Eli Whitney High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Eli Whitney, NC)

 - Class of 1955

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Eli Whitney High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Eli Whitney, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1955 volume:

ww U funk u l iw H S! , ky ,, 141- A Q fy J Rl 'wif' ' a 1 4- a. vi xT,. , 1 V ' M W. W Pr ,4 f L rg 55 ,rw P 5 Q' if ,Fla +L - x i N ,fwfr H , v ji .v. ,V x 5, Qi" ' . ,W my ,- ,QM Ar -Q4 1 A ah .,gY,,ji-gf? 4 Lg ,:q':'1,Q.3 X., ix i , ,QNX ,, ,.,,l,,!. Like PW, 3: N" ,X A K, sf 'wi M: p. I - 1' 5 Ib' '73' ,ff U k! THE SENIOR CLASS OF ELI WHITNEY HIGH SCHOOL I P THE EXCELSIIIR ANNUAL STAFF Circll i Carol McBane Beckie Moore Jul wc A. Roberson er m ' lation Miinag Editor-In-Chief Ass't Editor Treasurefson Katie Boggs Edith Woody Jo Roberson Margaret Crutchfield Typist Ass't Business Mgr. Art Editor Typist Not Pictured: Joe Bill Lindley Business Manager FOREWORD Down the hall they come--hundreds of marching, tripping, shuffling feet. They're scooting to lunch, strolling to class, racing for the bus. Our camera in the baseboard records bobby socks and Saddle oxfords, 1 afers and bro ans two tones and boots Here corne o g , - . the comfortable shoes of the older teachers and the shining heels ofanardentbeginner. The cushioned soles of the basketball star,the spikes of the baseball hopeful, the silver and gold for the first formal, and the sober brown and black of the official board--these tell the story ofayear at Eli Whitney, the year our an- nual has recorded for you. DEDICATION To the Eli Whitney district with its fertile farms and humming village, its happy homes and thriving churches, the 1955 Excelsior is enthusi- astically dedicated. We salute our faithful patrons. You have supported us in all our projects. You have attended our plays,bought our cards, conducted sur- veys, worked through the P.T.A. and dug deep in your pockets to seat our beautiful gym. Eli Whitney teams have played better because of you, our loyal fans. We are proud to be your boys and girls. May you continue to be proud of us. ADMINISTRATION PRINCIPAL Band Director , , , , E, F, Rhodes Piano Teacher . . . Mrs. E. F. Rhodes Director of Public School Music . . .Mrs, Geneva Williford Miss Jewel McBane Alton W, Wilson Mrs, Christine Woody Home Economics Agriculture - F. F. A. Sponsor Librarian F. H. A. Sponsor Mrs. Otelier A, Davis Clerk LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD N. R. Hargrove, R, A. Stanford, L. E. Guthrie, W, A, Jobe, C. V, Ferguson iw 5 Q Q he s Is. In +1 1 4 QP L in A , '42 ,J E ' t .4 Q SIWWTWM , W. , 1 wi if 'I' ii if Lg '34, xnxx e Q' 'ff A' ag"-im Lv gf 5 f 2 ig, sr If as ur by QQ K , . Q it me - , H' VN if. . 4' " ' x k yu it Q any Y l K A x s, ,if,z wg, Yew ge Q Q Af .Q 3,9-L 'JI Q, it , S ZX fx- 1 . 1' ? f 1 Mr A. -3" ,iw s My .,., e ' B 4 mn 7 f' ,B ,, 1' 5 H Q in Ijfii -gist -6 9 ,,,Q, ,, 5 A .1-4, V ifw' K x U' i .ef is A - , , gif' , Ar, : Q wma! X 'wb at A 5 , 5 k . .rw A. . ' X Q Q N ff V U I . ggi? 1, ik . Y x O iff. Q Q W " Y' 56 Q L A , wigs! .LS Q ' it -fi i"'k'Q:M'g:l'n sg U A L X mnzk ' in i 6' if"4 'Ru ' .. 3 Q., 9 .4 3, , .3 U 4, N ,. , 1. will O f 6 VB . '.H .X ,fx Vw y at Y. A , 5 f Q 3316 Qi Q wi J V ,y ' v Q N l ' xx W A we' W 2 uwuvf' 4,-.Q M Q KA 3 .L ,. Niffifui , ' ' 3z?gSY?l,5LY L w i: '. H:A!f?'M 15' , ' ' I LL., ' I Ni'1a2"f ' 2 --314-Zz.: i .Y .ff :-g 2 gji ' 1 2 r- ' ' 1151, iii E QQQ L ff 1 , F JAGNGM 0 WIS? GX as x -A R , X A MA ,b W in X E 2 A w .A Y 4 , :::. 1 K 'vs L 3 wg? ' T .2 .... X , Q Y .sf 2 3 , ln. 1 Q 1, k 113 - ', . , E 9 .fx 4 gh . ' k y ' FQ,-5. " ., V' A . ,. . 5 K ii. vrkkr U 3 "' u.: M Z w G W X U3 i QC ffl !l'J -I 4 f 2' ww 2 i 6 L V, x ,L ii . 5 .f A A 'give WI ,, .. ww, XV' .S 1 tb .2 qw . 