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 - Class of 1958

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fsf W am X H5 X gil EUEEQ 5 n guggoim saam JV U69 - K 'J Uk :gram f 4 n: A 1 - V E Jill . I H U 5 It 3 if Q x J 'I ,- Q- ,- Kg ' fs 4 X ky? I kdf sb W 1 . Cl' . l J 2 513 J 1 2 l1E3E Hifi THE TIME A cold day 1n january THE PLACE The unheated annual office Dear Reader The theme of thrs Yearbook IS FEET FEET are lmportant No questnon about that' They walk they run they ache they smell and some FEET are found everywhere Beds each have one athletes have two yardstrcks have three and poems have four or more Now none of th1s has been very profound but 1f you are not convrnced of the great s1gn1f rcance of FEET 1n lrfe we of the MEMORIES staff hope to prove just that Yours truly COLD FEET El1da Hrgh School ELIDA OHIO 1 S S S Q ' times they even go to sleep. 5 5 ' , 9 7 7 7 We are a world of strlfe and conflrct We as peoples of these countrres have never known complete peace Members of our races rn some "VUE ARE DEDICATIN G THIS ANNUAL TO . ." 'reef' part of our world have always been engaged rn confllct We are a world w1th supreme knowledge whrch can create atomrc bombs and man destroyrng mtssxles but whrch cannot work together for a umted and peaceful world We now have an orgamzatron workrng for the wonderful glft of world peace the Unrted Nanons They are natxons from all parts of the world workrng together to accomplrsh what men strrved for and farled to achreve for hundreds of years world peace Although th1s group has made some re markable steps toward world peace rt strll must work under the shroud of the constant threat of man s self destructron 1n a nuclear war whrch could break our at any trme If we the youth of rhrs world w1ll gurde our feet down the road of understandxng compromrsmg and avordrng prevrously made mrstakes we may create for ourselves and our posterrty a world umted rn peace We the annual staff and our advrsor Mr Sluss dedrcate the annual of 1958 to a world of freedom and peace 2 argl, Durmg the past few years the Annual Staff has ch osen someone as Annual Queen She must be rn tellrgent and have pluses ln the clttzenshlp tralts For these reasons Mtss Ina Gamble ha b 1 s een se ected as Queen Ina 15 a hard and dependable worker She 1S kept very busy by S6I'V1l'lg her dutres as the Bust ness Manager ofthe Annual Staff and as Treasu f h Ina Gamble as the Annual Queen rer o t e F B L A For these reasons me are glad to honor 3 . l ' - eni rs BILL KOCH n our class there are many cards but he's the o ly joker " SHARRY FAIR She IS a professional ath lete of the tongue " BRENDA KIDD Flammg halr and a tem per to match ' A-eff LARRY RIDENOUR ometxmes I just sxt and think but mostly I just sl Il JOYCE PREUSS ' he's the pal of everyone but the happmess of one SEN IORS S X-,,,. .511 A 3 " Q 7 JUE MARY FISI-IPAW ' alkmg she knows not why, and cares not what " MURRAY MEWHORTER Oh you Big Bad Boy ' SENIORS 1,0 ,I MARILYN MILLER "Th1s maxd IS meek thls maxd IS sweet th1S maxd IS modest and dlscreet HERB STRAYER "I know I'm not hand some but what's my opmxon agamst everybody e1se's"" SI-IELBA SAKEMILLER "Ah Men' Ilove 'em a I JIM FISHPAW " ome men are bom free and equal, but some of hem get a gxrl ' PAT FORD ' ctlon speaks louder than words, and we hear a lot from her " STEVE MILLER "Honest, I'm not sleepmg m just restm my eyes BOB STEMEN " IS feared he w11l dxe of ov erwork 7 PAULINE HERRING stand on the bnnk of a great career, shove me off " HARRIET STEMEN "Her m1nd's as changeable as her halr " PETE LODGE SEN IORS A tongue w1th a tang' ,. T -Ol? 7 we-3' KENNY JOHN "We, of the navy ART DEANE "Who sard splnach makes ya grow?" ROSS SMITH "The thlngs that can happen when he's around " EMELYN DENLINGER "A11 great women d1e I don't feel so well myself " 8 SEN IORS f' '3 MARY CHENEY " mlghty hunter her prey RONNIE STEWART "Every mch a man, and there are an awful lot of mches " INA GAMBLE " he's a wonderful gxrl with a smxle and person ahty to match ' IS H1611 1 GENE WARNER "Drop that gun Louxe you're not foolmg any One BEVERLY SWICK anety IS the splce of JOAN HOBBS When fun ceases, I exlst no more " TED MYERS " eat guy wlth a cheery sm11e hfe here's one varlety 9 lull' MARY HARTLEY 'Lxke honey and wm she's flne NELSON SMITH "Why bother me? I do not need to know " WARD GREEN SEN IORS Although I'm not so very X X ta I'd rather be short l X 1 than not at a ?: Y, MAURY ZERKEL " urses on my Fatal Beauty " SANDRA SODDERS " very queen must have a kmg DICK WA GN ER "Be careful or I'm gor na hurt you ' JACKIE MATTINGLY "A cheery smile to wel come all ' 10 -1 wk SEN IORS MARIAM MANN You can t Judge a book '54 JUDY MARTIN 'I hate men? ' H' M by xts cover " DAVE MCDONALD "Hear me for I have been sllent so long ROSALIE CANNON ' essed are they that say nothlng for they shall not be quoted " JIM LIBERT "Ya can lead a man to hlgh school but ya can't make hlm thmk ANITA LAPHAM "A charm has she 1 hldden depths PAUL l-IERRING "A bad excuse they say is better than none at all." ki :ima 4 Q L ' . ll RONALD KRUSE A farmer I am, A farmer I shall be Now I am lookmg for a farmer she BILL TURNER The Joker IS w1ld LARRY STEMEN Always do right. It will please some and astonish others. SEN IORS BONITA KRUSE Qulet but worth whlle JIM CHAPMAN Tarzan eyes They swmg from llmb to llmb TERRY HOLLAR It's not what you do 1t's what you get away w1th TOM SEVITZ It s fun to be qulet I bet 12 SEN IORS Aj ALAN ROTHE Quletness IS the strength MAUREEN WILKINS Much ado about nothmg JON BUCHANAN Threves respect property they merely wrsh the property to become thelr property that they may more perfectly respect MICHAEL ALTENBURGER Not too serlous not too gay but a swell guy ln every way BEVERLY SHIRK A grrl wlth many pleasmg ways Mr GEORGE GREENWAY Semor Advlsor Mrs DOROTHY WORKMAN Semor Advlsor 13 'x Rita aa? S "N-A N M45 P "g-:"w.W . Vw Q - if . 'ikzls f J 2511 WFS? ' 'Eff as ,,4 -L:ir1+:iv I air- Z -uni-il 1 X Q v 44 Faculty, etc ADMIN IS Big I would like to express the appreciation of the Elida Student Body and The School Faculty as well as my personal thanks to the "Memories" staff and their advisor, Mr. Paul Sluss, for the production of this fine chronicle of school events and activities. It is always a source of satisfaction and pride to see students do an excellent job which gives them genuine experience in diverse lines of work. The interest, enthusiasm and hard work shown by Elida students in this practical school project has invariably been ofhigh calibre. I am sure that the 1957-1958 Annual Staff has followed this tradition faithfully and has held to the high standards of previous years in producing this fine book. This seems an appropriate place and time to impress upon all Elida students the wisdom and value of setting the highest possible personal standards for all school work and extra-curricular activities. . .and of always striving to reach one's maximum potential. Too frequently students are satisfied in following the path of least resistance or of just getting by while in school. This hardly puts students in a good position to meet problems in after school life. It likewise places students in a vulnerable position in meeting the competition of those students who have worked hard and spent their time wisely while in school. With this thought l would like to extend best wishes and every success in school and in the much greater game of post school life to all Elida students and Elida graduates. Roland Swank, Superintendent of Schools The elementary school has changed greatly in the past few years. No longer are the Three R's its sole concern. Today the school wishes to educate the entire child for a happy, intelligent life. Its curriculum is individualized to meet the needs of all students. We at Elida hope to reach the above objectives. Through co-operative, democratic school activities, such a plan can be carried out. Pupils began to realize that today's work is preparation for future living. Thad Gilliland, Elementary Principal TRATIO Feet I wish to extend appreciation and high praise to the advisor and staff of this yearbook. The growing need and change of the Elida Local School system requires more organization and effort on the part of the producers of "Memories." We hope that balance, schedule time, and guidance service can be given to all phases of this worth- while project. Our aim in the following classes and activities is to have a love of learning, a genuine interest in the welfare of others, and to have desirable attitudes. Howard Leis, High School Principal As in the past, the 1958 annual records in pictures and words the highlights of the school year. One event that stands out this year is the opening of the new Junior High addition with its modern classrooms, industrial arts department and gymnasium. As our school continues to grow in student population and physical equipment, the annual becomes a more interesting and valuable record of school life. Con- gratulations to the annual staff for this fine book that will be added to the growing history of Elida High School. George Radulovich, Junior High Principal 'wig 5' Av 3 X" Y I s HRS, 7' ,f , ' 1 sb, f fx, A 4, f ,, M...-Y 2 ! '3 Q3 . 1 5.4 5 ,-z In ' yi . . k s T P f ,U 33 xi? MJ? AFIQI 550 ffgmi 93519 , ,Jilin 5 Q' Q 3 UW Fw' l,,,,A H W.-,H-w....,, , A , . . ! , AN! K A fS ,Y ' A' L3 .W l A 9 fzifqff I ue" 9 gl, 'Y , Q' ...N .- x ' My F gi X. LELE X- wf -bl ., 4' N13 f u' 'Q ' N "y , if we 3 .2 N rw! Lfmi ' ,L fr- Y gh' T 46, ..qs,, , X ,,, ., . A .wifaf F gg .rf f a f . 5 . K N W, 'W 4 -, S -'H-ff.: 4 xx ggi H? V ail- Wzmaxzggzgg m ,,..fN......w-vw Y .f"?i3?, Q.. K7 JR QM 3 e Wh' '- wmmW,q,,N J 458' 4 Q -.WM M W - f-s nv , us ,G Af. -. ,A "M Q 'Q' Q, 4 -2- ,,.,- Ln, V , , in 5, gy X mu ' M 1 5 X Underclassmen 23 '12 aiu X fb 4 ?'?? ' , L 1 A EQ! ma sy 42,6 if QA' 11 V 'K 1542 my ES' f f .I 'i 3 A:,aw I U 3 ' 1 - -, . I, f 1 LM 1 51 . 3' W fi Aw if I AQ? wi QOH "'l5 ' 1 M , . ,A mmf f ' xi Y. V , K -.L ' .s- xv QF' 4- 'wpw n ' , A .ev ff ' , -, x Q, 2.6 -we RF'-3 fav , 9? w 1 2 1 Hip ,, x, 'ig W 1 FW x. fx K, ,X ,Q i Qi ,, , Q 4' . K. f W fe gf L- x, .,,"' X -455, -. " U 'lf ,w Ja" ,Q A f 4 it T, I ' N ,Q I f ' . 9. ' 1 ,, 'A W3 Q A b X? , , w 'D qg.j+ gb if Mfg S M gk. .Q xii 4' Yau 'V L fs , " K L, K R 6 kg- NE A E . 5,3 S 6 E? 5 ,k may Q ' . r - N a X 'Q ,Z-, W W- X ' fa W AV W A Qi' wi-99941 - Q 3 'Ex ww' L- W Q ,Q 'iff Ambitious Feet 5 - l. ?3n,-rm Altenburg ger B e ar Busick Davis Foust Hartman D B. B. T S. D. Anderson Beckman Cheney Davis Foust Hartman Armentrout Bonebright . Coolidge . Ditto . Gahman He atwole . Bowers . Crider . Earhart Garrison Hilty 26 J. Brillhart G. Crisenbery B. Evans W. Githens K. Holtzapple D. Broshes J. Daniels B. Fletcher M. Grant A. Huber 11 M. Burden A. Davis C. Foust L. Hadding P. Huber s - '57 There's nae room at my head, Marg'ret, Theres uae room at my feetg My bed it is fu' lowly now, Among the hungry worms I s1eeD. J J Fi , :ffl V Z .1 N ' 1, - Q-., as . rf-. -,:- --.. ei I 3 1 , x K X we 7 . .2 , -as - . ' 4 1 -I - . yes A Q . if . ., W... N 3 ' can i.:Qif'fi 4 H L ,... 0 , I . is . A ,. 