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' 40,1 Yfi Page Four For her vivacious personality contagious to all, for her cheer and friendliness that permeates her classes and for her unstinting cooperation to ithe school We are proud to dedicate this twenty-sixth volume of THE SPOTLIGHT to Miss Mary Owens In the poges of this book we seek to unfold to you the events of one yeor ot ECHS-cn yeor of work ond ploy. By picture ond word is presented to you our school life ond moy this volume capture for you memories to be cherished through the yeors. Zmzmw 71 Puma ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS FEATURES OUR BOOSTERS Page Five Elizabeth City High School is the fulfillment of the vision of Professor S. L. Sheep. The first .step of educa- tion in this section was a private school of Professor Sheep's called the Atlantic Collegiate Institute. In 1907 he gave up this private school for the graded school of which he was superintendent. Because of his in- terest and forioardness, E. C. H. S. emerged from the private school and is ours today. Page Six 9+ M-...Q HUAHU UP lHUSlElE Seated, left to right: J. G. McCracken, secretary-treas'urer,' J. C. Sawyer, clmirnzrm Vt A Worth lllffl'-C1Ifll'I'lIIfI71,' Stzxmiingi G. C. Jackson, C. H. Twiddy, R. S. Toxey, A. G. Jumew Nbxent flom picture: J. F. Abbott, G. J. Spence. Page Eight Appoinfml by the City Council is the Board of Trusffvs who, though in the baclcgrozmd of school life, yield ll powerful influence in thc OIJKJTKZHOII of our school. To them we GTI' imlehted for their mcellmzf work. Among their nzfmy i1n11o1'tanl rlutivs is that of their choice of faculty. As a result H10 present faculty nzmnbers of ECHS are tm- S1lI'1JlISS!'II in hvlpfulhvss, guiflancv, and inspiration. I E. C. FUNDERBURK AB., M.A. Principal Mr. Funderburk in his two years with us has won the respect and admiration of faculty and students alike. He has brought to our school a true spirit of cooperation. We are looking forward to many more years with him as our principal. J. G. MCCRACKEN B.S., M.A. Superintendent The kind and understanding manner of Mr. McCracken has endeared him to the student body. His personal interest in each of us heightens our regard for him. During his four years as superintendent the betterment of the school has always been his concern. Page Nine CHAPPELL, DOZIER RCJIBERSCJN, LITTLE, Cox BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS ELIZABETH CHAPPEL1. DORIS DOZIER RUTH ROBERSON Home Economics Typing Business Arlrisor, Chccrleadcrs Ad'1'fS0'l', Commercial Club Coach, Girls' Basketball Tcam PAUL R. LITTLE ES'I'ELLA Cox Industrial Arts Secretary XVILMA F'I,00D English A divisor, Dra matic Club Page NANCY MI-ZEKINS English Advisor, Lourlspeakcr Quill Sz Scroll Ten FLOOD, Owl-INS, TUCKER MREKINS, HOFFLER, AYDLETT LANGUAGES IVIARY OWENS Latin Aflrisor, Spotlight Patriotic Club PANTHA AYDLET1' English, Advisor, Junior Red Cross Council EIIIJALIA TUCKER Spanish, French Advisor, Hobby Club EFFIE HOFFLER English -hs CLINKSCALES, COOPER, TURNER, XVEBB TURNER, BOOMER, BREVVER NATURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE I'Al'I.lNl-I Mol-1 C1,1NKSc,xLES BICRTHA COOPER ERMA TURNPIR Social Science Matllcmrzfics Biology . Arlrisor, Stzalcnf Council Arlcisor, Trl-Hi-Y REREWA XYEER .IOHN N. TURNER HORTENSE HOOIXIEK ROBERT HREVVI-ZR Matlzcmalics Social Science Librarian Clzcmlsfry, Physics A!l1flS07', Hi-Y Arlrisor, Bcfa Club JIl7ll07' Varsity Coach Audio-Visual Dcbatcrs RUSSELL, AYDLETT, SAVVYER, JOHNSON MUSIC AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION ROY RUSSELL INIARY BLANE AYDLET1' EL1zABE'rR SAWYER JOHN XV. JOHNSON Band Dircctor Music Physical Edzlcation Physical Education, Coach Orchestra Leader Di1'eclo1',GlccClubs Advisor,GirlslflflzlcricAssn. Advisor, Monogram Club Monogram, Club Coach, Girls' Basketball Team Page Elcfcn, Though the classes are four in num- ber, they are one in spirit. The school looks with care upon the students filing through her halls and engulfs them in an atmosphere of scholarly comradeship. Though her realm is primarily that of learning, she stamps her members with inali- violuality. Page Twelve .3391 X Q W K as -an K "S 'R 455. ,iii W, if Q, .L :ii-' if H was 3, mx S af S ii: 3. L gif .1 , x ill 'mi Y?" . , Hifi? fi E i? Ei s :az x X K 5 Jr Af ff' 'Q i if if 2 1 ' A 1 Ll 1 15 ' 6 - M- ' ww . ll -iv rfzrxzr , ,, i Q gf' A .. ik W m, N 5 W ,f K wggggle' ,wail ,ll X x Q . , , , .qw ww. X :srl , .Na , el w ,v 1 Y - Sf v sig" I ,r 'S 1 ,df 'I 5 3 5 5 , 1 :Y . N ,H sz Q mi 55: it ' , X X P 1 9 EENIUHE 2 1 i A- .,. , CLARENCE CAsTE1.I.ow ..Y... ..,.,..... P resident CAROLYN Nizscia. .,..,.. ,..... S ecretfiry RAY WARD .,,..............wY ,..,... I f'ice-President ROBERT O'Ni:Ai. ..,.,. ......... 7 'reasurcr Upon entering high school our class was the first to be eighth graders rather than fresh- men due to the adoption of twelve grades the year before. Being eighth graders still didn't stop us from looking like little indians as we wandered through the halls trying to find our way around this new place of knowledge. When we became freshmen the pleasure was all ours to create more indians. School days went pretty smooth through our freshmen year when we were given the privilege of first taking part in club activities. Our sophomore year ran in pretty much the same trend as our freshmen year. Things really began to happen during our junior year of school. Not only did we start tak- ing part in many more extra-curricular activities, but we also spent good times and hard work raising money for our junior-senior dance, which after many votings, was decided to he open to juniors and seniors only. The place for our junior-senior dance was also out of the ordinary. lt was at a friend's summer house, Whitehall. We sold magazines, showed moving pictures, pre- sented the play, "Professor, How Could You? and had a very successful junior carnival. Now we have reached the top rung of the ladder where lies our position as seniors. Here we have inherited the senior privileges and respect of the underclassmen. VVe have successfully edited The Loudspeaker and THE SPOTLIGHT and presented our last play "Love Song." Dur- ing this year we were the host for the State Student Council Congress, which was a great honor and we think, carried through well. Soon we will be donning our caps and gowns which will be our last act together as a class. Though our high school days will be gone forever, we will always carry many pleasant memories with us wherever we go-the class of '48. Page Fourteen CARLTON ALBERTSON Now 'll'Ilt'II 11'1' 11'1111I 1111 actor or 11 person full of pep, Therc's one 11-1111111 1111' 11ll 11110111 will be at the 'very top of the step. Glee Club, 1, 4, 55 Band. 2, 3, 45 Dancing Club, 25 Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, President, 55 SPOTLIGHT, 2, 55 Junior Play Cast, 45 Senior Play Cast, 5. RITA MARTIN ALEXANDER She's 11s cute as 11 button and IIS nice as can be: there lS'Il'1 11 person heater. 1.111 sure you have guessed about 111110111 I am speak- ing, of coizrse, it's none other than Rita. Glee Club, 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 2, Vice-President, 5: Travelers' Club, 1, Treasurer5 Dancing Club, 15 Commercial Club, 5, Secretary5 Student Council Rep- resentative, 45 Home Room Treasurer, 55 Quill and Scroll, 55 Cheerleader. 55 Loudspeaker Staff, 55 Stu- dent Council Committee, 5. HORACE AMES He foils each day '11'ill1 pri11ter's ink, he's inky from herul to toe. . Harare is lo111Ie11 11-1111 11107111 smiles 11s everyone does I.'11o11'. PEGGY JANE AYDLETT SIIIVS ll sI111111i'11g bloiule, with bright blue eyes, strut- ter of the build. With her fl frieiutship 11e11er 1lies.' her pe1'soi11zlity's !l'I'f1'I1l1. Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 4, 55 Basket- ball, 2: Bancl Majorette. 2, 3, 4, 55 Home Room Secre- tary. 4: Dancing Club, 2, 35 Student Council Commit- tee, 55 Glee Club, 1. 25 Tennis Club, 2. GEORGE BELL, JR. 'Tis Ge111'g1' 11'I1os1' Voice you were glad to hear on fflllf 11111 SIIIIIIIIPI' 111111, For from him you got not only irc 1're11n1 but friendli- ness 11'l1i1'h is his way. Tennis Club, 15 Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. MARGARET MOORE BONNER She runs the business of the 11111114111 stag: iii 11111111 she keeps the roll. This solid senior with her lovable laugh has happiness IIS her goal. Library Staff. 15 Debaters' Club, 25 Debating Team, 3, 45 Patriotic Club, 2, 35 Teen Tavern Program Chair- man, 3. 45 Beta Club, 4, 55 Quill and Scroll, 4, 55 Tri- Hi-Y, 4, 55 Junior Play Cast, 45 Marshal, 45 Home Room President. 45 Student Council Committee Chair- man, Standards, 4, Publicity, 55 SPOTLIGHT Staff, 3, 4. Assistant Business Manager, 4. Business Man- ager, 55 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer, 3, 4, 5, Chapel Band, 3, 4, 5, Orchestra, 55 Senior Play Cast, 55 Out- standing Personality, ELIZABETH CAROLYN BRAY She 1'1'ig11s Ul'l'7' as 11'it11 the ease of ll 11111'1'11: ll mighty fine p1'1fsi1l1111t llll' agree. She fills ll spot H1111 Flllllfl only be filled by such a perso11. as she. Band, 1, 2. 3. 4, 5, Sergeant, 2, 3, 4, First Lieutenant, 55 Band Honor Society, 3, 45 Chapel Band, 3, 4, 55 Student Council, Secretary, 35 Treasurer, 4, President, 55 Library Staff, 15 Community Sing, 35 Dancing Club, 25 Etiquette Club, 25 Patriotic Club, 2, 3, 45 Treasurer, 25 Beta Club, 4. 55 Tri-Hi-Y, 4, 55 Quill and Scroll, 4, 55 Junior Play Cast, 45 SPOTLIGHT Staff, 3, 4, Assist- ant Advertising Manager, 45 Girls' State, 45 Senior Play Cast, 55 Outstanding Personality, 5. GEORGE BRIGHT A 111e111I1er of the Fvllfifllllll Giiard, 111111 "Suzy" is his 111111112 To be his fI'il'I1lI, it is11't hard, he's tops in any g11111e. Hobby Club, 25 Community Sing, 25 Safety Patrol, 4, 5. S Page Fifteen Page Sixteen ELIZABETH DEAN BRINKLEY Elizabeth is swellg she is just simply grand5 Our wgrrigs seem to vanish when she comes to lend a an . Poplar Branch High School, 2, 35 4-H Club, 2, Secre- tary5 Majorette, 2, 35 Class Vice-President, 25 Class Secretary, 35 Basketball, 3: Glee Club, 4, 55 Tri-Hl-Y, 55 Home Room Secretary, 55 Sophomore Play Cast, 3. BERNICE LEDELL BROOKS This cute lass hails from Camden, N. C.: she certainly is quite a gal. She's good at sports and filled with glee, and such a wonderful pal. , Home Room Secretary and Treasurer, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club, 2, 3, 45 Dancing Club, 3, 45 Dramatic Club, 3, 4, 55 Monogram Club, 3, 4, 55 Basketball, 3, 4, 55 Girls' Athletic Association, 4, 5. BILL BROTHERS He helps lead cheersg he helps the school in many unpraised ways. Yes, over "Husky" girls all drool, a salute to his hi-school days. Football, 35 Baseball, 35 Basketball, 45 Monogram Club, 3, 4, 55 Dancing Club, 45 Cheerleader, 4, 55 Glee Club, 4, 55 Photography Club, 45 Red Cross Instructor, 45 Safety Patrol, 3, 4, 55 Senior Play Staff, 5. JOHN WESLEY BURGESS A friend of many and known by all, he's really in the race: And when it comes to school, John sets a very fast pace. Football Manager, 4, 5. CLARENCE CASTELLOW He's president of the senior class, a football co-cap- tain, too. When Clarence leaves our good old school, don't know what we'll do. Football, 3, 4, 55 Baseball, 3, 4, 55 Monogram Club, 4, 5, Treasurer, 45 Hobby Club, 2, Treasurer: Senior Class President, 55 Outstanding Personality, 55 Senior Play Staff, 5. EDWARD SANDERLIN COLEY He's sharp as a tack and as bright as the sun, this Coley boy we all know. He's happy go lucky and full of fun, and he never misses a show. Home Room President, 15 Travelers' Club, 25 Scrib- bler's Club, 2, 35 Dancing Club, 25 Band, 2, 3, 4, 55 Glee Club, 4, 55 SPOTLIGHT Staff, 55 Beta Club, 4, 55 Band Honor Society, 4, 55 Chapel Band, 3, 4, 55 Marshal, 45 Senior Play Cast, 5. LILLIAN LAVINIA COOPER A co-operative, smart, and friendly person is sheg It's Lillian to whom success we're sure will be. Columbia High School, 15 Class Secretary, 15 Dancing Club, 2, 35 Tennis Club, 2, 35 Home Room Vlce-Pres- ident, 45 Beta Club, 4, 55 Commercial Club, 4, 55 Marshal, 4. ' - FRANCES 'MARIAN COWELL Therfe is laughter in her eyes and a smile upon her ace,' Her life will be a happy one for she has charm and grace. 5 Mount ,Saint Agnes High School, 25 Glee Club, 15 Basketball, 4, 55 Commercial Club, 55 Library Staff, 1, 45 Choral Club, 25 Junior Play Staff, 45 Athletic Club, 25 Girls' Junior Varsity Basketball Coach, 55 Senior Play Staii, 5. ul Q NANCY CAROLYN CROPSEY In line of studies, she'Il quickly wing her brains are on the beam. A cule brunette zrifh a friendly grin-she's ECHS's queen. Glee Club, 13 Boosters' Club, 23 Dancing Club, 2, Secretaryg Scribhler's Club. 2: Home Room Secretary- Treasurer. 3. 43 Class Treasurer. 43 Chief Marshal, 43 Band, 2, 3. 4. 