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E r f YV U., .1 ' '-12,11 17?g: uf'P-As. is: fl ,. L"E5!s"L15-fffff 5f::"-.i1- Q- aif' .gga-'14 'iihiwk-'QKQ-'g?e'1,',-Q:awi fffir- gg- Vx" v, jiiJ""'-5-iv-,fu-. 55:14 IA G52 ""Y:F1t. -'32.':!3""f ' -Qfbff, 1 'ir f"-115 S354 N V .ESMF .- ' 51"Q'f:?s', Q' ' ,. " . Y, V, ,- -.. . ,1 , . Mg, f . i W x Rf-, ,. , , I 4 , - '32 ia ' - .sf in T? . .-Q-Q 'ff' 'K S5 : 'ii ' - '13 ',. L.-Al ia . - . .. -. . 7 - .,.. 1 . , J' W M U t ' K ' 35 gf .Y W2 A 1, J-L ll-V-J. V I? 15374 - ' r' rw. , 1 .- - ff vig, .- L V Qx 1 'QQ' - . -1 1.. " Ft: ' 1? I . ' willw .W 31 W - A V:-:-A , .gf-. L.: 5" , , -Af ,kt - L A '25, 1 -hw ,. ' ' Q. 1 'Li W. -P .Q j' 1 I 657' ., -f. QM 4' 11.- . . X .mg 1 Tn. ,w -, ,. .fq K f.g,,a5L-ix, ,i I ,,-,T ,if 1' -, -.zu-,L:fff:.6:, 2 255: 2,3-'w..' E, , . , gi:::9-Q13 -2.4 :an .y.',1g'fLw':-w..'i'1:2"l3n-1 1: iv in-af -- .1 fini? jew., ,- new-,-wil --2, :,.. :1,:gLf1f,2:-ffnfrl-. 1 G-' 'X af 323.1441 Qian,-'E' -1: ara-z1,:Q: .5.Q.fv5p :I , 1 my-f"-' .:. 9-'ff-' -'-'.f'f2:'.:." Nix'-', A- -"gf Q wif. 'aiqgff ,-1,L QA' ,iiy mr- . - eff. 2 5, ff, SP' ASL.-. -M-f 1 f '-x....-,4 Y: ..:fJL.L11.2ai15. UHIE5 1953 w, . ?, X in K I lUI gi X 7 M X ln f is , 'q i Eli Yi, waiw x. 5 f uf!!! ,ww N X E it X Y Z g q D E E f f 222 ELIHA HIGH SEHUUL Elidaj Uhiu PHYLLIS STEINER Editor CAROL MCELDERRY Assistant Editor CRENA RILEY Business Manager WARREN SMITH Assistant Business Manager ANNA BRIGHT Editorial Advisor PAUL SLUSS Business Advisor DEIJIII Tlll Lett to Right, Front Row - Miss Iones, Mrs. Bright, Mrs. Workman. Mrs. Cohee. Mrs. Carnes. Middle Row - Mr. Ross. Mr. Hayduk, Mr. This. Mr. Swank. Back Row - Mr. Burdette, Mr. Sluss, Mr. Boger, Mr. Schreiber, Mr. Leis, The Annual Staff wishes to dedicate this 1953 yearbook to: Mr. Swank for his interest in the senior class: Mr. Leis for his supervision ot the athletic department: Mrs. Bright and Mr. Sluss for their invaluable services rendered toward the editing and financing of this annual: Mr. Burdette and Mr. Schreiber for their successful coaching of our boys in the various sports: Mr. Boger for his time well spent in coaching the Iunior High basketball team: Mrs. Workman for the interest she has taken in making the Bulldog Review a fine publication: Mr. This for the excellent musical program he has conducted this year: Mr. Ross for the time and effort he gave to make the min- strel a success: Mrs. Cohee for her hard work with the Girls' Glee Club: Miss Jones for her infinite patience with our future homemakers and for her well planned menus for the cafeteria: Mr. Hayduk for his direction of the junior and senior class plays: and Mrs. Carnes, who ably substituted for Mrs. Boros until Miss Murphy arrived. We salute you, the faculty of Elida High School, for your kind co-operation with us in all of our classes and activities. 3 IIIJ TE TS Faculty . . . . 5 Elasses . .. ..11 I-lctivities . . . . 31 Athletics . . . . . 4 65 A, we 3' ef N " Q V 6 we ft , ..,. Q 51' ,, W 6, .M New X lil s W N 4 1 'il an W ,iii .:- I xg : . Q -gg! 5 s i Q -sf 1 .x in 2 X 53 Q39 N2 23 l l I 1 K RM Y l eff -ye x 1 -J R N ll sif- + X Y GY NN .,,. . - 3 Nz s....rN-1, V' N' xx x.f QS if N7 s-sz N,s!.Af-- .. .VWN A sf.J,.-54.1 ug!-44 Ns.. .Afqj-4 N"',.,, -A, Q4-1 wg, ,.,,fNAf W NA! 5.4- ,A-, 5,2 sf' vb! gg, .gd H-sl I -5A.z ,Af 54.1 'A7 afar xml ,Aj sh., sk? sg! ,AJ N sA,""-Jgpnf mA.fs4sfy,q,2,..,Z if 'Rf up-vgg,-..,N,,qA.4' ,.....,- ,,,4.4,....w-a.d.f..Z ,,,-v...4'.,,,,., 54'--.A..f N-me i-'ACULT Ilnlaml Swank SUPERINTENDENT Bluffton College, A.B. Ohio State University, M.A. Problems of American Democracy and American Government Public schools and public education have from our early beginnings been foundation stones for our American way of life. The opportunities for education and self betterment are available to all Americans. The schools are supported and financed by the people of our school district and the people of the state of Ohio. We have an obligation to these people. Every student should accept this opportunity and show his gratitude by a sincere effort to effect better scholarship and student citizenship toward the goal of becoming a worthy, effective adult citizen in post school life. Your school and your community will be proud of you if you make your days in school really count toward this end. I would like to take this opportunity to compliment the Annual Staff and their advisors for the successful completion of this fine yearbook. I would also like to wish our Seniors the best of luck in their post school endeavors. If their time has been well spent, they are more likely to find their proper niche in life. Roland Swank Miss Ethel liithens SECRETARY 6 N Hnward Leis PRINCIPAL Ohio Northern University, B.S. Ed. Indiana University, M .S. Algebra Geometry General Mathematics Higher Mathematics The 1953 Memories, which is an annual summary of events throughout the present school year, contributes much to our school. "The good old days" can be returned very vividly by these snapshots, photographs, calendar records, etc. As we leisurely glance through these pages, we find memories of events as they happened in your school life. Each year contrib- utes new and varied activities, in which the students are participating, in order to prepare for present and future needs and enjoyment. A community should place the best opportunities of self development and realization within reach of all its members who are capable of profiting by them. The new building ad- dition should be a point in this direction. We hope the educative experiences will be useful to you. These experiences should re- sult in desirable growth. As you leave school we wish that you will be a good citizen and a prospective worker, and have social maturity. Howard Le's SEHIIUL BU!-lllll LEFT TO RIGHT- Herbert Zerkel Herbert Boate, Clerk Earl Holtzapple, President Noah Miller Iohn VanDemark Darrel Crider, ViceAPresident 7 MR. CLARENCE BOGER MRS. DOROTHY BOROS MRS. ANNA BRIGHT MR. RUSSELL BURDETTF MRS. PEARL COHEE MR. DONALD HAYDUK MISS MARIE IONES MR. ARDEN ROSS MR. ARTHUR SCHREIBER MR. PAUL SLUSS MR. EUGENE THIS MRS. DOROTHY WORKMAN MR. CLARENCE BOGER Miami University Muskingum College, B.S. Math 7. 8 Physics Ir. Hi Basketball Coach MR. RUSSELL B. BURDETTE Butler University, B.S. Science 7, 8 Physical Education Basketball and Baseball Coach Assistant Football Coach MISS MARIE ION ES Wittenberg College Bowling Green State University, B.S. Ed. Ohio State University Home Economics 7-12 MH. PAUL SLUSS Heidelberg College, A.B. World History 10 American History ll Civics 9 Annual Adviser MRS. DOROTHY BOROS Bowling Green State University, B.S. Ed. Physical Education 7-12 Social Science 7, 8 Cheerleading Adviser G.A.A. Adviser MRS. PEARL COHEE Ball State Teachers Colleg Indiana University, A.B. 7th Grade English Girls' Glee Club Elementary Music MR. ARDEN ROSS Ohio Northern University, B.S. Ed. Bowling Green State University Industrial Arts Mechanical Drawing MR. EUGENE THIS Ohio Northern University, B.S. Ed. University of Texas, M. of Ed. Music 7, 8 Band I, II, III Boys' Glee Club Mixed Chorus Ir. High Football 9 9 MRS. ANNA BRIGHT Wittenberg College, A.B. Ohio State University Ohio Northern University English 11, 12 Latin I Annual Adviser MR. DONALD HAYDUK California State Teachers College, B.S. English 8. 9, 10 Speech ll, 12 MH. ARTHUR SCHREIBER Centre College, A.B. Ohio State University Science 9 Biology Physical Education Football and Track Coach Assistant Basketball Coach MRS. DOROTHY WORKMAN Findlay College, B.S. Shorthand I-II Typing I-II Bookkeeping I General Business 1. Custodicms-Llernorr Foust, Floyd Morris, 2. Bus Drivers. Roscoe Holmes' 4. Librarian-Mrs. Little, cmd her helpers 3. Mechanic-Woody Bcsxter. Kay Bowers and Georgicmna Hcrrrod. 