7 49 ' , V ,ly , 9' m i B. Johns C. Kruse L. Little B. Miller J. Preuss E. Sitzler R. Strayer it B., Johnson T. Kundert P. Lodge S. Mo-rris J. Price J. Smith P. Thompson X wi? W- 'hr 'ik T. Kirwin M. LaRue B. Lohr K. Mussleman K. Ramser E. Stemen J. Turner if 'b, . Kistler . Layman . Lohr . Nebergall . Rouston . Stemen . Wilkens K Q JI: i . E 11 G F V-E nm,- up ,. I wi as r 4 Ji . X . W' - . rf I Xi W wie .Arr , ly V - ,..i:.s A V F s. .... - - 0 , , xnefflr. -V kv B. Kline C. Knight Kraft M. Layman R. Lee Leppla L. Long L. Lyons B. McGahan S. Nunn C. Penell C Powell G. Sandy J. Shafer D Shinn R. Stemen J. Sodders L. Sroufe L. Wood H. Wright P. Van Schoyck Adams J. Bame Bercaw B. Best Bunch R. Burkholder Creek B. Dawson Eurskine C. Faunce Golden J. Goliver Harter M. He ath Bear . Bice . Byerly . Denlinger . Fint . Good Hobbs . Beerline Biglow . Buckmaster Donavan . Foust Gracely Holmes V anDyke Boate Buettner Dunahay Gamble Grapner Hunter 28 :vous-pc-1 Boate Ch apman Ehersman Glass Gr aymi er John Webbed Feet B. Brennemen S. Cook R. Etgen D. Golden B. Hardesty W. John Q24 QW QQ QE fan 1 V, Y. wfii-L ff! U V W ig Q MV Ml ! M ,- 5 5 is ew? , 'Q Biff , wi L V 4. IN 3 'fr 1 f 'Qin 'wo T'- 4 'A'h A It QA 9 .A 3 W f Q My 3 M, 5. W' fr ' gi i ifiw hifi' 'M an as if wa ww X ,, ef f LmI54b Q , 1 H , If S If ,.s. L -. gnu.. f ,L E ' if f 2 MM W1 ,, 'W. his I gf I ,,,.A, - K px lL Q fg., W an ,,.f, 5 aw ,L V .4 mw..,.,.wL , ,, I V . A f may -, in ,tw .yi 3 T4 A im. 'NZ X. Wg, . 'QQ gifxx , if J an k,,,,Sf,.,k .sly L ' Mir Q A 539 H Q 9' 1" , , 4 ,P f A WYL- 522 35' Q ' Q 5 Bi ' 'F ' V ' --1' yr: V if W , . ' -aw ww, W V 2 ,. ,L -'Q i Q . 4 A . 1 Q' 5, g . Wx 'Q' as- 0-Su 'hi w, 2W -L 3 bo M '75 It Sq-6' Wm Q? 'IN v"H"'4-.. rm-P -v fs. .v X... f Ki -27 "N, HU i GMX 6 5 K -f Laman Mayer Musser Point Shear Stemcn Wade vi ua 15 .f -'nf 'WW 1K 4? fzxxxk. Q1- is-fx nf' 4? 'v X., .0 1' A, 4+ 'Q' . l .. L. Layman J. McBride W. Neely L. Poling J. Sherrick N. Stemen J. Walters K .8-S It Lodge McDonald Nichols Redd Shinn Thompson Welker -....n V .r S. Lyle T. McKinney S. Nixon C. Rex J. Snider D. Tillman B. Wilkins 31 an "'-1.L..I' -if be 41 Wg? -fag' H:-9' 'U' Mathwig Metzger Parson Riley Sorgen Tumer Willoughby Markel Miller Paull Shafer Sroufe Vande mark Wilmer T3 ,,,.l V 41 Mayer Miller Philpott Sha rr Sroufe VanSchoik Wilson wx, ,AL W- A 5 I + f ' z ' - V s 'NLM f if me VS 1 , , Q 1 . up ' 1 . 'QM ? Q .YV :f'7 ,g.,. T' Q .mm 5 Y J - I , . , is wg, , x- 'fsgv ' ,LE fy , Q x 211,-V K i ' Lv N' w- ?"N , ' K K Q an ig K f 5 Q W .m '31 w - lb ' 1 K x Rx K M U fn Se, W ,4 .,, N I, v "9'Nflp.., W if , 6552, Q Eff 531523 Am 1? ,Q :L M. 4. . ..., 5 .5 A ' xp Q dl K- . qi, ,K ki ,L A .Vw A wg 5 - B Q' 511 A " A X 'Q -is an iq 'Im-me ,A ' " Q L ' ,iffgrng , xv x iid 9 Jig., .af ' ,4 .MW M 'M' in l .. ty, 'QM' , 'xg' 1 11 Y fgfigiq , , if -'iw J il . -av we bi 'L , 52 x ,. Y f' , M .Q gfg5f.:"? 7 ' e Sf 5 L A W' A 1 ,gf Za: 3, ,Q ,. wg 'J' I -SL. 1 ' . f ,Jaws-R9 x My m '- ' " 2 .S":.f.a JW 'W 5. . CLASS OFFICERS SENIORS V1ce Pres Pete Lodge Pres Ted JUNIORS Sec Sue Chapman Pres ,Bob Myers Sec Joan Hobbs Smlth V1ce Pres , Gary Herman SOPHOMORES V1ce Pres , Barbara McGahan FRESHMEN V1ce Pres , Terry Boate Pres Larry Pres , Harold Wught Sec , El Warner Sec , Karen Chapman len Garrrson EIGHTH - Vice Pres., Wayne Neelyg Pres., Joan SEVENTH - Sec., Helen Deaneg Pres., Elaine Lam:-mg Sec., Barbara Deane. Kingg Vice Pres.,Jill Fowler. 34 rades 35 TE DER Sixth Grade FRONT ROW: D. Davis, J. Kleinoe- der, G. Miller, C. Kidd, S. Bailey, B. Rash, C. Baker, M. Philpott, B. Rothe. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Nevius, R. Wireman, S. Barnes, S. Gracely, J. Black, M. Dawson, M. Tumer, C. Det- rick, S. Lawrence, J. Morgan, D. Arnold. BACK ROW: D. Early,V. Hendrickson, E. Joseph, M. Gillett, K. Cain, M. Nolte, D. Shinabery, M. Hol- lar, M. Creek, J. Searfoss, D. Lammers FRONT ROW: J. Clum, D. Coon, J. Nichols, J. Hilty, M. Downing, S.Hoff- heim, C. Coffee, S. Hilyard, J. Combs, SECOND ROW: Mrs. G. Cremean, D. Schmidt, S. Stemen, C. Carlton, C. Obenour, J. Fint, S. Smith, L. David- son, L. Harter, J. Hermon, S. Sutton, K. Jackson. BACK ROW: S. Mont- gomery, K. Vandemark, J. Mayer, D. Johnson, L. Hicks, D. Patton, R. Huff, J. Page, T. Poling, P. Miller, D. Wal- ters, P. Taylor, R. Holmes. FRONT ROW: M. Price, S. Hower, N. Hartman, J. Reynolds, S. Grant, J. Burt, J. Turner, P. Sevitz, S. Borton. SECOND ROW: J. Daniels, J. Pierce- field, R. Kraft, T. Miller, I. Riley, N. Leist, C. Rabley, T. Kratzer, D. Ber- caw, T. Grapner, M. Staup. BACK ROW: C. Pike, G. Nixon, R. Howard, T. Myers, P. McClain, T. Brock, S. Ga.ree, J. Sorgen, L. Miller, B. Stone- hill, E. Hartley, D. Garrison. NOT PRES- ENT: K. Wilson, J. Mauricio, M. Philipps, Mr. Lloyd. 36 he v P 'Q HE .1 8 4 4 'fQ 5:::'lnllIll?"llr 84 5. fs an filfgliyiyi aa tif! Qui-,l 1 'TWZILEQ E.: Q ff ., ,glmgflf x if 'Z 1 thi l .Jn H W ' 1' '-1-'VM + w'- u,"k s cv , r 5 6 i . V M 1 we K kg wk K3 1 ? , f ,mf Ag 4, 4 . , . 9 J" 1 3 3 vw ff 'F 5' .4 'Wi' . - N , ,, az wg. w Q 369. X L I A M. ' - - ,gg 'Wg . . , .. ' , N ,. ,..- , , L 3 ,S 4 Q g ,- L V fs' 4 FL ' "lime n L if "WHY :QQW1 New n g 1 ' J kgfg - x - 4 ,.. X V 1 in , f f - A M1356 XY H V M L Ly if I "' ' L .fl V I Q, xv . Q5 x Hr f mf Y am: A L fe H , mf" ASX. A I L Q Lvl X ,, M if ,Q is r -Y 'L' 5' G im U kj 'sx QM' '.Zf" 'W iii Q 2? I Q 1? -,,,: xv ' in if . if 5.1 wigs' Q ,Q .., A M L FE' M f 3 ' 'L fi 'iw' ig V W :Q 1 fu I 5' gba Q 5 1 .gr u Q Y n X1 A ag mp " y' x twat, fx K 5' Q. f 'Ari , W f nr L, iii .w V0 , 1 Q' BARE FRONT ROW: S. Estes, L. Rex, M. Dawson, P. Miller, B. Lukehart, C. Mathwig, D. Evans, S. Robinson, J. Ladd, K. Bowers. SECOND ROW: R Morris, A. Price, Y. Nunn, M. Mc- Curdy, B. Hullinger, S. Musselman, K. Conway, D. Stewart, L. Miller. BACK ROW: R. Fox, R. Reser, J. Anders, R. Lyons, J. Holtzapple, J. Good, L. Fet- ter, W. Montgomery, L. Smith, G. n Musser, R. Jamison, B. Burkhart. Fourth Grade FRONT ROW: W. Ditto, P. Nolte, K. Crisenbery, D. Coon, D. Peel, D. Hicks, P. Cusick, M. Montgomery, R. Mark- wood. BACK ROW: M. Gorman, M. Huffer, D. Mayer, T. Gibbs, D. Max- well, B. Hoover, Mrs. Critcs, J. Bax- ter, R. Osley, N. Deane. FRONT ROW: A, Faust, Pat Blaine, D. Stirn, L. Obenour, P. Glass, B. Green, C. Stemen, Pam Blaine. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Slechter, R. Faust, M. Stemen, D. Willman, M. Downing, R. Hunsaker, E. Strohl, J. Clum, D. VVire- man, R. Early. BACK RONV: K. Kidd, D. Farler, J. Morrissey, H. Mil- ler, D. Earehart, S.Scho1field, J. Nolte, M. Warner, M. Turner, D. Bercaw. 3 8 FEET FRONT ROW: A. Hoover, J. Reiff, N. Chapman,K. Carnes, B. McClain, K. Hamilton, A. M. Buckmaster, M. Parson, C. Willoughby. SECOND ROW: Mrs. G. Kraft, R. Long, K. Gaskey, L. Hance, S. Kiracofe, P. By- ers, J. Shinaberry, B. J. Fought, G. Fruchey, L. Johnson. BACK ROW: T. Rash, G. Reynolds, R. McGee, R. Martin, C. Shindledecker, D. Warris, D. Bok, M. Sheely, D. Peters, T. Riegle, R. Houston. FRONT ROW: P. Cox, J. Hawk, N. Goliver, J. Ousley, K. Starr, B. Poling, S. Kratzer, N. Estes, P. Reynolds, B. Laferty. SECOND ROW: Nirs. McCarty, B. Bowers, S. K.ruse, B. Baker, C. Piehl, P. Rigg, D. Slechter, P. Schmenk, S. Herman, M. Foust, D. Hendrickson, L. Sellers, D. Newell. BACK ROW: T. Long, C. Soden, B. Longbrake, B. Ga- valas, L. Stalter, J. Swick, C. Redick, M. Shirk, J. Fitzpatrick, S. Kesler. Third Grade FRONT ROW: R. Early, S. Hendrickson L. Hall, G. Brown, S.Highland, J. Stirn, N. Roberts, J. Cheney, B. Dyer. SEC- OND ROW: Mrs. Brenneman, M. Ly- barger, J. Anders, K. Hefner, J. Hilty, J. Metzger, K. Blair, B. Strahm, W. Hullinger, T. Snider, M. Heil. BACK ROW: K. Hollar, L. Seckback, S. Douglas, D. Green, S. Troyer, D. Sor- gen, D. Schmidt, M. Van Horn, D. Kraft, C. Crider, E. Grant, L. McKee. 39 D WET FRONT ROW: S. Lamb, L. Wireman, N. Sutton, B. Simmerly, S. Peel, M. Gordon, P. l-ligbie, B. Evans, C. Schol- field. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Kurtz, P. Kemph, D. Evers, D. Long, R. Nevius, D. Beerline, C. Allemeier, L. Byers, B. Alexander, M. Foust, D. Reynolds, D. Musselman. BACK ROW: B. Camp bell, P. Fox, T. Miller, C. Paull, J. Lee, J. Steiner, T. Bear, J. Stein, R. Barnt. FRONT ROW: M. Williams, C. Shu- law, C. Musser, J. Shindeldecker. L. Canfield, N. Buckmaster, J. Starr, L. Bowers, C. Bivona, D. Shaner. SEC- OND ROW: Mrs. Smith, D. Newland, T. Burkholder, R. Rapp, B. Roberts, R. Smith, P. Scholfield, K. Pepple, R. Treadway, P. Smith, R. Geary. BACK ROW: D. Van Gundy, J. Stalter, R. Warris, J. Whipps, G. McCurdy, M. McCormack, C. Fint. R. Treadway, B. Baker, J. Benfield, R. Sherrick, B. New land. NOT PRESENT: D. Downing, S. Kesler, J. Shrider, E. Ramos. FRONT ROW: M. Redd, S. Routson, P. Fox, M. Griffith, V. Johnson, S. Se- vitz, l. Ramser, F. McCall. SECOND ROW: Mrs. May, D. I-little, J. Stein- brener, S. Clark, K. Buchanan, P. Walters, S. Schmenk, N. Smith. BACK ROW: J. Hefner, J. Miller, G. Cook, l-l. Smith, T. Hunt, L. Bowers, G. Tay- lor, J. Gavalas, D. Covault. 40 FEET Second Grade FRONT ROW: D. Reynolds, L. Hirt, C. Holtzapple, T. Ellis, C. Hardeman, D. Bice, D. Clark, E. Schmidt, J. Rie- gel. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Jacobs, B. Buetner, L. Brenneman, R. Brenneman, R. Reynolds, D. Ellis, B. I-Iilyard, B. Gromen, R. Dyer. BACK ROW: D. Bowers, S. Gilliland, K. Kline, J. Hull- inger, M. Black, S. Eastom, L. Lehman M. Baker. FRONT ROW: C. Henderickson, D. Fredericks, L. Chandler, D. Barnes, B. Strohl, K. Armstrong, J. Kowalsky, D. Newland, S. Holtzapple, N. Stein, S. Foust. SECOND ROW: Miss Holt- zapple. B. Swick. L. Boothby, J. Querry, B. Daniels, S. Brenneman, B. Obenour, J. Webb, S. Witham, D. Sulli van, D. Hyde, F. Zerbe. BACK ROW: J. Hoover, T. Willoughby, M. Alexan- der, M. Weddle, D. Hunt, P. Swickrath, M. Thompson, K. McCormack, C. Ward, L. Layman, R. Kraft, T. Spears. NOT PRESENT: B. Ladd, D. Lybarger, B. Stockton, G. Wilsey, S. Miller. FRONT ROW: K. Kizer, C. Cox, D. Fredericks, C. Burton, P. McConnell, E. Van Schoyck, C. Willet, K. Kuhns, D. Metzger, C. Leiser. SECOND ROW: Mrs. C. Stim, R. Jamison, D. Good, W. Hullinger, B. Thomas, R. Price, M. Brown, M. Askins, N. Busick. L. Kline, R. Parsons, J. Pike. BACK ROW: B. Musser, J. Brenneman, E. Martin, G. Mignin, R. Stephens, C. Slade, D. Black, T. Van Horn, C. Sheldon, L. Ausley, B. Rabley, B. Glaze, S. I-lorf. NOT PRESENT: D. Libert, N. Hoover, S, Chandler. -il MUDDY FRONT ROW: S. Roberts, J. Snider, L. Scheer, D. Miller, M. Deane, D. I-larter, M. Sellers, J. Hadding. SEC- OND ROW: Miss Best, W. Smith, B. Good, L. Griffith, D. Byers, K. Renner, R. Slechter, J. Newland, B. Bible. BACK ROW: N. Evans, R. Kahler, M. Long, J. Hinds, G. Broshes, R. Edwards, S. Crider, D. Kohlhorst. NOT PRES- ENT: T. Bear, G. Coon, S. Downing, M. Gibbs, J. Hadding, K. McCormack, S. McLean, E. Miller, C. Phillips, S. Reese, K. Shaner, C. Sroufe, S. Wallace, J. Ward, S. Wimer. First Grade FRONT ROW: J. Lybarger, T. Mauck, L. O'Neill, L. Lyons, R. Miller, C. McLish, L. Mefferd, L. Sprang, R. John- son, P. Kraft. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Johns, B. McKee, T. McKinney, Y. Maxwell, C. Spurbeck, L. Lafferty, J. Markwood, R. Morvay, R. Kline, J. Schmidt. LAST ROW: S. Morris, D. McCormack, D. Oder, D. Miller, D. Liggett, B. Lee, D. Owjsley, K. Keis- wetter, S. Maloney, G. Johnson, C. Montgomery, FRONT ROW: K. Altstetter, S. Der- ringer, S. Anders, S. Berry, B. Bowers, K. Buckmaster, L. Bok. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Lucas, D. Carl, M. Bowers, R. Cusick, C. Dreiling, L. Conkle, M. Baxter,G. Bowers, D. Daniels. BACK ROW: T. Allemeier, M. Cummings, E. Carlson, R. Bice, T. Black, D. Bow- man, S. Bivona. 42 FEET FRONT ROW: C. Sutton, N. Priddy, B. Routson, M. Nixon, S. Van Dyke, P. Shulaw, B. Schiffler, S. Sevitz, K. Stein, G. Rothe. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Holtzapple, R. Schmenk, R. Weber, D. Smith, L. Stewart, M. Shrider, D. Renner, J. Simerly, G. Schultz, D. Wilkins, BACK ROW: L. Lukehart, R. Springer, A. Sherrick, C. Zuber, S. Radulovich, S. Wireman, P. Warner, K. Stemen, D. Redick. NOT PRES- ENT: L. Miller, B. Swickrath. R. Stalter, G. Shaffer, R. Smith. FRONT ROW: J. Kemph, C. Guenther, J. Johns, S. Endsley, M. Estes, P. Hall, J. Friedman, T. Hoelle, L. Foust, R. Hittle. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Schulien, L. Geise, P. Good, D. Early, J. Hollar, S. Goodenough, D. Klernan, K. John- ston, C. Hefner, M. Flick. BACK ROW: J. Hirt, D. Higbie, M. Hinton, S. Harris R. Koraeofe, G. Hall, J. Jackson, D. Liggett, D. Grant, C. Hawk, C. Good, G. Graham. fr, W L... 5 I 5 fl' fp 'B ,. f av ULAQ ...safari - 7' ' 2'- 5 P ,, 't Z X uswggl . qu, . ' 'tiiw iii i 5 R XX X Lg, ,Q I Q s ff 1 140 'V' I S FA Q ,:.,-: .. I ' 3 I + W .,,. gy JK s sigh. vig 'l z L , I , .M f 'T f " .Z , I, 2 1' nf- : V v' :ww ' 9 ' 1 -1' 3 X. . f x fi , qw R , . , - . 5 T xv 4 xt rg ,'Sg'L Sui' 1 34- Q S, ,,, - 1 vi , , 1 VM Ugg I llx F-5' , fiiifib A rx . A ga g N ,Q nw y, .N 'Q L' tm 5 5 is - .1 1. H xx sw il: A , fw HkW,L JZ N, W X, ' 0 ' 5 Q I ' f' 5:2253 X A fglffig' ag qi K , ff K t 1 in, ?.'v1'Ij,f1'5 :psf M S x ggi' .1 A X 1-43' " 'gifm-P A 54 R xiii, Y. f 11, 2 ff ,. f 'aea1f3.i5Q-. 5 - f ,fix Qt, .11 ,L 1 'V J sf If "" ' 9 P' '55, J, 3 ,Q was , , N iw! 4 , 31 f K - AP! ihtw ' f X A. Q41 gg 5 W- 4'-" ,I ' 5 in I ' 'X , if' V 'X 5 K ,Q :REX , J, M "- ' '?ff. .,'k' A , K V My V Vffxii 1754, .iz ,4 Y Qi A ' . 3 x 5,51 H iz . 51' Zag, ggy b I Q W ,ff K l ' . 'll 'Q Y in A 3 'P' fd G rf g 'K . W 'Q .i ' ' A5 1 WL Y 'i957'5fi9? ' , ... , 51, 2 KX if , . X iz 5 . . ff In x jfgig, R-'Abi Nu- 5, M. Z2 Q l-I m Fish- ck Prince, ain an 00 5' cu 2 3:-'E .fs E, .. S Euda E gg Elida Q: 5 Elida 079, 2 3 Elida 3 pq g Elida 2' Elida Elida .,E Eb? MEM E nd .. - Elida zffr' ogg-5 3:43 E558 35,-' U-150 :35 2-Eiagol J. .2 3:55 an-52 ga: Vid Q U E ld cv III ,ri WINNING FEET Forest - 0 Columbus Grove - 0 ' lx , Bluffton - 14 Z V Lafayette - o X Pandora-Gilboa - 0 A I A Delphos Jefferson - 0 t Spencerville - 0 K? I I Bam ' 0 f!UiHHU 'L L 01 ,VTX 1fFw ",X ii 5? ' ! ,P v H ,, 8 gg Q Elida was football king in 1946 and again in 1955. They then soared to the 5,2 top in 1957, having the best defensive record and the second best offensive Qi record for the league season. The team was not big in size nor in weight 5 but the team put out their most and did their best. These reasons are why o nl o U U 'E E Elida was football king this year. 93325 -.T Holding Elida's opponents for the entire season to two touchdowns was 0 -E o 5 U 220 gf E Elida's strong line manned by Murry Mewharter, Pete Lodge, Jim Libert, Dick Ladd, and Gale Crisenberry. Leading the offensive attack for Elida were Herb Strayer, Dick Wagner, E Ross Smith, John Desenburg, and Ronny Shafer. On the whole Elida had a O - '-1 Qi! J very successful season. 5 E l-I ggi? eggs OQO 5"'oF4 ogg! Q "' " 5 va 5535 M3 Ei Vi . .E 5 5 .3 0 57 Q5 ..-:VU :x ca -Dig SEQ dv-U0 giugi oEs"'-5 ad Sw CI C! 5,2 .S 2555 ' u..g.OU .E -23 EJ U " Ray Sroufe - GUARD Pete Lodge - TACKLE Ken John - TACKLE -9-P Gale Crisenbery - TACKLF. Murray Mewhorter CENTER Dlck Ladd GUARD Q his si ws S .ag iid 1, J nilfwi - yrmx ,.,. V -+ Elf-4' - 2.1" 'VZ' .Q :A Fi ,ms q,ALL -M . , Herb Strayer - FULLBACK Jim fTop Centerj Ross Smith - I-IALFBIQCK John Desenberg - HALFBACK E.. 1 QM. V- .-5'f,zyTv4 jtf. Jim Libert - END f XX - xii, A .MIL---' 'BX f, w x"'Q ..:' .vs J .,r., M Fishpaw - END QLeftj Herb Strayer, Dick Wagner, Ross Smith, Pete Lodge, CO-CAPTAINS. Ron Shafer - HALFBACK Dick Wagner - QUARTERBACK Dwain Metzger - END 25.3.1 1.41 5, e--COACH IIC Pri ck Zerkel, and Ross Smith. Di agner Maury W ck Metzer, Di ain Dw Shaffer Ray Sroufe, OII Strayer R LEFT to RIGHT: Herb C V RSITY BASKETBALL Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida The Elida High School basketball team wound up its season with a league record of six wins and three losses, which placed them in third place in the Northwest Conference League. The team 's record for the entire season was twelve wins and only four losses, putting Elida near the top of the list in Northwest Ohio. The highest scorer for the team was senior Herb Strayer with a season average of 14.6 points. While Dick Wagner and Ray Sroufe controlled the boards. Maury Zerkel and Dwain Metzger dropped in the points from out in front. We are all proud of our team. CO-CAPTAINS: Herb Strayer and Dick Wagner VARSITY BA SKETBALL SCORES 60 Columbus Grove 47 52 Spencerville 54 '70 Bath 38 49 Wapakoneta 54 69 Bluffton 73 58 Lafayette 42 68 Beaverdam 59 66 Gomer 63 82 Delphos Jefferson 63 58 Shawnee 55 70 Beaverdam 68 58 Ada 60 80 Harrod 70 75 Bath 61 51 Lafayette 47 Tournament 64 Beaverdam 45 48 Gomer 64 THE END 51 Z . as V DICK WAGNER .. rf' 2' fi 4 4 1 -S . A ...- rw., f 1 nv ,sz -, to 2 I xm f 'lm RAY SROUFE , LL W. 982 V 1 1 Z., ,V A M19 in -017 ' 'Lf' , I 1 I v' - 367' K QA: 4' .F 2.-f .sx I :l'k' L, S 43 'I 191: 1 ' , . , e 9 K lf MAURY ZERKEL ,-Z RON SHAFEF 1- . if N. A - l in I-IERBY ST RAYER if, at , s, my. I lj, K fi' 1 fi .-NA -fn -- X dr!! - A ,. ' q ff, :- u,y l,f Qui . i ,J , ff 5 A ff 'L ' N , Q QAVV Q W. K Q . ff,ff"jf QA A .I , 710, , ii, , X . 4' , . I1 K+ dx iff? V Q ' 'Q 4, M 1 ., 'A' f -' .1 F J Q af .V "K 3.1 Q. f M' ' 1 M23 gf f' ' if I!! ' ? ' "3 'C 'M' J kt . ' 4 X fe Q M B M K N Q 4 L Qs. Qt fi 5 M 2 5 h 4 1, A M 23 wg, 2 Q1 , 3 I Q QE 7 9 FRONT ROW: C. Warner, D. Bowers, R. Bowers, M. Zerkle, J. Buchanan, B. Koch, J. Libert. SECOND ROW: J. Fishpaw, P. Lodge, D. Wagner, D. Metzger, H. Strayer, R. Sroufe, R. Smith, K. Johns, G. Crisenberry. BACK ROW: Coach Schreiber, D. Morris, M. Mewhorter, J. Desenberg, R. Shafer, G. Hermon, H. Wright, J. Shafer, D. Ladd, T. Myers. The Varsity "E" is an organization set up for boys who have received a letter in a varsity sport. Once a boy has been awarded a letter he is automatically a member of the Varsity "E," During bas- ketball season these boys help to run a concession stand on the nights of the basketball games. Boys receive a medal for a sport in which they earn a letter. If they are in more than one sport they must choose the medal that they desire. A special event each year for players only is to go to a collegiate football game. The advisor is Mr. Schreiber. ll f o f 54 J A' VK . bwggf, K , 4 . 1 X ' w - if-t, .ia Ein --f .gg , sg "H u gs bfi' , 1- Y 5 f S ,:3g,etfz1gE'!f.',f - A A -'QQ ,", , 1 I an Q S W Q ig! kv, , 1' . J . V W V . V Y K .M ft, fxfswefi ,M N B. c 5 ,K:..,g W A Ji, 1 , K V 'I 2.1, - 1 swf mggj? sg, Qmlxgl k Y V 'LQ u W A J , I' X i . m vw .fd X 'A AX Q nj w, Q mf: xv, ' 1 .wt 'Y' afi- tj 2? a ' l ' 7' L Q' 'Q' if?-.1 ' , W " , -x X -' 4 ' 4, ,sw gg. N' -1. I X .7 .vi 5 -ff, ' x 35 M x A I f A k , avi , I A 2 65' ' j R U 1 1314 Qi? A 'A Q as 6 Q. S , Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida FRONT ROW: D. Putman, D. Kizer, J. Bame, M. Heath, D. Morris, R Rodney, L. Bigelow, J. McCue. SECOND ROW: R. Kraft, L. Warner, R. Ridenour N Miller, J. Boate, T. Boate, J. Ehresman, B. Kinkley, B. Dawson. THIRD ROW Jr Mr. John Stevenson, L. Timlinson, L. Mathwig, B. Eantz, B. Blymyer, T Wade W. Riley, B. Highland, J. Shearer, R. Hartoon. BACK ROW: F. Foard E Phillips, P. Good, H. Davis, T. Shelley, L. Kuhns, H. Kruse, E. Jackson R Hile C. Lee, A. Gamble, G. Spees, G. Bowers. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL SCORES Delphos St. Johns Columbus Grove Bluffton Lafayette Delphos Jefferson 4--N,Q,'sL 56 Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida Elitla JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SCORES Columbus Grove Gomer Delphos St. Johns Bluffton Perry Lafayette Spencerville Beaverdam Harrod Bath Delphos Jefferson Ada TOURNAMENT Ada Gomer Perry FRONT ROW: R. Rodney, D. Kizer, C. Riley, G. Stever, Jr D. Moms, M. I-1earh,1.. Bigelow, L. wamer. BACK ROW: Coach George Radulovich, J. Hobbs, B. Kinkley, T. Boate J. Boate, J. Ehresman, N. Miller, B. Dunahay. FRONT ROW: S. Perrine, P. Hyde, F. Early, D. Fetter, G. Jr Bowers, F. Early, M. Metzger. SECOND ROW: D. Shinn, W. Nealy, B. Highland, B. Fantz, W. Riley, L. Mathwig, R. Welker, G. Bowers, B. Shafer, N. Sroufe. BACK ROW: . Coach George Radulovich, R. Broshes, J. Nichols, R. Har- K toon, T. VanShoyck, L. Layman, G. Spees, E. Jackson, A. Gamble, S. Strayer, E. Phillips, B. Dunahay, Manager. M. ... f -. . ...M v....... ,xo ' "A" .L.g:.1-Qimizl Q15 M2 W" 'ii ' I-V d ' - KW is 5 'W il "Wai, E - A n E W fa 5 ew , . .QQ is at u S an ga i mt i a .mfifg - es .ig J xl, ,,, i Q ,, 4. , x Q6 5 . .NW mfs Q w' 'Y 1" 5 2 ' js ii 1 5 !Qf4'1wcr' 'fr tb G M mir V 1: . fm gg 7,7 Ar-..,.,.,. i?f 31? in ' 'W , 1 , Co K i Semor Hlgh G A A FRONT ROW J Price, S Fair, P Lodge, M Cheney, J Preuss, B Layman, K Holtzapple SECOND ROW Miss Edwards J Br1llhart,J Raabe E Armentrrout, P Thompson, M Gracely, C W11sey,C Knight M Wade, S M11ler,L Wood, J Stockton, K Musselman, C Faunce, K Buettner M Lapham D Ward THIRD ROW J Parrott, S Morris, N Davis, J Hollar, D Hefner, K K1zer,S Lucke M Layman, J Laman, M LaRue, S Cook, J Sodders, C Hunter, N Rader, S Chapman, E Ruff, D Patton BACK ROW M A Holtzapple, J Turner, B Kruse, J Croft, P Sullivan, K Chapman, C Follas, S Barailloux, L Sroufe, S Nunn, R Fmt, B McGahan, C Wade The Girl s Athletic Association is an organization for all girls who are inter ested in athletics The club s purposes is to promote good sportsmanship and co -operation with others. The annual dues are 50 cents. The homecoming dance which is sponsored by the GAA is one of the big highlights of the year. Awards are given by a point system: 25 points numerals 50 points letter- 75 points pin- 100 points certificate. The girls physical education teacher is the advisor Miss Edwards. umor High G. A A FRONT ROW: S. Wixon, W. Driver, K. Briggs, S. Sullivan, C. Morris, C. Lohr H. Deane SECOND ROW: Miss Edwards E Hawk, E. LaRue, J. Redd C. Kruse, M. Wilson, J. Lamen, L. Nevius, M. Breda, C. Rex, D Hunter, J. Laing, L. Willoughby. BACK ROW: M. Stockman, P. John, C. John, D. LaRue, A. Lodge, J. Fouler, J. Miller, A. Paul, B. Damon, V. Holtzapple, D. Metzger, D. Kohlhorst, M. Fanaff QW I if-gl Jw ci 'Q ie' www 22 .QE A Y 9? , - -A A- lf! W' .f- F . ui xw 4 T Z V - I 5 ' E V . l A w wh 4 x I . l--'Qu Elf fix 1, 5 qv- W C ,F - . , f . . 2.183 J 4f5,3g2'L .K W ag - h h. X " A ff ka , Q Q Z a i .1 vi Q' -it ,Q , C Xx ,EEA K 3 9 , 1 Y .A ' Miim JF: ' - . K. , . . 1 g,4qikfzH? 4 fifi VK 5 W 2 V ' .y N J . i. y ,, N , L "' . Y .X :Mio -am., 259 Q g . ris.L."'g ' X E-7: ix, J' gym' fi ' 5 " R3 f ,S 1-. I 'E i 1 , 1 .Q ,, Q10 5 ,Em ,,,,+X M N. W , L- my W .MM , dawg W ' ' M W - Lge y wx . QS ' 5 . - W Q .ffl v 's , -,' i X .. 'Ng-9 I-A 9-5... wig if I li' ll U . 1 Q: 'x fvft' 'sw QW Q HX x, '- N wa 'QQ V . QL . , . or ,, . ...iw wi .Q ix if xi- A Il i , 3 3fff'X25 5 Q f 3 N. ir ff B L it - fu. 3 bigsifw A.- xii ""3 'Win' xg! gl Jil r, "' If qi ,W 'Sq X. 1 .1 f 2 ? w- ' ' 3 IIE Q t Student Activities FRONT ROW: P. Johns, J. Brillhart, J. Stalter, B. Martin, C. Wilsey, A. Lapham, K. Leppla, J. Laing. BACK ROW: B. Fantz, C. Clark, A. Deane, M. Zerkle, J. Laman, J. Preuss, V. Holtzapple, R. Smith, M. Miller, J. Wil kins, R. Rodney. The Student Council is Elida High School's leading service organization. It is composed of student leaders from grades '7 through 12. The organization's purposes are: to encourage better school spirit, to develop student citizenship, and to work toward the closer and more friendly relationship between students and faculty. Some of the accomplishments of the Council in the last years are as follows: student exchange program with Rockford, raising money for the Donald Arn hero fund, collecting clothing for the World Clothing Week, decorating and managing Homecoming, raising money for Hungarian relief, and publishing a student handbook. The Student Council is proud of its achievements and is looking forward to more opportunities for bettering the school. The Student Council is under the leadership of Ross Smith. 