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S Z E S 2 1? in 3 A! 3 25 15 ai 3 53 s 5 is s 3 MHRIQEIN 1982 XXNQ 92- J- V! If uf' f Na! we M Q ELGIN I-HGH SCHOUL ELC-IN, ILLINCDIS 60120 VGLUME 71 CV4l6'L'6' O? HON CSN ZS ACTIVITIES .......... 8 ACI-IIEVEMENT5 .... 30 ORGANIZATIGNS . . 38 SPQRTS ............ 70 ADMINISTRATIONf FACULTY .......... 106 SCPI-IOMORES ..... 118 IUNIGRS .......... 142. SENIOR5 .......... 166 V MMV M4 V WMV flu! .14 J ll JZ! fl ff 55 ILT! HANG N J J!! I 5 4 I I I I Y? NX 3 WCDRLD EWS On Nov. 12 1981, the spaceship Columbia majestically blasted into space. Although the flight was cut short, it lasted 36 hours and most of the work load was finished. Thus the first "used" spaceship had completed its mission. Are there future astronauts studying here at Elgin High? Anwar Sadat, who won the Nobel prize in 1978, died violent- ly Oct. 6, 1981. While he was viewing a parade, uniformed Moslems jumped from a truck, fired rifles and threw grenades killing Sadat. Although there are only 5 students of Arabic descent at Elgin High, whenever a world leader of vision is assassinated, it affects us all. I The biggest fad of '81-'82 was the Rubik's Cube. Designed by Prof. Rubik, the cube's purpose was to make his architecture stu- dents think three-dirnensionally. Now this teaching tool has spread throughout the world, but the professor receives no profit, because he sold the rights to the Hungarian government. Throughout the year, EHS students "thought" a great deal. if J. eb' ru: E551 ......-.f ,., 9 S9-Q 'I .,.. ,,- Conservationism reigned in America. Socialism made strides in countries like France, Greece and especially Poland. Poland suffered food shortages, labor disputes and government shake ups. Then on Dec. 10, 1981, martial law was declared. Thousands of union leaders and dissidents were arrested, communi- cations cut off, and a curfew imposed. ffi ifczli LOCAL 'X 1978 graduate Mel Cole went on to Star in football at the Univ. of Iowa leading the Hawkeyes in tackles for two years. On New Years Day, Mel, wearing an Elgin jersey under his Iowa shirt, played in the Rose Bowl game. Although Iowa was overpowered by Washington, Mel was chosen most valuable Iowa player, thus carrying on a tradition begun here at Elgin High. f f""' The biggest cornsumer item of '81-82' was video games. An estimated 56 billion was spent lmainly by teen- agersj representing 75,000 man years playing the games. The hottest games were Pac Man, Astroids and Space In- vaders. The leading Christmas pur- chase was a home unit with Odyssey, Atari and Intellivision dominating the field. The 11 day teacher's strike became the longest in U46 history. Another first was the court injunction ordering teachers back to school. When a majority refused, union officers, including Elgin's Rupert Searcy, were jailed. This was a first in U46 and the state of Illinois. On jan. 10, 1982, temperatures plummeted to 26 degrees below zero with wind chills of 80 below, thus be- coming the coldest recorded day. Schools were closed and students cele- brated a "free" day. A week later the Siberian Express rolled through the area again, and temperatures plunged to 25 below but school was held as usual. 6, 7-,D 4, W 1 I i..'9-v 3 v 1 4 i Y i A t i AND .szfereywffw .gs eomfqva up zeosgs 1 4435 5 J, .- - ,. : :E , L iw Q xi ' Ste . an is. ,: r my 'iv 44-""'n Pictures this page: 1. It's time for Ron Scruggs to fly. 2. Brian Latour .drills in Metal class. 3. Students enjoy sunshine outside the Commons. 4. In sewing class, a stitch in time saves nine. 5. Esliclie Pruitt -dreams of getting out- sx e. 6. The Great Outdoors students build shelter huts., 7. Smile! You're on Candid Camera -- for the Maroon. 8. Mike Germain receives a helping hand. ' 1 'HETIVITIES 'W X .,A- VV.. .K L, r.kL, Z fHE'l'lVl'FlE5 9 mug, N ,J .Z w T ' nf- ' 7 f a . ' -: A 1' R 2 A qw! A Q YZ U: ,fu 1 . 'Yi 4 2 ' LW 3, 'gf if A N V.-..... . V -, .gp , -Q , - wk - g , Q -3 - ,P 1 " s h, fr, , , K H . ' 2 ' V . . -8 'Ck .2 V 1 ' L. 7 :Z :'fa.Mv'fQia ,- Vf ik, V " Wphbn , A As f xi, 4 ' 'Aj 'fis- kx, . u . 1.1 lf 1 1 , , the -e...,,.,,.. 1 i x g ?T,, - My Q5 in C' Q ' P t 4q, 5 K , VW , AZ: jg, f p Thi5Qfi5gr Qfhe smd6his1atfE 1gin electQ ' ed, die ixiciom'paiablia l Chris Baiey'1as,,Hp1iiet6riiingfy - QUQQ11 'andizthe ,fOrmidab1'giRich G1iVeifE2fiafs5Home- Cpming,-King' The Iovelyfygix-fxgi ladies Swhiujtiade 'fthe- Queext7s1c6xirt' soYworih' 1oi3king, at fwerelfaria ' f5B1iz2ardL fCHrHY Gi11am4 jT5mmf3?iQ513if51i 'alisif Now :,lWhiffOCka: The ,Hhpdibmef 'g3ff91fld3,!'Itf5'EjQIffQ ' ' jimi 3DfJ15IiQ Glfihamwf Jbhniqnlsfiiidm, ' 5ohri1L Shf-rpafds fUnfQrrunaw1v fthe Hcmiecbmilig Oliyarezywgi, injured ' the ,firSCg f Half bffthe f.hdmeconiixig?Lgame and'w3SF not fable to V ,cxdianm Iijl21gQgflp1ace, hibliiibiiiiei gragfioufkf W HCCQPQBCP lv0SifiP11 ?QffHQmeCvff1ifi2 fliinsf . +3 L, m nf 1fRafme Qxa+afez me canagaxsmfa 2.1I5ifgiiE4 Whi1ibck jiihn ,GrLahanif?Q.'fCatI1y Gillam 'aixkiifilwn Elhipard 44,Iim:.,' Q Uollaii and Ch-fiisQ1B3lEy 5i1JQh1i,Shepard sind Cathy Gi1lam'6qM 'Qiieexifliris BalielyiaxidLMis,QOiivarez, repgregemixgygj her son'RicI-rw 5 as'1Kii'igfgQ1forlayvictcrybriifiefiround thi? iootBA1l'Fie1d. 7. Ioiihx X ' V Grghairif 5134-HNora ,whiflodldftk Homgcnjmigigfifbtrf. And ,the wiy'gher,LWgs:'Q. g'Chrisfi 'and Riqhib Qlivarez! 10QSTairfmy Suitsf kind' Qoxdie gjolmsdxi !f'iQI!!QQCbIIiil'iYg'VCfiHdid'QfES roclefih ardtiquecars as part of ihe phifadeif r Q f Q .ND ff me me I6 me 09 , r, L X fi A A N L -A :Li , M 1 514 . ' X ' ' f, VAQBQ L -f i . ., . .. A If l',4 -'fa V A V Yi X 'EL' M I - . 'jf Q, Q 4 5 1 TH? 555091 SHOW-'fd its sfheol Spirit during the pep 'm - a ssembly. Th er e was A pep rtgxikfc bbostf mfhg1sch oOT spirit' by ifhe lcheerleaders, ThefPomzPq11s came out and danced a routine in the song "On BroadwayQ"1th,is year's Athemegl Afterrthat the Qandidates for King Lanc1LQlueen1 wereannounced by the master5 ?oflcefemony, john 5he1pard arid Gordie IbhQnsong Since one of 1he puiposes of rhe aisbmblv wa S f0 hOn0ir all fa1l1Spoi15,- ,each team was mrecogriizedmsuklk 1fE1finAting,with- Cogrlh, Evalngelist intmduciiyg kheQ varsity Eoogballfteam. The assembly ended on':iglmox1dAno1e- ithe PomsQT a1'xd itheCheerIeade1Q5 1ed every0ne in singing- the SChOQ1-SOligg - l lljto RQ 1, wh0se g5n1wp2 ELGIN 24 Lef'S get the-shdw dn Ltiieroadx Szknows' what to do, 4. Varsity fpdiball ,shows schooZ1s'piiiLt'5Q SuperQ5tar Saurbaiigh 43, With smiles like Athesefhow can wg?1o5r:?'7. Pom1PonsQon broadwayg-BgAThg ,fooibdilyp1gyeiS.,phegrq.9: Th67f6ns1cheerV.3 A Ll f , , t Qwx 5J1'S 8 S83 DOWN ZTH8 160,427 The band played and the floats rolled as this year s homecoming parade wound through downtown Elgin. To add to the excitement, the Shriner's Motorcyclists performed along the parade route. The class of 1984's float, "The Wiz", won as most beautiful. The most original was judged to be Student Council's float, "Fame-Elgin's Going to Live Forever." And the float best fitting the theme was the class of 1983's "East Side Story." The most impor- tant award, best all-around float, went to the Seniors for "Carouse1." It was a very successful parade and the sun shined warmly on all the festivities. L to R: 1. Here comes the band. 2. E.H.S. Cheerleaders 3. Brodway or bust 4. We love a parade 5. Homecoming parade in action 6. Pompons on the move 7. The winning sen- ior float 8. Student Council float 9 It wasn't as "ease"-y as we thought it would be. 10. The girls want to get in the act. f N-1, V ND 2964115 C0 V4 5'llL',C HOZISE .,. - fl- - r ' t I I .2 I a"sVVV'V V 5 V X V .9 : lj VV' ., rs 1 ' g, U f I-r 4 F , 1 U , N ru u i bf. is XV Jil N ' H6 u gm x l 1 ' svxxl' NL, A, 'R J? lxllihh S t J . A a 4. . 3 Fl ,V M' X7 I S: " ef X- Ksmfiiiwtf lager: . fsliifiilhz, V 'e V,m..,5s:.2 -fy,-.5 V ..af..V.fVcV.--Y. f V - V ffm, as ..,.,1 K , p ?- -7 5 an N -,VV . ,V V if i M Xa 5 5 f ' " ff- "I lc-C. .. . .51 AV, fat , Vic 'aifx B' T 2 ', 'V ' S 12' at-fa ,, V, QR S , - V 5 4 A 4 V: gm' . t f A V' V , V Rr Vvri ,'V VV W lg ,s V 3 V Vit l 'nity VV ll . ,Qs A ' it ,ov QV ,414 ff' V ,i , X . ' .V IAF R iv 5 ,wav . V, t I 'I if E 1 . . W-. 2, t --c,...s.. ,Q an gf-2-A kV - t -" . -'1 , 'EW .t ing' N - f . .Qt , 1 ' X 3.41 VV ' sash..-' VVVV. ' t ' ' 'fra-1 t, , w:::,:N"- -' L-if ,,....'pj21 Q . Q w :gs+ is at V is QR X A X' I I S Thursday night before the homecoming game, the traditional bonfire was held by the Student Council to bolster the spirits of the team and student body. The next night the football players gave it their best effort. To the delight of the large homecoming crowd, Elgin was ahead at halftime, 15-7. Unfortunately the team fell short of winning the game. Quarter- back Richie Olivarez separated his shoulder during the first half. Although John Shepherd did an admirable job of replacing Olivarez, the Maroons lost a close hard fought game 24-22. L to R: 1. On your marks, get set, go! 2. Give us a break! 3. Half time pep talk 4. Pom Pons give us a half time show 5. Tense times on the sidelines 6. "Chinese Firedrill" 7. Pom Pons on parade 8. Cheerleaders have drive 9. And the winner is . . . ' -ad? if yi t 2 N, at ,... we C 1. . , 2 - 'iid . . ,.' li 'lk t , .llbl VV, iir, V K-'wx 9 x ,, V XV ,V Vg? AV VP . -1 Nfl l . l. r gil lli. ' 21 If SZTZIDSNZS DAN65 CHS NJGHC AWAV L54 g '.,,-.1 5 1 fifg insaz -. ' ' ' ' x jrw .Q -' "' 7' -' 7, h ' , ,S ' ' ' .S us? bl 'X J ' N . '-f X f ' i t R V ,vga , --r. A of p y , ' . , " 1, 'f f' i T T V' N r ' - r,f f f 2 tx, gy ,-f f Pr " I 'eil' . 1 5 V - , i e .45 fi x.,,' . . 0 9 Q Although Elgin had lost the game the day be- fore and it was raining Saturday night, everyone was in high spirits for the Homecoming dance. With Musical entertainment provided by "Slapp" a very talented band, the dancers crowd- ed the floor. Whether they were swaying to a slow song or jumping around to a disco beat, a great time was had by all who attended. Midway through the evening, the beautiful jan Thomps son and handsome Scott Sund passed the crowns to this year's King and Queen, Rich Olivarez and Chris Bailey. After a short speech was given by each, a special song! was played by the band and the King and Queen had the first dance of their reignf. - y t r L to R: 1. Ian Thompson crowns the new queen 2. Homecom- ing Court "jesters" 3.-Let the good times roll 4. Scott Sund passes the trophy to the new king. 5. "Better luck nextryearf' 6. Can you tell whose teeth are the whitest? 7. Lost in love 8. Homecoming Court 9. "But, seriously, folks . 10. Get down to the music. 11. The pause that refreshes! xt fb' ,f -vc 1 I 1 of plantey centerp ' fa 1 1 A A , A sy 1' , I f 9 g . i , W. s I, Y , , E. E' - f is l. T 4 I i N DADS ,AND DAZIGH C8165 ZVN5 ND DAN68 if l 4 I The Blue Moon ballroom spar- kled with excitement at this year's Dad and Daughter Date Night. The evening began with an elegant buf- fet. Following dinner the dads and daughters danced the night away to the sounds of the band, Flite. The winners of the annual dance con- test were: 1st place-Kelly Diekmen, whose prize was a bottle of cham- pagne, 2nd-Pam Foote and 3rd- Penny Horng both won a bottle of wine. Flowers were given to Kim Konen, for Most Original, and to Michelle Entwhistle, for the Fun- niest. The fathers learned some new steps and agreed with this year's theme-"Thank Heaven For Little Girls" NZ? 571511 SJ-M168 ,4 23511761-!C9lllf 5If6'N.7N5 X , 4 .. ' 1 , , 1 f 1 A ri' r J, . " I on page at left: 1. Administrators, sponsors and s all enjoy the evening. 2. Dad learns some new Fathers show their fancy footwork. 4. Ann Fox and .er survey the buffet table. 5. Moments like this always be remembered. 6. Big smiles are seen all orn the three main courses beef fish and ham 3 inner there is table talk. 4. Dads and daughters e night away. 5. Couples share a slow dance. 6. 2 Entwhistle and her father win a prize for their ' 19 this page: 1. Fathers "strut their stuff." 2. Diners r ' - , ' . . l. . 1 , I X Sr Q.,-A .. LA. rg My '21, 52 KH xx K +5 -11 - V A uf 'H ,ff K Wa xman M gag M? MQ? QM- 5 , ' JB, 'iv H-A' S1 H 'ai QP 35.60 Q5 v"gg.nx mt., if i Jw, AJ x my Q FW-'r'QX ,f ' 1 . X . K .. N W 'Su V719 21416617 177758 529716755 ,L - On December 6th the student council hosted a Christ- mas party for approximately 475 senior citizens. The day's events began with welcomes from Mr. Richard Felicetti, principal of Elgin, and Dr. Rick Wiggall, superintendent of U-46. The program emcee was Mr. Sam Nicholas. The program consisted of musical numbers from the Singing Maroons, a magician, and 450 door prizes. Refreshments were served by the E.H.S. student council in the commons. Carols were sung and door prizes were awarded. A festive day was shared by all. 1. The V.l.P's are served refreshments by our Student Council. 2. Mr. Felicetti presents a rose corsage to Mrs. Gladys Larson, who is in charge of V.l.P's council. 3. The singing Maroons give the senior citizens a small concert to usher in the Christmas spirit. 4. Everyone joins in singing popular Christmas carols. 5. Amen! 16011 Z7 EXW AC 634167 UMA X. On Dec. 22, a Christmas assembly was held in the E.H.S. auditorium hosted by the president of Student Council, Dan Hen- nessy. Cary Adams, a writer for the Mirror, announced the opening of the mascot con- test. This was followed by musical enter- tainment presented by the Singing Ma- roons and the E.H.S. band. The Poms per- formed a Christmas skit wishing E.H.S. a Merry Christmas. Each year the Elgin stu- dents elect a Mrs. and Mr. Claus. This years winners, Penny Horn and Greg Smith, were called on stage for their traditional Christ- mas kiss. On the more serious side, Student Coun- cil collected and donated 4402 canned goods and 5835.59 to the Salvation Army for the needy families. 1. Front doors are painted by Juniors for Christmas. 2. Christmas is the spirit of giving. 3. Students have fun at the Student Council lock-in. 4. Elgins' Annual Christmas tree is in the commons. 5. This year's Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus- Penny Horn and Greg Smith. 6. Bell Ringers perform at the Choir Concert 7. Let it snow B. Students Dream of a White Christmas? 23 .ww 2a,:,.gg,1 Y W if amy ' 'L ' f' , 3: 5 T 1 4 W 1i051flfW00 UK f5'l!5?f i 5 f 1 r i li ii 4 M 1 U fn ' J M y I1 N F, I I H4 1 ,xvw f x ! :ff F 5 MQ' f 9 K i , . 'Pklmuwu the lgfts N 1. A jazz dance is pe1'fprli1ed.by Lisa Long. 2. A mime from Sfreitmwood won second plane. 3. The lmelgslnjoy wa laugh between acts. if A S910 difplayei his talent. 5. The 518111 bind lettisinxocked and :oiled while the nudil gnc: 1 The pingqf 1'm'zIm-imk-gruup Exucy is llgo u 1 Wil Wllliismi ihowi his-Pgvorite dress in Beth Millhom. 