5. Cooks-Mrs. Hollcrr and Mrs. Iohn. 10 A F ,Q- W Q, 90 ' 9666 35 EWW 9 5960 S Q, S QM CLASSES SE Illll III. SS HISTUHY The seniors of "53" came back to school last fall well aware of the fact that it was their last, never-to-be-forgotten year at Elida High. Many important decisions were made in room 307. Among them was the election of class officers-Rex Slechter, president: Stanley Crider, vice-president: Phyllis Steiner, secretary- treasurery and Warren Smith, Iohn Ruby, and Bill Hatton, executive committee. Raising enough money to finance a trip to New York in the spring became the foremost concern of the seniors. Selling Reader's Digest subscriptions, greeting cards, and basketball programs, holding cake raffles, collecting scrap and paper, sponsoring the Super-Sonic Min- strel, and presenting the play "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" all came under the head- ing of "Money Making Propositions." The fellows of the class were active in athletics, especially in football. Crena Riley and Ioan Meier were varsity cheerleaders. Several members of the class participated in the various musical organizations - band, chorus, and glee clubs. They performed in the minstrel, District Auditions, the Eisteddfod, and other concerts. Io Ann Lyle and Reed Kline were the Carnival King and Queen: Phyllis Steiner and Barbara Sanner represented the class during Homecoming. Four members took the Ohio State Scholarship test- Ianice Miller. Velma Taylor, Iohn Ruby, and Phyllis Steiner. These four, together with Warren Smith, Robert Ruff, and Barbara Sanner comprised the seniors' representation in the county Honor Society. We regret that Iames Glass, one of our class members since the first grade, was not able to be with us this year because of illness. We missed you, Iim. Best of luck to you in the future. Our class motto "Out of School's Life, into Life's School" voices the meaning of Com- mencement Day. We hope that life's school will be as rewarding and enjoyable as our school life. SENIIIH CLASS UPI-'IEEH5 Rex Slechter, President Phyllis Steiner, Secretary-Treasurer Stanley Crider, Vice-President 12 RUTH BAME "Ruthie' "l will my temper to anyone wh' needs it." General Course Music Festival 3: Girls' Glee I, 2 3: Mixed Chorus l, 2: Eisteddiod l 2. 4: Northwest District Auditions 1 2: Oliice 3: Annual Stat! 4. BEVERLY CARR "Bev" ., - n I will my beat up horn and tor up music to Mr. This." Bandl 2 3 4 Music Festivall 2, 3, 4: Girls Glee l, Z, 3, 4: Mixe Chorus l, 4: Eisteddiod I, Z, 3, 4: Northwest District Auditions 1, 2, 3. 4: Ohio State Auditions 2, 3, 4: Minstrel 4: Office 4: Annual Stall 4: G.A.A. l, 2, 3: Class Play 3, 4: Homecoming Attendant 2. College Preparatory Course STANLEY CRIDER "Stan" "l will my ability to admit a mis- take without trying to talk my way out of it to Mr. Sluss." General Course Band l, 2, 3: Music Festival 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee 1, 2, 3, 4: Eisteddlod l, 2, 4: North- west District Auditions 2, 3: Min- strel 4: Vice Pres. 4: Sergeant at Arms 3: Basketball l: Iournalism 4: 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4: 4-l-I Pres. 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4. SHIRLEY DETRICK "Squeek" "I will my short. natural curly hair to Arbutus Elam. General Course Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3, 4: Eisteddiod 3, 4: Operetta 4: Minstrel 4: Music Festival l, 2, 3: Ohio State Audi- tions 4. MARY ALICE ETGEN "Mary" "l will my ability to square ' dance to anyone who wants it." Commercial Course Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Music Festival l, 2, 4: Girls' Glee 1, 2, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Eisteddtod 2, 3, 4: Northwest District Auditions l, 2, 3, 4: Ohio State Auditions 3, 4: Oper- etta 3, 4: Minstrel 4: 4-H l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4. 2 Q "Betty Bee" 5 V w BETTY BRITENRIKER "I will my even temper to loyce Musser." General Course Girls' Glee 4: Who's Who 3: Homecoming Attendant 3. SHIRLEY CISCO "Shorty" "I will my small leet to Nancy Hines." Commercial Course Girls' Glee 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Minstrel 4: Executive Committee 2: Oiiice 3: Journalism 4: Carnival At- tendant 2. CHARLES DAWSON "Chuck" "l will my ability to elall for time in English clans to anyone who doesn't have his lesson finished. General Course LEO ETGEN "lim" "I will my hair to Roger Unland when he loses his." General Course Band 1, 2: Music Festival 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Eisteddlod l, 2: 4-H 1, 2, 3. 4. BETTY GANNON "Toofs" "I will a free hair cut to Carolyn VIcRea." Ienerul Course Girls' Glee 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 4: listeddiod 3: Library 4. I will all the dull English class- LOUIS HADDING "Louie" as back to the teacher." Football 3 4: Track 3: Varsity 4: Class Play 4. General Course B . WILLIAM HATTON "BilI" "l will anything to anybody who wants it." College Preparatory Course Band 1, 2, 3: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 4: Boys' Glee 1. 2, 3. 4: Eisteddfod 1, 2, 3. 4: Northwest District Audit'ons l. 2, 3: Ohio State Auditions Z, 3: Operetta 4: President l: Executive Committee 4: Who's Who 2: Football 1. Z: Basketball 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Var- sitv E 2. 3, 4: Iourna1'sm -4: Class Flay 3, 4: Carnival Attendant 3. IOSEPH IONES "joe" "I will my curly hair to Mr. Sluss." General Course Band 1, 2. 3: Eisteddlod 2: Who's Who 3: Basketball l, 2. 3: Track 1. 2. HELEN KIRKENDALL "Snort" "I will my dimples to anyone who wants them." General Course Music Festival 4: Girls' Glee 1, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Northwest District Auditions 3, 4: Eisteddiod 3. 4: Operetta 4: Minstrel 4: State 4. BERT LAMBERTS "H, L." "'I will all the women to anyone who wants them." College Preparatory Course Music Festival 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Boys' Glee 4: Eisteddlod 4: Op- eretta 4: Minstrel 4: Football 4: An- nual Statt 4. IO ANN LYLE "George" "I will my comb and lipstick tc Barbara Mikesell and Marna Dawl son." Commercial Cours Band 1: Girls' Glee 3: Iournalis 4: Carnival Queen 4. 6 m IOAN MEIEH "Io" "I will my ability to argue and to be stubborn to Mr. Sluss." Commercial Course Band 1, 2, 3: Music Festival 2, 3: Girls' Glee 1, Z, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Eisteddfod 1, 2, 3, 4: Northwest District Auditions 1, 2, 3, 4: Ohio State Auditions 1, 4: Op- eretta 3, 4: Minstrel 4: Executive Committee 1, 3: Cheerleader 4: Journalism 3, 4: 4-H 3: G.A.A. l, 2, 3. MARIORIE REESE "Margie" "I will my ability to slide through larqe crowds and not be noticed to Ioan Hentze." Commercial Course Band 1, Z, 3: Music Festival 1, 2, 3: Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Eisteddiod l, 2, 3, 4: Northwest District Auditions 1, 2, 3, 4: Ohio State Auditions 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 3, 4: Minstrel 4: Oi- iice 4: Whos Who 2, 3: 4-H l: G.A.A. 1, 2: Class Play 3, 4. JOHN RUBY "johnny" "I will my ability to play a trom- bone to Mr. This." College Preparatory Course Band l. 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Boys' Glee 1, 2, 3: Eisteddtod l, 2, 3: Northwest District Auditions l, Z, 3, 4: Ohio State Auditions l, 2, 3: Op- eretta 3, 4: Minstrel 4: Secretary 2: Executive Committee l, 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Football Co-Captain 4: Basketball 2: Baseball 2: Track 2, 3, 4: Varsity E 2, 3, 4: Varsity E President 4: Iournalism 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Class Play 4. BARBARA SANNER "I will Kermit May to the city morgue." Band 1, 2: Music Festival l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 1. 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 4: Eisteddtod 1, 2. 3, 4: Northwest District Auditions 1, 2, 4: Minstrel 4: Vice President 1: Execu- tive Committee 2, 3: Office 3: Honor Society 3, 4: Journalism 3, 4: 4-H 1: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Class Play 3, 4: Homecoming Attendant 4. CAROL MCELDERRY "Sleepyhead" "I will my wigqly seat in home room to anyone who wants a tront seat." Commercial Course Girls' Glee 3: Annual Staff 2, 3: Class Play 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: Pep Club 2, 3: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: "C" Girls 3: Library 3: Office 3: Radio Club 2, 3: fall Centralt: Girls' Glee 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Northwest District Auditions 4: Operetta 4: Minstrel 4: Annual Staff 4: Class Play 4: Ohio State Auditions 4. IANICE MILLER " I an" "I will the beat up pianos to Ioan Parrott." College Preparatory Course Music Festival 3, 4: Girls' Glee l, 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 4: Accom- panist Boys' Glee 2, 3, 4: Eisteddlod 1, 2, 3, 4: Northwest D'strict Audi- tions 1, 2, 3, 4: Ohio State Auditions 1, 2, 3: Minstrel 4: Operetta 3, 4: Honor Society 3. 4: loumalism 3, 4: Annual Stat! 4: G.A.A. 1, Z. 3: Carnival Attendant 3. CHENA RILEY "Cree" "l will my loyalty to dear old E.H.S. to Dorothy Welker." Commercial Course Girls' Glee 1. 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 4: Eisteddtod 1, Z. 3, 4: Northwest District Auditions 1, 2, 4: Ohio State Auditions 1, 4: Minstrel 4: Vice President 2: Exe- cutive Committee l, Who's Who 3: Cheerleader l, 2, 4: Annual Statl 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2: Class Play 3, 4: Carnival Queen l. ROBERT RUFF "Bob" "I will my ability to skip and not get caught to Reed Kline and IoAnn Lyle." College Preparatory Course Boys' Glee 3: Eisteddtod 3: Oper- etta 3: Honor Society 3, 4: Football 1, 2: iCentralJ 3. 