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• • 4 Published by the Class of E LIZA B E T II C I T Y II Kill S C II () () L Elizabeth City, North CarolinaFOREWORD 6 $n LX this our year book, we have endeavored to reveal each little phase of our school life—our classes, our activities, and our clubs. It is with special pleasure that we present our football team which has fought resolutely and mounted higher than any former E. C. H. S. team. On each page of this book we have left a souvenir— priceless to us because of the beloved memories it brings. And thus it is with a delightful sense of pride that we turn the “Spotlight” on our school life.DEDICATION [EC A USE it lias worked tirelessly this year, because it lias been unselfish in all tilings, because it lias accomplished so much, and be- cause. to sum it up, it has been truly a good sport in every sense of the word, we, the Senior Class of 1931, dedicate this, our Year Book to the Foot- ball Team—our own Yellow Jackets. I % t  Contents i. o Classes ctivities EXECUTIVE % 7 E.H.H.rfjtl history IaJ t . A. Jc -r ts FRENCH LATIN [lie Facult y J. A. JONE3............................Superintendent A. B. University of North Carolina E. H. HARTSELL..............................Principal A. B. University of North Carolina J. C. CASPER - Science-Mathematics A. B. Wake Forest College PAULINE CLINKSCALES .... History A. B. Eau St. Claire State College MARY PAYNE....................................History A. B. Teacher’s College. Virginia ELMER E. HODGES - Mathematics A. B. Milligan College, Tenn. MRS. ELMER HODGES - - - Mathematics MARIE LeROY...............................Mathematics North Carolina College for Women GEORGE W. HUNSUCKER - - - Science B. S. North Carolina State College EVELYN ISENHOUR .... Commercial Bowling Green Business College MARY JANE CARROLL ... - English A. B. Meredith College F. S. ISENHOUR...............................Science A. B. University of Richmond BENSON W. DAVIS - Latin-English A. B. University ol North Carolina CELESTE WHALEY - Home Economics B. S. Farmville Teacher’s College DOROTHY DORMAN TURNER - - - French A. B. Greenville Woman’s College College de la Guilde. Paris MARGARET VAN HORN - - - English A. B. Randolph-Macon Women’s College HAZEL BAYNE...................................English M. A. George Washington Universityy 1 senior C lots President Vice President Secreta ry-T reasu re r Robert Lewis Rupert Cox Archie Shannonhouse Colors: Blue and Silver Flower: PansyPAULINE BAILEY “Let the world slide.” Happy-go-lucky-that’s Pauline. Also she possesses that great quality, quietness, for which we can only admire her the more. MARY BALL “Love is a beautiful dream." There’s nothing a normal girl dreads more than a blonde. How, with Mary in the tournament, can men be blamed for preferring blondes. Mary, we predict great fame for you if you devote your life to making known your secret of popularity. WILMA BOYCE “The very pink of perfection.” Wilma's all she’s “cracked up to be”—and more. No matter what the case is she outshines us all. Sweet, intellectual, and a good sport—that’s Wilma. LUTHER BRITT “I had rather have a fool to make me merry than experience to make me sad.” Here’s a cheerful bit of E. C. H. S. school spirit. Luther is a type very rare except in story books—good-looking, good-natured. and witty. WILLIAM BROCK “One good turn asketh another.” Take a look at the best dressed bov in the class of ’31. Good-looking? Yes. and he has a disposition to be envied by all. He’s always ready to do whatever he can for anyone.LOUISE CARTER “Sincerity is the way to heaven.” If that is so—then there is positively no doubt about Louise. She is sincere in everything she says, does, or thinks. She deserves the best that life a fiords. EMMA CARTWRIGHT “Life is not life without delight” Emma is always having fun, it seems. Whenever one sees her, she’s smiling—and that’s as nice a thing as can be said about anyone. ELLIOTT COOKE “From the crown of his head to the sole of his foot, he is all mirth.’ Elliott believes in plenty of non-sense. He is truly the class monkey. Not that he doesn't have his serious moments—he does; not that we don’t love him —we do. CHARLIE COOPER "My heart is true as steel.” Charlie is a “good egg”. He’s an all-round athlete and a regular fellow. Here’s wishing you the best of luck in every way, Charlie, old boy! SHELTON COOPER “He makes his promise just.” Shelton is not a person who will make a promise and break it. If he promises to do a thing—you can depend on his doing it—and doing it well. U •- •- -RUPERT COX "Our deeds determine us, as much as we determine our deeds." How can anyone write a few lines about a person with so many admirable traits? He’s a star baseball pitcher—good-looking, smart, and entertaining. One just couldn’t say too much about Rupert. WILLFORD DAIL "Honor where honor lies.” And this, folks, is the best looking boy of our class. Looks are not all in this case either, for there are many more nice things we could say about Willford—but he doesn’t like to hear them. EDWARD DAVENPORT "Do not take life seriously.” Eddie just isn’t a serious person —and we love him for that. He’s jolly, witty, good-looking—and everything else that serves to make a regular guy. NELLIE DAVIDSON "A soft answer turneth awav wrath." Yes, Nellie is rather quiet, but when she speaks, no one fails to listen! She is one of the sweetest members of the Class of 31. ALICE DAVIS "She knew not her own sweet way.” Alice rarely ever worries, and she has a way—well, you just can’t help admiring her. Just stay the same. Alice, and everything will be O. K.FORREST