3- This sixigs 'Out on My 0wn"'and mal' Izes wharif-qgeans iq:-bi alone on mga. 4. Andzgwpeunjohnson sings Emu me hem. 5. Rereonicghttqggs'dh'plhying his own! composition Z5 ,uw we wozewfs ,4 S64 are Wi.. if Elgin's entry for this year's contest play was Death Of A Salesman. The play competed in a series of contests orga- nized by the Illinois High School Association, which led to the selection of the twelve best plays in the state. At the District contest, Elgin placed and advanced to Sectionals, along with two other plays that were first and third. The cast and crew fared much better at Districts than at Section- als, where they didn't place at all. Also honored at Districts were Bill Elbert, Laura Sutherland, and Doug Pleskovitch, who were named members of the All District Cast. Cast of Characters Willy Loman ...........................,. Bill Elbert Linda ........ .... Biff ...... Happy . . . Bernard . . . Woman . . Charley . . . Ben ..... ......... Produc tion Staff and C Director .......................... Production Assistants Lighting Coordinator Follow Spot Operators Costume Supervisor . Laura Sutherland . Doug Pleskovitoh BillWeher . . . . . Paul Arnone IillWendt Kevin Hanaughan . . . . Robert Moore rew . . . Robert K. Mott ..................LisaBergman Make-up Supervisor . . ....,... Jody Holden Make-up Assistant ...., .,.. Property Coordinator Ronald Braddock . . . . John Hoskins MikeHahn Dan Hennessy LindaDiaz Annemarie Schultz Annemarie Schultz Sound .............. ........ I im Schaefer Set Coordinator .... Box Office ..... Publicity ........ Special Projects . . . Set Crew .... . . . . Scott Whitlow , . . . . Lisa Abbott AnnFox . . . Suzanne Wifi Cathy LeRoy . . . . . Lea Spencer Mitra Khazai Kathy Andersor 124115765 NZD Jlfl8jV ND WOWISJV dll? Jlfl8l68L'Il rim. The annual spring play was The Man Who Came to Dinner starring Kevin Hanaughan and Lea Spencer. This play not only show- cased EHS talent, but provided entertainment for students, faculty and parents. Cast of Characters Mrs. Earnest W. Stanley . . . Lisa Bergman Miss Preen ..... Richard Stanley June Stanley ..... Masie ......... Sarah .......... Mrs. Dexter ..... Mrs. McCutcheon Mr. Stanley ...... Maggie Cutler . . Dr. Bradley ...... Sheridan Whiteside Harriet Stanley . . Bert Jefferson . . . . . . Cathy LeRoy Benjamin Schie . Kerry Drummer . . . Kathy Lisieclci . . Joyce Hojnachi Lori Washington . . Ramona Moore . Dan Hennessey . . . . . Lea Spencer BillElbert Kevin Hanaughan . . . . . Lisa Abbott . . . Bill Weber Professor Metz .... Lorraine Sheldon . . . Sandy ,.......... Beverly Carlton . . . Banjo .......... Carolers . . . Production Staff SuziWiff . . , . Jody Holden . . . . Ron Lofgren . . . . Robert Moore . . . . John Hoskins Annemarie Schultz Joan Helbig Ramona Moore Suzi Wiff Linda Diaz and Crew Director ............l.... Robert K. Mott Production Assistant Stage Manager .... Costumes ...... Publicity .... Lighting . . . Make-Up , . . Ronald Braddock EvaThiege . . . . Linda Lahey . . . . Lea Spencer Mike Hahn SuziWiff Annemarie Schultz Q 1 K 1 1 1 1 P 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 I V 1 1 E 1 I I I 1 HEHIEVEMENTS f A... A, , .... ,,,,, .X ,, ,,,-.-2 , ,ww.:..:fw www. ,wr -X-I-QSZH '37, --w::,,,..:.:.! - MG-Q,U' 9 3 UWA-.-f, NX- 'w::-- X.-X1 ,, , A.-ml-' 1-ff: WV---W' -- X Q ' I'QEi1:??iilf2-Sfix'5'f '55qZ?f2f2?fX?,flI.iifWfi?g'if22S?,f,',X:Sz3T17'if5f5':C1i Jx:i'T5f1-i-i-'j' X5fiX.si24e3-Tie,'fQ,l'f2Xi :Ei '7::ili?5:':mX51:57fifidfiiiifffil2?.L5EETF'."5 ---..X--gzz,.:'ffu:1gg---Ml,.X.X,,4:yffy:g4:-:,.,,, ---ew W-aw----W-1-.1.f,.f ---- ---X --:.::,,,ff W:--r ww- 1.1.1-X,, 5-pwg.s.11g:X,,.,.r,,X,-waz.-w ,XML --y,,5J5.g,,,,,-XX X.:-ggqgyrg --gggvjwbi",Qg.g5g572,,, if-L-:-i:.4.g.,5.ggkqt3.QQjjjf5gf5 I W 1, V fu? .. 1,1 .X. 4"-iiwii,-I. 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K,K, CK f 'K A ' .. fr, A Ki , t The 110th graduation ceremony was held m the fieldhouse on june 18 1982 Led by their spon sor Mrs Jamth Jackson the 483 graduates marched down the aisle t Pomp and Crrcumstance played for the first time at gradu ation by the EHS orchestra The graduates were greeted by another first the huge center scoreboard was ablaze wlth 110 and 1982 Lauber Carey Adams and Nora Whitlock Superintendent Dr Richard L Wiggall presented the class and board members Mrs jan Stolt and Mr James M Raue Ir presented the diplomas Carey Adams father Rev Thomas K Adams pronounced the benedic tion and Richard I-' Felrcetti made his last remarks as principal Thus both our seniors and prmci pal graduated from Elgin High ,yn I ' v - K , 'V I f O ' t V . , , . V . 0 . -, p , I I A n IV 11 ll 'Graduation speakers were Tom . , f. . ' UATIO "TIME POR ME TO FLY"y . The seniors appeared to be thinking seriously about their past and future during the traditional ceremony. 36' ,MM Mvwwfs 'I W Twelve years of hard work is' represented, in' diplomas conferred, at graduation. ' I in 54, x IQREHNIZHTIIQNS I f1xqk3ifsfe2f3P52XiQfseggjsizzasflwvigf-wk'152Xigs::i:z,5gwinfsilzrfiffziefwxixfsgkfgizixf'F.z13,sii11'git 45152255 NfIiX5sf5gsf s?Xf525f1f:f5a5f?Wfg'i ei:-Iwi 3213 srfygiaffiabsiit S11 2341.1 sz :.',Xgg13gwg5:Q:5zg2.eQi:f'g51213 51115551351593335fgggj1.1f3m:yf glglxzv .,g1z:w L' :2s'v"",, ,- --f 2522153 ' ' A MWWXQX-XweXwasw+2X::wf-s::2XXnXeXQQXQ-iwzziediiiwiwm-Xuigg .Xanga gwe esg V- X "'- .wXX,XX- 25553-ggi, qgh, x.,-Xg5gg,,XX4gg1fyi,g,X4g1kf:f.f5,qg,gi,fyg,g: :HfAmrfrzzfgqgfg:.figfgzxspfzuggil-XsvffxgfmQ:g1:1:ev15"i1f1:11,Legs 3-11':sX Xxx' -X g , , . . , .... ' N X ., ., .. . M... , WM , .,,- XM, lm QSM. 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Q MSW H K Ei, X sm 3 E L5 Q33 EN YW SQ F5 235 Nl 5 f M H F32 A 9 Fm "A 9 5 2 iw ' 'Q Y34 I H X 3 EXW 25 k an J A ig X mg X 5 '13 me 4 XXX X sei P 5 X, iii! E X 5 is as fi I X f ESQ L33 2 X , F ef 'lf X WZ U ' .5 Y X Y X Z X X I K 'xg I LJ' Q ls? XE J V an XE 55 'W f X "' if X , , X X,,, .,,., X,,,, X4 XX,,, ,,... XX,,, X,,, 55 XEJ ' his W W3 S 3 X555 gf!! 95 X 9' k TX 'Uv fXX?X W HX if' GE X XXX, if-XXf3Xf'Xf K 5 Xav ss Eu A 5 n f rg :gig X Y' 59 , QM if X ,XXX me if UV T 5 Q XX?Q1"4 Ywx w5ww,,f+ss:fA':g1fs gag, 'Xifssffziimww-Hfw' 2 mf-M555 XXX if ? ' : X 1 IQREHNIZHTIIQNS x 39 r ROC First Row L. to R.: Francine Laffey, Scott Hebert, Mrs. Sitter, Stephanie St. George, Diane Bolz, Mike Wolfe. Second Row L. to R.: Leo Leobrera, Kristi Hilton, Maggie Bump, Keith Kowasz, Kathy Ells, Beth Millhorn, A1 Morrison The Maroon Yearbook has been produced annually by students from Elgin High School since 1914, This year's staff was small in num- ber, but through hard work and dedication by each member deadlines were reached on schedule. The staff sincerely hopes that this yearbook will symbolize one of the best years of your lives. MIRRDR April Board, Carey Adams, Dawne Olivette, Bob J. Brown, Beth Warren, Mrs. Sicklesteel, Suzy Gierut, Tracy Glaze, Sandy Castro, Karen Feerer 'Y'f dawn 5 .. The Mirror is the school newspaper. It serves as an important source of information to the students. It also provides opinion columns and feature stories on special happenings outside of school. The most important job ofthe Mirror this year was co- sponsoring the school mascot contest. The winner, "Chief Mighty Maroon," was announced in the January issue of the paper. ffl A V GIRLS CLUB Left to Right: Cheryl Lindsey, Cindy Mukite, Dawn Witt, Janeen Lloyd, Cindy Woelfel, Jill Wendt The Girls Club is one of the oldest clubs at E.I-LS. and hosts three main functions a year - Mother!Daughter Lun- cheon in the fall, DadfDaughter Date Night in the winter, and Turnabout Dance in the spring. Lf EBC? Eboniers participate in school events and social gather- ings, such as a trip to Marriott's Great America and a pot luck dinner to commemorate Martin Luther King. Above: some possible Ebonier members? We need you! IERS Front Row L-R: Mrs. Roland, Mrs. O'Neal, Sandra Keith, Second Row L-R: Sandra Bush, Marilyn Bush, Robin Broadax, Third Row L-R: Maurice Moore, julie Scruggs, Candice Clark. GRAPHIC ARTS Y AGN L-R: Sandy Loperena, Vincent Spates, Pete Boysen, Tim Andrew, Dave Lose, Randy Kmieciak, Mike Steele, Tony Steffen, Marty Racilla, Pat Brooks, Mr. Kent Brown. Not Pictured at time of Photo Scott Hebert. lil raw- . r-ws, -1- r in we These high school students are enrolled in the Production Graphic Arts program. They are responsible for the weekly publication of the EHS Mirror, SHS Cutting Edge and LHS Loyal Royal newspaper. Upon completion of their year's exper- ience, they should have received entrance level skills in paste up, darkroom procedures, negative assembly, plate making procedures, press work and maintenance, and binding proce- dures. HERO First Row L. to R., LaDonna Conley, Colleen MCI-Iale, Tammy Bartos, Brian Baldwin, Sandy Bush. Second Rowp Phyllis Newcombe, Diane Hall, Dena Fahlen, Lynn Huffman, Karen Katz, Tammy Duckett. Not picturedp Ed Minson, Cathy Soola, Cheri Brown, Ruben Monteil, Elias Castro. CWT fab ,few- igiwf Q-..., First Row L. to R.: jaga Venkatesian, John Horton, Angel Cortez, Ana Acacado, Acaceli Garcia, Elsie Acavado, Second Row, Angel Rodriguez, Dennis Thomas, Patty Cole, Rosa Vargus, Elizabeth Gonzales. HERO is designed to assist students in preparing for a career utilizing specialized skills and knowledge in home economics. Personal and public service areas include child care, home fur- nishing, clothing production and man- agement. The Cooperative Work Training pro- gram is a program de- signed to provide as- sistance to senior high school students in making school and career decisions. CWT students work in the community in a variety of job set- tings. Classroom ac- tivities assist stu- dents in gaining em- ployment skills and exploring job oppor- tunities. MEANDERI GS "Meanderings" began publication on an annual basis six years ago as a show- case for creatively talented Art and Eng- lish students. Along with special merit awards presented to the top three entries in Art, Poetry, and Prose. Each year, the magazine is printed, illustrated, and written entirely by EHS students. This year's student editors were Eric Johnson, Ann Fox, and Susan Ford. Advising the students on their decisions were faculty editors Richard Browning and Carol Morrison. Top photo, L. to R.: Carol Morrison, Bill Elbert, Ann Fox, fwho both received special merit awardsj in more than one catagory: Bill was awarded his for Prose and Poetry, and Ann recieved hers for Poetry and Art.j and Richard Browning. Center photo, L. to R.: First Row: Carol Morrison, Sandy Loperena, Richard Browning. Second Row: Larry Walton, Randall Crow, Ann Fox, Eva Thietje, Third Row: Mike Steele, Bill Elbert, Susan Bal- dwin. The ski club was new to Elgin High this year. They took several trips to Wis- consin and near-by ski resorts, such as the Playboy Club in Lake Geneva and Su- garloaf in Michigan, Club members had season passes to Villa Olivia right here in Elgin. 3 SKI CLU Pictured above: Andy Vogel, Mike Rineer, Paula Tomser, Matt Fergeson, Rich Shelby, jeff LeRoy, Richard Rea Dawn Berry Sar Kershaw, Bill Weber, Kyle Engel, Cathy Gillam, Sue Waskewick, Megan Pelletier, Sharon Woelfel, Ms. Forbes Sponsor The "Hardest T MAIDS Second Row L. to R.: Donna Hatfield, Vikky Nivens, Cindy Mukite. First Row L. to R.: Michelle Hackerd, Kelly Burke, Pam Thomas, Ioan Mukite. L to R.: Keith Kyles, George Donovan, Tony Gross, Dave Wagner, Gordon Johnson, Greg Smith. Q, The wrestling mat maids were young ladies who volunteered to help the wrestlers and their coaches. Their jobs included keeping score and cheering our guys on. Hitters" club is sponsored by an anonymous football booster. The young men who achieve membership in this club have demonstrated great effort in practice and games in reference to attitude, desire, and preformance. The boosters hop it is the goal of all our student- athletes to perform at the best of their abilities, at all times, both on and off the field. 6 SENIOR CLASS CDUNCIL Front Row L. to R.: Vicki English, Kay Motz, Ann Nelson, Heidi Richard- son, Beth Millhorn, Sandy Meyer, Cheryl Lindsey, Cindy Woelfel. Middle Row L. to R.: Dawn Pease, Laura Luzinslci, Dawn Witt, Janeen Lloyd, Nora l Lftxjhy ' K' -.. "Ex Whitlock, Penny Horn, Cathy Gillam, Paula Langguth. Third Row L. to R.: Kiki Diamond, Randall Crow, Carla Blizzard, Janet Ellsworth, Jim Dolan, Bill Kelty, Steve Davis, Tom Lauber, Wil Williams, Ingrid Hessler. Senior Class Officers, L. to R.: Dawn Witt-Vice-President, Heidi Richardson-Historian, Carla Blizzard-Treasurer, Nora Whitlock-President, Wil Williams-Secretary. The Senior class is in charge of Homecoming, The Alumni Picnic, Senior Class Supper, and the donation of a gift from the class. JU ICR CLASS CCDUNCIL l Row one L. to R.: Linda Carter, Kathy Griese, Maria Susara, Lea Spencer, Ieda Haley, Michelle Oden, Shaun Buck, Row Four L. to R.: Brad Nelson, Scott Victorino, Molly Melton. Row Two L. to R.: Kerry Albert, Eddie Pruitt, Kim Simmons, Tim Franscone. Row Five L. to R.: Dane Buchkowski, john Mohr, Vanbogaert, Katy Warren, Sarah Maltby, Vickie Collatta, Kim Biesterfield. Bob Sebastion, Row Six: Keith Nelson. Row Three L. to R.: julie Haag, Kristi Houlberg, Debbie Hawkins, Holly A. wif' Ol' The Junior Class council sponsors Prom as a gift to the seniors as well as holding several fund raisers to have money for their class float in the Homecoming Parade and for Prom. SOPI-IGMORE CLASS CGUNCIL Front Row L. to R.: Kim Alexander, Lisa Abbott, Kelly Burke, Mitra Khazaig Michelle Hackerd. Middle Row I.. to R.: Dawn Berry, Joe Mulcite, julie Gray, Kristin Pearson, Lisa Daley. Back Row R. to L.: Bernadette A ii. or Obrochta, Debbie Lindsey, Tina Long, Cris Wilkiel, Lee Enzenbacher, Janelle Hildwein. , f-M' f' 9 .t,,. A ..'i ' A, - , I. M , , ., , isii , - fx Q13 k I " f-,W 5 ,.f , K f, rqisgf-5 kk , W J , f gvgwij 1 Y s li I "" . ,. A , I g Sophomores had much to do. They organized themselves as incoming Elgin High Students. They elected class officers and sponsored several fund raisers to finance projects in their coming years at Elgin High School. PAC Front RowL. to R.: Joe Mukite, Sarah Maltby, Mr. Felicetti tPrincipalj, Dan Hennessey, Nora Whitlock. Second Row L. to R.: Amy I-Ianaughan, Kris Paerson, Sue Nelson, Kathy Warren, Cathy Gillam. School leaders meet and discuss school policies with the principal. HOME SCHDDL COUNCIL Front Row L. to R.: Kay Diamond, Phyllis Blizzard, Co-President, Shirley Prigge, Carol Engstrom, Marianne Nelson, Delores Woelfel. Second Row L. to R.: William Diamond, Robert Pr1ge, Joyce Hartman, Co-Treasurer: Judy Antenore, Co-Secretary: Irene Plagge, Barb Warren, Co-Vice-Presb dent: Harry Blizzard, Co-President: R. Engstrom, Richard Felicetti: Princi- pal. The primary goal