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ADMINISTRATION BOARD of EDUCATl0N Qauh C E CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL ELGIN IOWA Supto M0 H9 m0I'e ' v , XJ' in -f A .5 ., C lf' N Thomas Ogle Bernard Hanson .fy A S? 91 S v- x - I xr 'L 'Q- Glacv larenge Tau-0 Secgewrjon C8.1'mie Peterso - 9 can-4 V lv USDRHHHI John Anderson ,pa-In Alf Ruckdashel Don Fauser Bill Yearous Merle Ruckdashel Reub Howard Tommy Ogle Don Pape ITOR 00K Eva Page Marv Fovard . - , , . h x I 1 Y f' ,... xx ..-nk, ' . -k - 5 . , ,' b- ' Q.,-A '7'z,,L -.--A e '--f ". ' .a 4, , 4 1 HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY -4 if SSATED Mrs Grove, M Potratz, M Zurbriggen, Mr Wenger, Hrs Meinhard STANDING Kjaer, H Grether, M s Wenger, M Whitworth RATHRYN JROVL English Dramatics CLYDE VENGER Driver Training Mathematics Social Science LEO GRETHER Music PAUL LURBRI GEN Algebra Biology Coach NILDRED WENGER Business Education THEODORE KJAER Coach Social Science 'QQSJ "9""" 41' Paul Zurbriggen, Principal ROSE HEINHARD Home Economics Science GERHARDT POTRATZ English Social Science GEORGE MHITMORTH Science Social Science gl K H - YZ ' f ge gg . ' . 0 . .x Q N1 1 - , Q . . ,- f W., .45-if ll. k l. 1:."L5 L Q-'.jr'5jg4'5e"iE il 1. ,- 3 gn V: 2 0 0 0 o c 0 2 Mru 0 0 0 0 - ,Q Q rv f-Q - A . 'J -- . A f 4 .J n A . -A 1 . A' ll44,.1-,.ll-,4-44 ,' --A 1 4 1 1 4 4 4 1 ' -x 1 , V 4 1 1 1 J ,V 4 s. ' r 4 - - s. 4 v 4 R - v-. -1 . 4 , 1 . L i n '1 n i p V. ,HrYvvvivrvvYvvvv'vV""',. C ASS OFFI ER President SENl0R Vice Pm Secy Treas Sronsor Sponsor Keith Crider Ruthann Mitts Howard Kittleson Mrs Wenger Mr Zurbriggen UNIOR President Vice Pres Secy Treas Sponsor Sponsor Keith Downey LeAnna Freiden Richard Freiden Mrs Meinhard Mr Kjaer President Stanley Vtensrer Vice Pres Mavis Anderson Secy Trees Louis Becker Sponsor Mrs drove President .... ......Kathry'n Knudtson F Vice Pres .... .....Lyle Medberry Secy-Trees... ..... .Glenda V.edo Sponsor... ...N'.r. Grether .1A::X,f,'L.,',J' 1 .ff ' - ' 1 -, .4 -. , -.4 ' ., ' L' ,M 'Z b 'CJ ooouoooooooo -, so so an on " o o s o Q o 0 n a o u Q Q Q o u 0 o EIGIITH GR DE President Sharon Pinney Vice Pres Lyle Miesner Secy Treas Linda Stephenson Sponsor Mr Wenger SEVE TH RADE President John Pitts Vice Pres Marion Christen secy Trees Benny Hunsberger Sponsor Mr Potratz Sponsor Mr Whittworth I ,nf canons Oiiilll ' no IOOUQOOIOOI O : J 4 W oonltaonl 'K OCOQL 6 - CO ...nuances c lililli U . ldfftj' , HU' V' -f. 4 x ' x,',-v'-1'TYT!f W. 1 "TWU --. . '- .V dl.. X gn vu nv -gt 1 , fx Y .:-- jj- Q, x M, W. x .. M.-1 f", .".-. 1 -M1 " 'Wx 7OV' -C Oi gm V,,,, L , u Ti- Kiwis '13-gf: -9 ,. , .. --V .fw"QQ 11-',-.L nwfj"" J, ,-,,f',3f-rf?" J- - -1 - ' 1 ,.,4v if ff - ,,,., ATL. -An-url? - .-v xx' ' -. , .61 und!! Y A nm' . " 732 . .X .!.f1!LAcy0A7I .fl fq ff,., . sv, 4162 1 , , SEHIUHS ' A Q' "'w7--f .mimi T .,,', :"f7 I"- Nc I' " '44 1 M I ff ... -, . . EEN I' mx 1 N x 1 ff , .xg ff' , 402 'Q Z SENIUR ASS MEMORIES 1952 53 September September September 1953 5h August 30 September 2 : mwmrn 195h 55 August 30 September 7 Sept-Oct November February April 23 1955 56 August September 27 November 15 November 30 January 27 March March April April May ll May May May 2h Thirty freshmen entered Elgin High School President Nona Mork Vice Pres Ken Crider Secy Treas Jeannie Shaffer Initiation day climaxed by a picnic supper and movie Lost Jocelyn Itterman and Alfred Pritchard Beginning of sophomore year President Norman Mitts Vice Pres Allen Heston Secy Trees John Falb EHS Homecoming Sophomore float 'King Panther Reigns' Nona Mork was sophomore attendant to the Homecomdng Queen Beginning of junior year President Dianne Meinhard Vice Pres Marcia Wolf Secy Trees Chuck Christiansen Sponsored refreshment stand at EHS football games Class play 'Father of the Briden Class rings arrived Junior Senior Banquet at EHS Gym-'Maypole' theme Lost Allen Weston and Mary Ann Hofer Beginning of senior year Gained Howard Kittleson Secy Treas Howard Kittleson Senior pictures taken by Montieur Studio Sold Christmas Cards as fund raising project Began annual sales campaign Senior Variety Show 'Toast to the Tigers' Polio King and Queen Ruthann and Norman M tte Senior candidates Pat, Marlene, Jeannie, Nona, Dianne, Ken, Keith, Larry Class play NLadies of the Jury' Career Day at Sumner Fayette County Bar Association Court Day at West Union Junior-Senior Banquet, Mealy Hotel in Oelwein Dance and Movie Senior trip to Iowa State College at Ares for Veishea Celebration Attended Open House, Swim Show, Vodvil, Horse Show, Baseball, and Track Skip Day Baccalaureate at Elgin Lutheran Church Reverend V Knudtson, speaker Senior breakfast at Echo Valley Commencement exercises in EHS Gym Mr Charles Benson, Elkader, speaker School picnic and dismissal 2: 10: one ' one 16: h ... - ... 