Eli Whitney Junior High School - Inventor Yearbook (Tulsa, OK)

 - Class of 1970

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Eli Whitney Junior High School - Inventor Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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'gzgwfrb 59 , GZ f'4ff0QvefQf jyfjgn A v ' UQ 'ceefn wfijwv W1 lawn M2 mcfiafccc , Qi A41 C Jhcegeizr 'ZLCPJOGI 5 'c C i 'ff U 5 OJ .d7c1c,c 643 E D X 0 'KW' ' 3 we bf Q 'cv Z0 Q U? U JDJ CX Q fY9lgN.GxU IWW 9503-Q 5.+9NL-r:.f:p ' f if Wwdfmeatf JAWSCQSJM-:Lf gfmf. L42 Lew Yfw fir' QZQ L THE INVENTOR Eli Whiineg Juniqr High dz Q56 I 979 'Q'f E Qgpgikiff 3-9315 S ff 5 Tulsa. Oklahdiha -db Q ww ,I it QQ' ,ai fp Q Aw! Q, 'I I 1 J ,400- nl, 3 f 4 Q' d . . E or E . 1 Mrs. Doris Brown, Whitney's TEACHER OF THE YEAR, has been making history come alive for Whitney students ever since the school opened its doors in l96O.Having served in the capacity of seventh and ninth grade social studies teacher, seventh grade counselor, and social studies department chairman, Mrs. Brown has consistently presented a challenge to all her students. "Mrs, Brown makes history come alive for us." "She doesn't play favorites and gives an equal opportunity to every student." "Her sense of humor helps us to realize the importance of laughter." These quotes from her students express the general feeling of good will Mrs. Brown generates.Always interested in the progress of her students, she works overtime to find new ways of motivation for them. 'Aly eyzfffv' 5 c wk MWLMKQ Qycefastfk fl- 'QJUTEQ I Q Q vwviwvw 5 irwauiwckfcdp' JMNUS eww Je we 'J , f f f " fl WM N bm 2 , U 1 VV if 4-""' Adminisiraiion 'M W, ,,,, XY-4, Shown above discussing school policy are Mr. Lloyd F. Cox, Principal and Mr. Garry Jones, Assistant Principal. Always interested in the well-being of the school, faculty, and students Mr. Cox and Mr. Jones are responsible for much of the school's program. xg ,f- ,""' hx! A link between faculty and students, the school counselors are kept busy with records and problems. Shown checking on students scores are Mrs. Jose- phine McKeen, seventh gradeg Mrs. Yvonne McQuigg, eighth gradeg Miss T. Edna Bewley, Dean of Girls and ninth: and Mr. James King, ninth. 3 The Fine Arts department consists of: Left to Right: Mrs. Mary E. Keasler, Vocal Music Miss Helen Bemardi, Librarian Miss Jo Ellen Beeson, Instrumental Music Mrs. Elaine Davis, Speech Mrs. Pearl R. Bean, Art 1 Faculig The Science Department consists of: Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Euice Moeckel, eighth, Dept. Chm Mrs. Carla Hood, ninth Mrs. Carol Cowan, eighth Mr. George Lytle, eighth .J N. -4 2 .J Mr. Harold Tvedt, ninthl he gf i tw. io J A2 'X ti X-5, ,ff Fx -X iii ,X 'XJ - - 'x af ,Q . . V5 , . J F: " s X ' a 'Q 1 f x 7 1, Home Economics Department: Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Reba Glanz, seventh Mrs. Euna Smith, eighth and ninth, Chm. Industrial Arts: Standing, Left to Right: Mr. Edward Dixon Mr. Kenneth Batchelor, Chm. Shown discussing ways to improve com- position writing is the English Depart- ment of Whitney Jr. High. Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Karhryn Rickel, seventh Mr. Lindsay Fogleman, ninth Mrs. Ruth Ringle, eighth Mrs. Juanita Harrison, seventh Mrs. Sue Forney, eighth Mrs. Cora Tennant, eighth Standing: Mr. Ron McCoy, seventh Mr. Gary Durst, ninth and Dept. Chm. Mrs. Nora Wallace, ninth Mr. Richard Fitzgerald qNot Showny i . The Mathematics Department gathers to look at new equipment. Shown seated are: Mrs. Mary Powers, eighth Miss Marie Fitzsimmons, seventh Standing, Left to Right: Mr. Morris Tucker, eighth, Chm. Mrs. Mary Beard, ninth Mrs. Elsie Tyler, seventh Mr. Clem Griffin, ninth Mrs. Annie Stebbins, eighth Mr. Ivan Kellogg, ninth The Social Studies Department consists of: Seated, Left to Right: Mrs, Paulette Jenkins, ninth Mrs. Doris Brown, ninth and Dept. Chm. Mrs. Cindy Driver, seventh Mr. Elijah Adair, seventh Standing, Left to Right: Mrs. Bemice Benson, ninth Mrs. Geraldine Mills, seventh Mrs. Beryl Bolton, eighth Mr. Lloyd Trompler, eighth -. PHYSICAL EDUCATION 4 Left to Righty Mr. Jim McKinney, seventh Miss Barbara Watts, seventh Mrs. Phyllis Wilbert, eighth Miss Jerry House, ninth and Chm. Mr. Mike L. Mims, ninth Mr. Bob Wylie, fNot Shownj Mrs. Myrna Dahlstron, Nurse 'ty u gi, A Q w , V 4 , x f iq . f ps., t, gi 1 i ,I - lf . ffl. il SPECIAL EDUCATION fLeft to Righty Mrs. Naomi Meeks, eighth Mis. Eva Aiken, ninth qBelow - Left to Righty Mis. Jean Freeman, Typing Miss Dorothy Armstrong, Reading Mis. Kathryn Rickel, French Mrs. Delta Lamberton, Spanish, CNot Showny r-...f OFFICE qLeft to Righty Mrs. Marian Otey, Secretary Mrs. Jean Hoff, Attendance Clerk Mrs. Lynn Quackenbush, Clerk Mrs. Ella Mae Barclay, Records Clerk Ninih Grade Officers TOM WHITE Presldent KENT NEIGHBORS V1ce Pres1dent IANIS BOTZ Secretary LANA TYREE, Treasurer DAWN ADAMS ART ADAMS SUSIE ADAMS BRUCE ADKINS ALAN ADLER WES ALBRITTON MIKE ALLSOP BILLY AMMONS CINDY ARNETT NITA ARNOLD