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its Qiadwxe ur Inf class UF 1951 I R DEDICHTIUH X3 -+-,7- ffW QW wk.. XX J W + H avwlnr sl o n nc new un'red and 1 t on "s .0 early lA no Pal' to Serve 1U the U 5 ArnW'for tne cwuse O1 freedom ani wumaq tv, TVX ww N N W V YYW Y, , , , : X '.-ff? my cl: .- f 1 fn.. . h Q. fff' y- 9, ,111 + dedQcuLe our book of memories to Mr. Bernard O'Brien, who left E.H.S. .' I f..:.1 N X3 f-,X K , HDIHIHISTHHTIUH Q,.vavauQ. af -hui ff' 4.4 fl '7wfff4 PNElrA CLUTT W Y UQBPISGF' Ion S dfe clfrs Co lege cnral Srorthanc, Dynlng, QUSIDSS Lzw, Upper Iowa Ln vel Busn esq rlthnetlc vorr Vrlv rf Colora o ulwlcg , flpctr , Athlet CQ VIIEVF DUVKIM Pr mary and FlTSt Un ve 11x cf Iowl r o 'AVE PCIUPH Instru1enLo' ani ocel In lc Iona State Telcle s Col e e Second nd Illrd RTW KOSSTy'E w 5 TIP V olle e TY CLIE? Engllsn, ooeech, Drora cs Iowa State eachor Collegc Fourtk and Fifth SHELDON KAISUI B Iowa at te eachers College ARDIS GRFTH A A Colorado o+ate College Luther C0119?0 Indpstrldl Arts, Agrlcultule, S1XtI 8nd Sewenth Arlthmetgc LAEzTNE WALKFR JACK A WALKER B A Iow State meqchers College B A Iowa State Ieachers College Pome ECONOMICS, hUPl1sh Athletlcs, American Government Amerlcan History, World Hlstory, J RCBUNSCN Soclolopy, Health Superlntendexm B A Iowa St te leacher College HFRNARD Cv5H1EN Grad Work Unlv Of Colorado B A Iowa St te Teacher' College Grad Work Univ of Southern Engllgh, Speech, Dranatlcs Callfornla Advanced Algebra, Physlcs, Trlponometry .. . V A ,V- ,- , . ,vnaN. - ,, . A I V' . , . l . ' x .I I . Q A , I, 'O E ' 7 A qw . V hs" 4-' 'K' .-Q .T .,. ,. 1 . , I ,M-' P, .4 ,p .- .I , I 3 , f ,M 1' . . . W ,, . U' 1 lft IL .Q . l .AQ ' . ' ,,, i I .,- A V. r . B. A. a t . leo 1: 4 H Pr v , . , . . r , 1 Q., A lf A I , 5 C E. A. ' ., -"SJ4:Y . . Til- rv I 3I'i:C:.x I- Yr . ,- d -ff or m .Q 1 1 . F" ' f' VR MII-.', . fl ,-- Iowa State Teachers College LEO GRETVRP 1 ' . f B. A. 1 rS ,j Q, 2 f, D . l . - S od. w-Ik - Vnlv. oi Iowa In '- 1 Q Q , yr , f Vg 1...AA .'.4A .1 -A g M, L.: ' ': ..r ', 1 5 ' Ax-f , 1 qw 8 1-4: :xl ...J 'A s. .. 1' F F ,- " W1 , B. no lo u - Lcu. lQ8C:A.f'rb C .. " . EY' v ' ' " - +4 3 A 1 AJ A , .' VJ. , ,,, f L . S , , 4 1 .fi R 5' 'TT o he a 4 Y 'V 'I " ,' N g 9 A J 4. . - 1 I f . S I . , V. . , , . I "' 1 4 J. J , q 'T . . K4 I L K 1 . r . . 1 y A , , y . , . B - C Y - ' O O J 8 , vw , , , cl S , . ' - ' o o ' a v I I V ' ' Q 1 s . 1 . Y . . . J ,4Zmcz 7714561 FH -'lin J 3:44 Dzwew Z ,i ' S E H I U H S rw 'Cf Spomzoz f'x WC66 p CRAf'P'b GZHRIN Seucoe fam -sc , 'E' pzeacafeaf T Db vp! 3 Seczetaeq BONNI LnU LN1"'f Spomzaz L 'gr 1-'XRY LP' Ph vm C' N1 WIIR FY MW Rm Q R 'LL 'Im LTAM DETFPLB ? LEONARD M NEST X K. 1013 XR I' NI KFLD 'Dah LLAHA V-ILJJPT hbFN Q6- 5... MFRLE KLINZBEAN c- ,w IJMI LH D1 'Bw si-3 K 5... JAFK LMNLH DN LEO L SL,HORI -an" WU" Sf hi PUTH M BOLHYN F'ri.fN T5 BUTIFCFEI xg? BARHARA RAIJFY Way fad 1040-. X-' 'Q 5 Yx 415,4- PAUL SHIRLEY KAY 'Nuff 1 Hi gi- H :Al -C f5".mi IV fm RUTH Lb L D AS B,-QBFRA aR,',f"!- BTW hi LOU LGT SHOWN L BILL PETVRS X , I ruulp LE! .Ni KU nf' 1'-ilqn wg' 'U-A BOB NLR! ' MARY LOU BECKDI JIM 'She doesn't say much but she thinks a lot' Presldent 1, Secy 8: Treas 3 lllxed Chorus 2 3 M Girls' Chorus 2 3 h Glrls' Sextette ls, Home Ee Club 1 2 3-h, Pres Home Ec Club h, Class play 3, Annual staff h, Newsstaff h RUTH ll BOLEYN "RU'H'IIE" 'And then I got married' Mixed Chorus 1 2 3 L Girls' Sextette 2 3 h Glrls' Chorus l 2 3 h, Band 2, Home Ec Club 1 2 3 h Class Play 3 Annual Staff h, Nensstaff 3 b FRANCIS BUTIKOFFR FRITZ "I don't want to set the world on flre ' M1xed Chorus 1 2 3 h Boys' Chorus l 2 3 h Band 2 3 h Football 2 3 Basketball 1 2 3 h Class Play 3, Annual staff h, President 2 IVAN CRAIN ICHLED 'People can see e, so why ta1k?' Annual Staff h GRACE S CEHRING SLEEPY 'Take everyone's advice, then do as you please' olrls' Chorus 2 3-h Home Eb Club l 2 3-h, Basketball 2 3 h, Class play 3 Annual staff Ed1tor, Newsstaff 3-h Edltor Newsstaff h, V1ce Pres 2-h JACK HANSON 'JACKSON' 'And he says he isn't a lady's manl' Football 1 2 3 h Baseball 1 2 3 h Basketball l 2 3 14 Class play 3 Annual staff h CLARA HENIBICXSON 'CLARA FETTLP' S e s here, I heard her glggle " Girls' Chorus l 2 3 lg, Home lc Club 3 Class play 3, Annual staff h, News staff 3, Cheer leader 3 h UFRLE KLINGMAN KLINGILAN 'Any tirne's the t1me to fall 1n love' Boys' Chorus h, Basketball 1 2, Class play 3, Annual staff h CSX, BONNIE IDU LANTZ BONNIFSUE 'I could enjoy life if I didn't have to study Girls' Chorus l,Home Ec Club l 2 3 h Clas pla 3 Annual staff h News staff 1 2, V1ce Pres l Secy 8: Treas L, Cheer leader 2 3 h ROBHT NIQI5 BOB 'I have said it, it must be so' Mixed Chorus h, Boys' Chorus 3-h, Band l, Annual staff h IILLIAH PETERS 'BILLY' He's a tough Hombre Football 2 3 h Baseball 2-h, Annual staff h BARBARA RAINEY BARB 'I just can't make nv eyes behave' Home Ec Club 1 2 3 h, Class p1ay 3, Annual Staff h Newsstaff h Secy A 'Press 2 SHIRLEY KAY REUSSER 'SHIRLEYPIE' 'She uses her head for something else than holding her ears apart " play 3, Asst Ed Annual staff l1,News staff 2 3-h,Prea1denz 3 Secy at 'rreas 1 Cheer leader l 2 3 h LEO L SCHORI PDE WEE "Women, they scare me' Mlxed Chorus 3-h Boys' Chorus 2 3 h Football l 2 3-h Baseball 1 2 3-h Basketball 1 2 3 h Class play 3 Annual staff h PAUL SHITH "SHITTY" 'Praise Nature, she has done her best' Hlxed Chorus 2 3 h Boys' Chorus 1 2 3 M, Football l 2 3-h, Bmeball 1 2 3 h Basketball l 2 3 h Class Plq' 3, Annual Staff h, Prssidemt h, Declam l LEONARD I 'ET LU? 