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' 1 szv 'if ,-. A. si-' dw- a., . L 23' ig, c 11 N , u f ' . 'V' fn 1 X .-A LI B-Bl ff? X f, S w, L fv Q fv 4' 1 V f ff? .. - : U - 5- ""'k M Awsrvm -ugv, an.-Al l 155' 'Qing 1' llmwe Paul Zurbriggen Ve the senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty two, wish to dedicate ou book of memories to the Elgin High School faculty, whose kind guidance has helped us through this, our lest year f school Gladys Schori .Aqlaw 2 I Rose Meinhnra Evelyn Hblm -'wry' 'R' Khthryn Grove Leo Grether me-A . of il T' - - l f" f ik ' - . .14,4k 1 ' O V. VY ., I F ' 34 ggi. c. J. Robinson' Paul Shank 925:39- Q Q i-- 2 U , Y - I 1 . , X A 5 .4 5 'f E X do P N. 3 TR AU 41" -jC',X k""'f K- 0' Vx jg? Xi ,f , ' f Q if NX YR, NX 3 R H .-. " " 'VN ' LEM gf ! 1 , X X If HI, C. J. ROBINSON Superintendent B. A. Iowa State Teachers College Grad. Work - Univ. of Colorado Grad. Work - Univ. of Southern California Chemestry, Civics ROSE MEINHARD B. A. Buena Vista College Home Economics, Science GLADYS SCHORI B. A. Upper Iowa University English, Speech, Dramatics GENEVIEVE DUNKLE Iowa State Teachers College Primary and First KATHRYN GROVE B. A. Cornell College English, Speech, Dramatics EVELYN HOLM B. A. Iowa State Teachers College Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping HARRIET JUHL Iowa State Teachers College Fourth and Fifth JANET KOHLER Iowa State Teachers College Second and Third PAUL ZURBRIGGEN Principal B. A. Upper Iowa University Grad. Work - Univ. of Colorado Biology, Arithmetic, Geometry, Agriculture, Athletics PAUL SHANK B. A. Iowa State Teachers College American Government, Sociology, Industrial Arts, Science, Athletics LEO GRETHER B. A. University of Iowa Grad. Work - Univ. of Iowa Instrumental and Vocal Music World History, American History ARDIS GROTH Luther College Sixth and Seventh C 'V I I 4'T Q I l il! - 1 A - A I '- 2 9 ? - ' 5 A a n , A as I A .gf E ' .fu f 1' I Q ei! 25 w 3 A Q Q t-. h U A ' .M-sfezefea f ' I , ,JY . I N "s f xN ws.:-P IO N Seachfzgfaoa .2 4'. HOWARD WOLF '- 36 Q 5 1-'lv A+, . A " XX XXV' I I . .4 :Ml 1 'P . wi In RUSSELL FRI EDERICH Q eo-Sdbn fn iz-5. '. ., A -I f , MR. ROBINSON my S ,g 6 ,- Y xt f Q X U I X 'PQ JOE OGLE by 2 Wake- pzeadent i 1 RICIEARD :UUE A W A 7wcwcnm , 'wir' ' K I ' x ,f 'r N SF . 1 X Q" . X i c GI JAMES COOK fepnzm I WANDA LU SHAFFER 0-Elem f 'Q-Q5 IDIS HEDBERRY 5' 6 fb- xl x v-up x V1 CHARLES IDFTSGARD EUGENE BUTIKOFER af 1' .4 I s f ,1 BERNELL LARSON ' . SHIRLEY PAGE 'w 'sb ff 3 N' ' DOUGLAS CHAPMAN aki- '--""'Q ! if' -.rr CLIFFORD MEDBERRY 'KZ Q X X-4 1 ' M N- , l ff' ' 1 x EARL LITTLE ttf sf' , . . Id' f. .1 Q 4 , M SHIRLEY SHAFFER 15 -,QQ I . 'ev -!' 1 JOE PETERS ..- k"'U' 'wr 'QL , 14. . , Zh , 5'1- ' 44- f1n1 7 ' -A is D ' 5. 2 V I ,ini , PAT MINIHAN lk fi O If 5 . pf . rf f E 'H ' 2 X f 1 z .Q f ,X ORRAN BANE, JR, '15 JANICE TORKELSON ' if '-5 'fer G T I v fe ju . 1 ' qc' EARL LEMBKE , 3, Q qv . W 1 GEORGE HOWARD BURNELL BENSON :af RUTH TILLOTSON TJ Il i GX! .Q I 1 ,Iii i li f 5 SHIRLEY HOWARD DEON POLLOCK JANE D I Q 6' Ni! is it LOREN FRIEDEN DURWIN GILSON T Y qt 'iw' Q 'i ina' JEAN LITTLE DONNA HOFER ALICE BOYER l A 1 1 E C3 1 7044 def Wien 6 ' 1.iiMi,k' 1 .Q 'L -X i ! Q ' Q ' cuff Ci M - ga, u.. Art artf I ! ' ' W n . 7 I gt Warnev' Iii' "' .N qw - 4 ,4 Qois ff l..,,! 4 f..k Huss Tal ' Howie - e ff!! A 9""T' 9 'Q , ! Charlie '7 2. 'J P35 Shir1eJ ivy Hirlev P W b H - ' , . Ruth r- ' Q Q AA. I' . . ', .-. Nlisxq lg ' Wk' . , xx, 1 E I V 1. I " ' J .'- xi 4-J ' k 1"S5 gg ' ff ' , Y'-v QX Jim Joe P' amanda Lu Car-ol Sule 3' l.12'?2n Dumar' 'Q ...- ...F .1 i -fu I' A a I ' I I :DOug, I " Y 1 j u 3 . . V ' li " A ' 13 5 3 f Q- 5' , ' N "f, ,A 14 . Joe 9 I Jeanie A 'H ' wt degli Janice ww 8 x X. . oz.-Q ' P. ' ' rp- .' ' u 4. . x xg' A ., ' Q L: ,""' N I 'A 1 'N I Ula Shiruev Q 3 E31 1 Jr S if r :. -Q 'I f- . -1 A Dilly rw' . K1 ' , ' '. x 2 ' qt I . A i ' ,Q-Y 4 H f wk f I A LAN-I Loren JBJIS Y' - - 'Z l 'I RICHARD WILMOT LUCE NDICKH cache HOWARD CHARLES WOLF NHOWIEN nTry to argue if you can. I can beat most any man.n Mixed Chorus l-2-3-M, Boys' Chorus l-2-3-M, Band l-2-3-M, Football 2- 3-M, Class Play 3, Annual Staff M, Class president M, Class v1ce-pres- ident l. JOSEPH JEROME OGLE NJOEH nPile in--there's always room for one more in his Buickn Mixed Chorus l-2-3-M, Boys' Chorus l-2-3-M, Band 3-M, Football 2-3-M, Class play 3, Annual staff M, Class president 2, Class vice-presidentln EUGENE WILLIAM BUTIKOFER HULAH HNearly killed once by a train of thought passing through his brain.n Football 2-3-M, Baseball l-2, Boys' Basketball 2-3, Annual staff M. SHIRLEY ILENE PAGE HLEEH NThey say love makes the world go round. Catch me I'm getting dizzyf' Home Bc. Club l-2-3, Girls' Basket- ball l-2-3-M, Class play 3, Annual staff M, News staff l-3-M. EARL JOSEPH LITTLE nwhy don't they make seats softer, so I can sleep longer.H Band l, Football l-2-3-M, Annual NGreater men than I have l ived, but you can't make me believe it.H Boys' Chorus M, Football 3 lRoose- velt, Seattle! M, Annual staff M, Class secretary-treasurer M. RUSSELL DEAN FRIEDERICH HRUSSN HOne way to get ahead and stay ahead is to use a head.n Football 3-M, Annual staff M fCo- editorl. JAMES ANDREW COOK HCOOKT' nl'm going to tell that Einstein a few th1ngs.u Football 3-M, Class Play staff M, News staff M. LU SHAFFER voice is the outle in her soul. Chorus 3-M, Girls' l-2-3-M, Girls' Chorus 1-2 1-2-3-M, Home Ec Club 3, C 2-3, Annual staff CCo-ed News staff 3, Class vice- l-3, Class secretary-treas