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 - Class of 1950

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U'JF1"DOEF1E EIldC1Hd 56 51610 F jA6B65T Ywwd IM l fc I L H001 , l GMO mail cwm ' X I X 2 5 N I 1 .N 1 . 1 f' f W N PRESENTING! i if 'Uhadmi 742d!lA,D!01UL 2 vw-H"-75'7r,, r hai 1 I Wg . " . -1 ',1g4rf'f,3 Y . .W if A I V ty 1 A., Q' X M V . at Jfwzwnlzzi "The Best Yeors of Our Lives" presented by the Senior Closs of l95O of Elido High School now brings to you in this book the memories of the yeor's octivities ond outstonding events you will wish to remember. VVe hope thot the short summory of this one yeor will help to remind you ofthe mony pleosont hours spent in the holls ond clossrooms of Elido High School. 3 I ! Takm It easy? Anne Stevenson Marlene Muller Jaan Rhodes Delorus DeVore Fresh Betty Foust Marlene Sanner JoAnn Whnte Nancy Davndson Trup for Fostoria more fun Stag Inne Allan Muller Don Muller Gerald Point Faculty Actnvutues Sports John Cheney Bob Henne Bull Louth La Doyt Snow Pram and pretty Alyce Sandy Elaine Glass Junuors workung7 Larry Steyely Bull Meir Bud Rader Darlene Daniels Norma Korner Bashful boy Norman Paxson Photographervn Rex Messuck Page Page Page , fl It , I . . T I . I , f- I , , ' , 6 . , I 3 y i , .I A . .I I 7. W I . ' - ' , ' , ' , so ' . Classes .......................... . ................................................... Page l3 ' " .......................................................................... . 33 5 .ff m Wi' 44, 4 f"" 54 .4 ,.- ' ,,- 1 lvl' W-:nw M b ' 1 .s " fr if Q :X w. il 9 fp"1 A. -521-1 A1 'V' A ' Mgr' if O 9 'Zi 1 -as The dare tors of sur cout see that We fxmshcd orodpcf as of Q good quo :tx 7 X, f f Q lb 010 cial? To the Senaor Class of 1950 congratulataons on the completaon of your hagh school educataon and sancere best washes for the future May the acquasa taon of the coveted daploma be an ancentave to spur you on to hagher goals and greater accomplash ments At the Mad Twentaeth Century mark you stand at the threshold of opportunaty an a world of ferang great promase as well as danger for the future Whatever your andavadual roles play them to the halt Be actave partacapatang catazens an your communaty state and nataon The future of Amer aca and the world depends to a great extent upon the new generataon of young Ameracans leavang school now Best of luck C Roland Swank 631un,upaL To the graduatang class of l95O l wash to extend best regards and happaness l hope you have a pur poseful lafe as you take your places an all walks of lafe Also that the attatudes tolerances and suc cessful practaces fostered durang your school years wall contrabute a great deal toward a confadent readaness to deal wath challenges the future may hod Your Iafe should be enrached by the publacataon of your fane book of MEMORIES that as the years swaftly pass you wall cherash these actavataes as happy memoraes of your school days Howard Leas 8 MPS ANNA BRIGHT Wlttenberg Czllege A E Ohm State Unlverznty LCJTH1 ll Engllah lO, ll, T2 Annual Aflvnszr MR ROBERT DURBIW Ohm Northern Unlversuty, B S lndlono Unlyersuty Amerlcon Hlstory Wffrlrl History Clylcs Geography Oml Consumer Ecunrlmlcu Annual Advisor MR HARRY MULTER Wllmmgton Col- lege, BS Mloml Umverslty Chemistry I-lngher Moth, Eighth Grode Molh. Jumor Hugh Coach ,Sched d5'vaJwi From left to rnght. Eorl Holtzopple, Vlce Preslderwt Herbert Boots, Clerk Fred Muller, Prewdent Nooh Muller John Vomlemorlf. Darrel Crlrler A MR RALPH TlNlANOVV Ohm Store Unlversuty, B S Northwestern Unwersafy Junior Hugh Chorus JL1n'or Hlgh ML1SuC Sensor Chores Boys' Glee InstrumenfoIffGrgdes Senlor Bond and Hugh School MISS MARIE JONES Bowlang Green Store Un1verslfyfB S Ed Wittenberg College Oho Store Unlversify Vocohongl Horne Econofn Cs MR VVILLIANN GOODISH Fnndloy College, A B lndzono Unlverslfy Scvence 7, 8, 9 Blologv Sensor Sclence Assustcnr Coach MRS, NAOMI GOODISH Fnndloy College, A B, Busnness Trounnng Bookkeeping Typung Shorthand o "Sig: X A 37' ., ,Q 'Q - 3. Q13 X MISS DOROTHY GREEN MISS l.OIS OYER Kcnt State Universitv, BS, Ed. Bluffton College, B.S,M. Ohio State University Elenjemfory Music Health and Phvsical Education Girls' Glee Socal Science 7, 8 English 7 MR. ARDEN ROSS MR. CLARENCE THOMPSON Oho Northern Univcrsity, B A. Ed Cho Northern University, BS injwmol Arts Rio Grande College Drawing English 8, 9 Physical Education Coach ll Hfmdp, lfzarhnlw, BACK ROW: Mrs. Gertrude Brenneman, Mrs, Mildred Crites, Miss Marjorie Quinn, Mrs, Thel- ma Figgins, Miss Dixie Seitz, Mrs. Mildred Bowersock, Mrs. Candace Van Horn, Mrs. Gaynell Kraft. FRONT ROW: Mr, Ellis Lloyd, Mrs, Ruth Holtzapple, Mrs. Mary Baechler, Mrs Gretchen Cremean, 5ZQ,U7,0fH!71j, Mori lyn Houston. office, arms BACK ROW: Margaret Hatton, Fern Wells, Laura Bruce, Alyce Sandy, Rosalie Kieswetter,. FRONT ROW1 Marlene Sanner, Betty Foust, La Donna Furry, Jo Ann White, Janice Houston, Helen Dunahay, Knob, Mrs. Freda Pierson Mrs. Myrtle John QHILIIDM. Mr Roscoe Holmes Mr Lloyd Sroute Mr Orville Dunahay fnqzhem Mr Woodrow Baxter "' nuff flamm, As no Cham as stronger than :Ts 6 weakest Imk so no cost IS complete ' unless all porfncapofe I Q I3 X lmm, Flashung onto our screen at the begunnung of the year we see 42 merry senuors full of hopes and lufe As the scene changes the outlune becomes blurred by rapud actuvuty as the camera shows us our sports heroes Peerung through the clash of helmets and cleets our eye bruefly scans Stanley Strayer Ruchard Taylor Duck Van Horn Norman Paxson Bob l-lenne Duck Caun Norman Beeler and Bull Louth as they speed past the screen Agaun the outlune becomes vague and the focuses on a hoop a basketball us flupped through ut closely followed by Stanley Strayer Norman Beeler Don Muller Bob l-lenn Norman Paxson Gerald Pont Duck Van Horn and Ruchard Taylor Now the umage on the screen fades and passes on to some of the hugh lughts of the years actuvutues As class offucers we elected three dustunguushed members of our class who wuth theur above average untellugences and glub tongues managed to keep a happy meduum of temperament between teachers Van Horn Secretary of Treasury Laura Bruce Next the class socual set steps forth Furst un the form of that raduant beauty wuth her wonderful personaluty and charm Mary Lou Gulden who competed for and easuly won that cherushed role of homecomung queen A other throne appears but thus tume seatung a tradutuonally romantuc pour seldom seen apart as they roam the school s halls Carnuval attendants Betty Faust and Curly Hall both present dustunguushed vet classucally handsome and lovely profules However one does not luve on fun ln order to rause money the class sponsored a doughnut sale usung materual contrubuted by all members At the begunnung of the year we went on a hay rude wuth the usual trummungs of rupe red tomatoes and cuder I am sure that both sophomores and senuors consudered the rude a huge success onthe senuor s part The year draws to an end wuth commencement senuor day and Bac calaureate Followung the last day of school we set out lor New York a trup I am sure we wull all remember and enjoy l4 0 6 o T I l I I I I T I , . I I I I 2, , i , ' , ' and students, They were: President-Allan Miller, Vice President-Dick , T , . , . V n- ll ll - - f ' flanm Ulhcmn Duck Van l-lorn Vrce President Laura Bruce Secretary Treasurer Allan Muller Presldent ,Smlma ANN BAKER I Commercial Course Girls Glee I 2 Mixed Cbor 2 4 Elsteddfod 2 4 ecutlve Commuttee 4 Journal A I Wu. I5 7950 NORMAN BEELER Norm Commercial Course Boys Glee 3 4 Eusfeddfod 3 4 Memories Staff 4 Foot I 3 4 Bask a I 3 4 Class Pla Club I bb "if" gil ,,B.H,, H ,, uSl,,:"! ,:EX1 ,: 5 - ' ' j - ball , 2, , 5 elb ll I, 2, ism 3, 4, Memories Staff 4, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Var- G.A. . , 2. sry "E" 2, , , y 4, 4-H , 2, 3, 4. I H E' 'N ' 1 23 I J N 3 , I , ,I 5 ls. f55lf?.f.l.,!.'. -- THELMA BOROFF Telmie Commercial Course Grls Glce I 2 Mixed Char 4 Eisted o ournalism 3 4 O ice A I 3 4 Class Pla RICHARD CAIN Dick Vocational Course otball I 2 3 4 Varg JOHN CHENEY Johnnie College Preparatory Course Boys Glee I Mixed Chorus I Eisteddfod I Memories Staff 4 Advertising Manager 4 Camera Club 3 4 Libra y I Honor Society 3 4 Who s Who 4 Class Play 4 HELEN DUNAHAY Shorty General Course 'rs Glee , 3, Mix C orus I 2, Eisteddfod 2 3' usic Festival I, Band I 2 4, Journalism 3, 4' Office 3 4, G.A.A. I, 2, Class Play 4. LA DONNA EURRY "Donnie" General Course Girls' Glee I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Eisteddfod I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Maiorette I, Drum Maiorette 2, 3, 4, Journalism 3, 4, Office 4, G.A.A, I, 2, 3, 4. 