'Tough, but oh so gentle' Mixed Chorus 1 2 3 L Boys' Chorus 1 2 3-h Football 3-L, Baseball 2 3 h, Class play 3, Annual staff h II ll H ll .n ' 0 O .3 ' 0 . ---3 --3 --3 5 3 - . O " "' as 0 I . a o ' ' "a l I . U ll Q , a ---3 0 . --0 ' ---- 0 I - ---s s . ,o I I --3 0 ll ll a ' I I O ---3 - --3 --3 --hs . ---I 0 ---5 0 3 3 . ' o o o O N I .Q L5 a o Home Ec. Club 1-2-3-445 Secy. 23 Class I n n ' a a ' " " . 5 I 0 3 ---. ru' i . 1 , 0 - 0 --' 3 . U4 ll ' s ' 0 0 3 "3 -- 3 --3 ---s s l o ---3 K ---5 ---s s Q . il. 11 Q 1. Z1 . lil nh' ' , 3 ---3 0 111. . 5 Q Q . ' -. . I Il n n ---5 Q . . - v 9 --0 I 0 Q' 0 o ' a 2 'N NJ H444 Qfwtaaq It was a wonderful afternoon in September, l9h7, when nineteen green freshmen prepared for what they expected to be one of the tough est games of their l1fe Answerlng the call for starting pos1t1ons ln the afternoon game were Leo Schorl Jr , Shirley Kay Reusser, Leonard West, Merle Kllngman, Francis Butikofer, Mary Lou Becker, William Peters Ivan Craln, Paul Smlth, Jack Hanson, Alta Seago, Marllyn Boleyn, Ruth Boleyn, Roma Jean Medberry, Barbara Ralney, Grace Gehring, Bonnie Lou Lantz, Robert Nickels, Duane Hoepfner Captaln for the f1rst quarter was Mary Lou Becker The game progressed favorably most of the time dur ing the first quarter w1th the green1es galning ground steadlly until the referees Csenlorsj got a little wild and made us do crazy thlngs f1n1t1ationD, however, it only settled us down and we were prepared for the long tough game ahead Answerlng the call for duty in the second quarter, under our new captaln Francis But1kofer, was one new player, Beulah Hofer Two play ers, Duane Hoepfner and Mar1lyn Boleyn, left the squad This quarter proceeded in flne fashion w1th nothing more than the usual number f bumps and bruises which we took in our strlde After a rouslng halftlme talk we came back on the f1eld led by Shirley Kay llfteusser who was to guide us through the rough spots of the thlrd quarter The l1ne up contalned a new member, Clara Hendrlckson, and again two members Alta Seago and Beulah Hofer, dropped from the squad Thls line up faced the problem of puttlng on a spec1al exhibl tion Cclass playj, however, with the capable leadership of Gladys Schori we scrlmmaged through 'Mother ll a Freshmann and all enjoyed the experi ence Also in thls quarter we called time for a banquet honoring the seniors We chose a Chinese setting 1n carry1ng out this fete After these obstacles were completed, the quarter ended Under our new captain, Paul Smith, we headed into the fourth and final quarter One member, Roma Jean Medberry, dropped from the squad as we battled into the flnal lap w1th a mere s1xteen players Durlng this quarter we selected the play WDoubledoorn and presented it w1th the guidance of our new director Andrew Koaslves As we neared t1me for the final gun, the Juniors called t1me to honor us with a banquet After four quarters of rough and tumble playlng, but generally agree1ng that we had had lots of fun, sixteen senlors went into the end zone to score le had prepared ourselves for the tougher games ahead when we w1ll not have the help and leadership we have had 1n this game at E H S 'On the Youth of Today, Rests the Democracy of Tomorrown MBQBQW I . O s . . a U . . s . - O Q . . - . 0 s 1 O O s , .' . -. Q . . -I . a .- . . O . . O 0 O O - . s O . 0 . I I C O ITE! I To the teachers we do w11l and bequeath a4t70cZZ We the uncomparable Senlors of nlneteen hun dred and flfty one, Elgln Hlgh School, county of Fayette, state of Iowa, Unlted States of Amer1ca, belng of sound mind and body and possesslng ex treme these cherlshed halls for the trlals and tT1HU18 tlona of a cruel and challenging world, do hereby bequeath our worthy possesslons, Ch8T3Ct6T1St1C8, hablts and what have you to the followlng and probably ungrateful FeC91V8PS w1t and w1sdom, who are about to leave our wads of gum, hVTOg11ph1CS on our desks and the joy of teachlng classes 1n wh1ch we are no longer present ITEM II We do wlll and bequeath the heavenly feellng of belng looked up to, our strlklng good looks, and all the b11ls of our class treasumy to the Junlors ITEM III To the Sophomores we do w1ll and be queath our good manners, our ab1l1ty to remember ITEM IV We do w1ll and bequeath our accuracy and experlence 1n ullng art1l1ery, after many years of practlce in assembly rebelllons, to the long, aufferlng Freshmen I, Jack J Hanson, do w1l1 and bequeath my 'beard' and my 8mb1t10UI ways to Douglas Chapman, my 'sleepy eyes' and my soft, touch1ng volce t Pat Mlnlhan I,Leo L Schori, do w111 and bequeath my ad miratlon for the opposlte sex and my powerful phys1que to James Cook, my intelllgent answers to all government questlons and my