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-G7 Y in ...gp .-FV 5- Q . 3 .L-N, 7 5-. in .3-Q, -V' .Q 7 49-H' 1, .:'w' 'lq', fb .Inf ' 4 TH , I., f' w " J 'W 5 " 4 N if l 1 1 4 i 1 1 .. X -I 5 SX I .1-P .Ji rf. S , 5- I , 1 , 1 1 I 1 1 ,nuwk :lb .XY 'i S ll tif., xi . . x I' 2 mt. '-,f, 'iff' 4 45 1 'Q E'-I DA REFLECT R Contents I Semors Il Faculty and Admmrstratron III Classes IV Grades V Musrc VI Act1v1t1es VII Sports VIII Ads 'Hello Suckers' 'NIO Dad we are not lnsultmg you we are just tryrng to grye you some of the atmosphere ol the 'Roarrng Twentres yyhrch rs, lncrdentally the theme of thrs book lmmortalrzed by Texas Gurnan Hello Suckers' ' was a typlcal gbreetrng of the cool cats or rather the sherks and flappers of that mad decade Hrstorrans are already spellmg out the srmrlarrtles betyyeen our present era and the era of jazz after World War I Actually yye Ieel close to both Our hrstory enables us to dream and recall our tyy entres herrtage Yet the class of 1960 has had th honor ox slammrng the satronal srxtres Both eras have been ylbrant ysreckless wacky and wonderful Thus to our parents many of yyhom were teenagers rn the ty entres we haye an afirnrty other than the brologrcal In retrospect we humbly suggest that we are, 11 no better at least no worse rn habrt and behayror than the teens ot the tyyentres At trmes yye may seem to be shallovy unreasonable and ey en hopeless to you but yye do hay e our sermous srde as evldenced by the many yyorthvyhrle actryrtres depleted rn thrs book Doubtless you have wondered why the trtle of our yearbook has been changed It wrll henceforth, be called the REFLECTOR The name RFILECTOR yyas belleye or not the trtle of Elxda's school annual durrng the twenties Durrnf, the depressron tacked thrrtres there was no annual publrshecl Iso one seems to knoyy the reason for the svyrtch to the name MEMORIES rn 1946 but the 'wresent staff not only because of the obvlous connectron yyrth our theme but also because tt gn es to Elrda a yearbook name which rs at least for thrs part of the State ol Ohro unrque We hope that Volume I Of the Elrda REFLECTOR wall grye you much pleasure Gotta go noyy sO long man Twenty three Sklddoo' The Rellector Stalt Elrda Ohro l I Il , 1 x ' ' , . ' - .' ' V . . , , A s s ' s ' ' s A H - ' ' ' ' I y ' ' . , A u , v , - . , , ' . . , . s , . y , . , 6 . - N .1 's ' ' y I 1 ' ' y , L door on the fabulous fifties and opening the new and more promising one to the sen- ' .4 D ' r s X x 'I ' Y V S- 3 Y ' A' D 1 , . . I V, , v , , , A. . V ' ' -, 4 1 V f s. " s . , - Y' - s s I' ' 's - s s ' ' ' , - , . ' '- ' ' " it - ' V '. - 'X I . ' 7 ' ' I - t I ' v V , v 'X ' 1 1 . x y , r .4 . . , , ' ' ' 'S ' I a . . . '- . , y V rx 5:15. D Lv- 2' if-4 aaa - ft Y 52235 :M 'WM ,A AFA 4 ' 2. f ' 4 Q'u 9333235 l",'.r Y' f fslX C-Z9 l 'Us inf enms Shmn Class of 60 Roger Kraft Class of 61 The Lord lS thy keeper The Lord IS thy shade upon thy nght hand The sun shall not smxte these by day nor the moon by nlght The Lord shall preserve thee from all evll He shall preserve thy soul , 4 , 5 -1' 1 ' ll' 3 1 A Carol John Class of 62 ,gui L "-'- , -ii . - ' - ek ' 2 .,..s r ' D- - 1 ' ,'. . 'JHIH -Y X,f1 . "s.- .- 1 - . - my, ,, wwf, , , M , , , wt 7 ,N f, ,N ww' 'Q' 'f ,ww Y , ' V ,Wm My , ,, ,L 15, , f V , W 4 . an 1 , n 1, M. ,,,. ,, , , , . , , Qwww 'M ,. Q , V 'wwf . f ,VW M, . hm V. V' -' -L,f.- .vow . ff ,YV ' 1' M U ww w "N 4 - 'L M wlfvwim ,ff 7 m ry fi ' ' ,m,,.,3g' ,515 I ,, g 1 " 1 My , ,, ff f,1fQTwff,zv: f '+?fM1mi.,,, 'ff' , f f ,,,r , , ' ML, I. f, if-W, , ' T751 Z' 4' '2 ,J ff' M L., s 45" , ffl, ., uv' , 'W M541 A , ff my , 4 V ,f15?2,Lf,ef v Q, 'N 1. 'I ww' FT fx I 2 h gil ,,, f A' 7' ,, A' ' 4 1 7 . f ., f 'WN' I X V , , .X ,A X l. 1 Ai W , ' 'V U '-.gh ' Ir .X , 9 R, , V b I f .,,, ,Q X. N - A 1 " 5' N ' w. 5 E " x 'TN " v 'H . I 52 "4 K-vi ff "MQ, . A11 ' ' ' H 5 f' aff . , QM ' f ixiugy W 7? 2 at K 3 me I R 'Wi Yf'?l.ial' y , ,. . -..',i5.A.' , .v.. -3 4 4 ,A ..?.?v:xTAfAV..h:qQ 5 . V4 K, , . ,, .h 'F-3Qf :ai-W .-1' '- vc vu A 1 1,--1.5-q.iF'4:w,. -1 A .1' a- 2 . ' 'A' f':':."424's 'f f' ' -. 'N ,A , -. 1 ffgiwj 53.5 5,1 , ,,-"' 2- yr ,...,. 141k:.Ip ,. . , JV... 4 iq, Wa, .1 .. ':":i,'!'fK1-"'.:'1'f'2 ' -1.-JF ' . ffff' ' .""T'f .1-.P Q"i.'f - "r A . -, ,a' . ,' Q'f.' 4 if L ,1+,Q-,j!.:fx.,'l-L-5,1 -, ,T - :L-wj, :- , , ' ' - fl ij ' 7 V -qv ,-- ', . "S.'.-.'tY:'g:' 'Qft-""'1?-Yv- L,.'f4 , ..,,fv'fx .-:A Af' 1'-..4' 'I-J.: .'7'-'Q .- f' '.- '- u- 4' n. ..'. f'1'-.'.'j1f-,-Q ' ,. .'-'Y' 'N' 4. .-,. '.,.1......- . .. . -rf, -H ,A ,.,o,,,,.4 ...-:Lv,.,, . v.-f, ,p 'N'+"'fn .":f-m1:.--'-- ::- fu- . 1-g 4- "i"T ue'I-I' ',""X,.i-ff' ww, , -iL,.'l 1 ',- - .,.-- 1 .MH ,, f .V 5,,j.,4.,w.13,4j..'-4.f.v..,J .4 , , - '::1'.I" ' . . . - f . . 5 - s2..qwN5,t',.'1',-:A . H. -'2,L:.s,.,3. P,-Qt.. 1 Q-'g'5'-f'i::mlZr,1v,:E-ti-. ,' '!:.""' Q.: 3 " ,'-35:53 , .4 ' Au' K . '-"f"'1-,..jf.f4M.,y. - nf-.U -:7 fri: . . .M L.-ans-' 'h..f.',,f - .. '-' ,-r.--.-' :fx 1- '- - .l ' '-,'+'4L,2 ' A2l,"' 4'-.v.qjv."." 3 ' .X,' A. '.'A"o-.', "-" 'Zh-'.-'.,'::'1g'vfff:'. . 'rf I ' Qu 11 y nf ,'.,5f'g.,."."-,1 '.5s'."I'Q. . ' - . .n L',.',:'g 'j ' - 'fu'-319. "'. -5-' -5 ' - Y" ' '1k.z.:. , '-.Hi '4l','. '5'fli",yf!.f.':' I .- ' x." 1 ' ' " '1 '- '.' l'gf c' . . " 5,4 P ,ur .- 4 . lfnv. . . 64 - 4 ,-.if:3.f..-ri. . gy.:-,fa -: -gfr..-..,..f. - 1 ..v ' ' ' . 1 -. . , '31, R. -,.,x:5,:.:L,v, "kvl4hI fl, if ...I 'F Q 7 Q .:,u:"," t'.?:.'-.l in., as' 'K' ,, , , " Kira" ' " uf. s " 'f . ' 1 .U .t'.'r. 'f','vf. ..'. ' 'av' 'Ni' . x.+.' fir'-,',l."f'. ." v- J X 0' '0'?"? 5 , Q I .,f,Afq ,,', fa, -'. QA -3.1-'v's' 4' ' . v.-.': 'f.b'. T ' nv ' ' l 4 . "1 ."'1', '1'x -.ffzv-', . ' " . .. .1 .bl R I. .aubnq .far -kawr -,,.., 1 . . mv.. , .' '. - '..- -.4 I--fqbff,-39"-. . . . . 1. 1 , ll 5 1 ', ' V 9 '- 7 a .QLM .gn-:1a'.".s'1:" 'ISI . ' 'j' 4 el. J.-, v 51:11 Rx .A ,, :pq 1-t,?:!E ,eh f, ,323 f,Qg . .4 -. -', ll "IU ca' " -. 'x"' 3 'W' , Qbf..,,,tQ,,.t.. :s':lq.v Mtg 1 ,g.'A.,,'9. ,'vH'..- . L .J .' '. 1 'rr . -N' " f., - I , , - '. 0' .ana-0v'A', Q ' .' . 'Il 1 I 1' ' AD, a o -.fl ' ' ,, p, ,,-ug V607 . ,g ,. .',,,.',.,.--Sv' . J, 'I .if fl ,.-wg' Up Qu. A X- , W- "' rf" .I 'I '. ' - 's, .' ,- - . Q fd lf? ,, f ,yf f H ,,4,1- ,Aw W, ,Q ,QM 5- .Q ,-5 gg.,- ,4 " 1 f f , , 1 1 f A 5' f rf f A I1 '- lv, 'N ' l f, I n if n ' ' - Y A 'ff :W ,, Li' X , ,Uh ,uv f wff fr ..- W. . fu, A w MJ' f + pai? I at f fg Z 1 M X 51, g Z-47 Q , . , Rza 1.3 Ji m. f. LW.: . A " ,Jn-ff pg, K wif, .1 5' M, vfv ,y v p f fn " f MQ-. REFLECTDR RECORD E. H. .ACTIVITIE IN PIX AND PRI T Editor in Chief Art Editor Ass t Art Editor Photographer Photographer High School Edrtor hs 1- ' 1 ., it ,xavpu 1 5, mmf-- W.. i - mu: ' It Can't Happen Here Tony Arnold Jim Shafer, Bud Lohr, Kathy Holtzapple Dorthy Broshes, Ellen Garrison, Janice Turner Jim Mc Bride, Carol Pierce, Ronme Rodney, Roberta Erslune, Jerry Nebergall Barbara McGahan, Joy Preuss Barbara McGahan Jim Shafer Joy Preuss Jerry Nebergall Jim McBride Kathy Holtzapple Bus Manager Sports Editor ypis Compiler Compiler Grade School Editor Ellen Garrison Tony Arnold Carol Pierce Bud Lohr Janice Turner Dorothy Broshes m y 1 3 W J 7 :J A R gsiif - f ' Q 5-f ' A 1 ' .K il ' 4: 5 t I ll , ' Q , . 1 . ' u , . - ! Apprentice Editor ............... Ron Rodney Apprentice Bus. Manager ........ Roberta Erskine ' ' .......... ...... T ' t ...... . . ....... . . . . ' 6 ' a .K ..-f' 'HQ' !,vH'-1' 5 -. L 7 iw 'E a , J sums or mn MAMA 7 il.- 0LTSTANDlNG STUDENTS LEAD V-I-C-T-0-R-Ya THAT' VALEDICTORIAIN JOY PREUSS I am saddest when I smg so are those who hear me they are even sadder than I am HAROLD WRIGHT Men WILLIAM EVANS The SHARON BONEBRICHT are able to trust one trouble with lrfe IS that The good dre young another, knowmg the LINDA WOOD A prej there are so many beautl because they see rts no exact degree of drshonesty udrce rs a vagrant oprmon ful women and so httle use hvrng lf you've got to they are entrtled to ex wlthout v1s1bIe means of t1me be good pect support JUDITH BRILLHART The greatest pleasure rn 11fe rs dolng what people say you cannot do GEORGE LOI-IR I have DOROTHY BROSI-IES ROGER BOWERS I gre at farth rn fools, self The musrc teacher came never put off 't11 tomor confrdence my frrends twrce a week to bndge row what I can possrbly do call rt the awful gap between the day after Dorothy and Chopm THE E 1011 BATTLE CRY. SALUTATORIAN BARBARA McCAHAN-- Some people are so dry that you might soak them in a joke for a month and it would not get through their skin. PENNOLYN LODGE-- Anything she says isn't worth two centsg and the way we figure it she is a dollar in the hole. ANTHONY ARNOLD--He pasted picture post cards around gold fish bowls: to make the fish think that they were going places. THOMAS KIRWAN--I've given up reading booksg I find it takes my mind off myself. SENIOR CLASS THRGUGH THE YEARS MYRNA La.RUE--The sword is mightier than pen. 8 ELLEN GARRISON M JERRY NEBERGALL A KATHRYN HOLTZAPPLE PAUL HUBER Did you Y specialty is being right variety of nothing is bet Wit sometimes enables ever have the measles when other people are ter than a monotony of us to act rudely with 1m and if so how many? wrong. something. pumty. 9 E IORS DISTI GUI H THEM ELVE I FRE IIIVIA , OPIIOIVIORE, fx ' , X 1: 7? r - A 1 "- Q f PHILIP FLETCHER--A MARCINE LAYMAN--In cold in the head causes youth we run into dif- CHARLES POWELL--He less suffering than an ficulties, in old age dif- did nothing particular, idea. ficulties run into us. and did it very well. COLLE.EN KNIGHT-- Some read to think, these are rareg some to write, these are commong some read to talk and these form the great majority. BARBARA TIMMONS CHARLES FOUST If you PATRICIA BUSICK It is DELORES ANDERSON The brighter you are the do big things they prmt easier to fight for one's D0 not put off 'til to more you have to learn your face, and if you do principles than to live up morrow what can be en little things they only to them Joyed today print your thumbs 10 BY WINNING THE NIAGAZI E DRIVE JUNIOR, E IIIR YEAR , X L - I 4 5 11 4 Q Q, I CLAIR CRIDER--If I RONDA KERR--Slang is were a grave digger, or ELAINE ARMENTROUTU CARLE PENNELL--I like the speech of him who even a hangman, there Anybody can win, unless workg it fascinates meg I robs the literary garbage are some people l could there happens to be a sec- can sit and look at it for can on their way to the work for with a great ond entry. hours. dump. deal of pleasure. DIANNE SWARTZ It is PATRICIA KISTLER GEORGE BEAR You NAOMI DAVIS always safe to be dog Truth is said to be never know what you can Journalism will kill you, matic about tomorrow stranger than fiction it is do without 'til you try but will will keep you to most folks alive while you're at it 11 BY PRE ENTING T OTHI G BUT THE BY WINNING THE CAR IVAL ' 1 i K N f l KENNETH RAMSER--The JAMES SHAFER--His KAY MUSSELMAN-- safest way to double your handshake ought not to be Insincerity is merely a money is to fold it over JOAN ALTENBERGER-H used except as a tourni- method by which we can once and put it in your Men were born to lie, and quet. multiply our personalities. pocket, women to believe them, MARY GRANT Man is GARY SANDY He was BILLIE GENE HILTY The LEO BOSLER Life is one nature's sole mistake not brought by the stork playthmgs of our elders long process of getting he was delivered by a are called business tired man from the Audubon Society personally I2 r TRUTH" A D 'THERE' ALWAY AMURDER"g FOUR YEAR I A ROW: ' ROBERT LEE--If Adam BARBARA CHENEY-- GWEN SHARP--It is very came on earth again the Learn all the rules, every ROBERT JOHN--He had easy to manage our only thing he would rec- one of them, so that you insomnia S0 bad that he neighbors business but our ognize would be the old will know how to break c0u1dn't sleep when he own sometimes bothers us. jokes. them. was working. ARNOLD HUBER I am very fond of the company beauty l like their deli cacy, I like their vivacity and I like their silence CAROL PIERCE Adam ROBERT BECKMAN PATSY THOMPSON To invented love at first Women have a longer have things come your labor saving machines should Paint IS such a them the world ever saw 13 wonderful preservative of ladiesg I like their sight, one of the greatest life span than men, They wayg you must go after 1 " ' ' a ' ' o BY BBE ENTING A BIG AME BA D BOB BY DONATING 3500 ALONZA LYONS--We are JUDITI-I DANIELS-- always doing something Don't believe the world for posterity, but I would SANDRA MORRIS-- owes you a livingg the fain see posterity do Work, work where have I wgfld owes you nothing..- something for us. heard that word before. it was here first, LINDA STEMEN- Acquaintanceg a person whom we know well enough to borrow from, but not well enough to lend to. THEIR JU IOR - E IOR PROM! T0 THE TADI M FU Ds VICKI HAWKINS--The DWIGHT EAREHART--I BONNIE IAYMAN-- PATRICIA FOUST--I terrible thing about the have been a selfish being Behind every argument is cannot tell a lie even quest for truth is that you all my life, in practice, someone's ignorance. when I hear one. find it. though not in principle. MARY ULMER Money is JUDITH PRICE I have CHARLUTTE KRUSE MILFORD BURDEN I do am one of its biggest have never made the language all nations down that's where I rooters mistake of claiming that understand shine I never made one 15 the root of all evil, and I made mistakes,-but I Money speaks sense in a most of my work sitting G Li 1510? wr C. NM f...- 2 . ff- le s. eg Q 'xl .- I f 1 ISS? fa , 3. Z - , , . Y i f" ,I- s - y . , '-f " JANICE TURNER- -Take my books, Take my looks, Take my joy and fun, But please, oh please, leave my bubble gum. BY GRADUATI G THE LARGEST SE IGH THEY HAVE THE H0 0E GE BEI G GRADUATED I THE EW GYM RAYMOND STRAYER-- To cease smoking is the TERRY KUNDERT--H6 JANET SODDERS--After easiest thing I ever didg I that falls in 10ve with all, what is a lie? 'Tis ought to know because himself will have no but the truth in masquer- l've done it a thousand rivals. ade. times. CLASS T0 THE PRE E T TIME. I 1-s.