M M M df BILLY ARNOLD CAROL AUSTIN MARK BABIN JOY BAGWELL CHARLENE BAKER LISA BALLY CATHY BARNES DALE BARNES EDIS BARNES SUSIE BASTON 9 f 'L J B? M Q F W. 1 VK , ,J ,Q . ,tl QU -I 0 BJE I ... Ji ..f" if A lg, fl' f EB I , ,A V 6 L, !ivT,agJ 1 ' Li K v "fi" , BJJBJ FD Y I A I BEEJJ if-171 CCBJ I Q r f ' 3 Si: f . Y, f 4 t 5 .bl X -f-,Q ,ai 'SFS -aa- k 'QI' 3 Q Fa f , JACK BAUGESS MARVIN BEARD WAYNE BENNETT KEN BENTON RICK BERRY JANICE BERRYMAN JAY BIDWELL KAREN BINGHAM JAMES BIVEN MARK BLACKMORE CASEY BLAIR KATHY BLAKEY PAT BLANKENSHIP MIKE BOLLING JIIVI BOLTON RON BOND JOHN BOOKER MARK BOSWELL JOHN BOOTH J AN IS BOTZ STEVE BOWLWARE CLYDE BOX V DEBBIE BRADLEY JIM BRENNAN JAYME BROOKS DAVID BROWN JULIE BROWN KATHY BROWN KENNY BROWN JIM BUNDY SANDY BESHARA IERRY BURGH ' CATHY BURNETT IEANINE BURTON TOM BUTLER DEBBIE BYERS LINDA CAIN DAVID CAMERON MARK CANFIELD RICHARD CARMICHAEL STEVE CARR ANTHONY CELLINO DENNIS CHAMBERS RANDH CHERRY PAT CHITTOM GARY CHRISTENSEN BILL CHRONOS MARY ELLEN CLAPSADDLE MARY CLARK RON CLEAR Cl-IERYL CL EV ELAN D S T EVE CLEV ELA ND DENISE COLEY BRENDA COLLINS I0 Q N-. 7 5 . ' f ' ,, I I fl' . 0, '-'V .I - f -1 A 5- ' M SAIE 'f - If I W' I is ' f ' -M ' ,Nu -MQ , , . .1,,5" f' I , L iff , ' ., . 4' Hi A , A' W , VQJ U 5 f A 1 1 I A V J ug? In 4 'N iw -e "f-aff' IW I J T 1 'R s- 150 M ff in I 1 ix Z :P ...I-Q J 1 S 4 :bg 'i Y I ,HMB , fn M, ' N .Vis Q fr .I '-'f I ff 7 X ff 'ff' . A I. 1 1 Football Queen is escorted by LYNETTE AND KAREN: Do you call this "Dancing Cheek to Cheek?" ,mf F F. .4 g ,,, ws 6 A I " ff ,... 1 M' 'ily PHE, ...I W ,,. dv, ' Nr' 1 ?" :1:, XV V ff' 1 1 ' ff A f ff 1 , V 7 I V3 TL I I lh'1 j Q1 ,, If i ff-x ' vgymsfii REVQVEI I-IK? W' , if ... A . , iii., - ' LVVVLL + E VL fx I IIEI 7 MU ! f, 11 Af DEBRA COLLINS CONNIE COMFORT JAMES COMSTOCK CAROL CONTI CLAUDIA COOK I IM COOK CAROL COOK KEITH COSTIGAN MARY IO COURY FOREST COWAN KATHY COWSERT IONI CRABB BRIAN CRITZ DONNA CROW PAMELA DAILEY DEE ANN DAVENPORT DENNIS DAVIDSON ROBIN DAVIDSON STEVE DAVIDSON MARY DAVIS ROBERT DAVIS STEVE DAVIS DALELLEN DAVIS IOAN DAY fr I don't think Iwant any of them!" The Farkle Family , g g A we X . a 4. if X an 'x 1 Ns" ' ' T, if I 12 D .4 xv wil .Q . .. fl e g g f' 1193 .4 679 -.. ,1 jpg R gives a show , -Q Q W 5.1 QM. ' i ssh' 'K I 4 1 An l f 'gf ., , X xg ..,f - .1 , 6? 1 "Fm Fannie Farkle. Hi! STUART DAY VALARIE DAY NORBERT DECHAINE SUSAN DEINES GERALD DENNEY DAVID DEVORE CINDY DICKENS RICHARD DILLON IACK DOBBINS MIKE DOLAN ROBERT DONOHEW LARRY DOOLEY DAVID DORROUGI-I SANDY DOUGLAS AMANDA DRAKE BEDKY DUFOUR ANGELA ECK DAVID ECKER VICKIE ELDRIDGE BILL ELIAS MARY LEA EMERY I EFF ENGLISH KATHY ENOCHS KIM FARRELL JACQUE FENTON CATHY FERGUSON REX FERGUSON DAVID FERREE TROY FOOTE KIM FORD PAM FUGIT MIKE FUSICK RANDY GAMMON PRISCILLA GARNER BECKY GENTRY NANCY GIFFIN DONALD GLASS JOYCE GOLNES RANDY GOLDEN RICKY GOOCH IHVI GOODPAST URE DAVID GOODWIN LAURA GRAFF BECKY GRAGG IOLA GRIFFIN SCOT GRIFFITH W!" -wg , ,J--A 1, ,ij , 5 aff: il iff f Y, f-w,f,1.,, WG 2 .,,W My M r vii' ...uv , 5 3 Inf -f' M2 ' 2 Q 'vi XXKZIQQTW A xl f' W I X ,kfrffi ,':f 'J :nn if - 3 ' 'Gees' I' 5 25 f 8 cf I W 8. , Ir, x N., V' E2 , 'I 'Ni 2, A w' V .. 'fl ., ". Y s gs ,Q L l A 1 f 14 . 7 5 J, ,.- 9x ffl . a l A Cllr I I A gli fES I -A , ,Y,- i -I 5 'Y CAROLYN GRIZZLE ig. ii. '- DAVID GROSSE MARK GURLEY BILL HALE 3 . X..s - - T-. Ei . . L I , 5 'Haig xi I3 BARBARA HALL STEVE HALL , I A 1 ' f ga? CHRIS HAMMETT ' GARY HANCOCK CAROL HARDEN I R I I I CARL HARKRIDER I Q THERESA HARNED . I MIKE HARPER ME IS A CHARLES HARRIS A .1155 ,Y 3 HARRIS LEE Q , .dk 5 iv SHARON HARRISON ' A I ' I , ,I r nfs! X 'H 1 QA , if PATTY HAYMES I I A GREG HAYMON Xl A CINDY HAYNES . MARK HAYNES . ,fl PAMHAYS Q A ,fax inf 1, A b TOM HEATHCOCK :Q I -if M-1 , DAVID HENDERSON Y M" I l . I A ' ART HERRINGTON A ' I I DAVID HIERONYMUS f A A I TRITA g W "CA S ' 'V Is Jeri playing post office? Suppose he can squeeze a smile out of her? F . N- . :A - .L . NX I R5 PAM HIGGINS RANDALL HILL BUDDY HIPP KAREN HODGES JAMES HOFF RALPH HOLDER JANE HOLDERMAN JODY HOPE LYNNE HODEY ROBIN HOUGH SALLY HOWSER ROBERT HUBER JOHN HUGHES KEITH HULSIZER VICKI HUNTER CATHY HURST DANA HUTSON JANET ILLEMAN BRENDA INGRAM SANDRA INGRAM hard - to - get?" Q-..--naw L Q .v GONNIE JOHNSON KEITH JOHNSON KEN JOHNSON TERESA JOHNSON MARY JOHNSTON KATHY JONES KEN JONES SHANON JONES JONETTE JOURNEYCAKE GREG JUDD ALLEN JUNGHANEL CINDY KARATAZOU MIKE KARR STEVE KELSO JIMMY KE'I'CHUM KENNETH KIRBY CAROLYN KNEALE MARILYN KNEALE LISA KNOPP GARY KOLPEK " il' 'J 'A .V M' E if N' as 'X'-I 5 S N AI J , ff' I ,Qi gy iff . 