68 fi - Q xx t N A ak J Y ' '.g 1 L. ,r..-. -wt ,,,:.,,.., .... V fl .f-sq-.-Ni " Ni ' 1 X . Xxxx ,-ff , r X xf wx f"f fi , ns- 1--, , ,-W' O fix. .P ,skfgil fvg., ,,c s4r5z ,W . X 'FQ'-W' 1.- 'fi '.Ll'.gf"f ' . ou' 5' -v""-y ' ' .5-,343 'A-1 -l 'A 1, JVM.. HQ" 'I -5. .-' L'- '?'w,3,' iz' Q ggv.-.mr-' ,QQ ti , in ' ':' , 5 J. fn-tv' ' ' 45' H , 5,14--155' ' we . - t ,Q . l J V Y Q4 if ' in 's I , I '. i ' s if .ul . f -2 a A X 5. 'V h . 'X K . fi x STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT, Ro 3 fd ss Sm 'I' Q I... i '47 .uf 1.4 5 1- 1 11 M 'TV '1- 'NA' S X Xl . QC' 4- 4 Janice Lamang BU SINESS MANAGER, Ina Gambleg Terry Hollar, Mary Fishpawg WRITE UP MAN, Maury Zerkel, Dwight Hartmang EDITORg Art Deaneg SPORTS EDITOR, Mickey Altenburgerg ARTIST, John Desenburgg Mary Holtzappleg Halffhead, Lee Bryan. N NUAL STAFF The yearbook staff produces the school annual, Memories. It portrays the school, its students, its teachers, arid its activities in writeups and pictures. The organization is made up of juniors and seniors who show the very best literary characteristics in the school. The staff includes an editorial staff which sees that the pictures and copy are taken care of and business staff whose job is to supply suf- ficient funds with which to operate. The students who are members of this organization put forth much time and effort publishing this book and receive no scholastic credit. They deserve much praise for their efforts and achievements. The staff is under the supervision and direction of Mr. Sluss. PHOTOGRAPHER, Ted Myers YO' pg ' I1 FRONT ROW: D. Earehart, T. Davis, R. Kruse, L. Stemen, A. Huber, K. Johns, P. Huber, M. Golivar, Mr. Landon BACK ROW: P. John, C. Foust, C. Riley, R. Ridenou., J. Foust, C. Ridenour, G. Crisenbery, O. Etgen, J. Patton, M. Wilkins, R. Etgen. F. F. A. '-2353. Z' X O N -PJSFA 4 V' I- fn 'id ' Qi.. 04' ui." x , .QYQ The Future Farmers of America is an organization affiliated with the national organization. Its purpose is to teach the boys better farming methods. Some of the clubs activities are field trips and to participate at the county fair. Each member has an individual pro- ject of his own. The Vocational Agriculture teacher is the advisor. i . or AM 6 I 1 , I f RICA A 'I E :ff AMO as rm f Q -X .fl si 'Q 3, 577, 9 , L G ' 4 . " UN IOR ACHIEVEMEN T Junior Achievement of Greater Lima con- sists of 12 companies. It was organized for the first time this year. Our chief advisor is Tom O'Mara. Junior Achievement consists of youngsters running their own businesses and drawing wages There are seven students from Elida employed by Junior Achievement. They are Bob Beck- Becky Kline, Secretaryg JoAn Altenbergerg Judy Daniels, Sales Managerg Ellen Garrison and Penny Lodge. FRONT ROW: B. Kline, J. Brillhart, B. Beckman. BACK ROW: J. Daniels, J. Altenburger, E. Garrison. Announcement At the time of the final deadline for the annual the Senior Class play had not be selected. 72 man, Presidentg Judie Brillhart, Vice Presidentg VALEDICTORIAN: Ross Smith, SALUTATORIAN: Alan Rothe. SENIORS' Sandra Sodders, Alan Rothe Joyce Preuss, Herb Stra er - Y Ina Gamble, Mary Cheney, Anita Lapham, Ross Smith, Ted Myers. HO OR SOCIETY The Honor Society is a group of the top students of Elida from grades eleven and twelve. They are chosen by the teachers for their grades, leadership, character, and school service. The Honor Society is one of the most honored recognitions a student can get during the school year. The students who made this group should be con- gratulated for their efforts and their service to the school. 'L Z! JUNIORS: Janice Stalter, Judy Croft, Janice Laman, Mary Ann Holmapple, Joyce Hollar, Gary I-Iermon, Darlyn Hefner, Emma Ruff, Mike Miller. ABSENT: were Kay Donovan and John Desenberg. Q.. C! f.. W 4.4. , X 5- ag 4,129 4.-,u - ' . -mv , p,. ' FX iii? 2 L 4 wi: .,LLA,, -- E", Ol il lil? ll' la W ,r Legg-5 ,, ,, R Ez, H 4- , .Ja W5-. rm 5 ,L , f , , .. w. ,, -. . efzwfifz. Qi: ? '1 4 f' ' " ' 3' 7" " " ly- ' . glgqixf . , 1 'fif f fl as' 3 i' am! gg? Cf I Q, r ,Sf im .,, mg U . in 5 6 11 x . 'W fir 74 I Q A ig- ' f.. X XX xx X x u FRESHMAN, Janet Raabeg SENIOR, Ina Gambleg QUEEN, Sandra Soddersg JUNIOR, Emma Ruffg SOPHOMORE, Kay Musselman. QAren't they cute ! lj HCMECOMIN G J On October 18, the Bulldogs met the Wildcats of 4 Jefferson in an exciting Conference game. Elida , 3 came out on top 21-0 before a jam -packed crowd. W ' ' Reigning over the festivities was Queen Sandra U Va Sodders. Her attendants were Ina Gamble, seniorp N. A Emma Ruff, juniorg Kay Musselman, sophomoreg ' 'Q Janet Raabe, freshman. After the game a dance ' I 4 , sponsored by the GAA washeld in the gym. Much J time was spent on decorating for the dance. Every- ' . ' one seemed to enjoy himself. Alan Rothe was Master of Ceremonies. ,,,-i-,..f- ,liz QUEEN Sandrag QB1ackiej Smith You te11'em Pete The QUEEN and her COURT Emma Ruffg M.C., Alan Rothe. S 4 , ' ,i is ' 'qu i , 4. if df A . 5 K 5 3 5 5 A ' , 3:31. X, aw YW? '-., I ia W 3 . , k wh W , , .. , w J. V? fl' ' ln vw WELCOMIN G FEET Monitor System FRONT ROW: S. Holmes, S. Cook, K. Fair, M. Holtzapple, J. Daniels, M. Gracely, B. Martin, M. Miller. SECONF ROW: M. Miller, J. Eliresman, C. Wilsey, C. Follas, R. Smith, T. Boate, T. Meyers, B. Kinkley. BACK ROW: D. Grapner, B. Brenneman, E. Wilkins, M. Altenburger, C. Clark, M. Burden, J. Wilkins, D. Kizer, R. Rodney, D. Morris. A new plan was brought into effect at the beginning of the school year 1957-1958. This new system's purpose is to greet visitors ofthe school and to help create as fine an atmosphere as possible in the corridors. This service is sponsored by the Student Council of Elida High School. ffm ,4,.! My feet, they haul me Round the House, They Hoist me up the Stairs, I only have to steer them, and They Ride me Everywhere. By Gelett Burgess ..- -9 1? ,SXT mv- x , Laika fffiiil 2 3: , F 4. WT' QQ 6 1 fs-' 7 , , X - '33, a KX XXX XX X xi X is fa fl ee ' f -2 FRONT ROW: A. Lapham, Treasurerg P. Herring, Vice President, I. Gamble, Presi- dent. BACK ROW: P. Lodge, Student Directorg E. Sitcler, Managerg H. Stockman, Manager. ELIDA HIGH SCHOOL BAND The members of this years band came back to one of the most beautiful bandrooms in Northwestern Ohio They studied under the able direction of Mr. Gene Wollenhaupt. The Board of Education and the Band Boosters con tributed generously to furnish much-needed instruments for a bigger and better balanced band. There is a growing interest in music reflected in the many pupils who have started in band work this year. The band participated in many activities this year. It furnished the halftime music for the football games. The band members also worked hard in preparation for the district contest, the Christmas program, and the spring concert. FROM LEFT to RIGHT: C. Wade, M Cheney, J. Pruess, S. Sakemiller, S. Fair, J May J Morris, M. Wade. FRONT ROW: B. Kidd, I. Gamble, T. Treat, D. Hunter, D. Vandemark, D. Bish, E. LaRue, D. Adams. SECOND ROW: J Sodders, A. Lapham, J. Croft, L. Little, J. Snyder, D. Metzger P. Johns, B. Deane, P. Lodge, L. Gamble, S. Miller. .D LEFT to RIGHT: L. Gamble, J. Collins, L. Creek, P. Herring, T. Snow. ,SJW FRONT ROW: E. Phillips, R. Hartoon, B. Musser, J. McBride B. Wilkins, C. Hatter, P. Clark, B. Shirk. SECOND ROW: M Lapham, E. Sitcler, W. Neely, S. Carlson, H. Stockman, M. Grant, G. Graymire, C. John, L. Sroufe. BACK ROW: M. Sroufe, A. Mauricio, V. Holtzapple, C. LaRue, A. Lodge, L. Kraft. Q -si -G 5 f .A lx N fi' -gf, Q ,rw :jeff Li' P , , -lm A 1' 2 Q gf 'fa A .:-. 1 ,:,:g , .,,,. Q 1 v if .fi K N , Q, ,,,!, M gy if S ! o Q gn K'-2, iii Ne ' V X ,fwfr :: F!! ll" " X QQQQNV UM' za T30 'ff' ,.n......,..--'fp--M., ,ls 4 ,.. Q? A in 'W fs , ve Q ,Q 'li' use Ni sv QE gi v i 3 A an su L 2 sk? V ' , -D125 f WE lliih X 31,4 x 4 V - ,P . Q29 ai-at if ff ,fm ' ' ff 'Q if 'if 14 QP Q., ' 'Y f . 54 ? ' fkf' ..-331' . -gg , ' N X'-, """ "-' A" D ,I ph ,v LE "' ' ,, A . - gf ff M , H 'Q HY' if I war' m b"'o " vw-- .Q M, 'Q M., ls, K x, R 1 W 1. 'Q' - N 14 ' K , 4 x 'LAN , Q fbmf if Ki K Y X GIRLS? FRONT ROW: P. Lodge, R. Kline, J. Brillhart, L. Lohr, K. Leppla, J. Parrott, J. Raabe, J. Price, S. Bonebright. SECOND ROW: M. Fishpaw, A. Yinger, Mrs. Cohee, E. Garrison, N. Buckmaster, J. Kraft, E. Stemen, C. Wilsey, K. Kizer, S. Cook, K. Buettner,U. Beerline, C. Faunce, M. Gracely, M. Wilkins. THIRD ROW: M. Ehresman, P. Thompson, J. Stalter, B. Layman, L. Wood, K. Musselman, D. J. Sodders, J. Hollar, P. VanSchoyck, D. Hefner, E. Ruff, M. LaRue, Layman, J. Altenburger, McKinney, S. Morris, H. Good. FOURTH ROW: M. Hartley, B. Kidd, A. Lapham, H. Steman, B. Kruse, S. Sodders, J. Martin, M. Mann, I. Gamble, P. Ford, J. Hobbs, R. Miller. BACK ROW: M. Lapham, P. Herring, L. Stemen, S. Nunn, S. Fair, B. McGahan, J. Croft, L. Long, C. Follas, K. Chap- man, L. Sroufe, D. Broshes, S. Sakemiller, M. Cheney, J. Preuss, M. Holtzapple, J. Meyer, J. Daniels D. Ward. The girls' glee club is for girls in grades 9 through 12 who like music and have an ability to sing. They start right after Christmas to prepare for district auditions and state contests. The glee club ranks high in the district and state contests. They work hard to prepare for school programs, such as: assemblies, concerts, and PTA programs. Their efforts have resulted in bringing not only pleasure to themselves but also recognition to the school. Their service is greatly appreciated by all of the students and the people in the community. The director of the group is Mrs. Pearl Cohee. The glee club is accompanied by Dorthy Broshes and Janet Raabe. 84 FRONT ROW: H. Good, D. Leist, K. Pair, D. McKinney, M. Lapham, C. Harter, D. Adams, C. Kim mel, S. Holmes, J. Morris, L. Gamble, B. Martin. SECOND ROW: P. lord, J. Meyer, M. Wilkins, - A. Yinger, J. Hollar, S. Nunn, S. Cook, K. Chapman, C. Follas, L. Sroufe, M. Miller, M. Gracely, D. Hefner, S. Chapman, K. Leppla, J. Parrott, Mr. Wollenhaupt. THIRD ROW: J. Kraft, P. Thomp son, E. Stemen, J. Brenneman, E. Sitcler, D. Hartman, D. Shinn, W. John, J. Stienbuck, B. Thomp- son, C. Wilsey, S. Searfoss, L. Bercaw, R. Erskine, B. Laman, P. Herring, J. Raabe. BACK ROW: H Wright, G. Scott, D. Hartman, G. Sandy, M. Mewhorter, R. Smith, H. Strayer, P. Lodge, R. Sroufe, D. Metzger, J. Desenberg, H. Stockman, D. Redd, R. Woollum, R. Davis. D. Kesler, J. Nebergall. The mixed chorus is open to any student, grades 9 through 12, who is willing to co-operate and ork toward improving the chorus. The chorus performs in many of the schoo1's musical produc- ions. Some of the programs it puts on for the school are an operetta, a spring concert, Z1 Christmas rogram, and an Easter Cantata. They also compete in district and state contests. The director of he mixed chorus is Mr. Wollenhaupt. 85 if SEQ LM ' a f x 1 4 'ff'- Q -W , .,. W ,ig - 4 x -Zi W' ,. 5 an p ' .tx , K, -6-N-...S f Sq wx X 'W J x L- ' X: , W Q. , .cg 5 fggse Wm .xx QL, 3 il Q. . NK r X vw El " QQ I 0 as 72. E, K f EIL... :W Q fi" Q 5 xo 1? Q5 0 NEW HC 54' it fi am 9 E 9 tg ,.., uf' , -RQ, ang ' . .., 1-Fpf' was "" ll QW -A ., . Q gf 1 if .4 3?