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fi 7 MM J .. in AEE E QM W 2 U HAD ,f E he P if ai 6 5 hi .p 'RAD3655 gains-t the sea anon. NVWYI ' ,gg vmnriez tiliila Sshnu 'L EE libel! hiqw , ,, ,,.,M,.-W,,w.W Zkrtitfitirz 37-58 K--x WN :Sl Q 63 2 , ' 5 P U r t s -.4 gg? M 'flak 5 7 1 B 4- 14 ...: X NS sw f "Q-.mv-u VM ile- xx.. 3 gg Q ,M 'bn w .. , X 4 4.. f W 45" , X . 5 5. K ,,kV KA aa Sam, ,N ,,,1v"-m.,,,,z"' M I V vAN,, 1 .ggigi 4.0 3- Q: , 1, s i 1.5! i . XL.--a. ff" K, Y I f"" L i 7' Nv..,h,' N-I ,,...4 eapumdg 'Me 4004544 5715 C. Roland Swank Superintendent + - W "3"3'6:' " ' C' 'ZW f"2340"2 The Publication of our annual is one of the important extra curricular activi- ties of our school. It provides a treasure book of "MEMORIES" for our student body. The publication of "MEMORIES" is a little like life. lt describes in picture and word story the complete picture of school life. It tells about the classwork and more serious aspects of student routine. But, like life, it also gives space to the frequent highlights of social activity, recreational pleasures, and athle- tic pursuits. It is a record of both success and failures. That is as it should be for life is really a record of success and failure. No true book of life records success only. If we realize that much can be learned from adversity and occasional defeat then we will be better prepared for the game of life. Determination, fortitude, will power, and initiative are valuable by-products gleaned in grappling with daily problems of success and failure. If we look at this fine annual in this perspective it can be a book of greater meaning and value. Roland Swank new af 'za saw 4,9 Mrs. Marian Holtzapple School Secretary 744544221 Howard Leis Principal Congratulations to the Annual Staff and the advisors for the production of "MEMORIES", which contributes much to our school. I wish the Best of Luck to the graduating class of 1954. We hope you continue your interests in education and that you will use to your best ability the education which you have received in the past twelve years. Also, your aim in life should be nothing less than com- plete and worthy living. Cur schools should develop interests in the major fields of human activities as a means to happiness, to social progress, and to continual growth. Your suc- cess in school should be what you really desire and need. May this book help to inspire students to have good school spirit, and to make proper use oftheir time while in school. This book will offer some of the greatest memories in your life. Howard Leis CARTOGRAPHERS Left to Right: Herald Metzer Herbert Zerkel Herbert Boate Eral Holtzapple Darrel Crider Branson Holtzapple I1 MR. EUGENE THIS OHIO NORTHERN UNI- VERSITY, B.S. ED., UNI- VERSITY OF TEXAS, M. OF ED. Music 7, 8, Sen- ior Band, Junior Band, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, Jr. High Football. fits., ww my sts wa -1 I i 'EY . I MR. ARDEN ROSS OHIO NORTHERN UNI- VERSITY, B.S. ED., BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY. Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing. fb MISS MARIE JONES WITTENBERG COLLEGE, BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY, B.S. ED., OHIO STATE UNIVER- SITY. Vocational Home Economics 8. MR. ARTHUR SCHREIBER CENTREE COLLEGE, A.B.. OHIO STATE UNIVER- SITY. Biology, Science 9, Boys' Physical Educa- tion, Head Football Coach, Assistant Basketball .. Coach, Head Track Coach, Varsity "E" Advisor. MRS. VIRGILIA BURDETTE B U T L E R UNIVERSITY, B.S. English 7, Girls' Phys - ical Education, G. A. A. A d v is o r, Cheerleading ,F if W' 2, s t f X .5 .nk gg '53 -' Advisor. ' ' ,... . X ig 0- 4 ...af ' 'Irs say .is 21, E ik K. MR. DONALD HAYDUK CALIFORNIA STATE TEACHERS ' COLLEGE, B.S. English 8,9,10, Speech, Junior Class Play. "BULLDOG REVIEW". Ze0 Back row: Miss Quinn, Miss Sawmiller, Mr Brenneman, Mrs. John. Front row: Mrs. Baech lor, Jacobs. Mrs. Holtzapple, Mrs. Kurtz. MR. GEORGE LANDON OHIO STATE UNIVER- SITY, B.S. Vocational Agriculture, F.F.A. Ad- visor. Q'- MRS. DOROTHY WORKMAN FINDLAY COLLEGE, B.A. Shorthand I, II, Typing I, II, Bookkeeping, General Business Training, "BULL- DOG REVIEW",F. B. L. A. Advisor. Back row: Mrs. Kraft, Mr. Gilliand, Mr. Bowsher, Mrs. May. First row: Mr. Lloyd, Mrs. Vanl-lorn, Mrs. Crites, Mrs. Cremean. MR. C. O. BOGER MUSKINGUM COLLEGE, B.S., MIAMI UNIVER- SITY, OHIO STATE UNI- VERSITY. Math 7.8, Chemistry, Salesmanship. M. W V . ea -1 'A' st Ll .'b . 1 , Q it . S - - : 5 I U. 4 ,gfgli ffl 1 MR. GEORGE RADULOVICH BLUFFTON COLLEGE, B. A., INDIANA UNIVER- SITY, M.S. Social Studies '7, 8, P. A. D., Junior High Basketball, Junior High Baseball. MR. PAUL SLUSS I-IEIDELBERG COLLEGE, A.B., WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY. Civics, World History, American History, Geography, An- nual Advisor, Student Council. MRS. PEARL COHEE BALL STATE TEACHERS' COLLEGE, A.B. French I, Girls'Glee Club, Elemen- tary Music. .."l'. Viv -up 3 . MRS. DONATA GAMBLE XAVIER UNIVERSITY, MT. ST. JOSEPH COL- LEGE, B.A. English 11, 12, Latin Il, Annual Ad- visor, Student Council. .BL MR. RUSSELL B. BURDETTE BUTLER UNIVERSITY, B. S. Science 7, 8, Physical Education, Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach, Assistant Football Coach. P 4 V7 5 X- 4 N .3 1 3' WU! ,l P I n-ignfl ' "' ,... n ,gg K 1-.4 1- MTS- Lm1C'Libf3fi3U I 2. Mrs. Steiner-School Nurse 3. Mr. Foust, Mr. Morrrs, Mr. Holmes-Custodrans 5' Mr. Baxtcl--Mechanic 4. Mrs. Hollar, Mrs. John, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Boate-Cooks 10 Z 5. ATT! 1 --MM? ,ff f ..-,fix F if ,. v If + ,ft ,ff XA ?i , f E- I " if VN 1 X wi 'xx L gN5-5319-aff' '97, K , ,W 5 "'-Q., ff f 4.4 if R E A ,.-f Q A ,J . f':", 950' . ELQQEY 2 ,,, X ,fi 2 ,df 7 - KR 'MS Q 5 MNH -7' ' 'fffff X gk. K 5 I -1 1 M, ' g K I -X Q df. f. . y. A. 95: . ,Y A ....,4 3 ' 1 , I ,1. f f N x 4 , S 5' .' fi K f , 3 R Tk 4 1 1 X All .K S-..Q?,,.f 6 WRX- ,f' Q Mix yr . xx A an , K. ,ff "E" 2,3,4. Senwfw Don Leis President A Gary Fowler W Vice President Beverly Kesler Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Dorothy Workman Mr. Arden Ross Advisors Time is not likely to come to an end with our receiving diplomas on May 2.1, nor will EHS close her doors, knowing that there will never again be such a crop of geniuses from her halls Qwho said that?j. But Elida High will miss the class that can boast of an abundance of intelligence, wit, and good fellowship--that's us! We see ahead the door through which we must pass, but we do not hesitate to look back to the twelve years of mental, spiritual, and cul- tural growth which have directed us lpushed us, really, toward this door. The Senior class took up its duties as rulers, with all the dignity and splendor of one accustomed to power. Speaking ofdignity--have you ever looked into room 324 on Friday afternoons and noticed President Leis being counseled by our advisors, Ross and Workman? Miss Kes learned to take reports of class meetings so rapidly that our records are all ver- batim fSaints forbidlj. Her skill in taking class notes is exceeded only by her ability to wring from us tired old dollar bills. In departing, a great big hearty "thank you" to our teachers and class- mates for the memories. RONALD G. BOWERS "Bazz" "To be merry best becomes you." General Course Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4, Varsity DARREL K. BRANT I "Stops the mouth of all find-faults." f General Course Executive Comm.2g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Base- ball 3,4g Varsity "E" 2,3,4g Varsity "E" Sec- xp, Treas. 4g Honor Society 3: Student Council 4g President 4, Journalism 4g Class Play 45 Senior Scholarship. I lf ANNAMAE BRYAN "Mazie" "And Princes' courts be fil1'd with my reproach." College Preparatory Course G1 A. A. 1,3,45 Northwest District Auditions 35Ohio State Auditions35 Girls' Glee 1,2,45 Mix- ed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Operetta 25 Eisteddfod 1,2,35 Class Play 3. THOMAS EDWARD cootipos "Tom" "Fie on him, Jezebel." General Course Mixed Chorus 15 Minstrel 35 Eisteddfod 1. PLGGY COX "Peg" "How green you are and fresh in this old world." General Course G,A, A. 1,2,3,45 Northwest District Auditions 1,25 Girls' Glee 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Operetta 25 Eisteddfod 1,25 F.B.L. A. 45 Office 45 Annual Staff45Carnival Attendant35 Carnival Mainshow 1,2. JOHN L. CRISENBERY "Your Ifis the only peace-maker, much virtue in If." Vocational Course Football15 Basketball 1,35 Baseball 1,35 Var- sity "E" 2.3.45 F F. A. 45 4-H 253. 5455 .. Fiv-'Xt 1" is .QQ Q 3 'QL f s Ai. 'Wil ...A-H E, fkx--' DIANA JANE DESENBERG "Dessie" "She's as good as anything." College Preparatory Course Executive Committee 15 G. A. A. 1,2,45 Sec.