of The Home School Council is to raise money for the school. In the past, The Council has raised thousands of dollars which have been turned over to the school to buy new materials and equipment. Their many hours of hard work is greatly appreciated by staff and students alike, who are the recipients of the benefits. GERMAN CLUB Seated from L to R: Debbie Zimmerman, Becky Rhymes, Bob Doan, Eve Trist, Denise Wauchope, Jodie Williams, Leslie Ziegler, Second Row L to R: Mary Brettschneider, Kim Olliges, Elisa Enzenbacher, Janelle Hildwine, Tori Seiser, Lisa Abbott, Dawn Berry, Masuma Ashab, Becky Bradley, Joan Neslon, Marion Kaepler, Lisa Birch, Dr. Myron Nowosad. Third row L to R: Paul Clemmons, Dawn Witt, Jill Wendt, Ann Nelson, George Donovan, Julie Bacher, Keith Homfeldt, Diane Wauchope, Ron Braun, Mike Bein- hauer. Fifth Row L to R: Becky Bucher, Margeret Stokinger, Sue Baldwin. Fifth Row L to R: Mark Wodrich, Jim Elbert, John Mari, Penny Horn, John Petty, Kathy Anderson, Dave Witt, Kevin Murphey, Dave Nelson, Roy Ng, Sue Hyser, Ken Hudgens, John Mohr, Katy Brown. SPANISH CLUB Seated From L to R: Katy Lisieki, Joseph Mukite, Karl Anderson, Nasima Ashab, Susan Nelson, Brian Bates, Bernadette Obrocheta, Charistine Wil- kiel, Ami Shah, DeBorah Lindsey, Todd Sorenson, Randy Novach, Janet Rutkowski, Michaline Brisco. Second Row L to R: Steven Greene, Ester Pagone, Celia Gales, Kris Beuten, Heidi Herzon, Michele Dicaro, Becky Dukes, Lisa Dullum, Jeanne Eberhardt, Veronica Bowling, Sherine Gergis, Eric Schriebner, Michat Husain, Lisa Jepson, Herb Allen. Third Row L to R: Barb Mueller, Jeanette Rosa, Linda Naoom, Jerry Valasquez, Damiari Morales, Kiell Tengesdal, Macy Myers, Tracy Dauksavage, Lea Spencer, Kathy Anderson, Ieda Victorio, Laura Clymore, Marie Susara, Brenda Kane, Mercedes Phillips, Rob Fosco, Luz Rodriguez, Sandra Quitane, Van- ereth Keomuogehanh. Fourth Row L to R: Jill Anderson, Joe Lomeo, Debbie Williams, Sonia Garcia, Javier Perez, Millicente Mitchell, Kathy Leroy, Linda Diaz, Mike Cancel, Ron Seitman, Brad Nelson, Kevin Gomes, Al Johnson, Shawn Buck, Joyce Hojmacke, Debbie Line, Liz Reber. Fifth Row L to R: David Morales, Cindy Lopez, Kelly Lamont, Tim Nowaski, Choong Won Park, Tim Andrew. FRENCH CLUB e 40' jiawski, Mrs. Brown, Joe Hernandez, Laura Swan, Paige Thompson, Raj Greene, Debbie Hawkins, Sue Lamz, Sue Antenore, Ingrid Hesler, Sanjay Labroo, joe Bauschka, Joe Sheehan, John Sheehan. The International Club symbolizes the wealth of different cultures attending EHS. Of the approxi- mately 1900 students, 479 have native lan- guages other than English. Thirty-four languages are repre- sented. Some of the more unusual are Gu- jarati, Homong, Telu- gu and Panjabi. Of theses 479 student, 215 received bilingual instruction. We are proud our student body consists of young people from such a variety of cul- tures. TERNATICDNAL CLUB lf? N. -.X "' " 1 ' as Row One L to R' Soulatxay Southavon Thanovxay Thon sakoun San ouanxay Phomphakdy Ritsamane Raksin - -. , g, g , g . , Thammauong, Thongsamouth Rachomchith, Southitachan Rasaudj, Noon Loti, Lanplay Thongsakaun, Vilayvaph Kayakaun, Every year EHS sponsors 17 foreign exchange students from Munich, Cer- man. The students at- tend Moosach Gym- nasium which is a college directed High school. During their stay they lived with American students to 'experience' Ameri- can life at its best. Most of the students who participated in the exchange had S years of English and American culture classes. Some of their activities while here were a tour of Elgin, a tour of Chicago, and rollerskating. When they left, many stu- dents wished they could stay longer. Thanks to Dr. Nowa- sad, Mr. Alft, Mr. Fe- licetti, and the American Hosts. 54 Keovonjsack, Row Two L. to R.: Thongphoun Chaleunsouk, Phatthaphone Rasavady, Niyada Vathanasombiti, Sysavanth Ninhavan Sivilay Nadchampasack, Souchita Khoumsakoum, Souphaphone Phonlasouk, Soumaly Sundara, Vamida Khoumsakoum, Ninth Voupsa Bouachine Phankheua, Nay Phanavanh, Pouangnaly Phonthibsavath, Samiona Khan, Eva Thietji, Phamaha Nanthavong, Phitsamm Ramangkoun. Row Three L. to R.: Khammath Thavonesiri, Rasavady Sayachanck, Phet Vongphakdy, Bountieng Xanavagxay, Sengtha Phetphrachanh, Raksinh Sauksamrame, Bouleuth Manthouchanch, Dithisay Ramanakoun, Somchay Sengdala, Vilasone Kethdy, Vo Thasavona, Ta Phat, Sengaloune Thounsavath, Somsack Phankheua, Dy Choulamany. FOREIC1 EXCHANGE From Top to Bottomp Barbara Bauer, Monika Schilleder, Markus Kroth, Susanne Golgath, Sabine Hahnel, Thomas Utzmeier, Markus Zeller, Petra Muller, Uschi Bedrer, Bettina Bohringer, Stephanie Klug, Mechti Balins, Martin Dundrern, Martin Steiner, Brigitte Menacher, Brigitte Angres. Not pictured, Harlmud Menzel. ,M ,.,..g X L -2 'f gy L to R.: Greg Davison, Sonjay Labroo, Don Dinkleman, Matt Ferguson, Troy Buchann, Mr. Shulte, Ken Dinkleman M .sl --' -'Lexi I ...J 3 '13 " it Back Row L to R.: Carl Crisp, Megan Pelletier, Bob Moore, Bill Weber, Lisa Dullum. Middle Row L to R.: Mike Hobbs, Eva Thietje, Sheila Kelly, Heidi Herzon, Jeanne Eberhardt, Mitra Khanzi. Front Row L to R.: Dawn Witt, Lori Washington, Kelly LaMont, Cathy LeRoy, Lisa Abbott. The Chess Club combined skill with intense thinking to produce this years masters at Elgin High. They finished 2nd in the Upstate 8 for the second year in a row. The Individual Events Club met ev- ery Saturday during the months of Janu- ary and February to compete in Prose, po- etry and other speech related events. The club greatly increased its membership in 1981-1982, with Il'1OSf members returning next year, they look forward to greater success at future tournaments. 55 STUDE T CCDUNCIL Row One: L. to R.: Sue Hyser, Randall Crow, Mary Motz, Dan Hennessey, Chrissie Vovers. Row Two: L to R.: Kim Alexander, Ioe Luna, Sue Golovin, Dawn Berry, Cheryl Lindsey, Wil Williams, Lee Enzenbacher, Megan Pelletier. Row Three: L to R: Barb Bradley, Kim Kilgore, Kate Brown, Linda Carter, Dane Buchkowski, Bob Sebastian, Dawn Crisci, Michelle Entwistle, Heidi Richardson, Doug Pleskovitch, Cathy Gillam, Kelly Lamont, Tracy Dauksa- vage, Row Four: L. to R.: Kim Boncoskey, Mitra Khazai, Diane Harmening, 04 'Q-. 41- Qi! OV. -Q' 44 Sarah Galezio, Lisa Hillard, Julie Hennessy, Michelle Collins, Marianne Hell- er, Janelle Hildwein, Heidi Herzon, Kris Beuten, Holly Haley, Cheryl Kulas, Lisa Abbot. Row Five: L. to R.: Mr. Scheibner, Marilyn Marquez, Joe Mukite, Sue Nelson, julie Williams, Susan Tokarz, ,lan Prigge, Lynnette Reese, Kristi Houlberg, Katy Warren, Michelle Odel, Tim Frasconi, Kristin Pearson. Row Six: L. to R.: Robert Moore, Edward Mokijewski, Fred Prigge, Larry Byrne, Matt Codden, Wayne Norris, Dale Beuten, Kathy LeRoy, Mrs. Steffens. Student Council had another busy year which started out with building a float and holding a bonfire for homecoming. At Christmas time, student council had a lock-in to decorate the school for the annual VIP Party. With the help of the Mirror Staff, Student Council initiated the selection of Elgin High's new mascot: Chief Mighty Maroon. The Council also sponsored two blood banks, a trip to see 'Q4nnie'f The "Rampage" Concert.,three school exchanges, and "Hollywood or Bust" talent contest. SENIDR STUDE T LE DERS Row L. to R.: Becky Rhymes, Julie Gerhardt, Penny Horn, Michelle Entwistle, Kiki Diamond, Sonya Bell, Lisa Davidson. Row Two L. Nora Whitlock, Laura Luzinski, Sandy Meyer, Sue Washevich, Laura Sinibaldi, Jenny Dixon. Row Three L. to R.: Debbie Zimmerman, Pease, Paula Langguth, Pam Foote, Amy Ackerman, Kathy Probst. The Senior Student Leaders were a great asset to the physical education program at E.H.S.. After a year of instruction in var- ious areas of our pro- gram, they were as- signed to a specific class to assist the teacher with various activities and help in making the P.E. classes more benefi- cial to the students. "Our Student Leaders are interested in oth- ers and are willing to reach out and help others to scale the peaks," said Miss Baldridge. JU IDR ST DE T LE DERS , l t. J st Row L. to R.: Laura Dolan, Julie Bachar, Rhonda Reynolds. Second Row, L. to R.: Donna Hatfield, Kim Boncoskey, Barb Bower, julie ag, Katie Krautkramer. Row Three: Cindy Anderson, Anne Schultz, Lynee Ackert, JoAnne Jordan, Ioan Helbig, Kathy Rouix, Row Four: rilyn Marquez, Dawn Hamersly. The junior Student Leaders underwent a study of many P. E. activities offered at E.H.S.. An internal training program was taught during the Iu- nior year to selected leaders, and as a sen- ior the students will be assigned to help in various P.E. classes. 57 Aff, - so h L L , M ' . ' Q' ,. o , 'sp , ,..,-df' 1 1 Q Front Row L-R: Kim Leonard, Holley Haley, Lisa Long, Cathy Gillam, Martie Garrett, Debbie Komperda, Laura Dolan, Michelle Eden. Diane Harmening, Katy Warren. Back Row L. to R.: Marilyn Marquez, Danette Hicks, Joanne jordan, Sondra Beedie. Cheerleaders perform for the football and basket- ball games. This year they were an important ingre- dient to the "peppy" crowds rooting for the Maroon - sports teams. POMS X, 7 fi'- Front Row L-R: Kim Leonard, Holley Haley, Lisa Long, Cathy Gilliam, Martie Garrett, Debbie Komperda, Laura Dolan, Michelle Oden, Second row L-R: Kim Van Bogaert, Teri Merril, Vickie English, Tina Harris, Robbie Pickett, Sandy Meyer, Michelle Entwistle. Back row L-R: jan Prigge, Kim Mohedano, jenny Rayner, Lorrie Terp. 1981-82 Poms attended camp in August to prepare for the football and basketball seasons. They performed new rou- tines for each home game and the assemblies. They had a good season. ARCHING BAN C. .ff Row one, L. to R.: Paula Tomser, Kyle En- gle, Colleen McHale. Row two: Sue John- son, Megan Pelletier, Allene Muhling, Rick Kaneshiro, Steve Rhodes, Luis Perez, John Hoskins, Jeff Varady, Row three: Tim Con- way, Linda Wilharm, Shelley ldstein, Joy Ramos, Heidi Hernandez, Julie Higgins, Kim Bandelow, Peggy Swan, Jim Lahey, Row four: Sue Antenore, Patty Lupinek, Ju- lie Krueger, Alex Jimenex, Richard Rea, Sharon Woelfel, Cindy Moore, Trina Lamb, Tina Novak, Row five: George Gryparis, Andy Berkeley, Brian Johnson, Robert Brown, John Algana, Ken Nuhling, Lea Spencer, Felipe Soto, Julie Williams, John Wrbanek, Row six: Dean Slagle, Becky Som- mer, Paul Arnone, Matt Ferguson, John Gumble, Joe Sheehan, Kevin Murphy, John Smith, Dana Buchkowski, Sue Lamz, Deb- bie Line, Row seven: Dennis Oszuscic, Paul Scharsich, Mike Shrontz, Row eight: Kristin Pearson, Jodie Williams, Nora Whitlock, Myrna Diaz, Jana Williams, Laura Camp- bell, Lynn Bennett, Sarah Kershaw, Kelly Burke, Cindy Woelfel, Lisa Abbott, Joan Helbig, Vikki Nivens. Awards: Participated in Chicago Colmbus Day Parade televised on WGN-TV, participated in Elgin Memori- al Day Parade, marched at all home games and Homecoming festivities. PEP BAN ' Awards: Concert Band, received Division I rating at 1981 Illinois High School Association State Band Contest, received 22 individual Division l medals at State Band Contest, Solo and Ensembles, featured at U-46 Junior High Band Festival, performed at Hemmens Auditorium in North End Businessmens Association Spring Band Concert, performed at EHS Auditorium in December Pops Concert as 60 well as the annual formal Winter and Spring Concerts. Jazz Band, performed annual Winter and Spring Concerts in addition to local jazz concerts. Pep selected to the "Elite Eight" - ranked as one of the top eight pep bands in th state by the Illinois High School Association, performed at all home boys' basket ball games. ,1-z' ' fl 5 4q,.,' , ,ff X X 1 ff ,K 4- 11 . if? . K '1 ,., ff .X Q I I . ,l lf! fk 4 Y- ff ,mf-N., ' 511 ' -7 '1"W"'- 'Q L x , . X ww--L... W.. , ., X1 af w , ' I I I ' 1' f QL r Q ' ' ' Y SW YW--fix gifs, -Q-, "H, Ng v I Q f 7 rg-fr' "1 w: - ..11 Q . fav' ' 'VM We 4' 'I X N W v up V , if Y 1 I , If wr nr qs ' -Q v ay, A, IL.. , ' 1' ' ' xx . ' A ,L m if .ff 4 1 , ff J ' . 1 1, -hi V 'V ORCHESTR W we 'X W H - sw.: . ,, , K , - . .1 .51 V- 1 ' H T 1 f rtst e' ,, 1 0-Q Orchestra members 1stv1ol1n Valerie Snopko Joan Qumtal Wendy McNab ney Marxanne Sherman Becky Charleton 2ndV1ol1n Nasxma Ashab Conme Rhodes L1sa Storment Paulme Santana M1ll1centM1tchell Vrola Byran Lake Kusek Flute Lrnda Wrlharm Herdx Hernandez Patty Lupmek Tma Novak y f' The Orchestra has a number of concerts durmg the school year December Cho1r Orchestra Concert Febru ary Muslc Department Recltal March Solo and Ensemble Contest, Aprxl Fox Valley Mus1c Festlval May Stung Orchestra Concert and June Graduahon julxe Hxggms Clannet Sandy Meyer joe Sheehan Bass Clarmet Rrck Kane shxro Bassoon Sue Johnson Janna Wxllrams Trumpet Paul Arnone Dean Slagle French Horn Ken Mulmg jul1eW1ll1ams Nora Whntlock Trombone Nick Drspartx Allene Muhlmg Q or Y M , r,,M--ess w e H , 1 1 1 y I 5 l l l ' . or ti A 1 ' . 1 ,L . X, r I 1 . --.r,.,,, X .F 2 ' ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 - ' ' ' , ' : , , ' : ' - 1 1 1 3 1 I , 1 , ' ' , : , I I I V 2 I , I A , l ' I , t , Z Lisa D8VidSOI11.l0l1I'1 Mohr, Cello: DiCk Bingham, Robert Lemke, Bass: Mark Sue Lamz, Matt Ferguson, Tuba: Paul Scharsich, Percussion: john Hoskins, 1 ,H . it . ,f ' ' M - 4' fi ' Mn 1 1 1 ' 1 1 , . MELODIOUS SIGI-ITS its we N Q it ""' I 'Q Elgin is proud of it's music department and the faces of these students show our pride as well as enjoyment the students receive from being a part of these programs. In the district contests for the Choirs, Bands, and Orchestras, Elgin earned the most superior ratings of all the schools at the contest. This is definitley something to be proud of. First Row L. to R.: tal, Ann Fox, Barb Bradley, Barb Bower, Kim Boncoskey, Carol North, Karen Penkala, Denise Wauchope, Annette Mink, Becky Bradley, Paula Schuld, Cindy Stone, Martha Rodriguez. Second Row: Kristi Houlberg, Julie Haag, Kari Al- bert, Kim Thorton, Reynosa Walton, Becky Charlton, Tina Novak, Chris Mulcahy, Sonia Rodriguez, Cindy Mukite, joan Helbig, Debbie Strong, jill Leatherby, Becky Bucher, Brenda Carrington. Third Row: Dwane Graff, Manuel Ii- menez, Gilbert Feliciano, Mike johnson, Hollis Overton, Dar- ren Thompson, Mike McDowell, Scott Smith, Roy Heaney, Dino Pace, jim Burner, Richard Rea, Doug Palmer, Carl Crisp. Fourth Row: Andy Johnson, Ken Wil- son, Bill Elbert, Bill Weber, Brian Idstein, john Maxham, Lee Daniels, Mike Mursewick, Merrill Sinclair, Scott Tidwell, Brian Norelius, Bob Larson, Phil Wilson, Bill Hodel, Lefete Isibue, Jim Carrington. SENIOR CHOIR 1-ex First Row L. to R.: Beth Mill- horn, Kim Thorton, Reynosa Walton, Patti Lupinek, Cindy Mukite, Kathy Probst, Second Row: Merrill Sinclair, Scott Tidwell, Lefete Isibue, Bob Larson, Roy Heaney. Third Row: Bill Elbert, Ken Wilson, Bill Hodel, Doug Pleskovitch. Not pictured, Carol North, Becky Bradley. 