9 - I v U ,J I 3 M A gf ai IIT1 .J ,V fm A- A.I- L I ,,,, f V U 'W fu sv. - V gffil-:J as in -,N Nd' , N. I M I ff, , fi, x "wh , Haag A Q "QU gi Who will be MISS INVENTOR III? ff' Q ff? 31 I ,Z5 JmA1f ,R u P usa DAWN KOPEC I W' K'j5J KAREN KOPPLIN A 1 K I If .J f 535 ' f 1163 y , ,I J-A4 Q, DEBRA KRANENDONK ,diff I KATHI LAHMAN J A I J J -. F? ' M ','f LA' ,gm 'P -1 in I -if fr 4,0 In .I f H, Q, 3' 4 11 has A 4. -qi '-I I , 0, -fm if X x?2,aif'Tf A 1 'K GARY LAMBERT CHERYL LAMKIN STEVE LANDPHAIR BARBARA LAWRENCE STEVE LAWWILL ROSS LAYNE PATTY LEDBETTER JOHN LEHMAN BARBARA LEIGH JOHN LERCH DAVID LESLIE DAVID LEWALLEN CINDY LEWIS DANIEL LEWIS DEBRA LEWIS MARY LEWIS ROBBIE LILLARD DAVID LINTHICUM TERRY LIPP BRUCE LOLLIS KATHY LOWE KATHY LUND CHERYL LUNSFORD MARY LUTHY MILANA MADER JOHN MALACHI SCOT MARINER DWAYNE MARLER BARRY MARRS MIKE MASON i CLIFF MAXWELL DELORIS MCBETH BRIAN MCBRIDE SCUI' T MCCASLIN KARNE MCCONKAY RANDY MCCUTCHEON IERI MCDOUGAL IANA MCFARLAND THRESA MCKENNA KATHY MCKENNEY CONNIE MCKISSICK KERRIE MCMILLEN BARBARA MEADOWS RONNIE MEADOWS I ACK METZGER GREG MILLER RUSTY MILLER MELODY MINOR DALE MONTGOMERY DEBRA MORIN KIM MORRIS PETER MORRIS MARK MORRISON IOE MOSS DEBORAH MULL WAYNE MURRAY I ILL MYERS KENT NABERS PAT NEAL TOM NEAL ,W V 1 is? if " Ji: - ,,,f.f' 1 , I I rp 4 'Ill' Q. .7 I W4 ,W 5 MQ., 'S' N O"'19 ...+- ,..f X ,D QQ A ry. 1? ll. -I' ggi, ' - 'CATV 5, 'Y I -0+ V . Q ' ' I2 2 A ' QR I. ,sf wa I N , X ,L If E -. I hx, gs, 0' 1 if I I 1 f j . , , I. Did this come from Rome? 'ATP 3... nr - ' - -.4 -JV ilk' an-o .J 1' n "Love Child" -ol D1 -1. K, 5 - f fir " I A , , . aj 1 v s 5 if , W --I I xx .ll .A .-av' KAREN NEISH LANTIE NELSON MIKE NESTON MIKE NEVINS PAT NEWELL MIKE NEWLUN JOHN NICHOLS SCOTT NIEMI DAVID NOLAND JOHN NORMAN VICI NORMAN FRED NORTHERN CURTIS NORTHRUP CONNIE NULL DONNA OLIVER I OE O'ROURKE RICHARD OSTEEN PAM OVERHULS STEVE PADDEN LORNA PAHS ET OPAH JOHN PARHAM ANNE PARKER GARY PARKER REID PARKER TIM PATE PATTI PATTERSON STEPHEN PELCHER DAVID PENNINGTON DOUG PEPPER GARY PERSING DONALD PEYTON WENDYE PHILLIPS CATHY PHILO DEBBIE PIERCE ANNA PISIAS DEE PITEZEL LEE PITEZEL MIKE POLING PAM POLK KEVIN PORTZ DAVID POTEET BOB PURINTON STEVE QUEEN SUSIE RENSCH KENNY RANDOLPH TIM REDIGER KIM REYNOLDS SHARON REYNOLDS IOY RHATIGAN MARCIA RICHARDS PAM RICHARDS MARCY RICHARDSON RICHARD RIVERS VICKI ROBINSON RICK ROSENE BRUCE ROSS CHRIS ROY MATT ROY JANET RUSSELL KAREN RUSSELL LARRY RYDER CATHY SANDERSON DEE ANN SANDSTROM SHELLY SARTY JEFF SATTERWHITE CAROL SAUNDERS STAN SAUNDERS SUSAN SCHARF MIKE SCHOENFELDT PAUL SCHWARTZ REBECCA SEATON DEBBIE SIEGEL MARK SETSER ROBERT SEVERNS The Student Council entertains the teachers with a radio skit at the Teacher Appreciation Brea kfast . BUDDY SEXSON .TOY SEYMOUR BOB SHACKLEFORD BILL SHANER VICKI SHELT ON LISA SHERRY DIANA SIMPSON DENNIS SKINNER DAVID SMALLWOOD KEVIN SMITH TED SMITH VICKIE SMITH VIC SMITH TERESA SMITTLE SANDRA SNEAD JUDY SOUKUP LINDA SPAULDING SABRINA SPEECE BETSY STAFFORD DONNA STAGG N.-n., Faculty and students enjoy the game, -f 1 ti 2 Q ' fi? H up '-3 , A A ,wft A yy' , I ' 5535 wx' 'aj ffftafig 'f A X' 1 A Vi J 4 AX' V:-n fl! 'kk FK fx' its - Q . . S, A I df' !v an wf' 8 rv gY . Z V.,,f I V-.af Rf ' M . ,: Y HAZ" O 'Q , .fv:5'4-1 J. " 5i'.i'3'.' .. V A g I A ..,.,, X 1? we A ' , If 4" VN iv 2 1 I ' , 'W 1725. I sm! ,,.p:wwj5f4im if x A . " I ,f'f"f1 PA JIM 52, f ,if .,., ,511 ., ,- -' f .W ini: NWI Eff 1-5,41 1 I W? CLAUDIA STEEN MERRY STEINLEY SHERRY ST EVENS ON DIANA STEWART CARL STREMME MARK STURGIS KIRK SUDDUTH DIANNE SUMPTER ROBERT SUTTON GLENDA SWAIN NEIL SWANSON MELANIE SWIFT TANESE TARPLEY SHERYL TAYLOR BERNICE TENTE SANDRA TERRAPIN RITA THOMPSON KEVIN THOMPSON DIANNE TINSLEY LYNNE TIPTON DAVID TODD PAT TOWER SHELLEY TRIBBEY MIKE TRIPICCHIO DAVID TURLEY APRELL TURNER John and Dennis- discuss plays at half. Janis Botz and friend LANA TYREE KATHY UNDERWOOD J AN IE VANEMAN ROGER VAUGHT ELAINE VITALI SANDRA WAITE CATHY WALKER I ANY WALKER ALAN WALKER DANIEL WALLACE TIM WALSH BARBARA WAMSLEY DAVID WARDE CONNIE WATSON JACKIE WATSON TOKE WEBSTER SUE WEST FRANK WHEELER WAYNE WHISENHUNT VERA WHISMAN TOM WHITE LYNETTE WI-IITELEY JAN WHITELEY JOHN WILEY JERRY WILLHITE DANIEL WILLIAMS DAVID WILLIAMS ANN WILLIAMS JOHN WILLIAMS LAURA WILLIAMS Y Mfg s an 1' '? 1 J 4 J I 1 f -a M4 , If I ,, gf! 1 W ff m f f Oy! 4 54.2, 1 ,, 5 Y N' 1 A W Ii ...J ww' f I " f I f x 4, !,4f6f'Af 5415? .2 ILT, '19 X45 ,, gl I , 1 'JV ' '97 , ttf. L,,7,, 1 v J L-Q, r , f , f -we I if 1 4 9 , nv .43 K, I , if Af!! 1 ? 2 I 'kia 99' Qfi Jil z '. - we - - .... ws-- .ff , . mm- ' 'Tix W" f 5. I. I ' .si rpg . f l K A LISA WILLIAMS IOHN WILLIS CAROL WILSON YVONNE WOODIN DAVID WOODRUFF MONA WOODWARD DAVID WORRELL ROSE MARY WRIGHT BUDDY WRIGHT RANDY WYATT I IM YORK MARK ZELLMER EVELYN ZEPEDA JOYCE ZOOK DAVID ZUBER , S Now it is official .. . right? D x WIXNQ, XQWQNQ gxb x CX KATHY ZUIEN I S500 K NOOOQ 73-CDQA QM-We VXxQCef gif cog, khgeawg Owxejx LOQO XX C50 Q00 KOCALL IKQQNOXOXQ, Decisions, decisions and then what? Br tm-iq-3 Joyce Zook, designed telephone directory cover and bulletin board in student council room. Eighih Grade Ronnie Acree Steve Adams June Alexander Tim Alexander Lajuana Allcorn Karen Anderson Janet Andrew Jennifer Andrews Cathy A'Neal Stan Anglen Lou Ann Armer Debbie Armes Bill Arnhols David Arnold Steve Arnold Philip Arthur David Ault Alan Babb David Bailey Janice Bailey Betty Baker Eddie Baker Barbara