- Treas.45 Band 1,2,3,45 Music Festival 1,25 North- west District Auditions 1,2,3 5 Ohio State Auditions 1,25 girls' Glee 1,2,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,45 Op- eretta 25 Eisteddfod 1,25 Annual Sta ff3,45 Student Council 45 Homecoming Attendent 45 Carnival Queen 25 Class Play 3,4. NANCY JO DETRICK "Nan" "She shall be a high and mighty queen." Commercial Course Executive Committee 45 G. A. A. 1,2,3,45 Pres. 35 Band 1,25 Music Festival 1,2,35 North- west District Auditions 1,25 Ohio State Auditions 1,25 Girls' Glee 152,35 Mixed Chorus 1,2,35 Op- eretta 2,35 Minstrel 35 Eisteddfod 1,2,35 Student Council 45 Sec.-Treas. 45 4'-H 15 F. B. L. A. 45 Treas. 45 Office 45 Who's Who 25 Journalism 3, 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Homecoming Attend- ant 25 Class Play 3,4. FRANKLIN EDWARD FOUST "Foggy" "May hair doth stand on end General Course WILLIAM D. FOUST "Willie" "There is no more to be said." General Course Basketball l,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Varsity "E" 2,3,45 4-H 1,2. SQ!! 'SNC' 4 -Q mbsf he JO ANN HENTZE "JO" "Full of. ........... ideas." Business Education Course G. A. A. 2,35 Minstrel 35 Class Play 3. VIRGIL DEWAYNE HUBER "Virg" "That's the first thing that we ha ve to do." College Preparatory Course Class President 35 Class Sec.-Treas, 25 Stu- dent Council 45 Vice-President 45 4-l-l 1,2,3,4 Senior Scholarship. BEVERLY ANN KESLER "Bev" "A back friend, a shoulder clapperf' Commercial Course Class Sec -Treas.45 Executive Committee 2 G. A. A. 1,2,3,45 Ivlajorette 2,3,45 Eisteddfod 1 4-l-I 3,45 F. H. A. 25 F. B. L. A. 45 Library 1,2 Office 45 Journalism 3,45 Carnival Main Show 1 2. La DONNA MAE KORTIER "I have heard it said." Vocational Course Band l,2,35 Music Festival 25 Northwest Dis- trict Auditions 1,2,3g Ohio State Auditions 25 Girls' Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Chorus 25 Operetta 25 Eisteddfod lg F. B. L. A. 45 Office 45 Honor Society 35 Journalism 3,45 Class Play 35 Carnival Main Show 2. Honor Society 35 Journalism 45 Class Play 3,45 GARY I. FOWLER "Like him with friends possessed." College Preparatory Course Class President 15Class Vice-President 45 Ex- ecutive Committee 2,35Football1,2,3,45 Basket- ball Co-captain 3,45 Baseball 25 Varsity "E" 2, 3,45 All-County Basketball Team 35 Who's Who 1,25 Honor Society 35 Annual Staff45 Carnival Attendant 15 Class Play 3,4. JAMES W, GAHMAN "Worthy" "Who ever saw the like." College Preparatory Course Executive Committee 25 Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Track 35 Var- sity "E" 2,3,45 Who's Who 25 Honor Society 35 Annual Sta ff4p Class Play 45 Senior Scholarship. EDDIE R. GANNON "Ed" You have hit the mark." General Course Football 3,45 Basketball 35 Varsity "E" 3,4 n ROBERT E. HEATH "What have we to loose?" General Course Basketball 1,2,3,45Baseball2,3,45 Varsity "E" 2,3,45 Boys' Glee lg Mixed Chorus lg Eisteddfod 1. if eff' "C" .aolQ, S' HOWARD DONALD LEIS "Don" "He that can do all in all." College Preparatory Course Class President 2,43 Football 1,2,3,4g Basket- bau 1,2,3,4g Basebair 1,3,4g varsity "E" 2,3,4g Minstrel3g Annual 4, Class Play 3,4g QSt. Marys, Student Council 1,3, Baseball 2. MARILYN SUE LEISER "Susie" 'Did on my own free wi1l." General Course G. A. A. 1,25 Northwest District Auditions lg Girls' Glee 4, Mixed Chorus 1,2,4, Operetta 2, Eisteddfod lg Library 1, fVan Wertj Acappella Choir 45 G. A. A. 4. PATRICIA ARLENE LYONS "Pat" "Loves to hear herself talk." General Course G. A. A. 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,29 Operetta 2g Eisteddfod l,2g F. H. A. 2, Office 4, Journalism 3,4g Class Play 3. JOY LOUISE MCCONNELL "As gentle as a lamb." General Course G. A. A. 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,4g Northwest Dis- trict Auditions 1,2,3, Ohio State Auditions 1,3g Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Operetta 2,35 Eisteddfod 1,2,3g 4-H 1,2,3,4g F. l-l. A. 1,2g F. B. L. A. 4, Music Festival 1,2,3. Q V55 Q Aff Ni' l' "li V, 'VP 'N . 'F '5 454405- at swift W 'Li LEE BROOKS MAY "Lover" "Too much of a good thing." Vocational Course Football 1,2,3,4,FootballCo-captain4g Base- ball lg Track 1,2,3g Track Co-captain 3, Var- sity "E" 1,2,3,4g Music Festival 1,33 Northwest District Auditions 2,3g Boys' Glee Club 1,2,3g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Operetta 2,35 Minstrel 3, Eisteddfod 1,2,3g F. F. A. 43 President 4, 4-H 1, 2,3,4g Carnival Mainshow 1,2,3. MARY CATHERINE MAYER "Why, stand-under and under-stand is all one." General Cotuse G. A. A. 2,3g Girls' Glee Club 1, fSpencer- vil1ej2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1, CSpencervillej 2,3, 4gOperetta 2,33 Minstrel 35 Eisteddfod 2,35 F. H. A. lg1Spencervil1eD Journalism 3. DON, E, MILLER "To be up early and down late." General Course Baseball3g Band 1,2,3,4g F.F.A. 4, Treasurer 4, 4-H 1,2,3,4. KAY ARDETH MILLER "Miller" "Take her, or leave her." Commercial Course Executive Committee 3, Cheerleader 3,45 Band 1,25 Northwest District Auditions 1,2g Girls' Glee Club 1,2,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Operetta 23 Minstrel3g Eisteddfod 1,2,3g 4-H 1gF.B. L. A. 43 Vice President 4, Office 2,3,4g Who's Who 1, 2gCarnival Attendant lg Class Play 3,4g Carnival Mainshow 2. Er' .4 ' nv ' I I A js .qt 'A 1 N. THOMAS MILLER "Noahie" "Be it known to you I do remain neuter." Vocational Course Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,35 Baseball l,2,3,45 Varsity "E" 2,3,45 Northwest District Auditions l5 Boys' Glee Club l,2,35 Mixed Cho- rus l,2,3,45 Operetta 25 Minstrel 35 Eisteddfod l, 2,35 F. F. A. 45 Vice President 45 4-H l,2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Class Play 3,4. CHARLES GENE MORGRET "Charlie" "It will fall pat as I told you." General Course Football lg Boys' Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Cho- rus l,2,45 Operetta 25 Eisteddfod l,2. JOAN PARROTT "Polly" "Like or find fault." College Preparatory Course Class Vice President35 G. A. A. 1,2,3,4g Band 25 Music Festival 15 Northwest District Auditions l,2,35Ohio State Auditions 2,35 Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Operetta 25 Min- strel35 Eisteddfod l,2,35 Student Council45 F. B. L. A. 45 Office 3,45 Honor Society 35 Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 45 Carnival Mainshow l,2, 35 Senior Scholarship. JOE L. PONTING "Hose" "Something tells me." College Preparatory Course Executive Committee 3,45 Basketball l,2,35 Honor Society 3. DORIS ARLENE PRESAR "D0rie" "I'll tear her all to pieces." Commercial Course G. A. A. 15 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Eisteddfod 15 4-H 1,25 Office 45 Cafeteria 1. CATHERINE FERN RAMER "Cathie" "White as snow." General Course Honor Society 35 Cafeteria 2,3,4. . J! RICHARD LEE MUSSELMAN "Porky" "More sacks to the mill." General Course Football 15 Track 15 Boy's Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Operetta 25 Eisteddfod 2. JOYCE ANN MUSSER "Muss" "She is pistol-proof." General Course G. A. A. l,2,3,45Vice President 35 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Operetta 25 Minstrel 35 Eisteddfod 1,35 F. B. L. A. 45 Office 45 Annual Staff 3,4. "-ar f 'li 'ff' ' V A 34' Q5 'ox ROBERT GAIL RICE "Russel" "l am custom shrunk." . Q' f :I .guna General Course 4-H 1,2,3g Class Play 4. DONALD WILSON SANDY "Gob" "How can this be?" General Course Basketball 1,2g F. F. A. lg Class Play 4. KAY SHENK "Shenk" 'The soul of sound good fellowship." General Course Class Cheerleader 2,3,4g Sec.-Treas.3g G. A. A. 1,2,3,4g Northwest District Auditions-2g Girls' Glee Club 1,2,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2,4g Operetta 2: Eisteddfod 1,2g 4-H 1gF. B. L. A. 45 Office 3, 4g Who's Who 1,23 Annual Staff 43 Homecoming Qttendant lg Class Play 3,43 Carnival Main Show EARL DANIEL SHERRICK "Red" 'Whatsoever you may hear to the contrary." General Course F. F. A. 4g Cafeteria 1,2. 2.1.4-at W! 'Q' ik '-Iv' y "W, 1? 5 vain? ff' 64" if RUTH ANN SHOCK "Ruthie" "l have him between my finger and thumb." Commercial Course G. A. A. l,2,3g Band 1,2,3,4, Northwest Dis- trict Auditions 1,2,3g Ohio State 1,25 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Eisteddfod 1,23 F. B. L. A. 4g Class Play 33 Majorette 2g Drum Major 3,4g Carnival Main Show 1,2,3. CAROLYN LOUISE STA LTER "As quiet as a Lamb." General Course THOMAS JOHN STALTER "Fuzzy" "All unknown to me." Vocational Course fki HOWARD U. STEINER "Buz" Having found the back door open." College Preparatory Course Vice President 15 Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4gBasebal11,2gVarsity"E" 2,3,4g President 4g Minstrel 35 Who's Who 2gCarniva1Attendant 3g Class Play 4. 4. 5 'El Ii afr- .J-s" JOHN L. THOMPSON "Orve" "Hoot him out ofthe city Vocational Course Football 1,3,4g Baseball 1,25 Varsity "E" 3,45 F. F. A, 45 4-H 1,2. DUANE R. VAN DLMARK "Vandehopper" "There's the question." College Preparatory Course. Band l,2,35 Drum Major 25 Northwest District Auditions 1,2,35 Ohio State Auditions 1,25 Music Festival 1,2,3g Cheerleader 45 Minstrel 35 4-H 1,2,3,4g Who's Who lg Annual Staff 3,43 Class Play 3,45 Carnival Main Show 1,2,3. JESSIL JEANINI- WADE: "Jess" "Chew upon this." Commercial Course Executive Comm.45 Cheerleader 45 G. A. A. 