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5 , , . 712911 YI S 195 C' C -.3 Q :TQ 1 ful! I EJ N ,J '3x I 4 I 0 XXX -' 2 I 'J I K I 1 L C"-v C 0 OL ' ELIDA IO E . N I if DA HIGH SCI-IO i MEMORIES O I-I I ARDATH BRANT EDITOR IN CHIEF BETTY PINNEY BUSINESS MANAGER ANNA BRIGHT DITORIAL ADVISER ROBERT DURBIN BUSINESS AovoSER jlwm, the vi' Hi Kilda Alma Moter 2. Trek fo school 3. ls it sloppy, Kay? V .A Wwwfff, Mmm .. ' 7f'Z"55i" . Kiwi" ' wp, ,Ch2hl:d,h2d, An, dam, m, yeah, to . . . A, The gong's ol! here 6, Pals 8. Autograph, please 5. Mod scramble 7. Preffy smuIes7 9, Toll, dork ond - U1 1 . ... ,. " ::: I Ill X Yll 11 ia! jim, wmlf, wr, dial, the ILULUIA, ' ' waallmacia. nuJz,!JziQndA,havn,41m.o,,b 40,01'LHl'liD1'L., 1. 5fL1dymg9 3. Llstcddfod-ffC.Clpf Hurrwblowcr' Z, Nochcotmg now 4. Surprised? -Q' 1 the hdA,l26lAA.Qd, . wg, . e-t-C-h 6. Sitting Pretty 7, Ice cream ot reor? 8. Freshmen skaters 9, Bull session IO, Future homemokers Ii. Just routine QTHQITI GF' b N N "'--. Jive qZCLCLlH'L' Q? "x N X .5x.......-f Q 'gi 1,5 nw'- Ij NN 1 Q K 1 SCHOOL BOARD FROM LEFT TO RIGHT 5 finland, Swank SUPERINTENDENT The Memornes staff and their advnsers are to be complnmented onthe edntmg and productlon of the 1950 1951 edltnon of Memorles student annual publncatuon Much plannung and a great deal of effort and hard work are obvuously necessary for the completion of thus task The rnch experuences galned In the wade varuety of work unvolved In thus project and slmular ones un school actnvutaes are perhaps as rewardnng as the completion of a course of study Co operatuon p tlence persustence loyalty and tolerance are the by products of mutual effort These are Qual: tues that students may use all of thenr lnves l would luke to encourage all students to octave par tlclpatlon an svmllar self rewardlng extra curricular actlvltnes To the Senuars who are leavung theur Alma Mater after twelve years of publnc school edu cotton l wush to extend best washes and good luck May the fnner qualrtues of a well rounded personaluty and good character always reflect themselves nn your dauly lnvlng These are attrn butes of which you and your school may always be proud Earl Holtzapple Vuce Presndent Herbert Boate Clerk Fred Muller Presndent Noah Muller John Vandemark Darrel Crnder 1 o l 1 ,35 w w , 1 , 05 my . K - I 1 . ' I O- I I I - ' ' I - I . - 1 1 , 8 it Jfowmd lam, ,qv PRINCIPAL Q-,.,..u Best of luck and happaness to the Sensor Class of l95l May the tune book of MEMORIES appeal to all who look at It now and also to those who look at It ten or twenty years later as at recalls old days and old fruends Students are now In the process of acquurung the knowledge to combat the forces wuth which they wull lnevltably come an contact an later lute The future holds much nn store for the persons who grve thenr best We hope that as you take your places nn all walks of life your edu cataon has implanted nn you a sense of socaal and moral responsubuluty Also that It wnll be pos sable for you to fat Into socuety and partrcnpate an the further development of socnety Through a good educatlonal program lnduvuduals should be prepared to participate more untellugently and responsnbly nn a democratic government Wim, 0'7lulL SECRETARY 9 S. vu ' s . 1 l I I . . D l I. - . I T , . . MISS MARIE JONES Bowling Green Store Unnver :ty BS. Ed. X Wuttenberg College ,,.,,f Ohio Store Unlversufy VocotuonnI Home lcon rnnc MR WILLIAM GOODISII Fnnciloy Coll ge A B Induono Unuversnty S :ence 7 8 9 MRS. ANNA BRIGHT Wuttenberg College, AB Ohio Store Unwermy Lotun I Englnsh IO, II, I2 Annual Adviser MR, ARTHUR SCI-IREIIZEI Ccntre College, A B Bmlogv Sanur Sciento- Soenie 9 fx I,II1ruI Co4.rI, MlSS RITA BERGMAN Ohio State University, B S Ed Physical Education 7'l2 Social Studies 7, 8 MR. LAVONNE STROPE Ball State Teachers College, B5 Business Training Bookkeeping Shorthand Typing Journalism Adviser MR. ROBERT DURBIN Ohio Northern University, BS Indiana University Civics World History American History Salesmanship Annual Adviser MR, HARRY MULTER Wilmington College, B S, Miami University Physics Math 7, 8 Junior High CoOCli MISS JACQUELINE SMITH Bowling Green State University, BS Ed. Olivet College English 7 Music l-6 Girls' Glee Club MR, RALPH TINIANOW Ohio Stote University, BS, Northwestern University, M.M. Junior High Music Senior Chorus Boys' Glee Vocal Ensembles Instrumental Senior Bond MR, ARDEN ROSS Ohio Northern University, BS, Ed Industriol Arts Drawing MR. CLARENCE THOMPSON Ohio Northern University B S o Grande College Eng ish 8 9 Physicol Educotion Cooch mdej BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Elias Lloyd, Mr. Mildred Crates Mrs Gertrude Brennemon, Mrs Corwdocc Von Horn, Mvss Morrow? Oumn, Muxs Dwxxc Seltz, Mrs Ruth Hculrzopplc. FFQONT ROWW LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Thoridcua GnlIuIGnd Mrs Grcrdfcrw Crcmcorv MrS GCJxrvQIl Kraft, Mrs MIIcIrQfI JOIwn3, Mrg Mom Boedrlcr bb! "iff-A if 'rw .FS-Q 44" " OFFICE HELP BACK IQOVV, I EI T J Mclrlcvwrf MIIICL Lthr GI 1 Nfnrmm JCOH Krrrtrcr D I D Vmc FRONT IQOVV LEIT RIGHT, VVIIMO Sfm x r VVrIQI'1t TQNCIIQ Kwfsw tu 9 rrC SHQCR COOKS fvfri Nx rrIff I'r'W'r fv'rv Freda P-:rg H ENGINEER 1 A . CUSTODIANS -'VN ff. L I31.".' rf, 1 , ,. ., Ayr, III! ., emembela Jhe Class ? Q42 Q Y ' I , X 5 ',. ' O? ' ' Q' f Ti. ' . ' , A u, f u X64 N W N x ' 0 1 tv. N,. y 2. ' 'I ,y L -,.,f"'Sx K X x 5, .1 f iw' Q a x 2 x ' Q in 'l s'5n. ,pm ' I .5 X .fs."'x- 'fx 5x5 1 N I I l x 4 Q PATRICIA BARTH a w a rockun chanr a mnrror and all the Hadacol he needs to anyone who gets chucken pox m has senlor year Commerctal Course Grls Glee 1 2 tContnnent all 3 tSOuthl 4 Eusteddtod 1 2 lContunental1 Executive Committee 4 Homecomlng Queen 4 Class Play 4 ARDATH BRANT I wall the toys of bcvng cds tor of thc 1952 annual to Ann Breneman Commercial Course Memorues Staff 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Camera Club 1 Lu brary 3 Jr Town Meetlng 2 3 D A R Test 4 Honor cley 3 4 Whos Who Valedlctornan EUGENE CRAWFORD Gene I wnll my talln ss to Wee Lyons General Course 1 2 Elsteddfod 2 Mtnstrel 2 Football 1 Baseball 1 2 Class Play 3 Camera Club 1 2 RICHARD LEE DARDIO Duck I wull Bull Desenberg to the poor unsuspectmg faculty College Preparatory Course Mnxed Chorus l Boys Glee Els Musuc Festuval 1 Class Pres: dent 3 Journalnsm 3 Memor I8 tatf 3 Varsity E 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Foot all B a Class Play 3 4 Camera Club 2 Library 1 Carnuval Kung lA1 1 Honor Soclety 4 Whos Who 4 GORDON FOUST m a I I t e along wlth Mr Thompson t anyone who cant General Course DEAN KAY BOATE Casey m ab: to steady wuth one gurl to Davud Moore College Preparatory Course Bos Glee 3 Munstrel 4 Executnve Commlttee l 2 3 Sergeant at Arms 4 Journal um 3 4 arsuty E Football 1 2 3 4 Basketb ll B Class Play 3 4 Camera Club 1 Track 2 3 Whos Who 4 NORMA COLLINS Tater Bug l wall my shortness to Doro thy Edwards Com me rcual Course Memorles Staff 4 G A A 4 Lubrary 3 4 Class DARLENE DANIEL Dome l wall my ablllty to go wlth one boy to Maryorue Reese General Course Chorus 1 2 Ensteddfod 2 3 Music Fe-stlval 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Northwest Dnstnct Audntnons 3 Ohlo State Audu tlons 3 Minstrel 2 Executive Commlttee 2 3 4 Journalism A 2 3 4 Dr Majorette 2 3 4 l-lomecom :ng Attendant 1 Whos Who 4 Ensemble 4 Class Play 4 RICHARD DRIVER Duck l wnll my pet peeve teach ers to anyone who wants them General Course Football 2 Basketball l 2 3 Class Play 4 Carnuval Kung 4 Honor Society 3 EUGENE FRYSINGER Gene l wall my grades ln trug to anyone who wants them General Course Journallsm 4 IIP 'll ll ll "l ill ' g ', "l will y il'ty go I ll , h I V '- Y , , . , , . . 1 , I , ' ' I ' , : S , 1 V ' " " 2, 3, 4: I f , , I 0 5 . l, 2, 3, 4, aseball 2, 3, 4, . I. I , ,, H ,, ll I ' ' 5 . , . , 2 A 3, Q ' , z Play , I I - 3, 4. . , I . S I , . , , , or ' t , J ' 4: ll ll ll ' ll " ' e 'Pee " ' H ' , ,, - . ,, Mixed Chorus 1, Boys' Glee Girls' Glee 2, 3, Mixed , : ' 1 ' 2 ,H 2 , 2 2 , J , , , :E I 1 , . , , , 5 I I . .I I . f I I 3, 4, G.A. , 1, , , 5 um f , I ' . , , " ' " u - u " ' ' 11 - - ll I - I I ll . I , I 1, 2, 4, 'teddfod 1, 2, 4, 5 I I ,I ' 2 5 ' ' . ' , ,c ,, ' P - s S 5 2, 3, Q , , , : b 1, 2, 4, asketb ll 2, 3, 4, , 2 2 5 ' ' . ' . ' , , ,, ., "I will y blty o gt " ' ' ' I I O Il I ll 4 ETHEL MAE GITHENS w m sum nur Blanche Sanders Commerclal Course A I ry e2 DWIGHT GOOD wull my abuluty to sc un Mr Schreuber s sensor sclence class to anyone who can get away wnth ut General Course arslty E 3 4 Foot a 3 4 Basketball 4 Baseball 3 4 Camera Club l IRMA JEAN HARTMAN wll my ablllty sta up on skates on Jean Drlver General Course SALLY HERSH o I wull my short halr to Ruth Unland College Preparatory Course Journalusm 3 4 Class Play DAVID GOLIVER Dave m a II to s I school and not get caught to Gene Boothby College PrCDOrat1ry Caur C Mcmorlcs S I 4 Varsu y Football I lMan a erl 2 asketball l lManagerl 3 Baseball l 2 3 Camera Club l Track 4 JAMES HADDING um my sma fet t Bony Gahman General Course Basketball 2 3 MARGARET LILLIAN HATTON Peggy l wlll my red haur to Anne Stevenson General Course Chorus 2 3 4 Elsteddfod 2 3 Music Festival 4 Bandl Journalusm 4 GAA I 2 Of f e 3 Carnnval Queen At tendant I MARLENE HOLTZAPPLE Holtzy m abult to sa out of detentlon to my sxster Lynda College Preparatory Course Band I Mlnstrel 2 I9 President 4 Memorles Staff 4 A I C brary 4 Carnival ueen Town Meetlng 3 Cheerleader D A R Test 4 Han Socuety 3 4 Whos Who 4 EARL DANIEL KIZER JR Danny I wrll my slum figure to Jam Boroft College Preparatory Course Boys Glee 3 Class Presudenf 4 Se retary treasurer 3 Jour nalsm 3 Varsuty ootball I IS u asketball l auth? 3 Baseball 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Carnival Kang Attendant 3 Jr Town Meeting 3 Honor S clety 3 Whos Who 4 Vu! all .li 5' "I an y I' ftg 2 to "I will y bury kp G.A. . l L'bra 2, 3g Off ' ' S- , ' Inc , 4. tot g t "E" 2, 3, 4g . 