64 CI-I MBER CHOIR IU IOR CHGIR I l . l I I l U 5 2 l .Mira First Row L. to R., Beth Dar- nell, Cindy Lopez, Lee Enzen- bacher, Allene Muhling, Rob- in Smith, Amy Bradley, Linda Avila. Second Row, Mike Hobbs, Sandra Purnell, Lisa Renner, Glenda Stade, Debbie Line, Gary Crawford, Wayne Hughey. Third Row, Ken Li- shamer, Ivan Figueroa, Terry Collins, Darren Forester, Paul Alvarado, jack Kelley, Ron Burgess. ',,i fl' A I ff The Choral Department had another successful year. Highlights were the winter and spring concerts, the concert at Hemmens Auditorium with the Fox Valley Handbell Ringers, and the success of the choral members in the Illinois State Music Contest. ECDLIAN CHCDIR KC? ax Back Row L. to R., Myrna Diaz, Theresa Fahlen, Kelly Burke, Sara Kershaw, Laura Campbell, Tori Seissor. Sec- ond Row: Terri Trevino, Chris Vega, Roxanne Rebmann, Monica Reilley, Vikky Ni- vens, Roswald Logan. First Row: Sue Reese, Lisa Restivo, Julie Williams, Kim Lynn, Tracy Williams. Not picturedg Peggy Landgren, Dawn Irvin, Lisa O'Dell 65 MAIN DPPICE P GES rv-V ww., X if .ZA Standing L. to R. - Gladys Borlaza, Brian Corn, Mary Vergelcledios, Katy Warren, Lisa Neal, Mike Hastings, Bryon Kyles, Sandra Woods. Middle L. to R.: Cathy LeRoy, Enh Lan Phu, Sharon Trojan, Sheedeh Mahboobipoor, Pam Thomas. Seated in front, L. to R.: Michael Ford, Eric Johnson, Chris Notbusch. TTE DANCE P GE5 Row one, L. to R. - Cathy Gilliam, Holly Haley, Kay Motz, Lisa Long, Sylvia Montiel, Debbie Hawkins, Lynda Carter. Row two, L. to R.: Mrs. Gilliam, Sandy Loperena, Marianne Heller, Bobbie Pickett, Lori Budzym, Debbie Eaton. Row three, L. to R.: Robert Ciesla, Penny Horn, Sue Waskiewicz, Ingrid Hesler, Mrs. Haacker, David Gunn, Elizabeth Reber, Pel Attaphitaya, Karen Rielage, Trudy Spires. Standing L. to R.: Vicky English, Tina Long, Laura Kraus, Cindy Anderson, Cindy Koth, Aloun Youmagul. Not pictured: Gordie johnson, Laura Cripe, and Kim Ehrhardt GUIDANCE P GES ' rml ly x1'iia..s4 me I Q Front Row, L. to R. - Stephanie St. George, Kerry Dummer, Linda Lahey, Lilly Restrepo, Bernadette Obrochta, Second Row, L. to R. - Adam Adams, Sherri Whitlow, Anne Schultz, Carie Barkwell, Chris Wilkiel, Robin Smith, Mercy Martin, Felix Winsett, Laura Young, Robin Witt. Third Row L. to R.: Sue Golovin, Beth Millhorn, Doug Pleskovitch, Maggie Rodriguez, Dawn Pease, Kim Gartner, Deane Harmening, Katie Gartner. DEANS P GES 3-gg, tt. A - I f-1.'i:- ', 1, ,ff K f -- -or IDSEHHF Aff L. to R.: Fred Allensworth, Diane Bolz, Danette Hicks, Zella Nappier, Lia Schrila, Lisa Long, Amy Bradley, Lisa Burch, Cheryl Kulas, Chris Brennan, Kim Broz, Dorothy Rowley. Top section, L. to R.: Wil Williams, Julie Scruggs, Sheryl Leonard, Byron Kyles, julie Ruzicka, Secretary. NURSES P GES W. 'Z L asv I -H.. -Q-7' .gt V' ,L gif? f ' , i, ..-e:Ar,'Bf'3'g wffffefa JE, ,, x. .47 L. to R. - Araceli Garcia, Kelly Klinger, Chris Torence, Ann Nelson, Jeanne Eherhardt, Janeen Lloyd, James Stolt, Ginger Call, Joy Ramos, Mrs. Guetschow LIBRARY P GES Standing - julie Williams. Front Row, L. to R. - Sherri Ehrhardt, Andy Stultz, Jim Sadilek, Jeff Carlino, Debbie janiszewski, Reb Dukes, Kelly Burke. Back row - Brenda Mokijewski, Lynn Griese, Roy Naylor, Kim Wires, Peggy Dietrich, Greg Lechner, Mitra Khazai. Not Pictured: Deane Chai, Kitty Bailey, Becky Allen, Dave Starshak, John Hauserman, Tammy Duckett, Ralph McMahon, Virginia Semyck. A.V. AGES 'fn Back Row, L. to R. - Rita Raksinh, Bryan Voyles, Mrs. Grischow, Gerald Halverson, Rob Fosco, Noy Phanavanh, Mr. Lange, Leo Leobrera, Ed Hagendorn, Eugene Chiovari. Front Row Seated, L. to R. - Souk Raksinh, Mark Kusek, Jim Cannella, Aloun Youmagul, Oulay Oumagul. READI G CENTER PAGES ff ..,,f 3 I L. to R. - Dawn Pease, Gina Barreiro, and Laura Kraus. SPURT5 'Q 'N rm 5 SPURT5 '-F5 r Q, S X A LOSING DOES NOT MEAN DEPE T The 1981 varsity football team did not have the most succesful season Elgin High has ever seen. Although hampered by key injuries and 2 forfeits, games were close, hard-fought battles, but the year ended with a 1-8 record. However, there were memorable moments. Elgin's Tony Gross and Greg Smith were named all- conference players. The last game of the season played against Larkin was taped to be televised on Channel 6, This was a first in Elgin High history. 'gn- 3'mu15i Uri ,121 Tffw-UESQQW Ist. row L to R: Rob Miller, Ronnie Steele, Bob Ciesla, Bruce Hanley, Henry Farfan, Bill Kelty, Rich Olivariz, john Shepherd, john Naas, john Covington, Gerald Curtis, Tony Gross, Tom Tredup. 2nd, row L to R: Brent Romano, Jim Elbert, Mike Johnson, Hollis Overton, Ed Kurth, Adam Ruderman, Dave Lose, George Donovan, Bobby Kyles, Keith Kyles, Dwayne Mitchell, Iuvenal Aguin- aga. 3rd mw L to R: Mgr. Bobby Doan, Coach Evangelist, Coach Griffin, Coach Cooklin, joey Gilliam, Tyrone Lee, Vincent Spates, Steve Davis, Jerome john- son, Preston Hinton, Tom Parr, Gordon Johnson, Coach Olson, Coach Freed- lund. 4th, raw L to R: Scott Frederickson, Lawrence Williams, Horacio Garcia Carl Williams, Greg Smith, Larry Kramka, Dave Wagner, Tom Cothran, Manuel Jimenez, jeff LeRoy, Lloyd Griffin, Bryan Voyles, Brad Weiss, Not Pictured: Billy Mitchell, ' l sagfsfn 531 xh .R , L S V A in aku-.,,,..., , pi I5 S H, . ,5 Qi 1 N 1-Y ' x, 'X 4 SGPHO CRES ARE "UP" WITH A 4-3 RECGRD It was an up and down year for Sophomore foot- ball. lt was a down forfeiting the first two games and losing to U-46 rival Streamwood. However, it was an up winning homecoming and beating cros- stown rival Larkin. Coach Saurbaugh feels these players will become some of Elgin's finest and will be consistently "up" in the standings. Z Q First Row, L to R: Al johnson, Alex Jimenez, Andy Berkeley, Steve Green, Harold Heine, Gary Gibson, Mike Ross, David Ross, james Carrington. 2nd. Row, L to R: Joe Arnold, Dean Anderson, Steve Harper, Dennis Kincannon, Victor Gerone, Brain johnson, Gary Bourne, Eric Spates, Don Shrake, Rich De Bartoln. Ed. Row, I. to R: Mgr. Bobby Doan, Head Coach David Saurbaugh, Bill Adams, Tim Nowacki, Alex Spates, Choong Won Park, David Mabry, Tomas Adams, Ron Sietmann, Asst, Coach Dave Stephens, Asst, Coach Gary Everett. 4th. Row, L to R: Ed Leshin, Bob McFarland, Roger Reinsalu,1ody Smith, Dave Zaragoza, Chad Hecht, Conwell Carrington, Robert Rosa, Todd Sorenson, Ken- drick Scales, W Q.M. ,Y "HN vig 3 GULF GOES CUT SWINGI Front row, I to r: Dave Reksnis, Dale Bueton, Dave Sack, john Cullen, john Antos, jeff Samples, Bill Plastine, Second Row: Coach Hamrin, jim Waschow, Eric Engstrom, Ken Engstrom, Matt Godden, Wayne Norris, Ben Darnley. . f HQ I . Ziff The 1981 edition of the EHS golf team entered the season with a group of inexperi- enced golfers. Returning from last years squad with some varsity experience was Jim Waschow, Matt Godden and Eric Eng- strom. joining these young men on the var- sity were Ieff Samples, Wayne Norris, Ken Engstrom and Ben Darnley. These young men worked hard on improving their game and they definitely benefited from the work. Next year's hopes for a successful season will be shared with returning play- ers. NERS BLAZE TR IL First Row, L to R: Bob Brown, Randy Farley, Dave Faligah, joe McKi1e, Mike Iudlins, Brian Ekhaus. Second Row, L to R: Shawn Buck, Craig Stone, Mike Farley, Larry Walton, Jim Wohlever, Lee Daniels. Varsity cross country was led by five ju- niors, captain Craig Stone, Larry Walton, Lee Daniels, and Shawn Buck. The high- light of the season was when Craig Stone took tenth in conference and sixth in dis- tricts which qualified him for sectionals. Next year looks promising for everyone will be returning. 77 VARSITY DOUBLES ITS WINS On knees-L to R- Debbie I-Iresil, Jody Holden, Tracy Demmitt, Sarah Maltby Standing-L to R- Terrie Morrison, Anne Schultz, Kate Brown, Debbie Hawkins, Tracy Dauksavage, Chris Baley, Carla Blizzard, Mrs. Groves-Coach. Missing-joan Helbig The tennis team was improved this year, their wins over last year. The players of the season were ior Carla Blizzard, juniors T Demrnitt, Katie Brown, Hawkins, Jody Holden, .Jaxa Maltby and sophomore Trac Dauksavage. Tennis coach Mrs Groves felt her young gained much valuable ience that will be useful in 1 uf ture years. On knees-L to Right- Katie Gartner, Sue Hyser, Lori Pena, Wendy Chambers, Heidi Standing-L to R- Mrs. Groves-Coach, Lisa Bergman, Cindy Sabin, Ann I-Ielbig, Kelly LaMont, Tokarz, Trudy Spires, Lisa Luccacioni. 78 S Y' A VARSITY BGUNCES T0 CH MPIDNSHIP il .i" ll'-' , Wil Y- L5 ta ll . t Z.. ,. , an , i lf Q 1 TRN 'hflgs ..,.. airs. 'CQ-1 Front row: L to R: Pam Cotton, Tracy Hilliard, Lisa Hilliard, Paige Thompson, Middle row: L to R: Joey Rossolille, lulie 1 I Bachar, Kim Boncoskey, Grace Ramirez, jenny Dixon, Back row: L to R: Kathy Probst, Sylvia Eder, Debi Zimmerman, Nora v Whitlock, Although the volleyball team didn't win their conference title, they had an excellent season. Hampered by forfeiting the first five games, the girls continued on to end the sea- son with a 19-6 over all record and a 8-6 con- ference record. The highlight of the year was winning the Lady Mustang Tournament in Rolling Meadows. The unanimous all-confer- ence players were Debbie Zimmerman and , Sylvia Eder. The honorable mentions were Pam Cotton, Tracy Hilliard, and Lisa Hilliard. These talented young ladies showed that the , Y, , Mighty Maroon women are made of "class." ,,...,.....w,., e M A ' if, EL I L K 'ttt 'XFLG nrtt ELGI LSIN i' V' M ., 14 11 ,M ,,. LGI f'5f?rf3'f L51 Gm uags, E ,g .it wr -if rf A W I .. ,- 4-111.1 f T71 CIN l A-.. 4 . Front row: L to R: Sue Colovin, Lisa Restivo, Michele Thorp, Michelle Kruger. Middle row: L to R: Janna Williams, Julie Williams, Lynee Ackert, Back row: L to R: Kris Bueton, Marilyn Bush, Natalie Whitman, Debbie Catz. 80 an GOLF cRoss Elgin Football Varsity Elgin Opp forfeit Schaumburg forfeit East Leyden 13 21 Lake Park 15 28 St. Charles 14 21 De Kalb 22 24 Aurora East lHomecomingJ 10 6 Aurora West 14 28 Streamwoocl 20 48 Larkin Overall 1-8 Conference 1-6 J-V Elgin Opp 21 14 Lake Park 14 6 St. Charles 7 20 De Kalb 13 3 Aurora East 15 14 Aurora West 0 18 Streamwood Overall 4-3 Conference 44-3 Soplimore 34" Elgin Opp 8 0 Lake Park 0 21 St. Charles 18 26 De Kalb 24 12 Aurora East lHomecomingl 12 20 Aurora West 20 24 Streamwood 6 O Larkin Overall 3-6 Conference 3-4 Sophomore "B" Elgin Opp 14 5 Lake Park 8 8 St. Charles 20 O De Kalb 6 22 Aurora East 0 28 Aurora West Z0 14 Streamwood Overall 2-4-1 82 Conference 2-4-1 Varsity Golf Elgin 175 176 192 168 192 175 193 193 171 171 168 383 343 362 OPP 182 Cary Grove 154 Crystal Lake 180 Lake Park 156 St. Charles 163 Dekalb 170 Aurora West 179 Conant 163 Crystal Lake 159 Larkin 207 Aurora East 170 Schaumburg 22nd Lake Park Invitational 5th Conference Dekalb 9th District Conference 0-6 Overall 2-11 Sophomore Golf Elgin 210 213 215 199 185 195 195 205 294 OPP 197 Cary Grove 177 Crystal Lake 194 Lake Park 194 St. Charles 161 Dekalb 196 Conant 176 Crystal Lake 183 Schaumburg 6th Conference Dekalb Conference 0-6 Overall 1-12 COUNTRY Varsity Cross Country Elgin Opp 2.7 30 Crown 42 14 Marion Central 42 20 St. Charles 39 20 East Aurora 32 19 West Aurora 47 16 Lake Park 16th Roy Gunnerson Invit. 44 14 D6 Kalb 45 18 Streamwood 8th Kane County 31 25 Larkin 7th Conference Lake Park 10th Districts Conference 2-5 Overall 3-8 Sophomore Cross Country Elgin Opp 27 28 Crown 13 24 Marion Central 50 15 St. Charles 33 23 East Aurora 50 15 West Aurora 50 15 Lake Park 10th Roy Gunnerson Invit. 15 50 DeKalb 47 22 Streamwood 8th Kane County 23 38 Larkin 7th Conference 2-5 Overall 4-5 lgin Tennis Girls Varsity lgin orfeit orfeit r OPP 7 Crystal Lake S. Crystal Lake C. Cary Grove Invit O Streamwood SWIMMING LL Varsity Swimming Qgirlsj Elgin 58 Opp 113 Fremd Porfeit-Dundee, Harlem Relay North Campus, McHenry 74 2 Crown orfeit Schaumburg 3 Aurora East 6 Aurora West 6 DeKalb 5 Lake Park 6 St. Charles 6 Larkin th ConferencefSt. Charles. 6 Dundee th in Districts onference 1-5-1 96 Larkin 6th Aurora West, North Campus 106 56 Streamwood 97 70 Woodstock 55 115 St. Charles 76 88 De Kalb Waubonsie Invitational lSwimming Sth-127 pts.J 79 93 Aurora West Sth Conference-Larkin 2 135 6th District 2 106 verall 2-8-1 lgin Tennis Girls UVQ lgin orfeit orfeit rfeif Opp 7 Crystal Lake S. Crystal Lake C. Cary Grove Invit. O Streamwoocl 2 Crown Schaumburg 0 Aurora East 5 Aurora West 4 De Kalb 4 Lake Park 5 St. Charles 4 Larkin h Conference-St. Charles 4 Dundee Conference 2-5 Overall 3-8 State 2 18 Conference 1-4 Overall 2-7 j.V. Swimming fGirlsJ Elgin Opp Eorfeit Dundee Forfeit Harlem Relay Eorfeit North Campus Porfeit McHenrey 33 36 Larkin 7 41 Streamwood O 25 St. Charles 11 51 Aurora West Elgin Volleyball Varsity QEligin On Topj Schaumburg 9f15 15f3 15f9 Larkin 12f15 1Of15 Forfeit- St. Charles, james Madison Memorial High, Madison Wis Strearnwood, Lake Park, Crystal Lake South, Aurora E. DeKalb 15f8 15f12. Hersey Invit. 3rd place Eremd 15f3 15f3 Aurora West 6!15 5f15 DeKalb 15f6 15f6 St. Charles 15f2 15!4 Lady Mustang Invit. Rolling Meadows-lst place Elgin Larkin 15f3 15f1O Aurora West 15f1O 15f7 Streamwood 15!O 15f1 Aurora East 15f4 15!2 Conference Playoffs Elgin! Aw. 15f3 1Of15 11f15 Districts! Dundee 15f9 15f8 Larkin 15f13 15f1 Jacobs 15f7 9f15 6!15 Conference BX6 Overall 19f6 VARSITY CAGERS SCCDRE HIGH The Basketball season ended the way it began - with a one point loss. In fact, Elgin lost seven games by three points or less. Coach Chesbrough felt the young Elgin High team with four Juniors and one Sophomore in the starting line up made great im- provement throughout the year and finished strong at the end. This team was in every game that they played right up to the final buzzer. Elgin did win their own Christmas tournament. Ken Hudgens was selected most valuable player in the tourna- ment and was runner up in the Upstate eight con- ference. Coach Chesbrough concluded, "We are ex- tremely proud of the fine group of young men who gave their best each time on the court. The future is theirs and that future is now." Back Row L to R: Head Coach Bill Chesbrough, Assistant Coach Bob Hope, Terry Mayfield, Lawrence Williams, Dave Witt, ,loe Bauschka, Ken Hudgens. First Row L. to R.: Manager Brian johnson, Manager Terry Nichols, john Mohr, Preston 2' if M ? . f 7 ie 'it Q . fi ff Q P ' , 1 i f 1 -...N "-..,, SDPI-IDMDRES FINISH in Front L to R.: Bruce Bills, Kendrick Sckales, David Mabry, Darry Wells, Dick Bingham, Robert Rosa, Back Row, L to R: Thomas Adams, Mike Plagge, Roger Williams, Coach Cooklin, Steve Iarosinsli, Darrin Robinson, Curtis Rice, Missing: jeff Taylor, Scott Graves, Todd Scruggs WITH STYLE Elgin Basketball Sophomore Elgin Opp 54 39 laco ' ' 34 51 Dunb 31 43 Streamwo 34 44 Lake Pa 42 49 Maine Sou 41 56 Aurora W 41 49 St. Chai-I 41 33 Lark 49 47 Aurora Ea 52 49 Cro 56 36 DeKa 42 48 Waukeg 61 5 Barringt f 34 45 Streamwo 1 'L 'Q' 38 32 Lake Pa A " Forfiet Aurora West 43 46 St. Charl 60 50 Lark 48 58 Aurora Ea an 33 43 Delia Overall 9-11 Conference 6-8 Sophomore B Elgin Opp 58 45 Delia 33 41 Streamwo 34 39 h Lake Pa Z2 S2 Aurora We 15 57 Dund 31 48 Waucon 44 42 Lake D 50 42 Kane La 54 44 Streamwo 37 35 Lake Pa 37 44 St. Charl 45 2.8 Larki Overall 6-6 Conference S-4 Coach Cooklin said, "This year's team was a ple sure to work with as they showed a lot of character. The team refused to quit working even though the got off to a very slow start losing a number of clos games. They regrouped the second half of the se son and won eight of their last twelve to finish th season at nine and twelve." Coach Cooklin conclud ed, "I think their best days are ahead of them." iw: lu: .