t1t1e 'Lover Boy' to Burnell Larson I, Bonnme Lou Lantz, do w1ll and bequeath my beautlful ha1r and my qulck temper to Ruth Till otson, my weakness for dark halred men to Jane Dennler I,Paul D Smlth, do w1ll and bequeath my al lur1ng dlmplea and my ab1l1ty to get lnto trouble to Deon Pollock, my compllcated love 11fe t George Howard I,Clara Ann Hendr1ckson do w1ll and bequeath my skeleton key and my fl1rtat1ous way to Shlrley Howard, my n8tUd1OuSn ways and penmanshlp 1n classes to Arthur Larson, my ability at danclng, namely the 'Char1eston', to Richard Luce I,Leonard L We t, do w'l1 and bequeath ng Charles Atlas bulld and my 'hat' to Durw1n Gllson, my deck of cards and sleeples nlghts to Burrell Benson I Francis D Butlkofer, do wlll and bequeath my mus1cal talent and m love for a certa1n soph omore to Russell Frlederlch m cars and esca pades w1th the F1ghway Patrolmen to Earl Lembke I, Shirley Kay Reusser, do w1ll and bequeath my 'bralns and my dark complexlon to Loren Frleden, my job at Dr Wo1f's offlce and my cheer leading un1form to Eugene Butlkofer I,Her1e Wayne Kllngman, do w1ll and bequeath my way wlth women and my love for Fords to C11f ford Medberry, my love for llterature Hofer to Donna W1ll1am D Peters, do w1ll and bequeath my 1n West Unlon Joe Peters, lnterest brothe Medberry Ivan Lee Craln name 'Ichabod' and my to and 'pape'r1ng to my 'ornery' ways to Lola w11l and bequeath my r1ng stature to Orran we Bane, my love for the Bra1nard h1lls and rattle I, Mary Lou Becker, do w1ll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to get along w1th my B a1nard cous1ns to Allce Boyer, my amb1t1on to run an Old Ma1d's Home to Robert Daniels I,Robert H Nlckels, do famlly of goats and rabblts galloplng strlde and my love to Joe Ogle I, Grace S Gehr1ng, do glasses and my reduclng book abil1'y to get along w1th Walker, to narl Llttle EE w1ll and bequeath my to Shlrley Pape, my for Western storles w1ll and bequeath my to Janlce Torkelson, my favorlte teacher, I, Barbara Jane Ralney do w111 and bequeath EE 19147 class r1ng to Jean Little, my hopes and hope chest to Charles Loftsgard I, Ruth M Boleyn, do w1l1 and bequeath m hlgh soprano volce and glft of gab to Howard Wolf m 'sparkllng' class r1ng to Shirley Shaffer Made and Witnessed this EAL da of 1957 Signed Witnessed Wltnessed ,,,c whales I ' . 1 . . 2 ' ' ' . . . . J - . . H . : . U . I, . A. . . U . r, my . ' I, ' do ' assignments and tg get to class on time. snake hunting to Wanda Lu Shaffer. v e 0 ' ' - 1 . . . H - . . . , . . 0 - 79w1f4wf Elgln, Moon June 15, 1971 Dear Prof, I thought I'd drop you a l1ne to tell you about my vacatlon trlp to the moon When we started from home we were 1n a hurry because we were late and afrald we would m1ss the Rocket The cab drlver was hurrylng as fast as he could when we heard a patrolman's slren As we pulled to the curb, I looked up and to my surprlse recognlzed Fr ncls Butlkofer as the patrolman After we hastlly explalned everythlng to hlm he sald he wouldn't glve us a tlcket we would have l1ked to talk to h1m longer but we didn't have tlme we arrlved at the a1rport just ln tlmel The nRocket to the Moonn was ready to l ave As the Stewardess was checklng us off her 11st we notlced that she was Bonnle Lou Lantz we talked to her several d1f ferent tlmes on our trlp and she sald that she enjoyed her work very much She asked us to step lnto the p1lot's chamber and say 'hello' to the p11ot, Ivan Craln We also met another member of the '51 class on the Rocket the well known Amerlcan dancer, Clara Hendrlckson Unfortunately, Clara sllpped and hurt her ankle as she entered the Rocket When we landed on the moon, Clara's ankle was hurtlng her more, so we inqulred and found that there was a doctor's offlce on the other side of the landlng fleld We went to the offlce w1th her and were greeted 1nS1de the door by a very courteous nurse, whom we recognized lmmedlately as Shirley Kay Reusser She ushered us 1nto the doctor's main off1ce Who do you suppose the doctor waso Leo SCh0T11 we had a n1ce chat after we found out that Clara's ankle had only a sllght spraln, but, it was soon time for us to be on our way to see lf we could find a hotel room Durlng our search for a hotel, a car pulled up beside us and the man in the back seat introduced hlmself as Paul Sm1th, nPres1dent of the Moonn He told us that h1s chauffeur was Merle Kllngman H drove us to a hotel where he had reserved rooms for us The name of QNX Xen Xu . . . o . . . . v 0 U . . A . . Q 9 . . . . . s . 0 . . . . 9 . ' O - U . . a ..- ' 0 . u . . . . . . 0 . . . . . o I ' . o . - . v . 