1, , 'fa Q , 32 B , 2 HJ- H "l ' " I ep "I will f ll e o - . I I 5 v ' " " , g b ll T I , K "l i " to nd H H Girls' Glee I, 2, 35 Mixed , ic I , I - - - , , - , IIS Ill ," "I will y " y t y - 3, 4, ' ' - 5 I 5 V'c - GA. . , 13, lass Play 4, Lil g ' Q 4g Jr, I, 2g . . . I g or ' , 1 ' . ' it Z, ' 1, a I C ' I I ' I 5 ' "E" 3, 45 F , 2, O thl 3, 45 B , IS , 45 . I ' Ol W 1-4' TT? if wks 'di' 'W-ui NORMA JEAN KORTIER Dlmples I wlll my curly haur to Betty nland Vocatlonal Course urs ee 3 Mlxcc C Orus I 2 Elstcddfod 2 3 uslc Festuval I 2 3 Ban 2 3 Northwest Dlstrlc u ltlons 2 3 no State udltlons 3 Mlnstrel 2 Jour :sm 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Lubrary fxce 4 Jr Town Meetlng 3 nsemble 3 ELDON LARRY McCOY m I wull my abuluty to anyone who wants It General Course Band I lS0uthI Varslty E 3 4 Footbal 2 3 lMa gerI Basketball 2 3 4 lMana gerl Baseball 2 3 lManagcrI WILLIS MEIER u I wlll my ablllty to drive O car and stay ln one place to Mr Thompson General Coarse PATRICIA MORRIS a I wall my brother Gene to Delores DeVore Commercnal Course Glrls Glee I 2 ll'-lolgate 3I Mixed Chorus I 2 ll-lolgate 33 Class Play ll-lolgate 33 4 L brary ll-lolgate 37 Office 4 PAUL LAMAN Peanut I wrll my dalnty flgure to Maxune Metzger Vocational Course Executnve Committee 3 Var 3 4 Foatbal I I C rvlllcl 3 Bas 0 Ja lSpencervulleI Track I lSpcn rvlllel FFA I 2 l5p0r1 r v llel JANET McKINNEY rn lon 1 Pattu Bryan Comrnercual Course rs Glce I 2 3 Eustc fad 2 Journallsm 4 GAA I 2 3 4 Camera Cub EUGENE MORRIS Flash m T to r Strope General Course Boys Glee 4 Elsteddfod I arsuty E F oball 4 Basketball I 2 4 lfalalgate 3I Track I Class Play 4 LEWIS NERI Lew I will my ablllty to dr: ble a basketball to Loans I-laddlng College Preparatory Course Mlxecl Chorus lSt Marys II Do s GI e 4 Eusteddfod 4 Football 4 Basketball 4 Class Play 4 Boys Ensemble 4 DOROTHY PRINCE "I wlll my ablllty to play guard and shoot baskets to anyone who can get awav wlth lt" General Course. Girls' Glee 2, 3, Muxed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Elsteddfod 2, 3, 4, Band 2, Class Presl- clent 2, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Journalism 3 ,4, GA A, I, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Class Play 3, 4, Office 3, I-lomecomlng At- I tendant 35 Cheerleader 4, Who's Who 4. BETTY PINNEY Pane I wall my go d memory to M Durban College Preparatory Course Executavc Commattee Jaurnalasm 3 Memoraes Staff C ss Pay 3 4 Carnav u cn Attendant 3 Jr Town etang 3 D A R Te nor 5 ca ty 3 BUDDY RADER u I wall my naghtmares that have stu y hal to ae Jones General Course Maxed Chorus I 2 os cc I 3 Easted d Manstrel 2 Executave Commat arsa Football 2 Basketball I 2 4 Class Play 3 4 Track 2 WILMA SANDY Re I wall my natural curly haar to Patty Lyons Commercaal Course A I O CONNIE SHENK w Stan Strayer Joyce Musser Commercaal Course Garls Glee 3 Maxed Chorus 4 Easteddtod 3 4 Se r tary Treasurer 2 Journalasm 3 A A 4 a Presadent 4 Class Play 3 4 I-lomecomang Attendant 3 Cheerleader I 2 Honor So caety 3 4 Whos Who 4 DORIS WRIGHT WINIFRED PONTING Wlnme l wall thc mamcograph m chane to .loan Rhodes Commercaal Course Journalasm 3 4 Class Play A R Tes WALTER STANTON RILEY Cedrack l wall my hot temper to Jam Boroff General Course Maxed Chorus I 2 oys ee I 2 Easteddfod Manstrel 2 Journalasm 4 Bas all 3 B s all Class Play 4 WILLIAM SELHORST a m abalaty Sl physacs class to anyone who can get by wath at General Course Maxed Chorus I Boys GI Vara E 4 Foot a 4 Bas Camera Club I KENNETH SHERRICK Flashgun I wall my curly haar to Jack Boothby General Course Maxed Chorus 2 Boys Glee 2 Easteddfod 2 Football 2 Basketball 2 Camera Club I 2 Track 2 w my heagh ar ganaa Steveley Commercaal Course Memoraes Staff 4 Class Play 4 Llbrary 3 Offace 4 DA R Test 4 Honor Svcaety 3 Sclutatorlon 'Z Q' 'Q 11 -'43 K Klan, PM The other day I sat down at my typewrnter deter mIned to wrIte a book concernIng my world travels One drawback was the fact that I had never taken a world trIp To remedy that I Immedtately made reserva trons on one of the T W A ConsteIlatIons for a com plete trIp around the world No sooner had I stepped onto the fueld than I en countered one of my old classmates It was Norma Collrns She IS now the chIef stewardess for T W A In thIs reguon As the plane was about to take off the last pas senger Came runnlng onto the fIeld and Into the plana I had heard that I was to be on the same plane as a famous dress desIgner so I thought perhaps I could get some InterestIng facts for my book I went over to talk to her and much to my surprIse her face was famIIIar It was none other than Darlene DanIel Darlene SOId she was on her way to ParIs to speak at a desIgners conventuon I asked her whether she mIght not be on the wrong plane ParIs would be one of the last stops thIs one made RealIzIng she was on the wrong plane she Wlfed Pans that she would be a lIttIe late and we settled back to enjoy the trIp Our fIrst stop was Honolulu MISS CoIlIns Informed us that about a month before she had seen two of our former classmates DwIght Good and Walter RIley here They had told her that they were on a scIentIfIc expedl tIon and that they expected to be an the Island for about sIx months Darlene and I decIded to fInd the boys and see If they had any materlal for my book We found them on top of an old volcano on the Island They were lookIng for rare rocks and fossIls In the heart of the dead volcano Walter had Iust gotten hurt when we arrIved the best doctor In the house Much to our surpruse we met Doctor LEWIS Nerl LEWIS was very busy but we managed to get a few words wIth hIm He sand he had heard about a few of our classmates Larry McCoy IS head of the rocket to the moon expedItIan In Los Alamos New Mextco Paul Loman IS hrs test ptlot and Kenneth Sherrlck has charge of the photography on the trIp Another ElIda alumnus from whom LewIs had heard was Bud Rader He IS makIng tours all over and s a bg ht bIIIed as ZIngo the sIngIng steel guItar accom panIed by Bud Rader Ttme was runnlng short so Darlene and I hopped INTO our plane to contlnue our trap around the world We stopped In PIetermarItzburg South Afrlca to refuel We wanted to stretch our legs so we got the plane and walked around the GIVDOYY A sIgn drew our attentIon It saId BIG SAFARI LEAVING FOR TAN GANYA TERRITORY BY WAY OF ZAMBEZI RIVER OBJECT OF SAFARI IS SEARCH FOR PIN STRIPED MONGOOSE ANYONE INTERESTED SHOULD CON TACT BILL SELHORST OR DAVID GOLIVER We had known BIII and Dave In school and would have lIked to talk wIth them but our plane was leavIng and we dvd not get to see them Contlnutng our trIp we landed In Sldney Australta to get InformatIon on an expertment that would revolu tIonIze the productton of kangoroos Some scIentIsts were tryIng to cross breed kangoroos wIth aIlIgators to produce an alllgator purse wIth a buIlt In coIn purse We learned that these scIentIsts were old frIends of ours Pat MorrIs and Pat Barth MovIng Into Moscow Russna whIch we could now enter due to the efforts of AmerIcan Ambassador Kay Boate we met our old frtend Kay who was In too much of a hurry to talk very long Seems that he was on hIs way to talk to Joe about a I5 month calendar Kay saId he would veto It' SkIppIng Into France we stopped In Pans where Dar lene saId she would leave me There to meet her was ConnIe Shenk who IS edltor In chIef of one of the larger Parts fashIon magaztnes She told me she ha some other schoolmates workIng for her Janet M KInney and WInIfred Ponttng who are two of her abc asststants work along wIth Peggy Hatton who IS beauty edItor of the magazIne Tume was flllllng so we moved across the channel Into England In London I heard that two former Els dattes were makIng good In the publIshIng busIness Ardath Brant and DOFIS WrIght are owners of the Speak E Z DIctIonary PubIIshIng Company pubIIshers of dIctIonarIes encycIopedIas world atlasses almanacs and funny books WorkIng on theIr secretarlal staff were Marlene Holtzapple and WIlma Sandy The company IS new but busIness IS boomung already Ardath was tellIng of an accIdent that occurred to her She was In London at the tIme The other car had been drIvIng on the wrong slde of the street She lumped out of her car to Inspect the damage and came face to face wIth wIld BIII Meter The accIdent was soon forgotten as they started to talk over old tImes BIII sand that he IS owner of a racIng syndlcate In New York and was In London lookIng over racIng cars He also saId that he had James Haddung and Gordon Foust workIng for hIm They are hIs test drlvers Mr Meter also owns a Iunk yard It was taklng off tIme and I left for New York When I landed I met Earl Danlel KIzer Jr who was boardIng the plane as I was gettIng off He now owns a refrtgera tIon company In Alaska He saId busIness wasnt so hot I also learned that Gene MorrIs IS one of hIs super salesmen In the Yukon TerrItory Trme flew and so dd I rIght back to New York where I met a female newspaper reporter Norma Jean KortIer by name who was another member of the class of Sl She was to Interview me about my trIp around the world I whlstled for a cab and soon I saw one swIna around the corner on two wheels scatter a crowd of people and come to a screechIng stop In front of us I wasnt too surpnsed to see Gene Crawford at the wheel I always dud say he would make a good drIver If he had only half a chance I learned from Gene that other 5l ers had made good too Ethel GIthens IS now the secretary for a Ieadlng law frrm In New York Sally Hersh and Betty Ptnney are co owners of a large de partment store In Trenton New Jersey Employed Chlef accountant wIth the PInney Hersh fIrm IS Irma Hartman Dorothy PrInce was Iust appoInted Dean of Women at Vassar College Back IH our own home state of Ohuo we