'Sf 45' ?""V T is Q? LAURA BRUCE DUSTY Commercial Course Class Secretary 4 Office 3 4 Homecoming Queen 3 Who S Who 3 4 DJANE CAMPBELL Camel General Course Boys Gleel lCentrall Boys Glee 3 Mixed Chorus I lCen trall Mixed Chorus 2 3 Eis teddfod 3 Band I ICentralI Memories Staff 3 4 Track I lCentrall Track2 3 4 Whos Who 4 Jr Town Meeting 4 Class Play 4 NANCY DAVIDSON Nance General Course rs GI e I 2 3 Mix Chorus I 2 3 4 Eisted od I 2 3 4 Northwest District Auditions 3 4 Ohio State Audi tions 3 4 Vice President 2 Memories Staff 4 Asst Editor AA 3 4 Hon Society 3 4 Salutatorian 4 Who s Who 4. BETTY FOUST Faust Commercial Course Journalism 4' Circulation Manager 4, Office 4' Honor So- ciety 3 4' Homecoming Queen Attendant I' Carnival Queen Attendant 4' Who s Who 4' Ex- ecutive Committee 2' Class Play 3. MARY LOU GILDEN "Gildie" College Preparatory Course Girls' Glee I, 3, Mixed Chor- us I, 3, Eisteddfod I, 3, Class Secretary 3, Executive Commit- tee 2, Journalism 3, 4, Editor 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Vice President 4, Minstrel 3, Class Play 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Jr. Town Meeting 3, Homecoming Queen 4, Carnival Queen Attendant 2, Who's Who 4. ELAINE GLASS E ue Comrnercual Course Girls Geel 2 3 4 Mlx Chorusl 2 3 4 Eosted 4 Muslc Festuval I 2 Bond I 2 3 4 Student Con ductor I 2 3 4 Northwes District Au Itlons 3 4 Ohno State Audltuons 3 Fundlay Drs tract Band 4 Journalusrn 3 4 Mernorues Staff 4 Cnrculatuon nager4 GAA I 2 3 Vnce Presudent 3 Mnnstrel 2 3 Carnival ueen Attendant 3 Jr Town Meetung 4 Who s Who 4 Class Play 3 JOANNE HARTMAN Lucky General Course Class Play 4 ROY HOLLAR Speedle General Course Executuve Commuttee 3 Cam ero Club I Honor Society 4 MARTHA HUNTER Marty Vocational Course rs Gleel 2 3 4 Mix C orus I 2 3 4 Ersted d A 2 3 4 C Play 4 ANNETTE KRIDER Annie Commercual Course rs Glee I 2 3 4 Mux Chorus I 2 3 4 Elsteddfod I Musuc Fes :va GAA I 2 3 4 MlnstreI3 LEON HALL Curly General Course Bos Glee I Mlxed har us 4 Eusteddfod 4 Executive Cornrnlttee 4 B seball 3 4 Carnnval Kung Attendant 4 ROBERT HENNE Hornet General Course Mixed Chorus 4 Elsteddtod 4 Band I lPerryl Class Pres: dent lPerryI Journollsm I lPerryl Football 3 4 Basket a lperryl Basketball 4 seball3 4 Varsity E 3 Jr Town Meeting 3 4 Class y I JANICE HOUSTON an Vocatlonal Course rs Glee lCol Grove Gnrls Glee 2 3 4 Mnxed Chor us I ICOI Grovel Muxed Chor us 2 3 4 Elsteddfod 2 :ce 4 G A A 2 3 MARY LEE JOHN ee General Course rs Glee I Mixed C orus I 2 3 4 Elsted d 4 Musuc Fe I nd I 3 4 Maloret 3 4 Mlnstr JEANETTE KRIDER Jenny Commercaal Course rs Glee 2 4 Mix Chorusl 2 4 Ensteddfodl Music Festwal I GAA 2 4 Class Play 3 WILLIAM LAMAN General Course BO S Glee I Elsteddfod I Basketball I Carmval Kung At tendant 2 Sgt at Arms 2 WILLIAM LOUTH College Preparatory Course Football 4 Memories Staff 4 Honor Socuety 3 Jr Town Meet 4 H C ub I ALLAN MILLER Vocatuonal Course Boys Glee I 3 Mlxed Chor u I 4 Elsteddtodl 3 4 e Presldent 3 President 4 Mem ones Staff 3 4 Busuness Man ager 4 Basketball I 2 as ball 2 Honor Society 3 4 Vale dnctoruan 4 Who s Who 4 Mun stre 3 Class Play 3 4 NORMAN PAXSON Norm General Course S Glee-I 2 3 4 Mlx C orus I 2 3 4 Elsted d 4 Music Fes nv Sgt at Arms 4 Football 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Coptann 4 B Seball 3 4 Tra k 3 ar JOHN PONTING Jacl- G n ral Course Otbcll I I3 sk IJ MIRIAM LONG Mlm College Preparatory Course Executive Commntteel 2 J urnallsm 3 4 Office 3 4 A I 3 4 Secreta reasurer I 3 4 Jr Town Meettng 3 Mrnstrel 3 Class Play 3 GERALD MESSICK ex College Preparatory Course Boys Glee I 3 Mnxed Char Ensteddfod I 3 Musu Festnval I Executuve Commnttee 3 Memories Staff 3 4 Edutor onor Soclety 3 Town Meetmg 4 Whos Who 4 Class Play 3 Lubrary I DON MILLER Don Juan College Preparatory Course Boys Glee 4 Eusteddfod 4 Basketball I 2 3 4 Baseball I' 4 Secretary Treasurer 4 4H GERALD POINT Shorty Vocational Course Student Patrol I lCentralJ President Chef Club I lCen troll Boys Glee 3 4 Eusteddfod 4 Memorues Staff 4 Camera Club 2 Basketball 4 Manager 2 3 Baseball Manager 2 ack 3 4 Varslty E 3 RALPH RAMER Rarnrc Commercial Cours ROSLYN RHODES os Commercual Course rs Gleel 2 3 4 Max Chorusl 2 3 4 Ensteddfod 2 4 Musnc Festival l Ban I 2 3 4 Executrve Commnt tee 2 Journalusm 3 4 Mem orues Staff 4 Curculatlon Mana r 4 GAA l 4 strel 3 Jr Town Meetmg 4 Who s Who 4 Class Play 3 MARLENE SANNER June College Preparatory Course rs Gleel 2 3 4 Mix Chorusl 2 3 4 Eusted od 4 Ba l 2 No west Dnstrlct Auduteons 3 4 Ohro State Audutlons 3 4 Fund lay Dustrlct Cholr 4 Executuve Commuttee3 4 Otflce4 Jour nallsm 3 4 Business Manager AA 2 3 4 Pres: 4 Msnstrel 3 Jr Town Meet :ng 3 Whos Who 4 Cass Play 3 4 DUANE STEMEN JUUI6 Cornmerclal Course Presudent 2 Journalnsm 3 Memones Staff 4 Football l 2 Basketball l Who s Who 2 4 Class Play 3 4 RICHARD TAYLOR Toby General Course Boys Glee 4 Ensteddfad 4 Secretaryl 2 Football l Basketballl 2 3 4 a l V 4 H Club l MARY WADE e Commercial Course G s Gleel 2 3 4 Mnxd Chorus 2 3 Ersteddfod 2 3 4 Northwest Dustrlct Audntnons 3 4 Journallsm3 4 GAA 3 Mnnstrel 3 Class Play 4 '13 'Lf Ke f"l?""': fgvfik P 45" awangv' i We fr .iw-ss? 1:7 fir' -ef--f' 'Haw Z. ALYCE SANDY Shorty Commercual Course Grls Glee l Mnxed Chorus 4 Elsteddfod 4 Otfuce G A A l 2 Who S Who l LA DOYT SNOW Doyt General Course as Gleel 2 3 Mnx Chorusl 2 3 Ensteddfadl 2 3 Music Festival l 2 Band l 2 3 4 Presudent 2 4 No h west Dlstrlct Audltlons 2 3 4 President 3 Vice Presadent l Memornes Staff 3 4 Camera Club3 4 Faotballl Basketball B all 2 3 4 r 3 4 Mans Class Play 3 4 Carnlval Kang Attendant 3 Jr Town Meetlng 3 Whos Who 4 4 H Club l 2 3 Presndent 3 Secretaryl STANLEY STRAYER Stan General Course Boys Glee 3 4 Ensteddtod 4 Elsteddfod 3 4 Sg Arms 3 Executive Commuttee l Football l 2 3 4 Captain 4 Bas etball l 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Track 3 4 Vars E 234WhosWho44H u l RlCl-lARD VAN HORN Van General Course Boys Glee 3 4 Elsteddtod 3 4 Bandl Presadentl Vxce President 4 Journallsm 3 4 Football l 2 3 4 Basketb ll rack 2 3 4 rsnty 4 Minstrel 3 Carnnval Kxng At tendant l Jr Town Meetung 4 Whos Who 4 Class Play 4 Club l JO ANN WHITE Commercoal Course If S ee 2 Mlxe C orus l 2 Eusteddtod l 2 Journallsm 4 Memories Staff 4 :ce l 2 3 4 Jr Town Meetung 4 Class Play 3 4 gym ogpw Danny Kuzer Secretary Treasurer Duck Darduo Presudent Keuth Archer Vuce Pressdent On the openung of school un 49 the uunuors numbered 43 We elected as our class offucers Duck Darduo Presudent Keuth Archer Vuce Presudent and Danny Kuzer Secretary Treasurer We receuved our eagerly awouted class rungs on September I3 Wuth Muss Jones and Mr Goodush as our chaperons we went on a hayrude to Gomer Park on October I8 Our attendant to the Homecomung Queen was Connue Shenk Danny Kuzer and Betty Punney were chosen as our Carnuval Kung and Queen candudates The Junuor Class Play Hullbully Courtshup guven on No vember IO was a great success Durung the fall we sponsored a scrap druve Mar lene Holtzapple and Danny Kuzer were the negatuve speakers on the Junuor Town Meet ung of the Aur un December On December 20 we uunuors took a state psychologucal test The assembly was guven on January 27 We receuved our puctures early un March Promunent un sports were Kay Boate Duck Darduo .lum Haddung Danny Kuzer Herb Lockett Lewus Neru Buddy Rader Larry Steveley Paul Loman Ruchard Druver Bull Selhorst and Dwught Good The Junuor Senuor Prom was held on Moy 5 afhuum .9drznfqZucafwn TOP ROW Kay Boate Ardath Brant Norma Col luns Gen Crawford Darlen Danuel Duck Darduo SECOND ROW Ruchard Druver Ethel Guthens Davud Goluver Dwught Good Nolan Good Jum Haddung THIRD ROW Irma Hartman Peggy Hatton Sally Hersh Marlene Holtzapple Danny Kuzer Norma Jean Kortuer FOURTH ROW Peggy Kruse Paul Loman Larry McCoy Bull Meuer Lewus Neru Betty Punney FIFTH ROW Wunufred Pontung Dorothy Prlruce Buddy Rader Walter Ruley Wulma Sandy Bull Selhorst SIXTH ROW Connue Shenk Kenny Sherruck rno gene Sneary Larry Steveley Barbara Thompson Fern Wells Dorus Wrught KNOT IN PICTURE Keuth Archer Gordon Foust Gene Frysunger Herbert Lockett Janet McKunney Betty Burton I I I I I 4 . V O 6 . , . , - , .. , . - I I 1 I 1 I 1 1 - f f I I , 1 I l - - 1 I I I ' I I - 1 I 1 ' I - I l I . , 1 f I f - - 1 11 - - - 11 - I I - I I . . . , - 4 , 1 D I V I ' I I I I I I I , ' . . I I I . I I I ' r . I I I ' . , ' 3 1 , I 1 I 'I 5' 4- IAA Q'-" Wiz' Z aux, ltf 'Q G 0 1, 0 g X E" GQ '7 v-1 IA ALM in IJ 6laAA,0!lr.cmA. Patsy Follas Secretary Treasurer Bob Edwards Presndent John Muller Vuce Presndent l TOP ROW Bertha Alspaugh lm Boroft Ann Brenneman SECO ND ROW M C ax Cusco Treva olluns Carol Cox THIRD ROW Susan Cremea Crowe Elo n Don me Davldson FOURTH ROW Bull D senberg D0 lres DeVore Jea E -rv n Driver Doroth dwards Bob Ed Y wards Jrm Fletcher FIFTH ROW Patsy Follas Stella Fryslnger Bull Gahmon Joh Charl n Guthens es Harrod Wulm er Hartman 3 -5 17 3 ,L SIXTH ROW Barbara Hunton Dan Holmes Bob Ho stetler Ruth Kell Rosalne Kueswett er er Jack Kruse SEVENTH ROW La D y Little Bob Lyons Jane McKinney Bob Messuck John Muller Morle ne Muller EIGHTH ROW Robert Mzller T Mntchell Dayld om Moore Joan Rhodes Mary Riley Blanche Sanders NINTH ROW John Shock Jack Shook Wendell Smlth Ann Steven son Eyonne Stew art Eldon Stlrn TENTH ROW Betty Unland Imo gene Utterback NOT IN PI CTURE Dorothy Brown I 2. ' L PJ E ff, ' 1 'QI ' Az A , N . . ...,.. .......b . Q ' J Q . ,.., . ...,.... I 1 k ' X' ' V 7 I 1 b , J' -1 . 5 I r ' - 1 .lf . 5' ka 'U' fa., I I , A , I I 4' I I ff I . Q ,,-...,., , , 'QA 9 I 0 I z-A 4 1 3 , I , ' I . A - , 'GJ A K, . ' an Y wr 1 I 1' ' 1 Alf? f , lx ' K I U Ml ljrml . E tu, Z 3 I3 A ' A 5, 4. f I 4 I v . - -1 . ' 5 ' VL' A , s f l V I . V , Ll I 1 I 1 I W :ii --X -1 , Q . ct? fn! l I I 4: l:t'.," ll' I I l ' A .f ' I4 2 5 ,Q .5 .5 , z- . . -J V1 V1 , Z I X y X 4 :Q ti A ks If I , I , 1 I . . Z L 7 ll' J.. X' ,-I . I I I A 4, 5 R 0 9 .. 'x ' E ' I f , X 3 b 2 , - tl I . 6'IaAA, Ummm Barbara Sanner Vice President Warren Smith Secretary Treasurer Bill Hatton President TOP ROW Glenn Allemener Ruth Bame Cretora Bear SECOND ROW Jack Boothby Beverly Carr Shirley Cusco THIRD ROW Stanley Crider Edward Davis Dick Davis Shirley Detrick Mary Alice Etgen Leo Etgen FOURTH ROW Florence Franks Betty Gannon Maxine Glthens Jim Glass Bertha Good Louis Hadding FIFTH ROW Evelyn Hardesty BII Hatton Joe Jones Helen Kirkendall Eileen Louth Joan Lyle SIXTH ROW: Wanita Mayer Joan Meier Maxine Metzger Joe Mihrn an- ice Miller Arlene Peters. SEVENTH ROW: Brownlo Poynter, Carol Raderstorf Marjorie Reese, Crena Riley, John Ruby Josephine Sanders. EIGHTH ROW: Barbara Sanner, Clyde Satterfield Howard Satterfield Rex Slechter Warren Smith Janet Snow NINTH ROW: Phyllis Steiner Anna Sternen, Danny Stemen, Gary Stinebuck, Gerald Strayer, Velma Taylor. TENTH ROW: Ruth Unland, Mariarie Weaver, Eugene Williams, Helen Wright, I 1 J . Us 'TW QIWQZ? g I, .. 