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ö iÄi SifeWÖ in ' MligS A 1 LIMA, ISIEW YORK VOLUME 17 dedicated to JrtyA W " And Moses said unto the children of Israel, ' See, the Lord hath called by name Bezaleel...filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom...in all manner of workmanship...And in Aholiab...them hath He filled with wisdom of heart...Then wrought Bezaleel and Aholiab, and every wise hearted man in whom the Lord put wisdom and understanding to know how to work...for the Service of the sanctuary. (Exodus 35 § 36) Just so in 1969 God called DAN LARKIN to Elim as Maintenance Supervisor, to take Charge of Elim ' s burgeoning construction program. With no prior training in construction, but endowed with the Spirit of wisdom and an endless supply of patience, Dan stepped under the heavy load previously carried by his brother David. Surrounded by his team of " wise hearted men " and assisted by his brother in consultation, Dan has steered Elim successfully through two major construction projects - the Ivan Spencer Tabernacle which houses classrooms, dormitory and large auditorium; and an eighteen-apartment building, the second of a three-building a- f 1 M partment complex. These two projects are valued at one-half million dollars. It was twenty years ago, in the crowded school Chapel, that Dan stepped forward to receive his Elim diploma, then went forth with his wife Nancy to serve the Lord in pioneer church work. Dan never lost his Vision of preaching the Gospel, though answering the call to serve God with his hands. Over the years the Spirit ' s maturing processes have produced a man who not only can wield a hammer and read a blueprint, but can serve God with zeal and wisdom as teacher, preacher, counselor and elder in the Elim Gospel Church on campus. But Dan would be the first to say that he owes much to the support and Cooperation of the maintenance crew, many of whom also minister the Gospel while serving most capably as twentieth Century " Aholiabs. " To you, DAN LARKIN, for your faithful Service since coming to Elim in 1969 as Maintenance Supervisor, we dedicate this year ' s edition of the OASIS. “Come unto me... 4 ' ' " Come unto me 3 all ye that labor and are heavy laden 3 and I will give you rest. " Matt . 11:28 6 26 66 88 106 Ad ixi i nist ration Classes Student Life Missions Advertising 5 ADMINISTRATION “Commit thy way unto the Lord.. " Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass. " Psalm 37:5 CARLTON SPENCER President Theology DAVID EDWARDS Vice President Bible, Pastoral PAUL JOHANSSON Dean of Students Bible, Missions ROY BEVAN Business Manager Bible, Pastoral ROBERT MAHAFFY Academic Dean Bible, Theology DOMENIC MANCINI Registrar JERRY WILKINS Dean of Men Bible, Theology PAULINE STUTZMAN Dean of Women Carl Butler ministers to student body . PAUL ANDERSON Bible, Theology RICHARD BROCKWAY Director of Student Ministries Bible, Theology HELEN CRAVEN Commercial TOM DICKINSON Bible. Theology RICHARD FOX Dean of Married Students Bible, Theology DENNIS HUNT Bible, Pastoral STEWART JOI NER Bible, Theology HAYDEN KENT Assistant Dean of Men Bible, Languages DAN LARKIN Maintenance Supervisor Bible ANNETTE MARSNIK Bible, Greek MICHAEL MATES Bible Christian Education MARION MELOON Publications Christian Education LLOYD MOULTON Bible Theology EDGAR PARKYNS Bible Theology 14 „Jj MT ij % X w Wien Bvztzshers get togethev! (Stanley Hammond) RÜTH RODRIGUEZ Bible Christian Education DAVID SPENCER Bible, Missions NOAH STOLTZFUS Bible GERALD TRUDELL Bible Theology TOP: 1. Stacy Cline Family Bookstore Manager 2. Eimer Clark Maintenance 3. Deborah Zorens 3 Nance Phillips 3 Cheri Anderson 3 Cora Bills Staff Girls BOTTOM: 1. Frank Hays Maintenance 2. Douglas Crosby Carpenter 3. Newton Edwards Mason 17 TOP: 1. Joy Niswander Gwen Herzog Librarian and Assistant 2. Nancy Kling Secretary 3. Carolyn Jones Assistant Dean of Women J ■ jiiy ' r r mm | pl v. ■ % ' S «1 ' I i 1 imam 1 . i i 20 fr JP a- " £V ■ M - T ■ Xij 5: | t ji i ! | v- „ £ f fit !l j : ' ' .j ’ L i ■ ' •■ tV t£ v . »-■♦JSSSk . I •? « MP 4» « Ir: •: .„«! Ed Aletta Markus Printers J m Strübe and Jeff Altman in early stages of organ relocation. Dorothy Mendelsohn Secretary 2 . Jim Elizabeth Sinclair Maintenance Sharon Miller School Nurse 6. Gary Kerr Family Plumber 21 22 4 X ' •Ni Doreen Robertson Office BOTTOM: 1 . Tom Frzzvelle and Family Assistant Cook Louve Altvzer and Family Cook Paul Rvcklv Maintenance TOP: 1. Judy Nauss Music 2. Pamela Sonmore House S upervisor ■ , V 1 . Eva Leisups Missions Secretary 2. Jo Manoini Secretary 3 . Mefus Edwards Hostess 4. Diane Buzzanco Missions Secretary 5. Elsie Ward Missions Secretary 6. Eleanor McKelvie Bookkeeper 7. Hayden Bennett Wife Missions Office Manager » 1. David Copson Wife Home Missions Secretary 2. Sherri Willman Missions Secretavy 3. Costa Deir Wife Foreign Missions Secretary 4 . Ford Manning Night Watchman Wmr. I CLASSES “Learn of me... " " Take my yoke upon you 3 and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. " Matt. 11:29 DAVID ALLEN N. Cohocton, N.Y. JEFFREY ALTMAN Charles City, Va. DENNIS ANDERSON Phoenix, Ariz. KIMBERLY BABCOCK Little Genesee, N.Y. DEBORAH BALD Lockport, N.Y. MICHAEL BALDRIDGE Chardon, Ohio WAYNE BANKS Reynoldsburg, Ohio PATRICIA BENNETT Rochester, N.Y. RICHARD BENTRUP Sepulveda, Calif. RONALD BILLINGS Eidred, Penn. REBECCA BRANDON Crofton, Md. ELAINE BRECKBILL Bethel, Penn. GWENDOLYN BROWNING Mobile, Ala. DEBRA BÜRDEN Toronto, Ont. PATRICK BÜRDEN Toronto, Ont. JOSEPH BURGAN Monongahela, Penn. DEBORAH BUTLER Conyers, Ga. CAROL CATTANO Murray Hill, N.J. JOHN CAVANAGH Avoca, Penn. JAMES CLARK Jr. Lithonia, Ga. LESLIE COMFORT Ralston, Penn. ROBERT COMPTON New Brighton, Penn. MAUREEN CONLEY Elmira, Ont. CHRISTINA CONTRERAS Lima, N.Y. TIMOTHY CONTRERAS