Elizabeth City High School - Spotlight Yearbook (Elizabeth City, NC)

 - Class of 1941

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Elizabeth City High School - Spotlight Yearbook (Elizabeth City, NC) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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1 u Ys V . iff-LEf5Vrai:Tf V, , f V- ...UV . V mn- 7 Tai Y -- f f- -.V+ -7' -F? ...V V " r fLV.VfVVi -- '. --If ' VVV V-, f 1 i2a1vT. ":1?f. V1 far. 'wr V 0 . 751.315 111241 wig V V ,ef ' f'fu 'V1 ,j:j?15?V1 ' ,'-V ,fy -W4 - . V ' ul ".- I Y ' V " , ---h:f- I, ip' l-' 1- 'N 1' Q- -' g V .Lg 11' , .. ,V , ' 'fi V , 'g2VgfvgV'g Y' 1.:."lQ's .um r-V . V, Vs. ..V - " . - . - .- iu . -V, -5, ,N A 1 H ',Vf,:i'LFY:..,.3?' fs-I zgufqi, I -V, ' QP. 51 1.6.-V 'V ff V V , Z1 ,fi ..r?,V-,V- iq, M ll -iv-W V V V. .- " " '- VV: V 'J .' Af "V ' :.,- V-' ,. V .V -44 V - , Vw-V-11. , V , 1' iff '1 A ' '- V V 1 ' asf'- E1 4 , . QV VVVQ ' 51 .t. V, ' " '-VHS ,- 'L '-tg' YV" . 35017 "'- .- 7- , - AV, .-. V 1 5' f,,. v,-,'-V - . 'f V' VV 3. ,,n..,. V .-a j Q X V V: If U! . A. . VVVV yr- fi. ii -Ning ME V , Vg V- i - , - ,3 - V V, L - 4,-VA. - xii. ,-V V -Vx' ' if -ff ' Q v .. JF- V Ig V' 5 - ' ' :ETH ru- ff-4-1 1 , W ' 'if' ':x,Q n29',.- V V , ' .V V' 1-'J V. V-' T qi. 'ivf . .cl-1 "PA ' fm- V. VJ. u Y "f'f ' .l'i' " . LET: ,V -, 5- y V 1 QV.: - ff. -1L2g4P:z"1SV '., 1-fp ,V ' Vl5?g'?wQ- ' - ai ' qfz V. "N, ie" 'f-F131 .5 '5 V fr: '-"1 5" . 'J V5 I , N- .Ig 51,3-V .V V . . 2 ,fu LL V' 1 Vp. ,V 'V , AG, 5 V .HOV-f'71i' JAM! 1 ff- .57-xg' ' 4.-13V7gf4,fl'V. I .Q J J 5 . MQ -,zih Ji "L"3,1 ' .54 X A -7,,v:':,!vV4 'E :V ' - .Jr .'f!'F' 'l, " ' ' ' !1vFllAQi:' . .QM "yZf".?'z"" ' " . A V ,Vg 15. A if -'VV f - 'f-,VF 'FJFTQQ all 4555: .' f , ' 54,11-1' 1 1: g - ' 'f . .Vi Vi' 6' A ' ,I ...V . V VW? .J Vi V Y Y V . V , VVIF. 1 I 7 x . .. V 1.11 . X K V qu i JV .. I au .1 ,F ' VV, up " V F 4 ' 21+ ,. Vf!I, I. . .L ' ' - Qin uf - mV HJ: V ' U21 'ggi V 1 ' - K - .V ' f V5 vii Av 5, .Y Aug' JILL, , . 1 1. ' - 'QV '-V. T 3 .3-' 1 ' -a ' 4 .,V,j-57. ' 3' -' ', g-SQ" ' V -' '13 :Z 7V . ,',-Veg.-:f VV ' ' I3 V ' VQ:F'Q12 A W . V -VV NV' I ,, V,'! K :QI A . ' 33 3eV.,,VV -' fri H ' EV-5.f1'gI2" A '23 "4 1 Vim:-,,2V4gf 5-gg, 3 4 ' , . x I . V V VST' J! ,V Af ' ': rg :.., 'V 2139 ' V, V, VVM 1, 1-' . ' . 51 V' 5- V I ' 2. Vhlrnl VVVVVAJ - ,Q -,vp4.V5q. Q . ViS5if5?fg75j'f'L L gf - V?V'k'x,2'!:f: .1-:fL.'fI-3.-V, -.V V" . ff-:QV fab , V-A-,.: I, -1 -LIL V V, '- ,.,., . V 5 V ,. 1 .l ., I it V ,.,.1,.,, V .T,,V,5gg-.,TVf4', 1 vlggfgrigi f EF, Qt "',.' I rxyzrf, ' '- " '.1-43" , l':1?,wV:21 ' . if . 3523-1'-'V13' V6 . .1 '11VV.V+AVs.V:4y?s . V f ' ..V il 'i'1F1r'?fF fir' 5' ' g' 1 1':jf:fNV mfg - 1 'gf ' I -15124-3: '.L,s .V f 5.-gm, 1: , : W, -VV ,Vp Th V . V. ,' "T, l , l LV ,,'AV, ,. 1 , , , V-V.,,V ' f ' YQVV--. ia -V.V'!4ez-V'V. f-,V - V g jx . 'V.'V'VVH VM: .V K , Veg' "sq, 5 ' -VI' Fri' V , - ' .f V' S f f'5.'FV32'4-. 1 ,fu 1 fb - 11 ,I V ,' , V55-'-f 1-'-5' uf ' 'Ir I 52 lf. li Y '. 3231. V 1 ff? ' V- V' 91 Z VV'V'V'.fEEV'Qff:1','1r:-V1.2 V V . . V ' ':,'1"'. V! 1 5 , g ui gfiw'-.:l"V V'-gi--i: . n V ' VV: , 1. .f-V V .V ,V '- . .V A- .,: 'V ' . 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Bundy. ' For four years we have been warmed by his sympathetic and helpful service and by his expert guidance. lntense interest in education has not narrowed his views in other fields. His highly benevolent and understanding disposition has made him a confidant of many. Now after seven years of faithful service, he is leaving us, and although it makes us feel very sad to see him go, we con- sider it a privilege to go with him. Thus we dedicate our hearts, as well as this book, to our loyal friend and counselor, Mr. Edgar E. Bundy. ELIZABETH CITY HIGH SCHOOL FoREvvoRD O For four years we have been together in high school and now, as graduation approaches, We the Class of l94l, prepare to part and make our Way along the paths that will lead us to our places in the World. ln the follow- ing pages, We have endeavored to put into word and picture a resume ot our last year of carefree school life and childish pranks. We sincerely hope that We may re- live them in the future as We pick up this book and turn its pages. 5 I mx ss 21 mf rm mu, :YB -- 5,5-55j::::: :, T - fv- mn L4 mn as an Q , . wh, m.v,.,S. Da,- nm ss has Wm H m s mm my a mn an sw nn,-A nm .,. V. Ewa N -EA ,K 1-1 . Wfga K H K K a Bmw mm -- ,, EQ" Nami is I i M 2 H ,::5::. hr.:- :E:,. k I mv 1 xx B , H W -y-QE VJ -AJ? L.1x2 5Y5k,?r1:'L, xg-gf vm an E ms nm mam EEE Q ga mf-1 ms w A 4 - n Afj ss-xanga' M M www. W-5: ww, .TUV ,v -if 2 64 THE I-'ACULTY EDGAR E. BUNDY Duke University A. B. Degree Superintendent ot Schools ELIZABETH KRAMER BOWDEN Duke University A. B. Degree Romance Languages EUGENIA ANNE BOYD Bachelor of Artsg Elon College A. B. Degree English and History ELIZABETH CHAPPELL Woman's College, U. N. C. B. S. Degree Home Economics PAULINE MOE CLINKSCALES Teachers College, Eau Claire, Wisconsin A. B. Degree Social Sciences BERTHA COOPER East Carolina Teachers College, Greenville, N. C. A. B. Degree Mathematics and Science CATHERINE LUCILLE DAVIS Woman's College, U. N. C. A. B. Degree Mathematics and History University of N. C. M. A. Degree in Mathematics GRACE PENDLETON GARRISS Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, Va. B. S. Degree History and English GLADYS MURRAY GASTON East Carolina Teachers College, Greenville, N. C. A. B. Degree English and History GENE GORMAN Band Director VIRGINIA HAWKINS Queens College B. S. Degree Biology MARY LOUISE HUGHES Woman's College, U. N. C. B. S. Degree in Secretarial Administration GEORGE EUGENE HUNSUCKER N. C. State College B. S. Degree History and Science P. R. LITTLE University ot Maryland B. S. Degree EDWARD CECIL LONGEST University of North Carolina A. B. Degree History and Mathematics ROBERT B. MARCUS Pennsylvania State Teachers College, West Chester, Pennsylvania B. S. Degree Science and Geography MARY L. OWENS College of William and Mary A. B. Degree Latin, French, and History RUBY CHISLER PEELE Fairmont State College, Fairmont, W. Va. A. B. Degree English and Art CAMILLE H. RECTOR Secretary IEAN DORIS SMITH Bloomsburg State Teachers College, Pennsylvania B. S. Degree Business Education SPOTLIGHT STAFF Charles Lane .........,,.,. .........,.....................,,......,..,,..,....,.,....A.....,................... .......A.............,.,,AA.... ..,...A.... E cl i tor Millicent White ...... ,........ ..,.......,,,,. A s sistant Editor Myrtis Pugh ,..,.......,....... ........A.....,..,.........,.... ,.,. A s sistant Editor Willis Owens .......,.....,....... .............,.........,.......,........ B usiness Manager Brantley Sawyer .......,......... .,.........., A ssistant Business Manager Kathryn Forehand .......,.... .,,...,..........,.......... C irculation Manager Eleanor Forbes ........,....... ...................,.,, C irculation Manager Mae Gurkin .,........,,,,..... ..............,,,.,.......,.....,..,, A rt Editor Martha Pinner r.....,, ...,.....,.,.,...............,.... r ...,,,...,....,.,....,.......... ...,............. C l ass Prophecy ADVERTISING STAFF Gloria Avent T Dawn Hettrick Virginia Lee Commander Hazel Perry Gertrude Fearing Carolyn Massey Annie Blades Mary Francis Parker ........,.. ..,,..,..... T ypist Advisor Mr. Marcus L.. , - bc SENXORS Y . H- 'T ..g.. ,, ,W rr 5 ,- " .-31 -Q- ,-,-.- -,Jil- 1?-1.---,. ,7-. ,,4.,:f-Y 1-3--..M - N., ,ii 1 -iflt 1--. ,?"'-"""4f.., H - .. - ,, .,,. :..- - ....---f' 1 . 271:-' ag, xx " . Q' I-' mfs' -ff? i""V fd9!!w.l K. QQ w xg ,5 33 na? Y fl gs E .fa 'Q El . ga ,W E, ' Bl Sm may mam Makilf 1 x fr, an- x,, if mv 3 ' -4? im KE: m n Q sim Q a uma E W5 x mm 'E mss1 mn ss W .ggi QEQMQ EE sw wa me ss ss vm ms ss s saw mn x ss a Q N , svn smug n gsm Q Egg? RSA!!! aww a nf Q H W w 5 HL gn W V m mn w sw? a W W gsm Bm ks xx I im wi, 5 5 Rams. ,sms my 'sms 'Biggs W nm ms sm ss x-wa mms gggxm ' 'wus sgx w..