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Grade Teachers BACK ROW fl ff to rrgllfl Mrs Gaynell Kraff Mrs Thelma F1QQ1I'lS Mrss Marlorre Qurrm Mr Ellrs Lloyd Mrs Candace Van Hom Mrs Mrldred Crrfes FRONT ROW Qleff fo rlalrfl Mrs Wlarrlyru l-le1t7rfarl Mrs Crefcherr Cremean Mrs Ruth Holfzarple Mrs Mrldred Bowersoclc Mrs Mary Baeclrler Ofhce He p BACK ROW Cleft to rrghfl Greta Lawrence Rosalre Shook Carol Olaary FRONT ROW Cleft to rrghtj lean Shenk, loan Whrfe, Lrla Sflrn, Max me Crsco l10l rp T 1 ' 4 VT' were D . if . . V . , . . , 1 4 1 - -f l ' . N ,I , ' , 7 , - ' , . , . J , .. , , . 1 I f MEMOIHE OF "Qs Q0 A1 411 Uh ,cf 'nh C emo S f' ELIDA 7 'W 4 E 5 5 Q I . ff' J 1 Ccrroryn Th h ' A scrapbook is or collection oi all those things thot bring us or true picture of our lite. Things tholt we Wish never to be fore gotten. We hope this yearbook will present such CI picture oi your 47118 year ot Eiidcr High School ond will crlwctys be remem- bered crnd cherished. t rd? XL x ALL THINGS GO IN A SCRAP BOOK DIVISION I - FACULTY Faculty and School Board Grade Teachers and Oftic Classroom Scenes - - DIVISION III - SPORTS Football ----- Cheerleaders ---' Basketball - Baseball ----- Varsity "E" and GAA, e Help 4- 5 6- 7 IU I2-I3 36-37 38-42 43 44-47 48 48-5l DIVISION II-CLASSES - Seniors ------ Undergraduates Grades - - - DIVISION IV - ACTIVITIES - Yearbook and Paper Statts - Vocal and Instrumental - - Calendar ------- King, Queens, and Attendants Senior and Iunior Plays - - Whos 'Who ---- Honor Students - - Advertisements I4-I5 I6-2l 24-31 34-35 52-53 54-57 60-65 66-68 70-7l 72-73 74-75 76 79 J? W 1 1 5 I I 1 1 V u: i 9 ll EIADA ' W K 5 3 50,23 W readln Q 2 Ilflfl rlthmetlc PZ W V X Ifll 1 m 1 in ry 1 501' fi ,f sitgwgffl t M- 'W- To those who taught us our three r s we are forever grateful 'M X xt 'W XX L I XX V' 1 ' QU 'X . W 8, Q Q if M Rf' fl, tr MR HOWARD LEIS Oh1o Northern Umverstty BS lndmnct Untverslty PIIHCIPCII MR ROBERT DURBIN Ohxo Northern UntVers1ty Amerlccn H1story World HISIOTY CIVICS Geography SOC1CIl Sc1ence FACULTY MRS VIRGINIA KLINGLER Bowlmg Green Lrnversttv tSecond Serneeterl Buslness Trcunlng Shorthand Typmg MRS NELLIE TURNER Wooeter College PhB L lsh 10 ll 2 I l MR WILLIAM GOODISH Ftndloy College A B Btology Sclence 7 8 MR PAUL PONZURIC Flndlay College Bo lnd1otnc1 Urnverslty lndustrlcxl Arte Phystccxl Educcihon Coach Mathematics Bookkeeping Assistant Coach , A . I BIS' g I I I - I I 3 P- , A ' qngl' , , l 6 MISS MARIE A IONES Bowllng Green State Umversrty Home ECOHOVIIC MISS AGNES SUTER Bluffton College BS C"1e"11 try Soclal Studres Grrls Pnysrcal Educatron FACULTY MRS NAOMI GOODISH Fmdlay College AB IFITSI Semesterl Typmg Shorthand BUSINESS Trammg Bookkeeplng Secretarmal Pracuce MR BURDETTE HERRING Ohlo Northern Un1vers1ty B S Mecllanlcal Draw ng I ll Math 7 B l7l MR RALPH TINIANOW Ohlo State Unrversrty Northwesterr' Un1ve stty Musxc Vocal MRS ANNA BRIGHT Wrttenberg College AB Engh 7 8 Lcrtm Il 35, . , ' . A f ' , BS ' ' ' Instrumental 1 A 'S . ' i - 'sh - -9 MR. C. ROLAND SWANK Bluffton College, AB. Oliio Stole University, M A. Superintendent P A. D, SCHOOL BOARD Richard Bowler l-lerberi Booie Cl rk Fred Miller leviMCBr1de lolrin VoPDe iorrlc Eorrl Holtzoiople lol Grade Teachers BACK ROW fl ff to rrglltl Mrs Gaynell Kraft Mrs Thelma F1QQ1I'lS Mrss Marlorre Qurrm Mr Ellrs Lloyd Mrs Candace Van Hom Mrs Mrldred Crrtes FRONT ROW Qleft to rlglrtl Mrs Wlarrlyn l-le1t7rfan Mrs Cretcnerr Cremean Mrs Ruth Holfzarple Mrs Mrldred Bawersock Mrs Mary Baeclrler Ofhce He p BACK ROW Cleft to rrglrfl Greta Lawrence Rosalre Shook Carol Olaary FRONT ROW Cleft to rrghtj lean Shenk, loan Whrte, Lrla Stlrn, Max me Crsco T101 r K X e wry ' 4 ' ' rp T 1 ' 4 T' we D . if . . - . , . . , 1 4 1 - - f 1 ' . ' .I , ' 7 , - ' , . , . J , .. , , . 1 I f OFFICE SECRETARY Marcille Hollar BUS DRIVERS Back Row Cleft to rigl'1tl-Wil- liam Goodish, Walter Long, Wayne Holtzapple, Howard Leis, Woodrow Baxter, Lloyd Sroufe, Burdette Herring. Front Bow - Gene Askins, Bobert Durbin, Floyd Morris, Paul Ponzuric, Lee Enslen. LIBBABIAN MECHANIC Mary Lou Mathis Woodrow Baxter CUSTODIANS COOKS Lloyd Sroufe, Henry Stalter, Ethel Iohn, Myrtle Iolin Floyd Morris I 11 l HOME ECONOMICS I Stitch cmd sew ENGLISH IU Working Hord CHEMISTRY LAB. Atomic Bombs Mode Here? TYPING I Tdke CI Letter LATIN H A11 Gaul is divided into 3 pdrts . . . P. A. D. Future Presidents, Senators cmd Congressmen. I Q 1 1 1 1 4..g 1? W I I 1 V I 1 I ,, L wi 1 105 J l CLASSTIME PZ, 1 il ' x 2 X 1 1 1 Q f , vw X 2 If X WV Q r k OWS ' n gi 1 -f Qiiiilfgg 1 ab W- x i l Well never forget the crammmg lectures and frlends that made up our school 11fe XX 9? XX 12" 'fx-,I,,., I I I I , . r Y :K i X 'WN' 1 ml e X , N X xx e X Y Y , XX t J if, ff f W., e T - e ee f SENIORS B111 Strayer Iecmnette Lamcm Nancy Holtzcrpple SENIOR OFFICERS 1 1 President Secretary Treasurer Nw Ted Sodders ------------ Vice-President 16 SENIORS Therr last year m Ehda was a happy and eventful one tor the Semors The days were busy and passed much too qutckly so that Commencement came before they knew rt At the begmnlng ot the year the cla s elected Blll Strayer Presrdent Ted Sodders V1ce Prestdent leanette Laman Secretary and Nancy Holtzapple Treasurer Kenyon Smrth lean Shenk and Carolyn Thompson were elected for the Executrve Commlttee Honor was bestowed upon Ioan Berger as Ed1tor rn Chzet ot the The Bull dog Bevrew and Carolyn Thompson tor berng chosen as Ed1tor1n Chlel ol the Annual The Senror Class ranked hrgh m sports Norman Kahler and bob Bregle were co captams ot the Football Team whrle the Basketball Team was ably captamed by Ted Sodders Kenyon Sm1th and hm Prrnce were co captarns ol the Baseball Team Teams m all port had a large number ot Senror partrcrpants Two Senror grrls on th Cl eerleadmg Squad cheermg the team to vrctory were Marallyn Stalter and loyce Paxnter The Class Play We Shook The Farmly Tree was presented by the Sen1o s on Aprll 23 W1lrna Hartman was chosen to attend the Homecommg Queen Our class was also greatly honored m havmg Ted Sodders and lean Shenk chosen K ng and Queen ot the Carnrval on Nov l4 The class worked hard to rarse mon y for the Annual by havmg a Maga zme Subscrlptron Dnve The wmner was hm Prmce and runner up was loyce Parnter The Mrnstrel Darkles lamboree grven lanuary 28 was also to rarse money for the Annual The Senror grrls sold doughnuts for two Saturdays to rarse money for the1r class trrp They worked hard and the word doughnuts IS now eycluded from the vocabulary ot the Semors So as the year draws to a close and we leave our Alma Mater and set out as rndrvrduals we hope our knowledge and expenence gamed 1n Elrda H1gh School wrll help us through hte Ehda Hrgh School w1ll always be re membered by us the class ot 48 MARTHA BAXTER College Preparatory Course rs Gleel 2 3 4 Mtx Chorus l 2 3 4 P1 teddlod l F H lurnahsm E C C Secretary 4 Mm trel 4 Class Pl,1y 3 Student Dlrector 4 IOAN CAROLYN BERGER College Preparatory Course Ottrce 2 Paper Stall 3 4 Edt or 4 Honor Soc1ety 3 4 Cla s Play 3 4 Mmstrel 4 Pres1dent 3 Secretary Treasurer l CSpen C8IV1llGl GAA Z 3 4 iS en cerv1lle ll PHA 2 tSpencer v1lle ll Muslcl CSp ncervtll t . . S . . I , , . . , , . ,. . . Q E . . . . o . , r , . , . ,Q . 9 . I 1 , . Gil ,,,: 'ed A : ,, '- , t 1 ' ,J 2,3,4gG,A.A.3,4g . .A. ,g '. 5 ' 4f O '. lg . . ,A. 5 - - I 'S' 5 ' P' F : , ' - ' g .I 9. 'QU T17l BETTY IANE BERKSHIRE Corrrn rctal Course German Townalfnp Hrgh l SHIRLEY CARR ol e Preparatory Cour e 1 2 3 Mtxea o F C Ce re 1 A 2 lun 1 entor Play 4 l l1A Z Hono Sometw 4 Annual Staff 4 lou nat nu 3 4 Nuetc f" OSCAR EVERS ol eae Prep Jory Cour nd Z Ke ball l 4 Foo ball 1 eball 3 Var 1ty E LAURA GOOD Gen ral Cou Ersteddiod l 3 4 M1X9d C o ee NANCY HOLTZAPPLE Comm rcral Cou se Se retary 3 Trea urer 4 Clai ay 3 4 Pape Staff ess Manager 4 S cretay and Treasurer of G A A 4 Mwst el 4 Honor SOCIETY 3 4Off1e3GAA234 Il8l PATRICIA ANNE BOROFF ornrn tal C 1 eddfoa 3 Grle Mrxed C oru 3 E C C A A 4 Ban 4 o nalrirn Mtn re G A A vm u Trtana e Home EC Club LL1 U Ce J GA A 2 QL1 na Soutnl Ho Club 2 Klnrna Soutl'l DON EARLY General Cour e otball 1 '7 3 4 eball 5 9 l 'N PHYLLIS FOUST rr ra Cau AA Ole l..1baryl2 WILMA HARTMAN Corrrnerc al Cours MUSIC l Otttce 3 Homecou mg Queen Attendant 4 GA A MARILYN HOUSTON General Caur e rs Gl e 3 4 Mtx Cnorus l 2 3 4 E14 eddtod l a ma 4 Bo vlmg G een D stnct 2 3 4 Cla Play 3 lCOlL"1DU Grovel HA 4 Glrls Glee Presldent 4 Annual Stall 4 Y Teens 3 CColu bus G ovel WANDA IACOBS General Cour e Glee Club l Z Mrxed Chorus 2 Band l 2 Ma,ore Ltsteddlod l 2 Mu rc Festt l ntrell 41-l VVALTER IOSEPH Corrtrnerctal Course U ateCluol 23 A L Centrall Corrr erclal Club l era Club l CA Ln Centralb Football l 2 At Luna Centralj ROBERT L KING Vocattonal Coat se Boys Glee l 2 3 Mrxed Cho S l 3 Llste cltod l Mnstrel l 4 Paper Stall 4 Baseball 2 TOM KRUSE General Course WILLIAM DEAN MCKINNEY College Preparatory Basketball 3 ED IAMISON Genera' Course F otball 3 4 Va ty E 4 Boys Glee 3 4 M1XSd Chorus .J 4 Etsteddlod 3 4 NORMAN KAHLER General Course V r tty E 2 3 4 Football l 3 4 Mrnstrel l 4 Annu Stall 4 Varsrty F. Presrdent 4 Class Play 4 Class Secre tay 2 Sergeant at Arms 4 Football CoCapta1n 4 ,At tenclant Carntval Ktng 3 HAROLD KRUSE General Course Baseball l 2 3 4 Basketball 4 Va 4 nual Staff 4 Executtve Corn rn eel 2 IEANNETTE LAMAN Comrnerc1al Course Secretary 4 Executlve Corn rnrttee l 3 GAA 3 Annual Stall 4 Paper Staff 4 Otftce Help 3 FHA 4 Attendant Hornecorrnng Queen 2 CHARLES MILLER General Course Annual Staff 4 l 19 l 1, f lf, 4 tie Q, t O ' T -wi f val , P. H. FA. 42, GPA. Af Sl ' 9 ' ' Ml 5 , 4- 1, 2, , eb ' , , 1 t irna C1 fs' , , 5 , . g . tl ' , 2, , gg ' , 5 Gl 