DUNSTAN "Sing away sorrow, cast away care." Forrest certainly lives up to this. He's a happy-go-lucky sort of fellow that one enjoys having around. His voice has become popular around the halls of E. C. H. S. He’ll offer stiff competition for Rudy Vallee soon—and we are sure he’ll come out on top. FRED FEARING "My joy lies onward, and my grief, behind." Attention, baseball fans! Freddie will surely be a big-league baseball player. He’s one of the jolliest members in the Class of ’31., and wherever he goes, he will take our heart with him. HARRY GARD "Let my deep silence speak for me." Harry is one of the quietest boys in our class, but what he says he means. He is no goody-good but just an all-round well-liked fellow. SARA LEIGH HARRELL “That virtue was sufficient of herself for happiness." Sara Leigh really and truly possesses all the qualities that serves to make a person happy. Not only that concludes her merits for she has one of the most attractive smiles in E. C. H. S. ELIZABETH HARRIS "The best plan is to profit by the folly of others.” Elizabeth is careful enough not to let anything worry her at times. But she has her serious and weak moments. Perhaps that explains her "Droopy" eyes!LESSIE HARRIS “Haste maketh waste.” Lessie has a little of everything that goes to make a model girl. Everyone that knows her, likes her. Slowness is her only weakness—unless it’s Sniders—beg pardon! I mean spiders. KATHLEEN HARRISON "She’s sweeet, she’s bright, she’s cheery. But better yet—she’s always merry.” Kay is one of the most attractive girls in our class. No occasion is too doleful for her ready-wit and laughter. This little girl carries with her the admiration of many. WILSON HOLLOWELL “Men may come and men may go. but I go on forever.’ Wilson never gives up until his goal is reached—and he usually reaches it too. Dramatics are his hobby.. He makes a charming hero—try him sometime and ree for yourself. ISABELLE JENNETTE "She is pretty to walk with. And witty to talk with. And pleasant, too. to think on.” Isabelle is a good sport, true blue, good natured—why say more? EDNA JOHNSON “Let thy words be few.” Edna is a hard worker. All the class will remember her too for her genuine good humour.FLORA JOHNSON "Still waters run deep.” "Baby Wee” is a girl of sterling qualities. She is as good a sport and as true a friend as can be found anywhere. She’s sure to make good. LOIS JONES "Lovable, and sweet." Lois has been with us only one year, but we have grown to love her, and to recognize her many good qualities. Our only regret is that she didn’t come sooner. ROBERT KEATS "Men of few words are the best men.” Keats doesn’t believe in “jabbering” about nothing. When he talks—he talks, and it’s never just a jumble of words. We’re all for you, Keats, old boy. CAROLYN KRAMER • Many charming ways doth she possess.” Carolyn is a girl of good judgment, sound opinion, and intellect—comparable only to a girl in a novel. ROBERT LEWIS “Good to be merie and wise.” How true! For Bobby is a good sport, and still he possesses extensive capabilities; otherwise, why should he be the most intellectual boy in the Senior Class?REYBURN LOWREY "A word spoken in due season, how good it is.” Whenever a fellow needs help, he may always depend cn Rey-burn. Reyby's rather quiet-na-tured. but that quality doesn t hide his true blue self. ELIZABETH MADRE “Naught venture, naught have.” Elizabeth is the kind of girl who doesn't expect something for nothing. What she wants, she strives for—and she usually gets it. Here’s wishing you the best of luck. Elizabeth! augusta mcpherson “A sweet attractive kind cf grace.” “Gussie" can be better summed up as a "daughter of the gods" —graceful, fair, and quiet. We hope your future will be full of happiness. Gussie. KATHERINE MILLER “I laugh’d and danc’d and talk’d and sung" Here’s another of E. C. H. S.’ songbirds! Not only can she sing, but she’e pretty and witty and popular. What better is there to say? CARRIE NEWBERN “In her tongue is the law of kindness.” That really does express our feelings for Carrie. She is an esteemed member of our class, and we all wish her happiness.MARTHA OUTLAW "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Besides being the prettiest girl in the Senior Class. Martha has a sweet disposition and a fascinating personality. Long may we seek her likeness, long in vain." GEORGE OVERMAN "Nothing succeeds like success." We don’t have to wish George further success, for he has already made a big start. He’s a good chap, any way—just ask us! EVERETT PEED “To eat. and to drink, and to be merry." Whatever the conditions may be. Everett always has his winning smile ready. And then he helps a lot in making E. C. H. S. run smoothly. MABEL PERRY "Let thy speech be better than silence, or be silent." Mabel is so quiet that many of us have not had the opportunity to know her. But all of us do know that she possesses one of the most charming smiles to be found anywhere. BETTY PHELPS “A good heart is better than all the heads in the world." And Betty has proved to us that her heart is in the right place. How can one help admiring her kindnesses and little niceties? We wish you all grades of happiness, Betty.7 icjC POT LIGHT LELA PRITCHARD “Today, tomorrow, and forever.” Lela is one of the most genuine girls to be found anywhere. Once a friend—always a friend—and one to be proud of. She has chosen to enter the business world, and we know she’ll succeed ! JANE SAWYER “As merry as the day is long.” No one has ever seen Jane blue or angry for long. She wears a smile constantly—a mo:t becoming one too—and how she can drive our