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x ff LIBRIS f ,Jf .J-19" 5 gl xl X MDEDI C ATIUN '2"sQ Wall F OAMIZJUM -who has been our superintendent, counselor, and friend through all our school days, the senior class respectfully dedicates this annual. 'Z I S ,I .3 .w i II fn 'l,-A A-SIU: V g c rxir - 1. I U ' JO Cl ' 1. A .ff A J, 9- - 4?-'Oli' .I1 gg mv U ,4-. f- 4. I f1QQ Eno OF A fnumrm S Carmie Peterson Bernard Hanson Max Medberry In the spring of 1953 the towns of Elgin and Clermont and the sur rounding school districts voted to consolidate and reorganize their school systems This action thus created one of the largest school districts in the state Mr M H Moore was chosen to be the first superintendent of the Clermont Elgin School District The newly elected Board of Edu cation was composed of representa tives from each section of the school district Supt M H Moore Clarence Tatro Thomas Ogle I-Plz? .- W ,417 Y --111 1 1 . 1. I I O ' 0 C W I O O Pi- -M C5 A S. an Faculty FRUIT BW: Hrs Heinhard, Hrs Wenger, Hrs Grove, Hrs Schori HC! BCH: Hr Qrether, Hr Walker, Hr Wenger, Hr Zurbriggm, Hr Robinson CARL ROBINSON PAUL ZURBRIGGEN GLADYS SCHORI Principal Science English Sc ienc e Mathemat ic s Dramat ic s Coach CLYDE WENGER KATHRYN GROVE Driver Training LEO GRETHER English Hathemat ics llus ic Dramatice ROSE MEINHARD MILDRED WENGER ROGER WALKER Home Economics Commercial Social Science Co ch Science a J? '1- M.-aah ' U I o o O I Q , I . F o 3 L L x ,,n -3' 1 , , it " -' Q i ' J r N ,- wi: rf X . Clarence Reierson Don Fauser Bill Yearous Bus No 1 Bus No 2 Bus No 3 Joe Ogle Reub Howard Alf Ruckdashel Merle Ruckdashel Bus No I4 Bus No 5 Bus No Bus No 7 SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS The bus drivers are an important part of the school system Because of the consolidation, a large majority of the students come from the country Eight bus drivers transport approximately 250 rural pupils to and from school each day Elmer Lantz CUSTODIAN From 6 OO a m until 6 30 p m are the work ing hours for Elgin's school custodian Elmer has served the Elgin school for nine years Mrs Ray Chapman assists with the cleaning Eva Page Mary Howard HOT LUNCH COOKS On Tuesday, September 8, the serving of hot lunches was begun Mrs Don Page and Mrs Reuben Howard continued as our cooks The hot lunch program this year has been on a much larger scale than in preceding years Mrs Page and Mrs Howard have the responsibility of feed ing approximately 300 people daily N . . ' . 6 . IHIIUU ff X UW 4 12 J! I !'7 JY I, fl 1? A 7' fx N G 3 Sxfmulllk X in Y Zh 'A Q 9 f in " ex' 1 I K 1 X Thx -. V! ERNA BAUMGARTNER nTen measures of speech de scended on the world, women took nine, and men one STANLEY BOYER 'A man among men is he, but among women he would rather b Football, Basketball, Annual Staff, Baseball, Jr Play, Sr Play MARY FRANCES BRACKIN 'Everyone to his own tas e, as the woman said when she issed her horse Basketball, Vocal k Instr Music, Jr Play, Sr Play Newstaff, Soph Class Pres Annual Staff BEVERLY BENSON 'Be good and you will be lonesome Vocal k Instr Music, Annual Staff, Basketball, Jr Play, Sr Play DENNIS BUTIKOFER nYou guys aren't too far off the beam. Football, Basketball, Annual Staff, Baseball, Jr. Play, Vocal k Instr. Music, Senior Play, Fresh. Class Pres. BURNELL BLOCKHUS 'If money talks, I'm speech- less.' Football, Vocal Music, Jr. Play, Annual Staff, Sr.Play, Jr. Vice Pres. L -A4444 'Mba JEANINE COOK nShe studies, otherwise she is perfectly normal.n Instr. Music, Annual Editor, Basketball, Newstaff, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Jr. Pres. MAVIS FRIEDEN Ulf silence is golden, then I'm broke.n Jr Play, Annual Staff, Sr Play EDITH GEHRING I'm not a politician and my other habits are good ' Vocal R Instr Music, Annual Staff, Basketball, Newstaff, Jr Play, Sr Play, Sr Pres STANLEY ERICKSON Women and mums should never be dated U Vocal Music, Football, Play, Annual Staff, Sr Play MARVEL FREDERICK Nlf speech were electricit ' be a powerhouse Vocal Music, Newstaff, Jr Play, Annual Staff, Soph Vice Pres , Sr Play MARIE HENDRICKSON ' never think dfthe future, it comes soon enough ' ocal Music, Jr Play, Sr Play, Cheerleader, Fresh Class Secy , Annual Staff il o e 0 ll I I o o o c Q . it be 11 o Jr. o fi Yr bf I d .H -5 .1fi?5,, 1 0 5 '-15 o V1 ' Q c o VJ 'E f 'I I 0 V . . I 0 0 RONALD LOFTSGARD 'A minute man, he studies a minute and then quits.n Football, Vocal Music, Jr. Play, Annual Staff, Sr. Play KAREN KIPLE 'I would rather be righ , an be president Vocal 8 Instr Music, Annual Staff, Cheerleader, Nevstaff Editor, Jr Play, Sr Play VELDON ORTH If this is liberty, give me death Vocal Music, Basketball, Jr Play, Baseball, Sr Play, Annual Staff TED KJOSA Beware, I might do some thing sensational " Football, Jr Play, Annual Staff, Sr Play ROBERT PETERS I at you get by with " Football, Vocal Music, J Play, Annual Staff, Sr Play LARL LEMBKE "I was once caught studyin but I've lived down the dis grace Football, Basketball, Vocal Music, Jr Play, Sr Play, Annual Staff ' t th ." ll . 5. J n - "1t 1sn't what you do, nva h ' r. ' 'fli J gs Cn - -L: 5 PAUL PINNEY HA little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men.n Football, Basketball, Annual Stafn Vocal Music, Baseball, Jr. Play, Sr. Play. NORMA PULFER 'Love is only chatter, your friends are allthat matter.' Vocal Husic, Jr Play, S Play, Annual Staff DONALD REIERSON 'Be thou not industrious, lest work be piled upon thee Football, Basketball, Base ball, Jr Play, Annual Stafg Sr Play GAYLE NICKELS 'Cheer up, the struggle almost over Instr Music, Jr Play, Sr Play, Annual Staff SARA OGLE nI'm not arguing, I'm tell na you Vocal E Instr Music, Annual Staff, Jr Play, Sr Play, Newstaff 1C'7 DONNA ROBINSON 'Like gravity, she has the power of attraction Vocal R Instr Music, Annual Staff, Jr Play, Sr Play, Basketball, Jr Secy Treas , Sports Reporter WMT R Tel Herald SHIRLEY WEST Vocal R Instr Music, Annual Reporter WHO, Basketball The seniors had an the didn't even have I Remember Mama, 26 This unique play 125' .