--7 ,1 , . gt fc on I U , f ,1 as he f "MGM vt 1 ' Y.. A T f 1 f mf' wx X A MR. SLUSS--A hair in the MRS. COHEE- -What music is MR. BUFFENBARGER--You head is worth two in the brush. more enchanting than the can take the boy out of the voices of growing people when country, but you can't take the you can't hear what they say, country out of the boy, DIANNE FISHER--It is LINDA HADDING--The amazing how nice people are THOMAS GAHMAN--You world is full of willing peopleg to you when they know you can never trust a womang she some willing to work, the rest LINDA LONG--A life of ease are going away. may be true to you. willing to let them. is a difficult pursuit. I, ' 0518 1. Yourkuxn next, Myrna N ., 4 v -. . 'Q I hx " , 4? Q I 6. The llvm' v. ,4 9. Steady now Mary , 'K 'v 11" 4 K' E IOR CONTINUE HABIT OF PERLATIVE I PRE ENTING KTHERE' ALWAY A M RIDER" "Good entertainment fare. Definitely a meaty mystery for theater -goers whose systems crave sus- pense!" New York JOURNAL-AMERICAN " . . . A very skillful combination of comedy and horror, a production worth seeing." TIMESQUARE REPORTER, New York Q,-g.g,,, Nl N3 Qui! ' I 2:5 Cast of Steve Haywood . C har acte rs . .... Terry Kundert Rosalind .......... . Naomi Davis Drucilla Taylor . . . . . Gwen Sharp Kim Taylor .... .... T ony Arnold Mrs. Biddle ...... Kathy Holtzapple Katherine Horton . . . . . . . Joy Preuss Mrs. Merrygold . . . . . Janet Sodders Mrs. Jordan ......... Connie Eley Mulli an Barbara Cheney g ......... Inspector O'Reilly ...... Bill Evans Production Staff Author .... . . . . Director . .... . . . .... KEN PARKER . . . Mr. Whittington Student Director .... Barbara McCahan Stage Director . . . Technical Director Business Director , Advertising ..... Properties and Mak Introduction by . . . . . . . . George Lohr . . . . Dorothy Broshes . . . . . . Shirley Nunn MaryGrant e-up . . .Dianne Ditto . . . . . . .RondaKerr TIIE READING 0F TIIE SENl0ll LAST WILLS AND TESTAMENIS WILL NOW BEGIN. I. 1, If 1, I. I, If I. L I, I. I. 1. I. I. lu If I. I. I. I. 1, L L . I, L I. L I. I, I. I. I. L .L I, I, L 1, L I, I, I, L I, 1. I. I. lu L I, 1. 1. 1. L L I, I. 1. I. In I. L It I, I, 1. I, I. I, I. 1, 1. I. 1. 1, 1. I. I, I. I. L L I, JoAn Altenburger, will that plastic bag full of water to the poor guy who walked umder the hotel window in Dayton. Delores Anderson, will my ability to talk in Mr. Crites' sturdy hall and get away with it to anyone who wants to try it. Elaine Armentrout, will my Commercial law and Salesmanship books back to Mrs. Buffenbarger. - Tony Arnold, will the everlasting memury of me to all the underclassmen. George Bear, will my ability to read five library books a week to any junia that wants it. Bob Beckman, will my ability to get along with Mrs. Wmkman to Rum Joseph. - Sharm Bonebright, will a new ret of windshield wipers and one quart of the cheapest oil to Carlene Wilsey for his yellow Rambler. Leo Bosler, will my ability to do nothing and pass to anyone who needs it. Roger Bowers, will all the uen year's basketball players a basketball with a handle. Judie Brillhast, will my happiest moments as varsity cheerleading capain to a very high spirited little friend, Good Luck, Barb. Dorothy Brushes, will Mr. Buffenbarger back to Mrs. Buffenbarger. MilfudBurden,wi1lallmyyearsatElidatoanypersonthatwamsthem. - Pat Bursick, will my tallness to Marilyn Loln. Babara Cheney, will my ability to walk without swinging to Margie Swaru. Gloria Coolidge, will my tlree years in F.H.A. to my yournger sister. Clair Crider, will all my brains to anyone who is stupid enough to take them. Judy Daniels, will my ability to go barefooted in classes and get away with it to Barb Martin. Naomi Davis, will my ability to eat all I want and still not show it, to anyone that finds it useful. Dianne Ditto, will my ability to direct corpses in nurrse's training to Margie Pollitt and Claudia Armstrong. Dwight Earehart, leave my fair driving ability to Phil Johns. Connie Eley, will all my magazine subscriptions to my sister, Ruthanna. Bill Evans, will my flaming football shoes to anyone who has ten bucks. Dianne Fisher, will my ability to get along so well with my teachers to my sister Carol. Phil Fletcher, will my ability to get through twelve years of school to Richard Archer. Charlie Four, will my ability to story out of trouble to Howard Faust. Patty Foust, will my math book back to Mr. Crites. Susan Foust, will my ability to talk for one hour and say nothing to Hryllis Wright. Tom Gahman, will my ability to keep up to date with my Mechanical Drawing to Bill Dawson. Ellen Garrison, will my Annual ledger to Bobbie Erskine and Mr. Sluns to neat year's Freshman class. Jerry W. Graham, will my Mathematical ability to Roumie Rodney. ' Mary Grant, will my chair as solo cometi! to Phyllis Clark, because Gary Graymire is undeserving of it. Linda Hadding, will -all the candy-bar papers found in the halls to anyone who's humgry. Vicki Hawkim, will my shut hair to Ted Wade. ' Linda l-leatwole, will my ability to take chemistry and pass it to Diana Golden. Billie Hilty, will my ability to make Mr. Slus laugh at my calling him an 'Old Grouch' to anyone who thinks he dare try it. Kathy Holtzapple, will the information on how to pas Mr. Sluss' tests to anyone who is willing to pay for it. Arnold Huber, will my practice set in bookkeeping back to Mrs. Buienbarger. ' Paul Huber, will my typing speed to anyone who needs it, namely Carolyn Hunter. Pearl E. Hullinger will my American History to the trash Gln. , V Bob Johns, will Mr. Dialall of my high school girl friends. Rhonda Kerr, willall my kiendly terms with Mr. Schreiber and Mr. Dial to Karen Chapman and Carol LaRue. Tom Kirwan, will to anyone who wants to challenge me, the right to reset my record fu getting kicked out of eiglth period sturdy halL Pat Kistler, will my ability to talk to my boyfriend without lying to Shirley Lucke. - ,Colleen Knigli, will all of my old shorthand notebooks to any junior who can read them. Charlotte Knrse, will my short hair to Carolyn Hunter. , Terry Kundert, will my old diapers and best wishes to Karen Chapman. Myrna LaRue, will my position of Editor of the "Bulldog Review' to Joan l.aman and President of F.B.l..A. to ncaa years president along with a bottle of tranquilisers. Bonnie Layman, will my quietness to Shirley Lucke and that shiny thing to Erma Montgomery. Marcine Layman, will my ability to go steady with one boy to Kathy Mclieighen. P' Bob Lee, will my ability to get along with girls to Bill Dunahay. Penolyn lpdge, will Karen Chapman my extremely neat fl UIC. H Bud Lohr, will my position as first-string center on the football team to Henry Har-tom. Linda Lang, will my job as compiler on the "Bulldog Review" to Phyllis Wright. , Alonzo Lyons, will my seat as President of the Projectim Club to the next person who wants a big headache and would like sore feet. Barbara McGahan, will the fum and hard work that goes into making a yearbook and "the brilliant consultation" of Mr. Sluss to Rm Rodney and Demy Foust. Barbara Miller, will my ability to keep quiet in class to Shirley Lucke. Sandy Morris will my shortness to Donna White. 4 Kay Musselman, will my ability to nick through shorthand my first year to Mr. Leis. Jerry Nebergall, will my ability to drive 90 miles an hour with a sticky gas pedal on the wrong side of the road to Philip John. Shirley Nunn, will my ability to chew guurn in Mr. Sluss' study hall, and not get caught, to anyone who wants to try it. Carle Pennell will my ability to put salt in the catsup bottle and get caugli, to Mr. Dial. Carol Pierce, will to Mrs. Workman a new pair d' scissors to use on tl: future typing students. Charles Powell, will my ability to do certain things, and not get caugli, to Tom McKinney. Joy Preuss, will my carefully developed six note playing range on the French Han to Mr. Wollenhaupt. May it plagiz him for many more years! Judy Price,will a new Confederate flag to Mr. Sluss and my sister, Marsha, to the pour unsuspecting faculty. Kenny Ramser Jr., will my ability to play cards in chemistry and get away with it, to anyone who warns it. Jim Routson, will my American Histay term paper to any jumia' who wants it. Cary Sandy, will my ability to fight with Mr. Dial and come out on the winning end and nt! on the end of a paddle to Nick Miller. Jim Shafer, will my foaball jersey,,nunnber 27, to my little sister. Gwen Sharp, will my good driving ability to Marlene Gracely. Janet Sodders, will my ability to translate my own Latin stories and show ou: teacher courtesy and respect to l.arry Creek. Linda Stemen, will my sumny smile to next year's seniors. Ray Strayer, will my Fad to anyone who is brain enoigh toown it. Dianne Swartz, will to my sister Marjorie, all my homewxxk in P.A.D. class for her senior year. Edith Swick, will my ability to play match in typing without getting caught to anyone who needs it. Patsy HGDPI, will my dagger claws to anyone umable to avoid Mrs. Workman's hedge-clippers in typing class. V Barbara Timmaa, will all of my shoe-leather pizzas to Bruce Kinkley. Janice Turner, will my black and blue knees and my knee guards fwhich didn't work, to Miss Edwards and next year's basketball tellll. Mary Ulmer, willifny chemistry bod AND Mr. Buffenbarger to Mary Ann Miller, Karen Kizer, and Jane Parrott because they liked chemistry sowe . John Wilkim, will my precious American History term paper and Ill its headaches to Mr. Slus. Linda Wood, will Jerry Boate :me watch crytal to replace the one l brde in chemistry class. Harold Wrlyit, will my left halfback spot on the varsity football team to Nick Miller. Mrs. Cohee, will all the girls that sing flat to Mr. Wollenhaupt's Mixed Chorus. ' Mr. Buffenbarger, will my secret of making barking dogs to all the Senicls in Chemistry Class. Mr. Sluss, will good luck to all the Seniors and a trash can the size of a thimble for Pearl I-lullinges's Hina-y knowledge. 20 . 0NCE UPON A TIME A SEPTELKBER School Opens Labor Day- -No School Lima Olympia--Delphos St. Johns Defeats Elida GAA Initiation--Beware Girls!! Elida Romps Over Forest Elida Junior High Overwhelms Bath Elida Ties Columbus Grove--Student Council Trophy Dance OCTOBER Elida Junior Paste Cohnnbus Grove Elida Suffers First Lose To Bluffton PTA Meeting Elida Junior High Sniashes Spencerville Elida Slaughters Lafayette ' Who Will Reign As Homecoming Queen??? Kaufman Takes Group Pictures. Bullpups Defeated By Central Catholic Elida Whips Pandora Gilboa Elida Ties Delphos Jefferson--GAA Homecoming Dance Teacher's Meeting--No School Bullpups Trounce Delphos Teacher's Get Acquainted Dinner Rockford Overtakes Elida FBLA Holds Turkey Trot QDance???, NOVDABER Elida Beats Speneerville PTA Meeting Bath Hands Elida Third Defeat--FBLA Convention Junior High GAA Sockhop FBLA Cmvention First Annual Deadline--We Made lt! ! ! !! School Carnival--Seniors Win Again Basketball Season Starts- -Columbus Grove Beats Elida Junior High Plays At Columbus Grove--Bulldog Review Fail to Meet Deadline!!! Thanksgiving Vacation Begins- -Bulldog Still Didn't Make It Powerful Elida Shuts Out Shawnee Still No November Issue of Bulldog Review DECHABER Bulldog Still Didn't Make lt November 25 Issue of Bulldog Comes Out Seven Days Late!! !! ! Junior High Plays Bluffton Blufhon Steps on Elida Wapak Overtakes Elida Bullpups Play Perry Elida Walks Over Spencerville Elida Defeated By Van Wert Second Annual Deadline--Whew! ! ! !!! PTA--Music Concert Junior High Plays Spencerville Elida's Power Too Much For Bath--Christmas Vacatim St. Mary's Plays Elida Mistletoe Dance--Cheerleaders Sponsor JANUARY Happy Hangover--Get Set Gals Leap Year Begins Vacation Ends Kaufman Takes Pictures Jrmior High Plays Lafayette 8 ll 14 15 16 19 20 21 22 25 , 26 28 29 Lafayette Overwhelms Elida Shawnee Plays Junior High Bullpups Play Harrod Elida Smashes Gomer--End First Semester Senior Scholarship Test ' PTA Meeting I-1lida's GAA Overwhelms Bath Junior High Plays Beawrdam Delphos Beats Elida- -Bulldog Fails To Meet Deadline--Seniors Have March of Dimes Dance OCA Test For Juniors Junior High Plays Casio Gomer Plays Elida Beaverdam Steps On Elida--Vacation--Fog FEBRUARY . 3 4 5 6 9 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Shawnee Whips Elida GAA Junior Class Play Ada Pastes Elida Junior Class Play Tony Arnold Elected President of Northwestern, Ohio- -Student Council Elida Skins Perry , Kenton Falls To Elida ' St. Valentine's Day Massacre--1929 Junior High Tournament Shawnee Barely Beats Elida--Tour To Ford Plant GAA Troimces Lima Senior Kaufman Took Pictures- -Seniors Measured For A Caps and Gowns Senior Control Day--Juniors Order Class Rings-- FBLA Sponsors Dance 22 Annual Meets Final Deadline 27 ACT Test--AA Tournament MARCH 1 PTA 2 GAA Plays Gomer 5 Ensemble Contest 8 Band Contest 9 Area Student Council Meeting--Elida ll FNA Sponsor Dance 18 Senior Class Dance--Band Banquet 19 PTA Appreciation Dinner--Music Contest At Bluffton 25 FBLA Field Trip--Freshman Class Party 26 Spring Band Concert APRIL ' l April Fools Day- -Sports Banquet 5 PTA Operetta 8 Senior Class Play I 9 Senia Class Play 14 Shawnee Student Council Visits 15 Good Friday 25-29 Traveling Science Teacher Visits 29 Junia'-Senia' Prom ' MAY 4 Happy Birthday, Mr. Sliss 7 Junior High Music Contest 13 Track Meet 15 Baccalaureate 20 Commencement 21 Alumni Banquet 25 End Of School H VERSATILE E l0llS RECORD JOAN ALTENBURGER GAA 3: Girls' Glee 1,25 FBLA l,2,35 Class Play 2, production: Executive Committee 2: Jrmior Achieve- ment 1 2. - Draroaias Aumznsou FHA 25 Junior Achievement 3. ELAINE ARMENTROUT 0 GAA I5 FHA 2. TONY ARNOID Shawnee High School 15 Student Council 3, President 35 President of Northwestern Ohio Student Council 35 An- nual 35 A Cappella 25 Varsity E 35 Fodball 2,35 Carnival Master of Ceremonies 35 Class Play 2,3. GEORGE BEAR ROBERT BECKMAN A Basketball 15 Explorers l,2,35 Junior Achievement 1. SHARON BONEBRIGHT GAA 35 Girls' Glee 1,25 A Cappella 35 FHA 2,3, Presi- dent 35 FBLA 1,25 Homecoming Attendant 25 Office Help 35 Junior Achievement 3. LEO BOSLER Pocatello High School, Idaho. ' ROGER BOWERS Varsity E l,2,35 Basketball l,2,35 Baseball l,2,35 Carni- val King 3. JUDITH BRILLHART GAA l,2,35 Student Cormcil 1,2, Vice-President 25 Girls' Glee l,2,35 Mixed Chorus l,2,35 A Cappella 1,25 Ensemble 2,35 District 8r'State Contests 1,25 Cheerleader l,2,3, Captain 35 FHA 1,25 FBLA 25 Carnival 1,35 Carnival Queen 25 Class Play 25 Executive Committee 35 Who's Who 1,35 District III Music Festival 3. DOROTHY BROSHES GAA l,2,35 Annual 35 Girls' Glee Accompanist l,2,35 Ensemble 35 District 8rState Contests 1,25 Girls' Basket- ball 2,35 Carnival l,2,35 Class Play 2,3--production5 District Sales Scholarship Test 1. MILFORD BURDEN Projection Club 35 Mixed Chorus 25 A Cappella 1,25 Boys' Glee 1,25 District 8rState Contest 1,25 Football 1. PAT BUSICK GAA 1,35 FHA 2,3. BARBARA Cl-IENEY GAA 1,25 A Cappella 35 FHA 1,2,35 FBLA 1,25 Class Play 2--production 3: Who's Who 1. GLORIA COOLIDGE FHA l,2,35 Office Help 2,3. 