Eli Whitney Junior High School - Inventor Yearbook (Tulsa, OK)

 - Class of 1968

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Eli Whitney Junior High School - Inventor Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1968 volume:

., . . .v-- - ,. ' V 65:2 ,' ,.' .4 fi., V m y . ' 1 .fl.'1lV'ff.'V3 ZVVVUA M .VV!.1f, G-:V A V V .V anfi' wi . , J, ,L,'. 4-a..2VVu I , V .L ', V ,V-, gage 'y.,.:f fLf1gq4J?v . , V A ,, V Mm. ' V .N k ,V ,Q ., V, K5 ,VV ,A 3 V ' .V .' .' . .if',7:fA!fS' . ' l .f ,ff . 2 ,af , H Vwgfjfgqzxjyb- 'L VXV. r 'Q 4 .1 - . V A V CV'-1" 39,-'Q' l u-'N-V 4531- , . n X - 11.3 '4 :3.Q114E. V fi ,- G 'V . 1V cv :mi X V V 'in ...LAS tx t-1 -.V 'V ,'? f.f" ,- V V , . V M. ' V .f 1 V ' . . ' ,. V-.-1.1 I , 'T . , V QV V' VV Qi.: f V .1 V V , V ,V Q' ,yi , -1,-,2 3 Vo V ' J 'X 1. :VR V',515Li1i? V, ' .' ' -V V .-,. V A V VV V ,V . ,15.,gfi'6:V g ' j A , yi: 0 MNA :ff ' : . A , , r V' Vx 'fig 7v'uvliV' . V ' J V V V V 1 , V . VV x V 1,V:V.V.4.ViVj, M -7 V, , . V ,V , ' , QV f-E' V..i.'ff3P3.V M, A L V' V V.--- w L N.. 41119 A V I ' , A ' V Vp . 'V f, Vfwxg.Q,j2-10 iv V 4 V V i . pzgjg Q V x ' , ' I V 'Q 2 , Q - V ' VFP x-,Ha I , A FV ,fx V. ig? fha V ,V Q VV 5:55 4'f1!,'K,y"i'Vi M, V,:, ,325 YL , V KV' ' fx ' ,D , I V 1 V f2',L3'T if lf5l"?L,x , 1 VV Vx. ,N . ' V -Qfzw ' .' f f?iV':?I?.f1 , -'.g',v,-,fV.T'3i,'E-7 i 5 ' .V ',q',' 5 fig'-f'fQ,. 4 . ' m ,f:g5f.'f,fb V V4 5.1:-11V.V. V,:VV,J, If! 551-T55 V "+.',ff'V- , Q V V: VLJMMF V33 Q fV,nfV,,rg4.V5gVfVV f . ,V V4 gg-.VI R 133 VH 315.3 . fl 'E -'..f'Q:fwyx , Q f 'ff-if f,f2.'f',Q Vfr V.: u WV ,g'aJfQ-13 JV, , ' 1 v . , I -. V:2gj1g'gf5Qe' . . w,u,'av. ,vw 11 Q 1 , V 1' i ff f,'ffzfVJ'v . V . 'V V V fi, 1 'fl . Q . V'faf"'ff5 1 , V.mV,- 5..x,- V I , V ' V A 'VV V: VV,V ' - , R 5 1 z 1. --'AVN i V. V A ,. k2,VVV,::V7rV . ' W V, 1472! . V ,L . Vnp XV". V , A ',,f5g, V , vf , k L q4'3'j1 V N my -,Iwi - 5 w A 'Via iV :':5P V , V V, fV.V.V,VvV,-VVECAVA - V Q' 2 V ',-3QL1Vf'M V V, VxT,kVK.tV:V.iVmV. +- :V ' V '.il?'Q'q",U?5-J-fi , Q A VV . " V-,fiuiv V V, V ,, VV .,V,,!,-zf, . ,Vw 1 4,-,e.f!,g' - V K M A 1" N 'w 3' 4v'l Q , .. v , , e v ,y 1. ' I A 1 V. .V .V,,,,.,,,,nt, . , . .W N f,.'.,V4 R . V., I V NV ,V , ,V 4.13 V. lux. 'tv 3 V A V v V V,V VVVVVVQ V,gVn1S:E4y5'g'.. ' V V A ' I N1 'L 'lf ,, ', Nw QVq4.a,'m T , 5 - 1 ' , K V ' 5 9 R L' V A 1"pVfj.L'V 1 'ig' -VV N f V, V . Q V 223151 S X V , 4 ' V"-, V113 . V - 5 V. V ' mf V ,ff '4V,l,gDgAV,14 V ' V ' ' gr' ' x Q fill:-,LQERJ1-1 -1. 'Vp Va,1-Vf.fV,2-I-'11 A V , Q . '.,- 3 y, 1 .ff , -ff! 1, iff? 12 V -iff' 'f'v."3 K .gf 51, 1' V Iicfja :V . , V' VV Aff , 1V,'-V,-'gl . - V VV - V Vf V V:V-KV2'f'V,EzfV , V , V V ., ,V ,J mx,-EV If . 5 V V Q 4 'V V. -V ,, , , J . I V,V,V,xg4,kV6g, A - , f +- . V V , g WVA. 159, , . 5 TULSA, OKLAH MMQVVVVV fi' if V 'VVVV . VV r 4, W, jp - Vw V i' .'1:VV'a?-'H F x ., 'LJ V VV f V .V VV LVVVWEMf,Vg i ff pgym I I V ' 3 ":'f'fi,.-11'-Eh" V V , 43,5 :fa C: C,OOL N 511575 mf H0 fugg GOCDD LZAZ. CMV! VVSVDV , 4 ,VV in 9 0 ' 'Wy ' ,. 'x f ' I, , , 1 .+ VLVV wifi .23 1 V'.V.'3g1, VV, .1 V, VAT. '-. V '.V.1VV'Q'iiQ3,Q',5"V-fi' g'V:,h 5- fungi--Q85 1 V, 1,T'V.",4 Af. gtg, ,LJ 11 . . , 1 .v ,gg . ,Q'?a5f:?WQ V , . are 1,-Q -V.V f V -.Aj . P - ,thu ., xt .t ,Sg,Va,.J1, V' x .-,VTf.'