23 41 11 Ll MQW it F .Hit 'I 'Mil Yfv-I gm 24 Wldhy TOP ROW Carol Augsburger Ronald Bowers Bonnle Collle Darrel Brant Vlr gnl Brenneman Thomas Coolldge SECOND ROW Ellen Cralg John ras enberry Nancy Detrack Dlanne Desen berg Robert DuPont Earl Eberle THIRD ROW Marilyn Eblung Bob Fnshpaw Franklin Faust Wnllnam Faust Gary Fowler James Gahman FOURTH ROW Edward Gannon Rob ert Heath Vlrgll Huber Beverly Kesler LaDonna Kortler Sue Lenser FIFTH ROW Don Lens Patty Lyons Brooks May Joy McConnell Don Muller Janice Muller SIXTH ROW Kay Muller Ralph Muller Tommy Muller Gene Morgret Deck Mus selman Joyce Musser Joan Parrot SEVENTH ROW Joan Parrot Joe Pontung Dorls Preasar Bob Rice Don Sandy Gayle Satterfneld EIGHTH ROW Kay Shenk Earl Sher rnck Ruth Shack Carolyn Stalter Tommy Stalter Juannta Starkey NINTH ROW Connne Sternen How ard Stemer Vnrgnnla Stevely Ronald Strayer John Thompson Duane Vande nwark TENTH ROW Jeonnne Wade Marnlyn Weaver .iaunnihj TOP ROW S Allman Crarg Bcate Gene Bo thby B b Burden Danny Cheney SECOND ROV! F d C mt Reb T rnpt n Phyllr C lrdje Mary Crowe THlRD ROW Connre Detrrck Kenneth Eberle J an Gannon Dorrs Grthens Don Glass FOURTH ROVV Shrrley Graahner Ron ald Green Janet Hrlleary Nancy Hanes Lynda Holtzapple FlFTH ROW Danny l-uffer RIC'1ard Kesler John Klrlfendall Don Krzer Jos eph Lenser SlXTH ROW Kerrnrt May Mary Mayer Petty McConnell Bob Mclirnn y Lows Merer SEVENTH ROW Joyce Mrkeeell Kay Muller Myrna Murray Martha Parrot Franklrn Poynter EIGHTH ROW Calyrn Reese Ronald Reynolds Noah Sherruclc Sarah Srcufe Naam: Tallman NINTH ROW Floyd G n Terry Jan t Thompson Roger Unland Phyllrs Wag ner Irene Weaver TENTH ROW Dorothy Welker Ann Wrtord Lawrence Wrllrarm NOT IN PICTURE Glen St ed ,...v I., s.-uv l L Ji'- L ff? f '21 unilh av A Illia. T Sv r u nur.:- 25 3. I VJ . . I . rl 1 .Je V I J 'A o f, o ,J 'J J -J V T: 'J' 'T ' Q rv , ,J . 2 'V 'f re o 5 on 'er r 'S F T7 T J, E Co Q , 2 acl Ronald Cao .P , ' I 't ' I ' ' ji, 3 vvpl I L T3 ' I I K' W 2 wh M 1 .W 'L-I I lr V J 'Wil , 3 A , - , Mid. -J-1 " T I . T ,V 1 yy Ry V V V 0 f. N2 5 W ' . is .- f l J . ry, r y 1 Q '. F ' ' T Tf d 4 2 T' lm f E . A 'lf I .. X" ' 1 i ' I :li 5' -J .af r 5 I Qfwff M T , 1 ' F f 1 , L ,Jr ' ' ' , L S 3 - 1 W y k ll ' J Q X 'gf-gkfljsk X x ,,-nm: l I 6-C . 'T , . f ' T f ' ,.r, , f ' J lx li? I ,,,. -,, G4 ,Q ' 'z 4 , s W U X Xxx?-n."': Z Q! , 'Q X 4' 1 .35 Xxx 2 , id ia Ai ' .1 f if A ,ff " 1, Qi 53' J -dl A , ' eizilfigyvf .ffgi ggi s l I A Q Y Q. ix -4.3 Q A suv V ' mg , '- D I 4 W 'S ? f Q D it I WU! , W 4, V, z aah? 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Laura BL-rcaw Karen Sue lfaefner, lxanclla DL-rltnaer, Prl-cull.: Eyerett Una Beerltnu SECOND ROW Ralph Efgen Rex Batlflwltler, Jlm Home Keltb Fouxt Pamela Dussell Jerry Hate Dowd Glas: H,vyOrtl Fwuxt FRONT ROV' Clmryl Lynne Faanqe Kgtfle-en Ftebpaw 'X rrngr' Fla-,Y Ltla Cgafntrell Jlm Feawf Sha' rn Ggvrgl F"YWrlr,"'Q Jews Ale' Er' beet Nerrna t..L'V'WC:l6' D rorme Cfg NM, gtg? Samui Hfwwln, BACK ROVV John Able, Phll Fletgher, Ronald lr-lallar, Larry McBr1de, Clarr Crlder, Bull Eberle, Gale Crlsenberry, Larry Blakeman, Vtfeldon Glthens, Nor- man l-lelser, Jlm Sherrnelf., Bull Vinllnarns, Btll Dunahay SECOND ROV! Raul l-lutler Mxahael Flutter, Susan Faust, Kathy Eyans Patty Faust Raul Huber Sondra Ahlers Char' latte Kruse Bobs Cheney, Llnda Sroufe, Mary Grant, Dranne Dutto, Glorta Cool' ldge, Mrs Baechler FRONT ROW Patty Buslck, Naoml Dayus, Bobby Beckman, Nancy Eller- brack, Roger Bowers, Delares Anderson, Lrnda l-laddrng Charles Faust, Tom Gahe man, Jam Brennernan, Ruta Brunkrnan, Kathy Holtzaaole, Kathy Cralg ,Snromi Banda, BACK ROW: Gary Kidd, Daynd Satter- tleld, Arthur Hughland, Alonzo Lyons Jr., Jerrv Tabler, Harold Wrlght, Jerry Gra- ham, Llnda Stemen, Larry Markel, Rad- ger Keysor, Arnold Huber, Eugene Faust, Nancy Muller. SECOND ROW: Ray Strayer, Dorothy Broshes, Januce Turner, Dianne Swartz, Gary Sandy, Linda Long, Bonnue Layman, Kay Mussellman, Geraldine Tallman, Bobby Lee, Jnm Smuth, Phillip John, Bobby John, Arnold Vasquez, Mrs. Flgglns. FRONT ROW1 Coral Thomas, Myrna LaRue, Kenneth Ramser, Linda Lsttle, James Shafer, Ruth Stemen, Judy Prlce, Marcnne Layman, Janet Sodders, Danny Thomas, Janice Kraft, Blllle Gene Hnlty, Charlene Sheldlcr, jluhul Hfzade BACK ROV! Tommy Becker, Charles Clark, Terry Lowe, John Desenberg Dwaln Metzger, Judy Croft, Mary Ann l-laltzapple, Joyce l-lollar, Januce Stalter, Marrlyn Peters, Dayld Terry, Joe Sum- mons SECOND ROW. Larry Smlth, Dennns Stemen, Shlrley Mukesell, Wllrner Krrken- doll, Charles Tallman, Jlmmy Wade, Larry Keyser, Carolyn Musser Juduth Ransom, Sharon Faust, Jlmmy Johns, Mrs Kratt FRONT ROW, Andy Vasquez, Larry Colley, Janet Morrls, Teletha Wlldermuth, Bonnie Bell, Janet May, Rebecca Everett, Janice Loman, Donnle Reed, Floyd llames, Wayne Rhodes, Sharon Mmller, Helen Good Jluhnl Handy, BACK ROW: Dennis Stemen, Darlyn l-lelner, Connie Follos, Raymond Sraufe, Karen Eair, Rita Miller, Clayd Thomas, Richard Archer, Jackie Western, Oscar Etgen Dickie l-lollar, Thomas Davis, SECOND ROVV, Kenneth Heath, Linda Rilev, David Kesler, Wilma Long, Ronald Shafer David Morris Evelyn Stemen, Ralph Miller, Mary Williams, Kenneth l-luber, Emogene Kinnaird, Cloyd Ride- nour, Karen Arnold, Mrs Brenneman. FRONT ROW: Dickie Craig, Karen Nusbaum Karen Lawrence, Jean Mc- Kinney, Coral Maloney, Irene Sonnan- stine, Carolyn Wade, Marilyn Wade, Judith Gillette, James Patton, Richard Ladd, Joan Meyer, Darrel Bowers jnufzih and 31201 Hfzadxz BACK ROW: Brenner Denlinger, Jerry Crisenberry, Rodney Davidson, Elaine Baker, Mary Cheney, Evelyn Denlinger. SECOND ROW: Sharyn Allian, Sharon Colley, Caory Cozley, Billy Barnum, How- ard Hadding, Kenny Driver, Roger Crowe, Ronnie Blakeman, Mrs. Crites. FRONT ROW: Judy Allemeier, David Collins, Carolyn Cisco, Mary Collins, Lewis Etgen, Ronald Kruse, Esther Car- pentar, Rosalie Gannon, Arthur Deane, lna Gamble, Mary Fishpaw, jnwrlli, yflddl BACK ROW, Ross Smith, John Sim- mons Russell Sneory, Stephen Miller, Gary McBride, Ronald Stewart, Richard Wagner Larry Stemen, Maurice Zerkel, Clement Metzger Kenneth John, Mrs Van l-larn SECOND ROW: Terry l-lallar, LOuis Vasquez, Anita Lapham, Joan Hobbs Sendo Sodders Marilyn Miller David Gurlfe Shellua Somemiller James Fish, paw Gene Vlarner Alan Rithe Larry lxiflenfur Ted Myers FRONT ROW VVard Green Carol Graham Carolxn Kershner Darlene Mayer Linda Miller Mariam Mann Bjrnito Kruse Marilyn Miller Patricia Gicson Harriet Stemen Brenda Kidd, Mgrtna Miller Slnarrx Earn Stanley Lyle JQQUL Efwzdo, BACK ROW Charles Kershner, Ronald LaRue, Russell VVinkle Charles Fuller Donald Wade David Morrisey, Lert, Tgllman Carl Raaley, Arthur Kimmel THIRD RONN. Eldean Rsnting, Mar. eille Miller, Dorothy Stemen, Barbara Baxter, Marlene Bell, Dolores Stinebuck: Robert Stemen, Richard Mann, Ray Ride- ngur, Billy McCall, Mrs Cremean. SECOND ROW: Maureen Rabley Dsro- thy Mayer, Joyce Brenneman, Party' Lawrence, Dian Johnson, Barbara Meier, Nancy Craft, Ja McKinney, Rita Osen- baugh, Barbara Keller, Loretta Huber FRONT ROW, Kenneth Miller, Mikel Messick, Merlin Shriner, Richard Jacobs, Gary John, James Huber, Raul Sroute Larry Lenser, Roger Voress jhrih, Handy, BACK ROW: Lowell Mihrn, Gary Sroute, David Simmons, Donald Kinnaird, Lanny Du Pont, Douglas Shenk, Bobby Keller, Lisle Smith. THIRD ROW: Kay Bowers, Garneta Huber, Margie Morris, Danna Baldwin, Catherine Busick, Charles Fair, George Riley, Marlene Sandy, Mrs. Bowersock. SECOND ROW: Buddy Evans, Bobby Lowe, Shirley Hawk, Marilyn Cox, Dale Young, Lowell Crider, Mary Franks, Janet Nusbaum, Lois Terry, Janice Kruse, Georgianna Harrod, Marlene Stemen. FRONT ROW: John McConnell, Rich- ard Markel, Ellis Peters, Bobby Holmes jbrih, Hands, BACK ROXN Kenneth Lyle, Billi Good, LaRee Little, Robert Davidsin Jackie Keller, Morris Morgret, Sammy Steiner, Leonard Hartman THIRD ROW Raw Craig, Elnora Neath, Sarah Brant, Sonya Best, Ratricio Huber, Carol Houston, Sue Edwards Sue Ruby, Patty Foust, David Peltier, Dale Stever, Mr Lloyd. SECOND ROW, Betty Clark Ruth Kirkendall, Carol Colley, Nanette Voress Sandra Simmons, Barbara Mikesell, Eye- lyn Reed, Barbara Masier, Shirley Stalter, Barbara Sattertield, Velva Sherrick FRONT ROW: Raymond Sneary, Rod- ney McKinney, Lyle May . fn:-V' fn.. ' ',"' .a, x .- V . , . C . , 'H V. mer ' . Q.-3. , - ,.. 5 X rj A kr- 6 , ' x YI V 's',x . x v' . K. br, , 14' . .,,,' .. 'Rx ' h 5 , x ,- fn ,,',.., Sv ' Rf .Q .f " " -'.'.:7t3'.' ' 'iw is f.,-'V ' 'u ' " f Q, - - ' lx ' -' u .1 , - Y , -9 fr ff f 9511.4 ta V ix.. ' 'rr , ,N Awil. .4f,, X,-gy-Z., 14-1 W in V ' '19 f 1 45 A i f if fx. x -fu 1' ' W M 'lin' ' fr my 1 , ,T vi. N' Qpf' Mfg. ' 'f ii X W. 4 .yn , db' . A K Q I i , Q 6 W W ff 1 '1 - 4 x " xi f . h K an--an , , f J ' '1 5'4- W ' E X X W Y ,A 'f'y5, ng V wqjnmlx H Xxx , 3 . Q X 1 ,.. vf i Qwia V , i l N ' I.. Mu -c1 auf min.. , ,m gf 'W -fag' dctw The ocflvutaes of Eludo ore nu merous ond varied Thev develop ony persomcl talents on mdlvnduol may possess M Z 1 + f , f .' ' , g'ff43g'jW 2 A Z" 'W' ' Vg, 5 . , , ., V- t V V hy? , , V I A 'fm ' J , .