1 CLAIR CRIDER JUDY DANIELS Girls' Glee l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 35 A Cappella 35 En- semble 2,35 Scholarship E 25 Honor Society 2,35 Execu- give Committee 35 Junior Achievement l,2,35 District tate Scholarship Test 1. NAOMI DAVIS CAA l,2,35 Bulldog Review l,2,35 FHA 15 FBLA l,2,35 Class Play 2,35 Office Help 3. DIANNE DITTO Librarian 15 Girls' Glee 2,35 Mixed Chrrus 2,35 Distict 8rState Contests 25 A Cappella 2,35 FHA 1,2,3, President 25 Carnival 25 Class Play 2,3, Production5 Office Help 35 Who's Who 1,35 District State Scholarship Test 1. DWIGHT EAREHART FFA l,2,3. CONNIE ELEY Stokes High School 15 Girls' Glee 35 Mixed Chorus 35 A Cappella 35 Band 2,35 Carnival Queen 35 Class Play 3, BILL EVANS Varsity E l,2,35 Football l,2,35 Basketball l,2,35 Baseball l,2,35 Carnival King 25 Class Play 35 Class President 2,3. DIANNE FISHER Spencerville High School 1,25 GAA 35 Girls' Basketball 3. PHIL FLETCHER PATTY FOUST GAA 2,35 FHA l,2,35 Carnival 2. SUSAN FOUST Librarian 15 GAA 2,35 Honor Society 35 Girls' Basketball 2,35 Junior Achievement 2,35 Didrict State Scholarship Test 2. TOM GAHMAN Basketball 15 Baseball 15 Explorers l,2,3. ELLEN GARRISON GAA 1,35 Annual 3, Business Manager5 Girls' Glee l,2,35 District 8rState Cortests 1,25 Honor Society 2,35 Carnival 25 Class Play 2, Business Manager5 Class Sec- retary l,2,35 Junior Achievement 1',2,35 Who's Who l,3. JERRY GRAHAM Ada High School MARY GRANT GAA 35 Girls' Glee 35 A Cappella 35 Band 1,2,3, Presi- dent 2,35 Girls' Basketball 35 Camival 35 Class Play 2-- production, 3--Advertising Manager5 District III Music Festival 2,35 Dance Band 2. LINDA HADDING Librarian 1,25 GAA 25 Girls' Basketball 25 Carnival 15 Office Help 3. VICKI HAWKINS LINDA HEATWOIE , Girls' Glee 35 Honor Society 25 Office Help 2. BILLIE HILTY . Librarian 25 Girls' Glee 2,35 Ensemble 2,35 District 8: State Contests 25 Camival 35 District III Music Festival 3 KA'l'HY HOLTZAPPLE GAA l,2,35 Scholarship E 25 Honor Society 2,35 Girls' Basketball 2,35 Class Play 2--production 35 Who's Who 1,35 Junior Achievement 25 District State Scholarship Test 1,25 District Ranking 2. ARNOID HUBER FFA 1,35 Who's Who 3. PAUL HUBI-LR Bulldog Review 35 FFA l,2,3. PEARL HULLINGER Carnival 1,2. BOB JOHNS Varsity E l,2,35 Basketball I5 Baseball 1,35 Executive Committee 15 Explorers 1. RONDA KERR Lima Senior High School 1,25 GAA 2,35 Girls Glee 2,35 A Cappella 2,35 Ensemble 2,35 Band 35 Honor Society 35 Majorette 35 Girls' Basketball 2,35 Carnival 35 Class Play 35 Office Help 25 Who's Who 3. TOM KIRWAN Boys' Glee 35 Varsity E l,2,35 Basketball 15 Baseball 15 Class Play 25 Class Vice-President 35 Junior Achieve- ment 35 Who's Who l,3. . PAT KISTLER GAA 15 A Cappella 2,35 FHA 1,25 FBLA 15 Office Help 35 Who's Who 1. COLLEEN KNIGHT GAA 25 Bulldog Review 2,35 Honor Society 25 Office Help 3. ' CHARLOTTE KRUSE Girls' Glee l,2,35 Mixed Chorus l,2,35 FHA l,2,3. TERRY KUNDERT , Mixed Chrxus 35 A Cappella 25 Boys' Glee 35 Football 25 Basketball l,2,35 Class Play 3. MYRNA LARUE GAA 15 Student Cormcil 2,35 Bulldog Review 1,2,3, Editor 35 Girls' Glee l,2,35 A Cappella 1,25 Ensemble 22 5 THE YEAR' ACT IVITIE 2,35 District 8tState Contests 1,25 Cheerleader 3, alter- nate5 Scholarship E 25 Honor Society 2,35 FBLA l,2,3, President 35 Carnival 2,35 Homecoming Attendant 35 Class Play 25 District State Scholarship Test 1. BGWNIE LAYMAN GAA 1,25 Girls' Glee 1,2535 Mixed Chorus 1,25 A Cappella 15 District8r.State Contest 1,25 Executive Comnmittee 25 Office Help 2,3. MARCINE IAYMAN GAA l,2, Vice-President 25 Bulldog Review l,2,35 Girls' Glee 1,2535 District 8rState Contests 1,25 Honor Society 2,35 FBLA l,2,3, Vice-President 35 Executive Committee 3. BOB LEE Explorers 1,2,3. PENOLYN LODGE ' GAA l,2,35 Bulldog Review 2,35 Girls' Glee l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 15 A Cappella 2,35 Ensemble 2,35 District 8zState Contests 1,25 Band 1,25 Scholarship E 25 Honor Society 2,35 Carnival l,2,35 Class Play 25 Who's Who 1,35 Dimict State Scholarship Test 1,25 District Ill Music Festival 25 Student Council 3, Vice President 3. BUD LOHR Annual 35 Boys' Glee 15 Varsity E 2,35 Foaball l,2,35 Carnival King5 Class Play 2,3, Stage Manager5 Explorers 1,25 Office Help 35 Annual King 3. LINDA IDNG Bulldog Review 2,35 Girls' Glee 15 Honor Society 2,35 FBLA 1,2535 Class Play 3, production5 Office Help 3. ALONZO LYONS Projection Club l,2,3, President 35 Explorers l,2,3, BARBARA McGAHAN GAA 152,35 Annual 2,3, Editor 35 Girls' Glee l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 15 District 6zState Contests 1,25 Ensemble 2,35 District III Music Festival 35 Honor Society 2,35 Girls' Basketball 2,35 Carnival 35 Class Play 2-- prodnction, 3--Student Director5 Class Vice-President 15 Office Help 35 Who's Who 1,35 Salutatorian 35 A Cappella 3. BARBARA MILLER FHA l,2,35 Office Help 1,2,3. SANDRA MORRIS GAA 2,35 Girls' Glee 15 Girls' Basketball 25 FHA 1,25 FBLA 15 Carnival 25 Jimior Achievement 2,3. KAY MUSSELMAN Girls' Glee 15 GAA 1,25 Homecoming Attendant 15 FBLA I5 FHA l,2,3, Vice-President 2. JERRY NEBERGALI. Annual 35 Mixed Chorus 15 A Cappella 15 Foctball 15 District State Scholarship Test 2. SHIRLEY NUNN GAA 1,25 Bulldog Review l,2,35 Girls' Glee l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 15 A Cappella 15 Ensemble 2,35 District dt State Contests 1,25 Honor Society 2,35 FBIA l,2,35 Carnival 35 Class Play 3, Business Manager5 Office Help 25 District III Music Festival 3. CARLE PENNELI. ' Football 1,25 Basketball 15 Baseball I. CAROL PIERCE Vaughnwille High School 15 GAA 2,35 Annual 35 Girls' Glee 2,35 Mixed Chorus 25 Ensemble 2,35 District G State Contests 25 Girls' Basketball 2,35 Carnival 2,35 Who's Who 35 Junior Achievement 2,3. CHARLES POWELL JOY PRI-ZUSS Projection Club 25 GAA 1,2,a, President 35 student Council 2,35 Annual 35 Girls' Glee l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 25 A Cappella 2,35 Ensemble 2,35 District 6zState Con- tests 1,25 Band 2,35 Majorette 2,35 Scholarship E 25 Honor Society 2,35 Girls' Basketball 35 FBLA 25 Carnival 2,35 Class Play 2--Technical Director, 35 Office Help 2,35 Annual Queen 35 Who's Who 35 District State Scholarship Test 1,25 District 8rState Ranking 15 Valedictorian 35 District III Music Festival 3. JUDY PRICE GAA l,2,35 Girls' Glee l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 35 A Cap- pella 35 Ensemble 2,35 District drstate Contests 1,25 Carnival 35 Office Help 15 Who's Who 35 District III Music Festival 3. KENNETH RAMSER Track 2. JIM ROUTSON Mixed Chorus 15 Boys' Glee 15 Who's Who 3. GARY SANDY Mixed Chorus l,2,35 A Cappella 2,35 Boys' Glee 1,35 District Contest 1,25 Football 15 Class Play 2. JIM SHAFER Projection Club 2,35 Annual 35 A Cappella 35 Varsity E l,2,35 Football l,2,35 Basketball 15 Track 1,2535 Class Play 2. GWEN SHARP Lima Senior High School 1,25 GAA 35 FBIA 35 Class Play 35 Office Help 35 Who's Who 35 Queen of March of Dimes Charity Ball 3. JANE1' SODDERS GAA l,2,35 Girls' Glee l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 2,35 A Cap- pella 2,35 Ensemble 2,35 District 8zState Contests 1,25 Band l,2,35 Majorette 2,35 Girls' Basketball 35 Carnival 2,35 Class Play 2--Production, 35 Dance Band 2,35 District III Music Festival 3. LINDA STEMIN ' GAA 15 Girls' Glee l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 15 District Q State Contests 1,25 FHA l,2,3, Vice-President 2,35 FBLA 1,25 Carnival 25 Office Help 35 Executive Com- mittee 1. RAY STRAYER Mixed Chorus 2. DIANNE SWARTZ Girls' Glee 1,25 Mixed Chau-s 1,25 District 6zState Contests l,2. EDITH SWICK Who's Who 3. PATSY Tl-IOMPSON Columbus Grove High School 25 Girls' Glee 1,35 Mixed Chorus 1,35 Ensemble 35 District III Music Festival 35 GAA 15 Carnival 15 FI-IA 1. BARBARA TIMMONS Lima Senior High School 15 GAA 25 Bulldog Review 2,35 FHA 2,35 FBLA 2,3. . JANICE TURNER Librarian 15 GAA l,2,35 Annual 35 Honor Society 2,35 Girls' Basketball 2,35 Carnival 25 Office Help 25 Jtmior Achievement 25 District State Scholarship Test l,2. MARY ULMER Grove City High School 1,25 GAA 35 Girls' Glee 35 Girls' Basketball 35 Junior Achievement 3. JOHN WILKINS Student Council l,2,35 Explorers 1. LINDA WOOD GAA l,2,35 Student Council 3, Secretary-Treasurer 35 Bulldog Review 35 Girls' Glee l,2,35 FBLA 2,35 Home- coming Queen 3. HAROLD WRIGHT Mixed Chorus 15 Boys' Glee 1,35 District Contest 15 Varsity E l,2,35 Football l,2,35 Baseball 2,35 Carnival King 15 Class Play 2, production5 Class President 15 Who's Who 1,3. . 23 ivwMWMWj, MARCH 'F Di Mes QUEEN CANDIDATE- FRQM EL MDA jwwih? f' f qYt T? ' ' ,, . Q '?4Jg'5f ,..,z 'hc-p ' s- Lfif no Q ik. ve eww H ,, if '1i": L, -4- eff" X ' T. ,g -if-yn, -,Q-.,. . A . 'ff - 'if A . ,ff f ,bw fi X, ,L pg -v.-9,.'g- ' . AV. c . QQ . fa. . 'l fl. -14, 7 v S 'N 1 V1 " .. .7 D . .X A 1 f s if ,5- ref? I f 'H .Ja x ' -en. 4-" s. ,Q rf' p- .... -11.- '7-4 1-5' ST. VALlN'l'lNE'S DAX, 25 ' "' IQ' la DDARD DF EDUCATION AND CHDDL ADMI I TRATDR THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION. Setting up the school curriculum, scheduling of classes and activities for students and teachers, teachers meetings, athletic contests, special programs, guidance assistance for students, school publicity, these and many more are the problems which confront the school administration composed of Mr C. Roland Swank, superintendent, Mr. Howard Leis, senior high principal, Mr. George Radulovichg junior high principal, and Mrs. Candace Van Horn, grade school principal. To be a success as a superintendent of a school such as ours, a person must be not only a good school man, but also accomplished as a diplomat, a referee, and a politician. To him come the complaints, the decisions to be made, and the job of being a public relations man for the school. A man who is considered a success in all these fields is C. Roland Swank, superintendent. It is to the principals of a school that the student body turns most often for advice, help in studies, arranging schedules to suit everyone, and everyday affairs. They are friends to all and are always present to lend a helping hand and to give an encouraging word. To use a trite saying, "lt's the little things that count." Remembering 26 C0 TRIBUTE VALUABLE LEADER HIP ERVICE . .. ' V' r" 2.7" ' 2 ' w ix-'Q 3 A ,TE n . har- I I pig' I I- I I . I, 4 I. u-2 ' ' Q , - 1 to . .1 .':u if 5 K ' I' I, ru I .- rt . I In X1 these little things, students of Elida School are indebted and grateful to Mr. Leis, Mr. Radulovich, and Mrs. Vanl-lorn our principals. THE SCHOOL BOARD. One of the most important groups at Elida is the Board of Education. Meeting monthly these men determine policies such as finances. equipment needs, supplies and other matters which aid in the efficient operation of our school. ln addition to the above work. the board has spent much of its time during this past year discussing plans for the new classrooms. These representatives work hard behind the scenes to formulate the policies of our school and solve the problems that arise in the management of it. ADMINISTRATION, OPPOSITE PAGE--Left to Right: Mr. Radulovich, Jr. Hi Principalg Mrs. Vanl-Iom, Grade Principalg Mr. Swank, Superintendentg Mr. Leis, Hi School Principal. BOARD OF EDUCATION ABOVE--Inserts: Mr. I-Iydeg Mr. Sarberg Mr. Boate, Clerk of the Board. Mr. Hyde and Mr. Sarber are new members. SEATED: Mr. Long5 Mr. Johng Mr. I-Ioltzapple, Mr. Zerkel, Mr. Metzger. Mr. Zerkel is the retiring Board Presidentg Mr. Metzger is the new President of the Board. '71 4' FACULTY AND EMPLOYERS SET EXAMPLES HELPFUL If- lv, G? 44 X f , " 'f a- +45 A ff W up ws. A514395 'V ri 'nity W3 XFX Mrwhrrgr ,wiflsxx X MP, R gf IN PREPARING STUDENTS FUR FUTURE LIFE 'now' 0,0 Q, I 'ff X EES, f ' 1 f ,K , Q , A 'Irby KIA wfm 3:05 fy 5-'N H . 'kr 5? xv B I A 4 J V K . 435' vi oxx-wha W . FACULTY PEDIGREE ARTS DEPARTMBNIT Mrs. Askins--Bowling Green, B.S. Ed.--Junior High Music, Primary Music. Mrs. Cohee--Ball State, A.B., Indiana University-- Elementary Music, Girls' Glee. Miss Ley- -Fort Wayne School of Art, Miami University, Indiana University, Fort Wayne Center--Art. Mr. Wollenhaupt--Bluffton, B.S.--Mixed Chorus, A Cappella, Band BUSINIBS DEPARTMDIT Mrs. Buffeubarger--Bluffton, B.S.--Bookkeeping, Sales- manship, Business Law. ' Mrs. Workman--Findlay, B.A., Bowling Green-- Shorthand I and II, Typing, School Newspaper, FBIA. LANGUAGE DEPARTMBJT Miss Beiler--Ohio Wesleyan, B.A., University of Chicago --Latin. Mrs. Buchanan- -Miami University, A.B., Ohio Northern, Ohio State--English 7,8, Junior High Library. Mrs. Buffenbarger--English 7. Mrs. Cohee--French. Mr. Dial--Ohio Northern B.S.--English I0,l1,12, Speech. Mrs. Harris--Indiana University, Otterbein College, B.A. --English 9. Mrs. McMahan- -Miami University, B.A., Bowling Green --English 10. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Mr. Buffenbarger--Bluffton, B.S.--Math 7. -Mr. Crites--Ohio State, Bluffton A.B. Ed., Bowling Green- -General Math, Drivers Training, Audio- Visual Aids. Mr. Keasler--Ohio Northern, A.B.--Math 7,8. Mr. Leis--Ohio Northern, B.S., Indiana University, M.A. - -Algebra. ' Mr. Stevenson--Wittenberg, B.S.--Algebra, Plain Ge- ometry,Ma.th 7, Trigonometry, Solid Geometry. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Miss Edwards--Findlay, B.S., Bowling Green--Girls' Physical Education, Health, G.A.A. Mr. Prince--Findlay, B.S.--Boys' Physical Education, Basketball, Base all, Foaball. ' S --Boys' Physical Education, Health. ' SCIENCE DEPARTMENT . Buffenbarger--Chemistry, Physics. . Prince--General Science. Schreiber--General Science Mrs. Steinke--Anderson College, B.S.--Science 8, Biology, Student Commcil. ' SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMBQT Mrs. Buffenbarger--Social Studies 7. Mrs. Harris--Social Studies 8. Mr. Radulovich--Bluffton, B.A., Indiana University, M.S.--Senior Social Studies. Mr. Sluss--Heidelberg College, A.B., Western Reserve University, M.A.--World History, American Histmy Student Council, Annual: Mr. Whittington--Capital University, Ohio Northern, B.S.