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Elim Bible Institute Lima, New York 14485 OASIS volume 16 History 4 Administration 18 Missions 32 Student Life 50 Classes 70 Advertisements 106 History THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS UPON ME, BECAUSE HE HAS ANOINTED ME TO PREACH GOOD NEWS TO THE POOR. HE HAS SENT ME TO PROCLAIM RELEASE TO THE CAPTIVES AND RECOVERING OF SIGHT TO THE BLIND, TO SET AT LIBERTY THOSE TOO ARE OP¬ PRESSED, TO PROCLAIM THE ACCEPTABLE YEAR OF THE LORD. LUKE 4:18 19(RSV) V‘ v ' v ' J • . - . 1 i4 ' T». ' .?•»•! wmm. sssis mm Preceeding portrait. page: I. Q. Spencer family Fresh encounters with the Ftoly Spirit have signi¬ ficantly marked the history of Elim Bible Institute. Downpourings of blessing from God have shown us, again and again, God’s desire to rain righteousness upon His people and to dwell in their midst. We look to this year, ELIM’S 50 th ) to be our year of Jub¬ ilee— a year of release, of liberation from cap¬ tivity, and of glorious freedom in the presence of God. The cry of our hearts joins with the desire of God’s heart- visit us, 0 God. Campmeeting scenes. Top left: 1930’s, Hornell. Bottom: 1950’s, Lima. Top right: 1970’s, Lima. ■r ' But in that day l will take My people, discipline them and use them.’ This admon- ition accompanied IVAN Q. SPENCER’S VISION of the end-time re¬ vival sweeping over the world. Twelve years later, in 1923, the Lord commissioned him ‘to open a Bible institute for training young peo¬ ple for the last hour ministry.’ His vision and commission realize continued fulfillment through Elim Bible Institute. top: Hornell campus. Founder, Ivan Spen¬ cer; T. Arthur Lewis, Bible teacher; C. 0. Dickinson, evangelist, center: Hornell tabernacle, scene of great revival. right: Ivan Quay Spencer 7 8 to Hornel I 1932 - 51 ENLARGE THE LIMITS OF YOUR HOME, SPREAD WIDE THE CURTAINS OF YOUR TENT. Isaiah 54:2a NEB Only two years after Elim’s inception at End- well in 1924, God had so blessed that it became necessary to move to larger quarters in Rochester. Elim’s Spirit-led teaching and expanding mis¬ sionary vision, as well as the fresh challenge in Christian living, caused the family to increase still further. A lack of facilities forced a move to Red Creek in 1928 and then to Hornell in 1932. The Lord implanted a fresh spring of revival, and Elim’s enrollment swelled again. In 1951, Lima became the school ' s new home. Whether it be spiritually or geographically, the Lord moves wondrously, and — Praise His Name — He is still moving in our midst. 9 Top (l.to r.): Apartment West, I.Q. Spencer Tabernacle, Gym. Bottom (l.to r.): Administration Building, Elim Christian Book¬ store, Faling Hall. 10 IVAN QUAY SPENCER 1880-1970 Annie Minnie Spencer has faith¬ fully assisted as the wife of Elim ' s founder. Her ministries of interces¬ sion and ‘mother’ of the growing family of students are indispensable to the school ' s life and growth. She was 83 on January 17, 1974. Dedicated to Carlton £ Elizabeth Spencer V «. ‘And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also 2 Timothy 2:2 By God ' s grace and enabling, you seek fulfilT ment of Paul’s exhortation to Timothy through Elim’s discipleship training. Your emphasis on discipleship - essential for leadership - reveals your faithful dedication to Ivan Spencer’s vision of training leaders for God’s ministry. Upholding Elim’s purpose of ‘Christ-centered teaching for revival days,’ your vision and ex¬ perience encompass the world. You have made Elim a ‘house of prayer for all nations,’ helping to instill this vision in many hearts. Your exam¬ ple, exhortations and words of comfort play a vital part in each student’s training. To you, whom we esteem very highly in love for your work’s sake, we dedicate this annual. 15 Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. Isaiah 60:1 2 Administration HE LEADETH ME IN THE PATHS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS FOR HIS NAME’S SAKE. PSALM 23:3b Preceeding page: Front (1. to r.): Robert Bressette, ' 24, Roy Hill, ' 31; and Ivan Q. Spencer, founder of Elim. Back (1. to r.): Not known; Rev. and Mrs. Elton Davis of Florida; Seeley D. Kinne, Bible teacher; C. 0. Dickinson, Evangelist; and Pastor George Hess of Chicago. The picture was taken at a Chicago church conven¬ tion in 1935. CARLTON SPENCER President Doctrine DAVID EDWARDS Vice-President Bible Pastoral PAUL JOHANSSON Dean of Students Missions Pastoral 20 Faculty PAUL ANDERSON Bible Missions FAYE BARROWS Christian Education English RICHARD BROCKWAY Bible Doctrine DONYA BROCKWAY Christian Education 22 STUART DAHL Music TOM DICKINSON Bible Doctrine HAYDEN KENT Assistant Dean of Men Greek Bible RICHARD FOX Bible Doctrine DENNIS HUNT Dean of Married Students Bible Pastoral i V Ji ' f V " JOHN MANZANO Bible LARRY RAPE Bible Doctrine MARK RAY Music RUTH RODRIGUEZ Bible Christian Education LK ni. DAWN ROHERTY Assistant Dean of Women English DAVID SPENCER Bible Christian Education JERRY WILKINS Assistant Dean of Men Bible Doctrine 29 bf Staff Office Staff: Right; Monica Heinz, Nancy Kling, Joyce Conley, Dorothy Guerin. Center Left: Librarian; Joy Niswander, Right: Tape Ministry Director; Lee Nevland. Bottom Left: Maintenance; Elmer Clark; Right: Bookstore Mgr. Tom Woodworth, and Beth Goodwin. 30 Top Left: Academic Secretary; Dorothy Mendelsohn. Right: Dietitian; Betty Brown. Center, Left to Right: Cook, Bill Brass; Ass ' t. Cook, David Petrie; Ass ' t. Matron, Eva Clark. Bottom Left, Left to Right: Maintenance Supervisor; Daniel Larkin, Maintenance Staff; Ted Farnsworth, Frank Hays, Gloster Nottingham, Brad Holliday, Laverne Holliday, Jack Knaus, Larry Robertson. Right: Cook, Roxine Brass. Unpictured: Edith Bennington, Eleanor McKelvie, Ford Manning, Lela Thompson. if f» WHSKm mm mm- mm IsmSs I Mv AS MY FATHER HATH SENT ME, EVEN SO SEND I YOU, JOHN 20:21b ■ v. " m mm mS mm mm ‘No wonder you like it here!”, com¬ mented a friend, as we emerged with a stream of students into the fall sunshine. ‘Such singing! And how they praise! Every¬ one so happy and friendly! And what a magnificent building!” Most visitors feel that way. Of necessity ELIM GOSPEL CHURCH is far from normal, for the regular congre¬ gation has to swallow and disgorge annual¬ ly a body of students larger than itself. During vacation we number less than two hundred: — the Campus staff, their fam¬ ilies, and friends of the local community. A still smaller number meets on Wednesdays throughout the year for fellowship shared around the Word. We value input from every member in the ministry of the Spirit and the Word in these Family gatherings. The hour and a half is all too short; the children, who have been ably cared for elsewhere, re-appear at 8:30 and our time is up. On Sunday evenings we have begun an open service, for the Lord is moving, and we trust will move yet more among the students. There is a need for development in the right use of the gifts of the Spirit. May experiences gained here enrich the life of the church in many places around the world! The long-awaited partitions are in¬ stalled in the Tabernacle. We are closer to¬ gether and accoustics are better. Testimo¬ nies, prayers, prophecies are now heard more easily. Our Dean and Students have put new life into the Sunday School program. Visi¬ tors will not regret the hour spent in par¬ ticipation before the morning service. God is moving. May we move with God. Elim Gospel Church E. F. Parkyns Top left: Bro. Parkyns during Sunday morning service; right- Children ' s church service. Bottom left: John Manzano raps with youth group; right: Student and faculty wives of the Women ' s Outreach Fellowship who meet regu¬ larly for practical work of ministry to needs. Right: Richard Brockway. ‘ ■ I 1 34 ■ Invo lving some 100 students weekly, STUDENT MINISTRIES are designed to utilize and exercise the total stu¬ dent body in ministry. Richard Brockway, faculty coordinator for this extensive operation, involves students in coffeehouse ministry, street witnessing, participation in church services, in nursing homes and on the campuses of the University of Roches¬ ter, Rochester Institute of Technology and the State College of Geneseo. An interesting outreach for some students is participation in the Lima school playground activi¬ ties — building rapport with the children that will pave the way for a witness for Christ. Others are involved in permanent outreach assignments includ¬ ing S. S. teaching, conducting children’s church, and youth work. Often the pastor may involve them in church services through testimonies, special mu¬ sic and counselling youth. Not only do the students bless others with their glowing testimonies, but they are provided with an opportunity for sharing and working in the ministry for which they are being trained. Top left: Carrie Chin visiting with a resident at the Monroe County Home. Top center, bottom left and right: Students praying, witnessing and sharing on the University of Rochester Campus. Bottom center: ' ' Dayspring " singing emsemble. lllll iFL lifci jjj Igx rj " : df Jr; ■ • iyT ' ? Millport, Scotland, was the beginning of a profitable summer of ministry for five Elim students and two Elim grads. Along with young people from the U.S., Britain, and Europe, they joined YOUTH WITH A MISSION in early July at the College of the Holy Spirit, YWAM headquarters for Scotland. The summer began with a week of teaching and fellowship as di¬ rector David Brett shared the vision and plans for the summer program. From Millport, teams were sent throughout Scotland joining with various churches in a combined effort of inten¬ sive evangelism. The team members shared the gospel from door-to-door, in coffee houses, church services, street and beach meetings and side-walk witnessing. Opposite page: Top: Cathedral of the Isles, YWAM headquarters for Scotland. Bottom: Elim students Dominie Soo, Nancy Garrison, Kerry Edwards, Lou Fowler, and grads George Fowler and Tim Graham with other young people involved in the summer pro¬ gram; not pictured: Patty Doutt. Top Left: YWAM Director David Brett and family. Above and Bottom Left: Kerry Edwards and Lou Fowler help with the general up-keep of the Cathedral and grounds. Top Center: Office Staff: Sitting — Sherri Will- man, Standing (1. to r.): Elizabeth Rattray, Kathleen Lawrence, Eva Leisups, Esther and Hayden Bennett. Bottom Center: Costa Dier, For- eign Missions Secretary. Above: Saied Adour, Home Secretary. Composed of churches, ministers and mission¬ aries ELIM FELLOWSHIP was formed to provide Elim gradu¬ ates with official representation before governments, with a much-needed sense of “family” or belong¬ ing, and with a source of spiritual refreshing and guidance. In fulfillment of these functions its mem¬ ber council screens missionary candidates and ap¬ plicants for ministerial credentials, consider new churches desiring identificaton, and assumes the over-all spiritual responsibility for E.F. at home and abroad. Presently 263 ministers and missionaries are identified with E.F., seventy of which pastor co¬ operating churches in the U.S. Ranging farther afield, Foreign Missions Secretary Costa Deir trav¬ els worldwide, encouraging and counselling E.F. missionaries and scouting out new areas. And, back home, Hayden Bennett’s well-trained E.F. office staff provides financial and business services for E.F. missionaries on the field. Elim Fellowship functions through a group of dedicated workers whose ministry is not at all glamorous, but deeply needed and appreciated by the ministers and missionaries they serve. “I have given thee the heathen for thine in¬ heritance” was the theme song of the 1973 MISSIONARY CONVENTION where missionaries from around the world spoke with urgency of the needs and opportunities in nations abroad. Chester Gretz shared of his thrilling work in eastern Europe. Stephanie Vernon relived her phenomenal travels among Tibetan la¬ mas while distributing the Word of God. Bahjet Batarseh gave a dynamic on-the-spot recount of the Israeli war and the movings of the Spirit in the Middle East. Those of the Elim family ministered too from a background of rich experience. Paul Johansson dispelled any doubts as to the high demands made on a missionary. Edgar Parkyns recaptured epi¬ sodes of his years in Africa, encouraging us to get involved in what God is doing. Costa Deir chal¬ lenged us to give to missions on the basis