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.- 1: - 'hi 'f ' s - 4 si?- 11 ,I . , as - .5 , ' . , X go ,xfrp I. lj. Jw-JN: I Y-.A .Z,'!,.' ."g - " h , V "." 14'-'Q' 'H-I ,A ..,- f 5 .Y , If. 1' E I . ' Y I ers- 'DT 0 ' - I ' ' f fx - f" ,Q , Q K . ,psf fX!hj1h'i'fLf ' . K A N. l r I " in 'riff' I' ral , l S x .' I . Q A , 0 Q V V N N . ' I a,f""J', xi f L 17 ' !'- L' '1' V 'A A '- ' 'dr v n ,N x ' ' 1' - ' f ' M A ' X54 swf' 51 V, D X 7" . A '. V . ' . If '.c low!! Q I . N , I .A l ', I 1 A',..7xx'li, V5-f,.,-. . Q ' ,H 15? ' . , ff 1f ,,4',W ' - ' - 'f f . - A . lr, ' My hx F 3 4 H . . ' ' V - ' . - . - N f Q- ff -ff Lv N, I , . A 547002, I 'ww ,. A 'g 4 A L 1 v . I . 1 41 Q ' lx: If A , . I . s ' Q i gig' ' ' "- 7 ' ' . ffuffgx 1 ,E , 0090 A 'Q Q4-ji Qi 3 ' -' . ' A A f W i I X ' :I ' I f . W' gtk X, ' f 1 4 J I , T Q i 'TRI' 'Hia' Aging' ' V . 'A ' , f ' ' 4 ' I iff. V. 3 Hifi' Ax V I h , ' 1 ' I4 my an ' .... 1 v A. , H . A I 1 I. QL! I 4 - 1 . A . 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'Y' "r yr fI..,r.Y-1I ,,I I. .Q f II ' II I 44, 1 If .III'I 1 . I I X ITII .I I ., I II I I' :TXQJ IX:- , III ' X - 1 I - I ' A-"1 u ff' 1, g I A 3 , - ,, IIICIL, ' I 'nv , o I I 51 Ir ,,X- , ,, I g 1 I .5 '1 I I 'A "XV.X1"'?- 'nl 'I Q , ' xx I -A "1 gr. on' 5" ' ' 1 , Q' I' 4 5 4 QQQI' I "X!A'??II.I,I',f II. -' 1' 4 .I I ,- . I E W 5' 3,"1:yr' r1,'1-' , 'X - - .- 1 - -, 9 . If ,, X, .-, ,Lf X ' r bn X L gf ..XX , XX.-. . . X -X .X X . I -1.1 - 4, I Q -,.I III I .,- I . IIIIIII I ' - ', .- . ox, I I -Ja 4 L '-I. I,-',-f.. ..v-X - , " M . ' . X 5 ,X,gI If I X,- .I ,- , 4. G I 1'-5, .X - ,I X v .". , . , ' - a X- 1' I-'H V-IIZ54 -XI gf? II ,L I ,II :I Q. IIIIgI I I I II.r'I ' 1 I IIII IIM ' - ' "' ' ' N 'Q' ' ' ' . . 1 T. is-'I-,, 59 yy" L'?X:,Isf'.1 'X ' , -1 1. mf .- ..lrqJ" r,- .?..' ' .' , X' ' v - ' . ,XI -", HI X 'g' II ,' .- ' I. I YI, 4-IN ,III1 I5,,' , PII ,-,. I'III,,'I J3- J- X ' .,, 'v A - , 1 ., ' A Q , 4 X ,, ,fp , -X ,. HH . ' v, - A o , ,.. - f - I 1 Q A , IIRIII 'sI7QIe I I III ':I I ,I IAI I Q I ' vw. k3.X- 1 f,:. , ' ' , , fa? " 1' Q - 1 ' Y .I ' "'.1. 7-4".,I' ' 'Yvx X"' "' Q - '. ' 1 1 . ' -X' ' . - . 5 ' . X " L-5 ?,'Q1f" .wflpf "X 'uh A Y 7 1 ' 1 nb " I , 1 -' I IN ,V , 1 A . -v ' ' , 'S - A,II-'J I III In I7 I I I I Q H' - I I 5 I v ,.. Q - I 4 Is X -1, n X. Xfvfn- .I Im I . I II- I I I I ..- I . ' Y.-' . . " ' ' - . ' a , a'ff-,-:eff ., , - XX ,"I, f1'I.1 -il.. " 'Ig in gf' , ' 1X ' ' K-3'?1g'lj.li .Wh :II AL ' ' . 1' ul "' " ' - . I . v X . QS . , u- . - , 1 - fu' .. 'g' A". fr :DHI " "i Qi' ' :J K ' Wh I X A N-4 . w,I I .I,"'-X 'I ,I . If 'I.X- -" I.i fl' I - I, . . Xe IAII ,'I1. Ig. A II? I I ,Ig ,If A . ' , ,, -.,- ,"--ov ,V y ," 4- "-, .,' ,v , . . , ff .1 . 4 K' ' " ' ' ' "" It Ilf'L . .Id-,'JI A ' v ' X? ,. -.1,'Y,i-,,,,v- 'T , . ' ' ' . ' ' v -.1 -1 ' A s I .I X. - ,J 5- , u-,I .. . , X - .X 1 ' I ' - ' :I I' .. , A 1 I X - ,' X . X 7 YQ .L ' Q ' 'fs ,. , ., .- .QW .r ' W , , ...X , 4- II. I. 1 X , II I. f' 4,, I , ,I, ' ,V , X I I ' .A X' 1" 1' K" f DH, , ',- u , ' r I 'Q-.. L Q QQ I ' I 1 J Y ' ' Q V. 1' X X ,--4X 'UNL If D X-'X . X 5- Y V ' 5 +4 ,Ie -vf.I',. .lg-f " ! 9. ." I 'M 'h ' X g , ' 1 Ig.. -. . ., III X. I II, I: - AXQ' Y.' ' t .' I ' ' ' 6 If If ' ' JI I' "1 'I ,Iv-II I 4 , J I 4, n . ' ' 'K' ' X - 4 ' ,Av 'ff ,- . 1 ' - X- . X , ,,-,gp I:r.- I II ' .II.x' xI ,'v.AI . ' 1 - . X '. ' , ' 3 -Xilfw, 1' AIN. ' - ' ,I - AI . I . - . , ., . . , ,II . Y I . .-AIC:-.',,X:., X' ' A-'H X X- ' 4 f' - N. ', ' - I , I '. X 5 , .:I , l . ix :xi I I I - X . I ISIQI III I ,V ' 4'4X' A vw 'I . 1. . " XI f9'l 1 AI 1 I x I I ' j , -I,X.. 1 . ' 7- I l X Q . I ', 2 I 'A , . v . I II . I I ' U -'- - ,x .' ' ' 'I T v Y :X '," . II4x ' " X 'X.X1X,,s , , ' ' - X1 .. ., , , , .-ff' .QQQX I .n .W .I IIIEIIIIII-I III-I .PII I I I, I - - . I f, . x ' i.X , 'I ' ' ' -' v' X ' a ' ' X X1 , -14, -..f . I 1 X 'I . -. In , .0 ,. I+ 1-. ,X - . YA Ap . II. , - , , I I I, 1,II,f Q Q, 41 :W . I ' ' ' W , MQW!! . I' X I I Y - I ' Q ' N f 1 I , - I ' UQ:-.W ' , 5 .X A X mf . . ' - , -:ji rg, I I , , . 1.,! . .I ' I ,LX .1-, ' ' ,. - . .ui-MI . ll' , Q... I -- .. A I, -MI--I:-LMI ! -..- -. ,NS x 'Z' ,. 5.2 Pcasquotonk-Camden Librgry Eli2CibeTh CNY, NC 27909 252-335-2473 fp I 1 Pzfesidelzt Vice-Prcfsiflclzf SANFORD XWHITEHURST JAIVIES CORBETT SENICDR CLASS CHARACTERS ...... ..... D igzzifiwfl Scvziors SETTING .............. E. C. H. S. TIME: The day we bmi our fi1'SIif7l'jIIfS 111 H30 soil of E. C. H. S. SANFORD! FREDA: GRETQHEN: Walking up to the school that morning made me unusu- ally happy! It seemed as though all the world was free of anything that could mar this happiness. That day I had to pinch myself in order to make sure I was not dreaming! As I Walked along my memory became like a moving picture machine. When the film was reflected on the screen, We saw pictures similar to these: First, there Was the first day of freshman year when most of us looked like Indians or, as though we were going to a masquerade and lacked only the costumes. Then came our sophomore days which Were filled with days of Work and yet many an hour of happiness! Wlien We became juniors the most important things to us were the Junior Carnival and the Junior-Senior Banquet, in which We played an important part! We also had the Junior Play, filled with laughter! Secrcfa ry Trcfaszz rr zf BETTY JANE LEARY GRETCHEN VOETH JIMMY: Then there was the day we first walked the aisles of the SANFORD! auditorium as seniors! At first most of us were frightened and then we saw our younger classmates looking up at us with a new look of hope on their faces, this thought came to our minds: "We are leaders and we muSt try with all that is within us to make the best examples for those who have faith and confidence in us!" This is not the end, for we have many more things to look forward to, such as our Commencement Exercises and our lifes' work. Most of us will be happy, but within all of us sorrow will take its place. Truly our high school days have been happy ones' To those we leave behind we wish even happier days than those we have had! ,L-LO' gl fffij-fQff"L AM MITIIN Askliw BASNIGI-IT A ANDERSON AUSTIN Blau. ARMSTRONG AYDLETT BERRY ARNOLD BALLANCE BjORK B: 5 , MARY LOUISE AMMEEN Three cheers and a rah for this cheerleader of Lore, She's a grand little girl, of her type we need more. Cheerleader 2, 35 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Commercial Club 5. GENEVA ANDERSON Calm and silent is she, Who, so true and dependable, seems to be. Commercial Club 4, Sg F.H.A. 5. CHARLES ARMSTRONG Full of pep and vigor is he who leads the band, Music guides his life and in this he's a master hand. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, S5 Student Director 2, 3, 4, S, Drum Major 3, 4, Sg Glee Club 1, 2, Treasurer 23 Dancing Club 2, Jr. Dramatics Club 3, President 3, H. R. Vice-President 2, Key Club Sg Music Appreciation Club S3 Senior Person- ality. ' ' JULIAN RAY ARNOLD A little guy without much to say, But you'll hear a lot from' him after graduation day. Y ROBERT DONALD ASKEXV Hats off! The seniors' pride and joy, We'll never find a truer gentleman, never a sweeter boy. Class President 2g V. Football 2, 3, Varsity 4, S3 VI. V. Basketball 2, 3, Varsity 45 J. V. Baseball 2, Varsity 3, 4: Monogram Club 3, 4, ig H. R. President 2, 3, 4, Sq Hi-Y 4, S9 Safety Patrol 3, 4, S, Student Council S, Sgt.-at-Arms S5 Senior Personality. DON LUCIAN AUSTIN Wavy brown hair and a grin that's wide, In classroom or football he's on our side. Monogram Club 3, 4, S, Treasurer 4, Football Team 3, 4, Sq Glee Club 4, President 4g Baseball Manager 4. ,-,,-Egg:----v vi- 1n:v.--.-,.....,--w-- - -.A-.. -we-'1:3F:K-I.. --v--m-V-.ga-----f TRIM WHITE AYDLETT, JR. Our dashing young Casanova by the name of "Blue," With tall silk hat and cane, bowing to you. H. R. Vice-President 4g Monogram 3, 4, Sq Audio-Visual Club 3, Treasurer 35 Hi-Y 4, Sg Manager Football 3, 4, Football S5 S. C. Committee 33 Junior Play Staff 45 Jr. Dramatics Club 3. OLIVE BALLANCE Olive carries the'-lfeading flagg She's lots of fun, so time will never drag. J. V. Basketball 1, 25 jr. Red Cross Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 4g Band 4, S. ROBERT LEE BASNIGHT With his brush and his paint he will work all day, And after seeing the results, you will know he is O. K. BETTY JEAN BELL There's none more full of pep. She's laughing always and really hep. Patriotic Club Z3 G.A.A. 3, 4, S, President 3, Vice-President 43 Commercial Club 4, Music Appreciation Club S3 Basket- ball 3, 4. GEORGE DEWEY BERRY, -IR. ln nineteen hundred and sixty a farmer he'll be About ten miles from town with a family. Shiloh High School I. CARL EVOR BJORR, AIR. Carl Bjork, the preacherls son. Aren't we glad there's only one? Bunn High School 2, 3, 4-H Club 2, 33 Glee Club S SANFORD WHITEHURST OLlf.fZ'6?i1fi7I'l7g tlhlfllbl' Pfflffozmflzy 15 BRAY BRZYCKI BUTLER BRICE BUNCH BYRD BROCK BURGIQSS M. CARTER BROCKWELL BURGESS W. CARTWRIGHT ALICE WORTH BRAY A busy bustling maiden fair, a twinkle in her eye, And when She lets loose cn a clarinet, the melody drifts high.. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, S, Officer 3, 4, S, J. V. Basketball 3, 4, S, H. R. Representative lg S. C. Committee Member 2, Committee Chairman 4, National Honor Society 4, Sq Monogram Club 4, S, President 45 Dancing Club 2, Presi- dent 25 Jr. Dramatics 3, Teen Tavern President 3g Music Appreciation 5, President SQ Jr. Play Staff 4, Marshal 4: Class Vice-President 33 Spotlight Sg Senior Personalityg Tri-Hi-Y S. l YVONNE JANET BRICE A gentle, gracious and pleasing one- "Pic" is sincere toward all, And when you need a job well done, hers is the name youill call. H. R. Secretary 1, H. R. Representative 2, 3, S. C. Com- mittee Chairman 4g Spotlight 4, Sg Editor-in-Chief 5: Jr. Red Cross 23 Jr. Dramatics Club 35 Band 2, 3, Jr. Play Staff 45 National Honor Society 4, Sq Tri-Hi-Y 4, S, Secretary S3 Senior Scribbler S, Music Appreciation S. JAMES KINCH BROCK, JR. Laughing and joking and teasing a little, too, When asked who's our favorite we'll say, "Cocky thatis who." Class Vice-President 1, 2: H. R. Vice-President Zg H. R. Treasurer 3, Sg Junior Play Cast 4, Monogram Club 4, S, Secretary 4g Safety Patrol SQ Dramatics Club 3, S, Treas- urer Sg Baseball Manager. 3. MARY LAURA BROCKXWELL Busy lil' woman, lots of pluck Bids you farewell, wishes you luck. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sg Loudspeaker l, 2, 3, 4, S, Advertis- ing Manager 3, 4, Red Cross 33 Commercial Club 4: Quill and Scroll 4, S, Secretary-Treasurer 44 Library Staff Sq National Honor Society S5 F.H.A. S5 Officer Worker S. THELMA LOUISE BRZYCIU Full of brains and personality Bet a certain cadet would agree! Jr. Dramatics Club 3, 43 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, ig Arts and Culture Club 43 4-H Club 4, S5 F.H.A. SQ Travel Club S. GENEVA EVELYN BUNCH A hasty and efficient little gal is Bunch. She'll be a success-we have a hunch. Jr. Dramatics Club 39 Commercial Club 4, S, Treasurer S, F.H.A. S, Spotlight S. MARGARET CAROLYN BURCESS To talk is the joy of this cute little gal She makes a good helper or a good pal. Shiloh High School lg Speech Club Sq Commercial Club 4, S, 4-H Club 3, 4, S5 Glee Club 4, S9 Spotlight Staff S. WILLIS BURGESS , Yep, he knows many twirlsg many whirlsg He's the dancing fellow with many girls. X. CIIARLES DONALD BUTLER They Say heis the quiet type-maybe so, But get on the football field and watch him gof National Honor Society 4, S, Treasurer S, Hi-Y 45 Key Club S, Treasurer S5 Monogram Club 4, Sq Football l, 4, S, Glee Club 4, ig Safety P.Itrol 4, S. BARBARA KATHERINE BYRII Nice, lots of personality, lovely as a starg To hear her sing 'll make you forget where you are. Jacksonville High School 2, 33 Secretary of Class Zg H. R. Secretary 4, S, H. R. Treasurer 4, H. R. Vice-President 3: Glee Club Z, 3g Dramatics 2, 3, S, Senior PCl'50I'l.1lllV 52 Basketball 2, 33 Band 4, S: Commercial Club ig S. C. Com- mittee S. JOAN MAIIIE CARTER A blonde Pennsylvanian into our lives came A Yankee lheaven lIelp hcrj and Joan is her name. Glen Nor High School 2, 3: Dramatics Club 33 V. Cheerleader 4, Varsity S, Basketball 4: F.H.A. S, H. R. Treasurer 4, H. R. Vice-President Sg Monogram Club 54 G.A.A. 4, S. BRUCE NORMAN CARTWRIGHT Over Camden Way this boy is from, Say you need a helping hand, he'S sure to comb. 4. BETTY JANE LEARY Ql!f.ffc7lIl77lilZCgf .QVZIUV PL'l'50lItIlI'lQl 17 CHORY CRFATH DANIEL COBB CRIZIZKMORF DAWSON CfOI,IiY CURLFS DEAN CORBILTT CUPPLES DOZIER JOSEPH EUGENE CHORY, JR. Short hair, big blue eyes, He leaves the impression of being wise. Glee Club 5: Key Club S. ANNE CAROLYN COBB A cheerful little maiden she does seem, Witli pleasant and happy thoughts her face does beam. Commercial Club 4, S5 Tri-Hi-Y S. HELEN ELIZABETH COLEY To every activity does this gal yield, She's the very tops in every field. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, S, Officer 2, 3, 4, S: National Honor Society 4, S, Secretary S, Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3g Junior Play staff 4g Music Appreciation Sq H. R. Representative S, Marshal 43 Tri-Hi-Y S. JAMES ERNEST CORBETT, JR. A solid guy with a friendly smile, and much, much fun, He's through his studies like a breeze when the others have only begun. H. R. President lg Dancing Club 2g Junior Dramatics Club 35 Glee Club 3, SQ National Honor Society 4, S3 Hi-Y 4, 5, Vice-President Sq S. C. Committee 4: Key Club S: Band l, 2, 3, 4, S, Officer 3, 4, 5, Junior Play Cast 4, Senior Scribblers S3 Class Vice-President Sg Chief Marshal 4. NELLIE PEARL CREATII Nellie is often very solemn and prim, But Nellie is popular and follows every whim. Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Band 4, 51 Staff Sergeant ig Hobby Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, Chaplain S5 Beta Club 4, National Honor Society Sg Loudspeaker Staff 45 Jr. Red Cross Zg Spotlight Staff ig Dramatics Sp junior Play Cast 4. CHARLES ALEXANDER CREISKMORE "Mole" is a fellow truly sincere, He'll always be happy, year after year. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, S, Officer 4, S3 Patriotic Club 33 S. C. Committee S5 Travel Club S, President Sq Commercial Club S, Sgt.-at-arms ig Key Club S. VIRGINIA LOUISE CURLES Yes, Virginia is quite a girl But, Virginia, where's your curl? F.H,A. S, Historian. ALTON RAY CUPPLES He was really a worker in our school store Personality plus and brains galore! S. C. Committee 3, 4, Sg Football 44 Ir. Play Staff 4. FREDA LEE DANIEL Cute and friendly, she's really quite a gal She's got that certain something, cause she's everybOdy's pal. Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, Jr. Dramatics Club 33 S. C. Committee 3, Sg National Honor Society 4, S5 Band 4, H. R. Secretary S5 Library Staff S3 Music Appreciation Club S3 Interna- tional Relations Club S. NANCY BRAGG DAWSON A voice that's strong in many a way, Friendly, helpful, cheerful on every day. J. V. Basketball 2, Varsity 3, 4, Sq Monogram Club 4, ig G.A.A. 3, S3 Band 1, 25 Audio-Visual 33 Quill and Scroll 4, International Relations S3 Class Treasurer 4, H. R. Secretary 3: H. R. Vice-President S, H. R. Representative 4g S. C. Committee 45 Miss 1949-SUQ jr. Dramatics 35 Cheerleader 3, 4, 5, Head 4, S3 Loudspeaker Staff 3. IRVIN ELLIOTT DEAN A friendly smile goes .1 mighty long way With this little guy who has little to say. Shiloh High School lg Baseball 4, S5 Football 4, S. GLADYS MARGARET DOzII1R A lovely little lass with a complexion like peaches and cream. And her eyes with happiness do always gleam. Cilee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, S, Vice-President 4, Loudspeaker 4g F.H.A. S5 Basketball 4. ,a-.,,, CONNIE HUNT Olillffcillrldilllig Qvzzblf Pwfiomvfzy 19 f 4' 935 addy X y W Q f " ff A WY' 17' ..,,, ITLLIOTT FORBES, S. GODFRIZY ll.lf'I'CHIiR FORBISS, XV. GOSTING FORBES, IS. FORBES, XV. F. GRAY, B. FORBES, Ii. GARD GRAY, C. F J ALFRED WILLIAM HOUTZ, -JR. A thinking, witty, young man, giving us only the best, And on the home stretch its Haul: leading all the rest. Band 1, 2, 35 S. C. Committee Chairman S, H. R. Repre- sentative l, 25 Class Secretary 35 National Honor Society 4, S5 Junior Play Cast 45 Quill and Scroll 4, 55 Interna- tional Relations Club S, President S5 Loudspeaker Staff 3, 4, Business Manager 4, Assistant Advertising Manager 35 Senior Personality5 Key Club S. CONSTANCE HUNT That tall lithsome lass, whom we all admire, Is headed for fame, like a house afire. Band 1, 25 Class Treasurer 15 S. C. Committee Chairman 4, S5 H. R. Representative 15 Debator 2, 35 Audio-Visual Club 3, Secretary 35 Jr. Dramatics Club 35 Jr. Varsity Basketball 3, Varsity 4, S5 Spotlight Staff 25 National Honor Society 4, S, President S5 Jr. Play Cast 45 Cheer- leader 35 Monogram Club S5 Senior Personality. RITA FAY HUSSEY Rita is the gal with a great big heart. Anyone who's her friend is really smart. Beaufort High School 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 4, S5 Commercial Club S5 Travel Club 5. FRANCES LEE JAIXIES A great gal and funny as can be, Fran is forever cheerful and full of glee. Hobby Club 15 Speech Club S5 International Relations Club S5 Tri-Hi-Y S5 Commercial Club S. ANN LOUISE JENNINGS Ah, what attractive charms doth she employ? And just to be with her-what joy! H. R. Treasurer 1, Z5 Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Secretary 45 S. C. Committee 4, S5 National Honor Society 4, S5 F.H.A. S, President S5 Marshal 45 Music Appreciation 55 Spotlight Staff S. FLORENCE VIRGINIA JENNINGS "Flossie" always rolls her eyes That's why the boys are emitting sighs! Jr. Red Cross 15 H. R. Secretary 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 2: J. V. Basketball 25 Cheerleader 35 Future Teachers of America S5 Speech Club S5 Junior Play Cast 4. LEE TAYLOR JONES A little short, a little shy, But he's still a Inighty guy. Stonewall High School 15 Band 2, 3, 4, S, Officer 45 J. V. Basketball 25 V. Footbxll 25 Jr. Dramttics 35 Hobby Club 35 Music Appreciation Club S5 Patriotic Club 35 Sousaphone Club 55 Key Club S. JEAN RAE JORDAN Matrimonial-minded just as Sure as you're born. Third finger, left hand, Jean'S gem does adorn. Commercial Club 4, 55 4-H Club 3, 4, S. ROBERT XWILLIAM JORDAN He's a little Small, but really kind, A nicer boy is hard to find. THEODORE ROOSEVELT KEN'IP, -JR. He is manager of our team, So we know he is on the beam. Monogram Club 45 Football Manager S5 Baseball Manager 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Jr. Pasquocam Basketballg J. V. Base- ball 15 Key Club S. CHARLES RICHARD KOCH Cookie's a boy we like to know, friendly in every way. We like the guy quite a lot, Yep-he's sure O. K. Key Club 4, S. ROBERT DANIEL KRAMER, JR. Full of mischief, full of fun, Kramer's known by everyone. Glee Club 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, S, Officer 4, S5 Spotlight Staff 45 H. R. Vice-President 55 Music Appreciation Club S5 Key Club S. ALICE BRAY OL1Z5mndz'11Cg .sicplfllblf PL'7f50l7tIfIilDf 25 LAWRENCE LEARY LIVERMAN MANN ,X ,.wT', MCPHERSON NEEDHAM, I MILLER, F. NEEDI-IAM, J MILLER, M. O'NEAL MILLER, V. ONLEY MAIKGARET PATTERSON LAXVRENCE You'd think that Peggy was, well, shy she's really not you see, 'Cause she's won our hearts with her lovely ways tho' busy as a bee. E. K. Powe Junior High School 1, 2, Durham High School 3, Music Appreciation Club 4, Secretary 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, National Honor Society 4. BETTY JANE LEARY "Swish," says ball, "Crash,,' booms cymbols, go jeep go! Great big heart, smiling brown eyes, Leary we love you So. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Officer 4, S, J. V. Basketball 2, Varsity 3, 4, S, Student Council Committees 3, 4, S, National Honor Society 4, S, Tri-Hi-Y 4, S, Vice-President S, Mono- gram Club 4, S, Secretary 4, Dancing Club 2, Jr. Dramatics Club 3, Vice-President 3, Music .Appreciation Club 5, Jr. Play Staff 4,Marshal 4, H. R. President 3, 5, Class Secre- tary S, Senior Personality. JAMES LUDFORD LIVERMAN Editor "Liverdog" just grins and bears, Then mumbles and writes away his cares. Loudspeaker 3, 4, 5, Editor S, Quill and Scroll 4, 5, Vice- President 4, President S. WALTER RAY MANN A grin, a wink, a way with a gal He makes their hearts flutter, to be his pal. Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, 5, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, S, Jr. Dramatics Club 2, Pasquocam Senior Basketball Team 3. ' PORTA LEE MCPPIERSON She is as cute as a sweetpea. Cute is a synonym for Porta Lee. Shiloh High School 1, Library Staff 5, F.H.A. S. KATHRYN FRANCETTA MILLER Short, sweet and talkative, ' Always willing to help and very cooperative. F.H.A. S, Parliamentarian 5. MARGARET ETHIA lVlILLER Ever ready to do a kind deed, Her determination will help her to succeed. Commercial Club 5. VIVIAN GRAY lVlILLER Sheis the girl who makes classes fun, ever ready with a pun. Always talking, always gay, we hope she stays that way. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, S, H. R. Secretary 1, Vice-President 2, 3, G.A.A. 3, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4, Loudspeaker Staff 4, S, Monogram Club 4, Jr. Play staff 4, Jr. Dra- matics Club 3, Dramatics Club S, Hobby Club Z, 3, Secretary 2. JUNE INEZ NEEDI-IAM Shy and piquant, a gentle little lass She's added so much to our senior class. Dramatics Club 3, Shiloh High School 1. lVlARLIiNlL JoAN NEEIDIIANI Joanie, oh Joanie, what makes you so nice, You seem to be made of sugar and spice. Jr. Red Cross Club 2, 3, Jr. Dramatics Club l, 2, Clee Club 2, 3, Dramatics Club S, Music Appreciation S, Tri- Hi-Y 5. BARBARA ANNE O,NEAL Sweet, pretty and oh, so intelligent Is Barbara whom everyone describes as very helpful and diligent! Central High School 1, H. R. Secretary 1, 4, Jr. Red Cross Club 2, 4-H Club 2, Glee Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, S3 Music Appreciation S, Tri-Hi-Y S, Marshal 4, Spotlight Staff S. VERNON HUGHES CNLEY Williiig, helpful, and trustworthy as can be, A senior personality, full of fun and glee. Safety Patrol 1, 2, 3, 4, S, Library Staff 2, 3, 4, S, Debat- ing Team 4, Hi-Y 4, 5, Key Club 5, President S, Speech Club 5. CHARLES ARMSTRONG OLlZ.fl6ll46lJZiliZg SLVZZOV Pv1f501fzi1fzW 27 few? guru. 5'3" f' K 2 OUTLAW RHODES SANDERS OWENS, D, RIGGS SANVYER, C OWEN9, T. ROUGHTON SAWYER, F PIPKIN SCARITO SAWYER, J. BETTY RAY OUTLAW "Kate's" the gal with the personality Loved by the fellows she'll always be. H. R. Secretary 1, 25 Class Secretary 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Jr. Play Cast 45 Jr. Dramatics Club 3, Secretary 3g Mono- gram Club 4, S5 S. C. Committee 25 H. R. Representative 35 F.H.A. S, President S5 Basketball Team 35 Jr. Varsity Basketball Team 2. DONALD VICTOR OWENS He's E.C.H.S.'s "funny man,', to that title he has a right, He keeps us all in hysterics, with his shenannigans, morn and night. Glee Club 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, S, Officer 4, Sg H. R. President 3, 45 J. V. Basketball 2, 3, 45 S. C. Committee S5 Audio-Visual Club S5 Key Club S, Assistant Manager Base- ball 1. THOIXJAS SANDERLIN OWENS, JR. Football and sailing, these are his passion Come on girls, let's change his fashion. Band 2, 35 J. V. Football 45 Varsity Football S. DELLA MARIE PIPKIN Marie always seems very quiet But she's really fine, and no one can deny it. J. V. Basketball 3, 45 F.H.A. S5 Commercial Club 4, S5 Glee Club S. MARTIN BELL RHODES A little short, but not tall, In physical education he's on the ball. H. R. President 1, 2, 35 S. C. Committee 55 Hi-Y 4, S5 International Relations Club S5 Key Club S. ELLA MAE RIGGS Nice and friendly is this pal of all, How she flashes a smile when met in the hall. Commercial Club 45 F.H.A. 55 Band 4. CAROLYN JEAN ROUGHTON She prepares her work and speaks with great care. An ever ready friend like her is rare. Arts and Culture Club 3, Vice-President 35 V. Basketball 3, 45 National Honor Society 4, S5 Loudspeaker Staff S5 Senior Commercial Club 55 Tri-Hi-Y S. SALVATORE SCARITO Dribbles, passes, he lives his game! Our "Jersey" boy doesn't like a dame. Garfield High I, 25 Monogram Club 3, 45 Safety Patrol 3, 45 Basketball 4, S. CLARENCE 'TI-IORPE SANDERS An easy going manner, a wave of his hand, He's friendly, popular, and ever in demand. Hobby Club 2, 35 Hi-Y Club 4, S. CECELIA CAROLYN SAXVYIQR Go get 'ein-With "C" we never stop She runs and sings and yells, Up-up she goes on top! H. R. Representative 15 H. R. Vice-President 25 J. V. Basketball 2, Varsity 3, 4, S5 Monogram Club 4, S5 Jr. Play Staff 45 Jr. Dramatics Club 35 G.A.A. S5 Dramatics Club S, Vice-President S5 Cheerleader S. FRANCES MAXIN12 SAWYER Frances is the chatterbox with the super personality. She's always happy, cheerful, smiling, and full of vitality. Arts and Culture Club 45 Debator 45 Jr. Dramatics Club 35 4-H Club 3, 4, 5, President S5 H. R. Treasurer S5 Future Teachers of America 55 Speech Club 55 Spotlight 3, 4, S5 Audio-Visual Club 5, Assistant Advisor 55 Tri- Hi-Y 5. JANE ORDWAY SAWYER There's no way to express the way we feel about Jane, Except to say she's sweet as sugar cane. Jr. Dramatics Club 25 S. C. Committee 45 Jr. Red Cross Club 35 F.H.A. S5 Commercial Club 5. MMR ag. JIMMY CORBETT Ozziymzzrfmcg .5i'l7lUl' Pt'1f50m1f1'1y 29 19 lb V SEARS SMITH, T. STONE, L. SIMPSON SPRUILL TARKINGTON SMITH, M. STANLEY TEMPLE SMITH, D. STONE, B. TERRELL H. L. SEARS, JR. H. L.'s on the football squad, he's plenty on the ball. For guys we like to be with, "Horsey" beats them all! J. V. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 J. V. Football 1, Varsity 4, S5 Dancing Club 15 Jr. Dramatics 35 Glee Club 45 Safety Patrol S5 Monogram Club S. MATTIE LEE SIMPSON A dillar a dollar, a topnotch scholar, a carrot-top girl is she, A perfect president of Tri-Hi-Y and nice as nice can be. Arts and Culture 35 S. C. Committee 35 Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, President 55 H. R. Secretary 45 Jr. Play Staff 45 National Honor Society S5 Travel Club S. ALBERT MASON SMITH Willingness, friendliness, as his name implies, Are a few things that will make him to the top rise. Dancing Club 25 J. V. Basketball 2, 3, Varsity 55 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Capt. S5 Glee Club 1, 25 S. C. Committee Chairman S5 H. R. Representative 45 Key Club 55 H. R. Vice-President 2. DORIS ANN SMITH So attractive is Doris Ann, That she always gets her man. Dancing Club 15 Class Treasurer 25 H. R. Treasurer 35 Commercial Club 55 G.A.A. Club 25 Safety Patrol 35 Tri-Hi-Y S. THADAS WILSON SMITH She looks like she should have wings5 Bet she'll always wear those dangling earrings. Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4, 55 Speech Club S5 Glee Club S5 Jr. Play Cast 4. LESTER SPRUILL, JR. Witli a cheerful laugh and a big smile, His personality will do for quite a while. Dancing Club 25 Patriotic Club 35 H. R. Secretary. 