-SX H' Ji.. Q, .- , if ..n-1 , -- nk Iffv F ,- ,. f, -- . Q .. . ik W--'Z pf., f, x Q . f Q -6, W, iff"-,N sf Q- X, , X 5 I f I A J 13? fmq., K1-Txf'1'.'-X If x A Y -' T'-l 1' .Ei 1: xxxfxkgiih X .di-1... , 4- H 'X M -L! ANXX up ,-are-.1 J X 'Q W 3 ,--1.4 N S. s.. ,A - A Shhli .M Q -' ' .4 - """"""'k , Y C if Q09 if I X 1 I . Q K"-1.-flue-,N ,Y 51 N 4 ' fy 7 f ,f -4 2 . Q , , Wi' WM ' gf Q if 5' . 7, if x fl!! k ki W I , . M. l FRONT ROW: P. Herring, B. Kidd, H. Stemen, I. Gamble, B. Kruse, J. Hobbs, P. Ford, A. Lapham, J. Mattingly SECOND ROW: J. Preuss, S. Sodders, S. Sakemiller, T. Myers, P. Lodge, R. Smith, M. Cheney, E. Denlinger, S. Fair, C. Faunce, J. Parrott, Mr. Hayduk. THIRD ROW: J. Brillhart, R. Miller, C. Wilsey, M. Gtacely, K. Buet trier, J. Laman, J. Preuss, M. LaRue, M. Holtzapple. FOURTH ROW: S. Bonebright, S. Chapman, J. Hollar, E. Ruff, K. Chapman, B. Swick, C. Follas, D. Broshes, S. Nunn, L. Sroufe, D. Hefner, N. Davis. BACK ROW: J. Raabe, N. Rader, J. Altenburger, E. Garrison, P. Lodge, H. Stockman, M. Stockman, D. Ward, A. Mauricio B. Hilty, M. Grant. DRAMATICS CLUB 5 f -. K. ., 1 l National Thespian Organization. The purpose of the club is to enable the members to become better acquainted with dramatic procedures and techniques. The club produces many types of pro- ductions during the school year. The club director is Mr. Hayduk Lll 1 1 :Z K The Elida Dramatics Club was organized in conjuction with the f as . gs, N ,f men, - .7 Rik, . xv- - . 21 41? f 'X W9 xi ' ESF' Qi, -' W- .: ,w - x if Q "1 7. 'f gfii vw wr - - , 1 N' . f "'+ s , K b ... M ij!! ' ' N 3 .' - fs' ' . 1 ...Z o if T Q A 'G .V f . .qw yy .M ., 2? Q, :ad mga XT: " .15 Vagikfggqfxgg wwfiwigrssf ,Hmm 3, fi W .Yi f U? eh' I " A ' 1' ,.. .f Be f'f'2 " Y, TOP MAGAZINE SALESME FRONT ROW: I. Gamble, S. Morris, K. Holtzapple, N. Rader, M. Gracely, B. Kidd, J. Daniels. SECOND ROW: S. Foust, D. Ditto, C. Follas, L. Sroufe, R. Miller, E. Montgomery, L. Gamble, S. Sodders, L. I-Ieatwole, L. Hadding. BACK ROW: J. Brenneman, J. Raabe, C. Pennell, J. Desenberg, A. Lyons. Cm Pennell - 365.41 James Raabe - 348.34 Sandra Sodders - 339.75 Lila Gamble - 337.79 Susan Foust - 332.25 Linda Sroufe - 332.00 Judy Daniels - 331.50 Larry Warner - 328.50 John Desenberg - 326.54 Kathy Holtzapple - 326.00 Linda I-leatwole - 324.50 Ina Gamble - 322.66 Billy Best - 321.79 Marlene Gracely - 321.79 Rita Miller - 321.29 Barbara Martin - 321.00 Sandy Morris - 320.29 Diane Ditto - 319.79 Erma Montgomery - 319.50 Linda Hadding - 317.04 Alonzo Lyons - 317.00 Brenda Kidd - 316.50 Nancy Rader - 316.50 Connie Follas - 316.50 James Brenneman - 315.58 Karen Buetner - 315.04 Every year the Annual Staff sponsors a magazine drive to earn money for the annul. The classes compete and the class which sells the most subscriptions receives a prize of 350. The class which sells the second highest amount gets 325. In addition to getting money for his class, every student tries to get prizes for himself by selling the most magazines each day. The above is the group of students who sold the most magazines. The top salesman for this year was Carle Pennell with 365.41. The Sophomore Class finished in first place with the Freshmen a close second. 90 'Q e, .N 4. G " w,Lr-'-1' . 1 W y ff? 3 A 55 H ff T --fail .4 NS' ,-A, wk 5"p" A V9 - :5 5 ,. , ew- lv- 'Til ' W? S ' 9 K' .Q 4 w- 1 5 ff if v .f . ar .Q K ' , Q-J nv-fn... 'Nw-Q.-r,,, -1--.,.,,,,gAv A www-an .-. ,nw f 'W' 'if r? "LLP 4 .,.f- f .. gf Q Lf fl 1 Q! , L K, ai 'V' 7 if i W ww SL is f"t 'i 9-'ar a-'ina " 1957 1958 SCHOOL CALENDAR 5 F15 4141 A X 1' L.. A SEPTEMBER t 1 3th 19th 2 Oth 2 lst 2 3rd 24th 26th 2 7th 30th '91 OCTOBER OCTOBER -mi Q 1 Wvv' 51 fx ml " l, C1 " -Y 231. NOVEMBER X r I t I t t 10th 1 Oth 1 2th 14th 16th 1 7th 1 8th 24th 2 Sth 3 lst I Xl E '-l 5 FU Lrma Olympla Ellda smashes Forest Indlvldual Plctures for Annual taken Elrda power too much for Columbus Grove Semor prctures taken at Fostorra Annual subscnptxon sales begm Jumor l-hgh whxps Columbus Grove Magazme Dnve begms Elxda overwhelms Bluffton Annual Staff members get ads Ehda School Open House Elnda pastes Lafayette Bulldog Revxew ' falls to make deadlme today Dedrcatxon of new Jumor Hugh Buzldmg Bulldog Revlew can't make xt today elther' Nor today' Nor today' Well what do you know' One week late and stale news' Jumor Hrgh drubs Lafayette Pandora Grlboa tres Elxda Close of Annual sales Annual staff gets ads today Another easy vlctory for Jumor l-hgh E11da Varsxty slaughters Jefferson No school thank to Aslan Flu Elnda Waynesfxeld game cancelled Flu Bullpups trounce Jefferson NOVEMBER DE 4t t I IZ 1 lth 1 2th 1 5th 2 Oth 2 2nd 26th 29th Ehda Varsxty flays Spencervxlle World Clothmg Drrve Student Councll and F B L A Indmvxdual Pxctures passed out, P T A Powerful Elxda shuts out Bath Frrst Annual deadlme We made lt' Veterans' Day, No School Group Plctures taken for Annual Teachers' Workshop, No School Basketball Columbus Grove here Carmval Basketball, Spencervxlle here Thanksglvmg Vacatron begms CEMBER 4th 7th 9th 10th 1 lth 1 3th 20th Bluffton Student Councrl vxsxts Ehda Basketball , Wapakoneta Blume there Annual Staff makes second deadlme Basketball, Bluffton there Grade School Operetta Basketball, Lafayette here Chrxstmas Vacatxon Begms DECEMBER it 3 if K f it ff l x If - lx' M-IL I x 92 I 1 1 X x ' X f' X fra , V I ' K 1 K X ,hh . l , fax ll C 14, 1 f xx X, , E y gain4.1!-g.:g,,.g,g!'x:,'5REr,N...,....x f, " 1-'I ' L' f5:'lE:l1v,0Rsigil,?'!fs 1, f 4 V. .fm-1rf:f'u'lu-il ll l-vim' "'1'ff ., 1 Q l J -','p'l I ll I l'l x 1 , 1:43 Q !l!l!lI!l!ll l!! 'lllvf' , 7,1-ii 'l N I , 'Ml an X N, ' x - 5 e I A 1 S 5 lb so oo un ,7 0 oo an cn .A w 5- as 5 :r:r':r:r"' :-:r:r:r:-om' :ru- I : : CA . ' E . f . ' O R 1 ' ' ' . ' E- . . A - . . . . 3 4 , -U I ' , - . , . I ' D I , rf " ' meetmg A W me .QANUARY 1 I ffl gr 3 Milam 3 if ' X 7 , 5 xt JANUA RY 3rd 6th 10th 14th 17th 24th 27th 28th 3 lst Basketball, Gomer There Christmas Vacation ends, General Scholarship Test Basketball, Shawnee here, First Semester Ends Basketball. Ada here Annual Staff makes third P.T.A. Meeting Basketball, Harrod here F EB RUA RY 3rd 4th Sth 6th 7th 8th 10th llth 12th 14th 14th 17th 19th 2 lst 24th 26th MARCH t 11 1 lth 14th 17th 19th 2 lst 24th 25th 26th 28th 29th APRIL s t t 15th 18th 22nd 30th MAY 2n r I t 18th 19th 2 lst 23rd 28th College Night Basketball, Bath here Group Pictures for Annual taken and 7th Junior Class Play Basketball, Jefferson here Lyceum Program deadline Student Council passes out school handbooks as service to students. Basketball, Lafayette there Junior High Basketball Toumament Henmon -Nelson Tests Junior High Basketball Tournament Tournament Basketball, Varsity vs. Beaverdam "Bulldog Review" fails again to meet its deadline Tournament Basketball Junior High Elida Junior High Wins Junior High Tourney Varsity Tournament Gomer upsets Elrda Annual meets final deadline Student Council sponsors Student Control Day P T A panel discussion on Discipline F B L A Dance Forum at Shawnee Eighth Grade Party Band Boosters Meeting F B L A Meeting Lyceum Program Teachers Association Meeting Pre School Clinic F B L A Field Trip All Sports Banquet F B L A Meeting at Columbus Preliminary District State Subjec Good Friday, No School FFA Meeting P T A Meeting Eighth Grade Tests Allen County Teachers Banquet Honor Society Banquet at Harrod Band Dinner Scholarship Tests District State Subject Scholarshl Tests Spring Band Concert Junior Senior Prom Baccalaureate Band Boosters Meet Senior Class Day Commencement End of School al 4 9? FEBRUARY P V' MARCH fi 9 93 411+ i 1 X ,MAY i 1 "TN jx I X K. yi Nw' 4 h . . . . . . . . ,9 I 7 h . . . . r, A, A . fl . . . 'A A XXII. 3, 1 t . . . . - . t . Q 5 h ' 'F 8 h ' ,MAD Q . N , y f - ' -at Aw ff f W ' Z IU' . . Z ll. ' ld d . SNA I U mit 3 Cl ' ' - ' ' N f-, k 'A 7 h ' 9 h . C . A is f' xv iraq. . , Pulvmlfl qv s I 2 . ..g.Q4Qg5g2gLi- 2 -R4 ff ' ' f SENIOR DIRECTORY MICKEY ALTENBURGER Annual 4, Momtor 3,4 Basketball 1 2 3 JON BUCHANAN Football 4 Varslty E 4 JIM CHAPMAN Football 1 2 Basketball 1 2 Baseball 1,2 4, H N Club 2 MARY CHENEY Cheerleader 1 Band 1 2 Majorette 1,2,3, Dmrn Ma Jorette 4, F B L A 1,2 ,3 ,4, Vxce Presxdent 4, GAA 1,2 ,4, Presldent 4 Dramatlc Club 2,3 4, Thespxan Club 4 Jr Class Play Bulldog Rev1ew 3,4, Ed1tor 4 Executxve Commxttee 1 G1rls' Glee 1,2 4 Mrxed Chorus 1,2 FHA 2 Mlstress of Ceremomes 1n Camlval 4 Subject Scholarslup Test 3, Crrls Ensemble 3 Honor Soc1ety 3 Dxstrlct Contest 1,2 ARTHUR DEANE Basketball l 2 Baseball l Momtor 1,2,3, Student Councll 1 2,3 4 Subject Scholarshrp Test 3, Annual 3,4, Edrtor 4 EMELYN DENLINGER Offlce Help 4 Y Teens 3, FHA 2,3,4, Jr Class Play Student Drrector, Thesplan Club 3,4 Dramatrc Club 3 4 G1rls' Basketball 3 Momtor 3, Offlce Help 4 SHARRY FAIR GAA 1 2,3,4, Y Teens 3,4 Delegate to Summer Conference 4 Band 1 2,3,4 Majorette 4, Mrxed Chorus 3,4, Girls' Glee 4, Dramatxc Club 2 3,4 Thesplan Club 4 FHA 2,4 Jr Class Play, G1rls Bas JIM FISHPAW Football 3,4, Basketball 2 4 Baseball 2,3 Carmval Attendant 3 Varsxty E 3,4, Monltor 3 Who s Who 3 MARY FISHPAW Glrls Glee 1,2,3,4 F B L A 1,2 ,3 4 State Delegate at Conventlon 4 GAA 1 2 Annual 4, Assistant Business Manager 4 Who's Who 3,4 Glrls Ensemble 3,4 Monxtor 3 4 FHA 1 PAT FORD Mrxed Chorus 1,2,3,4 G1rls' Glee 1,2,3,4 GAA 1 F B L A 2 Y Teens 3,4 G1rls' Ensemble, Alternate 4 FHA 4 Offxce Help l,4, Dramatlc Club 4, Thesp1an Club 4 INA GAMBLE Band 1,2 ,3 ,4, Vrce Presrdent 3 Presldent 4 F B L A 1,2 3 4 Treasurer 4, State Secretary 3, Natronal Delegate 4 Annual 3,4, Busmess Manager 4 G1rls' Glee 1,2 ,3 4 Mxxed Chorus 1,2, Pep Band 2 Dramatlc Club 2 3 4 Thesplan Club 4 Offlce Help l G1rls' Ensemble 3,4, GAA 1,2 Honor Soc1ety 3 Jr Class Play, Class Vrce Preszdent 3 Clarmet Quartet 1,2 ,4 Camlval Ma1n Show 2,4, Carnlval Attendant 1 Home comxng Attendant 3,4, 4 H 1,2 ,3,4, Presldent 4 Dxstrxct Contest 1,2 ,3 ,4, State Contest 2, Who's Who 4 Annual Queen 4 ROSALIE CANNON Band 1,2 Clrls' Glee 1,2 3 Journalxsm 4 WARD GREEN Football 3 Varsltyi 3,4 Baseball 2 MARY HARTLEY Pep Club 1 Y Teens 1,2,3 4 Off1CE Help 4 G1rls' Glee 4 PAULINE HERRING Band l,2,3,4,V1ce Presldent 4, lnternose QLatxn Clubj 1 Mlxed Chorus 1,2 ,3 ,4, G1rls' Glee 2 4 Jr Class Play G1rls' Ensemble 3,4, Thesplan Club 3,4 Momtor 2 3 Grrls Basketball Team 3 Carmval Ma1n Show 2 3,4, Y Teens 4 PAUL HERRING FFA l 2,3,4, Secretary 4 Mrxed Chorus 1 2,3,4 Boys' Glee 1,2 ,3 JOAN HOBBS GAA 1,2,3, F B L A l Gxrls Glee 1,2,3 4 Mrxed Chorus 1 2,3 Bulldog Rev1ew 3,4, Y Teens 3,4 Class Play Thespran Club 4 Band 1,2, Sr Class Sec Treas , Carmval Ma1n Show 4, Momtor 2, Offrce Help 4, GIIIS' Ensemble 3,4, D1str1ct Contest 1,2 ,3 ,4, State Contest 2 TERRY HOLLAR Devot1ons Commrttee 3,4 Basketball 1 Annual 3 , Momtor 2,3 KENNY JOHN Football 1,2 3,4, Varsrty E 2,3,4, FFA 1,2,3 4, 4 H 1 2,3,4 V1ce Pres1dent 4 Band 1 2,3,4 F B L A l,2,3,4, Presldent 4, GAA 1, FHA 2 3 G1rls' Ensemble 3 4 Joumallsm 2,3,4 Busx ness Manager Bulldog Rev1ew 4 G1rls' Glee l,2,3,4 Mlxed Chorus 1,2, Jr Class Play, Drarnatrc Club 2 3 4 Thesplan Club 4, Carnxval Ma1n Show 4 Of frce Help 3 Dxstnct Contest 1,2,3 4 BILL KOCH Football 3, Varsrty E 3 4 BONITA KRUSE GAA 2 3 4 Y Teens l,2,4 FHA l 2 3, Thespxan Club 4 G1rls' Glee 1,2 ,4 RONAID KRUSE FFA 1,2,3 ,4, Secretary 3 Vrce Presxdent 4 Football 2,3, Subject Scholarshrp Test 3 ANITA LAPHAM Band 1,2,3,4 Treasurer 4 F.B L A 1,2 ,3,4, Secretary 4 Student Councxl 1,2 ,3 ,4, Secretary 4, Dramatrc Club 1,2,3,4 Thesplan Club 4 Grrls' Ensemble 3, Joumahsrn 3,4, Mrmeographer 3,4 Bulldog Rev1ew 3 4, G1rls' Glee 1 2,3,4 Mrxed Chonxs 1,2 Jr Class Play, Camrval Ma1n Show 4 Offrce Help 3 Clarmet Quartet 1,2 ,4 Monltor 2,3 D1StI1Ct Contest 1,2, State Contest 2 ' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 D 1 1 . ' ' . Q . n 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 I 1 ' " 1 ' 1 1 l S Q 1 1 1 ' ' . ' ' D ' '. . . . - ' ' ' ' , 3 1 1 1 ' 1 ' S 2 ' . 