Lima, N.Y. WENDY COOK Medina, N.Y. NANCY CROOKSHANK Mentor, Ohio KE ITH CROSS Billings, Mont. WANDA DAVIS New Castle, Penn. DIANE DeANGELIS Pittsburg, Penn. MARJONNEKE DePAGTER Stoney Creek, Ont. JOHN DERRICK Nashport, Ohio DAVID DEXTER Nashua, N.H. SUSAN EARLE Rochester, N.Y. LINDA EAST Roanoke, Va. NEAL ECKERT Oley, Penn. JONATHAN EDWARDS Lima, N.Y. RICHARD EMERY Sacramento, Calif. CATHY ERB Sarasota, Fla. PAMELA FILIPOWICZ Richland, Mich. DON GALARDI Pittsburgh, Penn. DENNIS GALE Detroit, Mich. THOMAS GOOD Phoenix, Ariz. SANDRA GRAY Bristol, Conn. m CRAIG GROSS Corning, N.Y. MARYKE GUTHER Hamilton, Ont. EVELYN HART Duluth, Minn. LAURIE HAZELDEN Fairport, N.Y. TONY HEINTZBERGER Stoney Creek, Ont. PATRICIA HILTZ Halifax, Nova Scotia NORMAN HOLMES Victor, N.Y. MERVIN HORST York, Penn. SHARON HOUSE Rochester, N.Y. CHARLES HUNDLEY Martinsville, Va. ELAINE HUNSECKER Marion, Penn. BOBBI HURMAN Newport News, Va. LORETTA JAUNZARINS Rexdale, Ont. CAROL JENKINS Clarks Summit, Penn. GARRISON JOHNSON Buffalo, N.Y. YVONNE JOHNSON McKeesport, Penn. WALTER JOHNSON Reseda, Calif. CHARLES JOHNSTON Atlanta, Ga. ROXANNE KELLY Dearborn Heights, Mich. : - ■ 55 H ■ -Ä W . 33 GWENDOLYN KENDALL Girard, Ohio JAMES KEYS Waterdown, Ont. ROBERT LAVECK Herkimer, N.Y. JOANNE LEFEVER Horneil, N.Y. GREGORY LEHMAN Avoca, Penn. MICHAEL LEWIS Garden Grove, Calif. DOREEN LOIARS Lockport, N.Y. DENNIS LOMBARDO West Seneca, N.Y. THOMAS LYNCH Watertown, N.Y. ROGER MACOMBER Wayland, N.Y. SHIRLEY MARSHALL Martinsville, Va. DEAN MARTIN Denver, Penn. POLLY McCOWN Liberty, Penn. 34 4 v i . £3 , I J « KAREN MOLLOY Warsaw, N.Y. GLENNA MONTGOMERY Hamilton, Ont. MARY NOVINGER Montoursville, Penn STUTZMAN OPUNGA Nairobi, Kenya KEITH OSCHMAN Penfield, N.Y. JOHN PARKER Cape Vincent, N.Y ■£-. • BETTINA PEARSON Victor, N.Y. JACK PRINCE Cogan Station, Penn. IRENE PROTZE Rutherford, Penn. JAMES PSYHOS Horneil, N.Y. DAVID QUINTA Mannsville, N.Y. JEANELLE RABORG Scottsdale, Ariz. KEITH RAGSDALE Avon, N.Y. YVONNE RHINEHART Cattaraugus, N.Y. WILLIAM RHOADES Painesville, Ohio JOHN RICHMOND Morrisville, N.Y. PAUL RICKLI Lucerne Valley, Calif. DEBORAH ROAK Brockton, Mass. JAY ROBINSON Fairhaven, Mich. JUDITH ROLAND Tacoma, Wash. 37 REBECCA ROPER Hampton, Va ROBERT RULEWICZ Herkimer, N.Y. PAUL RUSSELL Ontario, N.Y. DOUGLAS SHOENENBERGER Fort St. John, B.C. GEORGE SHELDON Rochester, N.Y. MILDRED SHOWALTER Cincinnati, Ohio JOCELYN SMOTHERMON Buffalo, N.Y. REBECCA SPEAKMAN Breckenridge, Minn. 38 V ROBERT STEWART Turtle Creek. Penn ARLENE STOCK Vero Beach, Fla. KENNETH SWYGARD Corvallis, Ore. JAMES TALBOT Marine City, Mich LAURA TEMPLETON Upper Saddle River, N.J JEROME TJERKSTRA Agincourt, Ont. 39 LINDA TRUEBLOOD Falls Church, Va. TERRI TUCKER Algonac, Mich. RICHARD TUNIS Ramsey, N.J. MARY VAN DÜSEN Eigin, 111. HERMINE VAN VLIET Rochester, N.Y. ALLISON VOSS Sycamore, 111. JUDY WEST Gien Rock, N.J. STEVEN WILLIAMS Ashtabula, Ohio DOUGLAS WISE Wilmington, Del. DARLENE WOODKIRK Little Genesee, N.Y. KATHY WRIGHT Graniteville, Vt. JOYCE WYVILLE Orillia, Ont. n 1 RUTH APPLEBEE Bath, N.Y. JOHN ARNOLD Seattle, Wash. TERRY AUCOMPAUGH Esperance, N.Y. GREGORY BABCOCK Little Genesee, N.Y. ROBERT BAILEY Belleville, Ont. ELIZABETH BAMBURY Rome, N.Y. JOHN BARTLOW Remsen, N.Y. WILLIAM BAUSH Allentown, Penn. DENISE BERARDO Avoca, Penn. REBECCA BERG Kingston, N.Y. MARLA BESHGETOOR Atlanta, Ga. RUTH BEVAN Lima, N.Y. DOUGLAS BLAKEMORE Harbor Springs, Mich. 42 DAVID BONAWITZ Rochester, N.Y RENEE BONCUK Pittsburg, Penn EDWARD BOND Rochester. N.Y SUSAN BOOTH Hampton, Va NANCY BORROWDALE Cattaraugus, N.Y ELIZABETH BROWN Ft. Collins. Colo JOSEPH CARY Washington, Penn. MICHAEL CAVANAUGH Utica, N.Y. SAMUEL CHELLADURAI Madras, India CARRIE CHIN Florham Park, N.J. LARRY CLEEK Wenatchee, Wash. KENT COFFER Phoenix, Ariz. : DANIEL CRAMER Pittsburgh, Penn JAMES CUOMO Hasbrouck Heights, N.J WESLEY CYPHER Butler, Penn. DEBBIE DURAND Westchester, Penn JEFFREY DURHAM Oswegatchie, N.Y CAROL EBERSOLE Lancaster, Penn JOHN EBERSOLE Lancaster, Penn SUSANNAH EDELMAN Cayuga, Ont. MARGARITA FLAMELING Stoney Creek, Ont. PATRICIA FORRANT Beverly, Mass. LINDA FRANCIS Monterey Park, Calif RICHARD FROST Bethel Park, Penn MARY BETH GENET Anaheim, Calif. DIANE GERDON Morris Plains, N.J. TIMOTHY GERSTNER Macedon, N.Y. WILLIAM GIESE Lancaster, Ohio DONIA GLOVER Tuscaloosa, Ala. MARK GODLEWSKI Herkimer, N.Y. MARK GOOD WIN Sarnia, Ont. DANIEL GROFF Canton, Penn. HELEN GZANOWICZ Little Falls, N.Y. JOHN HABERER Ramsey, N.J. RODGER HAZEN Fredonia, N.Y. JAMES C. HERRON Lima, N.Y. LEO HICKOX Avon, N.Y. KENT HOLLENBECK Pomfret, Conn. SHOKO HORIKAWA Tokyo, Japan GARY JOHNSON Phoenix, Ariz. THOMAS JONES Ft Plain, N. Y. CELIA KAPCIO Utica, N.Y. DONNA KERN Las Vegas, Nev. RONALD KESNIG Lodi, N.J. PAUL KNICLEY Virginia Beach, Va. BENNY KNOLL GATI Mo mbasa , Kenya ROBERT LANGEL Grosse Pointe, Mich, 47 BRIAN LARKIN Penfield, N.Y. CYNTHIA LARKIN Lima, N.Y. G. WAYNE LAWHORN Mechanicsville, Va. ALAN MARK LEEDER Scarborough, Ont. CHERYL LUDEMAN Silver Creek, N.Y. CATHLEEN MARION Brooktondale, N.Y. DANIEL MARTIN Santa Barbara, Calif. SAMUEL MATHEWS Hagerstown, Md. robert McDonald Portland, Ore. CHRIS MEHL Rome, N.Y. EUGENE MILLER Ulysses, Penn. DENISE MILLS Rome, N.Y. ' 18 PHILIP MILNES Seattle, Wash. STEPHEN MORSE Williamstown, Vt. MARK MYERS North Conway, N.H. SHARON NEWCOMER Ulysses, Penn. GERALD NICKLAS Verona, Mo. BARBIE NISWANDER Corunna, Ont. KE ITH OWEN Taylor, Mich. DAVID PARKER Cape Vincent, N.Y. BRENDA PEARSON Oneonta, Ala. DIANE PHILLIPS New Castle, Penn. 49 CLIFFORD POIROT Rochester, N.Y. IVY POWERS Rochester, N.Y. MICHAEL RICHMOND Lima, N.Y. MARGARET RIDGEWAY Clarkston, Mich. DANIEL ROBINSON Pittsburgh, Penn. GARY ROSELLE Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. STEVEN RUTT Phoenix, Ariz. MARILYN RYBKA New Market, Ont. PETER SAFFERY Lima, N.Y. PAMELA