35 Music Appreciation Club S5 International Relations Club S5 Key Club S. JULIE MAXINE STANLEY "Mac's" the girl who likes to chat, But she's got plenty of friends, so that,s that. Dancing Club 25 Jr. Red Cross Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 45 Jr. Dramatics 35 Jr. Play Staff 45 Dramatics Club S, President S5 H. R. Secretary- Treasurer 2, 3, Representative 4, S. BETTY DELL STONE . Here's to the gal with all our money, who works with great might. XVhile she's had charge of our finances everything's been all right. J. V. Basketball 1, Varsity 2, 35 Audio-Visual 25 Jr. Red Cross 25 G.A.A. 25 Monogram Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4, Treasurer 45 Band 3, 4, Officer5 National Honor Society 3, 45 Jr. Play Staff 35 Marshal 35 S. C. Committee Chair- man 4. LORENE STONE A gal who's always smiling, who never lets you down, We'll cast our vote for Loiene, for the nicest girl in town. Debator 2, 45 Speech Club S5 Marshal 45 National Honor Society 3, 4, S5 Tri-Hi-Y 4, S. WILLIAhfI EDWARD TARKINGTON Ed's made us proud of his sports, He likes people and things of all sorts. Football 1, Z, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 35 J. V. Basketball 1, Captain 1, Varsity 2, 35 H. R. Vice-President 35 Monogram Club l, 2, 3, 4. XXXILLIANI ROBERTS TEM1'LE A mighty nice guy with winning ways, on Bobby we are sold5 Bobby's our boy with heart of gold, when all's said and told. Band 2, 3, 4, 55 Patriotic Club 35 Dancing Club 25 Hi-Y 4, S5 Audio-Visual S5 Spotlight Staff S5 Photography Club 2. CI-ILOE DEAN TERRELL Chloe is the gal with the fancy hair-do, She's always right in style too. J. V. Cheerleader 2, 3, Head 35 Travel Club 45 Audio- Visual Club 45 S. C. Committee 2. Jaffa , if 'Qi BARBARA BYRD ' Ozfi5f.11m'1'1zCg .EVIIOV PL'l'50lIt7fI'O! 31 A LN QW W V JD UPTON V O IiT H WARD, J. gh an E - Q..k 2 P, 2, 1 my og IA VVHALITY. 523' I ' -v S. WHITIQHURST, S. WHALIZY, W. WILSON WHITE XVINSLOW WARD, D. XVI-IITIYHURST, S. D. XVOOD GERALDINE UPTON A lively little gal is "GeItry." I She's forever laughing and merry. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Manager SQ G.A.A. 3, Commercial Club 3, 4, S, President S. GRETCYIEN' ANN VOETH Cheer! Cheer! This songbird with poise and good graces, An all round class pal who fits in all places. Aptos Junior High lg Arts and Culture 2g V. Basketball 23 Band 3, 4, S, Officer S3 H. R. Secretary 3, Vice-Presi- dent SQ Jr. Play Cast 45 Loudspeaker Staff 3g Music Ap- preciation Club Sq International Relations Club S, Secretary Sq Senior Scribbler. ALMA JOYCE WARD WitlI eyes of dark, dark brown and hair of golden hue, This lively lass with the faraway look is always a friend so true. Band 1, 2, 3,.Officer 1: H. R. Secretary S, Treasurer 3, S, Speech Club S, President S, G.A.A. 4, S. FRANK DOUGLAS WARD A short little boy with light brown curlsg He sure does get around, especially with the girls. J. V. Football 4, Varsity Sg Safety Patrol S5 Library 35 J. V. Baseball 35 Music Appreciation Club S. SARA LOUISE WHALEY A friend to each and everyone, Good personality and lots of fun. H. R. Treasurer 1, Secretary 25 J. V. Basketball. 2, Varsity 3, Sg S. C. Committee 2, H. R. Representative 33 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4, S, Treasurer 2, Secretary S, Jr. Play Cast 4g Spotlight Staff 4, Business Manager S: Monogram Club 4, S5 Cheerleader S. WILLIAM GRANDY WVI-IALEY, JR. Cracking a corny is his characteristic, But he's serious sometimes and musically artistic. Band l. 2, 3, 4, S, Officer 3, Sq H. R. Representative 35 Glee Club 3g Music Appreciation S, Vice-President SQ Key Club S. ELGIN WALTER WHITE Blond hair and ties that are bright Everybody knows he's all right. Hi-Y 4, S3 Key Club S. SANFORD DAVIS XVHITEHURST Tall, handsome and a leader true, K Sanford is all of that and more too. S. C. Vice-President 4, H. R. Representative I, Sq 'Football 2, 3, 4, S3 H. R. President 3, 49 Class President 3, S5 Danc- ing Club lg Hi-Y 4, S5 Monogram Club 3, 4, Sg Jr. Dramatics Club 33 Senior Personality. SHIRLEY JEAN WHITEHURST Friendly, quiet, and oh so neat, Shirley is really hard to beat. ' Commercial Club S5 Tri-Hi-Y S. THEODORE WILSON Students hustled and rushedg he creptg The class discussed the lessong he slept. Shiloh High School 1. DOUGLAS LEE WINsI.Ow Tall and light but a little thin, Many friends he's sure to win. Dancing 25 Library Staff 23 Audio-Visual Club 3g Glee Club 33 Band 4, S, Officer S, Key Club ig Saxophone Club S. ELSIE JACQUELINE XVOOD There was a young girl named Wood, "For dramatics I did all I could." She's our favorite young star, and we know she'll go far. Dramatics Club 3, S, President SQ Jr. Play Cast 41 Speech Club S5 Loudspeaker Staff 4, Sq Scribbler S4 J. V. Basket- ball Zg Varsity 3. 4. S: Monogram Club 4. I 2 ,ff !? 7 H' ' mfifwwo ft We-9' 'I'-'L - fl fa SH f pil Y , JT - .' .Q'v,.C'J"J.., if fa-i!.9'..CT"' N' "AC ' ' I! " ,fi X li W' 'J . s - , " J J L'.4C'YJ'!'JLf,2 d-' '..4 """'l""'!' -Q :I S! .,"5I,a '- PATRICIA GOSTING ' OL1Zm111f2'7'1zg Qvzlblf Prlffolfzrlffiy 3 3 'za WOODLEY WRIGHT, H. WRIGHT, M. f 'EV iv ' af ,' ,Y -wi! Each year the Senior Class has the privilege of selecting its mascots. This year we have chosen little Tommy Brock and Millie Moore. Tommy is the son of Mr. and Mrs. EI. K. Brock and Millie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Moore, At graduation these two people lead the graduates in the proeessional and recessional marches. 34 KATIIERINE CANIILLA WOODLEY Sweet and beautiful as anyone can see And dom:stic as a housemaid or a bride-to-be. Photography Club 23 H. R. Vice-President 23 President S. C. Secretary 3, Jr. Red Cross 3g Loudspeaker Staff Band 5, 4, S5 Class Treasurer 4g National Honor Society Sq Tri-Hi-Y S. HO'WLAND FEARING XVRIGHT l'Scum" is quite a character of E. C. H. S. With fun and good humor he meets every test. H. R. President lg Dancing Ciub 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Officer 4, Sq Music Appreciation Club ig Key Club S. MARVELANE WRIGHT Slow to move, fast to make friends, Easy to like, and full of giins. Commercial Club 5. Prourfh We lvmmi M14 and Mil! Elziabeib C107 I-H NANCY DAXVSON NE11 HENDERSON Proudly we present Mr. and Miss Elizabeth City Hi! Folks, meet Miss Nancy Dawson and Mr. Neil Henderson. It is an honor of utmost distinction to be selected by your classmates as Mr. and Miss. Each year two students, a boy and a girl, from the Senior Class take these. Scholar- ship, character, sportsmanship and leadership are traits students seek in persons to whom they bestow this honor. 35 Presiclerzz' Vice-Presidenz' Secretary Treasurer BILLY JENNETTE PHYLLIS MOGER MARVOURLEEN WINsI.ow PATRICIA AUSTIN IU IoRs CHARACTERS . . . . Overjoyea' juniors SETTING . . ....... . . . E. C. H. S. TIME . . . The presenf, during sevenifa period BILLY! QCMOJOJQI "MARVE, "PATH: BILLY: UMOJOQS. IIMARVE, "PAT,': in Geometry class Whew! After all those long tedious years of studyC?j, we've finally crawled up the ladder of success to be upperclassmen. Boy, We have come a long way since we were first splashed with per- fume and smeared with shoe polish when We first entered high school. I'm so glad we are through struggling with worms, frogs, hypotenuses, and the Battle of Bunker Hillg but now we'll have to wrestle with chemistry, physics, and advanced algebra. Isn't it wonderful to think that our faces, personalities and characters adorn the honor clubs, i.e., National Honor Society, Hi-Y, Tri-H-Y, and the Quill and Scroll. We have worked hard to make them. We surely had a whiz-bang of a junior play! Remember the hard work and fun of the carnival? And, um-m we danced ,til dawn in swishing-swirling skirts and tuxedos on the night of our Junior-Senior. We've worked hard and had a lot of fung I wouldn't trade my junior year for anything in the world! ta-. Lois Jean Armstrong Patricia Austin Bill Beacham Daisy Benton Kathleen Berry Marie Berry Lemuel S. Blades, III Eleanor Bowes Norman Brickhouse Victor Bright Charlotte Brockwell Charles Brown Anne Burgess Robert Byrum Charles Cuthrell Janet Daniels Austin Davis Marlene Deering Axie Davis Robert Drake Alton Dunbar Charles Evans Madge Evans Carolyn Finck f., 1 :PLE Q ,Q - i.,5:,,52f4,,.., . J , 1 . A as G ,...f ' '6 1' Q 11?-YJ fy? , - 3 , .g-f--,f1 :,f,,a- v, j svmswz, page W gf We .W g Y? ' w V if I 4 NQ " 4 f Q , I Et as ,V ia ff 4 jk wt' fy gs SS? 461, 1, .ff f jj aj, 9 , f . 1 .v' ' V2 W 'M' - V ff A .V ,.,. , X , 1 Z k ai! 1 PK ff f 2' CLASS OF ,FIETY tw 't.' , 5? , A , Q34 ,V , , of f Z Q gag , ' X f W x ff , ,dy , f M X A f My QM 7 V' I mi 5' W ' ' M X!! fy... 4 ,f 1 ,s My ,gf rifafgl vl 54 1 'Q u f i' A K' 'T E: v "Pai 'X x 1 V 1- ,sf 35 4' f 4, , f CQ ' : we 3 - Q W' I ,K f? A5 jp Wt Qs. f f 33 f . 37 Robert Forbes Clay Foreman Elizabeth Fulcher Doris Garrett Delores Gaskins Joe Gregory Carolyn Gilden Audrey Godfrey Rita Gray Clara Mae Harris Doris Harris Preston Harris Franklin Harrison Taylor Hines' Nora Hughes Margaret Ann Jackson Marian Jackson Essie Mae James Lessie Fae James Billy Jennette Warren Jennette Harriett Jennings George Jewell Carolyn Johnson 1UN1oRs " 5' VM '- 5, X Q :" f -,Y , XX fu R "l , l ' Q f f sud W, ,X v 1 f , 1 E , a ' A Yiyfffjgs ' V 1 2.111 l , 1 if r ,alfa . V M11 ,ma ., :' ,sf ,fi ' f 1 A , ,1, ' ' ,' 'Q ,K 19 , . QQ, gf .af ,W Q W 1 A , 'arf-:z af. , .wa Aw- .i4Z,- - 1 f .4 ws, ,g 2 if , mf ' 5 t w? s fr.. , 3, J li 9 ,M , ,pp 1 . M Qc, -f ,ws Q i ,ET ' 4? ,: S sv ., W 5 '- .gava- IX :5 A W 4 .,.. ,Q 4 Q...- ' w Q if WM Y a M, J' fi W ti? 6? T ree s ,I z PWR 'Xi S ,X .gb ,- as -v'3,'h. 1, -Q f- C- +5505 Qi 'ff' f f ii -, -, rs y - ,V 521.11 ,ug ..i,,a' fb WV- f L I, , Z A 'iv V A 7, M Q X ffl 4 1 If P A - L I L' M Q . -f -'NU' " ,HH L , K M! , T ' f ' .. A , CLASS OP 'FIFTY O O L. A. Kemp Clarence Lassiter Arthur Leary Roy Ann Leary Carwile Leroy Billy Liverman Venona Long Meade Marshall Florence Meredith Gordon Miller Patricia Miller Phyllis Moger Doris Morgan William Morgan Wirgman Morrisette Helen McCullen Joseph McPherson Maxie Owens Henry Owney Billy Pappendick Patsy Pappendick Angela Poulos Curtis Perry Jimmy Prescott Elbert Rhodes Robert E. Rhodes Edith Riggs Agnes Rohanna Barbara Roughton Carolyn Russell Betty Carol Ryman Allan Sawyer Erma Sawyer NWilliam Sawyer George Scott Sally Sedgwick Julian W. Selig, Jr. Edith Smith Wfilma Speight Lois Spence Billy Spencer Frank Spitzer Gilbert Spitzer Shirley Spruill Tim Squires Lorna Lee Staples Dolores Stone Nannette Sylvester j Win 4 Y , is IUNIORS juniors whose piffzzrcfs James Bell Ray Burgess Ra-burn do not appear: Dewey Burgess Vernon Burgess Thomas CLASS .OF 'FIFTY ONE 4. Mary Tarkington Billy Thompson Leslie Thompson Signe Tobiason Sonja Tobiason Charles Tucker Harry Umphlett Van Umphlett Clyde Voliva Jimmy Wfallace Cynthia Wfard Johnny Ward Charles Williams Melick Williams Ann Winfree Marvourleen Winslow Selma Winslow Thomas White Jack Whitehurst Cahoon Donald Etheridge Cox Dennett Rinson X Prcsifzleuf Vice-Ihfesiflcvzt Secretary Treaszzreif REDWELL FORBES JOHN HALL AMELIA DEPACIE IQENNETH MILLER CHARACTERS . . Hard WV0l'l1il7g Soplaomores UQ SETTING ...... . ..... E. C. H. S. TIME . . When we are 110 longer fbe baby class REDXVELL FORBES: JOHN HALL: AlN1ELIA DEPACE: KENNETH MILLER: REDXVELL FORBES: JOHN HALL: AMELIA DEPACE: KENNETH MILLER: of E. C. H. s. At last we are on our second year in High School! We have been struggling along for the past ten years. If we continue our struggles, we will soon reach our goals. Our class has had the privilege of joining many clubs. Several of our students have joined the Future Teachers of America Club. Good luck to those students as future teachers. Students from our class have taken part in plays, sponsored by the Dramatics Club. We know that these great actors have had fun practicing for those enjoyable plays. Others have had fun while fixing characters' faces, so that the plays were more effective. Many of us have learned how to operate various machines in the Audio- Visual Club. This club has helped the school, as well as its members. Other clubs in which we could have membership were American Junior Red Cross, Music Club, Travel Club, Athletic Association, Future Homemakers of America, Glee Club, and SPOTLIGHT Club. Some of our subjects were biology, algebra, Latin, world history, science, and English. However, only English and biology were our required subjects. We shall never forget how we performed the opera- tions on the various animals in the lab. Some of us will long remember Julius Caesar, whom we studied about in English and Latin. Our activity classes were physical ed, SPOTLIGHT, band, shop, home economics, and' glee club. I Students, we have just two more years before we shall march down the isle of graduation! ' ------ L Y'F' ' A 'H' ig 1 SOPHOMORES 32 f W ff 7 2 ,41 5 ,M sg Aji. 5 ---: J f .,,A V qqwf 1, Charles Adams, Curtis Albertson, Lillian Armstrong, Roy Askew o Verna Austin, Phoebe Ann Aydlett, Wallace Bagley, Jr. Shirley Baines, Brad Bartlett, Betty H. Bell, Kay Black, Robert Bray, Willis Brice, Leon Brickhouse. Betty Bright, Donald Bright, Bobby Brothers, Winonti Brothers, Wzillace Brumsey, Jr., Florine Bunch, Aileen Burgess Carl Burgess, Donna Burgess, Williain Burgess, Barbara Burnham, Delores Cahoon, George Cohoon, Eddie Cowell. Amelia DePace, Robert Dowdy, Miles Evans, Annie Rowe Edwards, Janet Ferrell, Doris Forbes 43 SOPHGMORES -.sf',,,,,,f ,m,g,,g , Redwell Forbes, Roy Forbes, Goldie Forehand, Phyllis Gregory, Frank Gibson, Charles Hall, John Hall Katherine Harrison, Shirley Harris, Helen Harward, Earlene Hastings Billy Hollomon, Carolyn Jennings, Shirley Jennings Garland jones, Joe Lamb, Dorothy Lawrence, Frank Leary, Lois Lerman, Gladys Lutkiewiez, Ann Mann George Manos, Doris L. Markham, Anita Meads, Don Meckins, Ivan Meekins, Emogene Miller, Kenneth Miller Eileen Moore, Lois Ann Mortashed, Louis Newbern, Mattie Lucy Olds. 44 S Q P H Q M ,W ,. ,.,..,,...,A - ,.AA e Govefnmeg. ,igh School f , 1 ae! if f Y, -s 1 r f1,,f MN. X ' " fa3XEf" 93 w 'Q Q ' ' 2555115 1 XZ? , V , . - , . K f'5,6X,9. ,, ' ,W ,, V J V, Q., - fm ' a , -c . ' -fa ff mf 921-xif 3 1' - 1-31,354 , M L, ,. it . Q V, N. ,sa ff . , " f + . M f 2 ' Ks - ,:, sea. 1 , ' 0-N 71. ., ' s . W '. ,f -41 1. ,- 1 q "" , Quinton Onley, Pete Overman, Morton Palmer, Berta Claire Parker, Johnny Parker, Fred Parsons, A. Peele, Dallas Perry, Phyllis Price, Jeanne Pritchard, Judy Pronier, Joyce Raper, Henryetta Reed, Joanna Rose, Deloris Sawyer, Jean Sawyer, Rita Sawyer, Robert Sawyer, Harry Seeley, Forrest Simons, Bert Smith, Myra Smith, Betty Jean Staples, Beverly Theus, Jeannette Tucker, . Frances Twiddy, Joyce Welsted, Betty Whaley, Duke W'hite, Jerry Willis, Annette Wright, Jo Ann Wfright. Sopbomores wbose ,bicfures do 1101' ajljnear: Curtis Brickhouse, A. Brickhouse, Harry Collier, Richard Collier, Jack Crank, Joe Forbes, Alice Gray, George Harris, Hurley Harward, Lindsey Hewitt, David Hughes, James Lane, Wiley Page, Bill Pipkin, Ray Pipkin, Charles Runk, Julian Sanderlin, Robert Sandwich, Allen Saunders, Earlene Sawyer, Edward Smoak, Cecelia Williams. 