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T xfxx LIBPIS ,XY K S-1 JZ .f-'- xr, , 2 :- A , rg' f - a Q 4 1 -y . , H .har ,- H B au L if is aug '75 f l 2' sf , , V il l Arif l ia' X ll We. the Seniors of nineteen hundred and fifty three dedicate this annual to Mrs. Grove, because of her patience and understanding ways to us during her years of teaching at Elgin High. S L -. XNXSTR T10 A ,, 5 Az Faculty C. J. ROBINSON LEO GRETHER Superintendent Music, American History Mathematics, Physics CLYDE WENGER PAUL ZURBRIGGEN Ind. Arts, Jr. High Math. Principal Science, Mathematics, Athletics ARDIS MC MILLAN Sixth and Seventh PAUL SHANK Science, Mathematics, Athletics HARRIET JUHL Fourth and Fifth GLADYS SCHORI English, 5peech, Dramatics JANET KOHLER Second and Third KATHRYN GROVE English, Speech, Drematics GLNLVIEVE DUNKLE First ROSE MEINHARD Home Economics, Science IRENE KIPLE Primary MILDRED WENGER Com ercial GLADYS HALVERSON Fourth ana Fifth Zrzzfigg -P :ilf Y 5, iq P rn riisiffe 1' v L", 1 een Q , - ww 'J4 ' . , , . ., P , 1- U- ' " if f F Cooks Custodian: us Drivers U 4 4 i A tu fs 'v .1 2 , A Senior Class A-x .af I NoRr.'A nETm1 NG UOSBY POBERTA Pre-.si Jeni Vice President Q- I. 'N Ak, Eg-Hg, 4 SHARLENE GHVVFR DIXIE HELHS ecrciavq-Treasurer Suftv-fn'lfehJgyCf Re Pohtar MR. ROBINSON iw ggi . ' I ahh ' rgga if L 1 Q JAHLCE SUAFFER RUTH EAINEY Hssisiard Ediior EJzt..r 3 4 1 A , A Q 1 9, ,Q at . 5- -rf' 'iff' X., 'nf IA. A Q' ' X . 1 I . A f 1, ' 0 ' ' f ' 0 IA' ' . 5 x 5 '- I . J . , 4, I Q' If fi 5' 'W 4' R Ax I I X a MARILYN WEST GENE SNY5ER C 5 za- fx L f- -' ' "S fa W' " g in .' ., ik- BARBARA YEAROUS GEORGE LERCH MARLENE YRDBERRY 7 ., -:iv . - . Q' JANICE PINNEY JOEL HOLDEN FLORENCE MUNCIE ei 54 W fig. 7:3 4-x ' JATTANN "SBK Xtgqgx 4. ' tl va g ' , , X- vlia' LAFONDA T-'KILLER 1 nr I , A. E , VERNA GR I MM DONALD SUTTER LANE ASH B5 -,f MT RUTH PULFFR DAR LENE REIERS ON H 1,1 af -. How We Looked Then Y L 2 , Q xi f Q I 'tq 3 'IA I 6 5. fw W 1 J V ,A 'L 3 ' vi A - . , ... 1 . j V - K t, ,I l X ' x X ' kwa Nui f ' df: LAEONDA -If I I 1" ' X C. 'E ' N 4, P S x U A Jaw-A. I. BARBARA SHARLENE ROBERTA Y . .. f '- ' -33 GENE L '4 S .1 . I Q v A an Q I I A kv Q cu? s:-14 'fir ' I' n L -1 Um Y. . K - 'R X 'ea X JOEL ' X non , MARLENE f- ' li-v. JANICE i at Q p J. :fl ,1', X I f' 1 , Y Iqi. s' X - Q X ' ' . U I vp 4 'K "' LT i get . X ' , X X I 'I'-fl " ' - , - I ,,,g.-iE"E'f' , Q . , l DARLENE 'Zi' 4 fl, W I 1 1 1 A A .X JANICE P RUTH . HERBIE U X , . f xl PVT, ELORENCE I Q , n qu Ai!hNssNN' 'O In 6 ,,, GEORGE I f' ,, if Q . . '- - - K ' I -N- - . Wag' MARILYN L f 55 3 I ,H '. ."-'- 1 X- Q-.1 +'-- M f 1 I -I' . 1 2 ' is f" 1 Ei ' K A fj' DIXIE NORMA RUTH P VERNA """'x"x---'la' JANANN E 4 1 ff 2 . Senior Class JANICE fVYE SYAFFFH NJANN nl would rather be right than Pres- ident.H Home Ee. Club 9-10, Class Play 11, Annual Staff 12 ll. CEditorJ, newstaff DIXIE LLL HELVS here-even HDIXIY HI'm everyone.H Band 10-ll-12, Howe Ee. Club 9- 10 Class Play 11, Hewstaff 12, Class Vice-president 10, Annual Staff 12. if I don't tell LHRILYN ELAINE CEST HPEGFYH HGood things cone in small pack- ages.n Home Bc. Club 9-10, Class Play ll, Annual Staff 12, Newstaff 11, 12. WORMA RUTH GEWRING NNORFW Nlt seems her business to keep out of the way, but she contributes her bit in class each day.n Mixed Chorus 10-ll-12, Girls' Chor- us 10-ll-l2, Band 10-11-12, Home Ee. Club 9-10, Girls Basketball 9- 10-11-12, Annual Staff 12, Class Vice-president 12, Class Secretary- Treasurer 10, Trumpet Trio ll. JOEL MILLARD HOLDEN WJOEH WComin' in on a rim and a spare.H Rootball 12, Boys Basketball ll, Class Play ll, Annual Staff 12, Baseball ll. LAFONDA KEY YILLER NVIZLERH Nanergy, action, eieales, pep: make her a girl who is hard to forgft.u Mixed Chorus 10-ll-12, Girl's tette 10-11-12, Girls' Chorus 9-10- 11-l2, Band 9-10-11-12, Home EC. Club 9-10, Girls Basketball 10-11- 12, Annual Staff 12, Triple Trio 10 SSX- ll-l2, Majorette 10-11-12, Flute Trio 11-12. DARLENE LOUISA REIERSCN HDARH her smile is shy, she is HThough liked by all of Elgin Hi.N Club 9-10, Annual Staff 12 Home Ee. Newstaff 12. 