- ,, . I I O ' 1 C5 'kb -9 if Top left hand picture: Rex Messick, Editor. Tap right hand picture: Annual Staff. Lower Picture: Annual Staff at work. mild!! The annual staff is composed of approximately twelve seniors who volunteer for the work. The staff is divided into two carts 5 the editorial and business sections. The editorial staff is concerned with getting the book to you in fair Condition, while the business staff collects enough money to finance it. Altogether it is a combination of fun, hard work. and worry that brings you the book, Rex Messick Nancy Davidson Mrs Bright AllCJr1 MillCr Mr Durbin Roslyn Rhodes Elaine Glass John Cheney Crt Cf' 'WZrzlnmLQA, Pmwnmi Etlitfr Aesis1OVtf Etllt'r Etlitfirial Atfxisbr Busincss Manager Business Adviser fcirculatvn Manager cimulatirn Manager Afjujrtiging MCWCZQG' Ddanf Stwncn Diff' Vcjrwbl rn 'Xlcrman Eeelu LaDCyt Snow Duane CGVTTDliCll Eifl Lcuth Ann Baker ,l'Ann XNHUD Spbrts Editw ssistant Sports Erlitfr Calendar Photographer Art Editor Txpist Txpiet Txpi t Bulldv Review The BaHdag Revlew Skhf of'A9f5O has dine a swel I lab in gnving the students al Ehda High Schaolrhe news af achvuhes around E H,S Every nwenwter ofthe staff has worked hard to rnakethe paperenjayablefarfhesfudenfg and herek haprn g fhaf next yearE paper yall enjoys pafhng outrhe paperand hasasrnach huwasthusyeark waffdnd BACK ROVV LEFT TO RIGHT. D.ck Van Horn, Mary Lau Gllden Ann Baker Thelma Bard? Mary Mvade, Elalne Glass Duane Sfemen FRONT ROW' Marlene Sanner Betty Faaaf, LaDanna Furry, JoAnn Whufe, Helen Dunahay, and Roslyn Rhodes, LEFT TOP PICTURE1 Mary Lou Gulden, Eanar l RlGHT BOTTOM PlCTUl?E LEFT TO F4lGl-lT: Marlene Sanner, Mlrlam Lang, l-lelen Danahay, and Mary Lou Gllden. f ,rr,r1rr , l -T " 6 ., Y Z L '-f 7 ,I 3 V . ,Q ,, L QEEWBHE5 6,5 EQQZILZFQQ wif My QE?-Rf! Education is not in- l , 2 ww w 1 for-macxong in is we flEaf7"jT 5 Y Ml2lVlE,g9 2 AT "LA HIM' 22111113 to use infmua' lEd1tor in chief-Mary T A group of four- on. 5Lou Gildeng Business teen ambitious students fMgr,-Marlene Eannerg with their tio edviaorq 1Art fditor-Kirlamlcngg Mr. Roland Swank and QC1rcuiatian Mgr.-Jetty MIG. Anne Erignt, builds lFouatg Sport Editar- the ffundativn oi the Duane Stemeng Music Hxulliag Feviewu staff. Editor-Elaine Glass: Scnagl api commu- Grade Editor-ielen Huw nitv news la gafnered ahayg The regarters, ana uhllaped every Ann Taker, ihelma bor- three wee?s by this off, Mary Yeie , and etfff tnrzufhgut the lD1ck Van Horn. The acne 1 year. typists are Helen Dun- In tae s,r1nA our ahay, JoAnn White and stef: trrvels tc zawl- Marlene ianner. The inf Breea, Chic to cowlil are: Roslyn attepi Tge Grivel paper Ann ?hi'n convortian. At this funr Y- f ' K I EACK POW Vygygf '-lcv r' FH' I-,Rf ltzwg Mirffg 'v'i'i':'-1 'fuk EQ""i G fail" KWMU ECVVIIVC W"'Y1f' D" VFX. P'lV'f4 ,'L'ti' N14 rvwcx VL?-. F 1 C mmf SVQF- 'fvvigifg Lwffgff f' X2 AON Ruth Keller M mf-:rw RfUC11L'KNCEwQTTC" CC"f?f1:fiUgT V? SECOND ROW Jim-f if A Ncxrp rm- FLA-C vi ff: Tczxl' cmcrve Viewer Ewlc-cn Liu? Jaws: Hzffgr -cD'rf: Fprm MMT Lev Off FPO NT RC CTx Heicn Xvkhghr Mem LGEJfV7'7,RCf1XV'V Nfzte: E: PC Glass Arrffrg K' iw lc-:metre Kwcer E.:rf3 Stews Dcwriicv' Creme Rwie-., PMIHQ Storm:-r Eexcrx Ccfr Jcfwce M1 Wef Mer. F me Evgen BCM. Un cf-2 'UC' Qf EJJQ A3044 5 LA KFC fm 'Nrrv w GNT 36 if mmm Jfvagpfhme Sarwlcrg SPWQ-, Dug-Much J Cv Mum Muflcre MMU PLN' LJVWWUVWC1 MC-gmc Mgfzggr HQNQ K A r Err . - A Qhfigfs- 4 l BACK ROW Bob Lyons Stanley Cruder Jack Boothby Joe Jones Rex Slechter Larry Stevely Bud Rader Nor mon Raxson Ronald Strayer Robert Muller Warren Smuth Bull Hatton Gerald Strayer Mr Ralph Tunuanow SECOND ROW Roslyn Rhodes Mary Lee John Janet Snow Joan Meuer Phyllus Steuner Ruth Bame Martha Hunter Ruth Un land Marlene Sanner Jonuce Houston LaDanno Furry FRONT ROW Crena Ruley Maruorue Reese Velma Taylor Bar bara Sanner Eloune Glo s Annette Kruder Jean tte Kruder Evonne Stewart Barba a Thompson Jane McKunney Elaune Dayudson Januce Muller LOWER LEFT HAND PICTURE Gurls Glee Rehearsal LOWER RIGHT HAND PICTURE Gurls Ensemble Lett to rught Marlene Sanner Mary Lee John Annette ru der Jeanette Kruder Elaune Class Martha Hunter Mary Wade Januce Houston lwum, The Muxed Chorus us the representatuye group of Eluda boys and gurls who enjoy makung musuc for themselves and others by sungung Th s year the chorus performed at our Chrustmas Assembly The remaunder ofthe year was spent un preparotuon for the Eusteddfod un Aprul the Sprung Concert and Baccalaureate servuces un May Chorus members were enthusuastuc about theur umproved sungung thus year and hope to reach a n w hugh next year 37 .ba fu fo 'S ,-.a- dganal 'Hoo ry kv' - V, ww r v ,, M, xgpy 'Q .. 3.7 , ,K - ., LANL Zum in ww! 'N ' 'l'-YW' W' 7' F 3' vw wwf Q .-.,. K:T :ECT GN ' J viwl- x LJ' lvl 5 U V N' ' T ,, E, FH WA. .x .. ,, -ml 1-mm Lou. LEP' 'Q '-cw mug. Hug 1 w, W" -, A .4 ,"4"' 'V xg, , . , , EF7 YR , fbdv R F V " L - "L Qu . ",." V' ,Vi 'wnf EQH1 N L r ,ff 3 v i ,. 7l,?L!.',i J- L N jr' Tj 1. GH' 4, IL, V K, EF.- AA ,IIJV EN' 'V A V, N QM V L If 'Hg LN' lax Kg. V K' , lg gr" pggg' W L 38 kcrwcv Law Dfw V Ruipvw , , vfl,-C5 E"E2 ECTTOM HGHT VEVCLSSVON SECTNO 38 fi Doone Vondemork, LoDonno Kortier, Helen Donohoy, BOTTOM RIGHT--BASS AND TROMBONE SECTION LODOW Srww BACK Row, LEFT TO RIGHT Jock Bwiwisy, Stonley P092 39, BOTTOM LEFTAFLUTE AND SAX 55CT'ON Critler, Gene Boothby FRONT RONM LEFT TO RIGHT: Borboro Sonner, Borboro Thompson, Normo leon Kor- Phyllis Steiner, John Ruby, Bill Horton, Leo Etgeri, Phyl- tier, Velmo Toylor, las Wogner, The octivities of the Senior Bond were mony ond voried this yeor. Holt-time shows ot the football gomes kept our bond members busy during footboll seoson After thot the bond ployed for pep meetings ond severol home bosketboll gomes. A concert for P, T, A., ouditioning in the northwestern Ohio bond ouditions, the Spring Concert, ond the Limo Bond Festivol completed the list of octivities. Yes, the bond enjoyed o fine yeor 39 Jfomeconuhq, 194665 E6 '42 nf 'fx V' rv.. g- , L. Q71 CTTCV Kwz-J UV' 6711 GWY C' .s g x --Pegg. . -f,.. RLPT TQ '- C5 Y lg" m rg- Arrml hmm fwrvwl, 5, Arm-mfgvwrx Lcvn H 41 R - 3. ,, M, Q1 4 A O r M, , WW 'V Tm cm1DQ,r'w CWC: Frefrrruf Cuee' :mi Kmg' 'v'.cgx CHC. grit Aff: Su-wemin JUVX.,f,ATTt"NL1QV'LTx 11 AVN1 EQTT3, F Ln! BEST CITIZEN Allen Muller Nancy Downdmm MOST TALENTED ETCMHQ Gigg- LQDLH Srmw 4 4 ,153 ,J , ,fiiy Ldhnb, who MOST INTELLIGENT MOQT POPULF-xr Rex Mezscck Nancy Dovadzon MOST AMBITIOUS Jgrn Chenax Min Llu Grfdcn 42 'Q f NEATEST Allan Muller Beth, FGUST FWENDLIEST Marx LOLA Gllden Duane Sfemen LUIZDZ.. who BEST PEFSONFLITY EEST ATHLETE Dad-, Von Horn Stanley Strover Louro Bruce Marlene Sommer BEST LOOKING lDEAL COUPLE Mom Lou Gllden Duane Campbell Srarwlm Srrcxer Marlene S rwrwer 43 V 2 Ulf' Ualnrllktmzkzn, Allan Miller 'S' Saluiahfuan Nancy Davidson Jfvnozjoaztq, TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Rnchard Drwer Marlene Holtzapple Betty Pnnney Ardath Brant Dorls Wright Connne Shenk Danny Kuzer BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Rex Mes suck Roy Hollar Betty Faust Nancy Davidson Mary Lou Gnlden John Cheney Allan Muller 4 Inmate No I Inmate No 2 Plurubus Pendle Mr Huggins Mr Marshall Jack aluas Speedy Duane Stemen JoAnn What Norman Beel r Thelma Borotf John Cheney LaDoyt Snow Robert Henn As the sennor class s last contrubutlon to the drama actuvutues ot Eluda Hugh School they chose the play Who Wouldn t Be Crazy by Katharine Kavanaugh The entire ploy takes place In the Good Sa marltan Sanutarnum courtyard The mentally dns turbed patnents and thelr protectors have wlthun Play' 6'H-415 Loss Mereduth Mary Lou Gnlden Reggae Mortimer Allan Muller Beatrrce Mary Wade Margorue Helen Dunahay Evelyn Wunslow Joanne Hartman Hardbolled McCatterty Duane Campbell Edward Gordon Richard Van Horn thelr mndst unknown of course two dangerous thieves dusguused as patients Everyone gettnng In and out of kndnappungs thefts and dangerous srtuatuons two happy couples being brought to gether and the very comical antucs of the young colored assustant made thus play an outstandung and hularuous productnon Miss ............ :l::l::Marlene Sanner Janet .............. ........... ..... M a rtha Hunter Jim, ' Play, 45 SEPTEMBER 7 School began 9 Football Olympla held at stacllam Elldo O St Rose 6 l3 Jarvlars recelved :lass rmge l4 Cheerleaders were chosen l5 Football season began Elido 6 Forest l4 lf? Class otflccrs were elected lf? 20 l"lCV'lVWVTlOVl-lXlClXf rw tcwte- gum' 23 Ellaa defeated I-. Colombo? Grove 7-24 29 Lxcearv aragrca' oresemtcf: w at Corrlrarw trv 30 Elutla lair a harfl lfLlClll worm hw.-mf: ' l ' v ' t .fo ,SdwnL 6' 27 28 30 NOV 9 their pants Semars emayed a l"Oyrld6" Ellda deleoted Ricktorcl, l8,l2 Northwestern Ohm Teachers' As- 9'DClOllCVT met ct Tvlecla Football team waw Cleweloml Browns edge Sao Francisco 49- ers EMBER Nnllaht' Chfgvr L7 lf D, wlcletl loclla " E'lrlc rleiatetl S:Cr1CQrx"e l3' '5 Erc-XhmCrw hrirl to 1. rlfle wlth Shjwrwffw E7 7 lil 4J'll l C TW ll"'l l' 'll'v C L37 lllllll frm--L'xTz'l OCTOBER l l Elltlfl tlelnatq-tl ' . ACC 5 39 5 GA A oltlitrgh por". '1 'E 5'-'ar' :V tlee .4 f fc: Erlr 7 Flrkt t.,:t'rt. wa ter L.i':.Lt'r 4 Hifi Dr,fli"ritl'h 340 'A GAA mu 'rrigfzrn ,l Vlart. E t. Gr rf' Y 4 E' ljlll L K," x :rw ' "brat " f'V7'TlPi:Q1LlCflVA '.E'l " 'E' .4 EllulC CElCfJTCiT E gl'sl,V.L li E Ere -V 'rye r 'gf 1 ,t ', '4 Sfohirhirc ::se"o"'. Zrvn Q3 Ere-"auf :atc i uh' . 'E Seovr :rftllree 'i-cr' 217 Y r Q4 ff T-'3 - Qt.-fe ":i:' 'B .law re eagfxett our-rt' 23 fi ., xr ti r 2' Plirm: 'Wai :imc .r ' 29 C .. ff 'M-lt: E' ia QE Dlah fr 7 Eiiivtkifl 25 .-rrv' E ' tt Loft E it-ir' V 5-r T E fri: " -11 l, .16 1' E Mlruam Long potlerwt at Cavlor- Nlcleel Clrmc Januar Tavm Meetmg of the Alr presented lw rumors and sensors mer VVLOK Ellda wen wctcrx ever Gomer 48-45 Gayland l-larwex gate Lxceam program Ellcla lleleatecl Lctovette 49-4l Teacher! twrlkla p at Spehfer vlla Nj Sghrrgl Sexehtla grade gave cfeerhlwlx :":rcfv Ellfla tiu4ef1tutlSlo'xwrwee 50,38 Scar r wa-well V ctL.rc- fpwr 43 ra r -itlri gortt Sgmf r- recc-well home Cartlf Ereehrrteh om! fare re t K OCA Eftrh ":rC:l E-iaarat, he E'ltlrg "lifted - -tl mi' x EL pw 't:'h 4E- 35 Chll "vi LQ' jr fr fy .rf ilula risk-ate. ', Sou' full! 5: 65 SAA if P ,."'mgl 1 fttivti Ei rl"l 'Q Carr-t L ii lb Q1 .r-2 r' -49 Ctt'gw1E A -nt' , Carre .2 E r.7:i 53 Q'fg-Ni T 'M ..-r JANUARY 3 School was resumed. 4 "The Melody Four" gave Lyceum program. 6 No school held because of icy roads. 