Elida High School - Reflector Yearbook (Elida, OH)

 - Class of 1957

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? qi Tk, 3 i .FHL I+ 3 hw FLT X22-2,fh g ??"q'- X ff' Q f- ,. rf' i X'-s . Z7 Z- 1 PJ ? fi.:1-'L 5 'gQH, E E S H6 5 f gQQQQ ff" 'Q j aaa- 'l "1' ' n Di I ll-- -lv V' - g , x , 1, iq-Q? ---- F JT' -N T X S it LL ani f- 1 ' 1 X f AQ W L I! ,V an ..........-, .FL ...X,.TxT'l ff ' ik ff m f H f if A -3 f-1, ' xixx , - f 2 Z, In + f , ' X ,S 1:3 'X I f , ' , fl ,..... -us Q K Y 4, ,,,?-- -- ' F- I Z, Z 4 lv f ' v "' .lo V Zff 5. 1 j F -l ciigllp ' ' ' dl'J W 5 ' NT- Aff! -A 4 if , " ' , v W J, ff""" ,,..g4.477 2 ffiifu ' Xi1'j,: - 1 I i 5 M " " --- iQ df, MW- --.Qi - V -- ----j4i-q-W M-AV. ML,- ZQXF4-,1i,D E ' -- Q- A M fin'-ff ,. 5 ,A mv , Tvllixxk - , ' , 'mfftz 'CA + -iT"""-"'- ---- --M--W--. , fn, e, . -w,,,Q1g ., ,W A :lf-" X :ff 4""' ' 'b'AQ',' Ma! 'M c 1.3 at i 'dv Y-dv-.Y v,T our y , GOSPEL LIGHT PRESSWQ "' ' Q,fl3.:.xci- - - W - 5 ' A HEAR YE! HEAR YE! T0 WHCM IT MAY CONCERN This is the order in which our annual is organized: The Dedication Ancient Ruins llfacultyj The Pages fGrade School Studentsj The Squires QHigh School Students! Senior Pictures Tournaments lActivitiesl Merchant Guilds QAdvertisersj Mr. Mcssinger Mrs. Long, Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Hollar, Mrs. Best, Mrs. Zerkcl JA ITORS Mr. Foust Mr. Morris, Mr. Baxter is I I Dedication In 1951 you came to Elida from Heidelberg College to teach your first year of school. During this first year you were made advisor of the Elida MEMORIES. Six years later we salute you, for, through years of hard work and much effort, you have built a yearbook of which we can be proud. In this year of 1957 we wish to dedicate this annual to you, Paul Sluss, and hope you have many more happy years though we, the MEMORIES staff, will not be here to enjoy them with you. Here is your annual of 1957! The Annual staff, 1957 .III I wish to commend the 1957 MEMORIES STAFF for the fine edition of this yearbook. This annual summary of events and activities illustrates the time and effort which you have contributed in making our school a wholesome place to live. These activities should contribute positively to the growth of the student. As you read the stories and view the pictures in this book, you will recall the happy events which portray the efforts of participating in these organi- zations of your school life. We hope that the curriculum of our school is designed to fit the learner for a rapid changing society. Also, our instruction should fit the abili- ties, interests, and experiences of all. I believe the public is aware of a wholesome interest in education. This is shown by the public's investing a great amount of money toward the construction of a new school building. I wish to congratulate the graduating class of '57 and wish them a very prosperous, happy, and use- ful life. IV To Annual Staff: I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of MEMORIES and their advisors, Miss Edwards and Mr. Sluss, for their splendid efforts in producing the yearbook. Much planning, organization and hard work goes into the production of any worthy publication. As our school has grown through the years, so has MEM- ORIES shown growth both in size and workmanship. The yearbook is a fine mirror of student life and activity. Its pictures and stories will help students to retain cherished memories of school activities and school friends. The best of luck to the '57 MEMROIES STAFF and their advisors with the sincere hope that this year's annual will be the finest yet. M- -ss' King Darrell and His Knights of the Round Table Branson Holtzapple, Herb Zerkel, Herb Boate, Darrell Crider, Harold Metzger, Wallace Brenneman LIBRARIAN Mrs. Pauline Little MA ID Marian Holtzapple I S. NURSE Mary Rampe Ancient Ruins Q S Mrs. JEANETTE ASKINS Miss ETH-EL E- BED-F-R B.S. in Educationg Bowling Grecn State University 7th and 8th grade music Mrs. PEARL CO1-IEE Ball State Teachers Collegeg A.B. Indiana University Elementary Music, Girls Gle French II B.A., Ohio Wesleyang Univei sity of Chicago Latin II Mr. DON T. CRIT ES B.S. Bluffton Collegeg B.S. ' Ohio Northerng Graduate wor Miss PH-YU-IS CLAYTON Bowling Green State Univer- B.S., Bluffton Collegeg Uni- sity e, Ve1'5itY of Colorado Driver's Education, Social Z Home Economics Studies, Audio-visual Aids Miss DOROTHY EDWARDS B S Ohio Northern University Findlay College Mathematics Physical Education, English 7th grade Mr. E. B. FRESHWATER Ohio Wesleyan A.B.3 Indiana M.A., Columbia, Cincinnati, New York University Sth grade Social Science Mr. GEORGE GREENWAY Miami University, Ohio Northern University, B.S. Advanced Shop, Mechanical Drawing, Industrial Arts 559, 10 VII Mr. JOE HENDERSON Ohio State University Vocational Agriculture 9 ,1C 11,12 Findlay College B s Mr. GRORGE RADULOVICE sclence 7,s, Baskerblu ggflohlfgfthena Umvefslwf 2 S Bluffton couege, B.A., Indian Coach, Junior High Football lang' mverslty M' University MA Coach High school Prmclpalf Ad Social Science .7,8, P.A.D. 12 vanced Algebra if Q s Mr. ARTHUR SCHIREIBER Center College, A. B., Ohio State University. Biology, Science 9, Boys Physical Edu- cation, Head Football Coach, Head Track Coach, Varsity "E" Coach. Mr. PAUL SLUSS Heidilberg College, A. B., Westem Reserve Univemity. Civics, World History, Ameri- can History, Annual Advisor, Student Council Advisor. Mr. JOHN STEVENSON Wittenberg College, B. S., Physics, Junior High Math Sc Science. Mr. NORMAN WHITNEY Ohio Northern University, Pharmacy. Geneva College, Youngstown City College. Math 7, 8, Geometry, Algebra. Mx. GENE WOLLENHAUPT Senior at Bluffton College, Summer Work5hop--Chx:i.s1ian- sen, Choral Workshop, Boys Glee, Band - Senior, Junior, Mixed Chorus Mrs. DOROTHY WORKMAN Findlay College, B. A. Short handl 11, 1 1, 11, Book- , 'WP ns keeping, General Business Training, Bulldog Review Advisor. LX ll 'MVY , ,'A A , 6. .N i. -L -Q- ' .aw 4 ,Air 1: 4-f iw wp-'N' 'itz ..-- , W 2 S A k :I xx A . U f' W. gfr zey. V gq f.a f 115 5 'G W 1 M153, ' 4 W, ' Q 1 0 Q , I if A QS SAK! .Q + , .Wy Q X S' :Q Q. SQ. ,--x X a, -if .gas ,f B Q D f r ic: W ,e ,AJ B B 1 'Hfr' ,ig K ff . X I fig! X! L ,ff A 7 or aj td' ff ff ff 659: ff ' -gig First Grade BACK ROW: L. Kline, D. Hunt, S. Holtzapple, R. Huffman, R. Kraft, J. Hoover, D. Lyharger, C. Hendrickson, J. Hunt. SECOND ROW: R. Kohler, E. Layman, S. Johnson, D. Ellis, B. Hilyard, L. Lehman, D. Kohlhorst, B. Gormen, Mrs. Johns. THIRD ROW: L. Hirt, K. Kizer, D. Libert, B. Good, N. Hoover, D. Hyde, J. Hinds, C. Holtzapple, C. Hordeman, FRONT ROW: D. Harter, K. Kuhns, L. Griffith, J. Hadding, R. Lohr, C. Leiser, B. Ladd, J. Kowalsky. First Grade BACK ROW: J. Brown, B. Dyer, C. Cox, S. Downing, S. Crider, D. Bowers, J. Beckman, L. Breneman, M. Deane. SECOND ROW: S. Easwrn, R. Brenneman, W. Dotson, J. Brenneman B. Buetner G. Coon, 7 7 M. Baker, M. Alexander, THIRD ROW: M. Black, B. Bash, R. Edwards, M. Askins, G. Broshes, N. Busick, T. Ellis, D. Bible, Mrs. Holtz:-rpple. FRONT ROW: D. Barnes, D. Clark, E. Ball, S. Brenneman, L. Chandler, L. Edmiston, K. Armstrong, B. Daniels. 'N First Grade BACK ROW: S. Foust, D. Wilkins, E. Miller, J. Ward, J. Ferguson, N. Evans, J. Nelson, T. Wil- loughby, J. Fuller: SECOND ROW: D. Miller, S. Gilliland, B. Weeks, D. Newland, D. Metzger, L. Wood- ruff, S. Chandler, F. Zerbe, S. Wimer, THIRD ROW: G. Wilsey, J. Myers, G. Mignin, S. Wallace, F. Mack, B. Glaze, K. McCormack, K. McCormack, Mrs. Whitney: FRONT ROW: S. Witham, C. Willet, S. Gibbs, C. Gibbs, J. Webb, P. McConnell, D. Fred- ericks, D. Fredericks. First Grade BACK ROW: R. Price, D. Rey- nolds, L. Scheer, W. Penenond, P. Osborn, J. Snider, L. Morgan, M. Sellers, D. Smith: SECOND ROW: T. Spears, B. Thomas, R. Sibold, L. Peters, M. Sherrick, D. Sullivan, R. Parsons, J. Querry, Mrs. Zimmerman, THIRD ROW: M. Thompson, C. Slade, C. Shil- don, T. Van Horn, T. Nolte, B. Stockton, R. Stephens, P. Swick- rath, B. Rabley, R. Swickg FRONT ROW: S. Roberts, S. Reiser, B. Obenour, C. Sroufe, B. Strohl, N. Stein, J. Riegle, E. Schmidt. Second Grade BACK ROW: D. Good, B. Evans, K. Hollar, K. Kline, B. Newland, L. Johnson, P. Higbie, I. Ramser, J. Hunt, M. Redd, SECOND ROW: T. Burkholder, J. Anders, M. Long, K. Hobdy, D. Green, P. Fox, L. Ousley, J. Gavalas, T. Bear, Mrs. Baechlerg THIRD ROW: J. Shrider, K. Buchanan, K. Blair, T. Hunt, D. Beerline, J. Lee, M. Gibbs, P. Scholiield, J. Benfield, B. Roberts, FRONT ROW: L. Hall, M. King, J. Steinbrener, M. Gordon, J. Starr, S. Highland, P. Smith, L. Canfield, D. Long. K Fifth Grade BACK ROW - G. Miller, S. Sutton, Y. Fuller, S. Miller, J. Combs, D. Davis, C. Woodruff, M. Staup, P. Taylor, R. Holmes. SECOND ROW K. Cain, L. Miller, R. Thomas, M. Creek, J. Pierceield, D. Shin- abery, J. D. Mason, D. Barton, V. Hendrickson, D. Garrison. THIRD ROW - Mis. Strayer Qsubstitutej, J. Johnston, S. Garee, D. Patton, R. Huff, J. Gamer, T. Myers, L. Bragg, I. Riley, R. Kraft. FRONT ROW - J. Clum, A. Huber, M. Philpott, N. Hartman, C. Coffee, J. Bowers, B. Rothe, C. Detrick, J. Reynolds, C. Obenour, J. Hermon. Fifth Grade BACK ROW - J. Kleinoder, D. Lohr, M. Hollar, P. McClain, C. Baker, E. Joseph, S. Hijlyard, J. Hilty. SECOND ROW - L. Harter, J. Maudcio, M. Dawson, N. Leist, L. Davidson, J. Black. THIRD ROW - T. Grapner, J. Daniels, S. Eash, J. Mayer, D. Walters, Mrs. Lora. FRONT ROW - S. Hoffhein, P. Treyer, S. Grant, J. Morgan, J. Nicols, J. Hut. Fifth Grade BACK ROW - D. Early, M. Price, S. Borton, D. Lammexs, J. Sedoss, S. Hower, S. Montgomery, J. Shaw, P. Seviiz, B. Rash. SECOND ROW - S. Gracely, C. Rabley, J. Fint, P. Miller, I.. Hicks, S. Smith, J. Sor- gen, K. Hance, S. Barnes, M. Tur- ner. THIRD ROW - E. Hartley, K. Van Demark, T. Bunch, G. Nixon, D. Bercaw, T. Poling, K. Jackson, B. Stonehill, D. Schmidt, M. Gil- lette, Mr. Gilland. FRONT ROW - S. Bailey, D. Arnold, S. Steman, D. Coon, A. Noland, C. Pugin, R. Wireman, C. Kidd, J. Miller, L. Garvin. Third Grade BACK ROW - C. Willoughby, L. Johnson, M. Montgomery, C. Wireman, J. Shafer, R. Early, P. Reynolck, S. Hu.EEma.n, D. Stemen, B. McClain, L. Ridgeway. SEC- OND ROW - G. Fruchey, L. Day, B. Gavalas, D. Coon, E. Strohl, J. Morrisey, M. Ferguson, T. Riegle, R. Owsley, L. Mason. THIRD ROW - J. Nolte, D. Miller, D. Camillo, B. Longbrake, C. Shindeldecker, M. Shirk, B. Hoover, M. Foust, S. Kruse, Mm. Brenneman. FRONT ROW - R. Hunsaker, C. Piehl, N. Crawford, J. Shinabery, K. Crisen- bery, N. Goliver, S. Bryan, N. Estes, K. Smith, K. Carnes. Third Grade BACK ROW - D. Bercaw, D. Stirn, N. Deane, T. Ward, P. Blaine, P. Blaine, D. Morrison, K. Kidd, P. Cox, L. Sibold. SECOND ROW - J. Brentlinger, D. Pugin, R. Long, D. Maxwell, B. Crum, D. Hend- rickson, H. Miller, C. Mason, T. C1u.m, S. Kesler. THIRD ROW - Mrs. Kurtz, D. Earehart, G. Can- field, M. Lamb, D. Bok, M. Wamer, R. Phish, M. Murray, L. French, R. Martin, J. Sandy. FRONT ROW - S. Early, D. Hicks, L. Hance, B. Fought, L. Oberour, P. Schmenk, K. Gaskey, J. Neeper, S. Kiracofe, B. Green, S. Herman. Third Grade BACK ROW - W. Ditto, L. Sellers, E. Neri, R. Markwood, T. Mauch, P. Fishpaw, D. Kraft, T. Rash, A. Foust, B. Laferty. SECOND ROW - J. Baxter, D. Wimer, M. Sheely, D. Miller, S. Scholfield, D. Ellis, J. Lapham, T. Gibbs, N. Chapman, P. Rigg. THIRD ROW - P. Cusick, D. Peters, D. Farler, R. McKee, T. Long, R. Foust, D. Wicks, B. Bow- ers, M. Gonnan, M. Stemen, J. Hawk. FRONT ROW - P. Glass, D. Peel, K. Northrup, B. Poling, S. Thomas, J. Brenneman, B. Bailey, A. Hoover, J. Ausley. Fourth Grade BACK ROW: K. Bowers, R. Fish- paw, V. Sellers, D. Huiman, T. Fox, S. Estes, L. Miller, D. Rout- son, S. Price, J. Miller. SECOND ROW: C. Miller, B. Miller, M. Rapp, B. Griffith, K. Stemen, P. I-lance, D. Stone, J. Highland, D. Hinton, J. Good. THIRD ROW: J. Rash, L. Bryan, G. Musser, L. Foust, S. Moor, K. Smith, T. Clum R. Resser, B. Redd, Mis. Crites. FRONT ROW: C. Clark, M. Daw- son, C. Mathwig, J. Eversole, S. Brenneman, D. Stewart, L. Voelker, J. Morrisey, L. Rex, N. McCormack C. Barnes. 