0 . . . . . v I o 6 o fi the hotel, "Dennler's Moonstruck Hotel' was printed in neon letters beneath s large moon which was at the top We later discovered that the owners of this hotel were two Elg1n people Bill Dennler and the former Barbara Ra1ney, now Hrs Bill Dennler We left Clara at her room and entered ours We had just taken our jackets off when our trunks arrived and as I tipped the bell boy I noticed that he was Leonard West He had to rush away as there was other work to be done After we had our trunks put away we decided to take a walk We wandered down the street until we came to a very up-to-date market where we watched the trucks unload We heard that the regular driver, who was sick now, was Grace Gehring We went into the market to look around and found Bob Nickels in there del1vering milk from his goat arm On our way back we stopped to look at a newly built home While we stood there we notlced a lady with a young child in her arms IU that Marvin owned a laundry in that c1ty By that tlme it was getting rather late so we returned to our hotel room where we were greeted by two huge white rabblts We heard someone running through the halls asking if amrone had seen his rab- bits so we opened the door and announced that they were in our room He apologi2'ed greatly for letting then get away, and introduced him- self as "Jack, the Mighty Magician " Yes, it was Jack Hanson Later in the dq the president came in to introduce us to s young lady, who was the founder and faculty advisor of the Becker Institute of Technology We soon realized that thls young lady was Mary Lou Becker When President Smith left, he gave us the name of a tourist guide, Bill Peters, who would show us the rest of the city the follow ing da We are looking forward to seeing Bill agun We had heard of large tourist cities on the Hoon, but we did not realize that so mam of the 1951 class members would be living there An old friend Qwf-I 65444 91444 Chartreuse and Black 65444 764444: Whlte Carnation -2- f . companion then recognized her as the former Ruth Boleyn. She 'said Samba pkg .'Ql.' 'I' frs 4 9 ., l'III,'II,'lI, DOUBLE DOOR The Senlor Class under the dlrectlon of Mr Andrew YOSSlV8S presented "Double Door" on Aprll 214, 1951 The cast was as follows Avery Grace Gehring Te "J on Leonard We st Loulse Clara Hendrlckson Wllliam Merle Klingman Anne Darrow Bonnle Lantz Carollne Van Bret Mary Lou Becker Mrs chase Ruth Boleyn Mortlmer Neff Jack Hanson Rlp Van Bret Francis Butlkofer Dr John Sully Paul Smlth Lambert leo Schori Victorla Van Bret rules her family with a maniac's flrmness Her slster Carollne 18 helpless before her Her half brother Rlp cannot stand up agalnst her In a dark room that has not been changed slnce her father dled, V1ctor1a goes through her cheerless routlne with cruel regularity She 13 more cruel than ever gust now just because Rlp is marrylng a young lady who 18 not of h1s soc1a1 statlon, and V1ctor1a senses a threat to the lntegrlty of the Van B et fortune How V1ctoria tortures the br1de w1th studled austerity and flnally trles to murder 18 the malevolent burden of the play - , - a.,, 4' - O 2 f 0' Victoria Van Bret . . . Shirley Reueser I W k JUHIURS fWf-.Ahhh S 61466492 rst Row Rus ell FTlGdbTiCh, Inren P leoen, Joe Ogle, Orran Bane, arl uit le, Douglas uaoman, Burnell Larson Second Row Manda Snaffer, ohlrley Howard, Jane Jennler, Jean olttle, Lols 'edoerry, Shlrlcy Snaffe , Deon Pollock, Earl .embke. lhl 1 Dow Mr moss ves, Char es Lofts ard, Donna Hofer, Al ce Boyer, 'an ce Torkelson, Ruth T1llot on, Shl ley Page, Burnell Ben on, Arthur Larson, M s walker Fourth Row James Cook, Cllfford A dberry, Howard Wolf, Home Daniel , DITWLD G11 on, George Howard, Toe Pete s, Pat Minlhan bsen+ uvene Butlkofer, Rgghard Luce Douglas Chapman Orran Bane, Jr Joe Ogle Pat M1n1han Charles Loftsgard Janes Cook Durwln Gilson Russell Friederich Loren Frleden Joe Peters larl Little Clifford Medberry Burnell B nson Robert Daniels George Howard Donna Hofer Jean Llttle Howard Wolf Jane Dennler Shlrley Shaffer Shlrley Page Janlce Torkelson Ruth Tlllotson Deon Pollock Alice Boyer Eugene But1kofer LO1S Medberry Earl Lembke Wanda Lu Shaffer Burnell Larson Arthur Larson Rlchard Luce Presldent Vice Pres1dent .lin- What They Expect Tb Farmer Farmer Farmer Farler Truck Dr1ver Doctor Service ATI! Farmer Hlghway Patrolman Navy Farler Capt in Navy You'd be Surprlsed' College Teacher Coach Math Teacher Beauty Operator Beauty Operator Hlstory Teacher Home Economlcs Teacher Major ln Music Nurse Telephone Operator Farmer Telephone Operator That's a good QUeSt10H Muslc Teacher Army AFIV College 9440ffcce-ze Secretary Treasurer What They Will Be Lawyer Physlcs Teacher Carpenter Radlo C0med1ln Author of Comic Books Professor of Phllosophy Acrobat Poet Tobacco Auct1oneer Creal Hauler We hate to Pred1ct"' E1nste1n II Grease Monkey M1n1lter Buck Prlvate, U S Arny Fuller Brush Sales Woman Cow G1rl Glamor Boy of ' Teacher Farmer's Wife Woman Wrestler Glamor G1rl of '61 Charleston' Instructor F1PSt Woman Presldent of U S Psychlatrlst Judge Baby Sltter Effeclency Expert Dress Deslgner Boxer Farmer Pol1t1c1an Cllfford Medberry Wanda Lu Shaffer Sh1rley Shaffer Q . 