Elgin High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Elgin, TX)

 - Class of 1952

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Wifi 1351421 ' ' X4 EL G1 N x-UG 55?J1Hf1sQi2H sing gy? Vgf' 1 f-5?7 YFCTT ig: our Norah-7 fav. iouv-fb. 'gnc-X x,Jk31'L .,,,-+L zu -VY Mrv5?lf9g-E9v2fL5i'rjW . n. 1 1- - X hh FOREVER I5 F151 if 5 K mm-lx. Toes-:,1'he,r Had Qofiuaaoef W we TTT? L f EQ: l gl g fsikuu wall p'eAj,, r Y T V I1 N L I ,g l "' l + - mv:-:vin 7 Lgpxf, I 1'- 'fit x we -If L 1? oe- vlc.'N'ev f 'll I 2 I u EIJYITEPQ Ev 5 R53 . Q, D . .nl-A 47 :WFT V u if , , A + T v 'lag I "' lt I 41 V H If uf Q l J' 1: t.i-v'- Q 4, 1' W afwwif F 6' 5 V . v my , 1 ' ' J- TW!! . '4' 'F :W . . fa . . 1 :xp ' ,. . ' .1 ' ,s . N 4 ,fgwix "Q H3 -Q. 1 Aa, - ,, V 5, sv ."'," 'La 15' r fa 'F K XML' 'Qi 7 W . Y... 1, If . n ... ,N ' 1 , , Q- if vi-- .iit mer, ,.x ' '.s2'z ' . nm Q11 'Q .K N . 33 Q- ff Cat Paw 00 Q, G "cu-v'N 5 7 1- fn, S, .g' fz 1 X 3, - z V. XX oi ffxx if i -q ix - R., As you loaf through the pages of thus yearbook, may you find pleasant memories on each page, To you, the student body, we prcsunt this 1032 Cnt's I'.1w. The Editor -I. M. PHOTOGRAPHY BY FRED MOREE, SMITHVILLE, TEXAS .,' 'S DEDICATIG Her knowledge of books and their usage have been invaluable to the students in their efforts to write themes, make speeches, do research work, and find entertainment through reading. Democracy is her byword. Each student is treated with the same regard. Scenes of her travels in England, France, Italy, and many other European countries help to make her classes in history and Spanish come alive. Students say they feel as if they had been there too. In addition to all these qualities she has developed the first prerequisite of a good teacher, the reputation of being an excellent disciplinarian. - For these reasons and countless small personal experiences which will be remembered by all students, we dedicate the 1952 CAT'S PAW to Mrs. Katherine Henderson. SCHOGL BGAIQD President . . . . . . . . D. B. Welch Vice-President . . . . . . Woody Burke Secretary ............. .... . . ..... .... H or-ron W. Naim Elmer Burke Harold Dildy Willie Giese A. V. Green Paine Williams DIA. FFICEIQS C o-Presidents . . . . . Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Simon Vice-President .... . Mrs. Chas. E. Davis Ist Vice-President . . . 2nd Vice-President . . 3rd Vice-President . . . Recording Secretary . . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . . .... . . . . Prrliamentarian . . H iswrian .... Reporter . . . . . . Mrs. Louis Lundgren . . . Miss Nell Owens . . Mrs. Finch Dunkin Mrs. Lincoln Creppon Mrs. joe Lee Sanders . . . ..... Mrs. Paul Abel . . . . Mr. W. C. Henry . . Mrs. Fmnk Williams . . . Mrs. J. C. Miller Mrs. Kitty Henderson . Mrs. Raymond Hiller 1 ""7 I i Il L ff' W ry Q' '--- Ii I, BUDDY MCGEE AND BILLY RIVERS HERMINE ENGE1-ING MARY JO TOMBI-IN Photographers ASSE' Ediwl' Social Editor fair I I EW In JEANIE MULI-INS ALBERT PAINE WILLIAMS ,Edit0l' - AND JIMMY LUNDGREN Business Managers BILLY HENRY, GAY LEWIS AND BETTY JEAN EKLUND AI-ICE ANDERSON, DOROTHY JARMON Publicity Director AI! Editors AND BENNIE GANSKE Production Staff -Q. Scroll od? i TS x,,ff qw-.. 0 . X ' 'ff CQ , . if Q r x . i,i BARBARA KRUGER, Business Manager JANE CUNNINGHAM, Ediw,.i,,.Chief in we-ff' In T F1 First row, left to right: Betty Cooper, Edna Faye Rogers, Girl Sports Editor, Sylvesta Eubanks, Sub- scription and Circulation: Mary Jo Tomblin, Subscription and Circulation, Myles Callaghan, Sports Editor, and Marjorie Reeves, Exchange Editor. Second ww! Delores Frost, Alice Anderson, Vera Gustafson, Ollene Pfeiffer, Jo Ann Craig, Buddy McGee, Photographer, Farrell Meyer, Ass't. Business Manager, Jonathan Hopper, Kenneth Cox, Anita Holmes and Max Simon. Adviser to Quill 8: Scroll and Staffs - MRS. DENNIS ATKINSON 'H 1 -'-0" -10" 4,011 L0-, THE ELGIN COURIER AND FOUR COUNTY NEWS NOW IN ITIS SIXTY-SECOND YEAR OF CONTINUOUS PUBLICATION.THE ELGIN COURIER IS BASTROP COUNTY'S LEADING NEWSPAPER, CIRCULATED PRINCIPALLY IN SAST- ROP. TRAVIS, WILLIAMSON, AND LEE COUNTIES. THE COURIER EARNESTLY STRIVES TO SERVE ALL THE PEOPLE OF TI-IIS AREA. REGARDLESS OF RACE OR CREED, SOCIAL OR ECONOMIC STAND- ING. POTH 'S DRY GOODS COMPANY IS ONE OF TI-IE OLDEST BUSINESS IN- STITUTIONS IN ELGIN, FOR YEARS IT I-IAS BEEN KNOWN FOR ITS FINE QUAL- ITY GARMENTS. SI-IOES. HATSQAND MATERIALS, POTH 'S DRY GOODS COMPANY "A FRIEND IN THE PAST AND FOR THE YEARS TO COME, " ELI ARONSON IS A NAME THAT IS ALWAYS ASSOCIAT- ED WITH FINE FOODS I, COURTEOUS SER- VICE, AND FAIR PRICES, A WIDE SE- LECTION OF CANNED FOODS, FRESH FRUITSg VEGETABLES. BREADS. AND NIEATS. THE ELGIN NATIONAL BANK MEMBER OF F,D,I,C, IS KNOWN FOR ITS GOOD WILL AND TRUSTED DEPEND- ABILITY, I-IERE I-IERMINE AND JEANIE ARE MAKINGA DEPOSIT TO THE ANNUAL FUND, MANY STUDENTS RECEIVE FIN- ANCIAL ADVICE HERE. A COURTESY EX- TENDED TO EVERYONE. "TI-IE BANK TI-IAT IS YOUR FRIEND, " .0-10 101-or wa-A X 2 ---12? G35 5 Mff -X f ZZ kfm fiz 1: QE -2' M n3CfW'i5En33?5HCliTf?v MISSJEEEEJFSSZXLITV f eiffix-gg 4 ' . 75 1 .MQ I ,Q TIE J GENE SCOTT - OLLENE PFEIFFER WITTI EST his MOST INTELLECTUAL DONALD GUSTAFSON JEANIE MULLINS SWEET I3 A N D MARY CAROL FLEMING C4 me -, a I ' 45 F O G 'I' MARIE CAMPBELL B 1 A if . Q VWJG-ff.'! L fz. if L D 5 if ?-S1-1 Z 53: F F A WOQQ 6,5 LYNNALEE DANNELLEY J. P. scuaonnsa K X, Egg X! Seniors BARBARA KRUGER KENNETH COX Juniows EDWARD WEISNER BETTY LYNN MARTIN H.. 6 UH i OLLENE PFEIFFER - I. P. SCHROEDER op OITIOPQS SL , n x GLENDA LAX - KARL ILNGELING FPQSIAIYHQH 1 OS EHS LYNNALEE DANNELLEY Exezpplary Student' ALBERT PAIN Exemplary Scuden E WILLIAMS O Siu PS ' ' K ,J R, M , BETTY KATHRYN HODGE L A scholarship'- How ARD CGoo-Goo, KOETHER Athletics" DONALD GUSTAFSON Leadership" ' Selected by Faculty for WHO'S WHO in American High Schools "" Selected by Annual Staff X JIMMY LUNDGREN Music" l'0"0u0l0l0l0- MILLER FURNITURE CO. MILLER MORTUARY YOU WlL.L. BE SATISFIED WITH THE SERVICE YOU GET AT HILL 'S LAUNDRY SANTOS SOUTHSIDE GRO. STAPL.E MERCHANDISE SERVICE AND COURTESY GUY CARTER "THE ARPLIANCE STORE " BOX I35 ELGIN 1 TEXAS FOEHNER 'S FOOD STORE 22 NORTH MAIN STREET ELGINI TEXAS CONIPLINIENTS OF ELGIN FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS EI.GINn 'rExAs CONIPLIMENTS OF FITZPATRICK 'S CLEANERS CONI PLIIVIENTS OF A FRIEND XS Nia .L --Qxf'f 5. 