45 SOP WILLIAM S6'L'l'6f6ll'J! TV6ZiSllVElf GRACE COLEY MARGARET BAKER HMIE 'T . BE'ZUilI1'l'l'6'ti Fl"e"SbI71C'l1 SETTING . . . . ...... E. C. H. S. TIME . In the midst of final 0.w1n1s WILLIAM: CHARLOTTE: GRACE: MARGARET: WlLI.IAMZ CHARLOTTE So at last we are through with our first, eagerly waited for year of high school. Remember when we used to sigh as we watched from our side of the street? Those lively people looked so happy roaming around the school grounds. Now that we, too, have been here a year, we know that we were not deceived with our dreams of high school. Itas every bit wonderful, though sometimes tough. Our required subjects for this year were English, Civics, physical edu- cation and mathematics. We were privileged with choice for general science, home economics, shop, glee club, band and Latin. Many members of our class' have participated in many extra-curricular activities, Junior Red Cross, Future Homemakers of America, SPOT- LIGHT Club, Speech Club, and numerous others. The band is well represented with members of the class and there are quite a number of freshmen in the glee club. Our class should keep up its wonderful musical spirit.. Many of us are exhibiting school spirit and sportsmanship by playing baseball, basketball, and football. Good luck to our junior varsity boys and more power to them next year. We now dream of prospects for a brighter and merrier time in our sophomore year. We shall never part with the memories of our dear old freshman days. 4-- -- - 'ef " ' ' A Student Cooperative Crovernment of EliZabethCity High School 0 F F l C E R S 'HHN 5 S653 'J Taylor Hines, Vin' PI'l'Xilll'Ilfj Neil Henderson, P7't'Xilll'lIff julian Selig, TI'l'cIXlll'l'l'Q Bobby Askew, Si'i'gnrl11'- ii!-Arnzxg Miss Bertha Cooper, Ailz'ii01'. ,'lbSc'111' from Picfzrlr: Eileen Moore, St'c'i'i'ft11'y. The Student Council of the Elizabeth City High School has sponsored several outstanding activities during this year. First of all was the wonderful dance given for the Freshmen on September 30. The next was an assembly program entitled "Beaehhead for Freedom" which was presented during National Education Week. Everyone felt that the members of the Council, who took part in this program and helped in other ways, did an excellent job in making National Education XVeek a great success in our school. One of the biggest events of this year was the homecoming game played Thanks- giving afternoon with Hertford at which our council presented a gold cup to the council of Hertford. Another activity introduced by the council this year which the students seemed to enjoy most of all was the dances which have been held twice a week in the gymnasium during lunch hour. The Christmas Holidays just wouldn't be complete with- out the semi-formal dance given by the council. It was held December 20th in the gym and portrayed an outside Christmas scene. Three members of the council, Margaret Ann Jackson, Billy Jennette and Neil Henderson, along with Miss Cooper, attended the North Carolina State Student Council Convention in Goldsboro. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN P"""" "' Snrfrwf, lvff in riglvf: Berry Stone, ff!ILll1l'l'Q Patricia Gosting, t'ffiLIl'llY!Jf17Q Margaret Ann jackson, plrblivifyg Betty Holland Brll, ,iluzzzffznfig Connie l-lunt, mfml. I Sfizzziling: Pliocbe Ann Aycllett, m1fv11u'urg Fred Houtz, fmzm' uml gfllllflifij Mason Smith, vlvvliorlrg Carroll Gray, nnfiirlv wfvfy jmfmlg Carwilc LeRoy, imiflf' mfvly patrol. COMMITTEES liilllirl .7 3, . . 6 cz: it W., CITIZENSHIP STANDARDS Donira Kcim, llit Gosting, rlmirllzun, Rclmcccn Gray. Undinc Perry, Betty Holland Bull, ulnlirnmll, Barbara liurnlmm. 52 NLS " ,K gf , We 1 rP'3 s my 4 ELECTIONS FINANCE INSIDE SAFETY PATROL OUTSIDE SAFETY PATROL SOCIAL CALENDAR ELECTIONS FINANCE COMMITTEE Left to rigbf: Donald Owens, H. L. Sears, Freda Daniel, Billy Whaley, Sanford Whitehurst, Janet Daniels, Mason Smith, rloairnzang Wirgman Morisette, Eileen Moore, Howland Wright, Charles Creekmore. INSIDE SAFETY PATROL Sfanding, lcfff fo rigbi: Charles Cuthrell, Charles Butler, Theo Kemp, Sanford Whitehurst. Sitting, left to right: John Hall, H. L. Sears, Vernon Onley, Carwile LeRoy, c'bairn1m1, Marvin Gray, Clay Fore- man, Billy Pappendiek, Jimmy Prescott. Absent from picture: Jimmy Wallace, Frank Gibson, Bobby Askew. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Silfing, leff fo rigbf: Carolyn Fletcher, Eileen Moore, Nannette Sylvester, Signe Tobiason, Jeanne Pritchard. Standing, left fo right: Shirley Leary, Betty Jane Leary, Connie Hunt, thairnzrzn, Ann Jennings. Absent from pic'f11rc': Sally Wood McMullan, Cynthia Ward. Siffili, Ieff fo right: Betty Stone, Cflllifllltlli, Margaret Lawrence, Phyllis Gregory, Berta Claire Parker. Shzlmling, left to rigfaf: Gordon Miller, Johnny Parker, Alton Cupples, Martin Rhodes, Julian Selig. OUTSIDE SAFETY PATROL Sfumling, It-ft to right: Douglas Ward, Norman Brick- house, Carroll Gray, fbnirnzan, William Gard, Sal Saerito. Kneeling: J. K. Brock, Don Horton. Absenz' from pirfzzrr: Wildon Forbes, Chloe Terrell. CALENDAR COMMITTEE Lvff fo rigbf: Lois Jean Armstrong, Phoebe Ann Aydlett, rbairnznn, Winona Brothers. Abxrnf from j7ic'f111'e: Faye Rogers. 53 COMMITTEES ' 2 5 -' 3 2 ii 1 si ,i a t I ,z gr: N ..,,. PUBLICITY HQUSE AND GROUNDS Patsy Pool Pnppendick, Margaret Ann -laekson, LfHlil'lIIIll Fred Houtz, l'!J1lfI'lIILIlIj Lem Blades, III. Barbara Byrd. HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES Ii-ft fo rigfil: Sanford XVl1iteliurst, Frank Henderson, Helen Coley, Qlolin L. Sawyer, Marvin Gray, Margaret lniwrenee, Lloyce Welsteatl, Billy Llennette, Florence Mereditli, Willigtiii P. Bartlett, Reclwell Forbes, Barbara Burnham, joe Lamb, Lois Spence, Doris Moore. 1lf7Xl'lIf from j1Ii'll1r'i': janet llnniels. 54 STUDENT COUNCIL ACTIVITIES A memorable event is this shot taken from our annual home- coming game. This game was played on Thanksgiving Day. Here we see President Henderson presenting the trophy of friendship. Always an impressive ceremony is the installation of our new student council officers which occurs in the late spring of each year. Secretary Margaret Ann Jackson reads the minutes of the last Student Council Meeting as fellow members listen. This is a scene taken from the Student C0uncil's play given during the observance of National Education Week. The players look very natural, don't they? S5 ?PU'ILIBH'I YVONNE BRICE . . . EJH01'-211-Chief SARA LOUISE WHALEX' . . Bzzxincfss Altlllllgfl' Firsf row: Anne Jennings, czssociafc mfifoif, Marietta Hooper, affizfifics cfdifor, Frances Sawyer, .wnior cclifor, Geneva Bunch, iylbisf, Barbara O'Neal, .vmior vffifor, Bobby Temple, llSSiSf6177f j7!J0fUg1't1lJl7iF c'Ji1'01'. 56 Second row: Florence Meredith, junior cdifor, julian Selig, jabotograpbir cfrlifor, Bert Smith, xporls Ca'if01', Florine Bunch, Sophomore ediior, Phyllis Moger, music cfdifor, Billy Spencer, assist- rmf jnbofogrmnlvbir' rrlifor. The 1950 staff of the SPOTLIGHT has tried to bring you a book you will cherish long after your high school days are far behind you. They have worked hard and long to edit an annual more beautiful than its predecessors and one that you can be proud of. For some years now your annual has been a member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and has grown in beauty, wisdom and content until its ratings are very high. It is the duty of the editorial staff to gather all material and pictures necessary to compose a good book. The business staff collects all advertisements and tends to the financial end of the book and only through the co-operation of both staffs can the work be done and the book made a success. Firsf row: Alice ,Bray, Nellie Creath, Margaret Burgess, fyfwixf, Angela Poulos, Mary Evelyn Tarkington, Maxie Owens. Serolzd row: Charlotte Brockvyell, Vmlzrrlixilzg zmzflngur, Doris Garret, Bettv Holland Bell, Shirley Baines, Phyllis Gregory, Miss Mary Owens, mfrisor. Q , 9 - 510542 "' f own- "'T:-f B! CI,:.""ir'iy, "ff-'X 2. 'Lrg-17-Ql:,g-an nb , , . ., QQ, 'fl-:jzg-::TXL J, 1 argl e V.,-sb.: X- 'S 1 ' ,,X.:o- ,ij-.. .b.. , ,. 490.4 ,, . :N-.. .. Nr:---X A "- '--' , -. 'X-b:w.5C,""'1 ' lr, ' . 1- E ng-Q-p: Q11-5' -gg' My ,gm f ,M ve -..fu Q --T' ' re "'w,,.,,, ' ' ' ' :sh .'gfps'M- '2:,,'-.,g1,w. lF'.FQTL1?"'3 . iii'-5E'51i1Ef "" W ' f W .iff fl- if ,J N. -. -rgilf: :jig ...x 'Ili' , - yin LXXK-. , '11 -. lib: 5 . X ':rX:--.fre-' '55 -, ,fl-"ln: 4' -' 25927-r' 1'-amd, 75,2 fs-:S ., ::wf:,f-w:.fe-iE11- X. iw Lgf ' T'7X,4,--I S N N X sm -:NF-X . Xb.:'.,-., X,--.- --, NX ., .,,,-, .. JW. H-r ,hw 'Lg-7 SQXM rx. 53:-15? -41 Q' -l'i,f,f::, rjff' ' 2 ' E I X van, "' m :7 .5-.. XX 1'1"-1 'QU' l,,r"' ,, -...hh X, X! 'nA,, 0, lla ,M -.,, N-X. ' 1 1 rn P.. e"'h7-Q. "X l5l7ieM.SL 4 X-'tx M""'f'Nq,RN ' fy' X' It t TSN -V 'U N Q -Q 'X -. X,-X -X, X '- N -. X-sl ' N N '- Q X "X X is M X "- M- X- M- ew X :X X X1 F,,,u,q4aQ,,H S X e, , X X X ,X sf c X 3 -X , 'Xi 'X -.. X Xi M X X 5 X X, B -Hn.. ff. -X f X X 9 XRXX o..,, N ,f Cm 1 X X 1 XXX N X X f X X, X N X N X Nl NX Xi X I X X X K Nh sr, X 1-LgfJg,h.1:7jLg-!3f:.i:SQe1?4,E.Q -I Di M Q V '--: ,W U., '15 .--'Sq-: SLE X V md, : -2-A : .. i'-Y"-I--:e-7-1.,-,nc 51' - - ,- .11--it' 11- X a , '- '- '- -- f "-:Qi-r-1-X 1 '- :,- ,z-,X-g-., 5 'ff T' . T "'s"' fs:Y21ffiS', 51'-H ',ff'5i155' 11-fl IIE fl Ll' 1-'TX' N3?i-'iff 51, ,'AT'5Q .1'.T'13?? ' T -.Q'i'fi.f ag,-,, -::.'f:,mL'f, C, N gage,-'--1':.: ' 'A ' ix -g-XQQXJX REQ 2 , Xxx? .., I Q ,X N N -XN X X -X X i N 5. X 'N l X X an t , 1 T .fx 4, Q ,a The Loudspeaker JIMMY LIVERMAN . En'i1for-in-Claief ROQERT RHODES .' . Business Manager The LOUDSPEAKER is particularly proud this year to serve again as this is its twenty-sixth year of continuous publication. This year, as before, it provided the school with news, features, and hap- penings around E.C.H.S. ,A A member of several honorary journalistic societies, such as CSPA, it has won honors in national competition. -3 if ' I s l bl Y , f i , A All ff A wi f I r Y W T6 . , , - f, V 7 llsl' 3 B f . " 4 : ' :V A A. K : 5 :4 Ti V f iii? fi i 4 ' R First row: Jimmy Liverman, eilitor-in-chief, Carl I Second row: Ann Gray, fVC'1Sb7716l11 eilifor, Garland Bjork, news edifor, Lem Blades, news editor, Jones, sophomore eriifor, Robert Rhodes, business Billy Liverman, sports vififor, Vivian Miller, ex- manager, Mary Bell Hare, ac1'L'c'1'iisi11g 1nanagc'r, change eilifor, Jackie Wood, feature editor, Jane Sawyer, fypisf, Nancy Ferebee, advisor. Eugene Chory, photographer. S8 I-IQNQRARY IOURNALISTIC SOCIETY P 1'c'siJ wi! JIMMY LIVERMA N T Vitxl'-Pl'l'Xft!l'IIll CHARLOTTE BROCKWELL l i SC'C'l'l'fflI'-j'-Tl'C'i!Sll 1'z'1' MARX' LAURA Bitocic WELL Aff L 'iso 1' MRS. CLAX' Fiaueuizn Firxf row, Ieff to rigbf: Sara Louise Wfhaley, Lota Leigh Harrison. Svromf l'0lL'Z jimmy Liverman, Vivian Miller, Ann Jennings, Charlotte Brockwcll, Mrs. Ferebee, Robert Rhodes. .flbsrllf from 11ic'l1rrc': Gladys Meggs, Mary Laura Brockwell. " ' The members of the Honorary journalistic Society are selected according to their scholarship and journalistic achievements. The plans of the club this year included raising money tbward sending delegates to New York in March to attend the meeting of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. HI-Y :nn Mini. First row, lrff fo rigbl: Mr. Turner, advisory Vernon Seroml row: jimmy Wallace, Martin Bell Rhodes, Charles Onley, Wilton Forbes, Bobby Askew, ,wrgvunz'-.ll-zzrnlxg Cuthrell, Julian Selig, Charles Armstrong, Billy nlennette, Jimmy Corbett, L'iL'l'el7l'L'SfL1UIIfQ Marvin Gray, f7l'!'XiLl6'l1fj Billy Pappenclick, Taylor Hines, jimmy Prescott, Neil Sanford Whitehurst, XC'CI'f'ffI7'-YQ Carwile LeRoy, frc'nx11rc'rg Henderson, Carroll Gray, Gordon Miller, Melick Williilins, Trim Aydlett, Fbtlpldillj Clay Foreman. Clarence Sanders, Mason Smith. Bobby Temple. Abxrnt from pirtzuw: Elgin Wliite. 1 The promotion of Christian character and leadership at school is a standard maintained by Hi-Y. Throughout the past year contributions have been made to the Underprivilegecl Child Meal Fund, the Pasquotank T. B. Association, the Salvation Army, and many others. Once a month the club attended local churches in a group. 1 1 59 NATIQNAL HONGR SGCIETY OFFICERS CONNIE HUNT . PATRICIA GOSTING HELEN COLEY . CHARLES BUTLER . . . Miss Hoi1TENsE BOONILR . . . Presidwzf . Vive-Prr'xizlf'111' . Serrefczry . Trc'ns111'er . A411 'ism' A valuable asset to the school is this' club which this year replaced the Beta Club. Through encouraging scholarship, citizenship and co-operation in school affairs this year, the society has proved its necessity to the school. Throughout the year the club has sponsored various programs, not only for the good of the school, but for the well being of people all over the world. Included among these is a scholarship program in each class and an overseas relief program. lfirzil !'Ull', frff lu rigfvl: jimmy Corbett, Lorene Stone, Billy -Iennette, julian Selig, Katherine W'oodley, Helen Coley, Pat Costing, Connie Hunt, Yvonne Brice. Sl't'0llll rulr, lrfl In rigfal: Margaret Lawrence, Delores Stone, Mattie Lee Simpson, Carolyn Roughton, Lorna Staples, Lois Spence, Margaret Ann Jackson, Nannette Sylvester, Phyllis Moger, Clara Mae Harris, Patsy Pappenclielt. 