LACY O'BERRY DARLING "Smell you!" N0 life like married life! SHIRLEY IEAN PALMER PRETZEL "Don't sweat it!" Shorthand-dictation UNDINE DODGE PERRY UNDINE C ldss cenzedienne 23 "Has evervbodv seen Undine?" HERMAN S. PIAS SONNY CCI-Ii!!! Blond hair JOAN PAYE PRITCHARD FAYE "I haven't got one!" Female version of Einstein IOYCE RAPER VVILL-YUM "Well, pardon me!" Her love of English LEONA PAY ROGERS FAY "Naah!" Already has her man WILSON ROUGHTON BUDDY o "Play it cool!" FAYE SAVVYER FLOOGIE "Do this quick!" Vivacious head-cheerleader 24 ' Speed demon on the gridiron IOI-IN L. SAVVYER, IR. GIMPY "What say there?" Personality ROBERT LOUIS SAVVYER BOBBY "O,Lawl" Football Hero SUDIE JEAN SAWYER SADIE MAE "Lord knowsg CHe does?D,' Towering frame WILLA EAYE SAWYER SAWYER "Check that!" Adds to the front rank of the band MARGARET SUZANNE SEELEY MAGGIE SUE "Be good! If you can't be good, be careful!" THORNTON PAGE SEELINGER "Don't call me Thornton!" A new senior and we love him 25 Lover of Vlfeeksville ANN RENEE SMITH RED "Is that so?" Editor of the Loudspeaker MARIAN KAY SPENCER KAY "Just don't worry!" Gray hairs I PHILIP A. SPRUILL PHIL "Ain't from Riclmrclln He gets picked on MARGARET ELIZABETH SWINDELL Liz "Well, yeahlu Tlze lJaml'5 olflest nzemlaer K6 vearsl MARTHA ANN TARKINGTON 2 SHIRLEY ANN THOMPSON if 4 , i , qw , ff' Q9 4 5 1, f 1,3 ,y M ,. gn . 1 ' 1 . sig- gg ' 13:5 Wil ' ' . 21371512 I 7 ANN "How about that!" Ann's a perfect little angel lwhen slze's aslee1a!Q SHIRLEY "IVIercvl" ' ll I ' Its so nzce to have a man arozmal the house DYSON KONRAD THURECHT TooL f'You're pickin' on me!" Good looks 26 JUNE DALE TUCKER JUNE "Gee whiz" Piano-player KENTWOOD TURNER SLEWFOOT "Ah, shucksln Rosy cheeks MARINIA MAE WEEKS Her soft vozce and qmet manner WALTER PAGE WESTON "Ah, shucks' Aga1n7 Hzs qmetness DAL UI. WILLIAMS DAL "Ah-I1-Im" Basketball - VIRCIL WADE WILLIAMS VIRCIL "I rccommcnd this book to unv seventh grader!" Poker-face VICTORIA ELIZABETH WILSON BETTY "You're not telling the truth!" Her art'of exaggeration -. Here in spirit-but not in face GEORGE THOMAS DONALD GENE ETI-IERIDCE DICKERSON DON C. T. "I cIon't know!" I'Have me!" Easy going Loves to sing CALVIN LEON LACY, IR. DICKY "Oh, hecklw Hunting and Hshing 28 .,' -1 'FL' at ' 1- in aff .5 l. .' 1 64 L, 'r - 71 3gJ'j , 455 ., - 'Q 53. iff? .S I , 0 ' Pi sq? F .24 'a ,nf ,4 Y ,A . 'F 3-ni nd 2' af M P af? ,A K YY! , - gm 41:1 ,-45:-X5 ii-"3 5551? Q23 Yxjku 117:13 5:9 ,xg-'F fs-:Ii -49:4 rf-SF 44 -'Pk 5235: ,qi-5 fini ,i ,:,, uv'g.f1., 'PHT 5543 Q-ing 3,51 171145, A-Erj ig.:-za. si!" 4947! -NA, gfe Sin Af.3f,gig,, 3 W2 -1 dm " 425. Q 3' rr 15.48 ":7F'ffg ' id , fe- was M 3 233 Qu? ,nz I i ii - Sufi . 4, . K RT? 1 356, ' ., Jgfidfggfgzgagi Le- Fu - H.:.5,AE19?Q:4'::',-us, . A? ' 4-.' A V , 451- Sgig3f?x,?Effd5gE5?Q'fY'-43+ ' ' 0- 1. .aff 1544- ggif ., , R ' f2 -fw If f.: ' ' , '1Qv'.J",rf72gq.3 "gh ?"r1e5?f.'Afj1x 1 " .. 5 . wi .'g5'f'Efwj5f5+'f+.fw fix. fn. , ,R 'ggi - mr- W Ebr"mf,'i+ ,L ', . ' i' I 1- ' S' 'F W'1r,' 1 7 4, -r ,. 33 ,, '- 'iii .5635 .wa z N - fuk-fi. Q,-fix? 'if ' N3 ' 'ia --gem' 4 ,A D, 'U .'. la-:An x- 3 '5?i?-"fi 03536 Elin Ei .,,'9 t. , . gif-rxi W ,gg 4 ' , jf egg yvQ4 wmij Q-2 4 -. il 'I I In A .wah JIINIURS IIHIIIHIS PRISIIHNI VICE-PRESIDENT SHIWW IIIEASIIRHI Joyce Alston Shirley Ammeen Jaunita Armstrong Pete Ashton 3 John Bell Ellen Bradley Helen Bray Douglas Burgess Eloise Castellow Irvin Cooper Z Shirley Askew Tommy Baker Janet Basnight Doris Beals Margaret Brumsey Dorcas Cox K".'C11- .-.Y-Y . . .avdevffl-' Ralph Cox, Jr. Dick Darling Charles Davenport Robert Davis x ,f Clivie Goodwin Russell Hastings Frances Dukes Ronald Etheridge Barbara Finney Joanne Gill Frieda Gray Ruby Gray Freddie Haney Janet Hill David Hodges Betty Jean Houtz Heywood Houtz Nell Baxter Jackson David J ennette Mary Closs Jennette A'af Vivian Jordan Charles L. Langle Faye Lupton Jean Mann Y if ,f civj' 3 V WL Donald Leadbeater Selma Markham Norma Faye Jewell Kristin Johnson Bill Jones Kay Jones Jimmy Lowthorp George Meads ' lin -rf' V' , A . 'Uh J. i l 1 1 A 1 w w w 'I gl i in lu ll Il r if L, I Annette Meggs Phyllis Meiggs Patricia Melson Paul Glenn Miller my 'll is ' y 5 Ave v I I I I 5 9' ll If Thomas Minton Cosby Morgan Glenn Morgan Buddy Morse l I Rita Munden Mary Frances Murrell Elizabeth McFatter Frances Newbern Macon NiX0n Herman Olds Doris Onley Norma Jean Onley AW' 'if Sylvia Owens Naomi 0'Neal Morris Perry Billy Potter X 3-an 2 i ,f 'WX Anil 1100110116 Al Cader Roughton Jeanne Sherley Bill Simmons Susie Seymour John Carroll Smith W . V, 1 1" ' 5 5"""e -r ir- opt l .,l. gh ' I ,lf 27. I' l 4 e ,Inf " w Richard Poulos Jean Raby Norwood Rector Frances Riggs i Thomas Sfetsos hmmySmmH U 1 I i 1 i I i i m 'sys -' o ,,. Q wr 99 , ?fE? , oo,ro 1 to ' 1. . x t I " 1 V I 1. 5.21 fs.. X ,, , I Zi i t. L 5 1 Jimmy Stallings Q Marilyn Tobiason ' , Wesley Toler Wilson Vennel E 2 5 E i 1 Q F I l Douglas Williams Leonard Winslow, Jr. ri ff' Webb Williams, Jr. Loretta Winslow Anne Elizabeth Winslow J umors whose plctures do not appear: Delores Abernathy Yvonne Vickrey Walter Wall Catherine White Marjorie Wilder Bill Winslow Ed Zimmerman 53 Yvonne Cartwright Robert Gilden 4-27' Curtis Plpkm 4,15-I ...ff Murphy Riddick Charlene Schroeder Wayne Trueblood Charlie White Donald Abernathy N. T. Aydlett Conrad Bailey 43" ,Q , ,-E J i .sw l ...-K RONALD SAUNDERS SECRETARY DOT JONES PRESIDENT RONALD ROUGHTON TREASURER N. T. AYDLETT VICE-PRESIDENT Ebert Bailey Maxine Baker Rose Basnight Carietta Blades Warren Baines C. B. Barkley Glenn Baum Ann Branch fi' .i 5-fi? ' - ' - fi ' ,511-:' A f .- -:yr ' H+: Yvonne Bray Christine Brickhouse Marie Brickhouse fjf' F r B -"' at f -'- 'A' r t B "ai .5 n we J If I : :,E bk ff- 2 X J I J H x 5 VJ. ' , fi l g eara f B B r , af .X ! Q if ". Paddie Clancey Eddie Britt Wilma Brown Hubert Bunch Laverne Bunch Patsy Bunch Claude Burnham Anna Cahoon Shirley Castello Irving Cohoon Jane Commander l Annette Coppersmith Osie Lee Cooper Garnett Creef Bobby Darling Annette Davis Edna Davis Margaret Davis Freddy Decker SUPHUMURIS Julian Copeland Aol! 9 Q 1 G if 36' '17 "3" 'i Bess Tillett Godfrey Opal Lee Hackler Robert Harrington Bill Harris Cecil Harris james Hayes Dickie Helmkamp Julius Hooker lean Hopkins Carolyn Hurdle 54 A . .Ji Nancy Dunbar Pat Etheridge I. P. Eves Fred Fearing Allen Gallop Annie Laurie Gard Cecil Garrett Glen Gibson f be U5-Lg, . I ,, x ' , 5 'li , A' ' pp., A 3 M X 1 ' , gui? ' J' Q ,1 , , A l ri rig SIIPHIIMIIRIS f. , 'WO , fi is X Edna Earle Griffin Sharon Hardison , Q gi. " Q: 52 Felbert Lamb Iris Leary George Midgette James Miller Angelyn Moore Rose Mary Moore Margaret Munden Barbara Neece jan Overton Patsy Parker SUPHIIMURES Keith Jackson Mary Evelyn Jackson Patricia Jacobs Dot Jones Grace jones Harry Jones Iris Jones Nancy Jones , ljn ,R .t Annette Leary ' Carol Longenecker V V '1 - 7, ,wg,7::2f1:, 'ii '--, 59:1 ' ., ,gt t H it 1 V 6 .fest , - ,gr . 1 ,df " 'Af' .,,,. J . I Z' ? V I ' 'ffm 2 4 ix ' A " ik Y A Zi: , V- 'A . V Q j T ff ' . 4, I . 3:51 '- , - ' ,N I QQ ff" t , vixiilyx , :A, x., ' X ri' , Ruth Pate Gloria Perry Joyce Perry Kay Frances Phelps Kelly Pierce Shirley Powell Raye Pritchard Shirley Raumer ,I , Sarah Riddick james Rhodes SOPHOIVlllIllS Terry Roughton Ronald Roughton Victor Roughton Rose Mary Sawyer Carlton Sanderlin Luther Sanders Buddy Saunders Carter Smith Rebecca Smlth i i ,..- "E, ' Audrey Shaclcelford ly 9 My 666 rf? A . 5 f 9 X i lx -1? a VT? . , " 1- 'if' T3' ' fa ,., . , i My E' I -VYV Melva Twiforcl P Terri Watson Otah White Frances Williams Lois Kay Williams K Randall Williams Pictures missing: Nell Boyce George Haskett Calvin Hassell. Iimmy ohn- son Clarence Lane Richard Morgan james Pronier Eloise Roughton Elmer Smith jay Thomas Alma Twiford Elizabeth Williams. SIIPHIINIIJIHS 4 gM"1 I + 1 .aa 4 I 'dl A J 1 5 I Gayle Wilson Nathan Wood Jerry Yates Jo Ann Snowclen Phyllis Spence Kay Stafford Peggy Swain l Kay Tarkington Shirley Toler Arlene Turner Shirley Tuttle .ar , y Naomi Walter 4 t 2' Ann White ' I.. 1 xg! J 452 , " M MYRTLE CHAPPELL PRESIDENT DOUGLAS PRESCOTT VICE-PRESIDENT Joyce Allen James Lee Archbell Henry Berard IRISHMA UIFICIRS Betsey Blades Al Blount Buddy Boyce .":, 3 'f . Rs,f ...SE fE ? " 2S::aii.E3E'f,5g "-'3- I N 2 V ,- .-..:.,.' 4 llllfl ,V , A Q 'M' R ig ' . .wr 1 Carolyn Bunch Harry Bundy Bill Brockett 4 i Q Q . .., A., , Q alas 5 3-.W JANE HARRELL SECRETARY EARLY FORBES TREASURER Jo Ann Brothers Myrtle Chappell Billie Chaudron N .,:. v,,4-, W I 'Ti t J ' -Aw, ' ff? Jollish Clifton Loretta Collins Charles Commander Donald Cosgrove Dean Fitchett Early Forbes Sammy Forbes V James Caslcins Earlene Culipher Ocie Ann Culpepper Barbara Jo Daniel Carrol Davis Gloria Davis Miles Davis Tommye Dawson Rhoda Densmore Carolyn Dickerson Barbara Edwards William Elliott Pat Fearing lid Janice Gibbs Charles Griggs Kent Haney Herbert Harrell Gerald Joseph Lloyd 'king Rita King Erline Lane Jane Harrell Charles Harris Shirley Harris Jimmy Hathaway Peggy Hoover Ann Hurdle Carolyn Jennings Gloria Jennings Frances Jennette Eric Johnson Ervin Johnson Louise Jones '49 ad? f 253,- SVlVl3 Long -V ' EEZ K Bob Luther Durward Medlin Peggy Meekins Vincent Mercer Douglas Morris Donald Myers jennette McCain Beverly McCullen Barbara North jane Ovennan Dianne Owens Barbara Palmer jf s ur" X X Ruth Ellen Perry Joe Pool Doris Powell Douglas Prescott Mae Scarborough Jimmy Scott Mac Seymore Barbara Simpson Ronald Price Maxine Pridgen Rosalie Raper Mary Riddick Martha Riddick Douglas Roughton Jane Sanders Gordon Sanders Paul Sawyer Sam Sawyer Winona Sawyer Sylvia Scaff 47 Q" I A 1 If , Wi ., f M f fl 'va . -' Q . in 6 3 on Mike Singletary Alice Spencer Lois Stallings Richard Stevenson Sonny Stone I0 Ann Swain Virginia Tarkington Jean Tucker Billy Tunstall Allen Tillett V Mildred Tillett Faye Todd Grace Wallace Charlene Waters ,lim Weeks Shirley Wilson Pictures missing: Charles Clark, Dickie Ferrell, Mary Louise Gregory, Hazel Hassell, Ellen Lacy, I-lelen Lacy, William Miller, Probert Overman, Charles Overton, Athemus Sfetsos, Larry Smith, Pete Smoak, Charles Spruill, Ernest Spruill, Irving Spruill, Mitchell Spruill, Dallas Tarkington, Essie Mae Ward, Collie White. 48 ilk, 1 ifiyfy, I w:f::ee4,,.x.',g '-1 " - ew . - A f pw-ff 3. 1 I ACTIVITIES ,im-5',EL:Z.?.,. 1-. f,R.F:. J,i.vg-vl,:,. .H4a:m.we!f,aw-fhainii. ' -:3r'rfam?Cfi4f.f'hi:eQ:zcez.ff, ,?V,.F4.+snz42IQm1s'2 557 i'ga4": iii? x Hi 'V-i'r1 82'-'L - M , ,, -. V - 4. gi 9.41 -2 .A E. 11: F.-wg 55:51 :Fl -i -4 , ,sq 322 54:3 549 ii? 1? 5'2- mi 11 la 9 QL rf w 1, :' L 4 Mm 1 5' . .. 1-sg-f,, '--.-.' r S355 ,.