5. Officer, 53 Beta Club, 4, 5, Secretary, 53 Tri-Hi-Y, 4, 5. Vice-President, 53 Library Staff, 23 Safety Patrol. 53 Band Honor Society, 43 Outstanding Personality, 53 Senior Play Staff, 53 Student Council Committee, 5. FAY MARIE CULPEPPER Although shes moved she left a place that won't be easy to fillg Tall and blond with a pleasing face, and so she's with us still. Fort Pierce High School. 1, 2. 3, 43 Loudspeaker Staff, 5, Advertising Manager. EVELYN CHRISTINE CUTHRELL She's as yay as a Iarlf and as nice as can be,' this is our own Christine. Whatever she rloes and wherever she be, shell have the best of everything. Etiquette Club, 13 Glee Club, 2. 3, 4, 53 Dramatic Club, 1. 2. 3. 4. 51 Junior Play Staff, 43 Loudspeaker Staff, 43 Senior Play Staff, 5. C. J. CUTHRELL, JR. A center on Ihe fooiball Ieam: a sport fan. it is said. He is a friend lilre's rarely seen, that fellow they call "Red". Football, 4. 53 Baseball, 3. 53 Home Room Vice-Pres- ident, 13 Dancing Club, 23 Glee Club, 53 Monogram Club, 4, 53 Loudspealcer Staff, 33 Tennis Club, 2. KENNETH DICKERSON So full of fun and full of joy, Kenneth we all know. He's sure to be a baseball whiz wherever he does go. Tennis Club, 23 Community Sing, 23 Monogram Club, 53 Baseball, 4, 5. DOLORES MCDONNELL DOUGH From Penn.syl1'ania she came to us with ideas so many. Dolores, the one. who prefers her 'married name, Dough., to any. Mt. Lebanon High School. l. 2, 3, 43 Glee Club. 1, 2, 3. 4, 53 Home Room Secretary, 1. 2, 3, 53 Cheering Squad. 2. 3. 43 Safety Patrol, 3, 43 Alphas, 33 Betas, 43 Arts and Crafts. 43 Commercial Club. 53 Mounty Staff. 43 Library Staff, 52 Loudspeaker Staff, 5. JEAN MARIE ETHERIDGE Typishuworlcer, and many more: her days are really u . Through life may a lot of Iaryeis she score, and for her we'll always pull. Buxton High School. 1: Class President, 13 Chapnfan Technical High School. 23 Glee Club, 43 Commercial Club. 5, Vice-President3 Quill and Scroll, 53 Loud- speaker Staff, 5. JOHN FEREBEIE . He ranks as' captain of our band-as a trumpeter, holds first chair. ' His popularity we can understand, for he's tall, tan, and fair. Band, 2, 3, 4, 5. Sergeant, 4, Captain, 5, Chapel Band. 2, 3, 4, 53 Band Honor Society, 3, 43 Orchestra, 2, 3. 4, 51 Hi-Y. 4, 5, Sergeant-at-Arms, 53 Beta Club, 4, 53 Student Council Representative, 3, 52 Glee Club, 4, 5, President. 4: Boosters' Club. 23 Etiquette Club, 2: Outstanding Personality, 5. - , Us 0 .pu . SUN 0 Page Eighteen HODGES S. 'GALLOP When hels at school he haunts room seven, where Doris is the one. But after school it's Rogerls store where his future has begun. Hobby Club, 25 Etiquette Club, 2. JOSEPH HALES Quiet and calm-he'll make the grade, an all-round fella', this Joe. May all his efforts be well repaid, wherever he may go. Hobby Club, 25 Tennis Club, 25 Home Room Treas- urer, 1. LOUISE HALES A happy home she now has made and her future looks so bright, But with us we wish she would have stayed, but we realize shels doing right. Library Staff, 15 Dancing Club, 25 Community Sing, 25 Basketball, 2, 3, 4, 55 Monogram Club, 3, 4, 55 Girls' Athletic Association, 4, 55 Commercial Club, 4, 5. DAN HARRIS He's quite a character and full of cracksj his clothes are oh, so gay! And since he's president of the Hi-Y Club, that means he's sure O.K. Hi-Y, 4, 5, President, 55 Student Council Representa- tive, 45 Student Council Elections Committee Chair- man, 55 SPOTLIGHT Staff, 3, 45 Basketball Manager, 45 Basketball, 55 Patriotic Club, 4, 55 Monogram Club, 55 Home Room President, 35 Outstanding Personality, 55 Senior Play Staff, 5. KENDRICK HARRIS He shiges in everything he doesj he's really on the ba . In pgysicgl ed he takes the lead and is looked up to y a . Hobby Club, 25 Safety Patrol, 3, 4, 55 Dancing Club, 25 Travelers' Club, 2. MERVIN LINDBERGH HOLMES Pro-football is his aim in lifeg at this he's really great. And someday soon he'll pick a wife, but that will have to wait. Home Room President, 1, 2, 3, 45 Dancing Club, 25 Tennis Club, 35 Patriotic Club, 25 Football, 2, 3, 45 Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Baseball, 2, 3, 45 Monogram Club, 2, 3, 4, 55 Veterans' Club, 45 Most Athletic Boy, 4. ALICE JUNE HOOPER June is tall with dark curly hair,' her smile will always win you. She'll climb the ladder and reach her star, for her that'll be easy to da. Weeksville High School, 1, 2, 35 Basketball, 2, 35 Glee Club, 15 Dramatic Club, 55 Senior Play Staff, 5. DOROTHY JACKSON This striking blonde is really fine, plus a friend to many. It's Dot whois known to be so swell in life's game or any. Band, 2, 3, 4, 5, Officer, 55 Hobby Club, 25 Dancing Club, 25 Patriotic Club, 4, 55 Tri-Hi-Y, 4, 55 Chaplain, 55 Home Room OH-leer, 2, 45 Student Council Repre- sentative, 5. SARA PAGE JACKSON Head nzajorerte, and editor too, this busy fire-haired ass VVorh's with all the whole year through: we're proud she's in our class. Library Staff, 13 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 43 Freshman Class Vice-President, 23 Debaters' Club, 23 Etiquette Club, 2, SecretaryATreasurer3 Band, 2, 3, 4, 5. Majorette, 2, Chief Majorette, 3, 4, 5, Second Lieu- tenant, 3, 4, 5, Orchestra, 2, 3, 4, 53 Band Honor Society, 3, 43 Sophomore Class President, 33 Student Council, 1. 4, 5, Representative, 1, Publicity Chairman, 4, Social Chairman, 53 SPOTLIGHT Staff, 3, 4, 5, Assistant Business Manager, 3, Feature Editor, 4. Editor-in-Chief, 53 Patriotic Club, 3, 4, President, 4: Beta Club, 4, 53 Quill and Scroll, 4, 53 Tri-Hi-Y, 4, 5, Sergeant-at-Arms, 53 Teen Tavern Publicity Chairman, 53 Junior Play Staff, 4, Business Managerg Marshal, 43 Girls' State, 43 Senior Play Cast, 53 Outstanding Per- sonality, 53 Senior Scribbler, 5. LONNIE RAY JENNINGS This little guy is in the bandg he blows a great big horn. He goes to court his Phyllis every evening, noon and l7l0T7l. Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, 53 Band, 3. 4, 53 Library Staff, 51 Senior Play Staff, 5. PERCY JENNINGS Good tonic when you need a lift, plus a promising basketball guard: Added they make a senior gift, and in life he'll always 11-ork hard. Suffolk High School, 13 Hobby Club, 23 Community Sing, 23 Baseball, 3. 4, 53 Basketball, 4, 53 Football Manager, 43 Monogram Club, 4, 53 Home Room Treasurer, 5. MARIE JONES She's quite a peach, this fair haired girl, and filled to the brim with glee. We can depend on her for the hardest task. Hats off to you, Marie. Dancing Club, 23 Tennis Club, 23 Patriotic Club, 53 Tri-Hi-Y. 53 Home Room Treasurer, 53 Band, 2, 3, 4, 53 Loudspeaker Staff, 4. 5. PEGGY-MARIE KEEL This tiny, cute gal who left Maury Hi to join E. City Hi l'Ve're sure will be tops 'cause it's she, Peg, who will always try. Dramatic Club, 13 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 53 Tri-Hi-Y, 1, 2, 53 Athletic Club. 43 Student Council Representative, 33 Junior Science Club. 33 Girls' Reserve, 1. ERMA LANIER The Cbofudspeaker she helps edit-also in the Glee ' u , As a Beta worker she earns credit-in all activities she's at the hub. Dancing Club, 1, 2: Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 33 Debaters' Club. 33 Junior Play Cast, 43 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice-President, 2, President, 33 Quill and Scroll, 4, 5, Secretary-Treasurer, 43 Beta Club, 4, 51 Tri-Hi-Y, 53 Marshal, 43 Patriotic Club, 53 Loudspeaker Staff, 3, 4, 5, Co-editor, 52 Class Prophecy, 53 Senior Play Staff, 5. ROBERT LEE LOWRY Robert is quite a tall young gentg his hair is a flaming red. We lmow he'll make a great success, if anybody ever did. Central High School. 1. 2, 33 Basketball, 2, 33 Soft- ball, 33 Glee Club, 43 Dramatic Club, 5. ROBERT M. MANN This is the person who drives that car, oh! so often and how! I-Ie's known as Bobby by all his friends who think he's quite a guy. Patriotic Club, 2. 3: Hobby Club, 23 Dancing Club, 3. Page Nineteen Page Twenty SEL MANN Heis right in style and very neat, and good at his theater job. At drivgng cars he can't be beatg he certainly is no S'll0 . Hobby Club, 25 Tennis Club, 25 Monogram Club, 4, 55 Baseball, 3, 4, 5. LISTER MARKHAM He's a trumpeter and shoots a real mean goalg but all the time h.e's grinning, Although he studies a great many subjects, his favorite one is women. Student Council Representative, 2, 4, 55 Band, 2, 3, 4, 55 Home Room President, 35 Dramatic Club, 4. 5, Treasurer, 55 Basketball, 55 Patriotic Club, 45 Senior Play Staff, 5. JESSE BLAND MERCER Mercer, the master mechanical mind, is this boy's well earned title. Records and reading are his pastime, and to him electric-ity's vital. Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y, 55 Audio-Visual, 55 Sound Engineer, 3, 4, 55 Home Room Vice-President, 55 Glee Club, 2, 3, 45 Patriotic Club, 45 Projectionist, 1, 2, 3, 4, 55 Senior Play Staff, 5. EDMOND MILLER A brainy boy-with talents, too,' he certainly is no chump. He sings good bass, his faults are few, and he plays a mean "slush pump". Morehead City High School, 25 Basketball, 2, 4, 55 Student Council Representative, 25 Hobby Club, 25 Tennis Club, 25 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Sergeant, 4, 5, Orchestra, 5, Chapel Band, 3, 4, 55 Band Honor So- ciety, 3, 45 Junior Red Cross, 1, President5 Home Room Treasurer, 35 Baseball, 3. 55 Class President, 45 Student Council Vice-President, 45 Chief Marshal, 45 Junior Play Cast, 45 Beta Club, 4, 55 Hi-Y, 4, 55 Secre- tary, 55 Glee Club, 4, 55 Beta Club Award, 45 American Legion Award, 15 Senior Play Cast, 5. STELLA ROSE MILLER So pretty and sweet, so shy and denture, is our dear, dear classmate Stella: And of this fact 1'm very sure she'd ought never to lack a fellow. Student Council Representative, 2, 35 Home Room Treasurer, 25 Travelers' Club. 25 Tennis Club, 25 Girls' Athletic Association, 4, 55 Commercial Club, 55 Glee Club, 55 Senior Play Staff, 5. - BILLY MCCAIN In many fields his merits are showng as a fine fellow he wins our votes. He sings a mighty baritone, but he just can't read the notes. Safety Patrol, 4, 55 Beta Club, 4, 55 Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice-President, 55 Glee Club, 4, 55 Student Council Committee Chairman, 55 SPOTLIGHT Staff, 3, 45 Junior Play Cast, 45 Basketball, 35 Hobby Club, 25 Home Room Vice-President, 45 Monogram Club, 35 Boys' State, 45 Senior Play Cast, 55 Outstanding Per- sonality, 5. MARGARET JEXVELDEAN MCPHERSON She's as smart as a brier and as jolly as an elfj her friends all call her Mac. She's full of pep and just loves to have fun, and when she worlcs there's never a slack. Class Treasurer, 15 Home Room Secretary, 15 Home Room President, 25 Hobby Club, 25 Dancing Club, 25 SPOTLIGHT Staff, 55 Tri-Hi-Y, 55 Quill and Scroll, 55 Commercial Club, 55 Student Council Committee, 55 Senior Play Cast, 5. GLORIA ENID MACCORMACK Smart as a whistle-neat as a pin--she always puts forth her best, Just can't name all the things that she's in, a top senior of ECHS. Gorton High School. 25 Michigan City High School, 35 Loudspeaker Staff, 4, 55 Beta Club, 55 Beta Club Medal, 45 Tri-Hi-Y, 5, Secretary5 Glee Club, 55 Junior Play Stai'l'5 45 Senior Play Cast, 5. ELSIE CAROLYN NEECE Glee Club, Beta, and Tri-Hi-Y-she's busy as a bee,' An. outstanding senior of E. City Hi-she's smart, that's plain to see. Home Room Oflicer, 1, 55 Dancing Club, 23 Etiquette Club, 2: Student Council, 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y, 4, 5, Treas- urer, 53 Beta Club, 53 Glee Club, 5, Treasurer: Senior Class Secretary, 53 Outstanding Personality, 5. LORA FAY NORFLEET A sweeter girl we've never known., we wish her happiness complete. Because of her many ways she's shown that she simply can't be beat. George Wythe Junior High School, 13 Newport News High School, 1, 2, 33 Junior Red Cross, 35 Commercial Club, 5, Treasurer: Athletic Club, 55 Loudspeaker Staff. 5, Library Staff, 5. ROBERT C. O'NEAL 'I'his handsome fellou- is very neatg from New York does he hail. He's very smart in every class, through his studies he does sail. East Hampton High School, 23 Center Moriches High School, 2, 33 Baseball, 3, 4, 5, Soccer, 3, Basketball. 