Cwadena l-21 WANDA HHer music Mixed ll 3, Annual IILUUI t for the Sextette "3",-I-J B9-nd lass play itorl M, president urer 2. staff M. BERNELL ARNOLD LARSON HBARNET' HMy time is valuable.n Football 3-M, Baseball l 3, Boys' Basketball 3, Annual staff M. DOUGLAS ARTHUR CHAPMAN HDOUGH HI feel find. I'm full of vigor.n Boys' Chorus 1, Baseball 2 3. CAROL SUE NICKELS HI can live without poetry or walk- ing, but who in the world can live without talking?U Band 3 fGarnavilloD, Home Bc. Club l-2, Annual staff M. SHIRLEY ARLENE SHAFFER NSHAFFERH uHer mind is here but her heart is elsewhere.u Mixed Chorus 3-M, Girls' Chorus l- 2-3-M, Home Ec. Club l-2-3, Class play 3, Annual staff M, News staff 2-3-M, Class secretary-treasurer 3. ORRAN H. BANE JR. HJUNIORU NAll roads lead to E1gin.n Mixed Chorus 3-M, Boys' Chorus 2-3- LOIS IRENE MEDBERRY UPRISSYH uwith that merry and carefree air, you can always tell when she is there.n Home Ec. Club l-2-3, Class play 3, Annual staff M. CHARLES NORRIS LOFTSGARD NCHARLIEH uHonor lies in honest toil.n Mixed Chorus M, Boys' Chorus 3-M, Annual staff M. CLIFFORD DUANE M DBERRY HCLIFFH HI came, I saw, I conquered.n Football 2-3-M, Baseball 2-3, Annual staff M, Class president 3. M, Football 1-2-3-M, Class play 3, Annual staff M. EARL ELMER LEMBKE nWork fascinates meg I can sit and look at it for hours.n Bo s' Chorus l, Band 3-M, Football 3-E, Baseball, 2-3, Annual staff M, News staff 3. JOSEPH ARTHUR PETERS nJOEn nHe who sitteth upon a tack, yea! he shall rise.n Football 2-3-M, Annual staff M. i 1 i .5 Sudan JANICE ELAINE TORKELSON HREDN HA blush, beautiful but sometimes inconvenient.n Mixed Chorus l-2-3-h, Girls' Sex- tette 2, Girls' Chorus l-2-3-k, Band l-2-3-k, Home Ec. Club l-2-3, Class Play 3, Annual staff k, News staff 2-3-L, Class vice-president 2, Cheer leader 1-2-3-M. GEORGE THOMAS HOWARD HJAKEN HVariety is the spice of life-don't try one, try them all.H Boys' Chorus 2, Football l-3-L, Baseball l-2-3, Boys' Basketball l- 2-3, Class play 3, Annual staff k. PAT EUGENE MINIHAN HMINIHANH HHe shifted his brain into neutral and let his tongue rattle on.H Mixed Chorus l-2-3-k, Boys' Chorus 1-2-3-k, Band l-2-3, Annual staff M, News staff 2. THOMAS BURNELL BENSON NBENDYH nRomeo, Romeo, MacBeth?U Mixed Chorus l-2-3-k, Boys' Chorus l-2-3'Up Band 1-2-3-M. Football 2- Baseball l-2-3, Boys' Basket- wherefore art thou, 3-M, ball l-2-3, Annual staff M. RUTH MARIE TILLOTSON NTILLIEN HI'm not a musician, I'm a whole band.H Mixed Chorus l-2-3-k, Girls' Trio 1-2-3-k, Girls' Sextette 3, Girls' Chorus l-2-3-k, Band 2-3-L, Home Fc. Club l-2-3, Girls' Basketball 2-3, Class play 3, Annual staff Q, News- staff l-3-Q, Class secretary- treasurer 3. SHIRLEY ANN HOWARD HThough her smile is shy, she is liked by all Elgin High.n Mixed Chorus 3-k, Girls' Chorus l- 2-3-k, Home Bc. Club l-2-3, Class play 3, Annual staff k, News staff M. MARILYN DEON POLLOCK NPOLLYH "Why let the devil have all thegood times?n Mixed Chorus k, Girls' Chorus 2-349 Home Ec. Club l-2-3, Girls' Basket- ball 2-3-k, Class play 3, Annual staff k, News staff 2-3-M fEditorJ, Class president 1. JANE MARIE DENNLER NJANIEH HPatience wins the man.n Mixed Chorus k, Girls' Chorus 3-M, Home Ec. Club l-2-3, Annual staff k, News staff 2-h. LOREN DALE FRIEDEN HGERNERH uBubbling over with laughter and fun, with never a worry for work undone.n Football 2-3, Annual staff L, Class secretary-treasurer 1. DURWIN ALDEN GILSON 'DILLYM nWhat's the hurry? Rome wasn't built in a day.' Mixed Chorus 2-3-k, Boys' Chorus 1- 2-3-L, Class play 3, Annual staff h. JEAN MARIE LITTLE HJEANIEN nEnergy, action, giggles, pepg make her a girl who is hard to forget.n Home Ec. Club 1-2-3, Girls' Basket- ball l-2-3-M, Class play 3, Annual staff k, News staff 3. DONNA MAXINE HOFER nI'm here--even if I don't tell everyone.n Home Ec. Club l-2-3, Class Play 3, Annual staff k. ALICE LORRAINE BOYER HA quiet serene countenance and a gracious pleasing manner.N Home Ec. Club 1-2-3, Annual staff M. If You Work You can climb to the top of the highest hill, If you workg You can make yourself whatever you will, If you work, But a faith you must have rooted deep in your soul, A purpose unshaken, a firm self-control-- Strive without ceasing, you'll reach to the goal-- If you work! 1' ?. On August 30, l9h8, thirty-eight green freshmen got their tickets and boarded a plane for Elgin High School. Their pilot was Deon Pollock and the passengers were: Alice Boyer, Jane Dennler, Donna Hofer, Shirley Howard, Yvonne Jacobson, Jean Little, Lois Medberry, Carol Nickels, Ellen Nutting, Shirley Shaffer, Marilyn West, Georgianna Howard, Ruth Tillotson, Janice Torkelson, Shirley Page, Orran Bane, Dmmdas Chapman, James Cook, Loren Frieden, Russell Friederich, George Howard, Earl Lembke, Earl Little, Charles Loftsgard, Clifford Medberry, Pat Minihan, Joe Ogle, Joe Peters, Leslie Pritchard, Burnell Benson, Eugene Butikofer, Robert Daniels, Durwin Gilson, Arthur Larson, Bernell Larson, Howard Wolf, and Lavern Lyons. During this year Ellen Nutting left. The second fllgnt, led by Joe Ogle, ,was through rather foggy weather. Yvonne Jacobson and Art and Barney Larsonlnarded other planes, but near the end of the year Art and Barney again joined us. Rose Hofer bought her ticket and joined the rest of the passengers. In the middle of our flight Rose Hofer left our group of passengers because of illness. Tavern Lyons, Georgianna Howard, and Marilyn West went on different voyages. Clifford Medberry was elected pilot for our Junior year and we were glad to welcome Wanda