'H l ' .H ' Shirley Howard Lawyer Chamber Maid 61 Q. ' ' li I gadddpfczq n T R I C T L Y F O R M A U The Junior class, under the direction of Mr Andrew Kossives re sented the play WStr1ctly Formaln on December 18, 1950 The cast was as follows Jane, who hasn't a date for the dance Janice Torkelson Sally, her best friend Agnes, the maid of all work Andrew, Jape's father Nettie, her mother Mr Ahern, a neighbor Jim, Sally's boy friend Rose Tilton, who gets the mumps Mrs Tilton, her mother Elroy, who likes to put the shot George, whom Jane is sweet on Jean Little Sh1rley'Howard Rmudvdf Ruth Tillotson Durwin Gilson Orran Bane Jr Donna Hofer Wanda Lu ohaffer James Cook Joe Ogle Marcia, a triple-threat from New York Shirley Page Cindy Collins, a girl with ideas Deon Pollock Marilyn, who is 'aftern Elroy Shirley Shaffer Lt Bob Cunningham, of the Air Ferre George Howard The story was cenf d around Jane who didn't have a date for the dance Worse th n that her cousin Cindy came to visit, and really com- plicated things, BL hough Cindy always had the best intentions Jane's father who was a stern, determined man added to the diffi culties by trying to protect his prize peonies Of course, Jane eventually got her date for the dance, a d the confusion was settled Cf 'J S L . i . . . . , p - I O O O O O 3 ' . . . . J . ' Josie Tilton, her kid sister . . . . . Lois Medberry ? 4 L......... ' SUPHUIHUHES X Xf 1' Socumvze F1TSt How Janlce Dlnney, LaFonda U11 er, Marllrn west, Dober+a Mosby Barbara Boleyn, Darlene Reier on, Qharlene uruver, R th Palfer, Ve na GI'1IDmo Second Row Barbara Yearous, Barbara ullbert, Dlxie Helms, Florence Muncie, Janice Shaffer, Janann Mark, Norma Gehring, Marlene Medberry, Ruth Ralney. Third Row: Mr. Walker, Paul Suba, Lane Ash, Donald Sutter, Joel Holden, George Ierch, James Butikofer, Gene Snyder. Barbara Boleyn Norma Gehring Barbara Gilbert Verna Grimm Sharlene Gruver D1x1e Lee Helms Marlene Medberry LaFonda Miller Janann Mork Roberta Mosby Florence Muncle Janlce Plnney Ruth Pulfer Darlene Relerson Janice Shaffer Marllyn West Barbara Yearoua Lane Alh Joel Holden George Lerch Gene Snyder Donald Sutter Paul Suba President WHO'b WHO IN MOVIE LAND 'II' J 6Z4440ffccm4 Bette Davll Judy Canova Veronlca Lake Margaret O'Brien Shlrley Temple Lucllle Ball 'SIIG Wilson Lauren Bacall Joan Davis Dlnah Shore Ma Kettle Eve Arden June A111SOn Barbara Stanw1ck Ruth Roman Blondle Ellzabeth Taylor Pa Kettle Dagwood Gary Cooper Danny Kaye Donald O'Connor Clark Gable Lane Ash Vlce Pres1dent Dixle Helms Secretary Treasurer Norma Gehrlng fl Z3 f X K EE Q' Q1 44l!!!E . . . A 0 . - . Ruth Raivey Jane Russel . 5 3 . 1 'X .,JN'7' f ' FHESHHIEH HH G.. 'X Flrst Dow a.1e Hendrlckson, Jan cc Soho oara oP7e, a.JeW Frederlck Gay e N ckel , Edith uehrlng, I1 Sut , Sh1I18J 'est, Jeanine Cook Second Row lvonne Cnannan, Beverly Fnleden, XaJ1s nT10dPH, Erna Baum artner, Donna Rob n on, Karen Klple, Mary Brackln, B verly Benson, Norma Pulfer, lor en tterwann, U Zurbr1ggen h11l Row Burnell Blockhus, Yarl lembke, Ronald Loftsgard, Paul P1nneV, Robert Pete 3, Donald Relerson, Dennls Butlkofer, otanley Erlckson Abseno otanlcy Boyer. N2 4 7 '56 J u W, qzjb o ' vo Y! Erna Baumgartner Beverly Benson Mary Francls Brackin Jeanine Cook Yvonne Chapman Beverly Frieden Marvel Frederick Mavls Edith Mar1e Karen Gayle Fr1eden Gehring Hendrlckson Klple Nickels Sara Ogle Donna Robinson Janlce Schori Loreen Itternann Norma Pulfer Sh1rley West Burnell Blockhus Stanley Boyer Dennis Butikofer Stanley Erickson Karl Lenbke Ronald Loftsgard Robert Peters Paul Pinney Donald Releraon Ilo Sutter 'LOONE!'TUNES Hoop-De-Do I've Never Been in Love Before' 'Where Have You Been Denny Boy' 'I Love You Truly' 'Falthful Forever' 'How Many Hearts Have you Broken' So Long Pal 'Good Night Irene' 'Love Sick Blues' Baby Face 'Oh You Red Head' 'A Heart Thats Free' 'lllhimena' Iou've Got the Isley, I've Got the Time' 'A Llttle on the Lonely Slde' 'You Are My Sunshine' 'Buttons and Bows' 'The Old Lamp Lighter' 'lhy, Oh Why did I ever leave Wyomlng' Heart Breaker 'Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy' Enjoy'lourself 'Whistle While You Work' or He's a Jolly Good Fellow' ' how Me the Way to Go Home' 'Take it Easy' 'P1stol Packin' Mala' erm www Pres1dent Dennis Butikofe Vice President Karen K1ple Secretary Treasurer Marie Hendrickson I N cy " N Il n I N N - - n n 'If ' h- 'Let's Take the Long 'IW Hone' N I1 ll H NF S U v ,Q MJ K if HDERCLHSSMEH WEE,- ...Q 1-1 'S' ,f ,- ..- .,f f J .,' Q ,lv 4 .s 1" -1 'ILT' ,.- iff. gm: Fi: 4, '-14 - ?"'f Q 3:-.1 . .f z, . .2 " I H . ' . ,,. SIM - W ' .- I x 794 4 . ,. If-9' ' ' rf Q- A V 1 .W 1 Lv. 4 . - .af . 1 ff 5 .. 32 ., lk if f i Q ? ...- .f ,. ,V I ' Y 'M 2 5,535 - 4 'c' .V Q. g J- Y ..7 Q 1 - , , 4 -W " ' T lv gg? V.. ,l 153. - Q. 71 QQ: Y' , 'Q .Qt A .A Q WA ,Y I 1 .2-4 ' S . ' T .x 1 . " I-fx Vg r " .- my gg. - . 'ffl -, 9 L fi , , M '- ' 1 ' K L' H H , gil . .R ':. oh, V A ' AXZ - , F K 1 4, " -' , ' m gl fvg. ' . lv,-' :-' 'L :J n'- 155' ,. .1-' U M31 g":1f' , 1: A 7,1 ,fg ' , 3-4 '. -L- J, - A ' .fi ,.,, -df, h- 4.5-- U X 'il' -,V f,. . . 1,1 ,VJ X.-,Nz Fr., , ' -E Y .-Vluxi? j D ,' 'fall , . V ' ' - ' ff: , -if -f- ffr- , Nl ' "1 Q . kv" -- A, 1 K- J -'Af' " ,A ,I . . . .h X Sgifc:-f r, Y. In f' - 7, . ., . . , . ,, 1 , ' , .- ., . , - - 1, :P ' ' . I 1 . xy , X , , -, , -- .. " ' N -' ' ff M 2 fy' ' , 'rf ' x Gif. 4 ' Y jfs 4, ,. -in . H ' 34" , ' -.