3, 4, 5: Hi-Y, 5: Safety Patrol, 5, Senior Class Treas- urer, 5: Home Room Vice-President, 53 Beta Club, 5. ROY ELBERT ONLEY A member of the Beta Club, Hi-Y and Monogram, too, And with his superb baseball he'll give a thrill to yon. Hobby Club, 2: Home Room President, 43 Hi-Y, 5, Beta Club, 53 Baseball, 3, 4, 53 Safety Patrol, 4, 5, Monogram Club, 2, 3, 4. NELSON CLIFFORD OVERMAN "Dopey" is the best known name: he loves to fool around. While in the gym or in the class he's really quite a clown. Hobby Club, 23 Glee Club, 2. GEORGE OWENS A likeable, fun loving, really good sort, a champion in playing the game: He's a lover of every good sport, "Shiloh" is his better known name. Shiloh High School, 1, 21 Dancing Club, 3g Dramatic Club, 33 Monogram Club, 3, 4, 5, Football, 3, 4, 53 Basketball Manager, 5. MELVIN SAWYER OWENS Old Melvin is an all around gent, he plays in all the sports. He shows his talents every day by the girls that he does court. Hobby Club, 35 Dancing Club, 35 Tennis Club, 23 Audio-Visual, 5, Vice-President, Safety Patrol, 3, 4, 5, Football, 53 Baseball, 4: Basketball, 5, Home Room Treasurer, 45 Junior Play Cast, 43 School Store, 4, 5. CHARLES PALMER Hels known. as "Tootie"-a dashing lad who's blonde and oh, so cute: No finer senior were ever had,,anrl he's a southerner to the root. Home Room Vice-President, 25 Football, 3, 4. Page Twenty-One Page Twenty-Two DORIS PAPPENDICK A diinpled darling that Pappendick, she has just what it takes: She's a saucy, solid, senior chick, and with everyone she rates. Loudspeaker Staff, 53 Library Staff, 13 Dramatic Club, 2it5, Ylge-lgrefident, 53 Dancing Club, 23 Band Major- 9 9, y V , . 5. THOMAS CARROLL PARKER, JR. He'sba gember of the quartet, a trumpeter in the an . His aims are of the highest, which makes his char- acter grand. Alice Deal Junior High School, 23 Band, 1, 3, 4, 5, Chapel Band, 5, Orchestra, 53 Softball, 23 Baseball, 3, 53 Junior Class Secretary, 43 Home Room Secretary, 43 Junior Play Cast, 43 Hi-Y, 4, 5, Treasurer, 53 Glee Club, 4, 53 Beta Club, 53 Outstanding Personality, 53 Senior Scribbler, 5. MILDRED CECILIA PEARSON On the Loudspeaker Stag' she's their right hand man: being business manager is quite a task. To the Quill and Scrollers' she's a wonderful leader, trying to do everything they ask. Library Staff, 13 Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club, 13 Band, 2, 3, 4, 5: Dancing Club, 1, 23 Etiquette Club, 1, 23 Tri-Hi-Y, 4, 53 Beta Club, 4, 51 Quill and Scroll, 4, 5, President, 53 Loudspeaker Staff, 4, 5, Feature Editor, 4, Business Manager, 53 Marshal, 43 Band Sonor Society, 43 Senior Play Staff, 53 Senior Scrib- er, 5. WILLIAM RUFUS POPE A jolly good fellow is he: he's smart as any can be. He works in the shop: his record is tops, for this is Rufus. you see. Washington High School, 2, 3. ' BOBBY POULOS Tall and tantalizing, that's our boy,' he's really a solid sender. With his personality he spreads much joyp he's tops in the masculine gender. Patriotic Club, 2, 33 Travelers' Club, 33 Photography, Club, 2, 33 Riverside Military Academy, 43 Football, 43 Senior Play Staff, 5. . BRUCE REYNOLDS Our football hero right from the start, a toast to good old Bruce. The king who rules in Nancy's heart and to us he's sure no duce. 4-H Club, 1, 23 Hobby Club, 33 Football, 2, 3, 4, 5, Co-captain, 53 Monogram Club, 3, 4, 53 Glee Club, 52 Sergeant-at-Arms3 Outstanding Personality, 5. BILLIE MARIE ROGERS Sweeit its sugar and twice as refined, indeed she is a ll U. And if you look, we're sure you'll find, that her traits are not shady. , Travelers' Club, 23 Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 2, 53 Dancing Club, 23 Home Room Secretary, 2, 33 Cheerleader, 53 Commercial Club, 5, President. MARGARET BEATRICE RUSSELL She's that solid senior with a gay look on her face: She is always busy for there is no time to waste. Travelers' Club, Dancing Club, 23 Tennis Club, 23 Commercial Club, 5:- JANIE MARIE SAWYER Janie's a girl who's appreciated and liked by all her friends, For it's her kind that doesn't need so many amends. Dancing Club, 23 Community Sing, 23 Commercial Club, 5. JEAN DIROTHIA SAWYER A basketball forward, a flag carrier in the band, and one of the famous Big "X", 'Tis "Sawyer" whose abilities are really varied but center around "Biggie", her mate. Dancing Club, 23 Community Sing, 23 Dramatic Club, 4, 53 Basketball, 3, 4, 53 Monogram Club, 3, 4, 5, Vice-President, 4, President, 53 Cheerleader, 33 Safety Patrol, 53 Junior Play Cast, 43 Band Majorette, 2, 3, 4, 53 Library Assistant, 13 Senior Play Cast, 5. JOSEPH SAWYER He's tall and dark and full of fun, this carefree lad called Joe,' And when his high school days are done, he'll take up spade and hoe. South Mills High School. 33 Travelers' Club, 23 Danc- ing Club, 2. JUANITA SAWYER In typing, friendliness or fun, plus a job to be well done, Here's a gal whose ideas and laughs thrill us every- ONE. Glee Club, 1, 2, 4, 5Q Tennis Club, 23 Dancing Club, 23 Basketball, 23 Patriotic Club, 53 Spotlight Staff, 53 Senior Play Cast, 5. LLOYD SAWYER He helps to keep the traffic moving smoothly down the hall, He 'IZJGZTS a smile upon his lipsg he's really on the a . Home Room Secretary, 13 Tennis Club, 23 Dancing Club, 33 Hobby Club, 23 Home Room Vice-President, 33 Home Room Treasurer, 43 Safety Patrol, 5. RUBY DORIS SAWYER She's a jewel in more ways than one, for she shines in many fields: She's peppy and gay, just full of fun from her head down to her heels. Student Council Representative, 23 Glee Club, 1, 2, 43 Dancing Club, 23 Etiquette Club, 23 Band Majorette, 3, 4, 53 Basketball, 23 Patriotic Club, 4, 53 Tri-Hi-Y, 53 Home Room President, 5Q Quill and Scroll, 53 Loud- speaker Staff, 4, 52 SPOTLIGHT Staff, 52 Beta Club, 53 Senior Play Staff, 5. OLIVE RUTH SEDGEWICK In many activities she does her best, which is cer- tainly heap-plenty good. She's sweet and snazzy and full of zest: under all tests she well has stood. Home Room Officer, 1, 2, 33 Glee Club, 13 Dancing Club, 23 Patriotic Club, 2, 53 Band, 2, 3, 4, 53 Quill and Scroll, 4. 5, Vice-President, 53 Loudspeaker Staff, 3, 4, 5, Co-editor, 53 Junior Play Cast, 43 Marshal, 43 Beta Club, 53 Tri-Hi-Y, 53 Senior Play Staff, 5, Busi- ness Manager. NORMAN KEITH SHANNONHOUSE, JR. This person called "Kara" is quite amusing, especial- ly with Jean at his eye., ith ersonalit that tops the scale, he ranks as a W P y wonderful guy. Dancing Club, 23 Hobby Club, 23 Rome Room Pres- ident, 23 Patriotic Club, 2, 3. -' l i Page Twenty-Three 4 l Page Twenty-Four JEAN ELIZABETH SHERLOCK This high ranking senior has done many a good deed, which accounts for her high ideals. May lady luck always her wants quielcly heed, for to everyone she greatly appeals. Library Staff, 13 Travelers' Club. 23 Dancing Club, 23 Band, 2, 3, 4, 5, Officer, 4, 51 SPOTLIGHT Staff, 3, 4, 53 Class Officer. 23 Class Secretary, 33 Junior Class Vice-President, 43 Quill and Scroll, 4, Secretary- Treasurer, 53 Tri-Hi-Y, 4. 5, President, 53 Band Honor Society, 43 Senior Scribbler, JOSEPH BROTHERS SMITH Hard work in the Quill and Scroll, and he is a Hi-Y meinberg With talents of many-fold, in our hearts he's a burn- ing ember. Hobby Club, 23 Dancing Club, 23 Community Sing, 23 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer, 4, Chapel Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 53 Quill and Scroll, 53 Hi-Y, 53 SPOTLIGHT Staff, 53 Glee Club, 53 Junior Play Staff, 43 Boys' State, 43 Senior Play Cast, 5. CARL RALPH SPRUILL, JR. This tall, left-handed fella' as a friend ive all ivell lvnoui, Withx a disposition mellou'-and his nickname is "C-Blow". Student Council Representative. 13 Etiquette Club, 23 Tennis Club, 23 Basketball, 3, 4, 53 Monogram Club, 3, 4, 51 Safety Patrol, 3, 4, 53 Home Room President, 43 Beta Club, 4, 5, Vice-President, 53 Baseball, 4, 5Q Hi-Y, 5. JIMMY SYLVESTER His eyes are bright, his smile is ufarm, he always loolus at ease: And when you go to see a show he'll say, "Your ticket, please." Hobby Club, 23 Photography Club, 43 Patriotic Club, 2, 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms, 53 Safety Patrol, 4. CAROL THURECHT She's short, shc's sweet, she's cute and snappy3 one of the bestest ever made. With a sunny disposition that's always happy, her popularity will never fade. Junior Red Cross, 43 Dramatic Club, 43 Band Major- ette, 3, 43 Basketball, 3. LESTON TRUEBLOOD Energetic Leston should he his name: he earns our highest praise. And all through life it will be the same, as judged by his hi-school days. Hobby Club, 23 Patriotic Club, 2, 3, 43 Football, 53 Library Staff, 2, 3, 43 Senior Scribbler, 5. fait 1, ELVIN RODNEY TRUEBLOOD His fingers fly in playing-he's a master of the keys, And were never heard him grining 'cause he always aims to please. Glee Club, 1, 2, 5, Accompanist3 Band, 3, 43 Band Honor Society, 3, 43 Patriotic Club, 23 Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y, 53 Class Secretary, 33 Community Sing, 23 Home Room President, 23 Home Room Treasurer, 33 Student Council Representative, 4. LYCURGUS MILTON TVVIFORD, JR. He's tiny, terrific, full of fun: he's good in all his studies. When he starts a job 'tis soon well done, and his aid he never refuses. Home Room Vice-President, 13 Etiquette Club, 23 Tennis Club, 23 Dancing Club, 33 Hobby Club, 33 Patriotic Club, 23 Art Club, 1. HOWARD WARD This is the one who drives both cars, not only the Hudson but convertible. 'Tis "Laide" which makes him chauffeur which seems not undesirable. Baseball, 4, 53 Monogram Club, 53 Tennis Club, 2. RAYMOND ALAN WARD As a Jacket end he proved his worthg he's known throughout the state. And still he places Helen first, but the gals still wish they could rate. Hobby Club, 23 Student Council Representative, 33 Football, 3, 4, 5Q Basketball, 3, 4, 53 Baseball, 3, 4, 53 Monogram Club, 3, 4, 53 Hi-Y, 4, 53 Safety Patrol, 53 Senior Class Vice-President, 5. JOHN CALVIN WATERS He's quiet and reserved and a mighty nice fellow: Life for him could never be anything but mellow. Etiquette Club, 2. EDSEL FRANK WHALEY Thisjwhaley is a baseball man,' he does not hide this 011, He belongs to the Hi-Y club and is the ideal boy. Baseball, 3, 4, 53. Home Room Vice-President, 43 Safety Patrol, 4, 53 H1-Y, 53 Hobby Club, 23 Photography Club, 43 Basketball, 5. LOUISE VVHALEY A smooth twirler in the band, with abilities neat and grand, President of Patriotic Club, 'tis she whose friends spread the land. Band Majorette, 1, 2, 3, 4, 53 Patriotic Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, President, 53 Dancing Club, 1, 23 Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation, 43 Glee Club, 33 Loudspeaker Staff, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Staff, 5. O. MCMULLAN WHITE Personality-grand, an all round guy, president of the Betasg An honest worker with the limit the sky, and to the band he caters. Band, 2, 3, 4, 5, Corporal, 3, 4, Lieutenant, 5, Orches- tra, 5, Chapel Band, 2, 3, 51 Band Honor Society, 43 Tennis Club, 23 Hobby Club, 23 Safety Patrol, 33 Marshal, 43 Junior Play Staff, 43 Hi'Y, 4, 53 Beta Club, 4, 5, President, 53 Senior Play Cast, 5. JAMES WILCOX He's quite a character and full of laughs: with every- one he does rate. He loves sports and there's nothing like shopg his position is filled well at "Love's State". Monogram Club, 2, 4, 53 Basketball, 2, 4, 53 Foot- ball, 43 Library Staff, 5. NAOMI DAPHNE WILLIAMS You need a willing helper or a friend who's really true? It's Daphne whom you're lacking 'cause she's this and more too! Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, 53 Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, 53 Etiquette Club, 25 Junior Play Staff, 43 Senior Play Staff, 5, Student Director. Page Twenty-Five MASCOTS Clsm' Sntwsr S E N l O R S C R XVALTER XV ILLIAMS Not iValtc'r but "lv'Vll?0ll'7'H, he's lcnown by his mates. Not only shop mid football but in ull he rcally rules. Boosters' Club, 23 Tennis Club, 2, Monogram Club, 4, 5: Football. -l, 5: Baseball. 