learned that RIchard DFIVEF and Gene FrysInger have merged theIr talents and started a large daIry DecIdIng I had enough facts I saId good bye to Gene and Rtchard and started to my OffIC9 at the Dardlo Publtshlng Company t compose the book I am not planntng to sell thIs book as It IS now a part of my school day memoIrs DIck Dardlo and Darlene Danuel . . . - ' I I , , , ' I - . - ' ' . d I ' . c- , I I . . l . I I I . ' ' ll 4 r - - ll ' . I - . I I 1 I I I I 1 r I I I . . , ' . . . , If , 1, . . . We rushed him to the nearest hospital and asked for . . - If ' I ' . . . . . V A I . . . ' i I ' , . ' ' I I - I II . H . I . . . I , I . , . . I, . I I I I I I I . . " - ' , . as ,, I . . . I . . - I - ll , A , II . . . I . , . O I ' i ' DOROTHY PRINCE Secretory Treasurer DANNY KIZER Presldent MARLENE HOLTZAPPLE Vuce Presndent lam, On the openmg day of school nn September l95O thlrty nnne sensors entered the doors of dear old E H S for their last year Thus distinguished looking group chose the follownng to rep resent them Presldent Danny Klzer Vuce Presndent Marlene Holtzopple ond Secretary Treo surer Dorothy Prince Worknng toward the closs tnp to New York at the end of the year scrop drlve a bake sale o doughnut sole and the class plo wos given by two different casts on the 25th Pot Barth wos chose rengned os K sponsored a y Thus three act comedy of April mnng Queen and Morlene Holtzopple and Richard Drnver Queen of the Cornlval Dorothy Prlnce was elected one of the vorsrty cheer lndnvuduol honors were bestowed upon Connue Shenk as editor of the Bulldog Revuew and Ardoth Brant for benng chosen editor of l95l Memornes Rlchard Dordlo roted an the upper ten In the Allen County Sensor Scholarship tests token at Centrol Hugh School Thnrteen of the Sensors hove gone through school together at Ellda svnce the fnrst doy their school career They are Darlene Doneel Gordon Foust Ethel Gnthens Davld Gollver Dwnght Good Jim Hoddung Morgoret Hatton Marlene Holtzopple Normo Jean Kortuer Walter Rlley Wnlmo Sandy Connle Shenk and Dorus Wright The class was royolly entertained at the Junior Sensor Banquet on May 4 at Sprlngbrook Now as we prepare to fulfnll our dreams for the future we leave our beloved Almo Ma wuth many pleosant memornes behind us L Q . :N " 3 C 6 O 1 1 ' l U Z I 1 I . ' A 1 l ' , . ' ' , the class I I 1 I yi llGlrl'Sh 'H I ' ' ' ond 26th ' . n Homeco ' , ' ' ' ing and ' . ' ' - leaders. - - - - 11 - ll ' ' II ' Il of ' . 2 ' , , ' , ' ' , I I I l I I I I ' I ter 21 mf Wy 5 4 W K' I . ' , ' ' 5 Y ' i E is MQW 5? , ,. 'LW' 'L 'Agia I h, 'aka 'R 5 fi .V ,M if 4- Bertha Atspough Jrm Boroff Arm Bruturwan ruttuy brown Fatt: Bryan 4. ,ff-'Q Max Camo 53 753- Treva Catlrm dd? FY Hi is 171 ,yo Q, Y-mv! Susan Cremearr W D rw Crowe JN-W -an. if? Q'- rr 3' wh ,N-V in 'H M4 ,, .,.,., X.- Etame Dawdborm I crm Ddoru. DLVore Jaan Drrver Dorothy Edwards Robert Edward fotsy Foilo Wrlmer Hartman Barbara Hinton Robert Hostetler flazm, Ufgicazm VASTY FOLLAS Presrderwt SHWRLEY SHOCK Secretary-Treasurer MAX CISCO Vrcc- Prvzntiurwt Ruth Keller Rosalie Kieswetter Z? Jack Kruse LaDoyt Little 'Z' Robert Lyons 'S Jane McKinney Robert Messick 'L' John Miller rt --19 Marlene Miller Robert Miller Tom Mitchell 14' David Moore Mary Riley Joan Rhodes Blanche Sanders Shirley Shock 'Q Jack Shook Evonne Stewart Anne Stevenson Eldon Stirn Betty Unland J' NOT IN PICTURE James Fletcher Stella Frysinger William Gahman John Githens Charles l-larrod Don Holmes lam, year ahead of them Selecting class officers receiving class rings and getting ready for the Junior Senior Prom were already entering the thoughts of many of the iuniors A skating party and paper drives were held to make money for the prom Another very important function of these busy students was the Junior Class Play The Mad March Heirs Elaine Davidson and Robert Hostetler were our candidates for the Carnival King and Queen Shirley Shock was chosen to attend the Homecoming Queen ln sports Bob Edwards and Eldon Stirn took the spotlight as they were on the varsity for both football and basketball Other energetic lads were Bill Desenberg Max Cisco Don Holmes Jim Boroff John Miller Robert Miller LaDoyt Little and Don Crowe Two junior girls Marlene Miller and Anne Stevenson were varsity cheerleaders Now the Junior Class of Sl goes forward to become seniors leaving behind only memories of their junior year 25 . A fr' " M: it ' , v . f L, +-V 4 er 'H IS: , , S .177 I 6 I After three months of vacationing the Junior Class came back to school anticipating a full 5 5 Svpfw A TOP ROWW - Ruth Barne Cretora Bear Jack Bacthlny wx? 'Y u Beverly Carr Shirley Cisco -.,. Stanley Crlder si. I if A ' SECOND ROW Edward Davis V Dielf. Davis . , Charles Dawson 1 an ,N 'S if' Shirley Detrick I ",, J A Leo Etgen 'rv ,gf Mary Alice Etaen , I y ' ,L THIRD Rowe L I M 'I Florence Franks Y E ' Betty Gannon .. ' 6 V ' Maxine Githens 'L F K Jirn Glass Bertha Good I A Laws l"lClClilIV1K1 ,Q FOURTH ROW -- 'fl' ri .eg .M 'hi Evelyn l-lardesty ' I Q V -W E I A I M William Hatton l' ,, f 'M - 1 I Joe Jones X rrt, N, 'fy' Q i f .gif r l 'l Helen Kirkendall ' "" ' Qfwf, ' Eileen Louth ' 3 I Hitt. 3 A - HF-I H ROW Joan Lyle . in V J., ' . A I , , f' 'Uh 7' 'l I Q 5 " M ' Joan Meier ' Maxine Metzger Joe Mihm W Janice Miller 1: T7 " N V, IW' Arlene Peters . . ' ' I wt T M wry - Maryorie Reese 'ggi E f gif ,ig , EJ? sixw ROW'- M " X l 'F VS, Crena Riley l- Q ' ' ' .'I - John Ruby " ",' Robert Ruff i 1 lf: ' I Josephine Sanders, E ' 9 " " 4 "" I Tiff? in I Barbara Sanner A EW Clyde Sottertield ll SEVENTH ROWH- , 4 y Rex Slechter ia. I Q. ,f A3 KN? 3, wi, ,, 'qi ' Warren Smith , 5 - - 3, ,uw ,A " ,, 'X' ,W Janet Snow r fy ' Q x H"'Y .v" , S' 'TT' 7 'Q ' V? ,ll' Phyllis Steiner TT' ,QM "+. ' X At f my Nik, Danny Sternen A , , Q uf f 1 iv 6 Gary Stineliaclf. ' -E T . ft B I Z HGHTH ROW E l . J ' A .1 Q P, "' ' Gerald Strayer f M' nk n ' ,- if D-1 if Velma Taylor V Ruth Unland Y .. 1 I f 'ff"4i'ff- l Marjorie Weaver I 3 " A Y ' Eugene Williams I, iw , 'LI , ,Z :N ,,, ,P f ' X Helen Wright tra to y , we 6,5 H 0 - f' L f ' ' I ' WAIQREN SMITH VV rc e V O y L I-4 President M IVE ' li CRENA RILEY V I 'G' " A" l i Vice-President I V JOHN RUBY ' , Secretary-Treasurer I5 gg T! ,Y--fr 7 i i 1.1.2 wwf- ' T f" ,A 1 ,,x1-.fv- ' !Nf"'X'Nf, 4 sfsx,.' ' 11' 1. ft., f , X Mvvvm, 5 ' f l' '43 1,4 J TOP RONV3 Rinald Eawerz Darrel Brant Franlf. Biawn, Her- bert Brunk Anncinwe llryan, Lan nie Callex SECOND ROV! Tlyimge Cowl' idge, Sue Corgan Peggn Cox Ellen Craig, John Criienberry Diana Desenlverg. THIRD ROVV' Nancy Derrida Jerry Ellie R-albert Fizhpaw Frank lin Fouzt, Vlilliain Fifa-.T Cum Fowler FOURTH ROW! Jarne: Gahman Edward Gannan Robert Heath, Virgil l-laluer, Beyerly Kesler, La Donna Kartier FIFTH ROVVI. Don Leu, Sue Lower, Patricia Ly ne, J. y Nc Cannell, Braalw, May Dim Miller SIXTH ROVV Jaiiiee Nlillegr, Kay Miller, Ralph Miller, Thamaw Miller, Gene Mtirgret, Richard Musselrnan SEVENTH ROWi Joyce Mauser, Joan Parrott, Jae Ponting, Dorm Preasar, Katherine Rainer, Carl Reed, EIGHTH ROVV4 Robert Rice, Don Sandy, Gayle Satterfield, Kay Shenk, Earl Sherrick, Rath Shack NINTH ROW: Barbara Spicer, Carolyn Stalter, Thomas Sialter, Juanita Starkey, I-laward Steiner, Connie Stemen, Jehn Siemen TENTI-l ROW: Virgnia Steve- ley, Ronald Strayer, Janet Thlmas, Jahn Thompson, Duane Vande- mark, Jeanine Wacle, Marilyn Weaver gm oggzcm RONALD STRAYER Secretary-Treazarer HOVVARD STFINER Vice-President GARY FOVVLFR . .5 , Preaident I A ,jew 3 N, .,- D. Q. ' 'ov Q ,X I, . 'vig 'I ' -I-f l, .gli 1 w his K X ji' I F"-ns9"l 7 if -- 4 i f K 'wiki -1: f I 1 ,M I .5 I -ff , ' ' F32 ,ff J 'Z' V ,. g V ,X X :X j' 3.4, bv 'fn' i -4-I . -I , 'U 0 'G Nw f .IJ I A ag: Wx J I gs. i gm, 'Q -7, 9 if 7 0 .Ja 4 H eg .L , , ,Q 43, H, I 5 X Ax w xl :qi 1 ,I x , if -f -ff' 3 Pip . J' n-us' I . i -...F ,4 .. - 'J 4- E -+4 . .-if 4535, QQ I .H ,f C lt -Nj, 2 K M. , -,ff f .xi V 4 C 'Biff' 'QQ ' L 'ef '--wwf? ...L . Ili 'sf' K f I? 'H , ks. 'T '54 9123 'lr K N -llltl N' Mm -1 I A 'G if iff I we - Y f , ,FI ,Ji in I , V km? .X 'ZF I 'W QF xx. .. I1 J we fx, rv, V X M V Ar use I , 4 A in.. , C I ,f I Q 4 I ' 'S - ,M ' .af f 1, i I , v i 2 ,Ja , it ' I -.fig 2 -3 , 2 .A , ,ffl ,V f"N'3 2 "fs P' 4 Ty ' 4 - W3 ff f .. . I 1 C ' ,.... A ' ' T".,i, r 'A 9 4 f' be , Nz! "2-' L -3 , LIL ' LJ ' I4 I if ' f fl ak .4 2 i nw ,I i I ...VL ?L"...jkv qv vi 5 3 'I 7, , Q I I " 'H' 3 45 Q 45? ,kv W v A X3 4 i v 4 " -5 , sf qfmymde lf - 1 TOP ROW- Sue Allion Craig Boate Gene Boothby Msn ,-rf' M -1.3 'V WM' YL Robert Burden Danny Cheney Fred Comston SECOND ROW Phyllns Cook Ronald Coolldge Juonuta Cox Mary Crowe Connae Detrack Kenneth Eberle THIRD ROW Joan Gannon Doris Guthens Don Glass Ronald Green Shlrley Grapner Ben Gleason FOURTH ROW Janet Hulleory Nancy Hanes Lynda Holtzopple Danny Huffer Karen John Rnchard Kesler FIFTH ROW John Karkendall Joseph Lenser Kermit May Mary Mayer James M-:Adow Peggy McConnell SIXTH ROW Helen McGue Robert McKunney Loss Meter Joyce Mnkesell Kay Muller Myrna Murray SEVENTH ROW Martha Parrott Calynn Reese Ronald Reynolds Noah Sherrnck Sarah Sroufe Glen Steed EIGHTH ROW Naoml Tallmon Gene Terry Janet Thompson , Roger Unland Phyllls Wagner Irene Weaver NINTH ROW Dorothy Welker Ann Wnford Larry Wllllams Sharon Wllllams .Seunnth Hlzada, TOP ROW Donna Balclwun Gu neldo Beeler Sonya Best Kay Bowers Sarah Brant Catherune Buslck SECOND ROW Betty Clark Carol Colley Morulyn Cox Rayrnond Craug Lowell Cruder Robert Davudson THIRD ROW Marno Dawson Richard Dawson Sue Edwards Buddy Evans Charles Farr Patty Faust FOURTH ROW Mary Franks Bully Good Georgnona Harrod Leonard Hartman Shurley Hawk Elnora Heath FIFTH ROW Robert Holmes Carol Houston Garneta Huber Patrlcna Huber Jock Keller Robert Keller SIXTH ROW Donald Klnnalrd Ruth Kurkendall Janice Kruse Orlo Lewus LaRee Luttle Robert Lowe SEVENTH ROW Kenneth Lyle Rschard Markel Lyle May Charles McCann Jack McConnell Rodney McKunney EIGHTH ROW Lowell Mnhm Bar bara Mrkesell Jean Ann Moore Mor rus Morgret Margue Morris Barbara Mosuer NlNTH ROW Ronald Nlchols Janet Nusbaurn Davld Peltuer Ellus Peters Evelyn Redd George Riley TENTH ROW Robert Robinson Sue Ruby Marlene Sandy Barbara Satterfueld Douglas Shenk Velva Sherrlck ELEVENTH ROW Llsle Srnuth Gary Sroute Shlrley Staltcr Shlrlcy Steed Som Steuner Marlene Sternen TWELFTH ROW Dole Stover Lols Terry Dale Young Ronald Zuber 'uf Sr Alf an fi 'dmv '27 53 We Z' i K 'rr K I M! nfgl ',,,.. wb ei. I :li G lk gm Je: g .',:', Lgv,1f.4.f - t Q X M 1 . Q- ' Q, Q! f x, Q' - , -' ff , f an ,, W' x - t ,f 2- 4' 1 R ,Q Q I an , gh , ,Y , ,I Q Q 4 , 4 Xin ll P J V pw' 5 m ,X a r - l 5 r 5 , , Q , .5 V ' I I . ' , A Ex ' Y , 5 7' il' I xx N h 5 sd? -i ,ia 'R' es Q ff ...J 4 ykyy N , X 4 J Y W 'f A :" 'file Q. 5 is ' " L. , l ," . -J sr E ll: ,Q . 