7 Fourth Grade BACK ROW: D. Evans, M. Morgret, D. Erskine, D. Kohlhorst, P. Staver, M. Layman, D. Poling, C. Brent- Linger, J. Hefner, B. Burkholder. SECOND ROW: M. Estes, J. Holtz- apple, D. Morrison, B. Kizer, B. Downing, L. Flick, C. Rader, B. Huffer, D. Morris, J. John, M. Hefner. THIRD ROW: D. Kowal- sky, G. Reidenbach, N. Stein- brener, K. Conway, D. Grant, E. Thomas, M. Kline, B. Miller, L. Barnum, Mrs. Kraft, S. Mussleman. FRONT ROW: J. Wright, K. Good, T. Sterling, J. Swick, S. Cummings, J. Nealy, T. Van Horn, K. Marcin, P. Miller, E. Jackson. Fourth Grade BACK ROW: M. Leppla, R. Morris, G. Mauricio, M. Schmidt, L. Mc- Donald, M. Hefner, L. Sharr, C. Kruse, R. Broshes, R. Kraft. SEC- OND ROW: R. Layman, T. Brenne- man, M. McCu.rdy, G. Sullivan, K. Leonard, C. Busick, J. Wimer, D. Crawford, L. Fetter, J. Troyer. THIRD ROW: B. Lukehart, W. Montgomery, S. Fantz, J. McNeff, B. Dennis, L. Smith, M. Eastom, J. Anders, T. Eastorn, B. Burger, Miss Miller. FRONT ROW: A. Libert, J. Ladd, D. Bowers, D. Carl, N. Hollar, K. Ditto, A. Baxter, R. Lyons, D. Williams, K. Melson. Second Grade BACK ROW: D. Hittle, D. Down- ing, S. Hendrickson, D. Covault, M. Heil, C. Gardner, C. Bivona, F. McCall, S. Lamb. SECOND ROW: L. McKee, J. Miller, R. Northrup, R. Sherrick, M. Melson, B. Bowers, J. Morgan, L. Pierce- field, C. Crider, Mrs. Smith. THIRD ROW: M. Foust, J. Steiner, B. Baker, S. Kesler, J. Metzger, R. Rapp, P. Sorgen, G. McCurdy, L. Bowers, R. Bowers. FRONT ROW: N. Borton, S. Edwards, C. Fuller, M. Griffith, D. Lodge, J. Cheney, L. Bowman, N. Buck- master, C. Allemeier, K. Hefner. Second Grade BACK ROW: R. Early, B. Dyer, J. Hefner, P. Fox, E. Grant, L. Bowers M. McMillan, C. Pugin, C. Day, S. Douglas. SECOND ROW: D. Black, G. hrly, H. Smith, G. Peel, T. Miller, D. Schmidt, G. Cook, M. Lybarger, T. Snider, D. Mussel- man, Mrs. Jacobs. THIRD ROW: J. Hilty, C. Fint, M. McCormack, R. Nevius, B. Alexander, R. Geary, S. Clark, W. Campbell, B. Smith. FRONT ROW: S. Sevitz, N. Rob- erts, D. Evers, J. Shindeldecker, V. Johnson, G. Brovm, S. Kidd, K. Lamb, S. Peel. Second Grade BACK ROW: L. Wireman, S. Troyer, J. Stalter, D. VanGundy, S. Benfield, S. Routson. SECOND ROW: J. Stearley, M. Williams, S. Schmenk, P. Walters, M. Mines L. Seckbach. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Young, T. Tallman, G. Taylor, J. Stein, R. Treadway, J. Stemen, M. Vanl-lom. FRONT ROW: C. Scholfield, B. Strahm, N. Sutton, J. Stirn, R. Treadway, C. Musser. 67.5, E., BACK ROW: U. Roberts, F. Early, F. Early, H. Deane, M. Miller, T. Snow, W. Driver, S. Perrin, M. Patton, J. Sarber. SECOND ROW: P. Palmer, B. Damon, L. Morrisey, E. Jackson, G. Evans, C. Lee, M. Metzger, E. Phil- lips, H. Kruse, L. Fint. THIRD ROW: M. Sroufe, P. Good, J. Reed, K. Cramer, E. Hawk, R. Hartman, D. Fetter, L. Kuhns, J. Laing, J. Blaine, Mrs. Cremean. FRONT ROW: P. Eggerman, C. Morris, L. Lammers, P. John, D. Good, E. King, M. Busick, S. Gibbs, M. Holtzapple. SIXTH GRADE BACK ROW: J. Brenneman, S. Sullivan, M. Kruse, D. Sevitz, D. Stein, P. Morris, C. Longbrake, C. Lohr, P. Mussleman, M. Renner. SECOND ROW: Mr. Lloyd, D. Stalter, D. Bruening, C. Stockton, L. Nevius, J. Fowler D. Marchal, E. LaRue, M. Hicks, D. Hunter. THIRD ROW: C. Cheney, T. Sheely, R. Shepherd, H. Davis, P. Hyde, G. Bowers, E. Good, P. Camillo, J. Collins, B. Bailey. FRONT ROW: T. Estes, S. Strayer, R. Fetter, E. Webb, F. Foard, H. Crawford, R. Broshes, G. Spees, A. Gamble, W. Peel. xl ...M-s T: 4... 'Q 2 ' ,L . F ,...g .44 1 ,T-:Q - 1 - -x , - 4, .J 4-2 .Y-SA X ' Vg, , 'K , --E M : Wig' 474 A F ?-al N 05 ffl. rin , ff X K li 'III' .1 1 in X s Nb, , 5 Q ' E-223, f f is j fyfff f 1' f 1 ' , K iff! 4 k , SEVENTH GRADE xxl v., ff - ,,.a ,V 6 M' ' M xg 1 A bww A Yi K A IM' Arnold Bowers C zunpbell Davidson Foust Hicks D. Baker G. Boyd D. Cisco B. Deane H. Foust B. Highland G. Barker M. Breda P. Clark N. Derringer J. Foust L. Hoffien Barnt Bri s C ofgiie Dotson Frysinger Holtzapple XX D. Berry P. Brown J. Collidge M. Fanaff M. Goliver J. Huber 5 5 S Blymyer . Busick L. Craft B. Fantz Heine: John ar-it . 1. K RY 2 l , f L E Ti F ..,, A 5 I , D K , gm." . Y ilu! ,E R k R nw s "SS F gs '? ' I Q ilk im X P M X in S 'fn m . X . --2' Ns Nil' 'JK ., RL' U - hr idx .8 . ...mf is sim 5 X f "' fx. S. Kidd S. Lyle D. McCormack J. Parish W. Riley J. Stemen J. Wa1te1'S D . Kohlhorst B. Maloney B. McDonald C. Peter B. Shafer N. Stemen R. Welker I f .. f 4+ I S w 5-A - .-A " "1 e 'mg Q.. Pam! A i Azxf' x X. W C. Kruse C L:-:Rue J. Layman J. Marcin L. Markel L. Mathwig D. Metzger J. Miller W. Nealy B. Philpott B. Point L. Poling L. Shair J. Snyder N Sorgen L. 'Thompson D. Tillman D Turner B. Wilkins L. Willoughby J. Wilmer L. Layman B. Mayer J. Nichols J. Redd L. Sroufe D. Vandemark M. Wilson 1 'L A A. J. S. C. N. T. Lodge McBride Nixon Rex Sroufe Wade ., fi 'if-A 'will ,, . .av , fm c Y F . 1 . W Z 5 Xu 1 . 'Q pf 5 EIGHTH GRADE A N Qi? any Ml' "il 'X' Adams Bige10W Burch Denlinger Faunce Graymire Johns . Archer Boate . Burkholder Donovan . Fishpaw Hardesty . Joseph Bame S. Barailloux Boate J. Brenneman Chapman S. Cook Dotson W. Ehresman Foust L. Gamble Hatter M. Heath Kimmel B. Kinkley XXII Bercaw . Buckmaster Creek Ellis J. Goliver A. Highland D. Kizer 'SQ'-Q' we 'Aka U. Berline K. Buettner G. Dahlen R. Etgen M. Gracely J. Hobbs K. Kizer B. Best J. Bunch B. Dawson R. Emskine D. Grapner S. Holmes R. Kraft 5' . 9523 ' s gli.: . 1 L Avy s X diff? ' W 3 .iris I Q,---. . -sb' n .- W - QE... w':'fX"1" - K S h L- nw - , - ., r S 3 ' f -uf . -' ,W . " V? A .... . 5' 9 J Nl an .Q 1, ,. N' . rw' 3 ., I Q .4 2,15 wa l 4. K F 921 -LI. Y .5 . . ii N' sv if I 7 v.,k ' ' fi'fgi!lf11sss -ff , -. at all - M h F' 0 Li '97 . :. urn QQWJ "-" ...Q ,J - ' . 1' . v " Z9 'Q - 5-. zfL.-..-ax ' ' N Es , ., K 2 z R mm 5, f ' an ax 1 1, 1 i . 7 , K 'Lk -1. . 5 K7 gil' 5: T 'al . 'f -an 1 1 'TJ' -i xy K4 , i- arrwv .xl R , R . . A M n M 2 . Q, I " ails 5' - 'Rfk 3 me K,, iv' 'W M. Lapham T. McKinney R. Monisey D. Putman R. Rodney E. Smith B. Thompson M. Lohr M. Miller J. Northrup J. Raabe D. Satterfield M. Steinbuck J. Wade P. Wright Lucke Miller Palmer R ader Searfoss Stever Ward Yinger an E95-1 ,av Q., we -nf if f '. Martin Miller . Patton . Ridenour Sherrick Stover L. Warner Mayer Morris Patton Riley Shirk Sullivan Wilkins Ni "ax Q K -v' "'JZ'f' 4 , 1 if , 'if ., f . -"5"1 F --41 Z -sf Mauricio Morris Parrott R oberts S mith M. Swartz C. Wilsey gf -.1 , ,, X. C A W ,.. V 1 4- N V - FRESHMEN Y B ' 1 'A f K fl- n is 'gi . . fi Sf ' " is is KX ' : s d ' 1 1 "" C .- . . VV V ' V A.. V' . V . 4 ,M ' Q 'v , V. ' V , V I N . If df. , . . . VV K - XL VV . K i X ' AM K' Y xg "' 4 'W ' ' ' U fi i,L .V .5 gg VV? ,QX VVVVV f VVVVV W . . Q- ,. V Y M QV .Q V V9 V wx 'gi' A A .Q-7 5 3 A hi C . V gi A V V: .1 .--NN. - VV L. L ' X ,A Q' 4 Q XI x x S C Bef . Q. f .gf N, .... , , : V V V . V V , V VV V . V, ,.1. V . g t . V fa.. A 1 N J . J . 'B f sa. K 1 P J . 97 X I xm,. n 'Q' wk . . -b . 7 . , . - , V V ' .fs , ' . ' . I 1"!W an 0 -an nn is f 5 -. f wr A ...V 5, ' :V K V 'V,. , qi. V Q. X Ei 4 "' Q me ,. ii-5 L wi k . 4 ... In A sf ,. Q . "W .QfQ'Z'CsgE ' 5 x V Ki V VC ,VVVV xV..Z.V2 V V V V: QV Q K VV Q- , V VV, Vi? B 'lid VV . f V ' f - .V. . ' . 'R Q . , . fj - ' , ' S. Bonebright R. Bowers J. Altenburger D Anderson Armentrout G. Bear B. Beckman B. Cheney G. Clark Breaux J. Brillhart Broshes P. Busick T. Byerly N. Davis T. Davis Coolidge C Crider Crisenbery J. Daniels A. Davis C. Foust P. Foust Ditto B. Dunahay Earhart N. Ellerbrock B, Fletcher M. Grant L. Hadding Foust T Gahman Garrison W. Githens V. Good A. Huber P. Huber . Hartman D Hartman Heatwole B. Hilty K. Holtzapple John G Kidd Kissner T. Kirwan B. Kline 1 I Q r-Sf 15 rm Wivy 'V .,, . xx X I il.. L I2 . if 2: ., " ,fr J' pf , A . ln L 11 .X . X A 'mp , f 5 . Nui .ax sf 'EP new +V' E M -Q ' ...Q ' J ' -' " " ' 12E'a.fI"',: r R:iii::a4.:El:::2l' ' .. , . ss 3 -1 sg K . fe if "Q , R f 4. 1 3 ri ,M . WL., M Q . ft ' L W . L . . ' ...Q I. J ' .- K A .P 1- . Z... I .K li... 4. 4 si. - - 'I ' ..1.af. .. ' . J " , ' A y gk-,..i I , -.J ' - " ' - I - 7'-- A 7 g - ... .gi 3152 , , grefigiie z-2 r " it .,,.g.- 1 . 7: Qlqfgfg .. 6 K . .' ' 'f ' "': - . . J. Kraft T. Leiser L. Lyons C. Powel' J. Shafer L. Stemen J. Turner . Kruse . Leppla N ebergall Preuss Sitcler . Stemen . Webb B. J. R Kundert Little McGaha.n Price Smith Strayer 'Winans M. LaRue P. Lodge S. Mikesell K. Ramser D. Schmuck D. Swartz H. Wright XXV A " 3.9. - 1 - 2. Q-.1 - .f33.:E: 7 ,v.f . -'., 'H-f r W N wr MB U 1 r JN U' F . .pg . ,.... ,Q .4 . f . .wiki .L ,I we eet 'RX M 'ff B. Layman M. Layman B. Lohr L. K. Mussleman T. Lohr Pe el J. Routson M. Routson J . Sodders E. Swick . L. Sroufe C Thomas 'SL is-n 71--ov . -e- ME sl KZ, . f 'of l 3 Lee Long Penell Sandy Stemen Thompson l 9 x ' gf , 'K 3? 'i ,gixwgsu Xu aw 'vi Q 2 wh 1' ' 1 1 x!ff.":ii?' .1-"uv V la Q .Q i , , A if W' ' x M A 2, ay wi' l . iv 'X-P'-1 I 4 Q 5 0 , xx' I X Qi. I I, A , ,gffzj Ii 2-K, A . 1 x ,M 1, L - 1: fi x, fl , X x"'i5f1 u 'Q ffi , ff' X AX ' A , 5 X g N Z X 25 I , 2, K. Arnold J. Croft M. Ehresman S. Hance K. Holtzapple CJ SOPHOMORES if John Dusenberg .... ........ Pr esident Mike Miller ....... ..... V ice President Mary Ann Holizapple . . . . . Secretary Treasurer 0 Y A D 4"?' is iv. N ,...: if -, V . , ip 'I T. Becker B. Davis O. Etgen M. Heath M. Holtzapple . Bowers Dawson . Fair Heatwole Huber L. Bryan J. Desenberg C. Follas D. Hefner B. Kline J. K S. G D Q Bucher Donovan Foust Herman Ladd S. Chapman T. Dotson H. Good D. Holla: D. Lafferty C lark Eggerman Good Holla: Lawrence inv- Nam... . 'i 'Cf 'SZ' 5,.53,.,i , Tm ii " ink .? P Q. 1 i 7 Q L 1. V 'Sf' ,F N ., 'fx W7 LEW . 4, si X ist 2 . E. . klxvfff ix H. F f 4 E i X' 92114 l n- m J. J . 'F L -f 1 -552 ex 'E ' .nn al' pm..-A. H", nu.. f Nt: 'iv if Q --4' 's....,,,,. X X eei W1 f ef N.-r A SQ ..., 5 W . 