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Northwest District Auditions 1, 2,35 Ohio State Auditions 1,25 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Minstrel 35 F. B. L. A.45 Office 45 Annual Staff 45 Homecoming At- tendent 35 Class Play 3,4. MARILYN LOIS WEAVER "WeaV" "Although the last, not least." Commercial Course G. A. A. 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,2,35 Minstrel 35 Eisteddfod 1,2,35 F. H. A. 25 F.B. L, A. 45 President 45 Office 45 Journalism 3,4. PHILIP K, LaRUE "Phil" fNot Photographedj "Then should not we be tried with his aid." General Course Football Mgr. lg Student Council 25 Hall Monitor 25 Annual Staff 2,3. QAll Lima Southj. R' CONNIE M. STEMEN "l meant well." General Course Music Festival 1,25 Northwest District Audi- tions 1,2,35 Band 1,25 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Operetta 25 Eisteddfod 1,25 4- H 1: F. H. A. 1.2. VIRGINIA L, STEVELEY "Ginny" "Touch'd with choler, hot as gun powder." Commercial Course G.A.A. 15 Girls' Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Cho- rus 1,25 Operetta 25 Eisteddfod lg 4-H 1,25 F. H. A. lg Cafeteria 1. RONALD L. STRAYER "Ron" "To have an itching palm." Vocational Course Class Vice-President 25 Class Sec-Treas. lg Football 1,2,3,45 Football Co-Captain45 Basket- ball 1,2,3,45 Basketball Co-captain 45 Baseball 1,25 Track 15 Varsity "E" 1,2,3,45 Vice Pres. 45 Band lg Music Festival 15 Boy's Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Minstrel 35 Eisteddfod 15 4-H 1,25Who's Who 1,25 Carnival King 25 Class Play 45 Carnival Main Show 1,2,3. ,IANICE JEANETTE THOMAS 'ln the twinkling of an eye." General Course G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Northwest District Auditions 15Girls' GleeClub 1,25 Mixed Chorus45 Eistedd- fod1,25 4-H l,2,3,4g F. H. A. 1,25 F. B. L. A. 45 Office 4. -f-rv' W Y-H -v-w-.,ff-.-ff-Y .wa-F-Y... Y 34124447 ' Marilyn not writing to Jack. Joan with long hair. Franklin and Phil in school. Connie and Carolyn in detention. Doris with straight hair. Brooks calling for a date ahead of time. Coolidge not delivering papers on his scooter. Joyce being calm,cool, and collected. Kay S. without that bounce. Annamae and Virginia not uptown on a fling. Bob R., Tom S., and Joe P. going with seniors. Gahman with low grades. Fowler not catting around. Nancy with her billfold. Dick being studious in class. Gene being seen not holding hands. Don S. never getting mad. Bob H. six foot six. Buzz with a mustache. Don M. playing a clarinet. 19 Bill F. jitter-bugging. Sue without a smile. Bev without inky hands. Earl not calling for dates. Jo weighing 97 pounds. Catherine doing the hula. Torn M. being bashful. Kay M. and Diana not flirting. Darrel not in devilment. Virgil singing opera. Jessie not in tight levis. Duane going steady. Ron B. not playing basketball. Janice and LaDonna being 5 x 5. Mary with black hair. Joy without freckles. Patty 6 foot tall. Ruth and Ron S. not going to Gomer. John C. with short legs. John T. without a duck tail. Ed without a broken collar bone. Don living eighty miles from school Peggy without Dean. ymuaw Margaret McConnell President Da ve Morrison Vice President Karen John Secretary-Treasurer Miss Marie Jones Mr. George Radulovich I Advisors .S "Q- David Augsburger David Boate Bob Burden Dan Cheney Fred Comstom Phyllis Cook Ronald Coolidge Connie Detrick Joann Gannon Doris Githens Ben Gleason Shirley Grapner Ronald Green Janet Hilleary Nancy Hines Lynda Holtza pple Karen John Dick Kesler Dan Kline Charles Laing Joe Leiser Gene Marchal Kermit May Margaret McConnell .pw-.. FU!- ln- Y ""' L -yd , as Dave Morrison Carol Smith Dorothy Welker Anne Wiford w r V i 5.4 '17 Picture not M available 3' L ' Ruth Kirkendall Dick Markcl lean Ann Moore David Peltier Bob Robinson Velva Sherrick Chester Stemcn OW' Janice Kruse Lyle May Morris Morgret Ellis Peters Sue Ruby Lisle Smith Marlene Stemen 'P-7 is Q Kenneth Lyle Orlo Lewis LaRee Little Bob Lowe Jack McConnell Claire Mclilderry Rodney McKinney Barbara Mikescll Margie Morris Barbara Mosier Ronald Nichols Jane: Nusba um Nancy Phillips Margaret Ramer Deanna Reppert George Riley Evelyn Redd Marlene Sandy Barbara Satterfield Douglas Shenk Gary'Stroufe Shirley Stalter Shirley Steed Sam Steiner John Sterling Dale Stever Dale Young Ronnie Zuber 23 fs, 14 Bill Barnum David Brubaker Nancy Croft Ronnie Gleason Barbara Baxter Marie Bucher Rodney Davidson Howard l-ladding A 6, ,ww 5'-7 Kfgyri pw ggfviw gn .,....' ' ' -f Y, Z . K, ,fl B f aerre M., 1, " I f W : ,I I .r 3. Q i 75k 'rt 1'- Q Q u - NL, Q w Ronnie Blymyer Carolyn Cisco Brenner Denlinger Jon Hedges - .: W . kia. Q if iw. 5' 3 E fr' E' V 1 r ' 'fs Q . , 'ir-Q1 5 W fr John Breda Gary Cogley Pat Detrick Jim Huber ,pr . we .K 5 l 2 5- 3 Q, C. of ig? acc- t, 5 g,' H5 Ji- K .rm 5' . 11 Q.. llggrl an " 5 flax A 'Q ..,r..., gs . 5 2 Q, C 5 1 ., 'T a 1 -- O Yr 1' J v X J 5 5 f X as Y - g N ,, ,Y 3 pddfp Art Kimmel President Ronnie Gleason Vice President Elaine Ba ker Secretary- Treasurer Mrs. Virgilia Burdette Mr. Dona ld Ha yduk Advisors Judy Allemeier Bill Brenneman David Collins Kenny Driver Loretta Huber Elaine Baker Joyce Brenneman Mary Collins Lewis Etgen Dick Jacobs -4.4 C Q 'BQ 1 I? WE' , P, QQ 'ov T 1-7 'i. ,y 3 .1 of B 9 A s ,au vi , gs 3 . 3 ' 3 Q ,. vis N i 57 X X ' 3 r QA Q ' L, " 'X W K .1 ft.. r ,bij ,,, fig New ' 5. y L R 3 Gary John JoAnn Lamberts Richard Mann Kenny Miller Carl Rabley Dorothy Stemen Q Q fi Dian Johnson Ronnie LaRue Marian Martin Marcille Miller Maureen Rabley Roberr Stemen Picture not a vai lab le 'YU' w ' so , r .1 , . . EMA? 444 . gh e .- Q A- f.. 1 'W 31 , xi A I I ,, r as fo- ,f 35 0 of K ,, R . pl . K V W ,f ferfr fi 'I 1 I . is '3 A x nv 3 T1 'W 1- A I ,,., mawfel ? fl - ,.. X , , 7 X Barbara Keller Patty Lawrence Irene Mauricio Beulah Moore Ray Ridenour William Sutherly ilu! ,.., 4-3 ,X iq! Charles Kershner Larry Leiser Ruth Mayer William Morris Elaine Smith Don Wade Picture ,,,. , nor available M Arthur Kimmell Larry Kleunolder Bill McCall Diana McKinney Barbara Meier Mike Messick Robert Newberry Eldean Ponting Sharon Spees Paul Sroufe Mariline Wilsey Russell Winkle Morry Zerkel President Jerry Crise nbery Vice President Ted Meyers Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Paul Sluss Mr. Arthur Schreiber Mr. Eugene This I-4 Advisors Mickey Altenburger James Anspach Ronnie Barnhart David Burch Esther Carpenter Jerry Crisenbery Ivan Davis Arthur Deane Emelyn Denlinger Rose Eggerman James Fanaff Mary Fishpaw Patricia Ford Charles Fuller Ina Gamble Shirley Good Ward Green Mary Alice Hedges Joan Hobbs Terry Hollar aff R 8 , Mary Cheney Sharry Fair Rosalie Gannon Kenny John f el . K s N V Us X t N " , 5 C iv- 3 i ft- ,, Q- : V-A I Q 1 4? H 5 I n ' S+ ! fvttras' F W rm Picture fa 5 not Q ' available F 0- gs- 3 i 5 I... fl if an Carolyn Kershner Brenda Kidd Anita Lapham Stanley Lyle Gary McBride David McDonald Martha Jean Miller Stephen Miller Ted Myers Shelba Sakemiller Marie Slayden Ross Smith Ronald Stewart Carolyn Swaney Dick Wagner 'Z 3... x Q Dennis LaRue Marian Mann Joyce Preuss Sandra Sodders Lewis Warner .44 James Liberts Darlene Mayer Larry Ridenour Harriet Stemen Maurice Zerkel .Ji A David Logan Marilyn Miller Alan Rothe Larry Stemen Seuenti John Desenberg President Janice Laman Vice President Karen Arnold Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Pearl Cohee Mr. George Landon Advisors Judy Croft Thomas Davis Oscar Etgen Karen Fair Kenneth Heath Mary Ann Holtzapple Dick Ladd Sandra Hedies Kenneth Hu er Doris Lafferty X: Q Q Darrel Bowers Robert Dawson Connie Follas Joyce Hollar David Kesler Janice Laman DQ- 43? ff' dllzrwiia ' - 'x f hhiisc S1 y A A. Fi' Q5 wwf 'f - . Q N rf. Q 'S , X V if .l ' " w.. -f swift i P ' i is ll A M t ss. "V as . .-: x 63 gk fp- 'X,,..,f fs .xfx fv- ,- iv' X .L- 5' Karen Arnold Tommy Becker Lee Allen Bryan Glenda Callis John Desenberg Terry Dotson Sharon Foust Helen Good Dick Hollar Larry Hollar Jackie Kibler Wilmer Kirkendall Karen Lawrence Telitha Leiser Yrs, V Lucretia Bice Charles Clark Christine Eg erman Vernon Goof? Kenneth Holtzapple Billy Kline Donna Jean Leist ,sw sa- .E H W 'g 6 , ia N - ' . fl . rn. 9' J 1 Q lx ag L 1, . Q, , .,,, 1 ' M A N .Q D . .,. " -' 8' L' Q- 1 , i- r gs K 'I I 1 if J - 1 A I emi E 11- . L It cnt I0 ' ew N' , 'X " k 's Picture Not A15 PiCIl1!C N ot .ix Q I tv. Available xy Available s. ,- xi lb Picture Not K U F.. Available if-' if 'fr 1 fb Pitttllte ML' ..,,,.v E ' r Not Q F? 5 Available as , Picture W Not Q-.- Wilma Long Donna McKinney Rita Miller Karen Nusbaum Linda Riley Raymond Sroufe Cloyd Thomas Gary Longbrake Terry Lowe Joan Meyer Sharon Miller Jim Patton Emma Ruff Janice Stalter Elma Trevino Dwain Metzer Thomas Moothart Marilyn Peters Darlene Scott Dennis A. Stemen Carolyn Wade Carol Maloney Shirley Mikesell David Morris Donald Reed Ronald Shafer Dennis L. Stemen Marilyn Wade Available Alfonso Mauricio Mike Miller Janet Morris Coleen Reed Laura Slayden Evelyn Stemen Jean Williams Janet May Ralph Miller Carolyn Musser Cloyd Ridenour Robert Smith Janell Stockton Michael Wita x r Q. J. ?v.741 F -' 1 U .