7 FLORENCE ELIZABETH MUUCIE HSCOTTYN nHonor lies in honest toil.n Band ll-12, Home Ec. Club 9-10, Annual Staff 12, Newstaff ll-12. MARLENE MARIE MZDBERRY HFHRH Ulf I'm content with a little, enough is as good as a feast.n Band 10-ll-12, Home Bc. Club 9-10, Class Play 11, Annual Staff. RUTH MARIE RAINEY HRUTHIEH HLooking forward to a future filled with happiness.n Home Ec. Club 9-10, Annual Staff 12 fAssistant Editor, DONALD BERNARD SUTTIR HDONH nThe harder I try the gooder to be, the worser I am.n Mixed Chorus 10-11-12, Boys' Chorus 10-ll-12, Football 9-10-ll-12, Base Ball 9-10-ll-12, Boys Basketball 9- 10-ll-12, Annual Staff 12, Class Play ll, Class President ll. BARBARA JYAY YLARCUS HEAREH nOur basketball star, may she 20- far.N Mixed Chorus 9-lO-ll-12, Girls' sex- tette ll-12, Girls' Chorus 9-10-11- 12, Band 9-10-ll-12, Home Ee. Club 9-10, Girls Basketball 9-l0-ll- 12, Annual Staff 12, Class President 9, Clarinet Quartet 10-ll-12, Triple Trio ll-12. VERNA JEAN 3RI'1f HBOBBIH uQuietl I never get a chance to talk.H Mixed Chorus 9-10-ll-12, Band 10-ll 12, Girls' Chorus 9-10-11-12, Home Ee. Club 9-10, Annual staff 12, Majorette 10-ll-12. RUTH CAROLINE PULFER NRYTHIEH nAlthough she is quiet and meek, her personality can t be beat.n Mixed Chorus 9 at Hawkeye, Girls' Chorus 9 at Hawkeye, Home Ec. Club 10, Annual Staff 12. JANANN MARIE MORK NNANNIEN NI might be better if I would, but it's very lonesome being zood.n Mixed Chorus 10-ll-12, Glrls' Chorus 10-ll-12, Band .9-lO-ll-12, Home Ee. Club 9-10, Girls Basket- ball 9-l0-ll-l2, Class Play ll, Annual Staff 12, Newstaff ll. MILTON LANE ASH HHERBIE' nIt's not a crime to be tall, jusi a bit unhandy that's al1.n Mixed Chorus 9-10-ll-12, Boys' Chorus 9-10-ll-12, Band 9-10-ll-12, Football 9-10-ll-12, Baseball '9, Boys Basketball 9-10-lly Class Play ll, Annual Staff 12, Class Presidei l0f Class Secretary-Treasurer ll, Brass Quintet 11, Trumpet Trio 11. l 1 A LCTHXTK Elf VCSFY HFCBIHH vFendy to lemon, rut behind that smile are thoughts that are well worth whl1e.H Mixed Chorus 9-10-11-12, Girls' Trio 9-10-ll-12, Girls' Ukorus 9-10 ll-12, 10-ll-12, fone Play ll, Annua 10-ll-12, Clas Leading ll-12, Piano Solo 10- Frass Quintet Triple Trio 10-ll-12, Pand 9 Bc. Club 9-10, Class 1 Staff 12, newstaff s President 12, Cneer Trumpet 'rio 11-12, 11-12, Vocal solo ll, ll. says VCWALD SNYDIR NSUNNYH Hlt is a ple without that seen.H Baseball 9-10 Annual Staff 1 Treasurer 10, 12. asure to know Gene, smile, he is never -ll-12, Newstaff ll, 2, Class Secretary- Football Manager ll- Annual Editor Assistant Unlitof' HGLCRGILH wget him now speak, or else forever after hold his peace.n Mixed Cnorus 10-ll-12, Bogs' Chorus football WLAREE FQLDEPICK LEHCH 10-ll-12, Band 10-11-12, ll-12, Class Play ll, Annual Staff 12, Class Vice-president 11. JAKICH YAVLHVE PINNEY HJANH HEverycne likes her, she's full of fun, talkinf about friends she has a sLun.' Vixed Chorus 9-10-ll-12, Home EC. Club 9-10, Girls Chorus 9-lJ-11-12 Annual Staff 12, Newstaff 9-10-11 12 KEditorD. SHAELLHL YAHY ?URVLE HSHCRTYN HHer smile her s eech her winnin I la wav will be remembered for man a .. in dar. :fixed CEICJIWFS 9-10-ll-12, 311-18' Chorus 9-1J-11-12, Band Q-10-ll-12, Howe EC. Club 9-10, Class Play ll, Annual Staff 12, Class Secretary- Treasurer 12, Hajorette 10-ll-12. Janice Snaffer Ruth Rainey Class Hill and Yistory Chairman - Dixie Helms Yorna debring Janice Finney Joel Tolden Class lrovhecj Crxlrnnn - Jeanine Conn Yarj Yrackiy Purnell Elocknus lictures Chairnan - Janann York nrt fgcrts School Cslerday . - . , lctlvltles Class Wfrlst Pusixocsf Tanajers Marlene Hedberry Sharlene Gruber Ckairman - Lane Ask w - ,H , Laronoa rlllrr Ruth Frlfwr Challman - Roberta Mosby Chairman - Darlene Reierson Xlrlljn nest Farrara Yearcus Florence lhncie Chairman - Don Putter Teorge Lorch Gene Snyder Pffsmv ' Class History On Ariust 77, ':Qf, ' L '-oifbf frcr ur lnuched tieir rocket slip. Tieil Qo.1lp 'Q 1 -- 'lb 1.i,:r. fle yilot pls Farber? Yearors. The Lassen t1s pure Pnrhaxi Folvjn, Verna Grlnum Sturlerc uw'ver, Iolndfxl footy, Jerico Edzufi , 'nrhara Gilbert, Horne Lohrlng, Lixle Volms, Tuzlere Yedtrrrj, Iafonda Tiller, Janann York, Florence Vrncie, :nth rainey, Lerlene Folerson, Janice Shaffer, Lnvonno Trrdo, Turiljn Hoff, fodor- ick lmholte, Gene Snyder, Lon Svttcr, Lane Ark, Hurvin iunfr, Ceorfe Lorch, and Victor Yelson. The rocket Shir sto r-Q at a flanot where Victor Yelsor, Ynrvi: Lnntz, ant Iodorick lm- holte decided to discontinre their trlj ind lit? lwlfwr joined the group. Latfr, the merry sjecemon and women stojged to chanre rockets, on the planet Lophoxore, where Lane dsl took over as pilot. Here Lavonne frudo joined another rocket s?ip, and Paul Srha joined our merry crew. At a little planet where the rocket stoyred to set sup- plies, we lost two jassengersg Paul Subs end James Pmtikofer. The next stop was at the planet Jrnior where Lon Lvtter became the new pilot. It was at this rlanet that the syacecrew presented the play Frother Goose. Pere, also, Parlmra Folejn left us. After resuming our journey we honorec our friends, the seniors, with a banquet. It