Elgin High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Elgin, TX)

 - Class of 1958

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Elgin High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Elgin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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gpg wry WW? it vw? I ., e 1958 Presented bw The Annual Staff Elgin Hngh School N55 , If r I 'l'4l ' ' ?fHQ?E mfr., X U7 i l Th d C LZ l Dedication Good fortune smrled upon us when Coach K H Thormahlen was prompted to come to Elgln I-hgh School Durmg these years we have learned to know that h1s mag netrc personalrty IS a natural result of h1s frne Chrrstran character Students and teach ers alxke frnd Coach Thormahlen unfarlrng ln loyalty, understandrng courtesy help fulness and kmdness Because we apprecrate h1s rnterest and encouragement we take great prrde 1n dedrcatrng the 58 WILDCAT to El H1 s COACHK H THORMAHLEN The Annual Stay? AFL -af' School Song O Elgrn Hrgh forever Frrm together stand Comrades true and fa1thful Stand a league We ll face the world so fearlessly And true the days that follow We 11 pledge our loyalty For Purple and Whrte and all our mrght We ll frght for vxctory Campus N 0 190000 6 f ' O SOPHOM ORE S I il. . Dorothy Mrkulencak Eddre Davrs X EDITOR Florence Adkrns Foreword Though trme wrll pass and we shall part thrs book will be an unbreakable lmk 1n your charn of memorles And rf when looklng through these pages you relrve the happy days of yesteryears for Just a whrle our efforts w11l not have been rn varn To the student body faculty and busrness people we wrsh to extend our gratxtude for your cooperatron and sup ort Thus we present thrs 58 WILDCAT to you may II brrng to you untold pleasure and everlastrng Joy m recall mg the happrest hours and best loved frrends of your school days Annual Sta f FRESHMEN Alrce Davrs Jack Cottle 0' 0 SPONSOR J 15. M AWBe11Ir 45 S E :wiiullimil ringufizgfi-.',i.,, , m.i,,l,l,l I I ' ,I i wdwwwwmmwmmmmmwwwwwwwwwmmwuw , 'w'dwhwwwwwwmwvwwwwwwwwMwwmfu1. " 1-:HL hfwmwkwwvmwdwewmwmwwwwh li,ig!,.l-,-M23-nIMI 1 Hi mwwmwwwwm 1MHg4Vi?WUw-Lg,-MH.qiMm,w I umyH.Mw1 MQMWMI MfwWTVW?qMWApMMMwU' 1' I I 2 I' 'gl' 'fl ':,gn I . l0!.l.::..l 1 -'I ll -'Q w Hmy.vw1--Mvwpg .,o Mllligi :ii 1a.!l5Isl'l:.!f !!.!sE!il11.!, Ni.: , U., , li H J S 'Iv I I l 1' 1 : ,, , I.: I Q . , 'A - :Inga .195 .JSI EU: "1" '!rfii" Hn' a .u " '-.'.i z 1' - "'r' li 'l!'!l'h3l J I' lv: .fsiflilg :lg ' I vig -g , u! -3 ll ' I I -I. :l,"El' ,fi ' 'I I ll -gi: li, I li .ul gif- .I - ' -. - . llillm gaming Ig:!!!I:'!ilI!! Ji' ':'Ei'i ' 2' rl 'twill I 1 Q' H I . L I ' 'F' ' 2 Ili ' :Dr !' vmmmmmmmmmm ' "1mwQWmqqm ! .1 1 'if-:'g:g'l,:3,u. i,'.i.i .' ,gi , " '- ji I . ,- , 5, , , - H:hQf'WH5VMVQvmwUwWMmWWmn Ill luilvlminiuialilafl :ill 5,g!flEi5l!IIi!':llg:liI! wth I I mn I all I ""ls'Z'i' Mill Q Wihiwmdu lWhLMihmhWWHMWM " H!! 'ilu' gi: i!i,.-,'fu'lf-s .5 ' :J55 , ' MWMMMHMwnRgiVv il Quits lg. ' il: I' . u. Wf fl!3"!'!f'i15 iilfghgz IHIM lieu , wwwwmmmmmwhw WWWWmQMmWW"WWHm ,QMWMQEWH W :ia ,ji f',- ef, n 55 l I Ihr I si q gl iHum:5ts,i H JIU HM g I 1 I I I u' al ,ia I ga, E I slr, it liz, P sp as qs MjvQf n B fiQp1f"' F5 4 u J i ughr dhak u ,. I I' !1lfIE., Qu :gill If ' l- -IW ll , 1 I ' I I I t . lql! L. lv... . .. lim. I 1 l . .. 1 I Q :nil "! ' ." Inf! limi al! Liu! '.JfilsQlI:E.j:i!55i.5ljgg!f1Eng1!2i1,31qgQigE5EEgig lllfiuf Inu! ilizlgiigli LPQfQJ ,.'i V4,pgpH" ' . 5:-, ' 2 F MQ .Kl,5aFZf.:1f!1i1s4l11 f?:5 4 1 HMMWWWAWWHWMW I - 'f ' ' L 4 IH-'Jill hmmwwjwh Hmm,, , H .rn :!:l,.!j!l,1,Ig5ilg5i, mMmpm'4 SMMH WWWW, wh .'! 1, gi !"': ' , ' , ES: H h ' . M 4 U nigiiiliigf. E-Q- ll , igiiill mWWWmH1WM,. K' .uhm WWEWHMWWEW. QQWWPH Hwwwwwggwmm . fmmmwm t'EE.l:!tf-ei aiu.. ,I I-22 j., "' -Q W -w:tls'iQiii 'ji Mhigwwwmw? M lggwmhw .: 1. Hi' 3:15 I Q ll 5' I 'f'.5-1'i5:e,' ': 'll:ugi.i!!iii:!:iIl nail El! Ri swf,-5.5, ,.,g .,,. - "'-:'r ,'1g5g:lQE!5g'15l g 15:ifisiaieat552,23225fE:QEi!2gaigggig22laan, ,,jifgssfsgegeigissgfsggn mgwwhfwwmbswar. fwmhwmquwwmwwfv fwwwaMMW?wHH'Ju ., f HwBvwHHiHm4hw iwwwmmwwwwmhhmkqwwwguw. WNWMMMMWMMWM FWQWMWRwmgwmwwiimwwwwgwwpk ,-WQQWMWWMMWMQQ FMQHWW ,NrmsnMVMaWWMwM!Mmwhqwwmwwwiwmwnwwvmmdq.nwWfAmHwW' 25irivhphHns!5vl gvgi - rH1443rh4?b1JJ13hH3Ls:r:Nu24vk2Jhh454nfrfq f4h9"qnVfh4l1i'J JjH:U4rfH5dJPyibLiWvii 3 PwiwWU4w.iM'FMHMMFHHWWWSHWYMLWHWWWJi19WMHinpWe!WMmQMQWmw MWHWH.Ww25HMfMMHWMMMWWWTTEWWMMW RQQHMMM HwwwmwgwwQwwwwwwmwwwwfwwwwwmm f'p?f!!.3TwUTv 'H'W 'Z ',?'W 4V'V'f:t P :'V W 5 JV1i' "l!!igiEi!:!:lmnfl ::'l'!sI!l'l',!!15i' Sigh!! I in ull - f ! .11 3 4,5 gl JJ - W' 'JI I I ff?" Q 1 .' ' A ' 5 ' I' Q fi JJ Q 5 5 ,155 "imap in : . 5 Q! F, g ui! EWHMM Hwfm gw,wfivNm?RMWMWMEWKHSMWWMWMMWWWMLMWMIMW aHhbMy::HHHhH Q prJSMMMQQQWQHHMMMMMWHWQQQMQHddmdvQgwJWmHlMhM1pq EMQMEWEEE WQMQWEWFWMHQHWWWWQQWWL QHWQQQ ngfunwimU?QQMMQwMd3hW5Q'ggwwqdffzwilmwjiwgmgmidm wmmmwmwmmww uhMmNJMHmmmWwmmmwmMMMMMMMHMQMWMMMMHHMHMHHEMW In behalf of the student body we would lrke to take IhlS opportunity to express our smcere appreclauon to the School Board for then kmd mterest and unhmlted asslstance xn makmg this school year and our future so ennched JL dz:-046 Supermtendent 5 Message Q VR 1' Qxo, K X fl Ly 4x QC' WHERE YOU LEAD Somebody Is Followrng You Somebody IS followrng you as you thread your way through lrfe and unconscrously The power of leadrng others rs rnevrtable and nobody rs so rnsrgnrfrcant and commonplace that he does not determrne by hrs example the lrfe of someone else People do thlngs because others do more than for any other reason A lrttle of thrs pulllng power rests rn every one of us No matter how small and rnconsrderable a person you may seem to be to yourself someone rs berng led by you It s up to YOU what SOMEBODY w111 be' ,I A C25-gn - 9 r 'y I 4, K J I I " A" aff? Ft' K, X X T ,w,. f'. 'ff' .-, tl. f'Fx j ' .f6x.i -bl KA ' V I +j'-I go on your way, perhaps merely' because he knows no better direction to take. O V . . . .. I V 7 O v lv . ' ' . , . up are by X ,x.f -iii x, - Q1 Q-J ' 61-K U, P? y, E- if l X Busmess Manager HORTON W NAIRN Iumor Hrgh Pnncrpal K H THORMAHLEN Hlgh School Pl'lI1C1P31 A W ELL Teachers College N acogdoches Elementary Princxpal ELDON A BALL M Ed Umversxty of Texas M A S W T Austrn Texas San Marcos Texas r...- A A 5 A 4 wed 3, A 2, 3 , J ,tgzgfw . . . B M,A,, Stephen F. Austin State f .i ,.,,K Q Q 5 . Q, . .. ' ' . .. . . .S.C. RAYMOND BLACK M,A,, University of Texas, Austin, Texas. MARY ELLA CROZIER M A University of Texas Austin Texas DUANE DEAN B S Sam Houston State Teachers Col- lege Huntsville, Texas MILTON DUSEK B S S W S T C San Marcos Texas DOROTHY FITZPATRICK M A University of Texas Austin Texas ELEANOR FROST S1xthGrade B S , S W S T C San Marcos Texas ESTER GUSTAFSON Sixth Grade B S University of Texas Austin Texas THELMA HARRISON B S S W S T C San Marcos Texas I Z HATTOX Ed A8nM College Station Texas MARGARET HAYNIE B S Texas State College for Women, Denton Texas fi' Xu' 4,42-f KITTIE C HENDERSON B S Southwestern Georgetown Texas B S L1b S North Texas State College for Women Denton Texas ESTER LINKE B Mus Ed Texas Lutheran College Segum Texas JAMES LYDA B S Abrlene Chnsuan College Abr lene Texas JOE MARTIN B B A M A East Texas State Teach ers College Commerce Texas FLORENCE M MERCER B A Unrverslty of Texas M A Um versrty of Texas Austrn Texas RUTH MILLER B A Texas State College for Women, Denton Texas CAMILLA ODEN M A Umverslty of Texas Austm Texas DOLORES A THOMAS B A , Macalester College St Paul Minnesota- Greeley State College of Education Greeley Colorado pq S. YZ!" MRS