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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1970 volume:

U' ,L . .Wm , Lxu. . -,.-. N , Uv. ' f Qzlffgwg 'J K-v..l. . I r , .gk X f , A 3 f" ' -a . ' 2 5' 1 0 Q ' ji 9, ni . ca -uw H ,xi A 2 ic I W . ' r g,.fff -. fa rf - I J- K. . IJ if L .Juv , .J .. '-V . 'sh -.3 I A 1 3? .an f. is ,,.,.....:...-, i A X ag q -r 1 ' x 'X 55 ' lfk ' -,...4 I- 1 1-1. 'r f THE TIGER A TRIP THRCUGH T - 1 f gi X if L frigid, 2155 3, Q4 -1770 Moments of friendship THE FACES CF E.H. . Nfff . . . enthusiasm . , , . .. anxiety CXCCUCHCC . . . . . . participation study alma-I fun... fr ,l . . . and being together . , . rf 1 f H Q . ' an gg S --. ... work ... CONTENTS Administration - - Faculty ---- Seniors - - Juniors ---- Sophomores - - Freshmen - - - Junior High - - Elementary - - Classes - - - Activities - - - Sports ---- Awards - - Advertisers - - mischief . . . E. H. S. "Where the breeze is gently blowing E. H. S. , E. H. S. Where there 's laughter ever flowing E. H. S. , E, H. S. Where you 'll always meet a smile that will cheer you all the while and will shorten every mile E.H.S." This is your book and the story of the year you helped create - 1970. SCHOOL BOARD Lewis Cooper, Presidentg Charles Good, Kenneth Dixon, Secretary: Tommy McGee, Vice Presidentg Bob Daughtery. SLPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL 1 DELANO ARNOLD HM LOVE Chemistry Science, P.E., Coach M.s. - NMSU M-A- - ENMU 'QEMQZQQQQWWWW f 1 ff ' L 1f- ! W Iiqrv! A 'I A -- S. W' A f m wwii ' Q 4 ,w'WWmfWwwm -1 fffz X 1 v ,,, 7 1 ,fm Wi i f , 145 ,M W!zf51b1, 5 Z 'fm X! 'u 7 - i ,, A W ,f lvl W Q My W4 dw 6 A W, ' Wy H fix' Q fn fwjf lmml A,.VlW,m,L y H w LM WfW,Wf'fff1u XIX Allin, WWW! 'W IW ? Z l g f"rz m M34 Qwflfilw !' Q, I q j,lMlf!1n I ' .Mn,MWM If ml lutl lv X M X Q F +1 Q EX f H11 Q dy wx dx LW! f Q W V Wfffwfwl P S ffv f 195 3 wN' W 19 Q p D Q Ah Q W I I' 1 x f E R 1 1f!,,w'f M Y igfy 5 WQw13f,v Qfwiggx V! 'l f l M! K N EW 53 f I J A fig " 1 ' ' j jf f W wwf Wffwwfw X Q ff MWWWM ff UH FACULTY ?W HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MAX EGAN History, Government MA - WTSU JANE COZZENS Home Ec. , Girls P. E, BA - Pasadena College MARION SHAW 9th, 10th, llth English, Library Science MA - ENMU JESSE SCROGGS 7th, Sth, 12th English, Current Events BA - ENMU RICHARD HENDERSHOT General Science , Geology , Math BS - ENMU ARLA HITSON Commerce BBA - ENMU CAROL TORRENTS Music BM - Indiana University DEWEY PIERCE Agriculture, Counselor BS - AG Ed. - NMSU M. Ed. - Guidance and Counseling - ENMU GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY SUE LOVE First Grade BA - ENMU KATHY TIREY Second Grade BS - ENMU SYLVIA MORRIS Third Grade BS - ENMU BETTYE LAMBIRTH Fourth Grade MA - ENMU IZA RIPPEE Fifth Grade B.A. - ENMU JERRY SHAW Sixth Grade B.A. - ENMU Principal STAFF RUTH MOORE Secretary CLYDE GOWER Custodian MAURINE EGAN MARGARET WEST NEVA GOWER Teachers Aide Cook Cook .uv L7 'K BUS DRIVERS: John Anthony, Ruby Anthony, Velma Pearson, Martha Jordan, Margaret West, Maxine Smith, Fred Anthony. NOT PICTURED: Carl Pearson, Ed West, Dan Jordan. DKK Ld V 1+ ff " ' g 11" 'sf 'W' 1 ff W fl! , QX f , Us . QQ 'Si' M ,,,. ., W W WWWM "4UWf1rW N X W' W 7 PZ W ! 11? Ml 1 , ,I lf! 1 4 SENIURS ROBERT CROSS President NITA MARIE WILSON Secretary IO ANN PITTS RANDY LIEB Vice -President SENIORS LINDA HOLMES SHIRLEY T HURM AN DOUG CORBITT TIM GILMORE , " Vi' img IM, MARSHA WILCOX KITTY ASCHBACHER CLASS SONG "Those Were the Days" COLORS Purple and White FLOWER White Rose MOTTO "We know not what the Future holds, but we know who holds the Future. " "THOSE WERE THE DAYS" Those were the days my friend, We thought they 'd never end, We'd sing and dance Forever and a day. We'd live the life we choose, We'd fight and never lose. Those were the days, Oh yes, those were the days. Recorded by Mary Hopkins FAVORITES - Randy and Nita Marie Q i,.. , QM what-S the matter JO Ann? Are you Camera Senior Class meetings got you down Shy? Coach?? IUNIQRS 6? 