blues away with her ever-ready wit! MARY SAWYER “Gentle of speech, beneficient of mind." ’ Mary is rather quiet natured, but when we see her open her mouth to speak, we listen, for we know her to be of sound opinion, sincerity, and honor. ALDEN SCARBOROUGHT “Be sure you are right then go ahead.” Alden is. no doubt, the quietest person in our class. He never answers a question unless he knows he’s right. Business men who talk little are the best; therefore. Alden, we do not hesitate to predict a great future for you! EDNA SCOTT “Love sought is good, but given unsought is better." We just don’t know what we’d do without Edna. She’s always been so sympathetic and helpful toward us that we know we can never forget her.ARCHIE SHANNONHOUSE “Goodness does not consist in greatness but greatness in goodness." Archie is one of those persons whom one just can’t help liking. He’s good. yes. but not goody-good. And he’s good-looking. Be careful. Girls! DORIS SEELY “The mildest manners and the truest heart." When you want a true friend, you may always depend on Doris. She is always ready to back you up. and she has just enough modesty to make her charming. JULIA SKINNER “To seek the things that are worthwhile in life." Julia is perhaps the most studious girl in the Senior Class, but that doesn’t mean she’s a prig. She has a charming personality. and her ready wit keeps us laughing constantly. ROBERT SPENCE “He knew what is what.” Robert, perhaps better known as “Tubby," knows everything— or so it seems to his classmates. Anything that anyone else can do, he can do. And often he does it better than the others. WALTER SWAIN “He’s a jolly good fellow— which nobody can deny." As the more modern critics would express it, “Frog’s" more fun than a barrel of monkeys. He’s just full of witty remarks, and always manages to “crack" one at the most opportune time.WESLEY TAFT "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance.” Wesley possesses a cheerful countenance, therefore, his heart must be merry. He is one of the best-liked boys in E. C. H. S. ROGER TAYLOR ‘Be of good cheer." Here's another of our witty classmates. Roger never gets bored. Neither does he allow anyone around him to get bored. He’s good company, and that's that! DOROTHY TWIFORD "She's all my fancy painted her, She's lovely, she’s divine.” "Dot" is undoubtedly one of the most popular girls in E. C. H. S. We do not know what she has chosen for a career, but we do know’ that she will succeed— if she doesn’t turn domestic! MAMIE TWIFORD "A true friend is forever a friend." So it is with Mamie—a girl with many admirable traits—a girl whose friendship is a prize to be treasured. MARGARET TWIFORD "Things of the greatest value are done up in the smallest packages." Margaret may be little, but she gets there just the same. She’s a genuine, true-blue. all-American Senior. For this we will remember her always. 1931 SARAH DILLON WALKER •Bid me sing. I will enchant the ear.” Watch out for Sarah Dillon! She’s going to be quite a song bird. And we all agree that with her personality, she’s simply bound to go over big. OSCEOLA WEST "And I would that my tongue could utter The thoughts that arise in me.” Poetry is Osceola’s hobby. It is hard to define her in a few words—but she's one of the best-all-round girls in E. C. H. S. RAY WILLIAMS "Long may we seek his likeness, long in vain.” Ray is a typical "hail fellow, well met!” He’s always cheerful, contented and happy. He takes things as they ccme, and never complains. Were for you, Ray, and wish you every success in life. J. D. WINSLOW "Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers.” J. D. is an earnest worker and a good sport. He always knows exactly what to do and when to do it. He has made hosts of friends in high school, and we are sure that the number will increase greatly in the future. The story of our Class life, which may be called “the pursuit of learning” is a story of a striving energetic body in the course of whose existence there have been few great events to break its monotony. Yet it is the story of a persistent struggle from our "green and salad days” until we. as Seniors lcok down on other aspiring Freshmen. September 16, 1927, marked the beginning of our high school career. Our first week was one of consternation as we hurried about vainly searching for the class which we were supposed to be attending. The Sophomores with true class spirit, loved to lord over us and make our lives miserable. Well can we remember how scrupulously we avoided wearing green lest we attract their unwished for attention. It was with a feeling of relief that our first year ended. With final examinations successfully passed, we found ourselves moving up to take the place of our erst-while tormentors. Sophomore days and with them wisdom galore, at least we thought so. We grew bolder with our increased knowledge and like other Sophomores, we could not remember the time when we were Freshmen. With only helpful motives we tried to aid cur younger brothers, but they were unappreciative and distrustful. Time passed rapidly, and we were changed from Sophomores to Juniors before wre could quite steady ourselves enough to bear the weight of rapidly increasing knowledge. During this year we struggled with languages, unknown quantities, and scientific formulas. We found ourselves welded in closer bonds of fraternity and class fellowship brought together by our common determination to reach the heights of renown occupied by Seniors. After many misgivings as to the outcome of examinations this goal was reached and we took cur place as Elizabeth City High School's