5: -- 28: 29: September l: President...Keith Crider Vice-Pres...Ruthann M tts 23: -- 27: l8: A -- 28: . ??: 20: -- . . May 21: May 23: -- . . EIDIN HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS 19 6 2'9- NORNAN PDI TTS Football, Baseball, Soph. Class Pres., Basketball, Annual Staff, Jr. Play, Vocal 8: Instr. Music, Sr. Play. KEITH CRIDER Baseball, Basketball, Jr Play, Football, Sr Class Pres , Vocal Music, Annual Staff, Sr Play Q' NONA MORK Fresh, Class Pres., Vocal 81 Instr. Music, Newstaff, Librarian, Basketball, Jr. Play, Annual Staff, Speech, Sr. Play. CLASS FIANEEM Red Carnation CLASS COLORS! Scarlet, Royal, mu CLASS HO'I'T0x Hope for the beat, but prepare for the worst, 3 JOHN FALB Football, Nevstaff, Vocal 81 Instr. Music, Jr. Play, Baseball, Basketball, Sr. Play, Annual Staff, Soph. Class Secy. SY or 5' - s Q v Q sl . bf 'O MARCIA WOLF Nevstaff Editor, Jr Clase Vice Pres , Cheerleader, Annual Editor, Librarian, Vocal 84 Inetr Music, Jr Play, Sr Play JANETTE KRUEBER Nevstaff, Jr Play, Driv Trng , Vocal Music, Annual StaIf,Librarian, Sr Play CARLTON KRUEGER Vocal 81 Instr Music, J Play, F F A Baseball, Basketball, Football, Sr Play, Annual Staff CHUCK CHRISTIANSON Football, Annual Staff, Play, Jr Class Secy , Play JEANNIE SHAFFER Fresh Class Secy , Vocal 8: Instr Music, Jr Play, Annual Staff, Sr Play FIDRENCE HOFER Speech, Newstaff, Annual Staff, Jr Play, Sr Play, Driv Trng , Libranan ,J 5 A RUTHANN MITTS Basketball, Instr Music, Sr Vice Pres , Play, Driv Trng , Annual Staff, Nevstaff, Jr Play MARIE SUTTZR Librarian, Annual Staff, Jr Play, Dr1v Trng , Sr Play BILLY BENNETT Vocal Music, F F A Pres , Jr Play, Speech, Annual Staff, Sr Play JANICE LARSON Librarian, Jr Play, S Play, Annual Staff K"-...f LARRY BUTIKOFER JEANETTE KRUEGEH Football, Jr P1979 Annual Newataff, Librarian, Vocal Staff, Sr Phi, F F 4 Music, mv '1-mg , Annual Staff, Jr Play, Sr Play A ' I X . . . . . . r c l Src ' A 0 In ' a- 'T I Y' Q . P it g ugh, A ' KENNY CRIDER Baseball, Basketball, J Play, Football, Newstaff, Fresh Class Pres , Annual Staff, Vocal Music, S Play DENNIS COOK Football, Jr. Play, Annual Staff, Sr. Play, F.F.A. DIANNE MEINHARD Jr Class Pres , Vocal 8: Instn Huaic, Annual Staff Jr Play, Librarian, Driv Trng , Nevstaff, Speech Sr Play PAT CAPPER Vocal 81 Instr. Music, Jr. fx HOWARD KITTLESON Football, Basketball Class Secy , Baseball, Jr Play, Annual Staff Speech, Sr Play, Vocal 81 Instr Music 1- JIM SCHAER Sr. Play, Basketball, Jr. Play. Univ. Trng., Annual may, Baseball, ueweuafr, Staff, Sr- Play. Nenntaff, Vocal mm, Annual surf. Librarian, Speech. Q fl 51 U' 1,1 O xc 4:2 ' E ,, Q EZ, Q , l To o s , sr. , O I . Ta ' . 1: ' . P s xv . 1 Absq V45 1 z 11 'Swv DUANE ENGELHARDT F F A , Vocal Music, Jr Play, Baseball, Sr Play, Annual Staff COLLEEN HOWARD Librarian, Vocal 81 Instr. Music, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Speech, Annual Staff, Driv. Trng. 6 Cb' JANICE LOFTSGAHD Librarian, Vocal 81 Instr Huaic, Speech, Newstaff, Jr Play, Sr Play, Annual Staff LESLIE LEMBKE Football, Vocal 8: Instr. MUSIC, Jr. Play, Baseball, Sr. Play, Annual Staff, STANLEY SHAFFER Football, Basketball, Jr Play, Annual Staff, Play MARLENEWEDO Newstaff, Jr. Play, Dnv. Trng., Instr. Music, Sr. Play, Basketball, Annual Stair. 'C A I o e o . 0 ' sr: A my , , 4, f Q O' . K E 1 A 'A J , SE IOR ASS PROPHECY Q 1? by Qr go 94. Q J' Q , o D ge 'eros Q. 5395- T Q YZ VIED0 5 5e'D-at M9521 Tlow 31-a Yuyuaukee Bfg1J?RENCE HOF-EH ogy' Teacher JE4 NNIE RUTHANN mm-S C17 UD D hi SHAI,-FE cken Rancher Lt Col in WACS JIHSC v: 5 UIU Presldent KOFEZR NONA Moiuc Pr f Olymplc Siding Charm 0 888101111 Football Play SI' LEMBKE P1'0f6SSi0ngl LES l ard Pbdbl professor at HOWIE K Se N cretaxy of the Navy TAN SHAFFH3- S D!-559 D6 Signer Holliwod BILL B ublican G011G1'95smn num EN EW N W1-esuiigiii u Rev KEI Noam HITTS KOEL 55511112 card shark at Rem acesfer PER MARC PAT CNP mer EJ-Ein EfI:0wgd.'!,!LF Racehofse Tra CHUCK C N HR LARS0 Piano S sifglcgar Drive? 49 45 fe ly .51 K9 4, 9 :ff Q? 65 ,Q 5' Q? 5 iwq 53 if 5 3 0 ZS' 08 651 51 'I' 5? 6,664 Q9 695' 5 , as Q. if sa 535 H 5095 0 if 50390 5 A - of G J 3 5? qgnia Q' V 4? as , 'Qi fu E5 5 Sgr. fs Q ' C nf' Hfum ' ' 'r 1101- on SENIOR PL Y The Senior Class of 1956 presented a unique three act comedy, "Ladies of the Jury," on March 25. The setting of this play is unusual because its amusing action takes place in a court session and a jury room. The jury consists of an assortment of characters --a wealthy socialite, a prudish splnster, a flowery young poet, a hard-boiled Irish woman, and a newly- wed Southern belle. The C886 of Yvette Yvette Gordon is presented in the first act. 