9 . 3 "' 'M V up LX' p 5 1 lj rl 0 A VIE ' , ,S R f .7 S .mum- g O W G w A VA u l V 3' ' . , ,V ir J E7 X I Q I 0 I ' .T , H ' J t rt rtttt tt tt L Jaw f if tt S E ' l' ' Fi J A ' also - J , 4 5 A X v X l I v Q x P 1 Q ,M . X, ,ls . , 4 A, e , - ,.,,, rg sf ,-H ' ll . fi 2 ,if ff L ,1 S .K A 'Q i M. A 'fm X w. 7 V , 4 4 2... ' l E '- sf . S - 1-'J-E - ' ff Q J 1 'gm fgfwzl as K X Q, ' s' --W, T -ll lt-, 'll pt ,. Wu, + M flgmd 4 xr , I' 9 R 5813 .awe K x, 2 1 -:.3f4?' ' fs R , 4 H' 4'sMs J or N , 5 x , ' . ' ' - F s J rr vu ir C .1 , . V 434 ., Q V , xi 54 , -fhyl W5 a A v .5 . ig' , 5, ,u W.. 5 34 qi wifi v Wy 4 V A , .1 . H , ' - 1 H R , h ' r X L V' . fe ,....,.v, ,ps ,J I. ' F34 X 453' SQ XQY Y! xt 1 W..---f wid Q .1 V x V ities ' - . ,1 1 ,S f W 5 if 1 1 V 4 4 1. :aff 4 1 O.. , .,. 0 .1 A Q 5 . ,.g , A . . T 1 4 N Q 4 94' 4 'Q s I , 'F f qij "' fr. AJ-1 q ,--gg , ,,..w' ' ' " v . ' f 'W '3-'A '. A -'-7 I 9- ' M , A W- iw 'ra -W"??3' Q, 'A . . 1 w 1 f1:,.Qw3X 55 .. wH,.,.-1.,y., 1,13 KMA, gn ...wi . '?'?3p.Yf-rw .x 'rv -.1 "' 4ff7T5xw-ff -A - f it b' in ' n. gff5 " ' Q ,' Q' -V ' ff g .Q 'Pg-s. -+3 'ww 's. ,gs ,,-. ,4 1 ,J 'Z 0-1, , 4 KX, 3, 1 "" ., 3 . .1 """5" Q 6' N - 5' ' f ,Stzxllc yfzadv. BACK ROW Gary John Jo McKinney Barbara Meier Elaine Baker Barbara Keller Rodney Davidson Patty Lawrence Bren ner Denlinger Bill Barnum Gary Cogley Jimmy l-luber Arthur Kimmel SECOND ROW M Lloyd Kenneth Driver Bll M Call Ann McCain Pat Detrick Dorothy Mayer Nancy Croft Charles Fuller Dick Mann Joyce Brenneman arbara Bax er Charles Kershner Ronnie Gleason Robert Stemen FRONT ROW Lor retta Huber Janet Camper Larry Leiser Howard Hadding Ronald LaRue Lewis Etgen Mary Collins Kenny Miller Dian Johnson Caro lyn Cisco Mikel Messick David Collins Jlffwvli BACK ROW Mrs Cremean Dolores Stinebuck Ray Ridenour Terry Van Tilburg David Morrisey Donald Wade Ronald Stewart Russell Winkle Richard Wagner Sandro Sodders FRONT ROW Mary Fushpaw Maureen Rabley Shelbo Sakemiller Paul Sroute William Morris Carl Rabley Judy Allemeier Eldean Ponting Larry Stemen Maurice Zerkel Bonita Kruse JIZUL Emil BACK ROW Larry Lee Ride nour Alan Rothe, Brenda Kidd, Sharry Lynn Fair Anita Laphorn, Ina Moreen Gamble, Ronald Kruse Stephen Miller James Fishpaw, Patricia Gibson, Miriam O Mann Carol Graham, Sharyn AI- lion Stanley Lyle Arthur Deane. SECOND ROW: Mr, Gilliland Mar- tha Jean Miller, Ernelyn Denlinger, Ronald Blakeman, Roger Crowe, Jerry Wayne Crisenberry, David Burch, Terry Ellis, Joan Hobbs, Mary Louise Cheney, Clement Metzger, Marilyn Sue Miller, Sharon Colley, Darlene Mayer. FRONT ROW: Roselia Gannon, Karl Haley, Gary McBride, Ted Myers, Kenneth John, Ross Smith, Darda Flora, Esther Carpenter, Carolyn Kershner, Linda Kay Mil- ler, Terrence Hollar, Hubert Ward Green. QFDIULUL Hfzada, BACK ROW: Ronnie Cox, Dot Fritz, Kenneth Heath, Wilrna Long, Emmogene Kinnaird, Karen Arnold, Herbert Hinton, Janice La- rnan, Marion Ehersrnon, Floyd liames, Richard Hollar, Kenny Huber, David Kesler, Charles Clark, Richard Craig SECOND ROW: Mrs, Crites, Karen Law- rence, Joyce Sherry, Connie Follas, Mary Ann Holtzapple, Dennis El- lis, Wilmer Kirkendall, Robert Rawson, John Desenberg, Tommy Davis, Terry Lowe, Oscar Etgen FRONT ROW. Darrel Bowers, Ruth Flora, Sharon Foust James Johns, Lee Bryan, Judy Croft, Richard Ladd, Tommy Becker, Jean Mc- Kinney, Joyce l-lollar, Helen Good, Carol Maloney. nada, jowtilz, Hlzadc, BACK ROW Clfwtl Rizleneur Lxelyn Stemen Janet Max, Linmlu Rilex Daxicl Morris Jutlith Ran ,nm Rebecca Everett Dennis L Stemen, Janell Stoelttfn, Carolyn Mu.ser, Mary VVilliams Dawitl Tr-rrx SECOND ROXN Mrs Van l-lvrn Wlaxne Rhfcles Jerrx, Me Arif-yy Dennis A Stemen, Joan Meyer, Raymond Sreufe, Jackie Vtfestern, Shirley Milcesell, Dwaln Metzger Tanya Van Tillnert, Rita Miller FRONT ROW Marilyn Peters Janice Stalter, Janet Mer' rms Donaltl Redd Emma Ruff, Rfwnalrl Shafer, Telitha Wilder- muth, Carolyn Warlc Marilyn XNailC, Ciileen Reerl 'turn Karen Nuk BACK ROW, Mrs Kraft, Bon me Layman, James Sherrick, Paul Huber, Arnolcl Huber, Linda Lona, l-larolzl Wright, Billy Williams, Jerry Tabler, Linda Little. SECOND ROWi Dianne Swartz, Linda Sod- tlers, Ruth Stemen, Carle Rennell, Linda Stemen, Richard Archer, Larry McBride, James Smith, Gary Sandy, Kenneth Ramser. FRONT ROW: Billy Dawson, Carol Tham- as, Nancy Miller, Janice Kraft, Ray Strayer, Kathy l-loltzapple, Lxntla Lohr, Kay Musselman, Char- lotte Kruse, Judith Price, Myrna LaRue, Hmda, BACK ROW, Tammy McKinney, Karen Kay Kizer, Niclay Miller, Warren liames, David Glass, Mar- lene Gracely, Norman Eoustt SEC- OND ROW Priscilla Everett, Mary Ann Miller, Henry Kruse, Delbert Mayer, John l-labbs, Michael Heath, Lila Gamble, Connie Kim- mel, Miss Seitz, FRONT ROW: Roger Kraft, Jimmy McGue, Sally Searfess, Dannie Morris, Mariarle Swartz, Barbara Lee, Marilyn Lohr, Anita Miller, Ronnie JOseph, Carol Sue Harter. BACK ROW1 Barbara Cheney BelJl.Dy Errtz Jerry Graham, Roger Bowers Billie Jean l-liltx, Nerrnan Helser Phillip Bogart tlerson Larry Cel lex iilge Larry Andrews hex SECOND ROVV Philip Fletcher Dy' Mart. Grant Nanex Smith Patty Busiclf. Dianne Ditto, Clair Crisenbery, Mrs FRONT ROW Jgrn Efuet Linda Heflrlrne Dalcres An, Gloria Ccalf Billy Duna- Billy Eberle th, Brishes Elorx Larr-. immx VVOQJC Critter Gale B renneman Aliel Susan Kath-, Craft Tmnmx Gcnrnan Barr-, Epstein Danni, Thomas, Nancy Ellerbracl Gary Kirltl Naomi Dayis, Bobby Becl man Jane Flora 7 - .r .YA ...,...-.....,4 " 'il .B 0 1' rO'.' Mm THHBW o 9'l'f!ilff3fQ! MM W vv 19.7 H X ' EMBMQH .lmmimmm l ,. mum +4 H 1 1, lg -1 .1 . A. f ' ' M .hy ' ,.. 4 Qfg, , . A ' K, 5 f 5 ' , 2 t H h -I 2,,. fL 1 A ,I Lf! fg., Q ' X- x A in 3 K ., Q x b , Y 4 .. ff .51 ' . ' ' ' f ff w v p :F O ' 9, ' kiiix T' ""jjf.,.f" . f I f""i'xg f , L f.,,M+Qy ws'-u'.j:tg:'-1 .11,7,5'i?9i'f" v , 4. , , ,, 'W '.- V :"f-1nwwf5.-f!..gh.1w 4 '- ' N' ' Y 5' f I fl ,., N . , A, ,D ,823 A ,wa L ' 'af' ' I ' 468: I 5' 5 m 'mH 3f 21 M w .4-L. ., I 0 K 4, a- 9 J mQmbe'a AC-tlvlttes ? A M: A Q , , Q, , Us ef-'kfivy , V. .A n K ,4- 3'-,'1"' ' ' , Z5 is . X .. .Yah ,H , Q wa-ing , , .,7ql7,, if mm . A . we N Elf? 6" 'maglff ,fi- .W 22' 5 1 Eqfi ' y f 'Y-w. wwf in, - , 'lM- g LH,QL 1 31 X l 'B' is l At work 2 MEMORIES stoft Stondung Robert Muller Art Editor Robert M ssuck Sports Editor Dowd Gollver Assistant Buslness Monoger Betty Plnney Business Monoger Morlene Holtz opple Lnterory Editor Ardoth Bront Edltor an Chnef Seoted Normo Colllns Colfn lor Dons Wrtght Assustont Edntor Kenneth Sherrlck Student Photographer 3 Editor an Chlef Ardoth Brant Busnness Monoger Betty Plnney The Yearbook stott Consnsts ot nune members who ore Interested an gnyung the students on onnuol whuch wull an future yeors brnng bock cherushed memories ofthe l95O 5l yeor ot Elldo Hugh School We hove worked hord settnng up the onnuol selectnng the cover gettlng plctures typung solncstlng ods ond tryung to meet deodllnes We hope this edltuon of MEMORIES wall be 0 pleosont remunder ot the classes octuyltnes ond sports whlch were enjoyed by oll portucuponts dunng the post yeor 38 Builds Review The Bulldog Review, our school paper, has been published tri-weekly during the past school year. A few times, due to the snow and other condi- tions beyond our control, the paper failed to come out on schedule. Members of the Junior Class were added to the staff in December thus familiarizing them with the make-up of the Bulldog Review for the coming year. BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Messick Shirley Shock Joan Rhodes Elaine David- son Patsy Follas Carroll Cox Susan Crernean Ann Breneman Rosalie Kieswetter, Mr. Strope. FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Margaret Hatton Janet McKinney Darlene Daniel Norma Jean Kortier Connie Shenk Dorothy Prince Sally Hersh Winifred Ponting. LOWER PlCTURE: Editor-in-Chief Connie Shenk' Business Manager Sally Hersh. .nan ,dl are 39 MIA, Lmflul: This group under the direction of Miss Smith was very busy during the year preparing for student assemblies P TA programs ana the Eisteddfod which is the climax of their activities BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Connie Stemen Janet Snow Jeanine Wade Carroll Cox Phyllis Steiner Nancy Detrick Evonne Stewart Dorothy Edwards Ruth Keller Joyce Musser Marlene Miller Patsy Follas Imogene Utter back THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Miss Smith Helen Wright Ellen Craig Doris Preasar Ruth Bame Mary Etgen Annamae Bryan LaDonna Kortier Dorothy Barth Anne Stevenson Joan Parrott Peggy Ccx Janice Miller Betty Un land Shirley Detrick SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Virginia Steveley Kay Miller Marjorie Reese Barbara Sanner Velma Taylor Patricia Barth Diana Desenberg Kay Shenk Ann Breneman Susan Cremean Rosalie Kieswetter FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Janet Thomas Josephine