-S JJINICE scHoR1 'Let's face it, I don't know either.n Annual Editor, Jr. Play, Sr. Plays HI can resist everything ex- cept temptation n Staff, Jr Play, Sr Play, Soph Secy Treas , Sports SENIOR ACTIVITIES extremely busy year To emphasize this fact, time for a class partyl the senior class play, was presented on March had a large cast which included the entire class The characters portrayed in the family were of Norwegian descent, and Norwegian dialect was used throughout the play Tradition was maintained when the seniors attended the annual U I U Senior Day at Fayette on May A Another of the senior activities was Skip Day The plans were known only to the seniors who kept them a secret until the long avaited day arrived The theme of the Junior Senior Banquet which was held on April 2 , was 'Moonlight and Roses The gymnasium represented a moonlit rose garden A wishing well and a fountain were included in the scene The menu also carried out the theme A short program followed the banquet Commencement and Baccalaureate services were held in the gym The Rev Vance Knutsen delivered the Baccalaureate sermon on Sunday evening, May 23 Commencement was held the evening of May 25, with Mr Arthur Carpenter, Assistant State Supt of Public Instruction, as speaker President Vice President Sec'y Treas Sponsor Sponsor Motto Color Flower 1 WX Edith Gehring Janice Schori Stan Boyer Mrs Wenger Mr Zurbriggen uYesterday is gone, tomorrow ma never come, today is here, seize 1 Pink 8 Silver Pink Carnation X A ll 1+ I 1.7! nfi , " fe- L' + x OIOIOOOIU Ill. 1 ' y t.u . ' ..1i RY ig -L S N5 ffaw ! Ml D It is a beautiful September day Way This endurance race promises to 'frfxl :iii ' u- ..-a the track We the running in 1950 here at the Indianapolis Speed be one of the greatest in the history of have twent nine competent drivexs in They are Erna Baumgartner, Caroline Aswegan, Fritzi Brackin, Beverly Benson, Yvonne Chapman, Marvel Frederick, Marie Hendrickson, Karen Kiple, Donna Robinson, Ilo Sutter, Loreen Itterman, Jeanine Cook, Beverly Frieden, Mavis Frieden, Edith Gehring Ga le Nickels, Sara Ogle, Norma Pulfer, Shirley lest, Bu1nell Blockhus, Stanley Boyer, Dennis But'kofer, Stanley Erickson, Karl Lembke, Ronald Loftsgard, Robert Peters, Donald Reierson, and Paul Pinney All of these drivers have proven their worth in the trlal run fiUltl8t1ODJ adminlstered to them by the more experienced drivers Cseniorsl As the first lap of the race begins Dennis Butikofer takes the lead As the cars attempt to round a curve on the far turn of the track, two of the cars roll over! Their drivers, Beverly Frieden and Caroline Aswegan, are uninjured but will not continue in the race ga:-7 Fritzi Brackin takes over the lead startin the second lap Durlng thls lap drivers Yvonne Chapman and Ilo relieved by Ted Kjosa and Veldon Orth ts? J At the beginning of the third lap Jean'ne the lead The drivers are now called upon special exhibition Kclass play! called The Sutter are Cook is 1 to put on a Little D g ughed The race is again stopped momentarily when the drivers enter tain the experienced drivezsKseniorsJ 'X WZ' fm arse-i at a banquet, using a Jungle theme In this lap the drivers acquired souvenirs Cclass ringsl of the race Loreen Itterman discontinued the race after the third lap At the start f I the fourth and final lap we find Edith GGGTID in the drivers are the most ambitlous COmp8t1tOFS I have ever will do anything to attract a crowd They are now nSenior Sirkus The purpose of this Sirkusn is o pu licize their new programs Kannualsl called nPanther Tracks Photographers are swarming over the track They are taking pictures of the twenty six drivers Csenior picturesl Another exhibi tion Qclass playl called I Remember Mama is being presented by the drivers The race is interrupted for the last time when a group of young, hopeful drivers Kjuniorsl present the regular drivers with a banquet lead These seen They presenting a HTH W ,gf 5 G GNN KI IELAQQB This race has been most unusual the many interruptions, the added attractions, and finally, we have the race ending in a twenty six way tie for first place! All of the drivers finally flnished the race on May 25, 195k and received their prizes Qdiplomasl 0 N l I ' L1 I q i Q? 2, 4 , , 74 5 n x 'ff 1 W 4 'I f '5- 1 vf " i f . ' . . V 5- A . 35 3' ' . CTI - , 1 -3 - OF' 1 jg? 2: leg, 1355- ' - lfsff: ' 1 A1 ' , ' .L fr Xin dx .,1J'3 :L Q, A S .sl C7-we A A H .A ir ?ff . ' 7 1 ' ... 1. 0 PU' NQ La u I , xg , C N . I A , ' fs S L 1 - - E' get .