'H-1 A-he Layman McKinney Moorrnan R edd Smith Thom as OUIPUUU . Leist . Metzger . Morris . Peters . Spence . Wade W. Long J. Meyer J. Morris C. Ridenour R. Sroufe M. Wade i . AL Q N G. Longbrake J. Miller C. Musser L. Riley J. Stalter M. Wilkins C. Maloney M. Miller K. Nusbaum E. Ruff D. A. Stemen J. Williams Martin Miller Patton Shafer L. Stemen Woollum A4 A S. C C J. K Mauricio Miller R edd Shepherd Stockton Wortman JU IORS Ted Myers . . . ........ President Ina Gamble . . . ........ V. President Sandra. Sodders . . . . . Secretary Treasurer M. Attenburger J. Buchanan D. Burch M. Cheney J. Crisenberry I. Davis A.Dea.ne E. Denlinger S. Fair J. Fanoff J. Fishpaw M. Fishpaw P. Ford I. Gamble R. Gannon W. Green L. Hance M. Hartly P. Herring P. Herring Hobbs Holla: John Kershner Kidd Koch Kruse Lapham Libert Lodge .Mann Mayer McDonald . Mewhorter . Miller Miller Myers Preuss Ridenour Rothe Sevitz Shirk Smith Smith Sodders S temen Stemen Stemen Stewart Strayer Swick Wagner W arner . Wilkins M. Zerkel M- My i few: ul .. , M -L ssl . :--Q ' Q - Q Q 3 5 msg: :ge s-zfii?'?H -:sf x . .sy V ,s,,,3g.wwQ.,vg1, .LQ .V 'wifi 43 . , Ri W y it is FS! ow- mmf, A' is 4, M WK A cg in NV , -my-3 'iii fs ug N Q vw EP 'Q ip .Wi TY 4 , CLASS HISTORY We the class of "5'7" considered this the most important year in our life. We had very efficient guides to help us with our way. Carolyn Cisco served as president of our class this yearg Kenny Miller served as vice-presidentg and Joyce Brenneman was secretary-treas- urer. Mary Collins, Gary John, and Barbara Patton composed our ex- ecutive committee. Loretta Huber reigned as Homecoming Queen and Joyce Brenne- man represented our class as attendent. Carnival attendents from the Senior Class were Marelese Wilsey and Mike Messick. We were very lucky in the musical field. Twelve members of our class formed a dance band which played on several occasions. Ten senior girls composed a girls ensemble which sang at many activities. There were many senior boys who helped us win many Northwest Conference football games. Several seniors were also on the basket- ball, baseball, and track squads. Elaine Baker, Barbara Baxter, and Sharon Spees served as cheerleaders, cheering these boys to victory. XXXII ADVISORS Mr. Don Crites Mr. George Radulovich CLASS QFFICERS Kenny Miller V. President .. wg. Carolyn Cisco President XXXIII 'Q' :A Joyce Brenneman Secretary Treasurer JUDY ALLEMIER flirtatious, pert, persistent ELAINE BAKER "red", capable, quiet BILL BARNUM big, humorous, capable BARBARA BAXTER sociable, generous, artistic Q? W r! ,. RONNIE BLYMYER 'E iii daring, energetic, noisy Q A Q C BILL BRHXINEMAN ,,,.,-3 XXXIV quiet, serious, studious 5 JOYCE BRENNEMAN ambitious, capable, feminine CAROLYN CISCO small, energetic, clever GRACE BUCHER quiet, sensible, sociable DAVID BRUBAKER polite, sensible, intelligent MARY COLIJNS energetic, happy-go-lucky ,ge -. 2 9 1 Silxffy GARY COGLEY g A athletic, steady, talented l, ' 'Uv ,irq 4' X j 1-1f3f,f,':jw 3' k 1 W XXXV C NANCY CROFT efficient, helpful, agreeable KENNY DRIVER quiet, determined, sincere X x pt v. fx sg y A O-A ,R 4, T DEANNA DAHLEN talkative, blond, charming. RODNEY DAVIDSON tall, mild, sociable LEWIS ETGILN carefree, friendly, stout XXXVI RONNIE GLEASQN tanned, magnetmc, popular IDRETTA HUBER charming, sedate, courteous JAMES HUBER talkative, lively, witty HOWARD HADDING practical, silent, stolid GARY JOHN DICK JACOBS neat, boisterous, mannerly XXXVH DIAN JOHNSON witty, lively, athletic f"T ,Jguxv ia: 1P K A muscular, dressy, masculine v, z.,, I 7, BARBARA KELLER quiet, sedate, pleasant JOANN IAMBERTS talkative, flirtatious, witty ,. Q V si iv :S Q, ART KIMMEL small, popular, quick RONNIE IARUE quiet, talented, likeable XXXVIII IARRY KLIBJOEDHI thin, likeable, tender IARRY LEISER meek, unusual. elusive x X Xl S E S 5 S F ei S X X DIANA MCKINNEY dreamy, carefree, giddy MARIAN MARTIN mannerly, efficient, neat RUTH MAYER tall, quiet, nice DAVE MAXWELL flirtatious, boisterous, cheerful XXXIX IRENE MAURICIO silent, nice, graceful BARBARA MEIER energetic, witty, 'CL' x I3 Sc? pf-in -W pert .N .y 0? 'X Q :M , ,.. "N Mrk HMM ., .fl ut.: DICK MANN manly, practical, artistic MIKE MESSICK small, intelligent, jovial ,k N. I . JANE MILLER pert, cute, neat .. Qsifmef A .K - V----1--me ws mail lag,-sxf -ginrfki - 21455 wir Qgsilcwee'-1 , . f --- . Z1-sig . , P RQ is xx gigs X..-.: Qblfggkg KENNY MILLER friendly, helpful, steady 1 Rfb K ,, MARCILLE MILLER s , leisurely, independent v 6 5 E XL fl V s e fefieg E lxql ll n I Fi hy QE BEUIAH MOORE fearless, fiery, wirey EIDEAN PONTING active, energetic, neat BARBARA PATTON friendly, smiling, gentle BII.L MORRIS athletic, active, steady RAY RIDENOUR dressy, popular, mannerly if MAUREEN RABLEY Xu talkative, carefree. active SHARON SPEB small, lively, steady PAUL SROUFE nubby, reckless, belligerent MARELESE WILSEY tender, helpful, agreeable XLII RUSSELL WINKLE jovial, happy-go-lucky ii- 'Q ox k'kmQ'?Y .3. ws S ..,..L v Q1 f tl .sf WV f Q? tk fyrgf 'aiu fat I, KX l . x . sk 2, ,-x JUDY ALLEMIER FHA 3,45 President 43 Who's Who 2. ELAINE BAKER Cheerleader 2.3.43 Annual 43 Jr. Class Play: Girls' Glee l,2.3,43 GAA 2.3.43 FBLA l,2.3,43 Mixed Chorus 13 State Contest 1,22 Eisteddfod 13 Homecoming Attendant 33 Class Sec.-Treas. 13 Main Office 2.3.43 Honor Soci- ety 33 Girls' Ensemble 1.3.4-3 Stage Trotters 3,42 Sec. 43 Thespians 3.4. WILLIAM BARNUM Baseball 13 Monitor 13 Annual 3.43 Carnival Main Show 43 Homecoming M,C. 43 Dramatics Club 3.4. BARBARA BAXTER GAA 2.3.43 Minstrel 13 Camival l,2.3,43 Cheerleader 3. 13 Band 1,23 V. Pres. of Class 33 FBLA l,2.3,43 Mixed Chorus 1.23 Girls' Glee l,2.3,43 Eisteddfod 13 District Contest 1,2,3,45 State Contest 1,2Q Office 2,4-3 Jr. Class Play3 Student Council 23 Monitor 3.43 Dramatic Club 3, 43 Thespians 3.43 Carnival Attendant 23 Who's Who 1.2. 3.43 Joumalism 3.4. BILL BRENNEMAN Monitor 1,43 Boys' Glee 2.3.43 Mixed Chorus 43 Annual staff 43 Carnival Main Show 33 Baseball 13 District Con- test 3. JOYCE BRENNEMAN FBLA l,2.3,43 Student Council lg Honor Society 33 Girls' Glee l,2.3,43 Mixed Qlorus 1.2.33 Band l,2.3,43 District Contest 1.2.33 State Contest 1,32 Eisteddfod 13 Home- coming Attendant 43 Jr. Class Play3 GAA l,2.3,43 Dra- matic Club 3,42 Officer 43 Thespian Club 3.4: Class Sec.-Treas. 43 Dance Band 1,2,3,Q Girls' Ensemble 1.3. 43 Carnival Main Show l,2.3,43 4-H 1.2.33 Journalism 4. RON BLYMYER FFA l,2.3,43 Sec. 2,33 Treas. 43 Dramatic Club 33 Foot- ball l,2.3,43 Varsity E 3.43 4-H l,2.3,43 Mixed Chorusl. 23 Boys' Glee 1.2. DAVID BRUBAKER Monitor 1.2.3,-13 Student Council 3,45 Honor Society 33 Journalism 3.4. GRACE BUCHBR Shawnee Hlgr School 13 Kallda High School 2.33 Office 43 Cafeteria 4. CAROLYN CISCO FBLA l,2.3,43 Student Council 13 GAA 2,3,43 Annual Staff 3.43 Honor Society 3.43 Class President 3.43 Band 1, 2.3.43 Student Director 43 Drum Majorette 3,43 Girls' Glee l,2.3,43 Mixed Chorus 1.2.33 Eisteddfod 13 District Contest 1,2,3I .State Contest 1.23 Girls' Ensemble 1.3.43 Dance Band l,2.3,43 Carnival Main Show 1.2.3941 Cami- val Attendant 13 Dramatic Club 3.43 Who's Who 4. GARY COGLEY Band 1.2.32 Dance Band l,2.3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,33 Boys' Glee 1.2.33 FBLA 23 Carnival Main Show 13 Foot- SENIOR ball Baseball l,2.3,43 Basketball l,2.3,43 Track 1.3.45 Varsity E 2.3.43 Honor Society 33 Student Council 1,33 Exect. Comm. 33 Monitor 2.3.42 Who's Who 4. MARY COLLINS FBLA 33 Jr. Class Play: FHA 3,43 Dramatic Club 3.43 Band l,2.3,43 Officer 33 Dance Band 2.3.43 Pep Band 33 Class Officer 4. NANCY CROFT GAA 2.3.43 President 3.4: Girls' Glee l,2.3,43 Mixed Chorus 13 Band l,2.3,43 Student Director 3s President 43 Eisteddfod 13 District Contest 1.2.33 State Contest 1'2l Annual 3,43 Monitor 43 4-H l,2.3,43 Class Officer 33 Jr. Class Play: Student Council 43 Dance Band l,2.3,43 Girls' Ensemble 1.3.43 Honor Society 33 Carnival Main Show 1. 2.3.4. DEANNA DAHLEN GAA 1,2,4I Latin 23 Spanish Club 33 Junior UNESCO 1. 2,32 Chorus 1.2.33 Y-Teens 2.43 Dramatic Club43 Pres- ident 43 Girls' Glee 33 Thespians 43 FBLA 3,42 Journal- ism 4. RODNEY DAVIDSON Annual Staff 43 Monitor 3. KENNY DRIVER Basketball 1,23 Band 1,22 Boys' Glee 23 Monitor 3.4. LEWIS ETGEN FFA l,2.3,43 Officer 4. RON GLEASON Football l,2.3,43 Basketball l,2.3,43 Baseball 13 Varsity E 2.3.43 Carnival Attendant 13 Class President 23 V. Pres. 1. HOWARD HADDING Monitor 4. JIM HUBER Band 13 Mixed Chorus 13 Boys Glee 13 FFA l,2.3,43 Monitor 3. LORETTA HUBER Girls' Glee l,2.3,43 Mixed Chorus 1.3.4-3 District Contest 2,32 State Contest 23 GAA 3.43 FBLA l,2.3,43 FHA3 V. Pres. 4: Allen County Fl-lA. V. Pres. 4: Operetta 1. Class Sec.-Treas. 23 Homecoming Attendant 23 Homecoming Queen 43 Cafeteria 23 Monitor 13 Carnival Main Show 1, 43 Girls' Ensemble 3.43 Office 43 Dramatic Club 43 FBLA. V. Pres. 43 Joumalism 3,45 Quill 83 Scroll 4. DICK JACOBS Basketball 13 Mixed Chorus 23 FBLA 3. GARY JOHN Football 1,2,3,4: Basketball l,2.3,43 Baseball 1.2,3.43 Varsity E 2.3.43 FFA 2.3.43 V. Pres. 3.43 Mixed Chorus 1,22 4-H l,2.3,43 Football Co-Captain 43 Annual 43 Monitor 3.43 Class Officer 4. DIAN JOHNSON Band l,2.3,43 Officer 3.43 Annual 43 GAA 3.4. DIRECTORY BARBARA KELLER Band 1,2,3,43 FBLA 2,3,43 FHA 3,43 GAA 3,43 Girls' Glee 2,3,4i Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4. ARTHUR KIMMH. Football l,2,3,4-3 Basketball 1,23 Varsity E 2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Boys' Glee 1,2,8,43 FFA 13 Track 2,3, LARRY KLEINOEDER Band 1.2.33 Annual 3,43 Basketball 13 FBLA 3. JOANN LAMBERTS Office 43 Monitor 33 Mixed Chorus 1,2,33 Girls' Glee 1, 2,32 Girls' Glee 1,2,3,45 Class Officer 2,32 State Contest 1,32 Eisteddfod 13 District Contest 1,2,43 GAA 1,2,3,43 Officer 43 FBLA 1,2,3,43 Treas. 