supreme class. Invested with the dignity attained by Seniors, we started on the last lap of our journey. This year has been characterized by its numerous and vivacious class meetings, for beside our usual work, we had to carry on the SPOTLIGHT. Owing to unavoidable circumstances the bi-monthly edition of this paper could not be carried on after Christmas, but work on the Year Book has progressed, and it is with pride that we present the SPOTLIGHT of 1931. One of the outstanding things of this year was the splendid work of the foot ball team who have achieved fame not only among us. but throughout the district. Mention must also be made of the two Seniors who so ably took part in the triangular debate. Surely the class 31 will be remembered among the assemblies of the future. But before ending this chapter, let us mention our faculty who have guided us through these impetuous years. Their sympathetic encouragement has ever stimulated our flagging efforts. New the time has come when we must leave high school for a broader life. Some will continue their studies, others will take their places in the business world, but we will always cherish cur High School days among the happiest days of our lives.Cl ass Poem i The Seniors of ’thirty-one have reached one milestone on Liles highway. And pause to recall the echoing joys of the past so bright and gay. Far, far into dark oblivion, treasured memories of school days will slip. As we rush onward, and from fate’s cup of sweetness and bitterness sip. II Like the thunder that rumbled before the raindrops came. We heard the whistle sound, and then began life’s great football game. Each year we have scored a touchdown, to add to our eager goal. And still we shall continue, and perfectly our characters mold III And now when the sun is at high noon, and the game is first-quarter thru. We step out to a newer life, and a future bright as the morning dew. Sometimes the storm-clouds will gather, and difficult will he the way. But the team will battle, and with victory, chase the clouds away. IV Our paths will separate, and each member will go a different way; Some will rise to the height of fame, and under the footlights sway; Others will have dreams crushed, and life may lose its light. But like the players we are, to the very last we’ll fight. V When afternoon slips by, and the golden sun sinks low in the west. And the football game is ended, and the tired players go to rest. We will look hack on ’.‘11 to those scenes well done. And know our goal is reached, and the game is won. —OSCEOLA WEST. Prophecy cl Class ol 31 One day while walking on the beach at Nag’s Head, I picked up a beautiful conch and put it to my ear to listen to the ocean, as the saying goes, but instead I heard a voice, could I be dreaming? I listened again to the voice which began prophesying the futures of the members of the Class of ’31. Martha Outlaw has become a noted violinist, but she is still borrowing ink for that yellow fountain pen. for Martha has to spend her spare moments in autographing her Garbo-like pictures for her many admirers. Julia Skinner and Wilma Boyce, who, you know, were the brightest girls in our class, are now famous teachers. Wilma, up to her old trick of high school days, is flirting with all the boys in her classes, but Julia, thanks to Miss Turner’s influence, is looking over her glasses and teaching the younger generation to “parlez-vous francais." Elliott Cooke and J. D. Winslow, the “most arguing” boys in E. C. H. S. have become lawyers in Shiloh and East Lake respectively. Carolyn Kramer, who was very careful about her looks while in school, has become known throughout the world for her famous love affairs and her advice to others. Alden Scarborough, has an exclusive shop on Fifth Avenue. He has as his models Sarah Dillon Walker. Lois Jones, Louise Carter, Mabel Perry, and Carrie Newbern. the plump girls in our class. Now these two boys. Fred Fearing and Rupert Cox. who could talk of nothing except baseball during school days, have become members of the Windsor team. Walter Swain and Wilford Dail. who used to be jazzy boys, have gotten positions with the Out-of-Harmony Band, wihch plays during the summer at Nag’s Head. Kathleen Harrison, I’m sure you remember her. has written a book on “How To Win and Keep the Male Sex." Those who contributed material were Osceola West, Katherine Miller and Emma Cartwright—very good assistants I must say for they have all had experience. Bobby Lewis and Luther Britt, who studied science under Mr. Casper, have perfected a plane, and “just imagine," they say it will go to Mars. It is rumored that Mr. and Mrs. Philip Davis will “honeymoon" to Mars in it. Jane Sawyer has charge of the Mother Goose Kindergarten in Buffalo. Mary Sawyer and Doris Seely are her very efficient helpers. Forrest Dunstan and Wilson Hollowell, stars in “Nothing But The Truth." have reached the footlights of Broadway. Mrs. Dunstan, I suppose you know who she was before the marriage, conducts classes in geometry because she doesn’t want to waste her leisure time. Charlie and Shelton Cooper. “Honey" Johnson and Reyburn Lowery, who were some of the players on the star football team of ’30 have become professional football players, and are very much in demand because of their skill. Mrs. Snyder Harrell, nee Lessie Harris, has just won the prize for being the fastest dresser in the United States. Can you imagine Lessie being quick? Well. I can’t. Edward Davenport, has taken over the management of the Culpepper chain of Theaters. Now I wonder whether he bought these or married in the family. Buster Brock has broken