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fa 1 VLDH ' 1 I ',. v 0, . n 1 LQ? ,. 151, 9 V .1 ily' I if . 'qv .P ! ,. I. 5'l I , 3 I' 'Q .4 1,1 , .s -0 1 o Qu o ' I 1 o , i '1 'V W -lx W QP ef: , br .A yr , .nf l 4, . V A! 41.1. ,N 7 -'.' ' I g x rl., .. , . .gg . Fit. I I .5 I . V. s ' 'RHQ' , ' ' o . ' 1 . ,qu S... btf. 4. .ff .N if A .,v' .I nel s., Q I v Ap A -4 v a v 'Y O I 'Q 1 .v 9 ' ' '96 ,l-'NW' I . . I . ,sy 4 V b ull. My - AQ' THE 1937 SPOTLIGHT A Pzzbfflrfmz' Ii 1' THE SENIOR CLASS ELIZABETH CITY HIGH SCHOOI ELIZABETH CITY, N C , 'Q' ,, U GEORGE HUNSUCKER LORIMER MIDGETT DEDICATION To George E. Hunsucker and Lorimer VV. Nlidgett of the faculty, Whose untiring efforts have been directed towards our benefit, this issue of the "SPOTLIGHT" is most affectionately dedicated by the Class of I937. G l 0 P -' f Q was r ggi? Q THE SPOTLIGHT STAFF 1 JAMES L. VVHITE, Editor-in-Chief FENNER HOPKINS, Cirfufrztion fllanrzger GEORGE FRISBY, Assistant Editor RUTH BRAY, Art Editor SAM DULIN, Business fllanager FRANK HILL, Asst. Art Editor ELOISE LONG, Asst. Business Jllanager HENRY BROWN, Snapshot Editor Miss PENDLETON, MRS. MCAULIFFE, MR. CANNON, Advisors ADVERTISING STAFF: EVELYN BRIGHT BARBARA HITE HELEN HILL MELBA PARKER CAROLYN SMALL . T 5 13 '-11: 2 4 1! Q :N "" CLASS POEM Our school career has been a range of hills, The first one held the newest of our thrills. Our way was hard some of us nearly lost, But since we reached the top 'twas worth the cost. The second hill was high with ravines deep. The paths we took seemed just a little steep. VVe stuck together though and found our way VVas not too rough if we worked every day. By this time we could climb with greater speed. VVe knew the way and were bound to succeed. Hill number three was a cinch for us too, VVe found each path and knew just what to do. just one more hill we took in our stride. Up this one we've ascended with pride. Together we've traveled, climbed right to the top. Here we'll fest and for a moment we'll stop. Yet still we have the highest to climb Our future our life work there we will find. lVe7ll take this one with no help from the rest Striving as always to give of our best. VVe'll always remember each path of the way Our classmates we loved and worked with each day. Our paths may divide and our ways lead apart, But still these fond memlrys will live in each heart. BIELBA ALICE PARKER. j V I L rm -lf ' 'F l -' "'-A.. ' r. al: -lx M4-"f - . , YL 2 . K Q X ,, ,, ,V . 'xg 2, jgyl- f 's , ,Sr N I fq , A E . 1 Q A , f 1 T g P g 5 1 ,:A , A. I Y V 1 5' H., 'Lg ' -Drawing By Ruth Bray. S P 0 OOM V.,-nvf""""'f M17 M5551 M55 ikwwi ing!! I M,E4! ELIZABETH CITY HIGH SCHOOL 5 P 0 e e L QM i lllartha Archbell EDGAR BUNDY julian Aydlett Lawrence Cannon Supw-izztvmlwzt Elizabeth Chappell Pauline Clinlcscales Bel-tha Cooper Hilda Gordon George I-lunsucker Idell Jones Elizabeth NICAUHHC Estelle Mi-Clees Lofimff Iuldgeff Grace Pendleton Katie Overman C601 lVllli?1m5 AL?F lfl7.' Katherine Albertson A T SENIGR CLASS OFFICERS JAMES L. VVHITE ..,,,.,.A,,.S...,...,...,...,,............,.A...,,..,..............................,............,..,........ .... , , ..,.,....,,.......... President HENRY BROWN ..,S,S..... ...........,............ ,,,...,.., I 7 ice-President FENNER PIOPKINS S........... ...............A S ecretary and Treasurer S , I : - 12 . L QM :VH , " f , Wm, A , aw BILLY ALEXANDER "No singif fliifflll' do luv' mos! fon11m'11t1'." IVA ALEXANDER ugllljff in afvprarzzzzrz' fwilh lIIOfI'Z'l'5 llllkIl0Q'.L'Il.H HORACE AMBROSE I loivf foofs l'XfJl'I'illl1'llf5, I am alacays Illllklllfj f!ll'Ill.H in Glee Club, 3-4- 5, Trallic Art Club, 1, Hiking Club, 2, Boxing, 1-2-3g Hi-Y Club, 3. Squad, 4. Natu re Club, 2. C ' FRANCES 'ATQNY' ANDERSON "Nom knofw hrr but to lo-vf' har, None name her bu! to praisrf' Basketball, 2 -3- 4, Captain Basketball, 4, Tennis Club, 2- 3-43 Monogram Club, 2-3-43 Dramatic Club, 1, Home Eco- nomics, 1-2. MAYO XVILLIAMS ARINISTRONG "Her 'wry frofwns are fairer far Than 5 in i ! f 5 of many znaidens arc." Glee Club, 1-2, Literary So- ciety, 1, Social Club, 4. GAITH ER AYDLETT "From the rrofwn of his lima' to the sole of his fool, he is all mirth." Tennis Club, 3, Glee Club, 3-43 Orchestra, 2-3-4, Loud- speaker Staff, 4, Social Club, 2-3-4. 15 5 123 ,, ,, L oclbb 41, '- FRANCES BARKLEY NOVIQLLA BRAY RUTH NEXVBERN "I did no! ran' one straw." "Nnf11r1' has gifvrn 115 ifwo BR-AY Hiking Club, 1: Home ECO, rf1r5l111l0nly our lnoutf'z." Hgh, hojds a dfpp app,-Nia- nomics Club, 1. Tennis Club, -lg Commercial Zion of arf and l11'auly." Club, 25 Beta Club, 5. Vsloodrow XVilson, 1-2, Girl Reserves, 3, Beta Club, 4, Debating, 4, Art Editor An- nual, -I-g Senior Play, 4. ANN ELLIOTT BRITT "SIM cms neon! In sjbfak pfain and In Ihr pu:'j10.s'f." Newport News, 1-2-3, Beta Club, -1-. A LVA B ROXVN ".lll fwlio joy fwnuld fwin muff Sllllfl' il- H1Illf7fJl71I'55 fwas born a twin." Basketball, 2-3-4, Monogram Club, 2-3--I-g Reporter Beta Club, 45 Social Club, 4. HENRY BROXVN "Hr ix a man, fllkf' him a!! in ally I shall not look upon his lilzc ayainf' Football, 1-Z-3-41 Monogram Club, 2-3-4, President Mono- gram Club, -lg Glee Club, 1- 2-3-4, Hi Y Club, 2-3, Vice- President Student Body, 33 Vice-President Senior Class, 4, Marshal, 3. !'2f ,ff L. . ' 1 x A O W S IQ , i Q i L Q MARY FRANCES BRQXVN "She .fiudirs faithfully, Sha' works willz all l1r'r might." Beta Club, 4, Loudspeaker Staff, 3, Assistant E d i t o r Loudspeaker, 4, Girl Reserves, 3, Nature Club, 2-3, Literary Society, 1, Marshal, 3. GRAHAM BUNCH 'Tis good lurk lwould l1r1fu1'iI." Football, 4-5-6. DORIS ELLEN BUNDY "rl laugh lll'l'f10I' flzfrf, lux! zzlxayx a laugh." Basketball, 2-3--If, Monogram Club, 3--lg Secretary Mono- gram Club, 4, Tennis Club, 3g Glee Club, 1-2, Home Eco- nomics, 1, Social Club, 4. sax, X18 ,. 1 - ,,l 'Y f COO, '4 ,.' CHARLES BURGESS "Talking is morn or less a ronsumpfzon of fwordsf' Beta Club, 4, Orchestra, 3-4. HAZEL KIORRIS BYRUKI "The powrr of though!-thc' magir of Ihr' mimi." Basketball, 3-4, Loudspeaker Staff, 4, Art Club, 2, Nature Club, 3, Beta Club, 4. .IAN ET PENDLETGN CARTXVRIGHT "I 71l"Ut'l' lenrfw so young a body Lwiflz so old a head." Basketball, 2-3-4, Monogram Club, 3-4, Tennis Club, 3, Nature Club, 2-3, Girl Re- serves, 3, Glee Club, 4, Loud- speaker Stalf, 3-4, Literary Society, 1, Beta Club, 4. W- S H M IM ja-EJ? ggi TQ -:zzftsiigbi-gg ' Q J-Nw' . "'. 'T l' "-,. Hr. KATHRYN BRITE PAULINE XVALLACE CARTVVRIGHT CARTXVRIGHT CHAPPRLL "fl true friend is a joy "Her duties 'well performed, "Wien may rome and men may f0l'l'fUFf.U her day swell spent." go, but I go on forefverf' Girl Reserves, 3. Home Economics Club, 23 Baseball, 4, Tennis Club, 3, Hiking Club, 2. Science Club, 2, Safety Club, 2, Beta Club, -P. ALVIN BARTLETT FRANCES CRAIN COX "She fwas one of the quiet kind ffL0,w is a 1,mufifu1d,.m,,,j' fwlzosr nalure zzefver fvarzesf' KEENEY CRANK "He clolhes his naked fvillainy and seems a saint, when most he plays the devil." Football, 2-3-4, Basketball, 2- 3-43 Baseball, 3-4, Boxing, 1-2-33 Captain Boxing, 2, lwonogram Club, 1-2-3-4, Stu- dent Council, 1-2, President Sophomore Class, 2. 