33 President 43 Library 23 Honor Society 33 Band l,2,3,43 Officer 43 Dance Band 1,2,3,43 Dramatic Club 3,43 FHA 3,43 Girls' Ensemble 1, 8,43 Carnival Main show 1,2,3,43 Journalism 4. RON LaRUE Football l,2,3,4-3 Track 1,2,33 Varsity E 2,3,43 Band 1,2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1,2,33 Boys' Glee 1,2,33 Dance Band 1, 2,3,4: Carnival Main Show 2,3,43 FBLA 1. LARRY LEISER RICHARD MANN Boys' Glee 13 Baseball 1,23 Football 1,23 Annual Staff 4. MARIAN MARTIN Girls' Glee 2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 2,32 Student Council 3, 43 Honor Society 33 Eisteddfod 13 Monitor 1,2,3,4Q Office 33 Quill 83 Scroll 3,43 Journalisrm Who's who 4. IRENE MAURICIO Girls' Glee 13 FBLA 2,3,43 Band 1,2,3,43 Journalism. DAVID MAXWELL Central High School 1,23 Basketball 1,23 Baseball 1,2,3, 43 Football 23 Jr. Class Play3 Football Manager 43 Track 4. RUTH MAYER Band 1,2,33 FHA 3,43 FBLA 23 Dramatic Club 3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,43 Girls' Glee l,3. DIANA McKINNEY FHA 8,43 Mixed Chorus 1,3,43 4-H 1,23 Band 1,2,3,43 Monitor 33 Girls' Glee 43 Dramatic Club 3.4. BARBARA MEIER Band 1,2,a,43 Dance Band 1,2,s,-13 Girls' Glee 1.2.3,-13 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4: Pep Band 33 FBLA 1,2,43 GAA 1, 2,42 State Contest 1,23 District Contest 1.2.33 Journalism 4. MIKEL MESSICK Honor Society 33 Student Council 2.3.42 Ir. Class Play3 Boys' State3 Boys' Glee 1,23 Band 1,2,33 Dramatic Club 33 Carnival Attendant 4. ' JANE MILLER South School 1,23 Library Club 13 FHA 23 Girls' Glee 3,43 Mixed Chorus 33 FBLA 33 Band 3.4. KENNY MILLER 4-H 1,2,3,43 FFA 1,2,3,42 V. Pres. 23 President 43 Boys' Glee 13 Mixed Chorus 1,23 Monitor 4g Dramatic Club 33 Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 13 Class V. Pres. 4. MARCILLE MILLER FHA 3.4. BEULAI-I MOORE Girls' Glee 1. Bll.L MORRIS FFA 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,4. BARBARA PATTON Fort Jennings High School 1,23 Cheerleader 1,23 Bowling Green Latin Test 13 Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Girls' Glee 3,43 GAA 3,43 FBLA 3,43 Y-Teens 43 Class Officer 43 Office 4: Monitor 43 Journalism 4. ELDEAN PONTING FHA 3,43 FBLA 1,2,a,43 sins' Glee 43 Mixed Chorus 43 Dramatic Club 43 GAA 4. MAUREEN RABLEY FHA 3,42 Dramatic Club 3,43 Mixed Chorus 43 Girls' Glee 3. RAY RIDENOUR Band 1,2,3,Q Dance Band 1,2,3,43 Boys' Glee 1,23 Mixed Chorus 1,2,33 Boys' Ensemble 1,23 State Contest 13 Eisteddfod 13 District Contest 1,23 Carnival Main Show 1, 2,3,43 FBLA 2,33 Minstrel 13 Jr. Class Play: Monitor 2,3, 43 Dramatic Club 3,43 President 33 Band Officer 2,3,43 Who 's Who 4. SHARON SPEES Girls' Glee l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,33 Band 1,2,3,43 Majorette 23 Cheerleader 1,3,43 Homecoming Attendant 13 FBLA 1,2,3,4: Treas. 43 GAA 3,43 Dramatic Club 33 Thespians 33 Jr. Class Play3 Class Sec. -Treas. 33 Student Council 2,43 Sec.-Treas. 43 Dance Band 1,2,3,43 State Contest 1,33 Girls' Ensemble 1,3,4: Carnival Main Show 1,2,3: Eisteddfod 13 Monitor 23 Office 43 District Con- test 1,2,43 Who's Who 2,3,4. PAUL SROUEE Mixed Chorus 1,2: Boys' Glee 1,23 Dramatic Club 3,43 Thespians 3,43 4-H 2,45 FFA 1,2,33 Reporter 23 Sentinel 33 Basketball 43 Varsity E 1,2,3,43 Carnival Attendant 3. MARELESE WILSEY Mixed Chorus 1,31 Girls' Glee 1,2,3,4: Girls' Ensemble 3, 43 State Contest 33 Eisteddfod 13 District Contest 1,2,43 FBLA l,2,3,4-3 V. Pres. 33 Sec. 43 State President 43 Dance Band 3,43 GAA l,3,43 Sec. 3,43 Honor Society 33 Monitor 2,3,43 Carnival Attendant 4. RUSSEL WINKLE Basketball 23 Football 2. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of the Class of I957 JUDY AI.l.HAEIER...l will a certain sophomore girl to Larry Clark---if he wants her. ELAINE BAKER...I will my old beat-up megaphone to Darlyn Hefner. WILLIAM BARNUM...l will the pleasure of Senior Day to next year's seniors. BARBARA BAXTER...I will my position as Business Manager to next year's business manager, Brenda Kidd. BILL B ...I will my place at the chemistry table to next year's "blow up" victims. JOYCE BRENNEMAN...I will my long hair to Ina Gamble. RON BLYMYER...l will m llth grade English book back to Mr. Hayduk. DAVID BRUBAKl'.R...I will Mr. Whitney's 4th period geometry class to anyone. GRACE BUCI-lER...I will my desire to go to school to anyone who wants it. CAROLYN ClSCO...I will my height to Cloyd Thomas. GARY COGLEY ...I will my inability to out-run Mr. Sluss to Ross Smith and Herb Strayer. MARY COLl.lNS...I will my brother, Jim, to the poor unsuspecting teachers, may they never 'know what hit them. NANCY CROFT...I will my tall slim Hgure to Ruthie Stemen. DEANNA DAI-Il.EN...I will my blue felt skirt to an wht. neeek a safety pin next year. ROD DAVlDSON...I will my pretty girl friend and empty gas tank to Jim Libert and Jon lhchanan. KD! DRIVER...I will my ability to stay away from girls to Ron Stewart. LEWIS ETGEN...I will my ability to dxive a car and not upset it to Murray Mewhorter. RON GLF.ASON...I will my end position on the football team to Dave Bunch. HOWARD HADDlNG...l will my ability to stay out of trouble to Bob Dawson. JIM HUBER...l will my ability to get ones in math and my ability to pass every year to Richard Archer. LORETTA HUBER...I will my ability to go steady with one certain boy for any length of time to Emma Ruff. DICK JACOBS...I will my holmd-dog hair cut to Mr. Slus. GARY JOI-lN...I will m ability to get good grades from Mr. Slum to Jim Libert. DIAN JOHNSON...I Jane Miller to any scientiic laboratory for scienti.Ec study. BARBARA KELl.ER...I will my talent to play a clarinet and not show off to Judy Croft. ARTHUR KIMNM....! will my football uniform to the luckydgoy next year. LARRY KI.ElNOEDER...I will one worn out camera to Ted ers. JOANN LAMBERTS...I will my smile to Mr. Swank. RON LaRUE...I will Cog1ey's hair to Walter Long. LARRY LEISER...I will Mr. Hayduk and the senior English class to the really, really, really big group coming on. RICHARD MANN...I will my ability to wear clothes half-way decent to Jim Libert. MARIAN MARTIN...I will my head monitor post 4th period to Gene Warner. IRENE MAURlClO...I will my clarinet seat to Carol Thomas and my clean job in journalism to Anita lapham. DAVE MAXWELl....I will Jim Libert my ability to get good Biglish grades. I will Bob Stemen to any girl that can hang on to him. RU'l'H MAYER...l will my height to Miss Beiler. DIANA McKINNEY...I will the bass drrun and bass drum beater to larry Creek. BARBARA MEIER...I will my ability to play tnunpet music as badlv as I did and get credit for playing it mall to anyone who can get away with it. MIKH. MESSICK...I will my twelve Ql2j years of school to any six year old who wants to get out of it. JANE MILLER...I will my short hair to Judy Daniels. KENNY Mll.LER...I will m ability to loaf and get away with it in 5th period study hall to Barbara Kay Donovan. MARCILLE MlI.LER...I will' my ability to get out of 4th period study hall early to eat downtown to Art Schrieber. BEULAH MOORE...l will my ability to drive a car to Nelson Smith. BlI.L MORRlS...l will my ability to go steady for a year to Bill Koch. BARBARA PATTON...I will my long hair to Sandra Dotson. ELDEAN PON'I'lNG...l will my short hair to Dorothy Broshes. MAUREDI RABLEY...I will a certain girl named Nancy to Jim Libert and Jon Buchanan if they want her. RAY RlDENOUR...l will my musical ability to anyone who wants it. SHARON SPF.ES...I will Mrs. Workman some new blinck for her typing room, better still a new room. W EdWHSH ...I will a box of aspirin and two boxes of nerve pills and another state F. B.L.A. ofhcer to . o man. RUSSELL WlNKLE...I will my careful driving ability to Jim Libert. PAUL SROUFE...I will my history book to anyone who want: it. XLVI CLASS PROPHECY It happened in English class, "That," said Mr. I-layduk, "completes our study of the literature of King Arthur's day." Thereupon he la1mched forth on a lecture concerning sentence construction. The following discourse proved to be so dull that Dave and I fell into discussing the current revival of "Bridey Murphy parlor hypnotism" and how it works. As we were speaking, each of us secretly tried our hypnotic powers on the other. With the exciting story of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table still fresh on our minds it seemed that our powers of hyp- notism and the great King of Camelot were strangely drawn together. The dull lecture condmred but seemed to sound as though it came from some far distant source. By the time we had walked a while on the narrow, winding road, it had disappeared altogether. Soon we met a farmer leachng a cow, and, not being sure of our surroundings, we asked him what town we were close to. "Camelot is about three miles up the road," he said. Recogiizing the voice, we looked close, and sure enough, it was JIM HUBER. We had walked only a short distance when we heard behind us a terriic noise. This was preceded by a piercing shriek recognizable as that of ELAINE BAKER. Whirl- ing, we saw BILL BARNUM experimenting on a rocket to the moon, which had backired and knocked down Elaine, a casual passerby, off her feet. 'I'hen we heard the tluob of hoofbeats and to our delight we saw SIR RON GLEASON a member of the Knights of the Rormd Table mounted on a white charger rapidly coming to the scene of the ex- citement. He swooped Elaine up on to the horse and rode off with the wind. Proceeding on into Camelot, we were suddenly caught in a rush of traffic. Seeing MARCILLE MILLER and RUTH MAYER we asked what it was all about. They told us to follow the crowd, and we found ourselves at the scene of a tournament, which was to be held in honor of Queen CAROLYN CISCO. The two duelers were to be GARY COGI.EY and RON LaRUE. However being in a hurry, we did not stay to see who won. We went on out of Camelot and decided to go on to the next town. Although our funds were low we managed to rent two horses from PAUL SROUFE who operated a livery stable and specialized in quality horseshoes. It was nearing evening and we were very anxious to End a place to sleep. However, we were detained by a very deter- mined tolekeeper GARY JOHN and his assistant GRACE BUCHER. It seemed we were a penny short of the cost. Then to our relief along came RUS WINKIE who loaned us the penny inspite of the failure of his toothpick company. Going on down the road we were forced to detour through a woock because of bad roads. Then to our horror we were confronted by a group of bandits. But again--knight to the rescue. SIRS DICK JACOBS, ART KIMMEI, DICK MANN and a lady knight, BEULAH MOORE, made short work of the robbers. By this time it was dark, and we decided to stop at the next famrhouse. To our surprise JUDY ALLEMEIER appeared at the door and welcomed us in. We went to bed after meeting all of her 17 children. Also staying at Judy's house was a messenger ROD DAVIDSON, who was a servant of castle owners LARRY LEISER and KEN DRIVER. Rod insisted that we pay his masters a visit. Reaching the castle, we had considerable trouble convincing the three lady gatekeepers MARY COLLINS, BARBARA PATTON, AND DEANNA DAHLEN that we were only innocent travelers. However, after establishing our identity, they regretfully let us through, but wamed us about our behavior imide the castle. Entering the castle we were confronted by a huge ceremony. Although we couldn't see what the attraction was, we were told it was a double wedding. It seemed JOYCE BRENNHVIAN and LOR.E'I'I'A HUBER were marrying two "YOUNG" fellows. FATI-IERDAVID MAXWELL was oficiating. MARIAN MARTIN was covering the story for the Bulldog Review. Leaving the ceremony, we met HOWARD HADDING and MAUREBJ RABLEY who tried to give us the directions to the castle owners. They must have been mixed up, because when we opened what we thought was the right door we were welcomed by piercing shrieks and cries for help. It seemed we had entered the dressing room of actresses BARBARA BAXTER and SHARON SPEES. Suddenly two burly guards, BARBARA KELLER and ELDFAN PONTING, were upon us. They took us down the stairs and threw us into the drmgeon. The lady guard DIAN JOHNSON summoned nurse NANCY CROFT who administered herbs to our cuts and bruises. We spent the rest of the day in the dungeon, and although we were visited by such friends as JANE MILLER, RAY RIDENOUR, and MARELESE WILSEY they could do nothing to get us out. Next morning LARRY KLEINOEDER came down the stairs. It seemed that he and Dian were to decide our fate. Soon they began a heated argument, and seeing our chance we made our escape thru the open door. After run- ning a short distance we met MIKE MESSICK who invited us to his room for breakfast. We were served a very delicious meal by DIANA McKlNNEY and JOANN LAMBERTS. After breakfast Mike told us that KEN MII.I.ER and RON BLYMYER fanned several thousand acres around the castle. We decided to leave the castle and visit them. 