- Fx 51,41 kgs K V . if T225-f ' na' 5? -1 . - X ,.x ,f ' 5'5" w pb , " 3 5' . M y 1, -'wi , ' if ff , 'ggfik " if A :fu ." ' . -' J 'YA . , Q . S-'-Q14 A .' gf' 549414 QW Flrbt Row Beverly Muehlethafh r, Margorll, Tohnqon, abara .udedoer'rg,, Juan ta Imholte, Norm vnncy, Nancy uarson, .neve 1 Howd d, Ureta I-al Seconu Row Nr Kalser, Dwlght, Jrxxver, ulen Snfd r, Stanley Capper, .fbanle Lehman, Bobby hedbcfr y QH5 MH Sax!!! and Sweat! Qmczfe "W" 0 pg W. fa 711x154 cmd 74154 Qmde L.,- 'fnfxw 4-'wp' 4-rwx MN W? as " Seanad cmd 76nd QQGIJ6 P 0 '1 17142114111 and 7c"z.2f 614656 X1 i "Z7' l3.,.4l" fi fig I 5 fit- L67 '4 J,-'....?'f"'jff fiff Mfiff 1'-1 ,5 1-'4i5Y"' 1-5- 7aoZZaZf 2 59 Q wh S5 L.ug:1, I'-:S Non Conference .a-iq, '5x 1: "J Elgm 33 Hawkeye Elgln 7 Cahnar J Footba l DT3Ct1C started August 23, wlth aloat 25 boys re nortlng Th rteen retarnlng let ternen ma e up the lrst strmng, bacred by ,lent5 of capable sub stltltt The Panthers played plenty of ha.d football, never bHUKIm,9WHdmFT mmnmdn lng odds ,mth the los of only h let termen and a returning eam wlth plenty of exper en ne Pantner are loom ng 'o vaxd to a V1CtO lous 51 ea n 'Me Sadecinle Conference Elgln E1g1n Elgin Elgln Elgin Elgln Waakon Postville Maynard Sum er Fayette dest Un o 5,5 J 4 1 J ,D 'l!'llLxwL1 1 will-. fx, ff! ff 4 3 tacwketlczli Barbara Yearous, bnlrley Page, -fc Jmlw 16 Jw, war. Q Jfol Norma uehrlnv, nr. Qarbrlggen, Janann 'ork, Jpanlne Jook, cath m1 ' t Jean Litvle, Donna 'Ob1HSOH, Jary Brackln. Seated Ldltn Jehrlng, Jann Q Jchor Wot mnown LaFonJa '1l3GT rlrst How Leo ,chor1, nurnwl ienbm, .ac 11. Mm, Lfeor e Own-3, M11 bmlth Second How Mr Valser, Don 5,1t,+er, karl Lembke, Burne"1 Larsod, .,11ff Medbf-rry, Art Laroon, mob DF1Il181S, Un' alker. Not Shovm r.ar1 Llttle X - ' -I. Y. ., f ,,,., --.,,., n,-,.:f, , ,. 'w , .. 4 1 U L AA A A .. Q I- ...AA , . 1 241.4- 'S ' 'I rf. ' . I ' 1 ' ' ' 1 - 1 - , w ff, , Av. f A .4 +A.. .1 1.. 4- T ' 1 - ' , M. . f , O . . . ,, . .A T 3 I Jia A A-Q -U . r. . . r . A e M. .. '1' . 'F ' 'N ., . v , ",,,.,., - -v 'N . x .... A ' x I Ln nn C' 11 A ' fix' o , . C - . I ' 1 'Y I Q N o 0 .n V ... A a I . .,. o W. 4 Q ll . . H . 4 GIRLS In endlng the1r basketball season, the glrls look back on many games won and lost, and though they regret the games lost, lt was all 1D all a food sea son The glrls' record 1n the county, whlch showed much lmprovement over pre vlous years, was S w1ns, and 7 losses The g1TlS are looklng forward to an even better season next year as they lose only one player, Grace Gehrlng, a guard The average scores per game for the glrls are as follows Norma Gehrlng, ll M, Barbara Yearous, 7 M, Mary Brack1n, 6 3, and Donna Roblnson, 5 5 BOYS The Elgln Panthers completed thelr 1950 Sl basketball season by falllng to a strong Sumner team w1th a score of 32 to S7 The'r lack of experience and their strong opposltlon ln the Upper Iowa Conference were the contr1but1ng factors in the Panther's low conference sta dlng However, the panthers strong determlnatlon won many hard fought battles and the fans were thrllled by thelr fine dlsplay of sportsmanshlp The f1nal result was a season whlch almost anyone could call successful Boys Glrls Team They Team W They Naucoma Waucoma Randalia Randalla West Unlon Clermont Clermont Stanley Elkader Oran Fayette Garnavillo Arlington Maynard Garnavillo Wadena Maynard Maynard Postvllle 4 Ar11ngton Wadena Arlington Elkader Luana Maynard Alpha West Un1on Clermont Waukon Wadena Arlington 4 Wadena Clermont County Tournament Waukon s Sectlonal Tournament Postville j Upper Iowa Jamboree Ossian CDe Sales La sing Summer 32 .... F2 ..... .2 ' 25 21 26 hh 30 28 ' 25 u9 3 ' 6 18 31 29 33 37 18 27 31 50 bl 15 Stanley h9 38 Arlington 19 59 27 18 27 76 . 31 27 33 39 31 52 31 3 36 30 L3 62 ' 31 55 ' 23 35 35 26 20 37 28 h8 s 2? S9 37 hh 2h 35 ' bl 61 h5 L2 27 no M6 17 3h 33 hl 30 + 39 h5 a U9 ho ' 36 h? S J 53 26 S 29 M3 57 I A 4 eden .feczdew 1+ L ii Y -snag sfmw saw af """: E-299:-L i-m...E 'G J' l-A K. 2 HCTIVITIES AUGUS T 28 School Registration SEPIHBII OCTOBER News staff orgamzed and election of class offmcers First Football Game here, Elgin 33, Hawk eye 7 Let's keep it up Assembly Program on Liquid Air Election of Home Economcs Club Officers Freshman Initxation, a picnic supper was given by the Seniors Teachers Heet1ng at Oelwein, Let'e have them more often Last day for lr O'Brien Senlor Day at U I U Biology Field Trip Oh' my aching feet Hot Lunches started No more cold dinners Rust College Singers presented a program Senior Class Party, Bowling and a party at the school house Agr1culture Class went to Oelwein Sen1or pictures and small groups for the annual were taken Q arrives lr Gates of Waterloo talked to the assem- bly NOVHBXR Individual pictures were taken of students Basket Social, benefit of the band uniforms Holidq lixer sponsored by Home Bc Club Puppet Sho! Fu-st Basketball game at laucoma Conference Jamboree at lest Union Press Conference st Cedar Falls Elgin at Clermont, Boys 38 36, Girls 31 29 Double V1ctory Program on Central America md Mexico by Dr lfuncy, a Baptist Missionary Thanksgiving, No school today or tomorrow IECKIIBER 22 Nordic Cathedral Choir appeared here, bene- fit of the band uniform Fayette here Both boys teams won and girls beat Oran A 'RIFLE VICTOFU Junior Class Play "Strictly