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fn..Qam+24bx,Q?7fpsiiw2Q'rsf2f::sw'NX ff, S. f ,Mff:.fiM,,f,, ,-yum s A ff, 1 is 2 ini ?l!i -n.4LA.u nn C .3 4 0 ' M.. ,KQQ.1 x "' . .lffg ul L .,,. K ss Kg Q? H Q ,. 'X ua ' K, Q 'Q,..'x2 Q QQ ilfykf s..Kg4'l fy-f ff if . A 5 ffl "5i,"i5" . ' 'X ,Q ...Q -- - . A , QQQ Q M pg, M ...A .Qaur""""' Q - Q ng ..,. f Ky . -Ng... V' K N W-- N " Mfr . .-.., QQ . Q., .. QQ, . .., 'TQ' QQ QQ. Qt k 'O .' I " H+ . " ' M ' 5 . 'Z 'F' W .N K f wp f N. W Axwimx - -QQ . KK . K ,,.. Ms QQ Q. . - ff - A Lx... ' " . . vw' -ff'w"" f. f s - ... .1 . wr'-fd' ik f' . awww..-ff 1331? "'.?"W'. ff ...ns 'K Q 'Q Q. . Q Q Q KX QFM Q QQ .. , Q QW, Q NN . 'Q 1 K. Q shin. .Q Q Q .QQQQQQ Q' ' " f . ' -m f w My . m...'sf'1 w'f 'r.. . . Q' . . ' ff Q -.:f' 1 ' .. xg ' , "N :rib Af M Q' g A r 3.. . 1 ' Q, i.IgQ: ,,. . ,QJ3 K J. X K K' Q ' ip . .- ' A L- -' ,KK " 5 . , KQ ' .K X QQRNA-QQF ' .MK A -, K5 me, H -M y ig1.3f"'f- yk--gwknwgtxg 5 - 1, , K+ in 5 is . "" IM. ' .sf 1. 9. f-. . 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W tnw' t X"'M ' 3' - H- .fi 'iii-K fb.-'f J 'Q All U"""' ".:i',.,-8 7295 , fmlzg 1..:I' gWf,':-3 ff- - fi . skZ'fS'fH,.- Q' 3... . 'flfwgf-fs.-' gt.. ,..Q JG QQ 'QQ' Q wifi!-4 xg' .ff B -' QQ Kjvg Q was K . VN :Pi -6. QQ., ,QQ r . KM. ' ' f' K, ' ' 'Vw 'Q b. 1 n K " Q .,- vf K Q. V ' ' ,Ka ' Q, .-. '- 'gr' . .3 b ' - 6 ?..:J mif .- Q 'FQ ' R' T ' . - . ' '. Y 'g ' . 5-A:.QK,QQ - -I '1 .. - fgvxm. , - 13 K 3, SQ . Q ,sw -mv ,K ' . 'Wgj?,j9,HNjQ' MW... 'a-55 N x Q K . ' 'K' R H' . f . ,J - 'i'i ' -"""""' JE wg, sir-5 23' n"1J "' . Q 1. 'ts Rf... wi. wwf K . -K L . Kg4ix'1"'- K, H -33. QL' ,'uf-,nf .."' 9' ' a Q -"' - -iii Q4 ' ,V , ,.4. " 1 2 4 V 1 - '- 'F-A Q," 1 ii is H+- S f. gg,.'-.i1.g.y., A V , . v 4 ,ly 4 if X-wffziikf ,:'T1'V1 L," x . . if rlcafi- A .ff 512 fmrfzw sg ,f. ggws, f 1116-"W 21224 .S RQ ,W aAQ5M.. . ,gg wsfltdlr Q 'A 4 ao- ,f W . - - . . ,- 4 , f.,g.,.,..- 119. -',. f' ,1'ffw,m ' - ma: - Q y 1- .e ,. .f Jr. ,, , 1. J 6 f ' -15, n y Q., 3. Q Q. 1 A 417,14 f , My , jab, 5 ,E A ,, ,LQ H ,JJ L Ke. QA me -W Y 1,0 x, .Jw . r ' 1 4' ip g k ' i . . 1 1 1 ' J ,AL-,f X ,,,, .gif-K A .1 ? ' . 1 3 , J X 1 i Q 1 4 if fi ,sg b . Z,.j:"1-1 "ii , - E115 J :T T ,EJ -ml 311 '-,ff X- Q25 ,W J fi I 'lfhlfif' 1 , in , FEE.-W 54 -Y A we 1. :: ,QQKF51 Y 4, Mfggps, ' x HV: 1 .wif-vi ' '-'xii -' f-3 Af .35 , Q f- .i 5,2 , iw ' ,f AQ, "4 I my A- 'Af 127 fl L., '- z .QLQ E f -J X -Q .C W 1 ,, Q 3. .E ' Q , i Z . , I ! IIIEIIIII IIIE I955 xIIrff XI.I,f, Nw, :QQ 50, ,flue I I .F A 1 3 Q G f NN Qi ' 6 1:11009 9?- , up ELIDA HIGH SCHOOL ELIDA, OHIO Table of Contents DEDICATION .... MEMORIAM . . . FACULTY ........ SENIORS .......... UNDER CLASSMEN . . . ACTIVITIES ....... ATHLETICS . . . PATRONS . . . dk Y 4 5992 tv ' 834 WM f x K 0 . X p We would like to present Herkimer, the living spirit of Elida. He appears in various school activities throughout the year. He has also proven to be a valuable asset to the school in other aspects. One incident in the life ofHerkimer may help to illustrate just how indispensable he really is. The scene was Elida's gridiron. The Bulldogs were having a rough time defeating one of their great rivals. The score was knotted at 13-13, but the opposition had possession of the ball. Their quarterback decided to put the game on ice by trying a long pass. He faded back and let fly with atowering spiral. It looked like a sure score when out of Elida's defensive backfield leaped a figure, so fast he was almost impossible to see. But there was no doubt in the minds of Elida's fans. It was Herkimer. He quickly passed the ball to one of the Bulldog's many speedy backs who dashed down the side line to score. Even though this is just one incident Herkimer may be found in many other fields of school life at Elida. He may be found on the basketball court scoring two for E,H.S. or on the ball diamond makinga difficult catch. He may even be found in the class room beside a student who is stumped with a hard problem. Because of this and many other reasons we have chosen Herkimer to represent the typical student in the 1955 Annual. 3 James Arlen Glass CROSSING THE BAR Sunset and evening star And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar, When I put out to sea. For though from out our bourne of Time and Place The flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face When I have crossed the bar. Alfred Lord Tennyson MEMQRIAM C. R. Swank In September of 1929, you came to Elida to teach. You had just been graduated in June from Bluffton College. Your teach- ing meant a lot to you, and after a short time here, you rec- ognized the need of football in the School. Through hard work and planning you had the first football team under way, beginning the season in 1931. Later you became Principal, and in the fall of 1941 you became Superintendent of Elida High School. After one year in this position you answered your Country's call and entered the Armed Forces in 1942, serving until 1945. After your discharge you then came back and assumed your duties as Superintendent. We have known you as being kind, patient, understanding, and always willing to help when needed. We, the Annual Staff and our Advisers, Mrs. Fogg and Mr. Sluss, dedicate the Annual of 1955 to you, Mr. Swank. DEDICATION ni f W M fu, A " -V-..., yr Q, fni J- , 1 rw-- ,Q f an H:-H a..-law 1-""'r.A I. - ,b , ,,, ff Hwy' i V il .1 306 Sv E! S if - SUPERINTENDENT lwish to commend the class of '55 for its part in producing "Memories" for 1955. This rec- ord of school events and ac- tivities will be treasured by present students for years to come. Pictures and stories will help recall many interesting events, experiences, and happy acquaintances at Elida. Producing an annual is one of the many worthwhile experi- ences shared by students who participate in this endeavor. It is good to make a chronicle of school events. It helps simplify making an honest and objective appraisal of work accomplished, experiences shared, and goals reached. This brieffpreface also gives me an opportunity to express my confidence and faith in the youth of today. You are living in an exciting, fast moving, and dangerous world. You will have many choices to make in the years ahead. I have faith and hope that your experience and training in school will help you make wise, fair, and honorable decisions. With faith in yourselves and your fellowmen, and a firm trust in God, your chances of success will be good. Roland Swank PRINCIPAL Memories, 1955, should have a large value and direct , benefit to all the student body and should be very significant for the life of the school. The events of the school year will concern activitie s and organiza- tions of your school life. These pages portray your efforts and happiness in these activities. Each student will receive his I own enjoyment from the se pages 'tiiislatwf which illustrate the life of approximately 940 students. I desire to compliment the personal abilities of those who issued this book and the advisors of this extra-curricular activity. We hope that the students who attend ELIDA LOCAL SCHOOL will be able to reason, evaluate, attain culture, love their fellowmen, have knowledge, and master the basic fundamental skills. Students are in school so they will have happy, useful, and successful lives. All phases of adult life can use a student who has given his best while in school. The right attitude toward life is a great asset. Your success and happiness is determined very much by your efforts. Howard Leis 8 SCHOOL SECRETARY Mrs. Marian Holtzapple The secretary does a fine job of keeping all the school records complete and precise in addition to administering the many other usual office problems that arise. SCHOOL BOARD Left to Right: Harold Metzger Herbert Zerkel, Herbert Boate Earl Holtzapple, Darrel Crider Branson Holtzapple. N . 1 by Kfils' P "" .. ss at I T STUDENT OFFICE HELP LefttoRight: Backrow: E.l-leath K. Bowers, B. Baxter, J. Hilleary S. Sroufe, D. Githens, K. Miller Middle row: P. Wagner, D. Rep- pert, E. Baker, I. Gamble, B Mosier, P. Ford. Front row: S Grapner, M. Parrott, S. Brant, M Sandy, M. Stemen. ., ,M ,xg 4- .b g x X 5 ' QQ, 59 ' , ., -,,.,. Q A ,, , - .1 .',-. ,'ff,', 5, f V- .1 gtg. 5212. if, A 4.2413 :'!2-- ZZ: 52:1 7f?.'.?n' MISS ETHEL E. BEILER Ohio Wesleyan, B.A., Uni- versity of Chicago. Latin I. in-:sn T' MR. ALBERT T. CARTER Dan's School of Music of Youngstown College. George Peabody Teacher's College. Music '7,8, Senior Band, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. . f l "X fl i 11 it b ,st Fl: wif' MISS MARIE JONES MR. C. O. BOGER Muskingum College, B.S., Miami University, Ohio State University, Bowling Green State University. Physics, Driver Education. T MRS. PEARL COHEE Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Indiana University, A.B. Elementary Music, Girls' Glee, Girls' En se m bl e, French Il. MR. GEORGE LA NDON WittenbergCollege, Bowl- Ohio State University, B. S. ing Green State University. Vocational Agriculture, B.S., Ed., Ohio State Uni- F,F,A. Advisor. versity. Home Economics 7-12. MR. RUSSELL B. BURDETTE Butler University, B.S. Science7,8, Physical Edu- cation, Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach, Assistant Football Coach. i MRS. JOAN FOGG College of Wooster, B,A, English l0,ll,l2, Annual Staff Advisor, S t u d e n t Council Advisor. MR. HOWARD LEIS Ohio Northern University, B.S., Ed., Indiana Univer- sity, M.S. High School Principal, Algebra, Geometry, Gen- eral Mathematics, Higher Mathematics. ....,! f sl Qi . x, A . V . ' ' MRS. VIRGILIA BURDETTE Butler University, B.S. English 7, Girls' Physical Education, G.A,A, Ad- visor, Cheerleading Ad- visor. .... ..,. MR. DONALD HAYDUK California State Teachers College, B.S. English 8,9,l0, S pe e c h, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Bulldog Review Ad- visor. L MR. GEORGE RADULOVICH Bluffton College, B.A., Indiana University, M.A, Social Studies 7,8, P.A.D., Junior High B a s ke tb all, Junior High Baseball, As- sistant Varsity Football Coach. 'mm f-Q: 1 " ' :- T 'wars 'si' a zfl. 1 is - - E A 4 L, .. :,,-,...... , 1 , MR. ARDEN ROSS Ohio Northern University, B,S. Ed., Bowling Green State University. Industrial Arts, Mechanic al Drawing. L' T 94" MR. PAUL SLUSS Heidelberg College, A.B., Western Reserve Univer- sity. Civics, World History, American History, Annual Adviser, Student Council Adviser. GRADE TEACHERS 0 is Left to right, Top Row: Mr. Lloyd, Mrs. Crites, Miss WU, . Quinn, Mrs. Van Horn, Mrs. Lora, Mrs. Brenneman, Mrs. X fr, Smith, Mr. Gilliland. Front Row: Mrs. Johns, Mrs. Jacobs, 3 , Mrs. Kurtz, Mrs. Holtzapple, Mrs. Baechler, Mrs. Kraft, b 4,3 is-f 'R as S if Mrs.Cremean Mrs May. aww, 9--an MR. D. C. TRAVIS MR. JACK WILLIAMS Ohio State University, B,S. Ohio Northern University, Vocational Agriculture, B.S, F.F,A. Adviser. Math 7,8. ' lx .. MR. ARTHUR SCHREIBER Centre College, A.B,, Ohio State University. Biology, Science 9, Boys' Physical Education, Head Football Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach, Head Track Coach, Varsity "E" Advisor. 'ina- MRS. DOROTHY WORKMAN Findlay College, B,A, Shorthand I,II, Typing I,II, Bookkeeping,Gene ral Busi- ness Training, BULLDOG REVIEW Adviser, F,B.L,A, Adviser. .ssvln't--vinfvtullitamh V r , "WN -... . V 4 W n xv! W Q Y' Q 5 Long, Mrs. 1,7 Q -x4uwau4ff.,MAWu..,,, -WL - , 4437 V' few-H C u s t o dia n sz Mr. Foust, Mr. Morris, Mr. SEQ' -3' Holmes. 12 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY The Seniors of the Class of 1955 returned to Elida last fall realizing that it was their last year of high school. They im- mediately took up the traditional duties and privileges of seniors by electing class officers. They were Craig Boate, president, Dick Kesler, vice president, and Lois Meier, secretary-treasurer. Doris Githens was elected Homecoming Queen and Lynda Holtz- apple became our senior attendant. Kermit May and Joyce Mikesell reigned as king and Queen of the school carnival. Because of the desire to have a class trip we very diligently worked on a number of group projects. These included scrap drives, sale of Christmas cards, sponsoring carnival booths, bake sales, and many others. Also we must not forget our senior class play, "Night of January 16." A number of the members of the class took the Ohio State Sen- ior Scholarship Test. Some of these students were also members of the county Honor Society. They were Martha Kay Parrott, Karen John, Phyllis Cook, Phyllis Wagner, Dan Cheney, Nancy Hines, Janet Hilleary, and Lynda Holtzapple. The Class of 1955 was also well represented in the field of sports. Dick Kesler and Kermit May served as Football Co-Cap- tains. Other members of the Varsity squad included Bob Burden, Dan Cheney, Dave Morrison, Bud Laing, Ron Reynolds, Tom Os- wald, and Ben Gleason. Dan Cheney represented the class on the basketball court and Dave Morrison, Kermit May, Bud Laing, and Dick Kesler were members of the track team. On the baseball diamond for Elida was Tom Oswald, Ronald Green, and Dan Cheney. As the year comes to a close and commencement and Bacca- laureate pass the seniors have concluded their last year of high school and leave with many pleasant memories behind. Many thanks to the faculty, the underclassmen, and our advisers Mrs. Workman and Mr. Radulovich. 