-,- rg WY Va A :rg '21 E? flaw: 3-c BIllY GAY M0 Il0WEll President of the Elizabeth City Student Cooperative Government Presiding Officer of the Student Council Sllllll T C0-UPERATIVI lilllflll Ml I This organization proposes to promote the gen- eral welfare of the school, to establish a closer union and to create a greater responsibility among the students. The duties of the council are: to trv to be of service to thc school, to try to foster school spirit, to recommend rules and regulations for the gen- eral welfare and the betterment of the school and to do those things which it considers will carrv out the spirit and the words of the consti- tution of the Student Cooperative Government. Through the cooperation of the students and facultv manv things sponsored bv the Student Council took place this year. Some of the events were: the freshman dance, American Education Week-this included a chapel program and a radio program in which a number of students participated-homecoming, and a semi-formal Christmas Dance. The Council invited members of last vear's senior class to attend the dance. PROJECTS Fon THE YEAR INCLUDED: organization of a junior Council for the junior High students, publication of the Student Council Handbook, contributed a spotlight for the auditorium, added to the equipment of the first aid room, added supplies for social activitv, sponsored a Career Dav and a College Dav, were responsible for the school concession stands, prepared elections for the school, and sponsored a White Christmas for needy families. This vear the Student Council Congress was held in Burlington. Those attending were Miss Bertha Cooper, advisor, Billv Cav McDowell, Elizabeth Swindell, Frances VVilliams, and Eric Johnson.. The Council owes much thanks for the cooper- ation given it bv the student bodv and the faculty members. Iohn Carroll Smith, Vice-President, Heywood Houtz, Sergeant-at-Armsg Doris Moore, Treasurer: Billy Gay McDowell, Presidentg Frances Williams, Secrefaryg Miss Bertha Cooper, Advisor. ittvlll CIINIIVIIHHS WW Betty Jordan Vivian Jordan C lmirman Rita Munden June Hayman Martha Ann Tarkington Faye Pritchard, Chairman Betty Wilson ,tx SAHIY 1702 ,Qi-, fifty 'U 'Www' f'fQ Bill Harris, George Midgette, Cecil Garrett, Paul Glenn Miller, Russell Hastings, Cliff Chappell, Willa Faye Sawyer, Pete Ashton, Claude Burnham, Angelyn Moore, Terri Watson, Wilson Roughton. , '0r,,.H 1-xx fr .9 '-1 52 Elizabeth Swindell, Chairman Ruth Ferrell Peggy Swain Ellen Bradley Ill! IIUNIMIHHS Loretta Winslow Ann Elizabeth Winslow, Chairman jean Shirley Pat Melson 170 pmol mfff My .eww a,,Ak!,,4 if 4 ' K David jennette Chairman .I Jimmy Stallings Clivie Goodwin Dickie Darling, Van Cuthrell, John L. Saw- X Q yer, Chair-rnang ReidCarleton, Richard Pou- los, Rosemary Moore, Margie Wilder, Jean m Mann, Carol Longnecker. m First row: Linwood Gregory, Billy Haskett, Chair- man, Tommy Baker. Second row: john Thomas james, Freddie Haney, N. T. Aycllett, Glenn Gibson. Third row: Jimmy Johnson, Bill Kahl- baum, Phillip Spruill. 'S A-'lr We j -an O. ,Q '!" Y Ann Renee Smith, Ann Rochelle, Nell Baxter Iackson, Margaret Brum- sey, Chairman, B e t t y Jeanne Houtz, Joyce Al- ston, Nlary Closs Iennette, janet Hill, Sylvia Barkley, Bessie Hopkins, Shirley Leary, Margaret Baker, Faye Coppersmith, Dillon Dawson. Alasent, Loretta Collins. HHWO S x S 0 211 W""'-M--...N M W al a ns Onlex R Tnqy, Janet N'-'XM S AWVCY Gxolxa PCYYY 0 and Coope Glenn Ke .th K YY r ' 1 Pxosema XOUQQ ' 13125-t Bfa ,Wwe RIPHISE TMIVES BaSn1-gin. Front row: Shirley Wilson, Sudie Sawyer, Yvonne Vickery, Doris Beals, lVlelva Twiforcl. Back row: jane Overman, Pat Fear- ing, Buddy Boyce, Bar- bara Neece, Naomi O'Neal, N. T. Aydlett, Pat Bailey, Robert Har- rington, Toni Gill. ETS-7 guusw WWE AIIEIVIEIES EUNCESSIUNS HUMEE AMERICAN EDUCAEIUN WEEK lVl yrtle Miller Editor-in-Clzief Miss Mary Owens Advisor Faye Pritchard Senior Editor Ann Tarkington Activities Editor June I-layman Activities Editor Annette Davenport Music Editor Selma Markham junior Editor Pmubv Gray junior Editor Ann Branch Sophomore Editor HIIIIIIIIM Ronald Ackerman Sports Editor SPIIHIISHI l Hevwoocl Houtz Bill Harris P. Eves Pliotograplter Photographer Photographer SIAH 439 S Vivian Jordan Betty lean I-Ioutz Phyllis Spence Pat Bailey Bifsincss Mnnngu Mildred O'Berry Typist Joyce Bapcr Typist Carietta Blades Conrad Bailey Barbara Neece Peggy Swain Frances Williams Dorothy Moore BUSINESS MASQ. NATION HONOR some af ,W X2 550111: I 1 Igdsh 31-gar . xgkrx, Moor aw, A er Bm ne' Bam 1 lo Pa 1 et R' 'Dietz msey, Cmggtr 5253353 52,3 ,Fil iD,i3a,g?.?,,g1funi1.1.?a tgfp!,2ffeg11S,,, 96 0 -' x S ' O Q , 1 1 - . , P 10re?:2?+,lizi 'esfif0,rzrr. " Tzgfzsr., J. arbaiuyr, Yvqlaberh Savvlel' Bill f Clip,-' H0150 6' Miss Uh, A JU, DRG nfl Arm Eb 'e lean Barnett, 6 Goodn Ven 1 Boom nne G Q'-'S ,aqjzeii YOWQ W1'U' Ajxgtpavisp advji-337, I Twin Ferre , f f e Mil enllett J Vxuih ef. ef BB'-my This is the fourth year the National Honor Society has been in- cluded as a part of the activities in our high school. So far it has succeeded very well in its purpose-to promote scholarship, develop leadership, and encourage service and character among the students in the school. During this year the Society has offered to coach stu- dents who need help in their studies, carried on a courtesy campaign, and helped sponsor the White Christmas as well as many other projects. I 'MSX' A, I I Toni Gill, VaPres.g Faye Pritchard, Chaplain, Bill Kahlhaum, Treas.g Joyce Bradshaw, Sec., and Anne Gray, Pres. Absent from picture: Kristin johnson. LAM, '- Ha ,,, an G Annette Davenport V X bv? K QE ,.-,. Joyce liradslmw President . I f V... ' Vit-e'Prcxiilun I 7, l l- , 5 l , Z? q ,1 ian i Ruth Ferrell It yi ' Q: Betty Jordan Secretary 6 - T V 3. W, ' Treasurer l Faye Pritchard Chaplain .ff Nj '--1-4 PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and com- munity high standards of Christian character. SLOGAN: Pure thoughts, pure words, pure actions. COLORS! Red, white, and blueg exemplifying sacrifice, purity, loyalty. SYMBOL: Triangle symbolizing three-fold development of mind, body, and spirit. Houlla . ,BWV lean C levi Sudie Sawyer' sux? ifyglglle Hlllfuglrigff adglsor' Firstfowi ab, Suecowd 'gAgy1attet,M'S' Winslow, lane: jan? Biigsgs Ehzabetls Arm Exizabefgn Absent ffom s ' et, . - rc - Phsirll Tow: Fay Rvgildell, Vlvlall lohnsoni Sllclic Th ' 'beth S Su Kgs Sawyer Hill, Elgeuy Gay MCDOW ' , Suzie Sevm 'pictufez i - 01'6,G1'2C6 C oley Miss Cooper Willa Sawyer Annette Leary PURPOSE - PROJECTS H Anne Gray X Betty Ieanne Houtz . Ruth Ferrell To learn about opportunities in teaching, to cultivate the qualities es- sential in a good teacher, to study the lives of great teachers, and to foster development of student leadership. CID nursery during PTA hours. C22 substitute teaching. , Anne SZXXNUET' gy F it W, Ruth EeYl:El?5lglZ6?v :"6l3l3fs,lg2iil IXZOIDI' ON nc YO ' ,A N 8341 CMO fir, ' y11' 031 3 We Bratlshgggiyeianni BAK Brcglgigyl fllstonfllargaregs E9DCI7c19Carr,,etta -font: O Xvhucj den. Baez an' Pai - , 4 , Ann . ,X 'Mun Qvetm G 5' Ps V C lxce Allgllliutll Bumham' lan Garten .f-16' 0 i B rulnsf-UM, C5531 ' Lofgfg, Opal L fl Wa flier. gee Hack ts , 1 OIL Jeanflcii Nami? Igggy Opkfns JO:-ln- . Ce X gg g l. H. A. Frances Duke . . . . .,... HrsToR1AN Susie Seymour ..., .... V ICE PRESIDENT Virginia Edwards . . . ...... PRESIDENT . . ,..... TREASURER . . ...... SONG LEADER . . . . . . .PARLIAMENTARIAN .ADVISOR Marina Weeks. . Donna Meek .... Suzanne Seeley. Miss Chappell .............,....,.... Ann Tarkington. Absent from picture: Sharon Hardison, SECRETARY ....................REPORTER The purpose of F. H. A. is to promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of home making. The club is restricted to those girls who have had as much as one semester of homemaking in high school. Standing, left to right: Virginia Tarkington, Annette Davis, Wilma Brown, Alma Twiford, Io Ann Snowden. Sitting: Dorothy Moore, Ann White. Left to right: Faye Todd, Peggy Meekins, Ann White, Doris Curganus, Edna Ruth Davis, Jean O'Berry Raby, Charlene Waters. Sitting: Dorothy Moore, Carolyn Hurdle, Faye Sawyer. 61 jaw" M -Y . If A 3.. , .1 I ' ' V . , ., ,. 4' i B1 'ABM Vigzizf' 4 ' if - V ,V " . A ' '- Around the "K," from top: james Armstrong, Clivie Goodwin, David Iennette, T. James, John Carroll Smith, Freddie Haney, Nathan Wood, Donald Abernathy, Hey- wood Houtz, Ronald Roughton, Claude Burnham, Bill Winslow, Edward Zimmerman, John Bell, Marvin Gregory, Robert Davis, Van Cuthrell, Bill Wallace, Cosby Morgan, Billy Haskett, Mr. Turner. Absent from picture: Jimmy Stallings. The purpose of the Key Club is to develop initia- during the school year, such as: taking charge of tive and leadership, to render service to our school, selling tickets at all athletic events, trimming the our churches and our community, and to accept and hedges outside the school building, assisting in cafe- to promote Christian ideals. teria work at the noon hour, and making other contri- The Key Club undertakes a number of projects butions to the welfare of our school and community. 62 Down steps: Bill Simmons, Russell Hastings, John L. Sawyer, Edward Brothers, Wilson Roughton, Mrs. Hodul, Kentwood Tumer. William Bartlett, Ralph Cox, Reid Carleton, Philip Spruill, Clifton Chappell, William Kahlbaum. HLY The purpose of this club is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian Character." l0UDSPlAKlR STAFF For the third successive year, the LOUDSPEAKER was mimeographed. Although we were not able to have a printed publication, we are proud to be in our twenty-eighth year of publication. The LOUDSPEAKER has tried in the past years to bring the news to the students as it happened, and to stimulate interest in the happenings of the schools all over the country. This years we have managed to stay on a sound financial basis and to leave the finances clear for next vear. ,S Standing: June Hayman, Ann Renee Smith, Felbert Lamb. Seated: Elizabeth Swindell, Rose Mary Moore, Kay Spencer, Larry Smith. Absent from picture: Mildred Lacy O'Berry, Charles Langley. 1 w f..,, r '? ' 'v T' First row: Janet Glenn, Nell Jack- son, Dillon Dawson, Myrtle Chap- pell, Carolyn Jennings. Second row: Betty Jordan, Barbara North, Jane Harrell, Shirley Raumer, Phyllis Meiggs, Barbara Simpson. Third row: VVilliam Janson, Ben Goodwin, Barbara Jo Daniels, Ruth Ellen Perry, Fred Fearing, Paul Sawyer, Robert Harrington, Alvin Johnson, Miss Pugh. Pictures do not appear: Cosby Morgan, June Hayman, Janet Hill, Galvin Lacy. 4 1 ff' 2 sv' W . ii Sy. '4 .M .,: , . "FM 11 . ,egg ,, . , K efgewlfi lnvsmnllni 'S' f , ' X ' nr .Z K 412. Emi' - 'lf' F, ..,. Q, args -. - 1 The purpose of the Art Club is to help the stu- dents who are interested in art to become more familiar with the fundamentals of art. Introductory crafts, sketching, and painting are introduced. Sitting, right to left: Betsy Blades, Pat Etheridge, Marie Brickhouse, Rita King, Doris Powell, Ethel Lawrence. Sec- ond row: Tommy Dawson, Jerry Peoples, Janice Gibbs, George I-laskett. Third row: Jimmy Perry, Douglas Roughton, Miss Pugh. Fourth row: Glen Gibson, N. T. Aydlett, Dickie I-lelmcamp, Jimmy Hathaway. Absent from picture: Nor- wood Rector, Sheila Payne, Early Forbes, Patrica Jacobs, Shirley Powell. IlllANIAlIlIS First row. left ro right: Peggy l-loover, Bose Basnight, Alice Spencer, Sylvia Scaff, Billie Chaudron, Gloria Davis. Sec- ond row: Claude Burnham, Miss Johnston, advisor, Ros- alie Raper, Maxine Pridgen, Jennette McGain. Third row: Maxine Baker. Iris Leary, Jane Sanders, Jane Overman. Absent from picture: Ocie Culpepper, Sylvia Long, Jane Overton, Patsy Parker. Jerry Peoples, Grace Wallace, Gayle Wilson. The purpose of our club is to aid its members in expressing themselves through acting, in stimulating imaginations, in developing unity, and understanding that cooperation is essential in dramatic presentation as in all phases of life. Left to right: Billy I-laskett, Billy Gay McDowell, Thorn- ton Seelinger, Linwood Gre- gory, Undine Perry, Shirley Leary, Eleanor Avery Jones, Annette Davenport, John Bell, Toni Gill, Frances New- bern, Charlotte Madrin, Jo- anne Hill, Ellen Bradley, Freddie Haney, Mrs. Flood. Absent from picture: Reid Carleton, Paula Davenport, Dillon Dawson, Vivian Jor- dan, Charles Langle , George Meads, Jeanne Shirlyey. NIU lllil-IAIVI The Monogram clubs are composed of those persons who have won a letter for their participation in school athletics. The clubs do their part to make the athletic program of the school more interesting and 'luable to the students. First row, left to right: Faye Sawyer, Willa Fay Sawyer, Susie Seymore, Billy Cay McDowell. Second row: Kay Jones. Third row: Dillon Dawson. Fourth row: Rose Mary Sawyer, Shirley Leary, Doris Moore, Eloise Castellow. Fifth row: Paula Daven- port. Sixth row: Ann Tarkington, Undine Perry, Barbara Finney, Frances Newbern. 