'ik A -M-M F 2 J Mm,,Wfff4vf-f SENIQRS KATIE BOGGS FHA l,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Halloween Contestant 15 Basketball 2,35 Beta Club 2,35 Class Secretary 25 Student Council Vice President 35 Junior Marshal35 Junior Play5 Ginner Staff 35 Senior Playg Senior Superlatives- Friendliest, Most Popularg Annual Staff 45 May Court Maid of Honor 4. ALICE PAYE BRADSHAW Varsity Basketball l,2,3,45 FHA 4' Varsity Softball 15 Junior Playg Sen- ior Play5 MayCourt 45 Glee Club l,2, 1 BILLEE CAVINESS Walter Williams 1,25 Glee Club 35 FFA 3,45 May Court 4. MARGARET DIXON CRUTCHFIELD FHA l,Z.3,45 Song Leader 1, Vice President 3, President 45 Glee Club l,2,35 Beta Club 2,35 Vice President 35 Junior Playg Band 35 Class Treasurer 15 Senior Superlatives, Most Likely To Succeed, Most Tal- ented5 Senior Play Marsha15 Annual Staff Typist5 May Court 4. JOHN WADE BRAXTON FFA 1,2,3,45 4H l,2,3,45 April Fool Contestant 35 May Court 1,45 Junior Play Marshalg Senior Play Marshal, W, A, BRAXTON FFA l,2,3,4, Creed Contest 1, Par- liamentary Procedure 3,45 Assistant Bus Driver 3,45 Junior Varsity Bas- ketball 1, 4H Club 1,Z,35 Junior Play Marshal 35 Class Vice President 45 Senior Superlative 45 May Court 4. JOE BILLY LINDLEY FFAl,2,3,45 Sentinel 35 President 45 Cattle Judging 2,35 Parliamentary Procedure 35 4H l,2,3,4, Vice Presi- dent 25 Secretary 35 Junior Varsity Basketball 15 Varsity Basketball 253, 45 Varsity Baseball 3 ,45 Student Coun- cilPresident 45 Junior Marshal5 Sen- ior Superlative, Most likely to Suc- ceed5 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 An- nual Staff45Assistant Bus Driver 3,45 Beta Club l,2,35 May Court 45 Clase President 35 Glee Club 3. CAROL MCBANE FHA l,2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Beta Club 1,2,3,4,President 3,45 Student Coun- cil Secretary 35 Annual Staff, Editor- in-Chief5 Junior Marshal, Co-chief5 Junior Play5 Halloween Contestant 35 Varsity Softball 15 Varsity Basketball l,2,3,4, Captain 2,3,4, All County Basketball Second Team 25 First Team 3, Second Team 4, Most Im- proved Player l5 Senior Superlative- Most Athletic5 May Court 4, L, n :1 afrWwvwwm:uwsieawm,wart SENIORS FRANCES GRAVES FHA 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 35 Junior Play Marshal5 Senior Play Marshal5 Stu- dent Council Representative 45 Hal- loween Queen Contestant 45 Senior Superlative, Most Studious5 May Court 4. SAM JONES FFAl,2,3,4, Sentinel 2, Secretary 3, Vice President 45 Parliamentary Procedure 3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 Jr. Varsity Basketball 1,25 Varsity Bas- ketball 2,3,45 4H Club l,2,35 Student Council Representative l,3, Trea- surer 45 Class President 2, Trea- surer 45 Senior Superlative, Friend- liest5 May Court 4. CHARLES McBANE FFA 1,2,3,4, Sentinel 4, Tool Identi- fication Contest 1,25 Crop Contest 2, Tobacco Judging Contest 45 Assistant Bus Driver 35 Bus Driver 45 Student Councilllepresentative 45 May Court 4. DAVID MCBANE FFA 1,2,3,45 Too1Contest 1,25 Junior Play Staff5 Assistant Bus Driver 45 Senior Play Staff5 May Court. SENIORS BECKIE MOORE FHA l,2,3,45 Secretary 3g Beta Club 2,3,4g Secretary 45 Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4g Junior Marshal, Contestant for Halloween Queen 2, Valentine Queen Contestant 35 Senior Superla- tives,Best All Around, Best Lookingg May Queen, Senior Playg Asst. Editor of Annual, AllCounty Basketball Sec- ond Team 4. PAT PAYNE FHA l,Z,3gG1ee Club l,2,3g Basket- ball l,Zg Junior Playg Senior Playg April Fool Festival Contestant 3g Sen- ior Superlative, Wittiestg May Court 4. BILLY ALLISON RILEY FFA l,2,3,4g Jr. Play Production Staff 35 Assistant Bus Driver 3,4g May Court 4. C. A. ROBERSON FFA 1,25 4H l,2,3,4g Varsity Basket- ball 2,3,4g Junior Varsity 1,25 Class Treasurer 35 Assistant Bus Driver 3,4g Glee Club 3g Junior Playg Senior Playg Annual Staff 4g May Court 25 Maid of Honor Escort 4. MAX PERRY FFA l,Z,3,4, Treasurer 3,4, Live- stock Judging Team 2,3,4, Parlia- mentary Procedure 3,4g Junior Var- sity Basketball l,Zg Varsity Basket- ball 1,2,3,4g Varsity Baseball 2,3,4g Beta Club 2,33 Ginner Staff 3g Class Vice Presidentl, Treasurer Z, Sec- retai-y3,4: MayCourt 43 Junior Mar- shalg Junior Play, Senior Play, Senior Superlative, Best Looking, Assistant Bus Driver Z,3,4, JACK PICKARD Junior Varsity Basketball lg Varsity Basketball 2, Baseball 2,3,4g FFA l,2.g Tool Identification l,Zg Student C ouncil Representative Z5 Class President 4,Asst. Bus Driver 2g Bus Driver 3,45 Glee Club 3, Senior Super- latives,Best AllAround,Cutest,Most Talentedg Senior Play, May Court 4. mm ROBERT THOMPSON FFAl,2,3,45 4H 15 Junior Play Mar- shal 35 Basketball Manager 2,35 Var- sity Basketball45 Senior Play 45 May Court 4, EDITH WOODY Student Council Representative 15 F HA 2,3, Parliamentarian 35 Varsity Basketball l,2,3,45 Varsity Softball 15 AnnualStaff' 45 Junior Play5 Senior Playg May Court5 Senior Superlative- Neatest5 All County Basketball Second Team 3, First Team 45Va1CIltiI1e Con- testant 45 Voted Basketball Team's Most Valuable Player 4. . n ' eww ww SENIORS JO ROBERSON FHAZ,3,45Song leader 3,45 Class of- ficer l5 Beta Club 2,3,45 Editor-in- Chief Ginner 45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Cheerleader 1,Z,45 Student Council Representative 2,35 Senior Superlative - Cutest5 Varsity Soft- ball l5 May Court 45 Annual Staff, Art Editor 4. 