45,217-5 Qfkgmrf ,gg 9 f F ff ,W if A ,X XX J f ff x j 'IN ,W xffu lj . v 1 N , 'RK ff KM ffff I fl" ff Jim McGee Herschel Dixon Jim McDonald Viki Contreras Steven Merrick Debby Cannon Ronnie Vaughan Brenda Joyner Alan Self Keith Hale Gary Good Lynn Beard CLASS SONG "Born Free" COLORS Blue and White MOTTO "He who does nothing is nothing" FLOWER Blue Carnation SPONSOR Mr. Scroggs FAVORITES - Steven and Viki President - Viki Contreras Report Card Day Vice President - Jim McGee Satisfaction or Terror? Secretary - Debby Cannon Treasurer - Steve Merrick Parliamentarian - Jim McDonald Reporter - Herschel Dixon L-Q ff 1 9 NVQ N f x' 'M X5 WX X ,1 Pr N, gn XffW X ,N f , I Y I W my QW Ww w X W, Rr I ,X X ?Pff WM SQ' wk WNW W' Q W ai Qfff f 1' f4 ' Mi. Q Z V .figtcf ms M my 'r E 'M' f u f A ,X NW Q IKM J N NX AN W W 9 Riffs f v' QW Mrk V M ug f I N I ll 1111 f T515 mx My fx lx W 5 N M l K 4 IK M5 JJ! XE gurl 'SW ll! C 1 A ' I I Q 1 44 M V Xif? Q gf Q i W mfr SQPHUMURES XE Carol Ann Acosta Kathy Southard Johnny Rains Stanley Dixon Ike Good Bob Rogers Bill Cryer Steve Cooper Picture not available for Greg Archer CLASS SONG "Fancy" COL ORS Blue and White MOTTO Divided we stand FLOWER Baby Mums .SPONSOR Mr. Egan Hey Kathy the monkeys have already left but 1f you hurry maybe you can catch them! Hfmwm + Y A Q M Nw W X W 7 fm: my QW y 1 , ,fm 'wrxxlf , X W x' Wfy'W M X m f , W K 'X xnxx s " -'af' 9 Q ' QQ: 2 15 , ek Q Y V809 XX W 1117" lf f f 'f' WW f ffffi X 73 Q WW f !7 7'4' v! N 0 f X f f QW? KW k fc ! A Z FRESHMEN Sandra Beard Barry Lambirth Yolanda Acosta Randy Merrick Randal Vinther Mary Cross Monte Howard Debi Davis Christy Craig Ray Chandler Cindy Watson Randy Doyal CLASS SONG "Get Together" COLORS Blue and White MOTTO "Whether I'm right or whether I'm wrong, I've got to be me" FLOWER Rose SPONSOR Mr. Hendershot a, S Q Xi My SS, I- riff wafxWi t 4 I ' .fn .gi 15.q' ., .3 f h Q-A ...,,.. eehe gs ' ogy A if , S 3 I Y 9 5 , 5 PRESIDENT - Randal Vinther VICE PRESIDENT - Randy Doyal SECRETARY - Christy Craig TREASURER - Randy Merrick PARLIAMENTARIAN - Debi Davis HISTORIAN - Cindy Watson A411 FAVORITES - Randy and Yolanda Just some good old note taking. f W! 'Win . :wb 7 5 M! v , x . W J 44 fy QM V ff V' fm i H ' Qu f x K J ' x xx ' I if W . Q, L f K J Q3 6 'Y Y W 1 ' '5 M . E? 5 1 fp QQ M Ll W ' f J W f M 4 'W N NW W X x Nw gfm YW ff K s A . vm! '. ' ,X X, K i l K ff X T f f I I! f ' r ,JK W W - TW ' jf IUNIQR HIGH 1 Randy Egan Betty McGee Charlie Rogers Shirley McDonald Iami Southard Loyd Rolan Clarissa Aschbacher Frankie Cross Maury May Ann Howard Lynn Cooper Cindy Good Esther Contreras Dan Howard Vicky Contreras Jimmy Daughtery Jeannette Dixon Paula Wilcox Connie Pitts Picture not available for Gloria Martinez EIGHTH GRADE -es EIGHTH GR DE CLASS SONG Silver Threads and Golden NeedIes" COLORS Red and White MOTTO "We grow as we go' FLOWER Rose SPONSOR Miss Cozzens FAVORITES - Ann and Dan I I I I f'r, 5' f i A PRESIDENT - Randy Egan VICE PRESIDENT - Cindy Good SECRETARY - Ann Howard PARLIAMENTARIAN - Dan Howard REPRESENTATIVE - Betty McGee The morning after the night that was! I 24 SEVENTH GRADE Picture not available for Debra Schuller Connie Rains Rod Lambirth Debbie Chenault Steve Contreras Tim Tayler Joe Gilmore Donald Hamilton Sonja Egan Oscar Acosta Trudi Davis Deanie Tivis Janice Schattschneider gg , I X,k. M., , SEVENTH GR DE i CLASS COLORS Purple and White FLOWER Rose SPONSOR Mrs. Shaw FAVORITES - Joe and Trudi GSW fl PRESIDENT - Sonja Egan "This could get complicated! " VICE PRESIDENT - Rod Lambirth SECRETARY - Joe Gilmore TREASURER - Connie Rains PARLIAMENTARIAN - Tim Taylor ELEMENTARY VMNMM X X X XX! X X XXXXXX X X X X XXXXQXXXXXX . XX' K f X XX: X XD' X X WX XX 'XX XXX X , X XXX an XXQYSX Mk Q' Q' X XXXXQ X .a I 9' 'XXX NN -XQX SX ' XXX . J Q XX X X XXXXX W K IIA' ,N XXXXX ,XXXX WM 1 SX W XXV X LXQXVE XX Q3 -,Af ,mx X X x fl Q W I J S Xf,,,X,mggN, X f X X XX IXTH GRADE PTO Program Kirn Howard Dwayne Chenault David Craig Ida Aragon Mike Schattschneider Juanita Aragon Ron Egan Don Daughtery Howard Watson Picture not available for Larry Schuller FIFTH GR DE Joy Aschbacher Jimmy Dale Ward Carey Moore 'TN Danny Sadler Bennie Contreras Lupe Contreras Fourth and Fifth Graders view display at Fourth and Fifth Graders wait their turn at narcotics assembly. the spelling bee. f Mark Anthony Leslle May Katy Craig Rod