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 - Class of 1952

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95 'fag' 4 I 4. L E YL, Z 5 X I fix fix-QL ' . 1 : ,,...m. fuia Pasquotank-Camden Libraiy Elizabeth City, NC 27909 ,v , wtl A . A i ,i ,-.f 5 T Q. In Memory Of Hortense Boomer Swain I' .. .K if -f, xl .4 l., . v'l ' - 'u. .r I' - L. . . ' ,a.5l"':,. s ' I xl A 5' es? .-'II W . WA 446-1 622 Z 'Af X - 1 1 Q1 . - -14,12 2 2 .5 Y qfnai Ji CYZQQDZQ' ,Q fl i'y Spiga aff " X we .Eiga gg X ffgfsw iw Qi 533935 05.iQs9Qgm?9f gm Q-6 THE 1952 spomczm f El b1'hCfyHghShl El bfhcfy N mc I n my 112,41 -Ns 2. lv ff,wq,, Ml, 5 A ,N ' ' ' neu" nc i ' Q? A ,.,i,S,, .A 4 ' -' fe'-fi r 1,5 nib' " Q " I , ' 0 L. X I A 5 an J, 71 'qu 1 ' ' s . l U I I' ?5'f" 0 6 'N .,, ' J ,J I4 ,f Y' . y t , " ,W . f A M 4 W ' ff' ,J . ,V - ,I ' A S" V f 'J . 1449 Agni ,,, . f- ,1"' - 4 1" V .. A . ' ' 1 v ' 4 .. l N , . 4 , V . Lf.. 95,111 ' f - " V f' 5 M 'f A I -MI fn, +"' 1 ..'s"'.,. .. f ,..r 4 y'gi,f,ff3,.,f",LMQ,.. 'fi' "', 'gf-' , - - MJ? e . ' ' .' M A A ,- , ,K f: ,I .,. , ' A .1 ' , I:.wz. fur jxvjxef' f I ,, A V ,. X' f ' a?" T" "lf-""0,"'11-',' I' UQ -' 'Q vw" ' ' .2-'M 1- - ' T' , ., ,Mba ,,, W, ,,.,,,,, , ,,. , ,4fA,,,,,, .A N, X- 'M' -- VJ,-wg U4 .off-fi, ,LA fx "M, ,v.y,,3 Av 4.1 ', 'A N' ',,Q-f"',.'3ff oi, f 'pw " Tw "1 'W " 1, Af 'W fy W 'ff 'M - af-f,f.'y,f we Q.: m'v4f',' ig,w.:'A ,' , 1, "M ,, fv5ev,.x,v',a,,ffw'- L, wif,-,A ,pf in V , A5 M ':,.:..::w' A, 4533, ,,,:j3,j?.,3:t, f 3' ,,,. ' H V, ,W 'f ,.fw"'.wvV,'-f"'.-. - :Avaya ,,.f,f in A lf'34"'..'1 'ij H " ' M - V, r, 4 , 5' . v .,. Q 'W r 1 ' 4 W, , , wwe W ...wwf ,nw ww V M w gf ..,-. ,', - ,. . of PWM ,nf ,M nv , ff , K as X, . Im, ,V N ,fm , ff W' 3, .ff 'H 6 W, rw! Y' 'W f P' -',,':i.f' if I M , , r VM M ,F NM W A. ,- My ,f M V-1 ,.,,e.-,V .,, ,' . . M M4 ',,.,..,f- ..,,w- V,-V www -f .,..',v .,,,.,u.Mv.,..yv W ,..,,,. .M f..,.-A .AW .NM-w M41-www.. .,, W, ,- 'uf 1, ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,.,,,A ...W ...,,..,.,M ...M . g,,,.,., ,..Q,, ,. ,, ,,,.., .,.m.,,M.m,..U.. .W,....,,... ,,,,.,.,,..,v,.W.,,, .f,W,,..-,,..f,..,,-V. . ,,,,.,,,..., .,,.,, 5-..,.w.-.,,w,.f,, ,. M... ,.,,,,,f., ., ,..,f,-. ......,.,,, W ,. VW. 6946- '-w-4-A yqrmgu' asm- hr-nM45vv0"'P"1k "n--dfiavpwjunnd, f v- .y. , , .,,, ,,,,, , .,, . ,, , ,U 0... ,,.- WWW ,, , wx 1. Wx-V., V. new 4 . , ,, , .,, ,,, , ,,, A , ' wfuqmf rw- ,... ,, M- ,mmm f' Af ' 'M----b-A-NN. ...,.., .,.,, V. .. V.,,. Mx, ,, ,,,, ,, V - M,,.,,.,,,, . ,.,W,. mu awk, W Wdwamnfv wafmnw "' 'www www M ,M un- M "' ' Ma vu. -M "'m..,,,f""..,m ""0-vm. ' ,..,,,M in W, "'wm,,"ww-, 'fu-V., wmmle- ,wr -, un mf ,,f. M W, . .1 NM A nw-1 ms ,-,f NA mm 1, an ,V 1,-,wc :wg V fn 6 Va Q Your unselfish spirit has given us the best of athletics. Under your guidance boyshave become men, character has been strengthen- ed, and knowledge has been gained. For four years of faithful service in promoting good sportsmanshipand highideals, we salute you, Coach Johnson. 4 r..4n-v ii 1- is. . if . COACHES ,MAG You have given to our school through your tireless efforts, those principles of clean living and playingp you have always demonstrated loyalty and devotion and you have always maintained a personal interest in each one of us. We are proud to honor you, Coach Brooks. 5 TABLE N NX g CONTENTS X S l 1 aa ggflfw 4 5 -2- V ' ' :,,"':L, ' .-'i+,:g- U an , "W -'A- 2, 3 ':"55f 0 , 1 , Ay - , . 'Zi-. 29 1 . :jg V ,Q 54:21 ' V ' f"'-' 1' Aww: f .1 - . 2.4.4 , "1'.i,,x ' ' ima" 'if 1 in 4 1'fy,,,, 321-va? I v Y 2 me QQG Q I fi? -s'?5fA 6 9 7 11" f 1 5 4 , Y, 49. , 4' f S, Vai, J :'-3 ' ' Q If ,.:f.':11Vf15-ff? - 1 '- 5' 1 - ?y , U L A - Q ,- 7.-Z--1 1 asmfu if' - 'nm Woe is the life of o Frop. X :fl The local sociclifes of the freshman dance Those grand old ladies of the lunchroom. The bond dunes of Wllluom's Rest in Newbern ,.ii ""! A X 4 Q . h.grefg!afU.9 411: , +1 .V Save those Confederate whistles, boy, That hardworkin' crew down in shop, the South shall rise again! K . . ,W , 1, ! S M' I' Q31 "Highpocke1's" Sawyer and "Lonesome" r Lindsey make their debut. Ain"r that Frighfenin' I - . ' K ' :Al 'Y , ' Wu A v . I xg .r:,. ,gg-il: , Z: I fg aj s o Q Q K . 46-. A 1 9 ' x BOARD GF TRUSTEES ELIZABETH CITY BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Elizabeth City Board of Graded School Trustees, appointed by the City Council, are the men in the background who help keep our school running smoothly. We are indebted to them For their hard work on the plans for our new building and for their excel lent choice of faculty members. They have a great responsibi lityand do a Fine iob. J. C. Abbott H. A. Graul Dr. J. H. Bonner J. C. Sawyer, Chairman C. O. Brockwell E. W. Smith Dr. W. H. Davis, Jr. W. A. Worth E. C. Funderburk, Secretary 10 ADMINISTRATION EARL C., FUNDERBURK Superintendent A.B., M.A. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, N.C. Mr. Funderburk first came here in i947 to be our principal. As principal he made a place in our school and hearts that we will never forget. Then he became our superintendent. As superintendent his outstanding abilities in leadership and character continued to make our school better. He is a wonderful person and we will always remember him as one of the best. FRED J. EASON A.B., M.A. Wake Forest College, Wake Forest, N.C. Mr. Eason's friendly nature and understanding way will always leave a deep impression on us. His high ideals and principles are a great asset to the students of Elizabeth City High School. We espe- cially appreciate his willingness to give us much needed advice and to always lend a helping hand. 11 1951 FACULTY MARY BLANE AYDLETT Music. A. B., East Carolina College. HORTENSE BOOMER Librarian. B. A., East Carolina College. B. S. in L. S., University of North Carolina. BERTHA COOPER Mathematics. B. A., M. A., East Carolina College. IDA BROCK BOWERS Commercial. B. S. S. A., Woman's College ofthe Univer- sity of North Carolina. ESTELLA I. COX Secretary. Barrett's Business School. ROBERT BROOKS Physical Education, Social Science. B. S. , Wake Forest Col- lege. SCOTT C, CALLAWAY Instrumental Music. B. A. E., University of Mississippi, M. M. , University of Michigan. ELIZABETH CHAPPELL Home Economics. B. S. H. E., Woman's College of the University of North Carolina. PAULINE MOE CLINKSCALES Social Science. B. S. , State College, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. WILMA FLOOD English, French. A. B., Atlantic Christian College. MARVIS ELAINE HOBBS Commercial. B. S., East Carolina College. MARIE HODUL Chemistry, General Science. B. S., Fordham University. 'W .4-nJ"""" FACULTY ANNIE MARIE JACKSON English. B. A. , Meredith College, JOHN W. JOHNSON PhysicalEducation. B. S. , North Carolina State College, M. A. , University of North Carolina. MINNIE JOHNSTON English. B. A. , M. A. , University of North Carolina. AUDREY HEATH JOLLEY Physical Education, Girls' Health. B. S. , East Carolina College, IMOGENE D, KRAMER English. A. B. , University of North Carolina. PAUL R. LITTLE Industrial Arts. B. S. University of Maryland. MARY OWENS Latin, Mathematics. B. A. , College of William and Mary. MARION ROGERS Instrumental Music. B. M, E. Oklahoma A. and L. College, M. M. , University of Michigan. ERMA TURNER Biology. B. A., M. A., East Carolina College. JOHN TURNER Social Science. B. A. , Duke University. REBECCA WEBB Mathematics. B. A. , Wake Forest College, M. A. , Columbia University. NANCY YOUNG English, Spanish. A. B. , Catawba College, M. A. , University of North Carolina. KE l WW SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President .... , , Hurley Hgrwqrd Vice-President . . . . Carolyn Pritchard Secretary. . . . . Joyce Welsted TVGUSUVSF - - . Annette Wright "GOODBYE" Early in June, we do depart, Hand in hand, in cap and gownp We mount the stairs, and do embark Upon a new career . We take our places, row on row With faces stern and troubled heartsi We step forward with heads bent low. We prepare to meet the future. We say goodbye, we shed our tears: They gave to us The past tour years. Let's make the most of it. --Bradley Bartlett AR 4' s CHARLES MARION ADAMS "Charlie" "Always laughing, never sad5 sometimes naughty, but never bad. " Grossmount Union High School I5 National Honor Society 3,45 Junior Play Cast5 Varsity Football 4: J.V. Football 2,35 Baseball 35I.V. Base- ball 25 Monogram Club 45 Key Club 35 Travel Club 25 H.R. Pres, 45 S. C. V-Pres. 3. PHOEBE ANN AYDLETT "Phoebe Ann" "Many charming ways doth she possess." Band I,2,3,4, Officer 3, 4:Natiol'1alHOrl0r Society I, 2, Chap- lain 45 Marshal 35 Dramatic Club Ig Junior Play Cast5 Music Club 25 F. T. A. 2,3,4, Sec. 2, V-Pres. 4:1-I.R. Representative I5 S.C, I,2,4, Com, Chairman 2.4. ROY KENDRICK ASKEW HROY., "That one small head could carry all he knew. " Glee Club 45 Hi-Y 3, Sec.: Dramatic Club 3, Treas,5 Junior Play Staff-Castg Commercial Club 45 Pasquocam Basketballzg Key Club 2,3,4, Treas. 35 Future Tea- chers of America 2,4, Treas. 25 H. R. Sec, I, Pres, 35 S.C. Pres, 45 Boys' State 3. SENIORS WALLACE HILL BAGLEY, IR. "Bun" "Girls may come and girls may go, but not if Ican help it," Band I,2,3, Officer 35 Loudspeaker Staff 25 Hi-Y 3,4, Pres. 45 Audio-Visual Club 25 Key Club 25 Music Club I5 H.R. Pres. 2. 17 VERNA LEE AUSTIN "Verna" 'Beauty is truthg Uuth-beauty," DramaticClub 2, 35 Junior Play Staff5 Library Staff 4g Varsity Basketball 35 Monogram Club 2, 3.4: I. V. Cheer- leader I, Varsity 3,45 G,A,A, 2,4, Treas. 45 F.H.A. 25 H.R. Sec. I,4. SHIRLEY ANNE BAINES "Beans" "lt is better to learn late than never." Bridgeton High School 25 Spotlight Staff 25 Loudspeaker Staff 45 F.T.A. 1,45 Photography Club 35 Ir. Red Cross I. ff ' U . 1 1 iff. ',.' 1 f li 55- ,gif '- .2 , '1 1 JOHN BRADLEY BARTLETT "Brad" "l love fool's experiments, I am always making them. " Spotlight Staff 45 Junior Play Cast5 Audio-ViS11812: Key Club 2, 35 S.C. 45 Com. Chair- man 45 Safety Patrol 3,45 Scribblers 4. ROBERT RAY BRAY "Rabbit" "Withhis small smile and modest manner, Robert is a friend to trea- sure." Junior Play Staff5 Library Staff 45 Varsity Football 41 l.V. Football 35 Most Valuable Player Award 35 Key Club 45 Travel Club 4, 'x WW BETTY HOLLAND BELL "Betty Holland" "True to her dutylalways. " Band i,2, 3,45 Officer l,2,3,4g Spotlight Staff 2,3,45 Bus, Mgr, 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Dramatic Club Ig V-Pres. 5 Junior Play Cast5 G. A. A . 25 F.T,A. 2,3,45 Pres. 25 ll.R. V-Pres. lg SGC. 3: S.C. l,2,3,4g H.R. RC' presentative I5Cotn.Chairman2,3,4 SENIORS WILLIS MORSE BRICE, JR. "Brice" "Tal1est of boys or shortest of men, he stood in his stockings just six foot ten." Junior Play Staff5 Audio-Visual Club I, Treas,5 Key Club 45 S.C. 4, Com. Chairman, TCT? 18 'W' KAY ANN BLACK "S-hortie" "That's our Black Gal." Spot- light Staff 3,45 Loudspeaker Staff 23 Dramatic Club Ig G,A,A, 45 4-ll Club 1,25 Sec. Ig F.H,A, 25 Sec. 2: Spotlight Club 3, Treas, 35 H.R. Treas, I, Sec, 25 Scribblers 4, LEON BRICKHOUSE "Plug Jr. " "Men may come and men may go but I go on forever, " Varsity foot- ball 2, 3: Varsity Basketball 3: J.V. Basketball I, 2g Baseball Team 3- Monogram Club 2.45 4-H Club I,4 MARY ELIZABETH BRIGHT "Betty" "As merry as the day is long," Band I, 2, 3,4g Majorette 3,4, Dra- matic Club 4, Junior Play Staff, G. A.A. 2,3g Future Homemakers 2,3, 4: S.C. Com. 3,4. WALLACE ANSELL BRUMSEY, IR. "Bun Bun" "lf he weren't such a devil, he'd be aperfect angel, "Band I, 2,Com- mercial Club 3,4, Pres. 35 Varsity Football 3,43 I.V. Football 2: I.V. Basketball 2, Pasquocarn Basketball Ig Monogram Club 2,3,4, Key Club I,2,3g Travel Club 3, Class Treas. I: Golf Team 2,3,4. DONALD DE LBE RT BRIGHT "Don" "Better never trouble trouble, un- til trouble troubles you," Varsity Football 2,3-42 I. V. Football Ig Monogram Club 2,3,4, F.T.A. 2, 3,4, Parliamentarian 2, V-Pres, 3. SENIORS EDNA FLORINE BUNCH "Florine" "Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast, " Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, V-Pres. 3,45 Spotlight staff I,2, 4g Loudspeaker Staff 4, National Honor Society 3,4gJL1lllOl' Play Staff, Audio-Visual Club 2, Sec., F.T.A. 2, 3, 4g H.R. Representative 3, 4: Tri- Hi-Y 4g Jr, Red Cross I, 'Z' 19 C! WINONA VIRGIL BORTHERS "Pick" "lf you know her well, you know she'sswel1." Band I,2, 3,4, Officer 3,4g National Honor Society 3,45 Dramatic Club I,2,3g Junior Play Staff, G.A.A. 2, F.T.A. 4, Libr. 4, S.C. Com. 2,4g Spotlight Staff 4. CARL BURGESS "Pos" "Wit and humor belongto genius alone. " Key Club 4, I is jd YE? S Y' y, g . , if DONNA JEAN BURGESS "Donna" "Bid me sing, 1 will enchant the ear, " Glee Club I, 2, 3,45 Dramatic Club 3,45 Junior Play Staff5 G,A,A, I5 Music Appreciation 35 F.H.A. 25 H. R. Treas. 25 Spanish Club 4, Corr. Sec. BARBARA MAY BURNHAM "Babs" "She is pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with." Band l,2,3,4g Officer 3,45 Spotlight Staff 35 Loud- speaker Staff I5 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Na- tional Honor Society 3,45 Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, Pres. 25 Junior Play Staff5 Commercial Club 4. Sec.-Treas.5 G.A.A. 25 4-H Club lg H.R. Treas. 