'JULIAN THOMPSON FFA l,2.,3,4, Tool identification Con- test l,2, Crop Contest 2, Parliamen- tary Procedure 3, Tobacco Grading Contest 2,45 Beta Club 2,3,4, Reporter 45 4H Club 1,2,3,45 Asst. Bus Driver 25 Bus Driver 3,45 Junior Marshal5 Junior Play Production Manager5 An- nual Staff5 May Court 45 Senior Super- lative, Most Studious. LARRY WOODY Varsity Basketball l,Z,3,45 Junior Varsity 1,25 Varsity Baseball l,2,3,45 FFA l,Z,35 4H l,Z,3,45 Secretary 2, Vice President 45 Class Vice Presi- dent 3,45 Substitute Bus Driver 3,45 Halloween King Contestant Z5 Junior Playg Senior Play5 Glee Club 35 Sen- ior Superlative, Most Popularg May Court Prince Charming 45 All County Basketball Second Team, GEORGE ZACHARY FI-"A1,Z,3,45 Reporter 45 Parliamen- tary Procedure 3,45 4H Club 1,2,3,45 President 45 Glee Club 35 Basketball .1,Z,3,45 Jr. Varsity 1,25 Baseball 1, Z,3,45 Junior P1ay5 Senior Playg Sen- ior Superlative, Most Athletic5 May Court 45 All County Basketball Sec- ond Team 4, MASCOTS TOMMY WOODY K r J ,? . Dear Seniors, You look very dignified in your formal portraits, and positively glamorous in your May Day finery. But the real you has been in the classroom for the past nine months. That is how I shall remember you. W.A.,Iknewall the time that it was not your fault. You were surrounded by sly neighbors. George, I shall never again help you find a lost article. I located your class ring and you re- fused to reclaim it. As for Samuel Minter--well, he and Jack should have remembered to close the barn door before they left for high school day, Margaret, Van Doran is a lucky boy. Frances, don't tell anyone why your May Day bouquet looks different. Any way it's a real work of art. Pat and Jo are remembered as good cheer- leaders and excellent "band" members. I now salute organized labor, the U. S. W. Do the initials really mean what you said? Judging from what Charles and David have been peddling, they probably do. Has Julian remained faithful to the union? Johnny, all those guns make me glad I'm on your side. Bobby, tell your Mother I'm looking forward to her visit. Edith Mae, Ihonestly believe you can file the young man's income tax. Larry did you have to pick on Jack? You were taking an awful chance for it really was muscle. Carol and Beckie,howcould you be so forgetful. Thanks for waiting until near the end of the season before knocking yourselves out. Somehow Billy Riley's heart was never with usg it was always in the freshmen room. Max, too, had that distant gaze, Joe Billy and C.A., you sat on the front seat. But why did youturn around so much? Was the light better that way? Billee, you've been unusually good considering such things as the char ---- boy who shared your table. That sparkler on Katie's finger has brightened the room--all the way over to Alice Faye, the super-saleslady. I hereby forgive you all for the uncensored jokes in chapel, Bye Now, Edith Mogle M ,,. , .H . ,M ,,,,r"'..W1 nf ,,A,,,, q,M..m4.. ., , X A N wo- ww " ZW .-.w,.,.,....,mw.m V, wmmxmmfp MW www-Vwwwil-. . -A ww mm Mr., wmv f LLI fl? 1 r 1 mnnfmusnzsm frm: www 5 gif 1 wnn EQ ll 6,4 gf. N. in 9 W r .rf .Y P,'lP uf' ,E-filpihyx-'L ,wx ,wr 0 wwf. , ,PWA ESI 1922 my f 4 A I is 1-3 sr-.4 ' -1 SENIOR r 'r .Q wa. ' v MOST STUDXOUS Frances Graves - Julian Thompson suPERLA1lvEs BEST ALL AROUND Jack Pickard - Becky Maore ,.,b . 4-.1 ., ,. IWOS1' POPULAR Larry Woody - Katic' Boggs ga Q? T W XT T Wim V Une e5 ' sam wx MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Margaret Crutchfield - Joe Bill Lindley NEATEST CUTEST Edith Woody - W. A. Braxton Jo Roberson - Jack Pickaro ram ,N L "1' S V an EM :YW Y Sf 39 W VME? ,-l ,z,l Q BEST LOOKING Max Perry - Becky Moore FRIEND LIEIST Katie Boggs - Sam Jones r 1- -- C? MOST TALENTED Margaret Crutchfield - Jack Pickard MOST ATHLETIC George Zachary - Carol McBane .Md ,, 4-.l.... ..... ff? Q 'M 1 .5 W Q ,A MQQ 11 " f K,,' 3 S ...A . A .:f'SfI Q ,Q EV 2 3. I . - . y :, N L WSE ' if! 171 -Q 5 :51 3 Q: 14551591 g,. 