Arnold Luther Belcher Jacque Wilcox Sam Southard Rebecca King Hazel Watson David Pitts Darla Chenault Rock Burris Mark Daugherty Dorothy Aragon THIRD GRADE Ernest Contreras Cathy Contreras Benny Jenkins Brett Davis Jana Anthony Stanley Anthony Joel Moore Julie Ward Berlin Osborne Picture not available for Sandra Schuller Recess SECOND GRADE PTO Program h g Beth Aschbacher Darrell Chenault Tracee McCombs Brad Belcher Jeff Bilberry Charla Howard Frankie Contreras Monica King Alisa May ' Randy Arnold Gina Lambirth Joel Nuckols Picture not available for Lynette Schuller Jana Bilberry Mary Galvin Sherry Smith Terri Rains Paul Contreras Chet Raney Darwin Chenault Eddy Wilhoit Kelli Osborne Janet Contreras Shelli Davis Sara Contreras I First Graders admire pretty bulletin boards PRE-SCHCOL BACK ROW! Tim Smlfhafdf TEACHER - Mrs. Darwin Ward Shawnie Pettis, Gary Moore, Mark Shattschneider, Brett Cooper, Jose Jimenez. FRONT: Gary Morris Paul Wagner, Alan Daughtery, Adam Anthony, Lee Ann Taylor. i . PERFECT ATTENDANCE: Carey Moore, KITTEN OF THE YEAR: SPELLING BEE WINNERS Joel Moore, Randy Arnold, Kim Howard, Dwayne Chenaulr 151 - Joy Aschbacher Don Daughtery. 2nd - Ron Egan GIRLS P.E. Joy Aschbacher, Darla Chenault, Bennie Contreras, Jacque Wilcox, Katy Craig, Dorothy Aragon, Rebecca King, Juanita Aragon, Carey Moore, Ida Aragon, Hazel Watson. E.G.S. KITTENS BACK ROW: Mark Anthony, Rod Arnold, Dwayne Chenault, David Craig, Ron Egan, Mark Shattschneider. MIDDLE ROW: Danny Sadler, Rocky Burris, Kim Howard, Lucky Watson, Sam Southard. FRONT ROW: David Pitts, Mark Daugherty, Don Daugherty, Leslie May, Lupe Contreras, Jimmy Dale Ward. Coach - Mr. Shaw. WW fwlfza M ,Wu iMM MW "W" 11kl2Z!fWffff , if-S1 ,fg3,W??f7f" 'H 1 u Vf ff mf tj WKW 1' W , W ,, 1 f 55f W V W W ' G UWJQWM Jjfwf I S W MF, "S, ,V Nllji w' I lq 1 mf, 4 W M my X y 1, I X, fn' 'WK ,Z fwu-W, f fx K I ' 'KH IW X71 w My 4 VH ' 1 1 r M' ZM lMQWwwW WMV' I CLASSES w F, gig "The pen is the tongue of the mind n Jo Ann, Linda, and Kitty get a first hand Would you believe Music Appreciation?? ENGLISH Mr. Scroggs teaches 7th, 8th, and Senior English and Current Events. He also has emphasized creative writing and helped the students put out a lit- erary magazine. 'f?""Vln feeling of being psy- chologically black while playing "Black and White" in Current Events. Mrs. Shaw teaches Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior English and supervises both the High School and Grade School Library. be l....4f Mr. Egan teaches Civics, New Mexico History, American History, Government X Economics, and Geography. COMMERCE "Where would the world be without business? . . . " Mrs. Hitson teaches Typing I and II, 8th typing, shorthand and record keeping. Viki is erasing again! SOCIAL STUDIES no 9 ,.,.,?"'il-. , , f S, S - - s 'drs srts S "We learn from History, that we do not always learn from History . . . " Tests, tests, and more tests! Mr. Hendershot teaches Gen- eral Science, General Math, Algebra I and II, 'ith and 8th Math, and Geometry. "Mathematics possess not only truth, but Supreme beauty . . . " - Russell - SCIENCE AND MATH Mr. Arnold teaches Chemistry on alternating years for Junior and Senior students. Mr. Love teaches Biology and 'Yth and Sth grade Science. "Science is never a boring subject, because it is constantly opening up new frontiers . . 1'-3, W H., 4 'ls , ii ,.r,,f:.1Vkk - a .tr-. I i""Q Q HOME ECONOMICS "There is no greater calling than that of a Homemaker . . . Each girl in Textiles completed several clothing projects during the year. Here Carol holds two Miss Cozzens teaches Home Ec I to the Freshman girls, and Textiles to the Sopho- more, Junior, and Senior girls who have completed Home Ec I and II. 'ZIL.,W Eu 'Baan outfits she modeled for the Spring Fashion Show. Jo Ann and Viki add the finish- ing touches to their outfits. Cindy models her project for the Winter Fashion Show. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE Mr. Pierce teaches Voca- tional Ag I,lI, and III, to Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior boys. Each boy in Vocational Ag had one or more projects during the year. Some had shop projects and some had separate projects at home, such as sheep, hogs, ect. . " . . . For I have felt the richness of farm labor." PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss Cozzens teaches Junior High and Senior High Girls P. E. , and she also teaches archery. "A healthy woman is a beautiful woman . . . " Mr. Love teaches Junior High and Senior High Boys P.E. as well as coaching basketball, softball, and track. "A strong body goes with a strong mind . . . " OFFICE PRACTICE sr? Each year several girls work in the office doing tasks for the teachers. This year each teacher had an individual aide. Office ers aides were I0 Ann, Linda, Nita, Kitty, Kathy, Viki and Carol Ann. Girls were Viki, Kitty, and Marsha. Teach- tQNQm CIHCNR "Music is the art of the soul" Mrs. Torrents Randy Doyal Sandra Beard Nita Wilson Shirley Thurman Randal Vinther Kitty Aschbacher Debi Davis Marsha Wilcox Ray Chandler Yolanda Acosta SEXTET Shirley Thurman Kitty Aschbacher Debby Cannon Viki Contreras Linda Holmes Nita Marie Wilson Mrs. Torrents Spring Musical High School Chorus I D V W . 2 . izx ,X . I I I I ry II ff IW JI ,I .. ,.,,...,,, I W1 vw rf , ,I I M I 1 KWH WI' WW III ff X 'XI II ll1fj,1,VffKVIf I 4 IN ,Ir ,W I I NCIICI KW I N A 'I I 'V M Jr ACTIVITIES 11 I' I W , 14 M tl. 'P If L Id ,MWWIIIII 'W WIIMIIJ W I ww I I , f I I f I f f I fff! W I 'WI ' " 'f I f II ' Mum .,I17'! VI ", HW., I WIIII2Wfff, 'WW fn A'I x I W I' j'ixM,ixf ff, II' 1' Q I1X I Mg I ' " I II -tfm ,I STUDENT COUNCIL BACK ROW: Sonja Egan, Viki Contreras, Debby Cannon, Randy Lieb, Jim Gilmore, Jim McGee, Randy i Egan FRONT ROW: Robert Cross, Nita Marie Wilson, Mr, Arnold, Marsha Wilcox, Randal Vinther, MW Student Council activities include conducting stu- dent elections, planning and decoraljng for horne- coming, and sponsoring school parties. 'lf-f. if 1 uw ANNUAL STAFF SITTING: Kitty Aschbacher, Ads, Marsha Wilcox, Io Ann Pitts, Activities, Linda Holmes, Sports, Viki Contreras, Brenda Joyner, Classes. STANDING: Shirley Thurman, Business Managerg Mrs, Shaw, Sponsor, Nita Wilson, Edi- tor-in-Chiefg Kathy Southard, Sportsg Carol Ann Acosta, Classes, Debby Cannon, Organizations. TIGER'S TALE STAFF I 2 I J I T 5 - i Mn Z I 5 'lib Jim Gilmore, Sports, Randy Lieb, Editorg Marsha Wilcox, Io Ann Pitts, Grade School Reporters, Nita Wilson, Arty Shirley Thurman, Linda Holmes, Doug Corbitt, Robert Cross, Kent Hale, Reportersg Mr. Scroggs, Sponsorg Kitty Aschbacher, Gossip. 45 BUSINESS CLUB QL BACK: Carol Acosta, Jim McDonald, Robert Cross, Steve Merrick, Jim McGee. 2nd: Jeannette Dixon, Jarni Southard, Paula Wilcox, Debi Davis, Christy Craig, Jo Ann Pitts, Cindy Good. 3rd: Shirley McDonald, Ann Howard, Kitty Aschbacher, Viki Contreras, Debby Cannon, Yolanda Acosta, Mary Cross, Sandra Beard, Betty McGee, Cindy Watson. FRONT: Mrs. Hitson, Jim Gilmore, Randy Lieb, Nita Wilson, Kathy Southard, Linda Holmes. Kathy Southard, Secretaryg Debby Cannon, Co-Historian, Nita Marie Wilson, President, Linda Holmes, Vice Presidentg Not Shown, Jim McGee, Parliamentariang and Jo Ann Pitts, Co- Historian. "Two Hits and a Miss" Scroggs and Associates Variety Hour. I Field Trip to Lubbock, Texas ' "E" CLuB BACK: Doug Corbittg Steve Merrick: Randy Lieb, Pres.: Jim Gilmore: Nita Wilson, Hist. . FRONT: Kathy Southard, Sec.: Viki Contreras: Debby Cannon: Linda Holmes, Vice Pres.: Marsha Wilcox: Kitty Aschbacherg Shirley Thurman: Mr. Arnold, Sponsor: Jim McGee. CREATIVE ARTS CLuB , BACK: Ann Howard, Cindy Good, Nita Marie Wilson, Jo Ann Pitts. MIDDLE: Betty McGee, Sonja Egan, Kitty Aschbacher, Clarissa Aschbacher, Connie Pitts. FRONT: Janice Shattschneider, Debbie Chenault, Trudi Davis, Mr. Scroggs, Jeannette Dixon, Paula Wilcox. SPONSORS: Miss Cozzens, MISS. J R,-SR, Hitson, Mr. Pierce, and Mr. .fs-vm- Scroggs. ...K 3 The 1970 Junior- Senior Banquet theme was "A Flight to the Moon" with decorations of space ships, Moon Men, and Rockets carry- ing out the theme under a starry false ceil- ing. Shirley and Jim McDonald provided the evening 's entertainment with musical selec- tions. SCIENCE CLUB AW Q i Wqmig R R C: 7 if 5 BACK ROW: Debi Davis, Vice Presidentg Mr. Hendershot, Sponsorg Randal Vinther, Presidentg Ray Lee Chandlerg Mr. Scroggs, Co- Sponsor, FRONT ROW: Randy Doyalg Sandra Beard, Treasurerg Yolanda Acosta, Secretaryg Mary Crossg Christy Craigg Cindy Watsong Kathy Southard. fi ' f is x Q, jf 4 X , i Yi 0: Xxtx X Sl Xs X 1 ,cs S, S - ffikffk F . 