- , g, hi, o I ' g . A 4 . . . e ' t .H f '- A Q . b V . . . I - ' ' K , - r 3 , . - ---- -- V af ,Qi 0 K. 135 Vfdiht ' ' L fuxss WILL X SX --S2221 , the sophisticated Seniors of -- l954, of Elgin High School, Township of Pleasant Valley, county of Fayette, state of owa, being in as sound a state of mind as could be expected after four years of high school, do will and be queath the following I, Paul Lavern Pinney, do will and bequeath my eloquent ability to orate in class to Dennis Grether xb I, Mary Frances Brackin, do will and bequeath my sharp el A"' bows and my obesity to the Crider Twins 4 --v-1" I, Jeanine Marie Cook, do will and bequeath my short appendages to Billy Bennett I Robert Rowland Peters, do will and bequeath my chivalry and my car to Eugene Medberry I, Mavis Rose Frieden, do will and bequeath my love for Elkader and my shyness' in the study hall to Reva Belle Medberry I, Edith Virginia Gehring, do will and bequeath my love for the State University and the Milwaukee Braves to Charles Capper I, Janice Luella Schori, do will and bequeath my love for cowboys and muscular physlqles to Richard Clark 'IW I, Sara Ann Ogle, do will and bequeath my love for NX soft instrumental music to Carlton Krueger y,,1- 'Marlene Dietrich legs' to Duane Englehardt love for the open road to Robert Medberry I, Norma Lou Pulfer, do will and bequeath 'My Little Rooster' to Marlene Wedo Stanley Wayne Erickson, do will and bequeath my N.5 5 I, Burnell Burdette Blockhus, do will and bequeath my spend " f1,Jxyu thrift ways and my love for work to Mavis Bachman 'fr I, Marie Joan Hendrickson, do will and bequeath my short 'If Pl md hair cuts to Lucille Crain iff I, Stanley Dean Boyer, do will and bequeath my teasing and 'devil may care' actions to Blaine Anderson I, Karen Irene Kiple, do will and bequeath my 'interest in the local grocery store to Greta Falb I, Ronald Ellis Loftsgard, do will and bequeath my gal lantry to Donald Peters X 0 S le -1: -l ' I 0 .5 0 - ' k' ' I xXN I H 3 , f Y! A 1 d? 1 xx 'Ir I at f X 4? I, Kenneth Theodore Kjosa, do will and bequeath my 1' l 3 5 "'wAkI, v ii -' LJJ , Q? - Q. ef l ine I, . -1" 5' ' , A .sis . - - ' A A. f ' n S 'II ' ' N , l , I Om . -1,, v'fQf3 l I, Veldon Duane Orth, do living dangerously in the s I, Karl LeRoy Lembke, do slouch to Stanley Lehman. I, Marvel Joy Frederick, to Pat Capper. 1' I, Beverly -,f 1 love for a ,' Yu, ' 6' will and bequeath my capavity for .,JN? 'adv hall to Leslie Lembke. eg f , 5, will and bequeath my graceful U J ,ni do will and bequeath my unique sense of humor Ann Benson, do will and bequeath my wit and good time to Marcia Wolf. I, Erna Elizabeth Baumgartnerr do will and bequeath my 'timidn laugh and Hquiet ways' to Barbara Medberry I Shirley Ann West do will and bequeath my ability to ' f ndrive' to Jim Hanson I, Dennis Lee Butikofer, do will and bequeath my baseball and curves to Allen Weston I, Donna Jean Robinson, do will and beqleath my love of nChev1es' t Donna Jean Melnhard I, Donald Gene Reierson, do will and bequeath my meekness to Keith Dovney , Gayle Darlene Nickels, do will and beqleath my ability to write letters to service men to Florence Hofer W , the l954 Seniors of Elgin High Sctool, do will and be queath to the lower classmen our quiet and mannerly ways, our respect and undying love for the teachers, our ability to take lonp assignments without gripinp, our sense of humor and musical lauahter, and the heavenly feeling ofbeing respected which as yet we haze not experienced' Made and Witnessed this I day of 2ZZaA4u6f IQQQL Signed , Pres of Senior Class Witnessed Witnessed "NN l'l4f-'X5V"' rfjm wg A-, -TJ l'7"" f L I Q U v 5433 " f Q L XX Pcvyiigr S bfi? 1 7f T-Tl k I I L C - 0 D I ' O :L I K e , A '- x , 7 At . 5 I I . 1 A 1 . . P 'i A ' -I so I 1,1 3 'ef , 35 1 7' V, wwf' gy tv h 1 on, -1 -2 -1 f X I 1 S 'gg ' gl, -ii! 1 ,ya I c f- E 'QT rl' '+V ,ww N? IZ 5 I . W X . . f"'7f, Z- ff' 137 if' ' 'lt f?fg55pl1! - ..- ' ill ' -4-'-lr ,- 'A h K., ,tl . b . -.H T Viv 9+ r - ,.Wl3fM' Q x' -. F ' I Z4 ,X I A -1115 KJ - -4, r I 'I' 'f l If W Cal T L. nr- A Q? ,igftl X HASS PRCPHECYQ X V -g.4A June 16, 1970 this summer we decided to spend our bustling metropolis f It seemed ages since w streamliner at Gunder journey At long last awaited call of the conductor reached our ears H ew York City The con ductor's voice sounded familiar W New York City h3Q boarded our and began our the anxiously vacation in the our old pal Gayle Nickels, we arrived at our hotel Hendrlckson greeted us and helped us from the cab The Empire State Building was the first stop on our tour the morning We stood on the observation balcony and looked out over the Who should we see taking pictures, but a LIFE photographer, Shirley We thought we had seen enough of high places so we decided to eat our in Central Park Ne had a pleasant conversation with Janice Schori, -of 1 -9 1 C' gathered together our luggage and hailed a cab After a breath taking ride by Gayle Nickels Taxi Company, owned by At the hotel we were greeted by the doorman Oops! excuse us, now the plush hotels are using oorwomenl Babe next city lunch the governess for the wealthy Vanderbilt children Poor Janie never did re cover from her broken romance! The Bronx Zoo was our next stop Ne noticed a large crowd gathered around the lion cages There we saw the lion tamer, a former EHS senior of '5h, Norma Pulfer putting the lions through their paces As we passed one of the empty caves the attendants were busy unloading a buffalo which wBring Em Back Aliven Ortb had sent from the jungles of Africa SEX, We left the zoo and continued on our way As we were nearing the hotel we passed a news stand where the hawker was calling the headlines that MHGBMB Jeanine Cook had just been appolnted Ambassador to Luxembourg We stopped to buy a paper and were greeted by nFritz1' Brackin, the owner the New York Times who was making the rounds of the newsstands checking up on sales We hurried off to Carnegie Fall where the evening's concert was featuring the famous conductor, Paul Pinney, and his philharmonic orchestra The solo harpist was none other than Mavis Fri den! By sheer coincidence we sat next to our old friend, Marvel Frederick, who is now living in Brooklyn After talking with her we learned that she had been very successful in her biological experiments with white mice From the concert we went to the Stork Club Je were uslered to our table and discovered that our quiet, dignified waiter was our old friend Robert Peters After placing our order, we were attracted by the floor show, which was featuring that well known nSentimental Crooner,n Stan Bover 0 Later that evening as we were ent rlnv the lobby of the hotel we were halled by the new receptionist, nrna Baumgartner Complimented her on her unusual 'halr do' and s e informed us that she had just come from HDennie and Nell1e's Elite Beauty Shoppe on Fifth Avenue. 