Baldwin Patti Ballard David Banks Pat Barchus Larry Barnett Shelley Bamett Art Barron Janet Baston Beth Batchelor David Bates Reed Baum Clifford Bean Joe Benedict John Bettinger Bob Bidasio Mark Biesemeyer Judy Bilke Tony Billiard Bryan Black Brian Blakey John Blankenship Jean Bledsoe Clark Blevins Rhenda Boggs Dale Bottoms Faye Bouakadakis Michael Bouton Michelle Boyce Cindy Bradley Karen Breedlove Cari Lee Breitenbucher Mark Brewer Cathy Brooks Tracy Brookshire Ben Broome Charles Brown Dan Brown Joyce Brown Lanette Brown Norma Brown Steve Brown Virgil Broyles Beth Bruton Tom Bulloch Barbara Burch Debbie Burke Janis Burnett Teri Buttry Linda Camp Matt Carey Sheri Carner Russell Carnes Larry Carpenter Tim Carr Susie Carroll Mike Carson Mike Cartwright Lisa Cash Chris Chappell Dale Chase Danny Chelsea Chris Chisum Craig Chisum Karen Clark Paul Clark Janet Coatney Susan Codrey Debbie Coe Hank Coiner Chris Coleman Christi Coleman Bevan Collins Linda Collins Vicki Cook Mike Copeland Bob Coyle Elizabeth Craig Keith Cressman Cathy Culp Mary Io Cummins Deb ra Cunningtubby Jim Daly Brad David Barbara Davis Cindy Davis Debbie Davis s 5 ig YAG fs Pucfure is 'fe ,Q of f Available iii' s s M ww ,s fl wg, as 1 -. H' Q. . . t 'ml -:'- tg IN . , I ,cf ce K QUL 7 lvbgfl ff I Tw iff XL Jfcfwt: Z' C . i X. Mark Davis Patty Davis Philip Davis Rick Davis Steve Davis Bruce Day Rick Deffenbaugh Jeff Denison Susan Dennis Gary Devore Manny Diaz Debi Doebler Duane Dolan Connie Dorris Bruce Drechsler Nancy Driskill Ron Duca Mike Duffey Mike Duke Barbara Emery Mike England John Espamer Kathy Evans Mark Evans Ronnie Evans Jennifer Fain Lori Farnsworth Leo Farr Steve Fasano Alan Fast Glenn Faulkner Becky Feldner Steve Ferguson Susan Fike Pam Fillman Howard Fine Laurie Fiocchi David Flowers Mark Foust Tony Ford Kevin Fox Lea Ann Franks David Freeland Nancy Freeman Steve Frieden Cathy Friend Lynn Frye Terri Fuller Vickie Fulton Roger Ganner Sherry Gardner Deena Garwood Rex Gates Brenda Geiger Jamie Givson Sherri Gibson Patti Goble Gonder Roseanna Jerry Green Lea Ann Gregory Darcy Gresham David Griffin Richard Groom Beverly Haesloop Donnie Harnblin Kathy Hamernik Karri Hamilton Keith Hanes Marlowe Hanson Alan Harris Janet Harrison Danny Hatley Mart Hawkins Rhonda Hawkins Paul Heatley Eric Heimdale Jeff Hemm iiiii SM f ' . 14-1 1 '--. NW Qyr . 1 ' ' ' - me -1 , .V r I -:iw ' -3 A , Q . W -mms .f ,, . ,. V I is no-4 r,,v , n ", fx' 4:5-15' 1 ,af ' f J? 1 4 . 3 91.145 4' 0 Q' 9 f ' ll Q 4- KN I5 ..:f 'A 5 'P D it' X 'Ns 9' P . pf ' .- ,- V- in 'Q U- 'L1!r11 f:1f 3 'S K W ie '5 'ff aww 97 Tim Henry Tony Hickman Brenda Higgins Jere Hightower Mary Lynn Hill Mike Hoel Eric Hoff Becky Hoff Melissa Holland David Huffaker Denise Hughes Teresa Hughes Bill Huhn Robert Hutchings Louis Imbese, Jr, Darlene Ingram Pam Inkster Sheryl Irving Tim Jackman Gerald Jacobs Brenda Jenkins Bill Jennings Kris Johnson Terri Johnson Janis Jones Stan Jones Jerome Kaiser Terry Keeley Annette Keller Karen Kelly Many hours are spent hap pily working on Student Council projects. Kevin Kelly Donna Kennmore Laura Kenyon Vol Kimberling Marty King Susan King Duane Kinnett Kenneth Kirlin David Klaw itter Eddy Lahmeyer Evelyn Laird IiITll'I1y Lambert Tim LaPrade Cling Largent Kim Lawrence Daryl Leister Kevin Leister Renee LeRiche Bryan Lewis Paula Lewis C. Lewman Fernando Ley Dan Limerick Sharon Linde Ian Lockhart Jenice Long Linda Long Joe Lovett Nita Maden Bruce Mahoney Connie Marcellus Gwen Marler Patti Marrs Michelle Marrs Cindy Martin Allen Martin Stephen Martin Betty Mathews Cindy Matthews Mike Matthews Scott Matthews Tom Matthews K, my 4' l,V, - T' A C "' "' r? vw , 3? ff. , ' V V ,,r':. ' S ' if A- "' ' ,+ ,fi L X- . , Q ' is L W ff at ' 5 , K, f ut, eu 2 1 ,J gi ytei 'V N. WLT .7 wi Vrav .wM -T -dv af' N40 AQ j A Q " S rtat S Q 4 -fy V ax Q I W V44 fn-A if in Pm - .Q I ,a if 1 k , . gk f bw e . fs. in 5- T' 1 P 1' 1 2 i, ' i in 6 . -:fa 20 1 viaee ' vp 5 'K ,f I: l llll .I I I Q .wt at F x.. F 4MQ?5Q -I Q fo ! ,, 9 .'. lt' I "i r, , .'l,,4b, V g. ,. Robin Matthies Debbie Maxwell Kathy Mayabb Melody Mayes John McCarthy Tana McCoy Rebecca McDonald Eddie McDonough Kevin McFerrin Eric Mclntosh Robert McKay Steve McLaughlin Denis McLearan Dennis McNamara Martha McNamara Kevin McVey Melissa Meade Debra Meadows Joe Melton Beverly Meyer DeAnn Miller Lezlie Miller Susan Millhorn Rama Minnich Don Misel Jon Mitchem Monty Moncrief Mark Monroe Valerie Morgan Debra Morris Doug Morrisett Daniel Morton Mark Mullins Mark Music Buddy Myers Larry Neff Cathy Nevins Greg Newburn Pam Newman David Nicholson Jenni Nickl Cindy Nigro Monica Norman Celia Northem Gail O'Brien Margaret Overton Susan Pack Bill Padek Jeanette Padgett Paula Paetz Anthony Pahsetopah Hal Painter Virginia Pangburn R. L. Parish John Parker Mark Parman Jane Parr David Patterson Diana Payne Mike Personett Kenneth Pierce Pam Pitcock Paula Pitcock Scott Plunkett Pete Popplewell Scott Porter Henry Poteat Ricky Potter Jeffery Potts Sheree Powell Joey Prather Ladon Price