--Social Studies 7, Civics. VOCATIONAL EDUCATION DEPARTMI-NT , Mr. Greenway--Miami University, Ohio Northern, B.S. --Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing. ss: . Schreiber--Centre College, A.B., Ohio State, M.A. Mr. Landon--Ohio State, B.S.--Vocational Agriculture. Mrs. Lawrence--DePauw University, B.A., Ohio State-- Home Economics. NON -TEACHING SERVICES Mrs. Holtzapple--S ecretary. Mrs. McCormack- -Librarian. EE . Ponting--Secretary. - . Rampe--Bowling Green, B.S., University of Michigan, R.N.--School Nurse. STUDE T LE D HELPI TG HA D T0 THE AD I ISTRATID TOP ROW Joy Preuss, Barb McGaham Bonnxe Layman Colleen Knlght L1nda Hoddmg 2nd ROW Llnda Steman, Llnda Long Phyllxs Wrlght Ann Ylnger Marolyn Lapham 3rd ROW Pat Klstler Sharon Cook Karen Buettner, Barbara M1ller Sharon Bonebnght BOTTOM ROW Gwen Sharp, Naomm Davxs Glorma COOlldge JoAn Altenburger TUDE TLIDRARIA AID THE TUDE T Morrls T Fox M Herzog,M Phxhlls S Cummxngs J Anders D Carle THIRD ROW J Combs,C Stemen, R Eley, D Stewart Y Nunn P Fzsher B Mlller K D1tto 31 T- . I , . . I . y . D U . ? ' . ' ' -- . . ' . . ' 3 U -T' l 3 BACK ROW--N. Derringer, P. Clark, S. Holmes, C. Armstrong. SECOND ROW--P. Williams, M. Estes, R. , 7 . , . . , . , . , . . "" . , - . , . , . I , . l , - - . 7 Q 1- If 'Y ,lb DA DI PLAY EFFICIE CY Top pic. Culinary Artists Center left--Maintenance Engineers Center right--Mechanics Lower pic. Busses awaiting 3:18 rush. W' . . A. -.,, "UA . ,il .3 .1 M ,Q-iff' ,vw 4? if sf by fr'-'iff Q 1' 1 www. If 1, , ,Q . v 'i 17'r7f, R, ,, ,V., V,,, I KM. .,, , , 'H 1' ,Qi W, gr. ,W , 4 .- W '-3: -'fn -gf, Y my ' 'f 'V efflux' , '- , 5 J,. ' .1 hw. AA !-fg-A ', 7- , g, V '.'f.M,:. fs'-,I win ' gf ny, :'fi?1?A'f,f,JS l ,M2-'if f ,: fy,-.j',, gfzfnql , -r ' ' . s'M"' ' ": 326 52 J, .J , ,.,, , 'rag , 1111- . -,Q '-2, , fwfj I - k V. , 44.4. Md, , . ,Fw A, " -.Q . . 3, . V- n , ,W uw , ,i ' , -1 fa-gg -9 va . .,-- fn mf , . 57153 , 'li yfgk,-,ghgiy-3,L ,:1 4, M :f V, f.fg-,gg 4, .- 1 133134. - ,gd 1' if , 1 -s N A YEAR BRIMNII G WITH FU Y, WORK, REW 'l "NATURE IN 'it 1 A 1:0 ONE: Karen Buetner, Karen Kizer, Marlene Gracely, Carolyn Hunter, Shirley Holmes, Roberta Erskine. TWO: Darlene Adams, Bill Dunahay, Roberta Bice, Luella Bear, Una Nay Beerline, Bruce Kinkley, Doug Kizer. THREE: Karen Chapman, Runella Denlinger, Norma Buckmaster, Laura Ber- caw, Larry Creek, Terry Boate, James Miller. FOUR: Floyd Fields, Eddie Wilkins, Phil Robert, Pat Donovan, Bill Stover. 1'-C-LITHO" N 1-9084511 fp0'av-:DU f CAMPAIG , PLAY REHEARSALS, BANOUET PLA THE RAW .. it FIVE: Sharon Miller, Walker Jolms, Marilyn Lapham, Gary Graymire, Denny Grapner, Marilyn Lohr. SIX: Shirley Lucke, Erma Montgomery, Blenda Thompson, Marilyn Stinebuck, Dianne Golden, Jim Raabe. SEVEN: Jim McCue, Gary Stever, John Hobbs, Dave Glass, Rex Burkholder. EIGHT: Jim ,, Bame, Lila Gamble, Connie Kimmel Jim Brenneman, Cheryl Faunce, Ronnie X f--X Joseph, Bill Best. 'Y "THE EEXPERIE CE MADE . .. Q f""9iR - ,npr 11 ONE--Donna White, Ruth Ann Morrisey, Denny Putmam, Judy Ruby Barbara Martin. TWO--Lynn Ashworth, Ann Yinger, Sharon Cook, Claudia Armstrong, Nick Miller, Larry Biglow, Jerry Boate. THREE Lynell Strickland, Barbara Lee, Linda Sanders fSophomoreQ, Dreama Ward, Sally Searfoss. FOUR--Larry Warner, Nancy Rader, Marge Swartz, Peggy Patton, Edith Smith, Phyllis Wright. 415. 'S , 1 "Did you hear the one about the farmer Daughteru? . . . v is v ...vw x Q 1 fir uf 'P 1 h H L? fr Q' 5 if 3 E "Testing the propcrtieb ofOxygcn is the day'5 lesson for . . . 5 Q ! l I.: . 7, fix if 3 C' gg 4 " -1-f A g. t pr: if? 9 J L E45 5 , 5131 't til ' ' gg 1 7' f Y ' A 'A , L ' , u l Lin" 1 wg, ,ffl h t fir ' L" r f . . ,' I , o '. 'W 'M- take an active interest in Physio." 42 Mmm W , ne.. an . 'V H Kuna "These Vo Ag boys give their tools a periodic check-up . . . Y rg. Hr' OPHOMORE FI DCHA CE FOR RECOG lTIO AS SCE E MIRDER . . .JITE - x 1? ONE: Jean Wimer, Brenda Hawkins, Nile Sroufe, Janet Graham, Terry Frysinger, Nancy Stemen. TWO: Lloyd Mathwig, Joe Nickols, Brice Musser, Barbara Philpott, Wayne Neely, Linda Poling. THREE: Monna Fan- off, Don Hawk, Betty Howard, Keith Foust, Carol Fisher, Harry Kline, David Crites. FOUR: Art Highland, Robert Bear, Don Barnt, Bill Blymer Bill Highland. 1 1,4 HIFT FRO JUNIOR T0 E IOR HIGH BUILDI G lxfonvokriiin FIVE: Lynn Arnold, Gilles Bowers, Danny Berry, Don Cisco, Terry Burnett Steve Carlson. SIX: Linda Brunner Mary Breda, Phyllis Clark, Dianne Busick, Rita Coffee, Sheryl Blosser, Margaret Buener. SEVEN: Blenda Shirk, Alan Martin, Joyce Collidge Dwight Parson, Bill Point. EIGHT: Dianne Kohlhorst, Joan Layman, Dianne Metzger, Carol LaRue, Sue Nixon, Linda Kraft. Q V ' .- Q- nifhq C I 5. U .Lua ,J :Ax l X X " 7.254 ld QW? of-'-fi-Q'-. X Becoming acquamted wlth the Board of Educatxon in EL r ,Q 1' fa' if 'L 5 , . iii ' 'UQ Q 4 n I J!! Announcing Q Remember when? Hlllllll HIIIIIS Sltllnalliulnmmv JW? . .-9 'x X fk K, . .5 , x be , ,f 6 , -Q fa, 4 A 'J-'F' wi! ?' if A , 4 , fi X 1 Ajwf' ,J W ,A Wy. V 51 '9 51011 I Q t 7 4, ,.........- --- D . al Ready. ser. Go: ill' Q al A1 A 1, K 4' 1 w ,Q L I: ' f- -4 Q 1 -vu? W .1 ,, wr V1.5-.2 Bm Bonjour, Mademoiselle! Lim sf ...,..- 4- 1 ,b ,gg 'Q "This, boys, is a map." sf' ix -r ff g y d . lm .9 wt " fi if Q Q X .3 P A , 53" si 'WH Hx . - Iv 4 F 5 5 "Yearly Locker Clean-up" AE:EBg ACECB3 and AD:DB." E R QTHE FRE Hj MA HAS DESCE DED FROM A L0 ER 0RDER OF A IMAL me " gs 0 Q as Q36 Q 'ZX N., no-ff' EQ gfxgi if J .Jig fi' 4'-1. "' me """- 'V 'sa QQGRAQI 'T-r aiik' N-.V WL. in-I Klux 0- 'W A.. Q "' W' +-.-'Sf W- ig 7.3 no-re 'Q' KWH! i ml ,Q iff! AU- fs-.4-P 'ga "W 'A' 'Sv 'T if 'inf' f? -ay Km il 'rw' -b-. '90-vga' 31 1 ,so ,J W... "' '17 :.:',J- - 1... W Wav Axghr TOP ROW N Armstrong,B Barley J Baker, K Baker, N Bear J Blame, G Bowers 2nd ROW R Broshes D Bruenmg, M BUSICR C Cheney, T Clevenger J Colhns, C Cloyd 3rd ROW D Corwm K Cramer D Custer B Damon H Davis H Deane F Early 4th ROW F Early T Estes D Petter, R Petter, F Foard J Foust, J Fowler Sth ROW H Fr1esner,A Gamble, S Gxbbs, D Good, P Good V Harshbarger D Hartman 6th ROW E Hawk F Heatwole P Heatwole R H11e L Hoffheln M Holtzapple A Hulhnger 42 66 , 99 O 1 fy J K U Q A uv , A t W A , . A ,, 3'lx" "'1'9, 5 g f H. fi' I ,f y , A , ,. , '.f?' V xl. ' . P 2 ' ' Q may Af , 'V -v '- A A A I J, ' ' ,Q f , 4 V, ,.A, g I ,-if "W If win E J, H R A A ' x RA R A , ' reee A A A I y A A , A an :V Af? y N Q 1 ' , I 1 s W V, " 1 'M 'Q ' 'K I Q 5 V , - K 1 rb':, A A ii' I U W 1 ' tr Aee 'E' ' A- '1" t ': A Q., ' A . A ,. ' A V' A A I .::V ' 7 .V . A ' A , I A Ez' 9 I .R E 5' A' . " X45 3 A A Aa Q .Q J.-3 A ' -F 1'r2 , - A ., ,J g A 9 A F I A, , ' N 1 4 , ' x ' ' - .- . Q 1 , A"'Nx X N ' C.. A ,Q I4 . ' l : . n . ' , . . 3 , . ' . 5 : . , . . , . . . , . . 3 : . ' , . , . , . , . , . I , . 3 1 l. , . , . . . , . . 5 I . . . ' . . , . , . 5 : . ,V .. , . , . ' , . , . , . ' . A .as N 99 fr "' S., ig! iw 216' QW in ,,, F in .4-av .J ll sf 4+ "N ni ali-CU! 'Q' Uv' .Ty ""9' qv-I '49 wr--V ul! XY"ERL - AQ WJ' M' 5 Sr' fi, -of 'Q Hb' 'O' 'Q' ...., 'T Q. W-pf X :O 55' M ,..,,, 0' -Q as '-Y' 'ltr tar' --fi if SI' Presldent Judy Lalng 'T 3 Secretar Q, 'I 6 Tn Treasurer Alan Gamble TQ 5 -lu-.qv TOP ROW P Hyde P John E Klng J Lamg L Larnrners E LaRue D Lawrence 2nd ROW C Lee C Lghr C Longbrake J Mearlng M Metzger B Mrller M M1l1er 3rd ROW C Morrrs P Morrls L MOYIISSS P Musselman,L Neuus J Newel P Palmer -ith ROW J Parrlgln BParson M Patton S Perrrn E Phrlhps R Pranses K Reese sth ROW M Rerf 'V Roberts J Sarber S Scott D SQNIIZ J Shearer P SI- ehan 6th ROVN T Sheely B Sheph rd G Spees M Sroufe D Stalter D Stern J Stmebuck 7th ROW M Stgck man C Stockton S Straxer S Sulhwn T Treat E Webb 43 f, 0 I Q ' w I V' x 4 , f I ' ' a , I , "QF" U sv if -A? Juv' Q ,ti J 'ix A f , A I K 1 4' X1 ,, J f f 5 x , Gu A 5 --3' 'V ,, t M I f !-N, AA ,K Q V 2 R g , 'L"'Qiii 1 ' 4 Q' J X x T r - "7" If 7 , 'C I 1, I 6 . 'vm-I , . . t , I ' . . . .. W - i W fe r , ' 6 . A j I ' V 4.7: an J Via J ,V J V '! I i n I y X x f 'A - ' 1 LQ G' S Y 1 R P f na A N 'v- ' 41 P9 L - t we v -Q . x X . Z Y ,,!- - . I 'L L . ' t ' r S or ' - - . Q 5 D -Q 0 t J K T f - T H. S.. I l in QIA 155. A gn L THE YOUNGER GE ERATION IN PERIL? EGRADE EIGHTJ 516' QM if I fi 1- 'ii "" fall' ZL- 5353 ' 'Ei As. 'csv 4' Si' '7' Ov 'Trai '94 'W 'W Mia Hasan Km ind .25-N 'fly' '39 is .Y-Y nd! ,sg iii: 'ca' 515.911 60 'V c""'3 i 5,4 'Mi eggs rl.. or ff W 'tv TOP ROW D Arnold C Baker,S Barne.s,D Bercaw,J Bert J Black, N Bloser,D Bosler 2nd ROW T Brock T Bunch, C Carlson J Clum, C Coffee, J Combs D Coon,D Cox 3rd ROW M Creek J Danlels, L D3VldSOD,M Dawson, C Detnck D Early, N Eley, J Frankhouser 4th ROW P Frankhouser, G Fr1zner S Garee D Garr1son,M G1llett,S Gracely L Graman, S Grant 5th ROW R Grapner C Grossel K Hance F Hartley,N Hartman R Hawkms, V Henderson, J Hermon 6th ROW M Herzog, L Hlcks J Hllty, S Hxlyard S Hoffhexm M Hollar R Holmes R Howard, 7th ROW S Hower, A Huber R Huff A Hulhnger, K Jackson D Johnson, E Joseph K Kane GSI 99 O ly R to E S f Q3 5, 1 , V I f m V , ' X R Q 2 f ' ' "Y .' A ,r we ,1 ,V j D V V v V n :?:2..- . 'S ','-I-551 f-197' 'o.' . af J J O ' , . ' L , lmizli-.1-5'n ' f 1 '-f 315' K 2" ' 1 ' '- H K ,V M4 hw lv , , 1 V , . V V vv' , V VV E' VV , ,VV - ,f , VV ,An ' ,. , VV f- V 1 W V: -5, V V V GV V V V V V Ml V VW A V . L .. 'I V V V VV Y F. , 9. rl ff. is VA V47 -, V S ,lr - rst -uf ,- w ,. - f at .V ' V' V M , ,Vf I-1,g,VV5.ui2 ' ,VV .. lf 755' .say gl S A .Q " s---- ':T" J ' J -x .J V V ,, V , , Q V , V V ,.,, T , ,. W' 'c g 'gs J 'K S , 'E' T L or T ' a s E Q 'tqgj ,V T h " VW R Q 'R" 4 E J' N V . V ri' J V 4 w. K S Y. VV V 1 lk VV ra V ,LV .. V VI V V - , M ea V is -., if 'L we R R ,,: U - V . W .::,- 1 ' f . X lk V T , J' 7133: E. ,. A . f L . ' ,'s g J W ' J on ,V 5 ri ' V V V V V -', ,V Va, V - , V W' r VV . Q' V 'I , -Ag, , ' 1 g .,, ,V sg, , ,VV WV : ,V 'U K . , ,j'V.fs'. VV V VV V ji , V I, 'f gg J J l I . m A 'G 'Z -' ', Q ' ,VVg'- 'k N' l ,V Ns L V . R , - T -1 Q: Q.. M A lf ' A , he " , . . , . . . , . . 5 : . , . ' , . . , . ' . . 5 : . . ' , i . . , . , . , . , . : . . , . , 44- A 'vi '7 'Q -an 5: in--.4 .gr g..AL lk ...Q 11 1 urs" ,-,. -v -71' .ANS iww if 'VN 4-.."?f IV-7'-' W-J 'ov Wig' -if -D' than E iz' 'U' il' -Q' an-gg Xin qw Gs o-np 't -Q Y :af if ,vu T I A 'SO ir- Na.. .dn Q-Y 3 fs 362 s......u VN N-1' 1 -if Al 1'- if Presldent Joyce Reynolds K Q Vlce Presldent Terry Grapner M Secretary Treasurer ROIIIIIC Holmes 4 '!'Y TOPROW J Ka er S Kdd J K1 ' Q' QB' 'SJ Q' 'CV' 'VT'-Ev in--if :vi f,:f VK y , 1 moder, R Kraft T Kratzer,D Lambers, S Lawrence, K Lerst 2nd ROW D Lohr D Marshal, J Mayer P McC1a1n, R Met1T Meyers L Mxller, G Mrller, 3rd ROW F M111er,T Mrller J Morgan S Montgomery D Nance, A Newnen J Nlchols G NIXOD 4th ROW M Nolt C Ab e en our, D Patton,M Phxlpott M Plulhps, T Pohgn M Prxce T Rable 5th ROW J R 1 , y, eyno ds I R11ey B Rothe D Schmidt, J Searfoss P Sevrtz, N Sharp, D Shznaberry 6th ROW K Smith S Smzth J Sorgen M Stau S S p temen L Stepxc B Stonehrll F Wxlhams 7th ROW P Taylor J Turner, M Tumer K Unger K Vandema.rk,D Walters P Wxlhams S Sutton 8th ROW C Wrlson R Wlreman J Wood 43 V ' fu, K . g l, , LV- 4 V 'f .rl H 7 ' V. ' , ' ,V 2 .. W X X X t J the sf ,Q V Q 1. -Q, W. ,AVL I , 1 Q 3 4 ', M , ' nf' f 'O' 173' J' 'W J X Yi X, W ., ' W 'r gk Gp VJ f V A . 'QVV ' J V r M, J to , ., -Q-1 7 . J f ,L ,X 'ov A... .P " t't' -' 1 J we X if J i I v" . ,..- V , X gf . VV ,, ' V V " V Q, -V MM , V V V V 2 M' A.,,, ,,,, K V VV ASV 'X ,, 3 1-as 4 , S I 'ao f , vm J J W A X ' if "'2 hbte A Z ' 'W' , , VVVVV W Vlx- VNV VV V ,7V f ,. . , V V.V6,V ,h 3 V ' V T4 MVT V X 'Q , 1 VV .K V , W V VA , V K :V V ' , I A A V ,-',. , V . f. - ' J, 5 X 1 5' , 1 V . f 'M V A ..r fr, V , rx Q Q , Q 'Riff J .J 'VV K ' E S J . ' 'uv W J ff S' S , S W P J --f 1' . x 44, V .. ' 5535-1 .- M V . ,L . KV V V Q g '. Q, Q 'LE no -l -' L r V q S, V - V .. no r V ew ,J ' Q A he f 6 . Q I V,.bv K . - . : I Q .V I V 5 S' - : - , Q A 1 9 1 " x is , e , . . , . . . 5 : . ' , . ' , . , . 9 - 7 - 1 - l ' Q 3 - 1 - - x - 1 EVE TH GRADE TEICTLY DI H0 ORABLE 1-E 046 Q, 'watt 5 Q 'YQ' ful 45 W 'JL ,- Qflf-'3' W' K" U75 lt' H, U' M if E13 my my 'WS 'sv' "" IZKQYQ 'M' :es N7 S K an-4' Nui S inf mn .an Sf-J' 'hr A '- an sf .4-sa .,,,. -n 1-4,5 TY? Hu X ",,,Y qf-v Y37 xi Ev l 'Y V1 27' G-nail 'K F5 an 6, J 'Z' lu- may M 'tr ---' 448' 4 -W6 'E is 'i I an Sf'- ,V A trail' gag A 5-.J 'I-'23, IU, ""'li 'RQ -...!,,,'-5.5 'km fir :aG 4-Q Wham TOP ROW H Alexander J Anders, P Armstrong D Baker L Barnam C Barnes,A Baxter C Berenhngex S Blltz 2nd ROW D Bowers K Bowers S Brenneman P Brawn R Broshes, L Bryan T Bunneman B Burkholder S Burnett 3rd ROW C Busxck K Ca1n C Cahcut D Carl C Clark T Clum K Conway S Cummmgs D Custer 4th ROW C Damon M Dawson, J Demham K Drtto B Downmg D Ersklne, M Estes, S Estes J Eversole 5th ROW S Frantz, J Fey0,L Fetter,D Flsher L Fl1Ck T Fox C Godfrey J Good K Good 6th ROW D Grant B Glfflth L Halbert P Hance J Harvey J Hefner M Hefner J Hlghland D Hmton 7th ROW S I-Iof1us,N Hollar, J Holtzapple S Hooks A Howe, B Huffer B Hulhnger J Johns J Kerr 8th ROW B Klzer, G Klem, M Klern D Kohlhorst D Kowalsky R Kraft J Ladd R Lammers M Layman - , 0 , Vf' V ' " . ,H K " 4 A , an 'S , V V V 'V Q if V V V- 45 5? -1 5 'af V ": "U ,' ST Q ,, L' T ' .5 'Y A. '. 2 J' was " f 'J VV Ms f I W1 V , , , N V A ' W . J 4 . S , ,, - Vlsx V f. , 'E-5 5 'V 2 5. 5 V , 3 1 , " 'sr T 'T My 'T' 5 'iff -5 T ff- , 'f ,. ,T f V Q W WV ' 4 , : ' vl ' ' Q ... f - - 7 - TK W , L L x 7' .W l ,, " -1 , ,A , f V 5, H--5. T 5 T4 5 we Q - 5 I 5 gf 'Wa 1? s 1 ' ,5 , ' .1 i x ,V X 1 7 K ' in 'I X 'E K L 'V 1 1 ' 1 V ' ' r f 4 5 k j 4 ,V V, VV A V ,V VV Q V . ,. V. 2 "" , 4 lg V V Vs ,L W VV V , W 4 K w e 'V ...f J af ,P we 1 TTLJ 5 5 5 f A J A X J -A fa Q V A f lv: ,Q K s V 5 ' V, V :N Q ' 5 U, a Y 5 A as A J A , as .z syya as "5 X' yyyy "Y - 5 ef n . L Vw V L ' 1 S' ir , A .H L - , 4- fy -w e 'K' dw ' 5 x ,. A hs. Qu ,. - VV VV ' V 7 MM IV 1 Vw f V A Vw, ,T-. , , V '92 , :V 5 V A ci M 5 'Y A r 'E ' la "' ' -.f 5 , iv V V , 9 f ,K if Q V V U V V' V ,V Q V , V V V Vu V V, .LJ .f J f ur K - , he W l , ,,,,,,,V 5 ' 1 ""f sh V 4 - ' "2 A - fx 5- A A 5 5 1 - V e' V Q 5- W, fi V V - V 4- Q V, 5 5 :Q VV VV ar I - ' ' ' ' Q , W ,, ' ' 5 f Q 'V A37 'U "' J 'T' 'V X V .' ,,V "-'- f ' -" V' spud -- , if H, V. KV fs , A 5 A 5 ' ' L f 5 f Q 5 ' 5 J If as 5' fl 'E v 'K 43 'L ' if 5 5, 5 A .,. , ' "" , I 8? An --Q 'T h.