3 ' "'i':'5" "" . I I O o , , l -. e , ' f +..Z.. 1 f fa!f'f'Jsg ' sa. A .y , --N ." A- "- nw ' Q . e A d . Il YI ' O west. . V N 'U -A - e -' a V 7 ' A I gx 9 to . V . . of ' . H M , , .Z Y 1 -A y , Q l y S ' I -es l , f u . v V Q I ,Q S',? ' I e ' g ' . 9 ' .. Y? . ' Vive I ' - 1 h A ll A Because we were very tired from the evening before, we decided to sleep late the next morning The afternoon found us at an exciting base ball game between the Dodgers and the Yankees As the Dodgers entered the field we were surprised to see that Edith Gehring was shortstop for the Dodgers We had just recovered from our surprise, when we Donna Robinson was catching for the Yankees Women seem over in almost all lines of endeavo discovered that to have 'taken After a very thrilling afternoon we made our way out of the stadium While waiting for a taxi we noticed a a poster starring Tex Er1ckson,the Lasso King, and Bronco Buster,Donn1e Reierson Right below that was an ad vertisement of Benson's Super Circus soon to open in Madison Square Garden He observed that Bev Benson was star 1.1 ffm 'D riders ring as the Queen of the bare back R1 The next dag we decided to finish our New York vacation with a grand shopping spree At the first store, an elite dress shop, the owner, Karen Klple greeted us We were used to being surprised bv now but it was a shock to see that long red hair in a sleek chignon at the nape of her neck and those A platform shoes were Paris origi nals! We chatted a while and Karen told us that Ronnie Loftsgard was driving with a group of trick daredevils Karen also said that when he saw Sara Ogle, about a month ago, she was making plans to be married soon and after all this time! V ftfgfii 4125 That evening at dinner we got to talking abrut the large number of friends we had seen from the bk class of EFS We figured out that Karl Lembke was the only one we hadn't seen Just as we were wondering what he was doing the radio announcer sa1d,n and now that on the spot reporter, Karl Lembke, with the news of the day 'lil Pi-4b S nf y :uv in fa WAKE Q 3 S 5 X ' e3g3 O.J O 9' as ,1 N Q2 X532 ll A I., l 0 f 1. If I . 'Q X X J - U H . - 5 . s. . . CL4- x X E? , s.. ,. an gf f' M P 4 1 ' 1 . iggiggb ,.v - -u -C f? ' ' , 4 11 ' - EL ' Hp .1 x H 5 11 is J 2 ,.- E if Q W g lf- W , 1152 W' . X Q . 1 'f J N - K 4- , Qijdny .'-, Q f - tiXXX Xt L. , fr 5 '1,,'-" " 1 , x ' Yjil' r ' J tool X x L gd 1 6, I , ,JI :M K , 'u ' . , f I td ' 'vi' W W' , i up w ' I ff 9 xszss. x K JL! I ' ' Q Q. 5' X f M 'atm x-V, .- '. 'dw l t X ' f Y. QQ ' X 2 4 ', - r I-N mff Q Q 2 X ? g9Y!.L!lXjff1lIf ' we 'N f- 4 X F AA v 5' P"l ju Q , A Q' 9 ,g, s N .V Qxxq Lf- . : X' L if X' Q of: ' A 1 Q 1 v 4 1 - . as fx" fix l I '17 ggi,-X-.Xa.-X 5 Si FRONT ROW: Nora Rainey, Joann Gisleson, Stanley Capper, H ry Ann Sohaar, Richard Clark, Stanley Lehman, Beverly Huehlethsle , Art Strong, Donna Hehiurd,thwta!hlb MIDDLE ROW Dalene Shaffer, Barbara Hedbe ry, Bobby Hed erry, Revs B,lle Hedberry, Nancy Larson, Harilana Ogle, H rjorie Johnson, Eugene Hsd erry Evelyn rth, Lucille Crain. BACK ROI: Janice Lants, Mavis Bachnan, Dwight Gruver, Domie Peters, Elaine Anderson, Beverly Howard, Charles Medberry, Glenn Snyder, Marilyn Schaer, Joan Friederick 'i CLASS OFFICERS Beverly Howard President Art Strong Vice President Mavis Bachman Secretary Treasurer Mr Grether Sponsor Mr Walker Sponsor Various events added contrast to the routine of classes and studies for the juniors this year. On the evening of September 29, we had our first party, a hayride. The following month class rings were ordered and rehearsals for the class play began. Our play, nForever A1bert,' was presented November 6 and 7. During the football games the class operated a refreshment stand for the purpose of raising money for the Junior-Senior Banquet. The second semester we were very busy with banquet plans. 01140555 SOPH Wg H f f ' ' 5 FRONT RCW: Janice Inftagard, Jeanette Krueger, Janette Krueger, John Falb luthann Mitts, Stanley Shaffer, Pit Capper, Jea nie Shaffer, Nona Hork MIDDLE RW: Florence Hofer, Earle mtter, Norln Hittglhry Hofer, Les Lmbke, Janice Larson, Carlton Kruege , Marcia Wblf, Dia ne Heinherd, H rlene Whdo BACK RN: Keith Crider, Billy Bemett, Kenny Criderr, Dennis Cook, Jin Scheer, Duane Engelhardt, Charles Christiansen, Allen Weston, Larry Butiknfe S SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Norman Mitts President Allen Weston Vice President John Falb Secretary Treasurer Mrs leinhard Sponsor The Sophomores had their first class party January 18, after much debate concerning the type of party to be held Each class is allowed one party a semester and our class just got under the line by having a party the last night of the semester After thinking about a snow party, which was discarded because of the lack of snow, going to a show, or having a roller skating party, we finally decided to attend the show 'So Big' in West Union The only other project carried out during the year was the building of a float for the Homecoming Parade 'v , A A K' ., 1 , O Q , 1 " 7' f . . I 4 I R I U Q e . f 2 go 5' 7 4' 'lihav 1 -S . Af' 'ax 4' ge J 5X ,5 i S ,' ., 5 M Y. , . 