Randy Pridgin Keith Pringle Steve Pryor Suzanne Purinton Patti Quinn Stuart Rains Rick Reavis Kathy Redfearn Marilyn Reed J im Reid Cari Reinoso Alan Reynolds ',,1l -A , K lib, . . NW' 5620 f' .sr "fp 2 1, is X at at J I .32 ,....... I 54524555555 Y 2 J: 15 I, I Pam Rich John Richards Kirk Richardson Randi Richman Bob Rick Ann Riesinger Russ Riffle Rodney Rist Teresa Roberts Sherry Robertson Marc Rogers Pat Rollins B919 Roy Scott Rush Rick Russell Mike Rutledge Pita Sanchez Kent Sanderson Kathy Scherer Mark Schneider Dee Ann Schnorrenberg Christy Schumacher Jobe Schweikhard Terry Seay Karen Sellers LuAnn Setser Scott Shasberger Kevin Shell Eddie Shelton Jan Sherwin Frank Shouse Brad Shultz Rocky Skeans Shawna Skinner julia Slankard Vivian Slater Cathy Smith Charlotte Smith Gary Lee Smith Gary Smith Robert Smith Terence Smith Tim Smith Velma Smith Wes Smith Donnie Smittle Tommy Sorrels Marie Staller Jeff Stebbins Dan Steele Vicki Steinley Don Stephens Melinda Stewart I im Stilwell Luanne Storm I oe Stout Lesa Stoy Gary Streitwieser Larry Stricker Charles Sullivan Mike Sullivan 'W ., 2 if 4 S 1 J, Get in your seat on the double. ix Ai-w Worry up ,.,, H S J V iiv fi 'C ff ' . ,- it 1 sytt . ytyt yf N S A. . l S51 M S S S ' ' . h V I f W ffl: f i ' E' 'BY 'Y L i Q, Q if A N. T if Wm ff in f v ff" fr? L 2 QJ7,g'4iQ fl if 5 ry t 7-67 'Q 4 1 l Susie Swearengin Kent Swearihgen Debra Tabor Ann Taylor Bill Taylor Bob Taylor Dean Taylor Steve Taylor Vanetta Taylor Staycee Terrill Russ Teubner Liz Thomas Teri Thomas Mark Thomason Denise Tiner Billy Tinsley Debbie Todd Bruce Toomey Craig Treml Tom Strepp Eddie Trotter Mike Trueblood Throstur Tryggvason Linda T urner Shama Tumer Brian Underwood Robert Unmuth Steve Unterman Alice Usdin Rene Utley Barbara Vaughan Rebecca Vaughan Fred Wagner Paul Wagner Brenda Walker Patti Walker Cheryl Wallace Georgina Wallace Pam I. Wallace Pam Wallace Danny Waller Mike Warburton I . What is a noun, Mrs. Ringle? !JL,,L,,,I,'li 'V Af U Billy Ward Mitchell Ward Sandra Ware Fil Waters Angel Weathers Tom Webster Nancy Wellhousen Dana Wells Terry Wheeler Bob Whisman Becky White Cindy White Karen White Dan White David Williams Dina Williams Eileen Williams John Williams Kenney Williams Charles Wilson Monalou Wisdom John Witt Terence Wood Mike Wright ,IFR .lr I' Look closely and find the kitty! it . ,k, .xt fAlmS mi -,..4-f 4817 , I 3 , if as rjifs ,f Randy Wright Carole Wyatt Cindy Wyatt Wyndy Wyatt Bob Yates Lugene Zang A place to meet your friends. Intent . . . for the moment. Oh! This wonderful world. f' Sevenih Grade Dorothy Acken Terri Aday Jay Albert Toby Albritton Bruce Allen Gary Amsterdam Gary Anderson Debbie Andrasko Teri Andress Ronnie Amold Beth Ashby Lesa Ashcraft Steven Ashenfelter Mike Austin Rick Auten Paul Baker Susan Baker Bill Bakewell Barbara Barnes Toni Barron Mark Barto Bill Basore Steve Bates Kevin Baugess ,I gy , rrr "' 1 An ideal class in Home Economics, everyone is busy sewing . . . no talking! Plcfure Noi' Available av 'oe F fl 'li' f if 4 3- A ni A 'fr .'. , Ain 5 -, ,. . "' ". , 1 , , 1 5 Z I 'gzgr rzvzerctiwuv . ,, . 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Randy Cyrrier Rhanna Daniels Bill Darling Randy Daubney Larry Davied Jan Davis Suann Davis Randy Davis Terry Davis David Day Ronnie Dee Debbie Deen Amy Dennis Tim Densmore Ken Dent Debbie Despault Elaine Dobbins Ricky Dodge An unusual class! lweryone's studying. ,ff , , V' -- We 'af eg i Qgssih X W s N691 Q 1 ima t y,ttt R gi , W J Q by t v, 2, I , Tom Dutton Steve Edlich Cindy Edwards Jamal Elliott Larry Elliott Vicki Ellison Sherri Embree Sheri Equels Marcy Estep Todd Eustace Linda Ezzell Linda Ferree Charles Fields Cindy Fine Greg Fine Randy Finley Cindy Fiocchi Robert Flinn Scott Fleig Larry Foote Jeff Ford Frank Francis Mark Fuente Norman Gainey Blu Gentry Bonnie Gerow Doug Gibb Patrick Gibbons David Gibson Mark Gibson Mike Goodman Debbie Goodwin Debbie Grant Eric Green Margie Green Shari Greggs Neil Griffith Tim Griffy Billy Grubb Tom Gudgel Elizabeth Guerrero Carol Gunderson for , r M ,S 7" , 'Q E f S was-ff 1 3 ' :fafil .M 4 gi, rvwv, 4 Mary Ann Gurkowski Arden Gurley Cindi Haddock Steve Hall Jean Halvorsen Lisa Hancock Ted Harbaugh Cary Harkrider Chris Harned Judy Harris Richard Harris Tammy Harris Timmy Hary Richard Harwell Randy Haskins Steve Hatz Glenn Hawthome Mary Haymes Erika Heard Dana Herring Bobby Hill Janet Hines Don Hoff Rex Hogan Loretta Holmes Mike Horn Wendall Horn Bud Howard Jan Howard Steve Huff Stacy Huggins Steve Huhn Kris Hull Mike Hulse Bruce Humphrey James Huntley Charlie Ingram Keith Ishmael Denis Jackman Jamie Jackson Harry Jameson Gary Jenkins James Johnson Larry Johnson Stan Johnson Ava Johnston Mike Johnston Dick Jones Bob Jones Clyde Joseph Patty Kahre Curt Kanada Kenneth Kaut Barbara Keil Kathy Keil Pam Kallenberger Jimmy Kelley Paul Kelley Debbie Key Stephen Kifer Nan cy Kimb rough Brooks Kirlin Rhonda Kitchens Kelly Knopp David Kramer Diana Kranendonk A s uf 2 ,,,. Bill Krywicki - .ig y ,. Linda Kuck Janet