'I "x X - ' x .. I ,- , ID .- -. -' 255, Pg., -A vb en. , , ' .L- is T1 fs -'IL 'Q MY! 1 ig-xx Qs? m X 5' fjj' ,ik . my Q, I' X", 145 '02-4 HIS? is Y .Agiili X 4 QNX?- +L- v. I 'N 1 - 051 V px 515 f"s ' ' Y' T- Nf- F4-5 X x S f N 7 N 1- K 0-5 fs ' 5 4-5 ,. fs K 'xvsv-.5'5"'S v's'5 J A o-Q i -X,.xf5f1 25? X 5-XZQ'-5,-Q14-'-5 Q I Z, I - fl X I I v 1 ' . 'iv X' ' :usb 5 ,- xX f A 4"i"V awww. Sf l KING: ' . . x Af 931 41 75 ? XF ' r I ,, . ' 'T N 4 N , R I 15 enior' Class llicers President . . . Jane Cunningham Vice-President . . . Jonathan Hopper Secretary . . . . . . Barbara Kruger Treasurer . . . . . . Farrel Meyer CLASS COLOR CLASS FLOWER Yellow and Green Yellow Rose MOTTO "We Finish to Begin" "f-1: . MYLES CALLAGHAN Football 49, 50, 51, 52 Football Captain 52 Baseball 49, 50, 52 Basketball 49, 50, 52 Track 49 Boxing 51, 52 F. F. A. 49, 50, 51 Tumbling 49 ROY CAMPBELL BETTY COOPER F. H. A. 49, 50, 51 Choral 49, 50 Student Council 50, 51, Wildcat Staff 51, 52 Quill 8: Scroll 52 Cheer Leader 52 Athletic Club 49, 51 Dmmatics Club 51, 52 5 Q 'iz ,K KENNETH COX Class Favorite 52 Football 52 Basketball 51, 52 Baseball 51, 52 F. F. A. 52 Wildcat Staff 51 Athletic Club 51 JANE CUNNINGHAM Miss Personality 52 Class Favorite 50, 51 F. H. A. Officer 50, 51, 52 District F.H.A.. Songleader 52 Class Officer 50, 51, 52 Ready Writing, lst district, 3rd region 51 Cheer Leader 52 Editor Wildcat 52 SYLVESTA EUBANKS Cheer Leader 52 Basketball 50, 51, S2 Baseball 50, 51, 52 Tennis 50, 51, 52 F. H. A. 50, 51, 52 Athletic Club 50, 51, 52 Wildcat Staff 51, 52 Dramatics Club S2 ,pv- HCM eniors WILLARD FISCHER F. F. A. 49, 50, 51, 52 DONALD GUSTAFSON Stmlel! Council 49, 50, 51, 52 Student Council President 52 Class Officer 50 State Ass'n. Student Gov't., Ala. 50 Band Council 51 Student Director 50, 51, 52 Photography Club 51 Dramatics Club 50 JONATHAN HOPPER Football 49, so, 51, 52 Football Captain 52 Baseball Manager 51 Basketball Manager 52 Boxing Club 49, 50, 51 Class President 51 Class Favorite 51 Class Vice-President 52 DOYLF JOHNSON F. F. A. 49, so Class Secretary 49 Annual Staff 50 BARBARA KRUGER Class Favorite 52 Cheer Leader 52 President Dramatics Club 52 President Quill 8: Scroll 52 Business Manazer Wildcat 52 Class Officer 49, 50, 51, 52 Recorder Bt Secretary Student C Student Council 49, 51 FARREL MEYER Band 49, 50, 51, 52 F. F. A. President 51 Class President 50, 51 Class Treasurer 52 Band Vice-President 52 our! 51 Ass't. Business Manager Wildcat 52 PQ- '14 YG ESTHER OLVERA F. H. A. 50, 52 National Thespian 52 Athletic Club 50, 51 Citizenship Club S0 Photography Club 52 Wildcat Staff 51, 52 Extemporaneous Speech, vm J x "7-it Q' District lst place, Region 3rd place 50 Basketball Manager 52 MARJORIE REEVES F. H. A. 49, 50, 51, 52 Choral Club 49 Exchange Editor Wildcat 52 Quill B4 Scroll S2 Vice-President Student Council Citizenship Club 50 Dramatics Club 52 Class Vice-President 51 DWIGHT SAMPSON Football 49, so, 51, 52 Class President 49 F. F. A. 49, 50, 51 F. F. A. Officer 49 Photography Club 52 Track 50, 52 52 ,pf RICHARD MORRIS Football 49, 50 JEANIE MULLINS Most Talented 50 Class Favorite 49 Most Intellectual 52 President Thespian Society 51 Annual Editor 52 Student Council 49, 50, Sl, 52 Declamation 2nd Place 50, S1 Choral Club President 50 EUGENE NOACH F. F. A. 51 E eniovs HAROLD SAMUELSON ALLEN SCOTT F. F. A. 49 MARY JO TOMBLIN Athletic Club 50 Citize nship Club 50 F. H. A. 49, 50, 51 National Thespian 52 Annual Social Editor 52 Wildcat Subscription BL Circulation Manager 52 Quill 8: Scroll Reporter 52 Dramatics Club Secretary 52 CHARLES TURNER Football 49, 50, 51, 52 Baseball Manager S0 Track Manager 50 Boxing Club 50. 51 Athletic C1ub49, 50, 51, 52 F. F.A. 51, 52 Not Pictured FRANK VOELKER 54 94 4 41 '4 '4 4 4 '4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 '4 4 4 4 ,4 4 4 -4-Y--'-Y-Y-Ynfffrffn '--fffff-H"-"""''V-----------ff'-'fffffffffff------J-'-' -'-'- A -'fp '4 4 34 ,4 4 4 ,4 4 '4 X4 4 4 W4 'X . 43 , 45 Lawson Rlvers 14 5 Q 12 lr is J if -144 , Chevrolet 4 5 "' x Eg - i ,- 4 ' 4 A SALES AND SERVICE GENERAL. TIRES S -, I X X WRECKE SE CE o E 90 51 4 if 15 54 S Ti BASTROP- TEXAS 41 Q4 4 4 . 4 '4 '4 4 4 4 44 4 4 4 4 '4 '4 '4 '4 4 4 4 4 4 . 4 4 4 4 '4 Texas Power And Light Company '4 4 4 4 ,4 4 '4 . 4, 14 ,4 4 4 4 4 44 ,4 4 '4 '4 14 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 ' 4 4 YOUR ELECTRIC SERVANT 54 0r'0' A 44 45 25 'FSL ,,,,,4A,.A w WHEN PEOPLE IN ELGIN WANT TO GO OUT TO EAT GOOD FOOD IN THE COMFORT 1 ELGINS LATEST BUILDING SUPPLY OF PROPERLY COOLED OR HEATED RES- FIRM ls TH TAURANT. THEY GO TO MAJOR 'S CAFE WITHOUT A MOMENT IS SECOND THOUGHT FOR MANY YEARS MR. B: MRS, ERNEST WILSON HAVE BEEN SERVING THEIR FINE FOOD TO THE PEOPLE OF ELGIN, IF YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF THEIR STEAKS AND DINNERSU THE TIME IS NOW E HOME LUMBER COMPANY THIS NEW AND COMING BUSINESS IS LO- CATED AT 309 NORTH AVENUE C. PEOPLE IN ELGIN HAVE NOT TAKEN LONG TO FIND OUT WHAT FINE QUALITY LUMBER AND OTHER BUILDING SUPPLIESCAN BE BOU- GHT HERE AT LOW AND FAIR PRICES. MESSRS. W, A. AND JOHN DANNELLYn THE PROPRIETORS WILL BE GLAD T0 DIS- CUSS WITH YOU YOUR BUILDING PRO- BLEMS AND ALSO SHOW YOU THEIR FINE QUALITY MATERIALS AT ANY TIME, SEVERAL YEARS AGO NIR. MEYER SIM- ON TOOK OVER THE DEPARTMENT STORE THEN OWNED BY MAX SANDERGARTEN, ALTHOUGH RECENTLY ORGANIZEDI THE STORE HAS BECOME ONE OF THE LEAD- ING DRY GOODS STORES IN ELGIN. YOU WILL FIND THERE GOOD QUALITY MER- CHANDISE AT LOW AND REASONABLE PRICES. THE NEXT TIME YOU ARE IN TOWN BE SURE TO DROP IN AT MEYER 'S DEPARTMENT STORE ELGIN INDEPENDENT I. G. A. IS ONE OF ELGINIS TOP GROCERY STORES. THE STACKED SHELVES OF CANNED GOODS. FINE MEATSn FRESH FRUITS , AND VEGETABLES COMBINED WITH LOW PRICES. CONVENIENT LOCA- TION, AND COURTEOUS SERVICE DRAW MANY PLEASED CONSUMERS FROM ELGIN AND VICINITY. WHY NOT TRY THESE FINE QUALITY FOODS TODAY? FREE DELIVERY: SO PHONE IN ORDERS AT YOUR CONVEN- IENCE AT NUMBER I00, A IIIIIII W ' fx 1 2 3 " 5 " y, f , A ,V 25624221 f r- W 1 3 1252 ? rffgd '1 -e-:gn If 'Z fl '2f Q' IQ? 7 ? X7 f65f1Vf 2 W x 4 'QV , F' I ,A f X f X I ff' X ff X7 7 . x uniov oss Qfficevs President .... ........ H ez-mine Engeling Vice-P residents . . . . Batbara Bynum, Karlin Meyer Secretary .... ...... M irmie jean Dailey Treasurer . . . . . Edward Wiesner RCELINO ARRIAGA NNALEE DANNELLEY RY CAROL FLEMING BARBARA BYNUM 1. B. DAVIS GEORGE BELLE FRAZIER JO ANN CRAIG BETTY JEAN EKLUND BENNIE GANSKE lj . 'pops MINNIE JEAN DAILEY HERMINE ENGELING DOROTHY SUE GREENHAW WAYNE DALLEY JOYCE FARRIS WILLIE FAYGRUMBLE 'N SETH HANCOCK DWIGHT LIND ELMER NELSON 'Ulf 'Wm , W ,Y GENE HATTOX Mx' BETTY LYNN MARTIN 'I SHIRLEY NAN OLSON TOMMIE NELL HILL KARLIN MEYER MARVIN PARKS BILLY JAECKS Q . 010,38 BOBBY JOE McCLENDON SEVERO PENA HOWARD KOETHER GERALDINE McDUFF DONALD PETERSON . S owe? DAVID SANTOS ANNIE VRAZEL WILLARD ROTHER MARY VIL LARREAL EDNA FAYE ROGERS EUGENE scorr ' JACK WILSON PAULINE SANTOS EDWARD WIESNER ROSIA LEE SCHILLER ALBERT P. WILLIAMS ERNESTINE WOLF S' MUTUAL LUMBER COMPANY I-IAs Fon MANY YEARS BEEN AMONG ELGIN HIGH SCHOOLIS BEST FRIENDS. ELGINIS oLoEsT LUMBER YARD, Mu- TUAL I-IAs BEEN THE SOURCE OF ELGIN BUILDING MATERIALS Fon MANY YEARS. RECENTLY REPNIODELED. MUTUAL LUMBER COMPANY NOW GIVES THE PEOPLE OF ELGIN A CHANCE TO SEE ON DISPLAY ELECTRI- CAL APPLIANCES AND HOUSEWARES GO TO THE WHITTEN-FROMME INSURANCE AGENCY FOR ALL OF YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS WELDON AND CHARLIE WILL BE GLAD TO DISCUSS WITH YOU ANY INSURANCE PRO- ELEM YOU MAY HAVE. THEY CAN SHOW YOU ALL TYPES OF FIRE. AUTO, OR OTH ER INSURANCE. WHETHER IT BE A ONE YEAR POLICY ON YOUR BAND INSTRU- MENT OR A 520: 000. 00 LIFE INSURANCE POLICY. WHITTEN-FROMME HAs IT. f w -.EI , , . -gurl ,. " , it U pkwxwi I ' ew- wmjg v". w T 4 I f WHEN MR. W. G. GOLD TOOK OVER THE SINCLAIR STATION. FOR MERLY OP- ERATED BY MR. PAUL FARRISI EVERY- ONE KNEW THEY COULD EXPECT TO GET THE SAME EXCELLENT SERVICE THEY RECEIVED WHEN MR. GOLD PREVIOUSLY OPERATED AN ELGIN STATION. THE PEO- PLE OF ELGIN WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED. THEY FOUND IN GOLD 'S SINCLAIR STATION COURTEOUS SERVICE COMBINED WITH SUCH NAMES AS GOODRICH TIRES WIL- LARD BATTERIES AND OTHER WELL- KNOWN AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSOR IES, THE LEADING AUTO SUPPLY STORE IN TOWN ISI OF COURSE' YOUR WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE OPERATED BY MR, N, P, WORTHY. NOT LIMITED TO AUTOMOTIVE PARTS THIS STORE HAS EVERYTHING FROM TOYS TO MOTOR BOAT MOTORS AND EVERYTHING IN THE WAY OF HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES AND SPORTING GOODS. JUST REMEMBER NO MATTER WHAT YOU WANTQ YOUR WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE HAS IT f--'f -f ---f---f-f- A--W -f---f-- Y -f-----ff----- f--f T ---f-'-------f--"--- f ---Y ffff' 'Qu ! fx X x f f Rf WN Xxfxk f lx A X X Lf ww kff' :iii bg jf? A fx X M ' H5 v, if ff B fv -512,95 ', x if' y7 1: N-M4114 'I Q91 fx Y 51' 2 1-15 X7 'E-7 E 7 ' 1-Ein'--fji 'Qffii in J 'Q - ff 18-'Ei' Q- K" ,Q ww '-.lg-F S' N , , if fjxr? lihifx gr X ifihlxx Lghxxmfl f fb igln ZA Af g zkf 57 i,-Qffgf ffx if- X7 -xx' S .ly f f f-C'X "X-1 f7. ZX, fix 130, Z- ff- Nfv' ,. K.. k S f-. ,.. .,... f-5 ,-f--5 fs ?Tif 2' X 1'- WV Ronny Arbuckle . . . Donald O'Connor . . Betty Carol johnson LaVeme Kylberg . . Lynn Ray Gustafson L.C.Fisher................ BuddyMcGee.... Alice Anderson jimmy Williams O11 ene Pfeiffer . . . . . . President . . . . Vice-President . . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer ........Reporter .Parliamentarian . . . . President Vice-President . . . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer Parliamentarian .5 '5 wal-9 4. 'wk 'Q A155 N W ,arf Tony Acosta jack Adkins Alice Anderson Shirley Anderson Ronny Arbuckle Henry Arzola Betty Carter Patricia Chappell Henry Craig Loretta Czim skey Eugene Dalley L. C. Fisher David Gold Gus Guenther Lynn Ray Gustafson Vera Ann Gustafson Daisy Helms Doris Ann Herzer Betty Hodge Betty Carol johnson Janice Kastner Lavon Kastner Peggy Krenek Kelly Kruger E L aV erne Kylberg Clyde Lane J im my Lundgren Rodney Marburger Howard McGee Hilding Neidig Lolita Ochoa Donald O'Connor Katherine Perez Elaine Peterson Ollene Pfeiffer Femanda Ramirez B obby Reynolds Alice joy Sakewitz J. P. Schroeder M arvin Schroeder Harlan Scott Max Simon James Smith Mary Inez Smith joan Speckels Kenneth Stone Bobby Taylor Bobby Walker ? Jimmy Williams Not Pictured: Shirlene Peterson Clarence Stephens IT HAPPENS IN EHS r X I N - lv' haf Next? "Swing and Sway" or-""' T. . - - 'me is up who did ir? Cupid? "I crown thee Queen .A Smile at the Birdie Blondie Is Mrs. Harrison looking? 'fS1- Haenel Tractor Co A. W. Haer1e1,Jr., Mgr. Prompt and Courteous Service Q Taylor Muslc Studio 6 -x A ev . ,,.5,, ff.-gpg, 5 4? 'L X 4 ' L.:r '1 7,914 Mr. C. Reg Taylor Mrs. Georgina Taylor Phone 290 Elgin, Texas Taylor Elgin Basffop I ' I Hlller s Gm Compliments of ALWAYS WILLING TO SERVE Sugarman sl :- 7 i .- l-"" : 555. - is sf ' 225-E1 A 3 5555- ue gg 4 A11 Types of Unzforms 5 " X Q A - Q VX RFQ! M uv San Antonio, Texas ,UZ Q' - fi, T .41 .......----1 5 I Douglas Berggren . . . Saynell Lewis .... Milton Frenzel . . Leah Rae Olson . . . Garland Dunbar . . . Vice-President . . . . Secretary . . . President . . . . . Treasurer . . . Parliamentarian Delore s Frost Glenda Lax . . . . Karl Engeling Glen Guentzel Billy Henry . . . . . . . . Treasurer . . . . Secretary Vice-President Parliamentarian . . . President james Adams john Ayres Douglas Berggren jon Bundy Darlene Burke Bobby Caffey june Cain Thomas Christian Evalyn Clark Windel Ray Crawford Garland Dunbar Karl Engeling Dixie French Milton Frenzel Delores Frost Alice Hamilton Billy Henry Shirley Ann Henze Rudy Hernandez Anita Holmes Dorothy jean jarmon Fannie jones Femando Jonse Bettie Lou Kasmer john Kuzma Glenda Lax Gaynell Lewis Larry McDuff Gene McVay J. B. Miller Carolina Montemayor Billy Moore Dale Olson Leah Rae Olson joan Peterson Bennie Pittman Wallace Prinz Siverio Ramirez Ruby Raschke Billy Rivers Mildred Rogers Janie Santos Patsy jo Sellers