'Did she kill her husband for his money, or did he kill himself in a struggle for the possession of the gun?' is the question for an unmanageable and hlmorous jury-room debate in the last two acts. SE IUR ASS WILL We, the might, Seniors of 1956, of Elgin High School, County of Fayette, State of Iowa, being of sound mind and memory do make, publish, and declare this to be our Last will and Testament, hereby revoking any and all wills heretofore made I, Keith Clarion Crider, do will and bequeath my 'coaching duties and my interest in the freshman class to Dennis Jrether I, Stanley Mayne Shaffer, do will and bequeath my basketball practice pants and my silent ways to Linda Kiple I, Dianne Elaine Meinhard, do will and bequeath my bookkeeping job at Don's X and my love for cheesen to Le Anna Frieden I James Frederick Schaer, do will and bequeath my biology book and my study habits to Lonnie Baker Patricia Ann Capper, do will and bequeath my shyness and my tricks to catch a man to Doris Orth Howard Karl Kittleson, do will and bequeath my Sunday afternoon rides in a Buick and my rublic sneaking ability to Alan Venger Nona BetsCel Mork, do will and bequeath my position as substitute teacher and my love for a wood time to Doris Meinhard I, Larry Gene Butikofer, do will and bequeath my coon hunts on Monday nights and my love for physical training class to Justin Baker L Janice Elaine Loftszard,do will and bequeath my shyness and my secretarial ability to Stanley Venger contact with the light pole near the baseball diamond to Donald Kohls I, Florence Marie Hofer, do will and bequeath my dramatic ability and graceful walk to Richard Frieden I, Marcia Ann Wolf, do will and bequeath my job as annual editor and cheerleading uniform to Ronald Blockhus I, Kenneth Charles Cride , do will and bequeath my nickname, Deacon and bookkeeping ability to Gene Lantz I, Ruthann Valdine Mitts, do will and bequeath my duties as a member of the West Union Cheerinv section and my basketball ability to Kent Falb I John Peter Falb, do will and bequeath my rainbow coloredn hot rod and my western books to Kenneth Staff , Marie Elizabeth Sutter, do will and bequeath my hair, my height, and my nick name HDolln to Jim Hanson I, Dennis Lee Cook, will and bequeath my false tooth and my rest' period in study hall to Judy Helms I, Janice Elvira Larson do will and bequeath my 'pint sizedn seat in the study hall and my quiet nature to Bill Torkelson I, Leslie LeRoy Lembke, do vill and bequeath my Clermont girl friends and my position as 'teachers' Petn to Robert Reierson I, Arla Jean Shaffer, do will and bequeath my diamond ring and my ownership in a Shu Ford to Delores Kerr I, Charles Edward Christiansen, do will and bequeath my nrabbitn hunting and my ninterestn in hardware to Roger Howard I V1 D- Il . I I, 4 I, ' V I, - . . I, Carlton Edwin Krueger, do will and bequeath my musical talent and my YI ll my ' my r L N ' my ll , - I - . do ' W ' 1 , - I! v Marlene Joy Vedo,do vill and bequeath my interest in the Milwaukee Braves and loyalty to pirls' basketball to Charles Capper Villiam Earl Bennett,do will and bequeath my pocket full of pens,oencils, memo books, etc and ry avriculture actlvities to Keith Dovney Colleen Ardiath Howard, do will and bequeath my Army pin and my oversized class ring to Pavls Anderson Duane Rudolnh hnplehardt, do will and bequeath my muscular physique and my tenor voice to Harold Hanson I, Norman Dean Mitts, do will and bequeath my chair at Don's D X Statlon and my nhearsen to Alvin Lehman We, Janette Lou and Jeanette Davn Krueger, do will and bequeath our matchin clothes and our gum chewinv exercises to Pat Wilson and Pat Gruver In Witness thereof, we have hereunto set our hand and seal to this our Last Kill and esta ent at on this day of in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty six m1TNfss1-Qs gy J iff Presldent of Senior Class SENIOR SNA HUT +-- 5,1 O I, 1 . . . Y J . I, .' A A U -lx -1 I - ' C I, . v ' . I I, ' . 5 1 - ' . . ' a , . 5 5 ' - nl T m . . f i Y Y V i ij ' T T: 3- N '1 - Y . ,X in M , L " I' , ' JEL' F 'LI V k. .L ' . A --'1 N Vw , 7 . gk, . A mN.' 1 , U Viv ml , ., ' - ' . I W ' Q " ,- Q N . p A ! g' 1 l ' A f T' ., ' grub E r KJ I ' 5. 5 Y , .wi , .I UA- - I . A K ". Q ' ' I , lt' , 1 tggl . 