of what God has given us, and EF Home Secretary, Saied Adour, reminded us of the great need in our own U.S.A. From all sources, the challenge was extended with force and power — Behold the whitened har¬ vest! Top: Samuel Chelladurai, student from India, preparing for a ministry in gospel music. Above: Connie and Harry Vellekoop, Elim grads en route to Argentina. MISSIONARY INTERVIEW In an effort to gain a little more insight into the life of a missionary, questions were asked three of the visiting missionaries: Leola Spyker: Missionary to Mexico Stephanie Vernon: Missionary to Asia Bahjet Batarseh: Evangelist at large Question: What is one word of advice you would give to a Bible student preparing for the mission field? Sis. S. Take time to know what God’s will is in ev¬ ery situation. As a missionary, don’t go unless you have a real love and compassion for the people. Sis. V. Set a goal for yourself and go after it. Be¬ lieve that it is God’s will, and He will be faithful. Bro. B. Dedication and availability: Be able to leave everything; give and sacrifice everything. Question: As a foreign missionary, what was one of the hardest adjustments you had to make? Sis. S. The poisionous insects. Sis. V. For me it’s not hard to adjust. I feel at home wherever I go. Bro. B. Getting accustomed to the weather, food and bedding. Question: What was the major cultural shock? Sis. S. The fact that time is unimportant — Their life is much slower-paced. Sis. V. The wide-spread evidence of demonic ac¬ tivity. Bro. B. The moral standards. Question: Do you find it difficult to maintain spir¬ itual growth on the field? Sis. S. Yes, there doesn’t seem to be enough time to spend alone with the Lord. Sis. V. No, practicing what you have learned caus¬ es you to grow. Question: Does the possibility of your children’s lives being endangered affect your ministry at all? Sis. S. It caused us to be fearful for a while, but God used the situation to build His church. Question: To what extent do you feel the need to conform to a culture in order to share Christ with them? Sis. S. I feel it is very important to identify with the people. Sis. V. I don’t conform, but I enter in wholeheart¬ edly. I live with them, dress like they dress, and eat like they eat. As Paul said, “I am all things to all men.” . 5$ % ■ 45?.» w ' ». ' - - ■ . V : " ' ; Vr ' • JL .. m a . ■• . ‘ ' 1 ; 4 - ■ V ' ' ' ' ' i ■■ ' " f i.jt .■HffltV . 21 . ■ ' • % ■ ' x $ .... : : ■’ ■ ■ ilk . § f accords to YOUR 42 Top Left: John Bartlow of the Europe and Bible Lands prayer group locates nations on the rear map. Center: (1. tor.) Costa Deir, Ruth Rodriguez, Gloria Johansson and the Bahjet Batarsehs in colorful native dress represent Israel, Africa, Jordan, and Pakistan. Bottom left: Costa Deir fills in chart as faith promises are tabulated. Center: Paul Anderson wearing a Colombian r u a n a . Below: Stephanie Vernon shares her fascinating accounts with Tibetan lamas. Question: What has been your greatest discourage¬ ment on the field? Sis. S. When native pastors or missionaries, in whom you’ve trusted, backslide. Bro. B. Problems with finance, needs or sickness in the family and misunderstanding among the breth¬ ren about doctrine. Question: What’s the biggest thrill you’ve ever had as a missionary? Sis. S. To see spiritual grandchildren — those whom you’ve brought to Christ bringing others to Him. Bro. B. Witnessing God’s ou tpouring of His Spirit upon the people of the Middle East, and His finan¬ cial provisions. 43 each week for student par- Time is set aside ticipation in MISSIONARY PRAYER GROUPS. The purpose of the involve students in the min- six prayer groups is to istry of intercession for the nations of Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and the South Pacific Islands. The needs which are present¬ ed to each group include the spiritual, political, eco¬ nomic, and social conditions of these areas. The out¬ come of missionary work in the nations is definite¬ ly affected by intercessory prayer. Perhaps the most important emphasis of prayer is to “bind the strongman” (Matthew 12:29) or spiritual powers over a nation. If we first bind the strongman, then this will directly affect the situations and individ¬ uals carrying forth the Lord’s work in the nations of the world. Top Center: Prayer group leaders. Top right: Bro. Jo shares the challenge of first " binding the strong man " in order that a country may be receptive to the gospel. Bottom left: Ron Manwaring, Europe prayer group leader, presenting needs in various places. Bottom center: African display for Missionary Convention. Above: Students " holding the ropes at home " for those on the foreign field. “Ask of me and I shall give thee the nations for thine inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.” This verse was whispered into our President’s ear more than forty years ago when he was in quest of God’s will for his life. Within the last several years, President Spenc¬ er has become increasingly concerned about the Far East. Some time ago in a campus missionary service, God spoke to him prophetically about turning his eyes to the Far East as he had been called to do previously toward Latin America — for God was going to send workers from among Elim’s company to these areas, and Elim was to begin a more direct prayer concern for this great popula¬ tion area. While the elders of the Elim Fellowship were in prayer this past summer, the Lord confirmed that the time had arrived for our President and Costa Deir to TRAVEL INTO THE FAR EAST to discover what further steps were to be taken in identifying with those the Lord had already sent to these areas. It seems noteworthy that while God was speak¬ ing to our President about His challenge in the Pacific area, He was placing Elim graduates in strategic places. The Desmond Shorts, with others, had returned to New Zealand and a new Bible school had been opened. Others are now located in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India and elsewhere. Top: Students at Zion Bible College, Vijawada, India. Center (l.to r.): " The burden bearer - the ox, " Vijaw¬ ada; Rev. Walter Hawkins, British Assemblies of God Missions director, and Rev. Cyril Crass in headquarters in England; Dr. and Mrs. Christy Wilson, Afghanistan. Bottom (l.to r.): Abraham Samuel and family; Abraham and Carolyn Rababy and family. 46 In addition, Brother Spencer had a long - standing desire to visit India as his father had before him. Through the years, there had been requests for our President’s personal participation in min¬ istry in India. Others had been sent several times, but he had the desire to see for himself the work of the Lord and how to relate to the needs there. The time had come to go — and God miraculously supplied the needed funds. The first major stop was in New Zealand for Bible teaching sessions at Faith Bible College, founded by Desmond Short, Elim class of ’63. In the eight years the school has functioned, nearly 100 of its students have gone into overseas min¬ istry, chiefly in the South Pacific. Indonesia with its teeming millions (5 th largest nation in the world) was next to be visited. Stephen Westfall met our brethren at Jakarta where they shared with him and the Bill Myers, who are involved in a Gospel publishing plant. In the Philippines, the two brethren separated, our President to spend time with Paul Stutzman and the workers on the island of Palawan, and Costa Deir to visit the Manila area where he had shared in previous workers’ conferences. The Stut- zmans, at retirement age, resigned their pastorate in Michigan and have developed, with help of younger folks including three of their sons, a Bible school and a fellowship of churches on the remote island of Palawan. In Taiwan, Costa Deir made contact with Dale and Esther Wine, Elim grads of the class ’53. Others associated with Elim have served in Taiwan after being forced to leave the Chinese mainland. One of the veterans, Herbert MacClurg, just passed away at age 81. The World Pentecostal Conference in Seoul, Korea was a glorious experience. The meetings convened in a new sanctuary seating 10,000 people, with four services each Sunday to accommodate its membership of 25,000. Active in this church are Jack and Cathy Holm, former Elim students. It is reported that, in Korea, the land of early morning prayer meetings, converts are being won to Christ in greater numbers than the population expansion. Recently Billy Graham held a rally there with an estimated 1,100,000 in attendance! Brief stops were also made in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Saigon and Bangkok where our brethren were privileged to relate to missionaries and national workers, sharing their burdens and joys. The period spent in India was rewarding. After two days in Calcutta with Mark Buntain and the Assemblies of God there, Brothers Spencer and Deir traveled south to visit P.M. Samuel and his son Abraham in the extensive school and pastoral work God has given them in Andhra State. Some 50 pastors, with as many Zion Bible College students, were gathered for ministry. Our brethren found, in addition, a Christian school numbering nearly 1,000 children plus an orphanage of 75. (P.M. Samuel pioneered in this area thirty years ago, sent there by the word of the Lord, and today there are four hundred churches as a result of the ministry. His son Abraham, Elim class of ’54, is now in charge of the work.) They were joined by another Elim grad from Kerala, V.G. Kunjappy, class of ’66. Another highlight in India was our brethren’s contact with missionaries and a large Catholic charismatic group in Bombay. While staying with the Richard Dreyers in Teheran, Iran, they were privileged to have fellow¬ ship with Dr. and Mrs. Christy Wilson who have been used of God to plant Gospel seed in Afghanistan. Top (1 .to r.): Richard Dreyer and Costa Deir in Tehe¬ ran, Iran; Don Warren, head of orphanage in Viet Nam, and orphans. Center (l.to r.): Persian carpet weaver, Teheran; Staff personnel of Gospel print shop in JaHarta, Indonesia; Paul Collins and wife, Sydney, Australia. Bottom: " The harvest is ripe. " Carlton Spencer in the Philippines. (Due to difficulties in respresenting by picture each missionary of Elim ' s large former student family, the OASIS Staff has innovated an interesting glimpse of our President ' s round-the-world missionary trip, taken during this 50TH YEAR OF ELIM ' S HISTORY. We do wish to recog¬ nize, however, ALL Elim missionaries who number well over 100, and minister in more than 30 nations. Their ministries, which embrace nearly every facet of missionary enterprize, are an integral part of ELIM BIBLE INSTITUTE.) 48 J Because of war outbreak in the Middle East Brothers Spencer and Deir changed their schedule, stopping at Beirut, Lebanon, with the Joseph Browns, M.S. Schoucairs and Abraham Rababys. The days spent in fanatically Moslem Turkey brought a further burden for all Islamic lands. After a joyous weekend of ministry in Athens, Greece, Costa Deir returned home, while our Pres¬ ident visited other associates in western Europe. This included a stop at the British Assemblies of God headquarters in England—for a conference concerning a joint Bible College effort in East Africa. Home again! — after seven weeks away, 21 countries and 35 air flights. But, more important, a fulfilled desire to minister among and relate to areas of Asia and the South Pacific. And now to see how God will lead Elim to further participate with the Church of Christ in these areas of great population concentration. “Ask of Me, and I shall give thee... nations...! ” Student Life THE WORDS THAT I S PEAK UNTO YOU THEY ARE SPIRIT, AND THEY ARE LIFE. JOHN 6:63b Hill tews® mmmm V ' V . .I.. ■ 9 53 54 11 ! 