+ .Q "'!j 1711 4' gf fs 1- ,, 4 -wx 2? A lun 1 i -kg!-ja 33" 1' 'FC Vida' 3 , - , Q Y QE-1,51 x x" if i ps sb Lf' U , i R .-ff' a. ,ff -. Q K i P' v,' 5 4' Q 1 sf 'V' , 'ive fi MQ ,fro :FFL Xu--N-Mx...,..,, 3' r , , 1 Q .now . n,, , 'kv A , ,sw-..,. v YQ ik., Q ,- af. 4 HHHEEL I 1 1 1 ml LU LL! LLL P nf' .iv E5 -. N. +I . ,- x.. - 1 ., ,.,. . x 1' may aff . ull! 'if' if .,...n1rfT" ' YV' - 999' om, ar" 24 'Q Wt f A1515 H W Q fum me veg U Mk Q A-X me in sf Q A 'ii ff' Q K Q' TT' "" , . ri 'Q .1-'ago' Q,J,. A, Av' 4. .. ,,.+..t N . 3 .,,' Q.. 1 'QW-' JM' 1 J.. XM.. 4-:.:.-s-'fl is 1. 7th Grade Class Officers 2. A New elementary class room Janice Laman-Vice Pres. - john Desenberg-Pres. 4. More masked marvels Karen Arnold-Sec. Treasurer 6. The new cafeteria kitchen 3. 2nd Grade Halloween party 5. A studious looking group 32 Left to right, Back row: P. Johns, J. McCue, R. Kraft, D. Mayer, L. L. Warner, B. Daw- son, R. Burkholder, R. Rodney, J. Morris. Middle row: L. Gamble, G. Shirk, U. M. Beerline, A. Highland, L. Gross, D. Ward, M.Gracely, R. Ridenour, Mr. Gilliand. Front row: M. Lohr, M. Stinebuck, C. Armstrong, J. Ruby, E. Montgomery. J. Ellis, A. M. Yinger, K. LaRue, M. Swartz. Left to right, Back row: B. Lee, N. Buck- master, S. Seimet, M. Mason, C. Hunter, S. Dotson, D. Adams, S. Barailloux, P. Wright. Middle row: J. Golivar, N. Miller, J. Boate, T. Burch, K. Kizer, R. Morrisey, T. Boate, P. Sullivan, P. Patton, Mrs. Van Horn. Front row: D. Putman, R. Joseph, P. Roberts, L. Creek, M. Heath, B. Best, T. McKinney, G. Stever, D. Grapner, D. Mor- ris. Left to right, Back row: B. Point, B. Mayer, K. Foust, L. Layman, T. Wade, S. Kidd, J, Wimer, S. Hedges, W. Riley, J Barnt. Mid- dle row: D. Austin, N. Sroufe, D. McCor- mack, J, Foust, N. Laman, J. McBride, B. Blymeyer, D. Turner, N. Stemen, C. John L. Bushong. Front row: B. Shafer, D. Cisco B. Highland, D. Vandemark, M. Mines, V. Holtzapple, L, Arnold, C. Kruse, J. Redd, D. Davidson, S, Nixon. Left toright, Back row: C. Hefner, L. Kraft, M. Fanaff, S. Barnhart, A. Holmes, J, Cool- idge, M. Goliver, C. Rex, R. Maloney, J. Fuller, B. Deane. Middle row: J. Kesler, H. Foust, K. Sroufe, R. McBride, P. Clark L. Markel, J. Laman, D. Foust, J. Stemen, J. Nichols, D. Metzger, T. VanSchoyck, Mrs. Kraft, Front row: D. Busick, C. Peters, M. Breda, R. Wilkins, L. Poling, D. Baker, C. LaRue, I. Huber, G. Bowers, K. McBride, B. Swallow, J. Walters. Q13 Left to right, Back row: S. Perrin, R. Hart- man,H.Davis, L. Woodruff, W. Burdette, D. Burdette,F.Reppert, E. Phillips, L. Kuhns, E. G00d,R. Fetter,J.Sarber, T. Sheely. Middle row: G. Evans, M. Metzger, A. Gamble, F. Foard, D.Hedges, H. Crawford, C. Stockton, G. Spees, D. Stalter, D. Good, L. Morrisey, M.J. Busick, Mrs. Brenneman. Front row: U.Roberts, S. Robinson,J.Blaine, C. Cheney, C. Morris, J. Branneman, S. Sullivan, M. Stemen, P. John, J. Laing, C'. Lohr, R. Nic- hols, H. Deane. Leftto right, Back row: W. Driver, M. Mil- ler,P.Musselman, M. Patton, C. Longbrake, P. Morris, P. Eggerman, M. Sroufe, D. Stein, F. Early, F. Early, G. LaRue. Middle row: E. King, S. Gibbs, G. Bowers, D. Fetter, K Cramer,R. Broshes, G. VanSchoyck, S. Stray- er,M. Carmean, R. Mason, T. Griffith, Mrs. Kurtz. Front row: T. Snow, I. Collins, R. Ward, D.Hedges, J. Fowler, D. Marchal, M. Holtzapple, M. Dawson, B. Bailry, E. Hawk, P. Robinson. Left toright,Backrow: J. Searfoss, S. Mont- gomery,T.Grapner, D. Schmidt, W, Mason, D.Kesler, D. Kowalsky, R. Layman, E. Nix- son, M. Creek, E. Joseph. Middle row: S. Stemen, M. Newberry, R. Neider, K. Cain, D.Anspach, R. Gross, J.Wimer, L. Hicks, V. Smith, P. Freyer. Front row: I. S. Clum, J. Bowers, S. Thomas, I. Reynolds, C. Detrick, G. Miller, N. Epstein, S. Bailey,S.l-Iilyard, N. Hartman, A. Huber. Left to right, Back row: M. Price, J. Burt Y. Fuller, A. Newland, C. Reindhardt, I Riley, D. Coon, C. Baker, R. Wireman, S Gracely. Middle row: I. Johnston, T. Alten- berger, R. Swallow, M. L. Turner, J. Black I.Mauricio, D. Patton, L. Miller. Front row D. Lohr, M. Staup, R. Holmes, P. Hedges I. Daniels, E. Slayden, D. Bercaw, R. Kraft R. Keeling, L. Greenawalt. Left toright,Back row: S. Sutton, S. Hower, J. Kleinoeder, M. Gillette, D. Carmean, H. Turner, S. Grant, B. Rothe, C. Woodruff, S. Miller, S. Borton, Mrs. Beachler. Middle row: N. Leist, J. Mayer, D. Bushong, P. McClain, D,Crawford, S.Eash, B. Thomas, J, Nichols, D. Smith, T. Poling, K. VanDemark. Front row: H. Laman, 1. Hilty, L. Harter, D. Ar- nold, L. Davidson, E. Thomas, M. Fawbush, G.Perrine,J. Kindle, S. Barnes, C. Kidd. dw! Left to right, Back row: M. Dawson, 5.1. Beck, D. Bowers, K. Ditto, P. Armstrong, C. Busick, D. Evans, C. Clark, C. Bushong, A. Baxter, R. E. Broshes. Middle row: J. Anders, S. Cummings, B. Downing, T. Brenneman, H. Budd, D. Buettner, L. Barnum, L. Fetter, D. Carl, J. Clark, Miss Quinn. Front row: B. Burget,T.Clum,J.Calvelage, M. Eastom, I. Bcnfield, L. D. Bryan, M. Clark, D. Dow- ney,,C. Barnes. Left toright, Back row: S, Moor, R. Keeling, D. Morris, K. Stcmen, J, Musselman, G. Reidenbach, N. Steinbrener, S. Schofield, G. Sullivan, D. Stone, W. Montgomery, Middle row: D. Williams, J.Morrisey, J. Troyer, L. Voelker, K. Smith, C. Miller, B. Miller, C, Rader, V, Robinson, D, Stewart, M. Miller, Mrs. Holtzapple. Front row: P. Staver, B. Redd, S. Robinson, M. Morgret, D. Poling, S. Pricc, J. Reppert, L. Rex, M. Schmidt, G. Robinson, R, Morris. Absent when picture was taken: G. Musser, B. Mc- Griff. Left to right, Back row: M. Hefner, C. Brentlinger, M. S. Layman, I. Miller, G. Maurico, J. Ladd, J. A, John, N. I-Iollar, N, McCormack, K. Good, L. Hedges, G. Hin' ton. Middle row: T. Gibbs, L. Foust, D. Hinton, M. Kline, C. Kohler, K. Leonard, D. Grant, L. Flick, J. Holtzapple, J. High- land, Mrs. Johns. Front row: M. Leppla, A. Libert, J. Hefner, T. Fox, R. Kraft, D. Fish- paw, Mr. Lamb, A. Kittle, M. Reinhart, S. Kesler, B. Songbrake, K. Melson. ss? and Left to right, Back row: G. Kidd, C. Foust, R. Bowers, T. Gahrnan, A. Huber, P. Flet- cher,T. Byrley,J. Able, B. Epstein, I. Price. Middle row: M. Grant, L. Long, G. Crisen- berry, D. Ditto, J. Wade, D. Burdette, L. Stemen, B. McGahan, Mr. Bowsher. Front row: B. John, C. Thomas, J. Kraft, L. Lit- tle, K. Holtzapple, S. Lucke, D. Swartz, K. Musselman, L. Hadding, N. Davis. Left to right, Back row: S. Scott, S. Morris, L. Lohr, K. Lepple, R. Strayer, P. Huber, J. Shafer, P. vanschoyck, P. Thompson, N. Ellerbrock. Middle row: J. Fawbush, G. Sandy, J. Smith, C. Crider, R. Archer, L. Smith, L, McBride, P. Busick, R. Keysor, Mr. Lloyd. Front row: J. Reppert, J. Preuss, B. Layman, L. Sroufe, C. Shappell, J. Wil- kins, M. Layman, S. Bonebright, D. Ander- son, B. Cheney. Left torighl, Back row: R. Kline, D. Thom- as,1. Daniels, K. Ramser,C. Kruse, I. Alten- burger, A. Lyons, J. Sherrick, R. Beckman. Middle row: B. Dunahay, C.Pennell, W. Githens, D. Satterfield, D. Earehart, L. New- berry, H. Wright, D. Schmuch, Mrs. Cre- mean. Front row: J. Sodders, R. Stemen, G. Coolidge, D, Millirans, J. Turner, D. Broshes, P. Foust, M. LaRue, R. Lee. Q54 Left to right, Back row: P. Staup, L. Big- low, G. Hageman, J. R. Welker, J. Bame R. Etgen, D. Glass, J. Abel, C. Riley. Mid- le row: K. Buetner, A. Mauricio, B. Mar- tin, J. Hobbs, W. Logan, R. Denlinger, M. A. Miller, B. Thompson, C. Wilsey, Mrs. A. May. Front row: K. Fishpaw, S. Holmes C. Faunce, S. Scott, S. Cook, C. Kimmel, L. Bercaw, I. Parrott, S. Searfoss, C. Harter 4.-,,,..-1- Y 3 i .0 14 if: E i J L..- 1 'I V' .1 EMU ,,-,. gf. X ' fp, -MX A H , 1 ' 4- 5 Q A 2 l L 2 , i S 1 L- 13 2 ' . i f 2 1 3 Q 1 2 i in , ,! 522.-.2 2 1 'X ...IE t A. ifi1.f:r'," ' ' x . ', I ' 1 ' M 'F 5 -' 5 1 ' 2 1 f' Y , i , 3 W 4 "f iwifif 'X-A I 5 3 5 g.A, .u, ,Ml 3 ...L E 1 Q 1 , 1 1 2 k -WJ "4 ..f .4 1-MJ W f --, --xxx ......,h T 'I W ! Q f . V - f-M M H-1 I TN , X ,,, X . 1 XX XX I kgx 5 ?g,f:,ff xl H - H x , .ELBQA 4 5 wa h, X 1, rj. If N- f-fly'-" --A PM A ff X4 . 4 4 KE'-H-A -MM M A 1 'zzz ' ' X f Z! I I X . Y .fx 2. ,,"'5 XX .E ix ,f 1 , X Aix! 'iff 1 L ff""X'f' , M - ' f 'V if f ' 2 W9 A 1 , i " , , ' 2. X :za 3 -. Si" y.,..f XX f 4 ,I .f v A 1 ef ,,, X Wh fn. U' !f'x ' Q Q . X ' ' ' K x A Z , 5 5 4 , , v , , Nr ,W LLL Q whiff w q K f P . s ,Q i -is A Left to right, Back row: Cary Srouie, Lowell Crider, Gene Morgret, Leonard Hartman, Tom Miller, Morris Morgret, Brooks May, Orlo Lewis, Dave Morrison, Kermit May, Bob Burden, Lisle Smith, David Peltier, John Stcrling, Ronnie Zuher, Middle row: Diana Desenbcrg, Janet Nusbaum, Elnora Heath, Barbara Keller, Marlene Sandy, Garneta Huber, Shirley Hawk, Mary Franks, Patricia Huber, Deanna Reppert, Joan Gannon, Barbara Mosier, Elaine Baker, Sne Edwards, Janet Kruse, Nancy Liossard, Pat Foust, Front row: Joy McConnell, Sarah Sroufe, Janet Thomas, Claire Mclilderry, Gunelda Becler,Catherinc Busick, Ruth Mayer, Joyce Brenneman, Nancy Croft, Connie Detrick, Janet Hilleary, Nancy Derrick, Nancy Hines, Barbara Baxter. 