35 S.C. Representative I, Q. if NX i RAY C, BURGESS nRayn "Not too serious, Not to gay, but altogether a jolly good fellow. " Glee Club 4,55 Varsity Football 45 J.V. Football I,2, 35 Monogram Club 4, 554-11 Club I,2. SENIORS GEORGE WALTON COHOON, JR. "George" "A jolly good fellow." Library staff 3,45 Monogram Club 3,45 Tra- vel Club 45 Manager Varsity Foot- ball 35 Manager J.V. Football 2. 20 Q75 ff .tv wr . ,. . .sirva-.-, is WILLIAM BURGESS "Sleepy" "Slow but sure, " Dramatic Club 45 Audio-Visual 2, 3. JULIA ADELAIDE CHARLTON "Laide" "The Belle ofthe Ball. " Spotlight Staff 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Commercial Club 4, Presg H.R. V-Pres. 45 Scrib- bler 45 Journalism Club Ig Creative Writing 25 Foreign Language 35 Nor- view High School I, 2, 3. RICHARD DALE COLLHER "Dickie" "Happy go lucky. " Glee Club I, 2, Junior Play Staff, Varsity Football 4: I.V. Football I, 3, Monogram Club 2, 3,45 Travel Club 4, V-Pres.: Golf Team 2, 3, 4. NORMA MAE CREEKMORE "Sis" "A winning way, a pleasant smile." Glee Club 1,25 National Honor Society 3,45 Marshal 3g Li- brary Staff 4, Varsity Basketball 1, 2, G.A.A. 4: 4'H Club Ig H.R. Treas, 3,4g Freshman Play Ig South Mills High School I, 2. Nu.. EDWARD DUKE COWELL, IR. "Duke" "Small in body, great in mind. " National Honor Society 3,45 Library Staff 4g Audio-Visual I, 2, Key Club 2,3,4, S. C. Com. 4. SENIORS ROBERT LUTHER DOWDY "Dowdy" "The world will make a beaten path to his door. " Glee Club 4, Band Ig Spotlight Staff3,4, Editor 4g Loud- speaker Staff 3, Sports Editor, Na- tional Honor Society 3,4, Dramatic Club 3, V-Pres, Junior Play Cast- Staffg Audio-Visual 2,3g Key Club 2,3,4, Pres. 4g Spotlight Club 2, S. C. Com. 3, Scribbler 4, Safety Pa- trol 4. rx . V , -irv I . 41 A ,V 'T 2223 .5 JACK DEMPSEY CRANK Creeper" "Little in stature, but large in esteem." Varsity Football 49 J.V. Basketball 2,35 Baseball Team 3, Monogram Club 4. MILES EVANS "Miles" "It is good to live and learn. Glee Club I,2. -Q" 'Z' .J reQf5,'fg5.Pi f ' , 2 ci. gm., sp" . La., ., A DONALD GENE ETHERIDGE "Donald" "Let the world slide. " JOSEPH FORBES H106 ,, "My heart's content when l'm on mischief bent." Library Staff 4, I 33 JANET WALKER FERRIELL "Janet" "Quiet in appearance with mo- tives unknown. " Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4. Treas. 4g Tri-Hi-Y4g DramaticClub 4, Music Appreciation 35 F.l-l.A. 2. SENIORS REDWELL KAY FORBES "Redwell K. " Handsome, dashing, full of joy, he'sjust brilliant, thatdrugstore cow- boy." National Honor Society 3,4, Pres, 4g Marshal 3, Chief, Library Staff 4, Key Club 2, 3,4, V-Pres. 3g Freshman V-Pres. , Sophomore Pres.g H.R. Pres. I, H.R. Representative 2, S.C. 2,3, Com, Chairman 3. DORIS PATTI FORBES "Doris" 'A swell girl with a big broad smile, "Commercial Club 4g Audio- Visual1g4-H Club I,2. ROY FORBES "Foxey" "Athletic, witty, and full of fun, he's madea friend ofeveryone. "Hi- Y 3, 4, Chaplin 4g Varsity Football 2, ,4, Co-Captain 4, Baseball Team ,3,4, Manager 3g Monogram Club 3 2 2, 3, 4, Pres, 32 H.R. Representative I, 22 GOLDIE EVELYN FOREHAND "Goldie" "AndI chatter, chatter, chatter as I go. " Commercial Club 45 G. A. A. 35 4-H Club 1,25 F.H.A. 2. PHYLLIS MARIE GREGORY "Phyllis" "Pretty, charming, and awfully nice, the kind of girl you'd look at twice." Band I,2,3,4, Officer 3,45 Spotlight Staff 25 Loudspeaker Staff 45 Tri-lli-Y 4: National Honor So- ciety 3,4, Sec. 45 Marshall 35 Dra- matic Club I5 Junior Play Staff5 H. R. Pres. I, V-Pres, 2, Sec. 35 S.C. Com. 2,35 Safety Patrol 4, f , :W 1 4. if f 4' gif .,,5 yyyy 5 3 Y! . xl ' i A. FRANK GIBSON "Hoot" "A quiet fellow who is always ready to lend a helping hand. " Var- sity Football :5 Baseball Team I,2, 3,45 Monogram Club l,Z, 3,4. SENIOHS JOHN HUBBARD HALL "Skipper" "They made him, then threw the pattern away, Hi-Y 3, Sgt. -At-Arms5 Junior Play Staffg Varsity Basketball I,2, 3,45 Monogram Club I, 2, 3,4, Treas, 35 F.T.A, I5 Freshman Pres. 15 Golf 2,3,4. Z3 ALICE GRAY "Alice" "They never talk who always think. " Glee Club I, 25 Loudspeaker Staff 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 National llonor Society 3,45 Marshal 3,COllllll6l'Cl31 Club 3,45 S.C. 4:Off1Ce 4. ANNE MAC HARDISON " Mac" 'A true friend and a loyal com- panion," G.A.A. 45 Travel Club 25 Spotlight Club I, 'NN SHIRLEY GERTRUDE HARRIS "Shirley" "It's good to be merry and wiseg it's good to be honest and true," Junior Play Staffg Varsity Basketball gg Monogram Club 3, G.A.A. 45 F. H.A. 2,4, Treas. 4: International Relations 3, Jr. Red Cross Ig Photo- graphy Club 3. EARLENE HASTINGS "Earlene" "Climb high, climb far, your goal the sky, your aim the star," Glee Club 2,3g Tri-Hi-Y 4, Pres., National Honor Society 3,4, Treas, 45 Dramatic Club I, Treas,g Mar- shal 3gIunior Play Staff, H.R. Treas, 1, Sec. 2, Pres. 3, V-Pres, 4, HELEN MARIE HARWARD "Rosia", HURLEY LEON HARWAPLD "Gus" 'Laugh and be fat," Jefferson jefferson High School 25 Senior High School 2, Band I,2,3,4, Of- ficer 4, Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 3, Varsity Bas- ketball 3g Speech Club 4, V-Pres.a SENIOHS BILLY EDWARD HoLLoMoN "Bill" "Still water runs deep. " Hi-Y 3, 43 Audio-Visual 2, 3. LQ Z4 Pres.g H,R, Pres. 49 Office 3,4. DAVID HENRY HUGHES III-Ienryfl "Let us have wine and women mirth, and laughter. " CAROLYN ANN JENNINGS SHIRLEY JEAN JENNINGS "Carol" "Shirley" "Ofquiet taste and manners mild." "They also serve who only stand Cypress Chapel High School I: Glee and wait,-' F.H.A. 2.4, Historian 2g Club 2.3.49 Travel Club 1.2.45 IH' International Relations 3, ternational Relations Club 3, SENIORS JOSEPH THOMAS LAMB, JR. .Jo JO.. "His limbs are cast in manly moldg for hardy sports or contrast bold. " "Juanita" Commercial Club 3g Varsity Football "Little I ask, my wants are few, " 3.43 J.V. Football 2: J.V. Basketball I, 25 Monogram Club 2,3,4g H. R. 2,39 Dramatic Club I,2g G.A,A, I Pres. Ig H.R. Representative 2g Golf 2,35 Speech Club I,2,33 Class Pres Team 2,3,4, 2. Bible Club I,23Y'T6er1S 1.2. Boyden High School I, 23 Glee Club I 25 133' -frffi' 1 . JOHN WILSON JONES, JR. "Wilson" "The heart that could never de- ceive. " South Mills High School I,2g National Honor Society 3. 4: J. V. Football 3. Varsity Basketball 45 I. V. Basketball 33 Monogram Club 4g Key Club 4, S.C. Com. Chr. 45 In- ternational Relations Club 3g Baseball Team 3,4. LOIS JEAN LERMAN "Lois" "Physical virtues are an asset to anyone." Tir-Hi-Y 4, Junior Play Staffg Commercial Club 4g Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Monogram Club 3,45 Varsity Cheerleader 45 G. A. A. Ig F.H.A. 2. ELIZABETH ANN MANN "Ann" "Silence has its reward." Glee Club 4gJunior Play Staff:F.H.A. 2, t4.1:+wsff,.fg,:':f,gf:g 'FFHI' f' ,fff "5f,ff",::24 f a- 5 1tr,.,'.,Qz,4,5L - 5L3:fr:'.i ' "i'La,.Q.wf, DORIS LOUISE MARKHAM "Doris" "l shall not change though to- morrow may come . " Loudspeaker 4: Spotlight Club 3, Sec.: Photog- Staff 43 Tri-Hi'Y 4. raphy Club 3. IVAN DAY MEEKINS "Fish" "Thcre'sa hightide on the sound side. " Commercial Club 33 Varsity Football 3.4: I.V. Footballl, 25 Monogram Club 3,4. , ft' SENIOHS EMOGENE MILLER "Gene" "A little learning is a dangerous thing. " Band 1,2, Flag Bearerg Dra- matic Club 2, Sec.:Iunior Play Staff: G.A.A. 3.4: F.H.A. 2: Pho- tography Club 3, Treas,g Scribbler 43 Office 4. Z6 ,gii Il H I DON EVERTON MEEKINS "Don" "To hitch his wagon to a star. " Pasquocam Basketball I Q Travel Club 4, Pres.: International Relations Club 3. ROBERTA EILEEN MOORE "Eileen" "None knew her butto love her, none named her but to praise her. " Band l,2,3,4, Head Majorette 45 Loudspeaker Staff 4g Dramatic Club 1, Sec. :Junior Play Staff: Commer- cial Club 33 G.A.A. 2, Treas.g Class Sec. 1,351-LR. Sec. 4g S.C. Sec. 2, Com. Chr.3: Safety Patro14. r' A fran" 5 I , I v LOIS ANN MORTASHED "Lois" "The best things always come in small packaged. "Green l-lills, Ohio I3 Loudspeaker Staff 3,4, Editor 49 Tri-Hi-Y4, V-Pres. 5 Dramatic Club I,2,3, Sec. 35 Junior Play Cast- Staff: Commercial Club 3: G.A.A. I3 F.H.A. 1gSpeech Club 2, Sec.g H.R. Treas. 2. QUINTON RAY ONLEY "Bud" "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men, " Pho- tography 3. MARSHALL LOUIS NEWBERN "Louis" "A true southern gentleman." Audio-Visual 3, Pres.: Travel Club 4. SENIOHS ELLIOTT G, OVERMAN "Pete" "Tis better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and prove it." Band 1,2,3,4, Officer l,2,3, 45 Key Club 35 Music Appreciation 35 H.R. V-Pres, I. , 13 Z7 MATTIE LUCY OLDS "I.ucy" "Her ways are ways of pleasant- ness." Loudspeaker Staff 4gTri-Hi-Y 43 National Honor Society 3,44 Mar- shal 33 Varsity Basketball Manager 33 MonogramClub4gF.H.A. 2,V-Pres. MORT ON KENT PA LMER Y "Salt" "His duties well prepared, his days well spent." Glee Club 2,45 Speech Club 3, Sgt.-At-Arms. I ,tgp lg, Tw BERTA CLAIRE PARKER "Betta" "A happy smile makes many friends," Tri-Hi-Y 4, Treas.: Na- tional Honor Society 3,45Iunior Play Staffg Library Staff3,45 H.R. V-Pres, 3: S.C. Com. 1,2,3,45 H.R. Rep- resentative 1,35 Press Club 4. SENIORS RAY NORRIS PIPKIN ..PiP,. "Thus speaketh a man." Glee Club I,2,3,4Q Audio-Visual Club 45 Varsity Football 3. JOHN BUXTON PARKER "Goose" "A wit- with dunce, and a dunce with wits." Commercial Club 3,45 Audio-Visual Club 25 Varsity Foot- bal14:J.V. Football35Baseba1l Team 2,35 Monogram Club 45 Key Club 45 Travel Club 3: H.R. Sec. 3: S.C. Com. 1,25 Safety Patrol 4, PHYLLIS RAE PRICE "Price" "May she always stay the same, changing nothing but her name. " Band I,2,3,4, Majorette 2,3,45 Spotlight Staff 35 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Nationall-Ionor Society 3,4, V-Pres, 45 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,45Junior Play Cast5 Var- sity Basketball 2,35l.V. Basketball IQ Monogram Club 2,3, Sec.-Treas. 35 G.A.A 2, Sec.5 Class Treas. 35 H.R. Treas. 25 S.C. Treas. 45 H.R. Representative 3,4. mn Z8 salt- X vrfi-aw.. 5, ,, . Q ... k., . 5 fr fav 2, . .X k:"' '. X -rg.-' . . - - if QV l . ' ' ""' 5' W X 3 V . x , ' vi! 1 ' ' f-'Q 5 - -'. ' -I 1 -vita? ir 1',fs1gq- ,, . 155 .5 . - nggit-.L . we. fix, A A DALLAS MCMULLEN PERRY "Dallas" "It's a friendly heart that has plenty of friends. "All d i 0 ' ViSU 21 Club 3 . CAROLYN ELLIOTT PRITCHARD "Carolyn" "Earth has not anything to show more fair." Central High 1,25 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Junior Play Staff5 Var- sity Cheerleader I,2,4: G.A.A. 4: 4-H Club 1,23 F.H.A. 1,25 Spotlight Club 3, Pres.5 Class V-Pres. 45 H.R. Pres.3,Sec.45 S.C.Representative 2. ,ff JEANNE PRITCHARD "Jeanne" "Silence is sweeter than speech. " Glee Club li Band 1,2,3,4, Officer 3,4gLoudspeaker Staff 1,45 Spotlight Staff 3: Tri-Hi-Y 4,4 Chaplain: Na- tionalHonor Society 3,4g Junior Play Staffg Music Appreciation 25 Class Sec. IQH.R. Sec, I,2, V-Pres. 3. Treas. 4:S.C. Com. 2,3,4g Press Club 4. HENRYETTA OLENA REED "Henrietta" "A good reputation is more val- uable than money." Stephen F. Aus- tin Jr. High I3 Library Staff Ig G.A. A. I: F.H.A. 2,35 International Relations Club 4, V-Pres, 4, ywii Z 1-ww' , War' IULIET PRONIER nludyu "At long last I am Able to say a few words of my own." Loudspeaker Staff I ,4gDramatic Club I ,2,3, Pres. 3gJunior Play Staff-Castg Commercial Club 35 J.V. Cheerleader I3 Spot- light Club 2: Speech Club 4, Sec.: Press Club 4. SENIORS JULIAN SANDERLIN "Julian" "The only way to have a friend is to be one." National Honor Society 3: Marshal 3: I.V. Football 32 Key Club 3,4, Sgt. -At-Arms 3. 29 461 IOYCE MARIE RAPER "Race horse" "She's dependable, she's fast, let's hope that attitude lasts and lasts." 4-H I: F.H.A. 2. ALLEN GOODMAN SAUNDERS "Allen" "Looks to sway the ladies, power to sway us all." Junior Play Staff, K PATTIE DELORIS SAWYER "Sophia" "Well timed silence has more elequence than speech." Tri-Hi-Y 45 National Honor Society3,4g Marshal 39 F.I'l.A. 2. JARVIS STILLMAN SCOTT "Scottie" "Life is so short and sweet, but so arn I, " Weeksville High School I, Fork Union Military A c a d e m y 25 Glee Club I,2,3,4, Pres.4: Loud- speaker Staff 43 Hi-Y 4, V-Pres.: National Honor Society 45 Dra- matic Club 2:l.V. Basketballtg 4-H Club tgH.R. Pres. 3gPress Club 4. , . , a t Y .A I JEAN CLAIRE SAWYER "Blue Eyes" "Monty, that's my boy." Audio- Visual Club 45 4-H Club l,2,3, V- Pres, 3gSpotlightClub 3L H.R. Sec. 3. SENIORS HARRY L. SEELEY, IR. "Seeley" "And the band played on." Glee Club 41B3llCl I,2,3,4, Officer 3,45 Dramatic Club 1,2pJunior Play Staff: Music Appreciation Club 33 Travel Club 2,3, V-Pres, 3, Pres. 3: l-I.R. Treas. 29 S.C. Com. 3. ,J- -21' t A 1, lrii 30 STEPHEN FORBES SAWYER "T. B." "Long may we seek his likeness, long in vain. " Key Club 4, Treas.: Spotlight Club 3: Safety Patrol 4g Office 4. PEGGY ANN SHACKELFORD "PeS8Y" "Sees all, hears all, knows all." Robert E. Lee 2,3gSpotlight Staff 43 Tri-Hi-Y 4g National Honor Society 4: Dramatic Club 45 C-.A.A. 2,3g Speech Club 4:H.R. Sec. -Treas. 3, V-Pres . 45 H.R. Representative 3, Safety Patrol 43 Latin Club 2, V- Pres. 23 Scribbler 49 Queen of Pea- nut Bowl 4. Nh t me J' f -H 35 tr ll if f f , if , a. ! h: ALVAH FORREST SIMONS "Bud" "He talks and talks and talks." Junior Play Staff5 Library Staff 45 Var- sity Football 3,4: J.V. Football 25 Pasquocam Basketball 25 Monogram Club 3, 49 H.R. Pres. 1 5 International Relations Club 4. JOAN JOYCE TUCKER "Joanie" "Ready for anything, but let's make it fun." Moyock High School 1,25 Glee Club l,2Q Band I5 Junior Play Staff5 Library Staff 1,25 Varsity Basketball 2,35 Varsity Cheerleader 4: G.A.A. 1,2,3, V-Pres, 33 4-H Club 1,25 Music Appreciation 3,45 Travel Club 3,45 F.H.A. I,2. 