4 .2 , ' ,Fra V- 'n, W in f If GCIIUOOIOCOOOIOOOOO CII. UUIQQOI eeeeeee eeae " u eee ueeeoeeeeaeeee O e e e ': X iii kx 'x .,.. X sf' ,L 2 0'- K HK I M- ji' X, A - - A jg A do A FRONT RCM Le Anna Frieden, Gme Lantz, Ronnie Blockhus, Dennis Grether Doris Orth MIDDLE ROW Kenneth Rainey, Harold Hanson, Linda Kiple, Delores Kerr Juw Helms, Allan Wenger, Charles Capper BACK ROW: Keith Downey, Wh Torkelson, Jim Hanson, Justin Baker, Richard Frimhn. T Class Officers Dennis Grether President LeAn.na Frieden Vice President Justin Baker Secretary Treasurers Mr Wenger . .Sponsor We, the freshmen class, are one of the smallest in recent years There are only seventeen pupils Early in the fall the day came when we were to be initiated by the seniors It didn't go half as bad as we thought it would. That night the seniors entertained us at a picnic supper in the park and then took us to the show at West Union, 'Jamaica Run.' Later in the fall we had a class picnic and then went on a hay ride. We cou1dn't get a tractor and were about to give up and go to the show when we were able to borrow Falb and Light's truck . . . and off we went on a rough and bouncy ride on all the side roads around Elgin. mix Eighth Grade FRONT RCN: Yvonne Heat, Roberta Barker, Doris Heinhard, Betty Lou Bemett, Anna Friederich, Carol Schupbach, Mavis Anderson EIDDLE ROI: Kent Falb, Eddie Lane, Roger Howard, Stanley Wenger, Louis Beckexg Eugene Ldmmn, Gerald Nickels BACK RW: Dorothy Scheer, Kenneth Staff, Alvin Lehmn, Robert Reierson, Lonnie Baker, Donald Kohls, Vonda Boleyn, n Lg. 5 N. X 1 Ls? 'QS wi 5 X X I 'XP AVF' 5 ww' 4, Wersi' .1 .. 'Q 'ii 'rl A - I h ,, V jj o 5 . . . . g , V Q-I mu N . .1 4 Q C x KF5 M' ' f to 1' be K L V. .f zz f . run, ' Jn?-" .A by 'x I P XX!! 1 I my kd' ffx. 'Q N X X' 5 -xxxxt fu 5,5 E 15 'H ,rf QS, M.. 'ff JS., -6' K ft i ' 3 ,Q 3 1 - Q -L11 y-4 xl . 5' ', 9 " , 'i :of XX " 'S K t , wk "Y I 4 e ' w Tw " ,. ..:. ? , C x-4 1 S :J X K In I . 3 'A 1 Sixth Grade FRONT RCW: Eva Hofer, Rosalyn Clark, Sandra Kjoea, Kathleen Gisleson, Miss Wentz, Shirley Rainey, Sandra Anderson, Sharon Pinney, Reva Friederich MIDDLE ROI! Linda Thieee, Barbara Pritchard, Larry Metzger, Richard Neumann, Billie Cook, Dwain Barker, David Blockhus, Roger Frieden, Eloise Lantz, Danica Anderson. BACK RCW David Christen, Nicky Baumgartner, Harlon Yearous, Paul Hanson, Fremont Ogle, Dennis Meyer, Allen Krueger, Robert Hilgerson, Richard Orth, Robert Kerr, Iyle Heisner Seventh Grad e FRONT RW Lavila Larson, Ronald Halverson, Crayton Ash, Curtis Gilson, 'Borg Habeger, Merlin Chapman, David Grove, Lois Pulfer MIDDLF ROW Pat Gruver, Audrey Sutter, Margaret Medberry, Marlene Butikofer, Barbara Hunsberger, Judy Larson, Kathryn Knudtson, Patty Wilson . BACK RON Randine Hanson, Roger Boleyn Roger Frederlck, Michael Dinan, Lyle N- Medberry, Larry Miles, David Frieden, Glenda Wedo. -awp, .,f. S - v . O 0 . . 2 Q -- . -- h , ' E15 - la , V' 1 , H : V, 1, -'- "i .1 4 ' A . 1 I ' A 7 44 . . I J 2 I f O , . . Y! Q Fourth Grade FRONT BCH: Sharon Ipftsguwd, Marian Pdtchu-d Carol Inttagsrd, lisa Benson, Gloria Frieden, Sxaron Patrick, Cu-olqn Kerr MIDDLE RW Susan Benson, Sharon Seago, Carlyle Blookhna, Sal Bohr, Ivan loisner, Nancy Orth, Carol Shaffer. BACK BN: Victor Fellor, 'terry Habager, Russell Wedo, Roger Torson, Lnvamo Howard, Buddy Chapin, Laverne Krueger Fifth Grade FRONT RN: Lstho Ligxt, Samir: Shepard, Roberts Wilson, Pal Clothior, Marian Bilden, Hrs. Yonmgberg, Bubmra Imager, Lois Chrk, un Illlos, Dunno Friodnn, Ruby Shaffer, Ruth Ann Kohls. EIDIILB IG: Linda Crain, hx-gust Eason, Slmrnol llothlisberger, Dorothy Holgntllm, lhrdnlle Hut, Eunice Honrd, Patty Larson, Joan Broitsproehsr, Janet Citing, Loo Anno Qrether, Klnino Hollul, Judy Inohsinger. MCI kilt, .Rink lloinhnd, Bonnie Baker, Merlin liekols, Robert Thoqoon, Ink Quit, Bm Bnnsbergor, Curtis Staff, Ji-qy Priodon, Otis Bloolhus John ldfh, Roald llelson, Paul Christen. Got pictured-81117 Stovsmons :..f,m-aff ,-.,..'f f i N Q o . 4 ' . O Q Second G rode FRG! RN: Paula Larson, Judy Thclpson, LaDonna Lanu, Annette Beyer, Bri-ha Sehaexgliee Flanagan, Anita Lehlu5Sy1via Hanson, Sandra B1ookhu,Di.ane Demon. HIDDLB RN: Phyllis Bmsberrger, Judy Chapman Larry Frieden, Douglas Heilhard, Roger West, Stanley Anderson, Jerry Hedberry, Larry Halverson, View hbeger, Connie Bauqartner, Bonita Ijoea, Cheryl Finney, Connie Dulles-mth BACK RN: David Dlcyn, Larry Patrick, Harlan Bilden, Robert Bothlisberger, David ihoupeon, Lester Grin, Tom' Benson, Gary Helgereon, Douglas Vest, David Kohler, Dale Howard, G10 Christen. Third Grade ROI! RN: Linda Breitlprecher, Lois Kerr, Dixie Shepard, Linda nth Ire Kohler, Rita Iennnn, Dorthy lleiener, Diana Barker. IIDDL! KI: Shirlq Larson, Barbara Gibbs, Rose Bachnn, Kay Miller, Linda Imager, Rath Bilden, Janet Bothliaberrger, Darlene Metzger BACK RN: Johnnie kickin, David Iiple, Bob Zurbriggen, Merlin Crain, hlvil bore, hub llllee, like Wilson. flat present-Ada lay Falbj W' ' r N 9 O ' 'Lf-S4.i4.'