2, 3 KAt Linda Centralb gCam- g ' ' , , 2, 3 t 'na 1 5 5 - I f ' , l ' r 2 ' 'U - 2 mi f Zf P F, d f Q1 gf 1, '2, 3, , ' 'rstly 'E 3, , An- ' ltl , . I RICHARD MILLER General Cour e seball l 3 4 Fooball V rstty E 4 IAMES H PRINCE en rat Cou Mned Chorus l Z Euteddtoa e Va 4 Ba Ba eball 2 3 4 Mmstrel Se no Pa CORRINE LOUISE RIEGEL Conmnerc al C ur e rs Glee l 3 4 Mu 3 4 Bo zltng Gre me A ldl tons 3 4 Band n trel l IAMES WHITCOMB RILEY General Cour e Football l 3 4 Ba eball 3 stty E ROSALIE SHOOK Comm rclal Course O1cel"lelplFHA4Mu sl L2Ol CARLYN IOYCE PAINTER Cornmerctal Course bxecut1veCorrrn1ttee 1 3 V1ce Prestdent 2 Mlxea Chorus 1 G E1seddfodl 2 3 4 G A Z 3 4 Honor SOCIGIY 3 Annual Bustness Manager Cheerleader 4 Varsxty E Class Play 4 Mtnstrel l Band 3 Mustc Festlval l CLYDE RADER Vocattonal Course Executtve Connrmttee 2 a ketball 1 ROBERT DEAN RIEGLE General Course Class Play 3 Football l 4 Co Captatn 4 Basketball l rstty E 3 4 Ca n1v Attendant Klng Attendant 2 IEAN SHENK General Course A 4 Class Play 3 4 Executtve Cornrmttee 4 Olttce Help 3 4 Mtnstrel Student Aav1ser 4 Paper Staff 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Carn1val Queen 4 Home cornxng Attendant l KENYON SMITH General Course Secretary l V1cePres1dent 3 XSCUIIVG Cornrmttee 4 Var 1 E 2 3 4 Secretar Football l 2 3 4 Basketball l 3 4 Baseball2 3 4 Cas Play 3 4 Mtnstrell 4 Annual Stall 4 Mlxed Chorus 1 Bo IS Gl e l Elsteddlod l BCI , , , 1 4, 3 I - 1 , Q A a ' ' " . 3 : ' f' ': 2, 3, 45 irls Glee l, 2, 3, 4, ' I , , , 5 . . A. ', , : ' , 4: . ' : 4, : ' U H 4: 5 ' : 4: G, Q ' rs? I .I I .4 , A t .l j B 5- l, 2, Boys Gle' ll, 2, rslty ' "E" 2, 3, g slcetball l, 2, 3, 4, it , , , '. l, 4, n. r 1 y 4, Gi ls , Z, , 5 'zod J ' -I , ' ' 2' 3' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Elsteddlod 2' 3 4. Baiebglll 1 2 3 4l 1, 2, , , tr ' en Dis- ,jg '- H 2 ,' 'Y 2 Qi 1 .L 't' .. , 5 . 2, 3, - ' ' ' 4,, F. H, A. 4, G A. A. 2, 3, 4, A ' Mi. s , 4, , "I 5 ,S A 4, F. H, . 2, 3, 4: G. A A. 2, 3, Varf " " 3, 4. : 4 :Q I ' yff' : ' - . : f '-' . 7 A .' I V I lc ' sity " " , , : I y 4: , , f ' ' f f , 1 1 S NEVILLE SMITH College Prep Course us1c 2 3 4 Varslty E 3 Football 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Ersteddtod 2 3 4 Boy Glee 3 4 Mrxed Cnorus 2 3 Bowlmg Green Dtstrtct Aud1 t1on 3 4 Musrc State Frnals 3 Mmstrel 4 TED SODDERS General Course Carnlval Klng 4 xecutrv Comrntttee l Presrdent 2 Vlce Presldent 4 Baseball l 2 3 Basketball l 2 3 4 o 4 Varstty E l NELDA LOUISE SROUFE Cornrnercral Cour e Executrve Comm ttee l Treas urer 3 Ersteddlod 2 3 GAA 4 FHA 4 Mwed Chorus l e ECCA 3 Pres1dent 4 Honor Soclety 3 4 Mtnstrell 4 Pa per Stall 4 Annual Staff 4 Attendant Carnrval Queen 2 WILLIAM CLAIR STRAYER College Prep Cour e Class Pres1dent 4 Basketball 3 Football 4 Honor Socrety 3 4 Class Plays 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Varsrty E 4 Mlnstrel 4 Mrxed Chorus 3 4 Boys Glee 3 4 Ersteddlod 3 4 Sa uatorlan 4 FFA l 2 Spencerwllel Student Coun ctl 2 CAt Spencervrlle-J Q che tra l 2 QAt Spencervlllel Boys Glee l 2 tAt Spencer vtllej Mrxed Chorus l 2 lAt Spencervtllel E1steddfodl 2 QAt Spencervrllel HUGH WEAVER Vocattonal Course Class Presrdent l GAYLORD SNEARY Cornrnercral Course NORA LEE SPICER College Prep Course Grrl Glee 4 Mtxed Chorus 4 Mm trel4 FHA 4 MARALLYN STALTER General I ourse Grrls Glee 2 3 4 Mtxed Cho rus 2 3 4 Ersteddtod 2 A 2 FH CA 3 Cheerleader 4 Bana 2 3 Drum Matorette 2 Mrnstrel l 4 Annual Staff 4 Mu IC Festtval l Attendant Ho necorrnng Queen 3 Paper Stavt 3 CAROLYN THOMPSON College Prep Cour e Honor Soctety 3 4 Qtftce Help 2 Valedlctorlan 4 Annual Stall 4 Paper Staff 3 Mtn e 4 Class Play 3 4 aentD1rector 3 FHA 2 G 2 3 4 Executr m rnrttee 4 Attendant Canral Queen 3 MARY LOU YINGER Cornmercral Co urse rr Glee l 3 4 Mu' Chorus 2 3 4 E1SlSddIOd 2 3 4 Musxc Repor er 4 FHA 2 4 Class Secretary l At 'Cnox H1gh Schooll M , , 1 ' , 4: 2, , j ' I I ll I D, , 4, V A Z E l 9 A :S ' ' . 4, ' ' ,G , , ,' Flotl ball g Q , 2, 3, 4. 1 X A 4, :A - I - . , , , V ., 3, 1 . , , : f , GA, , , 3, 4, . .A. 2, EC. 2, 3, 4, Girls Gle l, 2, 3, 45 , , 5 , I ' . . . . , ' , 1, f, ., l , 3, A , 7 ' , I - Class Play 4, Varsity E 4, I , I I- I ,I I ' str l gl S , lp Stui l't ' , . . I , !At I - g A I 1 4 I V A : A - AA. , , g ' 've Co - F r' ' 5 . F. i' l V G' ls , 2, , , Qed 1 ,F , H t , .L. . l 21 l xy W, Q 5 iff Q J 'S as M we .vs H iw Q X z 2 X , 1 w .gf if 531, 'Y f 3 A E4 ' gg E , ,,.:.. S'-V , x WA S 'NX 2, if ,ff x?gzfsQS5 M Q 2 3 F S ji ml CLASS OFFICERS loe Cremean President Charlotte Zerkel Vice President Lila Stirn Secretarv T241 IUNIORS TOP ROW Cleft to rightjz Helen Alspaugh, Anna Mary Augs- lourger, Wilma Augslourger, Milo Bastain. SECOND ROW: Charlotte Bren- nenian l-aDonna Bridges Mar- garet Brunlc Charles Butler. TFHRD ROW: Maxine Cisco loe Cremean Stephen Crites Iohn Davis FOURTH ROW Don Desen berg Patty Dunahay Elizabeth Etgen Don Follas FIFTH ROW Elouise Good Maxine Hadding Marilyn Hol lar Edna l-loltzapple BOTTOM ROW Don Holt ap ple Bill I-loltzapple Dolores , . ' '7 . I ' I Kidd, Dick Kieswetter, IUNIORS TOR ROVV Cleft to rightli Glenn Kilgore, Greta Lawrence, lack Meier, Mary Meier. SECOND ROW l-lelen Miller Carol Olsary Gladene Point Cloyd Reese Tl-HRD ROW Ronald Sanner Alice Sawmiller ila Stirn Dean Stever BOTTOM ROW Merlin Steve ley William Weaver Roy Wrialft Charlotte Zerkel The class of 49 entered school numbering 45 strong confident of a happy and succe sful year ln sports the Iunior Class ranked high There were fourteen boys in foot ball They were Don Desenberg Bill l-loltzapple Milo Bastian Glen Kilgore Don l-loltzapple loe Creme-an Dick Ki swetter Ronald Sanner lack Meier basketball there were seven who participated Bill r-lolt apple Don Follas Milo Bastian Glen Kilgore Don l-loltzapple loe Cremean and Don De-senberg The candidates who were chosen for the Carnival were Greta Lawrence and Toe Cremean Helen Miller reigned as Queen of the Homecoming game All American Family was chosen as the class play and was presented November Zl The class sposored a St Valentines Day Dance February 14 and also sponsored scrap dr ves to make money for the lunior Senior Banauet The girls and boys excelled in the class tournarrents taking both tne boys and girls tournament championships We are looking forward to our Senior year and hoping we will rn et with success in whatever we attempt to do I 2 . . , , . I L' I 4 1 , . l es . , f I V9 , , ' I Merlin Stevely, lohn Davis, Don Follas, David Miller, and Cloycl Reese. ln 1 I V I ' I I I V' ' . 1 4 L A. , . . . . e . 5 l """ SOPHOMORES CLASS OFFICERS We the class ot l95U numbered exactly trtty rn the tall ot N348 Gerald Potnt Harold Keller lantce l-louston and Mary VVade otned our ranks but as the year went on Lourse Shook moved to another school Later two new members were added Duane Campbell and Laura Bruce from Ll ra Central The number now stands at trtty one Our class advrsers are Mrs Turner and Mr Lets a l-lobo Party at a roadstde park Our candtdate tor Hornecomtng qu n attendant was Dorothy Good our Carnrval Kmg and Queen attendants were Btll Laman and Mary Lou Grlden ln sports we w re well represented On the Football team were Stanley Strayer Btchard Taylor Dtck Van Horn Duane S emen Brchard Cam Dean Sawmtller and Harold Keller ln Basketball there were LaDoyt Snow Stan ley Strayer Brchard Taylor Allan Mtller Don Mtller Dtck Van Horn l-larold Keller and Norman Beeler Whrle tn Baseball there were Stanley Strayer Brchard Taylor Drck Van Horn Don Mtller Norman Beeler Allen Ntller and LaDoyt Snow The manager ot Baseball and Basketball Gerald Pomt was selected from our class t26l 11' , . i . y , 'xv . Our first social attair was a Christmas party and gift exchangeg the other, ' ' ee ' , . . l . . I I 1 L V I , . Duane Sternen Prestdent Nancy Davtdson Vtce Prestdent Btchard Taylor Secretary SOPHOMORE BOYS Back Row Rex Messick Duane Stemen Drck Van Horn Marvm Good Bxll Iouth Iack Pontlng Norman Paxson Second Row Norman Beeler Stanley Strayer Harold Keller B111 Laman LaDoyt Snow Gerald Carter Iohn Cheney Front Row Allax Mtller Gerald Poznt Don Mtller Leon Hall Roy Hollar Ralph Ra'ner Rxchard Taylor SOPHOMORE GIRLS Buck Row Betty Fous loAnn Hartman Elarne Glass Mary Lou Gtlden Mtrxam Long Marlene San ner Dorothy Good Second Row Ruby Hartman Bertha Hartman Loutse Stemen Annette Krtder Ioan Whtte Ieanette Krtder Ann Baker Mary Wade Ruth Mtller Front Row Alyce Sandy Ro alyn Rhodes Iamce Houston Helen Dunahay LaDonna Furry Mary Lee Iohn Nancy Davldson Thelma Borotf Betty Gallant la N:t in Picture: Duane Campbell, Laura Bruce, Rrchard Camp Dean Sawmiller, Charles Butler, Martha Hunter. Q f,-kv-gy . at 'i , - U V55 ..A... FRESHMAN BOYS Back Row llelt to rrghtl Walter Rxley Gene Crlsenbe rry Drck Dardro Elwooa Metler Carl ASk1HS Izmmy Haddmg Second Row Dax d oolrver Herbert locket Brll Selhorst Eugene Morrts Gordon Foust Kenneth Sherrlck Merlln Steed Front How Iohn Shock Brlly Meter Kay Boate Gene Crawford Buddy Rader Rrchard Drxver Larry Steveley Lee Rrley Iohn Moore FRESHMAN GIRLS Back Row llelt to rlghtj Darlen Daniels Erma Hartman Peggy Kru e Norma Cortxer Ioan Amstutz Ercel Carter Ardath Brant Sally Herst Ianet McK1nney Second Row Betty Plnney Ehel Grthens Earlzara Thompson Dorothy Prrnce Dons Wrrgh Patty MOTIIS Fern Wells Wmrlred Pontmg I ogene Sneary Front Row Norma DeW1tt Vlola DeW1tt Marlene Holtzapple Ruth Sprcer Connie Shenk Norma Collms W1l'ra Sandy Norma Hahn Ioan Allemerer Peggy Hatton mmf' r t t - . ,, Q 44 , 1 all ' . 