-GN. xx' mm .nwmunv ,R A fi R, X941 xv! I gf ff-Q we Q. h.g ' in 1' ' ' , . 1 Q 'cn as an -i C0 me ,.ff7 fW-W' 'KN . .l I :,. 1:5 fp.,-ur" ,.....sw Sew if EHS PINS ANOTHER SEASO nag!-amggp, Row L. to R.: Chris Pierce, Sargon Odisho, Mike Steele, joe Mukite, Ed Burner. Back Row L. to R.: Head Coach Steve ury, Eric Spates, Asst. Coach Gary Everett, Tom Parr, Jim Brozny, Asst. Coach Gordy Helper Missing, Joe Arnold Mx This year's team finished with a dual meet record of 3 wins and 15 losses. The highlight of the season was the upset 33-27 victory over Larkin, which was Elgin's first conference victory in over two years. The leaders of the team in- cluded Iuniors Tom Parr Q17-14j, Ed Burner Q19-121 and Sectional Quali- fier joe Mukite Q9-72, a Sophomore. Sargon Odisho Q23-9-D was the most valuable wrestler in this, his Senior year. H ,wi .... . , ,.h,.-,M 3 L Front Row L. to R.: Gary Lemke, Jim Kelly, Todd Sorenson, Bob Lemke, Louis Alvarado. Middle Row L. to R.: Darren Perry, jim Burner, Carl Crisp, jeff Hudgens Back Row L. lo R.: Coach Everett, Ascension Vasquez, Coach Salisbury, Coach Helper Missing, Brian Pezze, Scott Macon, Joe Berg- man, lvan Figueroa BCDWLERS STRIKE POR EHS Front row I. to r.: Laura Campbell, Kim Wires, Deb Catz, Tina Wright. Second row l. to r.: Lisa Burch, Debi Smith, joey Rossolillie. Third row l. to r.: Terri Pierce, Keri Dungey, Miss Baldridge 90 The 1981-82 bowling season marred by inconsistencies but its highlights: the first victory the season against Lake Park, ing within 18 pins of defeating . second place team Streamwoo and the victories over St. Charl and Larkin in the second roun High game of 224 and high seri of 551 was bowled by sophomo Keri Dungey. Girls who are bers of the "ZOO Club" are Dungey, Lisa Burch and Tracy lard who each bowled a 200 game a conference rneet. GIRLS FLIP I Row l. to r.: Mrs. Judy Hitzler QCoachl, Jerry Thomas Uxflanagerl Middle Row l. to r.: Ferverda, Kelli Demmitt, Cheryl Kulas KCaptainj Back Row l. to r.: Denise McMahon, Hoffman POR EI-IS ' 1l"l"' 1 -,1,.,fi1 f 'I it ins.. 3, W 'F' Muna-g,.,,. dnhnfwa ,Wi ji This year's Elgin High School gymnastics team showed unity and worked hard and closely together. Thus each girl improved throughout the season. The future looks rosey for gymnastics, since four members were freshmen and should continue to improve during their high school careers. GIRLS SHCDGT PCR VICTCRY Front Row L. to R.: Pam Branson, Robyn Warner, Marianne Sherman, Lesandra Martin. Back Row L. to R.: Head Coach Maryann johnson, Maria Prehm, Katy Krautkramer, Natalie Wittmann, Stacie Russell, Assistant Coach julie Krumpen Qegf The varsity basketball consisted of only eight but worked hard all seas showed improvement. Th light of the season was win their last conference game. W only four Elgin players on t floor, the team prevailed won in double overtime vidual honors went to Warner, who was named all ference honorable mention. ...ii iw. D R gy KLEIN N' 2 'I ef' Ti mf' J as 2' 6 41' assi K --- pen Missing from picture: Lynn Bennet N'-.. ST: Front Row L. to R.: Marilyn Bush, Julia Scruggs, Sandra Woods, Back Row L. To R.: Head Maryann johnson, Kristen Bueten, Paige Thompson, Lynee Ackert, Assistant Coach julie BLGIN liauwv uni! galil 9Mln sta 1 Ngg,fWQ,,31,msff 5 1,l .. 'l j H , jp v,,, Mgf 4 , , f ' fgfifffffft 1 Y' if ' ' ' 'fi' I 1 4 ",, 1 'A:', 5 m, ' r ' . ..ftl7ilf7'5tL ' af Ziff ' " AL'L ,LAl 1 " V ,,AT -1 V it 1 ,"'I ' , M '1,, " ft LL ' -L'1 A 1 -',' ',Y, I 1, -1 Llffi 1 , 3, , , is ,.,, , V so ,,: 4 it 1 ilal t g 5 " 2 ' ' :ib ' we . A Vkry ll LLVVV A TW4 if , Qi ,T'- ' I H l M I 1 'f , , 4 ' 1 1 ' 453 . ' 'L'AL ' ' 'i' 1 , H 1' at 1 1 , 1 4 1 ' 2 ,L 1,i i t it , . it Elgin High Basketball Elgin High Swimming Elgin High Wrestling Varsity VaI'Si1Zy Vargity One Elgin Opp Elgin Opp Elgin OPP 68 York 60 156 Schaumburg 13 48 , Dundee 73 Willowbrook 60 29 Dundee Q2 51 Stllgman Vaueg 83 Arlington 59 72 Woodstock 2 36 treamwoq 56 Streamwood 5 5th St V' t 15 42 Batavia - la of 12 51 Hoffman Estates 57 Lake Park 45 12.5 Ffemd 15 52 Vvest Chicago 42 Maine South 64 94 Wegt Chicago 15 44 Lake park 50 AUFOTH VV9'-if 48 122 Larkin 62 7th Hoffman Estates 78 Fremd 54 100 Aurora West 18 48 Aurora West 57 Joliet West 62 96 MCI-iemy 70M 10th Lake Park Invitational 62 Stevenson 84 74 Dundee 12 43 St. Charles eo St. Charles 48 129 DeKalb 34 24 CafY'Gf0Ve 64 Larkin 7 6th Olympic Invitational V uAuiOr31Ea5t 58 Aurora West Arlin t H' h a ey u emu 3 on 18 10 62 DeKalb 55 Crown 31 125 St. Charles 15 44 Premd 62 DeKalb 82 80 5tfeamW00Cl 11 54 Addison Trail 3 Waukggan West 94 Sth Conference-DeKalb 33 30 Larkin affmgton O - 14 46 Hinsdale South 64 Streamwood Conlggiggci 3-4 12 57 Mt. Carmel 40 Lake Park 38 7th Conference 64 Aurora West 27 Sth District 61 St. Charles Elgin High Swimming Ovfrall 2-16 53 Larkin JV Con erence 1-6 74 Aurora East Elgin O Elgin High Wrestling 72 DeKalb pp Varsity TWO 56 Larkin 36 152 Schaumburg , 66 St Charles 10 112 Fremd Elgm Opp ' 32 124 West Chicago 2-1 28 Stillman Valley OVEI'all 14-12 21 63 Larkin 33 12 Stfeamwogd Conference 7-7 13 94 Aurora West 30 30 Batavia Basketball j V 26 M H 63 6 Hoffman Estates 47 C enry . 6 58 West Chicago O 54 DeKalb 20 37 Lake Park Elgin Opp Overall 1-6 12 55 AurOra West 59 DeKalb Conference 0-3 O St. Charles 33 27 Car -Grove 44 Streamwood 14 49 A Y E t is A Lake xffk oo 69 unl51K:1L l11'0I'3 C'St Larkin 54 Larkin O H 53 Kaneland C Feta 4-Z3 54 Streamwood E1 , OQIFTHEE - I, 67 Lake Park 313 Ii Threst mg 79 St. Charles arsl Y ree 65 Larkm Sophomore Wrestling Overall 4-6 Overall 2'7 Conference 4-5 Conference 1-5 pg :.:, ff :,,xg.wg , f ' r'?,'i,1,. 1 5 fix, ., 46352 If- .1 , 1 ,ra ,f,,,,,,. M . ia, 5'J',fw,'f-:it Vw' '1r31'+'1 L1.,,i gg, ,,,. ,,,t,,- ,,f',., Q ,4,., , r, , l r.,,. , 4. ,274 - '57 f'ff'1vE f a ff 52945 'fr e A,,,, ,,.,,3 9: 5 ' 4 5 47 I f V3 l 44' 6 ' Q 1 aaa nr few 16, 1 5 5 I ,144 1, 1 ,fr 7 4 a j 5' 5' fig ,v lil 9 iw, 6 . Q21 . ,wo , 2 4 'W f ff ig' f5f j'1f" ff 1 , Elgin 2080 2094 1916 1855 2001 1993 2050 2101 1982 2090 2270 2063 2116 2276 2109 4419 Elgin 1685 1616 1529 1303 1713 1681 1752 2035 1868 1774 1959 1840 1660 1750 . 6257 4 H15 vii, vii ,, H , 5 iw. li 111' ."" 4 4' 5' . A . , - , 21122 if '112 1 6,6 K. , , 2 79: 19 1 5 5 127 1 97 ' 5 KET ALL ,zagwafr5.arx4Q2 2',, ,',,, 1 QQQ5,gjQiiQjgg5a?Sa52fff ,yer E?Eg2gg2Z?gf5 Qgiiifiagfgigigg5LgQgQaaaaaaaaaa 5 V 3233 265' 5'11 ' 2'l1fl1 . 2 A if 6 55121 'VVIV 5' "4 1- it A 7 M 1"Vg5 , Ewiiw 4"' "h" ""' raaswaaaa W?u' ,,15 WEM5 Qa ,W5W??Wt?Wf 31 EWE 1 We .1 M , J. ii, I 35 1 .ie f 17 2 5 l S. ' - ' f" i 5 1 55 75755 4 ' . 5 g 2 1115 52555 4 ' 5 Elgill B0WliHg Elgin High Gymnastics Elgin High Girls VUSIW Varsity Basketball Varsity Qpp Elgin Qpp 2287 Aurora East 73.575 81.95 Grant lFox Lakej Elgin Opp 2357 DeKalb 52.562 80,80 Streamwood 41 63 Crystal Lake South 2150 Larkin 74-02 79-31 Lake Park 60 64 Crystal Lake Central 2132 Schaumburg 82-54 80.15 Antioch 42 38 Schaumburg 2086 St. Charles 71.51 92.75 Crystal Lake South 60 45 Dundee 1843 Lake Park 71.51 88.91 Lake Zurich 41 33 Glenbard East 2354 Streamwood 66.9 72.90 Woodstock 49 57 proviso East 2147 Aurora West 71-20 87.95 DeKalb 32 40 West Chicago 2273 Aurora East 34-45 91.55 Larkin 41 61 Larkin 2412 DeKalb 31-60 sth Conference 52 56 Aurora West 2243 1-Hfklfl Overall 2-9 83 44 Aurora East 1963 Sf. lifhgrlei Conference 0-4 41 39 Streamwood 2265 8 9 af 36 64 St. Charles 2294 Streamwood I , , h i 44 65 DeKalb 2320 Aurora West Egm Hig Gymnastws 39 62 Lake Park 4th District JV 34 56 Larkin 54 103 Aurora East CHZE12CZ81i640 Elgin Opp 39 40 Streamwood 25.70 37.50 Grant lEox Lakej 71 69 St' Chafles E1gm Bowling 41.22 45.52 Streamwood 41 55 Palaflne JV 44.00 48.40 Lake Park Overall 6-13 Conference 2-9 Overall 0-3 n Opp Conference 0-2 Elgm High Girls 2287 Aurora East Bailfetbau 2137 DeKalb JV 2010 Larkin E1 ' gm Qpp 1659 Schaumburg 35 41 Crystal Lake South 1866 St- Charles 25 33 Crystal Lake Central 1522 532325325 ii 23 Schaigmbgfg 35 un ee 1812 Aurora West 18 34 Larkin 1859 Aurora East 18 45 Aurora West 2309 DeKa1b 43 36 Aurora East 1921 Larkin 34 17 Streamwood Sf- lghlifleli 29 45 St. Charles a 9 ar 15 35 DeKalb 1976 Streamwood 39 33 Larkin 33 40 Aurora East Overall 9'55 16 38 Streamwoocl Conference 9-47 Overall 4-9 Conference 3-6 BATS ARE UP PCR BASEB LL This year's varsity team had an up and down season as they battled to stay at the 500 mark. The team displayed fine hitting ability but was lacking slightly in the pitching department. They were led by all-conference performer and MVP Tony Gross, fellow all conference recipient second baseman John Graham, shortstop Rich Oliverez, outfielders Jim Waschow and Tuto Perez and catcher David Nelson. The team also received a late season boost from Junior Lance Klinger who overcame academic difficulties and sophomore Brian Corn, who beat top seeded Dundee in the regional tournament. Things look good for the future at Elgin, as the Varsity started four juniors and two sophomores at the end of the year. iff ag pfarua 0 uf' , Z ,,' fix b, I f:,,,,,, I 5 nf.. V 5 23, Q, K .RN ,X X, M Q LIE? pf fx as 9 nf 1 1 Top Row L to R: Tom Cotheran, Mike Martini, Steve Bourne, jim Waschow, Coach Cooklin Dave Nelson, jim Olsen, Kevin Bender. Second Row john Graham, joe Gilliam, Tony Gross, Mike Johnson, Jeff Varady, Tuto Perez, Frank Santella, Scott Haseman. First Row: Lance Klinger, Marco Esqueda john Sheperd, Rich Oliverez, Kevin Baldwin, Manuel Garcia, Brian Corn SOPI-IOMORES STRIKE IT RICH 1 , This year's sophomore baseball team enjoyed a if' ,LATK A -1 , very successful season as they compiled an 1B-3- L 1 overall record and a 17-3-1 record in the confer- 5 My 'I ence good for first place. Leading team hitters on the team were freshman Rodney Scott .486, freshman Mike Haseman .435, sophomore Brian I . Corn .45O, and freshman Todd Opsahl .407. Bri- ,,1s,, ,L W ,W:y?s, V! ,7rt,,V, an Corn also was the ace of the pitching staff with a 7-0 record and a 1.92 E.R.A. followed closely by Rodney Scott 3-O, 1.67 E.R.A. and Kurt ' Peffley 3-0, 3.73 E.R.A. Coach Wargo was very '. ' pleased with the team's progress as the season ,.,,, continued and he looks for big things in the future from these Young men. - 'A lii't 5 "Y'f'ili1 5f?'lf7 ff, smwamxe-xaw Top Row L to R: Coach Wargo, Victor Rodriguez, Darry Wells, David Ross, Ramone Villafane. Middle Row: Carmen Inglese, Jeff Keough, Eric Isibue, Tim Olsen, Rodney Scott First Row: Mark Schiferel, Todd Opsahl, jim Brozny, Mike Haseman: Not Pictured: Kurt Peffley, Curtis Rice, Brian Corn, Billy Petschow TRACK MEN RU PUR THE RGSES x GUNS First Row L to R Preston Hmton Steve johnson Joe Arnold john Smrth Pa gulskr Tom Thornton Carl Alagna Mlke Judkms Terry Nlchols bon. Second Row L to R. Tony Martin, Thomas Adams Dave Sherrard, Le . , e Brian Eckhaus, Darren Perry, Ray Wiktor, Ron Dillow, Robert Span, Dean n Larry Kramka, Bob Board, Andy Berkly, Bill Lawson, Dave Reksnis, Dave Mabry. Third Row L-R: Coach Preedlund, Coach Williams, Coach Olson, Ed Leshin, Craig Stone, Pat Kramp, Dennis Kincannon, Glen Gerdes, Tom Lauber, Greg Smith, Brian Voyles, Mark Nyholm, Dave Antonsen, Merril Sinclair Qkll ' TAS' The 1982 Track team certainly had its ups and downs, but Coach Olson wanted to stress the highlights of the season. Out of 19 teams, Elgin placed 6th in Kane Coun- ty. At Districts, the team placed 4th. The 400 Relay team- Tom Adams, Larry Kramka, Tony Martin and Preston Hinton-set a record at Kane Co. and Preston Hinton-set a record at Kane Co. and qualified for state. The 800 Relay team-Tony Aclmas, Joe Arnold, Tony Martin and Preston Hinton-set both a Kane Co. and Upstate Eight record and qualified for state. Individual state qualifiers were Pres- ton Hinton in the 200 dash and Robert Span in the BOO run. Coach Olson enjoyed working with the track team this year and hopes for a large turnout for the 1983 season IT'5 ALL I THE RACKET Q- 2 ., Top Row L to R: john Petty, Ken Bllhlmah, Shawn Buck, Rick Plagge, Ken Engstrom, Coach Brinkley. First R Kim, Phil Blizzard, Lance Ewert, Raj Chabria, Mike Beinhauer The boys who remained on the tennis team all season gained much experience. Raj Chabria and John Petty were chosen most valuable players. The team finished sth in the district and looks forward to next year. Top Row L to R: Rich Rea, john Sheehan, Bill Green, Gerald Halverson, Coach Brinkley First Row: Ko Amarathithada, Vanhmany Niyavanh, Alex Jimenez, Eric Brown DW SCDFTB LL TE M IS A HIT N 1 Row L o R: Mrs Groves-Coach, Marianne Sherman, Julie Scruggs, Carrie Petschow, Sheila Kelly, Paula Schould, Paige Leatherh t K y, Berit Koltveit, Maria Prahm im Olliges Penny Horn Manager Front Row Robyn Warner Natalie Wittman Kim Boncoskey Sylvia Eder The girl's softball team fin- ished 4th in the Upstate Eight Conference with a 8-6 record. Three girls were elected to the all conference team- Sylvia Eder, Jill Leatherby and Natalie Witt- man. The high point of the sea- son was beating U46 rival Streamwood during regional play The team was a young team and looks forward to an even more successful season next year Top Row L to R5 Cindy Barnhart, Jill Stevenson, Sandy Hartman,Sue Read, Lynn Bennett, Alita Adams, Kris Beuten, Mary Woelfel, Andrea Iverson. TRACK STARS ARE A STEP AHEAD Front Row L to R: Kristin Pearson, Matra Khazi, Wendy Chambers, Kathy Probst Second Row: Heather Devine, Debra Hresil, Lori Pena, Jeanne Eberhart, Kelly Burke. Third Row: Rhonda Harris, Kathy Rioux, Melody Becker, Denise Richard- son Fourth Row: Annette Mink-Manager, Stacie Russell, Celia Gales, Pel Attaphi- taya Top Row: Coaches-Betty Leturno, Mary Ann Johnson Not Pictured: Sandra Martin, Denise Wauchope and Kathy Ells This Year's track team did very well considering the number of members. We placed 4th in conference, 6th at County and 8th at Districts. Many personal goals were Two members qualified for state, Kathy Probst in the 400 an Sandy Martin in the 100. Bmw 2 THE BIRDIE PLIES TO VICTORY The Badminton team had a really great season. Mrs. Sellers, a rookie coach, emphasized playing smart badminton. She was pleased that there were two full squads and it was an international team with three Laotian players. Twice they defeated 5 of 7 schools in the Up- state Eight Conference. Janna Wil- liams, Kate Brown and Traci Hil- lard qualified for the State. Both Traci Hillard and Julie Williams completed an undefeated season. Last but not least, the team was proclaimed "city champs" and giv- en a trophy by Mr. Wallace. ELEM? ., stem, 1 J -stan L zz E NK 33 HLGIN Top Row L to R Kim Gartne Kathy Bailleaux Terri Morrison, Laura Clymore, Sy Chaula- many First Row Michio E Maria Susara joan Helbig, Ieda Victorine, Aloun Youmagul. 