EVELYN MIZE MRS MORELL MRS OWENS School Secretary High School Cooks Auxzlmry Workers Hxgh School J an1tor Bus Dnvers Grade School I3l'l1I0l' HENRY SCHULTZ MULLINS, DUNGAN LEON MARINE BRANDT, SCOTT NYGARD 7" Engllsh Band Speech Football Llbrary TYPIUS Tins Is Your LLe Home Economxcs TOP CENTER. Spanlsh Vocauonal A grlculture BOTTOM CENTER Math SCICHCC Hlstory QL Ti 407395 NC S Www K -'-- 4""' if Drwer Trammg Car P TA Courtesy JACK ANDERSON MOTORb P,T,A, OFFICERS: Mrs, Hagman, Miss Leseman, Mrs. Haverland, Mrs. Stacks, Mrs. Rivers, Mr, Bell, Mr, Ball, Mrs, Lundgren, Miss Linke, Mrs. Cannon, Mrs. Reomer, and Mrs, Wooten. C....g ,..1 Presrdent Vtce Prestdent Secretary Treasurer Student Counctl Representatxves Parlxamentanan Reporter CLASS COLORS Yellow and Brown CLASS FLOWER. Yellow Aster The Past Gone- The Future Still Our Own' 1-I BILLY MEYER JOHNNY MUERY DORIS ANN SAFARIK RAYMOND HILLER JEANETTE MOGOYNE TERRY STAGNER ALBERT MIKULENCAK JAMES RANKIN Jeanette Mogoyne, Tommie Joe Pate fi? -4 fY.',, A J4NIE Nl-sRlE CARTER FHA Club 3 Year Vollexball 2 Years Pep bquad 2 Year JEsaE Cf'-.BTILLO apanr h C1 b 2 Year Football 3 Year Ba netball 1 Year Ba-eball 2 Year Track 2 Year Volle ball 1 Year Box 1. g 1 Y r BLNNIT. ICF COTTLE TOMMIE ABEL Football 4 Yearsg Basketball 2 Yearsg Baseball 3 Yearsg Paper Staff 1 Year- Officer 1 Year FLORENCE ADKINS Student Councrl 1 Year FHA 1 Year Basketball 4 Years Annual 2 Years Tr1 Edrtor Homecomxng Queen 56 Freshman Class Favorlte Pep Squad 2 Years Jumor Class Presrdent Senror Play All Drstrrct Basketball 2 Years Cheerleader 37 58 HENRY CAINTU Spamsh Club 1 Year Track 2 Years Paper staff 1 Year Art Edrtor Boxmg 1 Year DARRYL CARLSON Student Councrl 1 Year Offrcer 1 Year FFA Club 4 Years Offrcer 4 Years Football 2 Years Annual Staff 4 Years Trl Edrtor Senror Play w ho s KN ho Most Couneou Boy Vxce Pre rdent Area V11 FFA Clas Offxeer 1 Year as ., -.C1b2Yc3I 1 4 6 L. Elgin Public Labrafiv' BERNEECE CREEL FHA Club 4 Years Basketball 4 Years Captam 1 Year Baseball 3 Years Vol leyball 4 Years JOHN DUBE FFA Club 3 Years Offlcer 1 Year Foot ball 4 Years Track 1 Year sn .far 4' ' ml WELDON EKLUND FFA Club 1 Year Football 4 Years Captaln 1 Year Basketball 4 Years Baseball 4 Years All D1str1ct Football All Central Texas Football All D1str1ct Baseball All Dxstrlct Basketball Second Team Class Offrcer 3 Years REBECCA ESCHBERGER Band 3 Years Offlcer 1 Year FHA Club 4 Years Offrcer 2 Years Who Who JIMMIE FISHER Student Councrl 1 Year FHA Club Sweetheart 1 Year Football 4 Years Captam 1 Year Basketball 1 Year Baseball 4 Years Class Offrcer 1 Year JAMES FOEHNER FFA Club 1 Year, Football 3 Years, Bas ketball 1 Year, Baseball 4 Years, Track 2 Years, Paper Staff 1 Year, Offrcer 1 Year, All Drstrxct Baseball 1 Year. ' . . - . 5 ' . N 14' F ik ,. Q Ef'1k'::a.Q rg' . s ' Student Council 1 Year, Officer 1 Yearg : . 9 ' I I: ix - 3 - x I ,.., 1 ' 1 5 1' K If Z 'N 0 I 2 'S N., T . 1 ' I u C? A 4 LINDA HUNTER FHA Club 3 Years Basketball 4 Years Baseball 3 Years Volleyball 4 Years Drstrlct Typtng 4 H Club 4 Years Of frcer 4 Years GARY JOHNSON FFA Club 4 Years Offrcer 4 Years Beef Judglng Team Plowrng Contest ROY JOHNSON Student Councll 2 Years Presrdent 57 JAMES GIBBONS FFA Club 1 Year Declamation Pho tography Club 2 Years Semor Play Track and Football Manager 3 Years Basketball Manager 1 Year One Act P a ANGELINA GONZALES Choral Club 1 Year FHA Club 1 Year Basketball 3 Years Baseball 4 Years Volleyball 4 Years Paper Staff 1 Year Offrcer 1 Year Class Favortte 1 Year Cheerleader 57 58 Pep Squad 2 Years All Drstrrct Basketball' Captarn 1 Year DONALD HARMON FFA Club 3 Years Football 4 Years Track 4 Years All Central Texas Foot ball Senror Play RAYMOND HILLER FFA Club 3 Years Offlcer 2 Years Football 4 Years Captarn 1 Year Bas ketball 4 Years Baseball 4 Years Track 4 Years Class Favonte 1 Year Boys State 57 Who s Who 56 57 Most Ath letrc 56 57 if -Q-4 58 FHA Club 1 Year Football 4 Years fl Basketball 4 Years Baseball 4 Years All Dxstrrct l Year Track 1 Year Class -4 Favorxte 54 55 One Act Play Mr EHS 56 57 Class Offxcer 2 Years M AYNE JOHNSON student Councll 2 Years Offrcer 2 Years FFA Club 1 Year Football 4 ,is Years Captam 2 Years Baseball4 1' 1 N Years Basketball 4 Years Track 1 Yea Class Favor te 56 All Drstrrct Baseball 2 Years All DISIIICI Football 1 Year LILLIAN JONEb FH X Club 3 Years Vollexball 1 Year JOHNNY IONSE bpamsh Club 2 Years Football 4 Years ,Q btaff 1 Year Offrcer 1 Year Boxrng 1 A' Year LEONARD KASTNER FFA Club 3 Years Offrcer 3 Years Football 3 Years Basketball 1 Year Baseball 1 Year Track 1 Year Darry .Q ,.... Judgmg 2 Years uni' BARNEY KEMP Paper Staff 1 Year PATSY LAWHON FHA Club 4 Years Basketball 1 Year Baseball 3 Years Volleyball 1 Year Pep Squad 1 Year Semor Play I 1 , C '5- ' H 9. ' -- "'1 Basketball 1 Yearg Track 4 Yearsg Paper o fr ,A :I I: . .X ,Q I : : ' KX .ga g 1 f FFA Club 4 Years Offlcer 2 Years Track 2 Years Dany Judgmg 3 Years HAROLD LUNDGREN FFA Club 4 Years- Football 4 Years- Baseball 2 Years- Paper Staff 1 Year DOTTIE MAREK FHA Club 3 Years Basketball 4 Years Baseball 4 Years Volleyball 4 Years Class Favome 1 Year Pep Squad 2 Years Class Offxcer l Year CECIL MARTINEZ bpamsh Club 2 Years Football 2 Years Baseball 1 Year Track 1 Year Vol leyball 1 Year KATHRYN MELBER Band 4 Years FHA Club 4 Years Of fxcer 1 Year ref-5 i in --ug IEANNETTE MOGONYE Basketball 'Z Years Volleyball 2 Years Tennrs 2 Years FHA 1 Year Rhythm and Blues Club Record Club Paper Staff Offrcer 1 Year Class Favorlte Student Councxl 1 Year Cheerleader 57 58 Sen10rPlax BESSIE MORGAN FHA Club 4 Years Basketball 4 Years Captarn 1 Year Baseball 3 Years Vol leyball 4 Years Paper Staff 1 Year LARRY OLSON JOHNNY MUERY FFA Club 4 Years Offrcer 4 Years Lrve stock Judgrng 1 Year Student Councrl 1 Year Offrcer 1 Year Class Offrcer 3 Years WALTON OLSON -Qi Student Councrl 1 Year FFA Club 4 Years Offrcer 3 Years Tennrs 2 Years Beef Judgrng 1 Year ROSS OTT ball 1 Year FFA Club 1 Year Football 4 Years Bas ketball 4 Years Baseball 4 Years All Drstrrct Baseball' Class Offrcer 1 Year FFA Club 4 Years Offrcer 1 Year Foot fv 1 IYS JIM RANKIN Band 2 Years Choral Club 1 Year Paper Staff 1 Year Offrcer 1 Year Annual Staff 3 Years Trl Edrtor Photography Club 2 Years Class Offrcer 1 Year DORIS SAFARIK Class Offlcer 1 Year FHA Club 2 Years Offrcer 1 Year Basketball 2 Years Baseball 1 Year Volleyball 3 Years Cheerleader 1 Year Pep Squad 2 Years Senxor Play DONALD IOE SCOTT FFA Club 3 Years Football 4 Years FFA Offlcer 1 Year Basketball 4 Years TOMMY PATE FFA Club 1 Year Football 4 Years Basketball 4 Years Baseball 3 Years Track 4 Years Paper Staff 1 Year Class Favorlte Class Offlcer 1 Year All Centex Football' All Dlstrrct Bas ketball' MARY LOU PEREZ Basketball 4 Years Baseball 4 Years Volleyball 4 Years Paper Staff 1 Year Advertrsmg Manager Cheerleader 57 58 Pep Squad 2 Years Senror Play SANDRA PUHLMANN RAYMOND RAMIREZ Football 4 Years Baseball 4 Years L1t erary Events 2 Years !"7 Baseball 2 Years Paper Staff 1 Year .,.4 Offrcer 1 Year MARY SMITH FHA Club 2 Years RITA SMITH FHA Club 4 Years Volleyball 2 Years Basketball Manager 1 Year TERRY STAGNER Band 1 Year Student Councxl 2 Years FFA Club 1 Year Offrcer 1 Year Foot :Fi ball 4 Years Basketball 2 Years Base ball 4 Years One Act Play Class Fa VOIIIC sul 'U 1 SYLVIA WILSON HOWARD TAYLOR Band 4 Years Offlcer 1 Year Choral Club 1 Year Tennrs 2 Years Volley ball 1 Year JACKIE WILLIAMS Student Councxl 1 Year FFA Club 1 Year Football 4 Years Basketball 3 Years Baseball 1 Year Track 1 Year Paper Staff 1 Year