Greta Shoqujst Lorene Smith Gordon Swenson james Wolf Katherine Wolf ROSA LEE WOLF Not Pictured: GLEN GUENTZEL ALF ERD SCHLAB Who on earth? Where Am I? Waiting our turn , . I A of -:2- e A f ' ' fm H --3 il Sb 2 Lei -P 4- ' ty. :T "', 2 ' sg 1 hh. A , L L L .. L- O ei'e One more point Ain.t he cute? ecoqnize hese? Runner-up E-,A if 3 1 Shopping for uniforms 'QP-QW if I 1. fn1iI2Iv,f 1 at A nb AR BUCKLE OIL CO. HAS ACOMPLETE LINE OF GOODYEAR PRODUCTS FROM TIRES TO BICYLES. IN THEIR SERVICE DEPT. THEY HAVE FOR YOU SINCLAIR GASOLINE AND OILS THEY TAKE PRIDE IN THEIR HIGHLY SKILLED MECHANICS, COME BY ARBUCKLE OIL CO. Fon COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE. SOUTH SIDE MARKET IS KNOWN BY THE PEOPLE OF ELGIN AND VICINITY FOR ITS FINE MEATS, YOU NEED NEVER WORRY ABOUT THE MEATS YOU GET FROM SOUTH SIDE MARKET BECAUSE THEY BUTCHER THE KIND OF STOCK YOU WANT, YOU HAVE MISSED SOMETHING IF YOU HAVE NOT EATEN SOME OF THEIR FINE BARBECUEp FAM- OUS NOT ONLY IN ELGIN BUT IN SUR- ROUNDING CENTEX TOWNS, FAILS FEED AND SUPPLY 8 IS THE ELGIN DEALER FOR UNCLE JOHNNYIS FEED PRODUCTS. THEY HAVE IN THEIR STORE A COMPLETE SUPPLY OF FINE QUALITY FEEDS AND OTHER MATERIALS, COME IN AND THEY WILL DISCUSS WITH YOU HOW YOU CAN HAVE A MORE EFFICIENT FLOCK OR HERD. ATTOR N EYS-AT-LAW ELGINn TEXAS c,w, WEBB EMMA S, WEBB JACKSON 5. WEBB , AA-AnAAA A ,,,,,AE,,,... EEEE.. - YNY--- - r 'Sv- O 9 sv" of" 'K w NS, Q' l 1 xx ,Vg-Q! 5 N' Nj 252 wi' O V, ex QV? . 41-165 5 ' ' ff RQ if I. '-,,-1.-g-ig 1 .Wy sz 5,4 yi r? V J N 2 Ig' 5 J .bl V , 3' cr k N, ff M ff X If f X ,N X7 V! W X XXXL ff f 1 1 p , X if if' V If X ' lynn' J iN W 6 "fs Q ff xi 5 5 1 f ,X x.s'I:7' N, sm ff vx .' 1 j e 'B 4 NN.- O 5 95 : f uv' 0 gf vi' f f ,I XV! f Ya r xl 'gh AJ' K I S Yx, ' X .- ,pl-nun - . . ,Y aw M , :xg , o 5:2 n . 53 Eixlilmibfy C. B. BARBEE Principal of Elgin High and junior High Schools s Z , F 7 C"1 mx 1 ,Q ..-L... ,,... l 4,1-f -gui- ,..-4' ,fe ' V 2 T. R. COFFMAN Superintendent of Elgin Public Schools .fl Gu i 'K . MRS. HELEN ATKINSON Language Math journalism MRS. ELEANOR FROST 6th Grade Math F oocball Coach J h,-2--. I' T. F. KEELE Math C hemistry BURRIS JOHNSON MRS. IRENE RAHDER 8th Grade MISS CAMILLA ODEN History English I X. --.. I t' i-di' ,Ania A. C. MCGINNIS Commercial Studies MRS. DOROTHY FITZPATRICK MRS. KITTIE C. HENDERSON History S panish I Librarian MRS. THELMA HARRISON Science English MH-TON DUSEK R :," rrcr i Band 'i R Social Studies ii V Math R if O XX fff f ,Y f A5 MRS. MARGARET HAYNIE Q ,ii . ,k,i Language ' A An , , ' f.,.,-1-vP""' ry i., ' if Q History C' may ,SQ MRS. RUTH MILLER 7th Grade EDDIE BRANDT Assistant Coach Commercial Studies MISS CHARLEEN SHANNON ,X M, f""YI"PF 3 s Homemaking Economics K X M, R f 4 ff f F fy 1 6 ff is - fi MISS NELI.. OWENS 6th Grade, J. Z. HATTOX Agriculture MISS RUBY JOHNSON Secretary HORTON NAIRN Secretary of School Board MRS.. A. M. HARRISON Social Studies History MISS MARY PUCKETT Music Sf Q Q W? .nf 3? THE FACULTY OUT OF CLAS. XS ff' fffff? j f A fx I I f nl V79 fry QW , Iv '- H Rf LWW xf,g x .QW uh' F 3352- g 44 7'.'w ' J - xf 5' Y - an -- ' 1' A" 'f fd! ? r ' f qi i, QL , ' Y Q L '62 ? 5 A i lL '--xxx S. xx :X Q xx gf 1-'J , 5 qhilq GPQQIQ Richard Acosta Hedy Ann Anderson Manuel Arrellano Harriet Bengston Lola Mae Bostic Ruth Bowen L. C. Branum Barbara Briggs Curtis Caffey Marie Cambell Roy Cantu Peggy Carter Robert Carter Bernard Christensen Bill Condron Patricia Condron Alice Ann Cotringham Marsell Craig Betty Creppon Eleanor Dalley Larry Davenport Linnie Davis Anna Delgado Mary Ann Dunbar Myron Fisher jan Fleming Cynthia Frederick Edgar Fredrickson jimmy Gardner Molly Gutierrez Annie Helms J. C. Kemp Wayne Lind Leland Lundgren Dolores Martinez jack McClendon jesse Mendez Albert Lee Meyer Margie Morgan Curtis Neidig Glen Newstrom Anita Nunez Beatrice Nunez Marlene Page Rebecca Pena Socorro Ramirez Charles Roe Edward Roe Billy Sakewitz Aurora Sanchez Gene Sandifer Geraldine Schiller Joe E dward Schiller Ruby Schlab Ora Lee Scott Betty Scruggs Kenneth Smarr Gay Solomon Frances Stephenson Mary Emma Stockton Getting Clean? A s cudent? Pat---oris it? DONALD SWAYZE GAYLE SWENSON JOE VILLARREAL Not Pictured: RAYMOND ARZOLA PETE FLORES FRANK RAMIREZ iqlmlllw GPG Q Is that a Coke? Smile! A well or a mouth? Legs ........! iv fi , 95' in Q . X, 5 ,gt Q ,. , Watch your SIC 1 A ,R .Q tgq 4 s. ,. V , V tx? Q Well, Ro - Genelle Anderson Ray Bowen Bertha Botkin Janice Burke Robert Burt James Cecil Carlson Janice Carlson Janis Carter john Charles Cottingham Marvin Craig Sydna Davis Shirley Jean Dunbar Patsy Gold Marjorie Mae Green Mamie Ruth Grumble Curtis Gustafson Jack Hall Jean Hendricks Lynda Henry Odeen Hibbs Horace Hodge Larry Hodon Tom jonse Pattye Kiecke Bobbie Jo Logan Elaine Meier Eleanor Meier Shirley Meyer Lupe Montemayor Glenn Morrison QVQI1ll"l GPCJCIQ ypifx ' ff 'x S joan Tidwell Don Williams if Nor Pictured: E ucibio Villarreal Delphine Ramirez George Reynosa Jes se Alba Fernando Flores Irene Farnsworth john Henry Sandifer jim Condron Mary Wayne Naim Laura Ann Neidig jane Nichols jo Carol Olson jimmy Parker Paul Wayne Peterson Efrain Sanchez joe Satterfield Phillip Simon Mable Snow Lena May Solomon Ella Ruth Speir johnny Stowers William Stowers Nancy Swafford I e in n r iir V Nancy Adams Ray Arriago Jone Lynn. Branton Shelby Blanton Woody Campbell Henry Cantu Darryl Carlson Janie Marie Carter Jesse Castillo Bennie Joe Cottle Jimmie Deal Weldon Eklund Joy Falls Jimmie Allen Fisher Martha Flores Jimmie F oehner Wayne Frederick James Gibbons Angelina Gonzales Betty Hamilton Donald Ray Harmon Gene Henze John Hernandez Raymond Hiller Lynn Holmes Roy Johnson Wayne Johnson Wayne Jones Johnny Jonse Barney Lee Kemp Sixlh GPO Q Sixih Gm Q Kay Kemp Carolyn Kom B Ctty Faye Lawhon P atsy Lawhon Cecil Martinez Albert Mikulencak Gordon Miller Emogene Meyer Jeanette Mogonye Bessie Fay Morgon Frances Nunez Tommie Joe Pate Richard Peterson Rudolph Peterson Mary Lou Perez Raymond Ramirez james Rankin Betty Ann Robinson Frances Roe Doris Ann Safarik Rebecca Santos Donald joe Scott Jimmie Scruggs Joyce Smarr Doris Smith Mary Smith Rita Smith Virgil Smith C. L. Speer Terry Stagner Dorothy Stephenson Willie Stockton Shirley Stowers Howard Taylor Antonio Turrubiarte A Marie Ann Weisner jackie Williams Sylvia Wilson Not P ictured: Dorotha Ann Marek Sophia Ramirez Lupe Mendez Sixlh GPG Q i p I Vxdvrwig.