Sanders Joan Meier Sue Corscn Ruth Shock Beverly ffm gm Klub Several types of musical compositions were sung in boys glee this year They included barbershop harmonies fellowship songs and inspirational hymns Never lacking in enthusiasm our Elida High School boys were very intent on doing a good job of singing Again this year as in past years the boys participated in the Allen County Eisteddlod The boys glee club also per formed at the annual Spring Concert thus rounding out a successful year Carr Crena Riley Ruth Unland BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: I.aDoyt Little, Bill Desenberg, Wilmer Hartman, John Ruby, John Miller, Tom Mitchell, Eldon Srirn, Robert I-logretler, Max Cisco, Dick Musselman, Gerald Strayer, Thomas Miller, Lewis Nen, Mr Tinianaw, FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Stanley Crider, Warren Smith, Brooks May, Rohert Miller, Richard Dar- dia, Rex Slechter, Ronald Strayer, Eugene Morris, William Selhorst 'Law The general musicianship of senior chorus members has improved a good deal this year. There were sufficient musical activities to keep this group busy. Among other things, the chorus participated in several school assemblies, the district musc festival, the Allen County Eisteddfod, the Spring Concert, and graduation exercises, ln October the members of the senior chorus, girls' chorus, and boys' chorus all sponsored a concert program of choral music by the Bowling Green State University Choir, Additional projects ot this type will be undertaken next year to help earn money for choir gowns. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT' Gerald Strayer, John Ruby, William Hatton, Brooks May, Warren Smith, Danny Stemen, Rex Slechter, Ronald Strayer, Virgil Brenneman, Dick Musselman, Gene Morgret, Tommy Miller. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Annamae Bryan, Ruth Bame, Ruth Unland, Nancy Detrick, Evonne Stewart, Janice Miller, Margaret Kruse, Joyce Musser, Marilyn Weaver, Mr, Tinianow SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen Wright Janet Snow, Mariorie Reese, Joan Meier, Dorothy Barth Diana Desenberg, Kay Shenk, Peggy Cox, Joan Parrott, Connie Shenk. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorothy Prince, Josephine Sanders, Jeanine Wade, Sue Corson, Ruth Shsck, Barbara Thompson, Crena Riley, Margaret Hatton. 4l LID4 0 ' Q 9 Q' BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHTi Jack Boothby, Velma Taylor, Barbara Sanner, Nancy Detrick, Jack Kruse, Bar- bara Baxter, Mary Etgen, Darlene Daniel, Ruth Unland, Ruth Shock, Diana Desenberg, Gene Boothby. MIDDLE ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joan Meier, Janet Thompson, Kermit May, Joy McConnell, LaDonna Kortier, Janet Hilleary, Warren Smith, Joe Jones, Ronald Strayer, Don Miller, Duane Vandemark, Janice Miller, Lyle Smith, Danny Huffer, Mr, Tinianow. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Stanley Crider, Lyle May, Kay Miller, Ray Ridenour, Janet Snow, Ruth Bame, Nancy Hines, LaRee Little, Phyllis Wagner, William Hatton, John Ruby, Jimmy McAdow, Phyllis Steiner, Gary Cogley, Roger Unland ' nl, A5'anaL The Elida High School Senior Band is called upon many times during the school year to represent the school and community at football games, basketball games, parades, festivals, auditions, etc. The annual Spring Con- cert is proving to be the key point of the school year. On June I, l95l, the Allen County school bands will be combined into one massed band and present a concert at Spencerville. A parade will precede the afternoon re- hearsal of the massed band. This festival will be held annually and should help create a great incentive for fine school bands in Allen County. 42 MR, TINIANOW BAND DIRECTOR BACK ROW, LEFT TO RlGHTi Arthur Deane, Charles McCain, Mary Ann Holtzapple, Herbert Hinton, Dale Young, Ronald Nacnols, Ronald LaRue, Clement Metzger SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janet Thompson, Ina Gamble, Marllyn Muller, Sue Edwards, Barbara Keller, L.aRee Lnttle, Tommy Becker. FRONT ROW, LEET TO RIGHT: Carol Houston, Patty Faust, Ted Myers, Cloyd Rude-nour, Wnlliam McCall, Robert Dawson. QP- HIC ,wwe iff! d Q n Ka Shenk Beverly Carr and Attendants Iett ta rught araurm uee y Shnrley Shack QUEEN PAT BART!-1 Muss Pat Barth a sensor was chosen omecam 3 te a the student Lady H In Queen Xl by Vo UIC: At the Hamecammg game she wa crowned by Kay Baate Paul Laman presented her w th an arm bouquet 44 Qi + lr 'A Q I :Hn ,1 ' 1' , '51 X ,A f 'M 2 I 1 ,I ff' Q? i x it ,,y- y ' ' .. .P 5 ' . ,, nz. X73 ' , gi tl! O J 3 - . -ff t t 5 i - X , l f 2 y 1 1 ' A , F ' L .4 5 I 'D V, 4. N ' if F., C K V 1 5 2 5 sv I ' Q A E y ' , f ? 3 3? fy A 5 ' A f I Z 1, Ly I I , 0 - 0 'Hoo ':'0' :0'le 0 no 0.0 . .o, 4,00 .. Q . 0 og. . 0' 0 TOR ROW L FT TO RIGHT Sena r Oueen BOITOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT .lan or At and Kung Marlene l-loltzabole and Ruehard tendants Elaune Davudson and Robert l-lo Druver Kung and aeen and Court tetler Sophomore Attendant Shurlev Cusco CENTER Crown bearers Nnle Sreute ana and Gerald Straver Freshmen Attendants Barbara Deane Kav Muller and Gar Fowler arlene H ltzaDLl and R Chard Drlxer t gunner Kung and Oaeen ot the l93l Sch ol Carnnal The roxal C a le were er wned lx freshmen attendants Kax Mlller and Garx F vvler 45 A O Oo I li ' s Fw I' ' 0 X xl 2, f T -4 M-'NK if ff , F K It T - n F, , if 1 - , ,T , 5 I f C .K TM , l A 2 fr 4 A ,E W , V2 E o T ' ' - i S- , Q I I Sim . A -, , l V C . X-f 6 . M o' , ' l ,Q the senlf r class, rm 3 'l as F C f ' T 'r 1' , fi: ' Lcflwls, who II rl Il IDEAL COUPLE Kay Miller Gary Eowler BEST LOOKING Gary Fowler Kay Shenk EEST CITIZEN Richard Dardio Ardath Brant MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Richard Dardio Ardath Brant MOST BASI-IEUL Gene Erysinger Wilma Sandy BEST DISPOSITION Ronald Strayer Darlene Daniel BEST ATI-ILETE Dorothy Prince Robert Edwards MOST TALENTED Darlene Daniel Ronald Strayer BEST MANNERED Wllliam Hatton Marlene Holtzapplc Rucnard Dardio MOST POPULAR Connie Shenk Kay Boatc MOST INTELLIGENT Richard Dardia Ardatn Brant WITTIEST Duane Vandemark Patsy Follas MOST VERSATILE Ronald Strayer Janice Miller ERIENDLIEST Danny Kizer Dorothy Prince MOST AMBITIOUS Duane Vandemark Dorothy Prince NEATEST Kay Boatc Connie Shank flaw Flair The three act comedy Gurl Shy by Katherune Kavanaugh was presented by the senuor class on Aprul 25th and 26th by dufferent casts under the durectuon of Mrs Anna Brught and stu dent durector Dorus Wrught The story takes place un the bachelor apartment of Tom Arsdale and Oke Stumson un a college town at graduatuon tume The excutement beguns when Dean Marlow brungs Tom a letter from hus father sayung that he wull be comung to the graduatuon exercuses brungung Tom s Aunt Carolune and Sylvua the home town gurl who has desugns on Tom lt us then Oke s brulluant plan for Tom to stage a fake engagement to Babs Sanford who un order to get better acquaunted wuth Tom has just taken the place and assumed the name of Burdue LaVerne the regular cleanung woman whom Bobs sends for a screen test When the home town folks arruve Sylyua becomes unterested un the class poet Alfred and Aunt Carolune becomes unterested un the dean Peaches Oke s gurl recognuzes Bobs but lets on to no one that she does whule Asma tends to her own busuness and unsusts that she us uust a wash lady Chuck Mayo Burdue s boyfruend arruves to see Burdue and Mr Ars dale plots for hum to take away hus son s fuancee but Chuck mustakenly kudnaps Sylvua unstead lt all turns out well when Tom announces hus real engagement to Bobs and everyone us happy PLAY CAST Ttm Arsdalc Duck Darcluo Oke Sturnson Kay Boate Carolune Ardath Brant and Norma Jean Kortuer Anthony Arsdale Danny Kuzer Dean Marlow Bud Rader Peaches Carter Patty Morrus and Sally l-lersh Asma Norma Colluns and Connie Shenk Burdue Laverne Betty Punney and Darlene Danuel Barbara Sanford Dorothy Prunce and Marlene l-loltzopple Alfred Tennyson Murgatoyd Lewus Neru and Ruchard Druver Chuck Mayo Walter Ruley and Gene Morrus BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Danny Kuzer Patty Morrus Ruchard Darduo Buddy Rader Kay Boate Eugene Mor rus Norma Jean Kortuer Ruchard Druver MIDDLE ROW LEFT TO RlGl-lT Wunufred Pontung Dorothy Prunce Betty Punney Connue Shenk Sally Hersh Arclath Brant Marlene Moltzapple Pat Barth FRONT ROW LEFT TO RlGl-lT Norma Colluns Lewus Neru Darlene Danuel and Walter Ruley 48 O T ll - ll ' r T u - 1 1 1 . . . , . . 1 1 1 A . , . I , , 4 . I I V ' I I , , . ,,. ,, . . , . . . . ' ' - 1 f u - - , ' . J ,,...... ..,. .,,..... , . .........,..,...,.....,.. ,............,.. . , Sylvia Webster .... ,.,.. ,.......... . , . ,,................,.. Pat Barth and Wunufred Ponting BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Delores DeVore, Ruth Keller, Max Cisco, Eldon Stirn, William Gahman, Tom Mitchell, James Boroff, David Moore. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Stella Frysinger, Carroll Cox, Joan Rhodes, Patsy Follas, Susan Cremean, Rosalie Kieswetter, ' 61444 Plav- THE MAD MARCH HEIRS The Junior Class Play, "The Mad March Heirs," was presented on November 2l. This three-act comedy was under the direction of Mr. L. E. Strope and featured a cast of sixteen juniors. The play took place in the New York penthouse of Obadiah March lRobert Millerl, His two daughters lPatsy Follas and Joan Rhodes? and his granddaughters and grandson CDelores DeVore, Rosalie Kieswetter, and Jim Boroffl were waiting for him to die so they could have his money. However, Obadiah brought Jane Kenning lSusan Cremeanl to live there to help him in the handling of his financial matters. Naturally, she was resented. When Obadiah disappeared, they found that everything was left to Jane. The re- appearance of Obadiah and the romances of Jane and Bruce Laurance lMax Ciscol, Obadiah's lawyer, and Rosalind lDelores DeVorel and Fred lEldon Stirnl, the family chauffeur, left everyone very happy. 