91 56 57 mMmMm f f + f fl f ? M 44 r ' $ , : ’ ' W ♦ • iff. y ' ,SV " J % , , %•: %. IsoHf §SIi ■tf!K§8® iyfe«Vd;ki i--%i Ministering to the Lord in song takes more than a couple of hour-long rehearsals a week. Prayer and readiness of heart are necessary in the choirs’ min¬ istries. Under the leadership of Stuart Dahl, the Holy Spirit has greatly ministered through the ELIM CHOIRS. During the first two terms the large 47 voice choir met several times weekly to practice. Besides their ministry on Sundays at Elim Gospel Church, they also sang at the Missionary Convention, in Rochester at Faith Temple and presented the Christ¬ mas cantata “Love Transcending.” The traveling choir increased in size this year to 17 members. Their outreach ministry included trips to Canada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Virginia and New York City. The five Dahl children, ranging in age from 10- 16, also traveled with the choir and sang in each ser¬ vice. Their ministry was especially effective in speak¬ ing to the heart of young people. CHOIR: Ruth Applebee, Elizabeth Bambury, Robert Bailey, Denise Berardo, Barbara Burke, Debi Carbol, Michael Cavanaugh, Larry Cleek, Bonnie Covert, James Cuomo, Wesley Cypher, Eliza¬ beth Dodzweit, Irene Dyk, Susanna Ed- elmart, Margarita Flameling, Linda Francis, Timothy Gerstner, Daniel Groff, John Haberer, Linda Hollenbeck, Vir¬ ginia Hallonquist, Lee Kessler, Benny Knoll, Richard Knowles, Dean Landis, Cheryl Ludeman, Chris Mehl, Eugene Miller, Stephen Morse, Keith Owen, Nancy Phillips, Daniel Quinta, Chris Reed, Margaret Ridgeway, Mary Romaine, Marilyn Rybka, Susan Rybka, Carol Sheel, Loree Schmidt, Pamela Schuffert, Ted Seachord, Alice Simone, Margaret Symons, Nick Tilstra, Gennaro Timbone, Mary Webb, Christy Yancy. Traveling choir (1. tor.): Nancy Phillips, Alice Simons, Denise Berardo, Margaret Ridgeway, Gennaro Timbone, Loree Schmidt, Larry Cleek, John Haberer, Nick Tilstra, Wesley Cypher, Keith Owen, Daniel Groff, Marilyn Rybka, Linda Francis, Susan Rybka, Virginia Hallon¬ quist, Debi Carbol. 62 Realizing the necessity of open communication between the administration, faculty and students, the members of the STUDENT COUNCIL encourage interaction through a number of activities. The annual fall and spring picnics, highlights of the school year, provide opport¬ unities for informal fellowship among the members of Elim’s family. A “Community Day” planned for the spring allows students the privilege of serving the local area by spending time helping with various projects. Some of this year’s accomplishments include opening the Snack Bar for use as a Student Lounge, and inviting student participation in a Christmas Singspiration and a number of Student Chapel Ser¬ vices. Having the married students represented on the Student Council for the first time indicates progress toward their goal of unifying the student body and causing the time spent at Elim to be more profitable for all involved. Student Council Representatives: Stand¬ ing (1. to r.) Stephen Brewer, Vice- President; Kim Hayfield; Robert Langel; Cramer Jackson; Fred Adams; Kerry Edwards; Stephen Flewelling, President: Sitting-Nancy Plumley, Secretary; Loree Schmidt. Other pictures were taken during the fall picnic at Letchworth State Park. 63 Choosing the theme “Jubilee,” students with a variety of talents and a wide range of experience joined together to form the OASIS STAFF. With persistence, they pooled their resources to produce a fitting annual to com¬ memorate Elim’s 50th year. Facing the challenge of portraying accurately and imaginatively the many facets of “Elim life”helped the staff members to bet¬ ter understand God’s purpose for the school. Responsibility for photography, copywriting and layout, delegated by the editors, provided for each staff member to contribute constructively. Their efforts were rewarded by rich experience and a sense of accomplishment for the inspiration and pleasure of others. Oasis Staff: Bob Anthony, Editor;Denise Duncan, Layout Editor; Debi Carbol, Copy Editor; Howard Peace, Business Manager; Brian Larkin, Ads Manager; Buz Wade and John Bartlow, Photo¬ graphy; Carolyn ludd, Secretary. Layout Staff: Eugene Miller, lerry Tim- bone, Lou Fowler, Carrie Chin, Renee Boncuk, Lee Kessler, Marlene Frank, Margaret Ridgeway. 64 65 Under the guidance of Dennis Hunt, Dean of Married Students, and his wife Joan, the MARRIED STUDENTS’ FELLOWSHIP ministers to the social and practical needs of our sixty married student couples. Depending on Elim’s spiritual life activities to care for their worship needs, the Followship concent¬ rates on its major problem of “communications for the commuters” - using a newsletter and regular in¬ formal get-togethers to provide social rapport and to encourage integration into the neighborhood for ef¬ fectual Christian witness. They become Elim’s “salt of the earth”! 66 The annual EFSA Banquet was a time of fellow¬ ship between graduates and former students with over 200 in attendance. After the honoring of the gradu¬ ates, a beautiful candle-lighting ceremony was held. At the business meeting the ELIM FORMER STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION voted to adopt a five-year plan for financing the new $35,000 library, to be housed in College Hall. Through much sacrifice over a period of seventeen years, the EFSA has suc¬ ceeded in eliminating the $50,000 mortgage on the same College Hall. The EFSA Picnic was held during Camp Meet¬ ing at Hemlock Park with about 180 attending. It was an enjoyable time of fun and fellowship for all. 67 J Attended by the largest crowd ever, 1973 COMMENCEMENT was highlighted with stirring messages from both faculty and students. Clarence Abt and Kathleen Lawrence delivered the salutatory and valedictory addresses respectively. Paul Garlington, pastor in Rochester and Commence¬ ment speaker, dealt with communication hang-ups among Christians. Two inspiring numbers by the 260 member stud¬ ent-body choir preceded the presentation of diplomas by President Carlton Spencer and Academic Dean Gerald Trudell. After remarks from the Senior class president, Kenneth Lawson, and the Senior class song, a triumphant recessional formed the graduate recep¬ tion line on the lawn. :,-V ' i. mmm j u sj!ibe® a! 5jT»1 2toKS ' !Vyra« , !Xw.feWS Sd ' HkuS. 1 . Smm SsoSSfe s £gj £j! £jSfrf iy ffiV v fig£. £$ 8 .ca t " sssl sBrapSaS Seniors Kerry Edwards President Robert Milham Vice-President Mary Callahan Secretary Richard Welch Treasurer Advisors Tom and Esther Dickinson John and Alyson Manzano Class Song " Adoration Hymn " Class Colors Red, White, Blue Class Verse II Samuel 22:33,34 i ROBERT ANTHONY Columbus, Georgia Missionary Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:10 MARY CALLAHAN Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Christian Education Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy Spirit is good; lead me into the land of uprightness. Psalm 143:10 DWIGHT CARROLL Odessa, Ontario Ministerial But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord. Numbers 14:21 MARK CHAFFIN Portland, New York Christian Education Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Isaiah 26:3 74 ROBERT CLARK Ingersoll, Ontario Missionary When I remember these things, I pour out my soul in me: for I had gone with the multitude, I went with them to the house of God, with the voice of joy and praise, with a multitude that kept holyday. Psalm 42:4 ESTHER DICKINSON Lima, New York Missionary Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Philippi an s 1:6 DAN DOOLEY Hillsboro, Oregon Ministerial But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead where¬ in we were held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter. Romans 7:6 ELLIE DREW Rochester, New York Missionary Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10 75 JAN EBERT Tacoma, Washington Missionary Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 EARL EAST HAM Scottsville, New York Missionary I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14 DAVID KERRY EDWARDS Lima, New York Ministerial The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. Psalm 23:1 STEPHEN FLEWELLING Brooklyn, New York Ministerial And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. Genesis 2:7 MARY LOUISE FOWLER Tuscaloosa, Alabama Christian Education And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever. I John 2:17 NANCY GARRISON Sylvania, Ohio Ministerial Great and marvelous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints. Revelation 15:3b MARILYN GRIPPE Frankfort, New York Missionary I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: Galatians 2:20a ANN HARBOUR Riverside, California Missionary Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven... For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen. Matthew 6:10,13b 77 CHARLENE HARRIS Painter, Virginia Christian Education Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. Proverbs 31:10,26 DAPHENE HOLLIDAY Lima, New York Christian Education He must increase, but I must decrease. John 3:30 CHARLES HOLMES Lima, New York Ministerial Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us. Hebrews 12:1 JOHN HOOGERBRUGGE Fruitland, Ontario Missionary Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Luke 10:19 78 RONALD MANWARING Whitney Point, New York Ministerial Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded: and if in any thing yet be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you. Philippians 3:15 IRIS KARPPINEN Duluth, Minnesota Christian Education Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them. Psalm 119:165 JULIA KEENAN Beverly, Massachusetts Christian Education A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in his time. Isaiah 60:22 ROBERT MILHAM Davidsonville, Maryland Ministerial How sweet are thy words unto my taste! Yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Psalm 119:103 PHILIP MORLEY Youngs Point, Ontario Ministerial I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. Galatians 2:20 HARVEY NEESE Lima, New York Ministerial Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward. Hebrews 10:35 BARRY NICHOLS Benlomond, California Ministerial Great is thy faithfulness. Lamentations 3:23b HOWARD PEACE Mentor on the Lake, Ohio Ministerial By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. John 13:35 80 k CANDY PEERY Seattle, Washington Christian Education For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it. Mark 8:35 STEPHEN PULLEN China Lake, California Ministerial That I may know him in the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his suffer ings, being made conformable unto his death. Philippians 3:10 ROSS RETTIG High wood, Montana Ministerial And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work. II Corinthians 9:8 JOSEPH RICKE Denver, Colorado Ministerial My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth. I John 3:18 JOHN SPYKER Michoacan, Mexico Ministerial But godliness with contentment is great gain. I Timothy 6:6 LYDIA STRUIK Toronto, Ontario Christian Education God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1 JUDITH SHETTER Prospect, Pennsylvania Missionary Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5,6 DEAN SHUNK Roseville, Michigan Ministerial Of the gold, the silver and the brass, and the iron, there is no number. Arise there¬ fore, and be doing, and the Lord be with thee. I Chronicles 22:16 REBECCA ANNE SPENCER Lima, New York Christian Education The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him. Psalm 28:7 ERNEST TRUEBLOOD Brooklyn, New York Christian Education The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God. Romans 8:16 MARY FRANCES WEBB Callaway, Virginia Christian Education I am my beloved ' s and his desire is toward me. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it. Song of Solomon 7:10,8:7a RICHARD WELCH Kings Ferry, New York Ministerial He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. Revelation 21:7 GEORGE WILLIAMS Rochester, New York Missionary For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. Isaiah 55:12 Juniors Fred Adams President Dean Landis Vice-President Daryl Richards Secretary Louis Stulman Treasurer Advisors Fay Barrows Richard and Donya Brockway Stuart and Betty Dahl Class Motto " United in Love " Class Song " Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God " Class Colors Red, White Class Verse Philippians 2:13,14 S9»t f FRED ADAMS Ketchikan, Alaska ALICE ALEXANDER Riverside, California JERRY AMACHER Cold Brook, New York SUSAN ANDERSON Conneaut, Ohio LUANN BOURNE Buena Park, California STEPHEN BREWER Newark, Illinois SUSAN BULLARD Lyons, New York RONALD BURGIO Buffalo, New York I iil I VIRGIL CECIL Lima, New York NESTOR CINTRON New York City, New York LINDA COLE Corvallis, Oregon QUINBY COLLIER Lima, New York SANDRA COLLIER Lima, New York LOIS DOUGLAS Sarnia, Ontario PATTY DOUTT New Castle, Pennsylvania DENISE DUNCAN China Lake, California GARY DYCK St. Catharines, Ontario IRENE DYK Los Angeles, California DANIEL EBY Lancaster, Pennsylvania MARLENE FRANK Howard Lake, Minnesota 86 CHRISTINE FULLER Greenleaf, Idaho SUSAN GERNANDT Elizabeth, New Jersey JEFFREY GORDON Buena Park, California MARILYN GREENHILL St. Catharines, Ontario BENJAMIN GUERIN Lima, New York JOHN KIMBALL Lima, New York RICHARD KNOWLES Mentor, Ohio DEAN LANDIS Stevens, Pennsylvania MARTIN LAPANSIE Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan RICHARD LIZOTTE Pasadena, California RALPH LOGUB Casa Grande, Arizona DOUGLAS MILLER Schenectady, New York W :.