was carried ort in a Iexiczn theme. Shortlj after planet. Ne then headed this Parhara Gilbert left via another our rocket for the planet Senf or, which would be the last stop before we reached our destinstion. we again changed pilots, with Loberta Mosby takin: over the con- trols. There was much ado and many hagpy faces on hoard the rocket when we received our senior pictures. As this history is being written manj plans are bein: made to present a ilaj that will ton all plays, and we know that the Juniors are go- ing to honor rr with a truly wonderful hanoret Class Mafia We sail on the shin of awbitlo may we anchor in the harbor of success. Class Colors Flue and Silver Class Flower iweei Poe A., L I Las ill and estamenf We, the incomparable Seniors of l953, of Elgin High School, township of Pleasant Valley, County of Fayette, State of Iowa, being in as sound state of mind as could be expected, do make and declare this to be our last will and testament. Item I: To the Juniors we unwillingly bequeath the heaven- ly feeling of being looked up to. Item II: To the Sophomores we will our wordly wisdom and renown. Item III: To the Freshman we submit all our artillery for self defense in assembly revolu- tions. Item IV: To our beloved teachers we will the hardshipl'?J of conducting classes in which we are no longer present. I, Janice Marlene Pinney, do will and bequeath my executive power as editor of the Panther Tracks to Karen Kiple. I, Roberta Kay Mosby, do will and bequeath my musical talent and cheer-leading ability to Stanley Erickson. I, Sharlene Mary Gruver, do will and bequeath my majorette uniform and baton to Burnell Blockhus. I, Verna Jean Grimm, do will and bequeath my glasses and my speed in traveling up and down the aisles to Marvel Frederick. I, Barbara Jean Yearous, do will and bequeath my giggles and ability to play basketball to Ted Kjosa. I, George Frederick Lerch, do will and bequeath my curly hair and dimples to Norma Pulfer. I, Marilyn Elaine Rest, do will and bequeath my blond hair and blue eyes to Donna Robinson. I, Janice June Shaffer, do will and bequeath my love for baby sitting to Stanley Boyer. I, Darlene Louise Reierson, do will and bequeath my quiet ways and English textbook to Robert Peters. I, Milton Lane Ash, do will and bequeath my ability to get out of difficult situations in my classes to Erna Baumgartner. I, Ruth Marie Rainey, do will and bequeath my diamond ring and my letters from Korea to Gayle Nickels. I, Joel Millard Holden, do will and bequeath my green'EhewW and my "Boys State" shirt to Marie Hendrickson. I, Rvth caroline Pulfer, do will and benueath my mischie- vous cat and my job in the hot lunch room to Karl Lembke. I, Florence Elizabeth Muncie, do will and bequeath my dreams of Ghicago and my ability to make flowers to Ronald Lofts- gard. 1, Janann Marie Mork, do will and bequeath my complicated love life and my height to Sara Ogle. I, LaFonda Kay Miller, do will and bequeath my pet snakes and CFS pin to Loreen Itterman. I, Donald Bernard Sutter, do will and bequeath my smart an- swers in class and my butch haircut to Mavis Frieden. I, Marlene Marie Medberry, do will and bequeath my love for skating and my daily trips to the Post Office to Beverly Ben- son. I, Dixie Lee Helms, do will and bequeath my love for horses to Mary Brackin. I, Gene Howard Snyder, do will and bequeath my job as man- ager of the football team and my quiet ways in class to Paul Pin- ney. I, Norma Ruth Gehring, do will and bequeath my position as post forward to Jeanine Cook. I, Ruth Marie Rainey, do will and bequeath my public speaking ability and little feet to Don Reierson. I, LaFonda Kay Miller, do will and bequeath my notebook and my letters from Wisconsin to Veldcn Orth. ,I, Janice Marlene Finney. do will and hocueath my love for cops' and long fingernails to Janice Schori. I, Gene Howard Snyder, do will and bequeath my interest in golf and my baseball shoes to Shirley West. I, Dixie Lee Helms, do will and bequeath my ticket stubs and love for the number sixteen to Edith Gehring. I, Milton Lane Ash, do will and bequeath my love for sunny California and my large vocabu- lary to Dennis Eutikofer. Made and witnesses this 2 95 day of 1953. 