Lu Shaffer aboard our plane. Carol Sue left and boarded a plane going to Garnavillo, while Leslie Pritchard boarded one going to West Union. In the middle of the year Dick Luce joined our passengers. This year we presented the play Strictly Formal, We entertained the seniors at a banquet using the theme A Southern Plantation. Our final flight, led by Howard Wolf, was an eventful one. All students but their tickets except Bob Danielsnnd Art Larson. We were very glad to welcome Carol Sue back to finish her high school journey with us. It matters not where we are, but in what direction we are going. Navy and Yellow ?!owez Yellow Rose Poor Mb Can't study in the fall, gotta play football, Gan't study in the winter, gotta play basketball, Can't study in the spring, gotta play baseball, Can't study in the summer, gotta girl! cwt7UcZZcmd7 We, the wise Seniors or lvbz of Elgin High School, County of Fayette, State of Iowa do make and declare this to be our last will and testament, ITEM I: To the Juniors we do will and bequeath our high Senior rank. ITEM II: To the Sophomores we re- luctantly do will and bequeath our uncontrollable behavior, ITEM III: To the green Freshmen we do will and bequeath our gum chew- ing ability, I, Wanda Lu Shaffer, do will and bequeath my mellow alto voice and my happy-go-lucky ways to La Fonda Miller. I, Howard Wolf, do will and bequeath my signal-calling in foot- ball and my trombone to Lane Ash. I, Russ Friederich, do will and bequeath my ability to manage the basketball team and my love for girls to Gene Snyder. I, Lois Medberry, do will and bequeath my giggling and love of skating to Janice Shaffer. I, Orran Bane, do will and be- queath my curly hair and my devo- tion to a certain Sophomore to George Lerch. I, Shirley Shaffer, do will and bequeath my 1950 class ring and my chatter to Verna Grim . I, Deon Pollock, do will and bequeath my job as editor of News staff and my career in nursing to Janice Pinney. I, Charles Loftsgard, do will and bequeath my vast collection of comic books and my quiet voice to Joel Holden. I, George Howard, do will and bequeath my love of sports and all of my alibis to Dixie Lee Helms. I, Joe Ogle, do will and be- queath my '39 Buick and my friendly manner to Ruth Rainey, I, Janice Torkelson, do will and bequeath my cheerleading uni- form and my Norwegian characteris- tics to Marilyn West. I, Shirley Howard, do will and bequeath my quiet ways and my love for reading to Ruth Pulfer. I, Arthur Larson, do will and bequeath my '35 Chevrolet and my eng1neer's boots to Barbara Gilbert I, Burnell Benson, do will and bequeath my love for anything with a skirt and my athletic ability to Donald Sutter. I, Earl Little, do will and bequeath my sizeand my 'unnecessary roughness' in football to Sharlene Gruver. I, Carol Sue Nickels, do will and bequeath my love for garnavillo and gift of gab to Florence Muncie. I, Earl Lembke, do will and bequeath my reckless ways Con the road and in schoolh and my frequent trips on the Gunder road to Janann Mork. I, Ruth Tillotson, do will and bequeath my musical mind and our television set to Roberta Mosby. I, Bernell Larson, do will and bequeath my athletic ability and my mechanical talents to Barbara Year- ous. I, Donna Hofer, do will and bequeath my love for Waterloo and my stack of letters from Korea to Marlene Medberry. I, Jane Dennler, do will and bequeath my friendly smile and my career in beauty school to Darlene Reierson. I, Clifford Medberry, do will and bequeath my brains and ability to argue to Norma Gehring. I, Richard Luce, do will and bequeath my bus route and my bow legs to Lane Ash, I, Alice Boyer, do will and bequeath my love for Brainerd and my glasses to Dixie Helms. I, Eugene Butikofer, do will and bequeath my nickname nUlan and my irregular attendance record to Joel Holden. I, Shirley Page, do will and bequeath my flirtatious ways and my collection of class rings to La Fonda Miller. I, Loren Frleden, do will and bequeath my 'Dutch-Bottom' accent and my tremendous love for Fords to Marilyn West, I, Douglas Chapman, do will and bequeath my meek ways and my missing tooth to Donald Sutter. I, Joe Peters, do will and be- queath my frequent car accidents and my ability to sleep in school to George Lerch. I, James Cook, do will and be- queath my intelligent answers in class and my nicknames CProfessor Cook and Cookyl to Ruth Rainey. I, Jean Little, do will and bequeath my love of basketball referees and my dimpled smile to Barbara Yearous. I, Pat Mlnihan, do will and bequeath my 'cutting up' and beau- tiful voice to Janice Pinney. MADE AND WITNESSED THIS DAY OF : 1 WITNESS : pwpdecq While sitting at home alone, I decided to turn on the television set. As I focused the set, a football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears came on the screen. Some of those players look familiar! The announcer is saying, 'George Howard just made a terrific drive through the line for a touchdown for the Chicago Bears. Two other players doing a good job of blocking and tackling this afternoon are Howard Wolf and Joe Peters.' I can remember when they were playing for good old E.H.S. Next on the screen I saw Charles Loftsgard and Douglas Chapman ad- vertising their new trucking business. The channel began to fade and a 'Down on the Farm' program came in. Three of the best farmers in the community, Earl Lembke, Orran Bane and Loren Frieden were leading the discussion. Time for another change of program and I found a WP9StliU3 match between 'K1ller"Durw1n Gilson and 'Mangler' Jim