." -. . -L- N K a I O X e K lndergarten FRONT ROI: Comic Baker, D'Lene Krueger, Marilyn Hilee, Kaye Ioftagard., Hrle Kiple, Karla Kohler, Ione Peyton, Kathryn Kjosa, Jeanette Strong MIDDLE ROI: Hargaret Jacob, Sharon Lex-ch, Kathryn Gehrlng, Ivanell Wilson, Charles hieden, David Grether, Steven Halverson, Lynette Sohori, Barbara lnehlethaler, lhreia Kmdteon, Nancy Hiller BACK ROI: Floyd Frieden, Donald Larson, David Olson, Sag' Roberts, Dennis Boleyn, Robert cook, Jr , Roger Nelson, Robert Gdzring, Donald Thoqeon, lorrie Blocklme, Ronnie Dennler, Gary Pritchard Furst Grade FRUIT BCH: lhry' Ann Jacob, Anita Dennler, Il. Jean Braonn, Mary Ann lletager, Dorothea Reinhard, Jean Sohaer, lies Gehring, Janet Robinson, Linda Doaart, loealita Patrick, Sxaron Bnclrlaahel, Carole lbsby HIDDLB ROI: Barbara Hgelhardt, Dianna Reeder, Iantha Strong, Leroy Howard, Roger Falb, Keith Kjosa, Ronald Butihofer, Wayne Sutter, Louis Christen, RU Wardoll, Roger Reed, Iva Feller, Sharon Iearoue BACK RCN: David Lanta, David Dunermth, Karl Green, Danny Baker, Larry wth, Rich Chapnn, lornn Boleyn, Kent Grover, Gary' Hiller, Harold Shephard, Richard Reiereon, Allan Foxuell, Dale Moore LD!! SZZIIQJITZZ yi ll! A Q17 , - H A' J' XX 'vu f , I ee f r Z! I QQUAL STAFF X X' H V VY 0' FRONT ROW Erna Baumgartner, Janice Schori, Mary Brackin, Shirley West, Mrs Wenger, Jeanine Cook, Edith Gehring, Karen Kiple, Sara Ogle M DDLE RCW: Ronald Loftsgard, Norma Pulfer, Gayle Nickels, Beverly Benson, Marvel Frederick, Havis Frieden, Marie Hendrickson, Donna Robinson, Veldon Orum BACK ROW: Donald Reierson, Karl Lenbke, Burnell Blockhus, Stanley Boyer, Dennis Butikvfer, Plul Pinmey, Robert Peters, Stanley Erickson, Ted Kjosa lc! Shirley West Editor Work on the 195k Panther Tracks began with the selection of the annual staff Every senior had a designated job to perform To introduce and promote annual sales the seniors presented the 'Senior Sirkusn to both the high school and grade school After an intensive campaign, annual sales reached all time high As the 'Sh annual was sold for a price much lower than the actual printing cost, the class had to earn additional money This was accomplished by operating a refresh ment stand at every home basketball game According to present plans the 195k PANTHER TRACKS will be distributed early in May. '35 Jeanine Cook Editor 'i Q U 0 v x' I'-,V ' K - 1 A nf 1 ' M A, y V 'li A I ' ' . . Z r N l ttriv-, is A ' an A f f1NlTIATION X f- L The annual Freshmen Initiation was held on September 15. The seniors were in com and for the day and put the humble Freshies through their paces. There were "unusual" costumes assembly performances, and a snake dance through the business district. In the evening the Seniors treated the Freshmen to a picnic supper in the park, and then took them to the show in West Union lf s H' S: f' fll il I Z ' Q . , A la I 15' V f- ' 'hd' 1. Z A Q . -'- .fi I F ' , s F 2 ..q. 5' IL 41 wil . x . A A , PW '- I If '-. Q ' ' - I ' ' f l ' T , ' JF . 3 U J I ,N .1 1 4 . I X -. . .- -' r' A 'Ir E all I N . I ihik If .M C .. 'Y 'iv' ' 'sQ'Jzm ,' v1 vxlg Q ,J h 0 'H f -' ! FL, I Q .2 ' J A TTL T f u ip he ' 'U "51 fl -f- if .f . - 3 ' L, K . gg' ,mann no ' 1 ACTIVIMT l Elgin's first Homecoming was held on October 30 To start the day's festivities, a dummy football player, representing Fayette, was burned in effigy at the pep rally in the after noon An enthusiastic crowd of E H S alumni and friends watched the Elgin Panthers meet the Fayette Cardinals on the local football field at 8 OO m The EHS marching band started the half time show by leading the parade onto the field The band was followed by class floats and cars bearing the king, queen, and attendants Robinson crowned the king, Stanley Boyer, who then crowned the queen, Jeanine Cook The class attendants, Janice Schori Kseniorl, Nancy Larson Cjuniorl, Nona Mork Ksophomorel, and Le Anna Frieden Kfreshmenl were then introduced At the end of the game Elgin was on the short end of a l9 to O score l Y p. . . Mr. ' as 1' . Q-1 'U f K ,Je :2 ,Jiif' . t- if - .- .n :V gtg' . V Q UUNIOR PLAY Q GED ll' N7 I '1 S Mrs Schori and Mrs Grove were directors of the Junior Class Play, 'Forever Albert, ' which was presen e on two evenings, Friday and Saturday, November 6 and 7 A double cast of girls was used The following appeared Friday night Mavis Bachman, Barbara Medberry,Nancy Larson, Beverly Muehlethaler, Joann Gisleson, Mary Schaer, Reva Medberry, Glen Snyder, Art Strong, Stan Capper, Stan Lehman, Charles and Bob Meoberry and Richard Clark Saturday's cast included Donna Meinhard, Evelyn Orth, Janice Lantz, Dalene Shaffer, Marilana Ogle, Elaine Anderson, Margie Johnson, Glen Snyden Art Strong, Stan Capper, Eugene, Bob, and Charles Medherry, and Dick Clark Production staff consisted of Nora Ra1ney,Beverly Howard, Lucllle Crain, Paul Stillman, Marilyn Schaer, Donald Peters, Greta Falb, Joan Friederich, and Carol Rorie iii' xXx A H Q i -4 1 E 0 f Q.: N E fx' ,L -3. C, - X yr -1- X A : ' is ' 0 wr ,. qff 0 u I I M t d Lf? M . 4 'Na FRONT ROW Diane Meinhard Marcia dolf Nona Mork Karen Kiple Mrs Wenger Barbara Medberry, Ruthann Mitts Pat Capper Janice Loftsgard MIEDLL ROW Florence Hofer Linda Kiple, Ehath Gehring, Norma Pulfer Mary Ann Scheer Beverly Muehlethaler Marilana Ogle, Beverly Howard Marilyn Schaer Janette Krueger BACK ROW Jeanine Cook Charles Capper, Kauw'Crider James Scheer John Falb, Stanley Capper Nonman Mitts Keith Crider Jeanette Krueger, Marle e L I 1 nfil L X-i v w ' ' .A ' Q: , ' , . A Y 4 f ' M 1 , 5 1 V 1 9 Q ' 9 9 1 u ' ' 2 , , 9 s 9 , l 2 ' 9 9 1 a s 9 'fa-f ' , , Q f' ' ', N - .itQ:"x'.Q V ' I ' . Q J1- f ' - -4'?Z 'eff , . n ,Q C . A I O I Wedo, 'H Karen Kiple Editor The Newstaff has been busy running a column entitled 'Panther Tracksn in the Elgin Echo each week We have had a staff meeting every Monday morning that has been very regularly attended by all twenty eight newstaff members Because ofthe increased amount of news published in the Echo each week, we have not been duplicating a school paper each month However, we do plan to publish a large school paper at the end of the year that will cover all our l9Sh activities 4 we B Medberry Asst Ed l ini , M34-, Vocatlonal Agriculture FRONT ROW: Donald Peters, Billy Ben ett, Dennis Cook, Carlton Krueger, Harold Hanson. MIDDLE ROW: Art