60 Tbinl row, Ieff lo rigbl: Betty Stone, Helen MeCullan, Betty Jane Leary, Alice Bray, Freda Daniel, Miss Boomer, Marvourleen Wfinslow, Charlotte Broeltwell, Axie Davis, Patricia Austin. l'i0III'fb mug lefl fn rilqbl: Robert Rhodes, Taylor Hines, Billy Pappendick, Gordon Miller, Arthur Leary, Dewey Burgess, Neil Henderson, Carwile LeRoy, Florence Meredith, Marietta Hooper, Anne Alennings, Nellie Creath. Al7S!'llf from jlirflzrr: Charles Butler, Everett Forbes, Fred Houtz, Barbara O'Ne.il, Mary Laura Brockvvell. .E , e ka. SL'Llfl'll, lvff Io rigbf: Alice Bray, Lorene Stone, Nellie Creath, Maxine Stanley, ,Ioan Needham, Carolyn Roughton, Ifranees Betty jane Leary, Mattie Lee Simpson, Yvonne Brice, Betty james, Shirley Wliitelitirst, Anne Cobb, Barbara Forbes, Stone, Betty Godfrey, Doris Ann Smith, Mrs. Turner. Lota Leigh Harrison. Shzuffing, lufl fa riglnl: Katherine Woodley, Marietta flliffllf fVOllI'f7jlxf1ll't'Z Barbara O'Ne.1l. Hooper, Helen Coley, Patricia Gosting, Margaret Lawrence, TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS MATTIE LEE SIMPSON . .... . Prvxidwzf BETTY JANE LEARN' . Virf'-Prvxin'c'11i YVONNE BRICE . . Sl'l'I'l'ft1l'vj' BETTY STONE . . . Tmzszzwr' NELLIE CREATPI . . . C.'l?ll!l1!lfl1 MRS. ERMA TURNER . . Affzfisor "To r1'cw1i1', nmilzfain am! vxiezzfl IllJl'OIlg!JOllIL flu' fmnzr, srbool, am! ffllllllllllllfy, luigla sfnmlarrls of Cfarisfian C'!Jtll'lll'fl'l'-N Emphasis on character was stressed throughout the school year in Tri-Hi-Y. In the meeting, every Monday, a program from the book Sofia! Prim'ijzlc's of lexus was read and discussed by the members. In the process of carrying out its standards of good char- acter the Club has contributed to the lunch room fund, helped a needy family at Thanks- giving, given food and clothes to the Salvation Army at Christmas and sponsored a Southeastern Assembly Program. 61 KEY CLUB OFFICERS VERNON ONLEY . . . MELICK WILLIAMS . KENNETH MILLER . CHARLES BUTLER . MASON SMITH . . MR. JOHN TURNER . . . . . . Pl'C'Sif1C'l7Ii . Vice-P1'fesirz'e11I . . Sz'cI'ez'ury . . . Tl'l'llSZl1'8l' . Sergeazzf-ni-Arzzlx . . . . AJ zfisor Service to the school is the main purpose of this honor club. It concentrates on character building and encourages scholarship improvement among members. During football, basketball, and baseball seasons you will see Key Club members assisting and taking charge in the selling and taking up of tickets. The audio-visual department has also profited by the aid of these members. Everyone remembers the exciting Sadie Hawkins Day Dante sponsored by the club and their inspiring South-East chapel program in january. Especially do the club members remember with pride their Mother-Father Banquet. Firxf row, left fo rigfyf: Mr. Turner, Kenneth Miller, Melick Williams, Charles Butler, Mason Smith, Vernon Onley. SL'l'0IlIl row, lvfr Io rigbl: Brad Bartlett, Roy Askew, Wallace Bagley, julian Selig. Tbinl row, lrfi lo right: Curtis Perry, Robert Dowdy, Joe Gregory, Robert Rhodes. I'iUHI'fll mir, lvff In rigbf: Gordon Miller, Lee T. Jones, Charles Creekmore, Sam Elliot, Bert Smith. 62 ,-' r 1' V . ff Fifth row, lvfl fo riglzf: Clarence Sanders, joseph McPher- son, Ted Kemp, Eugene Chory, Elgin White. Sixlb row, lrfl fu rigbf: Wallace Brumsey, Henry Clay Cwney, Redwell Forbes, Martin Bell Rhodes, Charles Williams, Allan Sawyer. Suz'enlb row, Irff fo rigbf: Bobby Kramer, Lester Spruill, Arthur Leary, Wirgman Morrisette, Billy XVhaley, Charles Koch, Douglas Winslow. Absvuf from piellfre: Robert Drake, Fred Houtz, Donald Owens, Thomas Wliite. MUSIC APPRECIATION CLUB Firsf row, leff fo right: Donna Meek, janet Glenn, Betty Anne Meekins, Betty jane Leary, Sam Elliot, fl'l'lIXIll'f'l', Mason Smith, Billy Whaley, i'iri'-fllvxiifellf, Alice Bray, presiilvllf, Margaret Lawrence, n'z'1'vh1i',y, Charles Tucker, xrrgvnrlf-uf-arnls, Helen Coley, Gretchen Voeth, Freda Daniel, Axie Davis. Swarm' row, lvff lo rigbl: Howland Wright, Lee Jones, Wallace Bagley, Bobby Kramer, Wirgman Morrisette, Douglas Ward, Lester Spruill, Mrs. Solomon, mfrixor, Charles Armstrong, Jeanne Pritchard, Alice Hobbs, Clara Mae Harris, Barbara Forbes, Yvonne Brice, June Hayman, Betty Jean Bell, Anne Gray, Dorothy Lawrence, ,Ieannette Tucker, Alma Williams, Phoebe Anne Aydlett, Grace Colcy. Absent from picflzrr: Laura Harris, Ann Jennings, Donita Keim, Doris Anne Smith. In order to develop a better appreciation of music, this club was organized. Mem- bers are familiarized with the instruments of an orchestra and types of music. One project for the year was the raising of enough money to present a record album to the audio-visual department. f 1 TRAVEL CLUB First row, left fo right: John L. Sawyer, Charles Creekmore, president, Harry Seeley, zice-pr'etiJc'z1l, Betty Godfrey, secretary. Secoml row, left fo right: Annette Davenport, Nora Hughes, Marlene Deering. Third row: Rosalyn Forbes, Paula Davenport, Roland Cooper, William Janson, Lois Armstrong. Fourlb row: Patricia Austin, Rebecca Tarkington, Keith Brace, Clifton Chappell, Rita Hussey.. Fifth row: Axie Davis, Anne Winfree, Helen Holthouser, Becky Gray, Carolyn Forbes, Mattie Lee Simpson, Betty Stone. Sixth row: Mrs. Aydlett, izJz'ix0r, Dyson Thurecht, Wallace Brumsey, Joseph McPherson. Sercvzfb rozv: Bert Cosgrove, James Armstrong, NVayne Trueblood, Wilson Roughton, Charles Adams, Thomas Sfetsos, Jimmy Wise, Virgil Williams, Bill Jones. Absent from picfzzrv: Chloe Terrell, Mary Bell Hare, Irmzsurer, Thelma Bryzcki. 65 GIRLS' MONOCTRAM CLUB Composed of those girls who have won a letter through participation in the athletic field, this club has worked to achieve an air of good sportsmanship in all girls' sports and, generally, throughout the school. This is a small club, how- ever, it has been a credit to our school through its valu- able athletic programs and projects. liirsf may lefl I0 rigfafr Miss Moon, urlz'it0r, Essie Hoover, Carolyn Sawyer, Sara Louise Wlialey, Betty Ray Outlaw Sufoml mir: Betty jane Leary, Alice Bray, Betty Godfrey, -loan Carter. TIIIVII rout Connie Hunt, Nancy Dawson, Vivian Miller, Betty Stone, jackie W'ood. The chief purpose of this club is to instill in the students the value of good sportsmanship and to en- courage better educational achievements among its members. Its members have worked this year well to swell the high school athletic fund in order that new gymnasium equipment might be purchased. 64 BOYS' MONQGRAM CLUB liirsf mir, lvff lu rigbf: Carwile LeRoy, M'l'l'l'ftlV-X, Marvin Gray, Williain Gard, Ir:'ux1rrrr, Charles Cuthrcll, .xr'1'gwr11l-nl-willH, Curtis Albertson. Srroml row: Clay Foreman, jimmy XV.1llace, Wiltloia Forbes, L. A. Kemp, Norman Brickhouse. Tbirrl row: K. Brock, Ray Mann, John Hall, 1'iff'-jm'.iiilel11', Frank Gibson, Ben Gray, Iiverett Forbes. Ifrmrllz mir: Ted Kemp, Van Umphlett, Trim Aydlett, Robert Askew. lfiflb row: H. L. Sears, jimmy Prescott, Allan Sawyer, Lindsey Hewitt, Charles Butler. Sixllr mir: Don Austin, Clarence Lassiter, Sanford NVhitehurst, Franklin Wall, Billy Pappendiek. A!I.Kl'lIf frenz pirllfiv: Carroll Gray, jnlrxiilrlif, Sal Sacrito, Johnny XVard, Irvin Dean, Ed Tarkington, Robert Brooks, mltl1'fYUV. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSGCIATIQN Briefly the Athletic Association concentrates on providing entertainment and recreation, buying additional equipment, and providing an opportunity for instruction in such sports as basketball, volleyball, dancing, and softball for girls not taking physical education. , Firsf row, ivff fo rigbi: Shirley Leary, Sudie Sawyer, Doris Moore, Bessie Hopkins, Verna Austin, Toni Gill, lrmiizmw, Betty Bright, Miss Moon, inlrixor. Sworni row: Dillion Dawson, Sally McMullan, Elizabeth Swindell, Frances Markham, Joyce Bradshaw, Ann Tarking- ton. Third row: Vinona Long, Betty Holland Bell, Joan Carter, prexiilfvll, Ella Batton, Shirley Baines. Foiirlb row: Barbara Burnham, Shirley Palmer, Sally Sedgwick, Essie Hoover, x4'z'rt'lury, Rosemary Heath, Carolyn Johnson. Fiflb row: Winona Brothers, Carolyn Sawyer, z'ire-pri'ii- Jeni, Delores Gaskins, Barbara Roughton, Doris Harris, Carolyn Gilden, Rita Gray. Sitlb row: Nancy Dawson, Annette Wright, Delores Abernathy, Lois Lerman, June Anderson. Absent from piclure: Mildred Lacy, Eleanor Jong. I . First row, left fo rigbf: Miss Moon, advisor, Alma Williams, Margaret Baker, Sylvia Barkley, Undine Perry, Billy Gay McDowell. Srromi row: Carolyn Forbes, Annette Davenport, serrvlary, Paula Davenport, Shirley Thompson, Marinia Weeks, Sonja Tobiason. Third row: Evelyn Smith, Phyllis Price, Vivian Miller, Carolyn Russell, Lois Copeland, Joyce Toler. Fourlb row: Becky Gray, Eileen Moore, June Hayman, Joyce Ward. Fiffb row: Faye Ellen Coppersmith, Anne Renee Smith, zfirr'-presidwif, Ann Gray, frraxzirvr, Patsy Miller, Betty Jean Bell, lIP'l'5it1ll'Ilf. Absent from- pirfnre: Shirley Spruill, Anita Meads. The club sponsored this year a student faculty basketball game and a square dance. Part of the club meets on Thursday and part on Friday. 65 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First row, left to right: Virginia Edwards, Henrietta Reed, Shirley Jennings, Jane Sawyer, Mattie Olds, zficc'-pre.iider1t, Betty Ray Cutlaw, prrfsiderzl, Kay Black, secretary, Carolyn Fletcher, trenxzzrvr, Jo Ann Hill, Kathleen Berry, Janet Ferrell. Second row: Miss Chappell mlrisor, Geneva Bunch, Patsy Miller, Carolyn Jennings, Lois Copeland, Lillian Armstrong, Marie Pipkin, Edith Riggs, Carolyn Russell, Betty Jean Staples, Madge Evans, Doris Hodges, Lessie Fae James, Helen McCullen, Frances Gray, Deloris Sawyer. Abxenf from jlidzzrr: Anita Meads, Eva Anderson, Nona Cartwright, Donna Jean Burgess. Firxl row, Ieff fo rigbi: Miss Chappell, advisor, Mary Bell Hare, Gladys Meggs, Virginia Curles, Joan Carter, 'riff'- presirfvnl, Anne Jennings, prr'si1fc'11I, serrvtury, Shirley Harris, ireaslzrer, Annie Rowe Edwards, Betty Wlmaley. Second row: Essie Mae James, Betty The Future Homemakers of America Florence Meredith, Francetta Godfrey, Bright, Lois Lerman, NEW 9 1 Earlene Sawyer, Joanna Rose, Marian Jackson, Edith Smith, Goldie Forehand, Porta Lee McPherson, Shirley Baines, Verna Austin, Imogene Miller, Mary E. Tarkington, Ann Mann, Eleanor Bowes, Joyce Raper, Ruby Mae Riggs. Abreu! from pirfllrcf: Wilma Speight, Mary Laura Brockwell. have five main purposes: l. To promote appreciation of NMAKERI homemaking. 2. To promote good will and ,f ora famill' life- 3. To promote wholesome Z 4 recreation- 4. To encourage democracy in the l'101T1'3- S. To further interest in ,ef f 1101110 CC0110mlC5- This club sponsored the Valentine gymnasium. 66 Dance given in the school SPOTLIGHT CLUBS Strangers to the school are these clubs, for this is their first year. However, they are indeed welcomed especially by the SPOTLIGHT staff because the purpose of these clubs is to train students for work on our school annual, thereby insuring the next year's staff of experienced workers. Part of the members meet on Thursdays and part on Fridays. From laoffom leff and uronml: Margaret Baker, Doris Garrett, Cynthia Ward, Faye Ellen Coppersmith, Ann Renee Smith, Ruth Ferrell, Sylvia Barkley, Nick Poulos, Charles Hall, Robert Dowcly, Billy Spencer, Linwood Gregory, frraszzrrrg Bobby Temple, Joyce Welsted, Evelyn Smith, Jean Sawyer, Jean Carolyn Sawyer, Mary Evelyn Tarkington, Miss Owens, mlrixorg Fay Sawyer, Suzanne Seeley, Mable Jean Bray. Going up from fbi' bottom: Anne Burgess, jzrrsizlvnlg Fay Rogers, xwrvizlryg Carolyn Finck, L'in'-fwrsidwll. Absent from picture: Shirley Spruill. . v , I . . - -. ., ... .. , M... ,L . , .- . a.. ...L Arozzml left rifle of sign: Marian Kay Spencer, Dorothy Moore, Donna Meek, Faye Pritchard, Miss Owens, dIl'L'iXOI'j Sudie Sawyer, z'rras11rerg Elizabeth Swindell, Grace Coley, Lois Spence, Dillon Dawson, Pat Bailey, Eleanor Jones, Sally McMullan, Shirley Leary, Gordon Fearing, z'ic'c'-presiffwzt. Around riglof sides of sign: Doris Moore, s4'z'rvlar-vg Betty Jordan, Myrtle Miller, Charlotte Martin, Ciara Mae Harris, pl'l?Xil1l'7lfj Rebecca Ann Tarkington, Nora Cartwright, Ann Winfree, Elizabeth Fulcher, Paul Miller, Dorothy Lawrence, Ann Hardison, Ann Tarkington, Judy Pronier. Absent from pichzre: Erma Sawyer, Fred Castellow, Peggy , Castello. 67 AUDIO-VISUAL CLUBS The members of the Audio-Visual Club are actively engaged in learning the use of the moving picture projectors, the film strip, and slide projectors, the opaque projector, the wire recorder, and related equipment. The audio-visual work is under the direction of Mr. john Turner, who is in charge of the program for the entire Elizabeth City public schools. Sfrlmfillg, leff I0 rigbf: Fred Cnstellow, Paul Glenn Miller, Patsy Byrd, Harvey Baker, Doris Forbes, Pat Bailey, Faye Pritchard, Alvin Johnson, fJI't'XftI'l'l1fQ Norwood Rector, Williain Bartlett, Frank Henderson, Leslie Davis, Willis Brice, fVt'ilXIH'l'l'j Myrtle Miller, z'ir'e-prt'rirli'l1fq Florine Sitting, If-ff to rigbl: Henry Owney, Billy Spencer. Sltllltlillg, firxf row, lefl fo rigfaf: Brad Bartlett, Robert Dowdy, Eddie Cowell, Donald Owens, rim' j1rr'xi4li'r1fg Mr. Turner, mfrixor. SITOIHI row, It-ff In riglzf: Dorothy Marsh, Faye Rogers, Linwood Gregory. 