-1 ' Sun in your eyes? " K- c k' 1 B 2 ' ' . oo mg your mea ' Cys . ' X That 1008 half! Send them to Hollywood. 1 .1 6 ' :Z MP S - S, , w -ff 0- W' y A Smiling at the Birdie :Av was - E' Xi: .5 in L li I R.. 1 . h e l A X 3 , Q xx. W , Ii ,, . kxxxxrwn W if that L. C.? Seeing double Gay Nell? Go ahead and laui Havm fun. Get a load, would ya'? ,. , vistgbiwzf 415 , - -:ii .f app 4, Q . WM f ' '," gg .wk , 3 563, mfw- . V ':"" 1 u if T f i '::: fi ti"- 16 ,lifiitr f ' ,. iw- ? .f wig an-W 'R .ff fzvljifig f il , . . ww Attentmn!! Q , . T t stunt your growth - - - I X wg' 3" ' , N Where you from? 1 W N ighty-nite Junior Jw you've changed!! Doin' what comes - - - naturally I: X if pwzefgfgfaztidw-,i-y-,Vt ww tw few,-3 sf'-ae' 1- ff' 5 fi --s'4f,1.e ug 5 Tuygk '.ss15yyv431:3 eiiiwfin - Hg --ski-ixsiiz .Z . ' . .. 5 34.293 ' t ff fx ft Liss f w5?Qhffsaf,?-S- -M. . J,-means , V Qs Ifflzzi ir: , - L 'szilflaili - 1 a n ew fsslgggl , gigs 25+ , ' 3 , 118 + nw! . X e V' . , W AV ,XX 4 n s,,mi,U , yi., , 3 , f 'H In k . A ' ,jf ' 3QgQw , ,-9 .. :M-,. 5 11, l , I K jg - f' 3 .f . "" ,. jg' x tw .M t , I f 4 wif X .L t K L' ' L ' rf e ' A ' " k 5' 1 'XLKE , .f gy- X w'd you get in here ????? Ipana smile He's a freshman Baby it's cold outside . . . . 'ff' L DWAA, . .. ., al L PM n,Q,LX ,,.Af.,, . 5 A '-"f: 2 . ,. Ag? f : ,tw ' .. .k,J.m,,, ,,.,.J'f' mtv, 7 It could happen to you!!! if' l.' 411, 181,521 fu 4 . M ' 5:5-YV ' 1.341-' 1 1- x 'ui' I I I 9 V y gn.,- lf ,- vfni iff' .affffx ,, Z' N' if? X15iJv'N A 132' 0 yizcgkigtn-ylcigy - I , N Y y -:iff-"CEf' Sftkftiflrz, 1 "lug V tiff:- I . JFS' -?'. Z 1 ,l','stKx 1" ' ,, ff 4,1- T-"Diff f' 'v"?s3l' n.':'4'4AlQ- if Nxfilq bil: "K f!.":I, I L-2' K L , , v ,i ?4 ' T-,rr ll L1 f Y, fix, ' '44 J .fan . .' - y'l 'gi 'J I 1 vi pn ff . 15: P- '4 w - V-"1 X ve!" , f A, ,XD IWX , f g ff '..' X wa +, f if fl Alf! 1 lf X, W . R1 .5 ,X CARON LA BAUVE MR. MILTON C. DIBEK Director STS' Karlin Meyer, George Bell Frazier, Betty Carol Johnson, Shirley Nan Olson, Majorettesg Lynnalee Dannelley, Drum Major. 478 First raw, left to right: Carolina Montemayor, Glenn Monrison, Howard McGee, Donald Swayze, Karl Engeling, Barbara Bynum. Second row: Cynthia Fredericks, Mary Ann Dunbar, Patricia Condron, Robert Carter, Peggy Krenek, Patricia Chappell, Eleanor Dalley, Marlene Page, jim Condron, Donald O'Connor, Albert Paine Williams, Patsy Gold, Bennie Ganske. Third row: Domld Gustafson, Mary Carol Fleming, Bill Condron, Dorothy jarmm, Delores Frost, Tonmie Nell Hill, Ollene Pfeiffer, LaVerne Kylberg, Shirley Anderson, Shirley Dunbar, Linda Henry, jane Nichols, Socorro Ramirez, Hermine Engeling. Fourth row: Howard Taylor, Philip Simon, Harriet Bengston, Betty Crepon, Leland Lundgren, Lcxerta Czimsky, Max Simon, Darlene Burke, L. C. Fisher, Billy Rivers, jimmy Lundgren. Fifth row: Farrel Meyer, Bobby Walker, Garland Dunbar, Janice Burke, Douglas Berggren, Elmer Nelson, Gay Lewis, jackie Wilson, Bobby Reynolds, Billy Henry. President . . . Vibe-President Secretary .... Reporter .... Sponsor . . . Xhafffw K -f' Lai, " 3 ex: 1, OFFICERS . . . jimmy Lundgren . . . . . . Donald O'Connor . . . Betty Carol johnson . . . . . Alice Anderson . . . Mrs. K. C. Henderson First row, left to right: Ollcne Pfeiffer, Janice Kastner, Shirley Anderson, Very Gustafson, and Pat Chappell. Second row: jack Adkins, Elmer Nelson, L. C. Fisher, Buddy McGee, Henry Craig, and Clyde Lane. Third row: Hilding Neidig, David Gold, Gus Guenther, Bobby Reynolds, Eugene Dalley, Lynn Ray Gustafson. .HA OFFICERS Secretary - Hennine Engling Treasurer - Tommie Nell Hill Reporter - Delores Frost Historian - Mary Carol Fleming Saulent Council Rep. - jo Ann Craig P zkmist - jane Cunningham Song Leader - Katlin Meyer P arliamentarian - Geraldine McDuff Sponsor - Miss Charleen Shannon Minnie jean Dailey, President Edna Faye Rogers, Vice-President MEMBERS Shirley Henze, Mildred Rogers, Dorothy jarmon, Gay Nell Lewis, Darlene Burke, Greta Shoquist, Lorene Smith, Janice Kastner, Alice Sakewitz, Mary Smith, june Cain, Leah Rae Olson, LorettaCzimskey, joan Speckles, Peggy Krenek, Barbara Bynum, Willie F ayGrumble, Annie Vrazel, Betty Lynn Martin Sylvesta Eubanks, Shirley Anderson, Anita Holmes, Esther Olvera, Dixie Wolfe, Carolina Montemayor, Patricia Clmppell, IAVCXTIC Kyleberg, Glenda Lax, Elaine Peterson, Joan Peterson, Ruby Rachke, Mary Villarreal, F ernanda Ramirez, Ollene Pfeiffer, Janie Santos, Katherine Perez, Shirlene Peterson, Evelyn Clark, Rosia Lee Schiller, Marjorie-Reeves, Betty jean Eklund, Bennie Ganske, Betty Carter, Jeanie Mullins, Ernestine Wolfe, Rosia Lee Wolfe. 7 V FFA. 1 .,... OFFICERS Vice-Presidents - Gus Guenther, Dwight Lind Secretaries - jack Adkins, Willard Fischer Treasulers - J. P. Schroeder, Marvin Parks Parliamentarians-Seth Hancock, L. C. Fisher Reporters - Gene Hattox, Kelly Kruger Sentinels - F rank Voelker, Lavon Kastner Sponsor - Mr. J. X. Hattox llard Rother, Co-Presidert mnalee Dannelley, Sweetheart .lding Neidig, Co-President MEMBERS James Smith, Kenneth Stone, Elmer Nelson, Harold Samuelson, jimmy Lundgren, Howard McGee, Bobby Reynolds, Marvin Schroeder, Lynn Ray Gustafson, David Gold,Clyde Lane, Micky Klaus,Gordon Swenson, Donald Peterson, Charles Turner, Myles Callaghan, Bobby Taylor, james Wolf, Larry McDuff, Dale Olson, 1 gag ging ii 1 lift? ' g f"" Milton Frenzel, Bobby Caffey, Gene McVay, James Adams, Karl Engeling, John Ayres, Douglass Berg- gren, jon Bundy, Ray Crawford,Garland Dunbar, Glen Guentzel, J. B. Miller, Billy Moore, Wallace Prinz, Alfred Schlab, Henry Craig, Clarence Stephens, Roy Neidig, Heine Neidig, and Lowell Berggren. 