Annual Staff 1 Year FHA Club 4 Yearsg Basketball 2 Yearsg Volleyball 2 Years. PIOCLSSIOHBI Invocatron Hymn Message Hymn BCUCUICIIOH Rocesslonal Fust Baptm C hurclr May 25 1958 Pomp and Lrrournstancl Holy Holy Holy Pagel All Hall the Power Pagc 132 Pornp and Crrcumstanoe ELGAR RLV GILORGL MCCRARY HERBER and DYKI S REV HYLON VICKERS HOLDEN REV HERMAN ENGLING ELGAR flmngregatron please remarn durlng the recessronalj USHERS V rrglnra Cottrngham Charles Boettcher Karrn Lundgren Clayton Daughtry Mary Jo Romrne Harry Krenek Judy Sanders Travrs Roberts Baccalaureate Scripture Reading --------------------------- TERRY STAGNER C077Zl7Z6l7,C6l7Z6fLl EXCTCLSQS Processronal Invocatron Welcome Class Hrstory Farewell Address Presentatlon of Class Drplomas School Song Recesslonal Vrrgrma Cottrngham Karm Lundgren Mary Jo Romme Judy Sanders Elgrn Hlgh School May 30 1958 Pomp and Crrcumstance Mrs hm Bob Grrffm Salutatorran Valedlctorlan Supermtendent Texas State Teachers Assocratlon Prmcrpal Presrdent Board of Educatron Elgm Hrgh Forever Audrence Pomp and Clrcumstance USHERS ELGAR MR RAYMOND DESPAIN GARY JOHNSON IOHNNIE MUERY ALBERT MIKULENCAK L P STURGEON A W BELL JR DR ROYH MORRIS BIGELOW ELGAR Charles Boettcher Clayton Daughtry Harry Krenek Travrs Roberts Awards ------------------------------ VALLON L, VGIGHT Senwr Superlatwes IIMMIE FISHER Most Allurmg Most Popu ar IEANETTE DORIS ANN MOGONYE SAFARIK WELDON EKLUND RAYMOND Most Athletw Most Courteous DARRYL HILLER DOTTIE IANIE MARIE CARLSON ALBERT MIKULENCAK MAREK CARTER Most LLkely to Succeed Smoothest Lme 'T FLORENCE PATSY ADKINS LAWHON TOMMIE JOE PATE WAYNE JOHNSON Best Dre-S8661 Best Natured REBECCA MARY LOU ESCHBERGER PEREZ ROY IOHSON ,xx EE - -fusy D' F W x f fl :K Last Wtll and Testament We Walton Olson and J1m Foehner wrll to John Dube our abrlxty to graduate Dottre Marek wrll to Artur Henze my abrlxty to play basketball Kathryn Melber w1ll to Oscar Dube my abrlrty to play the clarmet Sandy Puhlmann wrll to Edwrn Wuensche my wavy ducktalls Harold Lundgren wrll John Alcocer my abrlrty to wrrte the F F A news Journalrsm I Raymond Ramrrez leave my ab1l1ty to make good grades and cheat to Judy Sanders I Mary Lou Perez wrll to Rebecca Santos my abrlrty to hold a man and my posl txon as cheerleader Angle Gonzales w1ll to Clarence Davrs my abrlrty to get along wrth people and to be everybody s frrend and nobody s sweetheart Rebecca Eschberger bequeath my blond haxr to Marjorre Wrlson Lrllran Jones wrll my Chemrstry book to Roy Perez Sylvra Wrlson wrll my auburn harr and four rnches of my herght to Vrrgrma ue Cottrngham I Raymond Hlller w1ll to Kay Kemp my herght and my brg feet l Benme Joe Cottle w1ll to John Gonzales my abrlrty to ask unnecessary quesuons rn Englrsh IV Gary Johnson wrll to Travrs Roberts my red harr Donald Ray Harmon wrll my basketball abrlrty to Delores Haverland Cecrl Martrnez Jr leave my love of all the El H1 teachers to Kay Jennings Wayne Johnson wrll my srze and mob111ty and Tommxe Joe Pate wrll my abrlrty to keep Mrss Oden laughrng to Kenneth Daughtry Johnny Jonse w1ll the Prewrtt Brrckyard and Terry Stagner do hereby w1ll my abllrty to learn English to Davrd Grbbons Donald Joe Scott wxll to Karrn Lundgren my ab1l1ty to be laughed at tn class Florence Adkms wlll to Lo1s Melber my abrlrty to turn red and to play basket ba Jack Wrlllams wrll to Guy Wolf my ab111ty to cheat rn class We Ross Ott and Gordon Mlller wrll our ab1l1ty to hunt coons to Woody Campbell Weldon Eklund bemg of unsound mrnd do hereby w1l1 my touchdowns shoulder ads and Austm phone numbers to Harry The Horse Krenek James Gxbbons wrll to Stella Arzola my abrlrty to talk lrke a Yankee Patsy Lawhon wrll to Gene Henze my werght and my loud mouth Tommre Abel wrll my typrng speed to Charles Boettcher I Rrta Smrth wrll to Clayton Daughtry my sparklmg brown eyes and rosy cheeks 1 . . . . . in '58, I' D . . , . I, . ' ' ' ' . . . in I' . . ' . . . . , . . S I' , . . . . I' ' . . . . I. , A . . , 11. I' . . . . ' P - ' N H - I' . D . . D Jesse Casullo do hereby wrll to Mary Io Romrne my herght and wexght Brlly Meyer wrll to Wayne Jones my posrtron as Senxor Class Presldent Leonard Ray Kastner will my abllrty to type to Margaret Gonzales Larry Olson wrll my hexght and Berneece Creel w11l my sxze to Boyd Henry Mary Smith w1ll my helght and Dons Ann Safarrk w1ll my posrtron as head cheerleader to Dor1s Ball Janre Mane Carter wrll my abrlrty of not cutxcrzrng every teacher and srtttng strll durlng a hrstory class and Iohnnre Muery wrll my love for hunung and f1sh1ng to Carl Cole Darryl Carlson w1ll my extreme herght and my flattop to Irmmre Cottle Jeanette Mogonye wrll my posrtton as cheerleader and Bessre Faye Morgan wxll my abrlrty to play basketball to Vrctor Dube 11m Rankrn wtll to Wrllre Stockton and John Hernandez my abrltty to confuse and frustrate teachers 'K :WV r p E .5 -w !'n,,, Y 10.59 ' 'X t , ,, N 0 XX s f 'Q J 1. ' . . . II I ' , I 1. . ' ' - Il . I . ' I I' . ' Q' Q . 1 . L ' . . . . 1' . . . , ' Os'-'fp T PT, if W filet- ' ' Z f 1 '39 ' ' we ,. W W M Q3 'Q 1' ' si 1: x r X 5 La'-B A so N' ' . Xa Q X V 1 L lurks! ' uri '51 President CHARLES BOETTCHER Vice President GENE HENZE Secretary Treasurer DORIS BALL Parliamentarian BOYD HENRY Reporter KENNETH DAUGHTREY Student Council Representatives MARIORIE WILSON :Og '- 9.44114 To make no mistakes is not in the power of man- but from their errors and mistakes the wise and good learn wisdom for the future GUY WOLF MARY JO ROMINE CLAYTON DAUGHTREY JOHN ALCOCER EST ELLA ARZOLA DORIS BALL CHARLES BOETTCHER WOODY CAMPBELL CARL COLE VIRGINIA COTTINGHAM JIMMIE COTTLE CLAYTON DAUGHTRY KENNETH DAUGHTRY CLARENCE DAVIS JOHN DUBE OSCAR DUBE VICTOR DUBE EVELYN FARRIS DAVID GIBBONS MARGARET GONZALES DELORES HAVERLAND BOYD HENRY ARTHUR HENZE if yo GUY WOLF GENE HENZE JOHN HERNANDEZ KAY JENNINGS WAYNE JONES KAY KEMP HARRY KRENEK KARIN LUNDGREN LOIS MELBER ROY PEREZ TRAVIS ROBERTS MARY JO ROMINE IUDITH SANDERS REBECCA SANTOS WILLIE STOCKTON SUSIE TJRRBIARTE MAPJORIE WILSON 'Fir EDWIN WUENSCHE N? SIDNEY VILLARREAL fumor Apr11 3 1958 Southern Plantatlon '7 30 p m ym X5- Banquet Senwr PROGRAM Welcome Charles Boettcher Response Bllly Meyer Prayer Karrn Lundgren EAT Acknowledgements Dons Ball DESSERT Danclng to musxc of Grlbert Kautz I '1'f"' Menu Vugtma Glazed Ham Baked Beans Potato Salad Gold Nuggets Iced Mmted Tea Marnmy s Fresh Peach Cobbler ,r f 1 . X 't "' I V Q 'NF N A W2 Aff '1 1 9 Z A f if 1 f WN R :X L. K n I 1 I ,J Q All men s gams are the frutt of ven turmg Prestdent BYRON LAX Vlce Prestdent BILLY MARTIN Secretary VIRGIL DALLEY Treasurer DOROTHY MIKULENCAK Reporter HERMES PAYNE Parltamentartan PAULA IVEY Sergeant at Arms ERNEST IIMINEZ Soctal Chauman FRED GUSTAFSON Student Counctl Representatlves JUDY DAVIS BEVERLY ALMQUIST IIQJ .AJ Glenda Stone Stafford Bengston Sophomores Gerald Abel Damel Acosta Beverly Almqulst Io Ann Barnngton Stafford Bengston Mary Bowen Estella Cantu Jarrel Chappell V1rg1l Dalley Edd1e Dav1s Walter Dube M1Ck1e Dunbar Henry F arrrs Estelle French Ray Gonzales Benton Guentzel Freddre Gustafson Rosalee Gustafson Barbara Hxckman Paula Ivey Ernest Ilrnenez Sandra Jones Gayland Josephson I arrel Larson Byron Lax Yvonne Lundgren Bxlly Martm Agaplto Martmez Perry McVay Dolores Mendez Dorothy Mikulencak Sophomores Walter Mills Molly Mogonye Johnny Moore Dorothy Morgan Robert Owen Hermes Payne Richard Pena Gary Peterson Nellie Ramirez Sophie Ramirez -1-7 Janie Reynolds Danny Rhodes Jerry Robison Oscar Sanchez Billy Schlab Benny Smith Glenda Stone Richard