all the previous speed records. I suppose Kathleen isn’t surprised at this, for I have heard her say that he was a very fast boy. Alice Davis and Margaret Twiford, who were seen every day during their school daysClass Prophecy = Continued at E. C. H. S. driving, that is. if they could get a car. have gone to New York to take up the fad of being taxi-drivers. Harry Gard, is now the present proprietor of the exclusive confectionery, ‘‘Chimney Corner:' Around the corner from this store. Archie Shannonhouse is running ‘ Gerald’s” for his brother, who has retired. Nelly Davidson, Sally Davis. Sarah Lee Harrell. Edna Johnson, Elizabeth Madre and Edna Scott are now popular night club hostesses in New York. I am sure this is a great surprise because they were so quiet during their days at E. C. H. S. Elizabeth Harris and Lela Pritchette have become owners of the Shop for the Elite in Detroit. If any of you become “elite”, don’t forget to remember your classmates. George Overman. Robert Keats, Ray Williams and Coley Gregory are now great financiers in New York. Each is a lady’s man so don’t you girls forget that if you like diamonds and furs. Wesley Taft and Robert Spence, who used to drive Chevrolets while Seniors in high school, have taken over the agency for the car in Hatteras. Evidently they like the Chevrolets. I am sure most of you have had Betty Phelps with her pleasing smile to wait on you at McLellan’s Dollar Store, well she has climbed rapidly, and is now part owner of that large store. Byron Mercer and Everett Peed have become members of the Elizabeth City Police Department, and their chief duty is to keep the younger generation from hanging around the Southern Hotel corner. Well. I certainly hope that they are successful. The conch started to say something else, but I saw some little animals crawling out of it, not thinking of its value, I dropped the conch, and it broke into a thousand pieces which were washed out to sea by the in-coming tide. ✓ FLORA JOHNSON.i Testa and I estament o Cl ass Know All Men And Women By These Presents, that we of the Class of 1931 of Elizabeth City High School being weary in body, but of fairly sound mind, memory, and understanding, do make the following Last Will and Testament: Article I: To the Juniors we do bequeath: 1. The sum of fifty-nine cents which we have placed in the National Bank subject to their check, with which they may buy seven yards of black bunting at eight and three-sevenths cents per yard for the purpose of draping the Senior rooms one and twTo in memory of the departing class of ’31. 2. The Senior privilege (which is to be decided upon) and the right to add as many more as will meet with the approval of the Faculty, the Board, the Mayor, and the Fire Department. 3. All unclaimed pencils in the office. 4. All the notebook paper we had left from our Final Exams. 5. The right to graduate—with Mr. Hartsell’s approval. Article II: To the Faculty we do most humbly bestow: 1. On Mr. Casper, our geometry note books, including the first semester’s work. 2. On Miss Turner. Jean Keynard. Tommy Chesson, and Journeay Aydlett to take Elliott Cooke’s place. 3. On Mr. Davis, the faithful mascot of the Latin class—Virgil Pony. 4. On Miss Carroll, our short stories, which she may re-read in the far future and recall the geniuses of the Class of ’31. Article III: To the individuals specified the following do generously confer: 1. Jane Sawyer to anyone who will have them, her curly locks and willowy figure. 2. Kathleen Harrison, with the exception of her paint and powder, her angelic look to Latina Combs. 3. Forrest Dunstan, his vocal powers to Duard Jones. 4. Mary Sawyer, her wicked ways and cosmetics to Elizabeth Munden. 5. J. D. Winslow, his gift of oratory to some five or six freshmen and sophomores. 6. Elliott Cooke, his studiousness to John Peele. 7. Martha Outlaw, her Greta Garbo bob to Frances Wells. 8. Bcbby Lewis and Honey Johnson, their abilities as football players to be divided equally between Beverly White and Phillip Davis. 9. Sarah Dillcn Walker, her pull with Miss Turner to the Junior French Class. 1C. Julia Skinner, her small dainty feet and graceful walk to Margaret Kramer. 11. Lessie Harris, her knowledge of geometry to Alonzo Foirey. 12. Alden Scarborough, his shiekish ways to T. C. Sawyer. 13. Everett Peed, his interest in the betterment of the school to Rollins Daniels. We, the Class of 31. do herewith set our hands and seals, and decree this to be our Last Will and Testament on this, the first day of May, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty-One. LESSIE HARRIS. (Testator)L C. H. S. E. C. II. S. and her boys fall in line; We’re gonna win again another time! And for the black and gold we’ll yell, we’ll yell; And for E. C. H. S. we’ll yell—yell—yell—yell! So just keep up your spirit ever true. And all the world will Jurn out right for you. And we will always love and back you up! back you up! E. C. H. S.c Junior President..................................................................PHILLIP DAVIS Vice President........................................................HOLLAND WILLIAMS Treasurer CLYDE AMBROSECLYDE AMBROSE MARJORIE MILLER JOURNEAY AYDLETT ELLIOTT MORGAN CLARENCE BAILEY MAXINE MORRISETTE ELSIE BARTLETTE ELIZABETH MUNDEN LENORA BUNDY MARION MUNDEN ODIS BUNDY STELLA OVERMAN NELLIE CARTER ELMER PAYNE SELMA CHAMBERS JOHN PEELE CLARENCE COHOON HAZEL PENDLETON CAMPBELL CONNERY EARL PERRY EVELYN CORBETT LOUiSE PERRY LOUISE CULPEPPER CAROL PRICE LUTHER CULPEPPER MARJORIE PRITCHARD ROLLINS DANIELS RAYNOR PRITCHARD WILLIAM DANIELS MARGARET REID EVELYN DAVENPORT