66 First row, left to 1-ight: Wil- liam Iansson, Marvin Gre- gory, Douglas Williams, Jol- lish Clifton, Wesley Toler, Richard Poulos, Wilson Roughton. Second row: Rus- sell Hastings, Heywood Houtz, Pete Ashton, Fred Castellow, Elwood Arm- strong, Walter Wall, Donald Leadbeater. Third row: Reid Carleton, Wayne Trueblood, Tommy hflinton, Morris Perry, Bobby Sawyer. Fourth row: Coach Brooks, George Meads, Paul Miller. Fifth row: Bill Wallace, Ronald Saunders, Dal Williams, jimmy Lowthrop, Dyson Thurecht, Bill ljones. Sixth row: Dicky Daring, John L. Sawyer, Van Cuthrell. Ah- sent from picture: Donald Myers, Pete Smoak, Kent- wood Turner, Elmer Smith. First row: Undine Perry, Syl- via Barkley, Shirley Leary, Bess Tillctt Godfrey, Grace jones, Mary Evelyn Jackson, Anna Cohoon. Second row: Carolyn Dickerson, J o y c e Perry, Lois Stallings, Dot jones, Annette Leary, Billy Gay McDowell. Third row: Erline Cullipher, Loretta Col- lins, Ioanne Swain, Norma jean Onley, Doris Onley, Mary Frances Murrell, Fran- ces Newbern. Fourth row: Mrs. McMullan, Marilyn Boston, loanne Gill, Char- lene Shroeder, Gloria len- nings, Barbara Edwards, Car- olyn Bunch. Absent from picture: Loretta Winslow, Rosemary Heath, Patsy Byrd, Shirley Wilson. The Girls' Athletic Association is a club organized to provide wholesome and physically sound activities for the girls who have no opportunity to take physical education. Good leadership and sportsmanship are developed during this activity. First row, left to right: Mrs. McMullan, Elizabeth Mc- Fatter, Charlene Waters, Car- olyn Iennings. Second row: Barbara Simpson, Sudie Jean Sawyer, Rose Basnight, Pad- die Clancy, Margie Wilder, Ann Rochelle, Doris Moore. Third row: Edna Earl Grif- fin, Kay Iones, Dorcas Cox, Edna Ruth Davis, Susie Sey- mour, Shirley Toler. Fourth row: Iris Iones, Gayle Wil- son, Melva Twiford, Beverly McCullen, Barbara Palmer, Charlotte Fitchett, Dianne Owens, Sylvia Long. Absent from picture: Iris Leary, Helen Bray, Margaret Ann Munden, Sylvia Leary. llllllll af"-'.'4'T' '- . ' 1- .u K. A-fs! , v , -v . .-v" ' nv-me -'M my la --. -we f -- '-V --we ' 5. m,, .X ,. f- ,, .. ni - .- Kneeling, left to right: Buddy Boyce, Io Ann Brothers, Lou- ise jones, Audrey Shackle- ford, Melva Twiford. Charles Harris, J. P. Eves, Al Blount. Standing: Harry jones, Car- ter Smith, Harry Bundy, Joe Poole, Bob Luther, Ronald Roughton, Julius Hooker, Ce- cil Garrett, David Perry, Sherwood Overton. Second row: Iollish Clifton, Conrad Bailey, jimmy Pronier, James Rhodes, Eddie Britt, Herbert Harrell, jimmy Archbell, Douglas Morris. Third row: Roy Lane, Sammy Forbes, Douglas Prescott, Allen Til- let, Ronald Price, Glenn Baum. Absent from picture: jim Weeks, Bill Harris, Bobby Darling, Charles Over- ton, Charles Harris, Pete Smoak. The objects of this club are to help members to become acquainted with our native land, where to go and what to see, and to learn something about some of the interesting places abroad. Kneeling, left to right: Char- lotte Madrin, Shirley Am- meen, Bessie Hopkins, Elea- nor Avery jones, Dorcas Cox. Second row: Billy Haskett, Margaret Ann Baker, Ellen Bradley, Marilyn Tobiason, Doris Beals, Selma Markham, Richard Poulos. Third row: Leonard Winslow, Wayne Trueblood, Jimmy L owthrop, Russell Hastings, Dyson Thu- recht, Linwood Cregory. Ab- sent from picture: Myrtle Miller, Fred Haney, Helen Bray, Bill Kahlbaum, Sylvia Owens, Buddy Morse, Lo- retta Winslow. s , . Q4 ug" Q 214 3567+ I aww ZX' ax First row, left to right: Iris Ann Jones, Vivian Jordan. Second row: Edna Earl Grif- fin, Marjorie Wilder, Carietta Blades, Frances Williams, Sarah Riddick, Nancy Dun- bar. Third row: Annie Laurie Gard, Janet Hill Mary Closs Iennette, Phyllis Spence, Nell Boyce, Shirley Costello. Fourth row: Willa Fay Saw- yer, Peggy Swain, Marie Brickhouse, Opal Lee Hack- ler. Absent from picture: Bill Simmons, Wesley Toler. IIUNINIHHZIAI 431, FEET f 1 no tt .51 0i0 3,1 Mug, ul ,to aw aug J 4. Al Q The Commercial Clubs are for the students who don't have the opportunity to take commercial subjects as main courses. The things learned in this little time often prove valuable. 09 O0 000 196 Left to right: Shirley Thomp- son Turner, Betty VVilson, Helen Bray, Marinia VVeeks, Mrs. Bowers, Ann Renee Smith, Norma jean Bateman, Marilyn Boston, Doris Beals, Donna Meek Brickhouse. Martha Ann Tnrkington, Su- Ianne Seclv, Barbara Firmcv, Nell Baxter Jackson, Kath- erine White. svgcu Left to right: Ann Hurdle, Charles Clark, Robert Davis, Charlotte Fitchett, Tommy Baker, Thomton Seelinger, C. B. Barkley, Luther Sanders, Shirley Toler, Charles Commander, Naomi O'Neal. Absent from pic- ture: Margaret Davis. The Speech Club is open to all students who desire to learn to speak more easily and correctly, especially in public. ln, this club correct speech habits, poise and self-control, parliamentary procedure, debating, and other types of speech are emphasized. One of the big projects of the year is the Triangular Debate. There will be speech contests of various kinds. IllIlAlHlS Seated: Miss Boomer, Bet? jordan, Annette Leary Barbara Neece, Clivie Goo win, Betty Jeanne Houtz Standing: Ann Gray, William Kahlbaum, Pat Melson Boland Cooper, Heywood Houtz, Edward Zimmerman janet Hill. Absent from picture: Miss Jackson, ad visor, Myrtle Miller. The varsity Debaters of E. C. H. S. are chosen each year from a group of students who study the principles and techniques of debating through the school term. From this group four main speakers and two alternates are chosen to repre- sent the school in annual statewide triangular debates. The topic for discussion this year was: Besolved, That the Atlantic Pact Nations Should Form a Federal Union. Elizabeth City debated Edenton and Hertford in the triangle. 0ffICfSlAff Left to right: Mr. Eason, Joyce Bradshaw, Paula Daven- port, Alvin Johnson, Sudie Sawyer, Van Cuthrell, Ann Tarkington, Marinia Weeks, Reid Carleton, Joyce Raper, Mrs. Cox. The members of the office staff collect the absentee lists, run errands, help with mimeographing of the newspaper and other special work. Members of the staff mail letters, check out mail at the Post Office, and make daily bank deposits. To take office usually requires one year of typing and passing all other subjects. llBRARY SlAff First row, left to right: Charlotte Madrin, Bessie Hopkins. Second row: Paula Davenport, Margaret Brumsey, Joyce Austin, Yvonne Cartwright, Joyce Costello, Pat Waters. Third row: Faye Rogers Forbes, George Dickerson, Su- zanne Seeley, Fannie Mae Davis, Miss Boomer, Katherine Twiner, Anne Driskill. Absent from picture: Grace Jones. The student librarians play an important part in running the library. All the assistants are members of the North Carolina High School Library Association. They attend to circulation, reference work, keep the library neat, and help students select books. 71 Life- ... 7 1-' 51397 A Left, going up: james Armstrong, Myrtle Miller, Billy Potter, Mr. Turner, Keith Brace, Glen Morgan, James Hayes, David Hodges, Virginia Mathis, Richard Poulos. Left V: Sonny Stone, Patsy Parker, Nathan Wood, Allen Gallop, Victor Roughton, Al Blount, Donald Abernathy, Ebert Bailey, Audrey Shackleford, Jimmy Pronier, Terry Roughton, Douglas Prescott, Freddie. Decker. Absent from picture: George Cole, Irving Cooper, Dorothy Marsh Halsey, joe Poole, Don Baum, Robert Davis, Billy Tunstall. This year the audio-visual club consists mainly of students who take the work as a subjectg however, a few students are in training for operators. The principal purpose of the club is to study the mechanics of audio-visual machines, the techniques of setting up, operating, and taking down equipment. Members are responsible for helping Mr. Turner carry on the audio-visual program in all of the Elizabeth City public schools. The Music Club studies theory and other techniques in an effort to bring about a better understanding and appreciation of music. Members must be acquainted with music. Front row, left to right: Tommy Baker, Jennette McCain, Gloria Jennings, Ruth Ellen Perry, Kay Phelps, Annie Lawrie Gard, Mary Evelyn Jackson. Second row: lim Weeks, jane Harrell janet Hill, Pat Fearing, Robert Harrington, Charles Spruill. ,X nn- rlh 'Tl' " ' ' 1" 'AK 'Hifi ' LiJ...'f UL U F , , MUSIC w " 'i'QS'1I"'?g43"3".Sg1"'?iigf.",,f. . f..aP:c.2nf1mG,"ff"' G f-"'qfw:-'--'a11s::4:"f:'iq1'5r f-'ow-'1"':.1' ifrsgfffpmff .g.-9.2-Qfflbvgvaf -5 ,-.9-f'ff5":"yQQ5Q,"fq,sg?fa1?2N?9'I?, - '-1 iff' wi-9-'fi ,Ffa--:agar-ei:51155531,-:22Jw:.13?a??ffSi'4'zi:m:55f4:a1.ffn"a-:ffSsUf3s?'fifff4'+keE?1 QF? :asf W wt - 'W if bw ' 3. . l xi!! ai? Iii? :Y 'W 4 2 QA? xv Eff' L 'WJ X. . 13.1 .,:-.5 wf if! .Q CWI ff 5 I-H 2:1212 uf 51: Qifx Q55 .-xg. gg. FEW 1 ,x . 35234 : :SIZ- 11451 gm-, , .fl-L ffm: 'G' D.-4,6 HIZABHH Clll l- Q y T MILES CLARK SARA PAGE JACKSON SCOTT CALLAWAY Sponsor Secretary Director l l The Elizabeth City High School Band proves, as it has in past years, to be a great asset to our school and to our community. The opening of the Outer Banks Highway in Hatteras was the first major event for the band during this year. Then the football games and pep rallies pro- vided a full schedule for each band member. Several other events were the Christ- mas Parade, the Wright Memorial Celebration, the Oyster Bowl Came, and the trip to Chapel Hill for the Carolina-Texas Came. The All-State Band met in February followed by a trip to Durham for the solo and ensemble contest. The District Contest was in Creenville on March twentieth. The band went to Wilmington March twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth to participate in the Azalea Festival Cthc parade and the dancel 74 HIGH SCHIHII BA Il The two main social events of the year were the Senior Banquet, an annual affair held for graduating band members, and the Christmas Party. The military precision which is expected of the band, hoth in marching and in playing, trains the members to work cooperatively. Under the guidance and supervision of Director Scott Callaway the hand has become a smoothly function- ing unit. Mr. M. L. Clark, affectionately called Uncle Miles, provides moral support for the band. VVILIIAIXI KAHLBAUM BILL WINSLOXV Captain Drum Major ?l MGM gT'f5f9f'1 rt l l 3 I, i I i . f - A i 1 , ff - ifgs., M., X shi HIZABHH CITY First row, left to right: Bill Winslow, drum major, Edward Zimmerman, Betty Jordon, Grace Coley, George Midgett, Macon Nixon, Jim Weeks, Warren Baines, Victor Roughton, Charlotte Fitchett, Ebert Bailey, Toni Gill, head majorette. Second row: Vivian Jortlan, Sylvia Owens, Frances Williams, Terri Watson, Ellen Brutlley, Barbara Neece, Pat Melson, Elizabeth Swinclell, Suzanne Seeley, Jean Hopkins, Sylvia Scall, Dianne Owens, Willa Faye Sawyer. Third row: Mr. Callaway, director, Carolyn Jennings, Earlene Culipher, Eclna Ruth Davis, Loretta Collins, Betty Jean Houtz, Ruth Ferrell, Annie Laurie Gard, Phyllis Spence, Angelyn Moore, Patsy Bunch, Billy Gay McDowell. Fourth row: Shirley Baumer, Annette Coppersmith, Joanne Gill, Ronald Houghton, Ruth Ellen Perry, Ann Renee Smith, Rita Munclen, Dorothy Moore, Opal Lee Haclcler, Charlene VVaters, Shirley Ammeen. Fiftlz row: Jerry Yates, Myrtle Chappell, Carolyn Bunch, David Perry, Jimmy Stallings, Phillip Spruill, Clifton Chap- -' as .: ' --'size-J.,-r---11:1-:sn ----i -' IGH Slilllllll BA Il -gr' ,J if ai 4, V HA pell, Bill Simmons, N. T. Aydlett, Carietta Blades, Gloria Jennings, Douglas Roughton. Sixth row: Frances Newbern, Mary Evelyn Jackson, C. B. Barkley, Janet Hill, Shirley Toler, Billy Potter, Barbara Palmer, Pat Fearing, Kay Phelps, Nancy Dunbar. Seventh row: Undine Perry, Ann Rochelle, Barbara North, Charles Harris, Randall Williams, Herbert Harrell, Clivie Goodwin, Felbert Lamb, Linwood Gregory, Glenn Gibson, Dickie Helmcamp, Jane Harrell, Margaret Baker, Peggy Swain. Eighth row: Fred Haney, Jimmy Hayes, John Thomas lJlames, Bill Kahlbaum, captain, Robert Harrington, Jimmy Jo nson, Leslie Davis. Tommy Baker, Luther Sanders, Mary Closs Jennette. Ninth row: Doris Moore, Shirley Leary, Faye Ellen Copper- smith, Marjorie Wilder, Ann Gray, Rosemary Moore, Eleanor Avery Jones. FlAG BIARERS ' ' ' 'L , 57531 ' W' '1,??4f"V 1 1 '-'155f .ffT'E3 "" If? ' fa T5 ' ,, ..,. Q ' Q V -Swfsya11zsxii:sf2.a::f,w-2-Qt,95g3':'fg,,.v. fx ., 1,333 5 " IN ' 'shi 1. 