'I-. J 'M . ,J A- t Kyiv-1, 5 L f s C . 3 . 2 QS S .I X M... s -Q '-Sk: my ! it . '-i':Ris 1 A f. f ssar f f 1' - ' :gg 'A Mi or Rod Lambirth, Jami Southard, Connie Pitts, Randy Egan, Loyd Rolan, Maury May, Christy Craig, Frankie Cross, and Jim Daugherty worked many hours on individual projects and entered them in the Roswell and Socorro Science Fairs, with many winning honors for their efforts. The Science Club sponsored a field trip to Roswell for the Geology class and the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. F.H.A. I -f l. ,, gfaf I 'I , If A - . I E IN ' I V2 a ' W'Gq'.,4 A 'W , ' 1 , ' Ill u g 5 H,-,hf 'V 'Nw' YMAKEQS , A F' . ,.,,a'JAL.67-523 09' Or f 1, '.f,!l?ff" 'I' , 19 rig? ' f " if 2 fe 1' ff 3, Q P9 Q '- El ' . . . 3 Enilf " 2 m..4.. fl' 9 Freshman In1t1at1on iv 'Q in 5' 646 un O? rx 44, 20' 0 NEW HO EQ? W 1 7 J I .Q Ala. . First place fair booth BACK ROW: Marsha Wilcox, Yolanda Acosta, Mary Cross, Debi Davis, Nita Wilson, Christy Craig, Kathy Southard, Cindy Wamon. FRONT ROW: Linda Holmes, Kitty Aschbacher, Viki Contreras, Debby Cannon, Shirley Thurman, Sandra Beard, Carol Acosta. CHAPTER BEAU Robert Cross Beau Candidates CHAPTER PARENTS Mrs. Lupe Contreras and Mr. Finis Cannon 4, IX' ' rs. ,- S Q.:- u-, Y MEMBERS Jim McGee, Steve Merrick Bill Cryer, John Rains, Gary Good, Vemon Rolan, Bob Rogers, Jim Gilmore, Randy Lieb, Ronnie Vaughan, Ike Good, Alan Self, Monte Howard, Randal Vinther, Herschel Dixon, Lynn Beard, Randy Doyal, Ray Chandler, Keith Hale, Randy Merrick Steve Cooper, Barry Lambirth, Stanley Dixon F.F. -r"'- 5 I nn' ,I ,T x S92 3rd Place oth Freshman initiation mxzml ChaPfef Sweetheart ' CINDY GOOD Special Awards presented at the Parent-Son OFFIC ERS President - JIM GILMORE Vice President - RANDY LIEB Secretary - STEVE MERRICK Treasurer - KEITH HALE Reporter - GARY GOOD Sentinel - IIM MCGEE Advisor - DEWEY PIERCE banquet. 'f . W J ,r 1 ' A - Joys an 1 ,ii tw 52 ,qv ,. Pa Crackett - - Ma Crackett - - Grandpappy - - Aunt Suzy - - Hessie - - - Berthy - - Arkansas - - Elmer ----- "HESSIE OF THE HILLS" CHSI - - - - Rob Cross Kitty Aschbacher - - -Jim Gilmore Shirley Thurman - -' - - Jo Ann Pitts - - - Linda Holmes Daniel Duckworth - - Abbie Snapp ---- - Parson - - - - - Sponsors - - Brooks Atkins - Tramp ------ Tubby Tomkins Hermit ----- Peg Foote - - Mary ---- Alice ----- Ann Whatley - - Alec Smart - - Bob Burton - - - Joe ------ Sponsor ---- UHERMIT OF THE HILLS" C3.STl - - - Nita Wilson - Randy Lieb - - - - Kent Hale - Marsha Wilcox - - Doug Corbitt - - - Jim Love Jesse Scroggs - - Jim McDonald Ronnie Vaughan Keith Hale - - - Gary Good - - Viki Contreras - Debby Cannon - - Carol Acosta - Steve Merrick - - - -Alan Self - - - Jim McGee - Herschel Dixon -----------------JesseScroggs Assemblies and spirit week activi- ties helped break the everyday routine, and often provided both entertainment and useful informa- tion. mum. s..N,. 'wwsqsww-NNN 1 Spirit Week Posters 3, tug-o-war Queen Marsha - King Steven Defeated Grady Bronc Jim gives REA speech 53 K W n ff- ?12N W9 Wh WL X M hWTfVMfXfM1 I. ffffff W IL !! 5 4 ' W f 41-'ES f 'M' W f,fffWff1"W1'? WW, K, 'WW fx I f I wfffifil f ,FW " W M W6 . AM 1 rw ' Yfjfl M M ' IM, Ml 1 r l. f ,lx I x 1' VX! ' Q 'n r 1 5 My f'f V I Ill 4 lx M W XRkfK!zw 9! x X7 l Rf I X M u V ,M -N ATHLETICS f' "A" BA KETBALL Herschel Dixon, Bob Rogers, Ronnie Vaughan, Alan Self, Steven Merrick, Randy Lieb, John Rains, Jim Gilmore, Keith Hale, Gary Good, Ike Good, Stanley Dixon, Coach Love. SEASON RECORD C jg. 'A A R Y' F Ks. f I ,S V ,f 5 Q. , A, U Xa. L Won 15 Lost 11 District 4th EPAC 3r JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Coach Love, Jim Daugherty, Randy Egan, Lynn Cooper, Tim Taylor, Vernon Rolan, Charlie Rogers Barry Lambirth, Randy Merrick, Joe Gilmore. FRONT RO-W: Frankie Cross, Dan Howard, Loyd Rolan, Oscar Acosta, Rod Lambirth, Don Hamilton, Maury May, Monte Howard. "B" TEAM BASKETBALL ' BACK ROW: Vernon Rolan, Barry Lambirth, Jim McGee, Alan Self, Ike Good, John Rains, Bill Cryer, Steve Cooper, Bob Rogers, Herschel Dixon, Lynn Beard. FRONT ROW: Monte Howard, Jim McDonald, Randy Merrick, Stanley Dixon. Elida 1 L 5 t X Elida F, xi, Ei - -H 131133, f f , + it , M , if ," 'lm : Ei 3. X t i . , I JN V1 ' ' ' 3 - FW ' f',w..e Q f . Elma " -' """' . , . I W B " ' W" a s W..