'I'hen, to prevent further dificulties Mike's private secretary, BARBARA MEIER, assigned two guides, LEWIS ETGEN and IRENE MAURICIO to lead us to the gate. BILL MORRIS raised the gate for us. However, just as we were walking under the gate, it let loose. Bill yelled a warning, but--too late: the gate crashed upon us and we plunged into darkness.. After w'hat seemed a long time the fog began to lift and we saw Mr. Hayduk stand- ing over us demanding an explanation of why we were sleeping in English class. After telling what had happened apd promising never to do it again, kind Mr. Hayduk let us off without punishment, and we went on to the next c as. BILL BRENNEMAN 8cDAVE BRUBAKER XLVII KA. lx If N J 1.1 w i w g W' Z-1' ,. 1 Q-fu 1 . gg .. A 33,1 'Q f .5 umm Q fgfmlwmleammikg 5 "ff , , r W! f V f ,fd Q' x aff' 9 X wx X f 1 ,,f fx iw-3, 1, X bk JL km f , f Q Q X1 30 5 wt ' 1 I ,, 'Q - 3 1 "W " 1 .x J mg! X ,Q fl - lv 5521 if Ns xv Q " ,, , ,f i -B vin! 3 gm, 0 V mx-N 54"-. I 6 .fv-, ' , 4 - 7 'Q J Jw f Y f 3 f'ffig,,d 7 - M TVAW -- JLAPJMA M-fiw. ,.JL..,x SEPTEMBER 4 First day of school. 5 First assignments. 7 Lima Olympia. 12 FBLA meeting. 14 Forest football game, 19 FFA meeting 20 Lyceum program-Bonelli's. Bill Brennamen's birthday, 21 Columbus Grove football game. 22 FHA meeting 25 Magazine drive starts. Jr. High Columbus Grove football game. 26 Board, faculty, and employee party. 28 Bluffton football game. OCTOBER 4 Spencerville Jr. High football game. 5 Lafayette football grne. FBLA Convention. 6 FBLA Convention 11 Lafayette Jr. High football game, 12 Homecoming-Pandora-Gilboa foot- ball game. 13 Art Deane's birthday. 19 Delphos football game. 22 Individual pictures taken. 24 FHA initiation. Delphos Jr. High football game. Grade cards. 25 Waynesfield football game. 27 Senior Class bake sale. Carolyn Cisco's birthday. 30 Jr. GAA initiation. NOVEMBER 1 Lyceum-Dr. Silverton. CALE 2 Spenoerville football game. 3 Sophomore work day. 5 Dian Johnson's birthday. 7 FFA meeting. 9 Bath Twp. football game. 11 Girls' Glee sings at Elida Methodist Church. 13 Lyceum program. 14 FBLA meeting. 15 Teachers Workshop-no school! 16 Carnival. 17 Senior Class Rummage Sale. 20 Columbus Grove basketball game. 22 Thanksgiving - No school! 23 No school! 24 Ina Gamble's Birthday. 30 Spencerville Basketball game DECEMBER 6 Gomer Jr. Hi basketball game. 7 Marelese Wi1sey's Birthday. Rod- ney Davidson's Birthday. Bath bas- ketball game. 11 Bluffton basketball game, 12 PTA Christmas Program. 13 Table rises for "Bulldog Review". Beaverdam Jr. Hi. basketball game. 14 Lafayette basketball game. 17 Columbus Grove Jr. Hi. basketball game. 19 Seniors get pictures. Perry Jr. Hi. basketball game, 20 Music department Christmas pro- gram. 21 Beaverdam basketball game. DAR Christmas vacation starts! Christmas Dance. Mr. Swank gets new car. Christmas JANUARY New Years Day, Christmas vacation ends. Lafayette Jr. Hi. basketball game. Gomer basketball game. Spencerville basketball game. Farmers' Institute Farmers' Institute Snow - No school! Delphos Jefferson basketball game. Gary John's birthday, Lyceum program. Spencerville Jr, Hi. basketball game. Harrod Ir. Hi. basketball game. Beaverdam basketball game. Senior Scholarship Tests. Bath Jr. Hi. basketball game, Ada basketball game. Delphos Jefferson Jr. Hi. basketball game. FEBRUARY Harrod basketball game. Music Festival at Delphos. Nancy Croft's Birthday, College night at Shawnee. Bath basketball game. Ada Jr. Hi. basketball game. Shawnee basketball game. Lincoln's Birthday. Va1entine's Day. Jr. Hi. basketball tournament at Bath. 15 Varsity basketball tournament. 22 Washington's Birthday - No School! 28 Jr. Class Play. MARCH 1 Firemar1's Dance. 2 Jr. Class Play. 7 Ada Jr. Hi. 27 Larry Kleinoeder's Birthday. 29 Dick Mann's Birthday. All Sports Banquet. APRIL 1 April Fool's Day. 7 Ted Myers' Birthday. 11 Sr. Class Play. 12 Sr. Class Play. 19 No School! 23 Allen County Teachers Banquet at Bath. 26 NWC Track Meet. MAY 1 Honor Society Banquet at Beaver- dam. 4 Mr. Sluss' Birthday. 12 Baccalaureate. 17 Commencement. 18 Alumni. 23 Miss Edward's Birthday. 24 Last Day of School! JUNE 3 Bill Barnum's Birthday, IULY 2.7 Elaine Baker's Birthday. BACK ROW: T. Myers, I. Gamble, L. Kleinoeder. MIDDLE ROW: G. John, D. Johmon, E. Baker, M. Wilsey, D. Mann, R. Davickon, A. Deane. SEATED: B. Bamum, C. Cisco, N. Croft. ANNUAL We the members of the Elida "MEMORIES" are very glad to be able to publish this book for you. We have worked hard the whole year and hope that our work will be appreciated by all who look at this book. We have tried to make up a book which will be cherished for many years. Nancy Croft William Barnum Carolyn Cisco. . Dick Mann. . . . Larry Kleinoder. Dian Johnson . . B111 Brenneman. . . . Rodney Davidson. I957 MEMORIES STAFF Gary John .... . . . Ass't. Sports Editor . . . . . . . Co-Editors Elaine Baker. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Typist . . Business Manager Marelese Wilsey .... ...... T ypist . . . . . .Art Editor Art Deane. . . . Apprentice . . . Photographer Ina Gamble. . . . . .Apprentice . . . . Calendar Ted Myers. . . . Apprentice . . . .Prophecy Miss Edwards. . . . . .Adviser . . .Sports Editor Mr. Sluss ..... . . .Adviser LII mkwl ggi? . . k?.4p Lmmqm Q , s 1 . - 'Jie ff X f i i I My , 553525 E -wwf we :M ,if ,3-.,f,,, Q59 Sigh - :sa ,.?'4?a,Kg i U5 , W f' ,Ji Xia ?T Y QQ Sli? iw- Queen Kay Leppla King Bud Lohx Marilyn Miller Jim Fishpaw ,ii Y 41 0 .Nz M W4 If A H 2 e Darlyn Hefner Ron Shafer Marelese Wilsey Mike Messick 5 , ,r I X N f W X "A Ag .. ,.., CARNIVAL Freshmen Kay Leppla and Bud Lohr reigned as Carnival King and Queen. Crowning the royal couple was M. C. William Barnum. Attendants were Sophomores-Darlyn Hefner and Ron Shafer: Juniors-Marilyn Miller and Jim Fishpawg Seniors-Marelese Wilsey and Mike Messick. The crown bears were Becky Lohr and Bud Buettner. LIV var i ag 5 . '-'. Karen Nusbaum Joyce Brenneman Iliinginelifgbrock VX IQ I E55 - r fer-fgrtwrir 55, QU EE LORETTA HUBER Loretta Huber reigned as Homecoming Queen this year, Attendants were Joyce Brenneman - Seniorg Ina Gamble - Juniorg Karen Nusbaurn - Sophomoreg Nancy Ellerbrock - Freshmen. William Barnum was M.C. LV BACK ROW B Keller, K Arnold, M Rabley, K. Klssner, R. Mayer, M. Mann, E. Ponnng, E Denlmger MIDDLE ROW D Dztto, G Coolrdge, J McKinney, L Little, M Collms, J McKinney, J. A11em1e1' FRONT ROW L Huber, K. Musleman, S Good, Mus Clayton, Advisor, B Kldd, S Morris, M. Miller. The Future Homemakers ot Amenca IS a group of grrls takrng a home economics course Some of the members entered artrcles rn the Farmers Institure Thrs organrzauon sponsored a square-dance Jomtly wrth the FFA to earn some money Mrss Clayton then advrsor was also the home econorrucs teacher. Judy Allemier . Loretta. Huber . Mary Collins. . Marian Mann. . Marcille Miller Barbara Keller. Karen Amold . . E1dea.n Ponting . F.B inf' fi ,I 146 -'17 Q9 .L. A. Joann Lamberts . . ..... President Loretta Huber ..... . . V. President Marelese Wilsey . . . . . . Secretary Barbara Baxter . . . .... Reporter Sharon Spees . . . . . Treasurer The Future Business Leaders Chapter is an organization of high school com- mercial students having as its purpose die promotion of business education and the preparation of students for the responsibilities of the business world. The club has twice had members elected to officies of the State Organization. Marelese Wilsey was the 1955-56 state president and Ina Gamble is the 1956-57 state secretary. The local advisor, Mrs. Dorothy Workman,was State High School F.B.L.A. advisor for the years 1955-56 and 1956-57. BACK ROW: K. Nusbaum, C. Cisco, B. Kidd, S. Spees, B. Patton, A. Lapham, S. Miller, M. Fishpaw. SECOND ROW: D. Dahlen, M. Mann, K. Amold, M. Cheney, C. Follas, S. Shakemiller, I. Mauricio, D. McKinney. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Workman, advisor. E. Ruff, S. Chapman, S. Fair, C. Musser, L. Riley, B. Keller, E. Ponting. FRONT ROW: J. Layman, L. Huber, B. Meier, J. Lamberts, J. Brenneman, M. Wilsey, I. Gamble, E. Baker, B. Baxter. BACK ROW: J. Patton, D. Meuger, L. Stemen, T. Davis, O. Etgen, D. Redd, C. Kershner, K. John, MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Henderson, Advisor, P. Huber, G. Clark, P. Herring, A. Huber, G. Crisenberry, D. Earhart, M. Wilkins, FRONT ROW: L. Etgen, R. Kruse, R. Blymyer, K. Miller, G. John, J. Huber, C. Ridenour. F. F. A. The Future Farmers of America is an organization designed to develop the leadership of farm youth. The organization is open to any boy 14 to 21 years of age who is a member of the Vocational Agriculture classes. The FFA encourages leadership, sportsmanship, citizenship, cooperation, and most of all improvement of agriculture. Mr. Joe Henderson, the Vo-Ag teacher, serves as advisor of the FFA. Cloyd Ridenoux . . Ron Kruse ..... Jim Huber . . . Gary John . . . Kenny Miller . . . Ron Blymyer . . . Lewis Etgen . . . . . . . Sentinel . . . Secretary . . . Reporter . . V. President . . . . President . . . . Treasurer Student Advisor VARSITY Gary John .... ........ P resident Kenny Miller , , . ,..... Vice President RonBlymyer . . . . Secretary-Treasurer Pete Lodge , , , , , Sergeant at Arms This organization has been established for the benefit of football players, bas- ketball players, baseball players, and track members who have received a letter for participating in these sports. Its activities include a concession at the school carnival, and a refreshment stand at the basketball games. The club offers to each graduating member a sports emblem as an award. One of the Varsity coaches, Mr. Art Schrieber, serves as advisor. Back Row: K, Miller, A, Kimmel, T. Meyers, R. Biymyer, R, Shafer, D, Morris, K. John. Second Row: J. Crisen bery, D, Wagner, R, Gleason, D, Burch, D, Metzger, R, Sroufe, Third Row: P, Sroufe, M, Zerkel, H, Strayer, J, Libert, G, Cogley, R, Smith, Mr, Schreiber, adviser, Front Row: J. Desenberg, G. John, P. Lodge, M, Mewhorter, R, LaRue, D, Maxwell. KSN 1 Q , 3' 5 S3 I r" -.,, , Q X BACK ROW: C. Cisco, S. Good, L. Lohr, K. Leppla, B. Patron, K. Mussleman, K. Holtzapple, S. Spees, J. McKinney, B. Kidd, N. Davis, S. Morris, J. Price. SECOND ROW: K. Fair, B. McGahan, L. Sroufe, B. Baxter, P. Busick, C. Follas, E. Ponting, I. Gamble, M. Holtzapple, S. Chapman, B. Kruse, J. Preuss, J. Hobbs. THIRD ROW: D. Leist, L. Riley, B. Keller, S. Fair, M. Layman, B. Layman, M. LaRue, E. Stemen, P. Foust, J. Preuss, Miss Edwards. FOURTH ROW: E. Ruff, D. Hefner, K. Lawrence, J. Hollar, L. Huber, B. Meier, J. Brenneman, D. John son, H. Stemen, D. Dahlen, M. Cheney, J. McKi.n.ney. SEATED: J. Lamberts, N. Croft, M. Wilsey. The Girls Athletic Association is a group of girls grades 9-12 interested in sports. This group organizes all noon time activities and holds play nights. The girls physical education teacher Miss Dorothy Edwards, serves as advisor. G. A. A. X Nancy Croft ..... . . . President Marelesewilsey . . . . . . Secretary Joann lamberts . . . . . Treasurer LX JU IOR CLASS PLAY The Junior Class play was held in the school auditorium in February. The production, " Twelve Angry Women" was unusual in that the cast was completely female except for one role. Even more outstanding, however, was the staging of this drama. The unique story of a jury debating a point of murder was staged in arena style. In this style, the production was presented with the audience encircling the actors, with only suggestive scenery used. It was a delight for the audience to be sitting in the midst of the action actually becoming a part of the play. BACK ROW: S. Sodders, J. Preuss, M. Cheney, I. Gamble, MIDDLE ROW: S. Sakemiller, J. Hobbs, H. Stemens, M. Mann, Mr. Donald Hayduk, Director. FRONT ROW: B. Kidd, A. Lapham, S. Fair, P. Herring. LXI ,G"""i A, A BOYS GLEE BACK ROW: K. Ramser, R. Strayer, P. Herring, A. Kimmel, N. Smith, B. Brenneman, D. Kesler, G. Herman, B. Lohr. MIDDLE ROW: L. Hance, J. Crisenbery, R. Sroufe, D. Metzger, D. Redd, T. Kundert, J. Desenberg, R. Shafer, Mr. Wollenhaupt, Director, FRONT ROW: J. Routson, E. Sitzler, B. Kline, R. Woolum, H. Wright, T. Peel, M. Miller, G. Sandy. GIRLS GLEE BACK ROW: J. Price, K. Nusbauxn, C. Cisco, P. Thompson, S. Miller, J. Miller, D. McKinney, J. Sodders, B. Meier, S. Specs, B. Patton, A. Lapham, B. Kidd, M. Fishpaw, R. Gannon, J. Morris, J. Miller. SECOND ROW: J. Hobbs, P. Lodge, M. Mann, D. Broshes, L. Sroufe, B. McGaha.n, C. Follas, I. Gamble, M. Holtzapple, B. Donovan, S. Hance, K. Fair, L. Sternen, B. Keller, J. Myers. THIRD ROW: Director, Mrs. Cohee, M. Wilkins, S. Foust, J. Hollar, S. Sakemiller, K. Lawrence, E. Ruff, D. Hefner, E. Baker, E. Ponting, D. Leist, M. LaRue, H. Good, P. Ford, M. Martin. FRONT ROW: J. Daniels, J. Preuss, M. Cheney, J. Croft, J. Moorman, R. Miller, L. Huber, J. Lamberts, J. Brenneman, M. Wilsey, D. McKim1ey, B. Baxter, N. Croft, M. Ehresman. The Girls' Glee, Mixed Chorus, and Boys' Glee have participated in many activities in the school during the year. A few of these events were the Christmas program, The Farmers Institute, and district contest at Bluffton. In each of these showings they did a very fine job. MIXED CHORUS BACK ROW: D. Swartz, B. Kline, C. Thomas, L. Lohr, K. Leppla, B. Patton, L. Huber, B. Meier, M. Martin, S. Spees, D. McKinney, C. Kershner, M. Wilkins, C. Kruse, P. Thompson, J. Kraft, S. Chapman, J. Price, SECOND ROW: Mr. Wallenhowpt, Director, B. Keller, M. Rabley, R. Mayer, L. Sroufe, D. Broshes, B. McGahan, P. Lodge, J. Daniels, D. Leist, K. Fair, E. Ponting, S. Hance, L. Stemen, K. Donovan, R. Miller, J. Preuss, THIRD ROW: B. Kline, P. Hening, A. Kimmel, B. Brenneman, L. Hance, J. Crisenbeny, R. Shafer, R. Sroufe, D. Metzger, G. Herman, D. Kesler, R. Woolum, J. Desenberg, D. Redd, G. Sandy, FRONT ROW: L. Riley, C. Musser, J. McKinney, J. Moorman, K. Lawrence, J. Hollar, D. Hefner, M. Holtzapple, E. Stemen, B. Layman, M. Layman, M. La.Rue, J. Miller, J. Hobbs, J. Meyer. iss- at ...- - as -X -iw.:---H -fm--1--W-:swf - - f-f-' . af. .-M-..,...,...,.,.:...:.,. ..,f....s.,,..,,,,,,,.f,..s-.,,.,.ms.sW,.,. .m,,.....,,.,. BACK ROW: J. McBride, J. Raabe, A. Deane, J. Nichols, R. Rodney, SECOND ROW: L. Sroufe, M. Zerkel, D. Burch, D. kubaker, N. Croft. THIRD ROW: Miss Clayton, Advisor, M. Messick, R. Smith, C. Clark, J. Wilkins, Mr. Sluss, Advisor. FRONT ROW: K. Leppla, A. I.apham, S. Spees, J. Stalter, M. Martin. TUDENT COUNCIL Ross Smith . . . ....... President Mike Messick . . . .... Sergeant at Arms Sharon Spees . . . . . . Secretary Treasurer Maury Zerkel . . ...... V.President LXIV FFICER .., .Q Harriet Stemen. . . . . .President .7 gmA1 Marilyn Miller. . . . . .Secretary Joyce Preuss . . . . . Treasurer is if V . .., . s . f.. ,. 1.24-:rims ..El."'ii 2,Fifp3f:i..Sz3is?- ,., 3 'ig , - .11 The Y-Teens is a newly formed organization at Elida. It was organized under the direction of Miss Edwards. It is a part of the local Y.W .C .A, group in Lima. It helps in all sorts of needy causes. BACK ROW: S. Morris, K. Musselman, S. Mikesell, B. Patton, E. Swick, N. Ellerbrock, N. Davis, J. Price. SECOND ROW: J. Preuss, J. Sodders, S. Chapman, J. Layman, M. Mann, P. Ford, J. Hobbs, S. Sakemiller. THIRD ROW: M. Holtzapple, K. Donovan, K. Lawrence, D. Hefner, E. Ruff, J. Hollar, M. Wilkins, M. Hartley, Miss Edwards , Adviser. FRONT ROW: E. Stemen, D. Dahlen, S. Fair, M. Miller, B. Kruse, H. Stemen, J. Moorman, J. Preuss, S. Sodders. Band Officers . . . . .President . . . Sec. Treas. . . .Sgtpat Arms . Prop. Manager Student Director The band parucrpated rn many act1v1t1es durlng the school year The band presented halftlme shows at the football games under the d1rect1on of Mrs Chadwlck and Mr McG1n1ey Gene Wallenhaupt, a semor at B1ufftonCo1lege mstructed the concert band whlch part1c1pated 1n the d1str1ct contest, a Malorettes and Flag Bearers BACK ROW C Wade, S Chapman, J May, J Morns, M. Wade. Trumpets BACK ROW: B. Shirk, M. Mann, N. Croft, B. Meier. FRONT ROW: J. Shafer, M. Grant, D. Johnson, G. Graymire. Flutes, Saxs, 8 Bells J. Brenneman, P. Lodge, R. Ridenour, J. Brenneman M. Lapham. Drums BACK ROW: G. Spees, S. Fair, D. McKinney, P. Her ring. FRONT ROW: J. Collins, J. Snow. Basses S Trombones BACK ROW: J. Lamberts, M. Collins, A. Mauricio C. LaRue, C. Thomas. FRONT ROW: B. Kline, B. Smith. Clarinets BACK ROW: L. Little, B. Keller, I. Mauricio, J. Croft, B. Hobdy, I. Gamble, H. Steman. FRONT ROW' R Burkholder J Miller J Sodders A La - . . , . , . , . p ham, B. Kidd, C. Thomas. X' 'Xie BACK ROW: S. Spees, B. Meier. MIDDLE ROW: B. Baxter, E. Baker, M. Wilsey, J. Brennernan, N. Croft, J. Lamberts, L. Huber. FRONT ROW: M. Nlartin, C. Cisco. Both of these groups were made up of senior students. They were very active in school activities. They were in the Carnival Main Show, Farmers' Institute, and other special engagements. BACK ROW: S. Spees, D. Johnson, R. Ridenour, N. Croft, M. Collins, C. Ciscol. FRONT ROW: R. LaRue, C. Cog- ley, J. Lamberts, J. Brenneman, M. Wilsey, B. Meier. TOP ROW-Rebecca Klineg Nancy Ellcrbrockg Naomi Davisg Kathy Holtzapple QS 42.50j. MIDDLE ROW-Ina Gamble QS 64.03Qg Billie Hiltyg Susan Foustg Judy Daniels 31.0013 Carle Pennell QS 59.75j. FRONT ROW-Brenda Kidd QS 43.O3j5 Linda Sroufeg Dianne Ditto QS 72.5103 Linda Hadding. NOT IN PICTURE Charlotte Kruse QS 57.09j5 and Mary Routson QS 31.00j3 The Yearbook Staff wishes to thank these high salesmen for their co-operation during the annual magazine drive. The drive this year was the most successful one in school history. Special congratulations are in order for Dianne Ditto, high salesman, and the Freshman class which sold approximately S5700 in subscriptions. S50 in prize money went to the Freshman class and S25 went to the second place Senior class. LXIX BACK ROW: E. Baker, B. Baxter, S. Spees. MIDDLE ROW: P. Sroufe, R. Ridenour, M. Messick, Mr. Hayduk, Adviser. FRONT ROW: J. Brenneman, D. Dahlen, J. Moorman. THESPIAN CLUB The Thespian Club is a part of the national organization. It presents plays throughout the year. Its adviser is Mr. Donald Hayduk. LXX Most Versatile Best Mannered Neatest Best Disposition Ideal Couple Ftiendliest Best Looking Most Popular Most Bashful Wittiest BACK ROW: J. Brillhart, B. Kidd, J. Altenburger, A. Lapham, K. Holtzapple, S Morns, K Musselman, N Davxs N. Ellerbrock, B. Kline, C. Kruse, P. Thompson. SECOND ROW: K. Lawrence, J Hollax, S Sakem1l1er, M. Rabley, R. Mayer, E. Baker, B. Baxter, D. Dahlen, I. Gamble, M. Cheney, L. Stemen THIRD ROW S Chapman, D Hefner, E. Ruff, L. Huber, J. Lamberts, M. Wilsey, J. Brenneman, I. Mauricio, D Johnson J Sodders, M Holtzapple, J Layman, Mr. Hayduk, advisor. FRONT ROW: S. Spees, S. Bonebright, S Fan, C CISCO, B Meler, M Collms, J Moorman, J. Kraft, R. Miller, J. Turner. DRAMATIC CLUB Officers Deanna Dahlen. . . Mike Messick ...... Joyce Brenneman Barbara Baxter . Elaine Baker . . . . . . . President . . N. President Point Secretary . . . .Treasurer . . . . .Secretary LXXII 3 is me si,.,22Sgg..r.ili-f N L11L The Elida High School "MEMORIES" Staff would like to welcome the new students to Elida. We would also like to apologize to those who did not get individual pictures taken for the annual. EW STUDENTS AND ABSENTEE BACK ROW: W. Johns, W. Smith, J. Northrup, J. Burgess, D. Shinn, T. Miller. SECOND ROW: D. Glass, D. Shinn, K. Foust, J. Putnam, L. Mayer, THIRD ROW: T. Myers, R, Davis, M. Routh, B. Hobdy, W. Turner. FRONT ROW: F, Fint, D. I-lobdy, J, Martin, B. Miller, M. Hartley, S, Sakemiller. LXXIII Senior Close Pressenirs is If K gi. i d f A Coit Hoa x 'AN-:2Qv Nine ' There just never was a family quite as enjc bly absurd as the Allens. Mr. Allen believes that a cat has nine lives but we poor humans have only one so we should make every minute count--before our time runs outg and accordingly he runs his home with the precision of a Grand Central train sched- ule. When Mr. Allen receives very grave news from their doctor everyone becomes involved in the wild antics that follow. But somehow it all straightens out by the final curtain and Mr. Allen dis- covers that, like a cat, he has more than one life. LXXIV IW.. X BACK ROW - E. Ponting, E, Baker, D, Dahlen, K. Donovan, M. Holtzapple, W. Long. 2nd ROW - B. Keller, B Kidd, A. Lapham, B. Baxter, G. Bucher. FRONT ROW - J. Lamberts, L. Huber, S. Spees, B. Patton, J. Croft. OFFICE HELP This is a group of girls, who assist with the general clerical work in the principa1's and Superi11tendent's offices. BEST ATHLETE MOST INTELLIGENT Herb Suayer Ross Smith Carolyn Cisco Marian Martin an Nkxg 5. -Q... ww ge .D I mga? wa'-grqquiawrw B 1 is 1' a l wi , ..r - '1 Q ! 'fn 5 sig A S A ' K X Yf, . 5 E 'fgypzli xsj .xr 5 Qcix-5-.xx U- A N 3"'Ix- x? xx? I .S k X51Hffvkymr-Lyf-ff',-M F X Q XM' vain -gi A X -s 'xml 1 A fax - k nl 1 .. flbix ff KESXXQNA-'i'S i3 S .sf 5 an 1 The Annual Staff at work? .... ww' a STRETCH FBL convention if 59" 2 o' a Q 1 it I 7 Memories "N" ' A 1 .sq 1 " r .al-... ii Homecoming Bottoms Up ?...,,. Q. 'Ea X Homemakers of the Future? 