1 X or A e f Q r ' ' . -fr D fr . .1 ,,,,,,,,, me 1' 'P ' " -. h 1.-il. -, 5 l ': 1 Q N..-H .J f .V.vf:1'1l:"i?i':1.,flQi'2s:f " ll l '2 , VR 3 ,I Y lg " "' ,N A ' , ui 2 V f . 7. ,W nf' Q3 "-13" Ty ------ 'Q Q - 2 5 SE in f ' - i, K -Y i A W Q . 'Q N if I -in r A we f-'GF ' x qui , 4 K , D- , 2 ' 12 - , ,. .. ,... M., L--m .. ,A . Vi - , f ' , J .v--yff-y-11-fa,v-Av---a..4..l,. M.. ,.,,a,.,' -- " MW" 'wr-:?"""","""'K-A---'ay . Aviv ., .,, .a--...4,,a.-......w.,-4-W-w - .v-', ' -7, W "Qs5w-Y ,v1v?ZZw.,Q, V X ' ' 'P 'fr - av" ' HW, ,,'- J i ,I ,'?,kf:f.I 1'-lf' Ez. 1 , , Me , . . I ae- - 1 ' ' 5 , - . ,,,, S 1 ii A H - . . , "'-i m ' - i , A , H? -1 ESV, -?V5?i'- J" .,, 'R ' A A ' 4- - i ,.. V- . 4' .. . P. X ' Y gi Q-,A di' L- M V A1 A V ,5 ,-,ag , i ' ..'. ...g,.., ..:A.J....,- ..,.. 4.,1.55.g:g,.g?f ff' I 1 -1, HE D MAJUHI Undine Perry Margie VVilder P92837 Swain Ill i fi ' ' X in X Toni Gill Ann Rochelle Margaret Baker MAJUREIIIS P0 IES Faye Ellen Coppersmith, Eleanor Avery Jones, Rosemary Moore, Ann Gray, Doris Moore, Shirley Leary. IIHIISHIS First row, left to right: Bill Kahlhaum, Billy Gay McDowell, Io Ann Gill, Rita Munden, Svlvia Barkley, Toni Gill, Sylvia Owens, Shirley Ammeen, Betty Jordan, Frances Newbern, Bill Wins- low. Secoml row: Shirley Toler, Grace Goley, Vivian Jordan, Willa Faye Sawyer, Elizabeth Swinclell, Ann Renee Smith, Ruth Ferrell, Annie Laurie Gard, Mary Evelyn jackson, Kristin johnson. Third row: Mr. Calloway, Frecl Haney, Donna Meek, Suzanne Seeley, Pat Melson, Marv Closs Iennette, Janet Hill, Dorothy Moore, Kay Frances Phelps, Jimmy Stallings. Fnurtlz row: Linwood Gregory, Tommy Baker, Cliff Chappell, Phillip Spruill, Leslie Davis, Clivie Goodwin, Eclwarcl Zimmerman. Robert Harrington. Sl IUIIS First row, left to right: Mr. Calloway, Undine Perry, Shirley Willa Faye Sawyer, Suzanne Seeley, Ruth Ferrell, Betty Iordan. Leary, Eleanor Avery Jones, Faye Ellen Coppersmith, Doris Third row: Billy Haskett, Grace Coley, Donna Meek, Dorothy MOOTC, Anne Gray, Margaret Ann Baker, Toni Gill. Second Moore, Linwood Gregory. Fourth row: Clifton Chappell, John row: Billy Gay McDowell, Sylvia Barkley, Ann Renee Smith, Thomas James, Bill Kahlbaum, Phillip Spruill, Leslie Davis. N4 Q S..- L. 5 4 ' - ' "XMI , gX W 4" ,ff H . V Q S e ,V V, ,V Q Y -:ff 'ipf ',:2t:'."4: ' 'F ' V ' ' . 'AH ,V V ,. 'fi , ,c g-:Vx X a,,f,L-,Z--i, vv , .Q . A Ve, , , ' ' . .. ,,.-..b ,. ' ' - Q ' Q ' ' . V E412 ,V 3151, Vg? iifiiw gl: 'Vi 'ii' 75'f?.1'jV-'15::""'i :Ll--V, Vi: , " f V, 1 3 1' if ' iff? 5-if :. G,V ,:'aM : TCL -4 'Baie-zz ' ' 4 -'.- ' T ' " 114 f 334 'ffm-.1"-Qgg ,ja gg?27 f4V,jj.7:,a,-.1 - 11,-V-V -A"' " ,. ' VfS'g,H 'W MQ 4.1:-.V . , :- '- ' -. ...v-rawnfw-Q, 0 -.-- V. ,v Q ,, ' ' - V V T -1 ' 'iff' If -Vs . V V V ,iii Ir lf' W .Q f, 1 VV V V . f f- V : , .41 ,MH V'55V"-'V if x".f," 442' ff l?" 'A - .,4',g5 f ' ,V J. , ' ' . ' v ' '- 4' ' T 'f -'-fgiiuffmwi' 21 V' V? if 354555 N Y E i 'w,.'xV-2-if-.-'i" - "G ', 7. V' Vy.f4I'- , if ii . . , ' Z - v , - ' ' if ' V ' ,qlx-V'V . : ivfvf ,ff .gag ' - 5 ig ,V 7, Q ".,, M ,PV '25 Q 2? " 5 U ', - ' L' W " ' 'V fl' 4, 5 14 ,A.fVf-,,,,, ,-, , , , A ,M .. 1 if , 'ff Q-.fifffzgf R , V ' ,ef - - V' ', , f'3ff1Vf 3' r H . 5 V 3 ,,,,,.., . V .8 If A ,I V- ' 'X . 4 xii, V . 1 iw, - f A - V- -1 5. fzzjj, , ' ,' ' , , 3, N L, - aViJ:f2-N - ', H U Y "2 ,V ' -I X, 1 'W V- 1' ef' ' x V ' V' A W 'av' 'V - sy .11 , ' ' , ! 5 j 'f I lik , . , ' V .1 '-ff V V 13 A , 1 , t V.. 3. UL.. QA. c7ll?Jf n .1 ii' sf X Z it 211' 55517900801 ,.,., A 5, 4 . f . .1 55 ,- + ' X, 41. 3 fi 41? ff' ,ls U5 f in Wzsgvfi 10 -L -2' , ,, 9 4 3' if . I , P 'W ..... ff ,..,--Y--,,.f. ,r A. , .................,.--- .... --.,.- .. .N ..- --.... - ,,t HS. ll?-f ri' 2 , . David jennette Pat Bailey Annie Rae Davis Fannie Mae Davis President Student Director, Senior Librarian Secretary Treasurer llll Bull N r First row, left to right: jerry Peoples, Carolyn Hurdle, Yvonne Bray, Barbara Simpson, Naomi Walters, Margaret Ann Munden, Grace jones, Doris Gurganus, Virginia Edwards, Iris jones, Ethel Lawrence. Second row: Sonny Stone, jerry joseph, Dot jones, Yvonne Williams, Kay Stafford, Essie Ward, Annie Bae Davis,Jlo Ann Swain, Doris Beals, Faye Todd, Maxine Baker, Edna Earle Griffin, Shirley Tuttle, Pad ie Clancy. Third row: Melva Twiford, Janet Basnight, Ruth Pate, Patsy Byrd, Nancy jones, Tommy Dawson, Loretta Winslow, Ronald Ackerman, David jennette, Clivie Goodwin, Roland Cooper, Marvin Gregory. Absent from picture: Webb Williams. 82 Edna Earle Griffin Acconzpanist , , . - - ,V ,. 1,5 ,V ' - ' u- i Y First row, left to right: Bess Tillett Godfrey, Faye Sawyer, Loretta Lancaster, jnvce Perry, jane Commander, Hazel Hassell, Kay Jones, Lois Stallings, Patsy Bunch, janet Glenn, Barbara Edwards, Sylvia Long, Earline Lane, Charlene Schroeder. Secoml row: Ann Flivaheth Vllinslow, Fannie Mae Davis, Yvonne Vickery, Alma Twiford, Faye Lupton, Mary Frances Murrell, Vllinnna Sawyer, Norma Fay jewel, Beverly McCullen, Ann VVhite, Catherine VVhite, Ernest Spruill, Ervin Spruill. Tlzirzl row: Gordon Sanders, Richard Stevenson, Edward Zimmerman, john Thomas James, Virgil Williams, john Carroll Smith, Bill VVinslow, Felhert Lamb, Pat Bailey, Annette Davenport, Frances Dukes. Absent from picture: Herman Pias. Mrs. E. F. Aycllett, -lr. Director Patsy Bunch Nancy Jones Fave Sawyer Loretta Winsloxfx' Assistant Accom ' V' - ' ' ' 1' ' ' ' pamst ice President Vice-Presuleizt Assistant Lzlnrarinu ,. W , - - ,-,. --V rf .--1-vrlf -,1-11-vu-um tg...-B1-4.14: 1.,-1. iv.-H 11-.---n-nuns,-,-.-.--sm-u.v.u-u-munmnqvnv .1 , ia A41 X. x .v . lr, -1:b-Ozcr Z2ZDi DJ3U1I'DfNI ZO- l Q 1 , fr' as , Q y ,ic . 4 8-M t '-5,5 '- , IDD C gagnx Mary Frances YOKGWB V017 De ,' vi lv. -r .31 L N ir- Q' -" 1, " r I: 5. Q ILVII If Y A ' Q .5 r A tt ' sum me C Fare ge N P00 MELODY MAIDS Cincy Richard Marvin Clivie David Edward Ronnie MELODY M EN The Elizabeth City High School Clee Club is an organization of which we all can be justly proud. It is composed of a group of students and a director who enjoy music and wish to devote their time and talents toward making it a club full of school spirit. The members have put forth many hours of hard work for the good of their organization, their school, and their town. Throughout the year ensembles from the Clee Club performed for school and civic affairs. "The Christmas Story in Song" was the first concert presented bv the club during the year. A part of this program was presented as a "White Gift" service for the student body in assembly. Program plans for early spring included assembly programs, radio programs. civic club programs, and a musical comedy-"In the Park!" In celebration of National Music VVeelc we presented "Musical Memories of l953." The final performances of the year were at Baccalaureate Service and Com- mencement Exercises. y 85 Q "IN THE PARK" Clivie Goodwin, Paddie Clancy, Ronald Ackerman, Yvonn e Vickery, Marvin Gregory, Vir- gil Williams, Sudie Sawyer, Iohn Thomas james, Pat Bailey, Edward Zimmerman, D avid jennette, Ernest Spruill. 'z l i CLASS PERIOD v S' 'Q ,, Jj-ry .I in is-4 X .si rf , "1-4,., 'Q ":i ,l W , ,a , , rw :iii 2525 aw fm EW T51 3292 A, 3 sexi, F5121 sdfi r' egg xr 5 .Nv- .xefffj fri? .W Qi is A rvwg 'S - ' ' 54 51 'sbs wi? E" A Jffxz ggi H253 .ff,,5"? :gefib V416 -:gin 5715116 35,54 0 E535 9-W 0 'fl Qs. Q :QUE "-QBQ 5-'ws gi- M gp-7 k+1'?,, 131554 Z li t I' ' "' .-:fa f if 55552 :1.:, 2 . .La 'Z :gag :SQ-if 'V' 'Y M " .7 S411 52:5 Q. Pl f .-' . C D Paw:-,lg - 553153, -91.-, -I he ..:skvEs:?2ffu53255525543 3 -ge, "Hx 9 .4,,,. ' Q- .1 .ff-A Qtiw W ,, M Wg' - sgggvzi ' w-...fb -N., bl -, gags' ,.5f1ag,1r ,wgihgz ,,,:,,u.5 Ok ,. if .W 2:5 I.Q1:.,,.t:M'- .f.r.gA'45 -L A V -I I, Nfzvgjisp .gq:fagr1.v--557 at N, ' ' 'gfwffafek f?P3:if+fff.' Faint -x A We --1.3, -mf ,. 3941-,. J ,,.fi'5,f WQ1.. .Lg ,umm g-NL,!s.g- , H 5 ,Iii 115 v . I' .,. NS' H ?,.,:,5,k.s-,+.3, ' :-"+'Pf'Si'1i-1, ' " "--N gxm'm9w.' 51- 941' f M J' ' 'E' ' -- -:aff Q QW A Y A 'fm ' fr- ' . si fs.-1 - f , -.Qff1fQw:wrwQ,L.,..f ls: ...-fgfgi' . 3,.:He:r-s gig. 1 Wi LQ, " li-EN?-5 5. 322 'f3!.3,e?ui- " ' fix ' W vifwafwwaiggiffi-1--idqiiwiv f .- L ,S-.sf "1- 1 . Vx, Q EEE' m-55 xv , '..5gL:1,,Eu,?gs9-Pkg? 'ep 'aw " 1952 First row, left to right: Smith,Smoak, Toler, Myers, Roughton, Carleton, Williams. Second row: Cuthrell, Sawyer, Wall, Lothrop, Castellow, Armstrong, jones. Third row: Saunders, Perry, Leadbetter, Clifton, Miller, Darling, Ashton, Poulos, Darling. COACH "HONEY" JOHNSON MANAGERS George Meads, Bobby Sawyer 88 Doctor H. Bonner Our Yellow Iackets surprised us all this last season with one of the best seasons ever witnessed for so light a team as the 52's. Though small in stature and number we can say we had something to be proud of in our football team. Under the excellent coaching of "Honey" Johnson, the Iackets rambled through to a four wins, one loss, one tie conference season, and an eight wins, three loss, one tie season in all games played. Opening the season in a non-conference bout with Wilson High the jackets were defeated by a slim margin of 7-2. The following week found them for the first time of the season at Memorial Field matched against the triple A Goldsboro eleven. In a fighting game all the way the too small Iackets were downed Our C0-Captains Fred Castellow and VVilson Roughton 20-6. Then our boys started to roll. Beginning with Edenton they fought to a 7-O win to begin the conference season. The following Friday found the Jackets in Washington. Against a heavier Pam Pack team the jackets could get no better than a O-O tie. They then downed Roanoke Rapids 13-6 on the Roanoke Yellow Iackets field. ,ln a non- conference tangle the Jackets showed neat form by trimming Catholic High 28-O. We then played host to Kinston in our homecoming game in which All C0 I we downed the visitors with a 27-O win. The New Bern Bears were next in line to fall before our mighty mites in a grueling game which ended 20-13. We all got our hearts broken the following week at Greenville dropping that one 20-7. In two non-conference battles which brought the sea- son to a close the jackets beat Beaufort 34-6 and in the Thanksgiving Day game dueled with Hert- ford to a 13-I2 win. Our hats are off to the Iackets of '52. R. E. A. HIE III Left to right: Dickie Darling, Van Cuthrell, Bobby Darling p dv S 's ' uw 6' 3' 4 I 1 Dlclue Darlmg carrxlng the ball agamst Roanoke Rapide 42 Quarterlmck Van Cuthrell 'Mil if ,, 5, f .f.v.,," X lf'- ,'n 4 PV- A L '- arf My wg.