14 sd, Senior Advisors: Mr. George Radulovich, Mrs. Dorothy Work- ITl3ll. X. Y , 1." i 3 sb Q A ooror DAVID AUGSBURGER "Knowledge is the thing you know and how can you know more than you know." General Course Boys' Glee 45 Annual Staff 4. G13 2 THE SENIORS dent. was .. ,.,.,,..g..s.vM SeniorClass Officers: Craig Boate- President, Lois Meier -Secretary- Treasurer, Dick Kesler-Vice Presi- W 1--'ffl DAVID CRAIG BOATE "Spike" "Every cloud has a silver lining, but it Is sometimes a little diffi- cult to get it to the mint." College Preparatory Course Class President 4g Executive Com- mittee 1,2g Senior Scholarship 4g Journalism 3g Class Play 3,45 F.B, L,A, 3,4g Basketball 1,2,3g Baseball 1,2,3g Varsity "E" 3,4. 15 49" A 'fix 'VP ROBERT BURDEN "l-lard workmay not hurt me, but lt tires me." College Preparatory Course Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Boys' Glee 1, 2,45 Eisteddfod l,2,3g Music Festi- val 3g Northwest District Auditions 3g Operetta 2: Minstrel 2g Class Play 3.4: F.B.L.A. 39 Football l,2, 3,4g Track 3,4g Varsity "E" 2,3,4, FRED COMSTON "A joke's a very serious thing." Vocational Course Football lg Basketball lg Baseball l. RONALD COOLIDGE "Never says much, never gets in dutch." Vocational Course 2 DANIEL KEITH CHENEY "Dan" "When love and duty clash, let duty .go to smash." College Preparatory Course Class Vice President 25 Executive Committee 1,25 Honor Society 3,44 StudentCouncil 2,3,4, Annual Staff 3,45 Editor4g Carnival Attendant 2, Class Play 3,45 Who's Who 4g F.B, L.A, 3,4g Football l,4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g Varsity "E" 2,3,4, Secretary 4, Boys' State 35 Valedictorian, Senior Scholarship 4. PHYLLIS COOK "Cookie" "That's not snow in my hair, it's RICE." Commercial Course Class Secretary8t Treasurerlg Mixed Chorus l,2,3g Girls' Glee l,2,3g Eisteddfod l,2,3g Music Festival l,2, 3g Northwest District Auditions l,2, 3,4g Ohio State Auditions 2,3,4g Operetta l,2g Minstrel 2g Honor So- ciety 3,4g Student Council 3,4, Journalism 3,4g Office 35 Homecom- CONNIE DETRICK "Why, what tumultuous clamor have we here?" Commercial Course Executive Committee 4, Mixed Chorus l,2,3g Girls' Glee l,2,3g Eisteddfod l,2,3g Music Festival 2,3g Northwest District Auditions l,2,3, 4g Ohio State Auditions 2,3,4g Operetta1,2g Minstrel 2g Journalism 3,4g Library 1, Homecoming Atten- dant3g CarnivalAttendant2, Carni- val Mainshow1,4g Class Play 3,4, F,B,L,A,3,4g G.A.A. l,2,3,4g Cheer- leader 1,4. 16 ing Attendant lg Carnival Mainshow 1,45 Class Play 3,4g F.B,L,A, 3,4, President 4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4g Cheer- leader 4. JOA NN GA NNON ..-IO.. "There is a time for speaking and a time for being sti1l." General Course Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Girls' Glee 2, 3,45 Minstrel 2g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. DORIS LOUISE GITHENS "Githy" 'Life is short, so let's make it a merry one," College Preparatory Course Ilass President lg Executive Com- tittee 25 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Girls' .ilee 1,25 Eisteddfod 1,25 Music Festival25 Northwest District Audi- tions 25 Ohio State Auditions 25 Operetta 1,25 Minstrel 25 Honor Society 35Annual Staff 45 Office 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Class Play 3, 4: G.A.A. 1,2,4. "'0-fi SHIRLEY ANN GRAPNER "Shorty" 'Although I'm not very tall, I'd rather be short than not at al1." Commercial Course Executive Committee lg Mixed Chorus 35 Girls' Glee 1,2,3,45 Eisteddfod l,2,3g Northwest District Auditions 2,3,45 Ohio State Audi- tions 2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 F.B.L.A. 3,45 G.A.A. l,2,3,4g Carnival Viainshow 4. BENJAMIN D. GLEASON "Ben" 'And every day is ladies day with me." Vocational Course Class Vice President 15 Executive Committee 2,35 Mixed Chorus 45 Boys' Glee 45 Student Council Pres- ident 45Who's Who 45 Football 1,45 Varsity "E" 4, JANET HILLEARY 'Agirl witha smile is a girl worth- while." College Preparatory Course Executive Committee 35 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 Senior Band 1,2,35 Eisteddfod 1,2,35 Music Festival l,2,35 Northwest District Auditions l,2,3,45 Ohio State Auditions l,2,3,45 Operetta l, 25 Minstrel 35 Honor Society 3,45 Senior Scholarship 45 Student Coun- cil Secretary 45 Annual Staff 45 Office 45 Class Play 3,45 4-H 15 F, B.L.A. 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, President 4. 17 RONALD WAYNE GREEN 'Tex' 'Every man comes into this world for something." Vocational Course 4-H 1,2,35 F.F.A. 35 Football 15 Basketball l5Baseball 1,25 Track 3. NANCY HINES 'Essentialto ahappy life is freedom from care." College Preparatory Course Mixed Chorus 35 Girls' Glee 3,45 Senior Band 1,2,3,45 Eisteddfod 35 Music Festival 1,2,3g Northwest District Auditions l,2,35 Ohio State Auditions 1,35 Operetta 15 Minstrel 25 Senior Scholarship 45 Student Council 35 Annual Staff 45 Class Play 35Who's Who 3,454-H l,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, President 3. WT at CJ! I ,X A mf RICHARD WILLIAM KESLER 'Not too serious, not too gay, but a swell guy in every way." General Course Class President 2, Vice President 4, Student Council 3, Carnival Attend- ant 1, Who's Who 4, 4-H 2,3,4, F. F.A. 3,4, President 4, Football 1,2, 3,4,Basketball 1, Varsity "E" 2,3,4. DANIEL JOSEPH KLINE "It's a good thing when a man knows what he pretends to know." Vocational Course F,F,A. 3,4, Football 1. 1 ca- 'Q 4 9' mm 0 534 9 14557 -:3j' Cffc LYNDA HOLTZAPPLE "The world will forever wonder what she will do next." College Preparatory Course Mixed Chorus 1,2,3, Girls' Glee 1, 2,3, Eisteddfod l,2,3g Music Festival 1,2,3, Northwest District Auditions l,2,3,4, Ohio State Auditions 2,3,4, Operetta 1,2, Minstrel 2, Honor Society 3,4, Student Council 4, Journalism 3,4, Homecoming At- tendant 4, Class Play 3,4, F.B.L.A. 4, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. KAREN KAY JOHN "K.l." 'Just likea clock, always wound up and going." Commercial Course Class Secretary8LTreasurer 3, Mix- ed Chorus 1,2,3, Girls' Glee l,2,3, Eisteddfod 1,2,3, Music Festival 1, 2,33 Northwest District Auditions l, 2,3,4, Ohio State Auditions 2,3,4, Operetta l,2, Minstrel 2, Honor Society 4,Journalism 3,45 Office 3, Library 1, Carnival Attendant l, Class Play 3,4,F.B.L.A. 3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4. 18 CHARLES LAING "Bud" 'He walked by -- Oh, how the girls did sigh! " Vocational Course Student Council 1, Lima South, Class Play 4, Football 4, Track 4, Varsity 'E' 4. JOSEPH LEISER JR. 'Not that I love study, but I love fun more." General Course Journalism 3,4, Class Play 3,4, F.B. L.A. 3,4. MARGARET ANN MCCONNELL nPegsy" "You can't always tell about those quiet people." Commercial Course Class President 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3,45 Girls' Glee l,2,3,4g Senior Band l,2,35 Eisteddfod l,2,3g Music Festival 1,25 Northwest District Auditions 1,2,3,45 Ohio State Audi- tions l,2,3,45 Operetta 1,25 Minstrel 25 Honor Society 35 Annual Staff 45 Library 1,25 Class Play 35 4-H l,2, 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 F.B.L.A. 3,4, MARY HELEN MCGUE 'A little work, a little play to keep us going each day." Vocational Course Mixed Chorus l,2.3.45 Girls' Glee 1, 2,3,45 Eisteddfod 35 Northwest Dis- trict Auditions 35 Ohio State Audi- tions 4g Operetta 1,25 Minstrel 25 G.A.A. 1,2,4. KERMIT C. MAY "There's a little bad in every good little boy." Vocational Course Sargeant at Arms 3,45 Executive Committee lg Mixed Chorus i,2,3, 45 Boys' Glee l,2,45 Senior Band 1, 25 Eisteddfod 152,35 Music Festival 1,25 Northwest District Auditions 1, 2,33 Operetta 2,33 Minstrel 25 Carni- val Mainshow 25 Carnival King 45 Class Play 3,45Who's Who 3,45 4-H i,2,3,45 F.F.A. 3,45 Football i,2,3, 45 Track 2,3,45 Varsity "E" 2,3,4. LOIS MEIER 'Louie' 'A thing may sound so logical you are convinced you are wrong," Commercial Course Class Secretary 8a Treasurer 45 Mixed Chorus l,2,35 Girls' Glee 1, 2,33 Eisteddfod 1,2,35 Northwest District Auditions l,2,3g Ohio State Auditions 2,35 Operetta 1, Minstrel 25 Senior Scholarship 45 Journalism 3,45 4-H 3,45 G.A.A. l,2,3,4g Salutatorian. 19 GENE MARCHAL "Though modest and shy there's no better guy." General Course F.F.A. 4. JOYCE ANN MIKESELL 'This makes me so mad it gets my dandruff up." Commercial Course Executive Committee 45 Carnival Queen 45 G.A.A. i,2,a,45 F.B.L.A. 3,4. F is D4 DAVE MORRISON 'This world is big but it doesn't frighten me." College Preparatory Boys' Glee 1,25 Journalism 1,25 Swimming Team l,2, Oklahoma Military Academy5 Class Vice Pres- ident 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Student Council 45 Eisteddfod 35 Carnival Attendant 3g Class Play 35 Football 3,45 Track 3,45 Varsity "E" 3,4. RALPH REED 'Tiny' 'A word to the wise isn't needed." General Course Football l,2,35 Varsity "E" l,2,3. wk KAY ARLENE MILLER "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." Commercial Course Executive Committee 45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 Eisteddfod l,2,35 Northwest District Auditions l,2,3,45Ohio State Audi- tions 2,3,45 Operetta 1,25 Minstrel 25 Carnival Attendant 35 4-H l,2,3g F.B.L.A. 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,4, Office 4, Carnival Mainshow 4. MARTHA KAY PARROTT 'The people who never make mis- takes are mighty uninteresting." College Preparatory Course Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 Eisteddfod l,2,35 Music Festival l,2,35 Northwest District Auditions l,2,3,45 Ohio State Audi- tions 2,3,4g Operetta 1,25 Minstrel 25 Honor Society45 Senior Scholar- ship 45 Annual Staff 3,45 Office 45 Carnival Mainshow 1,45 Class Play 3,45 F.B.L.A. 3,45 G.A.A. l,2,3,4. 20 TOM OSWALD "Ozzie" 'Girls are bothersome but I like to be bothered." College Preparatory Course Class Play 3,43 Who's Who 35 Foot- ball 3,45 Baseball 3,45 Varsity "E" 3,4. RONALD LEE REYNOLDS 'When I feel like exercising, I just lie down until the feeling goes away." Vocational Course Executive Committee lg F,F,A, 35 Football 1,45 Basketball l,2,35 Varsity "E" 4. NOAH SHERRICK JR. 'Junior' 'Don't recite so loud, I'm sleeping, ' General Course Cafeteria 1,2,3,45 F,F,A, 3,4, ANN WIFORD 'Annie' 'She laughs best who laughs last." General Course Mixed Chorus l,3,45 Girls' Glee 1, 2,3,4g Northwest District Auditions 3g Ohio State Auditions 35 Operetta 15 F.B.L.A. 4. SARAH LUCILLE SROUFE 'Sadie' 'One must have something to dream of,' Vocational Course Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Girls' Glee l,2,3,4g Eisteddfod 1,2,35 Music Festiva135 Northwest District Audi- tions 2,35 Ohio State Auditions 2,35 Operetta 1,25 Minstrel 25 Office 45 Class Play 3,45 F.B.L.A. 45 G.A.A. 4. PHYLLIS WAGNER "Phyl' 'Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." Commercial Course Executive Committee 1,35 Mixed Chorus 1,2535 Girls' Glee l,2,35 Senior Band 15 Eisteddfod l,2,35 Northwest District Auditions 1,2,35 Ohio State Auditions 1,2,35Operetta 1,25 Minstrel 25 Honor Society 3,45 Annual Staff3,45 Office 3,45 Library lg Carnival Mainshow 45 Class Play 3,45 F.B.L.A. 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. 21 Q --.TgX,bg.f CAROL SMITH 'Smitty' 'Men of few words are the best men," General Course Boys' Glee 4. DOROTHY WELKER 'Dottie' 'Always leave them laughing when you say good-bye." Commercial Course Senior Band 25 Journalism 45 Who's Who 45 F.B.L.A. 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3, 4. MATW ,,,,,' A 2 BACCALAUREATE The Baccalaureate service for the Class of 1955 was held in the school auditorium, Sunday, May 15, at 8:00 P. M. Thirty-nine seniors participated in the processional march and then joined the audience in singing, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". Mr. Swank, the school superintendent, introduced the visiting ministers. Reverend Lewis Nichols of the Elida Methodist Church gave the invocation which preceded vocal selections by the Girls' Glee Club under the direction of Mrs. Pearl Cohee. Reverend Paul Zimmerman of the Elida Evangelical United Brethren Church presented the class sermon, "The Crossroads of Life". Janet Hil- leary then sang, "The Lord's Prayer", and Reverend William Peckam of the Allentown Methodist Church concluded the service with the benediction. 