-W A gifrilw 3 W in T K, f M , VK V ' B 'h SRIHGH SOFTBALL BACK ROW: Doug Corbitt Gary Good Keith Hale Steve Merrick Jim Gilmore Randy Lieb Johnny Rains FRONT ROW: Coach Love Herschel Dixon Lynn Beard Steve Cooper Bob Rogers Alan Self Stanley Dixon SEASON RECORD 5 Causey 10 3 Dora 7 10 Causey 14 8 Floyd 2 5 House 1 2 Gra dy 7 SR. HIGH TRACK BACK ROW: Ronnie Vaughn Jim Gilmore Steve Cooper Johnny Rains Randy Lieb Alan Self Steve Merrick Gary Good Doug Corbitt Lynn Beard Coach Love FRONT ROW: Bob Rogers Keith Hale Herschel Dixon Stanley Dixon Qllil' if rg MQ fr' 1 'Zell-, f ' ' x , K M, in - , ,L W Hu W, , Y ,.,N.,,,:. ,, . V , Q g 1 ,,, ,, M , ,V,,. L 1 1 . ,,k. ,fm , ip 0 I.. 9 Qs . t tttt Qt ' ' ' : A ' "W 1 7 f if -'-' z:,,4,gm .V ,. ---- ""' ' -1 ,.ff., , My , 1 Q MM , X .. ..,,,,..,.. , lwwq W . x " . ii. , P Ny, t . 4 'JJ- f-' - . :,,,,,,.q ,l , ' .,,,, , .-,kL,.,g,1 mai, In .J 'W .:s!q.vj5 - .qv f. A k 1 . ' 'rg xy Sgr i n: X "No use crying over broken Trophies, besides there is more room in the trophy case now! " - . as t N 1 9 L .Q PM Q R ' "'-1 .Q h ,A R311 Q Q-..,,R fi. Si N 1. .1 5545-5- ..55,. , Fx" - fx , x fr 5 2- Jim Gilmore accepts Outstanding Basketball Player Outstanding JI- High Track M811 Tiger Trophy. "B" CHEERLEADERS Ann Howard, Jeannette Dixon, Cindy Good, Sonja Egan, Jami Southard, Betty McGee. "A" CHEERLEADERS 5 45' Nvffv- M, niny, .ninf E.di7 .,i1:f,a BACK: Marsha Wilcox, Linda Holmes, Viki Contreras. FRONT: Kitty Aschbacher, Kathy Southard, Debby Cannon. PEP CLUB BACK ROW OF "E": Connie Rainsg Cindy Watson, Parliamentariang Debbie Chenaultg Trudi Davis Debi Davisg Janice Schattschneiderg Yolanda Acosta, Reporter, Historian, MIDDLE ROW: Connie Pitts Debra Schullerg Carol Ann Acostag Shirley McDona1dg Clarissa Aschbacherg Mary Crossg Jo Ann Pitts FRONT ROW Christy Craigg Sandra Beardg Nita Marie Wilson, Secretary-Treasurerg Paula Wilcoxg Shirley Thurman President. BACK ROW OF "T": Kitty Aschbacherg Viki Contrerasg Marsha Wilcoxg Kathy Southard Debby Cannong Linda Holmes. LEG OF "T": Sonja Egang Cindy Goodg Betty McGeeg Ann Howard Jami Southard Jeannette Dixon. The Pep Club Girl of the Year was chosen on the basis of attendance at both "A" and "B" Basketball Games, and enthusiasm, team support, and Pep Club activities during the Basketball season. Nita attended all of the Tiger games, including the Cloudcroft Invitational Tournament and the EPAC, and District Tournaments. HCDMECOMI G ' ln spite of Homecoming being on Friday the l3rh, Elida defeated Melrose '70 to 61. The theme was Valentine's day, carried out in Lilac and Purple. Nita Marie Wilson was chosen Homecoming Queen by the Student Body. The Crown Bearer was Darwin Chenault and the Flower Girl was Sherry Smith. i s ,M Princess Jo Ann Princess Marsha Gary Good adds two points to the Princess Linda Tiger Score- ? . HO oRs LEADERSHIP - Robert Cross REA SPEECH CONTEST BOYS' STATE '70 - Gary Good MUSIC PIN - Sonja Egan Viki Contreras and Keith Hale CITIZENSHIP - Iim McDonald GIRLS' STATE '70 - Viki Contreras BEST ALL AROUND - Steve Merrick and Marsha Wilcox SCIENCE PIN - Rod Lambirth OUTSTANDING SR. HIGH TRACK MAN - Gary Good SOCIAL STUDIES PIN 18th GRADEJ - Randy Egan SOCIAL STUDIES PIN 17th GRADEQ - Sonja Egan SOCIAL STUDIES PINQ'7th GRADEQ - Debbie Chenault ADVANCED SOCIAL STUDIES PINS - Kathy Southard and Nita Wilson SOCIAL STUDIES AWARDS: BACK ROW: Mr. Egan, Kent, Randy M., Jim D., Keith, Randal V. . MIDDLE ROW: Shirley, Betty, ,I fe x f I MUSIC AWARDS: BACK ROW: Connie R. , Sonja, Cindy, Connie, Kathy, Nita, Randy II:jtai1R3'3gi1Bi'nd'?jIV'g MDEEFIROZ: D.. FRONT ROW: Jeannette, Debbie C., MS 21, lf ey ., etty, ir ey ., D . Randy D. . FRONT ROW: Jeannette, Debbie Ann, Jami, Randy E. . , , C. , Ann, Cindy, Sonja. , . 