7 What makes it tick? A11 secrets are lies! T, Hollar B, Brennema A. Lapham D, Brubaker B, Smith K, Miller D. Dzihlen N. Croft M. Holtzapple J, Stalter D. Mayer P. Herring T. Myers D. Wagner D. Burch P, Sroufe E. Ponting HAL The plan is to discourage students from being in all halls during class periods. If it is absolutely necessary, then a student must receive permission from the respon- sible teacher who will give him a multi-purpose pass checked for his purpose. Thi purposes ofthe monitor syste are: I. Davis L. Long B. Patton M. Fishpavx S, Miller V10 ITORS To greet visitors of the school. . To assist teachers in regulating hall traffic during classes. . To assist in regulating hall traffic during and between classes. . To help create as fine an atmosphere and de- portment as possible in corridors. M. Martin J. Fishpaw R. Stewart M. Altenburger A. Deane L. Sroufe K. Leppla G. Sandy D. Earehart R, Shafer G. Cogley S, Bonebright M, Messick E, Denlinger K. Holtzapple L, Little J. Wilkins R. Smith B, McGa.han A. Peters M. Miller B, Baxter K, Driver Marian Martin Joyce Brenneman Loretta Huber Marelese Wilsey Mike Messick David Brubaker Nancy Croft Grace Bucher Ina Gamble Ted Myers Ross Smith Joyce Preuss Mary Cheney A115 Deane Alan Rothe Anita Lapham R011 Stewaft JR. HIGH G. A. A. The Junior High GAA for the 1956-57 school year was under the direction of the following officersg President- Iudi Ellis, Vice -President-Dianne Metzger, Secretary-Mary Breda, and Treasurer-Carlene Wilsey. The girls spon- sored a booth at the camival and sold food at the basketball games. They also sponsored several play nights throughout the year. BACK ROW: J, Raabe, D. Patton, S. Holmes, C. Johns, C. Hunter, C, Kruse, S. Searfoss, C. Rex. SECOND ROW P. Sullivan, K. Kaiser, M. Miller, K, Chapman, J, Ellis, K. Buettner, M. Gracely, S. Cook. THIRD ROW: C. Wilsey, N, Buckmaster, C. Faunce, C. Kimmel, N. Rader, J. Parrott, M. Breda, D. Vandemark, Miss Edwards. FRONT ROW: D. Kohlhorst, C. Campnell, C. LaRue, D. Metzger, J. Miller, D. Adams, D. Ward, L. Gamble. 1 xf . 1. sf am s ,gli 1- 1 .. s-1 TU DE T PATROL The object of the Patrol is to lessen the chance of accidents. The local Boy Scouts do this job every evening when school lets out, and they deserve much credit. BACK ROW: J, Collins, J. Nichols, R. Welker, T. Frysinger, B. John B, Beckman. SECOND ROW: B. Dunahay, K. Foust, T. Gahman, J. Hobbs, B. Lee. THIRD ROW: L. Mathwig, L. Arnold, J. McCue, B, Wilkins, M. Sroufe. FRONT ROW: J, Foust, W. Nealy, B. Fomt, W. Riley, D. McCormick, G. Spees. ' HO CR SOCIETY On February 19, 1957, eight seniors and nine juniors were elected as mem- bers of the Ethan Allen Honor Society of the Allen County Secondary Schools. Membership consists of not more than 15010 of the membership of the junior and senior classes. Students are rated scholastically in their junior year on the basis of their record made up to the second semester of that year. The top 25470 are elegible to be rated by the high school faculty. The juniors are called "associate" members. Seniors are rated the same way and are called "active" members. To be re-elected as a member of the Society in the sen- ior year, the same standards must be maintained. The students are rated scholastically on the basis of twenty five points for a 1 average, twenty points for a 2 average, fifteen points for a 3 average, etc. Students are also rated- by each teacher having the student in class, home room, or extra -curricular activities - on the basis of leadership, service, and character. The teacher having the student can give him up to a maximum of twenty five points each for leadership, service, and character in addition to the points given for the scholastic record. The student 's final point average is determined by dividing the gross sum by the total number of teachers rating the student. The Honor Society Banquet was held at Beaverdam High School on May 1. Purposes 1. To create an enthusiasm for SCHOLARSHIP. 2. To stimulate a desire to render SERVICE. 3. To promote worthy LEADERSHIP. 4. To encourage the development of CHARACTER. LXXXI Ll D4 ifliilw BACK ROW - E. Phillips, B. Stover, B. Wilkins, D. Strayer, S. Kidd. SECOND ROW - V, Holtzapple, C. Hefner, M. Sroufe, A. Mauricio, L. Kraft, B. Deane. THIRD ROW - E. LaRue, S. Miller, D. Tillman, C. Hatter, P. Clark, D. Metzger, Gene Wallenhaupt, Director. FOURTH ROW - D, Hunter, P. Sullivan, M. Fanaff, L. Creek, E. Sitcler, D. Adams. JU IOR BA D These two groups are following in the footsteps of their upperclassmen. They will make up the chorus and band of tomorrow. Much thanks is due to their directors Mrs. Nevius and Mr. Wallenhaupt. JR. HIGH MIXED CHORUS BACK ROW - S. Barailou.x, J. Huber, N. Buckrnaster, A. Lodge, M. Wilson, D. Vandemark, S. Hobdy, L. Gamble, S. Cook, B. Deane, C. Hefner, L. Willoughby. SECOND ROW - V. Holtzapple, P. Clark, M. Breda, M. Fanoff, J. Redd, S. Miller, C, LaRue, D. Metzger, C. Faunce, J. Ellis, K. Buettner, M. Gracely. THIRD ROW - Mrs. Neivou Director, C. Kruse, N. Derringer, D. Ward, J. Stemen, J. Marcin, J. Miller, D. Kohlhorst, C. Johns, S. Lyle, K. Fishpaw, S. Nixon. FOURTH ROW - L. Bercaw, K. Sroufe, N. Sorgen, J. Layman, S. Kidd, L. Strayer, J. Wimer, M. Philpott, J. Walters, J. Kraft, B. McDonald. FRONT ROW - B. Best, D. Glass, G. Dahlen, R. Archer, S. Wade, R. Wilker, L. Layman, J. McCue, D. Mayer, B. Riley. S Bunch 1-. , QQ Kenny John J 1111 Fxshpaw Cnsenbery l 'f L va ww 7' 9 C Murray Mewhoner Mfwpn-ww 'I QQ Pete Lodg . ,af .u2ii'.w'X :. .Q Ward Green .-I,-,- Elida Elida Elida Elida Elida. Gary Martin ' 19 ' 25 ' 13 ' 26 ' 39 Forest Columbus Grove Bluffton Lafayette Pandora Harold Wright 3 John Desenbezg A -,.1:.n,:: .. -wp David Morris FOOTBALL RECORD ' 0 Elida 0 Elida 13 Elida 0 Elida O Lost 1 Tied 1 Won 7 1956 Dw ' Me er aln tm . 0 Delpilos '7 18 Waynesfield O 52 Spencerville 0 19 Bath 0 Z5 Here's Harmon!! Wim O1 MJ" , , x lf? "-Q .is Wm fi Varsity Cheerleaders -- Barbara Baxter, Darlyn Hefner, Elaine Baker, Sharon Spees. CHEERLEADER Elida High School is fortunate in having two sets of wonderful cheerleaders. They put in a lot of time and effort to perfect their yells. At all the games you will find them leading the student body in rousing cheers for our Team. Their pep and bounce is ever present. No matter how early the game, they are always on hand, ready to go. They participate in various other activities throughout the school. Thcy are an inspiration to the teams and very capable leaders for our cheers, Jr. High Cheerleaders -- Carol LaRue, Linda Sroufe, Myrna LaRue, Lila Gamble. Im wiv fy VV,4 peg .Y -ar I -Q? N akuv QI '-in-N. Q I iff: .XR . X. ' n 5 - .R X ..,, r ,t 'M 'N . 'OL' Wai, D Q' Q L . Wana MLW-Q 'gum' YW NH W ,-5Y r My K gi' fr" N gym. fw A -Mft' ssnk ... vn- "fu 9 ya -ef? WN Q-nv 'km 5 RESERVE TEAM BACK ROW: Dick Prince, Coach, C. Thomas, Art Sch- reiber, Coach, SECOND ROW: P. Lodge, J. Dcsenberg, O. Etgen, G, Hermon, K, Heath, FRONT ROW: R. Shafer, M. Altenburger, D. Morris, A. Deane, D, Bowers, D, Metz- ger. JU IOR HIGH TEAMS BACK ROW: T, Byerly, B, Lohr, J, Smith, T, Kundert, J. Boate, B. Fletcher, George Radulovich, Coach. SEC- OND ROW: B, Beckman, E. Sitclcr, B. John, C. Foust, T, Kirwan, FRONT ROW: R. Bowers, C. Penell, W. Duna- hay, J, Boate, N, Miller, G, Kidd. BACK ROW: B. Fantz, G, Stevcr, W. Riley, J. Hobbs, J, Ehresrnan, B, Kinkley, S, Bigelow, L. Hofiheim. SEC- OND ROW: C. Riley, D. Morris, G. Graymeicr, B, Shafer, D. Grapner, J, Mor- ris. FRONT ROW: B. Stover, M. Golliver, D. Kizer, L. Arnold, R. Kraft, B. Highland, G. Bowers, R. Rodney. 13? 5 fs" Cu ll FO 9' 5h U H- a ...,,, 05:2 C? Og Nf XF s C, Jn A f V W' ' A rx 'fl up QS X a ,mil m ,, W 1' CD in XIX ...-. "f " , :az 'Q- on mit! Q' ill X fm' H ' 'A D 1 , Ill U-9 cu 5 it "'f ,i Q" Q LD U Q fl! X - U3 9 cn ' fl! gy' ,, . k.,.i, W., GJ BACK ROW: B, Beckman, B. Shafer, B, Highland, J. Shafer, R. Kraft, D. Kaiser, D. Putman, R. Rodney, H. Foust. SECOND ROW: T. Peel, J. Smith, J. Wade, T. Kundert, T, Wade, J, Boate, N. Miller, THIRD ROW: A. High- land, R. Ridenour, A. Huber, B. Blymyer, R. Bowers, B. Kinkly, J. Hobbs, Richard Prince, Coach. FRONT ROW: W. Riley, H. Wright, B. Dawson, G. Stever, L. Warner, B. Maloney, T. Boate. JR. HI FOOTBALL ARSITY FOOTBALL PICTURE ON OPPOSITE PAGE. BACK ROW: A. Kimmel, R. Shafer, R. Smith, D. Morris, B. Koch, G, Martin, W. Green. SECOND ROW: J. Desenberg, R. Sroufe, M. Mewhorter, D. Metzger, R. LaRue, P. Lodge, D. Redd. THIRD ROW: R. Gleason, D. Wagner, H. Strayer, D. Burch, G. Cogley, G. John, Art Schreiber, Coach. FRONT ROW: R. Blymyer, K. Miller, K. John, J. Fishpaw, J. Crisenbery, H. Wright, T. Peel. XC Mwwnxhami GGLIYIUKHQ Rfxfxyxxxlxxx M , KN xW f i X uwx O ww f 4 INDIANHEAD ARCHERY MFG. CO. 2 ,1 0,2-5? SALESROOM AT soo vlcToRY AVE. 0 yr F5 phones 6-2826 of 5-asus -4? I uf Bows - ARRows - TARGETS - RAW MATERIALS in fact, everything for the archer nf ' SERVING ARCHERS ALL OVER THE WORLD WITH lndisngg Q15-zflvllilv QUALITY - SERVICE - COURTESY - since 1921 IITLEUKHTI3 LI I OVER 400 GOOD BOWS IN STOCK ALL THE TIME OVER 500 DOZEN ARROWS ON HAND ALL THE TIME SAFE, UNBREAKABLE GLASS BOWS FROM 53.95 UP TO THE FULL WORKING RECURVE MODELS AT S39.50. ALSO FULL LINE OF BEAR, ROOT, FLEETWOOD, STREAM-EZE, Etc. EVER HUNT WITH A BOW??? EVER SHOOT CARP WITH A BOW??? IF NOT YOU ARE MISSING THE GREATEST OF ALL SPORTS!!! COME IN AND SEE US FOR DETAILS . . . OZRO M. WILSEY, owner .... DALE STEVER fEIida H.S. 19561 shop foreman Best wishes to the semors from THE CLASS OF I959 A YS X if . I AES A A . I ES I 5 A SA XX W , ee A me . S ii BACK ROW - D. Morris, J. Desenberg, K. Heath, D. Ladd, W, Green. THIRD ROW - G. Herman, R, Shaier, J. Fishpaw, L. Hollar, W. Dunahay. SECOND ROW - R. Sroufe, D. Mann, G. John, G. Cogley, H. Strayer, Coach D Prince. FRONT ROW - D. Wagner, D. Maxwell, M. Mewhorter, J. Chapman, D. Bowers. BASEBALL These are the boys who went out for baseball this year. We hope you have a real good season. Best of luck! XC III BACK ROW - D. Maxwell, O. Etgen, C. Thomas, A. Huber, G, Crisenbery. SECOND ROW - Coach, A. Schreiber J, Davis, J. Desenberg, C. Clark, B, Kline, FRONT ROW - A. Kimmel, R. Smith, P. Lodge, M. Mewhorter, J. Smith, TRACK This is the group of boys who went out for track. XCIV 140 West High Street Lima, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS from MEHDUW lilllll DAIRY LIMA - ol-no ENRICHED WHITE BREAD TOASTMASTER BREAD Plus Sunshine Vitamin E Baked by THE FRANK BAKER BREAD CO. LIMA, OHIO ZW QU l If J I t ' ,R M gX "l7uvi'nI-1- nmn-mul I II hrs-. C rt y f The Saturday Evening Poi OLIVER SALES - SERVICE Cost Reducing Equipment Gehl Blowers 81 Forage Harvester Come ln . . . Let's Get Acqualnted HALKER IMPLEMENT CO. l030 Findlay Rd. Lima Ohio SIOUX HONEY ASSOCIATION Telephone 2-2171 Compliments Of CAMPBELL Pest Control Services, lnc. ll68 West North Street Limq Ohio Compliments R-VILLE 0, "Fine Furniture and Appliances" 2,65 MWES., ST. EBLING SUPPLY LIMA. OHIO COMPANY s o Mconmw no-ions zsoae Brice and Metcalf Street Lima Ohio . . . ,,,:,+ -M 1 x --n-......,...,.,5 -'-mw'nwna-:adam qgggm. gfes , .,,, ,. gill ' fa ' "The Family Dedicated to Service" T. R. CHILES S SCN FUNERAL HOME Lima's Largest Funeral Chapel Ambulance lDay or Nightj Oxygen Resuscifafor and lnhalafor Thomas R. Chiles Russell M. Chiles Howard R. Laman Harold S. Chiles Telephones: 6-6Ol5 - 6-6025 Tl'xere's a mortician in Los Angeles, who ad- vertizesz A married man is one who uses both hands to "Use our lay-away plan. dfwe his Cal'- Pay now, Go later." F10YdR' Mm' Reader's Dig t Credit with Hart - easy to start C I. omp :ments sowing of RADIO STATICN 126 WEST STREET DIAMONDS WHOIS ' SIIVEIWIIE ' RADIOS - lUG6AGl - APPLIANCES 233 North Main LIMA, OHIO LIMA, OHIO CANDYLAND DAN'S HOME MADE ICE CREAM LIMA OHIO DUNGEON Homework mm e EASY' The homemaker's job is easier today than ever before in history- thanks to electric help- ers like the clothes washer and dryer, the dishwasher, the auto- matic electric range. Cheaper than the old way, too! Dv OHIO POWER C0 437 SOUTH MAIN STREET STIPPICH HARDWARE Established 1927 300-306 N. Main Street Opposite Courthouse Appliances-Points-Housewares LIMA, OHIO ,3 "However, if the musical alarm doesn't wake- him . . ." Courtesy of The Saturday Evening P IBINDEL APPLIANCE The Home of Frigidaire - Maytag - Hoover Ironrite - Tappan Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Class of 1955 CENTRAL SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 2'0'2I2 5"'U"1 Main 5'- 215 w. Market Lama, ohio Phone 6-I78I Lima, Ohio Lima' ohio M STAR CARPET CLEANING co. ra i f E 1 Q L" Rug, Carpet, Upholstery Cleaning I and Repairing x v,-I ,, 426 South Main Street 'qbwr Q 1. 