22 COMMENCEMENT Commencement exercises for the graduating class were held at the high school on the evening of May 20. Following the impressive processional, Reverend Paul Zimmerman of- fered the invocation. Martha Kay Parrott then sang, "The Little Shepherd's Song". Lois Meier presented the Sa lutatory Address. Karen John and Kay Miller then gave apiano duet entitled, "The Lost Chord". The address to the graduating class was given by'Mr. Lloyd W. Dull of Findlay. The Senior Girls' En- semble sang,"IHearda Forest Pray- ing", followed by the Valedictory Ad- dress by Dan Cheney. Craig Boate, Senior Class president, presented the class gift to Mr. Leis. Mr. Swank then awarded the scholarship medals. Mr. Leis presented the class of thirty-nine seniors for graduation. Mr. Earl Holtzapple, President of the School Board of Education, presented the diplomas. Reverend Nichols closed the formal exercises with the benedic - tion and a, reception of the class by parents and friends followed. JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM One of the most unique and entertaining Junior-Senior Proms in the history of Elida was held May 6, in the school cafeteria and gymnasium. The theme of the Prom was "Paris", and the junior class did an excellent job of building an entertaining evening around it. After Charles Anderson gave the invocation an excellent meal was served. Following the banquet Pat Huber, junior class president,welcomed the seniors and Craig Boate, sen- ior president, responded. A boys quartet, composed of jun- iors, presented several numbers followed by a short comedy skit. The junior class ensemble sang and Ronald Zuber read the Senior Class Prophecy. Morris Morgret then sang a solo. Throughout the program Chester Stemen did an excellent job as toastmaster. After the entertainment the juniors announced their se- lection of the couple to be king and queen of the Prom. They were Dan Cheney and Connie Detrick. The two classes then went to the gymnasium for the dance. The decorations there were quite unusual and one could easily tell that much time and effort had been spent in preparation by the juniors and their advisors, Mr. Ross and Miss Jones. The dance concluded a wonderful evening. 24 SENIOR CLASS TRIP WASHINGTON, D. C. On Sunday, May 22nd, thirty-two Seniors left Lima, for the class trip to Washington D,C, The complete trip was made aboard the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. After getting settled at the Hotel Annapolis, their first tour consisted of trips to Arlington Cemetery. the White House, and the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. On the second day the Seniors and their chaperones, Mr. and Mrs. Swank, were kept busy with tours to the Capitol, Washington's Monument. and the Smithsonian Institute. That evening many of the graduates, along with Seniors of other schools, took a pleasure cruise along the Potomac River on an excursion boat. The evening was high-lighted by a stop at the Wash- ington amusement park. On May 25, the morning was devoted to trips to the F,B,l, and a free period for shopping. Right after dinner the entire class boarded buses for a trip to the Naval Academy. The class then returned to the hotel and prepared for the return trip to Lima. The trip was a great success in every aspect. Mr. and Mrs. Swank did a wonderful job and every student seemed to enjoy each moment of the trip. 6140 inf ...fe , f 'H'- I ll 5.11 I -' X JUNIORS CLASS OFFICERS President .... . . . Pat Huber Vice president ..... John Sterling Secretary-treasurer. .Kay Bowers Z af' . GV at WLT f V , M , . S. Brant M. Dawson P. Foust S. Hawk .pn- its-9" it-9' 1 "-Z? .5 """""" 5 .W.,. agile ' SW 'QU' ., ow :is v 4 . 2 St' mg 5: -sg if r N-ng, fa . 35, D. Britenricker D. Dawson M. Franks E. Heath Anderson Busick Edwards Good Holmes Beeler . Cox . Eggerrnan Gossard Houston . Best . Crider . Evans G. Harrod G. Huber K. Bowers B. Davidson C. Fair L. Hartman P. Huber ,f.A'. .-F . - Ag A Q ie! K ' is 'S 55- - N,:f. , - . ' ls- X - N inn-v .ls M., 1 .NBS if 1 Sian? S .,. --vt.. .- , A 6' F? . - mi, Q ,. 6' f. L ,,.. if qs... 5 Y' Q L in QQ T Wx - h X wx Wil" x K - '. -. A -is fl., 1 i hw :,. . V 5 l5'h"x'v 'i .S.-F is LL - Sir' . S ., ,,. S ' MM fs Q, . W B. Keller J. Keller R. Kirkendall J. Kruse B. Lowe L. May I. McConnell C McElderry J. A. Moore M. Morgret M. Morris B. Mosier D. Peltier N. Phillips M. Ramer E. Redd G. Riley S. Ruby M. Sandy B. Satterfield L. Smith G. Sroufe S. Stalter S. Steed M. Stemen J. Sterling D. Stever N Stimmel 5-wr -- t Z S 353' 9 si :z Q S L rrv - '-'-ff A -. v L... K 'rs "HQ 'S Q ni, x N 5 X vi Lewis Markel Nichols Rhinehart Shenk Steiner Young vig! gi. -S r af ly Rx 5 i K Y Q Q ' fin R L. Little B. Mikesell J. Nausbaum D. Reppert V. Sherrick C. Stemen R. Zuber X X . 'X os. S g . N iv x x is 'Xxx 'S 'Q SOPHCMORES CLASS OFFICERS President .... . . . Ron Gleason Vice president ..... Ronnie LaRue Secretary-treasurer. Loretta. Huber B. Barnum B. Baxter R. Blymeyer D. Bowers J. Allemeier J. Brennemen D. Brubaker M. Bucher C. Cisco J. Breda M. Collins R. Davidson B. Denlinger K. Driver G. Cogley L. Etgen 28 Baker Brenne man . Collins Gleason R. . .. ,J Q L. L Q .1 V R K . . Q... 5? PPP. ic. 3. P an W. . .. A S A ff-'S S . B K ' if i "" ' c ' L . or 4 'f Qu. . - .Q Wu J. 9 E 'Y H Q . -as ' ' 7' A"1-- . i .ff M 'W J .. . PPPPP P, 1 . ':': - 'h-',l iii... L '7-h- 5 .5 1 ' K . 'lx 1 N. A Xi K .af . fx K. F A A .. is NA . , X fi 'R 'W i s :,.k K .K If .V - .. P , si. N . , A ' -3 ...ig R f . R : in . . ---B 'Neg . KA.. -. R- t , . V - , . . . .-. ,E . 8 ' .. .. . W 1 B Q- ' -, .. .. ' -r X :gg Q ' Lkr 3, . A 1 . f ' W ..... . C . .V M . 1 .X ' - . . 5 ' . Q . ka:- 415'-' . A R H - R . 2 ' -. .ref A Q.. '- ' M- ar w .L f ie . - f r" TE R . ' M' ' ""' . A . .f 1 A .V L K - .. . . eg .... 7 B iiici f ' ' r ,QE gf . I kj F is ig . - fp x E , . ...A J., V , , K, . - P .ref 1 . . . r Q"Q Qqir P eiie 2 ri, S r . I sg - , . Q X Q i wwf 'S K 1 'Q- Q . Axe?" . . P ... H fag...-. . .f.:.. an is 5-.. Q -me mr , A c an Qi , gn.. 'W' ' . ... ...AA ie f V .V . . ef ,, W A"L 5 Qu . S. W- ' B M: .-:ci in . 1 g, R W . 1 ig " R ...i ' in 'V .. 41 . . B A. iiiii P' 5- , X if . " 55.4 fir. , . 1 H. Hadding J. Kellam J. Lamberts M. Martin M. Miller M. Rabley D. Stemen J. Huber B. Keller P. Lawrence I. Mauricio B. Moore R. Ridenour R. Sremen L. Huber C. Kershner L. Leiser R. Mayer B. Morris C . Shenk B. Sutherly 29 D. Jacobs L. Kleinoeder B. McCall B. Meier D. Morrisey E. Smith D. Wade G. John A. Kimmel D. McKinney M . Messick E. Ponting S. Spees M. Wilsey D. johnson R. LaRue R. Mann K. Miller C. Rabley P. Sroufe R. Winkle FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS President ..... Shelba Sakemiller Vice president ..... Joyce Pruess Secretary-treasurer.Marilyn Miller N Ky T M. Cheney J. Crisenberry M. Altenburger J. Buchanan D. Burch S. Fair J. Faniff A. Deane E. Denlinger R. Eggerman J. Fishpaw M. Fishpaw P. Ford 30 ii . q sy, , .. . X Nia, EN i FR ki E., : n. Pm :Q Q. . mv, . X A t .5 2. ' aff N , , rw -sf j. 'fu' . 'T -N .GGGG -..N -ggx 6-6 "ru z by A . W , ' 5 IQ . M 1 K, fllii' 5 A 'X I 1 X f..fn...ei. . - an . I. Gamble K. John G. McBride S. Miller T. Sevitz L. Stemen Gannon Kershner McDonald Myers Slayden Stewart K . ww S x W Q K 1 ,, Uk., . 6: . r s lst? Q i 1? . .. is-1 ,. k if M G ' h 'Sh-f' .J M s.gz'rf:5f:. x rt .,. .. N.. 1 E : N XLYXXY?-:I . . nf A' Y 1if'?"7 e 1,. I g. .g,, I K K , My 'is QA f-.A 1-' 11 .lk - K J G Q i '.,,,. K Y, kkikk i'. - k k s g iym .., Y ,N W Q 5 ,.. A , i ,fn Y Q VA. 6 m . x XX 2 W 5 7 XX xl - 2 'R X 4 l GAS A.,-y G W . 'Al IN. Zi. - K M., yi.. ii, 1 5.-my . S. Good B. Kidd M. Mann J. Preuss N. Smith C. Swaney W. Green A. Lapham D. Mayer L. Ridenour R. Smith D. Wagner if 5 in X 4 H J. Hobbs J. Libert M. Miller A. Rorhe S. Sodders G. Warner T. Hollar S. Lyle M. Miller S. Sakemiller H. Stemen M. Zerkel ku EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President ..... . Mike Miller Vice president ....... Emma Ruff Secretary-treasurer. Sharon Miller 'Wd """r 1 ' X .L S. f X , 'Q ' ' S ee S 5' S enn M ee S e SSSS Se - .xx V' gl: a " ,, '- ' was , sg , H YV' ..,-Q' Wharf' 14, Ui T?91 3' 'Shi' if 'Q ,,.V Y A , as x - on 'K Swv Viv 'E' 14' S1.S . , Q as ii , , ,W...L Q, x. 1 H -' i' Becker Dawson Etgen Heath Huber Bowers Davidson Fair Hollar Kellam I. Bruce T. Dershem C. Follas L. Hollar D. Kesler Bryan J. Croft Desenberg T. Dotson . Foust H. Good . Holla: K. Hoitzapple . Kline D. Ladd Arnold Davis Eggerman Good . Holtzapple Lafferty is si .R fi Q is cf" W Q 2 ci 6 W K f W 5 f S sg' gsm vs. fin: " Q f-- a. . ,S W - . , L si. we.-1 - U: .iss . we 1 K k.'- K K K is K ' f-5 :fl - - ' fi H K HE ...s - L... . I . . . Ai"QSi"x'a N W' 511,-.Q-if A '05 Qi is T A Q h m5AA h .gf . f - L Q W ff. fr. W 3 - R -Q .. I R .. I I Q., . x .l . . K K. L,.. ALA: . J L4 iw-QXMK 5 E . M N J LL:.L. .R W . . R S . M. R R L L -L . Q . W. gt-. QM. X, -, K 'H 454 1: ' "1 'f' is A , s .gy so 'QF 'M' M "'a sg' s"f-"3 757. ' R D Q . W" sv yi . L 3' K .kiwsi K LKLK . Hwy? 3 f h.,:V Ns. X W . .. . X .Q K . I S X LLKL X T L X ,.,. , .X , t an x Y 5" -s Q f.. 4- TR 'ff -- 4- fi. 'Q W' R . . ", W i . 'Q gl. wa' . il? - Li 4.1. . W Q Neff W' ., .... , 1 . mm A , . A .5 . h me h , N . ,Dt Q s " R K Sf 4 "1f.s.f?f.x. x . .. f ,sal s "' 9' R f W 'W A2 Q . is 4... ' . 5' "" ,.,, - R . . J'-' M ..... "' rr . . .e ' . L... he if 'HX ts... A A .-. Q. WL 'M Q 5. 5: 'F . ."'ii ""-' .wg 9- . R ' R .. s ' as - D .uri - I .1 . - . K . A A V? A K! F, I . L . W :':": ' ni.. N X X ' ff Y R s' ' ' is D f QQ M ' sl? i . .3 1 so , 4 ' X i"" us. A' J. is ig is-.1 s.. fi' .R . . , R ' R e ix, . f .fi 'L , . 3 'L 'L'g'i figs? - K L if . , 1 X ' X K. Lawrence D Leist J. Lewis W. Long G. Longbrake J. Laman T. Lowe M. Miller J. Morris C. Ridenour R. Smith I. Stockton A. Mauricio Miller . Musser K C L. Riley R. Sroufe C. Thomas D R. K E. J. C. McKinney Miller Nusbaum Ruff Stalter Wade 33 D. Metzger S. Miller M. Peters R. Shafer D. A. Stemen M. Wade J. Meyer C. Maloney C. Reed N, Shoemaker D. L. Stemen J, Williams I. Miller D. Morris D. Redd L. Slayden E. Stemeu K. Wortman SEVENTH GRADE President: Harold Wright Vice President: Kay Leppla Secretary-Treasurer: Joy Pruess 1 -3 'G 3 1 'fsfi "SPOOKS" Ad'iS"'si Miifiifuk Mr. Boger ml .413 1 it is' N 'wir' yi? . -2 - A . 'H, M' 3 . A M sm- 'M A .-.. . Y .. A .af .-.., , 6- x f 'NL' t. -'Lfj'i sv' dm 75 X4 - A ' 'M , we -'7' - :, j Af ,fksyfig M V in L, 0" . 4 'X N. A ft A5-at V :ff A bi 'A AQ' 55 rub E' M 'gd it -N QM 1 at is . QQ .L .Wk t .QT in K Zi Q V . x -W A 7 f I I 2 c f A Q' f ' iii Q iii A N A E it . .-if. Y , Q .L Q A 'Gi 1' ,H :fe , .. .. ex safi in . 5.4m i.9 ff ' f--M 4 .,. we ef . 1.11-Jw A Q f I .N si 1 .i ' . s J' 1 A --' - "' A 1 "mr Q f 'ff' no A is. f-5 .... ,mmf A' B 'iii t , 4"'m',Q7 ... ,. ' " . N ' P sf i A -4' 'N' N A im- .- me 'Bs 1? . sas Li ,H A 95 ew , ' iw' qi! . 2 fi"'N A - fi 252.53 il an - ' R , ,,,, qs'-9 " . rf.-I gg ' 48" . .W r . .1 1 -- Q ...J M ,. A .P t 5 K tr: . is - i to t i i A I :idx . .-., .,., ,rv K I . .kt V. kk: : M l , cs' :Q ,' nw 5 at 'SJ' ' ggi: :. . -A -W A A . if gr. 1 W- sz: . .X n A ,ii. eeii N X V 4 ' X. , 4 Lueeii id lg .. ,eee wr I. Able I. Altenburger D. Anderson R. Archer S. Bonebright R. Bowers E. Bragg B. Bukman D. Broshes D. Burdette P. Busick T. Byerly B. Cheney G. Coolidge C Crider G. Crisenberry J. Daniels N. Davis D. Ditto P. Dotson B. Dunahay D Earnhart N. Ellerbrock B. Epstein I. Fawbush P. Fletcher C. Foust P. Foust T Gahman W, Githens A. Gossard M. Grant L. Hadding B. Hilty K. Holtzapple A Huber P. Huber B. John I. Kibler G. Kidd W. Kirkendall R. Kline 34 Q 4 5 M e .r s iii! LX y S - s I Q ir ,Q my .,. T ,... ing gh S f an ui A 5' P y gl F34-, f' " if , . L N' 5 . V Ill? K1 'ik-' .K a P 'F' Q ,W sss. --A s .., S 'K sf' asss S 'S Q a .f in M f... . .. .1 T P-Q ef T 4 'Lit P- is rf L: L A ' T S i 'tw K' - .QS Izq, ww - ne w 'W X 4 fi . .. Qi pf Q X, K ,. sw- , 4' fu A ' i ,N ' V SL may 5 ,J A h. : " . 'QQ lu . . 1 -mr . Q .,h.g'g L . K 3. . V 5 K, .K AP A M" 4 'Y is ss if Q wg .wi ' ..T.'.. ra ---X! + x Q 5 Q K5 -:" an U fi 7. K . 5. 4 ' E X it T' N' K, X 'ALS ti M .. 'L f P . . F f fum 'ms -so s R.. '12 G: t -'ai -1 " " is K L S K-ff S rg PM-,P 4-as X K P-Ll? Q '59 :.. L --"1 S "' as ,T L a T . .. . ii 1- S X X is kk kk.:. K ' .. V ' ' , QS -sei K ty . , N S S issi y is i . a ss J 1 t K g. 7 V . . fi,g. ..x K r K 3. A 9 'N S' K M an L A 6' at N. L+. S .. I , t ff... t - -V ,M gf tv , S S. P ww A "J .tk V ' .as is . S WE yy y y 'lg' . "lf ,f aw N .at . . t P is SEE X0 -xv L 'Q --P as as -'S t w - . 1 5 L... if rx Q in . 'T' Q35 sw. mikm. K sg.. . . ,F vL.., Li.. f .LVL 6 V X. - ,... K A 5' A Xxx A Xi ' - ' . Y s 3' I st T Q... Q YQ ' .y L 'R 41 is . L ." Sw- S s . at W . S r ss. t ," km .-if P . w S . Q al. h T l a S wh M , S X'-X. K ax.-AK Y I Q' ' .m : l i h J. Kraft M. LaRue B. Layman M. Layman R. Lee T. Leisure K. Lepple L. Little G. Lohr L, Lohr L. Long S. Lucke A. Lyons L. McBride B. McGahan J. May S. Mikesell S. Morris K. Musselmen 1. Palmer C. Penell J. Price J. Pruess K. Ramser J. Reppert J. Routson M. Routson G. Sandy D. Satterfield D. Schmuck 1, Shafer C, Shappel I. Sherrick J. Smith L. Smith J. Sodders L. Sroufe L. Stemen R. Stemen R. Strayer D. Swartz C. Thomas P. Thompson J. Turner J. Wade J, Wilkens H. Wright S. Woten P. Van Schoyck 35 ' So mn study. 