4' Y T .ax ill fmt E f .Y 1: . IIN 4br11V F , , 5 S L ., I . W i I .. POLIO KI G andQ EE A'I'I'ENDANTS Eloise Lantz, Ilona Hork, Pat Capper, Dianne Heinhard, Harlene Wedo, Arla Jean Shaffer, Keith Crider, Kenneth KIIB AND QUEEN Crider, Kent Falb, Larry Butikofer, Roger Howard, Robert Kerr Ruthnnn Mitts 61 Hanan Mitts SENIOR V RIETY SHO ,r we E ' Y P 1 V . L Q, 1 , f',, E - X qi ' A E125 E lx in 'JK X zz V V E r Q! K ff :J ,,.-1- ayjifsh E , OUT x HI' LINE O STORY , n .'q, A V CA W 'tl 1 LS A GILYU 4.12 OF Afffj X 'lv L A 'NES Nl ' W! ISED N. -- . 'x- "-ff, x , "i"u,.+-1 vfffbfc 'XS JU IOR 4 FRONT ROW Delores Kerr, Judy Helms, LeAnna Frieden, Linda Kiple MIDDLE ROW: Harold Hanson, Gene Lantz, William Torkelson, Keith Downey, Alan Wenger BACK RCW: Ronald Blockhus, Jim Hanson, Dennis Grether, Justin Baker, Richard Frieden, Charles Capper CAbsentz Doris Orth D This was a very important year for the juniors they became upperclassmenl A refreshment stand at the home football ames a junior fund raising nroject to help finance the junior senior banouet, xhich too? nlace at the lealy Hotel in Oel ein, Avril 28 The juniors provided an even1nv's entertainment with their presentation of a three act comedy, 'Charley's Aunt,H on November A A skating party at Elzin and Career Day at Sumner were two of the junior's special events, but the highlight of the year was the arrival of their class rings in February Nha ""5-Mama-an naw 'E iiil TE! ,, QQQM ' wif FRONT ROW Dorls Me1nhard, Carol Schupbach, Kent Falb, Roberta Barker, Anna Friederich MIDDLE ROW Stanley Wenger, Yvonne West, Vonda Boleyn, Betty Lou Bennett, Mavis Anderson, Olette Olson, Eugene Lehman BACK ROW Doroth Scheer, Robert Reierson, Donald Kohls, Alvin Lehman, Lonnie Baker, Roger Howard, Kenneth Staff, Louis Becker -'FHGB-V1 , A . 1 . 6 'any of the sophomores were enrolled in drivers training and finally obtained their anxiously anticipated driver's licenses Further interest in he mechanical side f cars was displayed in the shop class, where a '38 Chevrolet, purchased by the shop boys, was taken apart, studied, and reassembled A hayride in chilly Oct d a joint skating party with t e Clermont sophomores filled LJ: " v-'J P 'nn- .I . Q ' ,E xe , '. lf' 'N' . af, A SOPHOMORES D g I O BTI . h the bill for parties. rf. .mi I :buf 1 Q ri Ji, 6 1 sa 7 ' yt? 'lf . s jX "AY ig' X- FRESIIME - '-Hllllllllllllllllluui 4 , :F:-,,,5a-Qg4:::w+::A:'-L 12 1-itil" FRONT ROW Glenda Wedo, Lavilia Larson, Audrey Sutter, Margaret Iedberry, Judy Larson, Lois Pulfer, Pat Gruver, Pat Wilson M DDLE ROW Kathryn Knudtson, Larry Miles, Francis Stray, Marlene Butikofer, Barbara Hunsberger, Randine Hanson, Roger Boleyn BACK ROW David Grove, Merlin Chapman, Tony Habeger,Lyle Medberry, Crayton Ash, Curtis Gilson, lavid Frieden, Ronald Halverson Twentx three students officiallv becane 'HS Freshmen on Septerber Zu, 1055, in Elgin Hlgh Initiation Tradition Strange looking creatures in everv character from nursery rhvmes to Davey and Pollv Crockett lnvaded the assembly during school hours and paraded in the business district durina the noon hour A picnic supper and ovie climaxed the dev of stunts and proved to the 'frcshiesu that their sxperior seni ' were really kind hear The class part 'n December incltded a lllll 'Zfr P5-w pct luck smpper and a movle 'im -fi' 91- ff 2 -1 . . . I : U ..4 .1 F ,, . . V ' . 9 N' . . ' H ' V 'A' H 1 ors' ' . . -n ted. jgfz ,, . v - . ' A L ' 1 . 1 . 'fam , b 1 1 , I WJ- , . -1. - T3 . ze, ', V s v , Q r'K s H 1' Q YS: . X. Q, -V , Q 1 , r H was fY ali ' gn, A ,,. 4 , . 4 ' , -14, ,' ,x . 4 , : X ,xx 1 Qi ik - KW-1 i 'A ' . ' X, 'Q , 5 1 l' mtg, X F, -1. if-.,, ,- w x -JM! V x- " . ' ' ' 1' v -A . - - V A ,....y..,- A . - - MX ..'1 f ' 'f '-'Lt-fff if. Z-. .if I I ' N " Qff3 o :iss EIGHTII RAIJE W FRONT ROW Lyle Me1sner, Robert Hilgerson, Sharon Pinney, Eva Mae Hofer, Dwain Barker, Allen Krueger SECOND ROW Linda Th1ese, Roger Frieden, David Blockhus, Sandra Kjosa, Judy Lembke, Billy Cook, Richard Orth THIRD ROW Linda Stephenson, Fremont Ogle, Dav1d Chrlsten, Harlan Yearous, Nicky Baumgartner, Paul Hanson, Larry Metzger, Roselyn Clark BACK ROW Robert Kerr, Sandra Anderson, Kathleen Gisleson, Dennls Meyer, Ruby Holden, Barbara Prltchard, Reva Fr1eder1ch, Elo1se Lantz, Danice Anderson CAbsent Richard Neumann I SEVE TH R DE FRONT ROW Paul Christen, Marie Friederich, Margaret Hanson, Lou1s Sutter, Sharnel Rothlisberger SECOND ROW: Mardelle West, Elaine Hellum, Merlin Nickels, Barbara Krueger, Ruby Shaffer, Marian Bilden, Dick Meinhard, Billy Stephenson, Ruann Metzger THIRD ROW Ruth Ann Kohls, Marion Chrlsten, Lois Clark, Ronnie Baker, John Mitts, LeAnne Grether, Ann Miles, Sandra Shepard, Doroth Helgerson, Eunice HUWS-'Fda BACK ROW Robert Thomason, Roberta Wilson, Ben Hunsberger, Pam Cloth1er, Ot1S Blockhus, Janet Gehr1ng, D1anne Fr1eden, linda Crain, Ietha L1ght,J1mmy Frleden, Patty Larson CAbsent Curtis Staff, Ronald Nelson, Judy Luchslnger J .2 ' O S . l . Q , . . . . . . . . 