BLANCHE RIGGS ELDEN DAVIS IRVIN ROACH PHILLIP DAVIS CHARLES ROBINSON LILLIAN DOZIER MARGUERITE SAWYER ALONZO FODREY MARY E. SAWYER BLADES FOREMAN T. C. SAWYER DORIS GARD FRANK SCOTT OLIVER GARD GEORGE SCOTT LITTLETON GIBBS JAY SCOTT VIVIAN GIBBS THOMAS SEELEY ELEANOR GOODWIN MARY LEIGH SHEEP ELLEN GRANDY FRANCES SINGLETON WILTON GRANDY ANNA TAYLOR BELMA HAYMAN EDLA TAYLOR ALICE HETTRICK GRACE TAYLOR WILLIE MAE HILL RICHARD THOMPSON DORIS HOPKINS CHARLIE B. TOXEY LINDSEY HOPKINS RAYMOND TWIDDY FLORENCE HUGHES Julia underwood PERCY HURDLE DELMA WARD DUARD JONES RU1H ALICE WARD HELEN JORDAN JAMES WATSON DOROTHY KERR WEYMOUTH WEST LEON LAMBERT BEVERLY WHITE EDNA LITCHFIELD MARGARET WHITE MILDRED MANN TOM WHITE REX MANN DORIS WILKINS SELMA MEADS LOUISE WILLEY HARRY MIDGETT HOLLAND WILLIAMS EDITH MIDGETTE LOUISE WOOD HAZEL MILLER WOODROW WRIGHT  hornore Class President........................................ROGER SHANNONHOU8B Vice President......................................LOCKWOOD LASSITER Treasurer BILL CULPEPPERdonh opnomore MARGARET ANDERSON ELEANOR AYDLETT MARGARET BAILEY LOIS BALDWIN BOBBY BARRETT HAROLD BELANGA EDDIE BELL CORA BUNDY DARVIN BUNDY CLARA CARMINE HELEN CARTWRIGHT JACK CARTWRIGHT FLORA CHAPPELL JULIAN COFFIELD HAZEL COHOON ESTELLE COX BILL CULPEPPER MAXINE DANIELS ROBERT DANIELS WINFRED DAVIS HOUGHTON ERHINGHAUS MILTON EVANS WILBUR EVANS WALLACE FAIRFIELD EDWARD GANDERSON CABELL GILLIAM FRANCES GRANT ELIZABETH GRIFFIN JOHN GRIFFIN EDNA HANCOCK FRANCES HARRIS HAROLD HARRIS HERBERT HARRIS EDNA MAE HEWETT CORA HILL FAITH HITE ANNABEL HOLLOWELL SELMA HORNER FRED HORTON SELBY JONES FRANCES JOHNSON GRACE JOHNSON MARGARET KRAMER JUDITH LANE LOCKWOOD LASSITER MARGARET LeROY DELLA MAE LISTER NANCY REID LOVE ENOCH LUDFORD ELBERT MANN MARIAN MEADS FRED MERRITT JOHN MILLER FRANK MORAN CLAIBORNE NIXON WILSON OWENS FRANCES PAPPENDICK THOMAS PEELE ARTHUR PELL MARGARET PERRY WOODROW PRICE GLADYS PRITCHARD JAMES PROVO EDWARD PUGH HELEN REICHLE WILLIS ROBERTS HEYWOOD SAWYER LUTRELL SAWYER ROSE SAWYER WALTER SAWYER WILLIAM SAWYER A. C. SHANNONHOUSE ROGER SHANNONHOUSE WALTER SMALL JOHN SNOWDEN SARAH SPENCE SUSIE SPRUILL HAZEL STOKES JOSEPH STOKES LeROY TAYLOR GEORGE TWIDDY EARL WEEKS CLAUDE W'HITE ANN WILCOX OSCAR WILLIAMS SARAH WILLIAMS LLOYD WOOD BETSY WRIGHTPresident Vice President Treasurer MARGARET BATEMAN SANFORD AYDLETT . NORMAN DAVISFresh jman LESLIE ARMSTRONG CAROLYN AYDLETT SANFORD AYDLETT DORIS BAGLEY ABBOTT BAILEY LUTHER BALL MARION BALLANCE GEORGE BASNIGHT MARGARET BATEMAN DORCAS BAUM RUTH BENTON BETTIE BERRY GARLAND BOWDEN WOOD BOYCE EDWARD BRAY LUCY BRIGHT MILDRED BRIGHT WOODROW BRIGHT IDA BROCK ANNIE BROWN SHELTON BUNCH MARVIN CARMINE RAY CARTER CLYDE CARTWRIGHT ALTON COHOON ELIZABETH COHOON LATINA COMBS GRAHAM COMMANDER CHRISTINE COOPER JAMES COOPER CLARENCE CULPEPPER WINFRED DAIL DOROTHY DANIELS ADDIE DAVIS ALMA DAVIS CARSON DAVIS MARGARET DAVIS MARIE DAVIS MARJORIE DAVIS NORMAN DAVIS SAM DAVIS GEORGE DAWSON HUGH DEANS MARIE DIXON FRED DRINKWATER GARLAND DUNSTAN MATILDA EHRINGHAUS RICHARD EVANS WARNER FEARING COLUMBUS FORBES WOODY FOREMAN ELIZABETH FREEMAN WILLIE FULTON GRACE GASKINS MARY GODFREY THELMA GORE KATHARINE GREENLEAF MYRTLE GREGORY ALMA HARRIS DAN HARRIS DAVID HILL MARY HILL JULIAN HOOPER LEONAS HOPKINS MYRA HOPKINS DELBERT JACKSON EARL JACKSON JAMES JACKSON WALTON JENNETTE ALLIE MAE JENNINGS RUBY LEE JONES REBECCA KERR MARY KIRBY DOROTHY KNIGHT DOROTHY KRAMER CLARENCE LANE HELEN LASSITER WALTER LEWIS FRANCES LISTER RUTH LITCHFIELD OLLIE BELL MANN HENRY MARKHAM MILDRED McCOY SAM MCPHERSON AYDLETT MEIGGS MIRIAM MEIGGS MARIE MORGAN WILLIAM MOUNT JOSHUA MUNDEN RETHA NEEDHAM VIRGINIA NEWBERN MARGARET NEWBY HAROLD OVERMAN HOWARD OVERMAN ROBERT OVERMAN HELEN PARKER SARAH PAYNE JOHN PENDLETON JOHN PERRY ANNIE PHELPS WILLIAM E. PIERCE GRACE PRICE ANNIE WOOD PROVO VERTIE RALPH ELEANOR RAPER MARJORIE REID LOUISE RHODES RAYMOND RHODES EVA RIGGS WILLIAM ROBINSON RUTH SANDERLIN MARIAN SAVIN MARGARET SAWYER NANCY HALL SAWYER ROBERT SAWYER CELESTIA SCARBOROUGH RUBY SCOTT SHELTON SCOTT JAMES SEYMORE LOUISE SEYMORE VIERIAM SHERLOCK WILL YE SHERLOCK EMMA SIMPSON LESSIE MAE SIMPSON MARIE SIMPSON MILDRED SIMPSON ANN SPENCE EDWIN SPENCE MARTHA SPRUILL MARDELL SWAIN ALVIN TOLER ELBERT TRUEBLOOD KATHLEEN TURNER KENNETH TWIDDY ZULA WATSON JACK WEEKS FRANCES WELLS CARLTON WEST EMMA LOU WEST EVA WEST ANDREW WHITE R. C .WHITE HELEN WHITEHURST WILFORD WILLIAMS MELVIN WRIGHTgirls’ Basketball 7 earn DORIS WILKINS MILDRED MANN CAROLYN AYDLETT ROSE SAWYER DELLA MAE LISTER ELEANOR GOODWIN DORIS WILKINS MILDRED MANN DORA WELLS DOROTHY TURNER Center Right Forward Left Forward Center Guard Right Guard Left Guard Captain Assistant Captain Team Manager Coach Substitutes: Doris Gard, Evelyn Davenport. Hazel Cohoon, Hazel Stokes. Margaret Kramer. Sarah Williams. Kathleen Harrison.Soys Basketball earn LITTLETON GIBBS HONEY JOHNSON WOODY FOREMAN HARRY MIDGETT CLYDE AMBROSE CAROL PRICE T. C. SAWYER J. D. WINSLOW GEORGE HUNSUCKER BENSON W. DAVIS Center Right Forward Right Forward Left Forward Right Guard Left Guard Left Guard Manager Coach Assistant CoachBov’s dec CU Pianist . . Leader RUPERT COX ROLLINS DANIELS PHILLIP DAVIS SAM DAVIS FORREST DUNSTAN WILSON HOLLOWELL ...................ALICE DAVIS . MR. JONES DUARD JONES ROBERT LEWIS ARCHIE SHANNONHOUSE JOHN WATSON CLAUDE WHITE OSCAR WILLIAMSFootball 7 earn ARCHIE SHANNONHOUSE.........................Center RAYMOND TWIDDY . Right Guard EVERETT PEED..........................................Left Guard RAYBURN LOWREY...............................Right Tackle CHARLIE COOPER........................................Left