Cook. The announcer said that the feature bout of the evening would be a women's wrestling match between Babe CAliceJ Boyer and Hairpullin' CDonnaJ Hofer. - I didn't like wrestling, so I turned the channel. well, what's this? It looks like a dancing school. Oh, yes, here are the two Charleston instructors, Shirley Page and Ruth Tillotson. Who are they teaching? Why 1t's Earl Little. Boy, he's really cuttin' a rug! This program was interrupted for an announcement from the first woman President of the United States, Deon Pollock. 'Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to present to you my foremost general in the United States Army, Pat Minihan and Eugene Butikofer'. I was in no mood to listen to the generals, so I turned to the 'Jack Benny' Benson program. I always thought Burnell would make a good comedian. The channel began to fade and I came upon a torrid love scene. who are the great lovers? well, it's Clifford 'the Shiek' Medberry and Shirley Sugar Pie' Howard. My program seems to have changed again. It looks like a classroom. Dick Luce has discovered a new way to prove theorms in geometry and is teaching his new method to the professors of all colleges. One of those men looks familiar. It's none other than Arthur Larson, professor from Upper Iowa. A home maker's program came next and the announcer was asking, would you like to be able to make perfect soda biscuits? If you would, you'd better stay tuned to the three top cooks of the country, Carol Nickels, Lois Medberry and Shirley Shaffer, as this is their lesson for toda . " ' YI already knew how to make biscuits so I turned the dial again. This time 'Russ Friederich and Jane Dennler's Beauty Salon' was demon- strating on a customer. She looks vaguely familiar. As soon as she gets that mud pack off I'll see. It's Jean Little! By this time I was in the mood to listen to some music. Here we are! The 'Texas Trio from Del Rio'. They look like Elginites. They are! It's Joe Ogle, Bernell Larson, and Wanda Shaffer. After listening for a while I decided they should go back to Texas. I've been trying to find something on my television set for hours and I still haven't found what I want. I'll make one last effort. Here is a beautiful blond gazing at me from the screen. What's she saying? 'Are you lonesome, do you need company? If you do, why don't you join my Lonely Hearts Club? Address your cards to Janice Torkelson, or come to my o ice.H After seeing all the '52 graduates of E.H.S. I really was feeling lonesome, so I decided to see Janice at once. Isn't television wonderful! ul 'qmoqg f X 1 "r 7? 1, 51 A V? 4 C' x WF fi, 'ff f. Qi E ff 0 6-f3lj,0.,x0 , y - n P V ' . - 4 ' .:,. ' f y -- L1 'atb iii? fp ' ' -15" R, A ' C f , 10 in icvilil f xfi . ' V I . , 4 M' L J J X J F , " 'W f.f uackvz Front Row: Gene Snyder, George Lerch, Lane Ash, Don Sutter, Mr. Grether. Second Row: Ruth Pulfer, Darlene Reierson, Florence Muncie, Marlene Medberry, Verna Grimm, Sharlene Gruver, Ruth Rainey, Norma Gehring. Back Row: Janice Finney, Marilyn West, Roberta Mosby, Barbara Yearous, La Fonda Miller, Barbara Gilbert, Dixie Helms, Janice Shaf- fer, Janann Mork. Absent: Joel Holden. WHO'S WHO Norma Gehrlng , Barbara Gilbert Verna Grimm , , Sharlene Gruver Dixie Helms , , Marlene Medberry. La Fonda Miller Janann Mork . . Roberta Mosby . Florence Muncie Janice Pinney . Ruth Pulfer . . Ruth Rainey . . Darlene Reierson Janice Shaffer Marilyn West . Barbara Yearous Lane Ash . . . Joel Holden . . George Lerch . Gene Snyder . Don Sutter .. . . . Grace Noel Crowell . . . . Eleanor Roosevelt . . Madame Chiang Kai Shek . . . Shirley Temple . . . . . . Dale Evan: . . Carrie Nation - Queen Victoria . . . Pocahontas - Jane Russel . . . . Hedda Hopper . . . . . Clara Barton . . Florence Nightingale . . . . Wendy Warren . . . . Pearl S. Buck . Margaret Truman . . . . . . Blondie . Princess Elizabeth . . . . . Jerry Lewis . Alexander the Great . . . . King George . . Walter Winchell . . Otto Graham Z HUM V L F i -s,,, 'xs -. fi ' X J my X S SX r 'nv Qi rf-fvff . 1' X TRW s 1 U8 A f f V- . , MA, tam-A , ?'iQ . .-, , ,- ,Q -Q 1 1 l ,... 5 YA 'W Ps Us I1 F3 '39 008046 First Row: Stanley Erickson, Marvel Frederick, Shirley west, Mavis Frieden, Jeanine Cook, Erna Baumgartner, Beverly Benson, Gayle Nickels. Second Row: Marie Hendrickson, Loreen Ittermann, Karen Kiple, Sara Ogle, Donna Robinson, Janice Schori, Mary Brackin, Norma Pulfer, Edith Gehring Third Row: Dennis Butikofer, Burnell Blockhus, Stanley 50YeI', Robert Peters, Ronald Loftsgard, Donald Reierson, Ted Kjosa, Mr. Zurbriggen. Absent: Karl Lembke. Robert Peters . . Burnell Blockhus Dennis Butikofer Ted Kjosa . . . Marie Hendrickson Karen Klple . . . Mavis Frieden . . Marvel Frederick Gayle Nickels . . Norma Pulfer . . Loreen Ittermann Sara Ogle ,,,, Erna Baumgartner Donald Reierson , Stanley Erickson Stanley Boyer . . Ronald Loftsgard Paul Pinney . . . Karl Lembke . . . Jeanine Cook . Edith Gehring . . Shirley West . . Donna Robinson . Mary Brackin . . Janice Schori . . Beverly Benson . FAVORITE PASTIMES OF THE SOPHOMORES . shooting paper wads . . . . hunting-what? . . .eating nCookiesn . . . . .driving around . looking at the Seniors . . . . . cheer leading . . . . . . . . .talking . looking at the Juniors , caring for Bob's goats , , playing my harmonica . . . . . . . . . . reading , , talking on the telephone . . . . listening to gossip , , , killing time at Jakes . . looking around the assembly . . . . . . . . playing pool . . . . . . sleeping . playing football . . . spending