68 Bunch, .Yl'l'l'I'ftI7'j'Q Mr. Turner, nJ1'isor. Silfirzg: Bert Smith, Curtis Perry. Absent from Ilil'flH'!'f Peggy Castello, Billy Holloman, Erma Sawyer. Tbiril mir, left I0 rigbf: Edward Brothers, Bert Cosgrove, Nick Poulos, Joseph McPherson, f1'eux111'r'i'g Florine Norfleet, Angeh Poulos, Bobby Temple. flbxefzf from pifflrre: Johnny Parker, Bill Beachnm, Warren -Iennette, .tr'rr1'fm'yg Carwile Leroy, jJrr'xirfz'11fg Kenneth Miller, -Inmes Armstrong. DRAMATIC CLUBS Composed of students especially interested in drama and other aspects of stage life this club was organized especially for the purpose of providing information and guidance along this line. Pro'ccts for the 'ear have included the stud' of the one act vlaf, one of the chief divisions of the 1 5 l literature of the world, and the wublieizinf of theatrical movements and wersonalities. I ls l The club sponsored some one act plays in which every member of the club participated. Fira! row, Kuff lu rigful: Miss Johnston, tlLll'iXU7'Q Barbara Tfwirif row: Marva lfngbaum, Joyce Tolar, Nellie Creatli, Byrd, xm'I'1'li1r5'g Joan Needham, Judy Pronier, Rita Sawyer, Elizabeth Fulton, Ifdith Smith, Jo Anne Wriglit, Agnes Maxine Stanley, f7rz'siilc'11f. Rohanna. Srromf row: Phyllis Price, Dorothy Moore, Frances Twiddy, Iiolzrffa rozr: Taylor Hines, fn'a.i111'ei'g Bobby Sandwich. Patsy Pool Pappendick, z'ic'r'-p1't'xi4ft'1l1'g Amelia DePace, Ilbkfllf from jiielllrr: Betty Jordan, Maxie Owens, Myra Willa Faye Sawyer, Betty Carol Ryman, Vivian Miller. Smith, Shirley Thompson, Gerald Willis. New 31011: ..---1. Ji I I If 4 Stuffed, leff fo rigbf: Miss Johnston, mlrisor, J. K. Brock, Finck, Lois Mortashed, Cynthia Ward, Bessie Hopkins, Billy Ii'ea.r1zrz'r', Carolyn Sawyer, L'ir'e-plmirlelifg Jackie Wood, Jennctte. I, S - L ' Wl l . "" 'I ' C' pnmwz ara Oulsc 13 Cy' HU! HU' Tom Jlll' Tbirrf rout Joyce Welsteel, Ann Burgess, W'inona Brothers, Rosemary Heath. , Nannette Sylvester, Harry Seeley, Neil Henderson, Barbara Sveolm' row: Shirley Palmer, Frances Markham, Jean Carolyn Burnham. Sawyer, Faye Sawyer, Thadas Smith, Janet Daniels, Carolyn 69 SENIOR CGMMERCIAL CLUB Training in the duties of an office Worker is especially stressed in the Senior Commercial Club. The members are presented all phases of office life, its requirements and expectations. This year the club added to a fund started by last year's club with which they will be able to buy equipment for the Com- mercial Department. liirxi row. left Carolyn Johnson, io right: Geraldine Upton, 1i1l'i'Xftll'lIfj set'rc'iuryg Lois Jean Armstrong, Geneva Bunch, frvasnrerg Essie Hoover. Svromf row: Charlotte Brockwell, Daisy Benton, Doris Harris, Marie Pipkin, Marvulane Wright, Anne Cobb. Third row: Carolyn Fletcher, Maxine Stanley, Venona Long, Mary Ammeen, Madge Evans, Shirley Whitehurst. FOIlI'flJ row: Margaret Miller, Roy Ann Leary, Jean Jordan, Doris Morgan, Rita Gray, Jane Sawyer. Fifffa row: Carolyn Jean Roughton, Maxie Owens, Harriet Jennings, z'iri'-prcxidwzlg Carolyn Gilden, Barbara Roughton, Delores Gaskins. Sftlfltffllgf Doris Ann Smith, Rita Hussey, Charles Creek- more, xvrgmzrif-uf-rzrfnx5 Miss W'inslow, uilrixor. Alaxvlzi from frirfnrv: Betty Harrison, Barbara Byrd, Margaret Burgess, Eva Anderson. Ifirsl row, lefl I0 rigbf: Selma Winslow, Lois Spence, Kerri'- fary-freailzrrrg Janet Daniels, 1'ic't'-presizlml. Sevomf row: Marvourleen Winslow, Margaret Ann Jackson, Nannette Sylvester, president. 7. . Sfufnlilzg: Gladys Lutkiewiez, Signe Tobiason, Miss Dickens, adriwr. Absent from pirlicw: Robert Byrum. The main purpose of the Junior Commercial Club is to provide an opportunity for those students, who can not include typing in their schedule, to learn how to type. 70 UNIOR CGMMERCIAL CLUB LIBRARY STAFF The library staff is made up of students who take library one period each day. The assistant librarians are very helpful to the students as well as the librarian. This group has many duties, such as checking out books, keeping the library clean and quiet, helping students find books, putting returned books on the shelves, and numerous other things. First row, left I0 rigbf: Vernon Ownley, Freda Daniel, Porta Lee McPherson, Lorene Stone, Jo Ann Wriglmt, Sally Sedgwick. Svvoml row: Elbert Rhodes, Marvin Gray, Miss Boomer, Frank Spitzer, Trim Aydlett, Martin Bell Rhodes. First row, Iefl to right: Billy Gay McDowell, Undine Perry, Thadas Smith, Marinia Weeks, Jackie Wood, Lois Mortashed, secrrlary, Joyce Ward, prz'sia'c'utg Marietta Hooper, vice-presiffefzfg Lorene Stone, Frances James, Frances Sawyer, Florence Jennings, Miss Boomer, ar1'z'i.wr. Secomf row: Vernon Ownley, Phyllis Moger, Garland Jones. Absenf from picture: Sheila Daugherty, Bobby jordan, Margaret Burgess. Because it fosters the improvement of speech habits and encourages public speaking the speech club is of great importance to our school. During the school term this club sponsors various speaking contests including the High School World Peace Study and Speaking Programs of 1949-SO and Triangular Debates. SPEECH CLUB 71 4-H CLUB The purpose of the 4-H Club is to give rural young people training in better practices of agriculture and homcmaking in the broader phases of community organization, and in the finer and more significant things of life. The 4-H Club members really have something to look forward to, for there are wildlife camps, fat stock shows, county achievement day, dress revues, and the National 4-H Congress. Health, homemaking, agriculture, and wildlife are some of the interesting projects which are dis- cussed during the year. Firxl l'flll', Ivff io rigbl: Jean Jordan, Frances Sawyer, prrxi- Forbes, Mable jean Bray, Gilbert Hooper, Lota Leigh zfvntg Norman Briclthouse, :We-f11'4'siff4'1llg Barbara -lean Harrison, Doris Forbes. I'0l'bC5- X4'l"'f'f4U'J" Tbirif rout Betty Jean Staples, Goldie Forehand, Leon Svfollu' row: Kay Black, Mary Evelyn Tarkington, Carolyn Brickhouse, Jean Sawyer, Bobby Brothers, XVilliam Preston, Bert Cosgrove. Mr. Turner, .lt1l'fXOI'. Firxl row, left lo rigbl: Betty Holland Bell, presidefzf. Gladys Lutkiewiez, Van Cuthrell, Lorna Staples, Frances Smwillil row: Helen Houlthouscr, Roy Askew. fr1'ax11rr'rg Sjlwlfcfv HOVCVICC .l0n'1U"E55i M155 COOPUV- f'fl"'-l0"- Pflfflcll Donald Bright, Annette XVright, lift'-fH'l'3iIll'I1ff Phoebe cmgtmg' Aim Aydlcu' V""'f'f""J'5 Pllylllq M02-Zcf' zlllwuf fl'UUI 1m'll1i'i': Marva Engbaum, Donita Keim, Lot.: Tbirzf raw: Florine Bunch, Daisy Mae XX'ood. Ruth Ferrell, Leigh Harrison. If a student is interested in following the teaching profession it is most likely he is enrolled in this club, as it provides an opportunity for extensive study in this particular field. Also this club furnishes an opportunity for the development or leadership. This year the club has helped with the pre-school clinic and has been in charge of the Tuberculosis Seal Drive. EUTURE TEACHERS OE AMERICA 72 , KS SPORTS Xi? MMM' C oarla f Ez, ,,,, . f Q ., WA , 'ff-vi . .Img v .VM ,,. ., 2' '-1, 9 mi. U x V - r .xV,M.,,T!,,W'Qi N 'ill 'A vi A , ,gf X ":,""r , ', "L" , -.. iff 1--1 my ip... C iii' :rfb F V V V ' 'ZX PHE! of I -rig' "E" ' U- "r. VM Hr W my , ,au f - - ,ga i Ax w I , 'ff f ww, e' .A a,,:"'L, . 'r5-.,a,a?ff.gff H .. ., .....W,V..ffie 1 AM V -"fQ1l3:,.f--"7'5' , 'hwy " ffyyi' ,l,,..a,---fr' Firil rnzr, Inf! lo Vigfaf: Donald Bright, Walter Mann, Charles Cuthrell, H. L. Sears, jimmy Wallace, Victor Bright, Don Austin, Clay Foreman, T. S. Owens. Svrollfl rout Wildon Forbes, Norman Briekhouse, Bobby Sawyer, Ray Forbes, Leon Brickhouse, Bobby Askew, Trim Aydlcrr, Ben Gray, Bill Pappendick, Johnnie Ward. Tbiluf row: Charles Butler, Franklin Wall, Sanford Whitehurst, Bill Gard, Carwile LeRoy, jimmy Prescott, Lindsey Hewitt, Van Umphlett, Carroll Gray, Marvin Gray. A!1.Sl'lIf fron: '1'Ill'fll!'l'I Clarence Lassiter, Douglas Ward, Everett Forbes, Irving Dean, Frank Gibson. "HoNEY,' JOHNSON Doctor J. H. BONNER A? A Elizabeth City High School's Yellow Jacket football team fought its way into a second place tie with the New Bern Bears in the Northeastern Conference for the 1949 season. Despite injuries to several key players, the Jackets suffered only two defeats. The Edenton Aces captured a close contest, winning fifteen to thirteen. This was the Aces' first victory over the locals in oven ten years. FGGTBALL Later in the season the Jackets were trounced twenty to nothing by the powerful Kinston Red Devils. All hopes of a conference title were shat- tered by this loss. Marvin Gray, right guard and co-captain of the Yellow Jackets, was selected to play in the annual Optomist Bowl game at High Point. The teams were composed of all-star players chosen from high schools in the eastern and western sec- tions of North Carolina. HOME GAME SCORES Jackets L Littleton ..r..... . , . 0 Jackets , . , , .27 Hertford Jackets .,...... Chowan College ..... 0 Jackets ..,e,.v 13 Edenton Jackets. . . . . . Roanoke Rapids ..... 0 Jackets . . . . 9 Greenville Jackets Washington ,... A . 6 Jackets, , A . . . 0 Kinston . Jackets Kempsville . . . , 0 Jackets, , . . , . 7 New Bern Jackets. . , . . A 19 Ahoskie . Managers C0-Crzpfains THEO KEMP MARVIN GRAY and and L. A. KEMP CARROLL GRAY K. Firxf row, It-ft lo righl: Arthur Simpson, Carwile LeRoy, john Hall, Van Cuthrell, Charles Brown, Norman Brick- house, Donald Bright, Joe Lamb, John L. Sawyer. Strom! row: Mr. Brooks, voavbg Fred Castellow, Curtis Brickhouse, Bobby Brothers, Charles Adams, Warren jennette, Wallace Brumsey, Dickie Darling, George Scott, Elbert Rhodes, Thomas Sfetsos, Ray Burgess, Bill jones. Third rouf: Jim Wallace, Ivan Meekins, Richard Poulos, Paul Miller, Forest Simons, Henry Owney, Lindsey Hewitt, Bill Beacham, Dempsey Burgess, Nick Poulos, James Lane, Dyson Thurccht, Trim Aydlett. Absent from piclurv: Everett Forbes, Bill Combs, Cledis Duncan, Wilson Roughton, George Byrum, Leon Brick- house, Douglas Ward. IUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL r W COACH BROOKS 76 SCDRES 1 Washington . . . Elizabeth City Murfereesboro Elizabeth City Manteo ....... Elizabeth City Manteo .... Elizabeth City Central ,,.. Elizabeth City Aulandcr ..,. Elizabeth City ' ' 0 E W jgifl ,...zo l , i, 6 ...13 .33 ,.0 .,13 .,.l3 ..,6 ..6 0 .. 0 Manager GEORGE COHOON C0-Cczjzfains GEORGE SCOTT RICHARD POULOS HY TFQP 36 Kneeling, left lo rigbi: Everett Forbes, Bobby Askew, Sterling Smith, Frank Gibson, J. K. Brock, Jimmy Wallace, Charles Cuthrell, Wildon Forbes, Norman Brickhouse. Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Stamfing: Sigma Barnett, Ben Gray, johnny Ward Lmdsey Hewitt, Charles Hodges, Billy Garcl, Edward Tarkmgton Allan Sawyer. Absent from picture: Irvin Dean, Carroll Gray BASEBALL TEAM OE '49 Tarboro ..... Roanoke Rapids Popular Branch Weeksville A Washington ., Greenville . Tarboro .. SCORES Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Jackets Jackets Jackets jackets Jackets Jackets Jackets Hertford Kinston Eclenton I-Iertfoid Greenville Kinston Edenton V 1 V x . V- i r .Fx IUNIOR VARSITY Lvff to rigbf, z'z'11fr'r: Jack Crank, Dal Williams. SFCOJNI rout Van Cuthrell, Bill Wallace, Harry Umphlett, Gordon Miller, Duke White, Joe Lamb, Wallace Brumsey, Joe Gregory. Abxvut from' pivflzrv: Leon Brickhouse, Roy Forbes. W! Y 3 C55rzeff4,e2f6czZZ 4. 5 .iw VARSITY 1 . f Y , ,Lf ' Sfamliug, left fo right: Billy Gard, manager, Mason Smith, Carroll Gray, Charles Brown, Carwile LeRoy, john Hall, William Beecham, Allan Sawyer, Sal Scarito. George Scott, Charles Cutlirell, Clay Foreman, J. K. Brock, Bob Brooks, roach. Kneeling: Lindsey Hewitt and jimmy Prescott. 78 4- 36556 I CEae1ff'czf56ZZf GUR PLAYERS IN ACTION This year our girls' basketball team really made a good showing everywhere they played. As always they demonstrated good sports- manship which is essential for playing any game. The rules of health were practiced and the girls turned out to make a fine team known for its clean, hard playing. These girls practiced each afternoon and when they played they put their whole selves in the game. They made a fine record of which we should really be proud. The boys' basketball team has made a splendid record this year. The boys showed hard, fair play in every game. Teamwork must be their by-word because it seems that they always work together-none for glory, but all for the sport. We are proud of the team and their fine display of teamwork and skill. VARSITY First row, left Io rigbf: Geraldine Upton, Sally Sedgwick, Lois Lerman, Shirley Spruill, Signe Tobiason, Sonja Tobiason, Carolyn Sawyer, Nancy Dawson, Betty Jane Leary, Connie Hunt, Betty Stone, Betty Godfrey, Phyllis Price, Alice Bray, joan Carter, Lois Armstrong, Miss Moon, coach. Kneeling: Vivian Miller, jackie. Wood. Abswzf from picture: Sara Louise Whaley. 79 VARSITY fi' Lf. , .,, , L4-fl fo rigbl: Signe Tobiason, Carolyn Sawyer, Nancy Dawson, fnwnl, Sara Louise Wligiley, Neil Henderson joan Carter, Pat Costing, Sonja Tobiason. We present the life of E. C. H. Sf football games-our Cheerleaders. To see the Cheerleaders run onto the field at game time is always a big thrill. Their vim, vigor, and vitality keeps the crowds at the games in high spirits and we most assuredly enjoy follow- ing them in their yells. Rah! Rah! Cheerleaders! CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR VARSITY Here are the girls who have put their interest in cheering the Jifmior Varsity teams on to victory. They have really done their part in keeping the spirit of 'f ,1:n.i' Ms . , T -Effiwilf Au H. S. on top. fee' flfifii' ii N, ,A,, 3 9, HW,-. ,Lv Lfff Io rigbl: Sally Wocid McMullen, Dillon Dawson, Toni Gill, Faye Sawyer, brad, jean Carolyn Sawyer, Margaret Baker, Shirley Leary, Iilennor jones. 