5 . . 5 1 5 5 ' l 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 3 , ' . h I 1 1 1 1 1 - . ' ' ' ' . . ' V . ' . 1 1 1 . . . . . , , , . 7 7 1 ' , Q ' - Q Jr. : S S ' ' , I ,.. 1 3 - . . . . , I . I . . u ' 1 . 1 1 1 ' ' 1 s 1 14' 7 ' ' 1 . 1 1 1 ' . ' . . . ,' 71 . 7 . . I 'I '- ' ' ' - 1 1 ' ketball 3, Momtor 2, Pep Band 2. BRENDA KIDD i , g . . . . ' ' 2, D Y I . 5 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' Y i Y ' 1 1 1 4 , . . . . , , I . , , , , - 1 1 1 Q ' , . . . ' l . 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' , . 3 l 3 925 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' ' . . . . 5 - 5 3 , S 1 ' ' ' 1 3 ' , ' 3 . . . . 1 1 1 , 3 . . . 5 3 5 ' ' ' 1 S ' ' . S ' 5 ' 3 ' 4, 1 1 1 1 1 ' Q 2 D 3 0 5 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 ' I. . 5 . 5 ' 5 5 , ' , S ' s 3 3,4: ' ' 1 . . . 5 94 JIM LIBERT Vars1ty E 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 PETE LODGE Band 1 2 Mlxed Chorus 1 2 4 Boys' Glee 4 Varsrty E 3 4 Football 3,4 C0 Captaln 4, Golf 1,2 Basketball 3 Track 3 Dramat1c Club 4 Thespxan Club 4 Future Teachers of Arnerrca 1 Spamsh Club 3 All League Band 1 2 Class Vrce Presrdent 4 MARIAM MANN G1rls' Glee 2 3,4, Band 1,2 3 Pep Band 2, Y Teens 3 4 F.B LA 1,2 3 FHA 2 3 4 Carn1valMa1n Show 4 G1rls' Ensemble 4 Dramat1c Club 4 JUDY MARTIN G1rls' Glee 4, Y Teens 4 JACKIE MATTINGLY Square Dance Club 1,2 Y Teens l G1rls' Glee 1, , Class Pres1dent 1, Lrstemng Club 2 Class Play 3 Fnday H1 Y 3 Offlce Help 2,4 Thespxan Club 4 F B L A 4 Student Councxl 2 DAVID McDONALD MOn1t0I 4 MURRAY MEWHORTER Basketball 1,2 Football 3,4 Baseball 1,2 Track 3 4 Varsxty E 3 4 Mrxed Choms 4 MARILYN MILLER Grrls Glee 1 2, Homecommg Attendant 2 Class Sec retary l Carnival Attendant 3 Momtor 3,4, of-f1CE STEPHEN MILLER Track 1 2 Football 1 Mxxed Chorus 2, Dramatxc Club 2 TED MYER Thespran Club 4 Dramat1c Club 3,4 Football 1, , Basketball 1,2 Annual 3 ,4, Photographer 4 Varsrty E 1,2 ,3 4 Presrdent of Class 3,4, Sec Treas 1,2 Base ball 1 Subject Scholarshlp Test 3, Honor Soclety 3 Who's Who 4 Momtor 1,2,3,4 Mrxed Chorus 1 2, Boys' Glee 1,2 JOYCE PREUSS Band 1,2, Majorette 1,2,3,4 Bulldog Revlew 4 GAA 1,3 Y Teens 3 4 Sec Treas 3 Thespxan Club 4 Jr Class Play Mlxed Chorus 1,2 G1rls' Glee 2 Honor Socrety 3 Carnxval Mam Show 4 G1rls' Ensemble 3 4 Off1CB Help 4 Student Councrl 4 Drstnct Contest LARRY RIDENOUR ALAN ROTHE Bulldog 3 4 Basketball 1 3 Track 1 Executive Com mlttee 2,3,4 Homecommg M C 4, Honor Soclety 3 SHELBA SAKEMILLER Thespxan Club 4, Presxdent 4 Dramatxc Club 2 Class Presrdent 1, Y Teens 3,4 G1rls' Glee 1,2,3,4 Jr Class Play F BLA 2,3 FHA 3 Band 1 Ma jorette 4, Carruval Mam Show 4 G1rls' Ensemble 3, DISCIICL Contest 1,2,3,4 TOM SEVITZ Executlve Comm1ttee 2 Devotrons Commlttee 3,4 BEVERLY SHIRK FHA l FB LA 2 Band 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 1 Y Teens 1 GAA 1 NELSON SMITH Boys' Glee 1,2 3 ROSS SMITH Football l,2,3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 1,2 3 4 Mnced Chorus 1,2,3,4 Boys' Glee 2,4 Dramat1c Club 3 4 Thespxan Club 4 Vars1ty E 2,3,4 Jr Class Play Student Councrl 1 2 3 4 Pres1dent 3,4 Honor Soclety 3 Subject Scholarshlp Test 3, Who's Who 3 4 SANDRA SODDERS Y Teens 3 G1rls' Glee 1 2,4 Mlxed Chorus 1 Ma jorette 1 2,3 Thesplan Club 4 Offrce Help 4 G1rls' Ensemble 3 4 Jr Class Play Carruval Attendant 2 Homecommg Queen 4 HARRIET STEMEN Band 1 2,3 Thesplan Club 4, Y Teens 3 V1ce Presx dent 3 G1rls' Glee 1,4 Jr Class Play Carnrval At tendant 4 Journallsm 4 Mrxed Chorus 1 Grrls Ensemble 3 4 GAA 3 LARRY STEMEN FFA 3,4 Treasurer 3, Presrdent 4 Basketball 1 Track BEJB STEMEN Class Presldent 1 Executlve Commxttee 2 Basketball 1,2 ,3 Track 1 Varsrty E 3,4 Honor Soclety 3, HERB STRAYER Varsxty E 3,4 Football 1,2 3 4 Basketball 2 3,4 Base ball 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4, Mrxed Chorus 1,4 Foot ball Co Captaln 4, Basketball Co Captaln BEVERLY SWICK FHA 4 Dramat1c Club 4 Choxr 1 2 BILL TURNER Basketball 1, Football 1,4 DICK WAGNER Football 1 2,3 4 Basketball l,2,3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Mrxed Chorus 2 Dramat1c Club 3 Sergeant at Arms 1 2 Track 1 GENE WARNER Baseball I 2 3 4, Football 1 4 Basketball 1 Varsmty E 2 3 4 MAUREEN WILKINS Y Teens 1 2 3,4 Mrxed Chorus 3,4 G1rls' Glee 3,4 GAA 1,2 G1rls' Ensemble 4 MAURY ZERKEL Basketball 1,2 3,4 Football 1 Baseball l 2 Annual 4 Student Councll 3,4 Executlve Cornmlttee 2 Who's Who 4 Varsrty E 1,2,3 4 ' :ni ax' D A I ' Z! ' ,s ' rr? s ' 3 -s s s - 25 2 I' H ' 5 3 ' 9 s s ' s ' 5 ' s - ,- xl u . - l :P :uri ,val n 9 ' 15 A ' T . 3 . I ,s -- - ,s ,,s ,s s 1 s - .9 Q ' Q . - ' nys: 9 3 Q l ' 1' - s ' , s ', S,- 3 - 3 ' 2' ' 1 S l S I 3 ' -' ' 5 g 1,5 - 9 s . .- S . 9 . S u 1 5 l ' ' v . ' ' . s ' s - s - . ' . - . - I 3 l 7 n sl s 5 ,s 19 - xi - . l 7 l I I ' ,.- s . 9 . - 12' U 7 Help 4, Y-Teens 3, Secretary 3, Who's Who 3. RONNIE STEWART . 5 . . is ,5 Q ' ' ' 5 3 ' 5 4- 3 . S :sl 9 I ' ' 5 ' 3 233 3. ' I l S ' 9 s ' - ' - - if ' " - S ' s ' 1 ' ' ' s s ' s ' ,- s 9 ' ,' ' 5 A S J yi ' xi trys S ' .vi " 'S . S - I 5 3 1 s 1 G s ' s ,s - n i 5 . ,S a S u Q . ' Irv' is i 1,2. ,,. ' rr 3 . S . 5 n , .3 ,s 9 ' - 9' - 1 5 li . if 5 ' , ' s ' ,3,4s " s s ' ' S . S S r' - 9.---3 5 s s - u o . S I 95 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY The frrst thrng that I notrced was the throbbrng of the borlers rn the furnace room I rolled over and felt some thrng rn my back I reached under me and pulled out a book wrth about an rnch of dust on rt I lrt a match and looked at the trtle ENGLISH LITERATURE and LIFE Then thrngs began to dawn on me I had fallen asleep rn the furnace room where I skrpped school every erghth perrod I always went there to study my Englrsh Lrterature l rose up and stretched a brt then went to the furnace room door I passed the door of study hall and then I saw my reflectron rn the wrndow glass Wow' I had a beard at least erght rnches long combed rn a ducktarl I began to wonder just how long I had been asleep, so l went to the General Offrce to look at the calendar It sard May, 1968 lmagrne ten years of my lrfe spent rn the borler room sleeprng' That was just about as bad as the four years I spent sleeprng rn Englrsh class I went down town to Ben's Barber shop to get a shave Whrle wartrng there I prcked up a TV Gurde On the cover was a face vaguely famrlrar It looked lrke and rt was Carolyn Kershner who was openrng at the Stork Club rn New York On the rnsrde cover was a column wrrtten by Charles Kershner, a famous columrust It read as fol lows, Chatter by Chuck Pete Lodge has won a Melvrn for hrs leadrng role rn the "Lrfe Story of Lassre " Murray Mewhorter and Kenny John are ballet dancers for the 'Ballet Russe ' Ronnre Stewart has jorned Rrnglrng Brothers Crrcus as the world' tallest mrdget Beverly Swrck has her own TV Show HEXBICISC Darly wrth Beverly " Beverly Shrrk rs the Murrel Crgar dancer Maury Zerkel, often called the second Pat Boone, has so much fan marl that he had to hrre Herb Strayer for a paper werght Sharry Farr rs makmg her debut as drum solorst at Camegre Hall Head trarner rn the flea crrcus rs Drck Wagner Emelyn Denlrnger rs the blotter for the Ink Spots, whrle Paulrne Herrrng rs playrng thrrd washboard rn Sprke Jones' band Pat Ford has teamed up wrth Tennessee Ernre Ford on the Thursday Nrte Ford Show Ted Myers that wolf that poses as a photographer, and who recently replaced Bob Cummrngs, has been makmg fast trme wrth hrs star model Ina Gamble rn the dark room I also saw that on Channel 5 the program, "For Krds Only," Tom Sevrtz, Terry Holla: and Paul Herrrng were entertarnrng the chrldren And sure enough old Tom had on hrs now famous cowboy boots On channel 10, the wrestlrng brll rncluded a tag team match between Joltrng Joyce Preuss wrth Angry Anrta Lapham versus Bouncrng Brenda Krdd wrth Jackre Lloyd Mattrngly The referee was Hammerlock Harrret Steman who had held the world s trtle of the longest hammerlock rn wrestlrng hrstory She put a hammerlock on poor Joan Hobbs and held rt for srx hours From Ben, the barber I leamed the whereabouts of my other classmates Marram Mann and Rosalre Gannon were sent as good wrll ambassadors to Gomer Mary Frshpaw was sent to Russra to convrnce Khrushchev that he ought to be the frrst man rn space He was so pleased wrth the rdea, that Mary sent hrm way out rn space And of course Bloody Mary has ruled Russra ever smce Art Deane who had just won the Nobel Prrze rn Scrence, was countrng the frlters rn Vrceroy crgarettes and he drscovered that there were only 19,000 frlter traps rn every Vrceroy crgarette Mrckey Altenburger got cold feet and commrtted surcrde before an Englrsh Lrterature test Alan Rothe rs wrrtrng the Phoebe Goodheart's advrce to the lovelorn column rn the LIMA CITIZEN Ronnre Kruse rs a member of a Senate lnvestrgatmg Commrttee rnvestrgatrng the Elrda Junror Semor proms Hrs srster, Bonrta, was the frrst woman to be drafted rnto the Navy s frogman drvrsron J rm Frshpaw and Hrs wrfe, Marrlyn, the former Marrlyn Mrller have frve sons playrng on the Elrda Mrdget Football Team Mrs Sandra Jacobs, at one trme Mrss Sandra Sodders has frve daughters gorng steady wrth the frve Frshpaw boys Ward Green feeds the grraffes at the Toledo Zoo, and Larry Steman tests Craft's Cosy Coffrns at Chrles and Son's Funeral home Maureen Wrlkrns, Mary Hartley and Judy Martrn are redcaps at the Elrda Trarn Termrnal Perhaps the most successful graduate rs Gene Warner who bought out Rockefeller s rnterest rn Standard Orl What I heard about Nelson Smrth has me really worrred It seems that he wanted to be a hermrt so he dug a hole and pulled rt rn after hrm lt sounds strange but Nelson always was shy I then prcked up a newspaper wrth the glarrng headlrnes, "Are we headed for another Depressron?" The News paper mentroned about a meetrng of the Presrdent wrth hrs newly prcked cabrnet Presrdent Wrllram Turner had selected for the cabrnet posts many rnterestrng qualrfred people Sec of State was Larry Rrdenour, Sec of Agrr culture was Farmer Wrllram Koch Sec of Defense was Jon Buchanan, Sec of Labor was James "Charlre" Chap man who was well qualrfred for the job The Postmrstress General was Mary Cheney, who had experrence wrth the post offrce rn Hrgh School A new cabrnet post was created called the Dept of Wrld Lrfe, headed by Shelba Sake rller James Lrbert has also been elected "Vrce Presrdent ' When I read about the people runnrng our country I decrded to go back to the Furnace Room and frnrsh read rng my Englrsh Lrterature Perhaps I can fall asleep agarn and when I wake up thrngs wrll be better Yours truly, Ross Smrth 96 . . , . . , . . . . . . ' 1 . , -, . . . . . S . . . ' 1 1 " ' 1 1 . . 1 - 1 , . . . . . , - . , . . . . " l . , . . , . . . . . . . . 9 n ' a ' 5 . ' . - , . u l - . . . . , In 5 . . . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I SENIOR S LAST WILL Mrckey Altenburger, w1ll my accxdent free dr1v1ng record to Drck Ladd Jon Buchanan, w1ll my GOOD Plymouth to Larry Holler Jxm Chapman, w1ll my shotgun to bone crusher Mary Cheney, w1ll my ab1l1ty to w1n a speech contest to Mr Hayduk A hut Deane, w1ll Emelyn Denl1nger, w1ll Mr Sluss a 5,000 page term paper to grade Sharry Faxr, w1ll a years supply of dxapers to Mr Pnnce Jxm Frshpaw, w1ll my seat ln study hall to anybody who wants to sleep Mary Flshpaw, w1ll my mabrhty to control my blushmg to Penny Lodge Pat Ford, w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along w1th Mr Le1s to any up comrng mrschlef maker Ina Gamble w1ll my dlmples to Judy Danlels Rosalxe Gannon, w1ll my shorthand book and my 50 shorthand tablets back to Mrs Workman Ward Green, wxll my abrlxty to sklp and get away w1th rt to anybody m the Jumor year Mary Hartley, w1ll my old beat up locker to any Jumor who wants rt Paul Herrmg, w1ll my Enghsh book to anyone that wants It Paulme Herrmg, wxll my hobo l1fe and crazy, lazy ways to Lmda Sroufe Joan Hobbs w1ll my ab1l1ty to type stenc1ls to next years typlst for the BULIDOG REVIEW Good Luck Terry Hollar, w1ll my abrhty to stay m the same school for twelve years and not get expelled to those who can t Kenny John, w1ll my abxhty to get along w1th one g1rl to Gale Cnsenbery Brenda Krdd, w1ll my abrhty to get along w1th one Mrs Workman to Mr Sluss and Mr Hayduk B111 Koch, w1ll Barme Holtzapple my ab1l1ty to wear pants low and not lose them Bon1ta Kruse, w1ll my brother s car to the brave person who would dare try drrvmg It Ron Kruse, w1ll my brother my ab111ty to play cards 1n school and get away w1th rt Anlta Lapham, w1ll my real pony tall to Ruth Stemen J1m Llbert, w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along w1th Mr Le1s and Mr Swank to Denms L Stemen Pete Lodge, w1ll all three of my bone crushmg tackles to Carl Pennell Mar1an Mann, w1ll Mr Sluss to the Bulldog Revxew Staff and Mrs Workman to the Annual because I l1ke 'frrewor Judy Martrn, w1ll the lucky on comlng senrors to the Elxda Hxgh School Jackle Mattmgly, w1ll my smrle to Mr Hayduk Murray Mewhorter, w1ll my old Number 42 football Jersey to Gary Scott Manlyn M1Iler, w1ll my qu1etness to my sxster Sharon Stephen Mlller, w1ll my ab1l1ty to pass Amerrcan H1story to Chuck Kershner Ted Myers, w1ll my abrhty to get along w1th Mr Greenway to Rxchard Archer Joyce Preuss, w1ll my frmshed bookkeepmg projects w1th the nght' ' answers xn them to Jrm Routson and Ed Sxtcler and to the on commg and unsuspectrng bookkeepmg class Alan Rothe, w1ll my abrhty to get out of study hall to Tom Byerly Shelba Sakemxller, wxll the S45 I2 pard for summer school back to Mr Sluss for the needy Annual Staff Tom Sevrtz, w1ll my good looks and cowboy boots to B111 Evans Beverly Sh1rk, w1ll my Amerlcan I-hstory book and all the trouble It has caused me back to Mr Sluss Nelson Smlth, w1ll Mrs Workman to the Annual Staff of the years to come Ross Smrth, w1ll to Mrs Workman a new vxolm She has worn the old one out Sandra Sodders, w1ll my semor year to my srster Janet Larry Stemen, w1ll my f1rst penod Enghsh class to anyone who can stay awake Harnet Stemen, w1ll my record player to Mr Hayduk so he can play Macbeth to next year's senror class Ron Stewart, w1ll my tall, neat, handsome stature to Bob John Herb Strayer, w1ll my abllxty to mumble through Latm to any unlucky person who can not translate lt next year Beverly Swxck, w1ll my ab111ty to smg to anyone who wants xt B111 Tumer, w1ll my newly acqurred abrlxty to foresee the future to whoever wants It D1ck Wagner, w1ll my athletlc ab1l1ty to Carl Pennell Gene Warner, w1ll my drlvmg ab1l1ty to dear Ronme Shafer and Mr Crxtes Maureen WIIICJDS, w1ll my ab1l1ty to stay out of trouble to Ann Ymger Maury Zerkel, w1ll my ab1l1ty to skrp school and get away w1th xt to D1ck Ladd and Gale Cnsenbery 97 9 1, . u . . . . . I , Q 1 . 1 , v Q 1 1 . I3 rt Il ' ll---. . ' Y 1 . 1 . . 1 u . , n 1 1 1 . . . , . , . - . , I , . I . . C , 1 1. 1 -' ' I 1 I , 1 w 1 1 . Q , . 1, 7 .g . . . . . I ' , 1 1.1. I 1 1 Q , 1 . 1 . 1 1 . 1 , 1 ' s 1 1 1 1 . , . I, Dave McDonald, will my book entitled, "The Do's and Don'ts of Public Speaking," to Mr. Hayduk. I . . I . . . , I ' ks-ll I, . . - . . . . ' I, . . . . l l 1, ' ' . 1, . . . . . i I, . . . . . . . I, . . . . . . . I, p a 1 . . I, ' ' . ' . , . I, . . . I I, . .A . . . . . I, ' ' . . I, . . . . . I I I, . . . . 1, .... . A , . u . . l , . , . , . , . , . , . . , . , . 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' . ' 101 ' ' 116 ' ' 120 ' 119 ' ' 123 ' 119 Delphos Poultry 127 Superior Coach Corporation 131 . . , . 120 . 12 ' 118 ' ' 102 ' ' 129 ' 129 ' 1 6 116 125 ' 120 ' ' 10 ' 111 107 ' ' 115 Gr S 106 ' ' 110 121 ' ' 120 113 ' 100 100 106 " ' 113 127 123 101 130 ' 116 s ' ' ' 117 ' ' 130 I 128 1 100 122 ' 100 b 102 ' ' 124 . ' h 128 ' ll 100 ' 106 98 . -1 'E I if' .Q, WX-. Q-Q-lb fra-Q4 fx-...A-q.Qfp rlvlfislrfll q4w--, --,- 9, - :-5 ,K wMg,Nff Ad 82 llilp RALPH S FINE FOODS L AND L GROCERY Quality Meats 2102 Eluda Rd l-,mg Ohm Corner Robb and Eluda Rd Ph CA 4 6946 Earl D Beyer Limo Ohio MUSSER S SOHIO SERVICE Duck Musser 8. .loe Pontrng 2115 North West Street Lima Ohio HAROLD S SUPER MARYET Park and Save On North West St off Robb Ave Where Ma Saves Pa s Dough Lnma Ohuo gk SP fomplzments Compliments MQHLER 5 FLOWERS MACK CAMERA STORE 1052 1060 Bellefontome Avenue 126 W Marker I-'mg O11lO Phone CA 9 7701 CA 5 9711 Llmc Ohio Phone CA 5 5876 Her face xs her iortume and 1t. runs mto a nlce flgure 100 7 o n - . . - ' . . - ' , . 1 1 I . ,G , , 2 F I 'x n n 'E M . . I 1 V dw . Zag . . . . lf fx - 'X of of ,- 9 - A 0 If It s Worth Protecting lt Should Be Insured with R VILLE DAVISSON SOLIDAY SULLIVAN Flne Furniture and Appliances All Forms o Insurance 2l85 N West St Lima Ohuo l002 National Bunk Bldg I-'ma Ohm Phone CA 2 3908 E G McGahon Complzments SILVER STAR PASTRY SHOP BLACKIE S MARKET Boosters of Good Sports Bakers of Good Postrles 2315 North west Street Lama Oheo Lama Ohio Congratulauons from MEADOW GOLD DAIRY If he can remember so many jokes Wxth all the detazls that mold them Why can t he recall w1th equal slull How many t1mes he s told them? 101 , I ll 0 o I f - Compliments of of f 1 2 - I I - r TIP TOP SANDWICH SHOP or 312 N Mann Street Lima Ohuo Cheers to the Leader lways havlng lust what the student wants In Teen Pan Alley for gurls on the 2nd Floor Annex and In the Store for Hugh School Men Hugh Street Entrance THE LEADER body Llmo Ohio Actor Dlck Erdman had tlus motto lettered on hrs car Some of the world s bravest women pass through t.hese doors Boss replymg to employee askmg fora :arse Of course you re worth more than you re gettmg Morton Why don t you let up a brt? GLEN Copus FLORIST THE CITIZENS LOAN 8- BUILDING CO Ph CA 5 5806 Llma One Mule South of Allentown 209 North Mann St Organized March 25 1882 Ohio 102 F a ' ' . I f - ' : n I .ll F Q Y Q . ' ' ' : ll I I ' . I ' n , 1 . I 990433041 'U wg E5 mag 252 wil! :Nfl GQ., D-Mgr om" FH msg O.-.cn BSE 'AID 'mi ni 36 my -:fu Q '.ggA,. biosm QQ 90 0 00 'glxgges COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF LIMA I'lve Convenient Offices Public Square Cook Tower East Elm and Bellefontal e Allentown Road and Kemlworth and Spencervnlle O Member Youth 15 a w Federal Reserve System FDIC o nderful thang What a cnme to wast on ch11dren ef 'WW Wav 'B Mummy as that a Canadian? Courtesy of Maclean s 104 l I I 'n . I u . . ' ' . ' e it ' , It Ati, 5,2 A To '- 45:5 ' " X ,, Q , I ' ' A. 1 r.. f' K ' if . .Ts -Y lv x M A N's lm n - - rl , . r 140 West Hugh Street Llma, Ohio He was so narrow m1nded he could see through a keyhole wlth two eyes ilfrswn ilk ff ff ffm' J ZF-9132-'V W ' Courtesy of Maclean s MACLEAN S 105 h N N 4 5 flak V , , ' . , . . 'z. Jr. . ' -L ?5'z ' .1 Q' L " ,ry ' AP- 1 .: ws BTI' I ' w ef a ' "" . Y ' N' .1 ' ' 1 5 If Q U fl ' K' , 4. "3 f' X 2 - if J ' 'P . gf xl I 1 '.f Two Houses 0 Courteous Service EL PAR MOTOR SALES 550W Elm Lima Ohio Chrysler lmperlol Dodge Plymouth 512 W Hugh Lima Ohio Where Customers Send Their Friends THElJMALUMBERCO MAGNESSPOULTRY Everythmg Ln Buzldmg Materzals Hardware ci Kztchens wholesale 8' Rehn' Ph 31247 Penn R R 8. Delphos Ave CA 5-6010 l204 N Cole St Llma Ohao Lima Ohio Greetings to the Class o 1958 GREGGS Lima Ohlo 106 f u . I . . I . , . . The world is full of willing peopleg some willing to work, the rest willing to let them. f FRANK A HEATH FURN ACES Speclallzlng ln ARMSTRONG Indoor Sunshine FURNACES Converslon Burners Arr Condntlonmg COAL"GAS"O1L Service and Repairs on all Makes X Furnace Cleaning Free Estimates ROOFING SPOUTING Phone CA 4 1736 1714 North Cole Street Llmu Ohso 24 Hour Service BUNGALOW PHARMACY Congratulatrons Class o '58 Prescription Drugglsts RENZ S BAKERY Phone CA 6 9516 Slnce 1887 Market at Baxter L'm0 Ohm Llma Ohio RANGE STEAK HOUSE Steaks Chlcken Chops 2144 Elsda Road Special Sunday Dinners Owned 81 Operated by Mutt Kc Lee Shaw CA 5 8928 Lama Ohio 107 O ll f I ' 81 . ,, . By working faithfully eight hours a day, you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day. f I I . I THE OHIO STEEL FOUNDRY CO 1907 F1ft1eth Anmversary 1957 L1ma Oh1O IXWIRMW ksth 108 1 The Family Dedicated to Service T R CHILES 8 SON FUNERAL HOME Lima s Largest Funeral Chapel Ambulance lDay or Nlghfy Oxygen Resusclfafor and Inhalator Thomas R Chiles Russell M Clu Howard R Loman Harold S Chiles CA 6-6015 CA 6-6025 109 Q Q - ' ' n Q Q ' ' P . . . 'les . . . . Best Wzshes rom SCHAFFT ER S GARAGE Complete eep Sales 81 SCIVICC Lumo Phone CA 9 5736 1608 Elndu Rd Ohio Llmc Hunk Armunfrout ZENDER MUSIC STORE Fme Musical Instruments HL FL Phonographs 134 E Hugh Pvt What s the best way to teach a g1r1 to swlm? Pfc Fnst you put your left arm around her W3-1St then you gently take her left hand and Pvt She s my sxster Pfc Oh push her off the dock 110 f 9 J . ' .. O. Compliments Of RADIO STATION WIMA 233 North Main Lima Compliments Of WESTERN OHIO Ohm LUMBER Co Congratulatzons an Best Wzshes to the Class 0 1958 Large or Small We Can Furnish AII Lumber Busldlng Maternal I24 E Vane Sf CENTRAL SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 2I5 W Market Lama Ohuo Llmq Ohio PI1OI'le 2 AMa1ne logger fresh from the b1g woods was watclung a store clerk open a package of gaxly colored men s pajamas What's them? he asked P Jamas Pajamas? echoed the logger Why you wear them mghts ' th clerk explamed 'Want to buy a pa.1r?' 'Nothmg domg sard the logger I don't go nowhere mghts except to bed K f O 1-fx M NL-al W 2 2 1-as 5343, Page S told are taking a cruise down south we you-but my how for south" Courtesy of True Adventure 111 d ... li' I i l . . . . . . , N 7 ' g , t H' Q I , I . -A 1 U ll n ' GN Q u a- 'U ? ' lr -,Ish l-LIN ' ll ' n u Q D Q, ,,,h9ml - - .-- "Wha.t are they for?" tv P - i u::::::L g - H J D I 1 I E t if H I K I ' . I ugln ' -:Q A I ' ' II ' Y I : 9 5 I I ' , . 