5 . .1- 'lm 'UN .1 fl ' 6 4 5 l , A ELBERT WILSON SMITH, JR. JEANNETTE FAY TUCKER "Bert" "Tucker" "Handsome isas handsome does, "To know her is to like her. but it sure does help to be goodlook- Band l,2,3,4, Officer 2,3,45 Tri ing." Glee Club 45 Spotlight Staff 25 Hi-Y 4, Sec.: National Honor So Loudspeaker Staff 45 National Honor ciety 3,45 Dramatic Club 15 Music Society3,45 Dramatic Club 35Junior Play Cast5 Debater 45 Audio-Visual Club 25Key Club 2,3,4, District Lt. Gov. 45Class Pres. 35 S.C. Com. 3. JOYCE LEE WELSTEAD "Dagmar" "Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well, " Glee Club I5 Band 2,35 Loudspeaker staff 3: Tri- Hi-Y 45 National Honor Society 3,4, Marshal 35 Dramatic Club I,2,35 Junior Play Cast5 Commercial Club 4, V-Pres. 45 Spotlight Club 25 Class Sec. 45 S.C. Com. I, H.R. Repre- Appreciation Club 2,45 Sec. 4: H R. Pres. 4. SENIOHS BETTY JOYCE WHALEY "Betty Joyce" "Her ways are ways of pleasant ness, and all her paths are peace. Glee Club 3,45 F.H.A. 25 Spotlight Club 35 International Relations Club sentative 2, 35 Safety Patrol 4, 4, Sec. -T reas. 4. 31 ik' DUKE WHITE "Duke" "Not too sole m n , not too gay, but a real good fellow in every way. " Glee Club I,2,3,4, V-Pres. 45 Var- sity Football 4: LV. Basketball 25 J. V. Football 35 Pasquocam Basketball 15 Class V-Pres. 3: H.R. V-Pres. 3: Safety Patrol 4, 46' 4-'GQ' ANNETTE WRIGHT "Annette" "A face of lily beauty and a form ofairy grace." Band I,2,3,4, Officer 1,3,45 Junior Play Staffg Commercial Club 35 G.'A.A. 25Speech Club 45 F. T.A. 2,3,4, V-Pres. 2, Pres. 45 Class Treas. 45 H.R. Treas. 35 S. C. Com. 3. SENIORS HARRY UMPHLETT "Acey" "History repeats itself, " Band 25 Varsity Basketball 4: J.V. Basketball 2,35 Monogram Club4, 55 Key Club 4. ,pai 32 ...PA if IO ANN FRANCES WRIGHT "Footsie" "They say she 's small, they say she's witty: they say she's cute, they say she's pretty." Spotlight Staff 43 Loudspeaker staff 4: Dramatic Club 25 Junior Play Staff: Library Staff 2, 3,45 Audio-Visual Club 4: l-I.R, Treas. IQ Scribbler 4. SCRIBBLEHS t Eil Q4-l lj Every year the senior scribblers have a big iob to do. For, to sum- marize each personality and character ottheir class might mean a smile or a black eye in June!! This year's scribblers were the Seniors on the Spotlight editorial staff, Lett to right are Peggie Shackelford, Kay Black, Emogene Miller, Adelaide Charleton, .lo Ann Wright, Brad Bartlett and Robert Dowdy. Wayne Moore, Jr. and Pamila Davis were selected by the i952 seniors of E.C.H.S. way back in October as their mascots. They will lead the seniors down the aisle in June to their diplomas and Futures. Probably in that moment they will feel more distinguished than the graduating class, for Wayne Jr. and Pamila will know only the glory of those moments. Wayne, lll is the son of Mr. and Mrs. .l.W. Moore, Jr. , and Pamila, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. William H. Davis. 33 MASCOTS OUTSTANDING CHARLES ADAMS Charles has a wonderful personality and is the life of every party. He is always ready to help anyone whenever the time connes. Besides being on the varsity toot- ball team he is an excellent baseball player and has won letters in both sports. 34 PHYLLIS RAE PRICE Phyllis is the type of girl everyone admires. She has a vivacious personality and character. As a nnaiorette, she has contributed much to our school band and spirit. She was treasurer of the student government this year. SENIOHS JOYCE LEE WE LSTED Joyce is always ready 'ro bring life To 'rhe piano whenever called upon. She is very preffy and is always wailing fo do someone else a favor. She was elected senior class secrefary. She is just plain "ours". -, , HURLEY HARWARD Hurley did a superior iob as our senior class president. He is a quiet boy with a smile in reserve For everyone. Everyone thinks well of 'rhis fall, dark, and slim senior. He is a friendlysorf, The kind that goes a long way To do a good deed 35 REDWELL FORBES Redwell is the rnost outstanding boy scholar ot his class. He is president of the National Honor Society and is well liked by every one throughoutthe entire school. A more courteous or pleasing fellow can be found nowhere. OUTSTANDING ROY FORBES Roy has a variety of friendliness that everyone enjoys, is nice looking and is very athletic. He was co-captain of our V951 Yellow Jacket football team and contributed much toward the sport's world of E.C.H.S. SENIORS JOHNNY PARKER Johnny is a friend to all and popular with everyone. Never mad at anything, he goes through life with an "easy-go" way that everyone wishes were his own. He was a member of the varsity football team his senior year and was spectacular in his playing. EARLENE HASTINGS Earlene is our most outstanding girl scholar and her grades have Proven her efforts well worth while. She was a mar- shall last year atgraduation and this year is president of the Tri-Hi-Y. Quiet, and well liked, she is the type that will go far in life to reach her goal. 37 ROY ASKEW Roy is a very popular and amibitious boy who is a valuable friend to everybody in E.C.H.S. Throughout his high school career Roy has been very active and has contributed much to our school . As a result he waselected president of the Student Council, an honor which he readily deserves. Good luck, Roy, and may you go a long way in life. MlSS 2 A 1 A EILEEN MOORE Eileen, our high stepping chief maiorette is one of the most loved girls in our school. Booming with personality, Eileen'always has a word for everyone ancl her smile is always welcomed by her classmates. She has made a name For herself and our bancl by her twirl- ing talents. We all wish Eileen the best of luck and happiness throughout life. 39 U N D f I3 C L A SMIN 1. In Memoriam NICHOLAS POULOS Nick was an active member of our class and is remembered by all by the friendly smile he had for everyone at all times. During his high school years he was a member ofthe Spotlight Club, the Audio-Visual Club, the Photography Club, the Spotlight Staff, the Junior Varsity and Varsity football teams. 42 OUR JUNIOR YEAR For many years we've made our way, Racking our brains day after day. Science, math, and history too Required hard work to put us through. Our prom, our play, and our magazine drive Were quite a success and gave us much pride, But ordering our class rings was the biggest thrill, Our hopes and our dreams were about to be filled Toni Gill Treasurer Ruth Ferrell Secretary Billy Gay McDowell President Sally Wood McMullan Vice-President Although we're now in the Eleventh grade, Our work and worries still don't fade, But now with this work we have frolics and fun Our work and play is all tied in one. And now that the year is almost gone, We wish to pass this word along, "Come on Juniors, let's keep up the pace, Remember we've all got a future to face. Betty Wilson ,f 1 me 1 r 'H' s B, ,,f,g:f'ij!5:t-, is . 'y .1 , ,, 5 ri 47-'?9 ':'m'2' via .- 4 I fr ,g 0+ 1 in 'iq if ' 5, , tg? W 7 f v , , f, f, 1 , 4 ,,.q 'a yf 9 5 4 if 1 W M f , f 4 , 1 ' f v J 4 JVWIA A Z f fffia' ff G ' Q My , N 1415! 'Q W' if fm , ,Z Z4 uf 9 fi ,X i s we ff Pat Bailey Harvey Baker Margaret Baker JUNIORS , 4? , 'Q 'Sf . 4, , ii W 3 f L 'azfifsaw zgrgf 5124... W ,w ... Z' ,195-' x ff ,M ffv "' Y fha 1 ,A Q , William Bartlett Ella Mae Batton Marilyn Boston Keith Brace Joyce Bradshaw Mable Jean Bray Bobby Brothers Reid Carleton Fred Castellow George Cole Grace Coley Roland Cooper Faye Coppersmifh Van Cufhrell Paula Davenport dh Sheila Daugherty Annette Davenport JUNIOHS 5 P3 My QOH! ' 49f MADC Annie Rae Davis Fannie Mae Davis Lemuel Leslie Davis, Jr, Dillon Dawson Virginia Edwards Gordon Fearing Ruth Ferrell Carolyn Forbes Toni Gill IE- a JUG Janet Glenn Anne Gray Linwood Gregory Marvin Gregory Mi r 1 , 1 l 1 l l Dempsey Harrison Billy Hqgkett June Hayman 9 Rosemary Heath Lindsey Hewitt JUNIORS .lo Ann Hill Donnie Hoffler Tv' Gilbert Hooper -- 'I 1555?-'ss. ,Q A- 13' :iw JW' " "iff 291 2 A . . 4245 f , ' .-- x sf: B H I, X 1' :I t n: SSSIB op IDS - s ' ,x. 5 - '-ff-1. .1 1 fn f 1 'M 'Q .1 .,- .' Z, 'lffff ' . - ' 34221: f f 'f in 1 "-'ig 1' 211551-' if Alvin Johnson Bill Jones Eleanor Avery Jones y I F Betty Jordon an si ,ff William Kohlbaum, Jr. Shirley Leary Charlotte Madrin George Manos Virginia Mathis Dorothy Marsh Sal ly McMul lan vii f , 9 ,-. ,J I 12. Az if 'lfvi 4 v' mv Billy Gay McDowell Donna Meek JUNIORS Bette Ann Meekins Myrtle Miller Doris Moore Dorothy Moore Joe Morse Shirley Palmer Undine Perry Faye Pritchard We , 1 153' I- Y X .-1' 1 43" b ,J ,fx s xx ,Q 7- 4 Q I S ,, 2 f ,gf QW ,jig ,125 - ,. V . Q J b px 4 F 1? 2 .., j , , at X 'F haf ' 'fgfgfain if if A S fin fuhf ' l me-ff 433 I r I l i l i I f 6 4.9 Norwood Rector Fay Rogers Wilson Roughton Bobby Sawyer Faye Sawyer Sudie Sawyer TS- Jean C. Sawyer John L, Sawyer JUNIOHS All 1? M ' .fr f Willa Faye Sawyer Suzanne Seeley Ann Renee Smith Evelyn Smith Marian Kay Spencer Philip Spruill Elizabeth Swindell June Takala Martha Ann Tarkington ,ala Rebecca Ann Tarkington Shirley Thompson Joyce Toler Kentwood Turner Franklin Wall Bill Wallace Marinia Weeks Walter Weston Alma Williams iw. A -vii'-x " 1722 5? Juniors whose pictures do not appear: Don Baum, Edward Brothers, Patsy Byrd, Clift Chappell, George Dickerson, Conway Forbes, Ben Goodwin, Cecil Gregory, Doris Gurganus, Wesley Hyatt, William Jansson, Calvin Lacy, Mildred Lacy, Donald Leadbeater, Curtis Pipkin, Thomas Sfetos, Dyson Thurecht, Wayne Trueblood, Ann Voight, Walter Wall, Charlie White, and Maurice Williams. JUNIORS f 3: Dal Williams Robert Williams Virgil Williams , ,Emi Betty Wilson Jimmy Wise Daisy Mae Wood 'al .Ali 4. 5-3. his is 4 ,ea --3 i fi OUR SOPHOMOHE YEAR A year of ioy, our sophomore year, A year of triumph, a year of trial, A year of work, all Freshmen fear. And study---study, all the while. A year of work, a year of toil, A year of laughs, a year of Fung And many nights, burn midnight oil. A year always remembered--this one. .41 Vice President Treasurer John Carroll Smith Webb Williams Secretary President Margaret Brumsey John Bell A year in which to plan ahead, A year that rushes day by day, A year by faithful teachers led. A year that soon will fade away. A year of learning facts and rules, A year that everyone holds dear, A year of many memories at school. This year, the year--Our Sophomore Year Pat Melson Doris Beals John H. Bell, Jr Helen Bray Douglas Burgess Eloise Castellow Cleveland Clark ,S lf? Joyce Alston Shirley Ammeen Pete Ashton Shirley Askew Tommy Baker Janet Basnight 1,1 V, 'x .rf SOPHOMORES Julian Copeland Ralph Cox, Jr. Dorcas Cox Dick Darling Charles Davenport Robert Davis 51 I ll I? 4--1 S E -4A ,yy Robert Bell Stephanie Benton Margaret Brumsey Yvonne Cartwright Bill Combs Irvin Cooper rm! I 4 , .,,. M, ix ' i 'fa fi 1552 xi? W5 1. 2 i Z 'Q if K 'H 2.1 f iii ww' 8 ,, Q . Frances Dukes Ronald Etheridge Barbara Finney Jeanette Forbes Joanne Gill Clivie Goodwin, Jr. ' 3 "ii "ii 71 Frieda Gray Sterling Gregory y ' Ruby Gray Bobby Gregory Freddie Haney Russell Hastings hr - AM SOPHOMORES Janet Hill Monroe Hoffler i Heywood Houtz June Hubbard Betty Jeanne Houtz Nell Jackson David Jennette Mary Closs Jennette Norma Jewell Kristin Johnson ' Kay Jones Sadie Jones A ' . ' , 5 1 '51 1 ran!" V, . ,, 1 ,gf ' Mary Frances Jones Vivian Jordan Albert Leary Sylvia Leary Theresa Lewis F b":: Faye Lupton Jean Mann Selma Markham El lzabeth McFatter Lael McMul lan Annette Meggs Patricia Melson Tommy Minton SOPHOMORES Glen Morgan Rita Munden Mary Frances Murrell Frances Newbern Macon Nixon Herman Olds AA Patricia Pugh Edith Pugh Frances Riggs Ann Rochelle AI Roughfon Joyce Sawyer 6? -Y Ag Randy Whitley Marjorie Wilder Douglas Williams Leonard Winslow, Jr. Loretta Winslow William Winslow Sara Wright Ed Zimmerman .3 v 4? . it -ff' Marilyn Tobiason Wesley Toler Yvonne Vickrey Wilson Vennel J. W. Watkins Catherine White 'il' ,fe VH. James Howard Williams Webb Williams SOPHOMORES We are here , but our faces aren 't: Juanita Armstrong Robert Dykes Robert Gilden David Higginbothom David Hodges Jethro Jordan Jimmy Lowthorp Paul Miller Buddy Morse Jan Overton Kellie Pierce Billy Potter Jane Powers Bailey Sawyer Ambrose Staples Shirley Umphlett M. H. Upton . hard Raxle iiresiflenx V' Wtlliflms f 5 ffonce . ni 9 reslde FRESHMAN YEAR Happy days are here again With lipstick on your face and chinl lt'll come off, never fear, And you'll be the one who paints next year And now a word about the Safety Patrol, The embarrassing moment of being told You can't go up, you've got to go down, And hey, come back and go around! l x 50065 Do Secretary L, ts 91'-Wlcel Po xlreawlel r So goes the life of a brand new scholar, You're all mixed up and want to holler, The teachers are there to show you the way, But you seem to forget that the very next clay. We all remember the freshman dance. A million of us fraps all trying to prance Around the gym, which we will never forget, To us that dance is the best one yet. l s l - Curwood Harrison ii iz I L l l ,W I . yr- Donald Abernathy N. T. Aydlefl' Conrad Bailey Elbert Bailey Warren Baines Addie Lee Baker Maxine Baker C. B. Barkley Rose Basnight Ken Black Carietta Blades Ann Branch Yvonne Bray Christine Brickhou 'U ,.,,, Q , 36 , ,,,, will Y 52' -5' , H' 4" ,4 Q:- 56-'ij Q ,fu 'S Y L 1 . 