1 ...M-1-ff'f'SC""' 5 Lefi to Anita Holmes, Jo Ann Craig, Reporterg Mr. T. F. Keele, Sponsorg Darlene Burke, Betty Lynn Martin, Secretaryg Betty Jean Eklund, Presidentg joan Speckles, and lkhx Simon. Shirley Anderson, Buddy McGee, jimmy Lunclgren, and Ollene Pfeiffer. if N x E-'T'1.f2 ,, . TTY? fc f . ii-ll ' A " , in Q f, giiyq . N 96:-4 1 1. if ..,,.. k,V.k-.f: Esther Olvera, Jackie Wilson, and Georgia Bell Frazier. First row: Billy Rivers. Second row: Dororhyjeanjannon and Delores Frost, Student Council Representatives. Third row: Dwight Sampson and Seth Hancock. First row: Albert Paine Williams and Elmer Nelson. Second row: Alice Anderson, Vice-Presidency Vem Gustafson, Lynnalee Dannelley, Mary Carol Fleming, and Bennie Ganske. Sludenl Counci Lek to right: Donald Gustafson, Presidentg Betty Carol johnson, Reporter, Lynnalee Dannelley, Secre- taryg J. P. Schroeder, Parliamentariang jimmy Lundgren Chapling and Marjorie Reeves, Vice-President. On ladder: Karlin Meyer, Treasurer and Albert Paine Williams. , e ..., l, .B..EQL',Q,T. E.,E X J w r f- , , offs ..-W . ,M f"-""""""' First row, left to right: Jeanie Mullins, Billy Rivers, Mary Carol Fleming, jo Ann Craig, and Willard Rother. Second row: Delores Frost, Dwight Lind, Rodney Marburger, Dorothy jean jarmon. First row, left to right: Geraldine McDuff,M.innieJean Dailey, Edna Faye Rogers, Forwards, Sylvesta Eubanks, jo Ann Craig, Betty Lynn lvhrtin, Guards. Second row: Pauline Santos, Mary Villarreal, Millie Rogers, F orwardsg Darlene Burke, Lea Rae Olson, Annie Vrazel, Guards. 1 U f f I 65515550 Boys 8: Girls Play Same Night J AN UARY ...Elgin .... ... ...Elgin .... ... ...Thomdale.. ...Granger... .. ...Elgin .... ... ...Elgin..... .. ...Franklin... at Franklin at Heame at Elgin at Elgin Open at Thrall at Elgin Boys 8: Girls Play Same Night FEBRUARY 1 ........ Hearne... 5... ..Elgin .. 8... ..Elgin .. 11... ..E1gin .. 15... ..Elgin ... 19... .. Thrall... at Elgin at Rockdale at Thomdale at Granger Open at Elgin S5-wx SfA1ED Q7 Back row, left to right: Wayne Dalley, Edward Weisner, Rodney Marburger, Larry McDuff Eugene Dalley, J. B. Davis, Kenneth Cox, Bobby Caffey. Front row: Garland Dunbar, jimmy Williams, Ronny Arbuckle, Myles Callaghan, Bobby joe McClendon David Santos, Kenneth Stone. X V - i. .E x K I Am. .,..a. f T 9 t , " ur 1 11151 ' ' 1 I., 'Q rl fi ' f :,w,,,, .., -v.f . -H Rodney Marburger jimmy Williams End David Gold Ronnie Arbuckle Back Bobby Joe Mcclendon Tackle Back Back A no .1 t T Q A' ' .' ' ff: we v , ..AA I f , Hilding Neidig . id N Q J T Guard Nfw ,:4,,,'e QD , 1 an ,. - X X gig 5 X N X Lx X .' Q ' I PS x- N ,. .gg ,XV, I A Q f X - . . A 5 U l l Jonathan Hopper l X ,ff Guard - Co-Captain T T Lavon Kastner Tackle Q Q Ld: 'Gif' 2 Lynn Rae Gustafson james Smith Kenneth Stone Harland Scott Center Tackle Back Guard Q R.o,A: M ' A 9 U e 2 2 g 5 V-:.,!:,?3,. , . El , lilo . mf Gen Sc ' Albert P ' W'l1' . Howard Koecher Charles Turner Bobby Caffey e on ame 1 lamshk C E d Back End End em' " . I K y f 1 A K.: x-' ,Al - X 1 vel, , ,.,. .s-'f' Q H - 1, . I' , CJ Kenneth Cox r I f End I V f ' U .J , ' Myles Callaglun ..i x n a N-+-.- V W Back -i W in ,x 4 8.4.5 Co-Captain b 1- in 5 ' 'Eg l C Glenn Guentzel Guard Dwight Sampson Edward Wiesner Garland Dunbar Guard Tackle Back Sclwool Spiril his B951 CHEERLEADERS, left to right: Betty Cooper, Barbara Kruger, jane Cunningham, and Sylvesta Eubanks. Sept. 7 Sept. 14 Sept. 21 "Sept, 28 'Oct. 5 Oct. 12 'Ocr. 19 'Oct. 26 "Nov. 2 Nov. 9 "Nov, 16 4 Game Schedule . . . . Seguin . . .. ...AustinB... .. .... Giddings... .. ....Elgin .. . ..Thrall.. .. ..Open .. .. ..Elgin .. ..Rockdale... .. ..Thornda1e.. .. ..Elgin .... Elgin "' Conference Games at Elgin at Elgin at Elgin at Franklin at Elgin at Hearne at Elgin at Elgin at Bastrop at Granger 'A Left to right: Betty Cooper, Barbara Karger", and jane Cunningham". Presidmt . . . Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer . . . . Reporter . . . Sponsor . . . -e .I 5.3, 5, 1. x V ii! 1 'Q ,ir OFFICERS . . . Barbara Kruger . . . Jeanie Millins . . lvhry jo Tomblin . . . . . jackie Wilson . . . Betty Jean Eklund . Mrs. Dennis Atkinson git .- , J. i, ,E I fe fa f First row, left to right: Mary Jo Tomblin', Esther Olvera', Betty jean Eklund', Bennie Ganske, Jeanie Mullins", Albert Paine Williams, Sylvesta Eubanks, Georgia Bell Frazier. Second row.' Buddy McGee,Marjorie Reeves, Anita l'lol.mes,Elmer Nelson, Billy Henry, jimmy Lunclgren, jackie Wilson". Sponsor: Mrs. Dennis Atkinson. ' National Thespian A FEED FOR EVERY NEED WE BUY CREAM A COMPLETE LINE OF' FIELD SEEDS AND FERTILIZERS A .,' WELCH'S ARROW F EEDSTORE l0'10'1' Q r E L E M E N T A li Y McGee QlTlQfl1GPLj SCIWOO Dwi nci pal MISS MODENE GRIFFIN irsi Gvode Top row, left to right: Ronnie Speer, Dick McGirlr. Second row: Gloria Guerra, Maurillio Mendez, Gloria Santellana. Third row: Pedro Reyes, Wanda jo Robi- son, Abel Montgomery. Fourth row: Martha jean Robison, Rose- mary Ellis, Patti Simon. Bottom row: Maria Flores, Alfonso Tamez, Isabel Saems. Teacher: May Davenport Q 3 -f it 1. G' 'Psi Gvode Top row, left to right: Carolyn Fogle, Roy Morris, Bonnie Ruth Woessner,Candelara Reyes, Geneva Chavarra, jr. Second row: Rachel Ramirez, Catarine Ubias. Third row: Donnie Speer, Arleen Turner. Fourth row: Eudelia Rivera, Carolyn Joyce Pavliska. Fifth row: Isidro Flores, Willie Morris. Bottom row: Lambert Ochoa, Cristia Gonzales, joe Ubias, Penny johnson, Linda Carol Branton, Maria Selvera, Lenora Hattox. Teacher: Velma Leseman if T Meg. ag liirfsl Grade Top row, left to right: Gary Snowden, Shirley Scott, Linda Kay Tilley, Adolph Tamez, Sarah Gonzales, Douglas Bell, Betty Morgan. Second row: Robert Stockton, Albert Montemeyer, Juan Flores. Third row: Nancy Sandifer, Mary Villar- real, Lucia Tamez. Fourth row: Milton Shoquist, Judy Steph- enson, James Douglas Creppon. Fifth row: Anton Schlab,Catarino Flores, Ruby jonse. Sixth row: Pauline Avalos, Simona Avalos, Cathleen Cartwright, Jimmie Rae, Sepriano Perez, Delilah Villalobus, David Kuykendall. Teacher: May Davenport llivsl Gvode Top row, left to right: Linda Kay New- quist, Naomi Lawhon, Pauline Villarreal, Jesse Vasques, Oscar Lee Almquist, Connie Hermendez., - Second row: Margaret Villarreal, Pete Lara, Ruth Elaine Brown. ' Third row: Bonnie Milam, Margaret Ann johnson, Mary Ellen Tate. Fourth row: Virgina Sippel, Robert Mul- lins, Nancy Stagner. Fifth row: Dale French, Mary jane Gandera, Albert Tomez. Bottom row: Marcos Flores, Roy