5 I . , 6 .- " 1 'W ' , ' -- .V . 4 3 - . -- ' 1 1 -F ... 'V m ' ,,. ,X 4 A J 2 5 - 5 , , . . O O , . . . A . 3 l , SIXTH GR DE A A .. FRONT ROW Carol Shaffer, Kenny Klingman, Roger Torson, Ivan Meisner, V1ctor Feller, Terry Habeger, Mar1an Pritchard MIDDLE R04 Russell Wedo, Bob Schupbach, Gloria Frleden, Darlene Hofer, Nancy Orth, Teddy Frlederich, Leo Chr1sten, Sharon Loftagard, Mrs Youngberg BACK ROW Sam Hofer, Karolyn Kerr, LaVerne Howard, LaVerne Krueger, Lorraim Gilbert, Sharon Seago, Karol Loftsgard, Carlyle Blockhus, Buddy Chapman. FIFTH GR DE on 00" FRONT ROW Mlke Wllson, Johnrv Braclcm, Ruth Bxlden, Shirley Larson, Diana Barker, Dortlv Meisner, David Kiple, Junior West, Jennifer Olson, Mlss Laue HIDDIE RCW Ada Kay Falb, Helen Christen, Kay Miller, Linda Mitts, Karen Klng, Janet Roghlisberger, Rita Neumann, Randy M1.les , Lo1s Kerr, Barbara Glbbs BACK ROW: Dixie Shepard, Linda Krueger, Merlln Butikofer, Merlin Crain, Sharon Schupbach, Bob Zurbriggen, Sheryl Butikofer, Melvin Moore , Marcia Metzger. . . . . ,. .ve '4 f S, B y Q K , K , f . 4' h 1 , -AX, -Fr, , iii, I F. " 7 'V 0 . . . . . . F0 I-ITH H FRONT ROW Paula Larson, Larry Frieden, Karen Klingman, Gary Helgerson, Connle Douglas Meinhard MIDDLE ROW Judy Chapman, Wanda Hofer, David Boleyn, Connle Baumgartner, Douglas West, Lester Grlmm, Glen Chrlsten, Steven Metzger, Loulse Butlkofer, Annette Meyer, Sandra Blockhus, Larry Halverson, M s Whitworth BACh ROW Phyllis Hunsberger, Johnn Schupbach, Sylvla Hanson, Ray Sanders, Jerry Medberry, Dean Hllgerson, LaDonna Lantz, Stanley Anderson, Martha Schaer, Anita Lehman, Bobby Rothlisberger, Judy Thompson, Davld Kohler, Vlcky Habeger CAbsent Dav1d Thompson I THIRD R DE FRONT ROW Carole Mosby, Dorothea Melnhard, Iva Feller, Linda Desart, Ima Jean Brackin, Mary Ann Metzger, Kent Gruver, Dlana Reeder, Mary Ann Jacob, Sharon Ruckdashel MIDDLE ROW Carol Frleden, David Dummermuth, R1chard Reierson, Patty Lehman, Barbara Englehardt, Gary Mlller, Karl Green, Jeanne Sanders, Keith Kjosa, Rlcky Chapman, Norman Boleyn, Roger Falo, Lou1s Christen BACK ROW: Genevleve Christen, Sharon Yearous, Jean Schaer, Larry Orth, David Lantz, Leroy Howard, Harold Shepard, Danny Baker, Dale Moore, Roger Reed, lantha Strong, Allan Foxwell, M s. Kohler. .ut Q ' ' C S r Dummermuth, Bonita Kjosa, Dale Howard, Cheryl Pinney, Roger West, Harlan Bilden, SECOND GR DE Mmm FRONT ROW Marene Metzger, Connie Baker, Barbara Muehlethaler, Marcia Knudtson, Kathryn Kjosa, Ione Peyton, Karla Kohler, Nancy Miller, Margaret Jacob, Patr1cia Schneider MIDDLE ROW Gary Pritchard, Donald Torson, Ronald Butikofer, David Grether, Steven Halverson, Sammy Roberts, Norris Blockhus, Robert Cook, Dennis Boleyn, Marvin Houg, Floyd Frieden BACK ROW Ivanell Wilson, Mary Hofer, Kaye Loftsgard, D'Lene Krueger, Charles Frieden, Mickey Schupbach, Donald Thompson, Marllyn Miles, Jeannette Strong, Lynnette Schori, Miss Flanagan fAbsent Richard Butikofer, Kathryn Gehring, Robert Gehr1ng J FIR T GR DE FRONT ROW Karen Larson, Sharon Larson, Robert Shaffer, Kendall Mork, John McM1l1an, Gail Light, Sally Stephenson M DDLE ROW Lee Boleyn, Curtis But1kofer, Willie Kerr, Connie Frieden, Linda Butikofer, Leon Roberts, Jud Becker, Duane Reeder, JoAnn Wilson BACK ROW Dickle Reeder, Duane Patterson, Bobby Chapman, Billy O'Laughlin, Inga Hanson, Jimmy Zurbriggen, Jim y Boleyn, Gary Kleppe, Mies Gehrlng CAbsent Larry Falb, Patti Johnson, Jeri Martm, Roger Nelson D 'bi H L 'ea A fa N I - ' "1 wtf Q K X1 KI DERGARTE FRONT ROM. Robert Jacob, Marsha Frleden, Kathy Kgaer, Susan Torkelson, Jacky Schorl, Jon Alan Chapman, Warren Baker, Diane Hanson, Charlan Butlkofer, Bobby Halverson, Glen Meisner MIDILE. ROW Kendra Loftsgard, Marie Braclnn, Songa Kgosa, Jean Metzger, Gayle Kleppe, Elizabeth Bilden, Dean Hofer, Jimnv Howard, Marlys Houg, Brad Chapman, Elsle Hanson BACK RCM Lennie Moore, Roger Reeder, David Roberts, Gregory Olson, Phlllip Ruckdashel, Johnny Green, Janet Amundson, Mehssa Moore, Diane Clark,D1a.ne West, Sheila Barker, Wanda Lembke, Mrs Kiple CAbsent Donald Wardell, Darlene Wardell, Kathy Vanderbeck I HOW WE LOOKED THE Wr VCR., N "3-'f' fi Q ' 1 7 V -' If fi23'H4 M K, I N f 139 .X-1 'V A w, - '12 , ., 4, Ig 'vw ' , '. H .W - , FOUTB LL TE M FRONT ROW Roger Howard, Stan Shaffer R , lchard Frleden, Chuck Christiansen gzgzrgitgianggxry Butikofer,John Falb, Jim Hanson, Keith Aanes, Howie K1tt16BOD: C LECOND ROY Lgggch Ted Kgaer, Gary G11son, Lonnle Baker, Dennls Cook, Alvin J 2233: 65 ken Kenn Crider, Kelth D0Whey, Carlton