4. JARVIS VVILSON llrfs rlurlr and rlrishiny with a lzcurtwarnziizg yrinj his frivnrls nzmzbcr heap plenty. And in lifffs game may he llllt'!1yS win, with troubles fzfiv, if any. XVILLIAM FRANCIS VVINSLONV IIc's nirc' and "Su'rfct"-please 1111111011 the pun, but truly hc is szrvll. When ht' plays football, thc' gauze is won: by watch- ing irc can tell. Home Room President, 1, Home Room Vice-President, 2, -ig Dancing Club, 21 Art Club. 2: Patriotic Club, 2: Tennis Club, 33 Monogram Club, 3, 4, 5, Football, 2, 3, 4, 5, Baseball, 3, 4, Veterans' Club, 4: Outstanding Personality, 55 Senior Play Stall, 53 Glee Club, 5, President: Student Council, 5, Sergeant-at-Arms. MARGARET JEAN VVRIGHT Wi' all ayrcf' shf"s ll pretty girl: shes P'l7P7fUHl'iIlfl llir1t's fine. Hvr hair is always in lwrfect curl, in public speakiiiy slirfll sliinc. Glee Club, lg Band, 3, 45 Patriotic Club, 51 Girls' Athletic Association, 5, Treasurer. An established custom of the senior class is the election of mascots by popular ballot. Though behind the scenes most of the year, the spot- light is turned on them when the mascots lead the seniors at graduation time. Cindy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Swayne, and Marvin, the son of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Seymour, were chosen for the 1948 mast-ots. GEORGE: MARVIN SEYMOUR I B B L E R S Left to right: .lean Sherlock. Mildred Pearson. Tonnny Parker, Sara Page Jackson, chief scribe: Leston True-blood Having Senior Sc-rihhlcrs is ii new idcn which will now become a tradition of THE SPOTLIGHT. The Chief Scribe is the editor of the annual with four other writers selected by the senior English teacher. The writing of the couplets by each st-nior's pil-lure is the sole purpose of these scribblers. Page Twenty-Si.'z' iililillll OFFICERS GRAHAM SANDERS ....... ..........,.., P resident RFZTTA HOOPER ,....A .......w. S FC7'Pffl7'jl BILL SUMNER ..,,,, .,.,,,, V ice-President Doms PERRY ...... ,.A.,.,. ' I'1'cr1s1l1'r"I' VVe, the class of 1949, having only one more year of high school ahead of us, look fondly back on the past years and ahead to our senior year. In the eighth grade we entered high school, wide-eyed and bewildered, for the first time. How- ever, we soon became accustomed to our new surroundings and settled down to enjoy every minute of our high school career. As freshmen we were given the privilege of initiating the new eighth graders. This year also brought forth our first opportunity to join certain clubs and take part in other activities. Also we had our first taste of real high school subjects. In our sophomore year we felt even more a part of E.C.H.S. and began to wonder how the school ever got along without us. After all, many of the officers of school organizations came from our class and the sophomores were quite outstanding on the athletic fields. This year we have the honor and the hard Work of the Junior play, the Junior Carnival, and the Junior-Senior dance. Then, too, there are the clubs We are at last eligible to join if We have what it takes, i.e. brains, for the National Beta Club and brains plus a Christian character for the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs. Also, for those of us who have done outstanding work on the publica- tion staffs, there is the Quill and Scroll Club. Those of us who were fortunate enough to need plane geometry are trying to get by with perseverence. NVe are Ending that American History is fascinating, that Spanish and French are both Greek to us, and that we must learn the same things over each year in English. XVe may be seen anywhere you happen to look around the school for we are in the band, glee club. on the athletic teams, and members of clubs. We are the Juniors! Page Twenty-Seven Page Twenty-Eight Charles Bennett Alderman Garland Anderson Patricia Aydlett Freiba Bacon Mary Sue Bagley Betty Rae Baker Sigma Barnett Barbara Alice Bartlett Jean Beasley Emilie Virginia Bell Dorothy Bradshaw Leon Bray Fay Brinson Alma Jean Brothers Dempsey Dennis Burgess Joyce Brown Jean Burgess Josiah Butler Audrey Blanch Cahoon Grover G. Cartwright Robert Cartwright Ann Gray Charnock Dorothy Chisum Ann Chory Ann Cohoon Helen Marie Cohoon Leola Crocker Betty Cutler Ethel Marie Cutrell Mollie Ann Cuthrell Marlene Davis Raymond Davis Ola Mae Dickerson Barbara Dyhrberg Charles Ferrell Marguerite Bernice Forbes Reba Erlaine Forbes William Forehand William E. Gard Bessie Marie Gibbs James W. Gray Marvin Kenneth Gray Page Twenty-Nine Page Thirty Virginia Flora Hall Joel B. Harrell Geneva Harris Wilda Marie Harris Adelaide Harrison 1 Joanne Harward Joe Harward Charles W. Haskett, Jr. Oneita Hastings Pauline Hastings Charles Hodges Merritt Hooper, Jr. Retta Hooper Cecilia Hubbard Betty Jackson Mary Jennings Barbara Jones Ida Kay Jordan Rose Joyner Hubert Spence Kight George F. Koch, Jr Barbara Ann Lamb . Grace Murlene Lamb William H. Lamb Mary Blades Love Elva Rae Mann Joan McClelland Robert McCul1en Bunch McPherson Norma Rae McPherson Clifton Meads Madison Meekins Rudy B. Meekins Doris Mae Morris Seth B. Needham William Jackson Overman, Jr. Ellen Mae Owens Jimmy Parker Doris Marie Perry Henrietta Pritchard Wesley Provo Steve Pugh James Raby Janice Faye Raby Alice Reid Nolan Riggs William O. Ross Jeanne Carolyn Ryan Page Thirty-One Page Thirty-Two Graham Sanders Ann Whaley Sawyer Vivian Sawyer Walter M. Sawyer Betty Lou Selig Jean Shannonhouse William Walston Sharber Carole Shean Barbara Anne Smith Sterling Smith Barbara Ann Sullivan Bill Sumner Dorothy Swindell Millard E. Tarkington, Jr. William J. Thompson Phyllis Twidcly Eunice Vereen Elizabeth Virginia Voliva Mattie Hope Wallace Eugene M. Willey Eugene Williams Janice Williams Mary Ruth Williams Frank Wood EUPHHMUHE .Y x . 5.:,:n,gx. ,- S:-Q X? t f i KK nv . ,X , .2153 .. A Q , S, 1. fe N' fu ss S ss A V V , . .,., ,t , by-Srfsf, V, Q Q sisugggeq c t ,.,. T i , 1 '?W't?WsawissW.W. W wIi?13?'.' ,. v. :,55 Q: Www ass S . ne SAsFonn XVH1TicnURs'r ,..... .,.....,...... P resident FICEIJ HOUTZ ...... ...,... S ecretary Amor: llmv ,...........,,.,. ....... I "ice-President DORIS SMITH. ...,. .,,.,. T reasurer XVe, the Class of '50, hnally have a class belo'v us. Due to the addition of the twelfth grade we have been the youngest class in school for two years. We were given the privilege of initiating the freshmen the first two days of school. XVe were well represented in the freshman-sophomore clubs and we also had members on the Lozulspmker and SPOTLIGHT staffs. A few of us kept order in the halls while serving on the Safety Patrol. We sophomores are really interested in music. About one-fourth of us are in the band and there are quite a number of us in the glee club. Our leading outside activity was the Teen Tavern. There we danced, drank cokes, and for some of us, participated in the programs. We came to the school dances too, and at all the ath- letic games we cheered our teams to victory Cusuallyl. Plus taking "reading, 'riting, and 'rithmeticn we had to take biology, physical education, band or glee club, home economics, world history, or Latin. lt was quite a busy year for us, but the idea of being a sophomore made it one of the best years of our lives. Page Tlz,i'i'ly-Tlzwe Mrs. Turner's Home Room iam' ' . , A -.-. .. .t .... .. . , A. ,............- First row, left to right: Essie Mae Hoover, Shirley Sanderlin, Francetta Miller, Sanford White- hurst, president' Mason Smith, vice-president: Florence Jennings, sec'retrzry,' Laura Harris, Lo- rene Stone. Second row: Mrs. Turner, Thadas Smith, Ann Pritchard, Joan Needham, Jane Sawyer, Alice Brinn Hobbs, Shirley Brickhouse, Inez Needham. Third row: Tommy Bell, L. A. Kemp, Connie Hunt, Betty Jean Bell, Bill Whaley, Charles Creek- more. Fourth row: Robert Pronier, Luther Staples, Bobby Byrum, Joe Meekins, Charles Koch, Don Lu- cian Austin, Vernon Onley. Absent from picture: Sam Elliot, Nancy Dawson, treasurer. Miss Dozier's Home Room Jg51,zflPLg.,,,""! 1' 33 H 'H Q' Q., M- ,ws - ' an ' , f' ' ' First row, left to right: Ruby Mae Riggs, Barbara O'Neal, J. K. Brock, treasurer Brock McMullan, presidentg Charles Armstrong, vice-presidentg Sarah Louise Whaley, secretaryq Frances Sawyer. Second row: Mary Ammeen, Alice Bray, Betty Stone, Mary Louise Fahey, Bettie Harrison, Rosa Lee Litchfield, Juanita Ferrell, Miss Dozier. , Third row: Millard Lee Cox, Howland F. Wright, Bobby Temple, Yvonne Brice, Evelyn Spruill, Virginia Curles, James L. Liverman, Don Horton. .Fourth row: Bruce Cartwright, Jimmy Corbett, Harold Pritchard, Delbert Harrison, HL L. Sears, r. Page Thirty-Four 'fi if Mrs. FIood's Home Room ...Q . C is First row, left to right: Geneva Bunch, Katharine Woodley, Marietta Hooper, Eugene Castellow, 'ziice-p1'esident,' Betty Jane Leary, presidcnt,' Gretchen Voeth, sec'ret1zry,' Carolyn Evans, Carolyn l h F etc er. Second row: Betty Godfrey, Marie Pipkin, Margaret Carolyn Burgess, Nancy Rollins, Audrey White, Olive Ballance, Mary Laura Brockwell, Mrs. Flood. Third row: Franklin Harrison, Eugene Chory, Jr., Douglas Winslow, William Edward Tarking- ton, Ashton Morgan, T. S. Owens, Douglas Ward. Fourth row: Irvin Dean, Carroll Gray, Theodore Wilson, Kenneth Roughton, Horace Bell, Sim Forbes, III. Absent from picture: Joyce Ward, treasurer, Charles XVayne Tucker. Mrs. Edwin Avdlett's Home Room First row, left to right: Gladys Dozier, Myrna Bright, Wildon Forbes, secretaryq Jackie Wood, treasurer' Betty Ray Outlaw, Martin Bell Rhodes, president: Carolyn Sawyer, 177:06-1I'I'f?S7:d67lf,' Edna King. ' Second row: Mrs. Aydlett, Thelma Brzycki, Willie Weeks, Lois Jennings, Nellie Creath, Porta Lee McPherson, Margaret Miller, Josephine Hodges. Third row: Julian Arnold, Pat Gosting, Geraldine Upton, Chloe Terrell, Ann Jennings, Doris Ann Smith, Skip Wilcox, Elgin White. Fourth row: Charles Hardison, Ted Kemp, Dewey Berry, Everett Forbes, Bert Riggs, Clarence Lassiter, Trim Aydlett, Vance Miller, Donald Owens. Absent from picture: Linwood Davidson. Page Thirty-Five Miss Tucker's Home Room First row, left to right: Anne Cobb, Barbara Forbes, Makine Stanley, Bobby Askew, president, Lester Spruill, secretary-treasurer, Vivian Miller, vice-presidentg Lota Harrison, Jean Jordan. Second row: Miss Tucker, Shirley Whitehurst, Carolyn Roughton, Helen Elizabeth Coley, Frances James, Phyllis Jefferson, Mattie Lee Simpson, Freda Daniel. Third row: Lee Jones, Bobby Kramer, Thomas Cox, Clarence T. Sanders, Walter Ray Mann, A1- bert Ray Kepley, Wilford Forbes. I Fourth row: Charles Butler, Fred Houtz, Paul Stevenson, Alton Ray Cupples, Bobby Lee Basnight, Willis Burgess. Absent from picture: Aubrey Heath, Billy Higginbotham, Geneva Anderson, Marvelane Wright. Page Thirty-Six HHSHMEN PATRICIA AUsT1N ..,,., .A.......,, P resident CAKOLYN FINCK .......,., ...... S ecretary JVLIAN SELIG ,.,..., ........ V 'ice-Presidcnf NANNETTE SYLVESTER ....,., ...,..,,. T reasurer On the fateful day of September 5, 1947, the town of Elizabeth City thought that it had in- herited quite a number of scare-crows, as the freshman class donned in their initiation paint were dismissed after experiencing Elizabeth City High School for the first time. A few nights after school had begun the gymnasium was very beautifully decorated for a dance given by upper-classmen in honor of the freshmen. Not only did we have parties to attend, but we had Latin, English, algebra, Civics, and science which had to be done before the oncoming day. XVe also had physical education, glee club, and band which was something to look forward to in the line of fun and recreation. The freshman class was very proud to have quite a number of players on the junior varsity team that was one of the most outstanding jayvee teams in the surrounding counties. Page Thirty-Setven Mrs. N. E. AvdIett's Home Room First row, left to right: Carolyn Johnson, Barbara Roughton, 'l'iC'f?-1J7'f'Sidf?'l'lf.' Patsy Pool Pappen- dick, prcsiricntg Sally Jennette Sedgewick, scoretary-trcnsu1'cr.' Signe Tobiason, Lois Jean Arm- strong. Second row: Phyllis Moger, Rosa Mae Price, Marian Marie Jackson, Doris Lee Harris, Charlotte Mae Brockwell, Ann Bunch, Nora Virginia Hughes, Patricia Miller, Mrs. Aydlett. Third row: Warren Jennette, Ill, Ray Burgess, Robert Drake, Gilbert Spitzer, Frank B. Spitzer, Gordon Miller, Robert Warren Thompson. Fourth row: Harry Umphlett, Conrad Spencer, Arthur Leary. Hill M. Sawyer, Charles William Steely, Donald Etheridge, Norman Wesley Brickhouse, Joe Gregory. Absent from picture: Tavia Jones. Floy Mizelle Midgette, Dorcas Virginia Thompson, Miss Owens' Home Room First row. left to right: Maxie Owens. treasurer: Mary Tarkington, Janet Daniels, sec1'etary,' Van Umphlett, rice-p1'esident,' Florence Meredith, president' Lorna Lee Staples, Doris Garrett. Second row: Miss Owens. Doris Virginia Morgan, Carolyn Gilden. Essie Mae James, Ann Win- free, Margaret Ann Jackson, Ann Burgess, Ida Mizelle Gallop, Lessie Faye James. Third row: Mack Fletcher, XN'endell Hartley. Vernon Burgess, William Beacliam, Moody Basnight, Alton Dunbar, Joseph McPherson, Clarence Roughton. Fourth row: Julian Lane, Clyde Voliva, Thomas White, George Jewell, George Scott, Raburn Cahoon, Curtis Perry. Absent from picture: Victor Bright, Gilbert Davenport. Page Thirty-Eight Mr, Turner's Home Room wwuunsnww . jr ",' gfr . g X is K. First row. left to right: Harriet Jennings, Carolyn Finck, sem'etf1ry,' Clay Foreman, f1'c'a.s11rcr,' Patricia Austin, p1'eside11f,' Lois Spence, vice-p1'esideut.' Mary Louise Lamb, Elbert Rhodes. Second row: Mr. Turner, Nancy Bell, Audrey Brickhouse. VVilma Speight, Selma Winslow, Kath- leen Berry, Rohert Rhodes, Jr., Lihhy Fulcher, Axie Davis. Third row: Daisy Benton, Helen Winfree, James Roland Bell, Dewey Burgess, Charles Wesley Cuthrell, Angela Poulos, Erma Sawyer. Fourth row: Johnny Ward, Henry Clay Owney, Woodrow Beals, Allan Ray Sawyer, Billy Ray Thompson. Carwile LeRoy, Jimmy Prescott. Billy Pappendick. Ahsent from picture: Cynthia Ward, Jane Singletary, Audrey Godfrey, Joyce Enders, Gurney Bunch, Julian Selig, Jr. Miss Sowver's Home Room i l gi .1-M1 f K h .. mi M 4 4 l..,.., - us. 