103 L ,. it .,,. . A 4-4,-M1111-f-ff, fe--1.114 genera . W ,,,c,,u ,aw frm we -t we 4,f,.,.,., , - -rf we Saf er: - "5'Pi?Q29m21eie f' 5. , Mt. .,. --sp, we ' new :tr 1 We - as it , ,4 W . , '721:F119'm ft. Vit, ' f 4 may " . - fanart-,raise im5H5?Fi5G1kf5ll95f ' .3 Boys Varsity Baseball Elgin Opp. 5 5 Glenbard North 3 3 Dundee 4 3 St. Charles 11 5 De Kalb 12 0 De Kalb D.H. 5 11 DeKalb 1 6 Aurora East 7 12 Aurora East 5 2 Aurora East 5 2 Aurora West 2 10 Aurora West 7 9 Aurora West 7 0 Streamwood 9 8 Streamwood 7 8 Streamwood 3 5 Lake Park 7 10 Lake Park 10 12 Lake Park 3 13 Larkin 13 3 Larkin 1 2 Larkin 1 5 St. Charles 1 6 St. Charles Boys Sophomore Baseball Elgin Opp. 5 Z Glenbard North 4 3 Dundee 10 0 St. Charles 20 10 De Kalb S 3 De Kalb 5 1 De Kalb 8 0 Aurora East S 6 Aurora East 7 2 Aurora East 6 6 Aurora West 3 4 Aurora West 5 4 Aurora West 6 5 Strearnwood 4 1 Streamwood 13 7 Streamwood 5 2 Lake Park 10 0 Lake Park 9 3 Lake Park 2 5 Larkin 14 6 Larkin 5 4 Larkin 11 1 St. Charles 9 5 St. Charles Conference 17-3-1 Overall 19-3-1 E E 3 tte, 5' , 5 lll' E ale' fr' 1 "fli --.e sal' -. ' - ,wtk .'411 .,,' It 1,,t 5' 'ilii E5 5 1 1 -'r.e,,.e ,,A, L -gi K! " f x v M231 , qzz 1 L 's:: mag, Y:,z. g 5351, ,HT K -iff W Ug-,g!,it+w- 4,.,A,' A ,'1',41, ,en " v -4,-. . .. L V 4 . , ,. .., gk 13.0 1, l,fgf,5.,r,,,, L ' 'lla ' Boys Varsity Track Varsity Tennis Elgin Opp. Elgin Opp, BB 50V2 Dundee 1 4 Dund 55 47M Round Lake 4 1 Jaco 50 59 Schaumburg 4 1 Crow 50 65 Fremd 1 4 Cona 67 79 Streamwood O 5 Lake Par 44 79 Conant 0 5 St. Charl 44 46 Buffalo Grove 1 4 Batav 42 92 Aurora East Z 3 Lark' 63 78 Lake Park 1 4 De Ka 54 91 St. Charles 1 4 Crystal Lake Sou 53 83 Aurora West 1 4 Glenbard Nor 9th Rolling Meadows Inv. 1 4 Aurora Ea 59 86 De Kalb 0 5 Aurora We 6th Kane Countv 24pts, T.B.A. 0 S Riverside!Brookfie 43 89 Larkin 5 0 Streamwo Boys Sophomore Track S hom r T n ' Elgin Opp- op o e e ms 87 ii Dundee Elbin Opp' 87 Round Lake 3 2, Dun 31 73 Schaumburg 4 1 Jac 57 Fremd 4 1 Cm 54 86 Streamwood 3 Z Con' 43 Conant 1 4 Lake P 45 Buffalo Grove 0 5 SL Char 74 51 Aurora East 4 1 Bam 56 75 Lake Park 3 2 Lar 16 129 St. Charles 0 5 De K 33 Aurora West 1 4 Crystal Lake So 31 52 De Kalb 2 3 Glenbard No 71 Larkm 2 3 Aurora E 0 5 Aurora W B075 Indoor Track 0 5 Riverside!Brookfi Elgin Opp, 2. 3 Streamw 9 87 Glenbard 9 49 Bolingbrook 28 B4 St. Charles 33 B9 Aurora West 31 87 Larkin 67 79 Streamwood 43 77 Lake Park 7th Conference Lake Park Boys Outdoor Track Elgin Opp, 15 81 Glenbard North 15 39 Bolingbrook 5 105 St. Charles 4 115 Aurora West 29 74 Larkin 54 B6 Streamwood 32 78 Lake Park 27 54 Conant 27 36 Buffalo Grove lgin 1' ' :a"aQf.:z41,wf1e1 were :L . .. ,,A., .., . A K -t rlstgt ,, 5 . V ,A . is X' We if' 1. . f Vatsi ty Softball gin Opp. 9 6 9 14 12 2 3 8 10 11 4 3 4 J. V Softball Opp. 15 12. 12 6 16 26 34 18 19 11 11 12 7 I Dundee Larkin Lake Park St. Charles De Kalb Aurora East Aurora East Larkin Lake Park Streamwoocl Streamwood St, Charles De Kalb Dundee Larkin Lake Park St. Charles De Kalb Aurora East Aurora East Larkin Lake Park Streamwood Streamwood St. Charles De Kalb 1 . lelr f1+,.,.,.i 2 Q., ,,,. .. gy, asa... ,, .. ' r"' ' . A ,ZA -1r,, ' 75 .15-.,. f4,,...,A .,,,a W et, .,., fx .+L ' . 'CW' llllll 1 ,.., 3 if Girls Varsity Track Elgin Opp. 17 100 Schaumburg 17 47 Dundee 37 ss Jacobs 37 41 Mundelein 67 57 Streamwood 63 64 Larkin 56 71 Lake Park 36 95 St. Charles 25 56 Aurora West 6th Kane County 18 pts. 39 89 De Kalb 4th Conference-Lake Park 57 pts. Bth Districts 14 pts. State- La Sandra Martin 1rst 100 meter dash Kathy Probst 2nd 400 meter dash Q , . -1- g g. -...ff-fy V , in 1 1 ., ' 1 if 2' -5 x t 5 Q..-rpg , Mg arrows asa'-.::.'i M . .lst-is it 1.15.1 gm..-. at-W ...fix . .za . ...-.t.1...f.s.-1 . .-.-.ta ,.,,. te., ,. ,. ,,,.....: ,,... , ,.,,. ..,t,.,: ,W , ,. ,. t ,... 1.,...k,., W.. .,,.,,.e ..,1,,,.i,. . - af,-esf -- f-wif-1.-21--ff V-1.oi.:-ef.i.f:.e., , ,b ' 1-on is-.fwggii -- wi r:.saf.s.e.f A 1. ,..,..,.,.,,,.. QW. fi, t... .i., .. tt f.. 'i1-iw11.- . tm,-1 -Q . faf- W1vw..-:fa1sQt..11:..se. . 4 ,A v . . r i in six?-121526 if 1 f 31.5,-..s.5 . .,. We ,,.. H . f Varsity Badminton Elgin 8 5 6 8 5 6 2 2 7 7 7 4 5 1 2 Conference 9-4 Overall 10-4 Elgin 2 6 6 3 2 1 5 4 2 0 0 0 Conference 4-7 Overall 5-7 Opp. 0 0 1 0 2 1 5 5 0 0 0 3 2 6 5 I. V Baclmin ton Opp. 4 0 0 2 3 4 0 1 3 5 5 5 St. Charles Larkin Mc Henry Streamwood Lake Park Aurora East De Kalb Aurora West St. Charles Larkin Streamwood Lake Park Aurora East De Kalb Aurora West St. Charles Larkin Mc Henry Lake Park De Kalb Aurora West St. Charles Larkin Lake Park Aurora East De Kalb Aurora West fHl9MlNlS'l'RfH'l"lI9Nf. FfHElilIa'l'Y N Q 'Hl9MlNl5'l'R'H'l'llElNf. FfHElJl:'l'Y ,N 4-Q-...W 4-N,-6 'wh 1' Q, fi? N-L 'lp-gulf" ..........,.,,,,,,1 ,,, I x DMINISTR TIO Each year at school is different from the previous. We have had many honors within the academic program and the extracurricular program, There have also been many individual student awards. The traditions of Elgin High School, certainly in the total school program, have continued. What will we remember about 81-82? . . . The fruits of our accelerated program by having ten National Merit Scholars . . . The hard work of our athletic teams who have gained recognition as a team and the many individuals who have been honored for their leadership roles as part of a team. The Pep Band that was voted one of the top bands in the state of Illinois . . . Many things to remember that we Principal Larry Nemmers James Polzin Assistant Principal Assistant Principal BOARD OF EDUCATION Standing L. to R.: Mr. Glen Peterson, Mrs. Jan Stolt, Mr. Claude Hamlin, Mr. Fred Smith, Mr. James Raue, jr. Seated L. to R.: Mr, William Farley, Sr. Robert Erickson, Dr. Richard Wiggall, Mr. Craig Stokely 108 are proud of and will give us fond memories in the years to come. May the year have been rewarding for all students and staff, may the future bring forth goals and desires that we set out to achieve, but most of all, may you reflect and say, "Sl-82 was a super year for me because I was a student in Elgin High School." My best to all of you. Richard F. Felicetti , I t ag. Stanley Donegan Dean of Students GENERAL OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Standing L. To R.: Fr. Richard MacFeely, Mr. Harvey Eisner, Mr. William Farley, Mr. Lowell Antenen. Seated L. to R.: Dr. lame Crow, Mr. Harry Michelson, Dr. Richard Wiggall FACULTY 2 mer? .mfs 'f ' x .f :aw f gangs, ,,3fff'ff,,f,.,J, ,, 'Hf,g " My .N .,.m-f,,,m, mc, 4 . 9 Wd ' i if S .3521 A wi A My U 1 1 fri , ,L S v fi s , so , X, 2 - Y Y' . '55 5 'Z ' -I 5 ., , ,Nb F3 Q r J Avx ' 4 6 0 A gf V 1 lf- 'M Frank Aleman E.C, Alft Kittavong Amarathithada Foreign Language Social Studies Counselor ,eff l Carol Anderson Physical Education Eleanor Antenen Mathematics Dale Anderson Warren Anderson Rick Andreson Reading Industrial Arts Physical Education W . A 'SA V. A I7 X? V., , ' f I "C,'27 P? Harry Barnes Social Studies Gail Azinger Ken Azinger Doris Baldridge Aff Foreign Language Physical Education W E ,'i' L Rita Blankenship Music Bilingual Science Charles Beckman Beatrice Begg Robert Blewett Business FACULTY Y ' Jack Booth Thomas Boyle Lynn Brinkley Barbara Brown Business Industrial Arts Business Foreign Language 'a .ai if ., 1-H A V, ,WW 0 Q 0 if U W. fn, ee. f I RX' 1 ' 3 iv ,Q .fn we in I Kent Brown Richard BXOWning james Buchheif Sandra Butz Industrial Arts Art English Speech Therapist William Chesbrough Laurayne Conway David Cgqklin john Corn Athletic Director Physical Education Health Mathematics V mf' ' ii. 9 V 'iv A nfs- 5 L scww -fy w ,i w .. X ' . , james Crinigan Altys Daniels Robert Duffield Leonard Enrietto English English Social Studies Mathamatics FACUL Y ,,,s1,iQff2, 1L.i2f't'z " 4 , " 1 ,,: 7432?- ,, . , 'Y 9 ,f to l 7 41 ki 9 2 X' I X s 5 Q , , 5 Q l i 2 if Warren Etter Steve Evangelist Gary Everett Ruben FeliCian0 Science Physical Education Physical ECluCati0n Bilingual Pam Forbes Robert Poster Mary Ann Fox Ron Freedlund Bilingual English Social Studies Industrial Arts lm ' r W Carol Gage Dan Gardner Dale Gibbony Arthur Graffam Reading Mathematics Counselor Industrial Arts fy, Y ' Josie Groves Laurie Hamacheck James Hamrin Barbara Hemley Physical Education Foreign Language Driver Education English K sa FACULTY Mary Pat Hirshberg Karen l-Iomstacl Bob Hope l0Y IIWWS0 Physical Education Art Industrial Arts Bilingual -1 -Q nv-Q. du., xf.,,, " ff. av, ivy, , 'Q-fn I--K.. lanith jackson Judy johnson Art Kanies Richard Kay Special Education Special Education Counselor Counselor E' Janet Kinner janet Klein Margaret Kuntzelman Ierry Kusek Health Careers Home Economics English Physical Education Na..-.,....p' Richard Lake Herbert Lange Betty Leturno Denver Leturno Science Photography Mathematics Science X A ky- -,k ,.-,ir 51' ily "'w5,f'it - K:,k X 3 1'2" 3. , .- x,i":?.ff! qu Ir ma? 5 Q A,'wj f": ,iv azfim if, it lI+i'i lr."'f, 4 is . M L' we 4 k . 'la ts. is .sf L , FACULTY Diane Longfield Elizabeth Lorz Bilingual Librarian g Jil . i Mm ' T Q W 4 is if as fi lit?- X-f a i J X L' . - Rfk Y -f f ig 3' ' F ,L 5 , S Ti ' Q0 Q 35 if fl!-ali 5 X i ii? ti an fkiviisg 'C 'U"f-Q me A39 at Q M if ii fiiitiist .ls nn: s ,R Q, me "MR" HT' lk 'frm . la M wiki wail' at-. 0, will , in . as D :lkggt Q f I. IP 3 X 2 2225 f 1- .. Fffilxuifbw' 9 n K f 'Q ,g Dennis Martin Khamla Maukdarath English Bilingual L E , lg .xi . -at-liz. , ii' X . J . V 4, , : i Numa N N xi: Ioyanne Mills Carol Morrison Mathematics English as W ,J S A K 5,1 .. A fx using' pf '- 'Wf as Myron Nowosad Duane Ohl Foreign Language Science james Madeja Band gg x Wilfred McWilliams Social Studies Robert Mott English I Rick Olson Physical Education l-iALQUL'1'Y Billie Otunga Char Pichilc Special Education Business Paula Roland Jane Roll Special Education English lane Purdum Billie Renwick Home Economics Home Economics Dave Saurbough Kurt Scheibner Physical Education English Rupert Searcy Laura Sellers Science Social Studies Mary Rudzinski David Saiz Orchestra Science " ' ii S cl ,t-e if N' .... f' ' S 5 Howard Schulte Lynn Searcy Social Studies Aft Kathleen Siclclesteel English 3 SKA f,,,,,,g,X , ,ref -L W Q c, fi t ffl fe ' Q 1 img: Q: 1 ? E S stil l f Susan Sitter English Inthasong Sivilay Bilingual Edwin Stieben Mathematics joel Van Buren Business I , , X ,, I, 4 iY:,zi'2g,y .. ,y ' W S E E - fl I' , V Y Mgt! Elfvfgfff, if , fa ,ia ,A fi-'xiii ... ,.,,. -if-:ai?fr' cf, nm a. ga A - . ff? ,lfi52?rf51fQit41i'i'f Vincent Wilhelm Special Education Mi 1-PIL, Ul.i1'Y p M. F I Kim S0l'll'13m3kef Saysana Songuilay Diane Steffens Special Education Bilingual Social Studies William Taylor Dennis Toren Maxine Turek Social Studies Science Health Leo Vanderkamp Susan Wagner James Wallace Industrial Arts Bilingual Social Studies 'N-s.. Lolitta Williams Robert Williams Virginia Willis Librarian Science Business FACULTY X Martha Wiseman Ken Wright Mystery Teacher Counselor Bilingual Darth Vader? SECRET RIES Susan Mayer, Heidi Gorajczyk, Barbara Haaker, Mary Zych, Diane Gentry, Susan Fortner, Julie Ruzicka. Corinne Barton, Freda Smith, Elaine Gillam, Ann Guetschow, Betty Hodson, Pat Lopez, Adele Prigge, Clara Rister, Maralyn Grischow, Shirley Knickrehm. CAFETERIA STAFF aa, ,K t,., Alice Reitz, Phylis Chrebonocwski, Lucille Baum, Rita Puckard, Carmello LaGambena, Helen Kock, Ruth Eadler, Bernice Wirseng, Darlene Lock, Joanne Gromkaroski, Lorraine Hartmann, Norma Richert, Lois Mockoll, Rosemary Urchuk, Edna Kolberg, Mildred Welsberg, Alice Izatt, Millie Span, Patricia Leverenz, Barb Roca, Betty McClintock, David Covington, Mary Hecht, Vernice Kinsinger, Joanne Branden- busch, Lou Norris, Shirley Bratcher. PARAPROFESSIONALS TEACHERS' AIDES x ff" f- AN A 11 E 1 'ii , 3 oi E' 3 ', 5 1 N '3 f ,R gh AM Iona Leatherman, Shirley Roller, Beth Mitchell Everett Bell, ,lean Evinger, Kathy Westerman, Maria Roasles CLERICAL AIDES DEANS' ASSISTANTS ,wi gf 2: r 'Lil 5 S I jf fa' ..'2s.'5"w',. 1 ' ff'-1':' 55 ,l 2331 Mary Campbell, Cathy Lambrecht, Rose Ann Pantano Becky Demmin, Henrietta Stitts, Cip Siete, James Logan SIEIPHIQMEIRES f 1 ' v l SEIPHIQMIQRES 119 Lisa Abbott Adam Adams Bill Adamff Brian Adamson Raina Agrawal Dorothy Aquinaga Kim Alexander Becky Allen Tim Allen Fred Allensworth Scott Almquist Patricia Alvarado Paul Alvarado Peter Alvarado Chanthala Ammathithada Iourivard Amaralhithada Dean Anderson Hans Anderson Jill Anderson Karl Anderson Dave Antonson John Antos Joe Arnold Nasima Ashab Suparat Attapl-iitaya Linda Avila Jorge Avitia Cindy Barnhart Kim Bandelow Diane Banwart SOPHOMORE . f 5 aw My 1 f 7 f ff ,, v ei Z f E. W Q 1 LCQLGRSP , , ,.,. ,. 5 l rg v i . qi f f ,N ' "' -. ' x ' l r ,, . . , , , . V , 1,l,f:,,Wyyf, , e , zu ., , f -.1.1.w4--4gfMA,,f , , , . - fz. f,,f -f ,V g :tra , S42 f LightjB1ue and Blue b L V , y Ei y , F "lDQ'yy0py5 Know Where YoufxeeeG0ingAf:lfoff5f Lion " L,,, , , reach Daymasy yyei 'jd iiey , B FLGWEK , ...H ,Liu .ln yy V4T . . , M L. ,, J ,.mY i L L M K ml L Z ,B 'r L ,f-'ff , 'T in 1' L r I f N ' l l B . X 1 , ' R ' , X 7 .2 "" Q .X ' XX xiii 'UN H2 3 'A R ' ' 1 " 3 fzzfz. nm lf' Don Bautista Benny Basaldoa Brian Bates Melody Becker Sondra Beedie Lynn Bennett Steve Berke Andy Berkeley Karen Berney Dawn Berry jeff Biggott Bruce Bills Judy Bilski Dick Bingham Bill Blair Bob Board Lisa Boehler Laurie Bolf Larry Border Somprasong Boriboun Gladys Borlaza Roger Bos Donna Botarf Gary Bourne Amy Bradley Patty Brandt Ron Braun Mark Bray Mary Brettschneider Michaeline Briscoe Robin Broadnax Steven Brockman Eric Brown Mari Brown Kim Broz jim Broznu Gary Bruns Brenda Budweg Lori Budzyn Ron Burgess Kelly Burke jim Burner Marilyn Bush Juff Busche Ginger Call Ann Campbell Laura Campbell Mike Cancel james Carrington Jeff Caul Matt Ceaser Victor Ceron Maria Chagolla Ann Ching , rg-,. are A iz C w---5 V . .,, ii .ili Y ' SOPHOMORES tl' , Nam .fl miie I,:?1?55'f 'e'r F' LQ- A casa: iq .i fl- :, . Jr? N X f E as , ii gi 'im x w Q YX a B - Xe is Chris? G Q 25: 1 5 e Q3 f rad.