52 i. wi. x , ---f M3221 'W 'mem Q wr 1 , 7 ,Q ffm? B? 1 ii gg xxx' 3 , 1,1 ' 'sl 4 ,N X ..x. 34 K 3 ww If -. 2.1 -ix 4'-x.,,. 4, W6 1 nf , J A-P fb .. T' fviv ai'- 1 2325-lf. i 9 f' i ' , ,V - f:,,,rN, ir V .V 4 sp , , qs' , . M M A A T Y T E D N A D Y A Pat Payne Bobby Thompson Margaret Crutchfield Jo Roberson Jack Pickard Joe Bill Lindley 40' 'K' A " ff Alice Bradshaw Frances Graves Julian Thompson Sam Jones Edith Woody Carol McBane W, A, Braxton George Zachary pf-vs Q! 'QS' JUNIORS Madame wancgeongof OFFIC1-:Rs S- - P - Mr Junxifsb-TY9xng President . . . . Joann Ivey Secretary . Faye Deane Cur E053 Vice President . Roger Hardin Treasurer . .Harold Crisso JUNIOR MARSHALS Left to right: Jerry Payne, Mary Hadley, Knight Smith, Joann Ivey-Chief, Faye Deane Curl, L, C. Lloyd. Autry Barrett Ralph Davis Joann Ivey ry Alice Neal I Knight Smith Not Pictured: Eddie Williams John Payne Joe Boley Wayne Greeson Mary Hadley Harold Crisson Faye Deane Cum R oger Hardin Bruce Jeffcoat Curtis Jones L. C. Lloyd .Terry Payne Judy Shaw Byrant Smith Nora Lee Spoon Silas Talbert w , , u.Jn J. D. Shaw OFFICERS Sophomore Sponsor G11'15'Ba5jketbauC0aCh President . . Vance Braxton Secretary . . Patsy Guthrie PhY51C5, Math Vice President. Greta Moore Treasurer . Bobbie Roberson Bobby Adams Gene Aldridge Tommy Andrew Charles Braxton Delores Braxton SOPHOMORES Howell Braxton Vance Braxton Phyllis Buckwalter Jayne Cearly Littie Coggins Gail Crisson Geraldine Davis Patsy Dean Ann Durham Betty Jean Ellington Louanna Ellington Doris Foust Martha Guthrie Patsy Guthrie Betty Henderson Billy Johnson James Johnson Wallace Jones Vicky McBane Billy Moore Greta Moore Lonnie Neal George Penny Melvin Phillips Bobbie Roberson Evelyn Smith Margaret Stout Melissa Stout Lee Tulloch Becky Ward Jerry Wicker Patsy Williams Betty Wilson Jerry Wilson Lottie Grumble FRESHM EN Judy Braxton Ernest Bundren Ray Camp Ann Cearley Rahnney Cheek Faye Deane Collins Sylvia Cook Glenda Davis Joyce Davis Elaine Gladson Norma Faye Haithcock Wanda Harrell Gloria James Martha Jeffcoat William Johnson Patricia Mann Teddy Martin James McBane John McBane Betty Nicholson Larry Norwood Peggy Phillips Clarence Spoon Nancy Stanford Larry Talbert Jimmy Thomas Mary Thompson Betty Lou Thrift Opal Ursery Miles Beamen OFFICERS John T. Colones Freshman Sponsor President . . . . Martha Jeffcoat PhY5iCa1 Ed- " Civics ' Engllsh Vice President. . .Virginia Boggs Secretary-Treasurer . Sylvia Cook Billy Bailey Bobby Bloxsom Virginia Boggs Joyce Boley SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Mrsv Edna McBane Biology - 7th 8: 8th Grades Like the old woman who lived in the shoe, the grade teachers have "so many children." But there the similarity ends,for they know just what to do. We go on record as appreciating the fine work our elementary teachers and students are doing, SEVENTH GRADE Donald Braxton Mary Frances Bradshaw Jimmy Burckhalter Bobby Foust Jackie Hatley Eddie Jewel Linda Lloyd Evelyn McBane Phila Greene McBane Joe Dean Nicholson Marion Dwight Perry Jimmy Pickard Bradford Roberson Everette Smith Barbara Weaver Fred Parker Williams Linda Williams Not Pictured: Tommy Arnet Wayne McDaniels EIGHTH GRADE Dewey Andrew Ernest Braxton Jerry Deese Eddie Dixon Carolyn Foushee Wayne Graves Bobby Guthrie Lillie Guthrie Edgar Hadley Russell Hadley Richard Jewel Larry Johnson Worth Johnson Jimmy King Edna Mae Mann John McBane Jack Richardson J, D. Rogers Larry Weaver Mattie Wilson Joe Lynn Woods 3' 1 X se: ij? 35' 'fl' Y' 'Wi 1' ., J Howard Andrew Garland Bradshaw Lynette Braxton Sandra Braxton Dan Cheek Becky Clifton Fannie Guthrie Nina Lou Guthrie Brenda Harrelson Linda Love Tommy Love Kay Mann Everett Mogle Leonidas Newlin Dan Perry Margie Perry Mildred Perry Judy Woody DOH Petty Winder Zachary JudY Stanfield Not Pictured: Kay' Tillflill Jimmy Tinnin Carol Woody FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES Miss Olyn Barrett Fifth Grade FIFTH GRADE X Mrs . Marjorie Campbell Sixth Grade f B rxt, 7 ' - il'i J E 1 1,:,,.t ., -, a r I S vu il JL at sf Donna Sue Roberson Mary Frances Rowland Delores Shelly Dianne Thomas Gene Zachary SIXTH GRADE A Rai 1. -- f'WlA'Sl--ffl' X G4 5 Q HR , A 2.215 U Q .,.. gk . L,,L W ro rrrr C 5 . Benny Aldridge Garland Bradshaw