SCHUFFERT Alexandria, Va. ROBERT SHEETZ Lima, N.Y. RONALD SHUSTER Pittsburgh, Penn. ALICE SIMONS Hampton, Va. VIRGINIA SMITH Marion, N.Y. ROBIN STEEN Scottsdale, Ariz. MARGARET SYMONS Peterborough, Ont. 51 w RICHARD THRIFT Christ Church, Va. NICK TILSTRA Bridgenorth, Ont. JERRY TIMBONE Bethpage, N.Y. JON TRIMBLE Ontario, N.Y. SUSAN TURNBULL Barrie, Ont. JOHN VALENTIN East Petersburg, Penn. Mystery guest at missionary oonvention examines the harvest fields of South America! BARBARA WALKER Bridgewater, Nova Scotia RONALEE WOODS Hudson, N.Y. CHRISTY YANCY Oneonta, Ala. OASJS 1975 ST AFF - C’e t Untl FRED ADAMS Matthew 5:3 BleAAed ojie tke poon. Tn bpTjUt, ion. theJtu ti tke. klngdom ofi heaven. JERRY AMACHER VsioveAbA 18:24 A man that katk ntend mciAt t hew htm et Atendly: and tke ie li a ntend that bttcketh cloAeA than a bn.otheA. ALICE ALEXANDER Matthew 10:39 He that fitndeth kü LL e. bhalJL lote tt: and he that lo eth bü i£e. hon my Aake, hatZ itnd Tt. PETER BOOT Vn. 0 J 2 Abt 3:5,6 TauAt tn tkd Lond wttki aZZ thtnd kdont; and Zdan not unto thtnd ouin undeAAtandtng. ln aZZ tky dayt aoknouiZddgd klm, and kd bkaZZ cÜAdct tky pa£kt . LUANN BOURNE ?6 aZm 71:16 I wtZZ go tn tkd At imgtk oh tho, Loft.d God: I UtlZZ makd mdntton oh tky atgkt- douAneA-6, dvdn oh thtnd onZy . 0 God, tkou ka £ taug kt md hom my youtk: and httkeAto kavd I dd- cZa idd tky ooondnouA mnkA. STEPHEN BREWER Luke. 10:8,9 And tnto uikatAOdOdfi ctty yd dntdA, and tkdy fidcdlod you, dat Auck tktng-i, oa OJid Adt bd otid you: And kdaZ tkd Atak tkat otid tkdUdtn, and Aay unto tkdm, tkd klngdom oh God Za comd nlgk unto you. NESTOR CINTRON Mattkdd 28:18,19 And JdAuA camd and Apakd unto tkm, Aaytng, oZZ pouJdfi Za gtvdn unto md tn kdavdn and tn da itk. Go yd tkeAd otid, and tdack aZZ nattonA, bapttztng tkdm tn tkd namd oh tkd Vatkdt, and oh tkd Son and oh tkd HoZy GkoAt. 55 I LINDA COLE PklLlppäanA 3:10 Tkcut I may knou) klm, and tk L pOLÜCA 0klt AnAaAAncXkon, and tkn dULomklp okü AuföeSu.ng4, bnlng madn aon oAmabln unto kc6 dnatk. QUINBY COLLIER PkUklppäanA 4:19 BuX my God Akatt uppty aZl youA nnnd accoAcilng to kU AäcknA Än gtoAy by CiaAÄJit J 6a6. SANDRA COLLIER 7 PeXeA 5:7 Casting alt youA coah upon klm; fioA kn caAntk faoA yoii. PATTY DOUTT Vnoo ibA 3:5,6 TnuAt tn tke, Lond mtk alt thtnn knaAt; and l an not unto thtne. om undeAAtandtng. In alt tky wayA acknowtzdgz htm, and k L Akalt du UizcX tky patkA. GARY DYCK John 17:3 And thtA Ia JLL q. itoAnat, that tk y migkt knoiv tkee. the onty t uiz God, and JztaA Cknt t, wkom tkou kaAt A nt. IRENE DYK PhtttpplanA 1:6 " Betng conßlde.nt o{, thtA v iy thtng, tkat kz whtak katk bugan a good u)onk ln you ivltt p i onm It anttl tko. day o jj J zaua ChntAt. " DARRYL FAST 1 Ttmotky 1:7 Von God katk not glvun ha tkz Aptntt aß eaA; bat ofi poiven, and ofi tove., and ofi a Aoand mlnd. SENIORS GRADUATING 1976 JOHN KIMBALL DANA RATTRAY STEVE RUTT ELIZABETH SEIFERT MARLENE FRANK 7 John 4:18 Tkefid tu no jjea i ln lovz: bat peAfiect lovd ccutdtk out dcui: bdcaaöd e cui kcutk tofumdnt. He tkat dcuidtk iu not madd peA dcÄ tn lood. CHRISTINE GOLEMB Wtoak 7:18 WHo tu a God Ztkd unto tkdd, tkcut pcuidondtk tntqutty, and pau dtk by tkd t ianugfieUAton otkd fimnant ofi htu ke UAagd? He fidtatndtk not ktu angdA fioti eve i, bdoaoUd He ddttghtdtk tn mdAciy. JEFFERY GORDON 7 Ttmotky 1: 5 Nou) tkd dnd o tkd commandmdnt du ckcuitty out o a pu id kdcuut, and o h a good oonuatdncd, and o jj fiattk anfidtgndd. CRAMER JACKSON Vantdt 12:3 Tko-öd ako cu ie tdackeJiu kati tkdn Ahtnd au tkd bfitgktndUA o jj tkd fitAma- rnnnt and tkoAd ivko tuAndd many to Ktghtdoub- neu-6 cu tkd btcuiu £oa i dooA and dVdA. 58 MARTIN LAPANSIE John 15:12 TkL s ti my aommandmint, tkat yo, Jtove. ono, anotko .A 04 I bove love.d you. WARREN MILLS Epke lani 3:20,21 Nou) unto fUm tkat Ö4 ob£c to do uxanndtng abundantty abovz alt tkat ice 04 fe oa thtnk, cLccosicUng to tkd poiv i tkcut wosik.dtli In 04, imto ktm be glosiy tn t le cboOc.fi by ChSuAt Je4o4 tkAougkout ait ag , Loontd Lvttkout znd. KENNETH MORRISON l ouuak 41:10 FeaA tkou not ; I am ivltk tk i i: be not cLUmaynd; oo I am tky God: I wuXb -4 tAzngtkm £bee; y a, I uuXb be£p £bee; t co, I mJUL upkold -tbee mXk tho, filgkt kand OjJ mt A0gb£eoo4oe44. JOHN NEWTON Vi odm 46:1,2 God Li üuA £zfiuge. and At£ ngtk, a vcAlj pteA nt koXp Ln tAoublz. TkeAzfioae, u)ULL not we fjea i, tkougk tko, QßJiXh be amov d, and tkougk tfio, mountaLnt be ca iAL d Lnto thz mLcU £ o tkz i)da. SUSAN ORRED ItaLak 26:3,4 Tkou wLLt feeep klm Ln pQA ct ptact, wko z mLnd Lt 4 tagend on tf kl l: b cauAz. k e ttuAteXk Ln tk e,. TaiuL yz Ln tko, Land o£ qxqji: o£ Ln tkz Load J kovak Li uveAtaAtLng AtAnngtk. UattkcjW 10:11 " Wk oao vca. wttt be akle. among you, tet klm be. youJi 4 exoant. n - - ERMA PERKINS €t 1 CoAtntklayii, 5:7 5 And tkat ke dte.d i alt, tkat tkny wklc,k ttve, bhoutd not kunce oAXk live, unto tkem etveA, bat unto klm wklc.li dle,d Ion. tkm, and AoAe, agaln. LEON PERKINS 7 ContntklänA 8:6 But to 06 tkeAe. lt but one, God, tke, Batke i, ofi wkom an.e, alt tklngA, and we, tn klm ; and one. Lon.d J 606 CkvUt, by wkom aAe. alt tklngA, and we by klm. LETA PETTIT PkltlpplanA 4:13 I can do alt tklngA tkiougk CknÖAt wklck AtAe,ngtkenetk me. VINCENT OTTEN 61 c . 