Kumery Bryon Labadie Elizabeth Lambert Bill Lancaster Marty Lane Rusty Laubach 4, 'fre' f V A '31 A Q4 . N , V 9,1 I "' Julie Layman ,Ki s. is Lucy Lee 291, ! , -w Vw,...vW' V., -,f i-K .A A Q, , .,-A-' s11f fwf -. X f f ig- aff' w sg? gy a ,.g. KV ily g h 13 r,..1-fa' - if L' 1 Dennis Leehan Donald Lewis Gail Lewis Jim Light Keith Long Patty Lowe Hal Luncefora Janet Lundy Mike Macheers Mitch Macheers Chuck Maddin John Mader Mike Mancuso Anne Markham Reha Markham Sheryl Marrs Gina Mason Eddie Matthews Katie Matthews Tony Matthews Michel Matthies Bobby Mattox Law ren ce McCarthy Jan McClatchey Anna McCreary Jana McCutcheon Doug McDonald Mike McDonald Jay McFarland Mark McGilbray Vennie McGi1bray Jonni McGinnis Ralph McLaughlin Robin McNally Steve McNamar Clay McRee Carol McVay Kelly Medlin Regina Melching Ed Meyer Melissa Miles Jackie Miller Leslie Miller Becky Mills David Mills Mason Mitchell You're the one, Linda. Sheri Molloy Mike Morin Dirk Morris Eddie Morris Larry Morrow Karen Mulliken Sandy Munroe David Musgrove Mark Music Mark Mylar Herb Nance Ronnie Nance Martie Neal Pete Neal Kay Nelson Margaret Nelson Ronnie Nelson Steven Newcomb Starr Newlun Steven Newstrom Debbie Nichols Jimmy Nichols Vickie Nichols Madeline Nickum Monica Nickum Cindy Nightingale Karen Nimerick Keith Nobbs Jeff Norris Michelle Norris "" GN at WK 3 as .. 'Ififi3'2.r?P" Lv Q s Th-Z-131-s-5 ig" s f , va' 1.4 1 . I! 5 f 'F gl If RQ W WYOCKZZW lf ,f i J '7 QM i X , , .aww Q N 1 gf J , fu Q ' In W- 1' ., 1 ff. , i A , Q ,, S, 4 ' N0 'fr d Elaine Northern Gerald Oliver Steve Osteen Jill Overhuls Steve Overton John Pack Randy Padek Marie Palmer Greg Parker Janet Peebles Debbie Persing Ken Personett Annette Pharris Susan Phillips Lou Ann Pierce Randy Pierce Chris Pierce Skip Pinion Johnny Pinley Mary Pitts Kim Pollock Dana Prater Gayle Pray Brenda Presley Cayla Pryer Randy Reed Mike Renzelman Ronnie Reynolds Shari Reynolds Priscilla Rhea Billy Richards Joe Rick Sheryl Riggs John Roach Mark Roberts Dennis Robertson Lori Robertson Diane Robinson Candy Rogers Ricky Rogers Ricky Rogers Lynn Rowe Jay Roy Susie Roy Cindy Russell Bob Scales Carolyn Shad Scott Shadd Mary Schirnpff Maggie Schrnadel Larry Schmidt Deborah Schreiner Shelly Schumacher Sandra Schwab Mike Schwartz Jon Schweikhard Janette Scribner Jack Searcy Lynn Seaton Diane Shaffer April Sharp Lorinda Shaw Debra Shelton Eddie Simms Alison Smith Rhonda Smith Terry Smith Kelly Smythe Karen Soukup Joey Spain Susan Spaulding Manda Spencer Winona Stafford Terri Stagg Debbie Starnes Teresa Steele Craig Steen Jeff Steinbom Carol Sterling Nancy Stoffel Keela Stow Tammy Strimple George Sullivan Jerry Sutterfield A E E-, b .1 v ig A - Q not '- TTD' IA ff M 3 J . X ,xl r ra. Q RTE' ' 7 1 ef' -. m - an .2 v . . W A f 2 Q9 fam ' I2 K, S Marcia Swearengin Becky Swearingen Carmen Swisher Philip Tallman Mary Tanner Debbie Taylor Sheryl Taylor Laura Tennelly Vickie Terrill David Terry Harry Tetens Denise Thelander Patty Thomas Russ Thomason Stacy Thomason Claudia Thompson Ellyn Thompson Leah Thompson Ray Thompson Keith Tinsley Chas Towne Brent Townsend Trent Townsend Brenda Trammell Bill Tripicchio Randy Trotter Mike Upshaw Amy VanCleave Wendy Van Duyne Andrea Van Laanen Rick Vann Cindy Van Pelt Jeff Vivion Helen Voight Mike Walker Lisa Wall Philip Wallace Rick Walner Suzanne Walters Sherri Wamsley Debbie Wamer Jimmy Watkins Gwendy Watson Cheryl Webb Tom Weber Terri Weems Harmon Welsh Jeff West Kurt Westmorland Pam Wheeler Kathryn White I im Whitehead Loy Whitmire Keith Wiesman Kathy Wilbanks Matt Wiley Carla Williams Cindy Williams Dale Williams Mike Williams Steve Williams Tim Williams Dan Williams Kathy Wilson Mike Wise Teresa Wood Julie Woody Cindy Wright Joan Wright Gerald Wyatt Billy York Joel Young Randy Ziegler Gregg Zinn Renee Zuber -y iq... A 1 f , Z V QA", ' 1 ' A75 fr s , ig f 1 ' Ml' WH' . 'vw .fir ,ty o M . w 0 N- 9 Q 'W' H if 2 W yrli C iilli lifl ,. i tll F ' W U, i as mafia. ' irsso, . -1-J 4 A L 'S r ii - VVAV ,Q gg . i T x,, t if 1 i it i f 5 Vocal O Music fly Ensemble, eighth grade Q23 Ensemble, ninth grade 435 Mixed chorus Q45 Girls Glee Club Vocal music under direct ion of MIS. Mary Keasler 54 School Services Nurse assistants Bookstore workers Home Economic assistants Library assistants 3 supervisor, Mr. Batchelor Office Assistants Audio Visual workers under direction of Mr. Dixon Stagecraft students with their Honors Richard Osieen 57 Sfudenf Council The Student Council of Eli Whitney is one of the most active and one of the best organized groups in the State, Meeting every Tuesday morning at 8:00, the Coun- cil has been responsible for most of the activities and spirit of our school. Among the many activities have been an instal- lation assembly, MISS INVENTOR, Christ- mas and Valentine post offices, Teacher Appreciation Breakfast, Boy and Girl ci the Quarter, Published school directory, decorated school at Christmas, raised money for needy family, sponsored 9th grade election, kept up the display case decorations, attended the state convention in Norman, and Jr. SCOT meetings, Student Council Officers: David Poteet, President Lynette Whiteley, V. Pres. Suzie Adams, Secretary Cheryl Cleveland, Parl. Does Mr. Durst sit here'?? Past Pres. Fritz Dent initiates new president. Whitney Student Council Yearbook Staff SPONSOR: h5. pp V . . - , f as Mis, Pearl R. Bean ' W C23 if h fLeft to Righty 3 Jody Hope, Jeri McDougal, ,. Michelle Boyce, Jane Holder- ff:I7'l'flfi 3 o-1A ik dd ' man and Kathy Lund deserve eeol much credit for the corn- I f pletion of the yearbook. 