Maxine Braxton Deanna Curl Carol Lee Curtis James Dean Russell Foushee Sue Carol Foust Bennett Hadley John David Hadley Janet Hargrove Douglas Harris Beulah James Kendall Johnson Shirley Johnson Betty Ann Mann Hazel Mann Johnny Mann Wendall Mann Dewey McBane Katherine Newlin Hubert Nicholson Lydia Ann Perry Toni Richardson wx. Tires: ' ' 4 f - ,Q 1 l.'rj' X .aw l X 2 -. Qi Y? F gg .Vhr. C AV FT! Alvis Adams Cynthia Aldridge Jean Etta Baysden Richard Bradshaw Barbara Curl Joan Davis Glen Ellington Wayne Ellington Michael Foust Jolene Guthrie Darrell Johnson Judy McBane Lanetta Ann Mc Bane Jeanette Perry Sharon Roberson Emma Jane Shoe Alfred Stanfield Linda Weaver Not Pictured: Jerry Sparks FOURTH GRADE Mrs. Thelma Shaw Third and Fourth Grades THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES Barbara Braxton Bonnie Braxton Brenda Braxton Janie Clifton Charlotte Davis Bobby Dixon Sandra Ellington Linda Guthrie Johnny Guthrie Darrell Harrelson Becky Johnson Marie Johnson Brenda Jones Jimmy Lewis Judy Lloyd Gail McBane Ronnie Newlin Donald Perry Frank Perry Kay Pickard Janice Russell Larry Sawyer Gene Stout Gerald Talbert Ronnie Teague Joy Weaver Harold Woody Linda Woody FIRST AND SECOND GRADES Mrs. Bessie Russell First Grade Miss Margaret Pattie Second 81 Third Grades FIRST GRADE Patsy Bailey Claude Bradshaw Dale Braxton Michael Campbell Phillip Cheek Larry Curl Gayle Davis Ronald Davis Gary Foust Roger Harrelson Gary Johnson Rebecca Perry Nancy Jo Shelley William Stout Sylvia Wheeler Wallace Wheeler Thomas Wilson Clinton Woody Ricky Zachary William Zachary Not Pictured: Cecil Martin Not Pictured: Druc illa Martin Diane Baysden Esther Bradshaw Robbie Braxton Russell Burckhalter Sandra Crawford Faye Guthrie Tommy Hadley , Jean Hargrove Hunter Harrelson K Linda Harris V ' Kay Jewel X gy Doris Johnson Freddie Johnson Sandra Lawson Mary Mann Billy Marlette Treva McBane Sue Penny Kenneth Perry Billy Rowland Gerald Sawyer Warren Stafford Tommy Teague Patricia Weaver Norris Williams Steve Wood Russell Woody SECOND GRADE 3 ' A i mu-,wfww . ,m.i.mWMm. . N., wbmme, . , ..,A.., , .qw , , , ff ,-,f m1wsuwm.,m, A -,musnemeyfw f-L, . fmmmmw - -vwwmmumw, , ,m:,mww-www- f f ifuigwvnmumhwf-:gre - ,,,,,i,,,,,n,,,,,,,,, vN,.,,,,., , ,,,.nmw.....Mw f 1.mwm.,, ,- ,xwmfw Xbv.. ,.. , ,W,.,,,,,,,1Mf-,ff - ,,,,,,,,,,WV,,,. . nw,-an LM - f ,qm- .Wm ,Wm ""f'fifi.'ii7', 1' , - wx - ,,'f ww .,,..wf+r, ,... .h f, A V by s 1 5 u JS! .T'f:' I ws' - x f s...,,. .,,MA STUDENT CCUNCIL President . Joe Billy Lindley Secretary , , Vance Braxton Vice President. . Joann Ivey Treasurer .... Sam Jones Left to right: Ray Camp, Elaine Gladson, Ginger Cooper, Lee Tulloch, Joe Bill Lindley, Joann Ivey, Sam Jones, Frances Graves, Vance Braxton, Knight Smith, Bruce Jeffcoat, Charles McBane, lil nil was 4 X, .-r s ff 'if Ja,-5 C, v-' ' WK-my xg ' Q sf ,. GINNER STAFF Left to right: JoRoberson,Editor3 Bobbie Roberson, Proof Reader' Patsy Guthrie Ass't Ed't 1 , 1 OTS Mrs, Marlette, Advisor, Greta Moore, Sports Editorg Vance Braxton, Sports Editor. Seated: Joann Ivey, Circulation Manager, Mary Hadley, Art Editor. F.H.A. President . .Margaret Crutchfield Secretary . . . Faye Dean Curl Vice President . . . . Judy Shaw Treasurer . . . Carol McBane ,MWMS First Row, left to right: Joann Ivey, Beckie Moore, Carol McBane, Margaret Crutchfield, Judy Shaw, Faye Dean Curl, Jo Roberson. Second Row: Miss McBane, Katie Boggs, Ruby Childress, Pat Payne, Patsy Guthrie, Bobbie Roberson, Alice Bradshaw, Frances Graves. Third Row: Greta Moore, Elaine Gladson,NancyStanford,Mary Thompson,Judy Braxton, Nora Lee Spoon, Betty Wilson, Delores Brax- ton. Fourth Row: Sylvia Cook, Phyllis Buckwalter, Ginger Cooper, Doris Foust, Louanna Ellington, Becky Ward, Vicky McBane, Glenda Davis. First Row, left to right: Vance Braxton, George Zachary, Joe Billy Lindley, Sam Jones, Max Perry, Charles McBane, Teddy Martin. Second Row: George Penny, Bobby Adams, Howell Braxton, Melvin Phillips, Wallace Jones, Charles Braxton. Third Row: Lonnie Neal, Billy Johnson, W. A. Braxton, Jerry Wicker,Silas Talbert, James McBane, Miles Beamen, Billy Bailey, Clarence Spoon, Eddie Wil- liams. Fourth Row: Bobby Bloxsom, Jerry Wilson, John McBane, Julian Thompson, Byrant Smith, William Johnson, L. C. Lloyd, Fifth Row: Mr. Wilson, Bobby Thompson, Larry Norwood, David Mc- Bane, Wayne Greeson,Curtis Jones, Frank Page. Sixth Row: Ray Camp, Jimmy Thomas, John Brax- ton, Billy Riley, Lee Tulloch, Tommy Andrew, Gene Aldridge, James Johnson. TNQ F.F.A. President . . . Joe Billy Lindley Secretary . . Vance Braxton Vice President. . . . Sam Jones Treasurer , , , , , . Max Perry 1 :K . -1 , ' z. . Q.