1 A "I A 'QM "Remember . . . Clean Rugs Last Longef' "' J .weaaees q wi'1'f1I'.f' A -I 4..,,..,,.g.,.r.n.. .... h,,A.I-- Phone 7-2781 Courtesy of The Saturday Evening Post Lima Webb Insurance Agency Inc. Phone 2-3675 212 West High Street Lima Ohio H Fwd Place in ldnlzlf THE 0llI0 STEEL FUUNDIIY E0. LIMA ' OHIO See , Color T. V. fm, at 33,1 i LOVELAND'S N, f' Colorama Theaters soo w North Lum 827 s Mom WN fair' V, 1 HF" an Call 45811 for next program ""'P" ""' 'N' """4' "" ' Courtesy of The Saturda PROM SMlTH'S LOST CREEK GARDEN CENTER 2003 Elida Rd. Top quality Shrubs 8. Roses SUSIE Q DRIVE INN RESTAURANT Car Service Year Around Bellefontoine Tkibby Sts. Lima, Ohio 2 lllglllilw llilll 1 !u,1!m"'m!-1W"""' II Illllll l vl 1 - S 1 I5 wimpy,-ffmrumff 'W' C urtesy of Saturday Evening P t See Your Doctor First Then Take Your Prescriptions To The ARGONNE DRUG STORE Harold Primmer - Roy Wise Cor. High cmd Elizabeth Sts. Phone 2-248I Lima Ohio I SUWUR concurs Q The true test of civilization is, not the census, no r the size of cities, nor the crops - no, but the kind of man the country turns out. SUPERIOR COACH CORPOR Limo, Ohio R alph Waldo Emerson Civilization ATION BEST WISHES for YOUR Success, we hope that you will let us help you, just as we have helped others before you. Make this your bank! THE METROPOLITAN BANK Lima, Ohio The Bank for Everyone Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation IF IT'S WORTH PROTECTING, IT SHOULD BE INSURED WITH DAVISSON, SOLIDAY, SULLIVAN All Forms of Insurance IOO2 Notionol Bank Bldg. Phone 95610 Limo, Ohio N l i,.!,1L.2N up -L I. .mqti WIS ,I I MIL I 4 I A y KNOB IJ O III! A -,, , K I J I f A + X X , 2? I 1 I QIII Q II "FunLl , I I lhluh nr mul- l nmng lu 1 mewha-uv," C rt y of The Saturday Evening Po t Compliments of MACK'S CAMERA STORE I26 W. Market Street Limo, Ohio Phone 5-5876 Compliments Of WESTERN OHIO LUMBER CO. Large or Small We Can Furnish All. " Z sos-os-10 Noam mm s'r. -L L b B ildi gM I I 124 E V St L Oh o Phone 3-5675 PROM Compliments of DAVIDSON ENAMEL PRODUCTS INC. E Kbbys L Oh VARSITY SHOP Sportswear - Clothing - Furnishings YOUNG MEN AND BOYS Phono 4-2816 224 Norih Main sf. Limo, ohio 1-J H "1.':',. 5 f1,,. . mf S -- SS..S X... THE LIMA PACKING V X 'Y1". 3 N Ofb I H A,V Y,. . ,:qY.E 322 X COMPANY 5' S' W f -.-- W ,, Kevsrons MEAT Pnooucrs my fl G03 fffgiafr grim "Wouldn't it be easier to get the horn fixed?" Lima' ohh Two Houses of Courteous Service EL-PAR MQTCR SALES 550 W. Elm Limo, Ohio Chrysler - Plymouth - Imperial DELPHOS - EL-PAR DeSoto Plymouth Delphos, Ohio Where Customers Send Their Friends HOMEACRE KENNELS Trimming and Grooming Poodles and Miniature Schnaugers a Speciality. 1 Dian Johnson Phone 5-1928 2000 Elida Road Lima, Ohio TIP TOP SANDWICH SHOP 312 N. Main Street Lima Ohio SVJTSGIN- "Feel that rough place? 'I'hnv.'n the dinmaudf' Courte y of The Saturd Ev s ay 1gP t LA RUE'S GREENHOUSE CORSAGES POTTED PLANTS FLOWER AND VEGETABLE PLANTS DISH GARDENS Phone I9-3345 Elidn, Ohio Compliments A Savings Account is of o good start toward o successful life. SCOTT'S CROSSING MARKET R. 2 Elida 4' Harold, Helen, Bill Established 1877 Financial Services: Money when YOU Need If CREDE FURNITURE STORE Personal and Auto Loans Appliance and Television Financing Appliances Linoleum Carpet 1520.00 - 351,000.00 E-Z Terms TOWN FINANCE COMPANY Open Evenings 310 North Main Street Phone 2-l48l 8891 Delphi S, Delphgs ', I Iwi X LION CLOTHING if f 1' f"7 ' X Q wie DE1.PHos, omo '53 K 4' ' I -- n ffl? -. f Sql? f ' Known for Good Clothes A' X I fa- 1' ta d "' ' tl,,?w-A-J Courteous Service "l'm the 'Hnquiring Pholographer'-and my question ia: 'What are you doing t.onighl?' " Delpha Chevrolet - Buick Specializing in Good Dependable Service After the sale DELPHA CHEVRCLET CC. Phone 25514 Dephos, Ohio wEcER's 1" r fig Your Fabric Center A . ' D G .1 D ' f-JI-'HMI R XX " ry oo s- raperles U , Window Accessories "Frankly, Mr. Comstock, I do t , believe your wife il making a Delphos Ohno fum cakes" Court ly of The Saturday Even! g P t THE DELPHOS PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY The Delphos Daily Herald The Delphos Daily Herald Courant When shopping in Delphos Compliments of remember ST. MARYS FOODS, INC. SHENK'5 Packers of Fancy Canned Foods Home owned since l876 Dolphos Ohio Nothing too large Nothing too small When the boyfriend of a teen-age friend of mine D I 8, went to call on his girl, he found the family had R J FROST SON been unexpectedly called out of town. The girl Roofing - Siding - Sheet Metal had left this note taped to her front doorg "Hi, handsome! Have gone to Texas. Will be back Contractors Sunday afternoon." "P. S. D0n't tea: up this note- you a.ren't the only one!" 1104 N. Washington Street Phone 864l Delphos, Ohio HARTER AND SON Funeral Home PHONE 4021 DELPHOS, OHIO Compliments Of Dr. STIPPICH M OF A Km RICKER LUMBER COMPANY Denfisf A. J . Bonifas, Owner Delphos Ohio 93 Years of Service 711 N. Main Phone 7641 Delphos, Ohio C0"'P'fm's of 29. LEHMANN'S .cat THE SCHERGER MEMORIALS Appliances - Furniture - Pianos Radios and Television 507-511 North Moin St. 246 North Main St. Ddphos ohio Delphos Ohio -2' '14 f onENwELLER's 4 . ii Q1 4 "' 53 Clothes For Men . and Boys 1 "" fi Delphos um mm. 11:1-Zzegzioy Evening P o st STRAYER'S MARKET Quality Groceries and Meats Phones: Lima 19-2532 ELIDA, OHIO Compliments Of SHEETER MOTOR SALES Plymouth - Dodge Dodge Job Rated Trucks Comer Fifth and Main Delphos, Ohio Phone 4661 Three of a kind Phone 7811 201 S Clay REAL c,oNE THERE'S this about 13:5 itiiwifff inmwid: Good and loud- HORINE LUMBER CO A d I m t h p I1 k th k k xr d b f Id t bk 'hMh ndPlne -RICHARD ARMOUR. oak' Bm: ' G agony' U C urtsyofStE P t for Manuel Training Delphos, Ohio goof! OZIMCL., Elida Boosters Club SENIOR CLASS AND MAY THEIR FUTURE BE AS SUCCESSFUL AS THEIR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS Q-ff3Qc1x-2 THE BOOSTERS ARE TRYING TO DO A FINE PIECE OF WORK SO LET'S SHOW OUR APPRECIATION AND BOOST I THE BOOSTERS. Husband surveying mountains of luggage to be stowed in car: "Let's face it. We're not getting away from it all, we're taking it with u.s."' -Walt Wetterberg in The Saturday Evening Post HOLTZAPFLE WHITE ROCK FARM C atul z' Ong' 6 mrs 8- Holtzopple Farm Service and Best Wishes Ehda Ph Ohm ones I9-2551 - 19-2933 THE BAND "Are you Hungary?" "Yes, Siam." BOOSTERS "Den Russia to the table and I'll Fiji." "All right, Sweden my coffee and Denmark bill." Compliments of MOHLER'S FLOWERS 1052-1060 Bellefontaine Ave. Phone 59711 Lima Ohio ELIDA Q OHIO Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation GLEN COPUS FLORIST You are invited to visit our new outside glass walled bottling room. Seethe all stainless phones: 23112 and 90128 steel automatic vacuum milk bottle tiller in operation. The public is always welcome. One Mile South of Allentown HEFN ER DAIRY f iiit :3 li Phone 9-me Tx gk' :.- if f L """' "Y' Y-'fu-1-vw-L-um h-rw:-' Congratulations Compliments Your Old Fashioned General Store of THE KROGER STORE ALLENTOWN MARKET 3397 Allentown Ra. Ph. I9-2313 wes'g"'e EL DORA FARMS, INC. 706 N. Cable Rd. - 5e07l6 Milk - Dairy Products - lce Cream Corner Central Si Circular Sts. 3201 W. Elm St. 1121 Latham Ave. East Main St., Cridersville 940 Elida Road, Delphos The Home of Nationally Advertised Brands PANGLES MASTER MKTS. is 4 I s. ll 1 I 'fo - -ul an r "The doctor ll lug lo brell even -Amiga-Julius' Congratulations from the BLILLDOG REVIEW STAFF We are sorry for all of the lies we have told about you throughout the year. It is obvious that your excellent work is a product of brains, ability, and genius. Tlll-I EIJIIH Fll !S EIIUITY EXCHANGE O A GOOD PLACE TO BUY AND SELL 0 ELIDA, OHIO Sincere Best Wishes to the Seniors For the Future LEODA DAVlDSON'S BEAUTY SHOP I9-2362 E lida Ohio Compliments of: HOLMES' BROTHERS MARKET Greetings to the Class 0f1957 GREGG'S Limo Ohio Seems a Pity Love is a pastime so involved, It takes you years to get it solved, And by the time you learn the score, Nobody's playing any more. -Norman R. faffray. BUNGALOW PHARMACY Prescription Druggisfs Phone 6-9516 Market of Baxter I-imd Ohio CHARLES W. LITTLE BUILDER OF MODERN HOMES Phone 19-2064 R. No. 2, Elido 100 Freshmen I l Ll Ll l l Winners of the Magazine Drivep lj if Victorious in all lQ,, 4 ' 5 R Carnival Competition say Good-luck, Seniors! Q 3: xo A H W u ,. 4 CLASS OF 1960 ,f L t 4.3 gk fq":?f?:',Jg2 Jfmns K "Shari enough?" ' . MAY BROS. OIL C0 Distributors of Mobil Gas and Oils Sold All Over the World BACK ROW: A. Lapham, B. Kidd, M. Cheney, A. Rothe, E. Ruff, K. Donovan, C. Clark. MIDDLE ROW: L. Huber B. P D. ' ' ' ' atton, Dahlen, J. Bremxeman, B. Merer, I. M3.UHC1O, Adv1sor Mrs Workman D Brubaker FRONT ROW , - . . . : J. Lamberfs, M Martin, B. Baxter. ' OH, YE . WE ALMOST FORGOT. THE BULLDOG REVIEW is the school newspaper of Elida High School. Its duty is to give out the news of the school whether old or new. It is published every three weeks, if they make their deadline. THE BULLDOG RE- VIEW STAFF does a "fine" job? They receive no scholastic credit for their untiring efforts at putting out an old newspaper. In case some poor unsuspecting person buys one of their papers, he will find it very useful for wrapping garbage, lining wastebaskets or starting bonfires. This group was decieved by such leaders as Mrs. Workman, Marian Martin, and Barbara Baxter. CXIX AUTOGRAPHS xr.-uv. .,uff-wmlffmf-..' ..--frm. -- fAf,.v...f.Q-nz f .f .V , . - - . , -,-A-Vwmgf-m i..L:.w,4nm-ffm,-f Am,-m..vf.f'-.-1 AH ff M- Q :f ,Mx-.5, Y-y1,.,Qw.f-In-.f.v.w , ,ff 7 , ZA ,,-21 7? af Q, 3 ,L J ' . 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