'xed Left to right, Back row: Ronnie Blymcyer, Kenny Miller, Dick Jacobs, Gary John, Ray Ridenour, Douglas Shcnk, Ron- ald Nichols, Kenny Driver, Gary Cogley, Lyle May, Art Kimmel, Jim Huber, Paul Sroufe. Middle row: Lynda Holt- zapplc, Janet Thompson, Sharon Spees, Kay Miller, Marlene Stemen, Karen John, Georgianna Harrod, Joan Lamberts, Barbara Mikesell, Kay Miller, Joyce Musser, Mama Dawson, Phyllis Cook, Marelise Wilsey, Loretta Huber, Martha Kay Parrott, Joan Parrott, Sue Leiscr. From row: Carolyn Cisco, Kay Shenk, Phyllis Wagner, Patty Lawrence, Carol Houston, Sue Ruby, Margie Morris, Ruth Shock, Jeanine Wade, Mary Mayer, Barbara Meier, Lois Meier, Anne Wiford, Peggy McConiie1l, Shirley Grapner. fig? L1 H L , X vi, 1 Q ., 3 1 , L sv' N4 Z ' giee Left to riglit, Back row: J. Huber, D. Sehnk, R. Nie- liols, D. Mann, R. Ridenour, l'. Sroufc. Middle row: R. Blymeyer, K. Miller, A. Kimmel, G. Sroufe, B. Holmes, l., Crider, R. Zu- lwer, L, May, liront row: M. Messick, R. LaRue, Li. CIoglcy,O. Lewis, M. Mor- grct, L. Smith, D. Peltier. , I Left to right, Brick row: P. Cook, M. K, Parrott, E. Redd, P. Wagner, P. lioust, M.Cox, K. Slienk, B. Clark, I. A. Lamlverts, K. Miller. Middle row: E, Heatli, M, Franks, S. Hawks, P. Huber D. Reppert, B. Baxter, R. Mayer, J. Gannon, B. Mo- sier, E. Baker, l. Nusbaum, B. Keller. Front row: N. tiossard, J. Kruse, S. Ed- wards, G.Beeler, C. Busiek, QI. MeElderry, N. Croft, C. Derrick, J. Hilleary, N, Hines. J. Brenneman, Left to right, Back row: l. Thompson, S. Spees, K. Jolin, L. Huber, J. Parrott, K. Bowers, I. Musser, M, Wi1sey,M. Morris, L. Holt- zapple, C. Cisco. Middle row: S. Grapner, B. Mike- sell, M. Dawson, B. Meier, S, Ruby, I, Mauricio, G. Huber, M, Sandy, C. Hous- ton, LL. Harrod, M. Stemen, 5. Leiser, Mrs. Cohee. Front row: L. Meier, K, Miller, P. McConnell, C. Stemen, S. Sroufe, I. Wade, M. Mayer, A. Wiford, R. Shock, D. Desenberg, J. McCon- nell. fleft to rightj Standing: Joyce Preuss, loan Hobbs. 4th row: Mary Collins, Carolyn Cisco, Roi ald LaRue, Ray Ridenour, Ruth Shock, Marie Slayden. 3rd row: Diane Johnson, Beverly Shir Shelba Sakemiller, Mary Cheney, Lyle May, Lisle Smith, John Sterling. 2nd row: Sharon Spee Joyce Brenneman, Larry Kleinoeder, Irene Mauricio, Brenda Kidd. Front row: Kenny Driver, Ba bara Keller, Harriet Stemen, Judy Croft, Ina Gamble. 74a gauze! Left to right, Back row: Naomi Davis, Kenneth Heath, Jim Ansuaugh Cloyd Thomas, Dwain Metzger, Ronald Shafer, Robert Smith, Middle row: James Shafer, Rebecca Kline, Alfonso Mauricio, Mary Grant, Emma Ruff, Linda Riley, Mike Miller, Dorothy Broshes, Robert Dawson. Front row: Janice Turner, Linda Sroufe, Myrna LaRue, Linda Little, Wilma Long Carol Shappel, Anita Lapham, Sharon Bonebright. Barbara Baxter Beverly Kesler Rut 3733, ,B P vw flcft to righty Standing: Paul Huber, Dick Markel, Gary Coglcy, Dorothy Mayer, Sharry Fair, Kenny John, Diana McKinney. -1th row: Dale Young, Jo Ann Lamherts. 3rd row: Jeanine Wade, Diana Desenberg, Don Miller, Doug- las Shenk, Nancy Croft, Barbara Meier. 2nd row: Joy McConnell, Peggy McConnell, Rosalie Gannon. Front row: Nancy Hines, Elnora Heath, Shirley Hawk, Mikel Messick, Janet Hilleary. gum! :swf Stemen, Carolyn Cisco. M , 'W - L. ,, 51 DT I rf' f uv ' ew' Il , 1" " n 'fmt Lfvx' i . lv I A we W' 'f 1- . 51 'vw Y . A v ,gl A Diana Desenbcrg. Joyce Musser, Joan Parrott, Duane VanDemark. imzlrmoriva inf.,- 6' Kay Shcnk, Jim Gahman, Don Leis, Gary Fowler. 1954 swf Joan Parrott ....... . . . Editor-in-Chief Duane VanDemark ......... Assistant Editor Joyce Musser .....,..... Business Manager Diana Desenberg . . . Assistant Business Manager Don Leis ....., Gary Fowler ,,,, Tom Miller.. . Jim Gahman . . Peggy Cox . . Kay Shenk . . . Jeanine Wade . . . Dan Cheney ...,, Phillis Wagner .... Martha Kay Parrott . . Mr. Sluss ...... Mrs. Gamble . . Tom Miller, Martha Kay Parrott, Phyllis Wagner. Photographer . . .Assistant Photographer . . .Circulation Manager Sports Editor , , , ,Typist . . . .Typist . . . .Typist . Apprentice . Apprentice , Apprentice , , , Advisor , , Advisor Dan Cheney, '-7 99 25: Left to right-Back row: Darrel Brant, Virgil Huber, Mr. Hayduk. Front row Marilyn Weaver Patty Lyons La Donna Kortier, Nancy Detrick, Beverly Kesler, Mrs. Workman. 'R N '- . gist? 1-s Q N, 5 .K Y Marilyn Weaver Nancy Detrick . Beverly Kesler . Pattv Lyons . . . LaDonna Kortier Darrel Brant . . . Virgil Huber . . Darrel Brant . . . Mrs. Workman . Mr. Hayduk . . . a-QQ Q? f -QE om. r -9 x wl +2 2 N if '77 Y 'Q-S" 13? JE ii- ' , ai! 'Me Sag! . . . . . . . Editor-in-Chief . . . . Business Manager ...........Compi1er , , ,Circulation Manager . . . . . . . .Music Editor . , Sports Editor , , , ,Reporter . . . Reporter . . Advisor . , Advisor 43 rl s Dlana Desenberg Senior Barbara Mrkesell Sophomore O Q I - 7953 for QQAI xi K 3533: iw X ,I 5 if g .,. ,' 3 was ,N Q - r 5 E 3 si K . s r f- 4 r T? fi or 5 Q Connie Derrick 2 1 3- f s 2 W , W TM Junior 5' 5 4 Q ' r M? r X 1 f f N1 X 'W 1 ,A-. r, , Q .Q MZ? "" 1 "1 3 ' Q' emhin e Nancy Derrick Q H 8, for Queen a 3 Sharon Spees 1 Freshman i "'?"" .,-.. Q-.- .s,,,,.- Q, .,,,,,,,k M NM is wlwws- as -s. . . F Q qv' ,.,...,s....r.. ,.,,,w M B4 4 ,,f-----me-...M ,.....,, , . .. ',. -. A ' " ' r zum u 1llrtllyLLl.u,t.r..LL4J-r rr 3. 1, 1, Le ll . L.L11.l.l.V"l-JJMHNL '-' '+L 4 UML--M ,rl 1 rl I ll: .1 . U1 lj "1-'fum a 5 - September 9 School started fOh Gloryij and the new addition was used for the first time...l1- 5 Introduction of teachers pep meeting and Football Olyrnpia...l4-Patch Test given to grades l-8... i 16 Buz S got hurt and was unable to play the rest of the year...18-Election of class officers-Elida ? I ,il visited Forest and came out on top 6 to 0 21-Election of Student Council President-Darrel Brant wasff N A f High Football with Bluffton 25-Individual pictures were taken-First Bulldog Review was issued- l Elida vs Columbus Grove 26 Trip to O S U Football 29-Hemnon-Nelson Test given to grades 4 4 6 8 10 12 30-Jr High Cheerleaders chosen A October l-Jr. High Game with Columbus Grove...2-P,O.W. returns from Korea-Bingham night at 1 P Xthe Elida-BlufftonGame-Homecoming Queen and her attendants were chosen...3-Seniors have scrap ' drive...7-Boles-Dandurand came to talk to seniors about pictures...9-Elida downs Lafayette in the last ,of minute...l2-Jo Hentze dyed her hair red no less...l3-Qaen house was held to dedicate the new part ' Q of schoo1...l6-Elida vs. Pandora-Gilboa what? A game...2l-Preparations for Homecoming Game. 5 l November 3 Election day-mock elections were held in some classes...6-Elida wins their last game F . of the season in a cold bitter fight against Spencerville...l0-Grades 7-ll received there individual School-Armistice Day...l'7-F.B,L.A. held installation of officers meeting...l8-Seniors name cards...20-21-J,A,O.S. Convention at O.S,U. 4 students and 1 teacher...23-The Ohio choir entertained students...First Basketball ame Elida vs. Grove...26-Thanksgiving Vaca- l tion...2'7-Thanksgiving Vacation...30-Mr. Sluss bought a new car: now we know where the Annual X money went. K 2: .4 '- v the lucky guy...22-Leis wore his flashy plaid pants...24'Confusion-electricity was off-no bells-Junior 1' i I0 ..L O D ICQ f 9 g 9 5 our c I 'I December 3 8: 5-"Stag1ine" was presented by the Junior Class...4-Elida vs. Beaverdam...'7-Van- smashed up his blue Plymouth-poor car...8-Elida vs.De1phos...ll-Elida wins over Spencer- ' l an over-time game by a score of 65-61...l5-F.B.L.A, went caroling...l6-Grade school pre- sents an Operetta "The Merry Christmas Mix Up" at the P.T.A, meeting...22 Elida vs. Harrod-Seniors received individual pictures...23 Christmas program -school dismissed early...24-Vacation. -Q January 4-Back to School...'7-Group pictures were taken for Annual...8-Elida vs. Lafayette...l1- Lyceum...l2-Elida vs. Rockford...i3-14-Farmers' Institute...15-Elida vs. Beaverdam...l6 - Scholarship Test...l9-Elida vs. Continental...20-Study, study for big tests...22-Elida vs. Spencervllle..,2'7-F.F.A. Ka F,B,L,A. both held meeting...29-Elida vs. Gomer. f"'f'1 ' February l-College night...4-G.A.A. party...5-Elida vs. Harrod...6-Spagetti supper-Choral Con- I! , cert...l2-Elida vs. Lafayette...l3-Band goes to Delaware...l7-F,F.A. held meetin ...18-20-23-Baskev ,P ball Tourney at B1uffton...24'F.B.L.A....25-Basketball Tourney...27-Finals weregheld at Bluffton. i ! March 5-Lyceum...l6-P.T,A. Meeting.,.20-Solo and Contest...24-On the job day...30-Eisteddfod Prelims. l April 3-Band and Choral Concert at Bluffton...9-10-Senior Class Play...14-Allen County Teachers f Banquet...l5-8th grade test...l6-Good Friday-No School...2l-Concert...23-Eisteddfod...24-State Band S . Concert...30-Track Meet at Pandora. May 5-Honor Society Banquet at Lafayette...'7'Junior-Senior Prom...'7-Olympia...l2-Band Concert E ...IS-District Track Meet...16-Baccalaureate...21-Commencement...22-State Track Meet. I tl 1 12,2 l I' ' iff. ' . 