0 ' L DARYL RICHARDS Lame.ntattoyu 3:22-24 I£ 4 j o tke, Losid ' A meAct A tkcut wz asm not conMmud, bdccuiAe. kci compcuAtonA ficuJ, not. Tk y culz new e.veAy mosintng: gsie.a£ 4 j tky cUtk uineAA. The. Lodet £a my podtton, AcuXk my äollZ: theA odz wtZt I hope. tn kvm. JACK ROWE 2 Codlntklan 5 :9 WkeA ode. we laboud, tkcut wketkeA pde e.nt o i absent, we may be acc.e.p£e.d o Ivan. I ' I JUAN RAMIREZ 2 ConZntkZanA 5:17 TheAe. one. Z any man be. Zn Ch iZi t, he. Zb a new cAe.atuAe.: oZd ZkZngA aAe pa Ae.d away; beJioZd, alZ thingi aAe. become new. Guest missionary students add spice to classes ! JANE ROWE 2 SamueZ 22:3 7 Ä4 ioK God, hZi May Zj peA e-cX; tke. MoAd o{ tke. LoAd Za tAZe.d: he. Za a buckZeA to aZZ tkm tkaX tAuAt Zn kZm. SHELDON SORGE PkilippianA 4:11 Not tkat I Ape.ak in n.e pe.ct ivant: fion. I fiaue le.anne.d, in u)katAoe.veA Atate. I am, tkeAewitk to be. conte.nt. THOMAS SPYKER John 3:16 Von. God 40 love.d ;tbe wo Aid, tkat be gaue bX6 ouZg be.gotte.n Son, tkat Lvh.oAoe.veA beZlevetk in kirn Akoaid not peAiAk, bat baue e.veAiaAting li e.. LES STRANDT PACiim 86:11 Teack me. tky way, 0 Load; I ivM waik in tky tnatk: anJjte. my ke.aAt to le.aA tky name.. THERESIA TILSTRA lAOiak 26:3 Tkou wiit fceep him in peAfie.ct peace., uikoAe. nind iA Ataye.d on tke.e.: be.cauAe. be tnaAteXk in tke.e.. WILLIAM TIMMONS GcdLoutianA 3:3 Kn.e. ye. ao fiooliAk? Having be.gun in tke. Spinit, ane. ye. now made. peA e.ct by tke. filetk? PURCY TJIN KON KIEM lAaiak 40:31 Bat tke.y tkat wcüjt apon tke. LoAd Akali n.e.new tkeÄA Atne.ngtk; tke.y Akaii moant ap witk wingA at e.agJLet; tke.y Akaii. nun, and not be. we.aAy ; and tke.y Akaii waik, and not fiaint. 64 jgum FORD WILLMAN Mccttkm 5:8 B-ldAAdd CMid tkd puJtd Zn kdcuut: jj on. tkdy AkalZ bdd God. WILLIAM WADE lAaZak 26:3,4 Tkou wZIX kddp km Zn pMl dCX pdCLCLd, wko£d mZnd Za 4 tcujdd on tkdd: bdcauAd kd tnuAtdtk Zn Zkdd. TnuAt yd Zn tkd LoJid faon. dvdA: {on Zn tkd Lond Jdkovcik Za dVdAlaAtZng AtAdngZk. I STUDENT LIFE “Ye shall be my witnesses " But ye shall veoeive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem 3 and in all Judea 3 and in Samaria 3 and unto the uttermost part of the earth. " Acts 1:8 I A DAY FOR RECREATION What is it about the Elim school pionio that makes one feel so olose to God? Six students jam into a car, faces pressed against every window in a vain attempt to miss nothing of the scenery flying by. There is laughing, singing, praising, telling stories of old adventures and new hopes; all are filled with expectation of the picnic. What a release finally to reach the park and burst from the crowded cars into the freedom of the park! The trees are a giant garden of dazzling autumn colors and the heart filis with adventure and the urge to explore. Arriving at the pavilion, ' we pile out to join in the games. A group of couples stray off for a gorge side chat. A water balloon version of toss-and-catch suddenly gets interrupted with a yell, " Time to eat! " It surely stmnds good after all that hard play. Füll plates empty fast, then refill, while long tables join friends in excited sharing of the day ' s events. We flop heavily onto the grass and think of how good it all feels. The autumn beauty of God’s creation overwhelms us and our hearts cry for some means to express our thankful- ness to God. Then someone starts a chorus and our informal worship Service begins. A brilliant sunset streaks red and orange across the purpling sky, reminding us of the close of day. We pile back into our cars - six students jam into a car - but things are different now. We are closer to each other, and to the One who brought us together. Jesus is Lord, and we can all feel it. Perhaps HE is the veason why we feel so close to God at the Elim Sohool pionio. 69 | Sag r : -r f 4 ■ t” ' • i j ! 1-1 1 4 t- p i W-T«i ( - Ä: 1 ■ f ' ' | . , f W 4t ' - k t J •■.■ ' • ' • ' •■X e» TmaigS ■ - Ä- ' x ' 5 BrS li -i 1 rap | 3Skg L fe WHERE DO ELIM STUDENTS MEET? Wherever the food is! And the lunch line provides one of the best places for mingling with neighbors. Düring the some- times long wait, chatting students discuss events of the day, punctuating their comments with easy gestures. While some meet new people, a certain few display their diligence by reviewing Greek conjugations or memory verses. Orders of french fries and popcorn greet students gather- ing at Elim ' s Snack Bar. After purchasing their tasty treats, small clusters ex- change laughter and share serious conversations over cokes, milkshakes and the ever-popular Elimburger! It ' s a good time to " let your hair down " and enjoy the presence of friends. There are also those busy guys and gals with work duties during mealtimes. They man¬ age to keep smiling no matter how high the dishes pile up! It’s a rare day when a cheer- ful hello doesn ' t come from the dishroom. ;s . ! EXERCISED UNTO GODLINESS 2 Timothy 2:15 - " Be diligent to present yourself approved to God. " Somehow, our Lord manages to put within us the desire to learn here at Elim. The library in College Hall fills with students engrossed in learning more of God and His ways. We labor through reference materials and the librarian often helps with her suggestions. The Spirit of the Lord broods over us as we work to finish the last term paper, meanwhile strug- gling within to create an atmosphere of rest in the midst of our haste; peace in the midst of chaos. What fun when all of us - big and small join in a rousing game of Volleyball or just struggle through calisthenic exercises! Togetherness in play, as in worship, becomes part of that " Body ministry " we learn here at Elim. There is just something about see- ing that stately, spiritual brother or sister give their all in trying to shoot a basket or bat a ball. His spirituality comes into reach with that human touch and to- gether we learn that Christ is for the whole man. To sum up, we combine all that we ' re learn¬ ing with well-exercised bodies and begin to put our knowledge into practice. We learn to test our love for one another every day, as we wait patiently for the shower, or sweep the floor for the twentieth time while our roommate enjoys a good book on the top bunk. Getting to know one another, to share our Pro¬ blems and triumphs, is the most rewarding part of it all, be- cause God is manifested in this ever-growing love for our new Elim family. i ■ ■ I fei STUDENTS N FRESHMEN FRED