6 Basketball game with Harrod postponed. 7 Mr. Durbin entered Memorial Hospital for observation. IO Elida defeated by alumni, 33-48. I3 Elida bowed to Delphos Jeffer- son, 4I-52. I3 Freshmen took General Aptitude Test, I7 Elida defeated by Delphos St. John 59-67. IB-I9 Farmers' Community Insti- 794 9-.50 3 Elida vanquished by Spencerville, 52-59, 4 John Cheney, Rex Messick, and Alan Miller took Senior Scholar- ship Tests. 8 Dairyman's Banquet given by Band Boosters. 9 Jr. High defeated Gomer in tourney, 28-I7. Elida defeated Harrod, 49-38 Elida represented at Findlay Mu- sic Festival, I4 Jr. High team moved into tour- ney finals by defeating Lafayette, 4I-39. I7 Elida defeated Shawnee in Allen County Tournament, 62-58. I7 Feature movie, "Song of the South," presented. IO II tute. . , . 20 Elida defeated by Gomer 33-45. 22 ilsggllnglon S Blnhdoy T no QI Elldo defected l-lorrod' 5544 24 Elida defeated Beaverdam, 43- 24 Elida defeated Lafayette, 43-35. 42 ,O Wm Ailen County Tourna- 27 Bulldogs scalped by Indians, 41' meh. 56- 25 Seniors made doughnuts. Did you 27 Juniors gave assembly. buy ony? 30 Annual Staff sponsored Perry 25 Jr. High lost to Shawnee, I9-26, MIYWSTVGI but won runner-up trophy. 3I Elida defeated by Beaverdam, 44-59. MARCH 4 Elida defeated by Delphos St. FEBRUARY John 52-69, at Celina. 2 El'Cl0 delemed Botti 'VI JV- l'l'Qh 4 Seniors complete their sale of Tourney, 36-23. doughnuts. Lyceum Program presented by Rev. Jack Holcomb, gospel singer. Seniors were champs in class tournaments. Music students saw operetta, "The Bartered Bride," at Bowling Green. Eighth grade gave assembly. APRIL Northwestern District Contest. Feature movie, "Anna and the King of Siam," shown. Band attended district contest. Allen County Teachers' Banquet held at Gomer, Eighth grade tests given. Eisteddfod held at Shawnee, -28 Senior play, "Who Wouldn't Be Crazy", presented. Northwest Conference track meet held. Honor Society Banquet held at Beaverdam. JuniorfSenior Banquet. Twelfth grade assembly given. Vocal finals held Otterbein Col' lege. Baccalaureate. Commencement. Lima Band Festival. Oh, you beautiful Doll Annie git your gun. Don't shoot l aunt. Feudinf Eussinf and Fightin' Hey come back with thatf which is the weaker sex' Hang on, fellows ' WM Hillbilly Courtship The story takes place inthe Ozarks on a day in June Emmy Peppin lArdath Brantl and her near neighbor Luke Stelsby lDanny Kizeri are in love A teud is being carried on bv Ma Peppin lhlorma Jean Kortierl and Poppy Stelsby lBud Rader whc have each written to the weddinl burec without the other's knowledge through the mountain nitwit, Wash Jeddo lKay Boate Wash has put pictures ot Luke and Emmy in the letters so when the Italian Louis Cattaro llearrx Stexelex and lrish Bridget O'Elannigan lDorothy Prince' come, they think they haxe ccme to marrx Emmy and Luke To further complicate matters two radio hillbillies lconnie Shenk and Betty Pinnexl with their manager Sol Silverstein tDick Dardiol enter the scene Emmy tigures cut what has happened and it ends with the feud settled ltemporarily anyhowl and thc two trom the wedding bureau are married to each other by the preacher-man, Reverend Boswell il-lerbert Leckett 48 Athletucs comprise the greatest tres at Eluda They help ta tram the players to act well the-ur parts an the great stage of life part at the extra-curricular activi- FRONT ROW Bull Gahman Warren Smuth Brownlo Poynter Duck Davus John Ruby Bull Hatton Gerald Stray er Ed Davus LaDoyt Luttle MIDDLE ROW Herbert Lockett Norman Beeler Larry Stevely Bob Henne Stanley Strayer Kay Boote Norman Paxson Duck Caun Bob Edwards Jum Boroff Duck Van Horn Duck Taylor Bull Desenberg BACK ROW Coach Thompson Danny Kuzer Paul Loman Eldon Sturn Don Crowe Bull Selhorst Bob Muller Dwught Good John Muller Max Cusco Larry McCoy NOT IN PICTURE Bull Louth Sept Sept Sept ct ct ct ct Nov Nov I at Forest Columbus Grove Shawnee at Lafayette at Pandora Delphos Jefferson Rockford at Spence-rvulle at a Zlzqh, jontbal OS OS OS won won won won WOY1 OST FRONT ROW Bob McKunney Joe Pontung John Thompson Craug Boate Danny Huffer Ronnue Green Bob Compton MIDDLE ROW Bob Ruce Glen Steed Floyd Terry Tommy Muller Howard Steuner Earl Eberly Donnue Leus Fred Compton Ronnue Reynolds Kenneth Eberly BACK ROW Brooks May Duck Musselman Vurgul Brenemon Gary Fowler Bob DuPont Ronnue Strayer Gene Boothby Franklun Poynter Jum Gaham Larry Wulluams M Multer 52 L.. .....,,. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT Jack Shook Marlene Muller Ann Steven son and Crena Ruley Baaknfbad A new coach and twelve capable young men have brought the Ellda Bulldogs through an f h s bean victories Even In play against other eventful season wnth the major shore o t e game g larger schools the boys have shown thelr abnllty and skull wlth the ball by wlnnlng the Allen County Champsonshnp FROM LEFT TO RIGHT Don Muller Bob Edwards Stanley Strayer Kay Boate Norman Paxson Norman Beeler Coach Thompson Manager Bull Gahmon Duck Dardlo Duck Van Horn Bob Henne and Manager Larry McCoy 53 V ' ,.. wr, my - 4-.,,,.,..o,.4.,.,., N - ' H-4 wavwm. My F "H f- , ' Q. , ,M B ..c....,., g ' va ., V, 5 ,N -Q Lu... 1 . W... ' v " ' -- , 10--m..W. , 4 f , 4 I I T , . U . I r r 1 1 1 1 I r r , r , . ...fa I ' 3 ,, .- ggkwgj 55 QfseXQ 3 X I I , .fa I N .13 x f HEX 5 lynx N- .1 if : H . 3 ' ,fx Q- 'I "1 IX ,ff 311 . X 1 N I ' 3 1 N A9 Q :N ,Q E , xX I' S , X f 11 X f 3 4,993 ' 45 8831 QFFT TO if if1"T T013 VNC-YUM, limi Pmmu Q rw Stun 'v U411frvS1Ivr1 Kux Eymu JM 'x 'WGN BDCIU LEFT TQ F-.JQHT PVQHT NCTVLFXL E3 lf Exix.-sQ.V1T D 'K fv' ,L-r .1 fu fvlux UNI Dm--wvwmvg Duck Dgmiw mmf M' M-rf Mullgr ,EF' TO FMGHT LCx'.E5f FWCTUHE HU! 3-17? VHA Cu ., Duvvv. Kam Yum Tmffr D10 X-mi I rv DM HCNVTWL .,. V L, LL A -N, ,, fr- , g4L,,,,5, w,, ,, H 3 . j Vi -N mx-. VU, QL, ,Q V my 5,14 Q-'ww VM 'U L " 'A'-ENTN QQFAE. I ", Lw1.T5e. Hg THQ- L, ,. G' ,V 'if 3' '9 30 i' i W jg 1 4' J 49 A 1' .Af-L-K 'W 23 EJ, 'WM' Q, ,vu 43 45 ily-gm-'.13vw . 32 33 , an U, ,Y , , A EFA Y w JJ 35 H 'f 3 4-1 :pw ccw, Q L3 30 ,Av A 53 58 ,, 3 35 Har' J 30 23 VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES RESERVE BASKETBALL SCORES Czbrnnue Grzve Rockford . , Gamer Shawnee . Becverdorn, , Spencerwlie . De1ph:eJeffereon Delphos St John Gomer .. Horrcd Lofayette Lofoyette . Shawnee , Becverdom . , Spencervulle . Hnrmd . Shawnee , Beoverciorn Dglphoa St Jmhn We 39 42 A8 50 AO 63 Ai 49 33 55 A3 49 41 44 52 55 62 A3 52 They 37 40 45 38 35 68 52 67 45 44 35 AT 56 59 59 44 58 A2 69 Rccffcrd . Garner .,,, , Shawnee ,. Eecterdorn . Soencervllie . Delphze Jefferson Delphps St Jzhn Gzmer ..,, .. . Horrod .. .. Lafayette Lafayette , . Shawnee ,. Becverdorn .. . Spencervuhe Horrod They 35 T9 17 3A 41 A8 48 22 19 20 30 23 33 30 23 I Colurnbus Grove Spenceryrlle Horrocl Snownm Rum If-A hnn'5f'5 H TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Duck Doyus Fred Cornston Brownlo Poynter Donny Stemen G ne Bootnby Drck Mu5seIrnon Vrrgul Brcnnemon Ronnre Stroyer Gary Fowler Stonley Crlder Bob Du Pont SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGI-:T Don Gloss Joe Ponting Bob MCKlnney Ronnie Bowers Duane Von Dernork Jonn Thompson Tom Muller Fronklln Poynter I-Ioword Stetner Don Lens Fronklnn Foust Ronold Reynolds Jlrn Golnrnon Mr Multer cooclfw FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Croug Boote Jam Gloss Duck Dovus Leo Etgen Lewus I-Ioddlng Gerald oyer Jo If B If J Inn Roly Joe Jones Rex Slecnter Bull I-Iotton Gary Strnebuck n Crlsenberry JUNIOR I-IIGI-I BASKETBALL Elldo Opponents Elldo Delplwos Jefferson Beoyerdorn OUVTWCY Lotoyette Snownce Opponents JUNIOR HIGI-I CHEERLEADERS nwfll Km 'VIII' ro Km Shan 56 Yls,'-lE'N1.X-x"NT-',-: . ' , 5 ' ea I . y , I A iv w ' Str f , CL oot ly, o W, I, I I I I I ' ' I ,Jon Perry ..... ., ., ..,.,. ....... . 20 I4 Both ,..,..,,.,,. ......,.,.... . 36 23 ' ..,., . .,.,..,.,. , ,, ,, . . 2I I9 C .... ,...,.,..,,.,......,.,............ . 28 I7 A' ,..,... .. , I3 I6 ' .,...,. , ..,....,,. ......... ,..., . . AI 39 X ' . . . 20 25 4 ..... ....,,. ...,.......... . . 26 I9 Page-, McCf r - L --r S .fr All' F. L H I- gill ggi 4 TOP LEFT PICTURE: BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Ponzuric, Jack Shook, LaDoyt Little, Mike Bastian, Bob Hostetler, Robert Miller, John Miller, Coach Goodish. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Norman Paxson, LaDoyt Snow, Stanley Strayer, Joe Cremean, Don Holtzapple, Don Miller, Bill Holtzapple, Dick Van Horn, Dick Taylor. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Merlin Steed, Norman Beeler, Dick Dardio, Jim Boroff, Max Cisco, Bob Henne, Larry McCoy. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Ponzuric, Jim Boroff, Bob Henne Mike Bastian, Norman Beeler, Dick Dardio, Max Cisco, Coach Goodish. BOT- TOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Norman Paxson, LaDoyT Snow, Stanley Strayer Joe Cremean, Don Holtzapple, Don Miller, Bill Holtzapole, Dick Van Horn Dick Taylor I Elida Opponent RIGHT TOP: Catcher Pitcher Mi Holtzopple and Iler, RIGHT CENTER: You're Outlfl RIGHT BOTTOM: S Elid Harrod .. .. 2l O Gomer ,,,, , IO Gomer ..,... 3 O Lafayette ,.....,..... I3 Lafayette . IO 9 Shawnee ...,.........,. 