- mm 5 s..,,.. Huw 'kgs ss xs m mx a EEE? s as alum gags H ms a mm ws W mn mm, m , n ms ss is mn Saas' wsu x sa n 'misss ummm: wa " a fx za in R . EEE, ms 5 mms Hmm -3 may . mm IH. ,. 2 f 1 n A a 4 gm H, ,n uw M-Q-fe - ss ..n S -ss E. -mm ms .ummm 1 mam 'www pf, nf was E m 5,13 Em ss is as sam gmr gn mm. ma rs wigs nm fm mm a sf R :nw H ,s E gas mn nys as R . mu ms :mass magma F ma ss an 5 my mn ,smug naman, ma A :Hawk uma Q-mam 5 an a miami swam mn- ,z aww Sa as ,wx mms ww 'si ss as m ss swung an mm may I 'max mn 5 a W1 ,.mK aww' . uma ms H ,Q um HE sm, :AS Hai wus i sen ' a ,W wana H5351 mn mn nw, lkx' Ll , .iq N N 1 I l ' K ' if El N NJN .x X .Y R n l 11 THELMA IEANNETTA ALBERTSON L "lecmnettc1" if "Mau'.r best poJJe.r.vfo1z is a sympallzeiic fwifef' HILDA MARIE ANDERSON "Hilclcf" "Silence is more eloguenl llmn f::nrd.s'." English Club, 4. AUDREY ARMSTRONG "l..il' Audrey" "Da not lake life seriozzslyf' Girls' Club, lg Tennis Club, lg Be-tu Club, 4, Eng- Club, 4. 3' .0 ffh fy rbyfl GLORIA MCMULLAN AVENT Li fj' . l'Dcxisy Mae" ' fare of lily bezuzly and a form of airy grace." " all E E ' Loudspeaker stuff, 2, 4, Annual stuff, 4, Cheer ss.-.Bm ss My I Leader, 3, 45 Glee Club, 4, English Club, 4. . -ww? I . . .Wwe x ALBERTSON ANDERSON ARMSTRONG AVENT L. BASNIGHT M. BASNIGHT R. BASNIGHT F. BEI-ILS LORENA BI-ISNIGHT "Lorena" l'Honar liex from lzonesl mil" English Club, 4. , MARGARET LOUISE BI-XSNIGHT "Mccrgc1ret" "'-""' ' 'I ,. QL. K H ,. ' I H , "" Q M1 , 34 , ' gg 1 ' - ' -. 1 . N fl W - ,,, H ff: 5 ' "Learn lo Jmile al trouble and half the l1m'lle'5 fLU07l.H I Hamann English Club, 4. ,E L :K RUBY MAE BASNIGHT "Ruby" "To know her is to like her." English Club, 4. MARTIN FEARING BEALS "Fearing" J "It was lhe kiss, Lofve, that made me im lll0l'f!ll,D Edenton High School, 1, 2, B football, 3, English Club, 4. s l N-.. . H' HH , .E 3 , ef ,. . l!"t,,5ffKitZ ' 1 1 6 1 3 . tifttst 113' H. BEALS BERRY BLADES BRAY HERBERT BROTHERS "Herb" "Not inn sober, noi too giay, Bu! K1 real good fellow ln mzrry way." Band, 4, 5, Football, 4, 5. WILLIAM LEROY BROTHERS "William" "His Duties fwell prepared, his days 'well JfJl'llf.H Commencement Marshall, 3, English Club, 4. CHARLES EVERETT BROWN "Charles" "It ix good lo lifvc and learn." Midget baseball, 2, Student Council, 2, 45 English Club, 4. IEAN PETTEWAY BUNDY wean.. "Her fways are fway: of plea.mnt1ze.r.r." x Band, 2, 3, 4, Beta Club, 3, 4, Monogram Club, 2, 3, 45 Loudspeaker Staff, 4, English Club, 4, Tennis Club, 2, 4, Girls' Club, lg Commencement Mar- shall, 3, High School Orchestra, 3, 4. HILDA MAE BEALS "Hilda" " 'Tis as fwell said as if I said it myself." English Club, 4. ALLEN KENDRICK BERRY "Nubbin" "Fwy contmzied 'with life." Weeksville High School, l, 2, Football, 3, 4, Base- ball, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 4. ANNIE ESTELLE BLADES "Annie" "GL'nilc of Sffflll, beneficienl of mind." English Club, 45 Spotlight, 4. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH BRAY "Katie" "Be silent and safe, .rilence 1zefuc'r betray: you." English Club, 4. H. BROTHERS W. BROTHERS BROWN BUNDY MWQHQW' Tw! l Rx Qt .19 Q5 Xl il 13 BETHEL BURGESS "Becky" "Bid me sing, I fwill enchanl the ear." English Club, 4. ELROY CLIFTON BURGESS ' "Clifton" "The dijirulty of life is the choice." English Club, 4. MALACHI DOZIER BURGESS ' 'Pedro" ' "lVith a jest on his langue and a smile on his lips, He'.v bubbling fwith fun lo his fingertips." Safety Patrol, 4, Midget baseball, Z5 Beta Club, 4 English Club, 45 Commencement Marshall, 4. LAURA INEZ CHAPPELL "Inez" "For a light heart lifves long." English Club, 4. O. COMMANDER V. COMMANDER G. COPELAND .IA t f H ' ,Jn l'-1' .1 'I. COPELAND s l 1 4 4 Q .4 L., B. BURGESS ONE. BURGESS M. BURGESS . . CHAPPELI. li ' 1' M . -f I ,,. .4 ..p,,. A WILLIAM OSCAR COMMANDER "lssie" "For heis a jolly good fellow." Safety Patrol, 47 Midget Baseball, Z5 Midget Bas- ketball, 2, English Club, 4. l ft VIRGINIA LEE COMMANDER "Ginnia" "She is einer a good sport and a true friend." Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Band, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club, 2, 3, 4, Loudspeaker Staff, 45 English Club, 47 Girls' Club, lg Orchestra, 3. GERALDINE COPELAND "Geraldine" ' "Running a race for life and lofuef' KAW English Club, 4. A EVELYN IUANITA COPELAND Q HNHGU il it "Silence is sweeter than speech." Beta Club, 3, 45 English Club, 45 Girls' Club, l. v l K' Q is , :'-f :Q- 4' 1, is .r COX CUTRELL EMERY ETHEHIDGE ZENAS ELBERT FEARING "Ellie" "AI man so 'various that he appeared lo he not one but many." Vice-president of Senior Class, 5, Captain of Foot- ball Team, 5, Football, 2 3 4 5' B Fo tb , , , , 0 1111, 1: Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, l, 2, 3, 4, 5, Track, l, Glee Club, 3, 4, Monogram Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Safety Patrol, l, 2, Boxing Team, l, 2, 3, Tennis Team, 4. GERTRUDE PRATT FEARING "Gertie the flirt" "You look innocent-correct that mistake." Tennis Club, Z, English Club, 4, Annual staff, 4, Girls' Club, 1, Loudspeaker Staff, 2, Glee Club, 3 4 , . EDWIN FEREBEE "Edwin" "The pen is mightier than lho reward." Baseball, 4, 5. Loudspeaker Staff, 3, Glee Club, 4. ELEANOR ELIZABETH FORBES ' "Eleanor" "H girl rworfh 'while i.r a girl 'who can smile." Loudspeaker Staff, 3, English Club, 4, Annual Staff, 4. BILL COX. Ir. "Professor" "A walking encyclopedia." Loudspeaker Staff, l, 4, Monogram Club, 4, De- bating Team, 2, Commencement Marshall, 3, Foot- ball, 2, 3, 4, Beta Club, 4, English Club, 4. ALMA GERTRUDE CUTRELL "Skipper" "Youlh, charm and a merry head." English Club, 4. CORRINE EMERY "Corrine" "Happy-go-lucky and alfway: in a hurry." Girls' Club, l, Tennis Club, l, Beta Club, 4, Eng- lish Club, 4. EVELYN ANNIE ETHERIDGE "Evelyn" "Slow but sure." Beta Club, 4, English Club, 4, Art Club, 4. E. FEARING G. FEARING FEREBEE FORBES eff? E.. , ' ,.'Z,.g.Zf-1 . 9 -X: -f . .... ,.,:!IjQ'fE'i ' .. if-'V' ' gi :.:m:f-f.-JQ'- 2 ,ff ' ' g f 4,24 KATHERINE LEE I-'OREHAND "Kitty" "Kitly's gay charm and fwii hafvo made her fwcll liked among her clasrfrzatz-J." English Club, 4, Annual Stall, 4. ELVA MAZELLE FULCHER , "leannie" "There is no Lwisdom like frarzkno.vs." , i, H New Bern High school, 1, 2, 3, English ciub, 4. l ' fs MARY JEAN GOSSI-XRD . "Ieanny" 44 .W 51? "By ilu? -work, one 1211041315 Ilze 2workl11an." TQ Glee Club, 3, 4, English Club, 4, Tennis Club, 2, Girls' Club, lg Beta Club, 45 Commencement, gi.j,,i Marshall 3. 5 I IOHN GLOVER GRICE "Glover" "Ho nefver lasie llze joys tha! spring from labor Band, 2, 35 Glee Club, 3, English Club, 4. , X IFFIN GUIHKIN ETTRICK HILL. 5 vw- xmfi E mfr si tn 'E is X ' GOSSARD 'HE we 4,1 'HE FOREHAND FULCHER G-RICE TOMMIE S. GRIFFIN "Tubby" "Speak lo-w, fwlzm you :peak of low." Basketball, lg Safety Patrol, 45 English Club, 4. MBE ELIZABETH GUIRKIN "Snookie" "A girl -worth -while is a girl who tan smile." Tennis Club, ly Art Club, 4, Band, 3, 4, Treasurer Iunior Class, 3, Student Council, Z, Annual Stall, 4. ADDIE DAWN HETTRICK "Puclgy" "Lililc but loud." Loudspeaker Stall, 3, 41 Glee Club, 4, Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club, 2, 3, 45 English Club, 4. LONNIE WILLIAM HILL "Hillbilly" I "I nefvfr Irouble trouble fil' trouble trouble.: mo." English Club, 4. W ,yn .Y N! sf nfl Wm? W S1-Q no Em 4 X 1" - if , HODGES - HOLLOMAN HUGHES G. IACKSON IRMA LOUISE IACKSON "Scratchie" "Quiet in appearance, fwilh moiifves unlmofnunf' Girls' Club, lg Tennis Club, 3, English Club, 4. CLAUDE BROOKS IENNINGS "I-lighpockef' "Let the fworld slide." Central High School, l, 2, 3, Football, 4, Basket- ball, 4, 5, Manager of Football Team, 5, Glee- Club, 4, Band, 5. CHARLES NEEDHAM IONES, Ir. "Cassinova" "Nolhing -ventured, nothing gllI716'll'.u Loudspeaker Stall, lg B Football, 2, Football, 3, 4, 5, Monogram Club, 3, 4, 5, Band, 3, 4, 5, Spotlight Staff, 4, Safety Patrol, 3, 55 Glee Club, 4, Senior Play, 4. ,A OLETHIA BERNICE .KIGHT NB erni c e " l English Club, 4. , l "Thy modesty is a candle lo thy 7llEI'iI.U CX l lt .