4: Track 1. Cen- tral: Varsity E 3, 4: Varsity E Sec- retary 4: Class Play 3. 4. I will my brain to the chemical aboratory lor preservation." CLYDE SATTERFIELD l General Course REX SLECHTER "Dimwitski" 2 "I will my nickname and a strong cage to next years fullback." ' College Preparatory Course Music Festival 2, 4: Mixed Chorus I l, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee 1, 2, 3, 4: Eisteddiod 1. 2, 3, 4: Northwest Dis- trict Auditions 3, 4: Operetta 3, 4: Minstrel 4: President 4: Vire-Presi- dent 3: Sergeant at Arms l: Execu- tive Committee 2: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Co-Captain 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1: Track 2, 3, 4: Var- sity E Z, 3, 4: lournalism 4: 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4: 4-H Vice-President 3: Class Play 3. 4: All-County Basket- ball Team 4. JANET SNOW "l will my slim figure tc loan I-lentze." General Course Band l, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Eisteddfod 1, 2, 3, 4: Northwest District Auditions 1, 2, 3, 4: Ohio State Auditions 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 3, 4: Minstrel 4: Class Play 3, 4. DAN STEMEN "l will my ability to shave twice a week to Duane VanDemarlr." General Course Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Bovs' Glee 1: Eisteddiod 1. 2: Basketball 1. VELMA TAYLOR "Tay" "l will my job as Editor of the school paper to anyone with a cab- inet full oi Hadacol and Alka-Selt- ser." Commercial Course Band 1, 2, 3: Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 1. 2. 3, 4: Mixed Chorus l, Z, 3, 4: Eisteddiod 1, 2, 3, 4: Ohio State Auditions 1, 3, 4: Operetta 3, 4: Minstrel 4: Secretary 3: Ollice 3: Honor Society 3, 4: Iournalism 3, 4: 4-H 1, 2: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Class Play 3. 4: Homecoming Attendant 1. GLENNA WILSON "I will my ability to get along with the teachers to Don Pierce." Commercial Course Band 3. Music Festival 2, lCri- dersvillel 3: Girls' Glee l, 2 lCri- dersvillel: Eisteddiod 3: Minstrel 1 tCridersvi1lel: Who's Who l ICri- dersvillel: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3: Class Play 2 tCridersvilleJ. WARREN SMITH "Smitty" "I will my football lersey No. 39 to the next Smith gridder." College Preparatory Course Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Boys' Glee 1, Z, 3: Eisteddtod 1, 2, 3: Northwest District Auditions l, 2. 3, 4: Operetta 3, 4: Minstrel 4: Presi- dent 2, 3: Vice-President 1: Execu- tive Committee 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Co-Captain 4: Basketball 2: Track 2, 3, 4: Varsity E 2, 3, 4: Vice President Varsity E 4: Iournalism 3, 4: Annual 4: 4-H 1, 2. 3: 4-H President 1, 2: Class Play 3, 4: Carnival King 1. PHYLLIS STEINER "Phyl" "l will my driving ability to 'Crash' lDonJ Leis." College Preparatory Course Band 1, 2: Music Festival 1, 2, 4: Girls' Glee 1. 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 4: Eisteddiod 1. 2. 3, 4: Northwest District Auditions 1, 2, 4: Ohio State Auditions 2. 4: Op- eretta 4: Minstrel 4: Secretary 4: Executive Committee 2, 3: Honor Society 3, 4: Annual Stall 3, 4: 4-H 1, 2: 4-H President 2: G.A.A. l, 2, 3: Class Play 3, 4: Homecoming Queen 4. GERALD STRAYER "l will my ability to ily low to those who drive slow." General Course Music Festival 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3. 4: Boys' Glee 1. 2, 3, 4: Eisteddlod 1, 2, 3, 4: North- west District Auditions l, 2. 3: Op- eretta 3, 4: Minstrel 4: Sergeant at Arms 2, 3, 4: Executive Committee 2: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Football Co- captain 4: Basketball 2: Track l, 2. 3, 4: Varsity E 2, 3, 4: Annual Stal! 4: 4-I-l 2. 3: Class Play 3, 4: Carni- val King 2: Varsity E Sergeant at Arms 4. RUTH UNLAND "Rufus" "l will my ability to buy clothes that tit to Marilyn Monroe! Commercial Course Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival l, Z, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 1. 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Eisteddtod 1. 2, 3, 4: Northwest District Auditions 1, 2, 3, 4: Ohio State Auditions 1. 3, 4: Operetta 3, 4: Minstrel 4: An- nual Stait 4. HELEN WRIGHT "Wezibug" "I will some ol my excess to Phyllis Cook. General Course Music Festival 1. 2, 3. 4: Girls' Glee 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Eis- teddiod 2, 3, 4: Northwest District Auditions 2, 3: Operetta 3. 4: Min- strel 4. mage' .Magi bag! Un 6103 bums-Dada W5guOMme0mN0g4 bg2U0m U On H252 -EWMOUUDW U Us 020m NE 5 OEOQEUA U MOM EQOMEWUS H0-Eg H605 U OA EUEHUUW U OA HOEEQO 5552: -AONUOHV U HOW HWEOMEOUS UEUAUOE 255 E552 MUMUBEEOU EMWMOZQD megs MVOOMV OA 9 ACM NUOOU U Em FEE :CEU U E50 SMUGOEME UEFOWDOA M302 UW? wg-H03 E302 'EE WMOUUDM U UA EAUUB 5530820 XEEQDED WEEE mg We 2 BED MEMOPED E026 gH:3Om Og:-OO :MOA 525 Egagm ENE EEUU -UOOUUDM 2 KEMHODED HUM-233 OBO MHUEHUUW ZMEDPED MESS OUNOL HSN EDEC gsm NJN UUOBU -255 2 WEOESGYE 31530 .EE Hemmggm Us 52203 uOOw U OA 203.321 502 MU-5 mgsglu mg 1 SE mmwgagm H0922 3032 253525 350 053 MEA EBU .5230 03255 m-MUEQUEH FSH M3502 HUDHBUGIHUOOU DEE HOW UEEOAU :UA 563 KFC? MMOG-ltwwi glenn ESE duOOm U mimi MO-EE H0 Oman msg E55 EA 2:35 UEEU MOA -U53 MDA mag msg U-has M032 Egg U OBO? OGUaOm :EOE Us U OUIUMHE U UE-Un gg ga EE gag Emi as 03505 E Em 2 3:55 SU! U E-U .Mau 52 H02 UE we-EEUU mama BmEUn.a0- mg! NEO! QHUQE M25 M-U03 U E903 wmwisiwg HBA E-EDU Upwauhummqmu Uzazthm-EDO E: admgm msgs? sw U52 SUE 305 Magi :UA rv-an HVOEK as 0302! MUQEUHHOU 2036 H5595 MSU 93-DEW Ommgn Q-'ADEQ manga UHgmm0m Um Umlla-TED lm 2080 UROOQ -UBEHOMVD 3008 HHUEW 0302! 60.80100 GEO!! HUQMOU-HOU min? SUUDHM UEUQMOE WE mkaaOhE0bU0 mg-O05 EOE M-Ei 03005 wana W-SADUQ EEE! MMIVOHH was 00502 'gags :exam-. HUOEUQ BAOOA QOEOAKWMSA gg! magna 65508 0362! 26508050 hai EOM Hogs: oaool WMU-U Eg OEOQM EEO QOAUUQ A-EOM vlhgm 0302- 382 00:52 EEK-Us WEU QSIJUEM EQOUQ mano!-M WH!-Ama EUAUUHW S3030 3020 E5 EOEUUE N05 Agp: mm-Ewaagum 330 8205 GENE 2300 -WMEEEUA mgaidn B-UE -WUEAEUA EUMUUQW U-:EEUA gg SURE G3-OED was Us-OED UUE M005 M225 MSDE -my-5350: WUAUELEUW v0O3mUt :Egg :NEO 220m E0gwUmm E620 02 MQOSU Mag mgv 6: 9-OH 'OOM EQEUQM CDSC: M505 Naam Bam 0320927 MOAUMEMEUW UH-U55 MOAUMBHEUW 501252 2-UE -MESQEUA 3026 gm:-AE: 25-0 ENE USEEONVW MBUBAOWOOAU WQAUHE UEUH EAU Usa WOE A0515 .3505 WHUFSAOMOOSU 330 220005 mag!-y0m00gu :NN OH WNBA UE-U52 EOD H0505 USEQES gabm :Un UGEBUR WBDOE we HU NCSU: U SO 03356 E EEE maugu OHUDUAM UEUGUB 2555 mlm HE? U I Om 9550 U-Nab mirogm m0EUm :Un HU US?-Mm :H SUCH HE? eps HU .M ummm HE? Em wigmnu 55030 25302 E 890.5 05 E UEUEUU U13 Digg mihgm gnwgm 0305 UGEUE ESE Magda m-HEMZU U-EOD HE? mama-W EMU 05 E msgs BRASS: as HE? EC 05 GO Q5 OEMIEEM UEEVOZOA mmggm USE: wg-6 2 mira MEEEW M0902 QEUOSOD QZDOW P-BQDWD -H H I O!-Um E052 ala -OAMEOEA HUD- gg -:UO 05m MTOPOQ O36 052 N0-:Em SEA-D H24 ,SIU-W IO:-an H2302 90126 Jugs BE :Ea NODE E20 03 -SEN SEN E: H058 05: bam 6006 052 Baan U36-vum E-8 nm-'OA bsvsm OED-5 gnwbm E2-Um GONE, BU:-gp an-gm 054 0-OSU :U-IEQEM :emu 920m OB-M Em :Wei 330- U-um.-0-V0-"M -E08-U 25 EU: as Oh EUABUA -an 550-H 015: H00-E bl-Duma: 0 -9-UU zgz E-4 Oh SE: at 332 gsm -at Otaku: N0-E 2-as UNO-6 hai 'EADS EACH Ei Hugh :DASH Seam 25: 5-Egan E09-gsm .mp-Oh 015-U 55003 0-Un nam anew 2:5-G dex-U3 Bea 5-in -2-UH 5505 gan A-RAN Helen gn H2-an -Omg-M EP-U: EU-so M0-NU-F ONES 5305 E-U1-5 5:4 E-E is-W3 SEGA U-E0-U 53:5 gm-OA H0-Om N242 .IUNIIJH Iim Billiar Ronald Bowers Darrel Brant Annamae Bryan Tom Coolidge Peggy Cox Iohn Crisenberry Diana Desenberg Nancy Detrick Bill Foust Franklin Foust Gary Fowler lim Gahman Ed Gannon Bob Heath IoAnn Henlze Virgil Huber Beverly Kesler LaDonna Kortier Don Leis Sue Leiser Patty Lyons Ioy McConnell Brooks May Mary Mayer Don Miller Kay Miller Ralph Miller Tom Miller Dick Musselman Gene Morgret Ioyce Musser Ioan Parrotl Doris Presar Ioe Ponting BLA55 Catherine Hamer Robert Rice Don Sandy Kay Shenk Earl Sherrick Ruth Shock Carolyn Stalter Tom Stalter Howard Steiner Connie Stemen Virginia Stevely Ronald Strayer Ianice Thomas Iohn Thompson Duane VanDemark Ieanine Wade ' Marilyn Weaver UNIUH CLASS HISTUHY Last fall the class of '54 entered the halls of old EHS for a year of fun. work, and study. The Junior executives were Virgil Huber, President: Ioan Parrott, Vice President: and Kay Shenk, Secretary-Treasurer. Jeanine Wade represented our class at Homecoming and Peggy Cox and Buz Steiner at the Carnival. The Iuniors were well represented on the gridiron, the basketball court, and the baseball diamond. To Gary Fowler went the honor of being co-captain in basketball. Kay Shenk and Kay Miller were varsity cheerleaders. Other students were active in the band and choruses. The highlights of the year - the Christmas Dance: our class play, "The Little Dog Loughed": the arrival of our class rings: and the prom - were ably supervised by our advisors. Miss Iones and Mr. Schreiber. With cherished memories, we, 54 of us, look forward to our last year at Elida. 