49 SEPTEMBER School started eachers plcnuc Football Olympla at Llma Stadlum Forest here Flrst upset of the year Fxrst luceum Paul Lenord Eluda traveled to Columbus Grave Henman Nelson Tests Students getting smart hum? Cheerleaders chosen Prince Stev enson Muller Rlley Shawnee there OCTOBER Junuor Class party Lafayette visited us Band went to Ohlo Putt gamc Sensor Class party Senuors ordered name cards and lnvltatlons Pandora here l-lornecomlng Hooray for our Pat' Junuors and sentors start magazrne druve Freshmen skating party Mr Schreuber myuredn S cond lyceum Holland Show Junior play cast chosen G A A lnltlatuon party Elrda vnslted Delphos Jefferson Sensor bake sale Sensors had class puctures taken t Tiffin Senuors vusted St ndard Oul l We vlslted Rockford Junior class rings arrlved Boy what excitement" Teachers meetrng at Toledo Where the zoov Football players went to Ohio Iowa game Thlrd lyceum Blrd urnltator Group pictures taken for annual hy Boles Dandurand A Capella Chour here from Bowlmg Green Unrversuty NOVEMBER Senior proofs arruve Spencervulle vuslted us End of football season S nuor class party Carnuval Hooray for our Marlene and Rlchard" Junior class play A great uccess Thanksgiving program Thanksglvung vacation D c l No school Bug snow DECEMBER Sophomore skating party No one hurt Mr Kllllon took rndlvlduol picture Basketball season We travclml t Gomer Furst upset Lafayette here We vuslted Shawnee Rockford paud us a vusut Beaxerdam here PTA Santa Claus Fun for every one Moyne Mlracle of 34th Street Eluda traveled to Spencervnlle Chrlstmas program Chrustmas vacatnon jr I ' V- Ill - ' ' a - ' " a , s It still there? in ' if 5 ll e . 7 . ' . 7-ll . N f, 790.57 JANUARY acer Earlx f c ahnu C av Guard dutx rrod pald NWC wrn fa raxelgqi nlurnl U rnxe F urth IxCeLn't Lewu McBruqe magucuan SQIQQ of annual ended Delphos Jetferb n here We xuvfed Waxnestueld Hugh School Imtutute Mowue Suttung Prettx Garner here CINII Defenbe n1CCf1nQ at Ellda Junuor Qkatunq partx Eua ucce G A A awardb pre ented Lataxette there Bcauerdam there FEBRUARY Spencervulle here Junuor hugh tournaments Harrod there Senuor schalarshup tests taken at Central l-loorav for Duck Junuor paper druve Tournaments be-gun Eluda vb Beaverdarn Washungtaru s Burthdav No bchaol MARCH F re Drull Sweetheart Hop at Eludo Senuor paper druve Fufth lvceum Glenn Morrus Senuor paper druve Band plated for Ternperence Unuon N W Conference Plans for track meet at Pandora Darth banauet t Eu Senuor held trup to Lurna Lubrary APNL ch o c un unnung t wasgluall 0 Har rod there Gomer here Ceuntx, tournament County taurnarnentb County Euteddfod at bhawnee County tournaments Sruurcab paw Grl hy S nu r D x G rl Shu Track meet at Pandora MAY r' u u ,Q taxettc nu r C u Eanau Sprun R G n Eeaxerdarn thcrC en erxull h re n C 'nmgnggn'-ent V1 A W af swf we f '91 M5 M 'W""mWQn 2H!'!N!' U C 1 book to UQX9 ,t Ha 1 us a xuaut ' 3 H" Elul t to C. W H G , O 1 1 1 o K 'C g 1 NK' , Q N MQv2lff, - , - W ff., YL MQQR' ' ' X M u w,,'f'?g5ki,f L: jfwg . Q23 Y L ,u ' mi ' L. u - . ', if F C , ', x 5, f- f ' f F ' 5' .. 1 Cf 553, Vi, 'vw ' f .... Qi" at fl A N a :fini ' A -V M X' u Q '53 Y f 3 i ' fx e , , -All 3 ' a Ida f ff -Pres ol I ug , ' , Beg I3 l Q Qznn, , - I , rg .. 1 - C F A E 'J l '5 l l -S ' - e 'a clasa la u--" u " I , A , A W K X , I . i l lf Y . V 1 -l-li :r So: et Ba auet at La 1 i u s -Ju 5 -S ner et at g- , - brzc afae ' XSD C e e . f -Se lff class dau, , -Eaczalaurcate SL ' c A , l Se uira tcrv tc Nc Y'ru fp qlq. 5 r 'M 'I trup Q ?""' r - " ' " ', . M U For excellence in academic work, thc high- est scholastical award of the year goes to our valedictorian ARDATH BRANT Diligence and perseverance in the class room have won the position of second highest honor for DORIS WRIGHT Jionoi, Souctq. The membership ot this society consists only of juniors and seniors who rank in the upper I5 per cent of their class scholastically Any senior obtaining membership in this organiza tion becomes a life member of the society This year there were thirteen students from Elida who were privileged to attend the ban quet on May 2nd at Lafayette High School BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Ann Breneman Elaine Davidson Robert Messick Robert Miller John Miller Susan Cremean Shirley Shock FRONT ROV! LEFT TO RIGHT Connie Shenk Betty Pinney Richard Dardio Marlene Holtzapple Ardath Brant Doris Wright 52 ,., ,-we , ,- 18? gg, 7-5 ,q.,.,,X, .,5,, 1. 8 4. X. .X . L ,A J q -Q A ' K 1 gi 4... JJ if J 1 Kd 5' ga! I T-" fun 5 W .vu ,Z-xw x - ' v-0a,N"'. I -.-Hwy, 1 .JR . as Q F.-Q Q 1 -5 Jhe Sports 55 ,WMWW yn wa A 9- .fv 1' 4 ' ' q, 9 I ' afmgm ' ,Q '- A : - L ff, 4A ly x J, gb X ,N"3.. Q: ' 's a'5mr,x ,. X-Q way? v 1 Jw nj 4 3 ,. X ,h 2' , Q, ,, ,, ff, 'W y C" fm , ,my . . , 'Q V ,mf-..,..,, ' , 5 Y 8 A V, Q ,V W V? , ,w,J,,5" .ff-,3 1,54-.fa If . , v f. fl. u , 4x4,, r' 43 ,s A.. U7 v , - 1 4-N. , 4. X" vw 'WF I Q 'f X' WW' ' -imap ' V 'Heidi , 2 .iw Q , N nib, X, 4153, my . . "4" s 'v 'fx 1az', ,,-P r I fA to ', ,4 'Sk X f-K myl u. . , W f 12, '41, 'f"'w-.b,,, I - -f "ti - . , , if Q 'sv W u 3 I' V ' V f x A, A , : Q, Q A , W7 ' 'I 3 'B' ' 1 as 4 ' i ' , R' ,ia f -Q A K V . 1' k I ' -QJAHQ ,V 7 'ian I 5. f Z, " , ' ' QA - ., Q .ff ,A V T It 1, .A "V gl U X . ,fl 'V 1 X , Q - H s ' g ,VM Jrwiball, 7950-57 Elido closed its l95l seoson with o winless 8-O record olthough high spirits ond grit brought obout the eorning of letters for nineteen hord-work- ing ployers led by co-coptoins Poul Lomon ond Koy Boote. They were: Don Crowe, Bill Hotton, Rex Slechter, Ronny Stroyer, John Ruby, Worren Smith, Robert Edwords, Dick Dovis, Mox Cisco, John Miller, Bill Desenberg, Eldon Stirn, Bill Selhorst, Robert Miller, Koy Boote, LoDoyt Little, Jim Borott, Poul Lomon, Eugene Morris, ond Monoger Dovid Moore. 20411, joniball. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Richord Kesler, Tommy Miller, Don Leis, Jomes Gohmcin, Gene Boothby, Brooks Moy, Gene More gret, l-loword Steiner, Sommy Steiner, Lorry Willioms, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Mul- ter, Robert McKinney, Robert Burden, Goyle Sottertield, Richord Musselrnon, Gory Fowler, Virgil Brennemon, Dovid Peltier, Lisle Smith, Billy Good, Rodney McKin- ney, FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RlGHT1 Donny Cheney, Tommy Green, LoRee Little, Robert Lowe, Dale Steyer, Chorles Foir, Robert Keller, Gory Sroufe, Ronold Zuber. BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Don Holmes Robert Edwcurds Rex Slechter Eldon Sturn Max Cusco FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Danny Kuzer Dwught Good Buddy Rader Koy Baate Eugene Morrus Duck Dar duo Walter Ruley Letter awards were earned by Bud Rader Danny Kuzer Robert Edwards Eugene Marrus Kay Boate Eldon Sturn Max Cusco Ruchard Darduo Don Holmes Davud Moore and Larry McCoy the manager In spute of losses Coach Thompson and the squad put forth theur hughest effort and the team Lame through wuth remarkably hugh morale 5.2I'lL07..2aqIL Dorothy Pruruce Marlene Muller Anne Stevenson Crena Ruley 59 I I I I I I u 3 u 1 . u u , . . A Liu, I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I A , ,, . . ...Tu , G A . ,.V,,,,,,, N.vv..- F MM-, L.. Y ,-, 14- 1 2,.,, , AYW ,,,,.1 ., lr Z :Y l. , -l . I u " 1 T 6 - RR xl ff 25, li x iw. It E l E vm T ,:.. ---:':2- I ."'l I ,A,, :A-- i 2 fl .z E L V , F . ' I ,.., I -. in TQ , 'L' I . LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Steinbuck, Dick Davis, Warren Smith, Joe Jones, Jack Boothby, Ronald Strayer, Gene Williams, Robert Ralf, John Ruby, Howard Steiner, Gerald Strayer, U ' "Jimi" Slwta, INDIVIDUALS-TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kay Boate, Don Holmes, Robert Edwards. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eldon Sfirn, Max Cisco, Eugene Morris, Bud Rader, 60 , LN .K Z a I at nz- f , X22 1 , Human A8aAlmL6alL Numeral awards were earned by Warren Smith, Rex Slechter, Howard Steiner, John Ruby, Ronald Strayer, Dick Davis, Joe Janes, and Gerald Strayer for their achievements of ball handling in Reserve team play, and, in spite of being newly organized, the bays made a fine showing 61 BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Danny Cheney Ben Gleason Larry Williams Jack Keller Fred Comston Dovid Peltier Craig Boate FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Multer Jack McConnell Rodney McKinney Dale Stever Robert Holmes Robert Keller Billy Good JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Phyllis Wagner Sue Ruby Kay Miller JUNIOR HIGH VARSITY IDENTIFICATION BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Ronald Bowers Howard Steiner James Gahmon Gayle Satterfield Ronald Strayer Gary Fowler Brooks Moy Dick Musselman Don Leis FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Schreiber Joe Ponting Darrel Brant Tom Miller Don Miller Don Sandy Robert Heath Although no member of the Junior High Team is entitled to a letter, hc is able to earn a certificate or cloth award for commendable work de- pending upon the number of quarters he plays. The l95O-5I season showed good participation in football and basketball under the fine supervision of coaches, Harry Multer and Arthur Schreiber, and in an attempt to bring up some hard-working future teams, the two men found several well co- ordinated groups coming through in the eighth and ninth grades. The Junior High Team participated in the Allen County Tourney and were successful in winning their first game. 62 wmitq 6'.mml1.alL The year l95O turned out to be the most successful baseball season at Elida to date. Our excellent team successfully battled its way through a hard schedule and the District Meet at St. Henry, but on entering the Re- gionals at Findlay lost their first and only game of the season to McCutcheonviIle, Every team member filled his position in the best of style, handling the ball better than any high school team which they played. Senior Don Miller, our star pitcher, pitched one no-hit game throughout the year with a batting average of .628 Following is a list of the players whose services merited them a letter: Don Miller, Robert Henne, Stanley Strayer, Norman Paxson, Toby Taylor, LaDoyt Snow, Richard Dardio, Dwight Good, and Robert Edwards. Out at first? Lastminute instructions BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: District champs Star pitcher Hurry, Bob fx 1 N. :Q '- F' I . 