Tadlock Ruby Tumer Phillip Vxllarreal Paul Walker Alrha Waugh Willie Smith Dickie Jennings SCHUUL BUS Presrdent Vrce Presxdent Secretary Treasurer Parhamentarxan Reporter Socxal Charrman Student Councrl Representatwes f Commg together IS a begmmng keep ing together rs progress workmg togeth er is success Q 5 v ii' JACK COTTLE EDNA BRIDGES ALICE DAVIS STELLA TAYLOR BARRY ELLIS LOLA ROGERS IO NELL SAPPINGTON TINA BOETTCHER IOE SCOTT U22 ' ll! . A1108 Davis, Kelly Kastner NIA!! I IUPUI! Freshmen Helen Anderson Delores Ball Justo Bega. Donald Beran Tma Boettcher Edna Brrdges Charlene Carter I ack Cottle Ronny Creppon Alrce Dav1s Martha Dube Sam Dungan Barry Ellxs Howard F arms Inez Fams Garrel Flemxng JU113 Franke Howard Frednckson Edward Frenzel Freshmen Frances Gage Carolyn Gonzales Frank Gonzales John Gonzales Lxno Gonzales Peggy Greenhaw Ronald Huggms Sue Hunter Floyd Johnson Don Josephson Kelly Kastner Patncra Larson Margre Lewls Ray Lrmas Ronald Lowther Lusxta MRIIIHCZ Glorra Matthews Sue McCreery J lmmy Meyer Evangeline Moreno Irma Ochoa Sulerna Ochoa June Olson T K Wk 4-A f " 'Q' 'Y YA J f A I A v I A KT'-J Jerry Head "' F S' Y 'Ut XxX'l".:7 as I f-M I2 Freshmen Raymond Ott Norton Parrs Clrfford Pate Roy Pena Carlos Ramrrez Davrd Ramrrez Johnny Ramlrez Lola Rogers Jo Nell Sapprngton Jimmy Schandals Lowell Schorr Arthur Schroeder Joe Van Scott Ernest Smrth Nelda Stockton Stella Taylor Paul Vasquez Charlotte Vorght Ardls Wellbrenner Dorothy Wrlkerson Jesse Wlse Kenneth Wuensche X 44.-Q! A, a Freshman Imtratwn REQUIREMENTS 1 All freshmen must be sub ject to ANY Senior on Wed Dec 17 during school 2 Freshman girls come to school without make- up and without combin hair 3 All freshmen will wear an onion around their neck on a suing 4. Freshman boys wear dresses, hats, and lipstick, 5. All freshmen bring shoe polish and rag. 6. Freshman girls dress like tramps. This includes black beards, etc. 7, Any unexcused absences will be taken care of when they return to school. 8, Anyone who resists initiation will be subject to maximum punishment in assembly, 'Fe 3 si. 5 1' ugxsbrf ' J'- Q, H. f x . , V fxlrx ' . Ji, x. 5 E f YW afa- X57 Glenn Engelrng Iullan Flores 'Y' Donna Francke Carter Frost Kelly Glona Joe Gonzales Patsy Grant Lynda Grrffm Larry Hodge Emestma hmenez Howard Johnson Drana Jones Sam I onse Kenneth Krsamore Robert Abel Lydra Arzola Wanda Brrggs Joyce Campbell Davrd Cannon Susan Condron I W Conner Kerth Dalley Kenneth Dalley James Daughtry Darrell Davrs Brlly Daum Alonzo Domrnquez Howard Dunbar Lu Ella Dunbar f'?' 4 'S' ..d' Darrell Krenek Davrd Lrmas Rudy Lrmas lame Lara Larry Larson Marrlyn Lax Emrlxe Lrnd Jarral Magnuson Dora Mendez Joe Menley Alrce Mrkulencak Gene Mrller Ellrs Morrlson El1zabeth Mundkowsky Marlon Pendergraft in U0 1-I fi 1 T? -i vrgm fi "7 John Perez Rudy Ram rrez lzrghllz Nora Robrson Robert Sanchez Delores Santos Betty Schroeder Louls Selvera Mary Shoqulst Barbara Smrth "'? Sherman Snowden Sylvra Solomon 1-7 Frances Storey Esteban T urnbrarte Gus Vrllarreal Johnny Vrllarreal Nancy Wrlson 'Y 'fc-:Y 1" T Q7 Seventh Nancy Stagner Robert Stockton Mary Tamez Mary Tate Arleen Turner Lena Turner Judy Vxllarreal Paulme Vlllarre al Frankie Walla Bonnie Woessner James Wynn Shirlene Johnson 'TT Adam Pena Jr Rachel Ramrrez Florence Raney Paulme Reyna Candelarro Reyes Martha R0b1SOD Wanda Roblson I amce Sanders Nancy Sandrfer Myron Sapplngton Anton Schlab Rebecca Schorr M11ton Shoquxst Vrrgxma Srppel "'? Oscar A1rnqu1st Larry Beran Melba Carter Cathy Cartwrrght Carol Cole Joe Cottle James Creppon Susle Flores Brenda Francke Benny Gandara Cnstrno Gonzales Lenora Hattox -4-"' N0 ff ft. 7 George Hurerra Charles Hugglns Margaret Johnson 'Wy YD S61 entlz Stanley LaBauve Pete Lara M11dred Lawnon Almarle Magnuson Frank Marquez Rrchard MCG1Ik Bonme Mrlam Abel Montemayor Serxo Montem ayor Roy Morrxs Lmda NCWQUISI Jerry Norwood John Flores Catormo Flores Jr Mary Flores James Foehner Rudolph Ionse Joyce Kemp Patucra Kruger Edward Kylberg Kay Ma1or James Martm Rosahnda Martinez Nelly Martmez Nancy Frtzpatnck Jack Anderson Roy Arzola Lydra Bega Ray Botkrn Grace Brrggs Georgra Burden Allen Cannon Ward Dalley Joy Davls Danny D1ebe1 Donald Dyer Joy Exsenbeck .WN A .gg Ray Martinez Bertha Mart1nez Carolyn Morzec Marllyn Morzec John Morns Davld Page Al1ce Pena Ahce Perez Albert Pfelffer Charles Poth Rebecca Rlvers G1lbert Sanchez NN 'T 'Of 'TED' 'PS' wusr Glona Santellana Sara Sotello Szxth Edwm Schroeder Shuley Scott Ny 'Y Ti N-.av -r-- Katherrne Shoqu1st Eugene Sm1th She11a Smrth Gary Snowden James Storey Darlene Swenson Davene Swenson Ernest Teague Harvey Teague Seceha Vasquez Oscar Wrse 'i2""l:'!IfgligIg ia 5 'l"I'!'l"iii"I 5'lQr"g:-I's'gggr's I 'rs' 'gg :5i'5gglgegf::g:2g'5g's 5!'I3!jEHlQl'2:I'fl'l!E ii lgHgg5" rx:qfgu-g 111 :fs l"'yugIfq-'sg-5-I, fi iIg-ig"'asa':g- 9- 5 In: I I I it f I I I I :l I Alfa g l:'u'gli'n:!IIl: :IAs3:l!lilll:nIliJ!!il I I !' 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IIIIIIIIIIWIIWIIIIIWIQIMIIEIIIII,,IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEMII A I .1 I: qu gg. Ju! Z: lggh ,'.aIIim 1 I ' slang I Llp fm! I II: III I I Q" ", "IIf!'lII ,1I-l I I' I. Ii QIIIII I' III? I II: II EIIIISIWI '1 PI ' 'IE' Il II I I I IIIEI I ' Ig fl I III : V' ' II' I II- UI vp Ili! I Ig - i 1 2 1 ' 2 I - ' 1 " ' -' 3: 'IIII'9'III!"'Is'5!IZI:-- ,5 I'EIu " II' I -I!lIEI' ':IIIIIIIII"'Il5"!l'v'I-"lIll'1! III!vI'!l II!I' uf 'IIlg:'Ig'I5I1 III'-'I1IvI'!III1.IIiIl"IIls 'III Il IIIIIII IIII, -.'li'I'Ig.g.iIIIg!zl'IlI'sII!, uqa5I1gali,:!II !:i5glii!,gii2u! .,g iipgiliigJH''sj5i!i5,'fI!!i:'S!'g!.'Ii I'.'5I'g',I'il-z.l2Ii5!Ii"l ,I " !I:Illi,'l'iIii,s.I gl,'zF5g,aI5gi'ii,Il:i?ji55'5!I.'5" fl I:II:IIinE'I,'l. 11 IIIFIIEIII' Elm! :I . II' It I IIISEIIIIIIIIIIIQ. my m' I . : III Iriil 'lg!l,isn:! ,Ii isf xg I.IIl,5,g5I I A Ial!': I'5,I1i I 'IIII my li'I r l ' il' mHMIwwH:vmqwI MINI IrWm4QWwwW,iI45 fIpvfiIVWxiiHWmwmIU pfI'g.,nFIs. laIl f!'ii5ifn.IIfI'I :Ii'IIlI'f','iIg, .i Ef'g"'l , bl ,I . 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SEE:II5r5I!iif1I2s5gf?ii!'-I2 .flifggf Sai-EINI 1 :IEP Is'-':I'lf :f?f-:ie'!gi'2!'!Iii 2 il' 5-li".-Ii'I:::u Lg!! si ff: Es552'Ei1i!f!P5UE': WMMWIINQM f''JMTIIMWMWIMHWWImf1H5IIIIMIHMwiWyW4M?QwMTmWm5IwMmi MJI552QMMMMMAHMMMEMHMIHMQHIMMEHMWMMMMMIHMEHMMHMHMIWMWW I III wmMJWHf 'Hmfa . xr'-' Dear Frlend This IS your llfe when you were ln the first ""'.'-:L ,urns years Happily you recollect the umes spent 1n groups learnmg together wlth all of your frlends You remember the fish aquarium and nice teacher who helped you so much in your growing process. You remember your friend, Mr, Ball, These are the precious years. JL, dn-aff. fd MRS W F CONDRON T S Unrversrty of Texas Fourth Grade MISS MARGIE CREEL S W S San Marcos Texas Fourth Grade MRS C T LARSBERG B S S W S San Marcos, Texas Fifth Grade MISS VELMA LESEMAN B.S,, M,E,, University of Texas First Grade EDWARD D BRANDT M Ed Umversxty of Houston Houston Texas Frfth Grade MRS EMMETTJ CARTER B A Southwestern Georgetown Texas Second Grade MISS MAY DAVENPORT S W S San Marcos Texas Ftrst Grade MRS WILLAMENA FROST S W T San Marcos Texas Frfth Grade 'IQ' MRS E G MULLINS B A Sxmpson College Indranola Iowa Second Grade MRS MAURINE NAIRN , S W T S Thrrd Grade Mas, VELMA volsr-rr s,s,, s,w,s,T,c. Third Grade MRS JAMES LYDA B S Abrlene Chrrstran College Fourth Grade MRS MALLIE E McCRARY M A Unrversrty of Texas First Grade RUTHL SCHANHALS . .. S.W.T.S. . . Third Grade MRS, DAVID SWENSON . ., S.W.T.S. . . Second Grade ..