13 ggi! 9 4 ' ' f A wb .lint IXIQRRIS DAVIS SAINIUEL NATHAN ZIQNOVAH "Ewen I.mu5f nolw and Ihfn DULIN, ,lR- EllHhRIDGl3 bf' fldhf by fllanff'-H "Hr finds om' aim in lift' and "I'ari1'ty'5 thi' .fpirr of lif1'." Glee Club, 2-3-4. dirf'ft.v his fway arrrn'Ji1zgly." Mantw, 1,2,3: lgasketlmll, 4,5 Football, 3-4, M o n o g r il m Monogram Club, 4, Loud- Club, 4, Hi Y Club, 23 Busi- speaker Staff, -l-Qsfblfllll Club,4. ness Manager Spotlight, 4, Beta Club, 4. ,COD KATHLEEN CLAY FICRIQBEE KIARJORIIQ FERRELL FILARING "The man. that llluslzrs is not "LM lliy fwnriis lu' fz'fw." "Today, fomorrofw, and Wulf' fl l""m'- l Girl Reserves, 3, H i k i n g f07'l"UI'I'.H Football, 2 - 3 - 43 Mrirwcmgram Club, 2, Basketball, 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Mrmno- Club, 3-+9 Bm Club, 4. gram Club, 4, Hiking Club, 2, Sewing Club, 2. ' . S L of TQ ULSFEQM Q ---"W 11" H ll f '.,.1r RIARY J. FQDREY GEORGE FRISBY JUNNIE GARRETT "She Ialhs, and talks, "lVil and humor belong Zo "Li1lle hui loud." and ialks, eff." genius alone." Baseball, 3-4g Boxing' 1-2-3- Beta Club,4g Glee Club, 1-2, Beta Club, 4, "B" Football, 43 Tennis Club, 3-4, Hi Y Hiking Club, 2g Girl Re- 45 Baseball, 3, Science Club, Club, 3-4, Social Club, 4. serves, 3. 2, Assistant Editor Spotlight, 4. SAMUEL GODFREY EDVVARD RI. FRANCIS GRICE "The time will rome 'when GREGORY "No idle chatter efver tells of you shall hear from me." f'M',n of f,,w ,womys an, ,he fworlhy deeds." hes! men." Science Club, 2. Beta Club, 4, Hi Y, 3. .th W' 5 P A1 ,gg lf qi FDXVARD GRIFFIN "l.ool'r In :yay ilu' ladies, power Io sway u5 all." Baseball, 4, Beta Club. 4, Orchestra Club, 1-2-3-45 Hi Y Club, 2-3, President Junior Class, 33 President Student Body, 4, Student Council, 3-4: Business M a n a gg e r Loud- speaker, -1-3 Marshal, 3. FRANCIS GRIFFIN 'lls good lo ln' nu! of tlzf' fworld as out of faxlzionf' Football, S3 Glee Club, 3. GAYNFLL HARRIS "Sim is om' that t1'o1'5n'l nzakf' zz fuss, Nor um' fm' offrn ser, But just ilu' .mmf she' is a youd old Jfouf, This qzziut Gaym'll." HELEN HILL "Somvll1ing decidedly differ- enf in nefwest styles." Glee Club, 1-25 Dramatic Club, lg Literary Club, 1-25 Social Club, 2-3, Vice-Presi- dent Girl Reserves, 3, Spot- light Staff, +5 Loudspeaker Staff, 4. BARBARA HITE "I lauglfd and danced and iallz'd and sung." Tennis Club, 1-2-3-45 Mono- gram Club, 4, Cheer Leader, 4, Beta Club, 4, Secretary Nature Club, 2, Loudspeaker Staff, 3-4, Spotlight Staff, 45 Social Club, 2-3-4. RICHARD K. HOLLOMAN, JR. "Mf'asurf'5, not mmz, ha-'uf alfwayx lzrfn my mark." Beta Club, 4. 5 123 Q Qcht IF' 1 FRANK EUGENE GRAHARI BILLY HOOPER JR. 'Q-Ill 7111151711 qpparg 0710 "Hr nmffr Iaslfs Ihr' joys lhat "Thr glory of a firm ""iqff"-ml 9"i"'U spring from labor." rapafious mind." Central, 23 Science Club, 1-4, Football, 2-3--H Hi Y Club, Science Club, 2, Treasurer Literary Society, 3' 2, Science Club, 23 Beta Club, 49 Marshal, 3. Beta Club, 4. FENNER HQPKINS, JR. "The fool lhaf eats lil! he is side must fast lil! he is -well." Baseball, 3-4, Cheer Leader, 43 Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class, 4, Circulation Manager Spotlight, 4, Senior Play 4. HAZEL HOPKINS "lVith a jest on her iongue, and a smile on hw' lips, She's huhbling with fun to her hngfr tips." Glee Club, 1-2, Literary So- ciety, 1, Student Council, 1. MARY HOPKINS "As merry as the day is long." Monogram Club, 43 Cheer Leader, 4, Beta Club, 43 Glee Club, 1-2, Hiking Club, 25 Social Club, 2-3-4, Girl Re- serves, 3, Class Prophet, 4. L my 5 I9 Oc EARL HURDLE "It doe.vn'I pay lo fworryp lhiny: are bound lo happen anyway." Chemistry Club, 3, Hi Y Club, 3-4, Glee Club, 3-4-5, Tennis Club, 4, Loudspeaker Staff, S. JEFF E. INGRAM LYDIA MAE JONES "For some rush in welfare "Lvl my deep silence speak angels fear lo tread." for me." Boxing, 2-3-4, UB" Football, Economics Club, 2. 3-4, Monogram Club, 2-3--lf, Hi Y Club, 3, Glee Club, 3. 9'- ""-H MIRIAM JONES "There is no helter ballast for laeepzng the mind steady on in keel than lfusinessf' Glee Club, lg Hi Y Club, 2. R. C. JONES BILL JONES, JR. "0 Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo I?" F o ot b all, 4-5 g Monogram Club, 4-55 Science Club, 25 Social Club, 4-5, Senior Play, 4 "A friendly .vpirit is indeed a mighty virtue." Science Club, 2-3, Hi Y Club, 3 5 Loudspeaker S t a f f, 4, Senior Play, 4. R r. GEORGE JORDON FRANK KRAMER, JR. HARRY G. "Calm, fwhatsoofver slorm may "Con1f'nl's a kingdom and I KRANIERY JR- Jhakf' the fU.'0l'ld.n fwrar tha! rrofwnf' H5050-, quiet, pgnsiwe, and Baseball, 4. Football, lg Tennis Club, 33 drmuro, Orchestra, 1-2-3-4, Science Ono of thou' friends of fwlzom Club, 25 Student Council, 1-4-g you'rz' alfways sure." Beta Club, 43 Marshal, 3- Student Council, lg Football, 1, Baseball, 1. V NIADGE LAINIBERT FRANCES ELOISE HARRY GRANDY "I am surf ra-rc'.v an fnmrzy LUNG RICPHERSON ' 10 Ill?-H "Mistrf5.v of herself tho' "I nrfver trouble trouble fill Glee Club, lg Art Club, 23 China fall." trouble troubles mc." Economics Club, 2. Secretary Literary Club, 1, Track, 3' Hi Y Club, 2, Girl Reserves, 33 Social Club, 2-39 Secretary Beta Club, 45 Assistant Busi- ness Manager Spotlight, 43 Senior Play, 4. . r S U L ML - 1 L Ageing- -iugifll C :Eu u LUTHER HIANN DIARY LEVINA ELIZABETH "Do you lleaf thosz' bells KIEEKINS PRITCHARD H al 'm9m9?U Cl bl "Jn opml-lzfarird maidfn, Be Boy, 3-45 Tennis u , Truf and pure." HS, , is pw. d P I 32 Glee Club, 2'3'4' Tennis Club, 3g Beta Club, 4. ind a Ir,u1flfZ?f?11.z'l"0r Economics Club, 25 Beta Club, 4. LONA NIARGARET EDNA MINTON lNIARY EVELYN MEIGGS "AU affh fvfiuffff. ,U MORRISETTE ,,We know mile of thee, Blzihe, merry and gay. ushg,-C swept' Shi,-C bfi-ahh but that is good." Glee Club, 1-25 Girl Re- .rl1e's fhwry, Economics Club, 19 Nature serves, 3. But beltfr yet 511225 allways Club, 2. mfffy-" Economics Club, 2. - RL bb ri- '1- NOAH NIORRISETTE KATHERINE BOBBY OVVNLEY "Life is a jfs! and all DAVIS NIURRELL "He speaks in sufh a mon- things show it." fq-he ,nildmf ,,m,,m,,5 and strous littlz' voice." Football, 4, Baseball, 3-4-5, the ganllfst heart." Science Club, 23 Hi Y Club, Monogram Club, 3-4-5. Hiking Club, 23 Science Club, 25 Monogram Club, 2. 2. BILL PARKER "Liff"s but a series of triflfs at basl." Oceana, 1-2, Football, 43 Basketball, 3-4-55 Baseball, 3- 5, Monogram Club, 3-4-5. MELBA ALICE PARKER ".Many rharming fways doth she possess." Literary Club, 1, Dramatic Club, 1, Loudspeaker Stali 1-2, Hi Y Club, 1-2, Secre- tary Student Council, 3, So- cial Club, 2- 3 -4, President Social Club, 2,SpotlightSlr1lf, 4, Beta Club, 4, Senior Play, 45 lvlarshal, 3. CARLTON PERRY "Let us lzafvf peace." Baseball, 1-3-4, UB" Football, 35 Football, 4. J Y- i ii f A ' M L B L ML 5 P Oc 1-all SHIRLEY DARNELLE ALXIA PRITCHARD CLARICE , PERRY, ' "To seek the .things .that are PRICFCHARD "J fair exterior is a 'w0"7h'Wl'l!f' In iff?