+ I E, H. z .w, MARGARET VIRGINIA HODGES "Ginger" "'She' studio: faithfully, :he :works with all hor mighlf' English Club, 4. IAMES WILSON HOLLOMAN "Wilson" "Today, tomorrow, and forever." English Club, 4. IOHN WILLIAM HUGHES "Iohn" "Oh, Romeo, Romeo, Hfherefore art thou, Romeo?" I English Club, 4. GWENDOLYN IACKSON "Girlie" "W'hile thoreir life, !hore': hope." Girls' Club, lg English Club, 4, Art Club, 4. E. IACKSON IENNINGS IONES KIGHT no E Ba AXE E E -"g I igiliiii' V Y ...WF f . f" 51r' " E 555. 5 s. ' if ' - ".. M W -,ri ,f M41-. , if - ,fi 9.75 ,fy .4,Q,,L, 1 1 fig, 'l gl '1 lla" ss n m m LANE LIVERMAN LONG MASSEY DORIS LUCILLE MCPHEHSON ' - "Lucy" "And :till the words flafw on." Band, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club, 4, English Club, 4. ALBERTA MARIE MEADS "Bertcz" "Blushing is the color of virtue." Girls' Club, l, 2, Loudspeaker Stuff, 4, English Club, 4. ELIZABETH IANE MIDGETTE' "Elizabeth" "Her duties fwell prepared, her days -well spent." English Club, 4. ELMA IUNE MIDGETTE "Iune" "She ialks in .fuch a monstrous litile voice." Rodcmthe High School, l, Z, 3, Basketball, 4 English Club, 4. 1 ,"'e'1, s ,yi , , 1 I... lx CAROLYN WINIPRED MUNDEN E .1 S "Tessie" "My apfmlile yrofws -while I am eating." 'Q Band, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club, 45 English Club, 45 Girls Club, 15 Monogram Club, 2, 3, 4. 5 E5 MARIUS COPEL OWENS. lr. mgfgff "Marius" l 1 .f L , ,ln -I .,:.,:....:: - ! :I-fs-it .ffl 5 "E:EF3EsE- 2 K' 5 '..F'ZQZQZIZZ. 3 . ., is - HS N 4. - a': -2. :if "" ,.:':':':".g:'. ' 2 , :iii..E::5f:':E:..z2E1Qsis ' "" --' 94 - H f 2523 f 'f H nfl f, , . . . Em 55 gf gs. , 7, . .. W ,., Q 3. ,. -::.1:,ag.,,.,,1g-',q... , - i he , U , '.:.-a:2:fga,-ya: . l v'g,S?fbf 'V' I , ff H : ju 55. 5 .5 .,..g:a,Iifj3 l ' 'f N F - is ll 4 1 S5 .J rl ai H 1 Ht" '- jx ,H E . f .1 W Q Y .S 1 W B J QQ' 5 "As youd lo he ou! of the world as out of fashion." English Club, 4. MARIORIE AGNES OWENS "Fishie" "fl: merry as lhe day is long." Basketball, 35 Girls' Club, l5 Tennis Club, 35 Eng- lish Club, 4. THOMAS CREEF OWENS "Touchdown" "Lang may -we seek his likeness, long in vain." .H . ,pi Football, l, 2, 3, 45 Boxing, 3, 45 Baseball, 4, 55 Monogram Club, 3, 4, 55 Glee Club, 4. MUNDEN M. OWENS MARIORIE OWENS T. OWENS W. OWENS M. PARKER I. D. PARKER H. PERRY WILLIS OWENS "Dowicldy" "Such popularity mas! he deserved." Vice-President Freshman Class, Glee Club, 2, 3, 45 Safety Patrol, 2, 3, 4, 55 Student Council, 2, 3, 45 Band, 4, 55 Annual Staff, 55 Monogram Club, 5 Vice-President Student Body, 4. MARY FRANCES PARKER "Frankie" "Many charming fways dollz she possess." ly New Bern High School, l, 2, 35 Student Council, 45 Loudspeaker Staff, 45 English Club, 45 Basketball, 45 Monogram Club, 4. lOl-IN D. PARKER s. Ku N "Iohn D." ,X 'QI good rcpuiation is more lvalualzlz' than lnoluryffxei H President of Freshman Class, Student Councilful' 45 Safety Patrol, 35 President oi Student Body, 45-' X X 1 bl HAZEL IUANITA PERRY ..HQggY,. , "No om' has a reason to dislike lin." Kitty Hawk High School, 15 Basketball, 3, 45 Eng- lish Club, 4. K is I ISAAC PEYTON PERRY. Ir. ,. "Ike" ' ".4 man of deeds, not fwords, -we find, Alas! .-' Noi many of his kind." B Football, 35 Football, 4, 5, 65 Basketball, 65 Base- ball, 65 Tennis Club, 55 Glee Club, 55 Monogram Club, 4, 5, 65 Student Council, 6. MARTHA ELIZABETH PINNER "Martha" "For hers is one of those atfraclifve faces, Thai 4-when you gaze upon them ne-ver fail to hid you look again." Secretary of Freshman Class5 Loudspeaker Staff, l, 3, 45 Vice-President of the Iunior Classp Secre- tary of Senior Class5 English Club, 45 Beta Club, 3, 45 Annual Stall, 3, 45 Commencement Marshall, 35 Student Council Z, 45 Glee Club, 3, 4. ALMA PRITCHARD ttA1ma., "She fwas one of the quiet hind Hfhosc nalnre never fvarzesf' English Club, 4. MYRTIS MIDGETTE PUGH "Squirt" "She is pretty to -walls fwifh, flnd fwilty to talk fwith, ind pleasant, too, io ihinh an." Vice-President oi Freshman Class5 Student Coun- cil, lg Loudspeaker Stall, 2, 45 Beta Club, 3, 45 Secretary of Iunior Class5 Assistant Editor of An- nual, 45 Commencement Marshall, 35 English Club, 4. RAPER RHODES SAMPLE B. SAWYER we ann? 'W QL me gag. ,V Esgggei .awww l. ' s ' ' , -. l :!.A:::.,.,.I:,ig-5, ,:,"' , -It " - " .,Q,Q. 'fg iii a x ta .4 me me E MW .e. - A fs it m. s- Qesm: M ss: NW E ta 5 E l".5-55' 'i M 5. - s 1 as 1 . - as it . L 1 . l . ,mf .-awww . ,rg - is n f-S1 -X W . as . W E l I Q 4 I, .. 3.7 B I. PERRY PRITCHARD PUGH -,e:M,- PINNER MAUDE LEE RAPER "Maude Lee" "True to her duly all-ways." Girls Club, 1, 25 Beta Club, 45 Loudspeaker Staff, 45 President of English Club, 45 Commencement Marshall, 3. BERTA MAE RHODES "Mae" "The lnildest manners and the greatest lzeartf' Girls' Club, I, 25 Beta Club, 45 Commencement .1 Marshall, 35 Librarian, 3. AUBREY FEARING SAMPLE . Usappo.. "My hearl's Conieni Hfhcn I'm on mischief benif' English Club, 45 Football, 4. EDWIN BRANTLEY SAWYER "Mollie" "'Toil is the true knighfs jmstimef' Beta Club, 3, 45 Baseball, 3, 45 Assistant Business Manager of Annual, 45 Assistant Business.Man- ager of Loudspeaker, 45 English Club, 45 Com- mencement Marshall, 3. '4 vii! G l is Tim was is is E l E :Si-U em E M M ELIZABETH SAWYER E. SAWYER Y " SCOTT SELXG CNxSEE5'xNs . , A:-.rbi ' 'T MAGGIE AUDREY SEYMOUR "Audrey" "A true friend is fern'-'var Il friendf' English Club, 4. IOHN LESLIE SIMPSON "Meat" "The time 'will Come fwlzen yan fwil! lwar me." X, , , . N ,Rigs X ELIZABETH SAWYER "Elizabeth" "Cahn, "LU,lf1lA'0L'GJl'I' storm may shalu' ilu' world." 'X English Club, 4. M, ' Awoon DAVID SAWYER 65M "Elwood" "No single -virlue do 'we most com1111f1zd." English Club, 4. ELSIE SCOTT "Elsie" ArFI'i07ld 10 e'veryone." Weeksville High School, l, 2, Band, 3, 4, English Club, 4. dj' FRANK WILLIAM SELIG. Ir. I ' J "Billy" 3 yi "He fwould talk-Ye Gods! Hofw lm would falls." 5 s Q, lv 3. i 5 X fx ' M LK rl 5 Football, 3, 4, 5, 6, Baseball, 5, Boxing, 3, Mono- X'-A gram Club, 4, 5, B, English Club, 4. NORMAN SKILES "Norm" "SIilI fwatcr rum' dL'c'p."' English Club, 4. MARTHA LOUISE STEVENSON "Poochie" "I lifvcd and lo-'vcd.". Girls' Club, l, 2, Beta Club, 4, Loudspeaker Staff, 4, English Club, 4, Commencement Marshall, 3. I sb XX x .x ? Band, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club, 3, 4, Beta Club, 3, 4, English Club, 4, Commencement Marshall, 3. SEYMOUR SIMPSON SKILES STEVENSON 'iiask , mia, , i 'EE E, ., H5?ggji,QEe ' efee'N mf w..,,M., B 5 , E -QQEHK mum- ga IULIA MARGARET SWAIN "Blondie" "Silence has its rel-ward." Weeksville High School, l, 2, 3, English Club, 4. IESSIE DALE THURECHT "Iessie" "Look you, I am concerned in my ofwn interests." Beta Club, 4, Band, 4, Engnsh, 4, spomgm, 4px Glee Club, 4, Loudspeaker, 4. GLENELI. TURNER "Glenell" "Rich and rare 'were the gems she bare, And a bright gold ring on her finger she swore." English Club, 4. DOROTHY msz rwn-'orm "Doi" . "Of me you may -write in the hlackesl of ink, 'I say -wha! I mean and I know 'what I lhink'." Roper High School, 1, 25 Basketball, 37 English Club, 4. VOLIVA WALDORF WOOD WARD 'I E . Ay' ' ,fl .CMJJ SWAIN THURECHT TURNER TWIFORD RUFUS VOLIVA 6.2 "Rufus" Q "Blessed is he tha! expects nothing, for l1e 'will newer he disappointed." English Club, 4. .N A111 f .'l,'. ' WILSON WALDORF "Nut" nhlforl: firsl then rest." English Club, 4, Monogram Club, 2, 3, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, 4. IUDSON WOOD "lucison" "It is zz fworld of sfarlling possibilities." Lexington High School, l, Z, Central High School, 3, Glee Club, English Club, 4. TUNE PAGE WARD ulunelf "sind he learned ahonf fwomen from her." English Club, 4. F TK fffsf . J .Wx K N 2- WATERS WEST M. WHITE MILLICENT WHITE CHARLIE TOM WHITE "Tom" "Noi loo soher, not too gay, But a real good fellow in efvery way." English Club, 4. LEON WILLIAMS "FrenChy" "Happy I ani, from care I'm free,' lVhy aren'l all contented like me." English Club, 4, Tennis Club, 3, 4, Football, 47 Monogram, 4. LLOYD WILLIAMS "Ting" "It is heller to learn late than 7l1?'UL'I'.u Baseball, 3, 4, 5. SAMUEL WILSON WILLIAMS "Sam" "'Ti.r beller to have lofued and los! Than nefver Io have lofued at all." Student Council, l, 3, 4, Captain of Safety Patrol, 4, Baseball, 3, 4, Beta Club, 3, 4, President of Senior Class, English Club, 4, Monogram Club, 3, 4, Commencement Marshall, 3. x , WILLIAM ELVIN WATERS Q "Elvin" '24 true friena'.v is a friend forefuerf' - English Club, 4. WILLIAM WEST "Billy" "Better lo learn late than newer." Safety Patrol, 3, 4, English Club, 4. MARION WHITE "Pint" 1 "Little slrokes fell greal oaks." Beta ciub, 4, English Club, 4. ,, 7 ,H lv ll 'Eff xl, lie' ,kg f MILLICENT VIRGINIA WHITE 4 ft'l'Xfm1 ' "Millicent" g' "Fair lresses man': imperial rare ensnare, find beauty a'rafw.r us fwilh a single hair." English Club, 4, Beta Club, 4, Student Council, 4, Spotlight Staff, 4, Loudspeaker Staff, 4. fl T' ' 'X te' gikigfb-mel, s. WILLIAMS C. WHITE WILLIAMS -, 5 . x 3 ..,,?, . w .if - 553 -qi.. .,a3..g:ll'.fse.l5'5f'- I egf-Life. sg- 'gl .M eg , F 5 W ws- E at I H E , , ,,, 1 ix F gl! fi I ft . ' 14 tt:rE:5:.'f ,..- 342251 I f" 4 N. 'Xxx u li J G 33 ,,wC,1ub, . l 514 .xy WINSLOW ZEIGLER fPictu0'el Omittedj Ml-KRIAN BELLE HUMPHLETT "Marian Belle" "An arch coquelte, Blithe, merry, and gay!" English Club, 4. HARVEY WINSLOW "Hawk" "For discards make the :fweetest mrs Bgnd, 2, 3, 45 Monogram Club, 2 3 4 Enghsh FRED ZEIGLER "Bumps" "Idlenes.r is an appendix to 1101111113 English Club, 4. CLASS PROPHECY Q May 25, 1946. Dear Charles: Do you remember the promise we made each other graduation day, that on the fifth anniversary of our graduation we should write each other, telling what had become of our classmates? Well, I am fulfilling my part of the bargain, and below are some of the crafts, industries, and professions that the class of 1941 are engaged in. Would you believe it? Allen Berry, Iames Brinson, and Ioe White are all at the top in pro football, while Charles Iones has made good in Army Air Corps. lust last week he was made a lst Lieutenant. Do you remember Homer Bell? He is now a building contractor and is making good use of his woodworking ability. Elsie Scott, Wilson Waldorf, and Harvey Winslow have kept up their musical training and now all have their own dance bands. Lonnie Hill, has his own "Hill-Billies" and is now on a nationally known radio network. Bethel Burgess is still singing with him. Bill Cox has made a name for himself in Chemistry, by developing a new synthetic rubber. Collaborating in the discovery was his able assistant William Brothers. Tilling the soil are Rufus Voliva, Edwin Ferebee, Elwood Sawyer, Malachi Burgess, and Charles Brown. Each has married and settled down on his own farm. Gertrude Fearing and Gloria Avent are still up to their old tricks and are flirting from one man to another-perhaps, they will settle down some day. lt seems as though most girls want to get to Hollywood, as you probably remember our class was no exception. However, our class was fortunate because Millicent White, Hazel Perry, and Iessie Thurecht all have made the grade and are now stage and screen stars. Iean Bundy, Myrtis Pugh, Annie Blades, and Hilda Beals all made vows to love, honor, and obey and now are happily married, raising families of their own. Virginia Lee Commander is also considering married life, but can- not decide whether to give up singing and marry Tommy Griffin or keep on with her career. Elma lune Midgett, Mary lean Gossard, and lnez Chappell have gradu- ated from training and are now Registered Nurses. l can never forget the members of the Spotlight Staff. Remember how we used to work and wrangle and put off? l suppose our training did do us some good. l picked up the Annual last night and looked at some of "Snookie" Guirkin's sketches. "Snookie" is now an artist and designer for one of New York's biggest department stores. l am society editor for a large Carolina newspaper, and as you have told me, Charles, you are editor and owner of a newspaper, so we did learn something working on the Spotlight. Billy Selig now has a large camera store and has a line that makes his talk on high school seem like nothing at all. Iudson Wood also has gone in CLASS PBOPI-IECY fContinuedJ for photography. Billy West is district manager of Western Union and has worked himself up the ladder of success. I Went to New York City on an assignment last month and who do you think I ran into on the street but Carolyn Massey, who is a buyer for Belk- Tyler Co. She said she had just seen a fashion show with Audrey Armstrong, Corinne Emery, and Virginia Liverman in it as models. Several of the de- signers were old classmates of ours. They were Iohn Hughes, Marius Owens, and Norman Skiles. Later we met Katherine Forehand and Eleanor Forbes who had just come out of Macy's. We asked them to go with us to the new night club just opened by Glover Grice and Aubrey Sample. As we stepped into the taxi we recognized the driver as "Meat" Simpson, and as we stopped in front of the club who should come to escort us in but "I-Ii pocket" Ienningsl Then Dawn Hettrick and Glennell Turner surprised us by showing up as hat check girls. As we drifted towards the bar we noticed "Pint" White talking to a couple who turned out to be Mr. and Mrs. Fearing Beals, the former Martha Louise Stevenson. We were finally lead to a table by the head waiter, Willis Owens. lust as the lights were dimmed the Master of Ceremonies ap- peared, and who should he be but Harry Long! He began to tell us, "Tonight we have with us a dancing team that has made its way to the top. Come on out "Elly" Fearing and C. O. McMullan and show the folks what you can do!" I was never so startled in all my life! More home folks! After this number, a chorus of girls came on who had been billed as "The Most Glamorous Girls in New York City." We recognized among them Alma Cuthrell, Virginia Hodges, Elizabeth Midgett, and Bernice Kight, all of whom have turned into first rate glamour girls. Later, I returned to my hotel room and before going to bed I decided to look over the morning paper. As I unfolded it a familiar face appeared on the front page. Above this picture was written "Harvard Professor to Lecture at City Hall Tonight." I never thought "Ikey" Perry would really be one, but my eyes didn't deceive me. His ambition was achieved at last! The caption went on to say "Accompanying him are his secretary, Miss lune Page Ward and co-secretary Miss Marian Belle Humphlett." You can depend on "Ikey" to need two girls to help him instead of the usual one. As I turned the page my eyes fell upon an advertisement of a reducing salon. It had just been opened by Mlle. Carolyn Munden. Dorothy Twiford was her backer, financially, and her helper, too. I flipped the pages until I came to the sports page. Baseball season, ho-hum, is in full swing. I-Iere's Clayton Morrisette pitching for the Yankee's with Lloyd Williams and Brantley Sawyer in the outfield for the Philadelphia Athletics and Sam Williams on lst for Cin- cinnati. Paul Morris and Thomas Owens are owners of the Yanks now. Don't ask me how that happened because I don't really know. I then turned to the Society Column to find that Gwendolyn Iackson and Evelyn Etheridge are attending one of the fashionable Interior Decoration schools here in New York. Then I went to bed. My train pulled into Raleigh the next evening. I saw a parade coming so I stopped to watch. As I was standing there I heard some one talking with a cute little lisp. I knew immediately that it was Maude Lee Eaper and she was talking to Alberta Meads and Berta Mae Rhodes, so the "snooper" in me made me listen in. She was saying, "And he and I got it in E. C. I-I. S. for the most dependable and now he's Mayor of Raleigh." So