Tackle ROBERT LEWIS ... ...... Right End GEORGE SCOTT..................................Left End PHILLIP DAVIS..................................Quarterback CLYDE AMBROSE..............................Right Halfback LOCKWOOD LASSITER............................Left Halfback HONEY JOHNSON ....................................Pullback SHELTON COOPER.............................Pullback GEORGE HUNSUCKER.....................................Coach BENSON W. DAVIS - Assistant Coach FISH HARRELL Manager CREEPER CRANK MascotOur I” cotta 11 earn Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! T earn! Team! Team I ND now our organized cheering turns into a mighty uproar as we stamp our feet and clap our hands in sheer ecstacy at seeing our team winning again. Who’s that breaking through that line like a madman our own Clyde Ambrose, of course. Three ripping cheers for you, Lucy.................Man! Look at Rayby block that pass! .... Now, Lockwood is tearing down field in true cyclone style. Oli-oh, watch his dust!.............They’re gaining on us! Ray! Rah! how that Charlie Cooper can tackle!...........Say, keep an eye on Bonehead —lie’s good! .... What’s happening now? Oh, Honey’s going places with that hall! He and Shelton honest-to-goodness know their stuff! ..........Oh, golly, the tide has changed again! Come on, Scott, it’s your time to shine! There! We knew you could do it! . . . . Come on, let’s give Archie a yell! He’s all there! . . . . And now comes our greatest applause. The reason? Phillip has the hall. Look at that boy run—or fly rather..............Hay! Somebody get those two hefty opponents heading for Phillip! Caps up! Peed, you’re perfect! And Twiddy, you’re just as good as an iron wall! But say! Where’s Phillip? Oh, there he is racing like lightning! Just a half-second more, oh boy! Whee-ee-he made it! We win!! And again the air is filled with rip-roaring, ear-splitting yells. We’re mighty proud of our Yellow Jackets, and we don’t care if we bust our lungs open trying to tell them so! Dramatic C lub President SARAH DILLON WALKER CAROLYN AYDLETTE PAULINE BAILEY LOIS BALDWIN xMARY BALL BOBBIE BARRETT ELSIE BARTLETTE MARGARET BATEMAN DORCAS BAUM EDDIE BELL RUTH BENTON WILMA BOYCE MILDRED BRIGHT LUTHER BRITT ANNIE BROWN RAY CARTER JACK CARTWRIGHT ELLIOTT COOKE RUPERT COX CLARENCE CULPEPPER BILL DANIELS MAXINE DANIELS EDWARD DAVENPORT EVELYN DAVENPORT ADDIE DAVIS ALICE DAVIS CARSON DAVIS MARJORIE DAVIS SAM DAVIS FORREST DUNSTAN GARLAND DUNSTAN MATILDA EHRINGHAUS WILBUR EVANS BLADES FOREMAN OLIVER GARD CABELL GILLIAM MARY GODFREY ELEANOR GOODWIN WILTON GRANDY MYRTLE GREGORY EDNA HANCOCK FRANCES HARRIS LESSIE HARRIS KATHLEEN HARRISON CORA HILL WILSON HOLLOWELL LINDSEY HOPKINS JAMES JACKSON ISABELLE JENNETTE ALLIE MAE JENNINGS FLORA JOHNSON LOIS JONES MARY KIRBY DOROTHY KNIGHT CAROLYN KRAMER DOROTHY KRAMER MILDRED MANN MILDRED McCOY SAM MCPHERSON EDITH MIDGETTE HAZEL MILLER FRANK MORAN ELLIOTT MORGAN MAXINE MORRISETTE ELIZABETH MUNDEN JOSHUA MUNDEN RETHA NEEDHAM VIRGINIA NEWBERN MARTHA OUTLAW ELMER PAYNE HAZEL PENDLETON LOUISE PERRY JOHN PERRY GLADYS PRITCHARD ANN WOOD PROVO ELEANOR RAPER LOUISE RHODES RUTH SANDERLIN JANE SAWYER MARGARET SAWYER MARY A. SAWYER ROSE SAWYER T. C. SAWYER WALTER SAWYER FRANK SCOTT GEORGE SCOTT DORIS SEELEY ROGER SHANNONHOUSE WILLYE SHERLOCK EMMA SIMPSON MILDRED SIMPSON JULIA SKINNER WALTER SMALL ROBERT SPENCE MARDELL SWAIN EDLA TAYLOR CHARLIE TOXEY DOT TWIFORD MARGARET TWIFORD JULIA UNDERWOOD SARAH DILLON WALKER DELMA WARD EARL WEEKS FRANCES WELLS EMMA LOU WEST OSCEOLA WEST MARGARET WHITE DORIS WILKINS HOLLAND WILLIAMS SARAH WILLIAMS J. D. WINSLOW LOUISE WOOD BETSY WRIGHT MELVIN WRIGHTaseoa cam SHELTON COOPER.............................................Catcher CLYDE AMBROSE..............................................Pitcher RUPERT COX.................................................Pitcher WOODROW PRICE ...... . . . Pitcher PHILLIP DAVIS..........................................First Base ARCHIE SHANNONHOUSE...................................Second Base CLYDE CARTWRIGHT . Short Stop JOHN JOHNSON...........................................Third Base WILLFORD DAIL...........................................Left Field CHARLIE COOPER........................................Center Field EARL PERRY.............................................Right Field GEORGE HUNSUCKER ......... Coach BENSON DAVIS Assistant Coach J. D. WINSLOW..............................................Manager JAY SCOTT................................................Assistant Manager Substitutes: Harold Belanga. John Watson. T. C. Sawyer. Lutrell Sawyer. Luther Ball. Fred Fearing. Alton Cohoon and Harry Midgett.7AcKQ7 Spotlight 7 rianyuiar ar Debaters Query: Resolved "That The United States Should Grant Immediate Independence to the Phillipines.” AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE JOHN PEELE SANFORD AYDLETT J. D. WINSLOW ROBERT SPENCE Coach: Margaret Van HornELEANOR AYDLETT RUTH BENTON MILDRED BRIGHT ANNIE BROWN CORA BUNDY NELLIE CARTER EMMA CARTWRIGHT DOROTHY DANIELS MAXINE DANIELS ELEANOR GOODWIN KATHERINE GREENLEAF EDNA HANCOCK ANNIE HARRIS MYRTLE HILL WILLIE HILL DORIS HOPKINS FLORENCE HUGHES LYDA JENNETTE ALLIE MAE JENNINGS HELEN JORDAN DELLA LISTER EDITH MIDGETTE KATHERINE MILLER MARIE MORGAN RETHA NEEDHAM STELLA OVERMAN ELEANOR RAPER HELEN REICHLE RUTH SANDERLIN MARY SAWYER NANCY HALL SAWYER ROSE SAWYER MARY LEIGH SHEEP FRANCES SINGLETON MARTHA SPRUILL MARDELL SWAIN ANNA TAYLOR EDLA TAYLOR GRACE TAYLOR BETSY WRIGHTc c. c. CLARENCE BARKLEY EMMA CARTWRIGHT DORIS GARD OLIVER GARD LITTLETON GIBBS SARAH LEIGH HARRELL