8 Shawnee . ., 5 O Delphos Jefferson ,,,.. I6 Beaverdam .. . I I 7 Coldwater ,,:,, ,,,,, , 8 Spenceryille , I7 8 Fort Recovery .,..., I 57 itting Pretty. a Opponent 4 O 5 4 6 2 '50 BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Larry McCoy John Shcck Paul Larnan Ball Gahman Larry Stevely Kay Boate Herb rt Lockett SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT LaDoyt Lrttle Bull Desenberg Gerald Pornt Rrchard Darduo Bob Edwards Jnm Boroft Max Cusco Coach Thompson FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Dck Van Horn Rrchard Taylor Norman Paxscn Stanley Strayer LaDoyt Snow Rrchard Cam Robert Henne Don Muller Norman Bceler I I The Varslty E club conslsts of boys who have rned a letter tn mayor sport lt under the supervasnon of Mr Thomp an who ts head coach Several years ago the club was organized by boys who had won letters The mann source of Income IS the cancessron stand at the basketball games Every year each member of th clab who senlor rec Ives mtnlatare gold football basketball baseball dependtng on the sport rn whtch he has won has letter lt has also b en a tradltuon of the club to take a trlp darrng the school year to som professtonal athletlc event Thus club has rnsptred many of the boys to work last a llttle harder so that they too can be a member of thas club Duck Van Horn LEFT TO RIGHT Vrce Pres Rlch ar Taylor ec cn Mlllcr rc Dlclf Van Horn 58 1-. ,K 1 'gk '43 Em v fuer, .urc- Carp Egfr. LCE- EC , f w, TCP Llfl lf Cl' ll. lf'Gr4 RQ-'V :fl TV CNG F2 lg. VW: H Y QFCG . , gf-1 lfwfgqf, lvuv- wg . v :JM Eff? inf, . Hn- K, A Crr PH. 1 K- 'WU TCH ,' Efzr' L. - Arvrvj Erfg""r'rv1gr 'J -EIT P GTVFQE rvr WH' f-'fr' V' f- '.' .r. Uhr vw' I - rx r r' V 'H EOTTCV Q SHT P'GT,?f .' H Q' GAF Y . NAC or Pegg. N'cC:"'c' Pegg. IL- '-Nm: '-'.."C.. '-Cfi, H pcs Ki. 71222 lj." 2' ' Jc.Ce N' kesel JCGW Farrar' Y ,W "Mr 2-rfr, K 1 Q' '.':' .H Q ' 'Q' , ' '-' Mrss orlm Green FQONT Qvv- -Ev 1, +1 J1 - .. -. "'I:'r' LQDOHHO Korner ,cm me from ,cmef Tfzwrgearv 3 1 VVlrl'w TWC iDQrwr1g"?fQlvCQ,l lr' 'S-19 Tri- Surgr G A A l".lt 3 T 'Ll 'f E2 Mfrrwt--' Pre: Mcrlerve Sswver Vliu Pre: Mgfl. G LA G lv Qi: crffn 72 ,Vfljrw Lrg V X Grp r' ln order TQ, rave mire-x for trvi- G fx A tri glrli XL: fjg"xY'flVT gsrvwj flu- 5 Ti 'xl ww 'E' lcr The H mpc mwg Dcrvcc :Ml Xp rw ,ww Q l,'rwi1lG'r4 Tw: Dqfff- The gurlg vwgrk hard lrw Bpgmgrwi flwwc CCT .moz :Pri pgzrtlclpmlrwg ln We Qurrw- rr thcur swords 7 :rw Jw' L VCMJ. Kruc Jwl 'fm' "' , f'.f":'v HOV ffzrlwrv 'J r' llvlfrwa LLC . 'r3. 1-if' 'v"gr'.-rw' ,umm-r T-.o lp Lr.L 'K Ting :fr 209.4 HN- r J' :ye if' 'C ff. Q'-'T G , ,p, G :QP Firci '.':'L-HQ '4:. 3:'r:" ',':'. Civ-Q -cs 'PV' Kc, V SL.: LQ so' :HQ Zescfierq Kev Sfcwk " : 'J ' ' rlm QL- " 1 --U Crwiee CX :ur ftlllcari .mu cf iw mpc-rxlyr X rw yulurcnf vwfrw thy Xgr Nm an grdcr tc! rcccnwe In The posl years the G AJR, mcrrwluors lvoxo mode thy 'rcmmzzm rw 0 fmt :ml C lfrpurnfwc club I feel that qlrls I S IU the future wall be just os ambitious oi the gurls rdf the poet Mor emo armor 6111-M, Pfwphwf One day about two weeks ago I had to go to the West Coast on a busuness trup On the way I made many stops to vusut fruends and to my surpruse met many of my class mates And what surpruses were un store fo me For n stance who would ever have guessed that Don Muller would eventually become a putch r for one of the most outstand ung ball clubs un the Unuted States9 But that us uust one surpruse out of forty two Whule un San Francusco I happened to go to one of the Ieadung nxght clubs The club happened to be featurung Doyt Snow and hus drums I got a chance to talk to hum for a few munutes and he gave me some unformatuon on a few af the other members of the Class of l950 He told m that Ann Baker was one of the Ieadung dress desugners un Hollywood and that Laura Bruce was workung at the studuo as a make lo artust Shuftung back to the Muddle West Doyt told me that whule on tour of the country he saw Duane and Marlene Campbell It seems that Duane us one of the natuon s lead ung rocket and let plane desugners He us un charge of the desugnung department of Lockheed s n w plant un Faurmont Kansas And accordung to Doyt they have two blond blue eyed chuldren who are munuatures of Marlene That was all the unformatuon that Doyt could guve me but I was now determuned to take all my spare tume to locate my classmates Whule I was un San Francusco I decuded to see a pro foot ball game between the San Francusco Forty Nuners and the Cleveland Browns I had one of the best seats un the staduum rught on the fufty yard line I was glancung through the program to famuluaruze myself wuth the names when I heard workung at one of the San Francusco hosputals as head nurse and she had the day off She told me that Muruam Long was to be un San Francusca the next week for a water ballet guven by Bully Rose I happened to look up just then and saw Stanley Strayer and Toby Taylor runnung out on the fueld They were un the startung lune up for Cleveland Cleveland played a fune game uncudentally The score was Cleveland 34 San Francusco 27 Nancy told me about a few more of the classmates who had remauned un Eluda Alyce Sandy who started workung at the bank soon after graduatuon had been promoted to presudent of the Eluda Bank .lack Pontung made a boom town out of Eluda by startung the Muracle Mattress Com pany Jeanette Kruder was owner of fuve of the best race horses un the Unuted States Mary Lee John was an exhubu tuonust travelung through the country makung a name for herself on skates Martha Hunter was wuth her as her can fudentual secretary I started back to New York the next mornung and whule druvung through dufferent cutues I notuced several stores wuth Gerald Pount Owner on the front of each one All of these stores were branch stares and I decuded to fund out uf thus was the same Gerald Pount that had graduated from Eluda un I950 I funally found the maun store un Chucago and sure enough ut was the same Pount' Whule un Chucago I wured back to my furm un New York that I was takung o week off to fund the rest of my former classmates Whule druvung through Wusconsun I found that Roy Hollar and Bull Loman were co owners of the largest daury farm un Wusconsun I asked Bull uf he had heard any thung of Curly Hall He answered that Curly was owner of the Hall Jet Plane Soles un Columbus Ohuo I decuded to leave my car and fly to Floruda to see uf by chance any of the class had wandered there for a vactuon I started to get on the plane and there to my surpruse was Roslyn Rhodes She was an aurlune hostess for TWA I asked her uf she had heard of anyone un our class She told me that Bob Henne was one of the leadung braun surgeons un the country and was practucung at Walter Reed Hosputal I learned that Betty Faust was an unteruor decorator un Washungton D C and that La Danna Furry was a Hollywood haur stylust Helen Dunahay Thomas was estab Iushed as a hat desugner un Detrout Muchugan where her husband was owner of a mushroom plant Ralph Romer was also located un Muchugan on the upper penunsula where he owns one of the few large sawmulls un thus area When I landed un Muamu I met Allan Muller presudent of the senuor class of Eluda un I95O He hadnt resugn d the uob of presudent he was now presudent of the Unuted States Steel Corporatuon He saud that there was a busunessmen s cunventuon un Muamu and that some of hus old fruends were there I went to the conventuon and saw Rex Messuck and Bull Louth who were owners of the chemucal plant un Au gusta Maune Thelma Boroff was there to take notes for Bull Louth she was hus secretary Van Horn Furnuture lndustrues was repre sented by Duck Van Horn Hus busuness was located an Ohuo Dlck saud that .loanne Hartman owned a chucken farm and had a very profutable busuness Dusheartened at the fact that I had not located all of my former classmates I returned to New York In order to for get my sorrow I took un a Broadway hut And there was Duane Stemen one af the best comeduans I had seen for a long tume' At untermussuon I saw John Cheney un the lobby and found that he was tryung to locate some new talent for that Elaune Glass was clarunetust for the New York Symphony Orchestra and that Janrce Houston was a puanust on televus uon I caught a glumpse of Annette Kruder un the lobby I funally saw her agaun and asked her about herself She told me that she had unvested un Duane s play and was thunkung of settung up a corporatuon for the sole purpose of produc ung plays I went home to look over some manuscrupts and found one whuch unterested me quute a but It was wrutten by Ja Ann Whute and was the story of her experuences as crume reporter for the NEW YORK TIMES In the book she mentuoned the fact that Mary Lou Gulden was edutor of the paper Whule downtown the followung day I decuded to send a telegram to Ja Ann askung her to meet me to talk over old tumes Whule sendung the telegram I saw a famuluar face at the telegraph key He turned ta me and spoke and I saw that ut was Ruchard Caun And to thunk that he got hus start un thus busuness by startung out as a deluvery boy for the Western Unuon un I uma I headed down West 53rd Street and saw a raduo and televusuon store I decuded to buy a televusuon set and went un There was Norman Paxson tryung ta sell a famuluar person a televusuon set The famuluar person turned out to be Nor man Beeler who raused luvestock for showung at State and World Faurs After I had bought my televusuon set I headed back to my affuce gust un tume to meet Jo Ann Whute She told me that she had sent unvutatuons to all the classmates for a welcome home party for Mr Durbun who had uust recuperated from a nervous breakdown And who wouldnt after havung thus class for one year? Who am I and what am I doung9 My name us Mary Wade and I am the owner of the largest publushung house un the Country THE END . ' ' r I u - ' - A 5, - . . , 2 , , . , . A g U I , A I - - 1 - I - . - 1 u 1 ' ' I ' S I . , - , someone call my name. It was Nancy Davidson, She was one of MGM's new motion pictures. I also learned from him , ' - I . I . . . A j9.a,famQnL Klaaa 0,4 79 0 We the Sen or Class of l95O of Elada Hagh Qchool who are alout to leave the beloved halls ot our old Alma Mater to fac the traals and trabula taons o the world beang both mentally ansl physacally sound do hereby on thas l2th day ot May an the year ot our Lord on thousand nan hundred and fatty bequeath