1 ,,,, PERFECT ATTENDANCE: Ann, D.A.R, Good Citizens - Keith, and Debby S. Nita Wilson, Robert Cross HONOR STUDENTS: Kathy, Viki, Keith, Betty Crocker Jim, Randal V. , Bob, Randy M. . Homemaker - Jo Ann Pitts "I DARE YOU" AWARDS - Jim Gilmore - Marsha Wilcox READER'S DIGEST AWARD - Jim Gilmore UNM PLAQUE - Nita Wilson and Jim Gilmore MASONIC SCHOLARSHIP - Jim Gilmore PORTALES NATIONAL BANK SCHCLARSHIP - Kent Hale OUTSTANDING HOME EC STUDENT - Shirley Thurman OUTSTANDING BASKETBALL PLAYER - Randy Lieb OUTSTANDING IR. HIGH TRACK MAN - Randy Merrick TALENT DAY SCHOLARSHIP QMATHQ - Kent Hale DRAMA AWARD " Keith Hale TEACHERS AIDE AWARD - Nita Wilson SPELLING BEE WINNERS - lst - Jami Southard 2nd - Sonja Egan 63 LYTLQ wma nm A acl Peg Eusfms gil uh V A 5- Wa., 1, Mrs. Ruth Crume retired in October of 1969 after 32 years of teaching. In some of these years Mrs Crume d1d not teach the full term, but overall she taught 23 complete school terms. She taught three years in De Kalb, Texas, in Portales for four years, and the rest of the time 1n Elrda Mrs Crume has had the third grade at Elida during her entire stay, and she seems to have loved every minute of her teaching career. Her enjoyment of life has always been expressed i.r1 her brrght sweet smrle She has always been a dedicated teacher. The pictures below are of her retirement party. X ,as f.: nf am.. Third Graders?? GRADUATIQN '7 After twelve long years of work, play, co- operation, mischief, tests, and coke breaks it all finally comes to an end and you are listening to the final strains of "Pomp and Circumstance. " You look back and wonder how you rnade it, and you know you are going to miss it. But you also know that there are greater things to look forward to. BACK: Robert, Kitty, Randy, Linda, Doug, Kent. FRONT: Shirley, Jo Ann, Marsha, Jim, Nita. EIGHTH GRADE VALEDICT ORIAN Jim Gilmore was ranked first in his class with a grade point average of 3.8. SALUTATORIAN Kent Hale was ranked second in his class with a grade point average of 3.6. VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN Cindy Good Ann Howard was ranked first was ranked second with a grade with a grade average of 3.87. average of 3.85. Q " ? .. , r -' -"Q . -71+ i.-' ' 11-M.---.5 BACK: Loyd, Jim, Lynn, Charlie, Frankie, Randy. MIDDLE: Dan, Jeannette, Ann, Jami, Ester, Maury. FRONT: Betty, Shirley, Cindy, Paula, Clarissa. JVff 7W4XSQm7Mf J riff w x X X fr QW M X f f' X X ,ff f --- f x 'i ' '53 ADVERTI s X ff" I x I 1, f N I ' X y SERS RAINS LUMBER COMPANY Elida, New Mexico 274- 338 3 WORLEY MILLS Livestock Grain Feeds 274-3541 WALL 8. SON Grocery and Locker Plant 274-3777 Elida, New Mexico THE CRUME INSURANCE AGENCY Office 274-3941 Residence 274-3793 P, O. Box 66 Elida, New Mexico 88116 Office in Town Hall RUTH CRUME - Agent MADIE SWAGERTY HALE'S Bookkeeping and Income Tax Service Call 274-3383 ELIDA OIL COMPANY Wholesale and Retail E. V. CRYER LARUE'S WELDING Phone 274-3535 Elida, New Mexico Portable Welding Day or Night Any Kind of Metals TOT'S FARM 8. RANCH Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1970 SUPPLIES MOORHEAD Feed, Seed, and Groceries - 274-3306 new .,:::,,,:,,, 3 CARL'S STATION o ELIDA BEAUTY SHOP Soft Drinks Ei' F3 Gas and on 274-3396 Hot Coffee ICG CLARA ELLIOTT Tires 274-3577 ELIDA CHENAULT BARBER DUROC SHOP FARM GEORGE GRIMSHAW Phone 274-3827 Elida, New Mexico HOWARD WELL SERVICE THE ELIDA FARM AND LIVESTOCK Drilling, Contracting, Water well epair. Hempster Submersible Pumps and Wmdmlus' Congratulations to the Senior Cla , of 1970 ater Well supplies. HIE GILMORE FARMS Registered Durham Cattle 34301115 The Best Cattle on Earth S 8 M 8 for Cross Breeding .TIM and EULA SWACTERTY DEE SADLER ALLE GATE DINGE SIND Livestock Hauling and Feeds JESSE SCROGGS Phone 274-3550 RICHARD I-IENDERSHOT Elida, New Mexico A 8. W RESTAURANT Featuring: The Burger Family Chubby Chicken 8: The World's Finest Rootbeer 805 West Second Portales, New Mexico PORTALES MOTOR CO. Specializing in Sport Motor Cars 522 South Avenue C Portales, New Mexico Y our Friendly C. R. ANTHONY STORE PID'S SHOE STORE Ladies' and Chi1dren's Shoes ll5 South Main Portales, New Mexico WOODY'S JEWELRY -Q. :R---r we Q ..... ?" '.Q...Q f' -A' A 4'K53 Q' - Home of Keepsake Diamonds 117 West Second I DE 0 D FROCK Sl-IOP allngarln -- 2:-caan -- .uulvry Get