ANTONELLI Linthicum, Md. JOE BAILEY Rapid City, S.D. MARY JO BAILEY Rapid City, S.D. STEVEN BUNKOFF Schenectady, N.Y. RONALD GUY Warsaw, N.Y. EDWARD DEWEY Fremont, Neb. MARK DIETERLE Horseheads, N.Y. JOSEPH DISARNO Holcomb, N.Y. PETER DOUGHERTY Norridgewok, Me. JAMES FARNSWORTH Spencerport, N.Y. DENISE HAMERSLEY Sayward, B.C. MICHAEL HAMERSLEY Sayward, B.C. THOMAS HAMLIN Manchester, N.H. KENT HEINTZELMAN Virginia Beach, Va. BRYAN HERTZLER West Liberty, Ohio MARY HERTZLER West Liberty, Ohio CHARLES KETOLA Margate, Fla. THOMAS KIMMEL Canton, Ohio JOHN LONG Lima, N.Y. JAMES MacPHERSON Lima, N.Y. LORA METCALFE Ontario, N.Y. EDWARD NORTON Lima, N.Y. KATHY OTTO Webster, N.Y. SALLY PAHL W. Pittston, Penn. KURTIS ROOK Niagara Falls, N.Y. MARK SANDERS Avon, N.Y. OT PICTURED TRYGVE TOMLINSON Averi 11 Park, N.Y. DAVID WALKER Old Forge, Penn. RICHARD WALLACE Asheville, N.C. DORENE WANNER Birmingham, Mich. BERNARD YATES Norfolk, Va. JUNIORS DANA CHAPMAN Andover, Mass. LINDA HOLLENBECK Pomfret, Conn. ROBERT JEWELL Lima, N.Y. DAVID JOHNSON Avon, N.Y. WILHELMINA JOHNSON Hamilton, Ont. DAVID PETRIE Lima, N.Y. JULIE ROMAINE Newport News, Va. LOREE SCHMIDT W. Middlesex, Penn. RICHARD SOUTH Freeland, Mich. GAY SPILMAN Rochester, N.Y. RICHARD TRICE Lima, N.Y. RICHARD VanHOUTEN Allendale, N.J. PETER WISE Honeyoye Falls, N.Y. SPECIAL STUDENTS MICKIE ALTIZER Lima, N.Y. LYNNE GILHAM Bellaire, Ohio PHILIPOS KEMERE Awasa, Ethiopia CAROLYN MARCELLO Rochester, N.Y. ALVIN MILLER Ulysses, Penn. JUDY NAUSS Toronto, Ont. 82 I nmn| I 1 MISSIONS “60 ye into all the world. " And He said unto them 3 Go ye into alt the World 3 and preach the gospel to every creature. " Mark 16:15 The Word of God I have received in this Bible College will help me to stand against the wiles of the devii. I thank the Lord for what He has done for me while I have been here. The first thing I have learned is to depend on Jesus Christ in all conditions. The second thing is to wait upon the Lord. The third thing is to seek the Lord with my whole heart. The fourth thing is to repent all the time and the fifth thing is to pray all the time. These are some of the many things I have learned while I am in this school. Jeremiah Odhiambo Kaimosi Bible College The Lord is teaching me many things to prepare me for my future ministry. One thing I learned is to be obedient to Hirn. I learned that I needed Jesus Christ in a deeper way. Also I discovered that being a preacher is not just Standing before people and throwing scriptures. My request is that the Lord may anoint my ministry. Franais Bushebi Kaimosi Bible College First of all I must take the chance of saying " Praise the Lord. " Me personally I must thank the Lord Jesus Christ for my life. I know the Bible says, " All have sinned and have gone short of the glory of God, " but because God loves me so much. He sent His only Son to die for my sins so that I could be again able to talk with God. I had done the worst of all sins, but thank God that I am saved. I never knew my red sins could be washed and become as white as snow. The Lord picked me from a family where evil spirits are worshipped. But thank God, for he says, " You will be saved and the household. " So now the Lord is raising the family to a proper worship. Praise God that at this time I need nothing, being blessed from above. Although temptations come, the Lord says, " I am with you always, " and He will never fail nor forsake me. God bless you all as you read this testimony, for the Bible says " They defeated the devil by their testimonies. " Taranganya High Sehool Bukuria 3 Kenya 90 ' Sfck §U «i: (Excerpts from letters written by Germany- based Chester and Mary Gretz) No room for Him in the inn and nowhere to lay His head. Such was Christ s introduc- tion to this earth. Though centuries have passed, this still is true today. He is banned from political Systems including Eastern Europe ' s. He has also been banned from their educational System. The press makes mention of Him only in a derogatory sense as it derides and mocks those who profess to believe in Him. Even cathed- rals once filled with worshippers now are museums and anti-religious theaters. In those that remain, one can hardly find Him in the formalities of religion. Yet there are those who receive Him. Meet¬ ing secretly outdoors or in homes, or open- ly in halls and old church buildings, these continue to let their lights shine in a dark world and are willing, if needs be, to suffer for Christ. What a privilege to meet with such and to work with them in spreading the good news that the Savior has come! We have seen more people confess Christ as personal Savior and others edi- fied by the Word of God than in any pre- vious year. In one country in spite of the strict Con¬ trols, we found a strong growing church. My heart was stirred as church leaders shared their burdens and needs. Although they could not permit me to speak in their churches, I was able to share God ' s Word with groups and individuals in many places . In a house meeting in another country, there were 40 people gathered on a Sunday morning. Seven stood in response to an invitation to receive Christ. The kind- ness of church leaders and congregations is overwhelming. In an evening Service we both sang and I preached in Polish, while the Pastor interpreted into the lo¬ cal tongue. At the close of the Service, we were deeply moved as the congregation waved their handkerchiefs and sang, " God be with you ' tili we meet again. " POLISH TESTIMONY: " If I had the choice to make between your countryAmerica 3 with all of its materialis tic blessings yet not so much interest in the spiritual life 3 and my countryVoland 3 where we have fewer material possessions yet a deep hunger for God ' s Word. . .1 would still choose my country. A deep hunger for God’s Word means more to me than your freedom or materialistic blessings.” 