-1 M' 'f ff: W Q52 4, -Ke- V 2 Ag? 5 2 x, ' fs .,. ,ygfqwr 9.1 2 J' l l Back Wilson Rou nfl Pete Smoak running - Catholic High Guard Richard Poulos A Q i bf if W? APP' ,, i f J 1 ',,?k , , ,.j.,'Q, S7 45 Back Back John L, Sawyer Dickie Darling V'-'V is i , ., A 1 4 lv 44 Center Morris Perry Dickie runs the ball - Edenton game Van scores - New Bern game Guard Elwood Armstrong Tackle l Pete Ashton l " ' l In sry? :4 V D V Q, ci',,:,655g,.? . V ' '- V5-f '4 WW A ' ,'j, N , Y 'A K I ' f fo Nfu ' ' f , fq. 5 f f" rf' pix- 3? l l 61 i End 4 Ronald Saunders l 13 Guard , Reid Carlton Van scores- Catholic High I , 'f ' S w 'fu-'W' ' Kilda? Y594 I uv. I john L. Sawyer Sprints for goal line Back Pete Smoak Tackle Bill jones Back ,fi , f 'mln l , I H Q si ' 'L 1 I A ' , ,A V, an I. A, A, 1 , Af' Jig? 2 40 65 Back Tackle Elmer Smith ,lollisli Clifton Darling runs ball-Roanoke Rapids Donald Leadbeater Pete Smoak runs the ball Roanoke Rdp1dS fir' , 5 , 5 ,FC l' 25 Kneeling left to right: "Pee Wee" Caskins, Buddy Boyce. First row, left to right: Julius Hooker, Osie Cooper, Irving Spruill, Mack Seymore, Mike Singletary, Carter Smith. Second row: Harry jones, Carol Davis, Donald Cosgrove, Ronald Etheridge, Mackey Swain, Billy Tunstall, Ernest Spruill. Tlzircl row: Charles Langley, Douglas Prescott, Bill Harris, Ben Goodwin, Wayne Trueblood. c. we Veaenton 3 Truebjood io: Coe goa Cafdzes a . 4 Da e Wee' Afwes li Ss. Edt-mon G Ye Gmc., Co CAPTAINS "Pee Wee" Gaskins, Buddy Boyce COACH BOB BROOKS The 1952 Jay Vees were com- The most valuable player for the posed of a small and very light lay Vees last season was Osie Lee group of boys this last season. The Cooper. Levin Culpepper present- loss column got the best of them ed him with the Carolina Amuse- but not without a struggle. Sev- ment Company Award in a chapel eral of the boys on the team showed program. We'1l be lwping fOr H themselves to be something to look lay Vee team next year as scrappy forward to on future varsity squads. as our 52's were.-R. E. A. 95 1 -nr Le-:A-1 Q. ...LL o. .1 4.-.L.F"CTIatiefi:uLZL -4 x. Co-CAPTAIN Bill Wallace Forward rat . 3 if c I! Wayne takes the rebound, Williamston game. Two points only, Williamston game. The Elizabeth City cagers of 1953 are showing a great deal of pep and stamina at this stage of the season, displaying a not too spectacular but a good steady brand of basketball that opposing teams have a hard time figuring out. Being hampered by their lack of tall boys the first part of the season the arrival of Bill Buckley to the jacket squad proved to be quite an asset. A fine coaching job was turned in this season by coach Bob Brooks, Though not a straight wins team we should be proud of our 1953 Yellow Iackets, for you couldnt Find a harder playing team anywhere.- R. E. A. Wayne tries the foul shot. COACH Boa Baooks 97 - -QA-eu. . - '4-.41.. ,Lain , .441 L'nZ 'Q4'.'-,,' 'Qfxgf " Yfil:LE"ITQ?eSL, ' H' L ...fi - COACH "HONEYH JOHNSON Kneeling, left to right: Douglas Morris, Buddy Boyce, Pee VVee Gaskins, Pete Fearing, Kent Haney. Carter Smith, Pete Smoak. Standing: Cecil Garrett, Bill Harris, Donald Cos- grove, Douglas Prescott. jollish Clifton. Jimmy Miller, Luther Sanders, Harry jones. The 1953 lay Vees are showing a real streak of talent so far in the 1953 basket- ball season. Being ahead of the loss column, the lay Vee team is a hard working club and will take on the best of them. They will always Come out on top when the final whistle is blown. VVe hope to see a lot of these same bots out again next vear for a better varsity. Bravo, lay Veesf Donald Myers-XVilliamston game Cecil Garrett-VVilliamston game Vi.. e, i I9 Doris Moore, Mae Scarborough, Elizabeth Mcljatter, Betty VVilson, Ocie Lee Culpepper, Jean Tucker, Virginia Mathis, Nell Boyce, VVilla Faye Sawyer, Christine Brickhouse, Helen Bray. Kneeling, left to right: Grace Wallace, Shirley Leary, Eloise Castello. Our 1953 Laclv jackets provided many a thrill for us in the 1953 basket- ball season. Though not too high in the win and loss column they made us Forget that fact when they triumphed over our rivals, the Eclenton team, in one of the best games wit- nessed all season. Coocl luck, 1953 Lady lacliets. Co-CAPTAIN, Shirley Leary, MANAGER, Sylvia Barkleyg COACH, Audrey MacMullenpCo-CAPTAIN. Doris Moore. Absolute silence, Edenton game Shirley passes, Eclenton game ' as Ji' Rosemary Sawyer, Dillon Dawson, Ann Tarkington, Barbara Finney, Head Cheer- leader-Faye Sawyer, Paula Davenport, Kay jones. A rousing pep rally on the courthouse lawn. 100 HAHIRES iff? flff x fx Q F R, .- Q iw. gs 54 iz"i3P5 : .-f, 2? 2 L, 4. .f 15 , 4, 4 n ' I ff:-wi 'vw Q35 L ' I . T, al u Tift? U' U 'kia MH. l.lI.H.S. Illlll IIAIHHII Reid came to us a few years agojust as any other new student comes. Little did we know at the time that he would prove to be such an asset to our class. This year, as class president, he has done a fine job and without him we feel that we would have suffered a great loss. We congratulate you-Mr. E. C. H. Sl 102 MISS l.l2.H.S. Bllll GAY MC IlllWHl Everyone who knows Billy Gay likes her, and everyone knows her. She is one of the friendliest, nicest students in our school. She has always participated in many of the school activities, and this year she was president of the Student Council. This in itself proves what kind of person she is since only one other girl has been elected to lead E. C. H. S. students. We are certain that she will be successful. 103 1 SENIIIR PHISIINAIIIIIS TUNI lilll Blll WAHACE WlllIAM BARHHT JUYIIE BIIAIISHAW SINIIIR PERSIINMIIIIS PAYE PHIICHARD Blll KAHlBAUM 52' . I J .1 VAN CUTHHlll JUHN l. SAWYER M S0013 pnnnunnu-:nun Jayne Culpepper and Archibald McDowell SCRlRBllHS E M . The scribblers are the senior members of the editorial staff. Their job is to charatterize the members of the senior class. This is always a hard job because people are so often offended. What one writes may mean a smile or a black eye in june! , I V ,. ,wr t ,. it az' ff pu. f' 1- 1 - -, pr - -all ,if my-', ,Eff V fig: Q , ' Z f' ..gf- .'.. -.vu A, ,- f f . ,h , l , JU Illli PIAY The Junior Class again presented its play to the school and public as a means of raising money for the Junior-Senior Banquet and Dance. This year the Junior Class presented "Her Step-Husband," a comedy in three acts. This was an original Broadway production. There was much work involved in making Officer Shea ...... Mary Marshall .... Sylvia Allen ........ Miss Emily Paisley .... Harvey P. Marshall. . . ...... . . .. Dr. Gerald Niles .... Limpy Lannigan .... 4. .,.,. this play a successg and wc owe it all to our fine director, excellent actors, and the helpers behind the stage who played an important part in presenting the play. CAST .David jennette .Clivie Goodwin Heywood I-loutz . . . .Freddie Haney . . . .Pat Melson Loretta Winslow . . . . . .Kay jones Florence Ainslee .... .... N ell Baicter jackson Stella ............ ........ V 1v1an Iordan TECHNICAL STAFF Front row: Elizabeth McFatter-Student Director, Selma Markham, Catherine White. Second row: Margaret Brumsey, Rita Munden, Iohn Carroll Smith, Third row: Ann Rochelle, Cosby Morgan, Jimmy Stallings, Donald Leadbeater, John Bell, Edward Zimmerman. 107 ,iw w 4 fa wg 9 z.. i HUMECUMINGKJNGANDIMHIN SPUNSURS AND THEIR DATES KINSIUN CHllRllADlHS HUMECUMING EUMMIIIII Y .' f 4 'V nf Q , is 1? ,V 1 'J ny .V V' ., Z- 5, . 1 Y g 1 'W 4. .gli ' ,1 x I. 2, 4" uf.. :Y 115' f 'P 'rf Q .Y i 19 4? W' 1. 5 5 2 D. H 55 qi !W'zi?3i4f .1 nfs-uc-una A0114 f x , ,4 4 Qc., l , x 1. z, inn l x yi ,Y hxullnvv- gf' Much fun at tlie Christmas Dance . . . Homecoming Dance . . . Such long- winded speeches . . . Our cute frups . . . Spectators at a V. game . . . Our principal and coach . . . Qurs are the prettiest rings yet . . . Smile pretty, girls! . . . V. football practice . . . Our peppy cheerleaders. 41 '19 dit 4 1 - A l X f 41, A -u 11 , ,X , W. ,I wwf, .1101-y-ti,--W-1,3 'fl f Qtr' v ..'!4f Viv 5 s .9 Q , 4 A1 aff -, .Ag Q., L Remember the great Christmas parade . . . The Howclv Dance . . . Waiting for the bell . . . Winner of The Voice of America contest . . . Decorating our Christmas tree. . . P. T. A. Open House . . . Why so sad?? . . . V. Basketball practice . .. Our boys at the Washington game. il V' I vii.: 'Zn 5 Q 41 li ' 1 72 'E 'SA E . :K -. a-15 ,111 1. xl ni .1-1 V TIG : Ya gif 4 ,"i ,..- ggffi Y. ' :ui 3 ' ' Ig -4 ' ,, Aly' Z' 7 7 '...iq1A':1 I 'll' 'Zq::,f1J2" 1"f,J, . ig WM gi,-? - .W ' fin A ' ,j 1 5. bf: .4133 5.251 fc iv? QV..-V H5515 leads' -': 9 frfg' P251 :If xy 14 B' .- 5- Wnl Eiga SSN E, u: P24 2- Qref y ,VI 3 4 5 ,fffg 1.1555 . 1: , . 'cgi 1 '1 JlG fir? . 'f' :iw .. zi:,.n?S:? K 5 Th Vw K ,s:13,J.11-Qgesw Fpf,j,,,, .w 'Q -4- . - 4.-f: 13? ,g,f:4Y9..,g A 1fgLz52:f-z-fmvvgig, N ,,Af.:f'::3i9',-':f.Z'.,fG:- , . ,J-Y., . ...u. ,yah :ii wggin 5,., .lgfsgggggiiti 3? Lge?-. X 4-5' Jzksi .,-, Y?fiL1i:2iq !53g ,neun M-+?3'Eti-gg -4. 1 -X, V .4,,. 'Q-, ' '. ,'. rv ' .E- Ly WSJ- fo- -,Liwx N EJ n 32536, . I .. 'ai .-,,'- .fx gli., 5 N L ffi , ' w 'Y lv' , F. . '- A QI-5:-w - 'u..- I ,mag wa ' 4ie,'pQ,r ' WF nga: -'fu el, .Al f - -En f -viva f,Z1s5Jai,mg1.45.f,r?E-iffxvgiiv., A Af 32:4 74. 51.-1,-..,T1l:,g,. ii, fu., ' " 925. -f,Igfw2,,,:,,n" fi! "ggi 'mm-1..,-Qfglx xwgil, fagfgggergxi -.1 3.3 if 4-QRS .xlib A M SWE lHQllllAIl EACHHIS f Left to right: Mrs. Taylor, lVlrS. Reelh Mrs. Winder, Mrs. Williams. IJ Something new besides the annex has been added. This year for the first time we have a Junior High School, the seventh and eighth grades, in the old high school building. Although these junior High School students are in the same building, share assemblies with the Senior High School students, and are under the same principal, they have their own student council and activities. HGHIHIIRAIII HMIHHIS f' - , ' f Left to right: Mrs. James, Mrs. Overman, Miss Pugh, Mrs. Swain. 1 14 SEV! JH IIRAIII Left to right, first row: Virginia MacDearmid, Eleanor Edwards, Barbara Bailey, Doris McLean, Vickie Hoaltehouser, Louise Hobbs, Gail Goodwin, Jean Jerome. Second row: James Ayers, Ken Leary, Richard Walter, George Scott, Phillip Bates, Harold Simons, Artie Stevens, James Arm- strong, Ronnie Gollobin. Third row: Ann Fulcher, Neva Curles, Betty Kramer, Sharon Pierce, Donna Marie Richards, Gwendolyn Evans, Mary Sawyer, Mildred Lane. Fourth row: Bill Dunstan, Ann Moore, Ann Wright, Johnnie Ray Allen, Ann Carolyn Abbott, Jeanette Armstrong, Sandra Archbell, Catherine Winder. MRS. WI IIHVS HUMERIHIM ion .a Q, K. 'VW Left to right, first row: Doris Copeland, Joyce Castello, Deborah Bulliner, Barbara Sawyer, Pat Waters, Ann Driskill, Jean Litchworth, Doris Morse, Gerald Mills. Second row: Edna Morgan, Florence Box, Almarie Midgett, Gwen Hill, Mary Glenn McPherson, Priscilla Staton, Mavis Simpson, Yvonne White, Wesley Foreman. Third row: Nickie Hilgert, Lynn Cobb, Kathryn Turner, Lawanda Abernathy, Yvonne Owens, Goldie Pierce, Ray Twiddy, Eldon Finney, Wayne Wilkinson. Fourth row: Robert Christoffersen, Richard Beals, Herman Freeman Bill Felton, Raymond Richman, Rodney Ballance, Mrs. Jean Williams. 1 . MRS. WIHIAMS' HUMERIHIM lla..- ..,..... l..mx.'L":, .L f..,x1.-!fL-1Q,.- -- T,,,m1g,' 'LL get-' f '5..'f':f'v -' A., . . .