Arzola, Carol Smart, Oscar Wise, Marcelina Flores, Lena Bell Turner. Teacher: Velma Leseman Q .W 'liffffpz QCOIICI GPClClQ Following the "Two" from the top: Josephine Avalos, Nettie Gonzales, Lupe Flores,Susie Flores, Andrew Fuentz, Manual Tavarez, Ramon Beltran, Larry Reeves, Frank Marquez, Lee Ray Botkin, Juliana Villareal, Roy Velasquez,Nasario Flores,RoyBaltazar, Estella Flores, Bonnie Jo Sharp, Sherman Snowden, Josephine Flores, Joel Nunez, Bert Ayres. Teacher: Mrs. E. G. Mullins iv wx 36 'vwl 3 .1 X. . , A 'Sk ii 39 ""--. l1iPCl Cgrucle Following the "Three" from the top: Thomas Leos, Carolyn Laurence, Delores Ball, Alice Martin Davis, Clem Boettcher, Pauline Guiterrez, Helen Villalobus, Lusita Martinez,Pete Castillo,Gus Villarreal, Barry Ellis, Evangeline Moreno, Ernestinia Tu'- rubiarte, Frank Gonzales, Sulema Ochoa, Joe Van Scott, Garrel Fleming, Carlos Remi- rez, Pablo Vasquez, Joe Renteria, Robert Sanchez, Ronny Creppon, Sam Jonse, Ronald Lowther. Teacher: Mrs. Horton W. Naim. 45' Vi!!! lW3 Top row: David Delgado Second row: justo Bega, Virgil Dalley, and Rub Nell Turner. lhird row: Manuel Beltran, Richard Holmes, Ninfa Cruz, and Rosa Lee Robison. Fourth row: johnny Mack Moore, Billy Martin, Richard Pena, and Stafford Bengtson. Fifth row: Gayland Iosephson, Mary Louise Bowen, and Linda Reeves. Top row: jesse Arriaga, Arthur Stephenson Second row: Eddie Davis, Frank Vasquez, Victoria Fuentez, and Lucia Ubias. Third row: Estella Contu, Frances Villaneal, Paul Wayne Walker, and Byron Lax. ' Fourth row: Oscar Sanchez, Agapito Martinez, Beatrice Flores, Delores Mendez. if QL., Q Sixth row: Billy joe Schlab, Eva Arriaga, and Molly Mogonye. Seventh row: Donald Scruggs, jesse Wise, Ernesto jiminez,Ray Limas, Doroth Mikulencak, Virgie Scruggs, Barbara Ayres, Freddie Gustafson, and jerry Abel. Bottom row: Sharon Reedy Teacher: Mrs. Margie Creel Fifth row: jan Satterfield, Dorothy Morgan, Eloise Valesquez, Daniel Dantollo. Sixth row: Perry McVay,Ray Gonzales,jimm Coffman, Linda Grumble, jarrell Lee Chappelll Charlene Helms, Daniel Acosta, Catherine Ann Nelson, Danny Joe Rhodes, and john Gonzales. Bottom row: HaryetSimon, Beverly Almquist. Teacher: Mrs. W. F. Condron FTB I f,,w 11 Following the "2" from the top: Hermine Perez, Lillie Ganoera, Gary wayne Munson, Alton Lee Bell, Joe Stephens, Oralia Rayna, Alicex Raynosa, Barbara Smith, Patsy Grant, janet Lawhon, Kenneth Ganske, Walter Kom, Max Delgado, joe Gonzales, Johnnie Villarreal, Lu Ella Dunbar, Susan Condron, julian Flores, Darrell Lynn Davis, J. W. Connor, Darrell Edward Krenek, David Schiefelbein, Carol Walker, Janie Lara, Nancy Kelly, Lydia Arsola, Esteban Ttrrubiarte, Glenn Engeling, Teacher - Mrs. Martha Carter, F ollowbzg Lhe "2" from the top: Betty Ray Schroeder, Larry Bob Larson, Keith Dalley, Ellis Morrison, Dora Mendez, Rosenda Ramirez, Diam jones, Rachel Ramirez, Mary Shoquist, Fay Robison, 1. C. Stowers, Matthew Kuykendall, Kehron Foehner, Oscar Allison, David Cannon, Kenneth Dalley, Bobby Abel, Carter Frost, Kenneth Kisamore, Wanda Briggs, Dolores Santos, Larry Dale Hodge, David Lirnas, Marilyn Lax, Nancy Wilson, Emestina jiminez, Louis Selvera, Teacher - Mrs. J. B. Wilson. 1 E 5 s ' E i 5 . .r 1 L fz , l5frt'l'Wzw szilisff' afmif .iksw rg L...,.. hind Grade Following the "Three" from the top: Ramon Ramirez, Joe Moreno, Judy Davis, Edwarda Flores, Howard Fredrickson, Jimmy Schanhals, Rudy Rameriz, Emest Botkin, Floyd Johnson, Vivian Scruggs, Lola Rogers, Oralie Lara, Jessie Ubias, Paul Vasquez, Carol Burke, Irma Chavarria, Paul Johnson, Clifford Pate, Carolyn Gonzales, Stella Tay- lor, and Carol Ann Prewirt. Teacher: Mrs. Farris Vaughan hind Grade Following the "Three" from the rop: Juliana Flores, Julian Flores, Jimmie Gust- afson, Patricia Larson, Eddie Frenzel, Charles Miller, Alice Leos, Lupe Villarreal, Isobelle Villarreal, Don Josephson, Andrew Delgado, James Daughtry, Alonzo Dominquez, Wallace Stephenson, Sylvia Solomon, John Perez, Julian Ubias, Roy Pena, Charles Bocanegro, Paula I-laenel, Irma Ochoa, Jim- mie Neal Meyers, David Sampson, Arthur Schroeder, and Norton Paris. Teacher: Mrs. Imogene Jones Gvode Top row, left to right: jesse Flores, Delores Haverland, Sidney Villarreal, Pauline Villarreal, Ofelia Hemandez, Robert Chav- arria. Between rows, top to bottom: Clayton Daughtry, Priscilla Hanson, and David Gib- bons. Second row: Boyd Henry, Susie Turru- biarte, Lacadia Flores, Estelle French, Mary Ann Gonzales, Flora Ruth Jones, Duane Swofford. Bottom row: Merced Ramirez, Philip Vil- larreal, Eddie Gorman, Minnie Reynosa, Harry Krenek, Nellie Ramirez, Charles Boet- tcher, Eugene Nall, and Marjorie Rae Wilson. Teacher: Mrs. C. T. Larsberg .90 liiillw Gvode Top row, left to right: Danny Kiecke, Raymond Perez, Judy Sanders, Margaret Cruz, Lucy Martinez, Andra Lara, Virginia Valesquez. Between rows: Kenneth Daughtry and Guy Wolf. Second row: Curtis Craig, Wayne Page, Margarita Gonzales, Paula Speer, Mary joe Romine, Estella Arzola, and Arthur Henze. Bottom row: Willie Ray Smith, Clarence Davis, Karin Lundgren, Doris Ball, Dora Lara, and Travis Roberts. Teacher: Mrs. Hardy Frost ai Elgin Cotton llil Mill Feed and Cottonseed Products F ERTILIZERS AND INSECTICIDES Always in the Market for Cottonseed Phone 54 301 East E 1 Street For the latest hair styles and efficient ser- vice go to the MODERN BEAUTY SHOP for all your beauty needs. Operated by Ruby Gold. moke, smoke, smoke, that pipe. A kiss to build a dream on. Sunny Side Up IPM! Good Old Summer Time Yea Wildcats What an appetite. onq, onq qo W .2 EDP I up , ...S .QQ fa +5 "'s.,.. .4 V , v .,'?f f "" LT1' f-- :HTL . 3 -mg - 1 jg' rx..-' -,A A WE -1 - ' 0 "J-' ' ' , . N 3. .V . R ' .sail ,,', ' ' .1 l ' , ,, Z ' , mA , V, A b .. X "H' N 'xauspm p.n-mpg 'JSASN ugpex 'uosnm appef 'Aneq ueaf aguugw 'Axuag Amg 'UPIZW uuA1 A2193 'iunaiug peg 'ggnqoyq augptmag 'auong tpauuax 'TEH HSN agmuxol 'img wv of 'Alben Paine Williams 'HIHUKEI 9499398 'Aejpw snag 'uopualgoyq aof Aqqog 'mvquaazg ang Anpoxoq 'UQJSPUKI1 Ammgf 'uospgq :auqg 'iugaiug augtmag 'punpfg Ima f Auag 'iugssgyq ameN 'uouue 1' rmaf Alpmoq 'nom aupsamg fl 1 , . 