92 Clockwise 3 top to bottom: 1. Ladies’ Bible Study in Spain 2. Youth Camp in Poland 3. Converted Gypsy group 4. Overflowing aongregation behind the Iron Curtain 5. A mountain scene in Switzerland 93 (Letters printed in the Elim Pentecostal Herald 3 1935- r 45j written by pioneer missionaries, Roy and Theresa Hill) Sept. ' 35 - Kisumu - Kenya : " Here we are settled in our four-room house - we have made our home look a bit decent. Our two trunks covered with cotton cloth serve as seats, two egg crates provide a cupboard for dishes. Dec. 35 - In a prayer meeting Thursday, ten received old-time salvation. What floods of tears and they were shaking under the power of God. Among the believers here are former cannibals! Aug. 1 36 - About a month ago in the Wednesday meeting the power of God struck like a thunderbolt and several were knocked off their seats. One woman was baptized in the Holy Ghost and spoke in clear English. She began with praises to God and then spoke about the soon gathering of God ' s chosen ones and that now was the time to yield to His preparation. Apr. 38 - We were called to go and pray for a man in a village 10 miles away. When we began praying, the Lord revealed to us that He wanted this man to live but the devil wanted him to die. At nine he died but we held on and at ten he came to life! At two he died again but we held on to God and glory - at four he lived again! On Monday at eleven he passed away again - at twelve he was quickened once more and for good! Feb. ' 41 - Just today a man was carried in who had been bitten by a very poison- ous snake, but God marvelously undertook and he walked away. Sept. 41 - Bukuria - We are still praising God, though the enemy has opposed us ever since we came here. First of all, Theresa came down with black-water fever and typhoid, then I had four attacks of malaria. I had another disease with it and was near death ' s door when they prayed through for me and I was made every whit whole. Then this noon a cyclone hit the church and ripped off half the roof! But we ' ve had several marvelous conversions. Nov. 41 - The enemy cer- tainly does not want Bro, Dodzweit here. First his landing permit was held up, then we had car trouble trying to see the government officials in Kisumu to put down his entry bond. The devil has done many things to hinder but 94 Hallelujah, he has not punctured our lungs yet or broken the springs in our legs! Last Sunday a woman brought her baby who was very sick to be prayed for and he was healed immediately! May 1 42 - Well glory! These past two weeks have been hectic! First there was sickness throughout the assembly, then thieves broke in and stole two trunks and two suitcases of clothes, smashing things up in general. This happened on a night when we had a marvelous tarrying meeting. Then sickness again until now there is not a village in Watende without sick¬ ness. Then our family got sick, and on top of that an unexpected bill came. But Jesus is Victor, praise His Name! Oct. 42 - We are still pressing the battle and shouting Hallelujah! We are pushing the devil hard and he us these days, but we have no doubt who will win. We now have 110 in Sunday School and 55 in school. We have lost many of our young men to the Army or we would have many more. Though old Bisambo (Devil) is fighting hard to defeat, the Father is still healing folks. A little boy was stricken with infantile paralysis and the hospital could do nothing to help him. While visiting, I prayed for the little chap and now he attends Sunday School and is perfectly whole. Hallelujah! Jan. ' 43 - As we cabled, I was attacked by a national who had been Smoking hemp and was completely crazy. He first came at me with a club, then with a spear and struck me three times in the right hand, practically severing my index finger. It was so mangled that it had to come off and now I ' m learning to write with four fingers. Gangrene had set in before it was amputated but praise God I only lost the finger. I had tried my best to appease the chap and twice went out of the house to quiet him down, but he kept coming at me. It was an awful battle and shook my faith to the depths. I still can ' t understand why Father didn ' t heal my finger. Apr. 43 - We are both badly in need of a furlough, in fact the govern- ment Medical Officer has ordered Theresa out, but she can stay at her own risk; and me, well, I ' m all nerves and for the sake of the work here a new worker should take over. Everything is progressing steadily, fine meetings. This month we are in a visiting campaign of every village and every hut, with good results. Aug, ' 43 - Reports from our seven bush churches are encouraging. A government official was just here and was very pleased with the work. He said he had seen great advancement since his last trip here two years ago. Sept. ' 43 - We had a grand baptismal Service with over 400 attending, and baptized our first Watendes. There were nine of them. The government approved six of our bush church buildings but turned down our request to build another five saying we are going too fast! Jan. ' 44 - The last Sunday in every month all the bush churches and Sunday Schools come in for meetings here on the Station. We are having wonderful times. Our bush church pastors preach and I serve communion. A pastor also leads the singing. The church is always more than packed, with many women in attendance. Sept. ' 44 - You will be glad to hear that the Lord is moving among the Luo people whose boundary is four miles from here. The Chief told me he wanted many, many churches and also asked when we were going to Start a girl ' s boarding school. They have many to send. It certainly was encouraging to listen to him, after our battle here. Our Watende Chief seems hard against Christianity and doesn ' t encourage his people or children. Feb. ' 45 - Praise the Lord, Bro Sickler has arrived. He came just b efore Christmas. We love him and feel sure he will fit well into the work here. And the fellowship? It is beyond words! " In the June ' 45 Herald , there was printed a letter from Arthur Dodzweit whioh said that Bro. Hill was on the verge of black water fever again and in desperate need of a furlough. This was followed by a eable from the Bills declaring their expectation to sail in July. Brothers Dodzweit and Sickler were able to carry on the work with the assistance of their wives who were then enroute to Kenya. 