-e-..A li'2'lyllHuL4f!44!' ..e li- Y -1. -5 ,AI at Sllll IH Gllllll MRS. RIEVS HUMEHUUM Left to right, first row: Carl Johnson, Gloria Clark, Thelma Quidley, Dean Hassell, Vickie Jennette, Dona Davis, Sandra Longenecker, Tommy Perry. Second row: Bill Burgess, Tom Sawyer, Roy Harris, John Jennette, Joyce Brothers, Melvin Simpson. Third row: Leticia Blount, Diane Sparks, Eunice Fowler, Lavonna Hare, Susan Tillis, Marie White, Lena Tarkington, Mrs. Edwin Reel. Fourth row: Sabra Eubanks, Marion Harris, Vivian Mathis, Frances Winfree, Dorothy Jones. Fifth row: Buddy Roper, Gaston Lawrence, Jimmy Shannonhouse, Bill Twiford, Roscoe Lacy, Philip Duncan. MRS. lAYl0R'S HUMIRUUM l Left to right, first row: Joan Ford, Evelyn Lacy, Joyce Benton, Betty Burch, Beth Bon Durant, Annette Long, Edith Quidley, Helen Etheridge, Richard Powell, James Squires. Second row: Elizabeth Lancaster, Sandra Coppersmith, Julianne Cooke, Yvonne Lowry, Delores Shearin, Diane Canter, Margaret Russell, Maxine Harris, Gordon Curles, Bobby Jones, Mrs. Taylor. Third row: Alease Duncan, Alfred Hill, Bobby King, Massona Etheridge, Johnny Tucker, Billy Williams, Henry Simons, Gene Alligood, W. A. Weeks, Jr., Yvonne Bradley. HIJHIH GRADE UU Let to right fzrst row Ann Sanders Marian Rose Connie Toler Douglas Turner Richardson Srriith, Dawn Twifordj Henry Clav Fipkin. Second row: Ronald ,Tillett, Mabel Todd, Patricia M J Sawyer, Helen Burch, Ann Alford, Joyce Johnson, Rosalie Sawyer, Judith Shackelford, Mary Gibbs. Third row: Francis Tuttle, James Hare, Gregory Davis, Douglas Piogerson, Tolson Willis, Martin Trueblood, Grover Jackson. I.l 0 M E R ll ll M Left to right, first row: Louis Twiford, Mildred Speight, Marv Meekins Gilbert, Peggy Goodwin, Jacqueline Midgett, Margaret Williams, Joyce Sanders, Ella Ruth Bunch, Connie Fearing. Second row: Becky Davenport, Jane Seeley, Helen Britt, Mona Shirley, Joyce Scaff, Vivian Etheridge, Pat VVhite, Paige Bunch. Third row: Melvin Hooker, Jimmie White, Gordon Minton, Claughton Miller, Jimmie Wilson, George Fearing, Jr. Fourth row: Herbert Copeland, Rodney Hooker, Charles Porter, Fentress Payne. Absent from picture: Velnia Weaver. HISHJH GRADE 33"----f ,i l ap 7 Left to right, first row: Herbert Smith, Grace Morse, Yvonne Williams, Thelis Gordon, Mildred M I p Ball, Barbara Miller, Edna Turner, Lillian Roughton, Betty Hodges. Second row: Gene Jarvis, John A. Sawyer, Tom MacKimmey, Lyle Jerome, Samuel Gibbs, Jodie Kramer, Joe Winslow. Third row: Iva Baker, Jacqueline Kirby, Virginia Baker, Ellen Brown, Evelyn Brown, Charles III ll M E R 0 U M Vlinlgtchlciss. Fourth row: William Beasley, Maurice Onley, Thomas Russell, Mercer Long, Walter omas. Z i s ,.,, .,, 5 I Nancy Cole Barbara Overman Carrie Croy Martha Freeman Ruth Winslow Second row Giles Newsome, Mack Jones, Don Warden, Mackey Swain, Bob Kelly, Hugh MacDiarmid, Carl Payne, Janice Brickhouse. Third row: Edward Pritchard, Radclifl Reel, William Baker, Charles H 0 M I R 0 ll M Berry, Donald Brothers, Merrill Barnard, Rita Davenport. M R S S I N 78 Left to right, first row: Truman King, Annette Umphlet, Vivian Rudd, Barbara Jennings, . Y Y 7 . 7 ' ' : 1 1 8 OFFICERS First row: Pat Waters, Treasurer, Claughton Miller, President, Thelis Cordon, Secretary. Second row: Hugh MacDiarmid, Sergeant-at-Arms, Anne Moore, Vice-President, Mrs. Winder,Advisor. The first big job we had to do to get our student government organized was to write a constitution. The Junior High School's Constitution is patterned somewhat after the Senior Council's Constitution. The constitution was adopted and went into action imme- diately. The entire student body met in the auditorium to nominate candidates for the different officers. Cam- paigning was held for the next two days and campaign speeches were held in the auditorium. Then the student body elected Pat Walters, Anne Moore, Thelis Cordon, Hugh MacDiarmid, and Claughton Miller as officers. Cn Friday, February 6, 1953, the Student Council sponsored a semi-formal dance in the high school cafe- teria. The dance was a big success and the funds will go to the council treasury for further use. The lunior High School Student Government is working hard to improve the school in any way that it can. ga 1, I A x REPRESENTATIVES First row: Beth BonDurant, Carrie Croy, COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN First row: Mac jones, Truman King odle Leticia Blount, Nicky Hilgert. Second row: Connie Toler, Charles Kramer, Ronnie Tillet. Second row: Yvonne VVilliams, Jacqueline Ixirbx Hotchkiss Becky Davenport, Ann Wright. ,lane Seeley, Peggy Goodwin. 119 'rib 1 The first Junior High School sponsored dance 3 Uawwewif- .rr ""',1w 'Wg' ' vf, ' " : Installation of Officers Glee Club practice M'wMow,,,,,,-,V ,,: ll Campaigning before elections ,, 5 -,J , 'QL fx Qi: iii 3,32-f 31 H-L, xy? :Fai 112-1 '53 ,",aQ 55? ? SJ? JV A r 'Q ,, f-fi: ivy' Sai? 'VJ' ka' af E K'-'f' I ' :Qty gg hike: .5 'E '51 4. E 555 ' 4 1021. 'fi all -pi - gy, 3? 5251 5291! aff ff I - l "' hw. ll :Rei 1-iii i-'11-z 54,51 r Q, 121.96 1'-'fga 41312 his: :FLW -4 fs:2!5 5:65 stffib :ew 'awp 5751? ?':-Q4 I Y 1' x Sufi 331735. S239 Hsu: gfiii hi-,S Lair. 9?'i'.'i 5515 :mf Etna Sli-19 'wa-7 'nffii 82413 pf.. ' 15: 1, aah gait 53575: .+:J?3f 1 3 Il if- ff im :EE-.-4 mtg 5525 PM Q ' 43,15 URS :ish fm? -2,9212 ive: BSN 1' 'va '71 Q93 2" 71 i-vie' K Ag, inks 3.1 3 3' 'JFK 7556's ' ' ..,l i?2ii.,..s1f 5 aM.r"f1f'11',E --Q . -12'-f -aw-f'a-faks . m?ffiEZQ f?.filnif?15 . .4X3q'ie?15j,f,3g:gg-'55-jQs,7.4.:?g:6.'g'Q,+g.gf. Q , ex f' 1 ' 13:11"Q:!,ZQ5q'sS1'-'fl-Rdgns-'Kaya523441'Q"l?v :-zfkff-'Fr '-mefirwfr-wi?ws4s-iff-'f'4 '-'WEL . -W V-.-. -,,.f,,-.B fy. e- . . y Mn.-.N-v. fggo. ., 41.1 , .7 ,g:,::Yf5TE11f'r5. 'S' 2. 573.-Sli' :2:3f2a'a-1vi1zbfgg3+xe13h1Vflzfwiilggbzwi -211455. + -ffiff-ewii-fgi2'?wef426J1'r ',an'j" 2 ,Jw-.' j 'wi " L, s. . ey-: ,jwg -. 1f,.,'. 1.4 xsmbgy 0 Thi: .shi . A 2-S::74Qf'5:a'Fr9ffQFs,Qf.:Qfja,cm544' . ' fAQ.Q.g.- am, zwgmw .., - ., M- . 4, lr- ,, -' , ,qz11:ur:fi--L-E1.,.i5xK,-g: 1 3-- , Lyman. 3.,g,gLa- made.. - s Ji: 56.11-,.-5 ,, 4.n44lVE'4-fE!'-"'W7:f?'.. 1- .I .2EfgQ""-25'-I-i3Xpg2s,,":'."U"4. 155:35 ' -kg. i ff TE fxco Q fi' HXAS CUMPANV I W 1 X HARRY VV. BUNDY CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT SUITE 309-313 KRAMER BUILDING ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. SIIIIH AND HMSHAII Growers and Distributors CABBAGE - SNAP BEANS - POTATOES SWEET CORN - SOY BEANS - MILLING CORN Phones 6993 - 7991 Weeksville, N. C. TRY grfckercl ibairy fgroclucfri And "Taste the Difference" Under Laboratory Control Best Wishes Crgfifaf .gee .xgrwl 6061! Korlaorafion I C 1 K F 101 COMPLIMENTS OF HIHNITIIIH AND APHIANIII IIEMIHS nsffeiisief K wi. , J in 'w . -. MILDRED'S FLORIST CULPEPPER HARDWARE SHOPPE COMPANY F ifsive lout not expensve S. Poindexfer St. Phone 5590 Phone 4329 ROCHELLE CLEANERS 116 S. Water Street C g t I tions and Best Wishes t th Class of19S3 GLOBE FISH GUMPANY Wholesale Fr h F h Phone 6196 Elizab th Cty N C COMPLIMENTS OF THE FIRST AND CITIZENS CULPEPPER MOTOR CQMPANY NATIONAL BANK Elizabeth City, N' C- 4l2-420 Elizabeth St., Elizabeth City, N. C. -'THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN THE Dia' 4331 ALBEMARLEU Member federal D posit In C rp Fed 1 Reserve Sy p E bl h d 1891 , THE ' A Cordial Welcome Awaits You At lllf lIAllllllNlAN The Newspaper NAGS I-lEAD'S NEWEST HOTEL of Open All Year The Albemarle For Over 39 Years l A f f C I C llg l ll. 4 Q JACKSON'S BICYCLE SHOP Keys Made For All Locks Safes Opened and Combinations Cleaned and Changed Phone - Day 5403 - Night 7583 61? Y iss. M Compliments of lIUPEllllllJ'S Confectionery and Grill Parsonage and Hughes Blvd. Phone 9877 Our Best Wishes And H eartiest Congratulations To The Senior Class of '53 PELL PAPER COMPANY, INC. Elizabeth oily, N. C. Compliments of ELIZABETH CITY BRIGK 00MPl-lNY Builder's Supplies T WILLIAMS FURNITURE CO. FURNITURE, STOVES, and REFRIGERATORS 220-222 N. Poindexter Elizabeth City, N. C. I J CAROLINA AMUSEMENT CO. CAROLINA LovE's STATE CENTER FUIIEIM-WS MILK BAR Phone 4695 HIIIH VIRGINIA IIAIII I IO Rooms - Modern - Fireproof Air-Conditioned Coffee Shop Connecting Garage On Ocean Highway U. S. 17 RAY S. JONES, Manager I 443 ,p' K Y. BELK-TYLER COMPANY QUINN FURNITURE CO. "The Shopping Center" Qualify Fufnimfe S. A. TWIFORD, Uwner El b ll Cty N C 2o9NPd s E1bhcyNC COMPLIMENTS OF ELIZABETH ClTY CITY lllll.GAll ZlllG G0., JEWELERS ASSOCIATION ING. Distributor of General Tires Louis SELIG l and Willard Batteries BAUER and SON Bm BROTHERS 311 swfh Road sneer Ph 6492 - 2511 ER suor i-ia' li If A2 wwf: x S J gg :Y WILLIS S. WRIGHT 8: SONS Dodge-Plymouth SALES and SERVICE II57 BY 7A57f"7i5f Plwfle 2983 WO0DlEY GRUGERY 00 Distributors of KING FLAKE FLOUR F r h BEST in FUN and EATS gather where the gang meet. at THE CIRCLE ., F i ., W , ,W LN X . xx S h ,X -H-.L Q 4 ri Rl ,if I I it-,QALBEMO p EU fwfigy MW "i'.'0"'0f'vF if .I 4 Q -- Mg: du ALB EMARLE AUTOMOTIVE SU PPLY CO., INC. Wholesale 303-305 N. Wafer Sf., Elizabeth City, N C Parts - Supplies - 'Shop Equipment Plwlle 4377 WHALEY'S CHESSUH ITIHHUFHIITUHIIIG IIUIHPHIILI, IHC. L Lumber, Millwork, Doors and Frames LUCK TO THE SENIOR CLASS McDOWELL MOTOR COMPANY 24-Hour Wrecker Service Specializi Q 14 body and fender 1 k Dial 2919 Compliments of HOOPER BROTHERS Wholesale Paper and Office Supplies Virginia Dare Arcade Elizabeth City, N. C. Best of Everything to Class of '53 Elizabeth City CHAMBER OF COMMERCE RUCKER AND SHEELY COMPANY l'Elizabeth City's Best Store" Specializing in Ladies' Ready-to-Wear GUARANTY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Capital and Surplus 31,600,000 Established 1901 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone 2798 GEO-RGE A. COX Tailoring - Repairing - Alterations Virginia Dare Arcade Elizabeth City, N. C. PERRY TIRE STORE Goodyear Tires-Tubes-Batteries Shelby Bicycles Elizabeth St. Phone 68825 OVERMAN AND STEVENSON Prescription Druggists 512 E. Main St. Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of JENNETTE'S "THE MANS STORE" Poindexter at Colonial SAWYER COMPANY "The Quality Shop for Men" Best Wishes From WARD AND SON 310-12 S. Pool Street WELDING McMorrine and Colonial Avenue Machine - Forge - Supplies Phone 6589 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '53 F RISBY'S STUDIO Eastern North Carolinas Leading Photographers ALBEMARLE LAUNDRY Quality Dry Cleaners-Launderers Elizabeth City, N. C. Dial 2498 213 N. Martin Street CAROLINA PRINTING COMPANY Compliments Designers and Makers lf of O DISTINCTIVE PRINTING KENYON BAILEY Elizabeth City, N. C. Phone 5792 tg f.