-H "She knefw not her ofwn recommendation." Literary Society, lg Nature sweet Quay." Literary Society, 13 Nature Club, 2, Beta Club, 4. Club, 2-3, Girl Reserves, 35 Beta Club, +3 Loudspeaker Staff, 4, Glee Club, 4. Glee Club, 13 Literary So- ciety, lg Hi Y Club, 23 Vice- President Beta Club, -lg Loud- speaker Stalf, 43 Marshal, 3. LUCY RIAE RIARIQN VVILKIAPRITCHARD PRITCHARD PRITCHARD 'Z-Ind I chatter, chatter, "The 'windy satisfaction "Newer fwas ofwl more fllflffff 0-V I 90-H of the tongue." Hiking Club, 1, Economics Club, 1-3. blind a lower." 2 Q E . lui KATHERINE RALPH GEORGE E. REID GRANDY 'lLif1' is no! liff' ai all "Noi so solmr, not so gay, hut fwifhouf drliyhff' a real yood ffllofw in marry Hjyplg ,i,,,,d jijmu, has ,mfg Hiking, 2, Economics Club, 'Wal'-U vloqurnfz' than spf'erh." 2: Sewing Club, 2- HB" Football, 3-4. i""-" GERTRUDE RIGGS AUBREY NI. SAVVYER VVILLIANI R. "HN -voifz' 'wax e-ver Jofl, "Long may we sfek his like- SAWYER Hff1flff,a'1dl0'w-an fxffllfnf 71055, low in 'vain-U "Few things are impossible to 1111110 ln 'w0"'a"-U Football, 1, Science Club, lg diligence and .fkill." Orchestra, 3- Science Club, 2, Beta Club, 4g Senior Play, 4. , s J FH A 1' '-H I' was-uf, 1 A - r W ' .- w 'Qi . ,1Q,4 i 1 f ,f-7 , LN CLIFF SAVVYER "ind I fwould fwifflz flzfsf' ladies IVill1 my fwords and skill." Football, 3-4-S, Basketball,S Baseball, 1-2-3--I--5, gram Club, 2-3-4-5. Mono- M. C. SAIVYER "Youth-fwillz all il: stork of mn'frn'nz'.vs and joy." Football, 2--I-g "B" Football, 3, Baseball, 3, Monogram Club, +3 Science Club, 2-3, Tennis Club, 3-4, Hi Y Club, 2-3. S. B. SEYMOUR, JR. Hz' mo-ws 4-wirli Ihr suiftnrss of llflllfflllllff and olztanzs the .mmf I'l'J'lllf5." ti Football, 2-5, Basketball, 3-4-- Sg Baseball, 3--I--5, Monogram Club, 3-4-S, Glee Club, 3-4- 53 Social Club, 4. I I LOUISE SIMPSON "She is one on 'whom fwe may safely depend." Sewing Club, 2, Hiking Club, 2. MARY SIMPSON "Culfnf's5 sfrms a part of 4'LUi5d0l7l.U Basketball, 1-2-3-4, Mono- gram Club, 3-43 Vice-Presi- dent Monogram Club, 4, Hiking Club, 2, Sewing Club, 2, Beta Club, 4, Senior Play, 4. JEAN SIMPSON "Krzofwlmlyf' rome' but fwisdrnn lirzgrrs." President Literary Society, 1, President Class, lg President Nature Club, 2-3, Girl Re- serves, 3, Secretary Class, 2, Monogram Club, 2-3-4, Vice- President Class, 3, Junior As- sistant Editor Loudspeaker, 3, Editor Loudspeaker, 4, Beta Club, -I-g Marshal, 3. 5 P 0 t OWU EVELYN SKILES CAROLYN LEE CLARA ADAIR "Honor fwhrro honor lim." SNIALL SPENCE Pfwiflenf Cl21SS. 23 cglee Club, Hlllany flzarming :ways doth "fl -witiy woman isa treasure, 33 Economics Club, 43 Vice- sho possess." a fwiily boauty is a power." President, 13 Latin Club, 1. Needham Broughton, 1-23 Basketball, 1-23 Literary So- Tennis Club, 33 Social Club, ciety, 23 Social Club, 4. 33 Girl Reserves, 33 Loud- speaker Staff, 43 Beta Club, 4. ELIZABETH SPENCE ROBERT BERRY RUTH C. SWAIN "By the fwork one knofws STEVENS Nlffflldfffvff is fworth doing is thc fworkmanf' 414.1 man of dgtpdsl not ,wwds Lworth doing 4-well." Sewing Club, 23 Girl Re- fwo and Glee Club, 1-21 Hiking Club, serves, 33 Nature Club, 3 Beta Club, 43 Secretary Stu- dent Council, 4. Alas! not many of his kind." 23 Girl Reserves, 3. HB" Football, 3-43 Basketball, 43 Beta Club, 4. S 19 L QM CLAUDE KIILDRED TAYLOR INIARY TEIXIPLE TARKINGT ON "Modesl, sfweel, and "She arfomplislzes herpurpose ffHf dom ,whaf 11, dom- generous." swirl: 'liltle slir but great im- thorouglzlyf' South Mills, 1-2 3 Beta Club, 4. P'f55'0"- j VVEYNIGUTH NIARTHA E. MARY SELNIA TILLETT TVVIDDY WATSQN "He sings-the tune may fade "fl smile is the same in all "Speak lofw -when you speak -the fvoife fwill linger." languages." of love." Football, 4, Monogram Club, Dramatic Club, 1g Hiking Basketball, 3, Cheer Leader, 4, Glee Club, 3-4. Club, 2, Glee Club, 2-33 Girl 3, Glee Club, lg Hi Y Club, Reserves, 2g Literary Club, 1. 2, Dramatic Club, 2g Social Club, 2, Senior Play, 4. . ..4'1.w1 ll+f -Q- ENIORY V. VVHITE MARIAN V. VVHITE JAMES LIVINGSTON "Good nature andugood sfnsf' '21 thing of beauty is a XVHIFI E III mu-ff 7lf"'Uf'f 10171-U JOY f0"f"Wf"' "The brafvf' desomffs the lofve- Science Club, 2, Hi Y Club, Glee Club, l-2gGirlReserves, ly-wvery fwoman may be 3, Senior Play, 4. 3-43 Beta Club, 4. Kwon." Fork Union, 1, Fluvanna, 2- 33 Football, 4g Basketball, 3- 45 Baseball, 3-4, President Class, 4, Student Council, 4, President Beta Club, 4, Mon- ogram Club, 3-4, Debating, 4, Editor Spotlight, 45 Sports Editor Loudspeaker, 4, Mar- shal, 3, Glee Club, 3-4. JERRY VVILCOX LILLIAN EVIE "Musical as .Ipollo's lute." XVINSLOXV Glee Club, 1-2-3-4, Senior "Soft peafe she brings." Plf1Yv4- Dramatic Club, 1, Nature Club, 2, Hiking Club, 3. Sp B . I - feeaegiisiiQsogwiegiiiiieiffi C' A I :H L -.it L--:tg o E , E- 14:51-UC." - u1!t1!sff' -T l fees:- .-. ,L 5 Q C ,.. fzfii: ' f..E: l E, L. ,ug Q- LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE SENIOR CLASS 1937 YVe, the Seniors of 1937, having come to the end of our happy school days take time to make our last will and testament before we leave our teachers, care to go lI1t0 the dark mysterious world of independence. ARTICLE 1. To the Class of '38 we leave our luxurious apartments, numbers 1, 2, and 12, providing they occupy them as seldom as possible. ARTICLE 2. Ganderson. ARTICLE 3. ARTICLE -1. Barnett. ARTICLE 5. ARTICLE 6. ARTICLE 7. profundo voice. ARTICLE 8. ARTICLE 9. Barnes. ARTICLE 10 ARTICLE 11 ARTICLE 12 13 ARTICLE 14 pleases. ARTICLE ARTICLE 15 Zenovah Etheridge wishes to leave her small dainty feet to Elaine B.'b.'H'1.'- "-' - 'f I '11 'na ite eaxes hei pull ulth llli. lllidgett to Nell Luton. Blary Simpson leaves her singing and dancing ability to llary Lee llarian XVhite bequeaths her striking beauty to Gladys Brickhouse. Elizabeth Spence leaves her studious ways to Klartell Qverman. To Julian Bray goes VVeymouth Tillettis magnificent basso- R. C. Jones wishes his quick wittiness on C. B. lklorrisette. Frances Anderson hands down her athletic ability to Elizabeth llelba Parker passes on her maIIy charms to Louise Qwens. S. B. Seymour leaves his arms to llflartha Ann Scott. Creeper Crank tosses the ball to Jack Jarvis-take it away son! VVallace Chappell leaves his talkativeness to John Spruill. VVe give our Senior Privileges to lNIr. Bundy to distribute as he To everyone left in the hotel we leave our best regards. just keep your Chins up and face the battle. Having willed away all our worldly possessions to our under underclassmen we hereby fix our hen-scratching on this document on this day, lklay 20, 1937. MARY POD REY, Testator 5 ' at A ff CLASS PRGPHECY I always dream when I drink coffee, but never have I had such an amazing dream as I did the other night. I dreamed that a friend of mine had made a wonderful invention, and that the honor of testing it had been conferred on me. The invention was a telescope so powerfully magnified that from an airplane or dirigible one could watch the actions of any person one wished on the earth. As I did not know whom to test this on, I picked up my old 1937 annual, which was, at the present speaking, ten years old. I went through the senior class, taking each person individually, and this is what I saw: Fenner