'Y L its S' 'ti ll -7951 Q, YWZ5 Q 'Y' , X ' " '75 se V .. ,li Marie Brickhouse Eddie Britt Wilma Brown Laverne Bunch Patsy Bunch Darsel Bundy Claude Burnham Anna Cahoon Carolyn Cartwright Shirley Castello lrving Cohoon Osie Lee Cooper Charles Copeland Annette Coppersmith 57 1 A , Garnet Creef Clarann Creekmore Bobby Darling Annette Davis Edna Davis Freddy Decker Nancy Dunbar Patricia Etheridge Evelyn Evans J. P. Eves Fred Fearing Leslie Forbes Allen Gallop Cecil Garrett Glen Gibson Bess Tillett Godfrey Edna Earle Griffin Annie Laurie Gard Opal Lee Hackler Sharon Hardison Robert Harrington Bill Harris Cecil Harris Curwood Harrison James Hayes 7' Roy Heath Dickie Helmkamp Julius Hooker Jean Hopkins Janet Hudson Carolyn Hurdle Myrtice Ingram Mary Jackson Patricia Jocobs Melvin Jerolds Dot .lones E. B. Jones Grace Jones Harry Jones lris Jones Nancy Jones Lloyd King Felbert Lamb ' if .mg .. 9 af 45? W , Z., . Clarence Lane Annette Leary lris Leary Carol Ann Longnecker Dora Merritt George Midgett Jimmy Miller William Beniami Gail Monroe Angelyn Moore Rose Mary Moore n Miller Margaret Ann Munden Travis McPherson Barbara Neece Patsy Parker 1:10, ' :E ' alia- ' g Larry Paul Jerry Peoples Gloria Perry W Joyce Perry Kay Frances Phelps Raye Pritchard Jimmy Pronier Charles Pugh J ,f ,yrv 1' f 45, Ellis Ransom f 'i'C g t f'fi2-? J Margaret Raper Shirley Raumer James Rhodes, Jr. 'ii Mgr Vi A V , ili J Sarah Riddick if? :rq y,y J Jimmy Riggs ii E V,.v Mg? , W f K '. , , ,, ff ' V Eloise Roughton Ronald Roughton ff ' Terry Roughton ' Victor Roughton Carlton Sanderlin r .,,,, jaw , ,Q t -J . ' I ' .T I H "TJ" S' ,f f de. A J r.i x is-""1 :Y 1 L ' fl '50 Leslie Sanderlin Luther Sanders Buddy Saunders A Rose Mary Sawyer Audrey Shackleforcl Billie Simons Barbara Smith Carter Smith Rebecca Smith g eo X ,.. . ' . I lu f' -gy. J ,v -arf 1 3 ? X I i ,W f ,J it M. I! A 1" if Jo Ann Snowden Phyllis Spence Jimmy Spruill Macon Squires Kay Stafford Louis Early Stephenson Peggy Swain Kay Tarkington Shirley Toler Arlene Turner Shirley Tuttle Alma Twiforcl Melva Twiforcl Naomi Walter Q, . M ' at l 4 s C P A I ' l , I A tfx if .mtg .Q , :C 5, , W 'Q If fs il 'll A Bobby Ward Terri Watson Frances Watkins Ann White Otah White X, Anna May Whitehurst Frances Williams Lois Williams Peggy Williams Randall Williams Gayle Wilson Nathan Wood Jerry Yates 61 V Jil. 'Yi f i Freshmen whose pictures do not appear: Glenn Baum Nell Boyce Hubert Bunch Jane Commander Lillie Forbes Charles Frazier Connie Gra George Haslett Keith Jackson Calvin Hassell Jimmie Johnson Wilbert Kemp Erlene Lane Ruth Pate Shirley Powell Roy Lee Sawyer Stanley Sawyer Elmer Smith J 1 X, ,x f fm G wi , ' T' 5 1 ga.. W X I i Ml 5 N NN 5 l fffsx ws if R ff f M 3 x Sc N x ?W7 Z-Q!! 11151 11152 Bog Askew President of the Elizabeth City Student Cooperative Government Presiding Officer of the Student Council 64 E. C. H. S. STUDENT COUNCIL This organization proposes to promote the general welfare ofthe school, to establish a closer union and to create a greater responsibility among the students. The duties of the council are: to try to be of service to the school, to try to foster school spirit, to recommend rules and regulations for the general welfare and the betterment of the school and to do those things which it considers will carry out the spirit and the words ot the constitution of the Student Co-operative Government. Through the co-operation of the students and the Faculty many things sponsored by the student council took place this year. Some of the events were: freshman orientation program and the Freshman dance, Southeastern Assemblies, American Education Week--this included a chapel program and a radio program in which forty students of the school participated-- l'1OmSCOmlH9, Gnd G Semi-fOfmGl Christmas Dance. The council invited members of the pre- ceding senior class to attend the dance. Proiects For the year included: purchase of a record player to be used in the gym or in the classroom and purchase of silver ladles for the punch bowls, being responsible for the school concession, preparing elections for the school, and sponsoring a White Christmas for needy tami I ies . This year the Student Council Congress was held in Greensboro. Those attending were Miss Bertha Cooper, advisor, Betty Holland Bell, Anne Gray, and Roy Askew. The council owes much thanks for the co-operation given it by the student body and the Faculty members, John L. Sawyer, vice-president Patricia Pugh, secretary Phyllis Price, treasurer Dal Williams, sgt.-at-arms Roy Askew, president Miss Cooper 65 57" O ' s A , L . C C O H M A M I I R T M T A E N E McMul1an, Wilson Jones, Phoebe Ann Aydlett, Betty Holland Bell, Myrtle Miller, Anne Gray, Brad Bartlett, Ruth Ferrell, Willis Brice, Sally Wood still XR , O P14780 i vwiws cl- xN-. XN6XS1e LE Q0 LEFT ce 09 esl T wx- QTY W . O R XN, X07 td. X 'E , X 171, IGH Q,O M660 mzyei ' 30 D elyl I 11 B ' 51630 WX, QY 1 in 01783 Ohnc BCT Q16 eq S3 1 Q10 U17-I 31-I-O OM 'Y v Veg IRC KX L' bilen ' R017 'IS177' ROW X09 e. ms. , gov lx a1d 11-1, : G fo lf an M001 S M53 gow' Wives- Saund - Lynn, Ofdon L61 we gualle' 10? XX 9-09 efs. aob 0000, Fearfn oil ' qt. eS5' we ' b eg g, 6:63 Ca'wOtt9,XaS wgvwd wlvlhlle' ysawyer ZX TOP :dndy QLGX S Q0 Vgiv V56 ' l'3d 1 Q81 DV Bal. - SHQOYX sound WX, at n Uet Bones' X? Stew Sa I' Qxctxlle' LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM ROW: Ann Renee Smith, Toni Gill, Joyce Welsted, Florine Bunch. MIDDLE ROW: Billy Gay McDowell, Angelyn Moore, Rose Mary Sawyer, Pat Melson, Doris Beals, TOP ROW: Roy Forbes, Reid Carleton, La- verne Bunch, Jimmy Stallings, I. P, Eves, Heywood Houtz. H A R O 77,1 E M P E R R E O S O E M N T A T I V E S l 4 J l S 1 l I I i l l 4 l f I l I I l J V V 51 PSD Ps R05 1 w I 3 'l F ,v I 1 1 1 I v 1 xr? PUBLICITY S O C I A L oidau' div! X x. P XX Y dtex Anile ii YM G'a,v . 66 ' ' D . ww Ori . abexkx S S Moore Exvb ' A BS eyxe- ENT' 0 R069 - Fay I R PM 6 RO C, 2 COMMITTEES 5 gefg SOC IA L LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM ROW: Sylvia Barkley, Dillon Dawson, Faye Ellen Coopersmith, Margaret Baker, Toni Gill, Sally Wood Mc- Mullan. TOP ROW: Willa Faye Sawyer, Bessie Hopkins, Ann Reneie Smith, June Hayman, Berra Claire Parker, Phyllis Spence, Lael Mc- Mullan, Jean Hopkins. ABSENT: Shirley Leary. N e . . v1 we B19 S . XN H500 some QWW A 17 H v T . Dallas Yam Suzannarklngton 1 E 1 Kaxhvoauin See1ey Myftje A4111 . er I . paula Da V e BND C npO1't' AR 1 1 I I CITI- ZE E NSH WC IP NN i T +. K' X4 mp T E ,Q fy .-f", M ,rf R- x, , f' 5' v Af, .. A1 " Bw" "I'..1-'53 Qcldke Ice Gray e MSXOV' . Phoebe A17 c . , 6, X07 H AJ'd1e, s S. . 13,110 I, 1 S - ns ea , Ps xffila W6 '711epI1.t H 1 B M e1BWW?dwxXf56l' Chad- 1 C, vlalgai M396 P ELECTIONS ,x A ' LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Burnham, Winona Brothers Betty Holland Bell, Betty Bright. TOP ROW: Lois Ann Mortashed, Wallace Bagley, Redwell Forbes, John Bell, Clifton Chappell. y ACTIVITIES il CONQQSSIONS ' SCHOOL I I D ACTIVITIES R I C A N 5 ,D Q. I , ii, I CMV nd Mme I r Askew 3 ,S. 0 1 Holland' Roydves from E-CMH Bei Y teptesenta dvisor. This chapel program will be remembered always. It was a grand performance werethe Cooper. 3 f , f. k X Miss o the students as well as being a spectacular rnale to the wee , x95 ' HOIVIECOIVIING C E L E B R I T Y I . T 1 Everybody is watching the football team in action. Must be a tense mornentl W - MQXNIB Qlleen . Home' . 6 Chatlwn gaVZ'nureCY gm O Adelax 6 King DYSOD b H6 car ofH d and I yfoe L Ofhec . io: -ng Night' amb and Ofnlng Offy . coim Skipper Clals W Han. eff? cha HOMECOMING PRESENTATION Roy Askew-, president of Student Council, presented the annual friendship trophy to Beaufort's delegates at Homecoming. t1ffe,e d G A N G , 1 SPOTLIGHT 2 r ,QSC R Robeil DOW dv A I S O R The 1952 "Spotlight" was finally published after many a trial and error. lt is an enormous task, and we ofthe "Spotlight" Staffthank the teachers and the students for their splendid co-operation in helping Mary Owens us make out this i952 edition, for without their help we could have accomplished nothing. K. Jo Ann Wright Senior Editor 1 g I Peggy Ann Shackelford Activity 81 Sports Editor Nick Poulos Photographer r ff .em r V r 1 .' , 4. 14" u ttswlllil if Brad Bartlett June Hayman Photography Editor Art Editor ,f""" ffm .W Anne Gray Myrtle Miller Ann Tarkington Music Editor Junior Editor Junior Editors Heywood Houtz Adelaide Charlton Emogene Miller Photographer Typist Typist +A 1 1 iff B '::f' rr A D AN S in V M s A STA R N T A . . I G The Business Staff ts an essential part ofthe S E annual, for without these hard working students we I R could never succeed in having an annual. N The Editorial Staff gets the credit for doing the G written work, but it is the Business Staff that does the dirty work behind the lines, outside of class, in order to finance the publication of our annual. Each individual goes to see businessmen of our town and persuades them to buy an ad. The money they take in makes the publication of the annual possible. Kay Black MB Au '9ilRg A l Q: Bet 1-19' Betty Jean Houtz Florine Bunch ,di 'D- K., S . xxx i Annette Davenport Joyce Toler Elizabeth Swindell Charlotte Madrin Winona Brothers Paula Davenport Pat Bailey CAIN Ann Rene' Smith Sudie Jean Sawyer LOUDSPEAHER STAFF I sf 73: EDITOR ADVISOR BUSINESS MANAGER Lois Ann Mormshed Mrs, Young Berta Claire Parker Shirley Baines, George Mxdgerte, Production Manfagerg June Hayman, assistant art ednorg PM Bailey, feature reporter, Reid CarIeton, assistant sport editorg janet Glenn. T952 For the second year in many years, the "Loudspeaker" was mimeographed . This was due largely to an insufficient financial support of the Student Body. This past year, we have succeeded in paying old debts, establishing a good, sound financial basis For next year, and publishinga good school newspaper. The policy of the "Loudspeaker"thispast year has been to express student opinion and to stimulate the student body's interest in the happenings of our school and other schools. These ends have been achieved by introducinga Letter to the Editor column, having a reporter from each homeroom, and exchanging newspcpers with high schools all over the country. IOUDSPEAHETI STAFF ART EDITOR NEWS EDITOR SOCIAL EDITOR Eileen Moore Stillman Scott Jeanne Prrtcharcl T952 MUSIC EDITOR Phyllis Gregory ASSISTANT EDITOR Judy Pronier FEATURES EDITOR Faye Pritchard -gl' X. ,gh SPO RTS EDITOR Recl Cuthrell 915' i , Ira! -TtlilTlUN9L g?JCl4ETTY P mllllllillulmllillxlillllllttlll l l l l Redwell Forbes Earlene Hastings President , Treasurer Phyllis Price Phoebe Ann Aydlett Vice President Chaplain Phyllis Gregory Miss Boomer Secretary lP e P P P Advisor The purpose of the National Honor Society is to promote scholarship, develop leadership, and to encourage service and character among the students of the school. They have established and maintained a coaching bureau for those students who would like to have help in their studies, and have promoted citizenship through an election in the spring ofoutstanding students in each class. These students were honored at a spring ball. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RlGHT:Earlene Hastings, Phoebe Aydlett, Redwell Forbes, Phyllis Price, Miss Boomer, advisor. SECOND ROW:Florine Bunch, Stillman Scott, Norma Creekrnore, Faye Rogers, Faye Pritchard, Annette Davenport, Paula Davenport, Jean Carolyn Sawyer, Doris Moore, Sudie Sawyer. THIRD ROW: Bert Smith, Alice Gray, Joyce Welsted, Ruth Ferrell, Jeannette Tucker. FOURTH ROW: Peggy Shackleford, Verna Austin, Jo Ann Hill, Myrtle lvliller, Anne Gray, Jeanne Pritchard, Mattie Olds, Pat Bailey. FIFTH ROW: Betty Holland Bell Winona Brother, William Bartlett, Eddie Cowell. SIXTH ROW: Barbara Burnham, Charles Adams, Faye Copper- smith, William Kahlbaum, Toni Gill, Wilson Jones, Berta Claire Parker, Robert Dowdy. ABSENT:Phyllis Gregory, Joyce Bradshaw, Julian Sanderlin. v ' 5' 'in gf "V ii Y ' , ,A VAA' . 2 ,, , Q , J if President Treasurer Robert Dowdy Steve Sawyer Vice-President V V Sgt. at Arms William Bartlett Don Baum Secretary Advisor Redwell Forbes Mr. J. N . Turner The purpose of the Key Club is to develop initative and leadership, to provide experience in living and working together, to serve the school and the community, to prepare for useful citizenship, and to accept and promote Christian ideals. The Key Club of the Elizabeth City High School each year takes up several projects from which the school and community benefit. The club takes charge of the selling of tickets at all athletic events. lt also keeps the hedges outside the school in trim and keeps the trophy case sparkling. The Key Club sponsored the Key Club Dance in November which has become an annual affiar. lt is hoped that each year the club will be able to contribute more to the wel- Fare of our school and community. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Dowdy, Redwell Forbes, William Bartlett, Bert Smith, Heywood Houtz, Robert Bray, Linwood Gregory. SECOND ROW:John Carroll Smith, Carl Burgess, Roy Askew, Willis Brice, David Jennette, Eddie Cowell, Billy I-lasket. THIRD ROW: Ivlr, Turner, Bill Winslow, Wilson jones, Johnny Parker, Roland Cooper, Don Baum, George Cole. ABSENT: Steve Sawyer, Jillian Sanderlin, Bobby Dykes. The Tri-Hi-Y is a religious but non- denominational organization for high school girls who, under the auspices of the Young Men's Christian Association, have banded together to achieve a common purpose. Their main purpose is to create, maintain, and extend, throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. Their accomplishments were visiting aged people, making nut cups for hospital trays, helping under-privileged families, sponsoring home room programs, and going to church once every month as ct group. Advisor . . . Mrs. Turner Secretary. . Jeannette Tucker President . . . Earlene Hastings Treasurer . . Berta Claire Parker Vice-President . . .Lois Mortashed Chaplain . . Jeanne Pritchard SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggie Shackelford, Phyllis Price, Adelaide Charlton, Earlene Hastings, Jeannette Tucker, Betta Claire Parker, Lois Ann Mortashed, Jeanne Pritchard, Mrs. Turner, advisor. STANDING: Billy Gay McDowell, Faye Pritchard, Joyce Welsted, Ruth Ferrell, Annette Davenport, Barbara Burnham, Janet Ferriell, Mattie Burgess, Alice Gray, Lois Lerman, Doris Markham, Florine Bunch. ABSENT: Phyllis Gregory, Joyce Brad- shaw, Deloris Sawyer. A 8. .I To create and maintain throughout the home, school and community high standards of Christian character is the purpose of our Hi-Y. We helped the Red Cross and World Service Fund. Our annual Valentine Dance and spring picnic were among our activities forthe year. Most of all we have tried to encourage religious activity in the school . Advisor . . Marion Rogers Secretary Bill Kahlbaum President . . . . Wallace Bagley Treasurer Cliff Chappell Vice-President . . .Stillman Scott Chaplain Phillip Spruull FIRST ROW, SEAT ED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Stillman Scott William Kahlbaum Wallace Bagley Clifton Chappell, Phillip Spruill. SECOND ROW STANDING Billy Hollomon Mr Turner advisor, Dal Williams. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RlGHT:Marilyn Boston, Ella Batton, Dillon Dawson, presidentgMabel Jean Bray, secretaryg Faye Ellen Coppersmith, vice presidentg Toni Gill, Eleanor Avery Jones, treasurerg Betty Jordan Shirley Leary, Sylvia Barkley, SECOND ROW: Pat Bailey, Van Cuthrell, Reid Carleton, William Kahlbaum, Virgil Williams, Alvin Johnson, June Takola, Miss Minnie Johnston, advisor. ABSENT: Joyce Bradshaw. JUNIOR DRAMATICS The purpose of the Dramatics Club is to teach pupils interested in drarnatics to understand and appreciate the theatre better. They studied the lines of leading actors and actresses, became better acquainted with the best current plays, and got some experience in acting. SOPHOMOHE DRAIVIATICS FIRST ROW, SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Frances Newbern, Sylvia Owens,Mary Frances Murrell, Yvonne Vickrey, vice-president9Vivian Jordan, secretaryg Anne Elizabeth Winslow, Ann Rochelle, presidentg Nell Baxter Jackson, Rita Munden, Sylvia Simpson. STANDING: Miss Johnston, George Meads, Theresa Lewis, Morris Perry, John Bell, Tommy Baker, Loretta Winslow, Billy Potter. ABSENT: Elizabeth McFatter, Stephanie Benton. ll 4 l On the floor, LEFT TO RIGHT: Terri Watson, Rose Mary Sawyer, Edna Earle Griffin, Frances Williams. SEATED- Jean Hopkins, Angelyn Moore, Jerry Ann Peoples, Rose Basnight, treasurerg Peggy Swain, vice-presidentg Peggy Jean Williams, presidentgCarietta Blades, secretary, Mary EvelynJackson, Gloria Perry, Janet Hudson. STANDING' Kay Stafford, Edna Ruth Davis, Shirley Toler, Donna Griffin, Sara Riddick, Shirley Castellow, Patricia Jacobs, Janet Ferriell, Patsy Parker, Anna Mae Whitehurst, Iris Leary, Becky Smith, Grace Jones. ABSENT: Charles Frazier, Keith Jackson, Warren Baines, Patricia Etheridge. FR ESHIVIAN DHAIVIATICS The Freshman Dramatics Club met every Tuesday at one o'cIocIc. The project for the first semester was making a stage setting with scenery, costumes, and characters. Committees were appointed to carry out thisplan, The stage was made of cardboard and wall paper. Dolls were dressed in appropriate costumes to represent characters. A play for assembly was planned for CLUBS The purpose of this club is to get a better understanding of world affairs and conditions. The club studied the ideologies that are trying to capture the hearts and minds of men today. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorothy Moore, Joyce Raper, Betty Joyce Whaley, secretary. STANDING: Robert Williams, Mrs. Clinkscales, advisorg Forrest Simons, president, ABSENT: Henryetta Reed, vice-president. the second semester . li-ral 'Q 'fa rw' 'rv 2-.gt l'f'31f-':'..1 , I :vii-. .- Www, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Carolyn Sawyer, vice-president: Paula Davenport, secretary: Jo Ann Hill, preside nt: Virginia Edwards, treasurer: Annette Meggs. SECOND ROW: Marina Weeks, Carolyn Forbes, Faye Sawyer, Phyllis Meiggs. THIRD ROW: Annette Davenport, Frances Dukes, Doris Gurganus, Betty Wilson, Ann Tarkington, Susie Seymore. FOURTH ROW: Jean Raby, Betty Bright, Sara Wright, Fannie Mae Davis, Carolyn Marshall. FIFTH ROW: Shirley Harris, Shirley Baines, Jean Aydlett, Carolyn Jennings. SIXTH ROW: Ann Mann, Shirley Jennings, Miss Chappell. ABSENT:Barbara Smith. FUTURE HOIVIEIVIAHERS OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers of America have several purposes: to promote an appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemaking, to encourage democracy in home and community life, to emphasize the importance of worthy home membership and to work for good home and Family life for all. A few of their aims are to have "open house" for the faculty, mothers and home economic students at Christmas time and to help in the Junior Red Cross Drive. The purpose ofthe Future Teachers of America is to learn about the opportunities in teaching, to cultivate the qualities essential in a good teacher, to study the lives of great teachers and to foster development of student leadership. The club contributed to the library, assisted in pre-school clinics and sponsored the Mr. and Miss Future Teachers of America who attended the annual meeting of the North Carolina Educational Association. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Florine Bunch, Phoebe Ann Aydlett, Vice-President: Annette Wright, President: Ruth Ferrell, Grace Coley, Secretary, SECOND ROW: Betty Holland Bell, Iris Ann Jones, Garnet Creef, Annette Leary, Willa Faye Sawyer, Miss Cooper, advisor. THIRD ROW:Winona Brothers, Donald Bright, Dickie Darling, Anne Gray, John L. Sawyer. ABSENT: Nancy Jones. E , . ll 1 i 7 , ? Q rl it ,. if 'N- QP SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Webb Williams, Helen Harward, vice-presidentg Judy Pronier, secretary, Miss Jack- son, advisor. STANDING: Pat Melson, presidentg C.B. Barkley, Thomas Minton, Annette Wright, Frances Wat- kins, Annette Leary, Marie Brickhouse, Betty Reed, Kay Tarkington, RobertDavis, Joyce Toler, Wilma Brown. SPEECH CLUB The purpose of the Speech Club is to teacha student the basic essentials of public speaking, the different habits to acquire while speaking, and ways to keep a listener completely interested in the subiect. Some of their aims are to compete in the American Legion Oratorical Contest and the High School World Peace Study and Speaking Program. ln the spring they have asa grand Finale, the triangular debates. ABSENT: Nancy Jones, Jimmy Miller. The ur ose of the Travel Club is to stimulate interest in travelin to the extent that one P P 9 may know where he wants to go and what he wants to see. Some of theiractivities are listening to outside speakers who have traveled to various places ofinterests and studying reports on places FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Harvey Baker, Billy Haskett, Sergeant-at-Arms: Richard Collier, Vice-Presidentg they would like to go. Freddie Fearing, Douglas Williams, Luther Sanders, Dickie llelmkamp, Cosby Morgan. Don Meekins, President, Eleanor Jones, Reporterg Marshall Newbern, Secretaryg Sharon llardison, Robert Bray, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Mable Jean Bray, Donna Meek, Marilyn Tobiason, Bctty Ann Meekins, Joan Tucker, Shirley Raumcr, Shirley Raumer, Shirley Powell, Margaret Raper, Betty Jordan, THIRD ROW: Alvin Johnson, Virgil Williams, Program Chairman, Glenn Baum, Carlton Sanderlin, Murphy Riddick, Eddie Britt, James Rhodes, Ronald Roughton, J,P. Eves, Conrad Bailey, Wilson Roughton, Miss Webb, advisor. FOURTH ROW: Keith Brace, Wayne Trueblood, Bryan Simons, George Cohoon, Wesley Toler, Leonard Winslow, Ellis Ransom, James Howard Williams, Richard Poulos. ABSENT: Russell Hasting, Sterling Gregory. I A, I?4ff5"5'i4' Wf ' ' ' ' A' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jimmy Miller, Sergeant-at-Armsg Bill Harris, Vice-President: Norwodd Rector, Presidentg Mr. Turner, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Shirley Toler, Myrtle Miller, Secretary: Donald Abernathy, Nathan Wood. THIRD ROW:Doris Beals, Carter Smith, Irvin Cooper, Jo AnnWright, Clarence Lane, James Hayes. F OURT H ROW: Jean Sawyer, Sara Riddick, Herman Olds, George Cole, FIFTH ROW: Billie Simons, Audrey Shackleford, Robert Gilden, James Armstrong. SIXTH ROW: Irvin Cohoon, Wesley Toler, A1 Roughton. ABSENT: AUDIO-VISUAL The purpose ot the Audio-Visual Club is to train certain members in the care and use of audi-visual equipment so that they may aid in the setting up and operating of this equipment when the time calls. The club trains and teaches members to be student operators in the school and to assist the school audio-visual program. Patsy Byrd, Treasurer: Luther Sanders. The niain purpose of this club is to provide musical information and experiences to supple- ment the performing experience in instrumental or vocal music, It is conducted primarily as a class and introduces the following subjects: music theory, conducting, instrumentation, and arranging. Our only projects are selling tickets and supporting the North Carolina Symphony Drives and the Community Concert Association programs. MUSIC APPRECIATION SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeannette Tucker, Secretary: Kay Frances Phelps, Pat Melson, Reporter, George Haskett, Sergeant-at-Armsg Webb Williams, President, STANDING: Joan Tucker, Vice-President: Tommy Min- ton, Treasurer: Mr. Rogers, Advisory Fred Haney, l . LEFT TO RIGHT: Alice Gray, Doris Forbes, Sudie Jean Sawyer, Mattie Olds, Adelaide Charlton, President, Donna Meek, Goldie Forehand, Betty Ann Meekins, Daisy Wood, Joyce Welsted, Vice-Presidentg Phyllis Price, Alma Pauline Williams, Barbara Burnham, Secretary and Treasurerg Mrs. Bowers, Advisor: Shirley Thompson, Doris Markham, Lois Lerman. ABSENT: Evelyn Smith. SENIOR COMMERCIAL The purpose of the Senior Commercial Club is to learn more about secretarial duties which are studied in part inthe commercial class. The club worked toward the purchase of an adding machine for the commercial department and had various outstanding leaders to talk on com- mercial activities. Our main purpose is to give the students who have a full schedule a chance to see what we have to offer in our commercial department and teach "asdtikIg! " We plan to become good typists and to learn a little about the standards required for a person to work in an office. IUNIOR COMMERCIAL FIRST ROW, LEFT TO R.IGIlT:Johnny Parker, Presidentg Phillip Spruill, Secretary and Treasurerg Robert Williams, Vice-Presidentg Bessie Hopkins, SECOND ROW: Billy Gay McDowell, Sally Wood Mchlullan, Anne Renee Smith, June Hayman. STANDING:Miss Hobbs, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Undine Perry, Elizabeth Swindell, Sheila Daugherty Rose Mary Heath, ABSENT: Ruth Ferrell, Toni Gill, Pat Bailey. 1 1w l-,11- -n 7yv m1ff..-wr., -11 ,V . Ni a -4 -iy L... qw STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW:Mrs, Jolly, advisorg Undine Perry, presidentg Carol Longnecker, vice- presidentg Darsel Bundy, secretary, Kay Jrnes, Verna Austin, SECOND ROW: Gayle Wilson, Eloise Roughton, Jerry Peoples, Carolyn Hurdle, Margaret Ann Munden, Joyce Perry, Billy Gay McDowell. THIRD ROW: Peggy Swain, Angelyn Moore, Frances Williams, Kay Stafford, Vivian Jordan, Dot Jones, Edna Ruth Davis. FOURTH ROW: Carieta Blades, Jean Hopkins, Joyce Toler, Rose Mary Sawyer, Becky Smith. FIFTH ROW: Mary Frances Merrell, Frances Newbern, Nell Baxter Jackson, Sally Wood Mclvlullan, Doris Moore. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The G,A.A.'s main purpose is to provide wholesome activity for those who are not in physical education classes and to encourage co-operation, leadership, and loyalty. Our activities are basketball, volleyball, badminton, softball, soccer, tumbling, and various other sports. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RlGHT:Mrs, Jolly, advisory Patricia Pugh, secretaryg Helen Bray, vice-president: Dorothy Moore, treasurerg Eloise Castellow, presidentg Billy Simons. SECOND ROW: Norma Jean Onley, Dillon Dawson, sergeant-at-armsg Willa Faye Sawyer, Shirley Leary, Margaret Ann Baker, Sylvia Barkley, Rose Mary Moore. THIRD ROW: Ann Cohoon, Maxine Baker, Ann Branch, Melva Twiford, treasurerg Edith Pugh: Carolyn Pritchard, Emogene Miller, Kay Black, Ann Mac Hardison. FOURTH ROW: Annie Rae Davis, Daisy Mae Wood, Alma Wil- liams, June Takola, Ella Mae Batton. , I w x ' l Mrs. E.E. Aydlett, Jr. Stillman Scott Director Student Director President GI- E E Edna Earle Griffin, Assistant Accompanist 1 I- U B Patricia Pugh, Accompanist The Elizabeth City High School Glee Club is made up of a group of boys and girls willing to give their time and talent to make an organization full of school spirit. They have performed well throughout the year. Ensembles from the club have performed for civic clubs, school affairs, and out-of town clubs whenever they were called upon. The first concert presented during the year was "The Christmas Story in Music." A part of the program was also presented for the student body in assembly. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Ann Peoples, Carolyn Hurdle, Yvonne Bray, Joyce Perry, Kay Stafford, Ann Branch, Jane Commander, Naomi Walter, Rebecca Tarkington, Lois Mortashed. SECOND ROW:Jean Aydlett, Ann Mann, Janet Glenn, Garnet Creef, Iris Jones, Grace Jones, Alma Williams, Faye Sawyer, Patricia Pugh, Faye Lupton. THIRD ROW: Florine Bunch, Rose Mary Sawyer, CarolLongenecker, Dotlones, Bess Tillett Godfrey, Sudie Sawyer, C arol yn Pritchard, Donna Burgess, Annette Meggs, Phyllis Meiggs. FOURTH ROW: Dorsoe Lee Bundy, Ruth Pate, Fannie Davis, Norma Faye Jewell, Annette Davenport, Kay Williams, Doris Beals, Janet Bas- night, Kay Jones, Catherine White. FIFTH ROW: Becky Smith, Edith Pugh, .TanetFerriel1, Edna Earle Griffin, Annie Davis, Daisy Wood, Yvonne Vickrey, Ann Winslow, Frances Dukes. SIXTH ROW: Pat Bailey, Loretta Win- slow, Betty Recd, Betty Joyce Whaley, Carolyn Iennings, Sadie Jones. SEVENTH ROW:Margaret Munden, Maxine Baker, Arlene Turner, Patricialacobs, Shirley Tuttle, Alma Twiford, Anna Cohoon, Melva Twiford, ABSENT: Erlehc Lane, Henryetta Reed, Patsy Byrd. Ruby Gray, Nancy Jones, Ann White. ah OFFICERS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT :Janet Glenn, First period vice-presidentg Kay Jones, Florine Bunch, Lois Mortashed, Senior librarian. SECOND ROW:Duke White, vice- president Boys' Glee Clubg Pat Bailey, Junior librarianp Janet Ferriell, treasurerg Annette Davenport, secretary. Another assembly program, held at the beginning of the first semester, found the favor of the entire student body, The Glee Club has made remarkable progress throughout the year and the director and members have shown to the school and community iust what can be done with talent. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT:Jimmy Stallings, Travis McPherson, John Carroll Smith, Stillman Scott, Jerry Yates, Julian Copeland. SECOND ROW:Ray Burgess, Felbert Lamb, David Jennette, Roy Askew, Edward Zimmer- man, Morton Palmer. THIRD ROW: Clivie Goodwin, Curtis Pipkin, Bert Smith, Harry Seeley, FOURTH ROW: Steve Sawyer, Ray Pipkin, Marvin Gregory, Jimmy Johnson, Duke White, Bobby Bell, ABSENT : Walter Weston. I p aaa-Nflw.. . w:u1fs1f1.n-1 t SR Wy XXXX f ff W 4 Mgm 'IWXXIXX ,Z , ff f' f' WW x ,IX 1951. NERGY 1 I X, Xxx ll' xx? N 'V Q54 fxxwj, x X 2 X XJVXQ l Class Time Lois Mortashed Pat Bailey Annette Davenport Florine Bunch Yvonne Vickery Loretta Winslow Annie Rae Davis Donna Burgess Janet Ferriell 'Londonderry Air" "Lullaby" Freshman Octet ,ity Scott C. Callaway Miles Clark Marion Rogers Director Sponsor Assistant Director One group that certainly does its part for Elizabeth City and the school is The Band. When- ever anything happens you can be sure the band is taking part. After a wonderful trip to Atlantic City to take part in the Lion 's Convention this past summer, all the members could hardly wait for the school year to start. But the band activities started even before the opening of school in September. The band has always done its part in football season, marching in pep rallies and parades, drilling at half-time, playing concerts and helping to support big events that take place here or away. The military functioning in the band teaches the members to work cooperatively under their efficient officers and two directors. The band has drawn up a constitution this past year ancl all the members have approved it. Harry Seeley Heywood Houtz Captain Drum Major E Y - nm l l l H X 4 I vw ' .,...i, , ...S -W- l. 13' 1 r V ' -zirfi I " .,, v-q-- , A - 4, ,,,- 1 4 if: il T r of, sr 4 A if till 'ii l xrsiif' '..'.,f..',. li ffl MAJORETT ES , LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Leary, Betty Bright, Faye Coppersmith, Doris Moore, Phyllis Price, Toni Gill. This year the three outstanding social events of the year were the banquet honoring the seniors, the annual Christmas party, and a dance given for the cheerleaders and the football team. lt is hoped that the dance for the football team and cheerleaders can be made into an annual affair striving to promote a better relationship between the two. The whole band is looking forward to the state contest which is in the spring and are working hard to bring home a superior rating. No other organization is as fortunate as the band to have "Uncle Miles" Clark as their sponsor and godfather. No group can be successful without the proper leaders and directors. With Mr. Callaway, Mr. Rogers, and Uncle Miles urging them on there is no doubt as to the steady progress to rate among the best bands of the land, not only in spirit and character but also in proficiency. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Ro- ., I 1 g, -X is F chelle, ponyg Eileen Moore, f chief majoretteg Margaret Baker, pony. Vu, r n v I . r E elf! -is FLAGBEARERS, LEFTTO RIGHT: Uncline Perry, state flaggEleanorJoines, American flag: Anne Gray, school flag. , X ' NF Q an K at 'V' vw " ls, is '2 tar Ig, li 11 HUD' lx an f -Ill!-we ...., , Zi-......,... ELIZABETH FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Harry Seeley, Margaret Brumsey, Vivian Jordan, Pete Overman, Betty Jordan, Grace Coley, Edward Zimmerman, Macon Nixon, Eileen Moore, John Bell, Gordon Fearing, Monroe Hoffler, Jeannette Tucker, Donnie Hoffler, Barbara Burnham, Willa Sawyer, Theresa Lewis, Heywood Houtz. SECOND ROW: Angeline Moore, Victor Roughton, Keith Jackson, Jean Hopkins, Bessie Hopkins, Frances Watkins, Fran Williams, Elizabeth Swindell, Susanne Seeley, Barbara Neece, Pat Melson, Donna Meek, Terri Watson, Ruth Ferrell, George Midgelt, Warren Baines, Ebert Bailey, Sylvia Owens. THIRD ROW: Annie Lawrie Gard, Patsy Bunch, Phyllis Spence, Edna Ruth Davis, Margie Wilder, Rosemary Moore, Gayle Wilson, Helen Harward, Annette Wright, Winona Brothers, Betty Holland Bell, Betty Jeanne Houtz, Phyllis Gregory, Phoebe Anne Aydlett, Jeanne Pritchard, Randy Whitley. FOURTH ROW: Billy Gay McDowell, Freida Gray, Charlotte Madrin, Mary Frances Murrell, Dorothy Moore, Joyce Alston, 92 CIT Rl MK I Q-in BW 'M 1 lik 'Uh 'S' aaa if ., , ...f-iff AA 3, HIGH SCHOOL BAND Joyce Bradshaw, Billie Simons, Paula Davenport, Nell Baxter Jackson, Kay Spencer, Opal Lee Hackler, Joann Gill. FIFTH ROW:Bil1y Potter, Sylvia Barkley, Shirley Toler, Peggy Swain, Janet Hill, Nancy Dunbar, Kay Phelps, Frances Newbern, Ann Renee Smith,Di1lon Dawson, Rosemary Heath, Rita Munden, Shirley Ammeen. SIXTH ROW: Kristine Johnson, Randall Williams, Clivie Goodwin, Pete Ashton, Cliff Chappell, Philip Spruill, Bobby Bell, Webb Williams, Bill Winslow, N. T. Aydlett, Carietta Blades, George Haskett, Lael McMu1lan. SEVENTH ROW: Linwood Gregory, Freddy Haney, Billy Haskett, Leslie Davis, Bill Kahlbaum, Robert Harrington, Charles Frazier, Thomas Minton, Jimmy Johnson, Edward Baker, Mary Closs Jeanette, Jimmy Stallings. MAJORETTES: Ann Rochell, Phyllis Price, Toni Gill, Faye Coppersmith, Undine Perry, Eleanor Jones, Anne Gray, Betty Bright, Shirley Leary, Doris Moore, Margaret Baker. 93 I W6 16 r Yi Y. 0, :vvf.,.r, .. -, V 4, ,,w,,1,, ,., "s,"l,v .4- - M3542-jf' 5'1" 2139110 i ,Til qui ,: fr ,pina ,, , L fM'a'1m Wan was f-'lawn , aim!!! , 1 in H7625 53317: lllllii Ziillli .df Ji V ,I . , , - "w:f3ai. 1-...,.,e,,..,-,',, '1 , , ,,, , . V. ,. 1' ' ' 'V SENIROHS gr, BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Phoebe Ann Aydlett, Phyllis Price, Eileen Moore, Betty Bright, Jeanne Pritchard. SECOND ROW: Betty Holland Bell, Phyllis Gregory, Barbara Burnham, Annette Wright. THIRD ROW:Winona Brothers, Helen Harward, Jeannette Tucker. FOURTH ROW: Pete Overman, Harry Seeley, g- 1 K'-Ni pu-v , 4 1 ' , R , n5,,,:,,. . 'w rr nu II Qy H 0 lk Q: H ll V - 40 ,elif - . . :ik ,,,.,..f f-Q-aqg B-ao!" f,,2."' 4' "On The boardwalk of Atlantic City." nn' ' "L 31 . l 2751 H753 li Ill! U f 1-,Bl aa 'Dix lll OFFICERS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Harry Seeley, Captain: Sylvia Barkley, Scrapbook Sec., Sgt.: Phoebe ADH Aydlett Mgr. Band Store, Lt.: Betty Holland Bell, Librarian fmusicj, Lt.: Eileen' Moore, Chief majorette: Annette Wright. Librarian fmusicj, Sgt. 5 Jeanne Pritchard, Scrapbook Sec., Lt.: Marian Kay Spencer, Librarian fmusicj, Cpl.: Hey- wood Houtz, Drum Major, Lt. SECOND ROW: Jeannette Tucker, Publicity, Lt.: Betty Jordan, Cler, Lt.: Elizabeth Swindell, Corres. Sec. Lt.: Joyce Ann Alston, Clerk, Cpl.: Freddie Haney, Publicity Mgr., SfSgt.: Joanne Gill, Clerk, Cpl. THIRD ROW: Billy Gay McDowell, Uniform Cust., Sgt.: Donna Meek, Sec. of Journal, Sgt: Grace Coley, Clerk, SfSgt.: Winona Brothers, Librarian fmusicj SfSgt.: Barbara Burnham, Uniform Cust., Sgt.: Willa Faye Sawyer, Librarian Qmusicj, Sgt. 5 Ruth Ferrell, Librarian qmusicJ,Cp1. FOURTH ROW: Kristin Johnson, Clerk, Cpl.: Pat Melson, Publicity Mgr., Sgt.: Vivian Jordan, Clerk, Sgt. 9 Phillip Spruill, Mgr., Sgt.: Bill Kalbaum, Bus Leader, Lt.: Macon Nixon, Bus leader, Lt. g Gordon Fearing, Bus leader, Lt. 3 Bill Winslow, Clerk, Cpl. FIFTH ROW: Linwood Gregory, Equip. Mgr, , Sgt. g Donnie Hoffler, Equip. Mgr. , SfSgt.: Pete Ashton, Equip. Mgr., Sgt.: Clifton Chappell, Librarian frecordingsj, Sgt.: Pete Overman, Equip. Mgr. ,Lt.: Thomas Minton, Equip. Mgr., Sgt. ABSENT: Joyce Ann Bradshaw, Sec. of Journal, Lt. "Senior Banquet" 'iv .'3,V,w' ,Eglin Q Q'-1 .X I ,O -' '. 1'-' -nl. : f' ' - I r Q .LQQQ1 ' I rf A , 1 J. 'lyfg ' .. ,,,,, P 1- 4 1-.-.....,. , 2: " -s .Q ri-nw gs. 4 Q K A D ---S XXX K Q AK' l 159441 "mv 'i Vl: Q- '? 'EQ LJ' A 'i -.. .-it J G H 41 'V H ul- 1 .4 ' Q Outstanding Activities!! Norfolk - June Atlantic City - 24, 28 Lost Colony - Opening Virginia Dare 's Birthday - Aug. l8 Football games-local, out of town-Sept. Pep rally - Sept. - Dec. Oyster Bowl - Oct. 20 Sesquicentenial - Nov. i9 Wright Memorial - Dec. l7 District Bancl Clinic - Feb. l,2 District Band Contest - Greenville Solo and Ensemble Contest - Duke Azalea Festival - March Easter - April I fl ji' sf' l -.a1?fk ,,.. ,,,,,,,t,. 1, V, ', fs' - A-.V 2 ...CN ,-.Y ,Su .,,xv,Au'.: - -4-wx wg Potato Festival - May Concerts 6 14" ' .,....., rl! l ,fix Y Cgaft7f7dMh - 3 I T fi f il 5' T T44 1' "' nf Q " A 1 , ., , -,6,T T TTTT , A 1 171-" ..b V4 -T-" ' ' 'f ,- gi? ' . A .Q1, 1 ,I , ,,x- , . ,mf . , -,A ,,,q..vg -5,,..,em - -. K2:.,,--ffh,,,4p'l"',:.'4-""'w , . ., 4 ATLANTIC CITY ,f 1 wtf A ggfht ', T' u 1 , at -QI 7: v w 4 YELLOW JACKETS I LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING: .Toe Lamb, Elwood Armstrong, Fred Castellow, Jack Crank, Red Cuthrell, Morris Perry Robert Bray, Reid Carleton, Wilson Roughton, Wallace Brumsey. KNEELING:Dyson Thurecht, Donald Bright Duke White, Walter Wall, Roy Forbes, Charles Adams, Richard Collier, John L. Sawyer, Ivan Meekins, Bill Jones. STAND ING: Ray Pipkin, Lindsey Hewitt, Paul Miller, Johnny Parker, Nick Poulos, Dick Darling, Forrest Simons, Richard Poulos, Franklin Wall, Bobby Sawyer. I I I VN V I I I I I Coach Honey" Johnson 'sr ,W , , f if , 5 I t. it-Wm I l ,- V 4 r 04 .,. i ' .J ,, 1,5 ,Jax . lU,,,n- lpn iv-1 'I Sq' ., - fd? '45 , , ., I- V fi, -P+ ff A iv .gp 'gf' ' A, ,Aff , , 3 S-is ' . hz af , I, L 1 I A I . .r A. ' I lay. y ,w,-,.,,-- ' , " I The Elizabeth City Yellow Jackets played good football considering the inexperienced players that were on the team. They were hampered all season by iniuries to key players. The Jackets had a season record of five wins, five losses, and one tie . The deadlock came at the hands of the triple A conference football team from Goldsboro N . C . The final score was Elizabeth O, Goldsboro O. The Red Raiders from Suffolk, Va. battled the Jackets to o T2 to O win, but not before the Jackets had given them one of the toughest battles of the season. The Red Raiders had previously beaten such great football machines as Maury, Granby and Norview. Bobby Sawyer, Lindsey Hewitt, and Franklin Wall were selected for the all conference team. Hewitt was also placed on the all Eastern Carolina Team. Coach John "Honey" Johnson was selected to be one of the coaches for North Carolina in the Shrine Bowl game which matches the stars from North Carolina and South Carolina. Pep Rally Night-- but things look mighty bluel l l95l l 3 l 77 ROY FO RBES Halfback Co-Captain 12 5 , Managers 5 Leon Brickhouse, George Meads , 90 FRANKLIN WALL Tackle Co-Captain -'L Pictured below are Franklin Wall, all conference tackle, Eddie Cameron, Athletic Director at Duke, Bobby Sawyer, tied for second place all conference back, and Lindsey Hewitt, all conference end. Mr. Cameron presented the football team their goldfootballs ata Rotary Club dinner in honor of the team. i'Red Cuthrell scores in Edenton game. YELLOW Goldsboro O Edenton 7 Washington 6 75 FORREST SIMO NS Halfback JACKETS O Elizabeth City i4 Elizabeth City O Elizabeth City Ll NDSEY HEWITT Right End ' Bossv SAWYER Fullbaclc Forrest Simons around the end in Edenton game 85 MO RRI S PE RRY Center VAN CUT HRE Ll. Quarterback Wm Bobby Sawyer scores for Jackets in Greenville game Washington held on the two by Jackets Selma 6 26 Elizabeth City Roanoke Rapids 7 O Elizabeth City Greenville 6 I4 Elizabeth City 76 DONALD BRIGHT Guard YELLOW JACKETS y K inston New Bern Suffolk 'f f x I3 O Elizabeth City 13 2 Elizabeth City I2 O Elizabeth City 98 IVAN MEEKINS Tackle 5 J i J .rf "2 RICHARD COLLIER Left End 2 giy 84 FRED CASTELLOW E Guard Forrest Simons around end in Greenville game ,-r ' 1 1? ., A .. .v DYSO N THURECHT Cerwer RICHARD POULOS Guard K I Did he make if---Homecoming game wifln Beaufort . 