19 -if vm -.r Y lvviuvw 7'1"-'fy 'tw x ia W ar? s-.- "JF fo., 'vv ,Q SUPHIJMIJRES Craig Boate Paula Bryan Robert Burden Dan Cheney Fred Comston Phyllis Cook Ronald Coolidge Connie Detrick Ioan Gannon Doris Githens Don Glass Ben Gleason Shirley Grapner Ronald Green Ianet Hilleary Nancy Hines Lynda Holtzapple Karen Iohn Dick Kesler Iohn Kirkendall Danny Kline loe Leisure Peggy McConnell Helen McGue Robert McKinney Carolyn McRea Gene Marshall Kermit May Lois Meier Ioyce Mikesell Kay Miller Martha Kay Parrott Ralph Reed Calvin Reese Ronnie Reynolds Noah Sherrick Carol Smith Sarah Srouie Ianet Thompson Roger Unland Phyllis Wagner Dorothy Welker Irene Weaver Anne Wilord FHESHMEN Iames Barnhart Tillman Bear William Bear Sonya Best Kay Bowers Sarah Brandt Don Britenriker Carolyn Buettner Catherine Busick Betty Clark Marilyn Cox Lowell Crider Robert Davidson Mama Dawson Richard Dawson Robert Dotson Sue Edwards Bud Evans Carl Evans Charles Fair Pat Foust Mary Franks Bill Good Roetta Good Georgianna Harrod Leonard Hartman Shirley Hawk Elnora Heath Donald Hedges Robert Holmes Carol Houston Patricia Huber Garneta Huber Robert Keller lack Keller Kenneth Lyle Ruth Kirkendall Ianice Kruse Orlo Lewis LaRee Little Robert Lowe lack McConnell Claire McElderry Rodney McKinney Richard Markel Lyle May Barbara Mikesell lean Ann Moore Barbara Mosier Margie Morris Morris Morgret Ronald Nichols Ianet Nusbaum David Peltier Ellis Peters Nancy Phillips Margaret Ramer Evelyn Redd George Riley Robert Robertson Sue Ruby Marlene Sandy Barbara Satteriield Douglas Shenk Velva Sherrick Lisle Smith Gary Sroule Shirley Stalter Shirley Steed Marlene Stemen Iohn Sterling Dale Stever Sam Steiner Paul Swick Dale Young Ronnie Zuber wel S- B-311 ,. WM , is A4 'PY S Q if - fx .Q 1' K W 4- .' ,i -- as. all R' ,gf 'X , Q. of .av.w-JK A 'WF-t PW i 5- r S .of in CC f i D73 'Z'-C-T as eu 'Wx xi fi IN ,JV 'Y r 1-vi-view' -Q E . -93. S' Bth EH!-llJE Iudy Allemeier Elaine Baker Bill Barnum Barbara Baxter Iohn Breda Bill Brenneman Ioyce Brenneman Ronnie Bryan Carolyn Cisco Gary Coqley Bill Cohee David Collins Mary Collins Nancy Croit Rodney Davidson Brenner Denlinqer Pat Detrick Kenny Driver Lewis Etgen Ronnie Gleason Ed Good Howard Haddinq Ion Hedges lim Huber Loretta Huber Dick Jacobs Gary Iohn Diane Iohnson Barbara Keller Charles Kershner Arthur Kimmell Io Ann Lamberts Ronald LaRue Patty Lawrence Larry Leisure Bill McCall Diana McKinney Marian Martin Richard Mann Irene Mauricio Dorothy Mayer Ruth Mayer Barbara Meier Mikel Messick Kenny Miller Marcille Miller William Morris David Morrisey Eldean Ponting Carl Rabley Maureen Rabley Ray Ridenour Sharon Spees Paul Srouie Barbara Stemen Robert Slemen Dolores Stinebuck Don Wade Russell Winkle 7th GRADE Mickey Altenburger Ronny Barnhart Harry Bunqard David Burch Esther Carpenter Mary Cheney Ierry Crisenbery Arthur Deane Emelyn Denlinger Arbutus Elam Sharry Fair Iames Fcmill Mary Fishpaw Patricia Ford Charles Fuller Ina Gamble Rosalie Gannon Ward Green Mary Alice Hedges Ioan Hobbs Terry Hollar Kenny John Carolyn Kershner Brenda Kidd Anita Lapham Iames Libert Stanley Lyle Gary McBride David McDonald Connie McNeil Mariam Mann Darlene Mayer Marilyn Miller Martha lean Miller Stephen Miller Vickie Moon Ted Myers Donald Pierce Ioyce Preuss Larry Ridenour Alan Rothe Shelba Sakemiller Beverly Shirk Marie Slayden Ross Smith Sandra Sodders Harriet Stemen Larry Stemen Ronald Stewart Beverly Swick Dick Wagner Gene VVarner Maurice Zerkel UFFIEEHS G. A. A. OFFICERS IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ioyce Mussex, Nancy Detrick. VARSITY E OFFICERS Virgil Huber. Kay Shenk. Ioan Parrott Phyllis Cook' Warren Smiih, Iohn Ruby, Bob Ruff, SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Gerald Sffflvef- Dm, Cheney, Dick Keslen Dave Peltier, Orlo Lewis, Lowell Crider. Ccnolyn McRae. 24 QQ . 9 Q! U 3 Q W x, Herr This's German band. 2. Music, Maestro, please!!! At the Farmers' Institute-Nancy Detrick 4. Modeling the outfits they made - Sue and Phyllis Wagner. Leiser and Pat Lyons. This picture is self-explanatory. B. Barbara Baxter - believe it or not! 25 EH!-lllli SIX LEFT TO RIGHT- BACK ROW-Larry Holler, Floyd Iiames, Tommy Davis, Terry Dotson, Oscar Etgen. Iohn Desenberg, Richard Hollat. Wilmer Kirkendall, Charles Clark, Kenneth Heath, David Kesler. THIRD ROW4Karen Fair, Iuckie Kibler, Connie Follas, Iudith Croft. Dennis Ellis, Robert Dawson, Marv Ann Holtzapple, Sandra Hedges, Marjorie Bunqard, Betty Good, Mrs. Cremean. SECOND ROWfLucret1a Bice, Karen Lawrence, Wilma Lonq, Telitha Leiser, Karen Arnold, Marlene Seaman, Ioyce Hollar, Ianice Laman, Rebecca Everett. Helen Good, Sharon Foust. ON FLOOR-Darrel Bowers. Tommy Becker, Lee Bryan. Iames Iohns. Kenneth Huber, Richard Ladd, Alfonso Mauricio, Billy Kline. LEFT TO RIGHT! BACK ROWfDennis Stemen. Michael Wita. Iames Lewis, Dwain Metzger, Cloyd Thomas, Raymond Sroufe, Gary Long- brake, Iames Patton, Cloyd Ridenour, David Morris. Mr. Lloyd. THIRD ROW-Evelyn Stemen. Carolyn Musser. Emma Ruti. Linda Rilev, Ianet May, Rita Miller, Ioan Meyer, Ieanne Williams, Shirlev Mikesell. Carolyn Wade, Marilyn Wade. SECOND ROW-Carol MaloneY. Ianet Morris, Laura Slayden, Coleen Reed. lanice Stalter. Dolly Baker, Donna McKinney. Ianell Stockton, Marilyn Peters, Karen Nusbaum, Sharon Miller. ON FLOOR-Tom Moothart, Donald Redd, Ralph Miller, Michael Miller, Dennis Stemen. Ronald Shafer, Robert Smith. NOT IN PICTURE-Terry Lowe. GRADE I-'IVE LEFT TO RIGHT- BACK ROW-Paul Huber. Iohn Abel, Roger Bowers, William Dunahay, Larry Bryan, Arnold Huber, Roger Kevser, Tommv Byerly, Thomas Gahman. Billy Evans. SECOND ROWfBillie lean Hilty, Dorothy Broshes. Dianne Ditto, Weldon Githens, Clair Crider. Richard Archer, Gale Crisenbery, Philip Fletcher, Patricia Busick, Mary Grant, Gloria Coolidge, Mr. Gilliland. FIRST ROW-Nancy Ellerbrock, IoAn Altenburger, Barbara Cheney, Sharon Bonebriqht, Iudith Daniels, Nancy Hedges. Cathy Holtzapple. Dolores Ane derson, Susan Foust, Kathleen Evans, Linda Hadding, Naomi Davis. ON FLOOR-Charles Foust, Bobby Johns, Bobby Beckman, Barry Epstein. LEFT TO RIGHT- BACK ROW-Ierry Tabler. Alonzo Lyons. Carl Pennell, Larry Smith, David Satteriield. Iames Wade, Iames Smith, Larry McBride. Harold Wright. George Lohr, Robert Lee. SECOND ROWfBonnie Layman Linda Long, Marcene Layman, Linda Stemen. Linda Sroute, Iunice Turner, Ruth Stemen. Ioy Preuss, Mrs. Van Horn. FIRST ROW-Iudith Price, Sandra Morris, Linda Lohr, Linda Little, Ianet Sodders, Edith Swick, Dianne Swartz. Mvrna LaRue. Ianice Kraft, Kay Mussellman, Kay Leppla, Rebecca Kline. ON I-'LOORAKenneth Ramser. Iames Sherrick, Daniel Thomas, Ray Strayer, Iames Shafer. Gary Kidd, Darwin Schmuck. BHAIIE THREE LEFT TO RIGHT! BACK ROW--Barry Swallow, Ioe Nichols, Bobby McBride, Billy Point, Iimmy Evans, Larry Markel, Ted Wade, Willis Riley, Billy Mayer, Nile Sroute, Daniel Turner, Mrs. Brenneman. SECOND ROW-Iimmy McBride, Marilyn Mines, Kathy Sroute, Iune Moorman, Georgia Van Horn, Darlene Marchal, Linda Poling, Iudy Stemen, Dick McCormack, Carson Peters. FIRST ROW-Sharon Lyle. Ianice Reed, ludy Walters. Dianne Metzger, Kay McBride, Debra Vandemark, Margie Wilson, Nancy Stemen, Cheryl Rex. Elaine Ulam, Charla Martin. ON FLOOR-Gary Lewis, Lariy Lewis, Bobby Maloney, Billy Shater, Roger Tanner. SHADE TWU LEFT TO RIGHT- BACK ROW!Macky Baker, Larry Keehns, Stanley Strayer, Gary Spees, Mason Metzger, Gary Maddix, Russell Mason, Bob Thomas, Steve Perrin, Iohn Sarber, Garry Tabler. Larry Tabler, Miss Seitz. MIDDLE ROW-Rickie Keellng, Iim Collins, Lois Morrisey, Elaine LaRue, Dorothy Stalter, Rhea Ward, Carol Stockton, Diane Stober. Shirlev Sullivan, Donna Stein, Terry Snow. Terry Sheely. Urgelle Roberts. FRONT ROW-Marie Miller, Marian Patton, Reva Nichols. Marilyn Sroute, Marie Stemen, Carol Longbrake, Pamela Mor- ris, Elaine King, Carol Lohr, Sue Shindeldecker. Carole Morris, Pamela Musselman. LEFT TO RIGHT- BACK ROW-Mike Hollar, Gary Bowers, Ralph Broshes, Kenneth Reese, Harold Craw- ford, Roger Gross, Dick Bruns, Alan Gamble, Fred Foard, Richard Fetter, David Fetter, Freddy Early. Francie Early. Mrs. Baechler. MIDDLE HOW4Dick Hartman, Betty Bailey, Dianne Good, Mary Dawson, Iill Fowler, Geraldine Evans, Sandra Gibbs Harry Davis, Tommy Alten- burger, Kenneth Crawford. FRONT ROW-Wanda Driver, Cathy Finn, lean Brenneman, Peggy lane lohn, Elouise Hawk Charlene Bruns, Diane Hedges, Lynn Fosson, Nancy