Hopkins is operating the New Child's in llvfanhattan. fIncidentally he has gained somewhat, weighing 300 pounds nowj. He has charming Eloise Long and petite lklildred Taylor as hostesses. Moviiig farther over New York, I see Jerry Wilcox and Weymouth Tillett singing at the lVIetropolitan Opera House. Sigmund Romberg's orchestra is also playing there, and among his new players we see Gaither Aydlett, Aubrey Sawyer, and Charles Burgess. Still over New York, we move to The Little Church Around The Corner, where the Rev. Dr. Raymond Henderson is officiating at a prominent society wedding. The lucky??? couple are Carolyn Small and Frank Kramer. fVVhat happened to Buzz?D VVe move on over to the Yankee Stadium, where the New York Yankees are playing the YVashington Senators. Creeper Crank and Bill Parker are in the outfield for the Yankees, and Cliff Sawyer is at shortstop. It seems as if the old combination has broken up, for we see S. B. Seymour and George Jordan with the Senators. Hope you both win, boys. Jimmie VVhite, who was formerly playing with the Yankees, was put out of the lineup indefinitely with a broken arm and is in the broadcasting booth relating the game for a national hookup. He is sports editor of the New York Times now, too. His secretary, competent Ann Britt, is trying her best to take down his rapid account of the game. VVe find lyfrs. Mike Koerner, formerly Selma Watson, at the ringside in IVIIICIISOII Square Garden where her husband is boxing Jeff Ingram for the feathewveight title. But we are fully convinced that our invention works in this atmosphere, so letys hop on over to Hollywood. VVhat's this? Henry Fonda and Antoinette Blakely, are attending a preview of their latest picture. Our heroine is none other than Barbara Hite. VVonder if she's ever talked out? Among the other celebrities we also see Bill Jones, handsome star whose popularity is comparable with that of Robert Taylor ten years ago, Emory White and Billy Hooper, comedians succeeding Laurel and Hardy, Clarice Pritchard and Nelson Eddy, singing together in his latest picture, Ruth Bray, now the school teacher in "Our Gang", Alvin Cox and Edward Gregory, famous cowboy combination, and Francis Griffin and Mayo Armstrong, a dancing team that equals the old Rogers-Astaire combination. Sam Dulin and Graham Bunch are rival movie directors, and lVIarion Pritchard and George Frisby are movie electricians and photographer, respectively. Lydia Jones, Francis Grice, and Elizabeth lVIeiggs are professors in the University of California. lNIartha Twiddy, Frances Crain, and Gaynell Harris have opened a fashionable dress shop in Hollywood which is patronized by all the lady stars, and lX'Iary Temple, Ruth Swain, and Mary Fodrey are hostesses at the New Trocadero. Horace Ambrose is Iylaster of Ceremonies and Junnie Garrett, a singing waiter in the same place. As we pass on over Nevada, we see a plane in distress. The pilot and co-pilot are none other than Robert Stevens and Grandy Richardson. There is a group of cowboys trying to assist them. Upon closer inspection we see Harry lVIcPherson, Carlton Perry, Frank Hollowell, Luther lNIann, and Horace Seymour. Never fear, brave comrades, we see a truck coming with your able mechanics, Billy Alexander and Billy Sawyer. Here come the passengers of the plane and the air hostess out of yon house now. The hostess is our own charming Lucy lNIae Pritchard, and the passenger eeee 4 . S L WL 13 - Q i.--if 'v...m. CLASS PROPHECY C Continued D list includes such famous people as: Jack Allen, new world's champion swimmer and diver, Henry Brown, manager of the new bar in the Ritz-Plaza Hotel, Clara Spence, leading Nliami Horistg Frances Barkely, NBC torch singer, lNIrs. J. L. VVhite, formerly Doris Bundy, also an NBC singing star, Hazel Byrum, dean of St. llary's Collegeg Jean Simpson, famous prosecuting attorney and her secretary, competent Evie VVinslowg Harry Kramer, big-time bankerg and George Reid, famous brain specialist. On to Chicago, and who is this we see? VVallace Chappell, Claude Tarkington, Sammie Godfrey, and Bobby "lXIary Ellis" Ownley are running a ladies' beauty salon. Best of luck to you, my dears. Frances Anderson is right here on top of the world, too. She is captain of the All-American Girls' Basketball team, Noah lllorrisette is captain of the All-American Boys' team, and ll. C. Sawyer and Rlelvin Cartwright are playing All-American football. Nlelba Parker is now blues singer of Shep Fields and his Ripplin' Rhythm orchestra. Edward Griffin, a few feet taller, but just as handsome, is co-starred with her. Alva Brown has finally decided that jazz was ahead of classics in her young life, and is ticklin' the ivories in the same orchestra. Janet Cartwright, whom we see walking down the street, is now lllayor of our fair city, and has her diminutive secretary, Iva Alexander, with her. Novella Bray and Edna Nlinton are now bookkeepers for the Chicago branch of the Gulf Oil Corporation. VVhile over Chicago, we take a look at the Bachelor Girls' Club. Sitting on the veranda and lounging around the grounds we see Thalia Tarkington, Katherine Ralph, lylarjorie Ferrell, Alma Pritchard, Gertrude Riggs, Levina Meekins, Lona Rleiggs, and Katherine lklurrell. Hazel Hopkins and lllorris Davis are now on the air as famous comedians. jello, everybody. lVIary Simpson and Madge Lambert are also on that program singing and dancing. CTrucking has never gone completely out of existence.D Virgie Hughes, famous interior decorator, is decorating the VVhite House for the President, Richard Holloman. Vice-President Graham Hollowell also lives there with him, as they're both bachelors, but 'tis rumored that they won't be long. Elizabeth Spence is said to have designs on the President, and Pauline Cartwright on the Vice- President. lklary Evelyn lVlorrisette, Shirley Perrv, VVilma Pritchard, and Evelyn Skiles have recently become hostesses in the famous VValdorf-Astoria Blue Room Club. Kathleen Fearing, Louise Simpson, Zonovah Etheridge, and Katherine Cartwright have established an orphans home in the hills of old Kentucky for the ailing children. And you should see how patient they all are with the brats! Tsk! Tskl Kliriam jones has left for London to defend her title uf VVorld's Champion lloth Racer in the Girls' Division. She has held the title for five consecutive years. lNIary Frances Brown, the governor's secretary, is said to be the brains of the outfit. She is trying to persuade someone to introduce a bill preventing loafing on street corners, as we see Earl Hurdle doing now. His pal, R. C. jones, holds down a good position at the head of a large chain of drug stores all over New York State. Let's move on to Palm Beach and stop over this palatial-looking hotel. Corbell lylorris is managing it, and we see his wife, the former Helen Hill chatting with a bunch of high-society ladies from various fashionable places. In the same hotel, the judges have just acclaimed lklarian VVhite as "lVliss America of 19-W." At this point, a wing broke off our plane and we went crashing earthward. Bly