money . .looking at Dennis . going to ball games . . . . . . . sewing . riding in Ford cars . . . playing cowboy , playing basketball . . . . . thinking RES film? ,.. f x 1 Q mn. 1 .ngpo First Row: Joan Friederich, Greta Falb, Elaine Anderson, Lucille Crain, Nora Rainey, Marilana Ogle, Beverly Howard, Janice Lantz. Second Row: Mrs. Grove, Dalene Shaffer, Reva Belle Medberry, Nancy Lar son, Joann Gisleson, Barbara Medberry, Mary Ann Scheer, Marilyn Schaer, Beverly Muehlethaler, Donna Meinhard, Mr. Shank. Third Row: Stanley Capper, Glen Snyder, Stanley Lehman, Robert Medberry, Eugene Medberry, Donald Peters, Robert Gilbert, Dwight Gruver, Richard Clark. Not Shown: Marjorie Johnson, Charles Medberry. WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO GET OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL? Reva Belle Medberry. Stanley Lehman. . . Beverly Howard . . Charles Medberry . Donna Meinhard. . Stanley Capper . . Elaine Anderson . Donald Peters, , Nancy Larson , Marilana Ogle , Glen Snyder ,,,, Greta Falb ,,,.. Mary Ann Scheer . . Beverly Muehlethaler Robert Medberry , , Marjorie Johnson , Dwight Gruver, , Marilyn Scheer, , Richard Clark , Joan Friederich , Robert Gilbert , Janice Lantz , , Eugene Medberry, Lucille Crain, , Dalene Shaffer , Nora Rainey ,,,, Barbara Medberry , Joann Gisleson , , . . Q A lot Music, Enough - . . Ability to write letters of work for not much of anything fun, and an education, of course so I won't have to go to college . . . . . . ... Everything I can - A little bit of everything - - - Music and a lot of fun - - - Lot of fun . Something, I suppose - - - - - A lot of fun - - - - - I don't know - - - - A lot of studying - I expect to learn a lot - - - - - - An education . - - - - - Nothing much - Goodness, I don't know - - - - - A lot of work . Just what you plan to - - A lot of studying - - - - -An education - - - A lot of work - - - - - Lots of work - Not much of anything - - - - Not very much - - - what I put in to it . - - - An education I hope . Ability to play basketball . . . .' . .Everything I can Iv I X ' , 1 rr- ? H fx 0 V 5 1 'x f Yr ' Q, . f 1 di S L oiww I-.2 x re- n A -"'-.VV-5 5 FN A' ll ? 4-sf 49414 First Row: Janice Larson, Mary Ann Hofer, Dianne Meinhard, Marie Sutter, Jeanette Krueger, Jocelyn Ittermann. Second Row: Mrs. Schori, Ruth Ann Mitts, Patsy Capper, Marcia Wolf, Janette Krueger, Marlene Wedo. Third Row: Carlton Krueger, Keith Crider, Norman Mitts, Kenneth Crider, James Scheer, John Falb. 0 s 'P wi? 5 Q x 'f fa X QI N gg fl W C- X"' s 7 gig: 5 0 , GCP -A 9,300 . ' Q P, 1 5, 44,4 .l '... E. . -,'. Q N -' g ' . ' a ' , Xt.. - fl 2 Q53 Yfkfx 1,1 Q ,FMP K4 X x 'flisifxa kg qmfwb W w ' 9 0 P- Q 1' K 35 '-r'-1, Q . 'F ' f' Ph-' 1-IN G' on 7 I fd , X -" Kgilx fy 'v Q ' , - fi , -5' -1:3 . h T " - ' A . " 1 Ax ' 4 .f x T5 xv X 1 7551" vt? . , 17. I I ' 4 5 ! rx ix 5 V Sf" SK 'w X3 W ff 1 KX X 1 5 m5 X f x 4 2 x j 07: , W5 ' l',,.J--f '-' I , A X X , f K i Q :Rfb if? m IQ T ge:-21? 327.556 f Hz, - l'334qgpF' rs-55:22-2'E--.a t' 2 F . ' .117 - ,'. e5 5 ,QQ 385297530559 wa 31337 G , Al 3: 87 NCP' Q9 Q VT' U L! t 744554115 SCHEDULE STANDINGS CUpper Iowa ConferenceJ Sept. lk Elgin 20 Calmar 7 Team won Lost Tied Sept, 21 4E1gin 21 Waukon 6 West Union 7 O O Sept. 28 4Postv1lle 7 Elgin O Postville S 2 O Oct. 5 aElgin 13 Elkader 7 Maynard h 2 1 Oct. 12 aMaynard 13 Elgin 7 Elgin h 3 O Oct. 19 aElgin 13 Fayette 0 Fayette 3 M O Oct, 26 +Elgin lb Sumner O Elkader 2 A 1 Oct. 31 awest Union 7 Elgin 6 Sumner 2 5 l Q Conference games Waukon O 7 O when football practice started August Zh, 1951, 3h musclebound boys out of the Uh enrolled in high school reported. Fourteen returning lettermen made up the first string, backed by From the very first day of practice, the on the top spot of the Upper Iowa Conference, to settle for fourth place in the Conference had four Conference wins and three Conference LETTERMEN a large group of reserves. boys had their eye focused but, by a turn of fate had won by west Union. Elgin losses. Clifford Medberry and George Howard, Seniors, were our co-captains. Other lettermen included: Seniors, Earl Little, Eugene Butikofer, Joe Ogle, Howard wolf, Bernell Larson, James Cook, Richard Luce, Burnell Benson, Russell Friederich, Joe Peters, Orran Bane Jr., Paul Pinney, Karl Lembke. The 1951 football season proved to be the best sincell man football was started in l9h6. Elgin's football squad started the season off with a bang bydowning Calmar 20-7 at Elgin. The next Friday evening on our home field we won our first conference game by defeating waukon 21-6. Because of a few bad breaks we lost at Postville 7-O, in a game which everybody thought would be a scoreless tie. Postville scored with only 55 seconds left in the game. The following week brought Elkader to Elgin after a lapse of 19 years in football relations between the two schools. Elgin won 13-7 in a rough and tough game. The next Friday evening proved to be an off night for Elgin. After leading 7-6, with only 3 seconds left in the game, Maynard threw a 35 yard pass into the end zone for a touchdown. The final score was 13-7 in favor of Maynard. The Panthers ran through their next games easily by holding their opponents scoreless. Fayette was defeated by a score of 13-O and Sumner lu-O. In the last game of the season and the last game of high school football for unrteen seniors the Panthers were defeated by west Union 7-6. Although Elgin outplayed its opponent and held a 6-O halftime lead, a bad break in the third quarter permitted west Union to score 7 points and win. V Q V Gem rw 6094 Embedded! 