95 God is at work in Latin America. Many are coming to Christ through varied avenues. Three Latin American missionaries and their work are featured on these pages. Sixto and Ruth Lopez are involved in an extensive radio ministry in Bogota, Colombia . " The radio ministry is very effective here in Colombia., so many are saved and blesse ' d through the Word. " They have also opened a downtown office for counselling and teaching, including a Dial-a-Message telephone Service. At a recent convention in Bogota, several found healing in the Name of Jesus. George and Virginia Barney are working among villages near Matehuala, Mexico. The Holy Spirit is blessing their in- volvement in village evangel- ism and teaching. " Five Mexicans have indicated they feel called of the Lord. One of these said he had two burros he would have to seil and some corn to gather and then he would be ready to go wherever the Lord would have him go. On the way home that day he sold his burros and is home now harvesting his corn preparing to move out for the Lord. " John and Eleanor Barstow of Haiti are deeply involved in ministry there teaching and evangelizing. They have recently returned to establish a new work in a remote area. There is a great mixture of religions in this area and one church is called " The Pentecostal Methodist National Cathedral of Erzeduelie! " LEFT, TOP TO BOTTOM: 1. Bro. Jestis baptizing a fellow Mexican in a povtable baptismal tank. 2. Sixto Lopez Z. Latin American believers worshipping. RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: 1. George Barney mixing adobe to build a Mexican pastor ' s home. 2. Victoria 3 a Mexican pastor 3 teaching Christians in a village. Z. John 3 Joy 3 and Eleanor Barstow of Haiti. 4. Christians fellowshipping in Lima 3 Peru. m f I ' ' T- f p I ;v 97 UPPER LEFT: V.G. Kunjappy and family from Pathanam- thitta 3 South India. UPPER RIGHT: 1. Bro. Spencer and Arthur dodzweit 2. David Clark with Benny Knoll Gati and Mary Beth Genet BELOW: Youth With A Mission in Scotland. 99 FORMER ELIM STÜDENTS SERVING OVERSEAS ARGENTINA MISSIONAR IES-AT-LARGE Brian and Audrey Bailey Milford and Phyllis Kirkpatrick MEXICO George and Virginia Barney Robert and Dorothy Blodget Paul and Helen Groman COSTA RICA Robert and Carla Alarid Kenneth and Helen Bennett Allen and Grace Claycomb Paul and Carolyn Rue Gay Spilman BELIZE Jim and Yvonne Hartshorn COLOMBIA Forrest and Faith Dodge David and Lucille Faust Sixto and Ruth Lopez PERU Carlos and Celia Estrada Peter and Marion Seda Celsio and Margaret Contreras Alex and Mildred Manzewitsch Edward and Eleanor Miller John and " Peachy " Miller Harry and Connie Vellekoop PARAGUAY Cathy Schisler BRAZIL Kenneth Ebersole Judith Ebersole JAMAICA Malcolm Sievewright HAITI John and Eleanor Barstow KENYA Granger and Beverly Angel Henry and Esther Barton Eva Butler David and Mary Clark Frank and Pam Davis LeRoy and Shirley Davis Arthur and May Dodzweit Ben and Sarah Dodzweit KENYA (Cont.) Robert and Elizabeth Earle William and Juanita Foy Phil and Starlene Harman Jim and Evelyn Johnson Carolyn Jones Richard and Peggy Kellogg George and June Lindsay Jerry and Ann Lout John and Jenny Maxwell Odie May and Grace Morris Harrison Mwangi Erastus and Naomi Otiendo Carolyn Potucek Clara Rhines Elizabeth Ridenour Dawn Roherty Jenny Sewell Bud and Fay Sickler INDIA Billy Johansson V.G. and Rosamma Kunjappy Percy and Rebecca Levy Abraham and Joy Samuel JAPAN George Fowler Louise Fowler Lydia Struik PHILIPPINES Marvin and Barbara Byers Paul and Rose Stutzman INDONESIA Stephen and Eleanor Westfall AUSTRALIA John and Hope Ferguson NEW ZEALAND Frank Darcy Desmond and Carley Short Don and Valmae Crosbie LEBANON Joseph and Edna Brown Abraham and Carolyn Rababy JORDAN Sandra Newton SWITZERLAND Ernest and Hedi Tanner GERMANY Emma Deachert Chester and Mary Ruth Gretz Richard and Susan Jackman Jim Orred ENGLAND Patricia Banner SCOTLAND David and Darlene Brett Jim and Nancy Icke On Furlough Sam Mathews and touring Spanish Band Robin Steen at the University of Rochester Paul Anderson preaohing in a Spanish church The " Open Door Mission Directed by Jim Eerron mi 4»-:W lllüiiUJ 103 « i: 3 ? " For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle? " ELIM — A LIGHT THAT SHINES 104 Students battle the powers of darkness, and WIN, in Jesus name...on College campuses; at the State School for boys at Indus- try, N.Y.; and at other outstations for ministry. 105 " Ye are the lights of the world...among whom ye shine as lights in the darkness. " mm THE ÜOEBHIIZ Efn® Wb» 106 ADVERTISING " In every thing give thariks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. " 1 Thess. 