'n' 'L q S ' 0' ' - a M " i ' Q l 4 A ,, . ' Y y HM. f ,s , 4 7, .. - ' : e ' , . S, A ' . , CLASS OFHCERS lohn Moore - - - Presldent lohn Shock ff-ffff Vlce Presldenl - Secretory Lee Riley FRESHMAN d wllh 55 students lgklng the roll ol Freshman They chose ld A clogs porty under the drrecnon held October 27 rn the c lor thelr cldss Colors ol our ddvrsers Mr Tlnldnow dnd lVlr school gym ht of the posltrons on the hrsl ten rn lun1or lrlrgn bdslcetbdll were hlled re ollso e1ght of us on the loolboll squord Two of ltzgpole x ere on the vdrelty cheer Erg There we Mdrlene Ho K ng and by freshman our grrls Connre Shenk ond leordlng sgudd Peggy l-loltton gnd D1Ck Ddrdro were our cdndlddles for Cofrnlvdl 1 Queen Ddrlene Dgnrels represented the Preshrngn lgss ds dttenddnt to th l-lorneconnng Queen l9l G . ff: " S hool opene ' ' . ' ' ' blue dnd go . , ' ' ' , . ' ' . . Durbin wds ' ' ' I ' A J fy P ' - . i f-w 1 . J . K. EIGHTH GRADE BACK ROW Cleft to rightl: lack Shook, Betty Unland, loan Rhodes, Bertha Aispaugh, Ruth Keller, Barbara Hinton, Dorothy Edwards, Dorothy Brown, Patsy Follas, Ann Stevenson, lames Fletcher. SECOND ROW: Iarnes Borolt, Max Cisco, Donald Crowe, larnes Moore, Richard Davis, Robert Hardesty, Robert Edwards, Elden Stirn, William Gahrnan, Bill Desenberg, Tommy Mitchel. THIRD ROW: Rosalie Kieswetter, Treva Collins, Susan Crernean, Carrol Cox, Mary Riley, Nina Melvin, Shirley Shenk, Elaine Davidson, lane McKinney, lean Driver, Ann Brenneman. FRONT ROW: Robert Lyons, Robert Messick, Iohn Githens, Robert Hostetler, Glenn Alle- rneier, lohn Miller, lack Kruse, Don Holmes, Robert Miller, There were forty-tour members in the eighth grade this year. Our advisers were Mrs. Klingler and Mr. Ponzuric. Bob Edwards and Max Cisco were on the tirst ten ot the lunior High Bas- ketball team. Several of our boys went out tor lunior High Football. Shirley Shenk, Ann Stevenson, and loan Rhodes were three ot the lunior High Cheer- leaders. We selected scarlet and gray for our class colors, and the following were our officers: President - - - Bill Desenberg Vice President - - - - - Max Cisco Secretary and Treasurer - - Susan Cremean X301 SEVENTH GRADE BACK ROW: Marjorie Reese, Evelyn l-lardesty, Ruth Barne, Florence Franks, lanice Miller, Bertha Good, Maxine Metzger, Elnora Brenneman, Ruth Unland, Mary Alice Etgen, Marjorie Weaver, Mildred Poynter, Beverly Shuleldt, Betty Gannon, Helen Wright. SECOND ROW: Dick Shobe, Richard Sutherly, Brownlo Poynter, Bill Hatton. lack Boothby, Howard Satterfield, Rex Slechter, Norman Ream, lim Glass, Ralph Zerbe, Warren Smith, Danny Sternen, Leo Etgen. THIRD ROW: Arlene Peters, Shirley Cisco, lanet Snow, loann Lyle, Eileen Louth, Crena Riley, Maxine Githens, loan Meier, Velma Taylor, Barbara Sanner, Phyllis Steiner, Beverly Carr, Betty Laman. FRONT ROW: Clyde Satterfield, Louie Hadding, loe Iones, Gary Stinebuck, Edward Davis, lohn Carter, lohn Ruby, Stanley Crider, Gerald Strayer, Dean Casperson, Charles Dawson. The titty-two members of the seventh grade were happy to be included as part of the high school group. A Christmas party was held on December ll, gifts were enchanged and Christmas carols were sung. Our class was represented on the lunior High Cheerleading Squad by Bevery Carr. We selected the following for class oiiicers: Marjorie Weaver - - - President Velma Taylor - - - Vice President Richard Sutherly ------ Secretary and Treasurer Our class advisers were Miss Suter and Mr. Herring. I31l if K 13' TW Mr. Goodish helps move better half. Roy Wright shows new motor- cycle to friends, R. Sanner. M. Bastian, R. Miller, M. Stevely Kamera Kahler his Cafeteria Cookies Gaylord Sneary and Iames Riley-The two joy boys from Elida. Studious Carol, Sleepy Iohn. Thoughtful Ioe, and ? Greta. . , Carefree: Nancy Holtzapple Ioan Berger. Edltor at work. Phyll1s Foust and Mary Lee and Ted Sodders' Iohn. lean Shenk and Ioyce Painter Cloyd Reese's last play-for digging for their last cent. Glamour Boy Campbell Marallyn Stalter Sixth Grade Teachers-M. Bowersock and E. Lloyd BACK ROW: D. Melvin, B. May, L. Leis, G Fowler, R. Musselman, R. Strayer, R. Friend G. Morgret, I. Steiner, I. Crisenbery, I. Gah man. FOURTH ROW: A. Ramsdail, I. Parrott, D Stalter, I. Musser, M. Weaver, M. Ebling, B Spicer, B. Kesler, I. Shenk, I. Wade, L. Kor tier, C. Miller, D. Smith. THIRD ROW: T. Stalter, V. Huber, R Green, T. Miller, G. Satterireld, C. Augs burger, E. Sherrick, V. Brenneman, F. Brown R. Miller, R. Bowers, D. Miller, R. Fishpaw SECOND ROW. P. Lyons, V. Stevely, I Miller, S. Leiser, P. Cox, I. McConnell, D Desenberg, I. Amstutz, C. Sremen, D. Prie ser, R. Shock, K. Miller, E. Craig FRONT ROW: I. Ponting, B. Faust, F Foust, D. Brant, A. Mettler, I. Thompson, D Sandy, B. Rice, D. VanDemark, T. Coolidge R. Heath. Not in Picture R. DuPont, Ir., E. Gannon Rogers, C. Stalter. Fifth Grade Teachers4C. Vanhorn and G. Kratt BACK ROW: I. Leiser, L. Holtzapple, D Githens, C. Dielman, I. Gannon, S. Sroufe N. Hines, D. Welker, P. Wagner, M. Stalter THIRD ROW: K. May, F. Poynter, G. Steed R. Kesler, R. Morris, G Boothby, D. Glass D. Cheney, F. Comston, N, Sherrick, Ir., F Melvin. SECOND ROW: S. Grapner, P. Cook, M Parrott, A. Wilerd, K. Miller, S. Alliori, P McConnell, M. Crowe, L. Meier, I. 'Ihomp scn, I. Weaver. FRONT ROW: R. Coolidge, C. Boate, R McKinney, B. Shaffer, C. Reese, D. Briggs D. Keysor, R. Reynolds, B. Gleason, R. Green Not in Picture: M. Murray, F. Terry, R Unland, M. Mayer, I. Fotch, R. Romsdail. Fourth Grade Teachers-M. Krites and C. Vanhorn BACK ROW: M. Morris, S. Edwards Busick, I. Keller, L. Morgret, S. Steiner, M. Cox. FOURTH ROW: C. Stemen, M. Sandy, Bridges, S. Steed, Sherrick, B. Sattertie P, Huber. THIRD ROW: D. Si Smith, I. Amstutz, I. vinder, G. Evers, P. Good, L. Crider, D. SECOND ROW: I. G. Harrod, B. Clark, Zerbe, E. Redd, I. . L' DuPont, R. Dawson, M L. Mathers, M. Fra nks Houston, S. Stalter, M B. Mosier, I. Moore, I S. Ruby, I. Rogers, V ld, S. Hawk, E. Heath mmons, I. McConnel, L Miller, D. Shenk, I. Ca Briggs, L. Hartman, B Stever. Nusbaum S. Simmons C. Colley, P. Faust, S Kruse, M. Dawson, G Huber, S. Best, N. Voress, K. Bowers. FRONT ROW: R. Craig, B. Holmes, K. Vidscn, B. Keller, L. tier, R. McKinney. Not in Picture. L. Sneary, R. Lowe, R Lyle, G. Riley, R. Da May, E. Peters, D. Pel Terry, D. Marliel, L Finch, S. Brant, E. DeWitt, E. Heath. l34l Thrrd Grade Teachers G Kraft and M I-Iertzman BACK ROW H Haddrng D Rog r Zrmmerman I Iohn B Keller E Baker Croft I Brenneman D Strnebuck M Brrght G Cozley R Gleason D Mann Stemen D Collms THIRD ROW G Iohn B Morrrs R Davxd s n C abley R Wrnkle C Fu er Wade D Baty R Rrdenour I Huber I. Etgen B Denllnger C Kershner R Voress SECOND ROW C Crsco L Huber I Alle rrrerer R Hartzogg M Collms D Stemen E Pontrng M Mrller P Lawrence B Merer D Iohnson I McK1nney I Armstrong FRONT ROW M Altenburger M Messlck A Krmmel K Drtver L Lerser R LaRue L Sanner K Mrller I Frshpaw D Harr I Stalter No rn Prcture D Iacobs R Metler D Mayer " Burden Second Grade Teachers T Frggms and L Lybrook BACK ROW M Mrller I Spaya E Den lrnger S Sakemxller M Cheney S Sodders rxend M ter Mann Mlller A Scruggs P Pletcher I Gamble THIRD ROW R Smtth T Myers K Iohn M Zerkel A Rothe R Amstutz R Stewart C Thomas I. Keysor R Wagner I Crrser berry L Stemen N Laman R Crowe T Davis SECOND ROW R Gannon P Hernng 'I' Wrldermuth L Mrller B Ktdd G Long brake L Rrdenour T Lowe H Stemen G Kershner S Allron S Hair M Frshpaw FRONT ROW P Herrmg W Green S Lye S Mlller C Metzger O Etgen R Sneary I Srmmons T Brenneman L Vas quez Ir 'I' Hollar Not rn Prcture G McBr1de L Musser E Carpenter B Rogers A Lapham R Crarg A Deane D Mayer Frrst Grade Teachers R Holtzapple and M Qurnn BA K ROW M Mrller D Redd W Rhodes D L Stemen D A Stemen I Wade D Morns I Patton G Crxsenbery K Bren neman T Mlller I Smith R Mrller FOURTH ROW M Peters I May S Crash Arnold R Mrller I Cr ft C Falla Anspach E Stemen W Long I Sonnan stme I Hollar D He ner THIRD ROW D Satterheld L Smxth R Sroufe L Melvxn D Metzger I Desenberg R Archer H Hrnton R Dawson C Rrden our R Shafer W Ramsdarl SECOND ROW R Nusbaum I McK1nney S Foust C Wade I Laman Wade L R1 ey I Morrrs K Lawrence M1 er I Stalter A Denny FRONT ROW D Bowers A Huber L Scruggs I Sherrrck L Colley D Kesler I Abel S Stalter H Wrrght A Vasquez C Clark D Bndges D Ladd Not rn P1ctureI Meyer C Musser I Srm mons D Terry D Young I Campbell L McBride I Moonman N Flory R Cavtnder I Good K Heath A Ramos I Ramos K Herrrng R Hollar M A Holtzapple K Hu ber D Anderson : l . ' ,I . e, B. , . I . ' , . A. ' , . I , . , . ,R. 0, .R .' '1v1,Dl t ' ' : . ', . , . C. F1 ', . s. Mu' , M. ' M. 1' 1. . A 3. f ', 1 1 C S . ' , , -, '1 , I ', . ,s, 'll , I35l , 5 f, f'? I J I 4 i I it-f li-1 uw- - EL SKETBML 'Bbf Lei? X6 7 -33 E Q FIGHT: f L - nu , L 0165 QNX SSW We learn the valuable lesson of Workmg to gether 'ww X S 'W " X N 5 XS, 1' ,f',, f"" e 7 ee ,, FOOTBALL SCORES Ehda Forest Ellda Shawnee Flrda Wayneslleld Ellda Lafayette Elxda Spencervllle Ellda Pandora Elfda Ada Coach Pcxul Ponzunc cmd Assxstcmt Coach Wxllxcxm Goodxsh ST BOSE Engagmg Llma St Bose 1n the f1rst game of the 1947 Olympla at L1ma the Bulldogs were defeated 12 C The games were 16 mlnute ev: h1b1t1ons and were not part of the Oll1C1Gl schedule FOBEST The Bulldogs traveled to Forest September the 12th Wlth ex cellent blockmg and beautlful ball carry no by Bob Blegle and B111 1-loltzap ple Elrda Won thelr mneteenth game SHAWNEE Bulldogs suffered thelr f1rst defeat smce 1944 1n Football Led by W1ll1amson an eluslve back the lndlans caught the Bulldog off guard to score a 12 O vlctory SPENCEBVILLE The Bulldogs play d br1l11ant football agamst the unde feated Wlldcats from Spencerv1lle our nelghbormg school to pull the blggest upset of the 1947 league play 39 29 ln the openlng lack off Bob Bregle grabbed the ball cnd w1th excellent blockmg ran 70 yards to score The