- WARREN MILLS Lima, New York ROBERT MOYNIHAN Cleveland, Ohio VALERIE MULLIN McGraw, New York JOHN NEWTON Williamsville, New York THOMAS OLIVER Corning, New York SUSAN ORRED Spicer, Minnesota VINCENT OTTEN Winona, Ontario ERMA PERKINS Livonia, New York LEON PERKINS Livonia, New York LETA PETTIT Phoenix, Arizona NANCY PLUMLEY Willmar, Minnesota 88 HONEY PRESTIPINO Middletown, New York JUAN RAMIREZ New York City, New York DANA RATTRAY Lima, New York SANDY REED Rome, New York DARYL RICHARDS Rome, New York LAURIE RICHARDSON Taberg, New York JACK ROWE Lima, New York ELIZABETH JANE ROWE Virginia Beach, Virginia STEVE RUTT Phoenix, Arizona DOMINIE SOO Atlantic Beach, Florida SHELDON SORGE Powell River, British Columbia RON SOVA Clarkston, Michigan 89 p THOMAS SPYKER Michoacan, Mexico LOUIS STULMAN Baltimore, Maryland RONALD THOMPSON Yakima, Washington THERESIA TILSTRA Bridgenorth, Ontario WILLIAM TIMMONS Lima, New York PURCY TJIN-KON-KIEM Surinam, South America SUSAN TUBBY Wilmington, Delaware WILLIAM WADE Clifton Forge, Virginia i I NOT PICTURED JOHN COREY Liverpool, New York i CHRISTINE GOLEMB Lima, New York PATRICK DAMON Lima, New York STEPHEN STAN DISH Endicott, New York WILLIAM WEATHERSBY Cottonwood, Arizona 90 Special Students DONALD FOX Lima, New York VIRGINIA HALLONQUIST Toronto, Ontario CAROLYN JUDD Unadilla, New York ELIZABETH MATES Lima, New York MICHAEL MATES Lima, New York KAREN McEWAN Brocton, New York ALVIN MILLER Ulysses, Pennsylvania HAROLD MILLER Ulysses, Pennsylvania HARRISON MWANGI Kenya, East Africa CAROL ROWE Lima, New York ELIZABETH SEIFERT Gig Harbor, Washington JENNIFER SEWELL Leicester, England GWENDOLYN STANTIAL Danvers, Massachusetts 91 I I Freshmen Kim Hayfield President Mark Myers Vice-President Carrie Chin Secretary Leo Hickox Treasurer Advisors Ruth Rodriguez David and Marie Spencer Paul and Doris Anderson Hayden and Esther Kent Class Motto " Beholding Him, we are changed. " Class Song Our Lord we bless and magnify you. Class Colors Blue, Gold, Purple, Scarlet (Ex. 39:2) Class Verse Isaiah 55:12 JOHN BART LOW Remsen, New York JAMES BATEMAN, Jr. Hampton, Virginia WILLIAM BAUSH Honeoye Falls, New York DENISE BERARDO Avoca, Pennsylvania KATHLEEN BERGSTROM Westfield, Pennsylvania MARLA BESHGETOOR Oneida, New York RUTH BEVAN Lima, New York VIRGINIA BILLINGS Wellsville, New York ROBERT AINSWORTH Herkimer, New York RUTH APPLEBEE Bath, New York DEBORAH ARNOLD Seattle, Washington JOHN ARNOLD Seattle, Washington TERRY AUCOMPAUGH Lima, New York GREGORY BABCOCK Little Genesee, New York ROBERT BAILEY Belleville, Ontario ELIZABETH BAMBURY Rome, New York DOUGLAS BLAKEMORE Harbor Springs, Michigan RENEE BONCUK Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania EDWARD BOND Rochester, New York SUSAN BOOTH Hampton, Virginia NANCY BORROWDALE Cattaraugus, New York BARBARA BURKE Walworth, New York RENAY BURNS Lowellville, Ohio DIANE BUZZANCO North East, Pennsylvania CATHERINE CALDWELL Livonia, New York ROBERT CALDWELL Livonia, New York DEBI CARBOL Chicago, Illinois J. DAVID CARY Washington, Pennsylvania MICHAEL CAVANAUGH Utica, New York SHERYL CAWARD Lansing, New York SAMUEL CHELLADURAI Madras, Tamilnadu, India CARRIE CHIN Florham Park, New Jersey LARRY CLEEK Wenatchee, Washington KENT COFFER Phoenix, Arizona BONNIE COVERT Dodgeville, Wisconsin JOHN CROWDER, Jr. Mayo, Virginia JAMES CUOMO Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey WESLEY CYPHER Butler, Pennsylvania 95 96 S SHARON DEGROOT Marion, Ohio ELIZABETH DODZWEIT Cocoa, Florida DEBBIE DURAND Westchester, Pennsylvania JEFFREY DURHAM Oswegatchie, New York MICHAEL DURRANCE Escondido, California CAROL EBERSOLE Livonia, New York JOHN EBERSOLE Livonia, New York STEVEN ECKROAD Escondido, California SUSANNAH EDELMAN Cayuga, Ontario ROBERT EVANS Springfield, Illinois MARGARITA FLAMELING Stoney Creek, Ontario LINDA FRANCIS Monterey Park, California RICHARD FROST Bethel Park, Pennsylvania MARY BETH GENET Anaheim, California DIANE GERDON Morris Plains, New Jersey TIMOTHY GERSTNER Macedon, New York WILLIAM GIESE Lancaster, Ohio NITA GLADEN Columbus, Ohio MARK GODLEWSKI Herkimer, New York MARK GOODWIN Sarnia, Ontario MARLENE GRAF FI US Rochester, New York DANIEL GROFF Canton, Pennsylvania TERENCE GROW Lima, New York HELEN GZANOWICZ Little Falls, New York JOHN HABERER, Jr. Ramsey, New York ROBERT HA GST ROM Billings, Montana ROGER HALE Beverly, Massachusetts DONALD HANN Bath, New York 97 KIM HAYFIELD Billings, Montana RODGER HAZEN Fredonia, New York RAY HEAL Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey JAMES HERRON Lima, New York RICHARD JACKMAN Dansville, New York GARY JOHNSON Phoenix, Arizona CELIA KAPCIO Utica, New York JOY KEERPS Rome, New York LEO HICKOX Avon, New York KENT HOLLENBECK Pomfret, Connecticut LINDA HOLLENBECK Pomfret, Connecticut SHOKO HORIKAWA Tokyo, Japan 98 ALAN MARK LEEDER Toronto, Ontario DONNA KERN Las Vegas, Nevada RONALD KESNIG Lodi, New Jersey LEE KESSLER Olancha, California CYNTHIA LARKIN Lima, New York GORDON LAWHORN Mechanicsville, Virginia ARVO KINNUNEN Delta, British Columbia BENNY KNOLL Lima, New York BOB LANGEL Grosse Pointe, Michigan BRIAN LARKIN Penfield, New York ■■■■■■MM CHERYL LUDEMAN Silver Creek, New York ROBERT MACARTHUR Ridgecrest, California DANIEL MANZANO New York City, New York SAMUEL MATHEWS Lima, New York BRUCE MATTHEWS Victor, New York ROBERT MCDONALD Corvallis, Oregon CHRIS MEHL Rome, New York EUGENE MILLER Ulysses, Pennsylvania SHARON MILLER Ulysses, Pennsylvania DENISE MILLS Rome, New York PHILIP MILNES Seattle, Washington DON MORGAN Center Line, Michigan STEPHEN MORSE Williamstown, Vermont GREGORY MULLIN McGraw, New York JUDITH MURPHY Lima, New York MARK MYERS Wayland, Massachusetts 100 THOMAS NEIS Honeoye Falls, New York SHARON NEWCOMER Ulysses, Pennsylvania GERALD NICKLAS Concord, California BARBIE NISWANDER Roaring Branch, Pennsylvania RODNEY PARLETT Slaterville, New York BRENDA PEARSON Allgood, Alabama NANCY PHILLIPS Oswego, New York CLIFFORD POIROT Rochester, New York 101 WILLIAM OBERDORF Holcomb, New York DONALD OGAN Lima, New York KEITH OWEN Taylor, Michigan DAVID PARKER Cape Vincent, New York IVY POWERS Rochester, New York DANIEL QUINTA, Jr. Mannsville, New York RUSSELL RAY Rome, New York CHRIS REED, Jr. Lansford, North Dakota MICHAEL RICHMOND Livonia, New York MARGARET RIDGEWAY Clarkston, Michigan DANIEL ROBINSON Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania JULIE ROM A IN E Newport News, Virginia MARY ROMAINE Newport News, Virginia DEBRA ROWLAND Utica, New York MARILYN RYBKA Newmarket, Ontario SUSAN RYBKA Newmarket, Ontario PETER SAFFERY Lima, New York CAROL SCHEEL Salem, Oregon 102 LOREE SCHMIDT West Middlesex, Pennsylvania PAMELA SCHUFFERT Alexandria, Virginia TED SEACHORD Bremerton, Washington ROBERT SHEETZ Livonia, New York ALICE SIMONS Hampton, Virginia BARBARA SLAGLE Madison Heights, Michigan ROGER SMALLMAN Livonia, New York VERNON SMART Beverly, Massachusetts RICHARD SMITH Lima, New York VIRGINIA SMITH Marion, New York ROBIN STEEN Scottsdale, Arizona 103 SB p I LARRY STEPHAN Ramsey, New Jersey JOHN STEWART Lima, New York MARY STUCZYNSKI Danvers, Massachusetts MARGARET SYMONS Peterborough, Ontario FRANK TAYLOR Honeoyc Falls, New York NICK TILSTRA Bridge north, Ontario GENNARO TIMBONE Bethpage, New York RICHARD TRICE Livonia, New York TERRY VRASPIR Fergus Falls, Minnesota BARBARA WALKER Bridgewater, Nova Scotia STEPHEN WARWICK Perry, New York PAMELA WELCH King Ferry, New York JON TRIMBLE Ontario, New York MARK TURNAGE III Lima, New York NORMAN TURNER Honeoye, New York JOHN VALENTIN East Petersburg, Pennsylvania ■■ 104 LESLIE MARQUARDT Tempe, Arizona RICHARD VAN HOUTEN Allendale, New Jersey 105 BRENDA WEST Hampton, Virginia HERBERT WHITE Mace don. New York FORD WILLMAN Mesa, Arizona PETER WISE Honeoye Falls, New York DUANE WHITHEY Lima, New York RONALEE WOODS Hudson, New York JEFFREY WOOLLEN Lima, New York CHRISTY YANCY Oneonta, Alabama NOT PICTURED sag ! mm U . FOR YOU SHALL GO OUT IN JOY, AND BE LED FORTH IN PEACE; THE MOUNTAINS AND THE HILLS BEFORE YOU SHALL BREAK FORTH IN SINGING, AND ALL THE TREES OF THE FIELD SHALL CLAP THEIR HANDS. ISAIAH 55:12(RSV) Advertisements ELIM GOSPEL CHURCH LIMA, N.Y. SUNDAY Sunday School 9:45 A.M. Morning Worship 11:00 A.M. Evening Worship 7:00 A.M. WEDNESDAY Family Night 7:00 P.M. Women’s Outreach Fellowship Tuesday, Monthly Edgar Parkyns, Pastor 108 cRock FROM THE ROCK CHURCH AND STAFF PASTORS: JOHN AND ANNE GIMENEZ ASSOCIATE PASTOR: REV. OSCAR RODRIGUEZ 640 Kempsville Road • P. 0. Box 62461 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462 ( 804 ) 499 -3727 PEOPLES ] CHURCH CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1974 FROM THE MINISTRY AND CONGREGATION OF THE PEOPLES CHURCH IN TACOMA, WASHINGTON May God’s Richest Blessing Be Yours CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE HEISLEY BIBLE INSTITUTE AND HEISLEY BAPTIST CHURCH A FULL GOSPEL INTERDENOMINATIONAL FELLOWSHIP JACK SAUER, PASTOR 5420 W. HEISLEY RD. MENTOR, OHIO PHONE 352-7632 PASTOR BERNARD EVANS AND THE CONGREGATION OF CALVARY GOSPEL CHURCH EXTEND THEIR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1974 SCHEDULE OF SERVICES Sunday School 10 A.M. Worship Service 11 A.M. Sunday Service 7 P.M. Family Night—Tuesdays 7 P.M. Home Meetings —Wednesdays 8 P.M. Coffee House—Fridays 9 P.M. PHONE (315) 736-6042 PHONE (315) 736-0966 “FOR ALL PEOPLE OF ALL FAITHS” ■ ' M «jy|p V f 5 A x jjLrn. v, , rr , t i 11 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’74 FROM THE CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA Sunday School Worship Evening Service Tues.-Thurs. 9:45 A.M. 11:00 A.M. 7:30 P.M. 8:00 P.M. PASTORS: REV. AND MRS. J. L. POWERS 20 AMHERST ST. ROCHESTER, NEW YORK CONGRATULATIONS FROM GRACE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA PHONE (205) 758-4385 27 PINEHURST DRIVE Joe B. Fowler, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS FROM HOME OF “IN AND AROUND THE CENTER” A Monthly Publication UTICA EVANGELISTIC CENTER SUNDAY SERVICES Sunday School 9:45 A.M. Pastor Harris Speaks 11:00 A.M. Prayer Time 6:30 P.M. Evening Service 7:00 P.M. WEDNESDAY SERVICES Morning Prayer and Bible Study 9:30 A.M. Family 7:00 P.M. (Adult Bible Study, Christian Youth Aflame, Children’s Church) PASTORS: DR. and MRS. R. HARRIS RESIDENCE 43720 MERRILL RD. STERLING HEIGHTS, MICH. PHONE 739-6633 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1974 DALTON ASSEMBLY OF GOD SUNDAY Sunday School 10:00 A.M. Morning Worship 11:00 A.M. Evening Worship 7:45 P.M. WEDNESDAY Prayer and Bible Study 7:45 P.M. REV. JERRY A. MITCHELL PHONE 476-2249 OAKLAND STREET, DALTON, N.Y. OLD STONE CHURCH “The Gift of God is Eternal Life” SUNDAY Sunday School 10:00 A.M. Morning Worship 11:00 A.M. Evening Worship 7:30 P.M. WEDNESDAY Prayer and Bible Study 7:30 P.M. PASTOR JOSEPH NETTLETON PHONE 315-686-5692 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1974 FROM ONEONTA BIBLE CHURCH ONEONTA, ALABAMA SUNDAY Sunday School 10:00 A.M. Morning Worship 11:00 A.M. Evening Worship 7:00 P.M. WEDNESDAY Prayer Service 7:30 P.M. ROBERT FRENGEL, PASTOR 411 3RD AVENUE, WEST ONEONTA, ALABAMA 35121 PHONE (205) 274-2195 FAITH TEMPLE 296 BROADVIEW, ONTARIO TORONTO, ONTARIO “PRAISE GOD FOR FIFTY YEARS OF DIVINE BLESS¬ ING, GUIDANCE AND PRO¬ VISION FOR ELIM IN ITS TEACHING, WORSHIPPING AND MISSIONARY SERVICE FOR THE BODY OF CHRIST.” WELCOME TO OUR SERVICES Sunday 11:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. Tuesday 8:00 P.M. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, TO THE GLORY OF GOD THE FATHER, HALLELUJAH! PASTOR WINSTON I. NUNES, Th.D. 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FRIDAY HIS Place Coffeehouse 8-10:00 P.M. SATURDAY Elim Bible Institute Extension Program 9 A.M.