1 H. , 5. L - m Prophecy Once upon a time in the land of make-believe, three little fair- ies, Burnell Hlockhus, Vary Brackin, and Jeanine Cook, were sent on a mission to discover the secret ambitions of the members of the class of 19553. Tar away in the misty blue of an early spring morning, we saw a ship. It was carryinc the l9E3 Seniors of Eljin High. As we watched the ship coming, we decided to probe into the thoughts of the passen- gers aboard and to try to find what each expected of life. There's Ruth Rainey reading a book. It's no wonder she plans to be a Novelist. She surely would make a good oneg she's that studious typ e . Let's find out who those two girls leaning against the rail are. Theylre talking. Let's listen. HI surely would like to be an ice skat- cr,H says Roberta. HOh,n replied Janann, nI'd rather be a champion skier.H As I look into the future I can see them now, Roberta making those nationally known figure eights. And Janann-I can hardly make her out - yes, that's Janann. She's stirring up a big fluffy cloud of white snow, that would blind anyone except a Champion Skier. Look what we have here, someone trying to balance herself on the rail of a shin. It's Janice Shaffer practicing a sensational trapeze act. Over there two people are talking about ranching. One seems very interested in the cattle, the other in horses. I shouldn't be sur- prised if someday some of the finest thoroughbred racers would come from Dixie Helms' horse ranch, and some of the best beef in the count- ry from Joel Holden's cattle ranch. Let's walk to the other end of the deck and meet some of the oth- er Seniors. Ah! there's a couple of likeable looking prospects. I won- der what they're discussing. I can't understand what they're saying. It's no wonder because Barbara Yearous is speaking Spanish. She'l1 make a good Spanish teacher. Who's she talking to? That must be Flor- ence Muncie and she's speaking Scotch! Florence will surely enjoy that long awaited trip to Scotland. It will be especially enjoyable since she can speak the Scottish language. Here are two more members of the class. Let's find out what their ambitions are. That's nice. They're both going to be dancers. With such slim, trim figures, they should make good ones. Wouldn't it be grand if Sharlene Gruver, the tap dancer, and Verna Grim , the ballet dancer, someday dance for the king of England? It's about time we went below. There could be something very in- teresting going on down there. First let's visit the engine room. We find, just what you would expect - boys. Three of them are Seniors from E.H.S. They're talking about cars and engines. Don Sutter wants to be a big car racer. I can imagine him rounding the corner, far a- head of his opponents. He has set a new world record of 600 mph. George Lerch wants to be a Patrolman. Wouldn't he,make a good one? There would be no breaking laws and speeding or Patrolman Lerch would be after you. He always gets his man! I can hear Lane Ash's voice resounding through the engine room. His secret desire is to be a Radio Announcer. His voice would surely sound good over the radio, and he might even be seen on television in the not too distant future. Let's head for the dining room, where we might find some girls chatting. Sure enough, there are four girls at the far end of the room. They have that far away look as if they would like to travel to some other country and live there. Ruth Pulfer and Marilyn West es- pecially have that roving eye. In the future they hope to visit more than lOO countries, learning their customs and ideas. They are plan- ning the route right now. A Y Janice Finney wants to be a foreign correspondent. She was editor of the school paper when she was a Senior. I think, in the future she will make good in a similar job. The headlines of the paper will read, nAttem t To Assassinate Russian Prime Kinisteru and beneath we'll no- tice fgnice Pinney's name. There's Marlene Medberry. She wants to be a Social Worker in for- eign countries. She's a charitable person with a wonderful personali- ty, just the kind of person needed for that job. She will probably be known as one of the best liked persons from America. It's about time we went back on deck. Ouchl Nhat hit me? Oh, it's just a golf ball. Gene Snyder is practicing his golf, but that one went a little wild and Norma Gehring couldn't catch it. I suppose he will need all the practice he can get, if he's to be the world's champion golfer. When Norma Gehring has that major league team that she plans to own, she won't dare let her outfielders miss a ball as she just missed that golf ball. It might score the run that would cause the team to lose the pennant. There are just two Seniors we haven't seen. There they are now. They seem to be exercising. Of course, I suppose they have to keep in good condition if they want to be circus entertainers. Darlene Reier- son wants to be a bareback rider, and LaFonda Miller a tarpaulin art- ist. They're small and nimble and they should be perfect for this job. Having learned all the secret desires of the 1953 Senior Class of Elgin High, We three fairies now make our preparations to depart, while the ship sails on, carrying these students to their places in the future. If C7 s- if R 5 Sf 'N 11 ff r, 1 gd J xdvfi' 5 :- 5, Juniors FN 'D 5 A A 'D ,fy A 'gb 1 U 'L nk- I f.K 6-5 Q , S V 4fvH . 