Strong, Leslie L nbke, Veldon Orth, Stanley Lehman Ridm d Frieden BACK ROW: Keith Downey, Ted Kjosa, Bill Torkelson, Charles Hed erry, Duane Engelhsrt, Eugene Mhd erry, Allanikmger. Two new courses were introduced at EHS this year The Vocational Agriculture department was under the direction of Mr Ross James The shop buildin was located at Clermont and the Elgin boys 'shuttled back and forth to classes on school busses Driver Training was taught by Mr Clyde Wenger A new group of students was instructed each semester Those pictured below were in the first semester class Second semester students were Mary Ann Scheer, Reva Medberry, Janice Lantz, Marilyn Scheer, Beverly Foward, Florence Hofer, Mavis Bachman, Joann Gisleson, Lucille Crain, Nora Rainey, Evelyn Orth, Charles Medberry, and Gene Medberry -I 'fe' fn? DRIVI 31-in- Drlvers Trqmmg FRONT ROWz Mary Brnokin, Nancy Larson, Beverly Huehlethaler, Beverly Benson, !lsine Anderson. BACK RCU: H . Wenger, Edith Gehring, Norma Pulfer, Shirley West, Greta Falb, larilans Ogle, Marjorie Johnson, Dalene Shaffer. Q Q I O I e e 5 Q C Q I I O .1 ,f A f:d.,g1-ff:-'- -va' ga .5 ' tilqgi 25 ' -we--v gt 1 . A K N, L , . .. ta V M., , 'L 4. V- 'Q 0 e e fb XO W Q Swv ll X . J' BARI 'IONE HORN Charles Capperr Beverly Muehlethaler Dennis Grether 'IUBA Donna Meinhard Norman Mitts Leslie Lembke Richard Frleden BASS IRUM Mary Ann Scheer SNARE IRUM Marlme wedo Ruthann Mitts CYMBALS: M anlyn S ch ser B1-LL LYRE: Jeannie Shaffer CLARINET: Karen Kiple Etna Banmgartner Beverly Howard Sara Ogle Nancy Larson Barbara Medberry Eloise Lantz Elaine Anderson Danice Anderson Gale Nickels Janice Loftsgard Sandra Anderson BASS CLARINET Donna Roblnson LeAnna Frieden OBOE: J anny Schori SAXAPHONE: Beverly Benson Reva Medberry Jun? Helms Kmt Falb Dianne Meinhard 'IIMPANI 2 Marllana Ogle FLUTE: Marjorie Johnson Marcia vlolf Patsy Capper Kathy Knudtson Nona Mork COHNETI C arl ton Km eg er Edith Gehring 'lbny Habeger Bill 'lbrkelson Jeanine Cook Danni s Butikof er Dennis Meyer Dick Melnhard TRWBONE. Stanley Capper Mary Bracldn Dalene Shaffer Stanley Jenger John Falb Curtis Gilson FRENCH HORN Linda Kiple Doris Orth Doris Melnhard CONIIJC TOR: Leo Grether fins Cl-IORUS X X Fix , ,A r . v ' 2 -k H0090 FRONT ROW Judy Helms Norma Pulfer Marilyn Schaer Doris Meinherd Nona Hork Mr Crether Janette Krueger Dal e Shaffer Mavis Bachnan Janice Lantz Marcia wolf MIDDLE ROW LeAnna Frieden Mary Ann Schaer Marjorie Johnson Donna Meinhard Reva Medberry, Linda Kiple, Pat Capper Beverly Huehlethaler Marie Hendrickson Jeannie Shaffer rdith Gehnng BACK ROW: B'na Baumgartner Marilana Ogle, Mary Bracldn Beverly Benson Donna Robinson Janice Schori Karen Kiple, Marvel Frederick Sara Ogle, Elaine Anderson Beverly Howard Jeanette Krueger ff0Y5 Q CHORLF wean ooh'-on ff' o dw-4-1 be o ,S FRONT ROW: John Falb Stanley Shaffer Dennis Butikofer Paxl Plnney, Karl Lmbke Stanley Erickson Mr Grether Ronnie Loftsgard Veldon Orth Art Strong, Richard Clark Stanley Capper Norman Mitts, MILDLE RON: Leslie Lembke 'Ibny Habeger, Crtyton Ash, Burnell Blockhus Carlton Krueger, Roger Howard Jim Scheer Richard Friedern Stanley Lehman Gene Lantz Bill Torkelson Ronnie Blockhus Duane Fngelhardt BACK ROW: Kent Falb David lwieden Larry Miles David Grove Charles Capper, Dennis Grether Mer in Chapman, Curtis Gilson Stanley Jenger, Roger Frederick Ronnie Halverson, Roger Boleyn, Q i e I - -. qt: ' as f K' g 1 3 A ri g 'E ,E ,rl ' j X' - . , Y x i I fOea'fw,.'wa PR P my 5? ., g 5 ' - A 4, lf , ,yi 6 , lui I 1 ' ' ,' V ' , ,aw MIXED CHU UF A nan 016 Y ra ff- A FRONT ROW: Donna Mecinhard Janice Lantz Dalene Shaffer Reva Medberry, Leslie Lembke Stanley Erickson Paul Pinney, Karl Lenbke John Falb Erna Banmgu-mer Nome Pulfer, SZIJOND ROW: Sara Ogle, Beverly Mudxlethaler Elaine Anderson Beverly Howard Burnell Blockhus Stanley Shaffer 'Ibny Habeger, Dennis Butikofer Ronald Loftsgard Marilyn Scheer Marjorie Johnson Doris Helnhard 'IHIRD ROW: Pat Capper, Edith Gehring Marie Hendrickson Carlton Krueger, Bill Torkelson Mr Gr-ether Nonnan Mitts Stanley Copper Curtis Gilson Bev Benson Mary Inn Schaer Donna Robinson BACK ROW: Marcia Wolf Marvel Frederick Janice Schori Karen Kiple Charles Capper, Richard Frleden Richard Clark James Schaer Kent Fnlb Stanley Wenger Marilana Ogle, Mary Frgnces Brackin, Z HORU Q X RC S i "fr-f G' YY FRONT ROW: Pat Gruver, Lois Pulfer, Patty Wilson, Mr. Grether, Margaret Medberry, Delores Kerr, Carol Schupbach. PHDILE ROW: Glenda Wedo, Janlce Loftsgard, Marlene Bumkofer, Barbara Husberger, Vonda Boleyn, Mav1s Anderson, Betty Bennett, Anna Frederich. BACK ROW: Lavila Larson, Kathryn Knudtson, Yvonne West, Dorothy Schaer, Randine Hanson, Doris Orfh, Doris Meinhard, Roberta Barker. I 5 5 : B ik J -4-1 f " vi B B in 9+ J no 1'-Vx'3"' 4 5? y " 11 .Fw t ' 4 0 ws B 6 4 '7 B I y ik W ICAL AC LMS ...JJ VWAL SOLISTS 8: ENSIMBLES FRONT ROW: Harilana Ogle, Karen Kiple, Sars Ogle MIDDLE ROW: Donna Heinhard, Janice Schori, Erna Baumgartne BACK ROW: Elaine Anderson, Dalene Shaffer, Beverly Benson. Work was started on our new material the first of February in preparation for the spring contests The small groups traveled to West Union for sub state competition and then on to the state contest The band and choruses competed in the large group contest which was held several weeks later at Summer Two spring concerts were presented The first was given by the small ensembles and the soloists, the second concert featured the band and choruses. The 1953 195k music year was brought to a close when we attended the annual marching band festival. 