-l P.M. HIS Place Coffeehouse 8-11:00 P.M. PASTORS: NICHOLAS C. WELCH DONALD B. BANACH 342 S. MAIN HERKIMER, N.Y. PHONE 866-1164 CONGRATULATIONS! BEST TO THE CLASS OF 1974 AVOCA ASSEMBLY OF GOD AVOCA, NEW YORK SUNDAY Sunday School 9:45 A.M. Morning Worship 11:00 A.M. Evening Worship 7:30 P.M. WEDNESDAY 7:00 P.M. REV. CHARLES HANN, PASTOR PHONE: (607) 566-2337 WHEN IN BALTIMORE, MD. VISIT THE GOSPEL ASSEMBLY SUNDAY Morning 10:30 A.M. Evening 7:00 P.M. MONDAY Prayer Meeting 7:30 P.M. TUESDAY Bible Study 7:00 P.M. FRIDAY Young Peoples and Children’s Meeting 8:00 P.M. 3555 FOURTH STREET BALTIMORE, MD. 21225 PHONE 355-5090 A WARM WELCOME AWAITS YOU! 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PASTOR BLANCHE BERGHUIS 503 SULLIVAN STREET ELMIRA, NEW YORK 14901 CHRISTIAN LOVE CENTER MELFA, VIRGINIA “JESUS IS LORD ' ’ CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS OF 1974 CALVARY TEMPLE ONEIDA, NEW YORK PASTOR ALFRED E. HAMM, JR. “Is not my word like as a fire?” saith the Lord; “and like a ham¬ mer that breaketh the rock in pieces?” JEREMIAH 23:24 120 ■ BEST TO THE CLASS OF 1974 God is what you let Him be! DRISCOLL PAINT GLASS ALUMINUM LIMA CLOVER FARM MARKET QUALITY MEAT AT LOWEST PRICES! AT THE RED BARN 5 W. MAIN, HONEOYE FALLS, N.Y. PHONE 624-3533 1804 ROCHESTER ST. LIMA, N.Y. PHONE 624-2455 SERVICE TO THE INSURED ARCO L.B. PIERCE AGENCY, INC. KIRKWOOD 1881 ROCHESTER ST., LIMA, N.Y. PHONE (716) 624-3000 31 MAIN ST., HONEOYE FALLS, NY PHONE (716) 624-3003 OIL CO. ARCO DISTRIBUTOR FUEL OIL - MOTOR OIL KEROSENE - GASOLINE EAST MAIN STREET LIMA, N.Y. 14485 PHONE (716) 582-1755 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’74 SWARTZ PHARMACY LIMA, N.Y. PHONE 582-1140 121 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’74 FULL GOSPEL COMMUNITY CHURCH ELKLAND, PENNA. 16920 CONGRATULATIONS FROM FALLS 1. G. A. FOODLINER HONEOYE FALLS, N.Y. TJ ' S DELICATESSEN PIZZA: FRIDAY-SUNDAY FRESH COLD CUTS 28 EAST STREET HONEOYE FALLS, N.Y. PHONE 624-3770 S.S. CAVES LUMBER, INC BUILDING MATERIALS PAINT AND HARDWARE MASON SUPPLIES POWER TOOLS HONEOYE FALLS, N.Y. E. A. TENNY AND SON FALLS DAIRY. INC GRADE A PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM HOMOGENIZED VIT. D MILK QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS 37 N. MAIN, HONEOYE FALLS, N.Y. PHONE 624-1620 or 624-1257 SHOP AND SAVE PRIDE GIFT SHOP PRIDE TRUE VALUE HARDWARE HONEOYE FALLS, N.Y. TELEVISION IS OUR BUSINESS NOT A SIDELINE MOORE ' S RADIO AND TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE 136 WEST MAIN STREET HONEOYE FALLS, N.Y. PHONE (716) 624-1644 24 HOUR TOWING 624-3708 CORBY ' S COLLISON AUTO PAINTING BODY WORK WRECKS REPAIRED ARITIC CAT SKI-DOO SALES SERVICE RT. 15A BETWEEN LIMA AND HONEOYE FALLS, N.Y. 14472 122 LIMA MOBIL SERVICE TIRES - BATTERIES TUNE UPS ROAD SERVICE PHONE (716) 624-3353 WESTERN AUTO THE FAMILY STORE AND CATALOG ORDER CENTER 7306 EAST MAIN STREET LIMA, NEW YORK 14485 CONGRATULATIONS BEST TO THE CLASS OF ’74 CLASS OF 1974 GEORGE E. FRANCE V. JOHNSON DRIVE-IN STORES INC ROCHESTER STREET 3136 Main St LIMA, N.Y. Caledonia, N.Y. 14423 PATRONS Alma Bevens Helen Craven Mr. Mrs. Ronald DeMena Charles Marla Fox Mr. Mrs. St. John E. Mitchell Mrs. Fred L. Penry David J. Turnbull Rev. Mrs. Kenneth Van Druff Lt. Col. Mrs. Richard F. Whitcomb ELIM FORMER STUDENTS DIRECTORY Years 1924-1974 This list includes all registered Elim Former Students; graduates are indicated by an asterisk. Maiden names are listed as registered, followed by mar¬ ried names in parentheses. Names of married couples are placed together in the list. All names are listed according to the year first attended, as revealed by the register books and student rosters. A debt of gratitude is owed to Mrs. Elmer (Eva Watson) Clark for her work in collecting and arranging the lists. Those honored in a brief description of life and ministry were suggested by an E.F.S.A. committee as being REPESENTATIVE of ALL those students whose ministries are a glowing reflection of their Elim training. Appropriately, they are Elim gradu¬ ates - and included among them are non-grads whose long years of faithful service warrant a hearty thank you from the entire Elim “family.” (This listing represents an herculean task of researching and editing, and may well contain errors and omissions for which we humbly apologize. We trust that our love for fellow Elim-ites will cover a multitude of errors!) 1924-25 Andrews, Bernice (Mrs. John Burgess) B ellamy, Lyle Bemette, Audessa Bressette, Robert Bressette, Lila Chichester, Eva » Clark, Elmer Deachert, Emma (Emma Decker) El ford, Wilbur DECEASED Forrest, Hugh Hungerford, Dora Mack, Leland DECEASED Newton, Helen Schuldt, Esther (Mrs. Bert MacClurg) Selleck, J esse Shea, June (Mrs. Leland Powers) Smith, Forence (Mrs. Clyde Walton) Wagoner, Mary Watson, Eva (Mrs. Elmer Clark) Webster, Florence Wheeler, Nonie (Mrs. Willard Todd) Emma Deachert served as a missionary in China until forced to leave. Present involvments in summer conferences and a Bible school in Germany reach American servicemen as well as many German young people. 1925-26 Clark, Evelyn (Mrs. Evelyn Skelton) Conklin, Bernice Conklin, Bessie Conklin, Earl Dommermuth, Bertha Hiney, Mrs. DECEASED Hubbel, Ralph DECEASED Inman, Martha(Mrs. Martha Holden) J ackson, Ernest Johnson, Hendrick Lennox, Harold Palumbo, Betty(Mrs. DanMartinelli) Sager, Lavancia Schink, Frank Scudder, Nellie DECEASED Seager, Loriene (Mrs. Carl Nusbickel) DECEASED Snyder, Nellie(Mrs. Clinton Wohlbach) Veater, Pheobe Wood, Edgar DECEASED 1926-27 Boutilier, Violetta (Mrs. Norman Richardson) Bonney, Bonnie B. DECEASED Carman, Martha DECEASED Cooper, Waites Fairchild, Dorothy Garlick, Esther (Mrs. Ernest Schink) Mazzola, Joseph Nitsch, Lillian (Mrs. Frank Cavi lla) Nitsch, Vera (Mrs. Alvin Nover) Outman, Roalie Rathbun, George DECEASED Rathbun, Mrs. Marion Robinson, Louise (Mrs. Hugh Forrest) Schink, Earnest 1927-28 Ashton, Mrs. Hazel Bean, Celia(Mrs. Frank Schink) » Bonnett, Daniel Campbell, Eleanor(Mrs. Nel son Kenyon) Chaffee, Lucy DeGroat, Cornelius Enklenz, Mrs. Alice DECEASED Head, Ruby (Mrs. Adolphus Smith) J amison, Ell a Johannesen,Inga June, Esthe Mrs. Esthej Davis) Kenyon, Nelson Klingsheim, Oscar Klingsheim, Mrs.Oscar Smith Adolphus Smith, LuellaDECEASED Neuscheler, Emma Nover, Alvin DECEASED Probst, Edna(Mrs. Clyde Hammond) Scott, Edith DECEASED Thorpe, Agnes (Mrs. EdwardPaulet) Williams, Grace (Mrs. Daniel Bonnett) 1928-29 Anderson, Anna Anderson, Frank Baker, Carlotta (Mrs. Vern Gillen) Bean, Lena DECEASED Beers, Bernard Dufford, Earl Forney, Rhena (Mrs. Rhena O Brien Koszoru, Louis Langworth, Fern DECEASED 124 May, Henrietta Palumbo, Ralph Preston, Marjorie (Mrs. Warren Denton) Rush, Rachel Schlecht, Harold Smith, Ruperta (Mrs. William Dodge) Stevens, Ralph Thornton, Hubert Travis, Frankie Mae (Mrs. Martin Sintay) Y eager, Dorothy (Mrs. Dorothy King) Wagoner, Theresa (Mrs. Roy Hill) 1929-30 Bevan, Alma Berfield Bell e(Mrs. Jos. Green) Blaking, Allison DECEASED Dale, Alvin Dodge, Wm. DECEASED Elliott, Edna(Mrs. Joseph Brown) French, Mary Garate, Elizabeth (Mrs. Carlton Spencer) Hanselman, Mrs. Ray Larkin, Fred DECEASED MacClurg, Bert Moon, Grace(Mrs. CorneliusDeGroat) Moy, Agnes Schuldt, Grace(Mrs. Bernard Beers) Young, John Lee 1930-31 Berdanier, Reese Buchinger, Robert Converse, Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth Buchinger) Davenport, Josephine Fraise, Anna French, Ellen Fuller, Louie DECEASED Joseph, Helen (Mrs. Clinton Watkins) Krokoski, Mary (Mrs. Stuart McKelvie) Lawrence, Dorothy (Mrs. Arthur Coit) Marsh, Burdette Martin, Leak K. Moon, P aul Pringle, Edna (Mrs. Edna Fyles) Proper, Genevieve (Mrs. Irvin Clark) Reed, Mabel (Mrs. Mabel Kettering) Seager, Hugh Shrimer, Robert Spencer, Carlton Stevens, Albert Williamson, Genevieve DECEASED Wasco, Wanda (Mrs. John Presta) 1931-32 Ashton, Raymond Bailey, Elizabeth Bean, Richard Bernatz, Priscilla(Mrs. Paul Rudolph) Berry, Mary (Mrs. Paul Bauck) Brown, Robert Brown, Joseph Brown, Ruth Buchinger, Mabel (Mrs. Douglas Maracle) Butler, Wm. Sr. Carman, Harry Crane, Virginia DECEASED Henderson, Louis Hill, Roy Jobe, Florence (Mrs. Florence Brazie) McKelvie, Stuart Monagle, Gaylord Moon, Josephine (Mrs. Ralph Palumbo) Morri son, Clara Belle (Mrs. Clara Belle Gasper) Potter, Lester Price, John Reed, Alfred Shepherdson, Victor Shippey, Ruth Weiss, William After graduation in 1932, John Lee Young went to New York City and worked among the Chinese, eventually establishing the Chinese Grace Faith Mission. The work presently includes a church and Sunday School and a teaching program of English for children and young people. 1932-33 Bates, George Buchinger, Marjorie, (Mrs. Leonard Maracle) Butler, Carl Chapman, Joseph Coleman, Florence (Mrs. Frank Raduaze) Converse, Edith (Mrs. Charles Denton) Cross, Allie Creeley, Harry Denton, Charles Denton, Warren Evans, Dorthea (Mrs. Neal Cross) DECEASED Elliott, Geraldine (Mrs. G. Taylor) Forney, Gertrude (Mrs. Richard Bean) Garate, Rebecca (Mrs. Thos. Griglac) Gavitt, Mable DECEASED Hart, Earl Ingham, Clifford Ingham, John June, L ily (Mrs. Victor Shepherdson) Light, Kenneth Maynard, Elizabeth (Mrs. Harry Schaumberg) Neff, John DECEASED Preston, Ellen (Mrs. Gaylord Monagle) Prine, Wm. Sanford, Delos Seager, Evelyn Sharpies, Lillian (Mrs. Carl Butler) Spencer, Mary (Mrs. Alfred Reed) Stanton, Arthur Stevens, Bertha Stiles, Laurena (Mrs. Fred Koenig) Strachan, Harry Strachan, Jessie DECEASED Townsend, Clifford DECEASED Wakefield, Fay Wakefield, Wanda Watkins, Clinton Weidman, Edith (Mrs. Alton Lane) Weidman, Laura (Mrs. Lester Potter) After marrying, Joseph and Edna (Elliot) Brown pioneered a work on an Indian reservation in New York. They later served in Egypt from 1935 until moving to Lebanon in 1970, where present involve¬ ments include both evangelistic and teaching ministries. 125 Warren and Marjorie (Preston) Denton pastored in Syracuse before one term of mission work in Hong Kong. Warren then spent 1942-46 on Elim’s faculty. The pair then returned to Hong Kong later moving to the Philippines, where they established Bible schools while teaching and preaching in churches on the island of Antique until their retirement in 1973. 1933-34 Andrades, Alexandrina (Mrs. PaulLebron) Bennett, Kenneth Bow, Josephine Buckman, Beulah(Mrs. WallaceLee) Butler, Esther DECEASED Chichester, David Colon, Juanita (Mrs. Juanita Perez) Druss, Julia (Mrs. Julia Wudarski) DECEASED DuBois, Ernest Elliott, Myra(Mrs. Wm. Dunk) Elliott, Ira Evans, Daniel Feaster, P aul French, Esther(Mrs. Wm. McLaughlin) Gilbert, Alice (Mrs. Ira Elliott) DECEASED Griffith, Kathryn Griffith, Thomas Hinman, Bernard Holmes, Mrs. Margaret Ingham, Laurel (Mrs. Laurel VanNeilson) Lacomis, Julia (Mrs. John Simenski) Langley, Margaret(Mrs. Russell Baker) DECEASED Larkin, Ruth (Mrs. Daniel Evans) Liedke, 01ga(Mrs.James Ward) Love, Lucy (Mrs. Lucy Kirkman) McKelvie, Florence Merlochi, Adeline (Mrs. J ames Green) Miller, Dorothy (Mrs. Joseph Westbury) Murphy, Howard DECEASED Palumbo, Anne Pellissier, Samuel Preston, Georgia(Mrs. Georgia Katz) Racine, Freida Roberts, Martha(Mrs. Leon Bockout) Sanchez, Manuel Schink, Ethel (Mrs. Wm. Prine) Schink, Johanna (Mrs. Harold Schlecht) Spencer, Eva(Mrs. EvaButler) Sprague, Francis Swift, James DECEASED Thomas, Alfred Van Druff, Albert VanDruff, Edwin Wolfe, Ell a Mae (Mrs. Carl Miller) The ministry of Joseph and Dorothy (Miller) Westbury in the past 35 years has included pione¬ ering, pastoring and serving as assistant district superintendent for the Assemblies of God. Their Christian Nursing Home business has helped finance his teaching seminars on the mission field, as well as the building of churches at home and abroad. 