?VQV:1,E,?',-ff 'VJLS .2 rl. E.f,f.1xVY1Sfe. ' x- 1' 'X T A VV VVU. - V V ivfrrf 'YF' , T f 33' .vi .1 V . ,Y 1,2 Q' ' I LV, V,L.z5J,, C w.:1n'?L V, V 3f'j.V'1fag',' 154 ' , N .w Ya 1 V - V1 ,.,lj,i, ,"g. ,l."Hf..p5'v' "'V 1 Vwz, 1 VVfgf.55V' f"1 fvV ,, 2 mr. cox, principal, will often be found talking with students, mr. smith, assistant principal, enjoys working with groups of students art business girls dean counselors mrs. bean mr. turnetti miss bewley mrS' mc keen mrs. mc quigg 1 K english mrs. aken miss armstrong mr, durst mr. fogleman mrs, forney mrs, harrison english J'iq,,i , "QQ Lllvif? mrs. kelley' mrs. litchford ITIIS. mc elroy mrs. meeks mrs. ringle mrs. wallace foreign language home-making industrial arts mrs. fleming mrs. rickel mrs, glanz mrs. smith mr. batchelor mr. dixon librarian l'1'll'. newton miss bernardi m athmatics -si . H' 5 , 33-:V V o f ig - ii QQ?" In y M , .r ' mrs. beard mrs. cuffel miss fitzsimmons mr. gOr66 5 MY' mr, kelsey mr, kindley mfg. hmd U rrzrvoatis U' 6 mr. tucker mrs. tyler .n-.0,.Z', M4-11.45 music nurse physical education ' I f 1 w3fQi, , Q gf V . . qi gs 59 , M, ,z M 0 L' 'Ky T' mr, phafig mrs. stewart mrs, dahlstron miss house mf- kfeidef mf- marshall physical education SCi6f1C9 5 2 Z mrs. roberts miss Watts mr. wylie mrs, bell mr. burnham mr. lytle I Vx II 11 , 6 I an science speech social studies 154 mrs, moeckel mr, Washburn mrs, davis mrs. benson mrs. brown mrs. bolton W? miss evans mr. fitzgerald mr. gL111ikS6f1 mf- king l 'K KX mrs. otey, mrs. barclay, mrs. landrum and her capable helpers 6 ,, ,. ,,,, L .M S 4 -s ruoro Nor AvAnAm mr, quiett mrs. hoff mrs. daniel mr. robertson and his willing workers siudeni organizaiions O O -v denise Ioerch sfudeni council sponsor: mr. burnham officers: lee whitley sally wilson donna williams steve adams 8 student council representatives ,QHN 2.4 mid dd d k-club other workersg sara boggs, rene' matthies, sandra plummer, mike bally, brad wiley typists: lynn udden, fran jackman, shirley Christensen, Vernon dudley and keith forrester sponsor: mrs. bean sponsor: mr. smith yearbook workers co-editors: jane fritz cindy gainey photographers: mr. dixon steve adams cover design: donna posey division pages: denise loerch kruger corn jo schladale original drawings karen baker steve chaffin elaine vitali er 5 In E E 5 as E ., , . . , ,.., my ,,....., ...X F N, ...... , ,, :...:::,11Q,,,,,,,km, CUDCGH' band: directed by mr. pharis, many hours of hard work but: VGPSHU band A 'NM- rHM nH UA hey bring joy to all of us at "whitney" and they enjoy it. siege band sgmphong orchesira mr. pharis, director. I2 barber shoppers: mfs. Stewart, directo beaufu shoppers mrs. stewart, director girls glee club mrs. myrtle stewart, di- rector of all vocal music groups. girls ensemble I4 mixed chorus leader corp mrs. roberts, miss house and miss watts direct this lively group. miss bernardi and her helpers make our library a pleasant place to go and assist us in finding the materials we need-- every day. audio visual group mr. dixon and these boys are always pleasant and helpful. our cafeteria helpers enjoy their work in more ways than one. the unsupervised helpers on the morn- ing that the streets were like glass, found it fun to do a "good deed". rnr. bachelor and his stagecraft crew. few realize the amount of work and fun that goes on before or after an activity takes place in the audi- torium ' Q 44 , . I6 thanks to this group of students, who help the teachers in many ways. qbelowj office assistants