7eam"" W gf? 6 Q Q T1 X li? 347 f 4 , 'Mm qma24wef.wz7,g.., A 5 H F5 A iw, H F5 fi gflltfdfl 7mm ,- 'r A , 1 5 Girls The 1951-52 basketball season was very successful compared to recent years. The record consisted of nine wins and nine losses. In conference standings we finished in fifth place with six wins and five losses to our credit. In the county tournament we played in the consolation game after losing a close game to Arlington, 25-Zh. Arlington won the champion- ship. Elgin lost in the consolation game to Stanley and finished in fourth place. Elgin outscored their opponents and had a Ml point average per game. Elgin had a total of 739 points to their opponents 713. Mary Brackin, a Sophomore, led the scoring attack with 269 points. Jean Little and Deon Pollock were chosen co-captains for the year. Next year five returning lettermen will check in at forward position and four returning lettermen as guards. The loss of players is confined to guards. These three senior guards are Jean Little, Shirley Page, and Deon Pollock. Boys The boys' conference standing thls year was considerably raised with S wins and 7 losses. Elgin might have had a higher standing if it hadn't been for a few tough breaks: losing to Elkader by two points on a last second basket, losing to Fayette in an overtime and bowing to Postville in the second meet after defeating them in the first match. at the close of the season the Panthers settled for fifth place in the conference. In the over-all view of the season the Panthers won lh games and lost 11. They outscored their opponents 971 to 969- The squad will lose seven Senior players. These losses will be felt quite severely by next year's squad. Seniors are: George Howard, Burnell Benson, Bernell Larson, Earl Little, Earl Lembke, Cliff Med- berry, and Eugene Butikofer. Top scoring senior players were: George Howard with 3h9 points and Burnell Benson with 209 points. Karl Lembke, Donald Sutter, Stanley Capper, Lane Ash, Paul Finney and Donnie Reierson made up the rest of the squad. Boys Girls Team we They Team The Waucoms 9 WBUOOUH H2 Randalia 2h Randalil U5 Clermont 1,0 Clermont 55 Elkader 37 Stanley S8 Stanley 20 Alpha M0 Alpha 23 Arlington hh Fayette 39 OPBD 37 Arlington 3h Maynard 57 Oran 65 Calmar 27 Maynard 29 Maynard 1.12 Postvllle 35 A1Phl 31 Elkgder M AT11hgt0n 25 Maynard 36 Stanley M3 West Union Sl Wadenl 25 Waukon 3h New Albin M7 Sumner 61 WBd8n8 22 4 Wadena SO Clermont no Waukon 35 Wadena 22 Postville Q8 Fayette M9 4 County Tournament Wadgng Q s Sectional Tournament Clermont 25 Wadena s Clermont 39 s Lansing M9 IJ lg - N 0 v A fa X 'E - af y - ,gil ., , .f-,Q SW! Co-editors. . . . Class Will and History . . Prophecy .... Picture Iditop . Art Editor . . Sports Editor . . School Calendar . Activities Editor Class Editor . Typist ..... Rusiness Manager. Russell Friederich Wanda Lu Shaffer . . . Howard Wolf . . . . . Juniors Janice Torkelson . . Deon Pollock . . Jim Cook . . Jane Dennler . Shirley Shaffer . Shirley Howard . Ruth Tillotson . Pat Minihan ,. f i 'I lu J E 'x Q K 2522223 lnllnou, :::"'-- ...EIU 58 ,N r-'N y Xwigx 1 I usa, L X is Q ' 1 X :EQ Xp , ,rf f A .j f' 1 11 N - 'IZ 'N f f X X fx X w Q X5 5,3 1 N fl X X X' X vw ,, r' 'T f W Q R j D x if l O 1 I ! ocrosss 2 5 8 12 19 26 31 NOVEMBEH 8 16 16 21 22 27 27 AUGUST 28 School Registration SEPTEMBER 3 Labor Day. No School 8 Hot Lunch Started lk First Football Game here. Elgin 20, Calmar 7. Off to a good start. 18 National Studio Representative to see Seniors. 19 Teachers Meeting at Oelwein. No school. 23 Waukon here Elgin wins again. 2 Postville there. First loss 7"O0 Freshman Initiation. Seniors and Freshmen went to the show in West Union and lunch later. Elkader here - Elgin's Victory. Senior and annual pictures taken by Montieur. Maynard there. We lost 13-7. Fayette here - Elgin's Victory. Sumner there. Elgin lh-O. West Union there, Elgin's tough break 7-6. Representative from Gates College talked to Seniors. Junior Play, nBrother Goose.n 9 13 First Basketball game here with Waucoma. Randalia there. Good game. Conference Jamboree at Fayette 19 Clermont here, Boys lost 38-h0 Girls won 61-SS. Elkader here. We lost Thanksgiving Vacation. Stanley there. They beat us. Augsburg's presented assembly ro am Animal performances. P BT - 30 Alpha there. We won DECEM ER 1 Sophomore Party Fayette there. Elgin's loss. Arlington here. Their Victory ll Oran here. Their game lk Maynard there. Elgin wins. 17 Indonesian Dancers. MAY ll Baccalaureate Exercises. 18 Postville here. We won. 19 Musical Program at School. 21 Elkader here. Elgin lost JANUARY 2 M6-h8. 22 Christmas Vacation started. 2 Senior Mixer. 28 Alumni Game. Double victory. Back to School again. 2 Girls game at Calmar. A Maynard here 38-36. We won. 7 Girls County Tournament at Fayette. ll End of First Semester. ll Waukon here. We won 35-3h. lg Sumner here. Boys lost. 1 Eighth Grade Party. 23 Boys County Tournament, Fayette 29 Waukon there, boys. Elgin wins Girls sectional tournament. Ben Ferrier Assembly Program. Canadianewilderness. 30 31 FEBRUARY 5 Postville there. We lost. 8 Fayette there. 9 Wadena there boys and girls. 12 Clermont there boys and girl! 13 Wadena here boys and girls. 18 Boys sectional tournaments. 26 Musical program went to Clermont. 26 Paul Mix assembly program. 27 Clermont Music Program here. MARCH l Press Day at I.S.T.C. 7 Senior Class Party. 31 First Baseball game - Hawkeye APRIL h Senior Play, 'You Can't Take It With Youn. 7 Clermont at Elgin. Good game 11 Good Friday. No school. 