'A They also work as assistants in the art room. i ,M LM -Wv,M,,.-- C33 f Mr. Ron McCoy is respon- sible for the student activity pictures around the school. J: is f Each year one of the ninth 3 3 grade art class problems is designing a cover for the Q yearbook. The winner is not known until yearbook is delivered. The three runner-up designs are used 'S for divider pages. qLeft to Righty Wayne Whisenhunt, Priscilla Gamer, Richard Osteen and Cindy Karatzou qNot Showny, C53 Matt Roy deserves a "thank you" for all the pictures taken of the sports events and in the boys gym classes. N rbi . Nv 4,... Q65 and Q85 a part of the sixth hour art class that decided on the color for the cover on yearbook. Mr. Gary Durst assisted with the copy. V 1 R gk I Superlaiives 1. The Principa1's Honor R011 Bob Purinton Tom Matthews Bevan Collins Lisa Sherry 2. Best Groomed Students Ken Jones and Jane Holderman 3. Best Boy Student Bob Purinton 4. Best Girl Student Melanie Swift ,N Qu 1' '32-gg 1' ? L 1. Most Courteous: Dee Ann Sandstron and Bruce Adkins 2. Best Citizens: 3 i sig fn, .f'!X'L,h 3 Sandy Beshara and Cameron Best Sports: Susie Adams and Kevin Pornz g Quperlahves -fs 8: ,F 1 is , 1 0 fo 2 X KJJE f., , Z This was the second year for Whit ney's service organization for girls. Sponsored by the A, A, U, W, , the group is sponsored by Miss Bewley. The Honorettes offer assistance to teachers, usher at school events, and provide an outlet for girls who meet the requirements. The exec- utive committee shown at right is composed of: ANNE PARKER, President DEE ANN SANDSTROM, vice-Pres. KATHY LUND, Secretary JEANINE BURTON, Treasurer l DAVID CAMERON, President ARTHUR HERRINGTON, Vice-President MIKE SCHOENFELDT, Secretary BOB PURINTON, Treasurer A service organization for boys, the Whit- ney K-Club, is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. Some of their activities included publication of the school newspaper, the Snooper, and the Christmas canned food drive which collected nearly 9, 000 cans for the Turley Chi1dren's Home. The facul ty sponsor is Mr. Jones. : .. f L p - up rr' K J' ".,,- ,- f iiffk Sponsored by the Student Council, MISS INVENTOR Il was named in January after an all-school election The contest selects a model student with the qualities of scholarship, leadeiship, friendliness, and cour- tesy. Out of approximately twenty contestants, these girls were select- ed, PAM OVERHULS, MISS INVENTOR II TERR1 BUTTRY, 8th Grade Attendant KATHY WILSON, 7th Grade Attendant - l Six PAMELA OVERHULS ,gg 5 .. , -NV N 3 -TERR1 BUTTRY KATHY WILSON MISS INVENTOR II and her COURT Whiineg Winners 1 1. First place winners in the K-Club canned food drive was Mrs. Stebbins' homeroom. A Student Council sponsored door decoration contest was held at Homecoming. The winners were: 2. First, 9th grade, Mr. Durst's homeroom 3. First, 7th grade, Mr. Batche1or's homeroom 4. First, 8th grade, Mr. McCoy's homeroom 3 4 'firms -- 11 www :assess s 'Use M 1. tif, .r Y 4 A . Librarg After years of planning, promises, despair, turmoil, tears, dust and perspiration, our dreams of an en- larged library is a reality. r fly End results of a dream q2p It is nice to be back, even tho' we have gallons of dirt with me books. ' Q35 The eager beaver! Q45 Enjoying their work. .Sh if N ,wwe ,a- q5p Students help clean-up and re arrange books N'-w"""' 'se Y, W. C. A. JUNIOR OLYMPICS l. Beginners level uneven parallel bars 2. Free floor exercises lst, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th 3. and 4. Fun and developmental exercises 5. Intermediate level uneven parallel bars, 2nd and 6th 6. Softball throw, 100 yard relay swimming, 100 yard free style swimming first place in all three 7. Balance Beam, 2nd and 3rd 13 I , . 'f 1-aff fl I -'f French and Spanish Assembly We all agree this is the fun way to learn French and Spanish: do you agree, Mrs. Rickel and Mrs. Lam- berton? oipourri W , Q A sun.. gb' K ' :X f K 9,2 A iv Q ' x X Q4 A s Eff Zxi NK 1' my 4' f N42 -war 552 5 ,.,, 6, Q . L x f I 5 Q W ,A 'ii ! 1? i 3 f Y X ig ' J X' 3 Y Ai' 1 i X sign 3 1 Q' W5 ' L x S' 'X I x . H Q 5 4 S I 6 W is is ,fd-..,f X if' V f - Hai :Q 1, 2, 3 The day the water was shut off! i H A N 1 X I x hx , '51 Another point of view, . , wiv Solid comfort while comparing notes. A typical locker with all its goodies. fi: . f , 73 ,-,--- Q 74 sgpfi, W -,V ,f ' A KMA,-fl 3-'v . , .-Jr., fx ,. Y ,tl f T... X ,F 1, 5 A A Z -gy. 'j.',g f' 1-F. :QU AMX' .-.A . 'L '. "'X f- ww. -fv.v."A M. -9 f . 