desperate Wrldcat team made a great last half rally Wrth Gene Purdy star back maklng exceptlonally frne runs DELPHOS Lacklng the beautlful form shown at Spencervllle a week be fore the Bulldogs proved no match for the Delphos Wlldcats Iefferson s crew struck f1re when Buzard lntercepted a lateral to race SU yard to score Checkles, Buzard and Moreo were the leadlng performers for therr 32 U Vlctory 1331 1 . , I I fir A e---- 13 - - . - W - - - 0 - . - - - - - 48 -y . . A - A - A U ,- . - v - W W 30 . . - - - - - O i Elida -ff-- 13 A Columbus Grove . - f A - - U W ' -e--- 13 f - - B1111DOCN Ellda Delphos lefferson WARRIORS COLUMBUS GROVBfWith Bastian and Lockett carrying the ball for the Orange and Black, we hit paydirt in the second quarter. Bill I-foltzaiople ran 68 yards for the Bulldogs second touchdown, with Cremean's kick good, ln the final quarter Rogers scored for Columbus Grove. The final score was l3-6, in favor of the Elida Bulldogs. RANDORAffln a hard fought battle with a fast Pandora ull", the two teams battled to a scoreless tie. Bill Holtzapple had a B5fyard jaunt to payf dirt and was called back as he touched the sideline on the run. ADAW- Closing the gridiron season at Ada the Bulldogs were on the short end of a 27-13 score. The game was played under the most adverse weather conditions of the year. Bastian and Kahler looked very good for the Bulldogs. WAYNESFIBLD-5-fThe Bulldogs took 48-U decision over the Blue and Gold of Waynesfield. All of the Blida squad saw action in this game. Witli Cree mean leading the way with 3 touchdowns and 4 out of 5 extra points, BACK ROW fleft to rightlz Duane Sternen, Richard Taylor, lohn Shock, Norman Beeler, Lee Riley, Kay Boate, lim Reed, Bill Selhorst, SECOND ROW. Cloyd Reese, Bill Strayer, David Miller, Don Follas, Harold Keller, lohn Davis, Merlin Stevely, Edward lamison, Mr. Leis. THIRD ROW: Mr. Goodish, Dick Vanhorn, loe Cremean, Larry Stevely, Ronald Sanner, Stanley Strayer, lack Meier, Oscar Evers, Richard Miller, larnes Riley, Mr. Ponzuric, FOURTH ROW: Ted Sodders, Don Haltzapple, Dick Kieswetter, Glen Kilgore, Kenyon Smith, Milo Bastian, Don Desen- berg, Nick Smith, Bill I-loltzapple, Herbert Lockett. FRONT ROW: Glenn Allernier, Bill Desenberg, Robert Edwards, Norman Kahler, Robert Riegle, Dick Davis, Max Cisco, lim Hadding. 'Al I, . 3..- x. M-Q., H ,,,, X 'gui """'Nax.p aw 'sg ..1. . - bf, IQ-... ' ' isa: ,i N.. ff 15. 'N s x,, , ,, X' Q' -xk ? c 5 19" 4 1 :QS QN E vi 5. MY" PN rmsr ELEVEN N CHEERLEADERS loyce Palnter Connte Shenk Marallyn Stalter Marlene lrloltzapple N LETTERMEN Blll Strayer Oscar E lers Ed Ia rms Norman Beeler Dave Mrller Iohn Davrs Don Pallas Cloyd Reese lack Me1er Drck Vanllorn Stanley Strayer Hrchard Taylor Ted Sodders D Mtll Herb Lo et Rrchard Mrller Elrda vs Lafayette and 2l ltda vs Waynestreld IUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS loan Rhodes Slnrley Shenk Ann Stevenson Beverly Carr l43l ' ll. ' 1 12, ' on l3. ' l4. ' l5. . ' er Don l-loltzapple l6. larnes Riley ' l7. ck t 18- . . 19. ' . ' 20 . E ' . ' BASKETBALL GROVE DEFEATED Elida opened its l947-43 seson by defeating Columbus Grove 59-39 at Elida. The Bulldogs led all the way and made a fine showing for their first game. I-IARROD 35th LEAGUE VICTIM By taking a 31-25 victory over Harrod, Elida raised its league wins to 35 straight victories. Prince and Kruse led the way for the Bulldogs with 8 and 7 points respectively. NEW KNOXVILLE WINS 44-34 New Knoxville Rangers, led by all Ohio lack Kuck, defeated the hard- fighting Bulldogs 44-34 in a hard fought contest. BULLDOGS DEFEATED DELPI-IOS IEEFERSON 28-25 In a thrilling game played on the St. lohn court in Delphos, the Bulldogs won 28-25 with K. Smith leading the way with I0 points. GOMER WINS 3l-27 Sodders found the net for ll points to lead the scoring for both teams, but was not enough to overcome the Bobcats. ELIDA DEFEATED 43-40 In a heart-breaking game after the Bulldogs lost 3 key men on fouls, the Bulldogs were unable to gain the lead at the sound of the whistle. Sodders and Prince led scoring honors with I4 each. LAFAYETTE DEFEATS ELIDA 43-40 In a hard fought game the Bulldogs came out on top. Prince and Kilgore led scoring with I0 and 9 points respectively. SI-IAWNEE BOWS TO BULLDOGS Elida downed Shawnee by a two-point margin with Sodders coming through with two field goals to sew up the game in the last 50 seconds of play by the score of 28-20. BEAVERS DEEEATED The Bulldogs outplayed the Beaverdam five in their drive for the Allen County title 50-32. Prince and Smith led the way with l5 and I0 points re- spectively for the Orange and Black. IEFFERSON I-IUMBLED Delphos lefferson was little competition for the local "5" as the Bulldogs used all their Reserves to win 50 to 2l. Smith led the Bulldogs with I7 points. SPENCERVILLE BEARCATS DEFEATED IN CRUCIAL BATTLE Playing their finest game of the year against Spencerville, the Bulldogs proved their championship caliber by winning their 4th consecutive Allen County League Title 45-33. Sodders and Smith led the way with l5 points each while Prince also had l0 for Elida. New Knoxville Game Lafayette Gcxme Bob Riegle, Capt. Ted Sodders, Iames Prince Kenyon Smith, Harold Kruse Iefferson Game New Knoxville Game RESERVES CUndefeatedJ BACK BOW Cleft to nghtl R Taylor B VanHorn N Beeler l-l Keller C Evers L Snow D M1ller A Mrller FRONT BOW B Holtzapple D Follas lvl Basttan G Ktlgore S Strayer D Holtzapple I Crernean SHAWNEE UPSET The Elrda ftve handed Shawnee lndrans therr frrst league defeat by the score of 34 32 Sodders set the pace for the Bulldogs wrth l8 pornts SPENCERVILLE VTCTIMS Cont1nu1ng thetr fne forrn shown rn the Shavt nee game the Bulldogs sub dued a favored Wtldcat 5 on the local court 37 33 The Bulldogs led all the way HARROD SWAMPED Playlng one of therr ftnest games of the season Ellda downed Harrod 67 35 Kruse led the Way Wlth 8 baskets and 3 free throws to speed Ehda on to an easy vrctory ST IOHNS WINS 59 37 Playrng one of the frnest teams ln the Northwestern drstnct Eltda Went down wrth a 59 37 defeat Smrth led the way w1th l4 pornts GOMEB DEFEATED BY BULLDOGS Seekxng revenge for an early seasons loss Ellda won over Gomer 39 31 Sodders led the attack wrth IU pomts BULLDOGS UPSET BY BEAVEBDAM Ehda caught off guard after therr great Champronshrp vrctory at Spen c,erv1lle suffered a surpr1s1ng loss to Beaverdam 49 41 f6l . . ,. , . , . ., . , , , . , . . . . , . ,-. , . , . f . ,. . . y - . ttf, 1 -f 1 . , . , - . 1 1 7 1 tl' - Ehda Ehda Eltda Ehda Ellda Ellda Ehda Ehda IUNIOR HIGH OP ROW Cleft to nghtl M Herr ng Coach Eugene Mor TIS Co captaln Robert Ed wards Rtchard Il er ud dy Rader Kay Boate Carl Askms FRONT ROW Gene CTISSH b rv Herbert Locket Max CISCO Iohn Shock Dtclc Dardlo Not ln P ture Co captaln lee Rtley IUNIOR HIGH RESERVES TOP ROW Qleft to rtghtl lvn my Haddlng lack .Shook Gary Stmebuok lohn Ruby hm rletcher Louls Hadd na lohn Carter SECOND ROV! Stanley Krr der, Edward Ddvt lvn Bo roll Robert lV'1l'er lacfc Kruse Btll Hatton FRONT ROW Rlll Gahman Elwood Metler lack Booth by Max C1 co hw Glass Rex Slecnte' Btll Deseh berg l47l RESERVE SCORES Columbus Grove Ehda l-larrod Eltda New Knoxvtlle Ehda Delphos lelterson Eltda Cromer Ehda Lafayette Ehda Shawnee Eltda Harrod Delphos St lohn Garner Lafayette Shawnee Beaverdam Delphos letferson Soencervtlle ' ---- 28 - 20 r ' ---- 28 ef- 20 . ' --AY 5l--l5--- R --E- 27e24---- ' --A- 3U'e26e ' ' -e1- 4Ue-22-e- ' e--- 29 f 24 , .' -A-- 4l -- 21 - - - ' eeee 3Z-e24-e- ' -.-e e36EA15--. ' --e- Zlfflfve-e ' e-ee 52el7 ' ---E 29-el5--- ' ---- 25ee2l--A 5 Elida ---- 40 - 22 - W Spencerville Elida ---- 48 -f 24 - f Beaverdam ' -e-e 50 ee l9 - E - 1 r, l BASEBALL 1947 LEAGUE GAMES Ellda Spencerwlle Ellda Luna South E H S ROSTER Ellda Shawnee Ellda Gomer Ehda Lafayette Ehda Harrod hm Prmce lst Bolo I-loltzapple 2nd B1ll Holtz apple SS Dlck Prmce 3rd Dlck Montgomerv C Bolo Be1gle LP Frank Vanl-Torn CF Kenyon Srruth BF Elmcla Gomer Ehda Shawnee PITC1-NTFS Ellda Lalayetle Ted Sodders Don Early Don Mlller DlSTBlCT TOURNAMENT Ellda St Bose Ehda Mmster Top left Sodders on hrst Montgomery alxbzes to Ponzur1c whlle Ted backs hlm up Ponzunc gzves I Prmce last mmute mstruchons Smlth "on deck" l48l . ---, 6- ,A A --H- 7F. ' 2- . .V A Q. - ' .... 2- - ' - .... QE I". I ' ' ll 4' ' ----177 - ' ' COUNTY ToURNAMENT ' e--. 10- - ,T ' -.-e mel - ' A ' ---- l1-- - ' ---- 3-. - . v--- 3 .D - A f, i VARSITY "E" Norman Kahler -f- - -f- President Bob Beigle ------f- Vice President Kenyon Smith --A----Af Secretary This years Varsity UE" is made up of 31 Lettermen. Letters may be . earned in either Football, Basketball, or Baseball. During Basketball, refreshments are sold at all home games. The profits raised during this season are used to cover all of the Clubs current expenses. The Club makes its own laws which every athlete must follow in order to receive a letter On November l 1947 the Varsity E members went to Columbus to see the Ghio State Indiana football game BACK BOW Cleft to rightl Bill Holtzapple No man Kahl loyd Bee e Heroer Locke Bill St aye Mr Ponzi ic Dick Vanl-lorn Ioe Creme ri la'nes Riley Dori Mille lohn Davis Dick K eswette FB INT ROW Milo Bastian lack Meie lin Priric Dor Ea if ui n iilaor B R l K ny S iti O carE Richard Taylor l49l ' ' " r er, C. s , ' t tt, ' r r, . 