'Y A ' First row, left to right: Gladys Marie Kight, Clara Mae Harris, Billy Jennette,p'residM1t,' Wirgman Morrisette. rice-p1'esident,' Nanette Sylvester, t1'easurer,' Jimmy Wallace, Sonja Tobiason, scrrv- tary: Delores Gaskins, Second row: Betty Jean Jennings, Verona Long. Shirley Spruill. Marvourleen Winslow, Marion Askew. Carolyn Russell, Edith Riggs, Rita Gray. Miss Sawyer. Third row: Joe Forbes, William Morgan, Edith Smith, Madge Evans, Marie Berry, Delores Stone, Helen McCullen, Marlene Deering, Billy Spencer. Fourth row: Lem S. Blades, lll, Charles Williams. Robert Forhes, Melick Williams, Jack White- hurst. Billy Liverman. Leslie Thompson, Charles Evans, Timm Squires. Ahsent from picture: Billy Spencer. Page Thirty-Nine Extra-curricular activities play a dominant part in molding the life of the student. Great in number and kind they offer outlets for any in- terest imaginable. Enjoying prob- ably the widest appeal, music, and athletics lead a parade of varieties. Page Forty .IUNIUH UHAMMIE ELUH First row, left to right: Audrey Godfrey, Shirley Spruill, Geneva Bunch. Edna King, Florence Jennings, Betty Ray Outlaw, Betty Jane Leary, Charles Armstrong, Sarah Louise Whaley, Jimmy Wallace, Doris Garrett, Patsy Pappen- dick. Clara Harris, Miss Dozier. Second row: Maxine Stanley. Vivian Miller, Betty Stone, Jackie Wood, Alice Bray, Freda Daniel. Thadas Smith. Third row: Audrey White, Madge Evans, Edith Smith, Inez Needham. Bettie Harrison. Marian Jackson, Floy Mid- gett, Gladys Kight, Lorna Lee Staples. Frances Sawyer, Ann Burgess, Patsy Miller, Marvourleen Winslow, Doris Harris, Cynthia Ward, Carolyn Russell. Fourth row: Alice Hobbs, Juanita Ferrell. Lois Jean Armstrong, Helen McCullen. Marlene Deering, Charlotte Brock- well, Sally Sedgwick, Janet Daniels, Lois Spence, Margaret Ann Jackson, Nannette Sylvester, Essie Hoover, Carolyn Johnson. Fifth row: Trim Aydlett, Billy Jennette, H. L. Sears. Howland Vvright. Brock McMullan, Gordon Miller, Bobby Tem' ple, Joe Gregory, Norman Brickhouse, Jimmy Corbett, Yvonne Brice. Carolyn Evans. Signe Tobiason, Erma Sawyer, Daisy Benton, Carolyn Gilden, Connie Hunt, Joan Needham. Jane Sawyer, Carolyn Sawyer. Nancy Dawson, Sanford Whitehurst, Wildon Forbes, Walter Mann, Tommy Bell, Millard Cox. OFFICERS ' CHARLES ARMSTRONG ,...... .,,....,.. P resident BETTY JANE LEARY ...,. .,l... T five-President BETTY RAY OUTLAVV ....... ,,..... S ecretary SARAH LOUISE VVHALEY .,..,.. .,.... ,,..... 7 ' reasurer JIINTMY NVALLACE ......,.... ..,., S ergetmt-at-A7'ms MISS DORIS DOZIER ,... ..... ,...., A d visor The Junior Dramatic Club which consists of sophomores aIId freshmen meets on Tuesday dur- ing activity period. The purpose of this newly organized club is to make the students appreciate drama and learn the importance of it in high school. This club is divided into different groups which present a program every week. During the year the club has studied acting, producing and make-up. Page Fifty-Five lllllllllll Slllll The Library stati' is made up of the librarian and one or mo1'e student librarians for each period. The duties oi' these student librarians are many and varied. They see that books are circulated and that returned books are properly shelved: they write notices of books overdue ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' l ' l ' ' ference work: they and fines owed, they .assist students in selecting books to leaf ant in ie keep the library looking neat and attractive and in some instances they do typing and tiling. Left to right: Ashton Morgan. Julian Selig. Vernon Onley, Miss Boomer. Iihrurir1n.' Dolores Dough, Fay Noriicet. Marguerite Staples, Ruby Sawyer. Douglas Ward. Absent from picture: .lamcs XVilcoX. The aim of our Hobby Ulub is to give to interested students a half hour of real enjoyment, devoted to their most exciting pastime, With no other club of this type in our school, We felt the need for a Hobby Club. Hobbies, lnc., is designed to help develop the artistic instincts and draw out those sources of creative ability. Among the activities of our club is art work of all kinds. Some engage in pastel drawings or painting or do pencil and pen sketches: others build model ll f l th it activities of this nature tend to mold interesting and airplanes: and some seyv. We a ee L well-rounded personalities. l l First PONY. left to right: Carolyn Houghton, ricz'-prcsirlcnl, Vivian Miller, secretary, Second row: Lois Jennings treasurer: Miss Tucker, adzfisor. Third row: Thelma Bryzyki, Fourth row: Clarence Sanders, Gretchen Voeth Bobby Basnight, Frances James. Firth row: Mattie Lee Simpson, Juanita Ferrell, Nellie Creath. Ann Chory ' ' ' ' H' is. Lota Lee Harrison, Phyllis Jefferson. prcsirlrnr: Alice Hobbs Absent from picture. Chailes Butler. Lama arr y Page Fifty-SLU UillAlillE lhis year the question is, Resolved: That the United States should require compulsory arbitra: chosen is the national debate question and is always one of vital interest to the American public tion of labor disputes in basic American industries. Upholding the affirmative side of the question were Connie Hunt and Brock MeMullang defending the negative were Barbara Anne Smith and Mac White. Alternates were Virginia Flora Hall and Phyllis Jefferson. Left to right: Miss Boomer, udrisorq Phyllis Jefferson, Barbara Anne Smith, Mac White, Brock McMullan, Virginia Flora Hall. Connie Hunt. EUMMEHEIAL Elllll The purpose of the Commercial Club is to teach the traits and skills of business to its members. In order to become a member of this club, one must take at least one commercial subject and have an average of 85 in that particular subject. At the beginning of the year twenty new members were invited to join the club and they made many successful accomplishments during the year. Seated. left to right: Faye Noriieet. treasurer: Rita Alexander, secretary: Jean Etheridge, i'ice-president: Bill' M ' IE HFIQ Rogeis. president. Standing. Jeweldean McPherson, Margaret Russell, Stella Miller, Janie Sawyer, Ann Charnock, Doris Mae Morris, Lillian Cooper. Ellen Mae Owens, Frances Cowell. Oneita Hastings, Henrietta Pritchard, Mrs, Roberson. rzfirisor. Absent from picture: Dolores Dough, Jimmy Parker, Page Fifty-Sc1'c'11 Each year Elizabeth City High School takes part in the statewide triangular debates. The topic llll Plllllilllll HHH The Patriotic Club was started in January, 1942, and at that time its main project was to pro- mote the selling of war bonds and stamps in the school. Since then it has worked on many other Worthwhile civic projects. Last year the Garden Club asked the Patriotic Club to work with them as a Junior Garden Club, and many interesting talks were given to the club by members of the Garden Club. The club has contributed to the various drives that have taken place during the school year. They had charge of the sale oi' Easter Seals. OFFICERS Lorisu WHAl,iav .,,,. STEVE Puoa ....,.,... BETTY Lou SELIG ...... Igllill Sl'lXlNFTR ....,..... Miss lXl.xl:Y Owr:Ns ..... ,...,..,,P2'0siclc'1Lt Vice-President .......Sec1'etary .....,Tl'6C1Sl.LT6T ...nil dvisor Up and around the letter P: Betty Lou Selig. Alina Jean Brothers, Betty Jean Bell. Fay Brmson, Delmes Gasklns Pauline Hastings, Steve Pugh, Charles Haskett, Jimmy Sylvester. Lester Spruill, Barbara Sullivan, Joan Need- ham, Dorothy Swindell, Around the letter C: Kitty I-'lett-her. Olive Ruth Sedgewick. Ruby Sawyer. Margaret Jean VVright, Juanita Sawyer, Shirley Brickhouse, Sam Elliott, Bobby Temple, Charles Creekmore. Erma LaNier. Sanford XVhitehurst. Jean Shan- nonhouse. Marie Jones. Dorothy Jackson. Clifton Meads. Seated: Louise Whaley, Miss Oxvens. Absent from picture: Bill Sumner, Dan Harris. Page Fifty-Eight Sorry, this page is unavailable. Turn to the next one and you'll find more memories Sorry, this page is unavailable. Turn to the next one and you'll find more memories Page Sixty-One lllllllllw Elll lil First row. let't to right: Barbara Jones, Ann Bunch, Elizabeth Brinkley, Axie Davis, rzccoiizprzizisti Phyllis Twiddy, 1'ir'c-prcsirlcizrf Mary Sue Bagley, Charles Evans. Mary Evelyn Tarkington, Lois .lean Armstrong, Charles Hardison, Rita Alexander, rice 7n'csifIc1nI.'.loyce llrown, Patricia Aydlett. Selma Winslow, llilly Ross. Rita Gray. Patsy Pappendick, William Morgan, Charlotte lirockwell, Sally Sedgewick, Stella Miller. Juanita Sawyer, Helen Mt-Cullen, lda lvlizelle Gallop. Second row: lletty Lou Selig. Henrietta Pritchard, Billy Jennette, Carolyn Finck, Florence Mere- dith, Curtis Perry, Mary lllades Love, Christine Cutbrell, Doris Perry, Raburn Cahoon, Mary Louise Lamb, Alice Hobbs, Hubert Kight. Gloria Mm-Cormack. Gladys Dozier. Third row: Charles Williams. llilly Spencer, Lonnie Hay Jennings. Wirgnian Morrisette, Harriet Faye Jennings, Oenita Hastings, .liinniy Corbett., Mary Laura lirockwell, Sara Page Jackson, .loan Mc-Clelland, Aubrey Heath. i'ic'r'-p1'c.sirlc11tg Hill Winslow, prc.siflcfnt,' Bruce Reynolds, scr- 'l'he Glee Club of Elizabeth City lligh School has been quite successful this year. 'l'he first concert was their annual Christmas Concert which told of the Birth of Christ in tableaux and was presented in the S. L. Sheep Auditorium. They entered the District Contest in Greenville and also planned a spring festival to top the year's highlights. 2 Mics. E. l". AYllLPl'l"l'. JR., Ilircr-for Page Si.1'Ly-Two fjf'tl'llf-ll!-U7'HIS,' J. B. Harrell, Joan Needham, Billie Marie Rogers, sccrcfaryq Rodney Trueblood, 11cc01n.pm1isf.' Nellie Creath, Billy McCain, Dolores Gaskins, Madge Evans, Eugene Willey, Carlton Albertson. Bobby Hyrum, Lem Blades. Fourth row: Billy VVhaley, Fay Brinson, Erma l,aNier, Douglas VVinslow, Hill llrothers, VVood- row Beals, Margaret Ann Jackson, Marvourlene Vtfinslow, Tommy Parker, Carolyn Neece, trcns- urrfr: Dolores Dough, Helen Winfree, Van Umphlett, Doris Mae Morris, Libby Fulcher, Hill Lamb, .lohn Ferebee, Wilda Jones, Shirley Sanderlin, Laura Harris, Hobby Kramer. Absent. from picture: Charles Armstrong, Walter Harnard, C. .l. Cuthrell, Edmond Miller, Donald Owens, Clarence Houghton, Joe Smith, Mason Smith. Paul Stevenson, Warren Wilcox, Nancy llell, Daphne VVilliams, Barbara Sullivan, Peggy Keel, Cecilia Hubbard, Thelma Rrzycki, Myrna Bright. This organization is made up of one hundred students. There are two regular classes in thc morning and on Tuesday and Thursday the boys meet. Full rehearsals are held on Wednesday night in the band room. The Glee Club is progressing more each year and has gained much fame under its director, Mrs. E. F. Aydlett, Jr. Page Sicvty-Three 1 Hit MNH A newcomer to the town and school is Mr. Russell with a wealth of experience behind him: it is he who wields the baton and makes music. "Uncle Miles," as he is affectionately called by the members, is the band's sustainerg it is to him the band owes its existence and for him it is the fulfillment of his dreams. MR. Roy RUSSELL ,...., ...... D irector MR. Mums CLARK ...... ...... S ponsm' Composed of one hundred members strong, the Elizabeth City High School Band is a credit to the school, community and state. For topping all honors achieved by this organization is the selec- tion of the band by the Lion Clubs to represent North Carolina at the national convention in New York July 1948. With emphasis on the spectacular, the specialities of the band include: in music, primarily that of marches, and on parade, accentuated with color and glamour, the execution of difficult maneu- vers. Laurels have been heaped high on this organization and they are well deserved. The perfection that this group achieves in music and on parade is the result of hard work of each of its members, its director and godfather. Gruelling hours are spent in practice not only on instruments but also on the field. OFFICERS -..,,,. Nr' Q -wx X ., 9 X N.. , Y, M-'wc it fit ??,s,.,tft1- V 'awswiw 'ii First row, left to right: .Iohn Ferebee, captain: Elizabeth Bray, firs! liPll,fF'l1ll11fj Sara Page Jackson, swcoml licutmz- ant: Charles Armstrong, second lieutenant: Mac VVhite, first lieutenant. Second row: Peggy Bonner, firsl scrgzfunlf Staff scrgeantx: Alice Bray, .lean Sherlock. Dorothy Jackson, J. B. Harrell, Buck' se'r'y1eant.s: Lister Markham, Tommy Parker, Edmond Miller. Third row: C'o1'por11ls: Mattie Hope VValIace, Ida Kay Jordan, Billy Whaley, Nancy Cropsey, Joyce Ward, Maxine Stanley. Helen Coley. .Iimniy Corbett, Paul Stevenson, Charles Haskett. Page Sixty-Four WH ye G These are the ones who head the two sections that compose the band. The majorette corps in front vies with the band members in giving scintillating performances. Yet, there is a oneness in each division doing its best. SARA PAGE .lAcKsoN ....... ,,...,, C hief Majorette .Toms Fsamsmi ,,,,, ...,,r,.......t,, C npmin Perhaps more in evidence than at any other time is the band during football season. ln attend- ance at all home games and at the majority of out-of-town games, the playing of the band spurs the Jackets on to victory. Invited by Wake Forest, the band attended the Wake Forest-Duke Home- coming Game. Also they participated in the Shrine Benefit Game in Norfolk, Virginia. The smooth functioning of the band is largely the result of its being run on a military system headed by twenty-four oilicers. Highlights of a busy band members calendar would include: fall-football games, spring- farewell banquet honoring departing seniors, summer-band camp-ten days of work and play at Nags Head, and at any date during the year, because it is civic-conscious, it is in concert and the band is on parade! SENIORS Seated on steps, left to right: Edmond Miller, Lister Markham, Peggy Bonner, Dorothy Jackson, Elizabeth Bray, Olive Ruth Sedgewick. Ruby Sawyer. Standing, second row: Doris Pappendick. Louise Whaley. .lean Sawyer, Sara Page Jackson. Standing, third row: Marie Jones, Jean Sherlock, Mildred Pearson. Nancy Cropsey. Fourth row, seat- ed, left to right: Tommy Parker, John Ferebee, Mac VVhit2. Lonnie Jennings. Joe Smith. limlward Coley. Page Sixty-Fi1'f' lilllllllllilll till L r N-XR mu 'M . 