5 all of Elida wenuues 1 au, work????? Vs ,www A, "+-aw NNW W, Q! w!!! mm Girls' Glee under the direction of Mrs. Cohee Left to right BACK ROW: I. Bunch, K. Kizer, I. Ellis, E, Montgomery, U, Beerline, R, Morrisey, A. Mauricio K Buetner. MIDDLE ROW: R. Burkholder, G. Stever, S. Holmes, S. Searfoss, C. Armstrong, P Roberts M. Heath, Mrs. Lora. FRONT ROW: M. Lohr, D. Petman, L, Biglow, J. Goliver, T. Mc- Kinney I McGue, R. Joseph, K. Fishpaw. Left to right: BACK ROW: M. Gracely, T. Boate, A. Highland, M. A. Miller, C. Wilsey, R, Denlinger B. Martin, I. Boate, P. Sullivan. MIDDLE ROW: J. Abel, J. Parrott, S. Cook, R. Ridenour, R. Etgen, I Bame, G. Thomas, D. Mayer, L. Bercaw, Mrs, Cremean. FRONT ROW: M. Swartz, R Rodney, D Kizeg1L. Warner, G. Hagerman, R. Kraft, B. Lee, D, Morris. ABSENT: C. Hunter, P, Wright and L Gam e. Left to right BACK ROW: S. Barailloux, M. Lapham, S. Dotson, J. Ruby, D, Ward, J. Hobbs, T, Burch, B Thompson, C. Kimmel, D. Adams. MIDDLE ROW: B. Best, D. Glass, R, Welker, N. Miller, A. M. Yrnger C Faunce, B. Dawson, L. Creek, M. Stinebuck, Mr. Lloyd. FRONT ROW: P. John, G. Gray- mire D Grapner, P. Patton, N. Buckmaster, C. S. Harter, C. Riley, J. Morris, P, Staup. - - .-7 - I 251. I' " - Left to right: BACK ROW: D. Busick, P. Clark, V. Holtzapple, L. Layman, J. Wimer, S. Kidd, T. Wade L. Marke1,J. Stemen, K. Sroufe, D. Metzger, L. Poling. MIDDLE ROW. J. Coolidge, M, Wi1son,J Nichols, J. Foust, L. Hoffhein, D. Turner, C. John, Do. Baker, N. Laman, C. Peters, T, VanSchoyck G. Bowers, Mrs. VanHorn. FRONT ROW: C. Hefner, C. Rex, D. Austin, M. Breda, M. Kohrn, J. Mc- Bride, M. Goliver, N.Stemen, K. McBride, C. Kruse, S. Lyle. s.RS" Left to right: BACK ROW: J. Kesler, M. Mines, W. Blymyer, B. Mayer, J. Laman, S. Hedges, L. Phipps, B. Point, W. Riley. I. Miller, H. Foust, L. Arnold. MIDDLE ROW: W. Highland, B. Swallow, C. La Rue, L. Bushong, I. Huber, D. Barnt, D. VanDemark, D. Kohlhorst, 1. Fuller, N. Sroufe, R. McBride L Kraft, FRONT ROW: C. Nixon, W. Shafer, D. Cisco, R. Maloney, R. McCormack, G. Lewis, J. Redd, D. Davidson, B. McDonald, M. Fanaff, B. Deane. Left to right: BACK ROW: G. Sevitz, D. Hedges, K. Cramer, M. Holtzapple, A. Gamble, M. Metzger, R. Broshes, C. Stockton, D. Marshal ,C. Lee, F. Foard, R. Ward, L. Morrisey, D. Stalter. MIDDLE ROW: I. Laing, D. Stein, M. Carmean, E. Good, H. Davis, K. Reese, E. Hawk, S. Strayer, G. Bowers, D. Fetter B. Bailey, L. Lammers, M. Busick. J. Sarber. FRONT ROW: R. Snow, S. Perrin, T. Griffith, C. Morris R. Nichols, I. Collins, P. Eggerman, W. Driver, C. Lohr, T. Sheely. - Li'14m.l1vJ.-riiatvvliiixll I i x . f - - 1 ' Left to right: BACK ROW: L. Woodruff, F. Reppert, G. Spees, D. Hedges, W. Burdette, D. Burdette, J Fowler, H. Crawford, G. Evans, M. Dawson, E. Phillips, B. Phipps, D. Hunter, G. VanSchoyck. MID- DLE ROW: M. Sroufe, E. LaRue, J. Blaine, D. Sevitz, P. John, D. Good, L. Lewis, L. Kuhns, R. Fetter S. Gibbs, S, Sullivan,J, Brenneman, C. Longbrake, M. Stemen, P. Morris, Mrs. Kraft. FRONT ROW: P Musselman, M. Miller, R Hartmen, M. Patton, F, Early, F. Early, C. Cheney, G. Williamson, H. Good U. Roberts. Left to right: BACK ROW: I. Riley, L. I-larter, J. Johnston, L. Miller, V. Smith, R, Thomas, J. Wimer D. Bushong, R. Neider, L. Miller, D, Arnold, C. Derrick, MIDDLE ROW: G, Perrine, J, Hilty, L. Bragg J. Nichols, S, Barnes, S, Stemen, S, Hoffhein, D. Kesler, M, Gillette, S. McBride, N. Epstein, Mrs. A May- FRONT ROW: T. Woterl, J. Clum, S. BOIIOH, J. Searfoss, R. Holmes, H. Laman, A. Schultz, T. Grapner, P. Sevitz, M. Creek, Left to right: BACK ROW: P, Freyer, N. Leist, C, Reinhardt, P. McClain, J. Maurico, S. Eash, L. Green- awalr, T. Poling, K. Cain, D. Shoemaker, M. Tumer. MIDDLE ROW: J. Daniels, E. Slayden, S. Bailey, B. Rothe, J. Bowers, D. Kowalsky, D. Bercaw, R Wireman, A. Newland, S. Gracely, C. Welch, Mrs Brenneman. FRONT ROW: G. Nixon, D. Coon, J. Kleinoeder, N. Hartman, A. Huber, E. Joseph, S Hilyard, S. Sutton, M. Staup, S. Miller. givin' , , , 1 . I : - w-raw I l Il Left to right: BACK ROW: S, Grant, I. Reynolds, R, Layman, L, Davidson, D. Crawford, R. Swallow, J Black, D. Smith, D, Patton, L. Hicks, C. Kidd,G. Miller. MIDDLE ROW: M. Hollar, R, Kraft, T, Alten- burger, M, Fawbush, D. Carmean, C, Obenour, K, Vandemark, R, Anderson, J. Mayer, T. Bunch, D Schmidt, Mrs, Kurtz. FRONT ROW: D. Lammers, Y. Fuller, D, Lohr, M. Brown, C. Woodruff, C, Baker J. Burt, S. l-lower, S, Montgomery, M. Price. T, Clum, A, Kittle, C, Rader, D. Carl, C, Miller, C, Kahler, K. Conway, J, Highland, K. Stemen, S Scholfield, T. Brenneman, K. Ditto. MIDDLE ROW: T, Fox, L. Bryan, L, Voelker, D. Evans, S. Moor, S. Beck. V. Robinson, L. Hedges, 1. Reppert, N. Hollar, B. Lukehart, G. Musser, J. Anders, Mrs, Baechler. FRONT ROW: D. Fishpaw, V. Sellers, R. Morris, I. Miller, K. Smith, J. Ladd, I. Wright, G. Mauricio C. Barnes, B. Burkholder. Left to right: BACK ROW: B. Burget, G. Clark, B. Miller, S. Musselman, P. Hedges, D. Stone, C. Busick, N. Steinbrener, D. Grant, G. Hinton, G. Sullivan, G, Clark, K. Good. MIDDLE ROW: M. Lay- man, R. Broshes, J. Trayer, D, Morris, J. John, L, Foust, W. Montgomery, A, Libert, S. Price, S. Kesler, M. Dawson, Mrs. Ethel Smith. FRONT ROW: D, Bowers, R. Kraft, D. Kohlhorst, K, Melson, M. Eastom, T. Eastom, M. Kohrn, L. Miller, R. Lammers, M. Hefner. . l lit! rlzlbrg 1 .J I I li"-f,1twQn!w1 I. xslt u ' reg Left to right: BACK ROW: L. Rex, B. Huffer, P. Hance, D. Hinton, B. Kizer, E. Thomas, L. Barnum, L Petter, D. Miller, M, Estes, W, Downing, I. Holtzapple. MIDDLE ROW: N. McCormack T. Gibbs D Stewart, S, Cummings, R. Reser, P. Armstrong,J, Morrisey, M, Lamb, B. Redd, D. Williams, C. Bushong, Mrs. Jacobs. FRONT ROW: M. Leppla, P. Staver, M. Rinehardt, L. McDonald, C. Clark, M. Miller, D Rouston, M. Morgret, l. Heffner, N. Poling. Left to right: BACK ROW: A. Buckmaster, J. Brenneman, E. Patterson, J. Baxter, D. Ellis, B. Eash, D Earhart, K. Gaskey, L. Obenour, D. Farler, K. Cames, N. Crawford. MIDDLE ROW: D. Bercaw, B. Baker N. Dean, D. Coon, G. Fruchey, D. Bok. I. Benfield, L. Day, K. Crisenberry, B. Fought, J. Clum, B Bailey. FRONT ROW: P. Brewer, P. Fishpaw, R. Early, M. Foust, P. Blaine, P. Blaine, B. Bowers, L Brown, W. Ditto, E. Neri. Left to right: BACK ROW: D. Hicks, D. Miller, P. Glass, T. Hunt, J. Miller, R, Martin, S. Kiracofc J. Lapham, R. Hunsaker, B. Hoover, B. Longbrake, S. Herman, MIDDLE ROW: D, Mayer, L. Hance, B McClain, B. Green, H. Patterson, 1, Hawk, T. Long, B. Gavalos, A. Hoover, P, Laman. FRONT ROW D. Kraft, K, Kidd, K. Kline, P. Reynolds, D. Hastings, S. Highland, N. Goliver, T. Mauck, D. Pugin L. Johnson. l'-Pi?" 21.1-.1lK. 'X1illl!'l'....4L-1.1 ' .- - l'-lAi"'?l- 1 N 5 , Q. XL- Left to right: BACK ROW: I. Neeper, P. Schmenk, M. Warner, L. Stalter, J. Nolte, J. Sandy, J, Patter- son, C. Shindeldeckcr, D. Wimer, S. Point, P. Rigg, B. Poling. MIDDLE ROW: K. Smith, S. Thomas, M. Sheely, J, Morrisey, E. Strohl, D. Peters, R. Owsley. D. Stirn, M. Stemen, H. Smith, Mrs. Holtz- apple. FRONT ROW: L. Sellers, P. Reese, M. Mines, C. Wireman, N. Estes, T. Riegle, D. Stemen, J. Shafer, L. Sibold, M, Montgomery. NOT INPICTURE: T, Ward, D. Ward. lie' 1 ' .bm QQ , E 4 1 'it-1 ta: M -Q 1. els J le N Vryg INSTITUTE N :urn annum. Zi KA in is X. .. ll CUHHUNIT msrnurg SLIM SCNUUL Y JA E l ncnvmfs IV' MZ , rx n MEMORIES Left to right: Nancy Hines, Shirley Grapner, Janet Hilleary, Tom Os- wald, Doris Githens. Left to right: Phyllis Wagner, Peggy McConnell, Dan Cheney, Martha Kay Parrott. The MEMORIES staff, which is composed of seniors and a few juniors who work as apprentices, has worked hard this year preparing an annual of lasting memories of this school year. The staff sincerely wishes that the students will get as much pleasure in looking at it as we have had editing and financing it. 1955 MEMORIES STAFF Dan Cheney ........ Editor-in-Chief Doris Githens. . . Martha Kay Parrott. .Assistant Editor Nancy Hines. . . Janet Hilleary. . Shirley Grapner. . Barbara Mosier. . Phyllis Wagner ...... Business Mgr. Peggy McConnell ........ . Ass't. Business Mgr. David Augsburger ....... Art Editor Charles Fair. . . Pat Huber. . . Ronald Zuber ....... Photographer Dick Markel ......... Sports Editor Mrs. Fogg. . Dale Young ..... Ass't. Sports Editor Mr. Sluss. . . 4-4 . . . .Calendar Class Editor . . . . Typist .....Typist . Apprentice . . Apprentice . . Apprentice . . . .Adviser . Adviser STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right: BACK ROW: John Wilkins, Barbara Baxter, Dave Morrison, Lowell Crider, Ross Smith Janice Stalter, MIDDLE ROW: Betty McGahan, Ben Gleason, Dave Peltier, Dan Cheney, Dick Mar: kel, Janet Hilleary, Barbara Mikesell, FRONT ROW: Arthur Deane, Lynda Holtzapple, Phyllis Cook Bill Kline, Mike Messick, Sharon Spees, Anita Lapham. Ben Gleason, President Janet Hilleary, Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Fogg, Adviser Dave Peltier, Vice President Lowell Crider, Sergeant-at-Arms Mr, Sluss, Adviser HALL MONITORS Left to right: BACK ROW: Dave Peltier, Noah Sherrick ,Robert Davidson, Ron Reynolds, Orlo Lewis, Dave Morrison, Douglas Shenk, Ray Ridenour, 'Dick Markel. THIRD ROW: Leonard Hartman, Lowell Crider, Kay Bowers, Sue Edwards, Janet l-Iilleary, Barbara Baxter, Ruth Mayer, JoAnn Gannon, Ben Gleason, Dale Young. SECOND ROW: Jean Ann Moore, Marlene Sandy, Ann Wiford, Pat Huber, Peggy McConnell, Margie Morris, Nanette Rinehart, Carol Houston, FRONT ROW: Sonya Best, Phyllis Cook, Sharon Spees, Karen John, Mike Messick, Marlene Stemen, Velva Sherrick, Lynda I-loltzapple, Shirley Grapner. S. ,P -,hclsw ,, ,N Nl, ,, M B BU LLDOG REVIEW Each year the Journalism Staff works hard to pro- duce the BULLDOG REVIEW and to make it a success. The paper is published every three weeks and keeps the students informed of events occurring throughout the year. The members of the staff receive no scho- lastic credit for their time and deserve much credit for their contribution to school life at Elida. Karen John, Editor-in- Chief and Phyllis Cook, Business Manager, L ft to right: Lois Meier, Claire Mcmdeny' Phyllis t?tttt1etoLg'?d1:::Hqr1o Lewis' C0r1nie Derrick LaR Cfook Karen John. Kay Bowers' I 0 tzapply' foe Leisef, Dorothy'We1kgF THE STAFF Karen John ..... Phyllis Cook ..... Lynda I-Ioltzapple. . Joe Leiser ...... Dorothy Welker. . . Connie Detrick. . Lois Meier ...... Claire McE1derry. . Kay Bowers ..... Orlo Lewis. . . LaRee Little. . . Mrs. Workman. . Mr. Hayduk. . . . Editor-in-Chief Business Manager . . . , . Compiler . . . Compiler . . Circulation . . . Art Editor . . Music Editor . . . Apprentice . . Apprentice . Apprentice . Apprentice . . . Adviser . Adviser HONOR SOCIETY Left to Right: BACK ROW: Martha Kay Parrott, Pat Huber, Dave Peltier, Lisle Smith, Dan Cheney Orlo Lewis, Morris Morgret, Dick Markel, Karen John, Phyllis Wagner. FRONT ROW: Phyllis Cook Barbara Mosier, Claire McE1derry, Nancy Hines, Janet Hilleary, Nancy Stimmel, Nancy Gossard Kay Bowers, Margie Morris. PURPOSES OF THE HONOR SOCIETY 1. To create an enthusiasm for scholarship. Z. To stimulate a desire to render service. 3. To promote worthy leadership. 4. To encourage the development of character in pupils of the Allen County Senior High School. Dan Cheney, Valedictorian Lois Meier, Salutatorian 47 BACK ROW: S. Stroufe, B. Baxter, D. Young, C. Fair, J, Leiser, G. Marchal, R. Ridenour, R. LaRue, J. Brenne- man,J. llilleary. THIRD ROW: J. Mikesell, E. Baker, I. Gamble, C. Derrick, I. Kellam, M. Cheney, K. Bowers, P. McConnell, K. Miller, D. Welker, SECOND ROW: B. Meier, L. Huber, P. Lawrence, C. McElderry, A. Wi- lord, M. Dawson, G. Beeler, B, Mosier, S. Evans, J. Lamberts, Mrs, Workman. FRONT ROW: P. Foust, I. Kruse, L. Meier, D. Reppert, B. Mikesell, E. Reed. M. Sandy, L. Ponting, S. Edwards, S. Ruby. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Phyllis Cook. Carol Houston. . Kay Bowers. . Karen John. . Craig Boate. . President Vice President , . , Secretary . .Treasurer . . Reporter The Future Business Leaders Club is an organization to better acquaint the students withmodern methods of business. Through- out the year it brings its members into direct contact with many business men and Women of this area. The club is directly associated with the Commercial Depart- ment of the School. The advisor is Mrs. Dorothy Workman, head of the Commercial Department. BACK ROW: P. Sroufe, D, Peltier, L. Smith, C. Boate, O. Lewis, D. Cheney, G. Sroufc, L. May, J. Sterling, R. Zuber. THIRD ROW: S, Brant, J. Hobbs, G. Huber, E. Heath, K. Busick, C. Stemen, B. Keller, S. Hawk J. Nausbaum, M. Mann, J. Moore. SECOND ROW: N. Philips, M. Stemen, M. K. Parrott, P. Cook, S. Fair, K. John, G. llarrod, Spees, P. Huber. FRONT ROW: S. Best, B. Kidd, A. Lappin, L. Holtzapple, P. Wagner, M. Eggernmn, M. Franks, R Gannon C. Cisco, S. Grapner. . M N. ' Left to right, Back row: Jack McConnell, Nelson Smith, Kermit May, David Morrisey, Roger Unland, George Riley, Dan Kline. Middle row: Gary John, Paul Sroufe, Bill Morris, Dick Kesler, Noah Sherrick, Jerry Crisenberry, Lewis Etgen, Front row: Kenny Miller, Carol Smith, Ronnie Blymyer, Kenny John, Gary McBride. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA v S55 f - 1 5 Pt P' ' A th fn i s f A 5 Dick Kesler , , Kenny Miller , if X K .vT'0' . E V 5' : , ' ,X -1 c 'L 'fy L-:of 0.15 I f q, I .1-JW Ima' ff.-t e-, iw .x l M S -, 'S 3 X Zo cf' K, . . . . . . President Vice President Ronnie Blymyer ...... Secretary Kermit May , , Paul Sroufe , , , Dan Kline . . . , , , , , , Treasurer . . Reporter . . Sentinel 49 The purpose of the Future Farm- ers of America organization is to develop competent,aggressive,rural and agricultural leadership. Regular rules of parliamentary procedure govern the conduct of FFA meetings. The teacher of vocational agriculture serves as advisor of the local FFA chapter. Experience and confidence gained here will serve them well in the future as they co- operate with others to work out the solutions to the problems that will confront their community, state, and nation. 4 I 1 A l W 7 'Y JK lf' QUEEN DORIS GITHENS K 1 HCMECCMING Miss Doris Githens, senior, was elected by the football team to reign as Homecoming Queen X during the Elida vs. Pandora football game held October 15, 1954. Misses Lynda Holtzapple, sen- iorg Georgianna Harrod, juniorg Loretta Huber, sophomoreg Carolyn Swaney, freshman were her attendants. The Queen was crowned by Co-Captain Dick Kesler and Co-captain Kermit May presented the bouquets to the Queen and her court. Senior Craig Boate acted as master of ceremonies. Following the game, won by Elida., an impres- sive dance was held by the G. A. A. . i il .4 NX LI 3 Carolyn Swaney, Loretta Huber, Queen Doris Githens, Lynda Holtzapple, Georgianna Hanod. Co-captain Kesler crowns the Queen while M. C. Co-captain May presents flowers to the Queen and Craig Boate looks on. her gourt. I i I .4 l , so ' Senior Queen Joyce Mikesell and King Kermit May. CARNIVAL Seniors Kermit May and Joyce Mikesell were crowned King and Queen of the 1955 Carnival. They were chosen as the successful candidates by popular vote. Attendants from the junior class were Garneta Huber and Lyle May. Barbara Baxter and Art Kimmel represented the sophomores, and Ina Gamble and Ted Myers we re the freshman candidates. Junior Attendants Garneta Huber and Lyle May. Qfl Sopfromore Attendants Barbara Baxter and Art Kim- Freshmen Attendants Ina Gamble and Ted Myers. me . 51 SENIOR cl.Ass PLAY NIGHT 0F JANUARY 16TH On March 15 and 16 the seniors presented the play, Night of January 16th . The play was quite unusual in that it was in the form of a trial and was the first real mystery presented at Elida. A unique feature of the play was that the audi- ence took a part in the procedure. Twelve persons were chosen to act as the jury and to decide the fate of the defendant. In the trial the State of New York was trying Karen Andre for the murder of Bjorn Faulkner. A number of witnesses were ca1led,and at the end of the third act the jury retired to decide upon a verdict. It happened that one night Miss Andre was guilty and on two others she was innocent. The play, under the direction of Mr. Hayduk, was a great success in every aspect. THE CAST ThelLld3e...... ..... . District Attorney Flint ..... Defense Attomey Stevens . . . Karen Andre ........ Lawrence Regan ..... Mrs. Bjorn Faulkner . . . PrisonMatron......... ..DorothyWe1ker .. . . . . Tom Oswald Officer Sweeney . . . . . . . . . . . Janet Hllleary Dr. Evelyn Kirkland ,..., . , . . . . Dan Cheney Roberta Van Rensaeller , . . . . , . . . . . Phyllis C00k Court Bailiff .......... . . . . . . .... . Craig Boate Court Policeman ........ . . . . . . . Phyllis Wagner Secretaries to the Attorneys . . . . . . . Ronald Green . . Karen John Martha Parrott . Joe Leiser Dave Morrison . . Lois Meier Nancy Hines John Graham Whitfield . . . .... Bob Burden . . . Peggy McConnell Sigurd Yungquist ...... . . . Bud Laing .... Kay Miller Mrs, Hutchins ...,,.. . , . Doris Githens . . Shirley Grapner Mr. Van Fleet . . ,,,, Kermit May Student Director . . . . . . Sarah Sroufe Magda Svenson , . , . . Lynda Holtzapple Stage Manager .... . . . Noah Sherrick Jane Chandler . . . . Connie Derrick :nay Stevens District Defense Am' Anomey Flint 52 f ,f iv...--4 . gp. E . i f t X XM! lf tx Mi 5 :fe- 1 3. 5. 7. F, B, L. A. Officers Editor and business manager of the annual, G. A, A. Officers Senior girls' ensemble at Bowling Green auditions with Mrs, Cohee. 1- K iii x-" What enthusiasm! I I Students RUSHING to their c1asses??? Junior boys' quartet It won't do any good to argue with him, Mrs, Cohee JUNIOR CLASS PLAY LJ Left to right: BACK ROW: Don Britenricker, Dale Stever, Bob Keller, Chet Stemen, Dale Young. THIRD ROW: Garneta Huber, Kay Bowers, Janice Kruse, Sue Edwards, Patty Foust, Margie Morris, Nancy Phillips, SECOND ROW: Claire McElderry, Lowell Crider, Jack Mc Connell, LaRee Little, Charles Fair, Dick Markel, John Sterling, Barbara Mosier. FRONT ROW: Marlene Stemen, Sonya Best, Evelyn Redd, Carol Houston, Deanna Reppert, Nancy Gossard, Sue Ruby, Sally Evans, Mary Eggerman, Jean Ann Moore. "MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS The junior class play was a great success, both as entertainment and fi- nancially. Maudie had a new line for attracting boys which proved to be quite successful, for other girls. Her main problem seemed to be in landing a beau for herself. She also succeeded in fouling up a business transaction between her father and one of the local businessmen. Her mother and her sister tried their best to keep her occupied and out of trouble. As you can easily tell the plot was very confusing, but all turned out well in the end. 4' A X1 EAL... in WHO'S WHO Q iii fu 2 4' lf! Mr. Carter, Director. The band started the school year by present- ing half-time shows at many of the football games. They also arranged a special program for the Homecoming, which proved to be most successful. In addition to these services the band also participated in many other activities. On April 2.3 the band entered the State Band Contest and made an excellent showing. After several other programs the band ended a very successful year by giving its Annual Spring Concert. THE MAJORETTES Barbara Baxter, Drum Majorette. 1 9191? THE SENIOR BAND Left to right: Carolyn Cisco, Dorthy Stemen, Mary Cheney Barbara Baxter, Joyce Pruess, Sandra Sodders, Sharon Spees CLARINET SECTION Left to right, Back row: Carol Shappell, Ina Gamble, Larry Klei- noeder, Nancy Hines, Kenny Driv- er, Judy Croft, Barbara Keller, Irene Mauricio, Front row: Carol Thomas, Anita Lapham, Lynda Sroufe, Mike Messick, Myrna La- Rue, Tommy Becker, Rex Burkhold- er. TRUMPET SECTION Left to right, Back row: Diane John- son, Nancy Croft, Douglas Shenk, Mary Cheney, Marian Mann, Emma Ruff. Front row, James Shafer, Mary Grant, Barbara Meier, Alfonso Mauricio, Rebecca Kline, BASS AND TROMBONE SECTION Left to right, Back row: Marie Slay- den, Dale Young, Cloyd Thomas. Front row: Rosalie Gannon, Carolyn Cisco, Mary Collins, Ronny LaRue, Ronnie Shafer, Robert Smith, SAXOPHONE SECTION Left to right: Sharon Spees, Joyce Brenneman, Shirley Hawk, Wilma Long, PERCUSSION SECTION Left to right: Joan Hobbs, Ruth Mayer, Gary Cogley, Joyce Preuss, Diana McKinney. CHORUS AND GLEE BOYS' GLEE Left to right: BACK ROW: R, Ride nour, L. Smith, G. Sroufe, O. Lewis, K. May, D. Shenk, N. Smith, MID DLE ROW: C. Stemen, L. May, B Burden, G. Cogley, M. Morgret, D Peltier. FRONT ROW: M. Messick B. Brenneman, R. Zuber, R. Nichols R. LaRue, B. Gleason, C. Smith, CLUBS MIXED CHORUS Left to right: BACK ROW: A. Kim- mel, G. Cogley, R. Nichols, L. Smith, D. Wade, S. Steiner, O. Lewis, K. May, G. Sroufe, R. Ride- nour, D. Shenk, B. Keller. THIRD ROW: J. Hobbs, R Smith, B. Glea- son, L. Hartman, C. Stemen, M. Morgret, L. May, D. Peltier, J, Sterling, R, LaRue, D. Jacobs, B. Burden, T, Myers, D. Reppert, SECOND ROW: B. Mosier, I. Gam- ble, K. Miller, P. McConnell, B. Baxter, J. Brenneman, J. Hilleary S. Sroufe, M. Martin, J, Preuss, J, Gannon, S. Hawk, M. Dawson, P. Ford, Mr. Carter. FRONT ROW: C. Cisco, M. Stemen, M. Parrott, B. Meier, S. Ruby, G. Huber, M, Sandy, I. Lamberts, S, Spees, B. Kidd. GIRLS' GLEE Left to right: BACK ROW: 1. Kel- lam, S. Sakemiller, R. Mayer, C. Swaney, S. Sroufe, N. Croft, M. Hines, J. Hilleary, M. Cheney, J. Brenneman, B. Baxter, M. Martin. THIRD ROW: S, Spees, S. Ruby, A. Wiford, P. Ford, B. Mosier, I. Gam- ble, P. McConnel1, I. Gannon, K. Miller, M. Dawson, E. Baker, M. Slayden, N. Gossard, M. Stemen. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Cohee, J, Lam- berts, L. Huber, E. Redd, B. Mike- sell, M. Morris, G. Huber, D. Rep- pert, P. Huber, H. McGue, J. Hobbs, M. Sandy, B. Meier, M. Parrott. FRONT ROW: R. Gannon, C, Cisco, E. Smith, A. Lapham, M. Bucher, M. Miller, B. Kidd, B. Moore, M. Fishpaw, S. Grapner. XV' CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 7 First day of school. 10 Football Olympia. Elida 7, Delphos 0, and St. Rose 0, Elida 0. 15 G. A. A. party for new members. 17 Football game with Forest. We lost 27-13. 20 Reserve football game with Shawnee. 23 F. B. L. A. meeting. 24 Football with Columbus Grove. Bulldogs suf fe r second loss. 24 Lyceum talk about Alaska. 24 Don, Kermit, andChet come toschool on crutches. 24 Homecoming candidates chosen. 25 Seniors have pictures taken by Powell Studio at Barr Hotel. 27 Columbus Grove reserve game. 28 Teachers' party for new employees. 29 G. A. A. party and supper. 30 Junior High football with Columbus Grove. OCTOBER 1 Elida's first varsity victory. Elida 14, Bluffton 6. 1 TB patch test given to students, grades 1-8. 2 Junior class have bake sale. 4 Lyceum program, 'Fun at the Piano." 4 Allen County Athletic meeting. Homecoming Dance. Reserve football with Lafayette. F. B. L. A. introductory party. Lyceum program, 'The Singing Allens." Elida defeats Delphos in football. Delphos Junior High here. Annual Staff magazine drive begins. Elida Reserves defeat Delphos. No school, teachers' workshop. Elida Varsity defeats Rockford. No school, workshop continued. NOVEMBER Junior High G. A. A. Halloween party. Individual pictures taken for grades 7-12. F. B. L. A. Harvest Hop. Elida defeats Spencerville. Dad's night. The Varsity finished with 6-2 record. Senior English classes go to Lima Library. Senior High G. A. A. entertains Spencerville girls. Seniors choose invitations. Armistice Day. No school. Senior scrap drive. Seniors have bake sale at Strayer's. First day of hunting season. Group Activity pictures taken. Seniors receive proofs. Junior High football with Spencerville. G. A. A. receive award pins. Elida beats Lafayette for second victory. First 'Bulldog Review' issued. Junior High team beats Lafayette also. Homecoming game with Pandora. Elida estab- lishes 3-2 record. Doris Githens crowned Queen of Homecoming. 19,20 Junior Class Play,"Men Are Like Streetcarsf' 23 First basketball game at Columbus Grove. Vic- tory. 25.26 Thanksgiving vacation. 29 Columbus Grove Junior High basketball. 30 Students receive individual pictures. ' T'1Y'ti!l?R'5"55: - EI - DECEMBER 1 0. C. A. tests given to juniors. 2 Juniors order class rings. 3 Elida defeats Beaverdam's basketball game. 6 Sr. 's receive pictures. 7 Delphos Jefferson game. 10 Spencerville game there. 14 Bluffton. 16 Gomer Jr. High F. B. L. A. meeting, 17 Christmas Cantata Mixed Chorus. 18 Sr, Disk Jockey Dance. 20 Delphos Jefferson Jr. High. 21 Harrod here. 23 Journalism party at Mrs. Workman's Sophomore Christmas party. 25 To January 3-Christmas vacation. JANUARY 6 Lafayette Ir. High here. 7 Lafayette there. 12,13 Farmer's Institute. 14 Beaverdam there. 15 Juniors have Round 8: Square Dance. 17 Allen County Athletic Meet. 18 Continental there. 19 F. B. L. A. meeting. 21 Spencerville here. 28 Gomer there. 29 Sr. Scholarship tests. FEBRUARY 3 Perry Jr. High. 4 Lyceum-speaker on lron Curtain. Harrod there. 8 G. A. A. party. 9 F. B. L. A. party. 10 Jr. High Tournaments. 11 Lafayette here. F. B. L. A. Pancake supper. 12 Solo and Ensemble contest at Central. 14 Sr, Class party. 15 F. A. A. Meeting. 17, 18, 22, 24, 26-County Tourney. 18 Jr. Class party. 25 Student Council Meeting. 28 Ir. High G. A. A. meeting at night. pl- MARCH 4 Annual meets first deadline. 5 F. B. L. A. District Meeting. 7 Senior Class play tryouts. 8 G. A. A. entertains Varsity E at banquet. 9 F. F. A. to Delphos. 11 Junior Class party. 12 Solo and Ensemble Contest at Central. 16 Northwestern Conference dinner. 17 F. B. L. A. Meeting. 17 Pre -school clinic. 18 Boosters sponsor minstrel. 23 On the job training day for Senior commercial students, 25 Carnival. APRIL 1 All Sports Banquet. 4 Annual deadline met. 8 No school .... Good Friday. 9 F. B. L. A. bake sale. 13 Lyceum . . . Artist. 15,16 Senior Class Play, Night of January 16th, 18 Band Banquet. 20 F. B. L. A. field trip to Superior Coach. 21 F. B. L. A. meeting. 22 Spring concert. 22 Senior spagetti supper. 23 State Band and Girls' Glee contest. 27 G. A. A. Mother-Daughter Banquet. 