'r' SECOND BOW: Ted Soudders, Don Holtzapple, Nick Smith, Richard Miller, Harold Kruse, Stanley Strayer, Don Pollais C 'V ' ' , ' r, I . e, . rf, me ' i Y e, ob eig e, e jon - E, s ver.: G. A. A. Lila Stirn ----- f-f'- f President Mary Meier f-ffffff Vice President Nancy Holtzaople ff-ffff Secretary BACK ROW Cleft to rightl Peggy Hatton Mara 'yn Stalter loyce Paint r la ice Hoaston Maxine Ci co Ba DG a Thon pson Carolyn Thompson Alice Sandy Marlene Saririor H le-ri l crahay SECOND ROW Nancy Davideon lean Sh mt Dorothy Prince Nelda Sroule Mi iam Lo g Mary Wade Mary Loi, Gilden Cannie Shenlc Mal 'ie Holt ap l THIRD ROW Pat Boroft Maxine Hadding Dolores Kidd Shirl y Carr Edna Holtzapole Martha Hunite Ioan Berger Martha Baxter FRONT ROW Trelrna Boroff Ro ly Rnode P ggv u e leare P- Kiale E 'i G o 1 Whit a Nancy rlotzapple Mary Meier Charlotte Bredneman lQUl ' , l. . , ' e, ri ' , . 'S rl r 1 ' . , e.", ' , ti 'r . n , i , ' ' , r e. 2 p.e, , . . 7 1 . .. , s n Q e A Kr S , , , tt- r 7, lax. e lasas I a. .i e, l,il Stirri ' I, , ' , . ii i . G. A. A The activities ot the Girls Athletic Association got under way this year with the election ol olticers. A lew weeks alter school started a party was held initiating all the new members. There were l6 new members added which made a total of 42 members. The girls have all been working hard to make points by participating in all the activities. lt takes 25 points tor a pin, 50 points tor a numeral and 75 points tor letters. IUNIOR HIGH G A A BACK ROW tlett to riglstl lean Drifer lanet Snow Treva Collins Helen Wright C ena Riley Arlene Peters Shirley Cisco SECOIND ROW Eileen Louh B tty Gannon loan Lyle Maxine Metzger Ezelyn iard ty Shi ley Shenk lane McKinney Mary Riley an Ann Stex n on Elaine Daxid on Sasar Cre'nean Rosal e Kieswette ERCAT ROW rjeverly Car Pnvllis Steiner Betty dnland Patsy Eolias loan Rhode Exonne Stevvat Doro hy Edvva d Ruth Ufila d Mary Alice Etgefi Be erly Shuteldt lmogene Utterback l l l ' ' i , e , . , ' , Ei 1 Y es , 'r , THlRD ROW, Miss Suter, Barbara Sanner, Velma Taylor, loan Meier, lanice Miller, Carrol Cox, Ann Brenne rn , . . 'e s , ' " s i, . . , i ' P r, 'T 3 'T A r, ' '. ' . , ' , . ' ., ' ' r , I. A r r . , n , " ' . 1 , v ' , i . 51 Im 4'N l I I I I I I I ' I ' I I I I I I I I .M1-f - M iff 1 I an elghth note -Q a waltz and a curtaln call ELWA ' W lL 5 322' 6 'E V: 4. . I ' X ' X II I . ' I ' X 'f 'LI Q K g V d bww X B I I L +A- fl The good t1mes we had stand out 1n our memones more than the school books XX IQIT W f-I, 1 ' K I' I I ' ,Q XX d X ,K ,vi yhvxf !-'I' MEMORIFS PERSONNFL 1 B111 Strayer ASSOCIGTG Ed11OTS 4 Kenyon Sml h leannette Larran Sports Edrtor 1-larold Kruse Snap Shot Edltor Shlrley Carr Assrstant Snap Shot Edltor Norman Kahler Charles M111er ASSISRZIH1 Managers Mgrqllyn Stglter Marrlyn Houston Fyplsts 1 leannette Laman 1 lean Shenlc Student Photographer Nelda Sroute Advlser Calendar Burdette 1-lerrlng Pl-IOTOGRAPI-11C STAFF Norman Kahler Shrrley Carr Nelda Sroute LAYING OUT THE DUMMY Left to rlght Harold Kruse Vrrgll Montague Caro lyn Thompson Marallyn Stalter B111 Strayer Shlr ley Carr EDITOR Carolyn Thomps Jn ANNUAL 1541 tx h STAFF BUSINESS MANAGER Ioyce Pa1nter I55l Ann Troyer Ianrce Bashan and Wrnona I-Ierrrng wantlng to see an Annua ln Ellda Hrgh School got Mr Le1s rnterested and wrth h1 perrnlsslon the hrs? Annual of E I-I S was started It was named Golden Memorres and Mrs Mertz and Mr Hernng were the aclvrsers In 1947 the name was changed to Mernorres and Mr I-Iernng was left sole advlser as Mrs Mertz no long er taught at Ehda The Annual was agaln put out rn 48 and w1ll we hope conhnue through the years BUSII ESS STAFI- Mar1lyn Houston Ioyce Paxnler Charles M1ller Marallyn Stalter EDITORIAL STAFF Back Row lean Shenk, Ieanette Larnan, Burdette Herrrng, Advlser Front Row Kenyon Smrth Carolyn Thompson, B111 Strayer 5 Q M I In l945, Leroy Weaver, Bob Byrne, Mary 'Q A . I . N . . 1 . . kde . , . . A I . . . . - A I J 4 IOAN BERGER Ed1tOf m Ch1ef I 5 Don Holtzcpple LCIDOTIDCI Bmdges Phylhs Foust BOTTOM Ieom She-nk PAPER TOP: 5 1 STAFF NANCY HOLTZAPPLE Busrness Manager Asststant Edrtor Charlotte Brenneman Assrstant Busrness Manager Crrculatron Manager Assrstant Crrculatron Manager Art Edltor Assrstant Art EdllOF Humor Edrtor Mustc Edrtor General News Edrtor Elementary News Edrtor Greta Lawrence Shlrley Carr Dolores Ktdd Don Holtzapple lean Shenk Mary Meter Carol CD Lary Maxme daddrng Charlotte Zerkel Comprlers Nelda Sroufe Phyllts Foust LaDonna Bndges Edna l-loltzapple Typrsts Martha Baxter Pat Borott eanette Laman Reporters Marllyn l-lollar MGXIUG Crsco Bob K1ng Llla Sttrn The l947 48 ed1t1on of the Bulldog Bevtew has made a great change rn appearance stnce last year Thrs year the paper has three columns 1n stead of two whrcn makes the paper easter to read and more attractrve The paper IS publrshed every two weeks and has a crrculatron ot about 400 copres The statt ot the Bulldog Bevrew was selected at the begmnrng of the year by the year by Mr Swank and Mrs Turner our advrsers The mem bers ot the staff rncluded lunrors and oemors who are tnterested rn the wel fare and actrvrtres of our school Last year the Bulldog Bevrew was placed thrrd rn the competttton ot school papers of Northwestern Ohro thrs year rt was awarded trrst place rn tts class as determrned by school membershrp and also rn recogn1t1on for the outstandrng mrmeographed paper ol the dtstnct A representatrve ot Stg ma Pm presented our edltor loan Berger wrth a trophy l57l A .,,.,,., 3 , - - - - , - - , - , . 1 . . T . ' ' ' ' ' ' - ' ' 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1- - - - - Y - I 1 1 1 ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 - - 1. . 11 . , . . . . , 1 . . 1. . 11 . - x N l . . , . ' . . f.. . . . ,, . 1, . , .. , . ,. . . 1 1 - W... yr 3 5 295' Q UQ we? 6525 W 5 its ak -4.g,.g,X 1 'F f mf wE'5f55'7f5Q Www 5, ,gh .W f 1 i i o ,wx 'A' we sr Xi ' 3 33 E 2 Jfwwbfffg . .::.,: 2 N w X f Q 5 M Q? fb A P 6595 if? in H? Q ,et QV' M45 S f ' K , E2 is ,.A.A. , I V q. I A-.A.iA 1 ' 5 any . , . , M Q vvziz : z - H ,gf W' J f , H I j' fa ---' iw f W 1. 5 ii B.. HD- f :e12:'::' V - Li , if 422 f 5 Q I 5 yrxyi' lfi. J QL Q 'Y 'ff' W J 1 ,NV 'Eg MQ 'nf Q 41 ww will LMl..,La A l 3Y.1..i,l:i,l.,l...1 4 LJ , i'7l--1-1' f ' "g't"' ' 'X' ' BOYS GLEE TOP ROW Cilett to r1ghtl Walter Rlley Drclc Dard1o Blll Strayer LaDoyt Snow Gene Crawford Larry Steve ley lvvood Metler Carl Asians FRONT RON loerbert Lockett Marvtn Good atephen Crtt Buddy Rader Don Holtzapple IN lc Srnlth Cloyd Reese GIRLS GLEE TOP ROW Cleft to Ilghll Roslyn Rhode Charlotte Brenneman Petty Kru e Charlette Ze-rkel Dolores Ktdd SECOIND ROW Helen Mtller Mar ha Baxter Martlyn Houston Nancy Davtdson Mary Wade Connre Re1gel loan Whtte Anne te l4.r1der leanette Krlder Ann Baker Ahce Sawrmller Nelda Sroule Ltla Sttrn Mary Meter Betty Gallant FRONT ROW Fora Splcer Dorothy Cood Ma lene Sanner Helen Dtrtahay l.aDor1'1a furry Mary Lee lohn Pat Borott Mary Lou Ytnger Thelrna Borofr Marallyrt Stalter Ioy e Powter l5Ol I E v I M ,,,, A , ' 1 l , ' 1 , " . ' es I , lic ' , Elaine Glass, Ruth Ann Miller, Barbara Thompson, Peggy Hatton, lanice Houston, Darlene Daniels. T . ' A ' ' ' ' ' 1 l A I ' 1 r I I 3 J ' , J , r , u ' . ', r . P , , , ' , .. ', . , C H . MIXED CHORUS RALPH TlNlANOW Dlrector of lVlt1s1c M tz er Qtephen Crltes Buddy Rader Don BACK ROW Cle't to rrghtl Cloyd Reese loe Cremean Marvtn e g L D t Snow hm Reed Larry Stevely -l ll:-er Locket l D Holtzaople Ntcc Smnh a ov THIRD ROW Roslyn Rhodes Helen Mtll r Martha Baxter Dorothy Prrnce Peggy Kruse Charlotte Zerke o lores Ktdd Elatne Glass Ruth Ann Mrller Barbara Thompson Peggy Hatton lanlce Houston Darlene l Norma lean Kortter Vlola DeW1tt M Wade Conn1e R1eael SECGND ROW loan Ams .itz Sally Hersh a y Ioan Nlnte leanette Kr1der Annette Knder Ann Baker Ahce Sawmlller Nelda Sroufe 1a Mary Meter Betty Gallant Carol Olsary Marllyn Hollar Q nner Heler Dunahay LaDonna FRONT ROW Marlen Holfzaople Nora Sprcer Dorothy Good Marlene a t L Y'1n er Thelma Borolt Marallyn Stalter loyce Patnter Furry Mary Lee lohns Pat Borot Nary ou g l5ll r ' r 1 , 1 ' , M n , , , ,,,, , Dame s, T , . 1 , ', M ril n Houston, Nancy Davidson, ary , ' ' J , X . . , . . , . . . , , , , , , Ll Stlrn, 1 e l. g , , . ' , A , L , J , RACK ROW: Ruih Shock, Don Miller, Leo Etgen, Mary Alice Eigen, Ruth Unland, Siephen Criles, Ruth Miller, Phyllis Sieiner, Betty Unland, lack Kruse lohn Ruoy, Bill Weaver. SECOND ROVV: Mr, Tinianow, Connie Riegel, Gene Booihby, Rosalyn Rhodes, Elaine Glass, Dorothy Prince, loan Lyle, Ruth Bame, Bill Halton, Ronald Strayer, Marlene Sanner, Dorothy Good, lack Boothby, Pa' Boroff, FRONT ROW: Norrna lean Koriier, Barbara Thompson, Barbara Sonner, Beverly Carr, Mariorie Reese, Margaret Kruse, Marlene Hollzapple, Velma Tay- lor, Helen Dunahay, Darlene Daniels, LaDoyi Snow, Edward Davis, Duane VanDerriark. MMORETTES, Phyllis Eoust, LaDonna Furry, Mary Lee lohn. MR. RALPH TlNlANOW Conductor ELIDA BAND The Elida High School Band has done a wonderful job this year under the direction of Mr, Tinianow, There were 48 members in the band this year. On October 26 they played at the dedication program held in Elida High School. The hand played at football and basketball games throughfout the year and tor various programs, A spring concert was given the tirst week in May, They also participated in the Lima Band Festival on Moy 29. Phyll s Faust Mayorette l.aDorma Furry Drurr Malorette Marv Lee lolm Malorette IUNIOR HIGH CHORUS BACK ROW Cl lt to rrghtl Roos'-rt Lyor' Ballard Sa He ly War err Smrtn Wrllram Harlow Blll GGDFWGH Robert M 'le 3 es Boro'l G rald S ay r lorn Carle SECO D BOW Qmrlev Cr: o Baba a Q er Velma Tavlo oarr Merer Ruth Bame lamce Mlller Imogene Ut'e bac loarm Lyle larrel Snow Arl rre Pelere lfolla A11 Br rm-er aw Su a Cr om Boealre Kre wet' r FRONT ROW Mrldred Poynl Betty llnlarcl Norman Ream Ruth K ller ldon Strrn Dorothy Edwarde Barbara Hmtorr Vlax Crsco Ruth Urrland Mary Alrce Etgerl .l i K . - ' ' 1. l l e A 2 ' 1,f mr, r ' ' .., Y A rl. r, 1 ,, e rf 'e, .r . 