Krueger, Kenny Stafg O elson, Bobby Swenson, Asst Coach Albert Daniels, Mgr Kent Falb BACK ROW Curt1s Olson, David Frieden, Dennls yuchow, Larry Bergeson, David Helgerson, Bert Henderson Eugene Lehman C A h Gilson, Alan Wenger, Stan Qenger 1 T3Yt0U S , Lyle Medberryn Curtls Under the direction of the new coach, Ted Kjaer, and his assistant, Albert Daniels, the Tigers ended the football season with 2 wins and S defeats, for fifth place in the Upper Iowa Conference Led by co captains Norm Mitts and Larry Butikofer, the Tiaers opened the season by defeatinv Calmar in a non conference game The Elgin boys lettering in football were Norman Mitts, Larry Butikofer, Dennis Cook, Stan Shaffer, Les Lembke, John Falb, Howie Kittleson, Kenny Crider, Chuck Christiansen, Roger howard, Jim Hanson, Richard Frieden, Alvin Lehman, and Kenneth Staff The climax of the season was a banquet for the Logs and their fathers at the Loftus Cafe in Vest Unlon on November 30 Speaker of the evenino was Eb Eiscreid LaVerne Swenson and Jim Hanson were elected co captains to lead next year's squad Hehe 1 J 6 po za. aj D .Eb i 0 Q - rf' , A as J A - . I 1 ' I - - L . . C We 4 ' T25 'A D j I A E, . 1 QQ: . N "Wi BOYS' ASKETB LL TE M FRONT ROW Jim Schaer, Howard Kittleson, Keith Crider, Stanley Shaffer, Kenneth Crider, Norman Mitts, Elliot Ulson BACK ROW Laverne Swenson, Roger Howard, Merlin Chapman, Mr Kjaer, Jim Hanson, Gary Gilson, Kenneth Staff Manager The Tigers placed third in the County Tourney and in the Upper Iowa Conference By a fine display of balanced scoring the Tigers compiled a 7 3 record in conference action At the close of the season, Howie Kittleson was elected honorary captain Elgin letter winners were Howie Kittleson, Ken Crider, Keith Crider, Norm hitts, Jim Schaer, Stan Shaffer, and Jim Hanson Fen Crider, Ho ie Kittleson, Keith Crider, and Norm Nitfs received All Conference recognition GIRLS' BASKETB LL TE, FRONT ROW Sandra Olson, Ruthann Mitts, Karen Jacobson, Vonda Boleyn, Arlene Knudsen, Jud Larson, Nona Mork, Barbara Anderson. MIDDLE ROW: Grace Olson, Roberta Barker, Gerene Larson, Jud Durr, Mr Schmidt, Mary Kay Swenson, Barbara Thies, Rebecca Olson, Carol Mott. BACK ROW Doris Ames, Shirley Ames, Rebecca Larson, Rose Larson The C E Tigers ended a fine season with 17 wins and 7 losses Placing third in the Ccu ty Tournament, the Tivers came back strong to win +he Sectional and to place fourth in the District Tournament Elgin letter winners were Ruthann Mitts, Nona Mork, Vonda Boleyn, and Judy Larson At the close of the season Ruthann Mitts and Sandy Olson were chosen honorary co captains I R91 O ' if 0 N lr ' 4 - 4 ' - ' 5 ,L UNICIR HI TEAMS FRONT RON Barb Krueger, Marian Christen, Audrey Sutter, Pam Clothier, Lav1lia Larson, Glenda wedo BACK RCW Danice Anderson, Janet Gehr1ng, Ruby Holden, Coach Paul Zurbr1ggen, Eloise Lantz, Margaret Medberry, Diane Frleden FRONT ROW Billy Cook, Larry Miles, Robert Ke1r, Crayton Ash, CUIt1S Gilaon, David Frieden, Dwain Barker BACK ROW Ji m Frieaen, John Mitts, Dennis Meyer, Lyle Pwdberry, Coach Ceorge Whitworth, Roger Frleden, Dick Meinhard, Lyle Meisner www ASEB LL TE Twenty one eager candidates reported for the first spring baseball practice conducted by Coach Paul Zurbriggen The returning lettermen from Elgin included Keith Crider, Ken Crider, Howie Kittleson, Jim Schaer, Norm Mitts, and Rich Frieden The first game of the season saw the Tigers defeating Postville, 7 2 i tilt played on the Elgin diamond April S The C R defense in this game was very outstanding The nine players who started this game were Howie Kittleson, pitcher, La Verne Swenson, catcher, Ken Crider, first base, Charles Capper, second base, Keith Crider, shortstop, Elliot Olson, third base, Rich Frieden, right field, Norman Mitts, center field, and Jim Schaer, left field Other pitchers that shared hurling duties during the season were Gary Gilson and Roger Howard Kent Falb saw action as a utility infielder and Jim Hanson played in the outfield and served as a relief catcher i W' HEER LE DER Marcia wolf Sheryl Peterson JoAnn Moore Linda Yiple ATHLETI SNAPSHOT 'QF' T 04 -wi LA its A! N 'S-:fu 'hd' Vx FJ '1- Ml'-Q 1-1. xi' -v. x-- N -n 'f""Iu-mf 'xv' Ji . :iw 1110. X., x,N...o' ..:, 'R A SENIOR BAN FRONT ROW Dor1s Meinhard, Pat Gruver, Lavila Larson, Judy Larson SECOND RCW Patty Wilson, Sharon P1nney, Letha Llght, LeAnne Grether, Kathryn Knudtson, Nona Mork, Pat Capper, Marcia wolf, Roberta Wilson, Danlce Anderson, Eloise Lantz, Sandra Anderson THIRD ROW Linda Thiese, Janice Loftsgard, Janet Gehring, Lols Clark, Linda Stephenson, Linda K1ple Anna Frlederich, Glenda Wedo, Marion Chrlsten, Ann Miles, Sharnel