- Q 1 R All Sex rycr 3. Fxi K 5 .1 M' ..., . WWE fu i 335. - -fy..-F .4"'1i11 f 'W , 'K My eggs iw' rg ar H Xxif' SOPHOMORES ii 2 . we if ww af lm! I' x 5 Mi, , wig- 4? 'wifi 33" ,f wvw KSN' nf ' ' 'ml -,,.,,,' mf J' f pf uf , f' 0 A ' 5 7 we f"v' X z Q' 7' Y W if " ,J,L'V2fT?7 , i ' o r x, .. 1-f W5 .. 1, 52 - M 9 ,tfggzw VL" ig r I. 7 2 I 55 Inf! ly 5. V x W x af , 3 lu 'L I '21 -gg'f"'. X Tom Ching Gene Chiovari Consuelo Cintora jana Cisne Jeff Clapp Candi Clarke Dave Clarke Joanne Clarke Andrea Cole Mario Colemen Mike Comparowe Craig Conley Jack Conner Timothy Conway Lisa Cooper Brian Corn Don Crafton Carl Crisp Ana Cruz Toby Culver Ryan Daffron Ken Dage Lisa Daley Beth Darnell Benny Darnley Gary Davel Tracy Dauksavage Michael Davies Devin DeRaedt Heather Devine john Dewis Myrna Diaz Michele DiCaro Kathy Digman Ken Dillon Ken Dinlcelman Bob Doan Donna Doherty Todd Donald Martha Duarte Steve Dudek Bryon Dukes Reb Dukes Lisa Dullum Laura Dumelle Kerry Dummer Norman Duran Phil Durben Michiao E Jeanne Eberhardt Brian Eckhaus Bob Edwards Bob Egan Kim Ehrhardt SOPHOMOR ES N, 5 lx ,ww-za' A ' p .,,,,S W, Q " 'TQ . ez. ie? W N 7 aw X wx X K if 'K . H -abs Q X , X , 5 ,X X fs , r ,V r ii ,t,, , If 3 H 'i sg ,JE ' , ,"' ,mf 'l 5 ,, ,mm ,, 9 tlls 4 lll, V ' W , W f , , .,, 7, .L xi '-,Kilt f W . wc' Q 'Q , , 0 ' fQf,,, 4 Q' ,M K f 9 at vw ,. Q v 'X I -ia W f l ' f Sherri Ehrhardt Toni Ellis Lee Enzenbacher Todd Erbach Doris Esquivel Kathy Etherton Mike Ewaniuk Teresa Fahlen Randy Farley Chad Farmer Dave Fatrato Robin Feagin Joe Feigel joe Fenn Ivan Figueroa Billy Fisher Chuck Ford Mike Ford Sharon Ford Darrin Forester Roh Fosco Teresa Frederick Durcas Fritz Kris Fritz Bob Gagnon Colleen Gallagher Adan Garcia Araceli Garcia Kim Gartner Eric Gasger Jeff Gathman john Giannotti Gary Gibson Pat Gierke Bill Gineman Sue Golovin Kevin Gomes Melva Gomez Elizabeth Gonzalez Kevin Gost Dwayne Graff Scott Graves julia Gray Bill Green Jaime Green Steve Green Paul Groh Sandra Gross George Gryparis Leon Guarcliola Rob Guazzo Maria Guereca jeff Gullilcsen Dave Gunn SOPHOMORES U ,nw-f. 31' Zu M ef' X 2 ' , mv ,fvfi 'J ' SOPHOMORES Ksfia, Q! -sv, QM! Kaarin Gustafson Candy Gutierez Michelle Hackerd Abdul Hafeez Gerald Halverson Earl Hamann Felicia Hamby Ron Hardesty Steven Harper Rhonda Harris Tina Harris Patsy Harrison Sandy Hartman Lisa Harwood Mike Hastings John Havserman Chad Hecht Brian Heffernan Harold Heine Ann Helbig Sue Helm Tim Hennig Heidi Hernandez Heidi Herzon Danette Hicks Julie Higgins Janelle Hildwein David Hobbs Michael Hobbs Rob Hoberg Mike Hoffman Joyce Hojnacki Gary Holder Jeff Holmes Kevin Homfeldt Jeff Hudens David Hughes Wayne Hughey Kim Humes Cary Hunter Nikhat Husain Bob Ilosvay Carman Inglese Somlith Insistengmay Andrea Inversen Christoubul Ixpotod Doug Jackson Todd Jaeger Darrell Janesak Steve Jarosenski Debbie Jensen Lisa Jenson Alex Jimenez Carolyn Jimenez SOPHOMORES Caroline Jones ... i t . ' 'Q Al Johnson , fl ag' . Brian Johnson ' KF -.K Q' W Janet Johnson MA' 1 J Mike Juclkins S .L ,N . ,. x XL fa XP, r ' 1 .U X N ig ' A ? 'iw' .. f , fm W af rggiai ,. ' V 2 K 1 ln., 5 ,424 Deidree Kaspar Greg Katz Jack Kelly Octavia Kemper V. Keomuongchanh Jeff Keough Sara Kershaw Sumapron Kessuvan Vilaxon Kethdy P. Khathakhauthakhixay - Mitra Khazai as Si Jeff Killian Dennis Kincanon Rodney Kish fx S 3 C Q , Q21 K fa Shari Kitz Kelly Klinger Tammy Klotsch Kendra Kniece Sandi Koenler xx' Joe Koenig Mike Kolek Kim Konen Pat Kramp Laura Kraus Julie Krueger Michelle Kruger Kathy Krush Ky La Jim Lahey Linda Lahey Bunheng Lai Carlos Lamboy Larry Lamkin Kelly Lamont Lee Leobrera Sheryl Leonard Vince Leonardis Cathy LeRoy Ed Lishin Jeff Lewis Karen Lewis Debbie Lindsey Debbie Line Ken Lishmer Kathy Lisiecki Rich Lisula Theresa Lloyd Rodney Lofgren Ron Lofgren SOPHOMORES lifee L 5 ' 9' Z , .M R K I wx ,.,, 3 , ?'1Y"1?H' yl, .,,y A W, -UO I if I' tl n gli 'V i r it ,' 'ffl r -. if L f-if SOPI-IOMORES -A, we fgafblv Rosaland Logan Sherrie Logan Peggy Londgren Alice Long Tina Long Cindy Lopez Connie Lopez Chris Lorence Angie Lowe N. Luangapliay Felipe Lucio Joe Luna Cindy Luzietti Kim Lym Dennis Mabry Marie MacDonald Sheedali Mahboobipoor Melissa Mansfield Lori Maples Brian Martin Karen Martin Mercy Martin Nora Martinez Debbie Massow Norman Mattson Kanji Matsushita Beth Maunitz Ron Mazzio Jim McCulla Vicki McDermott Bob McFarland Ralph McMahon Rick McMullen Wendi McNabney Patricia Medina Dudley Mehrmanesh Tounekham Meksavanh Jim Mentink Craig Merkling David Merrill Lorena Midtsem Greg Millard Jeff Miller John Miller Sylvia Montiel Maurice Moore Ramona Moore David Morales Michele Morin Renee Mroz Barb Mueller Allene Muhling Tracy Myers Sandi Naas SOPHOMCPRES ' i as x' ll , rsyyt,y y,yt y ? 'ZW , 'xiii si 1" 1 Y its . r if A' x " f. . X Q A an "if Mg. gr '. wiflm 1 . '- ' gpg" x 1 Y ' at ,ze I qs! A. l XJ. N, . , X 5, W V ,..,t, A .. 4 M 4' L3 ,ll ... wr' B ' fell 'lf' '- ,eg l', , lf ,la rt? Si- 'f x n V' i Q.: 2 s SOPHOMORES EE, f2,, " 32 T? W 'iff W? Chantharang Narong Roy Nayloa Debbie Nelligan Sue Nelson Terry Nichols Jose Nieto Vikki Nivens Vanhmany Niyavanh Hien Nguyen Randy Novak Tina Nowacki Mark Nyholm Bernadette Obrocnta Lisa Odell Dave Oclman Andy Oehler Julie Orlando Helmut Ott Cheryl Owen Dino Pace Esther Pagone Cheryl Paladino Doug Palmer Vic Palmer Alejandro Pantoja Choongwon Park Lynda Parsons Laura Patano Kristin Pearson Kurt Peffley Megan Pelletier Luis Perez Salvatore Pernice Jerry Peszat Sisouphan Phetphranchanh Soumaly Phakeovilay Outhayvanh Phongmany Outama Phorasavong Kaysone Phorasavong Phetsamone Phouangpangna Enh Phu Lan Mike Plagge Victor Poltrock Matt Ponsolle Tammy Poole Predfrigge Kitty Probasco Pauleta Quadrozzi joan Quintal Sandra Quintana Joy Ramos Sountiscla Rasavacly Richard Rea ' Sue Read 134 SOPHOMORES fav wg' -6 any ,rv SOPHOMORES I li I I . R, Wx LM Elizabeth Reber Sue Reese Scott Reid Monica Reilley David Reksnis Lisa Renner Lisa Restrivo Lilly Restreio Connie Rhodes Curtis Rice Gene Rich Karen Rielage Mike Rineer Darci Riseling Maribel Rivera Renaldo Rivera Daniel Riveron Lucy Rodriguez Priscella Rodriguez Victor Rodriguez Conya Robinson Rob Rohe David Ross Jocelyn Rollins Felicitas Roman Mike Ross Dottie Rowley Brett Roxworthy Judy Royster Karen Rozinsky Lori Russell Stacie Russell Janet Rutkowski Jim Sadilelc Dino Saenz Pete Sampson Konseng Sanavongsay Blanca Sanchez Pauline Santanna jeff Santella Chris Saville Kendrick Scales Dheanne Schneider Eric Schreiber Alan Schulz Randy Schumacher Mike Scoggins Debbie Scott Julie Scruggs Keonekeo Seangkeo Tori Sesser linni Semyck Bev Shedel Amy Shaw SOPHOMORES ,Q , 1 ' 2 ,ascii fi, 5 , K WV' W. QF: XAQKQ I I., M Q, .iaaw, iw efw,'E fiicl ',,, 1 iwwwflwvnfwa 'AW f f 'vwwwawwae ?fMW !?i?"ELA11 , . RX l SOPHOMO RES f! -Annan- ll , l Aflfx john Sheehan Dan Sherrard Pam Shreve Denise Sico Deedee Siemieniewski Ron Seitmann Jody Smith Joel Smith Mark Smith Robin Smith Scott Solberg Tod Sorenson Felipe Soto Sylvia Soto Vilayphome Sotsavanh Kinzie Span Eric Spates Trudy Spires Annee Sprouse Pam Stachnic Glenda Stad Tom Steffen Dana Steffenson Maryliay St.John Andy Stutz Peggy Swan Randy Swan Keith Sumoski Laura Szecepaniak jeff Taylor Melissa Taylor Brian Tepp Damdy Thasavong Denise Thomas Jessie Thomas Amie Thompson Sharen Thompson Phetsyttay Thounsavath Sourichanh Thounsavath jeff Trun Michele Torpe Rachel Torres Darek Towner Mike Townsend Terry Trevino Brenda Troutman Cliff Tulsie Mimi Tun Tony Vail Theresa Vandewalker David VanDussen Blong Vang Pao Vang Pong Vannasy SOPHOMORES gal' fi' ,QNX 451' wx' Q24 GQW, SOPHOMORES qw? if 449' QW ! Kris Vega Jose Velazquez jagadish Venkateshian Craig Verdome Mary Anne Vergel De Cheryl Vick Norm Victorino Oscar Villarreal Michele Vinz Chrissie Voures Pam Wagner Steve Waiflein Lee Weiss Kevin West Diane Wetherton Sheri Whitlow Ann Wilharm Chris Wilkiel Cheryl Williams julie Williams Tracey Williams Phil Wilson Sue Wirsing Sharon Woelfel Dios 139 Sandra Woods Sondra Woods Tori Woolcott John Wrbanek Tina Wright Natalie Yamaguchi Phongsay Youmagul Jim Young Guadalupe Zamudio David Zaragoza Denise Zimmerman Paul Zygulski ,L X S 7 , J, -Y- 1 s K ff, ,. f SOPHOMORES fsgw iff-wifi 1 -1 . up . 1' visa,-,. 9 ' ,V S R K N fa E 'Y' sa R gffx W .Q-E' 'X ff ix., 'ws H7 ul. :IUNIEIRS Q we I , f me A , f - "' f ' V R I Q ESC" M ..- ' A2 . -ii T -wifi' si v w H Q Q 2 1 m , 5 . ' 1 K ' l Lg ... ,. 0. 2 v-- G .. N . , . L .A mms 2 . ------- 'r Pgnginskigwsgip 33 Agqbff-QF .su 1 QE .gr 5 N " 1, fn: 1 E R Y 5 ,S g s Xi 4, 5 H '25 .L W , ' ,, 2 nwgm .E 31 KQSSQQEHB gm Qwmsli 553 EEG if '56 6 0 .,... . Ma w 5 :IIZINIIQRS KN. 4' ff ,Ja , F '-S. ay? W mf gffmgzzw Metra Abolfathi Lynee Ackert john Alagna Kari Albert Jodie Albright Herb Allen Mark Allsworth Margie Alvarado Cindy Anderson Kathy Anderson Kie Anderson Teal Anderson Bret Arnone Masume Ashab Jaime Atienza Mike Auney Julie Bachar Renee Bagwell Kathy Bailleaux Bob Baker Kevin Baldwin Carrie Barkwill Iim Barrels Tammy Bartos Shelley Bartz Ioe Bauschka Lori Bear Mike Beck Mike Beinhauer Kevin Belcher JUNIORS nr ii A-'ff ,4 Q h All x I 1 ,, uv . . ' ' , M rire an - . K V 1 'L W. - Y" rf "K" uf" ' ilifi l'Vf -.,,. ,rw ,E 1 Q Y? x if 3 N 001 lr gil x Q ,-"Ni 4 Q LL .i , Wg- X Q 5 B5 S Q ! 'R 2 A' ? .rm wt E if '15 X uf' I9 "'ll' Q Q ml? 'ill Q X ,A Ggfizffagtz 9. IQ R i fe il Q Xl il 2 rm Edith Bell Pattie Bell Kris Bennett john Bens Bob Benson Lisa Bergman Dale Beuten Kim Biesterfeld Laura Bieszke Dan Bieze Glenn Biggott jim Bobrowski Brenda Boden Lillian Boey Scott Bohne Glenn Bolt Kim Boncoskey Kim Borders David Bormann Vince Born Barb Bowen Veronica Bowling Reb Braddock Barb Bradley Becky Bradley Barb Bratthauer Christine Brennan Rich Brixie Cheri Brown Lisa Brown Kate Brown Troy Buchanan Shawn Buck Dane Buczkowski Ken Buhlman Maggie Bump Tracy Burlingame Eddie Burner Sandy Bush Linda Cobarrubias Mark Camacho George Campbell Jim Cannella Paul Cardinal Brenda Carrington Lynda Carter Armando Cedillo lim Cermak Laura Ceron Raj Chabria Diane Chai Keooudone Chantaehil Daniel Chapin Becky Charlton JUNIORS pr mg, .A fr., Sw- g.' ii. is ia L I 6 MR u X, JUNIORS 'wwf' , i"'WiiY fu' ' A. , ,. , 1 n,Q..:., l gnxg I mwah Mr' f' v-.J ...M Dy Chounlamany Dawn Clark Laura Clymore Rob Coates Ieff Coker Roger Cole Lisa Collins Michelle Collins Gene Colucci Scott Conn Tom Cotlwran Denise Council john Covington Laura Cripe Dawn Crisci Vickie Cullotta Robin Culver Lee Daniels Nick Dassis Brian Davis Greg Davison Karen Dean Tracy Dernmitt Linda Diaz Todd Dibenedetto Steven Dieckhoff Kelli Dieckman Ron Dillow Laura Dolan Somphane Douanchandy Dave Drewes Tammy Duckett Debbie Eaton Scott Eaton Jim Elbert Jim Elischer Joe Elizondo Kathy Ells Ken Engstrom Greg Enzenbacher Lance Ewert Connie Fahlen Sandy Fakles Sandy Farrell Dave Petting Manny Figueroa Joe Fioretto Michael Fogelsanger Kevin Foss Ann Fox john Fox Tim Frascone jamie Fredericksen Scott Frederickson JUNIORS stir 5 vs l iii' Ll' 'L ' i N i- 0 i it Am 4 S ,iii ' ,mf Wiki at Q Rae x we K W 3 Qs Q 'Ei s e g X x ' 4 x X 3 -.1 'Hin WW B259 X is ii . 0 N .. ,Q 'W- 1., i ' S .5 W. .i.. Jars. -- . Xf'Se+a.:: . X. N ,i, , X . K x, , .md . 'Mr' QE' X 2' x YQ in . , . 1. , rf il" Q at K 1 , Qi , K 1, :A ,L S as wav Q 34 'XE iii JUNIORS "EQ .MW 1 LT L - A 59? ff K . . L K 'X . 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Keomuongchanh Bekki Keylock Kim Kilgore San Kim Randy Knaak Kevin Kniece Kurt Korzi Karin Kotyluk Keith Kowasz Katie Krautkramer Marilyn Krog Bill Kroon Cheryl Kulas Ken Kusch Laura Kusch Ed Kurth IUNIORS e '.r' w- ,-af. Q . V-VSFSW .' - .. Z- - if K' me. as , P' v-- ef . M F Nix K .. -' 5 ' XS? 3, gi in Lf- el as W mam' 5 X A 'NX SX 'Q f' .m mangas , 1 5 . 9 ee. xiii 1' lv ,f ' as Q N. QR f N is My e,Ae e Ag IUNIORS Yi iii E Q-V E X, re wg..-Q. ee N , ., . ,l X f 'ff' -, S-we L ? L iieia , ..25 .,.3, NX X -, ., X 'Fx' N ,Baa xx 3 Suv 1" 3 'ix-ggaslizuwjq' egg! 11133 5145113 1 "g' .- A ' l ' ' ' ' , ' W , 'Mp wg" A lzg i' - . D NF ff , m, ,.,1f , , 1, . I ,W I ,Z r . , K L gh as li Q- A 'mei' fn agar , - vs!'2 agp L. inns 'sv-we-aaa Mark Kusek Sanjay Labroo Francine Laffey lim Lake Trina Lamb Bill Lambert Mike Lamp Sue Lamz Keith Landers Lisa Langenstrass Bryan Larak Loren La Riviere Bob Larson Erik Larson Don Latimer Brian Latour Souk Laungadhay Souk Laungihanay jill Leatherby Brian Ledwon Haeyung Lee Jong Lee Yer Lee Mike Legenza 4 Bob Lemke Kim Leoard Brad Lerschen Allen Licitra Renee LoCicero Gabriel Lopez Lisa Lucaccioni Patty Lupinek Dan Luu Dan Thuan Luu Al Lux Debby Luzinski John Madsen Dwayne Magiers Ron Major Sarah Maltby John Mari Marilyn Marquez Patti Marshell john Maxham Drew Mayes john Mayes jeff Mays Holly McAdams Fiona M-:Cana Mike McDowell Jay McManaman Molly Melton Pat Melville JUNIORS X9 A fi Qi., ,,,,,..,- R -av- f i f ' -Pziii ., 'QQ' Rig - Lg' L ,l ' 5545 'I 51 + :liz- f I .W , - wax M Q . -me A V 3 "KLA Nr xr Ka, ix ,ua-.nu 2 IUNIORS W. '-14,1 -w...,- mx xx N Q Ny v r 3 , X is fr N Q!! .K 3 ..:L., N ry . . 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Nachampassak Ron Naida Zella Nagaier Linda Naoom Maribel Navarro Lisa Neal Brad Nelson David Nelson joan Nelson Musa Nesheiwat Phyllis Newcombe Roy Ng Wayne Norris Dave Northcutt Gretchen Novak Sonny Novak Tina Novak James Ochu Karen O'Connor Michelle Oden Nenos Odisho Cary O'Donnell Carol O'Donnell Rich Oliva John Olsen Denise Olson Kevin Olson Michelle Opsahl Rick Page JUNIORS sw - .. M-.ish .3 Q..-... . . E M ir Q if X we Qi z ,, M W w- Q5 i Q X gi? X 1. xl M kg X lfi ' Q 3 i 431' A XA.-.sms is - W-of - F -:we ., , ew .sw - z 3' rx- 'Qs V S 5 . . ,Vicky ,Q ur? Lisa Palmer Paul Paoli Chris Parker Tom Parr Grant Patterson Darren Paulson Kevin Pearce jamie Pease Jim Pedigo Lori Pena Kevin Pensinger Artie Peret Jeff Perri Yvette Peterson Rich Peterson John Pettey Bouasy Phankheva Mercedes Phillips D. Phonthibsavath S. Phonsavanh V. Phorasavong Roxie Pickell Christopher Pierce Rick Plagge Bill Plasting Trina Ponce Toy Prathan Maria Prehm lan Prigge Sue Prouty Eddie Pruitt Tammie Quarrie Souksarn Raksinh P. Ramanghoun Grace Ramirez Shawn Ramsey Souriya Rasavady Ed Raska C. Rathachith Joy Rattanasavanh Lynette Reese Sue Reischel Becky Reuter Rhonda Reynolds Liz Ribando Denise Richardson Dianne Riggs Sharul Riley Kathy Rioux Chad Riseling Randy Rodewald Cookie Rodriguez Sonia Rodriguez Tammy Rodriguez JUNIORS Lili , , . , . ef' +- '!""" fix Q ' if .55 e J UNIORS - gA we 1-,Q,,i47g,- 332111: fr. J .T T x 'F an ac. M we QE r 5 if S i rm Af mf' "Q-A+-Y h e ' gzggj. - 3 AA.A-me I - o gg -if ., r ,gg aw .1 S. rg A or f xi, , . A . as Q2 Teresa Rodriguez Danny Rogers Jeanette Rosa Darryl Ross Dan Rossmann Jeremy Ruderman Wendy Sabel Cindy Sabin Joanna Sack Cindy Salzmann Jim Schaefer Vic Scham Paul Scharsich Audrey Schauer Micheal Schenker Bob Schilling Doug Schneider Mike Schoenwolf Mike Schorler Paula Schuld Allen Schultz Annemarie Schultz Paul Schulz Robert Schulz Cathy Scola Karen Scott Bob Sebastian Karmen Seegert Phone Senenoi Sandra Shaw joe Sheehan Allen Shelton Dave Sherrard Mike Shrontz Becky Siesennop Scott Simmons Mavis Simon Laura Sinopoli Chris Slawson Debi Smith Scott Smith Becky Sommer jennifer Sommers Robert Span Lea Spencer Charles Spivey Pattie Stachnik Debby Staley Rebecca Stanley Cindy Starks Renzy Stepp jill Stevenson Craig Stone Lisa Storment sk 'Kei tlk Q7 JUNIORS Nl. I A 'G r g a! , ,v..,, :zip f f , C 'S 7, - 'if fy ' '35 , 35 g. ' ,.