29 Track meet at Pandora . . . Second place. MAY 2 Spencerville baseball here. 2 P. A. D. field trip. 4 Honor Society Banquet at Spencerville, 6 Junior-Senior Prom, 12 F. B. L. A. meeting, 15 Bacclaureate. 18 Last day of school for seniors. 20 Commencement. 22 Seniors leave on class trip. 26 Last day of school. 27 Alumni banquet. .Zh SPURTS K Q 29 I an VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Each year the Cheerleaders do a tremendous job in supporting Elida's athletic teams and in keeping the school spirit on a high level. These girls receive no scholastic credit for their time. Both the Cheerleaders and their advisor, Mrs. Burdette, deserve much praise for their contribution to sports at Elida. Connie Derrick, Senior. Jean Anne Moore, Junior. Elaine Baker, Sophomore, Phyllis Cook, Senior. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Left toright: Mary Cheney, Joyce Hollar, Shirley Good, Myrna LaRue. 62 Left to right: BACK ROW: P, Ford, I. Lamberts, P, Lawrence, J, Kellam, B. Baxter, N. Croft, J. Brenneman, M. Cheney, D. Stemen, E. Baker, B, Meier, S, Good, THIRD ROW: C. Cisco, J, Hobbs, J. Moore, S, Ruby, B, Mosier, K, Bowers, M, Dawson, P, Huber, S, Evans, B, Mikesell, S, Spees, M. Fishpaw, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Burdette, E. Redd, L, Ho1tZapple,L. Meier, K, Miller, P. Wagner, K, John, P. Cook, M, Parrott, S. Grapner, M, Stemen, B. Kidd, FRONT ROW: H, McGue, D, Welker, P. McConnell, D, Githens, N, Hines, I, Hilleary, S, Sroufe, J. Gannon, C, Detrick, J, Mikesell, GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Janet Hilleary, President Lynda Holtzapple, Secretary-Treasurer Peggy McConnell, Vice President Mrs. Burdette, Advisor JUNIOR HIGH G. A. A. Left to right: BACK ROW: J. McKinney, M, Grant, R. Miller, L, Riley, K, Arnold, P, Busick, M, Hoitzapple, D, Broshes, E, Ruff, C, Musser, I, Meyer, B. McGahan. MIDDLE ROW: K, Ho1tzapp1e,J, Altenburger, E, Stemen, J. Morris, C, Wade, M. Wade, L, Slayden, P, Foust, J. Stockton, Mrs, Burdette. FRONT ROW: N. Davis, S. Morris, J, Reppert, J, Pruess, B. Cheney, L. Little, K. Musselman, C. Thomas, J. Price. -L.""f'.0'E EI! 2 - I -I I 5 X P -' VARSITY E Dick Kesler , , ,,,,,,, President kg Bob Burden . . . .... Vice President 'mb B B Dan Cheney ,,., Secretary-Treasurer F Mr, Schreiber ........... Advisor The varsity E is an organization for all boys who have received a varsity letter in either football, basketball, baseball, or track. The group sponsors a number of activities throughout the year, including a refreshment stand at bas- ketball games and booths at the school carnival. One of the greatest services the club offers is the award of sport emblems to each graduating member of a squad. One of the Varsity coaches serves as the groups adviser. Back row: John Sterling, Ralph Reed, Bob McKinney, Ron Reynolds, Gary Sroufe, Ron Zuber, Bob Burden, Gary John, Third row: Ben Gleason, Paul Sroufe, Gary Cogley, Dan Cheney, LaRee Little, Don Wade, Dale Stever, Bob Keller, Chester Stemen, Second row: Tom Oswald, Jon Hedges, Don Britenricker, Kermit May, Lyle May, Bud Laing, Adviser, Art Schreiber, Front row: Dave Peltier, Dick Markel, Lisle Smith, Dave Morrison, Orlo Lewis, Dick Kesler, Jack McConnell, Craig Boate. 64 xx 0. Rhys 4,5 Y X 3 Rf' 5 5 si.-Ava f R V4 Xfi- X 1 ax 'lf -N f N.N.r f x A i 'SQ fm- f W ef' . X S my SS iff: wr sw Q .N ns Q x -Xxx, :MQ if 6 93, 'NNY ' -fx 532' f' A t f 4- Q My-wkh-uwvquimwumwmu W . AlSpkori:-erville 0 0 sv ' . 0 .. , .1 S .---- bus nrove W ns S nth NWC ff L X ' N 'X V i 1 d ' I Sa t T v 0 N 5 EI! 'iiV?lG lf T 2, ,T Bl C l was Glfrx' ' s-in7ilQlllC5Ifi,Jf:E?sl1 Lcipsic, 25-, 'G M Hrflin-ibut his, Q:-lacekick w rr. ij! , 1 1-lwccl 1 i'fiM'GSilNO1QUlfP1'11 ripped, ' 142' lumbus Grove ediaiel V lm oy: :itil mnignzrl. ,Q oluifrxgltiins SEE launched a drive fro! A 320 Whit' L llguuzn- :T ' iight , me Ol!'gI'0f2fXd inn, zz ' I victory ov e , WHS C111'Tl3Xed as Do, I rbyslnr Bearcats vwwr. nn ,mph In Zklzrylrniurzrzna ned ,Anclora-Gilboa clu Vgd the final 37 yan, 7 rigl 1 n fl in w ENE-r .tri tour-in wn Ylllli .W Q.. - fy QQAE2 5 Ee, Z "iq: Del 1' 'W Zif f k'i'Aw'TfF3.., .5355 7 the .Seann a il arbg V Q, T, Q 4,535-"" ', gullmsrs lm' rf ' ,-, e - :Hiro again bro A L ' A is tim s .r 5 A V , f lsumbush Gr 4 ,, rs .,, s, , n,,, ,AT 252 yaug, .ap as . .4 1 -.. ,1 U. Lyle May, Quarterback vriif ,YICKCH Lisle Smith, Halfback jfUHd'i'Y Gary Cogley, Halfback A Dave Peltier,.Halfback lc' U T ,U I , k ffffff1aH3e:sl,,,,. , , W 2 1 S u -xwzllo lr :mf In il c? Pligrieziflee si, :mg Coursbus 'rove 'CFHCIE aiu- ,LB'?l B ' th 1 5 ' o ls I: Qing. im-of f, in riifs'wrifos'iiu 317. J 5: iz-:WH U10 HiflClr?QtS. AHC! Cil'iV' if Z E1I?i'?LldrOIT'?l'i?g6Yldc? 'liih two unbeaten leaders, Columt K . t M t t d h. me in the open-,gg T t ve Si,?,p0in'ier came iGrove and Forest, were out erml ay 5 ar e 15 Pandora-Giiboaltg, ' Lg quarter when Gary A league notion. A 3 football Career at Elida in his 2 Grove 21 arldiio, gum Q mm-ifwmrziihng me QYXDYHDOYWYUVA .-M,-ka' ....... freshman year. He received Forest 27-13 E,H,S, his first varsity letter while Columbus Grove 20-00 EJ-LS, a sophomore and since then Blufftgn 6- 14 E,H,S, has become one of the out- Layfayette 6-32 12,1-LS, standing ends in this confer- i r 'f ' , gl mviguvvlivglvdwlfuaoig - - - 5 4 losing with six strai X 9 590 U ' 91' 5 ence. ,He is a semor this year ,Wing its first two ,runs by Keith .young and I and will be reatl missed b ' 'J " ' "ni all of il Oakes, and 80i RS Of-her TD af . g Y Y I . 'od halftime when Oakes rambled the Oncomlng tearrl. . CO'Captalns Ice?-Init May: End 52856 yards around end' r ' Sefllof 5 for tw plunged four yards for Delph A new champion in the Northr X- f'ionfcr'ence was more tm.. engine rowing, Chet Stemen piungei-1 fo ggore, hinted last night when Colnzn. f: auvove, a former two-time champ, short 01185, and Lisle Smit! lr in an :ened the conference on by trouncing Delphos Jeffer- it up with beautiful 'TJ SMITH an 45 0, at 'ensfand untiecllast ear Nretil-rn of a Pull' fo? as he Sclgggd ihfgdtig h k ff tacl Forest. got-off with 152,60 and set up a fourth to the Bi ht-team 27-13: Bluffto 8 S Q dogs' win over I - . 'I 'Se game was only sev' v tes4 1-ville won ?""sE'ifh6H Smith SDI, 'A K -N' dl Q fm' the Lafayette f' Q4 ' lu may 'S , - ' ' i S, Grove t00k nl hrealcs and pave Peltier I X A 'S foorbau Smith 40 fl Le game ., s, om, 19 and 1" .OKI G11 .rnencervllle , , , Jeff , f,,,.hd,,wn 3 a sophorr: . the fir " ' E'-ggird r' tel elfom .enni ---h av-ya W he F rove led b V' ' Oweverf an Tom Oswald, Tackle f'f1chf3'5 Dan Cheney, Tackle Gary John, Guard Chet Stemen, Fullback R-Ve Grove . S ,Cd It. . - 1 ard hm, .I Senior 'QMS 10, Senior , Sophomore 5, Junior as across the goal line, again. 2 fake in the Slate stages of the , tm-ew S third Pandora-G bo n gwd for 60 yan in we fi thereaftcr, Bud grabbed a 42 yards same another in icing on all the way DVSX' Orlo Lewis, End as tx Bob Burden, Tackle Junior mer Senior each scored on 10-yarrigif? Gave 8 A640183 the last period, and thcgrf-255 9ff0Ti3- 4 1:-nm.. ...-um ..-,.a....,. ...-,Q 'Fwn rxlmrn aggitnilhgmbe sweep T r ' 2 0 Q on a 15-Ig Gary Stroufe, Guard Dale Stever, Center Junior ...1 jr ga Q5 I as Q, . . K W J J ,,,,- ' , ' we S . ,lf f 5 ' 'J X A f K . X X X LS S in 'X s J Q ,K 3 x..x Ron Zuber, Guard Junior ff J 'xiii Senior Bud Laing, Guard I S if Q J 3 N re 1 Q W Y S O me :og 1235? Q E' xi' xg S231 ...r ,XS Senior Ron Reynolds, Guard fy L1.. M' 1 a x , ISHN Sophomore Don Wade, Tackle 'ik .Q we 5 X Junior J LaRee Little, Tackle NM. Junior Bob Holmes, End VARSITY FOOTBALL left to right, Back row: Ted Myers, David Burch, Jon l-ledges, Bob Keller, Bob Holmes, Dick Mann, Orlo Lewis, Ron Gleason, Sam Steiner, Gary Sroufe, Ron Zuber, Gary John, Art Kimmel, Maury Zerkle, Middle row: Assistant Coach George Radulovich, Dick Wagner, Chet Stemen, David Peltier, Lyle May, Lisle Smith, Don Wade, LaRee Little, Dale Stever, Charles Fair, Russell Winkle, Gary Cogley, Ron LaRue, Kenny Miller, Ross Smith, Coach Art Schreiber, Front row: Manager Douglas Burdette, Dan Cheney, Tom Oswald, Bud Laing, Ron Reynolds, Dick Kesler, Kermit May, Ben Gleason, Bob Burden, Dave Morrison, Manager Raymond Sroufe, JUNl0R HIGH FO0TBALL Left to right, Back row: Coach Cody Burdette, B. Dunahay, B. Lohr, G. Sandy, H, Wright, L, Smith, J, Smith, D. Smuck, G. Crisenberry, R. Strayer, B, John, Middle row: K. Ramser, J, Shafer, D, Bowers, D. Ladd, D. Morris, D. Redd, R, Shafer, D, Metzger, D, A. Stemen, K. Holtzapple, Front row: J. Desenberg, R, Smith, D, Wagner, D. Burch, M. Zerkle, T. Myers, S. Miller, G, Warner, G. McBride, Manager D. McDonald. 4 s, en., 68 I is 3112: S R- . Sqswsi ' - wsu- or :Main asm 6. l Q .A. ,, 5, , X , , if if- " " " fi "T r s ,,,.,.,........ rl, .-kwa-wg is . 1 g a .s..,,,v,, .W Y lea. Captain Lyle May, Guard Junior Columbus Grove Beaverdam Delphos Jeierson Spencerville Bluffton Dave Peltier, Forward Junior v 'K 1 ,F I 45-52 56-68 50-33 43-40 72-40 -YA ,..i,,,,.n .u.,,f., s E ...,-.-.NM i.. M ,...,..,....... ,..--,emo ,LII . ....L..,-- .-,.w,, - .s...,,, , G-, L-"v--.a.- ar,- -Lntv , ..- 'M---a.. h'f""'3'---...ual . ,s Q so W fl"d""-'61--W Charles Anderson, Center Bill Morris, Guard Junior Sophomore E,H,S, Gomer 66-43 E,H,S. E,H,S, Harrod 58-57 E,H,S. E,H,S, LaFayette 78-60 E.H.S. E,H.S. Rockford 56-75 E,H.S. E,H,S, Beaverdam 91-64 E,H,S. Dan Cheney, Forward Lisle Smith, Guard Senior Junior J.-m---. Ifll.. 0, ,L,,,,,,,..,,,... Q. -.Wang ...L..i. .QlQ..,..l,..., IT Q13 1 Orlo Lewis, Center Gary Cogley, Guard Don Britenrickcr, Forward Junior Sophomore junior Continental 74-47 E,H,S. Allen County Tournament: Spencerville 67-55 E,H,S, LaFayette 53-49 E,H,S Gomer 80-32 E,H.S. Beaverdarn 43-40 E.H.S Harrocl 56-40 E,H,S. LaFayette 63-64 E,H.S, Ron Gleason, Forward Jack McConnell, Guard Bob Holmes, Forward Sophomore Junior junior , Q1 F u 7 77 777 r,rr7l,,ueu51L L . ,.,, ..r...,.,...,..r....g....r.,r ,,,..., ..T.u,..ur r :lr X L 1 ll .J-...- iqwgw l MF or r,l-.,, i. ,..1...,.....' ...,,.,.L,,,..... ..-L. L, 30N JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Left to right, Back row: D. Bow- ers, W. Green, D. McDonald, D. Metzger,R. Shafer, T, Hollar, M. Altenbutger, M. Miller, Middle row: Coach George Radulovich, S, Lyle, G. Warner, A, Rothe, R. Sroufe, L. Ridenour, A. Deane, D. Ladd, Manager B. Kline. Front row: R, Smith, D. Burch D. Wagner, R. Stewart, J. Crisen- berry, M. Zerkle, T, Myers. VARSITY BASKETBALL Left to right, Back row: Coach Cody Burdette, Jack McConnell, Orlo Lewis, Ron Gleason, Don Britenricker, Bill Morris, Assistant Coach Art Schreiber, Middle row: Bob Holmes, Lisle Smith, Dan Cheney, Charles Anderson, Lyle May, David Peltier, Gary Cogley. Front row: Manager Douglas Burdette, Bill Sutherly, Kenneth Driver, Art Kimmel, ManagerBarry Epstein, Garylohn absent from picture, gf-4 PPO C90 F5 -4015 of Gi Al 36 Left to right, Back row: B. Ep- stein, T. Gahman, K, I-Ioltzapple, D. Burdette, D. Morris, B. bohr, Middle row: B. John,C. Foust, R. Smith, P. Dotson, T. Dershem, J, Able, B. Beckman. Front row: A. Mauricio, B, Dunahay, R, Bowers, J. Shafer, D. Hollan, C. Thomas, D. A. Stemen, G. I-Oflgbfake. J. Fawbusch. s X A Y E P' Left to right, Back row: .4 g Coach Cody Burdette, Q X Q X .SL ln' Jack McConnell, Char- 1-. A - L v LID A In 'r , or QLI04 , X' A ix A .LLIU r n , - f lie Anderson, Orlo Lew- Hr J Q C. is, Dick Wagner, Dick , -,,. U g 'N 1, , A j 'eee 5 A-B' eeeeee A Markel. Frontrowg Dan " XJ' 'fy' -ef f f A ' ,gi ' Sr 7 Cheney, Maurice Zer- ' L C W 5 u ff xx .-ge' 1, kel, Don Britenricker, g ID . , tp ,B ,, lxfj C V213 an gg ygifp . ' 1 D Tom Oswald, Gary Cog- SL p "W S S k 'M K k ' Y t. 4 ' fx ley, Gary John, Dave 1 Peltier. Absent: Darrel Martin, Dick Mann, Ted 16 Q Myers, fi r 11 J K. N ' If BASEBALL The Elida baseball team got off to an excellent start by defeating LaFayette 8-Z on their own diamond. On April 7 they posted their second victory by de- feating Beaverdam 18-2. Upon entering the county tournaments at Gomer they were eliminated 6-0 by LaFayette. Following the tournament the team was de- feated by Gomer in a 3-Z thriller and by Shawnee ll-0. On April 29 Elida was defeated by Spencerville, League Champions, but they closed the seasonwithaconvincing 14-8 decision over Delpos St. John. Although the season cannot be termed as a complete success, Coach Burdette's squad gained much in experience and sportsmanship. 