ROthl1Sb9Tg9T FCURTH ROW Carlton Krueger, Howard Kittleson, Tony Habeger, Charles Capper, Dennis Grether, Merlln Chapman, Crayton Ash, Dianne Meinhard, Kent Falb, David Frieden, LeAnna Wrieden, Judy Helms FIFTH ROW Richard Me1nhard, Ruth Ann Kohls, Dianne Frleden, Benny Hunsburger, d1ll1am orkelson, Dennls Meyer, Curtls Gilaon, John Falb, Harold Hanson, Rlchard Orth, Terry Habeger BACK ROW M Grether, Marlene Wedo, Pam Clothier, Fremont Ogle, Paul Hanson, Leslie Lembke, Norman Mitts, Dorothy Schaer, Ruthann Mitts, Jeannie Shaffer. FLUTE Marcia Wolf Pat Capper Kathy Knudteon Nona Mork LeAnne Grether Leths Light Roberta wilson CLARINET Sandra Anderson Danice Anderson Janice Loftsgard Patty Wilson Eloise Lantz Sharon Finney Glenda Wedo Anna Friederlch Linda Thiese Ann Miles Sharnel Rothlisberger Marion Christen Pam Clothier BASS CLARINET LeAnna Frieden Judy Larson SAXOPHONE Dianne Meinhard Kent Falb David Frieden Crayton Ash Merlin Chapman Jud Helms OBOE Janet Gehring FRENCH HORN Linda Kiple Doris Orth Doris Meinhard Lois Clark Linda Stephenson PERCUSSION Marlene Wedo Ruthann Mitts Jeannie Shaffer Dorothy Schaer Pam Clothier CONDUCTOR Leo Grether CORNLT Carlton Krueger Howard Kittleson Tony Habeger Bill Torkelson Dennis Meyer Richard Meinhard Benny Hunsberger Ruth Ann Kohls Dlanne Frieden TROM ONE John Falb Stan wlenger Terry Habeger Curtis Gilson Richard Orth Harold Hanson BARITONE Dennis Grether Charles Capper TUBA Norman Mitts Fremont Ogle Paul Hanson " Ill f ..l as 9 Y., E J STX --a HIC!! "X , - A L x K x f, If 5 , ' , . Nr ' Ns, . MI ED IIORUS FRONT ROW Linda Stevenson, Glenda Wedo, Pat Capper, Lois Pulfer, Dick Meinhard, Richard Orth, Dianne Meinhard, Doris Meinhard, Patty Wilson, Sharon Pinney SECOND ROW Carol Schupbach, Roberta Barker, Sandra Anderson, Olette Olson, Harlan Yearous, Paul Hanson, Fremont Ogle, Le Anna Fr1eden, Danica Anderson, Marcia Wolf, Linda Kiple THIRD ROW Kathryn Knudtson, Yvonne West, Barbara Hunsberger, Dorothy Schaer, Roger Boleyn, Stanley Wenger, Norman Mitts, Kent Falb, Vonda Boleyn, Judy Helms, Eloise Lantz, Nona Mork, Leo Grether, BACK ROW William Torkelson, Carlton Krueger, Leslie Lembke, John Falb, Crayton Ash, Stan Shaffer, Dennis Grether, Curtis Gilson, Tony Habeger,Howard Kittleson, Richard Frieden, Charles Capper, Duane Englehardt CAbsent Randine Hanson, Jeanette Krueger D MUS C ACTIVITIES with Leo Grether as conductor, the marching band began drilling the first week of school The combined forces of the Clermont and Elgin marching bands performed at all home football games The activities of the Elgin concert band and chor1ses began with rehearsal for the annual Christmas program The junior girls chorus also appeared in the traditional Christmas program A junior band was organized to give younger musicians experience in band work The Fayette County Band Festival in January was the next public appearance of the band Eleven members were chosen to play in the All County Select Band Early in March a spring concert was presented by the concert band A trumpet trio, a baritone solo by Dennis Grether, and an alto sax solo by Dianne to refresh the audience and sive the band members a break! Marcia Wolf, Linda Kiple, and Dianne Melnhard were chosen to attend the Dorian Band Festival at Decorah Rehearsals were held all day, a concert was presented at night by a 275 piece band with musicians representing 100 schools ith April came small group contest To help students gain valuable experience, many soloists and ensembles perforred for local clubs A concert was given by all soloists and ensembles entered in the state contest at Fayette Small group contest results were qu te satisfactory as 2h out of 33 entries received firsts and 9 received seconds The state contest in May for the band and three chorus groups called for another concert bv the large groups C O O 2 e 1 o 0 L I Q I TV . Meinhard were featured on the program. During intermission lunch was served v: A ' . .1 , -' ' 0 A U f X GNU. HORUS FRONT ROW Janice Loftsgard, Patty Wilson, Doris Meinhard, Glenda Wedo, Pat Gruver CECOND ROW Mr Grether, Lavilia Larson, Pat Capper, Marcia Wolf, Linda Kiple, D1anne Meinhard, Anne Frlederich, Carol Schupbach THIRD ROW Roberta Barker, Jud Larson, Colleen Howard, Nona Mork, Betty Lou Bennett, Randine Hanson, Olette Olson, LeAnna Frieden. BACK R W Kathy Knudtson, Jeanette Krueger, Janette Krueger, Judy Helms, Vonda Boleyn, Dorothy Schaer, Barbara Hunsberger, Yvonne West, Mavis Anderson BOYS HGRUS FRONT ROW Allen Krueger, Billy Stephenson, Richard Orth, Ronnie Baker, Dick Meinhard, Lyle Meisner QECOVD ROW Harlan Yearous, Fremont Ogle, Kent Falb, Stan Wenger, Roger Boleyn, Paul Hanson, Jimmy Frieden, Benny Hunsberger THIRD ROW Ronald Halverson, William Torkelson, Carlton Krueger, Gene Lantz, Leslie Lembke, Roger Houard, Charles Capper, Norman Mltts, Duane Englehardt BACK ROW M Grether, Ronald Blockhus, Richard Frieden, Cra ton Ash, Stanley Shaffer, Dennls Grether, Billy Bennett, Curtls Gilson, Ton Habeger, John Falb, Howard Kittleson . . Q 5. ' 3 e ' o Q . . . e 4 . . A l . . e n 1 Z 5 C . - . Y . . . 