-'Hi S-4 GARRETT HARDWARE J r COMPANY Kelvinator Refrigerators and Duo-Therm Oil Stoves Phone 4375 9-, P 7 1 S , S lil f7f'A P The taste 299' X that always charms Compliments of Elizabeth City COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, INC THE APOTHECARY SHOP A Rexall Drug Store Phone 4327 , , f-I ,U fl ,1'4?'7.i2 , ,f 14 fi -,y..Q,'1,J Ml' .,f..,,ll7j'W L TOXEY, BERRY, AND Funeral Home LYNCH Phone 4412 4497 To The Class of '53 BEST WISI-IES ELIZABETH AND SUBURBAN GAS CO. G. C. Cadillac - Oldsmobile SALES and SERVICE CU LPEPPER MOTOR CO ALBEMARLE BUILDING W. C. N. C. AND LOAN ASSOCIATION For Albemarle News and Sp Loans ' SHVWQS Listen to wnc. N. C. 503 E. Main Sf. D' I 2786 COMPLIMENTS Compliments of of SANDERS CO., INC. 5. S. CAMPEN Mill, Marine, and Plumbing Supplies HERFFJONES REPRESENTATI Manufacturers, Maelwinists, and Founders YOur LINCOLN-MERCURY Dealer PEPSI-COLA 7-UP ORANGE CRUSH if 1 Used Ca rs Dial 4355 Elizabeth City' N. C. Ehringhaus Street Extended MAN N'S Nash Sales and Service XWNNQLW. Used Auto Parts - We Buy Wrecks mlm' W. Broad St. Phone 2184 BEST wnsHEs R. C. ABBOTT CO. From El' b th C'r,, N. C. IZH C IV JOHN DEERE Farming Implements Phone 4338 - 4537 STATION CENTRAL RESTAURANT "The Best In Seafoody' W G A I "The Best In Sizzling Steaks" A B C WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE HFOV The Most Fun All The Timel' LOUIS 8z FLORENCE Compliments of MIDGETT INSURANCE CO. ,.,,. ii- i sHERWlN'wlI.LlAMS Pnuurs iii 5. WATER STREET B. F. Goodrich Tires ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY 613 E. Main Sf. MOTOROLA TELEVISION HORACE LYNCH MONUMENTS Compliments of WlLSON'S WHOLESALE BAKERY Phone 4280 Compliments of WALTER KIRBY DR. -I. VV. SELIC Optometrist Compliments of JOHN F. BOVVERS, District Manager JEFFERSON STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE MILLER T. V. SALES AND SERVICE Coiizpliizzents of Zenith General Electric A. B. HOUTZ AND SON Emerson RCA Easy and Bendix Washing Machines Radio 8i Television Repairs TWIFORD'S FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service - 24 Hours Compliments of HQUTZ AND BARWICK Elizabeth ciiy - Phone 2181 Manteo - Phone 54 HATTERAS HERTFORD NORFOLK J. C. PENNEY CO.. INC Elizabeth City's Newest Department Store WHALEY FURNITURE CO. Elizabeth City, N. C. "Always Ready" THE BOYS AT THE FIRE DEPARTMENT TWIDDY 81 WHITE l I2 N. Poindexter St. Phone 2757 Elizabeth City N Trade At CADAR HARRIS 81 SON "The Friendly Store" Gives You More For Your Money VIRGINIA DARE AUTO SERVICE U. S. Tires - Batteries - Accessories Dial 5889 Elizabeth City, N. C JACOCK'S PHARMACY "You're Always Welcome At Walgreens" RUSSELL 81 HOLMES SHOES "Where Shopping is a Pleasure" 510 Main St. Elizabeth City, N. C SOUT Main HERN LOAN 8z INSURANCE CO. Carolina Building Street Phone 5991 Compliments of OWENS' SHOE CO. Compliments of HOUSE OF' HURDLE'S Shoes For The Entire Family l-ligh Quality - Low Prices MERIT SHOES Compliments of AYDLETT'S PRODUCTS CO. Compliments of HILL'S CONFECTIONERY PAUL BRADSHAW jeweler Bulova - Elgin - Hamilton Watches DIANA'S SHOP 'Il0 E. Main Street A Gift For Every Occasion J Li My .. KN Compliments of CAROLINA COFFEE SHOP Compliments of CITY MOTOR PARTS 7 J . A r, ,, I Compliments of L -. SUNDRY SHOP - . I l -.! I , f Compliments of -JONES DISTRIBUTING COMPANY " ' f X. . ,CX I f ANNA-LU FLORIST "If it can be done with flowerspyyg can io it'f,,f" Phone 4373 . , 3, Elizabeth cary I . Compliments of KRAMER BROS. CO., INC. Lumber and Millwork Compliments of THE ALBEMARLE SPORTS CENTER Thank you For this privilege of laeing your florist CLARA-ANN FLORISTS Please cull on us when any occasion calls for flowers Compliments of ROAD STREET DELICATESSEN Compliments of SOUTHERN HOTEL BARBER SHO P Compliments of MARTIN'S DECORATING SHOP REEL FOOD CENTER Meats - Produce - Groceries Pearl Street Compliments of PIPKIN 81 REID SHEET METAL SHOP Elimbetli City. N. C. M. L. BRITT Watchmaker and ,leweler Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of .lENNETTE'S FRUIT 81 PRODUCE CO. Compliments of MILES .IENNINGS PIIIIII MIIIIIR IZIINIPA I Elizabeth and Martin Streets Elizabeth City, N. C. Phone 4359 .DE4-f'f1'fN LLUCN ' J, E' " ' , ' Y , I I I a Compliments of FORT RALEIGPI73!5j5TAUF5NTei,-,1ff Sea Food and Sizzling Western Steaks S "OW SPef'a'fY" GROCERY COMPANY East Main Street Distributors of FAINIO FLOUR Enjoy the Safety, Economy And Convenience of Our Buses Patronize your "Ride the bus and save" SCHOOL STORE ELIZABETH CITY BUS LINE Compliments of JOE LAMB SHARBER STUDIO Quality Photo Finish 24-hour service Elizabeth City, N. C. BEST WISHES From THE SOUTHERN PIG RIGGS MUSIC COMPANY Records - Record Players - Radios 107 N. McMorrine Mount Vernon Service Carolina Food Shop Avon Grocery H. E. Wilson Grocery Beal's Grocery Cartwright's Bakery Owney Radio Shop Owens' Barber Shop Jerry's Sandwich Shop James' Shoe Shop Thomas Crank Owens' Fish Market E. S. Chesson 8: Son Station McLellans' Company Nu Quality Pilot Life Insurance Lamm's Sandwich Shop P. W. Melick Company Jackson's Shoe Repair Coastal Freight New Fowler Store D. Walter Harris S. P. Smith Vickery Electrical Contractors Cozy Grill Si IUII SIAHSIIES RONALD EUGENE ACKERMAN Philip's High School 15 J. V. Wrestling 15 Sportsman's Club 15 Union High School 2, Class President 25 Varsity Club 25 Orlando High School 35 Track 35 Glee Club 3, 45 Spotlight Staff 45 Home- room Vice-President 45 Scribbler 4. ELWOOD CHARLES ARMSTRONG J. V. Football 25 Photography Club 25 Varsity Football 3, 45 Mono' gram Club 3, 4. JAMES I. ARMSTRONG Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3, 4, President 45 Travel Club 1, 25 Junior Play Stag 35 Key Club 45 Finance Committee 4. MARY PATRICIA BAILEY Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3, 4, Student Director 45 Spotlight Staff 2, 3, 45 Louds eaker Staff 2, 35 Audio-Visual 15 Music Ap- preciation 15 Spotlight Club 2, 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Dramatic Club 25 Junior Play Stag 35 F. T. A, 45 Homeroom Rep- resentative 45 Scribbler 4. HARVEY WAYNE BAKER .gautrlgo-Visual 15 Travel Club 2, 35 Dramatic Club 25 Junior Play ta 3. MARGARET ANN BAKER Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Majorette 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 25 Junior Varsity Cheerleader 15 G. A. A. 1, 2, 35 Travel Club 45 Spotlight Club 1, Class Treasurer 15 Homeroom President 1, 2. SYLVIA FAY BARKLEY Band 1, 2,' 3, 45 Dramatic Club 35 Junior Play Staff 35 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Spotlight Club 1, 2. VVILLIAM PRESTON BARTLETT 4-H Club 1, 25 Class President 1, Treasurer 25 Audio-Visual 1, 25 National Honor Society 3, 45 Marshal 35 Key Club 2, 35 Vice- President 35 Homeroom President 45 Homeroom Representative I, 25 Chairman of Election Committee 45 Junior Play Staff 35 Hi-Y 4. DONALD EARL BAUM Homeroom Officer 25 Key Club 2, 35 Audio-Visual 4. MARILYN JEAN BOSTON Alberta Junior High I5 Auburn High School 25 G. A. A. 2, 45 Homeroom Secretary 35 Dramatic Club 35 Commercial Club 4. AVERY KEITH BRACE Travel Club 1, 35 Audio-Visual 2, 45 Varsity Football 4: Baseball Team 3, 4. A JOYCE ANN BRADSHAW Homeroom Treasurer 15 Music Appreciation 25 G. A. A. 1, 25 Band 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 35 Junior Play Staff 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Vice3Presiderit 45 F. T. A. 4. EDWARD MANNING BROTHERS Audio-Visual 1, 25 Junior Play Stag 35 Loudspeaker Stag 4. PATSY MAE BYRD Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 2, 35 Glee Club 3, 45 G. A. A. 3, 4. REID PAUL CARLETON Sweetwater Union High School 15 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 Loud- speaker Stag 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Varsity Football 3, 45 Homeroom Representative 35 Safety Patrol 3, 45 Class President 45 Baseball Team 4. FRED GOODVVIN CASTELLOW Secretary of Dramatic Club 25 Audio-Visual 15 J. V. Football l, 25 Varsity Football 3, 4, Co-Captain 45 Monogram Club 3, 4. CLIFTON CHAPPELL Travel Club I5 Music Appreciation 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 45 President of International Relations 4, GEORGE T. COLE, JR. Key Club 35 Audio-Visual 3, 4. GRACE COLEY Spotlight Club 15 F. T. A. 2, 35 Music Appreciation 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Commercial Club 4. JAMES ROLAND COOPER Travel Club l, 25 Key Club 35 Junior Play Staff 35 Glee Club 4. FAYE ELLEN COPPERSMITH Homeroom Secretary I5 Spotlight Club 15 G. A. A. 15 Finance Committee 25 Homeroom President 35 Junior Play Staff 35 Dramatic Club 3, Vice-President 35 Marshal 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Social Committee 3, 41 VAN WILLIAM CUTHRELL F. T. A. 1, 25 J. V. Football 1, 25 J. V. Basketball l, 25 Drama-tic Club 2, 35 Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Base- ball Team 3, 45 Loudspeaker Staff 3, 4, Sports Editor5 Key Club 4. SHEILA BELLE DAUGHERTY G. A. A. 15 Commercial Club 3. PATRICIA ANNETTE DAVENPORT G. A. A. 1, Secretary 15 Travel Club 1, 25 Music Appreciation 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 35 Spotlight Staff 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, President 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 F. H. A. 35 Spot- light Club 35 Homeroom Vice-President 3, Treasurer 45 Dramatic C ub 45 Scribbler 4. PAULA DEAN DAVENPORT G. A. A. 15 Travel Club I, 25 Band I, 2, 35 Spotlight Staff 35 Junior Play Staff 35 F. H. A. 3, Secretary 35 Spotlight Club 35 Cal- endar Committee 35 Varsitv Cheerleader 45 Monogram Club 45 Library Staff 45 Dramatic Club 45 National Honor Society 3, 4. ANNIE RAE 'DAVIS Music Appreciation l, 25 G. A. A. 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sz-crctar 4. FANNIE MAE DAVIS Glee Club l, 2, 4, Treasurer 45 F. ll. A. 35 Library Smit 4. LEAIUEL LESLIE DAVIS, JR. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. IXIARY DILLON DAVVSON Spotlight Club 1, 25 Junior Varsity Cheerleader l5 Band l, 2, 35 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 35 Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 25 Homeroom Treasurer 25 Junior Play Cast 35 Social Com- mittee 3, 45 Varsity Cheerleader 45 Art Club 4, Vice-President. VIRGINIA LEE EDVVARDS Glee Club 45 F. H. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 45 Junior Play Staff 35 Homeroom Secretary 4. RUTH VVILSON FERRELL Spotlight Club 15 Homeroom President I5 Music Appreciation 25 Band l, 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3. 45 Marshal 35 Junior Play Staff 35 F. T. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3. President 45 Class Secretary 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 45 Member of Com- mittees 2. 4. ANTOINETTE GILL G. A. A. 1, Treasurer5 Junior Varsity Cheerleader lg Standards Com- mittee Chairman 25 Photography Club 2, Secretary5 Class Treasurer 35 Junior Play Cast 35 National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Homeroom Representative 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1, 3, 4, President 35 Band l, 2, 3. 4, Majorette 2. 3, Head Majorette 45 Class Sec- retary 4. BESSIE JANET GLENN Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice'President 35 Homeroom Treasurer 15 Nlusic Appreciation 25 Travel Club 25 Homeroom Vice'Prcsident 2, Treasurer 3, President 45 Elections Committee 45 Art Club 4, Sec- retarv. BENJAMIN HARVEY GOODVVIN, JR. Valdosta High School 1, 25 Hi-Y I5 V. Football l, 2, 45 Varsity Basketball 3, Manager 45 Art Club 4. OLIVE ANNE GRAY Loudspeaker 1, 25 G.A. A. 1, 2, Treasurer 15 Music Appreciation I, 2, Treasurer 25 Homeroom Representative 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 3, 45 Junior Play Cast 35 Spotlight Stag 35 Chairman Publicity Committee 35 F. T. A. 3, 45 Debator 45 National Honor Society 3, 4, President 4. ERNEST LINVVOOD GREGORY, JR. Spotlight Club 1, Treasurer5 Audio-Visual I, 25 Band 2, 3, 45 Key gina 2, 35 Junior Play Stag 35 Dramatic Club 4, Presidentg Travel u 4. JAINIES IXIARVIN GREGORY Sunbury High School I5 Class Treasurer l5 Varsity Basketball 1, 3, 45 Junior Play Cast 35 Glee Club 3, 45 Baseball Team 3, 45 Monogram Club 3, 4: Key Club 45 Homeroom Treasurer 4. DORIS MARIE GURGANUS Williamston High Schooi 15 4-H Club I5 Glee Club I, 45 F. H. A. 2, 3, 45 Junior Play Stag 3. DOROTHY NIARIE I-IALSEY Audio-Visual I, 45 Dramatic Club I. BILLY PETERS HASKETT Lake Forest High School 15 Audio-Visual 25 Band 3, 45 Key Club 3, 45 Travel Club 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 35 Dramatic Club 45 Out- side Safety Patrol Chairman 4. JUNE HUNTER HAYMAN Band I, 25 G. A. A. I, 25 Music Appreciation I, 2: Homeroom Treasurer 1, 25 Spotlight Club 25 Junior Play Stag 3: Commercial Club 35 Press Club 3, 45 Loudspeaker Stag 3, 45 Spotlight Stag 3, 45 Class Vice-President 45 Art Club 4, Scribbler. ROSEMARY HEATH Travel Club 15 Dramatic Club I5 Band 1, 2, 35 G. A. A. l, 2, 45 Junior Play Stag 35 Commercial Club 3. JO ANN HILL F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 2, President 35 Junior Play Stag 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Dramatic Club 45 Glee Club 45 Tri- I-Ii-Y 4. BESSIE ADELIA HOPKINS Dramatic Club 15 G. A. A. 1, 25 Homeroom Secretary 25 Band 1, 2, 35 Junior Play Stag 35 Commercial Club 35 Social Committee 3, 45 Travel Club 4. JOHN VVESLEY HYATT, III IJOHN THOMAS JAMES Wee sville High School l, 25 Admiral Farragut Academy 35 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 45 Class President 25 Homeroom President 25 Future Farmers of America I, 25 4-H Club I, 2, 3, 45 Key Club 4: Band 4. WILLIAM JANSSON ' Travel Club 15 Baseball Team I, 2, 3, 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Library Stag 3. ALVIN KEITH JOHNSON Audio-Visual I, 2, President 15 Travel Club 35 Library Stag 35 Dramatic Club 35 Commercial Club 45 Art Club 4. ELEANOR AVERY JONES Junior Varsity Cheerleader 15 Spotlight Club I5 Band I, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 35 Junior Play Cast 35 Travel Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4. ELIZABETH LEE JORDAN Spotlight Club 1: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2. 