1r"'l'l" ' "' ELIDA'S BATTERY Dick Wagner, pitcher. Dick Markel, pitcher. Darrel Martin, pitcher. Dave Peltier, pitcher. Don Britenricker, catcher. Gary John, catcher. The Outfield . Pi 'D' Q I'-I U 22 0 I-4 D- Zf' if rfwriih a,,2,M2 -. Q 4 W r t , ' 0 r ' ' ,, f 1 V ' ' o 5 A , ii ,W :rf . I 0 , if 2 x 4 ' li it ip , 4 Ay' fvimw 6 , tv ,U , ' E :f l. A Q ,lv 4 ,,f . f-'fr ,, A M va, eZ.1Q'if?fQQ Q Eaiiiaaaiififfa 3, as sf Ji W N -J' ls. Q 1 'is VN 4, is X 1 ,N 5 M T' db :L H M.. Q 'A t 5 ,an 3 - 1 s .I r , it S Q W' V P' T Hill 1' 5 t ggi Ny - - I' na., ,MW Left to right, Back row: Art Kimmel, Bill Sutherly, Ronnie LaRue, Lisle Smith, Sam Steiner, Dale Stever, LaRee Little, Lyle May, Morris Morgret, Allan Rothe, John Desenberg, Dave Collins. Front row: Steve Miller, Bud Laing, Kermit May, Gary Sroufe, Ron Zuber, Bob Keller, Dave Morrison, Bob Holmes, Don Wade. TRACK TEAM The track team began practicing almost im- mediately at the close of basketball season and since then has been working hard in preparation for the season's schedule. At the Pandora-Gilboa area track meet they finished second in a field of many schools. On May 7, they traveled to the Annual Olympics held in Lima at the stadium. Here they posted a fine third place with 30 lfZ points in a field of over 15 schools. We feel sure that by the time the current sea- son closes the track squad, under the direction of Coach Schreiber, will have compiled an enviable record. Running Events. Q 'wi 2 bf. 7 1 74- Mile Relay Team 3 '- 7 YL if , -55" , ig... 5 x ,P n 1 " , - yy Si l. Field Events, hi W 43 I? V it V K LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1955 DAVID AUGSBURGER ..., I will my ability to go through school in eleven years to David Collins. CRAIG BOATE .... I will Karen L, and Kathy K. to Bob Holmes. BOB BURDEN .... I will my ability to get kicked out of 8th period study hall to Bob Holmes. DAN Cl-IENEY .... I will Don Wade and a length of rope to the football team as material for a tackl- ing dummy. FRED COMSTON .... I will my ability to skip shop and get away with it to Dave Collins. PHYLLIS COOK ..., Iwill my BULLDOG REVIEW job and inky hands to Claire McElderry, RONALD COOLIDGE .... I will my very large and efficient motor scooter to Bill Cohee. CONNIE DETRICK .... I will my artistic ability to LaRee Little. JO ANN GANNON .... I will Chet Stemen to any girl who wants him. DORIS GITHENS .... I will my blonde hair and light complexion to Barbara Satterfield. BEN GLEASON .... I will Lyle May to any girl who will have him. SHIRLEY GRAPNER .... I will my good English grades back to Mrs. Fogg. RONALD GREEN .... I will my driving ability to C. O. B. JANET HILLEARY ,,,, I will my naturally wavy hair to Janet May, NANCY HINES .... I will Lynda Holtzapple to the oncoming chemistry class for quantitative analysis. LYNDA HOLTZAPPLE .... I will my shortness to Catherine Busick. KAREN JOHN .... I will one package of stencils and five bottles of correction fluid to next year's edi- tor of the BULLDOG REVIEW, Claire McElderry, DICK KESLER .... I will the best of luck to next year's football team. DAN KLINE ,,,, I will my curly hair and stoutness to Cloyd Thomas, CHARLES LAING .... I will my old school seats to the oncoming seniors, particularly Jean Ann Moore. JOE LEISER .... I will my ability to get in dutch with Mrs. Workman to the next reporter of the BULL DOG REVIEW staff. PEGGY MCCONNELL .... I will my unused French horn music to Rosalie Gannon, HELEN McGUE ,,,, I will my cheerful smile to Roetta Good. GENE MARCHAL .... I will my broken locker to whoever wants it. KERMIT MAY .... I will my "long" haircut and cookie duster to Russell Winkle. LOIS MEIER .... I will my knowledge of world history to my sister, Barbara. JOYCE MIKESELL .... Iwill my place in the cafeteria line to Mrs, Workman. KAY MILLER .... I will my ball and chain to some member of the oncoming senior class. DAVE MORRISON .... I will my curly hair to Richard Archer. TOM OSWALD .... I will "Clem" Thomas my build, MARTHA PARROTT .... I will all the exercise I get 6th period to Marlene Stemen. RALPH REED .... I will my complete selection of cars to Dan Kline, RONNIE REYNOLDS .... I will my curly hair to Dick Wagner. NOAH SHERRICK .... I will my ability to get out of school to Roger Unland. CAROL SMITH .... I will my cherished seat in English class to some poor, unsuspecting person. SARAH SROUFE .... Iwill my good driving to Mr, l-layduk. PHYLLIS WAGNER .... I will my short and naturally curly hair to Dorothy Stemen. DOROTHY WELKER .... I will my ability to take off my shoes in P. A. D. and not get caught to any- one who can use such an outstanding characteristic, ANN WIFORD .... I will my small, 115 pound figure to Don Wade. 75 CLASS PROPH ECY THE YEAR OF 'I975 I walked out of my nation-wide, dry cleaning plant and stepped into my Atomic Reactor Oldsmobile, pushed the automatic drive, and settled back to read the newspaper. I noticed in the "Space Lines" that CRAIG BOATE was now president of Al Capone Enterprises, Incorporated, manufacturers of wooden hall passes for Elida High. I also observed that Mr. Boate was sponsoring RONNIE GREEN, RONNIE REYNOLDS, and FRED COMSTON in the interspace scooter races at Mars. On arrival at the space port I placed my luggage in the Hines' Rocket which was invented by a mem- ber of my class, Dr. NANCY HINES. After entering the rocket, I went forward to the pilots' compartment and to my surprise there sat SHIRLEY GRAPNER buckling on her oxygen mask. She told me that her co- pilot was NOAH SHERRICK,but that he would be a little late because he was milking his cosmic cows. After the blast-off a small rocket zoomed around us three times and finally crashed into the control tow- er. With my field glasses I noticed Miss LOIS MEIER extracting herself from the mangled controls. Screaming from the supply house came a Graham Truck, hotrodded by CAROL SMITH, who was on the fire rescue squad. In the seat next to me sat Dr. DAVID AUGSBIJRGER who had recently discovered the arsenic cure for cancer. Dr. Augsburger and I talked about the past for a while.but we were soon interrupted by a happy call for lunch from our lovely stewardess, SARAH SROUFE. After lunch we landed on Venus. The Doctor left me to go to see the famous architect, DAVID MORRISON. It seems he had forgotten to install stationary mouse traps in the latest hospital he designed. After thisl crawled into a very low-slung Atomic taxi which was driven by RONALD COOLIDGE. Ronald told me he was working for Miss DORIS GITHENS, owner of the Atomic Taxi Trust with headquarters in the fifth galaxy. I decided to drop in on Doris. While on the way to her office,l noticed a large sign advertising Dentist DANIEL KEITH CHENEY who guaranteed painless,.bicuspid extractions. l slipped up to his office and was greeted by his charming secretary-in-chief, PHYLLIS COOK. While waiting for Dan, Phyllis told me that ANN WIFORD had succeeded her father as mayor of Elida. Her chief of police was HELEN McGUE. I was finally admitted to Dan's office,where I found him prying in the cavernous mouth of KERMIT MAY with a crowbar. Be- tween shrieks, groans, and mouthfuls of cotton, he said that BUD LAING, DAN KLINE, and he were pros- pecting. Just then Mrs. Dan Cheney. alias CONNIE DETRICK, came bursting into the office. She had just returned from her hat designers,who were none other than DOTTIE WELKER and JOE LEISER. After saying goodbye to Dan and Connie, lwent to the boxing matches where RALPH "killer-tiny" REED, heavy- weight champion was defending his title against two trained gorillas. Sitting to my right was Thomas Oswald,who had brought his first grade class of 537 pupils to the arena to teach them the manly art of self defense. The next morning I blasted off for Jupiter. We were interrupted about midway to Ceres, our noon stop, by the Universal Space Patrol. Commander DICK KESLER inspected our luggage and dis- covered GENE MARCHAL stowed away in the middle nose of our ship. After the excitement we completed our flight to Ceres where, stopping at the HOLTZAPPLE-BURDEN Restaurant, we had lunch. Talking to Bob and Lynda, I learned that JANET HILLEARY and MARTHA KAY PARROTT were selling files and hacksaws to people trapped behind the Iron Curtain. On arrival at Jupiter I hailed the bicycle taxi and, much to my surprise, there was PHYLLIS WAGNER pedalingthe front half of the bicycle-built-for-two. She told me the best boarding house was directly across from PEGGY McCONNELL'S 'Apple Orchards Inn." I learned that this hotel was owned by JOANN GANNON who also owned the commercial lover's lane that was very popular because of Jupiter's nine moons. My vacation was nearly over, solreturned to earth by way of Saturn where l was again joined by Dr. Augsburger who had met JOYCE MIKESELL, maintenance lady for the rings of Saturn. On our final flight home we stopped off at the moon where we attended the wedding of KAREN JOHN and the man in the moon. We were served refreshments of green cheese and milk from the Milky Way. Back on earth we were met by KAY MILLER, reporter for the newspaper's 'Space News' column. After landing on Earth, we had no trouble locating the junior class which was Dy now in Alcatraz and Sing-Sing. Ben Gleason and David Augsburger 76 HDVEHTISEIHEHTS WWILWRWWR I OUR g ADVER SER5 N QA A HX W Y f m NuzE WN N XM X W x IN fix T fx Q ' ' W 1 'SSM fx ,W ' M Compliments of Compliments of: KAY'S JEWELERS Watches Diamonds l29 N. Main Lima, Ohio Phone - 3937l Chinese patient telephoning dentist for ap- pointment: "What time you fixee my tooth? Dentist: "Two-thirty, all right?" Chinese: "Of course, tooth hurtee, but what time you fixee?" GLEN COPUS FLORIST Phone: 64099 One Mile South of Allentown TERRY P. SMITH INC. "There's no substitute for a name you can trust ' Plumbing 4 - - Heating Commercial and Industrial Phones: 3036l 25706 eos w. High sf Sam: Where do you work? Bob: In Des Moines. Best wishes to the seniors Sam: Iron or Coal? Mother: Isn't tl1at toy a bit complicated for a child of my son's age? Clerk: No, madam, this toy is designed to make the child feel at home in the world of today. No matter how he puts it together its wrong!! The barber had cut him, nicked him, and gushed him. "Give me a glass of water," gasped the victim. "You aren't going to faint, I hope?" asked the barber in alarm. "No," replied the victim, "I just want to see if my mouth still holds water." from THE CLASS OF 1957 Congratulations from the Seniors GREATEST FRESHMAN CLASS 1958 in the History of Elido if U Q 22 g U. - For Fine Foool :CQ-2 TTWA MARSHALL'S HLSOIME RESTAURANT "Did you fellows advertise for 1 lntboy?" Elevator girl: Here's the 16th floor, sonny. Ron Zuber: Okay, but don't cull me sonny. You're not my mother. Elevator girl: I brought you up, didn't I? 218 E. High Street Phone - 38856 Lima, Ohio KELLAM'S TOP NOTCH RESTAURANT ONE STOP SERVICE Open 24 hours Sinclair Service Lunches Short Orders -,.,.-11 like the bobsled beam has called it a day." Reprinted Fmm Sat. Evening Post Compliments Of AIRPORT GRILL OLIVER SALES - SERVICE Cast Reducing Equipment Gehl Blowers 8: Forage Harvester Come in . . . Le1's Ge? Acquainfed HALKER IMPLEMENT CO. 1030 Findlay Ra. Lama, ohio HOMEACRE GROCERY SOHIO Groceries - Meat - Gas - Oil' Sfop in for a snack open 7 Days a Week id Pat MAY BROS. OIL CO. GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 Distributors of 3 Mobil Gas and Oils Sold All Over the World LIMA, OHIO Peggy M. applied for a iob as a stenographer and was given a test in spelling. "How do you spell Mississippi," she was asked. She thought hard for a moment and then in- quired, "The river or the state?" Best Wishes to the SENIOR CLASS llsslf COLONIAL FINANCE CO 221 N. Elizabeth Lima, Ohio E. J. HEFNER AND SON'S DAIRY Congratulations to Class of 1955 From SILVER STAR PASTRY SHOP Boosters of Good Sports Bakers of Good Pastries Compliments Of 8. You never outgrow your need for milk. It's VOGT VOGT so easy to drink your need of at least 3 glasses of milk every day if it's I'lefner's Delphos Ohlg milk, because it tastes so goodl LIMA, OHIO H Huw! Place in 609111: TIIE IIIIIII STEEL FIIIIIIIIIIY CII. LIMA ' OHIO Compliments of RADIO STATION W I M A 233 North Main LIMA, OHIO Credit with Hart - easy to start QXNUH1, ,gnvffpx 1 2 6 w E S T H I G H S T R E E T "No, I don't have any experience, but I can offer you DIIMOIIDYWAICIIES'SIIVEIIWAIIE'RADIOS'I.I.IGGIGE'lI7I7I.IAIICEs ambition, initiative, enthusiasm-stuff like that." LIMA, OHIO Reprinted From Saturday Evening Post SINCERE BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS FOR THE FUTURE LEODA DAVIDSON'S BEAUTY SHOP I9-2222 Elido, Ohio KEWPEE HOTEL "Mity Nice Hamburgsn Limo Ohio I have heard it said that scientists have developed chlorophyll birdseed for love birds. Icopyright of MarkeI's "The Jokes for the Birds"I CHARLES W. LITTLE BUILDER OF MODERN HOMES Phone I9-2064 R. No. 2, Elidci HOOVER APPLIANCES SALES AND SERVICE KRUSE'S EVERYTHING IN WESTINGHOUSE Q I COMPLETE SER VICE SOHIO SERVICE 322-324 North Main St. Phone 8-7171 Lima, Ohio Q STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS 0 Compliments of Tires and Accessories MACK'S CAMERA STORE 0 I26 W. Market Street Lima, Ohio pl-,o,,,6-5751 Limo I9-2I8I Elido Main 70 WlLKIN'S FOOD MARKET 706 S. Metcalf St. Lima, Ohio Don Kimmel, Proprietor BU NGALOW PHARMACY rksscmrnou nnuselsrs These days it is hard to tell whether you . are walking behind a man who needs o hair- cut, or a woman who has iust gotten one Phone 895ll Market at Baxter UMA, on-no Limafs Future Rests VWth Its Young People and we have every confidence that they will live up to our hopes and expectations. The