our possess ons character stac and habats to the tollow ang and we hope grateful receavers REX MESSISK walls has slaght tagure to chubby Jam Borott MARLENE SANNER walls her abalaty to go steady wath one boy to Marlene Muller MARY LOU GILDEN walls her extra box of asparan to next years Bulldog Revnew Edntor Dack Dardao DOYT SNOW walls hns wannang personalnty to Mary Alace Etgen ANN BAKER walls her wallowy slnmness to Maxane Metger BOB HENNE w lls hrs masculane brawn to Craaa Boate BILL LOUTH walls has abalaty at the katchen sank to Mr Leas STAN STRAYER walls has weaght laftang abalnty to Robert Maller MARTHA HUNTER walls her athlete s muscles to Walter Raley DICK CAIN walls has abalaty to be Content wath ONE garl to Danny Cheney DUANE CAMPBELL walls has abalaty to sleep an lst and 2nd peraod study hall to any senaor who s lucky enough to get by wath at LAURA BRUCE walls her charmang daantaness to Myrna Murray MARY WADE walls her abalaty to always have an answer ready to Jack Kruse NANCY DAVIDSON walls her abalaty to play Chopara s composatnons onthe paano to Betty Unland ALLAN MILLER walls has smaaang quaetness to Jo Jones JOHN CHENEY walls has abalaty to catch up on last naght s lost sleep to Doc Dardao HELEN DUNAHAY walls her short stature to Rex Slechter whale on the other hand JO WHITE walls her hezaht to Jnmmy Haddang ROSLYN RHODES walls her aballty to yell at basketball games to Darts Wrlght 6l MIL , I .1 , cf Q - . l , f . ' 1 1 . . D .D 1 1 " t' 1 ' ' 1 ' -'1 - 1 1 - . .. , , . . , . . , . . . ., , , ., . . .,. , . , .. . , 11 11 - 'T 1 I h . DUANE STEMEN aj l ty o ssate lor three naonths w thout tallang downto Mr Multer BlLL LAMAN ls h s l c J c hear ht to Bob Pee Wee Lyon CURLY HALL walls has cJrlv na r cn l charrn to Bany Gahman ELAINE GLASS w lls hcr clar n tast s aJalaty to Ruth Barne GERALD POINT walls has auan 'll rye to Stella Erys nger BETTY EOUST walls her x cr rounal untan to Dorothx Edwards DON MlLLER valls has rare Lcn Juan rorhantac personalaty to Bony Gahman THELMA BOROEE w llsh rfa rl hgaggle to Mr Durban ANNETTE KRIDER walls her sa all waastlane to Blanche Saunders MARY LEE JOHN lls her I t ug nose to Mr Goadash NORMAN RAXSON walls h s lattle teet to Bony Gahman MIRIAM LONG walls the art edatorshap wath all ats headaches to Danae Danael at next year s Bulldo'a P faew statt JOAN HARTMAN x sh r apalaty to n xer get mad to ,lan t c Kanney JANICE HOUSTON walls her a no sh aran to Mr Multer ALYCE SANDY walls her bashluln ss to Marlorae Reese TOBY TAYLOR walls h s hvn ss to Duane Vandemark NORMAN BEELER walls has rosataan as class lover bay to Peanut Laman LA DONNA EURRY walls h r dlanaond to Marlene Holtzapple DICK VAN HORN walls has ready smale to lrrna Hartman JEANETTE KRlDER walls her youthful squeal to Mrs Braght RALPH RAMER walls has deeo seraous xo ce to Franklan Faust ROY HOLLAR and JACK RONTING w ll thear abalaty to stay sober cacler tothe an cornang sen or class We the Senaors an R A D class glxe to the oncornang senaars our P A D books wath the hope that they wall und rstand the contents better than we dad We the Senlors at the Chemastrv clas wall to the future classes our ever pres nt drowsanes and al axe a erage antellagenc We recommend thas course to any oerson who do s not get enough sl an at naght or anyone who n eds pang pang oractace We also leave the broken dovan cats an 306 8 to next year s class all the backless rnusac l qaks and chaars the annual and aournalasm ottlc s Mrs odash s stu nl orn tx ewaaters th l lattl shrrthand l oaks Cn'l a e class raomso dear old E H S tr all h annocent unsus cctang andustraous puonls cornang up But ser ouslx on l v tn all kaddang osade we ho e that they enjoy every manute at thear school late as we dad aj FJ , a , . 1 V . . A- wallstns :. t . a --- wal a 7 ,n' some 3 s K . -- l I , Q . D . 4 a e a Q ' . ' . ' ' 1 ' Y - l ' J I J , D . 1 ' 'Q , - 5 a 1 . -N , . 4'- X- A --M l G Da IS Q , ff f if . ' ' . L .L lp f- ' wa ,. , F 4 , . i , . . , A X. J 've - . if vall e ef f e M - ,W 'r- i ' WW . Y my . . ..,. I l Q cw T Va 1 l ' ' -v a on , - . E Q a , . , , . . . . i , rn F . . , , I , 5 I - e s 5 f - ' ' - e, . ' f rw J 1- V e , c ,, . e A - . I x 3 . l Q - a . DJ, L X 9 , I 1 , , , , . Go, ..3 , fi , Q ta elt, , ,a J . , , ll th a ' EQ 7 'J r ff 1 - - , . a a V, Q wa , H , f a J :U-Xl'KONlf" OUR ADW 'RIIJ-'Nb LIMA 64 80 DELPHOS 90 93 r i v r v P 11 I' 1.- ' r 'S 1 1 ELIDA ....................................,.......................... 81-89 GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF I95O U99 LIMA OHIO HERBST JEWELER LIMA oHlo Xu SAVE with Interest Get the Saving Habit YOUNG THE CITY LOAN 200 W MARKET ST LIMA OHIO 64 I I .' J 1 , Hullung llflllllx' - l.ew1s . - Iunior RISSUIIIIJIF - Izishirm shc llll fll'ln9.f -Olflllflily J 5' ' C' . . , WESTERN OHIO LUMBER COMPANY 'I24 East Vlne Street LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL Telephone 49661 LIMA OHIO KAY S WILLIAM BROTHERS SUPER MARKET COMPLETE SELF SERVICE Lath LIMA OHIO 0Ill,9 llfl0llt5 0 NATIONAL B ILDI G CORPOR TIO OPERATORS OF NATIONAL BANK BUILDING LIMA, OHIO 65 I I29 North Moin St. Limo, Ohio O cm Avenue 'R, Q HOOVER'S SEWING MACHINES and BASINGER'S JEWELRY A""L'ANCES STORE EVERYTHING IN WESTINGHOUSE DIAMONDS WATCHES 322-324 North Main St. 140 NA Mom Limo, O Phone 8-7171 Lima, Ohio gas! WJA05 H055 o 50 BLACK MOTOR SALES INC 512 wesf I-hgh Llma Ohlo THE LEADER Lnmas Leading Dept Store Entronces on MAIN AND HIGH ST Shop un Arr Condmoned Comfort BEST WISHES TO THE WENGER HARROD INSURANCE AGENCY 808 National Bank Bulldlng LIMA OHIO fo f ll 9? I O CLASS OF 1'5of' 66 FOR COMPLETE ELECTRICAL SERVICE NEW AND REBUILT MOTORS Electrlc Motor Rewmdmg 81 Parts The COMPLETE LIMA ARMATURE WORKS INSURANCE SERVICE I-42 Eost Peorl St L1mo Oh o Nesbltts Sundwuch Shop Masonuc Bldg Lma Ohuo FROSTED MALTS HAMBURGERS Phone 20501 OPPOSITE POST OFFICE OWNERS LIMA OHIO E H Deshler D T Deshler INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS AND BUSES Compliments f ROPE TRUCK SALES INC LIMA OHIO 69 . I , I O . D E I . .. IIII ffI I Illm K I ' o , 0 SMITH TRUCK SALES 8: SERVICE, l.'NC GMC TRUCK DISTRIBIJTGR Gus 81 Diesel Repairs 8: Service Phone 47611 1000 W Grand Ave Llmo Ohlo OLIVER Compliments of SALES SERVICE Cost Reducing Equlpment UMA mon mm METAL HALKER IMPLEMENT CO 1030 Findlay Rd Limo Ohlo LIMAS BIQGEST Gnd BEST Webb Insurance Agency nc Phone 4 8191 FQHONE 4 O631 421 South Central Street 212 West Hgh Street LIMA OHIO Llmo Ohlo 70 Come in . . . Let's Get Acquointed I . CONGRATULATIONS CYS CONSUMER CO CONGRATULATIONS COAL AND BUILDING SUPPLIES CLAUDE B EBNER OWNER from East Vme ond B8.0 R R MEMIIIW GIILII IIIIIIIY DIAMOND T and FEDERAL TRUCKS MEIER 'rnuclc 8. EQUIPMENT co LIMA OHIO Parts 8. Servuce All Makes of Trucks 2005 North West St LIMA OHIO Telephones 81677 56I23 'I40 West Hugh Street Luma Ohuo 7I I u ' I ll ll o . O I ' I I I . . . I 0lYl,9 llnelltd The EI Dora Farms CONGRATULATIONS on BEST WISI-IES All Types of Building Materials Pamr Wallpaper Glass Appluances Hardware Roofmg lnsulahon E erythmg LIMA LUMBER C0 Penn RR and Delphos Ave Phone 7 3991 lil!! Jax VII I 'F W TAKE HOME CARTON KXXKXX Wm COMPLIMENTS AL AND GAGE MARATHON SERVICE MARKET AND UNION STS LIMA OHIO LIMA OHIO 72 0 5,9 'I ' Wi? IEIRIFI ET? 4,-II an ' II III! I, ' 5 I . 5 1 -'W' Ilmxwzxr pf" ,II AIX , I M" II un' . A - ,QI Il nm-In Q:- V . O C COMPLIMENTS SECURITY MOVING AND STORAGE LOCAL AND LONG DISTANT MOVING PHONE 77101 ur nn 'Nunn 1 gran IIIIILSHLY 1 ulh I nc at hrst Sl t lln pxolm un on Xlnllcl ot ll wrong mu CHRISTY EQUIPMENT CO JOHN DEERE FARM MACHINERY LIMA ADA OTTAWA Dump Truck Hauling Crushed Stone Washed Sand Agrlculture Llme HARLEY F MEIER 2005 NORTH WEST STREET LIMA OHIO Telephones 8l677 56123 PLEZOL POTATO BREAD We don't bake all the bread, so we make the best of at COMPLETE BANKING AND TRUST SERVICE UNDER ONE ROOF The National Bank of Lima LIMA OHIO Member Federal Reserve System LIMA, OHIO Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp Nlr. IJ rl' : A . 'z ' 'I .' OF Bill ,o : " .1 '- ' fgh Nlr. Muller: "Did your father help you with S K I- IJ . ' ez "No, I g ' ' I ell." . , . 73 Compliments of ART and BILL HI GRADE DAIRY BAR 325 N Cole St LIMA OHIO PANGLES MASTER MARKET Corner of Central Ave and Clrcular St LIMA OHIO Where Porkmg and Shoppmg ns a Pleasure Kompgm elitff 0 GEO T KOCHER LUMBER CO East Elm and Jackson Streets at the Rrver LIMA OHIO WE RE ALL SWEATIN YOU OUT' WWW f M Q4 We Hope You W II I Always Remember Your T E' f eachmgs TERRY P SMITH INC PLUMBING HEATING AIR CONDITIONING Phone 30361 608 W Hugh St A Plumber Must In t II I WATER SYSTEMS Lima Ohuo s a I' Why Not Buy It from a Plumber? 74 - . . . . ' O I . . . 1 1 .- 4. .'- ' fiffzif-"tw.1':s5lEf:s::::zs5tssg5' - era -' , pf ,,.af- -- 4--Qs-few-mp-:-f.:-'I 1 -'frvz ' ,.m.-mfr' ' Sir-zwizrzf N " ' I - " 4 an S:- ,-:g f ---- , '-:g:::::-' -sf--. . ' .zzszzcjfwgsg - V - ig:-' A I f-1.,7,wv+'SF:.- 'I .iff-' , ,.,. .. .,... ,,.. Q 4 :-.5-:-4 . Q,-. , - ,- i O , O I O . . , edt th Hort Eosy to tort HFIRT .,. Harts or Diamonds and Diamonds for Sweethearts Compl ments of DAVIS MILLER 8: SON New Invalid Coach Serv ce Lmo Oho DONT SETTLE FOR LESS GET THE BEST GO ALL ELECTRIC IIIIIII PIIWEII CIIMPIIIIY COMPLIMENTS EBIING SUPPLY COMPANY Brice and Metcalf Streets LIMA, OHIO Lee Closson Telephones P es dent 484 I 48421 SHOOK MOSIER LAUNDRY 8- DRY CLEANING CO FUR STORAGE 221 223 N. Central Lima, Ohio Congratulations ond Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 0 THE CENTRAL BUILDING AND LOAN COMPANY 124 W High St. Lima, Ohio Cr i wi - S .,qwIlIln," 'I . , ' f ' . . . I - TIIE I j I r i I - A OF ' 75 Phone 7-788' TURNER IMPLEMENT CO. International Harvester . Tractors General Electric Products Bendix Home Laundry lronrite lroners Farm Machinery a Refrigeration 133 Wafer Sf. 226-28 No th EI' abeth ' Oh'o LIMA OHIO LI MA HAM I LTON CORPORATION 0Ilgl"atu!6lfl0l'l5 fo t 0 ffm 0 50 LIMA LOCOMOTIVE WORKS DIVISION LIMA SHOVEL AND CRANE DIVISION LIMA OHIO WHEN YOU THINK OF FINE DIAMONDS JEWELRY YOU THINK OF 220 IOIITH MAIN STREET Re T ck Sales T s Ta es COATS MOTOR SALES GUARANTEED CARS e S et d S Jo s e Pho e 37271 a 76 r iz Lima, I o O O ! 