Formal' Chr1stmas musical in the afternoon Begin ning of Christmas vacatlon JANUARY School again, vacation was fun wh1le lasted ll Juggling Program Ho School Brrrr FEE-IUARY Alpha here larch of Dimes Benef1t ame No school Snow and more snow Still no school No School Icy roads Boys Junior High Tournaments We won over Iadma Junior High lost to Arlington in the tournament MARCH lixer sponsored by 'Che Sophomores Lost to lqnard in Junior High Girls Tourns ments Senior supper at Poatville lo school, snow' No school, still snoring lo school, we certainly sren't complaining Spring Concert by band md small groups First appearance of new uniforms Saturday school, lake up Noel Smith visited school and talked to the biology class Good Friday, no school in the afternoon APRIL First baseball game, Hawkeye here llus1c contest small groups Bmeball at Clermont Music Contest lest Unlon here Alpha there Jun1or Senior Banquet Senior Play, 'Double Door laucoms here llusic Contest lnsic Contest Senior Day at U I U lusic Contest Baccalaureate Commncement Last Day of School Large groups OXSSQW 3 ' it 1 ' . ' . 30 15 . - 18 ' ' 5 .' . g ' 18 ' . 8 . 19 ' 16 . 21 , ' 26 . 22 I . 28 . 30 ' . . . 3 . 14 . . . 6 , 13 . . . 16 . 12 . ' 17 2 ' - ii ' . 23 16 . 23 lr. Kossives our new English teacher 17 ' ' 25 . - 21 . ' 23 . 1 . 2 - 3 - 7 - , 1 . . 9 . 10 . 114 11' - 16 ' . 18 . 19 18 . 21 . - 21 . ' ' 2h ' ' 28 33 ' un' 1 . . . 1 5 - . ' 13 S I 11' 18 ' ' 25 ' Editor in Chlef Assistant Ed1tor Class Will nd History Prophecy and Banquet Pictures Sports School Calendar Activ1ties Class Edltors Typist Buslness Managers ,'4aauclZS Grace Gehrlng Shlrley Reusser Paul Smlth Ivan Crain Clara Hendrlckaon Merle Kllngman Leonard West Ruth Boleyn Francla Butlkofer Bonn1e Lou Lantz Mary Lou Becker Barbara Rainey Ruth Boleyn Jack Hanson Leo SChOP1 Jr Bonnle Lou Lantz B111 Peters Bob N1ckels Mary Lou Becker QUQIGO f fig? giaivvm C7 . . ..... Juniors Art . . . . WWQMMQ SMA! Jw fx W' ' f 1 r 1 I1 D 'lu JW! ,Pr lnw H ' IHHWY, dutH Ti'lJtQon, JV ' "fx uf fff TPVJP JTBPP EIFL fmrx :ian uh rlqg vu.,.m NPNS .a Icno edclm Wf e J 3 J ,Q eon Po lun, Jpdl -lttl , ary Don Jrcmer, 'I Jo V' wr... ari M3 1D He QCIOO1 CO1L""1 o 'hc n In dd' t P to th S thu' ,wuhllsrx 2 on hlf Pdrvwfr Tr-cms" w H Ls lqS'lP'i HIFI s .1 wut o .ln 1b15chofa1 Tmmbarb c- re mend sn ,.1,f, irew T3 J J W' C. S.. F, w1'zr'c discmxua in 1' wc' gQ:CfllI"'.3 on metbofs fx i...j:mrovir1g' Qcrvo.. jarwrg vers: 14,16 H OMKZ The Dalnnccc fone Hcononics Club, under tye c1p1Ple supervision of Irs. Walker 'Qld monthly rcctinys discussing such topics as beauty of toe home, and care of LFC lair. These officers were clectcc. Mary Loy Pcckcr, Prosidvntg Janice Torkclson, Vice President, Janann Mcrk, gccrctnryg and Jeanine Cook, Treasvrcr. A few of the clwb's activities for tne year included sponsoring a High School Mixer, and sending noncj to the cnildrens' Home at Ottnmwa for Christmas yifts. Money was raised by selling apples, pop, and candy at some of tne basketball games. 4 6401444 blPSt Lyn P1:oa w c,d wo erta oan , ' Lv y Wenso ary Bnackln, Donna LPblHSOH, aFonla Alller, 'any Lol acff , Q11 lej ohaf er, aloara feanoua, D3 a Ogle, bhaflcne bruver, JI uretlen Pen t+c Lann, kaxen llylo, J ana elnn nd, Bewerly How, argery Johnson, 5a ,ara Jllbert, Beverly duehlethalar, Jerna ormmm, olana HD1dF1CkSOU lhlru Row Ianlce Ton elaon Handa mdaffer Janann Mork Norma Gehrl ! 9 3 D ULWOPL, Shlrley Howard, Deon Pollo P, drace dehrnxg, Marle 16DdF1CkSOU, Roch mllotkod, Rath Boleyn. W4 F rst Row Orran Bane, paul SW1th, Paul Plnney, occ e Lerch, Joe Qglc, Donald butter, atanlev oapper, Stanley EP1CkSOH, Dwlght Gruver. second Row. Pat Mlnlhan, Burnell Benson, Leo SChOF1, Leonard Jest, FT3Hb1S Butikofer, Merle Klingman, Darwin Gllson, Lane Ash, Howard Wolf, Charles Loftsgard, Robert Nickels. Not Shown: Ronald Loftsgard. I I " EAU: Q:"'ra F'l'f., h b Q Fly Lrna Haungartngr, Z1nEf-' L n, Tl Q. ' ', 1. - , 7 . ' ' a ro, c-', '-,-",- " .. La, 5 A n X I LJ KL A AA A af -v4. L 4 f Lor' " L , ' ' r ' 2 ' . o ' U . A T .. . , . . . U . D. . Second Row: Edith uehrlng, Norma zulfer, JdDlC8 .1nney, Jane Denn-er, Lor- " ,mf ' 1 "va 7 N " ' ' A n v - -vu' " 4 .L .1'Lf n A A QA -1 1,24 A 4 ... Lau., Ln . . , . -Q ,. 1 , . A ,, . ' rg - F , I , ' ' . . -r . '.' ' : . ' o,k ,of W 4 'I 'N A ' Janfcw "i ' . ' F ,fc . 'l ' ' 'l . 'z ' ' I ' .,+ H" a 1 ' A .v n A 4. A 5 I 4 . ' - ' 1' v-3 ' , l . . M .U , s -Q I1 , ' ' ' Q ' . , 0 . . . , 5. Whwdddauw band 1 i K5 1, llllllll Francis Butikofer, Burnell Benson, Barbara Yearous, Karen Kiile, Janice Stanley Capper, Howard Wolf. Schor , Donna Rnbinson. Jith Pnleyn, Huw rd Wol , Kath T1llJtQon Not Shown W b rta Mosby, Wnnla olaifer fl,4pn.Il.A-0' PlTSt RUN Ba bara ullbert, oharlone o over, Lalvnoa '1ller, Janlce ooho 1, Roberta Vosbv Second Row Rutn Tlllotson, Rutm Boleyn, Iury Lou Becker, Karen llple, fan da Snaifor, Jan ce Torkelson Not ohown Barbara Boleyn 5 O 7, . . , r ' As' ,T 4. fl A Q , .Lf ., . o 'A r A I A O '- N ' , u 0. Q A O W W C Q '1' , fy- 5 - ,1 -v1 - v- - ,. . rv 1 ' vw v 4 . . l' 'X .v. -' Y' ji A. I 0 . . 