Kalvaitts, Cheryl Cheney, Helen Deane, Ieanne Blaine. SHADE UNE LEFT TO RIGHT- BACK ROW-Marion Staup, Gary Perrine, Edwin Thomas, Myron Reed. Bennie Stemen, Iohn Wimer, Larry Miller, Ricky Neider, Elmer Slayden, Iimmy Searfoss. MIDDLE ROW-Dennis Smith. Douglas Patton, Iosie Mauricio. Susan Smith. Roger Swallow, Tommy Poling. Keaton Vande- mark, Mrs. Holtzapple. FRONT ROW-Vickie Shindel- decker, Barbara Rothe. Roberta Wireman, Ianelda Nichols, Irene Riley, Virginia Smith, MaryLou Turner, Sheryl Stemen, Ioyce Reynolds, Debra Coon. Sharon Thomas, Marsha Price. NOT IN PICTURE-Bobbv Smith Shirley Miller. Lonnie Hicks. LEFT TO RIGHT4 BACK ROWfEmerson Ioseph, Donnie Lohr. Harlan Laman, Robert Kraft, Ronnie Keiling. Ronnie Holmes. MIDDLE ROW-Ierrv Johnston. Philip Maddix, Robert Iavman, Paul McClain, David Kesler, Kurt Martin, David Kowalsky. Wayne Mason. Mrs. Johns. FRONT ROW-Stella Hilyard. Audrey Huber, Chervl Ki-44. Gloria Miller. Susan McBride, Barbara Maddix, Shirley Hower Betsy Lee. LEFT TO RIGHT- BACK ROW-Terrv Grapner, Ian Everett, Paul Hedges, Keith Cain, Dwight Bushonq. Lennie Greenawalt, Richard Goff, David Crawford, Iames Highland, Donald Bercaw, Mickey Gillette. Iay Daniels, Miss Quinn. MIDDLE ROW-Linda Harter, Sandra Barnes, Donna Arnold, Lynda Davidson, Sharon Eash. Iudy Black, Sharron Grant, Peggy Freyer. FRONT ROW-Suzette Borton, Nancy Hartman, Leslie Cattell, Sharon Gracely. Iudv Bowers, Sharon Bailey, Natalie Epstein. Carol SueDetrick. Iudy Hilty, Iudy Burt. Yvonne Fuller, Ierralee Beagle. NOT IN PICTUREAConnie Baker. Virgil Hendrickson. www 'rg Q xo Q Jw ACTIVITIES Aff ww- TOP PICTURE - EDITORIAL STAFF Standing - Ianice Miller, Beverly Carr, Ioan Parrott, Bob Dutt, Iohn Ruby, Gerald Strayer. Seated - Carol McE1derry, Phyllis Steiner. BOTTOM PICTURE - BUSINESS STAFF Standing - Ianice Miller, Beverly Carr, Ioan Parrott, Bob Butt, Iohn Ruby, Ruth Bame. Seated - Joyce Musser, Crena Riley. ANNUAL STAFF The staff has worked hard through the year on the annual. Planning the dummy was the first step. Securing pictures, mounting them, and typing iden- tification and write-ups came later. The annual staff sincerely hopes that you enjoy this book. Front Row-Evelyn Hardesty, Velma Taylor, Shirley Cisco, Janice Miller Bar bara Sanner, Ioan Meier. Back How-Rex Slechter, Bill Hatton, Iohn Ruby, Warren Smith. B LLIIIIB REVIEW The Journalism Club edits and publishes the Bulldog Review, which is a summary of events taking place in Elida School. It comes out every three weeks, and all the students look forward to reading its stories, poems and news items. THE STAFF Editor-in-chief ..........................................,... ............... V elma Taylor Business Manager .......... ........ . Evelyn Hardesty Circulation Manager ......... ........... S hirley Cisco Art Editor ....................... Music Editor .............. Grade Editor ........... Sports Editor .......... Humor Editor ......... Compilers ......... Reporters .......... ....... Typists .......... . Advisors ........ ........Io Ann Lyle .........Ianice Miller .........Ioan Meier Ruby ......................................... Warren Smith ..........................Barbara Sanner, Ianice Miller Rex Slechter, Bill Hatton, Stanley Crider ......................Barbara Sanner, Ioan Meier Workman, Mr. Hayduk 33 Back Row - Ianet Snow, Sarah Sroule, Ieanine Wade, Mary Etgen, Ioan Meier, Barbara Sanner. Ruth Unland, Nancy Detrick, Ianet Hilleary, Helen Kirkendall, Ioyce Musser. Beverly Carr. Phyllis Steiner. Ianice Miller. Second Row - Betty Gannon. Shirley Cisco, Velma Taylor, Eileen Louth, Ioan Gannon, Helen McGue, Lois Meier, Connie Detrick, Ioy McConnell, Peggy McConnell, Mary Mayer, Marilyn Weaver, Carol McElderry, Phyllis Wagner. Ioan Parrott. Doris Githens, Kay Miller, Shirley Detrick. First Row - Kay Miller. Linda Holtzapple. Phyllis Cook, Martha Kay Parrott, Ianet Thompson, Helen Wright, Elnora Heath, Mama Dawson, Barbara Milesell, Carolyn McRae. Karen Iohn. On Floor - Crena Riley, Kermit May, Gerald Strayer, Tom Miller, Brooks May, Bert Lamberts, Bob Burden, Morris Morgret, Marjorie Reese. MIXED IIHUHU5 Mr. This chose seventy students at the beginning of the year to sing in the chorus. During the year they gave a Christmas program, provided Fred Waring choral arrangement for the Supersonic Minstrel, gave an Easter Cantata, and presented the opera "The Mikado" by Gilbert and Sullivan. "The Mikado" is a Iapanese comedy-love story. Fine singing and direction, and beautiful au- thentic costumes combined to make "The Mikado" a successful presentation. Principal characters WSIS I The Mikado of Iapan ....................................................... Nanki-Poo, son of Mikado, in .......Morris Morgret love with Yum-Yum ...... .......... B rooks May Ko-Ko, Lord High Executioner ........................................ Pooh-Bah, Lord High Everything else .................................. .... Yum-Yum, in love with Nanki-Poo, betrothed to Ko-Ko ...... ...... Peep-Bo, sister of Yum-Yum ................................................. Pitti-Sing, sister oi Yum-Yum ...... Katisha, marries Ko-Ko .......... .....Bex Slechter ..William Hatton .Marjorie Reese ......Phyllis Cook ..Nancy Detrick ......Ianet Hilleary Warren Smith Pish-Tush, a Noble Lord ...................................................... ...... Chorus of school girls, courtie rs, guards, and coolies. 34 Front Row - Ruth Unland, Warren Smith, Duane VanDeMark, IanetHi1leary, Beverly Carr, Ioy McConnell, Kermit May. Middle Row - Nancy Hines. Carolyn McRae, Mike Messick, Ina Gamble. Iudy Croft, Leonard Hartman, Dale Young. Caro- lyn Cisco, Ronnie LaRue. Iohn Ruby, Ray Ridenour, Sharon Spees, Ioyce Brenneman. Back Row - Kenneth Driver, Elnora Heath. Tommy Becker, Nancy Croft, Barbara Meier, Lyle May, Lisle Smith, Don Miller, Iohn Sterling. Mary Etgen. Ieannine Wade. Ruth Shock. Standing - Mary Collins, Gary Cogly, Dick Markel, Iim Huber, Ladonna Kortier, Diana Desenberg. THE SE IUH BA ll The senior band started the school year off on the right foot by doing half-time shows at the football games. These shows were done in costume. Very often the theme was a Mother Goose story. The arrangements were very cleverly worked out, and the football fans were well pleased with the programs. The band played the accompaniment while the mixed chorus sang a Christmas program. Select members of the band played for the senior class play, and the Super-Sonic Minstrel. Several band members attended the music festivals at Bluffton, February 7 and at Delaware, February 21. The band competed in the District Auditions at Ada, where they received a two rating. Various ensembles and one soloist went to the District Contest at Lima. The senior band ended a very successful year by giving its annual Spring Concert on May 14, after which awards were presented to the members. Con- gratulations to Mr. This, the band's director, for providing the students of Elida with fine band music. 35 EIHL5'ELEE CLUB BUY5'GLEE CLUB GIHL5'BLEE EL B The Girls' Glee Club spent a very profitable year under the directjvn of Mrs. Pearl Cohee, the Club's new instructor. The girls worked hard on several new songs and presented a program for the Farmer's Institute. To Mrs. Cohee fell the task of selecting thirty-five of the fifty girls to sing at the District Auditions and at the Eisteddfod. The Club received a one rating at the State Auditions. Several different girls' ensembles were organized within the Glee Club. These ensembles rehearsed before the whole group. The girls of the Glee Club hope that Mrs. Cohee has enjoyed working with them as much as they have liked singing under her direction. Left to Right, Back Row - Ioan Parrott, Connie Detrick, loyce Musser. Betty Gannon, Peggy McConnell, Eileen Louth, Marjorie Morris, Mary Mayer, Phyllis Wagner, Crena Riley. Fourth How- Beverly Carr, Helen Kirkendall, Ianet Snow, Sarah Sroufe, Ruth Unland, Nancy Detrick. Ianet Hilleary, Ioan Gannon, Doris Githens, Catherine Busick, Ruth Game. Third Row - Marjorie Reese. Carolyn Mcftea, Phyllis Cook, Ianet Thompson, Lynda Holtzapple, Shirley Detrick. Shirley Cisco. Marlene Stemen, Martha Parrott, Karen Iohn, Shirley Grapner. Mrs. Cohee. Second Row - Helen McGue, Patricia Huber, Sue Ruby, Ioy McConnell, Kay Miller, Connie Stemen, Lois Meier, Ioan Meier, Velma Taylor. Barbara Sanner. On Floor - Phyllis Steiner, Carolyn Buettner, Iosephine Sanders, Ann Witord, Garnetta Huber. Marlene Sandy, lean Ann Moore, Ianice Kruse, Carol McElderry. BUY5'GLEE EL B Mr. This is the director of the Boys' Glee Club. Miss Ianice Miller has done an excellent job of accompanying the group for the past three years. Although they are limited in number, the boys have participated in quite a few activities. These include the Super-Sonic Minstrel, the Eisteddfod, an Easter Cantata, and the comic operetta "The Mikado". Members of the Club sang solos at the District Auditions. The Club has enjoyed these activities, and hopes that future years will be as successful as this year has been. Back Row - Lowell Crider, Morris Morgret, Kermit May. Orlo Lewis. Reed Kline. Lisle Smith. Douglas Shenk. Middle Row - Bert Lamberts, Ierry Ellis, Hex Slechter, Brooks May, Bill Hatton. Front Row - Leonard Hartman. David Peltier. Bob Burden. Stanley Crider. Gerald Strayer, Lyle May, 37 HU EIIUIVII G Miss Phyllis Steiner, senior, was elected by the student body to reign as Homecoming Queen XIII during the Elida vs. Pandora football game. Misses Barbara Sanner, senior: Ieanine Wade, Carolyn Mclitea, sophomore: and Kay Bowers, freshman, were her attendants. The Queen was crowned by Co-Captain Gerald Strayer. Co-Captain Rex Slechter presented the traditional bouquets of chrysanthemums to the court. fa I E Queen Phyllis Steiner Barbara Sanner Ieanine Wade Carolyn McRea Kay Bowers 38 II!