render many ser- vices to all--secretaries, counsel- lors, teachers, parents and students these "1ove1ies" learn while they help. mrs. dah1strom's murses aids and mrs. glanz and mrs smith homemaking aids. red cross represeniaiives sponsor: m r, firzgerald mr. rnarshall's homeroom winner of christ- mas canned goods drive, which was spon- sored by k-club. post office service is one of the student council's projects on valentine's day and it delivers all kinds of surprises. KNYXKQQ1 1968 S kruge W HITNEY X BEARS N 1 ht f' Mgfiagks ,th school spirii week a+ whiineg winners of door dec- orations are: lsr mrs. flemings 2nd miss house 3rd mrs. beard P . lst place - mrs. g1anz's room 7th graders decorate doors of home room 1 1 3rd place mrs. 1itchford's room chrisimas spirii , , r B ,Q SQ I 'Qi V ,ak xc , YS? 33 1010, . 1 f I 2nd place - mrs. tylers' room E' 2I the helping hand! mr krleder may we suggest you start earlier. the camera is magic in getting the student's at- tention. whHneg in aciion! before during after .AS ' 5? 'Z , s, 1 1 f f sg, future present past a day at whitney means many things to many people - as is reflected on this page Eiiiii si .A 'ill rryp 1' i 'fl . ,r , . is yrrr V. , r B s g , s W 1 . Q! te, I X '-rA xx th' 1 ,....,., the barbers business was good! a must for everyone. .' .M-ff' - ' "We -- - ' lf"???i+4C attention!! left .. right . . left we Q. I 4 :rigs is this "dress code" length at whitney? V, . if ,.sn stn, QE t i , , Aki: A , too bad ... but it is almost an epidemic at whitney J's..i it's wonderful to be some are surprised , , , while others are unaware of S0 happy! what is happening. do you agree? students at whitney have varied in terests. .1 our photographer a campaign promise of '67 a future home maker father of our country +- our librarian M if hall duty a well attended nightly meeting at whitney Q5 6 ideal teaching concentration role playing u V school can be fun camera conscious astonished! thinking-reading-gazing explanation and illustration! before school! many methods of learning go on daily at whitney. .HUA ROOM us 3- 'K , ryg if Eff? 1 qc Q t YQ your dress length . . . Q Q17 thanks, i'd forgotten the test GHmCfYkgEg tern X Wx how can i n rel Q' n i KK rp-,-,, 't HEr"f"S . 2 Q F2 fjgn ' nike lf- 5 , 3 1 ,-A J r. hands? l 3 , N N I - , 1, X Q :ff , 1 at 5 2 ' 2 . , tw 0 . X -if fiend '3'9.z' sg.. I Q - Q . 'ef .e 1 g . Q' T N . K' .tfv . t e e - 9 rm In , urn .-21 . "' Qf"' Y 1 not again .. 'U Q , i L d an ordinary lunch line 14,4 mi L 5 G "A f 1- -- ,L t 0'LM Se ftjij ,5eznwe'1WWlFh 1' fry! Armasrrrcts , X I! - o n fry be-w w.. rr r or n he li A QV' -v Jw. ' , "" 'P femnggb TT to 1622 if' Why 1113? ei, xxx t l vu N:':"'.- Q U fha Starck ' 'K j ,rnt j g H 7 "from a student's point ezler 361' SY"K1Rer? , Fi: ' S' of Viewu don't plan on it. an , H O ME MAR l NG h a common experience THE RUSH IS GN QQ? hs , ,lt , . ..