-f Freddxe Matetzschk Manuel Mendez Albert Montemayor Dorothy Bell Moore Richard Morrls Gladys Pr1nz Ruth Rampy Pedro Reyes George Rrley Kay Rlvers John Robnson Isabel Saenz Clarence Bell Jrmmy Campbell Eddre Coy Patr1c1a Frenzel Mary Jane Gandara Glorra Gonzales Gay Guentzel Jo Annetta Henry Dewey Hrbbs Conme Huff Barbara Klsamore Mary Alrce Lrmas Alrce Saucedo Archie Small Ralph Stenholm Elizabeth Stockton Anna Swenson Roger Thormahlen Joel Turribiarte Yolanda Wise Mane Almqurst Tacxo Beltran Noal Clark Larry Dunbar Frances Fxelds Rrchard Gonzales Sarah Gonzalez Glorra Guerra Curtrs Guthrre Rebecca Hernandez Becky Huff Bonnxe Hughes 77 Lucy Sandrfer B111y Scott Marta Selvera Emllra Ublas Margaret Vrllarreal Larry Volt Raymond Waters Royce Weaver Joyce W11son Crndy Johnson Dons Kocklm Caron LaBauve Susxe Lara Frank Martinez Sandra Mecey Hector Montemayor Mxchael Murphy Gary Joe Poller Mrke Reynosa Fred Saenz Edward E Sandlfer ,fb 'V 'TKO C' Geneva Cordova Ronme Crrder Sofra Dommquez Garl Ellrs W Ray Frtzpatnck Jacklyn Forman Pedro Garcra Robert Gonzales Connre Hernandez Patrrcra Hrckman Sharon Huggms Kenneth Hughes Stella Pena Albert Wayne Puhlman Josephlne Reyes Ronald Schorr Mary Ann Srebert Randy Snowden Kathleen Sutton Adolfo Tamez Edward Teague Jackie Tingle Mary Villarreal Thomas Wilcox Lors Ann Kochlm Norma Jeanne Larson Maunllo Mendez Judy Lynn Mrlam W11l1e Moms Judrth NCWQUISI Lambert Ochoa Ronald Parker Louls Pedro Alba Bega Q Delores Mrchael Leo rnerva Cordova Dav1s Foehner Jr Gandara Z 1 -1 47 "af I Carglyn Shu-ley Douglas Drann T0mrI1y Connxe Gebhard Grant Johnson L arson L awhon Lloyd I Mary H Oralla Ignaclo Paul Mary E D3Vld Lopez Marquez Mendez Moms Parker Payne Joe Gayle Johnny Ann Danny Linda M. Pena Poth Reyes Rlvers 531116113113 SChr0ed8r I ulius Jeanie Reynaldo Paula Alfonso Gilbert Schwartz Sedberry Selvera Swenson Tamez Velasqllez Betty Kessel Tony Lara Frances Martinez Sabas Mendez Mary Nell Morgan Lee Nunez Ltbby Payne Ruth Rxvers Steve Rxvers Yolanda Saenz Cecrl Smlth Donna Sue Snowden Edwin Almquist Leon Cantu Terry Cartwright Frances Nell Cline Irma Collaza Cathy Danklefs Eddre Falls lsldro Flores Frank Gonzales Manuel Gonzales Mane Gonzales Susan Hagman Donald Snowden Em1l1a Tamez Catarma Turnbxarte Lrnda Sue Webb Ronald Whlte Betty Sue Wrlltarns Jacmto Medrano I agkqgjft "7 Vlckre Hrbbs Deborah Iaecks Charley I ones Iram Mendez Vrrgrnla Moreno Sue Newqurst Joe Nunez Gary Owens Angehna Perez Steve Ramon Nancy Ramsey Elouisa Rangel Tony Alba Robert Barnngton Carl Botkrn Mauna Calderon Drane Crlder Denny Daley Alan Dunbar Pedro Florez Johnny Gonzales Lucy Gonzales Barbara Hagman Charles Hlckman "er if Eva Salazar Marilyn Schorr Wallace Schroeder Ygnacxo Tavarez Mane Teague C assunuo Ubras lame Vxllarreal Connre Volght r x X .Q , 1.3 4 H N 5 f ' A I "ff X 5 X I I . .0 ,f , , , N I , ' . -, hw-31 7' I 1 5' fi , V ' V' ' lj - Q . XM- L ex .V V X I N 'K Q- . -2 ,X - 4? . ' 7 A av . 1 ,tx 1 M ' 5 4 W. 7 I 2 -a ' 'M al T" ' V:-Qfiv -W --'. -, . Q if 4 .9 ' -Q--r L A . ., vi I A D - J. l , .Q A 4 v I , A I 1 Rudy Guerra Irmmy HlbbS Herman Ionse James I ustrce Iarme Mendez Barbara Mlkulencak Lillre Pena Roy Pendergraft Sammy Perez R1ta Ramuez Robert Rangel Celesuna Rentana 1: SIP' c 5 W ' 'Zi A Y? 'C Patsy Chisholm Marilyn Cole Eva Collazo Rudy Collazo George Cottle Steve Davls Nrcky Dungan Jean Fams Amta Ferrales Judy Frase Gwendolyn Gage Mrke Gonzales Glona Reyes Rosrland Roemer Alfred Selvera Carolyn Sundeen Ampara Tamez Joe Trevmo Thomas Ward 3B y jfs 3" Rudolph Y rr Sofra Ann Wayne E Gllbert Alba Avalos Burden Carter Chavarrla --Y Frank Loursa o Leonard Jame Flores Flores Gonzales Hagman, Jr Hernandez Dee Farrrs Barbara Johnson .J Elarne Beverly Glorra Carmen I e anette Holaf Johnson Kessel Marquez Martinez Matetzschk Mendez 1 -V ,Z Wtlma Gay Zonda Kay Glona Davrd Neely Nerdrg Nunez Reyna Ir vi QVC lhllo Don Lrbrado Randy Lmda Solomon Sotello Stacks Stockton Ro Reyna 9 4 PNOONUI Jesse Trevmo Helen Ann Schanhals I Fehcrta Turrubriate wif Grlbert Bega Kay Branum Marta Cantu Frank Canllo n-yo Dale Carter Davld Coy Ben Gonzales Mary Gonzales Carl Lee Guthrre Georgle Kay Head Manuel Herrera Anna Hernandez Dora Turmbxarte Bearnce Velasquez Alex Villarreal C atarma Vlllarreal Lupe Vlllarreal Vrckre Lynn Volght ' B1ll1e Jean Kemp Lina Lara Bobby MCCllghI Martha Montemayor Wanda Neely Manuella Rangel Raymond Rentena Iosefa Saenz Dora Saucedo Ruth Drane Small Isxdro Soto Carolyn Stenholm ,uu- A r X ' " .Ll -J -.. 1' v 1- Q , ' - , An-1 , . .VI wAf,?f' x J 1 1' nf 1' X , - 'K . '. 'r aaa, l 9 , ri . v xt John Lee MaJors Cathy Lynn Mecey Rebecca Montemayor Patrxcra Murphy Nancy Lou Parker Kenneth Pendergraft Wrlhs Muniz Ben Rangel Lmda Reyna Jane Rrvers Eddre Saenz Irene Saenz Bruce Barton Rrchard Beltron Patsy Ann Blrsard Jesse Ferrales Margre Gandara Tommy Gardner Mark Grbbons Arnold Gonzales Robert Gonzales Kelly Hendrrcks Yvonne Johnson Erlc Lloyd Nelda Jo Sand1fer Rrchard Santellana Robert Schwartz Linda Jo Siebert Gilbert Silvera Lupe T amez Olga Tamez Joe Villarreal Ernest Voight Kenneth Wilcox til 5 Josefa Hernandez Ilmmy I-lrckman Moms Wayne Jones Lupe Lara Ronald Leps B1lly Mllburn Mrchael Mogoyne Alrce Mane Norwood Danny Page Bobby Ramirez Ramona Renterla Lrlhe Reyes W 2 Albert Arzola Emelro Barron Sarah Botkm Leon Cardova Freddre Carlos Judy Dungan Savrno Ferralez Ronald Frsher Charles Fromme Mary Helen Gandera Irma Gonzales Teresa Gonzales Carol Day Rivers Jean Rivers Fred Rose Paul Sanchez Max Tamez Nancy Ubias Lucio Vasquez Richard Waugh Patricia Webb Eva Marie Wolf Paul Wooten K 'v W1 ' 33 Davrd Bell Paula Branum Marsha Buckley Mary C antu Vrvran Ch1sholm Lee Drldy Sara Harr1s Alfred Gonzales San Juan Gonzales Danny Grrmm Randall J ay Hagman Kerth Hanson Edward Perez Fred Ramon Merton Steaples Beatnce Tamez Cecrl Turrubrarte Elprdro V111 areal Sheila Voelker Charles Ray Wilson Donna Ruth Wynn YE? Ramon Hernandez Lrnda Jonse Wrllram C Kemp Juan Lara Arthur Lynn Majors Antomo Martlnez Tomasa Martmez Cynthra McCreery Lupe Mendez Dana Moseley Yolanda Nunez ward Payne 'K -lui' 1 Johnny Ramon Pamela Sue Sanders Joyce Schorr Hector Sotello Lynette Stabeno Ernest Stockton Joe Suarez Davrd Sundeen Refugro Tamez Celestrno Vasquez George Vrllarreal I ames Alan Waugh Lmda Wilson George Alba Anselmo Bega Antonra Barron Iosefme Cantu Rrta Carlos Alfred Dommquez Gary Dunbar Darrell Glover Lmda Anne Hodge lame Lara Ramona Marquez Davld Mogoyne Irmmy Morgan Rrchard Mumz Margarrta Navejos Mary Jane Pendergraft gf 1' M , ' 7 r -lf .1 2 t - . f L 'Q f f L14 "Hn ul J M 3 .A J N - . ,f ' 1 Q V M4 Q' . 1 , x I r ' if ll .zz ' f I 4 . . ,A 1 - , A . .. . I . ,1 K! Arnold Ray Glover Iaun Hernandez Rxchard Hlbbs Sherla Jaecks Mary Ann Knowles Angle Loyd David Loyd Brcente Marquez Barry McCr1ght Elrzabeth Moore Mary Hellen Mumz Sally Rangel Andrew Alba Guy Bartosch Maggre Bega Janre Cantu Rrta Carrlllo Deborah Carthwrrght Larry DBVIS Dale Drldy Sharon Dusek Estella Flores Julra Flores Royce Gebhard vi -..,,v Mary Sotelo Jlmmy Sotelo Vernon Glenn Smrth Sandra Scott Rosle Lee Schwartz Luls Saurez Iuamta Saucedo Jerry Sanchez Adelalda Vrllerreal --9 Rosa Avalos Eldon Ball Gerry Bredlow Glor1a Cole Eddre Collazo Eugene Coy Kathy Drebel Mrchael Frase Rosa Garza Loyce Gebhard Frankl Grllett Joe Gonzales '10 QC Q0 x! 0 L J' Qu Larry Don Robmson Noemr Rodnquez Mary Ann Saenz Kenneth Stenholm Janre Tamez Arthur Teague Lrnda Kay Thogmartrn Mary Ester Tobar Lurs Turrrbrarte Grlbert Gonzales Jrmmy Huff Stanley Lundgren Irene Lawhon Elarne Morrow Yolanda Mendez Mary Alrce Mendez Rrchard Martrnez Nancy Owen Roger Dale Rampy Roy Rangel Jesse Renterla WHY' From the be gmmng I then rt looked llke this ii gas iii there was a mad rush except at 8 14 a m i unt11 Bell' At noon we gathered here N M1 What s th1s'7 Only a pep rally! An assembly to brrghten our day The demon, TESTS 'mf wmaffyl D1d that man say, Hohday 'P The younger set to the end! OFFICERS Presldent ROY JOHNSON V1ce Presxdent WELDON EKLUND HARRY KRENEK Recordmg Secretary DARRYL CARLSON Correspondmg Secretary CHARLES BOETTCHER Reporter GLENDA STONE JOHNSON Treasurer IOHNNIE MUERY .1 4u-'-" Student Counczl 5 4 x REPRESENTATIVES Semor Class TERRY STAGNER IEANETTE MAGOYNE Junror Class. GUY WOLF MARIORIE WILSON Sophomore Class JUDY DAVIS BEVERLY ALMQUIST Freshman Class. JOE VAN SCOTT CLEMENTINE BOETTCHER F.H.A. GLENDA STONE JOHNSON f--V--' -N, fa -fv-wr! W. KIA S 'A A ga . - V .,L. J x , 'Eff -A i . .... if 5 '51 g,-.