1 i n R 4 - lr- a Biggest.Cut-ups Jo Hentze Kermit May Best-Al1'Around Ron Strayer Kay Miller Best Looking Don Leis , Kay Shenk Don Kay Most Popular t S 1 Ron Strayer Q, 1 Kay Shenk 5' 'Ea 6?Most Joan 'm 1 Most Bashful Roetta Good LaRee Little Biggest Tom Oswald Allemeier Best School Spirit Kay Shenk Duane VanDemark Most Talented Ron Strayer Barbara Baxter t BSS! Athlete Best Mannered Ron Strayer Nancy Detrick Nancy Hines Howard Steiner O Duane VanDemark, Jeanine Wade, Kay Shenk, Kay Miller, fx .L e i 1 0 Q 0 4 Joyce Hollar, Anita Lapham, Sharon Specs, Barbara Baxter. .fr .1- 49 gun T Left to right, Back row: Catherine Ramer, Duane VanDemark,Dan Cheney, Jim Gahman, Don Leis, Darrel Brant, Vir- gil Huher, Marilyn Weaver. Front row: Phyllis Cook, Peggy McConnell, Joan Parrott, Doris Githens, Phyllis Wagner Lynda Holtzapple. can ' Purposes of Honor Society l. To create an enthusiasm for scholarship. Z. To stimulate a desire to render service. 3. To promote worthy leadership. 4. To encourage the development of character in pupils of the Allen County Senior High School. ILP, ,L 0 f -y fi - I x M Z' ' . ' n In t n i -s-. Q A ' ' M n F. o , n l l I I U . lim Gahman Virgil Huber Valedicrgr-ian First in Allen County Joan Parrgtf Senior Scholarship Test Salutatorian 50 gl v Left to right, Back row: Charles Clark Joyce Brenneman Car Co l D K , , y- g ey, avid Peltier,Phyllis Cook, Ross Smith. Mid dle row: Carolyn Cisco, Dan Cheney, Darrel Brant, Virgil Huber, Dick Kesler, Betty Clark. Front row: Gary Long brake, Joan Parrott, Diana Desenberg, Nancy Hines, Nancy Detrick, Pat Huber, Arthur Deane. 0 Darrel Brant President Virgil Huber Vice president Nancy Detrick Secretary -Treasurer Mrs. Gamble Mr. Sluss Advisors x Wi 51 Y ! ... .... ,xg ,,Q,,,s?X ' 1 Left to right, Back row: Carol Smith, Dick Musselman, Noah Sherrick, Earl Sherrick, John Crisenberry, Roger Un land, Tillman Bear, George Riley, Dan Kline, Bill Bear. Middle row: Lewis Etgen, Ellis Peters, Ronnie Green, C ary Johns, Don Sandy, Art Kimmel, Bill Morris, Ken Miller, Jim Huber, Ron Blymeyer,Advisor George Landon. Front row Ronnie Reynolds, john Thompson, Kermit May, Dick Kesler, Tom Miller, Brooks May, Jack McConnell, Don Miller Charles Kershner, Paul Sroufe. Z X X aff-if' Brooks May President Tom Miller Vice President Dick Kesler Secretary Don Miller Treasurer Mr. Landon Advisor iff ,EVP 'P eii'f,w 1"fI'fa A Q xonfldf A , ,X X Aff F FAB 5 e 13 - 1' ','1,?zo'b7 t ,fftzgfa n I 1 Left to right, Back row: Evelyn Redd, Joyce Mikesell, Joy McConnell, Kay Bowers, Phyllis Wagner, Patty Lawrence Carol Houston, Sue Ruby, Eldean Ponting, Joan Parrott, Sharon Specs. Middle row: Shirley Grapncr, Kay Miller, Mar tha Kay Parrott, Patrica Ford, David Boate, Dan Cheney, Boh Burden, Elnora Heath, Carolyn Buettner, Sonya Best Carolyn Cisco. Front row: Barbara Baxter, Elaine Baker, Joyce Brenneman, Garneta Huber, Mary Franks, Sue Edwards Janice Kruse, Patty Foust, Connie Detrick. . . U T U R E USINESS EADERS MERICA , fx L T r .- l I- Marilyn Weaver President Kay Miller Vice President Dan Cheney Secretary Nancy Detriek Treasurer LaDonna Kortier Reporter Mrs, Workman Advisor qi' Left to right, Back row: Janet Thotnpson, Phyllis Cook, Karen John, Kay Shenk, Joan Lamberts, Loretta Huber, tleorgi- anna Harrod, Betty Clark, Barbara Meier, Sarah Brant. Middle row: Lois Meier, Marlene Sandy, Barhara Mikesell, Marna Dawson, Janet Nusbaum, Marilyn Cox, Dorthy Welker, Kay Miller, Claire McEldety, Peggy McConnell, Mrs. Workman, Front row: Marilyn Weaver, LaDonna Kortier, Beverly Kesler, Nancy Detrick, Janice Thornas, Catherine Busick, Ruth Mayer, Gunelda Beeler, Jeanine Wade, Joyce Musser. 0 , Maw' ' Left to Right, Back row: Paul Sroufe, Ronnie Zuber, Don Britenricker, John Sterling, David Peltier, Lisle Smith Gary Sroufe, Lyle May, Jim Barnhart. 3rd row: Ralph Reed, Dan Cheney, Bob Burden, Don Wade, Orlo Lewis, Dave Morri son, Kermit May, Dick Kesler. 2nd row: Ronnie Bowers, Ed Gannon, Bill Foust, John Crisenberry, John Thompson Ho ward Steiner, Bob Heath, Coach Art Schreiber. Front row: Tom Miller, Darrel Brant, Ron Strayer, Brooks May Jim Gahman, Don Leis, Gary Fowler. Howard Steiner President Ron Strayer Vice President Darrel Brant Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Schreiber Advisor f we , ,VW , X. .. . , ,: .gfz,,f V K 'if le 'r J, ,dog ' Left to right, Back row: Shirley Grapner, Sonya Best, Lynda Holtzapple, Janet Thompson, Evelyn Redd, Barbz M'k M 'l ara 1 esell, ari yn Cox, Sue Ruby, Dorothy Welker, Martha Kay Parrott, Karen John, Phyllis Cook, Georgianna Harrod, Marlene Stemen. Middle row: Kay Shenk, Phyllis Wagner, Patricia Hulfer, Deanna Reppert, Joy McConnell, Kay Bowers, Mar- na Dawson, Elnora Heath, Sara Brant, Diana Desenherg, Lois Meier, Peggy McConnell, Joyce Mikesell, Mrs. Burdette. Front row: Joan Parrott, Patty Foust,Barbara Mosier,Sue Edwards,Beverly Kesler, Joan Gannon, Janice Thomas, Nancy Hines, Nancy Derrick, Janet Hilleary, Connie Detrick, Janice Kruse, Doris Githens. I ' O O ! Nancy Hines President Phyllis Cook Vice President Diana Desenberg Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Burdette Advisor 3 ' f4 A if cl I I 0 Left to right Back row- Mary Fishpaw Esther C , . , arpenter, Jean McKinney, Anita Lapham, Mary Stemen, Brenda Kidd, Laura Slayden, Beverly Shirk, Middle row: Rita Miller, Linda Riley, Emma Ruff, Marie Slayden, Joyce Preuss, Ioan Hobbs, Joan Meyer, Joyce Hollar' Front row- Patricia Ford Sharr Fair M ' M , . 1 Y , arian ann, Janice Laman, Barbara Cheney, Carolyn Swaney, Mary Ann Holtzapple. L: 3 u Q 3 I 9 1 JL F 5 if. l, 7 Qu -B ming 'X A 'rv- Q A 1 .f X f R in :K ff 1 bv 1 .. gn.. N, :V 'R it N N 1 - .. W ' -.14 1' X -, , X. M ,,,, W, g KK D - nm yawn- N-.1 . I, 1 21, ,, 4 'ff K' 1 ,S gf .0 , ' X If , W! F W ' v 4 J x' f 'N 1 mf il V I 'g ,J-"K i ft W s 1 is 3 3 x X xxx , f, M,-K ' 5' .. 1. x xxxxs 5, x X X. X ., A -M RTK x J f A if 3 f Q Q 5 1 if 1 if, 4 F X vi 1 955 7M:e'4ze 56464446 Olympia We They St. Rose. . . . . 0 0 Delphos . . . . 0 7 Season Forest ......... . . 6 0 Columbus Grove. . . . . 20 32 Bluffton ........ . . 21 0 LaFayatte ..... . 7 6 Pandora. . . . . 7 14 Delphos .... . . 0 33 Rockford ..... . . .20 40 Spencerville .... . . 28 13 L- x Q ....m.. :-M-- ' E3 W' if f 5 ' ,J V, To uf' k gy , 4 I ' x cmavme me Pressure. U! de Zen Top row: Don Wade, Tom Miller, Co- captain Brooks May, Ralph Reed, Ker- mit Mayg 4th row: Ronnie Zuber, Don Leis, Dave Morrison, Jim Gah- man, 3rd row: Bob Burden, David Peltier, Johnny Thompson, Gary 4'-sf Fowler, Orlo Lewis, 2nd row: Coaches Cody Burdette, Art Sch- reiber, Eugene This, Co-captain Ron Strayer, Ed Gannon, Lisle Smith, Front row: Buz Steiner, Lyle May, Dick Kesler. 'bl S. 5 I M. I 1 Q ' NX ' f E 'll- 1? mx 'I 4 I. vm' ,,-xii-'B' I Y, figs an 2' j fl ,e . LN L ' " 'M Q Q" X xv gm ,IW ' 3 4'?'f 1 Vxd I .. ' -..,, M '-43' . ep' ' I ff ,A .. , B . an my f e ,gt sfiagsifail-3-2 Q 3' . . A ' U esiixivr 3 ' , SIE! L. L l L ,wk Tiff 0 ? Left to right. Back row: Bob Robinson, David Peltier, Jim Barnhart, Ronald Zuber, Bob Keller, Tom Oswald, Lyle May, Gary Sroufe, Gary John, Kenny Miller. 2nd row: Coach Art Schreiber, Chester Stemen, Bob Burden, Ralph Reed, Ker- mit May, Dave Morrison,Orlo Lewis, Jack McConnell, Dick Kesler, Lisle Smith, Assistant Coach Cody Burdette, Front row: Manager Paul Stroufe, Dale Stever, Ed Gannon, Jim Gahman, Don Leis, Gary Fowler, Ronnie Strayer, Howard Steiner, John Thompson, Brooks May, Tom Miller, Manager Douglas Burdette. I 0 5 7 Left to right, Back row: Paul Sroufe-Manager, Ronnie Blymier, Dave Collins, Kenny Miller, Gary John, John Hedges Dick Mann,Ronnie Gleason,Bob Newberry, Gary Cogley, Art Kimmel, Ronnie LaRue, Raymond Sroufe-Manager, Sec- ond rowg Ronny Barnhart, Jim Faniff, Jim Anspach, Jim Libert, Ted Myers, David Logan, Dick Wagner, David Burch Jerry Crisenberry, lvan Davis, Ross Smith, Maury Zerkel, Ward Green, Front row: Kenny l-loltzapple, Dennis L. Ste- men, Dennis A. Stemen, John Desenberg, Ronnie Shafer, Kenny John, Dwain Metzger, Terry Dotson, Robert Dawson Tom Da vis, David Morris, Lee Bryan, Darrell Bowers. f an C C. as ,. A - f' Q sr- y ,sv D Q 'Q il 3 A QL 1.l4t. wr.. 'C' 1- 3 i 5-S Q '22 5 'W J 1. 37 .1 if if Q 1JRW, Q T A muff 4 Pawn- : af- X asf. - x 'kj Y , 'PS k g a , i i . I x f. X , Y Q, A. wgf 'I I ' N. Q - 5 1 - Z A ' s Q , Q X i,7A K, 41. Hamm nm Q7 N... ,wk ww 2 ff .. , , , rm , .... !,.M.?,...w.,,.. K., 1 ..,....b...-.-0. - 1 . ,... ,, Wm.. -Q,,siL.ffk ia Wwwi ww . f f J,..,., Y. A ...ffff ...,.,,.'N" Mm 5 I ,.,...... ... V-wg..-01 v- qw. sw-1 w Mfxwf, -- ' IFQ v fum' If W Fx 5 " '-5 5. 5 T My if-ufxvk-Q-A,u,...x. x - wwf.-,a...wN .t '. fm, we wx-J. , im. in M..Q,...,.. :,: -t -W... .. .""i"H:1..4 S-.fm .N ' ng, . is W vw X gb X, L ,Q e 'Y' s 'W 1' - Q.-.-A., . 1 S' F., :auf 5' .,,,.,.l,, ,.lf.,,,, f j 1 W' ' A Q M 4 5. X . ..,,www.,-w.-,Q--W ' ,. ..,. , W- J 33341, Ha ge n W 5 'L wp: ' Q, nw 1' X. N nh 1 'Q if Ks QL .4 M X Q i 1 nw A L' f ww A M .sw fn71,5'i!f4'a : .. K - 9? . w 7 W 4.L ff? 2 35-. is v ' 1 J" f53 X, ,wg X, .Af n X A :ww Ji k i 'QI , . W ..,, Q t W 2 wa R ,, lik wi, e BN F 1 44 ,V V f D lkmr X .fd ,L X473i.."'-'-'If' X ,Xe Q A fmsa 5 xy' 'iff N if ' ' Q .