3 xXwy,LK 7 r I g ,,,, j. ,A I 9 5 5, QV .n ,w -E 'L' .1 , 1 - , f' ez! X - A AA1A E' Lf- 'th Q : x '- Drs 'Af' r ', ' First Row: Mr. Shank, Marie Hendrickson, Mary Brackin, Beverly Benson, Edith Gehring, Shirley West, Norma Pulfer, Sara Ogle, Karen Kiple, Mrs. Schori. Second Row: Ted Kjosa, Marvel Frederick, Donna Robinson, Loreen Itterman, Gayle Nickels, Erna Baumgartner, Mavis Frieden, Janice Schori, Jeanine Cook, Burnell Blockhus. Third Row: Stanley Boyer, Stanley Erickson, Karl Lembke, Donald Rniarson, Robert Peters, Paul Pinney, Ronald Loftsgard, Veldon Orth, Dennis Butikofer. Mary Brackin Sara Ogle Karen Kiple Shirley West Norma Pulfer Erna Baumgartner Marvel Frederick Beverly Benson Robert Peters Ronald Loftsgard Janice Schori Gayle Nickels Karl Lembke Paul Pinney Edith Gehring Stanley Erickson Jeanine Cook Stanley Boyer Dennis Butikofer Ted Kjosa Veldon Orth Loreen Itterman Burnell Blockhus Donna Robinson Donald Reierson Marie Hendrickson Mavis Frieden FUTURE CAREER What they want to be Business Woman Primary Teacher Com ercial Worker Stenographer Secretary Grade Teacher Primary Teacher Airline Worker Farmer Farmer Nurse X-ray Technician Farmer Coach Grade Teacher Farmer Nurse Farmerf Farmer Farmer Farmer Missionary Engineer Engineer Farmer Psychologist Nurse What they will be Horse rancher Singer Primary teacher IDSUPBDC0 Saleswoman English teacher Waitress First Woman President Librarian Minister Banker Housewife Orphanage Instructor Pilot Physics teacher Basketball Coach Cowboy Rancher in Texas Movie star Football Coach Joie Chitwood Daredevil Boxer School teacher Artist Lady Wrestler Fuller Brush Man Dress Designer Beauty Operator .- 1. i A . ,Q 4.. ,..":af. ,, PH , . 1 - GRES Lb.. 0+ ' 4 np. . K JL I ,Jg .ul"""" . , ' , "J . in f"Q'ETI'iF ' -iw ,f Ev' nik g .. . . ' X d Sophemeres " 0 'W 7 T7 6 'H 7 .I lql., . 'll,,iL' :Fly .!J ff 'V 75' 1.. Fx 3' X! I , , , ' I ,fQ .-5 P-JV . ' 4 J ,hx 57 1 d 'QQ-SY' J.. KJ 'AS-'71, I 6 First Row: Marilana Ogle, Greta Falb, lary Ann SCDBOP, Barbara Medberry, Reva Belle Medberrv, Dalene Shaffer, Beverly luehle- thaler, Donna Meinhard, Lucille Crain, M . Grether. Second Row: Elaine Anderson, Marilyn Schaer, Evelyn Orth, Janice Lantz, Beverly Howard, Nancy Larson, Marjorie Johnson, Joann Glsleson, Nora Rainey, Carol Rorie. Third Row: Glen Snyder, Donald Peters, Dwight Gruver, Eugene Hed- berry, Stanley Lehman, Stanley Capper, Charles Medberry, Robgpt Medberry, Richard Clark FAVORITE SONG Stanley CBPPOP Little lhite Cloud That Cried Evelyn Orth WDOTO The Shannon River Flows Lucille Crain Curly Locke Carol Rorie Blue Skies Janice Lantz Elaine Anderson Half As Much Walkin' To Missouri Joann Gisleson Botghg lg Dvight Gruver lovin' On ROb8Pt Mbdbbrry Suggrbugh Greta Falb Stanley Lehman Charles Medberry Donald Peters Richard Clark Eugene Medberry Marilyn Schaer Donna Meinhard Glen Snyder Mary Ann Schaer Dalene Shaffer Reva Belle Medberry Barbara Medberry Marilana Ogle Nora Rainey Nancy Larson Marjorie Johnson Beverly Muehlethaler Beverly Howard I Love T Singing In The Rai: lookin' Bird Hill on Moonlight Bay On Top Of Old Smoky Honky Tonk Angels Meet lr. Callahxn It Is No Secr t The Pied Piper he Sunshine Of Your Smile Red River Valley I Ient To Your Wedding Abba Dabba Honeymoon Indian Love Call Vagabond Waltz Wild ide Ot Life Talk To Your Heart with A Song In ly Heart Pagen Love Song With This Ring I Thee Wed 1,.q. I A . .v- A IA' 'S Q , .-,. we 'fiffxv Y7' ' ,' 'af' . x , . Y. .,,:-f,.:s . ' v- . - . v"1-pr. 4. 'r .1 'N '4 x., 4 J " x eu X wr 2' 1 'ct ' ' I 1 ' I 1 -I L I I i ? fr., 1 u f gf ' FJ Q',"Zd P lc! ' G I fl f . Q II, "' I 1 I I' . v , , , , .A, 2. Freshman A "W 6 P' "" H A "N"'N 'Emu . T . v .l.,.v - ' ' U f:-H' , fl 5" 'N ,nn First Row: Carlton Krueger, Janice Loftsgard, Patsy Capper, Nona Mork, Janice Larson, Ruthann Mitts, Janette Krueger, Florence Hofer, Jocelyn Itterman, Dennis Cook, Mrs. Grove. Second Row: Keith Crider, Marcia Wolf, Jeanette Krueger, Jeannie Shaffer, Marlene Wedo, Mary Hofer Marie Sutter, Dianne Meinhard, Colleen Howard, Ken- neth Crider. Third Row: John Peter Falb, Allen Weston. Alfred Pritchard, Charles Christiansen, James Schaer, Duane Englehardt, Larry Butikofer, Leslie Lembke, Stanley Shaffer, Norman Mitts. WHO'S WHO IN