-.p - K .. .SV N ..Q..., X fx, . ,LUVN . Q... . WN. . 5 . iff? 1. 4, .+ u U 3 Q' W P 5. 3 55 1, ,Q 5, ish' x V .,..,. .W -EV i I Xa xg Q, j , K X 1 S y A v W K xg g YQ' S r 3+ L. Q ga, ' 'V' V, xg? xg? . Q V M L g7z" b X' ,. W fi S 'Qi: P , 2 . ' ' A . Q 1 S Y .EQ ig, is Q QZA Y X6 ,F ,f Q. , 9, sm, K W .yi ,, XM ini . ' kk,, .sfqf klfiflxg K K Q if 554 v V . V i f?2?i,Q6Vg2 :kx w . he N- Q gg X3 gg, Y, as . gg, 9 3 -J UP ai.. . .,gj,. 2 if E A? .L I Vrhvi A A gg, mv - "2 My --HQ . ,min M1 5 -Gag I tzz- . girl V V lyr - .L 'N ' N 3 E -,JP J' sh if X J, i Q , Ti' 5 N, O ' X W1 F52 if ph S f ,. - f , 5 3 K, L if f m ' -L. nf -W . gg i Af, A , QL , ,,,..,.,-.,,,, nw LQAA., A. .,. ,M , .L - L, wgvi f 5' ' Q , If 4 ' '13, fx 3- ff , ' A - ,Z--f gm in Q hgrvrxiwijw 5 kg fi X 1 up K. X r H 1 -I . 1, ,.,,. - f' K 4f, f5 qifg345 fS"1f3g ,X A - lQf'fg,7i. I-W5 ' . Ji?-P51215 - , sh Ya' -iff 1 ff? "' , S 1- , 4 4 KM YA I -. , f. , 1 ylki f - , , - , -, , Ve, WW 1 3 , :S , V V V Ly ,, Z , 5 ui . - M K ,. ' . - V , ,W , an 11 , ,wif gb' .,4-V ." 5""'w b " H 7' 5 f T 2 " ff A-52" . -SQA-Q 3 ? f-X . s,-, '-,M .Y ." WYI15 gi' E' '-21.2 f "' fW?93.w'1f.""T-"M J "'!'7X"6Q'is.f, fi zkgg 'P yil' ""4" xwsgws vw fr 4 'gm Pav. ' f H.. ' ,, f ., 311' " A W' ' " 1' ' N, wa fu.: ' 'X 'mmf' ' rg . 15.4.55-5 3 A ,Agia xv X ,, ,N X K Id ,, ., .,, U li- . 'FL J. iulwxpiw Lf p .. K ,S-ygwigici : is .X yvsbilrsgitsaggr ,K .Leh i A M Q - Q' Q .- N , 44 'M' '-,Wg '---v5j,:12.5fg:if"x:,, ' 'L " 4 ' - - 'dm v' 11-3'-'fFJi,v'-. ' ' ' - - . H-,Qi-wr HQ VALENTINE QUEENS Martha Jeffc oat I-IOMECOMING QUEEN Knight Smith Judy Mc Bane HALLOWEEN KINGS QUEENS Billy Johnson - Steve Wood Bobbie Roberson - Lynetta Ann McBane Xse2?'?Zx 9 Ww,gaWgQV,,. sfsfmfviqfafg M' .L igw s 2 if 5 mg K0 igzkf Q9 Q, 5 f?fW-T -J' ,, N346 Q 7 4 fi i 2? T 5, ,ae G N 6 kk ' L x ia o - qi I x X, X ' J 1 .,,, 'X K g I--5 LA Q4 f ix WAR H'Ls mg jg 5 ' ,x .x 44 K-my La, fy Q gf Eg ,, ,Q it wf 3' QA f' ,SE Q ki 22? M A S W 1 1 K 1 Y - 4q?YQ3?Qf , iw? gm :W 42H'fi?f'38i SS MQ 3 , ' 5 ' I f,: Q? ' ,2. , f .., H 9 55 1 s u xx, ' 9 A , i l1 Ai f ,A 1 Q, ,f QXQ I 5 if ff ,asv M , - .. My .,,. fy -f -:LS i : QM: ,Vk., Y, ,. .Wm 1. ff -,f :WG ,M , -S+ - 'If r! x N xx 3 iv' 'i , Q i W SX 1 ,gurus w K S 38 f K X 5 Za " mf? X N Q 2- ., Jgfzlzi fggan , az' 5,3 is 'ix K 4:f2 J .Ag Q 1 44 , -6 . s X Q J-,,.,4 K.. 2 ' iz K mm X , X 1 N 5 Q H S X ! E , fm 1 .. di ,J NW-Hf in 5... 'EM Sim 'mimi' iS... w JA .Zz , V L 'f v I f 2 ff 'S ff X' - f f Q . is if" w BOB'S Good Gulf Service Station General Merchandise Phone 7750 - Highway 87 ll0YD'S SERVICE AND GROCERY I "Happy Motoring With Esso Gas and Oi1" Wash and Grease Jobs Tires Repaired Groceries and Meats Operated by Amic and Jack Lloyd HARRISS - CONNERS CHEVROLET, Inc. Telephone 9-491 501 W. Franklin Street Chapel Hill North Carolina Compliments of CITY ELECTRONICS sHoP HOLTJQQEIQQENTER "Buy it where it's serviced" - - Sylvania - Bendix Television Burlington North Carohna Radio and Appliances ' Sales 8: Service Phone 3181 THE CAPITAL STORE Pittsboro North Carolina Burlington North Carolina Af -'---Li-I -.F,,,. . -,t W. H. lJEFFl BOWMAN HUGHES, MOTOR COMPANY -ffi Ford Sales and Service General Merchandise Phone 6-7659 Phone 6-3003 Graham North Carolina Graham North Carolina Compliments of SOUTHERN LAUNDRY 6' NATIONAL BANK OF ALAMANCE , , DRY CLEANERS "Serving this Community Since 1899" ff" Member For Whiter, Brighter Wash Federal Deposit Pine Street - Dial 6-8817 Insurance Corporation 'ff' Graham North Carolina Graham North Carolina I BROOKS WHITES FLOWER SHOP Graham North Carolina PITTSBORO ICE AND FUEL CO. HOLTIS APPAREL Phone 2121 Tots 8: Ladies Shop Pittsboro North Carolina Graham North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of MARY'S FLOWER SHOP Phone 3296 COBB SIGN SHOP 1 GRAHAM TRACTOR CO.. INC. Graham North Carolina Complimenls of THE JEWEL BOX Burlington North Carolina BARKLEY-OXFORD EQUIPMENT COMPANY Authorized Allis-Chalmers Dealer Sales and Service New Idea - New Holland Phone 6-7725 Webb Avenue