1953 195k ACTIVITIES Under the leadership of our music director, Leo Grether, we started our activities of the year by having the marching band appear at all the home football games With the close of football season, began preparations for the annual Christmas program On the night of December 22 the vocal groups and the band combined their talents in pre senting an evening of music in the gymnasium As is the tradition, the alumni were invited to join in the singing of 'As Lately We Watched' an the entire audience participated 'Silent Night The band traveled to Fayette January 30 and participated in the annual Fayette County Band Festival We were proud to have our director chosen to lead the select mixed chorus in the evening's program DRUH HAJOR A HAJORETTES Donna Meinhard, Audrey Sutter, Judy Larson, and Doris Heinhard. 15 O vf ff if 1 I. 1 Lb ' ' L Haw- V U 2 'L ll' 6 . we put our marching shoes away and 9 ' . -, ' d in .n on . . 0 e f 'Y z FL' . 1 I Q A M lf' m' w V AX, ll Q4 1 t?"W1:.m:ifv 2 "" W' 'X P6 Z FOOTBALL FRONT ROW: Burnell Blockhus, Ted Kjoea, Karl Lembke, Stan Boyer, Ron Loftsgard, Paul rinney, Dennis B tikofer, Bob Peters, Stan Erickson. MIDDLE RCW Mgr. Bob Medberry, Larry B tikofer, Stan Shaffer, Rich Frieden, Stan Lehman, Charles Hedberry, Norm Mitts, Stan Capper, Art Strong, Glen Snyder, John Falb BACK ROW Mgr. Don Reierson, Keith Crider, Ronald Blockhus, Kenneth Crider, Keith Downey, Allen Weston, Charles Christiansen, Eugene Hedberry, Don Peters, Allen Wenger, Charles Capper, Coach Walker. SEASON RECORD Calmar Summer West Union Waukon Postville Elkader Maynard Fayette ONOOKINI I-'Sr-1o"d'Umw-rr 1-1 Nov-wow-'og3L'!m cn V15 'dvi cr JI'moSm'-dcnorr qt-vi ' I-'S IJ' 'Jov- "5 41123 cfm Gage? Orrs-I-I-t!2SD'4l-'-o'rn 3' 0500 'J "Sm"Scb gm'-3 SDKZLUJ.-503 'Jig' m'U:3:5HoEr--gown Hr-I 00:4 '1 TD' I-'sn f"rf'Ucnwcf-oo 440 Q"!c1-13' Em mod!-' 'te 0 od- odooov- 'z 9.0-sn svnwim'-50 5 v-'- 'S ua cb 56 mfig-'f.-r 0 td G2log3'mmm'U :Ji-'D-'rr'-soo mo 0 aozxnrm :S mf+H,v-5 Omoo or-'-o 5:0-H-ticrf.-rvagjow cn'-5 053' Z3 cr '-vi 3 moz! 'JD' o an H- 'im Ps ot3'1r--rrfrom S 0 m:1m:J"-bop-1 snP5cf'du-Q ff-xo 'Sl-"UI3'l-'C P-XJ Q-rrmomft me-fox,-1 DH-f 0'd Yo Oo Q 250 H: cf-f'c+"1 'DSDP' O 002:-mgrp-Img 0 tfdmr-m :1 rf S. mcfwcuffw-rn 0' J'-'f C752 SD mzfmo mom 9-1 r"CD'O"5"9ml5 O P-1 P- s- wdrfdrf-n.mo an wmv-gym'-socrsb cn D"SDd'CDCff3ESDO SD Om O:3"5"r' ra CO '41-r::'cDc-r" o I-".3KDCDQo-CL' Z5 cz. :png EU o'Q."5 H-040 UO vrbsmm H C0901 ID P50 ON mr-' rfnsnmr' WHOQUH m Q cn'-soo:-zfcfi :x one-S :tml--sn rr 'U '-s000l"5!JP-' D' 'tor-40 DARK' cf odmosb'-5 co on 'ir-1CL'1oo'-90'-5 p- P-'-4 1-:fmomv gn U2 H- mdr-I m P-bfftif-"'1"30QiE!f" 1+ 52 :3'5D4D'fDD' H- oqommmocr'-sm o Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elvin Elgin " XQYEASKETB Q LL FRONT RDW: Keith Crider, Paul Pinnqy, Allen Weston, Richard Clark, Norman Mitts, Kenneth Crider, Coach'Hhlke BACK RCU: Mgr Veldon Orth, Dennis Butikufer, Stan L umen, lbbert 'N uedbu-ry, John rub, Glen Synder, men Prieden, sun shura:- wv3, fa After winning the first game of the season from their old rival Waucoma, the Elgin boys' basketball team went on to compile 7 wins and 13 losses for the season An important victory occured when the to escape tne conference cellar for the first time in two years A11 but two members or the first squad, Dennis Butikofer and Paul Pinney, will be back next year ly - gg ' 'E' Panthers out-pointed Fayette, Q9 to A3, fi sz . . La 0 1 w g 'qu . 1 ia K ' I - I IVR Ax ' FRONT ROW: Marlene Weds, Donna Robinson, Fritsi Brackin, Barbara Medberry, Ruthann Mitts, Edith Gehring, Ilona Bork BACK ROW: Roberta Barker, Janice Sehori, Reva Hedberry, Jeanine Cook, Bev Howard, Bev Benson, Doris Orth, Coach Paul Zurbriggen The basketball girls finished the season with a record of 10 wins and 8 losses The offensive average for the year was 50 points per game while the defensive ave rage was 147 points The girls added a new trophy to the EHS trophy case when they received third place in the state sectional tournament. At the close of the season tne team elected Donna Robinson and Janice Schori co-captains. .2 -J Q! '. Q . , si ,, f -V v..' , r Q CWGIRLS BASKETBAE ' . L' W n . . if uh M . 5 YQ ff . TEAM FRONT ROW: Allen Weston, Kenneth Crider, Norman Mitts, Stan Capper, Medberry, James Schaer MIDDLE ROW: Donnie Reierson, Chuck Christiansen, Stan Lehman, Stanley Boyer, Paul Pirmey, Glen Snyder, John Falb, Keith Crider BACK RCW: Don Peters, Gene Hedberry, Veldon Orth, Leslie Lembke, Dick Clark, Carlton Krueger, B111 Torkelson, Rich Frieden, Coach Zurbriggen Thirty boys reported for the first outside practice on March 15 Returning lettermen were Dennis Butikofer, Stan Boyer, Don Reierson, Glen Snyder, Bob Medberry, Norman Mitts, Allen Weston, Jim Schaer, Ken and Keith Crider The boys won their first three games and are looking forward to continued success throughout the remainder of the season Cheerleaders The four cheerleaders have had a very active season The! subscribed t a national magazine, The Megaphone It was very helpful in preparing pep meet ings for each game A pep club was organized and accompa nied the teams to several out of town games The pep band played for home games and pep meetings LEFT TO RIGHT: Marcia Wolf, Karen Kiple, Nancy Larson, and Marie Hendrickson. ff I an X-J, Nui' MQ + s- ry dl I MLK ipl'-i tjsifvff if Q57 gin N, I Li' J 51 4 dh.. ,QW Vw i 'L V5-4. -fa Fw I ,.. rw its f na, 44N H' fif- P5 l"lf' KN X BA I 'A if-Y wx? I I 'UU L:-.J 1 W 5 6 'DS-2. 10- 'ih Bev!! bo' or-WN' fl WA, fi Aw , 'fn- ,..7. .- 5-is f'Z'sf 4 1.115 1 - 51-3 l X X V4 Q35 F1 H W Q ek-A JB Q QQQJH ' i a Z :IQ Zi. W il p Q WM 1, . N x -1Sf21 ' .J X 'QF fra?

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