5:18 I ELIM GOSPEL CHURCH LIMA, N.Y. SUNDAY Sunday School Morning Worship Evening Worship WEDNESDAY Family Night 9:45 A.M. 11:00 A.M. 7:00 P.M. 7:00 P.M. Women ' s Outreach Fellowship Tuesday, Monthly Paul Anderson, Pastor 108 ■MB 640 Kempsville Road • P O. Box 62461 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462 ( 804 ) 499 3727 Pastors: Rev. John Gimenez Rev. Anne N. Gimenez CONGRATULATIONS FROH THE ROCK CHURCH AND STAFF 109 Sgss Ite Idlicntdclc ' WHERE WORSHIP IS A WAY OF LIFE " E. 17TH ST. N. TUTTLE AVENUE SARASOTA, FLORIDA Pastor: Neville E. Gritt Congratulations to the Class of 1975! Schedule of Services SUNDAY Sunday School Morning Worship Evening Service TUESDAY 10:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 6:30 p.m. Family Night Service 7:00 p.m. " Something for Every Age f ' SATURDAY Innercalm Coffeehouse 7:30 p.m. REV. BERNARD J. EVANS, PASTOR 300 Main St., New York Mills, N.Y ' W 13417 110 I MOBILE REVIVAL CENTER 2056 Stone Street Mobile, Alabama Pastor: Milton R. Ennis THE HEART OF DIXIE CAMPMEETING 2240 Bear Fork Road Mobile (Whistler), Alabama Ten days - Ending 2nd Sunday in August 1975 Dates - July 31 - August 10 (Free Will Offering Plan) YOU ARE INVITED TO OUR CHURCH AND CAMPMEETING SERVICES FULL GOSPEL INTER-FAITH NON- DENOMINAT IONAL EVANGELISTIC CENTER CHURCH 1024 TRUMAN RD. KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 64106 CHURCH DOMINATED BY PRAISE AND WORSHIP " Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory 1 Founded on Solid Foundation: THE WORD OF GOD Spring Convention Fall Convention May 19th-22nd Oct.20th-22nd HOST PASTORS A.J. and MARGARET ROWDEN STANDLEE ROBERTA CRANE 111 FULL GOSPEL CHAPEL 1113 MAIN ST., AVOCA, PA 18641 PASTOR - REV. RON PRICE SUNDAY Sunday School 9:45 A.M. Worship 11:00 A.M. Phone (607) 324-3899 Gospel WEDNESDAY 7:30 P.M. Genesee § Church Streets Prayer § Bible Study 7:30 P.M. Horneil, N.Y. 14843 SATURDAY Agape Coffee House 8:00 P.M. PASTOR J. PETER BELEC PHONE 457-5042 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FROH Starville at Shea Rds. Fair Haven, Michigan TABERNACLE Rt. 44, Myrtle, Pa. Little Genesee, N.Y. Pastors: Lou Goszleth Don Parrent Al?? " Unto Him he glovy !T in the Church.. . ” Ti Ephesians 3:21 Robert A. Tucker, Pastor 112 LIFE PRAISE TABERNACLE 2778 SNAPFINGER ROAD DECATUR, GEORGIA 30034 (404) 981-4047 THE MINISTRY OF LIFE PRAISE Ltia and P iaLie TabeAnacte Li a bodij oß beLLeveA-i u)k 2 A.n utosuklp -in SplAlt and Tfiuth Li manti ett. ifJkeAz thz pfizA nt day mpka iLi oi tke. Holy Sptnit Ammat Li maouAag d, not onty tn tho. CkaAtbmattc 4ß.nie ai Li knoivn among L ie Vmomtnattonat ChuAcke, i, bu.L aLio a Rmewat cu tt Ls nmdzd Ln L ie CLu iLc VzntmoAtal CkuAckm. We oYß. a Foltomkip mXh a WoAhdwtde. vt ton io fi tho. outAzack oi aiitctivz A ivtce. ioA oJUL oi God ' -i ptoplz tn alt nationi . 113 THE MINISTERS AND MISSIONARIES OF ELIM FELLOWSHIP JOIN IN CONGRATULATING ELIM ' S CLASS OF 1975 " May the will of God be fulfilled in each of you. " " Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. " MARK 16:15 PENFIELD FOR BOOKS WITH A MINISTRY WRITE TO ADVENT ELIM CHRISTIAN CHRISTIAN CHURCH B00KST0RE AND COLLEGE ST,, LIMA, N.Y. 14485 phone: (716) 582-1230 CAVE STACY CLINE, MANAGER 114 PRIDE TRUE VALUE HARDWARE SHOP AND SAVE PRIDE GIFT SHOP HONEOYE FALLS, N.Y. LIMA CLOVER FARM MARKET QUALITY MEAT AT LOWEST PRICES! SUBMARINES 1804 ROCHESTER ST. LIMA, N.Y. PHONE 624-2455 S.S.CAVES LUMBER, INC. 1 ARCO KIRKWOOD BUILDING I1ATERIALS OIL CO. PAINT AND HARDWARE MASON SUPPLIES ARCO DISTRIBUTOR POWER TOOLS FUEL OIL-MOTOR OIL HONEOYE FALLS, N.Y. KEROSEME-GASOLINE EAST MAIN STREET LIMA, N.Y. 14485 PHONE (716) 582-1755 115 SWARTZ PHAR MACY LIMA MOBIL SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 75 TIRES-BATTERIES TUNE UPS LIMA, N.Y. PHONE 582-1140 ROAD SERVICE PHONE (716) 624-3353 WESTERN SERVICE TO THE INSU RED AUTO L.B. PIERCE AGENCY INC. THE FAMILY STORE AND CATALOG ORDER CENTER 1881 ROCHESTER ST., LIMA, N.Y. 7306 EAST MAIN STREET LIMA, NEW YORK ]4485 PHONE (716)624-3000 17 N. MAIN ST., HONEOYE FALLS, N.Y. PHONE (716)624-3003 E. A, TENNY AND SON TELEVISION IS OUR BUSINESS FALLS NOT A SIDELINE DAIRY INC. MOORES GRADE A PASTEUR IZED MILK AND CREAM RADIO, TELEVISION AND STEREO SALES AND SERVICE HOMOGEN IZED VIT, D MILK QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS 37 N. MAIN, HONEOYE FALLS, N.Y. PHONE 624-1620 OR 624-1257 136 WEST MAIN STREET HONEOYE FALLS , N.Y. PHONE (716) 624-1644 COMPLIMENTS OF 24 HOUR TOWING 624-3708 MIKE CHIAPPERINO INC CORBYS LIMA, NEW YORK COLLISION INC. USED CARS AUTO PAINTING BODY WORK WRECKS REPAIRED ARCTIC CAT SKI-DOO SALES S SERVICE «• ■» COIN-OPERATED CAR WASH ■ ■ ■ ■ ZIEBART RT. 15A BETWEEN LIMA AND HONEOYE FALLS , N.Y. 14472 PIZZA PLACE 117 STUDENT ADMINISTRATION 1975 CLASS OFFICERS: Seniors FACULTY ADVISORS: President: Sketdon Songe Vice President: Robbte. Matti Treasurer: Jefifi Gondon Secretary: Chriti Gotemb STUDENT COUNCIL: F ecf Adorno, LuAnn Bounne Juniors CLASS OFFICERS: President: jltcfce Rtchmond Vice President: Bob Langel. Treasurer: Leo Htckox Secretary : Ltnda E nancti Vennti Hunt Rtckand Bnockuiay FACULTY ADVISORS: RloL i Rodntguez Raut Andern on Hayden Kent STUDENT COUNCIL: Eugene Matten, Sue Edelman ACTXVITIES : Jon Tntmble, Lanny Cleek, Ventie Benando Freshmen CLASS OFFICERS: FACULTY ADVISORS: President: Je A tman Edgan Rankyni Vice President: Ken Swygand Stewant Jeinen Treasurer: Rat Bunden Rtckand Hotickuk Secretary: Joyce ttyvltle STUDENT COUNCIL: McCneady Johviiton, Ray Bnownlng Oasis Staff EDITOR: John BaAtloul ASSISTANT EDITOR: EUzabUh Stu eAt SECRETARIES : Karten Mottoy, Rat Eormant BUSINESS MANAGER: Jenny Amachen SALES MANAGER: Jenny Ttmbone ADVERTIS ING MGR. : Bntan Lanktn PHOTOGRAPHY: LAYOUT: (Vlttlam Made COPY WRITERS: Kent Coüen Jamei Rz yhoz Rtchand Emeny Michael Cavanaugh Gwen Kendall Cnatg Gnonr Eugene Matten, Ckenny Ludeman, Nancy Bormowdate Gtnny Smith, Lei Stnandt, Klmbenly Babcock inter collegiate press, tne. ' ■ 8 - -- , - • " ' .» msmi$m ' •weW w£M • ISPro ’V«»; ' Vr.f, ,K 1 ) i®«p jjMpji |ri ' rCV • ' ■.. ' ■■■• -- ' ■ ' • ' " » ‘ r fc ■ ' i.üi -•- ' • , tp nter T collegiate press, inc.

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1975, pg 53

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