-,. I ' ' .. '-4' ' ' ' 4,,,. Z ,., X R T ' sg, ,, Q-.M Parliamentarian A A A af!- -5 ? .rl 'Tv A 4 T f,"1'f. - Q -I 'K I, - r - I . f . W M ir f - x f f,, H xX Sponsor MISS CAMILLA ODEN ll' 'L TMO QT tg "-3 -1" " -A "X-lf' ff f'x"' -'X -. ls 1- 7 'I XJ: -xo,-7 ,f ,,'j-t,x-- f -M ' Q '- , I' X I 7 I ,- , if : '- af , , t,ff ., ,f 0 1 l 1 rl f rg I , I fx 5 ' IA PAPER STAFF 1 , 1 ffiditor ----- ------- ----- J E. ANETTE MOGONYE , Q' 4- Sports Editor ----- ------------ - EDDIE DAVIS ' g AHEdHw ------ ----------- --HENRYCANTU A I H News Editor ---------- ---- A NGELINA GoNzA1.ss " Typist --------- --------- - - Evz-:LYN FARRIS if Press Operator ------------ - DONALD JOE SCOTT N Q. ICJ 52 TF ,J Torch H+ 19 Q ' 1n0 r , Wosooe Ftrmon oocomponl f fon. on 1 El HL Echo E3 1 Houoh vno 1 T DLT vrvrk nn o S ALbert Mlkulcn thf proud poo e a n2000 scholar St Edwards Unl Clty 1D AUStln I D+, Albert was Vlu the Unnvcrenty leerned of s luck then J LEFT TO RIGHT Henry Cantu Mary Lou Perez Howard Taylor hm Foehner Tommre Joe Pate Eddre Davxs Jeanette Mogonye Johnny Ionse Angelrna onzales Donald Joe Scott, and Evelyn Farns h A o p Tqf r ohlt 1 wot r , NMlC 1 occwe bon ro oni r H W lnof bv Nr TO 'NFTT' O1 L m Dru 1+h 1 1 rn f1n'1n r 1'1 1 D 1 HWTG yoqr. Convretulrtlons Albert May Vou cord contln CT1TFV'T Curl- rr 1 , "1 C: f F 1 ' T' v - - ,, r-'A , ,' - YT, Q' 3 ' 1 , , -gl , D, , . , XD-Vlwil? wel: i. .I 7 iqrg . IH ' , ' ' FS . WWF' , 'Lu 1TWi -.,., ,, J... 'QT of Q 7 eff-7'W"T11" .H 111 their' .1 D' 1 fi Roy to Q H ' 151 A1J'tig1, Iqg - 0 5 b D' ' ' 0 q ', wairyfc F. y ,H , 'r U4 F'G W1'Vt - ip. .. f V 'f Q Q1Tv " TG Altw , Dt'.1C Roy n- e '- hi . -, ' 1.. , .Q A r ' "wH1-H ll, 317 1, t . T t hz H15 - - T i T I , 1 0 . n ' L n . n I u I I 6 0 - ,1 . 4 I Ot X S , . I 1... 'L . A ... .2 . ' ' -LD . DDD D U' 5 A ' ' A 3 3 ' W ' T5 j in 1-with 'Sho stng- ' ' . ' S 'S W P " f 5 'DW the srnn2t'5. 'T' lhgg gym, Q C3133 Y-I' V -i---i---e-o-- - he S .'fX f3tC IVF. Gvfffl. .ft L"T 1 DI 'A V JM . -, A A T3 F , , X A , ' rf 1 .Lvl T ,KT MI. I 'L Ap- .11 P V . 'Lyn Sx nw JY' 1. Qiqw M' ,N OFFICERS President REBECCA ESCHBERGER Secretary KAY IENNINGS Treasurer VIRGIL DALLEY Ltbrauan FREDDIE GUSTAFSON Reporter GLENDA S JOHNSON PLACES ATTENDED Band Day, Austm Chnstmas Parade Taylor Marchmg Contest Segum Contest San Antomo Fresta Flambeau San Antomo Sprmg Concert March 7, 1958 Sept 6 Featured Majorettes, Mascot and Drum Major Lxttle Champ Sept 13 V for vrctory, telescope Queen Cny Sept 20 The Abe Lmcoln Story Sept 27 A Day on TV The secret scenes of the concert that others never know about' ,.f"" F3 .31 Frfth Grade Slxth Grade Seventh Grade Presentrng the Elgm Hrgh School Band ln concert March 7 1958 Clarinet Trio Student Conducting Fine Concert, Band! Ball, Melber. Romine Judy Sanders Virginia Cort ingham DRUM MAJOR 5 , Virginia Cottingham ,Q ' .f D, SWEETHEART f A . g.5 K R11 Glenda Stone YAISSEOT ey Paula Sue Ivey S Kay Jennings Judi' Davis Semor Play and Varwty Show wk 4- 41 " tw5'89-61' 779,93 s QF 4,921 '5xQFg q '5 196 'J 5 51' 3,15- -r 57 How about a statement? Care for any t1ckets'P Man I don t d1g sptders' ' Wot you doin mam? WOW' ' 1 And next we have Miss America 1958999 OH" Ramoma , B A B E E E' H Get outta here, woman. Slippin' and s1idin'. Oh. b0y. when Y0U'1'e with me Spanzsh V :Tit 't F' Cutting our frogs. . . This year's new addition, , . , .Q On parade Cheerleaders FLORENCE ADKINS ANGELINA GONZA LES DORIS ANN SAFA RIK IEANETTE MOGONYE MARY LOU PEREZ L Pep Squad E 9'9- ww I OFFICERS Prestdent KARIN LUNDGREN Vrce Presrdents Program MARY JO ROMINE JUDITH SANDERS REBECCA ESCHBERGER DELORES HAVERLAND Publtc Relatrons VIRGINIA COTTINGHAM Recordrng Secretary JO ANN BARRINGTON Correspondrng Secretary DORIS BALL Degrees Pro jects Recreatton These grrls are proud of then State Degrees MAKER V92 5' A Q20 if ' 4,74 I 2 gf- 25 2 fnv 1 Y il Q WM M 443 Xx 0 'Nq- NEW YV' Girls playing the role of mother in play school. Treasurer MARIORIE WILSON Parltamentarran KATHRYN MELBER Student Counctl Representattve GLENDA STONE JOHNSON Hrstorrans DOROTHY MIKULENCAK and BEVERLY ALMQUIST Song Leader DOROTHY MORGAN P1an1st LOIS MELBER Photographer MARY BOWEN These Lttterbugs start the Clean Up Campatgn off wrth a bang' Sweetheart HA RRY LYNN KRENEK Working on handcrafts John recexves an award A 1958 Cattle Judgmg team 9 Y Nil-6, A I Qlmtv-Q9 :- f X f' Sweetheart Delores Haverland Gary rece1ves the Dommy Award Darryl Carlson Area '7 V1ce Presxdent OFF IC ERS WI nd T 5 Team Dor1s Ball DISTRICT Karm Lundgren Edw1n Wuensche Q I :."'f yplfl : - ' -Wx I Instructor: Joe R, Martin ri rx . tl I ' ,yflf - if I k . . Z ' P W" Hhulmqvs X ' Y f 9 W Team Dome Marek Linda Hunter Lmda Hunter Lmda Hunter Sprmg eet Shonhand DISTRICT Thlrd Place DISTRICT Thlrd Place TEAM" Flrst Place REGIONAL F1rst Place STATE Second Place f Q Tennzs Q Howard Taylor 1 Albert Mrkulencak 4'o"'q, Davrd Gxbbons f' Vrctor Dube Sprmg Meet Team Oscar Sanchez DISTRICT Frrst Place Robert Owen Benme Cottle Ray Llmas Ed Davrs REGIONAL Third Place Dav1d Glbbons Gayland Josephson Go l 'J HARRY KRENEK Jumor JUDY SANDERS Jumor TERRY STAGNER Semor RAYMOND HILLER Semor Who s Who DARRYL CARLSON Semor ALBERT MIKULENCAK S6l'1l0I MARY I0 ROMINE Iumor REBECCA ESHBERGER Semor if - , ww- - 1 9 Mr and Mass EHS ROY JOHNSON FLORENCE ADKINS Most Lzkely to Succeed ALBERI' MIKULENCAK LINDA HUNTER Most Handsome Most Beautzful TERRY STAGNER PA ULA IVEY Most Athletzc j' uf RAYMOND HILLER DELORES HA VERLAND Friendliest HARRY KRENEK GLENDA STONE JOHNSON Wntnest TOMMIE JOE PATE TUDY DAVIS T213 'x J Best Dressed WELDON EKLUND KAY JENNINGS Most Courteous DARRYL CARLSON JANIE MARIE CARTER May F ete ueen, PATSY LAWHON H omecommg ILCETL YVONNE LUNDGREN Bo WX if Q '56 mr if ii? Come on you Wrldcars YELL1 Our Ma Jorertes sw 4' J It s nearing game time We re wrrh you And here they come .ff -v-""""' It s a grand frrst half Coach Anyone you know? Second underway Everybody's helprng Three way drsmcr V O b 1 . MA ,J ,D- I Q Y Q 3' ., - o I I 'f f 11 -. x .V f.gl..,. - Ng' fn A 5 J X .YQ - 5 on 41: ,, , I I ' ry, I - " 1' ICN lo 9 Albert Mxkulencak Gary Neal Johnson VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN 95 23 92 46 Valedzctory Address Parents Teachers Frxends and Classmates There IS no other word whrch rs as sweet and as sad as farewell however II must come sooner or later We the Seniors of 1958 of Elgrn Hrgh School leave wrth deep appreclauon for the many advantages rt and tts teachers have gtven us Th1s apprecratron prompts us to say thank you to all those who have helped make our graduatlon posstble In return for all that our teachers