THE MOVIES Van Johnson Bob Mitchum Bill Williams Jerry Lewis Dean Martin Alan Ladd Bing Crosby James Stewart Bob Hope Dick Powell Lon McCall1ster Robert Cum ings Donald O'Connor John Lund Diana Lynn Marie Wilson Jean Peters Jane Russel Jane Powell Elizabeth Taylor Joan Crawford Susan Hayward Ava Gardner Doris Day Betty Hutton June Allyson June Haver Janet Leigh Ginger Rogers Joanne Dru Allen Weston Keith Crider Larry Butikofer Leslie Lembke John Peter Falb Charles Christiansen Carlton Krueger Stanley Shaffer Dennis Cook James Schaer Kenneth Crider Duane Bngelhardt Alfred Pritchard Norman Mitts Diane Meinhard Marie Sutter Jeanette Krueger Janette Krueger Marcia Wolf Jocelyn Itterman Mary Ann Hofer Janice Larson Marlene Wedo Janice Loftsgard Jeannie Shaffer Patsy Capper Colleen Howard Nona Mork Ruthann Mitts Florence Hofer 5. L fm 'mf ff 555 . ,-1, E ugh t h G rad e wf,,4QQf, 1 ' PQ' :Q , ' ' 5 I J QL AJ 'Qu , 4, I 1 11' A 1 " ' W laik 5' ---f . f V ' K " 'X f '-+ + lfjn' , W Y dl '-9 Q, , le' A if 3 Seventh Grade 4 0 5 0 Q Ms Sixth Grade Nl . ,.. 34" 'al '1 1 - H a , v "fa-0i"h 1 va I I ff- yl mf? I- 'M Xkqfrwbt A-,A mx I :Q-I r 95 'ni in . fr, wife: A GX K' Fifth Grade Q 0 0 PM gf, fb mari? ' G " 5 ,S'gi'?fyf'5 f"i 1, ' Q G Fourth Grade as 1. fi ,., ' .'mi'3i's., U Q G an K I 'N . . 'Q pg ,ln N, ' ww .1-f GL! A ' Q Third Grade E 5 -L 'Mx' Second Grade 1 . ffxil A H Q- ang m-.I Q 5 1 xr 4. hi., if W .V 'f A: A First Grade fff B 5 r r 2 "7 P1 1 if H g L i 4-yah ,,, :I , Kindergarten E ,. .,, xl TCS A 1 3,5 3 . 4 Q ,, ,P -- A Maw 'VIZ an 'iii' V L? ,, . -w.,,,, . hrs 7 1 w 'i 3 K Way ns' Posh A I ' . - . ' A-' - :' 1 Q 5 9 1 2 Q? Q5 Y,-MI I 4 9 I h by -rl l - Qs.. rg' V - 2 t allele, ,, a I MW, VT Q , 73 T, I- r ' . .4 'Q v. . ' " 33- 7 3 r ,. l 1 . 226 3:-. '97 "' ac 3' 321 1 ' ' ,Al ,of A 'xii 7 tr! , sf. ' 4' J ' M at 3 1 tif-Q-.u,:. sit '.:A"-.-.,.j:HM' ,Tp A QT., ,K .4 .U t Y A A. H n CONFEBERCE STANDING SCHEDULE Won Lost Elkader 6 1 Sept. 12 Elgin O Calmar 38 Fayette 6 1 Sept. 19 HElg1n O West Union 12 Postville 6 l Sept. 26 HElgin 7 Waukon 20 Summer A 3 Oct. 3 +Elgin O Postville hh Waukon 3 H Oct. 10 HElgin 7 Elkader 26 West Union 2 S Oct. 17 aElgin O Maynard 32 Maynard 1 6 Oct. 2h iElgin 7 Fayette 38 Elgin O 7 Oct. 31 eElg1n 7 Summer 33 4 Conference Games Thirty able-bodied young men reported for the 1952 football squad. With only five returning lettermen, Coach Paul Shank had his work cut out for him With the able as- sistance of Paul Zurbriggin he whipped the boys 1nto a united fighting squad. Lane Ash, a senior, was the captain. Other lettermen were Paul Pinney, Karl Lembke, Dennis Butikofer, and Burnell Blockhus. The 1952 football season would seem to be quite unsuc- cessful if one looks at the list of games won. Actually, the experience gained was of great value to the players. This year's green squad made good use of all the knowledge they acquired, and improved steadily as the season passed. Elgin, plagued by many 1DJUTi6S and lack of experience, started the season oy losing an afternoon game to Calmar, 38-O. The following weekend against West Union the boys showed much improvement, but still lost 12-O. At Waukon the next week the boys finally scored. The halftime tally was 7-7, but the Waukon boys came back strong and won 20-7. One of the conference leaders, Postville, handed the Panthers a hh-0 whipping the next week. This game was followed by, per- haps, the best game the Panthers played. They held a strong Elkader eleven to a 26-7 margin. The next game against May- nard was supposed to have been a close contest, but Elgin was short-handed due to the loss of a couple of regular players. ,The Maynard team triumphed 32-O. Elgin couldn't seem to stop Fayette, one of the title contenders, and took a 38-7 loss. The last game was played against Sumner on a hard dirty field. The Panthers lost 33-7. s', A IQQQIQQG U H 4 lggm V F52 5 7 QLEN Bo Basketball YS Girls Basketball H F5 'S Junior High Team w I E Q fr! ff' u l,'l'.V' -.. .V , . , , ,. :uf .J-O".--'Q ... .4 ,, ,I 5 1 ., vxgjfn, ,"' MQ..- .... . '-...QQ MM. ,. -:--n-.1 "' . 1 "ln, 4--av.. . .,,, , ,...- X A ,dl J 4 '- - V AG' L' . -- ' . I f 6,6 g,Ai,r1-7: fi - 1 -.r I ' 'Wt vw, s.w,-n4,1S,..,v W" -. , I 'r' ' -- f .Q-5:1 f.. 1 l kia. - ,. .V - - J .. -- x. .. 1" L. 4, l ' .-"' 1 .-"iv , - 'N :-- .1 , W - . ,.,,-..,. . - . 43" - w."- ', ' - ,r'-..'.o- . .,-. , .. ,-, ,- U...-,.,. , .3 .- 1-.., .. . .. - - AE! ,. H 4, 4, . , . V , jg... A 1. . Qifgl' , " y,,. A H ,nm .Q.?":-f'ms-..K.ff:-+:f---03, Majorettes .ff 'sf ,ff f I .f 9. Q2 I 1a 1 QP' A l""'f il aw O 15 Q62 K. E I Q F' Lf, S 2 ..