7. ll 1 .QI , 'sc , r r ,ami , r, I . ' , , ' ' , . r lc, '. , Y , e ,. THIRD BOW Maryorre Reese, Carrol Cox, Beverly Carr, Phyllis Steiner, Arm Sl6'V6Hi'SO1'l, Elaine Davidson, Patsy . S, .. e.. U ., S rt e-mem, i A, ' ' .e ' ' Q , . nr, J 4 O E ' , 7, ' Q' " .,,:,rLQ3Hf"' S AML-fimf X7 ,saw lk MUSIC FESTIVAL The Allen County Muslc Festlval was held November 6 1947 at Shawnee Hrgh School Seventeen vocal puprls went from our grade school and trtteen from lumor Hlgh The grade school sang Twelve Gray Dwarfs Savlour Lrke A Shepherd Lead Us and The Queen of Hearts the lunror Htgh numbers were Crusaders Frnlandrs The Vagabond and The Volga Boatman We were represented by th1rteen members rn the all county orchestra whtch played Romany Waltz Barcelon1a ln the Garden Shoulder to Shoulder March and The Festrval Overture The guest conductors were Mr Norman Parks Supervtsor of mustc 1n Day ton Schools and Mr Olrver Schumacher tnstructor ot strrng tnstruments at Frndlay Oh1o BACK ROW Cleft to flghll Allan Mettler Howard Stelner Brooks May Danlel Sternen Warren Srnlth lohn Carter SECOND RON Shlrley Crsco lanet Snow Barbara Sanner Dtane Desenberg Beverly Kessler LaDo'1na Kor t1er Mar1lyn Weaver Ioy McConnell Arlene Peters Peggy Cox Patty Lyons THIRD ROW Dorothy Good Betty Unland Ronald Strayer Beverly Carr Blame Glass Ruth Unland Rrchard Mu selman Marlene Sanner Iamce Mlller FRONT ROW Maryorre Reese Imogene Utterback Mrldred Poynter Barbara Hrnton LaDoyt Snow Stephen Crrtes Patsy Follas lan1ce Mlller Susan Cremean Ann Stevenson t..111.f'1!"i1m 1 1 - - 11 11 11 - 1 1 1 . 11 11 11 1 - 1 1 11 11 1. . ,11 .1 11 tt 1 1 11 - 1. 11 11 - 11 11 11 .1 1 1 1 11 1 - 11 . , ' A 1 , . - 1 1 - 1 1 1 r . - - - - " A ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 11 1 1 l . . cv- ' 1 I 1 1 L 1 1 '3 - 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 A e we nt- 2. R 'Nw 3 1947 SEQTQMBWQRF 1917 2 4 6 7 fa 9 Q ll I3 I4 I5 I6 I7 I8 I9 zo 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 .29 30 G 9 ff? Mu rot: OCTOBER .1947 sua aan 'run uno 'mu rm 01' KZ 9 H Q. Q H4 Mn il fag!! I 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 If I2 I3 I4 I5 I6 I8 I9 zo 21 22 23 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 mg, 947 NOVEMBER 1947 ww mn ms ww -mu snr 7 2 IO I3 I5 A 9 7 20 22 I7 M 24 25 26 27 29 JE.. ...Su .28 -2, 2 3 4 6 CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 3-School opens, everybody happy?? Also cheerleaders selected. Cafeteria opened. 5-Olympia practice game at Lima staudium, St. Rose won, 12-0. ll-Class officers chosen from grades 7 to 12. I2-Elida traveled to Forest for their first game. Elida won, 12-7. l8-luniors received their class rings. Boy, were they proudl l9AVictory string broken by Shawnee, the score 12-U. Varsity "E" officers elected. 23YTeachers party held at the Leatherwood Roadside Park. 26-Played Waynesfield here. We won, 48-O. The first feature movie "Thunderhead" and also the first issue of the Bulldog Review. . , OCTOBER l-The first G.A.A. party and initiation of 12 new members. 3-Lafayette, our guests, beat us, l2-O. Varsity "E" sponsored a dance after the game, 5-Workman started work on the north drive. 7-Homecoming queen and attendants elected. Beautieslll 8aSchool left out early for Teachers meeting held at Spencer- ville. 9-The Girls Club organized, Senior girls saw "Romeo and Iuliet" at the Ohio theater, lO-Elida Bulldogs tamed the Spencerville Wildcats. The score 30-20. Senior pictures taken. All dressed up and no place to go. l7-l.Q. tests taken. P.T.A. meeting. The first fire drill. 2l44H meeting, 24-Elida victors over Columbus Grove on the Bulldogs home- ground. Score, l3-6. 26-Special Memorial services held to honor the l3 boys who paid the supreme sacrifice in World War ll, 28ASeniors held their first party of the year. 29-Freshman held a very successful party at the school. 30-Elida played at Pandora, The only scoreless tie of the season. Ir. High G.A.A. meeting. 3l-A part of the Annual Staff left for Chicago to select annual covers. NOVEMBER l-Annual Staff returned from Chicago. 3-New Librarian-Mrs. Mathis. 4-Public voted for Z mill school levy. lt passed by a 6-l ma- jority, 6-The Allen County music festival held at Shawnee. 7-Elida traveled to Ada. Toughest foe of the football season. ll-The group pictures taken for the annual. 12-Carnival. Seniors ruled. 13-Band marched in Armistice Day Parade. First meeting of E.C.C.A., officers chosen. Have your camera??? Bookmobile arrived-new books. 17-lr. Hi cheerleaders elected. l8-leeparade-Unlucky day for Cloyd and Marjorie Reese. 21-The lunior Class play "All American Family" given, 25-Basketball season opened in grand style. We beat Columbus Grove on our home floor 58-39. Also the first snow of the season. Snowflakes, sleds, skates, etc. 27-Vacation-Part of Annual Staff at Convention in Cleveland, 28-Still on vacation. Coach Paul Ponzuric seriously burned and taken to hospital. CALENDAR DECEMBER 2-Harrod came to Elida, Bulldogs emerged victorious, 31 to 25. 4-The Cole Marioneites presented a well received program. The chief presentation was a story named "The Tinder Box." 5-FHA. organized under the supervision of Miss lones. 6-New Knoxville team defeated the Bulldogs 44 to 34. 8-Seniors measured for caps and gowns. Hugh Weaver had an accident in the Industrial Arts Boom. He lost part of one finger. 9-Bulldogs tamed the lefferson Wildcats 20 to 25. Short movies named "India" produced by General Motors. l0-P.T.A, meeting, Girls Glee sang. 22- ll-7th grade and their advisers held torium. 12-The Bulldogs lost to a surprising floor. Senior PAD. Class made a Hospital, No remarlcslll 16-Lafayette won over the Bulldogs Turner standing outside the Iunior a class party in the audi- Gomer team on the home field trip to the Lima State 43 to 40. Why was Mrs. English Class9'? 17-Kenyon Smith injured in automobile accident. l8iSophomore party. Nelda lost her skirt in the lournalism room l9aShawnee lndians bowed to the Bulldogs. G.A.A. and Varsity "E" sponsored a dance after the game. IANUARY Starting of the two weeks Christmas vacation. 5-School resumed. And the most asked question of the season is: "When are we going to Kentucky???" 9-Playing Spencerville here, we won 45-33 giving us the title of Allen County Champions. 14-Band Boosters meeting. 16-Bulldogs bowed to St. Iohns at Delphos, 59-37. 20-Bulldogs traveled to Gomer to defeat them 39-31. Also lunior Stemen put his hair up on pins after the game. 20, 21-Farmers Institute. 23-Lafayette was defeated by Elida, The score was 44-38. 28-"The Darkies lamboreen a big success, lt was put on to raise money for the annual, 30-Beavers were defeated 50-38. FEBRUARY 3-P.T.A. meeting. fudge Walter lackson gave a speech on Lincoln. 4-Bulldogs found Delphos Iefferson little competition by winning 50-21. 6-Bulldogs added another trophy to the trophy case by defeat- ing Spencerville 45-33. 7-Seniors took test at Lima Central. l0YBeave-rdam upset Bulldogs in their last game of the season. ll-Iunior pictures taken for annual. 12441-I meeting at school. 17-Senior class party. Bookmobile visited Elida. 19-X-ray unit visited Elida to take X-ray pictures of the students. 21-Senior girls made and sold doughnuts to make money for the class. 24-The movies "The Tip Off" and "The Other Fellow" was shown. BNI MUN 'rut A. CS.. I 2 7 8 9 I4 I5 I6 21 22 23 .28 29 30 .1947 DECEMBER 3 4 IO ll I7 24 3l S6 I3 N. MA! F.Q.1fU F. My il' 1948 JAN UARY is-as ONTH SUN MON TUE WED THU FR! SAT .iiiijz . F319 F3525 1. 5 gg,gm46o 7 3 mm 'IW 11 12 13 14 15 17 18 19 Z8 ww 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1948 FEBRUARY 1945 YH SUN NDN U 4 5 6 Y 12.3 "ii 8 9 10 11 12 15 1617 18 19 6 Si, 251 22 23 R31 22 29 I su non we wsu THU me T usxfr Al SLM T 14151617 456 21 2 23 24 25 26 27 521552 2.52627 I. NEXT 'IN s-ra-1 .254 91011 Ibfllf 95055121 2- CALENDAR luniors received pictures School closed for the last snow storm of the season Soloists attended Bowling Green Bookrnobile. St. Patricks Day, the Wearing of the green Class Tournaments. Class Tournaments. Elida Boosters were defeated by the Faculty. First day of Spring. Easter, plus new hats. Grange Banquet. Athletic Banquet. First baseball gatne o' the season Played Lafayette Elida won 9-3. Pre-school clinic. Sophomores selected their rings The first track team in Elida High was started Elicla played 'Spencervxlle and won Surprise birthday party on loyce Painter lournalism Club went to Bowling Green to Judge the school paper. Brought home first place trophy Played Gomer and won ll 2 A program presented by Herbert Neefe a great nathematical Wizard. Senior class play "We Shook The Family Tree was presented Played Shawnee. Band Booster Party. Allen County Baseball Tournaments Iunior and Senior Banquet at Soringbrook Allen County Baseball Tournament Band Boosters meeting Class day exercises, Baccalaureate. Commencement. Alumni Banquet. Seniors start on trip to l68l ECCA CLUB The Eltda Ctnema Camera and Art Club was reorganrzed under the dt rectton of Mr Swank tn the mrddle of the school ,fear The cluo rs open to anyone from grades 7 to l2 who IS rnterested rn photography and art Mr Swank gave several demonstrattons on talang p1ctures ond how to develop them The dark room has been equtpped wtth numerous artlcles used rn developlng prrnttng enlargmg etc The followrng olhcers were selected Presrdent Nelda Sroute Vxce Presrdent Shrrley Carr Secretary Treasurer Martha Baxter AML ..,....L BACK ROW tleft to r1ghtl Iohn Ruby Warren amlth Ralph Zerbe Gerald St oyer SECOND ROW Betty Gallant Charles Butler ene Crawford Gerald Pornt Peagv Kru e Mtldred Poynter FRONT ROW Pat Boroff Martha Baxter Nelda oroufe Shlrley Car