that's who this parade was for! Iohn D. Parker had just been elected Mayor! Well, wonderfull The parade was in front of me now and I recognized him sitting on the top of a CLASS PROPHECY tContinuedJ big car, smiling, and waving with Lucille McPherson on one side and Marjorie Owens on the other. They must have been his secretaries, both of them, 'cause he's in heavy politics now. I suppose that you are beginning to think most of our classmates went to New York with Glover Grice and Aubrey Sample when they opened their night club. At first, I thought the some thing. I-Iowever, I later found out that this was far from true. Mary Frances Parker stayed in Elizabeth City and now helps her husband with his automobile business. Wilson Holloman is going to open on insurance office this summer, after his marriage to Kathleen Bray. l bet you could never guess who is head of the City Council-none other than Iames Dickerson. Not satisfied with this, he now has his eye on a seat in the House of Representatives at Raleigh. Iuanita Copeland is private secre- tary to the federal judge of Pasquotank County. Over at the Coast Guard Station on Riverside, is Clifton Burgess. l-le joined up during the War scare, right after graduation, and now he is a first class gunner's mate. Several of our girls decided that they could make as good use of their commercial training in Elizabeth City as in a big city, so they found employ- ment with local concerns. Hilda Anderson and Margaret Swain are stenogra- phers at Citizens' National Bank, while Irma Iackson is the new typing teacher at our dear old Alma Mater. Tom White opened up ct studio on Main Street about a year ago and has CI thriving business for a young artist. Lorena Basnight tends to the busi- ness end of his studio. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you about Elvin Waters and Margaret Basnight. I saw Margaret the other evening. She was home on vacation. At the present time she is employed as governess for one of the Senator's children in Washington, D. C. Elvin Waters plays a guitar in a well known string ensemble over WTAR every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings. I am afraid I have rambled on too much now, so I shall close. ' Sincerely, MARTHA. O HISTORY OF THE SENIOR CLASS O In the fall of 1937, a group of green Freshmen entered the forbidding Walls of Elizabeth City High School. Those Freshmen were the present Seniors. We were given a cordial welcome by the Sophomores-at least, that's what they called it. Soon we settled down and elected our class officers. They were: President, Iohn D. Parker, Vice-President, Myrtis Pugh, and Secretary- Treasurer, Martha Pinner. Then, in September, 1938, we became glorified Sophomores! It was our turn to initiate and we took advantage of it. It was hard for us to believe that we had ever been as green as those Freshmen. Finally, the novelty wore off and we let the lower classmen have peace and rest. The next year, 1939, we realized that we were Iuniors! We turned all our attention toward making our Iunior year a success. The following officers were elected: President, Earl Iennings, Vice-President, Martha Pinner, Secre- tary, Myrtis Pugh, and Treasurer, Mae Guirkin. One of the main events of this year was the lunior carnival for which we worked many long hours. Then came the night of nights-the Iunior Senior banquet and dance at the Virginia Dare Hotel. Mr. W. A. Worth was our toastmaster and our enter- tainment consisted of a black-faced skit by two new students, Moody and Iackson Presley. Afterwards, the Iuniors and Seniors danced to the music of Hal Thurston. Finally came the last lap in our high school education, our Senior year. We were all given the senior privileges and after settling down to serious work, we elected our class officers. They were President, Samuel Williams, Vice-President, Elbert Fearing, Secretary, Martha Pinner, and Treasurer, Charles Iones, Ir. From our Senior class was elected Iohn D. Parker as Presi- dent of the Student Body and Millicent White, another Senior, served as secretary of the Student Council. Out of four standing committees in the Council, three of the chairmen were selected from the Senior Class. Samuel Williams, Martha Pinner, and Millicent White. The majority of the staff of "The Loudspeaker" were seniors, Charles Lane, Editor, Martha Pinner, assistant editor, and Bill Cox, business manager. The "Spotlight," our class annual was also edited by Charles Lane, the as- sistant editors being Millicent White and Myrtis Pugh, with Willis Owens as the capable business manager. While these journalists were working on the annual, the dramatists of the class were rehearsing the senior play, "Don't Take My Penny." The leading lady was lean Bundy, the directors were Miss Mary Owens and Mrs. Howard Garriss. Our Baccalaureate sermon was delivered by the Bev. I. L. White, Ir., and was held in the new S. L. Sheep School auditorium. For class night the seniors, under the able direction of Miss Catherine Davis and Miss Iean Smith, presented "Education Triumphant" with Myrtis Pugh as the "Spirit of Education." Then graduation!! ' The time for parting has come. We must now separate and go our sepa- rate Ways. To all those who have been so influential in shaping our high school career, we say, "adieux." ' MYRTIS PUGH, MILLICENT WHITE, Class of 1941. THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT CP Tl-IE SENICB CLASS CF 1941 O We, the Seniors, being sound ot mind and body and having dutifully done enough work to make the grades necessary to graduate, do make and declare this to be the Last Will and Testament ot the Class ot '4l. Article l: To the student body CSeniors exceptedb we do bequeath: A. A new superintendent who will assume the burden of keeping you under control. B. Another group ot freshman to be initiated to the ways of life in high school. C. The pleasure of advancing one grade Cmaybei. Article ll: To the Iuniors we do humbly leave: A. The honor of having everyone rise when you enter the auditorium. B. The pleasure of receiving a synthetic sheepskin in reward for working faithfully for eleven years. Article lll: To those specitied we do generously give: A. Gloria Avent leaves her charm to Norma Needham. B. Billy Selig gives his ability to ask questions to Iulian Baum. C. Willis Owens and Charles Iones give Morgan Evans and William Nelson the right to play the bass horns in the band. D. Carolyn Munden gives a portion of her anatomy to Natalie Selig. E, Gertrude Fearing gives Carolyn Dickens the privilege of being the chief flirt of the Senior Class. F. And last, but not least, Ike Perry leaves his physique to Charles ' Lassiter. Chiet Testator, IESSIE THURECHT. , Q-f C7 cc I X fwwbi Sig Y SSX xx 'X X 1' ' "-."Qf, ,,r ' , 1 " " "'f4?f f.f: Q QT.-Lib ' ' X, xx ,NX l 4,4 x ,, I -V. 1 X N ' I -- N- ,f u 414, X-W xx 'f ' P QQ - 1 f 1 , . M-1, 2, ff ' 1 x X1 tif- ' . 7' 'xgfilfx "' 'T '-'Tr-n J- 1 fi 5 13 -x-A 7- .gx If Y '. , " 1 1. 1-x ,- ,,q -Q Wi A Xfx -.ik M- X 521 gg C7 - 1 '-11' N 'fx I V 'ihirfx--V x K V H -I N'x - f " fi- A . xXxx f 54' .,' If KX " X-xx r y f :X I 1 , 1 gf! 1 fl XXV X f .5 ff x X . V ', if 1 X .vu ' , 4 S x .N- l I lr! ol Q 1 V 4 IQ ,, X . 