80 "ab-f f ' 1 I 3 1 . um' -P - ,E-.521 ,flint Yi-can 3 5, 2 f X TUTF6 N if L.. v MRS. E. F. AX'DI.ETT Axna DAVIS BILLY ,IENNETTE Director Accollzpalzisf Sflldfliil Direcfor GLEE Firxf row, Ivft io rigbf: Sudie Sawyer, Donita Kiem, Faye Pritchard, Thelma Bryzcki, Nona Cartwright, janet Glenn, Alice Gray, Beverly Theus, Eva Anderson, Gladys Meggs, Lois Mortashed. SFUOIILI row: Lota Leigh Harrison, Ann Mac Hardison, Eleanor Bowes, Henrietta Reed, Annie Davis, Helen Houlthouser, Daisy Wtuod, Mary Belle Hare, Rebecca Tarkington, Barlaara O'Neal, -Iackie Munden. Thin! row: Helen McCullen, Laura Harris, Anne Winfree, Carolyn Finck, Florence Meredith, Earlene Hastings, Carolyn 82 Jennings, Charlotte Brockwell, Thadas Smith, Florine Bunch. Fourffa row: Fannie Davis, Marie Pipkin, Donna Burgess, Janet Ferrell, Roy Ann Leary, Myra Smith, Delores Gaskins, Betty Ann Meekins, Annette Davenport, Marietta Hooper, Mary Tarkington. Fiffb row: Roselyn Forbes, Rita Gray, Sally Sedgewick, Carolyn Burgess, Selma Winslow, Elivabeth Fulcher, Marvourleen Winslow, Axie Davis. flbSl'I1ffl'0III f1ic'1'11i'r': Pat Bailey, Daisy Benton, Rita Hussey. lb L l llllla Firxf row, Ivff fo right: Delores Gaskins, l'it'f'-Pl'f'XitI'l'l1f, Charles Cuthrcll, z'irc'-pzw-xirlwzl, Marvourleen Winslow, z'ic'v-prcfsirlrzzi. Svfoml row: Axie Davis, frc'z1x11rvr, Bill Pipltin, pr1'siz1c'11f, Carolyn Finch, sez'rrh11'y. CLUB ' . 1 .f First row, Ief! to rigbf: Austin Davis, Theodore Kemp, Curtis Perry, Miles Evans, Bobby Bell, Walter Weston, J. A. Brickhouse. Seroml row: Charles Cuthrell, Charles Evans, Jimmy Corbett, Raburn Cahoon, Lem Blades, Billy Jennette, Morton Palmer. Third rouf: Charles Butler, Charles Williams, Bill Gard, Bill Pipltin, Clarence Lassiter, Ray Pipkin, Duke Vfhite. Absenl from picture: Eugene Chory, Mravin Gray, William Morgan, Harry Collier, Richard Collier, Curtis Piplcin. 83 Another assembly program, held early in the spring, gained the favor of the entire student body as they presented a burlesque of grand opera. Probably their most outstanding performance of the year was the spring concert, "Musical Memories of l950.,' Despite the fact that there were many new members who had to be trained the Glce Club has made re- markable progress throughout the year and is steadily climbing toward the top. 84 The Elizabeth City High School Glee Club is made up of a group of boys and girls willing to' give their time and talent to make an organiza- tion full of school spirit. The mem- bers put forth many hours of hard work for the good of their organiza- tion, their school, and their town. XVe find that throughout the year ensembles from the club are perform- ing for civic clubs, school affairs, and out-of-town events whenever they are called upon. The first concert, "The Christmas Story in Music," was a great success. A part of this program was also pre- sented for the student body in as- sembly. l O 'T' 'ral' .1-T sriliiea 'ZEW' " ., 4 r'X 2 S 1 Pi " WV , I Sfzzdwzf Dil'l'C'f0l' Chief Nfclj0Vl'fft' Cnphzifz CHAIRLES ARMSTRONG NANNETTE SYLVESTER MASON SMITH Dircfcior SCOTT CALLAWAY The Elizabeth City High School Band has made us all proud of it during the past year. The organization started its activities even before the opening of school in September. Among the big events in which the band participated were the Hampton Seafood Festival, The Oyster Bowl Football game at Norfolk, the Wake Forest- Georgetown football game at Wake Forest and the Wright Memorial Celebration at Kitty Hawk. The many local parades show the fine spirit this SPOIIXUI' Muses CLARK group has for its school and town. The band has always done its part in football season-marching in the pep parades, drilling at half-time, spurring the Jackets on to victory. Each of the concerts, one at Christmas and two in the early spring proved to be a great success. No group can be successful without recrea- tion along with the hard work, and so it is with the band. This year the two outstanding occasions were the banquet honoring the seniors and the Christmas party at which the group forgot their work and got together to have a wonderful time. The smooth operation of the band is due to the fact that it is composed of a group of boys and girls always willing to co-operate with their efficient officers and excellent director. To boost their morale and back them up is their wonderful godfather, Miles Clark. Under their new director, Scott Callaway, the band has made steady prog- ress throughout the year and is continuing its climb to rate among the best bands of the land not only in spirit and character but in proficiency. 85 7 , ik X ' ii Q. V Nm. , I r I Firxf row, lrff Io rigbf: Gordon Fearing, Jeanette Tucker, Macon Nixon, Pete Overman, Carolyn Fletcher, Betty Ray Outlaw, Marlene Deering, Barbara Byrd. Nannette Sylvester, vhivf II1t1j0l't'ffl', Carolyn Johnson, Phyllis Price, Eileen Moore, Margaret Ann jackson, Betty Stone, Gretchen Voeth, Grace Coley, Betty jordan. Surmlff row: Charles Armstrong, drum major, Betty Jane Leary, Elizabeth Swinclell, Bessie Hopkins, Undine Perry, Alice Bray, Katherine Woodley, Betty H. Bell, Phoebe Ann Aydlett, Sally McMullan, Willa Fay Sawyer, Clara Mae Harris, Annette Wright, Rita Sawyer, Winona Brothers, ,Ioyce Bradshaw, Phyllis Gregory, Cynthia Ward, Lois Spence, Nellie Creath, Maxine Stanley, Barbara Burnham, Scott Callaway, fliwvfrnr. Tlainf row: Billy Gay McDowell, ,Ieanne Pritchard, Maxie Owens, Ruth Ferrell, Doris Moore, Marian Kay Spencer, Eleanor jones, Mason Smith, l'tl17fdiIl, Wlirgman Morrisette, Charles Creekmore, Faye Ellen Coppersmith, june Hayman, Dillon Dawson, Marjorie Wilder, Joyce Alston, Anne Rochelle, Doris Garret. Fourth row: Sylvia Barkley, Margaret Baker, Frances Newbevn, Harriet Jennings, Helen Coley, Joe Gregory, Allen Sawyer, Betty Carol Ryman, Anne Gray, Patsy Pappendick, Vivian Jordan, Toni Gill, Shirley Leary, Billy Whaley. Fifth row: Donald Owens, Bobby Temple, Bobby Bell, Charles Tucker, Kenneth Miller, Bobby Sandwich, Bobby Kramer, Wallace Brumsey, Webb Williams, Clifton Chappel, Philip Spruill. Sixth row: Freddie Haney, Lois Armstrong, Harry Seeley, Bill Jones, Sam Elliott, Douglas Winslow, Wallace Bagley, Lee jones, jimmy Corbett, Phyllis Moger, Howland Wright. Flag Bcarvrs: Olive Ballance, Emogene Miller, Betty Bright. Absent from picture: janet Daniels, Marietta Hooper. If p HK' g-Ffa' -"A, ai' ' s s ix R ysfyp r X 'A MN 'Www R xwwmtaah ,,A Z., B N ' -..-tr ,.,, ,, i "'? , W . sag? is new--M-...at " Thanksgiving Day was exciting for the band, for this was Homecoming Day. The band performed during the half time displaying skill and precision in their maneuvers. SE ,IDRS Firm' rozv, lvfl fo rigfnf: Carolyn Fletcher, flLlg!7f'tl7'f'I' Betty Ray Outlaw, niujorvffe Olive Ballance, flfzgbnzrcr Second row: Nellie Creath, flllft' Kathrine Woodley, flfzriwf Maxine Stanley, flufv Helen Coley, F!'l'lIl'b born Betty Jane Leary, rynzlmls . Alice Bray, c'li1ri11z'f Betty Stone, zfrnm Gretchen Voeth, a'r11m. Tbirzl row: Sam Elliott, buss born Howland Wright, trombone jimmy Corbett, trombone Charles Armstrong, burifonc Bill Whaley, buxsoon Mason Smith, xuxopborzt' Fourth row: Bobby Temple, roruvl Charles Tucker, forum' Bobby Kramer, corrzel Douglas Winslow, bass born Charles Creekmore, saxophone l Donald Owens, comet Lee jones, bam born . .. ' 88 V ,ea-vf-"""""A ,,.,..,...-t,..,r"' """ ,,,.......,.., ' U Posed in front of the Carolinian Hotel or marching down Main Street the band shows up as a fine looking organization. To take them to out-of-town events are their two buses and the instrument truck. We are indeed proud to say this fine group repre- sents our school in all its activities. OFFICERS First row, left Io rigbi: Jeanette Tucker, sfsgt. Harriett Jennings, 2nd Lt. Katherine Woodley, 2nd Lt. Helen Coley, Nannette Sylvester, 2nd Lt. Betty Stone, SfSgt. Betty Jane Leary, lst Lt. Alice Bray, 2nd Lt. Patsy Pappendick. Second row: sfsgt. Phyllis Moger, sfsgt. Nellie Creath, lst Lt. Maxine Stanley, Betty Ryman, sfsgt. Betty H. Bell, ,,, , A sfsgt. Gretchen Voeth, June Hayman. Third row: 2nd Lt. Howland Wright, 2nd Lt. Allan Sawyer lst Lt. jimmy Corbett, Drum Major Charles Armstrong, lst Lt. Wirgman Morrisette, Sgt. Douglas Winslow, 2nd Lt. Bobby Kramer, lst Lt. Charles Creekmore, lst Lt. Donald Owens. 89 9 Lvff lo rigbf: Nannette Sylvester, Carolyn Johnson, Barbara Byrd, janet Daniels, Betty Ray Outlaw, Marlene Deering, V D Margaret Ann Jackson, Phyllis Price, Eileen Moore. Fluglanzrvrs: AllIl'I'ft'L1l1 Flag, Olive Ballanceg Sizzle Flag, Carolyn Fletcherg Banff Flag, Betty Bright. Lvff In rigbf: Betty Ray Outlaw, Margaret Ann jackson, Phyllis Price, Marlene Deering, Eileen Moore, janet Daniels. 90 These are the girls who add snap and color to the band as they lead it down the street. These girls can always be seen strutting and twirling and doing their best at every performance. This year they have stood out as one of the finest groups ever to be a part of the band. Left to right: Carolyn Johnson, ponyg Nannette Sylvester, chief, Barbara Byrd, pony. ffj ff ik XQ ff , ff! 1 N , i N. A Q 1 , I s I I MP2s YO 2 3 Z 3 " 7654 ff, ff ,, V . ilfn 2' 5,345 W UI I-X! A I4 N ll! nf, ,Tx H' v M ff , px' ! mgyvflfjgavdg- V A il XR V. VVf f 55 Q'f!7f--1 3,4114 Q L4. A 4 in I uXK f 'WA , ,. In AHAAD ' f f ,V N Q? ' xl N , X , hd 7 UN IOR PLAY CAST 'F Lvfl lo riglnl: Taylor Hines, XVirgman Morrisette, Patsy Pappendick, Billy Jeannette, Carolyn Finek, Janet Daniels, Florence Meredith, Carolyn Johnson, Julian Selig, Austin Davis. Gne of the highlights of every year is the as always, there was much work involved, but presentation of the junior class play. The east and ' the boys and girls of the junior class co-operated staff work hand in hand for something which in presenting "Here Comes Charlie," one of the means much to them for a long time. This year, most successful plays ever given by a junior class. TECHNICAL STAFF . .. ive-my ji is g 4 .Q A i Firxf row, Ivfl lu rigbl: Miss Johnston, zlirertor, Phyllis Tbinl row: Clara Mae Harris, Ann Burgess, Agnes Rohanna, Moger, Angela Poulos, Margaret Ann jackson, Lois Spence, joseph McPherson, Henry Owney, L. A. Kemp, Joe Gregory, Marlene Deering, Maxie Owens, Cynthia Ward. Dennett Ranson. Sammi row: Betty Carol Ryman, Marvourleen Winslow, Fourfh row: Robert Drake, Lem Blades, Curtis Perry, Billy Selma Winslow, Sonja Tobiason, Harriett Jennings, Signc Liverman, Carwile LeRoy, Billy Pappendiek, Jimmy Prescott, Tobiason, Nannette Sylvester, Lorna Staples. Mead Marshall, Gordon Miller, Warren Jennette. 92 MARSHALS 1949 il el Q ' H l I -4 5 . il' if ZS' f ' ' ' ' 'ill K I --4 ' i T T , ia "": sa, ii E Ifff fo rigfJf: Margaret Lawrence, Helen Coley, Anne Jennings, Connie Hunt, Betty Stone, clnirf, Jimmy Corbett, chief, Charles Butler, Alice Bray, Betty Jane Leary, Lorene Stone. These are the boys and girls who throughout dents were chosen from the junior class of last high school have made the highest scholastic year. This group deserves much praise for the ex- averages. Each year a group of students from the Cellent achievements during their high school junior class are chosen to usher at the baccalaure- years. ate services and graduating exercises. These stu- SCRIBBLERS Left lo right: Nancy Dawson, Carroll Gray, Gretchen Voeth, jackie Wood, Marietta Hooper, Yvonne Brice, jimmy Corbett, Neil Henderson. Those clever little quips beneath the pictures with the advisor chose seven more to assist her. of the seniors are the work of the Scribblers. The This year the scribblers have used verses in trying chief scribbler is the editor of the annual, and she to depict the personalities of the seniors. 93 The night before the morning after! . . . We do this every Wednesday . . . Ain't he sweet? . . . Four lovely lasses . . . Aren't we studious? . . . Thais far enough, boys . . . just everybody waits for the band . . . Get your hand out of there! P. Rfs little helpers . . . Jam session . . . jus' slummin' . . . Before an' after . . . Fugitives from the "Mule Train" . . . "Stompin' at the Savoyv . . . The Regatta Queen . . . Yakete-Yak . . . After a good lunch at the lunch room . . . Cheerleader tryouts . . . Look at the fraps . . . Presentation of the Spotlight. I I I I at Rome fell while the Romans feastecl . . . Going my Way, I hope? . . . Rah! Rah! We're gonna win! . . . Husky fellow, um? . . . Roman wives waiting for leftovers . . . They say girls gossip . . . Our Camden transpo . Duc to circumstances beyond our control, this vehicle is no longer in use. '9'Nw.,, Juvenile Juniors . . . Beauty on the beach . . . The last mile . . . Durn near the end . . . Caesar had his Brutus! . . . Wha' hoppened? . . . What are we posing for? . . . Before Nags Head. 97 s E I 1 just practicing-what? . . . Thanks to swell director and fine advisor . . . That is the E. C. H. S. team! . . . Out at the old ball game . . . Not bashful, are we? . . . Sing pretty, boys! ff ff I IL f X N N FJ T4-J ...J 7 65 :Ula IO , 9 3 8 4 2 I " 7. 0 -nw wx' k ,. 4.-353 My - ff ,, V415 ff 1 ,, , k , E E .4., NI, ' X ' Y .: f 5 ? x , A X MW u X A K . . I A WJ ! ,Ml:2EE,,'f:f2,?,: I W,'Y -ff - , cr x Wu XX ,I ,I I 5 if 0 WM GK V' i9 F . X YU "' Q LX Y ifffbb V0 QW x. " 1 THE TEXAS COMPANY X x SX? af' 1:31 fy r X R !,i'fk g 5 1 ,JUQ J Xxx - V S Q Q xl V' ' s R f' Q Q , , 1055 3 Qa WCNC Albemarle? Fm! Radzb fmlzbn On the Air 18 Hours a Day 5 E : KXq eyi e i i e , , ,.,, 4 , .wa-:!6:::::tm::f?hwyx ... , , . .. V A 'fx "'11:2I52-13E'I1:5.5552EQ25551553222555Q55EQi522Q5Q:if'f, ' .,1.--fi -1 " "" 53ffffffgfQfffQffifffffffQ:if ,,,. ffgigigs X I? , 'Q .... ,, ,... '6 xv 9 f N af M5755 ' Here's a way lo save money and add fo your coffee enjoyment Gill's Hofel Special is "seasoned" wi+h'a dash of chicory 'lo bring oul' hidden dep+hs of delicious flavor from +he fine highland grown Sou+h and Cenfral American coffees of which ii is blended. You use less. Bu+ you Qnioy if more. , ' 41 1 f 4 , ' 9 - f ,l' I 'f'Q i' coNGRATULAT1oNs to the CLASS OF 'so 1 I if ff ' f r U fr ff MCDoWELL MoToR Co, J 24 I-Iour Wrecker Service Specializing in Body 86 Fender Work Painting and Mechanical Repairing Telephones 102 85 1171 i541 j , - Comlfliments HARRY W. BUNDY I x CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT ,, , fl-Y ..