1. mm VARSITY E IDENTIFICATION BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Dovud Moore Wrlluom I-Iotton John Ruby John Muller Worr n Smxtn Robert Edwords Jlfn Boroff Bull Desenberq Duck Dovns Mox Cusco MID D E ROW LEFT TO R GI-IT Bull Sclhorst Dwnght Good Eldon Sturn Rex Slecwt r Don Crowe Robert Muller R mold Stroyer Don Holmes Mr Thompson FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIG'IT Donny Klzer Dowd Gblnver Duck Dwrduo Eugen Morrr Koy Boote Bod Roder Pool Lomon Lorry McCoy I I This Club IS Composed of twenty evght boys In grodes nune through twelve who eorn o letter nn some one mojor sport such ot footboll bosketboll boseboll or trock It IS on oIl boy orgonlzotlon under the durectuon of Mr Thompson the heod cooch To moke money refreshments ore sold ot oll home bosketboll gornes A trnp to some mojor sports event rs usuolly token by the boys durung the yeor Thus yeor the following boys were elected to office Presudent Koy Boote Secretory Treosurer PouILC1mon 64 ,IIT . ' 1, I, fn II II I I - 4- , , I , , A ,, . , , . Y I I K- I I I I LI I I , . . , I - fx '- I - I I I ' V I I I ' I I - - I I A I I ' A 'f I - I - JI I I ' I - 1 I , , . , . ' I I 1 ' .dnl In the spring of I95O the Girls' Athletic Association chose these officers for the l95O-5l school year: Presi- dent, Dorothy Prince, Vice- president, Connie Shenk, and Secretary-Treasurer, Delores DeVore, To make money for the club the girls sold mums at the Homecoming football game, and also sponsored a skating party, GAA. members earn points by participating in club activi- ties, Awards are given to de- serving members, the highest award being the certificate which requires IOO points. Other awards are the numer- als, the letter, and the pin. GAA IDENTIFICATION - BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT' Wilma Sandy, Elaine Davidson, Diana Desenberg, Kay Shenk, Peggy Cox, Mary Riley, De- lores DeVore, Evelyn Hardesty, Sue Carson, Bcycry Carr, Janice Thomas, Joyce Musser, Marlene Miller, Joan Rhodes, Shirley Shock, Stella Frysinger, Rosalie Kieswetter, Jean Driver, Treva Collins, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Unland, Marilyn Weaver, Norma Jean Kortier, Dorothy Prince, An- nornae Bryan, Janet McKinney, Janice Miller, Evonne Stewart, Dorothy Edwards, Ruth Keller, Nancy Detrick, Phyllis Stein! er, Beverly Kesler, Patsy Follas, Joan Par- rot, Ann Brenernan, Miss Bergman. SEC- OND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Sanner, Darlene Daniel, Connie Shenk, Dorothy Barth, Joan Meier, Velma Taylor, Ellen Craig, Ruth Shock, Jane McKinney, Shirley Detrick, Mary Etgen, Carol Cox, Imogene Utterback, Susan Crernean, Anne Stevenson FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Virginia Stcveley, Janice Miller, Crena Riley, Norma Collins. GAA OFFICERS IDENTIFICATION f LEFT TO RIGHT. Delores DeVore, Conne Shcnk, Dorothy Prince JLNIOR HIGH GA.A IDENTIFICATION - BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Shirley Hawk, Marilyn Cox Janet Thompson Watric-a Huber, Sue Edwards, Carol Hous- ton Mary Crowe, PhyII's Cook MIDDLE ROIN LEFT TO RIGHT Kax Miller, Phyll-5 wagner Myrna Marrav Nancy Hines Janet t-tilleary, Connie Detrick, Joyce M-Resell Sue Allion, Miss Bergman FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Kay Bowers, Patricia Faust, Sonya Best Lois Meier Margie Morris, Martha Parrot Lynda Holtzapole, Karen John Marlene Etemen Barbara Master A ,,.,.,- ,Jaw ...Mr H:-XTKONII. OUR rXDVFKflJ R LIMA 67 82 ELIDA 87 95 66 I' 1 ' I ' I' 5 I' 1 I' ' Y' I' rs 1 xx If D DELPHOS ...................... ................. ..................... 8 3 -86 BETTY PINNEYQB ' M g DAVE GOLIVER-A 't t B M g CONGRAf,.ULAT'ON5 CHRISTY EQUIPMENT co BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF Sl KELLY COAL 8. BUILDERS JOHN DEERE SUPPLY C0 FARM MACHINERY Wholesale and RetaIl UMA ADA OTTAWA BuIldIng Materlals Phone 2 6301 lll9 S Mctcolf St UMA omo E I Q ,PL OSCAR KU RTz S Salesman for Chrlsty Equnpment STORE DIAMONDS WATCHES l4O N Mom Lzmo O ELIDA OHIO 0l'lll0 CIIICIIL5 Cllltl Moi li, ll,5 Ellda FIne SGHIOFS From A FIne Sclwool JB Steel Products The Lima Iron GL Metal Co. LIMA, OHIO 67 Cl 1 l S ' ' llulwl ffl1'I'f.'.' "ll,fl.' Illllllf yrlll Yvffn' 1 lfn' llll rl nfl Your .sflnrx 1I'll1'1I you IUHII' III lIr'I'r'!" lx'r'1IlI11l.'y .lluIII1lfI1'I1f'r'I'.' " ll' 11 ll I .xlmr'.I!" f' 1 0 sS" R, -, 'Q X, X-jf l.. :A VI I n 0 . , . J I . ' , I , fo th H t Eosyto tot xx ll GREETINGS TO THE CLASS H 0 0 V E R 5 OF 195' SEWING MACHINES APPLIANCES EVERYTHING IN WESTINGHOUSE 32 324N thM S UMA omo Pho e 8 7171 SAVE with Interest Get the Saving Habit YOUNG SI OR MORE STARTS YOUR ACCOUNT THE CITY LOAN AND SAVINGS COMPANY 200 W MARKET ST LIMA, OHIO 68 I I N mmww--i- Credit wi or -- S r Q xxxx l 1,11 1 I ' .jr 5"2- S., M, o o 1 I and I 2- or ain t. ' n - Limo, Ohio WESTERN oulo LUMBER KAY S COMPANY JEWELRY STORE 124 East Vme Street I29 North Mom St Lnmo Ohio LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL LIMA OHIO Olly? llll C II iii 0 L B IL CORPOR TIO OPERATORS NATIONAL BANK BUILDING LIMA, OHIO 69 I .Ilry ,Sl,IIl-f'llf'I',' "Say, flizl lynn hmm' tim! .Il11.s'.x'111l111.w'H.s '. nnlrrl lm lnmls Telephone rlllll .xlfflrwfh MI. Suwn1l:.' "IM, mul IXI!'llflllrI!Y :fs ' zmlwrl Im' .slnmh mul lnm:f'." IC I OF T. R. CHILES 84 SON FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE DAY OR N GHT RESUSC TATOR AND NHALATOR OXYGEN 93 TELEPHONES 739 7392 59873 96526 58 6 e 0 1: U52-: 'sign E U 5 o s : 0 0 P111 ? ll F I i I ? ? I 1 ? 3 m n 5 1 Q mg - . .U W o:'E3 o 3 3 - H, Hnnd, place to ldmlr, THE IIIIIII STEEL FIIIINDIIY C0 LIMA OHIO WILLIAM BROTHERS SUPER MARKET THE DESHLER COMPLETE SELF SERVICE INSURANCE AGENCY COMPLETE La, ,, A en e INSURANCE SERVICE LIMA OHIO SENIOR CLASS PARTY M so c Bdg Oho Ph e 20501 OWNERS E H Deshl D T D s e Cpl CARL A REDDERSEN CONGRATULATIONS TAILORS MATTERS HABERDASHER ffOm StM IF ITS WORTH PROTECTING IT MI-IIIIIIIW GOLD IIIIIIIY SHOULD BE INSURED WITH DAVISSON SOLIDAY SULLIVAN I 2 N t k 95610 L INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS AND BUSES Complnments of ROPE TRUCK SALES INC LIMA OHIO 72 om iments of 142 ou I1 oin Sf. Limo, O. I I All Forms of Insurance LIMA . OHIO OO o ionol Bon Bldg. Phone Limo, Ohio I I fx if f I X , 0 O SMITH TRUCK SALES 8- SERVICE, INC. GMC TRUCK DISTRIBUTOR Gas and Dnesel Repaurs and Servace IOO W Grand Ave Phone 476I I Limo Ohlo OLIVER Nesbltts Sandwich Shop SALES SERVICE Cost Reducmg Equvpment FROSTED MALTS HAMBURGERS FRENCH FRIES OPPOSITE POST OFFICE LIMA OHIO Come nn Let s Gel' Acquonnted HALKER IMPLEMENT C0 I030 FmdIay Rd Lima Ohno l llll I Webb Insurance Agency nc PHONE 4 0631 212 West Hugh Street Lima Ohio 73 ' ' f o I 0 . , . . , . . . ' l flu 'Yull 'X' IPM' rlllrf IIII' Ill It I 0 llllfflfn "Im, I Agwrlrrrffdx' slwff Ull ilu' Vllllfl ' In I gr! will." ' EOR COMPLETE ELECTRICAL SERVICE T H E L D E R NEW AND REBUILT MOTORS Lima's Leading Dept. Store Electric Motor Rewinding 81 Parts Entrcmces on T e LIMA ARMATURE WORKS MAIN AND HIGH ST. 142 Egsf peorl Sf Llmo Ohlo Shop un Arr Condntnoned Comfort 140 West Hugh Street Lima Ohlo PLEZOL POTATO B READ We dont bake oll the breod so we make the best of It LIMA OHIO 74 1 L L I COMPLIMENTS EBLING SUPPLY COMPANY Bruce and Metcalf Streets LIMA OHIO ul M llnx xllm III! PANGLES MASTER MARKET Comer of Central Ave ond Curculor St LIMA OHIO Where Parlung and Shoppmg ns a Pleasure Compluments of ART and BILL HI GRADE DAIRY BAR 325 N Cole St LIMA OHIO Congrotulotaons ond Best Washes to the Closs of I95I 0 THE CENTRAL BUILDING AND LOAN COMPANY I24 W. Hugh St. Lama, Ohio 0Ill,9 llfl ell tif 0 Geo T Kocher Lumber Co East Elm ond Jackson Streets ot the Rnver LIMA v OHIO .II21 h'I'llI :J "I low' Ihr Sz1'1's.s riff.. ' ' '-"iw g1':'M1 mr' mlfzf' uf Illi' nfl! iris! llHlllH'llf.S,n QF .IIl. l.I'lIN.' "II'fly, Wrlfwl' Il4'I'l'l lIl'l'H zu Xxvlnllf' In l,"' Mr. N':zw1r1l:: MXH. lm! my fl'l,f' hm." I ' 1 O I 75 Gongrafufafiond fo fke 66 27 Cfaaa o 57 BAll1Wl llMAHANIIIIl1 CIIIIPUIIAIIII lIMAHAMll1IlN mwsmm T1 h 48411 48421 SHOOK MOSIER LAUNDRY 8- DRY CLEANING CO FUR STORAGE 2 223N C t I BUNGALOW PHARMACY 99 895 1 k t LIMA OHIO 7 7881 McCLUER S APPLIANCES 22 28N thEl bth SCHOOL llllll ll x lu If V17 1 I IIIX HEADQUARTERS FOR GRADUATION GIFTS l mum nm lluw x Hughes and Son Jewelers 55 Public Square Uma 0 THE MOHLER S FLOWERS NATIONAL LIME AND sToNE COMPANY on ll2 West Market Street lO52 Bellefontome Avenue UMA RIMER Dont Expect To Get Somethlng For Nothmg Your hugh school education fo example was any thang but free It cost your parents and other taxpayers plenty And at required a lot of personal effort on your part to earn your drplomo You ve got to work for most everythlng thats worth whale Neuther rrches nor securuty will come to you on a sulver platter Your future, and all Amerlca s, us well worth workmg for We have every confvdence an the ablllty of the Class of '5l Congratulatrons' Ely' Hlrtrnnnlitan Bank 77 T - ' I If ' Il,' "ll'fr IMI. Ulf' pf Ill' I' :rrrr tml :Mill llvl'IllIl'.lIIllY rlnl "hun I ull.. Icllllfll' "Vw nvm lfn' lllllllflfl' I Zl'll will with .lf I V' I M ', III-'.