- i5Z'?13 K if fiwnnur ii ,W ,, 1 , it " if ,,f ., 0',,p.2f E A fx , I I A A O Left to right, Back Row: LaRee Little, Lowell Crider, lohn Sterling, Jack McConnell, Dale Stever, Orlo Lewis, Bob Holmes, Don Britenriker, Lyle May, Ronald Nichols, Gary Sroufe. Middle Row: Coach Burdette, Dale Young, Lisle Smith, David Boate, Ron Reynolds, Dan Che- ney, Bob Heath, David Peltier, Bob Zuber, Coach Schreiber, Manager Paul Sroufe. Front Row: Ron Bowers, Darrel Brant, Jim Gahman, Ron Strayer, Gary Fowler, Don Leis, Buz Steiner, Bill Foust, 41, aaa Z' Left to Right-Back Row: Bill Kline, Alan Rothe, David Lo- gan, Jim Libert, Morry Zerkel, Larry Ridenour, Stanly Lyle, Middle Row: Mr. Radulovich, Kenny Driver, David Burch, Dick Wagner, Ronny Setwart, Jerry Crisenberry, Dick Jacobs, Larry Stemen. Front Row: Larry Klienoeder, Art Kimmel, Bill Morris, Bill McCall, Ronnie Gleason, Gary Cogley, Gary John, Kenny Miller. Left to Right-Back Row: Mr. Radulovich, Darrel Bowers, Lee Bryan, Donald Redd, Mike Mil- ler, Terry Dotson, Ronald Sha f- er, Dennis A. Stemen, Tom Da vis, Dick Ladd. Middle Row: Kenny Heath, Ward Green, David McDonald, Ronny Barn- hart, Kenny Holtzapple, Ivan David, Terry Hollar, Gene War- ner, Dennis LaRue, Arthur Deane, Bill Kline. Front Row: CharlesClark, Gary Longbrake, Dwain Metzger, Raymand Sroufe. Cloyd Thomas, Cloyd Ridenour, Dick Hollar, Vernon Good, Dennis Stemen. 1 , .- .n ji A T. R. CHILES 84 SON HOME FUNERAL AMBULANCE CDAY OR NIGHT? OXYGEN RESUSCITATOR AND INHALATOR 3 Z2 .."'C"l QQI SNES -:Inn 3-8 ol'- r-95' N52 2 en na: 5523 6635 ease, W-1 UTI-2 Elco 00,5- .cnou I-MII is 0 .nz u I .i 'S IE Member Federal Reserve Syst Complete Banki g and Trust Se Under0 R f THE NATIONAL BANK OF LIMA ber Federal Deposit Insurance Carp C mpliments and B t W h to Elida's Fine Seniors From a Fine School J B STEEL PRODUCTS THE LIMA IRON 8. METAL CO. LIMA, OHIO BU NGA LOW PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Phone 89511 Market at Baxter Lima, Ohio CANDYLAND DAN'S Homemade Ice Cream WESTERN OHIO LUMBER COMPANY l24 East Vine Street Lumber Building Material Telephone - 4966i Lima Ohio Mr. Schreiber Un Locker Roomj "Boys, re- member football develops responsibility, honor, a spirit of cooperation, and good sportsmanship. Now get out there and break every bone in 'them guys' bodies." Congratulations ana' Best Wishes to the Class of 1954 THE CENTRAL BUILDING AND LOAN COMPANY l24 W. Hid1 St. Lima, Ohio COMPLIMEN TS OF EBLING SUPPLY COMPANY Brice and Metcalf Streets Lima, Ohio CHRISTY EQUIPMENT CO. Mr. Leis: "Can you multiply 85 by 26, Brooks? I'Il bet Ronny can do it in Iess John Deere - New Holland . than no time." Cobey Fam Machmery Brooks: "I shouldn't be surprised. They say fools multiply very rapidly these days. Lima Ada Ottawa Compliments Of FRUIT MARKET GEO. T. KOCHER LUMBER CO. Frozen Foods Fresh Fruits and vegetables East Elm and Jackson Sts. General Line of Groceries at the River Route 30S Lima Ohio Delphos - Elida Road 506"f47!0fV IJS N0. ELIIAIETII SIIEET Q Llll, UQII f Feed The Complete Mineral Without a Filler GQLD LEAF MINERAL For All Livestock and Poultry For Thirty Years The Choice Of Particular Feeders "lt Costs Less To Feed The Best" Your Dealer Has It Farmer Green: "Young man, what are you doing in my tree?" Boy: "I'm obeying your sign that says "Keep O the Grass." E. W. FILE 8. SON Plumbing and Heating Industrial and Power Piping -v-1. 6" 'X 333 N. Jackson sf. Lima, ohio W' 'W E. W. File A. J. File in Sincere Wishes to the Class of "54" TOM PATTERSON'S SOHIO STATION Dave: "Do you know the difference between taxls and buses?" Martha Kay: "No." South 8. Ki bby St. Dave: "Good--then we'1l take a bus." MOHLER'S FLOWERS Q inn... ll2 W. Market i058 Bellfonfaine Compliments of NATIONAL BUILDING CORPORATION Operators of National Bank Building If it's worth protecting, it should be insured with DAVISSON, SOLIDAY, SULLIVAN All Forms of Insurance l002 National Bank Bldg. Phone 95610 Lima, Ohio Traffic Cop: "Say you, didn't you see me wave at you?" Ruth S: "Yes, you fresh thing and if Lloyd were here, he would paste you one for get- ting so fresh." MI TY NICE HAMBU RGS' KEWPEE HOTEL LIMA 411' 53104 0 S. 15. Qing- 7 0 l .S MILLER JoNEs gl it gl sl-los coMPANY Shoes for the Entire Family 136 N. Main Lima, Ohio "Hi, CoachI" Reprinted from THIS WEEK magazine MAGNESS POULTRY Wholesal e 8, Retail One nid1t a man in a boarding house was playing his piano very noisily. Just then his landlord came in and asked him, "Do you know the lady on the floor above?" The pianist answered, "No, hum it." PANGLE'S MASTER MARKET Corner of Central Ave. and Circular St. Lima, Ohio Where Over 40,000 People Shop Every Week 40,000 People Can't Be Wrong Phone 3-i247 i204 N. Cole St Lima, Ohio ,sf lii' X XX 5 Y X 5 , X , gp-i'v1w1'wv W s :iff s "Dv--' ' an eyeful of ECUNUMIGS Eyes can't be replaced at any price. Electric light is plentiful and cheap. Test question: What's to be gained by using a 40-watt bulb where a 100-watter should be? lm OHIO POWER at N! 140 West' High Street Limo, Ohio Nancy: "I don't see how football players ever get clean," Diana: "Silly, what do you think the scrub team is for?" Daffynishun: A teacher is a person who swore he would starve before teaching and has been doing so ever since. Congratulations and Good Wishes to every member of the graduating class. Whether you go on to college, or start immediately to work. you'lI find help in the many friendly services of the Metropolitan Bank. We invite you to make full use of them. 'hr Ptrnpnliiun Bank lima, Ohio The Bank for Everyone MEMBER FEDERAI DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MAY BROS. OIL CO. Distributors of Mobil Gas and Oils Sold All Over the World KERR'S Southeast Comer Public Sq. Sports Equipment Complete Lettering Service Novelties 81 Joker Items Carnival Games 8. Prizes Congratulations Compliments Class of '54 of RENZIS BAKERY I'II-GRADE DAIRY BAR 67 years of l2l5 W. Wayne St. quality baked goods Lima, Ohio Where your musical needs are served best . . . By Musicians ZENDER MUSIC STORE Hank Armantrout Morris M.: "Did you notice how my voice filled the auditorium last night?" Orlo L.: "Yes, and I saw several people leave to make room for it." I34 E. Hidt St. Lima QUlNN'S HEMLOCK FRUIT MARKET Wall Paper Paints Pine at Elm 211 W. Hidll SL Open 7 days a week I guess 1've lost another pupil said the professor as his glass eye rolled down the sink. A GOOD PLACE TO WORK THE OHIO STEEL FOUNDRY COMPANY IMA ur guest feel at ho COMPLIMENTS OF Mc GOUGH INSURANCE AGENCY 308 WEST MARKET STREET IMA, OHIO T I -446I I Teacher: Tom, give me a sentence with a wan direct obiect. W Pupil: Everybody thinks you are very beau- tiful. Teacher: Why thank you, Tom, but what is fm the direct obi ect? fpqgpgl, Pupil: A good report card next month. A . "JA, - Greetings to the Class Qxxllllz of "54" MIR 1 uyru GREGG'S I26 WEST HIGH STREET DIAMONDS -WATCHES - SIIVERWARE - RADIOS - LUGGAGE - APPLIANCES I Lima Ohio Why Study What To Say For Hours and Hours When It Takes But A Minute To Say lt With Flowers? GLEN COPUS FLORIST Funeral Work - Potted Plants - Corsages - Pottery Route 4 Phones 6-4099 - 2-3112 Lima, Ohio ll!1.!3llil.l!liS0" r l. 210 N. ELIZABETH ST. 4-J Best Wishes From A FRIEND Best Wishes To The SENIOR CLASS C1540 COLONIAL FINANCE COMPANY 221 N. Elizabeth Lima, Ohio A mother wished to enter her little girl in a modem kindergarten, but the child was only four and the age requirement was five. "I think," said the mother, "that she can pass the five-year-old test." "Well, we'll see," said the examiner skeptically. Then he said to the child, "Dear, iust say a few words for me." "Mother." demanded the four-year old, "does the gentleman want logically connected sentences or purely irrelevant words?" 