1h West Union there. 17 Alpha here. 19 Junior Senior Banquet. 21 Irv. Morgan Ju-Jitsu Artist. 2h Elgin at Waucoma. 12 Commencement Exercises. fx,-X 95 I - .1 vs. 4- 5 I I E 'Sa CU ' ' W .J "4 eadnpiczq N16 . 1 ' ll I T' 'Z "You CANHT TAKE IT '.'.'ITH YOU" I 1 Srl, The Senior Class play, HYou Can't Take It With You,' was presented under the direction of Mrs. Schori and Mrs. Grove on the evening of April M, 1952. The cast was as follows: Penelope Sycamore...... ......Deon Pollock Essieeeeeeseeoeeeee eeneeeRuth Tillotson 'QXIIL4 Rhbbaqeeeeeoeevue e eeeeeashirley Shaf-f5I' 2 x? P8111 SyC8mOI'9.qne ...Russell F1'i6d6I'1Ck 1 TMTU D9 Pin-naees e ee. neoeea .James Cook Q s ' Edeeeeeseoeeeeo eeeeeeeeoon eeeeeeeeeeJU9 ' 7 R DOnB.1deee.eeneeeeaeeeeeeeeeee e eeeeeePat tl , X in Martin "Grandpa" Vanderhof..... .........Orran Bane P" ,-:K 6 Aliceeeeaeeseeeeeeueeneeeeeen ....Jan1ce Torkelson ' Q ia? Henderson................... .....Durwin Gilson fc f I B0f'j-3 Kolen-khoveeoo e e e ee.eeneeennD1Ck Luce I' ' Gay Wellington... l eeeewanda Lu Shaffer Mr. Kirby....... . ....C1iff Medberry Mrs. Kirbyeeee eeoeeShiI'1By Pas' Tony K1rby.... . ....Howie Wolf , G'm5-neeeuelnn e o ee e oeeE8T1 Jimeeoseeee 0000 0 eoeeEa1'1 Ma-Geese 0 o eeoeeeeJ00 Peters Olgaeone e e ee eeoShj1'16y Howard At first the Sycamores seem extravagantly mad, but it is not long before we realize that if they are mad, the rest of the world is madder. In contrast to these delightful people are the unhappy Kirbys. The plot shows how Tony, attractive young son of the 'Kirbys, falls in love with Alice Sycamore and brings his parents to dine at the Sycamore home, ohwthe wrong evening. The shock sustained by the Kirbys, who are invited to eat cheap deli- catessen food, shows'Al1ce that marriage with Tony is out of the question. The Sycamores, however, though sympathetic to Alican- find it hard to realize her point of view. Meantime Tony, who knows the Sycamores are right and his own people wrong, will not give her up, and in the end Mr. Kirby, at least, is converted to the happy madness of the Syoamores, particularly since he happens in during a visit by an ex-Grand Duchess, earning her living as a waitress. No mention has as yet been made of the strange activi- ties of certain members of the household engaged in the manufac- ture of fireworks, nor of theprinting-press set up in the perlorg nor of Rheba, the maid, and her friend, Donald, nor of Grandpa's interview with the income-tax collector when he tells him he doesn't believe in the income-tax. 3 e5 Voowaxx Pe 49 fue ,LMS cboxfv g QV? Qafgx SKA fffe Q , afol 53? lf, fs ezQhs 0' J' Yxdkbs 'BROTHER GOOSEH The Junior class under the direction of Mrs. Grove and Mrs. Schori presented the play, 'Brother Goose', on November 9, 1951. The cast was as follows: Jeff, brother goose , , , , Lane Ash Cer-ol, J ...... . . Marilyn west WGS, J his f'lOCk . . . Donald Sutter Hy8Ci1'1th,l .......... . Sharlene Gruver Helen, who Quits ....... . . Dixie Helms Peggy, who comes to the rescue , , Roberta Mosby Eve, a southern charmer ,,,, , Janice Shaffer Sarah, a colored maid ...... . Barbara Gilbert Lenore, who has plans ....,. .... Janann Mork Mrs. Trimmer, of the wee Blue Inns . . . Marlene Medberry Truck Driver, who is plenty mad , , , , , Joel Holden Postman ............ . George Lerch Messenger ,,,,,,, , , Gene Snyder The story is centered around Jeff, who is head of the house- hold. Jeff mistakes Peggy for the new maid, and Peggy, tired of selling hosiery and fond of the children, agrees to stay on and help out. Lenore Hudson has just inherited a million dollars, and has commissioned Jeff to build her a new house--which she hopes he will eventually share with her. Hy, the little tomboy, whose passion is football, hates Lenore because she is building her house on their football lot, and is starting to excavate the very day of the important game. In an excruclatingly funny scene, Hy puts a crimp in Lenores plans, but Peggy shields Hy and takes the blame herself. Jeff reprimands her. Peggy thinks she doesn't have a chance competing with a girl who inherited a million dollars--and leaves. Then Jeff realizes how much Peggy means to him. Hy gets her football squad out and they bring Peggy back. And then Peggy, in her delightfully vague ibut not so dumbj way, pulls a few tricks herself, which puts the million-dollar baby out of the running. 41.1 2 nm 2044 at VXA: 5 0 673 ,IU hwmge Kiowa nn!! A , , :mu fqtgmvfk auf! , f5 43.13 3 xf Waxed Kiowa I V ' 2 E33 xg aad7waZefz4 vs. -5, 1 off' . 0 A X CW 5, . 'x . 1 SUM , , I .1 O! 5f"'f'?9"'f"r0 r. 7m mf'-f ff' fb -A-T514 ,AAT Ev - Q4 gi w ' :WI A v U . -px 'W I 4 it 'N f 'WJ " xx X W' A W I 1 jp f ', Af' 'gl U4-it March-Men In Gray...... ...Brohmstedt Deep River Rhapsody............. .....Waltera Tuba Solo-Forty Fathoms........... ...Walters Wanda Shaffer American Hhapsody................. ....Grundman BAND Clouds......................... .....Charles The Cloud....................... ....Fleteher Little David Play on Yo' Harp..... ....Watson GIRLS CHORUS . Like A Mighty Eagle............ ........Spohr The Erie Canal................. ....Bartholomew I Got Shoes....................... ....Bartholomew BOYS CHORUS H1 Ho Sing Gaily............................Luraas The Peasant and His Oxon.......Smith-Aschenbrenner Emitte Spiritum...........................Sohuetky MIXED CHORUS Overture-Argentina.......... ...Buohtel Trumpet Trio-Jim Dandies..... ...Watters Finale-New World Symphony...... ....Dvorak BAND The musical groups of E.H.S. gave a spring musical on May 1, 1952 in the gymmasiu . These groups also gave a Christmas musical. The instrumental and vocal soloists gave a concert on March 26, 1952. The newly- organized marching band marched for the first time this year. They performed during the half of the Elgin- Fayette football game, on Dollar Day in Elgin, and on Spook Day in West Union. The Junior Girls Chorus, which was formed this year, took part in the Christmas Pro- gram. The band, mixed chorus, girls' chorus, boys' chor- us, soloists, and ensembles participated in the spring musical contests. " : ,KS Q 1 I 'I I, . -Q Aff A 4-4 N 'ff 'pf Q, I -1, 4 . -n Q 0 O 0 Many strange and weird sights were seen in the Elgin High School October l. Initiation of the lowly green freshmen was being held. Some of these sights were: Glen Snyder as uMuttNg Dwight Gruver as nJeffng Marilana Ogle as nAunt Jemimang Elaine Anderson as nRastusHg Beverly Muehlethaler as the Friendly Undertaker: Stanley Lehman as the Indian squaw with her pa- pooseg Reva Belle Medberry as an organ grinder with Richard Clark as her monkey. Each of the freshmen had to bring treats to the seniors, which were enjoyed very much. The freshmen were marched downtown by the seniors after several group snapshots had been taken. At 6:30 p.m. the seniors and freshmen journeyed to the movie, NI Was A Communist for the F.B.I.u showing in West Union. Refresh- ments were served by the seniors after they re- turned to Elgin. It was fun for both the student body and teachers, and we are sure it was a day that will be well remembered by the freshmen and seniors. .3 XX .Y 4- if I ,-9-lu J I 1' X so 13 In honor of the graduating seniors a banquet was held in the high school gym asium, April 19, 1952. The gym, representing a Mexican court yard, was decora- ted with a sky blue ceiling and stone walls. The decoration under the balcony was a patio. Yellow roses on a trellis and large cactuses furnished the background for two sleeping Mexican boys lGlen Snyder and Donald Petersl. The table centerpieces and nut cups were miniature guitars set on crepe paper streamers decorated with roses. The waiters--Bobby Medberry, Eugene Medberry, Robert Gilbert, Stanley Capper, Dwight Gruver, and waitresses--Reva Belle Medberry, Reverly Muehlethaler, Donna Meinhard, Barbara Medberry,E1aine Anderson--served the following three course dinner. Asado de Vaca...... Pure de Patata o de Papa.... ... Zanahorias .... Guisantes ..... Ensalada ...... Olivos ......... Pan Y Manteca. oceans...- on-...ea use use .....Roast Beef .lashed Potatoes ........Carrots ............Pll.l ........Salad .........O11ves ....Bread-Butter .Ice Cream-Cake Helado y Bollo .... .. Nuces......... Cafe........... 15 I ll ni 3 , Between courses presented. A fiesta in Old 'Mejicanos', We Gay Caballeros. Class Will ..... Class Prophecy. Idle Chatter in of the dinner the 'Mejico'..... Say 'Gracias!n.. eeeaesaacoeaea the P1sza.... ............Nuts .........Coffee J following program was ....Don Sutter ....Howard Wolf ....mr. Grether ....Wanda Shaffer ....Lane Ash ...Janann Ma k 1' fa! ff ,f I x X ff! 3 V1 'K NN fx x u " x X M K x X X v X156 ff. 0' .N-W' tx Og U. X A N X I X X Xu XX N, U' x ZA X If v X X f -.XA X X SW! lst Row-- Shirley Shaffer, Shirley Page, Manda sneffer, Shirley Howard, Sara Ogle, Marcia wolf, Miss Clute, 2nd Row-- Janice Torkelson, Deon Pollock, Karen Kiple, Florence Muncie, Jane Dennler, Jeanine Cook, Beverly Benson, Janice Shaffer Janann Mork. 3rd Row-- Janice Pinney, Marilyn west, Roberta Mosby, Ruth Tillotson, Marilana Ogle, Janice Schori, Gene Snyder, James Cook. The newstaff writes news for the school column in the weekly 'Elgin Echo' and also publishes e duplicated monthly school paper umiued 'Panther Tracks.' .w4'74aw , -C 4 - -N. l -:' ... 3 ,A ' 1 1 ' ' G ' 4 h7iT'm ' I . - nun , y M' X . .' X N , V L J ' 'ra -' i l ,vw s .x-,. ., .15 5 ' iisqh 17- , 3 A J .45 ,y LQ, Q C" - Q 1. Hike 1-20-3-31 2. Reserve power 3. Hold that line! LL. Say 'cheese' S. Hit 'em a ein! 6. Station WEBWG 7. Pals 8. Barney 9. Beet West Union 10. Hold that pose ll. Hi, good lookin' Jake , 12. xmas 13. Guess who. vfhg e N X - if!-' 4' .1 . ! , . ev A"f-f, - ' A il." ' K4 V A 41 1 'x ? I ff ' it 'ix' y y I ' .X A i ,L . -xc 3 A . .. . ,gt , L-- -rye! t fri . ' t ' ' 1 4 4, .15 3 Q' 'H ": I ,VF Q -. t In 3 ' Q35 , N - I V l if 5, R , ' " P ll .. km iq 3 M K '- ' g f'Q 4 A .- .if v A A 't -- I gg. , Hill!!! Bm I I e ' 4 'VN -1 in , ff, '1 m X , Y Y 0, Q ' -,if . V H 'N he I ff X "', , K Q 311 5 ' - A W, , 1 , H " L Q, f, G N .H ' qx ' A ' 'H' - X he V ' , X 5 j I A --M-f-----Q7 Q 7, 'h I -5 sf A" A ,. I - re' . ' q f, Q 1. "PurrI" K3 R' ' 1' ' A ' 2. "Angel Face' - - A 3 f-I Q " W - . X' I A x ' 3. "S1id1ng?" A 1' if - Q , V R -- I4. "Spook Day' 1 ' , Q4 LQ , X fa , 5. 'Student rules!" 1 Q ' ' ' X 1 ' J- - A is 6. "School Chums' 1 . M 7.1ac2ac3ac---- .,' , J, ' ,JI 8. "Strike one' 'ii' 1 - A1 ' . . ,J 9. wsm- . . M, fy - 1, 10. 'Kay' Q k A f X " ' .. " "' .. 11 I-'rosh Sweethearts .-' 4 .,- t , tl ' . V' 12 'Three Musketeers' , ' 'rn C Y' l 'ff 1' 13 'Half Back' ,, . 1 Q !g.-L , -. ' -4 -J 1, l 11-L "vacation" ,J 'bel-o ,Q -1 t 1 KBC 15 "'Bra1nard Crew' ' 2 . , -x lg- O 'Q 1' M, t 16 'The GIGS' '. ' , Y . X -we-1: 17 'Coffee Cup' f' jf s o , 153, 18 'School Picnic" l ' on K e ' ' 19 "Dol15?' ur. shank. '14 ,U 1 7- XGIN 20 "Freshman cutie" ' J- r V fl A Qi r 3 ,Q ' 1 szv 'if ,-. A. si-' dw- a., . L 23' ig, c 11 N , u

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