-lll IV L Seniors Reed Kline and Io Ann Lyle reigned as Carnival King and Queen. Crowning the royal couple were junior attendants Peggy Cox and Howard Steiner. Sophomore attendants were Connie Detrick and Danny Cheney, freshman attendants were Iean Ann Moore and Lowell Cri- der. Crown bearers were Sheryl Stemen and Dwight Bushong. .vJ,,,,..,..........,,, Queen Io Ann Lyle, King Reed Kline Peggy Cox, Howard Steiner Connie Detrick, Danny Cheney lean Ann Moore, Lowell Crider 39 F dw' :M NWA 'SN x Front Row - Barbara Sanner, Carol McElderry, Ianet Snow, Beverly Carr, Phyllis Steiner. Crena Riley. Middle Row - ' - ld St r, Iohn Ruby, Bob Hull. Velma Taylor, Warren Smith, Rex Slechter, Bill Hatton, Evelyn Hardesty. Back How Gera raye Stanley Crider, Louis Hadding. The dramatic version of Cornelia Skinner and Emily Kimbrough's delightful book Our Hearts Were Young and Gay was presented by the seniors under the direction of Mr. Hayduk. In the play, Emily and Cornelia sail to Europe-free of worry and parents. On shipboard, safety pockets, stoaways, English girls, Harvard medical students, a captain. steward, and "admira1", inspectors, sea-sickness, and measles combine to set the bopt rocking. ' " " h t l CI In Paris, a French maid, a friendly window washer, bedbugs, and a ham actor e p o se merry pace. The play was enjoyed by all who attended. 40 Front How A Pat Lyonst, Diana'.:Desenberg, Nancy Detrick, Ioan Hentze, Ieannine Wade. Kay Miller. Back Row Rulh Shock, Tom Miller, Don Leis, Gary Fowler, Virgil Huber, Duane VanDemark, Anna Mae Bryon. UNIUH IIL S5 PLAY The junior class play The Little Dog Laughed was presented on April 16th and 17th under the direction of Mr. Hayduk. The play takes place in the Huntington home. Laurie Huntington, a psychology major in col- lege, comes home for the summer. She becomes convinced that the other members of the Hunt- ington household need a little psychoanalyzing, and that she is qualified to do the job. The resuls of her efforts are hilarious. The Little Dog Laughed was really a different play, with a different story and a different back- ground and was a success in every respect. Laurie Huntington, a college girl, turned psychologist ,...... Sidney Huntington, her normally jocular father ..................... .....,...Diana Desenberg . ..........,....... Tom Miller Martha Huntington, Laurie's charming but anxious mother ...,... ............... N ancy Detrick Wally Huntington, Laurie's happy and carefree brother .....,... Miss "Gus" Gustavesky, Martha's part-time helper ............. ., Ioan Wood, Wally's "steady" .............. .............. ........................ . Ted Wood, Ioan's father. Sidney's competitor in used cars.. Lillian Wood, Ioan's culture conscious mother ....,................... Mark Bradford, Ioan's cousin, a medical student ...........,.. Horatio P. Honeywell. a bird lover and taxidermist ......... Amelia Dennis, a catty kibitzer ...........................,.......,...... Caroline Blakesly, a foolish matron ..................................... Grace Schoenbeck. wife of a department store owner ........ Walola Breckenridge, wife of the bank president .......... Therese Brown, Walola's maiden sister ...............,........ 41 Duane VanDemark Ann Hentze .....,,.....Kay Miller Leis . ..,..,. l..aDonna Kortier .......Gary Fowler ........Virgi1 Huber ..........Ruih Shock ,......,,...,..Pat Lyons .......Annamae Bryan ,...,...Ieanine Wade ..,......,Kay Shenk 1.41 1225, 3 ,Z +3 MEMS, Y New-., M ' Q, n - Q K. Back Row - Robert Ruff, Iim Gahman, Virgil Huber. Gary Fowler, Darrel Brant, Warren Smith, Iohn Ruby, Ioe Ponting. Front Row - Velma Taylor, Icmice Miller, Catherine Hamer, LaDonna Kortier. Ioan Parrott, Phyllis Steiner, Barbara Sanner. HU UH SUIIIETY-1953 Students who are in the upper fifteen percent of their class in the junior and senior year are entitled to membership in the Honor Society. Once a member in the Honor Society, a person is always a member. This year, seven seniors and eight juniors were eligible to attend the annual banquet held ct Spencerville on May 7, 1953. There, the senior members received a gold pin and were pledged as lIfe members. The two highest academic awards of the year went to Phyllis Steiner and John Ruby, valedic- torian and salutatorian respectively. 43 ef ,Qs-' wa. me-anffrncs , ,mg K .WA kg 134: A 2:5 T? ,Nil 2 ' T his 5 3 QF7' we-,b X 3 4 Q 4 ,, Nha? '30 ,ws 5 , ,vmg saga-4, V , -Q i Q 'Eif s sf x X 4 , my A I lx' , .. ,,hh ' sim qi 'sg I ' -,..,:R 4, Q """ Lf, mum hwy xi 'S 5 'Ev I all Q K . J 'glgu xx, E , Qv- -v'--W k ,Q , W, .50 S finds' 1' V HSITY and RESERVE BASKETBALL Front How - Mike Miller, Iim Gahman, Buzz Steiner, Iim Billiar. Ronny Strayer, Gary Fowler, Don Leis, Rex Slechter. Terry Boate. Middle Row-Coach Mr. Burdette, Iohn Crisenberry. Ed Gannon, Darrel Brant, Bill Hatton. Ronny Bowers. Lisle Smith, Mr. Schreiber, assistant coach. Back Row 4 Ioe Ponting, Craig Boate, Bob Heath, Bill Foust, Danny Cheney, Ronny Reynolds, Tom Miller. UNIUH HIGH B SHETB LL Front Row - Bob Holmes, Don Britenriker, Bob Keller, Lowell Crider, John Sterling, David Peltier, Gary Sroufe, Lyle May. Second Row - Tommy Davis, Terry Hollar, Alan Rothe, Bill Morris, Paul Sroufe. Maurice Zerkel. Ross Smith, Kenny Miller, Arthur Deane, Ierry Boate. Third Row - Dale Stever, Ronnie Stewart, Iack Keller, Orlo Lewis, Iack McConnell, Dick Markel, Mr. Boger. Back Row - Ierry Crisenberry, Arthur Kimmel, Gary Cogley, Bill McCall, Dick Wagner, Dale Young. Ted Myers, Larry Stemen. 48 Ed Gannon, Center Dick Kesler, Center Iim Billiar, End VARSITY Gary Fowler, End Center-Co-captains: Warren Smith End: John Ruby, Quarterback Don Leis, Halfback Howard Steiner, Quarterback Ralph Reed, Tackle .re ,uf FIIIQITBI-11.1. :bert Ruff, Guard Tom Miller, Guard Iohn Thompson, Guard erald Strayer, Guard: Rex Slechter, Fullback lim Gahman, Tackle Bob Burden, Tackle Brooks May, Halfback an Strayer, Halfback AHSITY PIJUTB LL Left to Right, Back Row - Bob Burden, Kermit May, Orlo Lewis, Iohn Thompson, Ed Gannon, Buzz Steiner. Dick Kesler, Ralph Reed. Third Row - Coach Mr. Schreiber, Sam Steiner, Iim Gahman, Ronny Strayer, Tom Miller, Iim Billiar, Brooks May, Gary Fowler, Don Leis, Assistant Coach Mr. Burdette. Second Row - Managers Don Wade and David Collins, Bob Ruff. Warren Smith, Rex Slechter, Iohn Ruby, Gerald Strayer, Louis Hadding. Bert Lamberts, Manager Micky Miller. On Ground- Manager Richard Carey, Lyle May. Gary Sroufe, Ronny Zuber. Bob Robinson, Bob Keller, Lisle Smith, David Peltier, Carl Evans, Manager Terry Boate. .IU IIJH HIGH FIQIUTB LL Left to Right, Back Row - Gene Warner, Ross Smith, Paul Sroufe, David Collins, Ronny LaRue, Bill Cohee. Kenny Miller. Maurice Zerkel, Carl Rabley, Gary McBride, Coach Mr. This. Third How - Ted Myers, Bill Morris, Art Kimmel, Dick Wagner. Dick Mann, David Morrisy, Don Wade, Ronnie Gleason, Ierry Crisenberry, Gary Iohn, Iim Libert, Kenny Iohn. Second Row -Lisle Smith, Orlo Lewis, Morris Morqrett. Bob Robinson, LaRee Little, Carl Evans, Sam Steiner, Bob Holmes, Dick Dawson, David Peltier. On Ground - Manager Barry Epstein, Lyle May. Gary Srouie, Don Hedges, Dale Stever, Bob Keller. Bob Lowe, Ronny Zuber. Manager Bobby Beckman. 52 1. Rockford smothered by Elida taclclers. 2. Toierated during the week . . . Loved on . . Friday night. 3' The daily grmdl!!! 4. Ruby rambles around would-be tacklers. 