8 Q., STRONG, STRONG, 84 STRONG, ARCHITECTS Compliments of KAY 'S JEWELERS Watches Di amonds l29 N. Main Lima, Ohio Phone - 39371 Sincere Wishes To Class of Cl54,, EvAN,S ELECTRIC "lsn'f there a smarter clerk available to serve me?" l6 Public Square Lima, Ohio "No, Madam, the smarter clerks saw you Pl1Ol18 - cqmingf' COMPLIMENTS OF SUPERIOR COACH SALES CO. P. O. Box 296 - Telephone 2602 FINDLAY, OHIO SALES SERVICE DOUG I-IEINTZ UNIVERSAL APPLIANCE CENTER ..LIma's Lmost .Qeautylul Uappliance ante! DEALERS EOR THE FULL LINE 200 SOUTH "WN STREET OF UNIVERSAL APPLIANCES LIMA, OHIO Telephones: 2-7786 or 9-6704 CUFFEEMATIC CDDK A AT C MIXERS - BLENDERS REFRIBERATDRS - HOME FREEZERE RDDM P CU DIT DNERE - DEHUMIDIFIERS - ELECTRIC RANGES WATER HE TERB IKLECTRI I TELEVISIUN AIJTDMATIC WAEHER5 ' WPINGER WABHERB AUTOMATIC CLOTHES DRYERB IRDNERS KI C EN CAE ETB DIBHWASHERS - GARBAGE DISPDSERS TU RN ER IM PL EM ENT CO. A'-,1 ifjififfl Wax INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER , V ," I FARMALL TRAC ToRs ' FARM MACHINERY RE FRIGERATIDN I .IAI ' J , HOME FREEZERS X ,I I i Ph 4-1461 W' I . I J 'W' I' one , I if f n 2 X. ,fi 133 Water St. Lima, Ohio C H n I uiib f X X , 1- WEBB INSURANCE AGENCY INC. ,,,I , I. I "No, I'm not using your shower cap!" Phone 4-0631 212 WGS? HU' Sffeef Reprinted from BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS Lima Ohio Woman ina bowling alley: "How much does the pin boy count?" ES E X dw Mio? A HIP ff C FRESH 'Url 'I' g r ES' f ALLEN COUNTY TRACTOR 8. IMPLEMENT, INC. Sales 8. Service 825 Findlay Road THE LIMA CEMENT PRODUCTS INC. Concrete Block 8. Brick Lightweight Block ' h Lima, Ohio Phone 56301 I-Ima' O Io Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '54 KELLY COAL 8. BUILDERS' SUPPLY CO. Wholesale and Retail Building Materials Phone 2-63OI III9 S. Metcalf St. Lima, Ohio 'S THE LEADER LIMA'S LEADING DEPT. STORE Entrances on Main 81 Hidw St. Shop in Air Conditioned Comfort OLIVER SALES - SERVICE Cost Reducing Equipment Come in . . . Let's Get Acquainted HALKER IMPLEMENT CO. 1030 Findlay Ra. Lima, Ohio Compliments Of RALPH'S PLACE 2102 Elida Road STIPPICH HARDWARE Established 1927 300-306 N. Main Street Opposite Courthouse Appliances - Paints - Housewares Lima, Ohio For Complete Electrical Service New and Rebuilt Motors Electric Motor Rewinding 8. Parts THE LIMA ARMATURE WORKS l42 East Pearl St. Lima, Ohio Mrs. Holtzapple: "Is the story of Goldilocks THE LIMA PACKING COMPANY a fairy tale or a legend?" Gary Musser: "Sounds like hear facts to Lim' Brand Med Products me." Lima Ohio THE LlMA LUMBER CO. SMITH Everything in Building Truck Sales 81 Service Materials G M C Hardware and Appliances Penn. R.R. and Delphos Ave. Phone 7-3991 Lima, Ohio Gas and Diesel Repairs and Service Phone 47611 l00 W. Grand Ave. Lima Compliments of the Congratulations F NEW TIP TDP 'Om SANDWICH SHOP 312 N. Main St. Lima Ohio MEADOW GOLD DAIRY Compliments of fly-Si-4 ? K X, X 1 Lim, Om., f-' ,V loa n ' Lima Ohio I, Tu' "' 4. . I' I'm going to call your father! J -. J" 'il ,t tml 4' ...H :ii-A J f 1? 6 14577, ,f EL. I QQ 'lie . A. kg You can't he's in the tub. Z1 o I ,. o t Q?- 1 ' b- 1 . 1 file Q VP!!! + ' o I W ' X" 0 ez H The wb - -I Should you require Plumbing or Heating See TERRY P. SMITH, INC. 608 W. Hidm St. Lima, Ohio Phone 3036 l Your Contractor on Your Beautiful New Wing ENRICHED WHITE BREAD TOASTMASTER BREAD Plus Sunshine Vitamin Il GEORGE L. HINES Builder 8. Contractor a of quality B ked By homes THE FRANK BAKER BREAD CO. 700 st. Claire Lima, Ohio LIMA, OHIO Phone 96533 Lady: "Did you see that pile of wood when you came in?" Tramp: "No, I didn't." Lady: "Oh, come now, I saw you see it." VARSITY SHOP Sportswear - Clothing - Furnishings YOUNG MEN AND BOYS Tramp: "Well, maybe you saw me see it, but Phone 3-0681 you aren't going to see me saw it." 224 NOHIW Main Sf- I-Ima, OIWIO COMPLIMENTS SULLIVAN ELECTRIC SWALLOW'S BE VERAGES G. E. T.V. HOTPOINT APP. DRINK SALES AND SERVICE SWALLOW'S KEG ROOT BEER Licensed Electrical Contractor IN BOTTLES WHISTLE ORANGE Elida, Ohio R.R. No. I RED CREAM SODA Compliments of RAWI-S, INC. MA YTAG STORE QUALITY HOME APPLIANCES "We Service What We Sell" Telephone 7-I6II 212 S. Main Sf. Limo, Ohio L. E. "Lou" Bindel, Owner I25 W. Spring Street Lima, Ohio Telephone 9-4066 Retreading and Relugging Armstrong Tires Goodyear Tires Compliments of THE MAcK's CAMERA STORE ELIDA FARMERS' 126 W. Market Street Lima, Ohio Phone 6-575l EQUITY EXCHANGE A GOOD PLACE BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS To suv AND sELL COMPLIMENTS OF POWELL'S JANITOR SERVICE ELIDA OHIO UMA, oHlo Customer lat cheese counterl: "And what kind of cheese is that over there?" Clerk: "Oh, that is deported from Europe." Customer: "l'm sure you mean imported from Europe." Compliments Clerk: "Don't be so positive until you've , s,,,,,,,,d ,,,, ENSLEN s stone ELIDA, OHIO Telephones: COMPLIMENTS OF Lima 19,2281 Endo 474 RADIO STATION W l M A 233 North Main Lima Ohio Basements Sewers Bulldozing LADD 'S JOHN P. MUSSER SERVICE STATION Excavating "Be Sure With Pure" Phone 194723 E'id"'0"10 Telephone I9-2800 KRUSE HARDWARE Mechanic: "The horn of your car must be broken." COAL HARDWARE FERTILIZER Motorist: "No, it's iust indifferent." Dumiherm Fuel oil Heaters Mechanic: "Whaddayamean?" Elida, Ohio Lima I9-2274 Elida 39 Motorist: "It doesn't give a hoot." STRAY ER THE Plumbing and Heating ' Winkler Oil Burners Electric Water Heaters OF ELIDA Te. No. 19-2171 Elida Ohio Patty L.: "I never knew 'till I got my car that profanity was so prevaIe'1t." Annamae B.: "Do you hear much of it on Membe, the road?" Federal DQPUSII Insurance Patty L.: "Why, nearly everyone I bump into Carpe,-afion swears dreadfully." ELIDA MILLWORK BEST IVISHES and LUMBER COMPANY mme CLASS OF '54 Hidiway 30 - S Elido, Ohio DR. R. M. BAILEY I9-2291 Main 78 ARITHMETIC LESSON LA RUE,S GREENHOUSE Ooh: "lf I cot a piece'of paper into four pieces, what will I have? CORSAGES PLANTS R"9"' "F""""s"' FUNERAL DESIGNS Bob: "And ifl cut it into eid-it pieces?" WEDDING ARRANGEMENTS Roger: -'Eigh,hS,-I Bob: "And if I cut it into o thousand PHONE I9-2805 ELIDA, O. pieces?" Roger: "Confetti." STRAYER'S QUALITY GROCERIES MEATS TELEPHONES: LIMA: I9-2531 ELIDA: MAIN 40 QOOJ OZIMCL! Elida Boosters Club SENIOR CLASS AND MAY THEIR FUTURE BE AS SUCCESSFUL AS THEIR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS SIYDQOXZ THE BOOSTERS ARE TRYING TO DO A FINE PIECE OF WORK SO LET'S SHOW OUR APPRECIATION AND BOOST THE BOOSTERS. "The best way to kill time is to work it to death." Congratulations and B est Wishes THE BAND BOOSTERS CHARLES W. LITTLE Builder of Modern Homes Phone 192064 R. R. No 2 do SUBURBAN MACHINE SHOP ELIDA, OHIO PHONES ELIDA MUTUAL M 89 LIMA 19-2401 Ornamental Railing and Iron Work Steel Fabrication THIS SPACE COMPLIMENTS OF MR. SLUSS TOP NOTCH RESTAURANT JOHN 8. LAURA JERVIS LONG'S BARBER SHOP Elida, Ohio Compliments Of DILLER'S HOME STORE Highway 30-s Endo, ohio SMITH'S GARAGE Repair and Body Work Tires - Batteries - Accessories Route 30-S EI ida, Ohio Buz: "Our doctor broke his leg when he fell in the we11." Gary: "Serves him right. He should mend the sick And leave the well alone." A Savings Account is a good start toward a successful life. ODENWELLERS Clothes For Men and Boys Del phos Compliments of THE SCHERGER MEMORIALS 507-511 North Main St. Delphos Ohio When shopping in Delphos """""b" SCOTT'S GROCERY Sl'lENK'S For Fine Foods Home owned since 1876 D9lPh05 Ohio Compliments Compliments of Of ST. MARYS PACKING wEGER'S Packers of Fancy Canned Foods Delphos Ohio Delphos Ohio Pl't0l18 S, Clqy HORINE LUMBER CO. Oak, Birch, Mahogany, and Pine for Manual Training Delphos, Ohio A bank is an institution that will gladly lend you money, provid- ing you can prove you are already so well off that you really don't need it. Judge: "Have you ever been up before me?" Sam S.: "I don't knowg What time do you get up?" BEST WISHES LEonA DAVlDSON'S KRUSFS BEAUTY sHoP 19-2222 Elida, Ohio STANDARD OIL P RODUCTS Tires and Accessories HOOVER APPLIANCES Lima 19-2181 Elida Main 70 SALES ANU SERVICE EVERYTHING IN WESTINGHOUSE 322-324 North Main St. Phone 8-7171 Limo, OI1io HARTER AND sou Funeral Home Distinctive Service TWO NEW AND MODERN AMBULANCES TO SERVE YOU Equipped with Oxygen PHONE 4021 DELPHOS, OHIO LION CLOTHING DELPHOS, OHIO Known for Good Clothes and Courfeous Service Compliments of SHEETER MOTOR SALES DODGE and PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS Sheeier Farm Equipment Dealer ALLIS-CHALMERS FARM MACHINERY Compliments of CORMER HARDWARE DELPHOS, oHlo THE DELPHOS PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY THE DELPHOS DAILY H ERALD The Delphos Daily Herold Courant DELPHA CHEVROLET CO. BUICK - CHEVROLET 227 W. 2nd St. Specializing In Good Service Open Evenings Phone 22571 Del phos Ohio RECEIPTS: Subscription Ads ..... Retumed po FINANCIAL REPORT S.... p bottles . Sale of wastepaper . . . . . For retouchi n ictures For 1954 Memories lor swindle sheetl Gifts from king-'hearted souls. . . Tota EXPENSES: White paint I receipts . . . . . for darkroom . . Expenses for advertising staff . . . . Bail for advertising staff ...... Mucilage . . Aspirin for Editor's headaches . . Lunches for staff members ..... Bubble gum for photographers .... Half soles for Advertising Manager . . Sleeping pills ..... Erasers Trip to Hawaii to consult Tiffin photographer . . Photography ...... Editorial supplies ..... Covers ......... Photo engravings Printing and Binding cache use onoosunsooocnon osaoaasooouooo aouounoeooeoonoo ausoaseoououa a a as ...S7.13 ......07 . . . . . . .41 . 90,000.00 . 42,693.03 . 18,394.09 S151,094.73 . 52,126.23 . . . 105,401.76 . 13,301.93 . . 4,000.01 . . . 999.92 . . .I,002.06 . . . 316.66 . . 3,123.99 . 10,015.42 . . 7,789.37 . . 3,000.00 unease-O9 ....04 .....1.13 ....13.00 llOl03013 S151,094.74 NET LOSS: ................................. ....... 0 1 Found in Bulldog Review Room ............... .... 0 1 Good! Came Out Even! WANNEMACHER JEWELERS I '-'NCOLN H'GHWAY DAIRY Gifts That Last High Grade Butter Homogenixed and Pasteurized DAIRY PRODUCTS Delphos - Ottovi Ile Ohio DELPHOS OHIO 'N K 1, , ' .- 1 2' ff I f Q.ff1 if J I 1 ff A C-I f f . , 5 'JR T8 Zhe piraie ship nQy 'Wagga' f' Q NN 9 .,,...-.po-n--ua -W . , A V H N 3000. gainst the sea"

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