Burlington North Carolina HAL'S MEN'S SHOP H, L, McAdams, Prop. Telephone 6-1133 Graham North Carolina Flowers for all Occasions at TROLLINGER'S FLORIST Burlington North Carolina GRAHAM MOTOR SALES, INC. .. c Im fCHEVROLETf I T' Ii Sales 81 Service P. O. Box 526 Graham North Carolina Quick Dependable Service RUSSELL THOMPSONIS SERVICE Washing - Greasing - Waxing Phone 6-1328 Wrecker Service A' Opposite Post Office Graham North Carolina CRAWFORD'S DEPT. STORE Graham North Carolina MIDWAY OIL CORP. Quality Heating Oils Dial 6-6666 or 3062 Burlington - Graham North Carolina MOON'S FASHION SHOP Smart Ladies Apparel Graham North Carolina Compliments of EAST END SERVICE STATION KING'S t C, T. flseftyj Sharpe Twix-Teens - Juniors Dial 61400 Womens Washing - Greasing Tire Service 8: Road Service Burlington North Carolina Burlington North Carolina CASTLE BARBER SHOP Corner of Morehead and S. Main St. C. M. MANN WHOLESALE CO. Wholesale Groceries Novelties - Drugs - Dry Goods 514 Tucker St. Phone 6-2588 Burlington North Carolina Compliments of JIM HALL 6' RADIO RANGERS LEON GILLIAM'S FEED AND SEED STORE Feeds, Seeds and Fertilizers 229 West Davis St. Telephone 6-9086 GREEN'S FUEL GAS CO. Your Dealer For: Gas Tobacco Gurers - Gas Water Heaters Gas Ranges - Gas Heating Systems - Gas Service Anywhere - West Elm St, Graham North Carolina. SAXAPAHAW STORE COMPANY, INC. GENERAL MERCHANDISE Telephone 3509 Saxapahaw North Carolina Compliments of ALAMANCE ECX SERVICE Feed, Seed, Fertilizer and Farm Supplies Burlington North Carolina ...A-.U ,L-1. .1-me 1.--,, .Y . J x if GRAHAM HARuwlIiI asv 9631 EN L TIRE SUPPLY, INC. 1 Distributors neral Tires and Batteries K aft System of Tire Recapping K . 301 N, Mein Street I A Telephones 6-6951 - 6-TOIN Gra am Ncmklaroliga IN u. Ilington North glina , up A. X rd' Q' I J I II I I I X LONGESTIISII! ORE ' MOGLES BIC L ENTER City Club - V lvergyr XX ' 'I 'Q X A Weather Bird - Diamond Bra ' " he Finest in cycles" 126 North Main Street Q Q Phone 6-1138 A . C s Graham North Carolina I., If fl NX DARK'S HATCHERY fr FEED CO. NU VOGUE HOSIERY Quality Chicks - Poultry Supplies X, 51-60 ful fashion I, osiery Phone 3336 r. Pittsboro North Carolina Graham North Carolina I J. N. PAYNE AND soNs Compliments of LINDLEY'S GROCERY 6' SERVICE STATION Fresh Meats - Groceries Groceries - Gas - Gil and Feeds Gas and Oil Highway 87 - 10 Miles South of Route l Graham North Carolina Graham North Carolina n ,1,, Headquarters for stylish Made-To-Measure Clothes for students since 1914 Also Tuxedo Rentals T. N. BOONE TAILORS Burlington North Carolina FRANK'S JEWELRY Hamilton, Elgin and Boulova Watches Syracouse China Tiffin Crystal 202 N. Main St. Phone 6-4553 Graham North Carolina Compliments of SOUTHERN LIFE INSURANCE CO. G. B. Wilson, Agent Phone 6-3333 Compliments of JAKE'S GRILL Curb Service Specialize in Pit Cooked Barbecue ALAMANCE CAMERA AND SPORTS CENTER Complete Line of Photo and Sport Goods 251 East Front St. ALAMANCE HOT WEINER LUNCH Corner of Front 8: Worth Sts. Hot Dogs and Hamburgers Burlington North Carolina GRIFFIN FUNERAL HOME Pittsboro North Carolina FARMERS EXCHANGE, INC. Feed - Seed Farm Supplies - Fertilizer Phone 2291 - 3421 Pittsboro North Carolina J.. Y-vw'-f 30 Years of Service to Alamance County A Complete Drug Store WRIKE DRUG CO. Three Registered Druggists to serve You Phone 7401 Graham North Carolina N EWLI N HARDWARE CO. Complete Line Builders' Hardware Burlington North Carolina GRAHAM DRY GOODS STORE Dry Goods, Shoes and Furnishings P. O. Box 227 Graham North Carolina SMITH Cr BUCKNER FUNERAL HOME Prompt, Courteous, and Efficient Service Phone 51 Siler City North Carolina ERVIN'S DRIVE-IN CURB SERVICE Sandwiches Of A11 Kinds Richfield GAS and OIL Hwy. 87 - South of Graham North Carolina ZIMMERMAN LUMBER CO. BUILDING MA TERIA LS N. Main 8: Trade Sts. Telephone: 6-2401 Burlington North Carolina MAYNARD'S STUDIO "Specializing in Weddings, Portraits, Commercial." 