-., ,. . ...bww Y,-1.4, Best Wishes Crystal Ice 85 Coal Corp. ICE-COAL-KEROSENE-FUEL OIL Remember your ice cold drinks at baseball season! Telephones 16 and 716 Our best Wishes and heartiest congratulations to the .Yembr Clan of 1950 PELL PAPER CO., INC. ' SALES lc H EQOLET SERVICE mi PERRY MOTOR CO., INC. o Elizabeth 81 Martin Streets Elizabeth City, N. C. Ph 2212 3 Compliments LOUIS SELIC BARR BROTHERS THE IEWEL BOX BRIGHT IEWELRY CO. BAUER Sc SON The Elizabeth City Jewelers ALBEMARLE HOSPITAL tr QHZPT ,yall EP Qn I lv,5,2LE,, naavf to leak qf- 0 - 7 10303 y,7E, "'1G,P.,n 'I I f f A . lwifd. vefffm -- 'Img 3 fi ,r THE ALBEMARLE HOSPITAL was built in 1914 and in 1915 renovated, modern-- izecl and made into a 100 bed hospital. It is owned by the County of Pasquotank and the City of Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Bw! of Lllfk fo fbi' Swzmrs The Medical and Surgical Staff of the Albemarle Hospital ' x 3 f . 1 1' - Compliments of , . g ,K , I: X ELIZABETH CITY -DAILY ADVANCE The daily newspaper of the Albemarle BUILDERS' for over 37 years SUPPLIES S Waoi' '7',m Compliments of . 22- ' ' ss1'nClfY- ' fe WOODLEY GROCERY Co. PURE FOOD 'Mil M.,-if -. PRODUCTS ' 'W' + A gf ,l ., 'It if I W Mill, Plumbing and Marine Supplies KRAMER BROTHERS COMPANY SAND-ERS COMPANY LUMBER AND MILLWORK Water, Pearl, and Poindexter Streets Luck to the Senior Class Elizabeth City, N. C. 107 I 1 -V x l ye? I, I UL H! I any "ii J, .WV 5 I' 'O , 'VII V f 'Q ,ff ,I v ll I XJ 'JJ 'ISYS A ffjxx .f U IU .rf 'ff I by - , . U eff.: " W5 , Easfcrfz CdI'0IIlId,S Fmesf Jil I ,Conlplime of J I y X1 -Y ' . I J 1 Ex? .. S... Elizabeth Sc Suburban HOTEL 79 VIRGINIA DARE Gas Company 100 Rooms-Modern-Fire Proof 104 North Martin St. Air Conditioned-Coffee Shop Connecting Garage. Hi Therm Gas On the Ocean Highway U. S. 17 Service Beyondi City 'liflains RAY S' JONES I V Manager l I , THE FIRST .sf CITIZENS Com lime of if jf? W X NATIONAL BANK Mm? . l' 'X' K 'xy-Job W l ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. YXQW , Q I I X0 "The Only N afiolzal Bank in fbt' LAM , M f Albellzarlcf' V1 I fe I OP Q! Member: bhi l E' yd c - la WW ing ks, Inc. V' I I NMWASI . er U1 O 11 1, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Federal Reserve System Established 1891 108 CHESSON MANUFACTURING CO., INC. LUMBER, MILLXVORK DOORS AND FRAMES 1" I 1 .1 K Luck fo fbf' Senior Class 1 , I , . . . Q KNOW AEL 'THE NEXVS LiSft'II fo I ' GEORGE W. HASKETT Q . F STATION: W C N C 8:00 a.m-12:30 p.m.-7:15 p.m. Albemarle Automotive Supply Co., Inc. Wbolesa101's 303-305 N. Wfntcr St. Elizabeth City, N. C. PARTS, SUPPLIES SHOP EQUIPMENT Phones 1309 -1311 HOPKINS BROTHERS Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Contractors Supplies Special flIiIlC'IIfiOll fo Rrjmir IVOVA East Ehringhaus Street Elizabeth City, N. C. J Y gv I 1 I 1, . WILLIAMS FURNITURE CO Furniture, Stoves and Refrigerators 220 North Poindexter Street Elizabeth City, N. C. PHONE 1867 BEST of LUCK 1 - 'X to the . . 1 I 5 y l SENIOR CLASS Culpeoper Hardware '19, "9COmpaf1yi' .J I ' I 4 . '., 1. 5, fv- , 4 as J ,I R ,7 .1 ,f 1 tl 3,64 J w Guaranty Bank and Trust Company Established 1901 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Elizabeth City, N. C. PHONE 279 Corp QUINN FURNITURE Co Qbldllbf Furnzfmfc S. W. TXVIIIORD, Owner 209 North Poinclexter Street Elizabeth City, N. C. - 1 . 8 A 1 A o Q ,7 ,Y 1 f. Q I. f 1 ., ,N , ,, , r dx Oy: f if-ff ' JP V f f fl I 7 ' v . 0 ,VX ff! x' ITS, 'A ' ,, R. , , , ,,, . 'F vf N A f ,JC fig", ' ' omplimcnts of BELK-TYLER CO. CAROLINA ff TEEQ A , AMUSEMENT Co. -Q4 Q SPORT SHEEP QTNDTFEOQR CAROLINA L 'A' f ' LOVE'S STATE and "E1izal7efb Cify's CENTER . Sbopjmzg C6lIfF7',, THEATERS A CORDIAL WELCOME AWAITS YOU 2113 THE CAROLINIAN Nags Heacfs Newest Hofel Open All Year NEARLY EVERYBODY TRADES XVITH ROCHELLE CLEANERS South Water St. Phone 1166 111 CONGRATULATIONS EDGEVVOOD l to IIC Class of '50 ' Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk M. B. Brothers, Owner , C s s R. F. D. 1 l S lr .Y 'Thr' Plan' T0 Meer Your FI'iC'l1flS,,Xii ji . . ' V I Elizabeth Ci1y,LN. C. ,qu -C ul-1. J VV lil ' nil 11+ Vi' 1-,fJ'lZVt4,,4lf-f" l ll' -' I i TJ QI ll I 'IV R3 QLD V 3,2 v All fb maj' ll f i Pl 'll s s is C, Congratulations and Best Wishes W' fav W ,owedd , f WILLllS su WRIGHT C1255 Of '59 Dodge - Plymouth Sales 86 Service FISH COMPANY Dodge Trucks Cushman Scooters Wholesale Fresh Fish Pl 101 Elizabeth City, N. C. lone 2 v of f' H Sawyer Company "The Qlltllifgj' Shop for Men" McMorrine 81 Colonial Avenue Compliments to the Class of 'SO Byrum Implement and Truck Co., Inc. International Refrigeration and Trucks-Earmall Tractors McCormick Machines PLll'fX-SKIIUX-Sl'l'l'ffl' Kramer Electric Co. El'C'l'j'f!JIlIg for Eler'friml Lizfillgn 414 East Colonial Avenue Uliver M. Layden Oliver D. Laytlen, Ir Norman l-I. Gregory The New Fowler Store Wfholesale Dry Goods, Notions, Boots, Shoes, Oiled Clothing, Netting Etc. Phone 1981 111 N. Wfater St Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of KENYQN BAILEY Motor Bearings 61 Parts Co. Wfholesale Automotive Parts 81 Equipment Elivalweth City, N. C. Compliments of CITY MOTOR PARTS Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of ELIZABETH CITY BUS LINE 1. H. WHALEY Dealer in COUNTRY PRODUCE Phone 1 25 1 Phone 1562 N. Road St. 86 Colonial Ave. loels Serv-U Service Station Batteries, Battery Charge 86 Accessorits Tires, Tubes SC Tire Repairs Cars Washed 85 Greased TEXACO PRODUCTS Joseph sl. Alfano Elizabeth City, N. C. ,- o 4 , t 11 1 ff- 0. - , gf , is . -f ,a--9, 1-, " v: .,,, . 1. Barclifts Soda Fountain Bus Station Elizabeth City, N. C. Culpepper Motor Co. Buick 81 Pontiac Dealers Office Phone 306 Service Phone 1690 Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of IONES Sc TEMPLE Phone 650 Elizabeth City, N. C. TWiford's Funeral Home Ambulance Service 24 Hours Elizabeth City Phone 24 Manteo Phone S4 Carolina Printing Co. Designers and Makers of Distinctive Printing Phone 98 6 Elizabeth City, N. C. Miles Jennings, lnc. General Machine and Welding Shop Mill 86 Logging Supplies il ' , H1 -1 L' 1 I u ' . K. The Apothecary' Shop Compliments of V 1 ' Q M. Cr. Morrisette 56 Son - A Rexrill Dl'IlKQl'Sf0l'l' l V . - " L- A' - ' Furniture Phone 400 1 'li , ' X wi , '5 C . 9 , ' .- ' Compliments of . i-iooPER BROS, Wliolesale Paper and ONNXXHoNhX.XBY-5 Office Supplies -43X Virginia Dare Arcade ElizahetlkCity, N. C. fn if eompiimm of J JG o GE A, Cox ip 'li if! The Aydlett Products Coflysl 0992+ Tailoring Manufacmrcrs of Repairing ZX Alterations Potato Chips and Salted Peanuts Virginia DMC Arcade High-Grade Candies Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of RUCkCI' 81 Sl'1CCly CO. "E1izabc'1'b Cifjds BUSI' Sf0r0" Specializing in Men's and Students Wear LADIES READY-TQ-WEAR , I Y I tiff ' , Turners Soda .Shop Sodas Sandwiches Sundries Virginia Dare Arcade Phone 858 Compliments of W C1 A I 'iffy'-KA1bc'111a1'lc"s Mosf Pozwrfzrl 1 1- or ., Ek ' Voirrf' Y' . , 7' 560 on your Dial 'Mk 41" Compliments of Farmers' Supply Co. Elizabeth City, N. C. CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of ,SO . R, C. Abbott Company HOME BEAUTIFUL Upholstering-Refinishing 113 N. Water Street Elizabeth City, N. C. Phone 332 Perry Paint and Supply Co Artist Supplies Paint-Wallpaper-Glass Phone 1641 Elizabeth City Freezer Locker Plant, lnc. We process and sell foods for your locker at home or with us. 204-206 Wfest Grice Street Phone 1643 I-IORCE LYNCH MON UMENTS FA L I Q 2 4' ff ' li I v 11 D sf . . 1 R, Pasquotank Fertlllzer Co. l K I l Sales Cimifrfvicv ... ' ' Ball's Quality Fertilizers V Chriyslef lymouith "As Vifal as SIll1SbilIf',, .f Wh-ine Trucks ,IJ , - 0 ' it P.Cl Box 274 . A , fllhom 1256-J 1 Elizabeth City, N. C. V .JP f Hilo , . . it f' J,-' H, W1lk1HS Furniture Co. " Q ,U W Automatic Washers Refrigerators .sfsr sr fur:-risr Ranges Vacuum Cleaners Best Wishes to the Class of '50 Elizabeth City Best Wishes from WARD 66 SON 310-312 S. Pool St. Welding Chamber of Cvommcrcc Machine-Forge-Supplies Phone 1625 McPherson Bottling Co. Pepsi-Cola Orange Crush 7-Up Telephone 201 Ehringhaus Street Extended EUNICE HAYMAN i H and Pailzfilzg 613 Morgan Phone 336-W 117 ff F 1 i l f F. I I l FOREMAN DAIRIES Grade "AU Pasteurized Milk Products Visit our Milk Bar in the Center of City R . TOXCyfE5Q?1ii'ifiCh 4 liulneral lvloinfe no Say If Wifb Flowers FQSOIII Mildred's Florist Shoppe South Road' Street '7 Phone S42 f l 1 9 fa 1 ls .J Compliments of 'S VYQP C p , a 24-H01lV5i,afQEEwifZ,fZ Sf,,F7,kp L V The Road Street Grocery ' ' ,L " fx K' ylionhepip i ,pins 6 fx uxxh Q H I lg- i MC' S- 2 p if Sf ' 1. g . X 'K Haskett Farm Supp Compliments of .R Massey Harris""f4 SX ,I 5, K A K, Sales and Service fri, Q ' SCOTT and HALSTEAD ff 1' K NVest Ehringhaus Street Extended Elizabeth City, N. C. 1- 1' XV' l ' 'll , . C. Phone 2014 K 'emi e N f 'AN-1. Xu Congratulations to the Class of 'SO Cadet Harris 85 Son "The Fl'jC'lIlNj' Shire" Best of Luck and Happiness to the Senior Class The Gol-Dar MM , , X ' LbQLf 7 dtex Aff' 7? O'-J i.a,f1-fv f Af A f ' OWENS' GROCERY Groceries 8l Sandwiches Phone 1582-W Best Wishes, JOE LA-M-B 1 Q. ,J if Own! K XV. E. PAPPENDICK Retail Dealer fn Poultry, Pork, lite. South Poindexter Street tIACOCK'S PHARMACY r'Yflll,l'l' lIlll.'ll'YN ll'l'1liUIlIl' af WlllAQl'l'I'll,N, xWILSO1XgiI2Y3IggLESAIJE FORBES RADIO 85 SUPPLY CO. El, b h C, N C Radio is our Business lm Elonelilydg ' ' Phone 497 Elizabeth City SERVICE NEWS COMPANY 106 North Martin St. Best Wishes to the Class of '50 CARTER BROS. GARAGE Automobile Service L. B. TWIFORD Real Estate Virginia Dare Arcade THE FASHION SHOP Ladies Apparel Phone S80 HU MeMorrine Street Madge Thacker lilizabetli City Compliments of ALBEMARLE AWNING CO. rrAlll'tl-jfS ll Slunle Br'ffw"' Compliments of NEW SOUTHERN HOTEL BARBER SHOP Best Wishes to the Senior Class of 1950 Bonnie Ray Florist Newland Road Phone Holly 46-JZ F", Congratulations and Best W'ishes to the Class of '50 ERISBYS STUDIO Eastern North C3fOli113,S Leading Photographers 213 North Martin Street 'N'-.1 1--" 119 - .f -'i rv, ' .- 3 l't':u..4. ,L ' 'C' -L .,,.o' ' f 11 , I. 1- y.l.v,, , an A K- A' I egg ft! 6 Sf , f' ' 'A' l G. C. Culpepper Motor Company CADILLAC' AND OLDSMOBILE Corner Road and Colonial THE R. S. JORDAN CO. Elizabeth City, N. C. N Compliments of GORDON SHEET AND METAL CO. THANK YOU for this privilege of being your I7I.ORIST.-Please call on us when any occasion calls for ITLOXVFRS. CLARA-ANN FLORISTS Success to the Class of '50 THE SUNDRY SHOP Iior Air Travel Anywhere In The Wforld Call CAPITAL AIRLINES Phone 74 ASKEW AND SON Plumbing and Heating 104 East Iiearing Street Phone 176 GARRETT HARDXVARE COMPANY Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of ROAD STREET DELICATESSEN Compliments of PRITCI'IARD'S MEAT MARKET MANNIS GARAGE Complete Auto Service 24-hour XVrecker Servict 61-5 Fvlst Mllill Street Phone 27 .intl 2071 NV. Iiroatl Street I Body .intl Iientler Repairing o WHALEY FURNITURE COMPANY G. R. LITTLE, AGENT AJS Carolina Building, Telephones 95 and S33 Ifli7.1beth City, North C.1mlin.1 JONES IJISTRIBUTING CLUMPANY Quality Beers ,IEFFERSON STANDARD LIFE INS. CO A. li. Altlernlan, District AIJILIQCI' I 236 Carolina Building Elizabeth City, N. C. 0 Compliments of HOUSE OF HURDLE'S M. YVEEKS MOTOR COMPANY Hudson-Packartl Sales and Service 212 N. XY'.1te1' Sl. Phone 44 DR. H. A. THORSON Chiropractor Kramer Building Compliments of SOUTHERN LOAN ol INSURANCE CO. Elizabeth City, N. C. OVERMAN 85 STEVENSON "P1'c'sv1'ipfio11 Dl'IlgkQf.YfSD ' eliver PAUL BRADSHA W Itwcler zip. beth Ci y, N. . Phone 321 We D 104 N. Poindexter Street Ilia t C Y JENNINGS BROS. GROCER Vifeeksvillc, N. C. Congratulations Seniors THE CIRCLE Compliments of THE ALBIHWARLE SPORTS CIZN'I'1iR DR. QI. W. SELIG Optometrist LORIMER W. MIDGETT Mutual Insurance Iilimbeth City, N. C. Phone ffm Rramer Building XVHITEHURST INSURANCE AGENCY Phones: Office 953 - Home 397-XV Kramer Building Elizabeth City, N. C. E. S. CHESSON 81 SON Department Store Elizabeth City, N. C. RUSSELL SC HOLMES SHOES "W'hi'rr Slyrnfrjvilzg ii il Pll'tlNIll'l'u Nationally Advertised Shoes for the Family Elizabeth City, N. C. C. V. PERRY OIL COMPANY Wllolesnle Distributors MELODIE SHOP Records, Sheet Music, Accessories Phone 2302 1 2 Y' I Ii' JIIL I 8 2002 1 CITY VULCANIZING COMPANY BON TON BEAUTY SALON COBB'S GULF SERVICE D. XVALTER HARRIS BONVERS 81 XVRIGHT INS. AGENCY GRIFFIN'S BICYCLE SHOP JAMES' SHOE SHOP MCLELLAN STORES COMPANY SUNSHINE CROCERY OXVENS SHOE COMPANY ESSO SERVICENTER OXVENS' FISH MARKET C. B. BARKLEY PIPKIN Zz REID SHEET METAL SHOP T af W FURNITURE EXCHANGE ED AND JACK ESSO STATION KI. S. BROTHER'S MARKET HURDLE HARDWARE 81 SERVICE STATION THE HUB CONFECTIONERY 1 HOOPER TILE COMPANY- CUVVNL UW .44-wu. 'Emmy v J-my-A, 3,0-MAJ L. XV. SMITH CLEANERS STAR GROCERY LAMM'S SANDWICH SHOP COLONIAL CHINESE LAUNDRY OWENS' BARBER SHOP M. L. BRITT, JEWELER MEEKINS SEA FOOD PENNY-JONES MOTOR 'COMPANY DAL H. WILLIAMS DR. VICTOR FINCK CAROLINA FOOD SI-IOPPE East Albemarle Regional Library Elizabeth City, NC 27909 252-335-2473 M4if""2-4-mi I " ' Hsv-M.a.p ' ,,,,..,-WW-QYDYSI'-F512-f:A:4'3"?'!'i QSM-"f' - . v q. 1 . ,, .v f 4, . ,sn ., cv- . .. Wu, - V 'Xi-ef., . . vc-, ,. 4 V-V'ilfF'Sgb-Uivu , -, X. . M" Wzwlff . " '-"5 "' X5 V.1-f"4Vif:x , 'f"'.f y. V V... 'Www ' V f .V 7.m'..-LJ.-V flvgs. 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Suggestions in the Elizabeth City High School - Spotlight Yearbook (Elizabeth City, NC) collection:

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