-l 1 Cl I . . I ' I v -LUISUIV 'I 8 I va n I Youve Icfxrncd about tI1f'11 KS0l'1x 111 phx Qlcs das P01 a p1HC11f'H1 de111o11St1al10n of 119 value 1n vour d8l1W hfe turn Oll thc ncfucst cleelrlc 1111111.11110 TH' OHIO POWER Ca TIP TOP SANDWICH SHOP 312 N Mom St LIMA OHIO MAGNESS POULTRY WHOLESALE s. RETAIL Phone 3 1247 1204 N Cole Sf LIMA OHIO FAIRVIEW CO Coal and Bu1Id1ng Supplles Heahng Equipment CLAUDE B EBNER Owner East Vme ond B 81 O R R llllxlll 1 1 ll 111111 11 171111 A 11111 81110111111 11 11 HOME OF FAMOUS BLUEBIRD FLAWLESS DIAMONDS ZUMBRUN JEWELER WATCHES DIAMONDS Fon FINE MUSICAL Goons ZENDER MUSIC STORE Honk Armontrout 134 East Hugh Streef Phone 9 8011 216 W Hugh St UMA OHIO 7 r 1 F I I C 9 J J' 0 o - 1 ' ' ' 'z 1 " 7 . . PM E t I 1 V ' , I Sy 1 .1 .' 11 Ylyffyfl 511111 f'IllI 11s1' 1111111 31111 I'1lIl,l .s'j11'll ll? 211 lIf'. S111 1 '.' j1'? .'1 " 1 21 H1111 1'1f1'11 I111f Illl' 11111'I gr! ."fI1.Y. ' 1 ' . ' . I COMPLETE BANKING AND TRUST SERVICE UNDER ONE ROOF The National Bank of Lima LIMA OHIO Member Federol Reserve System Member Eederol Deposit Insurance Corp A. A. MINES LANDSCAPING BLACK TOPPING DRIVES 8. WALKS Phone 2-I55l ISOO W. Elm LIMA, OHIO WELKER BROS. FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 9 6866 759 W North St LIMA OHIO Ruchord H Welker BuIIyA Welker CANDYLAND DAN S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM 437 S Mom Sf LIMA OHIO THE LIMA PACKING COMPANY KEYSTONE MEAT PRODUCTS Lima Ohio Compliments of RALPH S 2102 Elado Road B G A CAPPELLA CHOIR THE LIMA LUMBER CO Everythmg un Buuldlng Maternals Hardware and Appllances Penn R R ond Delphos Ave Phone 7 3991 Lumo Ohuo TURNER IMPLEMENT CO DI PBPPEI 2 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER TRACTORS FARM MACHINERY REFRIGERATION I33 Wofer St LIMA OHIO I JUIIIIIIS K 22D IIIIITII INN STIIEET 1' HS Bnles Danduraml Studlu SCHOOL AND COLLEGE PORTRAITS COMPLETE ANNUAL SERVICE QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHS REASONABLE RATES I23 V2 S Woshmgton St Phone 2439 TIFFIN, OHIO 80 - , 4 - I Mr. IIIIIIIVII' "II'll11I ix ilu' ou ing r'm1fril1u1im1 llml r'11f'u1i.vl r.IT'l'Il In Illl' uvn'l1I."' lirn'nH.' HlIIIHlrII'.Y.Iu f f ., B, AV V . , fd I 1 ' 5.110 I ' Q i l LARGEST SELECTION OF GOOD USED CARS IN THIS SECTION OF OHIO COATS MOTOR SALES Guoronteed Cars TERMS AND FAIR TRADES Vune Street ond St Johns Ave Phone 3727I Lumo Ohuo Compluments of DAVIS MILLER 81 SON EMERGENCY SERVICE INVALID COACH SERVICE EQUIPPED WITH OXYGEN LIMA OHIO ALL SPORTS BANQUET JOHN HODOSKO 8. SON JEWELER 210 North Ellzobeth St LIMA OHIO WATCHES Hamulton Longmes DIAMOND T FEDERAL REO TRUCKS 81 SCHOOL BUSES Parts 81 Service All Makes of Trucks Meier Truck 6. Equlpmenl Co 2005 North West St Lima Ohio Telephones 24886 56I23 North on Rt 65 81 I Elgin Wittnouer Harvel 0 T 0 0 I : , . Compliments of FOLLAND HALL MOTOR SALES INC Authorized LINCOLN AND MERCURY DEALER Sales Servnce Parts 545 West Hugh St Phone 26771 LIMA OHIO STIPPICH HARDWARE Estoblushed 1927 300 306 N Mom Street Opposlte Courthouse Appluances Pomts Housewares LIMA OHIO HERFF JONES CO JEWELERS or ELIDA HIGH SCHOOL R J Dzckerms Representotuve s f lfrlfllrl 0 1 lff ALL SPORTS BANOUET I ' , I I I'.!l!'I f UH' who lnlrwx ll ' ' llmrl 1,11 ll fllr"llIl'IA. f IIAVII ffm' - X I Il'lIfIf ilfs rl1':'l H11 In lm, 82 11.113111 n . ttzttfszf x " SCHERGER f Mmonms AND FOR 1 EVERMORE .1 .:- PRESERVE ANCESTRY FOR POSTERITY 507 511 North Moln Street DELPHOS OHIO ODENWELLER CLOTHES FOR MEN AND BOYS DELPHOS SCOTT'S GROCERY Fon FINE Foons DELPHOS, OHIO Compliments t THE COMMERCIAL BANK Delphos Ohio Estoblnshed 1887 Coputol 35100 000 00 Surplus 200 000 00 Checking Accounts Sovmgs Accounts Safe Deposit on Complete Bonklng Servuce Member of Fcdcrol Deposit lnsuroncc Corporotnon Compliments of R A A B E MOTOR SALES Phone 6801 Delphos Olmo ll Ill lun 1 I 1 Q ' I' I . .. 1, 1' ks Xxx- 'f ff Lgffff? ' 0 I I . . . d HlIflI','H111flII fx flu' H1111 HI flu, lal 1' null. flrlllzrligf' fimrmf: "'I'llrll'.x Hn' IHll1H1r', 111-ur." lirfrlwj "11'fljt :lurks ln' ,www ffm! 1 my twin' l'1lg num lm flllffl' fr?UfH!l.' "Tr: ,.'f'r"II flfllll lltflllg Ihr' hull fn IIXITY, ,NWI Sum." 83 Phone 7811 201 S Clay The Delphgg Prmtmg KURFEES QUALITY PAINTS and Publlshlng HORINE LUMBER CO Company Quczllty Products Only DELPHOS OHIO T e DELPHOS DAILY HERALD u ri mn x ll DELPHOS TWICE A WEEK COURANT H!-IHTEH and SUN 57mm Home DISIIIIIIIIVE Servlne TWO NEW AND MODERN AMBULANCES TO SERVE YOU Equnpped wnth Oxygen PHONE 4021 DELPHOS OHIO 84 1 C I I O I If ' ll I1 11111 Iris: "Nu ' uv? fin ffm! X is rquul fn .2 ' The Rr'.'.' "fir'1'.' All ml uwrk fm' null:- - - ing." I I I I 3 1 LION CLOTHING DELPHOS, OHIO Known for Good Clothes ond Courteous Service PEOPLE'S NATIONAL BANK Established l864 The Oldest Bank in Allen County The Bank of Friendly Service DELPHOS, OHIO Compliments of SL Marys Packmg Packers of FANCY CANNED FOODS DELPHOS OHIO ALL SPORTS BANQUET Compliments of SHEETER MOTOR SALES DODGE and PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS Sheeter Form Equipment Dealer ALLIS CHALMERS FARM MACHINERY DELPHOS BENIIING CIIMPIINY Delphos Ohio ON YOUR BIRTHDAY SEND YOUR MOTHER FLOWERS SHELL Love IT FETTIG'S FLOWERS Delphos Ohio LINCOLN HIGHWAY DAIRY High Grade Butter Homogenized and Pasteurized DAIRY PRODUCTS DELPHOS, OHIO 5 GIRLS GYM CLASS 6 SCHOOL IS OUT 86 1 WRIGHT'S GENERAL REPAIR STANDARD OIL AND GAS ATLAS TIRES on ACCESSORIES 192704 R F D CHARLES W. LITTLE BUILDER OF MODERN Homes Ph e I9-2064 R, N . 2 EI'd ALLENTOWN MARKET MEATS GROCERIES SHELL GAS I92I3 Rt4 -i- HOLTZAPPLES SERVICE STATION EARL AND DON O d I I Ph s: - - . 4 L' a Ph e -3 All t . 9 I 'sf ' ' -av ,. .f2'v:,.-, D 87 f KRUSE HARDWARE ll ll COAL HARDWARE FERTILIZER JQHNS AND STRAYER Durotherm Fuel Onl Heaters PLUMBING AND HEATING WINKLER OIL BURNERS ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS ELIDA OHIO T NO I9 2171 Llmo I9 2274 Elsdo 39 HOLTZAPPLE POULTRY FARM EGGS BABY CHICKS POULTRY SUPPLIES AND FEEDS ELIDA e OHIO 88 Ilomtlzy: "liI1' In l'f'I'fIlIl1Iy is ll zmfqzlz' mm." Sully: 'AI'r'ul1, frmn flu' l'1I'f'H1ll 'zmr' Q n' one and lhf' Lf t'n lflll fs" for arse," I el. . - STRAYER'S QUALITY GROCERIES MEATS TELEPHONES LIMA 192531 ELIDA MAIN CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES BEST WISHES T h CLASS OF 51 DR R M BAILEY THE BAND FARMERS INSTITUTE 89 I - 3 40 O 1' 9 0 noosrens ' A . 171' .- ' ALLEN CO TRACTOR Gm IMPL CORP ELIDA, OHIO FORD DEARBORN Tractor Farm Equnpment SALES AND SERVICE FORD FARMING Means Less Work More Income Per Acre COMPLIMENTS ENSLEN S STORE ELIDA OHIO Llmo192281 Elldo 74 GOOD and STALTER sTocK Ymws Hughest Pruces Pond for Lnvestock and Wool OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Phones Lnmo 192458 Eldo 1B D W KRUSE Standard OII Drstrlbutor Fuel Olls Tractor Fuels Phone 192161 Elmda Oho 0F ELIDA ELIDA on-no Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatlon 9 TIIE TELEPHONE5 FIIIIMEIIS BIIIIII . - . 4 O - ' , i or IR 90 KRUSES TOP NOTCH RESTAURANT ONE STOP SERVICE OPEN 24 HOURS Shell Service Lubncahon FOR THAT ATTRACTIVE LOOK SEE COOK COOKS BARBER SHOP ELIDA OHIO HAIR TONICS MAGAZINES FOUST AUTO RADIATOR COMPANY 106 108 WEST WAYNE STREET LIMA OHIO 91 I I Lunches - - Short Orders . 60 D19 GLEN EUPU5 jaridf Phone 64099 One Mule South of Allentown LAWRENCE FRUIT MARKET PLANT SALES Frozen Foods Fresh Frunts and Vegetables General Lune of Groceries Route 30 S DELPHOS ELIDA ROAD Complnments of Betty s Beauty Shop Ellda Ohro Phones Eludo Mom 72 Lnmo l9 2l ll 1 unrls I 'IISIIIIII lhsfnlnl 1 Ill :mv LONGS BARBER SHOP sum omo 92 1 . . I lflr' "Lu, fill. 4 ' Q: ".N'1ru. rlrrzf itll' ' ' t 1 "' 1 KRUSE S GARAGE and SERVICE STATION STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Tnres and Accessones Limo I9 2I8I Elldo Mom 70 JOHN KESNER W Elm St Road GROCERIES I MEATS POWER MOWERS G O OIL Co pl ments of D A CRIDER B eeder of PUREBRED AYRSHIRE CATTLE RR 4 LIMA OHIO and LUMBER CO Hgl'1oy3OS Eldo Oho 192291 Mc1n78 DON FURRY Insurance Notary Publc ELIDA OHIO ELIIIII FIIIIMEIIS EIIIIITY EXCIIIIIIGE A GOOD PLACE BUY AND SELL ELIDA OHIO I O AS O Q m I 0 ELIDA MILLWORK - i 0 TO 0 i 0 93 gafowf FROM THE Ellda Boosters Club SENIOR CLASS SUCCESSFUL AS THEIR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS Ciiqiiill THE BOOSTERS ARE TRYING TO DO A FINE PIECE OF WORK SO LET S SHOW OUR APPRECIATION AND BOOST THE BOOSTERS 94 00 LLC . 0 AND MAY THEIR FUTURE BE AS ptflz 61,95 Compluments of CHARLES MIIHBHET 11111: 111111 71 1 1111 x1 111 1 s l111111s Xllll 1111111111 11' X171 x 1 1 1 111 H 11111s1111s 1 111 1111111 111f11111111x I 1111 x 1 111 111111 1 1s1111 Il 111111 I1 IUV II1 1 71 111 1111 111 111 1 1 71 Dlsfnbufgf of 1111111 1 1 11 11 1111 1 1111 111 1x 111 1 1 sl If SHELL PRODUCTS Eludo RR No 2 111111 111 11x 111s111111s 11 1 181111111 1llX s111111l1111ls 1111 I 11111 X011 11111 11s1111111s 1111 1 z11s1 3 11811 111 11 s 111 I9 23l6 Mutual l5O 1 1 t 1 1 ll 1 1l1111y F111111 E .I HEFNER and SDN S DAIRY We Dlstrnbute Grade A Mnlk an Darry Products ,f" 1 They are vi Carefully Selected an Carefully Handled A Trial Crder W1ll Prove to You That We Have Quality Dairy Products 95 P1211 . 1"g1 11' 111',' ' X011 1115 'A' .' 1' ' 5' .l1II,' '.'111 s1'11'1 111111 1111' you : 1111' 11 1 'fp 11 H ' '1'1' ps ,'Ill .1111 111' 11 H1 I 1'1 Il 11 1' '14 skin 111 '1'111' 11 1 511 1111 1 111' 111.9 Il 1 f111'1' ' ' ll" ' 1111' I1'1 141 1 ' 1111 'X Q ll'f'.7 l'1'1'1 Il 111111 111'1'11.s'.v 1111' .'1"'1 f,lI1' Illlflllff' 11111g111', 111' f1111.x' 111 knrm' 111 'you 11111111 1. .' 1111 A111 111' 'z' 9 '.'1 1. '1'1' fx Y' ll 11 ' .'g"1 ' - q V 1-1111 ', you 111i11k. '1111 '."f 1 ' 11111. .YI'1'. '11s 121111 1111111 j111lg'1'.' 1111 ' H1' 1'f 1 1111 ll yr: 11114 lIl1'. L ' I r I I 0 0 d d . . . . K

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