-T7 7 --f' A? V ,VVIV ,V , T-7 , VV V . VV axVV ,, 3 , V V - 5 .- 1 f . V : . , . . 5 . , . , . . , . ' , . 5 : . , A . ,V . V , . , . . , . , . . , . 5 : . , . , . , . , V . , . , . V , . , . 5 : . , . . , . V , . , . . . , . S Z 'V V ' ' - 1 - 1 - p f :V - 1 - . S : . V , . r , . , . , . , . , . , . , . 5 : . V . V . I , . , . . , . , . , . 5 : . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . . President: Leslie Rex Vice President Monica Hefner Secretary Treasurer Snnja Price 'WW - "' """ oe 5 Q i and 7'Y"'g ,Q 1 I5 hor It .-,f -qv SLT' Lai --361 WEQL It 1' ,wt dk if he 1 5 1 'Q-9' ,TWU in 11: Kagglqmlxl '22 3.4. -Q- L...Js Ku. 6 Q -35, .., v uv 11 N7 --...a ,, .9 ,,,,, .,-4 wcv as Q-:Req " fp, 3 "'91 v Q- """ -44 "' 4-s i T SJ fs, 6 F135 .1 :Las 4000 "' 6 K: at N-:f Qu., Q.: Nqr ' 'S As ... Jig 26 -- 1-il Q r,""""" 1: lv -vv " 'rv Z... .,', ks.. I "' C V1-. TOP ROW R Layman K Leonard M Leppla A Libert R Lxons L MacDonald C McKe1ghen M Martin L M athews 2nd ROW C Mathwig B McCaughtx, N McCormick M McCurdy S Miles B Miller B Miller C M1ller,G Musser 3rd ROW J Miller L Miller P Miller L Mumma S Musselman D Morris R Morris J Morrisey W Montgomery 4th ROW S Moor M Morgret J Nealw K Nlexille C Nickels L 'Nunn M Pepple D Poling R Pollitt oth ROW S Price C Rader M Rapp B Redd G Reidenbach R Reger L R ex T Rieff S Robinson 6th ROW D Routson D Rowly M Schmidt V Sellers L Sharr S Shinaberry L Sm1th,C Smith K Smith 7th ROW P Staver 'NI Steinbrener K Stemen D Stewart T Sterling R Stmebuck D Stone G Sulhxan J Troxer Sth ROW C Wea er R Whipps R Whipps J Wimer D Willi ams C Wollenweber T VanHorn,D Vermillion , I V rl 1 , " , f W Q " C. I 'W - A A Q V 4 V X I. 1 S ' iq --A " R . Q ' 1 -- ,A , , 1 - "' 1 sr 9 , , f . , 1' X -' . 1 'Y , ' 1..- f 9 ' 1 'U' Ag' T Y Q A 1 - - -os " ff 1 1 1' . ay ., . 5 - , ' V 2 v I-T ' 'A Q 'L 5 S V ly " gf V, v 1 3 Q 5 'G ' -' Y , ..... ' 'Y u 2' Q 1 - 2 , i' p il' N - 4 v K X , , I x J JA 1 1 K I K 3112, , f ' 4 -- , , 1 nfl , 5 ' A, ' "' I Q N 1 if 1 -W A ' , L, , X x 's Q f ' 1 1 , 'nv iv I 1 .,,. , , I .7 Q, , 1 -X 1, ,427 F N Q - N ' i g,,,Q ,z . 'Q A , I ck 1 A by ,J Q y . ' 'r' - - 1 ' ex :cd ' 1- - xo X ' rl, nl , , 1 .Q ........ , f ,Q TTL 'f sa " Q . " 2 -I gt?" va: K Q A Q K L A J K xx 4 I 1 1 - - V A S tl , L . Qi V K1 r ' ' nt! 1 1 i N 19 R F ' ' "' gf Q., wx , Q' ""'- j 1 "'f' 1 " l ' 4, a . - - .3 D 1 ,. , . - 4 2' A , r - 43 ,R R A 1 44 Q V- W ., N Q N- 4 , .,.. L . - sv, x..f ' s '.-'ls Q iq i-wx M ' - X 'S -X V il W 1 'T' ' ' X- v I Q 8 , - . I L x " 9 L 5 , A . we . h , A To i l 1 S c 'not 1 - 4 - 1 - ' - is H 3 L Q 'R L I R " 'P S as-J 2. Q 4-mx 1 Q 1 Q? Nt .L - A Y E . Q.. , Q "3 1 ,E l - :aa-.X C ' N : . ' , , . - , . , . . ' , . , . , .. ' I , . ' , . I ' 5 : . , A . D ', 1 . . , . ', . , . , . , . . 5 1 . , . , . , . , . I ,' . , . . ", . ', D. .'g- : . , . ,.r j, .1 ' ,... , .i , . 1 -D 1 - I i 5 - 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 - , - , I. , t : Y . , . ' ', . , . , . , . ' ', .l . , . ' Q I . , i . , . . , . . ' , . A , , , . , . ' , . ,' , : . 'J , . , . , . , . V' '- , . ' , . . . xx ff K A JI ----' "' if W af . fi' 3 l , , , v , V 'df r F K , , v . , , R in . 1' rf, ' 1 , . , .V v -1 f I . 3 f 4 , fu, 4 FE' 1 X X, , ,p fn Q I, gs? QQ A ? Q? , ,, g v 5 inks if . ..:W.rm,,,J.- iwfsq 15,12 , if Y? ,mmf xy. 'Www- Mm , .lui , A, . -Q rv V .'vf xx .14 TFJM N I T' W I Io gf A ,H 5 N ' A 4 Qu X 'les f .Y J 'i in-W 'x gf 0 LY YE TERDAY Sixth Grade: TOP ROW: L. to r. J. Swick, D. Maxwell, D. Slechter, L. Augsburger, R. Martin, P. Shumm, D. Miller, J. Knolte, S. Baker. SECOND ROW: D. Stirn, M. Sheely, B. Poling, M. Shirk, R. Hunsaker, J. Baxter, P. Glass, C. Shindeldecker. THIRD ROW: P. Cusick, R. Early, J. Mc- Bride, E. Strohl, D. Corwin, T. Riegle, P. Rigg, M. Huffer,Mrs. Cremean, FOURTH ROW: L. Johnson, J. Shafer, C. Mortimer, J. Shinaberg, R. Foust, P. Dielman, D. Newell, P. Blaine, D. Denham, Not Present: D. Wimer, P. Knolte. Sixth Grade: TOP ROW: L. to R. J. Reiff, T. Gibbs, J. Lapham, D. Peel, L. Hance, C. Redick, C. Piehl, D. Coon, S. McClanahan. SECOND ROW: M. Warner, D. Farler, M. Foust, M. Turner, J. Ousley, J. Shinaberg, K. Crisenberg, J. Neeper, R. Frankhauser. THIRD ROW: J. Clum, D. Mayer, J. Brentlinger, P. Blaine, A. Buckmaster, D. Dillon, B. Bailey, Mr. Lloyd. FOURTH ROW: M. Montgomery, R. Markwood, P. Reynolds, C. Reynolds, A Foust, C. McKeighen, C. Wireman, A. Hoover, N. Deane, J. Fitzpatrick. Hn Yew Y H X4 Sixth Grade: TOP ROW: L. to R. B. Miller, D. Peters, M. Howe, D. Eare- hart, T. Kennedy, L. Foust, D. Ellis, M. Murray. SECOND ROW: L. Oben- our, B. Fought, J. Wysong, L. Mason, S. Kessler, T. Long, B. Gavalos, B. Baker. THIRD ROW: K. Smith, P. Whalen, R. McKee, L. Godfrey, K. Carnes, W. Baker, K. Gaskey, K. Hamilton, FOURTH ROW: J. Harvey, L. Sibold, B. Laferty, T. Mauck, B. McClain, K. Kidd, P. Cox, T. Ward, M. Parson, Not Present, Mrs. Brennan. K ICKERBUCKER BUCKAR00 Sixth Grade: TOP ROW: L. to R. B. Longbrake, P. Byers, S. Hermon, B. Hoover, M. Reed, D. Warris, S. Kiracofe, P. Davis. SECOND ROW: G. Fruchey, V. Stepek, R. Hunnaman, B. Green, H. Miller, R. Cramer, D. Bok. THIRD ROW: M. Stemen, B. Reese, C. Mason, J. Morrisey, R. Long, C. Weathers, D. Wilkins, Miss Parker. FOURTH ROW: E. Neri, S. Hawkins, S. Early, S. Kratzer, L. Sellers, J. Hawks, D. Stemen, R. Houston. .- ... ,i.v . ,A ,. ,. fs., so .- f 'kc . ' ..' . ii: . F-4 ' f 3 . Fifth Grade: TOP ROW: L. to R. J. Steinbrenner, K. Blair, S. Troyer, P. Walters, R. Nevius, S. Schmenk, V. Carter, R. Sharp, J. Davis. SECOND ROW: T. Burkholder, P. Wysong, T. Snider, J. Hilty, D. Hunnaman, S. Grunden, T. Kundert, J. Stemen. THIRD ROW: D. Sorgen, M. Gordon, J. Gavalas, L. Wireman, M. Brocious, M. Bunch, J. Miller, P. Fox, Mrs. Garrison. FOURTH ROW: J. Stalter, F. McCall, C. Cox, M. Redd, S. Douglas, D. Lodge, D. Musselman, G. Brown, N. Sutton. Fifth Grade: TOP ROW: L. To R. B. Newland, B. Alexander, C. Blosser, B. Zimerly, K. Hefner. SECOND ROW: T. Tallman, J. Stirn, B. Strahm, M. Walters, F. Lyons, P. Kernph, T. Hunt. THIRD ROW: A. Jones, S. Lamb, G. Early, B. Barnt, C. Crider, G. MCCurdy, D. Bercaw. FOURTH ROW: Mrs.Nevius S. Routson, D. Dorsey, L. Bowers, R. Sherrick, D. Unger, L. Reynolds, Mrs. Von Horn.FIFTHROW: C. Scholfield, D. Van Gundy, D. Downing, D. Hittle, N. Baker, L. McKee, P. Higbie, N. Roberts. Fifth Grade: TOP ROW: L. to R. B. Baker, T. Bear, D. Bearline, J. Lee, D. Schmidt, V. Burden. SECOND A ROW: L. Bowers, D. Ruck, M. Griffith, S. Kidd, S. Clark, J. Anders. THIRD ROW: S. Sevitz, W. Ditto, J. Shin- deldecker, P. Fox, W. Hullinger, Miss Parrigin. FOURTH ROW: C. Shulaw, I. Ramser, L. Seckback, S. Kirk, L. Hall, S. Edwards. Fifth Grade: TOP ROW: L to R: C. Hofius, N. Goliver, J. Whalen, S. Kesler, J. Shrider, R. Treadway, R. Treadway, S. Pierce. SECOND ROW: J. Stein, D. Kraft, S. High- land, M. Foust, S. Wilson, N. Smith, C. Sipe, D. Weaver, D. Plaugher. THIRD ROW: J. Starr, P. Reese, J. Hefner, C. Bivona, D. Green, N. Buckmaster, E. Grant, B. Dyer, Miss Bowers. FOURTH ROW: R. Lynn, M. King, R. Warris, M. Willi- ams, D. Covault, J. Cheney, M. Heil R. Early, J. Evers, Not Present J. Steiner. Fifth Grade: TOP ROW: L. to R. N. Carter, P. Scholfield, C. Allemeir L. Byers, J. Metzger, V. Mullenhour. SECOND ROW: R. Geary, M. Mc- Cormick, R. Rapp, M. Van Horn, K. Pepple, B. Roberts. THIRD ROW: D. Long, S. Peel, M. Lybarger, M. McMillan, T. Miller, Mrs. Lora. FOURTH ROW: S. Benfield, K. Hollar, C. Musser, B. Budd, B. Camp- bell, S. Johnson. 5 " H, HELLO THER! A DYF' Fourth Grade: TOP ROW: L to R: D. Hyde, B. Good, M. Thompson, R. Brenneman, B. Stockton, D. Phillips, C. Gibbs, B. Warner. SECOND ROW: D. Holt, S. Resse, C. Holtzapple, J. Querry, C. McGinnis, W. Smith, B. Gromen. THIRD ROW: D. Sullivan, R. Kahler, C. Burton, D. Newland, N. Hoover, K. McCormack, S. Crider, Mrs. McCarty. FOURTH ROW: S. Foust, J. Riegle, D. Miller, R. Miller, D. Trautman, D. Reynolds, B. Ladd. Not Present: J. Brenneman, K. Bell, Fourth Grade: TOP ROW: L to R: K. McCormack, P. Swickrath, S. Witham, J. Hoover, B. Obenour, V. Evans, M. Black. SECOND ROW: D. Libert, R. Slechter, L. Lehman, P. Shumm, T. Nolte, L. Herrnanson, D. Bams. THIRD ROW: B. Reynolds, D. Lybarger, K. James, K. Kline, S. Brenneman, W. Glaze, C. Willet, Mrs. Crites. FOURTH ROW: B. Dyer, M. Denham, M. Deane, J. Hoover, N. Stein, G. Wilsey, D. Nungester. 53 Q Fourth Grade, TOP ROW: L to R: D. Clark, T. VanHorn, K. Renner, J. Webb, N. Busick, M. Long, M. Brown, SECOND ROW: S.Miller, E. Martin, S. Wallace, B. Augsburger, L. Long, R. Edwards, T. Ellis. THIRD ROW: K. Mermanson, S. Hawk, T. Spears, M. Seller, L. Kline, C. Ward, Mrs. Kraft. FOURTH ROW: G. Armstrong M. Alexander, S. McLean, C. Leiser, B. Musser, E. Schmidt, B. Hilyard, L. Chandler. '7' Fourth Grade TOP ROW L toR F Mack E Martin C Sroufe M Gibbs, D Rogers, L Ousley, D Ellis SECOND ROW N Mumma L Bren neman L. Boothby D. Byers K. Arm- strong, P. McConnell, N. Rowley J. Beckman. THIRD ROW: M. Harsbar- ger G. Coon D. Ruck T. Lehman B. Mauk C. Phillips, Mrs. Slechter. FOURTH ROW: B. Lynn R. Sibold B. Lohr, D. Fredericks,S.Ho1tzapple, D. Moreland, L. Scheer. COCK-EYED WORLD 1"" X Fourth Grade: TOP ROW l. to r.: K. Kizer, C. Woodring, D. Bice, C. Slade, M. Askins, D. Black, F. Zerbe. SECOND ROW: P. Wiswasser, T. Bear, B. Strohl, F. Mason, G. Broshes, S. Eastom, B. Daniels, D. Metzger. THIRD ROW' D Bible B Messen er, . . , . g B. Buetner, J. Kowalsky, W. Rabley, Griffith, T. Pranses, Mrs. Mitchell. FOURTH ROW: G. Houston, S. Robe E. Layman, J. Snider, B. Thomas, M. Lynn, S. Hoy, J. Hadding. L. 1'tS Third Grade TOP ROW L. to R.: R. Price, S. Derringer, S. Harris, D. Bowers, R. Kohlhorst, D. Early, L. Springer, L. Peters, K. Wullenweber K. Kieswetter. SECOND ROW: L. Geise, C. McClish, D. Bowman, B. Routson, D. Maxwell, J. Markwood, M. Nixon, R. Brentlinger, P. Klett. THIRD ROW: J. Reilly, B. McKee, B. Schiffler, T. McKinney, S. Maloney, M. Shrider, Y. Maxwell, D. McCormack Mrs. Brenneman. FOURTH ROW: K. Buckmaster, F. Hawkins, S. Bivona, P. Downing, T. Pugsle , R. Johnson, T y . Kirk, J. Lybarger R. Morvay, D. Down- ard. Third Grade: TOP ROW: L. to R.: B. Lee, S. Radulvoich, D. Liggett, J. Brown, K. Kolb, S. Goodenough, L. Nance, M. Cummings, SECOND ROW: R. Bice, R. Parsons, S.Voss, M. Kirk- man, L. Lyons, L. Mefferd, T. Allem- eier, D. Oder, S. Berry. THIRD ROW: S. Morris, R. Weber, L. O'Neill, R. Stalter, S. Mesick, L. Sprang, R. Cusick, R. Clark, Mrs. Smith, FOURTH ROW: C. Spurbeck, C. Benfield, L. Foust, L. Bok, C. Sutton, J. Johns, S. Lapham, R. Mason, D. Daniels, Not present: D. Carl, A. Sherrick, R. Schmenk. Third Grade: TOP ROW: L. to R. D. Klemen, T. Black, S. Van Dyke, C. McCaughey, B. Stephens, D. Gracely, A. Armstrong, D. Miller, P.Shulaw. SECOND ROW: L. Laferty, D. Hunt, B. Bowers, D. Liggett, R. Smith, W. Hullinger, S. Downing, M. Baker, S. Wireman, THIRD ROW: C. Trautman, J. Rogers, S. Anders, B. Swickrath, J. Hollar, D. Grant, D. Renner, G. Shaffer, Mrs. Kurtz. FOURTH ROW: M. Bosler, R. Kline, G. Rothe, K. Stein, J. Schmidt, P. Hall, L. Stewar N. Priddy, D. Higbie, S. Graham. Third Grade: TOP ROW: L. to R.: R. Miller, C. Crider, J. Myers, R. Lyons, C. Evans, J. Jackson, R. Kira- cofe, G. Hall, E. Carlson, SECOND ROW: C. Nichols, G. Shulty, M. Mason B. Baker, M. Flick, K.Johnston, S. Bailey, G. Reese, P. Warner, THIRD ROW: M. Swartz, J. Friedman, S. Lytle, P. Good, D. Brady, C. Hefner, D. Redick, L. Conkle, Mrs. May, FOURTH ROW: R. Shinabery, C. Montgomery, S. Sevitz, C. Klutch, M. Estes, J. Kemph, J. Ward. D Wi"-I WE EEM T0 HAVE G0 E BACKWARD Second Grade: TOP ROW: L to R: J. Musser, R. Stewart, V. Sharpe, B. Shumate, B. Pollitt, J. Milburn, S. Brillhart, M. James. SECOND ROW: M. Bowers, D. Tallman, D. Klein, P. Arnold, L. Miller, H. Vani-Iorn, J. Evers, C. Walters, THIRD ROW: K. Kahler, N. Edwards, D. Hefner, R. Graham, C. Morris, M. Crider, Mrs. Evans, FOURTH ROW: D. Jones, C. Wright, P. Ream, N. Good, R. Harvey, P.Brenneman,C. Sprang, G. Brown Not Present: D. Musser Second Grade: TOP ROW: L to R: C. Zuber, K. Hance, A. Hersh, R. As- kins, T. Wilson, L. Croft, SECOND ROW: B. Leimback, E. Bunn, C. Frankhouser, T. Poling, D. Weaver, J. Bresco. THIRD ROW: P. Miles, G. Brown, F. Martin, T. Mauch, S. Grant, N. Rader, Mrs. Strayer, FOURTH ROW: T. Querry, M. Schol- field, C. Miller, J. Strayer, D. Miller D. Metgzer, S. Kidd, D. Ousley, Not Present: C. Kershner, M. Baxter, P. Sears, T. Larimore, M. Bowsher, M. Metzger, L. Kinkle. Second Grade: TOP ROW: L to R: C. Good, J. Simerly, B. Hinds, R. Williams, R. Wilson, R. Jordan, J. Budd, J. Sherrick. SECOND ROW: B. Sellers, E. Oley, V.Warner, M. Fanaff, R. Armstrong, R. Covault, L. Peters, P. Moore, THIRD ROW: A. Foltz, R. Lamb, J. Piehl, G. Griffith, T. Lapham, M. Miller, C. Foard, Mrs. Jacobs. FOURTH ROW: M. Joseph, M. Hoover, M. Stalter, D. Good, J. Shaw, M. Kruser, M. Hunnamen, J. Burton. 56 Second Grade, TOP ROW: L to R: M Class, R. Pickering, M. Molte, E. Con ckle, R. Boothby, R. Kizer, C. Fruchey SECOND ROW: T. Lyons, K. Kratzer, M. Redmond, S. Smith, J. Alexander, M. Stevens, L. Foust. THIRD ROW C. Cotterman, S. Burden, J. Zuercher L. Bible, S. Sorgen, T. Miller, Miss Beery. FOURTH ROW: S. Spears C. Spencer, D. Van Gundy, S. Mc Bride, S. Parsons, N. Gaskey. First Grade TOP ROW: L to R: D. Clark, R. Armstrong, D. Brenneman, J. Neville, J. Gossard, B. Brown, E. Derrin er P Damon SECOND ROW: g , . . B. Bame, D.Biggs, D. Armstrong, A. Aorgen, W. Plaugher, S. Brenneman, G. Biltz, P. Beck. THIRD ROW: D. Cusick, J. Haviland, C. Brubaker, D. Benfield, C. Warner, L. Boberg, M. Downing, Mrs. Kizer. FOURTH ROW: K. Dorsey, S. Cook, B. Jordan, R. Barnes, J. Augsburger, D. Covault, P. Covault, P. Byers, D. Baxter, C. Lyons. 97 ACCENT 0N YOUTH .L Second Grade: TOP ROW: L to R: F Bell, P Zerbe, R. Myers, B. Smith, J Gordon, L. Rohrbaugh, K. Miller, W. Lee SECOND ROW: D. Brentlinger, B Miller M Baxter, K. Everhart, M. Brenneman, B. Wallace, L. Toyer, R. Woollum THIRD ROW: P. Miles, D. McClish B. Hadding, R. Hawk, B. Budd D. I-lasting, S. McLean, Mrs. Stirn. FOURTH ROW: S. Sibold, K. Reilly D. Shaffer, L. Daugherty, D. Hall D. Layman, C. Imler, M. Bur- goon B. Bryan. 