-fd 'x 1 5. School Calendar SEPTEM ER 2 School Registration. 8 Hot lunch started. 12 First football game, there. Calmar won. 19 West Union, here. 26 Waukon, there. We lost. 30 Teachers meeting at Oelwein. No school. OCTOBER 3 Postville, here. They won. 9 Senior pictures taken Assembly nrofram. 10 Elkader, here. We lost. 17 Maynard, here. We lost. 31 Sumner, here. They won. NOVEMBER 7 Junior Class Play nThe Little Dog Laughed.n 12 First basketball game, here with Wau- Comao lk Randalia, here. 15 Basketball jamboree at Postville. 18 Assembly Program. 21 Elkader, here. Boys lost. 2h Hawkeye, there. Girls won. Boys lost. 27 Thanksgiving vacation. 28 Alpha, here. Double victory. DECEMBER 2 Fayette, there. S Arlington, there. Defeated. 9 Oran, there. 12 Maynard, there. We lost. 16 Postville, there. Boys lost. ' 20 Stanley, here. Boys won. Girls lost. 23 Maynard, here. May- nard won both games. 2h Christmas vacation started. JANUARY 2 Tripoli, there. Girls won. S Back to school again. JANUARY 6 West Union, there. West Union won. 9 Waukon, there, Boys lost. lk Sumner, there. Boys lost. 16 Wadena, here. Double victory. l9-23 Boys County Tourna- ment. 21 Tripoli girls, here. We won. 26-31 Girls Sectionals at Arlington. 27 Watkon, here. Boys. FEBRUARY 3 Postville, here. 6 Fayette, here. Boys and girls. 9 Assembly program. Clermont, here. Boys and girls. 10 Wadena, there. Boys and girls. lh Elkader, there. Boys. 16 Boys Sectional. MARCH 9 Boys Sub-state tourn- ament, 17 Boys state tourna- ment. 28 Music contest for soloists. 30 First baseball game with Hawkeye at Elgin. APRIL 3 Good Friday. No school 6 Clermont, there. 13 West Union, here. 16 Alpha, there. 23 Jaucoma, here. 2h State music contest. MAY 2 State music contest, 25 Grudrltion CXClClSCp 2K school is out. i. Initiation 5. A R 1 '51-'i' ' 'X'- . :ov "ti: ' S '-fvefy' , . ' ., ff, I xx , . , - f---' ,, INITIATION U, 1'-V I-ff" -li' ' 6 A A' ' E Many strange and weird i 'Y ' QV sights were seen tripping down 'v , ' 2.3 the halls of Elgin High School H k' L w September 16. No, it wasn't l-A Si I 1 the teachers-the freshmen were X f Ay .- 5 j being initiated. '14 ,' .,,,v,jm r s 1' They portrayed such char- f524'.,LE-'fi 1-9.1 M acters as Jenny Seedorf, Dale Chase, Negro Shoe Shine Boy, 'fx Old Fashioned Basketball Play- vxrg?3fj'i:rf-E er, Johnny Ray, Girl clown, W., " "' Boy dressed as a girl cheer- , ,..-u . . leader, and many others v if - H' 'z aifif Many freshmen brought , ,,j..d 1 . ' candy, gum, or aPP1es with Q , ,Q,3."' ' ' 'E , , fi which to treat the seniors. 7 r- f-if-f - i xx- J T Y,-la, 'Q-is fv- , 'nl' 'X , At 5:30 the seniors and " " . ' freshmen met at the school- ,I . at . W Z " 4 house for a supper given by W, af" l I l f , E, the seniors. Afterwards we i ' piled into busses and jour- " 7? ,f " ' neyed to the movie: "Something -' ' ., 5 5 3 K Q To Live For." '. I4 ' hx: c' G Q J I It was a day to be remem- 'ly f ' 7 H bered by all, especially the f ' . . 1 Y freshmen. -. TL- ' I' ,., i A M- 'Pas-' . . R ' ' ' .-V' ld- , W . h 4 1 y . .uffslgi 1 o- - e We , A , gf" Q5 'vii , y -e ' h ,l " : FH sg, f, nf I , 'if' - s.' ' 4 W- - X - . x X ' ' f--1 -' S ' 'P w i. , Q. - Y ' Q - Q 5 ' i E'-s -5... I n vii J :iq . :A .:4:m,'Ea'l A l 1 y ' 1 f Hi 54-Iliff it .ru 1 A . THE LAUGHED LITTLE The Juniox Class play under the direction of Mrs. sckori and Mrs. Grove was presented November Y, Laura Huntington... Martha Huntington.. GVs................ Joan wood....... . Lillian Wood ...... Amelia Denis ....... Caroline Elakciley. Walola Ereckenridge... Therese Brown ...... Sidney Y ntington.. Wally Huntington... Ted Wood ........... Mark Pradford ...... Horatio P. Honeywell... Grace Schoenbcck.... Woman ............. Newsboy ......... Henpecked Man... Small Bog ..... Little Dom ............. ....... lwo2. Tte cast was as follows: ... ....... Sara Ogle . Loreen Itterman ... Mary Brackin .....Janice Schori ........Jeanine Cook ...Marie Hendrickson --Donna Robinson .....naren Klple ...Edith Gehring ....Veldon Orth ...Paul Finney ....Don Reierson ...Stanley Boyer Stanley Erickson Marvel Frederick ..Beverly Benson ...Ronald Loftsgard .....Karl Lembke ..nobert Peters ....Poochie Ogle are Laurie Huntington, a college sophomore majoring in psychology, came home and fo nd her family, knots.H Actually, things weren' as she pvt it UA bunch of psychological 5 that bad- Her father Sid was a bit ex- cited becarse his hated rival, Ted nDeadwoodn Wood, was about to out oc him in the used car brsiness. Her hbther Martha was all worked 1p over a tea she was going to Vave to ladies. Wally, LaLrie's young, in the family