dream thus ended as my head went crashing Hoorward. BIARY HOPKINS, Prophet. ei: mi -, E Il , 15? e JL L fit 1 I 'xg -' 5 x - 1 5 ,XJ Robert Andrews Jeanne Armstrong Margaret Askew Edwin Aydlett Fletcher Bailey Ida Ballard Alice Barnard Elizabeth Barnes Mary Lee Barnette Audrey Bateman Phil Bauer VVilliam Bell Julian Bray Gladys Brickhouse Evelyn Bright Edward Brothers Margaret Brothers VVinifred Bunch Mayo Burgess Elizabeth Byerly Marjorie Caddy Elizabeth Copeland Leroy Copeland Henry Crank Helen Cutrell Annie Davis Julia Dixon Eugene Everton JUNIOR CLASS George Folson Celus Forbes Bobby Foreman John VVood Foreman Marion Cook Foreman John Frisby Elaine Ganderson Raleigh Griffin Margaret Hanna Marjorie Hardison Roy Lee Henderson Evie Hopkins Elizabeth Hughes Clarence Jackson Whitman Jackson Jack Jarvis Carleton Jones Norman Kight Ruth Kight Zelma Kirby Lester Knight Nellie Mae Lane Winifred Lane Nell Luton Evelyn Mansfield Thomas Markham Hugh Marr Buford Mason James McHarney Audrey Meads Jesse J. Morris Norma Morris C. B. Morrisette Robert Munden Frances Newbern Bessie Newby Carl Overman Ida B. Overman Martell Overman Robert Overman Oscar Owens Bedie Palmer Hilda Perry Juanita Perry Murphy Phelps Ruby Pritchard Esther Rhodes Lillie Mae Russell Elsie Sanders Bascom Sawyer Raymond Sawyer Thomas Sawyer Martha Ann Scott Billie Seymour Joseph Seymour Kathleen Shannonhouse Juil Simmons William Spence Madeline Spruill John Spruill Carleton Thornton Billy Tillett Inez Tillett Marjorie Turner Doris Turner Fred Upton Marjorie Upton Carol Vanture Beatrice Voliva Marjorie Voeth Maisie VValdorf Ray West R. L. Whaley Madeline VVhite Miriam White Mary Whitehill Annie Wilder Dorothy VVilliams Ruth Williams Wilma VVilliams Willis Wright A 5 13 ,V,, A g J if Q! ff ff l X x s ff X x Sara Albertson Marguerite Alexander Selby Alexander Elston Armstrong A. J. Bray Margaret Bray Blanche Bishop Vincent Bloomquist Marguerite Blow Herbert Brothers Ashby Brown Olive Carter Mary Commander Nevada Copeland Joseph Corbett George Crain Dorothy Creekmore Minnie Cutrell Katherine Dewey Carrie Doxey Pamelia Earlie Helen Eason Eloise Emory Addie Ferebee Janet Fisher Shelton Ganderson Robert Gard Katherine Garrett William Garrett Helen Gaskins Virginia Gibbs SOPI-IOMORE CLASS Paul Gregory Jack Gregson Charles Griffin Eleanor Griffin Blanche Hales Mary Hastings Vera Hastings James Heath Harry Henderson Howard Hettrick Frank Hill Victor Hollowell Elizabeth Hooker Elroy Hooper Emmett Ingram John Jackson Marjorie Jackson Marjorie Jackson Bertrand Jennette Martin Jennings Herbert Johnson Marie Jones Jack Jordan Virginia Lane Luther Lassiter Minnie Lassiter Tommy Lee Aurilla Love Joseph Markham Thomas Maston Nora Meiggs Dick Merritt Earl Midgette Rebecca Midgette Ann Miller Ormand Miller Tommy Miller VVanda Miller Edward Minton Kathleen Munden Carrie Newton Anne Louise Nixon Frances Overman Louise Owens Edith Peele Andrew Pendleton Isaac Perry Roy Perry Junior Phelps Katherine Piland Evelyn Rhodes Abner Riggs Dorothy Sawyer Kenneth Sawyer Louise Sawyer Martha Sawyer Phil Sawyer Thlebert Sawyer Billy Saunders George Sexton Etta Scarboro Leigh Sheep Lloyd Sheep John L. Simpson Martin Simpson Thomas Skinner Baxter Slaughter Sarah Smith Roy Stanley Maxine Swain Roscoe Stevenson Russell Taft Harry Tillett Jeanne Tuttle Edith Twiford Sarah Twiford Mary Upton Frank Venters Richard VValdrop Falla VValker Carol Walston Ethel YVhaley Buxton VVhite Lloyd White Nannie VVhitehurst Nattie VVilliams VVillie Williams Lillian Wilson Melvin VVinslow Claude Ziegler - C . 5 P 0 e C L QM IF. 'N'- C f if xf ei sarah mann alexander ralph ambrose myrtle anderson carl andrews keith armstrong lina arnold idella aydlett ruth baker jean bailey claybert basnight kate barnes ellen barnard louise bell annie blades doris boswell kathleen bray george bright arthur brothers marian bunch Clifton burgess loften burgess louise byrum Clarence Cartwright jarvis Cartwright lilly Cartwright mildred Corbett kathleen davis ralph davis wilma davis louis deans melvin dixon laura dixon doris dough FRESI-IMAN CLASS helen etheridge doris evans elbert fearing edwin ferebee jimmie ferebee Clifton forbes billie gaither blonnie belle gard Crawford griggs luella gore janie gregory rupert gregory edward griffin annie hair wilson holloman kathryne hayman geraldine hughes tommy hughes sarah ingram william jackson edna jackson Charles jones r. l. jones Clarine kirby ann ray kramer jane kramer nell lambert ruby lane emmarine lindsay harry long frank ludford estelle markham william mcpherson louise mcpherson mary midgette joe monroe clayton morrisette fulford munden fannie muse will newbern russell nixon thomas owens wilson owens lucy outlaw doris payne lovie peele kate perry martin perry billy phelps kendrick phelps alphonso poole patricia price calvin pritchard wilbur provo marie ralph jean reid Cecil roach aubrey sample alfred sawyer elizabeth sawyer Carolyn Sawyer earnest sawyer iva mae sawyer henry Sawyer norman skiles aubrey seymour Irving seymour evelyn seymour mildred shannonhouse naomi Sherlock eloise spence albert spencer millard spruill morris spruill margaret stanley aliene stevens hubert tarkenton norman tillett frank timberlake aubrey trueblood madeline trueblood jacqueline tuttle warren twiddy billy umphlette alvin Ward jean ward june page ward dennis whaley elizabeth whitehurst kathleen White rebecca Winslow neverson Wilkins bill williams maude williams marguerite Williams lloyd williams Wilson Waldorf Winfield worth carlton Wright m S Q L 12130 QQQQE EEE QE X f K-1 g i Sari ff . 14.1 Ll - 4 It QAM' LOU!f W' ' , ,1,,fl'v,,,f7- ' Q ' ' ' Ti TJ 1' A fx' T netnvengv '1Xf',50H00L PAPFR-H ..ffff " 'af j E : I if I 5 .. Z W y . 2 ' dl ,rfff W-an So at--:iq 1 mt NG BIRDS - P 0 1 001519 " r ., Ns N 5 4 HN Af 3 E , 13 1 D ' A .lf t STUDENT COUNCIL EDWARD GRIFFIN , ,....... . ......,. P nxvidcnt 'THOMAS NIARKHAM AA....,.,, ... .A..AA..A,. .,,..AA,....,...A I 'if-r'-President ELIZABETH SPENCE ,..............,..A.A.. .,,,..............,wY ..,. ..4.v ..,, S e frftary and Treasurer Miss PENDLETON AND MR. NIIDGETT ,,........,.,,,.......,.,,.,,... .....,.........,....., I "malty Advisors Sarah Alexander Ann Ray Kramer Hugh Marr C. B. Morrisette Henry Brown Frank Kramer Tommy Miller Jean Simpson Melvin Dixon Minnie Lassiter Thomas Markham Elizabeth Spence Edward Griffin Frank Ludford Earl Midgett james L. VVhite Whitman jackson . . ti E"- J IF. 'N' HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA NIR. CHESTER JAMES ...,,....,., .....,..........................,,.. ......,...., D i rector Clarinfts: Trombones: Jeanne Armstrongg Edward Griffin Edwin Aydlettg VVillis VVright Corrzrls: Saxophorzzfs: VVilliam Jaeksong Bobby Overman Gaither Aydlettg Aubrey Sawyer John Spruill Bass: Baxter Slaughter Alto: VVils0n VVa1dorf Drums: Nlorris Spruill Piano : Charles Burgess q N p Q 03510 BOYS' AND GIRLS' GLEE CLUBS Miss MCCLEES, Director Left to Right, Ist Row: Edla VValker, lylarthe Ann Scott, Nell Luton, Ida Bland Overman, Elsie Sanders, Jeanne Armstrong, Gene Hunsucker, Klascot, janet Cartwright, Bessie Newby, jerry VVilcox, Alma Pritchard, Ann Davis, Klar- guerite Blow. Zna' Row: Idella Aydlett, Jesse john Nlorris, Noah hlorrisette, Keeney Crank, Gaither Aydlett, Henry Brown, Luther lNIann, VVeymouth Tillett, Rebecca lylidgette, Katherine Piland. 