1934-35 Ailing, June Buda, Molly (Mrs. Molly Montalbano) Crane, Edward Dietz, Kenneth DuBois, Leo DECEASED DuBois, Paul Duboise, Rose (Mrs. George Hurd) Evans, Agnes (Mrs. Howard Reed) Garate, Ruth (Mrs. Sixto Lopez) Gretz, Walter Hiscock, Emily Hurd, George Lang, Martha (Mrs. Ernest Dickinson Lopez, Sixto Malone, Louise P owers, Lei and Price, Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth Luvender) DECEASED Raduazo, Anna (Mrs. Charles Murray) Reichel, Helen (Mrs. Kenneth Bennett) Roberts, Frank Rodriguez, Raymond Schoonover, Onnlie (Mrs. Harley Holden) Slocum, Walter Solowski, Herman Sterner, Carroll Sterner, Evelyn (Mrs. Milton Woodis) Westbury, Joseph Village evangelism, pastoring a city church, and daily radio ministry engaged Sixto and Ruth (Garate) Lopez in Cuba until Communism gained power. Expelled by the Castro regime, they moved to Colombia where he pioneered Gospel radio min¬ istry and was responsible for the establishing of the first Pentecostal radio station in Latin America. He continues to have an effective radio and church min¬ istry with souls saved and miracle of healing accom¬ panying the Word. 1935-36 Bruno,Frank Bruno, Josephine (Mrs. Josephine Dutch) Buda, J ay (Mrs. J ay Fazio) Buda, Jo sephine (Mrs. J osephine Musumici) Dodzweit, Arthur Dodzweit, Hannah (Mrs. Don Stewart) Frietty, Anna Hilts, Arlene DECEASED Larkin, Glenn Plenovatz, Ann(Mrs. A1 Thomas) DECEASED Sharpies, Bettie (Mrs. Robert Brown) Sliker, Cleora(Mrs. Clifford Cannon) Stevens, Elizabeth Stroup, Emily(Mrs. Ray Flexer) Taylor, Onnlie(Mrs. Edwin VanDruff) 1936-37 Andrades, Margaret ' Bodnar, John Slark, Mary Cooper, Hazel DECEASED Dodzweit, Lydia (Mrs. James Butler) DECEASED Gonzales, Connie H all, Muriel Harris, Mayrene (Mrs. Floyd RayHor) J udge, Gurden 126 Klotzbach, Lome Main, Mildred DECEASED Martinelli, Daniel Noske, Regina (Mrs. Carrol Sterner) Page, Winifred (Mrs. George Arrovo) Schweitz, Ted Sterner, Richard Sterner, Wilma (Mrs. Gordon Shedd) Yerden, Florence (Mrs. Florence Coit) DECEASED 1937-38 Abbey, Dorothy Bartle, Robert Clift, Nora(Mrs. Lawrence York) Freeman, Bennett Hauf, Alma (Mrs. Roger Cheeseman) Hinds, Francis (Mrs. LornaKlotzbach) Hirthler, Zipporah DECEASED Klotzbach, Anna (Mrs. George Reid) Maldonado, John Matkowski, ' Francis (Mrs. Francis Humink) Mclntosch, Richard McMullin, Avis (Mrs. J ugh J. Diable) Paproski, John Rader, Irvin Rice, Laverna(Mrs. Bennett Freeman) Schweitz, Anna(Mrs. Herbert Schmidtgall) Simmons, Ruth (Mrs. Nevin Westberry) Snell, Marion (Mrs. Frank Ferrari) Spencer, Merritt Westbery, Nevin Young, Ernest Blanco, Herbert Doyle, Alice Freeman, William Gazaway, John Krischak, Margaret Mitchell, Lawrence Pitman, Berl M. Pitman, Ruth (Mrs. George WhiteL P oole, Betty Price, Lillian DECEASED Prime, Mae (Mrs. Mae Sparacio) Reid, George Schaffer, Marian Smith, Vernon Stuart, Gwendolyn Weiler, Gordon Weiler, Ruby (Mrs. Herbert Ergott) Westbury, Louise (Mrs. Luther Colbert) Zimmerman, Burton Kenneth Dietze has developed Elim’s Printing Department over a period of 21 years. For several years he pastored Myrtle Gospel Tabernacle on the New York-Pennsylvania line. 1938-39 Boccheciamp, Iris (Mrs. Iris Coyle) Boccheciamp, Manuel Bennett, Rachel Bermudez, Esteban Brobst, Grace Brumm, Helen (Mrs. Robert Fuller) Colbert, Luther Colon, Lydia Combs, Cordell Crane, Winifred (Mrs. Luke Warman) Elliott, Zelma (Mrs. Ray Hood) Erazo, Ramon Frank, Dorothy (Mrs. Daniel Cohen) Goddard, Helen (Mrs. Thomas Evans) DECEASED Hall, Adda (Mrs. Harry Rensing) Hobson, Walter Hoover, Jessie Hopkins, Willis J enkins, Heyward Klotzbach, Erma (Mrs. Frank Rice) Lawrence, Ruth Lee, Barbara (Mrs. William Sorrentine) L enardo, Georgette (Mrs. Harold Christoper) Lesko, Joseph DECEASED McIntosh, J ean (Mrs. Wilbur Hobson) McMullin, Phyllis (Mrs. Clyde Jones) P addock, Alice DECEASED Pitman, Beryl Rolon, Frank Seeger, Emma DECEASED Sickler, Milbum " Bud” T aylor, Floyd Thomas, Lawrence Warman, Stella Yoik, L awrence Young, Mabel (Mrs. Robert Osborne) 1940-41 Bronson, Orville Brown, Eleanor Buda, Sam Cook, Florence Coyle, Walter Freemen, Esther(Mrs. Jacklsbister) Hobson, Wilbur Knight, Doris Parsons, Phyllis Raite, Sam Sadekoski, Albert DECEASED Shea, Darwin Shook, Irwin Sliker, Neola(Mrs. E. Foma) Spencer, Paul DECEASED Stevens, Donald Upton, Fredrick VanOstrander, Dorothy (Mrs. Walter Hobson) Vucelish, Nick Wall, Hazel (Mrs. Hazel Campbell) Wall, Norman DECEASED Warner, Lewis Milburn “Bud” and Fay (Warren) Sickler began work in Kenya in 1945 at Bukuria and later moved to Mombasa. Following a T.L.Osborne crusade, train¬ ing seminars were conducted to aid nationals in the spreading revival. Bud was Elim’s East Africa Field Secretary for many years and is currently giving direction to the development of a strong national church. 1939-40 Austin, J ennie Bartles, Vi rginia (Mrs. L. Johnson) 1941-42 Casterline, Nathaniel Cohen, Daniel Collins, Dorothy (Mrs. Earl Seeley) Davis, Uriah Day, Beatrice (Mrs. Merle Richardson) Enders, Russell Hobson, Richard Klein, Arthur DECEASED Kroll, Adeline (Mrs. George Martinic) Lusk, Jean (Mrs. Darwin Shea) L usk, J une Moore, George Motyleska, Sopie (Mrs. Vernon Aro) P arkhurst, Christine Rowe, Buddy Seda, P eter Sickler, Helen (Mrs. Jesse Squier) Spillman, Louise(Mrs. O. E. Farnado) Tuttle, Lena Wall, Marion (Mrs. Marion Heichel) Wong, PaulH. E. (PaulLow) 1945-46 Brown, Judson Brown, Nettie (Mrs. Ross Warner) Buda, Emanuel Concepcion, Josephine (Mrs. Joseph Matta) Dickinson, Wm. " Ben” Dubois, Ernest Escalera, Humbert Halloran, Betty Munson, Marie (Mrs. George Glezen) P rice, Mary Sherman, Paul Smith, Cathaleen Spencer, Ruth (Mrs. George Veach) Van Druff, Mary (Mrs. John Klotzbach) V entree, P aul Ventree, June (Mrs. Nelson Bushart) Willen, Vivian (Mrs. Vivian Young) Eva (Watson) Clark has served Elim faithfully for many years, since its beginning in 1924. As Dean of Women for over 30 years, she influenced many young ladies for Christ. She’s still administering her gift of “helps” on the present staff along with her husband, Elmer Clark. 1942-43 Aro, Ruth Blauvelt, Beatrice Hallday, Robert Jones, Clyde Manwell, Maxine Munson, Esther(Mrs. Harry Tripp) Simmons, Clara(Mrs. Richard Ball) Smith, Helen(Mrs. Helen Pettis) Warriner, Dana " Bud” 1943-44 Camcho, Carmen (Mrs. Carmen Berios) Dominguez, Mildred Gretz, Ann (Mrs. Robert Vinson) Klotzbach, John Klotzbach, June (Mrs. George Lindsay) L awson, Richard L egg, Dorothy (Mrs. AlexObal) Muir, Ruth Rice, Naomi Selleck, David Singleman, Clara (Mrs. Joseph Adriance) V anover, L eona Vinson, Robert Whiting, Richard 1944-45 Carlson, Alex Evans,Lois(Mrs. Harry Ferguson) Horton, Dorothy (Mrs. Dana Warriner) Ho we, Eileen (Mrs. Bert Chahye) Pickard, Marian Spencer, Marion (Mrs. Peter Seda) Taunton, Robbie Jo (Mrs. Troy Fennell) Vinson, Robert, Sr. » Wilhelm, Thelma(Mrs. Hector Garcia) 1946-47 Bailey, Bonnie (Mrs. Leon Guy) Carabino, Estela Claypool, L eona Davis, Neva Delay, Herbert Doerr, Ruth Gretz, Frank Hobson, Edith Hoople, Marie Kali way, Mrs. Eunice (Mrs. William Oawell) L usk, Wallace Macdonald, George Ojeda, Esperanza (Mrs. Jose I. Martinez) Price, Roland Ragonese, Clara (Mrs. Clara Batticelli) Richcreek, Joyce (Mrs. Joyce Jenkins) Richreek, Loyce (Mrs. Max Hughey) Vitello, Jennie (Mrs. Frank Gretz) 1947-48 Campbell, Edward Delgado, Juan " John” Esserine, Clara J ack son, Louise Jenkins, Dellwood Reynolds, B N Reynolds, Mrs. Vernon Rice, Francis L. Selleck, Esther(Mrs. VictorMullin) Tripp, Harry Veach, George Young, Robert After working with Elim for 12 years in the Bookkeeping Office and as Secretary to the President, June Klotzbach went to Africa where she married George Lindsay. They served a New York pastorate for five years and are now in their third term in Africa where George carries the additional responsi¬ bility of working as Elim’s Field Secretary. 1948-49 Bellamy, Eunice (Mrs. Wm. Lusk) Delgado, Milegros ’ ' Millie” Diard, Elizabeth (Mrs. Thomas Shattles) Dickinson, Faith (Mrs. Forrest Dodge) Dodge, Forrest Feaster, Ellsworth Isbister, J ack L usk, Wm. Manning, Ford Mclntosch, Beverly (Mrs. Ray Lindsay) Richardson, Ida (Mrs. Edward Bullard) Spencer, Faith (Mrs. Clifton, Cartland) Stiles, June (Mrs. Paul Owens) West, Estelle (Mrs. James Van Horn) 1949-50 Allen, James " Bill” DECEASED Benoit, Langyard Blodgett, Robert Burke, Elmer Frank Burkhardt, Lloyd Casterline, Carl Davis, Mary Ruth (Mrs. Chester Gretz) Ennis, Louise (Mrs. John Thresher) Greeley, Mrs. Cecil Howell, Ivan Jackson, Donald J anes, Cleone (Mrs. Merritt Spencer) J ane s, J im Kaiser, June (Mrs. Andrew Spencer) Kelligan, Rita Lewis, Dean Lewis, Euple ”Kay” Lewis Lorraine (Mrs. Charles Longwood) Mann, Oakley Mullin, Ivan Mull in, Victor Sanchez, Mercedes (Mrs. Dominio Meleca) Selleck, Ivan Spencer, Edith (Mrs. Noah Stolfus) Tenney, Betty Willett, Clifford Wilson, Charles L. Cattell, Reginald Chiapperino, Michael Christensen, Esther (Mrs. Dale Wine) Colon, Sally Cowan, Stanley L. Cunningham, Doris (Mrs. Reginald Solmes) Dobbins, Louise Erickson, Doris (Mrs. Royce Lewis) Erickson, Phillip E sserine, Lee Esserine, Ronald Fernandez, Vivian (Mrs. Manuel Acenedo) Garcia, Aida Gibson, Cleo P. Godoy, Oswald Guerra, Esther Holodnak, Josephine " Jean” L ark in, David Lindsay, George Lindsay, Raymond C. M apes, J ayson McBride, Florence Mitchener, Alfred Omara, Lawrence Patterson, Gerald P eterson, Elsie (Mrs. Michael Chiapperino) Rice, Lyle Sakowski, Delores (Mrs. William Culver) Siggins, Georgia (Mrs. Alfred Mitchener) Todd, Virginia (Mrs. Oakley Mann) Tripp, Carol Ann (Mrs. Robert Belsey) Upfold, Gwen (Mrs. Paul Shaver) Volkenborn, Ruth (Mrs. Donald Engstrom) Wi ' lliams, Roy Wiltsie, Ruth (Mrs. James Mitchener) Wine, Dale Wine, Gloria (Mrs. Nick Kruchnisky) Y eo, Mrs. Alice Y eo, Wellington From 1949-59, Chester Gretz served as Elim’s combined Academic Dean and Registrar and later filled the capacity of Vice-President. Present ministry finds him with his wife, Mary Ruth, located in West Germany and ministering in both eastern and west¬ ern Europe. After several years of ministry among the Meth¬ odists in Missouri, Noah and Edith (Spencer) Stoltzfus accepted the pastorate of the Lima Baptist Church in Elim’s home town. The expanding outreach of many years now includes a beautiful new church facility, an active youth program, a nursery and day school and extensive overseas missionary support. The exemplary evangelistic and pastoral outreach affects a wide area. 1950-51 Aldamny, Rose (Mrs. Carmelo Trinidad) B ain, Edgar Bass, C. P. Jr. Beers, Pearl (Mrs. Ivan Mullin) Belsey, Earl Borthwick, Willa (Mrs. Winston Curtis) Brand, Celia (Mrs. Carlos Estrada) Callafus, Marian (Mrs. Robert Young) Carlson, Mary Lou 1951-52 Belsey, Robert Bennett, Lorraine (Mrs. Lorraine Rands) Chiapperino, Marie Cole, Lucille (Mrs. Lucille Whitsell) Cole, Virgil Consaul, Mrs. Juanita Cooper, Ray Cote, Jaon (Mrs. William DeVae) Crawford, Donald D’Apice, Emma Delgado, Benny Duley, Catherine Eaton, Joan (Mrs. Herman Pitman) Eddy, Joan (Mrs. Henry Caldwell) Edmonds, Winnie English, Maude (Mrs. Maude Dzoba) Farmer, Mildred (Mrs. Alex Manzewitsch) Fisher, Otto Forbes, Edna (Mrs. James Moore) Green, Carolyn (Mrs. Abraham Rababy) Hasphany, Eddie Holbrook, Richard Johnson, Clyde Jean (Mr- 1 . Don Crawford) Kachrosky, Peter (Peter Kach) Keill, Betty Kinney, Mrs. Maude Lowes, Hubert McKenzie, Helen (Mrs. Earl Belsey) Martinez, Jose I, Marvin, Arden Mudge, Eldon B. Nevers, Handy Olson, David Olson, P aul Parrish, Barbara (Mrs. Gilbert Johnston) Reed, Ruth Samuel, Abraham Sanders, Erlene Setters, Carl Smith, Robert Swier, Dorcas (Mrs. Harry Tobin) Van Gorden, Norma Jean (Mrs. Norma Elliott) Vannucci, Lorie Welgan, Helen (Mrs. John Simms) Yancer, J ames Zarzyeky, Paul 1952-53 Cabrera, Manuel Carey, Ida (Mrs. John Dunplay) Craven, Helen Edwards, Alice Erikson, Charlotte Floyd, Cynthia(Mrs. William Immonen) Glezen, George Hall, J esse Hall, Robert Hamm, Katherina Higgins, Wilbur Ivany, Ruth (Mrs. Vernon Winstead) Jones, Patricia (Mrs. Leigh Stephens) Karlson, Oscar Lindsey, William Marin, Manuel Mitchell, Bernard Mitchell, Roslyn(Mrs. Roger Lewis) Moore, Wesley Nunn, Harry P eahota, J ean (Mrs. DavidOlson) Schneider, Elsie (Mrs. Dan Derr) Scriven, Esther(Mrs. Kenneth Green) Searles, Milton Silek, Edna Ruth (Mrs. Ewing Andrews) Skjoldal, Hazel Skjoldal, Malvern Talbot, William Trujillo, Raul Vaughn, Kenneth Velasquez, Adriana(Mrs. Adriana Santana) Williams, Ruth Joy(Mrs. Kenneth Vaughn) Wiltsie.Mary Ann 1953 54 Ames, Earlyne (Mrs. Earlyne Lamorean) Bandzul, William Blood, Alice Burton, Fran (Mrs . James Presley) Carver, B 0 yd Clark, Charles Jr. Clark, David Clark, Hazel Clark, Richard D. Cuda, Charles J. Delong, Paul Jon Erickson, Violet (Mrs. Goldwyn Boyer) Fairweather, Gladstone Gazaway, Mrs. Alice Hansen, Ramon Heaslip, Marie (Mrs. Handy Nevers) Hernandez, Thomas Herring, Dick Hinman, Gordon Holmes, Jack Johansson, Paul Johansson, Robert Kelsey, Esther Knudsen, Anskar Lewis, Roger Lichty, Mary (Mrs. David Clark) Little, Ruth (Mrs. Earl Nugent) Lobban, Leonard C. McKinney, Marguerite (Mrs. Robert Bennett) Medina, Ruth (Mrs. Ruth Diaz) Miller, Donna Mitchell, Joan (Mrs. Cecil Davis) P ettrone, Anthony Pratt, Patricia (Mrs. Lee Wrightl Reider, Lorraine (Mrs. Clayton Forsythe) Rheem, Albert Ridgway, John Roberts, Bobby E. Robertson, John M. Rutter, Patricia (Mrs. Thomas Kempis) Sanger, Janet (Mrs. Emeryk Kolat) Scribner, Marlin D. Sharpies, Henry Smith, Gloria (Mrs. Paul Johansson) Smith, Nancy (Mrs. Norman Moran) Somberger, Katherine (Mrs. Jack Holmes) Weese, Pauline (Mrs. Rodney Atwood) Wilkins, Henry Williams, Jeanette 1954-55 Anderson, Paul Burkitt, JohnM. Cleveland, Bruce Cleveland, Wendell Cornell, Lloyd Covill, Sheila B. Dates, J ackqueline (Mrs. J ames Bellamy) Gardner, Donald Groman, Paul » Gunter, Eldon Hyatt, Mrs. Esther Kinley, Louise M. Koecker, Robert Lewis, Royce Lupino, Joseph A. Jr. McConkey, Charles McMurray, Richard C. Meserve, Margert Mitchell, J une Moran, Norman C. Mullin, Clara (Mrs. PaulMcGhee) Nobbs, Rose Marie (Mrs. Richard Malchoff) Parker, Larry Robbins, Stanley J. Roberts, Burton Seiler, John Siex, Ronald Tanner, Ernest Thoburn, Eileen (Mrs. Henry Sharpies) For 20 years, Helen Craven has served Elim faithfully as Secretary to the President, Registrar, and as a teacher. During these years, she has pro¬ vided continuity in Elim’s Administative Offices and has also served as Secretary to the School Corpora¬ tion. 130 Waters, Robert J. Webster, Paul D. Weston, Shirley Wilkinson, William After pastoring at Waverly, New York, Robert and Janice Johansson worked with the Bethel Church in Rochester, New York for four years. In 1965, they moved to New York City and presently pastor a church started by Bob’s grandfather in Astoria, Long Island. A discipleship program including Elim grads is in operation with active engagement in evangelism in the church and the street. Evans, David Granger, Floyd Gunter, Helen (Mrs. Richard McMurray) Howard, Elaine (Mrs. Paul Smith) Hoy, Helene (Mrs. Peter Kach) Hughes, William Katz, Henry Leis, Arthur Lindsay, Shirley (Mrs. Leroy Davis) McMurray, David Minnick, Dean Monachino, Frances Monachino, Matthew (Matthew Nelson) Moore, Esther Parrish, Norman Schilling, Vera (Mrs. Erlon Buker Jr. ) Seaborn, Joan (Mrs. William Lindsey) Schildt, Joyce (Mrs. Andrew Leidy) Smith, Paul Sokolowski, Arlene (Mrs. Sam Santos) Stark, Shirley (Mrs. Donald Coy) Sweet, Nancy (Mrs. Ronald Byland) Tedford, Gloria (Mrs. Gerald Scott) Wilson, Colleen(Mrs. Alan McCann) 1955-56 ♦ Adour, Saied Alford, Rita (Mrs. Eldon Gunter) Bellamy, James Bonnett, Esther Bruno, Mary Bruno, P eter Cannon, J ewel Castagna, Vincent Cole, L eonard Coy, Donald Dillabough, Donald Earl, Neita (Mrs. Merton Simpson) Eaton, Jack Foley, Donald Granger, Floyd Haist, J ean Heath, Charles Hill, Marvin Hoehn, J ohn Horsmann, Louella (Mrs. Donald Dillabough) Havanus, Norman Huffmaster, Aubrey Johansson, Gladys (Mrs. Wesley Moore) Johnston, Milton Lindblade, James Malone, William Merrill, Eleanor (Mrs. Robert Van Curen) Nappa, Eda (Mrs. Gordon Hinman) Nicodemus, Clyde Owens, Ronald Powell, Mrs. Ann Preston, Ethel (Mrs. Richard Jarol) Reed, Betty Scott, Gerald Sherman, Paul Spencer, Bernice (Mrs. Fred Bush) Spencer, Esther (Mrs. Saied Adour) Stephens, Esther Stoltzfus, Noah Swanson, Marlene (Mrs. Bruce Cleveland) Vincent, Nancy Wade, Carol 1956-57 Angel, Betty Jane (Mrs. Paul Morris) Angel, Granger Appenzeller, Joan Bars tow, John Beals, Richard Bennett, Kenneth Jr. DECEASED Brooks, Eleanor(Mrs. Steven Westfall) Dueck, Wilmerjr. After helping with an existing work in Meshoppen, Pennsylvania, Saied and Esther (Spencer) Adour co-pioneered a church in Utica, New York. They also aided in the establishing of churches in Rome, Oneida, and Oswego, New York. Saied has served as Elim Fellowship’s Youth Director and Home Secretary. 1957-58 Foss, Cynthia Gowen, Lois MacKay, Norma Pais, Frank Rosenberg, Mrs. Alma Rosenberg, Oina " Jack” Spencer, David Szakaly, Mrs. Felicitus Wood, LouiseK. 1958-59 Andrews, Beverly (Mrs. Clifford McPhee) Babel, Ernest A. DeRito, Peter Engleman, Sharon Lee Gensel, Thomas Allen J ' ordan, Marie (Mrs. David Spencer) Kinney, Betty (Mrs. Albert Horton) L arkin, Daniel Malone, Harold Molgaard, Eunice Romaine, John Scott, Larry Skjoldal, Shirley Still, Cornelia (Mrs. Daniel McGarrigle) Swearinger, James Vaquez, Ernestine (Mrs. Harold Malone) Wasielewski, Judith (Mrs. Wm. Ratcliffe, Jr.) Wiltsie, lone 131 1959-60 Allen, Ralph Barr, Gayle (Mrs. Ralph Allen) Boyer, Goldwyn Brooks, Paul Bullard, Edmund Butler, Donna (Mrs. Kenneth Morrison) Costa, David R. Darcy, Frank Evans, Bernard Farmer, Senia(Mrs. Hayden Bennett) DECEASED Harjula, Sylvania Haspany, Daniel Hawley, Ruth (Mrs. Frank Darcy) Kennedy, Jean (Mrs. Roy Williams) Nunes, Robert Robinson, Lottie Ann Satterlee, Sylvia(Mrs. Paul Dash) Smith, J acob Stewart, Ella (Mrs. Lawrence Scott) Suttles, Mrs. Bernice Suttles, Lewis Swearinger, Nancy 1960-61 Allen, John B. Allen, Mrs. Kate Bennett, Hayden Crump, William Dingman, David Gervais, Alcide Haist, Carl Jordan, Elizabeth (Mrs. Kenneth VanDruff) Kirkpatrick, Ruth (Mrs. Samuel Jones) Langnes, Kathryn (Mrs. Gary Mclntire) L arkin, Nancy Miess, Philip Nieves, Joseph Orlando, David Rankosky, Diane (Mrs. Stanley Golonowski) Ratcliffe, William Jr. Raub, LaSandra (Mrs. Paul Perrins) Romigh, Joseph Sathers, Roy Schedinger, James Seivewright, Malcolm Short, Mrs. Carley Short, Desmond Talcott, Mrs. Grace Talcott, Paul Thornton, Richard Whittaker, Raymond Rinaldo, Ted Romaine, Mrs. John Seel ey, Earl Shiveattan, J acob Smallidge, Austin Terlochi, Gloria (Mrs. Joseph Nieves) Thompson, Kay (Mrs. J ames Awtry) Thornton, Arthur Turnbull, David Turner, Arlene VanDruff, Kenneth Willey, Bert Witt, Marye (Mrs. Clyde Thrasher) Yunker, Richard 1962-63 Bartholomew, Walter Bloom, Glen Jr. Boyer, Bonnie Brown, Ruth (Mrs. Warren Siddons) Clark, Marion (Mrs. Daniel Gazaway) Chase, Priscilla Corredina, Angela (Mrs Richard Thornton) Darcy, Donna(Mrs. Joseph Nettleton) Dodzweit, Sharon (Mrs. Bernard Evans) Eustice, Roland Frink, Lyle Hanna, Henry Hanna, Mrs. Mary Hopkins, Carolyn J ones, Isaiah Kulp, Norman L awson, Mrs. Carol L awson, Don L iddiard, Joyce (Mrs. Glenn Bloom) Maroa, John McClinchey, Nelson Mclntire, Gary Miller, Kenneth Moor, Mrs. Sally Noga, Sandra Lee (Mrs. Uuno Mikkonen) Otieno, Erastus Ralston, Robert Sather, Mrs. Marion Shea, Lucille (Mrs. David Faust) Smith, Patty (Mrs. John Deboef) Spina, Charlotte (Mrs. William Dugan) Westcott, Charlene Wix, Elizabeth Wolfe, Sharon (Mrs. Ronald Price) Woodruff, J ennifer (Mrs. John Maxwell) Woods, Frederick 1961-62 Allen, Gayle Becker, Patricia(Mrs. Clyd Dates) Belec, Peter Bounds, Melvenus Brewer, Raymond Brown, Harrison Davis, Ann (Mrs. Humberto Perez) Deir, Atef Derstine, Willis Dickinson, Hope(Mrs. John Fergusson) Edlin, Kenneth Ellyatt, David Gallman, Catherine (Mrs. Catherine Brewer) Glenister, Doug Hill, Sally(Mrs. Thomas Parfet) Johansson, Carol Koenig, Ray L avin, David Lawson, Douglas Marshall, Donna (Mrs. Edman Emmons) Markes, Barbara(Mrs. Peter Knutson) Mitchell, John Moor, J ustin Price, Ronald Peter Belec served as assistant in Calvary Gospel Church in Utica, New York. After marrying Carol, he pastored a French Church in Montreal, Canada. The couple now specializes in the area of youth work while pastoring the Full Gospel Chapel in Avoca, Pennsylvania. 1963-64 Allen, Harriet (Mrs. John Mitchell) Arvelo, John Blair, Kenneth Browne, Harrison " Bud ' Buchanan, Glenda(Mrs. Kenneth Blair) Gary, Charles E. Jr. Gary, Margaret Clark, Maureen Corredera, Frank Crandell, Betty (Mrs. FredWoods) Dodzweit, Victor Dugan, William Ellyatt, Joan Faust, David Franco, Elmo Frost, Herbert Glenister, Joan Hilliard, John Hunter, Dale J ackson,J im Kinat, Sue Krikonan, Faith Kunjappy, V. G. Lane, Carolyn (Mrs. Paul Rue) Lawson, Daisy Belle(Mrs. WardLusk) Leisups, Eva Losey, J udith (Mrs. Lawrence Price) McCown, Jaunita(Mrs. William Foy) Mancini, Ronald D. Manzano, Robert Manzano, Suellen Maurer, Evelyn (Mrs. Evelyn Connor) Minteer, David Nason, Ronald Op dyke, Rqbert Otto, Judith P erez, Ann Perez, Humberto Powers, Winston Price, Lawrence Rodgers, Barbara Rodgers, John Lee Rodriguez, Mabel Sather, Philip D. Spina, Opal Taylor, Ronald Thornton, Angela Vaughn, Grace Vedral, Charles Wyatt, Betty 1964-65 Ackman, Ann Antonson, Donald Austin, Carol Barnes, Charlotte (Mrs. Joel Evans) Bates, Viola Berkheimer, Dorothy (Mrs. Junker) Burch, Theodore Choinard, Noella (Mrs. Samuel Winsor) Claycomb, Allen Claycomb, Grace Cohan, Robert L. Connor, Michael A. Cook, Gail Lee (Mrs. Mike Boyd) Corredoria, Rose Dart, Gloria Dickinson, David Dodzweit, Benjamin Fergus son, John Foster, Edward J. Frank, Cheryl Hall, James Henry, Ruth (Mrs. Cliff Holland) Hoehn, Elizabeth C. H older, P atrick Hunt, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Douglas Krutsinger, Ronald K rut singer, Shirley Kuhne, Fred L autersack, Alan Lavalley, Pauline R. Martin, Jonathan Master, Jonathan Master, Henry B. Mauerer, Vicki Maxwell, John Morrison, Kenneth Nettleton, Joseph P arfet, Thomas Parker, Harleen June (Mrs. John Hillard) Philipson, Richard Rauch, Charles Reid, Rachel (Mrs. Daniel Gilbert) Rinaldo, Louise Rinaldo, Theodore Schoonover, Donald Serrano, Gregory Shea, Kathleen (Mrs. Kenneth Steiner) Sherman, Judith Ann (Mrs. Norman Cole) Snelgrove, Helen (Mrs. RonaldTaylor) i Stewart, Robert J l „ Sullivan, Maxwell Summerville, Charles E. Terhune, Evelyn Thornton, Margie(Mrs. Henry Master) Tucker, Robert Turnbull, Lucie Warner, Charity(Mrs. Charity Ludlow) Welty, Wayne Woodruff, Hayt C. Yunker, Sharon 1965-66 Beck, Virginia (Mrs. Russell Bannan) Bloom, Glenn Boyle, Peggy Brett, David Broseker, Leonard Brown, John Byers, Barbara Byers, Marvin Chamberlain, Martha (Mrs. Dale unter) Conley, Joyce Conley, Lois (Mrs. Eldon Kroft) Copson, David Crosbie, Donald Crosbie, Valmae (Mrs. Donald Crosbie) DeSipio, Leonard Dodzweit, Joy (Mrs. John Stutzman) Draves, Carol (Mrs. Timothy Ackerman) Eastman, Lawrence F erreira, Rosalee (Mrs. Clinton White) Flanders, Louise Gazaway, Daniel Goszleth, Louis Grant, Joseph H all, Mrs. Lydia Hamm, Alfred Hammond, Karren (Mrs. Alfred Hamm) Hill, Samuel K lamer, Allan Kreger, Andre LaMar, Shirley (Mrs. Shirley Garland) Lawrenson, Lorraine Lawrenson, Wilfred Lehman, Louise (Mrs. Arthur Thornton) Lopez, Daniel Mallick, David Mancini, Susan Marquardt, Gary Miess, Philip Palmer, Beverly (Mrs. William Smith) P arrent, Donald R affa, Ned Rosado, Angel Rosado, Gloria Rue, Paul Scoville, Rodney Simpkins, John Siver, Ronald Slawson, Clair Stutzman, J ohn Thornton, Arthur Vedral, Lorraine (Mrs. Paul Matte) Weatherly, Dorothy Woodruff, J ennifer (Mrs. John Maxwell) Yoder, Frederick 1966-67 Acosta, Santiago Banner, Patr icia Basford, Carl Blackstone, Dawn Bloom, Mrs. Joyce Buczynski, Priscilla (Mrs. DavidRocker) Byers, J ay » Caram, Paul Carey, Robert Chou, Clifford Colon, Barbara Colon, Louis Commey, Frank Conley, Larry Derke, Waldemar Derke, Wolfgang Diehl, Keith Dunleavy, James Eastman, Mrs. Marie E bersole, J udith Ebersole, Kenneth Emmons, Edman Estrader, George Fair, Shirley Flanary, PatriciafMrs. Harvey Neese) Foy, William Fraley, Sandra(Mrs. Edwin Coates) Frengel, Robert Gimenez, John Gimenez, Sharon Gudsell, Tinsley Hall, Louise(Mrs. Walter Sprepski) Hall, Sherrolyn (Mrs. James Morris) Heckendorn, Gordon Helton, J. R. Henry, Esther (Mrs. Robert Brian) Holliday, Laverne Hooper, Joyce (Mrs. Samuel Hill) Jenkins, Jamie Keerps, Seguard Lane, Florence Leavines, Shirley Leavines, Tom Leonard, Dale Linder, Rosemarie (Mrs. Rosemarie Strub) McKeenLonnie (Mrs. Barry Smyser) Marck, Winnie(Mrs. LeonardDesipio) Marsh, Frederick Matte, Paul Midttveit, Harriet Moore, Ruth Palmer, Diana (Mrs. Peter Streiber) Parfet, Julanne Peters, William Phipps, Revecca Pratt, Barbara Rainey, Alice Rebello, Arlita Reyes, Ester Ridenour, Mrs. Elizabeth Robertson, Mary Rosa, Abel Rose, Hubert Rutkin, Gerald Sandford, Albert Santiago, Frederick Schisler, Cathy Schisler, Constance (Mrs. Harry Vellekoopf) Scoville, Barbara Sherman, Keenith Siems, Sandra (Mrs. Nathan Aller) Smyser, Barry Staples, Stephen Streiber, Peter Stroup, Priscilla Swartzendruber, June (Mrs. William Taylor) Swartzendruber, Thelma (Mrs. Louis Goszleth) Swenson, Arthur Taylor, William Thompson, Lei a Thorpe, James Valladares, Darlan Valladares, Sandra Lloyd Moulton has served Elim for nearly 25 years in various capacities including Maintenance Supervisor, Business Manager and Bible teacher. The latter remains his first love. 1967-68 Acomb, Andrea Alarid, Robert Aller, Nathan B abel, J udith Barnes, Saralee (Mrs. Benjamin Dodzweit) Bennett, Mrs. Donna Bez, Edward B ingham, J udith Borntreger, Lydia (Mrs. Russell Chorpening, Jr.) Bovard, Bettie Byers, Mrs. Berdetta