0 I I UNIOR BAN FRONT R011 Ann Miles, Pain Clothier, R.and1ne Hanson, Leanne Grether, Roberta Wilson, Letha Light, Janet Bothlisberger, Marion Christen, Sharnel Rothlisberger SECOND RUE Janet Gehring, Barbara Krueger, Dorothy Helgerson, Barbara Gibbs, Sharon Loftsgard, Carol Loftsgard, Billy Stevenson, Kenneth Klingman, Sandra Blockhus, Anita Lehman THIRD ROW Patty Larson, Dianne Frieden, Ruth Ann Kohls, Lois Clark, Jimmy Frieden, Ruby Shaffer, Linda Stevenson, Benny Hunsberger, Richard Meinhard, Niclq Baumgartner, Sharol Butikofer BACK RW Michael Wilson, David Kiple, Terry Habeger, Harold Hanson, Fremont Ogle , Paul Hanson, Helen Christen, Vickie Habeger, Douglas Meinhard, Sylvia Hanson, Dorothy Scheer IOR HORUS xi' 'Perf mom now sum-neu Rothlisberger, Marie Manner, Ruann Metzger, Rubs' Shaffer, Margaret Hanson, Mardelle West, Elaine Hellum MIDDLE ROW: Mr Grether, Ann Miles, LeAnn Grether, Patty Larson, Sandra Shepard Barbara Krueger, Ruth Ann Kohls, Marian Christen BACK ROW Dorotlv Helgerson, Pam Clothier, Janet Gehring, Diane Frieden, Letha Light, Roberta Wilson, Eunice Howard, Lois Clark ANNUA ST FF SEATED Hrs Wenger, Chuck Christiansen, Marcia Wolf STANDING Nona Mork, Florence Hofer, Dlanne Meinhard, Pat Capper, Ruthann Mitts 'X K ry? 3-, x EDITOR ASSISTANT BDIIO ADVISOR SPORTS EDITOR Assistants CLASS EDITOR Assistants COPY EDITOR Assistants VUSIC EDITOR Assistants PHOTO EDITOR Assistants BUSINESS MANAJWR Assistants PRODUCTION VANAJERS TYPISTS Marcia 'olf Chuck Christiansen Mrs Feng r Rutuann Mitts Keith Crider Ken Crider Ulorence Hofer Stan Shaffer Janice Larson Nona Nork J P Fa b Norm Mitts Dianne Meinhard Carlton Krueger Je annie Shafx er Pat Capper Colleen Howard Marie Sutter Jim Schaer Larry Butikofer Denny Cook Duane Engelhardt Howard Kittleson Les Lembke Marlene Redo Bill Bennett Jeanette Krueger Janette Krueger Janice Loftsgard EWSPAPER STAFF ' as nv -' s.. I . 6 i l J iw. Editor Marcia Wolf Advisor M s Venger Music Pat Capper Sports Ruthann hitts, Charles Capper, John Falb Typists Jeanette Krueger, Janette Krueger, Larlene Xedo Senior riters Nona Mork, Dianne Neinhard, Florence Hofer Junior Writers Judy Helms, LeAnna Frieden, Linda Klple, Delores Kerr Sophomore NTiters Doris Meinnard Olette Olson, Roberta Barker Judy Larson, Pat Wilson, Iargaret hedberry, Randine Uanson Ui K J Qu..- I al ' , In an HI 'I 1 I 1 f 1 v 1 1' sf Freshmen Yriters....Glenda Wedo, Kathy Knudtson: 4 N ,P , 1 - Q A 2 K '. U ' O 5 -- ' B ' - ,J I V if - . K . I- 1 A 4, f , I f' . 5 A K, . as 3 ,. J , V I . ' O NX 'sig' 'ww 5 A , 'Lx , - Ax An J FRONT ROW Roger Howard, Sentinelg La Verne Swenson, Vice President, Harley Evenson, Treasurer, Billy Bennett, President, Keith Aanes, Reporterg Harold Hanson, Secretary, Hoes E James, Advisor. MIDDLE ROW David Frieden, Kenny Nelson, David Grove, Robert lelson, Louie Becker Jr , David Helgeraon, Ronald Halverson, Bert Henderson, Larryitlles, Ordell Kjosa. BACK ROW: Gary Hyde, Bobby Swenson, Carlton Krueger, Crayton Ash, Lyle lhdberry, Merlin Chapman, Art Hatt, Ronald Lyngaas, Holland Hackman Ulbsentx Robert Reierson D LIBR RIANS W.. A ' ,' FRONT ROW: Olette, Olson, Patty Wilson, Kathryn Knudtson, Yvonne West, Barbara Hunsberger, Marlene Butikofer, Doris Heinhard, Mavis Anderson, Colleen Howard, Jeanette Krueger, Janice Loftsgard, Janice Larson. BACK ROW: Betty Bennett, Roberta Barker, LeAnna Frieden, Delores Kerr, Glenda Wedo, Margaret Hedberry, Randine Hanson, Florence Hofer, Lois Pulfer, Janette Krueger, Pat Capper, Mrs. Grove, Dianne Heinhard, Ilona Hork. FUTREF llMERSOf MERICA PEE FRONT ROW Pat Capper, Doris Meinhard, Dianne Heinhard, Florence Hofer, Janice Loftegard, Lois Pulfer, Glenda Wedo BACK ROW Colleen Howard, Yvonne West, Margaret Hedberry, Marlene Butikofer, Mrs Grove, Howard Kittleson, B111y Bennett, Olette Olson, Nona Mork DRI ER TRAINING 1 Q FRONT ROW: Kenneth Staff, Lonnie Baker, Louis Becker, Alan Wenger. BACK ROW: Carol Schupbach, Yvonne West, Dorothy Scheer, Betty Bennett, Robert Reierson, Dennis Grether, Mavis Anderson, Doris Meinhard, Vonda Boleyn, Anna Friederich, Delores Kerr, Judy Helms, Mr. Wenger. CANDID SNAPSHOTS I .-BW -lull wi Q 'Q + fic

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