5 , II - . s ' 1 -' . ', - - ' Q ,Q bi : I . O . N . ' n n f .5 no 23 i 6' -1 N I dxa h d I r Qunhty S nc 921 IN DIAN HEAD ARCHERY MFG CO Mail Address Box 303E - Lima Ohio Salesroom at 600 Victory Ave Phone CA 6 2826 Bows Arrows Targets Raw Materials ln fact everything for the archer Servmg 4rc-hers All over the World wzth Iualzty Servzce Courtesy smce 1921 Over 400 Good Bows In Stock all the Time Over 500 Dozen Arrows on Hand all the Time Safe Unbreakable Glass Bows from S3 95 up to the Fully Working Recurve Models at S39 50 Also Full Lune of Bear Root Fleetwood Stream eze Etc Ever Hunt with a Bow??7 Ever Shoot Carp with o Bow7"'7 If Not You Are Mlsslng the Greatest of All Sportsll Come nn and See Us for Detauls OzroM Wulsey owner Dale Stever Ellda H S 1956 shop foreman Just about the mme you thmk you can make both ends meet somebody moves Lhe ends l I A ,'.':5f-g, STAR CARPET CLEANING CO. Credit with Hart " East To Start Rug, Carpet, Upholstery Cleaning St Repairing JEWELERS 426 South Main Street 126 West High Street nRemember . . ' Clean Rugs Los' Longer., Diamonds - Watches - Silverware - Radios Luggage - Appliances Phone CA 6-3791 I-imc Ohio Limo Ohio Ph. MI 0-3811 Complete Accident Service Compliments Towing Service SMITH 5 GARAGE HI GRADE DAIRY BAR REPAIR AND BODY WORK Tlres Batteries and Accessories R 30 South 1215 W Wayne St Ellda 01-,lo Lima Ohio 'X Mak y Introducmg Thomas Alva Edlson at a dmner the toastmaster mentioned lus many mventlons dwelhng at length on the talkmg maclune The aged xnventor then rose to hrs feet smrled and sard gently thank the gentleman for h1s kmd remarks but I must msrst upon a correcuon God mvented the talkrng machine I only rnvented the frrst one that can be shut off 113 . . of , 1 . I . I . P ff I c Y 0 x' f,' C y' 1 I . I .. . . ,' .l ., I . .I , :.nI mm SIOUX HONEY Q f QQ an eyehll of ASSOCIATION ECUNDNIIGS F80 Wm! lrc replaced pl Inlu rn llllllllll am H ut quuhon xx X mt to he uma IV X IU 5.3. ll'-lll .1 40watt mb 'X :uid when, 1 100 wdttu " lk -2 -'l-H1111 In 510411 ffafvfy 4ssa5'f4ffm Phone CA 2 2751 llll ll ll 11- OHIO POWER 01 X! Mama Skunk was worned because she could never keep track of her two chxldren They were named In and Out, and whenever In was 1n, Out was out, and rf Out was 1n, In was out One day she called Out m to her and told lum to go out and bnng In ln So Out went out and 1n no time at all he brought In 1n Wonderful' sald Mama Skxmk 'I-low, 1n all that great forest, could you fmd h1m m so short a t1m ? "It was easy," a1 ln sun ' 5 114 CANDYLAND DAN'S Home Made Ice Cream 437 South Mann Street Lima Ohlo Corner Central 8. Circular'Sts. 32Ol W. Elm St. 'l'l2l Latham Ave. East Main St., Cridersville 940 Elida Road, Delphos The Home of Nationally Advertised Brands PANGLES MASTER MARKETS WRIGHT S GARAGE Sohlo Servuce Ph MI 0 2704 See Your Doctor First Then Take Your Prescrcptuons To The ARGONNE DRUG STORE Harold Prlmmer Corner Hugh Sr Elizabeth Streets Allemown QI-no Phone CA 2 2771 Lama Ohio 'N 1 cl Courtesy of Cavalrer ai, N'. 'N .le ... jfjf I rr I e--N N 5 .... 4 ' --- u?Sw Qu, 325-3' 1 X Y VAUE HIHN 'ma He else took e blq piece of my wfe s homemade cake He couldn f have gotten very far A soldrer called at the chaplam s Off1C9 Ijust came to ask you he saxd whether you th.1n.k rt s rrght for any person to profrt by the mrstakes of others? Most certamly not The so1d1er bnghtened and held out has hand Then perhaps you'11 return the dollar I gave you last June for marryrng me 115 ' , HU lv ' .' ' , . A ' fb qs f . so " F, 5 -' X, 1 if ,4bAi.,4,n lj Im N p 71' I M p '- f ' --- og N Q' A 'A ge' mu WEBB INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. QI2 Wes? High Street Box 59 Lima Ohio v 1 Phone: CA 2-3075 ,f Hartford Fire Insurance Company Agency Best Wishes for YOUR success, we hope that you will let us help you, just as we have helped others before you. Make This Your Bank! THE METROPOLITAN BANK Lima Ohio The Bank for Everyone Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Home Killed Grade A Young Steers THE ALLENTOWN MARKET 3397 Allentown Rd Ph Ml 0 23I3 STI PPICH HARDWARE Estabilshed 'I927 300 306 N Main St Opposite Courthouse fl- +223 M .IW ssimmmkuuu fW.M..ixWIl umhm Z- My famlly tlunks there s somethmg wrong WICII me, woman complamed to the psychoanalyst s1mp1y be cause I 11ke buckwheat cakes But there s nothmg wrong about hkmg buckwheat cakes I hke them myself do you? The woman was de hghted 'You must come up some day I have seven trunks Q,- my rw MM 1nsNu.wo.aU.1mf.sXl1 mu., Courtesy of Cavah er rv! LAR Fmcic . I ,fe N ' 1 I L W az I vNP A' L -, ll ' ' U ll ' - I ' , .ll I I . . ,ln Awww' rl NMNIVINLJ, ,WMM Wwwmwwdmu the .doctor murmuredi phxgied. ' I ll - L . 0 , A I 1- M- ' Q ' " "' X L S, lilgi '13 X .. --Tl'-.L V Aki - IJ' -A1 a M. V L . 116 Complzments 0 HOLTZAPPLE WHITE ROCK FARM Producers of R 0 P White Rocks for combined egg ond meat profits HOLTZAPPLE White Nrcks 81 F I Vantress X W R or Bro' ers HOLTZAPPLE New K 137 Krmber CHIKS fStrorn Cross Leghorn, for hrghesf egg producfron of EARLY LARGE EGGS HOLTZAPPLE WHITE ROCK FARM Phone MI 0-2551 Elldu Ohio THE CLASS OF 1958 m 1948 117 Q . . n a u - . . - n a . -I - . - o , . ' , A ' ' . M'-.ilu-U,-' ' ' X good CBZZJCLZ Elida Boosters Club T0 THE SENIOR CLASS AND MAY THEIR FUTURE BE AS SUCCESSFUL AS THEIR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS ZYDQCTS THE BOOSTERS ARE TRYING TO DO A FINE PIECE OF WORK SO LET S SHOW OUR APPRECIATION AND BOOST THE BOOSTERS IIB I My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there. STRAYER S MARKET Quality Groceries an Meats Phone MI 0 2532 Elldo OIWIO Courtesy of the STRONG STRONG a STRONG Bulldog RCVICW Staff Archntects Limo Ohio 119 9 d Delphc The DCIPIIOS Chevrolet - Buick PRINTING AND PUBLISHING Company The Delphos Daily Herald The Delphos Twice A Week Courrant Specializing in Good Dependable Service After the Sale DELPHA CHEVROLET C0 Delphos Ohio LION CLOTHING Delphos Dress Right You Con t Afford Not To Complzments WEGER S Your Fabric Center Dry Goods Draperies an Window Accessories Delphos Ohio Cluldren aren't happy w1th nothmg to xg note And that s what parents were created OI HARTER AND SON FUNERAL HOME Delphos Oh1O Phone 4021 4 J Day and Night Road and PWM for Every Surface Wrecker Servuce Cochran Chpnamel Pamts Paints LADD,S PURE OIL Rayner Overhead Garage Doors Phones MI 0 2301 MI o 2695 CITY PAINT 8- SUPPLY On U S 30 S 209 S Mann Ellda Ohm Delphos Ohio Complzments o C0"lPh"'e"'S SHEETER MOTOR SALES Dodge Plymouth Dr STIPPICH Dodge Job-Rated Trucks Direct Factory Dealer 502 N Mann Ph 4661 Delphos Ohuo Delphos Ohio ROAD SIGNS Slgn on left rear of truck Passmg S1de on the nght Sxucxde Along a hxghway 1n Tennessee Take nouce when tlus sxgn IS under water tlus road 15 mlpassable At Lynbrook Long Island where the congestlon of trafic IS most annoymg a Slgn talmtmgly says If you hved here you'd be home now' The harassed dnver approachxng a narrow pass on a. tortuous Rocky Mountam road IS confronted by the reassunng sxgn Oh yes you can Nhlllons have' CA ALIKR S XS G u m L17 I H ' 9 You und pull over you didnt say which way Courtesy of Cavaher 122 ' - f Of . ' u - - n - ' ! 7 7 I' P ' ,, . . ,, . . ,, . . . . . . . , , . . . ,, . . . , , . . . . . ,, . M , A 1 ,- u - - n I . , , , . . v PQ- ."1.'."-151-' r -'I 4 x '. V' 'X - 6 if , u - A, .JS I A' Y I ,1 ' 4 -P I . ' X mvl' 4,1 V ,, I. ' ,, MCA 'SIM' lgqfci I . . 1 lj' tl' ,hi See Us for Anything in the Building Line. If We Don't Have It We Will Get lt. DELPHOS BUILDERS SUPPLY A Savings Account is o good start toward o successful life. 711 N. Main St. Delphos O. Complzments ED H HOELDERLE 8- C0 Plumbing Heotmg Ph 2 1871 Delphos Ohio Estalal :shed 1877 Some cause happmess wherever they go others whenever they go SCILDCC IS resourceful It couldn t pry open the Pullman wmdows so lt a1r condxmoned the tram 1 1 Of . . . . . 'Wei' - , V. N 'f- - ,Q ' W ' ' QW A' 4 S . 1 . , . J " ' .,. 0DENWELLER'S Clothes for Men and Boys Delphos SUSIE Q DRIVE INN RESTAURANT Car Service Year Around Bellefontaine and Kibby Sts. Lima, Ohio DELPHOS BUILDERS SUPPLY Lumber Mull Work 711 N Mom St Ph 2 6936 Delphos Ohio BINDEL APPLIANCE The Home of Fngldalre Maytag Hoover lronrrte Tappan 210 212 South Mann St Phone6 1781 Llma Ohno Around mxdmght, the absent mmded professor left hrs berth rn the sleepmg car for a dunk of water Upon hrs retum, he found he was lost He appealed to the porter for help Don't you remember the number of your berth?" the porter asked 'I m afrald not, rephed the professor ' Haven't you any rdea where rt was?" asked the porter Why, yes,' the professor brrghtened, ' to be sure I drd notxce one txme th1s aftemoon that the wmdow looked out on a httle lake ' in 91 124 I u - ll - - - - - I . -' 1 ' 1 . I " A ' 3 , A4 . Q : Lg! , QC 1 4,1 If E ' f E we I I V .I ' I ll - n - 0 , . . . ll I - l . ' - N , .' fi 103 ' , , 3, 'QL' xfgqau' 4-mfilln 'MM HND A mev1nla0U""""" Sflmllewggpz 'Ugawmv ivy. kaaymb-.Q I NMMQRYQ' ik 'H-asv "7S,31Buw-Qu g,,,8" M'Aq,,a,,,,,.,, When shopping ln Delphos remember Mio Q M Mage., we ,W SHENK S we iibfml v lillg 1 lhflinqhl wnwvv' Mann.:-!A9,Iol' 0 Q 3 l Home owned slnce 1876 qnpwxmn' I NNN' ww' AMHWQWI Clint? CIM: and Heavy Rn! Coding 'fisvv-rm. E un ve lunlngun if Q. Wham Compliments 0 BRENNEMAN PLG HTG and STALLKAMP DRUG5 ELECTRICAL SALES and SERVICE The Prescription Drug Sfore Phone Ml O 2043 Delphos Ohio Elldo Ohio When the Llberty Loa.n Company m Detro1t was burglanzed the caught culpnts were asked why they tned thxs partxcular job. The :mswer was loglcal. They rephed, "After all, the sxgn says 'Need Money? Come on 1n "' 195 THE FARMERS BANK OF ELIDA Elldo Ohio Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation There was an Old Person of Tung Who, when somebody asked her to smg, Rephed, ' Aren't rt odd? I can never tell 'God Save the Weasel' from 'Pop Goes the Kmg A woman was marlmg the old famrly B1b1e to her mother m a drstant crt The postal clerk exammed the heavy package carefully and mqurred 1f lt contamed anythmg breakable No mg but the Ten Commandments," came the qu1ck reply ' .IH . . I . . Y. ' . . . . 'J . th- Fancy Dressed Poultry Fresh Eggs Poultry Supplies DELPHA POULTRY PRODUCTS Delphos Ohlo Phone 7651 102 N Mann Sf MAY BROS OIL CO Distributors of Mobll Gas and Olls Congratulatzons and B est Wzshes THE BAND Sold All Over the World One angry skunk to another So ao you' Bklkllflkllillvlflkllflllillllillfllillvkilfllillfllf If there were more self starters the boss wouldn t have to be a crank lklbklklklkvlvkvklklklkllvklkikfbkivlf A whale of a ballplayer IS one who wexghs 280 pounds and 1t s all blubber 24170 3'9LAf6W6'C0 www il l? warg i Q X 7s -I-'42 'M 10 CHRISTY EQUIPMENT C0 John Deere New Holland Cobey Farm Machlnery Lama Ottawa KRUSE SOHIO SERVICE Road Service Accessories Car Washing Tires Baffernes "We appreciate your serv ce M 3 Elnda Ohio Smcere Best Wzshes to the Semors or the Future LEODA DAVIDSON S BEAUTY SHOP MI 0 2362 Ellda Ohlo This joke came from a Russian magazine 1 I rf' fl 7 If QA I I 1 -f llx 'Q 128 RAABE MOTOR SALES INC Delphos Ford Dealer THE ELIDA FARMERS De'Ph0S Ohio EQUITY EXCHANGE CO 606 08 10 NORTH MAIN ST LIIVIA OHIO Dealers in Gram Feed Cool Seeds Tue Gasoline Fenceposfs Phone MI 0 2293 Elida Ohio VARSITY SHOP Sportswear Clothing Furm shmgs YOUNG MEN AND BOYS Phone 4-2816 . ---- .I V R 1 1 f "' 224 North Mean sf. Lim, ohio IW 1 I '- 4 1 E 5 I 129 C 1- of G K MILLER of CLINT MILLER amp l"Le"'S of OPTOMETRISTS PAULINES BEAUTY sHoP Delphos Ohlo Ph 2 2831 M 0 2111 Eludo Ohlo Complzme nts o THE SCHERGER MEMORIALS 507 511 North Mann Sf Delphos Ohlo Complzments HOLMES BROS MARKET Ellda Ohlo Two voxces were heard I love you sa1d the one Ouch' yelled the other I love you. Ouch' It was two porcupmes neckmg 40112106001IHOPlkiidokifilkwkilvklkilkddfiifivkiddfidfifvkdvrdvkidriki There s a thmg to remember Though It doesn't seem true A11 the Jokes that you hear Were really once new' 130 I O 1 I ' . 1 - I ' " , - fsj ' is :Fw ' W 1 A3 ,d MV' I 1' - . n n - . ll .ll , , n n ll ll , . . o 1 1 - C0 ES Q The true test oi civilization is, not the census nor the size of cities, nor the crops - no but the kind of man the country turns ou R alph W aldo Fmerson C xvxllzatlon SUPERIOR COACH CORPORATION Limo Ohio Give a woman an lnch and she thmks she's a ruler 131 A I T O G RA P H 5 Jv U KK am H5 X "SUE S ll 1216091909 ang 'Q' H u? Q W 5-Bl L, -- U ' L im Y, Ll t :l E699 I - U f Q TC I gxg I Kx f We , QL E, V9 K 1 Q lJE3E1E 3535353

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