-- . Sk' I . X. fi 1? 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Vanmanisone Melisa Vara Rosa Vargas Savithri Velaga Jerry Velasquez leda Victorino Felix Villa Freddie Villanueve Mary Kay Vogel Barbara Vogt Nimith Vongraga Bryan Voyles Bounliou Veunkham Jennifer Wade Sheila Waiflein Carol Walley Larry Walton Todd Ward Katy Warren Robyn Warner Denise Wauchope Diane Wauchope Bill Weber Scott Weber Brad Weiss Denice Welch Desiree Whitney Ray Wilctor Becky Willey Debbie Williams Janna Williams Jodie Williams Julie Williams Deanna Windau Felix Winsett Kim Wires John Wisser Dave Witt john Witt Robin Witt Casey Wohl Jimmy Wohlever Sharon Woods Butch Wright Dena Wright Andy Yglesias Aloun Youmagul JUNIURS N? 3 Q- ww? 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Sandra Castro jill Cavitt Blase Cermak Eun S0014 Chai SENIORS ix Kathy Chadderdon Julia Chapin Robert Ching Sm Jeff Cirrincione Warren Clapeck Laura Clarke Russ Clinton Ladonna Conley Angel Cortez fa-f ff Randall Crow Chris Davies Dennis Davis Robert Ciesla rv' Paul Clements Pam Cotton Gary Davis SENICDRS Steve Davis Lisa Davison Colleen Diamond john Dgeckhoff Carl Dean QE- f if X Biz. Terri DeBartolo ' X f ,.-, 1 ' ' . vw . ff, , . , , -.w,.:f...f.f-: .,.,.., i ll f :1f'?:- Y ' 'IQ " 'iffifisla 1 , l va- , ' W' X - ' f riff' 'B'-., Mr 1 2, 5 g Y -5 gg ,Q 1 f A a 1 ,. ,gag J 3 , W -'A kat fs 2.9, 55 if isfV'rQ,,,S 1 W ',, "'f"1" ' . , . A - .Q ao,i.'?Ep a A-yu -if . l .Q. , , , V A 3 ,Q f ,. 17 . 64 . . .lyfx Y Sl. cz ' J - Angela Dewis Peggy Dieterich Marian Deback Elizabeth Dedmond Sheila Dewis Don Dinkleman SENIORS jenny Dixon James Dolan Wayne Dominguez Brenda Dondelinger ras? 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Heidi Richardson 5 I Q S x x: af n fi L, ' 1 ii , V . 1 Tom Rex Steve Rhodes Tamara Richardson Mow' S Arminda Rincon Brenda Rodgers Magdalena Rfldriguez SENIORS Zi' Mary Ann Rodriguez Dithisay Rammankoun -wa., i K Brent Romano Ken Rooney Mgt" Josephine Rossolille Dorthy Rourke Adam Ruderman N Don Russo Marilou Scheller N Deanna Sanderson Frank Santella Ben Scheie ig 7W', I , W 7 if ,ff EM A is Lisa Schrilla Edward Schuldt Ron Scruggs Rich Seifert SENIORS X 'Ai 1 a Leslie Selby Robert Severson Johanna Showalter Merrill Sinclair Jim Shaw Michael Shelby john Shephard Lora Sinibaldi Tim Sheahan Rich Shelby Marianne Sherman Dean Slagle SENIORS l Greg Smith Scott Smith Valerie Snopko Piyali Som Vincent Spates David Starshak Michael Steele Tony Steffen 3 Gi! wwme Diane Steeling Roxanne Stepp Diane Stewart Stephanie St George 3, Margaret Stockinser James Stolt Cindy Stone Ruth Stonehocker SENIORS , ig if ,ef i , 1 :wx MK V 5 A gi T . fl ,,,. - -f A,1Q . jg pf 4, W I iz W Q1 TTT , ff Michael Strohmaier Tammy Suits Laura Swan T Donna Taylor K, Temphrachanh W Delaine Syster Jill Taylor T. Thammavong Chal Phongkhoun Vong Thasavong K. Thavonesiri Kim Thorton SENIORS Sheri Thrun Lizette Tirado Joseph Tobier 3 N L Monique Topper Aichael Tones Scott Townsend , 3556-NIE' 'Q .. ' ff V ' , L f ws 'T .viii , Q Y Miguel Trejo Scott Tremethick Sharon Trojan Wm ,-Quays john Vail Terry Vance jeff Varady Karen Tolley Thomas Tredup Sharon Tyson Ascension Vasquez SENIOR5 Monica Villa Jon Vece Andrew Vogel Steven Volchko Tony Vullo Reynosa Walton Julie Wanous james Waschow Rich Voight Thatsan Vongvilay Dave Wagner 5 Lori Washington SENIORS Sue Waskiewicz Kim Watzlawick Sandy Weber David Wetherton Sara Whitlock Kris Wilkins J. Y Eugene Wheeler Vicky White P55 we Scott Whitlow Suzanne Wiff Carl Williams Caroline Williams Jill Wendt Nora Whitlock Linda Wilharm Daniel Williams SENIORS David Williams Wilbert Williams Ken Wilgon Mark Woclrich Michael Wolfe Dawn Witt Cindy Woelfel Kris Wozny Ken Wright Noami Wright Lori Wyskochil Andre York SENIORS Gr Chuza Yilrna Bernard Ziegler c W ii: A I K VL,- David Collingboume Andy Friecll i Laura Young educating counseling ar-d developing currrcula for young people Thrs year admrnrstrators teachers stu dents and community leaders wrote testimonial let ters On May 5 Mr Smith was named Kane County Senior High teacher of the year The testrmonral letters say best what we all feel about Mr Smrth With a frrm hand and a sizable dose of good humor Bob Smith has spent hrs career teaching young people to have the courage to become adults wrote Tom Muntz member of the class of 1961 which Mr Smith sponsored He rs a loving and caring person who looks bey hond hrs own needs to the needs of hrs students stated jennifer Rayner, current EHS senror E C Alft, head of the Social Science drvrsron, wrote, For uarter of a century the teachers of Elgin High have cllooked up to Bob Smith as a frne example of professional competence, of genuine concern for oth ers, and of rnfecttous convrvralrty ' Finally former student Mary Monterth sard, Bob rs an affrcronado of people I-Irs own posrtrve attrtude rs contagious he gets people to belreve rn themselves nity 'activitiesjandi need Z I ' Debi Zimmerman I 2 ,- 1, 3, v 1 josefina Baltazar John Hogan Phetsamai Rasphangthong ' THE rrttt MUETTERTIE5 I if gy Nlrietterties',famiiyQin:ii1emoryQ,of Margo. Ivfuetterf 'I is tilt-25 Will stiwfiidfefiihtiellysfili Sf2l1013f9l1iP i0 I-4 sSf3dii5l5I58fi5913i0fl Ofilflisiil H1211 ttes 5Clib9lffF+?C4?3fii2i11sef11e value land rising Costs of I higher educatiorpthe ,Muetteitieis, faiiiilylifvishedito. assisriin i,l18 of'-'Ei deserving' Senior ,.",, Theriifrecipieutixis erl, fbefp selected an fthe basisiofr scholastic ability and achievement ,' :commas I I r,t, ,A .,,,- . If .. f For 33 years, Bob Smith has dedicated his lite to M ,, FW - 1 , .sg SENIOR COUNSELOR NAMED KANE COUNTY SENIOR HIGH TEACHER OI: THE YEAR HE WAS OUR "CHIEF M R00 " ki' X 5535 if 2 '52 :cs .J Q ,IE Mr. Felicetti and his young family rode the principal's float his first year at E,H.S. Coach Bill Chesbrough and Mr. Felicetti celebrated Elgins's 2,000th basketball victory. He was our Chief Maroon and we bid him a fond farewell. For eight years Mr. Richard P. Felicetti has put his stamp on Elgin High School. Mr. Felicetti will be remembered as the principal who brought traditions back to Elgin High. He personally searched Old Elgin High for plaques and other memor- iabilia to bring to the new school. He initiated the hall of mascots, the hanging of the class banners in the field house, and the transformation of the archives from a bare room to be a model that other schools copy. Mr. Pelicetti's number one accomplishment was the reestablishment of the accel- erated program. Since the inception of the program and the testing of our students, test scores have gone up considerably. The national merit com- mendations reached a total of ten for the 81-82 school year. This was the largest number E.H.S. has had since 1958. As Mr. Felicetti now goes on to be superintendent of the elementary district for his home town - Chicago Heights, there is no way to adequately sum up his tenure as principal. We all have our own special memories of a man who cared about his students, his teachers and his mighty maroons. He certainly was Elgin's number one fan. 202 During homecoming weekend each year, Mr, Felicetti would find his house "for sale." G .. President Ford's son Jack shared a joke with the Felicetti family after visiting the school. Of all the E.H.S. events, Mr. Felicetti always enjoyed Dad and Daughter Date Night the best. Here he danced with julie. AND WE BID PD D F REWELL with students was very important to Mr. Pelicetti. Here he reads a copy of surrounded by the student writers. r 5-A . - t Ll Jiri". 4 'I ,H igghlif elicetti, along with lan Stolt and Linda Eder, transformed the bare he showplace it is today. s Mk.. WI , archives room l graduations were special to Mr. Felicetti, especially daughter Iulie's in 1981. mlm L, '56 , .Q His office reflected the man and his love for the mighty Maroons. M il ,' r "I oz. Mr. Felicetti's office door was always open to anyone. K 'ffm J X js'-I'-tis., 31' v " Mr. Felicetti showed the smile of victory as Elgin beat Weber in the Sectional basketball tournament. IUUM H1151 ENDER Home Fedelal Savings 0fElg1 - I 515 ELGIN 16 N. Spring Street and Fountain Square Plaza - Ph. 312-742-3800 ST. CHARLES 554 S. Randall Road - Ph. 312-377-0010 CRYSTAL LAKE 180 Virginia Street- Ph. 815-459-5880 SOUTH ELGIN 310 N. l.aFox, Rte. 31 - Ph. 312-741-9555 BARTLETT 200 Bartlett Avenue - Ph. 312-830-3434 SYCAMORE 337 West State Street- Ph. 815-895-8177 L 0 o Q ,D Ti i' ajllll.. DEKALB 309 E. Lincoln Highway - Ph. 815-758-6683 ROSELLE 56 E. Irving Park Road - Ph. 312-893-0020 .0 0 Fountain Square Plaza, Elgin IL 60120 Crystal Point Mall, Crystal Lake lL 60014 St Charles Mall, St Charles IL 601 711 ,MMOTORS REPAIRING OF ALI. KIN Hansen Electric Co INDUSTR - ..LN'r Bc Co E C B85-0220 A 5 N OSOE O Ill! - 742-1135 950 E. CHICAGO BT. ELGIN. ILL. 60-120 'WI Q TOWN 81 COUNTRY GARDENS INC. "Flows .5 For E " 5 U'4uxitm" ROSINA ENGELMANN ANTON ENGELMANN LOREN1 ENGELMANN THE ELGIN STATE BANK Elgin s Most Convenient Bank 500 Dundee Ave 590 N McLean Blvd 888 7950 Member FDIC 445 Summit SLA 2 ., I TRUAX ORSAN St GRAFF T.V. 1073 N. LIBERTY ELGIN ILLINOIS 60120 ELGlN'S COMPLETE VIDEO SERVICE CENTER PHONE 742-8220 in BILL S NORTH END BARBER SHOP I 573 KEEP AVENUE 43 'E , 888-45m we ELGIN. ILLINOIS Styling Haircutting Closed Monday Tues. Thru Fri. 81306.53 3A- saturday s.3o4.oo St atford Square 703 St atlora Squa e Mall Bloomi gdale. Ill o 5 60108 I312I 351-2242 S- ,L . ' r' e Lravelseelzers im. 2' 389 Bartlett Plaza Bartlett, Illinois 60103 'Q Phone: 31218306520 BEST WISHES CLASS OP 1982 QS? 1 qfi , c"- D5 T im. Rssv- iAi. MM n mi. ' 7 T 42 D LE I-IAN E G Fig. 4 Pump, ELGIN, il. so zo 'S BILL r- I th THA", 'I ,ri fi,. gi I ELGIN NEW CAR AND TRUCK DEALERS ASSOC MCGRATH BUICK INC HERITAGE PONTIAC GMC TRUCK INC 945 E. Chicago St. 909 E. Chicago St. Elgin 111.60120 Elgin Ill. 60120 1385 E. Chicago St. Elgin Ill. 60102 Elgin Ill. 600 174 South Grove Ave. JIM WHALEN FORD 1045 E. Chicago St. Elgin 11160120 HORACE DATSUN CORP 1040 E. Chicago St. Elgin Ill. 60120 JERRY BIGGERS CHEVROLET JOHN REEVES OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC 'liii ,bg "Ai I "l' I 6 I Devon 8. Main St. Sai 8-7 sun 9-5 NIOII thru Thurs. 8'9 SCREENCO :Nc PHONES Best Wishesfrom Ken Barnhart STANDARD SERVICE THE WARREN COMPANY INSURANCE I B 312.741.4750 Edmund Warren Du D CIC? Av Q nut' ZOQOPITQRIIEIZIXIXIZIIENUE Thomas Warren IIIIIIOI5 ELGIN, ILLINO S GOIZO "Have Your House Cleaned By Pro 'x From Top - To - Bottom" - 'ron - 'ro - Borrom BASSL RNFR APPOINTMENT SERVICE. INC. ' Sewing Q312I 843-3090 R LA L l'IS'l'A'I'E Chicago 8. Suburbs Hoffman Estates Office Fooo FAIR I 3 In Bartlett Plaza I LESLIE V WOLFE rw 5 v ju v Phone: 289-9192 ELM URST ILLINOIS 60126 YE RBOOK BODSTERS Sarah Hudgens Lynette Kr Charles Borders Marron D Berndt Myra Doan Mrke Nelson Chad Nelson Lmda Sr VIC Varady Barb Sc Ed Kusek Charles Beckman Lmda Eder Mary Hecht Ian Stolt Mary Motz Robert Sm1th Leslre Wolfe Mrs Leshe Wolfe Kjell Tengosdal Drane Steffens Edmund 8: Barbara Warren Rrchard P Fehcettr Dorothy Fehcettr Iuhe Eehcettr Jane Eelrcettr Florence Wesemann Dawn Pease Carolyn Green Mrke 8: Andy Srtter Irll Leatherby Kay Motz R Sretmann john Scrunshrre Ray Bennett Mr :Sr Mrs L Jackson WMRU Aurora Joe Bauschka Merrlll 5lI1Cl81I' Ir Mr 8: Mrs John Shepherd Chr1s Mulcahy Jeff Holland Paul Spencer Kathy Drgman Mrke Lamp Barb Bower Kathy Ells Iennrfer Sommers Bob Larson Rrchard L PIGICE Warren Clapeck Magg1e Bump Don Wauchope Roxanne Stepp Denver Leturno Mrke Cermarn ' Irene Hackerd YE RBDDK P TRONS Manor Pharmacy 825 Dundee Ave.-Elgin Casa Becky 1052 Dundee Ave.-Elgin A To Z Rentals 720 E. Chicago St.-Elgin Montgomery Wards Stratford Sq.-Bloomingdale Razors Edge 55 Douglas- Elgin First Federal Savings 8: Loan 28 N. Grove-Elgin Phone: 742.-7560 Haumiller Engineering Co. 960 E. Chicago St.-Elgin Dr. West DDS 100 E. Chicago St.-Elgin Ron's Barber Shop 556 Condgon Ave.-Elgin Studio One 151 Highland Ave.-Elgin Phone: 695-9590 Wrona Bros. Inc. 205 Chicago St.-Elgin Schultz Hardware 110 Bartlett Ave.-Bartlett Phone: 289-2171 MEMDRIES I am in Class of 1982 Activities 1982 Awards or Honors 1982 Special Projects 1982 Favorite Classes Bakstad Photographies Weddings, Processing, Photo Supplies Phone: 883-2003, 211 E. Chicago St Ackemann's 168 E. Highland- Elgin Phone: 742-4000 Roth Pharmacy 370 Summit-Elgin Phone: 741-1845 Chuck Hines 20 Douglas-Elgin M. Sitter Construction New Constructionfall r Phone: 695-7891 lf X SX 1982 Special Friends 1982 s Most Memorable Person 1982 s Most Important Events Favorite Movies 1982 A YEAR TO REMEMBER Favorite Records Favorite T V shows Favorite Dances Favorite Clothing Styles Favorite Hair Styles Favorite Restaurants Favorite Foods Favorite Places Favorite Pastirne emodeling lilfis' . ..: ,,. , , X 'wie' lf . 5 at llxvg ' 'II' ESX X X 3-8- s- X ,-,.,.....'- Q I , CONGRATULATIONS To The Class Of 1982 From Your Official Senior Photographer LEANDER STUDIO Harrison 7 8783 Zip 60604 202 South State St Chicago Illinois We were a new staff and a new sponsor We all had to learn together Therefore many thanks are appropriate to the Elgin Courier News for the current events pictures to Judges Studio for the lost underclass pictures volunteered without our asking to the former sponsors Mr Al Daniels and Mr Jim Crinrgan who always responded to our pleas for help to American Yearbook Company representative Dennis Eder who could always solve the unsolvable problems to EHS student Ann Fox whose creative talent supplied all of the special art work We tried to produce the best yearbook possible We hope you agree and have many long years of enjoyment from our efforts N C 0 w ' I a special thanks to Leander Studios for all the candids, special events pictures, and the "extras" photographic help it TNI .wuF.7..,.41.4

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