3 I. r ,- T.. - n . . nn. A. A . . . . , Hx -: . A. o F' I I o SfMw?77Zu4cc March 16, marked the date of the showlng of the new Band bD1f0FmS t that tlme the Elgln Hlgh School Music Department, under the dlrectlon of Leo Grether, presented a Spring PUS1C Contest in the school gymnas1um The followlng program was glven H1s Honor The Blue Tail Ply Magnus Overture Thema Tzena Tiena Ba d He Shall Feed His Flock Wanda Lu Shaffer- Contralto Trombone Quartet Howard Wolf, Stanley Capper Burnell Benson, Francis But1kofer The Sp1r1t Flower Ruth T1llotsonfSoprano P1ece For Four Clarinets Barbara Yearous, Donna ROb1nSOH Karen Klple, Janlce Schorl The Shepherdess I Heard You go By Oh Lovely Nlght The Star I'm Only Nineteen Flight Of the Bumble Behemoth Warmlng Up Come Soothlng Death Desert Song Black Jack March Howard Wolf Trombone Glrls' Trlo Ruth Boleyn-Soprano Girls' Sextet ee Roberta Mosby Pianist Wanda Lu Shaffer-Tuba Band Fillmore Arr Fred Mesang Arr Leonard Handel Alma Mater Campbell Tipton Brown Roberton Ronald Rogers Rogers Rimsky Korsokoff Vander Cook larch Bach Romberg Huffer1S c ot t The Amethyst . . . . . ........ . . . . . Va der Cook B O 0 I O O I O I O l O 0 4 'ef nn 63x uv' Lin ll wou wo d have looked Iehlno tre c cseo door of th! :kool You L ,Qp+evhcr I you would have seen sfrf rarrc looknnb c efturf XUHD1NF arruro. T 9-e so cflleo c c tures' were twert nlre green fr+,Lren c wfxc PIU' 'n t atec J t Q r su erlor., the a Wlylf SLUlOl5. Some of the character' nortrfytd Hu: Q 4 ax were a ve dlstlnzulsheu br oe and groan Je rlne Cook was tre rroow and Stanlex Poger Q E xfrfwg J e Duxlnp L GJ a's nt Frua aun,1rtner c KC For lower, L 1' Abner LO1+ff lftp r rn ar01rd Lorkke H UTWDCG ar P a frnntlefs c v. Kar Dorrc ROBINSON were HrPoSsd qs an Inwnfr Lf'5 Kar exer stooxe0 so cr as o ,ollwr the don s sho l 03 I Or .LHS 1V1S rrleocr enicvf W f f 16 floor ln front 0 tlf w Jle sxe flnv, HG0odn1g.1 lrcwe Othrr oon o V f If hr n Sari were Hnlerf xdve Yov Poor oern1 Sunsb re ovn Ck Glue n' 'l JL ogra Orle was the solczst 1F Nhllhem ra 'Lol azv Yov lrwld a' sho reprs fn+ed tle Lomer Boy of Pollanu. Snckfrf, gun, b llcon,, e C eo, 0 a fp ann lpples were tle llttle g its tne fre hmen bestowed And of co11 e upon tHP 9PHlf tbrruihout the da5 the tPddltlFh8l bowlry to all SFUIOT' took place. A lr ,,... 'rf Big, ui, --7 U Witt The annual banquet was given by the Juniors in honor of the graduating seniors on the evening of April 21, 1951. The theme of the banquet was HA Southern Plantationn so the poles leading up to the balcony were converted into pillars and the space beneath the bal- cony was made into a veranda. The veranda was decorated with lawn chairs and flowers. The gym floor served as a lawn where the banquet was served. The waitresses: Karen Kiple, Donna Robinson, Jeanine Cook, Marvel Freder- ick, and Yvonne Chapman and the waiters: Karl Lembke, Dennis Butikofer, Paul Finney, Donald Reierson, and Stanley Boyer dressed as southern darkies served the following menu: Mint Julep-appetizer Virginia Baked Ham Ctomato juice and ritz crackersl Cotton Balls Cpotatoesl Golden Slippers Carolina Noon Salad Ccandied carrotsj Spoon Bread Crollsl Java Plantation Special Ccoffeej QVAH1118 and Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate syrup and waferl The following program was given UColonial Daysn CJuniors HOD Other SOl1n CSBHIOTS toast of thanks? HTales of Oldn fP13HtHt1OD Life History 'The Tattlen CTake offs and Jokesl NOh Hear Ye, Hear Yen toast of welcornl HNews Tnat hever Leaked Out' CClass Willj CClass Prophecyl M by NThe Village Blacksmitnn CClifford Medberryl UThe Old Lamplighter' Ckaul Smithl by HThe ooverness of the Carolinas' CDeon Pollockl by 'The Candle Snuffer' CRuth Tillotsonl by 'Lord Overlandn CCar1 J Robinson! by HThe Colonel Snooper CFrancis Butikoferl fHoward Wolfl INS S L . . . . , 4 . . . L I . . , . . - ,, . z 1 I i V . . ' T 1 ll A A fix- J K ., ,. , . fr x, 4 , . ..-,,,,, ., ., x rl. LG 0 XXXXK XX? ,et xc xxxqm 'XML xx, std X9 V6 L 0X1 xxx 1-x0 ex x xx A E006 or 0 x EX 30 DY9 Wx. 'xx Xx X LN fy x xx WX H C05 L L U ex Vxxb oxXXex,e0 E x 0 X " Q7 X 0 'Qx xx: x., ON 00 YW Xu, U., 9 'Xp L XJ xc, N 'X K xXQQ 'fXu. 'N Ox L X. vu 9, x 1, 0 LUG x Q00 e 05 fi ix 0x L C ? 'N , Xxb 'X X09 X X0 XX px, Q L 0 cx J' 0 X 0 No JO '02 xtX5Q 04 V 0 QBL YY-E? 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Suggestions in the Elgin High School - Panther Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, IA) collection:

Elgin High School - Panther Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, IA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Elgin High School - Panther Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Elgin High School - Panther Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Elgin High School - Panther Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Elgin High School - Panther Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Elgin High School - Panther Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, IA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 75

1951, pg 75

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