5. Talking things over. 6. Boy, I wish I were in bed. 54 .W .... so l Back Row 4 Bob Heath, Ronnie Bowers, Tom Miller. Ronnie Strayer Bill Hatton, Ralph Reed, lim Gahman, Dick Kesler Middle How-Bill Foust, Ed Gannon, Warren Smith, Iohn Thompson, Rex Slechter, Howard Steiner, Gary Fowler, Don Leis Iim Billiar, Art Schreiber. Front How - Brooks May, Robert Ruff, Iohn Ruby, Louis Hadding, Bob Burden, Darrel Brant. VARSITY " " The Varsity "E" is an organization which was introduced here by the boys of Elida and which consists only of boys. The fellows are allowed to join only when they earn a letter in the sports of football, basketball, baseball, or track. Every senior member of the club receives a gold charm for whatever sport he has participated in. The club has raised money this year by selling refreshments at the home basketball games and has purchased various gifts for the coaches. This is one organization of which every boy can be and is proud to be a member. The club tries to give the boys a chance to have fun by their annual initiation and also gives them a little work in the selling of the refreshments. 56 SE IIIH HIGH GIHLS' THLETIG SSGGI TIG Lett to Right, Back How - Ioan Parrott, Lois Meier, Phyllis Wagner, Carol Houston, Peg McConnell, Helen McGue, Mary Mayer, Ioy McConnell, Peggy Cox, Ioyce Mikesell, Mrs. Boros. Middle Row - Kay Miller, Ioan Gannon, Beverly Kesler, Marilyn Weaver, Nancy Detrick, Ianice Thomas, Nancy Hines, Ianet Hilleary, Mary Etgen, Ioyce Musser, Sue Edwards, Elnora Heath. Front Row - Lynda Holtzapple. Marlene Stemen, Martha Parrott, Phyllis Cook, Carolyn McRae, Kay Shenk, Karen Iohn, Ianet Thompson, Betty Clark. Sonya Best. UNIIIH HIGH GIHLS' THLETIG SSIIGI TIG Front Row-Mary Cheney, Brenda Kidd, Carolyn Cisco, Anita Lapham, Sharry Fair, Connie McNeil, Emelyn Denlinger. Middle Row - Marie Slayden, Ioan Hobbs, Mariam Mann, Shelba Sakemiller, Pat Detrick, Barbara Meier. Back Row g Esther Carpenter, Diana McKinney, Ioyce Preuss, Barbara Keller, Mary Fishpaw, Rosalie Gannon. 57 II LF. ll!-lll SEPTEMBER 5-Football Olympia. 8-School starts. 9-Introduction of teachers. 12-Football game-Elida vs. Forest. 17-Patch tests in grades 1-8. 19-Football game-Elida vs. Columbus Grove. 24-Lyceum. 25-Election of class officers. 26 -Football game-Elida vs. Shawnee. Mr. Killion came to take pictures of grades 7-11. OCTOBER 3-Football game-Elida vs. Lafayette. 6-"Merchant of Venice" at Central. 10-Football game-Elida vs. Pandora- Gilboa. Phyllis Steiner reigns as Homecoming Queen. 15-X-ray unit took x-rays in grades 1-12. 17-Football game-Elida vs. Delphos. 20-Election of Carnival candidates. 22 23 No heat-school dismissed. -Group pictures taken by Boles-Dandurand. -Football ame-Elida vs. Rockford. 9 Iunior Class Scrap Drive. 24-Seniors go to Tiffin to have their pictures taken. 31-Football game-Elida vs. Spencerville. NOVEMBER 1-Senior's Masquerade Square Dance. 7-Carnival-Seniors Io and Reed reign. 8-Alumni Football game-Evens win. 11-No school-Armistice Day. 25-Basketball game-Elida vs. Columbus Grove. 26-Grade cards. 27-28-Thanksgiving Vacation. DECEMBER 2-Basketball game-Elida vs. Gomer. 5-Senior Class Play "Our Hearts were Young and Gay" 6-Senior Class Play "Our Hearts were Young and Gay" 9-Basketball game-Elida vs. Harrod. 12-Basketball game-Elida vs. Beaverdam. 15-Sophomore Skating Party. 16 17 18 24 Steam shovel dug up front yard. -Grade operetta. -Freshmen Class Party. -Senior Class pictures came. -School's out-Christmas vacation. IANUARY 5-Back to school. 6 14 15 16 -Basketball game-Elida vs. Shawnee. -Farmers' Institute. -Farmers' Institute. -Basketball game-Elida vs. Delphos Iefferson. 20-Basketball game-Elida vs. Harrod. 2 1-Lyceum-Iuggler. 23-Basketball game-Elida vs. Beaverdam. 26-One-third of the students absent with the flu. 27-Basketball game-Elida vs. Rockford. 30-Basketball game-Elida vs. Spencerville. 31-Senior Scholarship test. FEBRUARY 6-Basketball game-Elida vs. Lafayette. 9-Akron Soap Box Derby. 12-Allen County tournaments-Elida vs. Gomer-lost. 17-Allen County consolation-Elida vs. Spencerville-won. 19-Allen County consolation-Elida vs. Gomer-won. Allen County consolation-Elida vs. Harrod-won. 21-Allen County consolation-Elida vs. Beaverdam-lost. MARCH 2-IBM film in typing classes. Iunior Class Play cast chosen. 3-Gas leaked in the Industrial Arts room- phew! 5-Cody got banged on the head. 6-Elida Minstrel. 7-Elida Minstrel. 11-''On-the-Iob-Training-Day'' Senior short- hand students went to Lima to work. 13-Sophomore Class Party. 17-Start of boys class tournaments-Iuniors beat the Freshmen. 18-Senior field trip to Library. Boys class tournaments-Seniors beat Sophomores. 21-District Contests at Ada-STATE for Girls' Glee. 22-Girls' tournaments start. 28-All-Sports Banquet. APRIL 2-Easter Cantata presented by Mixed Chorus. 6-Eisteddfod prelirninaries. 10-Iournalism Party. 16-17-Iunior Class Play-"The Little Dog Laughed" 24-Eisteddfod-Elida comes in third. MAY 4-Track Meet. 8-Mixed Chorus presents "The Mikado" by Gilbert and Sullivan. 7-Honor Society Banquet. 8-Mixed Chorus presents "The Mikado" by Gilbert and Sullivan. 9-Iunior Olympics-Track. 14-Senior Band Concert. 15-Iunior-Senior Banquet. 17-Baccalaureate. 22-Commencement. 24-Seniors leave on class trip. 26-School ends. Pat:-onqe 010- 14daIertiAe1-A LIMA . . . . 60-74 ELIDA . . . 75-80 DELPHCS . . . 81-82 Compgmenfa am! Ma! woken fo 616111125 jine Senior5 FROM A FINE SCHOOL .IB Steel Products The Lima Iron Gm Metal Co LIMA, OHIO 60 T. R. CHILES 84 SON FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE CDAY OR NIGHT, RESUSCITATOR AND IN HALATOR OXYGEN so? IAN 53 oh In QI.- J? WO Pl' 3.5 2525 U.:.l nE'nE 02-5 gia 3 O I I- 3 so MI 93 59873 - 96526 - 581 GS IE U vi 'E O L U I WESTERN OHIO LUMBER COMPANY 'I24 East Vine Street LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL Telephone 49661 LIMA ' OHIO Coml iments of R A L P H ' S 2102 Elida Road IF lT'S WORTH PROTECTING, IT SHOULD BE INSURED WITH DAVISSON, SOLIDAY, SULLIVAN All Forms of Insurance l002 National Bank Bldg. Phone 956l0 Lima, Ohio STIPPICH HARDWARE Established l927 300-306 N. Main Street Opposite Courthouse Appliances-Paints-Housewares LIMA, OHIO lntuihon - The strange instinct that tells a woman she is right whether she is or not. Compliments of RADIO STATION W I M A 233 North Main LIMA, OHIO Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of l953 0 THE CENTRAL BUILDING AND LOAN COMPANY 'I24 W. High St. Lima, Ohio BUNGALOW PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION Dnueslsts Phone 895I I Market at Baxter LIMA, OHIO O L I V E R SALES - SERVICE ost Reducing Equipment Come in . . . Let's Get Acquainted HALKER IMPLEMENT CO. 1030 Findlay Rd. Lima, Ohio COMPLETE BANKING AND TRUST SERVICE UNDER ONE ROOF The National Bank of Lima Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp CONGRATULATIONS from MEIIIIIIW GULD DHIIIY LIMA - ol-no TIP TOP SANDWICH SHOP 312 N. Moin St. LIMA OHIO MAGNESS POULTRY wHoLEsALE 8. RETAIL Phon 3-1247 1204 N Col LIMA, OHIO Th g A II g II1 I Hy fh y h I p I PANGLE'S MASTER MARKET Corner of Central Ave. and Circular St. LIMA, OHIO Where Over 40,000 Peole Shop Every Week 40,000 People Con't Be Wrong Compgmenia 0 NATIONAL BUILDING CORPORATION OPERATORS OF NATIONAL BANK BUILDING 64 'I40 West High Street Lima, Ohio COMPLIMENTS EBLING SUPPLY COMPANY Brice and Metcalf Streets LIMA, OHIO 65 COMPLIMENTS OF WILLIAMS BROS. SUPER MARKETS, INC. LIMA - CRIDERSVILLE OHIO THE LIMA CEMENT PRODUCTS INC. E y A y f p d Concrete Block 81 Brick 9 ey wth f g H Lightweight Block f f ff Phone 56301 Limo, Ohio Best Wishes to the SENIOR CLASS ll53ll Ch ct h f COLONIAL FINANCE CO. U 221 N. Elizabeth Limo, Ohio nthed k 66 H Hnnd Place to WMI: THE UHIU STEEL FUUNDHY CU. LIMA ' OHIO l GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 greg? 2 LIMA, OHIO C df 'tl'1Hart-E yt S exxxul Ill1,,. l26 W IGI SI' LII, 0l0 67 ongrafufafiona fo flue K 77 gfaaa o 53 lllllllWl -llllllll-Hlllllllllll Ellllllllllllllll IIMA-HAMIIIIIN nlvlslnil ALLEN COUNTY TRACTOR 81 IMPLEMENT, INC. SALES 8- SERVICE 825 Findlay Road Limo, Ohio On a quief evening at home, Mrs. Swank suggesfed io her husband, "Dear, why don'f you read io me while I sew?" Mr. Swank obviously didn'f warm fo the idea, sfammered a bit, ihen said, "I fell you what- you sew fo me while l read." CHRISTY EQUIPMENT CO. JOHN DEERE-NEW HOLLAND COBEY FARM MACHINERY L I MA-ADA-OTTAWA Don L. - "How's your insom- nia?" Gary F. - "Worse, can'f even sleep when if's lime fo gef up." THE LIMA PACKING COMPANY KEYSTONE MEAT PRODUCTS Lima, Ohio JOHN HODOSKO 8. SON JEWELER 210 North Elizabeth St. WATCHES Hamilton Longines Elgin Witfnauer Harvel E. J. HEFNER Gr. SON'S DAIRY We solicit your personal inspection of our immaculately clean and modern Dairy Plant any hour of the 24. l MILK HELPS: Children grow, Teenagers glow, Adults go! gomladmenla of ROPE TRUCK SALES, INC. PIMA ' OHIO INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS AND BUSES PARTS SALES AND SERVICE PHONE NO. 48241 Gln f df: h th lhdf lph pl ff bf: lyb elfh ghfh dd CANDYLAND DAN'S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM COFHIQAIH ellffi of Geo. T. Kocher Lumber Co. Ecnst Elm cmd Jackson Streets ot the River LIMA v OHIO Sincere Wishes to the Class of "53" TOM PATTERSON'S sol-ilo sTA'rioN 451 S. Pine 2507 N. West St. Rd. LIIWRENCE FRUIT MRRIIET PLANT SALES FROZEN FOODS FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES S M I T H TRUCK SALES 8- SERVICE GENERAL LINE or GROCERIES G M C 9 Gas and Diesel Repairs and Route 30 S. Service DELPHOS-ELIDA ROAD Phone 47611 100 W. Grand Ave. Limo, Ohio NEW METHOD LAUNDRY "Top QUALITY as SERVICE" TURNER IMPLEM ENT CO. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FARMALL TRACTORS FARM MACHINERY o REFRIGERATION OUR MOTTO HOME FREEZERS 321 w. High 4-1181 Phone 4-1461 133 Water St. Limo, Ohio ioux ddociafion Ofley TELEPHONE 2-2171 435 NO. ELIZABETH STREET LIMA 71 FOR COMPLETE ELECTRICAL SERVICE NEW AND REBUILT MOTORS Electric Motor Rewinding 81 Parts CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS or '53 KELLY COAL 8. BUILDERS' The suPPi.Y co. LIMA ARMATURE womcs w,I1j2','j,j'j,f Qlfegjjji' Ph ne 2-6301 1119 S. M If S. 142 East Pearl St. Lima, Ohio O LIMA, OHIO emo I THE LIMA LUMBER CO. Everything in Building Materials Hardware and Appliances Penn. R.R. and Delphos Ave. Phone 7-3991 Lima, Ohio Where your musical needs are Served best . . . By Musicians ZENDER MUSIC STORE Hank Armantrout 134 E. High St. Lima, Ohio HOOVER APPLIANCES SALES AND sskvice EVERYTHING IN WESTINGHOUSE 322-324 North Main St. Phone 8-7171 Lima, Ohio Webb Insurance Agency Inc. Phone 4-0631 212 West High Street Lima Ohio Just before Christmas, Mr. Sluss read the following on an examination paper: "God only knows the answer to this question, Merry Christ- mas." Across the paper Mr. Sluss wrote: "God gets an A, you get an F, Happy New Year." Conscience gets a lot of credit that belongs to cold feet. MOHLER'S FLOWERS l 'l'l2 W. Market 1058 Bellfontaine Compliments f FABADAY O f -+4 1Lf""' ct EIIISUN 2 watt V 61 Galvani kt ' Lima Ohio You've learned about c 'bei' Wofk in Physics DON'T as cAuGi-it sl-:ont class. For a practical WHEN You MEET demonstration of its f x Q value in your daily lite Si: Tnfplweppelf . . . turn on the nearest X 34 electric appliance. e i f MAN it w i M A Friday 1'I A.M.-Saturday 9 A.M THE LEADER Lima's Leading Dept. Store Entronces on MAIN AND HIGH ST. Shop in Air Conditioned Comfort SINCERE WISHES TO CLASS OF "53" EVAN'S ELECTRIC 16 Public Square LIMA, OHIO Phone 37661 ENRICHED WHITE BREAD TOASTMASTER BREAD Plus Sunshine Vitamin Il Baked by THE FRANK BAKER BREAD CO. LIMA, OHIO Compliments of KAY'S JEWELERS WATCHES DIAMONDS 129 N. Main Lima, Ohio Phone 39371 BEST WISHES FROM A FRIEND For daughter 'tis very improper To be caught in the parlor by popperf But if she insists she wants to be kissed, ls it proper, for popper, to stop her? H O LTZAP P L E WHITE ROCK FARM EGGS BABY CHICKS STARTED PULLETS POULTRY SUPPLIES AND FEEDS ELIDA OHIO PHONE: I9-255I I9-2933 CONGRATULATIONS K R U S E ' S AND 0 BEST WISHES SOHIO SERVICE 0 O STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS 9 THE Tlres and Accessories BAND , BOOSTERS Limo I9 2181 Elido Moin 70 75 'l'HE EAHMEHS BAHH UF ELIDA ELIDA 0 OHIO Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BEST WISHES LEODA DAVI DSON'S BEAUTY sl-lor I9-2222 Elida, Ohio Warren S. after stepping in- doors from a near-hurricane, "It's raining cats and dogs." John R. - "Don't I know it, I just stepped in a poodIe." Social tact is making your company feel at home even though you wish they were. ELIDA MILLWORK and LUMBER CO. Highway 30-S Elido, Ohio THE ELIDA FAHMEHIS EUIIITY EXCHANGE 0 A GOOD PLACE TO BUY AND SELL O I9-2291 Main 78 ELIDA, OHIO QOOJ OZIMCL! Elida Boosters Club SENIOR CLASS AND MAY THEIR FUTURE BE AS SUCCESSFUL AS THEIR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS QYDQOXQ THE BOOSTERS ARE TRYING TO DO A FINE PIECE OF WORK SO LET'S SHOW OUR APPRECIATION AND BOOST THE BOOSTERS. 77 S T R Y E R ' QUALITY GROCERIES MEATS TELEPHONES: Limo: I9-2531 Elido: MAIN 40 KRUSE HARDWARE 0 COAL HARDWARE FERTILIZER Durotherm Fuel Oil Heaters 0 ELIDA, OHIO Limo I9-2274 Elidcl 39 LA RUE'S GREENHOUSE CORSAGES POTTED PLANTS FLOWER AND VEGETABLE PLANTS DISH GARDENS Phone I9-2805 Elida, Ohio CHARLES W. LITTLE BUILDER OF MODERN HOMES Phone I9-2064 R. No. 2, Elido G0n'll0Al'nel'l-t5 ENSLEN'S STORE ELIDA, OHIO Lima 19-2281 Telephones: Elida 474 LADD'S SERVICE STATION "BE SURE WITH PURE" Telephone 19-2800 LONG FARM EQUIPMENT Telephone Lima 19-2901 Elida 268 CREIGHT'S TOP NOTCH RESTAURANT Open 24 Hours Sinclair Service Lubrication Lunches - Short Orders ALLENTOWN MARKET MEATS - GROCERIES SHELL GAS Phone l9-23l3 3397 Allentow Allentown, Ohio fl Mr. Leis: "When are you go- ing fo slop driving from the back seat?" Mrs. Leis: "When you stop driving from lhe back seal?" Mrs. Leis: "When you slop cooking from the dining room fable." LONG'S BARBER SHOP sum, omo DR. R. M. BAILEY VETERINARY HOSPITAL 206 S. West Street Best Wishes to the Seniors Telephone 9-3516 Lima, Ohio STRAYER PLUMBING AND HEATING WINKLER OIL BURNERS ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS Tel, No. I9-2I7l "Rex," said Mr. Boger, "would you care to fell the class what happens when a body is im- mersed in wafer?" "Sure," Rex said, "The tele- phone rings." BETTYS BEAUTY SHOP Main 72 ELIDA, OHIO 'I9-2111 Operated by Pauline Beerman Permanent Waving Hair Cutting Tinting MANICURES BASEMENTS sswens suu.oozlNG JOHN P. MUSSER Excavating Phone I 9-2723 Elida, Ohio SULLIVAN ELECTRIC G.E. T.V. HOTPOINT APP. SALES 8- SERVICE Licensed Electrical Contractor Elida, Ohio R. R. No. I If all the automobiles in the world were placed end fo end, if would be Sunday afternoon HAHTEH and SUN gllllefaf ,Nome Distinctive Service TWO NEW AND MODERN AMBULANCES TO SERVE YOU Equipped with Oxygen PHONE: 4021 DELPHOS, OHIO SCOTT'S GROCERY FOR FINE FOODS Clyde: "Louie, are you ever fired with enfhusiasm?" . H . Louie: Yes, Sir, from every job I Iackles." COMPLIMENTS OF R A A B E MOTOR SALES Phone 6801 Delphos Ohio LION CLOTHING DELPI-los, oHlo Known for Good Clothes and Courteous Service The Delphos Printing and Publishing Company The DELPHOS DAILY HERALD The DELPHOS TWICE-A-WEEK COURANT Compliments of CORNER HARDWARE DELPHOS, OHIO Phone 78ll 201 s. Clay HORINE LUMBER CO. Oak, Birch, Mahogany, and Pine for Manual Training Delphos, Ohio LINCOLN HIGHWAY DAIRY High Grade Butter Homogenized and Pasteurized DAIRY PRODUCTS DELPHOS, OHIO Compliments of SH EETER MOTOR SALES DODGE and PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS Sheeter Form Equipment Dealer ALLIS-CHALMERS FARM MACHINERY ,vr , -.V xJ.s,,g N ' ' .. ' 'A v If . 'BFE-if Z . : 1 ' . - " 3511. .fy V 125' ' 7111- S. f r ' , 'sf -' a. 4 Q 1 4. ,. , . l I ,, .,, . X, . .gl -. . . . Jvc I .4 In - . , ' V Q 1: il- izfwj I fi , " ff- ,L.fg,I - Vi,,.,:,,,,A' ,' .5 "VS - 'Z . U 3: V ' I k . ' A , .L-'ff' . 24 r i X . , N 1 if , ,T , , , , 'ji u ,-.,.-- h -- -4-gg 1 E1 -1 . 'vff iii -g. it if. 'E'-'-l". , - ' Y , , 'N .. ,, X w qu' . 9 Q 'I ' QE' -f f - ,.f. fr 4 .4 4 Y ' , ,. . . ' YL, '1 --.-.J ,FW .-1.1,-N ' sf 1.1. .Y 41'-Lrg, 1 ., gat. --Q. 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Q1 ,gp rgvy f. x 'K f l.. y , Thi ' -1 rl mY 0 'Ig 'W if, sg 1, 4 x WB" r ,. 3 , 13 ,+ , , Lx Lyla .3 , ' 11,13 qv '- l .3 i,.-1,--4.. 51, - .fgd . ,i5,f W 1 - 3:35 ' ' A ,fl g 4. , j 51,23 , .A , - s . ,awr'5,ii,1 f E'.Y "'21i-,g .. Y,-'-"1-ES 'VZPFE :ah , ,. , , , 'Wf"?'v- Q ' u I-Z ' V '-73251 aff 12-wi 53.413 tra in. iff ' 3' M1 111-,,n,J"4,1-,-': 11 1-if.-' mf.: 4- -a"4?1:5-'f 2 2' 24 V at '1"'E? '--: . ' 'il' , Q' - 75: 'F-jig,-F, A 12'ifi,:Lf"'2! " ,A ,T T gre . feb L5 QQ: a25f.""-5 'QM 'Q ig' 5 '34, J JJ. . H 2 bf QT? ':T ' 5,-1 A 31522 A - 'S -ey. ,Q V. Tic. . ,, -. 3' ,,,, ,,.,. M 1 : f-Fr". .. ,-M .4 -.J , 4. , - 55:41 ' V 1. ." 1 33 ., . :JI kin, . .1 an -V F, Eur x .Q wrfuf, ,, ,.-fx., . .." , r 1. A 1 4 v in ,L' Y , 1 .-1, 7 H-f " '. 1 ' .fjj ' avgf:-fE'jt:'-:X g.,, . 1 v ,.,.

Suggestions in the Elida High School - Reflector Yearbook (Elida, OH) collection:

Elida High School - Reflector Yearbook (Elida, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Elida High School - Reflector Yearbook (Elida, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Elida High School - Reflector Yearbook (Elida, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Elida High School - Reflector Yearbook (Elida, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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