parents and frrends have grven us we hope someday to brlng honor and perhaps some degree of fame to the halls of Elgrn Hrgh School To our teachers we wlsh to glve thanks for your help tn teachxng us how to 11ve with others We also w1sh to thank you for your understandtng help rn the classroom To our parents, ln behalf of the semors of 1958 I wtsh to express thanks for extendrng to us the pnvrlege of school We know that rf rt had not been for your understandtng love and advice we would not be recervrng our drplomas tonrght To my classmates I wrsh to express a farewell We have spent many years of our l1ves to gether 1n thrs school This moment IS one of the happrest yet one of the saddest umes we have experienced together It IS happy because we have reached our goal graduatron and yet xt IS sad because we must say farewell to all that we have known together Therefore once agam I wrsh to thank our teachers parents and frrends for thelr help rn makrng our graduatron possible And agam l W1Sh to say farewell for the Semor Class of 1958 By Albert Mrkulencak ff" , 1 if W - , I P Q ,fx -Os, ,Q R e Q u l 1 n : I o a 0 n 0 u n . o 0 0 O a 9 0 1 1 Q U 0 ' 0 n o ' , u 9 0 0 n SENIORS of 1958 These men made ll ofhcxal N X :sg g Alben gave our last farewell before we Gary welcomed our graduated from dear parents and fnends O1 El H1 K H THORMALEN Football Baseball DUA NE DEAN Football Basketball Baseball JAMES LYDA Football Basketball Track Head Coach WILDCATS Elgm Elgm Elgrn Elgrn Elgm Elgm 'Elgrn 'Elgm ' Elgrn 'Elgrn ' DISTRICT GA MES Burnet Round Rock Georgetown Taylor Caldwell Granger Sm1thv111e La Grange Grdd rngs Columbus ,en Elgrn E1g1n Elgin Elgrn Elgrn Elgm Elgrn GLOBETROTTERS Georgetown Taylor Thrall Thrall Georgetown Taylor Grddmgs .- 2 6 we lf. 'fl' fv- 7-ni! W A-sndf L L. JOHN DUBE' WAYNE JOHNSON' DONALD SCOTT 58 Center 65 Guar 60 Guard dau BENNIE COTTLE DONALD HARMONN TOMMIE PATE" . '77 Tackle . '75 Tackle 89 n RAYMOND HILLER JIM FOEHNER LARRY OLSON Sr. 86 End Sr. 85 End Sr. 88 End 'ALL-DISTRICT " ALL-CENTRAL TEXAS 419' -:Nj 'WELDON EKLUND" ROY JOHNSON JIMMIE FISHER 11 Bac 28 Back 44 Back JACKIE WILLIAMS JOHNNY IONSE HAROLD LUNDGREN 33 c 35 ac 14 c TOMMIE ABEL RAYMOND RAMERIZ TERRY STAGNER Sr, 76 Taclde Sr. '73 Tackle Sr, 61 Guard ' ALL -DISTRICT " ALL -CENTRAL TEXAS fi Mn P-Q. 'xl HARRY KRENEK' BOYD HENRY GENE HENZE 10 c 22 Bac 24 Back TRAVIS ROBERTS J 55 Center Me? gfif 'I qlf .1 l BYRON LAX Sop '71 Tackle in O-dw Q 'WC AQ OSCAR SANCHEZ So '79 Back Ei ,Q-f"" 4' WILLIE RAY SMITH WALTER DUBE GAYLAND JOSEPHSON Soph 62 Tackle Soph 30 Tackle Sop '72 Guard 'ALL DISTRICT lm! s-4' Wh, X Football Sweetheart PAULA SUE IVEY FIELD EVENTS left to nght TOP ROW Ph11l1p Vlllarreal Johnny Jonse Arthur Henze Tomm1e Joe Pate Byron Lax BOTTOM ROW Boyd Henry R1ck1e Tadlock W1ll1e Smuh F Xxlxlll A TRACK EVENTS left to right TOP ROW RICKIE Tadlock Byron Lax Davxd Glbbons Arthur Henze Donald Ray Harmon Raymond Hlller Rxchard Pena Johnny Jonse Clarence Davls Johnny Moore BOTTOM ROW Boyd Henry Kay Kemp Jarrel Chappell Frank Gonzales Dan1elAcosta Davxd RZIIIIIEZ I-915 Track , 19,5 'E x 4' -l X ' I EDDIE DAVIS 4 DANNY RHODES HERMES PAYNE 7 DA VID GIBBONS TRAVIS ROBERTS 13 GAYLAND IOSEPHSO JERRY CHA PPEL BUTCH ELLIS 1 PERRY MCVAY 12 DON IOSHEPSON 15 VIRGIL DALLEY 11 N LARRY OLSON 11 WELDON EKLUND 55 RAY HILLER 32 TOM PATE 34 WAYNE JOHNSON 15 HARRY KRENEK 10 ROY JOHNSON 24 BOYD HENRY 21 KAY KEMP 54 DONOLD SCOTT 42 ROBERT SANCHEZ 10 KEETH DALLEY 4 JAMES DAUGHTRY 12 DARRELL DAVIS 7 KENNETH DALLEY 5 DUANE DEAN Coach DARRELL KRENEK 8 ..l..f" I5 A0 ,We WELDON EKLUND Sr I' ' -sq-,.,,. ..vm 4 ,...1iQ.. Lv I g,mp..n R :was fsd'-'E' ....a.,l L 'S ,H 4 us RAYMOND HILLER Sr TOMMIE PATE Sr ' WAYNE JOHNSON Sr ROY JOHNSON BOYD HENRY Ir HARRY KRENEK If DONALD JOE SCOTT Sr LARRY OLSON Sr KAY KEMP Ir 'ALL DISTRICT "'?!Qf' EH a k lllnunuu 5 M nvxgeggymg Nov Nov Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Elgln Elgln Elgln Elgm Elgxn Elgm Elgm Elgln 57 58 Schedule for A Team Thrall an Th all an Bartlett an Bartlett an Rockdale an Hutto e Bastrop e Manor e Elgln Elg1n Elgm Elgln E1g1n Elgtn Elgxn Elgm C 18 Eglll St Marys Fe 25 Elgm 2 St Marys Rockdale Pflugervllle Round Rock Columbus Pflugervllle Hutto Round Rock Columbus 58 9510 l BERNEECE CREEL Semor Forward X-Ani 'won LW 42:13 DOTTIE MAREK Semor Guard 9 gk E141 X FLORENCE ADKINS Sen1or Forward Mlff BESSIE FA YE MORGAN Semor Guard MARY LOU PEREZ LINDA HUNTER Semor Guard Semor Guard wqwiidb V rx vkhsfff' DELORES HA VERLA ND Jumor Forward Wg 9.5141 MAJORIE WILSON Juruor Guard ,lea cvX.5l,y 1 SYLVIA WILSON Senror Gua rd L U! , .mn 'Pr 'L' 1 'Z CHARLOTTE VOIGHT JO ANN BARRINGTON PAULA IVEY LOLA ROGERS Freshman Guard Sophomore Forward Sophomore Guard Freshman Forward av! 'gi E A " in , ,g Q gn A... 4 -.. 0 " A gl' , ' N " 1' 4. 'S H . x., I '4 4 T f . N g -.S'1vw' , , , ' ' g - i A , If ' A E . . , 1' A 1, - ' I ,H v '-5009i , ' , 3 Q, l ' if ' I . ' Q 1: 5 : ,- ' ' We E 5 if ' gl ' , , 'gf' ' "fue f g n , I v 5 Af jiri. Y 15 Q2 ik ' 4 , L 4 .A -,1 V' A I -iv 5 v -G.:-iffy? t' mi , ,.,. ' f' P Q ferr A Q, ,A :Y -:uf F , . a . - -ef -' '- 4 - il," ,a"c"x K - A -A 'S L T ' G fri wiki A ' A fy ' " Q23 Q V 0 I 'V , 1 . V L r ."'.f4' ' I ' g,, ', f . H... 'A 11,1 Tj . 5 I iiiwjil F ' A , f M l . ..r-T , "..., x , 4 if ' r- r ff .A ' I G ' ' 5f'Q'2 fh V- A f. A A 1 A-A-frm fr - T' A ,, . .., , 1 A . , 4 5 'iw--1 ff-o , , 1..,a.,4as' ' j ' - Q. ' A ' yif?3'f7f. 5 . 1' 'A ' - x ' Q I 1. 3:5 .ifizg r I ' fy a av ' Y ' , 6 ' - :'-- Q-. , . P 4 r - E ' 1 - f J .' . gg,-:y r A -ar ' K E- '- f 2 . A - G, ' . . , , .,,a.a.. K , N, l 3 . V , , . A - , W .vw-,..f V V, 1 ll " r ff 4" 11 , A QE' ' ,jr- f -. rf KW A u ' ' - -- ' -L-'1 In ' ' A A-'ei'-3 1 r ff 1 A I . 4 . ' " V T. - ., , 3 f vi fr '-s, ,.' , ' 1 1 A' .-' 11 , 1 f V ' A U- A '21, ', . , 1 13 -1 T ' W2 or - 1 L I A V ' - ' ., "' is , " V ' ' l ' - , J Y- 1 4-f 3 , 'rj V I Y ' I .- 'I .' f , .1 Q ' . Amy, -e,....- Y r - .- R, . ., . . . ,PQ ALL DISTRICT Dome Marek MarJor1e W11son Florence Adkms and Coach Dean TOURNAMENTS Rockdale Tournament Manor Tournament 2nd Place Thomdale Tournament P ll Coach- DUANE DEAN -5, Manager: RITA SMITH Coach: DUANE DEAN Co-Captains: BERNEECE CREEL and BESSIE FAYE MORGAN Elgin High School 1958 FIRST ROW Roy Johnson Vxrgrl Dalley Oscar Sanchez Ed Davxs Cec11 Mamnez son Ray L1rnas Travrs Roberts THIRD ROW Terry Stagner Jim Foehner Raymond 1-hller Jim Frsher Wayne Johnson Harry Krenek Larry Olson Regzonal Baseball Champs SECOND ROW: Weldon Eklund, Boyd Henry, Raymond Ramirez, Gayland Josephson, Jerry Lar- clgibfqm WELDON EKLUND RAYMOND RAMERIZ ROY JOHNSON WAYNE JOHNSON CECIL MARTINEZ IIMMIE FISHER LARRY OLSON HM FOEHNER IJ! """"' TERRY STAGNER TRAVIS ROBERTS HARRY KRENEK OSCAR SANCHEZ GA YLAND JOSEPHSON EDDIE DA VIS VIRGIL DALLEY RAY LIMAS Semors or Somethmg rf ...q if It s such a comfort to And leave the Cheeta the Chxmpl 1 go by bug drxvmg to us V'-'Qs PA xxx. Get out and push G1rLs gms what ARE HOUR late and you domg'7'P DOLLAR short 'i"N Where s Bessle John'7'7 Don t be a pig Patsy Look out it s falhngl' I pass them around What a crew' Down at the ole swrmmm hole Gordon and the sleepmg beauues 1:6 Here we go agam Watch it boy Well skmly scat' Rankm rs a card sharp' How about that? Bye, bye, Texas, What's the matter, Scottie - cold? Girls - on the rocks! 15" NOVELTIES SOUVENI Western Home of A 'no Truetone Assoclafe R d 3. 