2 " A. . ., . . . A.. ,M . , - , . , Y 1- zahvufia. . Majorettes: Sara Page Jackson. clzicf: Doris Pappendick, Marlene Deering, Murlene Lambg Joyce Ward. pony, Carolyn Johnson, pony: Louise Whaley, Eileen Moore, Ruby Sawyer, Mr. Russell, director. First row: Betty Holland Bell, Macon Nixon, Virgie Bell, J. B. Harrell, Elizabeth Bray, Phoebe Anne Aydlett. Second row: Clara Mae Harris. Patricia Austin, Alice Bray, Nancy Cropsey, Yvonne Brice, Peggy Bon- ner, Jean Sherlock. Pauline Hastings, Olive Ruth Sedgewick, Katherine Woodley, Mildred Pearson, Rose Joyner, Ida Kay Jordan. Third row: Doris Garrett, Maxie Owens, Cynthia Ward, Phyllis Gregory, Lois Spence, Janet Daniels, Nannette Sylvester, Helen Harward, Annette Wright, Maxine Stanley, Betty Rae Outlaw, Marietta Hooper, Marie Jones, Jean Ryan, Dorothy Bradshaw. Fourth row: Patsy Pappendick, Mattie Hope Wallace, Joanne Harward, Adelaide Harrison, Jack Over- man, Wirgman Morrisette. Margaret Ann Jackson, Molly Ann Cuthrell, Retta Hooper, Billy Whaley. Page Sixty-Six 1 F -1 ,. 4 lSEHUUl llllllll It is a signal honor to have Mr. G. T, Bennett as director following the resignation of Mr. Russell. The band is fortunate to be under the leadership ot' ,Mm one who is an established authority in the fields of concert and parade. Q, --.,.f- -xu, .,',,- .QA "afoot BW .. XT '-'-IFE1'--"'f-1".lefst?::.-f Q- 5 '- uf? Q - it '7 r?f-.tk "ir .- 9 .dh 4 t -- V- A- .5 , - - A pg, --qoam . .Q -. .s ' . ,, -A . y . 3 Fifth row: Joe Gregory, Barbara Burnham, Dorothy Swindell, Betty Jane Leary, Charles Creekmore, Mason Smith., Dorothy Jackson, Edmond Miller, Charles Armstrong, Fred Houtz, Jimmy Corbett, Howland Wright, Billy Ross, Bobby Temple. Sixth row: Wallace Bagley, Pete Overman, Kenneth Miller, Mac White, Paul Stevenson, Lister Mark- ham, John Ferebee, Tommy Parker, Bobby Kramer, Merritt Hooper, Donald Owens, Allan Sawyer, Helen Coley, Joe Smith. Seventh row: Betty Rae Baker, jiag bearer, Lee Taylor Jones, Charles Hardison, Warren Jennette, Edward Coley, Jean Sawyer, flag bearerg Lonnie Ray Jennings, Charles Haskett, Bobby Byrum, Sam Elliott, Carole Shean, flag bearer. Absent from picture: Elizabeth Swindell, Jeanne Pritchard, Alma Jean Brothers, Dorothy Bradshaw, Gurney Bunch, Ashton Morgan. Page Sifcty-Severn minimis FLAG BEARERS Cnnzr MAJORMTE PONIES Left to right: Jean Sawyer, Betty Sara Page Jackson Left to right: Joyce XVard, Rae Baker, Parole Shean. Carolyn Johnson. Mojorettes From center. left around to right: Ruby Sawyer, Doris Pappendick, Louise Whaley, Murlene Lamb, Jane Aydlett, Marleene Deering. These are the girls who are seen strutting and twirling in front of our band. They are the idols in all little girls' hearts. Being a rnajorette just doesn't mean praise and fun but also Work. Each afternoon for an hour during school, they can he seen prac- ticing their old twirls and learning new routines. It's worth that practice plus much more to be able to experience the thrill a majorette gets on parade. Page Sixty-Eight MHLHIES lllllllllll COACH 'KH0NEY,' JOHNSON All had questions in their minds about the strength of this year's team. And every day they looked for signs in answer to their dreams. A surprise came to nearly all that night on the Hertford field, When the Jackets played real team ball to win a twenty to nothing yield. Scotland Neck they had next to play after Hertford's great defeat, And as before they fell to the dust before the Jackets' feet. To see the Little Blues cross the goal the Jackets have yet to see, But the feat for us was easy you know, and we racked up fifty-three. We finally beat Kinston thirteen to six, but we nearly had a tie. Both teams had scored six points apiece and the end of the game was nigh. In order to score we tried a sleepy pass which was the winning trick, And the Kinston boys gave in to us for they knew we had them licked. Left: Dr. John H. Bonner, team physician, Robert Brewer, jayvee coach. Right, left to right: co-captains: Bruce Reynolds, Clarence Castellowg managers: Trim Aydlett, Eugene Castellow, John Burgess. Page Seventy The Greenville Greenies were no match for our team which was rising to the top, And our well trained boys just moved straight ahead and never seemed to stop. When at last the final whistle had blown we had rolled up thirty-four And while the Jackets were doing this the Greenies made a zero score. With nothing but victories in our past and with spirits high as could be, We saw our hopes torn down at last in a game we all feared to see. The Pam Pack dealt this deadly blow, the first to whip our team And this eighteen to seven defeat you know destroyed our conference dreams. On every hand we heard said that the Jackets were in decline, But the winning game with the Rapid boys put that thought from everyone's mind. The game was not so very close-a thirteen to zero win, As the Jackets strove hard to be on top and not to be a once-has-been. Now many thought Trinity would be pretty tough, Since they had nearly beat Washington High, but one thing is sure they had enough, The score-nineteen to zero tells why. Tarboro would be a push-over so the paper said. Well that night the Tigers were on the ball, or our team had a swell head. And if it was swell head you can be pretty sure That the twelve to six score proved to be the cure. The New Bern Bears moved straight ahead strong at the start of the game. They took a seven point lead over us and held us with no gain. Then all of a sudden we broke loose to score a needed six, But still the game was nearly o'er and we were in a fix. The Jackets knew they were on the spot be- cause they could only play a minute, So they rammed through a last hard drive and came out on top to win it. In the first half Edenton made it look pretty bad when they got a six point lead. But in the last half we gained twenty which was more than we did need. Craddock wasn't able to cover much ground as they tried time and again to run, And when the game was o'er at last they had six to our forty-four. Even when many seasons have passed at last our memories will linger long, And to our eyes will come a glow when we hear their battle songg So here's to the Jackets of this year, a team that will never die, Let's take Oli' our hats to this fighting team of good old E. City High. ELIZABETH CITY YELLOW JACKETS A W ,,, . A,,,.,., ,.- -.an et f Kneeling, left to right: C. J. Cuthrell feenterl, Sanford Xvhitehurst fright endl. Bill Winslow fleft halfb, Aubrey Heath ffull backl, Earl Davenport fright halfl, Bill Sumner fquarter backl George Owens I,l'lgI1l tacklel, .Ioe Butler fleft taeklel, Bunch McPherson fleft guardl, Walter NN illiams fright guard-J, C'larenc'e Castellow fleft endl. Standing: Carol Gray, Ray Mann, Edward Tarkington, lion Austin, Billy Gard, Steve Pugh, Marvin Gray, Melvin Owens, Leon Bray, Gar- land Anderson. Graham Sanders, Billy Terrell. Absent from pieturez Ray Ward fright. endj. JAYVEE FOOTBALL SQUAD First row, left to right: .Ioe Harwood, Rudy Meekins, Eugene Chory, Jimmy Prescott, Millard Tarkington. Charles Butler, Johnny Ward. Second row: Warren Wilcox, Sigma Barnett, Clay lforeman. .l. K. Brock, Raymond Davis, VVilton Forbes, Bobby Askew, Uharles Alderman, Sterl- ing Smith. Third row: Theo Kemp, Clarence Lassiter, Gordon Miller, Alton Dunbar, Leston Trueblood. t'arwile lielioy, H. I.. Sears, Van Umphlett, Jimmy Wallave, Fharles Cuthrell. Page Seventy-One I GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Front row, left to right: Alice Bray, Betty Ray Outlaw, Nancy Rollins, Murlene Lamb, Jean Sawyer, Joan McClelland, Betty Stone, Betty Godfrey, Frances Cowell. Back row: Sarah Louise Whaley, Jackie Wood, Ellen Mae Owens, Betty Jane Leary, Carolyn Sawyer, Barbara Lamb, Nancy Dawson, Bernice Brooks, Olive Ballance, Vivian Miller. GIRLS' JUNIOR VARSITY First row, left to right: Ann Pritchard, Gretchen Voeth, Lois Jennings, Lois Jean Armstrong, Gladys Dozier, Doris Harris. Second row: Shirley Spruill, Mary Jennings, Barbara Roughton, Betty Jean Bell, Phyllis Moger, Patsy Miller, Juanita Ferrell. Third row: Margaret Pipkin, Mary Louise Fahey, Signe Tobiason, Doris Ann Smith, Sonja Toloiason, Audrey Godfrey, Geraldine Upton. Page Seventy-Two BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Left to right: Edmond Miller, Earl Davenport, Melvin Owens, Garland Anderson, Eugene Wil- liums, Percy Jennings, Ray Ward, C. J. Cuthrell, Dan Harris. Absent from picture: Robert O'Nea1, Lister Markham, C. R. Spruill, Bill Sumner, Rudy Meekins. BOYS' JUNIOR VARSITY Triewmg shhtwwmssamwwwmfssf Z an . - LwSfsmta4:::ef : First row, left to right: Bobby Askew, Robert Pronier, Edward Tarkington, Donald Owens. Second row: Carroll Gray, Mason Smith, Paul Stevenson, T. S. Owens. Third row: Ted Kemp Johnny Ward, Charles Butler, J. K. Brock. Page Seventy-Three PASQUOCAM JU N IORS First row, left to right: Charles Cuthrell, Jimmy Prescott, Jimmy Wallace, George Scott, Allen Sawyer. Second row: Gordon Miller, Norman Brickhouse, Billy Spencer, Charles Rhodes. Third row: Duke White, Frank NVall, Charles Evans, Lindsey Kemp. Absent from picture: Billy Pap- penrlick, Clay Foreman. Sanford Whitehurst, John Hall, Carwile LeRoy. More interest has been shown in basketball this year than ever before in E.C.H.S. Besides the number of fans turning out for the games, there has been organized a new team, the sub-junior varsity or Pasquocams. Although the varsities did not come out with top honors they were up in the higher bracket of winning teams this year. COACHES Left to right: Mr. Johnson, Miss Sawyer, Mrs. Roberson, Mr. Brewer. Page Seventy-Fofuf' l947 BASEBALL TEAM First row, left to right: Edward Tarkington, catcher: Howard VVard, right field: Joe Ferrell, pit- cherq Kenneth Dickerson, catcher: Percy Jennings, second base: Clarence Castellow, first base. Second row: Robert O'Neal, second base, Herbert McCoy, center fieldg Bill Winslow, center fieldg Lindberg Holmes, short stopg Charles Hodges, pitcher: Doc Etheridge. pitchery Billy Gard, jirst base. Absent from picture: Elbert Only, center field: Ray Ward, third base, Earl Davenport, pitcher, C. R. Spruill, pitcher, George Brinson, left field. - Rivals Jackets Tarboro S 7 Roanoke Rapids 5 11 Tarboro 2 14 Holy Trinity 3 5 Holy Trinity 1 12 Kinston 5 4 Edenton 6 11 New Bern 6 16 VVashington 7 5 W'ashington 4 16 New Bern 4 5 Kinston 3 2 At the end of the 1947 baseball season the Elizabeth City boys fell to third place in the North- eastern Conference standing. The Jackets played a good brand of ball all season, winning nine of the games played and losing three, two of these by one point margins. At the end of the scheduled season, they dropped into a three way tie with Kinston and Roanoke Rapids. At that time they had lost one 5-4 tilt to Kinston and had won from Roanoke Rapids by a score of 11 to 5. In the Hrst play-off game the Jackets dropped a 3-2 decision to Kinston putting themselves out of the running as Kinston took the championship by defeating Roanoke Rapids in the final game. - Page Seventy-Five BOYS' MONOGRAM CLUB The Boys' Monogram Club of Elizabeth City High School is an honorary organization com- posed of the boys who have excelled in one or more of the three major sports of our school -football, baseball, and basketball. Left to right, up and down: Ray Mann, Joe Butler, George Owens, Sel Mann, Charles Hodges, C. R. Spruill, Bill Brothers, Elbert Onley, Marvin Gray, Ray Ward, Bill Sumner, Lindbergh Holmes, Bruce Reynolds, Aubrey Heath, Earl Davenport, Clarence Castellow, Billy Gard, Percy Jennings, Steve Pugh, Garland Anderson, Leon Bray, Eugene Williams, Howard Ward, Dan Harris. GI RLS' MONOGRAM CLUB The Girls' Monogram Club of Elizabeth City High School is an honorary organization com- posed of girls who have earned a monogram for excelling in sports. Each year the club selects a project, pertaining to sports, in an effort to make the athletic program of the school more interesting and valuable to the students. i l From bottom of C and around: Sawyer, advisory :lean Sawyer, president.: Murlene Lamb, vice president, Carol Thurecht, Mary Ann Williams Bernice Brooks, Joan McClelland, Barbara Lamb, treasurer. Absent from picture: Louise Hales, secretary. Page Seventy-Six VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The Varsity cheering squad of E.C.H.S. was active through the entire football season. They were present. at every football game. Pep rallies were held the night before every home game. Regular meetings were held during the football season and dues were paid. It is interesting to note that the uniforms were made and paid for hy each individual. The letters were given to the cheering squad by the Athletic Association. The cheerleaders finished off the season with a party for the teams after the Homecoming Game. Miss Doris Dozier was advisor. 