'W r, 'ff-.xr "- X , f H U - 4 Y 1 A A -f ,v'. ...I QI . ,, ., 4-L gg A J AX, K X N Y ' 5 WHO said, "Schoo1 is all work and no fur1"? ALL THIS . . . AND MORE IS IN OUR CURRICULUM .w 1. ,W 1 AK4' .3 Qi? 'NTI . 1' . -92 1 4 2 .W 2 f Y If 75 THE USUAL . . . OR THE UNUSUAL Role playing, or playing . . . lf Deep Thinking Problem Solving . . . -N Versatile Confused Dreaming . QW My breath would! Really, now! Sure we use Crest. Wanna make something of ' Qoohg Have you ggen ii? ' what they're serving today? ...Nh 'Sn J Fashion show for the new dress code? The 9th grade over a- Oh, this girdle , , , X gain? Oh, no! v f s . N i ,, Yippee! An "A" in English! My hair is NOT bleached. Say that again and I'l1 belt ya one! 77 Thanks to the Student Council for a most enjoyable breakfast, A wh X' ' rv I , V A 4'Uv'ss , Students appear to be happy as they discover - - - teachers SHI that . . . teachers think bw Q 'T "V 'aff' ' is Q 4, . I . . . teachers laugh . . . teachers play . . . teachers listen Many thanks to our custodians and cafeteria workers, who make Whimey a happier place to live during the school days. Custodians Cafeteria workers i N Under the direction of Mrs. Davis, the speech de- partment prepares a number of assemblies for the education and entertainment of our students, Pic- tured here are scenes of plays given during the year E I A . A l .. , ,,, I A WHITNEY BEARS are sponsored by citizens in the neighborhood. Varsity won 8 and lost 2. qtopj 7th grade qmid dlej 8th grade qbottomj 9th grade. ' FUN, FUN, FUN! PEP CLUBS fly Ninth qzp Eighth' 439 Seventh Girl and Bog of ihe Quarter This is the first year that we have had "BOY AND GIRL OF THE QUARTER" on each level, at Whitney. Each homeroom nominates a boy and a girl and submits their names to a com- mittee. The committee is composed of a teacher from each grade level, a boy and a girl from each grade. Their selection is based on performance as an all-around student which includes class room achievement, pleasing personality, leadership qualities, sportsmanship and citizenship. Q15 fLeft to Righty First Quarter: Jana McFarland, 9thg Elaine Northern, 'lthg Tom White, 9thg Brad Shultz, 8thg Jay McFarland, 7th, Q23 Sharon Linde, 8th for first quarter. Susie Swearingen, 8th for second quar- ICI. 133 fLeft to Righty Second Quarter: Vicki Norman, 9thg Keela Stow, 'lthg Robert Purinton, 9thg Tim Carr, Sthg Tim Griffy, 7th, I A N ,gm rf - J AWG? gf 0 a he-.L 11iiQ:f1,, Z A if WU 6' f 1 7 X 2 n f 7' ' L ' A X -, 7 ' ff JZ 5 Y 5 WL! I74 I c J 1 TOM f A x T VC' iv .vii CS. O' gf ,QSSXXWNDQJ . fpbv QL limb I , 7 7 . , Q5 . ,J FX TL fl 5 ,WOJJLXJPQLU Q x 'V If i I Vukji cgi, If V CF 5 Q SVU :gd if QL u Q, V LL OJ g mb 1 wif w -Sf W NN MJ 5? MGX ,ff wg S , ' FE , X ww Lffx f WO, , L fyfpij " N5 fQ6wLQ.gg,Nj MMM ,yL6flfWkQ-2 fi UM MM fiwo-WKL WW QX gp ,'gQ -If A,-Zffwv - , , fm V WMA ffwm as W .A fi W U MTW ' ggU?Qw5p MW Wi fffgf fu lad, , W W Qi! 1 S ' ,Q .fm x KX Wm if W MW J' ' gf QQ! I I ' ' A9 QW juan di Q,!wLfQMJC6v flly Q7 Zgizlgwm GMAJHQZQUCKQQZ fkzMfam,?JzQM4Zf WWW jig Q5xQ0"V,Q,,'7c-f71, L gfmbfq ,Mr if ff!! , " J ,, R Q he in WM Q qi?J,fl'9 40,6 .betty 762m 0104 50759 D - JLQO 106 Kqfc, ful vv 7Zw QQ 9. Qfrvvx, Q . QZAQ Tx Af, J X QVvix4LLwmfgAQQmA, i:L MQW, C? u LU, 499143, VQJAZWX he Mm - JK mmf y MQ41Ef44k ' ,fc MAX, W, Q90 .y A U A065 gm QW Wlxbw lm B V SSNyTg,uuQbiZ,?jL,i M ,M X f Q WMM yff, Q LUvu'ULJLL' ix aww. jj www CWMK xy WW WO? abmw SV ' 5 Mi O ""' 'LLL A Q5 C W :MQ,wJ I X5 A'b b L W Gi 55255 Q f 'Sql V 9 M2-gf! i I f. X W! .y ft-f. Qfjfj s , . 0' I f , ,, Q r yr' Q, fc if nj ff KL ya! fi? 1 x .. ,,. VQ,?gA fx X X ill' f r ' . .. ff' ,1 , C Q O , . K! IQ? My Q GJPQ OXCSVNGQUY 1 U Afgffgfz, Ma Iwi M M ww DIQSQV, fzffzfff wyi? Xlliffg fggk, , X ' 1 , fm WN Q X , f?f7Q1!iffZf1ffZ'MiZ 4,50 W 9 x+ Q Q55 QR? H 560 WNQVQ io Hug A gy W ZVQ VAOSQXSQ-KQQB X Sh ri ' ' N Qf 09 fp G u .4 who 5 New ' M 1' X07 Q X9 0,5 ex X fl . K? 2 S52 QQ 402025 5, ff . X X 451,296 f ' EEE PQ X-Q65 r' unc .... ...MMU QC 1 F -' , M L 1310501 New l J i i Q i 1 . xr N . llfulh X " QAM as f W ,X L O Li M Q, N J M D 5 1 V 1 JN Q x,. K , L M K XJ X CY M , sim i Pi M1 X Wpedigrkor , Q Q2 X, vljnhginistration kXXQx!b Q 3 Q Faculty D l NN 4 Q1 Niki I Class Pictures K, W X '7 Um X' Ninth Grade 8 t - U Eighth Grade QW 8 ' N - XV J fi Seventh Grade V f A I X Instrumental Music Q Y ' 3 XD I L 1' Vocal Music ' 5 mix., Mi!! Uv' 1 XM-Re School Services OK Y 1 NJ QU M ,vii HonO1'S Q NJ X ' x Q SEIECQI Council JM C V Il N grhook Staff fx! Q Y x Qrlatives U- XP60 ' I. Q '9 wlilgonorettes F 62 ' I 53 I Q- Club QMXG3 A nt Nc Q1 64 N x J C3 E . 63 X N Miss x, SJ uS 'em 1 - 66 Yixzi-x X ,I-,X xxgky V, Cl X9ports and Assemblies ' V , ' , ' X' xx V Q XQsXQ'iYl3ot1?ourri '72 'xx Whitney Bears 81 Whitney Pep Clubs 82 OQMQJ Girl and Boy of the Quarter 83 Autographs 84 1 Mj,1 jf wuz! jg J ,aw 1, A --'QMJL , k , VL-1' fi L A ' 1 r I fx A ,fav I ,-'XX ' 9 , Lil, AV " X1 fik f' X . -,1

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