'Q' SA' X A I fl.: fini" xl X v S. 3. " K ,4 K gf gf X w X V f 'Q 0 x u ' 1-4 ,T4 .1- K CQ? Bk otk 'I X 15 r-ki X, K X X M r. Marcus Eloise Bell Ioseph Berry Carolyn Cartwright Wirth Chory Dick Gifford Charles Gordon Alexandra Kambis Iuliette Kambis Casper Meekins Velma Meiggs Marian Melson Howard Owens Vera Perry Hasselteen Ross Carol Saunders Carolyn Sawyer Irene Sawyer Mary Elizabeth Scott Erving Seymour Albert Spencer Clarence Thompson Ioe Upton George Wood Mrs. Bofwclm Mathew Anderson Kathryn Aydlett lack Bateman Corinne Baum Charles Bennett Kathleen Brice lean Brothers Ethel Bunch IUNIORS Margaret Bunch Isa Byrum Marian Davis Bill Dawson Carolyn Dickens Iulia Fearing Iris Garrett Roy Harris Frances Helms Elizabeth Ray Ives Charles lanes Everett lones Dorothy Maston Lucien Morrisette Norma Needham Shirley Perry Luna Mae Provo Edna Pritchard Marie Russell Gordon Shannonhouse Herbert Small Rosa Swindell Alice Tillett Daniel Tillett Ray Thompson Phyllis White Carey Williams Marvin Williams Barbara Winslow Mrs. Clinlassales Iohn P. Altekander loseph Ameen Ruth Bailey Carlton Bauer Iulian Baum Ruth Cartwright Norma Crawley Inez Creekrnore Betty Gaither Margia Worth Garrett Rebecca Howard Lloyd Holller Mildred Iennings Anna Joyner Royce Kirby Charles Lassiter Ray Long Mary Elizabeth Love Brantley McCoy Betty Lou Ownley Ann Reid Leon Rosso Ruth Russell Elizabeth Sawyer Ioseph Sanders Ruby Sawyer Natalie Selig Billy Sheely Annie Louise Sherlock Grimes Slaughter Iohn Stallings Barbara Thorson Patricia Tucker Elwood Weatherly Bobbie White Pattie Whitehurst Lucille Williams N so 'Miss Hughes Melvin Armstrong Durwood Bray Claudia Cartwright Herbert Davenport Elizabeth Eason Gladys Frue Douglas Farmer G. W. Gore William Horton Melvin Iackson Elvira Iennings Helen King David Meiggs Mac Miller Eddie Norris Iackson Pressley Shelton Provo Margaret Pritchard Cecil Richardson Kenneth Sawyer Glenn Spencer Iola Spruill Christine Tarkington Frauline Tarkington Pauline Tarkington Ralph Temple Marie Warden Charles Waters Edna Mae White Nelson Whitehill Shelton White Ottis White Q Miss Cooper Carol Armstrong George Armstrong Marie Barco Elmo Baker Shirley Caddy Roy Otis Chesson Edward Comstock Iimmie Collier Thomas Cowell Doris Frisby Iimmie Foreman Rodney Foreman Betty Griffin Worth Gregory Frances Etta Hooper 'Kathyrn Ienkins Edith Mary Iennings loseph Lamb Nina Lane Mary Marr Carlton Marsh lacqueline Maston Lawrence Meekins Sigsbee Miller Barbara Morgan Ieanne Munden Emily Owens Dorothy Perry Viviani Roughton SOPHOMORES George Smith Sarah Ellen Toler Richard Tuttle Georgia Turner Russell Twiford Alice lean Twiddy Oscar Webster Louise Warren Mathew White Roscoe White Hersey Williams Virginia Wilson Mr. Longest Violet Anderson Sherwood Armstrong Albert Bell Bill Bright Kathleen Bright Glen Carlin Reginald Cuthrell Dorothy Forbes Zenas Harrell Shirley Iackson Nina Iames Linwood Long Bertrand Midgett Margaret Newbern Laura Pettijohn Wilma Raper Marjorie Riggs Alfred Sawyer Elizabeth Sawyer Eula Smith Edna Stafford Milton Tadlock Thomas Thompson Erma White F. P. Wood, Ir. Miss Gaston George Askew Thomas Bailey Delton Baum Melrie Bell Louise Bright Eleanor Ewald William Brothers Arvilla Ferrell Iane Griffin Carlton Harris Louise Holloman Doris Holmes Nelson Iordan Carolyn Meiggs Moody Pressley Ioseph Rhodes Leslie Rhodes Ernest Sears Velda Twiddy G. T. Williams Iunior Williams? , Hawkins Douglas Alexander Iohn Ames Russel Armstrong Billy Askew Teretha Ange Onella Arnold Mildres Aydlett Elsie Bray Clarence Burnett Iohn Chambers Emerald Copeland Pauline Creekmore Iacqueline Emery Evelyn Ferrell Eddie Gasch Nellie Griffin Martha Kambis Marvin Hurdle Charles Miller Virginia Midgett Sophia Norris Charles Reid Doril Rhodes Hattie Russel Lucille Sawyer Irene Stanley Virginia Taft Thomas Tillett Roy Turner lames White Franklin Williams Egfj ,.,. .. .. .Z ,. ,. M rs. G arris: Ralph Basnight Faye Bateman Virginia Bray Harold Brickhouse Selvin Brickhouse Doris Cartwright Louise Cartwright Wilbert Cartwright Roy Dozier Margie Everton Clyde Forehand Wilton Gard Ioyce Hash Iames Ienkins Ann Iennings Linwood Lowe Edwin McPherson Carolyn Meekins Ruby Midgette Lowell Perry Marjorie Sample Selma Sawyer Iva Dean Smith Ernest Smithson ERESHMEN Hersey Smithson Mavis Stallings Gloria Twine Iohn Wilson Eugene Woods M iss Owen: Marion Ambrose Tommy Barnes Florence Burgess Elizabeth Cherry Glennor Culpepper Delon Davenport Audrey Dawson Morgan Evans Evalee Gray Elwood Griffin Iosephine Hanna Carolyn Hill Calvin Kirby Ida Frances Liskey Gibbs Liverman Sybil Liverman Claire Love Marian Meads William Melson Paul Moyle Mary F. McPherson lean' E. Outlaw Doris Phelps Neda Lou Pugh Walter Ryan, Ir. Doris Sample Raymond Sheely Stella Simmons Andrew Toxey Marion Tuttle Dorothy Trueblood Alma Ward Elliott Ward Leslie Waldorf Isabelle Whaley Bill White Millicent Williams Madge Williams Mrs. Pecle Edward Albertson Shelton Alexander Ioseph Anderson, Ir. . If -A Evelyn Askew Singleton Austin Doris Ballance Dennis Basnight Ralph Blades Audrey Brickhouse Andrew Copeland Elizabeth Cooper Raymond Fearing Otis Godfrey Charles R. Hopkins, Ir I. B. Henderson Robert Madrin Rose Marie Musick Roberta Jane Paris Bessie Mae Parker Ervin Perry Tommy Robbins Carolyn Sawyer Nina Sawyer I. K. Sherlock Iune Skiles Iune Tarkington Frances Twiford Margie Ward .air L J IT' S' if gif' W - lf.. Q , I ."3' uf' A Ban ci .b 'xx 'S Wg 32 Fr Fw ..A.1 - . I V "'A ",4 v ' " Q- A QLEQ QLVXJS A-J H AD QBTAEC- 0 9 60 QW.-Kim ZEN 5155 s sei., .Qc -x X NQ-,, Y 1-.gf '1 . '-1: , MW 1 X O 0 N I RRY Em-ua1T J H .. 1 K UL f '- Q l ,lfrlit 'I 5 6147: In w- X .X Y ,Av Q ! ,- A -4 '- X f Y ww . .A wrwsja E .4' '74 '53 . 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N XINOG Student Presents A Vine Studmx Connnn nmrd of vmthe wee! uns yreaented fm the 1 meek of Jnnu-my 1 to Elbert 1-un ing for anxtntahdtrxg pfaying an the 1 fNmx, Mm s Dm mlfutntu Bowl gums fur U11 x uk of January 14 1 to Homu Etll tm slfopxxouk upon the r cumnv-nd-mms on Mr Lime eForxUxe uelk of Jgmuzxry 21 tm Comm! tlukled pow present. tht gyraxiito Dumoori QBBQHVWC! hw ,Error-win Emil-ing cure of Que mush- etorsghe bnnd Each meek me enum ilfrecngnlzes some student :x the Swann: of on-'ivan A. commtltu. has been appoint ed lo arrange .A hnskeubfnll ganu between the Ladv Jackelst ri nnembern of the faculty Members IJ! his cnmmilte5 m'gxMa1:5 Pnmthf nes lark:-1 Llxxrn .fmxungs und Lhzxrles Prowu Fl defxnm dau hav- not bf-cn eel for the gunn- hnt BI mtl he mmm gl-ridxxy in the near future r A connnttlen has :dsc bean 'tp I 1 ,xl xexxl wuch Cm eu jon the fitmilent outxdxt rnom The puriwntfnt J lm E. 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X , .-.. , ' : at ' 'f , , f M 1 ' - E 'A 1 BR' -1, Q5 gg :N E . Q E F a nf , ' ' . 1 L ' ' 1' U Gx -LY 5 W 19: jk' 1112 tn 5 K . 1 20 1 ..15 S. ny 7, - E . - ' -V .. m s:, s. gn W . M - ..-.r . . 1 - 1 ,N Q - we m 4- 739 J 5,1 3 ev 5-gif ra 5 M - W 14-ts1i?-fj'-.1-- '4,,5,1? . ..:, Zhi ' ' K 5 Ikfi. W- fa. of-+P 5?-Q .. S '5 'tw 1 -' Mgrthq Pmnerm ,.,, ,,,, ...4, , ,,,,,,, , ,.,ASs1stant Echtor B111y Sheely ...... ...,. ,,,..C1rcu1at1on Manager T I . , I '-- I I 1 . 1 1 . 1 ELIZABETH CITY HIGH SCHOOL BAND Gene Gorman Dlrector DBUM MAIOBS Kate Barnes Ch1ef Betty Galther Sh1rley Perry Carolyn Dlckens Norma Needham Iul1a Fearlng Lucllle W11l1ams CLARINETS lean Bundy V1rg1n1a Lee Commander Elrzabeth Sawyer Harvey Wlnslow Bllly Sehg Carolyn Munden Natalle Sellg Mae Gurk1n Elsxe Scott Luc11le McPherson Betty Gnihn Alrce lean Twxddy Mary Ehzabeth Love Kathleen Brzght Audrey Dawson Mary Frances McPherson Iack1e Emery Glennor Culpepper Roberta Pans ALTO CLARINET Carol Armstrong SAXOPHONES Elwood Weatherly Lawrence Meekms PeggY Chesson HORNS Wrlson Waldorf Hersey Wrlharns Ioseph Sanders Herbert Davenport BARITONES GTlm9S Slaughter B111y Sheeley BELLS ISSSIG Thurecht BASSES Herbert Brothers Charles Iones W11l1s Owens Morgan Evans Wllllam Melson TRUMPETS Moody Pressley Wrlham Iaclcson Betty Lou Ownley B111 Dawson Ir Worth Gregory Marvrn W1ll1ams Tommy Cowell Tommy Robblns Iames Ienklns Iuhan Baum Roy Harms TROMBONES Derwood Bray Iackson Pressley Charles Bennett Erruly Owens Roy Chesson DRUMS Charles Gordon Brantley McCo Cecxl Rrchardson Leslle Waldorf Barbara Thorson CYMBALS Marjorre Rxggs I , I Q 1 1 - - 1 1 , , . . . . . . , , I I I ' ' I I 1 1 I I I ' ' . 1 1 I I I - I 1 -I I I . . . I I - I 1 f I 1 1 , , I I 1 1 , Y. , . . . 1 I , . I L STUDENT COUNCIL Iohn D. Parker ............,, ..............................A........A....,..A....,..................,.......,.,..,....,. .................,,..... P r esident Billy Sheely .......,.A....,....... .... ...........,....,,..A.A..... .,............, V i c e-President Millicent White .,............. ................,.A... S ecretary Betty Griffin ..............,. ............ T reasurer Miss Cooper .,,.,...... .......,,......,.,...,...,..,................,..........,A..,.........,......,.. ..,......,.. A d visor Miss Hughes ........,...,. ,,,.i..,,.......,.......,............,........,........................,.................,,.........,.,,... .....i....., A d visor HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES A Roy Harris V Martha Pinner Moody Pressley Samuel Williams Betty Griffin George Wood Elvira Iennings Charles Brown Martha Kambis Bertrand Midgette Carolyn Meekins lsaac Perry Tommy Robbins ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVES C. O. McMullan. ......,.,.....,...... . ,..i,.,.., Baseball Samuel Williams .,......,,.,...... Safety Patrol Iackson Pressley ..............,.....................,,.... Band Martha Pinner ............ Loudspeaker Staff Thomas Owens ............,..,........,........... Football Mary E. Parker ............... Girls' Basketball C. B. Iennings ,....,.,. ...... ........,,...,.. B o ys' Basketball GIBLS' GLEE CLUB Mr. Gene Gorman .,......... ...,...................................,,......,...,..,..A.A...,,,.,.,.,.,,,.,,,,,,. .,,,,,,,,,,, C o nductor Patricia Price ........,.,......,..........,,..,......, ..........,.A.....,,.,,,,,....,,.,,..,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, P 1 anist Carol Armstrong Gloria Avent Isa Byrurn E Virginia Lee Commander Audrey Dawson Carolyn Dickens Gertrude Fearing Iulia Fearing Iris Garrett Betty Griffin Mary lean Gossard Dawn Hettrick Carolyn Hill Etta Hooper Alexandra Kambis Iuliette Kambis 'Claire Love Carolyn Massey Carolyn Meiggs Barbara Morgan Carolyn Munden Betty Lou Ownley Shirley Perry Luna Mae Provo Anne Louise Sherlock Rosa Swindell lean Ward Edna Mae White Millicent White Lucille Williams Virginia Wilson Barbara Winslow Martha Pinner BETA CLUB Miss Cooper ............... ..A......4...,....................................,A.. .... .,....,.,,,.., A d v isor Myrtis Pugh .,,A............,,. .... ..,............. P r esident Samuel Williams ........... .,..,....Q. V ice-President Martha Pinner .............. ....,..,... ........... ..,.,,.,,., ,............. S e c r etary Brantley Sawyer ...........,.,...,A.......... ,..,............,..............,,..,.,..,......,................,.. T reasurer Audrey Armstrong lean Bundy Malachi Burgess Iuanita Copeland Billy Cox Corinne Emory Evelyn Etheridge Millicent White Mary lean Gossard Maude Lee Raper Berta Mae Rhodes Billy Selig Martha Louise Stevenson Iessie Thurecht Marion White Q SAFETY PATROL SCtII11.1el VV1ll1CI1'I1S .........., ...................,...,..,,,,,....,,,,.,,....,,......,.,,,..,,,,.,,,,,,,,, AA,,,,,A.A,,, C Q ptcun ChCII'l9S lOI'l9S, Ir ........................A.... .........A...,....,.,............................. F irst L1eutenant Mathew Anderson Russel Armstrong Malachi Burgess Oscar Commander Iirnmie Foreman Charles Gordon Tommy Griffin Wilson Holloman Carol Saunders Charles Iones Willis Owens Ioseph Sanders Herbert Small Ray Thompson Billy West Harvey Winslow Nelson Whitehill Elbert. Fearing Erving Seymour A 'DEBATING TEAM AFFIRMATIVE TEAM NEGATIVE TEAM Miss Hawkins .......,,............,.........,......,,,, Advisor Miss Boyd ........................,.,...,...,................ Advisor Anna Ioyner Iohn P. Alexander ' Brantley McCoy Barbara Thorson ALTERNATES Iuliette Karnbis William Melson FOOTBALL RESULTS 1940 - 1941 Courtland, Virginia ............... .......... 0 Elizabeth Kinston ..........1A............,.,...........,.... ,...,..... U Elizabeth Mount Airy ...,.,.,. .....,.... O Elizabeth New Bern ..... Q ....,, .......... 0 Elizabeth Edenton ....... f A.....,.,, ..:....... U Elizabeth Washington ........... ........., O Elizabeth Greenville ................,,..... .....,.... 2 Elizabeth Roanoke Rapids .......... .......... 6 Elizabeth Goldsboro ................. .....,.,.. U Elizabeth Tarboro .....,...... .......,,. 7 Elizabeth Snow Hill .,,.,,,...., .......... O Elizabeth Sanford ,,......,.,. ..,......, 6 Elizabeth Reidsville ...... .,.............. 1 4 Elizabeth City City. City. City City City. City City City, City City City City 4 I: 4 w "' Flhh L h aff , 4 f-Q5 7 1' f f xx I x fx. 1 K 'Y L II X25 . -X 'W' - llv. l , QV, 1. E - J' x I: If lf N . ': - 1" H- if , Y'- .fgwk ' 1 V .' isswx -4,4ff"Wj - qv gqiyf 'RX wiv?-NX ,f Wife -132 615 --- m ,gfgLtMw1!6lSNx" ifJ+11f A '5msYe. EW: if X 'X 'Basc-1b'aKK -x, Q 9 Q! - N: H. --5. ' , B - X S ""': '5W'1f if 4' e 1953 - " ' ' , . ' Q 'xfoobbam fx' ' X M ' ' FOOTBALL TEAM George Hunsucker ...............,....,,,,,,...............,...,...,,.....,............ ....,......................... C Oach C B lennings ........,........,.,,...,..,.,....,... ...,............................ . .. Manager Douglas Alexander Dennis Basnight Allen Berry Harold Brickhouse James Brinson Herbert Brothers Bill Cox Elbert Fearing Edwin Ferebee Wilton Gard Otis Godfrey Zenas Harrell Charles Iones Harry Long Ray Long Charles Oscar McMullan Ed McPherson Paul Morris Thomas Owens lsaac Perry Alphonso Poole Carol Saunders Erving Seymour Iohn L. Simpson Ioe White Franklin Williams Leon Williams George BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM Hunsucker ........................ Douglas Alexander George Askew Allen Berry Iames Brinson Wilton Gard C. B. Iennings ...A..,.....A.Coach Harry Long Charles Oscar McMullan Isaac Perry Erving Seymour Elwood Weatherly GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM FORWARDS Claudia Cartwright Dawn Hettrick Elma Iune Midgette Emily Owens Mary Frances Parker Martha Kambis GUARDS Hazel Perry Virginia Davis Carolyn Meekins Marian Meads Elvira Iennings Iean Brothers BASEBALL TEAM George Hunsucker .A........... ,...,...,...........................................,........,............ ........,..w..... Cecil Longest ,................,........... Thomas Bailey Dennis Basnight Allen Berry Ioe Berry Harold Brickhouse Iames Brinson Elbert Fearing Raymond Fearing Edwin Ferebee Douglas Holmes Robert Madrin .......,.,....,,.....A......,..,..,,....Ass1stant Coach Charles Oscar McMullan Paul Morris Clayton Morrisette Isaac Perry Moody Pressley Brantley Sawyer Erving Seymour Iohn L. Simpson Rufus Voliva Lloyd Williams Samuel Williams E 2 I Q 5 W 1 X i i 48 -. AE. 'Qi' ls f, 1 L 50 1 , . , aw ,ss fx ns gn is N jg ,. Q2 an za my Il Aw ,1 5 , H -2 Q. .W Q ,M 4 jig 3" ra- M XM. W' blk 1.1. ,. W xv fz , , ,sm 1WgS"w,.k. wg 'WNQH N Hggp w EW EM ,lm S, 7 , DJ.. ,U g , V, gif, .. M ra 2 Qi 1 ggi N- M V 2,1 ' 4 b x, 4 Z , :, ' ' H I 1 E ' :il X-' R A jfx ggi I A W? , H W 122 " 4 " X" H 'IQ !U3?121g1V,,fG: A mx, -1 R f -A - ,mfg J 7. YJUQA u-' wi "1 V ' A: ,., geg'sE,m-ffgn: ' X514 - ,,, , . , Xt, Ay- 1 . :A v 51 1' 5? 9-4 1 -asf Tl-IE FINAL WORD We, the Class of 1941, in presenting the 21st edition of THE SPOTLIGHT have tried to put into Word and picture all of the happy and memorable events that occurred during our tour years in high school. May this annual serve in bringing back the faces and events that characterized our happy and caretree days in high school. We Wish to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who has contributed, in any way, toward making the publication of this book possible. X BQUSQV -PAEYQAAIEX XZ QLKNQ G 1? 7'-is ,- i-QL? 1 V - -f ..-.J n h . ,,-I : ,-. L. , -. 3.1.53 . . I . ,I .G-I A .-,. 'lg-..:.,. l .Ffa g -. ' :,'.45.'.'3-, r. g " - - ,,' jn- 4 f L l., , I .ft-fx'.AE UL7l?.'.!?: - l . A f '-:13'1f.' il jg' I .,1j'f-!,j7. ' ' . :-. ff!?!! f 1 XX A X f f X fairn- frQ,M5.f' F' fy! If f 5 U., ,K 1.1! -,-I f x II' Q . -uc, ' 'WN' " , " '- , I f l,,-U3-, t l',:F-t'..:.'k,:. 411.121--:'.,..'1 1 1 nu 4' '., I - '.' ' , .f , 'Q f 5 z"- 'f 'g J. . -'DFL r,3-41.--'I7'.' 1 f , I It I PJ.. f "-'1.!"'