10S Siore Wlzard Appllances N P WORTHY Owner AT5 3212 Elg1n Texas Comphments of BAILEY FEED 8: SUPPLY Uncle Johnny's Feed O Depot Elg1n Texas DAVIS SCHANHALS PONTIAC CO Sales and Serv1ce P01Il1l' Phone AT5 4112 Elgln, Texas Zmldty Qfzocefzcec RANCH HOUSE GROCERY Open 7 a m 10 p m ROY JOHNSON Owner Phone AT 5 4711 Elgln Texas Is a name that IS always assoc1ated wlth f1ne foods Courteous serv1ce and fa1r pr1ces A w1de selectlon of canned foods fresh fru1ts, vegetables, breads, and meats Phone AT5 3371 Elgln, Texas .IEWELERS Jewelry and Watch Repalrlng 116 North Ma1n Elgln, Texas MARBURGER SERVICE STATION XTE ACQ Texaco Products Wash1ng and Greaslng Phone AT5 9303 Elg1n, Texas 4K Congratulatwns From CARDWELL VETERINARY HOSPITAL n . . , D , 3 1 , Sli Arvnsau Mize 17 Compliments of MILLER FURNITURE COMPANY PLUMBING AND ELECTRIC and Plumblng Heatlng and MILLER MORTUARY Electrlc Supphes JESSE AND CECIL MILLER Rellable Workmen Best for Your Convenlence Reasonable Rates Phone AT5 4122 Elg1n IVAR SWENSON Dlstrlbutor or GULF OIL PRODUC TS Phone AT5 4646 Elgln Texas ,4 5 jonnson LQ Sons WELDING AND MACHINE SHOP Mmneapolls Molme Farm Machlnery Elgln Texas 9 Mmuwoushauuf Q' 6' Wesfbrznfk STATE FARM INSURANCE 19' 106 West lst Street Gi bf Phone AT5 3544 Elgm Texas Comphments of 6 ,4 Jfngznnn .QQ Sans HARDWARE Hardware, Pa1nts, Stoves, and Electrlcal Apphances Phone AT5 4063 Elgln Texas JOE SIMON " he Best Place to Shop for Al1" sweat ' Phone AT5 4428 Elgm Texas s 1 3 . , V Vw :' xi fl' ' 1 0 0 0 O . ,VPN Elm if ,A ' uw, M.-.- S Inf"-3 lx I I - , M - . l O O A. " 9 ' 9 61 0AK FARMS DAIRIES R R e f1tN h Aust fe 7Zatuz'doa4 R P O Bo 863 Pho FRZ 6264 ed ' r' int ' xas H- ' - 4. DAIRY PRODUCTS fL. .- ,-,k so M. BARBER'S FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions ai mu lf., 'W Elgm Texas Compliments of NEIL R. GURWITZ OP TOMETRIST 'gb F..ng- Smlth Stud1o Elg1n Texas C omphments of THE ELGIN NATIONAL BANK " ety Plus Servlce Elgln, Texas C omphments of SUNSET MOTEL 8.1 CAFE 113 North Hrghway 290 Phone AT5 4044 Elgm Texas CARLSON S GARAGE U S Royal B U I C K Slnclau' T1res Gas and O1ls eggs: General Q4 Auto Repalrs Phone AT5 4664 Elgrn, Texas DAIRYLAND Hamburgers Hot Dogs Malts Mdkshakes C orn Dogs Sundae s Fountam Servlce MR AND MRS BILL STOREY JR Phone Alla Elgm AT5 Texas 3510 q A' 5 X 95 A MW Q, 4' . . . lm . Saf ' " ' ' rglv . ' I NED AND KATY FAILS H A g g 7 . n A . . u .x 4 . . I , is L o 5 9 .I .,, 4, , lg al - ' ' Kg. Congratulatlons From THE FLEMING MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Elgln Texas U RNITURE FUR F N 1570146 5 E H OCONNER Q'-I FLOWER SHOP FURNITURE 318111: Texas Elgln Texas Q COTTINGHAM SMITH S FEED STORE STUDIO Feed, qeed and Personahzed Photography Fert111zers North Maul Phone AT5 4614 E1g1n Texas Elgnm, Texas TEXAS POWER 8: LIGHT COMPANY lm' Hatter flecfrzmlly 90 I Phone AT5 4033 E1g1n, Texas j YOU CAN RELAX IN-" Phone AT5-4174 - W - 6 TH SIDE MARKET n SOU :mann IARIOL IITTSII Xl H F 'NHRHFI It s known by the people of Elgtn and M Qfi: Ma V1C1ll1ly for tts flne meats You need never worry about the meats you get from mOUTH SIDE MARKET Because they butcher the ktnd of stock you want You have mtssed somethtng lf you have not eaten some of therr fme barbecue Famous not only tn Elgin but tn surroundtng Centex towns BARNES JONES LUMBER COMPANY " verythlng to Bulld Anythl g Phone AT5 3209 Elgm, Texas GRUETZNER HEVROLET Sales and Servlce fHFNNVll'1 200 North Mam l Elgm, TG-1XaS - OTTO GRUETZNER, JR, Austtn Ph. Greenwood 2-1351 Qfflce Manager Elgm Ph. AT1as 5-3349 jlfladcrn BEAUTY SHOPPE Complete Beauty SCTVICC Han' Styling - Permanents Mamcures Phone AT5-4102 DOROTHY LUNDGREN AND RUBY GOLD, Owners L., ur am , ' P' I - . , a ,H V . , . . . 1 D-F! ' V .PA-J. A7 - , 2 E ' ' 'n ll f" NJ ELGIN COTTON OIL MILL Feeds and Cottonseed Products Fert1l1zers and lnsect1c1des 301 East lst Street Phone AT5 3933 CITY CAFE We Speclallze In Del1c1ous Steaks Lunches Frled Chlcken JIM AND GRACE HUGHES Owners 5 C omphments of MCVAY S PLUMBING af ELEC RIC lillllll Phone AT5 3939 JARMON S GARAGE General Auto Repalrs Genmne Parts and Servlce Texaco Products Elgln, Texas Phone At5 3802 ELGIN INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance BEST POLICY AT Au. Phone AT5 32.33 TIME5 Elgln Texas t oi Comvhmen S A ,NNN fu in CONCO CHEMICAL COMPANY ' UJL11 SCHNHDT Dallas Texas If I! JL 'I - - rv-w , J. 9 - 2 '- I 'fl .2 A, - ld ins'-'IQ , 'lf n 'Sn 7 N . . a V IN 9 O O X 1' 1 4 ' Tv'-1-" Y IIL Iv " RAMSEY Q 3, 5 PHARMACY Prescr1pt1on Spec1al1sts K J 3' QL! n'-yy" Phone AT5 3838 Elg1n Texas GROCERY Sz MARKET SWENSGN AND LUNDGREN Fresh Meat, Frult, and Vegetables 24446667 glddybtdd LARSON S GARAGE "The Clty L1m1t Garage" Is Known for the Excellent SCTVICC lts Frlendly Proprletor MR GILBERT LARSON, Renders Your Patronage ls Appl-ec1ated Phone AT5 3512 Elgln, Texas BARKER GRAIN AND ELEVATOR We Buy and Sell Phone AT5 3344 Elg m Texas M1lo and Corn SUTTON'S SERVICE STATION "Your Good GULF Dealer" Phone AT5 9326 Elg1n, Texas Comphments of WEBB AND WEBB Elgln, Texas ' 2 ,jf P' l "' Phone AT5-4721 Elgin, Texas 31215-j?Y" 7 J JOE PARR GOOD GULF DEALER I You Can Always Expect First Class Service at PARR'S SERVICE STATION THE MUTUAL LUMBER COMPANY Foremost suppher of bulld mg materlals for Elgm, han dles a complete stock of lum ber, palnts and other con structlon supphes Your 1nterest ln the1r stock 1S appreclated Phone AT5 4747 E1g1n, Texas Comphments of KERRVILLE BUS COMPANY " r1end1y Serv1ce Kerrv111e, Texas JACK ANDERSON MOTORS Ford Sales and Serv1ce Phone At5 4771 Elgln, Texas A - , - I . F ' ' ll ,f.'f' ,, , ' H14 . . 'Y , - 1 ememb r ARBUCKLE o1L co S1ncla1r and Goodyear Products Wholesale and Retall General Auto Repalrlng Phone AT5 4701 Elgln Texas ,7 5' Hlzappell REAL ESTATE Complete Real Estate Servlce AT5 4601 Elg1n, Texas P11111 .?arr1s MOTORS Automob1les AT5 3944 Elgln Texas 6' P Jlflvrrzszflf CONSIGNEE OF THE TEXACO COMPANY 1 ' , Farms - Ranches - City and Business Property 1 . , Compliments of ELGIN-BUTLER "Butler Brick Since '73" Plant: Elgin, Texas General Office: Austin, Texas Branch Office s Houston, Texas Dallas, Texas San Antonio, Texas Baton Rouge, Louisiana RIVERS AND ARBUCKLE AGENCY GENERA L INSURANCE W H RIVERS III Telephone AT5 3913 RAY H ARBUCKLE .IR Elgxn, Texas C ongratulatlons DR S T WARNER CHIROPRACTOR 700 North Avenue C Elgln Texas Heartgraphs Phone At5 4105 ATS Congratulatlons From UPCHURCH DRUG STORE ezood Place to Trade and Meet Your Frlends 4661 Elgln Texas EE XJXJ gsm: y am' uf ,Y MORYON FOODS DALLAS FORT WORTH LUBBOCK ou can DEPEND on 'Wm FINE FOOD PRODUCTS Comphments of THEATER ARBUCKLE The Fmest 1n Mot1on BARBER SHOP Plcture Ente rtalnment .I C MITCHELL, Owner 411 NOI'th Maln Elgln Elgm, Texas g g , 0 c I I U fi ! - ' v ' "ii - " "1 " ' " '5' ""i"'E iii? -"7 , Y , E w- f 01 . N: L fgvnmo P u 1 1 25' ' 7 '- V, . ..L X - 1 . , nuool ' - : Y . . . , 2- Q W ' y n..-.4 ll' , A ' 2-..z I " 4:65 I Aft.. . . O l THE ELGIN COURIER ' HAROLD H AND ROBERT BREDLOW Pubhshers Q U Servlng Elgln for 66 Years 'i rlouston Off1ce Phone UN2 5997 We W1sh To Thank The C at B CHEMICAL Faculty And Stadent Body For San1tary Supplles Flre Flghtlng Equlprnent Then' Klnd Cooperatlon Wlth 3706 Raymond Street Houston, Texas ALFRED TESCH Rt 1, Be11v111e Texas THF, ANNUAL STAFF Phone Kenney 7 13 Compllments of PAYNE BRICK CO. Elgln, Texas , F. lg-at Us, 1 ' , J Fresh Enrmched Bread kzchfer 19 S1nce 1882 BUTTER KRUST BREAD The Flavor Rlte Loaf Butter K1'L1St Bread Fre sh Enrlched Bread E' ,X 11A Q 4 3,2 'Q " 5: ., gf 'iflwa f .' , S5 4-4 ELGIN STANDAD BRICK CO. Phone AT5-3357 Quality Brick Elgin, Texas

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