doc house because ter, Joan. Laurie, confident ftlly qmalified her to straight zealotsly to wolk. The horse became a jxmble which she had invited all the important frn loving and easy going brot er, was he was dating HDeadwood's' drte datgh- that her collete colrses in psychology en out her family's tangled lives, went of notebooks and strange looking blocks ! and everyone was giver 'word association tests, ublgod to the brginn tests, intelligence tests, and ahove all endtrance tests! Larrie's in- terference made things worse for everyone. Finally, one evening after she l ft for a date with Kandsome Maxk Pradfolc, the f mily decided to teach her a lesson. They went overheard putting on a show fel Laurie and Mark when they ret'rned. Lavrie was humiliated belond enddrance. and left howe. However, things became gartners in the 'sed car event alll zoxked out. Sid and Ted wood business, Wally and Jeanie redisvovered each other, La1rie retmrnedg and alvost evexjone leazned sonethlug new and helpfml qhont himself. 1 I 1, 5 lick. my 1 , 3, Y 'THe Q0 v M A ,gif . Eff so' Q2 f' , , ,- , ' .ff ' .m'f' ' 'I ' ,f --'F' ,J ,. F.. Y 1 i IN' A' fx vi' 2 , 44 Sextet ig W U1 'fx " f H QW fl gigvffxnffflf 3310 J fjfffgli , Nl lm es gi rd x- ' .Lf f X-uf-+ x.-2 CFFISTMAS PROGRAM Farce Sa1vtlt1en....... vCIC Comes Santa Clavs.. Gesu Plmb1po.......... .intel '.'J'OY1d6l1!1IfCi. . Christnas Koods..... ..... Prasses To Tre Fore.......... PAND WPite CVrfstW2S.............. .. C Little Town of PetKleVem............ C'I",VT11f A !"t f' 'X"'X'VY"!f f1'A l ' "C .J .., , fx.-.M elyml JI An-.-J Tre Sleep of the Ctild Jesvs.. Fasten Swlftlg Uasten Softly.. Christmas Pells .............. I Weider As I WCHGCI ............. GIFLS CVCRTS All T518 NiG't. ............... It Came Vyon A jidnlrrt Clear... TRIO Joy To TPC LGIld.............. Leek T'e Valls................. BLYS CCOEVS Vlrrln's Slumber Sen' In-drlci jubilla... ..... A Ctristras Uish.. ........ SHXTTT Crristmas Street......... Lfllahy On Christmas Eve.. Pat-A-Pan .............. . NO Candle Iss There.. O Holy Night ......... ... .. As Latelj We Watched ............ .. V. ,. ... -4 ., ..,.. UTVHI CPVIVQ Christmas Story. Silent Nlpht.......................... ...Seitz . . . . . . .Autry ..Yon-Leiden .....SmitV ..Ieonard ..Wa1uers ......Pcrlin .Tlmditiwral -.Gaevert ..HountZ ..Duncan ..Niles .....EbellnQ .Tludltional .Vandel ..WelsP .......Fn'er .ArT. -UVGES ......Luvaas ....Narrfott CFristinnsen ......W1lson ..IeVman ..Adaw ..Uluck .RutP Rainey . ..Gruber PXTIZ, C"fPiT'S ,WD .'-YEITTTCW' The mvsicnl grvmps of E.H.S. presented a CPrlstmss mvsicql 'on Decenber 22, l9Q2. Tre in- strrmentel and vocal svleis's and ensembles rave a Spring Concert on April U, 1953, and the lazve QPOIPS ene on Tay l, 1953. Tne Igzcrinq Wand pre- ffrwed dvrinp tFe Valf ti'e C' two fccttull Vines tnis year. The Concert Fand purticigatez in tie bagette Ccuntj Pune Festival on Febrvarj 7, l9q3. Fourteen memlezs were cnosen to play in tre select band if Uzis fm? Evil. V, ,.-au., F50 .00 Girls Chorus nr-.mme 950500 fi YA' ,V 'x".4, Q90 Buys Chorus - -.r-M' - ' Z F Al'S'Q:.:?E1Nf. IQ'-A " An-Hi-W -3 : ' ary 3 . H . Q np-59 W 6 H nh fi Mixed Chorus F! '50 .ilu " "- '33 6 A ' 'ol xv Newstaff Back Row : Marilana Ogle, Marilyn West, Edith Gehrlng, Marvel Frederick, Linda Kiple, Loreen Ittermann, Mary Erackin, hoberta Mosby' Middle Row : Medberry, Kenneth Crider, Darlene Reierson, Reva Belle Jeanine Cook, Nancy Larson, Lane Ash. Front how : Florence Muncie, Karen Kiple, Mrs. W9nS9T', Janice Finney, Mary Ann Schear. The newstaff writes news for the school column in the weekly nBlgin Echou and also putlishes a duplicated montnly school iaper entitled "Panther Tracks." . J' ,, Uma ' ' i RF' w- . 4, , ,. ? t ,fi ' f' ., 'A 5" ,A 19 ' 1. I A, up' F , 1 . 'Q i - A ' r ' 5' or , f f X4 -3 ' 3 I 9 l K -x A I X 7 t - ' . gf:-34 .E ' ' of Q ' we 4 v - ,. " 'tif A Dig ' x "2-J T. ,,, Q. . - x .A x X I N . 'QQ I. I XZ QI: N Q x fa- . i R' 5 1 rf. S I N U., .Ii Here And There -Y . - . 1111221 4414! r '. '- lr' .k--144 Y' 10' ! fffrf " ' we 'X fr - 443. . ' eufgu ' - rf -tl Sf' ' Q g , A . " A '47 ' "f 4 1 'D 'Q . , . b . -,V .1 .V h. I H 13252 . . , '15 L " gf ,. "'e""v' a 'M.L'???-' :fn .: R BT-.v' - '11 f.5w' ' ,L K, '1 'I A -if: + 'gg azz' X -.Q - 1 , '. , an ., f pr rg .1 V Y' 'rl-g.:: ' I ' Ji . x av' ' . K K 4 V , I agig, if N, I " .1- Q ' A . . yi V, F35 01 LLB' -. -Lira ggiitn ""2-il'L'lC'f' 'In xl wi, U X BW we f X 5 N ,of Fi' I al A ,V '- 3 Mr 4, ' at u ,A xt , ,cf-wt if Yi'- 'mi' I .4 3 L Fl -4. Y 3 A XJ qulrff'

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