BELMA HAYMAN LINDSEY HOPKINS FLORENCE HUGHES EDNA JOHNSON DOROTHY KERR LEONAS LAMBERT REX MANN SELMA MEADS HARRY MIDGETTE KATHARINE MILLER CARRIE NEWBERN MABEL PERRY LELA PRITCHARD BLANCHE RIGGS IRVIN ROACH ANNA TAYLOR GRACE TAYLOR RICHARD THOMPSON MAMIE TWIFORD LOUISE WILLEY RAY WILLIAMS science cu President Vice President Secretary and Treasurer BOBBIE LEWIS RUPERT COX ELEANOR GOODWIN LUTHER BRITT SHELTON COOPER RUPERT COX LILLIAN DOZIER EDWARD GANDERSON ELEANOR GOODWIN FRANCES HARRIS ALICE HETTRICK ROBERT KEATS ‘ BOBBIE LEWIS BYRON MERCER FRANCES PAPPENDICK ROSE SAWYER WALTER SAWYER WESLEY TAFT CHARLIE B. TOXEYPiano........................................................ALICE DAVIS Saxophones— WILLFORD DAIL. ELLIOTT COOKE. CLARENCE CULPEPPER. NORMAN DAVIS. JAMES COOPER. TOM PEELE Violins— BOBBIE ELLIOTT. JOHN PEELE. MARTHA OUTLAW. STELLA OVERMAN. NANNY REID LOVE. MAXINE MORRISETTE. MARION SAVIN. ABBOTT BAILEY Cornet - ROBERT SPENCE Trombone................................................SARAH WILLIAMS Drum WALTER SWAIN Director..................................................MISS MINNIE NASHd eneral Athletic Association President.................................................................JOHN JOHNSON Business Manager FISH HARRELLSlu Jen I C ouncil President.............................................................BOBBIE LEWIS Secretary and Treasurer DORIS WILKINS MARGARET BATEMAN PHILLIPS DAVIS FORREST DUNSTAN NELLIE HILL FLORA JOHNSON BOBBIE LEWIS JOSHUA MUNDEN HAROLD OVERMAN WOODROW PRICE ROSE SAWYER WALTER SAWYER FRANCES WELLS DORIS WILKINSPresident T'ice President ;retary reasurer •eader JULIA SKINNER FLORA JOHNSON ROBERT SPENCE J. D. WINSLOW MISS TURNER AULMA BOYCE LESSIE HARRIS MAItY SAWYER WILLFORD DAIL CAROLYN KRAMER DORIS SEELEY FORREST DUNSTAN MARTHA OUTLAW WILSON HOLLO WELL ELIZABETH HARRIS JANE SAWYER Spotlight Staff Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Assistant Editor WILMA BOYCE CAROLYN KRAMER LESSIE HARRISWho’s Who in Most Athletic Girl . Most Athletic Boy Best-All-Round Girl Best-All-Round Boy Best Looking Girl Best Looking Boy Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy Wittiest Girl....................... Wittiest Boy........................ Most Intelligent Girl Most Intelligent Boy .... Most Stylish Girl Most Stylish Boy F a me KATHLEEN HARRISON HONEY JOHNSON WILMA BOYCE ARCHIE SHANNONHOUSE MARTHA OUTLAW . WILLFORD DAIL . MARY BALL EDWARD DAVENPORT LESSIE HARRIS J. D. WINSLOW WILMA BOYCE BOBBIE LEWIS CAROLYN KRAMER WILLIAM BROCKPEP! PEP! PEP! Get Your Purol Pep at Dick’s Service Station The largest and most fully equipped station in town We Guarantee Our Service DAY AND NIGHT PHONE 454 Cooper Cleaning, Works Dry Cleaners, Dyers and Hat Blockers Elizabeth City, N. C. Phone 280 NESCO STOVES With Dubl-Hot Burners ATLAS Ready Mixed PAINTS Service and Quality Guaranteed GARRETT HARDWARE CO. THE HARDWARE PHONE 970 ft USTLERS Elizabeth City, N. C. M. G. Morrisette Co., Inc. FURNITURE Cash If You Have It -Credit If You Want ItMake this store your meeting place downtown. Beautiful Clothes for Beautiful Ladies and at prices that can’t he matched in town See our lovely dresses and shoes before making your selection We will appreciate a call from you McCABE GRICE Shopping Center Since 1890 G E R A L D ’ S C O N F E C T IONE E V FOUNTAIN DRINKS Candy -Cigars Cigarettes, Tobaccos, Etc, PHONE 933 WE DELIVER We Have It, Can (let It, or It Isn’t Made ALB E AIA RLE PI IA R AI AC Y New Southern Hotel Building Nunnally’s Candies School Supplies ALBEMARLE BUILDING LOAN ASS’N. “We Help Folks Help Themselves” Savings Bank Trust Co. Building, Suite 201-5-6 Phone 312 .1. C. SAWYER, Pres W. BEN GOODWIN, Sec’y. E. S. CHESSON SON DEPARTMENT STORE ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. Congratulations and Best Wishes for Great Success to all connected with and interested in the Spotlight. And to remind you that when you are ready to furnish a Home, we are here to serve you. QUINN FURNITURE CO. ELIZABETH CITY, N. C.COMPLIMENTS OF KRAMER BROS. CO. Everybody Likes The Friendly Service at THE SUGAR BOWL LUNCHES Southern Trust Co. Insurance of All Kinds Surety Bonds and Loans on City Real Estate Phones 47 and 947 PURITAN CAFE Everybody Likes It—You Will Too TRY IT SAWYER COMPANY The Shop of Quality Men’s Wear Is Bottled for Your Protection Every Bottle Sterilized • CRYSTAL ICE COAL CORPORATION WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ICE DEALERS BRIQUETS EGG SPLINT STOVE AND NUT STEAM COAL CERTIFIED PHONES 16 and 716 Every City Has Its Leading Gift Shop—In Elizabeth City It’s Zoeller’s Studio SKLIG’S He Made Your Year Hook “Jewelers Since 1882“ Pictures An Ethical Drug Store anxious to serve you—with a really sanitary Fountain Service. Every spoon used is sterilized by boiling for over t?n minutes after every servile. We have a double supply just for this purpose. Try our delicious drinks and sundaes. OVERMAN STEVENSON “Drugs With a Reputation” 412 East Main St. CARRIE LEE’S BEAUTY SHOPPE HURDLE’S You’ll Want One of Our Croquinole The Kind of Store You Ringlet Waves Phone 323-W Girls Like “Where The New Styles With Best Wishes Are Shown First’’ M. LEIGH SHEEP CO. P. W. MELICK CO. Cor. Main and Martin Streets Elizabeth City, N. C. Compliments of T 1 i e First Citizens National Bank While Learning—Learn to Use TEXACO PRODUCTS THE TEXAS COMPANY Where High School Boys and Ciirls find what they like to wear Rucker Sheely Company Elizabeth City’s Best Store We appreciate the opportunity of helping put “Spot” in Spotlight The (Apothecary Shop

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