111.-..n.,I.1,vr4,f1f,weq,:v.vvn.b vw.n....fQ.1.- V - .,.v-w...,,1,. ,, , ,, .. , ,, , ., ,,,,,.d,!NW,NwNM,m Wailace Brumsey heading toward pay diri ct K IN ACTION Secs-JIworI 6 29 Elizabeih City Herfford 6 I3 Elizabeth City 89 DICK DARLING Halfback 'F JOHN L. SAWYER I FuIIback Ensfom . W' '-nz-.. . . . . ' J - ' M ,,,.' - 1.- ,4- ' 0,-,g,,,,.,,v , A -V 'V ' ' W .se ' as FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Larry Paul, Billy Tunstall, Pete Smoak, Carter Smith, Joe Morse Cosby Morgan Bobby Darling, Robert Williams. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Donald Myers Harry Jones, Charles Davenport, Brian Simons, Douglas Pres- cott Douglas Burgess Jollrsh Clrfton, Otah White, Leonard Winslow, Lloyd King. Manteo Edenton Roanoke Rapids Edenton Suffolk Columbia Suffolk Washington Elizabeth City Elizabeth City Elizabeth City Elizabeth City Elizabeth City Elizabeth City Elizabeth City Elizabeth City J.V. 's on the scrimmage. run in local JAY-VEES Co-Captains Charles Davenport and Pete Smoak Hit'em hard! Yellow Jackets. The Elizabeth City Jay Vees had a very unsuccessful year as far as winning games . Although they lost seven games and only won one, they showed their opponents a good fight the whole way through. Pete Smoak was chosen by his team as the most outstanding player. He was presented an award by the Carolina Amusement Company. Douglas Prescott carrying the ball For J.V. 's . ,W 1, W gift- 2. ' lu- ' 5 4. Qm, dl 3 Dr. J. H. Bonner Robert Williams on the run against Washington. 1 U V 9 'i Sm 4 m 5. :H t W .1 X x I , , r lj ff I 4 fi r fa II x,,v A 4 r 4 I SKIPPER HALL 4 L ' 3 1 V guard -C.- LINDSEY HEWITT R I ' Co-Captain center I " "' 5 Co-Captain I 4 JACK CRANK guard , I Rd I E '1- I ,I 5 ,, .,.. I r R ri ' I, 5 gf' fi A F MW! , rl' ,rr X . E by I, E 1 5 IAI' l ' BILL WALLACE I I forward 1 fs R 1 1 ,,L ,I , 6 IO , I DAL WILLIAMS I REID CARLETON forward forward 'rq ,Y it r if rrr IEFT TO Rlollr, KNl2l3L1NGr Duke White, Wilson Jones, Dal Williams, Jack crank, Rlll Wallace, Wilson Roughton, Reid Charlton. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Steve 3 Sax yer, Forrest Simons, Managersg Donald Leadbeater, Dick Darling, Wayne True- DICK DARLING bio d Lindsey Hewitt, Skippertlaii, Marvin Gregory, Ronald Saunders, George Cohoon, QUCVCI Cllarles Adams, Managerg Coach Brooks. l , , 14 ' ' Ii.I'..f " ' Hertford EC Kempsville EC ' Bethel EC Williamston EC Suffolk EC Hertford EC Washington EC Kinston EC Greenville EC New Bern EC Edenton EC Roanoke Rapids EC Washington EC Kinston EC Greenville EC New Bern EC Edenton EC EC Roanoke Rapids Coach B ' . , Brozis A lump oall between Suffolk Red Raider's and EIizabethCity YellowJacl4- et's. 1-.11 As far as the winand loss column is concerned the 51-52 Yellow Jacket Baslceteers seem far from impressive. However, there were several enlightning instances to put hope in a strong team for 52- 53. Among these is the fact that the team will lose only six men this year, compared to last year's team which lost 13 out of 15 men. lt is true that this year's team lost a great many games, but the school should still be proud of them, for they played hard and were fighting to win fill the final whistle was blown. Coach Honey Johnson FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobby Darling, B111 Harris, Harry Jones, Cecil Garrett Erlc Johnson Buddy Boyce Pete Smoak SECOIND ROW Irvmg Cal on Douglas Pr I ' , , . . ' : ' to , es- - cott, Donald Myers, Kent Haney, Carter Smith, Robert Gilden. THIRD ROW: Pete Kempsville 34 26 EC Bethel 48 46 EC Boys Club 21 33 EC Boys Club 36 39 EC Central 27 22 EC Hertford 19 23 EC Central 29 32 EC Kinston 61 31 EC Greenville 66 44 EC New Bern 62 48 EC Edenton 22 36 EC Roanoke Rapids 48 44 EC Central 40 43 EC Boys Club 23 36 EC Kinston 45 33 EC Greenville 76 46 EC New Bern 33 37 EC Weeksvi Ile 24 44 EC Edenton 45 43 EC Hertford 19 23 EC Roanoke Rapids 48 44 EC Hertford 35 37 EC Fearing, Douglas Morris, James Gaskins, Fred Fearing, Coach Honey Johnson. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Phyllis Price, co-captain, Joyce Sawyer, Frances Williams, Joan Tucker, Shirley Leary, Doris Moore, Helen Harward, Sally Wood McMu11an, Shirley Harris, Willa Faye Sawyer, Susie Seymore, Undine Perry, Eloise Castellow, Lois Lerman, co-captain. KNEELING:Bi11y Gay McDowell, managerg Mrs. Jolly, coach. T952 LADY JACKETS Coach Mrs. Jolly and Captain Phyllis Price The Lady Jackets won no games, but gave their opponents a tough battle all the way. They had neither the practice nor skill ofthe other teams. Hertford 36 T9 Joan Tucker was high scor- WT l llamslon 20 T9 er of the year with 62 ,.,,,W,,,, Heflffnd 43 22 points to her credit. Lois Woshmglon 55 32 Lerman and Shirley Leary av Edenloon 20 T8 were tied for second place WC'5l"'n9lon 44 27 with 29 points apiece. Edenlon 28 T9 Following these were Joyce Sawyer with 28, Willa Faye Sawyer, 65 Susie Seymore and Doris Moore, Tapiece. Better luck next year galsl f . !5 LEFT TO RIGHT Kay Jones, Lois Lerman, Sally Wood Mchiullan, Faye Sawyer head Joan Tucker Carolyn Pritchard, Verna Austin. When the cheerleaders are being chosen there are those who get disap- pointed, but theyshouldn't be discour- aged. Next time iust trya little harder. Once you are a cheerleader you never want to stop, But don't think that there is no work in cheerleading, because the more you practice the better you'll be. To be a cheerleader is something to be proud of. Remember, though that there 's work along with the fun you have. Faye Sawyer Head Cheerleader Cheerleaders at local pep rally during l95l football season on Courthouse lawn FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: George Meads, Ray Burgess, George Cahoon, Robert Bray, Jack Crank, Bill Jones, Bobby Sawyer, Wilson Roughton. SECOND ROW: Wilson Jones, Thomas Minton, Charles Adams, Forrest Simons, Johnny Parker, Elwood Arm- strong, Richard Collier, Red Cnthrell. THIRD ROW: Lindsey Hewitt, Donald Bright, Ivan Aieekins, Richard Poulos, Reid Carleton, Acey Umphlett, John L. Sawyer, Joe Lainb, Dyson T h urecht, Leon Brickhouse, FOURTH ROW: Paul Miller, Roy Forbes, Skipper Hall, Wallace Brumsey, Dick Darling, Morris Perry, Fred Castellow. The Monogram clubs are composed of those people who have won a letter for their participation in school athletics. The clubs do their part to make the athletic program of the sfhool more interesting and valuable to the students. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Phyllis Price, Sally Wood Ixlchlullan, Mrs. Jolley, Advisor: Lois Lerman, Doris Moore, SECOND ROW: Lucy Burgess, Joan Tucker, Faye Sawyer, Carolyn Pritchard. THIRD ROW: Kay Jones, Shirley Harris, Helen Harward, Verna Austin. i fi 5 -swarm, .. . Q 'f i It Dora..... Mrs. Edith Wilkins. Miriam Wilkins. Mr. Wilkins , . Ruth Wilkins. . . Lt. William Seawright "Bill" Albert .... Martha Seawright . Chuck ..... Harold Kobbermeyer . TECHNICAL STAFF FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Bradshaw, Undine Perry, Shirley Leary, Sally Mclylullan, Doris Moore. SECOND ROW: Bobby Sawyer, Robert Williams, Betty Wilson, BillWallace, Lindsey Hewitt. Absent for picture: Billy Gay McDowell, student directory Bessie Hopkins, Ruth F c rre ll , Faye Pritchard, Norwood Rector, James Armstrong, Jimmy Wise, Annette Davenport, Donnie Hoffler. 11 4 DEAR RUTH Each year the Junior Class presentsa play as one of the means of raising money for the Junior-Senior prom and banquet. This year the Junior Class presented "Dear Ruth, " a comedy in two acts which has enioyed success on Broadway and as a movie. The cast was ably supported by an excellent staff and director to make the play asuccess both as a master- piece of entertainment and asa moneymaking proiect. CAST . Betty Jordon . Anne Gray . . . Toni Gill . Bill Kahlbaum , Dillon Dawson . Gordon Fearing . . Virgil Williams . Eleanor Jones . .Marvin Gregory . Gilbert Hooper wwf' OFFICE STAFF The members of the office staff collect the absentee lists, run errands, help with the mimeo- graphing of the newspaper, and other Special work. Each day a member of the staff takes charge of the mailing of letters, checks out the mail at the post office, and makes the daily bank deposits. These helpers are very important in helping Mr. Eason and Mrs. Cox carry on the school business. To take office usually requires one year of typing and passing all other subjects. LIBRARY srlxrr il The student librarians play an important part in the school, for without them the library could not run very efficiently. There are fifteen liurary assistants and each is a member of the North Carl- olino High School Liorary Association. They attend to circulation, reference work , keep the liorary neat, and help students select oooks. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: .Io Ann Wright, secretary. Vern: Austin, Norma Creekmore. STANDING: George Cohoon, Berta Claire P ar ke r, Sally Wood lxlclxiullan, Forrest Simons, chairman, lxliss Boomer, advisorg Redweil Forbes, Robert Bray, William lansson, Ed- dieC owe t 1, V irgil Williams. ABSENT: Toe Forbes, Alvin John- SOIT. DEBATEHS The Elizabeth City High Schoot Debating Team con- sists of two teams , one for the affirmative and one for the negative side of the question. These compete in a tri- angle with Hertford and Edenton. The winner of this contest competes in the first district contest at East Carolina College in April . The subiect, "Conscription of All Citizens in Time of War" is a very timely one and of nationwide interest. Speaking in the debates develops poise , personality , and awide knowledge of world affairs. The team is com- posed of six members, two of whom are substitutes. They are coached under the expert guidance of Miss Boomer and Miss Jackson. ill., 1? X 1 49' X 'COX SCHOOL SEPTEMBER 5 School opened 12 First assembly by Student Council 4 14 Goldsboro football game at Goldsboro 4' 19 Cheerleaders' assembly program ' 21 Edenton game at Edenton , 24 Southeast Assembly dog show 2B Washington game here OCTOBER 4 .lunior's were measured for rings 5 Selma football game here 12 Roanoke Rapids game here 12 Southeast Assembly program - Impersonations 17 Homeroom 9 assembly program - Play 19 Football game with Greenville here 20 Band played at Oyster Bowl in Norfolk 24 Homeroom 3 assembly program - United Nations Day 26 Kinston game at Kinston 31 Homeroom 11 assembly program - Halloween ghosts. NOVEMBER 2 New Bern game at New Bern 6 Southeast Assembly - Puppet Show 7 Spotlight assembly program. Subscription drive began. 9 Peanut Bowl game at Suffolk Student Council assembly program - American Education Week. 16 Homecoming game with Beaufort 14 20 Junior play 22 Hertford game here - Thnaksgiving ' 30 Key Club dance DECEMBER 5 Letters awarded to football players in assembly lf 12 Language department assembly program I 1'-T' 91' 17 Band went to Kitty Hawk for Wright Brothers Celebration 18 Glee Club Christmas Concert X... I1. CALENDAR O Y, ,. , I8 Home Economics tea 20 Christmas dance JANUARY 9 Hi-Y assembly program ll Junior rings arrived 21 Southeast Assembly program - Glass Blower 24 Group pictures taken for the annual 26 Leap Year dance given by Junior Class 30 Youth Council assembly program - The CALL FEBRUARY l Junior Carnival 2 Greenville Band clinic 6 Glee Club ensembles in assembly l3 Mrs. Hodul 's Homeroom gave an assembly program l6 Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Valentine dance. 20 Brotherhood week 25 College Day MARCH l Final copy of "Spotlight" due 7 National Honor Society dance 9 Band to Greenville for District Band Concert 26 Assembly program - Spanish classes APRIL 4 Junior - Senior Banquet and Dance l0 Band traveled to Lenoir 30 Glee Club assembly program MAY 7 Student Council campaign speeches 9 Glee Club Spring Concert I6 Dedication service for the annual 21 Installation of student body officers 24 Baccalaureate Sermon 29 Graduation exercise 30 End of school - Amen! 11 7 Xi lx l win i W X - A ll E 'lm Y 4 lf f T W 'S H if It Y!! Q , wi 2 f? X4 'iid A a90 , KY: ,fx Ai 1.15 Y '- :!a'f"-P' 9,11 sl X AL "' ' - , 'ffl rf! 21:- 1 v lr" iw- 'Q 41 "QM it U W 1 wx", -z:!,,,..1- 'I X , wmv, Q, L xv W2 'N Q .- p 1 -!'fU-+- nf.f Q u-' all 1 U Egg? E-f'f ua u 1 I 1 v 'N-.Y Q' 1 Q, QF n v 'l A ' t fi '3J2:,7Q.i,3: Eg. A J . 3.1. ,z . WRX. I 1 , M?2a:w,,L- Q-w . 1 Ol" .'.xn., V 9 .,- - s EHS' -. .fd ,W ., -f ,N,f.,,. Q -R5 V + 11-gm.-.,f f "1 Hal'-', ,' 1" Q ."N "--fx , .P 'ufikfl 4 ,. .ann J . l:...yf.a' a 3 ,.Y, -. x.+-' f'v +..' 