- 'gil L ,, r V My Q, F . I 7 ,:- L-r . -t ry .:. " s f rf? ak 6'w?Z. f A W 1 El fix 0 fi 'O' f ' l Mn f , +ve ' WN' 0 t WJ' t YEL 1 " rr ' "'f fl 'Sb H' ' Mi 4 ,fix -A H, E ' fw OJInx"r,tW ,? r 1 s 10,433 XV W1" ' ' ' 'Wt L A fi x Ar 2,94 'X 'K- f L k. best sports best students superlahves In , .s,, Eg W ' ,A 'J:,,Wr- J, .gm Qf'.,QTf' t A " f f or ,J 559 QW, - ,, A jf, A . V P' K in L best groom ed .. as or - s. best citizens ITIOSI courteous ,kb L I.,-, ra if , 5 ' students favorites .QL class picfures ve 1110 jo schlad I l. terry acree jan adams steve adams evan adler cheri akeman jerre akers denise ammons patti anderman charles anderson ninih grade class officers left to right: linda krnanendonk lynn udden kerry wylie mitch dittus 11" Q 2 4' 5 4"v7xa1" wi, , a lynde anderson susan anderson andrea anglen angela anglen alan archambo cris arnold rhonda arnold janice askins susan atkinson alicia bacon charlsie bailey karen baker bruce ball mike bally ronda banks debbie barnes mark basore jim bass martha baxter susan beavers barbara belcher rheresa bellis beanie bennett eddie bettinger chris birch bridget bird sharon birdsell barton black janice black mike black tim blackmore carolyn blair craig blair david blakemore Shirley bly leisa botz mary boukadakis gala bowers randy bowyer clare brady mike branson tomi bratcher harriet brannan judy brennan dusty brierley patsy briggs sam brittain carol brockey cindy broome frank brown marilynda brown mick brown nancy bruton brenda bryant jim bucklew jan bullard richard bundy rick burba rick burden mary burke --"- is :W.LL 'X i .,: . Q 1 ' IJ' x x 'W' r s it ' i 'S x v 6 r Q I ia 1 me t 'yt f 4 I -M .Q , .. , if? ,A ruth burns tim bussell danny butchee don butterworth bill Caldwell susan calkin barbara campbell randy campbell mike Canfield ihe unusual ihinking r 'I james carroll bill carter "'5' david carter jummy cartwright david case N I3lTl3l'3 C3.V11'1S 34 ' .r an rose mary cellino ,MTV ., ,Ji , a" D f L if steve chaffin , ,eq mike chandler 7 wx' -,X if john chitwood ir shirley christensen lee ann clark louetta cloyde marcie clute , xt t s steve clyburn 'fwfr - if-sb, A mike cobb kevin coblentz linda codrey mike coffman nancy coiner kevin coley pam coley mary Colvin john conti debbie cook judy cooper kruger corn bob cornett steve coury carl critz cathy cronin jeanetta cummins carol d'ambrosio charlotte daly marilyn daubert david davenport cindy davidson jeanie davidson john davidson debbie davis susan davis debbie dawson david day eddie day finny day i l IFR . vw-W 5, W ,----sr 'x sf I s ...wa 5- S,-5' L 1 ' 'lp .... . "4 'inf' Fa, as-. .. sg 6 1-A A 'TJ' s vi xii - -Q I v.,,.J J rw aff siudeni siore helpers? eddie de brucuque janice deines joanne deines Shelly denton ross derrevere don de rusha 'JI b,q,w,i.5r lu av' 'Jw E benny devaney danny diehl mitch dittus toni domingos kathie doshier tim dowd Vicki downing stan doyle terri dozier Vernon dudley darrell dunaway jackie duva1 doyle eck bryan edlich Susie edwards 'N pi kim.. -.. Nmf ,- ,gi linda elliott robin elsman marsha emmert paula erickson russel estep henry estes mike eubanks ron evans susan evans debbie facker trenace fallis billie farris wayne fast paula fenton dave ferguson ia J3' 5 'L "+he happg hour" - evergone is preseni jim freeman jimmy french jane fritz laura frossard gary fulkerson cindy gainey steve xgallagher chris gardner diane gardner mike garwood trenton gary shaun gates goyd gatlin julie gentry don gentz andre gibson don giffin larry gilbert nancy golden carol green steve ferree dana findley doug finalyson george finley diane fiveash tim fleming laura flinn linda flournoy keith forrester susie foust kathy greenwood rose gros tim grosse greg guerrero debbie guyton bill hall kathleen hall dcbbie hale randy hanes karen harbaugh barbara harden john harris randy harris gregg hathaway leah haughton saundra hays randy haynes mike hedrick ray hedruck jeff henderson jenny higgins david hill becky hillyard david hipp terry hipsher jan hobbs jack hodges sherry holcomb ron holderman laura holmes A-eng - 'sw ELL-f f 'ji' Q sas. 