'lf ev 1 ra . H .. Mary -lo Tomblm Myles Callaghan l Charles Tuflff Jeanie X Z W V ' 3 Harold Samuelson F arrel Meyer Allen Seorr 4 1 - - K ,, M lib 0 Q ll I Q alibi X, F Willard Fischer Dwight Sampson f l Sarbara Kruger ichard Morris 3? J0f1arhanH0PPef J , :rt , ll 1 . 3, ' Frank Voelker SENICDIQS ? fl h E K5 Donald Gustafson Doyle johnson Sylvesta Eubank Betty Cooper Marjoue Reeves Campbell jane Cunningham 535 SENIOR CLASS WILL I, Betty Cooper, being of sound mind and body bestow my incessant laughter to Shirley Olson. I, Barbara Kruger, being of insane mind, do hereby will my school to Karlin Meyer. I, Dwight Sampson, leave my curly hair to Willard Rother. I, Mary Jo Tomblin, will my dependability to Albert Paine Williams. I, Doyle Johnson, bestow my ability to mess up typewriters to Seth Hancock. I, Myles Callaghan, being of sound mind leave my position as "Champ", to jackie Wilson. I, Allen Scott, leave my neat shiny shoes to Marvin Parks. I, Marjorie Reeves, will my short hair to Mary Carol Fleming. l, Kenneth Cox, leave my height to Gene Hattox. I, Donald Gustafson, will my position as Student Council President to Dwight Lind. I, Jeanie Mullins, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave my ability to spell "Commiug" to Bennie Ganske. l, Richard Morris, leave my chemistry brain to Elmer Nelson. I, Roy Campbell, being of sane mind, do hereby will my bronze hair to J. B. Davis. I, Esther Olvera, leave my shorthand ability to Dorothy Greenhaw. I, Jonathan Hopper, being of sound mind and body, bestow my position of football captain to Bobby joe McClendon. 1. I. 1. I. Sylvesta "Shorty" Eubanks, will my athletic ability to Tommie Nell Hill. Charles Turner, leave my smoothline and good looks to Wayne Dalley. Farrel Meyer, being of sound mind, will my bass horn to David Santos. Willard Fischer, leave my mid-term graduation to Gene Scott. I, jane Cunningham, being of sane mind, hereby will my reporters corns , to Edna Faye Rogers I, Frank Voelker, leave my "48" Ford in the care of Howard Koether. I, Harold Samuelson, will my quiet ways to Edward Wiesner. We, the Senior Class of '52, leave much success and a joyous Senior year to the Senior Class of '53. . BAILEY'S GULF SERVICE STATION "EVERYBODY TANKS UP AND GASES UP AT BAII.EY'S" GULF TIRES AND BATTERIES WASH I NG AND GR EASING 2I2 N, MAIN PHON E 364 BEAL'S PIGGLY WIGGLY STAPLE 8: FANCY GROCERIES PHONE I22 ELGIN TEXAS JOE SIMON " THE BEST PLACE TO TRADE AFTER Au." DRY GOODS READY-TO-WEAR. SHOES PHONE 228 ELGIN TEXAS Wirxnevll -I-l'lQ Vendovs LAS CALLES DE MEJICO Back row, left to right: Max Simon, L. C. Fisher, Lynn Ray Gustafson, Elmer Nelson, Buddy McGee, David Gold. H F mnt row." Alice Anderson and Hilding Neidig. THE CAST Patricia Chappell .... North American jimmy Lundgren.....North American Max Simon......... ...... .........Beggar Alice Anderson...... Hilding Neidig. .Flower Vendor ...Earth Vendor Buddy McGee............Fruit Vendor L. C. Fisher ...... ....Poultry Vendor David Go1d........... .Serapes Vendor Elmer Nelson..........Basket Vendor B ack row, lefl to right: Shirley Anderson, Clyde Lane, Donald O'Connor, Eugene Dalley, and Janice Kasrner. F mn! row: jack Adkins. Janice Kasrner................Narrator Ollene Pfeiffer, Henry Craig, Bobby Reynolds, David Gold, Vera Gustafson, jimmy Lmmdgren and Patricia Chappell. The Cust TE FIIQST Winner Bill Condron BEST DLAC ES X., -W - , ,ti In public? S116 1 il 3 Rehearsal. -is: , - , vig. :: 1 z.iI.i'."ff3'x IIIIIB Mm wap Mymmmm ' i Z l Jztf- 13. K h an ' . 'j K sf 5 ins: e ., HY 1 . 1 t 3 ,ef 1' H ' ,,A,.4nniff'3' I thought Bloomers were out of date. Second place - - Ollene Pfeiffer Huba! Huba! Q 5 1 ' Bathing Beauty Are they all jacks? Ku 57 1,- df- 'ai' It cou1dn't happen here! wx? V Third place - - Years ago. X., 5 5 NS N'-s " 5 'Ns ""--. Hoosier Hot Shots Y 4 af v -. .-16. Who ya waitin' for? id ff Posing at the game. Q.: " F 10" G Pres!!! "3 , -A' Sisters? X w s Are we Crazy? ' ' A ' Wu , " A , 'ig He's married, girls! V Q W Gentlemen? Mailing a letter? Ain't they cute? Oh how sweet. Forward March WOW!!! Q A ' ' U- f-- -.-.. L,...Al 4 Don t s1t down' Practicing? Is the weather cold? Well if it air1't ole Ge Tumbling Tumbling Weeds . Dudes? The end of another day. Daft fan. You don't ride a bus? Fefnanda , , , MI' Mac is Calling! he , , . ri. f , -' A V g,'f.fQq. ., , .. ,M .. h fl L :fa . - jg? . , 1' Q. " LQ' ' iff- . ' W.. ' 'P 'M' . if." - .1 ,, . 1.,,. , i A ff' 5' " ez-+ W ,-1' K1 'lF. ' ' . ,,, . - H K mg ,f ' 4 L ei. 1 'wl1',Q. . it 5 TVJ.: -.- 1.1:-?.f v, r A , ' ' A 'I YV ' - ' 2 7, '-if "lf" 1. .32 j- .RI Q-. Y. 1:45. Y i Q l G+ 5.7 :--- v SH - if-'f f . 6, . -- " X' A 1 5' 1 ' Z ' - 'fi , 52, ., Y .79 Y ' , h :Rf . . I 45" T' . .gig '- ' '. ' . L, .li "4 . ,., ' P I X 'N 1 .V ' , " - E1 -' 1 ' . : I 1' i. .1 ir, YL . E A 'Y .Q -.A ,I 'qu A . . . 'V' .- f '51 Qui 1 14' " L . V . A ' -" ' 1' 1 if iw. if I 'T , - , H, A 1 J ii . I .- :J,A l . V: 'Q ' . Jw .. -'Q - .- ' ' if ' 5 si- wb . A " , ,,-.A ini? I- t T '. - 'F fi? ,mls ,IL -I .. .- - , N . ,A , .1-, f I.-.. A Yr .xg .11 li,-.Q A .. f f . 1 . - -sf... .. ' ' - - -. T1 3 - . ...mir , ,Q I - ,F -,Ni I i ,ttf , lr ,Tv-LIL .waqw . A A ' ,N -:gf-,. ' V- Q . .- .Vi-lg,A1A:,. 43. W ,fixtrl I wi . ' 2 ' fx J -:vang 1 - b M . If 4 N' Q.: .aint-1' . ':gt?.5TaA'1 I U 1 A bg," f. - -- , .55 N -P' wr ' f',,,f: lr . -. ff 1 I' ,.' 44,g,.-.-5.,?z' fy g3,4f,e,..,,5g.H 3151-v,i.Q V .xi ,. ' giwj ' 'QI Tr. gggim . . ...mfg A f - Is - , , ' 'C' ' 5 A 1 ' H. l gl!-. ' '5' . L' ' .. ' PHY '11 gf F ,II 4, - , 4 -3' : TBWZ I 5 ,- - ATV I 1. 'M Q. :Yi -. N iq fmt.. 112: A .5 I, .,. , . ,.... , -.. , l U ks b b 'A-'W' xy , 'mv . 4 -- - gg, L: 4 A 'F P ,, ,'? 1 " I , f- - I' ' 2 ' '5 45. , '- v -A' --:As '. .f ' fi .i 5 I 5 ' 4" -4 . 1 --. -5. -- . if i, , . vw., ' ' mg, WA - .. is girls ELC-XN I-HG' I 1 l v 'r' ": f - O E. I 'jiri high for Cv- Q-V I gf lr y Trfv 54 fvlfhful Tifk' Thcfif ...:'...LT....- W W 1 Y W 1. J Y T TT P Q A I s FOREVER Pg: E' F 1 X j Wm i'ocic,1'he,v- ga-,. rfvf r 'f W li 415151 T51 5 3141741135 W mixki- ...JH 'Stk-Y Vo- vie-+0-f 7 ff? l TKT gff4T'TJi3IgQi1Ef'P Q l . I'I""":-'I

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