1:1 iv, 'Ja '3 3 4' 0 . qzp .H y vg,q:"!, 2- I 1 f 1 1 fp 9 ,, ' .J ,ug ,E :"""Q'f mm""""" Intl' 1 vm .1- n vi 3 silk' X4 ' ' N. px. ' 'Q 1 k. K f, K!!! X, f TRHBH , ff- ' -., ,,,, V T REG T M. THE TEXAS COMPANY N FB Cv R R2 Q CX Q 42, Q 48 3 R Q Cv 27 Q Q Q e3 22 R 222 8 222 Q Cv R 3 Q Q Q fX 43 'Q 22 'Q Q 43 222 22 EZ HARRY W. BUNDY CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT SUITE 309-313 KRAMER BUILDING ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. f 4 4 ffffgii fvlqiiriiiivigiilei? fx? s i' 1115528 vefmflig GIl.l.S GILL5 1 Horn srrcm r H0115 Qfw WWW? 1122? , , , , Mo 5112 , l3'1'PH'ff re ff Po qnd y'F 1-, ififiiefi' The Albemarle Hospital l ,. I -'Nw -4.0, ---ws-nnw L - +- THE ALBEMARLE HOSPITAL was built in l9l4 and in l9l5 renovated, modernized and made into a IOO bed hospital. lt is owned by the County of Pasquotank and the City of Elizabeth City, North Carolina. BEST OF LUCK TO THE SENIORS The Staff of the Albemarle Hospital Our best wishes and heartiest congratulations to the Senior Class of l952 Pell Paper Compang, Inc. Elizabeth City, N .C . Perrg Motor Co., Inc. Ellzabeth and Martin Streets Elizabeth City N C Phone 4359 Best Wishes Crgstal Ice And Coal Corp lce Coal Kerosene FuelOll Remember your Ice cold drunks at baseball seasonl Phone 2951 Scott And Halstead Growers oncl Distributors CABBAGE - SNAP BEANS - POTATOES SWEET CORN - SOY BEANS - MILLING CORN Phones 6993 - 7991 Weeksville, N. C. Compliments of HO RACE LYNCH A. B. HOUTZ AND SON MOHUFTISNTS o. c. CliPEPPER Moron co Cadillac - Oldsmobile Soles and Service Compliments of HOUTZ AND BARWICK ' ' 'ff 3151537 U .6122 . . , it 5 it-I j 22 - "' ,iirtgiff as f . X 7, P ' 1 S' 't 2 ' 731' 1 '53 5 A f ' I e2fi5ff,'S.T "M 'S V 5 5 1 I- .5-.. f we ' I ' ' W If 9 vt' H " Eff,ig"Z's 'G' .. -4 5 4 e -' .,xtEf:.,ff r I 'f 'V -z--gt ?-fr 35 Si gg f "aw . V . Q' 33 H159 Et? ,,., ,,., .,::,,4,:Q4,-. J. 4 ..,,..'....,.,.,...7f.,,, , . ,,.-,.4.,,.. HOTEL VIRGINIA DARE IIO Rooms - Modern - Fireproof CAROLINA AMUSEMENT COG Air Conditioned - Coffee Shop Connecting Garage Carolina On the Ocean Highway U.S. I7 Love's State Ray S. Jones, Manager Center A cordial welcome awaits you at CHESSON MANUFACTURING THE CAROLINIAN COMPANY, INC. Nags Head's Newest Hotel Lumber, Millwork, Doors and Frames Open all year Luck tothe Senior Class ' "fl 1 I 1,44 giarfzgm -Q, I ,:,...1L'.L ,i I 13 5.22111 asf Y A ' 1 I I ' ' '...... -'fm-'fL.:fc,,, . I -3 MILDRED'S FLORIST ' , FOREMAIXVS SHOPPE MILK BAR Exclusive but not expensive I Phone 4495 Phone 5590 I - YW ,I I WILLIS S., WRIGHT Dodge - PIymouth ROCHELLE CLEANERS Soles ond Service II6 S. Woter Street Dodge trucks - Cushman Scooters Phone 6I96 Phone 2983 ,,Q!,-- Eg 'gQ,,,,., ,. ,,, . , j 1.11, -il.. - , I , 14. . -fmt , . f 'Q'. -.- z, " 1 if . 92 -1 I I tgt. g ??' ftg5Ti,?Ez lf... ff fr ' 1' ,mf fe: gf' 4 2: A f I ,y sw LA - ,,,, - gf ' .,-V. , ,X ..,- .. ,, , kv, :W gg...-4: ,',. ' , 1 .tw ' We I is f , I ' , B4 . ,. .. .L 1 'if I 'fig ' 3 I-, f gf 1 nw If 1 f- . ., . . 'f-ffgwzr. ,, kv, H , 'I-0 1 lv ' 1 .1-' .1 . , "'--, 5243 uw. 1 4. -- , 1- ,Nl ' -'.. -,,.,A , i.Mp,..,.,,-, A '-ff WHALEY'S QUINN FURNITURE CO. Quality Furniture S. A. Twiford, Owner 209 N. Poindexter St. Elizabeth City, N. C. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '52 GLOBE FISH COMPANY Wholesale Fresh Fish Elizabeth City, N.C. ELIZABETH CITY JEWELERS ASSOCIATION Louis Selig Bauer and Son Barr Brothers Bright Jewelry Co. i mi 1 4 J 4 ,J P I" fflfsm , , A C., T SANDERS COMPANY Cgmpliments of Mill, Plumbing, and Marine Supplies C,OPELAND'S Water, Pearl, and Poindexter Streets Confectionery and Grill Elizabeth City, N.C. Parsonage and Hughes Blvd. Phone 4897 11, ",, in -W'-s "" is .QI is ' ii Q Ji 'ij " l f "'Al 4 V -l Q "Taste The Difference" - fry - BIRTCHERD DAIRY PRODUCTS Under Laboratory Control 'F F Z ALQRO 'pl co LA W4' liil' BY 7A57f'7i57' ,, . v ' ,. 1" Aww. ,A f , Q F .-ef fr' in., ,. , ,ff au- 1 f, 'J f ,.- NNW, . -.W 'Cliff REI 5 5 Elf I a it g pgg I is 53? 1 1 THE FIRST AND CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Elizabeth City, N. C. 'The Only National Bank in the AlbemarIe" Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Federal Reserve System Established T891 BELK - TYLER CO. Teen - Age Sport Shop 2nd Floor Elizabeth City's Shopping Center Compliments of ELIZABETH CITY BRICK COMPANY BuiIder's Supplies WOODLEY GROCERY CO Q Distributors of King Flake Flour MMAI-BE TIVE Suppl-Y co mc '15 r""' I M ARLE,.fi'i" p Auromo I , ,, ' ' -Q4'vl. ll ' I! Q f I A ff I sg I I g , , I H Qs: , . 'ilk Q :II . in . , ' 3 I ,- ' .. , rw f A Z' I .gn Qlfl ,-.1--f'V'f J A ,,. T",-I 1 11 iz if Compliments of , 'CWM A W ALBEMARLE FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE I AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY COMPANY, INC DEALERS Wholesales 303-305 N. Water Street Elizabeth City, N. C. Parts - Supplies - Shop Equipment Phone 4377 - I McDOWELL THE MOTOR COMPANY DAILY ADVANCE 24 Hour Wrecker Service Specializing in Body and Fender Work The daily newspaper of the Albemarle Dial 2985-4697 for over 39 years PERRY TIRE STORE Good Year - Tires - Tubes - Batteries Shelby Bicycles Elizabeth St. Phone 6882 QEATHQ 0 g. aiherl ' fs PURE FOOD PRODUCTS SAWYER COMPANY "The Quality Shop for Men" McMorrine and Colonial Avenue Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '52 FRlSBY'S STUDIO Eastern North Carolina's Leading Photographers 2l3 N. Martin St. WHlTE'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Corner of Colonial and Road Dial 2896 DAVENPORT MOTORS Your Lincoln - Mercury Dealer " Used Cars "' Elizabeth City, N. C. ALBEMARLE LAUNDRY Quality Dry Cleaners - Launderers Dial 2498 Elizabeth City, N. C. Best Wishes from WARD AND SON 310-I2 S. Pool Street Welding Machine - Forge - Supplies Phone 6589 Compliments of JENNETTE'S Men 's Wear Compliments of THE AYDLETT PRODUCTS CO. Manufacturers of Potato Chips and Salted Peanuts High-Grade Candies BASNI GHT 'S SODA FOUNTAIN Bus Station Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of E. M. SAWYER CO. Wholesale Grocery MILES JENNINGS, INC. General Machine and Welding Shop Mill ancl Logging Supplies Dial 2490 Best of Luck to the Senior Class CULPEPPER HARDWARE COMPANY Phone 4329 GARRETT HARDWARE COMPANY Kelvinator Refrigerators and Duo-Therm Oil Stoves Phone 4375 Congratulations to the Class of '52 R, C, ABBOTT COMPANY THE APOTHECARY SHOP A Rexall Drug Store Phone 4327 ALBEMARLE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Loans - Savings 503 E. Main St. Dial 2786 Enjoy the safety, economy, and convenience of our buses. "Ride the bus and save" ELIZABETH CITY BUS LINE Best of Everything To Class of '52 ELIZABETH CITY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Compliments of HOOPER BROTHERS Wholesale Paper and Office Supplies Virginia Dare Arcade Elizabeth City, N. C. GEORGE A. COX Tailoring - Repairing 8. Alterations Virginia Dare Arcade Elizabeth City, N. C. FORT RALEIGH RESTAURANT Sea Food and Sizzling Western Steaks "Our Specialty" East Main Street RUCKER AND SHEELY COMPANY "Elizabeth City's Best Store" Specializing in Ladies - Ready-To-Wear l ,Lf fait,-zl Capital 's 24 years of experience is your assurance of greater comfort, greater safety and better service . WRIGHT AND SONS PURITY ICE AND FUEL CO. Phone 2397 For Ice 4291 For Coal Kerosene Fuel Oil For the best in Fun and eats Gather Where the Gang meets At THE CIRCLE MOTOR BEARING AND PARTS CO Wholesale Automotive Parts and Equipment Elizabeth City, N. C. Phone 5463 Compliments of KE NYO N BAILEY MCPHERSON BOTTLING CO. Pepsi-Cola 7-Up Orange Crush Dial 4355 Ehringhaus Street Extended PERRY PAINT AND GLASS COMPANY Gleem Paint, Store Fronts, Plate Glass, and Mirrors Compliments of THE TOXEY GROCERY COMPANY Distributors - Famo Flour W.C.N.C. Best Wishes From For Albermarle news and sports AUTO BODY AND FENDER WORKS Listen to W.C.N.C. Phone 5986 Compliments of ELIZABETH CITY s ,C Congratulations ,fl K5 ,Z -4 and ff 2.4 T N' Best Wishes .Mil The taste N that always charms DRINK COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, INC P. P. GREGORY Shawboro, N. C. Farm Produce Lum er Dealer in , b and Building Supplies GUARANTY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Capital and Surplus Sl,600,000 Established l90l Members of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone 2798 TWIFORD'S FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service - 24 Hours Elizabeth City - Phone 2l8l Manteo - Phone 54 Hatteras Hertford Norfolk MANN'S NASH SALES AND SERVICE Used Auto Parts - We Buy wrecks W. Broad St. Phone 2l84 Compliments of S. S. CAMPEN Herff - Jones Representative CAROLINA PRINTING COMPANY Designers and Makers of Distinctive Printing Elizabeth City, N.C. Phone 5792 TOXEY, BERRY, AND LYNCH Funeral Home Phone 44I2 wqvwxs qt! Q0 Best Wishes From BAILEY'S SERVICE STATION "Your ESSO Dealer " Phone - 2183 ATLANTIC DISCOUNT CORPORATIO N Call 5682 For all your beauty needs LE-REE BEAUTY SALON Compliments of PASQUOTANK HOSIERY MILL Compliments of KRAMER BROS. CO., INC. Lumber and Millwork Thank you for this privilege of being your Florist Please call on us when any occasion call for Flowers CLARA-ANN FLORISTS SERVICE NEWS COMPANY IO6 North Martin St. Magazines and Newspapers RUSSELL'S HARDWARE AND SERVICE STATION 825 West Main St. Phone 5388 "Your City Service Dealer" Phone 5784 City Service - Gas - Goodyear Tires W G A I Compliments of A B C WALTER KIRBY For the Albemarle SHARBER STUDIO PAUL BRADSHAW Quality Photo Finish Jeweler 24 Hour Service Bulova - Elgin - I'IGrT1IlI'On Elizabeth City, N. C. Watches EUNICE HAYMAN Hand Painting 613 Morgan Street Phone 2510 MEEKINS SEAFOOD We carry the most complete line of seafood in the Albemarle ECONOMY TYPEWRITER COMPANY Distributor of Royal Typewriters Sales and Service 216 S. Water Street Phone 5690 Compliments of GRIFFIN BICYCLE SHOP Compliments of THE ALBEMARLE SPORTS CENTER Compliments of ALBEMARLE AWNING CO. "Always a Shade Better" "Always Ready" The Boys at the FIRE DEPARTMENT JACKSON'S BICYCLE SHOP Keys made for any lock Bicycles Repaired FORBES RADIO AND SUPPLY CO. Radio and Television is Our Business Phone 4978 Elizabeth City, N.C. THE FASHION SHOP Ladies' Apparel Phone 4891 112 McMorrine St. Madge Thacker - Elizabeth City, N.C Compliments of ROAD STREET GROCERY Compliments of ROAD STREET DELICATESSEN GREGORY PRODUCE Buyers and shippers of Potatoes, Cabbage, Snapbeans, Sweet Corn and Soy Beans Phone 6288-5189 Residents 5521 Elizabeth City, N. C. sHERWlN'WILLIAMS Pnmrs 111 s. WATER smear DIANA'S SHOP 110 E. Main Street A gift for every occasion RUSSELL AND HOLMES SHOES The Home of Poll Parrot Shoes 510 W. Main St Elizabeth City, N OVERMAN AND STEVENSON Prescription Druggists 512 E. Main St. Elizabeth City, N Compliments of HI LL'S CO NFECTIONARY N. W. DAILY AGENCY Mrs. Lessie W. Morgan, Mgr, E. Main Street Dial 5186 L. B. TWIFORD Real Estate Virginia Dare Arcade J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. Elizabeth City's Newest Department Store Compliments of SINGER SEWING CENTER B. F. Goodrich Tires ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY 613 E. Main St. Motorola Television DR. J. W. SELIG Optometrist Compliments of OWENS SHOE CO. Compliments of HOUSE OF HURDLE'S JACOCK'S PHARMACY 'You're always welcome at Walgreen 's VIRGINIA DARE AUTO SERVICE U. S. Tires-Batteries-Acessories Dial 5889 Elizabeth City, N.C. Trade at CADER HARRIS AND SON "The Friendly Store. " Best Wishes JOE LAMB Best Wishes to the Seniors Compliments of From COLUER'SPE.geN.5E6iTlONERY MIDGETT INSURANCE CO. Compliments of WlLSON'S WHOLESALE BAKERY Phone 4280 RlGG'S MUSIC COMPANY 107 N. McMorri ne St. D. Walter Harris Pilot Life Insurance Co. Southern Hotel Barber Shop Powder Puff Beauty Salon Thomas Crank, "The Man That Knows Fish Cartwright 's Bakery Jackson Shoe Repair The Fabric Center H. F. Forbes, Riddle Riggs and Riggs, Old Trap M. L. Pugh Grocery, Old Trap Roy Forbes' Store, Old Trap N. H. Harrington Grocery, Camden E. A. Harris Gen. Merchandise, Belcross T. B. Gregory Grocery, Camden Shawboro Service Station E. T. l'l0rrif1gf0n Grocery, Shawboro W. W. Dough Grocery, Belcross Sunshine Grocery Jerry's Sandwich Shop M. L. Britt James Shoe Shop P. W. Melick Company H . W . Jackson Texaco Service Station The New Fowler Store Crank Shoe Shop Cozy Grill Owens' Barber Shop Owney Radio Shop ESSO Servicenter Carolina Food Shoppe Anna Lu Florist Hooper Tile Company W. E. Wilson's Grocery Avon Grocery Beal 's Grocery Jerry S. Wright lnsuranc D. C. Perry Lamm's Sandwich Shop e Agency 'ef TI G il -Vwpi V X MW-N r N ,,-,gg.z-:w-- fe e .., if FRKI'-5 4'Pxoacke.5 - QYNTS sw.-fe -BON.-AeA Tevmiegouwok CENVENXENT vweuvuw vm me N x5 'Nvfnlgfg Co1'S'uK Ce. " i HW ish H01 Y V 7, l e '15?:?E?rQ'5'4f" Cam 67 85 e L ee J Reserved For A Special Autograph AUTOGRAPHS JUN 102822 For Reference Not to be taken from this room PASQUOTANK-CAMDINUIIAIY IUUEIICCOIOIHIAVEIIII Elizabeth Clty,NC2'l9U Plwne: 252-335-2473 Fax: 252-331-7449 www.earlibrlry.o MYERS Jw-79-LTI YEARBOOKS ..'.'i.. THE PACEMMERS or QUALIIY MYERS AND CO. INC. TOPEKA, KANSAS ' 5' 5 'Q . X Ulf' 'I Q2 Ak. I lg-I ln , , af' . KA fg frm . ' 4 V-'Mg , , .L I3 1 1 ai Q . y,. 4 5 lv' QQ!! 1. ,- A -- 1 ' yi I K. W, ,Z iw? 651 f 'QL 1 l ., 'f ,,g 7 , - ' - X.-rm .-.,,,f:ww .M-.,',:" . ' I' - 1 4. ' J .M-'-if . U4 'f ,tpgm ., ,A , 1. - . 1 ',-.ijt ' ..,..'lv.u. v . "-H'-H., , , ,An-L..- va 2.

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