Ah e So Jruller Ru h Ann Mlller l6Ql L70 QUEEN HELEN MILLER ATTENDANTS Dorothy Good W. rlma Hartman Darle ne Daniels HOMECOMING QUEEN Helen Mlller a Junlor by th te of the student b r e vo ody recelved the hono of Homecommg Queen Bob Relgle crowned the Queen and Norman Kahler presented her Wlth an arm bouquet She 1n turn presented them wlth the football for the annual Homecornrng game CARNIVAL KING AND QUEEN Jean Shenk and Ted Scdders ot the d Sen1or Class were voted the covete t1tle ot Carnrval Kmg and Qu en The Kmg and Queen rece1ved tlnerr crowns frorn the Iunlor attendants who were Greta Lawrence and Ice Cre ITIGCIII QUEEN IEAN :HENK KING TED SQDDEPS ATTENDANTS Margaret Hatton Greta Lawrence Mary Lou Gllder Toe Crernean B111 Larnan Phcrard Dardro The cast mcluded BACK ROW lleft to rlghtl Nelda Sroufe Martha Barter Phyllls Foust Marallyn Stalter lean Shenlc loyce Palnter Mrs Math1s D or SECOND ROW Carolyn Thompson Ioan Berger 11m Pr1nce Kenyon Smrth Sh1r1ey Carr Nancy Holtzapple FRONT ROW Nxclc Sm1th Norman Kahler B111 Strayer SENIOR PLAY The play We Shook The Famlly Tree was presented Aprll 23 under the d1rect1on ot Mrs Mathts and student dtrector Martha Baxter Nelda Sroufe and Phylhs Foust were prompters The play centers around l-hldegarde Dolson a very dramattc teen age g1r1 Her problem tn hte seems to constst ot aetttng a date for the prom Her mother solves thrs by gettrng her a date wrth her husband s employer s son The only trouble w1th thrs IS that Fredd1e the son wears lcntckers Wlth I-Illdegarde s encouragement Preddxe atter much trouble hnally pro cures a parr of long pants Hlldegarde and Freddte depart happlly for the prom and the play ends happtly Hlldegarde Dolson Mr Dolson Mrs Dolson Sally lrmmy Parge Elhe May Fredche Mr Shermer Mrs Shermer 1721 lean Shenk Kenyon Smlth loan Berger Nancy 1-loltzapple B111 Strayer Marallyn Stalter Shrrley Carr Carolyn Thompson Nlck Snuth Norman Kahler loyce Patnter , ' I , . irect . I I I I , ' I . Bob ,..,.. . .,....,..,...............,.......,, lim Prince lill ...,....,.......,.,................ IUNIOR PLAY "All American Family" a three-act comedy was presented by the Iunior Class, November 2l, l947A Mrs. Bright was director and Edna l-loltzapple student director. The cast was as follows: Boger Butler fthe fatherl ...... A A Carrie Butler fthe motherl .,.., A Caroline fthe oldest daughterl A A A A .Stephen Crites A A A A A .Lila Stirn AMarilyn Hollar Bill fthe sonl ...,,..........r.,....i,....... ,,..,, B ill Weaver Bobby fanother sonl ...,,.....,............,. A, ABill l-loltzapple Grandma Butler fthe hub of the Butler lamilyl A A A A .Alice Sawmiller The Widow Smith fa fascinating neighborJA A A A .Greta Lawrence A A A A Don Follas Don l-loltzapple A A Mary Meier Charlotte Zerkel Peter Smith fher sonl AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A A A AA AA Bruce Ford fCaroline's tiancel A AAAAAA A A A A A A A A Lucy Middletord fMrsA Butlers wealthy sisterj A A A A Avis Middleford fLucy's adopted daughterl A A A TOP LEFT: Marilyn Hollar, Stephen Crites, Bill Weaver, Bill Holtzapple, Don Holtzapple. TOP RIGHT: Bill Holtzapple, Alice -SawrnillerA BOTTOM LEFT: Alice Sawmiller, Bill Holtzapple, Lila Stirn, Don Holtzapple, Marilyn Hollar, Charlotte Meier, Stephen Crites, Greta Lawrence, Don Follas, Bill Weaver. BOTTOM BIGHT: Marilyn Hollar, Alice Sawrniller, Lila Stirn, Bill Holtzapple Zerkel, Mary Wnds WBC BEST LOOKING Iean Shenk Milo Bastian BEST ATHLETE Edna Holtzapple Ted Sodders BEST MANNERED Charlotte Brenneman B111 Strayer FRIFNDLIEST Carolyn Thompson Kenyon Smtth BEST PEBSONALITY Ioan Berger Kenyon Srn1th MOST TALENTED Stephen Crrtes Alrce Sawrnlller MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED B111 Strayer Charlotte Brennentan MOST POPULAR Marallyn Stalter Kenyon Smlth IDEAL COUPLE Carolyn Thomoson Norman Kahle BEST CITIZEN B111 Strayer Charlotte Brenneman WITTIEST Duane Sternen Dorothy Good I7c1 BACK ROW Cleft to rrghtl Elomse Good Mary Mere Brll l-loltzapple Steph n Crlte B l Weaver Don Holt apple Alrce Sawrmller Cloa lotte Brenneman FRONT ROW Nelda Sroufe Carolyn Tho np on loan Be qer Brlt Strayer lar y Holtz apple loyce Pamter Shlrley Carr HONOR SOCIETY Seven Semors and erght Tumors were selected as the upper lrlteen per cent ol the two resnectwe classes to represent Ehda at the annual Allen Coan ty Honor Socrety Banquet thrs year lt was held at Spencervrlle l-hgh School on May 5 l948 The selectron of these members rs based on servrce leaclershrp character scholarsnrp and c1t1zensh1p Semors attendmg tnese banquets are charter mernlo rs Thls makes them eltgrble to attend for ltfe VAL SAL Kg, Carolyn Thompson Brll StraYef l 76 l if? 5? 1 W mf 'V ff 9 4? is ,Q W ,, .,..,, I A .91 new ,WV f M559 wj f WW. , vw my M :...:NsK4,xea :EV .'-25: 1-fzz fa ....,.,, S W , X . ,4 ,QW 1 P, 'F' M KS- , lm X, Q f el .,,, Q K . A .. .fe:.,. Q is Q 13 A!,,.,n-NZ, '3 5 ' A as ' gs 5' 3 X Q Nil X x W? K 4 1 ,,......-.""...'.i" S' ww 'E af 12 D' Q ,, .'.f:fffI x A Q. S is X i f My ak 4 Z2 I ,my fi, A .gg ., ,, 1 J , wa 1 .A:A , QQ V ::' H' W t .1 ,,,, E535 E Q- 1 W ,Q J w We. 'Y 15251523 f ' . z A N 3. 3 f ' ik s If Q E X X is Q ' ,".:.1, f iyjyj ,Q ff? A Q W ' Q mv V, .1, . - , ' x 3 ' 4 at 9 5 PATRONIZE ADVERTISERS Delphos 8 5 L1ma 9 U 1 OUR . . . . . U - 8 Elida and Community . . 85 - 95 ' .... . . 8 - 11 I CCMPLIMENTS CF PCINT RESTAURANT DELPHOS OHIO STL AKS CHCPS FRIED CHICKEN ALL KINDS CF SZXNDWICHES EXCELLENT CCFFEE V A BRENNEMAN and FAMILY U I MALTS ' SUNDAES ' MILK SHAKES AQ" HARTER and FUNERAL HGME SWWWWM gmwwhe A Qi? Q New mms6S"28Ww DISTINCTIVE SERVICE Phone Mam 1412 DELPHOS OHIO Wm IBIJ ' 'A::55:1' g" " ..,. -- ..,.. - . . . . .. 4--- ---- 1 --AA , 5 2 s:5:::a ::5 2:1 ' A :ff ' ' -S2 12 ' F FEEEEEESEEEEEEEQ ----w E- ' "f"' "'ff'I.Q'ff'f" ,. -6223222251gEZEEEfEZE5. lEiE5?EE3. 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KINDLY . , I h e ' .op M I781 . a T 7 I ISZI COMPLIMENTS RAABE MOTOR SALES PHONE 1680 FETTIG'S FLOWERS DISTINCTIVE FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS DELPHOS OHIO LINCOLN HIGHWAY DAIRY HIGH GRADE BUTTER Homogeruzed and Pasteuuzed DAIRY PRODUCTS DELPHOS OHIO Compllments of BUSCH BROTHERS DELPHOS oH1o Comphments of HOVERMAN STUDIO IZO East Thlrd Street DELPHOS OHIO Comphments of THE COMMERCIAL BANK DELPHOS oH1o SURPLUS 96150 OOO OO 7O Years of SGTVICG Member Federal Deposrt Insurance Corporatron OF - - - CAPITAL ' ' ' 5IO0,000.00 1 83 1 SCOTT'S GROCERY Fora EINE roons DELPHOS OHIO THE RADIO STORE DELPHOS OHIO R ADIOS RECORDS APPLIANCES The Delphos Printing and Publishing Company THE DELPHOS DAILY HERALD THE D LPHOS TWICE A WEEK COURANT N XHIGHf ESIEEM SINCE I874 R SCHERGER r Mfmonms 1, 1 ,fl PRESERVE ANCESIRY FOR POSTERITY SO7 511 North Ma1n Street DELPHOS OHIO SHEETER MOTOR SALES DODGE and PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS CI D A111s Chalmers Earrn Machinery REED S SUPER MARKET Home of Every Day Low Prices Dlph wpk 4 .. If C - v 1.1 Compliments of 1 ll l XA xy! ff 1 ll Sheeter Farm E ui ment Dealer A f ' f moron f 'gs xv' ' 'f Compliments of e os cx a onetc: 1 DELPHOS APPLIANCE SALES No Tr1ck to E1ectr1c ERIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY MARION RANGES AND WATER HEATERS EASY WASHERS 307 N Mum St FURNITURE SEE C R E D E DELPHOS oH1o WEGERS DRY GOODS READY TO WEAR DELPHOS OHIO DAVEY S Garage and Battery Shop EIectr1cc11 omd Carburetor SSTVICG Speedomete Serx 1ce Phone Mcnn 1485 THE PLAYMORE DELPHos OHIO People s NBIIOIIGI Bank Estciibhshed 1854 The Oldest Bank 1r1 Allen County Tne Bank of Er1e1'1dIy SGTVICG DELPHOS OHIO LONGS BARBER SHOP ELIDA oH1o 8 I . r f' DEI-PH05 - - - OHIO 112-114 N. Main sf. Delphaaohia 51 D1llc:r Brothers Home Store ELIDA OHIO Complete Lme MAYTAG WESTINGHCUSE APPLIANCES SALES SEEVlCE Relrlaeratlon SGTVlCS of All Kmds PHONE 171 715 HERMAN S DILLER NORMANI DILLEP H361 Hanna Paints Hardware Electrical Supplies STRAYER S MARKET QUALITY GROCERIES MEATS TELEPI-IONES LIMA 171532 ELIDA MAIN 40 Place Brothers CQMPUMENTS Auto Pamtmg FENDER REPAIR GLASS INSTALLED ACETYLENE WELDING Phone 171 823 ELIDA, OHIO THE FARMERS BANK OE ELIDA ELIDA, OHIO 0 Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporcmon Q .- 4 in 4 'if' , Q l ,jlkf WSXQL x A I ld A E 9 . . OF ,QT I I ELIDA FARMERS EQUITY EXCHANGE GOOD PLACE BUY and SELL ELIDA OHIO CAMPBELL S GROCERY QW1th Enendly SSFVICGJ GROCERIES MEATS ICE CREAM POP O One halt M1le East of Ehda PHONE 171214 E I HEFNER DAIRY TRY OUR MILK and DAIRY PRODUCTS or Flavor and Wholesomeness PHONE 64949 R A L P H S 2102 ELIDA HoAD D A CRIDER Purebred Ayrshlre Cattle R R 4 LIMA OHIO 8 THE ' ...gi .--.1 A TQ GAS IL "".T . . Compliments of I ....... Compliments ot E Breeder ot ...Q, . 8 l IOHN KESNER E1 StR GROCERIES MEATS GAS O DGN FURRY INSURANCE AND NOTARY PUBLIC ELIDA OHIO KRUSE HARDWARE COAL HARDWARE FERTILIZER GAS AND ELECTRIC STOVES ELIDA OHIO Phones 171 275 Mcun 39 Your old Relloble Lunci Spot smce l922 KRUSE SISTERS Iscrbelle Doro ELIDA OHIO 89 W. m . oad 4 :: IL -'- Compliments of ,Ol- I I , ' 1 I Good Luck ' V FROM THE Ehda Bocsters Club TO THE SENIOR CLASS AND MAY THEIR FUTURE BE AS SUCCESSFUL AS THEIR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS THE BOOSTERS ARE TRYING TO DO A FINE PIECE OF WORK SO LETS SHOW OUR APPRECIATION AND BOOST THE BOOSTERS i901 GLEN COPU FLQRIST UU, 1910 1:3 gb' CORSAGES FUNERAL WORK POTTERY ETC Phone 64099 One M11e South of Allentown FRANK BAKER Decrlerm LIVESTOCK Llma Phone Ehda 171 464 Mcun 95 BETTYS BEAUTY SHOP Ehdcr Oh1O Open Evenmgs by Appomtment PHONE MAIN 91 CRABB S MARKET ALLENTOWN Grocerles Meats Gas 1 BEST WISHES To The CLASS OF 48 Dr R M Ba1ley l91l ' 'Q 5 to 6 Compliments of I I -- Ol I-IOLTZAPPLE POULTRY FARM EGGS BABY CHICKS PCULTRY SUPPLIES AND FEEDS ELIDA OHIO KRUSES Garage and SCICVICC Stauon STANDARD QIL PRODUCTS TIRES AND ACCESSORIES 171 755 USED CARS M I I 1 - , Elidcr is ' q Me1er Truck 84 Eqmpment Co Authorlzed Dealer FEDERAL AND DIAMOND T TRUCKS Parts and SGTVICS 2005 North West St Opposmte State Hlghway Garage All Makes of Trucks Phone 81677 56123 LIMA OHIO LAWRENCE FRUIT MARKET PLANT SALES FROZEN FOODS FRESH FRUITS and VECETABLES fqeneral Lme of GFOCGFIGS Route 30 S. DELPHOS ELIDA ROAD Oman Sprmger Everett Stemen VILLAGE REPAIR Phones Lxma 171 812 Elxda Maln 91 PO Box 22 ELIDA OHIO ORV S RESTAURANT Sundaes Malts Soft Drmks Meals from 9 AM to 10 PM Sandwwhes Phone: 171 825 Orvllle and Annabelle 93 ..