138 E. Davis St. - Phone 3438 Burlington North Carolina CHAS. V. SHARPE, INC. Real Estate - Insurance 457 S. Main Street Phone 6-2484 Burlington North Carolina Something From Hadleys is Always Something Special HADLEYS Fresh Fruit 8: Vegetables For Heal th THE JEWELERS DISTRIBUTORS Established 1898 Gorham Silver - Fine China PATE-DAWSON CO. Graham North Carolina Burlington North Carolina CENTRAL GROCERY CO. Wholesale Commission Merchants Manufacturers A e ts g n Wholesale Groceries Notions to Confectioneries 122 N. Main Street Phone 6-3161 Burlington North Carolina ANDREW AND JOHNSON MILLING CO. Seed Cleaning - Custom Grinding and Feed Mixing A 8: J Supplements STAN FORD'S SERVICE STATION Esso Gas - U S Tires General Auto Repairing Reliable Service Since 1922 HERFF JONES CO. Manufacturing Jewelers at Stationers 1401 - 419 North Capitol Ave. Indianapolis 7 Indiana HAL HARGROVEFS STGRE THOMPSON'S GROCERY Hotdogs - Hamburgers Pitcooked Barbecue Rolling Road - Saxapahaw Phone 7669 IDEAL RESTAURANT Phone 6 -6403 C ourt Square PITTSBORO HATCHERY fr FEED STORE POULTRY - SUPPLIES Phone 2891 Graham North Carolina Complimenis of BUR -GRA GULF SERVICE STATION A' LEE MANN Congratulations Class of '55 MORAN'S AUTO REPAIR Bull-Dozing - Pond Building Our Motto: To Please The Public Route 1l'5,W kj - gf Graham North Carolina JOHN CRUTCHFIELD'S Service Station CAROLINA SPORT SHOP For - ALL SPORTS Groceries - Feed and 1 Mile East of Saxapahaw HI-Fl Records - Phonographs Chapel Hill North Carolina Furniture and Appliances 422 West Franklin Street PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF BURLINGTON f i Highway No. 70 ' f Dial 6-1273 Eli gi- Chapel Hill North Carolina Burlington North Carolina R. C. GLOSSON JOHN CRUTCHFIELD'S Groceries and Service Station Service Station Phone 4515 Groceries - Feed 1 Mile East of Saxapahaw Graham North Carolina Compliments of VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP Dot I-Iagden - Hazel Day Compliments of JIMMY'S BEAUTY SHOP HOLT FARM,CENTER Purina Chows Seeds, Feeds-Fertilizer Phone 2203 - 521 Webb Burlington North Carolina Congratulations to Class of '55 THE CAPITAL STORE Burlington North Carolina Congratulations To The Graduating Class of '55 MCC lURE FUNERAL SERVICE Dial 2711 Dial 7488 Graham Burlington MORE FARMERS USE I, 4 V, MOUR 35,7-,,,,,?3ffTg rveffqqmn Anmouns 7 i ngjygggf, Elanifaall R. S. MCBANE Bm 2-g-t,.m.!..-E Agent "5-""' E 0's..z2e" I 1 . . l Hou, Jn., !!f9!'u an lung--l!! gaming--- lu R C 0 Q, I n 'I l l ' Produced with Pride lnumllil IIIJMUUENZEU By Your Neighbors! VITAN MK MILK lllfg Pmgunlzin Lumber and Building Materials 'W' mv Phone 3971 'Lf R. F. D. No. 1 "ii:- -.--.siiiiw Graham North Carolina Burlington North Carolina AN DREWS-RIGGSBEE TRACTOR COMPANY P, O. Box 157 Telephone F-446 Ford Tractor New Holland Baler Carrboro North Carolina L. D. HEARNE C1 SON Phone 9-6351 We Deliver Dry Goods-Groceries Feeds-Meat-s Carrboro North Carolina GRAHAM LUMBER COMPANY Builders' Supplies E. A. Braxton 8: Sons, Builders Telephone 6-7611 W. Harden Street Graham North Carolina CITY BARBER SHOP Carrboro North Carolina Compliments of J. J. MANN'S GARAGE Kimesville Road Chapel Hill North Carolina WALKER FU NERAL HOME Ambulance Service Day or Night Phone 2731 or R973l BICK LONG MOTORS, INC. Sales and Service Dodge - Plymouth - Dodge Trucks 1259 S. Church St. Burlington North Carolina Compliments f WlLSON'S BARBL- SHOP Pittsboro North Carolina COLE'S SERVICE STATION :J V K.. Gas -Oil-Groceries Phone 6-6723 Hwy 87 if H .Q 'W'--1, . .A . N' .- ' xx, - 'S-rf ., 5 Wg .5 rf ,wi-W wk.. 1 wk" ' x , ,, My L I 15 E? X ' ,- 'Wi ' 'M ' H f -H '-' ' ny.. , A. fn, - aw 'NEW' A l ' .n -Q1 vu Mm ,Lv

Suggestions in the Eli Whitney High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Eli Whitney, NC) collection:

Eli Whitney High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Eli Whitney, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 13

1955, pg 13

Eli Whitney High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Eli Whitney, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 19

1955, pg 19

Eli Whitney High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Eli Whitney, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 59

1955, pg 59

Eli Whitney High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Eli Whitney, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 9

1955, pg 9

Eli Whitney High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Eli Whitney, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 34

1955, pg 34

Eli Whitney High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Eli Whitney, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 32

1955, pg 32

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