3rd Roux' S. B. Seymour, Raymond Henderson, Junnie Garrett, VVilliam Spence, Bobby Foreman, Billy Alexander, Earl Hurdle, Anne Louise Nixon, Ann lNIiller, lylarjorie Jackson. 4th Row: George Sexton, James VVhite, Shelton Ganderson, Billy Sawyer, lVIiss lVIcClees, Morris Davis. f R f w a . x MONQGRAM CLUB HENRY BROWN ....... .A.. ,,,...,..,,,,,,A,,.,. P resident BIARY SIMPSON A.A...AA1 ,,.........,..................... I fire-President DORIS BUNDY ...A.....,,,A. ,,,,,,,,,,,, S efrelary and Treasurer NIR. AYDLETT ............,.....................,.,.,,.,.,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, F afulty Advisor Left to Right, Ist Row: Klarjorie Caddy, Alva Brown, Ruby Pritchard, Frances Anderson, Kathleen Fearing, janet Cartwright, Gene Hunsucker, Doris Bundy, Barbara Hite, lylarjorie Jackson, Zenovah Etheridge, lVIary Simpson, Nlary Hopkins. Zrzd Roux' Tommy lkliller, Helen Etheridge, Lovie Peel, Louise Owens, Tommy Lee, Keeney Crank, VVilliam Spence, Henry Brown, S. B. Seymour, Noah lylorrisette. 3rd Row: James VVhite, lkrlelvin Cartwright, Clay Ferebee, M. C. Sawyer, Raymond Henderson, Gaither Aydlett, Weymouth Tillett. 4th Row: Jean Simpson, Sam Dulin, Fenner Hopkins, Grandy Richardson, Graham Bunch, Earl Hurdle, Jeff Ingram, Bill Jones. Jth Row: C. B. Morrisette, Bill Parker, Thomas Markham, Mr. Aydlett. as . i 5 is S wc '13K.q,gk.-ii 'T 'X'- NATIUNAL HONORARY BETA CLVB JAMES L. XVHITE ...,.,,.... ..,, eeooe P 1 -rsiflwit CLARICE PRITCHARIJ ,,,,,,,,AA, ,A,,,,A,,,,,, I 'iw-Pnaviflnzt ELo1sE Loxo ...... ,.......... A .A....,A .. ,. S ..,.., S wrvfary GRAHAM Ho1.1,owEi.1, , .,.. .... eeeeoe A A S S . , Trim-zmfr HIISS IICCLEES ,,..w..,,,....................ww............AA AA....A....,A.. ,.A . ,, A... ..,.AA ...A. ......,...,,. ... l ' l 1 1 rulty Jdwiror Left to Right, lst Roux' Elizabeth Kleiggs, Bliss KlcClees, Alma Pritchard, Klelba Parker, Carolyn Small, Clarice Pritchard, Klary Brown, Klildred Taylor, Ruth Bray, Klary Simpson. 2nd Roux' janet Cartwright, Elizabeth Spence, Shirley Perry, Levina Kleekins, Hazel Byrum, Novella Bray, Klary Hopkins, Alva Brown, Klary Fodrey. 3rd Roux' Billy Sawyer, Graham Hollowell, Clay Ferebee, Charles Burgess, XVallace Chappell, Richard Holloman, George Frisby, .lean Simpson, Eloise Long. 4111 Roux' Robert Stevens, Sam Dnlin, Frank Kramer, Frank Hollowell, James VVhite, Edward Gregory, Edwin Griffin. Absent from jmivturc: Barbara Hite, Klarian VVhite. 5 p O A A L 0612226 "R- TRIANGFLAR DEBATERS f11fiVlllI1fi7,'l' IN71'gdIi'UU MISS JONES, Coach MR. AYDLETT C. B. :XIORRISETTE THOMAS RIARKHABI JAMES L. XVHITE HUGH RIARR Alfernates RUTH BRAY EMMETT INGRANI JEAN SIMPSON FRANK VENTERS Z' pr W 7 aa, 1231 "" w N, S 13 0 L QCMZ 5 PORTS V lf J Q? v 1 f' 0 0 2 f - c Q J ,K J 1 .Z 14 N f-M'-1--41 'Lrfw b .. 'WC Q3 Mm 'bc 4 M U ' xl' f . 4 SX ' Wir, J L 1' I ,. 4 Q, I S 123 0 1 091512 S vi -n ,- w c 4 . gg ,v 36 '37 1 A QQ I - C'-if , HOWAZTHEWPICK g31?1N9,5 BEAT EDENTON Tb-415 Home we 3AgQN-l X Ysnrai 7-5, fffiw , ' Z L v 6 Q! LATIN Lf v ji f Q3 ONQ K4 ,ir ,- 1 5 Qexffz . gfbbpgj ... 1' 7 Noun? wwe YMQYBMP l A 4422 3 .gm , ,yn-HL, 'PO 'J gqfiffff MR. ' BUNDT TYPICAL ec:-:S STUDFNT 1 , 1 ,..,,,c -1 . 1+ A j. : ui-1 JL- O 5 P L Gaim F 'W ' i FOOTBALL TEAM Left to Right, Ist Row: Paul Gregory, Eg lWelvin Cartwright, Tg Clay Ferebee. G5 James VVhite, C5 Henry Brown, Gg Raymond Henderson, T3 NI. C. Sawyer, E. Znd Row: Sam Dulin, G3 S. B. Seymour, B3 Cliff Sawyer, B3 Keeney Crank, B3 James lNIcHarney, Captain, B5 Graham Bunch, B5 VVeymouth Tillett, T. 3rd Row: Bill Parker, C5 Cliff Forbes, T3 Noah lylorrisette, B5 Bill Jones, G5 Baxter Slaughter, Cg Tommy lVIiller, G5 Frances Griffin, T5 Carlton Perry, Eg George Hunsucker, Coach. Absent from picture: Jack Allen, Frank Hollowell, Bill Miller, Dan XVatson. 5 Q Q L QM IE BUYS, BASKETBALL TEAM Left to Right, Ist Roux' Noah llrlorrisette, F5 Keeney Crank, F5 "Skippy,' Hun- suclcer, lNIascot5 Cliff Sawyer, F5 james VVhite, G. 27111 Row: lylelvin Cartwright, C5 William Spence, C5 Bill Parker, G5 Raymond Henderson, F5 S. B. Seymour, G. 3rd Roux' Tommy lwiller, Mgr.5 Tommy Lee, G5 George Hunsueker, Coach. I W. :E El 'T' 4 HH X W' GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Left to Right, Ist Row: Zenovah Etheridge, Fg Frances Anderson, Captain, C5 Louise Owens, Cv. Zna' Row: Lovie Peel, G5 Doris Bundy, F5 Janet Cartwright, C, Cecil VVillinms, Coach. 3rd Row: Kathleen Fearing, G3 Helen Etheridge, G, llarjorie Jackson, F3 hlary Simpson, F3 lylarjorie Caddy, G5 Edith Peel, G3 Ruby Pritchard, F. a 2 eases,-Qi A . UB" FOOTBALL TEAM Left to Right, Ist Row: llflartin Simpson, lVIgr.g Levin Cartwright, Eg Raleigh Griffin, T5 Billy Sanders, G3 Robert Gard, C3 Juil Simmons, G5 Thomas lVlarkham, T3 Ormand lvliller, Eg Cecil Vvilliams, Coach. 2nd Row: Harry Sheep, lWgr.g Elroy Hooper, Eg Elbert Fearing, B5 Tommy Lee, Bg Grandy Richardson, Bg Edward Brothers, T5 Robert Stevens, Eg Phil Sawyer. E. 5 is , L 06 BASEBALL TEAM Left to Right, Ist Roux' Tommy llliller, Klanagerg S. B. Seymour, Pitcherg Paul Gregory, lnfielderg Keeney Crank, Outfielderg Blames lXIeHarney, Pitcherg Ed lllinton, Qutfielderg James XVhite, lnhelderg George Hunsucker, Coach. 2nd Row: Hubert Tarkington, Outfielderg Tommy Lee, Pitcherg George Jordon, Cateherg Bill Parker, Outfielderg Grandy Richardson, Infielderg Jarvis Cart- wright, Outfielder. 3rd Rouu' VVarren Twiddy, Outfielderg Phil Sawyer, Infielderg Cliff Sawyer, In- fielderg VVallace Chappell, Outfielderg Edward Griffin, lnfielderg Carl Overman, Pitcher. Absent from picture: Paul VValdrop, lnfielder. a , fp flziigr - wg fl! Q BOXING TEAM Lrft to Right, Isl Rozv: Guy Ambrose, Roy Perry, Dick Klerritt. 2711i Roux' Jack Allen, George Folson, Jeff Ingram. flbxwzt from pirture: Raleigh Griffin, Howard Hetrick, VVilliam Spence Q S4575 i Q2 ff A xx ' ' f' , ' f- X ' f TK, K, tfxxyjgf' . ff U sp '53 ?Q5UFEfQ 4, 'Oc' FC 7-A ' Tj ff' Q , CML Q X Nss " 0,fjf'055Af U5 ex 5 , 2 - - Z .rg RA Of?-3lAfARf 3? . xr! . 1 ' SUp 54, 0 ...WR ,, , - Q 1-M: V I ..AA Y , Q fini . K, ,-- ' , ii f.'gfj -, l ffl ff f ffm V 7 "7 " f -Y Q it 5 " ' 1 W- avx qdmg A xx , 1 if ,.,- 1 A- . : ' il 1 "3 XA' 'Eff 9 ' FII T RE IQ Q Q 1 099759 19 Q , TQ ' ' ' L X if ' H' 1 i Kfxnn 'N' J I 5- V I X 1' , - .fx Xxx Rkix- 2 . if : A L. E , Y F I A I XX XX - J 'I ,Z 3' ' " ffv-3-' .4 x T 5 I Ak! ENN NDVE RI I5 V Y . 1 fe' fg,.',f,f if , yrs mu . 