-v , ,suv it gal' .,...- ' . .A I I . Q n I . I - I . . I " T I 7. .4 I J o 0 ' igi Comphmermts of PRIDE OF LIMA HIGH GRADE DAIRY BAR F1-OUR 325 N Cole St Llma Oh1o Better Flour for Every Need MCGINLEY S MUSIC Ml-IRT 230 North Ehzcibeth St MODEL MILLS LIMA OHIO Phone 3 7301 L1ma Oh1o LIMA TRUCK SAL SERVICE ACCESSORIES TIRES PARTS TRAILERS L1ma Truck Sales WHITE DISTRIBUTOR Phone 3 7901 SPENCERVILLE ROAD LIMA OI-IIO I 9 ll ll ...Q-. ' ' A I ,Q-. . . . I - I I M,vw,l,w I ,,,,,L,,,,,L,,,.MW ,,, l ' - I . I 41 THIS PAGE SPCNSORED BY Mrs Francrs Cheney MTS Warren Mathrs Mrs Rrchard Baxter Paul Holtzapple Helen lohn Lawrence lordon Art Rohrbaugh Wrllrs Arnold 'Dutch Sandy lack lones Ralph Tlmanow V1rg1n1a Khngle Paul Ponzunc C B Hepler Woody Baxter Anna Brrght Reed Pamter Florence Shenk Pat Shenk Henry Stalter Ralph Goodenow Lo1s Pletcher Thomas Long Martha Alhon Nolan Mosler Nllrs Horner McCullough l W Prrce lack Pontlng Nrna Wade 'vlar1or1e Qumn Helen Allemerr Donald Sternen Dr Bpsteln Vlary Baechler W A Srmth Burdette Herrrng Howard LGIS Agnes Suter Dean Wr1ght Ir Rev L Wlley Floyd Morrxs Welhe Turner Wayne Holtzapple Robert Durbln Ruth Holtzapple Bd1th Desenberg Mrs lohn Srmth B111 Goodlsh Bob Bowers Shan Morrrs Lorene Brenthnger Laverne Strayer Merle Laman Don Lohr Mary Welker Lawrence Huber Rolhe Strayer Bob Zuber Leola Leppla V1rg1l Hoover larnes lacobs Lev1 McBr1de Fmrna Montgomery Ross Growden Carl Foltz LGVI Larnan Peggy Slple Betty Cook Betty Anders Lthel lohn Dr Thutt lohn Polnt W1nona Herrmg lames Hepler Charles Holtzapple Kenneth Patton Ben Stemen P A Rlegle Harold Hefner Mrs. Roy Crites 1 . 1 , . l 95 l Good Luck to the Class of 1948 from HUNLOCK S MARKET Fresh Eru1ts and Vegetables of Good Quahty SA4 536 MKG 0 ii ELM AND PINE ROY HUNLOCK Prop PHONE 92481 LIMA OHIO i961 9 Q S7fLg'f:l'4 '?"x'2qf E S lei: ,yfqggigyiiit A' J 1.0 Ep qf 1: ' al pw iv! C J , . 5 I COMPLIMENTS The E1 Dora Farms CHOICE GIFTS THAT LAST DON JENKINS J EWELER III West Hlgh Street LIIVIA OHIO IRONRITE IRONERS BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES MCCLUER S 226 228 N Ehzczbeth Street Phone 77881 LIMA OHIO 9 OF APPLIANCES 7 I Internat1on1 Trucks and Buses Comphments ot Rope Truck Sales, Inc: LIMA OHIO HaW1sherQ Sales C0 STUDEBAKER SALES cmd SERVW E LIMA OHIO OLIVER SALES SERVICr Come m Let S Get Acqudmted Halker Implement Co 1030 Fmdlay Rd Luna Oh 0 Nesb1tt s Sandw1ch Shops Frosted Malts Hamburgers Opposlte Post Off ce 131 E. H1gh St Llmcr. Oh1o He- I I I n L - Ii Cost Reducing Equipment ' . ' , i . 1 . T x! ' 1 I 93 I COMPLIMENTS OF E1 Par Motor Sales YOUR CHRYSLER-PLYMQUT1-1 DEALER 129 South Plerce St LIMA OHIO Phone 4 7221 4 7321 Zerbe s Wallpaper Store COMPUMENTS SM 21701 Eblmg Supply Company SERVE Dr Pepper I HQME LIMA oH1o 19 300 . orin Street OF Phone: ' 1 IE' 1 ' ' 14 Brice and Metcalf Streets 2 AT 4- ' I r I 9 1 IOHNS MAN VILLE APPROVED ROOEERS LENNCX EURNA CES BARTLETTE ROOFING AND SHEET METAL COMPANY A TO Z SUPPLY CO HOME PREEZERS 323-325 N th El b th sf TURNER IMPLEMENT COMPANY 41 61 120 133W t S LIMA OHIO SALES d SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OE Follzmd Hall Motor Sales Authorlzed LINCOLN AND MERCURY DEALER SALES SERVICE PARTS 545 West H1gh St Phone 26771 LIMA OHIO Comphments of . . or iza e . o Phone 4 Rear S. Union Street G er L Lima, Oh , on ' O O I I Best of Luck from E K MOSEL School Buses sToP AT SKIPPER S KITCHEN A I CHRISTY TRACTOR OHN DEERE EARM MACHINERY LIMA ADA OTTAWA COMPLETE BANKING AND TRUST SERVICE UNDER ONE ROOF The National Bank of Luna LIMA OHIO IOI I llen own Road or Delicious Sandwiches cmd Iumbo Malts .m.i,'f . Mane cmd Gene Ferner T . Smlth Coroner Typewrllers R C Allen Aoldmg Mochmes ALL MAKES Flsher Typewnter Co 139 W Spr1ng St Llma Oh1o HE NATIONAL LIME AND STONE COMPANY LIMA RIMER Comphments of Geo T Kocher Lumber Co East Elm and lolckson Streels ext the Rlver LIMA OHIO The Oh1o Steel BELIEVES IT SI-IODLD SUPPORT TI-IE ACTIVITIES OF TI-IE BOYS AND GIRLS OF TI-IE ELIDA COMMUNITY OHIO STEEL IS A GOOD PLACE TO WORK Ohio Steel Foundry LIMA :: OHIO IO? Bought, Sold, Rented cmd Repoired T T Our New Supenor Coach Oorporatlon Caollllac Ambulance SIFERD 84 SON Funeral Home 3 Ambulances 7123 Maln St Luna Olno Phones 4 7341 4 3 1 8 3881 34 YE ARS DEPENDABLE SERVICE COMPLIMENTS Secunty Movmg and Storage LOCAL AND LONG DISTANT MOVING PHONE 77101 to the Class of 1911! The Central Bulldmg and Loan Company 124 W Hlgh St L1mci Ohlo ENGINEERS EOR COMI ORT Automatlc Heatmg and Engmeermg Co LIMA OHIO 1 3 . ' ., ' , A : - -7 5 - Congratulations and Best Vlfishes OE ' O 1 DIAMONDS SILVERWARE WATCHES KAY S IEWELRY STORE 129 North Mcun Street SHOP AT THE NEW PENNEY S School Clothmg cmd Shoes For GITIS ond Boys of AII Ages I C Penney Co Inc Corner of Market at Ehzabeth LIMA OHIO supra MARKU Shop at HEPLER S and Save BIG SUPER 117 S Kemlworth COne Block South of Morketb 650 W Elm 561 S Mcnn LIMA OHIO COMPLIMENTS OE FOUST Auto Rachator Company 106 108 West Wayne Street LIMA, OHIO I 104 LIMA, OHIO I FIFTY SEVEN YEARS OF SERVICE TO GFNERATIONS OF GRADUATES Have made the Nfletropohtan Bank glad mdeed to ser IS even the youngest pup1l ot Elrcla Vlllage D1str1ct School We congratulate those who completed thelr stuches and hope to be pr1v1leged to ass1st therr further progress 1n the World outslcle Ancl We hope We rray be able to Work Wllh those Who tol low them Wllh a corresponding measure of success The Metropohtan Bank of Luna, Oh1o MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION THE DESHLER COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Masonic Bldg Lima Ohio Phone 20501 Owners E. H. Deshler D. T. Deshler Cornphrnents of I-leatlng and Plumblng Contractors and Engmeers 220 West High St Lima Oh1o Cornphments of FIISI Federal Savmgs and Loan Assoc1at1on of Llma PHONE 7 5481 Elizabeth and High Sts. Lima, O. I 1 INSURANCE AGENCY Williams Bros. Co. 05 1 SAVE . . . With interest Get the saving habit YOUNG S51 OR MORE STARTS YOUR ACCOUNT The C1ty Loan and Savmgs Co 200 W MARKET ST LIMA OHIO L1ve Electncally the most modem homes today are equlpped wlth SISCIIIC ranges and Water heaters The Oh1o Power LIMA OHIO BURSLEY ci COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS AND COFFEE ROASTERS S C ygzwumdgz-glgfzzaff REO LIMA INC B 11 t PHONE 79521 LIMA OHIO I 1 . ' INC. 215 . entrcrl Ave. Lima. Ohio wg I T "Reo Keeps Thmgs Movmgn See Reo for that Next Truckl 744 e e ontaine Avenue Compliments ot MAY AND SON ooAL - sToKERs LIMA OHIO Be SURE W1th PURE Gene s Purol Lubndome North and Metcalf St GENE LYTLE Yale TIFSS Pure Batterles Tlolene Motor Otl Phone 91621 CCNGRATULATICNS From Meadow Gold Dzury LIMA OHIO woRKS EOR COMPLETE ELECTRICAL SERVICE PHONE 40471 Eleotrlcal Motor Rewmolmg and Parts New and Rebu lt Electrlc Motors and Starters V Belts and Pulleys Llectrlc WITIDQ My rs Pumps and Suppl es Fluorescent Ltghts Tea ber and Rubber Beltmg Vlfestmgbouse Lamp Bulbs DeLaval M1llcers and Separators Electr1cDr1lls The L1ma Armaturc: Works 440 N Ma1n Street LIMA OHIO 1 7 I . . I 1 . .. .. 1 tt If -Q . . . 1.4 S 1 L . . ..4 L I . I 1 CHILES 84 SON FUNERAL HOME FUNERAL AND AMBULANCE SERVICE West Wayne at Washmgton Telephone 27001 LIMA OHIO GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF 1948 LIMA OHIO For Those Who Want the Best COMBUSTION STOKERS THOMAS COAL CO Iameson and Grand Ave LIMA OHIO DAIRY QUEEN A New Frozen Dany Product Its New Its D1tterent Its Dehclous Cones Sundaes Ouarts Pmts Iust West of C1ty Llmxts UMA PLooR ooVER1No SERVICE R1-IYMONDI VASKE 411 Haller St Lama Oh1o We SQGCICIIIZS m Lmoleum Carpet Asphalt Rubber and Spec1aI Floors Telephone 3 0937 COMPLIMEN TS Roush Motor Sa es DESOTO PLYMOUTH SALES and SERVICE 911 S Metcalf Phone 99741 LIMA OHIO 1 8 lgi ' OF . , . , . . , . . Location: Delphos Road-U.S. 30-S . 4 U I Compliments ot SMITH TRUCK SALES and SERVICE GMC TRUCK DISTRIBUTOR LIMA OHIO AIRPORT REDTOP CABS NC Phones 81 2 6021 2 451 The Best of Calo Servlce Any Tune Any Place BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OF' 48 HUGHES an SPELLMAN Better Furmture LIMA OHIO Western Oh1o Lumber Co 124 East V1ne Street LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL Telephone 49661 LIMA OHIO MUTUAL COFFEE CO TEA COFFEE and QUALITY PRODUCTS R B Hayes Agent Choose from the World s Fmest Watches at SHAWS Elgm Bulova Benrus Longrnes The House of Perfect D1amoncls SHAWS IEWELERS 220 N Mcnn L1ma Ohxo 1U9 ..-Q.. I 1 . d 4-64 - -3 ll ' ll Art Swisher. Pres. l.T- . - 1 --O- ' . . . I I Boles Dzmdurand Stud1o School and College Photographs Phone 2439 123 V2 S Wcrshmgton Street TIFFIN OHIO lDI'11"1l1I'1Q' by Tl-lE DEEIANCE PRINTING CS ENGRAVING CO Engrovlng by THE FORT WAYNE ENGRAVING CO Covers by Tl-lE SHELBY CRAFTCC CORP ll1OJ O -u 3--4 ' lf: - -iz. : ' ' t 1 l I 1. . I J AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS 1556-sunag.'f?anT4'e.1"iif5?! .nz-F4 1 -4 -1- . - .,,Y:..x1: -F. ng., ,. gV,u3,.T- Sf. -71: x

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