66 79 o ru erm - r d WORLD FAMOUS WATCHES and Service Clean Cars SILVERWARE or Y Vin tre an t. hn Av . ' n Lim , Ohio THE YOUTH OF AMERICA live in a country rich with blessings and opportunity. Great advantages have come through individual freedom. Today more than ever before they are called upon to prevent encroachment on the American way of life. Uhr iiiletrnpnlitan Bank ANN BEEHLER GENERAL INSURANCE l2l6 National Bank Bldg LIMA OHIO SU EVER NASH SALES 536 40 West North St LIMA OHIO NASH SALES AND SERVICE mm l I I I Illl 77 3:55 lun. klqlliills :Ill lol' lay. Xlrs. lflllc - ou' IilJ'1n'izm. ph0ne 21311 xlilglllllll' lllllllllllgll IIIQIIIZIQCIN - Dix k Ilan lilaiim' Glass, Ilan lcm- lla 'Q-ls. PAUL R. KING JEWELER CLASS OF "34" Mom and Klbby Sis LIMA OHIO BUNGALOW PHARMACY Prescription Druggists O Phone 895II Market of Boxter LIMA, OHIO PAUL SCHNORF C0 HARDWARE N W Corner Moln ond Sprlng Sts LIMA OHIO HERFF JONES CO Jswnsks or Eludo Hugh School on All Hugh Schools In Allen County R L DICKEN Representahve I lllk I ll I PRIDE OF LIMA FLOUR BETTER FLOUR FOR EVERY NEED LIMA OHIO O I I - , u ll 'F d . . . o . . , Imm Hzilli "IImx mn you lc-II yo1ll'sp'c'cI . willmul JI xpcvmiu -tm?" Ilolm llc- mv: "Nil III:-. .Xt ZH IIN- In-mlm-is llll- llc: at fill tlu- clown mltlc-1 :mal an III I 1: ltln-." I 78 BEST OF LUCK P0111 E K MOSEL SCHOOL BUSES I N35-...E Wxgj GRUEN HEADQUARTERS FOR GRADUATION GIFTS HUGHES AND SON JEWELERS STIPPICH HARDWARE Est bl shed 1927 300 306 N M St eet Oppos te Co tho se APPLIANCES PAINTS-HOUSEWARES o THE NATIONAL LIME AND STONE COMPANY LIMA RIMER MOHLER S FLOWERS II7 W st M ket St eet I05 Bellefo to A e 79 O O 4' I- J x ?,,.' H 0 i . ,x jj,'Zfff"" - W - . oin r i ur u Lima, - Ohi 55 Public Square Limo, O. I e or r ond 2 n ine v nue JOHN HODOSKO 8. SON Jswsuan 210 North Elizobeth St. LIMA OHIO WATCHES Hamilton Longines Elgin Wiftnauer Harvel FOR FINE MUSCIAL GOODS ZENDER MUSIC STORE Honk Armontrout 134 East High Street LIMA, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Folland Hall Motor Sales Inc Authornzed LINCOLN AND MERCURY DEALER Sales Service Parts 545 West Hugh St Phone 26771 LIMA OHIO Compl ments of CARL A REDDERSEN HABERDASHER 142 South Mom St L mo O MACK CAMERA STORE 126 West Mo ket St LIMA OHIO Everythmg Photographuc 80 ' I o I . I' . TAILORS - - HATTERS I , I , . I I H IIULMES BRUTHERS SERVICE STHTIUN BED HND JUIINNY ALLENTOWN MARKET LONGS BARBER SHOP MEATS GROCERIES SHELL GAS o 192313 COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN FRANK BAKER w EI DeO'e Gkocsnlss L mo Phone EI do GAS I9 2463 M 95 KESN ER St Road O MEATS MOWERS O L 8 I ELIDA, OHIO Buy at Luginbuhcl's and Save Ph ne - Allento R . m . r in i i ol - oin I Compliments of COMPLIMENTS Betty's Beauty Shop Elido, Ohio Phones ENSLEN'S STORE ELIDA OHIO EIdoMon72 LmoI92III Compluments of D A CRIDER Breeder of TELEPHONES PUREBRED AYRSHIRE CATTLE Limo I9 228I R R 4 LIMA OHIO Elndo 474 GARAGE and SERVICE STATION Lumo I9 2181 STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Trres and Accessories Ellda Mom 70 82 . , 1 I I I - O O . . l l . . 1 1 - - 11: ., 7 , 43 ' ' F' 2. STRAYER'S QUALITY GROCERIES MEATS TELEPHONES LIMA 192531 ELIDA MAIN 40 KRUSE HARDWARE SUNNYDALE CANNERY Custom Cormmg on Home Knlled Meofs COAL HARDWARE ELIDA OHIO FERTILIZER Durotherm Fuel Oul Heaters CHARLES W LITTLE ELIDA OHIO LIFTWOIQ Phone R NO 2 O 83 d Builder of Modern Homes ' ' ' - . . , Elicl GLE COPUS jforidf Phone 64099 One Male South of Allentown KRUSE S TOP NOTCH RESTAURANT ONE STOP SERVICE OPEN 24 HOURS Shell Servlce Lubr cohon Lunches Short Orders PLACE BROTH ERS AUTO PAINTING Fender Repolr Gloss Installed Acetylene Welding ROHRBAUGHS and MUSSER EXCAVATING BASEMENTS BULLDOZING SEWERS ELIDA OHIO Phones I9 2352 I9 2723 I9 2143 84 A O i 22 i l T T W I Phone: 'I9-2822 Elido, Ohio BEST WISHES T he CLASS OE 50 DR R M BAILEY JOHNS AND STRAYER PLUMBING AND HEATING WINKLER OIL BURNERS ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS T N 19 2171 FOR THAT ATTRACTIVE LOOK SEE COOK BARBER SHOP ELIDA OHIO HAIR TONICS MAGAZINES HOLTZAPPLE POULTRY FARM EGGS BABY CHICKS POULTRY SUPPLIES AND FEEDS ELIDA OHIO 85 ' ' ' COOK'S DON FURRY FIIIIMEIIS BIIIIII Insurance Notary Publlc ELIDA OHIO H C MONTGOMERY MASONRY GENERAL CONTRACTING ELIDA OHIO Member Federal Depost Insurance Phone I9 2419 Cofpowf-on Route No 4 L mg FOUST AUTO RADIATOR COMPANY 106 108 WEST WAYNE STREET LIMA OHIO 86 TII E . . ' 0 O PLASTER PATCHING a . i 60 vi CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES THE BAND BOOSTERS THE ELIDA FARMERS EQUITY EXCHANGE A GOOD PLACE BUY AND SELL ELIDA OHIO D W KRUSE Standard Oll Dlstrlbutor Fuel Orls Tractor Fuels LAWRENCE FRUIT MARKET PLANT SALES Frozen Foods Fresh Fruits and Vegetables General Line of Groceries O Route 30 S DELPHOS ELIDA ROAD lil S DRIX 1 RS x llmcl Sm Phone 19 216' Ehdo Ohm mon lmclu on may X from l nx u LII Russ DHL lxlusc ua 1 c ml C om I T0 ' 0 , , Or' llllllllllily, Rolmcrl llurlnin, , A ' I YL-' R IJ K' -, Y ll' 14. .X1'cl- M, " '.IIu'z1'lI.cis, Ilznlx Slc--l Hurry Nlullcr. Xvilliillll G lish. 87 WRIGHT S GENERAL REPAIR STANDARD OIL AND GAS ATLAS TIRES cm ACCESSORIES Phones 192704 F D 4 L Compliments of McCONNELL S ORCHARD Oman Springer Lee Enslen VILLAGE REPAIR Phones Lnmo 192811 Elldo Mom 91 PO Box 22 ELIDA OHIO E I HEFNER and SON S DAIRY We Dsl' bute G ode A M Ik an Da y P od cfs They a e Ca efully Selected Ca efully Ho dled A Trial Order Will Prove to You That We Have Quality Dairy Products 9 O I O O . . . I ' -' 1 : - - R. . . , ima I o o , x ,QQ 1 .,-..-E, , , SMT x A ' J x?XVvV S! , ' I u r I ri 9 Y D r i - d nd ir r u f n 88 QJJLI Ellda Boosters Club TO THE SENIOR CLASS AND MAY THEIR FUTURE BE AS SUCCESSFUL AS THEIR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS CJISRO THE BOOSTERS ARE TRYING TO DO A FINE PIECE OF WORK SO LET S SHOW OUR APPRECIATION AND BOOST THE BOOSTERS 89 00 LLC . 0 N HIC-Hf X stem XSINCE 4 SCHERGER f MEMORIALS AN r I mm nr A bg ! nzsmvz Aucrsmv ron vosmun 507 511 North Mom Street SCOTT S GROCERY Fon FINE rooos DELPHOS OHIO DELPHOS OHIO DELPI-los omo G d C, e ODENWELLER cLoTHss ron MEN AND BOYS DELPHOS Delph R A A B E MOTOR SALES Phone 6801 BENIIIHG CUMPMIY D lphos, Ohuo YI' I xvlfaff .- Q-M 1 M 'KV '1' UD. 9 f KN f 4-E' Q14 4 uoN cLoTl-:ING ' K own for oo oth s and Courteous Service Compliments of 90 Compliments of IHI IIIIMMIIIIZIAI BANK Delphos, Ohio Established I877 Capital .................... Sl00,000.00 Surplus .................... 200,000.00 Checking Accounts Sovungs Accounts Safe Deposnt an Complete Banking Servlce Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of SHEETER MOTOR SALES DODGE ond PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS Sheeter Farm Equipment Dealer ALLIS-CHALMERS FARM MACHINERY LINCOLN HIGHWAY DAIRY High Grade Butter Homogenuzed ond Posteurized DAIRY PRODUCTS DELPHOS OHIO I J KI NDLY JEWELER DIAMONDS AND WATCHES SILVERWARE 106 North Mom St DELPHOS OHIO X 1 tl Liu II mx Il KI K L l ll LI L I L I ll Compliments of St Marys Pack1ng Packers of FANCY CANNED FOODS DELPHOS OHIO . . . d o Nlr. A I1 ll' : "fill - 1 what docs N02 Sig 1'2" , 'lull CII -icy: "XY-ll. gill. Cljl' A l'x'- gal il right an the lip ul my unguc, sir." Nh: NI ll--: "W-ll. yin 'd IJCLLT spit it llll. ILS nitric 1 id." , 91 HARTER and SON FUNERAL HOME Mwmrw 'S ggi! Q Wi' DISTINCTIVE SERVICE Two New and Modern Ambulances To Serve You Equipped with Oxygen PHONE 4021 DELPHOS, OHIO Building. 92 'af' 4"' "-', gp- ,,..,, .1--'ff -'-'- '-ff'ff'f"Wf"'m"Vf'f'4F'5F'f4fff- '-'-'- 2-. .-v- .-.-. 2 f""'EEj "" 'H "" ' , ., ..,.,.. -, ..,,,.. ,,,. Oif:f"w:f"Ef5'1f 35 : 2 5 V s 55355555 O H :.i:.:.2 Y ...O I .,...OA,,, , ,,eW s V inny F '-'f"' 1 '-'-'-' 1 2if-P:lf-21241251125rl:1IMSrl22QS12491552212-r1rE2+H'f'2'f 'T lv 15 5 1 ? . F: E ze.-.'.,:i -1 l". : .'.-. 1.' ' ,...... . ' - 'Z5Z"Ifiififififififififggfi-' fini luanngggiflwlwilf--1-1-1 Y-Vf K1 51-1.1:-if 'fff A " , ,,,,,, '::::,:: ' ' ' ' ' , , W , T ,,', I ' ' """" 1 "" fy I , 2 W M' ' ff f ' "" P'"':':':f'fffr-1-Alf. if ff ' f A --- - .- D ft Eg, fl" - QI 1. Z 14 ' ix Q "1 51' '-," : 35-'E 3: 'Q Y A T: ,M ..... AM, .i f ii ,:zfI5EQEQEQEfEQEfE5EQEQE5fEQE3Q- 5,5-, 55: J f' 7 1 ' ' ...., . , ., , . . . . ,..,...- ,4 .- ..... 1 ...,....,......... ' ..... vv.. 1 vv. , 1. :..Ei5e2s.. ,qlvuf "-'--.' - z z : : : : - : : : " - H :--- 2 52-233:-1 f Q ' ::- ' : - : : :Q: :':Q: ":,:g.5.5.j3gi5g:5.5.Q.5.5.2. : . .i'a1.,j.i ',4, :Eagzgcg:-:-:-:-:-:-1-riti:-1-rir1'1W""""" """ - -- ' ,V ',,--- ,,,. A-A, Dv- 2 V-7 1 3: 1 ?-S+,-l . AF3,:,,:?:,..:,:A.,.,,,..:+:.f:.:.::'P:533.2:?3:E.1i.5.:.E.-,iffI?,E,:I1I3I:I3ZS:E.:E.Z3:E:E:g.gtg:ggg:E:3:g:::::.:.:41,:,g,.:..:, .4-,.,,v :I-.g.-tc: W I ' I . . The Delphos Prlntln and PubIIshIng Company The DELPHOS DAILY HERALD T e DELPHOS TWICE A WEEK COURANT Phone 7811 20 S C oy Kukrees QUALITY PAINTS HORINE LUMBER CO Quolnty Products Only DELPHOS OHIO FETTIG S FLOWERS ALWAYS FRESH ALWAYS LOVELY Delphos Ohuo THE CHARLES CO FAMILY SHOE sToRE 229 N MAIN ST DELPHOS O PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK Estoblushed 1864 The Oldest Bank In Allen Count The Bank of Fnendly Servlce DELPHOS OHIO IKM ian--nun- 1 ll I I 1 , I O O O O I Il ' ll I I 1' Z TT ' , A, I, ' "iq, . . I ,W Q an 7 .J In I ET ., N .1 'A I 1 N, , . .6 J, I I ' Y I I-Illl1gl'f'??? fIIll'l5llIl2lS 111 Inc. I Ncs' Yc':II"s P1 rty. 93

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