'wx i if-....-sr kurtis hull rick humphries wayman hunter susan husband sue irving doug jack fran jackman dan jackson greg johnson mike johnson phil johnson carol jones cherry jones tim jones renn joseph robbie holtzinger leroy hooker kathey hope mark hopkins bob hough susan house charles howell lynn howser Charlene huddleston NOT SHOWN Y-J? C., '37 1 +he happg ihe unhappg Er, ii? MXN.-4" 1:-5, ,, lil PHOTO No! Avoilubl mike klarman suzanne knott linda kranendonk jan krieger john krywicki paula lagan pat la prade elaine largent marvin lawwill russ layne scott kallenberger george karatzou scott keith paula kelley danny kelly stuart kelly linda kerley scott kirkland AUVQQ, mike ledbetter kevin leehan bill leister connie le riche john lewis randy lewis Sheri lindsay Shirley lindsay denise loerch Vicky lowder becky lowe mike lusk karin mc caslin kathy mc cray martha mc gilbray denis mc kenna john mc kewon pam mc kinney danny mc lellan john mc nally iaking our Iooi home V1Ck1 m c pherson mark me vay martha mader roy mahoney dh , K i robby meade jerry meadows nancy medley nanette medley steve melton brent meigs tony meyers sallye messer david miller tim miller rd? s-:PWD randy malchi steve malone debi mann mary marsh nancy marak anita martin bobbie martin vicki martin Vikki martin mary masterson jo nell mathis nanette matthews pam matthews susan matthews xl "grooveg" if r S -5 fx 43 -Q an doubiful jimmy millhorn tom misel wally miser marilyn mitchell michele mitchell Carolyn moore patti moore david moores diane morphis fr'- rv pa. if Q' KKK, 1? "T ' 'ly jimmy morton harold moses greg mosley judi munroe marsha murray rhonda nearing cindy neff tom neston robert newhart bob newton kathy neuenschwander jeanie nichols kathy noland micaela norris john null jack o'brien carolyn oliver cim orvis waiiing waiching gael overhuls Vickie pate david perkins mark petty deanna phelps beth phillips paula phillips ralph phillips tim pierce mark pitts ken place marcy plummet donna posey mike presson roy pridmore jann ragsdale donna reaves ken reddick kim redman jo ellen reeker No Photo AVAILABLE K? x ' if I 1 . . . if happened! , ,. ,,,. ,. ,, Q,, .. . I ,f ' lrds ,k,,,,, .L- ,f ! .5 .f . , V ,A VL .fi "m,,.L L ,,,., . r , W ' rrsr .r l lsl ' 5 4 "-5 1 " -, , ' ,ff fa 'Fifi' 1" s'zW ff 35 ? 523-, YU? 2? 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Suggestions in the Eli Whitney Junior High School - Inventor Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) collection:

Eli Whitney Junior High School - Inventor Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Eli Whitney Junior High School - Inventor Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Eli Whitney Junior High School - Inventor Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 79

1968, pg 79

Eli Whitney Junior High School - Inventor Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 77

1968, pg 77

Eli Whitney Junior High School - Inventor Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 23

1968, pg 23

Eli Whitney Junior High School - Inventor Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 38

1968, pg 38

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