3, 45 G. A. A. 2: Travel Club 35 Junior Play Cast 3: Standards Committee 3, 45 Music Appreciation 4, Treasurer: Art Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4, Treasurer. WILLIAM KAHLBAUM, JR. Photography Club 25 Class Vice-President 25 Debator 2, 35 ,Band 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Junior Play Cast 35 Dramatic Club 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Music Appreciation 4. SHIRLEY LOUISE LEARY Junior Varsity Cheerleader I5 Spotlight Club 15 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Maiorette 3, 4: G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, President 2, 45 Junior Play Staff 3: Dramatic Club 2, 3. 4: Homeroom President I, 3: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Monogram Club 3, 4, President 45 Class Treasurer 45 Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLOTTE ANN MADRIN Class Vice-President 15 Spotlight Club 1, 2, 3,5 Band 1, 2, 35 G. A. A. 2, 3: Spotlight Stall 2, 35 Junior Play Staff 35 Homeroom Treasurer 3, Vice-President 45 Travel Club 45 Library Staff 45 Dra- matic Club 4, Secretary. VIRGINIA GRACE MATHIS Rocky Mount High School I, 2: Dramatic Club 25 Book Club 25 Junior Plav Staili 3: Varsity Basketball 45 Audio-Visual 4, Treasurer. DONNA RUTH MEEK Spotlight Club I5 Music Appreciation I. 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Travel Club 2. 3: Commercial Club 3, 4: F. H. A. 4. MYRTLE JEANNE MILLER Spotlight Club I: Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3. 4, Vice-President 1, Sec- retary 2, 35 Spotlight Stall 2, 3, 4, Class Editor 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 45 Chairman of Calendar Committee 35 Marshal 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Scribbler 4. DORIS JEAN MOORE Spotlight Club I, Secretary5 Homeroom Representative 15 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2: Homeroom President 1, Secretary 25 G. A. A. 2. 3, 4, President 45 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4: Marshal 35 Junior Play Stafl 35 Homeroom President 35 Mono- gram Club 3, 4, President 45 Student Council Treasurer 4. DOROTHY NIARIE INIOORE Spotlight Club 1: Dramatic Club 15 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Travel Club 25 G. A. A. 3, Treasurer: Junior Play Staff 35 Music Appreciation 35 F. H. A. 45 International Relations Club 3, 4. JOSEPH MORSE, JR. Baseball Team I5 Varsitv Football 35 Junior Plav Stall 3. GABRIELLA VAN PATTEN MCDOWELL Speech Club 1, Band I, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 25 Dramatic Club 2: Homeroom Treasurer 25 Class President 35 Junior Play Staff 3, Student Director: Homeroom Representative 35 Mono- gram Club 3. 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Student Council President 4. MARSHALL LOUIS NEVVBERN Junior Play Stafl 35 Audio-Visual 3, President: Travel Club 4, Secretary. MILDRED MAE LACY O'BERRY G. A. A. I, 2, Sergeant-at-Arms I5 Spotlight Staff 4, Typist: Loud- speaker Staft 4, Typist: Scribbler 4. SHIRLEY JEAN PALMER Dramatic Club 1: G. A.A. I. 2: Junior Play Stall: 3. UNDINE DODGE PERRY Speech Club I5 Standards Committee 15 Band I, 2, 3, 4, Flagbearer 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. President 3: Dramatic Club 2. 4, Vice- President 45 Commercial Club 35 Junior Plav Staff 35 Homeroom Vice-President 3, President 4: Monogram Club 4, Secretary. l'lERlVlAN S. PIAS Point Loma Junior High School 15 Hobby Club 15 College Park High School 25 Edison High School 35 Elizabeth City High School 45 Air Club 3. JOAN FAYE PRITCHARD Glee Club 15 Audio-Visual I, 25 Spotlight Club 1, 2, Vice-President 25 Class Secretary 25 Homeroom Representative 25 Chief Marshal 35 Loudspeaker Stall 3, Feature Editor5 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Publicity Committee Chairman 45 Scribbler. JOYCE RAPER 4-H Club 15 F. H. A. 25 International Relations Club 45 Loud- speaker Stall 4, Typist5 Spotlight Stall 5, Typist5 Scribbler. LEONA FAY ROGERS Audio-Visual 15 Spotlight Club l, Secretary5 Calendar Committee 15 Dramatic Club 2, Vice-President5 F. T. A. 25 Chief Marshal 35 Publicity Committee 35 National Honor Society 3, 4: Library Staff 4: Homeroom Treasurer 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4. VVILSON ROUGHTON J. V. Football I, 25 Travel Club 1, 2, 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 35 J. V. Basketball 25 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Varsity Football 3, 45 Base- ball Team 3, 45 Monogram Club 3, 45 Indoor Safety Patrol 4. FAYE SAWYER J. V. Cheerleader I: Travel Club l, Treasurer5 Spotlight Club 25 Dramatic Club 25 Homeroom Secretary 35 F. H. A. 3, 45 Mono- gram Club 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Glee Club 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Head Cheerleader 3, 4. JOHN L. SAWYER, JR. J. V. Football I5 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4: Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Travel Club I5 Homeroom Representative I5 Varsity Basketball Manager 25 Class President 2: Homeroom President 25 F. T. A. 144 2,l 35 Inside Safety Patrol 2, 3, 4, Chairman 45 Student Council Vice-President 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Baseball 3, 4. ROBERT LOUIS SAWYER J. V. Football 15 Varsity Footb'all 2, 3, 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Play Staff 3. SUDIE JEAN SAVVYER Homeroom President 1: Spotlight Club I, Treasurer5 G. A. A. 1, 2, 45 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 45 Spotlight Staff 2, 35 Commercial Club I3i.l?la5ional Honor Society 3, 45 Homeroom Representative 45 Tri- 1- . WILLA FAYE SAWYER Dramatic Club 15 Music Appreciation 25 G. A. A. I, -2, 3, Sec- retary 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Social Committee 2, 3: Varsity Basket- ball 3, 45 Monogram Club 3, 4, Treasurer 45 F. T. A. 3, 4, Secre- tary 45 Inside Safety Patrol 4. MARGARET SUZANNE SEELEY . I Spotlight Club 15 Band I, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 25 Music Apprecia- tion 25 Calendar,Committee 35 Junior Play Staff 3: F. H. A. 45 Library 45 Commercial Club 4, President. THORNTON PAGE SEELINGER Milford Mill Junior Senior High School I, 2, 35 J. V. Track I5 Mechanics Club I5 J. V. Baseball Team 2: J. V. Cross Country 25 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 35 Varsity Cross Country 35 Varsity Track 35 Speech Club 4, President. NEE SMITH ANN RE H , , G. A. A. l, Vice-President5 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Music Appreciation 25 Spotlight Club l, 35 Homeroom President 25 Homeroom Representa- tive 35 Spotlight Stall 35 Junior Play Staff 35 Social Committee 3, 45 Commercial Club 3, 45 Loudspeaker Staff 4, Editor: Press Club'4. MARIAN KAY SPENCER - Spotlight Staff 1, 25 Band I, 2, 35 Homeroom Secretary 1, 3, Vice- President 25 Music Appreciation 2, 35 Loudspeaker Staff 4, Music Editor: Press Club 45 International Relations Club 4, Vice-President. PHILIP A. SPRUILL , Band I, 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 3, Secretary-Treasurer: Junior Play Staff 35 Hi-Y Club 3, 45 International Relations Club 4, Secre- tary-Treasurer. MARGARET ELIZABETH SWINDELL G. A. A. 15 Spotlight Club 15 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 29 Travel Club 2, Secretary: Spotlight Staff 2, 3: Homeroom Secre- tary 2, Vice-President 35 Junior Play Staff 35 Commercial Club .35 Standards Committee 35 Press Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4, Treasurer: Chair- man Citizenship Committee 4. MARTHA ANN TARKINGTON G. A. A. 1, Spotlight Club 1, 2, F. H. A. 2, 3, 4: Calendar Cqm- mittee 35 Homeroom President 35 Spotlight Staff 3, 4, Junior Editor 3, Activities 45 Commercial Club 45 Monogram Club '45 Varsity Cheerleader 4, Substitute 35 Publicity Committee 4, Scnbbler 4. SHIRLEY ANN THOMPSON Band 15 G. A. A. I: Dramatic Club I5 Commercial Club 3, 4, Sec- retary-Treasurer 45 F. H. A. 4. DYSON KONRAD THURECHT . J. V. Football 15 Travel Club 1, 4, President 45 Monogram Club 2, 35 Varsity Football 2, 3. JUNE DALE TUCKER . l Moyock I, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Representative 3, 45 Music Club 3, 4: Treasurer 4. KENTWOOD TURNER J. V. Football 25 Baseball Team 35 Hi-Y 4. WILLIAM B. WALLACE Homeroom Officer 25 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Baseball Team 3, 45 Monogram Club 3, 45 Key Club 45 Chairman Finance Committee 4. MARINIA MAE WEEKS G. A. A. I5 Speech Club 15 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer: Commer- cial Club 4. WALTER PAGE WESTON Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Library 3. DAL J. WILLIAMS , J. V. Basketball 1, 25 Student Council Sergeant-at-Arms 35 H1-Y 3, Sergeant-at-Arms: Varsity Basketball 3, 4. VIRGIL WADE VVILLIAMS I Travel Club I, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 35 Junior Play Cast 35 Library 35 Glee Club 4. VICTORIA ELIZABETH WILSON I Moyock High School I5 Glee Club I5 4-H Club 15 Dramatic Club 25 Junior Play Staff 3: F. H. A. 35 Homeroom Treasurer 3, Secre- tary 45 Commercial Club 4, Vice-President: Varsity Basketball 45 Publicity Committee 4. . Pictures of these do not appear in the Senior Section: WILLIAM ALEXANDER BUCKLEY . Lakewood High School I. 2, 35 Tennessee High School 3, 45 H1-Y Club 2: Key Club 3. Vice-President: Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball Team 3, 45 Glee Club 3, Treasurer: Class Vice-President 3- GEORGE THOMAS DICKERSON Library Staff 4. DONALD GENE ETHERIDGE CALVIN LEON LACY, JR. Art Club 4: Shop. JUL 3 2002 Posquorcrrwrc-Camden Library EosrAlberr1ff:sr!Q Qegionol Library Elizoberh 'Qmq NC, 27909 252-335-'P+ A For N01 tg be 112.125 YEARIOOKS Efiwzwfamz MYERS Amoco INC TOPEKAKANSA5 iaken from this mom D Q GG ..................Q.......... .. - ,.. - lkoufsgae Steps fo She' Q ff 5-on H,ghscn.,.L St2P3 U-P n 5 QLJ buiLJinQ I I -5 34 X -3- 31 "' ' J'-V X - I vii G3 .L+-L - I L69 Rx "' B' 4 4 X' 4 ss' . 332 vwe. , Elm CMMS X4 La ' E 3' CL1SS I 3"Y'3YlC6. : sd : .Fnsst Ri " 1- V fx. 33 I g I A ' scan O 2 T816 h8r5 .f.uuu. 4 O 1:::':::::::f. I V ,T Lounge. -L-.Qw- : OFFICE I lllllllllllll 5015 ,W V, 3 :: 0 eu- 2 4 rg 1'-V5 va S h SWS :: OP 'two way 11 2 1"' W P Av -1 4 w f v :Z 3 il F E U-P g A I St I 1 It if l ,100 L OVC if 1' " 1 I :ff J, U' : S. 12, T7Pin3 41 J M Q, went home ROOM 5 vw - J- Q N A 414 ' Az, 4" rx N F C 4 0 N Q 4 5 .. ff IE I Q- 3. ... IQ 43 47 . 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