More for What You Pay Save at Mode O'Day! Congratulations to the Senior Class of l97O Good Wishes to the Faculty and Students of Elida Schools DOUGLAS B. STONE - - ---- President LEWIS COOPER ----- -------- V ice-President GAYLE E. FERGUSON - - - Vice-President and Cashier PCRTALES NATIONAL BANK Since 1906 Portales, New Mexico Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve System DR. M. V. HINDERLITER Veterinarian and General Practice Phone 356-8351 Non-Office Hour Emergencies 356-8396 l Mile on Clovis Hwy. Portales, New Mexico OSCAR'S BOOT SHOP 224 West 2nd Boots Made to Order Expert Shoe Repair KUNTRY KURL 2 1X2 Miles East on 18th 12:00 - 8:00 p.m. by Appointrn-ent Specializing in Haircutting 356-6162 Shoes Dyed any Color Phone 356-5373 HUGH and CLAUDINE, Owners onolws oFFlcE I A . A' I SUPPLY sl-I-l..l.v4.l.lLAl YOUR DEPARTMENT SIORE , 219 S. Main Avenue 115 W- 21113 356-4477 Portales ,' New Mexico UNEXCELLED FOR FASHION, QUALITY, 8: SERVICE C. J.'S PILL BOX 109 West 4th Portales, N. M. Drive up Good Neighbor Window Service Policy Phone 356-4422 COOPER HOBBS CHEVROLET COMPANY Telephone 356-4451 Sales Service B 8. J Drug Your Complete Drug Store 'NM I l3gm a.. -4 iii sQfizQ.fsalgsfiisgsgsgisffisai fiefiz ,lQ2'f PRESCRIPTION 3 56- 667 1 Portales, New Mexico a Q0 ang.. 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Portales , New Mexico 356-4447 WINGS - ZZ ' Q vouls 6 f 4 69' A Ivor AX Avlus px fl' JZ! X? ur ro Q I 0 - Q10 QQY xxxff wi! JOE'S FLORAL SHOP VALLEY CONCRETE CO. CONCRETE SAND GRAVEL DIRT MASONRY and CONCRETE X 568 Phone 356-5511 1400 S. Avenue C CONTRACTORS , 500 West Commerdial Portales, New Mexico WADES HESTAND RA .466 H00 FLORAL SPORTING Gooos L. f a. to 1 LADIES' SPORTSWEAR e"f.-HZ. .. . 813 W. and 120 Main Portales, New Mexic Clovis, N. M. .Dial 356-6951 Your Clothes Best Friend Compliments f PAT'S PCRTA'-E5 TWIN CRONNIES DRY CLEANERS ASSOCIATION 100 N. chicago Compliments of DOC'S DRIVE IN Q? BOOTH'S I '-II .5 P pt 'gy rescri ion Pharmacy Portales , New Mexico MODERN SHOE STORE SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 119 W. Second Portales, New Mexico 356-4562 VALLEY TV Phone 356-4682 Portales, New Mexico PERRY INC. LENNOX HEATING az cooL1NG DAVIDSON OFFICE MACHINES SALES 8: SERVICE 1500 s. Ave. D 356-8601 356-8562 B 84 B SPEEDWAY LAUNDRY RADIO 8. TV LAB INC. Portales, New Mexico 1008 W. Znd Portales, New Mexico COIN OPERATED WASHING AND DRYING Q5 P ass 4871 TRADER HORN MOTOR CO. 709 South Ave. C Dodge - Plyrnouth - Chrysler - ' Dodge Trucks ftltnn FURNITURE CO. 507 East Second Street Portales, New Mexico Telephone 356-5704 .-JL 'IX 'Q A , VERNIE TRAPP Instructor Counselor NANCY HAMLIN Instructor Counselor I BEAUTY COLLEGE OF PORTALES 1 tj' 3I7 s. MAIN f 356-5770 " Poremtss, New Mexico aaxso CURRY coUNTY BEAUTY Coulson , I 1400 North Main 2.1 :E . Clovis, New Mexico - f 762-4732 S The place to go for the brands you know" 2nd at Ave. A POYNORS' WHITE STORES, INC. - Your Home Owned Discount Store - 420 S. Avenue C Phone 356-6693 Portales, New Mexico SURPLUS CITY WE SELL FOR LESS THE WORKING MAN'S FRIEND Trader, CHARLIE HORN 701 South Avenue C Portales, New Mexico Phone: 356-5827 Your Grandparents Bought Furniture From Us HOME FURNITURE COMPANY Portales , New Mexico MIKE BURNS WHOLESALE CANDY 8. TOBACCO Phone: 356-4296 Portales, New Mexico Ulf Hills I I4 SOUTH AVE. A PHONE 356-578I PORTALES, NEW MEXICO 88I30 79 lg EE Lnustun MASSEY-FERGUSON PIZZA KING Sales and Service Pizzas, Fish and Chips 117 West Znd Phone 356-6972 Box 177 Clovis Highway Portales, N. M. Phone 356-8851 THE REMNANT SHOP 2.20 West Znd HATCH PACKING CO. The Best in Fine Beef and Pork Phone 356-4552 West On U. S. 70 Our thanks and patrons to the many advertisers who have helped to make this yearbook a success. Our special thanks to the following for their contributions: Mr. Mr Mr. Mr and and and and Mrs. Joe Taylor Mrs. R. E. Self Mrs. Bob Daugherty Mrs. J. P. Wilson TAYQQQISV riiugiisnnrag COMPANY i ,WW , WW- . - m ,,,... V .,A, W ' I 1 - 4 1 3 -'v Q 3 + f I f ? u i A f ' A -' 'mn:,.ifA.: V. ' ' W ,:f V . ..1..,,F, v - , . - wp' 3335333 ,PH-:g,:f', 1, HM.. . .,. N GL. Ji

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