Byers, Dwayne Byers, Mark Cline, Stacy Coates, Edwin Conrad, Mrs. Helen Dickinson, Tom DiMusto, Sharon (Mrs. Mark Byers) Dodge, Florence Dragan, Evelyn (Mrs. Carl Vehouc) Faro, Charles Fowler, Ben Fox, John Franklin, Bruce Giaccaglia, Maria Green, Mrs. Elsie Green, Vernon ♦Hanselman, Linda (Mrs. Tony Stock) Harris, Doyle H e inecke, Carla (Mrs. Robert Alarid) Heinecke, Sue (Mrs. Jack Dunigan) H einz, Glen Hep worth, Sheila Hightower, Judith Holub, Irene Humphreys, Michael Hurst, William J enkins, Wm. “Jerry” Johnson, Mrs. Evelyn J ohn son, William J ones, Winona Kakish, Munir Karppala, Faith Korr, Jeffrey Kropf, Eldon K uehl, Gordon L aRose, Susan Larson, Florence Lawrence, Barbara (Mrs. Donald Solins) L ee, Barbara (Mrs. Michael Mullikin) Lind, Alma Loper, Lena (Mrs. Jamie Jenkins) Lusk, Cheryl (Mrs. Sam Nisbet) McCown, Mrs. Barbara (Mrs. Harold McCown) " McCown, Harold McLeod, Mrs. Olive Madeline, Charmaine (Mrs. Bruno Savella) 134 Manzano, John Martin, Terry Melendez, Hannibal Messier, Duane Miles, Dennis Miller, John Milliken, Wayne Morgan, Stanley Munson, Ronald Murphey, Stanley Neely, Dixie Neese, Harvey N isbet, Sam Niswander, Dennis Nurnmer, Marylouise (Mrs. Harry McDuffy) Pawluk, Linda (Mrs. Larry Harper) DECEASED P eters, Constance Phippen, Carol (Mrs. Glenn Mumper) Randall, Harvey Rhodes, Royce " Rene " (Mrs. Harvey Neese) Saunders, Betty (Mrs. Peter Boot) Schwandt, Irvin Serwanga, Jane Sheriff, Andrea (Mrs. Clifford Carroll) Smith, Philip Spilman, Gay Stewart, William Stitzel, Joan (Mrs. Jerry Jenkins) Sumrall, Frank Sylvester, Rebecca Talcott, Jane (Mrs. John Lecorchick) Tamusuza, Edith Tooley, Gary T ucker, Mrs. Geline Twaddle, Mrs. Audrey Twaddle, Peter Vaccaro, Daniel V accaro, Susana Walsh, Richard Welch, Nicholas Wilson, Connie (Mrs. Connie King) Wood, Frances (Mrs. Robert Frengel) Yoder, Mrs. Elaine Yost, J ames 1968-69 Angel, Mrs. Beverly Bayer, Robert Block, Gary Bonser, Paul Bos twi ck. Ho ward Bostwick, Valli (Mrs. Donald Rogers) Boulter, Stephen Brass, Mrs. Roxine Brass, William L. Briggs, Cheryl Browning, Margaret B yers, J ay Carey, Mrs. Harriet Carlson, Craig Carr, Mrs. Amy Carr, Edmund Chapin, Charma Clark Lloyd Close, Robyn (Mrs. Robert Voorhees) Crandall, Steve Fiomi, David F ox, Deborah Franklin, Bruce F ranklin, Mrs. Marjorie Freeman, Kenneth Gaston, Kathleen (Mrs. John Thompson) Griffin, Mrs. Flora Griffin, Samuel Griglack, Carolyn Habeck, Sharon Hayes, Richard Heinz, Monica Hewitt, Carolyn (Mrs. James Welton) Holder, Mrs. Betty Holschuh, Mrs. Edna Holschuh, Richard Humphreys, Mrs. Mary J enson, Norma J ohansson, Billy Karppala, Esther Kiger, William LaBelle, Ros Marie (Mrs. Robert Peck) Lawson, Glenda (Mrs. Gary Block) Layman, Janice L esko, J oseph Loman, Richard McCown, Timothy Martin, Mary (Mrs. David Hupp) Mengee, Joanne (Mrs. Ronald Munson) Meyer, Bonnie (Mrs. Ronnie Hand) Newton, Sandra Olson, Carolyn P erry, Mrs. Vivian Phillips, Bert Phillips, Mrs. Sharron P orta, Ruth P ryor, George C. Robinson, Irene Roemer, Bernice Rogers, Donald Rollins, Kendall Seastedt, Linda Ann (Mrs. John Swanson) Serek, Richard Serrano, Mrs. Karren Severance, Eleanor (Mrs. Jay Byers) Solins, Donald Spores, Sharon Stock, Anthony Stutzman, Mrs. Joy Summers, David Talley, Edwar Talley, Mrs. Nancy Tirella, Linda (Mrs. Stephen Tucker) Tough, Sally Ulmer, Deborah (Mrs. Janes Steeden) Vendelin, John Watson, J ames Welch, Mrs. Irene Wickstom, David Wilder, Mary Williams, Karol Val " Nicki” Wollschleger, Mrs. Mary Yunker, Mrs. Dorothy 1969-70 Banach, Donald Beauvier, Donald Beauvier, Mrs. Lola Berlett, Charmaine Bresett, Mrs. Olive Brewer, Joyce Buchanan, Ronald Burg, J anet Butler, Edward Burlock, Helena Carl yon, Michael Condon, Debbie Eastham, Earl Evans, Edwin F owler, George Haag, Frederick H all, Mary Hanselman, Donna (Mrs. Daniel Stutzman) Harjula, Sylvia Harman, Mrs. Starlene Harper, Larry Harris, Mrs. Joy Harris, Robert Holden, Jeneva H oneycutt, Mary Howe, Nancy (Mrs. Gerald Pepin) Humphreys, Paul Hutchins, Mark Ivarsen, Karen J ones, Daniel Kirby, Charles Larkin, Daniel Larkin, Mrs. Nancy •Lawson, Kenneth Llewellyn, Esther (Mrs. Hayden Bennett) Lopez, Marilyn MacLane, Donald Malone, Ruth (Mrs. Ben Fowler) Mas, Barton Mas, June (Mrs. Edward Bond) Melendez, Becky Mullikin, Michael •Niswander, Mary (Mrs. Lloyd Clark) O ' Dell, Ernest O’Dell, Larry Phillips, Genevieve Prater, Ronnie •Prillaman, Frank P ryor, Mrs. Susan Robinson, Terrance Schulze, Ronald Smith, Mrs. Lorraine Srigley, Dianne (Mrs. Richard Barron) Sumrall, Stephen Torres, Benjamin Torres, Lila VanDuesen, Eric Washington, Susan (Mrs. Maurice Shane) Wei ton, J ames Woodbury, Mrs. Therese •Woodworth, Thomas Wuollet, Mary (Mrs. Roland Hutchins) 1970-71 ! Abt, Clarence Ackerman, Timothy Andersson, Astrid Barnes, Catherine Barney, George Barney, Mrs. Virginia Bessler, Darlene B lakeslee, Laurie (Mrs. Ken Lawson) Blesch, Gregory Bloss, Vanuel Brady, Elizabeth Brein, Robert Bullard, David Bulluck, Linda (Mrs. Arthur Marquis, Jr.) Burg, Diane (Mrs. Gary Eberts) Campbell, Mrs. Cheryl Campbell, Frank Carpenter, Randall Carroll, Dwight Cestemino, Marietta (Mrs. Richard Waters) Chappie, Dorothy Childs, Ronald Christiansen, Scott Clark, Robert Cline, Andrew Cowan, Doris (Mrs. Richard Whitcomb) Cross, Ronald Davis, Carol Delaney, Karole DeLaVergne, Terri DeMena, Ronald Dillard, Louise Drew, David Dyck, Frederick Eastham, Mrs. Sue Ebert, Janis Eberts, Gary Edmonds, Robert Elsell, Charles Emissee, Dorothy F ish Sharon Folkertsma, Marcia (Mrs, Thomas Victor) Fox, Charles Fox, J eanne Funk, Mrs. Sarah Gabriel, William Gaines, Elizabeth 136 Gaines, Tedd Gavin, Clarence Gibbs, Christine Goodwin, Elizabeth " Beth” Gordon, Glen Graham, W. Timothy Hale, Philip Hammond, Debra (Mrs. Debra Ratz) Hann, Loraine Harris, Riche Hartman, J ames Hartman, Mrs. Sally Harvey, James Henry, Rebecca Holland, Mrs. Beatrice Hollenbeck, Donna Homyak, Mrs. Jean ♦Humphreys, Paula Humphrey, Mrs. Mildred Johnson, Debi Kelly, Everett Kelly, Mrs. Judith K ent, Rayora Lawrence, Kathleen L indh, John Littleton, Melody L ong, David L usk, Sharon MacLane, Thelma McComi, Barbara Mains, Paul Marshall, Marla (Mrs. Charles Fox) Martin, David Mercado, Eliezer •Mulvaney, Michael Niswander, Darrell N iswander, Joy Niswander, Mrs. Sharon Orred, J ames Oswald, Carlettie Rawn, Mrs. Billie Rawn, George Reeves, Allen Roherty, Dawn Schmidt, Edward Schram, J ames Seaburg, Cheryl Shackett, Susan Shane, Maurice Smith, Mrs. Patricia Smith, Ronald Smith, Timothy Srigley, Larry Stout, Margaret (Mrs. Margaret Abraham) Struik, Marianne Sturzen, Debra (Mrs. Rick Harris) Stutzman, Daniel Talbot, Cheryl Talbot, Susan Thompson, John Trudell, Randall Veazey, Mrs. Cynthia Veazey, Daniel Vega, Herman V ictor, Thomas Walters, Richard Weatherbee, Warren Williams, George Wilson, Dawn (Mrs. Donald Banach) Zeidman, Sharon 1971-72 Amico, Kathleen Anthony, Robert Arter, Lyn (Mrs. David Vangas) Ash, Marilyn Barker, Electa Barker, Thomas Bauer, Christine Beach, Bradley Boot, Peter Borland, Dorcus Bonowitz, Hazel B rady, J ames B ugbee, J ohn Caligiuri, Peter Callahan, Kathleen (Mrs. Larry O’Dell) Callahan, Mary Campbell, Bonnie (Mrs. Eugene Kallberg) Chaffin, Mark Childs, J erry Clark, Charles Clark, John Cline, Stacy Collier, Quimby Collier, Sandra Damon, Michael D ejong, Tess Deuel, Thomas DeWesse, Richard Dooley, Daniel Dowler, David Drew, Elnora Dyk, Jonathan Eaton, James Edwards, Kerry Elder, Jessie Fast, Darryl F elker, Nancy Flewelling, Step hen Follett, Vickie (Mrs. Herb Bohr) Fox, Debbie Fox, Ronald Fuksman, Henry Gabriel, Lee Garrison, Nancy Gernandt, Susan Gilder, Margaret (Mrs. Rick South) Godt, Rosalee (Mrs. Jacob Kakish) Graham, John Gary, Barry Gary, Karen Green, John Grippe, Marilyn Guerin, Benjamin Hann, Donald Harbour, Ann Harris, Charlene Hartshorn, James Hays, Frank Holliday, Daphene Holmes, Charles Holmes, Deborah (Mrs. John Bugbee) Hoogerbrugge, John Howell, Robert Hutton, Kenneth Jackson, Cramer J ackson, Kathryn Joerns, Julie Johnson, Bruce Jones, Carolyn Jones, Karen Jones, Thomas Kakish, Jacob Karppinen, Iris Keenan, Julia Kimball, Kathleen Kinch, JoAnne Kling, Nancy Kopecky, Joseph K unh, Gene Lane, Darlene Lawrie, Cynthis (Mrs. David Long) Ledford, Michael Leon, Diane (Mrs. Keith Trimble) L ewis, Diane Lewis, Robert Lindsay, Karen (Mrs. Earl Dietrich) Logue, Ralph L out, Ann Lout, J erry Lusk, Alvin McGraw, Robert M anwaring, Ronald Marrow, Michael Martin, Daniel Martin, Larry Mas, Paul Milham, Robert Moot, Bertha Morgan, Nolan Morley, Philip Nichols, Barry Niswander, Darrel Noel, Norma Novak, Robert O’Hara, Sean Oswald, Sue (Mrs. Timothy McCown) Park, Carol (Mrs. Paul Peterson) Peace, Howard P eery, Candace. Perkins, Erma Perkins, Leon P eterson, P aul Phillips, Ann Prestipino, Honey Pullen, Stephen Ramiriz, Juan Rettig, Ross Ricke, Joseph Rossi, Luisa (Mrs. Eleazer Mercado) Rue, Carolyn Rue, Paul Russell, Sharon Salerno, Lucille Salib, Amalia Sander, Sally (Mrs. Doug Vargas) Sandhop, Donald Schultz, Brenda Shaw, Kathleen (Mrs. Richard Bartholomew) Shetter, Judith Shunk, Dean Smith, Lori Smith, Ollie (Mrs. James Evans) Sokoloff, Harry Sokoloff, Martha Soo, Dominie Spencer, Anne Spyker, John Strandt, Leslie Struik, Lydia Synowski, Rick Tanner, J ohn Tenny, Brian Trimble, Keith Trueblood, Ernest Vargas, David Vargas, Douglas Vliet, Bonnie Vliet, Terry Weathersby, William Webb, Mary Welch, Richard Welton, Carolyn Westfall, Marilyn Williams, Margaret Young, Rhoda 1972-73 Adams, Fred Ainsworth, James Alexander, Alice Amacher, J erry Amico, Kathleen Anderson, Susan Beckman, Roberta Bennett, Robert Be van, Ruth Blackstone, Stephen Blake, Judith (Mrs. Brian Tenny) Bonawitz, David Boncuk, Renee Bond, Edward Bostrom, Eric Boucher, Jacqueline Bourne, LuAnn Brass, Diane 137 B re w er, St eph en Bullard, Susan Jones, Thomas Burgio, Ronald J udd, Carolyn Callahan, Curt D. Kerr, Gary Canavan, John Kimball, John Cary, Joseph David Knowles, Richard Cecil, Virgil Kawalski, Rosaline Chapman, Dana Knupp, P aul Cintron, Nestor Landis, Dean Close, Clarke Langel, Robert Cole, Linda Lapanzie, Martin Copson, Lori Lizzotte, Richard Corey, John Lyons, William Cotrofeld, Mary McEwan, Karen Cundiff, Gary Macklin, Kenneth Douglas, Lois Martin, Daniel Doutt, Patty Martin, Larry Duncan, Alpha Denise Matthews, David Durrance, Michael Meighan-Smith Yvonne Dyck, Gary Merriman, Glenn Dyk, Carol Messina, Geraldine Dyk, Irene Miller, Donald Eby, Daniel Miller, Douglas Forrant, Patricia Miller, Harold Frank Marlene Miller, Jeanette Fuller, Andrew Mills, Robin W. Mill ward, Ann Fuller, Christine S. Golemb, Christine Moynihan, Michael R. Gordon, Jeffrey Mullin, Valerie Graffius, Marlene Murphy, Judith Greenhill, Marilyn Myers, Mark Gulizio, Michael Newton, John Gzanowicz, Helen Oliver, Thomas Hagstrom, Robert Omalev, Tania Hale, Roger Orred, Susan Hawkins, Larry Often, Vincent Hawkins, Linda P etrie, David Hogle, Tamara P ettit, L eta Hollenbeck, William Plumly, Nancy Hollenbeck, Linda Piorot, Clifford Horikawa, Shoko Polite, Debi Hubbard, Stephen Powell, Russell J ones, Karen Pryor, Russell Rattray, Dana Reed, Sandra Richards, Daryl Richardson, Laurie Rowe, J ane E. Rowe, J ack Rutt, Steve Salerno, Lucille Schmidt, Loree Schwandt, John Seifert, Elizabeth Shevkenck, Lynn B. Showalter, Stephen Skelton, Geoffrey Smart, Vernon Smith, Virginia Smith, Richard (Mrs. James Harrshorn) Sorge, Sheldon South, Richard Sova, Ron Spicer, Meredith Spyker, Thomas Standish, Stephen Stewart, John Stulman, Louis Stumpo, Marie (Mrs. Dwight Carroll) Thompson, Ronald Tilstra, Theresia Timmons, William T jin-Kon-Keim, Purcy Todd, William T ubby, Susan Turnage, Matk Vecchio, Jody Wade, William Walker, Barbara Weaver, Dorlene Willison, J eanne Wing, Bonnie Winkler, Randall K. Withey, Duane Wood, Martha (Mrs. Clair Joseph) inter T collegiate press, inc.

Suggestions in the Elim Bible Institute - Oasis Yearbook (Lima, NY) collection:

Elim Bible Institute - Oasis Yearbook (Lima, NY) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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Elim Bible Institute - Oasis Yearbook (Lima, NY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 18

1974, pg 18

Elim Bible Institute - Oasis Yearbook (Lima, NY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 84

1974, pg 84

Elim Bible Institute - Oasis Yearbook (Lima, NY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 48

1974, pg 48

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