3 X .. T ' i First Row. left to right, kneeling: Myrna Bright, Florence Jennings. Mary Ammeen, Mary Ann Williams, Hear! rl2f'01'Ieadf2f1',' Billie Marie Rogers, Edna King. Serond row, standing: Virginia Hall, Nancy Dawson, .lane Sawyer, Bill Brothers, Connie Hunt. liarbara Jones. Rita Alexander. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS For the tirst time this year, a Junior Varsity Cheerleader Squad was organized. They were ac-tive throughout the football season cheering for the Junior Varsity football team. The cheer- leaders wore black skirts and white sweaters as their uniforms. To top off their first and very successful year the cheerleaders gave a party in honor of the Jayvee Football Squad. tsp. -Q I,eft to right: Harriet Jennings, Lois Jean Armstrong, Phyllis Moger, Signe Tobiason, Head rhefr- Imlclw-,' Uhloe Terrell, Sonja Tobiason, Helen Mc'Cullen. Page Sezrmziy-Srzafwz GI RLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION This year the Girls' Athletic Association of Elizabeth City High School became part of the state organization, The Girls' Athletic Association of North Carolina. This membership entitles the organization to attend and participate in the district play day, held at Greenville, N. ti. in the fall and a state play day held at Greensboro in the spring. Points toward a monogram and a state pin are awarded players for participation in tournaments held at the school and at these play days. The main purpose ot' the association is to provide the opportunity for more students to par- ticipate in a broader program of activity and to stimulate enjoyment and the development of skills in these games through a program of intra-mural activity. First row, sitting, left to right: lietty .lean Rell, president: Faye Norfleet, .wc1'efr1v'y,' Mary Am- meen, fl'UlISIlI'f'I'. Second row: Ann Chory, v'ic'r-pI'wsirIr'1zff Stella Miller, ping pong manger: Miss Sawyer, advisor. Sitting, third row: Margaret Wright, lzrfaltli f'0II1Il?'itft"f',' Dorothy Chisum, softball IHl17'I!Ifjl'7',' Doris Ann Smith, ltculflz rlznirmrln. Standing: Joan McClelland, brzslrctlzfzll mrzmzgeiy' Phyllis Moger, tennis ?lIlI7l0g67'. Sitting on pillar: Patricia Costing. Inczrlminton mavziczgcu' Bernice Brooks, field lzoclfcy nzfrmlgvr. Absent from picture: Betty Jackson, ltcrrlth committee, Phyllis Jeiferson, publicity nmnrzgvr. GAME THE TIME STAR Many outstanding events occur during the half of the football games. At this game the movie star, Temple Texas, was an added attraction. Page Sffvmiify-Eigltt Elllll HMT THESTART The gridiron. itself, provides the most excitement. Here, in the opening minutes of the game. Elizabeth City elects to kick off-the Victorious Yellow Jackets on the move. THE HALF The half is the time when thesblayers rest and the band takes over. This shows one of their many intricate and interesting maneuvers. Page Seventy-Nine No uniformity appears in this divi- sion for here are gathered varied treasures. Outstanding personalities, memorable events and informal snapshots are parts that compose the whole of school life. Page Eighty """ll!m4 9 1 ww Q ' , - 'Q X R -5.4 w. X QV ,Y -V Q , Q swf 1, 9, X . X x 5: Q -1,5 ex- b. K X , , .Q x s X Chosen by their fellow clossmotes becouse of their sportsmanship, chorocter, populority, scholorship ond leodership, THE SPOTLIGHT proudly presents from the closs of nineteen hundred ond forty eight . . . lllllllll Ulllgllll Left to right: Bruce Reynolds, Nancy Cropsey, John Ferebee, Peggy Bonner, Bill Winslow, Carolyn Neece. Page Eighty-Two PlllSllN!-llllllE Left to right: Sara Page Jackson, Billy Mc-l'ain, Dan Harris, Tommy I,2ll'k0l', f'la1'em"o Castellow, Elizabeth Bray. Pagv Eighty-Tl11'Pe EilllUllPlAY EAU Il II Love Song The senior class was unusually ambitious this year in presenting a drama "Love Song," in- stead of the usual Comedy. The play was well received by a full house. Left to right: Edward Coley, Peggy Bonner, Edmond Miller, Billy McCain, Juanita Sawyer, Mac White, Elizabeth Bray, Jeweldean McPherson .Ioe Smith, Sara Page Jackson. Carlton Albertson. Gloria Mact'ormack, .lean Sawyer. Absent from picture: Mrs. 'I'. C. Flood and Miss Nancy Meekins. rlirfrfors. "A Little Honey" A hilarious comedy, "A Little Honey," was the dramatic treat given by the juniors to the stage goers. W Y e . ,. -... , .t Q f t 11 Front row, left to right: Betty Rae Baker, Ellen Mae Owens, Sterling Smith, Patricia Aydlett. Charles Haskett, Barbara Dyhrberg, Alma Jean Brothers. Back row: Eugene NViley. Mattie Hope Wallace, Grover Cartwright, Norma Rae McPherson, Mary Blades Love. Absent from pic-ture: Mrs. Phil Roberson, director. Page Eighty-Four UUTSHXNUVNE EVENTS ,e A..- IA E S. 4 . . UCVE1 uv -V-U 1 ,,,... U . - - + 1. A half time tiiatilided with the Waite 5311 the 1-est zlnqinzfltofweach yezu- outshineg when our band DTS nde on Wake Forebt Senior Dance C lb the annual Junior . Duke P1 'f ' ' Forest .intl Y Homecoming Day' 3. Our greatest honor of the year was be- ing the host to the State Student Council Congress. Pictured above are the leaders. rx- 1. ing the - . . Slug- Smmg armmd the Chmtmdbitgiihts at carols was one of our JOYOUS pm-igtmzxs Dance. 0. One of the highlights f M annual carnival .' o the year iq th . Ut' . ' 9 raise funds. S aged by U19 Juniors to Page Eiglztyelfirc These ore the closses thot the students ot ECI-lS toke during their tour yeors of "higher leorningf' To recopture Thoughts ond memories in loter yeors of such wonderful ond voluoble experiences in these closses is the intent ot the SJHIJUL LIFE portroyol of For some. the study of nature hy dissecting animals or Wlhile the more chemical and svientitic-niinded experi- luoking throupgh inic'i'oscope:-1 . . . ment with acids and gases . . . Besides the SPOTLIGHT the I,011d.s1w11lt'c'1' is the other But with each student are the regular vlass sessions journalism class . . . from 9:00 to 3:30 . . . . 1 T it T , , X me-X . ..,, ri' Y' 1 " X A , 'wits lfwiw-sl' ,pw moi i - t. 'S X My ' . A QW' Will' 4 11. ff' M 7 ' M Mm ' , The physical ed. girls have introduced ri new gmnc For the boys, football still reigns siipiw-imie . . to our school. field liuvkey . . . Page Eiglzty-Sir I -63 Mn , ' 1 v 11 ll I A ,S Q i1 an vi. M fl I ,J gi '41 Q C , . sm, l , , ix -5 N i These are the fellows that tukv shop. who le-111-11 ziml While tliosi- lll'L' lliu girls who will lu- imluetriuus in lliom ln aim l in home- cc' piuictive- :ill skills in that fivlil . . . zill mv 11' -z A verv fillllilllll' xlzivv for vvevvoiw is the lib1'zi1'y for Anil lieixfs xxlwro llic ltlllllll' Slll'l'0lill'lL'S gut the-ii' stairl . l . rvzirling. stiulying. 01' inlormzitioii . . . al The bzmll with its IllL'llllM'l'S is one of the aissets to our Anil the glee vlulm ol' i'c'c'elit ilzile' luis also ixaiiiwll filllll' school . . . Pagv Ifliglzty-Smwr LOOK AT THE BIRDIE . . .y N ' l ,: " .E5 .A 'E E: 2 . -:?'ii-. 2 -"' qu... 1 V " 1. Whats so interesting? 2. f'The Things We Did Last Summer." 3. Off they go! 4. A practice of talents 5. t'Dancirig in the Dark" G. Results ibeliev-e it or hotb cupcakes 7. Quite a pose, boys! 8. Misohievous Maidens 9. Down by the riverside 10. This looks familiar ll. Ha! Ha! and Ha! 12. South America, take it away 13. Ray! Rah! Jackets!! 14. Caught in the bushes. Page Eiglzfy-Eight SMILE PRETTY . . . Chi' rg. .V w ,.,:: 5 I5 i 1. My how smooth! 2. At the bar 3. Have a coke? 4. Hang on . . . 5. Time out 6. Anxious moments 7. Nags Head bathing beauties? 8. Up front fHubba! Hubba!i SJ. Before! 10. After! 11. The first day 12. Working hard? 13. T. B. essay winners 14. ttention! Rou- tine 1, please! 15. G-R-I-N Page fffflllfjf-.YflII' OK., HOLD IT . . . 1. Muscle men 2. Our cheering section 3. t'The Gang's All Here" 4. Ain't they t'purty"!?! 5. Just waiting li. I-1-ere they come! 7. Ding dong, bell 8. Our heroes 9. All in fun 10. Brewer at work-what! 11. HLittle Miss Mary" 12. They're at it again 13. Junior rings M- t'Your size, piease'?l' 14. I-1e's our 'tHoney"! 15. Five in a row 113. Ain't love grand? 17. The band played on 18. Swing 'er K'SWeet'l Page Ninety GOT IT! 2 ld 1. Ray, rah, Jayvees! 2. Looks like initation . . . 3. This is our social committee 4. Red Cross workers. fine 5. Just resting or posing? 6. Three beauties in a row, yes? 7.Remem- her the Christmas dance! S. Our senior gals minus Glenn . . . 9. VVhat colorful trunks! Joke! 10. They serenaded us at pep parade 11. XYhat's that on their heads, stockings? 12. Family gathering! 133. Let 'em go, lessons. that is! 14. Are they offering us something? 15. Oh! their poor backs . . . Hi. Shall 1 drink milk or juice first? Page Niiivfyrflrzc Our school is located in Elizabeth City, commercial center for the Albemarle. The town is an ardent supporter of school affairs and the school is peculiarly indebted to the merchants. Together we enter the 150th year of growth of our town. Page Ninety-Two .II-., za, QM ' W ww, We, the Editor and Business Manager, wish to thank the following persons and organizations for their many efforts to make the book a success: the SPOTLIGHT staff for their tireless hours of work, the Loudspeaker for the publicity given the annual, Miss Mary Owens, advisor for the annual, for her undivided interest, Mr. Earl C. Funderburk, principal, for his unceasing co-operativeness, Miss Nancy Meekins, senior English teacher, for her help with the literary work of the book, Miss Bertha Cooper, mathematics teacher, for her advice upon financial matters, Mr. Miles Clark, Mr. John Frisby, and Mr. Bill McClung for their assistance in photography, Mr. A. M. Beck, of The Graphic Press, lnc., for his handling of printing and engravings to our complete satisfaction, and Mr. and Mrs. William Hood, of Hood's Studio, for their work in making the annual a good picture book. Our work on the book is done. We realize that the editors have made many revolutionary changes and the success of our book depends upon the reception of these new ideas by you, the student body. SARA PAGE JACKSON Editor PEGGY BONNER Business M cmager Page N mety-Four WC LSEMUTLIHLLQ EW s 4 ll V THE ALBEMARLE'S PREFERRED RADIO STATION On the Air I8 Hours a Day 1400 On Your Dial Over Twenty Million American Families Use Gas for Cooking Because: GAS IS THE FASTEST, MOST FLEXIBLE, AND ECONOMICAL FUEL FOR PRECISION COOKING - SILENT REFRIGERATION SPEEDY AUTOMATIC WATER HEATING HI THERM GAS SERVICE BEYOND CITY MAINS ELIZABETH Cv SUBURBAN GAS COMPANY Compliments of Coco-Colo V ,Q Q-7 f72L6f- The taste arf ' X that always charms DRINK ELIZABETH CITY COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS INC. THE FIRST fr CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK THE FASHION SHOP Ladies' Apparel Telephone 580 Madge Thacker COLONIAL CLEANERS East Colonial Ave Phone 280 OVERMAN Bc STEVENSON "Prescription Druggistsv Phone 321 We Deliver O. B. WEST 8: CO. Childrenis Cotton and Junior Dresses IACOCK'S PHARMACY "You're always welcome at Walgreens' FORBES RADIO Sz SUPPLY CO. Radio is our Business Phone 497 TOLEDO SCALES AGENCY 500 N. Poindexter St. F. W. Sparrow Jr., Agent Compliments of HUGHES 8: WYNN W. E. PAPPENDICK Retail Dealer in Beef, Poultry, Pork, Etc. South Poindexter St. GARRETT HARDWARE COMPANY Water Street Phone 970 or 971 SOUTHERN MUSIC CENTER Records - Instruments - Pianos Phone 1172-J IONES DISTRIBUTING CO. Distributors of Mi11ard's High Life Ruppert Beer Best Wishes I O E L A M B Compliments of THE SMART SHOP 612 East Colonial Ave. Compliments of FRISBYS' STUDIO Photographs of Quality and Distinction 213 N. Martin St. Phone 213 Best Wishes OWENS SHOE CO. Elizabeth City, N. C. Congratulations to the Class of ,48 R. C. ABBOTT CO. ALBEMARLE BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY See us for your Building Supplies Millwork of all kinds Westover Blvd. Elizabeth City, N. C. Phone 725-W Best of Luck to the Senior Class CULPEPPER HARDWARE COMPANY THE COAST OIL CO. Distributor of American Oil Products Best of Luck and Happiness to the Senior Class THE GOL - DAR Phone 320 Cornplinients to the Class of '48 BYRUM IMPLEMENT 8: TRUCK COMPANY McCormick Deering Sales 8, Service Family Clothiers Star Brand gl Packard Shoes CADER HARRIS 8: SON "The Friendly Storei' Compliments to the Class of '48 BRITE'S DAIRY QUINN runuwuns co. Q uality Furniture MILDRED'S FLORIST SHOPPE 110 South Road St. S. W. Twiford, Owner Phone 842 209 North Poindexter St. HFIOWQTS For All Occasions" Elizabeth City, N. C, Congratulations R. T. ORR SALES and SERVICE Chrysler - Plymouth W'hite Trucks Telephone 1256-J Young 'uns Now that you have graduated you are big boys and girls- Big Enough to Read THE INDEPENDENT Seven Days A Week Phone 284 M i Mill, Plumbing and Marine Supplies SANDERS COMPANY Water, Pearl, Ki Poindexter Streets Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments Of ELIZABETH CITY BRICK COMPANY BUILDERS SUPPLIES KRAMER BROS. COMPANY LUMBER AND MILLWORK Luck to the Senior Class WILLIAMS FURNITURE COMPANY FURNITURE, STOVES, AND REFRIGERATORS 220 North Poindexter St. Phone 1867 Elizabeth City, N. C. VIRGINIA DARE AUTO SERVICE Eastern Carolinais Finest HOTEL VIRGINIA DARE I U. S. TIRES BATTERIES 100 Rooms - Modern - Fire Proof ' ACCESSORIES Air Conditioned Coffee Shop Connecting Garage I Fearmg and Pomdexter On the Ocean Highway U.S. 17 El' b th C' N. C. ma e ny' Ray S. Jones Phone 1077 Manager I I I Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Compliments Class of ,48 I of cms: Hsu-I COMPANY - I WOODLEY WHOLESALE FRESH I GROCERY CO. FISH , Elizabeth City, N. C. I I - 1 - 1 - - - l 1 I 1 Compliments of IENNETTE FRUIT and PRODUCE COMPANY H O O D S T U D I O Photography Portrait 81 Commercial Guaranty Bank Bldg. Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of FARMER'S SUPPLY COMPANY Elizabeth City, N. C. ALBEMARLE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION "We help folks help themselves" W. Ben Goodwin, Secretary-Treasurer 503 E. Main St., Phone 312 Compliments of TOXEY GROCERY COMPANY Incorporated Distributors of Famo Flour Compliments of NORFOLK SOUTHERN BUS CORPORATION CULPEPPER MOTOR COMPANY Buick KI Pontiac Dealers Office Phone 306 Service Phone 1690 Elizabeth City, N, C. ELIZABETH CITY FREEZER LOCKER PLANT, INC. 204-206 West Grice Street Phone 1643 THE HOUSE OF HURDLES Love's State Theatre Building BUXTON WHITE SEED CO. "The Live Seed House" Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of F IR E D E P T . Elizabeth City, N. C. Best Wishes of PIPKIN 8: REID Compliments of CARTER BROS. GARAGE Automobile Service T I N S H O P South Road Street Compliments of GORDON'S SHEET METAL 8: ROOFING CO. MANN'S GARAGE Complete Auto Service Compliments of MAIN STREET GROCERY Compliments of CITY MOTOR PARTS Elizabeth City, N. C. WEBBS CLEANERS Pickup 8: Delivery G. C. CULPEPPER MOTOR CO. Corner Rd. dz Colonial Phone 648-.I Oldsmobile, GMC Trucks Compliments Corn Of Products CRIDLIN MOTOR COMPANY ZIMMERMAN 8: CO. Bo dy 81 Fender Painting Work i Congratulations to the Class of '48 McDOWELL MOTOR COMPANY Your Dealer 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE ' SPECIALIZING IN BODY 81 FENDER WORK l PAINTING Sl MECHANICAL REPAIRING Telephones 102 St 1171 I Water Street Elizabeth City, N I I , . I ' I r I C9 I P U R E FIJDD PRODUCTS fl Q. . 'ZABETH c11'f-'X' I l I L. - - - - - - - - .. . OUR BEST WISHES and HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS to the SENIOR CLASS of 1948 PELL PAPER COMPANY, INC. ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. Best Wishes CRYSTAL ICE 8' COAL CORPORATION ICE - COAL - KERCSENE - FUEL OIL Remember your ice cold drinks at baseball season! TELEPHONES 16 and 716 RUCKER 8: SHEELY CO. "Elizabeth City's Best Store" Specialty in Ladies Ready-to-Wear W. P. Sumner Compliments Of W. T. GRANT CO. WHALEY FURNITURE CO. Phone 211 Philco Radios and Philco Refrigerators Simmons Mattresses 85 Springs THE APOTHECARY SHOP "A Good Drug Store' Phone 400 1. H. WILKINS FURNITURE co. CAROLINA PRINTING COMPANY G E Designers and Makers Automatic Washers of Refrigerators DISTINCTIVE PRINTING Ranges Phone 986 Vacuum Cleaners Elizabeth City, N. C. HURDLE HARDWARE and SERVICE STATION "The House of Quality" 325 W. Main St. Phone 803 KRAMER ELECTRIC CO. 414 East Colonial Ave. Elizabeth City, N. C. "Everything for Electrical Living" HOPKINS BROTHERS Compliments of Plumbing and Steam Heating CAROIJNA AMUSEMENT CO. Oil Burners 81 Air Conditioning CAROLINA Special Attention to Repair ALKRAMA Work and East Ehringhaus Street CENTER Elizabeth City? N- C- "Best in Motion Pictures" Compliments Compliments PERRY Of MOTOR COMPANY M. G. 8- Chevrolet Sales Sc Service Elizabeth City, N. C. FURNITURE Phones 221 and 233 GUARANTY BANK and TRUST COMPANY Establish ed i901 Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Phone 279 Elizabeth City, N. C. BELK-TYLER COMPANY Teen-Age Sport Shop 2nd Floor "Elizabeth Citgfs Shopping Center" PARKERSON'S N EW SEASHORE HOTEL One Mile South of Wright Aviation Memorial Catering to sport fishermen, tourists Excellent dining room service. Quiet comfortable. A Home Away from Home EVERYTHING GOOD TO EAT Owned and operated by Mrs. L. S. Parkerson McPHERSON BROS. BEVERAGE CO. Pepsi-Cola Orange Crush 7- Up Telephone 291 Ehringhaus Street Extended Ma gazines Patent Medicines GARD'S CONFECTIONERY 112 East Main Street Thomas A. Madrin Proprietor Elizabeth City, N. C. CEN'I'RAL RESTAURANT 1"1Ul1,- h . 610655 HmH,,,,,uHHu Open 6 A.M. to 11 PM. Dany ,.,ml,1.A.4",l . , I Choice Western Steaks and " A I' SOIIIIIEIIIIJQIYICS I Seafood our Specialty ' Ice Cream ,, . ' I Md AM If you have tried the rest Illllnnmmum then try the best" """"' 104 East Main street Elizabeth City, N. C. L. W. SMITH CLEANER WORKS Phone 840 One of the oldest and smartest cleaners in town. You've tried the rest now try the best. Twenty years in this city with complete satisfaction. S. WADE MARR Investments Complimertts of IONES 6: TEMPLE Phone 650 Elizabeth City, N. C. Best Wishes to the Class of 148 ELIZABETH CITY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE if-ki ALBEMARLE if-k SUPPLY co. Jobbers 8: Distributors 219-221 North Poindexter St, Elizabeth City, N. C. Pans, Supplies Shop Equipment Phones 1309 and 1811 Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCIQ and COMPANY 114 South Poindexter St. LOVE'S STATE "The Showplace of Elizabeth Cityi' Air Conditioned for Your Summer Comfort O. R. SYMONS Wholesale Fruit and Produce Elizabeth City, N. C. MELSON'S SODA FOUNTAIN Bus Station Elizabeth City, N. C. COASTAL FREIGHT LINES INC. Franchise Motor Freight Elizabeth City, N. C. Best Wishes to Class of 1948 MILES IENNINGS INC. WILLIS S. WRIGHT Dodge 81 Plymouth Sales Sz Service Dodge Trucks Cushman Scooters Phone 101 Elizabeth City, N. C. BEST WISHES to the SENIOR CLASS OF 1948 I "The AIbemarIe's Most Powerful Voice Compliments I LOUIS SELIG BARR BROTHERS THE IEWEL BOX BRIGHT IEWELRY CO. BAUER 8: SON The Elizabeth City Jewelers ll I THE ALBEMARLE HOSPITAL was bu11t In 1914 and In 1945 renovated moderruzed and made Into a 100 bed hospltal It 1S owned by the County of Pasquotank and the Clty of Ehzabeth C1ty North Caro11na Best of Luck to the Semors THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL STAFF OF THE ALBEMARLE HOSPITAL FOREMAN DAIRIES GRADE 'A PASTEURIZED MILK PRODUCTS VISIT OUR MILK BAR IN CENTER OF CITY 7 , . A THE TEXAS EU ELIZABETH CITY SHIPYARD Best of LUCK and HAPPINESS to the SENIOR CLASS OF '48 Compliments of NEW SOUTHERN HOTEL BARBER SHOP Tommy Tucker Bread Call for at your Grocer WILSON'S WHOLESALE BAKERY Cvnwlinwnls Compliments of WASH-0-MAT DAVENPORT MOTOR CO. Phone 1947 Your Elizabeth Cifty, N. C. Kaiser, Frazer Ki Red Dealer Best Wishes from ELITE SANDWICH SHOP Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of VIRGINIA ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY GRIFFIN BICYCLE SHOP Repairs for any make bicycle Keys Made for any Lock Compliments of DeWITT 6: GRAY CO. 509 East Colonial Ave. Congratulations 62 Success to the Senior Class CAROLINA FARM SUPPLY CO. SERVICE NEWS COMPANY 106 North Martin GREGORY PRODUCE L. A. OWNEY Buyey and Shipper Radio Repair Shop Potatoes Cabbage coioniai Phone 73-J and Soy Beans The Guaranity Exterminating Co. Guaranteed Termite Control Free Inspection 8: Estimate ALBEMARLE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Telephone 1880-W J. D. Williams Phone 125 Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments PAUL BRADSHAW of Jeweler I. S. BROTHERS MARKET 104 North Poindexter Street Phone 700 Elizabeth City, N. C. Bc.sL Wishes and Congratulations lo Our Fricncls THE CLASS OF 1948 SOUTHERN LOAN Sc INSURANCE COMPANY TIDEWATER REALTY 8: MORTGAGE COMPANY DAL H. WILLIAMS INSURANCE AGENCY Representing RUSSELL SL MCADEN, GENERAL AGENTS for BANKERS 8: SHIPPERS INSURANCE COMPANY RICHMOND INSURANCE COMPANY LONDON Sz SCOTTISH ASSURANCE COMPANY MORE VOR lll'S ll0I'El SPECIAI. ' ' EE Qfw MQW EZEERY CHESSON MANUFACTURING CO Lumber and Millwork Elizabeth City, N. C. ASKEW 8: SON Plumbing and Heating Cypress St. Phone 1760 ANNA-LU FLORISTS "Say It With Flowers and Let Them Be Ours" Telephone 789 DR. I. W. SELIG Optometrist Compliments of MARGUERITE DRESS SHOP Open Evenings Compliments of GEORGE COX l Best Wishes IAY TEE CLOTHING CO. ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY 613 East Main St. BON TON BEAUTY SALON PRATT an GEORGE'S 310 South Road Street CONFECTIONARY Phone 1739-W 611 East Main St. Sally Davis, Proprietor 1341 1. WINTON SAWYER HOUPER BROS- Wholesale Paper Office Supplies Monuments Virginia Dare Arcade Elizabeth City Phone 1119 Elizabeth City, N. C' Compliments of PRITCHARD 8: DAVIS Meat Market AYDLETT PRODUCTS CO. "Fresh Potato Chips" R. S. JORDAN CO. Plumbing - Heating Electrical Supplies LAMM'S SANDWICH SHOP Hotdogs - Hamburgers Compliments HARRY W. BU N DY CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT E. S. CHESSON at SON Main Street Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of CAROLINA COFFEE SHOP Elizabeth City's Finest Air Conditioned LORIMER W. MIDGETT Mutual Insurance Phone 706 Kramer Building Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of VIRGINIA DARE BARBER SHOP R. F. PRITCI-IARD, Prop. Smooth Sailing to the Class of '48 PASQUOTANK RIVER YACHT CLUB RUSSELL 8: HOLMES SHOES For your Shoes Kramer Bldg. Elizabeth City, N. C. Where shopping is a pleasure" SAWYER COMPANY "The Quality Shop for Men McMorrine St Colonial Ave. Best Wishes! FORT RALEIGH GRILL "The Home of Home Cooking" Success to the Class of '48 THE SUNDRY SHOP Compliments of I. O. RABY 8: SON L. B. TWIFORD Real Estate Virginia Dare Arcade Compliments of W H A L E Y ' S CLARA ANN FLOWER 8: GIFT SHOP "Ready to Serve You" Telephone 138 Congratulations to Class of 1948 ELIZABETH CITY PROGRESSIVE ASSOCIATION DUNSTAN SUPPLY CO. Bricks and Cement Skinners Avenue ALBEMARLE STUDIOS - School Photography- Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of INDUSTRIAL BANK Installment Loans Compliments of SOUTHERN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 201-202 Guaranty Bank Building ELIZABETH CITY PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION Elizabeth City Agriculture Loans Greater Readership and More Influence For Nearly 40 Years TI-IE DAILY ADVANCE The only daily newspaper covering the Albemarle Member Audit Bureau of Circulation Associated Press FRED TURNER NU QUALITY ICE CREAM MCPHERSON BROTHERS AUTO SUPPLY CO. IACKSON'S SHOE SHOP P. W. MELICIQ D. WALTER HARRIS MERIT SHOES, INC. THOMAS CRANK I, W, COX owENs Hsu MARKET TWIDDY at WHITE sUNsH1NE GROCERY COLONIAL CHINESE LAUNDRY CHESSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. "Everything in Lumber for the Complete House" LUMBER, MILLWORK, DooRs, FRAMES Office and Mills: North Road St. Extd. P. O. Box 428 Telephones: 615 and 616 Elizabeth City, N. C. AUTUEHAPHE AUTUEHAPHE aw I . :wif 'A 4 . vffgvi s," ,mv H ' 1 J- vm aw ,, 1 , ef, ,. 1 Q ,fx xv , 11-1- fi, 1 .FL x , 4 ,P-f 0. i -,H . xuq . 'R 1 1.5 .4 K , 4., ,L .. pn L ZT' ff f .A f? 'M MF' ,. Q 1, .. .V - .. , . .,,-411' , 8 Q Ly... , 1 -' -L 1 fu .f .z.f,.,1 , Y 'iff . 1 ,s ,,-'-,-. -' 1. ' v.- p, - A, - 4 X: QMS -r 1 W, 4 K . 3 ' . M -gif". QD Jwfn, Wada QM Presents thzs Annual To STAFF AND STUDENT BODY, AN ILLUSTRATION OF THF 'DISTINCTIVE PRINTING THAT is ECONOMY IT IS I-IOPED THAT AS THE YEARS GO BY, THAT A FULL MEASURE OF APPRECIATION OF THE WORK OF THE STAFI' AND THE COMPANY, WILL DEVELOP IN THE INIINDS OF THOSE WHO READ THIS BOOK AND THAT IT WILL KEEP ALIVE THE PLEASANT MEMORIES OF SCHOOL DAYS AND CLASSMATES 91.2 ywfn, QM QM o 7 o 4 , ' u 'C Q O DISTINCTIVE PRINTING IS ECONOMY H. C I A ..gq.i,.g ,, . ' Y.. w E. swf :D-, :I " N-Q. -1-'i""'A '-rf" 1 1

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