'N gf , H 'f Y fl ,V ,XZ g?f613s+ff Qgrw f M' ff w ST ,A 2 SN ' f '5'1 Q5 , 4Q.kL 1 Q 9 , . i 1' x k f f ' ' ,fffif ' A ,J ff if ,.," Qi ' A ' - A 'A ' T' YI gs". "' -. ' T' X. fmJex'ffmu snsu x usnxsnxnsux-an gauxunxunxusxxux-.rx nxcuxnxnxnsu 1 uniuxnsnxnsux uma-ins instant: vsuxnvxc nsuinisviutc nic us uLnvxuLuLu uieuLuL1vin'x4l'slvs1 txnintuiuinis Mount Vernon Service Station was mg INTERSECTION OF GECIRGE XVASHINGTON AND ATLANTIC CoAsTAL HIGHWAY ELIZABETH CITY, NORTH CAROLINA THE TEXAS COMPANY'S COllfl'1.bIlfl.OlZ to the appearance of an apprec1'at1't'e custonzer-Elizabetfz City 'I'EXACo PRoDUCTs TE CO A. W. HOUTZ GENERAL TIRES HEYWOOD SAWYER ACCESSORIES DELMAS SAWYER PHONE 800 Certifed Illarfax Lubrication R. C. WOODLEY, Budget Manager win nsus: Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Q Q Q Q I Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Q Z Z Z Z E Z Z Z Z Z E Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Q Q Q I Q I S3 sn-xux uxnxnninsui-asnsnxnxn-sawn-nn H . annum-sin-sux Cozlzplifzznzts of THE FIRST AND CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK MEMBER: FEDERAL RESERVE BANK FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Isillllllfillf IltYlI!QllIll'l'l'l'X Sinn, ISU! Co lllflfilll nz fx of CRYSTAL ICE AND COAL CORPORATION ICE AND COAL PHONES 16 or 716 sninsusqwsansuvsnusnsnsuvsusnxnsnxn:sus-nsnsns sux--xi .x .-xusu snsnsz I-ins--xuxusus,k - -- uxnxnxusnxux nsnxnsusn FRISBY'S STCDIO "Pfzog'oyrrzjv!zs Lim? F0rUwr" MINIATURES COPYING AND ENLARGING PORTRAITS COAIMERCLAL AND OIL PAINTING Phone 213 202 KI'aIne1' Buildfn ELIZABETH CITY ORANGE CRUSH BOTTLING CO. INCORPORATED 7UP - PEPSI-COLA PHONE 201 BFI! Wfishrs of SEELEYIS FILLING STATION oiosu fg1as1vsnsnxnninLfuLnsniuiuxns 1-'guxn HERFF-JONES CO., INC. flnlanzlfacturing JEVVELERS AND STATIONERS FOR HIGH SCHOOLS 1411-1419 North Capitol Avenue Indianapolis, Ind. S. S. CAMPEN, Representative EDENTON, N. C. vsnsa mins. xsnsnsnrxnnsn-5.1 viusnsnrsuin sf ns nxuinin vnu Luxususn n x uxniuxusnxu on usnxnsns 1 PVe extend you our Ifeurtiesl WVishes for continued success throughout your future- CAROLINA AMUSEMENT CO., INC. CAROLINA-ALKRAMA-STATE AND GAIETY TH EATRES -sn 'A usini1nLnsnsnn-Q nsnxnaiusnxnxnxuLoLo Complinzents of ALBEMARLE BUILDING 65 LOAN ASSN. rl lfVe Ilelp Folks Help ThClIlSl7Z7!US,, VV. BEN GOODWIN, Seey.-Treus. VVe Sponsor and Promote Thrift and Home Ownership 503 Ii. IXIAIN ST. PHONE 312 R. C. ABBOTT Co., INC. fJ0Illf7lilIll'fIf.V of GUARANTY BANK SL TRUST JUNIPER AND RED CEDAR SHINGLES CQGMIDANXY AND JUNIPER PosTs Garden Seeds of All Kinds Dealers in FERTILIZERS, SEED POTATOES, SEED PEAS, AND JOHN DEERE FARMING IMPLEMENTS ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. Capital and Surplus S600,000.00 Ilfember Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is vin xninininninicvx v sinLniui0in i 1 :Ls us: linxnin v L1 vsnLcvini0xn l in wins viuiuxn v 5 Ln n.nxuisnLnxuLu x4nxuiuiuLuLnxasxuLuxnnsnLn wx1nxninsnxnmur'xnxus.nnLn1inLuso NORFOLK COLLEGE of Business Administration OFFERS COMPLETE COURSES IN: Business Administration-Higher Accountancy-Secretarial Science-Bookkeeping Stenography-Stenotypy-Salesmanship-Advertising-Radio EXPERT INSTRUCTORS. REGISTERED EMPLOYMENT BUREAU, VVHICH PLACES ALL GRADUATES For complete informaiion, address M. G. JAMES, President, Norfolk, Va. C O 0 P E R C01IlfJ1ilI1l'flfS of CLEANING WORKS THE VIRGINIA DARE COFFEE SHOPPE QUALITY CLEANERS PHONE 280 I I , CHARLES V.ANTL7RE Ellzabeth City : North Carolma IW. G. MORRISEQITE CO. Conzplete Plonzf Furnishings IXIAIN STREET ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. - I I BIUJYFIFS Used : Bifyrles New Complimmts of VVe have the Right Size Bicycle I for You I DRI H- A- THORSON GRIFFIN BICYCLE SHOP CHIROPRACTOR ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. KEYS MADE FOR ANY LOCK nsniuxusnxf IL. nxnxnsuins.11-insnininxnw 1. nsuxuLninnLanwx- -inuininmmxxn sninnxnin 5 Lunarfy1asnsnvsusavsnsusxususninxnx use xnxx: xuxnxnsusnnxn- -nsnxuLnsns-niuxnxnsnxnx- nx nxnnxnxusus- ns nxnsosnsnxnx I THE SKNDRY SHOP "Thv Studwzfs ClzoiI'v" CURB AND DELIVERY SERVICE PHONE 711 S. ROAD ST. I 1 IJ0ll1f7HlIll'l1fX of GRIFFIN-CQPPERSMITI-I EIIEL Co., INC. COAL-XVOOD-BEER r11ELEPH0NE 1009 E 1 4 Z 2 Z 4 I 2 2 Z 4 I I NORFOLK, YA, D. M. JONES Co. HARIWVARE ANI: PAINT Elizabeth City : North Carolina Isa-Lnxns -nxnxn snxuxn r -.nsusanxnsnsn --. uxmnsnniuxns-U-gnxnxumnxn MOTOROLA RADIOS SEAT COVERS ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY 613 E. Nlain St. : Phone Q85 BICYCLES r11IRES GOODRICH BATTERIES ACCESSORIES Use Our Friendly Credit Plan. Ask for the Budget Dept. Cecil Reel Eddie Davenport nxnx-n 'xnxuxuinxnnsu sniuinfgnxnxnn1.4-kann NEHI BOTTLING CO. Illanufarturers of PAR-T-PAK NEHI BEVERAGES ROYAL CROVVN COLA All Drinks Tested and Approved by GOOD HOUSEKEEPING BUREAU P. E. VValdrOp, Nlgr. Corner of WEST LIAIN 8: PRITCHARD STS PHONE 914 nsuinxnsu ssuxniux-uso 's 1 vxnxn'snsnL1 nx1 -L 1 nxnsninsn Q nxuianinrinsnLnLuivininuL1nxng 05.1 iuxnsnsx.nsuLnuiun-xmas-In s anxni,-axnxoxnnx nxnsusnssnsu s uxusnuxnxnx-as usnsnxusu A. B. HOUTZ SL SON BARRELS AND BASKETS ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. fJ0lllf7!il1ICllf.1' of ELIZABETH CITY BRICK CO., Ixc. BL' ILDERS SL' PPLIES Complinzrnts of PRITCI-IARD'S BEAUTY SHOP PHONE 9-11 C'0lllf7lilIll'Ilf.S' of GARRETT HARDWARE COMPANY PHONES 970-971 INDUSTRIAL BANK ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. INSTALLMENT LOANS-SAVINGS ATLANTIC SECURITIES COMPANY CAROLINA BUILDING PHONE 1123 Elizabeth City North Carolina iuxusuQ.-vsuxnrsnuinnsnLusxnsnnsnniuinsnxn iuxnsu x uinxuxusa-in snxumnuLnnsnxu GULF SERVICE STATION llain and Road Streets Phone 454 "Floating Body Lubrication" XVASHINC-POLISHING-TIRES ACCESSORIES A. L. Heath T. VV. Fearing x.n1xnLnLnxnxn n x 4 nxnxuxa u sux: as uininsniux DIAMONDS WATCHES Compliments of BRIGHT JEWELRY CO., INC. A. G. lame, IXfIg1'. Elizabeth City, N. C. JEWELRY SILVERWARE Established 1882 LOUIS SELIG 409 E. INIAIN STREET Elizabvth Citylv Lending Jeweler FINE VVATCHES-DIAMONDS-JEWELRY BELK TYLER COMPANY The Shopping Center ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. NORTHROP SPORT SHOP, INC. 1171? fjllfjgf the Outstanding Teams 430 GRANBY ST. NORFOLK, VA. PERRY MOTOR COMPANY INCORPORATED SALES I SERVICE Corner Iza eth 85 IVIartin TELEPHONE 221 Stop at EASTERN CAROLINA,S FINEST VIRGINIA DARE HOTEL ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. PIPIN SL REID SHEET METAL WORKERS-ROOFERS GUTTERING AND SPOUTING Phone 748 108 S. Water St. Q nsuLnxnvL4uinvi.u us.uinuLurs4vs4 :ins usasistinvinwxutvuxnliuinisvQ.nxuxntL4ni4nisvinvsav xnxx: xnnxnsuinxniu Q nnxni.1lLusuinis lfith Good W'ishes of OVERMAN SL STEVENSON Drugs with a Reputation 514 EAST IVIAIN STREET xxnsnniuin in A LOVE BROS. lVho!f'sale and Retail Dealers in BEEF, MUTTON, POULTRY, PORK, Etc. PHONE 79 Colzzplinzerztx of TIDEWATER REALTY Esc MORTGAGE CO., INC. REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE LOANS AND INVESTMENTS Telephone 208 E. hlain Street A. RAY SAVVYER CO. U'l1olI'.v1l!e FEED AND GROCERIES Phone 185 110 N. VVater St. Elizabeth City, N 1 CI-IESSON MANUFACTURING CO., INC. "Everything in Lumber for the Complete Ilousff' IJUINIBER, RIILLWORK, XVINIJOWS, Doolzs, FRAMES, SHINGLES, LATHS, ETC. Telephone 615 "The Lumber Number" Office and lNIillS: North Road St., Extd. ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. I1v0lllf7lIl1ll'llfX of G. M. VVILLIAMS LADIES' READY-TO-XVEAR VIRGINIA DARE GARAGE 24-HOUR SERVICE PHoNE 1077 P. E. Sanders INI. U. Sanders W. C. GLOVER Buyers of HIDES-FURS-IVOOL SOY BEANS-EGGS Top fllfzrhvt Prifes-Spot Cash PHONE 30 nsnsnsn sus-ssnsnsnxnf 1.1sxnsusnsnsnLaanni-usniusnsvwx-:Lnsusnxnfsnsnxns 1, uxauxnuin-Lux-a x oxusnsuin so 1.- L1viniliinriaiiuviuli1liuii4ILuILa1L0il fJ0lIlf7HlIlF7Zf.l' of M. B. SHEPHERD SOUTHERN LOAN at INSURANCE COMPANY, INC. INSURANCE-BIORTGAGE LOANS INVESTMENTS-SECURITY BONDS Carolina Building Phone 1123 Elizabeth City, N nsusnxvsuxn s nxnxuxusnsuxnsnxnuxnsus- .Q usuxngnx,,L,,i,,x,,L,,5,,5,,s , ,Q G. R. LITTLE FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE 338 Carolina Building PHONE 55 MCPHERSON BROS. AUTO SUPPLY CO. "House of a lllillion Parts" CORNER XVATER 8a ELIZABETH STS. ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. Telephones 1040 81 1041 HOPKINS BROS. PLLIRIRINO AND STEAM HEATING Spefial flttetztion to Rejmir Work 8. E. Fearing St. Elizabeth City, N Tie a string on every fnger and don't forget to rome to- THE KNITTING NEEDLE For All Your Knitting Needs MRS. OLA B. MILLER Second Floor, Citizens Bank RITCKER SL SHEELY CO. The Store VVhere ELIZABETH CITY SENIORS Find VVhat They LIKE TO VVEAR o o o Elizabeth City's Best Store usnvxninnin 1 QUINN FURNITURE CO. S. W. Twiford POINDEXTER STREET L1 nxuusnlsnsnuxnn wen ns nininsnuiu x 1 sin vi4nLunLu1niniuiuicvs uiuLniuxnusns1u sniusnsn x usuiuLnxuxnan-nx0inLusn DENVVOOD xo -H nxnxnnxuxnxu-s 1nLnxnns.n-sansnsusnsnLns Corflpfillzcrzfs of QM, Comm SUM ZIMMERMAN IL COMPANY FEEDS PHONE 569 115 S. VVATER ST. S' fJOIlIf7Iilllf'7Zf.f of Broker and Produfv Dcaler Carlo! Slzippvr IRISH and SVVEET POTATOES QW' IS BOTTLED FOR YOUR PROTECTION Every Bottle Stfrilizcd FARMERS SUPPLY COMPANY ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. Conzplinmnts of KRAMER BROS. FANCY AND STAPLE ELIZABETH CITY GROCERIES IRON WORKS 6L SUPPLY CO. Country Produce Il Spfcialty Delivery Servire kfnywhcre in the City D. C. PERRY, JR. ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. Conzplinzen ts of 814 W. MAIN PHONES 445-446 STEVENS TIRE STORE suseninsussvsuisnxnnsusnlsunLnsnLn iuiuinx Lu gnuxuaxunsnnxnnsnn xnxnvxnnxuinsusnLninLuxnxu -xnsnin :su sn uns si nxninxn 'susan so Couzplinzwzts of Conzplinmnts of FOWLER COMPANY CENTRAL CAFE Compliments of - Cozllplilzzflzts to the FLIZABETH CITY 1 SENIOR CLASS OF 1937 J SAWYER-HARRIS PRODUCE CREDIT ASSN. ,, A . ,, Y hr' Frzmdly Store i Conzplillzzfntx of C0mph'Wnt5 of INIORRISETTE SL BYRUIVI N. ELTON AYDLETT SHQE STQRE Virginia Dare Arcade Compliments of V A N I T Y AND BEAUTY SHOPPE LINDSEY HOPKINS LU Colzzplinzfnts of Flowers For All Ocmsions Conzplinzents of Sw REAL ESTATE CJ' SPENCE PHONE 1 VA. DARE ARCADE Complinzents of J. H. WILKINS FURNITURE COMPANY C0lllfJlilI1l'HtX of J. W. JENNETTE I PRITCHARD SL DAVIS FRESH MI-SATS N POINDEXTER ST. PHONES 25 8: 305 nxnxnsusnxuss-nsnxnxnsnsns0snLuinLnr v. uiuLniuLnusu C0lllfJlillIl'Hf5 of . VV. DAILY INSURANCE PHONE 699 :Q-.1 nsusnsninin sf winsusn L suxuxunxavsnninnsn-snr -nnxnLnxnsus-n snxniususu Conzplimenls of UDIS VV. BUNDY JACIQSONS ELECTRIC SHOE SHOP Calvin James, Prop. PHONE 924 E. FEARING ST. Complinzrnts of THE APOTHECARY SHOP SAVVYER CQTYIPANY Quality Shop for lllfn M C C O Y ' S STEWART-VVARNER G A R D 7 S REFRIGERATORS AND RADIOS XVESTINGHOLSE PHONE 765 REFRIGERATORS AND STOVES Complimrnts of TNTCCLELLANS BUNDY AND MORAN Ccfrtifiod Public flfrountanis CNoI'th Carolina and Virginiaj ELIZABETH, N. C. C'0llIfJlllIlFI1fS of P. W. MELICK Conlplinzrnts of ALBEMARLE LAUNDRY C'0Il1fIliIlll'IZfS of WHTTEH U RST CLEANERS Conzplilnwzts of E. S. CHESSON SL SON DEPARTMENT STORE ELIZABETH CITY : NORTH CAROLINA H U R D L E ' S Beautiful Clothes for Wozzzfn at Reasonable Prices COIIlplllIZl'fZf.S' of M I L D R E D ' S MERCHANTS MOTOR EXPRESS ' L. D. VVALDORF, Owner 'TliiiiQIiiliiiflliiliilfhililiiliiliililfiIITIIUI C0ll1plllI1f'IlfS of DUDLEY'S GROCERY PHONE 486 COLONIAL AVE. linux.: ling vLOLninrs,nn-snvi n vinininiuiaf us-nLnnLniu5.usni1nssniuLuLnLui-ox sos-:sus uxusnsuxnxa 1- -.arsnnininLnxn -A nnxnLuLnsniuxnuxuxniusnxanLnLui,nninin C01lll'fiNl6'71!5 of Conzjrlinzvnts of ELIWER BROTHERS D. WALTER HARRIS CvOllIf7HlllC7ZfS of Conljllinzfnts of W. T. GRANT CO. H. B. PRITCHARD fJ0lllfJ!i1llE'7Zf.S' of fJ0lllfJlill1?7lf.Y of O. B. WESTB CO. GEO- A- COX 'IiAILORING, REPAIRING k ALTERATIONS Ifmdquartcrs for Va Dnnqe Arcade CHILDRENS WEAR I Elizabeth City : North Carolina Conzpfinzcfnts of 1 N N CONFECTIONERY SOLFI HERN DAIRIBS PHONE 691 420 COLONIAL AVE. Complinzents of ' -- AYDLETT PRODUCTS C0'11f'fi'f1ff1fS Of CONIPANY fllanufafturers of BEST FOOD PRODUCTS C'01llf71ilIlf'7Zf5 of Compliments of J. B. LEIGH PIONEER FUR COMPANY ATTORNEY-AT-LAW fj0Illf3liNIF7Zf5 of SANIJWICHES-FOUNTAIN SERVICE THE PENDER STORES PHONE 933 ELIZABETH CITY, N. AC. Conzjnlinzffnts of Uleaiherlgus E QANDIES C CAR'I'WRIGHT's BAKERY L'zIBE,HC.fI.N-' xnxn 'gnxnininsunxn Lcninxnioinxuw. 1--goinniuiuninsusxuxuinxnxnu Q uxnsnnininin ni:-susan x.uiaasnxusuxnnsuxusunsuxnsu s usnxusususu OUR BEST WISHES and HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS to the SENIOR CLASS 0f 1 9 3 7 I PELL PAPER BOX COMPANY INCORPORATED ELIZABETH CITY inrsusn inlxnuinvinmn -s oxnsniursnx --susninnislsn su-sux I ' wxvvv- A , yi, .-r- Tiff-MW'-' ' ""4'a. - 120. , ' V, ', 3' ,Q . , LI:- - . . .. A ' QI , ,.. X, ., ' ' , , X 1,29 ,,:,,,!. V r "ff-Ft " Q" ' ,ami , , ,, - , G P V ' 14 - . - fr, , ' , W af' ' l l ' GR ' ' -, - ' 1 9 5' , - 1, ,,l' Al ' V , ' 4' 'X ' -s ,,., X ' ' , v-. . f ' .VY-. ' '- I vl ., .. 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'Y 5 .4 W' ---1,-- ,JJ an 2 N w- ' , ,, ,J 4514 v' , , . , .rgw - -.,f.,n-f- F- P' X, ' , .",n- ' L, ,g . if ' , ' - Nugryu A . '. M -Hum all' 1 . .fi .- Wy 1 l' 'i N." . I al. xEL1f',ff" :fn ,. ..4.!, -A., .' X . '1- J,, ff' -1- 4 ' 1 .11 X1, A-I 1-IT 'OGR PHS 1 ,-,. , I-f-'l 1' , Sf' ' X , L... . -,M .if , . .. 1 1' - wg V Y ' N .1 .1 .5- ,1.i - . 1 1' 'L 1 C: ,..1 . , M -al X V , 1 1 1 V-nu ,1 -4 1 17' 1: 1, 1 ' 151' 2 'I 1 'v 'LAL' Q 1 -'s , 1 Q n,,.1 -,,1 . 1.1, xi 'nu V' TV: iw,-1. ' . ll-4 MA V V ,, . v11 - 1 ' "1,N'v ,,' 1 1 ,,4 "7.i'jf ' " 1 V 1 v1 -1,,. 1 ' 1 f 2' . ' ' . 'I-1' nf fu N5 1 ' 1 V 1 1. ' 1 ' ' "J V ' , - 11- 13! V '1' 1, ' ,511 Wh ' . 1g,"1-'. 1 A '-"r -'C 1- Q4-.1, I 1 1 -'EY' , -,V A 1 , I ,X ' r1111' 0.11, Av 1xL,1 .4 . 1 . 'l 4,11 ,,, '19 1 - ' -TM A I' 1 ., 1 ',,-.- 1-U1 , ,. :I . , .-:.l.,,.,'1jg. 4' f X- ,..1 '-cg-. 1 , 1,1 , ,lu I v.,g4"!, , OA 4, .1 , pf Q41 ,' S, f I 5 'H ll fn" L" W2 '.1 4 .1...X s M uf' 1 'f I., 1 0 9--'-1. 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Suggestions in the Elizabeth City High School - Spotlight Yearbook (Elizabeth City, NC) collection:

Elizabeth City High School - Spotlight Yearbook (Elizabeth City, NC) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


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Elizabeth City High School - Spotlight Yearbook (Elizabeth City, NC) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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