4 First Grade: TOP ROW: L to R: D. Reynolds, K. Thompson, J. Weber, T. Thompson, D. Williams, R. Parrigin, M. Ulrich, R. Thomas. SECOND ROW: L. Vandemark, K. Shenk, L. Sigler, D. Watters, C. Stone, D. Scholfield, R. Saul, T. Watt. THIRD ROW: S. Swartz, K. Sheely, K. Wullenweber, M. Stoner, R. Baker, T. Simerly, S. Smith. FOURTH ROW: M. Slade, A. Swick, D. Witham, J. Sheldon, R. Moreland, L. Stein, J. Strahrn, R. Shiffler, M. Wireman. OBLE EXPERIME T First Grade: TOP ROW: L to R: S. Kidd, R. Huggins, D. Metzger, S. Hardeman, K. Larimore, B. Reed, P.'Musser. SECOND ROW: L. Murray, P. Kirkwood, S. Mathews, D. Mesick, R. Hunt, M. McCormack, D. Kohl- horst. THIRD ROW: S. Kreswetter, G. Morvay, D. Laferty, M. Miller, L. Kleman, K. Mauch, H. Long, Mrs. Conaway. FOURTH ROW: J. Mark- Nood, L.Kline,C. Lynn, D. Miller, T. Dress, L. Strickland, R. Klett, L. .ehman. Not Present: J. Madaia, S. viillerans, J. I.eVa1ley, R. Maloney. First Grade: TOP ROW: L to R: D. Hance, N. Huff, D. Hicks, B. Huffer, J. Harshbarger, D. Gladfelter, C. Huser, J. Goodenough. SECOND ROW: G. Pugsley, L. Eversole, B. Hoover, B. Klett, K. Sherrick, J. Hoover, K. Edwards, J. Holtzapple. THIRD ROW: M. Good, S. Everhardt, M. Hullinger, B. Griffith, J. Hutchinson, D. Zuecher, B. Diller, Mrs. Whittington. FOURTH ROW: B. Hittle, D. Zimmer, D. Kizer, G. Highland, R. Grant, B. Friedman, C. Higbie, M. Hilyard. 58 KITTEN ON THE KEY First Grade: TOP ROW: L to R: C. Sanner, M. Shepherd, A. Sherrick, K. Oder, S. Slechter, S. Radulovich, S. Armstrong. SECOND ROW: D. Leatherman, R. Piehl, D. Danka, S. Sherrick, D. Roether, J. Daniels, M. Ramser.THIRD ROW: E. Parson, R. Pursifull, P. Schmidt, S. Reynolds, J. Renner, D. Thompson, Mrs. Holtz- apple. FOURTH ROW: V. Routson, R. Moreland, S. Roberts, J. Rothe, D. Purdy, T. Murrdy,P. Best, L. Newberry, Not Present: R. Snider, S. Priddy, R. Layman, W. Shankland, R. Kiene. sw, P S 5 2 D I s T . an NX .xg Sk sf? V ll! Special Education Class: TOP ROW L to R: S. Swick, J. Hullinger, S. Scholfield, J. Benfield, SECOND ROW, R. Klett, H. Plaugher, F. Spencer, Mrs. Keil. THIRD ROW: R. Hittle, R. Kraft, R. Kraft. D. Dcnlinger. Not Present: S. Wimer. -in I .i Wa, ,L , ' , is QQ' -J Q fb Q: x ,- . ki - a 1, P ri- 1. x Q 1 r X X 3 3 X 'Q XL nk" , X ,pf L '?', CONGRATULATIU ,ELIDA HIGH CHO0L BA D... - Q 7 9 9 A ,J 4 3 ti ,A in 00' 5 .5 rd' 1 f J' MUTUAL CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE hi Director, Mr. Wollenhaupt--Drum Majorette, Nancy Rader OJ , f it! 1 Ranked as one of the best in the area, the Elida High School Band, under the direction of Mr, Eugene Wollenhaupt and leadership of Nancy Rader, Drum Majorette, marched its way through an unusually successful season of intricate precision drill work. 'A The Band's excellent record was complimented by an equally applauded concert season, ,: highlighted by ri combined concert with Bath and Columbus Grove High Schools given at J Memorial Hall. Thus, we, the Annual Staff, congratulate you, the Elida High School Band, and wish you the best of luck in the future. fn A f 1 HIGH STEPPING MAJORETTES CORPS. L. to R.--Joy Preussg Ronda Kerrg Head Twirler, Mary Bredag Carol Lohrg Janet Sodders. ,tl vs v' 4 THE BE TIN NORTHWE TER 0Hl0 .UIUS-HH ' . Ein! S ,,,.... gn ,rf ' gzfggw -'ff' ., . ,, ws... ..-WM M' WH y , X I ,, ,,., i Mk, 4.-ar, , HN ,hx Q 5 .1 f 1 3, . .ef22:!'F"M-""......."' -- . STANDING--Mr. Wollenhaupt. TOP ROW--L. to R. J. Newell, J. Baker, K. Smith, D. Early, N. Leist, S. Grant. STANDING--P. Hyde J. Collins, T. Snow, M. Reiff, M. Herzog. THIRD ROW--C. Mil- ler, J. Blaine, C. Carlson, C. Derrick, R. Broshes, K. Hance, J. Hermon, J. Holtzapple, C. Damon, C. Rabley, S. Gracely, B. Wilkins, C. Obenour, C. Morris. SECOND ROW--J. Reynolds, T. Treat, J. Sodders, R. Kerr, L. Kraft, C. Cheney, J. Kayser. FIRST ROW--L. Gamble, S. Miller, C. Lohr, C. Eley. Absent--S. l-lower. 64 1 m-..na- , is-if WM i4 -Q. " - ' ' -,2 2 .wh vf - ov- 1 - , .. , f I- ' ,. vw 335ML?g-'F V f4 fw abt.. I me , W ig Le .2 sw .. away ' gx I X . 'f f f J ,J Jr Q - -f 'A f fl A 5 f - r fg Q ,A ' f'-l-,gh 'WSE' Qfflffi ' 'V f, f ' ,-- , -' 'f N , , .,-.,1L n ' , '. D ,. , f ,445 ,f .5 . ,1- . 7,5 f , 'f f ri 49 1' , .x ' ' - - AJL " ef 'wir X' - L ,2 1 7 ff! 5 A ' gm . " 5 f' yf T 'ff . 'K at W V 3 I - l' J, f fx J 5 ' g , -I ,ig O E M 1 I i .if ' 'P "'4 fi 5' 1 ' ,.,,, A,, 1' f-A A me , ll- ff X ""1' V' . ,-A gf r 4. , .1 'L 'T ' .3 Q 3, , , 1 Q . R i in ll-T-'+"l""-3154 gf ., M t QA! if 1 i 4. Q f ., ,, M .F , 5 ' ..,..---0 - GIRL 'GLEE BLE D VOICE T0 PRODUCE PLEA A TLI TENING FIRST ROW, L. to R.: J. Price, P. John, E. LaRue, J. Walters, D. Kohlhorst, J. Sodders, J. Preuss, Mrs. Cohee QDirectorj, D. Broshes, E. Garrison, R. Kerr, C. Eley, L. Heatwole, J. Daniels, M. Grant. SECOND ROW: M. Lap- ham, J. Newell, P. Thompson, A. Yinger, K. McKeighen, H. Deane, C. Kruse, B. Hooker, S. Nixon, S. Nunn, C. Fisher, A. Hullinger, S. Searfoss, L. Ashworth, J. Laman. THIRD ROW: B. Bailey, L. Stemen, C. Stockton, B. Damon, B. Layman, M. Layman, M. LaRue, J. Blaine, C. Lohr, J. Baker, E. King, J. Laing, P. Morris, J. Stemen, V. Holtzapple, M. Gracely. FOURTH ROW: D. Adams, M. Stockman, C. Kruse, J. Miller, B. Howard, B. Thomp- son, M. Lohr, M. Miller, C. Morris, P. Musselman, J. Huber, D. Vandemark, D. Ward, S. Vermillon. FIFTH ROW: L. Gamble, D. Ditto, L. Wood, C. Pierce, M. Ulmer, D. White, S. Kidd, B. McGahan, L. Nevius, J. Fowler, P. Palmer, B. Martin, V. Harshbarger, D. Metzger. SIXTH ROW: P. Lodge, B. Deane, J. Brillhart, J. Raabe, C. La- Rue, K. Chapman, S. Cook, M. Miller, J. Parrott, K. Kizer, C. Cheney, C. Wilsey, B. Erskine. THE SMART SET--The Girls' Glee Club is an energetic and very active division of our school's program. Open to girls in grades 9 through 12, the organization has proved to be one of the most popular for those interested in music either as a profession or just for personal enjoyment. Led by the capable hands of director, Mrs. Pearl Cohee, and accompanied by Dorothy Broshes, the club has produced truly beautiful music over the many years of its existence. This is, of course, its main purpose, how- ever, it places great importance in the theory that an appreciation of worthy music can be better developed in young people by participation. The club is kept busy throughout the year by preparing special selections for various school functions. Much time is spent practicing for concerts held at Christmas, Easter, and in the spring. Even with this heavy schedule, the girls have succeeded in bringing area-wide recognition to our growing music department. Last year in the district competition held at Shawnee High School, the glee club received a superior rating which qualified them to sing in the state contest held in Columbus. The girls entered the harder emulation with great enthusiasm and brought back for the club and the school a plaque on which was inscribed the highest honor offered, a I rating for excellence. The Annual joins the whole school in saluting these talented singers and their tireless director. 66 CHORI TER COMPETE IN CIDNTESTS A D PRE E TCO CERT 1512" 559: I FIRST ROW, L. to R.: J. Price, A. Yinger, D. Ditto, D. White, B. Damon, S. Nixon, B. Hooker, C. Kruse, J. Redd, K. Sroufe, J. Baker, D. Stein, P. Shean. SECOND ROW: B. Howard, J. Miller, C. Eley, J. Sodders, K. Chapman, C. Kruse, D. Kohlhorst, C. Fisher, J. Daniels, L. Ashworth, R. Kerr, L. Bercaw, J. Fowler. THIRD ROW: P. John, S. Sullivan, J. Brillhart, D. Sevitz, S. Scott, J. Parrott, C. Cheney, E. LaRue, C. Longbrake, E. Hawk, P. Morris, M. Lapham, D. Ward, L. Nevius. FOURTH ROW: A. Kremer, B. Dawson, D. Grapner, G. Gray- mire, R. Hartoon, T. Kundert, B. Fantz, P. Hyde, K. Reese, J. Raabe. FIFTH ROW: L. Creek, T. Wade, R. Weaver, J. Snider, G. Bowers, D. Sharp. HYPER-THYROLD AND ROARING--The Mixed Chorus is designed mainly for students of high school age who enjoy expressing themselves through the relaxing medium of the highly cultural art of expanding and contracting the vocal cords in a pleasing and enjoyable manner. The abund ance of the Mixed Chorus's industrious and fervent work is directed in an son called Christmas. During the December holidays they display their nu- merous and accomplished talents in the traditional method of bursting forth with beautiful song. They also present a community service at Easter. The Mixed Chorus is under the energetic leadership of Mr. Eugene Wollenhaupt. unwavering and unconquerable line towards the perpetually gay holiday sea- ELECT OICE HARMO IZE PLEA A TLY 50 SENIOR ENSEMBLE Left to Rlght B McGahan, D Broshes M Grant J Sodders, P Lodge M LaRue, R Kerr P Tho B H11ty,S Nmm J Preuss, C P1erce,J Damels mpson, J Bnllhart Not present Judy Pnce Q-6 f A JUNIOR EINSEMBLE, Left to Rxght J Raabe C W11sey,A Ymger B Thompson S Cook L Gamble D Whlte K Kxzer D Adams,M Lapham L Ashworth S Searfoss 68 1 'sw -, 1 f 1 . ' V K I -A " I .1 u Q N . on Q. Q X M, 1 . , nh 3 ' ' 1 g ,. J , . ' v I .3 ' I 0 ' 4 0, , gi 5 , : . . , . . , . . . . , . . , . . , . . . 2 . '.' L , I . f ,L ,ss , ' i . ,M Q- , . h. , ik U' K L .- an , vi. y 4 ' V A 4' .. JI -H -K W. L 1- Q7 ' ' - , ' gy ' 1. .. L . ' Y 1 - ...L 5 t . . . - . . A. . . , . . , . , . , . , , . , . . , . , . . ,,,,-1 Y ' Q M6 1 sua' Kms TUDET CDUNCIL PROVIDE MEETI G GRDU D DETWEE TUDE T A D FAC LTY J cf' Gigantic International Con s iracy The 1959-60 Student Council of Elida has had a very successful year under the guidance of Mr. Sluss and Mrs. Steinke. The Student Council's main purpose is to represent the students grades seven through twelve, and the Council has done a job T worthy of merit this year. D D The organization contains twenty members including four officers. The offi cers are as follows: President: Tony Arnoldg Vice-President: Penny Lodgeg Secretary Treasurer: Linda Wood: and Sergeant-at-arms: Ronnie Huff, Each member must maintain a high scholastic rating. The Student Council, one of many school organizations which seldom receives recognition in the school news paper, has served the students of Elida in many ways. The most outstanding accomplishment this year was the drive which the organization made to raise money for the Roger Kraft Memorial Football Stadium. They united with the Boosters to canvass the school district for contributions. The Council also held a dance, all proceeds from which went to the fund. Other activities include publishing a student handbook, decorating and managing homecoming, student exchange program with Shawnee, the Scholarship E, various dances and record hops throughout the year, a suggestion box, and assemblies to promote school spirit. To some students and teachers note carefully: The Student Council is neither granted the power to maintain discipline nor the right to punish an unruly student. For the present, we believe such function should be in the capable hands of the faculty and Administration. The REFLECTOR would like to thank the Student Council for its excellent work and worthy leadership throughout the year. 70 UPERIUR CHOLAR GIVE LETTER AWARD RACADE IC ACHIEVEME T. "What Price Glory" The Scholarship E is a new organization founded by the Student Council. Its purpose is to establish awards for scholastic achievement as letters are awarded for athletics. The scholarship letters are awarded on a point system, The individual is given three points for making the honor roll, five points for making the honor roll with straight 1's, eight points for qualifying for the right to go to Ohio Northern to take the dis- trict scholarship test, ten points for placing in the district, and fifteen points for placing in the state. Upon the accumulation of twenty-five points, a person is awarded his scholarship letter. It is hoped that this system may lead to an equality between accomplishments on the gridiron and accom- plishments in school work, We feel that the real foundation a school rests on is its superior scholars. The 1959 district state test results found graduating senior, Judy Croft ranking sixth in the state in World History and Kay Donovan sixteenth in the state in P.A,D. Ranking high in the district were Kathy Holtzapple in American History, Ron Rodney in World History, and Linda Poling in English IX. 71 6'BULLD0G REVIEW BUZZES WITH ACTIVITY" IN Nr 5 tv ,- FIRST ROW: B. Timmons, Reporter, C. LaRue, Assistant Business Manager, J. Raabe, Business Manager, M. La- Rue, Editor-in-Chief, J. Laman, Assistant Editor, B. Martin, Circulation Manager, S. Cook, Assistant Circulation Manager. SECOND ROW: S. Nunn, Assistant Art Editor, C. Knight, Typist, M. Layman, Art Editor, L. Long, Compiler, C. Hunter, Typist, K. Kizer, Reporter. THIRD ROW: P. Wright, Assistant Compiler, S. Searfoss, Re- porter, M. Gracely, Assistant Art Editor, D. Metzger, Assistant Art Editor. FOURTH ROW: R. Joseph, Sports Editor, N. Davis, Reporter, P. Lodge, Typist, C. Wilsey, Typist, L. Wood, Typist, P. Huber, Reporter. The bulldog review--American Tragedy The bulldog review, Elida's best school paper", is a conglomeration ofF.B.L.A. news, editorials, F,B.l..A, par- ties, various class and organization news, F.B.L.A, activities, the latest in three-week old sport coverage, F.B.L.A. trips, and is spiced with a dash of stagnant humor, To Compile this twelve page scandal sheet which comes out every three weeks, more or less, the bulldog review has a meager staff of twenty-five youngsters who are mothered over by their hard working advisor, Mrs. Workman, All kidding aside, they do a good job. 'Footnotez lncidentally it is Elida's only school paper. ,fu CIIIILAR HIP TEAM GOE T0 ADA ' D' BLOW SOME MY WAY TOP ROW, L. to R.: J. Nebergall, L. Poling, M. Pollitt, J. Brenneman. SECOND ROW: B. Herzog, L. Ward, D. Pepple, J. Nichols, D. Morris. THIRD ROW: J. Turner, S. Foust, K. Holtzapple, R. Rodney, J. Raabe, W. Nealy. FOURTH ROW: J. Preuss, P. Lodge, K. Briggs, J. Huber, M. Miller, J. Daniels. VAR ITY MEN WIN LETTER I EIIUR MAJOR PORT SNAKE HIPS TOP ROW, L. to R.: B. Dawson, T. Boate, T. Arnold, J. Shafer, N. Sroufe. SECOND ROW: L. Biglow, J. Morris, B. Fantz, D. Shinn, T. Wade. THIRD ROW: H. Wright, R. Bowers, B. Kinkley, D. Kizer, B. John. FOURTH ROW: J. Ehresman, J. Boate, B. Evans, T. Kirwan. FIFTH ROW: D. Putman, G. Lohr, Mr. Schreiber, L. Warner, J. Shearer. GIRL DEVDTED T0 REALIZI G . . . Jon 'W L.-. Sr. G.A.A. FIRST ROW: L. to R. K. Chapman, C. LaRue, K. Holtzapple Qrecreational chairmanj, L. Strickland QSec.