. ' o ,f H -J"' ."' ,ff ,f -..,., le I H-I fpuuf. I A .I-': xsg.rg,- n.',..,J .:- -'U f 1.19, 1. -- -I - ' 4.'s.'.' -': J 1 .fqxyil K :q' ""xa.,,1 W 1' ,Suns ,,' .114 ...It f ' . . 34 ' . ' . m 1 :VY ,ag . - , ' '. , I -,yr .25-' A gg. xxx f IIA .'..::.'11' 'fx A ' ' l K .4 , ' 1 " " ' :M r: IXH! ::"ni1fr ' JH 1 I f I W H... I ,. 1 f7 , .', , N X 1 ' IW!!! fl' .' 'xl X 45 . .. If 15,1 ,.f.A,,f , ,f- X I - 'fr---'ff - , 1 1 gf wp, fy ':.:'-"-.- R If ff, ' ,:" ' f hifi' if s'f':,,.L ! f ' 31" ,' 'J ' I " "V -' ".1. , 0 Y gy -4 , ff. 4:4 ,, ,ff f fu B9 x f f- A 7' nmi- nw -- ' Ng .-'J fxlwffyf? 'G' 452' MN. i - "j fa! , ' "' - ,V -, l I f 'f,'ff"j-.2",l5',,'f J-" 'Z 'J' 'ff' L- " fjly I if ff'-41:-v'L,f,. cA. I VH'-.1 .PX ,nf I ' ffxf. f . ' -11" :51nf".- ,V ' f.' h JH ' .f" , 11- fl .' " ff- W I, ' At4F'l,-33,7 , ' .lf 'iffy 1 .-1,--5-. ' H f ,Q . Q 37:1 f f 155- '. ' " ' . fSf,.,', I 'lj Q ff . 4 4' I ' f G 0 34' Q f' . 'AL----..-M , Wihiszr-is - Compliments of CRYSTAL ICE XL COAL CORPORATION ICE and COAL Telephones 16 or 716 Compliments of Compliments of A FRISBY'S STUDIO ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY "PHOTOGRAPHS Bicycles LIVE 7! Tires - GOODRICH - Batteries Use our Friendly Credit Plan Miniatures Phone 985 Copying and Enlarging Cecil Reel, Owner P01't1'-'?li'CS Commercial and Oil Painting Compliments of M. G. Morrisette Sz Son Furniture Main Street Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of D. M. Jones Company HARDWARE and PAINTS Elizabeth City, N. C. "Eastern, C'arclZi'na.'s Finest" VIRGINIA DARE HOTEL 100 Rooms - Fireproof Operating Elizabeth City's Only Air-Conditioned Coffee Shop Reasomcble Prices C oufrteous Service Thomas H. Briggs, Manager Elizabeth City, N. C. Kramer Bros. Company Incorporated Compliments of R. C. Abbott Company Incorporated Elizabeth City, N. C. Juniper and Cedar Shingles and Juniper Posts ' : M' ' - Lumbel luwolk Garden Seeds df A11 Kinds Compliments of YOUR RADIO STATION W C N C "The Voice of Elizabeth City" Compliments of Fort Raleigh Grill "The Best Eating Place in Elizabeth, City" WILLIS S. WRIGHT DODGE and PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Dodge Trucks Elizabeth City, N. C. Phone 101 gatherl . C53 Q ANDIESQS UZABETH CMN' ' Compliments of ANN A-LU FLORISTS Compliments of THE FASHION SHOP Madge McPherson, Mgr. Compliments of MILD RED'S Compliments of ' A. P. BELANGIA Compliments of JONES Sz TEMPLE JOE LAMB Fashion Park Clothes and Knox Hats Compliments of . WHALEYS sHoPPE HOOPER BROS. Office Supplies Compliments of A HOPKINS BROS. HURDLE' S Beautiful Summer Dresses SAWYER COMPANY Quality Shop for Men FEARING STREET GROCERY . Phone 1025 ED AND JACK Compliments of Esso Dealers G A R D , S Phone 765 Compliments of STEVENS TIRE STORE D. WALTER HARRIS "Known for Good Clothes" Compliments of ELMWOOD FARMS Compliments of J. H. WILKINS Compliments of GARDNER PRITCI-IARD Dress Yourself at SAWYER St HARRIS "The Friendly Store" Headquarters for GRADUATION DRESSES O. B. WEST COMPANY Main Street THE AUTO FOUNTAIN 24-Hour Service Tires, Tubes, Batteries, Accessories Phone 648 I Compliments of RUTH A. JoHNsoN Jeweler Engraving and Watch Repairing Compliments of SOUTHERN DAIRIES GOOD WISHES Aof.- P. W. MELICK CO. Compliments of STANLEY'S CARRIE LEE'S "We give to the world the best we have and the best comes back to u . Telephone 323-W 405 S. J . WIN TON SAWYER MARBLE AND GRANITE WORKS FREE-With every monument sale, a beautifully designed Flower Pot. Selling price, 52.50 V TELEPHONE 1119 ROAD STREET ELIZABETH CITY N Compliments of PERRY MOTOR COMPANY for Economical 'F'any07'tal1'0rL Sales Service Telephone 221 BUXTON WHITE SEED COMPANY "The Live Seed House" Seeds - Bulbs - Plants Elizabeth City, North Carolina Compliments of Cooper Cleaning Works Telephone 280 Compliments of The Apothecary Shop Telephone 400 Compliments of CENTRAL CAFE Compliments of Stevens Jobbing Co. Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of Cverman 85 Stevenson "Drugs With a. Repuiza.tion" Phone 3-2-1 514 E. Main Street Compliments of Lorimer W. Midgett Mutual Insurance Company Compliments of Guaranty Bank and Trust Company A Member of Federal Deposit Deposit Corp. Compliments of Dr. H. A. Thorson Chiropractor Kramer Building CONGRATULATIONS --to thel GRADUATION CLASS The Value Store Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of THE SUN DRY SHOP Sandwiches and Sundaes Curb and Delivery Service Phone 711 Morgan's Cash Grocery Retail Compliments of Church Street at Poindexter Carolina Printing C0 Phone 256 Albemarle Laundry Compliments cf Launderers and Dry Cleaners Beef, Mutton, Poultry, Etc Phonellzi' Phone 79 A Compliments of YOUR LOCAL PENDER STORE Compliments of E. S. Chesson Sz Son Department Store Main Street Elizabeth City, N. C. CONNIE PAULOS WILBERT PAULOS PURITAN CAFE Seafood a Specialty Corner Main and Poindexter Streets Telephone 68 Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of Albemarle For The Best in ' Building emi Loan H A R D W A R E Association T "We Help Folks Help 'Seek jx Themselves" Culpepper Hardware Co W. Ben Goodwin, Secy-Treas. W. T. Culpepper, Jr., Mgr. We Sponsor and Promote Thrift and Home Ownership Telephone 418 503 E. Main St. Phone 312 OUR BEST WISHES -and--- HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS --to the-- THE SENIOR CLASS lof-.1 1 9 4 1 PELL PAPER BOX COMPANY Incorporated I Elizabeth City North Carolina QUINN FURNITURE CO. Compliments of S. W. Twiford, Owner BELK - TYLER COMPANY Quality Furniture 209 N. Poindexter Street "ELIZABETH CITY'S SHOPPING CENTER" ELIZABETH CITY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of THE FIRST 85 CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Re-serve Bank Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation "FmcwzciaZ H e-a.cLqua,rte-frs Since 1891" MCPHERSON GE COMPANY Pepsi Cola - Orange Crush - 7-Up A Nu-Grape Telephone 201 Westover Boulevard Mount Vernon 'Service Station Intersection o-f George Washington and Atlantic Coastal Highways Elizabeth City, North Carolina 46? The Texas Company's Contfributiofn, to the appecwctnce of cm cappreciative customer-Eliza.beth City TEXACO PRODUCTS C I E D ACCESSORIES TIRES LUBRICATION Telephone 800 Brides Everywhere Are Buying Their Favorite GOTHAM STERLING PATTERN One Place-Setting at a Time from 814.83 Up 1 Luncheon Knife, 1 Luncheon Fork, 1 Salad Fork, 1 Cream Soup Spoon, 1 Teaspcon, 1 Butter Spreader Pontiac and Efficient Bright Jewelry Co., Inc. 8 Jewelers I Curb Service Virginia Dare Hotel Building Phone 569 115 S. Water St Elizabeth City, N. C. N Compliments of 4, ' Lynch Sz Overman Compliments of FUNERAL HOME V - . A F R I E N D Telephone 432 Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of LOUIS SELIG Established 1882 "Elizabeth Cityis Leading Jeweler" 404 E. Main Street Griffin Bicycle Shop Bicycles - Repairs Keys Made For Any Lock Telephone 508 Motor City, N. C. ENWOOD Carolina T WISHES the-- Juniors and Seniors th e- CITY HIGH SCHOOL t Company, Inc. Carolina - Alkrama - Gaiety - State Theatres Compliments of I A Foreman-Derrickson Veneer Company, Inc. Elizabeth City, N. C. Telephone 199 P Manufacturers of ' Plywood Furniture Panels Plywood Shipping Cases Headquarters for-Wire Stitched Pine Stave Potato Barrels and Pea Baskets mpliments of OLD DUMINION PAPER COMPANY "The Pioneer Paper House" NORFOLK, VIRGINIA MOTOR CO LYMOUTH I INAP We, the menbers of Wish to thank in any Way, this book possible. ne 187 TION Spotlight staff, have contributed, the publication of -THE STAFF I 9 The Advance Printery is proud of having printed the 1941 SPOTLIGHT and hopes that you, the rnembers of the Senior Class, enjoy reliving the scenes that are between the covers of this book. We hope that the future Seniof Classes may con- tinue to produce such a worthy masterpiece. Qggyj 539954K V AUTOGRAPH 0 ' -.Z ' 1 , ,I "7 --ei , I - ' -9Qa2cfie4'o ab! Q49 af fig , Jfffltflj ef ,.j12'.,5V',-CV, fgkjiglyj. 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