Metropolitan Bank takes this opportunity to extend Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '55, and an invitation to use the services of the bank to help you progress in money matters. You'll- always be welcome at both offices of this frendly bank. Uhr Qllrtrnpnlitan 'Bank OF LIMA, OHIO The Bank For Everyone Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation RAWLS, INC. 125 W. Spring Street Lima, Ohio Telephone 9-4066 Retreading and Relugging Armstrong Tires Goodyear Tires Congratulations RENZ'S BAKERY 67 years of quality baked goods THE LIMA CEMENT PRODUCTS INC. Concrete Block 81 Brick For Complete Electrical Service New and Rebuilt Motors Electric Motor Rewinding 8. Parts Lightweight Block THE LIMA ARMATURE WORKS Phone 56301 Lima, ohio 142 East Pearl St. Lima, Ohio wl'llSl.ER'S DRUG STORE Compliments Of Prescription Service Drug Sundries 8L Films Corner - Grand Ave. at Metcalf St. 2102 Elida Road Lima, Ohio Phone 58961 Limo, Ohio lt's common lfnowledge that Ron Coolidge went on whaling trips at regular intervals with his father when he was quite young. fTo the woqdshedl Compliments of ROSEMARY GROCERY Geo. F. Zerante The Original One Stop Store Spring at Kenilworth Lima Ohio u , .5 -M1mm.wNX1N T. R. CHILES 84 SON FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE KDAY OR NIGHTl OXYGEN RESUSCITATOR AND INHALATOR Thomas R. Chiles TELEPHONES: Russell M. Chiles 73911 , 73921 H"""d R- '-""""' 59873 - 96526 - 58193 Harold S. Chi les Daffynishion: Gold digger - A human gimme pig. WESTERN OHIO LUMBER KN Uv b, ,,, X E r Building Material Q QQ H COMPANY 1 :Q " . I 30' fx? 124 qsfvsn s N Lumbe Re Telephone - 49661 Lima Ohio ted from BOYS LIFE Compliments of: EBLING SUPPLY COMPANY Brice and Metcalf Streets Lima, Ohio 140 West High Street Lima, Ohio Doffynishion: H tel A pl c where you pay dollars for q rfers. COMPLIMENTS OF SUPERIOR COACH SALES CO. P. O. Box 296 - Telephone 2602 FINDLAY, OHIO E. W. File 8- Son Plumbing and Heating Industrial and Power Piping CANDYLAND DAN'S 333 N. Jackson Sf. Lima, Ohio HOMEMADE ICE CREAM E. W. File A. J. File fk- Reprinted from BOYS LIFE 715 - Q13 , snr. rin CHRISTY EQUIPMENT CO. JOHN DEERE-NEW HOLLAND COBEY FARM MACHINERY L I MA--A DA-OTTAWA ,rm vw ' ,.F"?e -'wi' ii' ,iff fi., 'S M:-w-www-i .W-Q--M.-,..,.., ,,.f . I. A H , N, iw V my ' M F I -A --ml 1 I I ' F: im 5. 1,'. .' w W' "'l ""lJi1 I " . A, ' . ' . ""f'fH '--a 1-Wm-M' IM. Q f.. an dl M ... R I ..,. A. .iiigl -, .... .,,.,.,,.,,,,,, ,,m.,,,,,,,,,m WMM MW YN iW5L .,,,,,,i.,,g,,V,f lvl' IIIIIITIIIIIIIIHW' H5353 ,Q ' A S I H f 'P.....,.....""""'ngy,"' ig "'f"4s-Q- W W 'iam' W' i i. , ,wig 5 'fm M., 'www A- ,' . .M V ' ' - ' , ,,.h,Ml i , g ., , ,,,. ..,,,,.,...., V X 4' . ,, " 1 ' 'W w rf"fw.' fi ' ...M M 'fax x ' ' L' I , - ,. -., . ' M W W., ,, wr STRONG, STRONG, 8. STRONG, ARCHITECTS LAWRENCE FRUIT MARKET Frozen Foods Fresh Fruits ancl Vegetables General Line of Groceries Route 30S Delphos - Elida Road SIOUX HONEY ASSOCIATION Telephone 2-2l7l 435 N. Elizabeth Street Limo, Ohio Compliments Of MOHLERIS FLOWERS II2 W. Market I058 Bellefontoine Lima, Ohio COMPLIMENTS SWALLOW'S BEVERAGES DRINK SWALLOW'S KEG ROOT BEER IN BOTTLES WHISTLE ORANGE RED CREAM SODA GEORGE L. HINES Builder and Contractor of Quality Homes Excavating 700 St. Claire Lima, Ohio Phone 9-6533 Two dairies were engaged in an advertising war. One company hired a racer to drive around town in a car with a large sign read- WHOLESALE 81 RETAIL ing: "This daredevil drinks our milk!" The rival company came out with a sign Phone 3-1247 l204 N. Cole Si' twice as large: "You don't have to be a daredevil to drink our milk." LIMA, OHIO EVERY BQDY mass T i ilhigtlv ,x Sv-," , J H I P ALWAYS Fnesu Johnny: Ma, you know the ring I had around my neck? Mother: Yes? Johnny: Well, it's around the bathtub now. la H I Z: ,tg lim ' I5 lm llalllllwgl "W" 'mmf 40 I , - H Imam In EQ E 'lik ' 5 , N' ? lun i, ,L 1955 - A 'Ilvsnsh' Year of Special Events TURNER IMPLEMENT C0. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FARMALL TRACTORS FARM MACHINERY - REFRIGERATION HOME FREEZERS Room Air Conditioners Phone 4-'I46l l33 Water St. Lima, Ohio llllllllilill and SON N .IEWEIERSQ I zio N. suzusru sr. Elgin Watches Hamilton Watches Longines Watches Wittnauer Watches Vacheron Watches Constantin Watches LeCoultre Watches Diamonds Jewelry 1847 Rogers Holmes and Edwards Community Plate Shaeffer Pens Parker Pens STIPPICH HARDWARE Established 1927 300-306 N. Main Street Opposite Courthouse Appliances-Paints-Housewares PANGLE'S MASTER Corner Where MARKET of Central Ave. and Circular St. LIMA, OHIO Over 50,000 People Shop Every Week LIMA, OHIO 50,000 People Can't Be Wrong Compliments SULLIVAN ELECTRIC of G.E. T.V. HOTPOINT APP. SALES AND SERVICE Licensed Electrical Contractor Elida, Ohio R.R. No. I f XX an V ita Q Il IIJRTH MAI! STREET 1 Rx 1 ,IQ -I Lima Ohio - :. in .nbiuu J , S Like SOCIAL STUDIES? You're really being so- Q f 1 I - 4 i" I ali-Es I N ciable when ou let elec y i tricit hel ou entertain. Y P y "You're del'b rately paying attention just to confuse me." Record players, radios, toasters, grills, coffee Congratulations makers . . . all add a lot and to an evening's fun. Best Wishes To the Class of 1955 -77" OHIO POWER Cv-V Nj CENTRAL SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 215 W. Market Lima, Ohio Lima, Ohio Your School Savings Bank THE NATIONAL BANK Tp f or LIMA Lima, 0hio , fm ? I fe MAIN OFFICE HIGH STREET BRANCH Public Square Cook Tower Webb Insurance Agency CONGRATULATIONS I HC- from Phone 4-0631 212 West High Street Lima Ohio Lisle was sitting down to breakfast one morning when he was astounded to see in the paper an announcement of his own death. He rang up his friend Orlo at once. "Hello, OrIo," he shouted excitedly, "Have you I-IMA ' OHIO seen the announcement of my death in the paper?" "Yes," came the reply. "Where are you speaking from?" Compliments of NATIONAL BUILDING CORPORATION Operators of National Bank Building C0l'l'll0Al'nellf5 0 Geo. T. Kocher Lumber Co. East Elm ond Jockson Streets ot the River LIMA 0 OHIO "Photography At Its Best" SCHOOLS WEDDINGS BABIES H. A. POWELL STUDIOS Largesf in the Midwest TOLEDO - DAYTON - DETROIT Compliments of BINDEL APPLIANCE "We Service What We Sell" Phone 71611 210-212 S. Main Limo, Ohio L. E. "Lou" Bindel, Owner HEIMANN'S FURS 129 W. Market Sf. Limo Ohio VARSITY SHOP Sportswear - Clothing - Furnishings YOUNG MEN AND BOYS Phone 3-0681 224 North Main St. Lima, Ohio -w,,' ,E s .e U-"' lx tn, Z .J I tn. .- it .41 z.l ml x it , if-T' . .,,,.. TIP TOP SANDWICH SHOP 312 N. Main Street Lima Ohio SMlTH'S Truck Sales 8. Service G M C Gas and Diesel Repairs and Service Phone 47611 100 W. Grand Ave. Lima THE LIMA PACKING COMPANY LIMA BRAND MEAT PRODUCTS Lima, Ohio IF IT'S WORTH PROTECTING, IT SHOULD BE INSURED WITH DAVISSON, SOLIDAY, SULLIVAN All Forms of Insurance 1002 National Bank Bldg. Phone 95610 Lima, Ohio THE LIMA LUMBER CO. Everything in Building Materials Hardware and Appliances Penn. RR. and Delphos Ave. Phone 7-3991 Lima, Ohio ENRICHED WHITE BREAD TOASTMASTER BREAD Plus Sunshine Vitamin E Baked by THE FRANK BAKER BREAD CO. LIMA, OHIO I 'i I I i Q7 1 I 4 i XI Q N'.I I IIIII I I I I I ,v I ? I W I I Vi c 4' I II I I I I . I I ,I I I I I Xxx I IN WI Ill 1 I 1 CII! I Eli A 'xx' I I I ,I I MII I I ' In NO I 'll' 25,1 . I ,IQ ' W , urine I f I I I I' , .qi 71 KII .Iwi . ,, IIIIIIFHS an ...ix --. 'I' ' , .S 1, - ,.2eIIIiIi 1. "Now, let's try the next li gave! INCL., Elida Boosters Club SENIOR CLASS AND MAY THEIR FUTURE BE AS SUCCESSFUL AS THEIR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS Q?YDQC4XZ THE BOOSTERS ARE TRYING TO DO A FINE PIECE OF WORK SO LET'S SHOW OUR APPRECIATION AND BOOST THE BOOSTERS. Daffynishion: Nail - A small piece of iron that a ma ses to a m at while hammering his thumb TIP TOP SANDWICH SHOP 312 N. Main Street Lima Ohio SMlTH'S Truck Sales 8. Service G M C Gas and Diesel Repairs and Service Phone 47611 100 W. Grand Ave. Lima THE LIMA PACKING COMPANY LIMA BRAND MEAT PRODUCTS IF IT'S WORTH PROTECTING, IT SHOULD BE INSURED WITH DAVISSON, SOLIDAY, SULLIVAN All Forms of Insurance 1002 Notionol Bank Bldg. Lima, Ohiv Phone 95610 Lama, ohio THE LIMA LUMBER CO. , , N ,I Everything in Building Materials X 1 I ll I, I ,Q h Hardware and Appliances i I . I' l X I I M .1 I li -1. 11 Penn. RR. cmd Delphos Ave. in ' I X X1 ' H! n I I! I N I 1 I , 1' I Phone 7-3991 Limo, ohao I l' ' ' H X Pwr ' ' , 1 I I U 1 I i 61, I I ENRICHED WHITE BREAD TOASTMASTER BREAD Plus Sunshine Vitamin E Baked by THE FRANK BAKER BREAD CO. LIMA, OHIO P fi? Nl I 1 I NO I il' QNX 'Mlm I r f I I I II W ' Q l l x, ff Q ll I 1 i V' I 'Ii M17 JM 'I 'I .W 'if I 1 Ii,jd'iA.ii2iW I 5- MJWM HW mm 'NV 'I' I 1 1 if GDN "Now, let's try the next line!" LA RUE'S GREENHOUSE CORSAGES POTTED PLANTS FLOWER AND VEGETABLE PLANTS DISH GARDENS Phone 19-2805 Elida, Ohio SUBER BAN MACHINE SHOP Ornamental Railing and Iron Work Steel Fabrication All-kinds of air cooled engine service Lawn Mower Repair 84 Sharpening HOLMES BROTHERS' MARKET We Feature Quality Beef We Wish To Thank Everyone For Patronizing Us FaCf"fY S'Y1e Phone I9-2281 Elaao, Ohio Phone: Limo I9-2401 Elida Elida M89 Ohio 7 V! N - fem- - .uf-Ie sAssMsNTs sswsns suLLoozlNG E , P ff K 5 f, 9 . I fy, I 9,1 Boo JOHN P. Musslsn Excavating I I IE T51 Phone 19-2723 Endo, Ohio I , it IE I II mf 1Q'g,Ifo,ZeI2lL'l Ao'QE'L2'h2n' LONG'S BARBER SHOP sum., omo STRAYER PLUMBING AND HEATING WINKLER OIL BURNERS ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS Tel. No. I9-2I7I C""g"""""f""s Strayer's Market and Bestmes QUALITY GROCERIES AND MEATS THE BAND Phones Main 40 19-2531 ELIDA, OHIO ELIDA MiLLwoRK TR' .IENNIE'S PLACE and LUMBER CO. Good Food d Service an Courtesy Highwoy 30-S Elido, Ohio I9-2291 Moin 78 Elida, Ohio LADD'S SERVICE S T A T I 0 N "BE SURE WITH PURE" Telephone I 9-2800 Kermit: Well, coach, we're going to present you with o victory for your birthday. Mr. Schreiber: Good! I was expecting the usual tie. Dff g.,,,,f C,z:,.,Lf Elida Boosters Club SENIOR CLASS AND MAY THEIR FUTURE BE AS SUCCESSFUL AS THEIR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS QIYJQCTXZ THE BOOSTERS ARE TRYING TO DO A FINE PIECE OF WORK SO LET'S SHOW OUR APPRECIATION AND BOOST THE BOOSTERS. ynishion: Nail - A small piece of iron that a mu s fo m at while hammeri THE THE I EUUITY EXCHANGE UF ELIDH ELIDA 0 OHIO , A GOOD PLACE 0 TO BUY AND SELL Member , Q Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation El-IDA, Qi-H0 A Savings Account is a good start toward a successful life. SCOTT'S MARKET For fine foods Delphos Ohio SMITH'S GARAGE Repair and Body Work Tires - Baheries - Accessories Route 30-S EI ida, Ohio LINCOLN HIGHWAY DAIRY High Grade Butter Homogenized and Pasteurized DAIRY PRODUCTS DELPHOS OHIO When shopping in Delphos remember SHENK'S Home owned since I876 THE DELPHOS PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY The Delphos Daily Herald The Delphos Daily Herald Courant Compliments of ST. MARYS PACKING Packers of Fancy Canned Foods Delphos Ohio RICKER LUMBER COMPANY 90 Years of Service 7II N. Main Phone 7641 Delphos, Ohio Nothing too large Nothing too small R. J. FROST 8- SON Roofing - Siding - Sheet Metal Contractors IIO4 N. Washington Street Phone 8641 Delphos, Ohio Then there's the one about the two octopus sweethearts who went down the lane together hand in hand, hand in hand, hand in hand, hand in hand, hand in hand, hand in hand, hand in hand, hand in hand. RAABE MOTOR SALES INCORPORATED Compliments of THE SCHERGER MEMORIALS 507-su Norm Main sf. Delphos Ohio Sales Service Compliments Of 234 N. Canal Sf. Phone 6801 , CREDE FURNITURE STORE Delphos, Ohio Delphos Ohio Walter Harry Phone 781 1 201 S. Clay HORINE LUMBER CO. Oak, Birch, Mahogany, and Pine for Manual Training Delphos, Ohio Mrs. Fogg fsfernlylz "This essay on "Our Dog" is, word for word, the some as your sister's." Janet H.: "Yes, Mrs. Fogg, it's the same dog." ODENWELLER'S Clothes For Men and Boys Del phos LION CLOTHING DELPHOS, OHIO Known for Good Clothes and Courteous Sorvico Compliments Of STIPP Delphos Ohio DELPHA CHEVROLET COMPANY Buick - Chevrolet Specializing ln Good Service - Open Evenings 227 W. 2nd St. Delphos, Ohio Phone 22571 All through the football game an excited fan had been cheering his home team to victory. Suddenly he became silent, turned to his companion, and whispered, "l've lost my voice." "Don't worry," was the disgusted reply, "You'll find it in my left ear." HARTER AND SON Funeral Home PHONE 4021 DELPHOS, OHIO 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1.. Q ,, 1, 1 1 1 M. EV, 1, 1, 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 Q 1:71 1 ig ff 1 " ,U 1 1 Q - A .Y 1 1' 5. it 1 1 1-' 1 ,. , 1 1, 1 1 15 1, 1 1. 11 1, 1.. 1 1 431115 ' 1 5 ,off 5: 1-c L Pu WW 1 Q .1, I 'sl . ' 2 .K M x ,.....,- f - Qlll. C ill? Smg Sruf, fs i ifi QKI' 1 P f n F I IH I N- gl- 1-.M few 4 M3345 X !f"f-'?2:ff,:f,Q',w,4 A Q n 1 5-'S 4,1-gl

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