-Treas.j Miss Edwards fadvisorj, J. Preuss QPres.j, D. Metzger fVice-Pres.j, S. Vermillion QSgt.-at-Armsj, J. Brillhart, J. Raabe, B. Deane. SECOND ROW: C. Fisher, K. Sroufe, M. Fanaff, B. I-Iooder, N. Davis, R. Kerr, G. Sharp, D. Kohlhorst, D. Vandemark, C. Armstrong, S. Searfoss, L. Ashworth, S. Nixon, J. Parrott. THIRD ROW: J. Baber, C. Kruse, M. Miller, M. Gracely, K. Buetner, S. Cook, N. Rader, L. Bercaw, S. Kidd, J. Stemen, J. Laman, K. Kizer, J. Redd. FOURTH ROW: Linda Bruner, L. Kraft, J. Price, S. Morris, P. Busick, P. Foust, L. Gamble, D. Adams, C. Kimmel, S. Holmes. FIFTH ROW: C. Rex, V. Holtzapple, P. Lodge, D. Broshes, E. Garriaon, S. Foust, J. Turner, P. Wright, D. Fisher, M. Lapham, D. Ward. TOP ROW: M. Breda, L. Sharr, J. Sodders, B. McGahan, C. Pierce, M. Ulmer, L. Wood, J. Altenburger, B. Cheney, C. Wilsey, S. Bonebright, M. Grant, P. Sullivan, C. Hunter. Girls' Basketball Team BACK ROW: L. to R. J. Sodders, D. Fisher, M. Grant, K. Holtz- apple, J. Turner, S. Foust. FRONT ROW: C. Pierce, M. Ulmer, D. Broshes, B. McGahan, J. Preuss. I lg lfff f 1 6 ,W " ff J KIIIAM 44 ef' mul' 1 ...IDEAL OE PER 0 AL, OCIAL LIVI G K . , , , .1 A 1. I fl .ll v fm BOTTOM ROW--L. to R.--P. Shean, S. Hofius, M. Price, J. Shearer, E. LaRue, C. Rabley, Miss Edwards: Advisor J. Laing, P. Johns, H. Deane, D. Lammers, K. Bowers, S. Hilyard, S. Price. SECOND ROW--C. McKeighen, J. Clum, D. Early, R. Broshes, B. Miller, J. Miller, C. Nichols, M. Philpott, S. Kidd, S. Fste, S. Hower, J. Blaine, S. Robinson, V. Sellers, M. Morgret. THIRD ROW--C. Stockton, N. NcCormick, J. Fowler, S. Gracely, N. Sharp, J. Nichols, C. Cheney, J. Reynolds, M. Hefnerj L. Sharr, L. Rex, J. Burt, P. Williams, P. Miller, K. Unger. FOURTH ROW--B. Damon, L. Nevius, R. Wireman, P. Sevitz, S. Grant, C. Rader, A. Baxter, J. Eversole, A. Howe, J. Baker, M. Miller, C. Morris, C. Lohr, C. Baker, J. Wood. FIFTH ROW--S. Smith, C. Wilson, M. Turner, D. Coon, C. Carlson, T. Miller, M. Dawson, B. McCaughey, C. Smith, S. Sutton, N. Hollar, D. Stein, J. Turner. SIXTH ROW--D. Marshal, J. Black, L. Davidson, D. Rowley, P. Armstrong, S. Burnett, B. Miller, S. Musselman, J. Hermon, C. Detrick, K. Leist, S. Biltz. TOP ROW--C. Godfrey, S. Lawrence, M. Srouie, D. Sevitz, N. Arm- strong, D. Brening, E. Hawk, A. Parrigin, P. Musselman, S. Scott, M. Busick, L. Lammexs. 3 FUTURE URSES 0F AMERICA I K 0 U LQ SEATFD--N. Derringer, V. Harshbarger, B. Damon, M. Holtz 1, apple, D. Ditto. LACK ROW--J. Blaine, N. Armstrong, J. Baker, D. Sevitz, C. Morris, S. Scott. ADVISORS , O X 5 W Cl CD Margie Morris Carolyn Keist PECIAL RECIIG ITIO I GIVE T0 OUT TANDING STUDENT ff Bw 9 . I. . l v-I X . In I . . 5 . - r-.1 0 - :1 I, I pu' .54 Z O . - Q ' . su at - :Tn . W . I 'gg . Z . 5-1 ' s u - U ' Q 'P X, . ' 50 I . . - . ,n. o , . - 5- . I :Q - . ' 3 j' I : 5? ' I Ulf . A pd f I, 1: A-fs . . um . . I . . ,M . . F X . . . . N , any I , - Q 5 f v 2 ' ' - F. . . . 3 3 IDT . . T T A , qs . - . ' ,T fy ' It 's 1 . ' ' U. I . . c I- 'lm FIRST ROW LtoR E Carrrson, S Nunn, P Lodge,J Preuss,J Dan1e1s,R Kerr SECOND ROW K Holtzapple, HONOR SOCIETY The Elrda members of the Ethan Allen Honor Socrety were announced by Mr Howard Lers Senror Hrgh Prrncr pal, on February 17 1960 Srnce the Honor Socrety constrtutron lrmrts membershrp from each school to frfteen percent of the Senror Class, only thrrteen students were elrgrble The membershrp was chosen from the academrc top twenty frve per cent of the sen1or class In addrtron to scholarshrp they were selected by the teachers on the basrs of leadershrp, character and servrce wrth twenty frve pornts as the maxrmum number of pornts grven to each trart Each teacher who has the student rn class or actrvrtres rated that student The Honor Socrety rs one of the most honored recognrtrons a student can get durrng the school year The students who made thrs group are con gratulated for therr efforts and therr servrce to the school by the Reflector Staff The Reflector Staff would also lrke to grve specral attentron to Barbara Martrn Steve Carlson and Ronda Kerr By wrnnrng the lnternatronal Order of Odd Fellows Speech Contest Barbara Martrn won a trrp throughout the East Steve Carlson won the Outstandrng Newsboy Contest sponsored by the Lrma News and the Famrly Weekly Steve s prrze was a trrp to Europe Ronda Kerr won the Elrda I Speak for Democracy Contest Ronda then went on to compete wrth students from Lrma Congratulatrons Krds' I ' ' 76 PRUJECTIUN CLUB BRUADENS 0UR KNOWLEDGE THRUUGH EDUCATIUN R gh L Sh Shaf P J hn JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT GIVES TEENAGERS VALUABLE EXPERIENCE IN BUSINESS FIELD FRONT RO uf J Rad G sharp D K h M G P Cl k SECOND RO C p Bggss THIDROW SM KddP H d TQPROW MU1 DSha.rpR s y RH WHO' S WHO? j 3, Rom Q GRAVUHE 7, JI .J BN-sw C-2 I FUTURE FARMER WORK FOR AGRIC LTURAL ACHIEVEME TAND IMPRIWEME T. up of boys aged 14 to 21 who have taken, or are at the present taking a Vocational Agriculture Course. These boys and their instructor, Mr, Landon, all have a common interest--"The future of farming." Each year the local Chapter sends a delegate to a National conven tion. This year's convention was held at Kansas City, Missouri. Ralph Etgen was selected to represent the Elida Chapter at this convention. They also go to a State Convention. Each year the convention is held on the beautiful grounds ofthe Ohio State University at Columbus. The Elida F.F.A. Chapter has included in its program such activities as going on field trips. On these field trips, the boys take part in livestock judging and land soil judging. The chapter also enters Public Speaking Con tests and Parliamentary Procedure Contests. Also, included in their activities is a summer camp. All the boys in the F.F.A., who are able, attend this camp. For money-making campaigns, the boys construct booths for different classes and organizations for use in the carnival. They also obtain funds by having donkey basketball games in the school gym. To get additional money, which they put to good use, they have yearly scrap drives. In the local Chapter this year, there are twenty members. This number was reached when the "Chapter Farmers" initiated the "greenhands" into the chapter. The boys have their meetings twice a month after which, there are recreation and refreshments. OFFICERS: President: Paul Huberg Vice-President: Dwight Earehartg Secretary: Norman Foust, Reporter: Howard Foustg Treasurer: Don Barntg Sentinel: Charles Foust. 80 The F.F.A. is an organization made YOUNG HUMEMAKER PREPARE EUR FUTURE UE HUUSEHULD MA AGEME T The I I Elida Future Homemakers of f America Club is part of a national organization. In this organization a girl can earn the degree of junior homemaker, chapter homemaker, or state homemaker. Any girl in grades 9-12 who has had one year of Home Economics can join the club. At a later date this year the local chapter will elect one of its members to the office of secretary of the county F.H.A. organization. T The purpose of the organization is eightfold: To promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemakingg To emphasize the importance of worthy home membershipg To encourage democracy in home and community life, To work for good home and family life fo all, To promote international good willg To further interest in home economics. The club is a very active group. For example, they plan to tour a department store in Lima. On this trip, they will go behind the scenes to see how a large store operates. Still another activity is a Style Show. They are going to put this on for their Mothers at a Christmas Tea. The theme of the Style Show is "Up in Santa's Stocking." Featured in the show will be the projects which the girls have made this year. Raising money was no problem for the girls. This past fall they had a bake sale at the Albers Market in the Westgate Shopping Center. They also sold candy apples at the football games. To raise more money, they had the booth "ring toss" at the carnival. Almost every year the girls get together and prepare a Christmas Basket for a needy family in the area. They are indeed a "busy bunch" of girls . . . OFFICERS: President, Sharon Bonebrightg Vice-President: Linda Stemeng Treasurer: Dianne Ditto, Secretary: Barbara Miller. 81 V L - FRONT ROW L to R M Layman, S Nunn,M Gracely, Mrs Work man, L. Long, M LaRue SECOND ROW J Raabe N Dav1s,L Wood C WITSEY5 J Altenburger, C Hunter N Rader, M Lohr THIRD ROW M Lapham, K K.1zer, K Buetner M Mtller B Tlmmons, S Cook L Strtckland TOP ROW K Chapman C LaRue D Metzger,B Howard J Laman, S Verm11l1on,D Kohlhoxst REFLECTIIR STAFF C0 GRAT LATE 0 T TANDINGF B L CH PTERI TATE 0F OHIO The Future Bustness Leaders of Amertca afftltated wlth the State and Nattonal organlzattons ts sponsored by the Umted Educatton Assoctatton The purpose of thus organtzatron ts to advance bustness occupattons and to encourage students to prepare for the busrness ftelds Only those students enrolled tn bustness subjects are eltgtble for membershxp rn thts orgamzatton Local meetrngs are held once a month wtth specral meettngs called when necessary The programs of these meetrngs feature personnel speakers or panels or busmessmen and women The Elrda Chapter was the recrprant ol the Gold Seal Award presented by the Nattonal FBLA to those chapters wtth outstandrng programs Eltda s chapter was also named the outstandmg chapter ln Ohto tn 1959 At the state conventton tn Dayton tt took frrst place rn attendance second place rn scrapbook competrtton second tn the speech contest thrrd rn exhrblt and thtrd place rn mtleage In addttron to these awards Marlene Gracely was elected State Treasurer and Janet Raabe Northwest Dlstrrct Charrman Eltda Chapter Off1CC1'S tnclude Myrna LaRue Presrdent Marctne Layman Veep Secretary Shtrley Nunn Marlene Gracely Treasurer and Reporter Ltnda Long Qs 1 5. A 5 at f'l'f'l at at z . .-- . ' ' . ' . ' . - - ' . . : . 5 . - . 5 . - . - . 5 . 5 . ' . 5 . . : . 5 . 5 . ' . 5 0 ' a ' 0 J o 0 0 o , . . . . . l I I I I I . . : 1 2 . 2 . Q , 5 , mai' ffmbdggn- 'sg 1' al www! , ,WU-wfiww ' x Q V x X M , 1 -1 x 1 X sy A. v . ' Q 5 w tx 1 fri I L 1' r 4 w N I F1 X U 1 I 'Wam A . V , ' Q LA . x"fZ" Wx, ' 1 ll'-ga' QX, Q ' Mfg ,P . 1 ' x 'Qtr eil A A X ' 9 1 L gw 'ia A Y, ,rf ', W M'11:"2"'--5 EZENME Hi3GE.R silfffxf -- ,J ff 535 i 53 l il' YL 9- fi Mk! 3 ,-' 31,5 ,lg !jx:?3lf:f , , lf? Q ,J K 1 EL ."' ' xg 5 ' 1 :LA o 1 'f fl 1 i 1 ,W 95 Ai I ,- fgx 12" xxx- . 1' Lvl' 9 1 xi FO n r,X ' f f is P' . X 1999-1960 CARL IW AL TR ' 110: Caiididntcs reigned as the King and I 1 'ers :y11I1" L L: and Hoge: E wars. The attendants wars: mrs: 52:53 Warn: aid crr'.'So51tc esilmeiz ,TL1G1.'L.3.1T1g and Gary :peas .x- rowibcarers vers: Eiciili Dorseu' :md S311 Loom 1, I' ELANNIGAN BAND PROVIDES EXCEPTIONAL MUSIC 'V' n " - ' , Q, +'.,f."f-':4f.j".,er ,ry "' Q 'v 1 9 36+ JS'-f"+f - .Jr 1- iff HE GAUDIEST SPREE IN HISTORY EIOR COUT A DEXPLORER Left to rlght TOP B Deane, D Kolhorst S Kldd, R. Erskme BOTTOM V Holzapple L Sharr N Buch master, S Searfoss, Advlsor Mrs Buckmaster ARE PREPARED 1 Left to nght, TOP J Morr1s,L Lyons, B Dunahay, T Gahman, R I-Iartoom, B Lee BOTTOM B Beckman L Mathw1g,J Hobbs, J McCormack, J McBr1de, Absent D Morns W Nealy, C R11ey R Rodney N Sroufe Advlsor Mr Mathwxg 90 PORT - I :sf a -551, f i 1, L 0.?4.N f.: f 'ii DJJ FRONT ROW, L to R. J Shearer, H Wrrght, W Evans, D Krzer, B Fantz, R. Hartoon, D Sharp, D Cisco, L Warner, L B1gE1OW SECOND ROW Coach Schrelber, J Shafer, B Dawson, J Boate, T Wade, W Nealy, L Ward,B K1n.kly,N Mlller, T Boate, Coach Prmce BACK ROW D Shmn, D Putman, R Kraft, B Shafer J Bame, G Lohr T Arnold, R Weaver FO0TBALL TEAM HAD GO0D The Elida varsity football team though not as successful as in past years had a good year considering the circumstances The team was handicapped greatly by a lack of depth in linemen and innumerable mJur1es Elida's record for this year was four won, three lost, two tied. Had Elida won the two tie games, they would have tied up the Northwest Conference championship with Bluffton and Columbus Grove. As it is, or was, Grove won the championship. 92 e Q9 . iyil' '6 :nfl ' I 'Q '-:Y - 2 ' J iw. Ja . y xi V 1 X ,N ff uv' ' f L I 1 1 L- L we i W.. 1. 6 1' .,,,,.1". .1 331 - ' "ff "'.i', X gg5"Xx fav x f x 1 XY "0 I ' W F S- ' ' 4 ., AIX 1' 6 Q up q i ! . M 4.4, fi 5 . Ag 1 5 gl f , Wkfliil X -. Q4- 3' W ,xr 1 4 . ' X 4' , x J I I i v 5: . , . J., so bj J s. ,, " I ww" Q45 Jerry Shearer Larry Brglow Coach Schreiber Bruce Kinkley Ted wade Doug Kizer Bruce Fantz Coach Prince Jim Shafer GP Larry Warner 95 .SQL Left to Right T Kundert,J Boate J Ehresman G Stever R Bowers A Kremer T Boate W Evans, B Kink ley N Miller L Brglow K Smith VAR ITY BA KETBALL TEAM UFFER LOSI G SEASO OF R0 GH A A C0 PETITIO The Varsity Basketball squad suffered a losing season with a srx won ten lost record As the old aying goe This year we molded character and so say the eight Jumor boys who were members of the squad this year Coach Prince loses only three seniors to graduation Roger Bowers Bill Evans and Terry Kundert end their high school basketball careers this year. Though Bowers, Evans, and Kundert were starters, Prince ex- presses his opinion rhat the upcoming Juniors will do a fairly competent job next year. Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Columbus Grove Lima Shawnee Bluffton Wapakoneta Spencerville Van Wert Lima Bath St. Marys . . Lafayette . . Gomer ....... Delphos Jefferson Beaverdam .... Ada ...... Harrod ..... Kenton ...... Lima Shawnee . . Wapakoneta , . . ,lL af' 906540 x C8"xcf'Q ' f-f Q . 929' 6-gf! CEQ0 6 O be Q-sir L1 X6 2 ' , X s r Q, 5 o I 14 '-X? s4'?f A-4-Pg, S 0 Terry Kundert Nick Miller M' FIRST ROW: QL to RN I, Bowers, B. Herzog, L. Mathwig, W, Nealy S Carlson D McCormack BACK ROW B Cloyd, N, Sroufe, D. Shinn, L. Biglow, B. Fantz, B. Musser, RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM STOREY WINNING SEANON RESERVE BASKETBALL SCORES Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Columbus Grove . .... . Shawnee . . Bluffton . . . Wapakoneta Spencerville Van Wert . . Bath ..... St. Marys . . Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida JUNIOR HIGII BASKETBALL TEAM SUFFERS LIISING SEASIIN FIRST ROW: QL to Rl M. Leppla, G. Klein, K. Stemen, L. Miller, B. Burkholder, P. Pollitt, J. Anders, K. Smith, S. Fantz, L. Flick, D. Carle, H. Alexander, D. Kohlhorst, R. Whipps, J. Dehman, J. Kerr. SECOND ROW: Mr. Radulovich, S. Moore, B. Kizer, D. Morris, T. Clum, L. Matthews, D. Kowalsky, J. Neely, T. Grapner, R. Kraft, A. Leibert, T. Meyers, D. Lohr, Mr. Greenway. THIRD ROW: R. Broshes, I.. Hicks, D. Johnson, N. Gillette, R. Holmes, D. Cox, L. Bryan, R. Morris, S. Perrin, G. Bowers, B. Miller, L. Hoffheim, P. Brown. FOURTH ROW: T. Treat, P. Hyde, E. Webb, F. Early, F. Early, F. Foard, M. Metzger, H. Frysinger, H. Davis, G. Cloyd, J. Stinebuck R. Fetter, T. Mearing. FIFTH ROW: S. Strayer, G. Spees, A. Gamble, D. Patton, R. Huff, K. Vandemark, Frank- houser, E. Joseph, R. Kraft, D. Nance, G. Nixon, D. Walters. TOP ROW: T. Estes, E. Phillips. As was the Varsity, so went the Junior High. The freshmen had a 3 won--7 lost record when the dust cleared away from the last game. It can always be said that when a team has a bad season, they still gained the valuable thing called "experience." Elida . . . . . . 25 Columbus Grove . . .. 45 Elida . . . . . . 19 Bluffton .... . . . . . 15 Elida... ...23 Perry...... ..34 Elida . . . . . . 38 Spencerville . . . . . 15 Elida . . . . . . 24 Lafayette . . . . 44 Elida . . . . . . 22 Shawnee . . . .. 26 Elida... ...32 Harrod.... ..36 Elida . . . . . . 60 Beaverdam . . . . . 34 Elida... ...28 Gomer.... ..3l Elida... ...26 Bath.. ..29 99 BOYS DEVELOP SKILLS I FIELDINGA DHITTI G W 9 4 fi, Coach Prince conferring with co-captains Hermon, Sroufe and Bowers. X Elida's 1959 baseball team had a successful season but was mediocre in comparison with 1958's spectacular Learn with its 17-l record. Five from the 1959 team have been graduated leaving the boys pictured in theindivid- ual shots to carry on in the 1960 season. . Q44 . , - T7 ,rx ew 7 11 'Z EF' ' L. to R. R. Sroufe, J. Morris, D. Kizer, B. Mattingly, Mr. Prince, T. Boate, R. Shafer, J. Shafer, D. Desenburg. Twenty-two boys were out for tack last year. During the season our track team participated in practice meets with Spencerville, Shawnee, Bath, Ada, and Bluffton. The high-light of the 1958-59 track season was the North- west Conference meet, which was held May 5, 1959 at Pandora. 880 RELAY TEAM The Elida team, Ronnie Shafer, Terry Boate, Ray Sroufe and John Desenburg, placed first in the 880 relay and won a trophy. 102 xfgf' G M f""'f-ff' , 5.-gf., v 1,Q'.?.i pf, Q ,, Yw.'2.,, , A, - ,1 u, V ' 'QV vu, . ,M , 5 A 54 ' 5' 7Ff6"lV. 'aa 17, Vfn ' 'ff Vw,:'1,h . Vz.V,,x'wV x V V V 7 V - 7' if . . K, .A 63014 .!!W.1f'wl,' 'K VI ' V 'V V. 1 6t' if1',.',."4 K if V -ff gf ,VV W-,, -1 - ' ' 21,-...ef-. .23.SW'P5',. - . V wr.. V . , 1. f Vis .V V " V ' ' '1 '- '.5., . gf -fx' . '. 1 a , n . p . 2-Aiaiff af ,1-Vx J '-is 6 I , , ' id. L at :XB . ' L Q. M' i, .N ffl mfg," xf-'fin - R at 'A 'Q six " 2' V I -'ff '+V ,w,-g- ,V ,. V, , . I ",',',g'z,x. Y? , 51,4 fl I In -N 4. ., 'wkfl-" fflfxf DI fp! ,Q . ,.' "fr, 41, G 1 M, x J 'Til' 'fFg,',i1X 3' M , .pf , .Afvz-In .V lf. lv' af 1 QA Q 'Q 'Y N s xl ' J. y xt, ,S -I, 01' ' ' . - 1 I 1 .. I .X A I I ., ' , ,' . ' ' I .' 'F A 2 Y K ' . t L I . 1 'Vai I 'Sv 'Fi . W V. X Nj: .. 'nf k .. - -- "4-1, --xii. X I. Q I'-vi-ai, ' er, -" M . , -..v,. "Kiki-I 2 'X . . '-.7 .Z Y 1 .4 A 1.4. .v vvy uvzx , ' V ,fwy -. 4. 1... x. 5 . .- '-- ,L 418, V . , xg A 1 ' x'z3,"'-?!iTT?f"L4".. Y mb fa-"'QiS., .f,'23'f ff - ' 4. . .,.,-pc ska- 'V . ., - 44.14. J .. V, - f 'V ,V - Vw.'f.'ff-V1ww.'s..,.VY- ' . A HA ' "'.'lN.yY41'.7' G, I " X 'gi-"K ,bn Q" ..i.'-I-.QR--1, 1. 3-b.Vl. sg,-. fu Q + w 1 Q - '- ' V 'N ' K --Raw, - -- ,J Q, ' qs - . iA",.,v r " ,f x .-6-9, -Q , jy,,v..-',.- w., . Q X zz- V. .- "ffswf1...1f f .ff -V V. V w ,. V ., Q ,wggw-.sf-.,':..,f+.-V 5.1-f : ff-' - L-...v.1W'1'f-,"5f."-'.sXfVxvw A-.ff - -...VV . . ' . 55 J- -4. , , . .Q , J, .? EN: N X ' Y' 'gn' '.' TV A,'ff',v'x.'.1"" ' " ' V., , I he N -A., X K K5 , , ,I -H.-. T ... 44 zh- K s.L 4 X-'f-,..,,-.-,MAN-Nix: 'g ', . - ' 4 5'5'x-.g X14 '. , V' ,J xi-v ' .f.:- . .Q-Vw'ur -. ' . 1 . Y , . xXx Sw- 'T , V i I v, Ia . - , 1 ,xv- -QY., x ran. It f .-.., '- Q-s. Sh "G-"'f .+V fiAs-wx '. -f f ' Zi' N 'Q-'nn-,.'.'t.'. -gf ' -,g:x.g'.""g' :.??'V'f:-Q., - .gf.x,. .. .V 42 :Exif f ':'v.?,f-'12 :sv 'W . . ' t ' Jl,'f..-Ajkkit-' " 1' V-5' . gf'..'4,ff'.Q?gH,J. , 1' -"SA, 'xf'f'g' 'K ,xv-.xilqt Qffifkig ' Af: fl ' ."..'...'Q3A'5Xf5 rg '.:1K7'f '. 'fb' " A .', .g .xi -x,,- .f A .., . J H- D xv. 1- , . n -". 'V -tw!" vu . Yu .g N3,'Tt:" .fp 11,7 ..,',c,.' ' v K: nity. .fMI,. .55 at-, .,.. ae V. W .v. nf-'.A,,:.t, V 4-1" ,I 4 ':':P5ff.,,,,- A' - Vfgjvn-A - 92215-.515-Q f.. ,- yr. ,n'u1',"' f .Q -H. 4fI5A.lpw.i ,D - ' . . ' 'Y -..:.A, ' , 1s""' , 4' John Desenberg U1 513661 . ' Q J., -. . x TOP ROW l r G Spees, A Gamble, D Patton, R Huff,H Davls, L Hoffhein, G Bowers, T Treat, P Hyde SECOND ROW E Ph1ll1ps, T Estes, M Reiff, K Vandemark T Reiff, B Mxller, T Sheely,B Parsons, E Webb, F Foard THIRD ROW D Johnson, J Welmer, D Henton, D Shmaberry, R Kraft,D Lawerence, C Lee, J Neely, T Clum, T Myers, A Frankhouser FOURTH ROW R Grapner, M Glllette, R Holmes, D Garr1son,J Searfoss, D Kowalsky, IL Hartley, E Joseph, J Frankhauser, F Early, F Early, Mr Stevenson BOTTOM ROW K Sm1th,S Miles, Pollitt, L Fllck, S Fantz, G Sull1van L Brenneman, M Estes, P Wxlhams, R Kraft, D Vermlllion, A Lxbert, D Morr1s JR HI FOUTBALL B011 l 5 1 GRID SEASO The Elida Junior High football team had a very successful year in 1959 under the able coaching of Mr. Stevenson and Mr. Buffenbarger. The team had a 5-1 record, losing only to Lima Central Catholic 12-8. Elida scored 196 points throughout the year with only 20 points being scored against them. Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Bath ........ Columbus Grove Spencerville , . L.C .C . ..... . Delphos St. Johns Delphos Jefferson Q A fE.f"x f Y -. 0 wa, 1':.9vy.c O ,ap ,, -915' Q W4 Zag ' U 'gg 'Q '- Q 3' X e 6 D Shrp I 'T Q 'Q Il' r. -40' 7' 4?-f wg" Pj f az ,, W n 21 '5 'f Q , 2,19 kf, '+54f 4 , Q 4, 5 if ff-j . 1 ' Q 'rf' ,Q i , f , ,M ' -nuff!" ww W.: M 4 4 ., ,I 4 A. mf mmf 5? 'V 'K in: V528 1 5 mn, 111.142 2 lhiimi. DIAL your number please. But Dorothy EW ' 1 Z '4 li we r 3 Anybody see my pants? ff" le xr"' ! Harold BEST IVISHES For Your Success We hope that you will let us help you, just as we have helped others before you. THE METROPOLITAN BAN K Make thus your bank' Lima Ohio The Bank or Everyone Member Federal Deposlf Insurance Corporahon MEDICAL CENTER N West Sheet Road Lnmo Ohm Poulston Drug Company 702 North Cable Road Servzce LS our Busmess Prescnphon Specnalusfs Open Every Day lncludmg Sundays 8- Holidays 800AM to1100PM Free Puck up and Delivery Servnce D. W. Kruse and Son Dlstrlbutors Standard Oll Co Lama Ohio Heahng Oils Lubrncanfs Gasoline Accessorues Dependable Service Llmc Ohio Ph CA 5 9191 CA7 6010 Ellda Ohio Ml 0 3202 Lumber - Millwork Hardware THE RECORD SHOP Building Supplies Appliances THE LIMA LUMBER CO. Branch Yard: Wapolconeto Robert M. S. Farmer North Jameson Avenue Phone CA 6-3886 'l'l4 East Wayne Street Latest Top Tunes V. Pres. - Design Sales Lima, Ohio Limo Ohio Phone 5-60'l0 HAROLD S SUPERMARKET MUSSER s SOHIO SERVICE Park and Save On North West St off Robb Ave Dick Musser 8 Joe Ponting where Ma Sqyes Po S Douglv NOfl'l'l West slfeel' Lima Ol1lO Limo Ohio Greetings to the VARSITY SHOP Class of 1960 Spor1'sweor-Clofhing-Fumishings GREGGS Lima Ohio Limo YOUNG MEN AND BOYS Phone 4-2816 Ohio Compliments Of WEST STREET PARTY SHOP 2135 North WesfS1' Road Lima Ohio LUNG MAGNESS POULTRY Wholesale 8. Reianl CA 3 1903 1204 N Cole Sf Ohuo gl The true test of i 'Iization is, not the census, nor the size of the crop - o but the kind of man the country tums out. L. J. Hentze Civilization UPERIUR IIIIICHES NORTHWESTERIN SUPERIOR COACH CORPORATION SALES Lima Ohio Co plz ents DIETRICH INC 2121 Elada Road Llma Ohio .5 4-an 114 Compliments Furniture-Appliunces-Carpef-Kitchens of BINDEL'S BLACKIE,S MARKET Furniiure-Appliance Gnd Three floors Quality Home Fumishings at Fair Prices NOff1'1 WEST Sffeef Phone Limo Ohio Mgr. Lou Bindel 210-212 S. Main Sf. fomplim ents of Compliments WESTERN OHIO LUMBER CO 1 arge or Small THE LIMA TELEPHONE AND We Can Fumlsh W TELEGRAPH C0 Lumber Bulldmg Maternal Limo Ohm CA 4 0221 124 E Vme S1 Lama Ohio Phone CA 21085 115 f' ,ff of A ' ' - u I 0 I 1 -- E ..- , gf 1 K' 11 191.5 1-ll - Q f 5 1 ni A y, ,-,N Q X A , E F , E... I . ,,-"Q, 1' f Compliments WIECHART'S PHARMACY f Prescripiions our specialty Johnny WALSH AUTO SALES park of our from door 2500 N. Wes15T. Road Route 65 North CA 3 3816 Lima Ohio Limo Ohio Complzm ents MIDGET RADIO SHOP MOHLER S FLOWERS 129 S Ellzobeih S1 Limo BeHefOf1TC!In6 Ave Oygf yeqfg 'friendly gerylce Ph CA97701orCA59711 RADIO Fl '-'mf' Ohm w E Ball! Clemons 116 MORRIS SHOES 219 N. Main Limo Sandler Saddles Childlife CI1iIdren's Shoes Vifaliiy Shoes for Ladies Crosby Square for Men STAR CARPET AND CLEANING Rug, Carpet, Upholstery Cleaning 8: Repairing 426 South Main Sfreef "Remember . . . Clean Rugs Last Longer" Phone CA 6-279l Llmo Ohio Congratulatzons an Best Wzshes to the Class 0 1960 CENTRAL SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 2I5 W Market LHT10 Ohio If It s Worth Protectlng It Should be Insured w1th DAVISSON SOLIDAY SULLIVAN AII forms of Insurance IOOQ National Bank Bldg Lima Ohio S , . d 1 f I I vi. L 1 p ., A I 3 X A US 1, I i I I' Q - F '. . I ' lie I ' I I 117 -Insurance for Your Iivery Need- PETER 8. JAMES BECK feneral Insurance Agency HAssoN COIN MACHINE 'ml HSM SERVICE INC Phone CA 9-2 lor CA 9-1243 332 N. 'Ilain Street Phone C-N 9-6 66 Lima Ohio Office 624 S. Vain St. I.ima Ohio Phones in Rooms Air Conditioned D L Gordon - E W Darling EAST GATE MOTEL L. S. 30 South - Fast Edge of I,ima Ohio TV Rooms 84 I ounge Phone: Lima CA 9-8085 1324 Bellefontaine Avenue 1 nf-v .- , A xx 1 H .I 4 4 - - f - 1 . 4 , J Q H . 118 Compliments of Compllments f SILL S West Ohio Gas Company Bull Lungsdule Manager 230 N 'Ham SL C 91- 11 Compliments of CAMPNELL PEST CONTROL Congratulatlons to the SERVICES INC Class of 60 1168 West Nortl Street Phone CA 9 0831 Llma Ohlo WEBB INSURANCE AGENCY INC It s Tzme To Insure 212 West Hlgh Street 1 1ma Oh o Telephone CX '7 '30 3 119 Your money is safe n o FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS ACCOUNT S A V E M 0 R E Fully Insured up to SID 000 00 by he H A V E FEDERAL SAVINGS 8. 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I Partzcular People Pre er Pennmgton ""3E'f'5" nnmgf "A, 50" The One Food Always nn Fashnon Lima CANDYLAND DAN S Homemade Ice Cream 437 South Mom Streef Ohno Lima DICK S PARTY SHOP All Knnd of Cold Drinks Robb Ave at Elndc Road Ph CA 4 6949 Ohno GEO T KOCHER LUMBER C0 226 S Jackson Sf at the River Lima Ohio 1 1 F YR, Compliments Compliments Of EL WEE RESTAURANT Come in After the Came or Show for Hamburgers, Coneys, Chicken in the Basket, Hot Battered Pop Corn an Sugar lla les MEADQW GOLD DAIRIES C0115 nv FOR 4 PRIV4TE PARTY Northwestern Ohlo Limo Ohlo C0 plz, ents WARREN GILDEN All Types of Insurance Delphos Ohio 'QI -CfxE7L.7,LN-'xp kb'-' 'fic ff!!-is The Ole S m Hole of J , ff - of m .m . of . wx, ' Awyf ,R A .. r 1 v W1 I A. , 1 . W ""' Q5 E ' M j I I ,D xx . I , - - N 2 XP , 3 A O l f -29 A X J L -. 130 Cary Bros. Contractors Excavating Hauling Dump Trucks 421 S. Cable Road 1010 Spencervilie Road Ph. 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EI Dora Farm Inc Ice Cream 'Nl k Dalry Products CA :J 0 16 Llma 01110 BETTY JANE SHOP Excluslwe forthe Xoung at Heart 'North'N1a1n Delphos Oh1O KELLER S SUPER SERVICE Dealer ln qlnclalr Products Opposlte W estgate Shopplng Center 2201 Allentown Road Phone CA 28816 Llma Ohio RALPH S FINE FOODS 2102 Elnda Road mme Cx 6 0906 I ma ohm Earl D Beyer 1335 BeIIefonta1ne Phone THE DELPHOS PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY The Delphos Dolly Herald The Delphos Twlce-a Week Courant FANTZ PRINTING CO Phone CA 3 0903 Przntzng 25I2 Ellda Road Llmo Ohio I etterpress and Of set Speczalz mg Ln Wedding and Announcements Water Pumps Duro Goold s Pltless Adapters Plastic Plpe Well Seats o fman Heaters Duro Sottners Filters Dependable Service Dlstrlbutors WATER EQUIPMENT C0 P89211 C0012 flvffxf' from thf' ELID BOGSTERS CLUB lo the NI HUP Cl iv an IN llll llx Ill! ll NFIIUUI H 11 138 a' UH' THEIR FUN RE HE ,1FFl'CCEFFf'l'l, f ' I 1. SF Compliments Of POWELL CABINET SHOP Custom Built Cabinets OF ELIDA Elldo Ohio 4611 Ellda Road 1 hone CA 2 6143 Ilember Federal Deposzt Insurance Corporatnon LA RUE S FLOWERS ef! Zu 139 Flowers for All Occaszons Phone MI 0-3345 Ellda 01110 Compll ents PAULINES BEAUTY SHOP 'III 0-211 Ellda 01110 Compllments UNITED CASH REGISTER SERVICE 108 East Sprm 1 1ma 01110 W. Wayne Washington THF FAVII Y DEDIC Nl P D T0 'SFRVICE T R CHILES 8 SDN FU ERAL HQME Llma s Largest Funeral Chapel Ambulance lDay or Nnght Oxygen Resusclfafor and Inhulafor Howard ll l Hman llarold Q Chiles fX6601d CX66093 140 Q o ' J Thomas ll. Chiles Russell Nl. Chiles RICHIE 5 PHARMACY KRUSE SOHIO SERVICE 316 1'ast11a1n Street Road Servxce ACCCSSOFICS f ar Washing Txres Batterles Fllda 01,10 We Appreclote Your Service ln Business for Your Health M10 3111 Elldu Ohio Complzments S SCHOOL OF DANCE Tap Baton SULLIVAN ELECTRIC C0 Ballet Acrobat flpplzancee and Home Furnzshmgs ul 0-2875 'SM '111les wBStOf1lm3 on Rx '30 9 Pllda 01110 eg Y "' p ..!!'F5"'.i A LONG S BARBER SHOP Complete Barber Servlce Long Fxans Eludc Ohuo 1 , - - , , n . . ll - II I Of . 1 1 2?- '- kiwi? of 2 ' ,M M. ,1 ef H7 V, ,J Y -. i' Lf 1 , 1 ' y -we -f -.Lf ,1 , f f f Qg vij 195, ,iw E- W E1 ff e Vg g: .i,gE gr ,W I ' T2 1 'f 1 5 A1 e A 1 - A .. .. J- -A 2 ,W .1 Q . I i , ' Q 15 - I f 1' ' 1- .., Q 1 1 5 1 p 5. 1! ' I 151, 11 H H 1.35 ' . fi if 5 -15.-'x' ,4 7 . 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KENILWORTH FED Al RESERVE SYSTEM SPENCERVILLE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION JK 144 3,5 If OTTOVILLE HATCHERY AND FEED MILLS' INC. Day and Night Road and Wrecker SCFVICC Onovme Elida phone LADD'S PURE OIL STATION M' 0'298' Phones MI 02301 - M10-2695 scoTTs cRosslNc ELEVATOR on US. SGS Baby Chicks Coal Elida Ohm Poultry Supplies Wurbro's Square Deal Mashes Buyers of Grain and Seed Route 2 Elida, O. 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Suggestions in the Elida High School - Reflector Yearbook (Elida, OH) collection:

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